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Dr. Steven Gundry is an American doctor, former cardiac surgeon and author. Dr. Gundry sits down in the attic to discuss his early work in heart transplants, the degeneration of the human microbiome and his theory on lectins as they impact health. Dr. Gundry talks about training as a scrub tech when he was in medical school and Dax is extremely interested in crapsules. The two talk about the evolution of humans, why medical residents are forced to work on no sleep and Monica and Dax host a moonlight fact check.

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Well. Can welcome welcomed armchair expert experts on expert I'm expert ship. were joined by expert Padma, hey. I today were going to talk to Dr Steve, in he's a cardiologist, a heart surgeon, a medical researcher and author, Dr Gundry, has performed over ten. And surgeries Monaco that all that is about a thousand more than you or I have done, which is very, president of moved his focus on to it he's written three books. the longevity paradox. The plant paradox in Dr Gundry Diet. Evolution now is When I read up on him, who's got his critics yeah, but rest assured, I did take those points and I in front of them with them. We had a nice dialogue about it great if you're up for that please enjoy Dr Steven Gundry Armchair expert is brought to you by the cash camp. The number one finance app in the app store cash AP is the most
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one of them being the tobacco. So I just want to warn you. I dont know where your sensitivity to that may lie on the spectrum. Biotin is very good for you, the delivery device. I know I cannot. Let me tell you whats, going on. I smoke forever. I havent smoked for fourteen years of those fourteen years, ive been on the nicotine laws and is okay for the bulk of that time. The lozenges by my estimate I started making my skin red and when I would them out. The redness would go away so now, I'm an old fashioned chewing tobacco all because of the vanity of my skin, and I now must quit this on August twelve. Before I go back to work and I'm not sure which delivery system I can use cause, I do like nicotine and my life what you're thoughts on them, but about drafts are sprays. They make a nicotine spray. All they do is just like.
I breath mouth meant basically in real niceserving. Oh, I should let it in that day. Asper uses that were having him on here. Yes, so you got a pic daves brain. Cant, in fact, during our podcast Dave, and I together lie regional sprayed alone, nicotine all his dick is the only great thoughts they only great everything ever happened over coffee and cigarettes on me so that the two YO caffeine and nicotine produce the best brain hit that anyone can have some yeah nicotine. It's interesting smokers have a very low incidence of parking
debenture right. I've read two different studies that it may delay the onset of Parkinson's and also all sieges exactly and then the downside right of nicotine as it raises your blood pressure, that's one of. If you have some, you know hypertension or something it's not good for you. I happen to have inordinately low blood pressure because I'm not worried about mine spiking a little bit now, Dr Gundry You are from where the ridge, of course orange and story. One went well, I mean we're all from Africa, so what over that's right here: Omaha Nebraska, Omaha, Nebraska, ok in wooden mom and Dad Dune Alma Nebraska, so start when their mother. First, she was realistic, Torreon Central High School, which was declared
What's up about five thousand, then she went off to a two year college and then made the mistake of marrying my father know and she became actually house actually can trained me tell you those stories, but my father started off selling shoe repair parts working for my grandfather and my grandma. when I was ten said, look there's no future in selling shower bar parts. And you need a real job. and so my mother had grown up down the street actually for more and Buffy Now she aims street, but She knew the owner, the president of Mutual Omaha Insurance. She made a call and my dad got into the exact a training program and with only two years of college, a rose to executive vice president of Mutual Vama in charge of the chairman's office no candy at that time. That was the
Congo, big building in downtown Omaha, right, thats, exactly right, yeah, one big megalith. So it's fair to say that you grew up in a pretty nice life style and my heart. We were lower middle class in a middle class neighbourhood, but my mother, she was raised actually upper middle class, even upper class, and she always acted as if that's what we were one of the kids down the block was this son of a damned us and is the Dennis TAT, is a wonderful Cadillac Eldorado can in nineteen fifty eight pm and my father drove a company. Chevrolet Station wagon nineteen. Fifty six- and I convinced all my friends that the fifty six chevy was vastly your cards, so I, like guinea, traction within our learned very, very early age to be a good sales Beth, while my dad's old cars
living, and he set me down at some point that I dont care what youre going into youre going into sales? There's no job that you're not going into sales. You have a great new idea, your eventually going to going to your boss and sell that idea, if you anything name it, and that was his take on life now you ended up at l was this an extension of mom wanting to aspire to greatness no interesting. in the area where we lived in Omaha Nebraska, there was a separate school district. That was separate from all the Omaha regular school districts and we went to was called Westside high school and it was nicknamed Hollywood high. The vast majority of the valedictorian salutatorian top of the class, usually ended up in Ivy League School. So there was this. You know the
What you're gonna do, and it was all the more the trajectory the high school year at it, but actually, when kindergarten we were given iq test. My teacher, Miss Cosette, call my parents him. She said he he tests right now, however neural level nor a swipe, and she said, here's the deal he will be great at whatever he's interested in, but if he is not interested in it and don't even track access, she was absolutely right, but my mind, my grandmother, maternal grandmother. When I was like five, gave me this whole set of books. The paperback books called the Zim Nature Series, but one book was insects. One was you know, I am tudiants, one was Mamma and I would just devour these
so in school in earlier is my mother and I would sit on the couch every night. My mother would have flash cards for math for vocabulary, and just you know, Ernie that was normal. You Much did flashcards trio, I think my mother said look, I guess, im going to live through my son because thats my track. You know in the fifties, yeah and my father actually always wanted to be a doctor, but then I wasn't in the cards. He came from a very actually border family Tori, hey, so you end up at Yale, and you immediately know you're going into medicine. I knew actually when I was ten as I was going into medicine, because I found a book in my Elementary School library called all about you, and it was an all about you haha and I
thats. What im going to do so just a genuine interest in it yet and then yea be yea and what you do undergrad there. But I started its a philosophy: major okay good. Then they had a program. This was in the in the late? Is you could design your own major? So I decided to write a thesis I'll cumin biological, social evolution resuming the thesis was. You could take a great ape, manipulate its food supply and its environment and prove you would arrive at a human, a hot, and so I can bind the departments of Biology Anthropology and psychology as my mentors now. What was your food argument to that? As an anthro major id like to hear your food argument, so I
what happened was and though there is actually a book in my in my future, so I can't tell you everything, but a guy long story short you. You have to compete in area area, food supply that you can compete successfully in and that's what will happen to you. If you can compete for food in an environment, then you win. If you can't compete for food in the environment, you wont survive right. So, for five million years ago there was climate change and where great apes, which was in Africa primarily in the rift valley, although we can argue, is also so,
we have a lot of climate change in the forest dense forest began to recede. We came from a line of great apes. We were arboreal apes. We actually lived in trees, fun fact, the reason we have a shoulder joint that works. The way it does. We actually should have named the playground equipment ape bars, not monkey bars because actually great apes of a universal sore, shoulder joint that allows us Brachiation Break. To walk on the underside of branches, whereas monkeys have to climb on the top of branches, and that allowed great apes actually get farther out on a branch to get to fruit and that sexually how they beat out monkeys on fruit. Eventually that began to dwindle, and it turns out that we actually found a new place to compete and that's in streams and water and ocean we actually
a great deal of time as an aquatic quadricep that sexually. Why you and I are hairless by the way. bro. Are you citing for this? Who, where did you get this chapter so I I mentor in Anthropology, actually in paleontology, was David pill being who is a Yale at that time, and then he went on to Harvard and became the chairman there, but there's actually some fascinating evidence that most of our characteristics that we take for granted are because we were, to occupy a space that no other animal occupied and that was stream and lakes and probably
the Indian Ocean doesn't mean we were swimming living in the ocean, but we could go where nobody else could go. There is no competition to explain to me. The loss of hair is a result of as we became upright or a contact patch with the sun. diminished and we no longer are processing as much vitamin d and we had to lose hair to absorb more vitamin d. Is that jive with no? the only hairless animals actually are aquatic animals, dolphins, whales, elephants, hippopotamus blue elements were aquatic. The trunk was a snorkel, wasn't for getting lease of trees. They were an aquatic animals, so the only evidence of hairless nesses in aquatic animals also lets us be clear. The dolphins aren't hairless humans aren't hairless
None of these are hairless. They are where we are in yet we all have little hare. The are we have more hairs per square than a chimpanzee. Its just very friends just very fun, and here is a drag and water. If you actually look at the hair patterns on your back, or even on your chest. But you will notice that the hair patterns follow the flow of water, and we also have to I'm hairy. Guy, probably have some neanderthal in me. Should you be so lucky? I was disappointed in that much funny and my my daughter who is born a green christian. She had addiction problems. She over came happy to say she got her twenty three in me and found out she's three percent.
Therefore, and so I know she got it for me, but a funny thing is we have some interesting discussions on what that means of three percent neanderthal and believe strongly in the Bible was, as the text is irrelevant he swan into that conversation yeah. Actually, I think it actually made her more willing to interpret the Bible as well. Maybe you know the time periods, maybe those are not at she come. Maybe in away from the litter of Morin to the metaphorical. Ually. Okay, well thats, a big of her but back to hairpin, yet so the underneath are clavicle collarbone.
there's a swirl of hair. It doesn't go one way or another when you do this in water tangs looking at flow. This is a swirled black pattern right here it doesn't follow. A path of of water can be on interesting. So when you left yeah. You successfully defended your dissertation and you graduated beyond that, and then you went to medical school or College of Georgia. Well in Monica is from George, I am a part and from Duluth Georgia Yeah yeah MCG was a big school So it was what city is that in Augusta, ok, home of the masters nears, wonderful medical students used to work, the first aid tints of the masters, were really cool. I bet you mean a lot more money caddy now, I'm just saying of you're gonna pick medical, ten or caddy. You probably were made a lot more money canning in so there you became a cardiologist.
in a surgeon. Well, you know as a medical student and had two actually wonderful mentor William Strong was the head of pediatric cardiology and TG was fairly unique and that they wanted actually train doctors who were going to be doctors. so from year? One you would actually start rotation is following a doctor around or going to a doctor's office and seeing what they did. So I had already figured out that I was going to be a heart. Surgeon that point actually, my family, my father, was transferred to Atlanta Georgia. So while we lived in Georgia, I was at Yale and I needed a summer job, I come back from you. First, and I had gotten this dry. is a radiology tech in one of the hospitals. So I show up to the first day
and they said who are you and I and got this job so well, the guy who hired you was gone and now We dont need you so have a nice day and I'm going Joejoe now you know I want to be in the medical field and they say wow, there's a big inner city, hospital called Grady and you go down there. They always need people, and so I go down to the big Intercity hospital and I go to the whip in office. They said what do you do? I said while I'm a premed student, do you know at Yale and they said you dont want to be here. You know you want to go up to the professional Employment office and son okay, so I go into professional employment office and they said we know what are you do pre, Med at yeah? You know this may be your lucky day because we have this program here at Grady and where we take medical students during their summer and we train,
as scrub nurses, we always take medical students, but on Friday. We selected people, and this morning it was a Monday one of the people we suspected can't come. This is unique, you're, not a medical student, but if you could tell us that you'll do this, for the next four years in the summer will take a chance I said, would I yeah so all of a sudden? You know you know in the summer I am trained as a scrub, in the inner city Hospital of Atlanta, Georgia did I know, and when he became a scrub tech that the training system ready for surgeons It was you were thirty six hours on call in the hospital and then twelve hours off, that was your life can just really quick, because this is kind of well known,
Students in in the residency have these hours. What on earth is the theory behind why we would want someone sleep deprived doing the theory was your mental I did it and that's how we raised their hand and said why right and that's how we weed the shaft from the wheat so we, you know, find the best and the best and how you can land an airplane. Totally sleep deprived, blubber block he at that time. What was the thoughts on amphetamines for people on those ships was it never saw anybody? Is you didnt ever and my crew, okay, okay offers. I mean some of her speedi surgeons would a beer available now grey antiheroes erase? an anesthesiologist now anesthesiologists dont want to generalize, but we usually knew the
is in medical school who were going to go into and see because they had a real keen interest in my. altering drug share sure sure yeah they were administered ass at another things, probably in their pre time will there. There is some statistics on the high rate of addiction among anesthesiologist, such as a big tool kit to trust somebody, yet it oh it very true, Andrew and again, to make sense of your interested in dry youre, probably interested in drugs. So you found yourself there and then at what point in medical school do you say I want to take the surgeon path? Well, so you know by almost by accident, I am now a trained surge and because what happens talking about, for residents. The residents would actually train us to do the operations. True they would sleep on a gurney, and so the scrub, nurses and scrub techs would actually do the operations.
This was a knife and gun club, stab wounds, shotgun wounds, gunshot wounds, lot of belly, and so tons of bleeding lots of bleeding. Never forget one time hauling gentlemen down the hall to the operating room and who is bleeding profusely in his abdomen and all of us on from underneath his gown. He pulls out a gun, and is waving it and you know, were they yeah and the head surgeon says: dont, worry, hes being so fast he'll be out in a second It sure enough. The way you like this is it to him, and then we jumped on him on about. As a young man from Omaha Nebraska. Do you feel like you're, an episode of man for something over. How are you computing? What you are witnessing the only if it really was a match every night and did that to give you some adrenaline enough Well, was it exciting? No here text,
particularly like I say when you're a young person and all can you you know you've got this for like a better word authority or you know, need to save Somebodys life yeah and the poor residents cocked out. You know on the journey you go on. I gotta get this guy through this well. Yeah gives your purpose in our real the exactly minute. So, as I was meant to do this, so you start doing surgery, you start doing surgery on the heart, correct crack residency, so you have to once you graduate from medical school and you have to go, do a residency and in those days and actually still, you have to do a general surgery. Residency first and then you know, prove competence in that, and then you do a cardiothoracic surgery residency that you usually two or three years so its about eight years of training to
become curate any of that overlapping with your medical school. No, it's not so youre talking sixteen years out of your babe So sixteen years later, youre now employed officially as well, and then I did a fellowship in pediatric cardiac surgery over in London England for now another year beyond? My are dragging a gal with you throughout all the yes, you I knew in that is your wife. Currently, I know not. My wife aren't all cat this gale, that was with you is sheet which she had any point like. Ok enough with the fellowships and residency, let's get with residents, do not did not make me They were basically indentured servants that say how the system came about. Yet the weird part of being on that track is we do have a lottery ticket in your back pocket, but its just not going to come to maturity for like sixteen years and is it? Is it that part man
at all like what I know I will have enough money for a house, but I cant get it now well. actually had a house if you were an idiot you in moonlight and work in emergency rooms at night? I wanted. We had two young kids and I wanted my kids to have a house and not live in an apartment, so through most of my residency one night a week, I would even, though, we're on call thirty six on twelve of those vers one night a week, I would work in an emergency room to make enough money to have a house right and youre still gonna. Keep this position about no amphetamines and surgeons, often preselect themselves, because they can work without much sleep. My brother in law is a cardiologist and he wanted to be art
rgion, but he said there's no way. You know I can work with that, little sleep, and so right, I'm going to be a cardiologist buses. I can get more sleep. This is a very weird. I just have to once again and say out loud. I think it's a very bizarre system that we would want. There's all these great studies on sleep, they've tracked, some of the biggest tragedies and environmental tragedies being from you know the Valdez guys for thirty one hours that people on the Titanic theres. Just all this proof that people just arent operating optimally at well and the Good NEWS is the know- have radically have There are now time period that you good okay, so that has really has changed. Ok do specialised pediatric surgeries, or are you just doing them all so im doing it all? It was one of the last of a generation that tended to do a all things. So I you did lungs surge
resolved surgery, adult heart surgery and pediatric heart surgery. There's a few thus your dinosaurs that did that yeah? My argument was, I actually learned things by offering kid that I could apply to adults and visa versa. I was when of the senators of infant and pediatric art transplant, along with my partner, Leonard Bailey, who just passed away a few months ago really, and so what age was this first? So this in the so anyhow, I finished my pediatric cardiac surgery, worship in nineteen six and was at the University of Maryland and Baltimore fairly rally after that, we started our pediatric heart transplant program at
in Maryland, and I went out to a low Melinda University here in southern California to learn from Leonard Bailey who had done baby Fay, the famous baboon to human transplant, because he was, I mean he was the expert and we took our team out there and learned everything and I went back. Maryland and he called me actually a few weeks later and he says hey doing. I sound great thanks and he says well sounds like you really happy, and I said yeah really happy and he says when I was too bad, because I kind of like you to come out and be my partner and I'll split everything in a fifty slash. Fifty with you so I walk into my boss drama going to Marilyn. I said: don't let her Bailey and he wants me to come out and be his partner. Anything any stop shoot me or Bailey calls you and sell split everything with you. So I can't stop
I go out there yeah, so thats, actually how I ended up here in southern California A and you take to it like a little dolphin in water. Well, it was a culture shock yeah as much different as I was from EAST Co, South Midwest and, quite frankly, the area around Loma window. San Bernardino is not the garden spot of America, no offense to write rhyme. My fears not the jewel of California, that's true yeah, so it it did not take a look at you still. It is slowly infects. You, though, does Oh yeah, you're, like I don't I get out here. I don't like it here and then you keep visiting home and then, as you visit hormonally, oh maybe I do like other it's kind of a slow. what movie now infection- yes, California, I have to imagine as a surgeon. You have kind of e compartment in your head that allows you to treat this body like a engine with a bad had gas.
you can't possibly be evaluating this person's emotions and stuff, while you get in there and do the physical mechanical activity of fixing someone's body now with that said, knowing that we don't want you emotional, when you doing that we want you very pragmatic. Is it extra rewarding when a little babys heart starts beating, and you know that that little baby is going to make it versus an adult yeah? I think one of the- tractions of congenital heart surgery is, if you don't fix this, So this be as no future has no life right, theres, a solo surgeons carry around a graveyard in their head. Where you we go to is every now and then to realize that there will be bodies in what we do and you know we have to come to grips with that and move on so yeah its where this day I
kids who are now adults come in who did their operation when they were one hour old and completely, and we did their hard and nearly graduated from college and then come in and do a photo and the IRA is pretty cool. The mental gymnastics I feel like I would have to do as I would have to enter each operating room going this childs gonna die. So there are. No stakes are all that can happen as I can now make it live or prolong its life like? I feel like that's the mental tr. I have to do for myself, yeah and I became very famous for operating on people who nobody else wanted to operate on. If time, We do three valve replacements. Five bypasses cut out, have your heart. We called it the blue wait, special and so yeah, and what I had to do. The reason I think I became good at it is you have to have the attitude you talk to the patient
say you know. Are you somebody who wants to roll the dice? Because this is dangerous stuff to in about Ryan. You know, if you tell me you I think im going to make it lets do this, but if you say you know, I got some bad feelings about. This. Also lets must not do this right in the parts, as is just kind of morbid question, I guess the parts these valves- all that is generally from human cadavers, are that animal parts, pig valves out what what's wrong year. All of the above is one animal better for longevity than another like as a primate. It would feel like a primate would be a more natural. Well, unfortunately, again do that, but- no one is finicky about using animal parts that we eat. So I use cave As we use pig valves we had,
theories of using Gore Tax, the stuff you make waterproof stuff out of values and publish several papers and using cortex thousand children, and it would the dose proved to be they. They work temporarily, not long term. Now that sometimes we have to do a kind of appeal, to get through that, sometimes with children surgery. We know there are four operations to get this kid to. to kind of a fully functioning adult, and you know God bless parents. for saying: okay, you know I can see it. Okay in six months were going to do this and in a year were going do this when its okay, because you know I got my kid and what to do it can. For everyone, but I guess, knowing that theres going to be five is preferred to lets. Have one pay? Six months later we got to go again yeah a year later. Guess what I guess we need know what course you're charging it gets. A little more easier to deal with ea digestible state,
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five STAR rated mobile game on the apple, app store and Google play download free on the apple, app store or Google play thats friends, about the her best finds okay. So what can, I do to change your focus in the late as Madge Guy who I called big ed in all my books? He was from Miami FL. in forty eight years old had inoperable coronary artery disease? Now? What that means is everything was so clogged up that you couldn't what Stein, because there was another club right. down the road and you couldnt do bypasses because there really wasn't any place to jump at. Asked in London there's not good piece, a wire that wasn't corroded began exactly just no place to do it, so he went around the country going to these send her,
Columbia University in New York, Mayo Cleveland Clan egg protects us Hard Institute Stanford those were the usual spot. If nobody else would take somebody they'd wind up in La Melinda women, so he had spent six months going around and her by thousands. No, I do anything for you have a nice day and so her I literally have a nice day, so he rises in my office with his angiogram and on the movie. It was hard video, his heart from Miami six months earlier and I'm going to add it. I said you know I dont like to turn down people but I agree with everybody else. You know theres nothing, im going to do for and he said yes, I know that's what everybody says, but I've been on a diet for six months. and I've lost forty five pounds. Still big guy manhe was two sixty five. When I met- and he said I went to help
and I bought all the supplements any litter. It brings in the shopping bag full of some He says you know. Maybe I did something in here in my heart and you know I'm scratching my professor. aired and go on yeah. I want good for you for losing way, but that's not gonna do anything in here and I know what you did with. Although supplements you, you made expensive urine, which I found not leave any such a Look Smith's six one. I came all this way. Why dont we get a new and gigan. Why dont we get a new catheterization and see so we did in sex much time. This guy has cleaned out fifty percent of the blockages in his heart theyre gone now he still got packages, but now this the surgeon and me says great New You know there's places to lion bypasses, so I actually do by vessel bypass on and gone that for me, but for you, but the researcher in me- and
probably you know this thesis from Yale comes back afterwards. I say tell me about this She gets. Maybe you know a paragraph in I go time out. I said this is actually my thesis that I wrote Yetbut. What made a human human live it again on the phone on my parents who lived in San Diego, you know I say: do you still have my thesis Bates. Of course you know it's in the shrine searches. Then I started looking through his bag of goodies and I would was also famous for part preservation during heart surgery, keeping hearts alive and a catheter. This named after me, blah and we were using ingredients in the protective solution that we put in hearts and out of the ingredients that we were putting into the solution he was swallowing and it actually never occurred to me to swallow the dump,
thanks you. What were the ingredients in that solution? Apple, a public asset is one of the ingredients. We had a cousin. I guess you could say of grape seed extract. We had magnesium he'd, just Willy nilly cunegonde to health footsteps and discuss we. I guess he tar, grounded in Congo and so- and so here I was top of my game- is a heart surgeon, but I was seventy pounds. Overweight away, I was pre diabetic I had such bad arthritis may knees. There were braces on my knees to run, but I was running thirty miles a week and I was going to gym one hour a day and was eating, what I thought was how on earth were you running thirty miles a week going to the gym one hour a day and doing surgery? Well, you get up at four o'clock in morning. I tell you, do it my wife would kick me out to. I know Marvel actors that are working out less a mentat. What I would do WWIII I didnt need much late. So that's what you do a habit. I was a big fat
my grand hit headaches. I do always love this. I remember going into an emergency room with like an asme. Isthat was like sixteen. coming and when we pulled up to small town emergency room, the doctor on call was outside smoking. A cigarette. and then I went in there and these you Listening to my lungs, do you smoke? Yes, I do you got. You cannot smoke. You gotta stop. I were you smoking up front. Is Youjust. You got a strong theres, something I dont know why theres something satisfying when doctors are in a state of ill health I don't know why? Just do you get that Monaco? No, the opposite! You do They go out of their justice. Human, as everyone did lead that knowledge isn't going to safeguard you for making bad decisions share any so you you had to take Conniston your own health. At that moment it when I was told that this is normal
a horrible cholesterol, and they said you know your for dish, and this is normal and you know your father. That is exactly the same way and thats genetics and you know get over it yeah. I she got out. My thesis and I put myself on my thesis and started, taking a bunch of supplements and started sending my blood work up to the university California Berkeley, which had the the best at that time system for looking at cholesterol. Long behold, you know. In the first year I lost fifty pounds subsequently lost twenty pounds, but I've kept it off. But what were younger? What did you change? Diet, wise I like to use the expression. I became a gorilla who lives in ITALY. I started eating a whole lot of leaves. A grill is sixteen pounds of leaves started using a whole lot of olive oil, and I think that the
falls you drink area, while the only purpose of food is to get out well in your mouth and in my humble opinion, our guy three of the blues owns the longest living people on earth, use Lee evolve. Oil per week lands about ten to twelve tablespoons a day, so So what does blue zones also have a lot of other things in common the thing that they have in common only have one thing in common, only thing, I say all the loose ones. I a very limited animal protein in their diet. Yes, a primarily plant based diet, correct, yes, that's significant yeah other than just the olive oil. That's a very big, RE part of it right now it was pretty good stuff, but there I do love it. There are several blue zones that you don't use a home. Well, so we can. You know, say that Finality is not true of all the zones right. The only commonality of all bones is
very limited animal protein to which is a real bummer for my and I were again I grew up in Omaha, so stay got under state, so you started if using the documentary forks overnight. Sure yeah did did you like it, you didn't like it. I mean like propaganda, is a great propaganda of Moving but in that you have a cardiologist as well rates. Not areas, a general surgeon also okay, general okay, but you have a surgeon taking this group. patients in holding them on a whole food plan. Based diet and you're and you're getting all these Maria US results from coronary distress. Well, you're saying Believe in the movie. He's he's touting results, correct, so you're saying you don't believe the results
salt- are that he had a fifty percent drop out in his group. Are they never actually completed the the program like dean? Generics results? It's interesting and I totally respect all these event, but Dean Ornish after his initial small study, where he also had a fifty percent drop out despite now five years on, Dean has never published a study of his results and if his results are reproducible, one would think that the father of the plant based no fat diet would certainly update us at some point in his career of the results of his study, but perhaps just really quick to defend, which I have no horse in any of these races, but a fifty percent drop out on
lifestyle food diet. Study to me does not seem high at all. That seems I am shocked. Fifty percent of the people even stuck around and did the diet. I dont think that in itself is indicative of any kind of, but youre there left with very few people. Well how the group is only about thirty people and they dropped down to fifteen. You really its very hard. You know he's not been will actually, because the numbers are small and make statistical significance out of this. Yes, I guess what I'm pointing out is that I don't think there's a topic in science. Maybe psychology sometimes rivals, there is no topic in science that is more frustrating for the consumer than Nutrition Tricia CORE. There is no consensus. every single variety of explanation. Humans are almost impossible to study. We do so many things. There are so many variables the notion of
isolating this or that variable is almost preposterous. Even when I would look at those early smoking statistics now, I definitely think smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer. Don't get me wrong, but they're also ignoring that smoking is a suite of behaviors generally smokers. Drink more smokers do a lot of things more, but again. I slate this one aspect of their lifestyle and hang everything on speaking of smoking and lung cancer, the Qatar and one of the blues zones in the South Pacific Pepin. Look any Qatar and smoke like fiends, they win bilbil off of breastfeeding with cigarettes, and there has never been a case of lung cancer in retirement and they live under their nineties with no medical care and there's actually never been a case of coronary artery, Caesar Stroke, gonna, guitar yeah. I wanted they anthropologist that study them did just x rays and I like how could speak its chief well, I've got a lot
The conclusions are we then other their tobaccos obviously is far less so again, nicotine's good for a except for the delivery of ice and what smoking does is produce huge amounts of ox at stress and we use vitamin c as one of our ways of soaking up, oxidative, stress and so smokers. Interesting enough, it was relatively low levels of vitamin c. Vitamin C is actually essential to repair collagen in blood vessels. Blood vessels are always flex, and the college in them, which is basically the rebar it breaks, and the college and brakes then get exposed and we actually put little patches on them and that sexually were the start of these plaques come from his college and break smokers because they dont have any vitaminc dont repair their college and break soon.
pokers? We slove operate on smokers because smokers would have their blockages very whats. Cold proximal when their ordinary arteries closer to the house to the start of these blood vessel and the rest of their blood vessels were gorgeous. La smokers were skinny and when the always just wait This is great. Thank you very much that you were smoking and thank you for an outward works of happy. So the Qatar ones have an inquiry. ble vitamin c, rich diet in the kind of fruits and vegetables than meat on this island, and I've proposed that the reason that date, they've actually year. It out, they didn't know it, but their diet is full of vitamin c, and so they compensated for this. Oxidative stress from smoking call take smokers and
people stop smoking in generally gain weight, and I don't want that so I'll make you know deal with the devil to say: okay, look you smoke, but you're going to. to five hundred milligrams of vitamin c, every four to six hours, you're going to take time least vitamin c twice a day and we're going to you going to negate this I in Italian yeah and then to work on all the other stuff and then, once we got all that controlled, so yeah again Nicoise for for the delivery yeah? I know I know I know. Maybe I just ate doing Intervento sly, shoot up several riders spray times. Yes, spray Sunday as a day of I bring us for Yemenite. First, spray is free, so you just give me a clue about your kind of priorities. We
She is for you in that moment, with the smoker putting on weight, explain to me why that, for you is the worst option possible. I told to anyone? Who will listen? That if there was one blood test that I want you to get, there's one blood test. You should have a fasting insulin. The fasting insulin level, will pretty much predict whats going to happen you if its low you're most likely never going to develop cancer you're never going to get. Ment. Your never going coronary artery disease. If your going to get cancer you're going to get the mental you're gonna get coronary arises, you're going to get fat youre going to get high blood pressure so and elevated insulin level is generally saying: youre consuming a lot of sugar and or carbohydrates in your body, creating a bunch Ensenada
or even protein. This was actually one of the mistakes that Adkins May Adkins didn't know we don't waste energy, and we have actually very little need for protein. So when we too much protein, we don't waste it, but we convert into sugar, its called gluconeogenesis. Why because we have a sugar storage system called fat and so even high protein will actually produce high and so one levels and make you fat is that sue me and again. Here is another great place where there is no consensus in list a debate, but are you saying that in the caloric model, once the protein exceeds lets, say youre burning twenty two hundred calories a day and you exceed the amount of protein that would equal twenty inches the rest of it is then converted to sugar, Crick, okay, because theres a couple different models right. You have a guy
we heard on SAM Harris, it's really interesting. He said it that is horse shit. It's not calories in gaol. Resolve cracked. It is not calories, encourage up down it s, absolutely crazy. It's way more chemistry, you could eat the wrong two thousand calories in UK, The right two thousand calories you can that none of these models actually used. The fact that you have a microbiome of hundreds of trillions of bacteria that eat the food you eat. If you have bacteria that will actually eat most of the food you eat and keep it for themselves to make baby bacterium then you could eat, which is what I propose. People do it to feed them and you can eat huge amounts of food,
good and huge amounts of calories where they will aid at new won't. On the other hand, we know that there are or be suggesting bacteria who will actually pass what you eat directly on to you in to you, and so you could have two people who literally the same thing, how completely different outcomes there's a great study that was published at lands a few years ago of a woman marathon in England who developed Sfor, difficile horrible infection in your colon and the treatment is to if he could eat radiance point of talked about it I'll see if a little like ninety eight percent effect over here really work. We want grapples. Where are we? and were very into the crowd: Elementthe gases, cooling, yeah. In fact, at Medical College of Georgia we did the first fecal transplants force
Dificil back in the seven th, your going to say for a hazing of the fraternity and actually the reason I know, because the medical students once awake, a honeypot was passed around on the medical students. Had we had to take a plan, then, if they took it in to early man's burgers lab and it went into a wearing blender, I kid Nahi and then we filled an enema bag full of medical student yeah and we gave the enemas to people it We didn't know we see difficile back, then it was pseudomembranous, and it came at the start of the broad spectrum, antibiotic era and nobody knew what it was. But this guy are Maurer, said im sure what happened is our God for is all screwed up we are again normal got flora and medical students. Very they have normal, got florid, so yeah resuming blitz over the honesty, geologists, yea. We know you're good MIKE
you can keep the height for fecal transplants. You try to get a relative who will share actually a lot of your microbiome, so they got cousin of this woman who was about forty pounds, overweight. They gave this marathon a fecal transplant with this poop and she recovered. She went back to her usual routine running schedule and over the course of about a year and a half, this woman gained thirty pounds changed absolutely nothing other diet didn't change. Your exercise program, She was seeded with, though, be poop from her cousin and you can actually mean you- can prove this in animal models. You can take germ free rats, get obese, genic poop from humans, give this to the germfree rats and they will become a
you can actually get lean Pooh from lean people and give it a germ, free rats and though it is only by expanding on off. You have no doctor Acta, Bobo gesture, he's great. We had a man he's always posing knew me Robin stuff, one of them, just I'm sure you're aware of it was this some elite athletes get seem to share some kind of the bacteria that actually can turn tactic acid into Butera, and all the other short chain. Fats. Butyrate goes right to my can make some very efficient, so yeah a Lee athlete can take lactic acid, which supposedly is horrible and actually reprocess it into fuel. That's really good for you right, a diff fecal transplant
the only legal in a few states and in Canada they're much more open to it. But one of the things the screen for ye don't want anyone with any kind of mental health issues. They also think that's a microbiome, Toria, absolutely obesity, and now the list is just growing. So it's more and more evidence mounting that whats in ergot is having some huge, downstream effects on overall health right yeah. You know, Epocrates, said twenty five hundred years ago at all disease begins in the gut? No, he didnt have on human microbiome project, but in this guy was so prescient know he Gini. Actually now you know after twenty years of this, really all disease begins and can end in the gut. I think I've been so shocked with see everybody who
The disease process has leaky gut in a weird microbiome and the Good NEWS is, you can fix it. Well, the one thing that makes a ton of sense about it is its the main source of form material you're. Putting in your body like thats, the you know, thats, where its most dangerous or just shoving stuff in this whole in your body and its foreign yet, and it's got, God knows one on it and you need a lot of things down there to help break up all that and safeguard you from born pathogens that could be harmful, so it makes a ton of sense. Of course, before I had you watch a couple of your talks- and I guess I did this about four weeks ago, and I was drawn into it. I found it to be a very logical debate. I embraced it I'd, say for the last three or four weeks I have not had lectins. Now I want you break down your belief about Luton
then give us of a short brief history of how like tens of all them, what their purpose was and how much were eating them by and then subsequently just doin? You have also read criticism of that that I'd like to hit you S, social, tell us about Lactantius, so elections are part of the plant defence system, gins being eaten. plants are actually on earth before animals arrived, and they had a pretty good if it was the garden of Eden. nobody wanted to eat them and then their initial predator was insects and plants, of course, can't move. So they are biochemist of incredible ability, so they M speaking of hallucinogenic substances. Lucas are probably a good plant defense system as well cause
wont. Remember what you ate before you found it bulk. On the contrary, if you're an addict like me, you'll, never forget what the shape of what room made. You feel wonderful for six hours. We continue all right, so lectins are proteins and theyre called sticky proteins, because Was there actually looking for particular sugar molecules to bind to and the initial theory of elections, was that they bound to a sugar molecule called colic acid, which sits in the space between nerve, Joe where one nerve talks to the next nerve and they bind to that side. out acid and stop nerve transmission, and so paralyzed insect is a wonderful thing if you're a plant, that's the initial theory of why lectins existed, but, interestingly enough, lectins,
Also stick to the sugar molecules. That line are got that fact on you. If you take a bite of a hopper, you'll notice. Your nose starts to run because you actually produce large amounts of mucus to deal with the elections. Us date and one of my favorite sayings is. We are the only animal on earth except a bird that will take a second bite of alpine, ever. Oh yeah, that's one of the harder ones for me to stop. I love it stay tuned im sure if you dare we are supported by bombs, my favorite side into wearing a better right. Now I like to wear the tiny little guys but disappear in my shoe me too, and I like them, because they're thick, but not too thick
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purchase Bascom Lahat, we now know this- was actually work by Dr Fasano with Johns Hopkins and wanted to figure out why cholera made you have just such impressive, massive diarrhea and how gluten which happens to be a elected, might mimic the effect of cholera and so found that gluten, which is elected and combined to the cells that line our gut called the interests and it will flip a switch that produces but called zone. Anzalone is what the cholera bacteria uses to break the tight junctions that hold all of our little cells together and what
thing about our Dubois got. We only have one cell sinosoviet or gut wall there's only one. So very thin: it's the surface area of the tennis court inside of and it's all just one Celtic, you know talk about a dumb design. If you think about it. Like you said all this foreign stuff is coming in, you've got hundreds. trillions of bacteria living in there, and you got one dumbell to keep using that that enable lots of expansion and contraction obviously is who would get thicker would be less elastic elastically it was to enable the absorption of amino acids, fatty acids? I need to be thin enough that they can all the right stuff can pass. It right act like these little inner sight to bite off little pieces of amino acids and fats and sugars, and then they kind of pass them through and then
the mouth or other side into our lives, assume or blistering? And so it's gotta, be once ethic button, but the problem is so. These guys are all held together with locked arms like Red Rover, Red Rover cells of your summit, like oh Aldrin, tested, basically have this carpet inside of our intestines sexier root system. So we have routes. The our roots are rooted, our microbiome and thats our dirt, just like a plant and so any now they turn on resin online hits a nether receptor that breaks the tight junction. Now you go a leak, so now not only collect ants, which are foreign proteins and bacterial particles or living bacteria can now come across the gut wall. Now. What's interesting is because of this kind of bad system on one cell thickness about sixty percent
All of our immune cells are white blood cells line, the lining of our gut, are there because that's where the mischief is going to come across, and so that produces inflammation inflammation. You put a splinter under your skin turns red. That's all your white blood cells coming around to attack that foreign protein now for proteins come across your wall and now youve got inflammation when you say that this is an made part and that finding to that now, how observable is that someone observe that under a microscope, if there's a beautiful article a few years ago and scientific American, where for next bizarre, no real lays this, how beautiful unit of complete with illustrations and oranges and actually show my patients this? But yes, we can now measured this in human beings, and there are several labs that do this whats been
interesting to me is initially we started measuring online and people looking for leaky got, but what's actually more accurate is to look at and ties on you learn in which called Anti ACT in acting as one of the molecules that makes the tight juncture, and if you have a leaky got, you will actually make antibodies against Daniel in an action, and you can pick it up so what's what's really interesting is with my patience, particularly peep oh well, for instance, on auto immune disease. We can pretty much prove that ninety five percent of people who swear they are gluten. Free are eating gluten and that gluten is called. Walking. We can measure antione You can show that by educating them that three months once nine months down the line, you will stop a
loving all these markers of leaky gut. You will actually reverse all the markers of an autoimmune disease, a biomarker of autoimmune disease and ive, published this data in the American Heart Association Circulation Journal took a hundred and two patients biomarker proven autoimmune diseases, including myself as one of the subjects People were on immunosuppressant drugs in six months time. Ninety five out of one hundred two, biomarker, negative and off of immune suppressing drugs. Including myself, and really quick. What did this study was some of the criticism of this study that you had no control group tricky. Why didn't you because theyre all their own control, in other words the have positive biomarker? So, for instance, they rheumatoid factor or their head and
or they had anti nuclear antibody or they had double strand of dna. Measurable amounts of them gave it. Why not put those people on a placebo and see if, at the end of your study, they too didn't experience reverse, because I'm in the business over autoimmune disease, so it would be against my im. I'm only saying, as a study that would have had a control group of people would not act as Ive been a researcher all my life and you can use an individual as his own control. You can look at pre and post, but when you need to of administered a placebo to that person, what placebo could I do in terms of food? What you could a food delivery system to them that did have gluten in it, but I dont have a food delivery. that I do you want to borrow mine. I eat if I ever, but she did okay, so I brought that up. So you found, though,
four hundred in how many one hundred patients are published. We now have over five hundred patients with the same result Kan. Let me give you a great example that person up in my practice on Santa Barbara came to me. A year ago, seventy five year old woman who has known she is celiac silly act as the extreme form of Luton intolerance. Interestingly, in the plant paradox book, I cite this interesting study out of Europe where they took a large number of people with by ops. He proven ceiling act as if that's the gold stand, Z, lack where you take a bite of intestine and look at it under the microscope. They put them on a gluten free diet for sixteen months observable Luton, free time at the end of sixteen months, seventy percent of them were still silly act with by opting minor gluten free die. So that study really intrigued me and now that we have these new methods to look for gluten
can. Actually. I can tell you right here that ninety five percent of the people that exclaim to be gluten free, I have detectable large amounts of glue in their blood spring. Where do you think the most common or where is it coming from that people would not realize great question? Restaurants number one! Oh sure, you don't know what the hell you're getting I have the pleasure knowing a lot of restauranteurs and chefs into a person. They say the There is no way that you can eat gluten, free and restaurant, and if we tell you well do gluten free for you don't believe us, it's it's impossible, because they're always dusting things flower arrives, something so lets say: youre, grilling, a piece of Saman in the SAM and next to it as the dusting of flour, some of it will flip over, but the griddle itself will actually have remnants of lower.
In that level. For someone with silly AC is one molecule Reinaldo it its so impressive. You know. So let me give me this example. So this one is she in here, be married all their lives. She contain an abdominal pain, just cramping bloating, just miserable just le and her husband has always thought he was a nut, but a lovely knot and been several universities. They delire your celia, you gotta gluten free and your obviously not doing at she's living on corn chips and corn tortillas and corn muffins Gus Gluten free tat. So we get these tests and sure enough. She's got leaky got, but she's got wheat german gluten, which can only come from oil. Poor wage she's got all the markers for gluten in her bloodstream. She has this protein and corn
That is called the corn, wheat epitope and what it basically says when you eat corn, your immune system think that week she was eating and she carried this epitope so every time she her immune system thought she was eating. We kiwis gongs at one point, her immune system started attacking gluten Brit and that this corn, so similar that now its attacking that as well correct exactly again now I just want it because I can be stupid and Syria. How do we know that? How do we observe that? How do we see do is only put her white blood cells in a petri dish? Wait they basically that's what you do really Okay. So you can make antibodies to these various components and put em in a beaker and measure whether those antibodies attack there. You are so that's also, okay, So here's this one, obviously inland she goes out to restaurants, quite a bit
and she's in corn and she reacts to corn and we also tested for lectins. We test her dairy tester against eggs. She doesnt read to dairy, should unrated eggs and Gonebut. She was like the poster child for lectins. Getting back to election, She reacts to you know tomato. She reacts the bell peppers. He reacts the peppers. She reacts to beans, they're all gluten free. So we take this out of her diet. We repeater in three months she's still got a leaky, Godbut now she has one little type of gluten in her and everything else is gone and she's feeling a whole lot better. her husband. In always going you mean this wasn't in her head you know she isn't a not answer? Well, you know look. This is in the long tradition of not believing women
that's a letter. I know it I get on board, it is women have to fines. one who will believe them. I say so now. She totally Green on all these charge. She has no leaky, really quick. What is the most conclusive piece of evidence for leaky got so I think the best ones are anti antionline and anti actin. You can certainly measure and toss those little pieces of shit. Then I talk about and you can make Signin, but Jones actually way down the list of predicting leaky gut. That was one of our mistakes. Yeah, Anti Sonali and anti actor to the best way. Let me give you another example. Please, no! I love your exam so this is a woman from LA she had a lot of brain fog as one of her manifestations.
and she's young in her fifties and in her role. She does not need brain fact, so we did these tests and found out that there was gluten in her, even though she was gluten free and that she had leaky got, and we also did a bunch of tests looking for Lee e brain. We now know that there can be a leak in your blood brain barrier. There is supposedly and in permanent wall between your blood stream in your brain and impregnable at Monica and it Masalah blood brain barrier yeahand. We now know that this blood brain barrier can be breached and You can develop antibodies against brain tissue and we can measure antibodies to different parts of the brain. Cluding the MILAN Sheth Ms Char, and we can raise our animators to the cerebellum, the movement area. So we get these tasks and
lone behold. She lights up, leaky, brain she's, got leaky brain she attacks, or several for all these diseases sound like zombie diseases on the lake Godyou had asked me about Leki at fifteen years ago. I would later out of the room there, some sort and along any living and the bag on, and I mean it's fascinating that you can detect this and the Good NEWS is its ok to detect it, but you can prove the at least by the interventions. I do and I'm sure there's other ways to do this. You can stop this No, we just im going to meet with her this weekend as interface and we got her new results back. So the really cool thing we've been on this for six months, she no longer has either so dinner in her, but the brain results are the best part and ive only started doing this in the last six months. My proposition was that when we sealed the leaky god,
seal a leaky right now. She must have had six markers of a brain attack. Were down to just a teeny marker of one of the rest of them were all gone and lost in six months and im just so excited to see her tomorrow. So say, son of a gun. You know my dumb theory looks like its working out here. Yeah and you know she feels much better and you know her brain is working better. So this crazy stuff, like brain fog, We can now actually put measurements on this. That tests, are getting so sophisticated. Now that this is no longer pseudoscience, measurable things. You can see a program
ration of repair. So if I were to do a blood panel in you isolated antibodies, I had to be safer things right, but you could do a design or die at fair me exactly because currently it sounds like you're saying in almost nothing. He thought we all intro my yes list, yet all that we got me that creating the one, a casing right: that's milk yeah, so you can have and she d auguring fellow mozzarella, Boeing at all all legumes or gone so being rasher cook them causing away the latins. Ok, I remember no human being a grain or being until ten thousand years ago, I hate to disappoint Doktor S, wisdom. no human being did because they were so lethal because of the lectin content and you had to come. Them forever and ever most cultures, so beans for four data
in change the water, every four six hours, because lectins will soak out of solution and they'll cook them a long time. But you can pressure cook in and destroy lectin, okay, so youre saying to stop Ninety no zone are now you're too saying repair them correctly. No will of theirs is the famous red beans case where the other was a dinner party. Everyone get violently ill and it was pretty conclusive right. I'm a strange that the red beans had caused the Boston Healthy eating day. Yet the same thing they undercooked beans and twenty three children and for teachers wound up hospital with bloody diarrhea, all one trace to Manesar should have diary into step one. You don't want. I reserve of adding Liberia as when it's gone by about so is this recommendation for every person or people
our experience, and I am so glad your series. My practice now is evolved. About seventy percent autoimmune diseases, my Father, side of family, my father had severe rise, as my father was on Methotrexate for fifty years. So why yeah, when we first started testing a test available for Automan disease? I came back positive for her and a nuclear antibody, not bad, but positive. My staff came running in his own gadgeteer. You got a lopsided. I don't have elitist Lederman. They said you know, you're positive, for this marker and I said yeah. It doesn't surprise me one iota goes. You know I thought my father had a family back psoriasis yeah. I don't have psoriasis, but you know theres my marker, so I said I think I'll turn it off. So you know I just I stopped cheating you know mermen, and so, a month later, my nuclear antibody is negative right. So
I recently redid that last fall in New York City. I said you know im going to see if I can activate my inner nuclear any so I went in at pasta, I have babyand, I came back and my inner nuclear and body was back turned on being. and I said, thats cool, I think all I think it off, and so I went a week perfect in nuclear I turn back off so im very sensitive to these things. You know thanks because there is an inheritable component. Duryea, I dont think is very strong. Most people think, but there is an inheritable component. Okay, get back to your question in the good old days. Fifty years ago, most of us had- a fantastic defense system against lectins. Otherwise, none of us would be around and was primarily our microbiome. Our microbiome actually loves to eat lectins. There is a gluten eating bacteria that loves gluten and we had a very, very, very thick mule
Slayer that covered are lining of our gut and lectins are sticky proteins that are looking for sugar and mucus is Mucopolysaccharides lots of sugars, so the mucous actually absorb. Can so they can't get anywhere near where they want to bind to, which is the actual cell surface. What's happened to us in fifty years is primarily two things number one antibiotics antibiotics are in us because We swallow antibiotics willy nilly, we get a sniffle when somebody gives US antibiotics, even though it's a virus, it then, almost all the meat we eat and all the chickens, all the beef, all the pork as antibiotics in it in our water supply, because I believe in it runs off,
from the factory mills and, quite frankly, we flush Oriana biologics, down the toilet, and so the antibiotics of really wiped out this credible defence system against Lecter. The other thing- and this is part of the seven deadly disruptors- only talk about the second thing that I think to really needs to come to the fore. is lysate, which is the active ingredient in round up? Glyphosate was patented by Monsanto. As an antibiotic. It was not patented as an urban because it actually kills bacteria, it kills bacteria, just like it kills plants. It interrupts. What's on
tat. It is that's the commercial some around it stops the shook a mate pathway, which is how cells reproduce plants have it bacteria, have it humans, don't, and so that's how they got it pass because, oh it won't hurt us goes, we don't carry the shipment pathway, but what they didn't tell us was our back terrier do so life a site. is in everything out of the thirty three products cereals, granola bars. It was in every one of them, often at toxic levels. It's in ninety three percent of three pregnant women's urine that was tested it's when women's breast milk, it's in almost all California wines
cluding several organic ones, because the fields are sprayed with it. So this stuff kills off or microbiome the other thing it does it we didnt know, but Stephanie chef from MIT has shown the in and of itself disrupts the tight junction, so it causes leaky gut without any other thing. So, for instance, corn, most most corn, as GMO most corn, thats FED all FED, FED cattle and pigs and chickens is GMO when there's a protein elective in Gmail corn called the cry protein and the cry protein in of itself will break take junctions, so it's everywhere emerald beginning died down. If I will lie, everything's gone wrong really so quickly. This has only been fifty years near enough when a nosedive health wise there were no autoimmune diseases. Fifty years ago I mean there were few of them back in those days we called them. The test we had were called funny desk because
it was so odd. You know to have an autoimmune disease. and now you know I was watching tv last night for a few minutes and every time It was for an automaton disease. Yahoo is like Happy smiling in know twenty year old, what's disheartening, and misleading is I would compare it to gun fatalities. So if you just look at the statistic that gun fatalities have gone down, you would you would be inclined to think that shooting gone down, but in fact, shootings havent really gone down our ability to treat gunshot on his no rise dramatically right, so kind of a misleading statistic and in likewise- one side of the equation is just getting worse and worse and worse, our ability to treat the symptoms has gotten better. So it feels like it's almost in homo. homeostasis, but its not its like we're making these leaps forward on the treatment side, but the prevention side, not
things happening by getting worse, worse and worse, correct yeah, I I tell all my patients who were on a main suppress it, which you know when I he this people would go go. Do you know about autoimmune ises and I go. I have no absolutely nothing. about it. I know a whole lot about the immune system, because I was a transplant immunologist. I could put a pig. in a baboon, a big heart in a baboon and have it lived for months when the previous record was five hours so im, really good, making hogans dont get rejected and by understanding how the immune system works. So when people with autoimmune disease, you know came in- and I said, hi hey, you know what play. Let's see what your immune system is so interested in about you and that's how I you know. I just started on this to your point. The other problem has happened because we know now that the gut microbiome teaches your immune system, what it
would be interested in what it shouldn't be interested in and it basically says: hey: we got your. were going to hand almost everything that comes in here, weve been doing this for millions and millions of years, you just kind of stand by and look for odd things that get by, but you know just relax whats happened now is we Don't have that microbiome to teach or immune system that we got your back and now Everybodys got a leaky gut to our immune system. All the cops you know are so that looks like foreign protein lets shoot but in the last questions later because we got to protect everybody, I used to have allergies so bad that I got allergy shots all through college and in my young adult life I don't have any allergies anymore and that's because I've
sealed. My got caught my immune system, the chill out and data their non interest in that year, but I think a specifically like were I be cured, survivor Monica is like so I have arthritis. My wife's got this rash that he's been attending with for three months. So we're obviously super interested in at this point and were all yeah were all eating in the same kitchen, onsite sure I am doing this, I feel fun right. I can do. I need to take this on. Maybe it'll make me feel better. I dont feel bad. There are some people blessed why? I think some people have a better. You know: Microbiome, for instance, many theyve been on I stand by onyx throughout their lives, actually mean, for instance, one o. The Tipp of Sir Leon was, I noticed, a lot of my patients without army and disease at their tonsils up as give tonsils- are actually the first line of defense against lectins that can guard your harbor,
and I'm convinced that tonsillitis we didn't know any better, was just somebody who really reacted to elections. So the argument that my my colleagues so hitting the blues, owns eating whole grains and means. None of these blue zones have antibiotics exposure. None of these blue zones have life a site. I think, what's missing in the argument about elections. Is our defence system against Lecter, which was pretty dog on good, at least in western society, is, is trashed. Well. I do think that people's overall concern with the point you're making is it it would appear that what is clearly evident is that are huge influx of corn
subsidized food products. Are, you know, refined wheat, all the processed food that, if you look epidemiological you track of that history youre going to see a really perfect correlation and they are nervous. Your warning people about plants which they feel like is clearly the right direction as opposed to I love plants im a plant predator you've just got to know who has your back and who wants to do in my there was a train by my grandmother, who is french and she was always feel in DC to tomato before he ate him because they're lethal- and you know I've interviewed chest- in France a year elite, tomatoes long they they then deal you'd, get our pressure cooker priority, Elden, seated academies in instead limiting everything, you're eating, We putting all of our energy into
growing, the right bacteria and in introducing it as opposed to trying to treat it on the other side when everything's already flawed. Why is it that the emphasis traps will see us so may have part of the problem? Is that almost all probiotics get destroyed by gastric ass it and to the credit of the researchers? Who just did the new autism try home craps, so there was a very, very well designed trial. Taking autistic children, who we know, have a very altered microbiome and realizing their got, giving them. You got specific antibiotics and then putting them on acid reducers, like you know, Nexium or Polito, stop to stop acid production stomach and then giving them capsules, which are feel bill,
Ozma in and then Terek coated capsule. That could make it through whatever stomach ass. It was left me a beautifully design study. I mean that did it right and they did it. I think for three months they ve now out two years. The kids in the end treatment group about a fifty percent reduction in their autism behavior, and I stayed now for for two years. Oh really- and I think I mean that's if, if there's any study that who's the gut brain connection in in autism. This is the definitive study the problem is, for instance, there's this really cool bug called acrimonious Nephilim, which is essential
say all my time, Ackerman CMU sooner for longer ones. You were just send it all for making the mucous that lines are are got. It actually stimulates ourselves to make mucus n it eats mucus. That's why it's gotten usin affiliate, love, mucus in the early up large and the more it eats the more mucus we produce, and so it is, it has to be there. The poor Thomas nobody's come up with a way to get it into us. There try and I know they will- but there's been just log jams with this. The other thing we have to realize is that almost all the probiotics that are available to us are not native species for the day They are foreign to us and they actually they go on vacation in our gut for about two weeks and then they leave the hand a nice time arabian. But I guess I will have to coin that in so are they leave we should
have at least ten thousand different species, and is this it's this tropical ecosystem and everybody's dependent on Ireson, most of us. After a round of antibiotics, anacs may only have one or two species left in us. The folks in a Stanford said that it may take two years to reestablish a gut flora. After a round of antibiotics, which is really scary in a scary so ill hear you say this and then I watch forks over knives and then there's a dude I follow on Instagram was a doctor who promotes a carnivore only dianthus goddamn it's nearly impossible. Everyone has equal credentials, are ruined as different conclusion, so I am very cynical of that, but I am in the unique position as I was when I got sober, which is, I don't believe in God, but I'm willing to try anything to not die from alcohol drugs out. But that's
the less bad option for me in a likewise I've tried a bunch of shit that I would never try. Intellectually, I did a rivate cleanse, totally help me after every single western option so because I I dislike joint pain, so much and skin rashes, I'm open to everything. I am happy to try everything, because it's gonna cost me nothing. Basically, so I am at one time cynical over all claims and then the other time, I'm totally willing to try all things and they get I do Hope- is going to give us a body scan with an Iphone to these promises. To do that, yeah, you know. Actually african or both at the University of Michigan together in our residency, is all reality. Omg back in the dark ages, a bright school. You now Monica
ok, good score, uploads! I, whereas an ok, well Doktor, Stephen Laundry, your first book because doktor countries die of Aleutian turn off the means that are killing you in your way. Sign and the other one is paralysed. Famous one as the plant paradox a plant paradigm, then the plant paradox cookbook was also New York to his bizarre that the bullet, Barracks, quick and easy of New York dies best seller and there was reason one is the longevity paradox: how to die young at a ripe old age. On your toes on a die young and very long. That's what we want. We Europe! We all want to get all bow. We don't like what it looks like now. We want to be young. I want to be a long time. I want to be arrested. Basically at this everything in there stating that its going well. Actually, you know I was saying I can't wait for tomorrow cause I get younger every day that actually I look at pictures of me from eleven years ago, I'm younger than I was eleven years ago.
Is there risk in your business that things are moving so quickly? I know that in the short time I stepfather had prostate cancer and he did die of the leaps that were made in those two years in treating that disease or staggering. As are the information thats coming in about microbiome, and what not do you feel the challenge or the danger of printing up these books? Knowing that something news going to be revealed like so your first book didn't have elected it right and now, actually I did mention them, but they were way down the list of things to were right. It wasnt the priority and that believe or not thats. Why? My first book was called diet evolution because my thoughts of wall, in fact by evolved in two years. For the longevity paradox yeah. What frustrates me? and David Grain brain. Is that weve only known about the microbiome for the last five years? And yet you will have individuals who have preached the
Xact same diet for twenty years and five years, regardless of what we now know its when the blanket statements come out that this will help everybody, I think, just like the prostate cancer people, getting their genome map first and they're. Finding out that there is a love in different options for different genomes, so its like the notion that one thing is going to be great for all humans is a little. So the Good news is that you know, I want people to eat like its nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine years ago, and we were actually doing pretty dog on good. We had, brains, we were taller than we are now and why not go back. You know ten thousand years and just start with that we did good. Okay, all my osteology. Classes, those early hominid bones were not taller than ours, but though it homo sapiens with big do about six feet tall and our brain size was fifteen percent bigger than it is today. Well on. Ours was
is fifteen hundred cc. In the neanderthal ways say you, Methey were the biggest brain yeah. Actually you know I did hear you say we lost a foot high. I just want to be on record that I don't agree with that. We have lost a foot in height after the industrial revolution. We went down to about five feet. Why there's all these little biddy beds over in England and all the little biddy coats of arms and armor, we were small. Now we ve gotten big part of that, of course, is all the growth hormones at it. this isnt everything, thank God with my shoulders, which is scary, Dr Gundry thanks so much for giving so much of your time to us and damage for very anyone. Yeah very intrigued by all this year is a good time. Thank you. So much righthand you and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, making one combatant welcome to cap,
to two of the Moonlight fact Series with oh another, moonlight, back check the other. Second, one is that you like hookers on the point yeah. It was dipping into that voice, a little bit, what's that song? like beer logging at the beginning. By now, it's like, It has like ordinary brand run now and actually maybe at the beginning and maybe middle of the song, a patissier. What are some of the words male singer? If you popular in a suit slat concerts. What is her name and what is the song is very popular, but not really doing anything current
Lee White House. No, no! No! I believe this person is with us still still with us. Okay, I think of it. I got absolute circle back. Do you know the trick? Were you say white, I don't tell the audience what you think I said to you. You ready. I love Laura those look. I love you, oh, but its olivo, I say, I'll mouth mouth, olive oil to me and ill- tell you what it looks like that Thank you. I love you do. It's totally looks like I love, you thing is olive juice. Rob yeah. That makes more sense because, first of all, all of juice is in the face. Knowi'Ve heard this too. I he's on by in, but it's not even impressive. Like that's like just saying, if you say the words, I dove you. If you,
well, that was a great than they may say. Well, that's the point. Olive juice is a thing I know well below is the juice of olive look at the part of all was the part that I thought you said Laura no, that, while part okay, you all good when you pass that theres a good part, because oil is we look like I say all of us. This is a horror or a yeah. Really yeah, I got watertight Sorry don't be sorry about being right or so the chicken dance on mainstream okay. So this is probably one of the harder facts you were done because I didnt even understand most of the chemical words you saying, I couldnt really debate em because I dont even know what those chemicals are. There was a lot of Jan
I hope people stuck with it. It was interesting. I was super in Rossiya hard to fact check cause now a lot of these things you buy one be able to spell, even if you were listening to what he was saying, you couldn't even type it into a keyboard. Now you demean to put your phone up to a voice like as and then youre liable to get the wrong where you wont even know that was spelling. The word you just heard the t is virtually no way to check so just take it easy guys if I missed some facts, that's why ogre all right, so he said that were hairless because of the proximity to LE. water. We were aquatic animal you said because of the uprightness and the contact patch with the sun. Okay. So, according to scientific american scientists,
have suggested the reman explanations for why humans lack for the aquatic ape hypothesis suggests that million to eight million years ago ape like ancestors of modern humans had a semi aquatic lifestyle based on foraging for food in shallow waters for is not an effective insulator and water. The theory asserts that we evolved to lose our for replacing it, as other aquatic mammals have, with relatively high levels of body fat imaginative. As this explanation is and helpful in providing us with an excuse for being overweight. Paleontological evidence for aquatic phase of human existence has proven. Aloo good I mean by the second theory, is that we lost our fur and ordered to control our body temperature when we adapted to life on the hot Savannah are eight ancestor spent. Most of their time in cool for us, but a very upright hominid walking round the sun would have over heated. The body
Ing idea seems sensible, but even though lacking for might have made it easier for us to lose heat during the day, we also would have lost more, at night when we needed to retain it as refining comes earnings snuggling recently. Agonized suggested but ancestors to modern humans became naked as a means to reduce the prevalence number prevalence. Several problems trigger of external parasites that routinely invest for a furry coat, provides an attractive and safe haven for insects such as tax, lice biting flies and of active parasites, these creatures on only bring irritation, annoyance, but carry viral bacteria and fraud as though in based diseases such as malaria, sleeping sickness, West Mile and lime disease, all of which can cause chronic medical problems and in some cases, so yeah, well
So right, mine wasn't either, but I do recall that yeah I knew it was about walking temperature here and although I was a mind whatever I totally buy this, I buy the second one personally. Okay, because you don't see a Tanna Harry Africans, but you go to Russia girl, your guesses of body hair. If so They got into that cooler, climate and it came back as interesting, seems pretty self but Indians have a lot of hair and it's hot. There do the moment of big Harry Joe Back, live career yeah, but not like that. We see these rushing is because he in a sweater, now but Indians have a lot of hair when I do, but you don't have her older shoulders and stuff, but I have here in my arms thats, like the kid in middle school to domain. Looked like aware, Wolf wont
boy was a juror was a boy or girl. Let me say kid: okay is obviously a boy and He's a jerk May I help you I just I don't find you to be crazy, Harry first and foremost, and you I take care of it, ok see some grooming involved, but I just the super hairy guys that to me, that's that's that reeks of northern eminence Tennent yeah, it's hot! We have or her as per square inch than a chimpanzee. I read a lot of articles saying about the same amount, so he said our hair pattern follow the flow of water. I read. No evidence of that right, you know White House think before it would also follow the flow of honor. It would move in the direction that the resistance is opposite direction in the resistance, and I dont mean the political movement I mean water is resist
means like the swore all the swirl of your chest, hair you announced new nor have any right to know. I have a couple of two year prior to that right. No, why why Assembl of maleness was Burt Reynolds and he had a full rug on his chest. I think I wanted that. Oh and RON is a nice hairy. Chest is an overly hairy, but it you now is clearly got testosterone. I look like a thirteen year old female I understand all of that, and also men shave their chest. Well, it now proved to be great, but I'm talking more, like Junior high, some guys are sprout and some Surender Chaz her and I'm bald as a baby's bonds. Mmm. I get it not all bs indian babies are very harrier body.
Are they no Osama? My mom could be true. I would have given you some of my arm hair. You could, pasted it glued it. On my chest: yeah yeah, the only problem was, I was in the locker room. You were a baby child that or duck in eighty seven. Eighty eight is when these guys started getting a little far upstairs got here all over my butt, so I could have given. some of those tail feathers- and you know I wrote a whole sketch. I could not get this sketch up on stage. I tried like ten different times. Just no one ever found it funny, but it is all about just how many ways you can say public hair. Basically there is a very serious conversation. It was about the secondary hairs that grow in adulthood and now is going the secondary here. or auxiliary hairs, not primary hairs, okay, it in is how many words can I come up with for pubic hair? No one says second
day. Her auxilary here right and just no one ever got to get out. no man im gong to email, Danny, quick bride, see if he likes vidoes, a bandage ship monster. You got got this sketch from the grounding that I never really got to do here. Yeah, no one likes it, but I got a hunch, my soul. Well, what have I started at the letter? Clem damn dog I be over. It. He could never respond to an email in so nice. Why is he doing this to me? The animal job doctor O Abre? You ever thought about Colin pubic hairs. I can never hear or auxiliary hair, and if so, did you love? Your subroto. Ok, he says neanderthal the says it wrong. He says it incorrectly.
He says it like most say the. I owe you a lovely here under each one, though, is that with primarily, I think, they're the ones that first coin the phrase undertail, because they don't have a th sound there th. There is all that you know, that's the This is an indian. A lot of what I think are very tight: weathers allowed the names at our t, our plants, t h, oh sure, like Sammy and Farm and film. Yep exactly for me, a fifty might be the worst Tiffany Tiffany if your name is Tiffany and your mother yells out the window if an you're bumped yeah okay, so you said there are high rates of addiction and anesthesiologists. and as an anesthesiologist yeah. You say ants physiology, I say anesthesia
these muchyou love your th thats, how it spells just like me in tall, right about that in Germany they say anesthesiologist we to get that thing Google, home or whatever it is yes, a set. Is where we can blur when we get real time back. Jack. Stick is too long to type of shit in yeah, so yeah, it's true. They do a higher it's a. We owe our amnesties. Yell just do have a high rate of duty ass. There was an art, wouldn't you hit me with a figure like maybe five, but it s so they get. There wasn't a big article, cod opiate addiction in anesthesiology a long time ago and then was published and then in this but said addiction still remains. A major issue in the anesthesia workplace between
So this is old between nineteen ninety one in two thousand and the eighty percent work of US anesthesiology residency programs reported experience with impaired residents and nineteen percent report at least one pretreatment fatality, yeah, yeah yeah. I also did I made a point. I think they did do and amphetamine back in residence I mean, I know you yeah, you know. I've had doctors told me that that was a thing just like in the military. The air force guys they they call go pills so when they fly like a bombing raid on they need to come back. They have amphetamine their cold, go pills, yeah the problem, I think maybe some people did and some people didn't, and it could be true that no one in his class was doing them to possible yeah. Ok, he said guerrillas eats sixteen pounds of leaves the day but, although maybe he said sixty because they can eat up to forty pounds M, which is a lot
those silverback males are four hundred pounds. Your former foreigner bounds, ten percent of your body wait. Let's see that would Knowsley Stalin means I would be twenty pounds of food. I dont like I do many panchang you. I think I eat three pounds of food today. Three you three pounds and then I don't drink ten pounds of water. Gonna drown yourselves my mind. I heard waters bad for you will it is bad for you. If you drink too quickly, even Van yourselves, yes dahlia, they do it for an issue and then people die, This was one of the actual articles that was countering that lectins are bad, it said sure lectins in a certain quantity, is like water in a certain quantity can be toxic. No interesting, ok. Your time at sleeping, oh because you were saying why don't they sleep? He is a ridiculous pmyes and you said the Valdis had
up for thirty one hours ago, yeah I dont have hours sleep, deprived operators failed to prevent the chair, noble nuclear power plant meltdown and the Exxon Valdez. I said at DSA Second Valdez oil belle and during the civil war or some historians think that Confederate General Stonewall Jackson confused command during the battles of June eighteen, sixty two is due to sleep deprivation. I don't doubt that at all having read both a Robert E Lee Book and Grant book, you know those guys were given fuck him hammered at night and they are waking up at sunrise, Meim sure there are all kinds of things going on. Oh yeah folks was unhealthy, but I mean they're unhealthy now in a different way, but it is true. I think we are healthier now than then in ways, yeah yeah, certainly on stuff like that. But then you look at the amount of hope.
obesity and heart disease, and all those things and those are in now that we are our life expectancy- has not fallen for a couple years and you start going well again I think we're healthier. I think the treating our dysfunction has gotten better. He rarely not healthier because others so much junk added, into food, everything's process, horn, Json, every When we lose sleep, it seems we lose our ability to think on our feet to take a new information and adjust our behavior. According to a study published in the June issue of the journal, sleep researchers at Washington State University figured this up a rounding up. Twenty six volunteers half went without any sleep for two days, while the other have normal hours over the course of the week
scientists tested everyone's ability to complete decision making tests in one test. The volunteers had to click a button when they saw certain numbers and hold back when they saw others, then the rule was switched. The well rested group did better on this task in general, but when the rule was reversed, none of the sleep pride volunteers were able to get the right answer. Even after forty tries oh boy once yikes I've been having sleep issues to me like a month. go. I woke up in the middle of the night and then I was awake for hours. That was weird for me. I think I talked about this, nor you said, welcome your club, that it happened again on so Friday night, I was up for four hours in the middle of the. I watched Bill Marr. I thought that was going to make me falsely I didn't. I was still awake after that, oh born. That was not. And then last night I could not fall asleep
at all, and then I finally went to sleep around one and then I woke up at six. I had to point this. I'll pay, you know the number one sign of depression is poor sleep. That's the first thing they ask you yeah. This is not a great sleep record. I was up three times less now, but to the times or from DE money, as she woke me up at twelve thirty and then it and then I wake myself up at three. Similarly, could not fall back to sleep beside more melatonin melatonin, three, a team, even though I wake up at six woke up at six very groggy for first five hours, I was away. No, that's the herd, think about taking this thing no well I learned a lot. I dont know lasted a wake in the hours and I still airline haven't slept yet. any of the blue zones use a leader of olive oil per week. He said I did. To see that a lot of the blue Zones- USA, Olive oil. Well, there's like sites about like how to eat like the
in the blue zones and olive oil is on that list, Their biggest corollary was that they had the lowest amount of meat consumption, which I hated to read. Oh yeah, so, okay, so he said and shame I couldn't. Maybe I miss understood this. I think he said the Tavan Blue one again. I wouldn't even know what that starts with a queue of sea occurs, at least so I didn't know. I looked it up and I I don't know, but the blues on the italian Island of Sardinia, Sardinia on Japan, low Melinda, California, Costa Rica's, isolated in peninsula and a courier and isolated greek island. Those are the blue zones, so I'm not sure was talking about and he was talking about that they smoke a lot there, but im proper new June. Oh yeah, only there thats, not a blue zone. You said they smoke a lot, but
when I was looking at blue zone stuff, which I do find very interesting- it saying that the notable elements are that they family ahead of other concerns. Semi vegetarianism, the majority of food consumers drive from plants consistent, moderate, physical activity, social engagement, leg MS commonly consumed and less smoking I sell, but the boy anything, although he Have you not a blue zone? I have no idea what I do know that they do smoke and they have no one year. Well, yeah I mean. Certainly they must have some one gains are, but when they did that non European Chess x Rays Ryan no issues right, he said how I say: pins or six feet. Tall which I guess so don't know if you met the first motions but unowned now I don't know
the Magnon Cromagnon Rgm Magnon people. They were five feet, four inches male right those were early hominids, it went australopithecines and then it went maybe come in a men you get into homo Sapien theres a first. us and then neanderthals are homo homosapiens. There homo a banana, and then you have Homosapien. say being which right vinyl, adoration, which is us yeah. So I don't know what the problem or Erectus her had how they were there: but I did hear him say one time interview which I, which he didn't restate here, but that he said hunting and gathering folks, once we went to an agrarian lifestyle cultivated food that we've lost a foot of high which here here. The rise in that's not true, then think you'd Sandia thing, Craig yeah. I don't think its.
So also, though one thing to note was member his hands or outif. Look like twenty year olds hands. There is no denying whatever you want to say. Yeah DR country, looked like a beacon of health yeah. Skin was radiant like a teen yeah and his hands had no wrinkles. No, his hands were suspiciously youthful, but look like he had a hand transplant surgery. I now they looked much younger than mine. When you agree, they look younger than mine, they were incredible, so here's the other part. I have no idea I have no idea of what hes saying lectins is right wrong. How the hell would, I know yeah. I do know that I have been not eating them. I do know that my skin has been very nice. I am Getting to see my hands get a little more. You fungus, far im kind of good.
Do you know me I'll, try anything! I don't care what you say. The blue zones reminds me of the China study. It's like all of a sudden. The China study figured everything out right, that's horseshit. They didn't figure everything out. I doubt the blue zones figured everything out. Give me endlessly frustrated with all these claims. The bottom line is, I think he was one of the big problems. Is all of these diets or philosophies on eating tend to assume you're dealing with one type of hue This is where I think none of them will ever win. None of them will ever include everyone. I think everything are or just it differs enough that different diets work better for different people. I got. I dont think there Enloe one book that saves from all ailments, although with him in that, like it's true that there are outside circumstances that are affecting our microbiome or things like that, like like the pet sides and
I may add eggs and all of those things they do have an impact. Why was in lockstep with him on all the micro biomes merrily was well, will thanks verse or through all that highly technical staff? Your way come and im. Sorry, if I didnt get nearly got you mom, you got all the most important stuff for me, the early human evolution stuff, yeah yeah. I like it all right at love. You and you know, stay tuned for the third chapter and installment of of moonlight back with your hose Bronica Bradman in Etienne.