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David Harbour (Stranger Things, The Green Hornet, Revolutionary Road) is an American actor and the man Dax deems the most masculine man to walk into the attic. David sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his proclivity for denouncing intellectuals, his fear that we are losing our empathy and his experience with bipolar disorder. David debunks the misconception that affliction is necessary for creativity and Dax details the mechanics of the microwave oven. Dax and David bond over the benefits of AA, their mutual feelings of self-loathing and Monica teaches Dax a new phrase in the fact check.

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Welcome to arm chair expert. I am your host Dac Shepherd. I am by the ever entreaty number eight Monica Patman. What number you? I think it was eleven, no answer later, a ethical essay I wish I was there is a super hotmail. Unless isn't it- bared some resemblance to Monica. Why am I playin the stranger things theme song Monica for one year? Love? I do love. I have. This is a ringtone. You do yes, my other from oh yeah, you love it and we have a very special stranger things gases. Do we have your favorite stranger things, cop David Harbour, more and I got to say I've run into David a few times socially and I've just had this weird fun connection with them. Every time I've seen em, but even with that said, he really over delivered? Now we talked to him. Fur
white along time would argue too long and we would have happened. I didn't know you were so interesting. He was really really interesting. These, like a bit of psychology historian of sores, an armchair psychology is for real and crazy, honest and open air yeah, solar We want to learn from him. He really would be more accurately put envy experts on expert category as share. We can do something about a more click yeah. I think he was well first of all young people. People will learn this bet he got to this. the various areas, Macedonia, let's leave for the interview, but yes, a once in a lifetime. Thing happened on the show. Well, yes, and he is a very masculine man, but I think maybe because he's so confident in his masculinity he's also, who is also very sensitive tender, end and thoughtful.
It was so nice. It was. If I can make an analogy was like inviting a cardiac bear into your house and then you ask the Kodak bear what what he'd like to watch unease has beaches? when you say, that's pretty, I guess you're really terrified of his cardiac bear, but then the coding request that you watch beat, you wouldn't be beaches. It would be like in terms of India, Irma. No, a smart move, the hooker, ok yeah, that's roughly very, maybe maybe that's why squid the whale share without further ado, less enjoy this tasty tasty conversation with David Harbour ARM chair. expert is supported by a ring you're, using
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no, and in fact it's I'm glad. I did this because I'm
The night sweet angel sleep for the rest. I guess you get a job or so please join us for a beautiful ninety minute. Nap with David gave no like talking. In my sleep. This is an innocent saurian. It really has even is, if I must be the scariest for you so weird for me and say, sir, but it's amazing nicety straight out and I am telling you look at the guest or adapts more mainly the gas. Do you do right, yeah used to create a unique this way? This is gonna, be like a little bit of rhetoric. No, no! Let's get to strengthen the other side of her now major balanced myself, now she's been walking crooked. Six months now can be, but here this is like maybe the fiftieth interview and I've only sat from that perspective, its comic when you're, a passenger, neuron car. Of course you live in New York, see. Nor can you can relate to their own. I may not have a car yeah. I bought a car. I came out here in two thousand thirteen. I did a very ill faded television show thirteen episodes of a very ill fated television show, and I I just bought like
love, stick shift harm, they aren't there, and so I bought crappy Mustang sticks but, like a new
like other he ate or anti car. What is without serious radio without automatic transmission, it's just a grey mustang that I still have. Oh you own. It still owe yea. Does it have the aid or the visa no wields the cheapest brand of mustache valuable with super cheap? It's great though, but yeah. I love that car at every other human being in my life thinks it's the worst car they ve ever seen because of the the deuce factor or yea, and also the fact that, like that, it's not even like Align agreed like it's like a solid garage on against taking itself very seriously and not like it's like you bought that and as you thought it would look good. You got an understated muscle with every six there's. A lot of its new lie. Two thousand thirteen. It's not like us, you know sixty five recently and it was like they offered me. The ten year warranty ended wanting ten year war and really did you can you are mad now oak? I'm so glad you didn't. You get the least warranty ever. Isn't that what you always do minor get the best buy insurance. My father,
was a car salesman all growing up, ok and dumb yeah? That's where they're making their chatter? It's all about the warranties? That's that's related deaths, whether dealerships dip in their beak into the honey jar that his aim of yet another third slithering through that weird bird that hangs around your kitchen yeah, I'm a little out of kilter cause, I'm on the wrong side of the room, arrives, also energy photographing. The wrongs item. If there is a lot of things that are concerning me right now, everybody take it easy is gonna, be you're. Gonna guy doesn't get you always want to Muslim. Will you accept that one and you know it? I wonder when I was a young kid when I was fifteen years old, fourteen years old ice I wanted a transaction with like is, I think, an hawk on the hood yeah. Smuggling demanded style
is that what I mean I remember the Trans AM: was the kit car from night roguery right? That's the one you on it that with no, I wanted the one with the with the that eagle or we had to chicken Hong Paquette come here. It is actually a chick and its actual and check and a chicken hawk is a creature to the other lives on planet earth. Hoods of many seventies trans am as it upon the act of Phenomena Transit, the Pontiac, Co Op did the Chicken hall yeah. I think it's the F body platform, and on that platform you got Camaro in the seven. Camaro, Berlin, ETA Trans am Firebird those where your for general motors you're, like a cargo. Yes, I am
again I likewise I just swag through the acting, so that I can. I I'm a little bit of a car guy, not so much that stuff. But I remember like when I was my first car actually was sixty four Volvo one. Twenty two outshine writing about the one twenty series of all thou wouldst. It's interesting there there built to last and when I had over, we think over a million miles, because my odometer had gone back. They don't have a million yodeling had gone back to like two thousand the six and it was yet and it had floorboards
So is like a fully rather less cards. Yeah. You can put your feet on the ground through if apply would on there and they had a block engine and fuel pump, so it could do online or bears had no power steering Zol reckon pinion, and it was also a stick. I'm a man. It was a stick for on the floor and it would in a big, stick legal. Come like this. I guess I my stick a yell, a vague and and loose to a lot. I think I added and be like wings like conducting an orchestra and when you are you're driving it down the road you ever find that you just kind of play with it in the area at around a little, and it was like, I remember it- would leak break fluid as well proudly, the worst fluid you could be he's ethically. As I've been going on the highway leg, I was wondering gonna how it like sixty miles an hour and die,
press on the brakes and there just was no break in okay right and I remember pulling up the emergency brake that not doing anything either. That was broken, and so I decided to put it just into reverse. Cuz I'd ruin the transmission, but I would stop the car right or sure, and I was so adrenaline junkie it up cuz. I was terrified that I was going to die, that I pulled the stick over cuz. The reverse was like towards you and up haha, and I the stick of gin. Now you ve just broke your last four main that's so I just I just wielded over the side of the road and there were snowbank, so I decided on banks and I finally convince a mission impossible situation in the eyes.
I would rather grew old. Volvo. That's a movie is you're you're only option. Besides it's no banks was to open both doors, create some wind resistance and try to scrub some speed. I really wish you to earn their living by the highly waggish popular at so we could have had an experience where you're like dude open the window. Rather hash throws them sheets out. The back will make up a parachute. Basically, when your landing on an airplane, you see those flaps go up and then that's what it it s. What were yeah, that's what we'd be trying to replicate.
It seems like very little material to stop an airplane. Moving at what four hundred miles an hour at Yale LAW, I would imagine that we ve hit the runway you're. Probably at around a hundreds, my guess really, when you're late on play your only at a hundred miles an hour yeah, that's my guess: their flying at around five hundred and fifty miles an hour writer up at thirty thousand, But yet as there you know, cause the reason their dropping his we were scrubbing speed and then, as we land now, the thing about the rack had robbing because were slowly glassy as yet at makes a terrifying ad hoc about it'll hang in there also angling the nose uprights another bottom of the wings or creating on this route forward resistance but anyways when those flaps camp I dont know if it's really to scrub speed as much as maybe four the nose, then down or or keep it on. I don't really know. Maybe it's more about the pitch of the thing, but I do know that they reverse those
rosters right, so their spinning one way the fans on the jet engine. And then, as you land, they reverse the the thrust in they have to put some flaps up to help, though, that the air go in the right way. One there so we start reverse thrusting. I have another point that was then aren't you and dad asleep, struggling right away. That would I long again I love it, but if I am struggling the it, this is very out in the sun reaping over a very warm leather and on board. The fuck are you this was crazy, so I had to get it anymore. It's not an mri, but it's something for your chest. Ok, Emma something an embryo higher limit in image thing here and that an NGO Cardiac Graham now like you, actually go in the MRI machine, ok, but he was as my doctor but the radiation he was like yeah it's about the same as one flight from New York to allay
really what do you mean beard and he's like oh yeah, when you're up that high in the atmosphere flying six hours from New York to away now the radiation, and I was like, oh god I make that triple. I think that the poor flight attendant willed, that's what he said. He said. Apparently, flight attendants have a higher rate of birth defects as a result. All this really. How? Because of all the radiation up, there should be getting hazard pay, rent now, I read this and in monocle back it up in the fact check, but what IRAN is the discovery of a microwave ovens when we use the reason they figured out that it could cook food. Was that the The radar on those planes in the nose of the plane was microwave radar. And they would leave it on when they were parked in the guys that were cleaning the wind she owed Cook were Alexander, who would know their insides would would get burned. They'd have internal laws, they give you
stomach pains and then it was finally discovered that they were having internal cooking. let the microwave, oh, that's a marginal cook is long waiting times. I'm gonna stop. I promise I'll stop after this, but the make with the weights cooking. Your food right is the microwave light waves. They interact. With water. They not pass through water said they. get the water and they make the water accelerate. That's what creates the heat in your food? Is the water accelerating from the impact of the micro, so the micro was going. The human body and accelerating, although water yeah, this you're, like a microwave weapon out there, is there like some kind of microwave gun, so glad you ass. I went in the garage that I want to sums DARPA future
weapon, or so there has to be right. Let's get my gotta syllogism were already making the Movie Tom Cruise old Volvo with a DARPA microwave. Why, yes add the clash of super cutting edge technology and yet the old Volvo, exactly yeah, just rights itself, our guy an airplane guy and a microwave ovens, most especially a microwave. You Robin New York is doing it. Isn't I didn't, I said, Davy our bright eyes. I said: could you described the sea? You sit in his draft chariots Romanians, David Arbour, but you grow up in New York in Europe. Upstate as we would call upstate near you, people say upstate, but no Westchester, counting so wipe means New York are, which is yet
Its forty minutes up from the city, but what I consider upstate is like Albany and beyond, and so no one's using the term mid state. Are they know. Suburbs. Ok, summarize observe, steering the savage standard, no middle affluent suburb when you're dead you or your mom real estate, I mean, it's what we will be growing up. We had like very like modest how someone of those streets that looked like the fifties or whatever where's like litter, or like actually went to Jersey recently with my girlfriend, like they all like this like little, has unlike no plots and lands on everybody's, got a front yard and their divided by fence
but it's it was like a perfect looking street and just a million houses lined up in little front yard and, like we all use to God, play like box ball shy away box bawling ever again, but I don't think I've seen it in his course azure like shock, outlines and stuff like that, were how does that box come into it? You you You draw like four boxes in the street. You darling and chalk border for box than you have one of those balls and kick ball already long us and you like you like, hitting hated each other's box and if it bounces off the person than they, then you move around the circle depending on your rank, so not only they played it. I fucking loved it, but we called a horse square and only less girl can force barrier in. I had fun so ashamed to admit this, but I had figured out a way to cheat epoch aim and I can't remember now how I was Jean, but I do know it's one of the few times in life. I cheated
and I was really quite good at that game, but solely because I was chief. I can't remember my heart, gender. I, Figured it I'll succeeded at the shop put. I was on the track team and I cheated at sharp. How does one cheated shot because you're not allowed to throw the shot? Put you to your shoulder? Yes, you have to push it out, but I I had refine this very deceptive, throw like I was still coming from here, but I think a lot of risk and I was rotating a bit and not getting caught and I had a pretty good shot put, but I know I know I was cheating at it. You think everyone was doing that I hope so because I feel bad now as an adult cuz, there were guys are much like heavier than me and shit and by the way, if you would like you're super heavy. That's you sport in school. I shouldn't be robbing that from you, because I've figured out how to throw them to the shop
amen, Ryan, representing a heavy guys out there. Were you child you, like you, fuck you. What is of an active apology? Please sit in my chair thanks. were you. Were you a chubby kid? I am yeah, I've been other phases. You know what I mean like I have. I would go through phases. I do remember asking about Europe. Is that because I feel like I've got a right side, how much women have to talk about their no I'm down at all right I mean, I think, it's a fascinating vague, as there I mean then, and our culture is obsessed with an air and effect. I myself am obsessed within suffer body. Does Morgiana arise as well, and also one of the things that I would love to see just in general, in art too, especially, is like, Moore. embracing of bodies that are weird or different, or what we consider weird, indifferent, yank, the things
are attractive about people is not some of these things but, like you know who they are their sole isn't now that is expressed. Yes, I'm always encouraging that. So I love to talk about my own body as yet, as I think it needs a weird that why, by their way about ninety nine percent of us can relate yeah right, I don't care what you look like you're, not seen in the mere what other people see. That's this dialogue, given, I know we have them before. I should have said this before. I asked you anything about your body because there then, too great examples for me in the last couple years where I looked at someone. I was like fuckin. Absolutely that's how that person should look in their so attractive. you're one of those people, I'm not feeling that I'm not kidding you. Oh, my god me walk you through charmer, not I'm gonna be dead, fucking series. Here's! What happened I
I think I first saw you acting in the newsroom. I've already seen you act you're in Brokeback Mountain in a lot of movies. I've seen so I've seen you act but but in the newsroom might I like became very aware of you and then of course Kristen and you are and from way latch other away back. But but so I was aware of you in and I liked you and I thought you were a very, very good act thanks, but within mean five minutes of strangers things when I meet you, I think we'll meet you in the shower or you get in the shower within five minutes Jane. I walk out on August cigarette with measured over the in its I haven't. Had that moment since poltergeist, you remember creating Nelson and poltergeist pushing his stomach in pushing it put at an end that's how one man was when I was growing up and then something happened where every dude has the six pack and I now and then I became obsessed with it, and I was
watching. I dont know what your personal stories with your body, but when I was watching the scenes in stranger, things like this is what a fuckin man should look like it's: a goddamn grizzly bears about to go out and do some work so fucking sexy and which I have no problem in acknowledging when men are sexy. I didn't get that by been newsroom, but fuck. Did I get in strange things right away that you have such a masculinity? It's so attractive, it's crazy attractive, but here's the ensuing thing, about all that stuff. Is that. you there's something a bow, taking your shirt off that, inevitably should be somewhat of a vulnerable experience, and so often in movies, when I see board their shirts off. It's like this armoured thing were there like sites,
take it off guilty of. Unlike that's, that's a vulnerable thing to do, to expose yourself to someone and it should feel vulnerable should Vienna, intimate and so whether you like it or whatever legged should feel intimate, and so that way yeah. I think that you know- it is so weird because I think we do have to play these mental games with ourselves just to put ourselves in front of camera anyway. Char- and I think one of those things is to perfect this sort of impenetrable but he had so one of the big things for me even going into that seen in stranger, things was too like Beavis, herbal enough to be embarrassed about my body I just feel like human about I mean, and but but you also playing the mental gymnastics of you're alone in your home, so ravages, I might think about. My body wants it's time to
a shower seen in something right in my house. One at the doors are closed. A mocking around fuckin cellulite am I ass. God knows what's going on. I don't even think about it, I'm pretty liberated with no one's looking. That's Just staring elaborated went on our interests. I mean I don't know. If I am, I have a tendency for self. Hatred then adds to pervade whether or not someone's observing it are not like you. Ok, I myself feel it. A whore Whatever, like the amount of time that all pull up my pants during the day to get them, a certain thing or just like avoid a mirror? Hahaha like another thing, I love to do yeah yeah, but yeah. I think yeah. I think myself, Patriot stays with me whether or not people are paying attention or not stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare
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my Sophia myself, clothings, like always on fire, but not necessarily for the physicality when and by introducing a year, but where is yours Madame consists of? Where does it take it Oh well seem like a really smart. Dude You have my airplanes micro even for exactly like they seem to have evidence. I wonder if that's part of the new roads of guerrilla is is like ominous study up and like find a lot of bullshit so that I can feel it up a small person while at the risk of making my lizards here overall reopen. Yes, I was learning disabled all three elements, Rees dislikes me. I have a huge ship on my shoulder, but being smart, oh yeah, nauseated. I leave every party. I go. Do in the cargo in dude they get it you're smart. Well. Ok, but also in the other. Half is just real enter I am really interested in a ton of stuff, and I really like talking about so it is tricky cause. Some of it is my.
Close seasons. Homage is genuine interest in how an airplane lands, where I am so it's it's always hard to figure, to figure out right like how much is this. Do you find it that's hard to navigate like would, of course, of course, that, like I mean but also the things you neurosis make up your personality, so much that it's like almost impossible to separate the two like. I am interested in this because of the nerves, the interested genuinely add. Also genuine interest comes from the subconscious response, I've been going on, since you are probably three years all yeah rooted in some kind of trauma agenda yet executor. I told you so when you leave a party in Euro like giving yourself a nice inventory on the right home, what kind of things do you think like that's because you're not trying. I ragweed all go to the party smart. I that's interesting you I don't. I never think I'm never and this to my detriment, maybe like. I never think. I'm not smart, great, like I'm. Actually, the guy who I feel a guy can hold my own with and in fact one
My things that I love to do is be provocative with people that can themselves, book, smart naming, that's part of my upbringing was like you know, I went to Dartmouth and it was. I was very much in artistic kid who was sitting trapped in this world of the intellect, where the intellect was, you know paramount to be thought that they were knew what was going on- and I was like I wanted to poke calls in you know why I'm a browser twenty four years old? They did it Tom Stopford play in New York, and I remember you Tom, stop, I don't ok, so Tom Stopford is like in terms of plays he's written tons of kind of billion place? He also wrote that speculation friend love considered like one of the great intellectuals of one of the great he's checked, but like one of the great british intellectuals, I like our time, like he's a he's considered by very heady people, to be very brilliant. I remember being twenty
resolving like just getting a vicious fight. Our reality, oh yeah, just wanting to attack itself just sort of ripple part in town in general and my yellow him that he didn't understand his own writing that, like because I'd like also so that the but that's a thing we're like I dont, get intimidated by by intelligence, actually want to tear down. I do often feel like that sort of self assured in telling gents can often be the worst create the worst shit in the world. Yeah absolutely so yeah. Well you're. What was your general attack on him? If you can recall what I'm using you're like a particular thing, it would always be about that. I understood his play better than heated like an emotional level, a visceral level. I mean right, experiential level, just like he's writing about things which are concepts and ideas, and their clever and kind of but may that, like the
lived in nature of it was somehow false unless this particular thing was added to the character, unless this happen to this, how many be like? No, you know just meant to be. This is just me these are saying to him like a house like none o man like you, you you, your men on the whole matter of out of my way you, but I am a year that just sort of been my General like Emma was I I kind of- and I think it's because I you know too soon yeah? I grew up with it then yes going through the system like all the teachers and sort of various mentor and stuff. There is a lot of luck, intellectual ism, unhomelike, indeed, feel like you aren't getting something that that an alliance of standing in the way, oh yeah, because I was always like this weird artists to I wanted to talk about things like you know. The facts I take a shit, nay. I also felt you have everything you have said. I have I ever younger sister of yet much
younger seven years younger, say, though, oh really, You know where we are in oldest yeah. Now I'm the middle child. I have a brother five years older than me and his sister, who six and a half your little jamming interesting? Ok, I'm the oldest right! Now only child for seven years for seven shameless. Are you you're eight years already, my brother? Why so you an only child for the eight four eight year younger brother came along. Was that an unplanned Happy area, surprise cars, minors rise, so you were meant to be sort of an only child. Will I want I too have a sibling for so long in until I was like I've and then I was perfectly happy being an only child or girl, and then I and then there was a big surprise. as you have only child syndrome as possible. Swain, some attributes of it, because I would be better to die homes tendency to be alone whether you like it or not like, you, you, you search out separation and
isolation and in that way like living in, but I think I think it's sort of relates to this living in a fantasy, too the green them far happier and also, I think, there's a certain of his shortness, one of those being ignored physically allocating physically. Clearly I worked on me and now, I think, is a sort of I would say just a tendency to be alone like I I do find myself as a result of because when I was growing up like interaction with people like I was sort of safest, whether I was here, ps, I don't know, but I was safest and I felt the most at ease. When I was on my, where's people, brothers sisters, they feel lot of ease like at par. He saw at like with other people, and I don't never been that way. Yeah! That's! That's really fascinating because are first born, whose only two years older than our second born, but
just watching her interact when she started preschool verses. When the younger kids started preschool its night and day, because you'd only interacted with adults will that's the thing right. You associate your identity with parents, as both I done a fine with someone. Yet we every time we bigger from Brussels, you like in a deep conversation with their teacher at three, but as it would like pulling some other kids hair, which should be as I don't get it. You guys are like www roaming around on the ground. What for what to what end there are things to talk about yeah where's is going. Are you in route somewhere yet and that the little girl she's just like a social butterfly, our yeah. Because out of avoidable, these therapies dynamics right I threw a dynamic level yeah, it's so pretty double right. Yeah I mean I, and it's funny like I don't know if I would change it. I think that you have a
it even an easier life. I think that the first child, the only child, has more of a difficult life. I think a little more intensity about it fears in life in that way like at, whereas I think but I don't know like what you globally was mainly funny. There was as you're as I'm thinking about myself. I am now wondering if this is, these descriptions are like astrology right where they have any other everybody right. So so I was very much a loner, because one kid was a teenager knots and the other was a baby and so on in my room by myself, like avoiding the the warfare you weren't attention in that way. Like yes, but let me look at me, I know I've learned its levels, t sure I've got a thing I would, but I didn't see it in the house. I sat. I sought it at school. In my view, no amongst my friends and right. I want ya, wanted endless attention now outside of the house. but at home I knew my role. My rose like alleviate the tension between
our goals in job that that's pretty accurate, were you I think very charming, make jokes here: didn't everybody gets trying to alleviate divorced. There yet divorce parents, in order to set. Maybe somebody may cause your doubly interviewing me haven't eyes the early and it is very limited and learn about urge other than the recesses of my own. But it, but this just happened. Might my stepfather died of cancer recently and I was up. There was all of us, kids and my mom, and I found Like I just stepped right into I'm making Europe the most inappropriate jokes, you could ever had a death bed and am all! This is yeah. This is what I do like I'm trying to cheer everyone up. This is stressful, and here I go. Let's get started, I mean you're, aware of it now, rhyme yeah didn't I hate you. I mean it so instinct thy struggle with these.
in concepts right and like the idea of like, being myself as opposed to like entertaining or being some version of myself, that other people, like you, ever struggle with that It doesn't bother me. I have great acceptance over the even in high school. I enjoyed being a part of so many different groups like I was super in the car, so I was around a lot of gearheads, but then I thought that was an artsy enough for me. So I also had I was friends with: no borders who were also artists. You know like I wanted all, and I recognise that I just codes, which does I went through all these groups of friends, ok enough like that. I'd! Never like fought that. I don't. I don't think it's your ear fraudulent, because you have facets Do you feel fraudulent when you exhibit In fact it now, but I do know that there is their ways that I hyper extend. Let's say certain ways to entertainer. Please people that make me for compromise,
In a way I like, I wish I didn't do like a quota way. I guess your heart went out to regulate someone else's emotions near I'll, just like sort of feel this pressure to behave in a certain way, which, like I'm very bad with conflict, is the reason why I am drawn to acting. it was because I know the ends of stories. I think that I often- and I know how conflict turns out or something like. I do actually think that
in some ways its related to reliving trauma that I do like to do in some. What did you see? I know everybody can talking about it, but I just saw a couple months ago, and it is, I think, it's the best thing on television. I seen a long time is that in a net special with them, we haven't seen. Oh my god, I mean it's beyond this. Like half an hour of a comedy, show comedy special Netflix and then just halfway through just changes and becomes dislike. Performance are a piece about rage. Ours should basically deconstruct all of western civilization LAO. She deconstruct comedy itself because she says that, like she keeps anxious quit comedy because she she has to tell jokes, and these jokes can't be the full story, because there's no relief, the tension and one point five,
The wade is she experiences. A joke is that it's reliving a trauma without the actual full story without the phone there, and so she sort of trapped in her pain at a certain way. There's this one story: where she's at a bus stop hitting on this guy's girlfriend the guy comes out and is love. You didn't know my girlfriend and she tells a joke about it, but she can't tell you and then one point you says I can't, the part where he came back and beat the crap enemy because non part of the joke. So she constructs these narratives that are ultimately very what she considers serve self hating. I guess who write, awe and and re frames her narratives in these joke ways that are very destructive to who she is the human being and actually to her own real story whose and so a during the special kind of what you see is you see her real story? You just see a woman emerge at all like
stunning. I mean I was four hours afterwards. I was just like, like my nerve, where am, I know, that's a lovely feline. Isn't it a kind of? I mean it's unnerving to watch two yeah, but it's it's truly art. I mean I watch it have always like. This is why I make art right. This is why we do this, this to you the last time I saw you but you're. My me so much of my tv, brother and friend Peter Croatia. I used to get there. You know. What's so funny was actually in terms of how I look like get the combination of the war The show thereon about death did Andy. I was like Michael how our one like those lay them had a baby. If that was possible, I forget the physicality d
He thinks so similar to a wire. Yes, why love talking whom he gang as a very thoughtful like in depth way of Evaluating the world, but that I love and I find early refreshing- we didn't you can do it- showed the parenthood that's yeah and he's most, the lobby was Sally, feel club that was call damage brothers and says every guy. I am not a parody. Nearly identical fox watched every episode and on the right or I may be rather than the other way. I regret that he and the right over I loved you and sell it. Gonna get you say I love this. Is so pre planned smell a mile away yet No it isn't your Wyatt confidence he
as in you, have your that groundwater, but but he's knights of quiet with me said the lad, solid carbon like allowed little weird and God of the heat E. I can see in him that acting is very much a part of his own self exploration. which I dont really do no better or worse interesting. And, I think, is really cool. I kind of wish I did But why would you agree with that that, like you? reacting and knew not acting or aren't really to separate things, they're kind of like through act? He knew it is just more self exploration and an evolution yeah I mean I do, hopefully I'm playing a character as opposed to just the self. You know I don't want it to ever. Be just cite just as psychiatric session but I am totally interested in deep wells of character, psychology and exploring those things, and I do
find that there is somewhat of a kismet to the rules that find me the positions where am in my life the eye having to explore those particular things at that time. Yeah find a certain gizmo map, and if it's there, I like totally go with it like right. season in particular even season drear stranger things. Hopper has to grapple with these particular issues, which I myself am grow with the lot, and so I love you ever get suspicious. The writers are like well, I mean not suspicious. I think it's confirmed my guy that yeah also just we're so there such good study ears of me, I mean of human beings Gerald but of me tat the writing. For me, the best writers do than nay the insults the season that they come up with are so do you
person. I wonder just the things that I myself, you know those are these change. Your name midseason officer, Har, were better than a bit. So amazing I mean I just read this reason. Episode just came out and they have to insult in there. This guy says to me and I I couldn't be. give how mean and how they were. I call them immediately and I was like I would be mad, but it just so accurate, I'm so happy. I mean some as you know it's funny about that is like sometimes I get. Even when someone's insulting, if they see you next, they really see you yeah it. There's a euphoria to it. It's like! Oh, you, ve, just insulted the thing that nobody sees. You write, like that's wonder, like, I feel like a really seen yeah yeah
that would that would happen to me. I'm brothers and sisters to Sally Field would do that. Now you writing not. I think she wasn't running the show yet have I love she's, ready, Michel but will, but no acting is acting as a very personal thing for me, and I also amid it's what I'm built to do. I am, and I take very versus, like I don't take my life- that serious yeah, take my sad all declared that area greetings to green but yeah exactly exactly but I take, but I honestly take acting like so and I like to go to deep weird place, As I read, a lot of psychology read a lot of Freud, a riddle and because I believe in a very old school approach to psychotherapy. Ok, where you lie on the couch like and are dealing with a therapist whose allowed smarter than you but coaxing things out of you, making connections that are not clear, linearly making sub com
she's connections over a period of many many years consistently with the same person and a very safe environment. Where you go to that environmental. So you can. a gradual changes over the course of your life stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare ie is sponsored by cash. App. If you haven't heard worse, which, in a cash at the cash app, is the number one ranked app and financing it lets. You do the most with your money, whether you want to pay, People back buy and sell Bitcoin instantly deposit, your paycheck right into the app or receive a free custom cash card Ben your cash anywhere you like and now the ash card is more powerful than ever with the cash apps latest feature cash boost the cat cards boost programme. Let you get instant discount every time. You swipe your card right now, you can get a dollar of every purchase, you make coffee shops across the country you pay with your cash guard and it does is not there
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trust will never finished. I love it. That's my favorite compensation in four hours. Ok, so you said you were lived in New York. Wait, I'm so vibrant eighty nine for you, I m most elaborate out. We give other Cuba. Does you of all people we'll wait? Can we just actually make this a meeting that we like what Russell bran? Why isn't it already lie a meeting house so high long and unfortunately, the best radios what it was like now what it's like now the United States
Ok, but oh no you're right. Yes, I already had the differences we ve been aired. Psychotherapy, yes, Gulf is first and foremost, I have this affinity towards you and I dont know what it is. I know me to be I just I don't understand the universe is, it's just call me. Industry knew you had excited me than unstrained. Your things I was just like only at this is my actor. This is my new Mickey Rock, like I'm in he's my guy and then I met you and then I felt like there are just fireworks, but I feel, like you means for its part of it that I didn't even know about which is so exciting, but ok, so you know them through a region. Ok, you're, not an aim, but I am in a lower. You broke my anonymity. How how often you go? You still got. I'm goin
I go averages in a while ago? Yes, even once the server hunger, but once we cannot lay ass oiled nice at a house, yeah periods up now, if Wonderland yeah love it, but in it through the process of aid for fifteen years now arguments over fourteen, but I have been going for fifteen. through the sheer volume thousand of guys training, it sober. You can tell within five seconds of share what they're fucking struggling with could because we, all struggled with it. We'd love to say there. So many symptoms out there and so many issues, but when you really listen to summon share your gun, Ok, we all have fears. I can tell it. This is one of the seven fears you haven't a afore step. I get it dude. I have the same when there is such a short cut in the process, getting sober you're, not
and I spent fifteen years, a zebra dudes going to say bullshit, that's not how works! I note your line to a liar. Theirs. Is that really count confrontational bolshevism lie like Bill Winter Young didn't like he actually met with the call young and call it was like. I can't hear you your ear. That's it you're dead Yes, I didn't hear daddy it. Therefore. I agree with you, however, that the exact I want. I want to do it's eleven of a different type, but I haven't but yeah that's a thing like you do needed entirely different programme, forgetting sober because I do believe sobriety is a spiritual disease. A hundred I agree that we need a spiritual solution, in terms of its also an action programme. So there. Yet it's exactly its action, oriented as opposed to tolerant, you'll. Never think yourself out of doing this, so you just
you, you follow your feet as above your brain la. Why are these dumb cliches, a rag percent shrill, those guys Cresty of Guy, had a pitch media? I got a dumb brain, but yet live and let live it easy does it by the way New York, the other greatest place it gets over. I feel like I got sober in EAST village when I was twenty four years old. Oh, why so. I had a site I about my while you are arguing when I had and was thirteen years later, but but Youse money for his own. I get so when these village and it was magical like and this was like a ninety nine
junkies and good stuff yeah a little bit amused gentrifying, but it was still a little bit hard core, but it was a lot of people. Would tattoos like people that I wanted to hang out with a high for my whole life, but I rather like dirty loser bar one and then you gotta today, mating airways sober their skin is just amazing. Everybody loves you and Frank, and yet there, Sir a cool with those that dues and so God, everybody was so cool and it wasn't really like firm a in the sense of like we weren't talking a lot, but the solution was more about being in the EAST village and like crying about like being really emotional, but that's like what I needed at the time. The aim- and you know these pre, it's a pretty girl
like being like come back next week. Beggar amount, augur well, Vega, go hey me or your legs rash recycling physiologist the ages, the I'd, but I hope that when we would all like to lodge in smoke cigarettes and like ours, is your ass, if on his can be and then you know those looks a little donkey poorest. I know what I was like, so I I do. Yeah was sober, thirty, seven. No, it was torn before and then when I was thirty, five or thirty six or something we now have this as it is. Out with this as I do. I wanted to say this, because I was too around the idea, but I haven't been going to meetings for a long time like a basically, I want the first three years. I went almost religiously like every day, while also something happened early, my sobriety like a year and a half in where I was I was. I discovered that I had
polar and soils right had some experiences with psychiatric hospitals as your permission, or not your permission. it was a voluntary admission, but only it was still at least the first experience was a locked ward. So you, when you go in, you know they determine when you leave, fell wow you do voluntarily admit, and that was in sobriety. This was by the way they need and have your medicine in exactly right, exec. So I've been self medical since I was like fifteen drinking, and then I got two twenty four and I and then also like bipolar. Sometimes they used to say that it at least of the time they would tell me that it starts, would have in your early twenties, like the people really discover they have it when their early 20s so yes or that changed my relationship to aid to Georgia is a tricky thing. I don't
want to speak because a care jerry about the programme in any way and you can buy the way I well it's a well, they re live. All things it saved my life. it's an amazing thing, but also there is a There can be in some people a tendency to feel like such a tax. medication is I'll some way now his sober ye. I think that's ball, and in that I mean I'll. Tell you right up ahead. For me, that's bullshit, legged! You, if you really feel that way, then you have to let me stay in your apartment. Making perfidy you'll see a couple days. Lugging allows only aggravate I like you know, and what will talk about the programme all day I mean I got tons of theories about the universe that we could talk about a coincidence and kismet that, but but
anyway, so that change my lady balloon by the way I didn't get as a bald, though you don't, you think, have you noticed that that is? I think that is all I do think it's evolved yeah. I think it's about. But again this is almost twenty years ago. It is aren't you right, because what what you're kind of the realisation are coming to an eight? Is that any attempt to regulate the insight with anything from the outside is generally not can bear fruit right right, I mean that's the just the general principle which foods not going to do at long term gambling's, I can do it long term. Sunrise again, do a long term. All these things we take. So it does break this paradigm a little bit to go, but there is medication you can take that is going to help the inside. by the way now is I've leased out here is seems very embraced, a most guys. My meeting her on some kind of Yegg Tropic, but exactly I mean I you know I the jury's out from in terms of where all this stuff will end up-
because you know a hundred years from now what we think of mental illness as like, and why their treatment before it like yet has now I mean, were certainly a lot better off than we were like whatever six two years ago we were Le Botanizing people. I mean, I think, that medications rebel hot further along with that sort of idea, but this whole concept that there are being more more people, diagnosis, mental illnesses and more more. Those mental illnesses are being defined like concept of mental illness has to change moving forward like fifty years from now a hundred years, and now we're going to think about it differently. But as we move forward yeah we need we need to incorporate. medication and he asked and because I'm I'm Medikit, I'm a much better human being and because I'm sober much better human being gray. Let's just take it on better human being the out. Like me, he has sober guy. I admit and agree that, like me, drinking alcohol as opposed to me not drink I'll, go better, do me but mean not taking medication. Worse. Human, yes
in general. I think that's a valid thing, so I have a deep fascination with psychology, and mental illness and you find, yourself ever asking. Why is it an epidemic like the the curious of like so The thought I always have is. Is this the general nature of homo sapiens has always been at four. A thousand years of. We always fought mental illness, a or bs then changed so dramatically that it's resulted novice mental illness- and I have this arm chair theory about that. Curious, what you're thought is on that? Aren't you tell me your I'll take mine. You do tell me, I show you mine. I d I asked my armchair theory is that for the night percent of time. We ve been on planet earth. Our life required a lot of rigour, this physical activity to produce our food, and we were
rewarded for that physical activity with serotonin dopamine in that people are just in general stagnant and that that I think part of big chunk of the epidemic is is, is that is physic stagnation and that we're not getting the right or that we we need to be happy. I think that sure could totally contributor mean part of it too, as I know that there's a piece of a component of it, that's chemical and then there also, I believe, is a component of its upbringing that deserve there's an eighty randomly after thing right jack about. I know that my medication works was certainly, but it really works in conjunction with the deep psychoanalysis. Right? Really sting present with the daily routine of that. For me, it's psychoanalysis like I have here, be exercised Iser might be. I mean an exercise again is good all those things I think one of the things to, though, is that there is tremendous me moral conundrum to living
in modern society. Sure, and I think that that ways on us in ways that we can't even describe or comprehend yeah and the amount of information that we take in, like it so funny like we're, all worry about junk food, but like that's going into your mouth and got him your stomach re. Like think about the amount of information your brain sent from like watching a movie or just from watching the news for five minutes living in a world where you have to understand things like mass shootings, Or understand things like and still walk around in the world and feel safe and feel like you go to the daily like that moral is out of the moral, but just that behavioral conundrum. Like I find myself sensitive individual, like some members Dobbin wonder, unlike. Why are we not all just like? Why isn't not any
the ceaseless, the endless progression of society, the endless need and hunger for more more technology, more development, more like this like thing that society, it is doing right, yeah that I think for sensitive individuals can be overwhelming, and so I think that, like we're outpacing what we can, as an eye remains yeah? Oh yes, and the other thing is like that, weird thing about homo sapiens rhyme like we have these brains that are like stupidly, big for our bodies. Right right, so like this brain as it develops throughout the ages in his continues to develop through may be subtle, evolutionary things like maybe she's getting weirder and weirder and like we just haven't caught up with it and like maybe we do need the medicated or maybe we do need to breed in different ways or whatever, but basically like the only thing that define
a mental illness. I think is that it doesn't it here to society standard. Well, that's what's dangerous about the DSM, and having a objective diagnoses of these conditions, because what you're accidentally doing is establishing what the norm is. great, because all others all mental illness were seen as is falling outside of the norm. I mean it is very tricky to tit actually have as some kind of me you know recipe for what normal is. I agree If you add, I disagree like because I agree that yes, yes, and yet having I also know that it's something that's but the absolutely vital we like, but like we re getting it's not good or bad. It's just its there's, this great thing about it, and then it comes with a little bit of side effect. I do think that the Then our gifts in our illnesses are inextricably linked. So yes,
I do feel like it's part of our thing, and also I do feel like it's kind of, I do still feel like its nome Rio, it's not like you ever like. I have the flu inside, but it's kind of good like give the flu your mouse, not functioning at the level that I should be function. Yes, yes, devilry the flu, but I think me being an attic is why I'm a writer, I think me beam these why I can sit in right for nine hours. Yes, we can't like, so definitely double edged sword for me personally, I guess what I'm saying is the danger of it is we think of something like ADHD is being you know, abnormal or something it needs correction and key Because they're not able to sit met, classroom and do what every other kit does right. So we feel like it needs correction, but if you think about it in the terms of like a bee colony and that some of the bees can't penguin
gather bees and they're the ones that go discover the pollen somewhere else zinc. I get the fuck out of their there that their attentions man's, not for that count. But be right back Deadly That's the danger, my eye it it's the same. Will radiography Culturalism is awesome. It's the same reason why diversity creates all these inventions nor most wonderful things. It's like having all these different view. points on the world and people processing the world around them. So differently is how we get everything worth having I kind of agree, and also, I think, there's ways you can still have different bees. Do indifferent things and cut out those bees, illnesses, In other words, like yes, like that's a weird funding, be any just discovered the whole thing, but like also bees not like running around hurting itself, why they discovering other eliminating the suffering yet, and I think that medicine is working towards that better better, because there have been- and I think the medical
since you're getting a lot better because there used to be you had to make a real sacrificed to be automatically I'll. Let you know it's gather they're getting more sophisticated about it, but I do. I do feel like it's a weird thing, because I While at the same time, I do feel that our guests and our illnesses are linked inextricably linked, I don't ever want, or man says the idea that, because your Oh you're special! I worry I'll go off your medication because that specialness defines you indifferent, like. I think that your special, because your special rights and that you're also ill- and we give help you that's a great distinction to make an idea. I would not want anyone to be embracing their misery because that's what makes them unique, yeah yeah, where there was more than
I think, as the weird thing about like I don't know, the weird thing about society is like you're right. I mean it's contrary to the norms, but like there's acceptable limits of that of that stuff as well, that are pretty much universal login liquid I'm like going through episodes. Instead, there they're usually not as creative but funny thing is like the best representation I've ever seen of it is homeland theater. What's going to be out for season, she goes into the hospital at the end right and there's a brilliance that she acquires right before she goes in, which is like she starts to make connections that she can't make without it. But then she crosses over tipping point and people like we can't understand you you're, not making any sense that she's, like no she's figure and that stuff like that stuff, doesn't make her unique or special instincts
harder need. Just she's actually cross the level where she said yes and she just her brain is making associations that, like a cancer, like their spreading in ways that they call it kindling in the brain their spreading in ways that are useful and ran seductive, and it's not like up its action. not like a negotiable thing. You're not like well, but colonel looks more autistic. It's actually like just not right. It's like your actually not making sense anyone tat. Nobody thinks is more interesting. It was great, a couples are perfect medicine would you agree, would be not bonteen a meeting all of that, but but but allowing it to get too it's like optimal level before right, oh for carry of if we gotta let her go to the point where she was actually connecting all the dots like basically the first six hours of a math high,
and these have its own. You love the Viking about you, you're such an attic that you like one who exist at this level, like all the time that I have is hit this. What are we like? The most creative, like there's, no said for those weeks where you're just like map it like that, like you're, like a lot a nap and unlike what ever do like I'm no place in a video game like those that you know it's what I wanted to like as a as man getting older as a person getting older. There's all this emphasis on, like I don't know, my own neurosis, but like I'm, taking these like things like, will make you yeah. girl. Suddenly, after some the or make you have more energy and there's something about the organism itself like having a shelf life a hot flag, it owns the organism itself slowing down, as you get older, like not being able to do as much as it was like this push to constantly
like so that's why you're is described me like. I will fight this everything I see it getting like. I literally like me, but I do it. Will you let off you will die of mental illness? You like cannot get a little of that like a little one hour of euphoria Day. I don't think that's gratuitous or self, but but but fighting Matt and I will do things that are questionable, and I also have full awareness that wouldn't you and I are both seventy five. Do you have much more serenity than me, because you're right, you're, slowly slowing down in its part of the process and is preparing your brain for all these things, and I am fighting against it, and I know I will be fought at seventy five. So I'm no illusion that this is gonna pan out well, but but I want it now and I'll deal with that, one, I'm seventy five yeah there's I mean there is something there
something so extraordinary about the idea that cause. I look at my parents who knew no older people, men. I still look at older people and I think that it will not be that shark, like They all start to look crappy. They all start to break down and are in pain. Men- and I still have this- is So I think one of my journeys as I'm in, I forties here has been added something I remember, I suppose, monastery s indeed oxide a friend who was among their undertakings on and they would do meditations about death where you would actually see the your body decaying, like do his medication. can you by the king and I'm sort of doing it meditation of aging in being like a cat like in
You know seventeen years, you'll be sixty o, unlike at all, really how to run the west line will be even larger than it is at it's worse now or what you don't like things like that will you, like I want to accept and the like double chins will come out one. I want a you know it, but India matches the actual physical instruments are to break down, and I think that, like the acceptance of the and also society will care about you less labs. That, I think is that is like a fancy kind. White noise is everyone s its finding that like yet even like with women like I've got over the edge words like that. I have to remind myself that I am still a man. I mean like sexless creature, no Diana no way, I'm like a maniac took out. it's a weird acceptance, yeah yeah, but it isn't it
well yeah. We just watch the Marlon Brando documentary occurs, but that was the one eyed Showtime called like in his letter to me, Morland, yes, locked me, my I haven't seen it, but it's interesting all his recordings that any such a good air depiction of age cause. You see this perfect here. Miss so fucking view is the mode of answer yes than ever know every eyes at it and they became like the sea, a transformation of a body like a boy. We added what happens either, but he's like talk about a presence. I just we watched apocalypse now and like the the that's an impossible role you give somebody role that for two hours of the movie, every one in the movie, just like this guy
monsieur HORIZON, is the most incredible man ever and you think, there's no actor that could ever live and the minute he comes out screen you're like his cousin, yeah, I'm as foreign pounds is only made it look like a lobbyist troubled is him. using hard, the darkness, I'm sure I know that their attitude under democratic than the hopeful, as I explained, to Monica heads animals, that what you, because, because they go into that part of the dock married him fail me now he was telling Francis. You know that the character could be this, that the other thing, I said you know what he's leaving out as it. He just didn't read the script or even your fucking. They need you showed up in this crazy or content
I give you recall that everyday life really just bank rubbing the whole production, while he thought about what he might want to play a game or end of God. There is that is so crazy, because it's like everything I try to avoid as a human being and then you look at the results of it and I can't argue with either so it's my airy tracy delivers rain. He dies fucking good, but but back to the human thing in in in in like how we live differently? Whatnot monica- and I were just talking this morning- about privacy- and what happens as DR my kids school this morning and I look in the rearview mirror. I can see my five year old was doing something a little bit mean to the three year old right and then she caught eyes with me in the mirror, and then she stopped when it and also then looked out the window recollect she had never been doing right and, as was driving. It just occurred to me like if I could give her to sense of wisdom that you,
never taken. I would know reminded my time giving her, but I I want to say to her if you could pretend could always see you for your whole life. You never have a problem in your life you just you could live a life without a single problem. If you just pretended, I could see the mere at all times right either. I think she would have a life of tremendous problems like imaginable you and me all my the r J. All that I or area around with me true. I guess she needs the log off if you re so they're, more migrants, Jesus round eyes that that that just was alone ass diameter- yes, we were, parking about the fact that oh, you treat me like an external ethics as above legged inner ethic lawyers or we are talking about- are there that that over ninety percent of time we ve lived on planet earth as a species we live community. We lived in a one room, dwelling
with all of Oliver siblings, aunts and uncles, and we are life, was on full fucking display you shit in front of people. You eat in front of people. You do everything in front of people ripe and do you think one side effect of us having privacy which started with multi rooms, houses and stuff? We all have this huge level of privacy that us his animal problem wasn't designed to have an inn Privacy becomes a lot of our perversions and I don't even mean sexual. I just mean all these we're proclivities. In weirdness comes from our trial is no as this man, it's not primarily its privacy, ending its ownership like action this guy, Eric from whose, like gum, he's a bunch of crazy psychology, booksellers psychologist beckoned. I things like forty fifties, but he studied some societies and basically good society, a society being society, sea side
be a let's say, was a communal society. Where, like you owned, nothing except maybe your own shovel army, but, like you, would sleep indifferent beds and bahrwan like and what they found was founded sex was a very pleasure black ready, but there was no sort of, but that, as you grew, increasing recently ownership driven lending, a capitalist society where everyone ownership over thing sex gets extremely fetish shots and, yes, I actually think it is more about ownership than it is about privacy. Well, fetish sizes and make sex. Aware thing is like even the idea. Bridling someone I mean let's Byerly MA? Ok like I'm. In that little there are briar bridling like a whore. Dare you yeah they're here they're your chattels there you're, you know what I mean like their Europe
operating Iraq right now like there was something that I regret, not those in people magazine, but there was even a thing. This is crazy but, like my sister got married into a Jew Religion there's something called a good two, but which now has become like just a it's, become a watered down version of southward debasement. You go into another room with some friends and you say like of their ever gonna get them First, like you know, you promised to help them out, but the derivations of it was that you went to a room, and you discussed how much livestock that you would get with the wife so that you know how much you were being paid to take I'm sure that's a year. So in that way, like the transaction marriage, in that way, I mean the whole thing is, like all knowledge, driven its evolves so much our notion of what it is today with movies and say anything is what it literally mandating. Hundreds is
they don't ya, resemble each other yeah yeah. I was all business yeah, similar breakdown, ok, we called on killing by this psycho. Yes, he teaches at West Point fascinating book in his is examples. Once we stop start living in our own rooms. You stopped hearing mom and dad have sex stopped her aunt and uncle have sex your now. the job. Sex was zero, so you start filling in the blanks and that's what his his there is. That's where the rising vanish comes from, because no one Europe, It does seem that you don't have any real contact with it and then he then maps that onto we used to kill animals in her house. We used to Grandma Grandpa died in her house. We bear him in the backyard we'd all this interaction with death, and now we have seen in our action with that's true in that that's where our current feder, sizing of murder and death in violence in movies is born from Having no connection. This thing, we should have a connection to that's interesting, that's interesting.
and just I dig it, it doesn't need to be the full truth, but it's a compelling thought right, yeah, I like it. I mean, I wonder, legumes funny. I was having this discussion about because I feel like were. entering a new level of like non empathy or something like. I think we're seeing a new level of that words like empathy there used to be Passion and believe that existed where it was like, oh god, that person must be suffering. Let me think about that per person suffering. and then there's just this level of self interest. Empathy which is like that person could be me, the UN's might one day, or that could be my kid like. I need to protect that because it could be my kid right now if you are granted a new phase where it's like that will never be me. That's alien that thing isn't even human, like fuck that well I feel like sort of exists on a new level now, but I am one I can give you. We both heard this amazing podcast with a sociologist who wrote a book about.
empathy and how its now, what problem Paul bloom in that? It's not what you think There is, but one of the studies, it's interesting as if you show one starving child a photo of one starving child, the your average persons in dressed in helping them as much as quantify and say it's a ten you had to Starving children did the photo and it goes to an eight you had yet and it is a keeps going down and down and down north because narrative, we don't numbers we did and I also think it's very easy to feel overwhelmed like that that the problem is too big to solve. I could take one person into my house and feed them. Rod make them live for awhile but a hundred people. I dont know how to solve the insult to your point information or receiving we're getting the information from all around the world. Seven billion people wish was were designed to live with a hundred other people and human. You can manage those that at that
full of empathy, but I think just in general we have. We see every bad thing that happens on planner than just feels overwhelming roans are it is is the I believe it's the conservative position aware what modern day conservative position on the liberal hysteria around mass school shootings eyes. The actual numbers of them are extremely low. So your odds of being- and the fact is that they're just such very potent stories, yes, that we take them on in very personal ways. I mean I something it's an insane argument, but the fact that it exists at all should be cause for alarm and concern, the argument is just that it because of the potency of the story, the numbers themselves, don't like the numbers of people who will die of you know
the other area giving out by lightning all that would be as it were, but the things that we can say with terrorism inside terrorism that extreme as like five thousand on the less yea. I think it. I think it is more likely to be struck by lightning than to be kilometre, America. Yes, absolutely one of those refreshing things about the, not understanding numbers thing, though, in terms of being an artist or a storyteller? Is that like now, it can be our salvation right, like we get to focus on stories that our surrounded and two hours, people focus on one individual or one means or a group of people that is small and understand so, there's like a lot of power in personal narrative, a is the same when food menu the lot of power and if you were to just hear that hundreds of thousands of people die of alcoholism like, but when you actually hear someone story, yeah, it's so much. It's so powerful yeah that humans are served. hard wired to like stories to others.
An story to learn from stories and to change the world through narrative. In that way, the absolutely end in in a don't you think that one of the other magical ingredients is simply community which you really don't get anywhere near as I'm, not religious. So I don't go to church yeah. If I had it me being an aid to understand the appeal of church, because there is something that happens in a group of people that defies disk yeah and when you're not and when it's not about money yeah, in the the idea that that community exists with money and hasn't been corrupted by money. Because of this tradition. To me, one of the greatest things I think there's some story of bill going to like Andrew Carnegie or some
thing and saying that he wanted a million dollars to start this foundation for alcoholics, and I think it was like actually Carnegie Rockefeller one of them who said, I think money would. when this the I've heard that out of that was built. This tradition, where you can act, We only bequeath a at the end of your life like when you die, even if your billions of dollars, you can only give them a hundred bucks, o re limb, ally and anything other than a challenge that I am. I am, and I know I've already conical rob love is that it's been like these. This rehab some thing has been born around it, where there's so much money other good. As you know, money ass do exist in any business, but the fact that a historic, pure as a result of those traditions is like every group must be self supporting through its own country
you shouldn't declining outside, aren't gonna mean use. Traditions like you think the steps are good like the traditions or like the powerful ones of which we are breaking, but when I say that I'm breaking it in an attempt to hopefully save lives there. I am willing unwilling to be the black sheep of twelve days and finding this thing, and now it's arriving at only they can violets gave me an early. We heard the story you met. We never finish. This relapse story, pull my gun. Three left to how you here we are again. So I You are so reflect any say clearly when I downloaded following all area it. What does it is someone small but I'd, stop going to me for a while, and I was out- and I was out in a lakes I did like do because auditioning pilots and I
Seth Rogen and I had done a movie a couple years ago and we have some mutual friends and I needed a place to stay, and I stayed out of his house for a day or two in Malibu, He's coming tomorrow, as you re, he hung up out of the shadows. The extent of I just but like whereby we played Caribbean would like they were getting really high and I had never. I had. No I'd smoked, wait a little bit in college, but I never really been interesting to me like I always been alcoholic, so it always been irish whiskey, unlike irish guy, like it always been whiskey and beer and just like drinking chair. So I was like oh Anne. California- and everybody here, says it's medicinal yeah, and it's like this the day and I was like everyone's like it's not addictive, and I was great like what doing being such an uptight square like I can smoke, this shit says I pass that overhear eyes and
that's what I am I proceeded to white knuckle it for, like I'd, say like three or four months. I was doing couple movies, and now I just had to wait knuckling. I would do it like once every two weeks on the weekend and it will become less we'd or drinking. Just we ever picked up so it's a man. It became and then it became once a week. and then I move that allayed doing the show and it was wanted situations where I was working like. I was a series regular, but I was had like one of five storylines, so they would shoot all my stuff in one day. So I'd work. Basically, once every two weeks I work one day during for two weeks: dream: and nightmare? For me, like? I have no, I'm not good with three time, especially when at home yeah, so I was renting a little place in Venice and I was driving hours work.
drive in the modern age to cover city, to shoot it Sony and then would come back and have like fifteen days off and would just and then, then I started like smoking weed like getting dummies soda address. You guys have you it really while out here, and I'm really know what you're doing and I see the first couple months of doing it. I was like I had bound the solution, because the funny thing about alcohol- after your sober for a long time like I was you forget that, like that is the solution like it is what you want. Our shit like I'm high. Now that everything and then the problem of his like you know, a couple months in a while I was suicidal and I couldn't stop smoking
all day long. I felt like shit and I couldn't do any thing and I and it was awful like that's the heater That thing like I, only all I'm a guy who got addicted, apparently de marijuana, like I'm, the only person who David I addicted the halls in I know, guy sincerely personal, tired and those with a family pack a day so you're like reads the likely adequate ideology chewing paper out it made me feel, therefore, am I gonna do away until I might do follow man, so I yeah, so I was doing that and then I would go so I finally like I was like this has to change. So are they going to a meeting and it was like hard core, like all men's book, thumping like
meeting where it's like they weren't gonna, take any ball. She hid her man made of silver thousands of years human with civil haymow for on the Pilgrim Zimri. They and you know I mean it and you know a lot of famous dude. Emily was cool meeting in that way like. I was really excited, but also they they were very like hard on me. It some guys really really nice, but I remember some guy cross talking me like. I, I shared about. You know I was I don't want to I get. This is the disclaimer that like to say, I don't want to bad about the programme because after this happened, a tonic eyes came up to me were like that's, not how we do it, the skies crank
jerk, but I did say to meeting. I was like come as a combo, suicidal and I feel like I had had fourteen years and I just lost it and the arms to counting days again here- and this goes this guy like shared next and he was look you're, you're arrogant. You know that you're ego, talking like look, it paid sixty. What is it like? Sixty two words are sickening wars and he's like that's that, your ego, you what you associate myself with the time. It's time you had like you know, used arrogant like kid like you'd, think you're. So special you could be so depressed sort of thing I was like, and I get what he saying like from the book he's true he's right. I mean self centered in the extreme and that there is a solid Saturday issue self pity yes, but it was not what I need the black up. What I wanna go, my the lively railways are higher than the greatest magic trick of aid in my experience is ban for them. most part, I'm not told what to do right. I have
big authoritarian, complex right, I'm only learning through swaying you have. That is well all it's my worst character defect is, is you you do it on? I run the show I just don't know being told what to do. I don't like like if, if you ever read that I was shot by ts, agent you'll feel bad, but you also go makes it finally understand he added tennysons I've, I've embarrassed Kristen, so fucking bad at airports, once I urge all in Detroit. How did I lose? I lost it. because only things Regan that machine- you put your here by my belt off right, yeah. So my pants, down, because Mattel's off in my hands are, but my head in the lady says, put your pants up and I go came, pull my pants and put your hands, but man put my hands, but my him. Of course. The pants for youth is like an ideal less turkey is. It was literally lore, oh yeah laurel and hearty reality.
the two times. I recognize this Will not get any different if we repeat it more like I say to her mother, answered down and you're gonna have to deal with it, because I got out my hands about that, I'm not gonna. Do this again! it is you have to do it? I'm not fucking doing it. Because I'm gonna get my supervisor go, get good, get up all of them, everyone earlier. I want everyone about. What would you think if we don't get up and ask I'm like Gary old men? In Fatima, The professional get everyone We're christened sitting there Famous, she doesn't need it so embarrassing. I just can't, you're part of a bad plan? It's just! I. I have the hardest time going on being complicit in a bad plan I had a one in. It was like Germany. something it was some obscure and we were going through security right through the efforts here
nobody was really slow as really annoyed because we had to catch a flight like a connecting flight and it was really stupid and there was- and there was the cup big long line of like you know how in j of came now. They have like the for trade system. Yet we go and like everybody like one percent being that front trade, but you'll just slide and next to them and get in those other trades right, and there was a woman who is in front of me and she was like the headline, but there was no one else down the line, but some this woman was dealing with her in a foreign language where french, german or something We're talking about something- and I was like there's all this empty space and all these cards and shit, I'm just gonna, go around and obscure. Why should you after way- and it was like- I had- I mean- he's nuts at that my girlfriend afterwards, I was like it was so issues like you were wrong, but
they shamed me hard I've never been. It was like everything stopped me airport. It won't like everybody's got. Them was like a look at this american man like thing in that it can save time really gonna saved my god and they just stood there and shamed me for what could have. We could have died in the browsers and all made our committee and what was your written and lead it to take the time- and I said well first, I said like in America we doodle differently, like in Amerika. I know you're already laughing like that's, not what you think. You know like you. They were like America as a whole. We just you know, go round, and then I finally went I'm sorry. I said you're right, I'm wrong. I up I apologize and they were just like,
sorry I gotta like. I was like what it, whether ok, so we just I was like this break it up. Just show me: can I eventually go through security, or do you just like? Let me know when this wraps a four year, though, that much better reaction. I I don't. I yeah, I mean I'm fine with being wrong, but it's just that it with the level like after could shoot. Where was funny like Microsoft, was that crazy? She was like when you were little crazy, like in front of her think that would be a gay, but they were a lot graze, it'll, shot the whole airport down and just be like Leginn Airport security. I mean you can't that stuff is one. You know my hat, for it now is, is in an informed not doing it out loud Chris nor mine me to do it, which is right before we arrived at the airport, I go, I'm gonna go inside there, I'm gonna be asked to do something that defies all logic and that's that
that's what's coming in as long as I said, the appropriate expectation you know the. A expectations. Are resentments Wayne happen if I just said that the expectation is I will be asked to like balance, something on my head is Dana one foot yeah, I got a new one, another one, because this is theirs footprints they fucking drawn on the ground. I find so condescending and there they actually somewhat him or tell me at my feet, warning the footprints. I was still clearly in line and anger, not no! I'm not going. I'm not gonna put my feet in those I just it's terrible, but anyways. I buy give myself this speech I go in there more times than not nothing bad does happen even unexpected. Then I'm delighted vs. So what as the EU worked nonstop. Since you were a kid eminent Yankee, it right That is why I say I didn t have a lot of later ended. rivers sights set on a certain actor or cut where you wanted, that free
there is you're frustrated, not getting or who did you wanna? Be I mean? I don't think I ever allowed myself sort of the dream situation that I feel like I'm in now never? I always thought in terms of photographs like I always thought that the peace, boy movies and tell him we're impossibly good. Looking like, I always would look like still photos of me, and I always thought done yet you can't take a picture. I still can't take a picture like you, I mean a case. If you light it really right and you get me in just the right position a year like guys handsome, but in general, like candid shots off the carpet, you're always like, like that. Guy will turn the page on that picture, really just like a lot of flesh and a lot of face and pale mess, and I'm with just sort of weird, and my thing is like how a symmetrical but a face Jesus Rise is that even in the same person I'm curious I,
I understand you feeling that way about pitchers, but when you watch yourself in stranger things, can you acknowledged that person's charismatic and handsome? stranger things has been the first thing that I've watched that I've enjoyed myself in oh great yeah, it's the first thing how that all things came together and you know it. I dont think it was an accident to because to a certain degree, it was about me accepting myself in a deeper way like actually went back to acting class before it started a railing. Am I no cuz, I have been in a weird position in Hollywood where, like I was in New York during plays, and I've been sort of a supporting player like number six and seven on the call sheet and look like Denzel Movie or the Liam Neeson Movie or whatever, and I grown very cynical about those movies cuz like I would just be like the guy running around the gun and, like like even shooting the movies like it just felt. Like
movies, turn that some internet great, but it just felt like a weird job and its yeah yeah right is felt like. We are recognising right, you're. Your primary role. There is to help drive number one in the culture. The door exact, which is a weird just functional to the narrative. Yes, as opposed- and you know I've course come from very like I want like you- do- I don't love to get to what to do- and I want a lot of input like I- want to actually create something run like nobody's dad, even if you're, a good director like six or seven, unless you're not really interested in them, taking up a lot based on your sat: yeah yeah you difficult with directors, DIA yeah, ok, I wanna be I don't wanna hit marks. Ok, I want to be spent genius, I want to let something live haha and also. I don't know that it's a difficult thing, but I do I'm sort of method in which I'm realizing like may not be like. If I'm, if I'm supposed to have a
you know, a scene run pretty messed up. I'd like to be messed up right and I stay away from people yeah, but I just don't want to be charming and like fun right. I think that one, Things is underrated, sort of in today's, like at the written television. explosion of television as opposed to film. Created something like I think they just started to overuse the close up about Ray. I so I feel like every seeing now is just like coverage and like just to act or standing talk. to each other and it becomes subtle. Shading of some particular I move into somebody give where's the idea of behaviour to me is complete loss. Words like, if I'm sad about something I'll go I'll, go fucking. Get Google Fuckin get a bunch ice on. My put it in my drain out whatever like I or I'll go live on yell go like put on a different belter. I mean I'll. Just have behavior that's like specific to me and I I really like to behaviour, this big citizen with character, as opposed to just
meaningless emotion which- and I feel like that's the tension I always have with directors is- I will be pushed into you know those realms yeah where I feel like an and really what I want is I want I want. They also want time to find team now I can make that time because I'm, u no higher up on the I'll shoot me- and I can say, like I want time private rehearsal like we're, going to figure this out bia, but a lot of time because of the nature of the beast, they want to move things along quickly. They don't want to give you time to find the behavior that I want to give you times like explorer on the set and things like that, and I need that exploration time, and I really want to make that for myself. Fine behaviour a lot more interesting than just emotion marine. Indeed, Think that comes from having
but primarily in the theater, where you did rehearse for months or wow, relying guess for her, yes, but also all those things yeah and also mile fears as well like. I always thought my eyes were not very expressive. Oh really, oh yeah did Jerry Unimpressive, the boys been dark and shaded by this brow. Alien always announced were outraged at exactly at isles and exactly my neanderthal as it brow, but I also thought that they were unexpressed even mean and dark in ways that my friends who had light eyes, I thought were always so much more so I never really wanted Never really. One of you want to add on yeah I wanted to like. I wanted to use my body to express behaviour yeah. It came from like and I got really into like you know, check off like psychological gesture things like that, we're very much like full body experiences and then, behaviour as well, which I find this is actually more to life like very rarely, I think, to people MA. Sometimes I guess
and in our society. Now Philip were a kind of whether society words like people cry more where's like in the eighties. Like guys from the MID west in the eighties. Let I like hopper would, like you know, like those we will do so. They grumbling ally, grandparent. My my grandmother arm of ragged stung by Be- and I was crying and she hit Is that boys don't cry, but it wasn't like she was a mean woman. You dislike of arrow helping you ve had in today's society and you're in so I do like Behavioral, I better, because we all get sad or uncomfortable, but it's just how we express that, like somebody was very willing to let the tears flow and chill and then some people just really want to watch their hands or just really, and I find that to be a lot more sad is like when you want somebody do that and like dude can't you just try and they like know, I'm not sad, a man San Diego, but he directed anything I directed plays when I was at school, but but not,
I really do want to I'm starting to understand a lot more about it, but I think in terms of narrative and storytelling, I'm really good, but in terms of the camera and stuff like that, I need to understand more you know you do get more sympathetic to the others that tackling also yeah, because it is it is interesting, because the entire endeavour is a compromise between you, the actor you have singular job. Make that moment real. Wreck and any should be empowered to do that and then the director has the singular job of keeping this global thing yet cohesive. Those things are often at odds in there are seen yet you have to play in a week in a way, that's not real to set up the scene three scenes from now right, so that that seems to have all the way. That's words will still be waited, so it's it. It is true, you know, and I have certainly more something now for directors when I'm acting and stop having been neither side words like your dead right. You are right
That is real, but is what you would do, but if you do that and I now either have to go rewrite the scene three from now, because you want to delete the moment in this scene that I've written for you and forcing right. So you know it is it's it's it's informative. But I will I want to ask you: do you do think in a spiritual sense and in the end, the in a universe, sense that you got stranger things at the perfect time You couldn't have got strange things nine years ago. Keziah, you have made a mess of it. Somehow the oh yeah yeah I mean I was like ours. It's funny like I feel like guys in their thirties. As was governor forties like when I in your twenty should just completely useless with that, like I get drunk but then like I had thirty, and I was like now a man. I really understand myself and I was like and then
and then I had for you and I was like oh now. I really I mean I'm sure I'll fight, but I do feel like there was so much ambition and narcissism in me when I was in my thirties yeah that just kind of died in my late 30s and certainly look into my forties words like I just stopped caring so much. I think I would cared too much about the stew. right like, for example, like that first shirt? Listen, I think I would have been at the gym. Ah, my diary for three. We are having a really the yellow go. I don't think out as ready to display that's why I don't have a stranger thing. I was still, but I still they Gilad, but as always, we all went, but I am it dumb I yeah wasn't. I was ready to do that and also I was thinking about playing roles I didn't want to play. That role, I wanted to play five rules. I want to pay the five rules. I'd get after changing things, right,
I I you know I wanted to see George Clun yeah. I didn't want to just be hopper and I think that the strangers belong at that time. I was like this well enough. I didn't think you know you're gonna stand like pre stranger. Things like I was not like an act of anybody, really new. Looking me whatever you out recognize like once a month, maybe in New York, be like all men like like what you do whatever is it, but it, but to be a lot of land acting and actors yeah. You really know actors to know and an eye, so I never expected that sort of thing anyone Things came along and thought it was like I'd. Have I've had a bunch
series in my past that have had like one season. They ve been high profile projects and people, thinking that you know and then even movies, people being like man. Your legs can change yet and like and then like nothing high. Like for it like going into audition for the guests are like the next week after your like. Oh my god, it's a great activation people who need every humbled yeah. So this. So when this came around, I was like an might as well. Just this isn't going to change my life like nothing really gonna come of it's gonna, be like a niece Netflix show that, like some people find there's a million of them on Netflix right, I might as well just like play the hell out of it for myself yeah, mainly because I love it yet. Like? Maybe three people were like really like it and light and then you know that? So I wasn't ready to do that in my thirty's. It might thirty's I was I would have you know
would have been bad, and I thought I was down the road I just wasn't kind of tired and over it enough yeah, it's it's a weird asset, isn't it so much yeah yeah. I had learned man and then weird things happen out of that that yeah, I don't understand. Yeah yeah, It's it's interesting because I and so guilty about that. My whole life and in I dont, have advice for young. But I will occasionally be talking a friend of mine whose about dog presenting their getting more more nervous about this audition I will say to them. Can I just guess that in your mind, if you do great at this audition and you get hired it for this job, that year then probably going to get higher or this other job and they have like you in the building of other labs. On this audition writing this layer, enabling all my mail this than organ on their rail like me in and they have another shown an a priori, then I'll bring you. May then I'm gonna new movies and brightened insect.
You're going into nine lines here. All wife now is dependent on the stairs so high, and I finally hacked my brain enough words like each things just for itself That's enough in Vietnam, maybe an age thing or. also you ve you you ve working longer now understand that leg I mean it. I do have a sense of mortality. Now, I'm like I'm going to die so- and this was a weird shift to like. I remember- really thinking in the room wanting people to like me or wanting him to think. I was a good actor right when I would audition and now I think like. Why do you want them to think you're, a good actor like you're gonna die before so, like everybody thinks you're good at you're still dead. Why don't you just? What are you play it? Because you like to play you because you to act. Why don't you just Do it for you that as a like so, let's
everybody in the world, thinks you're a good actor and then what will then? Why? But you actually just get to play like just fuckin. Do it and then and then there's a big shift lagoon actually happened like after one audition, I feel a guy. I have This moment, where our so worried about whether or not they thought I was good and also what why rice in right because I mean it s a really good thing about forty two is like had this house, than to me, and the success and sort of the fame and sort of like celebration could by forty three by forty area, but at the end of May in four days, but the same I'm worried, but I worry that I'd be like hell happened at thirty, I would have or thirty three I would have. I would have really.
Taken on the Zeit guys like people, I am being very celebrated right, yeah, shows being very celebrated. You are nominated for me this year, yeah last year alone, yeah, you know like ice. Another deserve all the globe and, like all you know, sang awards. What is your ego due to you and how do you also the funny thing is had had it happened to me at thirty three like I would, really thought. I was sometimes my house. I want to feel in decay and our ability to exact like. Finally, you all have figured it out late to their long legs hardy and now I may I now I'm like. Oh, you know not that I think that Actually, don't acts, remember, hearing areas, Zack Alfin access like years ago and hang overcame him saying like that he was fully of the month and he knew it was gonna end, and I was like I get. That as well, but I am maybe wound delusion. I need to hang onto I'm hoping that my acting my artwork, able to transition and content.
Can't. You do really interesting good projects yeah, but in terms of the new celebration of me and of the show like I do. Oh there's a ticking clock on that and that all the ads are you getting struck by lightning. Several times are small like the exact and happy known examined, your things happens. If the luck in actors crazy, like you happens, once no yeah and if their crazy lucky, if there easy luck and forty yeah I mean I was forwards. Safeguarded, use surety, I'm forty I have now, but I was for that's one thing that we're came about two was. I was like. I think, those like thirty five and I was like ok like. I will never be cover of a magazine, and unlike some great with that and I have a great career in New York where do up Broadway plays at you guess stars, I a cave you the thing you love doing tat and like yeah, you know, I make an ok living and I am you know, but
It's never be that guy, so I was fine with it and then you know, and then the and then people would always be like, while looking Brien grants them or their look ahead leg and I was like that about lottery, Tick Gaea like that actually doesn't happen and then, like it happened. What I was going to say to you, I guess we're funny is the thing than I accepted about three years ago. My fantasy is always bent play a superhero knock as I've any interest. in anything other than doing steroids. I want an excuse for a million Hellboy to work in the same way. I just exactly one year ago, Nigeria, where are you like cellular moderns there haven't, I wanna do six months of hard core stare rights where I literally put on twenty five pounds of myself but shield on three areas: tat the girls and like no live as Amy
You don't need your help. I don't you could take all day and I wish you all a merry there. I don't think I want. I have very little me for these. That's also, then you totally can do steroids yeah. no problem again applauded take off a couple years at the very end, but that's afraid, I'm willing to make today. But what's so funny is, if I just thought that three years ago warm never gonna be a superhero. You have accepted that own mouth, You too must have thought there, but here you are a fucking assume you Hellboy yet is that I mean I do not say about that other demands or pump for you, crazy, it's gotta more of a horror film, Tony through more adult, slow, more mature, two or more
and so what I M universe is how we exist in its own. It's called the dark. It's dark horse comic, so it's not DC, it's not marvel, but they do have a lot of amazing characters. Like I mean you know a bit european leaders have been used to get right at food. I mean there are. I will do it. I mean the wool ideas ass. I may call last night on the policy that we go through the lie there are. There are definite like parts in this universe like It is their character called steroids, boy your old Lear Right guy. I have no tangible fifty year old before, but you gotta understand something like a rope. I should reveal this. We're gonna have to get it so funny. You know, that's not my body
I'm sure I got all the photos. Guy assumption was that wasn't your body? No, it's because I don't think that's anyone's body, even the guys that are rooted in the maxim marvel. Don't look like that Hellboy picture. I saw yeah right, I mean they showed me. You know they showed really monies? I want violinist video today of your work out routine weight. So, yes, I was away they give showing the budget review and more guises a little to put. This is where it was like. Even my trail re at, he was like, because I went on. I think it was like. What's the show, We rip out. I am I women that show and said it was assumed prosthetics in everything, and then The next day I saw geek you online was like David Harbour, gets rid of the better story and who knows, but I read the story David higher, the water with motives and found these
I finally understood what fake news was leg thing that, like four Donald Trump, I guess works against him, but for me it's like well in my pay. Perhaps a leg ag you. I do put that kind of commitment, know it, but here's the thing like I did actually and I got strong for our and because I'm doing stance in this thing that are created by the made sense to me is that you wanted to feel powerful. Yet who exude? yes and I wanted to be able to jump and run that union, elderly or percent body fat. Ambient thirty five seems a little implausible exert exactly and it was and what they showed me in terms of like the mask the eunuch, as it was a full prosthetic mask as well with the horns, and so it's body has to be like. It was like all Schwarzenegger at his prime rags of Mr Universe, six tabs back on it and the the shoulders and just the power of this industry.
was just so long. You feel when you would look in the mirror, though, and see yourself in that's. Who did you feel like a fucking guy but we are so there was no way I was gonna. Be able to do that. Like if she could get like leaner and like a little bit big but like there's? No, I can do that without tongue. Steroids, unlike seven or eight months from right right like I could get angry livelier malign at our yes. Yes, it did. Why didn't you take the stairway? Well, ok, you're, not arguing, on a platter, two reasons to reason: testicle big, no man Please I don't care so much now I I know was because they She told me this. They said that if you were, if we use the suit you'll be in them. CUP chair for two and a half to three hours, if we paint you read, you'll be in that care for six hours. I was it's! Actually they so they basically said it's gonna take much hunger right there was this,
How does a mother fucker. yeah but they did have a zip in the back. Where I could open and yet was, some of the Elect pour. It was pretty hot. That the weird thing is the silken mask is the worst part because, like wrong for his movies: his was foam, ok link which is like the body was found, but a foam breeze better than Silicon heart, so solid com, doesn't have anywhere for the water to get out. I sweat right because the whole thing is come your face. So what you have, as you have knows, your nose. It can get your eyes and they can get out these like it, so they would just come by sometimes- and I would just like- we just put my head down with press the man. Oh my god. It would just like go to the score out of like my horns and stuff. claustrophobic in that thing,
initially I was, and then actually started. The love like real hung about fantasizing essay. I would just when I get the makeup chair, a new, you could fall asleep too, like the master. The most amount of time, so I just put in my headphones now lie back and these Joe ARM chairs, were, would sit, we have had they Joe and how they would come and just like do this whole thing and I would look in the mirror and I would feel like myself- I really had a joke because it totally looks different than I look like. I see little elements, but it looks it's like a real transformation. Yes, so I wouldn't feel my self until I was in it, because I spent so much time in it? Ah ha, I spent my or time probably shooting than I did just hang in Bulgaria right. So I felt much more comfortable. And even the even the feeling of just all the stuff like the hand like he's, got
this big, like oversight, aim airstrike, Janius Tail and he's got this. Like you know, Trench Code, was breaking a lot like when you would get physical. Were you caught your tell tee my three minutes ago? We can't use any of it was pretty durable, although would gets a duck in awkward subtile like looked pretty weird, would you ever has completely stupid like? Would you ever lose your marriage over, as I get like when the tallow get fucked up between your language used by doing I'm a funnel? Why ethnical once they lay? I remember at one point I remember like we had to get this great show structure. Who did you give? It was like beyond like evermore at one point they had likes. I got a second like a fucking hand like the hand, thing itself was a whole. She, really, use, The hand was posed like I could do things with the fingers right, but I could most glorious something right. I mean I could and also the hands.
Standard beyond my hand, so it wasn't even like I could lean on it because I'd just be leaning on it may be, but I ran real we're per se, but it it's like it wasn't my hands. I couldn't so I had. No. This thing was like kind of useless I had tale War had all this hair,
you know so. I just had all these things that I like couldn't use yeah and it became accoutrements o frustrating like I had to write a right, a horse in it. When I had the right a horse with my left hand, might my right hand would would work on it like to seem like I was right and it may be pet. The horns. Exactly of right. I had to do everything a functional wise of my left hand on a fucking horse with a tale do work, whereas the Tenet plan and ale catacombs out the back. It goes out. No orders em like, unlike you know this body that was in the horse itself, was the kind of afraid of me. I would hope, like like the look of. May we refine and rehearsals, but yet there was like crazy. You know crazy, like until there was one sequence where I think we're in like a helicopter, something- and I I had I just like storm off to like the back- and I like sit on this bench and on my timer,
curled up on this banking, and I remember they were like you know. Just when you change godfather you can we make here, we don't want to hide this and then at one point like the tail was likes to mirror like a Cuban, just make sure when you sit like that, your tail and I was like no, I was like no other. We do without the Falkland I've gotta had I care I got up, but just the one thing I want to be able to do. Yes, yeah, but you know in that way to like it was also I mean it's also really fun you, I just a full commitment. If ever there was a it's a full comment, you gotta by yourself or no one else is going and the funny thing about it. Is you think, you'd think that lake. you would be doing less like being sillier with it or something
it was the opposite. Like I had to be more serious than I was with strange things like. I had to be all right. Detailed in my psychological work like detail to the point of like I had to make this world like make sense, now I don't know if you're talkin about the same technique and again I didn't go to acting school, but I remember I had an audition for and I'm going to. Let you go Don't let me kill him, I had an audition for like a movie, I think, was air bender or something, Oh yeah, oh, lie less allowed, for that. Did you have one wonder was m night? Yes, it was How do you like a bad guy? Think a condition for a guy who had caught a bad guy, but could the bad guy some. I understand we could have met many years ago. I know that I remember air whether I was having like first vote in earnest in what I was as an airbag tat. Man right and I had kept
you're. The guy and I'm saying all this weird air bender talk. I dont know any of it means you know the lines. I don't know what it actually means saying silly words that are made out of their kind say: fine sounding the guy's guilty of some. so's bizarre. I can't relate to write- and I just Kept reading this readiness memorizing these we're lines and I'm just getting nowhere with the whole thing right- and I was me I trick, ended up being MRS before they got Osama Bin Laden. I was like, oh if I caught, if I happened just fucking bump Indo, some, a lot and got him in my garage. How would I feel while I was talking to me now and then I started starting. What is this, I would say as a district pleasure and torturing yeah, I would enjoy the fuck out of Africa and so
I'm just gonna mapped on my fantasy of capturing Osama Bin line also did to you so tours in Afghanistan. Where I had commenced myself, I was going to catch Osama Bin Laden citizens even like he was that far out of my own imagination, I love that you think you're gonna be a lawyer. I d like to do it. It's porkers on disarmament, comedy of Gore, and I know I can beat the shit out of that guy. So there is a lot more reasonably. They can do it, then that God bless. You always said you over sooner, so I did ok and then audition cause. I really I was just talking: Osama Bin Laden the whole time, so that was my trick and I realise that that's actually a technique right. Let's get a new personalization rare. so what you doing a bit of that with the world and if you were what were use? What were you anchoring the world into legged tongue, but also, like I m like
I thought it was so fascinating and I'll tell you for them. I'll tell you a terrible idea had then doesn't make it into the movie. Any Hellboy fans are listening, thank God. It doesn't make it into the movie, but it was an interesting exercise right like, hell. Boy is a creature who is spawned by Nazi called this centrist Ryan. By this guy rasputin- is Rasputin's for Nazi called this and he spawned a creature into the world that is to become the beasts of the apocalypse and to end the world free Hitler and just moment that Hellboy spawned this guy broom, is men of allied forces, common storm, the castle sort of to kill this thing yet to kill all the Nazis, and he sees this thing and he thinks it's kind of beautiful and has a sweetheart, and so he raises Hellboy. Ok, but how He raises Hellboy as his own to fight crime, to fight monsters, nature, verse, nurture yeah,
Exactly so he's still meant to be the beasts of the apocalypse right, but he himself really doesn't want to because he's a nice guy, but he's in Don T and fear radically english in this first language ran. The already they demonic is his first language and he acquires English as he's with professor broom. They also include the. So I did a ton of language work with a guy like a language. Mrs guy found from like wired magazine sky was kind of brilliant too. In his guys, it's made up his own language something nobody D Ye actually got, I'm forgetting his name. Right now is, but he and if you go online, I had to come so you could see he analyzes a bunch of people's accent in movies like he does like Heath, ledgers, Joker he does like or any does like tat. Hundred of them in this video and he analyzes kind of like what they're doing what they're doing right, what they're doing wrong what it's like? It's crazy and I was like I
I get this guy yeah. I want to work with this guy and he uses like a lovely guy and super smart and we went into these Hetty Hetty places that were so cool where base equally in the movie like Hellboy talks, like my normal, do right. He doesn't have a british accent which is interesting because his father's british raise adopted fathers, british, but apparent don't learn your exit from your pay, your peers, yeah, so his peers are international and also from your idols. That's all thing that I was like interested in those this- is some crazy language that, like like a french speaker like my friend, I grew up in Indiana whatever, but it's from Paris leg is born in Paris and moved in the enemies of three. So he talks again. American, but occasionally wholesale like you know the cook all out war. Goes it the like of french exit and was what, if one hell boys talking like he
you strongly and all, but then he says this word, that's demonic. It is like that we all this casters pronounce latino exactly site, but I just wanted to develop this gas will govern. Nation thing word just like this. Demonic just comes out of him and we sort of me in this dude like came up with this entire. This is not an entire language, but basically like a way of speaking with these certain syllables certain phrases for that. Just for that one phrase and we're thinking that maybe at some point I would say some other word just basically for that one brave and we did like all
this work and then like we're, like Nance gonna, greatly wrap up but like why? What it did in form like that was a thing we're like I was just serve, exploring all these different threads. We're like the comic, was a certain thing and then I was like there's a lot of stuff to explore here around this and then hopefully like that's allow what my processes, like you just expire. For everything around it and then, when you're in it something doesn't have, will you just have so much material that it's not anymore about one specific thing: it's about like a hundred? U consort! pull from any one at any, given time right Look, I am very grateful their actors like you, I like you what you just scribe and how I do things are so different and I have an immense gratitude that their people that do it, the way you do and take that journey because watching you is that much more fun and its palpable that you have all that stuff going on as we didn't even talk about cable,
oh Mamma, you knew and her in her infancy, Yad total your round her as a young college student totally. No, no! No. It was first in New York Right use, laundered tit and we well. Maybe she was, but she younger than us five years younger yeah, they got a guy was already, and I was doing that Tom Stopper plant. You were about to get so. I was doing that the exactly how we do in that Tufts always Yelena Tom Stopford. Let him know and then rally in Cave bell in the hallway yeah. He was doing as we do in terms of rioting. You'll like it in a nutshell, did you think when she was nineteen? What did you think? I know I just remember that, like she was dating a guy, this guy Neil who So Neil like we, who doing this shone like we were all Neil was like an under study like Neil was like didn't, have a part in the shell Reintegrate, see too little tiny bar, but we all had like real parts and he was dating this like and we were
dating anyone. We do you, like the others like Super Gue. Girlfriend who was in Tom, saw as you would like a lead, and I showed she was like. I think so on the other, grew less interested in her and more in should like injustice, meal was doing or the injustice of it all what colonial war exactly like one kind of game. Do you have the pull this off You must certainly wearing the car. Or your car out of Roy of our drugs are Dwyer Drug. I only know because I have worn rip off of it for most of my life, no eternity for man that was another bow sure thou yeah. I went with obsession because my father had NEO. I would just spray myself occasionally does seem more sophisticated, but no yes or cable was yeah. I just remember her being like lovelier, really pretty and then and then you know that weird thing where, like you're you're with a group of actors,
people and their arguments are a blaze, and then somebody just like makes out and like the has Rome didn't you ever on tv show, runner, Myers, Veronica, Mars, shows up, and it's like a successful television show with hers the Leah, and so you just angry here more injustice is there another Ireland one Harry had another person to be furious. That's right love you David, however, out of these come back so palmed about in writing. Yeah very nice time. Thank you now begins my report. your facts are on my list because you have facts our own. My list turn
La France. Do you know it's wrong? I'm referencing yeah! You do here Yes, because you kill you kiss hollan out there, all in John Oats TOP three and for me I ll obsessed because you're a fax, your facts wrong mind is simply right. There because your backs our own, my list, fuckin terms, it's good, evading every twenty fifth note idea at it kind of facts we got areas. Are they tasty? Did I put on a bid for these banks? Yeah you're gonna be lathered with facts. Ok, so you said that you were like. Maybe this is like the fiftieth in our view, and David is our twenty ninth gassed,
that his air that air, but even still not fifty, now maybe a name in the thirties high priorities we obtained in the can, I like with Christian. With the note certainty, sat thirty six I feel far less accomplish now struck around town godlike early bag. you guess I really put some I've. Had some man glamour put you in your place. I bet meat in the freezer. That's it the thing to feel good about work like non and are using it in Stratton around frown on productivity go on livestock strut around town, railway, the anchor and something that is esteem worthy that an understanding like products cheat. You like
I would want to see. People in the car is about. The cards is little force field and also people dancing the music and people had attained in their car all the time I do the Amsterdam and that's the goal is, and it is just a spike that feeling of like I'm feeling good you'll, see people. You can tell their feeling sexy too what is a hard place to get to realise undesirables fuck, or at least as for me, and I ll see people sexy dancing in their car and, unlike they feel so attractive, and I am delighted to witness it yeah, but that an external thing, there's music and then their having fun. Listening to the muse, emotion, I'll, think there feeling like blinking lights from the turn signals. their feeling sexy, I don't think, feeling, like. there, they re about themselves, yeah. I think that is having fun there just been bliss. But that's not. I do like you view if you're in your car and click into a certain dance move just starts.
Berwin year self esteem. You never had a now. I mean I've had a lot of joy. Doing that, but doesn't give me self esteem. It doesn't make me feel like I'm machine bachelor good, because I can t look. I've felt hot in the car, like I'm listening to Michael Jackson or something It comes on and then I get sucked into the song But then you internalize daylight. Make me want to put to you. How to love you in a jam and, unlike for our love, you like, I feel like I'm Michael Jackson. I am the dance moves in outfits. it's an upwards. What what so? What did I do wrong? Can
I haven't done fifty yeah, that was an exaggeration near the net and I'm not gonna struck around town too. Damn organ, I'm just gonna slither, either Lincoln had if that doesn't sell, so polar does Ecevit, you're either you hate yourself or your. You know you just kick enough yourselves. Thirty, six total, abject failure in fifty is a home run. Our eye. You asked if dip in her beak into the honey jars saying, and I found no evidence that that's a saying, but there are some other interesting, but it's a honey pot right, let him alone by even that I was looking him. Even that was hard to find all though there some dirty some dirty step with honey, honey, look, honey, dipping oh naughty, stuff. What is honey didn't is pretty turn. This is your your
educate me like I did with atm I now there were a few. There are few things one many dipping term on urban dictionary. was duty, but when a girl puts her fingers in herself so regular and then- and this gives her neighbor a taste o dangerously yeah- ok, well that that the result it holds logically yeah. You know yet make sense. Absolutely that's! Goldwater honeydew limit honey, dipping some other non sexual. Guys I just I just wanna put another from a man's perspective. I think any guy who got honey, dipped on any given day, layin embed that no chalk it up to a victory, good and then are they gonna, be there be self esteem and Strutton around TAT hand about love, Why don't you ask people to feel great historic? Do there's a difference now dangling a good and arrogant exam
actually exist, Actually, I think strutting around implies arrogance and feeling good about yourself. Feeling good is just feeling good ones that walk called, really working, waited and waited to store, Rutten show, and I beseech you dislike open. provide because we need an adjective to describe walking around town with burgling self esteem. So what would you call that too? I think you gotta call it strutting. Why doesn't even the outward you can go help us on georgian shoulders back China Pie, feeling good feeling, feeling confident feeling like, can tackle everything in front of you. What's that, what's that walk called, I think, that's strutton. I got of, did you ever? You cried the young lady oversee Saturday, night fever. Now with our man, John Revolts, at the way he's walkin industry uses insecurity asian eyes. He lived at almost parents he's not crushing financially.
but in those moments, when you walk with the leather jacket hairs styled to perfection the aegis, exuding happiness. There is even a lion movie she's like what you feel like doing: Philip Strutton If you want to go on strike right Dorothy was arrogant, issue wasn't compensating for all this stuff in meeting this outward outward show of of, like I'm good. No, I think that was. He was a dolphin in those streets of New York streets where his water, like that's, where he that's where he had flow I guess the Chicken Hock chicken HAWK A chicken hawk is a very we're. Looking at me, I looked it up. Will Polly Post picture it's a hawk of a type? It is me right. It's kind of regular, hawk jets, praise on domestic foul, but it's also
a person who speaks out in support of war yet has avoided active military service so that such things are those who do so. the highest and odometer can go to cause. He said that there is a million miles on his car, but it had, he didn't out over, rolled over yeah, it's that all dependent on how many digits year odometer has. Obviously some has many old cars head pause five within six non answer. Yes, certainly not, as some would have five all really yeah and then and then six and roll over at a hundred thousand, but mom have seven. Do they have why? Yes, now everything's digital suits yeah, then its infinite, I'm a Maxie are limited in how many little pixels or our behind there.
But presumably yeah they could go into the millions now oh yeah, in two thousand thirteen to claim the Guinness Book of Records this guy Urban, Gordon clocked. His three millionth mile toy Yoda now and have also really nineteen sixty six Volvo Y all why why? Why of all, though, is way? He let me was it. How can I loved you say that may involve, though over what is it I say Bobo: I'd like to say a funny, but real setting out Volvo I can't besides the Volvo the item was her answer really like that mobile station wagon, if we are adding an l to the end, does that I'm not Volvo? whoa whoa whoa, but you
They evolve. Oh yeah! I guarantee you're right, I'm not making any meaning You're, probably right here, you're more into cars. But what about your right- and I bet also a spearhead, say it wrong, but I don't think I've ever heard. Anyone say Volvo, wherever he you here, oh wow, I dont even know. Did our gas save Volvo for each of our work Firefox, as your dancing around vulva. Now we We had a band in college man, some girlfriends. It was a rock band band we're gonna videogame. Yes, he doesn't remember. We were banned and- and two of us had see our bees and
our other friend had evolved though, and our ban was called see our role, those she are Volvo's there, but not with a view that values the values the tread. The rhetoric on owes as in our long. Oh, you are our great. I just got it took me a minute. He now you laughed like a man of sense and it does excited makes a tremendous amount of sense. It was a good. Or a bad name, because we all have all was over the hope. anyway, ok cement, things have about airplanes, arrive yeah. I was making some taken some swings, an airplane stuff, you were ok, went in when hits the runway
you said it's it's about a hundred miles per hour, and then they fly at five hundred and fifty in a commercial going generally does cruise from between five hundred and fifty and six, so that part was correct, it's all dependent on like a billion factors, headwind and weight of the you're playing all of these things, so it's at to pick a random scenario at sea or taking off from an airport at sea level. Eighty degrees Fahrenheit with ten percent of flaps in a seven forty seven the General Electric received six engines on a com with no wins on a normal dry runway with no up slope or down slope and the airplane ways. Three hundred and fifty thousand pounds grows in that a case, your airplane would rotate at a hundred and sixty four, not a hundred eighty nine miles per hour for take off.
Landing is about ten, not under your take off. Ok, so this case would be one to forty fifty four months before, and so in b you now between one fifty and one. Seventy four. Landing, Philammon YAP in that scenario yeah but said, So if you're taking up from an airport eight thousand feet, it above sea level. Let's say Colorado on a hot, a hundred degrees, Can I guess you need I go fast workers. The winds thinner up. Are the heirs thinner up there till it supports that you have to go faster signs. He liked a hundred miles and so on. I knew so well under the flaps on the airplane, come on extending the wing
lapse. Increases the camphor or curvature of the wing, raising the maximum lift coefficient or the upper limit to the left to the left wing can generate. This allows have to generate their acquired lifted, a lower speed, reducing stalling speed of aircraft and therefore also the minimum speed at which they are capital safely remain in flight islamic. Because they have to slow it down. and by slowing it down the wings, creating less lift and they don't want to like a rock they put those flaps up. increases, lived at a lower speed, so it's really their current they're not trying to slow it now that as much as create lives, so they can softly flow back now case. So I was wrong about that. That's interesting here. The microwave ovens, you, you said you give the answer what about the plain and all of them carried the nose? Yes,
and maybe that's true. I think there may be some different idea floating around about what happened. The guy, the guy who basically invented the present day, microwave basically Percy, Spencer, There was an article in readers digest. Nineteen fifty eight and his anecdote is. One day, a dozen years ago, Spencer is visiting a lab or man trans the power tubes of radar sets or being tested. Suddenly he thought peanut bar start cook in his pocket. There are scientists had noticed this phenomenon, but Spencer inched, no more about it. He sent a boy out for a package of popcorn when he held it near a magnet, drawn popcorn exploded all over the lab. Next morning. He brought in a kettle cut Poland the site and put an uncooked egg in it shall into the pot than he moved a magna tron against the whole and turned on the Jew.
A sceptical engineer peaked over the top of the pot just in time to catch a face, full of cooked egg why isn't the yoke cooked faster than the outside, causing the egg to burst? Wow so that and that's also that's where the man who invented is claiming any idea. Yes, politically, he probably is correct him, I'd be or you all these lying. Well, all these things could be well. That's true is to protect the litigants yeah in a civil suit. The airline, further underwear radar equipment, we don't know how ethical he is worried. but I bet he's telling the truth- and I bet also some guys get their insides cook before they understood Microwave Savareen near paddling, Kenya. I simply can't,
but I always think my my assumption. I don't know enough about biology to know this, but my assumption is that you don't really have any nerve endings in your organs. So it's not like you'd feel your organs cooking. It would have to be like the organs themselves rating enough heat to get here, skin or something but again I could be wrong, but I dont think like what they cut. You spleen you. We would feel that cut per se. You feel on three year, you're, abdomen and stuff, but I dont, I just don't know- but there's nerve endings in your organs. I guess it's because if you have more now- and you have extended spleen don't feel bad. You don't feel that's why it's dangerous yeah I think people can have lacerated livers and stuff. They don't know it until they get other symptoms like septic or something? And then they all you're? You split this fuck. a couple months- yeah interesting.
I love when this turns into a science classes, would neither person, knowing the tremendous, learn to think what, if the water in your body, boiling? You would feel discomfort like you at fort. or of a really bad stomach, pains yeah. I would think Korea would at least billing rampaging you get some light cramps. You don't think you'd feel heat. Coming out. Your limit, fraulein Io Tom's Opera, you didn't know Tom Stopford Bilbil, He is a virus, very famous playwright You mean bless you. It was a cough all my cough sound like need it. So
bears saying, because everyone always has bless you, and I never know if I should correct them this region, a correct. You back just take the blessing and keep it may do, but it hills Roger LE yeah. I could see where you'd feel like a fraud Why does it sound like their whole? so anyway he's a very famous playwright, very famous, we had to read him school, so famous cell he and his sir. also ease in English, fella yeah there check born, but a british resident or send yeah And I think it for me, as most famous plays Arcadia, but he has other it's too and then yeah he's written some other some movies and stuff and he's received one Academy award and for Tony the Academy award for, I believe, Shakespeare and love O. That makes sense.
I don't know I really enjoyed that movie, even though it had two words in the title that we're off putting to me as a young boy share Shakespeare. No thank you. Love all pass honey. bring it off, but I saw despite that Colombia, yet wasn't one of pale tomorrow and then yeah, yeah and banner oh Benjamin Earthworm, that's why I saw We cannot make sense here that holds up. I think they were aiming at that time. Onscreen offscreen Airbus as other screen off right them, great chemistry, yeah, giving you of great chemistry with B. I thanks area media yeah, because I have such a history, my brain yeah right, sir,
yeah. We may hope when you fantasize about interacting with him. There has always been a lot of sparks fly share. What would be the point of a fantasy if there were no spar? I feel like. I have some that are realistic, like Alisha like Landor? smoking. I regret candor ex machina Am I a bump into her like first, so it starts with a bump into her at some party. She looks like back and then I'm like high and then I see on her face. He has the right to know who I am now k and I'm justice. Big lanky do face. That's a six! Unless you know who I am, then I got to marry a seven five, but in my fantasy? Oh yes, she just looks at me and like whose who's this guy Z, parking cards and he found his way and it has.
The end of the sea it doesn't like. I would never be able to masturbate to a list of victims reclined or am I got one first, because it would be so tall and applying the law, her name, you have to welcome your York, Russia's men ass, like I could definitely get that scales, nay, earliest shouted twenty there, I've continents in it or Vicky, Elisa Candor, but lesser I can say at least you can't expect her, even in your fantasy to fall in love with you. If you don't even know her name, but I call what if a color av like acuteness, murmured audio video, knock em alike, it even the fantasy versions, makin a like it. If you don't even know her name a case step, one large vehicles And are now the Andy, adding an AL like idealism, legal environment, it's easier than what its assembly with Vietnamese, making everything a little bit harder for yourself. So
yeah? I guess it there's more than like seven letters and anything. I just start seeing like a ton of letters in my head by the yeah yeah yeahs, like when I, when I picture her last name in my head mentally. It looks like a superpower fragile list, expiate ashes. So how would you pronounce bug? girl in the movie watch last night. Of resigned on all her name on another any down our naming fantasize about, No, I don't ever all over the one. Yes, the mistress, normally we less ganglia last, maybe I listeners and because we both enjoy that movie very much speaking Then ass, like the original idle levels for us, because I have a David Fincher, the director obsessed with tat- and you also I liked him alive and then year, forgetting your Ben Rock Handy, mind care side of idealism, but yet again from the video
Roger Wreck, reassuring Richard Wright, Ervic, Emily asking rapid Tchaikowsky. I think even I have a hard time of it, but I'm not fantasizing better. So I don't feel like. I need to learn at real, Emily Roger to go Cowskin Rapid Jack House. I want him, maybe there's adding mimi this is why my Alisha candor does that fantasy doesn't go far because I met Emily regimes risky at the Superbowl a couple years ago are high and we were both stock like in a holding pattern waiting for cars to arrive or something so we were next to each other for a good twenty minutes is used. their dad, and I like talk to her dad bunch, and I talk to and I could just see on her face. I look like a white wine sheet of paper in front of her. Like there was zere there was. I was of zero interest to her and so I've seen that look on someone's face in so I can quite easily try I suppose it onto a leash.
The candor years, where we work done at all on yeah, but don't you okay, so but that's kind of step, one in the fantasy, but you could make it like even more one could she doesn't know you and then she got a winner over without really yes, so that is part of any fantasy and normally concoct. But I'm telling you this Emily gal. I was I was, I was sprinkling as much varied us as I have, and there was no, she uses was not by What I was sound- and I just have a sumo issue- listen listen, room in your fantasy organ. Let your fantasy just be vulgar grunt! yeah. I should assume she just binge parenthood yeah, when I bump into Well, it doesn't have to be there shouldn't have to know you already from being fame. Is she kind of because I'm not very good looking, so I can't just walk up to her. I could walk up to
What if I met her on a dance floor, my odds go up efficiently. So maybe I'll start sizing about bumping into hurts studio. Fifty four circuit eighty one year, I think, it's dangerous for you to think. The you're like ability lies in in like a year, work that's not true, no, no! No it doesn't. It has nothing to do with being famous. It has to do with you get to know my personality through my work. You might like my personality, so I just want be very clear. I know things that she be like he's famous. She would go like. Oh, that guy is offbeat something right. I understand that, but she could get to know that in person pretty quick- and this is all fancy visits off- ok. So oh he talked about only child syndrome and a little bit, and he had some ideas of like sort of what that is, which I thought were very interesting and enough
if that is based in any research, are of huge, just decided sort of some of those in every bit of psychology historian Lorgnette, reads alot of frame and say we ourselves are now we'd love and yeah harbour really really really enjoyed him. The common thought on only child syndrome is like cell a fair system. Yeah yeah. Like all generally bad cloud, Jerky S holy yeah and then looking it up, and this woman that had done a bunch of research on it and it was ended, thank you. She said they tend to be very self confident because they peer with a dull? So I got a hunch said she herself was an only child and set out to defend herself. In this thing I am, I say, airs because what would be it? Why would someone be motivated to have that study? I think it's fast
we tell the pudding mean we talk, but it all the time on this thing. DORA different sibling standing. So if we're interested I can't somebody else They tend to be so yeah. They tend to be comfortable dealing with adult authorities and speaking up to adult authorities, because they kind of put have always put themselves on that of all. Can I make sense, but whatever state, he concluded that only child syndrome that the people were generally five foot eight in generally female in generally graduated from brown, is this a study of Rosa Oh, my god, ok boss, They can be pretty hard on themselves because when they said themselves, I'm in this family I can have an equal my parents and equal standing, what they some Do as they apply equal standards and said
to be able to do as well as my parents, and then they get exaggerated standards of performance. Oh ah, ha ha that's kind of interest that is as a year your brother, someone who's five years older than me like. I was measuring all of my physical aptitude against dude, who was twice my age, oh yeah, skateboard it or be maxed or anything right. I suck at this that yeah exactly so, I think everyone has out with their siblings but its extreme, exaggerated if it's an adult right, there's a thirty year, Gaddi exactly in Europe, your work, your peer, knows trigonometry or something, but then I very comfortable in conflict zones, not magic variance with the very values possessions can become particularly important because they're they're only friends, sometimes even attachment to things
Like your by yourself, I only of your dolls and stuff for your fire engines can see where the yen you're, not you not having to share them. So it doesn't. They feel like very much ignores banks, and then they have a heightened value. I'm sure there's another good there. We should publish our own, paper on this route is sitting here, the figuring all this that's out. They also statistically do a little better in school, all, oh. That makes sense, yeah. Also, though there it could be because parents have more resources and money. If it's just one the baking you know get your arm only way, though I thought that was interesting. Oh David mention that bill from a talked Karla Young and Karl Young had said like they're, just like nothing, you can do her alcoholism. Yes, but I found the ladder,
Carl young wrote back and he does not say that there is nothing, but he he definitely gives like a spiritual solution. Like very which is sort of what I added a ends up being yeah. We suffer from spiritual malady yes, and maybe he got that from Karl young because he said earlier said strongly convinced that the evil principle prevailing in this world leads the unrecognised spiritual need into perdition if it is not counteracted either. By real religious insight or by the protective wall of human community, so it makes sense like thinking of the pact active wall of human community spirituality. Warm eating is, I think, a lot of people who may be- or be questioning whether they want to stay religious. They then think by walking
way from a conventional religion, they're giving up spirituality and they don't really know how you can have it elsewhere and so I like to know the option stated: yeah you did say a little bit about ADHD and bees if anyone's interest That John MC hails episode. Joel Mikhail is the one that told us about that and its in not that episode? The menu substantiated in his fact check you gave the mouse. can say I set out in our about them easily digestible explanation that study in that fact, checks or just check out urging a fact feel like you didn't even get the job Penelope's zone does in fact check the Marlon Brando documentaries can called listen to me. Marlon and Sancho Timeline. Brave. Oh, he mentioned the jewish could to buy and
the key to is a special type of jewish preen, up agreement, its considered and part of a traditional. Jewish merit and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom in relation to the bride. So I do want to be clear about that. It's like what the man owes the woman as opposed, because it and on people to think it's like what sort of was being put and it like a dialogue? Yeah yeah yeah, it's not a downward! Yes, I think I was positioning and as a dowry, having never heard of it me. I think that's what we re sort of leaning traditionally, when you're no women are leaving their tribe I join the males. They got up, give money laundering is more calm and that the bride, yeah small forge it is yes, it's very common
So that's why I wanted to be clear that this is not that the jewish husband takes upon himself in the consumer, the obligation he will provide to his wife, three major things: clothing, food and conjugal relations. and also that he will pay her a pre specified. A man of cash in case of a divorce essentially dictate security and peace, action for the woman and her rights in the marriage. Less cool, yo, Paul bloom is this. Ecologists- that we talk about because we talk about this idea that the mood when you hear a story on the news, the more people, the less human, care, less empathetic people arm, and he gave an example that there's a story about a girl in the, and a well people are like really up in arms an absurd and an that's because
you- can map your own life onto that. You have a daughter, that's like that's your daughter and if you the brother in there then you don't have to kid. that becomes less connected to you and then, if you have, five kids and they're just becomes just becomes less and less something you can connect with the more people at that are involved in a tragedy on a crazy, but yeah and he saw so he's on he's been on. Damn Harris a few times episode. Fourteen the virtues of cold blood epochs. Sixteen the dark side, an episode. Fifty six abusing Dolores figures for very first appearance, is my favorite he's so interesting. He said on one of them. One of the I think- all the time that we have as humans. Betrayal bias. So if some
happens, if you're in a circumstance where you feel betrayed the weight of that is so much heavier than a circumstance and equally bad circumstance, Yeahs lead, I'm trying to remember the example gave gave an example. A mouth actors suit. Where I forget it it does, but essentially he was saying like if you go the doktor and they you know miss, diagnose you, and you know you have a horrible time a couple months. It's like dealing with this and then you find out that your fine be? It was an accident? It was a total misdiagnosis. Verse is a situation ring you go in and they miss diagnose you. But it's on purpose like there was some. There was some actual a case of this, for some doktor was like
I only diagnosing people with cancer, something so he could like banner fat. Yes, SAM brought about heart of EC assumes obsessed with that person here. Using white often is like the apex of. badness evil, another favor yeah he was saying like in those two circumstances. What would your experience saying is the same rights like you. It feels like much more, but act tool, but trail, and so you wait. That way was a doctor who is diagnosing people, cancer and entreating them for cancer, making them right through chemo and all the shit to sell the stuff did not have cancer. Ral
you would still be doing that and a misdiagnosis that just happen to be an accident, but it feels way worse that this guy did it on purpose on really the alchemist say: you're you're going through chemo for no reason. Yes, so we have this sum outwitted, yes, called betrayal, buys and eyes. I think that that interesting Ok, We talk about you mentioned, like the odds of getting killed by terrorist, getting struck by lightning school shooting, so the as a becoming alike medium term in the: U S in any one year is one in seven hundred thousand the odds of Struck in your lifetime is one in three thousand James high. It seems a high probability. I know I know I thought the tools I was happening more than I was thinking. It was still way more, like one in a million. Now is not three thousand yeah you're alive. By means of you,
you be led three thousand lives. One of those lives you'd be struck down by light. Likelihood of an american being killed in an immigrant initiated terrorist strike in any given year is one in three point: six four million. ok, so thirty, six divided by seven, is five K. Five takes you to thirty five. You follow me so it's five times less likely more than five. Less likely you'd be killed by terrorists than struck by lightning ass. That's what goes into the betrayal by us, because one is intentional. One is accidental. That's why I feel so much were more important that we say. Guard ourselves from the latter or even now would be better off. Building being lightning struck, yeah yeah, exactly dovetail perfect.
Did you plant that little seeds? I could pick that yummy piece of coincidental fruit. I wish I could say I, but I'm not gonna sit around and say that's like inception. You planted the seed and made me think it was my own idea. Well done manic admin, Ok, the statistical likelihood unknown people don't really want to hear it, but it came a mid term review in two thousand and all shooting yeah yeah. I know you do. I think this issue Berlin, because I, when I see you school shooting, I literally my thought is ok walnuts, any my kids to a public school, like my reaction in my mind at the moment, is that I'm home school right, I think that needs to be counteracted with some dad YAP is horrific as they are. Yes, let's hear some dad. Ok, the statistical likelihood of any given public school student being killed by gun in school on any one indeed, since ninety ninety nine roughly one in six. hundred and fourteen million, oh my god,
guys just really think about that cause. So so ok, so oh boy! Let me do the math. This is gonna, be a big one It was seven one in seven million, seven hundred thousand, so yet your kids getting it struck by lightning ten times before they get shot at school. so that is really helpful. That doesn't mean you should be mobilized to prevent this, but it does me when you're worrying at home. You should at least compare at some other stuff, so no one's at home, worrying about the kid getting struck by lightning at school. I dont believe and just Imagine now that your kids gonna get struck by lightning ten times before they ever get shot at school and that's all in any one year, seven hundred thousand for lightning in your lifetime, it's one in three thousand chances are why what's marcher vastly liar of getting struck by lightning? Then? Yes
two hundred thousand your kid. I just need some fast man and I hope someone checklist calculated, but I think it's your kid. I get it to her thousand times with lightning but listen, thereby also wish you know. It also makes me question this whole idiot rolled out, we have is not right. That was not right at all. That was needed. Three zeros off of seven million seven working or Mohammed were making worming were making six point, two million seven million for you. What six point to me? Your kid had a one in six point: two million chance of getting shot: six hundred and fourteen million. Oh, my good yeah, not say six, also, seven undermining also than I did. Do it correct its two hundred thousand times. Your get would get stuck way like me, who once again, you lead me down that path. To make me shine. Thank you again. Have you
I wish we weren't using this idiom all the time like struck by lightning like it's a kind of common yeah, but good. a good idea, because no one's worried about getting struck by gas? the movie South Rogan and David Harbour did together was the green, worn it that's how they know each other, oh, Ok, so he was saying clearly was saying it and in high believe that that there is million- shows on Netflix there's this isn t doesn't it I try to get an updated number, but my source is out of town, but Monica an insider I do, but she didn't provide but in two thousand sixteen they had one thousand two hundred and ninety seven tv series. How many one thousand one hundred ninety seven in done sixteen and they have more, and so your odds of getting hit by one of show is
its times more likely than your lifetime odds. Are shooting hit my way, oh yeah- that does not make any them again want to compare a thousand. The three of us. Oh ok, you talked about me talk about Oh my god. I just thought of something really fun, in any of your lightning strike research. Did you find out how many lightning if there are any year in America, because it wouldn't be great if if it was one thousand per year, your odds, if you live in America, of having your own tv show on Netflix or the same as you're getting hit by lightning or not, the likely we learnt of the percentage of people who try to get a show and networks and then dear, nobody would have sufficed to say a thousand people on that books have their own show. Yes over, a thousand people have chosen networks and a thousand people got hit by lightning you're out.
At the same time in America having shown that last year as getting hit by aligning that's true, but also, as you have to take into account so many things actors right, lightning is so random and getting a show and networks is now no one's ever gotten. A phone call, Nay said hey. It is yet another like score brazen good news. You ve got your own show. What can you be an ally on Wednesday sets my fantasy? The linguistic guy from Wired magazine is David J Petersen, and he created daughter, a key anvil area for such a school, An Kristen was are the leading Tom's work. She wasn't Tom Sawyer, but she was Becky Thatcher which is the lead, the female lead, and I asked her to confirm that in she was like are readily Tom Sawyer and she said yeah. She was Kay
does Tom Sawyer and then they realize that she was a girl and they catch. Her is Becky Thatcher and I believed her, and I almost in this is danish. This is how good of an actress is on Marco Polo, so I can see your face and it was very believable she's too good of an actress, and It could lead to some. New has a problem. that's great, That's all! Oh wonderful! Thank you! Manic impediment! Thank you. right now and I am very grateful for them love you.