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Claire Danes (Homeland, Romeo and Juliet, Temple Grandin, My So Called Life) is an American actress. Claire sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up in an artistic environment, her feelings surrounding the final season of Homeland and her only one-night stand. Dax wonders if Claire was scared to play Temple Grandin and Claire talks about the choice to pass on Titanic. She discusses an absence of socialization as a kid, the awkwardness of returning to acting after college and an absurd experience at the Met Ball.
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Welcome, Welcome welcomed armchair expert, I'm Dac Shepherd, I'm joined by Eminem Monica Monaco impaired. Man, Sweden, of the minutes, tourist mouse and the most Maximus mouse Monica has her own show coming out, so it citing it's such a good idea in its already so tasty in yummy, and I participate in mommy participated. Try, so it's ten up asserts its It still an arm. Chair shows you don't worry, worry but it's called Monica in just love boys rights. There is more to it than us just loving boys there is. There is about relationships in dating because Jes is gay and he over dates, sort of unequipped
lay Yorkshire, objective, Liza, heavy date or key dates sometimes tend to fifteen a sure, and I am straight and have the opposite. issue I seriously under day. Yes, it would appear at least on the surface, although we may discover with all the experts that come in yet that their opposite problems, but again we know now exactly that's. What's been really interesting is yeah or come out from certain opposite point of view, but You know everything ends up being pretty universe. All comers challenges, yeah, we have experts on. We have the arms export himself on the first episode and we have our mother Chris in Belarus. We have really really fun. Experts like doktor number Alex, so we had on this and two million are met
to make way for their yeah, it's really been fascinating. But yes, at the end, we get a challenge from our expert or our guest like an assignment for the next week, so that we can break some overturns. Were it yes, The whole goal is, you know just like on this show we talk about all of our shit, but the goal is not just talk about it, but make change action exactly so there have been really scary and were really learning. It's been great and it comes on the very easy to remember on Valentine's day at which it will be our two year anniversary and it's also a day of lovers and that's what that the topic that's being explored. So it'll come out on February fourteenth, which is Dave General Ride. I fry and then it'll be every Wednesday four ten weeks, and if you subscribe, our tracks bright, you'll get it yes. Now today
Gast is one of the best actors on television all hands down. Three time Emmy award winner and throw shade forty Golden Club winner and two times. A gourd winner Clare Danes fell but her Romeo and Juliet she blew my mind. grand and she was in Terminator three with the guy, so called life started all and, of course, now she's in the eighth and final season of homeland, which premiers February ninth on Showtime. So please enjoy clearly how it. Actually. This is a good. So egg is at the very beginning of this episode. I've just come off of a challenge. Men were hanging a little bit about it at the top of the episode, so if you're a little confused or talking a monarch, unjust challenge, yes, so please and joy. You supported by mind body? Mind body believes that when it comes to wellness, it's not about how much you way or how often you work out in its more than checking a box. It's about doing what makes you feel your best self care, as you,
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to change it all. In one day, small steps can make big progress sign up for your trial today at noon. That's an oh, oh, am dot com, stacks. What he you lose visit noon duck Slash Dax start your trial. Today, that's n o o em Outcomes lashed acts he's, to address this was the joint dating website like an app islamic me very combating really proud of bank. Thank you makes me so uncomfortable here, which is why I'm doing it fond vicariously vicarious through all for my son, I she's thirty. Two in our age range was what thirty four or to forty nine and fifty was always yeah, ok, I so like I get that thing
you do. I beg reacted, someone that Lubs are eighteen years old. I with this guy for five years and I'll get some kind of terminal disease I mean I'd. I understand that logic as well. Although I did I would cast abroad. Not so we were debate, we were arguing over whether or not it should be younger older and she won't sell once upon a time in Hollywood added. She came anxious and I can't even age bracket that excludes Brad Pitt Guide AIR raid limit as you and the other way you don't know until you go exploring exactly now. You ve been with your husband for longer eleven years or so we ve been married for ten. together for thirteen thirteen, ok, so Bellinger, roughly the exact same out the marriage part, but the together part. Ok, so we live instead, a nation we have children. We ass were thirteen years do ever, because technology has changed so much. Do you ever just
out in your head. What life would be like if you were a single anyway? We were on where those vivre, given that any I'd energy, occasionally I've been in relationships like from the moment puberty hit basically- and I was even in way too intense- relate it's my girlfriends before then. So I am a relationship, creature, meat and one. I had broken up with a boyfriend who had been with for three years yours and when I first met he we'd, like we met on a movie called evening we met at a rehearsal and then we kind of disbanded and we're going to regroup and during that time, where we all went back home, this break up happened, and I was determined to be single over. I was really excited about a kind of bragging about it and I went on a day. a date with somebody? who actually kind of known, but not in the business circuits. In a short- and I thought this cat, like
I've auditioned my whole life. I've been on lots of talk, shows I fain intimacy for a living. I could dissociate just enough and flirt and like it, I was you're playing your lived here, that it was kind of possible had one one night stand, and that was it and that was the whole thou. My pal, it was cleansed and then went back and filmed the movie realized shit. I think I'm gonna, Mary at this and the end of my young life as a single person was realized weekly. Actually, that's not quite true, I think I was in staunch denial, for a while. We had a whole new game play all new game plan like I already had a one night sky, so I'm flying, and I don't want to be just what was that in general, the satisfying experience was it all. You do is really fun gray, but then he stopped
failing this is one Paypal, email, businesslike, even before tax male examples, like only got that's a real thing like they have sex with you when they stopping interested in you, as there was a lot of energy until it happened and then or where there is a little disappoint I gotta say, but whatever its bind, these areas like onto my husband, so it when we were good. But did you go into being counter going? This is my one night stand, so you I would now irregularities to be around that. I was in Russia right right wreck, but then after happen, you like MIKE going as I said. I am a relationship yourself, who is I'm kidding really, but so Hugh is gonna be like next stop and then just wonderful. So next I ever more unremembered talking you guys somewhere, but I can't you I say we were at the big fight as I was in light of this, I really welcome the big my neck yo may, whether, yes, that's right. That's all
because this morning I'm going to give you more details and you need I was on the can. I was talking to my wife, who is in front of the mirror, and I said hun we've talked to Claire and her husband and she goes. that sounds right. I also remember meeting Kristen, add a show time thing and then she was very sweet and she was like a fan of the show and just said as much and I was so I don't know I was I'm flattered and I was like disarmed by, her enthusiasm in her sincerity, you known and Europe, and on the big fan too so. Well, we love. She probably didn't. Tell you- and you probably don't know this, but you know you have acted with christian light. Why new wing lean years old, she played a friend of yours with no lines all I know no in a tv show or movie or somehow, I'm so flattered that so cool way
six isn't that great. Her first movie was Pooty Tang well, that was one of her salmon offers. That's like royal porn, STAR gay Exact Porn star named zone, but anyways individually. I said aloud, I said God maybe was at that fight in the we both concluded that feel on brand, for you, like, maybe we're was within our emergency was their yeah. No, I was there. We were excited. You are ok yeah in Juba, history like boxing now know it was the event yeah. I'm really scared of boxing violence, violence not particularly good. right. But you know it was the barracks I was deal in the war and ok. So what happened to was Nevins invited, Kristen yeah like a month or two before the fight. Like no I'm gonna go to fight. She was also filming something alien right in
later I found out like a month later. This is the same thing that happened with you and I are invited me and I would like a man, and then I mentioned in passing to hew very close to the day I was like you know we weren't, to that and he was like what more here now I said: oh something I would like to do so. I made some desperate calls like who do I know because we could get tickets. Will you couldn't and we couldn't get a flight now, as I fights for book dia. So we have scrambled to locate. I think we called put some feeling yeah all blank, and he said My plane is for men. I do have a friend who could carry you over who happened to be a neighbour from a place we lived in before our place now and oddly, coincidentally, we did happen to know this.
In our person who is very nice, but yes away each deride, William I guess I just can't believe that she would have turned on those tickets, and then I flew to see her in a lan hour. She was shooting and right one I got there. I went into the house and she was like I loved you, so excited you're. Here you got to go back to the airport in four hours. You have a flight back to Vegas and I was like oh, my god and she'd already planned, like my friend and Renee to meet you there we're gonna have this evening. You know what our was wet years, we're I'm getting to the funding of part of it. For me was I had been once before, as a guest of Showtime with Chris than we went to a different fight and we have by God, we're in the first or second row I mean you know you were getting hit with sweat and whatnot. Not buddy who I brought physical wait. You see these show times. Seats right, and then their walking is there and we passed. The first few rose where all the
hazard and everything, and I always guess we're going to be on the backs. I didn't know those receipts to knowing that we hang a right up the stairs and then I'm like. Oh we're really climbing stairs for a while and I've promised, is outrageous eating we're pretty up. There were already high up there and it was hard on the ego for a while. But then I noticed of Andrew wholly field was just one rural behind us and also a billion euro. We because one thing we're good. We celebrated all in the joke that we are obviously nobody. It wasn't a real. It was being at court. of their legal status. It was here that was what it was almost all about yes, I mean, I think the met ball was also that same week, and it was a strange exercise and arrangement I mean just that it wasn't eager. oh vomit, fast and yeah it's fun at it also leaves you feeling pretty twitchy it's come
pretty no right to know that other people, nor are having the same high school thought of, like my cool enough to be elderly, already, is going to pay. Shoulder yeah and I've been so lucky to go to most of those things. Certainly, last thirteen years with my best friends that helps Yeah, I know cause you just have somebody to turn to undergo a yea yeah you're and then occasionally you find an actual friend in the throng of beautiful people. So but it's a little mind bending and you do kind of flow out of your body and look at it all from the outside and which is not the most comfortable state, the brides. It really is all for me. What my own mental state is. I can go and have the best time area or I can go on just feel less than the whole time and its really Yeahs variances pretty also. It is a performance to nets which also confusing about it, and we don't have many EC. We don't have ball
shrilly anymore right. I think we probably had more of them once upon a time, but where you do parade yourself around and announce yourself in this form all absurd way, and I mean I'm not necessarily critical of it cause. I do keep back to them right. Try fascinating, and it is amazing to see so many extraordinary people in such a dense environment concentrated space there. You know no most elevated right, they ve gone through harem habit, stylus dry them. They didn't just wake up that way, and that is interesting. Do you get to the point both the view where you come home and you think like oh none of that matters are me? Oh yeah. None of it matters exactly the last one.
I went to was at the met ball and I was pretty pregnant and I also happen to be objectively unwell. I was like really sick. I d fever and was in the end the sickness was getting intensified over the course of the evening. It it just becomes like an said dream. I was already altered in so many ways and right now that weren't enjoyable, but I was sitting opposite Boom Thurman, who I kind of have known over the years and she's quite warm and friendly, and I was saying like I'm really not feeling so well and so after you have the big dinner than the musical guest performs, you never know who is going to be, but every kind of those who can be in this case. It was me and we were all kind of a shared to another part of the museum, and I was feeling really faint. I just gonna groped my way to some stuff. airs and there was again with J low and a rod and
Then the musical act was starting and, of course, Madonna was descending the stairs and was gonna Bland, exactly where I was sitting and so like Mama give me she saw. I was looking green and she kind of like drag me over to the wall with her and J Lo and a rod and then. a rod, got really excited because he loves homeland. So then I was taking a selfie with Iran as Madonna was getting closer, and I was do that like death and yeah, so that was my last experience of Abkhazia. What going well the one only one part of it is for, like christianize will go in and we each have like three or four people. We are currently obsessed with pride invariably one or two of those people be there, and they will help each other interact with that Percy S like she was in love with I'm mad for a while. So I said
chat him up on a red carpet solely to bring ran to them all Asia. As you I went too far. Apparently it's been later skies restraint or how attracted she was to have her later. In retrospect, unlike he probably was wondering what are these swingers like his history and the like learning about Asia. For him the lodge or something like. I think I was a little above board about your idea, but I was dry minorities three and then likely she's done the same thing for me, one timidly, Subornation new growing up that was mighty ideology. Every lab, you guys yeah good to make it happen. I'm impressed by your relationships nod to her. Where did you find from New York? You did you ever go home? Yes, where do you shoot the shell everywhere?
everywhere right, but is there one primary location you're at the mouth? Now, the first three years we were mostly in North Carolina overran Charlotte, which was serving as DC, but even during those seasons, we were in Israel, Morocco, a fair amount about a month, a pop, and then it became this international show. So in the forest season after Brody died, there was a big reset and the show was placed in Afghanistan and we found in Cape town for six months and then the following year. We were in Berlin for six months and then the next year we were in New York, which was heaven forever. I you know, I thought it would be Heaven and in some ways it was harder
because I suddenly had to do that job and also live my actual life, yes fullest, which really stress yeah. I was much more easily able to compliment wise up until that point, and then there was this integration, which I found a really confronting so surprised deprives. The ILO is a little harder than I expected, but we were shooting in Brooklyn and most my friends of in Brooklyn arms, and had not like the last Manhattan night standing, and it was so nice because they would common like moved off the crab service or even just right meet him. It was a whip. It stop on their way back, come from but when you're plainer is certainly one friends stop by and see me were on generally responsible for making some joke in the scene and so me, shooting the shit entertaining them and making them laugh and then stepping over here and knowing that is like yeah. No, I got at that point. I guess we were in our sixth season when have I not been? making. The show I was pretty fast
with her and was quite comfortable with going and out of hers, I love. It was really a nice thing to find Sarah or Sonny. You know in video village, when I was expecting you know like that, was always welcome than the year after that we were in Richmond, and then we were in Budapest for about a month and a half, and then this last season, the final season. Ok, we were in Morocco fur almost when once and then we ended here in ally for two said this season went on for ever. I think because it could yo in with a all those places, so that immediately have teeth which one was when I was younger and I did movies I loved going somewhere else and having like a whole life there that has fallen in yeah. I was your point is very important Analyzer indescribable arena super responsible for anything else. now I would hate exempt. He will carry a night avoid there I, but of all those places a has. It evolved travelling and b, which it was your favorite of those so
I had our two kids while we were film, you know their fibres cigars about. Yes, that's right said Cyrus, our eldest turned seven in late December. number one December seventeenth, Are we ever nineteen relays? new, all about that and then Rowan. Our second son is almost eighteen months. Now, yes, it was like five and a half years between the two of them we were a little figuring it all out. You know I mean we had been married for a year when our homeland happened, so it was a very steep learning curve and that south african season was incredible because its outrageously beautiful their capetown is obviously one of the most cordial places. I've ever seen been too, but he took a job in Australia and Cyrus's. Pray. Let all growing when I know my own, where you like, all that's close,
yeah yeah, I don't have a waiver. Seventeen hours between the two is crazy right, now, was a nightmare. Cyrus was really little so all went together. He was there with us for about a week and then he laughed and was a very far away for five weeks. Come back for two than was a very far away for another five, and that was rough thou Israel It took us a long time to recover from, and we learned that we can't do that again, but I mean we learned the hard way. I was just brutal. If you watch the bill gates, area, Netflix, snarling, three part, it amazing right bet, it is- has recommended a now yeah their interviewing Melinda. At one point- and she said you know- they're just became this point. I'm sitting in this gigantic house by myself with our kid and I'm like, I can't do
I don't want to tell you, I know, you're running the biggest company in the world, but this is a deal breaker for re. You gotta figure this out and his credit. He did you like completely change, has no role in the company and everything else I can't do it, I mean. Maybe some people can it seems doubtful, but just for me, I can't so actually this last season. We really internalize that and we were together the whole time. Rollin was five months when we arrived here taking a role on the seas in awe novels, and I was really nice and was kind of a coincidence, yeah. I think that was probably the best one, because we were too other throughout awry, Berlin, Berliners Brad revive not ban another either of those place mean how varied area the hazard failed, deep shit, it's pretty great, it's funny cause. I the first place tat. I had been to that
ah Yak live here only Ray. I like more than London, even where we share a language and where my husband is from, but it felt a lot like New York in the eighties, actually, no city where I grew up. Yes, which is where we're going. I was really curious, it's hard for me to imagine what a childhood in Manhattan is like in. My first thought is are you ever turned loose in that city? Or can you be yeah? It was interesting, so my parents had been artists. They met at road on school design. My mom was a textile designer at a school for tenure, My dad was a photographer and they moved to the Bowery at first and then my dad.
Mom died when he was very young, so he had this inheritance money about he came into in his early twenties and he used it to buy a building on Crosbie Street with another couple may still. Only today or no cabinets were rigour up, but you know you had to legally be an artist to live in so who, at the time? I really would you prove a lot of people lie. I hope it will. I think it has been fairly easy to cheat, but that we knows it was the intention of the design and the factories were active closing Down- and I remember our dining room chairs, which my mom, eventually spray period, were being jettisoned from a factory on. Oz be and we were rolling them down the street, and I thought we were stealing them and I was Poland, but all our furniture was found like that,
like shelves were crates and my dad collected old signs, but in my cousins who lives in New Jersey I was so covetous of their like called sack and others are met and their basement with their video. Get like that. Just riding by locals industry, have been so yeah, but then, when I became hand star to turn- and I thought I think this is cool- this might be cool but like Bosco lived or building and oh Harry, I mean yeah was really were where, like you had met him yeah. I remember him from the elevator when I was a little girl right, very sweet. He won't very nice. We still have a pool a hoop of it. At your boss without allowing for allow me laughed like drawing that result, Ver refrigerator yeah I mean it was an error, for awhile were limos, didn't
for a while, and you didn't know if they were like drug dealers in there or art dealers, really both the art scene in the eighties, and if that's, what was populating all the meaner, your neighbors and everything. this is a very like bohemian drug. Using Were you aware of that on a low ass normal? This whole thing was Nora, pretty New York was still raw. That point me worse still actively recovering from the seventies when I think it was at one of its like blackest points right, but yeah. I remember being really scared and seeing some just nasty. Oh yes, I am used to take us there, but yet we went in eighty two. Eighty three, eighty four in yeah soon as it was like the sun went down in your walking through tax. Quite like my moment, if I may so easily marijuana member that yeah yeah yeah like really assuring us through the back, it's such a different city, it's mine, blowing from the one I use to visitors. Ok, it's crazy! Emily,
very pleasant Taiwan, but you can get your sound anywhere at a dime perfectly flaky, but like art parking lot is now the Crosbie hotel, just really funny LA, and so when you have friends, would you were you allowed at? What Adrian delay will not a residential areas? Still not, but there was no grocery store. There was no park, but I still have friends from the neighborhood whose parents were also artists and then my dad ended up being a contractor, because then they had Acer. My older brother, seven years older than they had me and in a big game contractor. My mom ran a toddler school from our aloft crosbie kids, so that was a very weird way to grow up. I mean like Soho, aside yeah jealous yeah. So here
the thing so my mom was the eldest of five and she was four and a half years older than all the other kids who were then born and very quick succession like a year apart and kind of recreated that dynamic rye and I obviously was very different because I wasn't really responsible for these kids, but they were in my space yeah they were there before I left for school, and they were there if you know after I get back from school and I know a lot of nursery rhymes and I will text them all into their car, since my brother and I both learned recently that we, both like, would secretly drink apple juice from bottles, because that was designated. for the kids, yeah yeah way to get might even yeah. How in item fuse with the kids that my mom was taking care of a little yeah. I would have been really jealous that my mother, who is harsh and was going Taylor, can it was hard you,
like having thirty younger brothers and sisters, yeah Sidney. she didn't start it when you were of that now I she's time when I was for making an age that she was, I mean look, my mom and truly amazing mother when I did think it's really interesting that it's like to the number. I grew up in a Oh I see she was more even trying to recreate which she had for you. I think not herself, I what both at both I think out and is fascinating, how long for, like your whole well then I started acting. so I was twelve when I had an agent, but I got an agent, but I had been acting little bit before them and you did a Dudley more pilot. I thought my sir great as twelve. That was my first job and now I'm a huge fan of Arthur's price deal, my top three companies ever Did you have any awareness and now that man, what has no idea but sadly more was ok. You have no idea what comedy, while, oh sure, none here we go watching along tv in this house. Yes, we
watching a lotta tv and my parents were Really not that careful about what we were continually ingesting enough. They exposed us to everything. Basically I mean they were careful in that they help art and obviously very high regard. And yet we were steeped in culture. We're living in New York and were surrounded by is really wonderfully towns, eccentric, characters, nor, but so fuck him I was obsessed with all the John Hume movies are being leisure. Footloose is my favorite movie. I would watch that. That's not on his, I know but honour on a loop when I was five like over over and over again girls. That movie. That's a great. I know it's so good, but my son. You know he's seven. He could barely watch right by kids, the cartoon yup. You know as just funny spy kids the cartoon
two provocative for him: oh ok, a Yo Yo, so my grandfather, who I was his movie watching body he took me to scarface when I was six years right, I'm innocent Wall Street. When I was seven and eight percent. The hall I remember, seeing like Sophie's choice, and I was nine and that was when I knew I needed to be an actor or of accidental tourist. there's something when I was little or lasting on Para? Yes, I guess, and my parents were, I think it was a generational thing too. I think, as my mom says, Clare, it was seventy three major and they grew up in the where a reproach tat look really glad for. I think. Ultimately, I was much better for that approach. Then, certainly the opposite one, but did you ever crave like it feels like it always backfires right? So if you ve got like a very square household, the kids, like just longing for some chaos in some color in some vibrancy acts.
Trinity. But if you grow up in that, do you crave like Al Asylum and I was a structure yet so you did kind of grave. A little bit may be more traditional Yes, yes, yes, but you know we didn't have a pre school in your lives here ask. Where was he to observe the elevator ituri left the chamber? decided or other layers. Do you think that you sought out acting because it was a nice that was yours? Words were sharing so much in your space with all these other kids and question. That's a really amazing question.
Don't think so. I beg me, but no. I had danced actually with his one woman, Ellen Robins, who now teaches my son in law, which is pretty cool and people would come to her class. Looking for young talent, and I was pretty hammy and I would get their attention and we often get Caston these super like avant garde productions on the lorries sure and feeling that hot topic psych abortion short, so I did debated that he knows people on stilts around me and loved it, and I just knew I wanted to do this thing like from the age of five. I just knew, and I dont know why I knew, but I did and people ask me what I wanted to do so I said I wanted to be an actor, and then somebody told me I guess, on the age of like ten or
nine or something that most actors actually didn't make that much money when he my found concerning new manhood's. Very I get my native way competitive environment. So I thought okay well, maybe I should rethink this. Ok, I'm gonna be a therapist and I'm gonna do acting workshops on the side. Growth and I was gonna- live next door to my best friend and our and we have a joint pool and then we would have slides and our respective yard that would go into said poor, so yeah I got really do that. I was only by whom I now guy adds the odds of you making enough money as a sociologist around one thousand, his father says- and I quote that ariosto my best friend, sadly, we don't live that proximate to each other. We can share poor but
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to high school and then like a month in to my first master. They said: oh wait We are going to pick it up? Oh, why? Then we shot nineteen episodes and then it was cancelled, so it in him get it to the end of that first season with it's gonna crazy, considering how well known that show you act as if we ran a guy had a few after lives on different now, were spoken was better wavering, synthetics. It was kind of work and then, but it was picked up by MTV, which played it on the lower. I saw a pan and so it seemed like it went on for longer yeah it in so you were fourteen when you shot the sea or yes, ok, so you are fourteen and you guys who move to Santa Monica the whole gang. While my brother was, as I said, was seven years old, or so he was in college. At this point. Aha, he was at our world twenty one, Monica
and my dad's business happened to fold and my mom was ready to do something else, so kind of worked out well for our family, but we were so green. We didn't know what was going on and we arrive. literally the day after those massive earthquakes having more than ninety four the earthquakes. Literally the day after which was just to Poland, a metaphor, so we ve experience alleys after sharks and everybody was ashen. I mean everybody was just traumatized and we were like high. Yes, it was. It was a strange way to arrive. That's really
bizarre, as I too landed in Santa Barbara the day after our real. Even in Santa Barbara, I felt an anti. I asked quite significant tat, yeah yeah I mean I can't, although this is a little bit like the subway rumbling, and I remember my dad was really defiant, like sprawl out on that ouch like he's gonna, take it on my mom word: hovering under the you know in the doorway or never like. We were told to was there one of your two parents that you were more likely to bring out with they both did they both put in we too many. hours driving around with their man, Thomas Guy, misguided, Andrea, my parents, dealer and Santa Monica really never left so. My mom went back to art school to grad school, a place called Otis in our fifties, and now it's amazingly live in a little bungalow, but only big plot of land had built there too studios and they make art in the backyard other, and so it's like its full circle. Well, they have a year in the backyard.
We're always day. It's really fun Russia is a comfortable in the earth. Great, oh good, It's your son loves it. Yes, he doesn't stand here. We all he's days right next to no grandpa round the bend them and gets to like do. Everything is not the greatest part and I grandma only a ramp up all the videos so that show being very young. Did you feel calm doing that or did you feel overwhelmed or what was the like experience that Can we both it helped in some is that I was ass, clueless as I was, but I also felt like I had done the few movie of the weeks. I've done a lot of student films before that Lena others. Parliaments like I got this, and then there was part of me that like undermine data, which is how I still feel to this day, and I was like being tutored onset
that was also really weird, going back to high school and making sense of those two identities with stress one. I don't miss that right. Is it true that you had your first real life kiss on that show, or is it not true? it's not true, but it is true that it was a more involved kiss than I had ever had and there were stage directions had said. I was supposed to kiss Jordan Catalans face leg apart like now his lips and I didn't understand- I still don't as you I mean his chin, like so Jared, had to explain, to me and he was twenty one, which is very embarrassing, Well, I just want to just talk about the real life dynamic uv fourteen twenty one egg is, I think
at lady in the current climate that even allowed at twenty one year old the make up of the hoarding. I accept it still go. I guess I don't. I don't have a decision on land make just turn. Imagine like my daughter's getting into acting in them. Like my first visit to set, I meet Falcon MIKE, whose twenty two and as an apartment, really bored Megan out without today I just in number We process cannot be just the age gap. Would really minutes you talkin. Seventy hers. Yeah! Do you to use the cutest person alive? He was very attractive, always easily waited Zuma. Commercials out of that kind would outweigh the high barbaik. What's your name with the curly hair was in them. I know here TAT Rob Ban Rebecca Gay Gloria heart,
oh yeah, I mean I was in love with someone from a commercial. Those were very high in the latest version of use in a magazine. That's the pinnacle yea! So did you have a real live crush on him, or was he to know he was way too old and I was away too terrified right. It was very fraternal like like any was actually pretty protective of me. I think I made it clear to you from the beginning. but this was a very common. I wasn't that kind of ordinary Neuro right right around the earth, but he took me I very worthy of fourteen euro. That was fourteen. I was truly. He took you to night club, you dead cat. I wanted to be that what he called room- whisky now I realise the Bible rooms at the white with something like that. You're sure. But I remember LEO, is there and Stephen Dwarf? Was there and only a whole LEO Stephen on old and they were they were not there is a fly like well. No,
It was he's at that table. He said, a terrible. I remember that drive you so far. Yeah drama that is great. So were you sad when it got cancelled yeah, but I still kind of jerked around by the show cuz it had not gotten picked up and then I did get picked up and we were canceled before we even spinach this was like new boundaries, you like we're gonna wanna play this. I don't know. I was, it was stressful. They were stressful. My heart had been broken a couple of times, so at that point I was a bit calloused. I think so did it help that you got a nominated in for Amy further, and that was just very surprising first job as a Lee I was just so dizzy from at all into both parents. Take you to their knees. or one or the other, or did you who's your day, member whom my date was irony, we're going to the Oscars, with my dad when I presented when almost like seventeen or something and Mohammed Ali was sitting in front of us, and he was Leon
May I being please I could give that to him. You know yeah, so you got nominate even on the sugar cancel. Then all kinds of things start opening up rain. So What is little women first, I was first, so I did that it straight after myself up I ll, have you seen the new and I haven't? I We want to. I heard it's great, and now I am a big Gregor would fade We are trying to imagine how I would feel about having been in a movie that was re made, and I feel it probably good. He make little women used. yeah like if the STAR wars cast was furious.
Talking about. I must also make it. This is my classic hands all the centuries old masterpiece, but the big thing, and certainly the first time I became abundantly aware of you because I had not watch it. Shone in air was Romeo and Juliet. How do you end up getting that job? What are your thoughts as you know the audition the lot did. You know Leonardo Dicaprio Zalm at Durban our land area. No, no! I was a big LEO, fair gray, starting with what's eating Gilbert Great EVIL, I quote was before he was in among the Tobias Wolf book always this boy's life boys like wise words here this boy's life man.
That from that point on basketball diary. Oh, he was amazing and he was on re real in that yeah. I was mad mad impressed by his skills with a z yeah. I guess I just remember auditioning alive and then finally, I didn't with him and may work to you kept your should together, yeah and bad wanted to make as alive and fresh and accessible version of that story, as he could tell and my sensibility kind of suited that interpretation and I think LEO and my acting styles- were some particle yeah. can you have what yours seventeen and he was twenty one? Is that I was sixteen and he was twenty one. I turned seventeen when found, did you I'm having a memory that that was shouted Mexico's ever some very good? It was yes, ok, so to go to. he could see the eye- and now you have like
hotel room and personally I am in your higher in a foreign city creatively. I was just in Heaven. You can also drink when you're seventeen and ago, ass yeah. I was not. I drank like twice on that movie around. I was a kid I didn't really. I wasn't really practised at this. There was one time when I got to drunk Then I didn't get drunk again. Ok, I was a child really like. I was not a trick, but not a minute people at that age. I can't go on spring break out. Sixteen in I drink all the stuff. You know I was really yeah. No, I think I was too busy working and I didn't know how to be a drinker. I just what you do know, because I would hate for you. I think that I only as female guesses male Gaston, I want to know so bad if they fell over the person they worked with, I would have fallen in love with him I was so yeah. I think smitten with him an actor that I think it was crushing.
Sure, but it was also a little bit like the Jared that, like thousands never gonna happen. I like you, I didn't like with the drinking like. I didn't know, how to go about it the new authority in the business really eight year here. He's rise is worrying and having a good time and we're really different people right, I mean I remember at one point aegis, was so frustrated and said: how can you be so still? How can you be so active about? Legs is as a very kind frenetic energy, and I M not. You know that I can be like really focused and I guess onset especially like very centred you- people read that is you being not friendly or I think they can. I think they can read it that way.
I've never mean to communicate that right, and sometimes I worry about it being a lead actor, and I think I should be setting the tone war performative or I mean I think I'll probably do set the tone by default. That's just the tone. I set but I think there is real value and having the number one call sheet person be, more gregarious send a like a morale yeah yeah yeah, and I don't know I don't like naturally excel at that, but I really want to be in a healthy environment and I want to be decent and expect decency around me and stuff. So right that is good thing that can radiates, but yeah yeah, but I, but I'm in some conflict about that like Oconnor, should be better at being. The chair later yeah right in them, That movie, you must have been delighted with how it turned out right
is that why? Because it would involve Lerman done before that. That was certainly the forty directories ballroom all right. All right he's a real genius, send an tour and has this kind of incredibly comprehensive, fantastic understanding of not only the story but like the world, a world yeah he's gonna, be like a master of the world yeah and is very operatic in his temperament and in his style. As you know, the thumb- Carson had you mentally prepared for that movie the results of the movie, not the brown ass. I now I had not always tough cause. I then only famous light radio, yeah yeah and I didn't know what to make of that. You can't really practice for it. No, I know- and that's all young to be famous yeah. I didn't have any reference point I wasn't of it in
my family just kind of stumbled into this culture, and we were all trying to make sense of it in real time and I kind of couldn't keep up with the pace of it, and I was given a lot of opportunity really quickly, but was unformed. As a human. When I was at age, I would stare and the mere before I went to high school- and I like be having a full, fledged panic attack about my hair. and I want to cut off and then I was really wrestling. Just leaving the house without any attention yeah, I think I was too and I was unable to do a lot of socializing met. You typically are forced to do no matter how miserable it is in high school, and I think that was to my detriment, so
That was really. Why went back to college overlap, with your detriment in what way you ve I missed out like I was ocean training. There's a man I had I d really terrible time in middle school, which I think most girls do. But after whatever reason I really struggled and was like really bullied by a certain kind of girl arc, typical girl in three different schools I think there were little troubled these these girls, and I really don't know- I really don't know, but I really got smaller and smaller over the course of those years and I developed a real phobia of girls are way, and it was really good for me to go back to college and realise that we are mature and we move through that heinous, stage, and we feel no less wildly and secure and
murderous about it? So young? You wanted to work through some of that now. Is it true that after that movie, I hope this is true that you got offered Titanic. I think I did I'll come not entirely clear. Sure, but I was there was interesting. There were not. There is strong interest, but honestly, like I just made this romantic epic with LEO in Mexico oh certainly would right where they were going to shoot Titanic Rye- and I I just didn't, have it me right- and I remember LEO and I shared a manager at the time and em. We were there at the office and I was on a balcony which is funny spreading. I'd omen wings, ass, a super where no and an LEO had this like rats, aunt all red, can balsam like hot Roddy jar, and he was kind of doing that
like he was made us going answers. I'm gone like in the end are arguing lot and I knew he was wrestling with a decision to do that movie or not, and he just looked up at me and he said when it Muldoon at Amsterdam doughnuts, he figured out TAT lay down, and then I say he wasn't sure you now ready with like ok, I gotta do this thing and- and I look down on I'm going like. I totally understand why you are doing that and I'm not ready for that, and I think I really wasn't ready for it, and I remember after that movie came out and he, When my guy into another stratosphere and remember: I the premier of the man in the iron mask and when he like, walked into the room like the floor.
Fell in his direction. A hall everybody in the room just went towards him and it was scary. You know- and I understand we I think may have sensed that I was courting that arose. I was proximate work either and I can do it so What yeah? Anyone that's interesting so in now, when the movie then gets made in its the biggest movie of all time, do you have write about it or you can. I chose Rhine Euro. Regrettably, I envy that peace of mind. I wish this was clear: about it I wasn't inflicted. I wasn't, but we're the people in your life. beer like Manna Jean you're, like a bad night, I was just feeling eager to have different creative experiences that felt, like a repeat, ran. As I said, I think it. It was gonna propelled me towards something that I knew. I didn't have the resources to cope with
new. I do like a lot of foundation building. That's crazy, smart of smarter at seventeen to have recognised that in yourself, because if you as you say imagining and dreaming about becoming an actor censure five or six in its like will that's the apex you're about to go right to the apex of that Jim Cameron's raindrop movie and then to have the self knowledge self knowledge. Then that's gonna feel good, is this kind of a crazy conviction for elderly emerald. Have I would have been LEO man? I would have a fucking doing doughnuts and I read rental car. You would not have been doing doughnuts. You would have said yes so quickly. I never have. I wouldn't matter even do the donors, but also, I would even doing no said abruptly. I also think that we can you know what our line is, and I knew that this wasn't on my line. Let's go but yeah you can't even go to high school right? You does it you're getting. I was enrolled technically at a place called the Liza Francais here in a way which is the only private school that would accept kid actors
We showed because in New York, if a sort of an impressive and core, but an allay, we were a diamond, doesn't whom we were only annoying right, Disruptive so was getting into at reality issue or was it easy? I didn't do that: I did find messages. I didn't get a score that would justify we're going to jail, but my extracurricular so were pretty impressive. wrote some good essays, but also my grandfather was dean of our architectural Yale and my dad grew up in New Haven, which was not why I got it. I don't think, but it was a nice could of holding firm me. Did you talk about your interview? I didn't know you do not you're. So as a call for you like that, I was in his dad's a cotton you get pulled over and you don't mention it was not to go. But I warn you: I wanted to go there actually because of my grandfather. I would have worn your grandpas old sweatshirt. That said he had been like this. Where am, I am puzzled? Sweatshirt he was the dean of, or did you
they are so not alike, it's really fun, because I won't even the major. I know you, of course I do, but my projecting this is never lamby. Maybe we're like you did you also have some like crazy, find and your confidence, because I wouldn't here's what I would about some treating paid ship for Romeo and Juliet, but I'm sure after that they probably started throwing real money towards you when these offers came and they do not have a fear of financial insecurity. Like I bet just go grab that money right now. I was a child. Had so much money languor. How could I possibly had imagined yeah, never mind one You know like true like got me, I'm sorry Ellen I, when we were ten, we would like think about money strictly in terms like how much close we could get from the gap with it. I was
still closer to vat, mind frame, then you know so you're going to buy the whole gap catalogues of oil is over and that he had been told actors don't make money, but then you just did I'm late allow I know- and I am even more in a therapist the label, so many was just stupid. I was like funhouse Yeah style, ok signed in future, oh god, I'm gonna be now. I realized I was passing up money so good to feel like you I was no wonder you're, not a crazy alcohol. I won't. I was really tiny. I guess I didn't feel tiny at the time, but my was baby
word I mean it was definitely awkward like. I had bought aloft on Mr Street and was remodeling it. There was nothing in it it, but my dad had been a contractor, and so my childhood friends, Joan and Harry who have a firm together and are architectural firm and they had worked with my dad professionally. They had designed our lofty converted into a like a nursery school home, and so I was building. This laughed with my kind of surrogate mom friend Joan, which all felt very natural right, but was nutty yea as I was reading. So I would like my architecture, one on class and then go home on the weekend to like oversea, your law. My law may live, so it was there were many shades of fucked up there too
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We have to give you one of those super long. You are elsewhere the code Download Okcupid today and go on a great date this week and then tell us about great person you met, will celebrate the wedding. Were many many guys trying to court you well. I was very deeply. involved with a guy called Ben Lee. We were like We living aim together now, still then the fields and allay now he said, called Oh, yes, he's! No, no he's strain, and also my husband's English. You say named Bentleys called been late. I've I've appropriate that affected in the gnawing, but I guess you yeah yeah, I hear from our American. I forgive us if we call beyond anyway, sorry anyway, so I was like not going to college for that reason. I was there
to learn. I was nerdy than any kid in that school, which was ridiculous cause. There were a lot of shit A lot of good really interacts. Nerds. We love you got him so jealous. You need where you any files or excessively I didn't finish. I went for two years and I now sets out a guy, but I feel like heard two years at yells, more impressive than our clinic provides you graduate yeah yeah you while you when, no, I don't think so now. What did you major and Why didn't have two major, because I only one for two years, but you were going to get psychology well, I thought I was, but then I realized that would have meant by psychology was in fact English, because I was- I by psychology. Ultimately, its also like a baby field sure sure an hundred vignette it was asserting itself. As miracle in someone yes, yeah as the scientifically driven and oriented, and I didn't think that was true.
I remember I took some class were abnormal had normal something and we had to write an essay every week and there were some controversial subject that we had to say was either good or bad, and every week I would say well the data's inconclusive. I just don't think we can say and I would get p I said, get punished for it. I just thought this is no like you. We can manipulate these numbers anyway. We choose and do you know? I would imagine your you know a ton about psychology at this point. First, from having an interest in as a kitten and also plainsman, that's by poor but you know the whole history the DS am and how came a bow now tell my army tell me so there and offered the neighbour would say in the fact tat there was an english guy who came to America specifically to expose how bad the state of sight, I agree was U S in what he did ass. He deployed like six or eight people,
they had to go into a clinic and all they were allowed to say. As I hear the sound thump in my head and then once they were admitted they could only tell the truth. So the only lie was I hear the sound thump in my hand, and these were generally people participating where other students and whatnot and They got a myriad of diagnoses right, like schizophrenia, egg, a huge barrage of different very, very serious mental health elements and then he published this and Whole community. The american psychology associates what they We need to do something about this right, so they decide to come up with a standardized tasks which became the DSM and the DSM is a questionnaire that a computer can read and tell you basically what you have, but one of the fall out of like say the first yes M, as if you give it to people. What you find is that probably eighty percent
the country has a mental illness. So their conclusion was either well mental illnesses pandemic or the DSM isn't really getting us. What we want. Now been several iterations re examined. I'm not take a position on it, but it is a fascinating history, but there was one psychologists who really took umbrage with what this guy did, and he said- and I want to see- but I always say this- that he worked at Johns Hopkins, but he said send me somebody a fake to the clinic, and I will tell you who the fake is and he agreed to this, and they said that at some point the next month or send one him and at the end of the month, Johns Hopkins Guy said, This person- and he said I Didn'T- send anybody so is kind of like his double and allow yeah. There's a fascinating, am documentary about TAT, but at any rate, so you were like this might be. We might be still early in this.
I also, or we sophomore, and do I mean by this head. I have a disproportionate number of therapies to friends as well, and I strongly believe in therapy. I am I love the Fair Ba. I love it. You started young yeah, yeah yeah. What a six six six! I am! A new Yorker, sound rides gonna. When there was a robin who we went there be. I saw ghosts and I think I was also. I was developing river o c d- a pattern, but there was a gargoyle who lived honour pipes and are aloft and would make me do things like maintain contorta position for twenty minutes at a time. I couldn't take a shower alone because demons were coming out of the shower head and it got pretty extreme. That's a lotta gioia of any man, so my mom took me to Gideon and he helped me work through them.
Ok, so, what's really interesting is when, when Monica suggested that you had maybe been drawn to acting because you wanted a thing of Europe I was wondering if you are drawn to acting because you have total control see. I think that it doesn't come from alike. Pathology. You know I don't. I don't think it comes from a meeting, a need that should have been met in life and that wasn't being matters, and I was just a really keen close avid hungry observer. and I just really always was deeply deeply interested in human beings. And I had no patience for cartoons. When I was a kid I wouldn't want to waste my time with an abstracted image. I wonder: look at actors in
real space and time, and I got really lost in those details, honest to God, my first memory of acting was. Why was about three? I must have been three and as it pre nursery school, there was an indian american woman. Slow was our teacher who I loved, and it was now time and also as a really bad Napa, I'm still a bad mapper. But I was a very good girl, I'm still a very good girl, and so I was pretending to sleep, and I had remembered that my mom twitch in her sleep, and so I was I was doing that and remember thinking like that was really saddle really knew nowhere is slow and anything other than dead right. You just found the perfect speed for that which so that still the same exercises the same praxis, Saint Impulse and it didn't come from a nervous place or afraid
play, sir. I know place of needing to assert control. It was just dead natural impulse to the mimic right- and I took a real pleasure in the game of that sport is quite right cause, I think it's more expensive than that but beyond that I don't know now. Was it up? our decision to leave you kind of I mean I was gonna do movie that jury, Foster, was gonna direct, a goose circus movie and I trained firm. All summer doings orchestra would type flying. happiness and the spanish web. here, ran away there, there's a mexican american family that had been did in the circus forever in it was wonderful man. This was set up in the backyard in the valley, those so hot. and I got so into it- and very strong, which was dino and not the point, but especially from the spanish web, which was my favorite was an irish web. It's when you have is to
piece of cloth and you climb them in the new. You tie knots and then the kind of flip down one of one of his best run doses helium that's an aerial. Yes, as an aerial yeah, it's really really really fun. We did that in other we'll Fang within I did. It was pretty pretty varied, vary across the board and it didn't and up happening. So I had taken a semester off to do that and fell apart and so on, raced back to school, but these, like guns, decided or arms that just now atrophied real bad, yes with interest and I got more stop star. I really thought that I would do a movie a summer, but a kind of fail to realise how much work goes into getting work, and I just wasn't available to read scripts or take meetings and at that was just very idealistic of me and like I should have got what I needed from college. I met my best friends who were then grant
awaiting you know, cause I'd taken time often, and so I started to feel a little isolated. Did you have any food, that the window was closing of your opportunity, acting, maybe a little bit at that. Point a minute. I was like twenty two and but think it was more than that As I said, I did all that socializing that I had missed out on when I was younger. I kind of learned the fundamentals of reading and writing. My could diagnostic Hindoo learn did now how to think critically, and I had the tools that I to go forward, and I think I also I really you know school with the question of made a acting out of habit or I you know this was a decision. I made a very long time ago when I was a child, and I just wanted to give myself an opera unity and a more neutral environment to rig
meanwhile spring when I was a little bit and then you you were able to just jump back in pretty easily it was awkward. Ah, the first job I did was the hours I d like a little rollin that which was kind of dreamy a couple scenes with mousetrap. I did of movies actually still they like call Digby goes down oh yeah, and then I made a very bad movie with Joaquin Phoenix and Sean PEN in and Mark and Sweden. An amazing director called Thomas Mann to work who had created dogma with large one tree. It like it will very exciting and it didn't work, the various reasons, but I also was ice. I'd like have acted for three years. I was like very school girl at that point, and I forgot that acting was primarily a visceral, more a great experience you Know- and yes, you have to understand this
or you're telling, and it does involve some analysis, but that's not the critical force at play. and so I had to remember that and I had lost a lot of my confidence which I had just had in abundance. When I was a kid right- and I don't even know why, to the extent that I did but became self conscious for the first time ever as an actor, which was weird. I was thinking way too hard about it all of a sudden and how long before you got your groove back. I think that sort, a curse was broken. When I did Terminator three of all. Things will go, and that is what one I really want to talk about. Knows: she's gonna wanna talk about how three things I'm gonna want. Another actress was hired and that didn't work out for whatever reason I'd auditioned didn't get. It then suddenly they called me and said: do you want to do it and I had a knight to make the decision, and I just thought okay
and I really did love the other two terminator movies. All was a man of a mantra I really was, but it was so immediate, and it was so out of my Not a gene ride ever worked within, but I remember thinking like oh I was there to do a job and I had to do the job well, I was hired because I could do the job well and that release me from- whatever over thinking I had, fell victim to and that loosened me way up, part of it might have been that the machinery is so large, a movie like that that it's almost distracting enough in a good way, yeah, which I gotta run here. You do. This then allow artistic pretend right. You now, Anne and like I was doing the next dogma movie with the best. Years of all time and again in Asia,
which was group leg, and I was so grateful to them. For that I had a blast literally and figuratively, at a very bad haircut but I had at the time it was me, shut. It was the most expensive movie that ever been made. I know that now that, yes, didn't that's incredible. It was stupid. Like going to universal studios every that's what I would imagine and also Euro Arnold is in the cult of big right everything on him and around us is oversized to a comic degree, hedge having been a hammer like you would have different cars, he would bring different cars to set just to keep him come Many and their ways our Mercedes tank at one point know what they were more than Mercedes sign was the size of that window
and he wore a watch. That was that big smoked these cigars and already the size of that table egg. It was just a herd Now I would imagine and again I'm I've been wrong almost this whole time so, but I would imagine that simple Temple grand them is now a seminal moment right in here your career yeah. So my first thought in this again is so shallow of me, but I did you, probably don't you do. You have any men anxiety in general in life he now so my first was like. Ok, if I were to sign onto movie like that, I would I gotta get to know this person, and then I would. Libya, the I'm gonna break up with this person at some point like I'm gonna have to go
friend this person and then I'm gonna move on to another movie and I would already be fear, had Nazarite Kaftan yeah, that's really! I can our brain works at some day. I'd like your brain drain, ahead, all any like hurting settlements. Some point down the right way: they are so so interesting you have! No. That was not my fear that I had the faintest sent if who she was when came my way. I meant you and I we were in the second year of our relationship, and neither has it been working that much in misery it. We just thought in what fergit? Let's just have a summer. Let's go travelling and we did and we had the best time and started in Turkey and we wiggled our way throughout the middle. rain and it not like more and more a lavish when along and you know, We ended up at a film festival, is scarce and
was just so bloated and much an excessive and hang enough. We had. o children, no thought of Joe Then we weren't even that you know this, and I got this call about this project, which was a little sobering and but it was just like so contradicted the right insane chapter. That I had kind of found myself in. But yes, oh, I read more about her and she's just fascinating and it was really scary, but she was just so much more interesting than I was terrified. Eda like that Tipp the scale. Can I just thought of fuck. I have to do that. I knew you had. No fear is another fear. I would have had plenty of fierce political affairs. As you see, there's there were some pretty dramatic misfires with people take. you know, I'm rule only go so I did the home of it. I haven't seen it, but I remember I watched Tropic thunder
It was that parity, yes, simple jack! That's right and I was like a lion. actually run. I remember I remember saying to just in throwing those kind of friends with him and I was like Oh my god, I think I'll just plates and Remember that guy I will end- and I have not heard me you know until I saw the worst case scenario played out it as one of the best satirical do companies of the Decade- oh god, my heart, sang. I mean, of course I didn't go into it with that being nobody, but you have also just feel she's such a vulnerable human being, right. I mean she could be missed it in turn we in some ways, and you start to feel that anxiety in that Roma ability, meaner by extension, yeah than you think like after the fact like this. This look,
like I'm hunting hiding war, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, so now I definitely had a of how these will you shot at him then saw Tropic thumper. Yes, ok, no, have you seen dropping thunder prior to do you think you would have done so? Probably the visit of that you let I had met her in you. My matter here and I had to really good with director- was wonderful too, and the writer was weren't mean the team was great, but I also had Susan into MAR. We worked really methodically towards breaking her down. I had a dream when I was, I forget, which came first was the physicality or the voice, but anyway I was more fluent in one part of her and I had yet to integrate. The other part like that, I think, was the vocal part, nine dream where I was walking out onto a stage as her and as soon as I opened my my,
is really literal like nothing came out like there was is awkward period where I had to fuse the two young. I think I was like really reticent to even work through it and were her soul and finally, I just had to go for it. On the first day of filming, yeah it's all right, but I had a whole like check system Was she ever onset watching momentum at play? Not all that often What was her reaction to see new play her she recognized herself, which I was really really grateful. And that was also very much. dating right, like don't fuck this leg. It like the consequences would be pretty grave. Why wanted her to feel like it matched with her sense of? and I think that was the case in also she seemed to have a ton of fun when you were winning were winning awards, yeah, although she is profoundly sensitive person and honoured
carpet. That's lodged a mule nightmare scenario, with flashing lights and screaming and sides from thinking like get Temple get her inside yeah, let's get out of the sea ass and pop pollyanna them all. She has an amazing sense of humour and she's scientists and she thinks of herself as material for people to break down and observe she is giving of herself in that way, right yeah, you want you want everything for that right, I did I want all. Did you light? Would you like winning those things idea? There was. The period where I won all the things for Temple, Then I want a lot of things for homeland, which came pretty close after that. So it's like, oh my god, this again, which was very nice, but the gift of that is that you learn that it doesn't really matter right. Will you shoulda brochure teeth the next morning? The yet? But those things are super confusing
does award showy things, they are validating and it feels really good to be celebrated by your community, but there also this funny construct and it may to feel like an athlete or something. This is not why we are here doing this thing. And there are so many of them now right leg they had so many babies, my wife, We are right- and I don't know it's just a whole other industry. Now and when I started like we Didn'T- have stylists pretty much. Did your own hair and make up the its run, your bus, blouse, the runway, gotta Nord stronger. I go to the gap yeah, all your your demand. How you, by Irene down like injured
aid or anything or delayed. I would around the old lady or something I would just imagine like that. You lobbying, as you said, recognised for the work you did in that's validating, but then others, this whole machinery of it. That is going out okey in doing interviews being on a stage there's like the publicity line of the whole experience, which have never been that naturally gifted at, but I had to say at that point I had my partner hue and so to move through. All of that it with him was a massive gift. Is it easy for you to be married to an actor who has pretty limit. opportunities. I dont know how limitless are well Don T, you think maybe sometimes here's an exam you, gotta go do homeland, where we gotta do. In my my own life, there's been movies were well. She can make this much or we can say here- and I can make this much so there's just a very, very clean cut, clear financial, yes or no. We asked like we have made more,
for this family to go to land on watch her work there as they here watch me work right. I think we were really lucky in that. Hugh did to really great series. Why All I did homeland in their worked out pretty well cause. You know he did I for years and I did a show called the path so INA we would really take turns my hiatus was his Do you know where you have enough, so we both were feeling creatively satisfied on really we're not such act early actor. That sounds a little silly to put it that way by those ideas, he's, really aren't at the four right. When, where together. We both love it both take it really seriously. I guess I mean enough move care deeply about it. We like committed our lives to it. Certain extent, but our friends are not necessarily in the business, I think, sometimes by being american and his meaning lashes. Like more the thing that will come up again-
we're gonna, go oh wow right, we'll get fear mine, as I find the english accents so charming and then So I go. I would I wake up a year three. because when you ve all lovers, I'm hearing you do the edges becomes Hugh it opts being English and it's really funny when other people s very handsome. Yes, he is a fancy version of english accent. Even so, but it's him Barras saying how much we are willing. To concede to that kind of human life. Oh, you can get away with anything. Yeah yeah, it's kind of like its tempting to exploit I'm sure you were really pathetic its. It has a big power over us, but I like real. Remember that when I see him outside of the context of our relationship seem in the world just like melting all the
Butter yeah. I e, although you know like a man thirteen years in our relationship like my wife, can shot a cupboard in my mind. I'm like. Could she have possibly shut the cupboard like I just like workshop. It was out of the room and allow really fucked with him all you watching a thing. So I just imagine you re like AL you many I'm going. I mean that's data line of just cut the fucking shit you, Liberia, Fuckin aluminum, together I go to my head- is like the other day that both is like saying is lab, handle a boy or a little bit ever get where I was and am and he actually asked a question like how annoying is weird english guy, but I really bad, because in our
Kids are a mayor. America that that would be weird for me to have like English is that's gotta behind in my view, for him almost daily. So have you given thought towards after home? You mean, like a four year. Re returned a yell the ILO get that it set out. They think it they mean. have made it way more empirical, since your last that I'm sure they had their doing brain emanate with awe psychologist valves, let's be bailed, nor are they have been on that I dont nine years right now for aid for a very big. Yes like actually in some and total, it's more like a decade. I feel like I'm supposed to know what I'm supposed to do. Next, right, but I am still so immersed in it. I haven't surfaced yet, like I don't feel emancipated enough to sort of say yeah,
that's what I should do. I have no idea, but it's gonna be awkward going to be a little uncomfortable, which actually I'm kind of looking forward. To I mean I'm not makes me want to vomit, but I should be. then it's hard not to work. It is, I feel, like I'm in freefall a little bit right had this alternate itself that has helped define me actually and now she's gone. yeah. It's disorienting, you kind of already said it, but I just want to make sure I'm sure about it, which is you had friends visiting. You were able to do it. You know years six or seven. That wasn't. I do remember, because I had never been on a series of my wife had been on a serious and I came home like season two and I was like I think I suck this year at this and she's like why and I like it just like I'm not trying or something like that:
that's tv, that's the beauty of it, just like any easier and he has easier like yes, all of a sudden. It's just you! Oh it's the greatest. I love that, because you already lived your back story young after, like make it up. You're, not cheating, earned the chance to just do it. I'm gonna miss that and I'm really gonna miss being part of a company. Do you think, because you said earlier the relationship person, this is a relation ten year long word. Yes, that's heartbreaking! A little better
never had a shot at monogamy as an actor before that's a luxury that we're not typically afforded yeah. It is kind of amazing that you got to cycle through so many different realities and communities and selves. That is a joy, but there is also something like deeply grounding about working with a group of people who you have such a strong were poor with and a deep history with and a resilient trust with emulate, something that we do need right. The show definitely provide did that for me and I'm sorry to have to leave that yeah. I dont know if I'll ever do another run, that long right and the quality of material and the people who are involved. Those just really really excellent in when I was so spoiled.
I never actually took for granted. I have to say I think I was old enough to know that it was special but yeah that was cool in I would imagine over the years that people who have bipolar have reached out to you. they have they have their very mean. Look. We took a lot of liberties. We had two. There is tv and she's doing way too. I was always quite nervous about her condition being used when it was, can wait, I'm having infer the plots say. Can I didn't want it to be just a gimmick? I don't think it was ultimately, but there is always a risk of that when you're telling us a yarn of this kind, but I do think that we tried to be as responsible, because within the barriers of the format of the medium and they're, just
aren't that many representations of that condition anywhere and pop culture and ultimately she's a hero. You know soda, so there is that positive association which I think is really valuable. the more. I have learned about that condition, the more or less about three Diane by our assembly that if I had that condition I know I would be one of the people that and take their medicine, because I would want the wind up I own, I would live for that rightly become addicted to the pathology there there that Heidi because for a while you really are performing at four lines of coal guides yeah. That's right, yeah and you are truly productive and outpacing. Your peers and common trajectory is that you can get reward.
For that and then you get promoted or you know you ve had this elevated status and more responsibility, and then you kind of capsize. You crash and then just becomes, you have presented organ of how many people suffer from that in the country. I think it's like five percent five percent- I don't know. I could be very wrong. That's ten million people. I think- and I think it's in the five percent range. That's right. I have so much respect for people who struggle with us because you know they after each is tat to be so diligent and so disciplined to do basic stuff to get through a day, and We take so much for granted. Yeah well Clare. I love you, I'm in the group of people that is a gigantic fanciers yours, you're, so tremendous on that show I'm very exciting to see what is going on February. One is the ninth. Thank you. I love you too,
Thank you. Thank you for inviting meteor attic. Your you'll come back with your whatever thing you end up, choosing sure I would love to love. Ok, and now my favorite part of the show the fact checked with my soul maiden mama got bad men Monica PAN. How you do? I thought it was to be more. It seemed like there's gonna, be a little more Of course it was. It sounded like there's a statement that was gonna Father. There was, but I was really just thinking about the fact that we rode the attic today, which is always a great start for my day, does want to throw that out, and I do worry when you live across the street. I guess I could just walk over to your house and then walk you here. Oh yeah, that might be a fine Rachel so that we will ever have to travel
That's true live where we were here. We walk from your house to the attic three step so exciting yeah, so yummy we should tell the arm chair is cause, I'm not till. I bring it down, and other gonna be sad about this, but eventually are attic that were in right. Now is gonna get to me, It's gonna be destined Ash Gilbert, it's gonna, be a wildly know that part. I hope We cannot get a permit for that thing. I'm trying to build. It should not happen and well I mean great for the mojo the sad and yeah but bad. For, like I mean the exercise and that's where my exercise equipment is supposed to go, this huge garage, there's, no designated place in our new housing projects. I mean that the basement right, that's kind of what have been pushing Balfour so in our current house with a basement. That's Roma gear is re aid. My rip gear, as were the heavy thing,
are than I lift up and set out. So I said, but can I know the basement of the new houses, a theatre, room yeah, but it's gonna, probably after Jim for a year seated now and she was like put it my office on fit all that crap in your office. What about thing also have an office? She nothing. now and I'm like- I can't go a year without working how commit suicide backyard? Oh, my god, does he not only got by the way? Can we talk about suicide, sure I mean I know, there's gonna, be a weirdly encouraging taken suicide ok for real as I get deeper into Gladwell. Look. I don't want you to read it so bad. I will this mother Fucker love the things he tackles. Sophie early so fearless? So it's talking about other famous poet she killed. Her suddenly can now but you're in the right world. Emily pelicans life- oh Plath, Sylvia,
Sylvia Plath, so she killed herself in England in what she did was put her head me oven and turned on the and at that time, Every single house in London, burned type of fuel called town. Gas are not natural gas that we now use. So Tom Gases is kind of dirty mix of all these different gases, but you could kill yourself quite easily with so when all of London had town gas, the number one killer of people was town, gas was people committing suicide with Tom Gaskell's was very easy to do, and so the traditional thing he knows who, as I was like well, if you get rid of town gas, people just find another way to kill themselves their nets. What I thought going into this chapter in that's called the displacement theory that ok yeah. You took away guns than people just use knives or whatever.
but the work of a certain sociologists recycled started investigating in realised that there is a strong coupling aspect to suicide. So it's not just that someone's on a war path to kill themselves- It's that they have ideation, they hang about it, and then the situation is riot and in dumb and so What happened was when they switched over to natural gas, the suicide rate do dramatically. Dry, didn't just move over to another method, yeah, and then he goes into the folks who have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, which I think is like fifteen hundred at this point is the mouth of any structure in the world. The most people kill themselves and am theirs. these movements to put up barriers. So people couldn't do it, but then that the argument was we'll know, it'll just jump off something else. We're going to spend all these millions on these barriers and there's going to be about something else. When I put it into healthcare or something or some prevention, which again I would have probably bought into that theory, but one of these
did is investigated of the I want to say it was like maybe five hundred people who had been interrupted in their attempt to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge over seventy years, a person Winton interviewed all those people that had been interrupted. in only twenty five of the five hundred had end up killing them. So yes, isn't there so interesting, suicide is one of the hardest topics for me, I get very anxious during that kind of Congress Asia, embryo you know I used to have one. I had a really bad anxiety. I used to feel like I was not suicidal, but I felt like all this and I was up remember I was just going to look down. I would have done it it will happen to me, which is not what happens. right. I was yes, so I had a lot of anxiety around suicide here, but I think
that's really profound end! Sorry I mean not to be political bud Well, twenty thousand people a year kill themselves with a handgun in in the US now. Look at I'm a gun owner just want to be dead, honest about that. I own guns. I also. If there was a button on the wall, I kept pushing, there's no guns in America. I would push that button in one second, so that I have a very complicated. Relationship with it. I dont like them enough yeah that I would want one kid in the school getting shot over my lot, loving of them again. I know it's much deeper than that for people in its constitution brighten all the stuff. So I'm not even going to get into the weeds on that, I'm only going to say the data he gave us that it would appear that it would cut at least thousand deaths a year off, because this coupling mechanism is so strong. Just it's amazing that that's why so drawn to everything he writes of almost every chapter. I enter with the exact mindset that
most people have an it's like some opposite way of thinking about it. That's substantiated dad I love I love heavy. My opinion change it so rare Were you in general, in life? It is hard to do that, I'm giving you a couple of, but I find very beforehand, yeah. I guess I was driving home from work yesterday listening to- and I was just like all- looked all internet or a little baby, lobe buoyant toilet bull of of stew, You tell people that we think we might be having a baby. Oh ashore I want us, I dont want to start the rumour mail, but come I Monica toilet at her new house, which is a non functioning house and at what I did. I flushed toilet in a flash properly and, as I owe the water still on great than a whizzed hey, then they hit the flush
whoop see no water in there now. So then, I came to you like I've been in your commode and I gotta have to bring over a five year a bucket of water flushed ass, easily ass usual we'll get to it, and then you were there like a couple days after TAT in European appear PAN yeah, and so you PETE on top of my idea, I didn't want to put be in another Torreon our dismay. Multiple things mean antonym your. How so I peed on top a european and it's all, still there some weeks ago, odds and ends of embarrassed words, and we think that maybe the mixture, the p o. Fourth growing we'd. All now we may be Malcolm Rattle could way and on having brought because this story only brought me, sir. I think this would be so exciting. Now we went over. And what we went over there were the five beyond water bucket, and there we heard my dad.
there is a little yellow baby down there? love hoarsely, word or lower your movie yeah. They were Polynesia like live in that oil at my neighbour. that toilet you're right any would be jaundice so well. Ok, extremely anyhow, ok claim so the tv movie that Chris Stan was oh, yes, we got the name of any. I got the name of the tv movie. That Christian was it and not with Clare was called polish wedding and she had braces in it, but
the still that she showed me her mouth is closed. Do you think that was a racist thing where they were like all polish people where braces everyone? This movie has to have braces they vat if they spend all their money on braces, That's the stereotype. We hope Christian had braces in real life or she had em like prosthetic brace layer, headlights question no clarity and christian it. She said I had braces: oh, maybe you're right, maybe that was the character had braces costed Chris Braces now them thinking about it. I don't think she did. I want to say she had of her like a week. Ok will that another not now like, they were almost perfect, Now all apply any of that How
They went to the or the non sittings by economic, this fixed by Sunday nobody's braces hack. You dig him of Sunday nor your beautiful smile. I would ask you go, but instead I'm gonna ask Christians mom, we have a quick question: quickness did christen braces and life and for how long- and if so, how was it over a week response? Would we, work, but we should open up our orthodox reclining. That's called one week orthodontic whether we can now, I know but think how much business we would do in the first few weeks before people got. Why morals year. Oh, my god, like the thing you said, me last night. I got. I have the greatest idea that you think I can't even say it's a: u have to make it very clear, kidney, ok, some I'm definitely shelving. Plans to really do this, but were watching the morning shall gap and
No it's loose, I'm guessing. It's loosely based on Matt Lauer. Maybe they haven't said that explicitly, but I would say yes, ok so it appears to be kind of based on Matt Lauer and of all of his indiscretions there's, nor even the guy was incredibly good at that job. Right yeah and I'm Bill o, even though I can't I never watches shown my politics are opposite tremendous at that, because number, one in the ratings for every year on that network. So We have started about launching a network called cancelled, cancelled network or cancelled tv, and it just all These guys that have been cancelled. And you know I think people in public would be like. I hate that prison, but then at home they pray watch it because they would think no one's looking at them. There is really an explanation of the difference when your public and private and that's it- that's a big job. That's a big big Joe put yeah, but I do think it would be very successful
nothing I want it to be successful. I think it would be very successful. I really down. Have you down now? I doubt I mean I think they'd have as a percentage of people who would like it, but do I think, would be popular now and then you use you made a new came over the top relics, housing and Lauer Bill O Reilly, which I dont think either was accused ever of forcing anyone against their will rampant This is a power, but I don't think there's any act. Rape allegations right. But then you came over the top and said you could have wines thing. Do you like a movie or the wheat too, and I said why without will use it he's a well. I had a feeling, so actually it's. Why said it? I was wondering what you were going to say it and respond to me for the rest of and I owe now, but he got up and show you ve told me one, but I wonder
what your response is going to gonna, because I thought maybe you are going to say something like that. Like that's, not the same thing but its close to the say it's the same thing Bureau it is you idiot, you're right is the same thing and there's a gradient Yad. There is Let us say analogues, I'm always saying that in the more I'm like watching some of this. Actually I finish the morning show last night vulgar end. love. Your own ears were really now a mess. That's a mom said about last night. she said. Oh my God market. It change your pants five times over how good Steve corral everyone's jealous of steam corral cause. I thought I'm sure he's the new Jean Gordo yeah, but anyway, sucrose so good, but I'm watching this whole thing and I'm just like yeah. It's horrible me he's these a b
uses of power in the chain of power and its really bad and in shore. So technically he didn't anyway. I'm only drawing a distinction between consensual sex and non concern. Sensual. I now that. I think the line is a little more blurry then be born of traditional legitimately, I think you're, probably I'm seeing this cause, I'm listening to catching kill Romans podcast, which is really good, and I am reading his book as well, which is also really really good and yeah when you start hearing the accounts from a lot of people like rose, Mcgowan's account. All this, like she's, been touched, out of nowhere right ran. So it's just like your catching up your eye and is trying to catch up to what's going on, and then it's evaluating all the ram of nations, career end or otherwise in so by the time could even launch may be a game plan, your pretty deepened
you're an assault here exactly been so I definitely under estimate how much of what could have appeared to look like consent, exact, isn't exactly which is The great chapter of Malcolm's book is the complexities of consent and he's like number one, one of the biggest challenges, is how can you even educate people in college about consent when there is no consensus on? consent is: is it nodding? Yes? Is it moving your own clot, like the asteroids Pauline all these people on what a thing constitutes consent There is no consensus around that union really know what marching orders to give everyone. It's such a complicated topic, yeah, ok, baby Hey baby. What are your name or p baby cancer of English name him or her p baby? she wrongly baby she might not like there was
He won't know that will assume every hour was why big like women, but but also show just assume that everyone was born in a toilet nice for her mother appear. Baby you know could have both part. Me too hungarian media and a little do hermaphrodite, yeah her man I learned in and throw there's really only Ben, I think one or two in history relay yeah, because part of the definition is that both sex organs have to function. So quite like you'll see, there's all kinds of things that could happen in the womb during the development where something was interrupted, but then it came back online. So you can have women with vagina. That appears almost like a p
on top of the good horses right last really, but, as you know, is very worrying. Cases that were filed is from Africa but they're. Not then I have a functioning sex organs. This there's approximately seven hundred worldwide. I dont believe characterized by the presence of both ovarian testicular tissues tissues or what or both gonads, ok, but all right. So I think you ll listen, my and throw class. They had to be functioning not just present. They call this true. Hermaphroditism, ok, es? I just claimed? I love being my mind changed. So thank you, Rob doesn't feel is fun when you do it as wins our avatar music. Under please, sir, She said Clara now not the airbag declared, not P bay, larger huckaback declare? oh, so how at some point you are required to be an honest
Oh yeah. I didn't wanna make her eat up her time, explaining the history to me, but I was like I didn't know that I know I had no idea. It says the artist and resident zoning law was passed in nineteen. Seventy one to allow for the conversion of two hundred commercial loves to residential use, on the condition that each Contained a certified artist, Soho and no Horace, essentially zoned firm, quote joint living working spaces so that these properties would be off to any non certified artists, four years ago I was widely ignored, as agencies like the Department of buildings concentrate their efforts on matters more pressing than carving out affordable spaces for artists to live wholly one becomes certified as an artist. I wonder I know why aren't I certified she was where this year we should figure out the process. I wanna get some dirt.
Sheep square for each man him yet so house I was, I was living in the art I pay, while at their you what I'd live in the West will or the West valid yeah hearted heck, one or the other burgers are over there in the west, really hungry, beast rule no, but Emily's in Brooklyn the area will there's an Emily's in the West Bank. Well, that's what it's not our! It's, not our Emily's, it's beautiful! It's the same! Emily is and all the burghers are a little bit differently. Each location, some hours was Brooklyn woolly. There again we build maybe maybe they're travelling with hers, gonna be hard I will say: is Kristen going be her grandma or her mom? We all know she won't be her and their use in there, I guess you'd be step but doesn't feel super complimentary, though, does it work?
I mean I don't know I just say: that's just the truth of the rules of the world. I know he is not in there, but I am not convinced that she won't go p in their before our babies, maize, while the consumer really well will now ok, so her, my own, her mom, had a day care, and that just reminded me, no, my hot grandma how to day care I would have loved them on the damage drop and may be baby of Vietnam. Your grandma and finally, I know people babies there, but I would Ben summers. You know with them, and so I was always around all these little kids and I was really jealous. You yeah, oh yeah, I did of your grandma's attention yeah and, unlike what my mom would collect, sometimes it's been wholesome my moment, be there like a week or two and then my mom would There was some of these kids and I did not like them now and then my aunt would sometimes come in and also be nice like red US, both a story- and I was like now
my ass, you do, you think from being an only child for eight years. Probably I widest a sibling, so bad giving you're gonna say streak of jealousy in your next relationship. Maybe I hope not, maybe the I mean I'll, try now detailed work on it. I know I'm just curious. How do I know? I can't predict that no, but you have like a hunch may be based on the baby's playing with Graham on your well ok a ball. Ok, I do this thing go, wait born. Second, like you use your whole our view. Is you gotta share mom? Would this kid you're forced to practice sharing yeah yeah in defining love, not including exclusivity, exactly they everywhere
is: no is no one's fall if you're born, I would say my brother is much more like you discuss. He too had five years without me. Yeah, that's chair. I mean I guess if I feel safe by the person, I Polly won't feel a gala right, but a poet and feel safe. My mom you're getting your kid it's I feel it gets all around for your hot gaga to have had a day care. Oh really! Well, Well, I'm going to all the stereotypical indian. migrants- and I think like Engineering, medical Mastercard announced dairy queen? Now I never the hooker child, my grandma S, age, women were not doing. Women were house life's right. two or housewife. Yes, she was a housewife but then also ran a day care or was it profitable Mohammed? She charge
need a good living, nor are they saved a bunch of money and over? There are very frugal that and spend any money like she made on my mom and sisters, clothes but yeah. My father was a professor, so yeah they had money right. They gave me all of it just just get in Tuscany, okay, so, oh yes, she was talking about the guy and myself called lie who was in a knock, seem a commercial, so Jared Lotto, who is in the knock, seem a commercial, but he was actually in the commercial you like. With Rebecca? He was her love and all my God. I can't think of any accolade. That would more prove that you are the most beautiful couple in the world than to have an oxymoron ivory. Why
I was scared of angels. Ok, we're satanic. The biggest movie of autumn night came out. It set the record for higher domestic grossing movie ever from its debut in December. Ninety ninety seven to close in October ninety ninety eight making more than six hundred fifty million dollars just domestically. You said psychology is a hundred fifty years old. The late nineteenth century marked the start of psychology, as a scientific enterprise psychology? As a self conscious field of experimental Seti began in eighteen? Seventy nine wow, I almost nailed it through the dark. Do you wanna do exact man, on forty one years, while greater so's nine years off, yeah really class, hey Google What is nine divided by a hundred and forty one? The answer approximately zero point, zero. Six. Three eight three zero is also one presented by them.
There is nothing cuter things. Google in your chair makes amazing smile. So every time I walk in, she has her own microphone right. She is really like she has a longer than the p baby, don't you think she's in love microphone because they look almost the same yeah we're like that clearly of the same species, NEA while ok, the Dear SAM history, that you give yeah I can't find anything on there and then I checked with when D also yeah. She set it out a lot of stuff about the dear salmon you're right that it's like contribution correct, but She doesn't know anything about the thump, although she was like. I do remember hearing something like that and I said I think you may have heard of
on our show that there is a I could bring it up on you drink area. I watch two three or four, an Englishman who tricked psychologists it pops up doesnt pop up and get a move on. It didn't pop ups Let's move, ok, so you'll find it and will put it on the year leaf action. Now we'll talk about it, ok, so the percentage of bipolar and the? U ass by poor disorders and neurobiological brain disorder. That affects approximately two point: three million Americans today or almost one per cent of the popular Her estimate was a little higher majority. I don't really know for sure road then you go you always we always get into this human. I it's always like is that people who are already acknowledged. They are or it's hard to know, and that figure is it a speculation. Nineteen revelation people hard diagnosed gas,
It's gonna be a lot. Then you going on. There must be a ton of undiagnosed sure that there's no way to do anything. I do. I can't do it. We don't have the Tec One, for we do have a good piece attack in here. We do, but we don't have all the tax, hey, Google, how many p baby exist in the world. All greek sorry, I can't help with that. Yet well, eventually, should get to say one when when ours is born will get back to you. Google will tell you first. If we have the first of one. I love you. I love you