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Dr. Phil McGraw is an American television personality, author, psychologist, and the host of the television show Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil comes to the attic after accidentally going to the wrong house and happily surprising a nice woman. He sits down to discuss growing up around an alcoholic father, he talks about his 10-7-5 theory on life and he reflects on his career before the Dr. Phil show. Dax asks how he handles negative misconceptions about him and Dr.Phil talks about his first meeting with Oprah. The two dissect why they often feel emotionless, they discuss what it’s like to be both fallible and in an advisory position and Dax wonders about the mechanics of sun tea.

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Hello, welcome to experts on expert, I'm your host Dax Patman, going by Monica. Today we have doktor fail yeah a good doctor fit. To feel Mcgraw Agora. These are second guess. That's a doctor that goes by their first name. That's right! and, as you know, on Ellen I go by Doktor Dax, though I feel a king. She had her in the same league now you know I gotta say if you're, if you're on the fence about listen and Doktor Phil, I post The pitcher doktor fill one time and it would seem to be a little bit polarizing. I feel like this progress will really help, because I won't tell you he is a lovable goofy son of a gun in the best way possible.
In fact near. He is, and I think, you'll find his story a lot more complex and I gave it credit for yeah. It was really revealing. I really enjoyed it and I did his broadcasts and I just generally feel my god he's a good dude. So please enjoy doktor, feel Mcgraw we are brought to buy mint mobile thanks to mint mobile. You dont have to over pay for wireless any more? They re. Imagine the wireless shopping game. It's easy. An online only, which means they can pass significant savings directly to you, I'm gonna hit you with some crazy data. Monica daylight for a limited time only for our listeners, you'll be given two months free when you, by your first month for only twenty dollars, so you're gonna get three months of wireless between us, and this is my premium. Wireless eight gigabytes of forgery, LP dad at each month, plus unlimited nation wide talk and
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I wish I did? What do you do for caffeine? Anything tee? I see, I see all the time. That's a very southern yes to drink ideas, Anti mother used to make it forests and she would make it by the half gallon and put a cup of sugar in it for half an hour. We now call the maple syrup for the time it was. I see here. What's the whole way, Does it sit outside in the sun? Is that just posted to brew admin that you, but to tee bags in it for outside the sun heats up the wire and Bruce it in a week. Bruin Lukewarm Water have called Brunel, but I mean no self respecting southerner. Oh Bruce, Let me that's a very yuppie thing awry right. And so I want to start by saying I did your podcast. You did yes, which was a real tree,
I gotta say because when I left their people would say like or was it like being on, doktor fills podcast, I go. Doktor fills a guph. And I say that in the best flattering way imaginable. I explained them that you're, a man who tried to do Willie up his own driveway on a dirt? By get what sixty five, both Jim MILES an hour idea biogas? When I guess I had very cursory knowledge of you, I just knew like your show and stuff. I don't really know much about you as a person and come to find out that you are doing motorcycles stance in your front yard. I just find that very charming we gotta give me this is not a module story, but is a long drive way. I mean it's not like all believe me, I mean. Is that it
ten didn't crash, I ten crash in ten feet now, and it's got a pretty good great on it. I'd say it's a good six percent grade will that's what Castro's tell me. Come on. You gotta collapse. The shocks hit hard. Ok, then this stay on taking the donkey, of course, were Castro blogging. Yes, Eve to go around and I both know Sleeve de Castro is, I mean he can right around inside anything. You do you think you could put him on one of those cages eager rider and absolutely for a couple hundred bucks mildly would get here. So you advising you and in India Castro's real gift. As a stunt court said he has too much in the act, That generates is defining kind of characteristic Cassini. Let me do things on ships that really just I should have been doing, but here we set both of US when they were here you're an ear to ear real writer. You
The ride, though, on climate Oh, but you're, a real current writer. You can stop on the front. We'll swing. Es in around go the other way. What I've seen you do. Ok sure, but I bet in your heyday on on dirt, when you're better than I have ever been well. I've never been that great at. We also have to acknowledge back the only come down then break a peg, often in your ankles o rolled up into backed her. Yes, yes, now already Monica. Yes, are you shocked that doctor feel? Has this background yet surprising and it's pretty dioxin is charming, it is. He also was about like a legit good football player. The will order before you, fuckin self deprecate. You got a scholarship. We get a scholarship to play football. That's that's a pretty good signal, you're good at it. I did get a scholarship. Two division? One school I mean I'd, give you that, but I fooled m. Ok, see that
thought I was fast, but I wasn't fast they started before everybody else. Your idle analyses people would all these other as we go out and they would just play the game, but I would actually watch the film when I actually study the film and I would see the guy in the guard. There were three play is that he would pull on an He wouldn't put all with his weight on his knuckles when he was gonna, pull that I would watch in almost replace it always wound up in this whole right over here. When I would see him now put all this white forward, I got ok, I know where this place going so aptly. It pretty cerebral. They thought bore these guys really fast. Now, I'm not fast is nobody's go once and they were playing for Bonn your play poker. You are looking for tell exactly now. You grew up in Oklahoma, neither Oklahoma and later using happening.
Ok when they do they headed that away. What AIDS did you leave? That area was maybe six months old I wasn't Benita there's a chance. Maintain actually I'm joke about it, but I've been back since then, and really very charm, tat? Will really good people really hard working know that The other dollar their solid folks. I really like that. Do yeah, but your dad He sold equipment to oil. He saw what drilling equipment, what not tat he did at the time when I was born, he was actually the head football coach Benita High School are no getting and I was born. A Friday night at seven fifteen, the night of his first game is head coach? How your kid I broke up. His first game is head coaching opened yet Coachee had you'll hospital, he went. He did there's a lot of dark me that he will cause
owing him as I did, his life went on up, sternly went do ass. Well, I'm stun that, basically any father nineteen fifty would drop anything to attend that year earth of their child because one like he was in the delivery room. They didn't do you smoking cigarettes in the hallway of hell yeah he was, but he did not get credit for breaking up his first football game. I think that actually one, but he wasn't there for the whole, and so he, your dad is interesting because he sold drilling equipment or some kind of equipment to oil fields and nor taxes but but he himself had a dream of being a psychologist. He did in. It was interesting you he was a great football player and he went to the Navy in New Dennis
most of the country and then he got into coaching and then he got into this all failed equipment, and you start entertaining when you do that, I mean like taken the guys out yet understand. He was sailing drilling bits and that's Worthing. So you go to a drilling site where the the head drill or is there They want you entertain them, so you show up with a half gallon of booze elevate. If I want, if they want booze, you get Both they want. Whores you give em who have? They will a word whatever you give em cause. They're gonna spend a lot of money with you and We see these guys like once every two weeks, but it was a different guy every night, and so he really got into drinkin and that's how he really became an alcoholic during that jar. During that job get best to him, and so he did a lot of interesting things.
Sure at what? What age was this free, there's all of childhood? Well, he was really into when we lived in Denver, and I was in the fourth fifth and sixth grade a ha. That's what an impact at me first, the most the air and then in Oklahoma City. Again, you know that's when he went back to school in Kansas City, so I live like three years in Tulsa three years, Denver three years in Oklahoma City three years in Kansas City was like boom is almost like a military kid, a right right, yeah. What affected that have on you moving around so often having to start over. Did that? Were you successful at that? Well, you never had blasting relationships in you knew I didn't know what I was in first, second and third grade, but by the time you move after grade school. You know we're not stay in anywhere, I mean so you don't expect, and- and I was
athlete, so you come in at least themes back. I don't know how it is out here, but intact Oklahoma. An those teams are at a religion, oh yeah, like Friday, life is the real deal sharp, and so these kids they played together in pop Warner. Then they played together in middle school and in high school. So you come in here, the outsider. This units been again. Therefore year, so you come in you're the fifth we'll these kids of all places. You know their coaches move up with em right on this whole thing. So maybe you You said a trade you at a commodity when you at land in these places, you could join a team Meliot Peer Group right that yet ever eat lunch with on the first day because you're a member of a team, and so you have relationships that real he was a social lubricant for me,
I'm wondering did, did your spidey senses get good at that age? Did you get really good at reading his temperament and where he was add in his being drunk? Was the generous one, one, the violent side, all that stuff. It was a difficult call. Africa, he was not a drunk ok, I mean, is it got drunk. He was very animated. Every weekend high school he had, the afternoons off so early morning. You'd have to go, find the car right grimy. This wasn't a subtle thing. You ever Wednesday he's gonna get shit faced, fallen down drug somewhere. So when he finally gets home, you go through his pockets. Your finding receives you're, saying where he was and you get a cab you're going out. Looking for the car right right, you're like an amateur detector, up, fifteen eyeliner driver's license and I'm going downtown Kansas City, fine in a car and drive and at home and I've gotta be
the school by a certain time, because, if you're not in school, the data, or a game you're not eligible rights. I gotta find a car and get school on time by like one o clock, or I can't play the next day. So I mean clocks taken I'm looking for the car I gotta you normally, my mom can get the work move like every week, but he was, he was a gregarious guy, he was a salesman was here he was going user gregarious guy and down. Did he get me? He must have got mean at times, yeah yeah I mean at times when he would get agitated they mice little sister got married. He was dropped from the night. For then drunk at the reception then gets home and things fall apart, he kicks all the windows at the back of the house. Tears the Vienna Hood off over the reins, throws it through the back window and it's that kind of fair yeah vertically atrophy adult bring your friends homeless. Put it there,
Yeah ended: did you slide into a role with mom at all during that period? Oh sure I mean you know, only boy had three cyst right yet may only boys, you elder sisters and a younger to affirm the protector right. That's the job! Yes was there on that defining moment where you ve gotta, like throw data the house or stand up to dad or fight dead. There were many of those who visit when he would get drunk and get out of control. The idea was this trial. Turn the bull I'm in this guy. My dad was my size rights and an in shape so I mean you turn the ball. You didn't bite the bullet fish like wave the red flag, are we going to ruin ha you because debts have there, power or re a little right, even even when you can logically assess like assess like out of shape, I can take him, there's still a block there. It's like the chain on
Elephants angle: either wanna do there. I mean, as you know, is drunken- yeah? Then your mother's gonna get upset that her son and an husband or in a fight you don't. But there are not going to make her happy either right what you wanna do deflect in general there. So did you re then tat all having to have that much on your shoulders that urban every day you did everything but we live in Oklahoma City, I was in middle school like say, had three sisters and they started. Marrying a cocky sure I've two sisters that matter elder sisters were married eleven times between M O, my God s great, my mama get along with them one day. You would think now like that, can't be How do you do that? You do it need by starting very young right. You have to go
married early and often Heracles awry eleven times between, like fourteen, they would get to get out. They were Can we get out of that house because it was violet drunken born? They didn't have a dad right. They are very good. You don't have a dead first got blows. New year's like Yahoo I'll, follow you anywhere the app that was an outcome city. We were all live together because I was only boy I had my own room was about size of that day. Clear me, but he had to go outside to turn round yeah but there is a window, so I left came home through the window, decided to have to go to the house and deal with tat. So The resistance single hung window there, you know too, by three window, so it was first floated was one storehouse, so I come home dinner, my room through the window when it's time to go, I would go out through the window and
It was time to eat. I would eat like one in the morning after, but he went to bed so I have to go in there in the chaos Oh, how did I handle it? I was very chaloner, and you become very self reliant. You know from Heaven and alcoholic foggy depend on yourself, yeah yeah out of necessity, I have to say to complete the ark. He did like your father He did get sober at the inn. In fact he went back to the Dallas, the logical seminary and got his masters of divinity, and so he did turn to religion media and he was sober, the last two or three years of his life ok, then that's the only two years. I'm planning on back to drink. Have you got that backward apart at my right, he'd either that the end, but he never acknowledged it as a problem.
In it the oak, my mother would get upset, say: ok, look you do this again, I'm done. He would show up that with a case of beer on ICE Silas, go leg, fish in the sea, very what the hell! Ok! What? Why was the interest in psychology? Why was it drill bit salesman interest in soil I think he was interested from way back as an undergraduate outing. I gotta had that an end. Here that in his head from way way back and was in sales, and so he was really interested in the psychology of sales right, and so I think that's what really set the hook for him. I am just looking at you and hearing about him. I have to imagine you have the same thing as me, which is on one hand. I despise a big chunk of my dad and then on the
and there I am Sylvan belatedly, a carbon copy of my dad. It's insane every time I turn around, like all my good qualities as well being a sales measures being outgoing. Ah, you know they're they're him. That's him, we'll have a philosophy in actually wrote this in one of the books that I've done, then the philosophy is tin. Seven. Five then there's some basis, for this if you look in the research, but by the time you're forty you're, going to have experienced tin, defining moments, made seven critical choices and encountered five pivotal people in your life. And if you sit down and start making that list out in a defining moment is one year chain changed in a lasting way before the defined. A moment. You were one why, after the defining moment, you're different in a lasting way, that's a defining moment. A critical choice is one you have made
really put you on its course. Like you decide to go to college, do not go to college our job, not take a job like just had my fiftieth high school reunion. I didn't go to it, but it caused me get in touch with a lot of the guys who went to high school with, and we must all talked a bunch yeah and results seems to me that when you graduate high school- and we had this gymnasium, it had like a double doors and they all in the parking lot at his vision, in my mind that we all went out those doors the same day with the same degree interesting fifty years late, your where everybody wound up. You know this guy wound up at the jail is fell in this guy's dead. This guy's a successful Dennis disk. As this. It is interesting to see this guy's doktor fail based on air based on this critical choices it put You want a course, and then you have five pivotal people and its now
common for apparent to be on that list. In my day, is one of my five pivotal people at a pivotal person can be a powerful positive influence in that same purse can be a powerful negative influence. My head was powerful positive because he was the hardest working person ever seen in my life. So that was a great role model for me and I I saw the way he worked and he never quit. I mean it. There was there was no quit in him at all and that and so I saw that any taught me that by watching him and then he was an alcoholic, and so I've never had a drink. Since I was sixteen years old, really I don't know
at a drink, I hope are using opiates or smoking weed or some other. I dont like an altered state consciousness to hard all. Do you really know thou began because I had surgeries and I hate it. I get in it. I get in that You're out of control right before you go and I feel like I'm fallen backwards down. Hill is scarcely shit out of me. I love it. I want that for the last year alone. All minors have, yes, he does you well. I have to imagine again: I'm gonna our tears ass, the hell yeah, what you gotta bring because I window that in Europe through the bushes, were gone. I know you will end up, but I went night. I went into your letter and I was at your mercy now you're here. Ok, so just for my arm, chair psychoanalysis dad played football. You play football. Dad did psychology, you did psychology story behind The long and here it, but you know on this,
purpose, You really is a very complicated causes, Guy is the really the source of all the, but what I was going to say about you not wanting to be powerless or not have control that mental state of being put under. In my experience, guys like us who had our childhood control is the commodity. We want the mouse just as we had zero of it. I think bye, love cars. I think we might have talked about that on. Your shows like that was the real appeal of the car, for me was only get in this thing. I turn the wheel. Does the same thing every time I hit the gas, it does the same thing. It's all predictable, I'm in control that was euphoric for me, plus there's that sense of power yeah, I mean cuz when I first in the cars I mean you're flow and pure testosterone, no blood nor vain. When we're fifteen or sixteen it pure testosterone- and you hear that rumble yeah, I may I had shitty cars, but I put dumps on him. You know put straight pipes off cherishing
we made it a noise and went nowhere here exactly six by your master illustrate the August a heart you get into psychology that differs from that. Well it and, by the way, part of what you said is right, and it's ok with me that its right, because, like I said he was a, is a pivotal person which I fully acknowledge, both maggotty than positive, easier reason? I don't drink or do drugs, which is a good thing. I think so even the negative influence had a positive outcome Annie me an amazing work ethic and he was there. He was an incredible athlete and I think what athletic skills I got genetically came from him. So we recognise that B has influences on me and there I channel him in some respects,
to deny that may at all. When he was in psychology, they pass this law all that you had to be licensed, which you didn't have to for a long time in psychology. State by stating that the super state, and so he had to go, qualify and take the test and he had been out of school like fifteen years, that's a hard, thing to do. I absolutely, and so he found it really really difficult. So what I did was get all of his books. As I read really fast and I came add to and two and five every time, but I read really fast and retain really well. So I got all of his books from graduate school I read em all outlined a wall, untutored tutored him to go. Do that and then it
in time for meeting the finnish College and of art thou of already done the entire group, Do it curriculum in psychology? So what's my major gonna be ah yeah, I'm gonna. Do, though it was the path of least resistance at the time for me I I was gonna. Do law medicine or psychology, I wasn't sure which ah, but that made the decision bill easy at the undergraduate will again really will interest. You mean that you helped him that much that must have venting credibly time consuming and I would not have had the benevolence did My dad was something like that. What why why why were you willing to do that, he needed it? He needed it needed it in my theory, this you don't have to like everything so buddy. Does too like them or love them ah Hunt represent, I mean I didn't like that part of him, but
when he was sober, and We interacted really fired him greatly. Oh, that's, nice! I really admire him. I thought and you wanted his approval. He had guts, I mean he had ballsy was willing to reach out and do things the pilot and lower pilot rye and just keeps getting them, and he was an incredible pilot railing I mean the guy could fly an airplane through the eye of a needle. I mean he was a precision, pile I mean really really good. They also flew drunk and tried to take me fly Indra on one occasion and so the oil spilled into everything, but when he was sober he was really good at what he did. We are listening to a podcast right now that I guarantee you would love called doktor death. If he heard of this I have listened to. You did, did you all my god? Isn't it next level
engage amidst the most horrific scenario imaginable. It is really a great reminder that the person that great He waits last in their class, it medical school. It call a person doctor too as you know, is really trying to drill down into why that podcast more horrific than hearing even one about a serial killer in my conclusion, was, I think the reason it so troubling is that it's rare that we make ourselves vulnerable to people, but we make ourselves vulnerable to surgeons, and when that vulnerability is it is, you know, crossed it's doubly painful, there's something right. That's there's more anguish! Attached to that, because you've been, you know why it scares you. So much is because people are volunteering. Serial killers, people to voluntary right that these people are volunteering, and I have this theory that that really, I don't know how
explain this and I should heal when people see something like Chris Watts recently know that killed his wife and two babies. I don't know that one. It was all over the press just not too long ago. Here you see these family annihilated serial killers when people say who does that kind of thing when they say that to me it's not return The only people ask me that question. They want an answer right because it was one of the red flags. How do we spot is? How do we keep these people out of our lives in these people? Go these docks them in there. Volunteering themselves are being vulnerable like you're talkin about in I'm. I am astounded every day, because I know what people are capable of. The people will go get on an airliner. They giddy and in turn right? They don't even look left now.
You have only to look in the cockpit. I won't look Virginia? I want to look at you, you see. Are you here today? Look Angleesh. Do they look foggy Do not listen, look Amelia! I am the same weight when my wife and I are New York and we get a ride in a card of airport. The even five in the morning. We're dead, tired ice, dare the whole time the whole hour and have I'm steering it that rearview mirror to watch it. This person doesn't fall asleep because I'm just assuming they absolute worse, she's of zooming, the the best and I am assuming the worse and I have caught one or two, these guys, not enough and I'll be ok, baby. What are you doing? You want to put on the radio or building Europe I need to also do I'm in that. You can think I'm paranoid about this, but I lived in Dallas for moved out here. They didn't have great regular, Turn on the cabs there, no inspections you get on their there'd be
I or so bald on these. You could see the air in the cattle feed girls good. I would go eighty miles an hour draw near the town tyres that God. I wouldn't put em on attire swing and this guy's drive and eighty miles an hour I get in. I looked to see his skull. Decent tyres honestly cause us together. Eighty nine, because they re going to get their fast and get burned as right, quicker. They do at the more minor gonna get the other pinprick eyes his elder on drugs. But again my It's not that way, there's a lot of people. I know that. Aren't that way. I think that comes from growing up in an environment where you got to be watching people, but a lot of people grow up in a household where the adults can be trusted, it's a safe place and they don't have to be in high fucking alert at all time. And I think when you grow up in an environment where you gotta be on high alert
you're, does on highly dress your life at sea. That again, you think I'm paranoid and paranoid about cheating on paranoid. I didn't do what most parents do we grow, our kids up, saying you might adults not tell you is that you do what they tell you, but you minded I'll, try them! That's what they're too. I never told my kids are absolutely not, but that's what we grew up with you. Two things. Christian principles give people the benefit of the doubt bullshit mind else bullshit. Ah, thank for yourself, evaluate had a bad? If you ve got some Adele Tellin you get in the car with me, you know what scream Yale do whatever and if you're wrong it'll be ok ride rather live here with you. But that if this was the principle the school and he was trying to discourage you to go back to school and you through a fit called him a pervert anywhere raw.
I got your back, don't worry about it, though I did not teach my kids, that you mind adults. I have yet to either yeah yeah. I trusted adults and regretted it at times and learn the hard way. Tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare, we are brought to you by the Okcupid app only dating app that find you, someone based on who you are and what you're into the Okcupid app lets you There are tons of fun questions that, let you be seen by the people who are going to be into like do you prefer sure food. Do I not really? Ok? Could you date, someone that was really messy. Yes, yes, your little messy Well and again, I am do you like to split the bill on the first day share a great. Do you like to go
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football. You you were in a game where you lost a hundred to six so utterly. Oh, you are. There goes on it team, ok, but This is a short story. Our guy there were some call them. Uncle flew at the time it ravaged our team. Ok, We were all in the infirmary do play in Houston, oh no bill yeoman and we understand Yaller sick ill cost a fortune. If you cancel the game, school needs money. We know everybody sick, come now. Let's just play the game where I run a score party. We know you guys you're sick, but we had a guy play. Quarterback. It hadn't taken a snap since the seventh grade we go down there. And this asshole runs, or up a hundred to see ya I'm way and in the infirmary, listen to this on the radio, what an asset So you end up by transferring at some point to school schooling in Texas
and then you graduate and then you get your masters and then you get your phd in clinical psychology. Now I understand how you ended up with the bee eggs, your new, the stuff. What why then decide to go? Get the Phd well Abash, gray and psychology is good for selling shoes. Insurance Elaine equipment. Dr another, its efforts. Billy non marketable degree? Em, it's like a degree in history. You can teach her nothing, you can't practice! No! Ok, porchless! I thought psychiatry required an eight year education, but psychology is only required or your am I wrong on the hill. Yet to get for you and the graduate, then you have to get a master's degree, which is usually two years than a phd, which is better for years, and you have to do a year's the internship bouncy type thing. The uneven verges as psychologist just
psychologist. Would fare bears no, or maybe I am I just. I know that psychiatry can prescribed drugs psychologist can't so. My assumption, which have now made an asset of me is, is that oh, they must not have a phd or a medical degree because they can prescribe medicine. There's it's a phd, not an empty. The psychology right right, ok, which is a clinical things in your ear theories. That's not a real doctor that that is imagine your me. Are you know you know one group can prescribe medicine. The other group. Can I just assume letting go to school as long as it's not a crazy assumption No that's wrong as we just learned, but but it's not crazy. No, what is it their therapist,
are they for year? Is anyone out there given advice with a four degree? Therapist, don't have that have a page data mine doesn't will politically things have changed where you can get sub doctoral licence, your name, and become a licence. Marriage and family therapist storm somethin like that with a masters degree. You can be an independent practice. Ok, ok! So I, U is explained to me this dissertation in the readers. Digestion, version. It is my condition psychosomatic, as that was at the conclusion of sure, if their daily work. When I went to school, you go through clinical psychology, which could you get admitted into doctoral programmes in like school psychology, educational psychology, which is different
a counselling psychology, experimental psychology, all different kinds, and then there's clinical psychology, which is what you typically think about, is a therapist ideal? Was neurosis psychosis, personality disorder They tend to see patients in what one group things like that than that is a programme that I was admitted to, but then they also launched programme in behavioral medicine, which is essentially medical psychology intact, and so I completed the core programmes in Bonn, and so I spent half of my time at the south,
Esther Medical School in Dallas and half of my time at nor Texas State University. Where did clinical programme, and I did the Behavioral Medicine programme a lot of it at the south, western medical, school and Allison Department of Physical Medicine, and that's where I was working on the M, the rheumatoid arthritis it and my dissertation was adopted by the American College of rehabilitated medicine as the treatment of choice for rheumatoid arthritis, at the time. That's long since been surpassed, since they only better protocols now, but in nineteen cell, even now there at them that the precipice, if even changing direction through got health and stuff enlarging nineteen, seventy eight! It was it was. It was a good, what was the psychological component of the auto immune disorder. Well, though, there there's a huge stress component to it. There is huge relaxation
components to it and it was the treatment of voice in were gold. The Celimene Crile Therapy and I was doing by a feedback and relaxation training some different modalities. It were not invasive that proved to be more efficacious than the others. Yeah. I got to say I mind or my diet like crazy, and I always underestimate the stress component and I will have been eating pretty perfect and I'll have kind of a flare up and I'll be so frustrated in and then I'll get realistic about. What may be. My last month was white and, unlike our shit, I keep underestimated Cried the biggest Korea. Ok. So when you got out, you went to work with your dad again. I find this interesting as you in your dad. You joined his practice right. He had a practice. Did you enjoy the mill, though it was really important to our mother mom
others saint. She really wanted me to do it, so I did it for a period of time and then you, went from there and then you started doing seminars right. This is between CSI and the practice with dad was seminars overlapped it over later? It will weaken our word. They. It was called pathways. It was it similar at all to, like the other self, help things at that time like asked, or what became a landmark, was it that type of like application time self help? to think of it as a main stream non radical non bizarre est guy, because at the time this is when eighty miles and p p owes were really coming
the vogue? An insurance coverage for therapy was really tough for people, and so what I put together was alive scheme those training protocol, because so many people have checked. Pledges in activities of daily living, but they dont have mental illness right. There is a human right, but they don't necessarily have a good strategy for life. They don't understand goals. Acquisition Harris goals and go after and things like that. So I put together a protocol- While it is said, look you go to school and they too you have to read and write and little John european history, but nobody teaches you had a lid of these. Are the zone They teaches you about motivation, they dont teach you how to manage, swings, they dont teach you how to resolve conflict with yours
african others or whatever. So I said, I'm gonna put together. Recall where you can actually teach these things to people and do it in a group where its affordable right, because it used to be is. If you would come to see me even back, then it would be usually be about a thousand dollars before you ever got to sit down with me. You had to do a battery of psychiatric tat. She had to go two intake interviews and all sorts of things like that, spend a thousand dollars to get to the point. We should ok now. Let's start, I really do either do this whole thing for like two hundred bucks. I don't get all this information, a lot of, which is what I would tell eighty percent of the people as a foundation that they needed to build on to begin with so odd. I did. This is kind of a
life skills, training in, and I have people in everything from ceos from fortune. Five hundred companies to housekeepers Riah it made it very affordable for people aim. Was this synergy of a lot of things. What percentage of that model was Vinos? Psychology in the academic sense in which was like your own life experience? Well, you draw from everything right and I grew up in F Letteth. So a lot of the technology of coaching. I have always tried to coach people. I don't like this therapy model where you come in said as well. Has it make you feel what can has it make you feel as it makes you feel the look at that not, as is not me, right does not leave. If you want to do that, go see somebody else right a lot of times. I would have people come in and it was very
obvious disillusions, very obvious. I can tell you now or I can babysit you for six That's an interview so I'll just tell you now and even go. Do it so it was kind of a life coaching sort of thing, because I've been coached, all my life and then I've been married. Forty two years, so I am very comfortable so you you you'd, you drop everything in I know a lot of seventy five set. Words are just try not to use em, so try to put everything in very common sense, it'll terms for people, and I did then as well. I do the same thing now. Yeah I get into this debate sometimes because I am a big proponent of therapy. I think it's great for people, but I also have been in aid for fifteen years, and we don't do that in a you come in and you tell us like nine horseshit things and we go hey. We had the same exact lies. You gotta go, do x, Y and see like lives, its action right. So there's a real shark in Matt, I think primarily because its life or death for the people that enter
that that you don't have two years to have a break through its like no start, acting a certain way in your you're thinking, may change and catch up with your actions of you start with just your actions. We can. We know what our good action right that our productive- I have a theory about why they is such a powerful model, and I believe it is by the way I am a big fan of I don't think it's the only thing. People need to do right, but as well as things like necessary, but not sufficient. Yeah I'll, do a lot of things, but I think big proponent of the twelfth programme, and I like it so much because. I think any time you want to achieve something You surrounds yourself with, like minded people. How can that not be good? I mean if care, if you're, if you're wanting to build a house,
or change your life in any way whatever, and you surround yourself with people that want the same thing and want it for you, then that's got to be good. Yeah, that's not a success only journey, but it's gotta be good yeah. I mean the fact that you go in there and you can I dunno, I somebody who has what you want, that in and of itself who has mentor and live word is one find a mentor. How do you bump into someone that has what you want so that that in and of itself is like a great resource that experiences important set of a pilot then give em get ready to fly from Kansas City, key to Chicago you'd other thing I wanna hear most amounts whether in all it can stuff if somebody lands it just came in from Chicago right out.
Bill the trouble to step over and say I am get right, go to Chicago what experience along the way here and not that it won't change before I get there. But that's good information he's got expired, So I don't have been when you gotta exacerbated, maybe they're so months ahead of you. Maybe your head, you two years. How do you like tell you where the potholes are, while the good thing that I really like about a enough as I was thinking of your approach and trying to distil it down, and I wonder if you would be able to still it down into what you think your kind of core superpower is. It appears to me- and I could be wrong- that your primary goal is to help people get honest with themselves, and that sounds so simple. I actually have great sympathy in compassion for people who can't get honest with themselves because you know in a hey, there's an act,
the whole system there's a couple steps that help. You get honest with yourself, because we are terrible. Observers of ourselves were reacting to Bio, can good things and were drawing conclusions that are not true or not factoring in what happened. Maybe eleven hours before we did something stupid you know and if you're not really paying attention, you can be the victim of that for a long time in all kinds of ways. Right insight is the most critical aspect of change and the most difficult thing to achieve. The ability to step outside yourself and looked back at yourself in an objective way with no distortion is really hawk jets, almost impossible, it really hard. But if you are worth
king with somebody yourself or a patient or a friend, and that person has insight. They have the ability to say ill, ask themselves what am I really do and here, and why am I really do it once you get to that point? It's all downhill from there has once they can take an objective, look at themselves, you're really start and make progress now and at ease What's the sacred power I've spent my life since I was twelve years, old and I remember the day had happened, focusing on why people do what they do and don't do what they don't. Do I mean that think about that. If you understand why people do what they do and don't do what they don't do, you ve got a huge edge
life. You gotta whether its relationships, sales, whatever it might be. You got a huge advantage in life yet and I think a couple things one it's it's a again, as you pointed out that we don't yet any training in high school that there's there's no attempts to point out to people that we are just inherently biased and we have confirmation by us and we need a system. Quite often, we need something that see their collective or or bigger than us that can help us Ray is itches word that were at the centre of the experiment at all times were not back behind glass and will even teach people that they ought to pay attention. That will teach people how to pay attention to what somebody's motivations might be right. Like orgy Ellen me a car, it matters that you the one cell in it when you're telling me about how good it is who's gonna get the money. If I buy you the rather
here from an independent mechanic. We don't you think, well, that's obvious, but a lot of people don't think about the source that you're getting their information from right, withered somebody criticising them or whatever. So as much, You ve had an interest in psychology, your very, very entrepreneurial, I'm hugely motivated by money. I wanted it, we didn't have it and I had to get some of that goddamn money. Had they get. Some of it's been a big preoccupied. Mission of my life. I assume many many peoples, but what part of your brain? What what percentage of her brain was like? I need to build the better mouse trap. Well survival. I mean when you poor, then I think I'll sayings get to be all things because your profile, little saying necessity is the mother of invention. That's been really
fourteen in my life has been really poor right and so, when you ve been really poor, you get entrepreneurial. I hear these people. I am on the show. Sometimes I M a job for two years I've been trying to get a job. No, you haven't you ve not been trying to get a job for two years. You you cannot, you can not try to get a job for two here's a not get a job. You can get a job in two hours. If you want to get a job, I have been homeless with. Good job and I can get a job in an hour. Bullshit bullshit, bullshit, on the street, where I started the end of a block, infer, walking down and go in every door and say: do you need a store? room cleaned out. Do you need? we sell that parking lot. Do you did these boxes move? When can you start now? I can start right now in.
And you start. You know what I get paid, what you gonna get paid, it doesn't matter. I need a job I'll, start workin I'll, be treat me right. You got it. If you do it well, they say: can you come back tomorrow? You ve got a job. You come on right, that's entrepreneurial people say they can't get a job bullshit. You can get a job maybe saving yourself for management, but if you need a job, you can get it job and if you're hungry you'll get a job, how did you come up with courtroom sciences, but it's a fascinating part of your story. I don't think a lot of people know I was we are learning it. My focus within behaviour. Medicine was brain and central nervous system. If you get hurt, on the job or in an accident you break your leg or your hip ill. It's fifty thousand dollar damage. They settle it go on, but if you get a break an injury or a spinal cord injury,
now, you're going to trial and their higher and experts has now you're talking millions of dollars, sometimes you're talkin a life plan. Somebody twenty one is paralyzed you're talkin a life plan which gummy millions of dollars across fifty years. Yeah they start hiring exports. I started getting hired neither plainer for defence side command evaluate knew. What is the functional impact of this? Has this affair Their activities are daily living. What's is going to mean in terms of loss of consortium with their partners. What I mean What's all this gonna mean what's there abilitations course going to be what you going to have to retrain your logically than what the grand total of yeah, and so I would testify, and the assessment was that I did a pretty good job.
The rather that was a good communicator. I did my homework. I you're good at as a witness stand here, and so I did that a fair amount in then they started saying well, they're gonna! Have you? counterpart on the other side, can you help us design? The car? examination for them will evaluate their report, finds a holes in it right, ass, their cross examination and then- pretty soon is, like you know hours, Theo is a terrible witness. Withered him to testify. Like you do, can you work with him? start training him so pretty soon it got to wear, my testimony became a small part of what I was doing with the trial team, because then it was like what kind of jewelry is going to understand what you're what kind of jury are we looking for what he s, a jerk elimination, you're, now vocal on, so it get to the point where I had a practice that was just overwhelming.
And then you go to Miami from taxes is a trial in Miami. You go and is gonna, be there Tuesday afternoon, you know the wheels. Justice turn very slow gets pushed the winds dating is puts a Thursday evening I've been gone three days. You ve got all these patients, but you can't me, gone all the time, so you have to make a choice and is when you are pivotal exactly- and I said you know what I mean we could not decide whether one do psychology, medicine or law houses can say it's funny. You found your way through psychology, so are when I graduated did medical psychology in psychology? they, when I graduated, did a year's post doctoral fellowship in legal psychology, so it now get medicine, psychology, analogue and so I said. I certainly want to do this and what to do right. So I closed the practice
when courtroom sciences- and we did it the right way- full size, federal court, room replica to mock, try cases full graphics, department that ran twenty four hours a day three and sixty five days year. Building courtroom exhibits and it was a very successful business. Yes, how or was it was it easy to stay as the current in that situation, because I could see it easily being cut rising depending on whether you're being hired by the plain of defence well built both sides do what they can to win tat their obligation to do everything they can. What what you're saying says it boil down to you are entitled to the best defence money can buy what we did. More specifically, let me say that if you are,
no evaluate somebody who lets say was suing somebody for x amount of money because of some brain damage. And you were to look at that and you you know if you're working for the defense, you could likely say well this person's going and require three thousand dollars worth of care going forward now, if you're working for them secure, she knew you might feel like they need a million and a half dollars like it would very based on who hires you or it could very well. How does one stay in? What what are the ethical parameters? My wife and I sometimes watch these legal shows in she's disgusted by what did France does and I try to say that that is their obligation as lawyers to provide the single best defense possible that that's what they're there to do to keep the system functional so weirdly, I wonder of expert witness falls into that. I'm curious. What are the ethics of that? There is a difference between the expert witness in what we do
this trial scientists. We don't make the facts. We just report on him and we teach people to tell the truth effectively and I'm going to present my facts as powerfully as I can and if you dont like that in you, should a hired me, not half, but you agree, though, that you Could there was some wiggle room within your assessment of what this thing was ultimately gonna cost, or do you never have to give that kind of well know? There's an economist, it comes in and does that what I do is say: here's the reality and yeah we've spent most of our time on the defense side- and you know, plane, is coming on and try to blow things up and get punitive damages and
They try to get one point: six billion dollars and all that trust me that aim for the client. That's for the lawyers right, I didn't lose any sleep. I'll leave me, but you say is it? Is it ethical, its unethical undermine if you lie makeup, facts hide documents or whatever that we never did. We presented our case effectively powerfully and I was in trouble one time where the other side objected in this rule. Courtroom insight objected to our graphics and said we objected. Those there too, persuasive Should we object to those there to put crises and the judge sustain the objection, did that experience overall, have any impact and how you look at the jurisprudence system glue
the boy did it did it? Did it? Take you one way or another ordered disillusion, anything for you now. I understand the yielded, the the shell bull, which is you already Rayner of that area. I am it's based on my life before the Doktor Phil Show: ok, the actor Jason Bull is doctor. Filmography Did you have a hand in casting the lean you must have? Did it strictly to cast herself by look I'd want bribe, I would only ask it on executive us. I would only ask bread bid. The blame me, but my experiences that juries have a collective iq of at least twelve hundred and they tend to get it right. That was Your conclusion, I'm a big fail. The jury says that they go out to get it right. Good, I'm glad that was your or you're gonna walk. We stay, for more expert. If you dare, we are supported by
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mad cow. Oh, I remember shoe. I remember that the big thing with her, but I didn't know that that was that I had forgotten and then, when the name of the case, the trial doesn't let you know it's mad cow, so yeah, that's it was she did a show and she had an expert on that was talking about mad cow disease that had really invaded the British. Beef supply the allegation was they had the z, cattle with brain disease, and they would grind those that killed cattle grind Emma mix a man to the food and feed him back to the other cattle? That's what I walked away with Norway is that right or wrong, and well that's what I did Ok, they're theory was that that infects, the other girls and so now you're eating tainted beef, and this guy, I was saying- that's actually happening in America and Oprah, just off handedly
well I'm not every another burger. Ok, when that show aired the beef futures on the Chicago Board. Afraid board of Trade went limit down, oh because they are so that he was heard? How unwilling they closed board? It went, live, dal move, so they they said that that cattlemen suit her they they think about dislike ranchers out their ride and horses. Laser feed lots rather talk about tens of thousands of candles in peons that are fattened up and then said to the slaughterhouses. These aren't you as on horses. These are below Marlborough Man now now and they sooner in Amarillo for over a billion dollars. I was on the defence team.
Just went on a while yeah, oh yeah, we have already ears, maybe we moved to Amarillo yeah. I worked on the case with her for over two years before it went to trial and when I went to draw, we all moved Amarillo she and I, and the lead, counsel and couple other people lived in a bed and breakfast out on the edge of town for about two and a half months and what was her her relevance in? Harry Cause, I'm I'm I'm a little hazy, unlike when was she that quickly, she already the queen of reality to what was it like for you or with the history you had and mostly or go home a Texas all this stuff to find yourself with Oprah. Is it well. I mean I've never seen an opera show start to finish. It was on during the day, but you can't be on planet earth and not know who openly as right am I had just finished, defending Diane Sawyer and twenty twenty on the food line case
You may remember that they put under cover people into food lying. There are already doors and found that they were taking expired meat helping it up in colored, cellophane, tripling the price and putting it into Gore may section Why would a business model? How do I do that, so they get sued when they did that experts on them and so just yet through, sending them in that case, but at the time represented ABC Nbc, CBS, CNN Fox every, the airline in the world have for the fortune? Five hundred, so we had a beastly company there. You always were used our struck, though by opera was it excited. I was I was very anxious to meet her of a flew up to Chicago to meet her and her assistant. Kay
and said, Miss Winfried will be in a few minutes. She has fifteen minutes and I said it doesn't work for me. Since you know what I mean is work for you. I said there. There's no point in meeting her for fifteen minutes that doesn't work and she said. Well, I'm sorry- and I said well, you know what look it ain't my ass getting sued. If that's what she wants to, do, that's fine with me, she'll get out of it what she puts into it, and so she and she left the room and pretty soon Oprah came in eight hours later we ve been. Our initial meeting and she walked me out to the car and she said by the way, did you tell my assistant? My us getting suit only reject what she left. Well, yeah me, I didn't, I admit, use no disrespect to you head seat is the lesson from men at our matter. You would follow
love with her. If she was the secretary if she was the star if she was the janitor that cleaned the place. You understand within five minutes. Why she's, the queen of all media, ah ha areas special, warm engaging sparkle president. Do you just you get it instantly yeah and I knew right. Then this will be the most powerful witness that you've ever seen in that's out turn down and she won that case. Ultimately, and because of that relationship you guys created during that trial, she invited you on to the show to do a segment and give advice and that immediately turned into a once a week, the area I was on the night. The verdict came in and that really but that trial really bothered her eggs are mere one night.
Three, a m. I hear this peck on my bedroom door pick pick pick em, I opened the door and it's o printer footed, pajamas and seas. Can you come out as we go in the game room and she said I don't get it. This isn't right. Why am I here haha and its favorite story? She tells all the time I should you because these good old boys were soon you for over a billion dollars. And if you don't get your head in the game, they're gonna handle your ass on a platter and she like ok- and that was a real turning point for hers. Like is not about be unfair as well. It's. What is you are here is like I would never go in a restaurant lobby and start a fist fight But if somebody swings on me, you know what a manifest fight you don't belong here. You shouldn't be here, but somebody
you swing in on you? You are here right. So you're gonna fight, so you better come present and win this year and she did Anne and she was a powerful compelling witness. While your first time on that show where you I mean how what was your anxiety level anytime, you do Let me get up for you now you get Charlotte Telescope with who do a good job, and I was pump to do it, but I'll I wasn't really nervous about it, because I didn't really Maybe the expectation right. You didn't you weren't thinking. I owe based on this point governments. I will either have this huge empire. One day I want your NATO in evaluating mad echoes the producer. Call me an appropriate made a commitment to her audience is it she found a value that she would share whether audience whether was a her drier or the book or whatever legal council and she said,
found you of great value, and I saw her producer called and asked me to come and do the show- and I had declined us now- I do they items I'm assuming at this point. Courtroom sciences is going wonderfully oh yeah yeah, making tons of money in your happy right near build something great life, a live less than a mile from the office. My play that every day was in between half way lived on the golf course and Allison I love my life and I decline. That's it now I'll, give you a night three names of people. That would do a really good job, but I'm goin scooby. I've been so I'm gonna be here anyway about fifty minutes. Later phone rings teleprinted he'll, say no Oprah come. I am going to do it, I'm civil about his wooden leg, or do you get back? Ok, so I came in and did it when I get back
we'll think I wanna ready. I want to hear the human side of doktor fail. Memory, even if you weren't scared to do it. When you while there and you do a good job there, there's few feelings that compare in my experience too going out on that tight robe and libraries and walking off it's a very elevated experiences in it. I will reduce the crimes that no, it was more fun and a barrel of monkeys. I'll tell you, I wasn't nervous about it in the sense of like oh, this is an audition someone, because my idea was this- is one in the right moment to come. Do this and then thanks in well see you next I may get sued. I had no expectation, of ever be it on the show beyond that, but there's something that you you have to understand about open,
you walk on the upper stage. She has this presence that you feel like yours. Sitting in her living room at home, with your shoes off chatting right. She makes you comfortable, also, Islam play football, whatever you get up for the game and so I mean I'm up for the game. I want to go, do a good job. I don't want to let her down. I love her she's, my friend, so I'm up for it and I get out. There again, it's almost anticlimactic in that she made so easy ride. She is that good I mean she just yo you you look or in the eye, and she started asking these questions and following a long and is desolate, she put you in a rocking chair yeah. I'm never here is the lesser, was absolutely dinner, super cell suddenly podcast recently and it was like exam
actually the sailor reminded us this see. Is that good yeah, that's so cool, so I imagine to being an opera, is the only thing I can probably in ninety ninety eight to having been a stand up who goes in does Carson and then, like overnight. People know who you are like. Was it within five minutes of having done her show where people are starting to recognise? don't stop well. You're, a data show that a few weeks later, I did it again and again and pretty soon it got to be every tulia every Tuesday, and let me tell you make no mistake: there would be no doctor feel without Oprah right. Oh, I would never of endeavour. To do it the success of it. You rise above the noise with her you get the Oprah Good Housekeeping seal of approval. You train five years at Oprah University. You learn how it's done. Somebody asked
The other day you been number one for like seven years that this doesn't happen. What your secret she quit get over the great is led by sea. Everyone must equip weakening, or word is number two for dinner. Before there than she quit. That became number one. That's happened and so obviously we all know. Then you end up doing your own Joel. You, you you, take that the notary from the showing you write a few books rattle the gates right between and the aid in two thousand one. You right three books. Somewhere in there when the first one was with I've been on a couple years or some rulebook right and she said
you need a ride. Some of this down the ad Oprah. There wouldn't be a book if it wasn't for and again here, as we are saying earlier, I'm assuming your now. You have this this clinical psychology background novice academia, but then you also now been doing these trials in your like you're you're you're gathering stuff there to write that that has to be better could become a part of your work. View in your approached all these things right? Ah many of shows, if he done coming upon three thousand- oh gosh, thousand, does at number even astound you. Yes, it does, and you know you it's coming up on, like eighteen thousand guest three thousand shows O might win our seventeenth
That's a good sized town! I ran out of ten thousand, you ve interviewed. Basically, everyone in my town was the town over and in three thousand episodes in an thousand gas. Have you got it wrong? We eagerly await its course First, the water, but you can't make em flowed on her back home. In the end, I would imagine in your line you're it there's. A lot of judgment calls me maybe you're getting pitched a ton of stories out. Imagine in you're making a lot of judgment calls in. Like you're planning the shit six months, our rights happening, quick people are getting their newsworthy at a moment. So imagine that that can be tricky tat. You make these man calls, and some of them may be a regrettable, and some of them are real, proud of some people take the advice and Yet these glowing letters back in people have changed their lives
we will long enough now that kids, it we're coming home from school in the fifth great, your mom would say you have to be quiet. Doktor fills on their now grown up in there Fifth graters were coming home and they're saying yet require doctrine bills because real, but you get these glowing stories and then you get people that They were on drugs in you help him it clean and they re lapped once twice three times since then wrecked cars in a ruin, their families and some of them have of overdosed and Eve worked with couples. It I've gotten divorced, and I mean it's ban. We do those follow ups, we do full of good or bad right, whether they, whether it worked out or whether than we do me, the way it what's the line so with with success, comes credits like one of the things I
so I use early on in today S like two thousand one. Someone writes a biography of you in that as to be tricky right someone's. Yet to do that to me, thank God, but certainly you could curate any kind of story about me. You could go interview, my ten worst enemies from homer. You could interview my ten best friends and, depending on what those people say, you know I'm a terrible person to some people. Certainly the right and I've been an angel to some people. All right. So what? What is it that you ones like about? We both like control, I don't like being powerless, would knowing someone's writing a book about you. What is that feel like? Basically, what they did is took a bunch of tabloid stories and bound them into a book in resold, But did you bother you? I didn't really well, the aid and read it. But I'm sure you are aware of what it was saying and did that bother you? You know I'm not one of those people. It needs to be loved by strangers.
You're, not Neil! You want everybody levy right of course, of course, I'd when some and it goes into something like that you're, my my lawyers, and they say well, it's this story from this tabloid Nestorius, tabloids, Sportiveness, tabloids This is a new and there, so it didn't cloudy new ground. So I've, my pulse, didn't go up one where the yeah did. I just this experience by the way I have not had this experience in fifteen years have seen on television, but just recently a woman I did have sex with in my first year, sobriety sold a story to a tabloid. That said, I had sex with my fifth year sobriety, which would overlap with Christian. Well, it's not true! Thank God. For me, I've not not spend the night with Kristen in eleven years, so she's like what
stories. Bullshit cause you didn't, spend any one thousand, even knowing my wife and give a shit as presuming most people believe me, and she proof was a photo that was clearly from fifteen years ago and not nine years ago, whatever and she's been married, don't bother me! It's still bother me. I was at a grocery store at Fucking Christmas and I see in a corner did Dax cheat. A bothers me because I'm assuming a lot of people going to read it to find out whether that's true or not I know, intellectually. I shouldn't care what anyone thinks, but the people in my life and the people in my life don't think that, but that, but that bothers me- I also it has potential financial ramifications. I represent companies, I don't know if when he was about to hire me and they saw their allowances veer away from that. Like you know, it comes with a price whether you you choose to accepted or not. I find it stressful here's the thing you can't control it, so I mean it's like saying you, fine, lightning, stressful
Germany is wonderful pearl leaders guns all me why you said: if you ask people what they want and right before Henry Ford created the car, they say faster horses likely I really love our using your letter. You're an airplane by the way by donors and people being stressed out an airplane. I'm like I have zero control over the outcome of those. I only worry about things that I can maybe steer something in the direction I want to go in It's the compliment and one way you you, your big enough that you sell magazines that's totally right. You're put you on the cover of head over a hundred tabloid stories written me they ve said Robert and I are gonna, get a divorce for the last twenty five years. We have never. I welcome the DE word in our house and we ve been married forty two year,
we ve been together forty five years, we ve never said we were gonna get. It was never considered getting a divorce. We're never gonna get a divorce, but they just keeps eye on it and keep silent napkin planet. And then, when it doesn't happen, then they say well, he bought her. That fabulous, has stayed up on the hill, is a bribe to stay with him so doesn't ruin his brain looks like okay, so they got it. Is the narrative right right, we're livin, indifferent wings of the house, and I love you, see their houses and have we I've been there. I've been here. I can tell you that your wings, you there's nothing, you can do about it and if you see these people their judgment proof the gun. Money right, so you don't really get anything that any view Sillam. All you do is give legs to the story. Tat S all tractors, the stories, this big and
So you react and I talked about how my father has this. Becomes this big yeah yeah? I am not Dr Phil. I don't have a any degrees whatsoever in psychology. Have here you can't ever yet I'm someone people ass for advice in it's one of the biggest sources of myself esteem. I am so grateful. I'm someone you'd want their two cents on a situation. I got really it's one of the cornerstones of what makes. Feel good about who I am, but with that for me runs a huge risk of I'll stop telling myself, because I want to protect that. I want that position. I like it so much. It gives me so much self esteem that I dont want. People know that I'm fucking up to a making mistakes at my judgment suck. Sometimes
I'll, find myself sometimes resisting, maybe owning all my defects, because I want to hold on to that position of being someone. People look towards an I just can't imagine that you wouldn't also experience at some level. Well then, I think I've been I'll give myself this credit, because I think I've been very careful about this from the beginning. And I have said this many times, including recently. I do not hold myself up as an example of mental emotional, social, marital health and do not use me as a yardstick the fact that a brain surgeon can do good. In surgery doesn't mean he has a perfect brain. I mean the fact that I can Tell you what I have learned, doesn't mean
in that our practice at all the time you know the cobblers children have no shoes, you don't look, it may dislike No, what I say I tell people if what I say will not withstand challenge. Throw it out. Look for example, I'm a workaholic Robin will tell you, I'm a workaholic, I'm not real demonstrative? Emotionally, I mean something like great will happen I have of. A real sense of satisfaction internally and a sense of peace and appreciate, you shouldn't internally rob we'll do the happy dance in the mean she'll have fireworks gone off in the backyard shows they give me something come on giving the guy. You know, I'm not real demonstrative that way in that's! That's not just a difference Probably a flaw, probably emotionally constricted in that way, but less aid like me: don't you
a pattern yourself after made this listen to what I say in a bit fits you use it. If it doesn't hit to Egypt button you dont have to you, don't have to be flawless, you dont have to live. Pretty days without stumbling in order to be credible, tell you if I wanted to know something about navigating sobriety. I would rather ask you, then some pencil neck dickhead from the university. I guarantee you because you have now a gated that terrain. You have been there and you ve had urges come back on you that have caused you to be moody, ordered then Sudan done that you know it. Somebody that reads about it or writes about it or reads about it, doesn't know what I want to talk to somebody this been there. That's. Why I said I talked to the pilot that just came in from Chicago re use. This came in from life. That's. Why would talk to you?
be afraid to think you're gonna lose credibility because you stumble here and there. So it's not hard for you to our near failing are you sure, come if I had one now, will you that we will even You say in your not demonstrative. I mean again I'm projecting like crazy, but I lived in a house where I didn't want to give the dude dissatisfaction that he had affected me. That was my fuck you as everyone else's is is, but you cannot break me and I personally ruined myself in that way. You know I don't cry. When things go, I go into solution mode idle cheer when they are great. You know I wish I did, but, but I just decided that that you know, but that's not uncommon for people who have been through what you and it. We'd we cut off the highs and lows we
modulation and stay in here, because we know don't get too happy because is getting ready to come down and don't you, to low cause. You're gonna have to rally does. We know you gotta, be the com in the middle of the storm and when you live with what you and I have lived with with our colleague, Father chaotic home, we know we have to be the com in the middle of a storm, and so we don't afford ourselves, emotional extremes, good or bad. It's how we survive. Do you ever feel sad figures? I feel sad for myself, sometimes that I don't know either, because I do Experience it, I just don't demonstrated externally as much. For example, both my boys were amazing athletes. I mean like whites out, basketball players and stuff and
I played sports all my life and never got his nervous playing as watching our a share of it. So so I know I'm human. I know I know I'm like every other day at I'm sitting up Logan, I don't miss them, miss them and if they miss big shot and the game is lost something I mean I hurt for them inside. You know like it kills me yeah ten minutes later their plan frisbee out in the yard and I'm like crush us. I know that I have the full range of emotions. You still don't put on display all the time. Right well, you know what a testament to whatever I don't know the full inner workings of you. But I do know what your sons J quite well Right- and he's an incredibly hard working, ambitious, conscientious human being, which I feel like as a feather in Europe.
You think so earlier by the way? And christian lesson I have? hard time experiencing my own triumphs, which is for me as healthy to your point. I live for decades at ten or zero. Either high or I can coming down. So I make a point to live between four and six. Yet with my kids, I get to experience, I kind of like what I can experience for myself and it is such a source of joy for me do you have that with your children, a lot don't try to modulated. I do I look at J m. He is phenomenal. I mean like we sell tv shows and stuff. I move. I'm is good in the room. The open
Children networks as I've ever even heard of, and I'm not even close to him ass, a young Roma holy shit where this come from and in business and as a father I watch his kids. I mean they climbing, like a jungle, GM they just thereon him like spider, monkeys latest laid lovey men. As I see it, I am so proud of you in that regard, and my other son, Jordan, is a musician and he is the nicest most caring, sensitive a human being- and I think you know they ve- got a great other out of her so much credit for so much of it. But it is a yardstick. You do measure yourself by ill how your keys,
turn out in how well socialize they are and how they treat other people and stuff. I do take pride in how how they ve turn. There is nothing more fond and observing something. A ma am that you know is much better than you in your partner here. You know, like I watch my our oldest physically just physically her balance, her coordinate. Should I know my wife- and I know me out of nowhere- came from there's some transcendent joy and that that so amazing they town and I were Robin and I went over and spent the night there to take them to school. So we kept them in pattern and J. Has this jeep that I've seen you saying that, if anything out of the air horns access, it is just totally mashes in so they wandered Rudd School in a jeep, and so I go out and back
in their establishment, nobody, but my daddy can back the down because the tyres are wider than the car, so ass it well, it's ok. I taught your daddy to drive well now. Seriously at obey mother I mean they think daddy is Superman and that so rewarding be that they think he gets up and let's as set out in the morning- and that makes me now that he's done a great job that there's they sell, admire him and look up to him. They think I can't back the diva Adra had no mortal could Alice live revolves around I get. The fuck out of a bank will back over a year ago, move as well as legislator daganu I had so much fine years and Are you you're done with their base for good? After that experience, I've still got. I've still got hardly soft ale ran. I think the keys
buried somewhere on the property Robin man when David Dirt on her hands and no keys zealots, it's now become a rob Isabel ceremonial luxury. She's gonna, let me ride anymore, dagger veil, think so much, and I wish you'd tunnel look on your podcast. I'm curious why you would be starting anything new, but you they told me your work, a hall economic, social sense is that I'm doing it because. On the show. I always am on task. I have to solve a problem. I have to fix a situation. I have to deal with what right in front of me and then this podcast I get it just talking interesting people like you, you would probably not have come on the show raw, Mozilla relapsed, you will, but you wouldn't have had situation and that this come on and talk to me the thought tat stick up his ass and he's always fixing problem.
I want to be. I don't want my brand in that frame, so I wouldn't come on, but you came in time. Damone about gas because it was explained it was locked, interesting people. I probably wouldn't have added. Had the privilege you talkin to you, if it hadn't been for the other, Ormond, so it did now. We know each other and isn't it a little, liberating to get off the clock. Absolute. Show so compartmentalize right here in such constraint, forty two minutes and eighteen seconds and then we're going to the news baby. So you got fixing it gone. I bet your internal clock is so sharp. I may, you can really tell when you ve hit eleven minutes or minutes, it's he'll. Is that its ill and died military free intervening in talking I get to meet the interesting people like you. You are very kind to come on adieu. My ipod case law. Come again. I had a good time. I told you I want you to doktor fail me. I want. I want to be solving these by TAT, my left, their will
oh, oh analyzed. Next time you come on. Ok, I think I think I've got good about four things had done. The zoom and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, made Monica bad men who was speedy, carjack zip by Monica had loud aftermarket exam Most people hate that sound, but I loved it sounds like horse power. Welcome to the fact check of doktor pill that really caught your attention, like a little child, did the volume of four year old. When I hear some motor go by yes and its relevant, because Doktor Phil likes motorcycles and cars C D, yeah, propel, doktor pills, we're not seen doktor pill like gum, like a pejorative were now or to sit, haven't, had name it's fun per hill, a win win, doktor filth came to as he went to the wrong address
by about seven. How sure is maps told them? It was the maps problem sure, but he no, he knocked on the door and a lady Anne certain Doktor Phyllis Big there. Only a man I mean it. Only less crazy, because we're in LOS Angeles, with even being and loss of iron and knock at my door and I opened up like Andrea Argosy- was standing like what would relieve you. I'm here I used to have real real fantasies about This about just Miranda only matter bed and some other people would come through those fantasies. But I remember one time, colleagues and I were camping, and I just had this huge blown out fantasy- that they would be camping next us and we want an end to Jean. They do this all law like privileges everywhere. I wasn't menopause at the mall, like you know they could be here can I tell you, I had a very similar preoccupation with
Yes, I really thought Nerve Campbell would be like swinging through better. You remember how I molly ring all yeah. I, had that and then, when I moved here, Add the craziest experience where I was in my house, and I looked out my window and Sean PEN was standing there, and I know my brain could not comprehend that again. I willed it to happen you actually, I need to is that you, when you and I have constructed these fantasies- we're gonna performed so casually in inviting led to these ran people right, but then, when you values of that situation, a real life. I bet you are not even have your faculties now now now now now now we're getting gods. Go hey. How are you can I help you? Are you thirsty? I just put on a pot of coffee and a budding friendship.
But began yeah. He had no didn't happen. I just freak down texted everybody. Do you think you would make love to drop him? Oh yeah yeah, ok, great yeah, like if you came in for a cup of coffee, yeah things took a turn ya you'd, be open about your happy about that sounds, cool, I was crazy, then call an exciting, and that happened this lady with doktor fill. You did not make love gonna be clear. He was now. Are we not now, but he was in and out pretty darn quick and we did get em here s tail shale and he sent a monogamous relationship with this. Why? Yes, ironclad agreement between he and his bright idea? If you're born into the name film, a girl, you had better play, football Right Der Bikes, Loggia here, no joy he can't be into pottery- is film a girl, that's trail or even the Theatre Department. I don't know he did names restrict. Does
kind of do. I do think so. So, what's the best aim to give some over there the most options available. You gotta go bland sure My name is not unlike my dyslexia, whereas one of those things those either gonna, make me or break me It was everyone's dino had a lot to say about that name on the playground of course, yeah it could probably killed me could have been built, he and I had rights Monica pad manures I think, is you a lot of latitude on both sides, gone through a name like a list of a hundred names that are attending some event. Your train, a red flag, people that might be trouble like feel Mcgraw, arouse sit that guy far from it. Our shared. You see Monica Patman in your little great, keep up that's right! You don't want, be the nail it stuck up when you right now, well, it was nice, that's what I was still mad about my name. I didn't like it because it was caused by man
and gave it to me in my own home they gave you know I I didn't like it because I felt it sounded like cardboard. Ok, not unique enough! Just blank stay, Ellen blank or admittedly, have terminal uniqueness, which I talk about a lot share, and I'm embarrassed by that were part of methinks. Rules cannot set up to have a career in London it was an accident yeah yeah when you ve, given act so arrogant. It is that I hope people here. This is a warning. This is my son. Tracks is shepherd tracks. As such the brand of our sea car company. I got what you have named your boy track says they. May you wanna know no, no noise, you may my boy Lincoln a thousand of a boy named link it right now,
Then another name I had from half my life that I surrendered was Dante very popular in the black yeah. So yet he would have been on long some dinner, attend these and made see Dante and they would notice they say Don T stand now lambs. Are you saying that you would have you wanted to name your son Don T Don T then there was, and then, if I had a daughter, I wonder namer appear and now this is when I was like the ninth age and largely influenced by seen angel heart in LISA Bony out aircars appear in a year and embarrassed If you want your kid model, the amateur like sexual creature, planet, earth, uranium, eggs knows that makes us, and I had this fantasy when I was gonna, have a daughter. This again, this started very young. Like mine, as I also love one of my favorite songs, Neuro Stevie wonders ribbon in the sky and I ve been in the sky
now, not at all but and I imagine that I'd one day- just walk through a green field holding my daughter's hand and I'd here song ribbon in the sky and when I had that been, as he hurt name it's perfectly, but she was not least about nay, it's all convoluted. Two key, ok, be honest: it was she a mixed child. No, no! She was away howdy chivalry, cracker, blonde hair sayin. Basically more mayor are white person, even in your fantasy, because there Were there is a single black gal in my junior high Karen Kortright, very nice human being, I hope, she's thrive we now and then in my high school Why? If there was I they weren't my grade, and I dont think I am
Now, when I moved to downtown to try, I promptly had a black girlfriend, but so all this fantasizing was pre where that seem. Like an option, realistic out, ok, interesting but again, I was up clearly attracted the black women cause less money is my number who know exactly I over use that, I'm here I'm embarrassed by a thousand say now campbells my number that trail you do that allow. I now have a lot of people which is night. I feel that way here. How do you because? Well, I guess it would be a number one. This is an issue we have. We re and you have this issue, do should be poor. Emphases ran all these sooner I will be number one should should have a bracket rounded. That says from seventeen to twenty two. Ok Elizabeth Nay, was Roy like twelve to eighteen or something that makes sense the ESA. They evolve occupy bet space for different periods.
You know I have written the way you have a problem with my of working people and then are both your number one. You would never pay, I would never, but there they came at the same time still young. The saying. Oh, you have to number one problem more, but that's fine. I am to number widens nowhere. We putting Donald phase on in there I dunno Glover hide what what were they keep doing, omber letting some kind of data base? Our though I do love Donald Love, Donald phase on such a good time, Slot Glover, isn't he number one now Then there are a number one period yeah period. That's and there are no more number one, but I do of a problem with with me, yeah yeah because I feel, like you don't we talked about this on here, but I
like you, don't nothing's like precious for you, and that, I don't think, that's true, and I also think really. I think that you're doing it correctly- and I am not doing correctly by announcements- I do think that's true and men be sad when she was like my friends. She said best. Frightened is a tear and not a person right. Why? Yes, you show like, when I think of Curry Hargrove my whole part almost explode, the I love carry Hargrove can't do I layer tub who she is she's. My first really long term growth for five years and started in high school and they'll anything Bree Morrison my heart explodes. I love her so much tat. I think I can have those feelings yeah again, their bracted their periods, but yeah yeah
when I think of you, my heart explodes thank you yeah, but it's chests its threatening yeah. It makes you feel less. It's like when I comment on people and respond to them. They found out I ever smaller to someone else. They fool s good about it. People want to feel special sure I get it all I want is that when I'm with the person than I really want to love me that when I'm with them, I feel completely loved by them. That's what I'm looking for. I want my real life experience with that person to meet my needs and then my healthier self is not, then a value waiting. How they feel about me in my absence here,
just as there is no way for me to know tall conjecture, but there's some unsafe d there only of what you see them in you go, oh they're not available and present in giving me all the things I want from them here. I don't know how you can like try to monitor that when you're not around you're, only busy monitoring that, if you don't feel, say yeah yeah, although there is my friend Caitlin, said a really neat thing at her wedding. She said: I'm gonna behave in your absence. The way would in your presence, which I found to be very romantic nice, but but I don't need that from someone just for them for me it is behave in my presence. How I would like you to behave and then you're free to do over the hell. You want air, oh here's, an attack, although it about doktor there a little man, but I want to give the little more context. So it's a pod cast-
follows a surgeon at Ballard in Dallas Texas, who has a combination of totalling competence as a surgeon, yeah mixed with ATA Control addiction, yes, and he performed men many many authorities, something surgeries, botched surgeries, but some people die I'd. You're, an quadriplegic pair of lots of paralyzing of people, I have written on his body and basically decapitated have yeah love? I mean it is horrendous. Is it so good, very hard to listen to and very good? Ok, so the Hong Kong flew Hong Kong, fluid flew the nineteen sixty flu pandemic was a category two flu pandemic, whose outbreak
in nineteen sixty eight and nineteen sixty nine killed an estimated one million people worldwide likes. It was caused by an aged three. Added to strain of the influenza, a virus descended from age to end to through a genetic process in which genes from multiple types ree assorted to form a new virus because that originated in Hong Kong. The pandemic has also referred to as the home long flew on holiday. We should be laughing about the Hong Kong clearly, but now also, though, no rival for that spanish flu, who here but spanish flu is deceit? Is it wasn't had nothing to do with Spain than originate in Spain. There is very honest about third dad or reporting thank gas You said that the other day, I don't remember that part from the story- and I I do
a german thousand percent positive there, everyone else's, hiding there There's a losers are the thick history of countries hiding like there was a lot of accusations that the Chinese had hid. The true death toll of the earthquake in the eighties that apparently kill wanting times as many people as they claimed publicly. Yes, it's not good for their like an visit, China. Let right you think all maybe they're building regulations are up to snuff rather's, a tremor while on their collapse, city collapse city for my gang, literally all What did I tell you about my observation that I think literally assumed to be replaced by the word assent. Lee, I feel people moving towards more using the word. Essentially, I'm noticed all over the place new. Yes, I feel like the word. Essentially is
going to edge out literally why to ten years suggests be aware of it in yours. Because this listen for again it's fine it all right People are you kind of the opposite of literally, literally means litter. I don't even know they both kind of mean actually in a weird wide say: that's the connective tissue, a mere detail. I essentially like clarify he was essentially late or he was, actually way now, actually is about the same now and I don't know them, but just carriers. Ok, is a therapist different from a psychologist in their degree of August,
big trouble when I see mean you're wrong Iraq, obviously a doctoral degrees, the highest, a therapist can GAD, but you don't you don't have to have a phd to act as a therapist, but you do have to get one if you want to become a licensed cycle Let's just ok, but I believe they're doing kind of the same thing. Maybe psychologist get more money, I would hope sure army you know because they had a good all our schooling, rather bored bird ass, soon loans so you're, more money anyway, so you can go to with Airbus doesn't have a phd, just say now: ok Grain, and they may be great alarm practicing among licence and uncertainly. Practising that's true counselling. That's your everything! You still have to have some certifications, but you don't have a go beyond anthropology now, land
I think that suffices. Suffices Wilson, spicy, you love, suffice to say a sure. Do I think I see suffice it to say I think I am a bit. I'm really noticing do with the help of comets on twitter and whatnot Instagram that it's a Michigan the thing the across a cross, the street, and then my sit like adding and ye be two things I think might be a Michigan thing really yeah. I'm gonna need to bring down all the michiganders because you at a time the things in an EU muttered tee and he d you added Tita attic added horizon attics at it answered no attic the third amendment how this never ironed out are you saying across the drastic across the street across the street, is key
eighty as isn't really how they can t did, does does does and lot when they comment. They think I'm I didn t but in my mind I'm adding that are drowned yea said drowned. We I add these and eat these two things we say we address. This came arts Ford's, Chryslers, Burger King Bert, revolves keep. It is Mcdonald's right, it sharing hooker. You know he said that everyone can get a job. And I M just a fact check that quickly how cause I didn t know what needs to be addressed that that is not necessarily true in this country. In this time,. Also it I'm kind of ignores if you knock on someone's door and asked to clean out their shared in your. Why verses? You know
This will be my door and asked to clean out the share your black you're, probably in most parts of the country, and get a different spot exactly so that's definitely true! So is it prison because Jane Leno, also, though these to have a similar kind of ethos, Dale that I appreciate its really interesting because own agree with it, but I appreciate it if that makes any sense, they ve got an older grab. Your bootstraps fuckin deal of it here, like J, pointed out like here's reality, you lip off to a cop. You get hit with a nice thing right now. I dont think cop should be entitled to hit people would nights x ray, nor do I think people should pretend that they live in different reality than they do so, I'm somewhere in the middle of this kind of old fashioned, bootstraps logic and, of course I be more involved, but I think there's merit to both arguments. Part of it is that you know: do you know what half the people there are saying they can't get a job. Fuckin can get a job that I agree with. I dig a thing alive
people say they can get a job or fuckin lays yeah or their ego won't. Let them take a job they think is below. I have exact, I agree with that, so he says he is right about a significant powers. An edge of the population and is wrong about a significant percentage of the population. I think that's trail. I like it too. I like that, meant Alan, I e that they kind of have, but I had shown that victim me, which I like I No, but of course, but there never going to be the victim, that's right, so they can of course have this sort of lofty idea because they never gonna be on the opposite end of that so white, males, Maybe you're a female new knock on the door and asked to clean out someone's shed, the man might Well, there's other thing in Liberia, candy railings watching them in the garage were indeed a robe knock and honest strangers door and a girl? No, I wouldn't
advise the harshly reviewed fat matches. God knows what would, however, now you just don't ok see you said Kristen is often discuss. Did by what the defence dies in Europe referring to the OJ trial with moving the picture is out and doing it all black folks here, but that wasn't the only time I can't think of the other time, but she's been, but I know I just dont want to pay. This budget has risen. Almost always is on the side of the door. Fence. Well, she's, always on the side of whoever she thinks is innocent. Right, search, we believe that the defendant is innocent, then by all means anything you'd, think of our land and if she thinks the person's guilty than that, they should be able to track the system.
I just wanted to clear, but I don't think I'm nothing. She is like the often discuss it by what the defence, as I think, she's discuss it in general by what sometimes happens in our justice system, with both sides. Yeah, who argues, manipulating yeah this new. She- and I do differ- is unmatched troubled by the guilty persons council using all the tools at their disposal. Right, like I feel like that's the system working I'm with her on this a little because I think they need to use all the resources and logic and present the best case they can but not lie to me. The changing of the pictures is lying. Yes of people are aware. The council for O J went through his house. They took the jurors on a tour of his house before the jurors got there. They took off the all the pictures of white people on the walls and put pictures of him about legal. Exactly that
there that will not their yeah, I mean clearly he had taken those photos. They weren't photoshopped awry law. I think some like painting, ok, so just redress the whole house to make it look like. He was more connected, after an American can in May and it was a complete lie right, but I do think the oath that a lawyer takes is to provide the very best defense admitted, but by the the judge I do think that it is their obligation to do. Every single little thing in their power in high. I disagree. I think, once you're only manipulate like they had no way of knowing they were fully manipulated. There's not a came to me and I think, that's horrible to me. That's not a failure of the defence, that's a failure, judge eat out of the judge. Yeah should not have allowed that. That's all that's on him,
I don't mean you sure, I'm sure the prosecution pointed that out, but but but by the weight bullets. What's back up, there's no a key reason in the world. The jury should toward his house to begin with, rather than how do they are GMO should not have allowed that. If thou even was judge, you don't think it was less ok, so you know that's on whom I think that's not. On the phone such is trying everything possible to get their client. Some advocates are so blurry. There are ok, he's injurious, have a combined, I Q, of twelve hundred in his estimation, and there's no actual evidence of that. So that does him having worked in this in him coming up, but that number will, but in general you have theirs. Twelve jurors right near a jury of your peers is twelve jurors. In the average I q in America's around a hundred, so that makes sense yeah, but then the people that sit on Jerry
It is not necessarily the average person whom yeah, so I don't think we can say that it's twelve hundred ochre mean whatever he can say it when he did so. That's fine, but I idle there there's no real evidence to that programme who plays J, sudden ball in the Doktor Phil Show Ball MIKE. Whether Li L car came, and you said you would cast Brad Pitt- is your cell sure sure I don't have any. I live. I cast Brad Pitt their play. You. I would just like to add that the alligator, if ever given the choice to cast Brad Pitt out, always do it. Who can play me? Won't. Let me just say one thing to be provocative: one, my favorite things about
the Hamilton Musical was, I sat down in the seats and out walks a black Ehrenberg you having a black George Washington. I think all this. What is this? This is an historical. This is gonna, be destroyed. In forty seven seconds later, when they started acting and singing and talking. I never thought of it again, and I learned this crate less and not at while watching that musical that yet everyone can play everyone, doesn't Vulcan manner, the story, a story I am, and I It was a revelation to me. I think it so cool that are top dog. Did that man, you were memoranda. Yes, I think that so coolly did that, and I was like. Oh, you know: what's going forward for me go ahead and cast anyone? Is anyone but I'm gonna now have to extend that Brad Bit. I would cast Brad Pitt, deploy Malcolm x through dicey, yeah, but I'm gonna walk that bad. Pocket back go bankrupt than that
here you hoping it should go both were now. We will need to take away black worlds and give it more why people, one of its Brad Pitt look breath. It is doing fine. He has a lot of girls come into Helms Burton home. The sole spectrum. Are you, Syria is that you. My god, my man no that is so blinded by your love for him. If you the real. This whole spectrum is no Walter. You know, I love you more than I love Brad Pitt didn't obscure I think I was pretty objective in my assessment. I know, and I owe by the way a lot of people stood up for me on the sole spectrum conversation and that I was much higher than that they did. Thank you. Thank you arm, cherries, look! No! I love it
no matter what the thing is. If you label something zero to ten people are just. Can you too have attend? No matter what the thing is. I have no one's even asking the question is: is it desirable to be ten on the Salzburg. Just the fact that a ten exists you should want a ten year, even if it's like stubbornness, I am a ten on man look anyway, he's not high. I lose you so calm, Venus, skin and he's got like this. He's got this kind of jazz fluidity to him when he moves the ways and control of his body, his chill factor a petty pretty good dancer, my god. This is all made out now. I dont think that at all I dont want I'll lemon. I love him, but when I watch like interviews that I'm never like- oh he's, like he's, got rhythm here talking to show you a couple pictures of him on different motorcycles, he owns
he's ok, to use a good model and a good actor. That's not the same thing as being comparable nurse can persuasive slope. These look. I lose these debates with you. I lose. I lose many of them and I just lost at one night. That's! Ok! Thank you for thank you, ok. What I hated was that Oprah got sued for saying this she was not going to eat another burger to a person like I actually, care out my head of the house. She could have actually been sued for just giving her opinion on what she was going to do with our own life. Well, I mean I don't agree that they are right. News proved that they were wrong, but the simple fact that the beef futures market-
collapse. The next day shows that she has an incredible sway over that industry should dashes wherever every industry it. So if she's Swain industry is she responsible if the real Then she said she wasn't gonna eat. Beef was in fact, not factual that she thought all cows have mad cow disease in the states, and there is no proof of that. You know what are you saying she was saying: I'm not eating a burger and you shouldn't either because all beef is hasn't. We can now. Yet that to me, is like Ok, then, your persuading people, this is that she said, on her own, I'm not gonna another burger, I do not want another burned. The way that out loud on a whole program. She's also, I think you legally should be allowed to say, I'm nervous, all the beef has mad cow disease and I don't think you should do to even think she should be able to say I don't mind you should hear. I don't use it
They were now you're in the system that the futures market collapse to mean. There's like another thing to look into here right and then also, like I mean sorry beef, she just housing powerful. Doesn't like your thing that doesn't mean you consume ha right. I did a lot like that, but speaking of Oprah owes her birthday like last week or something I know because I, like all these famous people, were posting about operas birthday and at least seventy five percent the captions were Oprah the queen of everything open the queen of literally everything I didn't see Oprah the queen of essential everything. Ok, but next year you ll see the remaining common idea, these central queen of essentially ends. What kind of thought the way you feel about the Dalai Lama on other. As you are just explaining there in my head, I was like yeah, I'm gettin, triggered like I do with the Dalai Lama
love opera. I did she's awesome Larue in fucking through. I think the thing that made her appealing is that she was very honest and vulnerable and owned her imperfections and I think that's awesome, but I do feel like its tipped into deity state. It has, and I started to get in- prison. I was reading all of this and feeling like no. Everyone thinks opera is a guy out of the sky yeah and I again yeah I lover, but then I could just relate to you on that feeling of, like I dont think people should be this hump. The Briggs is what I would say: yeah lover, but let's not get into the deity. Level yeah cause you're right. Just humans are that and they can also takes a dump every more she does. It's not that no now girl, why don't known ass now more than she is a duty and she deserves all that, essentially, is the point of as eventually anyway yeah. So
I know I feel bad luck in. That's also crazy that I feel a little scared, even saying like maybe don't worship, Oprah right would still be a big backlash. Yes, you know, I don't know she's just a lady. It also just makes me nervous for operative what, if she has a big failing, our big shortcoming, Matthew my this pressure to be up an angel on earth every one and it might you know truly would never want that. I would never want everyone to have me. I'm like a pedestal, yet very scary hikes. I'm sorry, Oprah happy birthday, the happy birthday I have had a great birthday. Ok, how many shows is doctor filled done. He says coming up on three thousand he's in two thousand one hundred and ninety one when he is more years. So maybe he was calculi
eating terms, oh yeah, so that's something I would do laboratory about the most embarrassing thing where I I lied debris about how many quarters I put in a parking meter now when I went to you see lay there was a parking, meaner or so goddamn expensive and I'd legitimately had to put thirteen quarters in it to get whatever our forty minutes I needed class. But when went home. I told her that I put sixteen him and then I got full hour went by before I was like you know what I am We put thirteen, and I dont know why I put it up to sixty is already so impressive that around thirteen in there it was already way too much. I just for whatever reason. As you know, it's crazy sixty had two up there Andrea, let's just say, even if Doktor Phil. Ga was Phoebe, I could relate twenty one hundreds already astronomical amounts of
the citizen. The airy thousand does make it that much more asked her I'll order, impostors amount of apis so exactly, but I can feel it I can imagine myself doing that. Come up on twenty five hundred others say twenty five hundred right coming up on my bonnet in six years. I think I do it I'm here. Although I go, we burn eighty these and employ afterwards. You know we ve done seven b. I think you sometimes zigzag arise unkind to nourish and look for me when you do what it feels like you and can view heart. Just don't know sometimes I am just. I really think we have done a year ago, a goal sixty to have come out. I feel like we have eighteen and then I'm just wrong awry wept and eighty four though oh we have carried, do, I would probably say, hi ninety five, so we ve got a higher area around up around to the biggest I've done. A hundred of these look anything over fifty one, a more right by saying a hundred than I am zero here,
yeah yeah, that's true, but you could just say eighty three or four whatever it is it. That's all Oh great, thank you and our thanks for Doktor Phil Mug offer giving our neighbour with such a funny little surprise in the middle of the afternoon. Honestly, I think she was an ideal demographic, too. I think she was like a sixty year old Lady, where she was watching. Doktor fell. Then he knocked at the door. I mean came out of the tv, sir. Two very Willie Wonka styled the dream. And I love. I love you
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