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Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, Alien: Covenant, Vice Principals) is an American actor, comedian, and writer. Danny sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his conflict between taking work and being with his family, his childhood memory of living on a prison ground and his move to Charleston. Danny talks about being drawn to people who aren't what they claim to be and Dax is in love with The Righteous Gemstones. The two talk about making comedies vs dramas, Danny talks about the moment he realized none of his characters have long sleeves and we learn in the fact check that Dax can't stop sending Danny e-mails.

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Where all can welcome. Welcome armchair expert im back Chapped, I'm joined by Emmy nominated Monica man im here, and we are about to talk to I dont even oh he's ever been nominated for Emmi, but most certainly is getting a nominated for, namely for his new show. He shared yeah. You forty or to talk about it, the righteous gemstones where so pumped about it. It's the funniest shove seen in years, so that tasty you for, I guess it already are, this is Daniel Mcbride, a dainty Mcbride certainly fall in love with them in EAST bound and down by principles. Vinyl express alien covenant for a dramatic turn in the foot fists way. One of the best invent movies are regime, look we're just stone cold obsessed with Danny, that's right in what you got say what I was intimidated by him. You were, I were really wanted and the like me, I, as an old trope of mine, he It was so nice, though pretty much the nicest person lets come through here
we're gonna. Do I'm gonna put him this. This is new and folks, I haven't I'm putting one on solar spectrum in a wire Danny's, absolutely a nine on the sole spa, yeah he's in the realm of the bill, Murray's and richer priors on the sole spectrum. I get that I mean how comfortable was he in his kin, who has looked like ok enough of our opinion. Let's let you hear Danny Mcbride supported by Monica there. A great app in the biz just get in shape and when I say get in shape im, not just talking about losing weight, im talking about learning healthy, your habits feeling better about yourself, whether thats, you know more stamina, to keep you
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all day about it. I think I never that I havent seen it yet. The righteous Jim soon I watched episodes one and two last night and it is flawless. Our favorite thing youve done so well directed its crazy we're going to get. All that. But I think there is a through line for why you would even make that show in your whole life's stones. Normally, I would save your project for the end of the thing, but I feel like it's going to be very relevant for ok, yes, so this so you wrote it and directed it its about a megachurch. I mean it is gorgeous the fucking helicopter shouts with three a dot m g's and following them on the fucking roads and adjust every the sets, it's beautiful. In a nutshell, it's a big mega church of your dad. John Goodman is the patriarch, the head of the deal yep head honcho, and then you and your brother are kind of- I guess vine
second the story. The gemstones is basically you know. Jon gives care to Eli than Amy Lee who you will meet deeper in the series who was put by Jennifer Nettles country, music, singer and yeah. They were this like dynamic, christian televangelist duo, has passed on and dads kind of lost, hes like looking to his children to maybe fill the void, but it's all in vain, because the children have redo not have the tools to. up into the position. Yeah, the apples fell real real far from that tree, who plays the other sibling but Patterson, who was in vice principal, she plays Judy and she would I instantly just love love working with her on vice principle. The first day she came on the set she just had me cracking up, but her role was only supposed to be something pretty small and I ended up kind of adjusting the whole show a little bit of like incorporating her into the show more
and shes just awesome, shes so funny and win vice princess. I wanted to try to do something else with her. You know a lot of times like when you get comedic in women in something together. It's always like a romantic thing. It and it just felt like that was boring. So, even after vice principal race, we need to be like siblings and somehow we can beat the shit out of each other, and it's not. Whether were going to like be in love with each other or not. You know we can just go to a toe, and so we had that idea and then, as I sort kind of developing this, it's sort of like made sets to fit her in that way, and then your brother is is Adam, Divine, Adam Divines, really analogic ranting. The word he jumbles and I was so horrible
yeah. I was. I was wondering if that was like an accident that you kept in, or I still don't know, thats the only time I did it, but I had to keep it a restand. I watched it like four times and Rowe kept intensity. Is he trying to Samaritans in marble is like you want the press mindtwisting its hysterical, but it also it has the gravity of succession. Do you uses ion I dont watch but needy, because theyre going to be our leader? Oh my god, not that be Peris. Monica Reit's up there. We are looking forward to it coming back, but is it definitely as a succession vibe? That's us all these shitty children cannot. You know trying to get out of it. The that that's where we're at in the world right, just readingand. We have to figure out how not to be shiso. When I look at your three shows that youve created
east bounding down and then vice principals and then now this to me, the thing that I'm attracted to as it seems like you are just in interested in exposing can like people that are Pedestal are celebrated or loved and then just kind of showing that the two our pieces of shit or compact- it maybe an inherent interest, and just maybe hypocrisy, would you say that youre drawn to them? I definitely have an im drawing the things were, like people use their job to kind of define they are, and they think that there are certain values that obviously they would have if they have this job and then that they don't have any of those values, and you know that was kind of the roast I was sort of the idea that you ve seen that story before of like small town boy goes off to the big city, makes it big and comes back a hero and in our version, as I know it comes back, a villain he's like experience, fucked him up in an even with
prices. The same thing think I ve seen this kind of classic story of a buddy comedy were like to unlikely people join together to go like do in together and they bond and become better people. And so we wanted to kind of just take that and just make them do something totally malicious and evil and youre just like. Well, I dont know if I want these guys to see what theyre trying to do EAST bound and down? I felt like I was gonna like it immediately, because it's a reference to smoking, the bandit it east and down headed up and truck, and did you love smoking advantage? The I did I oking the bad, and then we were making that show. I was like you know, Kenny powers. He basically thinks that he's Burt Reynolds in a burn rentals movie like so all the way he approaches women and people around him. He thinks hes Burren DS, and so when I was talking to Pataky, who is one of the executive producers art over trying to come up with what the name of the show was going to be and as like, it needs to feel like this is
Burt, Reynolds Movie like I like eastbound and down or something you must like that, just should be what it is and well can it be that are well how to cool it. Lyrics from a song from a get jerry, read on the phone and see what happen with him, but you were, born in Georgia. But you moved to Virginia what age Univer genius I can about surround. I was born in Georgia and then I lived in California for a real little bit of time. My dad was a guard and the prison in Lompoc there, and so we lived on the prison reservation therefore gets about years and he gotten transferred to the Federal Bureau of prisons, so we moved to DC and that a brought me to Virginia that I grew up in Virginia then, okay and you're seeing your dad Is it your dad or your step down thats my dad Mama death divorce? Oh, they got divorced when I was in about sixth grade six grade, whats dad's demeanor when he comes home from a day at long pole,
I could barely remember, I mean like I have such small memories of living on that prison reservation. Whats crazy is that I went to a wedding there near Lompoc a few years ago, and I was kind of like I was like talking to my wife like I wonder if I could find where this else was- and I use like Google Earth and was this trying like, as I remembered my walk from the bus stop. So I like found where the bus stop was and then start a kind of like trying to use mind to go back, and I ended up finding the exact house and all these houses are the same on the prisoner reservation. They were built like some post world war, anxiety and there all just kind of the same I mean my only real like strong memory from their I remember like specifically one night sleeping and then an air horn, are sirens going off. There been a prison break that likes. Someone has escaped and, like my dad, is getting uploading a fucking gun and we are all like being put into the master, bedroom and lock the door, and I like to look out the window and he just like jumps into a pickup truck with a bunch of my friends. Dads were all armed, just
going off to go, find the prisoner of going on a human hot wow. Will you just excited by and or were you scared or you like some greatest? I don't think I eyes like what all it really was until we kind of got out of there, then I kind of look back on a glass crazy. That was what his job was in that we were living in raising children. The shadow problem of my God, it's you moved across the country and assuming half for your kids right like I want to give them an ice, though how two percent childhood and the last place you'd go is lights in the shadow of the writers Island than house about just word right, but to bring votes up to speed about my personal journey with you is that you were in footfall way. I loved it. I thought it was the greatest thing ever in then you and I were up the same movie and lost in the. Were we really that insane were? for that movie and I met with the director, and it was one of those rare we think im getting is,
this guy and I really see eye to eye and then you got it, and I did not welcome by the way. Well, it is funny. Do you live on and of all the stuff you had to have and what you got and how it shook out it all. Never what you think, but I transitioned from a fan to just jealous of you and then I you on SAM Jones off camera and its one of my favorite interviews, I've ever watched in my life, I got your email from somebody and I sent you an email, just kind of owning you, need to know this, but I needed to save this. I went from being a huge fan to being very jealous of you and then discovering I love you and I should have always loved you, and I just wanted to and it came at a time. This interview and what was really crystal clear about you in that interview, was you seemingly at least you might be a good bullshitter, are doing this for the right reason. The reason I would hope to always be doing these things, which is like you
of hanging out with your friends and being creative, and you ve prioritize that in and I was so blown away by and I was feeling low career wise and I just found it incredibly inspirational all that to say in that interview when was watching you from the outside. I was always like. Is he a redneck Is he someone that grew up with rednecks and has the same love and obsession with them? That idea if I would have thought like. Oh you're, going to make a career for yourself by like playing a character with a mullet. It would have been like the last thing I would have ever imagined, but it really did just kind of come from You know Jody Hill, David, Green myself. We all grew up in southern towns and were all guys you like went off to art school in all right, so we were always sort of spectators in southern culture and never really feeling like we were one hundred percent. You know, especially me. I moved to the south when I was, I guess in second grade so its like im friends with kids, who, like their parents, have the thickest southern accent and my my
from Philadelphia, and you know my diary Yankee the end. So it's not. You know how I appreciate the southern culture big time and I, like being a part of it. I think it's like a nice community, but at the same time I had perspective on it because I was a little bit of an outsider to it. So you know some of these characters are all just basically people I feel like I grew up around you as you probably watch that were five years older than you actually yeah, like I dont my town again, it wasnt southern. It was in Michigan, but a great many of the people that lived there had all migrated up from Kentucky, and so there was I ve yet to observe it elsewhere. Just a hypermasculine, ideathat just like either you or that or you. Nobody here, total is interesting as I I then arrived here and I think for people here and Hollywood, I'm the closest version of that they now most even Kelvin into the there. Looking at you the same way like oh he's that guy but be you're, an artistic key
right. I was and, like you know, people will ask me, like you get upset if people think that your any powers or is I guess to me. I dont have that much of an ego when it comes to it. So I dont really care how people see me or not, but I kind of honestly take it as like a compliment. The idea that the character feels so lies that they assume that yes not be a performance. That's that yeah you're right as the ultimate compliment I would have assumed you are pursuing acting like that. I mean you're, so funny used so so funny like. Oh, that guy's always been a committee. And that's what he's done and then, in an interview I found out. No, you went to film school to be a filmmaker right film and we are the art school we went to. You know its a state school North Carolina, so theres different concentrations. There, like you, go there to be a modern dance. You you go there to design sets to be an actor to do film to do music and for whatever reason at the time, the dean at the time of the did not want the drama students like mixing with the film students. He thought that they would like ruin their craft,
They were trying to teach a so then we were sort of forced to just like put each other in each other's movies. So then I would just start acting just because I could like memorize lines but and right of basically, you knew how to stand on the dot. Oh yeah, it's a words read that I can go on of like look out of the bottle. My mind hit a mark without looking down but yeah you're saying your first gonna acting was doing a favor for David, Green yeah, yeah, actor drop out of all the real girls, David Greene. You know he was a ahead of me in film school. He lived next door to me in the dorms, and so he was one of the first guys I met at school arts and I just instantly thought he was awesome. I liked what the weird shit he was making. I just thought that he was unique and he had this vision and I kind of like wanted to just like following his footsteps
series I like what he was doing there and right after he graduated. He brought this little tiny movie, George Washington. He came back to school, to which the Salem we shot. That movie like the day after I graduated from college we did like in fourteen days, and then you know were all everybody is trying to figure out what theyre going to do with their lives and moving to LOS Angeles, with my girlfriend and my buddies and were trying to figure out and then meanwhile, like Davis being interviewed by Charlie rose, I know like a listen as one of the top ten movies of that year by Lay Roger Aber, and so it was kind of cool to have somebody that you knew and had seen where they come from like find this success, and I think it can I motivated everybody like this is actually possible, a its achievable, but
did move to LA, and then you were primarily to be a writer. Is that we wanted that's what I was trying to do. I was trying to write. I was trying to figure out how to direct, and you know it just became clear. I was like you know the directing things not going to happen because there's other people who've actually directed things and that's who people going to hire to do stuff. So I was like I'd probably better to spend my time trying to write I can go wait tables at the crocodile CAFE on my gun in Santa Monica, the member banks late. My mom would visit me in Santa Monica. That was my big meal out. So you want to go to crocodile, a well and visiting his all, I do those roles and tortious super real good id have to preferential time but uh. You know when I was like doing that stuff. I could come home and it was like you know id make myself write or do stuff and it A fella writing was something to that. It could be undeniable I give you right something and it works, and you are able to get it into somebodys hands that that was like, probably the most realistic way of trying to find a niche into things. You know, but you are
at some point in this. You are camera operator yeah. I So you know I moved out here and I was waiting tables. I ended up getting a job at the holiday Inn in Burbank. They hired me as the night manager and so I was like that would mean that I was like the manager of like the restaurant and the karaoke bar and the Crystal View one on the roof of the holiday. But it was at night time like nobody was ever youre telling me that place wasn't thrived. The trio bar was a scene, but nothing else really was was was really were stopping in, but I would just the industrial night like there was nothing going on, so I would just set this back office of this close down kitchen and just spend all my time writing and then, like you, know, id come into work the next day and the manager the next day. Like this all the printer paper, one outside of operating the camera. So I the a who worked at this post production company in the vale, and they did a lot of work. I mean this isn't even a job anymore because, like technologies like ACT, it out, but
It was this thing called motion control, but we would use it in regards to like still photographs so its like that KEN burns effect of you put a still photograph down and it like you zoom in masseter, you know doesnt it playing out a couple of things to the exact ground gets separated exactly, and so you know he was doing this for history channel by the music, all that so I got a job doing that for a while. We got to actually work on some cool shit doing it. We got to work. with us, Stacy Peralta on that dog and Zboys yeah. How was school? That was pretty awesome, but it was basically just sitting around all day long, looking at still photographs coming in and just like, pushing it in pushing for a few years did you would you would you have like some macro lens and you would focus just on some aspects? Would blur out everything else. Yet what we felt we pioneered this effect, because there was only like three people in the country that we ve been doing this. It's like it was such a rare thing. Then somebody invented a plug in the abbot,
just post in the Arcadian if you put some lot of businesses, but we would even like cock the pictures up sideways. So here we like some like depth, then you could like rack between people and we had our boss is looking at us. Like you asked these guys are innovators. I dont want to make to big a deal out of it, but I will not forget the first time I saw that in a fucking documentarians like whats happening, they shot this with two cameras. Its didnt have glances. I felt like it was a title: Paradise chef. It was into it. It was interesting and even at the time I kind of felt like I have been out and let that point for like May three or four years and I kind of you know, this is a steady gig. If it doesnt go any further than this, it could be worse. You know I could still be at the crocodile cafe, and so I felt a little like hypnotized all compare. Maybe this is it I'll have benefits I'll? Have health, insurance and, and then David called about all the real girls and wanted to see? If I was the
I just got a steady job and so but like woke me up from my haze and I like quit the job and like went down there to go, do that thats just got to work me up and was like man. You know what I came out here for a purpose. I need to not just settle for something I need to kind of be uncomfortable until I get to where I really want to be yeah and what's your overall temperament, are you an optimist, or are you pessimistic I'm pretty optimistic when it comes back. I feel like when I got out to LA. I was like I didn't feel like the competition was stiff. I felt like it was a matter of just being able to persevere, because I feel like a lot of people were like we're, not really putting their all into it. I would see people complaining about not getting where they want, but at the same time they weren't real working on it. They would like sign up for a class and improv class and think that it should all just happen or
I made a buddy I inflict people rally were really working hard on. As I can do this, I can stick this out. I just have to figure out how to get a job that doesn't make you want to kill myself in the meantime right, so you don't do that movie and then how quick after that is, is footfall way. So I think that was two thousand three. Was that movie so there it was kind of like this. Maybe this is what I want to do and I came back the loss, Angeles and I was like you know what I'm in a move back to move back and forth between Like Virginia North Carolina in LOS Angeles like multiple times I'm done with here, I'm going to go home and try to right. I just constantly was those things could I would just failing, and I was trying to fail at my own terms and not like the failing and after all the real girls yokels. I can only to focus and the writing. I need to get out of LOS Angeles. I'm gonna go live my parents house for a bit, and I won't have to work, is hard and I can spend all my time. Writing came back to LOS Angeles after we shot that and then I met. Who is my wife now I met her. Like the first like weak, I came back to delay and I was
only plan to be in LA for like a month. I was just going to come back here and basically pack my shit up and put it all into a storage unit in and drive across country that my who's, my wife, I met her and we just instantly it at all. when our me now, we just met at a bad. Like I lived in this apartment, complex on, like Fairfax in Santa Monica right around their wishes. It looked like the karate kids apartment complexes, a shithole. And he knew some body that I live in the apartment completely random, just bumped into her and yeah. It was like oh fuck. I just met this girl down like moving back to Virginia, and I dont really know what to do, and so I asked her if she wanted to drive cross country with me. This is like only like four weeks and dating line. You know why don't we just like this can be the grants and awful go on this trap, and then we can say goodbye to each other, and we just had this like incredible cross country. Experience of me, like were eating mushroom the Utah together and you going down New Orleans had just had this amazing.
time and then forgot where you were even going yet. I spent all the fucking money I said not to on the tri was now I say goodbye to her at the airport, and that was supposed to be r like goodbye and then both of us were like not ready for it. So then I found, so just like broke at my parents house, and there was really I couldn't go back to LOS Angeles. Anyone have any money for like this, like a security deposit or even gas or anything, so he was sort of the beacon I was like. You know what I need to knuckle and I'll get a job here, I'll save up money and then I'll do some writing and I'll come back out there, and so I ended up like living in my parents house for, like I guess, but like a and I was bartending. A manshe is not when I met her. She worked with like deaf and blind students at La City College. She was just kind of like would help students special needs again. I just. Like that. I like meeting somebody that didn't like have any interest in what this industry was. I thought it was like refreshing out here yeah. I went the other direction but yeah you in, but she seems
go back, but I got a job I bar tending at night and then I was like substitute teaching in the daytime, and I was kind of like the idea for east down kind of came from is like I was. I was there sobbing and then I felt like I had it like weirdly, explain myself to these high school are in, but I had real dreams and visions and that I wasnt like got to be around your log in that sort of like the something better than like worrying that these kids understand, like I have a bigger mission just to upset. No, I dont belong here so lets get into it. Everyone open your book is exactly that was really where Kenny powers came from was just that idea that I thought that I was like somehow better living on my parents out but Yeh. I moved back to LOS Angeles. Then had my money moved back, dad got a job with a better motion. Control company was making real money and then Jodie Hill was like. You know,
I want to go, make this movie in North Carolina. Would you want to do this and I was like yeah? Let's definitely do it is that because is he from there just because he let go to school? There he's from he's from Concord North Carolina he actually when he was in high school, like he started a taekwondo studio in Concord yeah because he genuinely loved he genus into yet Jody was like bullied when he was young, and so he like he got into like taekwondo and martial arts. The aerating to sense Rogan on the fact that he was a avid martlets Rtty so like? Where do you think your confidence goes where nothing karate thats, not the answer. I was expected it weirdly. Does I used to make bad grades and elemental? I didnt pay attention or anything was my problem and I started martialarts when I was in fifth grade and then all test said like my grades,
dignity balls. At the time I was a Tom and Willyou genuinely had studied it too. I studied it for three years and I liked it. I thought it was cool, but then what happened to me is like. I got good at and my like in SA like promised me, so he moved me up to the advanced class and I was like twelve years old and I was just getting my fuck it has been mentioned in your old seventeen. Your holds that I love your quitting. I just didn't know, did you region not get into because you like martial arts movies, or were you fearful of the guys around you? I do it was, I think it was just from probably from movies like growing up in the 80s like ninjas were like the coolest thing you could be at so early. I had a bunch of throwing stars, and so I thought somehow that, like taking March partition. Recovery at the parks and Rec would teach me how to master these, throwing I had homemade nunchucks. She had made out of like a doll I cut in half and put like a fucking plant hook
and I would be fucking really getting into it and one would just fly off Furthermore, I went to my mom and I know these night. I was really at last, have a knife so as like fashion in all these kitten knives environmental action of knives and that my son does the same thing like he does even watch me, culturally. Obviously like ninjas have the power to but, like even my son is the same way we like from when he was super little. He was always turning things into weapons. All the yeah I dont know what it is. We bad genetics for us, so you way. You know, I know this guy theres a bunch of them in my town and you I must have made that a short shoot out. Imagine yeah. I think it was like maybe sixteen or seventeen days and where they get the Jodi him him and his brother and his dad, like basically put it on credit cards. Oh wow, yeah
I think we made the whole thing for like seventy grand and then we shot on film shot on sixteen yeah and then, when it got into Sunday its like we had to finish the movie so that in the movie's budget like blew up to like four hundred thousand dollars till I get it rushed and get it into the festival, everything, but it was wild. I mean obviously to this day its still. I think my favorite thing that I've ever done like that feeling of us just doing it ourselves and like when it was over with like how excited we were like we partied our asses off like the next, like eighteen or I like wrapped it like. I think, like seven am, and we were like about partying, you know we never stopped drinking so the next day. I guess we should into the other room at some point, but we did you go to Sundance with that and it just even like submitting it. You have a feeling when you wrap it right, which is like. Oh, my god, we did this. We shot every word on the page and we went to all the locations and we did it and then there's. Of course you go through the second phase of editing and then maybe your perspective shifts a bit, but you could sense. Could you feel like all we did
something great cool I couldn't tell like it was one of those things are even just seeing me and it was not a little bit like will. This doesn't seem like a real movie, I'm in it and in the end you know it was like. Even what that movie is it's not like it's it's kind of similar we do like it doesn't hold to the standards of a genre like weirdly to darken. Yeah, yeah, yeah other times its silly, so there was like a
one thing that I was like you know, or people going to get this. You know going to the art school. We are friends with a bunch of musicians like that was like, but the other guys. We hang out with all the time where the very talented group of musicians like Ben best, to create an eastbound with us. He was a musician and Skye Stevens who still does all of our scores of soundtracks now, and we just basically turned to those guys like help us make sense of this tone. We need like a fucking soundtrack that rocks and like lets, people know when its okay to laugh and where its okay to like feral emotions. So we can kind of cue the audience into knowing that were in on these tonal shifts yeah, and so those guys like really, I think, helped bring it together. And then we like thats just been our recipe for everything, is that we really like zero in on what the music is, because I think the
just really helps no matter what it is, if its vice principals or even in Gelston, helps you just like the audience. Know that, like this total shift is not an accident. What you're on for something here yeah, I think the first time I became aware that watching movies is like how score Sayhe would use that like he would have this great raucous fun stone song, while someone's get there ass care younger. Like oh good, I'm allowed in joy that doesn't use selling me. I can enjoy exactly, but you know in I'll do the several times while we talk- and I am in no way implies and making the same level of shit you are. But I guess I have made shit and I will say I too have a sense of humour that think because our group, or on a lot of violence in I, was fuckin blackout drunk for years. I think that stuffs really funny cause I've lived through it, but then you start showing it to like an audience. You realize I lose my purse. Is your stuff that I find funny is a little too much for people. I get that all the time like people will consult talk to us about like when do you think you've gone too far
like. I don't even think about any of this stuff being far at all, like I feel like it just seems, know ya. The testing park can get a little like a check, sure your compass a little bit a hundred percent. You know I was leaving. The testing part is what kind of made me like shift my priorities once I started to finally get into this industry and figure out what I want to time in movie how to get like. I mean I think, foot fist way. I don't know why they even tested it, but they tested it and scored like a thirty six. It was like a bomb and- and then I realized I was like man there's nothing. We make that's going to survive this testing process because we're intentionally trying to put people off with some of these things, and so that that's going to be reflecting these scores, and it's always going to equal the same thing that none of the ships going to score well, studios going to interest in it- are not going to like they're, not batten, they're, not letting on aliens dollar, yen and we're going to have seven year will have a far come out and that everyone will, I be less inclined to do it with us next time.
Well, its interesting is. We now live in a niche model, but you didn't when you first had opportunities. It was very much still like no, no, its got to be as broadly appealing this positive or set, but now its all about nice you know little bag. I give you flocking phenomenal, there's no way that a to everyone, but the people it appeals to is like im now thats my religion that show yeah and its awesome that thats the environment now, but in its rough. Yet I feel like its tv, I feel like with movies, so much has become about what those numbers are on the first weekend that it just like thats the story thats, the narrative where, with television I feel like its more about people finding shows were sharing it with their friends, and it feels like a more organic way to like discover something I think yeah the days of like these movies would just hang out for three four months and the to gain momentum over the years like that. Just doesnt know happen just to make you feel feel good about not getting land
me conquering you for that role. I remember when that, like you now, I had a blast on that movie and it was just an interest, thing to kind of see like oh I mean I dont really know. What's up, I mean I thought that people would like this, but people hate this and with the most likeable man in the world and so like, and you can sense that for the movies coming out like okay, the initial feedback is theres, not many people wanting to do pieces on the cast and you have got to feel it and we were up in New York getting ready to do press for it, and the movie was coming out like in two days, and I was like in a hotel room with Will Farrel and Jimmy Miller. Jim Miller was like this is the time that you just like. hold on your family, like the focus on that simple, this is going to go well as we get, and so just like you, dont have eight go down to Virginia it. Just like hang out with my friends, though, went down. There gives a shit about movies, and I just let this weekend go past, so I like caught up some
easy, like we went out on this boat and we're out in the middle of fucking. Nowhere I mean like it some like redneck dont bar that you can only get to by boat and we're out there were other heinie been looking at the trades or anything watching to see how the movie is going to do, and these like to rednecks come come up to us and they, like recognize in the leya youre in that movie, man, get your ass kick this week. It like Saturday aluminium- I know these guys know about it solve this Mojo Grover fans are getting elevator, we are even worse. I saw you gotta, see mind in a score so its own in due time, and this is exactly right, but that wasn't a weird toward a turning point. For me, rub like made of these guys, are paying attention to the box office, decide you know, that's the judgment success This is over for anybody who wants to make anything left of center. Oh, I noticed it like ive been watching sixty minutes. Since I was a kid at my grandparents house and I
did not seem when they would do like they did little breaks in six months. What they give you a little sports update like in the second act, and then, though, give you or financial update right linked with the doubt did that weak and they started including box office results, and also this reasoning something in the minutes and it did become like us. Almost sports preoccupied yeah work, as you think about like stocks, makes sense, because people could be watching that could actually benefited from a dongle ever down. But with that, it's a slide like people really care how much money Warner Brothers makes this weekend Riley's gun of Odd yeah. It is strange, stay tuned for more. Our expert, if you dare we are brought to you by ring, ring, helps you build a ring of, early around your home Monica is right. Sense safety, you currently,
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no this part of the story, but I assume will and Adam kind of discovered it and they kindly otselic we got into Sundance were all like over the moon. We couldnt really believe that that had happened and it was a cockthis craze. You know that were in to get to go to silence the whole crew that made the move. We read it like one house in park city, there was letting like thirty people in it like a two bedroom house, like everyone was sick for like four months, and I just spread to Hepatitis, but there, and it was just that. I feel like this. How things are in general with careers is, like you always kind of imagine, and get excited about. possibilities and he is always below. That is what happens, and so you know we're going there wonder like what, if there's a bidding war. What, if this and what, if that and then we go in the very first screening. We have it on midnight. Screening cant sleep. I can you know I can eat I were so nervous poll theaters packed the a outside like how this is pretty awesome. The movie starts and like ten minutes into the movie, half the theater just gets up and walk
I just got my god whats going on, and I was like man is that that and it turned out, I guess the movie that is screenit before I think it was like a science of sleep or something it was like a bidding war for it. So it was. all the executives were like getting up on getting into the bidding war, but it was like, oh house like feel Its like we didnt, get an offer on the movie while we are there, so we kind of like went to Sunday Ance with this, like Champ in spirit, and we kind of like love like we got. We got parkers from experience either in the two rumour condo you run and you like, oh that'll, get paid for we as Europe and even that private twenty bucks from anyone who now, but we you know, so we went back to our lives, basing their right. Well, ok, you know, will see what happens yeah and then it just it. Just after Sundance started just getting past around. Then we suddenly got this phone.
Yeah that Adam and will were interested in it and then suddenly like out of nowhere, we're just sitting down a meeting with guys that I was like watching on tv the week before your like sitting down asking what we want to do. Did you have favorites at that time or you even drawn to come? we were looking at. What we are doing was like what score safety and ultimate, and these guys are doing so. We weren't even really like looking like we're trying to get into the comedy gave rise, but then it was all these comedy guys that we admired were all like into it, so that it just you know we started to just follow that path of like this others. Weird thing we did is going to translate into more opportunities right. You, when you are writing in the first iteration and ally. What were you enter our rain dramas or comedies, and it was all over the place. I I was like riding like horror, Sci FI, like all over the place. It wasn't specifically at you know anything can be there. Did you have a riding hero? That's like when I went. I think pulp fiction came out my
your year of high school right form going into film school, so it was like at that time. It was like you know, youre studying him and Kevin Smith and it is a as it earns and that even Billy about Thorton just make sling blade, and so is all of these, like any ital concepts. That worked and they were dialogue, driven, yea self. All fiction. I was like hold on a second like theres, something here I can relate to the something ive not related to the movies I've seen before, but something here that I know no way would did. I think I was Quint turned you know, but I was just that dialogue that that being the inroad to it, I was like that seems achievable in some way a hundred percent and even just the idea of what who quinter Tito was the idea that, like that comes out and then suddenly you're like oh, he wrote true romance and he did punch ups on crimson. time yes, I rely bed, that's the royal, don't black horse and black true, but you know there
worn black bet, turn of that. Guy went down the same nerd, so I know the first thing I remember like. Oh god, he'd you hear the dude from foot this way is in Tropic thunder. Was that, like the first big once, those guys once will out and pick that up like we met John We the we start meeting all those guys, then I met an Michael's that I got in in the lonely island guys I got cast in like basically in two thousand and six, my whole life just changed that we went to Sundance. Wasn't sure what was going to happen dance and then all of the sudden I got offered hot rod first, like real movie, first paycheck on location and-
Iremember Sag Member, the Lisu every day with no and I was still so broke at the time that I was like you know what are the paychecks coming in for this movie? I still like im an overdraft I cant fucking for this hotel room. You know like actually all back up for one set right for we did foot fist way. I was finally able to quit the motion control job because David Green he had sold this script to SAM Jones. You get hired to do this story about this motorcross racer, but as Stuart Right and so David pulled me on to like write it with him, and so that was like my first taste of like any sort of paycheck at all, and I remember the check was supposed to come like right before Christmas are like commencement check. We do is with writing stuffs
can wait for like a year. Okay, I dont something Yetbut. I was like so broke that I like. I need this money. I quit my fucking job. I got ahead of this thing and I can remember the check came like the day before I was supposed to leave to go home to Virginia for Christmas. I had no money for Christmas presents for anybody. I know, and I had already spent half of this money, and so I get the check and I go to the bank to go cash. It and theyre like yeah its going to back a fifteen day charges you never had more than like two hundred dollars. You Ancon were not going to fuckin like cash. This check, for tonightand that what do you mean? How do I get this fucking money? You know fifteen days from now. What are there like you to go to the bank that it was written from so like me and my wife, like we went to Beverly Hills and like we go,
there. I need this money in cash. You know people could give us a shame literally cutting in a brown paper bag or what you rob the place and that I like get back in the car. We were like so like looking at the money- I my god fun insane and we drive back to washing mutual unfair facts, and I here mother fuckin take that cased up your hand, someone my account. They do mine, whom the God take, these cheap mother, Fucker Yo Ass, the weather, but not all of it. I need visited the majority. That is the one that all the rest and please hundreds in my account when you went back to your hometown, having just had that fuckin paper sackful a cash you just like at the bar by and everyone doing I mean you know, had respire yeah. This is no goats like wow, you can burn through
to wander a a lot quicker than I thought you could we as like you know so after hot rod. While I was shooting hot rod, Seth Rogan on those guys cast me and drill bit Taylor, which was comedy and then write as I got, that I got cast and heartbreak kid. So it was like. Suddenly, you know going from no is at all to three movies back to back. Productions were having to negotiate when I was t, one movie and when I could get into the next one, and you know- and it was just I like whirlwind for these, like six months of like bouncing from these three movies, and I met Ben Stiller on the heartbreak kid and yet, while were shooting, he just told me Agim doing this etape thunder and the just role. Would you be interested in this and he gave me the script and I was you know I was a fan of Ben anyway I was a fan of his directing too. I always loved the cable guy,
but it was also yeah me too, and I love round use. I am that large tropic thundered just to me seem like this is exactly the kind of movie I love like. I love that its violent I like that is rated are and its. I love ass. A movie now over some goes from wholly crap. I can't believe I'm working too oh geez. I probably need to guide this in some direction. Did you have any notion at that time of, like I'm gonna get you were so protected as every thing you did, you with huge stars who yeah it's like if they were Tyler Sino ones like blaming it on me. Right. Are you thinking about that? Yet you know what after that first year, I started thinking about it, because I was just at this point I would just I couldn't believe I was even getting the opportunity to do something with a crazy, the idea of getting a paycheck to do something like this, but as we saw at doing spouting down and we got to be sold the pilot obese down that same year as well, and then, as we kind of like
into like zeroing in with Jodi and were writing this. It kind of like just reminded me of like I want to do my own thing here and I need to make sure I don't like ruin all this good will just like appearing in other people yeah blowing all my material out. The out I'm like trying to do my shit, its like people, have already seen all the moves and its over yeah totally I'm wondering. Would you have set up EAST bound like two years later, when we got into it after, just from doing foot fist way. I just saw the writing on the wall with movies. I really did. I said I was a hit like I had to convince Jodi that we should try to sell a tv show. He didn't see what the upside of it was that time and I'm like I'm telling you man like the way that this movie stuff is going with. I didn't know there was anything with this testing, like is never going to work here. We need, it will never work. We actively, I feel like, are trying to isolate people. Sometimes when we make stuff- and I like that up the recipe for success, you know I mean I would watch it even with id see guys like Seth Rogan, and
those guys are so incredible, with being able to navigate that testing process like they use that shit as a tool like theyre able to like go in, and they are not offended when the audience doesnt respond to a joke. They are able to like use all that stuff constructively and like create something that works and for us we were like too precious. We couldnt survive that process. We would like get that criticism and instead of using it in bettering it, we would like double down like this fucking, these idiots donnerwetter talk, I'm gonna, let that be played for seconds long. You have just said we had the wrong attitude for it and I think I saw the rightful shot the foot this way was like when Ricans races the office came out to as a comedy. Those like just sitting down in watching at all in one as it man. This thing is affected me more than anything. I've seen in theatres lately like this is pretty incredible and I loved how small it was that you could sit down and and watch it in kind of like one long weekend. Yeah to me, I was like this is what we,
Ed to do like our comedy would work like this yeah youre, really lucky that you recognize that early on and it I was driving home, is like. What's the last movie, I fucking loved in the movie theater, and I can name you fifteen shows of watching the last eighteen months that alike. It was my whole life for that week and I got fucking love and I can't wait for another thing and it just it's crazy. How it shifted in me. Personally, I way prefer television now yeah, I mean theres, so many things competing for you that I just find like even the best movies that come out. It's like people talk about him for like a week, yeah yeah and it's just kind of over with it sad yeah. So what's your minimum wife, so was he? I wrote that down yeah, but I think I,
confused that it would be g yeah. That's what everyone out like, even when I first our dating her. I always like we're just gonna like mumble, her name. Some like I know its not Jia is out of there. I was with a girl for nine years, seven of those just abject failure and then started making movies in money, and I started getting to basically realized my dream I had for so many years. It was notes on our relationship, all of usand. I had money. I was very bad at sharing it in a way that did make her ill killed it I think I bought her shit, but I reminded her. I bought her shit or complain. Add a bill I paid and she like what the fuck is wrong. With you like last year, you made six thousand dollars this year, you're making hundreds of thousand you're offended by the Cbk bill. I just was not good at it. I also think it our whole relationship. People definitely remembered her more than me. She was way better. Looking than me and spa
and then all sudden, you know people remember me everywhere we go and it was a hard transition. Was yours easy or did have challenges? You don't have a few little child, just, but you know a part of the thing that was also about being. He is like we just never fight, I mean were one of those like annoying couples are just like getting are, like you know, do you want the comforter? No, I dont want the comforter like like. Are you sure, look at the comforter just puts comfort. The dont ask me my comforts the extent of our fortnight, so even even just doing stuff stuff. age is an artist shes like a painter and a photographer and a chef, and she understands this sort of lifestyle and shes self sufficient. She can kind of like do her own thing. The logistics of the career are such that your going way to Hottopic on I dont know where we at Philippines, ten Kawaii in Quito, so she either has to come. if you guys, want to be together- or I don't know you guys- are all flying back anyways I could see where it be. I would feel like well shit now, I'm just kind of l attached
this right train and im rooted im just going wherever this guys career takes us yeah, one hundred percent, I mean I always felt that for like she, Come with me on allow those early movies. Everything was happening so fast that we were just gonna like bouncing around. We live together, but yet there was never any close calls of like we're, not gonna. Do this any more. I think that it was it's been harder since we ve had kids, because then she can't like these moot getting. These movies would be like an adventure, be like her and I would get to go to some other country or some other place to live and have some kind of cool experience, and then, once I had kids was I could she couldn't just come with me and so then, like? I would find my self, even on the coolest movie being in some weird purgatory, where I'm like yeah, I feel a little weird about like going out, but I'm also just bored and
You know I just want to let yourself enjoy it yeah exactly he was at. I felt that pretty hardcore on alien, when we did that in Australia. It was kind of like a little bit of a turning point for makes dont know if I can do this as a career. Its like this is kind of crazy to be gone from my kids and my wife for like four, months. It's like yeah so much changes, and that was like part of what influence media like it down the Charleston. Unlike you know what we can like work down there, every time I've ever shot anything we ve always had to go back to shoot it somewhere else. I we never there, never giving us enough money to shoot things and allay, so we always are often define like the tax incentives and David greener myself or, like all. You know. That was as part of the reason why clutches go try to work somewhere where we don't have to like uproot our whole lives and like miss out on so much of what's happening with our kids and yeah yeah hotly Alias Pre topic is that's a dream job to work, really Scott on a movie and a franchise again,
and I found myself like loving the working sperience and then dislike, but having to do like a ton of soul, searching about what I was doing. You're right cause you're like it's a it's over it's a great privilege to git is many things as you dreamt of so I recognise its such an enormous gift to be able to find out that maybe your your dream in life is in his important, as you thought, you'd funny, resize right its odd yeah. Were you a huge fan of that in yeah yeah I mean that was insane. I like you know you were great in that because you know its fun. When you go like see a comedian, take that swing in your life. Ocana We, the water, ruins the whole movie only there's always that rest, you know, said, save and then like I was just like managed. I want to be in the sole tryin to both the tone of this day. To figure out how to like fit into this and then like really like we catch. Franco as Katherine Waterson Husband, who dies in the beginning of like fuck, my first scene
They have to be with Frank up. It's like you, so partners take the idea that I'm just like one of the crew member is that what you're waiting for wanting to pull a joy and then you also write this probably voice in your head out and off, like my favorite comedians that have transitioned into drama is like bill. Murrays, the high water mark, where he doesnt pretend hes, not Bill Murray. He doesnt, like trio, knock down everything interesting about himself or quirk of his healing embraces, still who pulls it off it. So I prewar going like I still got to be Danny, like I got to find some some level. That's the right level one hundred percent? It's like. I would often think about how filmmakers the choices they make in longevity, but but with actors, because I didn't have any interest in doing it. Ever thought about some sort of road map of like. Do you? Do it again, my wife, her uncle is Cheech Marin. yeah and so like. I explains the mushrooms and you exactly. You know I
at him at like we're even dating. I meet him at like thanks giving our Easter when that with their family and then, as I sort fine success like talking to him, he like told me this things like yeah, you know enjoy it, make the right choices comedians have about seven movies, that's about what you get and I or I I never thought about that, and then I started think about the guys like I guess that is about what it is. You know like you, get about seven movies and then people have kind of seen what you know and they're ready for somebody new, but you kind of start looking at it. That way, I how about the guys, who had more than seven like what do they do? You know, and even just somebody like John Man whos in gemstones its like you, look at him and its like a it's, a pretty insane career on and the best and in the idea that hes been in so many things and then he can be in the Kohen brothers, and even he was in tv. When tv wasn't cool, I mean you have to go from Roseanne and then still be in Iraq, ineffably
and like all these other summer, blockbusters yeah he's an again even up he. This is what I was wondering when I was watching it last night. Do you get way before even ass? It was exult forget on Tropic under nine, where you like, give me Nick Nulty. Let me let me try to him about forty eight hours. What was happening at his prime, where you interested in that a hundred percent. You know I I spent almost all my time on that movie with an acknowledged as we and I were in all the scenes together and the way that move. the work is, you know it was long. We were in Kauai for like three and a half months or something it was crazy and the way that works is views such a
fastmoving machine. There were so many parts like every single day. You were on call. They never told you if you were really going to work or not because like if there was weather whatever they would change things, but in Kawaii, like the only place you get cell phone reception is basically at the hotel. Like you on to do anything. There is not really a reception out there, so you had these like long periods of time, where youre basically dislike stuck in a hotel room where everyone else is on vacation. Having fun, has kind of like waiting to see if youre going to have to go into work and and walk through the back of a hand. So Nick was staying in the same hotel. I was we were on the same schedule so that she, if we would, it would be like my for re, like every word from now, you want to go to work like he was. He was awesome. I got it, he would he had so many crazy story. All he must have the last year. This
story that that was so fucking funny he was telling about like back in the day. It was in seventy some time and he was at this party and Cassavetes was there and he like really wanted to like introduce himself to him, but he was just too nervous to do it. So he, like you, know okay ill, take a shot, then ill, go and rest myself and take two take three take four and gets into it, and then he gets too drunk to go introduce himself and he never goes and introduces them. So then, like years later, hes like a another party in Cassavetes, is there and hes like alright, going to go finally introduce myself, so he goes up to him and tells him you know it's been one of my biggest regrets that we were at this party and I never introduced myself. It casts like what are you talking about. We, like fuck party I was out of your notice. I left rather than I owe me as the zone when my First movie Bert Runnels, was in he's my all time they read and so every
lunch. I was the noise like twenty eight, I think on that movie. I could knock on his fucking door of his trailer. It I'll call me Tellme story he and Hall need more roommates in Santa Monica and hence home Monday for some job, and he comes in. Like Bert, you gotta take me to the hospital I broke. My back in Bertie, I dont think you broke your back. You dont think youd be able to walk trust. Take me in the fucking hospital soy. He takes me in the hospital in Santa Monica? They put them in the little gown and everything they give x ray and they conclude. Yes, he has broken his back and he's got some fluid in his lung, and so I guess Hale was flirting with the nurse they're going to have to take fluid out of Hell Needham's long. So the doctor is going to put a needle in his back and then he's asked the nurse to hold his legs in case he collapses and the doctor puts the needle in his back into his long and HAL Needham pletely shits himself in the hospital gown while the nurse is holding, is lolgood.
The fall. The as I to this story. It is like laying all these like little bread crumbs about he flirt with the nurses and the doctors a no item like okay. This is going to be like hell going to ask her out at the end of the story, and the doctor is going to say were having an affair. No shit on a Isobel and overnite lock. You we don't get these of all the movies you did. This is the and I thought that was one of the scenes where I was like. Oh they fucking turned him loose and he just delivered something. Couldnt couldn't be written that just the great I mean all the jerking of and thrown all the Sufis there a high point as far as all those movies you did in that stretch. You know that mole. We like. That was the end of that chapter. In a way, you know its like the
really like make. Those movies is much anymore, and so in some ways I mean I dont think we do it at the time, but it did it felt like it was the end of that chapter when I kind of look back on it like that was sort of that period of those films. When you know im sure you know its like when I first was getting going, It was like it wasnt uncommon for, like a rated r movie for studio, spend like sixty seventy million dollars on one. You know yeah yeastlike by the end of that decade, you're lucky of those spend like five million dollars. So it was just this period where they were letting people just do wild shit and rated our shit and You know its just not the same anymore, yeahyeah yeah. Then it kind of turn right after that. Yeah a tune for more or other experts. If you are were brought to you by legal zoom. We are smack dab in the middle of summer Monica and the
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plans now during national make a will month at legal zoom, dot com and for special savings be sure to enter kodaks in the Referral box at check out. That's kodaks for a special savings, only legal zoom dot com where life That is something about you that you were invited into all these comedy circles: theres little camps and you kind of just migrate back and forth between all of them, and did you feel lucky about that yea? I felt completely lucky and just kind of like just grateful. I mean just grateful to be able to be invited into that and to be able to participate and be able to give the platform to say, fucking, wild shit and you be crazy, and you know I love those guys- I love south and even and that whole crew I mean I had a blast or
want all that stuff pineapple Express. This is the end I mean because it's the beginning of the career, you like look at it and assume like every job, is like this yea and then you kind of realize how rare that was and how special. That was to be a part of something like that, and then I it on some level, well, its all happening. You're. Like I love this, I'm grateful. I also want to be doing this like I want to be up, and I want to be doing my thing, yeah we're already doing eastbound throughout all that, aren't you don't? It would be like him between Spout David would go. Do movies Jody would go direct commercials work other stuff, so the acting was sort of my thing I could go do in between the times, and I've got to work with my buddies and then doing it and showing up and other people's camps or other directors. It was also dislike. Educational, like you're, coming out of these different camps, a singer body works and borrowing things that seem like the opposite of what we are doing and just what I do with Jody and David. It's also one of the things I got stuff was like never
land out, like we didnt plan out like were going to continue to make tv shows with us three making them its just been this sort of organic thing that like were going to spend the next fourteen years at HBO yeah, exactly just kind of like just keeps happening, and none of us are tired of it and we stay busy enough with other things. That is almost just like a treat its fresh air to be able to step into the ring together and get to just fuck around and laugh like we used to when we were in college and yeah and just trip out on the fact that were still able to do it thats the actual thing that people should be super jealous of and thats the thing that delivers tenfold right. The ability to choose who your oring within who youre spending your life with and who you are sharing Ostelli, is like one of the most unique Yeahthat. So this whole thing, so you do four seasons: If you spindown in while you're doing it, do you get like itchy like oh, I like this thing, but it's making me realize. I want to do this thing like this. Is just start getting in your head about. You know, like I said earlier,
like I didn't really care of people thought I was Kenny. Powers are not, but I won't. I didn't want to make that, like effect, what sort of opportunities I had you now, yes, I would start getting in my head as an actor, something I'm not really prepared to like look at myself as an actor, so I'm in deep water, and that I don't really know how to navigate and just notice. I, like all these roles in being offered. I never have sleep in any of them and growing in these three us alike. But what is this? Why did I not get any my fucking characters have long some shirts higher they always have cut off dead men did become a sea like I need to not show up as like the best friend that where's Jean shorts. I need to put the chapter by me in so: what's this
sickly when you went into vice principals, where you like. This is my chance to do a wirz with that it was the idea of know we really like to sound. But what would happen with these fundies? You know you would do a season there be so much time in between seasons as well, that like you'd go off and on the movie or something and then you would come back for the season and it would take such a long time to kind of get your head back into the characters and doing it again and then, even as the seasons went on, instead of coming up with like what the best idea is youre just trying to come up with what you havent done. It was making the writing harder, so we were ready, just kind of start brand new and do something different. We werent ready to kind of like settle into the show that we wanted to like seriously commit to the next like decade of our lives or anything we wanted to just do something different, and so we index veto in the catch cleanser. Exactly and that's what vice principles was like. We pitched it with an end and we gave them the whole entire thing like. This is all that the show is just these eighteen episodes.
I said we waverunner entirely written. We wrote them all before we shot, so we to that process like with the whole thing. You know, yeah thats cool and it was helpful. the actors, everybody knew where it was going on what was going on and we make adjustments as we shot. But, yes, it was kind of cool to go in and try something totally different. It really took all the pressure off of us because we are following up eastbound. There was this idea of like were thinking a little too much in our heads of like. Is this going to be too much like Kenny powers, or is this character going to be? Is this Steve,
You know were just like once again, instead of like writing. What was true singer, trying to just like make sure its, not the not a certain thing yeah. We just like use that as a way of like motivating ourselves, cleaning the palate and just like creating this other world with these other characters, and it relieves some of that sophomore slump pressure. I think EAST bounds definitely episodic, like I dont need to see episode four to enjoy Pisode seven right, then, for people not on what episode I can cereal is, like friends is episodic. Each episode, the title of it the thing theyre going to handle that day and then serialize is fucking. Housecats, like you got to see every episode to me. It seems like its been inching towards, and now the righteous gemstone seems very, very serious. I serialized yeah thats a harder how to drop into in the middle. I think, but thats kind of whats exciting about it. I guess is that all comes back around
that idea of feeling a little lost in the world of features about being able to get that material through the idea that suddenly you'd have like five hours to tell a story. Yeah that allow it like. You can be way more. Unexpected people are going to see every beat coming because you're following some three act. Ninety minute structure, you can really start going out there in and given even crazier with what you're doing here. What is it
its a little more intimidating, isn't it as a writer because im sure youre watching all these shows in words, so I holy shit. It added up to that and I planted that there. That was amazing. Did you bring some outsider in that? Had some experience with a really good cereal? Did you add anyone to the mixer now, just kind of like thats kind of always been my strong suit is like structure like its a part of writing that I've always liked the most is like Religin out how something lays out its almost like just creating a mix tape and like fearing out like where all the US and downs are going to be adore, going to bring it back around at the end. Yeah ive always like that, and so I think thats. Why ive been into writing for tv. Is that you look at those episodes, and you just like to be. I see like
beautiful mind than dying rang out just like trying to connect all these guys, a boarding cards, woody I use index cards usually is what I do is obviously beat things out, but then we'll start writing in Wola will beat up the index cards enough to give us confidence that, like its heading somewhere and then we'll just start, writing and then just do it, and then it completely changes with every epoch, right: could you what you like identify potential runners in state, Xactly, ARPA, general arcs, for characters or what you kind of want to build to whos, going to be the bad guy whos going to like have some redemption? You know just like these general ideas, yeah and that actually kind of start writing it. They start to reveal which ones work and which ones dont and then the other pattern that seems to be emerging is that visually or spending more time on it visually? Is that accurate yeah for sure, like with this, I feel like part of the scope,
show was like needed to make the world feel real, honor percent. You know like I wanted these guys to feel like they really like they're good at being televangelist, and they really do have real success, and I just thought I would make the comedy of the stuff that they were doing just see that much crazier that they like of this gigantic audience, and I didnt want it to be like. they are the most successful televise family and then we shoot it on some shitty stage in the community theater that doesnt really look like it has scope. You know oh god, it's. I think it's everything it's like yeah Yvan Godfather, if theyre at a pizzaria, the whole time making holiness shots. If you go to that house and like to and youre like the like a Montreal real thing yeah in the scope of your show is like huge: does that stuff all in North Carolina
it was all in Charleston South Carolina odes, we shot all around there and the church, the Mega church, the the Coliseum in North Charleston thats a rebuilt that church and was really funding were in though WWE are in in production. You know we had push push all of that stuff. The mega church till the very end of the season, because the ice hockey team is like playing had there and then it was the socketed like made the playoffs and if they suddenly went any further, our production would be fought up. So we werent rooting against the local properly something you told Hb like theres. No, the talkie teams this in a hockey team in South Carolina. Nobody here plays hockey eh yeah. They kicked us that is now I remember reading. I guess this was probably like ten twelve years ago that the Charlotte Hornets Arena had been sold to some of Angeles. Do you remember that I kind of Osuna Ilar they had twenty, some thousand.
People attending that service on Sundays, and I wasn't that's what kind of when I start getting fascinated with it and then finding out, like all these dudes have private jets, or some of these, like we looked up Joel Steiner, Seewhat. Was it rays doing forty five thousand, five thousand parishioners a week or coming through its absolutely insane saying, is as crazy massthe. If the guys who can do it, I mean it's an insane. Its like a hundred million Yanks free tax for God, and you grew up Baptist. I did. I wish I grew up going to a Baptist church. My parents were both like really involved in the church. My mom did puppet ministry. She like with minister to the children with puppets, and so I watched all of that stuff like for years? I was like we always are the church. I and I never like going when I was a kid I would like pretend like. I was sleeping as the family got up for churches like hoping that they
forgotten about me and that like it, would be too late for me to get a shower and get dressed, and they would let me stay home, but that never worked one time. Is it safe for me to assume you're? Not a practitioner of any religion are like adventure with relay was like you know. We went hardcore, I mean like we were there all the time my parents were so involved in it and then my parents got divorced. I was in sixth grade dad kind of ran out on us, and suddenly it was like hers. My mom who works in a department store at the mall she's got two kids were living in an apartment, and your thinking like you know, maybe this church that we have done it all. The time, too, will be supportive and instead they the people there like basic, like turn their back on my phone are ashamed or for getting a divorce, and so I was little. I was thin. I was in sixth grade when this happened, but I can-
remember like seeing my mom and like knowing how much the church meant to her, and now she just didn't even feel like she could enter the church and so for a few months. She still would drop me and my sister off at church on Sundays to go and we did it and then, after a few months is not what are we doing like? Why are Go into this place. Every Sunday like, I know its done, and then we just never went back, and then that was kind of the end of it, and I remember distinctly having like mixed feelings about that. Even at that age, where I dreaded going to church, I hate it sitting in those sermons for an hour not being able to do, anything and having to just sit there and listen. I just Loreal pictures, no one conference and hopeful, but then that feeling that you would have when it was over and just knowing that, like the whole days ahead and then there was like when we stop going. I have this weird, like I kind of missed it, like I kind of missed being for to do something I didn't want to do and when I could suddenly just
leap in on Sunday mornings, Sundays, like that afternoon, Sunday wasnt quite as special anymore It's like we as a species have this kind of implicit desire to repent like You want to go somewhere and then be like Y I suffered, and now I can stop hating myself on the shit out of myself, I did it now good for two days, yeah theres, some aspect of that that I did like about it now thing I wanted to do years ago. Was you remember the power team? Did you ever go they would lose saw them. They would like to rip telephone Burton Volks and ifthey handcut on Monica. The power team would go like fire up churches. They were like a basically a touring. Road grew and there were all these muscle men, but they would handcuff each other together and they couldn't get out and then they would recite some scripture and then they fucking
jump up and kick the other guy in the chest in they break the handcuffs in the lake, the power, the Lord was obvious and present, and I even as an eight year, although, like I'm, not seeing the connection degenerate or is this a good? The area had had a phone book and have been even better. Is these guys, most of whom were ex won't? They claimed exterior right, cocaine abuse. there if their whole life story as a testimony to like look, how good life is now that I found the Lord and they would be like doing fourteen ounce, is coke. Weewee they get a little too dark to Euryou groups in many live fucking like one of the ways they demonstrate the power of the Lord as they just break chairs over each other's back eating. None of it made sense, and I desperately wanted to do a show about being a power team eerily still being backed up and shed
but funny enough when I had that idea. I was with Jimmy Miller for, like I no know a year. Maybe he was my manager and ours lot he's like. I love it, but is our religion? No good luck. You know like selling something about religion. Still dicey, individualised they're. Just really has Emma gets. There is big love, but certainly there had to be talks like. Are they allowed to tackle this? You know who knows what happened? I mean people get outraged or anything. So I not fearful of people like being outraged, but there's a part of me you. You know I kind of understand in some ways ways there is an outcry. Sometimes in Hollywood tackles religion, religion and I was like watching anything I could ve like Wellwho else, has tried to tackle space in here. I think they make the mistake of like they like make a joke out of what people believe in yeah and I feel like that is just like kind of obnoxious and that would me off if it's like, so it doesn't understand where I come from. What I believe are the values adding the eyes like. I think that is wrong to do so. I think this shows that we too,
at what we're not trying to say anything about what you should believe in what you shouldn't believe in we're not trying to comment on the Bible. We're commenting on these I kipper creates you are basically fronting this operation. And like basing all their value on like these morals and these ideals, but then not adhering to any of them themselves? You know yes, A very obvious right then use our watching the validity of the Bible or God, or that version of its not on trial at all, just people that have clearly manipulated this text exactly I totally agree its like. I am an atheist, but I have zero interest in trying to prove this
when that they had no value the right thing, I'm like, if someone's happy, do an ex wires e superadding tell them that so I believe to be. You know what I'm curious about it. Just the town that I live in. Like I love Charleston, I really love being a part of that community. It's called the holy city in others. It is the end like theirs in downtown, there's no buildings taller than the church steeples. I owe you go outside and there's like churches like every mile. You know on the radio station, it's like every other stations. Religious station. Religion is a big part in the lives of people there. So I am curious of all still. Well till I go to restaurant at the stroke of that, I was trying to Ford moments of the showed, unlike artists. Imagine right now that I am super. That is my that my book and I believe in all that and I'm watching it. I still definitely you're, allowing those people to feel in on the joke that they're not at all being made from which they're not is not like your painting to the audience and going like Lawthis gobbling up this bullshit is never really about
that yeah. That was important to do. I mean you know my mom is still religious. I have like my my sisters, religious, my aunt is a minister in Atlanta, so like a lot of my family is still very much involved with church, and so they were always the back of my head not that day all like what I do anyway right a, but the idea was I you know, I understand them. They all have wicked senses of humor and they believe what they believe. I want to make something that they would even understand where this is coming. I almost think it could be more for them yeah. I you know too that they would intensify they. I think that there's more truth there then there will be, would think yeah, it's absolutely incredible. I can't wait to to consume all of it, so you move down there. We said that I mean again, you had your own desires ago. Do that and then obviously of motive. my kids and step, but what's your anonymity level down there, then you'd be really surprised. Its been like absolutely incredible. I will
say, really yeah. It's been amazing cause you know when you first get there. I think people are just genuinely excited that you're. There are part of the community and I think- and then after you ve been there for a few months, then, like people feel a little bit of ownership over you in the sense that, like they dont want people to live there brought Agatha I find that all the time that now and the people have just been awesome to say the truth. Its just been such a cool place live. I was really I wasn't. You know everything was going fine for me here I have a lot of friends here. The weather is great, but I just found myself that, like when I wasn't working, I really didn't know what the fuck to do with myself and once kids were getting involved. It just became so much like harder to figure out like how to just have an existence, s. Well, we can go to Griffith Park together and win all right. We can arrange a play date with someone who lives. Forty
and its away from here everything just became so scheduled and kind of like we were just bending over backwards to kind of find some kind of normality, and then I got there and it's just been so grounded and normal and fun, and my efforts walk out our front door, get on bikes and just like cruise down the road hold on my son, seven, my daughters, four and its its just awesome, and then you know. I also feel like it puts in perspective the career too like when I was here I would drive in the road. I would see billboards and it would make me stressed out about like it's been been a while I on one of those in work? You know any, and then there you kind of realize, like none of the shit, really matters that much I can get really in our heads about and it is important to do your best at what you want to do, but you dont need to eat LA. yeah like we, even when you make something that doesn't work. It's like no one hears keeping tally of that these people are just living their lives.
Here. If you never worked again be very fucking impressive, as it should be here, he how the like, I don't know, a good kid that perspective makes you not feel beach self up. So much about the southern doesn't work and stuff does in is the four year old I've a four year old daughter in its Giddings outrageously phone right now? Can I fuckin personality is like a private yeah yeah. It is. She. Is she funny she so funny she's the funniest ivy like they just go in last night. Here they flew in separately. For me, I to come early, and so my wife and my son and my daughter got here. They were here for like two minutes. I did like twelve hours of press I just got home. They entered my wife left something downstairs in the car, so she to go down there and within like two minutes. My daughter, like pissed, on the and my son look like a football side, shit in the toilet clogs. Try going. Oh, it's so good to see you guys
remind me of my parliamentary group leader. Go about undergo, will then way way way way. I want to say one thing about maybe you're gonna Brianna when you run SAM Jones, one thing that we talked about a lot Africa's about loved that episode was you were talking about reviews and how reviews are kind of bull shit and you kind of delineated, comedy verses drama, really I thought like profound away, but its math and calmly so specific, because you have to like right, a joke that will pay off three scenes later and everyone thinks you're just kind of looking in the mirror and doing funny faces. and it's so not that it's not, I feel like it is the hardest of all to do, because many, if you sit in a theater where people watching a drama, no ones reacting, you're not assume that the movie is not working. You just say these people theyre feeling it and you comedy and if its like, if you're in there for five six seven eight minutes and nobody's laughing, it just makes the whole thing.
lol, like a failure, yeah yeah, youre, a ditch. You got to climb out of a also theres no tricks in company. I can put the perfect song with the right postion in Baba blonde. Make the emotion happen with these other devices. This work, but I mean its funny even just doing press like doing press for Halloween or alien or this they just don't give comedy any respect a payee those things are so easy doing, a press junket for some of its not a comedy its. They work harder on the questions. They have more respect for what it is and then with comedy. You feel like Tom, you come in with those reporters and theyre like disgusted by you just like a yeah. You know you can fake a drama. You just really can't take a comment on not gonna happen. All right I sure hope, you'll come back I'll, tell or houses, but awesomeo luck. Everyone watch the right gemstone. I I can't we're watching of it tonight tonight. It's so fucking good right by
and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad, you hear that nine spray, that same three days off depth girl I on the spray, no okay, well in a couple eps. Oh er, when you learned about it. Yes, yes, we're a lot older. More importantly, I would like to welcome everyone to one of our first moonlight fat checks. We all today I had a long day, and here we are after nightfall in the attic, and I like it, the window open. You might hear some crickets a air flies, a helicopter robs Coulter books. Do you think fireflies make noise No, I don't think they do. This sound of the light. Turning on and off
the sound of their light. Turning down enough, do you think it sounds like a light? Switch are like in a movie when the light bulb comes on at like moon. He acts like that. Oh yeah, I greatly respond I'll, tell you who he nonot of those fireflies is Danica Is he down there in south, my gal? home of the lightning bug. Thats Rahat were you iron I guess you can go, either way a lightning bug or firefly yeah. I think I do that is regional, I said lightning, but what did you say? I guess I said: firefighters, Shia, naturally sure it was very natural. Very orient. Do you like your spray? Hmm, I do like my spread. I do you feel like it gives you the same whatever you dont as it prevents me from being agitated. But now it doesn't give me the same. Kick in the ass that big lip full of the Hagen Didbut. What about the mens it the same as the man was mineyou know fuck on my skin, so I cant take those I like them into more because theyre dissolving
twenty minutes to my assumption, is im getting nicotine the whole twenty minutes. The gum I dont know where to put the gum. I start in it. I use the nicotine on after a minute. You know you ve Lihua, yeah in the flavor can be while I dont want to talk, disparage look all gun. you run out a flavor quick, all tried in, but malicious oral b now horde now what's theme with the oh, we orbit or bad. Thank you. You, the new and Arkin partial the bubble, gum, flavor yeah. I don't faits nice. I cannot want, try it hoping flower and all of this anyone trying no the vera a little high risk to try for the first time never had a nicotine in my life over. I dont think ive never smoked the same. What about when you drink out of my pickup sorry
I refer to renew the ads. You did that I drink your spic. Not a trigger warranted, still a genuinely actually way. Grocer girls went on with her get into it in her hand, lemon there is work thenthe that war. No, everyone knows if you have a spedup. What the contents are. Did you know rob I didn't know he as a yak incorrectly have no unreal to another class. It I guess I'll, try it on a low risks moment, yeah somewhere, where you know you can, if necessary, lie down and take five is scared. I don't recommend it, it's not a list. No, I dont ill. Tell you a. I can remember having my first cigarette on my buddy Jay rubs driveway a the junior hibernating thing was really a healing, but in in tenth grade I bang back marred and likes the feel. That good then twenty mins I wanted another one and that it starts feeling good, because you
The actual feeling itself is not so it is with that very body not agree buzz equality, buzz of all the buzzes I promote. This is well on the list and the one year most addicted to anyway, fireflies. South Carolina Denso Wool is ultra cool. I want him to be my friend Oh, what about your boyfriend? I mean, I know Serebii a world, but in a world where your not married, then he doesnt have kids its hard for me to do that. Yeah, im not going to try to put you in position is, I would date him I'll. Tell you that right now, yeah you sod, she uhyeah. He was cool, we love them. Yeah, were kind of like obsessive soundwise, the forms yeah. I just want him to like like us, and call us and text us and put us in his
whole shit, I denied it the most embarrassing thing. I hesitate to admit it on here. What was finishing up righteous gemstones in what I didn't talk about in this episode, which I was so pissed about is, is the music is so and im really obsessed with music and movies. I think it maybe the most important thing for me, so I was finishing up the righteous Jams one. And here's is what I did. This is so embarrassing. As her email them again. Ok again, and I said guy. Fucking love the music wait his turn you're going youre going to have I going to is so good Bobbi and I going to like what you know. What I like about is its stanky, its fucking staying Dirty- and I said it would pair well with cocaine and whiskey, and then I said, and I owned it. I said embarrassed to say this, but I really want
see her and run because the music just the music. I want you to see that we have the same musical taste one type of something account isn't that is that some I hit send and I mean, if I could hit delete, and why don't we have that button by the way, thats crazy, that they don't in two thousand and nineteen wethey do Gameif you go on the Ebro used. It has undue for a little bit. You might have to activate it, though, and I can see what I, though, would be a tricky slope for some people that I could see people spending their whole life writing and deleting emails, because not all of us get all paying of you know. in someone to watch something we made. He has reliable right now about that Asia could see that I have cool musical, but people can relate to in
people like you and doing some extreme things to get people through, did he respond, super yeah man. check that out, I mean didn't even ignore I was like he's as seen at read it easygo going to ignore it, because how do you even respond to it? Who dude I'll check out your movie? really. What I want to do is like just get the soundtrack. How case that ear? I dont even know if this sound drug is available. I don't know if my movie has the sound stories and I don't want you to be embarrassed. Okay, I don't like in your embarrassed Marino. No, but I don't want to be embarrassed, and so hey it's a he he like dear. I don't know, though, did he have idle? Ok, here's my! I want him. Of course. He liked me fine, but I wanted him to connect them Leslie, who we have the same. Stanky rhythm, now we we like that naughty music
I know, but I want him to just to just find it organically, but I'm afraid its not going to. Why would he ever take the time Moshe might not ever do it? I don't expect them to at all. No, I mean well now. Oh now, he's all like. Oh god, got a watch and then I got a email and back Lyle Enron is an incredible movie, so if he watches it, he'll like it and the music is fantastic, which I didn't write the music. So its not even like You know what our unemployment bragging about, I'm not even bragging. They really is one room with seem to us that the protocol yes and I'll just be ice. That's the problem, you're not bragging, but it is bragging. It's like against the line. It could come off. Brag e yeah, yeah he's
very gracious. I would be so far because I've had a few emails and I needed to just stop now maybe get a way to be one more. I guess this site wants them. I will no longer be it anymore. Email im not going initiate any more communication with you ill. Take your lead im going to download the unsent UT on this makes me like him even more that he was gracious yeah. My unsolicited request that he bonded with me on music. It's I d, like you say I do like I'm, not even the amendment asking the meanest shit You know I would love you, but I just want you know sit on the porch with them a set. dipping again and Korry im over it. You know just relax in Charleston, her panic in Charleston. I always want to see Charlotte
hr. I get that and then there was the white nationalist demonstration charlotteville Charlie. Our lives lets bill. So those three together give me tremendous anxiety. That is a lot, but for much a more than one reason. Obviously we will definitely the Charlottesville situation. Yeah, So you know what Moveby im going to put him in karate. Oh because you've heard a couple of good stories now yeah these cool people did karate. Maybe then they end up cool and comfortable in their own skin. That kind of things, those two Seth and he have in common right. Do we figure and we just crack the code there. Themselves is like a self defense program that should not be with their advertising. You want be chill in your own exoskeleton is. do karate? both gracious Seth is also really really generous. Yeah, its no wonder
and work together took so land of the lost, and he said no one liked it, but you posted Sixty eight point, eight million mean the budget was a hundred RE is still kind of a lot nowadays. Absolutely again any movie ive been on. The bolster up did not make sixty six million, so thats a good number. But again I think it was will Ferrell had had like I dont know. No twenty million openers in a row yeah some that underperform or him chair thats from when you become the greatest bar. Is I thats true theres nowhere to go but down sad? I feel so bad for the people at the top. o well no depends. I can feel bad for some of their stuff. Oh yeah yeah absolutely, but they do have a lot of money and I dont grey
all kinds of bad stuff from, but maybe not a ton of sadness over a career hiccups that Ngos career, yeah I mean I want him to win, but your going get me wrong. I want welfare when every time is up about armed ahead of grants. Why I'm sure? But if he doesn't it grants limb who big as not having a mania? That's trail. Yeah stakes are not now that I know you're feels like it to him, yeah of course. So I thought it was interesting as he said that they thought first fit way. They thought They were like kind of making like a score say: zero called men fell, compassion, I've never seen ants. Are you Neha seen parts and clips and you were the owning on Itunes. Okay, I will
anyway. I just got these interesting. It is just don't know what your thing is. Sometimes you don't you often try to make something one thing, and then it goes through your filter and it becomes its own Bayani like that. Cool, im, gonna download it? So crimson, I quarantine wrote some of that to do to punch up yeah. He rewrote some of the dialogue and his main, so like your vision and the air was the silver surfers speech. Ok, do you know what that is hit me with it? Okay share the whole thing. Well, how long is it kind along release? Now it's ok, I won't, but it's about silver surfer knows that is over that serves as a cartoon character? Oh ok, sir. I guess two people were in a fight and then the office sir brought one of them.
Other guys in measuring Hackmen Broil brought Denzil washing, ok and then is scolding him about the fight. But then there are also talking about silver surfer does on very tense Tina. Yes, and then there is the whole thing we touched on in the episode. Those this whole thing about. It got ratio between the two of you see them. Yes, so Jean Hackmen basically says GINO of these horses there, the greatest horses in the world, Babo Blind they're on their all white and ends. L says he. I do know those horses, you know their born black, also, it was guarantee very hurting racial yeah, Honey Hill. So he said his wife's uncle is Cheech Marin, that's Cheech and Tigereye up in smoke.
I didnt know he was talking about until I thought about it later. I, like oh clearly, CHI Chin Chong, but I was like teach man. I dont know what that is and of course you know what tech and Jong is, but I can't imagine you have seen it man the whole movies about weed and they even like they drive a van. I think in one of the films that is entirely made of marijuana now yeah its you know, or it was wear way back yeah. So I think its the original keystone. yeah. So you said you thought the Charlotte Hornets Arena, Also in the sum of Angeles group, it wasn't Charlotte, it was the Houston Rockets, ok and became Lakewood Church, which is Joel also. It is not also know common. I type that in and that was wrong, but I also thought it was Joosten yeah fuck. That sounds wrong. I know
Joel Olsteen, all the way go rockets, so he thought you said, like you thought he had forty five thousand parishioners a week and one hundred and nine dollars whatever so he is seen by over set million viewers weekly. Why, over twenty million monthly and over a hundred countries wow yeah. Well, he was crushing he's the pastor of Liquid church, the former home of the NBA Houston Rockets, crazy right. You got it worth on the Turkey now because we owe to hide it already. I don't think they can yeah out tax shared well, quite their permanent safer or how much there keeping
I urge that a law I got a hunch there live in high on the Haug. The site would guess out without any kind of facts. Aber trailer facts says forty to sixty million but sounds out to meet them its own realized. His house is worth ten point: five million. Definitely More than that, unless he spend thrift, he could be like me and a lot of easy come easy go in one pot that is all that was it yeah and, the chicken dance on main street. Oh yeah, that's convey a thing going on and every other certain am I doing to convince our main street. Peril was acuity, but now is a full grown care. Are I love you? I love you.