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Dave Asprey is an entrepreneur and author. He founded Bulletproof 360, Inc., and Bulletproof Nutrition Inc. He has also written multiple books. Dave sits down in the attic to discuss his transition from tech to nutrition, his experience working through PTSD he developed at birth and his journey to lose weight. Dave talks about the benefits of delayed ejaculation and Dax wonders what the evolutionary purpose is for death. The two talk about embracing placebo, the impact of gratitude and Monica and Dax take a field trip on the fact check.

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Well come welcome. Welcome to armchair expert experts on expert O'M, your friend DAK eppered, am joined by your girl friend, Monica bad man's eh and we are wherea We are unseid of Blesshis Messin, my traa or leter it today we have a gentleman by the name of Dave Spree he's an American onto Pernur, an author and a bio hacker founded bullet prove. Three. Sixty Eanbol proved nutrition necreated one of the world's first working cloud computers most. If Y Felag have tried bullet proof Fisavell? No m! Yes! So you know this is another expert that has strong opinions on what we should eat and not eat. And so, if you would like to read something Davis written, he wrote up grated chef, the bulleprooved diet, headstrong and game. angers, his new book superhumand, the bolt proved planned age backward and maybe even live forever is out October. Eighth sople, Njoy Dave Aspiry we are
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It is premering September twenty fourth Tuesday. It's the break out hit that's back for season, two on a b c and it's on eight thirty Pacific, seven, thirty central, of course the Beautiful lake bellas in this show Lenin Porum a Dave, Keckner EDD, Bagley Junior PAM Greer. That list a just wants to what a deep bench. Ah, it's so funny and as many of you know, who watch it its basically ah lake- and I we moved from New York City in a brask of her simpler life, an Edza, it's much more complicated for us, you know, or the bumbling city folks, in this really cute town of Buck, Nort so bless as mess. Premiers Tuesday
September, twenty fourth right after the conners on a b c, so check it out, because this comedy will make you as happy as a pig in s h eye. You think you're going to lush he's no churnce! Oh, is so so Pess a someone who studied anthropology, but is now sober, but my one of my great regrets is that I never went down and just chewed Cokaleaf, like my professor's dick. As now I'm a little ion a high hillabout meet Chew, IND Coak a leaf. What d you think even he fell into, sponsor and tell me at as having chewed it? You know it is not Geni get Johih an at all, but you Coul drink Monte de Coca, which is they took, leaves Tand make a tea out of them, ai, I don't think and init. I know lot about the roots of addiction self, like that, I don't think by olchemically it's going to push that button, a
but who knows why Ere Arthos Kan, say tat ha taught my wife GIP she's, a drugon nal call a dixne emergency medicine specialists from the Carolis constitutes she would know. Ah HAI, I I count I feel like yi agoholican. Can you have in four drops of vanilla, extract in your coffee? twenty four drops is probably not going to trigger you, but if you drink, the bottle of vanilla extract is going to trigger you I feel I get's there, but what hell knows well, one time I was I was like out somewhere and I was drinking in old duels and I ran into a dude for MA. Hang es likeom you drinkin near bear and a might gown muslike. TE say when you're near beer You'R near Beer and iwas like o K. Let me tell you why this isn't beer AUS, I don't by Coken. After three lying there. That way, you know me whatever definition you ve grafted, but for me I don't know, I've never bought cocaine after drinking through your dual. So that's my bar for whether string ain or not. I I I love it and you you know yourself well and wherdo. You live then go risland on a small folle. You do.
you're. Not canadian, though, are you you're? Not what what brought you up to Vancouver? Tell my wife's medical license going to work up there. So I've been there for ten years we have a new pigs and sheep and kids in school, and and it's no straight flight down West Coast, and I can I can live on the ocean for one per cent of the costom. I Yan I took a cruise out of there or in an and I believe I passed it and it looked very idyllic, Ain utopian and I've got bobly my Beck yard, a Wau and on the farmight like looking out over saltsping, island and forest and it idsize a Delegasi gets in our new place is on a hundred fo granite, cliff on a Blofflike on a point overlooking the ocean bot wiout from the air poor Timans from downtown an ten minuts from the crewship Terminallh Prill went through and in sight it's pretty tastly
Youa citizen there now I've Greencard, you've, a green card and um what happens with medical stuff are aiens all free at the nochts. You can go to the doctor, get when I first moved up there. I Acagapnaeumonia CAS O the Rentala. We had to had talks in malt Gising Nemonia and I went to Ospitalla They did all whatever they were going to do, and this is maybe a ten yearago and as SAR. What I pay Nillin, a You can't even pain at the hospital like witing have a credit, hard machine and Lidery. It was five boxs for a medication at the pharmacy and I could not Bae I tried a LA ins, Fretty heavily it's of em before I'm sick right, but if it's yeui have as Worth goin on like Thou'Ll, be nine months. Raght Ega frizets, but it it's not perfect, but I tell yous better than her rim, ere, that seems to be the thing people are get scared of right- is that the lane some Kine O very hyperspecific type of procedure that thou weight. Lest you fro thingsy
go over the border and the way it Isn' new es. Now, if you go through in Trunc company, is three andr thouse dollars, Nintjust PIG, I cash is twenty Thouse mollars. So the same thing right. I am right now you got your star in computers, Now that's really where you started yet. So I was the first go to sell anything over the internet like before. There was a commerce the other's incredible, and also did you. You are a professor Yat. You sees in a crue, wasn't a full fledged professor Bouffeur Five years I ran the webon in her engine Hrooks. I taught working engineers how to build the inner nat Alalezos Prett Degichia in that turned out to be the first cloud computing system had company unction he had launched the first shipping clock, Apin Dells, my product Ave, the poster Homstill no knows what it means. Wy do you know how im DAS, an just as managed. Why posting his canaboring boot to me? It's like I did something that mattered. Ye Where did you grow up? I go New Mexico, but you dead, in Albaquerque, I have really an. In a breaking bad, where they bid Goo Pupe in the Red Manyvan also disappear that
structure as to ride my mounta, like of that when I was ly twelve oh a lavanjer mom and dad do that had them in national laboratories. Alkai almost nathal louves are my grandparents not worked. Was my fellow got out there and in the second year national ebbs so other innocent, where they tested all the nuclear bombs and what s power. It's been more about power and bombs. Oh, it has almost came from the bombs. My grandmother was a nuclear engineer. In short, on power productions of like the oh, no Kenya is that that's rare very probably for your grandmother yet phism of sixties. Yet an sixes yes, TAT, that wasn't a Youm, a profession held by a ton of women was ther its kava a bit of a sideway story, but she is so tired because the women didn't get in generan degrees and she loved math, and so she did her whole poral thesis and she typed it up at by the time she could finish.
Like seven kids subut at time. She finished it all of her advisers and move own other schools than new visor like o were sorry MM. I'm we don't like you, sir. She did it twice and both times by Thim Sheu turn in ver on chance and she's Likscruge, as only might agree, and his secretary fou in a drawer and retyped her theses for her and submitted it and licked tears later she gets a funk all yeurprove. So after she gave up, she got her degree Eact to go and then she then works. He was already working much as he already oi was seven kits. She was crazy. Good, knowing in a good way, she' still light humming his Zea eyes of two, I am too inmense already quite overwhelming at times dry. I I didn't. I didn't know you would do I just I would hide the basement. It would hit critical mass, in my opinion, around four and you just have to surrender to let you have to go like well, I'm not going to be very present for some of these YE at a certain point at a certain point in night. I love me Kazi, I like it. I can't imagine eming a couple more anmhires elders, ah fourn, six suck.
So, where Visibor you as ten in twelve ten, an twelve ah a junior high. No, all that exciting, stop at's, pretty thut! Imagine it's kinder in Canada, Myke Zat a fantasy. You know it is I I cannot compare New Mexico in I, the sevenies and eighdies, but I ows as in more than my fair shareiff. His fights a was yet the super tall superfat kid without social skills, aha, usually gets yous up to ha and but Esight and I hated all that stuff. I don't think Canadas like that, and yet there is is a culture like that. I mean there. There are certain things, a youve, no use you say. Oh I can night, I think, people to be loud. Gay at least Ing Ne Maxelike B. I want to kick your aft an ito. I CAS id sows. I people she will do what they want. I thought Givin Yoff how Thike freedom is Dof, and but I'm also, I just dinally Carac as I was, the bigger and I'm you obviously did the the household you gro up in the valued stem. Oh ye em dad was an Iti gua paha. So wherd you go to college, a
We axcepts and common oly. There ha a c Santa Barbarai was there in the midnight he saw his fo clothes. I didn'. Ses Inlyogrin savara- yes, yes, yes, ah YO was at Santa Barbara City College, but you and in party by veingly, howlwing teachers, Stoon yer, didn't you never owned, one, your hollowing tea shirts, but that's only because I was Alwayso broken Ed by any tea shirts, really wit hat what so, he in college train these teacher Tue seen him it's the molecule for Cafine, a MI AK, rightly you go Ye Catfhine, my drug of choice, Tous, the Firsty Comers product ever sold over the inner mant, but I'll sell the Callwing Party Teacherd said Useus, be Agas of Rennin Stampian Cabinand Hobses of like that f, he saw I I would stare, I'm I gratoinighe school. I had no intention o going to college. I had read on the road and I was gin a live in my car and my lest friend, and I just lived in the carpersix months, but a good chunk of that time was in ilavista. In at NTY, three call of nay on ninety three- and I was like wait a minute- I live behind Freebirds
you did or have had a couple hundred of those britos ha ha, but yet our first night in Ilivista was going to a party on the cliff overlooking the ocean and the kids had a keg of Samuel Adams, and I thought this can't illy be all happening. Peepe his students don't live on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean, they don't drink them, Adams. You know they don't try B, M Ws there they were it was. It was a real culture shock for me bows other side of town where we had a two people per bedroom, an the falling down things and we drank shlits when we could afford it. I find did get to go to the oceanside and drink their beers on Ta E. A Ye ye in natural light was a big precis for Us Sella in the bagalow. Cafe. Did you knowi all so good and nhow a was the other bereda play. I preferred the one the dollar brative LAT was like on the north side of alavista Vista to all burdles that AE.
and the obers. I hear that place he again. First time I hever he a California like two Poum Berido and Vidiant men, ATAS Michigan. Ah Anhe was as fantastic, so While you were there. Did you major in computer science, for I did Ede and then you immediately did you go to Grige school? I actually failed compure science, because my brain was jacked and I was fat and I kept having these surgeries and lread that a Ograhaa a Actua was at euseas, be when I wait hit three Undrer pounds: o gai, an Outollery six four us I'm I'm about to IL five renowned, timbers and body fat. So as but ninety five pounds more fat than I'm carrying to day o k, it was great er, how usye SA's than I have for a meaning, a lover, a shiship, it I'll say it's compounded by Useas Bee, which is like a beech school and every one is INA Phenamna shape like when I went there. I was like only got every one here looks Ike, Ter N of fitness. Con
yeah Y Gerse, there's a beach. I'm not take my sure that so Yeh very Intimidaty, but you but failed out of there and then how did you find your way into employment? In that realm? I got it Degre in a I dint. Technically quiet fell out, but I felt out my major it so I ented a going to Calforniya state in getting his green information systems. My hole deals. I commercince his borings. All Holw is the Techtnal equivalent of master babe. I collets think about this incredible problem in that the Primesel RO, nothing productive happened at the end of yor two year. Like whacking off thing, and I mill chose at too theoretical. Not now was tee. The Recomic Azs cu e Lin Bout. The anek is, I just sold the teachers to fourteen countries over the Innernet and we have no classes on networking internet on anything useful and the professor's lachon at, and so I went to school and I got into green Happnese a computer to actually o problem that we faced to day Wha him business and her life and it turns out my
Tration, was in Artifici intelligence called decisions for systems. So I at an early degree in na takansta, and I can't imagine that that that the curriculum then even re romollie, where it is to day Ryht Aminawas an the Iviesan Foundation was Ays S, Empsty Vect, they told us, gave do not allow to Fich intelligence CAS ever will make fun of you cause. It's never been happen and bet, because they'rse so wrong. It is goong to habit. I have got machine learning and ay aye, but because I've spent twenty years in tact like Thozer, and that I does are my people- that's how I think in the hole, a Vio hacking, this new word in english language, it's just the same kind. Can, we did to make the internet pointed at our body cause. The decisions made in your body are very similar to have distributed systems on the in hour in Ther binary their honor off. They release something they don't release some it e's not but being binary. I'm it's about being a whole bunch of tiny decisions made all over
that you can't possibly know all alike the centralize and of the real sighe every oat of full size mouth, the nine days to become useful, Massy can't ever know everything? So no, how does your body k What to do when individual decisions are being made inside the cells in your wrist like how they know to do it, has my brain Nanor Whur, there is a whole system, but it's it's made of tiny decisions made all over the place that coalesce and do oh there's. My ego rides there's my sire to have such of Ther person. There's why I'd have to say us to the cookie and with coming from a conscious thing in your brain is coming from distributed stuff everywhere near and even now, by the tens. One hears this pod cast like this in broken into billions pieces and spread all over in the hone that we now with that WAN a decision was made here that no one knows how or Wie was made yet at work, samething happening in yourselves, and so that's how I can write like Superme. I can write the books AE right cause. I think, like a compure, accer, o Kai, let's Inge, towards that so
a evers. You you do well, I imagine financially in all these different endeavors you've, the Oute Ompanisat, you lacanidita. When I's twenty six, I made six milliyn dollars oh Cadad Iam, not exully more than I am as even a nowised twenty century side cause of the company that held Gouggle's first service, and I was a cofounder of the Partlor accompany owkai on the professional service. Then we did a hundred mine a quarter. I call Hise big visitings to I lost Su Ust Twen Well, here, as is what I want to say, is tho, I call for tears, but it will get in all the fun science stuff, but a e ye give someone who didn't Fer Lickewy Bet get laid often, and then you give six million dollars at twenty six. Would he do with that money. e sn't wit. Last she started you look at your body. Ah Everet's company made mormer than they should have, and you say I'll be happy when I have ten Ln dollars. Yes get. I did. Ah I little said those words like the big
that's whale words of my life YE and on one head. I knew im MIKE I'm set for life. I'm Nigugide Pge D in Psychopharmicology was my plan I'll go to he thing out here for two more years but ii like making soft change and insiht. Might I kept getting like big er vigger jobs in the company, and I was it- was a legal from his solostocke because I was arges of like looking every acquisition another company saw was always inside information. The aties watch my wealth ca have so I got to you, had basically six million dollars with a stock and one Billy in the near Imnot, a very common eccurrent, carrys, Illsebor n. I literally could have thought I could have just just said. I am done, but it was an ethical legal, general Council whatever I fall. I took the high road, I didn't sell the stock because I knew things about the company, the Oen public a ah and it cost me. You years of working and dah, I did get a W an a down paimen on Mhy House out of Thot end of the day, o ca will then unterrible as his wore things so e
said you, you want to go, get a doctor degree in Pharmicology, so my sumption then is during this period, even though you're probably experiencing some element of control over your life, because you have the skill set in its bearing fruit, the some rewards happening, but I'm an assuming you're? Not you don't have an accompanying a self of peace or contentment. Happiness that you has told yourself you would here have if you had those things I ways hows miserable. When I was in a bad relationship for years, I was highly anxious, knowicause youre anxious you proud on nearing just case. That is how it's always been and I fana'z thirtyum. I can know a I jistlike at this long failed relationship. Just made and lost all this money like I'm completely miserable. I don't know what else to do if kind of a note I'm too wide at the time s a rock bottom, but now I MIKE O Dei se both my legs I was in AR rack by it is a ho's level
I make ase who are in ten thousand ded horse. That ever was who are happier and more peaceful tan lam, sir I I fell yeah a we call it a high bottom, the other, but but the pieces you are miserable that you are now open to change that. Otherwise or not you knailed it ig. I deftly got there, and, but I finally was I don't to do in a frins Zic YI should go to this imperceled of Omor tree thing, Micalicoming engineer. I It takes more drugs. I do know about food, I already lost. You know fifty of these pounds it. I think I've got control. Ants friends like unremitted, hey what they do their cause. Your hate, your head over to judge it, but just go in his eyes. I I'm so miserable I'm just gonna go and it was transposal. Psychology based this I've enevied, the Father that fields Stangrop as it ninety four years old. This Sigy, who gave three thousand people ELL as D in Checkles, do vakia. Oh when it was legal and use that, like a furdiance, I caulht us going. This fordianstaff doesn't work. This drug does work and hears what it's do
there like out if you're piteous, even when you're born that 's the biggest bunchy hippy bultshod thar can I get let it show you. Ay. They had me like a like a butterfly pinned tomne of his waxs, ris, an I coll. He sho'd like that. They know all my deep Ard secrets and the shouldn't AAS. I was a at the cuortraut on my neckon, born Iles. I came into the world wired at Ats unconscious level to be like, so was trying to kill me heserves. I arenot ging to connect you imen, just protect myself was a those fie flits. When I was a Gatadragt ND. Why do I look at no most to hell me thik? I can a handle us all by myself, so I was not connecting people for the first thirty years in my life cause I came into the world thinkin somewas tranu, Cally yea. I got over that MA life as la better. Isn't it fastening that makes me think immediately of the Vanity fair article I read. I did not read the book, the big short, but then I saw the movie but at any rate the guy who predicted the sub prime mortgage crisis and got all the credit default swaps purchased by all these huge places that should have known better. He you finally story.
his son was having proms in school. They said we think he's artistic No he's not well here's the questioner. You tell me what how many he answers. Yes to. He reads the question: He himself goes holy FOC Iam Sering yes to ninety percent and he goes backwards in time and says. Oh my as he had a glass on him. So his whole narrative was o this glass ize, keeping me from connecting the people and Nhat's everything and then finding out Oh no, I think I'm on the spectrum, it wasn't the glass IY. Similarly, I imagine you go ol. I was overweight as a kid that explains social awkwardness, Someas on the spectrum too. Ah, can't Holk Iklick grow that Piage d other engineering. Then he ased that kind of OAS, good yeah and over kids and me on that same survey from Vanity Fair, like forty five out of fifty Reals n I absolutly ite until I until I learned Soc as as I turn my brain on biologically and I did she's four months of Neurophy Baccase I own
run and Neurophy Back brain Ot great facility, a I wouldn't mee thy contact. I I didn't know how to DISE of these are learned skills and like repaired biology, Ariah Houseful, an Aspergers son that right now Reson and your friends with Gundrye. So- and I are aware of it- we love loved the Skyard tople. You know that there's a lot of gone on about health in there be Haon very Specisitac TON, my Bookturia that Terri that CA kits botism have but the the nation I heard prior to that which to me how the lot of water I have not read a study but prior to the computer revolution, you had all these people who would have normally not entered the world. This is still a true right, so now you of all these people that there was no job for them prior to computers but another entering the workforce. That's what people meeting have kids, so you would generally like this was an ex explanation for the x otion aboutismuses. Now you have like two working together in the two and the to get together an the Appikid notikants AF four. If en that just wasn't happening for those people, warn't commingling
so I am Ont ofit. Some combination of all these things are even maybe be original. Originaltism was good. Health related something GI, Ove a opinion on that without us getting killed. I had TT five million dollars. I I started Anon prophet that I couldn't fund cause. I didn't as I cindose for Artis reserves, particular adults as I mnt this really affected my life and as a commony godthess explains so much yeah. It was really into this in, like the late 90s and I've spoken at autism, one at the conference and then looked at the the biology of it and there isn't one thing: it is theirs chronic nerrow inflammation, that's usually automen in other its. Your body for some reason starts a mess with your brain and the in result of that would caused Ith could have been a lumino me. Could Ben Mercury Toxig mould as a big contributor a it can be nutricial an tising, Le Harmonial balances, sometimes Ath trauma, but here's a weird thing: when people run marathons the type of got bacteria, they have changes,
when their training or during the Maryland, their training. Al Kaho wait. Wish you'd train more. Your got back, tor a change to make you better at Maritha wit, the helv right. So did the bacteria cosmirth, know the Bett, so it's all chicken in the young, yes Aunt YE, you would have to prove that these got Bactoryad Cause Artism and they probably do they certainly tied to old, himers and Parkinson's, and all of the Plackiner arteries comes from your got bactory and not from what you eat- and this is now proven in in two studies like the Catro's lotest of Weast, to believe on its head. I wouldn't want to say that these things cause it, but there is no urgent netteke mark, or at least that were aware there isn't a single one right. You can say people who of smuggled HIV are twenty apes and the population. There are more sensitive to toxic hold their more sensitive to line disease. They can return as well and there are likely to get out. So if your two parents, er or attisarotism related sort of things- and they have you you're in a Hiro genetic risk as hecanics re
very well and then you end up with some trama wher. He that, with you lived in a basement like I did ass a kid we'll talk, some more that contributes may be seen all these other things, and then I go there. You go, you got it yeah, we'll nets. I think where a lot of these folks get into trouble is, is you're almost required, Claire a camp that year n, whether it's nature nor tur environment or genetics, which seems obvious to me, as of course it combination of all these things, not unlike culture and our biology, is a combination of what we are as a species and all these things. But there seems to be inclination to plan a flag, and we found the g Margaret to say that it's one thing or another in we are infamously terrible creatures as study Righke, as we have so many layers going on. Besides our geaneta, it's not just osrannite. It's a scientific heepers, an Thook us at every mouse study. You've ever seen do if a man, woman, feeding the mice from no well
deal- might change their behaviour when a woman feeds them verse as a mannd, the ongly controlled for all variables. I Bell shake you Diad. You did not record the gender and age of your labissistant anuals it in record weather. They were wearing Colonno, not because that also affected the mouse we are not controlling for all the verbals when even know wit, Verbls Matter yet Fri. I, the huge amount of science, are o masturbation Yeug an feels good, look, look, but nothing happened at the end. That was productive yeare. They often just really confirm got intuition. We had all along a it's. Like all compromey, we ruther mow and I do think they's done sub consciously Ider think they are trying to manipulate enough, but I just think you may you find what you're looking for people want answers for thanks, so Yor Guno try to find one in r yea young you're, the real massive like things are on uncovered, is in clinical trial. What that means? Is you go to the doctor and he's like I've here for forty years and I, treating the same thing- and I noticed these patterns- and they have
for time and if I use this, it works and if I don't use this, it works and the greatest breakthroughs that I've. Recovery am, I showed the stuff I write about. My books are largely from people who just treated ten thousand people and noticed it, and then they say it will there's a study from my sir study in a lab says that can happen and like bullshit it cannot. I treat people and, if I do this, think it well, I does it tok you wel, so don't show me your stupid study. Young Turk, the on into my office and I'll, show you a paging it better ya. That's what's been missing is Alle ing from academia of the actual doctors on the street or heelers moves the people who saved my life that wants to turn my brainbacko well, I had the pers, perience of trying every single western option for saretcarthritis and arthritis. In my wife forced me to go to Araveda cleans cleanse, I did it. Lumboe my body felt better Cruthu man. I left going again no disrespect to the aravaic community. I was like
I know that they know why what they're saying is working, but they have been studying people for ten thousand years in keeping records and theyh've seen some patterns, and they figured some shit out now, whether they know by what's happening, kind of irrelevant to me cause I feel better, but Iam very much caught between pseudoscience scares me eastern stuff often scares me. I hear a lot of people in my circle talking about they had a blood pan on they figured this out of enemy. I don't really think we can watch your food interact. The way you Is blood panelist is saying that they observed, so I think it's sometimes. I guess I feel better about it. If everyone is own. Thout. Well is a mystery, but this is working. Is I make any sense? It makes great sense, and the truth of the matter is that until we G Adams and line them up and make a life even just a single cell life, inin you're completely fooling ourselves that we know. What's
there? We can now take an embryo and pull the guts out and put another one, and we don't have to make that first spark happen. So what's up with that, he had so all the stories we tell ourselves realism of the lady who discovered the endorphin cuptors in the brain answer. This amazing bunklers is Kandas pert, as called a molecules of emotion and she died before Gatn Interviewr, which is one of my my regrets. She, was an in age, researcher and Jis kind of his this tough lady over the course of her career. An outobagrasy describes how she caneas softened and towards the end they discover the Opiu receptors like how it actually works, like like her work, led to what we know about a diction to day and h, and she said right if Faning Wat, Esselyn and I I met these chammonds and I tried to explain to them about opia receptors. Now these amazing narrow chemicals move round in the brain and they started laughing and ego was the ask. The translator and th Cham looked to Uther Shamand. He said they actually think all the things exist MAS, other Nimes IC, like we see, I knows, Pogiga
moving back and forth. It doesn't matter what you call them or what you put this amazing scientific framework at a western fince works cause. We can make cool dro the target resceppers, we know more and it's like the best time ever to live. Two hundred Ren eighty put Do we really know the mechanism or do we think we know the mechism? Well, I'm not sure. Yet. I remember like getting lots of blood work done for the arthwrightes Inninga. Oh, you know: Yo Need Vitiminde, you need by him in Dee it lack of of indee. There was his inflammation and then I heard someone on Howard Stern, his doctor, the doctor goes now. They have it completely backwards. When you have inflormation takes all your vightemitie, so doesn't matter how much you took if it's actually the sign that you have inflammation, it's not the cause of the inflammation. It's the down river result of inflammation and my will fuck everything I don't know which one's tron and it is an endlessly. nning really but cause allies so that
that you talk about a lot right. I tulk about a lot and an also you are the old Min Guinya pig I'd Earthwrite, his Dignos AMOS fourteen emines. I, like all the diseases of aging before I was twenty seven and it was just a paintiny us- and I said you know Ithit's Seff supposed to work, it says, joins as good cosemin and in a what it actually worked. It's a great. I perform this amazing scientific thing I amine a hypothesis and I tested it and I observe the results and we are not taking it out worse when Sardigna got better, therefore its helping wry right, IND like that's, for we can all do it's not that hard to do and will that I guess I got to the point where is like: why not be o? What's it cost you to try these things I ihave done so much stupid shed, be This has no right to it, but I have done multi data on training. I've been to Tibet to learn meditation from the masters after all kinds of crazy.
Nhe's energy, medicine, Akee, puncture and I've tried boiled bags of herbs on Isinouet. The product udn't kill me, and it might be interesting. This nerophy back thing a gui left, my body, I've agrit, my brain that the angry Dick had voiced in my head is gone H. Aruffeles are lower. I can do more like it. It's been worth it, but hive also done some stupids. Othin Andt do anything but I'ma came with at and if you had the experience a we both can acknowledge that we are terrible servers of ourselves. First and foremost, setting all of us are pretty bad at that. But if you had the experience where he try, something it works, have you ever thought Jews up? Oh, that was possible. I bought into placebo, which I just want to point ow Bu doctor told me. Plusibo is as real as the real medicine. I am. It has the eard on the outcome and has the outcome, so it's Cin of Irrelaed, but if you ever found yourself going, oh, I think that one the Possibo category. Every year
turn the Biohacking conference is going to seventh year and last year I had to Robbie Richmond to a friend of mine whose it was on stage. He sells the x belt. It is a purple pill that says placebo on the bottle. Enide as you take it and he put a little glass fancy. Looking anpuel thing and you write ELL talking on there, what you wanted to be a hunnan oderset? Your intention and the YU swallow the pill, and you know what he's got: Clenical thralles that show that ship works. Aha ha, that is the usefulness of Phesiba Schars, a sure, I do- an ELT. I ran out the vast majority of Homy balics off I've tried. I really can't tell that it's doing it an Rive Ats Kenawork. I like I took that glooser me Ar Whated Glvos Ma Iya. I don'thing ever felt anything Becaus, Mi Attela, I was of that mines are too and I found a goop coastal mean each seal. The form really mattered because the normal good cousins, it doesn't do anything as far as I can tell o Amight for other people and for me that was the important varuable ea a and also I had pretty darncs of your knee pain en when you're fourteen you trabliy Socker and all.
really noticed that it is o Yeh Packin, my calie life, it s so by too absoluty things. I've also, as I will still try some Homy Aby the remedies from people poor masters of their field and have had profound results of patience and know their ship you know Wha. Those people are and if they say try these little drops. I charged them myself using the power of moon Beavers way. Two mile. I not say this for for years, getto, the worst so happeners will take some drops of water and I've had a few times where I don't think I's pulsy books. I did not expect that to have in my Coly crab Arah. So how can I knows I can't RI, use the camward very often at Te Weasel word but I'll Tinl Yho. I am not going to know and it's o k right. I know people a. I think General people need to be a little more comfortable, not knowing stuff HEU. Almost never doou, just think You'R know ND. You feel safe when you think you know, but you don't know, o
arrogant right right right and it yet people go like a I getn. That is been any more basing in debates with people by religion. Quite often in Bith ACE, hi oto. He had todaways the time Ath quite Olr to Bhe yell of the heticolitics on top on the relage and connect you O. Yes, se we are lotted in the arons. An Payway mumbers introduced that you know it do the conversations general would always get to AP. Point words like: will you think this all get? You think the Big Bang explains it to my understand the Big bang theory. I don't know that I believe the big bang there. I don't give a fugt. I don't need it's o with me that I don't know it doesit from require that. I insert some other thing. I don't know tit tu, yes, Andy that stay too for more armerwards if you dare we are supported by me panty. Ah, we are meundees me under be unvi Undes boy. They got the cutest pair.
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IND reliably that I sound my right toe plod too two, a Tuesday ad Merney man spin around four times and wink that I don't have I and Furthen I'm going to do it surn? I can tell Merself a sort o ecause, Our transmitters are spinning at the vibrational frequency of Avogadro's number and I'm a good pre who the f cares. It is, is not relevant. The bottom line is, it is repeatable and it works, and I will leave it from there and I'll sure that and in the scientist can going to figure out. Why and though, probably tell Tolozovs five or six versions Tory over next hundred years before they find tly hit, was actually probably right. Her now, that's a long time in I might be dead. My then I'm just Kan heap fin round on my tutor, whatever they get er after as long as it works, I want, the I want my body. Do they I want. I don't want the voice. May I do what I don't want to do. I don't act like s ol, I wan more ingergy than I'm supposed to have. I want to live longer, I'm supposed to ha, you do what it takes and without knowing why it took hay. Well now so here's Whor we get into a place, that's
tricky for me ethically, and I recognise the known its it's largely based on the fact that I come from of tradition, for the last fifteen years of being so sharing sobriety with other guise and there being just a little bit of hard fest rolls in that you are not allowed to tell somebody else what they need to do to be sober. All you can do is say your story is may resonate with someone they might want to replicate what you do. That's on them good for them. If they do it, so I think get a little triggered when I hear people who have discovered something for themselves, which is gray and I'm opened to believing them when they start prescribing it to the p, lation at large. There's a part of me that just bristles about that wanted to just tell your story. If people want to replicate it cool, but it's the kind of getting people on your team
part for me, is, is dicy. I see Ther your uses, discus you, the Gundry was a er, an I'll under a it ha a yet. I I was like Giajist quit dipping that week or not is sfill dipping in front of him. It was your last week on he he added so coun I wer hoe. You got ellou I' e, getting at these mother fuckers from new zeal in that Berlyhowda o they of em Aay. Parosco, o I EE ho. I us changement of anyways. He said you know. My friend Dave uses a spray and I went home in like trot and I found the Suprey works. I love it. You know what, though also a Lucy gum. Zero bads weeners, the only nicketing Gom without bad's weeners in it wet Uninrasws the name of a a twou Luci Dakhan. I actually brought like four cases of a debrerny man: Ta T Famn. I was theot all artificial sweeters ride, so Jesersbury and just of people is thing. Vaping will seriously make you old and screw you up, and it's just bad smokings, even worse, dipping
is lity better, but still really bad for you, but Orl Nicotine Lodos. I even rite about the book. Thes recominations for all simers get the Afteally Afters Thi's benefit, there's some pretty a believable Stu about a prolonging the onset of that and Parkinson little bit of nicotine. Now too much does something magic, the I'm probably doing too much I get it. I can own that your hair will followed if he did to me Oh really, he will kil there, r Alpia recked out his Wunchon Pathis it isn't. That is that a result of your blood pressure goes up when you're, the only downside of nicotine right is. It does elevate your blood pressure. So if you have, you have high blood pressure. I pretensions price for yet the only downside, there's like some micro, vascular things, low doses zone pure do but high doses seem to cause damage to your vascular system, much worse from smoking,
ybuts the Addher studies on e d and her loss at highdos. Even for Orl, O Casso Wi'Ll get a Bonner last night Shsh, I ight I LOS sewe up with Ether Stande far Hom raft y. They were Fonlyr am so I completely understand and relate to your personal journey. Because even heard Osis new talk- and you didn't explicitly- stayed it, but I was like oh, he must been on a fat freed diet, I was on a fat freedaiet from ninety five till like ninete. Josay leters is than wait. It ows horrible, the Ninhties Geah, but but what's weird- and this is what's Funny'S- I lost way hung of every diet. I lost wait on apkins. I've lost wait on Palio, so as
as I don't subscribe to the calorying celery up model. I don't think that's true. It is interesting. The most these dights do in up restricting calories on some levelecause, it's so fucking hard to eat on the diets themselves. So I just can look at my own story like yet all three worked. I don't think I I didn't feel as good fat, free Ther for sure, but upon the Boullevrarv Diet, my uye, let's Tust the thing out. I did between four and five thousand collars a day these Forty five hundred I was intentioally eating more than I wanted, as but extra buttern. My coffee I was taking digestive, make sure I absorbed the phallic. I was pushing hard and an a My sleep too, less than five hours a night is usually about four and sometimes less. I just had a new baby that was part of the plan like I'm not sleeping anyway. I might as well cut my sleep and a sevics for a month- I'm Goinove maint my body when you've moved the math shols? I should have gained you twenty pounds ago. Ug, the mouth is stupid, cause it is Kaljan. Kaljat is just wrong eh and in extra logaic. Could it become
nation could be. All I mean could be all things again. It's kind of like this is great drives declare one of them right or wrong in I'm sure may be some combination of both these things. Well, no, I will tell you categorically, no, it's not say, but kind. Collors won't sometimes wrinkle his way, but he hears why I would categorcally Eknow and it has to do with the ranching industry CAS with animals. For money, we control things and we did not have any rights. They don't have any b. Eto say what they want in the sixties. We might have done Tus on inmates and things like that. But there is a metric called feed efficiency in the ranching industry and one of the things that they've learned as they can take a purified
mold Tocsin called Zirallanon, which is a synthetic estrogen abo a thousand times more astraginic than our own asturgents. They make a little waxy pellets, Clledzir and alls with his elp for and they stick it in the ear of a cow who and after they do this, that cow will gain weight on thirty percentless colors. Oh, if its galleries and cowlers out the Zournal cannot existright. We broke that I'll, keep the only have Bu Hol on not hes Ntryin to make an argument that I ask could still be both, which is give them the Zerin or whatever the fuck. You said, and we increase the calories, and I'm sure even more gains now try, in which case it still part of the equation. I dunnot say the cowrs, don't matter how Conjes sang that calors thou make you fat, because if he can get fat on one third, less calories, Whm Nowers Oll make YO fat right. and some other variable is. It is someblething as if it's more than one variable,
is: aren't the only ariable but certainly ileries, kewl E's matter, ight right and as at the time, Youe really makes a difference. If you eat all of your at night verses during the day. You will gain Waight, but you won't gain during the day. That's my preference. By the way my mythyhat. Everyone's RI doesn't work. I added antiquate eating when the sun goes down, you'll lose way. It is pretty shocking and Sach an Panterfifg constitute like Yo Count Y show and eat I've written, but that in couple my books and is a Timehy matters, so even thay do cowers matter ye do kollers make I fat. I can tell you. I was militant when Ovwey Threet pounds, went on like serious one thousand eight hundred calories a day. I worked out an hour and a half every day for eighteen month, six days a week and a half ways have cardio. I kicked my ass Do you know much? I waited Theinto that three hundred pounds and I could mack that all the machines of the gym. I had some Mussle GE
traded though at least like Y twenty pounds of half im fly. Jonzimas, I'm sure I did Olcaholi was still fat and then my stoul forty six Incho West and I was Soseow a cad. Maybe it's a meeting too Manuty salves in the dressing sure and what it comes down to us. If you have talksins in your body, if from Aisn't working, you don't have tired her when it doesn't matter, then increasingly righe so think, there's like a microbion that is an obesity e, oh ya, ye in fact you can change it. That's a big part of the bulltr of coffee, Thingn, Ethe walke me through Bullproof coffee. I have had about my wife. By the way I read a Regoy page and there's just a Orient House paragraph that read to my wife in bed last night, and I just said I think, you're Dave can I just read it to you before it and he expects to live to age. One hundred as of two thousand nineteen Aspry said he has spent at least one million hacking hackings on biology, including having his own stem cells injected into him. Taking a hundred, upplements, following a strict diet, bathing in ham,
red light he's in hyperberic oxygen chamber, inspecial special lenses when flying now. My wife would check many boxes and she she'd like to check all the boxes like she's been trying me to get an infor edsana. She would. We would devily, have Hyber bear Enchamber. If we had enough room in Earty in or bedroom, I just thought his exit and my wife happens to just vearing about something that's working for somebody and she's, so open thet more than I amn, I blotter for it, but she of course brought home bullproofd, coffee and some of the ah than just to fatch you Atr Nices, the other Brean I cannow Deea. I said then I used it and I liked it nice. It turns out. I've actually been on a few shows about ediction and there's love a lot of times, part of the adiction biology. It is that, if your sells aren't getting enough energy there,
obackground anxiety, whom the bodies like the backgrond hunger, a noise, hunger, caving, Kullik, a buzzing, shurtire discomfort, and it I imagine that in addiction that it's amplified in in the of other things like I'd, not getting whatever that I'm addicted to no sexer hawcaller, whatever a here, but if he stuck it on to the my cells are like Mee some energy ore. Now I don't have in er. I don't know why and whether someing blocking or dee production, either foods or whatever else, but there's a lot of people were saying I started doing the stuff he gives my cells more energy, and I fell, has cravings not just for food, but for everything and reduction and cravings for me was really liberating as a fat guy. So it's yours is bulletproof coffee. Is it special coffee beans that don't have the jitter and crash that comes with a lot of coffee and it's because we purify the coffee differently when it's a green coffee bean and weed lab test for Mold Tox
thirty, four studies, Suppoor, I'm saying- and I discover this because I quit coffee for five years, because it made me Jitterind, cranky and Mame feel crappy, and then I found a way to Mae Coffee didn't do that. Instead of milk, milk sticks to the good stuff, the unoxens and coffee SOE, your body, cant use it. He put butter in their butter, is the same fat that a milk without thapproaching. causes the problem. The casein is a roansisin Pexactly, the case in sticks to Polyphinos Nen, Cantdes, Orv them, and then you had the spray Noctin oild brannoctd in oil as busily the ever clear of Coconooil. It's five per cent of the fat Foumin
it's much stronger than normal empty tea, while an empty jewels famous, because it will approve coffee but need gotta. Go that, Mr Martin, that you blended altogether typical latte you get. It call brutes for foods and targeting all over the place and you drink it. An ex something happens and you get the normal Mcafee from coffee. So it's not just that, but for most people cravings go down very dramatically and I would hope author size, based on a bunch of science and things like that, because that oil raises kittens as if you'd been fighting for a couple days or give a diet. Even if you had some sugar the night before you getting the benefits of the tests and you get there, what are those well if you're Kiehtan just pump up a little bit
two hormonds to change everything. One of them is called Gurellan, and this is the the hunger or man when your growl in levels are high, youre, craving and Yor Hungary, a very small Bombmocky Dones, turns off Grellin, so you're also I'm nangry, and there is a satity, the fullness Hor man called Cecy K and coming. Next. It is what tells you, in your fault, yeah, exactly and tat when you kittens bump just a little bit. You'd have to be like on the albanian diet or fasting for four days on taking from the brain octane oil gear kittens up to that point. Four eight, which is way less than interests AGA, tells us also the beggar. There was calling to your the cookie eat me again. If you just you thinking about in your meeting and it's distracting, you and you think, I'm going to hold off to lunch, and eventually we have to cook orbad person, AL that be a. Are you going to shamespire all yes eats some different feeling better in
was away and for me HO e has it like farther and pankite. I rewrite sat there in silk. Valluand, look in those stupid cookies. They bring it in the afternoon. Was er Y week Te and I come not kin O. Do it to day an an inthe day, hang ahead, so you're gently. You go on your own voyage. Ye Thid brought you to to bat woryou, that's where you first saw people putting and call fat butter in in drinks, they're right in that kind of sparked the idea, and then you come home and you start experimenting on your own. Or do you like immediately reach out to some kind of food engine or something like ta o experiment on my own, how kind I had been I' been looking at diet since the NIG ease and tried the zone and Atkins and Palioned, and got really deep in the research and looked at in natural body building, and I get I looked at polyphysic sleep. I was arretaining smartr, before I wint Ther's, I was already beginning to be a vile hacker and I was just Tlick. I got a Knocby pain all the time- and I want my brain to work, I'm so tired of I nout working, but I actually got through business school before I went into bed at
The on Medapina a goes o madavn. What's madam yor do Mdath, is Elsinos Provigil. It is the laulest drug, the EL manright, no, no, no Lok people think it is but unrelated drug category so adaral is M. Fetomine. He and riddle in things like that and the es of raidydy on the use Modofhno instead to Nightline, came to my house like Teny. Gone. Did the special honour cause. I was only guide. It was like want to admit that I took it yeah, so the military used it for fighter pilots because, after all makes you might kill people that was a go pelagia, but often oh, just makes more alert, but it doesn't make you like it. People mile bummer, yes, really a family style. What they found is that this was for narcoleptics people, 's, falsely bun, controllably and for me, was like man I id Runin ers a.
Hove, my meditation brainrads are higher. When I'm on the stuff, I could pay attention in business school. I just had energy. I just felt it more like myself is, is really transformative YE and so I've written about Smart Drogson, some ol. My ooks, because for me I wouldn't be here to day I wouldnat graduated from an Ivyly businesschool, I a he went o war, We love fancy Gor, your defials yer have, but we don't even o reeling Anscy runog good fely. I was n' gin, a drop Te W You should well, we needed to say it was Anly. Things were in ever thing. Really dude. I went to California State University, my degrees from so I was like I that's cool, but I just telling you I started taking smart drugs in the middle of you. TE because I was like these people always
rder than me a I lhike. They were. I just had brained things, I'd no blood ful in my brain during test taking, which was a problem. That's callady d, for I in what what are the side effects of it? Sighte effects of it area? Surprisingly mild. Some people get a headache. I didn't Is there a crash from it? Like you feel yourself two painting a new long for it to be no now the addictive nature is very low and some people. So it's addictive. My wife is like of licence trained drug and alcohol addiction doktor from of the tometical schools in the world and as she laughed when people said it was a Dictai whale anmonic. I have a Tunior drug town. No, I know not Anna or crop for that o ea. Here's, the sighteffacts of five out of a million people, remembered the satistics rites. I get an item in condition the same one that I've? U Provand Gaza's through your genes and your I'm lucky it can cause like a really big skin thing that could be dangerous, but it is exceptionally low. Life
lihood there right and generally as sit effect, a low, and it's very well studied for increasing cognite function. Actually working Zophemiuz was like completely again changing and I just wast like why I got my brain back and the other side. Offect is if you're Dick it will make him. Mor E, it makes yeem more? I, like more of whach, more of everything Ye Wen I used to t too after awhile and in Te New Workin man wiser for Mammy, so slow and that can make you ally angry. If you 're an angry converson, I got over all that kind of judgment in ego, stuff Piac may be most despite some there are no about yet better so that the others So are you still on that? You know I probably have taken it four times in the last year, but if I'm either like our really want special writing mode or if I'm just like, I don't know what would to me, but something I'd happening about gene. I woke up a muffin top and I can't think- and I need to show up on stage the I'll take it, but otherwise I don't need any more and the are you addictive by nature or no or blood say it's a zero ten spectrum
Would you Pani Fruslef prose somewhere in the Middle O, Catm man? I, like my coffee, I'm a like! ccotine, but I did go from forty sprays a day to zero Zerosbray's a day in three days, because nicotine, without all the other crap they put in it, isn't more adictive than coffee and there's really good science on methots in the book as well. So in that said, when I was younger, I probably was was more addictive and we have an Eazy Brain UT. What I like and- and I know very well, I like intensity a an different, then ediction, where I means TAT. The darksire that is all stirrup, shed a Shure, the goos tide of it as it means like a handle lo stuff. So it's about like Addi, stay in the good that you've got verses the bad yew after me, it is a lot of what deep perseal of em a psychology work. That's why the Neuro Science and the persons of ominside? What I do my last book before Superhumansement the data, but there was a personal development but like what it's you know, Jack Hanfield say what it goes up. If they were. What do I say what worked to get that the angry ass all boys on ahead
and so that WAL things make a happy ex it. I did not no Tommy I to be happy so on'e, sole or not. What's thouht easier to it. Do businesses and have marriages and kitten stuff? If you not a be is a skill. Bierre yeal we hint is had a very fascinating guy from Harvard on um Tom tall an tall YO hand, told interest. He had the most popular class. Arvard, whose unhappiness positive psycharoof alverzagu Yehas, or something to that Dit MAW, Huni per Sant YE ain't, I want one of your kind of pillars, deals with that and n one on my huge proponent of which is Gratitude Daya, o God, me about gratitude and why we think it such a important part of mental health and just being alive. What I learned in the course of that personal development stuff going to bed a learning from all the different disciplines and in tessing it with e gnaralfhied back. Is that ingratitude changes your fightefier, Spons Ine.
Bly changes, it ut your coris all levels and your Curzaze bhistles fow. Moving, in hurray variability thought eh, but a DR Nis that in the MEX are the Journalin and Corsall are in the mix, but they can ditick a wild e change. I'm talking, if you were to do something that was a deep real gratitude. You can measure the space between the hearts artbeat and the next Heartbeaten a one after that, and you can predict whether the the spacing will changer and you wanted to get longer. You want to slow down to just any just wanted to be different each time. Also, if your stress in your holding on anger at someone bright and ends, you not feeling gratitude, you can have to them to them too, dumb to dumb and if you ve practice grow, did if you forgive the person ever you get up to them to them to them. Tedam, so the the spacing between the Engersatin number of beats same number seconds but seconds, but they were spread out differently.
viewed by a logical signal, you can actally train yourself just using your heartbeat to positively and consciously changed the spacing tor. Our beats to go from I'm pissed off. I M mean Theadrinnal in sympathetic state, the one that I as in all the time, because I was born with the quarter on my neck, the piteous d stay of durlow I'll, kick the guays a stat ye. You can trunts go Thas with us. They feel like whe me, Chang of Happy DEA I'll chanc with a list di YU, Do less aduth my Keds and I say Ih told me three things are grateful Fortday and can just be anything ah, and you just tell me why and then I'll tell him three things ungrateful for how what of people miss the the real power that Dist Tnhot alone will itll change? How you sleep, it'll change, a you! Wake up little Tinco see the world. Jap makes a nicer person, Ats free. It's is like one of the most powerful things you Coan do, but you know you can look at some one in and you can say you know the Kazore Jurk E Dissoline, bad man,
I'm pissed off about it, and you say what is gradually have to do with that. Right is a user you down if we give the person, but what I do in the narrow sounds facility and want to spend four months of my life doing with the Ctrods glued to my head. Did you sit down? You sail right, I'm really pissed off about this situation or at this person I'm Munifiindg find something. I'm grateful for. First and gratitude is the thing opens the door to forgetting someone and forgiving some does mean Tine, you forgive them. Minar Ove stocked them again, and they means you stop carrying any neurological response to the persons a you ant to turn off the Catiminat that Ga Ne Evan Trenenovn is sorrows gratitude, and then you do forgiveness. If you do not star Gratue, we will not forget that person, and I can show it to you in your brain- is like they didn't change. You sat there and you went through this meditation, so I'm gonna think it thought about this person, and I forgive them and all about and work goes
I am grateful that even though they put me in the face- and I really hope that at least I still have my eye there now you gotta gratitude now you can forgive her punch you in the face for no one teaches that, and that is like a missing thing like helps you step out o the spiral you're in Ye On'T askyoug this in the contuxt of of being recovered addict sex pi. I emmnite I published in in entire years worth of Jaculation Data cause it come to Awha. The thouists were wine forever and I'm on this on the lived a hundred eighty years path bright. So they said I here's an equation and through this equation down this, is it your age and years, minus Sevenh, divided by four, an Daid thats Skinnin yield a number and if you're a guy
do not ejaculate more often in that number of days, so from the Norwasly Aite and their San Yuon a live le aint a year. No eight eight days, Soth Marselle, know that there thank Yor Ille Ejaculaye once Weit eight days before you Jecite am a go so gap it out, o KI and there's samebody farlit for ever youg only ejaculates once every thirty days, and orgazment o less than an hour. I'm not ketting. This is in the Tao's tax en like specific when she turned horself inside out of yet an hour long or Gazen was a guy Yeh. It size only disprove this right, because I am contrarian in Alecta opposition do find disorders Wen Myhowvis as Ofor a year ha as Thout. I am int a test that so I tested my daily happiness: Scorl Domas I, like my life, my wafe be now my job. You have just am I jistgruntled to day or not and what I found out that was that they're, right and so in in it turns out I donot about living for ever, but that was their goal.
I've talked to my Chinese Energy medicine masters and an people like that and there's general agreement on this stuff and what I found was there's. For men ad there's an orgason hang of her so that the day after you, ejaculation, you jonnly, like your life less, but took a even an atdict. So Lo Yeople go to Sax, because it's comforting Y, toasts and an things like the treasure is bet in yourself. Suxediction Zeav, given that Disguiser saying well just don't finish. Basically how way so SOR Aso you are allowed to yo have all yet ot one of the point of Organsm and then Delvery as a don't Drobula oh, who wow wow out. This reminds me of trying to quit. Mm
erraning in junior hush and I would master it writes- is Thill tryin of oreazian. That became my definition when I had in Master Ba ha ha hahhnce of is so excruciating to do that in my limited trials in junior hi ears. What I found I track frequenty of facts, frequent of ejaculation, whether I could Actio go thirty days and like publishing the dates confing, like others. Twenty four days near LY, oops like at you show that on a grap aharight, but you could track the happins gortn. What I found was that the less I ejaculated the morsex had fo the Cabe Hon on N Gingse, your Hande and came Loxy tos Thed Lovels GER through the roof for both partners. When you do that, or anyone live a long time, Kee your Ox Y, Jose Lovels Uprandan, you wanted not have a Dictifs things: go on Deyar, oxy, tosen, luvles, up then's. Why hug's matter for atics? That's whise social community matters, an whose or hixy tells and Diravls right. My eye is kind of interesting any of couse. In of thir days. You like I'm in a crop the wall here with at, but I I went through then, and I Conand curious, because if sex itself as something that can be a
fawyers, where we get into the Thou tastey tasty debate of Causaly, so I can definitely recognize I hang over would be predictable from an orgasm maye, but out also predict that in many of the the cases the hang over is a result of why you did them. Often sex to me is medicine did not deal with something. That's giving me anxieties so than Havter the sex is over than I get the full dump of the anxiety. I was trying to avoid Acto Syrogia and regulate with the sax. Ah, quite often too before I was married, I've done it with somebody. I are said it was going Tor a. I know, im emotionally cause, there's mandevo for Zil Madya Yorganides. Yes, so so now did the physiological act of coming, create all that Vec or the hang over, or was it the motional things that accompany that endeavor. So I don't there's a hangover from it. Yet I'm not sure o what wold it wats the causality.
I'm not unabsure for every person it's kind of differ may be so I will have sacks for like the purest of reasons. I don't. I want approval, I I I don't sex of the person Isn Evan orgasm. My goal is for them to think I was great at sex and get all the proval in the world and that's the hive from sex for me, stay too for more, I'm surerd, if you dare o, are brought to you by hotel to night my favorite apt to get a room in just a click. It couldn't be easier of booked a few rooms with hotel to night, and I think it's my easiest apt that I use oh I just I go through they scolter, they curate the ones that id want to stay at Bomboom boom, um booked, the area of my information couldn't be easier. Hotel. The NI partners with Ossimo tells to help them sell there under sold rooms, which means you get incredible deals your one Stopd shop for booking hotels, helps you discover Cuol Toperate, O Botichotels hat.
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now and it was proved to be yearned, but any was controed ad YE en of her hand, I go Hav got again overturned the adido heard that Hannelt analyzed the hegyaglaord I' trust them. As Enyyet I had a des ERN ogre t, even tough runide limo driver insisters, some little reserved Tanko her es vid eples, any different things on it. I will heard nothin ye Yei'Ve. I interviewed. If you experts, you are absolutertain that it's not and return. Thika Ria ran has meke somethin. I cannot believe, but I durn on I got him, get t o go sample, twenty of them an bili, Ote, so p anot that stage n my life. Ah, I LL lands Ore, Millery many housand- I mean I guess I would say number is much smaller it. It turns out. This is the guriged woman, it's the number of Orgass until you fil your gin, a dye plus too I. Haha ha hae woo, in wit, but You'R thing for longevity E nawhile, sir.
Thehuiizerthic in lie, like you need to start taking break. During the longer interviews, and when I had spur. My lad jam an try to hev Doeene, so Fer Pebore, listening what Those are numbers for men, an the Tost teaching S, that women walk away from an orgasm undiminished, but in Jakues something out of guises or making. The glands were making hormones were doing something, as so, whatever the deal as I found tat, I was driving this a year. Worth of experimental was entirely unpleasant right and I could have more sacks sharp, but there is something to that in terms of like. If, if you're gonna go, similarly, beg my now want to exaggerate the night, but let the old, like football, don't have sex before the games area thing it's real eating is real yeah! That's grant because of a physical tall. Ass taking interests in Yur bents. I won't wenin Vacome and have lessor as E cilter e Kewdrops. If your woman and you don't have our gazes, it's not good. T. It's well now You me lamenting lately about the fact that I don't jerk off that much
we've had a many conversations recently with different guys in ears. Friendship circle wit how much they do. One of her friends does before they're out o bed. In the morning I might wow a maybe I'm jerking of ones every couple weeks and I was Nurve, about it? I thought all my virility is low and, as lab annow feels like you might have now, whyn your hat of the air ha subscribed Ot the Detal is isulate. Is this the seventh great definition like I didn't finish thet until I would never jerk op a nat em an orgasm at this stage of my felly I've no shame about masturbating than God any warn, but keep saying one hundred and eighty, I took a gerontology class in college and they said basically potential lifespan for us as a species is one hundred and fifty, Erwherd Weres one aihty come from the ascertain they chose one. Fifty that's pretty aggressive, my most peoples tan. I know we can do one twenty, because we have people or one Twyin
and I've been working in this aunt aging on Profitfield for twenty years, I've learned things or people three times my age who have more energy than I did, and I know what's happening because I to throw the buck about it from interviewing six hundred people about it. On my show, we are cracking the goat of aging and if we can with our combined resources as a species and the inner nat which allows us to find reasers that would have been hidden for decades before. If we can't do fifty per cent better than asterday over the next hundred years. It's because there's been a zombi Op Ocalypse or an Astoraid at the earth fifty percent improvement. Improvement of now is not even very good. You look a we were doing. A hundred years ago we were fighting world were one on horses, and this is a hundred years. That's how big it is, and the last hundred years whend. We are moving slowly ride and Ren.
Or using a aye by work using all these cold tacknologies to build new technologies. Tho were explenentially getting better. I do et think I being a very crazy pats with one Aighdy now truck at hi me to Morrow. You know something bad could happen, but barring things like that This is not crazy. Pants there are peoples in the Showwhore can have lived longer than a hundred eighty it. It is already in entappening now d, you not br at wine steam points Twenstine Genovar a wine's lag. Do he et? Oh he's an evolutionary biologists. I just teched him the other day saying here's. What Ian understand yourselves go through my toses. They make a perfect Lee identical copy of themselves. If everything were fore and yes, they have the power to make an identical kayay of themselves. I texed him and said If we can make an identical copy of our somatic cells through my toses, why evolutionarily. Did us dine ever benefit the species?
because there's really no reason that an animal couldn't live forever and there would be no cost evolutionarily because you would, Beal to spread your genes longer and longer and longer it really bags Why dines? Even a part of the biological equation cause it doesn't have to be? There is a realm on which you, the lightest, dart, making a? Dat uncle copy of myself this day, going forward, and there's no creepy jeans zets destroy lasticity in all these other signs of aging. Why is that possible, why hasn't that ever happened? What would you eat? What would I eat? Let's say I ate a gel packet that was lately scientifically engeneer, that the anlet that came from what something a glance so the plants had to die. Feetd eat them. What are the plants? Gond, YT son, no plentyo dead people and Pook
that's AL plenty wo on ten ley all now, because plants were around before dead people in poop that they had bacteria dead, Bateria that they are eating the dead plants by the ancers Sanse we dread. We would have no, oil on the planet without this amazing Probad, IC sources, giant herds of Buffalo elephants to rafts, Jeep, goats IGS sugar spreading seed and piator the abbot Mut? Not the seeds is actually the poop. You actually need to have a carbon cycle rata if we have animals that never die and then we'd have no preditors right and if you were as because I was engineer to never die, you would never reproduce and you wouldn't have the Bel Wy Wen. I reproduce what because you get eaten and if you reproduce in never Diye tover population into the planet. Iy tell you. You need all food in your environment, especially if you want to human even in the model, where five of the two hundred per Andsmall Huntining Gathering Group O were live forever, yet ah they're
asterjens on indefinitely and slowly ratio of people with that don't die would become a hundred per cent over the course of five generations or whatever ray. I still understand the tool by which its n, a self correct and there's no record of those patient still around you on there's I what what would act against the an that live forever to correct it, overpopulation o, so there be over populars. And lets say. Eighty per cent of the people would die of starve on er mail nutrition, but those twenty percent would still be around. That's a completely valid point. I just, I think, The mere fact that we don't have a single example of a carbon bay's life form that has lived for ever when we have coyfish that live for two hundred years and we have tre
live for ten thousand. You hawl these things, Bu Naced Morats, ANA Aawatdles in these cool corner species. The fact that thus far, we've not found anything that has been around since five billion years ago, Han Earth was formed to Meseems, like there's something weird that, but let's get a little bit wooe here, how Kangart I one of the really interesting books, I read the names escaping right now and thirs name is Tod, though forward in this book is instonatly about states of consciousness, but the forward of the book is by the DL aye Nominy many times of Dilama writes the forward for books. I know EIS very popular, pretty much, never o Kace, it seemed doing all Visis this book. Alcape end friend, doctor o in this book was about the olutionary biology arguments for brincarnation, it is mama.
of course, guy who rewrites, who rewrites usb drivers to talk to brain stimulation things he and he said, hears all the reasons that it would make sense that consciousness moves between lives, but me needs renewal. An it's saw's lot of Promis in one of the biggest issues here is abagenatics we're going Throughn Imvirmentl Environmental now it is actually getting hotter than I used to be and there's some fint hast, just amazing studies of bacteria that a treaty that do not metabolize lacked. If this is a type of milk sugar- and they put him in an environment where they dont have the genes to do it that are turned on that there they will starve magically they chain, and they turn on like a production, Long Dorman Jeenes, in order to do this in their environment but their offspring. Doing I I lick thaut, there's all kinds of weird things that happen where Life will change more rapidly than genetics, predicts
they write our Dilutation Maud ELL would yet I stood out it's probly because the you from a thousand years ago, probably wouldn't survive very well and to his ampartment. But if you believe any that past life stuff and I've nost very wise people, who've come to grips of the fact that that that is the part of the world that they live in, including Geyroththis book. I'm Dhirt saying we dnot make living? We just dot really perceive with Thatw night. I find there's a great mystery here: ol the others, L Luuia. We know a cabillion for what there is to know the rest or his wife in just waving your nicketing around Hyes Eem and offer me as my sonet. You have one over those martens, hus Hannie, oh Martineaur, and why arn't you offhering a spray Hach is when does superhuman come out when I just ask Youf October eighth, it hits it shells its Seville, Pruordo get a Davaspri dakan
and there's a bunch of interviews with anti aging experts, you can't get in other places, and will you up in the one big question? Is why one hundred and eighty? But what you didn't ask about was overpopulate now and on Tom people here, here's the seven things that are making old and the four things you have to not do to me don't die of these four things and fix these seven things with some small tweeks and ur. of feeling really good when you're old and living longer go away up the Ito Sprije Ford, but what happens if people live Lae longer I quit about the overpopulation problem, Lutch Duck e by a as you don't funny it. Maybe this is relator. It's not related. I constantly stress out about the fact. There's some Ebl her, and I think it seems untentable in all these things, but I did think o my gosh that this is the easiest problem that could be solved. All the problems we have, because, literally, if just we cut, the birthright in half, were going to shrink precipitously, but then I start O worring Abot, with the does of the world economy and lack of growth in all this money, we've lent it a demands. We have a in
Persent Levell Grove all this tif. I went straight to the economics of us down sizing on the planet, but it is a problem that could be fixed in thirty years. Trulyl. All that has to happen is we don't reproduce for thir Ers and our population goes in half at my first book was a book on fertility. Wife was infertile when I metter and tha. We had our first shell at thirty nine one at forty two with no fertiliar systence other than food and supplements in getting hor most dall, then ah she'd. Not that dical practice. Now she does consulting over there Inevit a while to weanw a lot about fer till Y five years of writing. Above thirty hundred references, my own children at stake. Iaca, we don't have a go PO, populous Protem. We have a globle fertility problem. The fertility rating re, developed country is plummeting how Hann you won't have kids and you can't have kits there's your thirty er thing: THA, the Gohoglas rum, it's a single generation problem. The world is too polluted. People are unable to have kids and kids are less vilable. May Ravin that'll get so
over the next sixty years, I'm planning to be around and plan for kiss kids round to see it de right, so Wha orry about over six years is the destruction of our soil in the porstion of the oceans bcause. We need them to soak up carbon DEA and that's Canni, be my much more ugly problem than there being too many people right, but but lets Jus talk about what the world looks like. If people listening this now oh old age, isn't tubes, dipers, forgetting my name and giving all my money to the hospital before I die right? This is pretty much the picture. Most people have out what if the picture was when I'm old, I'm gonna be the village elder and I'm going to have the ability and that the energy, the memory and the desire to share decades of wisdom with an acceleration- and this is actually what old has been through all societys Thr at all of history except Thes Norwegians, where they are just push him off a cliff.
Got old, H's other than that it as actually been this way, so you want to talk to Windy a was married fourteen times, and I finally got it right- don't maybe you've to get advice when you're twenty five from that Guy Shar, because he may be learned something YO and so I in this world, where we have people who actual have wisdom who dealt with their shit, who figured out their addictions and share with other people to Vigon out why they used to be a jerk right and actually made themselves made the world around the bher. But if you think your life is gon like that in your old and for he was now hundred eighty. Are you going to allow plassic in the ocean. Are you gin, a shin, your on Sand Box and Rao you're, going to take care of planny. You live on because you're can a be re longer than you thought, YE out of the fixth for This crop is now old age is, You thought I was, can be it's actually the time when you are most equipped as a human being to do the greatest good and gold population people stop having babies cause they can
op and because, if they can't get it up, there's no fertility. There. That's already happening it is fascinating. This trajectory that all I a western cause, that's not the case. Japan's following this course. A lot of the U following yather them the more a middle class, the mot them more comfortable, the longer people's Delay Mor edicaadori and the other more educated, the less year fatille rate is there was the study that came out in Japan like eight years ago. Ere guys Arnie than listing sex in the top five their priorities, and we ve just had all these sex experts on solar, millennials millennials are having way less sex there having solo sex. It's like, oh! Why so the millennials are even going up it. and yeolat you'are gain to see lesson last or wired to only do three things, and that this is every Bacceria on the plenyn were run by ancihebector inside ourselves. There's woe
things they do run away from scary things. Right now by, though, that the root of addiction ride its fear, if it feels like it's, gonna kill, kill you if it's not you'll do anything to escape it, including take a substance. It makes you feel the fear avoid dangerous things or you'll die Econd thing eat everything cause most species of aut famines, many times so eat the damn cookies eatll, them right now or Ye'Ll die, and then you do right, and the third thing is its also have to have fear feed and the other one is fuck everything you have you better spread your geans, because you're gon a die in this species will die Oke the othors are our primary urges and you want to get controls, urges TAT's one. The res lid talked about that Sexond's raund. I can. I cannot eat for three days, not eat for three, I'm an o'lt die. I feel Fillow K, my biology works, p right. I've want to deal with the fear and n get a voice in my head and things like that, and I can still jump if a tiger comes at me. So I feeling I got that mot Ty Dal then there's always work to do and then this whole thing like can I have desire may have passion. Can I have sex but Matthew, disconnect yourself for fooding only Jopacks,
You just connect yourself from Saxons Outd on me that I am a human robat. Your acxtigen has been ARS Hove with an in fear, cause Alligot left his anxiety and it's get suck oon right and his words were not me, robots where I am in in a superhuman, I write Aballey like parols gone Dickin, Handsman takeologies. All that is that on the horizon or Sorty, her is Arey and I did it. I do Els Wat den all Yelye the Diggyin Handsmen, yet I Warde Dolas about that yard. Als about your deck. Yes, ha ha a ha ha there's the tyknologiesing sound waves, sthockway therapy, as called Gainsway ve, know when I did it and I dis for Ed, and it actually causes new blood vessels and new nerves to grow in your jonk ukrai. No, that means it gets bigger and I try all the tack I write about. Thus
this. Also ever so, I've had some self index injected. My dick allow. That was really knows your own stem cells, or maybe stem cell man in my way, facts at her stem cells injected in her vagina, which was transformative her after having a company like the way back to twenty five years, raves about a while, but aside from stem cells, the shockwave there be, do it it actually. aind it like the shorer in the growersidet like notice. What you walk by the merrylike is that the hope? That's me like ghile t was under Soundways Unbelieve on it. It's the you know, with numbing cream and a date was as vainthing as Alound Jack Hammer, all we holy crap and it furs it worse for ETI. But for me I was like Uego to try this what the heck sure I can control my own, but the stuff is- Also as you age, would you like to be a hundred and sot an active sex life life think is kind of important, so maybe we Coald take care of that. and if you're, twenty five, no Gaveno sextrive, you either have a quarters all problem, Cous your stress,
nxious all the time, which is probably the case or you have a tatastran problem whom and that for a reason, so Aindless disaustmen than my mam at twenty six So I want on just oustron replacement Therery to give me levels where they should be and o my god. I still have a sex trife who would have imagined Mann this isted, this impor Your ignoring food you're going fear and your gnoing fucking as poor things that humans do it in order year kind of doing a wrong bride. unjust, interesting, oh GE, my wy. Question is givers, stepped back and asked the global question to what end like be productive, be the most self actually be as engages as you can be all these things rightly, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of all this would be like kind of enhanced performance. Efficacy. All these things givers have
Why I mean all that ily were just monkey stained fuckin busy until we die? That's really. What's happening if you're an alien looking at us- and I go oh Katis sky der- he he's sole system and be even busier before he dies. Is there even a point to it? The question that I asked for the first, like five hundred episodes of Bolprovedio, was three most impor piece of advice for someone who wants to perform better. As a human being, I didn't say we're Carter and say be busier. I'll human beings are lovers. Were artists, were givers because the fourth F word I didn't mention is what all bacteria do in war wired to do when we're not fearful when starving and we're not unloved is actually friend and we build communities the same way that Bactoria build yogurt and cumbujanchies right. We form communities, we specialize, we support each other were wired to do that.
So the reason that performed better as a human being is important is because humamengs he here to help each other and it feels good to give back, and you know that the outerwork diction. So if you ant to show up always a human being, there's something you're going to do that it takes a huge amount of energy and you can only do the if you're not putting our energy in those for three things at its evolve. Our job is to evolve as a species and our job is to evolve as individuals you all that free energy that I have from Medaphanel and from bulletproof coffee in from ating and learning how to sleep better and less time and all the cool shit that I do that I just love. It gives me extra energy to be a better. Dad gives me ex energy to work on becoming fully enlightened. If there is such a thing, if not, then I mant thime just now
ebut, I don't think that's the case, a hi diga, but if you are jistmasturbating, the penis is bigger and YO hear the eye every woin, only DE ant. What's about Ther a day SU fitful Dave, good luck was superhuman, just giving the full title a superhuman. The bull proof planed to age backward and maybe even live for ever got you knon't be great as you'll have the juicies I do so for Allone ain't I the we'll be a really good one meter, etc. He s I'll be dead till we can't even say I told you so to us, oh well. but he'll be Aline a still a juicy. I told you so Shaai Ieothat. I really can't lose o thy promise din you lit like if I that won't make oul ay, Soho! Just on you hair it! That's right! I rinamosed! I try the Anges, I don't think of O uting in TA cool endeavour on thinks it done Fercomin on Li Dakny, soon and now my favorite part of the show the fact then, with my soul me not a Amanmen
come mass pray mevel ci o whirl Apere, pure Shu, LA's God. I was not ex Ecting, Suc Home Mary Riz a world of merger nation. Well, well, ok, bade just to remind everyone were in my sthrailor tral. I feel like that pertinent impote, don't you I do cause it changes. Everything like if I wasas in a Hord's turn in they are doing the show from the back of a taxi cab. I want to know me tal me. Two visuals are everything when it's only Addiol, so we are on a couch. That's in my trailer. Yet it's a beautiful drider on my trailer mahogany. There is a young alaminat her and it seems to be Alove at mahogany flavored matter of burled walnut, maybe Kaa A of SOS
hover, my taste, Looved Lutu, temporally Specificarm, as our friend Gordon Keith, would say, Gew we're here or in Sand Canon oops my low to say that good luck Ni is TE pretty big area or by the way D. You know that um so they're doing reshuts, for, I think, call the while the Jack London book, because they making a no Movineg and Harrison Ford is here. Oh it off from my poin. Only go annans to the EN tip the o my hoier burn. There is my house, Thatman head bone orm. You find that Tol, my wife, while your whole face shifted when you did Hel, I trided to look like CAM Anley's. He sie Eup, he's been spotted, he's been driving like a gaiter. A row drives as you'd expect olings like other crew members in it, and them he's been spotted by Trans, where he did also take a hellacapter and work one or two days and that's exciting. It is, but I haven't seen him, but I want to do his run for him. He knoy
his owe ear has Shownin. Yes, you know I do jet. I only dou a couple of physical impersonations. One is just as walk. out in your raspberry God. Thank you and I do a Prurty good Harrison for I'd only have seen it if thee really jut your haunches up. That's the most critical Fi Al land is at such strong hind quarters and when he runs, it's Agis really see a see the unlike the cheeks midlanges. All of it yet is her frost out Anin's very powerful, run bit off my Poinmokalu a There was a man on my set that man ran. Like me, you find that man ul cu black. I can't goverby AL right, dad Devib, yes, we'll first, have it a era: grievance, ok, Agreg, Overvrey, I'm doing this publicly because it was so bad returned. I had a custom,
Rvous issue own at H in our Blois, oh NE, Yor GEN. I can ashame them publiheding. I am oh no I have to it will really Dan. They can't me. This all happened, Thocat what Happ himself so I'm in a bit of a panicky pickle trying to get some some of my tax return. All right till I go on to the webside as yoursupposed to do log into my couc. Try to retreat them. It won't. Let me confirm my identity. Even thouw, yeah guy, you disheard one of the real life pitfalls, a of record n the trail I'll agin, to call you back to sat Yea, Harrie bultl. This is what happens. We expected that again. If, if stern was in the cab- and I heard the Hornhonk, my God, ANA noted Tigious Uder
or cutemofratives of pedestrian in the Wat. We need to tell he er Balesh Gefts, I disunder one, a know that Rudy or wonderful said base p. Ageas told us its time it so anyway, in a pickle, and so I had ectinors. I couldn't confirm my identity. You would let me, even though I know I put in my right information cause, it's my information, so I know it's right. Then it wasn't working it wasn't working to last night or to days what I had to call them. Can then the man on the phone was a trying. Me and then he was like ogai ya. It's not working am can you try in an hour oh- and I was like- is that Thinkin a change in the hour and he was ager of whole systemry booters of an now he's just like it's now working right now, an like a dinneror last night is not working right. Now. It's not gong o work in an hour and at its time sensitive and I need it yorow and also like these are important documents like I need to be able to act.
Stamp and he was saying it was an issue on their end and as the Okas WA was back and TA get fixed and he's like Ma'Am, then he was getting so frustrate NA me and then I got Matd o yorsa. Are you out of your mind, Sir Liger on this? No, so then I asked it speaks, supervisor O Greag, and then it took a long to revisor came on, and then I don't think of th supervise. I think it was as Frang as he rans launch from yes. So then I started to tell the story, and then it cot in the middle and went to the surveys all hung up on me? Oh, did you give them maec, o Lhizaben, and I was ready to give a horrible survey and then the survey did work Sug This is a nightmare thin. It is. It is im. I do want to say one thing: hey just as I have I have to Mrnte. I sometimes feel bad for these businesses that, like the people who built the business, are really thorough and hard workings of imbetinent as you grow. Just inevitably, Jus have to hire a bunch of people
sometimes there'. Just you're gin to get up some bad eggs right in Yeand. Then they ruin your whole business cause. There's some turkey who makes zero effort he an as or so often you see these big businesses pasically taken out by some dip ship. I now the aldez, whatever both those were doing, Fuckina oil rig an the. It is all it's like Yenough. I don't know when we now. Your expert eventually has six hundred nine employees. Never someone's gonna really shit the bad and we're gonna be like. Oh, my god. We're just taken out by this bozo can never happening, has organised a no way man operation for ever I gin got on a Lim and say that H, ENT or Black did not use Zepacruda and Caethat's, not a qualified kin. That's right! They did not two, two of them in the lad survey system, o in not good an o boy know, but let's also the dispature. I do Rever. I don't want Ta Gits good Byage inerbu. Have you had a good expere? Nce prior to hes Nown or I was Luike Libly
egrom La Li Cear. They are evil ha only GUI fogoing it as taken hair boys. Why? How cul? I can't get sued for having an opinion? How of place you can't, but ad this to me, I dnot even an opinion. This is what it runs. The risk of I hate when celebrities tweet some grievance about an airline, you tweeded you um about! I presqeence! I did puh you right! Idead you did. exact, it was o Reminal Yed, that's he. This feels ser, but when people are like, oh cold thinks I'm. So I sat on the runway for fifteen minutes. Jack, Blue or whatever Ranehui na Mon. You know I don just wrote I I'm JO trying to protect you from that. it it and I don't like who am people do that either and I I thought about it on my drivir said im I goin to talk about this. Yes, you and I got to support your decisions, and I do the other thing is. I sometimes will try to imagine like. If I see a movie that is fucking garbage, I will not bash
publicly. Oh no ne Ganival were so hard to make the movies Anin some das. They try to extend that to like all Iassume. All business are working really hard to try to be good more with the exception of my prescription provider and Agh Clac. Clearly, some is there not? I look it's not Howard and Ronald blocks rides. These cause Are the Oldert Dispearance Block the Lonwors Doesizon's nappetism, that the nephews I'll say? Ah boy theyraccording wet ranfards of amrel aw, not they now I'm getting up fake eyball attached to my am my Tryamica, looks like a piece of bacon is hanging from your face right now. Yeh, it's sum it's real groatin is it is I like it Corida,
we are taught were dugging him at your ear issues. Would my customer service experience Wor a Genor block now have in the break? Did you rethink it? Are you still have conviction that it was the right move? So since this, since we spoke glad off O Inutes AGA said, taxicab is stopped in a couple different plays in Ved Rak, so it happened as I had these printed out. I had a hard copies. Also. What I had to do was take pictures of everything. Oh paying money, seven pages and turn them into a pdf exactly do a little dark skin. Now the problem is for one of these tax returns, I'm missing the front page ca en. So no one o nolpe an so then I tried to get on mine again. Maybe somethings changed, maybe maybe I'll JEE Rem,
about Eigh Nour Block and I can't even get into the web site now or do you think may be that they have Banu from the whole service? Yes, and so I'm retaliating, but it's in interesting me somehow, inclaim that you r gin to do this. Well, you know they. Desat lock you out of your account ll I got pretty ornery on the Shoune. Did you de du curse at all? No, no cursing bound in a very stern, always disappointed myself. If I a get to the point where the custom vous person. Where I swear SA just imagine their recording all So I now even when the whole thing becomes public or a court transcript all of kind, ol loss the upper hand by having sworn I did feel a little nervous that this person knows my social Se Rty number and his man at me and is a stranger. It is yet not the ideal person to pic a fight with no better
Nugular OB. Well, look if my it might end he get stolen. Oh my g, I'm taking age in our block and men dat that companys or you'ren't- to make rolion to get all th way down, yell the way or going raised, but oh what perdieu. Do you see stuff up her Doy rit, their Feltet saint Kaisy, no non our party, the people who made perdieu, who made am oxica If I'll bankruptcy, because of all these law, suits the homy payin, not like Twel Lon or Somelinke BOT wow Gun, also auwi- we definitely agree that this pharmaceutical is not Purdue the chicken. I don't even know about Pardued Tickim Terdeux or he huge Checollege Turo and it's a collest. Yes, he calling Sokan call it a ihe, and my college was a chicken call
as if you'd drawn Ali on Pollet processing on the De Loop, you Druv o along the loop on the east side and you get a nice whif. A chicken go hos stankee chicken of a chicken carryan, really Roli rotten Chuc IE a a dead chicken trigger warning. I'm wheat rocgany ticket toturve, smothat in I will if it is a pretty unique if Acceck experients a look or sure o he so so Dave they asked Pree AY burning in my eye, but I'm sure the Sass Little Paz. So he said that he was the first sguy to sell anything over the inn. Onnat hard to substantiate right. Very. I did not in fact substantiate that. So this is what it says: the first Oline Transa
and was by some reports, Marawana sold by Stamford students to M my tea students, all tea, the arpanet account at their artificial intelligence lap in nineteen seventyo. Two, oh, my good however, the first oll line, shopping transaction on the Inn and ET took place some twenty. Two years later, the sale between two friends of a sting see tee all ka, The time sat was a resale of a sting right right right so anyway, but I didn't in in all of this. I did not see his name come up in revard otiou, the Han the first to being the first correct. Now, though, interestinging about the Amie Tamford, marijuana transaction is so far away. Three thousand miles that doesn't seem like the ideal person s sell weed too cause now you've got the logistical issue of getting it to MIT right, exactly, but maybe they wanted a big challenge. I'm nervous Nis is pulling down in my eye and then I,
have a really wrinkly right eye at the end of this day, dething that's possible. I don't think you're gun, I think you're can. I see no oh? Why that's Cree, Beepl, b well listeners Accounti for YO to see oh ITT ohly be, and earlier he had a big humbri and I got very scare a out for you. It was a big pop out make up bruise on my Then you thought it was real yet and your eyes in actual popalure haughty, an literally popped out ye. Yes, I'm excited to know what happened. Why what is this ash assure rarely begs a lot of questions right it. As you know, I were declaring one way or another, whether he possibly Sume MAR Arlier and it just was never documented you a me. I'm sure he was early sure, I'm sure people Ove being the first
do you know I think in inordinately so I know all about. I was just ahead of them: slung chat with Bradley When I was in New York this weekend and we are just talking about all those things as those Eagle Things It really all comes back to Leno, saying that he watched them take down an Elvis statue. You know sent some it all up. What qelvest presently Yas he took the statue. In front of a casino cas. They said people don't know who Eldus is any now run, what everything you're telling yourself about being the first or the bests or the this or the bat knows GEN to give a flying fock it for Zaaina her. It is you know it's all for Nought YE, I'm feeling weard but dear. I am, namely,
cause. The profile is the very interest in like kind of looks that could's just comin out o your no foll, like I had a big snautter YE abbot of, but my brain came out. Her brain came hexact or exactly, I feel like. I really want to help you sure Owi, that this is triggering some of your Nurtry Instod YE an I can't arride Bry, you want mean to cry right now, Rih a I will you mor? Don't you can't, because ye are no wheedle mess appears all a be I or her oh get. So he said that that he cofounded the company that held Gougll's first servers. so he's timed to ending his in by Bhecomeanthy Exodus Communications, naturally, which he heard the cove found a part of it Uncar, but he was it lip Dray banks there wasn't a. There are two other cook.
Under solga who were there. I didn't write their names down, but they're not ran her experience, fill her into Lite the same guise, who starte ech in our blocd of Hoger, overhaded them ham. No anyway, I'm in it did it have a Ise profile of any data centr of builders during the dock, Comboom um in a devile bankruptcy. But ad again I can't find that it was Gougoll's. First server, o Kai, poor, Trackd. A dam wha has also the first Gougal's server was created by the guise o created Gougols, Sergey, Sir God and Larry and werry, so they built that in the nineteen nineties umturn so anyway, so he Dave made few medical claims Ogun and I then fact checked with a doctor friend of ours that we'd trust very much Rucel Fruend. Yes, and so here a few other. Thanks Succo Wundy,
training to run marathons. No is he said that Ik Ther got back Teria changes Ulcho, and this doctor said that there is a recent controversial paper on the VON runners in their microbe small study of fifteen runners, ten controls not replicated all Kosovo a preliminary Daisad. He andocurs, so one one paper is connected that he also said that age l a d ar is in twenty. the population and makes people more sensitive in Taxic, moled disease and more likely to get outism. My doctor said no that Trae, that's nol, they're, not more likely to get autism to Te Bocca an he's a her behaviour when a woman feeds them verse as a man. Ah, he said I've never heard of mice be
rmodulated by sects, of a person, feeding them and can't find any paper to substantiate that one o kan, although it is, it seems intuitively believable I could. Nor yet I could be he said necotine. it doesn't have all the other stuff added. Isn't more addictive, been coffee, I'll, read you at this doctors offer a wind is well below doctors. For uh Ss Clens, yet buhuglars a red. Let me read all the things that are then in again en talked bat, Argracell and people so H, Al Lady R, my changing their behavior nacatine on he said heartbeat, should be differentea time o run. He said if your stress, your heart beats steady, but if not the space between should be different, so this was hers many are unsubstantiated by any science. Then you type of the controversial paper es that the Aja Lai Dear an atism, is off base, as is the negetine, and the heart beats O co. I never heard
c behaviour modulated by sex of a person. That's all o, so so that you know ya I'll, defend the just a tiny bit to say that he did also on. Like you know, I've heard all these studies have wrought all this stuff and I also don't care cause. I have time and a goat, all personal experience, and sometimes I duskenam always value that over the in order of the clinical yes a's ly. He did. He tells her Mammye doesn't even on some of these. I wonder he's not here to answer, but I wonder if he would even say, like o ya, I don't know that. There's a study to confirm that I dist, ah Anne Doly, have observed it er somethin wrinthing. He would defend it. May really. He might he lead up my might. Where shall we stop for a bit e tae part three. I just want to thank you guys publicly for
Een out here and doing as I knowts to pain in the air. Now it's a pain for you to Eef. Having did know not for me at all that you have to wait for all these scenes, we ged til. We got to watch a funny scene involving your ivone we know, fe, know min. We won't tell the limeners or they'll hup to tune in and see ocre, so bather ain't part three of day vast, pretty hat Asbury is kind of like apera ski that's. What I think of o to a preski isn't nhow something a proposed, no Appray ski, it's the lounge at skiing. Oh, I ANG or a brand of downhill. Now I like people who like go, and then they drink choclt at the La Lounge bar Hil, like a skian, bars an fere. I don't do very much skiing in Outsike a pray Oh nown, you're, so fraghted up as Zey at yer very marks, you're very more sophisticated than me. Thank you. I don't think
tram. I really don't yo think it is E. What misser was thirst Elel you're dehydrated have. Drink any water all day aver you're so naughty about not drinking water and now live on the edge my God round P Papa seein me. I kis her up round. He hav, really no em came RON, Cloing Herthry Ochas. You said that quite fischler live for two hundred years end and he said trees. Some trees have lived for ten thousand years, so the oldest Uncloy was Hannica. Ah I just can't call you I know should have been Hank where a missed opportunity to live to be two hundred and twenty six. Oh, my gosh, who is keeping track. That's like three generens, a see mole in a great grandpa Larry remembers when he bought the krapercorland. This is what happens that the person buys at the old cave, mambies, Foka and then he's
cording Ahe scratch into the cave yet ta date, and then he is a baby boy, but he's on a lunar caler. So it's five days, Shorer rear, no, a man, he add that's where hi Strictk array. Well, we can't bring. Then two twenty six is Alwe said to twenty six. I wish it was one I wish it one year older, so could be too too seven like that show in the Heides. I know that is, it was. you'd now say: Urban was a black show of their address. Oh, they hung on Te Stupin stuff, a AE. He. It was a great great program, a Thit's kind of oddeur that you want that cause. You love even Numbersye, a great poiny, great point. They do make an exception the number twenty seven that's Somthi, has many of my favourite engines have the twenty seven in it? The four twenty seven rach at a outer, the three twenty seven small block that originally appeared in the fellow early model, Corbetts and Dhem. Of course, Lincoln's born on three twenty seven
am I thin ain't. My doon car I have of three twenty seven written on the side. Do you noticed that no, I'll, say her hard, yea ya, you how I thought it was a coincidence which is back, fired, O. Lo Lec. You know I'm Rellian, it's like em for engines, Ther's, it's just like penis size. Right till you aren't the biggest engine. Parso hey en my San car really has afor twenty eight in it. That's twin turbot, but I've got three twenty seven written on the side. People like you got a three hundred and twenty seven there might know. I got a four hundred and twenty eight in there. That's my daughter's birthday I get really nervous people. Think of us in time you will engine magna seeking of penises. Oh, yes, we are mere forty. I, for I, can I wanna when we are more time. I want to start really exploring euphoria on this right to talk about because they are there. They are really dealing with all kinds of really Isy issued, I now in a very brave and provocative mahinks. Some of the topics are handled exquisitely, aha, youre, supremely supre
But there is a scene with Idon, no twenty five peanuses in it, which I Waw an you get to just see the variety in ones, space, there's so much variety and ens. It was interesting, a goes int one of those double standards which I support. This double standard. By the way. Oh I tha time, o Bibs GE, OW's gen to Sayl. We would never if there was a scene in a show that showed like twelve twenty four di. He rest. We would feel a unethical about. Cimparing, yet comparing them contrasting them pointing them out obasically objectifying, but I have oqualms qualms about objectifying, the male penis that it's thorreally objectifying, it's just noting, reembryslease me Ma Broseaue, I don't Khan. I think it so Kae to do that with boots eg. As in as you knot like those are, allos. Are God I poirty an now we're not doing that. What? If some of these a venuss were gross, I noted I Bacate Akilaiae, Walld, Emver and teasing he but
Phrasy, how much variety there is in the Peepy department. I Ri Din'T, see too that looked alike. I think fun, isn't it Gord nerve rack? I mean no. I think it's fine, because I think you can get pleasured by many different types, Rite, so doesn't need. Is na like oh, no, that's not one! That's goin to Doin! It's not the size of the boat at the motion of the ocean, so so Manyes folks might really be thrown down between the shea that 'is right I'll get anyway. So the tree the trees, two twenty six. I think you extra like the number two twenty six you should, because they addep to hand UN that is really less a lo. An now meh, although Titou for, is an ideal number because its U two even number had been add up to the third number: that's switches, MEM, the most able number and then those two numbers together. Oh That's right,
Oh ogate som trees until two thousand thirteen Methuselah in Anmes. bristle conpine was the oldest known non clonal organism on earth. Howled will Methusla still stands it as of two thousres seen at the ripe old age of four thousand eight hundred and forty eight oh wow in Ight mounds of California in Yo National Forest. Another Cumpine and the Ary was discovered to be over five thousand years old. God is at cool erical, but also not ten right, but which is really quick. I'm was this for the oldest currently, an or other Erther in Falsal wreckors are an older tree. No, I think an inchi rissel. This whole thing is what led to me texting, Brett, Winestein to say why do things die orray now d? He just coneg, give me the technical terms for what
means like aging and dying, which wasn'teally helpful as it is conceivable like THA treason example. If it could live five thousand years wo, I cann't live a millionaire yea an Inth, If your cells are making Identical CUP of themselves. Why couldn't that go on indefinitely? you were an animal that had the mutation of living forever? What would be the downside to that? You could sign your jeans. It seems like it'd, be rewarded over Time Why is there an animal? Is that why do we die? I mean I don't know why it took me. No forty four to ask this question. That's interesting! There's no reason I mean other than over population that we'd kill each other, but that doesn't that whatever effect under the jeans that had mutated and allowed something to live forever. It wouldn't impact because those genes, you could still pass on indefinitely. I guess an less like that had
NFER. I don't know hover many Canery Ines, but now even at that or at seven billion world wide population, even if that, if people had been living forever from you know, twenty five thousand b c, it wouldn't have added up the seven billion Why what is the fact that they live forever? What did the die off? Isn't the huge contributor to the seven billion people? It's like the mass for quantity rate will give it its if you never die than you constantly procriating, then Wen Detily have more than seven billion people would have more. I'm de saying there was such a small population that surely some animal could have lived for a in three thousand years before over population Human issue. While yet that's what I'm saying yes! So in in the geological record, we should find something that lived for three thousand years or something I don't know. I guess there's a mystery here. I'm willing to insert God just yet, but there is a bizarre it. You know what it feels:
to ITALY right, like you're, going well or divorce, we'd have to die and decay, but now that if something can make a perfect copy of itself, there is no reason that should start to generate I mean I've been trying to isolate what turns on the genes that make your, alas, to city and all that all the signs of aging the study of gerontology all its, but that in their turn, isolate what urn Zhat on and why does it start making not an identical copy, but Whit is assume that that Processe, no took place in the animal and Yeucas currently, if, if you're going through my toses right now, you should be making a perfect copy of yourself on every Sel be so you should stay this age for ever. Then. Why can't you an we're going all old, makes sense. Sanscas. All we've ever observed in our lifetime is things that are born and die so makes a ton of sense to us that that happens, but there isn't a great explanation of why it wouldn't be
evolutionarily Advantageouso just live for ever. Why couldn't that be a mutation? Maybe I don't know I'll as my doctor ask your doctor from he might know, but we I bred in, and I got a push him and I can Akem speak more and late lay terms for me this intrance. Could he just hit me with a bunch of multislabic words: to look them up, and I was like okay. Well, he just kind of restated my question. I technical manner like manner the politician. Does question he wanted to be asken. You dress for the weather. He wanted not whetherway. There is no way I am strike against Broa. We now we love frit, oh so you talked about the study of Japan eight years ago, guys aren't listing sexes top five things are going after two thousand fifteen, there was a report on the Japan, family Planning Association, shockingly few people in the land of the r
Ingsun AR doin at oh Fontitle, Dat. That was from vice, I think, go that makes Morse. And while that wasn't the title, but that was a line an a culker anyway, but Yed. It's salt, Tril, Bulke grad that holds up here, dot. Think that's aho. That was all would he think of the boner tha penis light see these sound Wakeling Dave said that he uninterraboned I his prick tic her end stuff and hat he woud catch his wown reflection in the mirror, wonder whose penis was on him, the ship chould guise. We not care about that. What should they do it? I think this goes back. To am hey whatevera feel confident. I like. I would never tell us some one that a got a Bress augmentationey shouldn't know that in I hurry are you doing your heel, confident an in help? You love yourself than fine, a cars, so gas. You could argue why? Why not let a guy or alonggay in the Wat's late as peppy park. I agree, although
inevitably they're going to run into a situation where they just made it to darn, big and they're, going to find out the hard way. That's too much dong for gals and then someone's going up to create a shrinking machine, glad to return the peopy back on Loney? I shrunk the shrink Hod. You need to srink your s waz yeah I mean so wejust. Did this episode of mom's plaining that Wast really interesting? I learned so much Hura foremost, I learned that of a Gina means Sheat a Woll rye, which was Brandu an Ation, I loved it ye. Also they
at's where a man should store his sword. Us a sword comes out of the Shar or a knife come plain as howly were it started, so there's a a tool that you can use. You can put it at the end of your penis hooker, it's kind of like Ame turtle, neck fror, penis all put at the top on her, but it's Ikescilli con Coune. Ah, so, if your iffer penis is too big, basically like you, don't go to Deep. Why I get stops it bate fo, like stops your souls from going all the way, it's a governor, what we will call in motor sports as a governor on the engines. We put it's a coct governor. I gather the Guvnor. I don't know what hi got. I don't Knowa that means, but it does not bhe. Anreve to as our pound, so you can go too fast, yep! That's what this
wow YE, Indi Christen say she thought I needed it D. She didn't ow vammer AA a art. Well, I love you and I dthinks Fthis Vonfield tray. I know so. Fine howt people feel like they traveled dearin it. They did budur. They travelled all over the place in the attic in a trai In a second trailer, I hanging on my eyes hanging out. Wardrobe changes is hang on tiger Agany Aburldwalma, all the rich, rich woods, materials, OM. I love every one levier you gie ao, good, Tob BO.