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Chris D’Elia (Whitney, Undatable, The Good Doctor) is an American stand up comedian, actor, writer and podcast host. Chris sits down in the attic to discuss his relationship patterns, his young obsession to resemble Luke Perry and his terrible memory. Chris talks about his desire to have a family and Dax wonders why Chris has never done drugs. The two talk about the different ways comedians are perceived, Chris wishes he has been born with the name Damian Monroe and it remains unclear as to whether or not Chris and Kristen (Bell) had sex in college.

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Well gummed armchair expert, I'm Dac shepherd. This is met. Miss mouse. Monica Gladwin kill you not looking soup, maximus right now, because you just put a blanket over your legs cause you're either I wasn't Chile, it's it's the most beautiful day endless. I could ever imagine the and not to make people mad at us who are infringed, cos Alright, I dont even care be doing all die because we ve been experiencing a lot of actual horrible, whether here and for the draft over the door out is over citing were celebrating. This is one of those things were. I'm pretending like. I am happy that the drought is over. Ok, look, I am in theory, but I hate the rain. oh, my
so yea the droughts over. But I I dont want more. I don't like it. Ok, I know you have seasonal mood. Disorder were well well. Well, it's called say: yeah, that's clever! I now works on a lotta level. I understand your position bank, but you know the folks in Nebraska have been suffering floods, but you know what we're paying a really high. price to live here. That's true! That's what I've been saying went with all this rain and like guys, it's expensive to live here and the taxes are super high out. You know you get what you pay for, and this is now what at eight I have felt the same way. How do we complain about. They're gonna have been given Newsome sure. How do you say last name Newsome knew some kind of snow and deepen their noon summer. Anything and actually, if I'm I'm probably wrong, but I actually think there's no w and there. I think it's
You re wrong. I'm prior, I don't know like news of the Son of a news man. This is an intra were doing here, so, let's get to a Chris airily. Galileo other is Crystal clear. Who is a hysterical stand up? Who I have seen live a couple different times and We found with. He also has a great podcast called their congratulations pod CAS with crystals, he was on many different tv shows. Wait me views on witness made by an undated bore any very funny gap in so please enjoy Crystal clear. We are so
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you ve met, and we I'll tell you. What do we mean I'll? Tell you where we met. It was that the communist or ok is other the other one is by the daily yeah. Oh, maybe laugh factory, the laughing. Ok, ok- and I was There- and I did it set in in Tom That was how steam do remember this time. I remember this yes and I, my god, I armed and then you performed- and I was aware of, you in some capacity, I think maybe you'd already done the show with wittingly law. That was just happening, so I knew you were and I wanted see about it on here, because I was very prepped to dislike you, ok. I guess when we naturally, if I see a guy who's like vaguely hands Urca so nice are you take stages. I come home. I don't think I like this guy he's cool here, hair like all this wire, I'm not gonna like the Skype and then then, despite all that, that's the whole. I started
I just immediately loved your sad that you are fantastic and I came up to you afterwards in really fond over you and stuff we remember that you know what here, that's it's funny, I'm I'm used to. I feel like I always like I'm ready for. Somebody did not like me personally in the comedian world because, like you like a lot, I've heard a lot of like oh yeah. You know people are funny because there you know their outcast or this in that, like enough, but being an hour causes in your head what will you look like you not only on our so but yes, I've always felt that let out Casper but yeah. I remember meeting you now, but what happens if you know what it is you're too well known if you're too well known. I forget, I forget that I met you. because then used because I knew we were obviously before I met you and then I met you and then, after that it was just like oh, but you're, still direction.
And then that, just like, I forgot that I met you cause you're still that guy that's in cortical, larger than life in my head. Do not I'm saying a well versed via that's hard for me to imagine that we already had. We are you, but I have the exact same experience. However, I see some one and I have the sense of familiarity like I've met them the hunting that can't be it. I just know them from show a yeah I've done it wrong way too, where it's like all we ve met and there, like the guy's, acknowledges on the real world like what I did I mean sets. I share that fear tardy navigate to one that blew my mind. Was I met John HAM somewhere and I said, oh, my god, it's our autonomy, you I'm a huge fanny is due to weave up. We ve hung out. I'll bet, that's not possible, the Ngos, none are we ve hung out and I go. I dont think
like you, I am a big fan. I write remembering, in our view any goes. Here's what happened. We are watching football. You said this. I said this. You announce like this guy. This is exactly how I sat in memory of our interactions on exactly what would be saying and I go. How could this be that when it remember meaning John Hume who I at the time of worship from that, went mad mad. Yes, madmen! Yes, yet, as is bonkers, or I hear that it's weird huh that does happen, but it does happen for sure now the- and I was also quite aware of you, because I'm friends was Ricky Glass That's ok, cool and so I've course would hear a lot about your radio lawyer on data ball yeah. I know bill as well, so I don't feel like. I know you better in Jack Town friends with Turkey, I know jacking. I knew Jackie from years ago, she's in the year, the app cheating. That's why you out here. I think she was on the rapid change
the other day thrill for everyone to be done stern. No, I never did stern. I did the other, they got another showers the rapporteur? I would ask the rap of yeah we'll because he loves Whitney Beer in Whitney, loves you. Does she loves you yeah yeah yeah area. She does yet we love each other. She's. Like my sister, you know I'm your heart, you just grow it becoming yeah word. When did you guys me? We were just iconic started, stand up around the same time, and you know it's like so so fuckin scary. To start doing, open MIKE's as yet in We started in Hollywood, so it's like it's even more because I do not you're trying to be seen, but Brennan not be seen you not. I mean, because you don't want to be. into early, writing the boy. You're gonna think you suck, but you also want to get in front of an audience, and so it was we It was a horrid. I kind of we would run into each other and I think she may be started a little bit before me because
see or NATO already like who is it she's good he's funny, and then we just kind of like you know it's one of those things words like you. To each other enough and then you're like ok. I guess we're gonna be seen each other what's today yeah and then work. We came really close. We became fast friends and then she said I will say this, but she said because we're friends we would leave. We would even like right together, you now and then she would be like and then one day she was like. I brought a sick com and I want to play my boyfriend and I you know you hear that single cabin it was set up and a planet. Well there. You have two thoughts like evil. There's no way you're sick comes getting, may well. Be that the advantages it does. They certainly won't work ass, my horse, yet so she throat it and you know I addition for it. I went to the other things with the hoops.
you know and she was JAMA back and I got the part and then we may be sure yeah in that was under two years yet two years, yet, ok, but only go back so you. I always find it really interesting when the rare times where someone comes in here in their parent was in showbiz. Oh, yes, so unique way your dad as a director yeah he's a director and producer producer, he's he's working on a new show with Evelyn Gloria common out. I guess this and this year or maybe next year on and what it is called hotel, something somebody hotel. very good son, yeah, great size, delarue sanity, worldly, our hotel, when you know that can be at the most people know about their parents at the amount of knowledge, most people. You know what they're tearing job well at review. Yes for me, you're super guilty of, ass was her father is a is an engineer, he's a
civil engineer, which I have great interest in and as I've tried to drill down into what exactly he does year runs out at info. Really yeah, that's good! That's like him. I don't know shit if ITALY would simply be like some of my friends that work We would say when I was in high school, I was dead, do and you say: import Export, I don't know. That means a lotta deals, your memory, you could Yes? Yes, yes, because a lot of the graph, the mafia, so great a place in import export, use your ear. Sifting off the top of a sound every year, I did they have a really nice house, like Tony Sopranos, yeah yeah. yeah, but you grew up in New Jersey. In your dad is a first generation italian is then, let's not yardstick. That is
you're, ok, believe mom and dad moved here from any year. Think so that from Bari Mary, what he called none on people here. What would you call? No, no it! How did you know? You know what they they were over you're already. I think I think it was their parents. I came over our ok, so I can get it great might add not only my bad some of that grants Oh god. I don't suppose you to be a bad boy from before. When I am what I was I remember thinking to like this is kind of Japan all over the place, but the worst memory. My parents would tell me shit on me like I forget I dunno worm from what the hell they're from and my grandmother was dying and I remember thinking she's dying, I'm going to go, have a fucking long conversation with her. I'm going to remember. I want to know where she was telling about her childhood about know about her mom had a. I was sat there for an hour and a half talked I been two hours talking this in that and then I learned so much and I just dont, remember it now: it isn't it
Atta dump on your and home feel bad, but I think that I just have a bad memory or what the fuck what it is, but I don't wanna go super personal question: are you on antidepressants yeah, well yeah yeah, so my wife isn't very about it, which I applaud. Looking for people need, there is I don't know she is the worst Chris. We ve gone on vacation, yet to places that she doesn't remember the man on why he says but amicable way better. I bet because I thought I was like gonna get dementia like forty two she has. The bright. Monaco, yes, he's talking regularly about two years. Early on set us she's, quite conventionally, not already done so I am, I do think of your evaluating being absolutely miserable. Yours is having a great memory of the conversations around a hell. Yes, pick out a little extra prohibits, yeah, yeah, yeah and down
we're Lee, I think, there's something aspirational about it, which is limited to pass, really doesn't help anyone all that much we now before us and in of today, really is you now in some bizarre way. I think we're out pretty attached to the Basque in often a pathological way. So I dont know that it's even it's everywhere human thing. Yes to think about the past. Yes, whether we have this really corny saying in a way which is, if you have one for me, yesterday in one foot in tomorrow, you p all over today. Do you like that? Will I re like that? Is it as people in Iraq yeah adequate that ends with paper, but it is you. It's really curious with my wife. She has this terrible memory and then right. Monica she'll stumble on to a topic about her childhood this is incredible memory she's, a very selective memory, she's, also an amazing it.
I'm memories, Asia or movie ploughing game of their own. She can tell you all really that's an that's a hard went to now. I can't do that and I love the shirt soldier I know I'm me. I can't do that. You can do that either way. You know you ve got no like pocket, I retired up as a kid. I remember suffers a kid like I was talking to my my friend from childhood, I was telling a member this matter that he's gotta remember that genocide, armed bands like you I got my memory back with the USA is divided remembers outside. Maybe I just picked the stuff to remember you know, but was really bizarre, is so my mom, whose also medicated seeking this bill and remember every single classmates yeah from like yeah great well, that's kind of a mom thing right leg into just because my mom's, like you, remit my mom, my mom will bring up you remember
Fuckin Lauren, whoever and I'm like no and should be like yeah, she's, pregnant and she's gettin married for every time I go home, somebody got pregnant, somebody got married, somebody died. Yes, I've got something, that's a big mounting and also I've found that even the most loving moms they loves. writing terrible news. I now one someone's kid has like terminal illness. They can't text fast and now I shall ever because I'll get these texts from her. People, I don't even know who I am Becky's colon in writing. Colleen Vienna, like disgrace, I don't need no one acute has We have too little girl. I know. Not only do I not that person now I feel bad about somebody I dont know I specifically dont want- is for this reason one percent. Yes, like I think when they hear that that bit of terrible news at there's gotta be a part of our brain logistics
cited, is held to stay home at his seven eighty met. It's like when, when you're in high school and somebody starts to like a band and your light yea by northern earlier stuff, that's that mom version of that I gotta get check out this band. That's what it's like as a high school United Europe is banned. It's amazing! It's not a bad thing at all. My dad! Never does that egg is my dad when he was alive. He wasn't big into that idea in his kara was day because moms are feeling it out like if, especially with a kid or some, they're like feel there more emotional sure yeah. So they need to talk to people about it so that they can I'm not here not bear the burden of you now and in the for whatever reason, as I knew you were coming in a day, if I like this would be a good topic for United thing to talk about, which is we just watch is incredible documentary called them. ask you live in front of you, ve heard about us all about how we raise boys earnest culture,
and as I'm watching it, I'm recognize like oh Jack Jack check. Yes, I am, I am so embarrassingly a cliche of all the things they told me would make me a man. Ok I ran towards. In all the shame. I carry all these weird things and that in the filling feelings I learned to stuff down like that, I'm cried since I was eleven. All these things are, I think, guys. Yes, so we can get. Empathy beat not of us. There's there's a lot of great psychologists in this document to say that these, but we think are a Nate male female dynamic. Aren't really that's not true in and they have some years data back that like we're we're just as empathetic register get stamped out of us. So I do think- and I find myself doing this- my best defence against finding out someone's dying of terminal cancer is to ignore it.
Like, as I'm not gonna, be able to express the emotions than attached to that that that's kind of beet now to me here sure my best defences like just fuckin, ignore that if it's not in front of me, I can just put that in a little you know little our main and my head per even wanna, hear these renders tragedies you'll hear these like her and is tragedies and I'll spend about thirty seconds on it, and then I don't know I don't like call. That's making me feel. I'm gonna, I'm not gonna thing about this school shooting, for more than thirty seconds and it's a weird like a must. memory thing for me, be dogs, you the interesting thing I think more for me, like I, I have like. Have you? Actually? Not you don't cry. I dont in in weirdly I'd love to rise, point idea, Robes Valley mechanism, or so I do sometimes like if I hear about a school shooting or so dad and I really shouldn't think about it. I feel emotion not was crying about it, but sometimes
you know. I really feel it and I will spend longer than thirty seconds thinking about it and isn't it, but I do have things where, like a death, to do this. I do this almost daily, like a song comes on, and it makes me feel emotional might turn out. Fuckin thing off. I don't feel that you that almost daily, you Know- and I appreciate its good song- and I know- but I'm like Why do I want to feel that way? Right now? Yes, India. I mean there's no reason to I'm just driving right. I mean to meet a buddy You need a walk in the coffee like yeah. There is a lie. Oh yeah and about language, so would I have this lie. Do that I tell myself that that confirms why I'm that way what was unaware that it was a lie until quite recently, but I go now. You know My role in this society is to be the guy who like carries a few people out of the burning building or goes in fact
stop the people running at it. So I don't have time to get bogged down to the emotions. I need to be an actual yeah like I'll, be the first to respond to one of these crises, and I'm lucky enough to myself and a couple crises, and I was very proud of how I behaviour in there, so it can adjust perpetuated. This thing would like We all have a role, so Christians role as they get very emotional about it and spread. The word may be prevented in my role is to like to speak, terminator and no motions in, and no not that. Let all that cloud, my my reaction to things, Now, I'm learning that that's just the whole thing's of fib yeah. I mean that is such a role in like it's, like. I don't think of my self. That way, I mean I don't know like when I was in like nineteen, I I I
I was like I gotta, learn a man. I have to learn how to like defend myself and I went to take jujitsu and I did that for six years and I let you know I realise that it's just it's not me. You know I'm not the fuckin fight, you're a guy, I'm not gonna, compete United, get to the point where I was only six years. People liked competing and I was like I'm not gonna- compete like right. I was sort of suffers. The funny guy do not I mean and like I don't need to be doing all this shit, but, like I stop doing it, I'm a rag I fuck my knee up and then I d get surgery, and right as you get the idea. I then I was like I'm not that guy and that's ok, yeah and now and then I end then like I'll, once I got the new surgery I went, I try to go back to judge it sooner like what am I doing. This is not and then I started stand up. Oh, for a year, and I was like all this is I've always wanted to do stand about. This is who I am yeah, and I don't know I don't know, but there's somebody really
pressing there, which is why on earth? Did you even start the Jujitsu yeah yeah? Well, that's that's the thing. I just I don't know. Maybe it was that Ninety like now, I'm a man now I feel like lacking in some of these boxes, I'm supposed to check yeah yeah? I did yeah, I guess so. I guess I did feel that I never felt like it. I never felt like a tough guy right. You know and- and I remember to talking to my friend who took karate out like a young age and like but like you know, did it for years and then an and then turned like whatever sixteen was like fuck this I'm doing it anymore and also why I was like
We were friends. We were like twenty one. I was eaten Kneedeep in Georgia too, and I was like. Don't you want to learn how to defend yourself right and he was like. Why do you want to learn how to defend yourself now? So what if somebody a fuckin attacks me and he said, nobody's gonna, fuckin attack you and I was like warm, it could totally happen and he was like its two thousand and fuckin. Whatever was no two dozen likes for like war, you don't live in like a the eight hundred sore like you know, and I was like he's wrong. Somebody could totally attack me and nobody's attacked me since then. Well, ladies, bringing us because I kind of trying to explain mnemonic quite often young, its frustrated with me, because, obviously she's afraid of man. She, Of course. I feet tall honour bound, I'm afraid emit, but I try to explain to him like I'm not trying to trump them the female movement, but also letting you know that all men are freedom and do yeah in deleted.
six to the area and at nineteen he thinks I must be prepared. Because this illicit attack is the eminent yeah. The reason I thought, maybe that you and I would have some overlap in our experience- is that for the first twelve years you lived in New Jersey, yeah right yeah. I have to assume, as it was a little similar to my suburban Detroit playground experience where There was a lot of physical activity right. You either you you are. Unfortunately, you either Preyer Predator, the really wasn't. There is not a lot for at least for my perception in my school. You are either like really trying to avoid these. Alpha asshole boys re or you were maybe even been one yourself to other. we. There is a lot of jungle stuff, but I remember consciously
like from a really early age not like, and this is, I think why I felt like a bit of an outcast is because I remain. I caught on very early. Was I oh if I, if I make fun and if a funny nobody's gonna fuck with me, because- and I remember thinking consciously if somebody I felt threatened to You like. I can get on his good sign to start making fun of hammer people or whatever I had. Then they just want to be around right I mean especially now know it being an adult the rising that when I was a kid I was for sure using that to get out of situations rights I mean I asked. I have enjoyed the situations in my head right. I remember doing that and you, but that's what you're funny guy
Why did you not do that her? Well, I also Fatah. Ok out, as I didn't write, yeah right might comedy stuff, I think, came from being dyslexic and being just a worse dude in ever get are taken to the special Ed Room, one safer, our and I felt so damn well that I needed to like have some quivers arrows and my quiver. I guess also middle child, trying to defuse a lot of stuff. But you are you you're, all three of the younger gather brother map out a he is three and a half years younger and yet my whole family was always making fun of each other. I come from, I mean I think, like unlike the luckiest guy man, like I come from a great family there loving all we do is make fun of each other and that's how we shall love it yourself,
Fine and great, and I seem every Sunday it's fuckin amazing and the italian dear thing Sally. I wasn't yards awesome when I'd watch Jersey Shore, even if he had always been a worse green. One of those guys is to have the Sunday totally it's just it just great, and so it's has been that way in my extended family, you know like it's very two Ivan uncle Vinnie in shilling in Armenia, Israel and didn't have a new Jersey still in summer in New York, and just great and there was item on performance on the EAST coast rise. I can we get twenty dignity like a strike me eight hundred now how little we did so, but it just is great and an end. So so I didn't really never felt like. I was lacking any thing at home and that's
good thing and it, but I, but I do remember, being scared a lot in school and using humour to not be scared right yeah. sure in your dad was gainfully employed that yeah I'm as air actor here the aim we you getting to go to satins near. I remember he directed the. He said yes to direct the first version or not da, we loved by the way lugging lawyer, yeah yeah yeah, ANA marking must gradually, I am for sure. Yes, we so we were like you. Gotta do is I'd if they ask do any had it and we went with Luanda California and we met loop. It s a prison as yet somehow I used to do my hair, like look Perry, Usher in New Jersey and then, when we moved to allay our. I was like other gonna wanna kill with this house. This is how we would just make fun of me, and I, like I would miss you as I moved. I was like what the fuck is wrong with your hair. Now it's like,
You guys know how I lay supposed to be, and then I don't wanna metal Perry. Loop Harry was like him at cool hair and, as I say, I did I'm a pretty my dad's gonna Santos on my God. I'm old ripe arenas I mean it is that's the dream: hairstyling, your hair, like another guy. He thought that he sells united as giving women. I had one moment like that. My languages, I didn't move Bert Reynolds well like fifteen years ago, and I at a certain point. During movie, he just pulled me sending us. You remind me of a young version, No way I was like a hawk. Oh my god. That's what I'm trying to be Bert version do some time you have to be like. Ok, I gotta just sit and think about this that just happened for a while a yes, that's amazing! It's incredible. I mean I'm I'm grateful that it didn't blow over. My head, like I, was rarely present for the fair, my angel, I said I reminded him of a young version of
self, that of maize and low no cloud tat book and of rewarding alarm. I still running on that. That's funny I feel in the tank, and how did you do in school did is, and I don't mean academically, although I am interested in that too. But did girls like you- Will it what age we talk about like a junior, I yeah yeah yeah. Well, ok! So I can give you a few very specific chapters in your life. Have you imagine near zero through twelve as much different, yet well through a teen? So what does Europe or twelve? I was like. I think I was like. you know, I was cool guy bring were made wrong, but I was I care we, like you know. I was definitely argues, a funny guy shares of the funny cut up guy but like I wasn't good its boards per se, but I was I was popular. I was like the kid was funny in. I was Joe twelve. What are the facts? means popular at that age. But and then, when I moved it was like
Vince Gray, that's a very rough here too. it was a tough one. Year was, and I have my hair, I thought you know you know like where you do it, I'm forget, I'm kill it. got away. I didn't kill it like a seventh grade. Eighth grade, were the two years in a way it was different in New Jersey was six seventh eighth was middle go sailing outlay. Its seventh and eighth is middle school. Our sixth is considered elementary. Ok, so the lesson was back. Then. I have no idea what it is. Now so it was seventh and eighth, so I moved right when every my parents like, as can be great when everybody's moving into the new big school, sure sure and it wasn't green now hard is bright. Happily now I know if I would even go to move in the middle of elementary or whatever, but so I got there said stately when the first year, boys target and boulders- and I now yeah That'Ll- be yes say I say at borders no cool
Oh you're always gonna, be that's terrible voice does know what active to use yeah. So and I was a real like at saint of great it was at my feet- were third size closes use every town like use. What I was like a lanky, but I was like you know: we, everyone look sick of fuckin idiot when a teenager. Do not I mean, like so cruel what, whatever God or whoever the fuck, does it So I was just like skinny yeah like wearing flat. Animals and shit, you went the like gum, grand drought, a kind. I guess I'm here over berries, hairdo, yeah, yeah, oh, my God created in Cyprus like a bar of hybrid. I liked the private, a hybrid preppy grid and get your grunge count lived in Beverly Hills to exact opposites. I wanted to frame rattle Hulu yeah yeah. I know well
so in my head he's, probably but you're kind of right. It was like to be with you. He might motorcycle use Gmail Preppy J matinees in precisely this was perhaps I was in the middle. I was gonna. Do Perry, Jason, priestly rights at least to be here. That's what I thought I recall not holding a joint ideas. You got a clarification, the reason I'm coming up against it because he he drove a porch converter horse. Insularity. Just but look bearing his cared. Our drove without a convertible which is now like a million dollar porch, so he drove is crazy, expensive, poor. So am I mean I've got a file that into two social in Greece's Bruno outside or start yeah, and so he just too rich from to not be preppy, but that's why I'm hung up may well. There are in the wealth, I'm sorry
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else about me like I, I don't like like deeds that are like. I don't like to be a I dont like, care about sports Madonna cheese. I don't like that. Yet daddy, I'm not into that at all right. I did just to typical. For me it's boring intimidating. I mean I guess so yeah, USA. These went out and early at risk when you're around, like ten meet heads, were drinking yeah, sure yeah day, right, yeah right. Yes, so so I my pet What oh, my mom would always say like it. You, your fuckin friends with the weirdos like and that's fine, but I the fucking know their weirdo ass parents. Do not I mean like I was always friends would like the foreign kid and eighty seven to eight hour I like and ask them
my mom is like I can't talk. The peerage, difficult, Japanese, like I don't know, and so on, but I didn't care was like five. There were like interesting to me. You know, like my friends, I d matters whose dad was so russian Morgan Doin Zaki. Just there were great man, they were fun, they were found to be around, and so so I would be friends. The skies and then and then you know, because of it because of my by the Wagon- and you said you must have been like James Dean That group, oh, it's a layer, interns beginning speaking, English may seem what it was like. all like a renegade biker. It was like we that's hilarious yeah. I forget gimmicks, but we were all but we're all like our own kind of version of whatever the fuck we You know it was like it was like. We were
we are in our own way. It did you define that with music and all were you like, I'm declaring? I'm ended. Ok! Now I never really. I never cared about music. Ok, there was another thing I didn't really care about and I still don't really care about its two fuckin. I dont sports music is like our right. You liked. So you like the brown ass. You like that van cool. You know it's like that. Just and so such a unicorn. I love it. Well. I guess I appreciate it about and then a ninth grade was high school. That is when I really laid in too. I don't know how to the sound lobbying pompous, but like object, I'm funding and why I write
I do not at all on his honor, you yeah quality and I dont want I'm gonna bet exam not trying to get a sports quadriplegia argument. You you're, not an artist, a hundred percent benighted telegrams, all about that was all about. Like ok, I gotta be funny I'm at a ride. This fuckin thing out and it's gonna be my thing. You know I I I know I know how to do it. I know how to make it a laugh. I gotta get as situations. I remember by mid bullies, I'd be like die, remembering science class and there was a bully in science class. And he would literally punch the smaller kids and adjourn man that fuckin socks. I felt bad for the smaller kids and I thought if I can be that guy's friend I can convince him to not do that, and not only that, but you won't budge me sure, worse, inform us they are going and why yours enormously, but may also, if I can save the other, is the right time remaining environmental work and time permitting exactly so. So I remember,
we're doing that more than a work. Yeah. A part of the appeal to me was like you, have such little control over the world. You're inhabit here that age, you don't have a lot of autonomy or you know agent, but I control these interactions are these dynamics and it could control people's reactions or weirdly innocence. You, gonna call, but like their emotions like I can. I can turn someone's mood around me. I think there is to me I think that most appealing a part of it was like. I have this weird control, I kin I can take the reins of the situation and make it one experience for everyone, and I think, in an environment where I felt very out of control that that some how's like oh, I can find purchase gotcha there. I read I liked it
and you you eat it mainly with humor. Your say humor me at least that's what money I winning am over. Is I used to go into my parents better late at night and be like I'm gonna make them? half an hour to walk in and maybe like now we gotta go to go to bed. We were tired- and I remember thinking like if I could just make them go from that to laughing than like. I I I want him over. I did it. And I would do the super so so do that? I would wait till they would laugh and everything ok can I, for how can I feel like I've got eyes what I do not for a fuckin living but yeah yeah? It's about its about. I mean I do that you are not going to be the Fuckin strongest guy, I'm not going to be the best at soccer, whatever the fuck, but in a class I think I'll, be the funniest. You know I mean it
I think that thought, but it's not even then you will be the funniest, but you I think you will be. I do not mean to now. Did you have so it's weird is that like so I was having that experience but outright and was a Michigan there would only outlet, I could imagine even possible was that I may be start doing stand, but I was just terrified to do stay on course. It literally, I said I must do this, but I'm too afraid to do here. So if I move all the way to California, oh I'll have no choice, but to Do it and then, when I got here still to have written, I ended up doing sketch camera improv. It wasn't like. Ten years later, we already working as an act or are you still must do the talking coward if you dont year, so you you wanted to do it, but it still too, or did you to do that even ok, so I I wanted to be a state of committing ever since I can remember that you would you watch colonies. drawing back when they would shows our jobs and yes year, my dad showed
me too, at an early age- and I was like that's the fuckin coolest thing is just show up with nothing and just be like a case. That is what I do use my voice yeah. You know there are no fuckin, no documents, no nothing. Your job, you show up with nothing and you can make it a laugh and get paid for that, and might I always tell this story, but my dad said I was he said he thinks he knows the moment where I want a where I thought I wanna be me, and he said I was found, my toys. He was watching this Jerry Louis Movie and Jerry Louis was acting like a fool on his movies. Is he dead? You know and I stop playing my toys and I looked at the movie and, I said, my dad clock me looking at the movie- and I said that I said this guy on the screen it. What he's doing right there is that's his job and my dad said you and I and he said, and I said- and he said I said so he like makes money doing that my daddy in my view, makes a lot of money and then my
that said I would like this, and he said that's that's the moment. He thought that I decided. But I want to make money. Doing when I get older is to just fuckin be silly there. yeah. I wanted to do it at an early age and then I'm I was out here. You know we will died when I was twelve hours. I can. Let me just try acting first, because it's not it's scary, scary, right, violent doesn't get now is you get first chose at lastingly. Yes, so you start to yours, I well, I didn't think about how look getting into stand up his heart, no matter what it as an unknown. It's also hard if you're already known, because people are like you have a disguise it actor. You know I mean like your peers alike. Will I've been doing this for ten years? I these gonna come in your number and so very much felt that the eyes at darted, exactly when it has been in my own, have maybe by Owsley they're all think he would Foxes Corriere, maybe maybe not, but but but, but it actually does him about.
the not if you are not only out of sight. So so I remember trying to do the act thing in writing and I saw the script and it never got. May bonkers. I I sold it to trigger street Kevin spaces, old company renders it now age, twenty one. It was a movie about kids in New Jersey, It was also in retrospect easing. He was just like cars headlines in order. They are what I don't think so because I was not like. I never looked like the fuckin young boyish kid I was going to like them. Maybe maybe I will look like I was supposed to be thirty five. You wanted to in our venture and maybe maybe look Perry territory so anywhere. Incredible, though, at twenty one cell of screen, you had an a writing agent idea, because I was already acting and stuff right cause.
in high school were unlike some money. I was on some stuff. I wasn't Jakarta hope my dad did do ok, organised in high school. What is it like to like makes several thousand dollars a week where you pumped on their amended it like twice so light like yeah. It was it was honestly it felt kind of weird. To be honest, I didn't I didn't. I didn't want people to think I thought of myself a certain way to know what I mean. Do you think that's the new jersey- and you know like like always on high alert that you, is like maybe yeah, maybe we're umbrage. Maybe that's very. That is a very new jersey yeah well you're the boss, and there is a joint letter. Don't get too big for you up here, but by its values. It denies you ve ever in July, in any of the things that are spectacular ever lie. Not here because it's so you know, maybe even retrospect you can. You can help understand this early for, like Monica nice perspective me and it's right here in Atlanta, the notion of being a high school and being like
is an independent link, thousands of dollars and stuff? I mean a union think what an incredible you need. It was cool yeah I went to and yet cool, and then I did it a few times and I try to go to college. You understand my ye for a year you really do homer and rising an impression that I refer. I forgot so, or are there the exact time my wife was there because you were born nineteen. Eighty gap He was born one thousand nine hundred and eighty, and she was at Tisch me to whatever you're that would have been ninety eight one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. Ninety nine
not me, I wouldn't member that would have you forget about good and I was ready. They got that you made love to someone she would bring it did that the bad memories together he barely did na so glad we went there. Ok, so you don't think he made loved my wife, but nor are there the same while the drugstore noise. It is another we're about you. I wanted in particular, but be, and why you after you're, like I don't like this, do you not like living in New York or did we not like going to school dude? I didn't like school out I'd, never liked school. I never liked high school. I never like any other bug you even get in then. Why are you hardly get anywhere you some day? I didn't really do that. Well in school I did an audition foreign Emmy. Maybe that helped I don't know I mean I could have been that criminal good and right you know it's just like I don't know. I think my interview but really well or something I don't know. I haven't got three point two three. point three it's good
but its units, and why you I don't know, I really don't, got in somehow and then I fuckin I just hated. It all goes to show that they did make a mistake. They should let people I would. Much better grace guzzle price. Stick around oh yeah, a hundred percent doesn't room and real. I know they were right. There were. They were wrong, rather they were right before and so I dropped out and I still is wanted. You stand up, but I was like datum I'll do that later. Gary on his eyes laser Gary right, and I had the script that I rode after him. Why you ask me without a get made it and made, it was like four for three years was like us, can get me out as rail and sold so many shows it never been made, but we are so it's like, so it psych, ok, but I would still act here and there and then kind of at least go. Boss? I was like twenty five and I was like a never. What am I going to do I got it. I just ask you because you got you go, but then why you re so that those seven
you got your kind of adrift here. Are you depressed in that beyond it? For sure that's rot, fires, at age of your likely. I too am announced ear we not working in it's hard right yet suck dude, especially because I don't know how it is for you, but, like my friends were workin, I was not working dude like not working trying trying I you know I was indeed have the aid of drink or draw me. I was just fuckin sitten. Would you would you comfort yourself Ladys now you want it now you're, just not feeling the yards of that yup gap. Can't imagine him to too much of this year out ahead of medic but I was probably too much of a city in that way, because I'm just too scared to try anything. You know I mean I would just be depressed. I would, but I would say literally right all day. I would write all day all day, hours and hours and hours I would sit on my computer and love it. You know me too, because I
control that I didn't need someone a girl and say you're allowed to write right radiated. Somebody out your allotted act right, so so then kind of for six years. You know it would be that it would be getting gigs hearing I was doing voice work stuff that you know kept me up. And then we just point out, though the irony fear of failure. Because they fear we had was like exists to scary, to sign up then you're not going you light all through its like doing it so yeah. So the worst case scenario: you do it in your terrible and then you're in the scenario of already put yourself as a gazelle arrest proposition. When you really think of I know anyone, that's Lizzie was afraid it do. So. Are you gotta? Do it? Did the outcome when you I'll is the thing you're fearing? What happens? Is that you're an ear insuring that battle have so eat? What what? What did lead you eventuality getting honesty sordid. Would it
So I went with a body when I was twenty three. I didn't open MIKE at the high cafe in north, how they would end. It was just gonna, be like a fun thing. We're like our. I will. Let's do it. We ve always both wanted to do it. I did it and it went bad and I was like I shall end up doing it again, but I didn't I didn't. I didn't do it for two years and then and then at twenty five. I thought. Okay, I have to start, I didn't make it quoting quote yet, so I have to just start doing stand up now. So I remember in December two thousand and four I thought It's my nerves. Resolution is to just do stand up once a week, at least this so funny in better in fact it is a good resolution, no showed up. Well, that's so so in two thousand and five January, first ivy setting off stage the heart, a generous second. I went to the workers, donors and so January. Second, member
the day is it a site for, for I was like this axis. I really started word there. I should do something I didn't honour that holiday and not go on stage, and I said I'm gonna find an open MIKE. I did I went to her cafe again, which is two years I do now. I signed up, I got on stage and it went. You know how badly you know not but manageable, and I thought before that I was at once a week and then I general. Third, as I got it again, and I did it every single day. Honestly, until today and the only this during of amount of times I haven't been on stage consecutively is absolutely no more than ten. since two thousand in order, thereby to get out of here get over there for thirteen years you ve been on a stage everyday young loves mafia, Wharton, probably preclude you at time. Yom beyond about ten, never never been more than never been more than
the Indians executive. Were you try not indifferent persona throughout that process? Here I mean, can you really take its? It takes a lot of work to totally you a hundred percent yeah. I did have. I started with a guy that had never I had done like theater and she I started with a guy that had never been on stage and I realized I had a leg up because of that sure I just knew how to be on stage. But that's another thing about, like you know some of these phenoms like Shipt, color or you know the guys who started sixteen that did know who they are immediately kind out. So I wasn't like that, but I think that when I started at twenty five I kind of already generally who I was the age, I'm still young, but not sixteen right right so that helped in me figuring. My persona, because I was like Almighty kind of this guy right in my person, and so there
and but but it was still hard, I mean it was still I'm still figuring it out. I mean I was not good by any means, but I cannot address, but why was so that help so that? That's that's an advantage is starting a little bit later. You know I would I would go on stage every day. I do multiple open makes a night I mean. I I did four hundred and thirty shows one year like why abroad I liked it right. There was probably good to eat and drink. It sends a judiciary. What does I serve Europe as an area? A hundred percent? I like three you go. I realise that our man there's no way. I wouldn't a fuckin kill myself to drugs. I did when I did you jitsu idea Fucking nine times a week. I would like, if I find something I like, I never stop it. Just like many things,
and are you habitual about how you eat at restaurant Zola, mother, like that exact same six, restaurant at the same item, in assessing the absolute idea to my friend Ethan, I think, broke down from earning think I realized. Why do things I do, but he said he weirdly he's over, but he got addicted to Ibuprofen in diet, Coke and he realized that, like in the year mark of eating all this motion and drinking that cohesion is only guide, you know what happened was I took an I view. Profane king say that word. I believe I have a profound and, and I had a diet coke and for whatever reason pride completely unrelated to those two things I felt great here. I had a moment where I felt great I'm connected to these the anxiety and then just before the next year. I'm sure the feeling of feeling got real attic re here and I think I met way with food like I have rate meal at some point in our key beating that meal long after it no longer tastes good today, out Gabby
oh, but also when people are like yeah, but try some different. What, if you like? Better on my you fuckin crazy, I know what I like in the risk is. Do I compare? like knowing I'm gonna hit a seven verses might need a three I'm too terrified of that yeah yeah pain of having that. yes Salmon Wall, I don't wanna, try. I know this crazy Donald array right. So when do Wendy things dark clicking like where you start making living. He saw many years after start, let us show on TB. Ass was the seventh led called glory days now was now lasted a yes, so that was two thousand and eight. So that's when I started a little bit before that, I would tour
little bit. I think you know- and I remember I also I did a show for show time like I said on Showtime like two dozen a- and I don't think things went viral back then, but for some reason people would come see me from that, and so I have not a following but like I got some people like come to see me that's kind of cool ajar and then glory days was not ass. It didn't last beyond eight or nine or ten episodes, but then people like Canada than than people started beyond the guy who's. That guy I go see him to stand up and, and so after that than the? U right after that, got Whitney Isn't it interesting these things can all like yeah, you want another yeah, yeah right, it all helped. I remember doing I was on Chelsea Handler chauvinist talking to her, like you know, off Cambria in in the eyes of some ice it like what you can do this. We
Oh I'm gonna go do for shelter, and then I just thirty, can it doing wrong Math Riah are thinking, oh, she was astina before, but I can't imagine she had the the right kind of booked arenas right four times in one weekend right that show ended up weirdly fuel yet saying that ain't got her, that they are a weirdly disturb coming Flaubert yeah, they gained momentum yeah how beer and of course I was never, but she was enormous under because her, but like like the stuff online people. Like the word, I had a special that came out and then a bit went viral on you too big from that and then because of that and then Whitney and then for media. I would use I like using now you two million followers on via on point, so so they all that stuff at our member on when vine, because popular. I was like. Oh, I really want to push that people know I'm not just this asshole making vines. I want the nordic media rise, so I would like shoot stuff when our
on stage and if they think that helped. You know that some people just gonna it's about awareness. You know to be like City. How many days a year, are you on the road currently? So now I'm not a show, so you know I I try to do every other week and we would be like three or four cities. Boy when I leave it up to three for cities are, do one night Thursday, then I'll go to like I like this weekend. I'm going to I got Wednesday Miami Thursday was Palm Beach, prided, Jacksonville and then at land on Saturday Isn't it the most incredible? It's really really really really really awesome and I feel really fortunate if the really lucky I know I've worked hard, but I just feel really fortunate end lucky to be in the position. I man and I I always I always want
who do the best. I can man for people, because I know I know that I know that they work hard for their money and and the fact that, though, spend some of it to come see me is just that. That's amazing man that they really is amazing, saw as how many a year. Would you say how many dates do? Ok, so I just put up my tour now working people finally to precisely at our communal, and so will you name it smelled so stupid. I now italian, I now we gaze apostrophising fuckin websites, where there is now Chris Delhi D, a isn't. I love Vincent and offer yet now, you're good at random mining is named current, like a more fuckin need. Everyone on texts do an axiom. I can't figure it out alive. This on Rogan, but I say I used to say to my dad. Like I tat, I have more or less named socks
got the apostrophe like: can we remove it? He was now and always IDA equal sign, and there has been little interesting and different Europe. Anyway. I got now. You know if you can grow. Father would think you know any was I was I wait sucks donors? Are you going? I like it when you get older and and but I remember asking him, I remember saying I want to change my name and he was like what the fuck would you even change it to him, and I was like I want to change my Damien Monroe and- and he was like why- and I was like it just sounded like fuckin cool, and I can't talk about when you marry you're ready did not like me imaginative, minimise row. I gotta go ass, yet no one else did did this horrible and so on. I want no one. Can we still Rogan? Thank you. Amy in winter, or do you get on with other comedians generally speaking, yet yet as I have to imagine like. If we look at the ink looks like I happen to do.
We would then look at your height of his rights and yet the vitriolic rage against the sky was. I have never ever been a part of something we're like, as I would move through town and I'd bump into people. Are you do? The movie would think, and they would just kind of unleash all these things really your they hated him. They hated Dane Cook all of my kind of a comedy circle of Munich. actors writers, whatever really they couldn't stand him. I can tell you. I get a lot of thinking about the area and I came to a conclusion. So so it does. I wasn't a comedian back then. So I don't know. Oh ok, so I don't know how people thought about him that way. Ok, Joe, you didn't have any feeling on you know I mean not ok, so what I did notice immediately was this reaction to him is is very disproportionate
just not liking sure yeah yeah. I write so if I just got very curious like what is going on what is so triggering about doing cook to this group of people, I'm I'm interact wrath and I think my conclusion. At the end of the day, there was a couple elements. One is just think we all comedians generally lax self confidence to, and here is a guy that was like. No, I made my own showed called to orgasm, I filmed it all on my own and paid for, and then I went h beyond. I do said: here's a showed you want to buy it yeah and I don't think any of us could have imagined having that level of confidence Gaia, and I think he was also a move You think it was originally a movie, was a movement and in like young people really connected with him in some way that transcended comedy people
to go, see him not because they like to stand up a hundred percent yeah they like yeah, he was like it was like being into a basque right and he said something about you. If your name cook fan it was a kind of a declaration of who you are and so get all that and that's all interesting, Canada's sociology cool stuff, again, not a reason to hate. Somebody knows there were other movement court, but I think what a boiled down to what does just my arm, chair assessment of it, is that people were very envious of his self confidence or at least what appeared to be his self confidence. Also, there is a secondary thing and I've I've gotten us, where I've gotten in great shape for things, yeah and other comedian. Friends of mine are like pull me on the side me. You know you can't. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Sherry Isaac. These weird rules right in the one of them is kind of. You can't be cool yeah. Even though the cook was
my version of gold he's definitely was lacking. I guess he wore leather jackets and wrap in like the people that saw him thought he was kind of a dial icon and rise different things, and so he was he was. He was both very confident any was breaking some rules, and so I imagine I have to imagine that you must trigger some people, cause you to you're, not going on the fucking, geek you're kind of owning the level of why it is that kind of true. I think I think it's. I think that times have changed. A lot is different, now idiot yeah being being the first guy that were there, not dignity was the first guy, but I mean like kind well, I'm white guy did between. I mean, I guess you look, it introduces clay, but I mean that's, but he was in such a character. I always on yours is going like that. That knows that there was a care that is true you, I can't think of the duty to stand up comedian that I watch now like. Oh, when he walked off stage he's fucking all these women.
That is not generally. What would I'm associating with a stand up, but when you watch danger, like other girls, naughtiest like they are hot for stay too diffuse there. We are brought to you buy as router almost recruit hiring used to be hard, Monica, multiple jobs. I'd stacks of remains a confusing review process, but today hiring can be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done. Zipper, cruder, dot, com, slashed Dax or in song. Zip Recruit Doc, arms liars, Dax. Monica you know that zip recruiter is so affected that eighty percent of employers who post Unzip recruiter get of qualified candidates through this site within the first day. That's quick boy, if you're impatient, there's no better stop zipper,
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he's gonna be out yet you know that don't never quite jujitsu right, I know exile. So so it's like it it's the times. I just think that time different yeah Erasmus ay. I would imagine that's been aided by the fact that there used to be a singular outlet like you and I were growing up. If its comedy central didn't air that right, we can't see it. I couldn't find solutions. You two page couldn't find their vine a carrot, but now there so many outlets and they can attract different styles and you gotta use at all. but it's also it's it's also. It's also you're either gonna be I mean people are So ok, so it's either that or you're the you're, the outcasts, that's the obvious outcasts that doesn't care about style. That's the the whatever you want to call it that Our guide does stand up in Nagoya, girls, don't like me as like they don't like that either
Different reason, shouted wandering around back, I saw here so now- is that it use joke together for good. That's what that's the same thing I'm doing in a different way here you know and Sawyer now. Can you tell me why you decided to number drink? I can only say this, and this is how I've been my whole life about everything I don't ever do anything big like like like a lifestyle choices, Until I regret that I haven't done it so I lost my virginity at nineteen and it was because I regretted that I didn't have sex the last time. I was then the opportunity so now ok, I won't have sex. I never felt that way were drinking. I just never felt like a misdoubt. I never felt because
ever drank right. I never did drugs and it's because I never felt like that. One time would have fun drinking your one time would have been fun. Yeah dune would only be spent more time with me back and at least mushrooms. Now, maybe it s a start with mushrooms. So yeah yeah. If I had to say, like my death bed, they go they're gonna, take away every memory, you haven't zephyr. One of these. I would keep the mushrooms one night. He I wouldn't keep like the drunk or the Coke Ernie. Those now ass, I gotta get mushrooms, was like travelling to another plantain, drawing on a whole different brain now, or does your relationship with women? It's been different. My whole life like when I was when I was Twenty I had a girlfriend that I thought I was gonna marry and I've lost. My virginity to her she broke up with me met another girl,
that was older. Now relationship with her. I broke up with her what working age gap when I was twenty one shoes seven years ago that's gonna hear these area, and so then I met the girl that I got married to when I was twenty six data for two years you meet workers, we met, we are families each other. Ok, so I knew her from so he's a lotta Deanna. Yes, sucking your Mary. What six years you know I was made for two years: oh ok, Bob date of two years before that cannot, but maybe like. I am to be wrong or something like them. Yang enemy Did you when you break up with somebody? Is it generally amicable, or do you generally not talk to the person again, I'm really good at I'm cool with staying friends, but I don't I don't ever go back right run, I'm gonna break it up in the never being with them again like same yeah, I really great,
ends in them, for whatever reason tat I on plug that they don't ever see ass, I dunno, but one that is actually become law sisters. You have often wondered what that is because it's you can't just shut something off, but it feels like it as yet. It is weird like when you break up and then for me personally, I want you re cup and it's the hardest thing in the world to do it so involved it sucks it. He added it. Fuck in his soul, is any wars, and so the new mission of ever like having sex with them in opening up that emotion, no wound Gandia attention going like one ankle, do something that paying railways No, not yet enough for me to like agree reopen the gray motion agreement because I dont yeah, that's just I mean at the break up of head of justice it's a suck at our. Are you the kind of guy could sometimes? I have been this guy where, where I am, I am just going to be so boring and complacent that,
she's gonna want to break up admit. This is a common technique with eight years. I know all about the length of the eyes only try to force the other person, because our Haiti them awful yeah I've never take Roger I also not the type of person that can be something much after the moment. I realize can I see I live. I often em like I committed to this and try to make it work and, Even if I know it's a bad idea like I got, I gotta try. You know, I don't know what that fact. That is above sure, a lot of it is fear base to be without me out. Why kind, I have now realised I'm not gonna, be this person going forward and that's gonna be impossible to tell them. I can't also now added to it. Two months of me being a shit, have all they get there, but I get it I understand. But how did you your lies? It from
I don't know why, but for me it's such an obvious feeling in my body of like. Oh, this isn't gonna go the distance. I don't I feel like I can tell when work like like therapy will help or all these kind of things will help, but I'm basically have three really long term relationships and I felt like a new, very clearly one when the previous to Edinburgh or that they were just over, but there's nothing quite is terrible that that and when you so having left that marriage. I assume like when you first divorce. It's all the other person's fault for a year. I I try to be as self reflective as I can, but it's also hard because, like you, dont want to own up to that shit and, like I dont want to be the bad guy, and I think I am
bad guy, sometimes ajar and that's that's hard to swallow it we all. I know, is it a relationship with themselves and he's never like one sided in the way we love the payment. Yet tat. The reason I admit is because once you now acknowledge it requires that you make some effort to change it in the future. I that's that's hard as far yeah I mean like to not be. The way you have been is just too hard to stop using system that yielded results in general is yet hard. So what do you think your character? Defects are ships offers of selfish, shared it where we all are yeah So that's a big girls are married to your career, yeah sure I know as that's a rough one, but we have yet to speak to spend
I stand by now. I know because its aid, such a psychotic endeavour, really requires to succeed. Now this really disproportionate valuation of it took to really do the ugly business you have to do to get good at you. You have to have a kind of unhealthy decided gates jealous requires it sums it up as our president has to be a narcissist who the fuck, with the other. I thought that yeah I've been there has to be right. I was I was kind of like I dont excuse. Any acquaintance. Behaviour will be were shocked that, like he got a blow job, hours ago will now here's a guy who is whole life. Irregularly was proven that the rules like everyone else, don't apply to him. Are you end up the present yellow a lot of bad debt? A hundred percent you think you're gonna, be the president. You really do that, as you probably do anything by wooden. Never think I was gonna be
president, and I got a big they wouldn't even let me be the president of a medium sized company right, yeah yeah, I'm barely the president, my fortune podcast got it most. So yeah I don't know so. I'm very selfish and I think I say stuff to kind of make the situation. Oh, ok, a when it's not ok, you don't say whatever. That is, like. I told you what they want to hear. I think sometimes right which I don't I end
at least I have in the past, and I I try not to do that, but that goes back to being selfish. I guess can you ever imagine being with somebody where the choice was for some weird reason: God comes down, there is a God. First, you got accept that many comes down. He says you get to keep one of two things this lady or your Stanhope career. That's a fuckin wow! That's that's real Ireland! Ard yeah. Can I just tell you just recently for media and I'm five years older than you Chris and was the first person in a few years in, were actually that. Basically, that choice was presented to me and I chose her really, which blew my mind. But how does not have any choice even happened because I got offer parenthood had acted in a long time. I was offering me anything ray and vague. Dad. This shows shoots in Philadelphia and I said
there's no way I can be in this relationship and moved to fill it all right, and I turn that showdown well, which, by the way, is certainly the first time in my life of an ever done that weren't you in that impair, oh dear, yes, they ended up moving it now, not because of me per se, but the apple a different actors heavily were like. I would do her. I won't do in philosophy and dumb but I said no, I said I'm not going to do, and I very much want to be on that really, and I very much like the idea of having like a weird separate life in Philadelphia, weird apartment, where I was like a guy in it. Ass, fuckin yeah not be single by color, Have that mentality? We're like? I forget, I'm I'm on my own name. It is those very appealing I couldn't believe I was doing here and lo and behold, this is the one since it seems You know he has eleven years in but by the way,
it was so I ronicky is you make a decision like that them weirdly your rewarded like then it correct or I'll write is so, but having the willingness to make that decision and then some out you ve course you'll never have to make that decision. But just now when you you egg, that year of so I I would, I feel, accomplish already, you know it how sir I e it does help young Simonov, that's fair, but, like I said I I want to have a family to meet. You can, I just say either so I don't act like a goddamn, not I. I knew kids some I was not going to miss out on this year, trip to apply under the whole. Yes, because I didn't ok yeah by new iron, and I was thirty four gotcha and I was thirty four him. My girlfriend was twenty nine So I was, I was doing the math goin. There's two scenarios now either make it work with this one year or you're
with a guy who's. Forty dating a twenty I did. I did not want to see that guy I saw so I will say it only. Those definitely helped by the fact that, like I was able to value this idea was gonna Heavens heads over work gotcha but that's that's where I am now. I think, because I think I want to have a family. Yes, and you know, I've got this girl and I I like that. I like that that I've done but I've done and I feel ok now at thirty eight kind of moving into that life, and you know I don't need to do a fuckin tomorrow. But if and when that builds too, that the non happy I can tell you with ultimate sincerity and I'm nothing if not truthful of the family part is everything he wanted. The career thing to feel like homogeneous dinner, like em, really forced certain here. First,
If I had to miss one of these two things I would definitely have missed. The show business career is so for me, so fulfilling and so purpose giving and so right sizing of my own desires. It's it's just its everything. I wanted. The other thing that was so that's nice to hear, because you know even also being a comic, here the all the jokes about how I got fuckin socks, you know there's a man is like, but even though not as a comic you here, like bodies, kids loan idea, so an I always felt like I, I wasn't sure if that was real, or I am obviously having Hansel and that's fine but but I feel like I want. I want that, and I'm gonna do that, and so I hope that
It's fuckin! What your second did her I mean I'm quite confident it will be because I gotta see someone and on to speak for myself, someone that was so selfishly self obsessed enough to do to undertake this gesture and to be so driven here too. As you say, right eight hours a day and were all the ranks that I was willing to do to fulfil this selfish goal. The result for me of being selfish, I know what the result is. I know how it feels in its own, honor and to have it so counter to its wine and a you have to do service for other people. It's not really to help that person. It's that when you're helping that person it's really hard to obsess about yourself in the freedom from obsessing about yourself is euphoric. If you get to its over me personally,
is having to people in my life that I'm more concerned about than I am myself has been crazy. Liberating how super counter to has really my quickest path to feeling unhappy is really just assessing what Dax me soon as I'm starting to think about what Dax needs or I need to buy or how much money to make that you're. All those things I am, I naturally will obsess about that. Don't feel better from them, but weirdly when I'm layer that enough service to my kids in the morning. It's all services I dont, want to wake up when they wake her. I got you so I guess it's all under hops sure I could bitch about it and it's all how I'm perceiving it before me. I really cherish stepping outside of my own selfish desires at all time and I feel way better as a person and feels more assistance, to be worried about two people year ahead of myself, and is it something in your wife I want get. You know interesting Lee. She did it,
one gets, but one we had them. We were like literally, she was barely forty. Nine percent wanted them and I was probably fifty ia and then I talked to the Ex girlfriend. That was with for nine years. She had had one, and she said trust me You know, I'm is selfish. Do this year, not miss it in that tipped at version, and I kind of became the engine and out of it with better. Of course, now she's, probably even more and being re- and I am bright and did you think she would be a good mom from Giles Embers at Yale the Ito, it's funny as it is. I have all these complaints about her there's things had dropped me nuts about her and were pretty much opposites, but at no point in any of that on the road to having kids always like this woman would be a spectacular other Cosette, simple, that's important, that's important! For me at least I ve been with girls right out of want, have kids out of your yeah and I've been with girls were like. I should be a good mom. You know the government now below go. Did you be great mom? So it's like yeah, I mean what is your priority? Shipyards like you, start moving things yet the lad and then, as you
older you're, like ok, I'm with a girl. That would be a great mom. I feel like I could be a dad we are family, yeah sure. Yes, you know I've done stuff in my career. I don't have to fucking sacrifice as much as I would have when I was twenty. Yes right, I mean you know it's still a sacrifice. If you're going to do we are in and be given your young every kind of picking up partners. I could be the most fun on a vacation like what right I will have to be a hundred percent. That's isn't that you know ultimately well I'm so Chris, your your podcast is called. Congratulations was crystal clear and then Jean Monica you'll, like this, he caused his father
is called. They think he he thinks. I do like what you like that you like all key, and I think he is that colleagues or tell you lazy, says Nedda ADA, it's you gotta be selfish and charisma costlier any you know it's about the other. I think, as I'm now listening to this amazing progress, I cannot recommended enough. Let me look at, I will have her neck SAM uncover neck seem to have you heard of this. One know: what's that's about. Eleven axiom next seems is big kind of like a landmark or access to her, but this one's call ASP was their thing as up ASP
the aid of all, are the two in it an element of it of the sex call in the really. Then that's what I'm, the woman from the woman from all of their training turned from pilot. Has this. Second: a halt between equals organization, as I listened has she got very high up in it and she has been indicted on sex trafficking and stuff woe. Yes, it's Argo, look disappearing or delay Laploshka it's on the package. Ellison do it, but as their describing this guy this leader of this call- and I think Monica is always accusing me of this- and I hate it- can't stand it, but boy or they checked. a lot of my box. He s got you hate it bro, be it a cold leader dude. I was now about market like about about seven eight episodes in I was like men. I presume you stand up. I do I do Pike S, I mean you know tv, and should I do some movies, like I'm on social media, I was like dude. If I just streamline, although this is a fact, I too said did you call me?
you're in it you're in it your Europe, if you're part of all this shit, this is a cold. Let's go! Let's let let's fucking goal is to get on a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and just be just be sitting just be sit and pretty yeah sure yeah, but all the prisoners and you gotta, given the sacrament which comes from because, as you know, we talk about ideas of juggling. There's gonna be a lot of common. You not. I mean it's probably a lot of common unit, I mean, but like it's all good consensual, also, most of the time I'm listening to and unlike Jesus Christ, I am up I'm delusion I think I am bad luck. We were breaks down as a all. These leaders turn into sex gurus. All of us they all our preying on under age, but this is not happening with me. We're nor Europe in order that yeah, I'm not gonna. Do that also, there's this really elevated. They start line about their accomplishments, and this guy claims he's smartest person royalty like that. You get to fifteen and I
does so there's a lot of like lore, you spin around your door and all of them claimed to have had some kind of transcendent metaphysical thing in again, I'm like no, I'm not special these people. These guys he's called leaders. They all claim to have some purchase on some other worldly experience it. You can't have yeah leave reached a level that you can't reach. So I was like on out because I really hate I hate more than anything people that have reverie. For other p. I think all humans are pieces, a shit yes Mary. I reject it sure, but I could be the anti call in a mean. Ok, it's its final, ignore there's no end of days now for many days. So did you go like a piece of shit? Oh yeah, yeah. That's the highest level, the Red Sea. Your last sentence accurately Raymond like, as was, as you know, there's a lot overlap with Scientology, no run Hubbard, there's a lot of overlap with all these that they all have a pretty well worn path to get these being all believing there's something in its all
your primates garbage always lattice anyway. So as long as you own that year he's a shit. Your even maybe join. Aren't you those like you got lower than the Signoria lower than the average is almost impassable lovers. Fuck. We find the lowest point on earth to get. The latter were always water, so people should check out. Congratulations, you have you go see Chris. Do you stand up in your d? Spectacular you have such a in ownership of You are it's pretty intoxicating. I love it. So we go see you and they should listen. Your bike ass, an emanation join your call. I'll. Take the sacrament adjourn it wants it. I'm not. That kind of thing is you need to join, is like you figure it out. You wanna be a far. We be a part of thing, should Conan nearby and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, made Monica bad men welcome.
Fact jack. Monica welcome well, Chris deliver it was great yeah, so he talks about or Jack comes up our friend Jack Jack, you Tom, and those one is a highly Jackie. I don't know she listens, but our jerkin and we talk about her being on Howard's, wrap up, show yeah switches, exe, I am very exciting and also she sang she did a great parody of the Nice star, born song about Robins shares right. yeah. There's many many love songs to our Robin Quivers Brass on the Howard stern shoulders, hundreds and hundreds that have been made and She made one in it and ended up on the programmes, so awesome India didn't do they play there every day, not Jackie's
they play a new breast song every day, thirty March, their songs about a lot. There's songs about Gary Bubba buoys teeth. Oh yeah, almost every episode his horse t fell their songs, about different members of the crew that people don't like, like they don't like Benjy, so there's mean songs about Benjy can in there generally the sun's about Robin are about her breast, so yeah. She loves him when they're, really creative and that's your fun for everyone and find the idea in Jackie has the honour of having had one way that special she's, an incredible musician sure is now. People now are from our. The special from glow, LOS Angeles live a show
that's right, yeah! Now! Ok, so he mentions his dad's current shows something with evil. On Gloria from thing about a hotel, it's called grand hotel. You you didn't know he didn't know you. Now too, Wilson dared stuff right. Oh yeah, speaking of that, because you said my dad's a civil engineer and I like no he's not he's a structural and structural, but it's the same well, these american amicable engineer problem no is a structural and the near, but that is a specific big sub field of said about me up exactly so. I texted him today to get that right see of mechanical engineers in their their designing cars generally a moving parts right and then you have electrical engineers, they're doing lobbyists, Lila Trysdale Frame, and then you have civil engineers that are then doing structures public work, projects, dams, bridges, roll their lots of stuff. All that great star.
And you have sound engineers- oh, but I don't think they're engineers and with the traditional sense That's a four year degree outlined now: that's not to throw shade on me, sound industry or sound engineers, and then you also have imagined ears over Disney. Are all imagine ears. Those are my favorite kind of India, as some man anyway, grand clotel, that's the show evil Angora executive produces this bold, provocative drama set at the last family, owned hotel in Multi, Cultural Miami Beach. So another interesting grand hotel. So you asked if about Christmas, italian grandparents, and you said what do you call them Nan and pity. This might be a time grandparent names, but the ones I know are no. No, no, no ere. I like there s
I wanna be no, no yeah. I feel like I'm saying it wrong, but no! No! No! No! It's never! Suddenly Noah, maybe amphibious French. That's what I had to call my guy was french. Ah, Mimi grim image was not go on for me. She don't want. No, she was Belgium, so she was like just cause. I married a Frenchman does mean I'm gone by me. wanna, grandma, mad grandma image and pity or pip, we just shortened death q, yeah, really Q had a falling out. Those Pepe do yeah. We were best bodies, we were best bodies. I used to go, spend a few weeks there in the summer and we will go canoeing almost every day- and I mean this is so dangerous. We,
canoe with his mouth pad in the center of the canoe, which made the wrong you so top heavy on the canoe already almost tips over so easy raw, but my pity was the most brilliantly stubbornly I mean if you wanna, where it comes from. It is straight from Pepe this guy he had a will, like you, never saw so he needed to canoe alot rum. Is you? Can you downstream? Then you pull over and how the fuck you get back. the truck. So what he would do is we would load a goddamn, so lax mopeds into the centre of a canoe, strap it down. I was very nervous about the whole thing, but he would pass me one twinkie, and that was worth the whole house for me and you never caps Ized. We never capsized, and I am heat. What would happen if we would? We would canoe for a couple hours we all over we'd unload the sole ex mopeds. He would then ride the selects mopeds down the.
Indiana and road. That's that's illegal! You can't write. A mopeds goes twenty down the fuckin highway and I would sit with the canoe in a feel no seven years old for buyers, at least in our took him forever to get that mopeds back to the truck in any depth, a load, the mopeds into the truck by himself and the whole time I'm just sitting there are eating your tweets. I have already indulge in that on on the water. Let couldn't way, and he said the song to every time we conclude in. He had made it up. He said, it's the only way. I know it's. The only way I go sure or in the water and the paddle down the stream in this song. He dismayed as I hate to find out
was actually a sign that it was the only way he knows is the only way goes. So we were brows cap. We also went camp and entire. Remember this very clearly pain. We made hot dogs, he didn't bring catch up. He said we have open pit. Barbecue saw swinging, try that put the open pit barbecue sauce on a hot dog by God it was fuckin delicious. You love there. I was at a nine, a meeting, this hot dog with own pet barbecue. There's fire going Justine, I camp him, and he says you know your father doesn't love you up, out of what the up my baby loved my dad when they got married him So in my My dad was like a real go, get her about how three in my mind. He was big, my Papua, Small french love and my dad was big and he just loved and then he was so disappointed when they got divorced in then of
where's. My father then began struggling with alcoholism, pray. I now perspective that I imagine in Pepys mind he was letting me now. I think he was attempting to say: don't take this personal, your dad's net, choosing this stuff over you I don't know, I don't know, but I tell you this. He said your father doesn't love you! That's. Why he's acting that way? from that. I am I never liked piping. I never will they go canoeing, never want to go camping, didn't wanna, go visit of any more but would y yeah. Is it it? So it speaks a lot too. Like the loyalty you have your parents, because, even though I was angry at my dad, what it's not even it is that its loyalty. But it's also he's telling you the one thing that you are fearing telling you that that's the truth who know that's horrible, NEA and its
at the time. I have to imagine that he had some. He thought that was somehow gonna be helpful. He was not am mean man there's a varied, loving me he loved me and then you taking me everywhere with her pals but yeah. That was a rap on Pip. For me when I was cordial to him, but I never yeah well, I think they he may be was so protective of your mom vague. He hated your dad point or sure and felt like he maybe in his brain he felt He must not love these children because he did all this. You me now. I bet he had this like old fashion. Tough love thing where he didn't want to see me pine for my dad's affection for the next twelve years. And not get it. So he was trying to rip the bandaid off and make me just move on like forget about him.
I don't know again. Another just doesn't seem like. I helped me to assume its intention was altruistic, but of course I couldn't see it at eight years old or whatever, but he could have been altruistic. Work could have been a human slab of defence again protection. The defence of your MA am, and maybe he's with you, and he seeing this news like this, this low life person who could be having this is an TIM Mean just got angry and may be said that he had a great time for our whole foxier, all gray. The other side of my mom would get out. It stop lights and challenge. Member fights did not come from ram amid monetarism, Debbie. Ah here Graham image is still with us, namely three yeah. That's a gray in Homer Saucer Florida, almost saucer
unlikely saying that wrong with sound somewhere. While any lambs, that's a sad story. I'm sorry that happened deal Nero. I wish I would have been old enough because he d when I shall never forget, because we were in, do you know what I d tassel corn, I stayed with them They lived on the border of Indiana, so my cousin, I went to tasseled porn in the summer and I remember right when we got back from that, he went into the hospital stomach cancer and he was dead in I mean he died. So quick of that- and I was an old enough to have recognised that he was probably trying to help me. So I unfortunately I never met the more spat year. I never like warm patch things up with them. But it sounds like you just needed to do that in your own mind anyway, that sound like you were like mean to hammer anything's forever. to him like all we don't hang out anymore. I wonder if I did anything I don't know
these older men from older generation. They had such pride yeah that they would like they fuck up and they would just sooner right. Someone off and deal with it, meaning may ere? I do think things. The weight of your men. One way different things are moving in the right direction. I think, sir, I definitely think sadder virgin imagined telling my my kids have kids time, one of their kids. It father doesn't love em. Now you I just where I just never not even on the menu. Bring an imaginary could have a buddy. I hope you didn't believe them.
because that's not now, I didn't know my dear love me like crazy. You just one other thing. I think of all these addiction conversations we ve had recently like Johan Hurry, and all is that you want people to remember is really easy to feel because it's true that that the persons picked this addiction over you. You know that you weren't more important than that addiction, but I do just want to remind people that they also pick the addiction over themselves have yeah. You know that their picking it over themselves as well, first and foremost, there destroyed himself. So if they they can then remove the bill to care about themselves and it's hard to explain that I mean yeah. Absolutely India, fairytale O is bad memory. A side effect of antidepressants enterprises are very effective medication for both depression anxiety, but unfortunately they do cause some bothersome side effects in some people, including loss of libido weight loss or gain
this is fine. I hate Niger, insomnia, fatigue and also memory loss Tuesday, a ban insomnia with large. We watching all my me and you were watching the hour Kelly Documentary and we are watching Directv way- they had only. I guess you, commercial shots. What was the product? You would want the we remembered it cause. The name of it was some thing. bill. If I now? No, I can remember all say that on the next backtrack, I'll find it, but anyway, a whole commercial. There was a listing side effects. It was as this gap there was a sketch. There was one positive state, at the beginning. It was one sentence like all my skin feels better and then it went on for and we timed it. It was like a ninety second commercial, it in all the side effects in listed every single thing
go wrong at whom remember. We are the conflicting things like every sitting, cancer was like one of rapture, liver failure, elegant little aids. Why we started going through an addict every organ we as potentially fail because of this. It was self. Yeah anyway, so memory laws can be might affect not always but can be cambrai yeah. Oh yes, it's worth it. I think that your suicidal Loretta me alive then remember last week, You probably don't water remember last week near if it was fifty one to kill. Yours would have that's all the medication feeling was wiping out your memory. Is it the memory? It was always making a rather than India can, like my nation, sleight of hand, but I do want to clarify what him a memory or Tagamet Chris.
then that her memory is actually astounding in a few ways by and we ve said that before on here, like she's, incredibly gonna, memorizing, and when she is sometimes show how me with additions in shit, will read at once then she's like off totally up it think right now it really is incredible and and in a game of thrown she can name all. characters and the hotlines lot lying things we watched years ago, lyrics resort YAP, amicable yeah. So she has like a kind of crazy savant MIKE memory in some ways, but then I started thinking when I was listening to those like. Actually, I wonder if that's not memory that is may be something else it differently, apartment where lake definitely with the lines that must be just a MA soul that bit that's now been used at Hon.
That she has a lot of access to a lot of practice. Her muscles, like white mines, been getting toy because I've been back to work on a single cam yeah, I'm blesses mess, and I am finding that even by weak too near I can just read the sides in rehearsal one time and then shoot it may have an average is what are used to building on Para. But I had anxiety going back to single. Can I was gonna struggle with that and it came back pretty quick yeah, so I'm starting to think that it's not memory that that's like through different type of compartment, maybe even game of thrones that different compartment, all bunch of secret compartments hour. I will you said you haven't cried in eleven years and that's just blew hockey do I need to be clear like grant any day now I tear up every day
I do that's right, but I'm it's cute. Another kind of my right where you like you can catch her breath in your actually audibly Klein, Instep, yeah, yeah last time, that happened was where my dad got in a head on collision, and I was in the hospital. Now is fourteen when that the last like big cry and then up and then a half cry. When I had my concussion, I'm a mom, I aspire to have a big cry like were like all day. I've been hearing about, my brother yeah really want that last year. I hope you get it, but it was a manly when I was a kid, I'm really words is a response to not allowing my brother to have power over me. That's that
one person like I knew the reward for fucking with me is that I would cry right and then I just I I couldn't give him that victory and believe us was stout, trained or being the cutest things when errand and weakly- and I would control which was you know once a week and junior high go down about bar montagnier, principal's office. Bartley get one sentence out in error, would just be volume. He and I would single out directly apart Montana, mad that he's make Aaron Cry like IBM obviated by this whole thing, an ivy I'd be mad. Organ omen. I falconer, while Aaron's crime that we are in the area of poor used is of course always. I put my arm around him I love my son so much and less so cute. You know that boys crying was like a fairy of mine, yeah yeah it's one year. I guess I should say was that one
love the Hermes. It still is, I don't I just haven't. You have an experience that no on time, but but I remember this one boy on the football team who, at a big, crush on from afar, he was so good. I was obsessed with him. I used to drop like Paul papers of his name and like, but it was a good dude like sums we spend all day of in clashes, making doodles and then passing them to our friends our room for a long time. Yes, and then he was annoyed about team and I hope it was like the last. the game or something, but he was cry. I just couldn't you yeah yeah does arrived the feelings well, and I wish I could remember the fray. He is so costly reminded me of this recently that I used to call it some thing because it would like you know: you're
I would like fill up and then that sometimes there's just like a little bit of terror. That starts to fall for every year. I really like that, and I used to call it something and now I'm forgetting, but the way you want to go over and certain nurturing the boy I think Sally. In there may be that a lead to some kissing yeah. Absolutely Latvia and more yeah kind of a well worn trope in movies where, like them, the woman's cry I'm the man's comforting, the woman tat. I saw kissing I've seen a lot of movies in the sure, yeah yeah, there's always like the plot line of when the girl breaks up.
guys! French guy was consoling calmer and then kissing flowers. I we I've been in that situation couple times that felt pretty on ethical shoots, vision, a barrel Disraeli exploiting some. I want someone's approval on their best day. You know, but it's it's it's a vulnerability, Bang then reactive. To me, it's very interesting dream greeting would be a double handshake wall. Fry me straight to the now. Also, ok, also, they can't be crying for no reason and has to be warranted. A more resolute crying all the tests are at right. Back that I nodded not interest. I just saw me all the time tat I get so. I'm gonna guess that you're very favorite moment of any scene ever filmed yeah it's it's
is Matt Damon yeah therapy in good, well, honey love that saw so much I wash the very last night. I now you said he stumbled upon it and they said was in your search. I now, but no I didn't I just appear. I didn't know is on Netflix It's a little give found your lap now and when you got to that scene, did you can pick up a peak he'll there you will have the same power gear while, but I believe it has a different power. Now now it's like mixed with lace. Like the other day I drove by a high school- and I got all of these unexpected feelings when I drove by sensation, sensations and feelings all kinds of banks, and it's sort of that now that movie now it's tied to Lake you see up. There is a lot, no one on how much gone on powerful people complicated, powerful p is such a good movie. We get mad
came in here and I could get him to cry. What we'd have now been than ever. The Mai will end yeah. That's the first thing be willing to run video on his his tea, I'd have Robbie doing a slow, pushing on you as you. Like the conventional wisdom, we like oak hammer on the guy, I was crying over the money that no pan laughed yet get Monica, that's like at weddings when, when the bride appears everyone's looking at the private, you should be looking at that ELM to see the grooms reaction. Ah, you know that you're dead trading overwhelming well, that's also. The guy is about to cry. So that's where I was sure sure that makes sense so hard for them I met a wedding. I thank you and I say it has happened. oh, this episode was really Luke Perry heavy
We told me that I had an idea now he hadn't he had not so we want me insensitive museums called that none of the rest in peace or something right should set out in the end trial. Maybe maybe but anyway, I'm it's really sad totally. Yet a heart attack, soil, stroke and he's really young still these your family is horrible, that's really sad anyway. Okay, so he said in middle school, there's only seventh and eighth grade and allay so then I checked about that.
To my mom friends on Marco Polo, and they said it depends on the district, but no most schools in the ehler. U S DE programme are sick, seventh and eighth all car, so he must have had just random experience, but is about friends are just at seventeen April, sorely infusing made me up. There was mine beer, you haven't. I Why? I wonder what impact that had on you argue happily married with a child and gainfully employed. So clearly it didn't derail lobby to mad. Now did crystal clear and Christian have sex. I asked Kristen is she said she doesn't know, so we can say gas our whole grow, so they did have sex perfect. You heard of your second thoughts or is right. You said that you can't your term a Dane cooking. You said you can't think of a committee
in a standing committee. In that all these girls want to fuck, basically and duchess. Not rules not true, now occurred. Now. Ok, I think your point, you're, looking at the person in assessing the person's physical presence in saying I call that person isn't someone who immediately the walk up stage in all these girls are gonna, be flocking to hamper girls care about what's coming out of their mouth beer and if their good yeah I guess I'm more mean like if you look at the history of comedy, generally, this goes for, Talk show host. This goes, you know, generally they play, all that. Is there the butter, the joke that just kind of Kenya, the vast majority? It's like you not like,
we'll federals stumbling around and responsibly stumbling arrive and I d like state their Yad as all these things and then there's a couple of rare examples like Vince Fawn, whose like he, Just some alpha start is also funding. That's less normal! I guess what I'm sayin, you think you re eat, I think, you're, seeing that from a very male perspective, leisure. I dont think I think women are less I'm more attractive to welfare eleven spawn, if I'm being honest, they think they see both of those like they want both well but she's, not going over just to give banged. She wants the whole Accurate but girls I mean girl either already, can we say percentage wise of that girls would want to have sex with Vince one a much higher percentage than Chris Farley or Will Farrell C in the Chris Farley. Yes,
That's a very, very small stream, ample gather aunt, but I think most girls. The sex is tied to the other stuff, but in the fantasy it's not just sex or so much more to it. So it is different than a guy who sing a girl is like. I want to fuck that girl that I then we'll leave and I'll be happy I'll, be happy, and I don't know to see that person again, that's not what's happening and fantasies fur or will I know I would believe you said on the majority of women would want to marry well feral over Vince VON I go yeah ip. I truly believe that, but that's what I'm saying I'm saying in your brain. You, you have separated, because men do that and women will have far less agri totally far less, but I also have the unique experience of being friends with somebody who's an actor who female friends of mine have tax me saying. I want to fuck him. I don't
anything else from home. So I am aware of that some guy is not me. Some guys have this thing. Were women will be happy with just fucking? I guess that's trail I just in there and I'm sure there are exceptions, but I just I can they can say pretty competently that for the most part, the female, Fantasy is about the whole thing in the mouth sex, but is also about being with that Serbia and the way that person makes them feel and man. I think the fantasy is more raw. You think it's relevant what the artists is selling swords like you have boy bans that there are pushing that their virgins right right. so the girls that are going to those shows its like a much safer. But if you like the role delicate. All he had still could be like I wanna be the person that the out for sure, but the rolling stones were explicitly advertising. We like,
fuck yeah you know so, like I don't know, I don't think there's something different about what said your put nobbler. There is responding to the message, but also with Carmody. If forges in that category, which we weren't you, your act or friends are a little bit of different story. Sure, but with comedy and Comex who are writing their own shit, there selling their personality, regardless of what they look like. So I don't think girls are like. Oh, I just want to fuck that person in that set because there's personality attack but then so whatever's attractive is
the combination of whatever they look like plus, whatever their say. So I think the girls who I think there are a lot of girls who want to fuck comics break think it's because of their what they're saying not what they look like me. A beer yeah then sometimes only of both things, tunnels, if both things yeah yeah, that's really it. What's the last, when you now and always just about courts, oh yeah physical, Chris likes call he's a comfortable he's a costly, yeah you're, not comfortable. With that in mind, I say that you are one me I never like it. I know you down the ice at all. I don't really think that some days. I think it more than others or some other days. You call it a mouse. I dont know specifically, but when I meet particularly
again or something on its own. It really has nothing to do with you weirdly I mean it does its becoming you're, obviously like charismatic and I think I'm just tall and now you gets misunderstood. You're smart decisions, your ear like you're, giving people information they dont have that's a big component of it. I think of coldness, yeah guess they're they're gay bring something from your presence, but I M lady, with the fact that this is not my information. I just I grab it for me. I'm lying on a pass passing a doubt. Whereas, like this is my issue with some became a deep hawk chose opera. Is I tried to read a book of all these people like him and then the further the interest of the book is that he had some you, no other worldly metaphysical experience on a park bench in and I'm out some like. Oh you, just basic
he said you ve had some divinity strike you, so what you have? No one else can have you're, gonna! Let us have some shit, your version that will never of ours. I am out if we reviewed, is telling me like what you read about some scientific study here, what you heard somewhere else here, who I think it's when the person is pretending that the knowledge is theirs. That's true, although I feel like you can have like original thoughts based on other people's yet work, I can reassure for assuring that God yeah, but I'm just a regular old scumbag junkie, whose picked up a couple of pearls. Yet all but anyway, I'm just, I think, you're a cleaner. While I love you, I love you, don't have a wonderful weak