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Drew Carey (The Drew Carey Show, The Price is Right) is an American comedian, actor, voice actor, sports executive, and game show host. Drew sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his experience with meditation, his interest in gambling and being able to see his childhood with clarity as an adult. Dax asks about the phenomenon of The Price is Right and Drew invites the AE team to Disneyland. The two talk about overcoming less than ideal circumstances, their relationship to money and Drew shares his secret to show business.
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Welcome. While the welcome to the arm chair, expert, I'm Dac Shepherd, joined by trio, carrying o k drew how you do. I really got I'm really nigh some really general, whose look and oranges sweat sue thanks. I'm in a sweatsuit today because I didn't really want to wear real close- and I was one of those days OASIS, Burma is a sun, oh some, ok, and on the back it says eyes. Lou drew carry, of course is a comedian he's. An actor is a voice. Actor Anna Game show host, you probably came norm on the drew, carry show or whose line is it anyway and he is currently hosting the prices right. What The time we had so, I hope you enjoy drew carry we are supply did by love book money. You wanna give somebody something very specific:
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she'll twenty percent discount. Only for our listeners. That's love book online dot com, Slash Dax for twenty percent off he's just offered coffee or tea in any kind of caffeine that he would prefer nieces. You just drink water used to drink like at least three cups of coffee in the morning two or three, some plus four, and then I go to work and then I have a taxi than I do. The show that I have a big crash, You know like after the first or second wheel and then I'd have to get another Pepsi liking for the second reading of the rest, and then I will go launch and have I see in something else and crash hard, my dressing room
awful utterly now get another Pepsi. God can show another Pepsi to get to that. Show you gonna be exhausted. I get home I gotta dinner, it have eyes, t again get home, have another Pepsi and then I'd be like like in my sleep, and I would be taken. I like to Amazon, sometimes or at least I could imagine, going to sleep about an Ambien every night. Yet and so our normal. Are you off that? Oh yeah? It's Andy? Can I say for the record that I think ambiance one of the worst things Of course, you can say what everyone here, what about Xanax never took his Anna
never taken is ok. So on sober for fifteen years. I didn't even take ambient for thirteen years and I was doing a sick com where I did alive shown Friday night and it would end at ten o clock at night and then we come home and I would try to go to sleep in. My kids would be about six miles like it is undeniable. You can't go to sleep every been created for, like hyper created for a few hours in the audience and mature bring yeah yeah. So, finally, I got up prescription for ambient that my wife was in charge of administering to me only on Friday night them do did what in it. We see our right, so it really slowly in it did working getting me to go to sleep, but after five hours out of this wide awake in Sweden really work for me, but I do recalls annexes being a real restful nights in a terrible thing they get it take to do, but I do think effective minimally like if you're travelling six times eerie, I'm sure it's funny. You know learned of aluminum meditate bless couple years, the China meditation a ticket
ten days, silent retreat course. We gotta hear about them, and so I've learned to like it. If I'm laying a bad turn asleep, I can't sleep. I've learned like start meditating in bed and then, if I'm not asleep asleep, at least I'm so rested this drift off. Eventually, I'm fine. I do that too. I am give a mantra. Now, it's a silent, meditation, that's attended course. They teach you each day a little bit. what technique in the first day, you just learn to concentrate on your breath coming in and out of your nose. So you just do that and that's your distraction right for lack of a better word. Your mantra to keep your dish at your monkey, bring off yeah, so you just concentrate on the breath come in and out of your nose and then you come straight on how that, like third day, I think you're you're concentrating on her hips, like that this whole top of your lip spot, surely live it yet then the actual technique, as you do, it's gonna sound weird if anybody's never meditate before it is some really crazy, but you see perfectly still in if you like,
body scan. Were you start at the top of your head? tiny area and assumes you feel any sensation. He moved to another area, another another area and you do like a scan of all your skin and all the way now at your fingertips, your toes all, while webbing behind new air, every little spot antics like an hour to do for me to do all skaggs. That's how long most of the meditation sessions were here and then they teach you different techniques liking. Split your body in half and like one have and then the other half, when I sit down. I a about others castrated, my breath from having trouble sleeping in the mixing asleep. Were you pessimistic, You would not be able to learn to meditate, as I was very fearful that a well candidate for it, but I've had like I've, a therapist recommend meditation to me and I got like an app. If you don't know anything, it's like tell somebody take up running in that, knowing about it they just put on some and got side start running, and then I don't get it p, I'll write our go to a German, they don't know anything about the weights or how to properly lift or anything like that are like it's. It's anything like that
yea and you have to like there's a technique, there's a technique to all of it. So I'm a break out some app one time. When I did five minutes or like close at ten minutes, I will Blue hero was terminus day of a perfect stillness. What am I got? The same person I was so I got all faster. I will all half assed and whatever and then I was click round on the internet one day and it happened to come across this fish on a course- and I was like I profoundly and pronouncing it right, but I read so many good things about it and I talked to a friend of mine that was into the stuff she said. Oh I've heard somebody get. I was want to do that and it doesn't cost anything the sign up. You just gotta, like fuckin, Plug Dama, Yama, DOT, org J, Mme the validity and like coming
rob to damage our work that doesn't cost anything. You just have to sign up, and then they ask for a donation at the end of the press, you for it, but they do bring it up that they operate under nations on internet. If you can donate Do you? Don't you drunk and they don't really blinking, I one where the other honestly right, then all the money that you give goes towards like medicine the centre at the keeps the lights on, keeps patient. Following an amiable. You throw back in the basket Zat, yes, the connection with round hats, and then nobody gets paid in the whole organization. They are, they all volunteer there's no bagua at the top of it like our Ivan about now. Now they everybody volunteers and was at ten days of silence for you. Yes, now, I suppose fantasize about this in the only thing I really like about myself, probably is mobility to chat, and I just can't imagine
the one thing I value being taken away from. I couldn't wait to shut off retained, all really gas us all. We do is talk all day, yeah now I hear you, but it isn't your identity so linked to that like without me, Channing. I don't know who I have wanted to shut off and get away from all temporary rightly ten days show such along to eleven. It isn't I wanted to quit. Like the second beg you did a viewing a month felt like forever. When you get there, you talk and everybody in okay, I M Drury, and there was a sky method of still friends with he was Marines about war veterans. It was the second time doing it. He said first time he wanted to quit in the middle of it. They talked him into sticking around for one more day and I was like the kind of marine combat Vet, Hey I give a moment and then second day ass, I got man. I can't do this. My backards can find a couple where to sit in the stupid, Matt Tato across my all that stuff- and I was like I'm out here and I pray
friend was in that women section in a lot of talk to each other. They keep the many women separate. As I have just right or a note, and I'll stick around in the city of dust up by Group, Minneapolis I'll just grab! Minneapolis and when he gets out I'll just meet her and then we'll fly back, and I don't know Try the end of the day in us. Give it one more time and then I'm glad I did, but it was like long days what dated you reach, like us, sweet spot where you're finally, like not encounter moaning. Those like the third fourth day I didn't. I didn't, find a really a super comfortable way to sit until like that nice day they had a thing called at the hour of great determination. There's all broken up like you get up at four in the morning. At four thirty start, meditating for two hours and right away like in the deep end, yeah yeah, where you're like blue and it, but you can see people. You know
how'd, you on the matter in the meditation hall like they'll, be sitting in the now. You see it like adjust their lag rolled, her shoulders or something you know during the two hours the hour, but then what you were the technique they asked you ve tried this thing called it call the the our determination where there's three separate one our times during the banks are all different times, our I have two hours whatever three different our sessions and during those our sessions. They wanted you to sit perfectly still. Like them, not move muscle. So what you get set and the gong goes off no role in your head back and forth. no wiggling your fingers knowingly nor toes like a statue. Don't move at all eyes closed, just breathing, normally not to move a muscle, and I could feel like and each coming on. I back Then I will go a there's my image and It would move to another spot, another spot and would go away and I can trace it along my body coming and going in the same thing with any kind of little like back pain, which
go up, and then I could feel it move along the different nerve pathway that it went through in then. It would get to another place that would go away here and they give you like a buddhist teaching at the end of every night and one of the big things as they talk about the Dama, we'll that's what it's called them. Adored things come and go now they're there at the top of their the bottom you're born you're dead. Everything is temporary car rust away. Everything is temporary in a faster, slow way. That's the biggest lesson of the whole week The whole ten days, I'd like oh! This is just another example of this temporariness. So here comes this uncomfortable this year and I recognize it. I dont react to it. I don't judge it and get mad at it right. I don't. brace. It is experience as experienced. Ok, there's that uncomfortable ness that came in that I'm on it. You know whether suspect or not I know it's going to go away, so I'm just going to sit here really quietly and then for sure I get which really interested me to watch it like
yeah go this whole meditation is dead and Buddhism is to get rid of craving and judgments in the outer. These things he just like in a still state. So in that it comes or when the pain in your back comes you recognize it right. You don't ignore you're in traffic. I recognize them and traffic yellow the traffic, I'm not gonna. You have no sway over the driving. Those are just sit here and and recognise the Montreal. We do have a strategy that we both right, Moorside right. I really suited to get away from that. Yeah, I'm like a shark lately gone through traffic must now maniac com link its it feels like a superpower. Doesn't it when I'm analogous out I'll go from here in LOS Angeles to Santa Monica, that should be in ninety minute, commute in the morning fallen out recycled twenty five minutes like now. I went out to my doctor and my doctors and Santa Monica, and I was like a red motorcycle man and it was ninety degrees. Are hunted agrees and I was like too bad and it may isn't the healthiest, but I just I feel like, oh god, I'm so lucky that I'm not sitting like.
other people. Like I give her a ton of gratitude for my position. I mean I've just come. I know we had all this Buddhist talk back pay our only way added entitlement turn I love no, such as the tunnel through just being smart, like I was driving to get Santa Monica from Bobby here. My place had to go through aunt em on a couple of our through a Beverly hills. Oh yeah, it's a beating through their beating and passing people, unlike their bentleys and stuff dislike, but I think you'd better now glad about the Bentley. That's right it even a guy in a lamb regaining, can only go miles an hour. I know, and I was I was private. Eisner too I like being in it. When I'm gonna get a chance, I was projecting I'm entitled. I have huge entitlement issue. Do I do yeah? I took it at the course one time and so he died a same Kristensen. One of the things you learn as you're. main, like young again of Campbell myths that you carry with you all the time right much you big ones are duty and privilege
duty and probably also have a strong sense of duty sewn on the jury. Shall I worked in an office? It was up to me to save the store was up to me to solve the problem and if I didn't do it so that's kind of what I I guess I have a strong sense of duty to pay. But let me live words. It gets ridiculous some time and also on the flip side of the coin. I have a strong sense of privilege where are the drew Carey Show be like hey, I say the store my raise, or how can I don't get a better place to work? I don't get a special parking lot. You should be rewarded Henry or do not recognise elevated where's. My share sets a privilege or in real life I've dreamed of seven series and tough. If you don't like it right, I assure you, know like I can relate I got afforded. I bought it. I put a lot of Bmw people to work and you know Yes, I'm in the car like unapologetic about it. It's my it's my hobby. It's a thing, Joy was George George Gray, who does the announcer on the press? Redder? Really in cars to propel rail is a bigger had doesn't have one new car.
Hollis cars or drivers from like the Sixtys and Seventys. First wait. You shut up Most likely you weren't check tailors. I haven't. We weren't allows irish business a lot happening here that feels fortuitously official shoe of imports that neither of your wings up honey. So that's a problem. You Roy, like generational, that I might have medicines that are about in now and others can be into comedy without Isabel. about how do you know what one from the Detroit area we're about MID westerners? Is he to point? Is again yes Alla time Ass, my big the high school graduation. I think that was where the senior party was it's your point. Yeah. Does you two points this huge amusement park in sand us your Sakhalin between Detroit in Cleveland. Now I want to ask you so all of my friends and I from Michigan who used to go to cedar point a lot. I would ask if this was anecdotal to my friendship group or that you experiences as well. We ve gotta Cedar point his kids
you get so sweaty in your ass in particular, would get so somebody is uncontrollable and we would often have to stop in the bathroom and just dab it with some paper towel or some toilet paper and then inevitably, about our ate their you'd, get a wet but cut. Nothing happened to your but other than it was his so sweaty and now all this, and you can feel that you have a cut in your by instinct in this this happened in all my friends at home, and I just wondered if that and have every member is never have universal. Ok, ok, I'm happy here, put some one. My friends called it a wet but cut their United Europe get a wet but cut at sea or point, and we only got every trip by the end of the day. I was in misery in agony, but I still wonder right the devil's pretty hot out there who yet whom you, you're running is a huge part view. If you're the Gemini you wanna go the course, for that is a hike. Yet they have like crazy rides there, too
that place and then what's the aim of the play sings island in Cincinnati, they had the beast that those two places are like you'd roller coaster, real here. If you want just thrills completely there, there's no theme happening there. Just all adrenaline, yes, like that that is like. Oh, you, wanna, be pleasant, see the music acts and walk round the foods, gonna good food, great yeah, yeah, I'm a club. Thirty three member. Does it well, you are, and I love that place in so you go nets by pirates of the Caribbean Rodya in go in there and its a club and whether there is different food there. While they advocate giving have a nice dinner there and there's a little bit of a dress code of Le Lobster, take tops ok, pre, loose dress code, but still yeah, like no short supply, notes that bowstring bikini played out you'd, be amazing, I'll, be with people in there like a man. We're gonna cut thirty three, but you weren't genes,
holes and amend a theme park landed as people are dress like that yeah yeah, if you're a wardrobe person than he wanted to get like. Oh, what's the casual aware that people where, on the neighbourhood, unlike the seventies or the use of the liquor pictures of the prices, from the seventies or Disneyland to see exactly what people warn all the awful outfits, virtually every fanny pack in the world, and how do you get into club there? three others, a waiting list, I think, minutes a big expense. Every year they charge you a huge membership fee every year. One idea, No, it isn't it. I just want to be a part of its exclusive club. She loves you very attractive to things that works. I mean if you guys ever wanted to go. The dust have dinner club thirty three. We could do that, I'm catching number more than what we get a desire to view a shout and is an indicator of thirty. Three will have. We can have drinks, industry
we'd have dreams. If I were you, I'd be inclined to go like that's an empty promise, easing the design, for I know I'm gonna defend you right now, I'm going to prove to you that this so that could from any other gas, so I can empty brush or what I happen to have had this weird window into who you are the hell you're not aware of, and it was when I was in the groundlings and I was making ten dollars a year. I knew I was in when I was on my right best friends. She got on the drew, carry show while we're in the Sunday company, and then she did. You are so tour with You yeah, maybe one or two and then he's really that guy right, as although his house, I think after the Euro, so do you bought her like a MAC computer Thank you very much ass. I got to see like the you know, that that those white on a more savings can be made other people's lives rather than she was great to work with by the way, yeah. Well, you really happy for her. Six, a member was what she was like. A recurring guest are on the show and advocate regulars spot.
me and then a couple other writers released, always think like man, Caitlin, Olson, Chevron, yeah like this is she's good, but this should not be her thing. She's never own show somehow and be a main person in a show was isn't it nice when you like, you ve, been doing this now for online twenty five years of southern Europe? What our, when you do see the people that you felt like deserved, a shot, get that shot and then succeed. Yeah like one of the secrets of success in show business, I think, is to surrender self people at a really good. like. I was never just talk about the second I was never give me all the laugh lines: person, ok, care who got the laugh is only some got a laugh right could still my neighbours. on the show. I guess it's like you, aura of laughter going on, so you get part of the credit for being there and when you're like in groundlings and if you're out there, if you don't seen in somebody else, get laughs and you just gotta supporting so
you're getting laugh, see they're, not gonna, get the laugh unless you're doing a good job supporting the up. You know they are not there by themselves either. I'm grateful that I started in Improvin Sketch. It is much more vocal British shared experience, ass debate that the laws are shared, which has really nice something he just like an hour for you are out there and two of you wrote it. So it's like you can shoulder the shame. You I'll get the blame her and then, when you win, you in as a group in you can then go like if you'd, if you crushing, when you stand up, shows right and then you gotta with four people and you're. Just your! U wanna ride that high of that just you explaining how you enjoyed it is it would be very narcissistic, but of all five of you had this great sat and you could always had a share about the experience. As I heard you say that is both comics. I know all my friends. They would do a crushing so the killer sat and then you would
talk to him in and they would go man if I would have said that one thing, different, no valley, district themselves of this great old joke was like an abolish. Joke comic sit around Friday night, the comedy club Outer Taketh, barring a beautiful woman. What's up from what goes home, you were so funny tonight I think said, seem reasonable sexy thing in the world when it get back to my placentas fuck, that shit area ceremony goes, you see the first show or the second It is that it is not. Unlike aren't we ve been gambling attics at all. But I how react in even like an unknown family member of mine, even when he would in a ton, and I would see me have been up for like nine hours playing craps, I'm up x amount of dollars in food various I knew I should have pressed my hard eight. The four came up, and it's like this always aligning too. I could have been up fifteen thousand million ten thousand, but I have made a mistake and this bad. They let this guy get me at it, but you know bluff me another,
and there's the madness of it is wiser- did talk about craving like in its most pure form, you gotta Vegas lot. I don't. There was a pause. Yet again when I was in a functioning attic that I enjoyed them place, but for me now, mostly I don't love our love Vegas, you do when you go to Vegas, you gamble yeah, you like it, which your game blackjack, ok mostly, and I bet sports- to have a sports betting website that I bet games on. I am part of a soccer team in Seattle, the sale sounder. So I own a piece of its us. I'm not allowed to bet on soccer at all It is a shame. He had no world cup or anything. That's pretty what you understand the mouse, yeah really could, but the boy had mix so much money if I could, but you wanna bet through me like Roxy now and will sell it, though I don't ever do that. That worries me, that sum is it'll, get out or something right. Why do better on football and baseball on you know whatever Random fight is clean in general. Do you think, with your ledger that you cap as a young person, if you
it all up about, even think about even that they have a huge accomplishment, we're just end up even or a little less than even but I've had some pretty like when I was broke. I had like twice I live in days for a while and like twice almost lost my rent money, all from gambling, yeah. I tell you a story about when I was gale, my gambling, that I had no money to set regular job job. I finally got an apartment, so I had this apartment. I was really happy to have an apartment and settle in as this horrible motel other than before. When it was like cockroaches everything's, I have my own apartment, I had my cache with a deposit slip in one pocket. I was like eighty bucks or something I ten dollars in cash, my other pocket on a Friday, and that was going to the ten dollars you get me through the weekend. So there was the mint casino at the time had a Faye, there was a dollar. Ninety
and I would go to the mint buffet one time during the day, and I would just gorge on like chicken bread macaroni like everything and just like eat, so I couldn't even put more food in my mouth that I walked out, and that was my only meal of the day and then I would drink water, the rest of the day to keep my belly full or I would buy like macaroni and cheese at the grocery store, and I couldn't afford the butter of the milk, so I would make it like. With no milk and would be like real or just water of the wine. And yes, I go K. This is my sandy crummy MAC running she yet little vegetable oil you can put in place. If I had a word about labelling and by the way when I started making money, I start making the craft macaroni cheese, the lux that was my energy rich boots. mine was ordering pizza fuckin repeats right now and whatever? That was what I always wanted to do in I think we all have these like little great right has so gamble broke and I have like ten bucks
it's gonna last me the whole weekend, but I thought to myself in a pretty good at video poker pretty lucky. Let me go play some video poker with this ten bucks and I'll try to one another, ten bucks and I can eat really good over the weekend until Monday and Monday I'll go to work I'll get an advance on my paycheck and I'll be good. You know that was my plan. I get this video poker machine that lose the whole ten bucks. Now, I'm like, oh, I don't have any. Food and I'm to starve till Monday, or let me take this cash out of his pocket. Others go to the black jack table and play to dollar five dollar black jack I'll get up a couple hands we'll call it even enough get the stupid plan right away? I got in the whole, I got another whole yet another. I lost the whole eighty bucks. I start I like the evening now. It's like eleven o clock at night midnight or something like what fuck. Now, I'm screwed I'll tell my landlady, my wallet got stolen and everything I'm thinking of his like we're in Vegas, she's gonna know it's a lie: she's public service from everybody. So then I went to the bank.
I went to the atm and I got out all the money I could but have the rest of the rent money in there. So it's like an extra one hundred and fifty or something like that. I can get one hundred and forty to get all out there with all my money in the and I went to what back I gambled and I just started order co and smoke cigarettes, but I start ordered coaxing coffee and got a pack of cigarettes with smoke. Cigarettes to stay, alert, lay awake and it took me to like eight in the morning, and I want it all back, you, dear plus, how twenty bucks
right, yeah ass to get twenty dollars sick about the horses, all dump the adrenal plan, exoticism arrest, you put your body through the bank that twenty, the guise of soldier ass I ve gone. I might as well about. I realized what people do it right? You know what people are get up in that situation, where the like guy had a logo for cracker, whatever I like. Ok, I get it yeah I've known you broke and that surely option Thea you make decisions like that and that's the situation and on the way to sell some blood cells imply Gaza. I sold plasma forty bucks one time assure her so stress that scales up the same thing had been like could be a guy plan? ten thousand hand and have that same stress the guy painted to housing anchors. It's all relative. Do you do and up there's no now whenever I don T stand up much more love, that's the threat! For the last two years. I've been saying: let go you, I'm gonna start Stana, pretty again? In the summer I was gonna start stand up again in his motivated from having seen
someone's great special unthought like. I do want to say more. No, it's not that to it's like a man. I have this thing. Can do well. Why am I not doing it right out I do a well. I don't want to do part time and My seem old act and nothing else just get up there, put my hit on. You. Don't want to be like that. I want to be always writing you stuff and trying new stuff, and I think a lot of work in time where you really have to kind of be in it like all day, even if you're not sitting at the desk, you still have to have your driver scope on. Yes to be sure your subconscious in tune to that's your always thinking of stuff and always playful mood or as much as you can be, it's a! U turn on. Your option asian branding, you're right, you haven't, you have to get to the club. Little early because you want to see the different standards that are up before you and you wanna hang out a little. But after and talk to people and discuss the craft or to say, out and then leave. I was with a friend, Duncan trust Salva does not control
Every hour is a really good. Podcast me he's a big world of Warcraft fan some blizzard entertain of people the pressure. I once invited me to tour the place down in them. Breyer broke. I saw it Duncan gonna love this. They did. They make world of Warcraft so we went down to Breyer, we got a tour. The vessel free and he was freaking out, as you can see, people like after computers making the characters like does designing everything we want other people from there and on the way back he's like mantle and want to do. Play world of Warcraft now, but I got a set of the store at the coming store and minutes set rather way to go man. I gotta go back home than I gotta get to the store early and catch the other acts than to do ten that's and then stick around us? Like? three hours out of his day to drive passing down there than do is ten minutes and go back and his whole was shot. You know, so I think about back as at present right. I talk all day and am joking around with the audience all
hey, you know, and between every atom, do a crowd. Work. And I think man do. I really want to get on another stage. Never another audience. Look at me yeah! This is a question. I would like a clear draining wanted to ask a towards the end when we it will go through your career, which is so extensive a mean you ve made. We even know what what what what I'm always hustling will right, and I wonder I'm curious when I look at the prolific newness of your work. If nothing else, it's Let's get a thousand evidence. It'll get a television you only. I really have done a lot of Emily looked on autonomy Ternata! So now you motivated by because I just got a glimpse into it
doing stand up. Are you motivated by all? I want to go. Do that thing, or I should be doing that thing, both both yeah no yelling at so much time and you you know, you're born with a thing or you develop the thing you know if you like to play, guitar piano in the play: guitar terribly drums: ok, ok, us you'll end up like a toy are you to learn obligatory in your house by yourself? No, you wanted a plea of one point: you're gonna go hey, some is over a party or there's another guitar player. I know let's get together play or you wanna like play for your wife at least or somebody and play a song for them cause. You learn this trick right. So a lot of it is that right, where, like I had this whole life before, I was famous that I wasn't famous like all away at anchor famous in total that was later these yeah. I get started to stand up and- like twenty eight and then to be while to get going and then united the tonight show or something when I was thirty three
I think, and then I was kind of in doing like clubs stand up side and stars She I was like if I went to a town, and people saw me in the club that night people might recognize me from that, but other I just go where wanted. Nobody knew me in and then Not everybody knew me, so I have this other life of being. Like a waiter, you know I've filled vending machines, it up factory, and I had always like job jobs you're in the marine reserves in the reserve six years, yeah. What do you say? Yeah a people bring. up all the time like I like, flew a bomb others people what the guy I met him at the meditation thing is a combat fattening thing and I was in the reserves in the eighties and I do anything I kept. I went to my reserve you're like a radio as a radio operator, but was one we can month, and we all we did- was gonna train exercises and to stir in the summer and my joke is that it the countries that Ohio, because there is like it was so go, and I honestly didn't do no combat.
No fighting know anything daring? Oh, how many stories about how you know How are you doing to go a jury needed in training or anything? No, we cannot even that even a base. I only saw fight and ever got in a fight Bay mare, member being a base and watch my to putting the guys like, don't at one out on a Friday night, the middle of the road, though these are like groaned thrown man, s fighting in the marine corps punching each other the face and trying to kick each other and actually heard each other. While we look at how we go about it, you know people bring it up and I'm sure it's like. I don't know stories from that, but it is, it is unique, is not that you meet many comedians. That did that. Why did you and joint? Has I needed a job? I wasn't even super periodic or anything. I needed a job and right I wasn't like I was like I gotta see my country, I needed work and I was living. My brother's couch I don't have any money here, but I was living on us
vegas at a motel. It's been destroyed. Now it's out there anymore. That's this. If you all empty lot there now, but in it's in the neighborhood LAS Vegas by it was by Fremont in Charleston, and if you Google map it you'll see it's not. The greatest neighbours are the worst neighborhood in Vegas. But when you talk to people in Vegas, any ice live by Fremont Charleston. They go it's kind of like the where I grew up and clean like not far, will you EAST, east or west of Cleveland? They called it the near West side so still in the city of Cleveland, but I was on the edge by the suburbs, but not quite Bastone cynically want clean public school. Are you the youngest of three year into older? others yeah. What are the age gaps worse all six years apart, so that thirty years older in the six years older? My theory is that as soon as one of us went to school, my parents got busy they're gonna holds offends they had some videos day an extra time.
They had some daytime gas opportunity is at school right, so you're oldest where those twelve years older than you so I mentioned You are really a baby in all senses. They be they I was. I was on my own, where they pretty kind to you. Those two may this brother, Neil who's that right now he was always gone like when I was reiterated. Just got out really quickly one s heart yard, oh yeah! He was one of those guys that I'm eighteen about IRAN's so uncertain says, should a teen. He can wait to move and get it greater your sex, and he just yet we have, as I was gone and southern me, my elder brother, Roger Soucis, like the two of us and then when I was six grade, he was after college, aha, so gene An ice causes me my mom familiar had died when you were ready. But, yes, I feel an only child and I was a latchkey kid which I thought was great shock.
I hear about less good kids, unlike what he complained about to get the whole house to yourself. Hunter percent want Harry's. Unless the easily make macaroni cheese like, I would eaten away that there's no way my mom won't. Let me sit down have to box the macaroni cheese every school. Watch, Greenacre watch what I wanted. Nobody was there. We complain about, got u everyone's drawers and share a new brown latchkey. Kids. stay to arm chair, diffused air, are supported by wrought these. Who do I love them? Roth, the aid they have found in answer to one of the most plaguing questions in the world. What the hacker we ended with all these recycled plastic, water bottles, well, they're, making very stylish shoes for women and girls out of them and their crazy comfortable. An
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for a free trial and when you're ready to launch use the offer kodaks to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that square space, dotcom, slash stacks and her kodaks, but so in general, before more interested in what people of overcome them. If you win an Emmy just so you know never one of them, but you know I'm saying I can't relate to a guy holding the statue, but I can relate to a lot of the stuff. I know you wrote in your autobiography and that's how that what I find most I'll see what I think most helpful to people is like again, not the victory. Lap alike. With soft hearted drew carry get through. It is all very interesting, like I said I had this whole normal life, where no dough You now taken a bus. All the time. I should keep a journal. I kept the ledger thing to keep track of my expenses. I would honestly keep track of every
like I would count. My change in my pocket, lay on my money out and go okay. I have you no twenty five dollars and thirty three cents and see if that matches up. I spent like you know some gum mama, but everything was written down. You know. Ten bucks was like a huge amount of money is somewhat resulted that have because for me personally, I wanted money so bad. I wanted shit so bad. It still completely welfare. Me. A lot of my whole careers is based on me. Make money right in a yes like money. You're, like you are asking me if it was driven by these I'd. Do something about a lot of. It is money for funding of doings, and began Lothar. Because I, like doing its yard form in the lot of it is like thought I could make a lot of money. right in our money, but I thought, but but what that's? Like I hate having money on the table, I say that, but at the same time I I blow money like crazy, like I really do like
my account, and I say that right into the latitude I'll call em are no, you know it. You should have like a thing where you do like the celebrity come on with his account and the second is that we all get the chimera over ninety percent of what I'm sayin, I wonder, is your things similar to mine choose, I said, I number, and if I get to that number I decide I'm gonna feel safe and then, if I've hit that number. don't feel any safer theirs very little actual release of my fear of being broke like it Linked at all to reality, while not have a fear of being broken in or although I do have the the fantasy were like. Ok. If I lost my house, I could live in a condom I'd, still be okay. If you I have two cars. I would be ok with just the one car, yes, you know, and so what and
I could say I had my day. I got think of that. A lot like if it's been, if worst came to worst and it's like the economy, crashed, and I was once I had a railroad later run. If I was like that, guy I'd still be ok, cuz, I have all these. viable skills that I learned from being broken Cleveland. I do this all the time, like my wife and I will be in a road trip, will stop at some simple hotel in Idaho it'll, be twenty nine. Is a night and while we're in the hotel, I'll I'll say to her, you know I just thought about like between Jesse. residuals and my residuals from stuff we ve already done. We could live in this hotel if around until they live in the hotel oh yeah, and have that b I gotta do it like in that makes me feel really say. I think I can. I said yes, I really really relate. Am I will be in a place like fuck will? This is nine hundred bucks a month, basically there's no maintenance or taxes. So yet we could do like, and I just go worse he's an area we live in here unobserved. That's that's exactly how I think putting yeah.
Case scenario ye I can survive, but each ever see that movie came up gears garlic over a decade ago about happiness. Oh yes, to really affected me of my thinking, because one of the big things you me for happiness like gonna talk bout. They brought up things like winning a super bowl or getting a new car or having sex or whatever its temporary. Looking at this rush of happiness, when you get your hair done. You look hot or you know you got a new outfit and you're at the club, and I don't I look good or you get this rush of like temporary happiness, but then it'll fade away. But how to get like a baseline happiness than what it was about and the other stuff resist icing on the cake and one of the things was have enough money to see you not stressing a bill eggs. I have been web, I've called friends, I need hey, they're gonna, my gas off, if I don't pay this in a week right and somebody having to like, send me a wire or send me a money order, so I can pay my gas bill, so the Gaston cut off get cut off in the winter or
well you know your car with gas or like hell I'll take two dollars worth? Yes, he's gotta get me to work, Like a boy, I hope I can not drive on the gas prices, as I hope they drop like them, and try to run this tank out and hopes that it dear let me get through the memorial day week out yes and then wednesday- and I am aware of those high though those holidays, to raise that they want to fill up. I will replace them Abraham, like instead of going to expensive shell station, I would drive a milder the marathon stages, in a way that is being way to get the cheaper gas is, would save me like a couple bucks and adds up you up again. I don't know what you're like overall trajectory as, but I certainly that there's is a period in the late Ninetys were you're, making a ton of fuckin money, Huron Forbes list. Ninety
get. You made forty five million dollars. They said after the drew Carey Show. The news on everything before I started. Price is right. I was set up where I didn't ever have to work again and I didn't have to change my lifestyle very much. The things I like I could still do not have to work. So I was like I'm kind of retired and I can still buy stuff and Leon have fun, and I have to worry about work and then sir. I came along and I know it's really crazy that I've have this at. It's gonna get sickening. If you don't want to hear so. We talk like this, but No, I think I'll be more signal for you to act like that. That's not your reality! yeah and I'm sorry that I get I get bent out of shape about hypocrisy in line, not someone. What the real lasting. I I make a lot of money. Cbs makes a lot of money for prices, right, yeah we will pay a lot of any of that show. But when you were in that spot, when you retired there being quotes retired, the first time did
peace and contentment come with that yeah acknowledgement like you one good fear. Finally, good, even though I blow money, I can still afford it right now. I can't really in some ways, because my did they get of recent history and he just was really does not arise my realer, we gunners, I know my dad, but you have all when I was eight yet hardly knew he was in an idle hospital all the time, but we was would die of finally bring a brain tumor Rachel Maria, but he had like a stroke blood clots. I mean I have several memories of him like being taken out of the house. ambulance on a stretcher, visiting the hospital him just coming home and not being able to do much may be plain: a little catch in the side yard. When timing to a hockey game together, but that's but all them please, I have of him. Everything has its chronic illnesses, is always sick and then the always with a heart thing or something. Mrs stroke, heart attack blood clots than any fun yet, and I take him out there
We get to that thing in his brain took out his. I remember one time he took the patch often that we look inside. As I saw tat, I was pretty clear that it's cool when I hear you want to have a look, I'm again took up his eye passions. Let me look inside oh wow, yet it that's crazy. He was always that way since you were born. Yes, I hardly remember it was stories about I'm going for my mom and my relatives. I did have a lotta resentment. My moment ever tell me a good story, but my Every story was a negative story about my dad's drinking or about his neglect or his spending habits and stuff, like that, and a lot of them were her funny stories about. Like jokingly, like oh yeah week, I can never win here's an example like one time she said my dad was drinking and she told him if he came home drunk one more time. She was going to call the police, he came home drunk. He called the police and the carpet showed up was drinking body and my dad- and he saw my dad- is like Lou your right and choose like you know
can't win ha ha. That's my life right. I would think like all these you're joking stories, about my and then later on. When I was a adult, I would resent her for telling these stories. Like you never told me, one good story, Father yeah! I don't have any male role models that I can look up to and think I want to be like this guy right I mean there were I'm found them and I found them on my own, but no, no, nothing organic. We're like that. You want to be like your father. Would, at your carry now expect. This from me like. There was never any this right in my family at all. It was always I cates who you know at what you know and and get a good luck. I never had this expectation of like you need this cuz, it's what your family did. It is what your dad did right. I don't have that band. All I heard was: things about them, even though they were jokes like one time, another famous story, my Mama Tommy, like repeated over time, was we went to dairy queen one time I was a baby, so too old,
with the mom eight year old, with the mom in the car and they had a sale on Sundays. At the Steri clean, so there's a big line. My mom said was like forty five minutes or something like that, or have us some interminable about aligning timing line, he's waiting line outside to get to the dairy queen window to order the Sunday to get spore Neil has to my dad has two there on the car they get to. The car and for some reason my mom said he thought meal was going to drop the Sundays. We should give me those and he gets the two sundays from Neil and said my dad has four Sundays now and it's goes to open Dorothy drops three of them an average of the three of them. He took the fourth when you ran through the flesh. The thirty year Gun the cargo I can relate reaction. I see myself they remain so a first I presented my for doing this and like whenever they might get a break. I endeavored, but we must have some good stuff, because my other relatives on his side would come
how nice he was in a funny. He was, and you know how I missed your dad sense of humor and he was great to hang around and think about is like no. My dad was a drunk if you had a girlfriend said. Oh my my boyfriend husband. I told him the quick drinking our call, the cops you and good luck, her whole. That's funny that the captured up, maybe you think, like wow. How did you have to get so Sobek? What up to her finally sang and snapping and gone hey. Do this to me again and the kids I'm calling the police this wasn't, first time, re honey. You had one too many thing: it's like he's an alcoholic coming home every night and she's. Finally, at the end of a rope, not knowing what to do a thing like fucking his cigar to call the police, because I don't know what else to do with you re our cause, you I can't take this anymore yeah, that's that's like DEFCON, one
Yes, getting the cops and put in one time he had a my mom was home with Nick nothing to eat and nothing to feed the family left, and he was supposed to come home with the paycheck cash, his paycheck and come home. So she can go grocery shopping and never came home and went drinking instead. Tell me that story bright and like. Oh, why are you always begging to my dad? but now I think, like while you're a saint Kavin stickler. Why did you get divorced right? Why did you strike in her own confiscated, and then he ended up dying of you know all these bad health things that he brought out himself. Have you never drink now? you drink a lot. I wrote actually wrote a book once called thirty jokes and beer, yes, great drink, so much. I was in an alcoholic anything, but in college I was a functioning of Allah. Ok, so you never eat. You didn't have to quit. You just come in and it did so. I've talked a lot on here openly but be molested. My mom is a cost, which is people who volunteer to help
kids and foster care fell. Ok, they become like their body and they take them dollar appointments, and then they have one person at their cunning getting familiar with through this whole process rousing out you're, my mom does editor retirement, and so she has to take all these classes like one month to stay certified as one does. She called me one time, Jackie. I just left this class. Indeed, no, you only have a twenty percent chance of not being inadequate. If you been less Eighty per cent of people that are molested will be attics. Then I was like her. I just always whom genetically I was an attic or I had other issues, but I I certainly I don't think I could ignore something. That was a statistic that high that has to be in the soup for me, yet a bring this meditation thing like they call it monkey brain when you're flitting from one branch of the next year. Your thoughts play, rhapsody ideas that quite that monkey bring, but when you're driving into happens to have a lot of things like bad things in my life were you driving her interacting you're talking to somebody in your flash or something
We reminded of something- and he like nope not now, and he put it back in the look for a tv should a watchword some music to put on the radio or French. talking to something- and you want a distraction from That'S- you don't think about it. So that show, If suppressing it. During that ten days, there was nothing I could reach for those nothing I could do you aren't allowed any writing material or reading material or music or your phone, nothing except meditating in sitting by yourself. So the whole time you're there, you can't believe- all the stuff was like a reverie, nothing. You couldn't think about the thing you ve been ignoring noticed me now, yeah So all this stuff about, like you, know my childhood and every like bad decision I made and every evil thing I did. You know evolving. I'm pretty sure things that other people and that all that stuff would come up and like it was like crazy, and I would take a nap during the lunch hour and it's like These amazing, like technicolor dreams that I didn't have to get interpreted by any
for some little obvious yeah. Nothing metaphorical now yeah alone was like. I was in a room and there was like shit coming out of a toilet like in an old Peter sellers will use the sectors like Gallic, and I couldn't I was like trying to put the lid down and stop. guys, guys or shit. Another ship just come out as a global, stopped the shit and was like a silent and we all issues being up, and then I woke up- and I like her- I don't need it That was coming, and I remember that would particularly like to talk about. Conall offers a great while its one for the books in the end. The ten days with allowing them to come to the surface and then just I guess, sit in them for periods of time did you feel like you left, lighter like low, yet less of it, so that peace with everything because is
Is it in a way dealing with it just by recognising inlet yourself think about and pay attention to the immense authority alot of this our other stuff? In order finally came up, that would relieve the lot of things for me and now the suffer my mother, you know I really effectually your whole life you're religion for their mother. Big idea how it is. I think my mom was trying to be like jockey with me when she was talking about like she didn't want to hurt me and saved. I was speaking shit right? You know, racists of which he was he died and sixty six member. He belonged to a large, and I remember finding the Lodge Bulletins Agatha Poland's within and would have like a note like please keep brother Louis carrying Europe in your prayers Babo by this died than they would have like a joke section, and I can repeat those sharll. Oh my god, I have like holy shit. You put this in up print you just five minutes ago. You could be fully
loud about all that I was shocked and then also not shocked, and I was like well that's my neighborhood, that's Cleveland four year, the Cleveland very segregated for a long time, and I met her. It's is after I was on its nature. So, as people knew me ask me, Then another succumb yet come in Cleveland Anna counter at a local diner. I went to all the time and at the end and one guy sitting by the register and was a Kenny kings. That's all Kentucky Fried Chicken. So this chain in Cleveland had a there's acts, force five stores, maybe six and they all had a licensed. So Kentucky Fried Chicken sea. Going to this diner and get a three peace, mashed potatoes and a cup of coffee and silverware. it had a counter a table and they all sat other regular food and they had to go place next door. We can just walk any like rigour. Kfc we getting up and was all white neighborhood. So I'm sitting there and was a drunk, by the register and sees meaningless and she that guy from the comic
oh yeah, like Psycho, hey, I got a job for you and, the call above about it's a race Jeff, unlike unlike egos it was funny I go now. Man sorry early is whatever and the whole time he's telling it I'm looking at him and he's. It means ease and see the register, but this black couple came in and they came to the register and there standing right there as soon as this is a guarantee that conduct, so this guy tells the joke any Santa loud enough that everybody around Could. I could hear theme of the count so they could never hear of distance shock Ryan disguised balls you have to enter. My field is just like my dad used to tell her like friends, he's detail, and I was in grade school in the neighborhood nose like come on and they haven't left yet, but their standing there, the waitress comes around who saw every day there comes around it. Mornin chagos I gotta go in for you soon saw whiten here, while I am like get the fuck out of your man. Get me the fuck out of here. It's allocate and am I'm on the same thing I ever get out of your man. I gotta move
I gotta go to some one else here and I want to live in Abuja out anymore. They could have easily been just if that's your whole world, you grow up in it like that's, nor cuz, because if that's all you do is why? Wouldn't you think it's not I say this all the time. I don't know what your life was like on the playground when you grow up, but there were, they were probably ten things that were described with the inward in there Then I wouldn't have even known that, like the definition, without that, never even at seven years old, linking that word to a people or anything it was just there were all these expressions em. Well it's chain
Jane that again and I hope I pray. I that's not the words that are some places yet its chair, someplace else. I would like to think of it as a comment like social change, so there's people on the front of the comment or that's takes all the heat. I have a friend whose up pair serve as debts, whiteness Mama's black. They got married when at the time it was probably illegal and like so many states Stephen do that right. Oh, they are taken the heat than the heat of the comments of the black people that we would have the White neighbourhood or that whatever then it grows, and it becomes normal and like ok, while travelling all in the same place, while together no heat and then there's people on the tail end that are still catching up like their yeah. So couple highlights I wanna stirred up going on car I am getting invited over. That's like that's a very rare experience for us,
stand up to have on rare Astin. It's the thing. You ve peaked Mt Everest like yours, on end up right in the lottery or something because overnight people all of a sudden. No you one night right that many people watch that show and yeah there's no other way to describe it. It's a lie, I remember getting. I had. I was working at Chicago. I lived an ally, but I was doing us GIG in Chicago, and I got the call so had a mist Friday night GIG in Chicago. I flew Friday date back to allay to do the tonight show and then Saturday flew back to Chicago to finish my weak. and a hot- and I remember going to the airport on Saturday s eye on the Psycho Hassan night show the gate at the gate attendant. I want to go, Hey good job over tonight show the
So the real, isn't it flew back on Sunday Monday, twenty five, some like that, we more sage and showed it to see me to assess the impact of a while and, like you know, if you're doing stamp and semi come to see, you did psycho an agent from the thing came. So this was the head of the Lit Department, the head of the tv department, the head of the Movie Department, the head of the commercial department away more. If they had the president, we like every big heavy, had her for every day showed up. Watch me. Do a set set me down on the second floor of the improv up in that upstairs area and a semicircle mean the front talking about how they wanted to be in the drew Carey Business and if they could do for me, I remember Bud Freeman, just like being flabbergasted and like opening a bottle of champagne for me, like I have never seen him like that. The next night, another head of a spot, not an agent at the head of the agency every night that week at the improv all showing up the watch me do a set and
about how what they can do for me and how they wanted to be in that UKIP, I love that idea. We want to be in the DRC, cared very you're, an industry that they want. A well developed- and you are we as it has turned out to be, but it's hard to wrap your mind around and its two detriment. If you don't, I think I'd like to tell people is that you know one of the oyster. We still do read a lot of self help books. And one of the early lessons I learn that was really important to me was that you are working for yourself. It doesn't matter this back when I was like a busboy, you're selling a set of skills tissues Heidi after I read that I never thought. Oh, I'm working for this restaurant as a busboy or as a dishwasher as a waiter No matter what Bilbil said and my head, I'm selling my services, independently to work in this area, and I mean we'll be independent contractor and coming in making already my tips than I'm gone, you don't own I'm not working for you you're, not over me, I'm just I'm an independent contractor, and this is the only skill I have to sell and it's like that,
no business. You have a skill and my good at this, my care director am. I will not let out a glittering right is finding out what in you haven't. You are, you have to know, and you have to sir in show business anyway and in life you have to surrender self with people who won't bullshit, you I'll. Tell you exactly what right wrong. yeah hey, you know you're the best friend now, but gotta, be the romantically nope best for I'm sorry right! Ok, let me make a living up at best friend. Then those guys be a lot of money. Do that or I can be a funny bus. A funny leading item in a movie like acting success does require a certain level of hyper honesty where you dislike. Ok, I'm this and I just put it to it right, which is hard, really are yeah expensive. You see yourself as not that stay to arm chair. If you dare, we are supported by
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I just recognized about your career and I, and I admire about your career, is, I think it for me would have been very easy vibe. I do that the drew Carey Show and I'm making a ton of money, I'm having fun for you to go ahead and decide. You know what I actually want to be a part of a group and I'm referring to whose line? Is it anyways? To me? It seems like use you're someone who has prioritized being with people, you love or people. You really think are funny like that. You that you ve prioritize the the process in the group experience with honesty who wouldn't want to hang out with Ryan and Gregg proofs Wayne Brady an chip asked in a hike all the people on that show. Why wouldn't Tell you who won it, because its happens to many people there, like none, I must a and I don't need to be around people who are potentially be funnier me at any given moment. That's not the way to be six
look. I've always wanted to be successful and have a work. I knew just from reading and like I would study what not to do from people. I learned a lot of people on shows like what not to do even they were successful, sounds like what I want to end up like that. Never fail like that. So let me use best practices and the best practice in a thing like that is, if everybody's funny and if you're the star you're going to get a lot of the credit. Yes like by association, yeah yeah, it was a very smart man but Imagine also not a uniquely stand up thing to like exactly what I'm saying is you got in a stand up in you? That's where you got discovered in that's what got you a show yet, then you immediately when you have the option to pick you will towards Improvin Sketch and all this this group stuff yeah. I remember when I first reading for like going to meetings after I got the tomato about show like when you knew about undertaken a meeting every week or take it to meet
with somebody out in the end the backs effervesce the idea, so I would get hey you're in everyday guy and I was really soup right then, and they ve, like you, be good part of an unstoppable and I would think to myself. I can and want to be in some. I wanna be the star. The show right, that's Nancy! like I had a big enough of an ego, and I wanted money really Many driven a lot of it was like. I wanted the star mixed. but one of the stock. After that I try to deal with Disney television. It was the group of the Untitled. Your carry project got fired from in the middle of the middle of the LA by the LA riots, were going on bow wow. I remember driving home my last day is when Reginald Denning get pulled out of the truck and I'll remember watching it on tv in Gideon they're, sending him every home early and remember this driving home from disease and just white knuckle like. Is anybody didn't like the m? I gonna come onto an intersection yeah with total. Like I don't know, where was the other rights came right up to the edge of my neighborhood like I live by the rock and roll roofs
ass. I remember a friend of mine on the roof of my apartment, building with a UK forty seven yelling at people at the Ralph, they were going down and there is a but for those roof, a k, mother Fucker go if the roof and brandishing is not working a K. Forty so while and threading these people with gas cancer, gonNA, Burnett, Ralph and the liquor store down and the bucket looted, some guy got shot from Polly. What high school apply store down the street got Lou. Did we run the very edge of the thing the tornado out? and analysis that help alleviate you're pain from getting fired. really well could be Now is the guy. Well. That would like to know the whole world's any yet, but then Africa fire from the do, carry projects another front of my was doing junk having to resort to show, and I was the best running the show- and I remember I liked working with a most great and it was a really good experience, but I'm a member
Batman thing local fuck. Now the best friend always right like if this show doesn't work I'll get another show will be the best friend on that show in the second business. What you get paid for something especially back then the end Then you get plugged in every other product was it and if you were a star show, and it didn't work, guess what you are ever again, the starvation right you're only the start of a show again if it worked, it was that it was always a hell Mary past always YAP shoe. I, of course, I'm hosting a game show now more than ever, the show spin the wheel on Fox it's a preposterously sized wheel, four stories tall wow and you can win twenty three million dollars on LAO, but is an actual did they control the wheel? Not
Unlike the wheel on your shall I my show there is, if you were to practice, spinning on it, you could spin it just hard enough to make it go round, one revolution exactly and land on the dollar. If you knew the weight of its new, could judge it like Boeing. That's what the spinning the wheels like. It's always been, the same whales and seventy five, Does it get any gifts repaired? Occasionally I have to imagine or not a while, but then they have to get it serviced guys have to like spit it be out at the spin it like a thousand times and keep track of every number on into ever a member. They did a repaint of it or something like that, and there was the guys were backstage spinning it there's like three crew, guys, aha- and I was I- was there- an updated, meet somebody em and I'm just walk around. I gotta go on. I really just the last week we had a spinning wheel, write another results for the psychology. Shit accept that you're all their gap when they had like sodas, and they were just some doubts and we got one market
not a sandwich, spinning wheel of the Rhine marshlands resembling help out with, but no means much more like if you were to choose the option in the casino where you hit the button. Ah me how guideline machine, as opposed to point here, you know it's completely: whatever them algorithm that does it randomly the other machines. I went right. Wait you beggin, it's, it's a did it you can, but it is randomize. It is all this oversight gotcha, but but again I think it's forty tonnes. So there is, any thousand pounds taking motion is those eleven dealer no deal where they can like you want to stop spent in the wheeler one worse for the similar, so they'll have some money on the board Edna in the final act of the show in the Navy, family member, and they get out lets it a million dollars on the board and then this this walk away, number comes up, like you could bring in now in your guaranteed you're gonna walk with two hundred grand and the person in the audience can either hit that or not, and then they spend again might go up to
three million dollars and now the walkway number might be six hundred thousand, but their next spring could also be backed zero in their fuckin dead. That's the end game, so someone didn't ring in there on how it is when it doesn't who, as the House Fuckin rob rough. That's also revealed seconds before I'm like good night. four achieved, so these are absolutely heart breaking and then I got a like throw it to the reader is on people like lose horribly. now go on the ride with him. You can't help but get sucked into their ride prices right. I feel bad of somebody plays the game badly, a lotta given many hence. But if somebody like really is like lost at sea- and I can, about so much without saying, say: seven that right you want to walk right up to that life. It was me, read me the number. I can't do that right. I just feel bad forms of media they're nervous guarantee the first. Oh yeah, there's some,
going on in an certainly am, I sure, like if it's actually life changing amounts of money. Why these billion dollars, my goddamn people, want it and people of like could have walked with two million allergenic Dna there's a gambling stuff coming in the plague. oh yeah, yeah these to do, let's make a deal same producer for price is right, is let's make a deal things to do, let's make a deal in Vegas and they don't anymore cuz. They were at the Tropicana Now one of the problems or having as we would go, here's forty dollars now you can keep at forty dollars or be traded for what's behind door number two everybody go nope, I'm keeping this forty boxes again immediately or they are there so broke when they show up raw fuck. I'm keeping this forty bottom accurate. We're just learned the hard and weighing could be like you could be it are there to be a trip to the trip. Zeal
Forty bucks, a motorbike animals like such a chore to get people to take up in that they already have right. They were do the geographical has, how early no risk anything really, that's really fascinating. It be funded. what kind of a sociological experiment where you, if you do set that show all over the world so like. If you put him in Paris may like. Oh, no, I gotta go, for ten million or nothing, because anything shy of ethnic effect might allow eating with the prisoner free Mental us, like the seasons about to start again and free mantles. The company licences presses right to Syria and they have shows all over the world- and I was asking one other shows like they do. America's got talent in Paris has got talent, juries got talent and there are other got. Talent shows that Serbia shown right. Many countries without talent? Did he say Hardly ever he's got some kind of family, but the probably have with prices right as our prizes now are so good at such as rice running that link its. We have really good amazing trips and great car. I kits the prices of great yeah, the other shows Cato.
What's it like that, these to be able to get wouldn't give way, rice learning in an area. you're. Whenever and now they want to do like the american show Allegro we can't afford acts are budget, something enough rail, it's hard to now art and harder to sell, was actually so. How many episodes of that at your do shoe hundred ninety a hundred in the air. So even if you're, making ten bucks an episode, your crushing, yet he had at home can you do in a day at last year we started doing three show days, so he had a longer summer off. The downside is this next year We have sixteen three hour days built in, which is a really long daily thing. Three episode day, three episode data. Sorry, it's a long day right really one day, while so a hundred ninety episodes a year- and you ve now been doing it for what I am just starting my thirteenth year, thirteenth year of twelve years under my belt. So you ve done over two thousand episode the longest job. I've ever had. That's that's a very long job. It is
oh yeah, there's people on the show there been there like thirty years, thirty five you're twenty five years and you never blink an eye when you hear that at this show, cuz I've been here forever. The audience is whipped into a lather, I mean date. They come to Fucking party, I've had friends a show. a ladder. Yes, they show up. It is over. We don't have a warm up back coming on ahead of time to get em whipped. Oh you catch fire, probably gas, I'll come in and the music pump enter. There are like dance and high fighting each other and get their seed and wooing, unlike we met in New York screaming back and forth, and so there pumped up from the minute they walk in I've known as some people are going there like. I want to say ironically, but some people are going, they have a whole mission, do norms ain't, they have got like apply I am glad they want to have the prices right experience, so right there and they like I want to go. There are many allowed, I'm gonna will we might all where these same sure unaware that minor do like a call to come down. I got my dance. All planned out right, do! I know I'm going to say I too,
Did you kill anyone ever try to Andy Kaufman in that moment, like that's their five minutes, they don't really care about winning the game. The just on tv, one guy or them to be one guy- did a million dollars a million and the one bit and I go hours ago. Yes, one you are right that you, I would argue, have em right for I'm not allowed to cause I've done. I would be influencing their decision. That's what they want to do something about the four twenty bobbing now he's really famous. there's a guy that when Bob was on, he came down and asked him what his bed he he said, four hundred and twenty bob- and he looked at back of his They started giggling right and then Bob was like all right at it and then the next next bid for,
Bob. I don't like that kind of thing. You know what you are using the show of reform and our once in a while. So nice guy decided, if you got picked, he's gonna make this we'd reference Barker. It may be worth more than anything in Beijing of I'll. Take it, I'll lose washer and dryer over does the music play is practical. You like this the complaint in these two areas are put in afterward Galva sound effects or live ok up above board the boy yeah? That's all played life while, like the audience, you obviously watched a million of results. Of that show right. I did you have to how about the prices right, but I didn't know, I knew hardly any. The games turns out o right there. Seventy some games right as seventy five games on is that the hard part of the show is conducting the games. That's not part of my show is that is,
very technical aspect, to the show you how to shoot me shit what people would be like the easiest thing in the world. You have to explain the rules correctly in southern Europe lay. So I have to explain how to play monopolies somebody when the sitting down to play monopoly and make sure the christian the rules. We also don't use free parking, nor this thousand pieces remarking rule. Like me, sure they understand what's going on, they can play the game fairly and I can't mess around about that. Yes had always have to, I explained to everybody in May I have a little patter to do with every game. Make sure that I just give the rules up to them and are those on cards You know no are teleprompter nothing's until it prompter really. So you did. You have to know the rules of all seven again out aware near peace. Is no teleprompter, oh wow, nothing you're, really wrong.
On your there might yet after aptitude tests, like my third season of the show for no reason, a friend of mine tell me about it and it's a two day test, and I tell you what you're attitudes and interests are, and I mean like the ninety seven percent tile or something I forgot- the call but the ability to keep track of a lot of things at the same time out, ok- and I think it's because I was a waiter for so long and then a stand up where you have to be aware of it. in the audience when the servers are drop in the drink. Things at the end, if there's a bar you're making noise or whose walking in a white flash. You have to wonder jack of all kinds of stuff and be funny, and though we are at your act and now it's coming up next says a lot nor had when you're waiting. labels, even in my dummies days. Ok, that person needs coffee? Let me pick up this order going to get that caught like I have a bunch of things in my head going at the same time, and I price is right. Okay, I got to make this contestant feel
my god empathize with their make them feel ok and make sure I'm in Cambridge. You can see me and you know pay attention to George talking, I can't hear him because its allowed its I'm looking at his face to see when he's done, and I have to keep track of your people in the audience whose yelling out of their friends or their, what they're saying some keeping track of all this stuff. At the same time, while the show going on right and that's not hard for me. It's the thing I can do right here because of that so much practice at different jobs and suck my whole life Was it surreal to step into that environmental, real use? You knew implicitly that you are now and have an immediate s. It straps rally really weird like I'll. Never forget that first day, walking out was. I was like getting hit by a wave of sound surprise. I didn't get knocked over. It was so loud. I get really almost feel like a comic book wave of things coming at me. Arouse such I'm surprised employment,
you're back right was so loud and people- and I was like- oh my god, like I rehearsed above the shows before that, and I need ok walk out. Stand here. Let's do it again- and I say this to this camera stolen we're time. Ok breakfast I gotta do rehearsals like that, and I played along with full shows people for the production office, but nothing prepares you for that noise, and that is the energy that's in their second gazing yeah. I, for some reason was it was easier for me to digest that I was in a movie and more easy did. I guess I was like a tv show. Then, when I would step back off stage from this game show, and then I would look on the matters of what it looked like for me that
was the most like. How did I get here in life? Where that's the first time I ever like really couldn't comprehending about that all the time. It's weird! It's really! I don't know why. That specific thing for me triggered like how on earth did you leave Michigan? This is where Europe is weird cause. You grew up in a normal polish. Now, no dough like people not having any expectations of you and all the sudden you're doing this almost unique thing. It's a carnival if its unique. It's rare in oh, you, like, oh there's, only a handful of people on the planet, who had this bizarre severe gather like really kind of crazy here that I get to do this like one of my driving forces is like, but I've got the shell. Finally, a lot of the production people confided to me like a week, the show is going to get canceled, we are always. We were all worried that we were working to have a job. That's like really suck yeah cuz. We were like auditioning people and having people come in and nobody was working and
you know and Bob was gone without all the shows. The second work without Bob Bob was the job was the show and then think out, you're here, because now we know we have work and the shows gonna keep going. But there is people like legit worried, like oh shit. This could be the end of the prices right cause. They can't find a replacement, no he's gonna know we can be and I'm a bob at All- and that saying that, but I I think I do a good job hosting the show anything new to let you thousand, if you knew now, shall I also think like oh, like Bob Markers- and I can't ok skip that out of the way knowing that, if an icon- and leave a show and the show can still keep going. Then I can leave the show and have the show keep going and so I better come in here every day, ready to work and really do a good job, and I never think to myself like I got a job for life, I can do what I want. I can skates all. That's good executive ABC be tempting to get him because you have paid a lot of dough and I could really like founded a phoney then, but I can't they wanted to show my work if your phone,
show work, and so just fire me right the brands bigger than you brands, bigger than right and every year I'm like man, they could find somebody younger nippur in something or whatever direction they want to go in, and I don't have anything to say. Oh my shepherd time, I guess somebody data and I'm like this is it this could be my last year's muzzle enjoy it. That's the attitude to have all the time. That's great well drew I've arms, new around town over the years, you're, always the nicest sky to bump into and again I know the behind the scenes from Caitlin. So it's it's, it's unpolished very he really stay out here and I will say again for the record when you ready up and all three of you of a few on a good of Disneyland yeahs. Let me know you not to get a hold of me. Yes, and this will arrange day I'll get a guide will eat a club. Thirty three and you'll have the best adult they had Disneyland. You ever had watched the fireworks it's the best yeah I do. I do
I'm so glad I've never outgrown that place, or I still yo and I'll. Take my kids there in the greatest. Oh yeah. This place still works for me tat the greatest it is through your awesome. Thanks for coming right, am I worship at the altar of your two thousand episodes MEG two hundred today, that's a lot of fun. It is relatively regains its at noon. Cocoa me it's on. Have you, my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men, listen I think you, oh everyone, an apology for being late. I think that's how we need to start. You were freaked out my hair went. Look good for currency insisted that I went and shower and put product in it, so that would dry correctly yeah I mean you are totally neurotic that I would not look yoked in beef beefy oh yeah now, and so you force me to work out the idea. I said you have it:
skinny and stinky. We need a shower and work out needs all my hair look bad in reverse order, and so she apologized web. That's now what happened to add all stop blaming me for your problems of hey, you were lay, I was late year I was now he did. I move it back a half hour and then, on top of that, I was actually fifteen minutes late. Well, I'm glad you're at least acknowledging it some. It sounds like you coming. It's unattractive its undesirable in its uncouth. It's fine, it's fine! It's fine drew Carrie, drew, carry yeah hard to make his name longer. You know I like to extend the guest name drew bird. Just nothing to me now. I guess you could call em Andrew carry yeah. I ever really added reef o before we get into him. Let us talk about the show that we like it's called cheer, make a netflix,
It's my show. It's your shows, your maid for Monica Patagonia and it's all about a junior college. Cheer squad who in the past has been the world share. What are they call the glad the Grand National confused, because they one national championship like with six times or something, but then the one grand nationality is the highest score and the competition? Oh, so it's so you could win nationals, but not the hazards, different categories so like there might be it those national there might be a all girls squad. category Cohen roads as our lawns and southern Brunettes category unwrapped mothers different category Is it and I believe Grand National is like an overly yeah, which is very hard to account. bless, I'm loving it. You are a little worried, I wouldn't enjoy it yeah, it's like when I wash master of none, and I just relates so much, and I thought is anyone else gonna like this or it or not. Is it you esoteric and then everyone Loveday
and is seemingly the same thing for cheer people like. Oh my gosh, Amy Shimmer posted a story today of Jerry Jerry is the best that Matt talk. Remember. That was a quote. I take exactly who is really a matter, so Jerry had yellows generate taxi each other or something and then she tweeted it in. made me so please to think that those two our canoe it did in the world that Jerry's giving recognised issue whereas exuberance in all my con personality. Oh, I told you this, so I can something you're, IRAN upset three halfway: punctual pins and needles, fifty six days so that I am a wreck. Yes, I am watching this finale and I'm bawling in it It's the same. It's the same intensity, I mean not the exact same intensity, but
the feelings are the same of when I was at stake- and I was crying NEO know that story where we want and then I like lost control of my body. I couldn't control mice. Of rights, and I have MIKE had really an experience. You're like that. I mean a good I'm not asking a crazy question because you lost complete control control battle. These, I think my ear and was in TAT S where you embarrassed after the fact or no, because I know you should be on this one. I know he knew. I wonder if you are, I think, maybe a little bit, but everyone in that state yeah, I'm not everyone was crying like. I was crying everyone is in this. Just immediate among national thousand and you go from lake, but Lo Tan, two thousand because year your nerve, you're, so nervous, you're, so nervous and uncomfortable such a specific feeling country. That's what ecstasy is. That's, why
trying to give Manawyddan aware as avi. Oh yeah he's Pablo pill. Nothing ever feel the same. Only feels that good, because you aren't because he worked so hard, and it really does a boils down to two minutes. Your whole year, Afro two and a half and Marianne correcting the student has become the teacher thirty six days that data beginning on the man than fifteen seconds to get off. Oh my god, the feeling, because when your you'll see when you get there but the seconds before when you're on the map, and you're waiting for the music to start my, oh, my god, So it's great. Can I point out something you're not gonna like. I want you to acknowledge that when you're watching these and I fell document there is about see tee, and the Helm attack now that the you're going. This is ridiculous. There cannot be a sport no one's brain and a busted at the end of a shower right so obvious to you on the outside:
and probably when you hear these football players more like, I don't give a fuck I'm in Europe. I, like you, for being so short sighted and stupid. Now I'm watching this document are people are getting concussions left and right. Bomb thumper, Wanna girls have five of them, think they're gonna get city and I said This is insane. They dont practice with a minimally bicycle. How much that way alone: ounces. It would not fuck up you're you're anything! You have your head eyes, your heads, thirty pounds that you could throw forty Nelson, the it is so preposterous anyone that's You will be the watches and recognise there. No reason not to practice with a helmet. Yes, there is ok lots of reasons born and ends up being less safe because you will hit your helmet. Somebody's arm a people or cared little, you and think there's an omen is that much harder than your forehead or Euro Sippel Bonn, none other horror which is making more space around your heads. When you give them the ear,
normally hitting your head. Unless something happens, you're abnormally normally like hitting your head on someone's chest, But if you have a home in on it would but let's be clear as someone who is now an expert from watching this programme here, catching them by the body, not the head. If there can, I am I the head, there's been an error. I know that that's out of the back spot is catching from behind their catching. Under your arms and they are catching your body, but your head is here on the nod, put same, puts by yet the helmets not harder than the back your head, then does it head? Yes, but if there's extra what the helm- it's not harder than the back your head, that we think it does it head. Yes, but if there's extra that will hit it ever you're so Tiger in the most confine tights, but you don't have room for extra material and also the extra ounces really does make a difference. You have two very specific shoes. We had. These specific issues are, I think, four ounces.
yeah, well, you're being ball had, and I do not worry you're not here. I order for half a year here now men had you're not being you're, not prioritizing safety or or the rest of their life, so they choose and I'm not saying they too, where in the competition? I know everyone needs their blog to look good in their hair is going to do a certain thing, I'm just ain't in practice, just like they ve now you know in practice they don't run as much in football. They have less contact practices. You know they're, making adjustments that are realistic and I'm watching the show which I love, which I love and arrest, ACT. All the athletes and I'm going this they're, just not doing everything they can do for safety. Now. Look I'm not that I agree with. I would not put dealt in there to get fucking five foot for cushions five. She's, never gonna feel the feeling I fell. Will there be a? U one that he doesn't have the by product of head trauma? Now you there's many many! So you don't have the buying ever got a concussion in my time it's
it allowed little. I guess I'm not sure I am not sure I'm seeing early signs of one of them is aggression, you have it. I know I do, but I'm all in it way board accident. recycle access, my god, I'm gonna get more more aggressive. I I hate you, Ok, now I know what you're saying someone on the outside, but you are wrong. You can't practice wits thing and then just go to the competition and expect everything to be this. To be fine, it's not Everything you named is do you know why they'll see when you get episode purified? You know why you're not correct, because it's never been try your I mean you're, saying the fury- that's never been tested. Do you know why you are correct? Why? Because you ve never done it right and I have and I know that even if somebody has like a bracelet that's almost flesh with their skin. It makes a dick
that makes a difference in the way people are catching. Who makes it on what they have to hold him? I mean it makes a different. Everyone will have to adjust now ya so desire. We had led him, send someone out after a career of cheer for years, five year, twenty concussion cd, nowhere you're just like wiser, and if you are blinded by your love for this, why not? I did that and people did get hurt. People like came out and we lost waiting a partner and its end. They happen all the time, but now ever because in our and our experience, never because of concussions and ever because of something a helmet could of snapped lots of times I see out lots of tumbling injuries and what people have an wound will know that they just can't come on and their out their normal o in yours
are there any are saying: oh you don't care about that for future with a broken bomb me the rest of your life. We know I rubbed my hamstring right in your fine you're you're, doing great underwrite inhabited height back. That's, ok, anyway we loved share with you is tat. It really just a really brought me back, and I I thank Netflix further nor results in is what we vote. We vote on this episode of whether you agree with moniker. I wanted. I wanna see if I'm off base or Monica off base. We need some object about sooner, because I'm an actual expresses what lines you too. That's the only weird thing about you. You cannot see your own blindness y know I'm saying you are suffering from being in the forest crisis point. Different views. Enemy people die right. Motorcycles, oh go you're, absolutely right, it's absolutely dangerous, its apps. I wouldn't deny at any point
the rear ideology deny what never say it's not as dangerous modal thing model JP raising is in his dangerous. Actually is one where there in a car. Ironically, that's just the data. They haven't guys and died in a long time. What did you say? now, I'm a man where they raise two or three guys die every single rate see here. He tat you now! Ok, but you're not making any on an angel. I'm not in denial of I think changes would be fantastic to ILO man, but but You drive a motors that you write a motorcycle. Knowing your danger I don't raise on. I am. I am ok, but just the road is it more dangerous dangerous? What I do is very dangerous, ok, yeah, ok, now to your nuke out that is that there is a lot of injuries right, but you know the change. In any way, do you want to
Yes, I was very in favour. Now leathers you can buy leathers that have at their called an air suit and when you start to crash in inflates the whole suits, you don't break your bones. Now there are a lot of me all that had issues with that because of the added weight. Because of once that thing deploys, you lose your. You know, potential Military control, motorcycle Bob? I was very in favour of their suit, while it's a little different, because your writing recreational fishing the very serious, and I believe it is time now you do. You bet you Norman attractive. with me. I know you do when Channing's faster than me. Everyone's my whole life and I must be faster, so a shirt so there's injuries, but I dont think anything. Should I hope my John caution, I hope, and get see tee, o my god you're the devil wag casually. You end up enough,
I see tee, I'm doing great, so our should get it. Oh, my god. Oh my god, we ve got that crack shark update. Oh there's an update, robbed, you wanna say it. someone from the crack family emailed us and said that crack is a play on cracking an egg and that their technically a chicken and egg restaurant robs his egg. like that egg, that's the Chicago they will. We apologise owners and family members of Crack shack for assuming it was a play on the addictive quality of crack cocaine, otherwise known as rock. I said, Think people, though, when they see the sign, think that we know their intentions now, which is beautiful, but I still think people think crackerjack like its addictive and a good where I am so a funny that you think I am in the forest about my stuff, but your nine, the forest with about your because you dead since an example right there. They
You still think that you're right and with the knowledge they you're, not yeah yeah. I do, I think, the majority of people when they hear crack Shack, don't think of cracking and your right by Yeah on imposing people arriving funded a study where there and intent the Dublin Tundra you wouldn't be so do I wanted to ask you? What do you think I do doing most people when they hear crack check? Think old crept old crack in the egg check? I actually to be honest when I first heard it, I didn't think it was cracking and egg, but I also did not think of it as craft crack: cocaine, cocaine! You know my head, I'm thinking of Jos Crab Shack. To be honest, when I hear that would have you cracked to be the most common injury and she now, I think, of Jos Crash, I can, I think, of cracking the crap
that's what's happening in my head or that's when you have a positive association. I would imagine that oh yeah obviously, and a birth there too, there well now. We now know how will now before we get into drew, but this connected and go home, I am because it is true, is a game show house and we just watched a game. The last thing I just their jeopardy jeopardy pretty all along. We were can I can I roll it out of the car. Category will use its greatest. You knew that I had read the clues Fora category and I thought that was really cool. They got to do to me too, like a month ago, and I did not even realize, while I was reading the category that the whole,
Had a glory was gonna be named, not an armchair expert. I mean writing. I didn't realize that I read all these answers with great stress, as there is a lot of multi syllabic words, there was some hard pronouncing Asians, but I got through it and that's all I've just put a pin in it. I, here's the reveals a thousand and standard episode. Then we come to find out where, on the God, damn hammer areas or of all time episode the prime time, eight p m fourteen, in viewers. Yes, all right! There were already I'm already like an eleven my out at an alarming that such an honour and then to be on the prime time and then the fucking haddock. Or it is not an armchair expert. Now, oh, my god, I couldn't live around my head around their reaction is so wonderful. You were standing quite I really did not excite. I had no, I didn't know
you know, I don't know that's. It was gonna happen, oh my god! So flattering! Oh what a night! What a night ok drew carriage, ok, drill! Another game show host! Yes, ok, so he said cedar Point is exactly between Detroit and Cleveland Incentive scheme. Ok, I was gonna get that it's about sixty miles from Cleveland and I'm gonna guess that it's about a hundred miles from Detroit. The exact coordinates of the mid point are some want let latitude majority one degrees, twenty four, don't even know how to save ii, South North North forty one degrees, twenty five. What looks like inches twenty four feet, no What have you read coordinates? There's three numbers hero came forty one point, forty,
one degree site twenty five feet: sign twenty four inches sign north ok, it's fine further refining that forty one sure, but I guess I am asking is: what is the verbiage? How do you say a cause? You don't say forty one percent and you dont say twenty five feet: twenty four inches. This is just how you write it met on a high. You say it. So, ok, forty one twenty five twenty four north grown. Eighty three ten, forty west, ok, ok, ok, great! That's the exact ordinance of the mid point! Now, the cedar Point Court, are oh wow. Forty one point. Four eight to two percent north and I don't have the other two numbers. Maybe those were relevant, eighty two
point six, eight three five percent- whether it really is almost exactly mid point- was the crow flies. I dont want to anger you, but would you mind if I ask for under question: hey Google? How far is Detroit from Cedar point? It's one hundred eighteen miles to get to Detroit from Cedar Point one: eighteen pay, Google, how or is it from Cleveland Cedar Point it sixty one point eight miles yield cedar point from Cleveland walk over above all. Can you believe my guess is that spot on? I guess sixty miles it was sixty one miles. That's incredible! My claim was that cedar point was way closer to cleave when it turns out it's it's half the distance to Cleveland as it is to Detroit. Let about these coordinates. their minutes minutes in seconds ago. Injuries minutes second, so it is degrees. You do say it like that pay. The percentages are very similar.
but also. I wonder if, when you pose a question like that, if it just goes as the crow flies Years Cleveland, here's a try. Me a bomb straight line, the midway point as these coordinates. Ah, I wonder if they factor in driving, you can't just ghosts there's gotta go down? Seventy five, meaning I go cross sure bet. That's maybe two different questions driving verses. Is it literally centre would deal a mean. The bottom line is drew, wrong. That cedar point is halfway between Detroit until we ended Cleveland guiding Rights, one third of the way to Detroit. Ok, so he's a club, thirty three member who, which is very exclusive apex of exclusivity yeah. I really want that. He said he'll take us, but I want my own membership, or you do here, aren't you think, because a year well, it says here that this is just on speculation. Has nobody really knows
right. The invite only membership has a weightless has been opened and closed over the years. You too high demand. According to one club, thirty three member, there is a twenty five thousand do: a hundred thousand dollar initiation fee and twelve thousand and thirty thousand annual fee depending on the level, of membership, oh god, even when you get in their cars, I want the highest here hundred thousand thirty thousand dealing in sapphire, platinum or diamond. When you ve been doing broken it in a gemstones over there that now it's probably Disney base? how they like move and then some less. I donno polluters prelate, where you entered as a PLUTO lightly, he exactly gazelle goofy, cycling, The club is a members only dining experience consisting of the restaurant in a jazz lounge lockers, he has well yeah. They got me interests. I now members also get access
one thousand nine hundred and one lounge in California adventure. It's also the only place to serve alcohol at my California park. So I get my money, so you so probably have to pay for the alcohol. yeah. The club was originally designed as a place for Walt Disney to entertain, guess and business associates, but he died about five months before it was officially old, sad toodles, so yea you said, he'd been doing this for twenty five years. He went on Carson in ninety one o guy struggles and tore me yeah, so Alma twenty nine years, almost thirty years, almost thirty years, for how anyone could find room for employment, show business for thirty years, nearly impossible yeah as true ok, the movie about how
This is happy. It came out two thousand eleven. We ve talked about that a few times on here. I think he said there seventies games. Seventy ish games on the show. There's a total of two hundred and ten pricing games had been played on the show, seventy seven of which are in the current rotation. I can imagine juggling moment games, I barely jugglers spin. The wheel game is in the field of different access. Different things happen in each of the earth is enough for me, from whatever as for different, can always a play. The game at untapped out. Yeah, that's all fascinating, gentlemen yeah very very he was so nice he's very, very kind and very inclusive, very generous, asking us to come to Disney we're and we Caitlin worked with them. She just couldn't have been more positive about how generously, while the Yankee yeah likes, you hear that about people me too I love you. I love you and I'm gonna work on my scheduling, guy, a hurry
easy. You and Adele half do better IRAN after lobby