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Bill Nye (Bill Nye the Science Guy) is American science communicator, television presenter, and mechanical engineer. Bill sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss the importance of facts, the pros and cons of shooting Bill Nye the Science guy in Seattle and he declares all kids love science. Dax wonders if Bill has any taste buds left after eating too many frozen marshmallows and Bill talks about his parents' fascinating journeys. The two discuss the Wright brothers, the impact of Steve Martin and the future of Science.

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Well, go while the welcome to experts on expert. I am your fake expert deck shepherd joined with a real life expert, Emmy nominated Monica Patman, that's right! Everyone's favor resident mouse was honoured with an Emmy nomination last week, its various I feel that I must be clear about it. It all you monitor, sell your eminence Edna undergoing I'm, I'm I'm telling the specific. Also day time. Creative are me and man we didn't when well listen. I will forever now refer to use Emmy nominated, Monica Patman, nothing I think, I'm gonna get age I'll, introduce you, oh wow, Emmy nominated you'll. Until the day you die romantic or now little last until the day, you're on your death bed in four years from
when you kill me me, mom, in fact, have you thought about your headstone may be seen em dominated Monica PAM High any cremated. Could you get like up headstone, just dumb ashes in the jar? If you'd like that, do you have to have a casket from about headstone? I know now. Listen, I don't wanna be buried either when we burnt Charlie rails. Yes, like a burger King hamburger, an odd, but but I do want a big piece of marble that says something screw into it. Oh la harmony, ok, but you could just get then some uncle put in their backyard doesn't have to be at a cemetery or something like that. I guess that's what I'm sorry I've been. Anyone can probably get a big slab of marble haven't engraved. My might say here lies deck Shepherd friend of Emmy nominated Monica, oh my god, how dying in this scenario is four years from now. That's young, like that's all, gone too soon. For me,
my hunch is it'll, be while exploring Mars on a rover. What will wanted like Wolf WAR, convinced ourselves that we wanted to be the first podcast to broadcast from Mars, and it would be a regrettable decision. Okay, now to the business at hand, today's x is a blast from the past pill nigh the science guy. I say that because in your childhood you and soon bill nigh the science goes a little old for, but I certainly no bill course. I love what he did. Yeah you brought site. Into the classroom, a man living room, he gets a whole generation of kids on fire, for science became so darn cool, you're, gonna, love. Em. Also reminder tomorrow morning, at ten, a M local time tickets go on sale for Detroit were Cleveland for Chicago for many capitalist, guys.
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science get now. I still am, as I oars copyright or read more always known. Would it mean oh wow? Well, oh wow, that those who sell you a trade mark, the man, maybe a woman, will sell you a trade mark, a pretty good trademark to have now I've been a lot of people probably wanted at the science guy sure. Well, I think you could still Dax the science guy. I could bring our that right by it, but yeah sure, so their store is associate with that guy in the Seattle Times tried to have Richard summons the science guy, my attorney contact. What are you doing? Doesn't arrive? Ok, so I want to talk about. You grew up in DC our nations cap yeah in your mom and dad are incredibly interesting. Well, I blood you think so I did, but there was where I grew up yet, but I ll unique stories dad is working on an air sea
also the before the? U S, Navy had construction battalions, the two let her see and be created a word like radar, ok or something a c b is a construction battalion. The Navy has those now construction workers naval uniform, but before that they hire contractors maneuvered. There were contractors that had relationships with the. U S navy this. You know they take government contract and hire. People in my dad was a construct worker, so he was in Wake island and he was installing a narrow strip in he was captured by the Japanese and he lived for four years in a prisoner of war camp. Yes, so dad was four years in Japan is already four months. Forty four months was it the in Japan or was it off site at the end of the wars in Japan, but the first three years they were in northern China, Japan, japanese, military control that part of China for rights,
but while we then re banana king has greatly brutal largely so they I'm kidding so as Japanese, our shrank as the act. This loss. Third shaft yeah, that's a hilarious mechanical guy really find it sounds. Then they ended up in the South Island of Japan at the end of the war and then he lived through. It is extraordinary to me I mean my goodness yet and I was curious because you're old does, by virtue of that he was an adult during World WAR two week. We know what error he lived in, so I was immediately curious. How readily was he talking to you about that experience? I was ever Pont probably wanted to she'll do from now. Just didn't talk about those guys. Just did not talk urban and were you ever able to did you as you got older new realised? What that entailed? Did you start asking him question? Yes, you get
couple things very little food for several years: Africa back to the states. He just didn't want rice, wheat, rice and then by mad a couple of his buddies. Their guys that he became very close with they slept on apply would slab plank here's an interest. Thank you know this tradition of super cool or Harry, carry japanese culture, so as suicide so the common dawn of the care camp cut his stomach open and died really killed himself. War was over when the Japanese surrendered red and this guy, cards at this point we're all fifteen years old in they drew. According to my father, I was not. There drew a circle in the sand
no less than it was a big ball. Man was a huge bomb because they could hear the be twenty nine. They were far enough. They were close enough to Tokyo. They could hear you S, planes, wine and on bombing runs and then the whole thing was over like one afternoon in so did actual American G eyes walk, ended camp at some point out, just the guards disappear and they wondered ass like some of each. But I've been to a few of the reunions of the defenders of wake. Is their official title and a couple of guys love to tell war stories right,
but most of them didn't they were just hey, you're alive man. Great to see you give me a hug was like that. If you were to survive an ordeal like that, I don't know what his disposition was as a person in general, but I feel like after a year to I'd, be pretty surrender to the notion that I'm not going to ever be stateside again and then, if, in fact I did become free again, I feel like it would permanently augment my worldview and ii. Best case scenario, I'd like to think I'd be kind of really cherishing being alive and free again or those of the other thing you guys they were not thinking that they weren't gonna live through it, they weren't. No, no. They were confident that the! U S was gonna win. This thing. What I could imagine that, but I guess I'm just a pessimist- I'm like, although off us as they approach so so the story goes none. This is from memory August. Twenty fifth was the day
the Japanese were going to machine gun. Everybody said ended right before that now or they gave up right before that's the meth and it's I'm pretty sure it's August 25th it's about it's the end of August, one thousand nine hundred and forty five, so they didn't machine gun everybody and my dad lived through a lived on to have you fuss. I I claim the reason my father lived through. It is because he had a sense of humor so to me about having bended reunions of the defenders of wake. There are two kinds of guys that lived through this little shit, guys who were like my father, who are funny and rye and just went well. There were guys that the just looked at it like men in others. The whole thing is pretty wild. We're gonna get through this and other guys, we're just honorary just mean guy. You know. People like that live forever, yeah just mean,
and so there seems like there. There were two extremes at the at these reunion and eyes whose bother to show up, but the guys who were kept against the Geneva convention. Guys were kept on wake. I went to provide services to the japanese military to cook. Sweep would pick and pick a task he out. They were all killed when the japanese Navy felt that the? U S Navy was approaching and they want disclosure. Ninety eight guys it is England about Wi Fi mass grave on work on. Why mean so? I have no problems whenever I reflect on these tory psyche. What are you ever whining about about anything fascinating in it? It was that at all like when you would have, but will you may label, is like a trivial concern as a child? Did your parents go get your head
right? You don't know now, nor are they learn as a good question, I would say they lead by example. Ok, ok, no Monica buckle, you're fucked, see bout ma me. His mother was a code breaker during World WAR Ii was one of the code. Girls, that's what they can. He called well, so she went to gout your college. It was the sister school to Johns Hopkins, so that's where they met my dad went to Johns Hopkins or they met prior to the war. Oh yeah, oh my darlin, two jobs, robberies my moment to go to my mother said my father was a very good dancer way with the Ladys So then the story goes. The head of the dean of students at Gaucho was a woman named Dorothy Simpson, who was the first cousin of Henry Simpson, who was the Secretary of WAR back when it was called the Department of WAR or the war?
parliament rather than defence, and so he barely went to Dorothy and Simpson and said you have any women come work and say I can't tell you what it is a hard. So my mom there's some rooftop attic in one of the dorms where they would do these crossword puzzles and stuff. I will say objectively, my mother was very good at puzzles. Why just imagine like trying not to take my word for it, because she was my mom, but she was good. It puzzles good riddles. She was in means, remember that now I'm sure she was good. All I still like print that on their licence plates. Let us learn, I think anything keyboard is India, whereas they once were they warrant in the eightys. It was a really was Yang, singularly impressive yeah. You got a masters degree and she got a doctor. I'm sorry, I got apposite yes, its impressive, it's a very weird thing to brag about cause, it's largely or genetics in your family that read to you. So really nothing for you to take credit.
People take credit for their intelligence illegal someone hard at one time in work, their way up to a one, fifty iq in that event. Yes, they should bride, but we have not seen anyone decide to change or iq with any success. So I think, what happened? My mother was a woman executive in a man's world and this was their credential hey matches. I got I gotta amendments are european. That is our give your problem. Grier idea was stamper viceroy. Think motivated, I very well. I must say this. Nineteen, only to when I was a junior in high school. There were people live back than mine. I believe, but shock oh she's, my mother, Slam, the phone down choose the DE word, which in those days was damn well
that you call someone it dick she'd. Never did I ever heard, even though I M sure she dealt with a great many. I backed out of a parking spot at some grocery store at some moment on time, and she said it maybe not listen! No one heard I hope said he. I like the things I hope so, but as she couldn't get a credit card American Express card because she was Missus nigh, in other words, her employment. In this she was a you know, a barrier bureaucrat she works in the gap in Washington DC. She worked in government and she couldn't get a credit card cause. Her credit didn't count. Her income didn't count,
judgments didn't get off nineteen. Seventy two- and I say it wasn't that long now, I'm not saying things don't sark in many ways and for women in other respects unemployment, but we have come a ways yeah. Yes, I think the the reason that's helpful to point out is in the way that Steven Pinker does, which is. If you look at this relatively short experiment we ve been doing for ten thousand years. We ve made some incredible ground on every single metric, so only to say: let's remain optimistic as it's all moving forward, so there's less extreme poverty is actually less violence. Yes, My last starvation and all others. It might seem good. We can do better there, yet We should never stop and we can also have gratitude for the programme. We make ass thinking of my parents and the whining and complaining that we're getting right now about the green new deal. Ok
You guys they resolved a worldwide crisis. In five years. We can do this for crying out loud rican, make Gee renewal, borrowing get clean water access. The internet was go, let's get her done well and let's look at specifically what happened in that five years, because you have a couple of astounding things you have during World war too. There is a shortage of rubber, because rubber at that time is all grown from urban derived from rubber trees in we don't have great access. That anymore, so we invent vulgar innovation. When we need to right, we ve lost attic rubber being out. I am but petroleum based rubber, which that was unimaginable in nineteen. Thirty eight is it we had to do it so by
we did it right. That's like when you're life depends on it, as it miracles can happen so or focusing the subject on climate change from world war. Two just thank you guys what it would be like if we had floods in Houston, floods in farm land in the middle if we had extreme weather events in North Carolina. If we had a blizzard in the MID west in middle of April, just think of all that was fires in California if we had no idea what was going on just think how troubling that would be We know it's humans, the carbon dioxide in the thing in the staff and the problems in view of siblings. Yes, how many to ok? Can I guess something, because I did not see that you had siblings? Are you the middle of those siblings? No, are you very young s, yeah. I know me with her.
Three of renewal, emanated ones? If this deeper than our you just beat me too, I had nothing to do with no consulted and when you're all older siblings, where they are boys, are girls is oldest my brothers? The troubled middle child can undamned he's not trouble. That's just something. Ironing key word trouble D. Probably wouldn't say he was that's right. Of course that's gonna help you always not troubled okay. So let me take you to Coronel Coronel. Would that was Stamp Linzer report that wasn't There are certain clerical air emissions departments are still living with it. Now you studied mechanical engineering at corner bicycles, aeroplanes is more thing. So do you love the Wright Brothers? Have you read a call about yeah? Now? Ok, another Wright brothers. May I speak truth to power play they got to patent and everything, but their airplane was kind.
Primitive. You ve seen an arrow. Where do you put the tail feathers in the front? You put him in the back sure, so people and Francis actually we're goin way ahead. We still have the words fuselage, a neuron empennage larger on these are all french words because they were. I would put the tail feathers in the back: the Wright Brothers, what we gotta working, we gotta Workin refiner were showing off and there, but their plight. Means really were hard to fly. What is, as we read that book them, UNESCO? Those guys were dint of hard work. Well, what's so amazing bout, it is that they survived yet mostly guy who's, the guy they killed from the war department were given a ride and crashed Let us remember that over live through it and so on and so on, but they crash Monica dozens.
What time is it in what they were doing? They were taking off from sand dunes, they were getting, maybe a quarter mile and they crash and they get a half mile than a mile. Then they flew for seventeen minutes, and that was a thing, but you know and they're gaining altitude. The whole time they're just crashing all the time and they just lived the most astounding. Whole story really is somewhat more more power to him and am very happy that North Carolina says first in Flight and Ohio, says birthplace, Why do I interchanges? No, no not you got that right, North Carolina first and flight. We just went through the States Hopkins yesterday by weird quince. Of course, it is not my thing that air curious about any of em just ask so. But while you were there, you actually had a very unique opera We need to take astronomy with Carl Sagan. Yes, that's like change my bill gates living next to the library with a mainframe. Yes, yes,
this is a very auspicious largest, some perhaps stuff happens, but Dino understand there were hundreds, thousands of people who took Carl Sagan classes, but a huge effect on me wow. Yes, so, as I finished my backing conjuring requirements and then I took a freshman stratum of course, as a senior not well say so. One of my very favorite classes in college was astronomy and other areas. I'm curious. If, if we have a similar reason of, why was so fascinating, I dont think there's a area in science is that you can look at where more has been discovered with such little information when you actually realise how their learning, what stars are burning by spectral analysis in their learning about Doppler shift and what they put together by looking at a white dot, I think, is the greatest example of what science can do. Well, many have learned by staring forever at some white lie:
it's amazing isn't it. Annabelle, our guy. So you do you guys to think about Copernicus everybody. I presume that son went around the earth ass. Well, it looks like you, you look at the sky. It just looks like it sounds going right over just like the moon, all the stars. Every night they move, but then Copernicus making I've been thinking about it and if I'm trying to predict a position of Jupiter the bright planets, Jupiter Saturn work, I think really we should look at the other, That is so that is profound. Now is like an insight by just sit in and thinking about, a can't, really even be comprehended how profoundly then go away. I was gonna military instrument this telescope for looking at the bad guy. On the other hill or whatever he took it out at night. You can't see the guys, the other hill at night and he's points. Opera, hey man, the moon is guy full of park marks. While we have to imprison you I'm sorry man, we can't have you
spouting. That's what you look now we're not gonna work can't leave your house for the rest of your life, what the hell so Edwin Hubble and oh, how do I say Le Maire, these two guys we're looking at the doors if they decided that the universe is expanding? Yes and then they reason later on that that must have started it from one place which we humans right now called the big bang. Is it really something else that we haven't in forward yet, and I don't know man but there's two questions- they get everybody. Where did we come from? Where did we come? What and then are we alone the only entities? Thinking about this right people? There are two hundred billion stars in our galaxy in the least that many galaxies? That's right, that's the others. You got a problem when you are trying to comprehend
nearly wasn't, no matter how many analyses of a grain of sand on a beach just doesn't really do justice yet to be one of two hundred billion, and that's just here in a mega clusters and all that stuff. It's really mine blowing what I've, but here's the other thing about it, though so troubling right now, as you may know, I've run up against people who claim they believe whether or not they really believe. It is now clear that the earth is six thousand years or that's wrong objectively. Wrong. Yes, and the thing right now is alternative facts.
What are you talking about now? That's it ass though we were, we were traveling this weekend for the pod cas and we were in a state in the middle of nowhere in there was a sign. It was for a church. It had on it the the age old chimpanzee to human rights now right, but in a big big circle around with it, with the excellent out saying, Nino evolution is a hoax, and I and we drove by that sign- and I just started kind of my wife, my mind. Sorted, wandering, nose like. I've heard them say: will you God buried dinosaur, behinds, yet to fool ass? It has your faith. We ve got a job exactly why I went with any parent who subscribes to that thought that God, who
all knowing all loving created us his children is, is regularly testing us with really convincing stuff. So my analogy is: would you ever put a birth certificate in your child's dresser that set on it? They had two different legal parents to test their faith and whether or not you richer pairs of which would you do that? Would that not be psychotic masochistic? Who who would try their hardest to fool their child into thinking that they had actually been adopted? It just begs the question. You know what kind of gentlemen was it that created as to fool us is very confusing: very troubling to media is travelling, but because that, owing to alienate to me, because I didn't, I also recognise that people get a lot of things.
They get national unity, that from a religion, that's priceless, sharp! Well. One of my things is, I feel, like people who don't believe the earth is more than six thousand years old, should not be able to reap the fruits of that so you're not allowed to have a cell phone for habit of Facebook. Anything fine! Fine, if you, if there are six thousand years old cool, that's your worldview! Unfortunately, in your work view, science isn't real on your fucking. Iphone doesn't work, so you can't use it. You can't get in the car and turn off the Allison engine is not. I don't work don't get it all! You don't get to deny it wall actually using that's what keep in mind these where sure this, as I'm a hypocrite, keep in mind that there are things that I believe, and I am pretty sure you all of us believe that are wrong. Oh absolutely, so we just don't know what those things are right now. I think about dark energy and dark matter. So we don't know what those are right now right, but then I think about my grandparents:
who grew up really with no knowledge or understanding of relativity until nuclear weapons were set off and nuclear fission winner, so I'll betcha. In the next century, people will figure out modern, dark energy issues and they'll be some crazy, amazing technological advancement as a result of it we are either. Is anyone got a pet scan, positron emission demography? You have people, no, that there were positrons until very recently, just think what else we dont know and as former government employ, and President Barack Obama remarked, if you couldn't control where you would be born on the earth, but you could control win. This is the time you'd want to be born,
much as you might think thing sock they suck less than they ever have in history. Is we started talking on earlier on those a corner? I do you colonel, maybe think in the fifty, so I could have own those muscle cars run as they were in the show room floor, or now you get a Tesla Ediths. Don't need that, in fact, it is one of the three great inefficiencies of internal combustion engines is accelerating to get on the freeway. So we to have engines big enough in our cars to enable us to go from zero, two's highways being in a few seconds. The other two enough currencies are when you go downhill, you don't get any that energy back and then stop sign. Stoplight you're sitting there, the giant engines running just run your cd player or listen to your podcasting ziyadi may be an older reference to run your digital rack digital medium. These are inherent inefficiencies in internal combustion engines to stop sign NEO, accelerating onto the freeway. For those
the view. What are we talking about? It's right, people, second laughter, relax. The best you're gonna do and are under perfect conditions is like seventy percent. You're gonna lose thirty percent, can't beat it it's six men, all the mechanical friction in international cars you get down to about thirty percent efficiency said. Eighty percent of the energy just goes out to the universe is heat. We can do better people young. We agree. This does not magic, its Monica, its saw a man, ok man, you leave Cornell and you go to work for Boeing who told you are recruited where you apprehensive about in all the way from one while I was in Washington, I was excited. Ok, my what kind of guy were you in high school? To do the same thing? Not I don't know I mean I was a clear on our son, I'm a nerd. You did well, though, in school I did well enough. I had a very good physics teacher. Ok,
Mr Lange. I still am an email or called touch with him. I took you know this. In the early early days I took the physics ap exam. I think I took it. The second year existed, and it was this new thing, and I guess I that's ok on. Did you get a five? We were just talking about it exams the regatta five before well, you need to get a three as tried in that, and he was appalled was. Sixty percent seems a little low. Well, whatever eyes like. As I have argued, I believe it was clerical air missions and then I showed up and now what are we going to do with him? Well, you go to Boeing Rise recruited, you are, it would have made it abundantly, no better! Here's an answer. Yes tell me when you get an engineering degree, this a choice I made. I would to college with a purpose, and so I got a job and yes, I had student loans, but once
HU I do another and I paid him off and in just we have to reckon our relationship with college. In what fashion we want, I don't what side of the argument you're. Well, I'm on both sides. Ok, just who's the most employable by my understanding, and I don't have the data with me, but my chops, but the most employer liberal arts, major, is philosophy, apparently, philosophy, majors are flexible and can take any being. Has they go to law school, for the most part, a lot of them, those pretty heavy transfer their yearly scientists. But we are you you're saying if you want to get a job at a college, do something that
will allow you to get a job at a cost or don't eliminate bright right. I don't think that's a bad guy recruited because he came out as an engineer skill that was actually morale years speaking. I lads language hardwood homework problems for a living, yeah right stay to arm chair experts? If you dare, we are supported by posts, maids. Monica nice favorite little help her love posts, male we're on post mates, almost daily ordering yummy little treats even dvd player. Sometimes you gotta dvd player, which I think is so advanced as opposed mates. Customer ass. I was really proud of you for that Dave's, hot chicken, so don't lose something Al Qaeda hard day at work and accounting. I need a tree and ice cap on post me. So then it appears at your door. All Krispijn Delicious pose mates as your per
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Slash, Dax, that square dot com, slash go slash tax; well, that's what we it is that you- and I have this in common. We both invented a hydraulic rat resident suppressed. Furthermore, is also was. Was that weird model? I didn't know how many our arguments you people get together. The whole have invented the inventor of ongoing guys I gotta invent, is a sort of overstatement. Ok, I I lobbied for one ok, so it's an old trick. The high draw a line had a vibrating in it, which was a pressure wave just exactly like the wave that a clear and that makes in the air when you bore you whistle it's in a hydraulic, fluid and the speed of sound and dried fluids quite high. But there are a couple: Big
Airliners have test pilots and there was one pilot that just didn't like it didn't like this vibration in the yoke. It's called the steering wheel, and so they kind of let it go long time and the vibration didn't show up on every plain. But what you do is rig a by you, an ox bow, as we say in river systems, how to say, like that: the shape of the capital letter D, ok, so that one wave shows up exactly out of phase with the other wave and they cancel out completely not at all frequencies, but enough. Where are one and the pilots? Are this great the test pilot light? No right, and so I did the same technology. That's like noise, cancelling the exactly exactly you surpluses hydroxyl. So I just convince my boss, after three years, that this would be worth doing and I brag about it now. Lawyers had his name ass though it when I look
seven thirty, seven, when the problems they ve had the last year I mean freaking tragedies, rule fifty p, that is the horizontal stabilizer bit being controlled by an auto me, automated system that it sounds to me like they didn't have enough redundancy at Boeing, not enough. German, see, and I mean like critical system, what's going on any one thing and fathers as secondary time rather too backups all the time. So, The plane crash is never one thing this thing, and that thing, and that thing those guys on four nine minutes unable to figure it out as really surprising, an old Boeing engineer when I was over and Afghanistan, I got into Asia Nook in
a guy pull those things. Why were how yeah this is now a capture with two rotors, you guys, you ve all seen. Em they're class are humongous and a guy pulled me aside. He goes listening. If you go in there and it's not leaking hydraulic, fluid be were exit because there means it's out of the railways along this line, a trick in keeping a seal lasting a long time. A gas get a rubber thing, is legal will work, is done. It's got away. We re sort of a trick cn you any. You would already noticed modes interesting. But those as I mean I know it's the biggest heaviest helicopter out their military but its the fastest. Really, yes, because it often they'll be flying machine nooks and they'll have a black hawk or it may have to radio to slow down an effect.
What happened to us on our, I think in the reason being, which you would already know, which is super interesting about a helicopter- is that because the helicopter rotor is wings, it's two or four wings that are spinning. The prop on the on the starboard side of the aircraft has forward air coming at it and then the port side, Scott trailing. It's got trailing soap, one sided helicopters, creating much more lift than the other side. So at a certain point they can't go over one, fifty or one sixty or it starts to list really really bad and steer into there's only some, they can do, but but this should not their flying, that their their speed down a road town, a rotating. So they don't have that issue, so they can fly, they cannot hotter sister. I encourage everyone to go down a you tube wormhole of watching Chinook land on the side of mountains and stuff with troops. I mean that the places they can put. Those things is so incredibly
so I took in owed training in the Navy for the Science guy show and one of the tricks, as you gotta get out of the helicopter, the dumper you gotta be able to swim. Even if it gets in the water all right I'll thing they make you I'd hoped to never tears lying. We just gotta, you gotta trust the numbers. This whole thing. Yes, if you know how to swim, you can hold your breath long enough to get out yeah I've gotta get your syndrome or at least that's what we tell ourselves we have now, while you were at Boeing they're for nine years. No, no, I was only by three years, but I worked at another company is a very, very somewhere else, answering out of control, which is now Honeywell, which is across the highway from the giant campus that is now Microsoft. When I worked there, Microsoft was in office
had aside Microsoft, we all know foots Microsoft, that's worth what does silly name. That's crazy, no bikes kind of a big deal. Let me read about now whether you're in that window of be it nine years or twelve or thirteen years. You applied four times to join the astronaut training programme. It now well. That was really after I started doing science gusher. What was after the no doesn't mean that my my point doesn't remain, because what what I, when I thought it was, while you were under the employ of Boeing, I said to myself of this case- had wanderlust just across the board, probably it what was it because it one one element of your story, which is very rare and interests, unease that you had this very stable job. As an engineer you are doing well, I assume you and a home, and you decided to quit that in going to stand up comedy that that in itself is a really rare scenario, but then you add in that you are also trying to do
astronaut. Then I mouths make more sense. Like you, probably just our romantic at heart, you probably earlier, are dreaming regularly about all kinds of fantastic. Yes, yes is. That is does that, as is I'm romantic. So, while you're, while you're engineering C Mon, was very popular the time- and I think he changed the face of comedy gear, there's camps, there's camps and there's a lot of people nasty Martin Camp of it alive. Guess who is another whatsoever? Can jury sign from over me Bill Murray is no more ignores Dar for me, but taken nothing away from still more than a lot of people were either they were like that's their guy or Bill Murray. While here's what right? Here's my claim for you to evaluate the listener, came when steam and produce those those first to albums. That's when everybody was doing Steve, Morton jokes, and I claim it was that weekend, in a sense that every city in the? U S Canada got a comedy club. I was just after the other.
There is already at seventy eight, all the sudden everybody had a comedy club. I disclaimed steam on this, gave the whole thing a big nudge, and you look like him in your way. You impersonate him now that I gave you the confidence young, while also a group of four whom I hardly knew satellites. I got a job bowing. I would go to the rain tree grill, which is a restaurant bar, that I could walk home from and they bill you that under the steamer and work like contests and I won, I did not advance after I started. People want me to do stay Martin impressions at events. Aha, I would do that a little bit, but then you want to have your own boy, yes, of course, and so met, these guys famous, a paradigm shift for Jim carriers. Most of his stand up career was based on and then he realized. I want to be someone. People impersonated at some point, wait a minute. In the tables on those that's right, boy ha ha ha ha saw a girl
school to know that he had such a clear visions. I was around doing comedy clubs when the head of the NBC state no one had ever com. I want of accommodation I want to get in on this comedy thing boom, so we started a show called almost live, which, as you know, a better title, three hours old, ha ha so eyes meet the guys who wrote for that show its open, MIKE's, maybe Ashley Ross Shafer said once you submit some jokes, so I started doing that. One thousand nine hundred and eighty four and then so. I quit my job October. Third, now that decision, how rife with fear was the man, so I had I called the end of the world money at five thousand dollars, and I figured if I didn't change anything about my life for kept making car payments mortgage payments. I would make it for six months.
I would decide so speaking, a huge window to becomes a longer time at all. If I was making no money for six months than they have to go back to engineer. Ok now this show almost live turns into you. You end up having to feel like US minutes saying. Yes, maybe it was six months with six menaces along flip in time on the tv and so the story has is lost in antiquity. There's three versions: it was either Eddie Vetture, Hurrah Rivera or a woman named Rita gin read through the young people may not know, but she was infamous she claimed to have had sex on the steps. The? U S capital I'd like to joke. The almost in Annabelle aspect of that story is the guy she said she was having sex with was her huh. That is why we can have that kind of sex only happens during the court. Mary on your own taxes
find my wife and I anywhere public. Those days are really JANET, so somebody didn't show up rush for who still a dear friend of mine was nor musing, and he said you know bill. You could be like, don't I the science guy or something, and then he closed briefcase and left the meaning, because he was also the host of the most popular evening. Dr radio show Kay J R. I did the house uses of liquid nitrogen. As we all. How did we get your hands on liquid? Well, so I've I was a young guy. I was a united way, big brother mania and It is also a science explain her at the Pacific sign sooner just Stillwell that helps well so on weekends. I would go screw around talking about levers in the simple machines and some photos. Sensus and the liquid nitrogen show is still very popular. Show it still fantastic, so aims was
between you and your phone, your car, whatever your listening to is seventy percent nitrogen. You can breathe it it's fine, but when you liquefied is fantastic, it is so called roses smash the the bracket, balls, thud and you're too marshmallows frozen minus three and twenty four minus one. Ninety six celsius and chew in just the right way steam comes out your nose. You can't Baden, it was indeed you run any risk of getting that. That's why you're dry ice burn your turn, your tone, yeah! That's no com, Diana taste! Very well! At this point! Well, you got a kid You ve burned your tongue here. There's a lot of cells are so you you gets you just get good at if you're not drink, if you're doing liquid nitrogen chauffeur times a morning register where you dont burn your tongue, you no, sir. I really wish you had brought some
in my case. I would like to describe what I'm saying so: a frozen marshmallow in the freezer doesn't get no nearly cold enough now, so I got to do it. You got to get away colder so little nitrogen is, as we like to say, cheaper than gasoline, it's very common industrial, solvent or liquid, and so I just went to the science and they let me borrow a dewar as it's called, which is of a thermos. Do the british guy would apparently was the first go to propose a vacuum flask having thermos bottle is, were you ever a layer of glass with the vat and another layer of glass with vacuum in between it, so that it stays called a long time? and then that lead to Bill night assigns right. Although Carl Sagan makes a little appearance and between those two things were, you actually sought his counsel,
I also share with the success of that bit. They started. Having me. Do a science guy bit every few weeks on the comedy show some of them were lame. Some of them were good. Many of them were funny because you make fun of the guy having trouble with the oil dram or whatever, but I also was doing a show in the mornings on Sunday called bills basement where I would have a kid like, Mr Wizard, if those are you old enough to remember- and I would do a demonstration with the kid and if I wrote to Carl Sagan at my tent college reunions, You wanted his counsel and his. He was very nicely to five minutes with me: use a busy guy New York Times best sour producing the Cosmos series follow on books in this and that so the claim is a footnote. The claim is, he never said billions and billions. Johnny Carson is supposed to have said that in Paradise
Ing Carl Sagan. So it is said I can't get in the fistfight this fact. It's not a hell. We should die. Oh yes, right, bigger things, so he said: kids resonate to pure science. That was the because you're a newer, initially imagining teaching what your specialty was witches. Mechanical engineers, Iceland's aeroplanes. In so he kind of talk you out of it. Are we just one sentence? You know what they're more interested in that then turn out. I realize he was absolutely completely totally right insult. You know, hearing him say that reading that he said that it made me wonder what your opinion is our kids interested in pure science, because their dying to make sense of the world and by the time you earn a doll. You just can't take it for granted. Is it that the places it didn't leave hit the nail on the head? Is everybody starts out of scientists like why the fuck is all this work? Why is
how our work out the lights were? How do I think? How do I know, I'm thinking, wow what flowers bloom while so the thing for me as a kid was bees. Ok, I ask how the hell do these things fly. You look at a bumble. Bee its body is enormous. Compared to its wooden wings, it is how in the world does this pull this off. As fascinated me still, does I guess all this that one sentence gave me a nudge? Yes, so you did bill nigh the science guy from ninety ninety three. Ninety, ninety, eight is why primarily I missed it cause. I was eighteen in He ninety, I realized tat. I was not trying to watch tv and learn. Any fraud. Crisis was Joe solving means, or- and this I remind everybody- there's a lot on the internet. Nowadays there are excellent science videos vertices with Derek moored physics, girl, Diana Coward, there's a lot of excellent science, but that stuff to high school
older, like that, we still have a need everybody for elementary science. Everybody gets excited about science before their time. Yeah space and dinosaurs people, space and dinosaurs. In that five years you are nominated for twenty three, these new one, ninety or the show the show or you're the fuckin shit. It's cool I learn I might want, would he's ever, but I did sounding sound mixing. Ok, the Lisi it makes you feel like you once you knew. You were gonna, do pure science, do you like, like us, brought back and learns pre or cereals, not much by the time you get out of injurious go. You have taken a lot of phenomena, science, I hope the hell. You can balance a chemical equation. I hope you can do simple machines. I hope you have some understanding of biology and plants. You have some knowledge that choice start out at eggs, because the real
your interacted with the chicken can, I say, interacted on the show we prefer yeah taken are xo. During this period the show is syndicated across the country. It's it's becomes wildly popular. I have a nosey question. You owned a piece of that show. I would imagine right so it financially. It was. Well right, it was it was I was. May I mean I was able to well for me yes able to buy a car with cash bats I blabber harder Accord station wagon with cash. I love that her hours ago it was of great car love wagons. How stick shift? I grew up with those big front. What is it like to be up in Seattle in doing local?
How many clubs anew in a public access show in all this and then becoming kind of a national as reared right? Is it school because it is by the way it's it's? It's some its unconventional net. You! You were supposed to move to Hollywood in New York City to do that. So the fact that you did that in Washington ads later. I think to the bizarre knew so well, but it also it. This was the blurs the blessing in the curse so because arena backwater of tell the third Seattle, the thirteenth market, or so maybe it's twelve now, but that it enabled us just gave us freedom rights. There's an ad going on right now, with Dennis Quaid were he's driving a guy goes and he's the other guys driving and it turns out there on trailers. Yes, yes, yes, one as backwards at once oh, and the signs guy show we were not on trailers. It's me talking driving a car on nineteen time, how we would never permit such a thing. Yes, then their me draw
bring the grass car, which is a very popular sequence on plant, show we is very creative, guys stapled carpeting to a cadillac. They bought at a junk yard. Ma am one guy was this, is a northwest thing was getting his lawn sprayed, so a crew shows up in this way. I know your e mail of seed and fertilizer onto the world, so they sprayed under this carpeting for us soon the guy's garage for a week and grass grow. Like me, DR and along talking about the grass car I'm not on a trailer, that's me: drive your car, there's other cars and discarded, veal and so on. As an example. In the end, the notorious exam. All that I mentioned several times is Disney executives came to Seattle, see what the problem was. What's the problem, I was your last tape. Delivery. Three days later,
are they send these executives and this they walk into the set and they see the problem immediately. I did you guys, run brick why'd. You run break up that high to stories and took me of couple beats WWW. They didn't realize that the wall that looks like styrofoam brick was a brick wall. I thought we had glued artificial brick to the warehouse yeah, but had Mccurdy, they were embarrassed and then, when I haven't touched it s called the touch, in other words the, had limited oversight, but then there's other things you work strange. You know we did it on a budget and I think you can see when you watch the show part of its charm. Was you have any thing? You just but yellow and black safety tape on it, and it becomes a thing of science
If you want an Iphone and you put yellow and black tape on the back would be an Iphone of science was just plywood raw word. That was of science, because that was, we didn't, have a big problem. We had a fantastic props department, factor Guy Bill Sweet went on to be there. I guess he's head designer of Starbucks when you go into a Starbucks, although shared arrangement of yeah, but there is a limited budget, and so that's part of the charm of the show was just reduces. Do this now? What is it doing to your love? Life? Oh well, proving it yeah did everything's. Ok, I broke up with one woman because I was just felt I was so busy. Then I broke up with another woman because I felt it was. Busy any. I saw I never had kids. I never got married at that time, the logical time to do that, and I, of course it could be because of everything else. It happens junior before that, but part of the was
you really are working seven days a week. That's all you're doing and you think it's important and still inside, but I think it's really for you psychologists out there. It was my parents stop getting along when I was whatever one thousand two hundred and thirteen and and that's probably what why I never got married, but you you had. You haven't, had an example of a relationship of a successful striving to replicate anyway, but this I be used as an excuse not to get married, so love life was just put on hold. I was but alcohol, but clearly people you had fans. Now there were people that were probably very interested in you that in the past had not been interested in Well, that's an exciting gas in Yerevan human to experience what you pretty locked into whatever your appeal is, but it was at first, I was not comfortable being famous first now persecution
in a matter of course, in so here's what I found speaking of Starbucks. If you're not well known. Latte is like for hours and fifty cents, but if you're famous for hours and fifty cents, it's fantastic. In other words, no, it is of no value. I was really looking round. Riddle just doesn't help you so and then I'll tell you the difference there. They are. They immediately smile when they see ordering your latte because its exciting, I often I'm aware I check of the the privilege I have is that I'm seeing generally in life, I move through life. Seen people excited very rare yeah, that's Toto Europe someone's actually excited.
I still hold me, do the thing that they probably hate knowing all day long and I think what a gift it. This is like what you would dream. Everyone would experiences like people are happy to see you that's rigour. Yeah yeah, but I'm also, I think, there's a lotta I, since their people waiting for me to screw up sure sure would certainly makes one self conscious or whatever your own natural predilections are once you become self conscious, they start kind of yet So why did the show- and I mean all we did a hundred- shows. Ok, everybody was tired and in part the reason the show exists came into existence really was was called a children's television ACT and Tipper Gore hours. Wife at the time was a big supporter of this. There is time when you were not allowed to have your television station, which was a licence to print. Unless you add three hours of educational programming every week so
show was created at this moment in television history, where it had the autumn supporting the airway. So after they had six ass, they weren't there pushing to make more shows. Ok, how to say a hundred shows was enough. Ok, everybody was pretty hungry. You ready to move on. I was tired and illuminating retired. Everybody was tired, and what did you think at that moment? This is another moment like leaving Boeing Basic. Well, I remember leaning against one of the pillars does if you ve ever seen the showed their these wooden pillars that hold up the roof of the building it's over now. What am I gonna do now? What's next man and there were years tied to that where people presumed- I was a kid. Most aha reminds me at least when I was in college when you finals are over and now what what do I do,
then. I immediately got involved in three hundred other thing, so you never had a moment where you are like. Oh, no. What now or did you have many of those my have? I still owe those moments everyday, Sharia, soldier of a freelance, sticky and the other thing was What are you gonna? Do that as good as the science gaucho right in the assets? Very hey, what are you? What are you gonna do? Next, I did hundred his discoveries hundred grid inventions. Stuff happens the eyes of nigh all the other shows that were ok, but well that's the thing why harness? Thirdly, you thing everybody thinks of exercise caution. So, what's going on now, there's generation of people who watched the show who were not alive when the show was finished. Third generation of people watching the science graduates very cool, and I sail a time I try to get it
I try to understand what a big deal this is for. If women I put my arm sort of thing mass, but now was the goal of over there's a document. I talk about all the time. We called the rules of the road, a single page I created, and we gave to everybody you came work on the show. You knows a PBS station. We had a lot of you had a hundred people over the course of five years we gave in this document in the first line. It says: objective change the world at the top of the doktor. I'd, still be objective yeah. You know why is it so important that we get kids interest in science and I have my opinion, but I'd like to hear Well, everything wherever you are right now look around everything you can see came out but he said you're in a room of your own, a car if you're on a road even your hiking in the forest. Listening to this podcast on your mobile device, all that came from science,
all that came out of some people's heads and the people, who did it understood science, respected science. New algebra were good at problem. Solving. They also accepted failure and revise their approach and made it work. That's why we could take criticism. That's the nature of peer review in the scientific method. Right is to be able to take on criticism without collapse. Well argued evoking some defend point of view successfully and by the way when it's wrong, that's fine! Let me now go back to the drawing board. This is how things evolve and become better. Science is how we are able to feed seven point: seven billion people, my great grandparents time they barely fed a billion people, write it through the text, energy of agriculture and transportation refrigeration. But this is all result of science, and I remind you: U S, car petitions article, one section, eight clause: eight Congo, shall, among other things, promote the Prague
of Science and the useful arts. The useful arts, I believe, is an eighteenth century expression, meaning engineering like build architecture, pursuers ridges bridge. This was all the useful arts. Metallurgy was the use force article. One section eight goes on about what we have now: intellectual property copyrights and so on, but just as they put it in there freaking amazing. To me: that's why we need the new John or any generation of young people to. If not because there is a day of our ass, we re them. We need scientists and engineers and people, taxpayers and voters who respect it. So they will have these people to solve these two take care of the future and of problems we have on our planet stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare, experts on expert is brought to you in part by audible,
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rising dates and stuff is up. Is going to need to do that yeah, you don't need to do that in its is taking up area of your brain. That could be dedicated to something greater now. My question to you is: what what are you fearful will get lost in the strand, for the big problem we have now is: will the phrase that thrown around scientist patients critical thinking it used to be called reasoning or logic, or some incredible things, fine phrase. It means evaluating evidence if somebody says you, the atomic number of strontium is forty three time. That's good, that's technician with thirty, eight, ok really close. So eighty percent right, but it was you- can look it up and its problem. Gonna be right. Radio trusted. If you looked up the atomic number of admission. I think it's forty three. If it's wrong Manhattan,
no use. I would remind you that a thirty eight year old, well strontium rebellions the reserve and obviously build out he's had a different one. When you said forty three easy take me, I think it's technicians volumes, forty, but anyway, We could look it up and it would be right, but if somebody says a woman running for you, as president, has a child trafficking ring in the basement of a pizza power blocks from the White House. I hope we can get serves a future to question that why I think we need a by partisan source. We have the congressional Budget Office, which is supposed to evaluate things in a bipartisan fashion. Do they are so they? The thing we want to teach young people now is how to evaluate evidence and his heart and needs
the thing I love the one I love even now. I love is the tree octopus, so you can look up the tree to push its layer after web page layer about lumberjacks who did not like the tree. Octopus goes: it interfered with their logging in the tree Octopus, in the tree and jumps down on the fish and aids them and climes back up the tree. There's no such thing as a tree octopus. But if you go to the internet, it sure looks like it, and so this is still an excellent exercise for people of all ages. Just when somebody, when you find something on the internet, it may not be true. With that in mind, you gotta, find you in our use of it out odds. Are it's not? You won't get a vast volume did. It is probably a higher percentage chance? That's not what depends what it is saying if you say who is the forty where's prose United States, that's probably not wrong. Who is president of Mexico
ten years ago? That's probably not wrong! President Fox! Yes, that's right you, but if you ask foxes first name, I really have to vigorously Andy it's Azra, but we could get up. He probably be right, but these other information, and especially when you have people deliberate trying to mislead people. What the fossil fossils agencies with the fossil fuels doing fossil fuel industry is doing with climate change. That's hard man, you gotta be good at ok. So with our last two will know, I got to ask this. I did I read it and I just I know you won't enjoy this, but it has such a comedic angle. You got married in two thousand and six not quite well. You got it unaltered, I know it wasn't. Even a marriage zirk as they started it was not. The paperwork was not properly filled. I don't call me sore spot spot. The youth had immediately. I never married, and I tell everybody there were six weeks- was really happy. Ok,
Monica needs a notice? You ever seen the blue angels, so what's everybody's favorite, the knife edge pass, where the two points are closed. Captain Monica and Captain Dax are going to meet our centre. Closing speed of eight hundred and sixty eight miles an hour at the last. They turn on their sides in just missing to marriage. Was now you're sure you have a shoe bill. Nigh saves the world its network. Yes turned out loud. Everyone, yes bill, nigh, saves the world on Netflix that came onto. Doesn't seventeen Not I did twenty five shows a high and there still on the service. You also have to books undeniable evolution in the science of creation, which is we just talked about a bit ago and am very proud of it good in this book. I take the controversial step of asserting that viruses should be their own domain of life. Why?
then unstoppable is how The next generation is gonna use, science to I'd, clean water, renewable electricity, access to the internet for everybody in the whole world, and don't forget the third book everything all at once, which is how we have to solve these problems. Everything all at once. A cape put. My objection to global warming to bed Ok, I'm gonna be a foil for you. This thing goes eyes, yes, trays excite them. All. Here are a couple of my issues with it. I do not see any level deny that global warming is happening good. Thank you. Ok, thank goodness. Two things I wrestle with are a as I learned it in my astronomy class. The earth is well known to be on an access it spinning. It's also wobbling squabbling. I believe every forty nine thousand years twenty twenty five thousand is at all. It is tat, so ok, so every twenty five thousand
is a complete wobble, and that is the explanation for our many ice ages, and I say it's part of it for sure this is the very cycle to be part of it. It's a bit of very complex system, but, yes, the length of each cycles are the real deal great. So knowing that the earth warms and calls- and we have ice age regression and whatnot, we are at the very Napier of that wobble. Are we not where it would be getting warmest anyways? No, no! No! No! The problem is not that the world wasn't once warmer, not that it wasn't much colder that one too, not that an ancient dinosaur times if they kept clocks. The way we do the day was only eighteen hours and there were over thousand parts per million of carbon dioxide. That's not the issue. The issue is the rate at which things are changing, because this is the problem
processed. In that we cannot change reports, we can't move or agriculture north. We can't deal with populations being displaced by droughts and floods. That's the problem is the rate. The speed at which it is to put at any rate terms the earth used to have rates of point o o o one degrees celsius per millennium, or now we're at point one per decade. We are ten thousand times faster. If I got my digits road, Bert ten thousand times faster than ever in history, with the one exception, perhaps of an asteroid impact without would make a very fast climate change. Ass, though, in a hurry and end change things radically, the rate is the rate, ok good, so that that's heard accepted. My next thing, methane
warms the atmosphere at twelve, very strong, twenty three times the rate at carbon. Yes, the main culprits for methane production are the Everglades swamp. Land trees are emitting methane, tiny amounts debate, but methane is important, but I just want to say, though, that that we are hyper focused on carbon, but my own issue is methane is far more the culprit. No, no. The brazen everybody's focused on carbon dioxide dagger is because there's so much more of it. Methane is a very serious problem. The grant you yes for sure. But there's so much more carbon dioxide. It is after water vapor, it is the big driver for keeping the earth warm and making get warmer, but methods that concern no question and everything all at once. We don't want to do one or the other methane or carbon dioxide. We want to do everything at once,
here's. My here's my own asylum and even of a broader point that I like to make, which is even if you don't believe in global warming. Let's say you don't ok, I can accept that. You don't believe in it. Ok,. You should still not want to be relying on a source of fuel that is finite. Why on earth? Would we be on a finite source of fuel that we know we're going to be out of him, we're going to war over and fight over and give money to people? You don't want to go out like that in of itself. Also we all breathe. Are we acknowledge? We want to breed the cleanest are possible. Why would we not be striving for the technology that keeps our are as clean as possible in the water is clean as possible, the politicize it just for one second, just that reach it. We want the best system possible for creating energy and clean water renewal accuracy access the internet. These are my rats, so you know we wouldn't have to have a stand army or military on the far side of the world. Defending oil. If we were
using our electricity domestically for crying out loud, would not love debt. So what's happened. Is the fossil fuel industry has been very successful and introducing the idea that scientific uncertainty plus or minus two percent, whenever there is the same as plus or minus eight percent right and just as absolutely wrong with that said, all of us have benefited almost inestimably from fossil fuel and and in many parts of it will still need mean, as an auditor and other hands we we're gonna want plastics. Finally, may I come up with the corn base. Whatever other books are doing is, as there are things I still don't know what is going to be the as a arm chair, mechanical engineer myself, I dont know we're gonna fly planes without fossil fuels for quite a while, so let S age, the fuckin fuel, for the one thing, that's why we're probably many decades out from solving
for you engineers out there for those young scientists. If you want to do something cool address air transportation, so it may be possible to make fuels renewables from genetically to fight algae or something like that is quite possible that there is a clear that you can have jet flights. We too are two hours long with battery powered aircraft. This is extraordinary claim, obviously given how heavy batteries- and we are right now, for example, when I was in school aeronautics, professor said wing: what's the things on them, the tipps of modern aeroplanes, there are wasted time cause too heavy a may disturb didn t you get enough. The benefit from those you dont want those, but materials of wings have changed so much the better. They are of benefit the. So this is an exciting opportunity for somebody, air transportation, but we're not just stop fossil fuels this weekend, but the opportunities with
wind and solar are huge upon intended more power to you. Electricity is enables us to podcast and make toast the same thing is amazingly versatile. So let's go people renewable electricity for everyone in the world. What scope get her dirt? The gray? I message your podcast stars giants rules and what kind of people will you be talking to? One lines were so we ve had some fabulous guess already in time they ve had Peg Riley who's gonna, make the next generation of antibiotics, and so she's been on their Heather Berlin, who studies the nature of consciousness. How do you think what you're thinking? How do you know you're thinking that you're thinking what is thinking and so aware we have specialist on nuclear weapons dangerous? They still are it's just that I am very proud of what we are doing it with Corey power.
Who is the editorial my works here, a very dries very funny guy. You know he was editor of this Our magazine, you know, he's been around. Signs journalism for a long time ago. Gotta have or may sixteenth planetary society I'm the ceo, because they took one class from Carl Sagan Thy joint. He started the planetary society. I join on the charter member then left the room at a board meeting in they took a vote, and now I'm ceo, awhile stuff happens, executive officer, so nothing don't happen. We're going to launch our second solar sale, spacecraft no sooner than June twenty. Second, that's how they target ass. A sooner than in his tea June twenty seconds, so we are a secondary payload on the next Falcon heavy rocket that one of the Red Falcon nines hook to guess wrapped together. If you'd know
Some have seen a rocket launch everybody. It is astonishing, and this this is the rocket next biggest to the Saturn Fives that went to the moon. How exciting will be an orbit for about a- here, then this is gonna, deploy a sale, Meda, shiny, shiny, shiny mylar and we will boost its orbital energy will go to a higher orbit at a different inclination using nothing, but for funds from the sun, why? It's almost incredible, and this is where Sagan talked about it. When I was in class, he was on the tonight YO and nineteen. Seventy six talkin about source going and now we're fulfilling his dream. Why so check this out? A planetary dot org at sixty thousand members, like you around the world who think space exploration is cool.
And we are doing this too, as the modern verb is democratize space more people can participate in space flight and make discoveries which changes human history. Will you know? I know you did a great Steve, Martin impersonation, when you re I recital no design taking me two hours to figure it out, but I gotta at the last second, whose voice you you are identical to do. You know the Borg, I John Mcenroe it fuck him, King Larry Car, you I can every car because they think are you blow this guy? He was a good player, one of your bill, nigh designs. Thank you, I'm going to get in your life. You act saying how mean young kids get on fire for science. I sure hope my girls and up with an appetite. They will all kids how old foreign say. These are my
people now now everybody ones for six love: science, the dinosaurs airspace day Where did we come from oil alone in the universe? I've been answering that question and if I can leave you with this, we are made of the stuff of the dust of exploded stars. This has been proven it through scientifically every last few centuries, so you and I everybody- we one way that the universe is knowing itself do too. Due to the two June, a smoky music, so that incite fills me with reverence everyday yeah. That's my blowing. We know a cab billionth of what there is to know that in a billionth. All right, we'll, thank you. So aren't everybody get out there and change the world gets done,
and now my favorite part of the show the fact checked, with my soul maiden Monica Batman, we home is bad men. He knew where the facts ass a true virtue that right on the spot, it sounded now as Matthew Part, not so nice minutes ago. We know that comes from back when I was an alcoholic and I used to do karaoke a lot Oh, that was one of my songs and I added for you in it. It always when I would do it ever. We would all agree so that song should have had that in that it would really just punctuated a perfectly fur do but like a good like a in upon. If we had an actual fuck you as an eye like I'll fuck, yeah algae,
say fuck, yeah Lang, s Lamoureux. Those guys are so blue flag. Yeah, you does our doesnt. Why doesn't rhyme? I got no longer works too bad that allows a good saw. Welcome! Welcome. How do you do? How are you you are little drowsy this morning. I why the drowsy, we all party, pretty F in hard yesterday, yeah not blow the illusion of what day it is, but a miserable disown it smiled back its Monday part. One of my party was a workout party with Eric Party too, was go to my oh yeah at the Hansen's yeah, another great party, great fun. Pirate, then of course, Roundy now, with the third party came a trial yeah Sunday night. We didn't have any food which could be a strike against. It regret not ordering pizza when I
inside just aid. We didn't need just Charlie, perfect and Charlie. I've made a bunch corner. Sata goes near sorrows, pretty for another Phil, every guy knows really in the mood for PETE's other than just an analysis shows that pizza sank at a mile board. If you ve already had some tortillas, I guess it's fine. Ok, people have problems with the sink under my own cultural probation. I don't owe damage Mary really near. They do come on now. They do it's a thing, yeah yeah. What do they have was Saint Patrick there. No, but I think that's because we're on Saint Patrick stay you're like a leprechaun, that's on a real person. Bones were in green there's, my irish there, there moray seen being Irish, even gas, but here I mean you're, does ring, know anything you doing here: Green begot like drawing moustaches on your face and then many people doing that for single pneumonia. People don't like that, ok, but it was still really fun.
Already and despite all the appropriate, we didn't we good, I'm not that I know. Does your child Werner, some rare, I know with fruit and that power probably was warhead ships the one I saw had ships than he had at first Ah, he added some fruit about charge would be mad. Charlie, I remembered, but finally, finally, Yoda Head dress full of fruit. As I recall when she The banana again, I know she's, not the two key to the banana gal. Now that's a separate presented as a whole. Different thing. Ok I'll never quite understand what Charlie yeah, none of us now just coochie gucci about or die the dog bill me the science key. Yes yeah. We had willed nigh on childhood. Here of yours, you miss the gap. Do I didn't?
the heat that he was. Definitely we watched videos in school and staff, but I I just don't remember that way. Was it a nice reprieve from me? Daunting, classroom studies, TAT, get away Something entertaining all lands are, alas, are having to watch a video in schools good day, generally a whim near for anything. If there is any video I ever saw as like, not it preferred to have not watch the video and just gotten instruction now cause any contact with their ran, sell goods. Sometimes yesterday's massage airborne and hair play depending on who you're with configuration of aren't. There was a good one, I think there's a ride, maybe a disneyworld or something that was connected to build. I
there was that was my research other wire in. I resisted the urge to ask him about it. My only interest was really how much money did he make for having an installation and universal is near wherever it was tat. I really want to know about the money and then I thought better of asking I made the right decision right, I guess only might have we might have learned something cool about having our own ride. I remember being in line at that right, but I don't remember. The ride specifically be annoyed when you're in line there's like activation, there's like me, you know, will release more videos or posters or things from the she's right yeah. I have some memory of that. Ok, I spend a lot of damage as new round. As you know, the two great place to spend some time did you eat me, didn't get out sooner? I did or use we used to go for the week. We gotta different parks every day and then you can eat and all the citizens of the world I mean us clearly, not all them, but quite a few of them.
I tell you in American Chinese yeah, really, although quit We already have here in Amerika he had every young food cord and more exactly yeah, yeah Panda express sure ass. I is pan to express explicitly Chinese or or japanese dino, I guess a panda so associated with China. China must be now it's like Orange Chicken and where this isn't like real chinese food idea, I dont think that reform. You kick in Orange chicken and any like chinese restaurant here, not a higher lion chinese restaurant or like an authentic chinese restaurant. I don't find they can only find orange chicken there. I've never been to China, I've been to Hong Kong, but it wasn't. Then it wasn't China that more with talked about that.
I'm just trying to think of what was closing. I had only already, and while we were staying at a french hotel, does have a lot of fusion their causes. You somethin Mandarin, the Frenchman. No, I don't. I can't I'm real Amanda IFOR Mandarin Charles De Mandarin Tandem email is a beautiful buff every morning and was right overlooking the river. Where you see you know what I just crossed up experiences never mind. I was in Thailand and there's no river watchin, theirs, there's horrible watching and enhanced comrade. I now recall I stating Column Bay right, so there was some by watching, but not this. Quite this. The particular joy was Bangkok at this french hotel eating this yummy smorgasbord in them ah floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the river where those
in a really long boats with the engine hanging way off the back, and these have a rod, their driving away, all loaded, the gills with mopeds, you name, it was very pleasurable to just start your day. They have now remembrance of the food nor long long, walk for no aim to nowhere. Okay, so Bell, he said that on August, twenty fifty that the Japanese in World war to vent during this wake island thing we're gonna machine gun. Everyone think they were planning on it being August fifth near that ended before that. But I could not find that Europe. It seems a little convenient the well. Where is it? I don't know, I don't know, I'm sure it just requires like a really deep dive to find that, like reading a lot of books on it,
when did they dropped the big one? That's over a wonder was it August. Twenty fourth is now has before it was. I think it was an obvious in the twenties, but maybe not Muncie. I dont think sound August. Sixth and ninth nineteen, forty five, six, the ninth, ok again, it seems a little coincidence that they're gonna play on the machine gunning Ike that closing Zeb convenient. That's all yeah like if Europe, you know copy editor something earlier work in a newspaper. Brigham, that's a little convenient shot we'd better, really make sure that this is true here. That's true, so I dont know guys. I don't know, I don't know if that's true or not, we may never know the Wright Brothers, they crashed dozens of times. You said: yes, they crashed many times to try to get their thing were again and then he said that they killed. Someone remember that from the baby. Yes, that happened after their success in nineteen O. Three
Wright brothers continue their aircraft development. They marketed there to passenger right military flights to the U S: Army, which required a demonstration. On September, seventeen nineteen o eight or vote took to the air for a demonstration flight at Fort Meyer, Virginia with armies, Signal quarrel, Lieutenant Thomas Self Rage, ass, a passenger just a few minutes into the flight. The propeller suddenly disintegrated the aircraft spiral out of control and smash into the ground at full speed. The groups rescuers Poland Unconscious suffered from the wreckage and the lieutenant died hours later. Orville was hospitalized for six weeks after suffering, a broken leg for broken ribs and a back injury that impair them for the rest of his life, so that did happen, would have. He was just standing next to the wreckage completely unscathed. I learned how to crash over those Algernon he was used to aid really did Albert is most certainly certainly didn't tense up. Yeah. I know you're not supposed to do that in a car. Now, that's why you think you're gonna crash
Last week we drink three cocktail so that you'll be all arab nice in Louisiana. You go down. That's a good idea. Every passenger should have on their person at all times three miniature bottles of booze as a safety. Papa is a safety precautions to hit the ground loose said that idea. He said most employable. Liberal arts degree is philosophy. Now, in my research I found economics to be the most employable. Liberal arts is also the highest paying liberalized window. Economic is the highest pang liberal arts degree and most employable according to two websites, economics dot com and U S Economic joined out an annex, enjoined economics that guy, I feel a little bit propaganda in both of those bad. We have to believe it, though it was written on the written with a computer, presumably probably what is it?
It says it's the only one with the distinction of offering both technical skills and broad liberal arts education. That combination can prove to be very powerful, are minicon grads with an in demand, knowledge and business law and math. That looks great on a resume as well as soft skills. Players really want, including critical thinking, interpersonal abilities and complex problem solving. I love those soft skills. That's all I'm really in the market for a soft skills from Vienna. Let me know you want that technology like some hard sky hardly a mix of heart and I, like any bout yeah yeah, enjoy both. I like soft skills, the eventually become hard skills. I now I hear what you see here.
Yeah, but this does go along with that. I was saying because she said philosophy Was- and I say that, because a lot of people who get philosophy degrees go into law, but I think that is the truth with econ all them accents food. If we just have a lot of lawyers, yeah yeah alot of people going to law school with a lot of soft skills that turn and arts if in the right condition- yeah. Oh my gosh, so he was a Boeing engineer now when we and I were on, he told us about the podcast, the daily right and I started listening to that in a garage. Oh god, I really like it, but then episode recently about these new airplanes that our boy crashing Oh yeah does that while he was wearing a radio, maybe that's what em he by adapting
William Nigh, was saying he did. I would encourage our listeners Tiggle. Listen to that episode cause it's really interesting and tax system engineers at Boeing Cause, there's this pressure to get them out right that there's just skipping alatas dabs and not doing the Dew Dillon. Genes and those like you know, parts left in those aren't supposed to be an end at the end of it. In our view, the journalist asked the engineer who end up leaving cause. He It was like using a world war. He couldn't yes and she's. Would you ever fly on these and he said no not of my wife, pending hotheads while so well, although bad, if my life depends you're in a zero loss proposition Michael, your chances are seven if your life depended on. Maybe I made apart from this. I think he did say that cover or maybe maybe he said to see you couldn't,
hey me: ok, yeah, maybe he's what he said, but he does not want to fly on those airplane. Nor does it, and so I'm never fly out of those airplane and I also don't like. I never check what kind of airplane it is, of course not, but I'm gonna start the full extent of my researches to figure out if the seats recline alot or not, and will it had to do with it, also where it was manufactured. What what facility, so it's hard to get that information right anyway, people shall listen that show em up. Look? It's really got. They also did a really good one on the measles outbreak. Oh would what did you glean from well I'll man, it's just it's so interesting. We're in the middle of the measles outbreak virtues which is crazy. Embarrassing was eradicated, it was
completely eradicated in the United States like ten years ago recently made to be arrows of vaccinations. Exactly knows some hasidic jewish people went to I think there is some measles and like the Ukraine or somewhere that some people from Israel went to the Ukraine than they came back to Israel and then people from New York, this area New York, Rock dale- maybe I don't know so they brought it back to New York and now there's a lot of people who are vaccinated because of this. This new trend. That's that happened in the last. However, many years and now they declared of emergency in New York, my it's an ally in its bad mirror to and that's the whole problem with these whole things at that this is how it gets spread. Is you can only vaccinated
in time, so it's like when their born and then six months later and then three months after the eyes or you now, her backs yeah go on forever Titus Beer see, and it was a three part yet right. A ninety percent chance, if you are contracted with the measles you'll, get it oh boy. If you come into contact with it, ninety percent boy so dies Valentino People's favorite thing. Is there formaldehyde in them. You know your body makes formaldehyde, that's just the fact. Yet people like they cling onto these things. They don't really know the talking about a year ago. Rigour word than their out yeah. They were really rather than their, how yeah what's really lethal measles and polio. They debunked all of The paper is too, there was a two or three and they were totally debunked, but it's still like in the air and internet users Emmy debate about it, but there was
I know that agenda until the Danish did the epidemiological study in that there is no debate in their also does have, like I don't know, five percent respect for a pediatrician whose happier all working life learning about what's good for your baby and not what you read on the internet yesterday for an hour now, let's maybe go ahead and give some respect words more yeah, so that whole thing is a mass end. I just want people to be responsible. Do you think that at any point, seated population anyone said measle, tough girl. That was a good joke. Part of the episode the beginning was about the hasidic jewish population and how bunch of them are mad, because now there's not all of them feel this way most don't, but a bunch of them do and there's a lot.
History about like Jude, jewish people and medical tat in all of this style? You Germans exactly said: there's a healthy scepticism and van, but not all, and so now, at its becoming like us, Rio type about them. So it's anyway, amalgam, music off Joe yeah. They are there so anyway, but that's a really good episode, so people should listen to that there will just talk about what happens on the everyday and they don't have his bag. Ok, the chin knock is the fastest helicopter in the military. That's what you said and yes, the siege forty seven F Chinook the fastest melter helicopter in the world as a maximum three hundred and fifteen kilometers per hour. Do that's over a hundred emails and ask right: that's cookin is cooking with jet fuel. It is music off
I'm never going to be a stop saying: it's you no good. It's so aren't you dont think Sally. I sang a cry. Ok, we do. I have to keep cutting a monument to come all our basket there. Our swords are sound Rosanna. Once you ok, you said that you both invented a hydra look resident suppressor sooner. I did not notice say what do you say that you stared at me long enough, like maybe like there is a one percent chance I had. I knew I would have heard about eighty seven hundred thousand times if it was true rubs that you would know identity, because I would have dragged about it a bunch of times yet he said C b
stood for a world like radar or ok stands for something wrong. I didn't know about those things occur, so o k stands for all correct, yeah, a corrupt, yes and comes from an abbreviation trend which was popular in Boston in the eighteenth, these other popular abbreviations at the time, more energy no go go for so now see tee gone to Texas or rumours are using. It and as peace, small potatoes, obviously that's s p. This goes go some way, you're cook in the map. That's S p, and then I would have gone to Texas. Is that, like out to lunch, people must have been moving to Texas in droves. They had laid eighteen hundred now Mary she's G T,
oh well, because we just won the Mexican American WAR in the 1850s or whatever it was just prior to the civil war. So maybe people were going down there to get it to homestead. I bet that's what they were lame. Some free land, many of their previous, were deliberately spelt incorrectly for humorous a fact so funny. For example, a predecessor of ok was supposedly o doubly you all right whose Bell W are. I e g h, tee o hey, gained widespread use when supporters of the American democratic political parties stated that it stood for the nickname of the presidential candidate Martin Van Buren, a k, a old kinda hawk. Ah vote for ok became a snappy campaign slogan that popularize the use of ok across the. U S eye what about your occur?
ok. So I figured I ask radar, radio, assisted detection and ranging there's a few options for that, so didn't feel like so clear cut, but it's a military. Everything in the military is an acronym yeah. I, when I went on those you're, so tourism de FAC dining facility, harangue everything don't have time. I don't get it, they don't have the time in there allocating like are now radios allowed them to keep it as short as possible, is kind of like that entertainment industry. There's a lot of abbreviations when they're on the walk, well a lot of times on a set. They'll say: M, o s this take as Emma what our dreams are not can record any sound banana. You know that the birth of that was most of the sound guys were german at the beginning of this industry, and it was actually mete out sound, that's cool! So really it should be
w oh ass, without sound, that's right or just ass, no sound the avatars non is right, but mid out sound is now ass. I did not know that ok did Carl say again a billions and billions or was it Johnny, Carson, parodying it it was Johnny Carson and then then he took it on. Ok, so went full, sir. So now he does say yeah you always pastoral. Well, during thirteen episodes of cosmos, a personal voyage went out to where I became exposed to him saying billions and billions. When was that, oh in the eighties or something Seth, Macfarlane brought back cosmos cause he's obsessed with astronomy, Carl Sagan, how cool he said. Seattle was
a thirteenth market may be the twelve now it as a fall, two thousand nine, if it had the twentieth largest newspaper and the thirteenth largest radio and television market. In the? U S that was ten years ago, though, but even this other website ESA headed at thirteen. I can only imagine going up why he sat there be twelve, but still, I think it's still thirteen Rita, ok! Well, this is great news. Is I use it all the time it ain t t all the time was: ok, all correct, all correct analysis using them. Proper ok do offer so a few episodes ago. You said something that I was unable to fact check, because I emailed
question out to enact spurt and I did not receive the answer in time, but you said it again and I will respond by now. So it's good ok when he resources yeah. You said in schools now, but of the internet. There's no more memorizing dates, so I asked in education expert, occur in LOS Angeles. He said generally, I would he or she oh said, protecting gender of generally, I would say that this is not always true today, but it is certainly a greater focus of schools to emphasise critical thinking. This is one of the big shifts, as happened with the common core, the national set of standards that have been emphasised over the past years or so there is still memories asian required, for example, math facts, but this has become less of the focus. So I fully eradicated bride right by a little bit right little bit. Rania now aren't we announce our sweet spot yet speed,
you know I was nominated as a producer on Christians, digital series, mom splaining regulation. Thank you for a daytime creative arts Emmy and the words were Friday. As we savages and you know we lost to a story of Adobe oils her and it was just like yeah we're all. Isn't it yeah yeah aren't we are you now oh you're, saying yes literally and don't affordably our allies in the battle to be. Let's try what an experience that tell me you got a beautiful outfit. I saw a picture of you. I looked beautiful. Thank you. How I was kind of dread I'll, be honest about that. I was really dreading at because didn't know what it was. Gonna be a Christian
go, so I was going not by myself and I was meeting people from the human Ellen Ellen Degenerous and her team produce modulating. So I was going with them and I dont know them very well. I know them. We work on the show, but not very well. So I was kind of I don't know anybody supreme feeling all revealing awkward and lonely and now early knowing how to handle it, and I also you know a part of me I felt like I don't deserve this like I'm not on that team were just stepping and the team here there. When you shoe, I now unsure. How do I know annoyed, so no I'm doing a lot for the show, but not now, back in. There grew whereas coming in for this one thing in leaving, so I just feel like people must think that I'm just hopping I and two Chris
but I'm not doing anything at all. Really. I have searched our shared, but I just wanna be specific about it, who who was thinking that general people at the Mps or the actual three people, your meaning for melons tee? I mean really just like the Ellen team, I'm ok yeah. I did. I did vocalize that to a couple people, and so it was that that was squashed and it was really nice, but anyway I mean an early and it's so fine, everyone, the Basle heard pulled down. There is a bad sign. I mean I knew that, but it is still one you dont know people in every one else knows each other super. Well, you feel like the outsider, yeah, but they're, so nice and inclusive there. It was really fun, but what I really fell, because I don't even think about the fact that there was an award involved until the morning of- and I was like, oh yeah, we could have Mps and this evening ass, I was excited from the get for you, a ban.
I wanna do spirit took over. Yes, I really muscle mass. Nonetheless muslim ass kicked in. I hadn't thought that would once Ali was folks. I was a silly outfit and figuring out that day, but then once it click those really, why saying? Oh yeah in you are sitting there in waiting there. There was a lot of anticipation, kind of building and we all sort of really will slip only early, hopefully winning lamb and though we didn't write road and which was a let down. It is a bummer. By what I really know did was every time there was an award for Ellen steam. There was a lot of awards. Then there are, I was not made for one for mom spending, but they had like islands, riding team fur general riding exactly sir, like fifty people from our way, and so every time
Ellen Award would come up. You know the whole group would sharing its super excited and it was such a fine feeling to be part of a group. That's excited about something and on the same team with a singular goal and excited for people on their tea. Here, as I like, my god, this is just what it's about this community and those my take away. That's great! You know, I think I don't think I could have ever been truly to successful at any endeavour. I don't have that spirit You have a winners, competitors, spirit and that's why you got your state championship trophy. I know as a ring, but I just don't feel like I have that gear so much and I wonder if its cause, I was just
I competed with someone five years older than me, yeah most of my life that just first place was not an option. I can even like let myself even fantasize about winning that's interesting. And worth just to be clear because you are winning your way and my aim of LA yeah yeah you're better at this, like specific, a war and stuff I yea area so have you have you ever won? Something like that ever know? I've come and second many times racing, but while I'm raising I'm not trying to win the re right, I'm trying to drive all twenty three tonnes per. You have your own Mama, John irony and then sometimes it's resulted in maybe on the podium, but I imagine the people that we are trying to win the early yet their training for it
yeah yeah yeah, but I feel like once you have once one thing you do do you a real feeling: the real high visceral yeah. So that's what it is, but you know my being in high school was was on a team yeah and then this thing was steam. It just reminded me of that of this appeal for every person has the same goal. The end once at the best for everyone on the team, it's so specific in special yes, yes, I don't know if I was like doing alone spoke, lots like something by myself. I might not have that either. We like, I plead boss, long junior high on a team- and I were I sincerely dont remember ever during our yacht. Elden can I know I did it.
Everyone is like that we you'd be in the hot arms and will be making a speech is down, and I just like I enjoyed plain. I wonder played the best I could, but I just couldn't, by into the excitement over winning or not. This is very this a very strange because you are very competitive. You're incredibly competitive again aims yeah yeah yeah. I want to do the best here, which means winning yeah. It's another way of saying when I, because the best is the person that where's the you spoke to the basketball thing. Is it always felt very unobtainable that we'd win it just we're not gonna win and then occasionally we may now and then without defence mechanism, because you rupture. I have no idea the psychology by now, but I definitely no. I was never like can't win even and I would play basketball. Nate took Kenai played a ton of one or more
basketball, weary, younger and monies, and I was better than him and collectors objectively. I was heavier stronger and I in a game or want to one where you're not run and plays in your not playing a role in smug, mostly muscle I was better, but this mother fucker key as no quit in him and I would be shocked or the Abbe up by like ninety two, I get lazy and I like eyes. I even results scorn to one on me. Still gonna win multiple times. He won a high because I just didn't I dont have. Would he have? Has this incredible tenacity I admire now. This is maybe not something you're gonna wanna hear, but that's part of it like you're, not better than him. If he's whinnying, like maybe by technical standards, you're more technically proficient, but he you're not better than him. If he's winning wars
whose winning is better, is better right or totally greed and the ingredients that make that person better as long as their physical right. One of those are like their physical ability in another thing is mental totally, unlike his image part. Yes in that's that's what I'm saying my physical Billy game was better than his and he never stop caring, and so yes yet much heed of superior mental game, and I did- and it resulted in victory quite often yeah that spirit and somebody now have it now. Your desk, I just know you you're a competitive position. You are, I know that you're so yeah, you know there's there Yes, I agree with you. It's kind of a paradox uncompetitive and yet I know everything I can win nor, but you do at certain thing is that lie yeah yeah and other games like you? Do you're right, it's not fair to say I'm a competitive and be more. I could you say something, I'm not
that in some I am in a weird, I think, you're competitive things where your fully and control you're not fully. Concur. On a team, so maybe you feel like well. I so much I can do here so who cares? That's a great fury, yeah yeah movement, faith in anyone? It might be that why judges a areas- arrogance, don't trust there are, I don't believe in like it if it requires all of us to be doing a hot, having a hundred percentages path, although in the one in one basket boy, I got lazy here So you got tired or yeah. That's true. I just think there's something really wonderful about being on a team where you do expect everyone to
to rise to the occasion euro you're assuming they will. You have trust in those people also because they proved themselves to do that. You now and even on team, like this Ellen team, like everyone's doing their own thing, but at that the highest proficiency, so that you hope that this all comes together and like its exciting I've been, I just figured it out. I never got optimistic and those basketball game because it's the same thing about me having the attribution error syndrome. So when for someone cuts me off, I just assume there a fucking entitled asshole, because I'm and entitled ass- or I am, I think I knew I wasn't gonna- give a hundred percent in the basketball game. So I assume any one else was gonna say. I think I knew I think I knew I was away. You see. Maybe an idea assume will probably no one else is too.
Maybe I mean yeah that because I have the opposite that thing in life like I expect- and I do think maybe it's from this being on teams, where I expect every one to be a hundred per cent Ryan, no one to be slacking if they are get really pissed. I like really have high expectations of everyone around me at all times. You able that's why that's interesting, yeah man anyhow so Alien Mohammed is the atomic number of technician. Forty three. Yes, he was really good at that yeah! Ok, you said the President a mexican ten years ago. Was President Fox, and you said his first name was of a sand tat. I dont know if you were just made up all of Them- but his name was fully called IRAN caught IRAN overcome another different. What there was a prison, Fox, ok, but clearly, not ten years ago and is firstly may or may not have been Vince irony,
the Dublin others, a President Fox from Mexico, while he wasn't the president ten years now spoke want you know times moving so much quicker than I ever give credit for, probably like twenty years ago, when I think it was ten years ago, the Sunday foxes right for when too listen to two thousand six. Ok! I was thirteen years ago. Ok, I love you. That's a great job lottery to go over. We had a very fact base gas, yeah, so good job, I've gotten all those eyes thank ye across and all those teeth teeth own own case all over Iraq, all correct here tonight. I love you. I love you.
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