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2020-07-06 | 🔗
Emily Mortimer (Lars and the Real Girl, Shutter Island, The Newsroom) is an English actress and screenwriter. Emily chats with the Armchair Expert about her newfound realization of her social anxiety, her mother’s patronization and overcoming a lazy eye in her first big movie. Dax wonders what it’s like working for Aaron Sorkin and Emily Is forced to define many British words. The two talk about the power of delivering a message via horror movie and Emily talks about her early nepotistic start in show business.
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Welcome other Muslim? An arm chair, I heard a man shepherd joined by me, nominated Monica drew hello there pillar what a day, what a day Renault AIR conditioning right now in the attic yeah we're feel in the heat. Emily Mortimer. We just really were charmed by viable, yeah I mean it's like so cliche to be charmed by elected cute, Dainty Englishwoman and we were yards irresistible yeah, we're powerless Emily Morn were is an english actress am screenwriter. She was Mary. Poppins turns Doll and am the newsroom. That's where I fell in love with a shudder. Island Lars in the real girl match point she has a new movie that has a hundred per cent on rotten tomatoes. It's a horror movie and it's called relic so check that out. But after you check out Emily Mortimer
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on the way to like Somerset, and then you would sit, have come up and go western on your way down to like Cornwall and Tavern, and an aim in this as state Badminton Estate, which is just hundreds of a clause on this bees, full property and I'm staying. His house that was built in one thousand, seven hundred and four and I'm getting ready to maybe maybe shoot this tv show that I wrote but but who knows what's going to happen, this set of just hang it right. So what you're there now just in preparation of the may be starting again Yes, I was in New York about a week ago, and then I got a call I was about to start shooting a show that I had written and was to direct when the world shut down, and so I was about three weeks out in prayer and I flew homes we with my my family in America, and then I got the cool saying come back about a week.
So here I am in bath. I normally would be in New York City with my with my husband and I take it in you- live in Brooklyn, normal yeah, yes now, he's corona was much much worse for so many people than us. But with that said I got a magic as I was. I was in the middle of production to, but I hadn't written it. I hadn't gone through note sessions. I hadn't pitched the studio like the amount of work that, with the land you on the set, shooting something you could It is a man's right in all takes place beforehand. So I imagine it was particularly brutal to have the plug pulled. Initially, it was kind of pre cell It's I don't know about you, but I feel like as an actor your kind the bottom feeder anyway light eulogies used to live being kind of of like things going wrong and being the best labour
and of mice and man just fucking up all the time like you just think, you're gonna be doing one thing, and then that doesn't happen You think you're not gonna, be doing anything in and you you ve plants, holiday that you once in a lifetime trip with your family somewhere, perfect the men, the cool comes, and you have to just up stakes and go off to sensitive. But in somewhere in and shoot a movie and as an actor anyway I am just used life's. Never known was happen next and not being both one full and awful yeah. It was Obama. It was really a Burma and then use where I this is one instance where you really can sort of take it to pass NEO feel too sorry for yourself, because the whole world is going through a major found out of his situation and once that realisation sunken, I I started to really enjoy. Actually I felt like this kind of reprieve it got scarier again for me when it started getting back to sort of like the half life that way
and now at stake. Am, I meant to be in the world. Is this with every year than ours is gonna work exactly in, but the time that I was in full lockdown. I really enjoyed that part of the book. All my life of the never quaint. What's gonna happen. Next was gone, I was I you know. What's gonna happen for the next like at least few months, you'll start. It was an amazing feeling that slight, as in your air, that you are aware of what is brewing, something brewing and I dont know what it is, but is about to change everything that gone and I was able to just be kind of child and also I realized in lock them. I have real social anxiety that I don't think I new until all social life was was take the odd occasion that we would go and have a few drinks and things just very socially distanced with our neighbours in a place where you could
be in closed confinement. I would come home feeling really set a vague, oh god, with that. That was embarrassing. I made stupid jokes and I made a fool of myself, which is what I realized. What I think all The time through my lighter, like that's what I think every second every day. I think I made stupid jokes and made a fool of myself, but in lock down I was able to realise that when you take away the airports have made this give jades too great. But it's all misleading rikers, there's like a sweet spot. For us there was a sweets about words like oh, my god, I'm getting so much time with my kids that I would normally get and all this is quite lovely and oh, my god, I'm relaxed and I'm sleeping, but above all and then all of a sudden. I had this panic of light. While lives is blowing by nothing's happening, and what do I need productivity to have any sense of purpose and self worth and all this stuff? So yes minute great time to really get me hamster wheel and just spent around Alai, now ten minutes loads of existential moments, and
painting, a very, very picture. There is complete these. It is not right of obviously, but I I think that this this moment now that I'm experiencing, which is full of a new kind of set of terror of like, is this thing really going to start up in an hour we all gonna be ok and so I've got rose tinted spectacles, but I do remember the existential sort of waves of like I Conway Fritz Org it's a normal, but then you're thinking. What is it that I'm really missing? Like? I couldn't even put my finger on ya. It was. I want it to happen like what I wanted to be different. Like big, I wanted the freedom to do ever. I wanted in then choose to be doing what I was doing quarantining agony, Isn't that a radical notion that I was I had no say in the situation was discomfort yeah yeah, it's it's Tina. Ride man really now, when you go back to England, I wonder for me I'm from Detroit writing in Detroit drastically different from LOS Angeles in
First, I don't know five years and now I hated ally and I wanted to be home. Then something weird happen where I was home and I was like. Oh, I miss allay, and I very much love my home, but when I'm in my home, I realize I have drank the Kool aid of LOS Angeles and then compounded right when you, when you re, enter your fee family orbit. You're like oh right. I played this role in my family. I don't play it in my adult life, but I have this role in my family and now I got to play it again. Cuz it's Christmas. I wonder when you go back home and I got imagine it's more intense for you, because we sound different right, so it's like reminded very viscerally that oh you're back home does when you go back. How do you feel like you have to swing back into who you are when you are younger or no definitely, I think that's his chief. Yes for everyone, as you say, you kind of regressed any ye. Well anyway, like TAT, twelve, I love the female coming back to England after America, because basically you come into people's kitchens. Normally, if there's no covered- and somebody
was Eugene and Tonic and a cigarette none of your life, your how that didn't happen this time, but I did go and see my mom, who actually is the last of the great change smokers my mother smokes. I should think deafening. Thirty cigarette sedately, oh god, and she's Thirtieth AIDS in the mornings, doesn't finish till ten o clock at night and someone is told her unreliable. Assurance that they have proved that smoking is very pretty. Action against corral. That, ironically, is true. It appears and people also on nicotine supplement. So I did the lozenges and stuff, and apparently I'm safeguarded in some way as well no, she told me that giving a covert patients nicotine patches in France, I would use since it so far my mom is yes, she's, just determined smoker issues most when you pay hennis MA it's an art form for her she's taken
it's in the next level. Yet minors was playing tennis with in ITALY, one time on our summer holiday and he said he was serving any smelt smoke and he was like how can I put some smoke? we're in the middle of the most beautiful countryside and will have no when he looked over, and that was my mom like in Reggie possessing? Will you ask her to please smoking a swimming pool, this summer, just a really go far less so my Outswell smoking shades Liddy! That's it I think I remember smoking in the shower when I was hung over, I gotta admit it. Really railways. When I was an attic yeah, I remember smoking in the shower for sure. Then you sleep, over and throw your toilet when you're done, that's pretty cool. That needs to be in a movie. Non smoking and I've never seen ever or thoughts and reform now so my mom, when I got home about a week ago and AIDS I'd suggest, you know you feel at you life and limb getting on the
pain and I had my end. Ninety five mosque in all my set of gloves and wiped everything and I managed to get through, and I did gun and stay with my mum. We work trying to social justice, although sheep is so convinced that she's protected from five because of her chair making that she was like it doesn't matter come, but anyway there was a culture passion, also a feeling of of being a child and because I'm I'm promoting this movie this coming outside. I did one other of these interviews on this issue, and so I was being into isn't my mom you know came into the kitchen and ninety was about eleven o clock at night, because that was in there lay- and I was you know, so I had to wait for this thing and- and I was true to do this in Vietnam and the girl was very Ernest varies that of Swedes and asking me very intense questions about my craft and everything in my mom won't into the kitchen she went you're talking friends, happily loudly that's going on and, as I said moment,
If we really want you mean, and then he started spicing up and the smoke was billowing on the screen of my phone and I was like mom? Can you stop smoking and spend all right I'll go over there, so she went to the stage at the other end of the kitchen it was like something else at the shining was something was this my other in a night, see but smoking. But no looking at me, King down at the floor, listening to me for, like she stood the human life and, as this I've never be methodical, assume I live the lady. If you music, so tell me about that special spark inside you, patient, Emily and I The two others in don't even know. What I was saying is all I was thinking about what this woman in the night is just
urging man AIDS in May and the other end of the goods was learns right. Montier Mozart, like oh, my god, this is so adorable. Look how serious they're taking my child look out serious whilst taking her cell picketed licit some fraudulent. I feel like you're, my Dear me, I've been like Mama. I do this thing. I become this thing and I know it's preposterous here. We are now this. I need to do it without you staring at me. He exactly exactly and or anyway, I got off the thing and she went below. I mean it's amazing in and I thought maybe you can as it's amazing how ones of Kafka you ve come a giant. It's a me saying their people, that's right. You're going you believe you the world and interested in your process, what is world coming gonna. Do I did so
you know what she men laughed letter now, you grew up in London in the I dont of Wikipedia is wrong, but did your dad married to Penelope yes, my mom is Penelope the seconds and his first wife Pinocchio about Lisbon, We are more popular name in England, because the odds of you wrangling to Penelope here in the states would be very hard for your dad did find those You hate me here, you give point now I don't know any other banana peace either in England or America. A friend of mine, once invented Penelope. She invented a Franco Penelope. While she was courting this guy and in caused by this guy who's. She them married, but she was invented a Franco Penelope so that she could seem more interest. She can't sit are standing em up every three days because she was going off with her friend Penelope cause. She do We need to be a dyke, you don't wanna, make him out she javelins, but she Did it make herself Seymour set of mysterious ass? She invented a Franco Penelon.
But I don't really know any other banana bees. Then my mom and my dad's fast wine flee back, I think, there's a Penelope and that is in less that's too there's a big books sarandib. What is going on now. Your dad was in again forgive my ignorance, but your your father was a server is sir. Presumably in he was a barrister. What is a barrister again so I'm nothing. This is a safe funding. Asked these questions about says, and I don't give a shit about a special lighting. You or your, but that's not what I'm coming and I dont care. Do your voodoo. That's up to you. Just keep being good. I dont want need another sausages made I wish my mom was this. Was the book ass? She was listening to you as you stood when her night. All I wanna get you out of here and at her sit down for sure I turn now anyway, so barriers, is a lawyer, metabolism rights and, first and foremost, but his father had been.
The lawyer and my dad always wanted to be right, but his dad said you know you got to get something to go back on. You gotta give us a proper job when the writing of dries up or whatever. So he trained to be a lawyer and he became a criminal defence barrister. They call it in and so we only ever defended. He defended a lotta matters. He defended another pornography, he defended and those of every kind of body major, quite a lot of seminal important cases, especially in like the free speech kind of arena, When did the sex pistols and never mind the bullocks? No, you did me Sid vicious On Leyden or anything did you know, I was about full, that's a perfect gauge for you to be turned over to John Leyden, That is a great area. Should The gang here,
we met them. I think he told them that if he was going to fight the case, they had to go as far as possible from the more women and other places they wouldn't stand, but he got them all. His defense was bringing is instead of doing some big speech about free speech, we should probably irritated the John. She got them off. It was the album that was being prosecuted on the scene, publication, the used. What balikh someone is unbelievable now to think that It was seven nineteen, seventy six and wasn't like the third seasoning annum. The politics, which is the english word for balls. You know, but so they we impressively too, for the use of the word. But my dad got church of England, Victor clergyman. Who an atom knowledge to come and say that bullocks was the the rigging on the seventeenth century. Man of war share. And that it wasn't anything to do with anything that was seen at all and the judges like. Oh, yes, quite light up cycles. We have got to actually so my dad's, that's where he did kind of the sides in
his mind, although I think he did a lot of really cool things with it, but then his main job was a writer, and he wrote, pays and novels and television dramas he was nights, heads which happens like sort of Jews Dodge becomes Dame Judy, dense rise. Second thing that happens: the queen gives even a title that you're being honoured, feel contribution to the arts, say even came as soon as a result of that. How serious as it can use anything here, stateside you can relate to do like. Did he take great pride? In being Sir said Joe, I think he did take great pride in it, because what we of course, was so proud of him, and I was so so proud of him. He died about ten years ago, but I loved him so fiercely and he was a page inference and me in every way and everything, but he was a big like socially supposedly and fair. Left wing and very kind of anti stop, and so for him to kind of these delighted as he was buggy
besides, I think it was ok I mean he ate deserved. It is an interesting transit, in life. When you recognize your the establishment, my mommy sets, funny that that you remind me of up when I was complaining TAT I was like Mama become the establishment and soda brass than the establishment, and she says: well imagine what has led to be the mother of the fucking establishment of your alarm sounded ass. I hear you would love my mom you'd love. My long did you find our policy on data married men? You she began. So he went on and you what you were doing plays, but you are also pursuing writing Had you in your mind, declared what path you were more interested in our worthy equal or I don't know. I wasn't thing. I was gonna, be a writer or an actor. I was feeling like any due to go and do something kind of worthwhile. With my life I had said he'd russian, the university and I wanted to go to Russia, and I I didn't know quite what happens.
Do you know that was it's gonna work for the? U N, who something I don't know. I thought I would basically do something to justify the money that my parents and spends on my very expensive, Cynthia, but I always just did acts idea was right to from when I was a really little girl. I did, and I think it was if that thing of beings very shy like to go back to the social anxiety thing, so I always kind of would be as a child very frightened of any kind of social situation, and my mom would have to force me to go out parties and things like that when I was little so, but I would stay at home and set of act out things on the stairs to my parents. I'd act out any I'd like perform like a parcel automatic, washing powder, avert or a cookery program, or then send those I'd right, there is another side, very active imagination that would take the place of the kind of real life that I was here at the sitting to deal with, and so it was acting in writing and all that consists of was always something there
was the greatest skate for me, but I never really necessarily thought that was what I was gonna end up doing. I thought I was gonna do something as they said set of in inverted commas worthwhile, and I was kind of feeling like any did two pieces of serious and that those kind of things went serious enough or something like that. He's still speak. Russian die yeah governed by risky or a couple more problem. Tell us what you think of our magazine, pink, sweatshirts! Aren't you can see, we privily cutting me. Caesar? Oh, why you know no matter what you say and the latter it sounds like work. You're, gonna, kill us Magro, you I got a cloud prairie scare gets very. Maybe it is that the only representation we ve ever seen in the states of erosion and they're all evil. But I was like this motherfucker kill us over these things. When did you watch the mayor?
in single. Why the hell am I not on this show? Did you watch the American now because they don't waste any television? I really am so bad and lame. I've got real sort of failing in that department by now that it was about then thing why the hell it may be well and truly a fantastic show and everyone says, is incredible and I really feel that's a big gap in my knowledge and experience of life hey? So, despite wanting to be an ambassador to Russia, you Finally, is it our party's steady employment first in television in England, and then you ended up being in something that your father row yeah, yeah, now incentive right off the bat I gonna jump through complete nepotism, paying a teenager in a tv show that he had written. It was really stressful experience, because he, I was
ass, for you try to pretend that I haven't got the job that way, and they were all these kind of really right. You know no wings, that of J did like stagecoach school kids, who are my friends in my school friends in the thing and they were me immediately. They were like they were testing by conventions valid did, did I know what my equity rights were on What have you got it? You know? I don't know your meal breaks in landmines. Is there any way I had managed to set of vague Pull the wool over our eyes and then my dad of course arrived on the sat, and I heard him and then he did see me, but a sort of managed assertive stay quiet and then it came to him leaving and he waved at me and yelled from the other side of the room by early darling, we're all so proud of you Wasn't that fun? I guess it didn't stop me. I didn't stop me. I was always doing
somehow through an only child. I will as an only child. Until I was about twelve and then my sister rosy was born, he's my full sister but yeah we're the only to wear so close at such a nice relationship. Twelve years younger than me. Monica similarly has an eight year gap with her little brother yeah. Do you guys get along I wouldn't say, get along as the right phrase. We just never grew up in the same world. We basically grew up totally separately and now as adults, we have a new relationship as adult. I got to see if you're going to have a job like that it supposed to go all the way to the twelve, because you probably in in ways like you had a baby right where Monica had a just fell away like it's kind of the aspects gap if you're gonna go beyond five years, my son of my daughter is six years and he feels like just really like his life
just thought so brutally were arrived and he's not really ever corrected. That opinion was perfect here because you are old enough to remember. The difference between life was right when you were the only one, but by the time Mises was. Yeah, I was just like a little bay, is a girdle dolly or something that my was helping to bring up and I always to do. It's harem fell really protective of her. And then now it's funny how the age gap just stop, meaning The thing is you get older ends, still really annoying that she's twelve years younger than me right now, especially, is I was really starting to feel Gould about how like how few wrinkle she has get a figure reasoning, but she had a baby. The same I have my second baby, so her first kid is the same age as my second get in their best best friends, and that was really such a sweet thing. Yes, so, where we're friends
but you're right when she's eighty in your ninety two year, both of this be old, is far fuck, like it the time that you won't be right, now it's kind of nor that great she's, thirty six years, just thirty, six and she's, like just so gorgeous sensitive in a prime, months, twelve years old and that things are moving to deliver the mats answered, not nice. Ok, now, once you started acting, did you have dreams of acting in the states? Is that something that is like an inevitable north Northstar? Did you not care like? I guess what I'm asking is when you got the ghost in the darkness where you like? Oh here, we come a minute. African movie be a bit? Yes, but no here we come because I never felt like I dont think I had a plan honesty I just was set going along from one thing tonight. I think I felt like at some point: I'm gonna give this up and do something serious go to Russia.
I just went along with a year was definitely felt like that. One felt like a big old number and it was said of Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas. In them we know as capacity alpaca. That's not what it was. It was Africa it was like huge numbers of actors, and he sets an inner twenty five costume fittings, an incredible everything. I remember that experience very intense he does. I guess it was my first experience of a like a huge huge. Maybe it was only let my sad or fourth job or something mean fast, take idea. Ed. I was talcum his wife is it. The story revolves around a lot of man, eating lions in Africa. Sure does it? Have you seen oh god, yeah yeah yeah. I was Avail Kilmer Disciple. When I was younger. I saw no matter what he did. I sought where you Smith, with Val because he was powerful and his heyday right yeah. He was very badly. I mean I was TAT, is why I think we had one seen together and I only had like three scenes in the movie and one of them I get eaten by lying now, and the scene
with him was right at the beginning, and you know I just sit- have met him to say hi and do the same with, and then that was it. I didn't really seeming enough that, but it was kind of imitating and I did think he was brilliant. I'm uneasy gene Yes, I remember that first see that was my first moment on a big big studio movie and I'd come all the way to Africa to meet my husband and in the time that I've been weeping, apartheid had his baby. So I was bringing his baby to him, and was this great big romantic seen on this page railway form in the middle of Africa in everything- and I finished my first taken. I said it was all this as a vegetarian there and the direct came over and set them in that amazing, so good in a well done Emily. I'm! U have a slightly sleepy left, I saw
could you could you open it abandons cause goes both Lee. No more. I'm you have caused by seems what you re thinking. How do you opened? I hope it is slightly sleepy left I turn now to do what is just ass. I was like a con, then I thought, maybe vital the other one a little bit. That's my ass big! so I'll kill her. Unless Hollywood really was me like The breadth of night This thing that anyone is ever said to me still to this day came as a result of doing that movie, which was so amazing. Like I got, by the lion. If it was all this big, And then it came out? And then I, when I went back to my normal life and I was in Dublin, I was late. I had flown stop them from London to do an audition for film and
the man to pick me up from the station. I had to tell him I'm late: the penguin may make I'm late mild dish and peace. Can you go as quickly as you can and then, of course you got fascinated by the fact that I was not just those late for no decision and he asked me what he would have seen in, and I said only a nothing I'm been anything I said have been in one film and he said well what was at my simple. It was blue, foul Kilmer. She in Africa and ease of weapons, even myself. Well, I got eaten by a lion and he thought for us. Can anyone some lines get all the look. I got that's the passing anyone's ever said to me and it still the buzzing like twenty years later anyone's. I was that clubs and you have a cocktail with them after the audition. I feel like this guy had some some rhythm, some game, well, the irish people alive, so you you have to be careful in that brings you here falling over everyone. The same die on the same trip said he was trying to get me
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am I acting for you to have to say that many words coherently seems impossible. There in Sorkin kind of musical dialogue scares me to death with it impossible than got easy. Did it never get easy? Was it always I guess I got easier, but it was always really scary and I think that in a way was maybe was parts of what was great about watching it. If it was so was There was a kind of a dragon loses it. By giving alive performance often because it was acting theatre or something I can't explain it was just like you would have to sort of. Pronounced these monologues, and you didn't Many goes like because it was television and we were doing set of an episode in in just over a week mood you you had, have really learned and you had to be able to ratify it off. You had to know at, like the back of your hand, long before you were standing on. There sat because you only two or three goes, and it was like pages on pages and pages of words ends.
It's a whole new language with him I mean it's brilliant, but it's kind of slightly stylized. It's like a wholly like he's writing in it for language. Amazed me, I wouldn't I would imagine like, but generally when you're acting, even if it's like, ok well, I've never held some one hostage. I don't really know my own life. What I can compare this to, but I go oh who's. The person I hated the most of my life now. Imagine that that's who sitting in that chair, ok with that my way and well there's really no way until I ones that time I made the most distinct speech ever often cod. And everyone change direction like this is not really. Some people have a lot of experience with there's nothing to groundwater entity now, no. There was nothing that ground that that's exactly it. I guess what are doing a musical us. I I feel like he writes incentive inverse is always like he writes in it kind of rhythm in this vast that is his own, and so it
honouring that at the same time is trying to make it real and give it some reality and everything at the same time as just INA being just scared. You gotta humiliate yourself. And all things gonna be disaster, and I I remember the lining of the lines was just so extreme and I can remember the very end of the third season when it stop sitting, down in my trailer and realizing that I think was lying down on the little sofa thing and am looking at the trader unthinking got. I don't think I've ever see my train from this position and I been there for three years and it was because I was just where's pacing. I never really sat down. If I got down, I certainly didn't lay down, but just pacing pacing pacing journal. He's fucking lies in my head and then I always think of the journey from from the train in the studio is at sunset, Gower that we should set. The idea would come in and I need come out of the door in full them and I would just be scared of moving my had even like an inch, you sort of thing that that the words going too far,
If you tell your had one way or the page is gonna, get there and say, and then generally they shot that show in a similar way to say West Wing or something right. So there are hoping for a one take. You know one shot a walk and talk of you doing this whole monologue, so there's no way to bring it up or reset you. You just gotta. Stick it! Yes exactly yet it was quite high, octane and in hence, and also he's a real stickler, which you and some. Why? Because he does right in kind of verse or or very rhythmically, and so you know he wants you to get the was out how their written on the page- and I didn't really get that a first. She said just my bad, but I'll never forget the time, and I realized that which was in the shooting of the pilots- and I was doing is seen where I had to say to Jim John Gallagher paid my set of my second, and
on my knees produce a set of assistant. I just had to stop him, leaving the room, and I was going Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim Jim. You know like that and I in addition to that scene, and then we ve done it. You know in and rehearsed it's a lot because it was the pilot we too hesitant and finally, as we was shooting it, we did the scene an errand, just explosive music, Emily theirs. Yes and you, and how many gems a written on that page- and I said I don't know- Why don't you know what you mean a few, and he said how many you saying I said I don't know, I think is different. Tell me I'm just saying how many it tasted stop him from going The revenues like there are five gems written on. Piece of paper. You are saying you ve said. If we set for James, you said six children The agencies that gives you have never once said Jim already. So I say to you and then came the five gems
a better brilliant way better than six gems, but then the next episode. The second emphasised I had to it was a scene where I had accidentally sent some intimate text or emails alike. Of people in the office, and I realized I had to go. No, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! When I got this great, when it's a right and I opened it said under my parents pull Mackenzie Mikhail in it, set, in parentheses, just about of the known and at a knight errant had written exactly this many Emily, in any event, none of it so I've I frame that visa waiver, my new, you're AIDS. That idea I do anything. It was music to hand to him it was. It was beats in some kind of thing: arrive, you'd, fuck up a veto. Say. How he's had it in his head so hard, though, because you immediately go from being
in a scene to counting like if next thing. I have to do five than all you're thinking of his counting house that produce if such a high degree of general. Oh, no, no, no, my putting right now, people now to frame a gift to be just strong act or to be able to do both of those things at once and me some believe again be believable. Yeah yeah. I think I was counting on my feet. And on the gym one, but then I learned from that I've gotta. Do it exactly, as I said in the thing and then you just practice it like that saying: you're ready. So I'm gonna go that you absolutely love the shell in yourself be when it was cancelled, I love this. So the funny thing is about that is that it didn't get cancer. Aaron didn't want to do any more. No, they were begging him to do it. They kept him. You only need to write five or whatever the ages was not sit down, and I keep thinking.
Maybe one day will bring alarm indecently we'll just you feel this moment I can arise in such a big way and so much of what he was saying at the time that we were all just giving him grieved is he was saying such prophetic stuff. The internet, the we were like thinking. He was just some all granddad that was down on the internet, because at that time this whole fake news stuff wasn't ready a thing than it was in his mind. He was like you can't get. The news from the internet in the news has to be taken incredibly seriously. It has to be verified and double verified on everything has to be backed up twenty five times before it should be presented to the public as facts, and how can you have that kind of control
kind of conscientiousness about the truth. If you're getting your information online and we were just a guy with a grand at you know, but I think on those dad right, he was just dead right, become the big his problem and in a democracy and away they are undermining the fourth estate Ok, let's talk about relic, it's a mess. We are in it comes in July. It has a hundred percent. Our rotten tomatoes does that. Why didn't I have such ethical quandary to promote as I hate rotten tomatoes, but I M excited one hundred percent on rotten tomatoes Does that actually mean anything why they run tomatoes, but in some ways it does. I think a hundred percent said something, but anything else maybe doesn't mean very much again. Definitely a really good movie. I know that I mean I feel that I'm not to do with me? I feel
I know that naturally, James is a great director who directed at First movie now that you ve been doing this for a while what your general appetite to work with a first time director the high of working with us, underrated? Ino minimum, as you get the that they ve got something to say, I think it's really cool and and often the fast I'm out is amazing and everything that they ve been boiling up inside them decision. Save for the first twenty thirty or forty is alive. It's all there. You know, whereas the second one of them not to crack, but now I love working with first and directors, and I knew that Natalie was good because I read has script. Does she wrote the script she's, a real oats, her, I think, and you can tell from reading the scope that she was a filmmaker. An that's really exciting and psychology go horror, thriller e, it's a higher pham that it's about that
horror of real life about three generations: women that older women, I'm in the middle and then my daughter is inactive. Twenties would have am her grandmother. My mother has gone out summers and as the movie begin, she's gone missing from her house and we have to go home to my child. It I'm to try to work out what happened to her and then she reappears and then it's just a sort of salmon nation in the horror genre of either the real true life. Horror of watch someone, you love or that you may have a complicated relationship with because they, your mother and everyone, has complication relationships with the people that they love most in the world. And she is kind of disintegrating, both physically and mentally ends. It just really gets to it. It really gets the horror,
the situation of anyone's haven't been around someone. They love and watch them die. I think that is truly a horrifying experience and it is physically it its sea lavish people's bodies when they die, is horrifying and having to see people that you love, get you like. They ve never seen you before when they ve. Never not. Let that you would love is horrifying, it's worse than any of them. I've ever seen that feeling, and so what this directive this film maker naturally did was to kind of somehow bottle that feeling I made is brilliant entertaining, like you can't believe the shit that she does not movie it, so it so every day says I think, ends and yet very emotionally, can a beautiful and by the end of it
Oddly enough, there's something really cathartic about it. They Enid emotionally, like you, really feel better, even though you ve been forced through this horrifying janni, there's something about the kind of coming to terms with DAS that happens to us into the movie, which is also what happens, I think in real life and people die. You know, there's a kind of catharsis in coming and acceptance that can be really beautiful. Despite all the horror, that you ve gone through, witnessing it being by their side, as is happening. So anyway, that's them, but the main isn't that what you did a brilliant job. I also dig this idea of exploring societal thing in horror genre like get out yeah yeah. I think it's kind of a really cool way to look at these things. I hope it's like a pattern that sustains. I meet you, What I like about the horizontal is that it can be really funny if someone is to say, sit and watch a movie about somebody dying of Alzheimer's. I would have already
time with the elder, there have been wonderful, beats full movies about, let that are very straight dramas. That are incredible, but this is so it's weird because it manages to be so entertaining and funny and panic at rageous at the right time is getting something and being removing there's something about the horizontal, because it doesn't take itself to seriously cons therein stain yeah and I think you have an obligation to make whatever story you're trying to tell entertaining- and I feel like you're right, there's like there's a safety or this cover fire and calling it John our horror that you're not gonna, be judged. The same way see can play with these different elements and get out was at times hysterical at times profound at times terrifying and mink. Also because in horror movies, you can check out. Personally, like if you're watching a drama, you could maybe like check out a little bit. Berwin horror, your address.
When is literally pumping, say you, you can't sort of remove yourself you're, just totally immersed in the whole thing right exactly exactly, and then I just noticed that you, you did a movie called deeper with cheat or are you had only yells and loved cheetah like we are? Yes, I love fan when a chance cool Is it a shower movie? It's a quick, be equipping show. I was so becoming out around now, and I think they ve moved it too, like a month from now, don't you feel so dear over this gale Natalie, whose price spent two years on relic in the notion that people can't go to theatres is gotta, be, yes, yes, although they just announced is going to be in dry, and tat is all I just was looking for driving close by like three days ago, I was Google Lena dry
Vince near me. Really. I want to get my kids to a movie, but I want to do it safely. Yeah did you find the driving? yeah yeah others there's is a view within like fifteen twenty miles so yeah. This is now a summer time goal I have is to go in my our old station wagon to watch a movie, got that Is really nice I've only where any drive- and maybe this is new boss? I propose a domestic about that at the end of November, one to be a wonderful is Brooklyn. The spot do Miss England like where do you want to be known as a legal base, and I asked myself that question all the time I wanna be where I know I want you in my my husband and my kids already ends when my kids, both leave home and broken I'll, be interested to see whether that's where I wanted and being I don't know, I'm I love Neil. I love allay our We lived in a lay for about five years before we move to New York and
I really think english people really like her legs is so exhorts, there is something in this advocates a cheese Having that creates, is you can't believe, and so I do we miss allay amidst the feeling of the life being well up. So now I m aware or everywhere feels perilous, but there was a feeling that you could set of you. Might not I was feeling and allay the abusive, took your pill and went yoga drunk your weak grass. You causative live forever, probably and then giant whose life is so easy and and then you just feel like that. The victory at the end of each day is that you didn't fucking die but I like that too. Although I am in a live forever place zone, we occasionally every kind of three months after the vote, My friend, you yeah scramble under your feet, newbie like we're all them
everybody pretending when not simulation has figured out. You need to get scared every success. Should be able to make fake environment. It's all they've all figured it out. Last question has nothing to do with you, but you're here Ben Alessandra. Yes, he's gonna be in a pre quarter, the soprano runners, guess I'm so excited it was my favorite show of all time in the notion that there is more from that world For me to see is thrill yeah. I know anything if it's really gonna be amazing and he's amazing in it and then circle itself. And so exciting. But of course, then that's all an unknown about now when that's going to come out and things because that really should come out in the theatres Gazette, such as that of you, know, a spectacle in a big deal and ends, and it was made for the cinema. So I guess they're waiting for women
safe to go back yeah. Well, Emily. We adore you. I love you so much on the newsroom and I'm excited to see relic. I'm excited to see that topic explored in that paradigm. I think that's going to be really fun and I hope the hundred percent stays. I wish you a ton of luck and them you know, enjoy back I assume you must drink a ton there. He is everybody turn from morning gun, or we adore you and I hope we get to do it in person sometime me too, I really love to you guys were really awesome. Was ready funds into your? My mom would definitely have approved allergies next, on our last sitting again Take me why they too arm chair there we are supported by thrive market
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I've come to learn more and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul mating Monica bad men do you think they'll be off putting of Indian Troy said Emily Mortimer? Ok, I don't, I think, that's funny you don't deltas got like four bonafide characters, tell me what she's got her like lofty queen, if you ve heard or during which acts and the ass yes, ok, so she has that. Obviously, and then she has lapsed, nigh yes de, oh yeah drives Tiffany had a share. Borderline. Nea reserves are now so it's not border, but it is worth a line they don't have. Anyone can relate to this and the rest of America, where your kids they're watching a cartoon in its being voiced by a black actor and in Tiffany had issues case in a voice
very specific manner, but the Mai Vibrio doesn't know she's black, so she's just trying to imitate precisely what she's hearing she likes, how it sounds so much gap and then I'm listening going to tell her. You should really imitate black people, yeah practising their voices. Just you and me the voices you don't know whose work, but it's dicey. Yeah I mean it is tricky cause it is. It is an opportunity to me like ok, so what talk about is what I really wonder in general, I like to think generally I'll run right out those things you know whether yet acts or this or that, but I'm pessimistic about trying to explain to her. You can do these voices cause these people are why? But you can't do this person has its she's blue. But then she will know she's a cat. Well, I go well. Yes, it is a cap with its a cat being played by a black person. Erosion imitate black people as a kind of weird. It is it is it's a deep caught as it is to me it seems more obviously
she was doing a generic indian accent I'll go like, though that's kind of making fun you know, but tyrannies is her. These output Non Oda stereo type of right, you don't say If it was just an indian person and then she was doing at what would you say, but there's a skill Madam president, I am encouraging of I'm someone who believes in doing characters at the growlings so the more practice she now. I it is as an indirect is doing any of these accents of people of color because she can't ever use them. She care, but it's just more control right were more bracken more vocal control more in it, and then I feel like they'll, be a time to explain. This is not going out. I'm performing this. If she was doing an indian accent in front of me, I would tell her you can.
Yeah anybody and hard to tell her, but I would feel like now's the time aha there, what, but what of the indian accident was coming from a frog in Khartoum, how I would say it, but I would, I would feel obligated in that moment too, was correct. What is starting to happen out of fear them, maybe in her little friendship, group she'd start doing it and she smart enough in and she's it was he's very woke. All yes answered Well, she kind of rising oil with me. That's right! That's right! But she's we enough to know she. She doesn't want to hurry ones, feeling That's your I'm sorry, I'm distracted laughing demanded that was way. Can I I you love S, story, it's just a recent issue so innocent and it's so offensive okay, so the story is: if, if you haven't heard at the story, is that link it out?
in a cab with Lincoln in New York City and the next star. Cab was two horses point: a carriage yeah and one of the horses was white and one that was, as was black and she said, look that Monica horse or that horse exact Monica, and I was like there's a lot of things. You could say that You just immediately have a little bit of panic like, unlike I dont We know what I'm so saying. He likes a quiet Monica is dark. We talk about that monitors brown that horse is dark and at once, like you, patient cop bear humans to animals. There's a bad history of comparing black people too.
Moles. You know how authority to take it yeah. Well, it's funny it's funny. Ok, let's get so complicated, so Coralie texted me that ok and that was triggering yeah, not the story. The fact that, like oh, my god, this hilarious thing happened right, you fellow your mean laughed and longer lives like, but really Lincoln's mean laughter in that story. Yes, but but the point of it was drawing of the joke, is there because the Lincoln is not making a joke. No is literally noticing the different that were Y. All in your brown yeah. There was a white horse and there's a brown horse. Oh that's the Monica whores, I would Maybe you sad, although she was so young,
yeah and then that one looks like you, but I really think I did that yeah, I can say for certain, but pretty sure that's what idea yeah, because also like at this whole commerce is right now about color blind nests like she's right. There is indifferent on those two. Colours and she's, not sing you right. I well you right yeah! So that's fine. I think that's totally fined for her to like noticed the difference is as long as it's not like this one's different. It's that of these two look different but but but but the doll saying, oh my god this, Funny thing happened. This crazy thing happened as more robbing yeah yeah. I see that. I see that I think equal parts at the adult life in about it is dicey and uniquely triggering to you the notion that you're you're otherness has been pointed out.
That's right more waited for your receiving mental or more waited, and it's a little flawed. To begin with you I mean I don't know if it's more wade, Ed because I can tell you it tickled me in the way of what do I say right now: it's very interesting that pressure we have love, one in our family, that is brown and then those easy to horses and Anna, and that's it maybe seemingly all fine it just like, oh is do I need what do I do? Of course that's what's funny about of liked. This is just a a grey area of what am I supposed to say back to this totally, but also when you're saying I don't know what to say too that if I'm being honest when I get that text, I'm like, I don't know what to say to this- sure, like your cool areas, you, I don't think it's hilarious Larry is either have to lie to you and make you feel fine about sending me that or you know it's like ok now, no, it's not that this was not a big deal
at all know no, but I told you about it, and why did I tell you about it? I just thought because there was a clear feeling for me totally and enjoy share it with you. You are part of the queer feeling and then- and I was like all they keep talking about pleasure. I was not thinking about it. It's just like one of the men need to small the names of like. Why does the point really point I'm making about all this is that were all in a zone where some of the most commonly held things that I thought were big deal. I am learning our big deals and I'm not quite sure whether line. Every like a man like you know, can kids imitate voices from cartoons. I I think The future they will be like in a healthy society were black folks. Herb is, as empowers white folks. I think white kids can do that. One hundred percent, we're not there yet, but then that's a very complicated conversation in its own.
Like you, know, dealt in TAT year. Hopeful thirty years. You can do this with currently there marginalized and that's why you can't this is pretty big concepts. Obey for sure are yeah Emily and she was so cute. Emily Mortimer forgot to ask her if she is waited to Emily Burger. Could she lives in Brooklyn? Navies move? Yes right, you We met Emily and we know the answer. We did want to pretend that she owns Emily yeah, that she is somehow like the queen of ev or something. I am varied regretful that we didn't bring up Emily is simply just ass. If she hasn't eat me either we could have bonded or work as if she has. She would certainly be obsessed with send than if she had it. We would be saving her life by recommending the place timely. Yours oak, you here, so we had the best time to hack into how we wish we had a lot more time
but are we really want to meet your mom and we thought about trying to contact her for this back check, but things didn't we don't lose it got luxury I rather razor or you we, we got lazy, the shared idea. I certainly didn't ardelia, it was my fault I should have executed and I didn't I just to hear light up a dark of call. I know it sounds like a real who she showed ass and then I started since we recorded this. Turning to re, watching the newsroom bow rye Ivan. Because of that we talk to her
Why is on your writer? I guess so I mean every time the newsroom comes up. I always think like I'd like Terry Watch, that I love that show, but then one since you were talking about it so much. I think it was better live off for raising illusion. We ve interviewed now several people that have worked for Sorkin and it's really funny goes every time. We asked them about what it's like to do that dialogue and you can tell their being as diplomatic as possible. What they really want to say is I am grateful to have been on a show that he wrote Ghana so brilliantly and I've in it's fucking miserable. I think that's what they really want to say, although I thought that when she was talking about their having to say it five times since then, I think I would feel really triggered at first and then I think for me I would love it you I do to that
more your personality, yeah. I will love feeling like I m still. Yes, I got a perfect. I love him, I mean are all I do is improvised, but there's something nice about just go see. I don't have that. I have the opposite kind. Ego, maniacal dry. I've of making something better than I give it. My main goal is to add some sliver of me. First, our cause. I had the experience wants blogger read for the Kohen brothers and I went back like a red for them, Then I didn't hear anything, but they they were laughing. Those like that was awesome. I don't care. If I get this, I just I'm so glad to get to performance my heroes and they laughed yeah and then like police a month or six weeks when buying. I didn't hear anything at LA guiding that and then I get a call here. They want to see you again, but they they rewritten the scenes you auditioned with. As I oh ok
and then I went there and they said which are so flattering. They go the only thing funny. That scene was what you are adding to it in. We realise the z needs we funnier, so you you showed us that that scene was supposed to be funnier and I said well, my acting does have the Billy to shine a light on bad writing. That's am right of my again so limited that at the writings of precise, can you get me yeah, yeah, exact, elevated and then I read it again. I was really really fun and then they hired data, on which I loved. You here we go. But it was a real site. I wanted to make them happy so much in the whole time. I don't push to heart and push be funny, but that these funding in a cup minutes, so you were em. You were improvising, you know I did the same straight. I was doing this crazy. I had to do a swedish acts on which I have never tried. Oh my god and I just watch Youtube videos. The swedes actions how soon a full blown Swedish Axa they brought me back.
I was so fearful doing an accent, obviously wasn't so bad that they call me back a Europe that acts as almost all made some issues. She gives real embarrassing. I do them say I don't do them as much as you do not have any. I did it straight as hell, but then after I was done, I made a couple jokes before I left the room them laughing yeah from me, just chatting outstanding, and I made him a few times and I got out before I oversight my welcome and then that I guess when they decided you're really funny, that should have been a funny or see. That's fine. Yet so flattering off it was such a highlight. Yeah. You know what I take it back. They did not give the roll out and for the Chinese, but my my You would have been with Channing. I was that the swedish director and all chancy forget who I think they are ultimately hired and actual swede out. What that may I answer, but eight something specific about Sorkin, because his languages
so specific and said I want, I now know untie by terrible and them some going for the opposite thing right in general: a drink. Figure out how I would exactly p or what I would exactly do in that. In your real life. You ve never made a five minute speech. I know, but On the top of your hand, you wish you could that's the thing about him is Nick. You no one talks like that, but everyone wishes Vega talk. Like that, that's the big appeal up here I now I love you, but I just don't know what you anchor that to having never really done that in real I've known you ve never made this impromptu fuckin amazing, eight minute speech that sums up global politics, that ain't? So just like all you would you recalling back like? Oh, I remember that time. I made that amazing speech and I really
were feeling this way and I gotta remember to feel that way, but that only one tactic of acting what you're saying you're dead right and it just happens to be the only one that works for me yeah we were, we were told not to do a relay. Yes, because legs, memory and yes, we were taught you can rely on than a hundred percent of the time, so you can't have that in your arsenal was way more about motivations like breaking down the script into verbs. Basically so like this line is I'm trying to get you to, You agree with me and I'm trying you know it's like you break it up into motivation right right and then you can work off that always, but you can't always work off of when I was five. I was sad about this. You know anyway, but there's just so many ways to do it. There's gonna go out. There are any help so ready for reserve. Recording this. We were just talking about the fighter. I happen to relaunch the fighter. Last night
And our christian bill wholly for couldn't be better. Oh, my god he's acting genius is a female another. Acting genius, chimpanzee worked site were all over the place. That is why I think shop had as an acting yeah, and he was just recently on stern and he was so. But he was brilliant. He was variety marry him immediately Did you oh yeah yeah. I've always been. To be honest. I am always like. What's he doing in full disclosure a I fucking love him? Isn't it he's just the best I'm like. Why is he in Haiti? I've had these theories right, I'm going to be really brutal right now I have such a warped perspective cuz. I I look at things as a tax rate for there's, so many things that feel very addict eat to me. Sean Penn
why you see in Haiti? Is he in Haiti because he woke up super hung over like I'm a fucking piece of shit, I gotta go, do something productive and then got a plane and then figured it out when he got there. That was maybe one of my theory so glad and then hearing about zero might know. This guy is exceptional YAP and it's all intentional. And he's not actually trying to create such a big explosion over here that he can ignore the explosion created on the left, which kind of like what attics will do raising their searching for something much more attention grabbing than their addiction. Ah I see- and you might be doing some projecting, certainly doings projecting at all times but anyways. Yes, the stern interviews, incredible he's incredible. He saw articulate he's brilliant. He said one thing that I thought so glad he was talking about pessimism. He was saying they he's generally a pessimist, but he's a real life
saying that pessimists are cowards? I think you said. Pessimists are cowards, they're, afraid to win, but he was bluffing himself in that category in saying I'm coming out of that, but because that's what this is a windows, I loved I loved, it would recommend it immediately called Monica was like you have to listen to this interview. Yeah we were in a fight. I wanted to say no year, but I had a new is gonna, be you're. Gonna have to change your profile aged sixty. Now, I'm gonna, the fifty five to include bread, happen, arrogant, Galway, sixty doing all that member when he was outside might yeah Thou is selling say I'm eyes,
railway. I ain't gonna, be ok, Emily Mortimer. You know how her mom think smoking is a defence against crowd a virus. What is no, there is it is. I will read some stuff right now. Okay, I have a few things that I knew you were going to really push back, I'm so pro smoking kill, my father just love it
smoking doubles your risk of getting sector from co bed. In review of five studies published to date, smoking is most likely associated with getting sicker with carbon nineteen in the largest study of one thousand. Ninety nine people with cuban nineteen people who smoke or two point four times more likely to get really sick, admitted to an intensive care unit needing mechanical ventilation dying compared to those who did not smoke. Smoking can cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other problems that may contribute to serious illness and April step out of France suggested that smokers are less likely to be infected with carbon nineteen. The non smokers, but in a media, breathing, may eighth the world
health Organization leader, said the research has important caveat than that. Smoking is known to lead to a higher risk of severe disease. Still, researchers are looking into whether nicotine delivered by a patch may be somehow protective against the virus. Sword think it is possible, in this case right now that both sides are true that its harder to get if you smoke, but if you get it in you smoke than its deadlier, both those things could be true in one Seti, three hundred ninety one health on tears had one of five respiratory viruses, including a corona virus, dropped in a liquid into their noses. The volunteers who smoke for twice ass, likely ass, who did not smoke to develop an infection smoking his own to weaken the immune system in a bodies ability to fight infections, but it is saying they don't know yet about nicotine therein
so, as I won't ever gonna via we're, not gonna failure. Ok, I just when I want to. I want to have one specific question. It is saying that there was a study. Is that's why a lot of people think this song in a separate it just right now from smoking into, say, nicotine. I just want to find the lab Moran, that's a good New York Times article. I recall, let that's that's a different, then that is a different thing. Does nicotine lower chances of catching corona? Is that how you would a phrase that search, I think so much of life?
has become how good you are asking the right questions, get more yeah yeah oral poor world war were world horse organization. Here's how that rumour that smokers can kick over and got started Saturday about who the rumours? It's probably put your prayers. Ok, I do now in this round
I'm glad you didn't when right, because we- what we don't need is a bunch of people starting this moment all, but I wanna win because I, like you, a ton of nicotine and I like to think that maybe I'll get some benefit, but nicotine again, there's in this it says, are still looking into its potentially, which is possibly where the thing gets confuse becomes him because of nicotine and smuggle every system ok does relic. Have a hundred per cent ran tomatoes? Yes, wonderful still! has a hundred percent. Great ok is Penelope up more popular name in England, Mary, I'm so glad you're. Finding this I know, I didn't find out too much of a group of four heads,
listen anecdotally, they do video am I had again, but because I don't know any Penelope is, do you know not one yeah, not one, there's a Penelope, a character and flee bag. Emily has two Penelope moms and this ok. There are twenty one thousand five hundred and seventy two people in the: U S with the first named Penelope, statistically the one thousand three hundred and eighteen most popular first name, but I couldn't find an enemy. Was there but listen. Penelope was first use as an aim in Britain, in the sixteenth century, airway girl. So it means Weaver, but it's actually a greek name. Originally. Yes, I weep. We can conclude that there are more per capita.
Peace yeah, it's a really cute name. I now the ant my mom's best friends name is pennies. Why can assume her? Name? Is Penelope, but opening Marshall whom her she was Penelope Supply, was a look it up but she's. Obviously, british Laverne and surely know her name is care all penny marshalls there we go so so maybe your mom's girlfriend her gale pale is was Carol. Penny was Carol Honey Marshall, roaming on your mom's friends, with petty Marshall, oh, my gosh any new, so it's a beautiful name are that offer all refer, Miss Emily, ok, great war. Again he early enjoyed really funny cute stories. I now about the lazy I that was tremendous. It's a great job really good. Take I just love what you're doing the character, I'm so your left.
Is always better than your right, so I don't know, do the exact same thing but open your eyes seller had so acting like nothing to do with other. Hang it that's. Where the rubber meets the road, they don't tell you that an acting school. I can't imagine they do not. They do not the eloquent, lest we should be like overcoming your real physical ailments, the highly adversaries they do like you know you take a movement class and the first like whole half of the class is trying to get to neutral, singing span like a long term trying to neutralize your body or walk always so that you can then add sure stuff Bernier acting when I was the only one I could ever do in a movie would be
with just a fact which I hope will one day be a lie.
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