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Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Horrible Bosses, Pacific Rim) is an American actor, screenwriter, producer, director and musician. He sits down the with Armchair Expert to discuss growing up amongst musical PHD's, his biggest fear as a parent and the process for creating It's Always Sunny. Charlie relays an incident involving a BB gun which resulted in profound life advice and Dax wonders what it was like to work with Ice Cube. The two talk about their varying relationships to money, wanting to avoid the comparison game and they debate whether or not its valuable to insert yourself in a dangerous situation.

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Well come on. I'm welcome to arm chair expert, I'm Dan Shepherd Joel by many Patman? How you do doing. Ok, your fresh off the boat for Michigan, you went without me. I feel double cross. I now I wanted you to be there. I drove by a mire. Ah, my dear boy week, we went there a couple thousand too little, not refer fifteen minutes today we have one of my favorite comedians sunny, so dang likeable have had the great pleasure of acting in one piece. The television with his own tv course he's also partners with our heartthrob. MAC or any Robert Charlie Day he's an after a screen right a producer and director. He, of course, is in and raided. It's always sunny in Philadelphia eyes in the Lego movie couple those horrible bosses, firms, Pacific RIM and this fight with ice cube view, he's got a new movie that he wrote directed in starting called L Tonto, which will be really shortly
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Arms lies? Dax he's take my hat off because it saw the warm hat from it. as MR so gently rain and I think one of the few gas. In fact we had our first guess that walked over. In fact Friday weirdly he walked in got lost in then we had to fight them good for him cutting edge technology ethics, a special kind of defiance of possible to get live. Now It really is. You have to make a decision to get lucky. I live in thought about that. To walking down here is maybe I'll walk with no phone. The ice on the map, or you are, I know where I live This will be in no doubt as to re is doing.
at the big earthquake. Yes, I don't know my phone you're. Absolutely right are you might witness a crime that the air there NGO Jimmy witness any crime in our neighbourhood? I'd not, but I, like em super, not observed, silk act. Oh no, that's not you! I I woke up one morning four in the morning and I'm hearing screams, the type of screams. I heard a MAC, that's a murder! That's what a martyr sounds like right like, oh, my God help help me shit. All while yeah Enzo ever baseball bat in my room, which I described to protect your family, I shock and are at their most basic hang on a set. It it'll be crazy. I know what it is in all our art. Here I mean everyone. You know what direction around
in Russia, the name my pajamas with a baseball bat conciliates criminality that doesn't make sense. So then would kill us in a fight, and it became clear. The fighting went from some as being murdered to someone has been disgraced All the centre was like an all that over your nails, I also agree with a fingernail display treasure and the million of, and then we could catch a peak of them from our window. I was a pin, no such always walk up the hill they what the fuck are they doing up, and I don't know some expensive John. I thank God all you thinking leave how's leaving leaving the house our big dispute at one point in the whole neighborhood patrol. Are. They are all round or yellow yellowed numbers yet and caught up to them with our conversation- and you could hear the guy say, what's your name and then the woman says Karla, and then the picture
really the switch gear. Our I'd rather like that you know I mean this is maybe too obvious of a question, but why is it does that dynamic to seem so right for conflict that the pimp hook relationship like that's exact. It's going exactly how it expected to go. I think any time someone is doing sexual access. There will be seen as part of the world around them inherent conflict that we have only job arrangement, you're right, but also you know, if you just transplant the whole thing onto our career. Let's see you and mackerel honey, I'm pronouncing his name correctly, as he could. He corrected any gradual. He did Ivan Saint Michael Honey. Like a matter that gets. I listened to your guises, right in, and he was gracious enough to say. Like a love, you and I appreciate the dimensions, but you got its MAC any explained the difference between a MAC.
yeah, which I had no. I was completely oblivious to all seek, as previous Duff took. Nobody can pronounce end or spell his knee and now it's all of our faults, gas, but good for him. You know he wants museum, so mackerel, anyways, where it was it was, would be Makin Mick ok, so, and so on matter has told me what I deleted files. You know it's worth five seconds for me to look at is its again. It's a real education. Why you're looking up sidebar into his wife Caitlin did shifted the time about at Starbucks, where you know they put your name on the cup here and she got back. The cup said catfish now. Are you crazy that is also name on citizens. Ok, here we go. I forgot to tell you that very flattered by your mentioning of me on the show from time to time, but your pronouncing my name wrong. I thought
emailing Monica for her to covered on the fact check, but this was easier: its pronounced Makko Henny, not Mikel Honey, it's a tricky one, but for future rough when dealing with the scottish and irish person, M C, followed by a vow, is MAC M C, followed by a continent, is MIC like Mcdonald's, verses, John I can really cool. I mean there was a real breakthrough for me. No one is explain that to you know this about the cancer you must from working with them now and I'm staring right out you and you're talking, and I'm already dropping ever now that it has been very little practical you by the way, the man who is one of the things that I know how to spell, but sometimes with Glenn disbelief weight as at one end there's a two day right, but I, but because I think, has robbed get so hot about rights. I got it there, you had to out of fear of retaliation Leah, fair enough, but you're right Glenn. What the fuck is a second in
doing on their did. Did its job everytime, I write it feels wrong is empty right. I already wrote, that is to say it for, I, along the likely, maybe his name, is really Glenn. a ship if anyone's back to the Mai, hooker analogy. Yes, you and mackerel honey. You you put some energy into a project. The ratings come out. The big rating. Any celebrates generally good right doesn't led to a fight over ones nails. So if even the proposed businesses go to a house performers sexual? Why get paid and split, I feel like they should be celebrating phase it. The ugly works over the back breaking work over announced. They got the money and you think the spirits were behind well, I like the sunny worse putting our money, even though I am not quite sure them and browse Grady. I you know, I think, there's there's some tension there and that are, you is hurting each other vital
Lee and physically now. Ok, that's one big that ran on calls are going to see the book on the agenda again. I just know him longer one of one of the things I admire bottom, MRS Rigid core. He knows his direction and he's kind of impervious to outside impulse. I literally admire this about like. If someone makes a bad joke in front of him, he has no compulsion to fake lack. I brought this up to him the other day because, as the thing I hate about myself most is that I realise that fifty percent of conversations I haven't people Every word, I'm saying is just so that they feel ok. Aha, I just I see that they're coming in and they're coming Emmy with some awkward humor and I'm just trying to learn that those plans for them and they, and then the boy and then because I'm trying to do that, I'm no things do budget and try.
yeah my way out of all and he does not carry, can just take it in again. It's the confidence. I admire that person's upset that I don't laugh at their bad joke. That's for them to evaluate its knows. Nothing about me. The very seems very like a healthy position. I have benefited more than any one else. I think in this town from the ways I think and his singular drive about stuff- and I mean thing God he was like. We have to make the show and we have to keep making it than I kind of was always again. We could do this could do that, but he just was so driven about stuff. What that would mean him the pimp innocent it out like air. Didn't yeah you're evaluating may be quitting retiring and he's like none now we're gonna keep has shown the road yeah yeah yeah I get so much worse.
Without him, no proud of it. I think he needs me yeah yeah, we'll know, but your point is well taken. You guys were digging up that money, three ways or how we do it in the pampas defiling it like ninety nine percent of that pain for some and says, but again, why is he mad wise himself in this thing you observed, he was hard under the collar about them. Now I think the prostitute was was man, she was man, her nails got broke in or whatever was, and you did you lose your fuckin pissed off. I don't know somebody might have actually been getting hurt, it's hard to know the, but it seems like the terrifying thing that termini, so I had to very. Similar thing happened. I lived in this one better apartment for ten years, the Santa Monica early on and I loved it. Apartment, there is maybe thirteen other apartments and a new one of the gale
One stairwell over. I knew a kind of well and then I heard screaming same thing: blood curdling screaming, like six p m at nine, a m in there with my girlfriend, and I hear it's a no. No, please! No, no any and I do see a Vulcan caught and then I hear furniture smashing. So I'm thinking she might be getting killed, So I left I ran up the stairwell and I'm yelling as I go up. I'm goin the car Like I'm driving it alot of warning like back off, whatever is going on and I get to the top of the dear and I knock at the door and she opens the door in right. As I see her, I see this guy running at me and he is big and he looks like an english soccer hooligan, like shaved head two hundred and twenty six to any's in a full sprint at me He comes into the landing at we kind of lock up. He throws me into this fire extinguisher thing. The glass breaks in all I think in the whole time is only
we're going to tumble down the stairway. You know we're getting each other and holds and we're going to fall down the stairway and then, in that time she shut the door and locked it, and now I'm like my jobs over so I'm trying to get did from this, I break free, I run down the steps and he just Stana topsy- starts knocking on the door Ah, my dear cops, runaway boa walked back to me, stairwell and he now walks down in any crosses in my girlfriend breeze on the phone with police and as he walks, He goes you wouldn't understand, she's a fuckin count and then just walked off into the streets. It was so I called blind date with violence. Lay I just knocked down that or the apple God knows. What's on the other side, you know you're like eating, get shot, though its funding, and that it did go too much into the rob stuff. I was just thinking Gaza's passing on so much about that attraction to violence. Really yes, masculinity, mass violence lining yourselves a great conversation, but
you know I had a friend mines, Father in Rhode, island, the carpenters, a portuguese guys, tough, his nails greatest guy in the planet. We all looked up to him, scary, dad, though you know that That was loaded, scary chirrup, and we had a run in with some kids once were basically like a windshield of a car guts I shouldn't be begun, got pulled on somebody and there's a whole set of fiasco in that parents got involved and what age have. I was probably sixteen, which means my bodies were fifteen, which means the youngest sky and the corresponding for suit yourself, but my bodies, that put it really great in all the parents, had talks with us by you can't be doing this can't be doing that. I had to pay for the windshield. Isn't my dad's car, which cause before Ninety nine forty is painting houses all summer and they got big That's again, I've Hunter Box, oh yeah, who maintain eighty five on Accord Madame Peach PET. It puts us in a room and just look at us and it goes
Yeah down Paula baby gone on a guy because have a real job. I agree with us, but but that gonna hit me from then on those I write. What fucking business do I think I have given in any kind of scuffle with anybody, not that it should anyway, I'm a three feet tall but like women has got a gun. An end is completely crazy. You're, a hundred percent right and Robin our hunters wrong in that utopia that I would dream of, has no one in its swinging at anyone. So I just recognise its completely, guerrilla behaviour. It's fucking stupid no way to handle anything there, and also to your point, this really courteous watching wild wild country. Did you see that DEC? worry about the rising cheesy organ suited starts out. So simple I want to go like whatever dancing frolic naked and then just the way that the battle escalates with the town and then it gets to a county level, and then it gets to a state level and now there's a fucking hotel being
Armed and there's a food court being poison and at, and I would just watch net going like alright in life, you can have a choice to either escalate or de escalate, and there's really know neutral position to take on its like either you can actively crowded tredah deflate everything, or you can go up ratcheted up no wretched up in its cannon site. I see the futility and show that if you try to flights have been like that in the case where you're you hear the screaming and you got There's like this guy could be like I'm gonna shoot my wife, I just shot her great now, she's dead. This this guy was that are well, not gonna. Witness against this guy do that's right now. I will say if I had heard: gunshot apply, would have you turn around and Aubrey nothing's going over the police have gone the police, I'm going. I'm not calling me my car driving away, so you you just mentioned violent. You were born in the Bronx. I was there, I want agent, you guys relocate to Rhode Island Superior,
look- I was too So- Euro Rhode Island or when I am call. Why is it our h, o d S, and not our o? Eighty is isn't it One thing is like road scholars are connected to that wise. It Rhode Island, but it's the aid, something I should absolutely no, and most certainly was Tom, I've thought about this deal is near pike. Ass, unlike man thing would be. The worst gets better because I can't anything now, don't remember thing. My wife was on my best guess and she does not remember yesterday. We they can all vacations for ten days she doesn't know we ve learned about stay here. All the time dilemma you do I live in the now man good for you, I think, is a good way to be you. You certainly have an aura of happiness that I know of it. The whole things a facade, but you always impressed me. I don't know, I think I look. I wouldn't SAM overly happy or psychologically happy
maniacal hey anybody, know what I'd like. I can get depressed or gels rang like anyone else, but I think maybe my sort of going stages is pretty chill one of acceptance. I think all that's great. I think when you grow up, super tiny uncovered and free goals and realizes agony the fight against this, or I could just the embrace and he broke out ass grabber Glenn, who see me on a daily basis, never know
is the most miserable of Britain's yeah you ever met. We certainly on our friends better than we know yes I'll write. So mom was a piano teacher, yet yes, Mary. Yet she was like a kindergarten through eighth grade school music. Teacher in dad was a professor in music history. Yes, yes, yes, music, it's gotta, be paramount and did they say Mary? Yet, although it yeah ok, so you grew up in a nuclear family, both of them musicians or obsessed with music get in your sister but whose older yes did she play music? She did actually all three of them have their phds musicality, but you're pretty so yeah my parents
met in grad school at Columbia when they were getting their doctorates in music, while so super kind of whatever word you guys we're looking at before edgy files or what I believe I have. I won't we include Colombian the unified and then my sister got degree as voters, but yeah there are big smart music family and I just want to go into it cause. I was a kid we have no money. How does not life is the sir. You know I want. I want the sneakers, my body, I give us the same elms and a nicer house, yet it was early. It was more like they know everything about Beethoven and classical stuff, then you're. What was being played in nothing really not knowing tat. We did even of a car radio so when they bought that on our core thy later smash later they opted for. No,
you see the radio delete option behaved two hundred and ninety dollar eight hundred ninety bucks, so there is a little like plastic plate there. That said, Honda. The only reason this makes sense to me is that then I guess that in your household, your committee and your by trade, your comedian- I doubt you watch much comedy on tv now. I dont want to turn a cover up here. You could you make it because you make you're, just very mixed acid. You ride on each tonne sausage. May now I don't do it. I don't really know very little. In fact, it has to be more of a serial Ized emotional story, church packages, economy, master of none love that watch that flee bag you actually buy. My wife watching gotta watch. What happens is only a question. Your wife goes off and watches something without you then Well, what am I supposed to do? All we can watch stuff together. You get an hour and a half the night together right to maintain this whole thing. I'll tell you what I did was and was blown away by with them.
Ten fifteen, I have watched. I have a watch that yet, but I would really like to her. I humbly was blown away by it and we're gonna women, like all things that go into a labelling, was well, cynical, it'll thing or an ad is, and then you know you watching it for the first ten minutes and the girls are playing their older and any like. Ok, that sort of the good again make the gimmick wears off immediately and then you're completely caught up in their lives and both hysterical, but then it's I don't know I'm here plugging penalize yeah. I read them both to be. I was, and I never do that. Oh you know I'd, never mind. I probably should, but I never do you guys, Wada yeah. They respond. They did and I felt like a junior high school kid myself. Having said the note to girly o my Lord S posed I have so many good experiences doing. I think Doing I almost everything like something I gerardo like say something up:
really about it, and then I do always try to send it to the people who made it and then I'd say the time they responded in kind. That's great yeah! I like it's a real, I like it, but the one person who did that to me- and you note now, you you don't say his name aloud and public they'll but Louis Louisa guy? He sent me a really nice email after watching Pacific grandma think really had to think the nicest email not asking for anything out of his bed Schroeder's. Ok but back to road island. So you had to play what you learn a play: violent three! No, no! No! That's a bullshit! That's bullshit! Ok! Yeah! I bit! I did have lessons. I think at three. I think at three or four they put a violent in my hand than they were like now. This Nagano. I think they made a couple ambitious moves like starting finest hour merely on that
but it's school, pretty young fan repeating the second grade, because you have an early bird there's, something I labour rebirth. So I'm not a magna, not even when the oldest, getting your clear exactly. You should be in the initial three kindergarten or unicorn of Ireland. First grade so I repeated the second great which, if they get a psychological, dramatic fact, I did it for real, I think, you will cuz you're you're humiliated in front of your peers right or a little bit of the sense of like. Oh, something is wrong with how I'm learning and then I think you going to learn a little bit more trepidatiously after that you're like oh I'm up here
you know, so you even less than a six minutes over any episode of the park ass, you have heard me say I was dyslexic, get lonely and read of its great. I had still have a check on my shoulder about it yeah. It's so do I n ads for negotiating partners on your credibly? Smart. You know bull, thank you, but I thank had come up from the gray. You didn't go, you're, fine, you're, smart, approving it to everyone, and I still would be like no. I have to say that, and I think it's having you now to parents or so highly educated, and you know I think I did struggle in school little bit at times they were a very young age, were constantly testing me also for Dyslexia stuff, but sadly, like we're coming a magazine. I know this kid is just lays we got the
can we get the lab results? Yak back positive for lazy, yes, get! There's nothing wrong with it really serve answer learning. I big big data were and still am analysed by. Prime had an clouds are well and then this would be a chip. Unusual is compounded by the query staked out for yourself like me as well. I have also specialised complain, dipshit Seattle. I feel comfortable there because I think that's the psychological thing of like, while another supplied smart characters, but I do feel very comfortable, Sir satirizes leaning into Ed and also theirs humiliation and being called out are not actually being done right. So if you're playing of stupid character- and then people say wait a second pretty smarties? Actually, writing other shit you're right you're money. But if you're playing like a scientist- and everyone says You know how to fifty the immigration there, but at an hour more binding, I used to feel I think,
seen in real life. Someone go on a talk, show to promote a movie where their basically Polina genius and quickly and at a talk, show you like this. This is the first strategy that what they did play one convincing without me right next sure, good actor. They don't know that you're right or resolve level of humiliation. We're portrayed yourself as a genius will also ensure that this business is crazy and more are guilty of it. Don't you think to some degree like if you think of Lenin, Nimois or someone you like boys, a supermarket or a hundred percent always eat. I mean well probably, but probably not easy. I'm sure you ve met many of your idols at this point, the sum- and I would just have to say, if I did say the majority or the average, was that they were not at all. What I was expecting really
think I think very few people have delivered for me. I've met so many of my comedic heroes in there are so depressed in dark and not fun and miserable. Well in that part of the world. Yet you know a comedians, that's true! I never really wanted to be a community. Neither I did you linnets it now. It's a dark group. The bolt that kind of became obvious to me. When I looked at what you did, which is interesting because I would not have when I think of you, I would not go like oh. I bet he did summer soccer. Whatever the thing is my uses, what what is it called either William without their it we're that's a pretty kind of not to beat like see hortatory, but it's a thing, it's kind of like an elevated. You know the one! That's all I got my foot in the door was getting in there and then you know you had a dish and I guess against kids, who are enjoying hardened Yale and right. I'm sort of fancy, actor kids and fortunately, guys like myself and Jimmy Samson kept getting and getting the slots who didn't have the sort of Ivy League ACT,
backgrounds, but festival took itself so seriously that we by proxy took ourselves serious issues of war and I'm gonna be an act, but at the same time it was like, but please give me a commercial sex. Seriously. I'm think anything yes, but we're gonna get arrested in comedy. I remember additional, for I think it was. The movie Euro trip to memory Euro trash yeah? Absolutely I'm over the feedback in the room was he's really interesting, but comedies just knock is there a real yeah but wonder now. Look at that time. You probably took that is the letter of the God like that came from Todd, Philips Mouth, I would now now that I've been behind the curtain. Don't you think that went through a few rounds, a telephone and yet no one? I think it was probably junior casting assisted you know I never even made into the room a type of ok. Ok right! You know that I barely got out hallway run right. So when you we're not getting on a music, although I am sure you would have been supported strongly if you had pursued that, but you
you do play instruments right. Yeah many instruments was a time I think round. Eighteen nineteen years old, I was trying to make the choice of like I do I like traded like right homes and yet I do like the Bob Dylan Dania. Our do I go and acting and I just how much more fun with acting now is not well. I can always just play music right has a hobby, but you know, it's hard to play and movies is a hob yeah. You can, but I didn't know that I knew exactly what I wanted to do until I got two Williamstown. which is what I was starting to really think? Ok, I think, could be fine and then seeing other people there that weren't famous like there are a lot of great famous, both Broadway and Hollywood actors. That came. But there were a lot of guys who are just sort of working equity actors on the other, guys Megan Eleven do in this area,
he's another good right here. That is by the way its counter due to go. One was helpful things you can see. Is someone succeeding at the thing you wanna? Do that's not good at the thing I find that way more powering absolutely watching Leonardo to Caprio twelve billion. What's eating Gilbert great boy, why can't do that Vienna shuts down, but I am also twelve he's away. Yeah, there's no catch, and now they have rights it yeah ever am I phases, never gonna get there now, like you know, like no matter what happens, the genetics unanimous, no one's ever gonna, look at either of us. It is a beautiful woman or beautiful man. I don't know: let's get closer yeah yeah yeah I mean I do feel the splendid you're going back the thing with your rather like working out. I was given such grief for getting super ripped on
because I was like the imo for it. I love. I do this transitions nuthin funny about a super rich guy is just not that funny where we obviously you know, that's that's a lazy approach to we found a way to fight, but he was just so much funny when you put on the sixty Patsy was serious and it's not because fat is funny or to its, because the audience can relate to your shortcomings. Yes, so I've heard of such a danger- and I go I exercise or go to Germany. that's a danger in gettings super ripped. If you want to be a funny guy, I've been warned by many of the great you can't be in good shape, like that. Like I've been told the explicitly it's bullshit just do what you want to do, that I found exactly and then at a certain point. You're just like I like you, I like impeding shaped, working out in whatever may you won't get into some box, but right or
We will re. Look at roles like hey, you know what guys, who don't look like super can also be in good shape. and with it reprehensible and film you know like maybe we will grow up, but I think it has more to do with how the audience fields, which is that they want to they, want to relate to you as if they know you as the view, one of them and most people don't have. I am to be spending that three hours and Jim every day when the trainer, with all of you to have these bodies that look ridiculous their preposterous. No one can have them there, but for me a lot of its totally mental but also like Rob, I think any of you it is this which I admired Was- is like at a certain point. He didn't know if he was in on the joke anymore. I'm definitely got like right in my mind at first it was can be really funny as this guy's not does it shouldn't be a model. We have the money both at certain
point, I'm just so dedicated to getting that shape. That's all I'm thinking about. I don't really care about anything else and I'm no longer in on it that throughout the rain really the point the point of doing it was how the season ended. You know, which was that he had gone through a sort of physical and emotional transition and that he come out. This gets more well rounded or whenever version of it is but an end to robs credit when he was pitching me that damned thing ass, I was We can do it at that. Didn't that observers not working for the longest time and even in even inscribed forms like he noted AIDS is this thing and then you come out and its fine and one we sir Robert Eyes occasion will get stuck on somewhat lock ourselves. A room and kind of not argue like contentious, argued what kind of argue desire like this are not this isn't quite working from
until we find this common ground, which always makes it better and when we locked into that episode being about Danny about Frank, having a realization and an understanding for MAC it just at both personally, I think that's what made that whole thing work. Well, I love that episode, but it has no fucking good to give a little country. Yes, it s. Our people have in slow right right grain, and now we can say we couldn't say when Robert shockingly robs character, who has been closeted. The whole show right in there's plenty Easter eggs from what I hear he decides to finally come out to his and who is in prison right and I'm so he does is beautiful. valet choreograph, ballet dancers, shortlist with water get thrown all over him with an incredible ballerina whose in that seen in awe yet and then the vetoes coming to accept mostly from dvd. I remember,
the same opposite where his face swell they would not handle. How funny that last week we gotta think we were searching for that work in the original draft analytical. What does it need? It needs to be funny right. You gotta come up here, you talk, you worthy smashes, his face and the opposite. He's trying to constantly plug it off and becomes a metaphor lacking, examines in a holding in your whole, your boys, in your poison through its hell. You accept the latter flow out, and God bless. Macklewain though, like I gotta give him credit for even thinking that the whole damn he sticks, these I was in the sand sometimes that, unlike I, don't know man but I'll run with you there and he doesn't have the full plan, but he dragged me along, and I thought I like to think that I make him
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to pass all three of us together. All can his insight is always great says, he's on the outside of it all year that he wasn't always that way, but the last like five six years I kind of like stepped down that back in just because I think you were the first to tell you like that. Not a writer is not what he right, but he actually, I think, he's a great writer. He always has a perspective on it that either Robin I have missed that I always think makes the episodes better, but usually the processes it lets say what we had taken episode idea- and I I think, like gold ones right now, but in a rob wants to do one thing I want to another: we come take the room and we beat those episodes out and then we sometimes
I had a writers who go right, the draft, but really what ends up happening as Robin. I usually sit through every draft and on a computer on a computer, some leading the season. We threw out a lot of grass and just start from scratch. The two of us said: look at what does this need to be right and lock herself in a room and whose typing we take turns you dont, ok, yeah then use, but the typing. Ok, any written, a bunch of others. yes, indeed do Purview Perverter right with somebody. I prefer driver somebody Lucas. I get stuck on my own rhino, also because it's just lonely to write a here, but he eyed miserable the doing.
Is, is the life not the product, for you know so right so that you know you're running with someone that processes good, but I liked the right with someone for a while and then be left alone to write for myself for a few hours then come back and rights more, I don't know every single ones, different right. Ok, so, really great back to you go to college men, you got an acting then and then did you moved to New York? Is that we do? when you graduated, frustrate there in your honor episode alone order. I dig in unobserved alone already. I wasn't rob also on an episode alone order. Key was, I just think it's a weird thing to having common ia Well now. I know because everyone was really when you are New York. That was one of the few things and you would go in future an agent and you are in your twenties, whatever you and you're, on dishing in New York City law and order was just something that always needed. Like a guy moving boxes, they are gonna, come up nonstop right, I remember actually going of commercial,
to end, I remember being in a wood, the variety of the guy, who does the Verizon thing? The item you hear me now, I remember being with him when he had just got that and he was like. I just gotta call that, like I, just gotta call what I've gotten is rising commercial, it's gotta, be a big campaign in Ireland the second one do that. I have served like mindset of like. Well, I mean I'm, I gotta do some commercial make the money, but I don't wanna be stock as like the rising yeah, but I'm sure he doesn't give shooting the great on it. I did a Directv commercial. I think her fears gonna like there was the greatest thing I were. I did I work for a week and to be blunt, you know made as much money as I would have, right and edit and act and when he had so decided to do that. Yes, but I was a little bit, I still had some hold over feeling from that time. I was Lubin embarrassed doing it and at the time I was working with John Malkovich on something, and I I saw him and he knows he said they cannot how'd you there was a weekend and that now thing- and I thought
a pretty good. I was kind of a slum did a little bit. I did a commercial right and he looks at me, and so I asked him was it you know I have you ever done any commercials and it looks to me again and I have done hundreds of them. I thought I saw you, don't sell your soul, you you rented and I believe he gave me like a blinked because to me that he was like that's what actors actor any old thing, idolize the guy's greatest, so he just gave me a blank cheque to to really the reins were or myself out was great I don't know when and how a change, but it did changed now its blood red eye. It was in that Heineken, commercial I'll. Never forget that, unlike while premises, thank you, Brad, both the thick down the door for those of us who, in my view, the
gazing on money. So you guys you guys we're gonna put on a blind date. you're arranged media each other. You glad rob. You know it rob on an airplane. We were both being flown out to test for pilot. So it's like a fox pilot. I think it was called Mather House or other house rule no matter house and it was like a college kids and college, but whenever the pot was I'm trying to get laid, I would imagine the tragedy I would have asked Robert. I were both testing for the same rule. Really, I think of like the crazy. Guy, and I was out I got this did you're gonna get it over me, but we dislike is set high in the plane. I think he gave me a lift the audition in I was such a
I'm in a mood shows a cave and aching right, leg, rent a car gentlemen, nice meeting you like you, you let your ability we hit it off, there's a we became friends on that basis for that, based on that Glenn. Also. I met him like in the New York auditioning circuit. I think Rob knew him first and I just I don't I've a vague memory of meeting him in the lobby of like audition for tuck, everlasting or some great, aha and yeah. We just cut all clicked yeah, so the model that you guys started with a fax was basically, if I quickly, you guys are gonna make this show four zero dollars, an organ, page zero dollars to be in it, but we're gonna give you some ownership we're going to be a lot of ownership of the show that which is unconventional at that time that wasn't like what anyone was aiming for per se yeah, I wouldn't get paid anything envy.
Right. So when that was happening, were you you said you're running on a music so cause you don't wanna be broke, but was money as something that you coveted or aspire? have? Does your little? I mean sure I got zero zero to ten I'll. Give others tell you I'm a ten. I was obsessed with money. I had to get it wanted a grown up now: zero zero. I mean no, no, no, that's not right, maybe like three in force I knew I needed it renewing needed it survive, but our eyes so lucky from the time. I pattern, agent after commoner out of you, know, being seen a barren getting an agent. I worked. I did commercials. I was the voice of the independent film channel. So anytime you heard like
coming up next, and I have seen oh and these book and checks from that thing about gladiator ill, weighty deals. Do you come to my apartment which, by the way, was on the street? It was yeah. I live with Jimmy Simpson, the actor as where we shot the pile Sonny, only reasonable while actually was walking down, are thinking of a funny story from that place, whereas I one time when it did, the elevator was such a sketchy thing with the lights always flickering, it's a junkie elder and The door opens. There's a guy in their holding. Hacksaw has gone. As is our life half off, because their missing one of the arms breathing have you got a wife bitter and like a hairy like fish ape body at he goes get it.
like a land to the slaughter of the elderly and watches the door shut me and not wait for these three hundred pound man, haggling and instead what he does. It goes on the new superintendent of the building think I now I d goes. I've noticed her. The screen actors killed. What how did we with these monies we generally young in guilt and is like I gotta, screamed ivory. All again, I screamed play with why unreadable barely four percent is never mind like a three x structures, but but anyway, I worry that great building down there, but I was. I was so fortunate that between the commercials and the independent phone channel I was, I was making. Yeah, and I was the kind of guy that once if I had three thousand dollars the bank, I was like I'm the riches
man alive, so I was felt as though that's the rate disposition yeah. I was never like striving for more. I just lose. So I wasn't Blount on flat screen tv shows like I have three grand I can live on this, preferably yes, you know the stupid topic that and then am Sir Robert come over and you see my pile of, I have seen checks on board and I heard my man bag. I got out of it. I got plans iming three Grand live off of it, so I did I wasn't driven by money. That is, I was driven by wanting to be some one great make something great made great things. Be someone that someone said that that's a great actor, that's a great writer, that's what drove it which, sadly I think, as I just definitely wanted. Somebody love and approve me like. I got actors, but we are, of course, all you and then later became money when actually start to make money, whereas I gonna monies got right also, if you would have knocked on my door and set out by this whole dream from you
A year ago, four million bucks- I wanted a bat at twenty, eight still haven't, made a dying man. Have been trying for ten years our Melick, the ash pride. Take that save money. I think now. I know I really. I don't know I feel like. Maybe I would say I think of summer and said you will be able to afford like honest house living, but people will love your work everywhere. That would have I taken. That was what I see or all the pretty good deal. So really a hideous everything sat you'll never have to worry about anything ever everyone loves yet known for. Would you feel like looking back in your career, that mentality lead you to decent jobs? You do know you wish you didn't do
gun things from free, because I thought there going to be great and they were talking terrible sure enough. Then these money that turned out to be great, so I actually dont, think there's a whole lot to glean from it. For me, I had a funny ear last year, where I did a few things like that right, where I did. I did the commercial just for money and it turned out to be fine. It was fun actually really loved. Director honor was love ya and it was quick and easy. I did as certain more commercial movie that was wasn't thrilled with the script, but I was like out how to do this. It. I did a sequel to put the decision which the first almost gamma dot, oh that's why I wanted to be ended, the second when he wasn't in it and then right. Well, that's the whole thing, but I would like us to look to the character and I liked story- and I was so you ve already done at once, but I did it once and why not- and it was a great experience- there was an Australian with my family and it was grey spirits and then I did
Luigi case movie, which I now during all his sort of heat and now is the one where I was like finally like the awards. He growled people are calling me up like firing the work with John Malkovich needed Falco and use a guy who who I really admire the in obviously that one turn out to be a disaster, not for me personally, but but the movie savages did it never come. I think they just they buried heading, because I lose movie. I got to know Malkovich pretty well and eighty Falco and I asked them both if they would do that that I directed and wrote and getting I'm in the movie. I think really helped me secure the rest of the cap, because those who do not want to be in the movie that not much line on the ridge trap is coming out. These are the folks in, unlike a great and so weirdly. You know even it always movie was a good experience for me, I'm in rule removing myself from of everything, one hour with India. It was going to experience for me, so I learn I dont know
No, I learn, or maybe I don't know to learn what what I should do to me, what I need to learn what I need to know ready down a little piece of paper and here's one, I've deduced fine, is the things that I hope that succeeded when they succeeded the thing I thought that was come next, never came and then the things they didn't want to do lead the stuff that I ended up loved ones. what I've learned is that I have no barometer of what's good or bad for me to do. I think that there is a certain kind enough. It's a pressure. Something is attributed to us as performers, as if we have some sort of crystal ball to know how this piece of paper is going to.
Turn out how it's going to be received in the world. Whether or not anyone involved has a personal scandal in their life to assess how on earth parents are any of us, but with thirty second commercial or they may exactly the, but the reality is. We really does have one job to do, which is to do our work as best we can as responsible began and the rest of his completely out of control, but it's very hard emotionally and psychologically, because this year- name is your face d. You know you're being up there in the world in someone's Leon, Ego God, that's ever tell it as the worst actors read that is like. Oh, is it true that you can't you can't remove yourself unless you're psychotic from a statement like that right is difficult, but there's no way for us that we really if we are really good, we would just be like. I just showed you I'm gonna go, and I do another thing doing the thing is experiencing in whatever you guys make of it. That's up to you. Oh you're doing it with him, Most importantly, we all my working think. What is that collaboration going to be?
yeah my gunning learning grow from this. I don't care where it goes, a what what it does not cause. I had no can, right and again I would argue on your deathbed you're, not gonna, be telling up opening weekends. You're gonna be thinking about the three months you made the movie near artless of the outcome of that. You won't even reflect on that one of the things that are most proud of the work that I have done where these hundred and fifty stupid home movies I made with Jimmy Simpson in that apartment down there and in New York City when we're roommates. We would just run around this. He had a vague just camera and then after did the movie loser with Amy heckling. He had enough money to buy a little digital camera and we would shoot these dumb ass little thing, pre Youtube some new and put them anywhere they we were trying to get ahead with them right. We're gonna make each other laugh and we would learn for how we performed on camera. So you saw what your face did an end in the tragic case of my voice, my
I stayed here he learned to ok is whether guys were sound like this. Is this? What works is with doesn't where ya, but but I had so much fun. I those problems. Thousand in a running around that I and my friends making that stuff. It's why Robin Glenn came to made say: hey, let's make those Sunday cause you make stuff, let's make stuff together, yeah, it's gonna purist thing, and then you wish you could make your your films that same way without level of control level. You now you know how to get the right standing there. Is actually the only underline killer part offer so vectors, sunny, really quick, so you go into it. I can't imagine your expectations were crazy, high, financially and you're. Just doing it gives you really want to make stuff. I just went up to eight really just to act when
a book said to us that you guys gonna run it. You can write it. I mean I remember, rob writing. Oh, he was writing a thing. Come the episode where we get crack? Ah and I was taking the episode where we go to abortion rally to pick up girl My vision about script, on a yellow legal pad at the Astor, diner and silver like like Dealt says, there's another that line and then later brought it through our we typed it. I didn't even own computer till season to rail there. You would always right by hand wasn't really aspiring writer raw. You know I was just what I thought I was gonna be in Hoffman or somebody else like I'm gonna, be this great actor right. That's all! I know that's what I was working to dig you wildly. It's too on the lane urine nights ago? Ok, I'm not comfortable
Nelson, and I I'm fine that I didn't do that, or is that still nag at you now, because I dont think I really see the difference do you like I mean I think there is probably a big difference between the source I put off in the graduate, but not me, I am new to me. We are making the graduate over and over and over again are. We are making the great network that will be passed out of press round, and I think this is naivete. I think I just was just happy to work so right and then with a horrible bosses. This was, I was thrilled to be in it so great opportunity, although you know what I almost pass on, that early footing psychotic. Why? Because then still always producing movie cod, like gone in thirty seconds or something that just the iceberg dead right and I remember I went in- and I read with the disease a couple times has he was plainly other role and Reuben Pfeiffers directing it, and I
That was great scrap and I really wanted that, and I mean to. I was very fortunate that I didn't get that part and that I eat oaks. Jesse was fine, he had her for I needed one hit the under gonna three seconds: gonna came when but or was it so yeah at? That was just dumb luck that I said. Ok, I didn't get this out I'll go to that yeah, so this would be an take lament across Europe you're not obsessed with money, but I do I just want to know the moment. Were it occurred to you at some point effects. I gotta tell you like so guys show is actually generated a bunch of money and now you're gonna get a big check. you remember that moment and it brings with it hard to comprehend a year. I mean I want a clear and died, like money, and I'm not I'm not some great that you call vertical guy. I I really like mine. I just wasn't bring about it like in my twenties, because I had enough in the bank that I was
I can do commercials forever winner, but now I grab Glenn and I were very focused on how to get the money from Africa but we felt we worked, so we were sort of aggressive in serve how we were filling her back end and how we were trying to get them to actually pay us. Oh yeah, we're savvy. We were savvy, although I still think all three of us still probably feel like you know you left some on the Tobin tax like. Why don't you know the feeling, If, if effects finances, ok we'll pay five dollars. That means they had twenty five dollars than they were gonna pay up, probably you know so, there's other you can't let back go, and then we had a pretty crappy meeting with our Asian at one point where this was deep in the shops in sixty seven, where he was breaking down some numbers for us in it. He looked at three of us in the eyes and he said guys in great success. If we keep this going
with each walk away, having made one million dollars so out of people on. That sounds like a lot, but in the tv although in the teeth world- and you know, if you like- look- I've made the longest running to come in the history tell, and here the issue before that northern millions out of a billion gags, actual stance taken this walk away. Money obviously said you're crazy, we're gonna make a lot more than that. I don't even know what I don't know. What that guy was thinking in that meeting you, did you guys fire him ultimately, as in their view that where we serve Stocker four dollars a week, we gotta make at least this to feel as though in wasted our lives, I'm just ain't. There was a point where at least you got paid. Some significant thing was just like: oh wow, that was Robin. I Glenn with a whiteboard doing love
relation and arguing with our representatives about who should be this? Unlike ok, then give us your ear. Packaging, the and all sorts of things we're way ahead in the game and that the reason everyone's fire other there. The right is dear you at know. You guys were there when the first to go white, Are you guys yet in impact and by the way I say we, but it's so rob I mean, get me. Am I I guess that, unlike regular biotech from like your kind is certainly agent said Amelia? Well, you know, I I just think differently and I think it's you know they want to break it down and look at the whiteboard and, unlike why are we doing this? This is picked. The number that I could live if I never made another time of a Sunday, but it made this yes and then say: ok, let's go that and then they say no will say what would we can arrive at a third and that's why I guess
I'm building up to. As there is a point in your life, were you move out of wherever you're living and you get to go by house it? You would really really want and you get to have some real security and that's a pretty profound cool, rare, our experience in the old man I as a game changer. I had to get married to someone to get that so that as mayor. I get it, but when orbit authors comes out and it's a huge hit in the other thing I would think you'd have to be conscious of managing is the three of you guys without is completely anonymous and you guys get varying credit for the show itself as it becomes successful and and then, when one guy goes off becomes a movie star, I have to mention even of everyone's health you're in a cold place sharing, all revenue still that that is a new dynamic for everyone to deal with. Isn't it will look it's hard to know? I guess when
when you're of yours, you know people work all about it in a paper. The reason we ve lasted as long as we have lasted is Rob and Glad and Caitlin and Danny are all really good people there. They have their feet on the ground. We fight all the time, but the fights are always about. How can we make the show the best thing that it can be and is never in the sort of ego fights in the inner with thick robin? I got an argument this year over something, but we I realize I sent them after like do you realize that we're both upset about the same thing as that work, try and figure out how to properly manage time. You know, but we're just saying. To completely differ widely good, like a merry company, realize you're you're having the same point of view and found a way to argue about it, but right, but they were good about it. I don't know the aid, they were
they were very, very new nor have any kind of like guilt, overt either a little bit, maybe like a little concern of like. I hope. No one is how this against may bottom. They they then enter. I dont think I they may be. I don't go around lording over anybody and right now I was pretty easy, so they watch me the gets movies and then not get moving. Was Was there a moment, though, when things were really going fantastic that you are like, I don't know I wanna have to carve up time for the show, sure cuz. This is a new adventure. Anything new is going to be fine, there's novelty in movies, cuz you're. You know the only do it for three months and that's exciting, because I just want to commend you all on. Is that, unlike Many bands you, seem to have the wherewithal to go like this is a very Very rare thing, Missus Allen
One per cent of the time you get on a show that less even seven seasons amounted to you guys are in thirteen or fourteen or fifteen, or something to have the wherewithal to go like none. Let's not, let's not forget who brought us to the party and let's keep this really magical thing alive. I think is really admirable. I think for me it's hard to say, maybe, if all of a sudden, Paul Thomas Anderson Scorsese in the grand lid directors that I like love and admire you know my photos ring off the hook. Maybe I would I had say the guys look. I really wanna go work with these people and I gotta go this direction and I can't keep doing the show, but Then it got. I mean the there was always time to do the shutters. I would. I was lucky enough to do a few movies, but they were our. I wouldn't be able to work schedule, it would the guys would be off season and we would figured out sometimes
There was a year to wear I ducked out of editing, maybe a month early or something like that, but we just found a way to make it work and- and that was to their credit, to which, if, if I had something pop up, they were like sky man we're doing this at this time, yeah that now, that would have been the perfect time to make a logical case. When really was emotional like, if I'm Rob or What are we got to shoot at this stage? As we gotta posted didn't know, we gotta deliver instead, really just going like I've. I feel bandit here earlier. I feel like you're picking something over. The special thing we have, I think, probably was to erode, like those guys were wonderful and generous enough to never made me feel that way, and I think I was a good enough person to always. Be available when you could be of value to make sure that that I wasn't just turning my nose up there, all the hard work that was done in them and the other part of it is, I loved the show and to this damn more proud of the show than many other thing
you're, pretty my I mean ungrateful being all those movies, but I dont like them as much as I like Senecas my baby. You know it's a game of corridor driving gland but like I would also argue, the accomplishment is quantifiably a bigger accomplishment. If you can do a hundred plus episodes of something and keep it good there. That's a little debts other thing to a means of bringing back to my mile bit, but that was still paying my build more than anything else, which is that here because only show the guys it just there was more upside to okay, so take six. Eight months have total creative control of something fans love you in the way that they they really love. You did all of you because I have heard you have a great show. I love you know they because they want to show otherwise, then the vote you are here, oh eyesight and one time sent Rob a pitcher. I was at islands and there is a whole table for like six people.
three any side all wearing sunny shirts ass greatly in they were just like rabbit. That's all they were talking on. I took a pitcher of him, sent him like yeah you're guises fans are real, the images I mean, and I think that was back to that, is sort of what I wanted. I wanted to make a thing that people reacted to the way I react to like a gallon brothers movie, which is that it like I couldn't. I can inform centres like a cat I will fail, walk in the room right, there's certain people creatively. look up, but there's always mean really fun about being into something that not everyone is into like to see a light. Seinfeld or friends isn't really gonna like cut through three layers when you somebody yeah, maybe all my favorite movies with now and I you're like role You know that there is another layer of like connection sure. I feel that way when someone has seen any accuracy
and I love you and I thank you, but then polarizing performance rate, the terrifying terrifying, because I feel that the real guy, you know you will be in Yes, I I like the people that come up to me to say they like me in that yeah, I get more of a bang out of their nerve. I've been in such nets was broadly successful. I think that to you I would imagine you have a different level of serve, recognise ability than I do. Is that with you with your relationship here magazines, your did. You have that whole thing where I dont have had never had that and burst lad. Don't think that I want is broad I could yet so do usually when people come up to me, they really know my work in their beds and insults generally a really great right right, illimitable, illicit wasted. You don't want to be around a really wasted guy. No, no! No!
but I would imagine after horrible bosses it probably got to a level that maybe it wasn't quite that I would say horrible buses has not had the reached at sunset. Ok, can I think, that's part of I think Robin Hood. I have a chip inertia. but this kind of thing right, which is that I think within the industry, there's sort of this feeling that son is kind of this cult. Thing lay a couple. People know about it, but I can't go through an airport right without people. Knowing me from that oh yeah even did when I just said: isn't it cool to be in a something? That's not friends was that that triggering at all have one now idly immediately were not friends right as I think that such an international juggernaut, an ear. I can understand that going like. I know it's not like you little Fucking tv show you a little bit you that's the thing in all the other things that the no side
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She had a boom box sittin in shock on whether our know how lonely music to but no Cuba's was the greatest. Do us yeah, I mean just incredibly professional and not overly friendly in a way that would be surprising. Like yours, super chatty. Guy knows the Gue, but he's gonna keep himself but right. That was tough movie, though, for both of us, because we shot that fight. Seen man, I freely how long it was exactly but seven, eight straight days, all my biting off all day, every nay awe and after one day of fight scenes you're like so sore the next day. I got psychotic. in a way that I'd never have. I couldn't feel my foot of genes like my head leg was now dear. I went and got LUCA Cortisone shot. I think you also got it for something or why they appear like we
an arm and a leg? We're not in great shame because work. That's most is the characters like maybe radius character. Condemn browser than us was to be a great shame so that is a gruelling movie tat. Why one time doing, press at ESPN and I'm walking across the courtyard nice q is walking by and he is obviously promoting something. Then I really gave a my egg game and I just I could not get anything all was not not one. thing? I walked away going. What conclusion I draw really know: oh work, I don't know about it and now you are there that will probably the First of all, I wish to start your fan, and I think you and in their ceiling by new tudors, shares your data. He knew you were Yoda problem that that's the most gracious conclusion to draw really cause I'm like. Otherwise, he knows who I am and he ate. What do you see you now? He reminds me very annoying aware of my
other than saving a MAC. Lenny worries that you doesn't suffer rules rules where there is money. I know courtesy laughs coming from you now said to him, like hey man. I really like today was a good day like I know, you're a number one since the great sought everyone's bloated when you want me to do that that look like my song use for together. At one point, I merely ask him forget that using drinking a coke or whatever some- I was a kid you don't you worry about that kind of stuff like what you read him wherever he goes, these man his where I don't wanna my grand style. I don't want to say ice cube, died from nothing the girls can allow the man did you ever have a look at dinner with them or anything you get that close Vienna was house. Now, not my move, not because I'm above it. I think I'm shy.
and if I have no one goes out of their way to invite me I'll not asked to be invited right. So I found co stars. You know, they're gonna know really well whatever, like said acres, throw the stuff from your Bateman Athens heavy over for some nice parties at her house now is always really exciting, but I am not. I still to this day will not be like hamlet to reach out and ask if we can do that. I just I m right too shy that way, but that's gonna terrible rikers you're blocking off half Europe. Here it is because people probably think the same thing half the time in the end after your like. Oh you, blog wrapped. In only someone just waiting for someone to me. First move to Mary Elizabeth. Yes, you should see my name is your mother she's, not. She doesn't she's a very Elizabeth now. This is a further. The that's. A double name is the southern thing cushions I have also been when I've been around, or everyone does say, Mary Elizabeth Right say: Mary Ann, she hates it when people collar merit
I always feel bad for her because she has to go through life, explaining that it's a to name names but also field about with person, because unless you're from the South we are growing up in New England, we don't know that we're just gonna start slap on extra name, your honor and allowing it to me. You had a longer name. They got shortened nearly yeah right. No one way and we will have a joy, be like be Jake. No problem as negative: ok, so it's Mary Elizabeth, so it's not the same name is your mother, but at the same time it is the same as Germany as it's not one word in its totality. It's one name, but interpreting its name, there's a surveys that there is a space into recap: allegation heads right! So the first part of her name is your mother's. There, through she's, a party
I want to say I have only been around her five times in my life very memorable off. I can she's extremely cute yeah. It's to the point where, like I think, we ve been together so long that I I let her shine and I this sort of like laid down in life like she goes out. Does it thing like when we go out there and sometimes I'm like a care I buried, termites bark on but I, like it's gonna nice, that she does all the lifting right communities, because I too am intertwined with yeah what she has the same thing and you have been another what Sixteen years knows zones. Eighteen thousand we met in the summer of two thousand one right the coming up on done right off the bat, and then you have a son several years ago, their December fifteenth, ok, we haven't, we avert December. Nineteen now give guilt about her. A kid like I close
Christmas, my birthday January. Second, at our united on this vote, that is it really here, I would argue, the single worse birthday in the world, because everyone just got party, I lay made new year's resolute I'll, give you that no one's come into your party if they come there not drink and are even even as the terrible son I am sometimes forgetting like oh shit, right away, advert they right. There's a lot of big advancing a Christmas and New year's right. There you burned out is just an old Christmas thing. You yes ought tickets. You fly across the country, you ve thought of gifts during those Austin, I gotta think adapts, now happen to catch up with him in February. As what they think so for me, there was a in there was the outside chance that she could have been born on the second cousin We can have away, and I was in his long- she doesnt land there. I feel fine. So it's it's dramatically better than my birthday, I would say so. I didn't feel too bad about it. So far has been by five days in a child labour, but none tended tenderness
I fear and Charles Life is an eternity a year for us. There's your experience then like mine words, the single best thing are completely has changed M, unlike a molecular level, to the point where I am, having a hard time. I think it's a scientist effect my life in general, getting up for other things them, so it love and focused on this still and fulfilled, and that means so much to me that I I have to like fine excitement again about the shoulders and whatever else it is, but I'm also practical I'm I'm like, I need to have my attention and my focus here cause he's southern now. Probably only have him in the house for ten more years and then you know he goes to college or something at eight the inner, whatever you know he goes often does he probably won't be that interest in hanging around
that might well. You gotta just say best case scenario, half and you see your folks and that's pretty much what you should be expecting and when you know that they can rely on that I'll wielding highlighted followed. I can, but I wondered like all the things you're saying, which I find very inspiring an aspiration. As far as focusing on the process just lobbying the work, all these things monies seems right size, I'm wondering I've got into a very similar place. It has been a long road for me, but certainly the kids are the most important piece to decoding that whole thing. For me, which is our perspective, a thousand percent. It's a useful tool in terms of getting out of the toll narcissism that is having a career in show business, because you have to focus on yourself as an actor yourself is you're too.
Oh you're tools and the software, your building, its yourself variety. You have to think about yourself. You log on sound, you know and even directing, if your story in Starfleet looking herself constantly but I'm into users offer example. If you build a software, you had better evaluate the others offers see if your shits as fast as that. So it's like what, MRS wouldn't you be comparing your product to the other products in the marketplace, a bad business. Man would be doing that near that's and upsetting, but true metaphor, because Europe, then you're looking at the other products on the market, you sing all God that thing compute so fast. Why? doing as well for days fucking last man, earth and unlike greatest of shepherd, kick it into gear, It is over out in the horizon. Yeah. You know saying I try not to do that too much, because there's been a couple times where I've seen performances that I remember seeing Sean pen in Sweden, Lowdown Lowdown, Allen,
sweet load, I saw the theatre when it came out of new york- and I remember thinking- oh I don't know what I'm doing his acting was so good an ah. I thought. Okay, this I've got about? We have different occupations near here s. What I just had are, I think, wrapped shooting my movie that its directed at I watched Roma, and I thought okay What have I done in a way that is too I have directing moving? This is what a director dad I had the exactly we christian, I wouldn't saw the last no one movie the world were too was Adam earlier Dunkirk, Dunkirk and we left the movie theater, and I said you know if we were both in Michigan being introduced to some people that aren't show business. Someone could say:
This is Dax he's a director. This is Chris at ease up like that would be the most unfair descriptor buzz every. We share that title, but there's nothing I should not be allowed to be. There really afford not to do that itself right, where our own worst enemies, we'd be ourselves up in the most. There are certain yes, gifts that someone has to do a very specific thing. That an amicable have no umbrella, can't direct a comedy. Maybe not, I hope- but probably you probably with the bitter comes here. Ok fine pieces out of a lot of it is a great threat. Ok, so L Tonto. Can you tell me about L Tonto again, I wrote it six years ago. Ok- and it too,
but thou and get it made an idea, I have this idea and I wanted to make a movie like the kind of movies that I loved. You know like movies from seventy movies. Like being this, it's very close to a being their type story, where our characters wandering through a world and serve being dragged through a story like Mr Mobutu. So I didn't, I just loved those kind of movies. I wanted to place characters, something I had not done. I dont know if it was just reading too much criticism about my voice for whatever was there, but I will try to design thing inside written. This sort of silent characteristic has dragged the story and then nobody wash her. Nobody wanted major forever. Now I understand what is wanted. You are critical of your voice. It is the defining characteristics her comedy. It's like what is so funny about you. Do you know how to use it exactly the way it should be used in its really your signature. I get to me, I don't I They might you know I don't hear to my head.
Ride. Gum. I'm come off sounding afraid, there s a real jobs. May God arabic demands now accepted, but yes, If I'm, if I have money to throw at you- and I know a great you're, not gonna. Do my favorite the end, your welfare on you're gonna, that's part, you're rabbit near Gonna. Keep your shirt on the homely, nothing! Let's get it off, puts that the type of story that is just you know it's not very commercial, but but those are also my oh, my favorite films are a love. Film makers, but I guess the centre file and allow me to add a fire hitting out of that region and live a nerd in that way or its a bit. Anything through hate to name dragged his breathing, the great respected filmmakers put out. all over it. I can't wait to watch and on what are you so excited about turned? He knows me yeah, you know. Interestingly, I got asked audition before that date
and I turned it down, because I was making this movie while for tourists accuracy. other primarily because I was are. I finally got financing I had cast together. I we were. I was pre production. The most of my success in this business has been those leaves of faith that I took her myself like I had offered to do different kind of commercial, say com when we are putting sunny together. I said now: I'm gonna. Do this sunny thing that thing when aware in universal got but- and so I thought I just I gotta make this move that was won by the other part of it. Was that I knew they're, not gonna, get me as this character is essential not to say I don't wanna get what they had asked me to come in and out of trouble, Manson lying now. That's I don't wanna, see myself as Jasmines. That's gonna. Take me out a movie right now. I'm looking at you and egg is wholly now
yeah. What do you know it wanted, so it would have been really fun is if you would have not played it as a psycho, but put the gun have to be charming. All we ask is the Falcon footage of him with axes on his head in prison, and we see him as the devil book. Clearly he was charismatic, NEA and Likeable there's no way he could have assembled the call in not them that way. Crew. and am sure when you're in the hands of a filmmaker. Like don't you know, they're gonna get the best out of you they'd. That's why everyone's great in their move is a really good. Director sees your essence in you. Is it in a way that it fits you fit into them? gene and there I wouldn't his vote of confidence, get you there sure like. Even if I go. If I read something- oh my god he's not gonna hire me for this algal red anyway, because at him and then he goes no, that's it. I would start believing it. I think I almost did read just
for the experience reading yeah with ever for him, or even if I don't know I've soon, he was gonna, be in the room, but maybe was just add that experience has who wanted me turn Tito, but the others. I was like now you're, making your thing and then you're getting a new situations even harder. So was a hard enough to turn on the audition. What about now? If he really wants you now, you ve got a real size around everything. Yeah! I've! U want to me, I would add that it how many days you twenty four in its time, I'd like fifty locations, something crazy. It's a big story, because the that's character gets dry,
through this all these different worlds and why you know like those like Chandler Novel, is going through a lay in these different sort of sub cultures in, and you have to create these worlds and go these great locations and- and I just had to have it- also mapped out into its you and Malcolm Bitch, myself. Jamal conventionally Falco can Jong whose great in the movie, I think I think this is some of the best work anyone's ever seen him do it I'll people respond to it. The way I mean I've seen partial here I got eagerly- goes really to really emotional play? Someone scene, I ve never seen doing really nailed it in a great way, came back and sale of Adrian Brodie, Jason said Acres Julian Bell, disobeyed Candy loathing from common your call yeah sure incredible at it we run an airplane He and loaded a lady's bag for her in Rob quickly said that's uncommon
I liked it. I like it was real, quick right on the heels of it and really are rarely and really Oda did he give you anxiety to give some of these people notes like what are you fucking, Gmail, which you gotta go like yeah, ok, arrears story, you, your meantime, sperm and magnetic ideology, This seems to be a little different than when it is what you all that the acting itself that you ve done, the work on the page they get where you're going forward that they're not gonna, come out with a choice that so sometimes you just try to find the middle ground. I came back and sales pitch made a thing where she wanted to have this, like a giant white rabbit in some scenes, Awe- and I said
yeah. Let's try it behind I'm so such and such a funny little thing, you're, getting Zenith specific where things gray, fur character and Adrian Brodie Alot of pitches too, and I would just let him try. My black, ok, try it and some of them were home runs, and some of them were really funny, but not right for the movie right, so I usually open to letting if I have the time to letting some untruss unless it completely the character. I can accept that you're, like you, can't do it like that. The will. The famous story, I just can't believe, is the Paul Thomas, Anderson and and the other was his name three names data they Daniel annually, Louis they were on Charlie rose and early goes. Is it true that you guys throughout the first week of farming and they let Carlos age her like our you gonna tell this story and then Paul goes yeah. what happened, was we found for a week
and then I asked Daniel, took come watch dailies with me, and he said I don't watch dailies and I said I know that you don't watch dailies, but I'm I'm asking you to watch these dailies and they sat watch the whole first week of dailies and at the end Paul said, I don't think you're characters working and I just thought: where would one give the calf and sell what is universally regarded as the best Levine actor that his choices wrong? How would you not question maybe he's right, I mean well, fortunately by then you'd already made Bovina his ignore. You had a little better Toda Tom yeah. Now it's still a very brave decision here I could see myself, Goma, fuck, we're just gonna have to live with this choice. Yeah, I think that's. What am I sure coming through is
It's not some a little bit of a people. Please remember I made you was a term for a director camp, but I, like you, I think I have you know I had had at this point: thirteen years of experience, managing actor, rider writers and prompt skies and whatever it is. You know costumes all those choices that we make on sunny that I learned how to speak. Those languages does way to say. Ok, this is a thousand percent wrong. I'm gonna tell this person that, in a way that completely does not it hurt her feelings, does not make them not brave enough to keep pitching me things right. He doesn't want to stifle their created on down and oftentimes. I also say: look nothing.
I don't know anything so the second I think I know something it's probably the worst creative space to be. So let me just here at this choice and feel it out right it for a minute and then, if that keeps ping in me, is wrong that in our Mcgraw someone else how bill I came in of the sullen so's thinks that this person should beware, style? How you feel about that in the Euro have to be the duty of right or right yeah? So I think I'm always was always navigating that by the way, every one is coming to you with an idea in some european average over recall them ruins everyone's coming. You with these ruins, but their ruins have the best intentions through
No, actually thought would be funny if, when the guy singing songs, things off k, Maroon Psychiatric went right now and technically, that's gonna ruin saying I understand you're trying to make your one specific thing, the funny, but you you don't have the big picture and I would never say it like. This is what the right right, but you said you were that's interesting. Let's get one that way and then let's go back owner or you, depending on the person and everyone's prisoners Evan you gotta go in. There say I think when you look at the big picture, that's actually going against what we're trapped by the way we have kids its work, very helpful. You get really practised at that. The right you can't let them light something on fire and Ngos alone should, on their enthusiasm, to try doing something. So it's a year, you learn to talk thriving
it's a little bit! You do you do in its true. In a soft but yet direct way, look I always was good cop. I think Robin I would like to come back. I mean it's good. Governance is backed up and we get stuff done, but in on the movie I was like. I can even play good cop banquet good caught the whole way, except for every now and then every now and then I switched bad cop and scares the shit. began to rise, I'm always good cabin of all of a sudden area. So I guess very useful time hanging onto a hideous- and you know if it's like for the more in the eighties. Just not listening to me, then that's when men shut, the fuck up got out, haven't ones like how right wounded to come out I owe you know, I don't know, but you ve finished it you. I am finishing up you're my colouring it in doing eighty on having omen music battles, but that being so, I will do my way
getting everything I one of whose right right, that's what I do yeah yeah my thing with the music is: is it in? I feel like you would have an upper hand here or an advantage over me, which is, I know, how to talk about shots in lenses and cameras and moves and act in an intention and all the stuff editing. I've edited I'm good with all that when it gets to music I'm not a musician. So I have to try to keep within my head into your head, but I dont have any of the words for it. I understand using, but then I don't want to come in at arrogantly be leg Billy did the vilest should be more staccato cause the guy's gonna fuck, you fuck, you You will get a red five knots, Wiseguy Boston. I was almost no pettish to me, tell you a little bit you Apache, I'm not gonna. U, innovations kill you! Fuck
I got the Falcon clown deal. It's gotta be pinched, well, Charlie, thank you so much and I think robs are asked rob when I saw him like we please guitar land here embody here. Eleven, and I appreciate your coming right next to me. I can't access aiming answer. I feel I feel we have. We haven't written scratch any like major depth of ledgers law. Look lists crack something up. Ok, let's do it I'll go what about the vizier about this? What fears do you have about? Having a son, I fear about dying in abandoning ok, that's my biggest sphere is: if something happens, then I died young in what happens that I can't be there for him, although maybe that's not actually was buying. Maybe it's just the fear of that. I don't
to be there with him, because I'm sure he'll be fine, don't hear a lot of money in arriving at a giant how's. The man lived by leading that some, that fear is a manifestation of your own fear that you might work too much through this process. Yeah there's that I've been pretty good about that two point word starting to maybe not be healthy for makes up pretty much only working or raising my side. I need a little bit that pie charts getting squeezed worm like I need to stop working so much balance this out a little bit more like I wish on Sunday, I could just show up in right. That's the best get just months of acting now be great, but a very easy show to act on it. Soda, any you observe lie unceasing, yea ourselves on wait layers united as workers and ask your paintings
we are talking about. What had allowed to tell your cracking me have a lock is ours is genuinely a friend of yours comedy, and I was like others very fond of being seen with him, because you're pretty all over the place very good way, which I like to be as well. Yes same Valea, its above everything that we just did like a film Luar episode, which he ain't gonna be great, and we did that sucker on book and hitting marks and very specifically where it goes in, and that was fun the work in a different way that too, but the freedom of Sunday with those cameras pointing in both directions where you can just go once it, we can step our reach.
conversationally and we can go down any lane hide something. That's really fun there about drinking. Do you drink too much yeah yeah? I did for a long time yet the air and I I recently think I got some control on at all really just with adjusts with some basic mindfulness. Ok, like wonder that was the thought you have leading. I suddenly realized. Thank I still want to drink. I still want to be a god: have a drink menus, don't wanna be drunk anymore right, and I realized for me that that was the distinction. Was that I don't. I don't give a shit about going to a nice dinner with someone having class one or two for I have. It's about getting a terrible, hang over and feeling ill for three cs right: that's that's! Where they go comes and like have destroyed my body in and whatever else it is given. Generally, when your hammer do say regrettable things, I pray, I think it's something you confess
This right thinking, you think, I'm a pretty good drug. Your legs are much more fun than I am, but, but I occasionally you know you got a party Lugosi. Say that guy but ass, you jerk running right now either get pretty a grip on it. Ok so went, but when you saw the sweet spot as you you have to drink, said dinner right, sweet spot is I I can have two beers or two glasses of wine. If I have three we like when in fact they have after by now in my forty three year in life and in just here like it, took me a while to figure out who used to be like or drinking. Who cares the Cisco you we ve with no, when the ban, it often lights, but now I can't have realised this. My browsers, I don't talk to me in a year maybe like now, Romano Prodi worldwide. Bumper knew at a meaning, but I am was it alcohol free or was it dry
will our over years and then and then alkaline cocaine and mostly cocaine really brought an end to the whole party ass, the one that gets its claws and people and they can't like oh yeah for me. Thank God it just never. You didn't like. I, I think, I'm a very anxious person. I they suffer from exile, it's actually anything that's grow. Ratchet up the anxiety is not great for me yeah, Ironically, it made me feel much more and control or just made me feel optimistic about the future, which was a nice relief sure in the end the moment, the other Calm down is yet that I'd, rather not only all in or bay, for a really only dab over that a very tiny bit. I knew as this is a bad. Is it bad road for me, the wilderness Then my assumption is that you, like weed. Do you like weed, but I did, but then it's comes to my thing where I was like I'm just.
in a chair, psychoanalyzed myself, I'm gonna fuckin crazy. Here. I also realise that so, but I just I did enjoy being allowed. You come to these conclusions. You gotta, thereby urge you talk. These were many less than half I'll you. me very. Like self, aware and kind of mindful of my vote I put like. I think I don't know what you know. Maybe that's just lock having a brain that can kind of look at the big picture of your life and say line need to do this or that, while also job lends itself to that. Right is when your room you're being beaten store. You start really getting into like. Why is someone really do that right in this habit of like figuring out look? What was the person you can't just come over?
No reason and then leave for no reason like what are they after and then I think you ve come at a bolsters that wiring your brain, where it's like it makes you a little bit conscious of why. Why am I think, ages thing or practically in the moment of lecture? They do this, or should I not be doing that like does it? Should I be drinking five beers, and I urge should I not re offer, twenty years yes was- you should went up, we'll have alma, is parenting been part of that year and that changes everything suddenly you're like world. However, I'm in the morning miserable anyways therapy. Everyone I get up. They have all these needs immediately. They got a fucking. Ye may not opened. All everything just starts happening like a fucking starter pistol and where we are family vacations with other families at night, I'm a little jealous, they start drinking. starts drinking on my oh yeah, those kids voices, Scott, quieter, ere, you don't care is marginal, how I've had sober it'll, be fifteen years in September over the entire population. Thank you thank you.
But at night I'm a little jealous of them share, but then, in the morning when we all get up like not for a billion dollars, would I be doing this hung over cause? It's already miserable in hey that's a lot of the screw reality when I got to arm like now. I don't wanna be that worry drunk around my kit, yeah yeah. He doesn't need see that, unlike my fortunately, my parents generally drank- I didn't grow up in that, maybe part of why they come across the happy guys to feel as though I am for the most part, happy childhood, like all our travellers are miserable for one reason or not sure, but at home you know at the time and Mary weren't throwing dishes at each other's heads and has been rightly, they further but family, and they they were getting loaded and be ass. I kind of wanna provided from us
until, but you remember right being young, I knew which friends parents were alcoholics, like you know it yeah, I didn't. I didn't it until Later- has ever oblivious out a lot of the time. Here again, I think that's an asset, just wellbeing yeah I dont know what it is. I think I just a danger: a constant daydream. Yeah, I think that's nice. Some says thing telling me something. triggers fifty thoughts on my head. So did you using as possible that you at ADHD Junior, younger yeah as possible? I have it now. I don't know right, but probably not because I don't know if you like me, as parents were when you're Kitty young, you spin out on every little thing, brightened leave your kid does something useful
googling nannies dear whatever and then and then you reading about kids, you haven't, you now know were ok not that people's gives our failures yeah. Ok, so I think in it my paranoid reading, I dont think I quite taken off boxes. for that right, yeah. I think I was similar thing I'd. I haven't done it nearly much with the second child, but I definitely was like oh at six months when she had left she'd start swinging her head back and forth, like kind of weird Jesus does. She have no very Lawford tremors hadn't swinging feathered, horrible things, but like yes, Sandy couldn't stop bashing ahead in the wall. For fifty hours are ok right, would that's not what I hear you're meetings joy, nor would also to kind of my disposition to go anything anytime. Something's gone good. Am I trust this is all too good.
Why is it so in my kids have just been it's been great and I love it in its all pretty positive and I'm waiting for one of the shoes drop little bit well there, Well, we began life ring. Something will be difficult to get through at some point. Do you have this thing? I assume Workgroup Detroit bonuses, sober both to try, and so I am asking you are on your bike tour around the neighbourhood from one of her in the park. Ask it in full. it's an issue that was raised and I would be in an ever kid you're at the door of the house. You know your daughter's just leave your house and run all railway right. I'm gonna try to I've done some stuff already. That I have already motorcycles already. I'm tryin really hard to give her that sense of autonomy in you know If that is your that, take some courage, I read an article. I don't remember where this was so. This could be a good fact acting through some work
where a guy was studying a town in Vermont, and I think it was the eighties maybe like Russian started to give that about a nine mile radius from their home. They went down there like the town dump and to the railroad. Dr they could. They could go about that far than it was like air dunk all beyond their and the person went back and they studied those those people children and they had a radius of their backyards there. They were not allowed to leave their backyard right, but the town from a crime rate and demographically had not changed at all. Nothing changed everything less crime. Media's nationally programme is going down since his arise today. So we live in this culture of fear of courses. Twenty four our new media, psychological, that we live in the costs they burn up, but I I feel too, I'm not gonna keep my kid. I'm buying
say how good day come home on the link, its dark, his enemy. It does humans aim, but I will I feel bad, for I think I could in Rhode Island, but don't forget it again that another bit of data. That's really interesting. Is that cities are much safer than rural America. When you look at rates of crime per population, the odds of them being the victim The crime are much lower here than my town of Milford. I wrote my bike all round, which is the fact that is crazy. The it's safer in this city yearn eyes. Chance of something happening are much lower than if we were in raw Rural America, which is crazy because the crimes that do it here are extremely found. A fucking head behind the Hollywood sign now like here when you do here about the thing it's pretty gnarly right but again, there's fuckin. Sixteen million of us in these three counties. It's like you'd still way less than lightning. You now other crimes in small towns extreme to alter
if a swimming pool, I do number one killer of children, numeric older people who are sure yeah, and I got one of the most dangerous thing you can have brought it. The bullet self is not dangerous. It's not watching the kid. While the kid the poor, those dangers. Yes, so, though, other you hear horror stories of like we were all there are a hundred percent. It happened to our friends, they were all in the pool and someone noticed one of the kids was at the bottom of the pool, but they didn't know did they lived, but they had a recess. It gave them and go the murky. Live kid live ion. No, I don't think I could go on. If that happens. The only reason I
This gives rise to that's right. Yeah I've met a few deeds dna who have stayed sober through losing their child and I'm just like not a chance. I'm fuckin moving saint Louis above a liquor store and I'm gonna go out it until I'm dead. That's that yeah yeah yeah. I just can't I'm that I'm here I think now I get drunk and protest, smoke, cigarettes and other, but I think I'm gonna look like revenge. Oh am I can take some Oh yeah, but I think I think that in the narrow just turn myself, I have all these fancies room like I was going to hit my daughter at some point and I'm going to fucking kill that person I'm going to go to prison, I'm going to take there.
The role that I heard you too ral about that. That is an interesting thing. How you teach cause I've boy, how you teach them to sort of handle that stick up for themselves and yet never make it is where they have something I never had where he's like the biggest killers glass or we didn T hit sums, Genetic check bought where, while some recess of gm- and I say it all- by gooden- just like his mother and made but like a big- and I realise that you know He'S- got a wheel that power wisely, but now is a gentle giant. Like he's a sweet kid he's come Aqaba thing were kid as like hit him before a high, and I told him not to not to do anything about a relic, not
I buy back and a high and I think that's the right answer. Adamantly glad that I did because it is well known, but then he would ask questions me about. Why did so and so too? That's me why and then, as it sometimes kids do that's gonna happen was not gonna. Make you feel good to retaliate, although there was one time I think this house its last year where he was kept nagging at some kid some kid they kept by getting him and asked just hit him back off like I was thinking I wrote for ever and that then I do know is later than just just push give your I'll write because sometimes the hall. Sometimes that is the answer, but then it immediately after I said ass, she said and by the way he did or ever Woody's is not
yeah that way, but but the thing you're trying to evaluate is, is it going to be chronic? Is this a stand alone thing it'll pass or is he gonna spend the next twelve years of his life eating victimized in when you value waited that way, this shitty option becomes less shitty, in my opinion, Thea. If that's truly happening, none happening. It's it's not happening now, if that's truly happening than you, gotta teach them how to that of himself, but rarely its through via Cecily. That's gonna need so much. My men, both don't get your vows go right right does this happen does so some was really mean to my daughter at school and my wife took the time to find out that the person that was mean to him had a new baby brother at home. and she said you know. I bet Michael's not feeling very special and he's probably upset about that. What if you brought Michael a present work enough,
fucking given like form any good for your operating system, I every bird, the other budget by God. They brought a fucking present this kid, the kid when so happy in nice. Everson ants, in fact, you guys are, did you hit a mother foggy incentivize now go away and that you're gonna get you gotta get a big rat gift. My wife might have made a serial killer out. That's that's added, but I would just like what what an evolved position. Take the last place my mind ends. Unlike we gotta get even set some boundaries. We gonna nine times out of ten there's a big picture about why, some as being a jerk, a y yeah deplorable people, sometimes their sadistic. Those shit in this world and people are just doing a shitty thing to be shitty. There's no great explanation. It seems like at the was your
act again. Ice water, like buddy up with someone who was about ass mine, was too usually just make people ass. I could make most people laugh and then occasionally when it was like, that's not working, it was to fight back. Ah it also. Usually there were times when, like some bigger kid try to pick on me, and it was like a wild outlook. Fucker just fucking. Kick me in the knee and a bit my heart from the only heard there like I'm, not gonna. Do it hit the message you you have to send. Isn't that you one is that for all the other guys, this one's gonna fight back pick one, that's not dead! That's right! Literally! That simple. That was pretty can we move through, all of which is like I'm, your buddy, I'm your friend in, like men, don't try to don't try to throw me in the bushes or put me in a headlock cuz, I'm going to kick in the balls yeah. If you really
I'm gonna like flash tyres, will have to be rather like shit load up. Eighty five Honda cord with a be begun yander I get bored at last- and I ask you as boys in the hut, aren't, will Charlie Day. I love you. Your visit Erika. I'm glad that you're thrive continuing on I'll because do a hundred seasons of sunny and I'm I didn't see L Tonto thanks, I'm gonna screw spawning when you get there, I call you don't wanna ride home the same. Why eleven gonna go below zero? Is DR major idea an idea that so this will be a first something to drive home. Let me take you for a ride. My Chrysler Pacifica, that's as they exist love. It now my favorite show the fact checked with my soul: mate
when the moon had cheer. I like a big piece of power. That more. Is it a big pizza pie Yes, of course it could also be a big piece of pi ever times I've known for their pies. So much I mean I guess pastries, but none of us, more french, Dear Napoleon's, YAP Pizza pie for sure, so that The Italian saw Europe tonight I sang in response to having saying Astaire typical Asian before we knew that those that could be included in this model has that's not naive right. I'm gonna make a fun, or only I am allowed to make. all the while. I know why don't make fun of anyone what was making a fuss people is a phone now now. What do you think it's making fun foreigners it's fun for that person and not for the purse.
Receiving numbers on the business and of the farm. So speaking of that I was at this wedding and this purse I haven't seen in a really long time came up to me and gave me very, very heartfelt apology, q yeah. There was an incident years ago where friends and were cured if you could do the in the generic Indian exactly and then they ended up till they were shot. You comment and then they went on to say like oh, it's so easy is you know, and then they were doing yes and then they have sense, lived in deep shit, over having done there they have. He was like I've been thinking about that for three years and he works with students who so like. I would hear other people doing the to other people, and I would immediately be like you can't run. You cannot do that. You do
I know what that is doing to that person. Anyway. It was so kind and sweet and I of course, was like, you gotta, let yourself off the hook for that, because that is its oak, hey anyone! It clearly impacted you a billion times more than that event. Impacted me for this goes back to where we talk about ones before. I would almost think the worst part of being isolated, for those things is not did the being made fun of its its and having a comfort that those peoples gates itself layer simulator, because you don't like the thing happening, but then you're also just like oh my gosh, I have to act, I like it rises in former so that everyone feels countries, let your cool all right here, you're cool. What then, if you do say, hey they're gonna, makes me feel shitty Nelson.
can be shamed in the moment exactly and then its uncomfortable awkward for you in advance for them. Yes, yes, yes, so you just have to like, laugh and be done with it, and yet do your best to make them feel comfortable, so the is a aware. Not fun situation can be but anyway. So that happened and then and then there is this apology and it was very sweet and I hope he feels totally. Yes, he is one of the nicest people. I've ever met the urgent need to hold onto, and that's where, like look, each the video gets to choose whether or not they want to evaluate intention are not telling everyone that they have to evaluate it. Intention if there are there, but you know free. When that moment is very rough, but neither of those guys were dicks at a party gone. Like oh look, who's here, you know inserted dancing around a green ino, intentionally cruel now, they're, just out to lunch.
on how and since tat yeah cause if it was a deck. What say that had been of dick in the person was trained at like make? You feel different yeah the may apologize. You Prego! Thank you because that really I felt really awkward like you might give it back to them main item, and I would hope by why, but I mean I don't know. If I would. I think you get trained help make that as little of issue as possible and then You also start feeling, like oh god, I overreacted. You are making illegal, my god now everyone's upset, and it's because I overreact did but to use I got a little selfish during that story, just totally also the way it just occurred to me outside one's by Simms, apologized Well, I could well he hears out. I was like
enormous as like. I don't know what it's like to be completely other in a situation gambino, so it started in the kind of an altruistic shirt thought process and then I was like you know, sir. Doesn't mean apology, and I apologise to you. Yes, you and I apologise to each other. Yet quite often I do you think I don't feel bad for myself, but I do. when yourself express like I'm a leader and I'm alpha sit round worrying too much of my feelings were hurt, understood Nobody so like I've kind of stuck out this identity words like don't we about me, I'm fearless, and I can't you be defeated right, and so it comes up. bunch of benefits, told anyone. The downsides is occasionally that's actually wanted times you apologize, amuses like hey Monica ice. I have feelings and if you are joyous, when I lose a kind of hurts my feelings, but of course you wouldn't worry about me because I've kind of and projecting this
identity. What we're I'm, not one that needs protecting! That's interesting. I worry about your feelings all the time you do, but I didn't worry about them. In that case, you're right it was a power thing sure, think because in that specific case I was like rooting for a friendly who at that time was. I knew Who is to the guru by one unheard of the happy during this game. You were brought in charge of the group, so you know right why I said that I invited all the piano yeah, so I felt like I was Doing that in your right those are all reasons. Whites totally fine for you to celebrate when she wins. Yet ten? No, yes, those were real reasons, but I should have been aware that you wouldn't like that,
yeah. I guess I realized it. The other day we are actually was around coworker, whose also very kind of a leader I think I might have noticed a moment worth. She deserved an apology and then a kind of. C o that persons not gonna palace. Is there not worried about her like confidence, self that have seen or and this very specific light, which is like a leader- and I just crossed my mind like about not many people ever worry about her and or apology yeah, because he's such a air force is also what you're putting out, not not, like diminish what you're saying or blame you for has but like I am outwardly, I'm vocally sensitive, aha and as well as something that like gets called out, sometimes by you something to work on a bright side, also selfishly motivating. I just hate. I hate how I feel when I hurt your field
yeah. I know I know that so that's like the stance is like. I am sensitive to fangs and fear person, saying you're sensitive to things. Then it's hard for then that too then he turned around. While I can, I can say plainly: I can't have my cake and eat it to my recognised. No one's sitting around worryin about me. They're, like your set, you got money, you have a good career, your big, but what am I worried about, and rightly so, It certainly justified- I know its not but occasionally it'll just crossed my mind like when you wanna hear that store. I just try to imagine someone coming up to me and say I feel so bad I've just now. I don't think I've had that experience. Why Thinking about your feelings, along our trip. yeah we just went on a big group friends.
Raising. It was last so fine, I'm so sad to not be there for me. Do we had so much fun, but there was a couple moments on that trap where I felt like I mean everyone was drinking, a lie, the hall and, started to feel like this? Is a nice to be Oh, no that never bothers me. I know it doesn't pay, even though I know it does and I'd feel way. Worse. People were doing what they want to do. For my sake, cleaner, like you know never wanted to be a drag on somebody. That would be a lot more pain. I now, but also now. I just felt like specifically on this one, for some reason throws like ruins, drinking and drunk and
Why then damages standing there, and this can be found, for this cannot be fine? That's really what I'm just a Europe cannot be fun for him all anyway. I'm sorry, your feelings get her. Sometimes, oh, it's totally fine. Before we find, I look as if I can't it all. I can't be wanna, be seen as some way in doing all these things to promote that in we bombed I'm not also seen as Bambi when I wanna be near. all I'm saying I do now they are allowed to do just crossed my mind. Sometime yeah, ok, I have some pretty devastating news for Rob, but not lobby Robin our raw macklewain. Yes, what is it so? His theory about MAC admit all is according to the internet, not true.
This is great news for me. I now, as I really am known as the air, maybe you'll get attacks from China. Afraid a few different places said. That's a common, misconception, because when was saying that, like one scottish ones, Irish, no using if there's a vow after the M C, its MAC Buckingham? Mcenroe, there's a continent, its Mick Mick, Mick Jagger. Does MIT K O Sars bad example, Donald the guidelines wave away if it's a continent, its m c and if its avowal, its Emmy C, and that's because of scottish and Irish, or why there was a reason. Ok, I'm all Joe, given this isn't devastating. Okay, so army, a guess, he's right these I I don't know, and I believe him near smarter than Where did he go to a yearly file school now
hey man, I can prove it once you get the Jesuit education, you know really need to go to an ivy league. School milk had got it yeah, I got it, they would be MIC gotta lying, but mixed steamy Mc Dreamy Mcdonalds. yeah and if it was make easy, it be MAC easy. If there are the characters on grace anatomy. That was easy, saves a guy he's really easy to get in bed. He would be MAC. Easy not make easy. Ok, Why was it now that I'm thinking about it? Why was his name Mig dream? because his name was Derek Shepherd O one. When my relative- I now, oh my god, yeah good. They should call a Mig Dax
really confused everyone does. I wonder where they even got that me too, and I remember ice lavishes, so large, a cigarette. All my music from there were you more dragged into mixed. He murmured dreamy. Who do you think we're dreamy yeah yeah, but I'm friends with MC steamy bright year, so it can. I wanted you to vote for him. If you know my mild Meyer Mile tie problems ah ha, that's, not a mixed steamy body type although its very attractive body type. It's just not for me right here too much man for the lot. I got you mix Demi, whose real name, of course Erlanger Dame is on euphoria o, which I watched yeah, it's good. It is very frightening, but it is very good. What is it about
Oh, it's about a girl who, at maybe six years old or eight years old, is diagnosed with those he d so put on medication, and then the medication, of course, of fifteen she's, an she's been attic, she's been armies, differ medicate, feeling altered, suited to get really high, she's gotta, do like really crate Is she herself it's it's a real dark! Look at China, high school addiction, sex, stuff, male stuff, female stuff, pornography, it's it's good intent and, as a father of two girls, it's fuckin, terrifying, like I was watching thinking I want of christian- could even possibly enjoyed us cause. This is about your worst nightmare, whether it might be up to the high but Aways Danes in it and he's phenomenal oh great use buoyant caribbean motherfucker than he is good and he's not creeping in real life, so we're time. Rhode island in you are wondering why it's are Rachel yeah yeah anyway
it was an hour o aid. Yeah yeah is road. Spell a road in Ireland or some there's. A few theory is as unclear how the island coming to be named. Rhode, island, but to historical events, may have been of influence, explore Giovanni dove Vera'S- I know, noted the presence of an island near the mouth of Moroccan set Bay in fifteen twenty four, which he likened to the island of roads. Part of modern grease monkey God, greek origins. Well, another theory, Adrian blocked ass by the island during his expeditions in the sixteen tens and he described it in a sixteen twenty five account of his travels, as quote an island of reddish appearance in seven ten cents. the Dutch in Rhode, island land. All you know all this the bodies of water. You really make me want to saying: can you guess not just sing it?
will a legend lives on Rome. The jib award down to the big league. They call gauge Gumi it is said, never gives a bird did when the skies of November turn stormy. I think I fucked up a lastline anything gloomy when the eyes of November calmer Lee, with its a load of iron ore, twenty six thousand tonnes more than the admins Fitzgerald wait empty, the wreck of the Edmunds Fitzgerald That would definitely never have been the thing I guess really, even though the piglet called they call get your doing never heard of that. My life, you have an error that saw no Gordon light for now, forwards, gray bring. Let's get you kill me well, old Song is about the wreck of the admins Fitzgerald, which happened on Lake superior, and he is saying in the song that the lake Superior went by.
Similarly, a native american name get you do me, no wonder you like it and you know it because it's the Michigan lay that's right. Public! Only people, Michigan, Norway Mono. His is a very popular song. Seventy in Michigan noise to sing and other emissions is using it alot in a karaoke but I did it with the words of piano man by Billy Joe I'd, say: ok, he's talking with Davy, who still in the Navy and probably will be ever la, gave her ass. It was a very if you see that's his girls for the less nurse, because there looking at the words on the screen and I'm not singing those words and then after about ten verses, they might grab one of the few oh my god, this motherfucker singing Pianola that's very hard to get her to do words. Only read the chair. I don't think I could do it sober yeah and like pulling
we are both things you get a little better at drawing beers. Air review is being both of those things are not important to life. Unless Europe, unless your billiards champion meal, ok, though he was I'm auditioning for Euro trip, so I loved Euro trip. I don't remember being good, but I liked it because at the beginning of the movie Matt Damon makes a cameo get out of here. They do he's a lake rocker or something, and he has I named hair. I remember the and punk rocker he's saying like a crazy song. I remember now I forget what it is but yeah? So I was in near them just like hoping it appear again and also did Todd Philips Direct that because you guys racked Nike did he did not road trip redirect right, but then Europe would. He was talking about euro. True yeah than I was confused near O, Hayes,
though he he said that he thinks he's a good drunken. I should fact check that I want to, but I didn't get to be grass Bateman. All at let's text. Some people in the meat Haven't all check that had won a lot of things to do. Maybe it would be a great person ass, because Bateman doesn't drink. Also he's a failure would be a janitor. Headed. Objected, ok, yeah, ok, so he said he was like him at this article about this town in Vermont. In the eighties, This man went to look at kids in how they play like how far they go and then all these years he went to meet those kids again and see their kids and how they were living in. You know they only might go planner backing Basically you so I found it in. Ten. Seventy two, a British, born geography, student Roger Heart, settled on an unusual project for a dissertation this from the Atlantic. He
It was a rural New England, town and for two years track the movements of eighty six children in the local elementary school to create what he called a quote. Geography of children, including actual maps that would show where and how far the children typically roamed away from home, Usually research on children is conducted by interviewing parents, but heart decided he would go straight to the source, the principle of the school lent him a room which became known as Rogers room. Sultan's, very pto. I know I know I was thinking that too, and I was reading this and then but it's like also negating the whole. The whole point, which is we close our eyes lonelier, that's the whole point of this year, anything we got to know the children. You're gonna have the heart to questions about where they went each day and how they felt about those places, but most He just wandered around with that, even how great, even now, as father about matters and settled academic heart has,
dreamy, puckish air children were called Rowan. I'd love to share their moments of pride, their secret? Far often they took him to places adult had never seen four playhouses or affords. The kids had may judge for themselves, while oak Why? Does it not everything in I know you, the person is not there is it just really is trigger? I am, I know I get. I imagine like cooperating. Lincoln hang with an adult and let her show him all. This has meant that I you lucky sound. That was only. I leave you see my kids. That was the seven days and so yeah hearts methodology was novel, but he didn't think recording anything radical. Most of his observations must have seen mundane at the time. For example, I was struck by the large amount of time till then modify the landscape in order to make places for themselves and their play, but reading his dissertation today feel
coming upon a lost civilization, a child culture with its own ways of playing and thinking and feeling that seems utterly foreign. Now the children spend dimension. the times on their own, creating imaginary landscapes. Their parents sometimes knew nothing about. The parents played no role and they're coming together. The forts they built we're, not praise and Coote over by their parents, because their parents almost never even saw them. Yeah. I have that love me. I type there is enormous going on ever known, I built stuff out in the woods by mine subdivision. Then you weren't doing it so that you could show that wasn't the purpose. I have this whole thing. You know my grandparents on that motel, yet roadside motel and my grandpa also like a little professional building where there were like some Denison shit in that and was it adjoin the property, and I used like on the weekends when it was shut down, and I was stairwell to bring these big pieces of concrete down there in those were my speakers, a guy,
really sweet high fi system in this fake. I guess I can apartment in the stairwell ha ha and my real focus was that high fi system I had it been the biggest pieces of hungry. I could find no one big speaker. And I remember, take my cousin Matthew Down- there are some around like what my set up was. and use anywhere. Did you put your planet down there? No, my plan was back at home and a night it's funny. You say that when I would go away for the summer be with my grandparents I would worry alot than my mom was not gonna. Take good care of that is. I used to put these on these grateful, for wiser sticks and the soil or any other put a man like once. A we are now also put man is on their family on its leaves, the cleaner. I read that that was good for it. there's no way. My mom's Proputty man and cleaner fuckin fertilizer stick, em they're, gonna come home and definitely look sad that I am going to feel terrible a couple hours and then I'd like nurse said Bell. Backup
stick in man. Finally, salaries, the like I'm, let also admit like I'm here, myself out to be set so tender towards this point which I was, but I can also admit, there's a period where I don't know what the fuck happened. That plant, like I got it certain age? I guess I'm just saying arm over that plant yeah. Why don't I planted in the ardor something there was a low light? I don't know, I don't know what I've done well outside. I would can't about it? So much also. Where did you read that there was man that many this could plan right does not RO a bit it is. I wouldn't get rosy on and I wanted dead plans in my house, and maybe it's because of no man ass, mere man he's or I think I was using miracle it most o extra fat.
Gilbert ASEAN now, so you would like go to the library and read up on plants. I mean this is not my mother, my grandmother, the other grandmother, not the roadside motel, but grim Eolus, fucking, love up above and Romeo scrambles was a science teacher in high school. She would double masters and science in history and she's teach me about by all. The all the time she always great books about biology, Lance and die Sars and all that stuff. So that's really where I would dive into when I was at play, being overrun. Daniel Fox she'll have two doors down we here in the summer and she sobbed dealing play, I reminded you: So that's why you I did tat. She knew how little sticks in it. In fact, I think it's people like Daniel folks, they got me to abandon our planet, is really what it was. I was long way, that's why I like my alarm about why, because they want or via kids, because we moved into a house with two other kids in one- was parent Zeus gone over,
time! Guess why one mom, and now these other two kids and I live in the basement, but you had friend I did have friends the abbot at home. I felt kind of lonely. I thought you know I very middle childish yeah. I felt tat I left out. I'm sorry mom owed break her heart shows you an apology. She balmy that plant, though I gotta thank her for that. Ok, so there is maps I discovered broad patterns between second and third grade. For instance, the children's free range, the distance they were allowed to travel away from home without checking in first tended to expand significantly because they were permitted to ride by excellent or friends house or to a ball field. By fifth grade the boys especially gained a dramatic new freedom and could go. pretty much wherever they wanna without checking and at all the girls were more restricted because they often help Mom with chores are errands unheard rejoin yeah and had periods or stayed behind a look after younger siblings. Also girl should be out one, so you prepare
because wild animals are attracted to getting attack by bears Two thousand for heart returned at the same time to do follow up study. His aim was to reconnect with any kids he had written about, who still lived within a hundred miles of the town and see how they are raising their own children, from the first day he arrived, he knew he would never be able do the research in the same way heart started at the house of a boy. He know now father and asked whether he could talk to assign outside the mother said they could go in the back yard, but she followed them. Always about two hundred yards behind them. Hard didn't get the sense at the parents were suspicious of any more that they'd gotten used. The idea, always being close to their children and didn't like them going off. He real is it this time around? He could get to the children only through the adults. Even the kids didn't seem that interested in talking to him alone. They got plenty of adult attention already They were so used to having their lives organised by their parents. Meanwhile, the new principle at the school said he didn't want heart doing any research there, because it was not very pdf because it was
directly related to the curricula man, big red for yeah. At one point attract down Sylvia one of the girls he'd filmed the river how's way, if this pass filmed river business now, there's a documentary, that's what I mean We- and I mean this reads if you're telling me a story Madame had about it, would be the exact now by film. The lake house now wearing went with her often now, oh! No, it's a real shame. It's a shame at the fuckin, whatever it is, ten percent of the population, that's pedophiles, pedophiles that they really have ruined it for all adults. Yeah. That's a shitty part of this whole thing gives. Would you be in favour of? There was a genetic marker for PETE Ophelia way
yet that you read that it is fair to say, will you know it's funny, but my dad's girlfriend any whose very very smart- and she was a teacher. She said it is a long iii because there's a d and then to vows after I always said I to file is another map and it is paid or feel you it's not pedophilia. I think it is people feel you can. I think it is if it was pure it would be to ease knockers Orangeade, nor any time there's avow after a continent that makes the vow before the continent long. No, yes, Madame Pate, medical medical, not your right! There are exceptions, the English fucking sight all thing yeah. I know that's a rule at all. I'm sorry malevolence. How do you pronounce Peter file?
also maybe to that drive you, that's not a good sign for me. How do you spell pedophile Forgive my nose. I see here we got files or pedophile, says petrified, but I want to see pedophilia how to pronounce pedophilia Ophelia PET Ophelia, YAP are any her over two hours later, so it pedophilia agenda that there is a genetic marker for pedophilia. Would you think those people should have a scarlet letter? Should they be identified by air? violation of give me one of the rare examples where I will abandon my libertarian individual rights thing and go collective good in only because the victim
Their children at the victims were a doll. Adam reason it would make. I won. It probably think its own genetic marker to emerge. I don't know that I would make that happens here, because What if they like? You know like that tartan feathered episode of this alive, Yad that they know it you know what I wish if there was a genetic marker. I wish that it was a law that everyone get tested for that. so that you at least yourself, Ok, how about this libertarians was ill, hey this, but you're identified at birth as one you're not told. the community, but you do in our system and you have to be checked on and you have to go through classes and you have to you know: you have to have a whole bunch of prevention.
Yeah yeah those many attract inflamed dear uncle Jack. I don't know that feel so. Recent, like I don't know we definitely I think classes or, but you are offering them so it sounds terrible at first, like oh fuck, I was born with this thing and now I gotta go to all these clothes and be monitored by the government, but the alternative is completely unchecked and you do a victimize, kids and indian imprisoned. So this think I prevent you from spending all in prison or killed by me. Missis. But what, if you're like? What? If you're a murderer, because there is such a thing as a martyr who's who does actually and murdering like someone who wants to and almost does, but then does not, I think so many murders or circumstantial. It's like someone finds your wife in bed with another man. You know someone these fucked up, guys who killed
girls who their obsessed with because they got broken up with right there. The circumstantial wars pedophilia, I dont, think, is circumstantial at all nothing like I'm never gonna blow. The kid me like now gives us never gonna have here now, but what about the people who actively not acting on I guess, but how many Arthur Let me in society there would be no shame attached to it to be like I'll fuck. You got born with that, like diabetes, yeah, I've, it is, but hey here's part of it is I want you getting didn't wanna, shame you about it, but like this is this is what's up. Riper, how can you not shame like visit utopians our eye because none of them have ever done it anymore. It's like a hundred years past the programme yeah into their just identified as if they had never do it, because the system works so good that we revised be a castration or some other I'm gonna under no draw legislation up that when we get the genetic Margaret, unfortunately find out
now and also away you're in a duke the class thing. Are you gonna castration I need to know of castration, works because if castration worked, but they did not see when you get someone that's guilty of Peat Ophelia, that you castrate them and they never do it again? Thousand percent. Take your balls, not even a question for me. Taking someone's balls verses, another child being a victim and ruining their whole fucking life in are inadequate and that all that shit. Yes, I'm sorry that you don't have balls bummer. I don't know, would you rather know you can't do that? Would you rather that's not fair?
are they said I was sent on relation is no it's I don't think don't think it may mean a human is an option, but you can put them in jail. I'll use a different example. That's less inflammatory, hey! I am against torture from prisoners of war, but not because ethically I dont think it would be worth it if they gave you good information. the fact that they don't give you good information, which has been proven time and time again to me as well now its injuring and harming someone for no fucking reason, but if, if torture actual got the leaders of Al Qaeda I'll go. Yes, I would weigh rather have one human being tortured, then thousands get killed. very utilitarian that way. So I look at the balls the same. Why? If it really ended the cycle of peat Ophelia, yes, the boss, that's also a kid you're hurting will be dull, but yeah.
oh for talking about genetic Margaret, you know and their children. All right, I'll use it when they were a care on that's interesting. I hadn't thought about carrying them is a clear and then there you to have the kind of leave their balls while they develop. maybe why and under eating fuck up you're like he has at all times, you're gonna fuck up a person. Yes, that's my point. I dont think anyone could be normal after that or even try to being. Nor am I dont think more of a sector me and I'm pretty normal Germano that normal, ok now? I don't know again lose we don't know of castration works. We gotta find that out of my lab, where maybe three hours or where we go through all these things air? So among this new set of kids, the free range is fairly limited. They don't Rome all that far from home and they don't seem to want to heart, talked with alone for spent officer.
The area who said that their want all that many transients and that over the years crime has stayed pretty steady, steadily low. There is a fear among the parents and exaggeration of the dangers, the loss of trust that is in totally clearly explainable. Interesting and then you said, cities are safer than rural America. That is true and two thousand thirteen those National geographic article. There is some study and these Debts- caused by car accident shootings falls drowning suffocation and more injury more the increased with increasing reality. Reality. Yes, The word urban counties, the lowest death rate significantly less than rural counties. Where safer, my kids loose to wander Ella issue bicycles, to build forts, not free space bills, for any easier during the years of a little bad, if they're out by themselves are gonna run into like adult men, probably maybe
yeah well it's weird about that is so I'm really paranoid about it yet yet at the same time, I very much believe that you can talk with your kids and get them good at risk, people and their motivations or actually what kind of trust my kids and navigate the world never know. I do think I have a heightened sense of how many predators are out there right. I love you. I love you.