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2019-10-21 | 🔗

Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, 40 Year Old Virgin, Pitch Perfect) is an American actress, writer, director and producer. Elizabeth sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss going to a uniphile school, turning 40 on the set of the Hunger Games and her producorial recipe.   Elizabeth talks about her positive disposition and Dax recalls meeting her at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The two talk about wanting their kids to feel a sense of danger, the sexiness of a capella singers and female empowerment.

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Welcome welcome Welcome Georgia, expert, I'm joined by the cookie monster. That's me, am I a madman cookie and now at my about the cookie monster says cookie monster says: oh, I know about mine, I'm a different. I wanna satisfies up as a new cookie monster a around that's the cookie Ma Am Custer right right right right back and I'm dyin shepherd entered day. Elizabeth banks is on the programme. I love Elizabeth banks as endocrine later for over a decade. I've just really gone away by her talent. Then she such a great dramatic actor super funny. I fell in love with her in the forty old virgin. Should such a powerful woman. She is she's an actress, a director, a writer producer. She of courses and hunger games pitch per
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fifteen percent off today, thanks what is the goddamn secret. I mean you really look like a trillion that are pretty tight and hot. Is your dad. I have some aunts that looks like me and some cousins or her trying to age, gracefully that something I will happily say to everyone like. I have not put anything in my face. I've never had a needle in my face really, while you should try the vase
everyone's trying to get me to wear sellen me, I'm that idea, I'm just I don't I'm I'm too really uninterested in those psychology of starting to start animals with my face. I would do it if I like I could happily look in the mirror and not have like emotional or psychological baggage doing it, but I just I don't want to do it and I'm trying to resist and The reason for that and I have to honor it look if I was not on television, and I just have money nose job face lit like if it wasn't obvious I go. I go all the way with a picture of Brad Pitt. Not go just get as close to this as you can. I know your the rule is that expectations will of aim in this direction? Remember so. The first fell, my ever really made like my sad card. Film was lad american summer. Yes, and I were like a little bikini ta and like it's all
obvious what I'm offering water these little babies right here, and so I went to meet an Asian and Alain he was like. Maybe you should get a boom job Your minister, my own, now I met a marathon. I also like yeah, but it's out like the cats item bags like it's all, going to be totally obvious. Now, if I do that, I'm not interested, play feel the way about those kind of doctors, as I feel about a lot of things like you are putting your livelihood in your life into the hang and what are they followed their wife that morning or there Craig. Who knows what could go wrong? You know what I'm saying like I just. Why am I doing that? I don't know, and then I've also had friends and my sister like have faced cancer and have had surgeries and stuff in your life,
Why would I voluntarily put myself under a knife and like anesthesia? Not it's also dangerous. I can tell you from an addict perspectives: you get those perks, those actually gotten one way or another. You seed pudding. Life in someone else's hands. I see potentially a justified five day relapse with no recourse. I will need it, I mean, but that's only if we decide that our society tells what They need somebody looking young, I just over it. I know Belle and I were laying in bed last week and some way inside him out, but skin of our show me she's, so young and beautiful, she's getting stuff sent in from South Korea. She's got like snail goo on her and stuff. She is sparing no expense, let's just say, but
I mean mother nature intended. I think we wanted to look up the age of some actor right and then, when I look that up I'll, give you other suggestions. I don't even want to know how old this actor is right and it became this weird rabbit hole and before I knew it, I had a grid of actors in their like from sixty five. To probably eighty and I said to chris- and I'm like look at this page the sexism or the misogyny, it's so fucking deep. It's so deep in me that when I look at that, the older men still look attractive to me and. Virile in all those things and I very aware that the women of age, it's crazy, that culture affect what you see. You know what I'm saying like an even I have an awareness of it and it doesn't help we were talking like in the shower watching some of the folks are older and I am thinking about the women being older.
In about it. How it you know it will impact Kristen she's thinking about things happening and yet you're on he asked me like? Am I attracted to that woman? I'm not right, it's so deep Yes, you sure cuz you're not fertile like. I can't make you a baby as easily. As your wife sexual ones. I turned forty on the set of the hunger games with all those young adorable people February terms. So anyway I turned forty. It was hot massive, a time anyway, because Philip Seymour Hoffman had just passed away, but anyway, so we are looking. Something to celebrate, and I turned forty, but no one knew it. They just brought out a cake and started singing happy birthday and Liam Hemsworth, so hot I love how he looks like how old are you oh and being faced with having to tell Liam.
Where's your Lord seven at the time was on twenty one: may, the child of allies and baby boy. I really like I'm yeah about I could feel lies bone are going to give up and run. I wasn't and telling you he had ideology that was he deadly virus. I mean you have is older than have obviously, but like how cute anti I was suddenly like. I could have done his mother. I think like a well I'm old enough that I could be as mom by and biologically. Of course, Glad Biologically is what I'm talking about Why I'm making your economic growth that, via logically off suddenly amounts of, unlike by well over the whole May I really felt unattractive all I like it was overnight, I mean I'm sorry, I can't work
Clearly anyone would you need only step out on your porch, I'm sure you can wrangle a day or two. I mean I value your experience, calling you liar, but is it possible that Liam had no real shift? I make it via got Liam on the horn. Now I think you I think if you asked him he did not know. I was an archive, ok felt the shift wasn't. Maybe he and I were just different twenty one year olds. I think I would have been excited by that notion. Like oh, my goodness, you look like that, and you've got some some real experience. President yeah what citing thorough guys they do that you perverted guys you could be mom cool. I think I like that maybe thirteen or fourteen years or something I remember exactly when we met. I can't imagine you do, but I'm going to I'm going to say was made aware
He was an actor by four year old virgin. I just thought you were unbelievably spectacular. Who is this person that you know the way you do when you see people it's one of the finest Barcelona, the movies that go into Laskin Scotland? Am I Who is this leader of this movie? I must see everything what's his name, James Mcavoy, or are they the gentleman from Trainspotting Ewan Mcgregor. I really felt that way about you, infertile, sunset boulevard and buy into this memory? I did. I brought you
ok great. So I saw you in line- and I am I am bona fide star struck, and I am I, on the contrary, that girl from forty or virgin only gonna, China knows her and I merely only and who's the girl he loved from how banks and now I don't really know what to do and then at this is a beat, and then I see she's married so relax. Communism is gambling only make, notably by our coffee, but then I did introduce myself Jago and the way to load chit chat their coffee, Rina daily. Yes, my total. We actually remember that now yeah very exciting. And then, if memory serves, then you and I were both working in New York. At the same time, I went and met you in like the whether the lower aren't we re a half hour in the Bowery, and it was the name of that hotel, Eureka, yeah, so very cool stuff. New to me
yeah, and then I hung out with you and your girlfriend's one night and it was a fucking blast in a riot. Running across the street. I say I woke up the next morning. Ok tell this is this? Is when the four Dax sober? No, I was sober. You are in fact, because I had this very clear moment when everyone's running across the street across the street I was like. I would have been first in the but I'm the only sober person here I actually was feeling sad cuz. I was like, oh, I know who
thanks is in if I were fucked up right now, this night, not sexually, yet this night, when it ended up like in another borough or so yeah, oh yeah, I like there would only make a very good time. Yes, a bit really good time in. Had I been drunk too, I think things would really ratcheting out of control hurry. I got this makes this makes a story make more sense to me on ever before the next morning I woke up in a bed. I was fully naked in the covers. My sister was over the covers next him in the mill. The bed fully dressed in her work clothes holding her purse. My friend was on the other side of sleeping in the bed with me and my sister, and I think she was in pajamas, so it was like all native language of David everything and all in one small, back rather vague barrier vaguely remember trying to get something cooking with your friend with you. I know which friend
Kay I do. I do remember trying to like yeah yeah, because I would single out of the version and like you, I knew she was into it the one with pajamas on now, though, Europe is of repaired. One yeah did you just run into them? There are you plan to meet I saw my planned me- I didn't know I wasn't just like wandering about- or rather we now we re land. We made a plan. We have eggs the question: when did we see each other? I dont know what I was doing: baby Mama yeah and your friends with all those people Somehow there was some cross pollination and we made this plan again, I was single folded. Closure how to fund. I wasn't me so much fun and I was like she is married. She is married MAX Hazard, nice, gentlemen.
With my eyes, like a rat Iver young, single friends that we're out there were totally avail. Here's my no magic avail, deck avail that we know that second technically available than that, I'm ok. So it's funded like read about somebody who you ve known for over a decade yeah. I just know you socially your good time Charlie, and then I read about you and I got. Banks is real, She was, she graduated magna cumlaude. It's really impressive, and then I got she's from Massachusetts. Where is Pittsfield in comparison to Boston, it is all the other end of the state based on the border of New York. Like my father worked outside of Albany Place, called Schenectady New York were energy for accuracy, S, energy factor and mom worked at a bank. You first agricultural Bank,
It is in the bird shears area at the heart of all. So it's fucking, beautiful via its really beautiful, is an amazing place to have grown up actually how many born your town does it big or small? Now I think it's like thirty thousand, maybe that's good size yeah, it's a decent size. It is technically a city where I'm from surrounded by the countryside, you know I grew up going to farms and cows Did you have a site or mailed I'm a year where you like your, had hit the site or male? Oh yeah, you would go and you pick up all new and watch him. May India had the best thing in the whole world wishes sat down at his yes, my down it. They were like they were cinnamon as we are in an enlarged Europe, a minute yummy cider a you know now, when you think about a pilot, seventy eighty grams of sugar in like a little cup and the donut He'll give of worth worth insolence clover snaring become out warm. They put him in a leg. Why
bad, we act with the sugar and then having also, I wonder, hollow for me very well. You wonder, cuz I was trying to tell Monica this. One of the unique pleasures of where I grew up is at during Halloween you'd find yourself sometimes at a Halloween party that had an actual ride like a barn and Bob Hunger it Bobby I asked, did you have that experience? Yes, this is a girl. My high school is Taylor. She had an old carriage house and she would have liked. Parties like I'm haystacks part is that there is now a loft up above any the latter and it was just like us magically. I was freezing cold, the oh sure sure we have. We planned our costumes around wearing
a full snowshoe hybrid it on his kind of patented. It didn't have the varies typical strata like in high school were there like were jocks king and then you know it's so interesting because I just at we just moved and I found my high school year book and I wonder at the other day I went to a pretty big high school. Having those. I learn. A three hundred kids, my graduating class and ass, I was looking to slip into the book I was like. I hung out with, like twelve percent of these, like yes or was a big football team and cheerleaders, and that was a whole scene. You know my high school boyfriend was captain of the hockey team. I was very into hockey, but I was like you know, of a nerdy cat. I tude did all the like AP classes and what I realize it's like you really are just in class. I was very competitive with my classmates at that level. Right cuz, I was very click: college prep in college,
bounded. It is all about that and how do you, swine? That? Just if you don't mind my I think that's genetic tail without worrying were to turn our guys. Who is your first born for short, and I think that you have in you have three younger the blue eyes, two sisters and a brother. What was the age gap like how much older, when my sister and I are almost irish friends or thirteen months prior awhile yeah? and then I have a sister, his five years under the May, and a brother whose eleven and a half years younger than me. Ok, I think you're interested. In that view your bat runs. Not I would that's like a super student who's in AP classes, because you're such a good time. You know I'm saying I pictured you more party visa. Do you mean I had that side of me as well, because it guarantees than ever really did drugs alcohol as eyes, my vice, but I was very clean cut about that stuff. I was responsible. It's been about ok and last question about our what I feel like a similar settings for childhood
this is where I think to the world you just going to a field need to start drinking However, there were like or veal. Then you just kind of writing that user driving to those we are gathered here. There must be a middle roadmap. Gravelly directly right does exactly right. Now we would kind of get a plan to be like there's this place, Georgia's firemen, you could go down like a path and then there was like different park springs I'd park in different parts, and yet you would go. You drag a keg, and this is a word or you're like a refill. Leave him whenever and build a fire. Women involved the oh. Yes, in the summer time many lakes meeting, we had a friend with upon tomb boat, that real good time and over. We can get that out on the lake absolutely it is, though it's a floating bar real and then
there is a point on that. Pontoon boat party is my father at a pontoon, but we go out there pretty late at night and there was always a little irrational permit should everyone be swimming right now I go away at the point of the night where some action say: hey what's blessed with minor. Yes, I agree that was probably me. I ve lab person. I've ever never be like do, commissioner, Do a head count to make sure everything like Zach on the got off. You know what I mean like still alive you now we both have them to children. We live in a way. Do you like a little bit pine for them? Having met experienced? Oh yeah, of course we went away the summer. We went to Massachusetts for like two and a half weeks, because I just felt like I needed them to have, and I needed it too little that an astonishing that freedom and they he went to camp on the lake, and you know and went to soft serve ice cream, and just
any golf and in all our ran like I love that the late thing in particular holds a certain power over me. We're like I half to every year at get onto a lake for a week or two are I've, just some, I'm sad Ganley long to live on. Like you know, Inland Lake in Michigan that lifestyle. For me, that I had like imposter syndrome. When I went to college, I went to such a fancy college and I'm not from a fancy homer. Home town or anything, but to grow up in a place where I could and ski and canoe and and fish you name it like we did it. You know, and I thought that, having an environment where you get to do all of those things really helped me kind of feel like I could Been a lot of places are having some kind of like physical confidence that you can do things I think, is really beneficial later on like you have a commando. Ok, I get me in the setting of mankind,
and also just little things like. I learned to drive on a stick shift. You know like in the New York City than the how to drive a car. You know me, I just things like that. Just I do think really have helped me feel confident. Life yeah, so you got into PAM in my yearbook, was my captain flutter, I opened my own house like pave, look at as there was in July member, getting it in the mail. I definitely because my great grandma had passed away, so we were all getting ready to go down for like the services, and I got this letter in the mail and of course, my mother immediately cuz, she grew up. Catholic was like, the angel via not giving you your here. I have a was postmarked before she passed away.
Play idea. Was it your dream? School was my number one I applied. Are they got in December? So I got to just like chill the rest of dead, Monica soak that infringes twenty twenty seven years yeah loud September. Ninety ninety two- that is bonkers, yeah I'd, argued that's almost impossible. Virtually Highschool lying her table many many war olden days when you never met someone of the opposite sex at your job. Really be sailing on my grandma. Your grandparents were merry forever. My immigrant work that wonder: Bread Bakery and he fucking words a bunch of fat do its own
a man. He worked twelve hours, so anyone straight home and went to sleep. How happy I am that emptier. Do you think? That's what keeps marriages together apart tempt taken. I think that's a big component, not sure I mean, I think you, as marriages and relationships go to be really on top of like checking in remembering to state your needs. All these things that are like of four who might grammars and fuckin have the vocabulary now in I can imagine was easier for them than it is for me and we have tools. You know, I think if you meet someone at your workplace, that seems to be reckoned, seeing you in a way that you really wish your partner did. How is that not gonna feel special how're? You not gonna respond to that some. We know whether you cross the line or not. Is you know yeah whatever that someone's thing where its I'm old fashioned? like. I'm, have no plans to get divorce like when I got married. I was like so this is for life, so you got to figure it out you got to make it work, which I mean
also very lucky. I I chose very well. Yes, I have a great guy and we have a great relationship when we work together and we cannot. We, we spend a lack of time together, yeah, but happily, like I'm very happy about it. I've had the pleasure of being around you guys. Many time answer really beautiful relationship, but I guess alms anus outside its compounded by the fact that you are also making that decision. Your padding I, like a spy the mouse and you ve not had doktor bumper, that's true. Yes, I just think that now that the impressive miss of this, I am not for wanting that, you know. That's it. I mean I'm not thinking about like what else is I've? It's not something that occurs to me so granite that I accept that you have to have been working with where you go, oh well, we really connected some unique wages, is really special noses mean you're gonna pursue it, but I do think. There's there's like pheromones and fish are seen it with my husband to
I've been out with him and other women and gone like ok that that we like them- and he knows it, there's rhythm being and like good for them sure you not aim, because I had to have a trust with my husband yeah. That's what it is. I trust myself and I trust my husband and so when I am having like vibes with somebody. I might call that's funny That's a nice feeling as a human being right mind. You you're not dare yeah couple second week that lay and then we anyone member such down- ok pen, this exciting to me: ok for again ego centric reasons, but you went to Delta Delta Delta. I was a trial. Yes, I tried out insulin. We named delta delta, our daughter, my mother, Emil, May Dino Delta Delta doubt it was one of the first three that was committed to writing on this. Isn't that during this history about now to ok what was like a writings,
Centric sorority initially I love the herbs as tried. I now, of course for many reasons why I was the one that was in our ally. Secondly, I have these terrible labels. In my head that I grew up with and I filed people my whole life, So one of them was, like I hate guys in fraternities, and then my best friend in LA turns out to be my friend Nate talk he was in a fraternity. I kind of hear how the whole thing worked with him. I'm like, oh, I just missed it. It is what I am like it s used to be super social, and here I live in a house at the end I have to like live in university housing, basically, yes, but but embarrassingly, so I used to in my youth to find myself by things I didn't like it supposed to things I like. So it's like you'd meet me and I hate that music and I hate this in a bubble is repugnant. Now I recognize cuz there's nothing to build on there
So it's usually because to state what you like demands: judge yeah right or limits on vulnerable. We are you out of it. So I like I'm putting myself out by saying that I like this and everyone can be learnt. That's ok! not me you know, or or like yeah, slats gray. Let's talk about that yeah, but then no one, liking it is. The thing used to be really confident, I think, to walk into the situation be like this is what I like. My very best friend of my whole life, Aaron weakly and I on a Christmas morning, one day we are driving and we're seventeen or something and we're just driving. I go. I say man I've. I like this. Song and I I like that bodyguard song, and he goes. Oh, my god, I'm so You said something my sister got that tape for Christmas last night and I've listened to it like twenty times. This morning- and I was like not told anybody in my life, but you
so relieved that we loved it. I love that my brother in law had the soundtrack to Titanic and he would we we shared a kind of shared a car with him for a little bit and tell me about in the car. If you like, blasting, like while he's just listen to my heart, will go on you don't know, I know you won't sing it and you probably want. I want you know you view hum. It's me. I think I think all of Whitney's songs, I love them all. Ok, they grew up the huge a leaf and I love it so much I was even into It was some glass, oh boy, one of my early concert, Winnie, used o roon. Twelve years old, you read, we actually got tickets for my parents anniversary and we,
went together as a family angle lead in western Massachusetts. Ok, now, as is the kind of place, ours was pine knob, my mama to heart, junkie, remount, how's, eleven, exactly that I got hit my fine head with a sixty galen common cooler. The steel kind he's too drunk deeds Rilke, whereas lawn seeding, these guys lost their footing behind us and always a yearly larger, didn't I turn in just fucking bombed and how this huge cooler got knocked down. I survived clear I, but that's it was You lose your gave way? Yes, like have no tangle. What is this summer homeland Bosnia of the orchestra lack the Saratoga performing arts Centre, which is also where I saw a lotta shows, including John Cougar Melon Camp. All sure that was more of that joint first, the first big consummately went to alone, like where I drove with, like my boyfriend's, older brother, who is egg sixteen by the way note to parents
do not let your like twelve and one slash two thirteen year old daughter with a bunch of teenage boys, two, anywhere anywhere. You are like over a mountain like it was insane anyway. It is out alive, but it was deaf. Leopard was my first white fire roaming waiting, make open phenomenon amazing, so that cancer is exactly brings me to the next. One is gonna make us what one of the things I realise when kids not observing here in LOS Angeles, is my mom would take us somewhere like pine knob you're, going to see one or two. Fist fights like that's guaranteed you're going to see grown men, fist fight each other in the beer line, maybe at the top of the hill and come rolling down and clearly it def Leppard. There was some scuffles and you really feel alive in those situations. Only like you got to watch your. I find that there's there's so little danger in the childhood now and it kind of bummed,
our meat to me. Do I like a little I've? I really grew in those moments of danger and I really feel like you know it was all mostly contained. Might later. Nothing was like super out of control right, but I'm trying, like I just move we're putting in like you, Noah Ninja Warrior. My kids are obsessed with two boys. They just want to climb everything. Guy out to the house, to talk about, like you know, building like a rock climbing Wallen whenever, like a jungle, Jim Thing and he's like, while you know maybe seven feet again maybe ten, and while I mean if you kid falls, doubted I'm Thinkin Yemen, break their arm have a cast. Well began readable. I think they would not care about climbing seven feet. I think, unless there at ten feet, they're not gonna feel the thrill of the
you know what I mean and I was wasting my money and I cuz that's how I feel about it at that age. I want to be high, but they looks from this guy, but be the judgment of light and heat. Says amigos. It's not you. Heads you know other kid, they're gonna come and planted thing, and then I was like all that's my own kids. I also like they from father and head injury, May we I wasn't Haswell constantly as a kid leading up. We have somebody always getting stitches or a broken mess or something or sprained or whatever you know we were outside running around jumping and doing stuff, we would poke like a beehive. What happened.
There's something so amazing about beheld scare yourself and learn your limit than try differently than time is really know how to give that without these kind of things yeah, like heads are really really big scares are really good scares and I can't ski with them, because I spent the entire time. Like, I don't trust them yet, even though I know they can do it, but I spend the whole time that they're going to they're going to fly off a cliff, I just spend the whole time on high alert and then I'm not fun here, however, that there are eight and almost seven I still have a six year old, but I'm holding onto for dear life That's around the age where I see start panicking a low setting in for me where I'm like she looks like a human being,
I have to cover my face when I think is Monica constantly- and I have to cover my face when I sing usually sitting where you're at and it's so, if I want to sing, I feel like that It's just hard to Sterrett stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare We are supported by Hallo fresh with hello, fresh America's number one meal kit get easy, seasonal recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door. All you gotta do is cook it up and enjoy Monica you did that last night. What did you get into? I did I was so excited. I was craving attacks, and I opened a known and there was a lemon torn Aloni Poland,
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da accomplished acts. Ok, so you got into saying we're doing what on american summer I got into set yeah. I know I know I got my sad guardian commercials of high and were hot with my does my first like legit movie, that was like a sag signatory movie. I d change my name when I did that movie right. There's your lives with Mitchell. Yes, and why did you pick banks? I made a list of names. I want to keep Elizabeth. I thought we were to some was like hey Monica, maybe I'm not gonna answer to that. I'm gonna need my first name to stay the same and say I have a long first name. Elizabeth has many Silva's, so I thought short last name I alphabetize list banks was at the top. You are unable to close. I call fag and I said I'm gonna go down this listen
tell me what's available Elizabeth Bank, they said avail by said I'll. Take it! Oh, that's it so we did. It didn't, have any connection to famine, herder working about what I feel when I read it. I was like this is a nod or more was let our tell her that now angular amend my story now that you ve given me that great idea, the nod to my mom, what would a fun fuckin movie to end up in as Europe the tale of that movie in my life, I'm going to still count David Wayne as one of my closest guy friends. I love him so much, and you know that group, is just incredible people. Were you intimidated when you started that movie cuz there were, We were already doing comedy kind of professionally and intimidate. Totally a word, but I was an hour I really wasn like I remember being on that they would just do bits like non stop
it's an I didn't. I didn't do improv or anything, and that was too dangerous for me, like in college. There was a group called without a net, you know and they did Imre, and I was like about a my want. The words you now now, because I love improv. I didn't really understand what was all going on and I just thought I'm amongst like geniuses like they were so funny. They were concentrated one up each other and make each other laugh and just the entire vibe of it. Was pretty great and you are actually at camp. You be literally where I can't be in so there's the documentary that is on Netflix. It was a raucous time. Am I there was a lot of alcohol consumption. Presumably some drug use presumably one could presume. I didn't full immerse myself in it. Part of it was like they were all friends right and so
I definitely felt a little bit like this outsider, who got to sort of see how it was all working and I think we got paid like four once maybe before your agents of model and in doing commercials, so we were shooting and alike in the Catskills, and I would like renting a car and driving back to the as much as I could do like audition for a commercial to make some money, figures. As far as I was to be a cab, I also really needed money. Drear there was some. I remember ginning graphic, just literally saying like day too, like I mean just, Manitas, Godel and get famous already, and I all right, so I'm not going to be accepted here. Yeah yeah, energetically on that set for sure there was this feeling of like. Why are you here
I know this, but so after you do wet hot. How do you end up and see biscuit cause? That's a very moving. That was because I was catch me. If you can. Oh ok, yeah, oh DAB Zain, I believe, was Debs angular, Dubbs, inaudible cola pressures dubbing cast both of those films and down. So she cast me in catch me. If you can, I got cast by seasons bill where you watched a tape of me being so and I got passes this bank teller attorney saying if you want tell me I'm on the path we're going to find out. You found your child in the bank of a river. At some point, in countries you can. That tape made it sway around and Gary Ross who directed Seabiscuit just basically trusted the passenger.
When he was seeing a lot of other a lot of the girls, and now, I'm so far in the business that I can say pretty confidently that they, didn't want to pay anyone else like they? They were. There were all these women who were up for that job and I'm sure that, Budgetarily they didn't leave any money for the girl role. And so was gonna be played by, like a new Comer cost. No money, which was me what are so many layers to the whole thing. So there's like a writing rolls from OMB the male actress. Twenty years. Older than the female actress- that's the main Athena Tobey Maguire was spider man. At the point I've been in spider man. I played Betty Brant with Toby in those movies, and so now he's spider man and he's going to be. You know red and Seabiscuit, and then
bridges there and then Chris Cooper won an Oscar that year in Amerika. In our view, two years you know, why did I ever really low person on the tone and pull a mad set for many areas, and how did your ego handle that stuff was? It was a challenging for you Are you fine with that? I definitely wanted to be Julia. But I also like I can't I don't sit around going like. Why aren't why? Don't I as in the grass greener you're, not a big. Compare I'd, really try not to me yeah. I certainly am I do it, but will you human being right exactly, but I really trans now that I'm older and raising children. I really really really try not to be in
Sauna like on the other side of so many things in realising like this was my path I this is what it was meant to be the better than what other life was they're gonna be. This is the one that happened to me. So here I am year what I am now of that opinion and thank God, does it relieved so much suffering, wanting in all this stuff in yes, now in retrospect, it's like. Oh thank God, the things I want to succeed failed and thank God, the things I didn't want succeeded like yeah, there's things that should win. I one when I went to PAN haha, so I won so early because I wanted to get out of my time. I want to live in. City. I wanted to have a big life whatever that meant and I didn't know what that meant? I just knew that I wanted something, and so everything is that icing like right now. I met an amazing boy and I made a beautiful family and I get to do something so fun to make
money for my job like this in the colonel and I'm rich yeah yeah just to have as long as I don't worry about the car payment. I don't worry about like at the car breaks down. How are we going to have hot water? I don't have to make any of those kind of decisions. I have one and I did it a long time ago play. Did you want to be an actress while you were in college- new. You didn't know until I know I do I that the door kept obeying and I just kept walking dear. It gives you a communication. Degree yeah and I'm sorry theatre as well. I was all I didn't in high school like right, as my you know, was like you're goin. I leave. You broke your leg. You got into a player, I didn't Jesus Christ, superstar played Pontius Pilate. I saw member the song, of course, because I only twelve and a half when I sang it and you know you You really remember music, when you're from you on your 12th. If you sang like professionally in a movie, I mean a little,
No, not in like a major role. Now I would sure I would Can I had a music? What have we? We did shot for shot remake, a bodyguard whom I had my you re mechanics there do I've been doing the body guy you and the Houston, Romania you know how to him. Has now having gossamer Kevin Costner easy. We love em now to get at the search for names. I was only. We should have a show that religious talks about moving between title on other actors, name on the whole episode of describing the present. What other movie that we get the title wrongdoer been and what she you're mine, so if you've always been like just filled with gratitude about all the little what happening? There must also still be peaks with him at right, we're things you were like. Oh my god. I can't believe like I've not had the experience being in Spider man
that's the biggest movie of the summer, and it opens and it's a bazillion dollars- and you know literally, a hundred million people have seen it. Those are pinch me moment. That's happening. I mean it, I mean I do I feel like also I. I really want to keep going up the mountain, I'm very uninterested in what's on the other side of the peak now I hope I meet that an It's over Iraq. You change your ideas, success as you get successful. Oh yeah, yeah phrases, that's what I'm going. You didn't go, allow now kind of all these up Jews or can open up to me, which certainly many did, but you didn't do you have an expectation of what you were supposed to get? Next, I don't look. I definitely miss out on things, but also there are things that I didn't understand like I remember eating. Legally blond and being like okay, cool cool cool,
I'm a lawyer, but is this in high school and twenty seven like in real life? What is it? I mean where there was a those moments where I went in addition for that movie, but, like obviously Reese weathers This will be an avenue we, I was never supposed to be. A map movie do now requires us. I have found the things I was raised for city. I've got to do the things that would have been, MRS, I think for me, I've missed and that everyone's now, of course, or somebody I can damage. I wish that near me have you ever? held out of an audition. Yes, what I did exactly one time. It was the first time that I ever came to allay actually from New York, where I was living at the time to test for a pilot. It was speak every whether spoon it was. The tv show Manchester Prop, which was the the tv show version of cruel intentions when they made it into a tv show. It was for, I believe, the w b
which is now the cw, or so it was like. A new network was hot at the time. I just wanted to be I wanted to be on what was the family of I've already. If I wanted, I just want to be. Never do you know that's my number, How do you say watch a show in a literally would be sick to my stomach with love. My next two days like anyway long story short I get to fly to. They find me first class, my boy odds, spies, Dana sweets. I have a per diem, which meant I had all of my drama school friends. Come to me. To drink the many bar, obviously and the night before my big audition. So I went the next day to Paramount where the audition was an they hand, you a stack of papers at the time,
stack of papers, which is your contract and it's a six year contract and I was twenty six years old at the time it was a high school set. Tv show six year contract and I looked at it and I was like were eight occurred to me that our we thoroughly two years old when the show and when my contract ended. If it was a Seth and I thought I don't want to be Andrea from ninety thousand two hundred and ten Lexie, and I just freaked the heck out I lost my mind. I was like, oh my god, but they already flown me here so happens to girls. Dinner and we're like, I guess we have to do it. So I was in that situation. I have to go in this room. I have to sign this paperwork and go in this room. They've put me on a nerve informing air and I had a monitoring the rumble house. I don't I've gotta, do it, I'm in pink, I'm wearing pigtails, because even
No, I don't look like I'm in high school anymore and I walk in and I I did just enough so wasn't like totally embarrassing and I kind of played like I've just really nervous- and I was reading with other actors too silent- want alike screw them up, but I basically looked at my feet: the entire time sand yeah, I didn't. I did it yeah yeah. I was like I don't wanna be on this show: ok, so forty old virgin when you're a part of that? Yes, there is that a party is that, like going back to Wet Hata means that yeah that are free from very similar yeah and also, I I frankly got in there partially because a lot like those guys we're wow gray like South and all those guys they loved what had american somewhere- and I think I was the last person to addition for that role for bath the books or a girl.
Affordable virgin, and I got improv with Steve Carell in the audition and it was a delight like I just knew it was going to be so fun and then I just had to be up for anything which I was and off we go it was a thing. I was very impressed with the there's not a way to do great comedy halfway right. You do W W. Yes, Oliver Stone Yes, miss curious. What what is the olive restore experience like his behaviour towards me was excellent. I think if he likes you untruss you it's. It goes great and I ve seen him and sat with people the his eye and then he kind of you know he can not be as nice by right. I had a delightful time with or your scenes primarily with, Josh Braun, Josh Roland into we love Josh, wrong idea. I'm upset, I dont know him, but I follow my instagram yeah. I feel very close. It simply really is equate the great Instagrammer
you know. We talked about this before two: it's a unique skill to be able to talk into that fucking camera the phone, You would think like as an actor. I should be to do that. I cannot do it. I look like someone cicatrized out. I really know how to do it. I think as it is, my army is wrong or something like here ever get angle correct. Now, in the whole time, I'm doing whatever I'm doing what you are seen as me, just trying to figure out what angle Alex Good and I can't find it out- and I think that I just feel vein in iron. Likewise, like my nose ex bang shiny by, I have to make a conscious effort, if I'm like face timing with Kristen to really not look at myself, a meeting, it takes all my willpower to not look at myself because other sketch a glance on my Jesus Christ. Why she married his guy? What why would you want to face timing? I gotta figure out where I'm so that looks at it, but then I think going back down it's it's a beating for me.
Also just stare right out yourself, the whole time fuck it right. I think he's gonna be surprised. Even as I know about it, I am answering that's right of any was were Braun boy. He can talk to that fucking camera and, unlike my gun, and then he had that he had one little thing with him in his daddy cunning interviewed, is damaged, deals a want of He doesn't know. What's going on and they're literally talking in the back of a fucking rectangle, when you try and put like seventy and older people on the phone, They are like what is this future thing? Yeah I got you might as well be like let's get on a rock can go to outer space that mean you've lived whatever seventy years of your life. With none of that yeah now it's everywhere,
I have sympathy it freaks me out that in our lifetime you and I called our girlfriends and boyfriends on a fuckin phone like the founding their words. No, you can leave messages for people. There were no answering machine, he did you do emergency break through and I think I'll think of us are six Nineteen! Well, in my case, we call the operator we go high, need to make an emergency breakthrough on this line, and then you give him your friend's phone number and invariably their parent would be on the phone dealing with something important
sister was on the phone for too long. The other thing we had to share one line to hire family. Multiple teenagers in my house had to share one phone line. Like yes in then, when all waiting came. It was like here we go now had Miss Omar and then throw you we came out when I was in my grave three way in high school for man. It was like its tragic, though, because of it can't make it through that's period of your life without having been a part of two people called you, but only one person was talking and then they baited you talking about the third person that ever happen to you cuz. It definitely happen to me, I'm sure ok yeah! I went to college no computer guy, that's crazy! I had I worry processor. I had a word processor, nine, if I wasn't allowed to take it to college, though, because my sits are needed. That Rice goal
you're. So I, when I went to college it was like you would go to like the computer lab rat somewhere, I mean I'm a young h, unrolled woman walking across campus forgotten the morning. These were the times that I lived and good luck in West Philadelphia go to the computer, and how about when you would research a paper, we had to go to a reference book and find out what articles have been written on. This topic then go to the in cardboard God. I, the book, was in there it's ours in hours before you're. Putting your honour that information added goodness we can't go into stack amount, was proud of ourselves that we did. It is nowadays veto me I'd, there's gonna be three intermediaries books before he got to the one. I me I've got another chance. Notice thinks you retired people
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I was given the hunger games early by the publisher, and so I read it before was even out- and I was like this. Oh my gosh. This amount of course needed Jacobson and color force. Her company got the rights think, and that was that, but so I knew about it for so long and then, when Gary, Pokemon to direct it and then he was in Seabiscuit. I was like and I was like I'll- do it for nothing. I love her and I need to be at three and I need to be in this movie I just need. I just needed it like. It would be so fun for me to be in something that I had read and had this whole imagination. What was that part really fun? and also that I was able to bring them in. The thing that I take most pride in for Effie in the hunger games is that I was able to create this very three dimensional character with this very full life. In the capital and all of these hopes and dreams for herself and for her,
abuse and all you know I brought as much like life to her you as I would to any character that I would play, but to do it for something I think people are like. Oh yeah, in the book of kind of thin kind of just serving the purpose of presented as a from the capital and she's the only person in the first hunger games from the capital that you really meets before they just go into the games rise, so you know that comes to the district, unlike actually interact, since they are like have an opinion about her husband. I want to remind our so good. We use you just mentioned so you already at that point very, very early on you
production company- and I'm wondering I have three series- one is you're here typing like I got to do all the things you do. If that's an option, I got to pursue that, and I should do this. That's one version. Second, one is like I'm smart. This might not work out. I have an opportunity at my front door with a nut and another aspect of this business that I could you know shore up, so maybe some safety, I'm just so interested in producing I want to bring you know, yeah or use both could be combination, those or if it's a little bit of a comma, and mostly it came out of. I wondered at my husband, ok and sets a good reasons kind of like a really good, bloodhound for material and we've just felt like we could do it by. I was looking around the business and I was a little disappointed, in what was coming my way and mostly it's as an actress that was really all I was doing at the time I remember thinking like we can have a little more control if we could do other things. I was in a lot of indie films and I knew a lot of Indy.
Users and I kind of was like I mean we could do that right, yeah, yeah, yeahs, business school and he kind of language a little bit about that and good taste and other collaborators writers, directors etc, which I had through my agents and through my actual your leysen ships, and so I had access to two people and the thing that you find as you, sir, producing, is that the thing that actually gets things made is clout. That's the third leg of the three legged stool that I call you, banks producing, went along a headline gloves. I had tasted
access in you, you build clout, aka cloud is, is when lukashka recapture the islands when they make people money. Basically, Ground Mueller, maybe that'll, do they trust you to make them more money year. So now I mean now. I have more clout than ever. I ever had before in this and deserve business, but as a female actress, you have clout it's an uncomfortable feeling. I was getting more and more uncomfortable with that feeling that, while I am really powerless in this industry- and I dont like that feeling the yes, your big breakthrough as a producer and some ill informed- is pitchfork forget its a book. I make Iraq in. He followed these competitive archipelagos, their way to the cause of its non fiction, its nonfiction tat. There was an all female group in the book they were from. I believe the University of Oregon DV, see, I want to say, is what they were called in the book. There are great archipelagos, a pen, and I was in the theater arts program
He hung out with some of those people and wish I could be like a singer. I'd have no. I did not have the confidence of that time in my life to like actually ever pursue any of that were saying really, and I was so enamored with everybody that could get up like a there was a guy who lie hang rocket man better than Elton John Knightley High. The continent agrees with me that we read Colonel Dragon, Samas Everett their Ed Shirin Fashion shut down any law that you have the fan Ed Sheeran is like hey. Let me just lay these like tunes on. You see what I look and then we all go that sulphur can hardly ass. It does get laid all the time agreed hello, yeah Kristen in mind. Was it there and they all listen to Penta tonics resounding. I am missing
Oh, I listen. I've watched you now. I've watching them get something underpins its Alex and, unlike what you're saying I serious singer like she really appreciates that Anna deep level will that's how I explain it but been my argument is kind of a view. Does that's not your life blood really like five where singing in harmony that look this is that why his perfect works and is fund, because it is a microcosm in and of itself that world of archipelago it is very insular insular and its people take it. So the people who love it all its path are, it is their life, it is what they live for and that's what lens? The first, while the credibility to it and to the movies, but also why it's funny because the rest of us are like we're not in on the right side. Man did they love it and take it so seriously. Nuts, I quite dodgeball the movie works right has her like. While they really love is the notion in comedy of exploring
thing that people really esoteric Yan but but but you write that there is something intrinsically endearing about people have love something enhanced back to what I was saying about me being shithead into finding myself by what I hated me. Punk rock. This is so much worn during unlovable and wonderful. My aspire to be more like all the people in pitch. Perfect Gambia knock Pella group, so I would that said it is. No watches to get horny listener like well, baboon movement being has or transported to seeing it like. Have you ever seen it? It's very cool your input twenty never had an unreserved. I will say I remember dragging my husband to see just in timber lake who, at the time was still kind of in the boy band and pre was his first on his first salaam, sexy back, maybe
for his first album came out. I see you read that got not so lonely. I loved you. I sort out to it here is suggesting turmeric. I drag my husband to this. Just he's like bought Gonna, go see this boy ban, guy at this show and just in timber leg started, beat boxing oh yeah in the show, and then saying. Ah Capella no accompanying right, like Envelope even my husband had to be like the whole talented, and that you that's what I mean it's a pure. It's very. Pure its bulukiya. You have no backup, except like your friends and also there's the magical, that your harmonizing other human, oh, it's beautiful, I am owning the fact I'm not like a man guerrilla, my worst fear in the world and high school Divinest stand up in a taxi, don't say a yeah yeah just scares me. I applaud the bravery. The girls are all we're getting hot
ass an absolutely lot of mankind's do not be user alone? Was he quivers has over their shores? the queues and then we really gonna say get rather than I was like that's too much with what we just recently came up with pity cages, boyfriend talking to another girl, that's okay, to do an inkling that it would be that It's very similar to when we made white american summer, which means we met small movie that we loved making the people who made it loved making it. You know, they're, all friends, tellin, you know like Brittany, snows at Ben Platt, Sienna, radio City Music Hall concert because, like they all work,
hanging out. You know it at Buffalo, wild wings on them and we knew that like special and funny when he was really funny, and it was really joyful. Summers really funny really joyful right. You just know it's like nerds are going to like it and that's what we felt like. We feel like we made something for the nerds and I'm like from the 80s I shall say the nerves, for anybody is not like the mermaid where was removed from the actual, so we just knew we made something that has would like it. We actually we had a slow roll out with a good came out. It can kind of came out like a tumor, eighth I'll, say, and then it really came out of it Teen. So we did a lot of previous screening word. A mild sailed in exactly so are opening we can for the first pitch movie was not some like you now astronomical number, but it just stayed for stayed for a while and then actually we did incredibly incredibly incredibly while in all afterward
so like it was one of these things I just became cultural or the whole accuse me like that. Whole thing does became really cultural and down. You know we real, like we rise, like Jason, more who may be directed the movie and was the architect of the movie. Really he he made the new Greeks like miles away in a we realise like a we made it like. I grew up on Greece. I loved Greece, I watch Greece a hundred fifty times and what happened was any eleven year old kid in America. I watched pit the first batch perfect right, Greece, like they were all watching it. The soundtrack went bananas, and then we had this on the big song. Raw Anna's big saw, miss you and gone and that that had a long tail, so the life of it took on a life of its own, after the opening. Okay, the second one, the second one was
and that you address at the second idea. I drank the second when and how did that come about and was that something you are like? I'm gonna direct second one or did people say lives what don't you direct the second one year? I we hoped that Jason more, would direct it ok and when he passed wait, he died or he knocked you dont know ass. I did I now he had hast and directing the sound like other ways, a browser like now to Jason, more decided. Nobody is going to drag sisters with Tina and Amy. Ok, and so we know we were basically like ready to green light, the movie at the studio and Donald Langley, who had seen some short said. I was drafting a new that I was looking to direct a movie. I was talking to about different scopes. All over town, said, I think you should do it, so she kind of champions you to do that. Hold it and then you I don't love you still do, but at that time you held the record for the biggest opening weekend of a first time director. Yes, I no longer hold them.
I could, but who does? I don't know it so the highest cursing musical comedy of all times like Greece, for instance, an illegal later DNS Vagary, Sarge of all tat. You do back flip after the men. Are you like fucking, post, sprain, champion all of your house yeah? First of all, we were Can I be happy with a much lower number. The movie opened nearly seventy million dollars. Erin below that made that much money total array open bigger than aunt man. Oh my god re like that. You had a lot of issues we opened. Dance mad max, which I think is a perfect movie and I voted for it and all the Oscar categories, and I love that movie so much like blows my mind that movie, that said happy a shroud opening. We can now it's an hour rated movie. You know not the same thing. I guess what I may leave. We killed it and that felt really great too, because you know it was a win for girls yeah like a huge way,
that still means more to me than a lot of the other aspects of it. Right, it was just like if you make a movie for little girls about girls by a girl, and you put it up against mad max aid by a boy trounce yet, and I felt that fell revolutionary war. That brings us to a conversation you and I had on set of yeah aware how tv show, let me first say the best part of directing is your engaged, the entire twelve or sixteen hours run, satellite, your fucking all day, you're engaged and you want more hours and more hours than that last, and it's just that. It's a very intoxicating feeling what that said years of your life and then, ultimately your whole two years of your life. Subsided on that phone call. You and I about that, and you are about to go direct Charlie's angel
and I was, like God, bless you cuz. I don't know that the reward for me is worth it in you. You kind of said like it is a beating. I don't know that I want to do it, but so think I can't not do this. I, as a woman, given the opportunity to launch a franchise like this. I gotta do yeah so perfect to opening to sixty nine million dollars. That's called seventy vat. My getting into pen Twenty years later, it's basically like I'm, never again top and AIDS. I did I can't it's so funny. I love every one in the movie I mean David Cross still blows my mind in the movie. Like I ain't, I was really hard, but it was sober wording on every level and it was great for my whole life etc. I did it adopted it.
Just like. Let's try this thing, you know I don't know there. Just was a feeling that I'm not competing with myself on that. I'm really just trying to now do something new with these new people in a new space with the new idea, and I don't. I have no expectations, I guess, but how do you get to that part mentally? That's, not the first stop in your thinking. Right now must start with fear like to go to therapy. You get to that peaceful state of mind like what is our asses hiring he's got me like every inside, I'm somebody who I wake up and when I didn't think it done today when I can get done today and all the days leading up to the day that the pseudo says fly to Germany and make Charlie's angels is a day when you're not flying the Germany and making Charlie's angels yeah. So all of those days, I'm just working to get to that
and then you get to that. Damn you're like okay! Now I just have to get on this meet me on the other side, until they tell me stop making it owing to you know me: I fell, but again the debts are really healthy. That's the one day at a time of so I'm trying ways of managing everything. So even right now, like I'm freaking out about putting the movie out into the world into comes out of them, are fifteen chinese angels November in November fifteen and, of course, on four year by putting it out into the world but, like I have some markers, so I've shown the movie to audiences. I've been in the room, I've felt them enjoy the movie and laugh at the jokes in the right place and spontaneously Breakin said clapping at the ripe, like as a director. My job is to take the audience on a ride in the movie theater, with these characters and with the story and I know cuz I've been in the room like that part of it is like
just now I need everybody else like buy tickets and I don't know marketed- and I needed Ariana Grande to do a great job with the music which she did so as long as everybody delivering on our I'm. Just like you don't be ok, but there is also a very healthy place to be mentally out. Most people I'm ready wire, immensely healthy yeah, most you're asking. Is it your disposition or in a you it is. I am very. I know that my brain chemistry is like positive for me. You know what I mean like. I know that I'm an optimistic person, I'm a positive person and also I have pms so like I know when I'm crazy, you know what I mean. Oh, I know what the other side feels like and I go like. Oh my god, people live like this everyday holy crap like want to break everything and yell at everyone and cry, and so I sound like I don't know when my brain has switched into evil mode.
And I'm grateful for that too cuz, some people don't even know when they're going through those things. I feel- with my own brain. Can straight and I'm very grateful for that and my brain chemistry is, for the most part, optimistic and happy Charlie's angels, the humongous movie. So there's a bunch of different challenges in pre production rights. There's a ton of action. Also Cassian is like it's got to be, like an old, probably the most important things out in the right three totally an hour. They Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and labelling scheme. Not nail me Scott, my friend may only scan, are not granted not atoms will now, although I have actually texts at her many times, Raza now Miss Scott. The actors who played princess jasmine in a lad in
is now Charlie's angel, my movie and I met her when I played reader repulsive and power rangers, she played the pink ranger, ok and that's how I first became aware of her he s: ok, Euro, mother or father. You know the questions from children I can get. You can just get capacity like at five p m M done, answering questions and in the director's job really is like I don't know, I don't have an opinion on what fucking color leather jacket this first. Do you get you get fatigued with decisions? Don't you you actually again, I've learned to really delegate, which has been great when you can trust people like? Do it is there a certain times where I was like? I generally want this kind of costume, but I also just want her to feel really confident when she comes to set and feel amazing and you're a professional costumes.
And she's a professional actress and I feel like we will figure it out so just come to set not wearing something insane where it was like. I was all for like yeah, we can have as many tattoos as someone wants really, but then, when I get the logistics of so it's two and a half hours and it costs money and leather. And I'm like wait a minute. I do so. He has any Domini that is right, right, Kristen, Stewart, be able to get her because you knew her from now. I didn't know Ellie I mean I had met her a couple times and I think she's one of the greatest axes of her generation, and I am totally in love with her and enamelled with our area. I thought you'd really surprised people if she was in the movie and I as a director you're, always looking for like the tools right like what tools will I have in my disposal, and I felt like one of the tools was the element of surprise and Kristen Stewart and playing with that people's perceptions of her
She was up for it. We found our negative very early on. I didn't movie with her when she was, I guess. Maybe thirteen and Judge Hutcherson was like a loved them. Yeah Of course the journey was a thaw out of their area. It feels very special too Ben around people at certain points and watch them succeed in it. Just feels you kind with happiness for them and, of course, needs word to little kids and then they both have these huge franchises and then they all that stuff is very fun. I think and you know why it's fun. For me, I like going to like the Hollywood parties. You know the Vanity Fair Party Stephanie look around, and but when oh my god, you know Steve Martin and wake up everybody, and now I'm. Oh, like weird run it all. We're gonna get our chance and then-
they're all gonna get their chances raised. I look at Christian and Josh and Jennifer and that whole group are going well in like twenty years, like they're, they're gonna be the main like people running it, because someone has to take over right. Like just cycle through. It does also shatter your romantic fantasy all that, once you when you had curs, do you you're a part of a class? It's now getting nominating a shit you're like also all other people, I like what kind of worship they were just fuckin humans is like us. Like it's kind of em, demystify, Maybe I typed. I agree. I love it like I love, I love them. It's like member, and we were all back there like in New York in getting drunk in the Bowery there. You and now you have your own homes, rational pog me of children, but we made human beings and neither was died, it allowed cider, and that is that night at the bower out it got one of them's that Ireland night five recently. Do what you got to do.
The Bowery cut me off that night. Well, that's funny that reminds me one time we were me and my buddies were in Laughlin Nevada and we were at a fucking black. Exactly the pit boss came over. Listen, buddy! You got to leave your shit faced and my friend didn't leave them because you know You sure this is a little twelve EU, just as other the accomplishment yeah. How many days reassuring that Movie Charlie's Sixty sixty, I think, and what was the fund as part of the whole experience is simple. We want and we went to assemble Turkey for the last two weeks and it was a delight it was. It was like when we all needed to change, and,
That city is incredible and filled with incredible energy. We were all like going to the spot on the Hamas like in the morning like eleven a m we'd, just all be like in a spot lagoon, getting massaging the gear and Elsa enabling our rights. The answer a couple hours like you get it day and a night like everything about it, was just wonderful footage was great and it was just. It was great way to wrap party there. We kind of ended the movie on just like a What oh hi yeah? Isn't it the nicest real until like when you dragons and go to work and go? I don't have to go to hear me. Go straight to the Fucker minders ass, you go swimming, shit or whatever your thing yet I wear a lot addressed is actually oh you do. I do because it when I directed pitch and even one and just being on such as you, sir. I have. I would have female crew come up to me and say we love that you were dress Oh really, I think it's just that. I want by then felt, like you had to show people that power could also
where address you re, like that. That leader on the sack could also look like this year was fine and you didn't unaware a male Kai didn't have to like pretend to look like a grip per yankee. Now, like the groups, could actually just that. I gave a lady in the skirts and charging me did a young and just get over it yeah. I can't wait the daughters I'm happy to be raising very I think that's also a really good responsible thing to be doing. The tv show right now, MRS America, and it's about the passage or the lack thereof. Sorry, dean on passage of the era, the equal Rights amendment for women in the 70s. You know we all play these 70s icons, Gloria Steinem and I play this woman Jill Rockwell's house who's, the prominent Republican at the time the fight is all the same. This most depressing thing, I've ever been a part of it actually be incredible. Women fought for women's equality literally, nothing has gotten better.
Yeah little bit smaller, but volume less reproductive rights, pullback of like so much of it. Will. The think people underestimate right is that this is. I heard this from someone else's a mind you, but they were talking about one of the lake really confusing aspects of Hillary. There was some expectation that, while fifty percent of the country is female, should probably get the whole female right in someone's train explained. Why? Wouldn't women have voted for her in some pointed out, which is true men, he women are beneficiaries of the mouse hr. Yes, as there are married to an dont know why that did not hurt. Imagine this is America is about its basically about a housewife who is like it's wrong with just wanna stay home and raise children the way every feminist says absolutely nothing. You should one hundred percent do that. If that's what you want to do, but there are lots of Ladys who need to go to work right now,
they literally need to or like their husband beats them yeah like they just want to be able to get divorced. You like they want to have like a bank account layer. Gifts get out of the way. If you want that good for you yeah economic security, honey wasn't reliance on a man of your truth. There, her gas, but that should not be the only send me reaction from other Ladys anyways Aleck women are. Workforce now in greater numbers than ever in human history. We were talking sad about how women had this revolution, where we all were like we're going to break these standards of femininity of like yours are the mother and you go in the kitchen and you need to cook, and you need to be Betty, Crocker and Martha Stewart and you know being perfect mother It was like now. Actually I want to do what I want right. Men have never had a revolution. Men have never been able to just get up and say I want to stay home and raise my kids run. I want they didn't, there's no revolution for man this that I don't want to fight anybody ever I don't want to go to war. I don't want guns
the third I wanna, be empathetic on a cry when I want to cry tat. Men have just never like. I guess is that revolution would be considered too an information. I am not a man like yeah. What are you guys could just I'll get together be like we could change the entire paradigm of all of humanity? Well, listen! Having been on the inside of that group as a little kid on a playground in Michigan. I can tell you the vast majority of boys. They all want to cry. They didn't want to fuck every they met. They didn't want to do all the drugs. You know I can recognize that, like it wasn't serve it's, not even servicing the majority of guys. Now it's not it's crazy, but none of them. It serves any of it. The ideal, the current quote, ideals don't serve any of us like I'm not going to live up to being the ideal. Mother, wife, whatever and you're, not going
to being the idea. I don't even know what is all made with a long time ago. I know no yeah, I see your point about you whisperings. They love you. MRS America, I can't I, when I see em ass period or immoral period, I guess I'm afraid I'm gonna say miss or MRS or MID stilled. It's a mystery to me how those abbreviations work, do norms ain't. Now I mean you understand that, but can you understand from my point of view how there's three different abbreviations for misses I mean different, saying, there's a miz and there's MRS Means married Lady yeah. Oh great, thank you by the way I have known this for government its computer, you see a year, your may ornamental learn and if you have, if you're a MS, where miss you have an M ass, you get the are when you get the MR, but what's
difference between MS and Miss. And then am I mad as us. Maybe you call a woman, you don't know her marital status. Ok or she's expressively single Kerr, We are therefore all one thing like a single is a matter. We have to say finding that didn't know if we can hidden when there were no master, that there's no variation in MR, whether there are others doktor, there's grouse, MRS America, is on ethics. Younger ones outcome. I sprang I think March. Ok, so you know you- and I have this in common- where you you host a game, show yeah,
we have all those games just then I want to know what your experience hosted. A game show was so I came home from the first day. You shoot multiple. Besides in a day, so very long day, I'm exhausted three episodes in this first very first day, I'm in the shower my husband comes in exile, I'm like it was some baby thing. Maybe the best However, in my entire life layer and what you I was so overcome by the idea that, like giving away ABC, is money people whose lives are definitely getting changed by fifty grand is the greatest feeling of all time right, like literally saying the sum on, you are going home with this and this and this and this money, unlike have added what a great day for you, was
so wonderful yet how amazing leading up to it. I was just I give very nervous about having to read a teleprompter alot gazillion dyslexic, so I'm just like in fear mode as I am before. I start everything so leading up to us like eyes internal besides in a week- and I am so much reading bubble by increasing, stop me and she goes your job. Is the hand people winning lottery ticket, and I was like, oh my god, you're like I'll, be the face. That hands them the winning lottery ticket and once I grasped under there The US only there's the funniest job effort now granted my show some people fucking lose Some people may now and it's all have made literally kill Those are the ones like if they're winning. I could do twelve a day when someone in there also deserving the people on Micah I'll go I'll, be back in a little bit.
When we address simmer hazards, Albion reset for the next show like you're gonna, be optimistic. Could you go on the fucking ride with them? Don't you totally adapt yes or any of your rooting for Lamb and eight? We know my whole team is rhythm item. I make a partisan come out because I'm out depressing lack right in the ways people press are like its gambling, their basically gamma dodo. It make up our second just just two points. And just to be able to be like if he pressed look on this now. My leg just leave like he just needed to tell me, like I don't know you we can do, but you cannot emphasize what they're doing right can ride out. I try you I've come I make head city, I'm like when you let me the table where you'll. Let me I lay out some stakes. Like all You do realize that if you rather like an you hit aware me that you're going you just want to be like you get this right, like honey spake, the money
I'm literally saying that I'm like how. How far can I say like weird? As luck would have it? You know the whole thing is model which is so fascinating to me, and they have they got some guy who does modeling for the NSA Did you figure out what this wheel will pay out right now so complicated? So they know what it's supposed to do and our first three shows no one and I'm starting to think. Is this fucking thing bro? like a model broke and also like. I want to tell a contestant. If you got a couple hundred, board like that's plenty of money to go home. If I don't get distracted by the millions on this thing and I'm like how far can I go cuz, I just really was trying to impress upon them like what's not get drunk
thought, must bringing we'll remember how much to grab the I know it's hard, though I like every the connections I commend in their like. I came here with nothing and in our I'm going home of this experience and a little money in my pocket like who cares it's great and you that that is the other attitude that I'd I do try and maintain, but man when somebody like all when so much in the whammies out of the hardest thing I've done since I entered show business is for the person the person lose it we find out, the person loses, and it's it's literally eleven seconds before the crow stop going up, so I have to turn from them crime. Come now your husband dreams are dashing your crying, a merely wiping tears. I hate doing next week, where maybe somebody won't want you know it's into grown up. What's a very small banks of I've loved
Dave, Sawyer Coffee before you leave the spring sometime and they're, going to watch Charlie's angels. On November 15th, I watch the trailer obviously haven't seen the movie of the trail fucking awesome! Vain, truly, truly awesome had ended. By did not know you had anything to do with ivy like on a man. Very sexy: yeah. Ok, everything by means of fun, put the. I think people are worried. I was gonna like put them in like turtle. Acts in Bergen factors, I think right right. You're, like a sexy girl, dear young, do yeah there's this fear that implicit in feminism is that somehow you our desire to be hot letters like the whole, those no one planet over the camera and actions, pretty famous gave a base and like lots of things in a year, one of them being that how bad or its organs see that we're going to see Charlie's angels on November 15th we're also celebrating twenty seven,
max again, you act like it's nothing, it's now it readily any thing. I have ever done with my life and I understand in he's a sweetheart. We love him and we, Everyone involved. So thank you so much for coming guy and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soulmate Monica Padman, I welcome. Do another satellite fat chaff yields fresh blood. Will you did a variation in her throat box? I did that on purpose. Can you do that? It will. Say: field field trip lots of outcome canal, not as a large here verse was l natural, so We are again in my trailer, a set of was this. May us. We are now writing horses and shit in the background to say, there's, donkeys kinds of staff in your hand,
one year on favorite people who are gonna have on here. Lenin. Poem, I couldn't find you fermented onset and then, as I cannot find lenin- and I found you too, of course- yes, do- you think we're solemn AIDS. I do think there's a big connection that not just the Georgian the U C b, but I think there is a the very similar thing happening. I read I like her so much I held my lope. There is a similar thing happening cause. That's a big big compliment to me. There's a big time similar thing happening. Don't you? If people dont know our they're stupid, there are very stupid it! No, I don't know much of her till her working with her nose, like only goodness, shoes phenomenal and she said, Don't show twice for three years so good such a good show No, but I'm really glad to watch it now that I know her cause she's self funding shares anyway, so that was an ad for land and that of the service.
Ever human we are supported by Lenin. Poem. You didn't have a cookie. I grab three cookies for you. I is because I'm sleeping law, you'll never get into the cookie, mid lunch and then resume Yesterday I had a cookie for breakfast and I regret its you did. I really regret it at which I never do. Another regret right. Impassioned, no regret but we were going to Houston or we will. We have a secret project in the works and lobby, while myself and a secret person were at Houston, slamming, yes, you're, armchair umbrella product, exactly commodious hippy boards, the the theme song totally, not the words of Asia dead on don't don't down. Done and done? Don't don't dead, I'm done yet.
It maintains a little bare. Well, that's gonna, be the music as I've never been more in love with some music that Bob's made. So anyway, I knew what was going to hew since I was not going to eat right. You want to go in there with an empty tummy, yes, and then I succumb to the cookie. What brain cookie I dont know they'll just were at the house just a random cooking on your counterfeiting on they taste and learnt cookie yeah. I was pumpkin shaped, and so I felt for the festivities of it, along with the taste. By the way, this reminds me of something You know my the thing that grosses me out, the most in life is an errand hair. Someone's astrologers hair is. I think I assume that worse like. If I see a hare summer, I will think that's from someone's asshole. Oh you mean just like on the couch.
A counter on a couch at a restaurant. How are you friends with me? Well, I know I know it's your hair and I dont minded it all came there and are also three feet: long and they're not curly engrossing look like they came from your asshole lips of the sometimes they do, but I fucking went into the Porter Party at work yesterday. I then took a picture for you. You did. It is so God like ourselves, fuckin grows Oh my god look at this on the counter. The Porta potty zoom. Look like rain fell on that too. There is also a big round dots. Ok, I gotta tell people what ok, but if you're, if you are a sensitive I don't know how, like I would want to post this, but on a hidden, folder like Where's all do we gotta pick an image that we're gonna post. That's nice, number one in the carousel. Let's number it's just in people will now
to grow more say it in the subject of cases. The gross this is the number two soldiers do a benign photo. You Robin I may be ok and then pitcher tool, because, if odor graphic ok, but it's not just the hair of herself, if a it's a pet brutal like a half paper towel. Ninety minutes- it has stains on it like looks like water stains, but they're, not water, cuz their breath. To leave a wheel along grows here no hair in their very kinky, so I think they're they're pubic their second? No? No! No! No! These are not puke. I definitely think those are from someone's asshole there's so long yeah. That's what makes it so. I can grow mentally grocer. Ok, I just got so conscious. Ok, because what? If the person who left us
since fuck them put in the trash. Can you find me when animal? I don't give a fuck. You don't put a brown stained paper towel on a countertop. Two asshole hairs set it on their right next to the thing and then leave the what about a level cannot am already know they did. This whole thing is is is definitely think it was a trap to make you feel gross. Now. What are those browns rebels? L, L, so arrow is ok, we'll both posted stuff, ok, in that way. Now, how do you know what I did say in a clean up, which is what I do. I told you de I fucking clean that up. I really commend you for doing that. I will be I often I wouldn't have done it there's a second layer that store ok. I grabbed it with a paper towel. Winded thrown entrenched in it fell out of the paper. Talks under the ground
and I had like a real moral moment where I was like well now it's on the ground: it's not on the counter of kind of made. It better. Is that enough? No, I bent down. Picked it up off your fingers. Another piece of paper paper, towel wasted in this process, but look I think it's really nice. You did that. I don't think I would of all I have done it in the past, but really with only people who like if there's something grows at the house or some yeah I'll, do that, but I'm not like disgusted that at least has the high probability that one of the two cute
kids made the grocer one of the people who made it is someone I love right right out of a whole ever about. It definitely goes down right leg. So if you let's say you walked into the bathroom and you saw a piece of use, toilet paper with the breasts on the counter came in, and if you think it's me like cheeses, dude, if you think it's crazy, like my god, but if you think it's Lincoln our Delta, you, like they gotTA, get better at this, but you're. Not you're not repulsed. We give them a lot of leeway right if I saw it, and I thought it was the kids. I would be annoyed I'll be I'd be like okay, that's fine, and then I do That would be the whole process now if it was Kristen. This is not, This is a double standard, but issues your mom and were harshness on. Europe is is my mom, and I I think I do the most grossed out of it was her. Yes, why? Why
I would imagine you'd be like oh. She was so preoccupied doing whatever thing she was doing, she just left for somebody else to us here and if I was you I know you would never ever be so embarrassed by that and then I would feel like I'm gonna gotta get rid of this, so he doesn't see it and feel embarrassed yeah. That's nice of you and you're right prison wouldn't be embarrassed. No that's part of her awesome, charming away. Talked about many times she will be naked in front of total strangers when people come over to the house? gerber ready for some event new designer there, whatever the fuck and she just barenaked flopping around doesn't care so admirable is I'm very jealous of her self esteem in that regard immediately, predatorial,
She's, like a small girl, lead you look in a naked women. Doing that you like also confident you look at me. Do you like this fuckin pervert omega aggressive is walking around. This is Elvin trunk swinging around the its group. I love it its grey one of my favorite part of her just like how could you do it yeah? It's your anniversary, happy anniversary. Now I'm a little confused on this right, because first grandma, who always tells us every year that it's our innovators, she text it sure in overseeing, and I wrote back, and then she wrote back its tomorrow. So I'm not sure so maybe it's today armies eating her wisdom. I was away said: are you sure I have no idea what it is?
I don't even know. Why said, are you sure I think I didn't know what else to say back, you know we can easily find now how cause you did it at the court House like there's gotta, be a record that in and that was before I started missing days of my journal too. So I definitely I was. I was headed Mr Day at that point, so I could go back in my journals, but when he had also figure out to win Doma pass, and I think it was the following Tuesday. Ok now, for neither of us that does not feel like. I know her anniversary, okay for the primary reason being, but we were engaged at that point for like two years send me we got married when I asked her to marry me and I gave her the ring and then we waited for going to get struck down we were. We were protesting and so would have been married. We urge that make sense. I mean yes, but you weren't, like people are again
for a long time, but that's not their anniversary year. For me, the big the big moment Leap was proposing marry her there's no come back from that to me that was the declaration, and that's that near war and also you isn't have like a big wedding or anything so that women have a wet. Yet we went to the courthouse. Hadda Amy took pictures, I'm really jail. Is that what that you weren't there couldn't have been there. I didn't really know you guys well. Well, the only apology I felt I owed someone and then I made the apology was too to Kristen's dad. Once I had kids, I realized I can
magic, not getting the Sea Lincoln or Delta on that day yeah, but I had no wariness of that in the moment. You know I didn't. I didn't know what that would feel like now ideal to that's, that's nice and he told me about a great state, restaurant speaking of another cute blonde Gara, yes, Elizabeth banged issues, small as that would be a real interesting thing, I think, is an issue of small ok. Why? Because, in my mind, she's, not small, five, five o- Ok, that's as multi. Ok, ok, because I was like mine in my mind: I'm like she's five. Five in my mind, I must have made her that tall because she so successful or some such a beast interest you norms.
Yeah I've. I would choose a club deal in the in the way that I think like Chelsea Handler is yes for emu. Humor, yes, which complement hunt. Of course it is. Those are all amazing, gals. It's a good group to join exactly. I think the EU are seeing very confident women and making a group out of them here. Ok, something happened in this episode. There wasn't. I want to ask you about: oh I'm not mad about it. Ok, I'm really not mad about it, but is is very unlike you, okay, so this will happen. She was talking about her college, which is a very good college him. Yes, it's a unified school near. We were talking about that and then you said her safety school was University of Georgia, and then it was
my opinion a little uncomfortable, because she doesn't know that went there I know it wasn't. Even that was for you, but I think it was weird for her Cuz she was like you now by that you didn't get it well, but other sitting get it but like she was like no bride I went there like she had to be like it's cool to like likes it just. I thought it was not great, she didn't have any of the prerequisite knowledge I was making a joke for your sake. Dadschool about Nyu, no, it's not, but that's. Why that's why it's? a good joke. A Harvard was your back! That's a funny joe of blowing through, though no at university
Georgia's low hanging. Fruit is really a good joke, as she has no idea. You went there, so it's really a joke for you and I you're right, it's a risky wonka. She could be like fuckin. I want to go kind of wanted to say she was starting to say that I think and then and then I had to say, same act as I went there, and then she was like it's a good school to. But what it all you view it is sad em. What was your safety school? You see, I would allow like ours. That's probably just insecure about it. Cuz I ain't cuz, it's it's not of your right and I'm actually not insecure about you. This road will, you see allay. Is it's really should be a uniform now It's not at all four point three to get well. Look tell me it's very hard to get in to Georgia in state now because of the hope scholarship
okay, cuz! You get free tuition, so every Wednesday. So a lot of high quality peeps. Like me, anyway, okay! Well now we know you were just trying to belittle me. Then how to make you laugh, yeah, okay, so I'm sorry, I love your mom summer, but she's not write about Delta dealt tried, dealt to being a writing sorority. You know what, as I was rolling it out. I was thinking my my nose, like I think she was talking about a fraternal. Oh boy are great I begged us now, but you it is cut that part. As I was saying and I was like she wasn't Duncan what sort of a motive for Turkey, even as you were saying, yup they got, I wasn't hot committed get. You know, you know what I'm talking about. I always is finished the sun
and then you'll notice. I didn't circle back. I left that laying in the road and just floored it, oh well, forgot that you have a fact checker in the room, go again. I knew I'd get busted, but it was like it was mid sentence where I remembered know if that was a fraternity hope. She's talking about is the wet hot documentary on Netflix Oh it's not now their other places. You can see a bit, you can't see it on that lacks. I think the totally believe you, I imagine when they re launch the show version, Then they bright licence that apply to a minute, because it we did see it, I'm I'm sure it wasn't Netflix it's just not. There is not only more just like this. Can my friend by her panels. It is. I've been getting tons of, probably just got too expensive for them to
with friends to? Oh, my god, this is so exciting. I was invited to some friends LAS Vegas trip event. Friends, we owe your friends are having of no, no, no, no, no it, but from Warner brothers. What are you Warner. Brothers is doing some friends, themed trip to LAS Vegas invited me, but I can't go greener economy and there were well over this week. Who's gonna, be there the cat executive. I don't think I don't think any of the people from the original shower going to be I think it's mainly for the big fans and you got in five which is exciting has, but I can't go and I'm so sad you'd rather go to turn you of course, than a once in a lifetime. Private jet trip to a friend's reunion show without their customers. What do you think?
one of the priorities, my real friends above your life for your ten vans. That's really awesome that they knew about your eyebrows and reach out to you. I know I said I need whatever they do. Next, I gotta be involved amnesties men doing a lot of publicity what she knew on Instagram. Oh, my god, she's doing prostrate amounts her arrival. That's right! Rats right! That's right! That's why old and I know it was like a big deal. Uninstall ran like every one was tat all of us about everyone's. All a twitter obviously followed her immediately how many flowers it she oh great class. Sixteen million on Sunday million yesterday only rob you know about all the only out of rob. Are you following her? I'm not. He was protest and yet not funk rock enough to evolve. Ok, she's, twelve point, seven, while right out the gates she's following a hundred and thirty four people
and she has repost her had only just come on here to talk about it. Yes, if she was a promo instagram, she should definitely come on. Here, we ve promoters, Rwandans, guess what I've been, and I will give you something I am sure round, features all I've. I've been on record a lot saying she's. Only most beautiful people have seen a real life. Yeah. Ok, so who cast catch me? If you can see Biscuit Deborah Zain Justin relax. First solo album two thousand to Roger Bone, no justified Europe is the name of the album sure the hit song tabling the hits on. Like I love you, which I dont know off the top of my head, but also had
Rita Rock your body I may river. I know those. I love Roger bodies when they got me. My friend, Robbie in high school, loves that song. Well, I pretended that he loved it. We were in the car once and he was on and he was kind of like bobbing his head and then I like made a hole to do about him, loving that song. He was so embarrassed cuz. It was too effeminate. As I mean it was probably just I'm sure was emasculating him, I'm sorry Robbie. That was mean point but he's in good company. If you liked it. No, I loved my ass off to that song. I was at the height of me just mean onto and still drinking water places were that song played and I've never tired of hearing it's a go and is a really good one. Oh yes, your attack him ass, a palace he announced sexy. Those guys are so sexy the highest grossing movie. For first time, director
is TIM Miller, who directed dead poor that growth over seven hundred and eighty two point: six million pieces, or even just to be clear that told the title I was giving her was biggest opening, weaken Fervors times, which she said has been surpassed, probably by dead. I would I would be glad to hear the over a hundred, I think so I would assume it ever. It was like two hundred region which has offered and two- I know I'm see, aunties echo you are it's great. Is I like it more than the first one you do in you and I'll tell you that Fuckin Edina, her songs are like fight sequences and movie like it's, like, I said, a christian listeners, things like watching Bruce, we fight, has just building, I realise and leading the nurses fuckin knock out. You know, anyway, just it's her. I got
again head to toe chills on one of her songs? I cried at Kristen's for a song. That's a pattern of mine. Whenever I've seen her sing live, I will up cuz. I think look at this whole person who can do this yeah, and so I welled up at her first song and then just head to toe chills at Adina's, big song, it's great so ass. I can't wait to see it so when the real archipelago group is called DV see, she was on the fence about those covered in this car that DVD Nope, DV c d c couple things. It sounds like civility means of each survey check, cs. Oh boy out, fairyland deficiencies dvd now, DV see, that doesn't sound like feces to you. I guess it does
Ah I added it. That's all there was a clear list, banks glad she came. I was stoking that fire for over you're on twitter, slow burn her eyes in her saying, as I'd like to get him out of town very busy yeah in so I like, when those are the long long games pay off kind of fun you and they, when they pan out the work that you know you ve worked all the leads. Are we heard that Stern was in town and did camel and he did bill more any? He he was mom Chirac's. Were I mean I'm not on her mind, I understand if you are hurt, but boy would it have been, but we didn't get a direct connection to Hamley. Well, moon, true, they didn't ask. Does one one that next time next time next time I love you, I love you
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