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Ed Helms (The Daily Show, The Office, The Hangover) is an American actor, comedian and musician. Ed chats with the Armchair Expert about his love of the banjo, feeling guilty about leaving The Daily Show and being self admittedly repressed. Dax asks about Ed's open heart surgery and Ed tells the story of having food poisoning when shooting The Hangover. The two talk about the loss of control that comes with fame, Ed’s new movie- Coffee and Kareem and Dax recalls escaping a career-ending situation in Thailand.
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Welcome, Welcome welcomed armchair expert day six hundred of quarantine, I'm Dan shepherd I'm joined by Monica PLAID man. where are you do do in gray? Oh well, today we have a very very phone guest, we're about his huge tran viewed. Add hounds he's an actor comedian, emotional Thirdly, a banjo player he started as a correspondent. The daily show he was brilliant there. He was on the office for years in the hang over trilogy. Any as a new movie called coffee in Korea, now on Netflix, so ya have nothing but time check out coffee and cream, and please enjoy word helms. We are supported by stamps for all our sakes. We need to avoid crowds anyway. We can right now, but what if you need to go to the post office? What if you need postage to send out letters and packages? Don't worry Stan
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set together here. Your hairs looks great, thank you I took a shower and I shaved. This morning I looked like a cave man staggering out of a car accident. When I got out of bed morning, and I learned took my first shower in a number of days, which was partly because I am doing some Preston. And also because my wife was just not tolerating rating, my vibe anymore. I dare you read it so you and I met as I call sometimes I'm wrong about this, but my verse, memory of meaning you is in Thailand Guy, I think that's my memory as well. We were my Thailand that's right exclusively, hang out in Thailand pretty much, but I got there and you guys were shooting the hang over two and it was in a place, was called crabby probably Thailand yeah crazy resort. That place was so kind of expansive in
weird. It's like that. It's all designed to kind of keep everybody separate. Like every rule or I'm assuming every room had its own little pool like many pool or a hot tub, or something so yeah. You could have just stayed secluded in your little pal, yes, It was incredible that was a ridiculous resort where we shot that and I think the only people that Go to that are like russian oligarchs I don't know, I don't even know who would go the thickets and it's kind of borderline, not fun so like yours you're, so isolated emanates incredibly opulent and if that's, what you're into than yeah sure it's fun but like it's designed to keep you upon. So you don't really have a vibe like. Oh, this is fun, People are like having fun here, yeah you're right, but the best part was for me. Because again I didn't have to work together to work, but just twenty feet off the coast. There. You had those incredible little mountain,
jutting up from the ocean and the caves and stuff and we went swimming in there, It was incredible. I kind of guy that part of What was so exciting about making that movie was. So being a tourist in Thailand and just drinking up things about Thailand, the culture, the scenery and because we all know we were in Bangkok, for like eight weeks in that This is a nice I'm not. have the same regulation I didn't feel like it. We jump the car overcome Now remember that was like a big night. I didn't like the next night were doing car chased through a market and they It's all set up to be wrapped in the chase, but or still just like drifting, through these I tight little streets and drank yeah, and I want my most memorable stories out of that because you guys had to work early in the morning because we went from Kirby to Bangkok and you guys had to work in.
is this on my own. So zags then girlfriend inured. Then girlfriend said we will take you. You remember this at all. Now I dont sites. Ok, this is amazing, so they took me to first I'm going to use the term. Ladyboy was a ladyboy bar and I experienced that with them for about a half hour or something, and then they took me to another Strip club in it's quite a production. I mean there was lights. It was huge it somehow felt life or farming there were, but hundreds of people there and at some point the woman who ran the place came over and said to me, come with me you're, going on stage and I said, oh, no, no and she's a no, no you're coming with me and then I stood up to go to follow her out of co dependency and Your then girlfriend intervened in said, no, no, no he's gonna stay with us and so I sat back down and eyes. I was like, oh my gosh. Thank you. So much for saving me from that she grew up. Another guy she took that guy onstage he
sat in a chair and then a strip out and while he was like taking a picture with his friends my new everyone's taking pictures of the guy in the stage disturber came out, walked aggressively words and then put her leg behind him on a pole and then smashed her vagina in his mouth add in his mouth and there are tons of cameras going off and I literally felt, like someone had pulled me out from getting hit by a bus as like. Oh my god, I was seconds away from being a photo in Thailand with the vagina miles, while that sounds nuts yeah the Red Light district crazy tourist attraction. Like you see, families visiting just like see what it is, it's a kind of cool reality as much as any kind of like titillating
experience yet, just as I did what is dollars? Yeah people are just observing in an age sexual ways. If there looking at the Eiffel Tower something well, we shot in soy cowboy, which is a well known red Light district of Bangkok, and I had had street food of like a wii the prior and I have the worst food poisoning. Ever had in my life and the kind of food poisoning where you like delirious and like sure, you're gonna make it probably just cause you're, not thinking straight but, like I remember thinking I could die in Thailand of like away from my family and loved ones like what is going on. Basically like in my tell room a mass and remember calling the first eight d J P, who I adore and I said, look I don't know. If I can even move tomorrow I am so sick I only know to do if they I go to the doktor. Whatever he's like, so your pick, ups gonna be sixty,
and he once again another reminder that this shows jobs for no one I was able to get to set, but it's actually in the movie, its Iphone footage, Wherewith, kind of like stirring up a riot in streets. The I'm shirt was shouting like I have the police and just like going nuts, others fires around us and like the crowds chow editing and between every single take I was curled up on the sidewalk. always cowboy in fetal position, and Bradley in that God bless them more. Like nursing me in giving me sprite and trying to like bring me back to his men we take out just get this adrenaline rush and gap scream at Yale. Everything just go and like collapse,
somehow. We we, I it in a deeper. Larry gave me a great compliment. A week later when we kind of laughing about it and Larry was like you're sick. I didn't even know you're sick, I was able to sell it won't care. What did you at any point feel like? Oh I'm, Apocalypse now and Martin Sheen, like I'm having a heart attack, this is got not a hand a little bit. There was a moment where the toilet, were in like a little closet in the bathroom and because both and we're going off shark I just spent around really fast at one time I have had on the door jam, and that was the low point. That's where I thought this could be it now. This will excite Monica. rightly do you ads from at least the G8 to that girl Monica from dollar Duluth.
were you in a northern a by right, downtown or east or west. While I grew up like that in midtown and bucket, job very much in in the city. But as more, like LOS Angeles, in that there are like kind of neighbourhood he areas within the city right. So grew up in a neighborhood off of peach tree and other main kind of worry North South artery, but it didn't have any through streets. so it wasn't like a lot of traffic moves through the neighborhoods are actually, even though it was very. After all, it was kind of this book our little yeah nook. Yet a plea amazing place? I really love the city, but something about my teenage years air. That was also a bit of a catapult for me to get out. I just wanted something different. you felt Monica. What did you have a totally? yeah she's, have you ever noticed, she's browns,
and I know your color blind, but I am brown, so I did also want to mean I I grew up and suburb, so not in the city, and it was very white, but I loved it. I had a great childhood in a great experience, but I was my sites were set for a different place for sure. What Highschool did you go to wash minster? Oh, and would it when they do. You show mom was an administrator at another school dad was a lawyer, my corporate council kind of lawyer for now the collar now. Now Samothrace, Amis, good guess good guy, Thank you. Thank you. I saw you into interlocking. Did you gotta interlocking in the summer? Somebody did yeah, so I'm from michigan- and this excited me so much that you had spent some time as a kid in the best time to be their right summer yeah. So I would
there the summer's between my junior and senior years of high school and I loved it. And I think it was one of the experiences that and my eyes about because interlocking is just so artsy in its very forward in where I went to I school was not that it's a lot of things and it's a lot of great things. But it's not that and I think That's a little bit of why I ve always felt like a little bit of a fish out of water at high school, and then going? interlocking? I was like. Oh this is my ocean like these are the people HU, I just sort of automatically get, and they get me and I'm inspired by them in my new body is a jazz saxophone. air, and this guy is like a ceramic assist and were all just hang out, and doing things that inspire
and also like being psyched about what other people are doing, and I was a return. boy for me and just kind of what I want to do next resetting my compass and how I wanted to prioritize things. yeah. They were valuing the things about you that probably people weren't, valuing at I don't know anything about Westminster, but was it like alpha winner takes all type but preparatory like its prep school and it's very academically rigorous and over this I have no hard feelings towards my school. I have a lot to be grateful for, but movie dead, poets society really resonating for me and that I like creative people are people who are a little different, just being kind of this unspoken force that kind of nudges you back into line which is the story of dead What and I think that kind of
opened my eyes to some other possibilities, but I mean the education that I got at that school credible. I think It's also truly evolved. A lot I mean I am than there in later years, Monica. Where did you go to high school Duluth High school? what was the disposition towards my actual figures was private. There is no real disposition. I think we were kind of just in our own public school worlds, rivalling the other public schools, but there was this idea that, like there were some private schools that wages These elite private schools that were far away, but there was no the banana, my city or mountainous, sort of Libya ogre cause. I thought we might have to fight after. is there something? I won't we all that's good. I mean we could good. Let's keep it on the tape I noticed you have given a lot of graduation commencement speeches, but I didn't see that on the
list now. I was actually invited to speak their one point. I couldn't do it some may now, reason or something gap, but I would relish the opportunity, I think any chance that we get to speak. on people, especially at big turning points in their lives, is such a bridge, Where can I I really? I love giving those comments and speeches I took it really really seriously. I did why I did want at you see allay where I went to school in the week, feeling I had. I wonder what your experiences is that when I was there, I guess this is true, for Most things I arrive at in life. I feel some percentage of fraudulent you know like, I was sure tat. You see allay thinking. I got in out of community college, so maybe I did uniting have the high school grades. Other people do. Maybe that was it or the Dyslexia thing whatever and I was pursuing comedies. I wasn't super immersed in the student by
body and then I went bearing and they were excited to have me, and it was weirdly- time were I felt like. Oh my god I belong here. It took me twenty in you know many years, it's been to that twenty years or something or unlike other proud that I went to the school. That's crazy? I thought maybe I didn't belong here. I started crying during the speech, which I too I almost never cry and I couldn't get the words out so proud to have gone here. I just was like so emotional there's something crazy cathartic about we wait, I'm the kind of person you might want to add some words to for you Kids at an hour. I let us awesome, that's awesome. And it's another reminder of just how harmful that fraud, complex, can B and and also just how that complex, that everyone struggle where's, especially, I think people who are actors for a living, it's kind of something that like were good
it being frauds right because it puts us like so being better at being frauds, were probably more susceptible to the fraud complex and yet that complex is one of the greatest frauds that our brain play on us right. It's obvious bullshit like em, it's a waiter! We just Can you to undermine ourselves Think it's a little bit of nature is way too kind of keep us in Czech bud. Some people are a little too burdened by it. struggle with it at different points. And then there are some people who which had a little bit more any idea. What I got it they? Even when I first met you like, if I had to put you on some spectrum right, and I'm just gonna arbitrarily say like on one end of the spectrum is Matthew, Mokanna, hey, who have gotten to me I truly truly admire this about him. It seems like he was
born to be a movie star is just such a good fit for him right, yeah, it's so natural for him, and I see that he enjoys it, which again, I think, is the best way you could do it is to to enjoy it. and then I don't know who's on the zero on that spectrum, but the opposite him. When I met you. I was like add is a nice thought for her, bull, human being and he's in a business which almost favours Rewards the their side of the spectrum, and it makes me happy that year as thoughtful and idle and all these things that you are and yet are a star. I just always like when I see summit honor there's no way to do it. There is whatever way you do it in here is Ed doing it this way and there's other people do it this way, and I had a chance to tell you, I think it was prior. The premier, the second one but, like I just know, you're acting in those movies, was so sensational, like your ear. Hysterical, that's
obvious. Obviously you and abandon that movie without a, but I just thought like you, you just carried so Much of the emotional ride the reality ride, like you just were so phenomenal as an actor, and that I think it's just kind of like you rise me, because you just your very thoughtful measured person and all the best ways. so take that caught a larger your great I always go on. That is incredibly gracious. Thank you. So, when the banjo star in music, so there's ten, two answers to that. One is, I think, the band- was imprinted on me at a very early stage, because I we're going to summer camp in the Mountains North Carolina making that trip every summer and spinning time up there and really loving that part of the world and it feeling very different from me- and I obviously I grew up in this- but I grew up in the city, and that was like being in the mountains and- and you know, we pull off a truck stops and by little cassette tape the play
on the on the drive- and I just remembered having a small string, ban, cassette tape. That dad liked and we listen to those, and so I think, that's where the seed was planted and I can't went through this thing in junior high early high school, where I think that a lot of kids go through this kind of a book. About it. Catcher in the rice is where your La Olden Garfield is like obsessed with authenticity right and, finding like we're general truth of things- and as much as you to an area and all these bans were blowing up and were great is always that nerd who is like yeah, but what came before there. Yeah. But what is the real deal? And so that got it took me? this journey into like blues and folk music, and then that Canada, and a blue grass and for some reason the banjo just hurt,
imagination and I think it's a technically differ the instrument and yet it something that there associate with like hillbilly culture, and I love that it subverts that expectation. You know why, do not think of hillbillies as a very sophisticated bunch, and yet here they are playing this incredibly sophisticated style of music what year it was invented Andy. Now, when the peoples are plain, the banjo Well, it has an incredible history at its base on instruments that came across The ocean was slaves from Africa and so there were strangely statements being played over Drumhead just what a banjo is no going back millennia, probably and the first the versions in Amerika were derivations of african instruments and then it kind of events. from there and its yeah, it's a really wrong, our history and that, of course, a lot of them
irish settlers in the mountains of Watson now North Carolina in Virginia and Kentucky those isolated communities were kind of steel scottish and irish fiddle music and traditional folk tunes and those things more over time and tat. It became this distinctly american music form they it's a really. Layered in rich, complex, I'd, always good history, but for me that I just love that the sound of the energy of it felt happy and felt a little bit of aggression to it. That's the most frenetic instrument you can play practically right. I mean you, don't strum it mostly right. It's picking, so your your hands are so busy and bans yeah, I mean that there is even a variety of ways to play it, but yet the style that I play its called scrub style and it's the three finger kind of fast picking style, I started playing guitar when I was thirteen. I got my first guitar and asserted.
lessons from this guy who was just the most wonderful, incredible, inspirational guy emanate will I feel so lucky to have had that connection at that time, because I was so curious about music in kind roots music and he was so silly done all that stuff and started? Teach me a lot of great guitar stuff, but he asked was badger teacher and I loved. is banjos around. I always ask about it, but owning the NGO, because there actually kind of expensive she, then an opening, Andrew just seemed like this far off impossible thing, but then my high school did a musical called the compact gospel. Which is a bluegrass music. Run by Harry Shaven and They wanted the students to be there, and so I asked where'd. You learn banjo to be part of the band, so then
someone like a wound, a banjo to the school. I went took lessons from my teacher and I basically just learned the songs that are in the musical and they're, not really bluegrass, songs or more musical songs, but their their close enough, and that was the first. That I actually became a little bit of a student of the instrument, access to one and got some proficiency in, and it wasn't a college that I actually finally scraped enough money together to buy one and started digging lesson my friend and college, who was really great and it's been a love affair. Ever since I have you worked with Martin view. Madam yeah, I met him a bunch of times. I played music with a bunch of times a while. If I had a dream, parallel. Interestingly, I grew up loved him. I saw the jerk. I had some expectation of what he would be like in person, and this is not negative, which is different than I worked with them, and I was like oh he's, a very serious.
four person. I would say you guys are very similar personalities in that year. Both comedian and can be enormous when called for, but then Just the real. You is pretty understated and subtle, and I just think it's kind of curious if I had to say any two comedians I've ever met had such similar personalities, it's you too, and then on top of that, you guys both by the fuckin banjo, which nobody flames. I just find that kind of here, Yes, well that's a huge compliment because I'm a such an admirer of his both like personally and professionally, I mean he was a god to me for so long, and yet we both have that same screw Louis, I know what it is. I actually think that, having the banjos is more of a curse, then pathetic blessing. It's a very, a social instrument because it's very loud it's hard to practise people
usually way. If you show up to a jam session with a banjo, it there's a lot. I roles it's gonna dominate whenever situation, Europe, Did I worry about that and I we go back to this. You know kid. React to music and all kinds of ways, but when they hear a banjo, they always always start dancing is like this. incredibly primal thing minute heads in little kid my daughter loves it had abandoned New York. We just sit around and play outside central park summit? I'm sure whatever little kids just would always just start bouncing around heads. I don't know something intangible magical there stay to arm chair, if you dare
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native deodorant dot com and use kodaks. Well, now hearing you described the banjo have not known that about it that when it arrives at a jam session, I was like great. That's all we're going to hear is the banjo so, and so I guess we couldn't you the word of noxious to describe, and I got the horrors backdrop it's one of the more of noxious instrument self again, if I can psychoanalyze you for a second it's kind of amusing to because you are the opposite of obnoxious and yet you chose a greater where you get to act of noxious for punctuated periods, and then you have this instrument, that's kind of I wouldn't say it. If perfectly expresses you as a human, it's his kind of obnoxious, I mean that's his kind of honey. What you're observing in a really hilarious way, he isn't it. I have a deeply repressed person. And, as part of I think my southern ringing and its power Why, like I do care,
myself in a kind of hand way, but I m so's grey for that I have these avenue. his banjo being one of them crate, are rated comedies being another one where I gotta be nuts and kind of act out and take on these predict this person and it's really funny because it seemed kind arbitrary at the time, but I do feel like Todd Philips when he cast did us in hang over. He really tapped into something almost article about our personalities in those parts, because they're just exe cream versions of who we are each one of us. You know Zack isn't like Alan. but he's a little like a novel. I gallant and Bradley is such a more wonderful human being then fill ever was, but there's a we'd, better filling Bradley others, certainly some stew and me, and the that hilarious runner,
of stew. Being kind of the most debaucheries. Why during the night of insanity, the repressed part of me connects to that think it was driven mainly by just the the society you grew up in or was mamore dad, also like making sure you're, not in your eyes and cross in your tease. I think it's partly it cultural thing a kind of white southern you know you Your feelings are, are ok as long as you don't get in the way. Since that I mean there's so much great literature about this Tennessee Williams and movies, like steel magnolias, that just speak too. That is it that its improper or it's a weakness to be emotional, culturally. Like do you think it's? Here's was ironic, that's a great question because I think it's actually the improper and that it actually is also Nicaragua strength to be emotional, that's. Why you have people
who are very expressive and strident in where their hearts on their sleeves, there are actually some of the more powerful figures in southern culture, because I think people looked at them with fear and all like how do you be that way? How can be so like free with your stuff in its almost remote of envy. Also, I'm not sure this all applies still especially Nepal. Like Atlanta, that's so cosmopolitan and so programme, they ve been a lot of ways, but I guess I'm speaking the kind of older ethos that certainly my parents grew up with and it was he starting to kind of like rub off on us. Don't you think, a little bit more be in the south. There is this element, and in suburbia there is this element of kind of keeping up with the Joneses and not stepping out of line the Mai, artistic or whack ear you are, the more attention can be
drawn to you, and I think there are sort of this idea in the south of like don't look here, yeah over goods that spot on its way. I don't think it's just as other thing. By the way, I think that there are versions of this in a lot of certainly middle. Stern pockets and when get into kind of the refined pockets of New England in the northeast like there are aspects of repression that I think penetrate almost every kind of socio economic and geographic distribution. But it's a fascinating thing. You know where I grew up we had to, but it was really really delineated, socio economically, so the richer people really content. Rest anything- and I was always- I only hung out with all the poorest kids in town, because there Yelling on the front porch and the dad was fighting someone in the front yard like it was an explosion of emotions, and you no reason
These were limited and people that have time the fuckin worry about this or that night, as is always very draw that there was no pretense there like again it be hidden. I guess, so everyone also everyone's like a great we're all piece of shit. So I'm to tell you fuck you That has nothing to protect. Yeah, there's nothing to protect, and I cannot. I was always drawn that they can. I ask I didn't notice about you, but that you had open heart surgery at thirteen. I feel like that would have made me feel pretty vulnerable at a time where you're just building confidence. That's he seems to be the age for you were out like getting slices of autonomy in exploring, and then I just imagine at that moment of exploration being kind of Roma ended up. My vulnerability would have been dicey for me. Well, I think it was at the time, I am in your life for me, I think article thirteen I had opened our surgery and there is proper no time that you feel more superhero.
an oar invulnerable. I'm certainly there's there into, security, social insecurities that I was grappling with all through your high school, but we know it's why you People are soldiers like with theirs in there is this week. its irrational invincibility feeling that you have when Europe the kid and I never felt I was vulnerable. I knew I was getting open heart surgery, but I was like I could die. I was just now we ve gone two weeks, and so my parents were mortified. Obviously, I've learned more about that as I got older, but I mean it was a very complicated surgery, but there wasn't an emergency. It was something that have been like brew, for a long time that had been planned for in so there was a sense of like okay. This is something that we are also prepared for knock it out he's gonna get over it and keep going and thank God there was a perfect success, though
surgery went flawlessly and I've sense had no issues. It didn't began. A black preoccupation that there would be more of those like that would be my o kind of war, then there was the warning at right. Afterwards, there depending on my growth patterns after the surgery, I mean, needed again and twenty years or something, but that are now, I think, maybe partly out of naive. I just was like not broken out about tat and then I was back on the swim team and I go out back it's when practice like a prey three months later, while yeah I was back at school to later, I got a spring break. We didn't like the Monday of Spring Break, so I was for a week and then a week of school and then I started going back for like a couple hours a day. I think for another week and then I was just back and why
and I was like we're out riding my skateboard and by my mom was like Why are you do like my ship? turning had been sod have open, and here I was just an idiot, This is a thirteen year old. This would not I fly like me now laid out for a month but best thing about dabble thing was they gave me this, like Killer college S, eggs I could be like through this life, changing spearhead, allows US devil milking. What you're doing the other sort of assassinations with heart surgery like this. It was like I'm so eager to bite off as much as I can. sure from life, because they have for my part de la other kids, learn character on the soccer field. I limited under there nice,
a song and advanced form you leave georgette you go to school. at Oberlin in college. I love that you majored in geology We we interview view a lotta professors, instil you're the first geology, major we ve spoken. I know you do any yoga. Ok, I I know that you're degrees it accurately and film theory by FIFA. God bless you forgotten, therewith the passion for for rocks, How was the duality of Ed his is that there is a part of me that just wanna, do like go, collect, rocks balls on glaciers and then camp out for months on end and like not deal with a lot of people Then there is the other party me that want to like hang out many clubs every single night for years at your leisure class, for you and me I'd only around people just yeah and like you seek affirmation every which way I could how'd. You discover you c B was at the first in
owed to doing comedy. We'll know I moved to New York City to to do Eddie and Film, like I thought, maybe I'd go sort of the in the film routes. That was also kind thriving in New York at the time, but I said doing comedy immediately? I was just doing like open MIKE Knights and take in classes at some different comedy places. Then after a couple years, you see be started up, it was just instead. A clear that this was an exciting thing, and ass. I just jump, then that with two feet, still doing a lot of stand up, but I was a really cool about you C B. Was that early on, like so many people were just doing so many different things. It wasn't just improv. There were people in the different types of stuff scared. stand up in whatever in the show Every night there were just wildly different. There was something about that world.
Really you no ice like that feeling I got vows describing about interlocking where I felt a fish out of water that finally, like found my water yeah with something about that world that felt like that. very often in memory of ice, the host Monday nights at the Boston Comedy Club, which was the real the comedy club in Greenwich Village, and it was just a dive plays and smell like spilled. With key and stay beer and like mop buckets and just had that trend away the diary smell to it, and it was not a place that should a wizard like a lot of endorphins I was just getting money that to do the door as running up the back stairwell squeeze area, felt really grimy and grows, but there was this feeling like this is where our support the be. I love you so much
the deuce date. I do stand up tonight and I'm gonna like see my friend the who I think, you're funny this. Is it like those where I'm supposed to be actual lucky to have ever found? That way about anything I mean that's a guy rare feeling, yeah feel like you're in the right place, do in their thing you're supposed to do. While I would also suggest that thing you liked about blue grass, the authenticity, that, like even the smell, was probably a unique an original and off smell. I, but the whole scene felt very authentic you're right and it's funny. It's not a place. That would illicit that for a lot of people right- and I think that's also with built in- our aim in strange cool now so you know it's interesting is, I grew up and when I got in the comedy and ninety five, I guess what I moved ally there.
Sunday night lie. That was it. That was the singular goal and you could choose to go to the second city or you could go to groundlings. I went to groundlings and I have now got to interview a bunch of the younger generation, comedian, and they grew up in an era where there were two rots. There was the daily show, There was ESA now and I dont think I would have recognised that. Had I not talk to some of these guys who were like no. No, I knew I couldn't do what they did. Answer live, but I knew I had something to do if I knew that the daily show was that thing and which is interesting because of that you're, one of the first guys in the door right. You are a part of something that became a second channel. In an institution. It was very early on right, yeah, you're right at the beginning. Well, not quite at them. getting over the daily show, but very early in the life of the daily show for sure you, Craig, killed, worn started. On a daily show in want to say
Maybe you were fives. I was in college at the time and I remember just loving Andy, it was all areas and then, when John Stewart started, it's funny that you put it that way about that Saturday night live in the daily show, kind of being these avenues because that's exam? we how I saw too when I came out of college. I moved to New York City and I didn't tell anybody but there was a part of it. It was like I'm gonna, be on Saturday. Life course, like every choice I make is to get their bright eyed that doesn't send me apart. That's a lotta comedians. I think Feel that way. But I I was really driven- and I dont know why for some reason I loved Saturday. I live so much Eddie Murphy to me when I was a kid, was just a super here. when he was a god it by I can't overstayed my obsession with him when I was a little kid and I just his
Energy, and I am sure I didn't even get most of what he was doing, but he look like having so much by but use having more fun than anybody has ever had in the world and those that's how I so decide, and I just mirror feeling like. I want to do that and so moved in your city. It was about Saturday live, but there was a moment to your point There is a moment where I saw the daily show as like. Ok when'd you saturnine alive or the daily show like. I also love the daily show. This thing is awesome and I feel like get it and they understand it. So now, there's too things. I would love to be a partner and coming up. You see be. I was getting to appoint lay twenty is where it was becoming plot the board that I would get an audition at some point. For either one ounce shows because friends we're getting them and you know I was suddenly one degree of separation away from these, like institutions that I
was so enamoured with, and I watched them. really show every single night Ives. I obviously watched cell didn't live every weekend, but but I came this sort of de facto expert on the daily show, so when I gave yet the audition they handed me a script and they were like. Ok, there's a cold ray just do it? How a rethink- and I saw the script- NASDAQ up steam, cold, did this on the show two weeks ago. I know exactly how to do this. I knew the show well enough to recognise that script and every day we should responded ever will tell you this. Like do you start just imitating Stephen Colbert So I read, every corresponded is like that's your sort of like first phase you just trying to get like find your boys and so I did I just imitated steam go. Bear shame Leslie and pepper, as we got me through the call back and then
I get somewhere Johns mind. He was like others, kids enough, like Stephen Colbert we will do How long we ensure the almost five years, I think four and a half years. do you remember a moment where you are like? Oh I'm not imitating Colbert anymore, I'm doing at home. I get Helms's figured out what his version of this is. I'm. Colbert was a good friend and of any sort of almost like mentor the whole time. I was there and So I think there is. There is never moment where he wasn't influencing need, just by his presence and his committee genius and his warmth he was always willing to give advice, serve feedback or whatever, but there was a point. Maybe after probably a good year, are more after, which I remember somebody. Basically took someone external to say to me I like the role that you play on that show or something like you're kind of feeling, a good night.
John. That show that made me realize I go. I guess I do have my own rhythms impulses and an item. On bagger tricks on field pieces that I can I went to and then, if you A fan of the show you Billygoat Helms's does this or whatever yeah, but it took a long time. I think you know just full circle to the Earlier part of that conversation, there were only fleeting moments where the fraud complex was not like beating at my door. yeah I mean there were times where I'd be on a field. Peace in It was going really really well and I've been going to feel the flow and just be feel confident. But then I have a segment go poorly and I'd be like who am I to have this job I can't do this Show business is a rollercoaster now yeah, not just like. Jobs, but the emotions of it right away
getting one, there's gonna feel that confidence, gonna ebb and flow. So when you went to the office, I would assume you you could have stayed at the daily show, but you you did decide to lie and go to the office. Is that what happened yeah and it was a kind of a really dynamic time, for the daily show because CALL bear which was just building the Corbett report and so there was a sense of call bear leaving that I would be like kind of in pole position as like the US senior correspondent for top dog as it were, and that was very exciting, but it's still was not different from what I've been doing on the show- and I just meant maybe more choice. Assignments on things, but I'd still be the same character, was feeling this very at sea need to demonstrate to the world and to show business that I could do more than I was doing on that.
We show that it can act yeah pursuant to the office. I wouldn't say, was a no brainer, but I made the decision fairly quickly. Does my next move and did you feel like I gotta go talk to John Some. How happy I am to have been here and all that was it like breaking up with so many love for sure. Because you're basically saying I found a hotter girl too, as like it's the worst kind of work. As they already know you won't. their girlfriends remember, feeling guilty and like while, didn't feel guilty about actual lies in Europe, dreams and building your career, but for some reason I was like. I did feel so much gratitude for the platform, The daily show gave me the fate that John had had in me all those years and the expiring and the credibility that it gave me and when I went to calm the office without the issue, and so there is an enormous attitude. I think part of that was a little bit of maybe some guilt mixed in that that was not as hell.
The John was so gracious. He made that departure really smooth then, and I sort of forgot. Oh yeah, I've given a lot to this show too. Yes, yes, it was a good exchange. Yes, oh and John Relate was expressing gratitude. Let me also, I remember, feeling like really overwhelmed. Like oh yeah, this this is called. We appreciated other here's a power. A little bit of jealousy kicks in for me because you go from being was Stuart and CO bear. Who are Not only some the funniest guys ever lived the smartest guys ever but, as you say, just damn nice guy eyes like totally nice generous guys, and then you go saddle what the corral for, like another eight years or whatever the hell, it is I'm. A little envious of the you know the work partners you ve had you ve got out at a sweet ride. There did Yucas Carousers Sweden see my as well, I'm always kind of looking for Roma
Oh, I guess maybe not in the sort. Grandiose sense, but just like who around me is like now the gaining the busy. Or life and that I admire and what learn from them and you're so right I mean to have been in the specially early in my career have been around Colbert and John Stuart and everyone on that show and then to jump the corral, who, he's a real anomaly, because of his role in that show. He worked harder than anyone else on the job, he has more lines than anybody else he carry more stories than anybody else and as the boss of Dunder Michelin, he's kind of the de facto boss of the cast not an official thing, but it's a little bit of like like we also to take our cue from him. because he was such an incredible professional- will never ever ever late
always knew his lines and he never ever complained when sort of them Guy is doing that. No one else can do anything less. That's why I think that show, worked so well. For so long is because he was like this linchpin of professionalism and if he it had any other kind of personality that show could have gone on lots of different directions. You're, saying all this I'm getting overwhelmed with gale that I can be seen in that role on the show, I'm that Germany much rhetoric- we very much better, better things superhuman. That way. Maybe he was complaining. A lot like behind the scenes but I'll never knew it the AIDS really its awesome? Ok. Now the next step is really
and still like a handful of actors every ten years. So the next step is is hanging over and that's just a full blown fuckin rocket ship. The three biggest are rated comedies ever ideas bonkers. Where ready for that level of recognise ability and general easy, more private than say again back to the Mokanna, hey scale You seem a little more in the private and I probably was not as prepared for it. I don't think there is no way to prepare for that like every time they agent at one point UK should set a mentor ships like using preparing me with like a huge movie star, just to have a brunch once a month where I can ask questions later. of our views on how to navigate these. The and here laughed it there's this week thing in the business where they- Assume you either
have it or you don't like you're, either able to deal with this stuff for your not end and I'm a birth a couple times feeling like I was wailing a little bit just like handling. This right and not feeling well I had anywhere return to turn and, of course, Bradley exactly Why do the same thing in and we is rated but we're different. people- and we navigated, are all of our situations differently in so sometimes our inside. It's for each other word as usual, I'll do each other, so it was, Cooper. Exciting and thrilling and than that just moments of like sheer panic in terror and here's the worst part I- honestly just wish. I too join it more. I wish I could have just written it out with a little more yeah little bit steadier hand on the tiller, and just car like this is is, and I did enjoy did enjoy. I wouldn't be clear, like there was superfine and cool, but
There are dirges little ways that I think I kind of like allowed. My anxiety or my own kind of insecurity to just ass with me and not roll with it as easily as I could have, but I did the best they could there not synonymous you have the skill set to act. In any level of movie. There is, and you could be a movie star on the filming of it- but walking through life is someone who everyone is looking at and you have this kind of huge elevated status like those two things are just vaseline, four things there not related or another way that I was lucky is that my fame emerge kind of gradually through the daily show was like that was like basic, cable, faint right. Where maybe I guess
I get a free down at the airport or something that's by the way kind, the perfect level of fame is it able to faint, and then the office was like net or tv fan, which was a much higher level of them, but that then the hang over was just day yet, like you said, a rocket ship ass I still don't know if I'm handling any of that right I have, but I I'm able, though I think to laugh at it more and if something like that were to happen again. I would try very hard just kind of take it easy on myself yap enjoy. Did you happen to see the M comedians in cars getting coffee with golf and access Oh, I haven't seen it yet. There is the girl this moment in it where some will our fail me MA am on their phones. Just people in the coffee shop
and it's driving Zack Insane, as it has often driven me insane cause. I like control, I hate, lack of control, and I am powerless in that situation, and it's just what it is, and I hate it right. That's exam Actually, what it is? The loss of control go on? Yes, so zags getting more more agitated and finally says this too Seinfeld like doesn't that drive you crazy and Jerry's? I know who cares you leave your house? They film you. It takes five seconds and then it's over and I was like- oh my God, I want to combat into my vein like clearly ass right, let's get the five over at who gives a shit yeah. I need to watch that I You learn a lot about it, but also you on something. That is exactly what is so
horrifying about that transition from even like a middle level of fame to astronomic, level. Sandwiches that route take it for granted your entire life that you're able to control environment to some extent the old can control it completely but like, if say, a fight breaks out at a bar Do you can leave like you guys right or if Some weirdo is like bothering you for any reason your Haiti Are you or whatever, like you, can leave. or you can have words with that person win you hit a certain level of fame. You can no longer just go to a baggage claim right because that's an event for the people around you Yeah and so suddenly you're environment, no matter how you're behaving a hearing, it is so different because people around you're behaving so differently, then.
thing that you ever thought was normal they're coming up to you the massive pressure they want to hug they're. Gonna. Take your hand. They want you to face time with this sick grandmother everything is out of control and you can't talk your way out of it. You can't just walk away now can run jump a car, maybe but those ways that we take for granted that we do control our environment that just disappear. The event right, and that is Tarifa. Yeah I've got I've even spent of wasted hours of my life. Thinking like cause, I'm fine with it when it's just me, but when I'm with my kids, I don't like it even thought on unaware assure her that says family time. Thank you. That'll solve every impinges thinking. What a big dick. I think I am by wearing a shirt does as family diamond. Then, at a certain point, when my kids can read, I can't wear the hours thinking of how can regain control of the situation when I'm with my kids,
and in a way we have. This thing, which is like acceptance, is the answer to all of our problems and I'm trying to get at peace with the fact that, like yeah guess what tax? Every time you go, the baggage claim, you're gonna have ten or twelve. conversations yeah, that's a super insightful played a look at it taught. Phillips has also one of my favorite points of view on this stuff, which is nobody cares, like. You can get yourself all at a to z and be like worth stressed out about it, but it's kind of a Seinfeld thing. five, while the saying like who cares but like Todd's things like nobody cares, it's kind of this thing that was, I larger. I like it. If we got We are worried about some been a bad press on that one of the hang over there like some age, a good nobody cares illegal, it's a little bit nihilistic
it also reassuring in a nice way, and it's like one of I think Todd's like great, leadership, skills and visibility is kind of like decide what's worth caring about, but it is a bit paradoxical because I think actors do need a lot of approval. I mean that sort of what a lot of its basin is wanting other people's improve. Also when you go baggage, claim it's hard to say. I'm just gonna walk away, I'm going to say no to these people because use innately still want every approval of which this bizarre balance of it's hard to say? Nobody cares because you also want people to care because you want people's approval All of these things only apply in certain situations There is no fix all like one I'm except a unless it? Maybe it's acceptances the so in all your problems that we set the eye as yet That's the one thing that applies to everyone
But my heart is one: do internalize we're not going to bogged down at him, but I just want to say cedar rapids or my favorite movies. Ever what for us my god? I love it. So much. Thank you think So you have a new movie. That's coming out on Netflix, Whence is gonna be on June. Twenty. Twenty six still being on the black out a great yeah adults, it should still be on their Macleod coffee inquiry. it is my new movie on that. Licks had it's amazing and it opens Friday April. Third, who directed it Michael doubts he's very well known and loved, and Canada, for these really bizarre movies that are absolute. He is called through bar Those are some of the funniest movies of all time. I feel like the real, authentic niece canadian thing. Is in exposed. Finally, in the most pleasing wake us letter Kinney any of you watch the show yeah-
I love now. They ve got their own laxity revolving around hockey. Then I find so amused I can't get enough of it. Yeah we eat eighty we shot the movie in Vancouver, although it takes place in Detroit I saw now you'll be picking out those things that we got wrong, but so copying green. Well, it's more in the rhythm. I've been all Beverly Hills Cobb even die, hard or maybe not it is pretty is forty eight hours they really, I think, is the to those like eighties action, comedies, cop action comedies and its last it moves like a bullet, but we did serious start work in this movie that I'm insanely, proud of having sat on the sidelines and watched stunt, people do arise about but know it it has gone
action and this kid my co star, Terence Little Garden eyes his name, and he is on the Like this discovery, I can't wait for him to blow up the he's like the Mccartney example He is just a smooth. Do like he'd he's ready for it. I feel like he's built for it the great I'll try be calling him up. A couple years later Matter- allows for bronze and when you re the Victoria rare illusion I talk do, should I rode here. Such a natural actor. There there's a lot of different ways, approach acting and then there are some people who just don't seem to have an approach. Its just like this intrinsic natural thing right, the duchess- they just do it yet your asset can just be you're, not self conscious that's one way: that's Terrance and then turingi Hansen is she's just a force of nature. So up their content.
Really quick, Gwig you're dating a woman right in her son, wants to break you guys up. Is that it? Yes? So I'm a cop and updating, Roger Hansen and the fairly new relationship. But it's going very well, but sign hates me I don't really even know him. We don't know each other very well. He just I think, wants to go rid of this guy dating his mom. So he tried the pay. These bad guys delay beat me up, but it back fires and kind of wines of getting him and me caught up in This larger organ, crime situation and me and the kid basically have this all night caper, it's one of those twenty four hour, caper movies that just like foot. gas the whole time. That's awesome April turn. I can't wait to
It may be of already watched by the time this. My last question did you or do you still have, someone's career who you're like that's kind of the one I want I would say I've. Always I mean this is a cliche even say, because I think it's true for so many actors, but Tom Hanks has always this kind of like begin on a hill from he is like a guy who did some of the funding is stopped. I've ever seen. And also has moved, to me the tears on numerous occasions and has also maintained a dignity and the appearance of self possession that that is awesome and then there are moments, cut I literally think like how Tom Hanks thing about the deciding or are they would timings, do this movie, but that's not to compare prices
that is not alone, but that idea Norstar yeah, that's what he is. He he's been for a long time for me is like a little bit of just a way to go. Trim my sales and I don't think I've ever met Tom Hanks, Why didn't you deliver? He will deliver for you Meanwhile he'll know all your shit. You will know us what about you somehow? He delivers. I write. I would forger icy I don't make, as you have backed in jobs in you, have does this kindness. That is very obvious. I think at all times, which makes you very compelling at home. nice guy I mean I'm not married user, who really knows but an hour This time I concluded you are very nice guy, that's very nice for you to say, and I appreciate it and glad that you were not there and Thailand during my food poisoning, because I'd I'd probably wasn't as nice. Those that its well, listen, Ed,
I adore you and I'm gonna watch coughing cream. Everyone's gonna watch, coughing grain lad. We love you and we hope you'll talk to us again, the next time. You know all you guys do and I look forward to it. I write take your guys. Today to arm chair, if you dare We are supported by best fiends. Now we all need a break now and again, but why not keep your brain active while you relax? That's why I love the fun puzzle, game best, fiends, it's an oasis of fun. You can take with you everywhere. There are thousands of fun challenges and tons of cute characters to collect along the way. Now I gotta tell you it's a little treat right, so I ve got all the kids. I'll then I've got them set up doing something, and then you see me I sneak out to the pay. I happened, my lazy boy and then I get on best fiends and I just let the good Times role yeah. It's such a fund game there, so many fund characters to collect in a changes. All the time as yet keeps me engage gap is,
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it's got a nice. It is now changing things up a bit. Well, not about on here that error and I were staying here while we were self quarantined YAP and they looked at all my stuff. We live with all your stuff. We read your journal, but we had a like lovers retrieve here, yes, We just felt like we were on vacation in Maui or something we were so don't tickled to be in this one, better apartment together annually, hello, fresh for each other, while he made for me now and then we watched from beginning an Patriots season want into first time for him second time. For me what a fine time it was enough for Ever when I come to your apartment, I'm gonna have worn fuzzy's from special. I now you have a pebble Spock how you always is I'm conflicting, my voice it out loud here we're getting access to really amazing people ya because of the quarantine which I feel very lucky about
and then a panicky, no one's commuting to work in noiselessly. Nor shall I now I understand, and I could just find out, if that's the case or not, but I doubt crime and protecting myself from being right I know I really understand. I really do and I dont want always saw these great people, no world, no one's listening, other commute being what will happen, because this is temporary. So even if nobody's listening right now, trade think they are incurred, will certainly the people right now there are loose if you're, listening right now, you're listening and if you're not. I bet once this is all over, which there will be a point that it is not too distant. Future they'll go back, ok and though listen I'll go out the sole cause we do it. We ve had some in credible people euros, it is included yeah. Everyone has really been great and I know I understand your concern. I feel it too, but I also
I also know that you do really good job and that people like the show, so we have different Brooklyn. These you and I arbs arose C b are obsessive. Compulsive mines are different. They focus on different things, yeah, While this I can on mine, that's the kind of thing I'll be obsessing about for no real reason. I don't even have the information. I have just decided that that's the case yet because I read three people go all I'm not commute saw not listening sad, also why'd. They write that, while just to be, I don't know why It didn't make me mad. I just the other, be an honest. Also. I mixed myself. I would have thought in this corner team that We have been able to consume like ten different podcast. I want to consume all this. Now we have been watching a tiny tv yeah like TVS, ticked up for us for sure, but I am I'm not listening to as much stuff. Arrogant was new to my kids in them. What we have put headphones on our own and then I'm going to take him out of the two seconds. Bizarre yelling. I think here I think it depends here also not
looking out reckon- her your arm near at hand surgery. Yes, I sent you a shocker today, oh my god, you're who's going to show you did of follow up Appointment never has probably where it is you're going in and out of the doctors office which, but I'm not going to above, like doktor, deserve our nose. I haven't gone in the house, but I haven't got anywhere public. I went to a little hand clinic here and they appreciate the best Yes, I'm not overwhelming the medical system Yang doing that you're wearing mass gloves, other proto purely nonstop yeah by it happens. Sometimes it happens and you had to go and fetch and they staff and all kinds of metal stuff hanging out with a hang. It would I knew they were putting pins in, but I guess I didn't and vision it. Looking like that, yeah, like the pens are sticking out of the skin, it doesn't seem like you should be able to have.
Trojans protuberances coming out at the top of the he does in alchemy, doesn't believe around those hole. I know, is the curious, arithmetical marvel areas. Its goes good pop out value. Oh, but you are not working out because your hand as hurt so work ass would be a good time to listen. That's true! That's true, but I did start listen on the toilet today I start listening to the Esther peril. Monica unjustly boys and I just got overwhelm once again with her brilliance. It's weird I wanna collar computer, but that's the antithesis.
The Vienna Computer, dialed and emotionally. But yet she is clarity about emotional relationship stuff that is seems other worldly or not human. It really does like east. You can throw her anything and she has an answer. That's profound profound, each one yeah yeah, yeah she's, very special. We were very luck. I bet she's a healthcare in the sack to I bet so yeah yeah seems pretty dialed in self locomotion. Ashley knows her body and mind. How are you feeling emotionally besides, your fear of this podcast CAS really good. I think probably everyone's feeling that there's like there's ebbs and flows, or I think ours has upsides Andy and says. There's a lot of us all doing this together is a huge up. Cycles are social and then also we all have emotions at any. Given time someone's, probably not feeling awesome. I now hear threat that all of us are feeling good, perfect
it's hard. It is so unifying every person. I talk too has said yeah just the ups and downs you feel manic, but You have one day or four hours. I you feel grade, and you like, I can do this, for, however long it's, ok and then just Albania is to you As you know, the house going on, I'm so glad we're altogether. Oh, my god, food is so good, so revved up here, that's what it myself but come on to others, and then they'll just be once very small hick rose just the rose you way off. Could not you me Obama. We had there we're like just having a fun conversation watching Social Network and then all of a sudden. We, dramatic, the area that argument pronunciations of names and whether you add a second continent to make keep Val shore it was, but what you and Zaga, by useless conversation we're almost, and we built deceptive, like on package
and deal with I now. I now A daughter was like or now you're fired. As far as dealt five was aware of how preposterous the whole thing wait a minute. You guys have time. About words, it was silly, but you know that conversation. It's fine issues like a indicator of wood, so many fights are about. We were obviously not fighting about words, note and how you belle words. Can you things we why I was finding that fighting, but I was upset because I felt that how do we even say causes such as stupid? harmonization. Doritos I've ever seen an area, but I will there a lady in the credits, her name I happen to know, is Laurie did spelled allay are a why which is different for show
and I said simply no yet again spell your name and De Axe, seven nine p and saves Pronounced Michael, and I said I think you can I understand that it's weird and then we get to the long. A short. It was a whole bang and use it was me in your sister Anne. You became a three way EP man's feelings. Were her wealth well now, because at some you said. Do you guys are really not know that and that's for me when it taught near where I started feeling insane you know, like sad in sadder or saddest. Oh, I bet you You felt sad and honour, and now that you ve got to add another deeds, sadder, yeah is a long or if you hadn t it makes it law, we must share that so
in constant, and then you guys were just I don't know why you did seem like you guys were saying: that's not the case. And then I started feeling crazy and then it was like all that. Is it possible? You guys, don't realize. That's what's going on that? That's why you add the second, then I really thought. Maybe you guys did, which I don't know how you would. I would know something about grammar that you guys cynics on the worst. But then I was gentlemanly like do they not know that I know, but what, if we didn't know that, do you think that would have been the best way to approach it by saying to you guys really not know that? No, that would not be the right way right. So, even if we didn't No, it will not get. I lie and hard to believe that you can like. I found it impossible to believe that you guys could have not known something I knew about spelling some so bad at it that I thought in that moment. Oh they're, just fucking, me or like their deciding to
we cannot allow now, just like deny that that's a case to perpetuate your own argument her boy. I'm embarrassed aimed at reconciling our you now, but the reason I think it's fine typewriters, because I think these types of things are happening across the the globe right now, tiny tiny conversations like how to pronounce Laurie get Brown Ayala re, get really blown out of proportion, quick war, and I think it was a fractal of what's going on in general, and I do wonder if this is a me and you guys thing is a male female thing, be curious clouds plain out people's homes across Eric about my own point of view is just different from you and Christians in general about this pandemic, a half and them more always on opposite sides of the thoughts you now and so then.
I guess, argument this anymore related to that somehow is related to access the undercurrent of what's going on yeah yeah, because then a few minutes after that, gotta another many fight because jumpers wars over workers were actor. You said: oh that's all there from handmaids there, and I said, oh really, and you said yet is- and I was like: I dont rather say memory now. Ok, I think said. Is it oh, I said yeah and he said is right and I am sure that that's fine idea. I stand by that something like that. happen I felt like well now. You don't even believe me that that's the sea No, but why ok, yes, you're running and made a good point. Do you want me to disagree with you, which I don't yeah and I said no, but I would like some
then what I say then benefit of the doubt area which I can, but I think the benefit of the doubt. I think that's connected to the other fights. I think that's the thrill yeah. What not only set it on here so weakens be honest about it. I am of the opinion that California already had it melodic on that country already had it again, I'm doing all the right stuff doing all the stuff, but it, but I think that in others, when a couple different articles it'll come out that some people are at least exploring.
Certainly not conclusive YAP like Stamford. Looking into that any who that's kind of an ongoing debate in the house and re, I'm leaning towards that everyone already had it, you guys are not meaning that way, which is fine. Also who cares, even as I say it out, loud late. I do wonder if that I wonder if there's a male female thing going on how males and females process this type of situation will be even setting your meeting. He fell like the lot of the men, were pretty freaked out. Yeah yeah, that's true! I am I a meeting, but it didn't last long I will say: yeah and wages also have such different opinions on what's considered freaking out, like I don't think Chris, I freak out at all. I think we are no young stringent vineyard. hysterical or anything that words tricky hysterical to use it reference to women. As about history, it does
Excite Seinfeld, Sigmund Seinfeld Freud explored hysteria, women, Ally's, very massaging as yeah yeah. So anyhow, I dont think either viewer the crazy, no, no, no posing. There seems to be a slight difference. Tat now I think you're right, I think you're, ok, Edward HOMES and Helms. I mean the fact that he was dressed the way you and then it was revealed throughout the thing that he is southern. In that way, I was all very cute because I was like, while he is really dress nicely for this. I now it s funny. He saved my how he's repressed and then he places an obnoxious industrial how his internal heathen finds its way out, but I am so impressed with him as a doctor. I think he so gray. I liked him so much. She was so sweet and nice and thoughtful and not maybe not with any one, would expect now what I expected at all right expected like a more caribbean toy.
yeah eggs at the more and more like the more I know, comedians the less I think of them is that so many comedians, I know, are quiet and yeah thought Syria sad louder, there's a darkness sometimes, but but I didn't have a darkness. In my opinion, he just had a seriousness and I like it, I like, when people are enigmas yeah, it must make dating. he for him in the past that, because of their expecting y yeah yeah yeah, certainly they would know who he was and be hard not to know who he was on planet earth. Tat point:
and then so either you would have thought he was a comedian and one have even tried to get to know them. Gently always at community or use daddy was a comedian. So you decide to get to know. I'm in your like all these matters, more sincere and serious yeah. I don't feel like that could make a tricky. I agree that you see me on deviant, I'm a buffoon and then you meet me in real life and of peace a buffoon year as advertised young. Compare this to I've, always theorizing what it's like to data rockstar, because about interesting advertisement, like you see them at a show there, a God yet a glaring lack day, the look otherworldly they have superpowers. The answer. You watch your dancin open that fuckin mouths and each just shakes the foundation of the room here
yeah, no human being axed like that real life there's no way to act like that in real life wall. So I was wondering like women who fall for rock stars find themselves a little more bore than they were expect. A thin expectation is everything with China, but that are even on here. When we have people, we really high expectations, it almost impossible for people to meet that, even when their wonderful, aha, just because you yourself have set them. We even had this week say we watched today. I'm we watched a great dateline, but this was the fuckin two hours Saturday night, big one with key than the home one of their crazies episodes. We ever lots of twisting her words there's a woman in named lies and after we watch it, You really are really thought that lives might be at the house.
in a real way, and I kept going explained the suit like how I want to be in on it. Are you as pretending she broke out of prison, how did she know now should know is not rational. It's just you got the spoke. I got spooked. Our yeah and everything was spooky. Then it was like even getting like advice, item, and now I felt like she was behind, or something was behind me. I necessarily believe is spoken. But it was in our dog. Arden die. We ve ever six months, frank who is in date this episode of the dateline. They showed a picture and by God that was frank, and we have no idea where Frank came from me is if I can rescue. So it was plausible that Frank was a part of this murder triangle. Found his way to our house and now lives would come? Looking frank, yes see its of but he's a lotta willpower, my into not stoke the fire
There are so many little things for me to amp up you're free. I wanted you so bad. It was kind of like good punch lines or just sit. table that I had to say out loud. I was really scared and then I heard you heard some tapping buyers and tapping, and I next review. It was that you and then I texted, on whose living with him and everyone came out and do not want in the morning in order. No, no doubt We felt it was it was it it wasn't. There ever went to sleep in this was an hour later. This was still we were all our ya like this is met with our own did rushed to the living room. everyone's house, but I Aguilar DE railed. So the point is watching Dateline there was one woman
who for a while, we were being fed to believe that she was bad, but that she was the copper and there were showing this picture of her over over again and every time I saw it was like ah like. I was just getting so angry staring at her shirt issue how evil she was. I couldn't believe it and then turns out. There's a big twin sure was couple as the others. A few and one of the twist is that woman is not a bad guy and when they showed that picture after we found. Then I see the pitcher and I think your story benign we lady, I mean it's got fast. What theirs is famous I wish I could room. The name in others is seven, these kind of film experiment they might even show in film school, but show a man walking down the street and show his face right and they cut two different things and it's kind of experiments. They cut to a woman like holding her purse. Maybe she's clearly just been robbed in disguise phase in your convinced him,
but then they showed it dear cry. You know in the duties just neutral and it's kind of to illustrate how you fill in the emotions are necessary to voice ok, so at so Martin Sheen Apocalypse. Now you asked if the food poisoning was like Martin Sheen having a heart attack our pockets. Now I just why, before you get in this anyone who's not watch the documentary hearts darkness It is good, is Apocalypse now is as a movie if he ever watched it now and when I was doing some research on this day and when I always knew that those two go hand in hand if you should watch bone, but I haven't seen apocalypse now, so I never felt the need to see the hearts of darkness, but then I was doing some research to find Martin Sheens heart attack, and I was reading about all the insanity that shoot was theirs Roy, never bona crazier production and hurting, not just Europe
did the godfathers. They would have pull the plug Amelia. They wanted have two. There were dead bodies, namely on sale. Sounds they shut it down for a long time. That is all went home for a long time marked she had a heart attack. Also, they put the shoot on hold because been Brando got there. He didn't know any lines you didn't know anything can read the book yeah. mobile had to teach him his lines, so they just shut down production for awhile on he did that this is, as we are doing in the hearing of Brando, who I was obsessed with for awhile and wrote a couple different biographies on ITALY's intermittently the superior responsible guy, yeah glutton, and then he is a genius on top of it. I think those two are at odds
I think a lot of geniuses have a lot of other issues. Will we get we're gonna watch it we're gonna watch hard to darkness, because there is a point when you see how frustrating is for Kabul at work with him yeah they just want commit even working, and at that point you like This guy's us in our. Why aren't you firing this guy? Would then, when you see what he does your like work? I guess that's that guy's process in only three four people can do what he does and I guess you got a deal with if that someone's process to get that thing you want. So it's all. I dont think its cut and dried I feel conflicted about that. I know to three: people can do it he does, but for through four thousand people can do the next step, and I personally this just my obsession with justice feel like I don't need that one thirty three, if He'S- and
asshole and his evil I'll. Take the fourth or four thousand, who are really really really good. Maybe a genius level, but there still fantastic out I'd, prefer I don't know I just ass. It goes easy. They are the Picassos of I know, but like that's what I'm saying- and I know this is this- is gonna run people some Pepsi bless you I want to try it You can go soon height with carogne in there could make it out of an hardier, but you know when we were in Vienna so so crazy to think. Like two weeks before, we were shut down Chris, I work in another country were fly, it was happening, India, we're fine or not or in New York on the subway sure eating Emily Burger having secret. I miss you seizures,
but we were in Vienna and we went to this really cool museum and I had a lot of like really fine art those Picasso's there there's all kinds of cool stuff in and I was looking at it and they were amazing, and I didn't I could feel like the history, but I also then I looked at the next painting of a person I didn't know, and I was like this is the same thing we decided this person was the one and we put a lot of cloud into. An amazing is not genius. I do think he is, but I guess I guess I know you're saying I've had the thought a lot about arm I mean It's how they all work like you re a park knowing really dribs whereby what sold me I'm Picasso and again, look were aware of the the dicey history. Costs with with the women stuff so will without that's it. I was just exposed to Picasso in his Cuba's works
So I was like a kick it rather than are now. I never was all that soul, but then I went to the museum in Barcelona. And it showed there's a very famous painting like a kind of medieval painting of this. It was huge, like cry. Eight feet wide and it was like these people in the parlour hang in others, a dog, and so he did a copy of that painting, which was a famous painting, and he did it illegal. I photographed yeah and then the next one he'd like puts it through the Picasso filter out and in in one room, it's on all the walls and ends with one of his paintings, and you can see everything is in that painting that the original one and you see all the steps and at a point. I was like no, this guy's a one in a billion version. I and I am not challenging back and I think he is, but I guess my point is when I met the museum if there were no Picassos in what I have left,
been like that them sort I wouldn't rye would have still been like. Oh that was amazing and that one was awesome now and was ass. Like I mean look by Everyone I museum was probably also a one in a. They were millions yes, your enemies here, but yeah, but I just this and are now I just kind of bark up against this idea that lake, if you're a genius you can get away with all this murder in look, I don't bring. People should get away with murder, but I think it's plausible that some people's process involves a lot of insanity things with are: ok like that's fine cuz, it's them them in a room with an actor. It affects so many people that when it starts affecting other people, This is where I draw the line. the one I will defend I have before and I'll do it again is like Christian by all that tape that leave him like the character is playing in the mine said he has to be and he has to be a misanthrope and angry
there won't be doing that in he's, gonna like living in that space and then summons, walking in and out of his eye line totally and he's already in the character yeah. So No, I know it's true young. I get it. I get it. You didn't want all things you don't you get like want an answer to be able to convey heartbreak and then expect them to be heartbroken, an acting as if they're, not having, though you know cause when people are that devastated and their heartbroken there in these fights, where they're getting divorce or saint nurse in saying start, nor asking the people to be there in that space yeah, but then nine in the? Why now be so now I don't know that's brandiles case not having ratified yeah.
Not being prepared coming widow shut down production. He wouldn't do scenes with the same partners. Are there to shoot every other day each person like insanity, insanity anyway, but he did have a hard and he also had an epileptic seizure, so twins Mark Chamber, yeah, yeah, ok and then what year was the banjo invented gave like a nice little history of banjos went on he D go really into a bet. Joel Sweeney was the first star performer on the banjo, and the eighteen hundred is often said that he invented the modern banjo by adding threats to the neck and also introducing the fifth string. However, many people question these claims nowadays because he was an goes away way back road. Not all the facts was only two facts. Unfortunately aversion
for us, as we had two reenact, an entire episode dateline from where I hope we don't spoil eggs. I want people to wash out episode of so there was a name of that one. I don't know o little housekeeping thing why someone pointed out, and they did it in the best way cause. I don't always take criticism well, but this this was done in a way that it my ears, were open to it. I was appreciative of it and several episodes. I guess I will refer to people as bipolar. as opposed to saying they have bipolar disorder which is a valid complaint embarrassed that I've been doing that because the one of the things I did learn in an answer or classes how we talk about mental health in this country versus how do in other parts of the world where it's just like you have a cold brewery thing or two condition: you're, not a Scots frantic were say you have asked us are finding it. I've been doing that, and I apologise for that and then also when I interviewed, Sanjay, I said be. Fifty two's were being spit out like every sixty eight seconds, that's not what air
and it was that's about it- what there was a bomber, but I have had the call letters wrong so what I did berossus varying for me. I didn't catch. Oh, I always knew a fact check on now and will also, as I would have found it in sue mean I'm getting right out its mechanical stuff that I would not have looked. That's all very well. I love you. I love you. This is kind of about. One thing is making us feel same as it is it s the thing cherries, ya ones that are still as we love you. I love you