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Colin Hanks & Allison Tolman

2018-08-20 | 🔗

In this special FARGO combo episode of Armchair Expert, Colin Hanks (Orange County, King Kong, Life In Pieces) and Allison Tolman (Downward Dog, Krampus, Good Girls) sit down with the armchair expert to discuss one of Dax and Monica's favorite TV shows, Fargo. Colin discusses the balance between work and family, how he was almost cast as Dax's role in Zathura and the misconceptions people assume about his life and childhood. Allison talks about what it was like doing press with an animal, her relationship to fame and she shares her experience with depression. Monica and Dax fact check out of Austin, TX where they discuss the world record for treading water.

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Hello, everybody welcome armchair experts. Are we we're doing this introduction overlooking Beautiful Lake Austin, it's early frailty, it's quite incredible or not go on home team armchair, Brenda House on the lake leading up to our lives show and, my goodness, is it spectacular I don't want to brag song ass Monaco to do it for me, look I'll bring long ago to tell him what record was just south there was a treading water. We can't be positive. Its record. I'm well say that pretty certain for you, it's a record and was kind of a challenge to Charlie my dream. Both in the perfect ten calendar is much more fit than me. Yeah. You wanted to beat him
something at one thing in life is one thing would have been found, so you picked treading water and you just treading water for an hour in one minute, one hour, one minute of straight: treading no treaty, no cheating, oh bullshit, straight trade, and we created a work out there were hoping will sweep the nation called I'll try to have a real things like shows up and then an act, told turtle came by well yeah. That's what prompted calling turtle tragedy Ok now without further ado, this is a very special episode, because I think you guys have all heard that we love Fargo Zone were Fargo nerds. They think it's the best shall on tv ever yeah, it's heartbreaking to know that there is not another one in the media pipeline there will be one, maybe he's very busy, Noah Holly. I think I read that there will be ok
Also we decided to do a Fargo Super episode. So today we have both Alison Tom M column Hanks, it's a double whammy or we will talk about Fargo in both and we hope you enjoy. Also, if you find out that someone has done it for more than one hour in one minute and like us than just keep it to yourself. Also, if you want to pull up some pictures of lagos- and why are listening to this episode, great idea and looked and stare at it for one hour in one? No, that's how long nose to hear our common Hanks announced and home armchair export is brought to you by stamps dot com. We use stamps dot com. It's so convenient like this
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He's not gonna, see some precursors here to your wife, SAM. Yes, I met for. Ten years ago. Yes, because whose organic working on movies a thorough that I did yes and I always got on with her great yes on my favorite people, there is great Then I bumped into you, I guess at Ryan Hansen's house. Yet Christmas Party, there is a food trot. Can I think specifically, we are waiting in line to get Fredo Pie sands favorite mail? one other feather in her cap. Yeah just shows what kind of Galicia and down I was like all. This is a map, maiden havin a to super nice people that I've liked. Every time I bumped into an you got, how did you guys even find each other we, so is going to be very funny and maybe awkward for you. But
so she went to college with my best friend who I grew up with in Sacramento and my producing partner, whose produced all the dock sector and so they went to school together. So I had met her in passing a bunch, but she was sort of just like one of many. You know. U S see people that I sort of men when he was going to school and then we sort of connected- or at least I was able sort of like? Oh yes, I do know you because I went in and red four or five row forest the third. Ah, and I was I was shooting move. I have to assume for the role I was yes, cast him, because there was only five Casio amber. Yes, you weren't, that's him robins we're all. I was not the TIM Robins, Roar, Kristen, Stewart, definite another or other Joshua Hutchison I was
working in gaol jeez I was in Texas again I'm working on a movie and the actors, movie was lot, was SAM's, roommate, ok and she goes O Sam works for John. Error and I go whose Sanchez two red hair. You ve met her diary underline island. I don't know what you're talking about and then, when I flew into allay to meet with five Euro one day I met favour offers a thorough and Peter Jackson for King Kong allow. And I walked into faroes off and I saw SAM and it was like. Yes, your SAM, I know exactly who you are oh, and we sort of we talk a little bit and we had mutual three tons of mutual friend. He is very clear that where it gets a year ago, so I go
oh and have that meeting with with fabs. I have meeting with pure Jackson and I get offers for both movies? No shall yet, and I literally have to choose. Oh my good man, I try my artists, like find some way to do both be sure, but in- and I imagine both because I was in there that was a six month long shoe it was. I am raising long shoe or five months, and then I have to imagine. Com is also that was ten months yeah and it was same, and so we were, I was tribes are begging them like. Is there any way that we could do both an end date? Zip thorough couldn't move dates because of TIM Robinson he was the most important
for that movie. Yes, at that time there will remain and then, but they did you like as worded. So they said what we can't move those kinds of his date, so you have to choose right and I was like stay in LOS Angeles were which I've ever, which are really want to do by this Peter Jack. Ten months in New Zealand like, I think, a kind of got to do that and so I set out I've tried to call John. I left a message for him. He waited five days to copy and I called SAM. I said what with what's going on is easily. She just graffiti suspect anyway Megan easier, hoping that you change your mind which I don't know, that's true
Why will save our bureau has allowed an injury movies that I aspire to have he's? Got he whatever the three d like yeah dimensional chessboard? Is my eyes mastered that he is one of the few people? I can humble myself enough to call for advice, he's always who I call for it s like he's, got a ship pretty figured out he's smart visas. It was like one of those things, whereas, like I was so bombed because I I mean I've loved John, fairer yeah and he was like he was one of the reasons why a sort of wanted to get into like in the movies, but like was one of the people that man
We realise that it could be done. It can be done on any level. Yes, I compare swingers too, like when you think you might wanna be a musician and you hear punk rock yeah, fuck man. I think I might be able to do it. You that your hand, Swingers, was very inspirational in that way. As, like horses, all homemade backyard, guys got together and made out of you so anyways Flash Ford year. Her. So lately you go and you can call. I go new king Kong. You go Jesus everybody's happy, it's all good right. I come back to allay and icy salmon a party and all of a sudden just clicked again and unlike oh, I think I really like. I really like this person and we started dating, and then After a year of dating, we moved to New York together. Ok, why did you moved in your so now stay marauders, you you're a circle to New York, leaning moved to New York, because I wished to sort of fried in LOS Angeles and wanted to change,
I came back for news in New Zealand was sort of like a big like life. Changing kind of experience for me, which is reached me just, was at that time in my sort of ladyish twenties were unjust. Sort of like oh, like that that the clock is running like do shit. You know like there's, no more I don't want to be there goes on. I should have done this sure and when you read the script for King Kong, You re Jack, blacks line it. What was cute twas cute
was beauty that killed. I for dinner towards the hearing was when you read the line was beauty that killed the boy. Did you have a moment of deep gratitude that you weren't gonna have to deliver that line, because when I saw that movie, I thought I want all right, Jack Black, a love letter and just go. God bless you. I don't know how you did it. I don't think I could say the line out loud. Will you know the weird thing about that? That's it carry over line right from the original. It's a glaring over line from the original, but that what happened was he wasn't originally going to say it. Ok, the original face Ray was going to say. I knew she was gonna like do a cameo at the very end and say twas yeah Kyoto is going to help the way you twice muted and I the store, hurry goes. I believe that you know Peter had met her and she had agreed to do it, but then she passed
away like eight months before that, had sort of happened, and so I think when I read the script, it was already started Jack's line, but he was here kind of like you, you still have the chance that ask him about his whole emotional journey and knowing that that line on this common, probably return months man I mean that yeah. Sometimes you just get stuck with that lying words like it's gotta be in. There was in the original and then also like with with with PETE. You know it's like twenty take, sometimes when, in my text There is no rush. I recall, being rushed on that movie. Er I like that is the biggest budget film I've ever been on in his like. Ok, we're just into the scene for like, all they live two pages. You have children now idea right. So that changes everything because absolutely you know
We all you want is a child is to become an actor. So when you're doing the acting job, you're doing the thing you want to do and then all of a sudden you, like my, also want to be on my candidacy, home right, yeah and it gets fought. For me, my my patience has gone down pretty dramatically with inefficiency or bad game plans. Well enough, also to bring it back to New York where I'm gonna like goal in this interview. I did not hear about New York until literally our two. We can make that happen, that you're gonna say we moved to New York for the pizza and I've got you garland hangs for coming here, and it was so great that have had a very decisive right in the Middle EAST. The city waters delicious, but there is time when yeah I mean you're, absolutely right. When I was younger, I would just spend so much time obsessing about work and what it meant in work.
The things that I wanted to do, and you know all of that is that, because you have nothing but time and nothing but energy and nothing but anxiety. Obsess about those things will inlets add to it at that moment, when you not Meriden, don't have kids, that's the only thing you have rightly so it's like you're thinking in terms. Maybe legacy or worth on this planet our right and then once you have kids becomes pretty crystal clear, like oh no, my job now, my errand. He is getting this kid to the finish line, yeah absolutely, but in so you really are released for myself, I'm not evaluating any more like where am I add, as an actor in my respected? In my it was my successful like those things that were the only thing I really had to evaluate myself. Doubters took a back seat yadda, yet it ends up sort of just yeah. You just put in the back seat it's still there, sir and I'll pop up
again, and try and give you some backseat unity reactions la how old are you? I am forty or you're forty, ok, I gotta say this is only happened to me imply the last year and a half do. How often is that pop up for you, like you at this point, you're forty have you at all transitioned into like you know the drill main thing is, is like make a living mother, Fucker yeah like whether or not people are goin to like see We talk about brilliant. You are yeah now yeah, I don't have a debt that is not net. That is nowhere near as prevalent as it was when I was when I was young now it really is. I mean shit even right now. You know that tv show that I'm on I love it. Great, what's going on life in pieces, guy vs we're about to start or fourth year, Oh, that's us, which has been amazing because it shoots in LOS Angeles yeah as ours are super quick,
works out, Moulding Amazon, but it's not multi can, but we shoot so quickly with multiple camera measure that we serve are able to keep the pace up real quick, so I can be at work at five in the morning, and I am at home reading. You know the kids books by seven at night right and it's perfect and I've been present in my kids lives. For the last four years yeah, whereas right before that. The piano I was you know, go into Canada going to Michigan I would like all of these places to go. Do these things where you know maybe they're not working out or maybe they're, not being you know, as accepted, is as much as I would have liked a shower you think they're going like? Why am I why my dear but you're a perfect guy to talk to about this topic? Really you just kind of steered me exactly where I want to be, which is you were far go. You were brilliant Fargo.
You're here- is kind of a FARC. Fargo episode of you know that you're here this morning, Fargo episode really yeah, often because we love the chosen by my colleague, Ria, so you bad you both- and we know the Argo for the hot dish is Yeah I'll, bring you back to me or of the big apple, but last five years of your life. You had both things, so you have one that you had to go to Egypt, where they were. They felt that count the point, is you were in a tundra froze I see here for a few months right and it's not super great hang for the kids in the wife right they didn't even been an income data, so you experience which was Fargo, which it might to say that that's probably the most prestige youve achieve Nasser o absolutely yeah without it up. I we're watching going like so
like your on it like. I am glad that you- and I say this like, I would say about myself, I'm so glad you got the chance to be on that show and that you cry in such a crazy way where you're like oh, no, I'm fuckin deserve to be here as much as Billy about Thornton and that's awesome there. But you had both experiences and the view. And now you ve had for years of general comfort on a show yeah. Maybe without getting now have you been nominated me, I've been nominated for Fargo, but normally I mean for your of Lebanon is no no rights, yes, so kind of put those on the scale forming forty years all well. I saw it was so fascinating because I feel that the Fargo thing, In reality is such a weird fluke it and I
mean that in that we didn't know that it was good. We knew that it was good, but we didn't know if people would buy into that sure. Well, for a broader, the gay it's. I think you're you're treading on very hollowed ground which lapse of the column brothers, one of their less movies. Ah, how dare anyone trying to make that into a tv- and that was the first thing I said when my age like so we had this scrapped your television series of Fargo and forcing us it is why right style? doubt by the way Billy Bob I was. Working with on the judge, oh yeah- and he left there and went directly to counter data- is like I gotta go to you. Some rulings on Motor Vulcan, Bertha who's gonna go to counter. I'm gonna show forego like wait. A minute you're doing Fargo is it says- and I said that bill so weird, yeah,
Why are you doing far go just? I was confusing to me and I remember saying like that, feels like a big swing. It feels like it felt like a super big swearing and what was like Citizen Kane, the show yeah and what was crazy was that I think universally That was every ones initial thought Y know and then would then read what that power I will read the pilot and now pilot was so different and so like. I can read it now, but he was so ground breaking aha, but at the same time. You're looking at it just going like wow. I don't even know this is really really good and then the more you looked at it. It reacts, it actually got
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If I gotta pick one thing, I got to see you my life, I'm definitely the show the that that particular episode I remember you know I went and I did. The audition reddened got the pardon, but there was all sorts of it wasn't really clear like what the season was gonna be in. There was talk about. Ok, so can only get a show and you sign sick, years of your life away, yeah and you're like okay. Well, Europe hope this is rightly. I am on looking number seven do no enemy, and with this there like okay, well, they may do two years, but definitely gonna be one year with the option for maybe Santa's. Like. Oh, ok, like an
starting with no any says look, you know what we're doing is really different, and even if you just looked at the structure of that, one of the first things he pointed out is a pilot. Episode of a television show the very first episode aid. Normally you make it and then, its months later, until you make the episode, but with this one it was we're making them all right when it is only with Ebay? Oh yeah, pretty much like a movie and he said. Look when you do a pilot. You have. Let's say you have twelve characters. You have to introduce. Twelve characters within the first, like ten, hey ass, any which is the laborious power, Laval, bandit adorable, but the gas stuff didn't come up until page. You know: forty eight a wide and of the apis out on he said so. I want you to know that your character is an integral part of the series, but in that one particular episode, it's just
Why you see rights- and I remember thinking well, you know you didn't have all the other scripts too didn't have scraps and we ve all been lied to buy a lot of direct, oh yeah producer overthrowing, but I remember thinking like well, if you're gonna, be in one. Seen like what I say, I have seen that you want a beer, but that the nightmare part of this story is that that scene was actually shot, on two different freitas. Oh really, he shot olive Billy Bob sign on one Friday and we shocking other my side, the following Friday and Whaley Bob. Wasn't there.
We all know and not at all. Billy mobs fall right he's a busy man. He was not here, it was. It was like a scheduling, lay on a steak and he couldn't be in Calvary on the day. So we had to shoot the day that it was scheduled to shoot the entire scene. We had to shoot Bob starve yet again a mountain. I ended up basically just like shooting it young har in like in our stages. They just opened up the windows so that we could see the brass aha and we did all of Billy Bob Stuff and one far anger. Of the both of you tie, you guys hitting either gather and then a week later, saying too, I'm saying rap too were first. As far as I said, I set it to three different. I set it to three different things. First. There is added to his stand in who is a very sweet man, but he didn't know that dialogue now, and so he started
improv, but it sounded like sling lead, and I Ok trader yet- and I don't need that Let's get the psychic area, they say something more about that seen in particular, if ever there worry reacting, seen yeah, so your full basic, your phone. Responsibility at sea is reactor resume. Ah, yes to this, credible, my guess this incredible! That's what you're gonna, lightning man, that's what you'll be out into the sea s in you're gonna need there. I did that, need that I would almost prefer they just put a fucking mind or in the front seat. I gotta listen to what he was saying. Well at one point: we the script, descriptive comes in. She reads it. She the very monotone shall I go also a woman. You want to know what the right gender, let's just I said, let's just give me an ex, like literally just give me Axion and just role, and let me just like-
the register had yeah like no talking and I'll just sort of do that, and and through the magic of editing, you'll, grab little bits and moments and will just kind of let's just try that idea and we ended up doing. I think, maybe two or three takes like that, and then it was just like. Ok, I'm lucky number seven like rent from now on, and that was that, so you must have gone home at night a little fearful. Oh my god. I've never be I've, never been more sort of like ok, but, like I literally didn't know I just I had no sites dear what was going on It was also weird thing of like I didn't know if that was a time where I could stand up for myself, say guises so fucked up. Yet why would you do this by one seat like what the fuck you add, but it's also I'm getting too
no everybody! I don't want to be that guy. I'm sorry I mean I'm not that guy. So I don't want to like find myself being that guy in the first but there's is theirs, is others, meaning that it is important to remember at this point none of still really know if this is going to work right, yeah. That's nice, there's so much in the back of your head, you're going. I know that this script is really good, but I dont know if people are gonna buy this. I dont know if people are going to get past. Their initial thought of, like oh con brothers, fan fiction nothin right and it was also shot in a very specific way, yeah. I was any of that occurring to you. While you were oh, no language leave this ace. They had specific rules of things that they could not do as set by who, as set by Noah. Ok, I'm really as set by the common brothers right, because there are certain sort of rules they established in the moving rules.
Establish not only in in their movie but in all of their movies that it we want it needed to have that same patina, India. To have that same, continuity, your texture, and so you couldn't just throw focus to something way down. You know the corridor, They don't do that so like there were all of those little things where my, why don't you just do, then? Is it again, and so that was that level of detail that we didn't? Really, oh about reading it bright, and we didn't really know about until we started what sort of filming at me when o o k will this? Is this pretty cool and then the the moment that I will I got really excited was when they brought in the money the bag of money now wish Emmy leaves on the movie yeah. I had that direct connective tissue,
Yeah and I went that's really cool. That's cool, like I dig that yeah and so that it started to get a little bit more supportive, engaging our sort of like ok will this is this can become a cool? This gonna be I call on you out. For me there is a whole other component of. I was just thought that Gus was just so one note. The entire series on like this is but worrying, like all that's an undercurrent. I want, as you did, that the accent, how intimidated were you to do that? The you're like Hell, that's fine! I can do that. It was only intimidating for the audition, ok the audition I had that I had that my opening bit that I hope would cover my ass is: I went in saying so my accident is somewhere between Canada, a men and Chicago down here not. But if you give me the job, a widow
into the middle into Minnesota, and so I just kind of did that, but when you're there not helping Giron we are well reality, and so I'm trying not to do. He made an ax his idea I slip into super easy. Yes, I get infected by wherever I'm shooting. Yes like one of those in Boston, and I get it. I get chip where from visiting yeah, but the reason I get it is like I was in I was working in Boston. We kept driving for like an hour to these different places in my driver, Jimmy who had just got out of prison at the thickest, ass, an exit and I'm just talking to him for an hour a day on the way to work and then on the way home. You just pick it up and before long I'm, I guess I come back to my fuckin room and tell the rest and like let's get some fuckin spaghetti now in ages. Yeah, when I will Samaras makes by making these when like when we travel to, like France, no media, like on the phone with the rooms.
Can, I say, like Panama, Palu, Francais, INDIGO, wet and then I'll start talking in English, but with a french version, because what the fuck are you doing asked them? If you could speak just speak, English have to be like. Do you have? what're, you don't do that, so we would like a holding a break I went to Italian so like so on, cargo. Every morning you we'd get you just. Did you stay in the accent during the day or down? Now I didn't do any of that, but every more everyone on the crew thanks you by the US for that, every morning. I would meet with this great guidelines ban and Tony, and I would meet up with him every day and he always had headphones on, and so he was listening to everybody, and so I started get the primer for the day. Ah, here at bonds repeated a bunch
You were great cause. I could run lines within ourselves. Both the ouch was really great and yeah I mean it was There was so much that was just so unknown about that hold. Were your kids then, or did you even have them my? second was about one and a half I and my oldest was like three and a half. Yes, you're missing some big shit yeah during that period. Yes right, the one Have you also an essay words? Yeah coming more agile are running around probably medallion home
three year old with yeah, I mean that you never get used to I mean when my second daughter was born. I was here. I was therefore the first fifteen hours of her life and then I had to get on a plane and go to Toronto to go finish a movie, and that with I mean that was a whole another thing, because we weren't sure like when she was going to come home. There were three days left on this move. Boy. I had not yet signed my contract o clever, which I dont know why that producer yeah, I cause I've. Never they never let you start out with general, crazy and- if you had a limited like reacted. Well, I mean I could of yeah, and I mean, if push comes to shove, I like to think that I buy would have just stayed number What now, when I came back and said so happy items, man, I'm sorry,
lead- and I said, come here Here- is my signed contract. You should have got I'm a day. One of my daughter did not come this past weekend. I was not going to come back yeah cause, I'm not missing the birth of my child for this move right, but it all worked out and just think you. Thank you. Thank you. I call are small, independent movie here, and so there are already stressed the max address, even if everything goes correctly of letters in that moments, I'm sitting there going like well, I just left, like my new born, like I didn't, get to bring her home from the hospital right. Yeah, that's pretty rough, which is wrong. And that is really when I started to go ok, I need to, I run need defined. Some balance here. Somebody
Greece by some boundaries, and I need to make sure that there is an artistic each that is being beginners grass scratch, but there are also gotta, be you know you gotta make Bradley gonna wanna, be home, video and an far go was like sort of the proving ground of like okay. This is so good. This is. This is worth it, but when this is over, I think the next one, it's gotta be firm for them for yeah. Do the Pham? Do you ever fast forward to the death bed and you go like oh cool. I've got four trophies on a bookshelf. And I missed first day at pre school I missed stay. I kindergarten. I miss, as I miss that like You ever do that. Calculus, the deathbed Keller, less realise that there is a good ego jack. It's like why the fuck do. I need praise
it would be a good at the call at the expense of Might children's it's that in the back seat that is costly, piping up every now and again you should be doing this. You should be doing that. And now I just go like yeah, I mean that's a fleeting thing I know that making sure that I'm there for the music Recital M were the you know this sea. Bingley innocuous kindergarten, graduation, the eyes it doesn't preposterous, but it. But now, you want to be there and you know I mean I would much rather be at at,
every one of those things like this? Is so preposterous? I didn't I didn't. I thought I'd glad, I'm not! I go home and then I'm likenesses drag ice at our. By going. I never had it knows clapping for me when I left kindergartner priests. Outlawry like you do get real. I didn't get. You know, twelve great, that's when you get your big fuckin party, oh yeah, I mean I'm a cynic like that, but then I go and I go or not. This is correct, like this is lovely everyone's happy, what the fuck's wrongly that should be. I guess I have this fear like hormones. Getting soft and no one's gonna run this country or something I don't know, but at one time they are. I do a one eighty and it always makes me laugh because both of my kids in their own, their kindergarten graduations, got to work like the the hat and the tasks none of my graduations ever did. I wear I've already got one up on me, which maybe is that's what it's must be right,
You spoke of her right after you, kids that you didn't get so they get the tassels yeah every graduation affair I'm sure there. Thank you cash out for supporting armchair exe. If you haven't heard, were switching to the cash out. The cash app is the number one ranked up in financing it lets you do the most with your money, whether you want to pay people back, buy and sell Bitcoin instantly deposit your paycheck right into the EP or receive a free custom cash guardsmen, your cash anywhere you like in now the cash card is more powerful than ever with the cash apps latest feature curse, boost the cash carts boost programme. Let you get instant discounts every time. You swipe your card right now. You get a dollar of every purchasing, make coffee shops across the country. When you pay with your cash card and it does not stop there
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We could over see all the chefs working yeah, we're so high in the air I death in the stage itself. On this thing we were on it, moved at EU and up or down or something but anyways while you're on it. It was pretty wobbly yeah, which is funny But but then I learned a lot about you as a person, and I I guess I assumed you had been raised in LOS Angeles, but that's not even the case. You never open Sacramento right, the Grove in Sacramento, my mom and dad met in Sacramento in college, and then we eventually soon after they had me and then that we moved around a little bit. We lived in New York for a bed. We lived in LOS Angeles for a bit and then, when my parents split, I moved to a comment I with my mom. What age free then, however, wanting to help us however, all the orange third grade, so probably around your nine, eight or nine. Depending on what your birthday of heading,
when your birthday, the one, is your birthday November, twenty. Fourth, nineteen, seventy six ok, so you are probably always old, freer yeah right yeah was always yeah. I was in the older grouping yeah right because they did the opposite to my brother and it was just straight cruel, Graduated high visibility, yeah yeah, it's not that son. I thought the direction that idea. Although in this, this is nuclear arms race of ages, because now everyone holds our kids back so used to be like a view of February Bertha, you're sitting good. But now the like your kid who was born in February ash we could it be. The link is so like our Dagon, like or people dispensers, first rate years old about what is its an arms race. It does. That is really a description of it. It is a fact, an arms race, so you're in third, Fraid sizing third grade, and so I pretty much grew up in Sacramento, but I, she's in LOS Angeles, because my dad was down here? Ok and what was this
like what were you we were doing every other week in which every other we can ok, so we do every other week end and summers down here. Do you love coming down here around? I gotta leave my friend now I love that I thought it was great and you know really, there is a will. There is a it was just a fund. Sort of get away, and I mean which I really loved and remember that I was unable to support a hang on my friends in the summer and stuff like that, a we, you know I had than we do a summer camp down here and so the ode find stuff to do arrive. There were summers where Europe, the old man, had a job, so we're all gone. Two main Indiana Fer a summer, almost Seattle for a summer, you know whatever now the travelling ended up becoming a big big component of it as well,
Yes, now we had much different fathers, but I do remember part of the excitement of going to my dad's was he was a bachelor, the disposable income my mother did not. She was flip foot the bill for heads yeah, we would go there and he had a vcr. He had on tv. He ordered pizza for every meal on tv and so my brother and I will go there and he would mostly go to the bar. Like we go to his house for the weekend. He would go the bar and we would just fucking watch VHF tapes order. Food eat, drink pop fuckin eat cookies. It was it was about knowledge. There was there. A big shift in the environment when you would go for a mom said, dad's a little bit for effort for period, but eventually you know, you know I'm lucky for him. You know he ended up really finding the person that he was meant to be with right in in.
Rita my stepmom. So how do you know what a oh? Well I mean they had actually met years before you know she had been around. You know pretty much like right around the divorce right. Ok, you know in any real it's interesting. I wonder if you have this as well I had no problem with my father, remarried like he. He had. He married the scale Tammy. I liked her right or the gate zapped. She was like super nice to me and she was feminine. Now my mom remarried a fucking hated it like the new step dead in the magazine is like oh gathers another alpha mountain on the scene and he's we're gonna now live, by his programme and I hated it like. I never extended the welcome back to the door.
Like I did to the to the mind about stepped adds that are always yap area. Having my dad, I have a game. Wherever we have again, whenever watching football, a hundred cut to the head coach, we had to guess what kind of stepfather they ha ha ha ha added that work. Whenever I go see a rich rise in its this whole game. Where we go, he just shows me photos of Kosovo. Mr Father, that's easy stepfather they can nudges is always ask where the room right right where's did you have more than one step further, I didn't have any say: oh you did your mother, never remarriage, never remarried. She date deeds not really! Now did she joined the monastery she's not going well found God, but she did gas, so that was definitely she's alive, a part of it. Now she has to well. She did yeah, I what a pathway in two thousand and two Well, that's yeah yeah! So she was forty, nine Ruskin, sir lung cancer lung? That's what my
he had died. Cheers years by I ass. He was did you? How does your mom forty four ah fuck? Is that young and it go it's very quick ear right. You ve Yeah small cell carcinoma, really quick yeah I mean with there was a period there. One was looking pretty good but then it it. It went down hill very, very, very quickly. Here and now, yeah. That was also like five months after Orange. I came out, so I got a lotta year years happening like all at once, and it was she was diagnosed with. Are you making now? Are you feeling guilty for having success while this bad, like? Were you when you would be enjoying as having been allows county? Would you go like what a piece of shit? I should be worried about my mom. I know it was sort of like a God. Of course, this is all happening at once. That sort of just a kind of any like our life thing
where every Murphy's always happens. So you just, I just said it went like. Oh okay, I've got a deal with this, but really what it did was it. It showed how unimportant, ultimately, the work stuff was and the light of the life stuff was much more important and it kind of fuck me up in the head later on, because then I go back. You know she dies in and on all the stuff. That is a clear visa. Blank under that I have one full sister into half brothers. How cacti can tell I really quick called you? Are pizza, no, I won T three. I think twenty three ok yeah that and about right use. Twenty two and Jan Andersson, yet that ever the about ass were young good for now, really very horny.
A very protected, all its very than that, and so I come back to allay like trying to do work in it's supposed to be this great time, because you know, congratulations, you don't it do tv anymore. It was like that arrow, yet here all these movies, but all the movies like teen staff and I'm just gone through this. Crazy experience, you're feeling very dull? I just said no, I'm not doing any of that shit and and, as a result, didn't work. So there was just this component of like. We we're talking early about when you're, when you're single you don't have kids like. I was very fortunate in that I didn't really spent a lot of money. I've been on a tv show for two years. I made some movies, I'd like to have more money than than your kids. That at twenty three area- but I wasn't
spending it right, and so I had you know I had fuck you money. Right charge was You can't do this, you know tat. Hamilton movie now now know what to do to get some argue money idea. Ok! Well, all right! You weren't you, your report, I only heard in your career yeah, but that's fine. Do you think the fact that you didn't go on below a bunch, your money at twenty three is because you grew up with money. Because I fetish sized money so much here- that I would have had to have driven a corvette at twenty three. If I could have afforded one. You know I don't Yes, and no, I mean The reality is. Is that what we definitely grew up with money for sure, but it's not that the head nowhere near the amount of money people would assume right right, but regardless
yeah, I'm pitcher in silver spoon sissy now in my head, and I think you had a train in your living room annulled in this document was like six. We only occur only Christmas time with the threat, and that was just a small one. You couldn't write it had only the one hundred. I don't even know if I want to know that it wasn't back just so a fun when I think of you on your train, but the thing is: is there and you I mean- I think there might be a similar thing and in your experience being a child of divorce, you know I don't know how much money that my mom was getting an alimony young, but what I heard all the time was, as we don't have the money. Yes, sure we don't have money for that rights. Your dad has Oh you have that ia, and so it was Never like money is no object, it was money is, is, is the very least that the biggest subject an end, so things were incredibly special
n n N trips were incredibly special, aha, and so it I don't know. I also didn't, because I didn't grow up in these sort of post there's a very definitive line. I think in my father's career, where things just become stressed american you're different. Is then big? No, I weeds it's more like forest Gump era right wherever and I might experience. Growing up was all prior to that. Yes yes, I have this with my sister by the way, but my mother, can it make much money we barely got by then she started this business and when I left the house, the business became very successful and she would you like the nicest private school in Michigan, its literally this same thing right it really it cause it's.
A all that I sort of new and and and the what my experience was like growing up that cease to exist for my siblings because it became ass, different kind. They ve existence for that deal area, and so you know from I just have a totally different. You know topographical map of my young life that has sort of made me sort of the given. The view that I have now right, which you know. I would assume your ultimately grateful for oh, very much, Cynthia very much so because it sort of its it's. The grounding thing in the circus will you have a high latter days like you can be the greatest actor, unplanned earthy Marlon Brando, but if you're not starving, if you're not hungry. For that, you just can't really. Do
yeah, absolutely universe to have a fire in you, and I like having I like, having a very, very different life than p I assume that I have a short sharp and I like having you know a large majority of that. You know really like unknown. I am because there are so many people, ledges girl, like oh, I know everything. There is no doubt that do yes and I'm like mine, now yeah what that is the heart, though, that I would imagine were very much different on which like to me because, had no one degree separation of celebrity. It still was the Anna see him. I had up until thirty years old that if I had achieved that are attain that, I wouldn't really have to brush my teeth any, more work out a watch what I eat it like. I would just entered this other realm of existence. The were later brand. Yes, where America love me and then everything's kind of solved.
I do wonder if you're you're having such a first hand account of it in being your father is partly more human to you than any one else, Galiano as Adieu to still got a fuckin like hamon. Huh. Or whether eat too much mashed potatoes or whatever. The fucking thing is this the human viable? they don't go away now. Lay down, and you know it. You know I can look at pretty much any person in any big celebrity and end. The lure is there is not the same. Veils pulled Bulgaria and that, but you know there are still some that are there there's a hint of it and that I would guess, for you is still musician yeah. He rides musicians, yeah, you still have like around and see that are they do they leave stage? May they take an elevator up to a cloud but went out what's so funny, as is like even the musicians that I've gone to know, we fall, I am so many parallel.
In our lives. It is it's. It's almost the exact same thing: man, you know you're. U, everyone is basically just trying to figure shit out NEA and some people here figured out a little bit better than others, and I was very far. In that there was an example for me as to not the right way. Right, but a right way while things an end a way to maybe it appear a little bit more on the track than than than other people, yet is doing well Look I've met a bunch of my idols and your father being one of em like I'll. Never forget when I met him like a valet line waiting to leave century city some night night before, yeah thing rare. Came up to me, I only got I heard a story. I heard you tell this story.
But he knew that I told a story. We blew my fucking, my friends. I was out of that, even though I am then he knows. I have this story any wanted me to tell it worth to hear this, and I told oh, I know exactly what was because I had worked with your stepmom radon old dogs. So, yes, and I think I told a story and make a trout somehow made it to him and then he wants to hear first hand. Overall experience was one of the rarest I've had because he lived up to everything. I'd hoped he would be in general, it doesn't go. There would be no ordinary, your euros and the end he really did so. I will just say he is kind of a shining example of like to your point, the of navigated about as good as one can navigate the whole thing well there, and that is, I feel like especially now that I've been doing this for as long as I have, and thankfully that my window-
closed. Yet sir, I still able to do. I still be able to judge those cooking shags after a little while longer we got so, but I've also been around and see in people that I came up with reach. You know, yeah super crazy level out, and I no kind of what that experiences like further I watch until then there are able to like. Oh, oh, oh, I can talk with you about this as you sort of understanding. Oh yeah yeah. And that is a very isolating thing. I know you think people recognise how leaning incredibly isolated and it is it is it it did. I've seen it shake people to their core where they be come completely different people in a good way in a bad way in all sorts of, and I find myself to think, as I have a friend in particular, has become like when the biggest stars in the world and
yeah watch that whole ride in just thought. I I do sympathise tongue yeah. It's almost like I've been able to watch Angola who that is actually not what I want. That's comforting ten. Then you have your kids and yeah and you go. Oh ok. I would rather do this, but what you up- ambushed is miraculous. I feel like what I've accomplishment, rocky less, because I left this little town in Michigan, and I came out here and in its very hard to end up employed in this banana is, and I feel a tremendous amount of pride about that in its it. It is I've family, a huge accomplishment- for any resentment for you that you have accomplished so much, but by comparison in it it s kind of like it take, this tremendous accomplishment- and it's just unfortunate-
may be measured against this other, yes stratospheric once in a generation accomplishment it is, it can be, it can feel like you, just bang, head against the one yeah yeah I had the early. Had I dont know others you, but for me I feel, like this sense of deep sorrow for you that you may be current recognize what a gigantic accomplishment even she like. I don't! I don't want you robbed of that. Yet no thank you. I mean like you're the lead of Orange County at twenty one or two years old and new crushed it like that is that as a one in ten million proposition, the you're better half should always be able to put things perspective for you. Die. Wife has been incredible at being able to put things in perspective for all that's good.
She's, your cheerleader yeah too, so help me and it's funny, because when I was younger I was always really fancied myself, like a super positive guy and then met her, and she am positive cash recently not a positive. I hear incredibly negative, some oh yeah about about certain things. Are you know? Sometimes I have a hard time seeing the sea in the forest suit through the trees, but there is you know, there's there's likes ages of it. Do you know what I mean when I was starting off? I was just sort of just lovingly naive and didn't think it was as big a deal as it was, but that didn't you were telling So that is a mantra or you do believe it on a cellular level. I think I was just simply unaware.
Do you know me right like it here in your own, that all the way I was centric twenty year old in a strange way, and this is literally something that I'm thinking about for the first time. So it's probably wrong, but in a strange way it is kind of like when you're the big fish in a small pond, and you like on the shit, I'm gonna go to this town and you know young awesome and then you go there and It's not like that. Vs, you know automated ex that's kind of like water was not because I thought I was a shit, not that I thought I was this amazing actor, but I just thought it wasn't that big of a deal right right and I thought that people would just be that I would get the benefit of the doubt of like. Oh no he's is his own person. Yes, and he's great and an inn and men. So glad. I gave him the time we out so that I could learn that. Will it's such a double edged sword, because right at the gate and that doesn't have- I might well- and I am aware of you for one thing- and then and then
gaping. That is hard, so it's like the Brad Pitt would always say like his issue. Was he so good looking and he's like That is the foot in the door, but then also, conversely, once you're in the door. You all your thing. Is all everyone thinks I'm here, because I'm good looking, yes, very tricky free items in order you're only good looking and you must be done. Yes, yes, and so all of those whatever those versions are for like the son of or daddy of, is that solved air. While I have a particular interest in this, because I am raising two girls and one of them, I don't think I'll be able to keep her out of show business like Can it be that, and so am I, trying to be very aware of all that and I'm trying to like I had read, or on recently and Juno Jason yeah law, please, guy on the planet, ex rigour and I genuinely wanted his like. What did John do right? What do you do wrong as I wanna do right in there's? No,
road map. It's not like. I have buddies my colleague came in your wife's famous fuck, you, your wives, the Disney princess. Would you guys, when your wife's America's give literally only call like John Brzezinski there's nobody call? Oh it's you now It doesn't open itself up to a lot. I owe you, John. Your wife's Mary, Poppins, Maskew Quartier, writes a european environment. Was America princes on what do we do with these kids like hurrying and prevent them from being assholes yeah I mean that man. That is, that there is a that's a pizza that will serve later, because I, like you and I and I and I I can't believe, I'm even than the situation to have to contemplate verrier, it's very surreal and it's very hard and and- and I dont know what
illegal money. Just add: Jason is third generation. That's right so his grandpa will attack. Somethin is like, a country western hollow failure. So, like so least His dad had some experience being place. His were dad's getting it. Of attention and people are asking for autographs in. Where do I fit in so I think he was great about that cause. He had some experience. It were. I remember, having a very funny, comments because, like I know a lot, I know a lot of you. No second generation. You know people that come that have had success on the round Leanna, but I'm not like super best friends with a bunch right as a fuel The fund support group could be well says, weird thing, because you? U, technically you, you know, you have something in common yeah, but you don't really like talk about it too much or
That person talks about it way too much. Remember having this funny moment with wood, Jason, where we were we were at. We would sometimes we would both do this thing with thrilling. Adventurer will reduce guest and a voice on this. This black radio show performance at Larga, and we were sitting down it's in tabling we're all signing the posters for that. I've shown some woman. We were so next to each other and some and came up to us and basically like to both of us, just as we do. Love your dad. He has abandoned its basically was just like. I don't know why you're here, you're, not ads or great. By the way, I did the same thing with people. Tell me how much they love prison like they'll. Tell me how much they love christened for seven or eight men.
I'm just going to run out of ways do agree on what I know she's the greatest. That's why I married her yeah. I got her and then a lying about that. I address I'm certain points. Wanna go, I'm so sorry, she's, not here yeah I mean we were on that precariously tall stage. I made a joke and I wasn't sure how you were going to take it, but when I thought there was a moment I thought the stage we were. I was going to come crashing down and we were going to die and I said which would be alive to read the headline, some bells husband and Tom Sine die threads of extended to collapse and, as I said, the joke, there was
this moment of. For me, a panic like, oh, is this going to be some? He allowed is this or or area? And then I was is really relieved when you out hard about it because there we were in the same boat that wearable someone else's name would be brought into her, which will have been well. That's when you sit on a plane and over send someone much more famous, gets on the plane, Anita Brad, Pitt and others that I am very sure, yeah jets like like we have as we and we then lady said this bang and it was so funny because we didn't we didn't need to say anything like ride variety term who's next year, that was there now is certainly and then ironically you'd your two of my favorite and actors of my my generation, Wanna reserve he's so good. He so special. He really is spent years like he has the magic pixie does
Really, does you know, and you know you Jesus you do you find ways to you find ways to turn to communicate with with certain people in a way that is a little bit distance and you find other ways to be a lot of other people and it's ok to bond Noriega. Like you know, whenever someone's is comes up against our main, you just look and sound so much lacking. And I d say that's not true. I am younger and much better than I walk away, hires, nothing right! That's as far as that is much of that conference, acknowledging that I want to have, but I think that's a really good exit Lanka's. You deliver good joke in here in your amiable in that area, with a smile they basically have a punch line, may can repeat there and then he said there was only one. Lady of it said: oh, but you have the ego.
Burst out laughing, that's fewer! Then we re. I, though, in the one upside down I have said this on your million times, so when you, when you're on the outside in your fantasizing about Hollywood again, you you go like for me. The first use us we're, rich and famous, like those you things were going to cure all things and then the thing that I didn't anticipate, which is the true magic thing. I wish that everyone could experiences you get to be around people that are quite special in that they ve dedicated their life. To this thing they have risen to top of their profession in your you get to call mingle with them and to me that is the thing that's like very enviable doubting. I feel immense gratitude for so I have to imagine, growing up around like Martin Short, I use around a lot because he was, he is hands down the funny seamen Bein in
your wife and one of the most delightful human beings you'll ever find. Yes, I had, though, very rare opportunity like be at his house, stopping Canada doesn't go. Go oh yeah play. Along with a list of, and I would just like to talk about an over deliver as a person like as a kid. I uses bike, my hair up at top and do the triangle yeah, I didn't agrarian yeah grimly I did that grimly yeah, I videos of me being a grimly and then ass, plain ping pong without, unlike even better and real yeah yeah much better, but that doesn't it not everybody's, like that? Sure not everybody is like that and I think the thing that is most fascinating and has become more fascinating for me as I've gotten older, is having finding out who the people are that can
that have the right perspective on thing yeah and realise that its in it it's it's an incredible amount of hard work and dedication and drive and passion, and humility in a little bit of Vigo was are all of these things, but there is also this in an incredible sense of just like luck and timing, I'll fuck you and the thing like. I really like the only time that I talks. Up with people. It's really like he. How old were you win win? You know we you got that job yeah this or how old were you when you release that record like how did you? How did that happen? Dia and all of those conversations I always find be so fascinating because their generally depressing for me, because it always the
answer ends up being. They were much younger than me, and I M just confirms my notion that I'll never get to do some act thing I want well, there is that component. So that's like this scar that I just like that if it is well, I was twenty three and I wasn't like never gonna get that again, but there like Donno Glover, I watch the sky Awesome Europe. He gridlock, huge, is working every single level perfectly tabs at age, ass well done was angry Did you ever written thirty rock, just just that yeah but like there's a component of that that I find really interesting. You know if I'm attracted to this idea of a love running away in joining the circus, but yet still wanting
have a little bit of a punch, clock, mentality, yeah, I and my personal life, but I'm also driven by like trying to find that thing. That's next and and and trying to evolve things and look at things much much differently than then people would would necessarily assume yet economies will end when other PETE. When I find, other people that are, there are also like that yeah that's exciting, because then you actually feel like you're, really learning from from that other person bia, and it just so happens that maybe that other person is like a Marty shorter, Somebody like that right and now, when you endeavoured to create things out of nothing on your own, they have thus far been. Memories here, and why is it that that called you? So you did tower records? I did it to Allah. Things was passed. The tower records I am, then that you did a one about the Eagles, a definite yes, which I haven't seen, which I'll get you.
Yeah how long they sent me like a link with the password Cindy. The past I'll. Send you my AOL. Password yes, so like basically what it and was I was in New York, Our already really allows we're getting so do it. I was, I was in New York and a lot of the people that I was friends with were already sort of partnered up for were already right had writing partners, and this was around the time where it was just so painfully obvious that if you want to actually make some you have to create it right and everyone that I sort of new had gone on to incredible careers. Writing their own stuff right starring in it casting
future America sweetheart you write or America's new best friend Mc Levin and become you know these huge movie stars knowledge, tourism, and but all my friends had already had partners- and I am I can't write by myself from the right or I dont have liked severe like eighty like I can't stand still and like focus yeah, don't gimme a to do list Gazelle, like to do one right of that, and so I wanted to do something creative, but I just didn't know what it was, and I heard about tower closing and I'm from Sacramento and towers from Sacramento and- and I found out about Raw Solomon and what his search history was, and I was like that sounds like a documentary for whatever reason
is in I've, been watching a lot of documentaries at that time and for me, there's this thing of. If you can actually get the story from the real people out, isn't that is so much better. I'm a big junkie myself. I think I prefer them at this point to narrative I have no idea how there may really. Then on a visa. Neither did I am so it would be intimidated. Neither did I and it gave me something a too like research. It gave me things to watch to read and it was something that could just talk to people region on the service. It's it's cheap compared to a movie right release, your italian yourself there in January, but really what I'm doing is not sitting down in writing it. Ah riches. Really, I think what it was right. I knew that I couldn't you sit down and rights. I wasn't right
it is down, although, ironically, there is a tremendous amount of writing in a documentary which you pray found laid out. I have found out the hard way yes much later on yeah and so that that the tower thing that mean that took seven years, that that was a very long process. As you know, the of Zeus, all sorts of factors into why that sort of took so long, but as we were making that we were also making little short documentaries for like Caser, W radius, LOS Angeles, and we did some thirty, four thirty shorts and some other stuff. So we had to serve God the sort of machine nub and running right, and then I came back from far go and said: ok, we have, fuckin finnish, yachting layer, half to finish- and you know before I knew it like. It was like a real thing, Brian, which was a legitimate movie, and we made all of our money back
Oh, that's brilliant! Ass, a lawyer, so you're allowed to go, make another one and it's a little bit easier, yeah still super fuckin, hard yeah, so dogs have just been this thing that has been so beneficial and changed my life and legally Don't you think that it's your ear, maybe a little drawn to it, being an antidote to Hollywood in the way that you are drawn in using on being an antidote because it yeah? That's, it's like almost journalistic movie rights. It has this kind of what there's no glory, right right at leisure, Michael, more there's like a single glory in- and you know- I really they were just done because I ain't the topic needed to do it right and wanted to do it. I'm just the amount that I learned in terms of being creatively happy, even if its
that's something! That's out into the world like once it's out into the world. It's no longer mine right! I had no more control over and I had no control over how people respond to it. I have always said that there are three miracles with with with movies or entertainment or whatever you want to call it. It's a miracle. If you get it made sure, and that I mean there's a sub group like a million miracles within them, the arduous it's a miracle. It doesn't rain on a day. Forty six here, it's a miracle. If it's any good which is some person can think it's great another prison, configured, Shet jar, and then it's a miracle. If anyone says yeah yeah and I just a miracle cure and that was so like when I realized that that made it so much harder to two like find work and to do work because you, just you were obsessing over the odd
of being able to do yeah anyone's weird is having done it makes it seem less doable. Ironically, like if someone king I made hit and run for one million dollars. If someone came to me and said I ve got a million dollars go make another, chase movie? I go you, you can't absolutely knows no wagon possible, absolutely not, and it's a little with its yeah. I mean this so weird you gotta be done enough, but to be able to have had that creative output, forego Fargo and then tower and then no semi, while also doing life in pieces, while also having kids yeah like it's all about that that it's a damn Jesus scale that is trying to fix a buffet mar of pretty good stuff. It is an that's when having a really smart partner helps bigness she's, the one that sailor, We look at what you from your doing lawyer your had I your ass, like okay, so it's hard a reactor in America once again, Fargo,
yeah everyone wants zero movie. They get to go out and talk about the in everyone's paycheck yeah, so shut the fuck up. Why did you go to New York? The pizza You go there with any kind of aspirations of doing stage or anything. Now, so we moved to New York for a change of pace. Has I needed something different and I needed to be exhilarated by the place I was living cut? I had just come from New Zealand. That was so exhilarating. So I was in love. Will they call New York America's New Zealand? its long known it's just one island is one I will actually is true there, many north and South Island, queens and Long Island island in status to but
I was in love, so we say: let's move to New York together, so we moved to New York together and you know it was just because I wanted to just say: hey when I'm forty or older yeah. Actually, I dont want to say Oh, I wish I had more lived in New York. The appetite for her reply. I'm glad you found your way back to US house. Would you be on. We don't record this in New York ever to see in the future. If you ever want to be on the show again, you want to go back to date. Are you in court in New York? Now, let me now in time and then at the very end I'm not. I don't want to be the guest ok, but at the very end I want you to say con Hanks. What are you doing?
in New York now to say I came for the pizza and then at the end and what you gotta do is living room, do alive, show and if you could actually carry out a bleaker street pizza and on a ten on internal love, will thank you so much colonnade year, so goddamn enjoyable around. I hope we judge another. Sometimes reality show again in the near future. Okay, now time for chapter to when I was in tone, Alison Tom and welcome to the armchair expert. Thank you, you live but feet from our, so it wasn't really too big of a deal for he was just pop dried on over Yasser Class and you're from Texas right. I am yeah what part of taxes, because when, when I read about you, it set a county whenever they just listed county. I feel like you must be in a very small, our ten county. Now I'm not angry uprights out it s had he stands out. Ok,
same from Houston, really, I'm from the suburbs of Houston, USA, Detroit, let's just not true here. I'm from sugar land taxes lapses south of Houston. Did it get the name of God? It's me succeeded. Music in a rabbit is it was a name sugar land because it had some kind of sugar refinery. The history. It is good to write on the nose right on the exit. One hundred percent ran on the nose in were your family involved at all in that industry, or with its long. It was long on my dad. I was annoyed business. We wanted a geologist fur, so he low Katy deposits of oil slick did magic honestly- and you couldn't even begin to tell you at my my father- did France, they Father, I'm raw, very disappointed in that now that's a terrible answer as a kid when
as we go on like little walks and staff. Would he say this is an igneous jail deposits? Are? Yes, it's anything he said was so nor any rights, energy and then, like me, a Mick Jagger, shot dope and seventy four and any Tina every fathers day when fathers just get like a mug or tie you not rocks or jihads from us early. Bad will love is that I've learned at this gift store and evening he did or ensure he loved them Does anybody loves another tire of my great lake? Well, I kid you know Mfa. Similarly, my father loved or lease, we believed he loved elephant figurines here. An in specifically. He believed that a elephant with the trunk up was good luck. I don't know if this is something this. Down, proclivity or, but rather that, but also we yes. Invariably, every single holiday or birthday got fucking elephants.
And when he died. I was in charge of cleaning out like his house and only on earth useful elephants? We bought him over the years and then I kind of felt what he was probably shouldering like it's. It's too they were collection. Is yeah. It's, I think, that's a common thing to in when you like, you mention once as a kid that you're, like anyone I like over me, was pigs. I was like that's my favorite animal. I said at one point in time and then it had to be my favorite animal. Nor am I sure that was lake. I got I mean my mama's like about this wallpaper. We did read my room and like figurines in toys, and you know, and if you're a proper code, like, I am aegis. You can't bear it.
Tell the truth. Now that you ve now like only around as legal issues, where the line of two like you're, like do, I like pigs or new irish colleagues, cause I'm surrounded by them lake. Where does it start and what does it mean? The outer chicken earner yeah exactly yeah great little factoid about Houston Animal. If you know this, but they passed, Detroit as the them also be city in the country about ten years ago, which I guess we sad to lose a trophy, but also that maybe that was that I and legislate immense something that Monica Wulf fact check at the end of this act check the all the claim then I value urges like throw things and to give her more work to do. You know that's what I mean that's about it, I also sincerely think I know all these facts, as amended is revealed how about forty percent of that's a fact that there is a mass yeah. So
your dad's, a geologist so he's a very smart guy. Am I have to assume yes where'd. He go to college mercurous. Both went to the University of Arkansas and then it where they from Arkansas, so they both moved around a fair bit growing up as they both parents and the military men. They ended up in Arkansas at this time and they are both going to college, that's where they ended up in college and where and then did a job bring water either of them to sugar land or they were like email. Play it made the heads job. It was my dad stopped before that we moved removed tissue within Houston. We lived in England, Penguin Oklahoma, not like England now happening lines. So clearly, hands is doing all it can to current side a London we live there for a while, and I was really little movement that from there to homer we went from Uncle Homa to the Panhandle of Texas and then we went to sugar land and they ve been there
four cents. Ok, so you to move around quite a bit. Yes, that's it! That's! How did that work out for you cause to me that that spells alot of being you had a lot of schools and all that is happening. I they ve been in sugar they. Now, since I I was in third grade, I think our guy, so all that moving around was enough at the very beginning of my life. So I think that at the irony for that move being hard, I remember being like how old make friends so nervous, etc, etc. Of you, like Third Great Britain, Geller, or at least in my experience, was definitely where people are starting to bomb. Like people actually had interests, they play soccer or they didn't they were. They were starting to reveal themselves a smart, and these little pockets are created right, yeah, it felt. In retrospect, it felt big that I then I had left where I was- and I was in this new place, and I am thankful that I didn't
that we didn't have to do that anymore right. I'm gonna make a big generalization right now, but the many kids I've met who were army brats learning is the term it has Takes a toll on you, that is very wrong to be constantly uprooted, yeah yeah yeah. Sir, I regard guy broke my nose on and off he notices crooked, but the I told him I was- was an army Brandon and forever to me. I think that earlier That's an order! Out of that there might be some of the causality of this crooked knows. I now have his red army bracket. Couldn't have been what you did. Amazon. I defend those sitting. Indian style on my hands on the floor so is very cheap shot move. I just want to defend my as fair. Could you to have done there is really nothing you do. You pay says something red yeah. What the ave I'll tell you, what happened
and then so what kind of a pocket of of kids do end up in? I think I will immediately the school that I went to had had GDP programming gifted given talented and I was in those classes for like English and reading on all that's right. I think I think that by that age I was with kids dynamic yeah that I would be with all through middle school and high school. Aha would be those kids We blew right, my mom, daddy geologists, what mom do when she what degree to achieve at Arkansas she has a her her. She her masters in mass medication. I managed to get a masters and her. Undergrad hereditary is in Hamburg. Arm of the growing under current degree is in lace. No journalism. I think he was a journalist. She was she was. She was a newspaper,
She wants to work for the big paper in Arkansas and put my father through his grad school. Oh, she worked so that he could go to school. Are they still married? Yes, that's pretty incredible, very happily, yeah good for them yeah, that's nice. So obviously economics is a priority in your house. Yeah in so called you gotta go to college, I'm assuming that's expected. Yeah that was expected of us and certainly they were going to help us pay for it to preserve fuckin rich, louder discuss all those that geologists money area. It is money. Well, yes, so that was only a priority and then No, my brother and I have two older brothers right: I've killed or others, and a little sister. Ok, let's not talk about her ass, he learns want our role of reference. So yeah my bent my eldest brother, my little sister, both adults,
dead and my other brethren surviving you're older. My oldest, They're, ok and my little sister are adopted. Ok and my other brother- and I are both biological, ok and do this thing that happens to a lot of people? I know happen where they were trying forever. They couldn't have a baby there may adopt and she got pregnant better. Now that happened to so many people out really know that does not have that they had they had my my brother and then they actually had kids from the foster sure, Sistema, my mother and my father. I say my mother because I tend to see like say my mom. When really I mean both my parents, could she kind of like leads to charge the talker and like the the sort of force in paid, but they mean they got married at eighty nine nineteen years old they ve been married for for a really long time in Amerika Super Young, but almost immediately Had this real sense of lake duty to let community and lake, what can we do like look all we have as lake they had one.
But then we can help children so they have fostered. Oil is twenty one years old. They were taken in bags. Crazy. Was that what was the bedrock of that are their religious snow while their jute? They were just people nearest aid married and I believe the story. I know- and I met your Mother'S- never had a french lover. Tom Swift and I dont get things, but others people think that, because I because we're Texans and because I have a lot of times it, you know- and you have these big families with pits kids that are adopted from other countries and biological kids. It's because there are religious family. There's a christian bedrock there, but no doubt was silent labourers. Ass yeah, my parents both grew up christian scientists, all guy, which is the that sort of dying religious sect where they that's the thing that there are known for us. Is that really hard core cushion scientists? Don't do don't take
Listen, they don't do that boy yeah, so my parents were never that hard core, neither where their parents, but that's pretty lake. It's pretty much like as liberal as you can be, without falling off of Christianity. An intellect right. Unitarian is, although that they are able to that's very that's very extreme, to not take medicine. I it is, but this is not a now getting it confuses. This is not overlapping. What the folks, I think, like bees, things in snake bites, will cure you rags. There is also a sign of that thing. Now! Ok, it's it's now again. If you do believe that beatings cure you have things I apologize. I dont believe that I've got picked picnic wherever dead. Now and I think it's like I said it's a shrinking religion. There's not a no one is Now our party was exact knowns on mission and in Cambodia, say dollar zone that they're like we don't have got matters didn't around stop there like we have no thank you.
Then I have assumed against vaccines as well. That's gonna be like us, renegades. You know I've never done that deep into it, because we never really it's not exactly it's not sexy. You probably lying near like this, this sobering. They ride over at. Has they think God will intervene? Yeah yeah, not even so much tat, God will intervene, but that If you want to die of users, you sure it's that its lake, and it does mean that falls apart when you start getting into like cancer and the? U known in but like that lake, if you that, like the things that are affecting you physically, are like not actually what's important like not actually what's wrong, in your life and then, if you can it's a lot of like mine over matter and on all grounds of thinking and like refocusing your energies in your attention I like, which makes and actually the all good things- and I mean we certainly didn't grow up christian scientists, but we grew up with that.
Those notions. I think it's our knowledge of it yeah so like we're not just like take medicine when you have a head ache or lake yeah Tatum take well to get through the day like instead sleep and Gary I called you know, so I'm just can be entirely transparent with you. I want. I want really bad to put you in a box in my head, so I'm gonna ask a few questions so you're that you're, a younger sister and I feel like so I have a younger sister Anne, I think, he's on nearly the exact same ages. You and dumb there can be likened archetype. That's form from that right. If you, if you're looking up to The older sibling in your life is a boy who there can be these kind of characteristics that emerge rightly sister fist fought a lot which I think is uncommon for young girls to do on the bus, and I have to imagine where I was a part of that problem. You know. Were you tomboy, Ernie things to me with them tomboy, but my brother. First of all, my my oldest my adopted brothers, ten years older than me. Ok, there's a big! So what's going on gap
yeah yeah, there's a big gap there. So there's a little bit of a difference there, because we from the like the times that I actually like, remember, Adblock human memories. There weren't that many years that he was in the house right or he laughed and then my other brother wasn t just listen really that kind of boy like I don't think he was really as fighting and who was enough either no bill not been for building and all the stuff. Now I did. I did spend a lot of years with his friend like tagging, along with his friend how much older easy My brother is four years on and I am really did you have crashes on all the boys on his friend yeah. I don't even know if you like boys, I guess I should make a nice. I, like ok, gray, five. I don't know I guess maybe like em. I can remember a couple instances a couple, a couple friends of his that I had crashes on as a little girl yeah. But I don't know
I don't know you didn't have a hope, Chester, anything we're locked items that are far better jackknife left, there's been. No, I didn't have any others. Were you boy crazy in general at all? Now you want I was not, and I still actually have a. I dont have a lot of patience for for women who, I think it is not. I think women who were boy crazy, as girls now are the type of women who alike askew, anything for like mail it the male attention in the room- and I am I just haven't nothing while Miller- show you- and I am only cause Monica boy crazy, but she would never do that yeah and but not boy crazy, and that I am seeking out boys all the time. It's a different kind ok, don't you think I got an idea, you're not seeking our boys, but going on dates every night, and I'm not doing that. I know like boys and girls.
Yes in hue, who you're very excited about certain boys when you're round them, which is why I gave lowliest he loves, make sure he was here and she was really meet. Anyone who spent five minutes but make sure would have this any woman who likes boys, one requires any human being with Harpy, whose currently alignment Miss amendments. Five minutes with its make sure would probably in lower them, but also crazy, unloved, Matt Damon about our flag to appoint words like your heart, almost blows up right when you think about it and she seen good well honey. Like a couple hundred times in committee is ever going to watch it and my brain early this close my eyes and watch the movie from credits to Credit- that's what I would call that boy crazy like I would you know I would. I would use those words for that as well, but I guess what I think of way crazy. I think of like the term that I can remember, like my mother, saying when I was a kid unlike the negative connotations, and I would not associate that will let you wanna get us there,
because you're, an adult person in Europe and again you're not like going on now these that seriously? I just like I just don't want been left and right all day for sure. That's how I don't have a problem with that either it's something about lake meeting approval of the time, because our separate a yeah, I'm not sorry, I'm not asking you if you needed male approval validation, I'm just wondering like do you have crushes on boys and think about them alone? I I did yeah. When I was little yeah. I did- and I, unlike like sometimes movie stars, but also sometimes characters from these minimum ring leg. Just really like you would separated inert myself into that film. Separate them yeah. I unfortunately could not, and then I started meeting some of the people in real life that it was like. I thought I would jump off a bridge for and it is there not their character and it's a real lama for me very evolved,
Would you like to be able to see like? Oh that's, not really, that purse to this day, Monica Things Matt Damon is a certified. Genius. Was a janitor have it he is very smart, but he is not as Mars is, will hunting it suffice to say you're a year for Mary ass it. She hasn't left that problem up on the board the agony, Oliver, as it is a debate him just like I ve ever comes into the pockets, is having on the ceiling that you should leave him to do the right as a blackboard outside the wayside, English. We can't practice voted in problem. You good dog or not talk that's up to you, but certainly this is probably this autumn. So did you have a love affair in high school? Did you have a boyfriend? I did, and let me see I did. I had my first boyfriend in high school I was a freshman and he was a sea.
The Gatt Begat. How did your folks feel about that? I cannot now be the one I'm very pro sex, I very thorough, falling in love. I'm a little Jeanne huge age gaps really yes, like I have two daughters, because my assumption another they'll say and often people, but my assumption would be this senior is, is somehow preying on someone younger than him, because he is not fully evolve with his peers and that's why he's forced to go to a younger category? I don't know I don't feel like up it's your own, allowing women sooner move I get is a red flag. I can I meet the gentlemen by the well. Greed an underwater with a thirty, eight and one way to span, but I might meet him and then be bold over by him, but I just out of the gates had probably a little apprehend yeah. I don't know, I'm sure that they ensure that they had that apprehension and then they met
They really liked him, ah ha and made my mother continue to have a relationship with him after he and I'm sorry, or up now This really liked him and jelly like she helped him find a college and- and I the like, do his applications in like she. Just she just really really take on that. There are very nurturing and there are very varied- nurturing area nurturing yeah Amazon, estimates to Andrews Character that he would carry on our relationship with his Ex girlfriends mother. I've done, as well in dumb. I like that about myself. Maybe everything, that's that and up thing to do so. You know these people, you fall in love with them and then almost Sonya, like ok, so didn't work out with her. I guess that's a rap on this great thing round, but it should be a rap on that yeah why I was not a painful break up. I mean it was just kind of like it ran its course and listen.
College, and you know I got so had breakups that we're like devastating and that wasn't that wasn't one there were never on my end any hard feelings or anything like that right. So we have a weird story: earthquake. What I was in Rome at the Colosseum Rome taxes on taxes at the Colosseum, which is this lake, it's fast, play the Cotonou him in Rome with make her boyfriend with them. And we were like walking around this is like three years ago and I stopped- and I said, that's that's Andrew HUF. That's my first that's my first boyfriend like you saw him as well as Eurostat, the Colosseum with his wife. Haven't summit. I haven't seen him in writing a bare give us, but now What are the odds of that area that I would see him in that in that, have you had any contact with him? I think I had seen him once when I was in college. We are
I ran into him and then we'll go. Did you guys go get a espresso or something I don't know. We both were just like what is happening and I met his wife and he met in and we went on our way, Omby Amby, normally noise sounds like it just hit me when you turn your hadn't thought you up to people ever say that your voice sounds like Alan all, the time yeah How exciting? I'm glad that deny ride me no tax, while he say I hear it, all the time, and even more so before I started doing television like back when it was just play, was doing Improvin stuff in Chicago right. First of all, because one is your pants or support over, not sportive. Yes, they are they were there. We support it and I did metres from the time that I like, they did it. You know commune a theatre, unlike whatever the school plays, wherein then in high school. I was a theatre, kid, that's it! what I daresay they all play their term for that were I'm from, but hopefully not a good one arm well in early nineties in Michigan you're, a theatre ye
Dorothy. Why do you say that? There is something worse that I'm not gonna say let that was also part of it is terrible, but was that divide down indecorous yeah? No, I mean again we were in such a big, like affluent supper running on it. I mean it felt like that there was room for everybody, although certainly Football Pino Sports ruled the day dislike anywhere else. Now it wasn't like. We were in a small town right where, like the free fighting for funding and like you know what I mean we just, that was not our experience right, so yeah So when you graduate how'd, you now try to put the tyres to the ground or wherever the saying is like what is your course of action to be employed as an actor good question, So I immediately when my senior year of college, I went and did this big mass audition that they do every year. They do them like by conference, called
someone listening, is gonna now and I'm on my way, I should say LCD Caesar one of their hands there, like big there, like you, know big regional additions, where, like all of the gas, salary and computer, exactly touring, when he is welcome and you just like. Do you sing a song? You do a monologue. All these people, What utilizing a song Can we not right in this moment, but you can saying yes, I saying why did a monologue and so from. Ere I booked a children's theatre tour of Christmas Carol that start the fall after I graduated, so I had a job leaving, Who are you so you into Chicago in two thousand? Nine is an accurate yes, so there is a gap right from graduating too Mr Gallagher, I lived in Dallas, ended theatre in Dallas ran a theatre company in Dallas on I started my commercial commercial career in Dallas. Ok, you because they cast regional sponsor.
Yeah yeah, and so you you were making a living doing this yeah yeah, that's DEC he'd tricky right cause. If you get a little comforter born, you could decide to do so now was really what it was. As I was at the point where I was late, I'm I'm establish enough in this community that I could just stay here yeah, but I saw I would by also felt like that. If I ever wanted to try to go up a market size and like try a different city that I needed to do it, then I write twenty nine? I think I like I really want. I don't wanna be like starting out again that, for
yeah and I didn't have I wasn't in a relationship. You know, I didn't have a job that I was like a kindly this job. I was teaching on the side, so I decided I went north yeah. Can you started taking clauses that second city? Yes, I did the conservatory program at second city thing, their career training programme Hawkins. It's that it's the course is that you have to actually audition to get into right, and did you love it? I did for. Did you get cast in Fargo out of Chicago? I dad you did. How did that work? Why? How did it go even touch on Fargo? Who should go without saying, but my huge fan of your performance amazing, a fucking credible. I talk about far gone this I guess all time attach the greatest. It's insane. It's embarrassing to filmmakers. How great the show is an I assume I'm like a lot of folks that that first season ass, I now you're making them show.
His movie, I loved the movie account it's not the corner. I had all these reservations about. I had to be told by people know it's actually great and then, when I was like Jesus Christ, I like it as much as the movie or yet I felt the same way. I was like lie what they make this into a shop. Yeah and I read it knows I go citizen. Kane tv show feels weird yeah, so you you you're going on auditions area of an agent in just one or the other nations is Fargo yeah. I like I did a commercial additions. Mostly. Let me night was very, very rare that I would audition for anything even like Fargo bright and made. It was like that you can come in and take for. This will take you in office and look out there and, I said sure my my sense was always manner. We said yes to any additions, sure and then really thinking lake. I knew that they re using a local casting opposites like as they are touchstone thinking all this is good because they
let's see me actually act instead of just being like I liked or TIA chips, because she usually at a realistic expectation- is that has over line of the ever getting this. But this again exposed me too much people that great inexact by the way, that's the greatest attitude you can have because, in my opinion, If you going going, I'm gonna get this and then I'm gonna get everything We build this entire life based on yeah. This thing and other fucking stakes are so Jain Normous for this. But if you go on with a pretty relatively you know, balance exley nation of I'm just going to be able to show more people. What idea? That's that's awesome. I think it's. I think it's important in this business to be able to just take each thing for what it is, lay ass and and then be able to live. But when you go out the door so Obviously, it makes its way up the chain right as it Noah Holly. Is that who ultimately probably decide yeah it means not only by the way is the g mad genius behind
our go to my understanding are legion. Have you seen? Let me watch we haven't watch Legion booth, it is. Is it I mean it has two because it's him, but it but the superhero aspect, canopy scared me away or exits. Is it then the marble universe, yeah but lake, but fucked up Marlene were yeah. Ok right! It's a lot of that. A lot of fun! I'm gonna watch it in Asia, its Julius acid. It's a lotta, Alcoa, I'm so makes its way to him. And then, where are you when you get a call that says you're going to be one of the leaves of Fargo? I was please say on the toilet I was at my day job. I was no, I well. I first I mean I got. I gotta call that said they you need to be prepared to go to New York this weekend because aid outside air whipper pinning you that by basically they were like they might want to bring you in for a screen test, and I was like wait a second like I thought we were just like writing this. Locally, like I was gonna, then get to go in for more
for us a smaller role, may add from Chicago fire additions, and we know what I mean like. I didn't. I I'd like completely put the actual and product out of my mind so when my agent tell me that I was lake, oh, this is very real. Now I went to New York that weekend. I test dead with no, are you and generally nervous, audition or you're, pretty com, I'm I'm nervous beforehand, I'd say I'm pretty nervous beforehand and writing and then, once I'm working, I'm ok. And then once I'm done, I'm pretty confident, unlike thou in well right. I dont picking the part very much afterwards and Bernstein Yan because goes. There is absolutely no thirty nine billion loan, and yet, while monitoring, I would just talking about this cause she's been auditioning, ought lately during pilot season in them a trick I have to. Myself into saying, is on the way to an audition I go,
This is an audition. You like acting and you're gonna, get to go in this room and act for ten minutes and have that you, like it dont, forget that east and south making it. You know this evaluation, a rail, remind yourself that you enjoy reading fuckin lines or use a paper turning you're someone else into submit leave it at that. I try to tell myself that whenever I am, whenever I am working- and I like, I haven't, had a take that I really like yet or directors like we're gonna, just we're gonna do one more whatever you want a fun run. Yeah. I try to just tell myself to do that, take lake to try to put myself in them. That, like like what if this is the last time I ever got to do this, our ha. That's ever right, like you like and then someone soldier miles then you're hit an asteroid. Heads in you're gone mine. You never get to act again, and that really makes me
rags. I no longer need our tracks, but you need to use it. You gotta have a logical game exactly at outliers, it's like being a tennis player, something like just the mental warfare, ass kind of exhausting, so you and then how soon after you find out that that you start pointing out the other people that are going but who is in your season, not her and was that's exciting right. You hear that Billy was involved before me. Riley name those attached, and so yes, I've, I think I was cast. Second Maybe, third, but I was announced way later, because no one with a rival think it's gonna be like oh and this inability bob- nor am I gonna girl, you doubt now I got it. I was actually My god read my parents now, so I think
cats pretty early on, but they but the night they sort of sat on that announcement, but Noah. What text me I had like? I think I had like six to eight weeks before I was really allowed to tell anyone a home- and I told I told my closest may nearest and dearest and said: don't tell anybody robber, the announcement came out and he would, May I say we just signed on common hanks, we're lookin it in whose framework nor even enter yeah so great TED was in the second season today. In fact, having second thoughts I wish you to get to work with him all day. I met him and he is a delay. Soldiery mass he's, a nice nice nice me
yeah. My wife is Co Star and we get to spend time with him, and it's really heat loudly far exceeds what you re one night sky and actually I met him and we have this aim the same agent or something, but I will add up front and it was his season was either happening. Just happened or something in his his character is my grandfather right, my characterised grandfather but Word Pino Separated, but by seasons and I'm sons, timezone nine Narras, I'm here, I'm not times once it's all takes place in the same part of the country, everybody I glanced accidents exactly I saw him at dinner and was like, I have to go, say some things. I went up and tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around very politely and was ready to greet some one, and I I'm! So sorry unwrapped, I'm Alison! I'm here. I really know only I think you're my you're, my pop pop his face just lit up and he was like. Oh my gosh, it's you may get me a big hug and I was like Paul from really do Philip now you're. My pop up now
now in a race ahead, because you do this, I have to imagine filming was super exhilarating. An amazing right is all I probably beyond what dreams you even have for yourself yet and then the show airs and then all of a sudden you get nominated for all these things, and this is your first show or I am the first show youth better. And yet Emmy nomination a golden Globe nomination, and then you win the critics choice or write. What does your ego now do? Just how to control. No, I know mine when I write books. I would again like oh, I went from the base of the mountain to that's outlet amendment so clearly, I'm gonna now good, like I see the increments, so the next increment is Tom rooms. You gonna go hadn't when an Oscar I dont know, did you not. Moments alike wow. This is how it works. You're married,
notably anonymous, and then your winning their critics choice, or you know I felt like a couple things. I think, because I wasn't young my wasn't link, I mean real relatively, but I wasn't like twenty bore something like I had been a working actor. I had been sort of like slagging through this life in its various forms for ten years that I didn't he I just felt fortunate I didn't feel owed. I think right. You know what I mean you're on which I think goes alike. Finally, you didn't feel like fine. Well, I felt like wow what a fucking miracle an incredible blessing, so that was, I'll call. Will Viking bore you with my own story? I went from ten years of auditioning, nothing. I get to show positive, becomes like this kind of cultural phenomenon and that little demographic and then I get some will be without a paddle naturally becomes out, makes a bunch of money, and I really start thinking. Oh well, I see where this is gulf. Yeah, I'm gonna be
will Ferrell next summer. You know like it's hard not to for me. It was hard not to go like wow. Look at these jumps, and now this was successful. So now all this other stuff is going to happen and I denied myself the pleasure of just focusing on the current in the present accomplishment of landings in just thinking of what was next and all that succumb to that you say. No, I don't believe you sure. I think that the clearest indication I have that that I
that I was operating that wave? No, I didn't feel like it is that now now this is my first pilot season. You know Fargo went straight to series than the next pilot season. I know knew who I was right and have a pilot schemes and cause the show hadn't started airing right. Then I was in New Zealand making crampness. Then I was attached to my show downward dog through a pilot season, and so This is the first time I've ever been unemployed and like looking for a job yeah during this time, in LOS Angeles, and I feel like a working actor again, yeah like the wind like the Fargo Wind, has finally left my sales and I'm like. Oh, I remember what this is. So you really
Craig. It will never leave yourselves picked up. Als really won't Leon is in the same way that, like Vincent deny real will always have been informal jack. We learn that will always have been job like if you, if you ve, proving yourself great, that will not leave you now. Are you in the like heightened guys certainly not round, but but you have, you have an asset that you will never shake unless really fucking embarrass. You have set out ass areas in a row that we, like, maybe wasn't that good ass. Yet Either we watch the thought that about some directors movies like there's just three energy There are terrible. I think I can try re watch that first movie I fell in love with it like it is. It always been- and I am using you won't like that, but but yet that's terrifying moment right, yeah, there's not a terrifying moment. It's it's humbling and odd. I'm trying to keep it from being terrifying, and I do I mean I don't. I don't feel like
like. I can remember, as in my twenties lake, being released from hold for a commercial, unlike laying down the ground in my apartment and being like, I will never work again work again, but I will say There was a moment during Fargo, probably during all of the hoop laughter. The show came out where I realise that I was never gonna have to update my linked in Russia. Ay and go back and get a day job he ever again yeah. You know what I mean like, even if I was in an accident and couldn't walk I could write like someone will give me a job. As a writer like I know this, this town, I know these people now, like I'm an part this community and I now I'm gonna have to go back to working in. I t write ever
know what I mean so that I find I find very comforting, but but for me, like, I've, had many different laws and in many different, like up swings in all these things, and I definitely welcome a much better navigating it now it forty three, because it has been at least like fish ten years approved that I somehow continue to make a living airiness, but it took a lot. I bet even at lightened. Eleven years I was like a well fuck it was a great ride and how long did you think it was gonna last year and it was it's already a miracle you had that ride. So it's and obviously we all know, actors that seems to have disappeared. I don't think all of them by choice Yan. So there it it's a v Harry fear, laden occupation is as a new kind of a defence against right like you need, I say you have one. You know. I was actually thinking about this this morning because I was lake.
You know any time you go to lay a Hollywood party or whatever and lock the managerial The question is always like: what are you working on, which is such a dreaded question? Nothing. And I was thinking about it- and you know that the the advice that I always gave to people who asked me after Fargo and like I went back to my college and spoken answer, questions and things of the thing that I always said to the younger people when they. So how did you like why? How did you stick with this through all those years like? How did you stick with his long enough for this lake luck to even befall you, and I always said it's really important that you let your involvement with your art form evolve. Over that you say you know what. If this is not good for my heart, I'm gonna write for awhile and if that's not good for me, I'm gonna go. Teach kids for, like whatever you need to,
Do you have your job in whatever way is gonna make you feel good yeah? I think just a beam productive, whether it's it's doing the thing that you ultimately want to do or not. Productivity then leads to self esteem, which then leads to you going into a room, not fucking desperately. If you don't get this audition you're, never gonna see yourself again right. Yes, and I think generating your own material is really important and I I am now at a point where I need to follow my own advice and make a change so that I am like you said like, like you got a tender own garden. They think I'm kind of fostering my own creative. Self and what is tat your ear lover of how many years now five your eyes again, and what does he do? He works and I t ok yeah hidden.
You feel bad now about the same disparaging things about I t now, because we worked together guy you work tonight I worked and we work that's how we mad located at first. He goes both incredibly literate with computers. Could you I mean he's he's incredibly letter at least theatres and his it's like he's really good at other things, but I I learned how to lake. I spoke, I try, slated for our clients. Basically, is how right what I did I'd run. I spoke human to the collective, ah, how they spoke computer. As found employment and ally. Did he want unmoved ally he? Yet he was from having to allay he's thick super supportive of wherever or like whatever needs to happen for my career, these very ons onboard with that's nice yeah like there's. No he's never like, dug his heels and had been like. I wanna go to Pittsburgh to shoot that, like he's
whatever you need to do, will do oh, and did you have a moment when you are winning the critics, choice Ordway or like I'm in love with him, but maybe I could date Brad Pitt Did you go to that at a long debate sort? I you know think I did. I was aware. I was aware that that was a thing that lake. If people don't you claim that they ditch their yeah part like I knew. That was a thing, and so I was kind of lake aware that that was a mindset that could happen ah, but you feel you propped yourself for that I did hear from the beginning. I was so thankful gives me to have him because he is not in the business that lake on this case easy ride of Fargo. There was another person who I could be like. Can you fucking I believe there wasn't like an ad. There was no. There was no competition like cut professional,
Competition means because he's not even in the business and I've, never as as a professional our data and other professional actor, and I'm sure that their I mean. Obviously, you and your wife, sheer on each other's successes and you're gonna, wait. You're not just like jealous I hate, or God reverend those every product dragon but I mean I know, but about I can tell you is I met with the girl for nine years Bree before and I met Kristen and one of the EU, geez I had one we broke up was my God, I'm now Gunnar someone else, but that someone else doesn't know the Dax from the one better my apartment for ten years, and for whatever reason that felt very important to me that that the personnel share my life with knew what the
ride was you know like could remind me of that now like that was very, very important to me, and I was kind of equated to when my favorite movies is eternal sunshine ever seen, and we have spotless mind s in the way they fall in love like there broke the dead, fuckin broken the makes no angels and they roll around this all this stuff. I just love. And I thought oh man, that's real and I'm not gonna have that now I had all these. You know I just thought or that's that's then take, and now I'm not going to have that. But I was The upside I found with being married to Christian is what I do not that fuckin cool. It's not that important. I could never get a big had about it because she go Should I do the same for getting yeah? I gotta wake up five to the yes, you gotta do this inner. You know whatever that that has become very healthy to me, because I do think wrongly when I was with Bree. I would sometimes we like, but will you don't really understand? What's going on? I gotta go the idea. You're gonna do
hundred interviews at this juncture in twenty four hours, and I'm not gonna- be that you, like I had re, I did the ice, it was easy anything known understood what I was going to die. I think there's prose. Yeah right. It's been. I can definitely see that. Think it. So, Madam does want leave something That too will be something I had a logic, etc allotted considers deal man with me. I want to see a fine ok, so you wanna show called so. After all the you decide at you and you did Crampness in Europe. Zealand we're in New Zealand? I shot a movie there Did you love tat, another good drinking town Wellington? Yes, yeah I once I watched a guy, I was on the balcony of the apartment. I run. It is like watching the street circus at like one in the morning, and I saw a guy walking down the street with the actual tray from Mcdonalds.
So much food on it and then he like he started and he dumped as a whole. I am now in the process of drawing up and in areas like or gathering up office. Food, Of course, some of it had landed in his throb and just watching this guy Russell this tray and all these entrees an thrown up the same type of me. If I had failed That is what about one of the greatest viral videos of all time, but so after cramp, as you do downward yeah, and I saw you on camel and you are talking about the fact that you in the dog, your co star, went to a tax ain't here in then in the camel interview you said you were doing press with the dog yeah into walk me through that because when I heard that story, all I can think about is one time while promoting without a better way to do a red carpet and likes the middle. The country- and there is a fucking guy in a bear out for because there is a bear in the movie in our room, saint I'll, do anything just please keep that bear.
We want to be in any interviews with a guy in a bare suit tat. We. Why did I almost all my press? I did with NED Martin. This is characteristic ned. Is the dogs name right? He didn't come with me further for the late shows that I all the daytime stuff he was. He was there. He wouldn't even my radio interviews. He was like off to the side yelling at me, like ok, because wanted. I mean you he's adorable sure, and so any kind of there's gonna be pictures or or the curse camera they were like. We the dog to be their knighted mind, because I love you my odd. I didn't mind now. Ok, I will say that you know like asking that I just I just in my mind I can see so many ways is: go south like you that you're doing them, you know Philadelphia morning show in the reporter start asking the dog questions to be funny. You're kind of in the position that you have to answer for NED that ever written. You know that
concern was because I don't know if you know anything about downward dog, but in the show he he talks right to camera, not to me he's not a talking dogging in, reality. He does a talking Zog within the world of your television set and sell them, The Russians are among going into press. Is that I was like. I dont want people, I don't. I don't want to have to answer questions as if this is, This is not Martin. This is NED right. This is the act as an actor. Now he's not a talking doc, correct, GINO, yeah, really important distinction mermaid where you live there. May, though, that I was they I'm not. I don't want to that kind of measures relating to Turkey step yeah. Certainly they wanted to, thereby they There was some of it. My publicist would like say at a time like me and then sometimes say: what do you think that Martin, I'm sorry NED would say if he were. You know there is a lot of that run, any kind of trying to lay off, but you ve.
Such a good attitude about Bobby I've. They sent me on the road with a dog. I just feel like this would be very hard for me to say that I really applaud you have to like pick up the door. You had to say, care was living in your hotel room when you now has its stronger you're going out with their own history and was there too, and so his trainer would take him as soon as we were off camera and made him just this minute. Mile gonna sing out living partner. You just acted circles around you out there yeah? I was in charge of you know bringing them in and get him up on the couch or whatever. But we worked together for so long that planes war criminal. When did this happen to you, because I was on a show of four years with kids and I was often seems we're kids and I got a lot. It was a lot easier for everybody if I kind of stepped into direct the kids, because the director, at least for half the episodes
be a visiting direct around our normal directors so that he had no report these kids, you definitely not to speak their specific. You know what they needed to hear. So then you know in it, which is a big big short cut for us. If we all kind of directed the kids we ve seen so, did you find that you start like repositioning mad and helping them through the just to save time I become the animal round, our energies to some degree. Yes, because the wrangler she would be too far away to come in how good it was ass. She, yes, I had a pitcher vagina. Jeanne Jack o now all of nets trainers where she is. Actually he preferred women who preferred women, but no one. I would have treats with me, so I could get him to to do what I needed him to do. If he wasn't it
it on his own, so that, rather than to that, is that, if we had a sad part is that there are always treat stepped into my head to neither my designer I received only that your youth, you were who's running like love. You have treats in your pocket. Truly than what fuck, like my Mr Clarke, near like no, I wasn't as animal during an I pull out of a canoe like wine, exhibits, say: doggie treats we found, and I was there when it is mine. I didn't mind, and I actually think you know anyone in shooting it because he had a trainer. It was with him all the time that was like that's who he was up with up until the moment that we were rolling and that's who he went to you as soon as we were done rolling. I think it's easier than with kids. I've worked with kid, sometimes men and I feel that it does. It falls on me even when I dont even know these kids yeah yeah and I'm like I don't wear who's in charge that we should have.
Wrangler, like I don't know who's in charge of this kid is it me yeah in. I think I have to remind yourself in when you're way, working with kids like I have to just keep reminding myself like hey. These are real kids like these. These aren't just other actors that are here? These are MRS, a real kids, real childhood, which happens to be at your jaw, yes or me at their job. How we want to see and you have some responsibility till I give these kids a good childhood Khazars bucking childhood arm in that Some people were good at that, and some people were not good at that. Anna could be exhausting, or in could be rewarding, like my son on Parenthood Jabbar, whose play by Irene, I love this kid like I watched him grow up, it was so funny didn't have kids yet, and it was great, but you know somebody boring didn't want you to get your kids. Oh, I wouldn't have a couple here. I would have always city if you want them. I always would have said yes until the last year, or so I've been linked. Why won't care,
just more than anything else. I think I'm kind of questioning that sort of natural assumption of like how you go to college. Of course you get married of copyright. Me and my boyfriend and I are not married and were not in a big hurry to get married and am also like. I always was like I'm not in a hurry to have kids unknown cunnilinctus. Even one can, I think your eyes. I think, because I have friends now who are choosing to not have children more more friends are choosing to not have children and some kind of lake. Oh that's right! There's it's not a D. Five like you can have that option yeah you know well, increasingly. I think too, that the movement was young Our relations are not as incline I'm a big pusher of kids on people fact. I've had to apologize to friends of mine and wrote articles about stop asking me when I'm having cast because me, they really IDA friend, explain it best. My friend PETE said this: all while your existential crises
you have them and all of a sudden you, your priority, becomes crystal clear, like I gotta keep this human being alive Amidst all my other issues that I wrestle with or obsess about, then just get kind of right, sized yeah I get it I think that there are a lot of work to do. Were the impact. Your lifestyle for sure well in our world is squarely right now. So this is the thing. Let's argue right now. I want to argue about this. I think there's a common consensus that we live in a bad time and that's just not true by any indicator. If you look at a famine, if you look up child mortality rates, if you'll Yet it is any indicator. We would measure a good world by it has gotten incrementally Durham, better and better and better like. We have terrible raise problems right now, but we don't have the fifties raise problems. Omri,
but right now about the suit post, civil war, reconstruction, we don't have those problems yet they're, not killing black folks at are trying to go vote. I do think it important for us to recognise that we don't have outbreaks of measle that decimate ten. Percent of the population that we live in a great time, far less people are starving around the world, I would argue it's a little arrogant of us to think that we are just in the were INA like we think of this country, so fucking divided, we ve never been this divide it. What we went to war with each other, so we ve been a lot more delighted, a man. There said the same thing I after the election. I was time my parents, I said I just said I can't imagine as it seems bonkers, to choose to get pregnant right now. I'm saying I try I truly was lake. I think a lot of people because, while after after Trump was elected, I I spent some time being lake, at least if the world literally ends it's just We don't have kit, you know what I'm rights, because I was
there is little hours like we might honestly blow ourselves will show. North Korea could nuke us yeah, but can I tell you something? I would be so fucking delighted that I had had this experience when we all get insinuated like you. I would have you sell grateful. That would really be a downside of getting knew to be one up sides for me as a hurry you down for me, but she sang for the kids, not for the kids, like link, Excellency Lincoln and doubts. We have had a party now for five years. Two hours yesterday kicking a ball around the driveway with heard that like veins, the greatest tomorrow like this was a victory yeah, that's it, but my mother said the same thing: she was lake. There ve been lots of really bad times and in people had kids during world war. Two they had kids, you know, the EU today had kids without ignoring bombing or Alenia, keep doing stuff, and I, like you, I guess I don't feel away any more. I don't feel like it's a bad idea, because the world might end right have children. I don't feel I felt that way for a little while, but I feel that way.
Also. I just want to point out that the b, the amount of attention and brain power. We give those things the outside world, the big current governments, North Korea right that's not in their world data they don't know who the priming, they know The president has, but they know earnestly me that the implications of that they don't know what's happening when North Korea, it's actually a little bit inspiring. Go like. Oh I'm, giving this a lot of brain power. If I focus on right now right- where am I am, where my feet at what am I doing here, but when, start thinking about yeah. What's gonna happen, if he we get a tariff war with China and we can't afford it. You know sure that then its country insurmountable, but but if I just focus on this moment, it's everything's fine, I think it depends. How could you do have a great Lisbon, but, depending on the current government, can in fact kids lives day to day?
funding for a certain programmes, health care. All these things. People did you ever hear of their there. If their kicking your parents out of this country right now, yeah, that's a big deal that and I'm not saying that for those people, that's not a big issue, but I will say when I was dead Father broke living in Santa Monica one better Herman. I also had a great fucking life I had allowed friends, and I found joy and I exercised in their didn't. You know these indicators that have now made my life on the surface. Great aren't really the things I made my life great, the last, but I would ask you that ask a lot.
People's do you have a little list in your head that you have figured out, gives you self esteem, there's things that you do that result in new feeling, generally levelling good an optimistic than when you feel bad. You go. I have been taking walks. I should maybe take a walk or have been eating well or haven't ideal. I have a list when I first when I first was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and anxiety, which was years ago my therapist and I made a list which I had keep a copy in my office and I keep a copy in my wallet. Actually that help me if I'm ever really and spinning out that help me remember like the things that is it. Like a gratitude list know, it's like take a walk right down, collar friend, yeah, take a deep breath and then the other one is sort of this. This mindfulness exercise that she taught me of that sort of helps you get out of your head and sort of slow down
your brain a little bit, yeah he's not by now, you know, and as for you, I don't know, I don't love it now and all of it either. I have not had an experience that I really then joy, but I do find somebody will hot anxiety or depression. They do some five percent April that annex yeah I mean I'm on antidepressant Rio. The depression is is definitely under control, and I dont really worry about that and my anxiety tends to be situational like maybe get on a plane. You know what I mean. I can take her exactly. Ok, those are nice right. I really wish I could take those yeah, my wife to is medicated and it sits and it you know I had. Of course I think, like a lot of people had an opinion of it, and then I lived with someone with it, and I have a much different opinion of it today
which is so often the case. I think right yeah and we too, as a big decision for me too. It was evident when I started therapy. That was a big step and then I was in therapy for a long time before I was like before I start. I think we need to look into yeah. How long ago was dedication. I've been unhindered repressed and spur for six years, maybe six years Sofia and I think that's a really relevant thing to consider within your story, which is a lot of people, I know, have fears of going on that medication cause. They think it's gonna, somehow mute the quality, in them that have made them either successful or whatever in you had your most success, post medication, right yeah, oh yes, it would deny
take away your fire or your life, I don t. I know I know that that's a thing and that's a concern of people that it's gonna like doll you down here. No, unless you have some pretty SIRI unless you're like manic, which is obviously a real concern, but if we're talking about anti depressants and and- and I think if you D presents a darling- you that much- you probably needed too talk to your doctor and adjust you're right. I just your ship. Has it fucked up your memory, though I don't think second remember that just remember I don't know and we're out in all the things that have that of late, come like eyes Emma You don't sleep as well now that I used to it because of my antidepressant right now I don't know I mean it's also just like I've got older, so they re ass things that I dont know. If it's because of my medication are because it's just too I am now that's why us humans are the worst study subjects, because we do so many elements that we value change and we it's annoying. It's like,
Your die in your sleep daily activities in all, while ivory your honesty that things really empowering when people who other people look up to our are honest about that. You know the things ace. Go with gum. I've always been so proud of Christian. When she's been really honest and open about having depression. I think it's important yet I feel like I'm. I can remember you know, hearing Kristen speak about it and that affecting me, that's really get even after I started taking- and I was like this is again- and I think part of it goes back to growing up with this. These christian science basis to my home, my household is that you dont it was hard for me to say I'm gonna take something and put it in my body, Edmund put a chemical my by every single day. Yes, it's gonna change, my brain chemistry that was really yeah hard
yeah. But what I know is even harder is thinking your way into better brain chemistry. Yet there are certainly ways to you know assist if yours, if you're struggling with these things, if you get to the point where you're late Why are we say like their suffer, there's pain and then there's lake suffering and where we have everybody s pain? Sometimes we have painful things, but if you're suffering any can't get out, you don't need to suffer well all you know in my own experience I have are right, as in I've had all these differ. Medications for this area to our throat is. One of them was a. I want out them for what it was, but a came with his bundle, of information that I did of course did not read. I just started taking this medication, couple weeks ago by an I'm watching my daughter's play an ant occurring to me. I'm not getting any joy out of this, and this is like the greatest source of joy and my
and I now realise that moment: oh, my god, I've I've not had any joy for weeks. I can enjoy anything that I like and then by luck I like my sister's, like you want me to throw away that fuckin booklet that came with your medication, I just glance through the number one side effect was depression and I for the first I've had that's terrible addiction about a lot of things, but I'd never had what what is clinically depression. Until that moment, I realize holy fuck. If you can't enjoy your wedding, the birth of your child, watching your children play these things, a promotion, you know That's not fair, that's not right! Now! That's that! Did you need assistance. You do yet hard to see it while you're in it yeah. I think it is helpful to hear people speak about being on the other side of it. Because when you're in it you're like no, maybe this is just, but maybe this is me. Maybe this is just what I'm supposed to feel. Like.
Yeah or their self loathing right, like I'm not doing enough. I'm not, I should be doing. Is years running might be running two miles a day like whatever and I'm not I'm not like just go get some drugs like I was in talk therapy for a long time, I'm still in therapy with Airbus every single week, I'm not just like throw drugs at the problem, but I I think you consider taking me on those that are opposed. Let's do it. We got a record of recital v. I think it's. I think it works for some people and I think the key to having it work for you is like he's like. You need to be held to be self aware enough to be like second. Why am I not enjoying? What are my kids play? That's important to be able to because it is also really hard to lake notice. When you need to shift your medicine in one year,
and is triggering as it is and is hard. You also have to empower your partner. You need to probably talk about language. Like you know, there will be times where I'm I'm like. I think that the thing there's something going on, like maybe medication or she skip, and it's very hard for me to bring up but but believe we have navigate how I can mean ochres, I'm an observer in your life and I can see things are rain seem to be done. Or whatever I think it's important to have. The personage in your life is empowered to point that out to you here doesn't make defensive, isn't making are any I mean I don't know how to. I really don't know how to not get defensive. It's hard right, win, win TIM's, like I think, spinning out right now, but it helps me to feel seen in that moment, and it also helps me that he's not like your Clayton. Take your said elsewhere, calm down that he's just like all sit with you.
At this moment, but you are spiralling like, for example, we recently experienced where I firstly, we are swearer in land. I was shooting, so we were like living in a hotel room together. We didn't there is nowhere to go about this hotel room and I couldn't sleep one night cause. I don't always sleep well and TIM was was sleeping soundly next to me, and I was so furious that he was that he was sleeping like that's. What made me so angry loaded with sleeping another, so serious that I think he woke up to tell I go to the bathroom or something I can bet. I told him I was like I'm so angry. I'm angry at Yahoo is just as well as ride this, like. I don't know what I mean, but I do. I think I need to leg, talk it out and then NEA and link it up and it helps to have someone be like. I understand what you're saying- and I am sorry that you feel that way right. Let's try to goods what guitar notice to tell you. You should try to sleep now while
Thank you so much for coming and talk and again you're, so crazy, talented, you'll end up in doing something very shortly that you love again all the excited the watch. I have something here and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men, the man with the zipper Krueger. A guy. I wonder if I can make it with that, seem to get stuck in my head. Back Jack Jack backs back, in a bag and jack, and I Monica under this episode of fat check by Monica Badman. That's me Monica Batman, ass, not me she's gonna,
I once again: where are we also in the interim, since we did the intro now doing the fact check in with the bad, we in fact check to rob yeah a rob, a k, a lobby. While you are here why were you he's told us that the record for treading water is, a mere eighty five five hours, which I find so hard to believe because the person one at the sleep in that period, they first there they polly first one the record for not sleeping. Ok, then the hot water things they could do. I say this sincerely. I could not stay in a bed on my back for aid. Five hours deliver it hurt to mock year after, like ten hours. I start I'm in pain. Will we do still have the disposition? We don't have it in a still. Do you wanna tell people the Edna City? this person I'd love to, and I only got me like- I'm allowed to use your city
You're allowed us, it was an indian gentlemen, sub continent, impressive. I want all the more rapid want. My twenty three me results to show a little sub continent. I now feel like. I want to tell you a little bit of that secret sauce. In my recipe. Shall we start our fair, absolutely can now. Ready to our? I want to send a brief little love letter to us and if anyone is not visited Austin, we came down a few days earlier for our live event. It is Heaven on earth, its Hariri special
I've never been here before. Oh my god. I also want to give a shoutout to my main, my top dog Houston Street, who came through in a major pinch in lent us his pontoon boat in one year have been enjoying the honk not at that, but we ve been pon tuning the shit out of Lagos than in its been spectacular anyways, that is to say that if you ever think about gettin out onto a lake travelling the food off the charts ravines and which by just love it and we're not even sponsored by Austin or anything yet
Ok, let's get into who had so. This is a do. Belay, ah, are too for every food, so the first is common in time. Got old. College hang see age. This is surprisingly a fact. Light episode vulgar or first I just wanted to locally. We gave a real time account of our trip to ask him in the beginning to be reasonable at a time. Luckily, we did want to do this on the palm tomb boat, but we could it there's no power outlet in item bringin generator without it be really cool to do want to see a fact. Jacket was now anguish, weak, a figure that out you on the port side me on the storehouses Robin in the in the stern.
Tax love, sank, port side and maritime talking a love on the path to throw the lines. In an hour. I did Daguna surges pudding or even discuss our saying nonsense. I wouldn't even now that's the problem. How would you know I'm not in D C Juno Maritime LAW does stipulate that if you were to get crazy, I could kill you at sea legal, not just the captain, a pirate law, no maritime law. If a crew members berserk any in the captain ascertains it, there are a threat to other members of the crew, they have a gun and they can kill the person. I don't approve, we you don't have to or not it is maritime law, and I just want you to know to be on your best behaviour or Ellen Pontoon vote, because it's well within my rights when, on the analogy, Eads High Sea satellite,
to end you if I think you're a threat to other members? How do you get to decide that Europe threat what they want it? May I wouldn't be the captain having a great radar for people that our threat to others? I didn't know about this, and I do not like you're not going to be allowed in democracy on them. All. Absolutely no democracy out at sea, it is like. Democracies. Dig can't. How might see that's a mutiny Now you need it's like a director on a film you gotta, it's gotta, be a dictatorship for it to work. You can have people questioning whether or not to put out the job so they just gotta put, though you are killing people deciding who should die well again only when they pay was a realistic threat. I nothing is beyond the shadow of a doubt. I think that the burden of proof is much lower at each person. That can mean something very deep.
All I see railways, mind your piece in cues alarm at the helm of Charlie drive about from now I feel safer, and you do, I think, he's way. Moreover, loose cannon me he's lying while he blasting people left and right yet more. I really, maybe not you think, you're more likely. They kill me that no, I do I'd have. How would I find him Monica passive observer. I screwed ok. Well I just love, I guess, tis yeah? I was about to give you some compliments and now I want all. Please do I well I thought it was really impressive. How you handled hearing that call in was offered your role,
oh yeah, I didn't bother, bother you at all and I got nervous when I could tell where having yeah well anyway, I thought you didn't nice job and I was proud of you for not caring about that. Thank you, oh. So we just have this conversation a couple days ago here in Austin Texas, on our balcony. But it was also in our episode about kids going to school, early, older, killer that our hotter and nuclear arms race, the age arms river authorize in- and I just think it's an interest
top at year end. It was really detailed in outliers Malcolm lad. Welsbach, yes, outliers city goes through a desire to say this in the body of the view that a significant majority of HIV players have birthdays in either January February and March because they become the oldest in the little tiny longest farm leagues. And then they big itself to move up the end ass at a huge advantage should be older changes the course of their whole life yeah. Now so, as a t, scores are reflected here and so on, and so people have started making their kids start later a whole, never yeah.
But it's all comparative Sakhalin, I was Tryin. Exactness of everyone starts at age. Six, then no one is having the advantage wrought in its. It could be seen as like an intrinsic value, but it's not it's only comparative so here. If you hold your kid, the sixtieth eighteen scores aren't gonna go. If other people are holding them to seven. Then of course, the seven year olds, as it were, they're going to take their sats at twenty four years old are going to have an advantage. So it's always comparatively the older kids are going to I think it suggests everyone should just be going at age five votes, just go at birth and drop it and go straight from mouse wheel to your local kindergarten. You haven't, got a silly yeah because you can just keep pushing and pushing, and I went to kindergarten at age, for doing just fine raw. You went to college and good. I say to you score yeah. I think I'm assuming so fair, good, good, good glad not,
Fanny had not let what do you think I able at a dinner party, but I think I can emerge what's that well, Maggie Manners and sixteen hundred wasn't the bass now around. I would guess: I'm gonna get you gotta. Twelve. Fifty cut. Thirteen hundred grey That's great and mine were six. Fifty six fifty oh, really, Yad, even yeah. I feel like that. Would that's rare that most, I think it's rare stronger and either is writing in reading comprehension and then math tiny skills, Ghana and and breeding and stuff. Now there's I say portion and I am sorry that I didn't get to use that could really bumped up my shirt, though Van
a few years ago. Maybe for five years ago my brother was setting for thus eighty or like you know, taken practices or whatever putrid. He had a book, and I was home for Christmas and I took it again or you dear yes, and I scored a much higher or you do yes, and I was very surprised you because you're you're much dustier on over my master, exactly reports or just anxiety, but I think so Oh, it was interesting. We took emission Muslim Michigan schools preferred an easy team. Did you have that we had them out? There are six months, more rare yeah. That was like what most people took really if they went into
that was, I think, science that had science right. I don't, I think it is at all. I think it's just like the US. It s. The only has math and verbal, that's it and now as well the other night now, but I do know, I think it's out of thirty six did you would do you know what you got? Did you take an idea? I want to say I did good on that one like maybe everyone or something I had in terrible on S, eighty, but that the writing soon, as I got enough times in your leg, had gone through, I had learned. I had left the learning disabled programme, but that I was in high school, but I still dead definitely require more time for any the reading, comprehension, stuff yeah I think I panicked yeah? It's a partial! I you know I wasn't gonna go to college, so it really give a
I was you said that even today we know that it was as scheduled in the attic my mom happy and I am really care so want to live in my car, Jack Kerouac. I did for a bit with it. Didn't wanna, be him anymore. After six months change their minds, would you be? Would you were you in the car for eighty five hours for at least one hour drive a car, Free very good. Maybe you should set a record now. I know why are good now the problem is a showman would break it by doping, which again I'll be pro doping, but I'm sober. But some are we just do math and drive for like a week, straightening crash into a brick wall. We have to stay alive, that's part of it, the I think it still could be done on math anyway. That's where they have those strict laws for truck drivers.
For drivers, can only drive for twelve hours a day in less than a team are no Mme me ten hours a day, they can drive for ten hours a day so low or thirteen. They can go nonstop lingo twenty four hours a day, but they have to be swapping up sleeping. How interesting now turns out there's like all no facts in the pocket of the only factor. Let wonder I wanted to talk about one more thing, while the only factor, the real fact is: Jason readers, grandpas name is Tex redder, but you couldn't remember, but I think you actually even did say a real good. Its later, they were like our rivers. Name is really through towards the YAP, but it is, tax rates are in use in the country and western Music hall. I believe-
yeah and also silver spoons, you tie well silver spoons. Do we already talked about on here silver spoons, with figure was on Vietnam. We hold fracture horses but take redder. It was on the job, Mikhail factor, silver spoons Angela. Actually, oh, oh! Oh! Ok! I will then, if you need one, if you know about this really funny, it's funny story about silver. Spoons scuba discover that Jonah calve, abject ok. So the silver spoons is a tv show about a rich. It basically like a fresh prince type, show that a rich family, the cock, resort version, yeah and storing Ricky Schroeder and I've never seen it, but I was poking around and some old memory boxes of Dax ended. There was an essay, maybe fifth grade, but soon run I say, very well, written avow
silver spoons visit, spoons pearl, goesler, spoon, silver, spoon fuck. That might be a Michigan thing. You know we had asked to everything. Ford's came on Mars and it was the cutest or the last say so hard fell. He had so many feeling devout silver. I really loved this show yeah, you want. I want to be re, yeah yeah, but I think I was some I also head like, and this is the thing I I I think about this regularly mother I have kids. Is kid just tell you They want. They know what what apparent but you're, not getting anything honest out of a kid. They know exactly what an adult wants to hear. So there is a portion of that as they were. I was really trying to us like DR on this point that it was great family value members as quality programming. It was for a fact, yes, that AL years, but I didn't give a fuck about those values they dined and dash in an opposite
I loved that that thank you reference. It may be in this in your arm. Ass. One really sticks out, what's your favorite inhabitants, but I don't give a fuck you are all level. I think that you said that a higher moral and just every in an offer, an Erika whose, with as an awesome, she's talking about being a pageant s last night in terms you seven should that she and realize should cheated at all the game she played. But then, when choosing this pageant, cheat talk to the value of playing games with me. I'm talking about how honest it is a lie, lay ass itchy and then yet she all the people. The onto the pageant, like, oh, what a good sportsmen she is. Don't you think adults do this to
yeah yeah, I d ever an Diana all PETE. I think that's why we have this progress is in general, are just trying to say what we think everyone wants. You here at least utter crap. I poop naked in a squatting position on the island, have ticks and that's yes now you say pageant still what if I had been in a passion, eight in their only what's your favorite hobby of getting Baroness hid squatting on the toilet, touching the toilet paper on the outside wall, twice hovering in pillar bill and then freaking out. When I hear Van Helen jump one time. Yeah yeah you're gonna win the path we should start. A passion about through real lives depend already.
U I encourage not. Where do hair make up come looking heritage, yeah, stinky yeah? I got a stink with Malaysia and then you can join the path to think you're, the better anyway, o o lemme think so he talked about when his mom was sick. His mom was sick when he was doing orange count all right, and that made me think that I have this really real fear about that with success, o roon yeah. I I have this idea that if you achieve some sort of massive sick
says like the world bounces you out with some pride or bad, and I get really nervous about Josephine. I killed my father though you're saying well, I didn't say it like that, but it is an example in my answer before I made him wrong. It is an example that sometimes I think, I think about a lot of examples that I don't think that's for sure I mean you miles away with a guy with a beard sent on a cloud Their demands are so, are there any? excellent, Alison. I just got curious. I wasn't like trying to rush you along. I just algorithms like wait when you said that was all the facts was that just for Nor does it work com there, a cup on out there was no does Elvis, and I get really curious, almost excited. We should do so
moving on the Ouse untold men, eighty, oh you talked about elephants when their trunks cause. You said your dad believed. Speaking of your dad good transition, your dad believed that if the trunk was up, it's good luck. Yes, elephants are good luck in indian culture. Oh sure, isn't. What's the one? Many trunk said around now. I think her commission, an elephant is associated with Buddha in the Indian, daddy, got NASH and can be used to symbolise power, wisdom, strength, protection of the home fertility and general good luck, but an indian cultures from what I believe, because I have a couple indian wooden fatuous for my grandparents, neurotic room. Yeah
firstly, they have a lot of Indian Golovin Lavish Gretel since stop, and none of them have their trunks up. So I was in because Coralie your sister had once told me that two she obviously got it from your father is well known and I was confused cause. I'd, never heard that are seen not on any of my good luck statues wrong, but it says that Fang Fang sway practitioners believe that elephant should have their trunks facing upwards to represent prosperity, good luck and success. So I guess it's Mozilla's road from sure yeah. He loved funds sway. Remember them Don't remember your damn away, for I will say, though, about my father for a you know, for a straight white male who fought at costs go every couple weeks, he had incredible style. He really great home decorator. I think your sister asked me about that. Dear. He had good, DOM style
We had a good eye. He really did a good, a static weakening on shopping together and have fun by the way his favorite thing to do is take like my sister shopping, Emily. My sister isn't my dad's yeah child here that will be lost. He loved shopping shoving IKEA and he would go to clothing, store and dislike, run everything between his fingers and poke at everything hanging, and I would be so he saucy I'd start laying on the floor. Under the Do you think my dad is your dad and your dad is my dad? Absolutely that might be done as I had a virus or two and a half hour chat with a joke. Last week as he was visiting yeah And I dont know why I had this fear that he might be quiet or reserve Maybe I was playing into some racial stereo tie share this motherfucker had a lot
I love the Y know. That's because he's your dad he's super smart and Yang is all very well informed politically, and we written in then funny enough. I could see exactly where Monica hates my guts Alla time, because your dad, I think, almost identical. You have a lot of similarities. He had in the best part. Is he kept saying Monica Monica everyday you'd make a point. You start saying your name and I could see it, great even you're, making a point to the group and he would say my name's behaviour that emu you're the one we need to win over. Well, that's what he said, but really used as China be irritating to me. He so sweet to you from the outside. You can seize he so sweet. He wants. You do like recognises. Opinion has validity,
but luckily I was there and I agree with everything we are here and I are like we're both he and I are both left leaning, progressive, scatter, Father yeah, yet we spent the entire evening making a great case for guns, more guns for everyone and just make for sounded a lot of forcing ourselves due to really think in the conservative way to make sense of it, but I does a good job of it. He dies and I've lived with that. My whole life. This is every dinner every thing, so I think I'm good at that, because it up, I don't think you at a great well. What I saw immediately was like no wonder you and I get along. So, are we
you just snapped right into your dad relationship, Cassiar, my dad dad and your diner? What I'm? U? S goes that type o. You said that Houston has the highest rate of obesity came not trail anymore anymore. Anyone who stole the title, Duenna guess yeah. Ok! So if it's not Houston boy, I'm about to alienate cities around America, but the boy Lana, No, no. I can't help it take out a little personally embers can add. But while I was sitting in a big southern cities Detroit was it forever. So that's why I feel like I can throw stamp interests as a right was forever, but that's it that's weird to me that it was because I dont think big cities are as susceptible to
problem, because your more there's one more awareness Anwar AL access through, but there there is also more. I would say awareness of current trends in a city, yet what like our people are thin. That's because it's a lifestyle. What exactly are obsessed with it, but New York they aren't is ass with it, but everyone's them, because they are walking everywhere and then, when you go to like ITALY, you go anywhere in Europe were ruined walks everywhere. Everyone's then yeah, that's chair, ok, so Jackson, Mississippi, ok, but I fear that holds for me
Yummy southern fly now ride everything, man, MAC and cheese. I'm set you lock into high, which also gemmen brightened, go it's just too damn how tag it out there and accurate heart. He I had to do my exercise in the water today I couldn't be exercised in the yard here in Austin. I thought about it for one second, in your Iphone way. I'm never during that. Do you know that you say Philadelphia. Do you know you say you now Philadelphia. Philadelphia for what Philadelphia Del yeah Philadelphia yeah you never. Even if it's not I I, when I can see that it's probably spelled the way you're sayin it, but you devilishly, Philadelphia we'll ask everybody in this will be ok at a zero hours. We got our course freely, the soil we schools nowhere retirement talking. When my boys and I say, schooler fairly,
I want a clue in our arm. Chair is about something false her now? I love the way you Tom I dont want to bring up so afraid he gets a conscious well and stop doing it, but doesn't seem like your gun. As far as I can almost not do it the way you say like it requires so much mental Philadelphia. The add ons crazy, villain, dolphin we're gonna have to stop eggs everything. I was saying above fully to say it that way, and when do I get to maintain my flow yesterday or not as a cover a couple days, there's from our beautiful doc, we can see a lot of stars. We can see Mars ass in the sky, as in the sky and it looks very white to me. It looks like a White star, a bright white storm and the boys were born three boys or saying no, it's reddish, which
I look, we all know Mars is read, so I think the you guys, our seeing it because you know that my romantic, I can. I can not rat theory downright now, because I was calling it the rule on. I was saying it was reddish when Wabi Rob got out his out, look at the sky and told us it was Mars. I started by saying that Red one looks like a planet eyed and here that parents, and by the way I don't even know, if I think Mars, is red. Why do you do? I don't even think I dont think I think that think Saturn's read now Mars's rat? Ok, I didn't know that. Ok, but Iceland is green in Greenland's ice. So you never know the Red the Red Planet, but it is red and I knew that, but I was just saying that I could only I use it all information bias. Well I do
saw white, I know, I'm not saying it wasn't. Mars urges only saw white and then you got angry with me for not dreaming of you. Do I really do think you thought I was angry, but I was I was asking the nicest sincerest question because the example I gave my life is there. I think this jacket I have is either blacker blue. I can't even remember what I think I mean I M, but the point is, as I said, my black jacket and then Monica said. It's dots blue nano, its black, but then my sister came in and she said no, it's blue, and am I I don't know you guys then Kristen also says will emerge. He said, oh, I clearly and seen as wrong. There's no way that these three people are wrong. I'm right! There is, I was just saying: when does something reach MAX capacity? Were you recognize its probably you right then. I just want to know that from you, but you refused to answer Xenon succumb to peer pressure. Why else? It is.
I also don't really know how to answer, because I know that Mars's read so I now that, if you're seeing red, that's because Mars's read that doesn't change that I'm seeing why I'm always gonna be seeing. Why what do they think there was a little bit of honest confusion between us that you thought I was saying how long before you see it as read. But I was never saying that wouldn't know how is growing early, I can see the regulars all might have some kind of, devours sincere, something somewhere normality in your eyes that you're not seen road when other people see right but said when do you think if I do think Philadelphia, you're right? You think Philadelphia. Oh yeah, ok cause. When you heard I was out, and I would never, I would say, with ninety nine percent frequency rate.
When you say a word is the correct way and I'm wrong yeah. I know I I dont have great dick. I guess, but then in that case we have to trust me about filled off now about colors cause you or morally wrong about the jacket. Well, zero, blue and black. Obviously I'm dead in the water, but you could be dead in the water with red, you're right, you're right! you're right around and then oh by the way all the girls came out and saw a white shining just fly. We certainly remains a gender thing. Tat could be proven plans are being colorblind is a very gender heavy thing. It is yes, you guys or colorblind right, yes, you're, my Papa Bob report to a stoplight in asking they're all the same color to him so. He he's only the eye is looking at. The order seems crazy doing when you're far away. If you need to be able to see whether its greener
I now move. You can see whether at the top of the bottom immediately, even what color do think verse yeah things? Are black Whiting grave, well the whole world, most anyone magic and think your skin looked grayish too. There must be gradients of the grey like hit. You must look darker to Papa Bob and I we by the way we lost pop up. So he wouldn't say yes, but worry around you'd have to appear darker yeah. You know here, but just maybe I looked more upon the black or end of the scale of the grey scale me and my view, bright, look more like the red light and I looked more like the green light to him here. Oh one thing that I would really like for you to answer. You said that.
There is a word in your high school, a bad mean word for theatre, kids, yeah anyone, so it doesn't that if the aid or fags that's what they got, your fag was a very prevalent knock you with that's just it isn't separated yeah You know what I want. Everyone used to say: nail in time for everything, wielders we there's with prison. I have a whole scene and hit wrong about five. The word five has a lot of guys. Genuinely it's not right it's wrong. Yet they do genuinely used the word fag to say pussy or they know they know they. It's the swear, word version of pussy till they're, not even saying something missing from wind, actual yeah yeah yeah, which she then in the movie proves that
I'm wrong in that. That's not an acceptable swear, word rather pussy what she's right, but junior doctors, whatever you mean, you mean wimpy, not anatomy, backup! Wait what cause! I said, outpost yeah! I know a guy call each other policies to mean windows. Another hot button, top REACT And I'm going to I'm going to vote people yell at me in twitter. The people get mad that the word pussy is used to describe cowardly men. Write women, go you shouldn't use our anatomy, but then I say no, we call people dicks dicks- means you're, fucking asshole yeah in an asshole who we're talking about our s or its work, its equal its equal working as a marine using the male anatomy. To describe something bad and were were using, the female anatomy describes only bad like it all comes the war. The only thing I would say to that Oh desert, now things as weak, that women are weak right
but that you're disdain manner assholes, but general role. Women's weakness is used against that we let the patriarchy so in general and it's all about who is more in power. This is not a conversation that, but that doesn't bother me that people say that's that's, but that's why you're same thing as all the race in eyes. Dump we talk. I get that yeah. I got a hundred percent acknowledges. That is true. It's right, but would you rather be known in your group of friends? Is an asshole or a week weakening Ah, a week I don't know, I really dont want, I dont think ones, but I would rather be known as a week
and then an asshole allows one. No one likes you. People can like people or weak. Yet for women it's hard to be seen as we could you get taken advantage of readjusting is equally bad, be seen as an asshole. Your woman browser, oh she's, an asshole and she's not get hired. Her life blows neurons dating her. If you're an asshole, you don't have access to anything, I'm just saying they're, both the both pejorative they're, both stem from the respective genitalia so either. Let's also get rid of calling people a deck which I don't want to do and they will get rid of pussy, but knowledge is keep em boughs and recognise I'm not making a I'm, not comment. None women's weakness. I married to some a much more powerful than me, so I am not saying that we can create new right that I love you have used. They should join as waste.
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