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Duane "Dog" Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter is an American reality TV star and bounty hunter. Dog sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss why he joined the Devil's Disciples, how he got the name Dog The Bounty Hunter and his longest hunt. Dog talks about his connection to Tony Robbins and Dax sees many similarities between Dog and his dad. The two talk about being in public-facing marital relationships, building armor to cover trauma and creating moral boundaries within immoral situations. 

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Who, at the dog's up, who rot dem dogs, Outah, under the arms Aire expert. Well, come my lought to sing that song at the beginning, Verin Tro. Why not will the people on who light the dogs oull go? I come on. You know your sayinyor whole shows we let the dogs out no oocame, the Baha man 'll be foundd, it that's the Bahamen Ol CAE Grat won Bomboneply, not at the Haf to the Baha boys. In the reason, a thing it is because dog, the Bouny hunters are Guesterday yea, er first expert on Bounny, honey. Ah man, you know you also cod the say alotta songs, Yelsing, another hen you're at a ye ah wants his new purses Undoge Da Wou, as get B. I kghogt your in do ain't nothin, but a hound dog pain of the Mo Hom Doniana, a I and no, the ter, the
he is hunting, that's a great sog for YE. I don't think the words are hut. No, I added Hut Noyoeiy, ninth, an he keep kin numb. We just say right of the gates, if you're on the fence about lising, a dog bounty on her cause, you've seen him bus, Thogh doors and staff, really rivalling my favorite guest of all time. It was one of my faith, its really love it's up there with my mom's Interviewa Wa Ye. I later admitted to you Ike I've kept rese. Ching ay. Now I reas freally gone down a real dog hole. I love him so much. I really like im. I really fell us talking my dam several times. Yer minded giv, you da. I guess we should say well as for the fact Chek they're long in Trobe, but anyways doged about a hunter he's so much more than you could ever imagine, but it what a beautiful ride we took. Oh, let me add one thing his son was with us and not not Leland or Timble. You know from the show
some that he was strange from for years and so the sun was there and the sunkind. I got to hears dad's story for the first time hour, was a really touching moment as well Ther to please enjoy mean dog are goin down a tale. Graf RO rid now get a good deal. O was a local commercial, n, Detroifers sahaha come on dog, ah and please Enjoya dog, the Bountyg on her. This bogcast is brought to you by cash AP. The Cashap is the, most powerful way to sin span and save your dino cash app is the number one finance app in the app store. What you might not know is that you can also book cash app in your wallet with the cash card. It's the Lydebit card that offers instant rewards and comes packed with premium features. Not even a credit card can offer like booths. You can get up to ten percent off your entire purchase at Dordash and even save every time.
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Rgenon Propet Organization that recruits strains and support volunteers make a difference in the lives of children. Ad true wind wind, please don't load the Cashap to day perty, please he's! No chance ban is not so Asbe o, oh goodness Dog, the bounty Hunter. I Gant Day. You would never remember this, but I have only approached a celebrity. I thig twice in my life, and one was you you were with Beth eating summer on Lasi in a gan I was with Kirston an was like only got its dog and we went outside while you were. I kdnown your grabin a smoke. Can, I think, o we came out there and I disintroduced myself to super ly. Very clear. Ye had no clue who I was, which is great, but one of Uds. Maybe two people off approached had just had the me
I remember no, I absolutely remembercause you did good morning, America or something or the view or one of those and your wife was some aw everybody's get a divorce with you ha haa, hawis life and T told my huring death, fair, Luv, T Theah ha Chrusis. I can't Levme. Remember it absolutely! I non remember everything for I nowd those things jest ye on the same way, but I dl' has for picture the Amy but I hu up an hide goods up. You know because a ye like Te Hereer he also en up to make taste tin. No, my Flic Tyc came up to me. I then then went up to him the next week and he'd threatend to kill me, but that the Haaw Everahence, hi, initiated He'Sa, GA he's good friend of Mite, so he is immen. My body guards sunny Westbrook wer get a box together heavy o, no kid her o whow. Now you know when I enter people. I generally ill read their Wicapedia page and ill watch from interviews
down. You have the most interesting Wy Copeting a pitch of ever Don in up right about three hundred of em at this point now, Yoatto make me rect ha ha ha. What an incredible sto, I mean what an incredible story so on Youer Denverio. Yes, sir and dad was about bonds, no but we wan to he. What my daddy was a belbonsban after I became one. Oh, he was yes Ocase the had been in the military right. Maybe Naisie was a heavy weight boxer in the Navy O K, that's really in Tres. Yes, He was in Careea rived Correct, and so what did he do when he left the service? But when you were grown up, what it dad do beat me a lot tell ca pever if he was welder and had killed people. You know in the ship BEA in war, I had how my doubt was his father would tie him up in the wood shed and use a razor strap so that show they were so instead of the razor strap used, a belt or board on me, ha ha Bac
my thighs in the butt and dad was this kind of guy. I brought one of my bosses to Hawaii, and so he saw the craans in my boss said: Yan I to kill these people? I just can't take it and I thought a great as dad's comin in two weeks, aha, and so my dad landed. We re, iving home and he goes to that say: Kury an Barbercue I go Yago's son. I've got a stop there and I went in and dad started Bing High and talking Caree, an oh Rikly, and I'm like I didn't know that she spoke Reany goes while I don't use it much son, a ha Ha Denver Yeosiala that my dad was TAT Canegae t was the one in the deads that would talk to you about the war. Would not no, he woals, if he will askin for US ships. Ye he'd, like I don'tt. Remember that but and he'd answer right. My
was native American, an half breed Apache Okhai at Churcaa. My father I found out three years ago was not my real dad ho ant so body's my daddy Shar. Did you do at twenty three mear, something I you mindi ot? My sister got really ill and soon passed, my little sister and before she passed while she dropped the bomb on me, then I'd never ever ever knew. I didn't, but I used to say you know the this will hurt you me more morn it does you and I'd say? Are you my real dad? What the hell I go to my mom and who was my best friend and save man? This is terrible and that fourteen din with my grandfather and then at fourteen half. I was an emancipated minor and I was like all my own, so my Gramp, get really mad, but I went to school to shower and the bruises were so bad. They called the cop palmagosh and, of course, back denthi. My dead said I spanked ivit cause the o CVE make
cool ho. I had get a Ria way to keep im in line, but she was the first native American Christian in America. Basically no kinny as she was a minister Yoht she well. She Dever a she. Touhed Day School and she played the piano and organ by everything. My mom I wanted to go, beat ye Brieyed at sixty what could wee atberia. She couldn't wait to get their onice trying to stall. As long as I can der, but Dat's a mam was so so were you de de de Mant. Tochurch a time when Ary, I god I'd, o siing and teach Sunday's school and testify, and every time somewhat happened. That's a great testimony, sir, I've got to Fook for Wednesday night a a it's a neat foundation for being a performer on some level. I thank you. Ulhimatly right ye have he's learned a like jus live allowed and share your story and give it away it's kind of becomes a habit. Yeah right, speak of that I was probably
teen or fifteen and got well thirteen and got away from that, so I immediately grew whatever this is that you can't speak in front of PEO, because you cry aha o by luck. I met Tony robins in eighty one, but through the F B AE, and so he sould come to Texas, the capital and I swied Neer. back to Texas Cause in seventy nine. I left after eighteen months and you know where all youring again into Thane and so I'm like a k, an I said, I'm sorry. I can't do that an easlyke. What will pay so much in e? No, not ala, thback than it was sure I went on to Mon ies, when you leave it a Han this. My grandfather raised me by saying. Let me look at your signature I had as showed Hi Minico's grandson. You need to write that where people could read it cause, I'm going to tell you some day, you're goin, to be signing autographs. That's only a people walk up to me and say:
grab your autograph instantly. I think I see your grand every time so anyway, Tony Robin, so I get up there. It is seven. Seventy five hundred people like see them. Cous word the stage and the curtains tarts rolling up like the up alright kind of look in Ennigo's Kaywork an and talk, there's two stools out there and I'm like Binoa Sha ha. I I sell, if you do, that, I'm a crime for a logs people goes while cry. We don't care that makes it better. U h id I like, if what the hell and all of a sudden, as we start speaking that went away, then I worked for him from Eighty one till about ninety seven users, o a speaker, I hought most of his benches. I was a freak in nature. Convict gone bad wrike, the asked which meant I was good. Why an so? I used to never told thank you by any cop or anybody now am but back then, and so my mom would say just wait. Te get to Tony, and I mean they
thank you in love on you, so I would like do his. Ny Boundies, as I could just to get the Tony Robbirs to think of the stories. Iwars can say how so a him Martincheene I met who changed my life, how Rea you know of all people cause. I know Yon Sover, Yeh Wel who you hang around with you actually become a lttle that or not but Iftr this guy, what you want the so Martin Chine had that. So I just hooked up with them, and it was incredible so yeah, so I'm going back to dad, because might it was not that severe menus only rentals three, but we would have these these contests of will that I just I was happy to die rather than give him the satisfaction of me Cryine or me Grery Cabings, a wondering when was doing that. What was your response to that? Well, I became good salesman, because the bacon didn't him to stop hiating ha, I'm telling it here and
icried. He would say like yours, quick, crying and if I didn't cries like oaken, he take it. He again that this will hurt mea does you and then I'd look on his face and he had gripmed his teeth and lookin rom and so I would just pray interesting were kind of fum, even the you TE me- I got a geni'm in one of the last generations, for that was a thing right that, ACA, you know or a can, ve se. Ours now be Awell an they used. This bear the rods boil a child, so biblically speaking they doing the right. Thank Shar, you know a, but now, of course you know My only other day, my youngest is 18th, and I said Gary: if you don't stop, I don't beat the hell out it and he's Coi, Haddela, Gat, NI, Wer, Wonn feeling. I hav to happen ha been as Apict Og Bsaac I shiphock as we did have that orgoogle he so now you know having that kind of a rough enough experience with dad that you would wantago live with Grandpa it its
a shock to me that at sixteen then ye join the devil's disciples correct because, honestly, if this the world. These are the rules, the join in the group that says Fugk the world thought the rue of Fuc DE lawyer, everything wrere it I. I know how this system works and I'm a victim in this system song and adjoin another one. Well, the brotherhood to the brother bikers or brothers like Military Maraines Army namy their brothers- and I love that I loved the Comaraderie, the love of the brotherhood Swayg at twelve kids behind it kept may nbecause Thogh another. When I get to love in another one and another than most of all of em, but the on in jail, is with me around me all the time so yea, that's really. Why join was the girls h They like them Harley boys back char, especially in early seven right. My god, don't know you know it great,
Brotherhood, the Comaraderie yeah, you know, so I too sought out a group of guys who it's so weird. I now recognize its like that. It's the last thing I wont for a son if I had one by and it wasn't really get approval from dad so, I really wanted sto mal approve on. I find these groupog guises were the crazier. The thing you could do was a bigger display of love am write to you like we had tesbilt in, like I, you know air lips Tabar, I'm first into swing. That's how I show you I'm there for you, even the guise Biggor Algino, these acts of of self sacrifice to really get a sense of all night. This guy loves me right, and it's just kind of an intoxicating display of love and so counter intuitive h. The acts themselves are not loving.
Thor. Iher generally violent or death define or drinking too much or doing to any drug all that stuff prek. But it was these little tasks of being a member of a tribe that excluded most people case IY. Couldn't do these thingsr I wonder if that was part of the appeal as well exactly and is some still that way with Love Hawaii. I moved there because it's nice weather their natives but, as I said, hello, hello. What is that mean? I love you. I you mean ad love you in another word that don't mean I love you ha and so I'd say to people love you, because I mean that right, er, don't you feel the same though ow ideal? Yes, I do her's, not too many of US brother pie a I love it. Now. You join this Monorlikea Club, which the devil's disciples are real club on It is at some real bad bossover and in specially Michigan, where I'm from Lio, you know I copied it down and sent to my best for an errands like the last buz head, some like six hundred
Nsthree an arounds, a Animel, a pound and a half o math, one thousand oxica Pitleza. How thirteen thous in cash, and I was like, oh, that that used to be safety, all those things that feel safe, like Oer, good, for we were not allowed to do myth because it's the snitch drug, as you know, ay on Corea when they captured our g eyes. That's what they gave him to tell everything: kitning. I know that's or you a you yet rel honest on he areal honest o we're doing math. You know you're out you're completely in its rises me that there are thirteen outlaw clubs in America, the debt, one per centres- they call it. The devil's disciples- might be still but were so. It surprises me that they would allow or any organized crime unit allows the metheds to come in because they can't help it. It's not they're all rats it at the
drug makes you talk and makes ya rat and makes you yea. As so will they could ajust been sell in it not using it? I suppose, cause they. They tore on three labs as well, Thea Michigan. What city were you in when you join Well, I joined in Phoenix Arizona, but they thought I was nineteen cuz. I had a choice, I think as fifteen starting out and then add fake id you could do right a more cycle, opf fourteen ivolicense than I got used. U ry camerasd made the greatest idea you could ever pollustion and a they didn't find out ever that I was under age cause. If I was a herage. They raided the club house, which is the house where they all stay. Then they could went to Gelford O contributing to the delinxy of minors was very scared about them. Anybody ever finding out, ah came sergeant of arms. Oh you were are yo all that I t knowt as like you where it's that Sfight starts I'm in their yea and my daddy was about
or train me. I stop boxing in ninety one I went to the pros won the fighting inthe last one in quit. Hah has the blood pressure, and so I could throw it out. An I took by Dadto got to be a black Brucely was my hero. Ah hows I Coan throw down still- and I used to that. So I was there that my pres at my club, said in a week. I got a nickname when I got my collars, my patch, and they NI call you dog, and I was like her Sid. You want't know why an I go. Yak ost Nunder one, your man's best friend now er you're. Always there number three talk about God, so much or Gan, the name and ha od. I call your God Pilld back Ratah a ha. I told Mim im she's liked it till you said that I hated an ha ha ha ha her, so so to sue the whole ride through the Disciplesyou ill were very religious
religious, but I had a conscience. You still believe, oh yeah I'd say: prayers cuz, some of the food I'm like. Oh, my god, we don't say the bus getting. This were asking for trouble yeah. So I did stuff like that or said things that you know, like I do now that kind of moral. I 'm not like, for instance, a Wednesday work. They're going to rob houses do home, burglaries where they sneak in just get the money. I go, I'm not Doug sin church a Yo'Ll dug, I'm ot doin that that's Wednesday night because are in church no way e id like. I want to ride. Mahog withthout Boll tires blowin out. Ah so stuffed like that, I would sey Rit lest there isn'ty teresting. You can have like a code with them ye ternative code. I was one that kind of fascinating draw your own lines, yer la Carvit, one and still moral cause. I have these roles RD in his frife and I'm cause. If I were l from your show, which I totally watched and loved you used to have a diction, is SHO's yet
Are you never dead? I came Mama past ninety six she's my best best friend and lad. This girl from that said Cure Richard Priyer did this? Ah, and I go what is it is a pipe in a long cotton and in some Alcol's different brand and took one it a your later, unlike like got any watch. Superable, ah ha free base O bia was like holy ship cause, hey liked, not one four girls. You know, for while this Tuff is unbelievable, Exspanish fly ha ha rever. We were kept right so and then a bath came and said your smoking crack. I go bll an anwahawaiian Hawaiian been in Hawai since eighty nine and when the cracked epidemic kit I never really heard of it. Y Hongles will, let me tell Yot so she wee me and cquit a battle o bit but other that
Cocane was e, rich man's drug. So we didn't do it. I wint it a lot of Ut Downers like Red I suck in all qualu Queludir ad sure, elives at crazy, a we bive Ellise Thealot Mushrooms, strong enough. Unca had I alway saw Red KN, er good illisis that we could buy a Matc. Work and in Ocpulco Gold, and he got a buzz today. It is like woe. Might you see here in the Spirit where after a good joy. Every decision is that much in part, as is hesitant as in the other chemical stuff, bright young ones. Even scarier is that when you were getting quite leads in the eighties, they were quite leads made in Switzerland now, when people by what they think is actually NER viked in their buying sentinel, China and the dose could kill you. It could kill an elephant, it will have nothing in it. It like it now. It's it's such a mine field for young people doing drugs. I Cano feel bad for them. Beore the Fetnall
I learn all the time o k, and so I had Garry boys, eighteen so he's now on bounties with us. Ah, and so we were shooting and Wen our nutials and W G in every Wedncesdy, the I washer last Nightnd trowing. Your lies like that: Ye Lovedey Jure AI, absolute Ank, Yoat Stri SA I went a kit a pad and there's the dope was across the counter and im like whil. What is that they want to push it pile and Gary boys like that, dad don't cops. Are there don't touch out his fetnolly AE? my dad's a little older out of the room right now. We got this thing at a six foot for two hundred and sixty five built just like best daddy. So that's why I left biga Little Roarr he's little Beth. We call it a ha AR a a sae cops. I kimet Sanago sorry goes Doggets O K, an ambulance driver
came the other day and Whel call him first responders IA and this guy was tweeking out two doors down on Fetnal. He went in the yard. Almost I did die later. The am the the here died too, because the guy was all sweaty and as he Digd Te Mile it wept through and they the guide died. The day after from the Ah meam we mo o oh tha, Dhat PO the great, the great Amavarth, a couple documentaries on recently. They show a penny. The head of a penny and there's a little dust on the panel right UN, in covering one thousandth of the penny and its as this dose can kill an elephant, Oy it theys showed on Sixtey minutes a bag that was Ab Elegat arm says a Zeplak bag said this. This bag could kill the city of Saint Louis well did Michael Jack Sin Nie o that fot we died of Prope Propofal,
a kind of same but lobbies Wall Year, but this this this fat gnaws like a thousand times stronger than heroin, such as the tiniest, what a bit like measuring microns and yet it is crazy, dangerous, the stuff they give it drains withdrawing. We, Merceda SH give a shot. When you see that, what's it called oh, the Thatno the Nordic in Mexico. They have added the fetnah to the dope so that that don't work rights you believe that he saw that even if he hit him with it, it kills em r loaf, I mean you know ea, that's the craze is the ordy of heroine. Rinbu then then cut the heroine up, five Tis and they had a little fat and then empty stronger than the pure hair as its bonkers. What's going on Oi'Ll, let be up so I want to know obviously the devil's disciple it takes the turn that you've talked about many times am you are with a friend who goes in to do Rugby Elam resuming and then he shoots the guy in
n to getaway car you get convicted for first to GR murder and terres correct. Just tell me really quick cause. I feel like I've in situations where I'm in a car- and someone goes in really thinking about this or that and then all of a sudden reality like a light switch clicks on like o fock, I'm in one of those stories where ant will go to prison wrigt s out of the house, do you or do you think, all were fogged or de think we own my up? We pull up. Pe goes, gets bag aparth sawed off underneath his jacket? We don't know it. We hear bun like Dat or like the the hell. He comes out his hand, is all bloody. An the shot gun did that bottom piece on it. So when it went off so allegedly according to him in the jury. He pulled it out and Poin
Atad him, and he grabbed it. So it hit him in the shoulder right here ray. Ah so were I I'd look at my brother's hander Donny's Han. It's all bloody. I sould get him to the Pampa Hospital right now, so a I silicit drop me off at home. First to yea first, he goes. I hit him in the shoulder and I go what I and the shoulders can became you got him Saba. I got him. I had the gun, eight where's, the gun. I left it there. I go blew up in my hand, I said, take me home. First I get on the nce his form, Dememor, LOS that you hang a. the wall? Oh yeah, I call nine one one. You know they couldn't track you back then, and as I hung it up, it didn't hang up. I'm telling my first wife Leland, Doin least mom. What happen
aover there, o guy Dohnny shot the Oha. He is no, I Hephop, so they hear it all. So I GT I go over there and I'm standin out and get a detective love and who is now my body, these eighty five resolds still a cop and Stubblefield, who is also a copper standing there and they bring him out in the bstretcher and he goes. It was the devil's disciples and they looked at Mingo. Oh really, And Jerry looked up at me cause I knew him right, ha ha and I he said was it dog and he goest no dog wasn't here was his brothers, I thi. Thank you. Jesus I her so I get in the car. They drive him away. Six ah m. In the morning the alarm goes off case. I worked at oil, fillet Vas, it a driver who- and they said a the devil's disciples are being sought for the shotgun sling masker last night of Jerry, Oliver nineteen Sixty Prairie drive Sthirty six years old, o my god
n ten he waz on, oh, yes, so the rest to be right away. Ecause a ran out the door in the coppiseire, and I go who you look a for for these like shake it all over these ye you these don't move for what I said. You know and I knew anyway, as can a beat it cause. I didn't go in the house for ride and see the shooting. So take me Porky, so they me a jail a. I got bailed outstay, a year when trial and because back then, today day it's not the same. I did not call the police that associated there's is during before Afterin Texas and some five there's- your guilt, as the guy, so dam, first degree, murder, bome and there's no Probati for that, it's five o ninety nine, and so I got the smallest Ckl five years and off I went to Texis Department, Atcorractions O. U,
Aldrio twenty two. Twenty too, a little and in your mind, are you thinking I could and up in there for twenty years. I could end up there. I mean it turned out that you're in every year and a half Rount eighteen months. I thought there give me forty cause all the covics and the cells, a dogginging about for o eh hush shadded frilly, and I thought this is the end of my life right. and when I got the Nicholas, I shall thank you Jesus here. You'll see your care. Yet I was fine and everything was great. So I thought this is o five. An ten a hed takes is peittentionly. Oh, my god can't doif, I Nigver, Ever I'm er escaping Bahng, a LU while Yeank, and now you have eighteen months to think.
I guess I'm curious when you make a decision that you know what brotherhood of side I got to. I got to choose a different path. Is that to Tony Robbins, or is that in dog mean in prison or when does this happen, prisons and I'm in prison? I start meeting these guys there like dog Hasebell Was- and I went Douby easy. Thank you. I go Silellaha Davie, who you ridin TAC. My on my Galemme hop you do. This, then, are different things in people. Me and what does that mean in the Bible? I'd explain: it rank ceserves no bibles in prison, o anerately no nal, you dont convicted. get a hill, Fouw and whout. They would have been like on every horn, county, jail, none and so I see the sky, I'm in the fields, Chopp a cotton and they're. Like you know, this is work and I carried sod when I was a kid
which is a hard job, an I'd like Shi you guy's, never seen herberk. Oh my god. Do you take an aggy o a ho and Tae shop and then you chop cotton, then you make me them big. Smakim Littler YE let hold Aana at worst so CUP weeks in there. Oh, my god, it was so bad. I Hisguiance all starches white. We all wore White Texas is the only self sufficient prison in America. Bood clothes, everything grown there. So he was all of it was starched up an I'm luckin an if Wy Thack was going on their talked to him with respect a o. Who is that they go? That's the wardens! Barber! Oh no, sheer I said on which times he got he's short. That means he's ready, Leav. how much he said a cup once he's out of here. Who's got the job. Anybody, dear Ward, I used to gut hair in the work free world. Can I have the job at a Khris, Iddow,
ever got a her cut. Rase have I had to have that job ear, so at Blong Story Short, I became barber. This is one of th. Things unite share in common. That's a! I also cut her. Oh, do YO, Hair Geageriti, Anny II use to cut all my friend's hair, starting in seventh grade. An Indian can final Inin them time, but so wit do the guards re hoso. Then they start talking to me and then I stort an of them, and then I start Seein, God them like them. Es Terble were right with you, dog were in prison, Toagoyevitchket to go home. I your wife. Here I fought a girl fren I got to go home with. I would live here hi. I Aden that Ho Otter as skill to Tis day I hunk. If I could go home to mirow lady, I would live there because the the brotherhood as like, we are your really searching for family. Well, we got it here to in Hollywood, I was thiy is as my second chance to go through high school and, like everyone the Tenaia Der Areli stay too for more
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game. It's a great way to take an even more spontaneous trip, because you never know what you're going to get some of their best deals are available via daily drop. One daily her person, Ot avail won all destinations, so starts in amazing deels, with daily drop at hotel to night doc, come or down load thee up to day Mater anyway, I'm working in the barber shop which is outside the prison main gate. So a big foot, my friend Siye eighteen or twenty bprograme boot, this big his mama dies. Now I was the inmate Counsillor counselor, so I had to go to those guise and Saya D. You know OU big foot, your Mamma just passed, but I was busy so lords, like all those of my still alive take one step forward, not so fast, William.
He told ah o my ja, they're walking him out with handcuffs put him in the hole soon, as your people die toy put. You me, after a protection services, call Hatle Calle rabbit. You grow rabbit. You run ad, put Yiin the hole for forty Eagnt hours Leef. So, as 've got quotely putting big foot the hole fortright and I saw up- we member od, the names up boss, Espinosa come out backwards like that and FA out of the door. He come running shew. He couldn't run so I'm looking at my hear thirty thirty rifles in the turch burze I'd like go my God they'r Goin, to kill big foot, and I took out after a a ha I brun in Runnin DE can't run. I got barely got his pat leg pulled it. He goes down all this sun behind me Lieutenant Hilegust. I have spoken to him ecause. I had to put this in the book a ha and he erified it and he is the meanest cu in the world.
Aklandsome feeler a good man, oh, but it is direct o, my god, so he throws the Cufs in the dusty, goes hook him up bounty on and I'm like. Oh I'm, sorry lieutenant get out of my way and hooks him up. So I start Tok us I go into the cells right back to population and the Boardin Cosby goes Tam. you're such a good barber. We got to transfer you and I go why that he ran an inmate down dog that don't kill you, so he was afraid Te Nonnay that there's the other varsiner F Runnin down to Guit. Ah Scis Si Wardendo Ino a may make it overnight I'll be or it's gloomy. Let me talk hes like well, we'll see, but pack chip shit right right, Fedtoe K. Why why'd you do that in my shoes Ank Guy Brawnie was black. Also and Roney was in there and
help me's like the you, I hav Redy haw it well es e the man Runi en so rones by me an there. Likewise, you do it. You know he's black. As when ronigos eh he's Hav Apache it'll give a ship Dyou do you say: go kill big foot ad. He just ran I got up in the morning. There were envelopes, damp cigarettes, boot. You use and wham as candy bars and the warden called me right. Then again he goes Buggog You got a love offering son a higgo. Your bread is butter. O Whyi in wew. So so they recognize it. As you save a Lor dog, the bounty hunt who was board, that was your ears guy Eddie Rifle until and then people start call me the theater. Oh, let her my favourite shows Wa Sky King, who was that mast ater the Lone Ranger A on a dead or alive now those fewr young, but those this shose. I grew up with. Oh, I won
That's that so bad! I really do think I'm Batman, and so that's what fluenced, my life, and I started looking and reading him that they were all had a past. They all a traumatic experience and then their good guys. I go hole, my god. This fits me right. Deh, some tell Orden one day af. What he's the big warden of all the farms came in Ward and Jacka, because I had a reputation that he cut hair. Aha Aone, I was cut the words Thare Negizet or tell me about this murdered thing. Did you catch you? Ife with another man, only five years right, the ACS as he was allowed to do that in the fifty Ansirty sure. So I tell MIS ry, so he's lookin appy little stranger. I have no idea. What's going on is mine. I get ten Ser go to Mycell. The goons squad comes an gets mean, throws me in the hole. I go on a on the home for guys they go lyin to the warden next day they come get me put me
the warden in the major the words like he didn't lot at me. Did you said no, sir? But what that story? We called sheriff Roof Jordan. He told me the exact same. He did the hell you doing in here dog. I said I don't know: mix it well tell everybody good by February, sac at Ground dog's days by birthday February. First, he told me that February six, a gimmie check Oter buoks an good luck. Why? What are true now Dis'Mey help me write my first book. So Disny is the factor ha ho. I add WR less it enough fad to get Everyo. Only my life would hold up to fact Exscrutiny to be hah. What thany thi I I have believed you would believe him a records are really are Ye Ave, your life right when you're in that systers, so I went to the post tip, came to Denver Bomman, Dad Againh and
m to call. Rather the parol cause Texas said getting out o here. We don't want him in Texas, and so I went. I told my down the story. Dees, like king you know you can't get a driver's license. Can you rent an apartment? You can't do nothing like. I apply for a job. Are you convicted felon? If it were Sgust well kept by the Wod as a big fat yean. He had her hat, I already rolled the budge up like Mc Ketse, a first greeb burder, but I didn't do it: Ary Rileh to the Heg Shure so at to the post office and got the top tin dit. You know Dabts, where the used to so about two weeks later I get a guy on the phone run, a jive on him see what prisonies from get his Mama get him o, my goding, so you really quit you didsn't ye jest start Bouny hon you don't what, with his earning like, do apply for a license IDA and was Seveinde nine. Eighty there were notes. There was three Papa Thorn. Thatman and the lone Ranger. That's all there was no
the old, so I order a badge right from the police supply store and I go in there itd it you know. Right, then, is when long hairs were under covered narks right right. The allasma batch I said I like this one though, and he's like Lookin Recantrieng, because Wood Gira, I did ' twenty seven one o ninety seven haw, trizon number. Ah, I knew that that I could remember that rang rise steal my badge number to day, o real o ya, twenty seventy sailed, quick neck of and Engudat in Indigate. cause. I have a very thin understanding of it. Generally, some one gets arrested, they get. in jail. The Bell get set Wut. Sarah Ten thousand dollars a across the street to the bail bonds place the bail bonds, people
guarantee, ten thousand dollars of person is in sharp and you probably paid two hundred dollars or foreign nausea per cent. Timbers that ok see you would pay a thousand dollars gray and they're gonna guarantee this ten thousand. As long as you return for your court date correct and in so often people dont returned to their core day correct in now that bail bond service is going to be out nine thousand dollars. Ten thousand you're still pilled Te Thikthing. Then they get a grand Othe Ronk Dalls your feet to Barl the Bunny out o KI, like the bank, is twenty one per cent your tent outi dawn. The court will sey of Niney days before we cast that check. So if took collateral. The bonds was like you went to put up M your house for you, Bay and then they took the collateral, so the bondsmans not ever supposed to lose a dime orittle. Then they called me. Abraham, Lincoln, signed the bill. I ho that not one ailer verses Tainter is the law and go state to stay cross city lines? You may rest on the Sabbath, you don't need ta warrant, you kickin doors and I mean back. Then it was
than to day certifications, ofcer, training, school, so much stuff to become one right. Here I tell people go at the AG, Anitciesra Noathasy, but esies the education. So then Anellher ball you're securing a thousand dollars a that that the Mercenet Wasa Arrestedr, what are they given them? The ball bonds, an back then an broy wasn't a set thing as ye as Saf oo Statlock temper cent. He gets to keep o o Kate, so you're sobasically for a ten thousand dollar thing, Youar in it for a thousand. If right, yet a right, a person si, then they a get him. I pay. I get the guy pay me a thousand or fifteen per cent a kas, sometimes ejacted up AUS. I knew they had clateral back. Then it was still to day Et'Th Sixty Grand a hundred grand not so much the bonds they run on the bigger ones run. So you make good money when you catch him right, and how long was it taking in general Foree to track some one down
Couldyeven say there was a standard five days. Most ten is the longest. Sixty one Ander Stuart Leuster Roea Echworker yer ye you're, not Monocy, N Iselt Bewhin. I was a voking story UA. I wish I had you for three day LL did not Wor. I, Sir ha ha ha ha ha, so you jest start doing it. Then you am you build a pretty good career for yourself, an your wn. I start doing it and I'md, like you know, I'm in a die like this. This is o k, so I started doing it. Eh Methee up be aye, as some guye shoots it out. I count the shots to stand up a a Rick, its me dog, Tod by God, Deve at Gavano to PAC man's up, Popetigo's shoot and kill you, ah a so he comes out. They go wow! You sail like the guive. We just took target lesson. from his name is Tony Robins, but he don't curse like you. Do e ha ha know next day the FED Callme said Tony Robins was to meet you auwau, so I Goll meet this. Ye YE, o God and He'Sl
You remind me a lot of him o vor. He straight to the point. He loves your dant ah and he was very nice to be said. You'r going to come. I want you to speak till. Tell me Te Doria. Do God I get have you. Ah, I want you to speak Gright, and so I did so and whe we watched his documentary. I got to say prior to watching his documentary. I guess I'm just anybody who got anybody followed them, unlike others, guys pride claiming to have some secret knowledge, no one yet but him, but you ill dull it out to you ve bubble. We watch that document and we were both like first and foremost he's a hundred per cent incere yen as what I on eat is that Oria Eas Honor Presentence here he's absolutely fearless like Hiljust walk right in the audience and some one will say ye know their Falwkin spouse committed suicide two hours ago, Hilkl not fraid of that howl. I talk about that. Yes, so we we left watching that Dockor Marryngon this day, incredibly fascinating person and he does believe what he sayng. Yes, he seems like
Rspecial, Perspy, yes, and I lived like Ke Tot Aa, and so that's what he does I get your mind into that area. A you can do Me really thing you want to, but tony started that if you can dream it, you can have it will the thing I would imagine that would be really empowering as well, knowing not his entire message at all, but one of the things I I gleamed from watching comenary. Wism was thinking of your past. Is thing that happened for you and not to you right and out Imag. With your history and story that could be very empowering well he'd say. Like you know: people like Idlerade swimmer. I de WHI, my career is over am dog. Would you HA an the Letko by God, I'll moo you Jid Hedel Asarm Release that Yan burden. They that I guess, is released from him and their like. If dog can do it, I know I can do it here. Did you think that party yours skill sat
again now. This is something that you could say happened to you or happene for you, which iis. I had a lot of weird step dads and I got good Spidy senses about one shit's about to go one way or another, and if I have a single gift in life, it's that I'm pretty ahead of one shit's about to go sideways, Kay and I'd. Imagine with having a mecurial dad like yours in the fact that your sitting on this couch proves to me that you've had a good rat ar o wind Shit's too much You need to retreat and when you can go in, I think you have a real good sense of when people are starting to get a little shifty. Yes, a hundred percent, my wife would say only but not with women, I'll hand on him, a star, cryn or Sup. Well, do Y really and lips get a knife behind her back. Ah, o Yes, but it's Calchas Earni! What's a got Dezsern! Descern and the Bible says Youk, there's so many gifts of the Spirit and the best one is deserveded and that's you and I do have that. Ah, what Dor they call it now profile
ow O Kaat's. What you and I do Aharether it's physical talking asking hunh cause. We know that Serc there's like ten differ, some towels ye, and then you know what group they fit. It ring that helps me hot. The human pray ask that the profiling the descernment Fastening Sok Okason? Now, let's go to two thousand three KN o GE, so dog is E. Really quick. Prior to the MAX factor case. Had you left Orato or ere. You still know, I'm in Denver Ere an Denver. I'm in eighty eight I went to Hawaii an eighty eight. You went why so I'm back and forth from Hawai to Denvers, and it was curiouss of quickly a did you go on vacation to Sgol. This is the bell. I ran toy Robbis ten day Seve. Oh look he's like you know, you're speaking, but youre join the Seminari CO know Lae Duna. Ah, do not s ef, you are you you're, do that ecause? You need it and I did it more times than anybody else in his old
you're doing a gowl od. Do it again and concude again it cound do it again, then he starked him. His zeals Te Tymficate psychology this man. What does that may be put on the wall yet Ememer on the doctor's off sagoi can print those to put him up anyway, e Ter, a they are Harvard Grant. He made me go and then I hid away and I'm sitting there about four times with him and this a local boy passing the food at a big banquet table, and I got two forks two spoons two knives nicely bellops, not GEN, TI, get fired. To give me to me. Forks and Tonyes sit right there. in Andyviga, one is for salad h, an her knives, a grahocus's, a rich place. Aha ha ha had a he no duck. You werganto me going through Silverwhalle, yes by all that it was Illinto the semonarity and so then the flowers I was in prison So YE had jobs one
holding AB cab still to this day, it's a bit scared heights at one holding these big wires up while the trucks drive out or need them. Unlike lectures, the and hides then it had something that I had Horr a culture and I'm like thoh wow till I go in the class, all these flowers around me and I go lieutenant. What is this it because it's horticulture and I go- I'm not do mess ea hellyer, not what'd, you think it was the go forsehah. I far got em just like the NIN A was it w jure, but as Eht Yora, I got n your taunt to because again tell me: don't ball in love at the first girl that walks up in a way IND, says something nice to you. Notcause you treated like a scum as o a convicts when they, you know from Taxas at least they made a grirl there like us. I thought whilel. This is to teach us how did not fall in love with horse ant. That would actually be a pretty good course to teach Y. Yet
the wind and the Hara Little Eye a turn that class an I took it yes months and past and I loved Alson planning. Flowers. Tony as I took his frick in course, Mayman you can do anything you want. Down on the beach in big island and he's Likeher, you gin to go Dogg a Goatn nope. Why said Kiz I want to stay right here. I mint a be bailbon, in a way I call my Mon Igo mom. Yes, I go OM stayin. I kind of figured you'd like it there mamama started, business, dot, o Leteba and then Toni's like oh come on man. You need to go. I go a fierce shit's real bra I'll. Tell you in a year a high and I started, and I first ay a how he says: go: get business carts, twenty five dollars. I had like three hundred made Maidis sir passed him out. I men, a car credit card is full, come underneath the
I said she'd, ote, sleep, her doomling at a on rank, bail, high, my bonds. Fifty thousand I've got the thousand, I meed out a jail. Oh I I hope my go okae I beat you dont it out, o that fine Gran BO bo. I postit I go Mama mom, because I know Mamam mom had my kids for three weeks, because I had four five babies and they were there at mom right and I might bi've got enough to bring the kids mom as the greatest in that Timle they saw the you Admonorigt. Yes, yes, Sir was theire one time on vacation and I was a pretty over way. Nows like gitenness frough. Out of a tree by a waterfall n. The de the Hawaiian Guide was with Usiz's searched check my body in his eye. You got mine, abrupt
Ewell. What's mot, I got yuse, then o verer Ealiers, something like Amand I's a power. Iaa was very flattering. As the GI was twice the sized Amenias till me, I had Mona, aha ha Bodum, so Maxpac it's like a legendairy make up Brac a an astasias to day o ca, an huge huge ugla, glorial or anything o ye, as ha in so the the grandson of the founder. The great grandson was this guy Andrew Lustre. He was living on kind of a little trust. up in the Bay area or Santa Cruz Benchoocha venture a he basically was was raping girls using B a girl reported him. The cops went to his house. They found red as that he had made videos of him drugging women and inriping them, and so when
he went to trial. They they gave him a million dollar bond to get out and then he fled and he went to Mexico and he was gone for three years last Wednesday. He got convicted in Anti eighty six counts and abstained, Shi Ite lack of rape, and so how did you become aware? that case in what Ouquet. Ah we did seek Whirld o boundy hunters for television, Martin Sheen said you need be on televish. Ah, so we hunted down the first reality stars oz and Sherit Pa Han Sharon met my wife and said: come in this room, I need to train you I'm his manager and here's what the girls are going to do, and here's what the guys do and listen bath and Beth fell in love with her Ez Milraid El Charen, a lover so up we did, there show we start do n Teebee shows he originally write. There was like con of an odd job
rial de Jave for I waz ay. I tell mush an your Harriers oraxes in me, a I Tris collect in dogs. Really pon m t B was an unempty veain, o Annie Avy. I think fom that was their highest rated. So the darted the show right in the middle of it. I set em Chasin this KY. It can't stop so everybody's, like all a sudden, my pularity started really growing because I started Catchin colorades cum and I was on the front page of the newspaper a lot and this I've got my head on collision. The guy ran. I fix the cop putting up the now. He looks because getting dog to do do to do.
Ss O Abiata. He I walk round the corner and there's my baby stand Erwih all these cabbirs has Hatske's bedaddied Spile, but oh man Criededit all the sudden I blike nation Widewrigtin. So all these pomp bounty Hunter started Ba. He don't know he's mulkin he's a ex con he's a foul and right. She goes I'm in a prey. God gives us that's or on a plane allay. She goes. I caught it. What and she read out loud to me a lot and she said, This millionaire guided as Jumk bail, the bales of Maandosh, Ecause, Pickdaddy's, ripe Babi, said Wibbet O, like null his convicted honey, No Beth, I'm on it. So then I'd go news hears about it and I make Rita Cosbie, and Readar gets on there answays. So can he catching my wife's? Don't say how many days
no kintg remembered my manager ran. Can he catchi my go yet Howay days ago, ten, I on all the articles at a Murdy, Bounny, Huneer hums, do tell I iha ha ha freak at. Convalli Lev we IY's been looking farm Estree YE. I Sel had I e towaway to the government behind the right, so I'm prayin am out on the beach. I tell the Lord. Where is he point me in the direction? Somewhar and I'm talking to mom and my mom. This is it that's got to have this. I got to have this guy got to help me and I turn and I start to walk back, and there is my mother's footprints in the sand, and I'm like. Oh my god, she's with me where's. My
all those are my footprints she's like I'm with you always cause our feet were the same about my call. Sai did the spin around again and pointed that way. Why didn't know that Powhite Eas here maxigoes here it's a straight line. So I gogoogo looking Mexico. He speaks spanish, Beth he's there. Ow do you know, I know o capig daddy than a snitch calls us. We had a picture of his lay count thed an hairs round his knee there's eleven. I count the picture. There's eleven, I my. by girl am an Maway Howard Sholtz, who made IND. I passed away, GI rest, his soul. He comes with me with a film ia so we're hot, an hotan Knowed, nothing. He takes off feing in catch him. Let me just were really it
a illegal in Mexico. They don't have bony hunters and maca or moras ha, o ha. Also, it's IL legal to Jusco Capture Crimml, even if they have er on a hundres at you got to get some cutak from Elgeso. If you see is Elleny happen and you can do the rest so begetting. I go to jail, really quick, but How did you IND Knowot? Well, I had the boot Pootas the horse ockai, because I go to them not for everything but a lot. They know everything better in Nto barber or a taxi driver Shire He was a rapist, so hi do. I knew that they're, like all. We seen that Green Go Egoyazi, GOTS the MAGIC dust yuess. He does? U? Where is he baby? So they start Telleme en another. couple says he was just at our house: or know that he Gh Bs the wife of the sky, rapes her, but she tell the husband. I me wat a maidria GAD E Ye, so we snagged and thro jail, we break out of jail, we gi leter. So
capture him in their driving back Writinin, the California no ohwin to the look up were o you way's get a turnham in there two blocks from the police. Oh, I thought you were trying to bring him ban YO! Oh, if I knew a Kiki Camarea, they made AA Gle was a drug cop that got killed behind. They grabbed the killer and brought him back and Dage made of treaty write. That oh has. I knew you grabbed me. Better. Put him right. Thet and I knew the laws. Iked died. Gold study, the laws before I go to any city anywhere, and I knew if you' seen a felony happening, so my crew us. You saw that sun of a bit in that bar g h, B, edolcing some one aaso and he was in a bar. We never all that happening, but a blow alleges it or yons Torial so get Thronin also judge Pinetta is speakin. Spanish UN, like the I got interpreter. I got eighty nine counts rape. Eighty nine count. Judges like staring a goat say
Eighty nine. He says it again: judges Durt. I got you sure, you're Seeng, the right number and the judge goes He say in the right number I go your honour. Can you believe that he goes that's a lot. the green, go your honor and I'm a half breed Apache patchy. Log live my a ha ha ha a an no one, Saili Lis es a rudde like shut up and bale set on a Sunday get out here. Wt! Then we broke outright. go to America Baba blow. The show takes off better coufur, a real grides when Oaut Ac Cupe the oungs, so he ona live at extradited immediately tell you ask what an Evorite they send him, but they want a try. Bout, Righley, won't trer, you and your two sons run and they on bail and Mexico, and their lawyer says you need to jump a get. I Mexico, who winches a beautiful set of irony,
he eggs. A bounty hundred Ho Bell. Her Cook Bell. I'm really quick as eyes. Hof one question: during that period: everything's goin fun! I have to Egin bringing your boys in to work with. You is incredibly oarding in ALB Alia, but TH. A moment. Ere yer in the Gasa Digo me mission and brought the boys on this one now don't you think I was like. Oh what I ruin their lives. Soo have ye a a. I do play the jail up. I neat a cigaret okay, we're just smoked a I'll. Tell you everything, I'm smoking to go to sleep, then, the next day they have come from this guy and he's throwing down a maodo lad, Grabber round the bar and choked the guy out right. Ah and the Consact went the hell and I like put the gank of key up and they're likechlese. So they come. They see why you do that. I said pay same heart the law. So then emigration comes agains me the next day, ere you going to work, let me get you know goes De Lemigera to aft the coffiagon
I'm a going to run is at a ROA gun yeb, but we buy our bullets that have to have the wasted on Youa ha ha ha Haall. Then they go. The newspaper comes out. If you see this man by him, a drink thee ha ha Hav, Yo Bee, a dog so EL, a sudden, all these people or outside the Jaild dog Bivelanaga. If I like t all my and this right, and so we get out go here. We're work three or four years later and the frickin beds come get me For Jumpin Bell a wait, a minute. You won't go get cop killers for Mexico, but least arise, signed the damn bill, an You'R comin, it me wile that really quit that's interesting too. So a'm that you got arrested in Hawai, Riing Hoon, fom by the marshals arnoia and sell twenty eight Congress, Members appealed to Condelizs Arice, wrote her a letter and said: please don't extra.
ah de dog. Yes, when a congressman Lau did you ever think when writing with the disciples that some nation congressmen might stand up and dodge for yer in now ia lot of things. I do Iid think I do, ah a so then they'd still undrop charges. I found grace in eyes of the Lord and found Judge Pinetta's phone number hum Tays, Vanela, Olaleith Dog. I got two minutes. Please take care, ere everythingo you soon what I thapmy! and in the we go to court. They same Mexico has dropped all charges, oho pet is like ve la in the im, a courtroom in the federal couse and we're like in a lot of other things, happen her and I Like I looked at her the prosecutors in the middle right and I'm sitting there all cuffed and chained up like a Frick, an dog Rey and Upster go like that with Ther and I'm praying and she starts rock and lookin at me right in this
in the middle of us right and I start doing that. She starts doing that and he' get this True story. They got it all recorded judge, as doubt you know, let's her why you wanting back he's like I, no and he grabbed his water and Camt, breathe and shit, and my lawyers like qua the Alley's dyin. I I can't talk- and I say god- don't kill it mu'm. Sorry, it's all right in bellicks of Bingles Let him die. I am ha ha like that. L had the, but between the faith between us rockin in the oof, the power that we had Beguy Fhas get a die. So he could EE, but ecthe shit and an all them. They set a bail for me. Three hundred thousand the judge, Hald look at him. Ten with the wig gone shades. An the com. Wa e si. Now it's dog, let let ye Ye Y hell is Necko, went De Letti, MOUT eh, so thathey were
Ckle, brace it right. No to go rest. These guies, all these states. I went to Adde Checkin with a pear loptur. I was at thought. I. I an new Mexcoat, not really Nim in oklahom in that really Aman, as I wholly shed a glideneed, I worked for Livy, Ande eh, and so finally, they took it off at thirty days to tease too ive. If the airports in the fence were there to gummy Whil, I mean it was like my pray, knew it too, they go yer with her an your Han cooked oggaggo and ankle brace the same as Yor can no were here. Hath have Yow and the like Therie. So then I became one of them bright. Ah to me it was never embarrassing. Then they dropped all charges of those They determined the statue limitation said, run Arel and everything. Well. Where was the relyo? There wasn't any, but YE, banana, is a good judge and said statue limitations, gone Dropp, r, ah as there's no stature, if I tastes on a felony Wright One year
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the rean of a ey here, like somehow you do straddle that lineof. You know Ther side and on the side of the law, and I think that thank you yer. So many of those the episodes I saw E Nit's, not brute force. It's like you, speak Tam in some way that they trust you and they know. been where thereat and a they co operate with you. So it's like sure, there's that the several dudes and pepper spray in all these things, but ultimately I think themet gift was like you connecting with those people right exactly and in the car rided to the ow? They were going to get some some church, like their ganette, an NE yer gin de letter time to tell them brother it's time to turn this harane it. What was obvious about it, as, as you know, Tho show had this innate interesting thing of hunting some one and where their hide and the cat and a mouse and that's all built in, but a cacanlichs
Robin's thing whether I agree with you or not about your views on Godn all these thig. What I saw was e you ere, genuine and sincere. I believed you and I believe that you wanted to help these people. Yes, and I think that was kind of like extra layer on that show that made it kind of transcend what it could have been, which is just like Captank, Ou Freup right is really. I really really dug it and then, of course, wads also innately interesting as it's a family. business. So it's his sons, it's his wife, all family dynamics. I mean if I were to work with my dad and aught in all these things. Ah, the other some me Qush as I have Bubt which one of them is. Is you dog can never have a gun? You can never. You ever never have against, bony, oh rangs, wo, do most mony hunters have Gune almost ol. He ad seems so n. U really is trfish Pysician. Did you ever have the thought of like Oa Lealand Oes, an apfelony? Maybe he should be
knelt. My team is armed. Oh, they are Augus, Oh I I have arrested. Eight thousand felons ain't, thou Iank an shot. Anybody here. This idea of the different ay running from the lawn and killi them all. Is a crock crocas shit Cisyes Sissy, who my take wores your tayser where's, your preparable? where her maces where's your Stup up, sheod tryin to kill ea, fired yet the I'm telling it you watched it for fifteen years. Yes im comin at me, full blast guns, knives pi, am hid the taser something now they got a gun firing I duck and my guys shoot em or has now to happen. Yet he accas I'm first with the shot. So will also. You know it puts you in a position, and I think this is what you see in the difference between like the police in London and say, Chicago: aha, not isolate, car or
You dog are eminently in Cenovize by De Esclading Rah because of Te escalating. At some point you don't have a gun where you can make them fight, Yes, I ain! So you you kind of like it. It's a weird reverse ti I'll do where you know you don't want go to the level of people are starting to shoot Bray. So you heavily Senvice to Diesqlay. I think it's just a happy accident of your situation that you had to get good at that I hate him. As'm Chase Hem Maha Haytum Char. Soon, as I catch him done, that's sail. I got it. Sheu, calm down, I'll fix him memersial or did their rest cut the cameras. Now, what's RON your foot Floyd its bleeding dog WA. When I ran from you bout the's got a bloody foot. Yor
Floit. Yes, an Un Mathwi, Donalds Yea RIS, a stuff, keep the God down. Cameraz off, I said cause. I'm year the Christians he's thrown his. Before the swine Sunlike. Don't film Thys ship, ah ha we fixed flord. but even jail Dan at our now this I'm in New York at the premier he migt ye Eld, ly. Moving inter the dragon. Oh yes, the GIS lay Stirt, ah Han so first break. We capture im I didn't know that red line on the camera means is still on. I do now by pay another happy accident UG, Agetin Don at hav all the magic cal? I show im talkin about as I'm Niht showin. That's yet ye a ump. You know don't Meszs Wa Doggy in this door, bite's Ean, the second ax starts right,
I go what's wrong. Floyd Ihe goes dog. You chase me ha cut my foot. I go yo ugry. Yes, she goes a ha told you. I go ot! Sorry they star, first, next commercial, she goes zergoes are fuckin career in at forty days, all hung damn it and I'm sorry baby, I'm so sofry. She gets dinin like fuck, rightless, Cadaut. Here the brusely thing. I feel out that one and then the whole place they all's keted up people love you big. Why I donly the whip. Jes take a belchan of like well, and I had no, I dear, that that was be the main thing. Eh. Remember us in make counsellor, so the Skagles, how did you learn to talk to them convicts they gots a long story as that's what I did every day his mother died. His died, the sister he divorce letter. You know, I just learned to do it. I had a guy, the
Dego hay. I had a dream of this. Do I get the backs? He ried, I call fakin Abra I need it dogge glad now you do wore's, not. I think she should say I go Sher. I feeli good right now, but buill me a collar. No, you could do they Jes de git at me AR and then our discernment comes in and, and you got a figure out quick what started it, what can stop it, what the rem an and now we got legal marijuana. Thank you. Jesus Anchumford, a prescribing part, any more. DEA and now I've almost got it where, when they walk out some I'll be able save. Ninety nine point: nine percent cent have their life and Clinton? I met him standing in line an lot, a Democrat so much, and I was then in life for three hours in the Southen Haway and he looks at me big guy right and he lookstatigos wow
What's your name, I said Dwain dog Chapman, and what do you do for living a a bounty, Hunter you AR he goes, there's something so unique about you. I like thank you Mister President HO. I was like to obviously fifty years later. Whatever it is, I'm still talking about Ha Al. The Lord told me YO, like that shit now soda they. When you say you neede change your live now now you're the I waited for this I'm going to do. I my new show a celebrity ride along the first one invited a KA am in Am Omni. and then that min to say here you know who that is they're Gan see you go
Bolad's hull. I could be really bare now, nor now a humletz Anaathe, Oter Hinnister. They know you fer. How get to go HO. Yo Halk, as Gurrin YI is tell YO, shall go thrither the adesn men. Are they all one thing we can be there eh a lece and imagine you your sevesters alone, Gewguis's category in calibre Totelle, I listen an fuckers myself. If you feel I doing a load. Call me I'll talk out of it. Ye. Imagine that don't Y an so with the show now wer gon a Dore celebrity right along collecxts, not every show, but once in a while ye and because that works These guys Clinton, I'm still talking about it. I've o changed a lot on this. Where is I used to see other built man with tattoos in in kind of aggressive wardrobe
as threats, and I now have come to realize that I was a victim of Allottedudes grown up, be the Dubdad's, Dag. I wurn't preditors ive from a an was sending us a visual cue to the world, don't Falk with me: I'm dangerous, don't Falk with me! I'm dangerous, Dun Folg with me Mika! I I won't be hurt and I WI send as many signals to you as YO re Goin, to have your hands with me, and I now look at other guise like that, and I realize AL you Guies were hurt really bad too, and I think I'm I'm just projecting, but I think you have that too. I think with the dad right. I think you Yourself intimidating his folk so that you din't get hurt. Yes, it's weird, it's counter in TU it. If it's not, will these people an enact pain, its don't want to be hurt. An the Ra Shiness show the world. So doesn't surprise me that you,
o show her. You were a bad mother fucker and tackle people and got people no one could get or an that. You were scared to show the side. The dog that wants to help you and wants to extend a hand, and I think it's beautiful that you were rewarded. As I have been every time, I've put the fuckin bed in a corner right and shown the guy that is very love, will die for you where I got that's the stuff, that's a great thing, you're exactly right, but We both know and remember you on a rumble we can EE asked where we get the faith here, because I'dill much rather hug, I Ike Boscow, calls me dog peceps one wha Lashm I bought ah foky you'd tick, you room my life, a crime doggy up a bid, it ai't won twinky last night, not a real twink and you a
Twenkin, his gold sneck E, when clink he has sexed. My warmer went to sleep ouflarca Ian dog Ove. You, brother, aha, acre ory, the two boscow an HA eve in a what I bet thee was here. Then I go. She goes way cried ago. Bas Gould Ye Tre, Tikate, Baas, she's he would. He cried for a bit o LOS Hikin at Ihad, told her she's. Like fall. SU. I felt whil. This feels just as good year as the day we took, but three of us took Moscow down. We'd got Boscow, you know and it felt better to hear him say ruin my life, a crime, yeah of you dog, so yeah, that's true in for me. It really took the intervention of Kristen to like the Ain know stories that don't love is your fighting stories. I love that stories where you got some one sober whom I liked that about you an inch she had to be like a megaphone me to hear like oh yeah. You don't need to be that
Erguy I had time did Beth help you lack of a better word show Yourselff side, no because Beth. Ah, she was a pretty causi met. She would be like TID, you see how that Guiges did Pimec T w YE. v. Yorson MA go ya! That's a real hero, big daddy o so Vita from a Pitle Hary Erea for ha he's, got a gun at Yo Gok step out of my Wayha Fut. You know what deat says to me: uh that says to me that the woman that also grew up a little scared, some Thr surround and wants to be with a man and keep her safe. I think that celaia for a woman to be attracted to a guy. Like you even me in some respects, it's just a sad on their side all about had since she was ten Beth hated vans.
Because they pull up to her eleven and twelve. My little Bonnie same way inherited that from that bet, Bodye's now twenty and Bonnie Young. I had to Depia to to a private all all girls and I still had to call the teacher. What are you doing CK about my little daughter's breast Shou prover. Oh and she's, like thirteen yues you're. Exactly right, Beth grew up like that ya and back then there were geeri. Jesy Polly feel the animal and oeact. So a lot o guise Don Ed Us Besti, the older guy's right and she was very young, so you're Rych She like that, and I would do things on purpose: to get in a fight or Orge was Yat to show her baby. Don't worry the Upic daddy, so I I would do similar things. My wife finally said to me and I thought I was showing to her you're safe, always Riht,
and she told me one day. She said you known. I don't feel safer. I feel like everywhere we goes Shat might happen. I might harm I'm getting opposite thevereaction. I thought I would right Sayk. I actually feel like mor out. I'm scared that you're Gointo get into trouble right. Now's, like o k, will umdry to make you feel safe. So maybe I need to kind of redirectness you. Va thing. I would imagine that happens to Burt Reynolds Ronolstomy's great story. I did a movie Oul, Bert Reynolds. He said that he became friends. Wil Rock Arcian, o They'Se TA, hang out all the time in drink and he said they read a bar and he's sittin on a bar stool and ink Bert's hammered ah an he. He starts looking at Rocky and he's thinkin himself catify findinll right now I's, not look, and I think I could knock him up a thing I could knoc come of this bar stool He said I'm in the middle of thinking about this in Rocky Marcionel turns TIM and says Burt Dunto it cen. He goes ega dot, don't do what Hegus don't do it ings howd. You know an now thinkin! Well,
cause. Everybody thinks that when they are rining o ya, so it does e curntuitive. It's like fighters, get fucked with a lot of borice, o professional athlete eople are trying to earn their stripe. So imagine you do attract a bit of guy's triin to let Te Wa win glory everywhere, lit just for Dube. Here, almost left at the Carboli Pack, Yew everywhere he shook as Ock as much tougher than Galia my Aesit, any mat Buba FES to week for a die albird, yet IV took an appy ige with me to my moonshine friends, a hat e matat art to Enl the story that it was great nuuloved and they loved him here and he set for two hours with them. GAD was a sheriff Pe Ayadz Alorna. My empyibody was like PUR Ranls that um like no and what a great I Uie HO he guy eh MEL ah git, the lasting on Ats. All Jasva is a is the hardest things occubout, but it's you're, a very precarious, ation right now, which is ah you and the
thirteam you've meet on three t. Vwee shows together its part of what every one loves about you. Thank you again. It's wo're seeing that weetside you and its from id's nice that Salteens sweet, Cambo's knights. We like it food and everything else, and so hoe as have done, the new show omdogs most wanted and Beth got sinkin. Two thousand seventeen seeming Begause! She had beat it. I am assuming you must had the moment where youre like o K, Wor, Cay, AF, Fraiht or foor grey. She had Cancern, had a tumour, Removemey correct. Now, when they said were good, might my igjust want to say CAD non that its comparab but my dead died of Smaso Carson O'Man. He was sixty two so I was on that ride of Diagnas and then three months later, just right like they skies back worse than ever. He at so when they told you in two thousand. Seventeen were good. Cants are free. Did you believe that or art was thero? the voice in your had gone. I believed it sick. We
a lot longer than anyone knew and she was afraid, anything that one day she goes, I'm telling them I is sure baby. Yes, She said it's only temporary big, daddy. Really, yes, I'm and Hauv faith. It's gone for ever go but I'm telling YO. So she knew H outer felm that it wasn't the clacfim as she felt it wasn't gone and I saw in that first episode that I watched last night you're sitting with her on the couch and you taken or along. You want her to stay active Tony Robin says: do your thing always do your thing, which is great and then she starts Takan, see b d
and then this was the hardest part for me with my dad. It was the abs and flows of it where it's like how it looks optimistic, I'll, fuck, its back or what's up. I found that to actually be the most challenging part I feel like. If you tell me pay someone's dying in four months and two days I can come that I can come up with a game plan, but it's the up and down a boy. It looks good now nig your gaining optimism and then also trying to ride that line of ds partner. Might my love one want me to be dead, honest with them They want me to join the hope, train right, it is hard to know what role you're supposed to play. Isn't it well but I chase felins and I watch him and that's what the doctors are because, like Beth Cedar, sign I hear AU cave. Did they mean E Therpy didn't work, said she's, not respond sive. If we do they take a piece of cancer out.
They cut it up and then put it in all these jars. If it bubbles up and dies, that's it bam, may hit you with it. Nothin ka so when she's in the hospital the last time. Ah, she got the thing in her there shes, induce coma an a walks in and tells me a will birk. I go not won't cedar Siney's a lot bigger than Queen's medacle bot and they're one of the best in the world. Well, they're all makein mistakes, Am I all really an he's? I gues tarting to sell me a HAL, Grey, o K, and then he says, but there's one drawback and I go what me goes well it's for six weeks, two times a week. I gall that's the drawback and he goes well. It's a hundred, fifty thous, for treatment. Anh now MI want to dank him right. Ol yo am so I called her other dack, megalisten. I go listen to burn that to burn that hospital to the ground check my record
An I Mant to kick his ass. You better tell im cause my one daughter's like dad mom could live he's like she could get another year. I put a try autumn in her throat. I go MI, is a nurse my best friend Writ Ther. Rns and nerves. No, you don't you got a pump to get a oiled. Beth would have hated it. Ah, so the trying to talk me into this stubtle an it it's the worst possible than exurmatically saying to you, oh d, you bout money more than you care about your loyon. Yes, camn! You, yes and then I say: wait a minute. She did the first chemo. She could not move her pinky honey DY and Agono Yo Nit. Yes, I GA do is E. from one hundred and sixty five to one hundred and thirty. Eight to one hundred and twenty two. I called the hippies
Bring in the ship right Ry one day she woke up nothing to eat. For nine days, my Ley's Italian, I'm hungry a what, when an egg cone hearses urch cryin down. She goes and fixes it. I seen her start getting better Then, allegedly though it was too late. Ahha I tell the doctor: do you know this stuff works? Well, you know were study western medicine and really a in os body languages like Lion like ELL rang. Your nut were not really allowed to talk about it. I go. Why not it works. Oh, I get it doc. Your treatments, one hundred fifty thousand a bag. Opot is three hundred dollars or er a hood Buddha. That's the! pate, the t t see the sea baby, get you o Deepacto right. Teaja ask him. What's better, smartest iq.
Ike unmeasurable right, you know so, but the Pont worked ice it work! I seen her glaugh and smile and start puttin on Weiht, and then I seen her get worse and worse right cause. It was too. Ape. He ANG started the pot lot earlier or not the pot, but the Sizi and T C treatments it would had. I have forty years done this. ever arrested a man or woman for smokin joint and beaten their s. Dryraangra riding owe me I so yes, it's such ao, you can't do bear one obut youc, know yeklly the new value, a looker Dan. I at the desk, caused by alcall consumption, verses, weed its its alaughable statistic, laughable. Our emergency room visits and all that stuff does a ego, emergency room, pest ten o'clock at THA every one anter drinking her ried and shot ah hum, but I I cannot drink us. A well supervise, so I don't much at all right because Tut, I have no conscience
You know Meansoninly rain Mullays, like KA ha ha, ah hi KA drink in you'd, never know it. Why got I say? My last week of drinking fifteen years ago was in Kwai o an igain. drink with all the tourists. Let's go to local bar right so night, one at the local bar. It's great I'm on tv ay. If I can love ITA Ginszom Party, I'm there, you know econd night um like a Thu OA king, an win Knowy were to get coke. Ah Skasa Gabride. I can get Coak just down the street down the street on Migoa. Le'St go Don the street. I leave my body at the bar and ah it's not down the street is, I know six miles away don this road he's drivin he's hammered the girl friends in the back seat. She owns the car. Ah, he's vaugh can drive away too Faf. Radio's loud he's got the beer still between his legs. I am just to nthe radio down, saying Broh. You got a slow down
right as we go into a turn on those flash in grain storms that happens, and why is such d, graining cats and dogs going to this turn do lose his control? We do and spin around three times hit the guard rai with the bumper and back smash that somehow end up going straight. He's ecstatic Brod pulled it out, Broughtin among Flucking we're in that situation. Could reive Divi an I turned the rat or them we go through a stop light at the next little town. Cops it in the convenient store pulses over sitt inside the road, a Ben in Hwhyite, two days, a Morty now with a duw to just crashed his car on the way to get coke. however, can look in the mirror like this. Is you on vacation man you're already like so the cop comes He totally knows them. I get so much of the culture there in two seconds right right, he's lye, Ifraget, the GUI's name, but the cabs like Yono. What are you doin? What you know yer's, as was we dront Gettin, the back Seae
Amy, whatever the girl. Might you drive the car rightin so he's not gin in fuck with this, he does want a deal with it. The girl starts driving. I think we're pray Gong back to the bark. No Worsk Kans still go to the dealer's house. Go the dealer's house. He stole them Mon Tivi, four huge duds re to meet me, they're pickin me up Ther, fuck and Sel bring CRI endzub by by ice. And then Ne Leitcoat. It is his Gristel mouth go back Focket. I got eyes smoke eyes, go back to the bar, the third night and I have this moment is what you're talking about. I have this moment or I look at my friend dean and I go the throw having me here is over in some one's, get a fuck and knock my had off my shoulders. Af Han! like I can just feel the atmosphere right every his hammered the fun's over now. It's time to beat the fuck out. Silver. They have a story fright and I just ice. Oh I'm not in a good place, and I Maintin? We got out of there right in the Nick of time. I could just
Eal the energy change in your OM's. I am yea, so it doesn't surprise me that your blending. Well down there. So Leten get end Don Whad Y Wend YO This is ET. I'm dont drink that trip. I went on to smoke the ice from hurry. Azi did all this other shit, just a the terrible. I came back too sick to fly, had to have three jack and to get on the plane as an Francisco had to have five more and they airport to get on the plane to Alai amid the airport um like lookin in ar looking in the mirror. I'm nervous, Ame, may ES gin to see me. Ah AMOS Oready n Ti Ve and of Jis hiding in this corner. When about to start a mam. making the most amount of money, I've ever made like am the most miserable of ever men in my life. Oh I've. Everything I want and I'd learly wont, I kill myself. Some'n is broke, somethin's very broken here right, but then that was fifteen years September. First, the one you love, thou, the real of Hea Drink, and for he doesn't I mean she
we'll, but in general she doesn't. Judges is not her thing. I need yeah my urgent genetically she's, not a monster like me grant as soon as I put some men, the site, but Idall its saying that you know the positive in the negative, the two magnets when they both positively Hil each other aha around. I GU. No, I respect lock as your good actor. Your high mackamakabat, I see her smile and your smile and the way you treat her and the way she treatd o an that's. How I am with mine. He and I see that she loves a hell out o you and you love her, and I see that I love that my wife loved du Gueyss, because at Luvps I knew not pasttense, but she I so. I respect you so much cause. I needed this right bowl and I needed that some like you here. We share this in common that, like my identity, is where
tur and eye, especially publicly thright. in your identity is very much you in bath, so you have the one layer of heartbreak, losing your best friend in your wife, your partner, that's that's! Nany shadtering growing a men. You have you're a thing you guys, are one thing. You got it now, Imagine what your identity is without half of you right and that's got to be terribly frightening. Well and I googled it, you did and it says you adapt. You get smarter, She used to tease me you stole me from the cradle from eighteen years old. I had a tissues, fifty one and I Trent I'd say one word and she knew what it meant because she's like we do a big, daddy or two
let me and then she became way more aggressive, RI me and so, and so now all the sudden, I'm like she's, not there to say coaule I'd, say one word a bonus or that now can Owa Zerbonus above o this. If we do a special, how know one word and now as she's sot there, so I have to do it here and Google says that you gets rder, when you're forced to an Yoar force forced to deal with it, because I still go. You need to do what time you need up RI. I got a gip at six third arn't. Let me set the s come setting me Alarps e idea jest that eh, I don't ot, it's all those little tiny at a restaurant. Zub like. I'm not old! Though I went to myself, orntamake and e brays good. Look at me pices that the girls go for Kadogsy at Nover. Look is blind, ah
rhe! He wants to be seen. That's ways get light on. I know how Medea you know, and I don't know and then I'm afraid to say to Jillian Jillian. What are you so? What I've been doing is Listnin to my brother, David or someone at the table. Do you want ago you go first and then I'd like Huck. I've so lost her and I'd get better Bu Kat, but it's like I depended on her for so much Jer that she ibrina even fully aware of it until it's gone, we no say in right, you know, is: is Crid as a year round people's pus, like you yor strong, and I'll send you're all alone or you wake up, and you go two minutes about realize it. She's got many feel like shit. You feel guilty right, yeah, oh shit, this more and I got up right there. Went off that I said o my fricken phone stop here I get him reach it and that I like in the I do not like I'm going to get a shower. I know I got coffee at Starbucks last night. Everything is okay and I'm thinking of thinking of Ellison them, like fuck
ihere, half, sorry and Aza? You know it's that what a terrible ship Whener the Bible says of a the last enemy that shall be whipped is death. I'm on that fucking team. When he does that, I want to be right. There cuz it is freaking hard, and then I thought this morning: oh my god, she could have ever handle this no an then I who had got yellow. I died adout it as he would have seed Fulkto, be so sad here an then I'd think it. I had a dream. I have visionst, she's in Heaven, and she looks up my god big daddy's, a love looked at all the animals of my footlook at rather Cor? Where are they and then she's water in the garden, exactly the same water and and Isus sneak up on her boot
and she would try to sneak up on me, but I must Madge, you can'. Do that that's Ely Hevin enotat ANA! I shot Rightat all almost every day, and so I went boot and Tiral Latigas Pik that he would took Yis e Long and Ster Crid, my vut, I jump off a building, cuz, I'm afraid of heights know I'm afraid to do that. What I shoot myself can't do it in the head: doo doo in the chest, what the fuck do I do what, if the natural Baptist, yet you kill yourself, you go to Hell for what I can't do that So what I have said and when I'm developing is wait to you see dog without Beth, I swore to got up UN where the seat Bell Cobsulcrot Serv. However, can I not front of a train, but I am afraid to DINA more
a lot of reasons, I didn't graafter certain people or go to them doors. Is that not the fear of death? But what if I leave her alone rang bright and she finds another man and he's better to her than me and that she buries I who put the half that I the more I an I'm, not afraid to die, and it's you know the fear is gone e, If it happens, it happened so Erh, the one Dhing Ijes Kin says my mam lost her husband of twenty plush years may, but the year before casebet thy May Jue of June twenty sixth I'll gate June. Twenty six. I watched her over the last. You know seventeen months. It takes a long time to process. It's like shall have a period of like three months. She feels good. Then she feels guilty she feels good. Then she accepts that it's o k, he'd wanter, to feel good, and then I,
alwhiles wow, she's kind of out of it. It was like a really rough year and then now she's ful, closes one day and he's fose to be in the yard and then at's three weeks of feeling really sad right and it ithes no matter what I think it's so hard to comprehend. Oh, it's almost impossible to comprehend. In best case, Casenirs can take years to really process. What happened and yet you're asked to go out on the road and promote this yew of partner's peoplehave made the Shell rite. You owe them something: families depeld on Yo Ya, am Les Za Wrihte so you know you got to do it, but I would engine there is some temptation to put the interviewer at like to go, but it's good cause. I'm blank. Is I try to imagine in your situation and I imagine going places and having do that, and then going like hey man. I can't put a spin on this, for you know AL right, I'm at the vokinbat
hit an that's that I'm sorry that that's what it is? If I got to say tha there I saw Pitchmel and I was smiling live like fuck, I'm so sorry, milk and God SA begun a smile get over it. My chief told me man up stop that. So I got all these things happenin, but YE and then here's what happened I get. I would have some guide. Do my driveway my your friends as hed. This guy does driveways cheap right, and so I call up- and I say, hi is Tom there and she does know WH. This this dog Chapman CHE Gills high Doug go, no dolls, h ha fe, not in he hundred year. The Fanci goes dog the Bouny on her and I go Yad. She goes you my husband, and I go no. So so Carlos gave me the number to call you and she goes. Okay, Losier Machigoes dog. He died two weeks ago and I go oh my god,
doggeb so lost a ghose. Oh my god. If she has no idea about ah ha, though I'm like Talkin to our Talkat's Cin, a be o Kate's Gbike and by the way I just lost my Beath. No, you did that Sterd Councillor mean Hahloa E De Ye'Re, on the cow Oher THA, Jack ha, ha ha, no and all a sudden fore. We hung up. She was my aid Sadli, because you know what this is: Morebid a but I feel a lop panter right down a gulp diddo morbid is you want meat for lunch, yes, ah and I'm afraid Te Meeterk, as would of the widower the widow, a ha along a sepimeter in her I'd, like Icdalder of Lochet, was ha had I stalled her Somgon elle da a VA e la right because I'm afraid of her nowt sure, but I yeur rights to connect with people. Yor Eys do the same thing. Grogyea Whill by the ways is, I think, the power of it is. You can feel
ry alone in your despair well your helping others yean Yo Oblem Gips a lot. It's Lihe, my grap, you say you real Egat. If som you feel bad about it, yes go! This trip, joy ha master. I had taught at your an I used to and Wats I WA came home at said God, Grandpa Issee there that this was TA course of the Sixti Sergier, but od. So when you meet some one, that's got more problems than you do tard the thing about your own. Yes! Now, so I guess that's why we go through some of the stuff we go through and you are giving someone the gift. When you are honest and your vulnerable you're, giving someone the gift of the freedom of their problem, right. It's like kind of works works like right. I walk in
place and I've got nine problms and I think it's the most important thing in the world. Mhan I listen to another guy and I go things are Oll Gaik had crossed a great e I'll, take mine over theirs an I would wip that, because I'd be like a my leg, rah Heras, you know I've got a carrying a den of the lot inside, but all my leg, Hert she's, like on a trade a Quish salad ahead. If we'd say my two tir would say a Lagert as Everych. don't you like you on a trade, an she was a kind of girl that you knows. Dum me up, man up Putny and Rih. I rime, as you would never say that, but she meant that a lot he af modo story a got. Sayab interviewed, I Ar'T no hundred fifty people on year at Tis, the crazy story of, and I kin it's it's. It's really ab. estorian in I'm, I'm heart broken for you that you're on what you're going through but think you will lends your main so lons and I don't think you're hiding it and I think that's were you know. In my humble opinion, that's wherethe br
I just think when you own it and ye you don't isolate yourself in it right. That's always the step forward. I think Thenk, and again, I watched the show last night, it's Fock in Awsom, I'm going to watch all of them. Thank dogs, most wanted son, Bgean, the writer Yegian America. Yes, Sir Demigedemer Deeg America Americaa America last night, and it everything 've, always loved about doged bounty hunter. With a very motional and poignant story underneath all of it and I just got a save from the outside Os Drandy, because you run through doors and Wi'Ll tackle any one, but I like respect you, because I saw how loving you were without a children and your wife, and I just think it's I love you and I know you're bad ass, and but you love her. I just fock up a wee hano birds of a feather flocked together, ere he saw id love, YO brother think thank you. Some
Aloha and now my favorite part of the show the fact my with my not Amanman Snew Dell, GER Dann WA, o ' Ansover an shall it was right. I thunk I'm lied, you concur. I, how pervy where's on the ADT Jilme try to go even pervier how having this gross as the audience outer they like as it them embarrassment o my gate, ass, a wee not staring a. I just thought of something I thought of it last night, it's an up day or use a craning, your neck aut for your child and not you in the Microphont u're eatin, one of my world famous mashburgers, Soga I brought a sack of em with me today to spoil you, Wabi Wab Ye Wub had one year on to spoiled you dead. Oh, so I thought of something to eat. Yesterday I was in the bathroom last evening and do that thing. I tell you bout worse string to Om Bears oh done: Seet Wor,
when I realized, as I did, leave out a key greety cause your kind of like how do you just embarrass yourself right? So what I do is I get to like the grossest level of weirdness and then I do imagine some one saw me that you are doing, and I left that last night I was doing it in the guest bathroom right in here. You can see that the kitchen from the gas, bathroom and the door was opened just mean the kids in the the wife. Here, it's all in there HR, um Misev, do very Weir dances and liting easily o and seing a LOS ol girl, hug hay, and then I just tricked myself into thinking out Ther corner. My eyes saw someone in the kitchen. Hie is Onewy jot, stop by Atd Desiro didn't have a person mind. Now I don't prestselect the person, as is someone I would not. I won't want any one to see me doing it. You arn, saying how I see it or if you blast a browntown in front of MA that's the visety! Her ye av, you ripelittle, Rimlittle, mu
Ahl Dorthar, is not really risky. My risky that what he mean you could never see me the same. I give you see me like, with buck teeth in the mirror, making some gross voice and gyrating my Hibs and shaking my olders. That's how I picture you all ho care. Well, the maybe it is less risk yea MAS, I don't Ary hirat. I don't pit your yuse dinkie. Thank you. You're o word hard to make the case you rarly, no one very hard at it. You don't I's a native, a theorder in hed, ear clean up the pit smell, yes, Erh. No, he an I is Halabella Lipes. I do yes Helebelu ye do I do I love Howber Ipes. I use them all the time, and now this is turned into an add UN. Oh, but it's the true. It is really that her and you nortwas Thinkin is im Dher. There were finely enemy in Canada. Helibo's
I have her. What is gray. It really is because of so many Canadians, Ther Privida, all the Adstuff or then they couldn't get um enew. They Cand get Hem and ow at you know an I was like all good. Next time, o go Ta Trunon ANT, the pack wipes a buy em there and maybe in like has stinky bucks? No, no! No! No! No! No! You, though, why our beautiful labour to the north have beautiful, smelling ones. Everyone's be bum smells like maple syrup up again. That's why it's on their flag: less nice, Anthea, nice, rich maple syrup! So unless you basically Friday, you walked out of the attic yep gotten a car and drove to the airport up. Then you are gone for two days. Today's you got a home from the airport, gotten a car and had it comes rectly to the ETT. I had bets fifteen minutes in between I eight a cookye of Koramius Cours cause. We decided Europe, you really are a cooky monster, Mand
of Manac. I am Honester Famin, but because you haveal a rich history of stealing cookies, an inliking them as only theft, I've, dabbled in cooky, stealing and first grade. You know one call you cook you mons! Wr though I call you a cooki goblin, I don't know sis cause. I looked like a dog w know his authority as a cooky monster, which I had. If you recall when I was three, I had a cooking monster, coat Wath, Cooky, Munster, head and eye,
on the cove because there's a Bangen Tifuls round the house and he and that giran an see a bad like to I've, come of a close thing with cooky monster? Can I tell you something or no it's all's, a good thing Balger. I jest really appreciate you. You do oh thank my dear in I take it for granted cause I get to be around you all the time. The same by, I don't think many people do the thing that you do, which is choose to talk about topics instead of people Uh said she had talked peoble yes and I it so tempting to isn't it yeajuice. It is our little pither little monkeyper I now, but it's e it's just time, help thee to do I'm getting o breah
even more credit, you can ear a lot of Bradly credit come in your wank as we record an episode that really leaned heavily into the lessons brestly stonely but another when he taught me that I thought I wave really took to heart was when someone tells me something Ity about another person. I don't think poorly of the person. They said that about, I think more about what kind a person they are that they just said the absolutely ye it's a an. I was like once he articulated in that way. I was like your right is says waymore about me than it. Does you and then also a previous realization I had is that I would be like at work right in Thers of uch other actors. One. er Unowin the CASS and I would occasionally say to like one of the breezers like. Oh, we have what time to day arrive Wright busily pointing out tat their late grain and then I was like the real reason I'm pointing out that their ladecause I'm not WA year. I would never point Oun. Some there both go. if, like O Didde Park, like an ass, all right in e answer, I do to exactly so I'm really
epointing on things. I is pysically a declaration of one of my good qualities of omplaining on some on else as shiety quality annolling I onto be that guy, no Eb, but not very many people are putting the dots together that oh, I have this negative feeling, or this thing- oh maybe that means this like them. Maybe that means this is not happening with most people, and I just oaw. I ad just reminded me that ye'd do that. All the day, I men that's a lovely thing, and I am grateful that I get to be around San. You know out then so then Herendis that you left E Wen away an Thanijst had to return immediately to me. I like a good long, OAS, very aticall, good o case of dogs, bolow you're dawn. My dad there Wern dad the bounty dad the bony Oner. There were three or four times where I went into the most bizarre trans staring at his face. Listening to him talk always when he gat a Mose,
beause that was Te Kue to thing about my dad, as he was very, very alfon, aggressive yet he was always segonce away from Teerinna rying about a topic and it was so sweet and sweet, and you know it's funny and the is not a new realization. This is an old one. I continued have over and Overagain was. Of course I can look at dog who has a very flog pass him and the guy was convicted of first agree murder yet- and I can look at him with like love and compassion and sympathy, because I'm not ring around the baggage of what he should have been to me as a Daoute, YE and I know if I was as a stranger to my dead and he just met him and a. I would love him. I would love what I saw Toughga, you ars and I in it was his really fun talking a dog and I felt Li Go was wearly connected with mine, be
several times. I literally I thought I was watching my dad talk like I had to go. Onmy God, that's not him! I 've a couple. Heer Dosleyt we Han sent him. That's so sweet, I'm so happy you got a ye are really just fell form and then I'm as we're, but sayeing in the Ientro um. I just keep researching them and I a any more for tacts till I'd like it a got his dirty as I want to see him in his prime, like Ripty Wallha ha becore people who don't know how Motr cycle Club's work. Personall Deuvil's disciples is a real deal any at like a a bulshaped Marsacale one presenter, it's a real one. Ah and the sergeant arms is the guy who gets declared the toughest in the group. He is in charge of de fin.
the president he's got a ride, a certain order, while they re ride in the motorcycle sowe can protect people. He is the king, ea he's the deapest guy. So the fact that he was the sergeant of arms with something the it says a lot, and yet you can see so clearly just the sweetest guy. I know it's it's a man, it's so interesting. As I know he's Toughm became Thet. Now I all go, but all I see is like this nice. Sweek eye relilds am armor me er and themmall. I could really see Enna and I've set on here to it. They're the hardest guise for me to have compassion for it like win to see a guy out around town who's just got a very Kina Alfpha display of muscles and tatties in all the stuff. It's it's the hardest for me to imagine being sympathetic to them. Ah, but again, they're just fucking babies that are born and then the
situation is an ideal, and this is just you resolv. I know Ther, and everyone has some level of that, not necessarily a a tattoo based armor, but everyone has some amount of harm, an YER Heldab Yoo. So he said that the Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child sol that many times yes, It actually does not come from the Bible. Oh cool ha ha. I hadnt there thought o go be at people, think it it does, but it doesn't, and there are a lot of verses, OM about like beating children, an raw Arod, a ha, but not that specifically and that one it's from the seventeenth century poem. Oody Bross Hudabrass, of course, is or hoody broth theliu. Where had Ethen as the pronounced h. U D, I B r, a s may bit's bra, whoe,
the name of a girm who VI tans from host his an um, the original Hoobas Day, ah Hooji written by Samuel Butler in CI, a cheeky british poet who enjoyed mocking religious extremes and hypocrite oh wow, so it's kind of Bein quoted, but he was making fun of it. Isn't that I know irony I know how about this Unan make one up once if I can stick Huck eh beat that ass give him some Clares. Oh LAS, if was, is breaded er. I flew any of the tatou to my che that you got to put like some numbers by Inshurgo. To or ye Si Ya Tuderotomy. Eight sixteen beat that Anhimson Class and thende than she can do
a misery ha I'll get so he said a Lowha means. I love you and when ye said it I was like I'm enough to say that's wrong. Well by e means, I eight things wrot it ye he's not wrong. Most people think that Alloha h, word. That means both hello and good bye. That's what I thought. It is true, an Hawaiian we say a Lowha both when greeting some one and also sang goo bye, but that is not to be taken literally. The real meaning of a Loha and Hawai is that of love, peace and compassion. Oh o lohawser. I am glad he was rightly to me three, oh get. What did Michael Jackson die of? You said: Propefall YO isn't in like e yer. It is no whit. You said
oh maybe ELL, that's what I say: Ye San, throw it with Taw. That's what I think it is anaesthetic Propefal, oh wa shag, so O Galand, oh, not a what I o filld and, oh, my goodness. There is a big water spill whose spill that I want names, but D. You want to say. Hi said I ha. No was your name dol di. You say I loved dog, the Hon, her ea god. It is Vanny an hiden in the name. Ighty tude is Zhe. Remind you Papa Motorcycle Ye Ye. I love Are you an arm cherry ha ha o ove, you Thatheng Bisy upside to doing these on a Sunday. It's true
l de money was an iche. Oh a soak anaesthetic probe of fall, which is what you said, and in Zou Hadoi pronounced this pay and x. I o l I t I see I wish you could see what was in my head. I rud off hose letters. Itjes, look like eleven figure, Eights Tang, Heas I dead. It looks like fur and in Anziolytic man, Zeolytic Laurizahim Oncae. His Ras a plan. They know is a benzo. It's like Asannaxer e o k, so he had a lot of els.
he answered ye now. One just put YO straight to sleep of Suzannie or the Bu Lorez. A pan is Awegia Senler Azs, Abohunya, PAM, Peppia Ti'Ll, get you a little relaxed little dad the world in this case ye am. Do you know that the official statement was that his death was a homicide but because the doctor had cooked him up to it? Ah yeah, that's weird, I WL. I had to read that a few times I thought. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe they could be Eron's next documentary. Like I love you now die cause. That's a juicy like about. Like the medical Provaild ask a guie to hook you up and put you to sleep, but I guess you could go Kae. Why hired or professional to put me to sleep, he should fail to do that with Alovia. That's true! That is true, but I think of youre hiron people to put you to sleep. You know it's on you here, yet you might die from that. Well, you shouldn't be using probable to g what I sleandly, but also a soctor shouldn't agree. No
the doctor's, a Scumba were a hay very clear. I got Yor S of fugkins Comeby at the uase on like a two hundred thousand oll oar a month, retainer some bonkers and he just travelled round like a non. Unlike Hitler's doctor here stayed with him all day, long and shot him up all the time. That's kind of my dream s the Heaven life doctor always two feet. Fror me that can bring me uper now, yet no ha Pem, these Ginnalls Gavie H, Ha H. Haa Thas, a few diseases were thehe idle is so gross at like Shingles ere or it's such a bed n. The lavies is worse
Senlo. Yes, it's Almos like the creted TOT, really shame people who got sa er, it's Almosy kind, o Disease Ikey's YE o am, I came, know at Ikey eh. No, you got to catch a Caghaunon ages, Jane Jane died of grosses, so oh get so speaking of all these drugs, you would hame out fat an all. You said it's a thousand times stronger than heroine It'Sa. It's fifty per cent more potent than har when a hundred per cent more potent than morphine and others different kinds. So there is one kind carfentinel in turn: that's the most potent fat Al Analogue detected, an the? U, as it's estimated to be ten thousand times more potent than warping ten thousand mm. I don't want to try that I so had you even wouldn't black people are doing it. How I gif's one tie, E's begg of at Kin kill an elephant. How are people able to do it? At my point? You got to see that pen,
You know he was on. It was on Husson's, show, Patriota and in a whole, fetinal episode, really on episode and um. There's sprinkle in Hin, the a little bit of fet known to a loto heroine to up the the potency and also their making fake oxy cotton with it. So the're making a big batch of this ship AR putting some fet non and then they make little pills, they stamp bout, the pills and but it doesn't have oxycodon in it. It has fentnal, but I guessi, I'm pradtleding, I'm Bing very clear about my question and cause. So we are no one's taking rolph at Nolt. So if you take a rye you're dead, but if you for, if you put, but even if it's only one tiny, tiny, tiny sparks back, if that's in with the other, stuff its woods. It still there whare would they mix it in theory they mix it so that it gets evenly distributed throughout this whole batch o arai, a Bindy Majon I've had,
a hallbatch of heroine getting as like, even the tiniest tiny speck of the spack. Yes, but the problem is, as the mixing machines don't work at that. Well, nor does the machine that mixes the heroine up often they're, like oh it'll, be one parts per million, an a the piece you get Orl Purlian in then YO death eh. I know a weird weird way in a very weird way. It could actually be one element of the solution to the crisis, because if you could just get predictably good opiates Or why would it stop? The people knew their dosage Bu, but MT now that it springsly a men that that could
there, Int Wenty, two oxy, cottons or oxygodons, or that could be in half of oneo you Knowa. Do you think people who are addicted? That can care in the moment? That's the thing. That is the thing, but ah it's so heart, breaking IA, Pia n ye us. He is a personally it because I play reindeer games in my head. I play all conjuring year, ga'l be walking through Washington Square Park in New York and my own, I ga bag a heroine. I see the people selling them and then I walked through the whole process and all I be dead in the hotel Romer whatever here now. If he found an actual bottle up from the doctor of Vicaden or Oxycotton, I e The game is less obvious. Ye you num saying where is knowing what I know even in that fantasy Admy Oy would never take a pill. I found Yea
I wouldn't know if it was yaorna or not, and so maybe the newer generation of kids might be tempted to try to suffer like oh yeah and one in ten people dying. You don't know we you're getting men feel like that. Could help you know sappy of me, ven tryin to Swaye People- or I hope so. I it's scares me. I think a lot of the promises can a be short up, because it is not prescribing that stuff any more ye. A they've, totally clamped down that and way lust be Bergin. Iti have access to the original YE. It is crazy, as Whenet that Chrisis first broke. I was Conlike a man, Anornal Bout, blaming companies, I just don,
and to means like Egatitic Responsibil. If your dug Atic, Yor Drogatic in thezaures should argue, thou an ye, I'm not matdere the guy who grows coca and fuck in South America, like a man of the attict, is taken in. Although I've seen enough documentaries now about it, where I like, no, they were giving how tens of thousands they were in Cenovisina O Thee sales. People too, you don't give some of thesely little tiny corner store. Pharmaces were getting like ten million pills a month, an sightin. Now youve flooded America with the Sher in EG. Exactly what act you happened, what you would think would Hape P Te. Ah, yes, that's my side of the argument. Always dearl. There is some social responsibility companies have to take, even though their profiting ye and ye know again. It's one of those things worths position as Bither Y
Nget's, their follery thing, its the attic fall and then, of course, its a combination. Yes nos, oh his suhesa, there aren't bibles in prison in the one he was ATLAS, say Verly e, he ye, but you can find them in some prisons and you can provide bibles unter from web sides of faniuel wants to send bibles to prison all there. You can spot deer to yea o Wen oversure. There was a Bible in Shashink redemption possess where he kept his little pick again that we know Yoo. That's a fact: Manclined Believend, that there was an a bible in his SAR Texas, Prisent Runer. Oh it does net were, teything taxes, my nank, I know, but maybe someone was hoarding it. Yes, so Morrow was promatly hoarding and pretending. I there's just no bibles here, but really he was keeping an
RIS pillow in using it as rolling papers for Dubens, Dor, toilet paper or toilet tissue. That is very sacrilegious. Ah, is there a statute of limitations on felonies, most violent filony crimes like murder, rape, arson do not have a statute limitations. Offenders can be charged decades after the crime. Punishments may be a severe as life in prison or the death penalty in its deattute naatat you yea hunker yep it is. I should build, though, a statue of limitations at the new house, you Stid, what Wen he to be Willoubby like a guy coming at Leglo, will draw a worldreckerd lying in the sand for the long jump and there'll be like a bronze thing. L A'M and he'll be coming up just sure ah statue of Wor sure as it like a fence like something that's an actual limit,
ash. Oh haa daryer. I could work too. Maybe he's trying to jump an there's, a fence there yew or it Coald, be a said to me as a boy and then he's holding a book an you look at the book in Ovan, letters or backward ah in SAS. I Ge Cicura, yes, yesked in its Epatricius the word Anne Zeal, Leck Legraphicer and have her like a forest fire to me haha ah well, I love on I leve ye aka see soon l, Drober WO.