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2021-01-18 | 🔗
Common (Mind Power Mixtape, A Beautiful Revolution Pt 1, Hell on Wheels) is a rapper, actor, and writer. Common joins the Armchair Expert to discuss learning to love process, the value of character, and having gratitude for the moment. Common explains how he found strength in individualism and how grateful he is to finally be able to do the things he loves without the pressures of their monetary performance. Dax and Common bond over their parallel lives: their love of Pulp Fiction and Barack Obama, not having masculine figures in their lives, and disastrous first podcast interviews with a significant other. Best friend Aaron Weakley returns for the fact check and Dax & Aaron recount Dax’s worst smelling fart on the school bus.
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Welcome, welcome, were going to armchair expert my arm, Shepherd. I'm joined by Monica miles below today we have common, who I absolutely adore way more after talking to oh, my god, what a delight he will, Yeah, we're not gonna get one of these really strong connections with a ghastly. I really felt like he and I are so made some Asia. I want to hang with them communism proper he's an actor he's a writer. He was in John with chapter to smoke in cases where I fell over them hell on wheels and he has a new album called a beautiful revolution, part one as well as a new podcast, called mind: power mix tape available on audible. So please enjoy a very uncommon. And I D sold Wabi, WEBS joke and you'll hear about in the interview he's
you are so good. Are you do your great great? Now I write the Manila you guys in early yeah. Want to come to your backyard and do this I want to see your your mug. While we do it alone, man, we could have did this soon I could have came to to wherever you are with no man, man, man, did you know that man is good, yeah we're pretty on it, although we posted up
you have our selves with another friend, that's on it boy. Did we get him? He you now. You just can't escape the heat and light. There are many people analyze, infrequent critique everything out good. You assume what's happening without medical like everyone's on a show. Giddens has four times a week, we'd always each other, but his fear like today. There is a thing that came up its had one in five people I have had so. I think people are just scared or get them. Ever me understand it does. what has come out, but I may ultimately site if you you're with me as some people are, you know what we ve done. You hang cages the pitcher before before I am sympathetic to here, but I dont excuse the shaming, like people whose first motivations, I I'm gonna, shame this person knows nothing about it, no one! in about it, and I mean you know I'm apathetic, but a few too bad,
Ultimately, I'm not subscribing to it. That's not my thing, you know I'm not going to walk around here. Like I'm going to be aware, be responsive, one be accountable and be young. yeah yeah yeah. the men at the name of the park as itself rigid, don't man alone answer? Where did John their name from when I was in Anthropology in college, it was the term they used a lot for like early anthropologist. They didn't do any research, they do so IRAN and thought of ideas like oh, I guess I know how a giraffes net got longer. They stretched towards the tree. Figured it out. But of course, as I what happens, but that's me not begin to do any trials are not going to get no door, but I'm gonna have a fucking opinion on. This a great sideshows man is light inspiring our life titles and movie fatalism, record, Siders Universe, on whose written movies I cannot
I told them in any way that I'm proud of- and I always look at turn Tito's titles and unlike while there we go again one or more amazing fucking title he can't do not have a brilliant tidal waves Brady, that's one of my favorite directors, writers, yeah. Well, let's see cause you and I are about the same age. So was eighteen. When halt fiction came out- and I think that's the first time that I was like Oh that's an art form that I want to be a part of like that kind of. May me interested in movies more than just a consumer. What was your reaction to that movie as well, my favorite movies of arson. a movie that when people have always ass, you wash your favorite movies. I dont forget perfection and I watched it over and over was amazed at the writing. My friend it reminded me a high to have a bunch of blockbuster videos and I would have of fiction.
All the time you know I know, Quentin Tarantino is like a movie or film aficionado, so I didn't know like what he might have been inspired by whatever it just felt like this new creation to me. I love that in for me if he was inspired by other founded he came out with his own voice into it and came over his own thing and that eventually to me, is what you are. You bring it's a new generations. I because you know you have I all thirteen old studied some of these. I found the newspaper oh. Let me check out that's done too, but the proprietary thing about turn teams that gray. I dont really care if it was shot for shot. Some italian movie, the fuckin dialogue and I'm gonna make a parallel between hip up. So I think when hip hop came out and people like hold on there is a product that's available to the masses. That's talking like we talk in town in our stories, and I think for me, public sounds like oh my.
I live in Detroit. This is the conversations I here all the time. I didn't think that would ever make its way to a movie screen, Read the writing. The dialogue, not only what you like men, are, relate to it, but you, also, as I do it was something like yeah, poetic However, it is apology is riding it I'm always Inspired by like love love it. I want to hear it. I think, in fact, that some of the greatest things about hip hop too to me, is when you can see something as reliable, but then also can be poetic. Yeah. I got ass. You when you sit down a right, is your process, light I've just see something a read: something subordinate the spark a meteorite. Or do you say? Ok, let me take this time today to write. I'm just gonna go ahead out. How does that process? I generally have sat down with an idea. Funny side story is I've gotten
so my good ideas by guessing wrong while watching trailers right I'm in the movie theater the trailer stars on my all. This is a story point blank blank and am excited, and then not that at all and then I go like all I like the thing I thought it was going to be so. I've had a few of those why I just was wrong about what I thought this thing was going to be, and I was like I'll be. That would make something good, I always have just the beginning and the end I think of like. Where would a great story start and end? And then I just suffer like a mother fucker through the second act, her upper AIR Wikipedia how about you when you write what your process? You know I've been having some days lately wedges take time out there. Aid to write and say I'm gonna write and America does the process for a while, but I think, while I was doing a lot of different things, always riding on a move, I should eat. Like writing the car, I alike, but no music.
I ve been a car anymore now, as I just be a somewhere by myself, but I usually go get in the car because night, I'm not on the phone and not distracted and, of course be in California. My random depreciation. Looking at the ocean, my honest, golly air, and I just I come up Thus, in the other day, I wrote for three thousand in re. Really any lines that I like, but is still was fine and as this and now in this point in my life writing. I feel I man I just wanted to be free like be, joy and be prolific. It yourself at China, let the chief do, and I didn't go back and edit as getting older, I'm getting older. Do you find that like for me, I've had the thought of light as young. It. Nothing was about process. I just wanted the fuckin result. I wanted the outcome. I wanted that outcome to give me some other opportunities, then I'd want that outcome in like rats
Forget it. I didn't even care, but I've aspired for the last. Like ten years like you, ve got to him joy process because that's the actual thing there. salts not doing the products, not the thing. Your life memory is the process right as you say that I will just give me chairs man. I maybe emotional, because the more ages surrender so the process and live in a process in the pot at a price. There's the more. I join my life tat, while our yeah light is the product, sit down and going through it and re written and taken three hours and maybe not coming up with anything, but not just beating myself down, because I didn't write. That is part of the joy in the learning, and you also understand that there is going to be tomorrow You will be able to do something now, so you d get something out of just that right, so you a daughter process and appreciate the process evaluate more
I have done. I do believe that comes raised yeah it suddenly times. I understand, but I do remember having moments in mock made thirty early thirties vows you sleep. Well, I'm sitting here in this moment life It could be somewhere like sitting near listening to music and creating with somebody I could be, a moment way. You know, like always is Barack Obama First, lady, Michelle Obama and I'm I'm listening, oh a tree in the White House out. This fact is light. I started to take in those moments and value of figures, the combination of no written but the deal we like you know. Of awareness and self help books and also judge, being situations where I was like really. Thank God for where was he might be? be a net gratitude being able to be there. You are
in the White House gone why our eye the president. you gonna nature is like. Madam, is charming why the vulgar and I the bread, Sulawesi President Obama's like this do was goin, do it, it was no other person. It should have been a first by president, you know. Sometimes you just gotta believe me, I am happy to be in the presence of. Does it out you. Another thing I get off on with him is seen him around other big dogs, like other hyper alpha, successful deeds like his thing on the barbershop, whatever Leubronn shows called HBO. As I owe you Le Bron? Here you got some other light. You know hyper successful and he the most relax motherfucker Oh my god. I think such conviction around the Deuce violate yeah, I'm the one with patience you guys go, entertained me, you would account or hit
you got it may develop. Deny me, aren't you live day was born to do it. Yeah where's it well. they were aware men. I think I know easily also ass much ass. You love surgeons. Confident, I still think is the humility tormented compassion that we are a dog and we all looked. Therefore in leadership so TAT S, that's why I like, I was taught me the oddest killer MIKE off from the group, Jos and I'm a bag. Dicks put me to your lips, yes, a permit. We were going back if love, because we were sitting at a pen. Wisdom, Raphia Warner and John Ourself, who run of the Senate now elected you, send it yes but anyway we was not a piano and I we were talking about elected US Jos, and what that means: this is, and how do you determined at him and one of the things I was like character, one of the first day
they got me about Iraq. Obama was character and he was. I made you dont vote for a freak in character and I was like. Well, you don't, but only for character, but a person gets it is going to show you what type of human being they will be in power. Many of us. Let's face it, a lot of us. You know experience power and we had to learn how to deal with it. Well, You mean you ve heard to say: I know who you are. Is this be exempt when you get the platform and start or more whatever. It may be, whether a politician, an actor at me who you as a person, S don't come out in certain ways, yet the value of character. My opinion is all these people enter any office with a really good game plan right. But then I go straight to the MIKE Tyson quote: everyone's got a great game plan for the fight till they get punch in the face. Is it then the game plans out the Fuckin window sill and that's where the character take sulphur right, because always we are going to get in situations that are outside.
their plan and then they're gonna have to rely on some compass. You want that person to have a compass. You agree with. I think you ll come one of the greatest days. I looked for and leadership, I just as one leaders they have accomplished I'm not going agree with everything that they are, as does not realistic. I agree with everything Mama I agree with everything you said. I am sure that you have said today here real time and then tomorrow we are on that thing. I'd like that point, like Hell, Monica, be like Santa allocate bridges me for light three days ago. Three we speak. What was I where was, I think, is another one of those days. I'm glad you brought that up. I mean like dainty, suspenders and stuff and among the right look for him, but really
try and allowing the vat about allow your places dope members great? Oh! Thank you. This our little advocates above a garage, and we ve made a few hundred episodes year. We fuckin love it. I want to try it. the EU has an overall theory I developed about you. Well, researching you, but before I do that, I do not want to forget you. Now? This I can't imagine but us for all been together. That's right! We had just done alive. Show I thinking cargo. That would make the most sense fly back to allay in you were on the plane. You are like in the front RO. We were like in three and four in Rob is a quiet, dude and doesn't make many jokes. You up to leave and some woman wanted her bag in you offered to get her back down for her very nice. As you were getting the bag down for this. Stranger Rob said very Common
was knocked up my ass by the talks about one, so we got a bad joke ever These will be competing with danger. Bearing right eases the springboard he's ready as it is yeah. I remember when you on a plane deftly we nodded at each other. There were not as there was we thought. Maybe briefly, because I remember you said you had a show of something I remember now, allow I assumed you didn't remember, and I remembered, I myself was theme is low numbers. We come across a guy like me out. I remember that guy pry brought up my friend, Andrew Pinochet, who I think you ve worked within some ads. Duff. I think that's what it William starts on your brother, Andrew yeah, I loved ones. They allow me too what an original ha do, people just themselves? They could be themselves no man.
Where do I go, and you is that you is that all my god I, madam he was produced in a movie us and that's how we met. I said Lily this gorgeous so gay gentlemen. He was wearing true religion, genes with sparkles on item and I have shared novice over many years. as we know, is Grover, unlike others, guys great he's got a whole vibe gone, but I'm wrong and I loved it mixed messages. Man, disease now talk about a compass, desperate. Talking about, I love a man like I just wanted to trace that are always want most myself his delight. myself and not be afraid of, like. Ok, my home, he's gonna. Think this army are, the public is they may come the news not appoint. Were there and her name Andrews Those guys like now give a give. This is who I am ok, goods this fit,
Indeed, this theme I want to explore with you and I'll probably wrong. Generally, these big big theories MP from people when I researcher my forty percent accurate, but fire an arm chair acts does why I'm an armchair expert, but this is what I think, I see in you and it's something I admire in you and I'm gonna make some really broad general statements to set it up, and that is on from the church. you're from Chicago. I didn't have a day. Mom and dad got divorce right. He goes Denver, I'm assuming what you're neighborhoods like that I could get in trouble, but in my neighborhood lower class, not my dad's around so like masculine. was everything so I'm hillbilly. So could you really could you jump over fire? Could you fight dudes? Could you know all these little measures of masculinity? I assume cuz there was no dad's in the house, is going like good job you're, a man most me, your environment had to be semi similar. I love that comparison the Congo. My mother's
my woman, a teacher, but I'm still can Hey I like that shirt right dear, like TAT, does the same they might want you to take your hat right, and then again ass? I was going to a private school. My mother were tied educated. She's made me do book reports do outside was the time very academic, also like learning and was answered at, but also was in the neighborhood around different things in an masculinity with certain net honey, I'm glad you brought it up, because I was just a conversation with a musician friends. A man like we didn't have a man said outside it. Does the way you be a man in a relationship and give us even some I believe instructions and even out a hand to yourself and what that means in work maybe you're learning from your peers right, I'm learning from other dipshit. I dont know what they're doing my dad didn't sit me down and tell me how you treat a woman or exactly all or just respect for sufferers.
Therefore, when I was learning from Gaza, where my age load, the oder we will the music and that influence the no for all the positives. The hip hop brought it. We also like had those songs when it's like. You know a lot Would you like now care about women? Acted I'm get as many women as our Henrietta boys in double away. Like an honest us, so, yes, you know: that's the damosel doubled by which you brought up was like that right. There makes me realize the a better word commonality that we have as people, but we just don't know. I'm you grew up in Detroit White CAT. They dig he'll be here. I got on South Ass, a kind of black and white We are more similarities than we do: deficit I mean when you talk about your mom to my mom. Was single mom hardest working lady alive start as a gender at night shift bill to company? I was her golden child. I was supposed to go, be a doctor
when a lot of my time beam what she wanted me to be. And then a mile do an insane I had such a dual personnel I would be doing shit thinking. Oh my god, my mom saw what's happening right now, savages be heartbroken when play for you by normal, what my mom is taking, no matter what were expect. me, I'm goin to do this. While I got away from our so that I could feel the freedom to be the dirt bag. I thought I should be now. This is what I want to applaud in you is that I think. When I listen to your early music, you pay a way in which I think it has to be stressful. To pick a lane. and hip hop surely a ninety six or ninety five, because, as you just said, the stuff that's working, that's monetize! Is this hyper masculine muse and you at twenty seven. You know you put,
some music that soulful melodic and respectful and deep listening to some of that early stuff. Today, like the light, I just love the light and I think why twenty eight man I was still like. I'm gonna joined the hell's angels. I had this chip on my shoulder I gotta prove what a fucking bad ass. I am I flawed and I'm enamored by the lame you picked- and I just wondered if that was challenging or was tempting to go another route because it would be more successful. You know much is my friends as much as they jumped about me for do indifferent things. They also still Additionally, love me right man, there was some, but the unconditional love that allow me to ask. artists and, as a person bewildered put myself out their allies, individualism. Even when me and all my friends to win starter cuz, I'm like I'm going to try to get the different started, the real ass back, different, looking started. Cuz, you know the pink camo,
big, let that no, it was in vain and individualism that are actually study jealous strength. But when I Aristotle, Romany again a chance to express myself in ways that I didn't know. I would express my son say things that I didn't even know that I was thinkin because it is art so users, expressing the parity on it and it allowed you to come out and unnatural. I was right in love song. I was right in these days and because I had already has certain individuality. I was ok to embrace it Well, I mean this is what I want to put out in world by aspirations what by Marlene Stevie wonder and yeah carers, one and let you know, and in need of some Mon Charcoal train, ok with be indifferent in our way, don't get me wrong. I went to phases where I was really just indifferent in a really like my instincts and doing things not still I, my assistant, polycentric where my friends like
What the hell are you going to call me every day, but I could take the jokes because I grew up with the jokes already well, but I do think like what's always so ironic encounter intuitive. Is that by you not broadcasting your masculinity? It actually is proof that you had confidence in your master. Learning- and I think it took me Longer to be like, oh no on this, I like therapy, I like talking about childhood trauma and right motorcycles, but it me longer. I wonder what do you think that's anchored in your dad was a a model. I played an aba, aren't you when my dad, but I wonder if you had a physical confidence, will you like physically gifted the conference deadly, wasn't about the physicality, because our
the guy in high school girls. I owe you know that guy one that guy I know and I actually started to feel like mob. Quality was my heart lies beyond the boy and myself Are you trying to go to your strength and my heart was: must read so I will go to my strength and that way soldiers. It was something about the people I thought I was over masculine and going back, I've been do that it expresses I've been in fights and I've been You know us girls around. I won't show our regions tougher with, but then may I always go home and when I'm by myself I have reflected days and it was like the who I really want to be drafted a guy. Doing that and I do not have all the past is unhappy therapy. I've had now in those days the resource to be able to live at these words, clear and might really understand what the process but ass. I was filling up more and more is growing closer to them.
the true values and then stick it out things to be better and therapy was one because it was I found myself repeating days in relationships. I found myself am I mean, I'm not fearful. Music was a night a relatively unshared, you know we all get nervous about Akerana, but What's goin on relations, what is so? I had to work like a pig without a murmur real advocate for getting better. My I'm gonna be better, like a better human, be about a father but a child of God other take a stab at something because we have a similar background. Did you have? I'm pretty deep fear commitment and these. It gets a little bit because you and I were our moms partner, that little cumbersome about that
You already know that as your question, but I will elaborate, man might be a commitment. Your fear commitment has come from the US. Fact of having a mother as apparent in is the single pair home. Usually sometimes even a dozen I'd be single baron. But let me speak. Hostage situation. My mother, like the love that she put on me, was a lot and then love was beautiful, but then some of it was her own hurt and what she didn't have, maybe from her father from the breakup with my father and I become the emotional weight and I don't eat. but that wages, whammy, DOW the knees She has so fast oh it when I'm in a relationship because somebody need me knows wars that I had as a kid. I couldn't take on the responsibility of my mother's emotional weight as a key. So now feeling isn't it. Somebody need me and, unlike the I'm gonna take the zone is feels familiar like a bad familiar yeah
but you cannot from therapy love addiction. combine the best is the enemy, oh god, oh god, you really love love that Berlin of a good relationship and that single you get and then a second you see they click words like oh yeah. I convince them the likeness person, all fuck. I'm gonna. Let this person's happened. That's all like ten minutes away. Minister, when, like I say, I want to be a love that love like whereby, as guides everyone's go there we got as you somewhere as is now looking we know those things are able to being a relationship with Eli. Ok, what's really, true to what unfairly and what am I bring from up here, yeah and how we do our work. To some of these fears that, I repeat,
I am able to process and to take inventory, just be causes. aware of it is making may be better relations, would be happier night everything a part. I'm just when I'm saying I was going to say I M coming to terms with this stuff and I'll tell you what one of my hurdles was is in my story of my life, my dad, since he laughed was the villain. My mom was the superhero who raised us three kids and sacrificed everything. So in this archetype you know Greek store, free there is no room for me to be critical of my mom and no room for my dad to ever be just a human who had some flaws. So You know in the last few years really will end. So my mom was a human, but because she was up here dad was down here. I didn't even want to really look there s, something because
you see. I love that your mother's, giving you and you see how wonderful she is, and you don't wanna hear ass down because you light look it up still she's done for me, just the person is committed. There lie to me and you don't want deep failure than them to because it's like this is the one hero you kind of have like. I was so glad that my father, we know the times I got to spend with my father. He was really really honest with me. It would be like man look. I was dealing with drugs at this point I felt you know I, I was crazy boy, don't you know my father was a lonely. You know he was. I got really spiritual, but did he talks, images. clever street. Do images the Koran and a Bible, and yet all these dynamic role in Ireland, see a neck, and I got to see a human being closely my father on a pedestal too, because he
I've been are needed that mail figure you added to be on a pedestal, but then him humanizing themselves is mainly by all We gotta be able to show no size but you're right. It's time for me to actually exist. Hey man. You got, last year, they want more gas, too my daughter right, I'm a gas that when you looked your daughter. It was the first time in your life or you re, like yeah fucking depend on me. No fear of commitment. I have two daughters, and that was this crazy he's sensation I Hauser yes, but then an army and expect me to be there forever, because I can't wait to be there forever. I all? This is what it feels like to love without any fear of commitment, yes You know what I had a more yea number, two things natural ledges, ok, We here forever to love. You do everything I can do, but it also I gotta work
your heart and I gotta give you no light. bulk is not in fact, dazzling, honesty, Ok, I'm Hegel. Allow me still outside now I gotta figures, may I go where they move from Chicago. Whatever may be, I have another human being that I'm going to love and going to be there at four and I have to provide for a two. So thank you both those villains. Now you knows greatest fear that relationship are too because family she was perfectly that like she at some point confronting meals, life Yeah! You didn't do this. When I was a kid you didn't take address, you don't want to pay for my essay, cheap labour, you really believe I would ask me any measure clear, which you that what she was saying was her felons it was. Was she felt its meeting understand. In a moment there was a real lesson. I learned in a moment was
in a matter what I thought like what I think so I think she said it was definitely not true, but that one quote the facts were what the facts are the facts didn't matter. Thank you. It just seems like these are her feelings. This is what she uses This is our perspective. I need to hear out I needed Maybe there are needed, shouted be right. Shouted defend myself now could initially I was like a boy. You really think that I didn't do this, do that, but I learned in it as well: about. Learning you know from a process. A journey to Debian ourselves is something a laugh your children are being involved. Do not even want to have a conversation when we like that, I don't feel like you did these days. Now, my you dare start when she had a drink or so I gotta play.
This game for fun. When I'm with my daughters and sit around, I try to imagine what they're going to have a grievance about, because you just have to you- have to have a fucking grievance with your parents or you're, not a human. They go have some gripes, but ultimately, only what you just said: yeah you been there but I'm in ways that goes shape they last wherever they know what love is yet if we start there we know and love is like know what it is to be loud, and I love specifying woman to know what it is to be loved by her yeah. You know I like your days. I am not one of those persons like However, nor will I always has been a man. I wanted a mess up. Am I don't want to mess with detrimental night where something is really like. You can't come, I agree. We are not in jail, you're, not shoot math! You now we can manage
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whoever listen do a cd more my life, I didn't know the that points. I'll, say: ok, gurus part of gangsta, but he does indeed a whole separate projects with dealt jazz musicians Like Barton, Roy Ayers, a different man I love that our Europe up, They wanted to things. It was my gateway it's a jazz jazz honesty, my favorite, like Alice the jars rally more Alison, the music of that I will go. bless you, so I'm actually got to tour with gay star there was one of my favorite days are done in my career. I wasn't solid Italian quietly, I loved. So let s try my only friend in the music business. I adore him made such a good. Do Why do, and He's been one of my friends for a long time. Dennis their wages in all his brother. There's some pattern right, like you worked with cognate for years
his mom was a teacher, your Mama's, a teacher to lives mom's a professor dad, professor, like it seems like a subset within hip. of these musicians was kind of similar backgrounds like the weight of their parents expectations and having ascended and living in the neighborhood and having friends and like just this weird com first of all that stuff do knocked down the West tyres MA am tell your mother, Miss Green and my mother Tell me kindly. We all had a panel we already panel, all about Education. Do you know about looked to the panel is the funding of Miss West? Was I wrap in chinese lyrics like Showtime? lie down alone, all normal. If I got to see his mother, they were proud, but more than anything it was like. I noticed that we all have been under the teachings of teachers in it affected.
wait. I work, creates a value gifted musician, ingenious it when it comes to music, but here sounds like brilliant whereas in the Euro zone in certain ways- and we have access child labour is the same as far as is being brilliant in his youth, whereas in an empty chapels, mother with the decision is father was a professor, yet some we're magic. It's like it's the product of once there is opportunity. You look at the product. The products like this, fuck him beautiful synergy of all these things, the jazz tradition that knowledge that education, the words you know all of it wasn't you would go home in you'd, be thoughtful about what you just experience and I think that's practised in academia that thank you when you were flecked. You just are automatically doing that in life. In the book report, is what you're bringing endear bedroom to monitor America's like the Mama.
You made me: do those both reports you notice, the outside of work workout to do for school and she made school. I okay. If you do good school, you can get. The things you know like you pretty much night, not within up financial world, then while I was going out anything? You got the pink camel starter jacket, Thirdly, I remember I was in college. take your time out of my day. These are the two just shit. I'm gonna Romans work on rats right. It was really Parallels. What I'll do a book replies? I would you sit in a room and his work him off red drink. You lie outside my door, kicking it wants it. We plan Nintendo at the time, but I was I focus in that really translated back. He said now, access This opportunity am, I mean, look at a lot of people, say man if they have someone to access they. the amazing I feel like what,
The access meets. You is divine order, sometimes in different ways, meaning you just gotta meet the access on tat. Some, expresses I've had it the child actor I would have had a more difficult time: experiences summit someone fights some of break Some of you know, like dates in you know, someone finds out I just wanna had those experiences some. Failures. You know like Lima, first albums people weren't didn't know what was the help me? It's a no and be able to understand what journey is an the enter preciate journey and gratitude and also know that what got to work on, but the longest people get their access. Like some point then all its accuse me and I know what directors of attack you know, what time does our costume and make a bizarre want them and have access to allow other stuff academic, so they could say hey. I actually want to beat us a and b that that allows you to see those things
I do believe life experiences, that once you get the access yeah, I mean look at Whitney, uses first album that's almost impossible to navigate through. Man is a lie and you really gotta have like true said to herself, because, your first sounds like that when it comes out on top and is the biggest I'm a century or a year, you gonna go down, you switched to fear. You can make your next out of fear allowance. Then a roller coaster, even more you said. The most important thing is the journey and I really is show like people sat in a light, a man, the journey when you really embrace that live that man asked, as the most joy for an expressive, most powerful industries, You enjoy life more yet I've known a lot of these cliches over the years, intellectually, and not connected to them emotionally
then all of a sudden when I connect to it emotionally like of, is a really profound statement. Even but now I feel it and while what a difference you watch the rooting on the time allowed Jane idea was the documentary mouses in a conversation my friend about my job three groups. They help up at his job. I saw a new all day. Last saw three feet in rising. That fuckin thing did not come out of my tenth grade cd player, family in the I know I love you better. I know I love you. I love you. You better now learn about everything on it. There some of the most innovative honors in music, but in her path ashore, ten years ahead of their time, at least for sure the four daylight hours within the past week by briefly. I rise in daylight soldiers. There stakes his heart,
and below my stay at all on the different alone, were innovator alone, worried and experienced, and they all time YAP wealth, so what by Wu Tang. I have no knowledge of rooting. I was not into any one of those folks individually, for whatever reason I missed it, then I watch the dock just out of curiosity. What I absolutely covet is that they got to share that experience like the fact that they were this fucking. Creative gang like a and that is so rare? that's the thing I watched and I was like God if I were in hip hop if I were you of our anyone at once, single man I kind of wish I had that brotherhood along the ride is that's just what's so damn special about that group yeah. Well, I have to say, So most Amazon towering be unable to pass your ideas and sometimes is like a basketball team. I love ass, a bustle
Somebody is having a good night in authority, as I somebody might smash, and Barcelona saw enough They knew nobody gravity to one or two or three people may smash it so that our group is An incredible am I because I am so we know your roused somebody you gonna get better if their elevating the gap ass. If I may be so long is the benefits have been so long, as was that I did the run on ideas, but somewhat So if I wanted to do a song about abortion, which I did do at one point, I could do it this but I fear it is, as you know, is project in this. My expression and also to other benefits. Were there I did have some people about idea. Remember working on I call resurrection was which was my second now and this is at a time why release the first one in nobody knew what was my idea like? I was gonna. and be a superstar shy. I've heard that you wouldn't do any of you thought otherwise right
police, do no one knew, but in a process of me working to give better. I was around these guys. So we were freestyle at a time and, in my opinion, again better, so we sovereign. Each other even allows a solo audits yeah. When I look at who you worked with its pretty bonkers J airline Conny Lauren, Hale IRAN, Erika due at the Pentagon like me, fell into the other amazing Sarka roused am super grateful to work with these people, We would like to be a regular here. Lots of work to be applauded Don't like she's. One of my favorite artists or De Angelo and Eric about doing and J diluted, Cube tat man. I was a summit Iq chip is? Why he's like a child Cole drain of music of your pop music for sure I was learning. I was I'm fine, but the thing out like about even working. I found him and workable projects even now, music, because
a collective, my work with a lot. We sit back and we come up with stuff and is a different one. Since in really do love working with a team is one of the things I love about making found a pot of appeal, this is not all alone me. So a lot It has been so modest and also love the joys of being a team. And working on a family workin on a project which is great other artists. collaboratively yeah. You don't have your fuckin poker in one fire right. I mean the fact that you got into acting that you write that year musical, You are a model that you can have add campaigns like especially this last year cycle, it. Will you're not gonna, be touring? Ok in that You do, then fear fear, fear, but, like you have this beautiful mesh of productivity and interests and I think now more than ever, I would hope I just feel grateful to be so diversified. They gonna feel
extremely grateful to be able to do things that I love to. Do it on purpose to do and things passion about their work. the album is saying that I'm working on this album that I want to put it out for the people I want to like put this out to touch people like to put it out, because the only way they might be right in Europe not a fear, especially because some you love to do, but you still the pay your bill, so you like what I got to make this out. You know I've been in that position. I couldn't pay. My rent song we'll show an omelette before you know. I got it I want to do, for the love are needed to hit to arouse life. Can you impacts? people like you wanted the night shift. The paradigm and change people aspire. People he'll be light motivated by so now I can. that place just create music when I'm aspire to and when I have something to say and also an offence and tv and acting.
thy, honest aegis I could be it a movie and is even if his three lines, that is one of the internet and am grateful. I did I but could. I was also learned what the process a film making but now that I'm not just taking anything just to be in it, Although I am glad you are in smoking aces, I just love, as I shall get out a year limit is do now. First movie. It man, I love. I love that movie. I love it. I love work, with a man like Roger was in them, Riah Reynolds. Jason Bateman will generate met my name in another way, with a real. I infection do that through the back. I got my first found soda. Experience in itself, thou love! callback right out. In the car, but I got this movie. I wasn't jumping up and down on a bed. I was like just going to buy a car, my mother and thing I had to do- was gone and neck. hotel room. It's ok, I'm going to win
a proper debate transition the transition, but he really really was like ok, you say, in practice the logos I may this year you wanna do ya. Gonna, do a rascal. Do it s like this, my brother, my brother for life like a lot on the table. When I was on his labour, when he's like man go pursue your dream, that's big of him there, Ok, so your new album is a beautiful revolution, part one, and I think he just answer to question I for you about that which is: does it get harder to be creative as you get older, because the normal catalysts. Thank God, aren't there like a massive heart. Break beam, shit on by the boss. You know these situate, Is that our great fodder for music. Is it harder
is it may be helpful that you get the fuck out of it and then only come back when you're passionate. It is very helpful that I did Sir Light gather money thoughts. Experience life. Absorb life and their speak when out have something say part of my tools. Then I m c b, an artist has been a speak of the people and see other peoples. I, even if I'm not going to somebody various? As you know, I feel it I stay in tone. People go around people out. You know I stay connected enough said. Be able to speak towards things is Goin are another thing is coloured so cautiously, but I didn't know what's happening but really happening, especially with this new project and just lately, I've been listened to a lotta. Ninety super and I'm illicit drugs could have been worked out. And I'm workin out and The natives are balkan. Want to go to the music grants is truly love is hit me out.
About you had is the new jam. Another is just I'm going to the music that hit my soul. 90S hip hop is one of those things to be able to listen to that. I was reminded of all the things that I was influenced laughed when it was tribe whether this blight moon Wednesday. You start with his terrorist one raccoon, so here the purity of that in the spirit of what their music is brought, really help channel something great for these new music. Doing so, are you gotta remember who you are right? Yeah yeah! I love it. ok now you have a podcast, that's available on audible and incredible list of gas fuck you it took us to address I ever they get some of them Alexander on their, but just in this first season you have Hudson Menage you have, Ursula Ali you're, not because you want not history, this progress, but my fur sat beside was with my wife and my out This'Ll will be fuckin easy. I've done a million interviews with her. We know
Do this I sit down to do she's annoyed. She had to be there. She wants to go to fuckin Ike Michael's by fabric, my girl anyway, you gotta. I forget what are you talking about? That's a priority to buy. I regret Disease annoyed me. I'm annoyed with her as I go first. Forty five minutes is us correct and that we find our way out of it, and I was considering not even airing it. I'm like this is not the most beautiful picture of her and I America's love birds. I guess was curious. I don't know if you still You certainly word dating Tiffany had, when you interviewed or that it goes smoothly as you anticipated, or was it also complicated? Our lives are a lot of parallels, yes to Vienna lovers using wonderful woman in in partnership and
me sit down in a view and how a news gonna go smooth like we have this funny conversations we have fun comes face. We gotta deeper places out by this is gonna, be great, Man, I can't- man. It was tough and it was like she was ready to go at like they're doing the middle of the talk she was like. How long is it supposed to be I found out about it all your job. The question of big than we are my team, that we came up with some great stuff deep, I'm getting to say some basic outside Let me tell you that junk was forty five minutes of nothing to the point where we had to go back and redo it. Oh, my god. I am so relieved to hear that. Oh, my god is that hysterical do that was my exact experience,
It was like see you guys. You like, I think she thought was controlled. Trapper ins like like outer for shit. I know that nothing at all I would never do that to you but yeah. You like she had a guard on, but she never has. As I know, this is so bizarre. In fact I was a man is really difficult to have you somebody you know like that. Well and they look, your life. Are you got there as you know, our share with you, the slightest personal. Like that like hell. You know not go down, I'm not doing it am. I want you to the great lakes and I do it to be a great interviews, I wanna go someplace, you know Where did you wouldn't talk about things but anyway the neck? the second round we did it with being an audible which is a great interviewed by the wireless in the first half of this morning's fantastically yap. Thank you, I'm really took it from more. Let me have a conversation, but let me stay my course, because I also was just
and then the conversation in that don't they things that I normally and others station would try to keep. You know why we have a danger, some of it to some of the things we do. We ask people what sounds expired than what you saw tat. They saw person who would you sit down and have dinner with you know it's comedians. What do you think, you probably would say about you and beat you know I needed to stay inside the some of that room anyway, lessons learned, I grew from it we came up good now unhappy about it. It was a chance. I ask you this sir. When I listen to Christian and eyes, first of all, it actually destroyed my confidence in doing this job. Am I it's gonna be is good at this, as I hope a number two. I was like. Oh my god, oh my controlling, like I was fire burning with how controlling I was. I was just trying to force this thing to be what I thought it could be, and I was
humiliated with myself. I gotta get my shit together do I learned so much from that suits you tonight A me come in. I think- and I always gotta be this risk is gonna, be this powerful tumblr people really get to know Tiffany in another way. Man is gonna, be one of the great I cast all dressed up. Remove it, let it go like it just be present as we talked about him and let it go where it goes, and then not always just dwell on the results, and I think man being it has been like the biggest gift you can have, because Sometimes you never know where the present moment it's gonna. Take you and us I started learning these casket. You know this is my first time doing a package, especially from an interview for Spain, and I wanted it to be conversations, but also you know knew I had to still ask questions. So
my companies has brought to light by you, but for me too, I was like well this Emmy, so easy for me. I've been doing interviews for last seventeen years and I think I'm a pretty good interview like I can shoot the shit and I underestimated yeah that I, we have a role. There was little adjustment for me. Listen my every form but then that I get into I wanna be great at it again Like Madam, be able to do this. I like talking on the talk and I ended up but then realize Ellie, I gotta be a listener and neither the battle. No one of those things way lay ok I'll stand here and I can work to give better. Is Islam? Hackers went on, I got started, feeling better Thank you. Hit the total key for me, what I learned is exactly what you're saying, which is like embraced the present throw away the game. The game plans there to go back to, but in vain, is the moment in the present and don't be afraid that it's gonna take. You saw off course,
it might take you somewhere that way better than the course you charted. The game plan is like your safety net. Men go back there. Our aim of this talk is just in the process in Vienna processor. That really is just like trust in it I mean we are just as we do Are we going to we wanna? We wanted to be excellence and greatness and sometimes don't up. as is well. I ok was should be. This way rests with the greatness is gonna, be when I pushed this and I don't mind I need a place you might need to be still right, then, among reminded the ship so the left and I'm Ashley. I'm workin on. I myself, I even a book and in the booth could I had right down the way I wanted. I wanna hit it that way but I got a lot of certain moments to just happened like the way they do it. When you talked about the song the light, you know what it is lyrics that people sing them beyond the course when I'm, informing. The song is somewhere,
took a jar tickets. Article tickets are now I only said Rebecca had finished the rat. and I was just lay down a reference of people say that more than any other words, I wrote an online. Man, that's just an example of be in the moment. Let the moment happen. Sometimes the moments that that and then you know it's alright. We can go back and fix up some of the other aspects. If we need to be, though I had to leave that take a cab John, do differently, Something like this is it It is always that Philip though we are now one year don't mind power mix tape which is on audible? Will you be doing more seasons yeah? We I'm gonna do more seasons, but I, They re now focus most on new work in new music and just doing this also act of his work. so the manpower mix tape. I definitely do too, I didn't do it at some point, but every
thanks to me now that I do? I wanted to bring joy brain like some impact. Brazen aspiration They could be fine enlightened. So I did. There are a lot of conversations I had so does one reason. Ah, my dear, I would do it again I like demeanor new swimming pool. I learn something new in it. I mean I am on fire for the egg. Ok, so you're, just a beautiful do I tell you, and I really hope that we might When do you again in transit to Chicago either, to or fro we have no preference ll. Actually I want to see you on that flight to the Cairo going and also hang out in shock. I am tips you could throw some two zero, If we ever cobbling together, we gotta go to dinner. I do some gonna, my friend There we got ya immobile all now: you're talkin yeah, you John,
love them. This conversation with you on that Mary Parallel rose at nights freaky. incredible met same same visit, the ones that carry throughout all the others. You thanks rugged thanks. I tons of luck and everyone check out a beautiful revolution? Part one anywhere? You get music and, of course, check out mine power mix. Tape on audible common is once again good at that. That is a bigger man. I think Erle got left stay to arm chair. If you dare, we are supported by a square space. Now we have a website armchair export product com. I encourage I'm gonna, go check it out because it's beautiful in its highly functional, fair, I just and we're walking the walk, because, while you are made it was square space. Now you might need a website to showcase worker blog, publish content. You could sell products and services of all kinds or maybe from
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and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men, money huh. How do you like the new com, its change, your personality? Oh, what is it done to it? you're, even more confident all. Why was I really was possible? It's certainly not gotten annoying yet, but it is Europe Peak, comprehensive, ok, that's ironic, because ok I'll tell our arm cherries, even though I was I was kind of in Europe, but I was reluctant to tell arm chairs were both in barrows yeah, because you got me a car, yes about your car, you got, I thought is the perfect embodiment of who you are, which enables them crime at you wouldn't be driving a car. You, you drove my prayers that love vital area to minimise one night, and I had to drive your prayers back to your house with
I'm in a car and you and mom or in a nice car- and I was next you at a light in the previous yet and you are sir, I, like you, work too hard and are too successful to be driving this thing everywhere now guys a buffer zone Leprous grant the right the right. So then you surprise me yet wasn't beautiful surprise. I cannot believe that and it's a sea, forty three m d merce in it is its core. Just I wish everyone in their life could experience watching Monica pull away from somewhere in the sea. Forty three goes: it has really aggressive exhaust notes, which was why do you so great
She was a little fucking. Gangster is oh, my god, who is even intimidate, rub cord logical up behind Rob, quarter any sort of get nervous, but it's funny because you say that my competence is an all time high, but I am not very in that car. I am very worried about hitting a curve things that I normally don't give a shit about, yes in a car driving and is actually one of the reasons I liked. Having my previous cause, I was like, or for one is, it was tiny, was appreciate. Your eyesight but I would go in and now of little space. I hit something at the end of the world, but now it feels like a snake, ok, so I shall be more clear. Ay I've seen you pull out of our driver budget time. So there's no hazards you just rip out of there. Am I get it. Monastery maxim is miles and then also we saw you on the way to the Hansen's we happen. Report makes you a legitimate just like our diameter, nice Angie. I got his mind,
and again, you are not afraid. Hidden, anything's, wide, open space. Look like bawler! Thank you. It was in a radical gift and I'm very grateful for because new car stuff is tough guy. You would not want you, you hate the idea binding. You come here, I'm glad you for me: ok, well, isn't we have a new sponsor and they make of it? if you dont have me in your life, you just going along pick out a car for you. Yes in really, would you agree? It is you, though, because its timing in power, for I want to say yes, I had a bad, not secure enough to say yeah, let the Corbett your daily affirmation. Ok,
So if you don't owe me in your life, let me to other reasons: people hate buying a car, because you are immediately terrified. The you're gonna have to haggle over the price on yet there he s now and get stronger by some bozo everyone hates that car max. That's not what happens. They have a pre set price. There all certified quality cars. Ok, see you not worried that it's gonna break down once when you drive out of a lot, and they have something even better because a lot of people, even if they're, not afraid of those things, they're afraid of buyers remorse, especially in a car
yeah like I, but even your experience of this car enjoying it has been better because uranium thing about buyers from where you another new, the faculty you're not delivering. Unlike denying this worth this or whatever, okay, so here's what they have, which is incredible, it's called love your car guarantee. So what you do is you go pick out a car with Carmel love, your car guarantee you get to take the car home, put it through all its basis, drive it to work run. The gives a soccer loaded with groceries, hid the drive to take time and get to know the car feels like true love and you buy it you're still covered, because, with the new love your car guarantee you ve got a full month and up to fifteen hundred miles to love it ordered.
for a full refund with a thirty day, money back guarantee. Is that bonkers, it's crazy? Yes, he get the car you driving around for up to a month, it's a miles on it and then, if you don't love it, you return it. What more could you want? You know who loves climax, my dad. Oh yeah, he's purchased all cars there. Yes, a great place also replaced ago trade in your car. Ah, yes, said just tell you: what can you know haggling? I used the love your car guarantee from car MAX its America's number one used car retailer and get all the details and start the search. your next car today at car MAX Dotcom, shall we bring in Basra narrowing cleaner. Yeah he's here, I'm so excited to get in the common. I went as far as downloading some after you have ever you guys. Talk too, I'm tax was pretty excited and just
and had the play button you haven't had time haven't, found it it's loaded. I now locked and lowly haven't had the time, which is a great opportunity for us. It is quickly say that hearing you know here comes out here to California Red they are even those timey dollars Ex lifelike- acted grind. I'm I'm may act like doing all yet and a lot more done earlier. actually, but at the same time she knows she's a very good woman. She is right about radical year s eyes. I you know I wish I didn't have to go back out there so soon, in fact, duty calls. What would you do we doing right now without me and those Baghdad we'll be on your announcing the end of the shop while I'm glad you're here, because we have a new show coming
but you're the star of that's right, also yeah, let's Charlie's somewhat, Yes, it's a show about Aaron Charlot, perfect, ten Charlie, have we already talked about it or to Tuesday that all its come up a little bit and in conversation, but not really. So today is the day. So the podcast call raise two to seven d starring era, endless and Charlie and Stars Monica Hooker Dax, and I are there also and the premises is that Aaron started out it. Three hundred and sixty six pounds and Charlie started at two four to learn how to thirty, almost even at the beginning that ray and it was who can get to to
two hundred and seventy pounds versus yes for a for a financial reward. I got five five grand cash, but even that of all unfortunately lines Wednesday's and is fine. Oh my god is a fun first about something that started as a very simple premise that I thought I question whether would have legs or that it could be like a true challenge where you'd get absolutely invested in there be twists and turns yeah. I had reservation. I didn't know have like a nine episode bit of story in it shine. Oh, my god was I wrong yeah. where I, as we said in the last episode of bracer to seventy. If I were listening, I would think it had been script. It ended up my just happy natural. They became so dramatic your likely to never hear such an honest account of someone's life. I dont think I think that's the proprietary curry.
I would love about. Listening erased used to do seventy the transparency is off the charts. When you say yeah, we discovered what air. Rand was in the middle of the night. Charlie, I would talk about afterwards in errands brand is no human or algorithm could guess where the stories going, that's better! That's exactly what I want to Iceland is, like you think, you're about to hear a story about the Damosel familiar yeah and what that's the end of the story and I think that's what he delivers. Probably all an episode. Yeah he's always, there is one thing we are like, I'm so sorry what there's no way that that's not where this was going yeah. It comes with a mountain. Woggle bug is true and hurling errand. Our paired perfectly because I would say very different histories histories for sure
temperaments right, like oh yeah, Charlie, is Chris. It was just saying this. The other day he's the strong silent type and she thought she says how attractive that. Mr, like she's, like you know, you know what I like is like you talk now, but like Charlie cause, I was out of town get in the motor home and somebody stole my sister's Cora derived. So then Christian was kind of nervous to go to sleep at night, so she called Charlie and Jes. Can they both came over and she said and Charlie didn't say shit. He just showed up with a baseball bat and at a certain point he walked Nurmi Luxury said then she's here you walked out includes like that. Sexy he's he's not he's not trying to like when you over with words, but his actions are making you pounding. Ok, I like I like that rosemond yeah, you know who is also not the strong silent. I just
I know that you really countered one of each year errands, not the silent adviser now. Nor am I bet you are strong, Zella doll. Three of you have not uncommon for US the owner, Monica we just had so much fun in the jam singing Do not as easy top song. You didn't. I do love man, but you do virtue virtue. You are not. I was now where were we and all the way a with it, and we are seeing floods in the country is burnt used like me, and Thank you. Images give anymore or vulnerable Everything else jacket bears
thank you so good. I like that rendition yeah they went on for about twenty five minutes, of course ask permission and she sang paper was known around now so common nobody common, so its interest, there's a song. I love that I knew I loved. Then there were two songs that I've always loved, but I did not know it's him. So as I went down the common rabbit whole after meeting him in loving him and researching him. I was I oh shit. I didn't know he sang that's on. Oh so I had some favorites that we're him and I just don't know they were yeah. In fact, his album that can you produce entrancing the name of any gap. There are a couple. Sunset were big in my ecstasy dancing phase that I
take the time to find out who sang them, because I was on accessing and trying to make love to. Somebody probably be Ah you it off. The album b is an amazing sancho that I'm obsessive, but this song I was, You are familiar and it was big in those like dancing. I was in it was always on and I was always on ecstasy. But again I never asked saying it now? You now move away, but the thing I liked so much about him is, as he point about like he's growing up in poverty, black community and I'm grown up with hillbillies and yet We have all the same issues in history, I'm in and then advocating trying to define yourself as a man and commitment issues because of single mom, mom
but that's up to me was like oh yeah. Oh, I love when it's like. Oh yeah, that's tough, transcends everything and course yeah incredibly of my whole life, some, my closest friends, less twenty years saw inner city and at all Well, you- and I were talking about this in Lake Arrowhead, which is, I would say more often than not. I don't get wall, certainly be more prone to not hit it off with kind of upper middle class in rich white people wise. I find that I've always been able to hit it off with black people because it feels like the xperia. There's a lot more reliable and is less judgmental and its less lofty Aaron definitely use demonstrate that with his friendship group in Detroit yeah speaking of lofty you're, not gonna like boss, but I did a line. Taste last night we were always virtual. Oh and I did the whole timid get thinking, oh my god, taxes. so lobby
was it with Georgia. Friends now is with Rachel and her friend, let it and she's like in classes and stuff, and I think she's done the first level, then there's another level and then there's. master level. You become a similar yea after the yes Master, Somalia. I know some lawyers who don't forget what I want. I want to say Somalia that Somalia, That's a country and more yea, some somewhere yea M M anyway, so she is going through all that, but there's only like a hundred and seventy of them in the whole world. Rolled familiarize, yeah man, you're gonna, be one, I decided after my tasting is. I want to be mainly they just want to be in that exclusive group, but I
not bad at it. I was Jose. You don't have the strongest. No very strong knows not one. I've are your, I'm always terrified. You're gonna seemed ever smaller, the ones you ve. Let me smell or not stinky, guy omega. We ve number got to talk about this with errand here, but air was present from the worst part of my entire life, I remember the onion rings in school, but I still more like any up fucking dead right when I think of the worst smell all media, career, highlight seventh,
yeah I had gotten into. I don't know what the brand with onion rings in the oven and fucking. I plowed through, like a like one of those boxes that says like serve. Seventy people make the whole thing, and I had this episode on the school bus in the worst part. Well, I don't know what the funniest part of our town was weird in that the elementary school kids and the junior high kids world the same bus. So there's likes secure all Diana game from now, there's like fifteen euro aid, be robbing the window a winter time was panda moaning of for airlines how hard it is quite obvious that it is okay, he laughed so very obvious example I'm so glad you remembered as clearly as I did. I thought. Maybe I was remembering so clearly because of the embarrassment I remember, remember the smell
when you kid hair, and you know when you start every thing: an idea, what other clothes out when they asked model can you imagine if I did that by myself? Like the most part? Wasn't you were there and we got to share in that crazy experience, but if it was just me, man that was almost worse than pooping your pants in public, worse memory of my life, what is one of my favorite memories goes you and I were like what is happening, one experience shows great weight. How do we get on this common ogres? Your nose, familiar, assemble, yea driving hours is worth
given his yacht riot Somalia years almost salami unassisted, our lobby we're ok, so there many things here. it was a mainly an emotional conversation. We can't fact check emotions, La Braun Show is called the shop the shop and he had a bomb. Indeed I did you do that what he and I were told another. What we are all talking about is that its so called to see him with other big alpha's stud, sir, because he's the most relax he's like yeah, the coolest mother fucker. Here any biology
This was a nerd, his whole life by means of fuckin, bookworm, yeah nerd and ease the coolest size on the souls back. He was he was he was. He wasn't just a straight up nerd. Now he d cocaine when he could or did I book now he's got my life I was in my vote. I do think of actually had an impact on people voting for him in maybe in both ways, but I think it made him relate a bull and real real people liked there do. Maybe Hilary shouldn't done: cocaine, just ass. She could have said that. I wonder if she has, I don't want to get back firing. What's all bad on her blow? What's a unique about him, he's not that he did cocaine, would you need a minimum? He admitted it cooking like requires more power and then the anchor like he didn't know these things are unique.
can admit Hilary made, it might have bang the linebacker she might have here, but we have also be aware, like if she had said that you would have been even more fuel to her for her firing cocaine, induced murder of yeah. I saw in Benghazi example of ribbon lines when she exact killed every. Ben Darcy. I now so I guess you have to know what you are able to say. I want your knowledge sucks. Okay, so I was only real fact, Olga gladdened by then there's. If we can, if we want common, said the he asks guests, podcast questions like what's your favorite song, but really touched your heart. What comedian would you want to hang out with an loris,
What would your answers? Beat it out his question, the comedians easy for both of us. We could say that the count of three one, two three richer drier just talk about it, let the other day that we are the number one about nine Chapin, that's a good one, one that is a very close and to have a man here. dollar value. We have the same birthday, you do you Dave Kirchner, Chapelle, yeah and birthday body, what good birthday, but right groups our seas of my group. I know your J T see, but
that applies that gets jail. I am birthdays. Amateur, looking up right now, yes, real time factor to any songs. That is what was the question once the most emotion is what it was about, the song. What's your favorite song, that's really touched your heart. All that we could go on three on this third way. We could, if we stared each other really hard for one. Second, emotional, listen, unrepealed tell me You think you have an abstract, ok, how you gonna sound Monica three two one forget I was gonna, get one way you can being bought. You know it's crazy is of course birthday was in my dear. That's what I was thinking, the second. She said the question tat would
just came back the sugar. I really stirred up of all nonsense at an amazing song, yeah, ok July second Ashley Teasdale. Larry David forgiven for errand to loves curve, Johnny Weird this skater. Lindsey Low, had there's a few others, Do any good what Larry Data gathered there? That's what I'm taken away! Yeah Yanina wander away a camera. Do yours the unless you already now but getting junior, ok, but I'm I'm an advantage that, like I've, seen my birthday in like tweets where they do like people happy
Our data, Cuba, Gooding Junior, Dag shovel I've I've seen some of those with your birthday alive, oh yeah, I can. I can. I can only remember Cuba, yeah Cuba, gutting junior today, Eggs Christie Turn Clinton and Dac Shepherd MA. I have real her terror is from man or two, There was for my eyes and she is like the head sag, so we letter Wilbur, don't fire me, don't take me out of the union. I want my pension plans. This is exciting lovers of our group. and you weigh down on our agenda. Every day that we had a young. They, they staged a walk out at my high school over hats. That was our big poetic, the issue that we want to be elsewhere. Had so someone's coordinated, some big walk out
We are all standing out on the front yard of warlike central known really knew what to do, and I started chanting. Am I right Electra? Well, I love you thanks guy wings, Avonlea just get excited about raising raise our seventy is awesome, is awesome. It's an airliner.
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