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Mayor Eric Garcetti is an American politician serving as the 42nd and current Mayor of Los Angeles since 2013. Mayor Garcetti sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his draw to public service, his love of jazz piano and the overwhelming issue of homelessness in Los Angeles. Dax asks about the future of motorized scooters and Mayor Garcetti talks about his love of napping. The two discuss pragmatism over party and Eric divulges the best restaurant in Los Angeles.

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Hello, hello, welcome to arm chair expert experts on expert. I am your resident fake, expert deck shepherd, I'm joined by a real life expert monarch, apply at MA Amy nominated Genius Power hungry. Well. Well, ok, that was extra our guest today I fell in love with, as often happens on here yeah. I was really blown away with the com this and be sure fire none of his answers tat. He was not afraid, answer any question for a politician. This is incredible. That's too, There was no as exacting sideways stepping. No, he ran straight into the fire every single time. I ask him a question. His name is Eric nor Seti, and he is the mayor of LOS Angeles, which He pointed out in this episode is the seventy largest economy.
The world he's got a lot under his purview. Earlier I need is an incredibly smart com or to kill it thoughtful patient man, a road scholar he's the pride of LOS Angeles Pre Hansen, as was the hurry good. Looking very had bad and kind of a kick ass personality, yeah yeah he's a big big me. You know get he's a big catch. Yeah so, please enjoy Mayor Eric our Seti he's, merit our city, a you wouldn't know this about me, but I am dress of the nine right now: pritchett you, I did have regained its bilateral and now basically you himself. Let me drive and Julia Early, Dr Group and government yeah yeah. I just up for you to hear our my daughter socks
will, you do have really cute socks and thank you when we have opposed the bees. We get a lot of comments about what people sucks our liberty and resident. There is so much that you and I could talk about, and I just want to say up front. I generally don't talk to politicians, because I, like everyone to be invited to this cast. Everyone knows I'm a bleeding snowflake liberal, but I try to keep it at my back pocket most the time but the reason I was very open to having you and want you is because your life story is very fascinating, outside of where you may land on the spectrum of left and right. Sure, first and foremost,
you read the Lyndon Johnson. Bravo Carol, both Tom right in the middle of em. Immediately, I was like oh obviously, much much different people, but to grow up in a household of a politician is a very unique anomaly of it of childhood. Yes, and he grew up that way and then he obviously became and even younger congressmen than his father. So I'm just kind of intrigue by having been raised by your father, Harry'Ll was the district attorney of LOS Angeles, its interest I think a lot of people thought. I grew up with that, but it was the year I graduate from college that he got elected, It's funny he was always a line: deputy district tourney. So he's a prosecutor, ok going up, I would go to court to watch him, take down white collar crime, elsewhere defrauding old Ladys, and he stood up the first unit that, when, after crept, cops and police brutality has not pop there with police officers for right. I'm when I was a teenager, but he had opportunities to run
singly. He and my mom they're both against the Vietnam WAR and had worked on Eugene Mccarthy's paint anti war candid, and he saw this guy, who he really believed in his family life, follow also he kind of said. I'm not gonna. Do that to my kids here, so he made a conscious decision. My sister, I have one sister she's two years older. She was out of called her ready for two years. It was a year I graduate from college when he was elected, so I did get the intimacy of watching somebody. You love suddenly be thrust, not just in the public life by being elected, but then O J, Michael Jackson, them and end as brothers, like those were law under his tenure, all them. Luckily, I was not living and allay for most of it, so I got the intensity of what that fell, like without being a kid being like hey. I don't want any part of this, and I've always thought it's probably easier if you're born into it or it happens, the young or older, like I was but imagine being tend to eighteen years old sounded like your parents are really.
famous, and not only that in politics, which is so nasty, though what it would do to kids. I thought through that alight, when the Obama's got elected to so I able to really see that a close. It was definitely format of part of my adult life, but it wasn't something I grew up with around the table. Nobody, who killed our city was until ninety. Ninety two he's that guy goes after the bad guys, mom works. You had up a foundation that did kind of charitable work here, and so I had public service blood, but not a similar politics, but even great grand father on Dad sign Mozambique from ITALY. He was a judge in Mexico, yet we think he was a judge. All we know courtier. My grandfather was born in Mexico is that he was in the revolution, rights in the same town, punch, Here was assassinated. When my for there was a one year old, baby own, while
You are a delicious do of a lot of different ethnicity is because you ve, gotta Italian from Moscow can ever say it. Even when I talk about the designer real rough format yet uneasy or eat. What is nickname was MAX right. I can't handle MAX virtually my net. You so well, but you got some Italian in there and then you have some max skin in there and then you have on your mother's side. Russian, jewish yeah is this way some have jewish half Mexican in Mexico, those people of lots of different backgrounds. My great grandfather, great great grandfather, was an italian immigrants out of a spanish immigrant, for instance, teams in the family eight percent italian and I'm embrace it, but people as a bizarre whenever you make sure you know but growing up, I hear their anti semitic jokes. I hear the B. a joke, you don't you thought I was mexican or jarred elder. I've. Always been able to kind of navigate this boy, like inside or outside her, in a way that let me know how people think when they think, I'm not
yeah I'll be very close to the culture that I grew up in my mexican grandparents jewish side, the family, etc and feel like got very much a part of me, too you're only on becoming a codes which are, I would imagine, running in these different circles. Emmi editor of a kind of switch to fit in, but I would not, somebody's telling you a joke. You wanted. hey you know, I'm jewish right, they stop an attraction and we wouldn't be friends anymore, but love time. It was a curiosity to me because for me I realized at an early age what people say to you to your face and when I think that you something that you're not here, really gives the inside of who people are. Yes, I feel like you, could either walk away from that experience. Goin o everyone's just teasing everyone. They don't even know what they're talking about or you could walk away going. Oh, it's very malicious
calculated and there's raging in rampant, Anti Semitism and anti you not yet. I think I'm more of the former at first to me there. Certainly the use of things like race against people is about power. That's an organised way that a different thing we're talking to kids, You realize, and I went to an elementary school that was labs. Got you see, lay it was a public school a time. The only thing they did was they took an exact demographic representation, valet room in the class together to every. Income level, every ethnicity, kid kids with disabilities, who might be for five years older than you but you're learning level, and I think, if you imprint really early on with kids here that you're all just together, you don't have to learn anti racism. We just accept wait, a second to write, but then, when I went to junior high school or to a private junior high high school here in Lhasa endless- and it was kind of much more- could include exclusive and I met for the first time, people who were kind of blatantly apps
Prejudice. Tell you get a chance to kind of, say, hey and push among things than it quickly separates. The people are like I might have described this up and hasn't conscious versus the folks origin label Downeys in a year and using Rais D be a bully and it and its power amid the end. What once you get to be an adult or you realize where the sun comes from amidst the same thing to with other times at me to stuff, and you want to reduce it down. Of course, there's sexual violence is respite, but it's really about power That's something that people don't think about economic power. More than anything else, most systems are set up. How do I keep what I have for my people or how do I get that? Can I find a group even lower than me so that I can go up the economic ladder and that stuff could be of racism and about a misunderstanding, and I think when you realise that it may be at first, but when it gets to a place of structural aid, it usually was, it gives them more at the expense of somebody having less right in probably
designed to sustain our group's longevity in that their hegemonic role, beggar, big words, Try and I'm gonna try to impress you, even though you taught at my M arch nemesis. U S see certain other teach the much a hook virtue, but having your father, who was making a d a sour, so I imagine going to Harvard Westlake you're at an incredible school. You had merge yet so, oh it had just Harvard just boys only ok. So I imagine within this really privilege education. You receive you were probably socio economically much lower than everyone around you. Yet it was interesting because being at a school would like really rich people right, good, they're, gonna get yourself almost poor. I don't have you read this book the broken ladder about income inequality
it's fantastic, so much about it is to look at the metric is irrelevant that standard of living, but really it's how in proximity you are too much higher economic bracket. Feeling poor is more detrimental than being objective leap. Poorer, absolutely one, be clear, never felt poor, but you know we're comfortably middle class that civil, sir mom made a little bit part time money lived in an affordable house in back then it wasn't me homes and Encina is gonna get over the flats events. You know not. The hills were right. So everything was relative: there is always the hills, so we were the flats and in many ways I'm glad I grew up with kind of an underdog feeling they are then later on, when I realized what the kind of struggles people have. I didn't grow up our understanding that feeling was natural for us to up. Compare all that the right as were ascending to something, are pursuing something, and it takes some perspective to start down. Comparing going a hold on I've hit the lottery compared to a vast majority of the people in the city,
hard when your singular focus on accomplishing things to actually stop and go. Oh, no! Oh okay! Yeah! For me. Empathy and listening is the most important skill in life. Not just in politics. its national in turn they seem so I'm going to be out of town next week. So I had a lunch with all the interns in my office yesterday was about fifty something and turned and teaching them kind. the rules. I live like that, all the great questions like what are you wish you knew in your my age like what is the best restaurant in L, a p d, you know how many positive etc the things I said is really learning how to feel and listen. His mother, most important skill in politics, certainly in and allowed professions people want to teach you how to talk like make your speech. Nobody teach you have to listen here. We are- and I remember when I was a teacher at USC in an accident college. It was interesting. The first day a class I'd, be asking questions nervous.
soon new, professor and I love the folks in the front row- would raise their hands and answer the question. But using three or four classes, and there would be a student, usually a woman who, in the back of the class, would raise her hand. Finally, dancer question everybody: what kind of turnaround forgotten that she was even air and she would say something so powerful that it would change everybody's thinking, including mine, and it was a really start. Send me that here somebody who, instead of just talking as were told to do just give us your opinion right away on anything. You know, go put your comment on social media answer, a question that civilian aid, she was thinking he was processing. She was listening and then that allowed her to speak with power and I think the same thing she was maybe empathizing. An understanding with the questions are as you're talking about. When you look down well, you look around if you don't have to skill. You can't be stuck in you. Poor little narrow world forever
rare, that you take on an occupation at an hour, singles tennis player that you're not gonna require the help of many people write any anyone that succeeded on a level has generally found people that work Astounded are more tinted than themselves. Yeah you're, always talking it's really hard to actually sus out. Who, should you be interesting this or that too, as again honour biography, John D, Rockefeller almost never spoke Jack, he being his boardroom headline account. He'd take naps occasionally, while they're talking any desire naps for a second. I see I have a lot of that area. Are you pronoun, I'm? So proto all good for you can do it. Tell me, are you have one scheduled eyes? He was religious about it, the about halfway through this interview and it can take a five minute. What, if you that's a great number, I think my mom trainee, literally, she was a big pronoun person. So my day is like a jewel box right. It's three o clock. I forgot the bathroom. I will not have time to look at the tax, let alone respond to it, because it's the moment one appointment ends than
one is coming in and it will be that every day, seven days a week, sometimes for weeks at a time. So when I get DR time in between and to be clear, I'm not driving. So I don't worry about napping, but I will immediately zonk out. I can talk out for two minutes for two hours. If, whatever people give me, I can sleep and tamia the most prone, app that elected official in America. So you and, as you said you into Harvard was like anyone to Colombia to you. Gotta. You got two people who don't live in California. Harvard Westlake is can you do with harbour yet they ask for Moscow? Yes, yes, yes, yes, it is and has always imagined side. I did a lot of theatres. I could meet girls of what was then Westlake. Right now. I got you a pass into their domain way. We have had a lot of girls. I have been to ah girl
schools, but not very many ol boy. Schools are just a couple. Jesuit kids in most are generally that have had. The experience are a kind of pro separated, sank, crow for girls. I think it makes really strong girls. Ah I'm not proffer boy It makes it mathematically impossible, because you know you have these goals with twice as many new. We can have like the professional juror proposition because it could be professional female. I wouldn't let us keep repeating the great oh well, just like eighteen to twenty four year, allow you already seven instilled in temporary, because it be actually helpful that the women they were with were women. You couldn't dismay the shit out of us and teaches a thing, and I think this is come on out of his bypass the knack shepherd incident. older women, the reigning in young male toxicity, so you gotTa Colombia, you gotta a Ba in Polly Sigh and then also plantings studied when planning, thereby major was political science. But I looked at the New York City Planning Department when Europe
came in minority majority city, which is almost a data term, but more people of color than white folks, Ok, I was there when white New Yorkers dipped under fifty percent, but I was looking at the Planning Department, which was still like eighty. Ninety percent,
wait right now had ally not already gone through that transformation. We earlier had become yeah Coquenard court. Minority majority I dont know what year is that I think it was before New York among certain Riah when you're in college. Did you have a singular goal of becoming an attorney, or did you want to go into politics? My dad pay strongly recommended against law. Ah said I love law, but most of my classmates tell what they like the money, but there are stuck in work. They genuinely dont like. I have never met more people from one occupation than lawyers who say they hate the job as just kind of universally that he lets get ashen it about contracts or, were you know, different aspects, so it? No. I wanted to be a thinker, human rights, worker or musician, a composer cause you play the piano might well. I am told ok with little rusty chops nowadays, by the way we always make musicians play a song in here, I'm pissed off we're gonna need boarded near ass. Looking around you love jazz, I love jazz Arab musicals cut us.
Songwriter, stuff, who's, your nor star in jazz capture, Keith Jarrett, I'm embarrassed to say I don't know who Keith Jerry COM concert. You ve definitely heard kitchen. It was the first person in the seventies understood playing, who just kind of sat down no song in mind and did improvisations wait. Did this guy but on a show in Austria in the piano socked needed wasn't gonna play, but then he played in became the best selling jazz. A woman ass area about Austria, when he might have cause he's very particular like he will stop in the middle of songs somebody's, I coughing too much will not quite yet done, but like tell him that its sure sure industry by the maid Try to see if I can find the song of the up and up the microphone, but I think that the com answered is, oh all, it, Germany, Yang Germany, Yes exactly. I just heard a podcast about the fact that he got to the theatre. A young girl head, petitioned him to come. inter clown right
as you will know, exactly enone got there. No one looked at the piano. Piano was like a quarter size piano. He wanted a grand piano, the top keys a worn out. They were to me he was I'm gonna, do it and then, at the last minute decided to do it in a totally improvised performance and it became is by selling out got turkey, I go for it. I can get sweet,
and even its effect, is most famous public, but then it just evolves and he grunts any groans and it gets intense and he repeat things than ever comes back to it. It's the creative process in the most prime all form this by gas was saying that for city in obstacles become a great catalyst for creativity, as this is a situation he didn't want to be in and it became a best thing. Ironically, and improvisation, for me, you know which is the sky. thing. You ve done coming probably some comedy improv to improvise on the piano, but it has been the best training for life. Ass by those interns. Yesterday, with the best question has asked us, if you ve had a meeting with a really important dignitary and you suddenly realize you're totally unprepared for have. I ever had to be sure, but what I said is if you can learn to be comfortable with what the moment is and try to connect with another purse
involvement with the music or in improvisation, when you're acting, you have to listen. I write to the other. We said people know yes and instead of saying no, you don't cut people have you have to be in that moment, it's the best way to be able to feel comfortable. Jumping off cliffs and life is a succession of jumping off glare, without parachute, lot Thea and figure out a way to kind of navigate you way down, but life isn't a church service like is the cares, not re written down on or orchestrated and yet ended the stakes of something improved. Our implicitly higher rights you're, just knowing the threat as at the back door that this The horribly arise is very exhilarating. By now you might be the first roads dollar we ve interviewed in unto in full disclosure. I wasn't even positive what road scholar in detail. I read a little bit about your journey, but what can you Monica say off the top your head? What what are they actually means to be a road scholar, very esteem,
I know it's my nor have people in higher education the great Those are trees, statement a home. It's a scholarship disclosure to go specifically at Oxford, which I didn't know, started by a guy named roads to bring originally just English speaking commonwealth people together right too, Let's go to help his arm, and I mean there's a guy who Rhodesia was named after he started to beers. He was the diamond. Ah, a closeted man who kind of took for Southern Africa, exploited people, but strangely enough, this idealist and gave, I think, six million pounds there's something in the early one hundred to endow free scholarships, because he wanted people wouldn't have the opportunity to come to a was conquered the greatest university in the world. Oxford. He roll over in his grave now to know that that was extended to other parts of the commonwealth Kenya to not just wait in those EU people of color.
It was only man. It had actually take an act of parliament to amend it to allow women in the seventies. I ever met his aim, since this has gone Syria down, it's really never at his back. That's that's my wife and I we met. She was in my roads class. Are there in Oxford really quick? What would state had she come out of his body? Is a foreigner she's from Indiana, but she's really well, as somebody debt de tasseled corn in India and I can attest to do have foreign is yes, why don't you don't have any real? like every young kids, did. In fact, if I'm forty onest, I got lucky and I was actually a d rogue or another, two thousand or so I had to cut down there, either taller or shorter arctic it that bad seed out of their much easier job. If a funny story, when Amy I was first dating a go to her grandfathers, farm, small town called Argus maybe two hours and a half South EAST of Chicago. So you know he's I closed the city slicker, who my granddaughter stating and he had a huge cornfield-
This is jewish mexican guy Microsoft around his intolerance and nothing is very good. At the same time, all the one, the protestant fears in the brain and the one that the combine with him. You know the big chapter in and were cutting down the old stocks and, getting pay bills and he's a guy willing to hang out with me. But after we done with it. I said what we can do with all this heinous. I worked to stack it next in a couple days. So let me do it and worked a good. You know five hours If the stacking golf heart and all the corn stock has been turned into straw it later on after I left he, he went up day. Music, disguise, ok you could do? That yard was ok in your hating life, the next day right, you're, blower battle? If I did I'd, be it not walk, he beheld react. Remote control throws mobile got the phase out, so we are both their together
further and we are very active with something called the road scholars against apartheid because we're there as a partner was ending a heart so allow the roads, guy specifically because of the legacy of roads and the system of apartheid and staff which he had personal set up, but obviously I continue to believe we went down and worked with a lot of groups. Nancy and others were staying the apartheid system in helping overthrow it and in rebuilding the New South Africa. So in the summer time my wife worked in Zimbabwe when summer to work on kind of the rebuilding of southern Africa. Where do you think you ve got this civic? Are philanthropic motivation were used? An impressive girl, you just innately this benevolent. What do you think was the motivator I've thought about over the years? I think it's probably two things. I think it is definitely my parents in my family and the values I was raised with and then there's something
inside. You I mean I was talking to interns. Yesterday said, all you guys decided do this internship instead of working to the investment banks are, there must be something inside you. I think that just sparks wanting to help others, and I think that you can't really explain that votes that complex of like making mom and dad no no haven't. You know. I think it was seeing that my dad made it his into serve as a public lawyer that my mom ran a found. nation that her father, who is a businessman had set up that was all about giving back like he simply took whatever fortune he made and put into effect Asia, so he was the son of immigrants from Poland and Russia. His father was it Taylor here in town, he wanted to become a pianist, he and my grandmother actually met in at these miscalled music and Rochester New York, Robin allay the know each other to Jewish, gives you starting piano and my grandfather to play at the silent movie theater like organ, but it was the depression and there is no.
in that. So he took up his dad's trade is a tailor and build up a clothing company that he named after his father Louis Wrath close. It became when the best suits in America. It comes back to L J because one of his clients here was a guy named Jack Valenti, the George stuff, nautilus of his day, when the Kennedy was assassinated and Johnson made him a special assistant and he said, look their present. You look like a slow I know this guy, who makes it really nice delay and my grandfather became Taylor to President no chance that now comes back to your earlier question, though, because he so that was an amazing honour. The son of emigrants grew up poor suddenly, if I may use so the best, it's in America for the present the United States, but then he was totally the Vietnam WAR and he had to make this decision when people are trying to encourage,
not only the war to be over, but maybe Johnson not to run bia. He could have spoken out at last, his most prestigious client or just stay quiet and keep him, and so he made the decision to take out a full page ad in the new At times algae saying as your Taylor, President Johnson, you should not run free election. Oh my withdrawals from Vietnam my wife and I are happy to contribute. I forget, like five thousand dollars to retirement why it made national news that even the presents Taylor was again oh wow and a group with that makes so this was a business man here who has business almost failed a cup times he had a union sharp eyes. Tailors were unionized, which is not there the best way to do it and a grandfather on the other I'd, who is essentially a dreamer who didn't get his citizenship for the first thirty years of his life
even though he was an american rooms one year old until he fought in world war. Two. I think those things imprint on me how important it was to stand up for what you believe and to fight for the underdog to look at whose at the table and to make sure that their there, what voices aren't being heard. So I think all of that was the brew that lead you to art. I now Africa, exact yeah So then you return and then you start teaching at USC. Now at that point who do you think I'd be a professor, but I dont think I was gonna do teaching, but I will mention human rights. I thought maybe teaching I do on the side, but I de the international development work or human rights work. I had been on not living in Africa. Do my research. I lived in Eritrea which it is broken off for me, a few years before, and I was looking at the birth of a new country and in that country. How, if necessary, worked because as eight major ethnic rewrite and they had like all
fought against the Ethiopians, even though some of them are closer to the eighth European and in the case of Rwanda right you, it is a colonial definition, kind them Tutsi in Hutu and then elevating one of their status. That rates the true ethnic devise rainy. Is that that the central lesson is that most people think that ethnic city is AIDS is all like the crowds of always hated the Serb, so we can't stop them from killing other Thea. When reality, they easterner Marian as groups were not as discreet as we think they are ya, same thing, Rwanda in Eritrea. Even exists is a country in history until the Italians late to the core, your game said: hey we're supposed to get some colonies, Africa. I ve been gobbled up, so they got Eritrea, Somalia, and Libya, all money,
cuz. They didn't understand that colonies, for most countries were money with gainers, and so they spent lavishly, but just that short period of a few decades gave eritrean, who would totally religiously and racially and ethnically diverse and identity that o wear something to the point where they fought the longest war in Africa against the biggest army in Africa. Ethiopia so like when people think that identity is ages, I think that is something that can change in a generation yeah, particularly if resources are limited in one groups getting better access to those resources. It's gonna breed a lot of contempt. That's exactly right! So you such an over achiever. I mean what a fucking over achiever got all these great colleges, your road scholar, you get your masters, you did you eat your view each day. Now you are working as work and I look at, but still, but maybe you felon. Of these are a lot of time. Consuming things did you have a great time
management strategy. I just get another before we get to City Council, so the nice thing about about scholarship, even though the roads folks would be upset with me for saying this is it's for folks will really driven hard and some of them will go and do the next step in their academic career. I think most rose collars more than any other profession become academics, but for me it was just a moment to breathe. If I got and agree that would be great. I felt like I contributed published some chapters from a dissertation in books, but that wasn't my goal. My goal was to kind of just have a moment to stop this run on sentence of life. You have some punctuation yeah, most people do. That has again. Fear, but you did it as our roads. So I thought I was very lucky to have the scholarship which pays for your time there to meet people to form ideas, to think about the future, to be an activist to see the world and
kind of form of who you are it's something that I miss alot these days, because I'm back on the run on certain see, I fear, were. I think you have to really carved time out to grow as a person. You can't wait for it to appear. You have this they got a flag in the ground. Right yeah I mean what I've given his mare in anybody's ever considering public service. I would say it's kind of like acting only do it if you can't not yeah yeah yeah, right, but my saying is different and I would not advise you to take about which is it had better, be something you'd be happier failing at then succeed at something you don't like that, but I don't think a mayor should fail, let us earlier, but that politics is usually set some point. You're gonna lose too. A public and electoral way. In my dad told me the nineteen eighty two thousand. He goes up for a third term right. He may throw jig reelected all that kind of stuff payment for third term and got rejected almost two to one. Oh boy. I decided for City Council few
months before I wasn't running on his name, but I don't want to lose on having this Lastly, I what was even thinking- and I sat down a friend who I was doing. A fellowship, withdrew the Rockefeller Foundation of kind of people of color, looking at changing power in america- and she said hey my boss is the City council, member she's, just elected the state legislature. You should run, and I'm sure she said, the twenty people, while you're the only one who chosen one right, but I couldn't get the idea of my head and I thought about it. So relations is LOS Angeles. What on the streets of outlay. Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt once said, human rights than paraphrasing in distant lands me nothing if they don't you, something in your own backyard himself. human rights and I'm interested in these issues of refugees in ethnic conflict and stuff like Ella, is the place absolutely eventuality problem. I it was. It was kind of a clear path, and I knew I wouldn't when I was gonna
Cm punk in the race has twenty nine years old are some really established names and people, but to the my earlier point I was like I'm going to lose because of my dad. Every high just having the same last name, and it was amazing, but I went to the door of some people said I loved your dad, but why should I vote for you and others are like? I frickin hate your dad, but tell me a two year awe, and so people are very fair about that and when I got elected my father said you gotta know who you are going in Gaza to you're gonna be the day you go out and hopefully, on your own terms How did you decide with me? It might not be so. Here's your saying that you gotta be willing to fail to stay arms? If you dare we are supported by key. We co, which is about the coolest subscription service. We get because its projects for the kids in a box, ass keeping them occupy the whole point of them, is to help kids learn about.
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How come you, the great Abe, Lincoln quote right, is like if you want to test a man's character, give him power Pip. you too, the role. What kind of talk did you have? yourself, because I would imagine as any profession you're not getting into it to just maintain the status quo the gauge, and so what kind of theory did you have that you thought would be disruptive in a positive way? What what made you think you're going to be different from every politician, you'd grown up watching what was running, I thought it was important. Bring used to the discussion of the youngest by ten fifteen years. I think that an important lesson for us ass we get older and we watch. I've tried to manifest that by following young people like David Hog March for our lives, came to LA and said: will you organize the first Mirrors Youth Council on Gun violence in America, and I did and I take their advice instead of telling them what to do right. You have a respect for that youth, winter
You know you get older and you really do think you're much wiser and that everybody's naive and remembering what I was like at that age has like now. I've got energy in different perspective. I can see where those older people around I have to challenge myself hourly, not to be an old man, and I want to bring up one of those issues before you go that I know I'm an old man on to get the listeners gets you, but you look at least ten years younger than thank you, someone in Minneapolis last week on those thirty five, and I wish you to act. Libya, ok, see you in into it with that. Now, California, is what the two biggest economy in the world. I believe, if it's the earth now with breaks it, we passed Britain oh, my god, wow Syn. Obviously, with in California, I would imagine allay as a stand alone, sovereign nation would be, what it would rank? Wouldn't it seventeenth in the metro area, if we're an independent country but better statistic where the third largest metropolitan economy in the world
goes number one, but two trillion New York's a little over Chilean and we ve just passed a joy and so were the third biggest truly organic economy, as countries are kind of accidental boy. there is even states are artificial city is where people organically move to survey about it that way, it is now the third biggest economy in the world that is my blog, so it's interesting when I was thinking about your position as a mayor, I was like in many ways you have a much more on your plate than most governors. This is not to brag, I'm just talking population. I think the l, a county is bigger than every state, but over six yeah in your budget has to be bigger than probably forty of the states out there at Lahti. There, her yes It is a really herculean undertaking to run LOS Angeles as it is Manhattan or any one of these things. So you know not to Tipp that I think you should be the President one day. What, but I will say when you talkin about someone having experience
running, something that is complex and cumbersome, certainly allies a great place to start absolute and now this city is wonderful and its flawed. In all these different ways, I'm an outsider I emigrated here. I've come to love it immensely. I also have a great appreciation for what people think about it when their Chris, I love it. I remember feeling that way about it. So it's a very interesting place is one talk about a couple of the things that I love about ally. I took a great ally, geography, clay. but you see I also- and I was really taught what the mexican American experiences in LOS Angeles in this class and one of the statistics I remember mind you. This was a ninety ninety nine, but at that time fifty percent of all second generation Mexicans war middle class. At that time, even called to say this anymore, but in ninety nine, when it starts me they will max These are the Italians, this era, but like they're coming here,
There are succeeding, their kids are reaching educational achievements. It's really working is Ella Unique in that. Do you think, or is that something that's happened for Latinos nationally a community is very, very remained. The porter you can experience in New York is waiting. then the chicano second generation is gonna be cleared. It leaves were specifically Mexicana Eric had it wasn't just broadly latino, it's complicated casino go to places like Texas in quoting court Mexican Americans may be. There, whose family go back seven generation and what was Mexico in the United States a year in New Mexico. They suffer you were never mexican, they kind of color, so still Spaniards, because they were essentially therefrom regional, spanish settlers, right and, of course, the native, but nobody has but yes and no they're still impediments in our community. To you know. Latinos, for instance, are the biggest gap between white man.
In our group of men and women of any of the city in terms of the wage gap there that the very one sense to the dollar, or something like that? Our so on one hand, yes, there's been tremendous growth of middle class. You see in a city. That's now fifty percent latino he cannot stereotyping. The community is just working poor, even though the working poor are disproportionately both by Brown in a city, but you see really the I mean I remember when it was back in the day, a few folks in the state legislature, and now it's been speaker after speaker after President Programme of the Senate, and you're, the second consecutive after Rio, Regos, and so you know its return to what existed. Obviously in the roots of the city, when it was a spanish second city, but there's also a greater integration in like Jews, an interesting case, steadied Jews.
Out, marry a lot and so do Latinos my case they found each other. For I know you do have folks that are somewhat socially mobile, but I think we have to look at entrenched. Poverty too, especially in immigrant communities, where the more we close off national policies and dont have up for people to become full citizens. I worry about whether that success you heard about ninety. Ninety nine will continue right and proper. That was the result of the amnesty bill that re again and the Democrats put together because just makes common sense allowed people like myself and probably everybody in this room, believe in it for moral reasons, yeah, Lumping America's you have to always find the practical anti I am, and even if I was a conservative Republican, like many, my conserve a republican mayor colleagues, their pro Inclination Pro well asian pro citizen. I get first,
they. It again I'm on the left, but I get frustrated when we are only framing our debates in ways that will never be appreciated by the right, but there is an economic imperative to are economy that we have to have labour and in growth, and even if you're, a conservative fiscally, you should recognise the enormous gift and the did positive gain a fur gdp in everything matters is provided, is not a net loss by any malware. Is it my grandfather Salvador, so he came here when you're old as mothers, arms. First of all, there is a family separation policy- the border I wouldn't be here because he might have been separated from his mom Frank, any crossed in open so are we seeing all those kids today? Second, he stayed with. It was able to Come a citizen, as I mentioned when he fought in world war. Two with the first thing he did. He saved up with my grandmother enough money to start a business Marbre and sixty three. Percent of the businesses on the main streets of allay our open by immigrants
rise, I'm undocumented some documented behind. So don't we want more entrepreneurship? Are we pro family like think about these republican things? I am pro family, will then keep them together in a row, the business entrepreneur? Well, let's give people opportunities the next generation of Americans or the number of immigrants who run fortune five hundred km then he started great tech firms and public safety too. We had a cop that was shot to christmases ago. She herself was an immigrant from Austria I was going to become a police officer and join LAPD, and somebody got out of the window in the Westlake Macarthur Park. Area of LA and shot at. These cops are at the traffic, stop with somebody else, and she got hit in the leg and his partner is trying to save her life and can stem the bleeding. Officers come and it's a very immigrant community, probably the most of an annual round them. Yeah for sure and allowed people and documented, and because our police department of two decades of building was trust, are so trusted by them not to be immigrant immigration, officials, etc. They re
to immediately talked neighbours who said: oh yeah, we think it's a guy over there go over there and within a half hour they had caught. This would be caught killer, yeah and so came out of them. I thought we protect immigrants, because immigrants pretty das, yes answered unapproached safety, public safety. If you're broke up, if your pro economy, if your pro family, they shouldn't be ideological, it should be just figure out a way to die. with what is no doubt a crisis out there on the border and in our cities, and we know it works. For me, it is really hard to encourage people to do like a three step. Thought process. As I understand the initial thought is just none are now. This is a drain bob over there by the obvious first knee jerk reaction, but then yes, step to us really evaluate, what's being contributed, become a its interests and then dear point. Yes, when you alley gated communities so severely like the black community has been nominated by law enforcement. They don't want to talk to cops and they're, not going to turn anyone in understanding what you know.
because there's been a lot of bull shit convictions and I get it so it ultimately in all down river helps us to have all that I went through the police. Graduation treading go to every one of them. We have won a month and I do and inspection with the police chief nice to be in the navy. So I like that you don't make sure She was a polished and they don't have any fluff on their uniform older, but I get a chance to talk to him and really engage with them. You know with a woman It was the head of the class a year and a half when she was indian and he came from India, want because others, police officer Yonah, came here and was the head of the class there's always somebody had been born in Korea and think misled, last Sunday from El Salvador solely from Mexico minutes. It's a wonderful thing to see the people still love America beyond
the Americans and I think we should embrace. That is something that's a compliment to us, not a threat, but we should also be honest and say all third generation people are lazy and piles. Really all american varied ass. It goes right out the linear, unfettered and fourth subtler you're an anomaly, but I'm I'm like seventh, and here I know where you are young people from well. I fought one thing and then I did twenty three on me and I was like waiting to many. Do you have I dont know why might my grandpa, who I look identical to her from Kentucky orphaned, got his brothers and sisters raise them at one or red beggary to me appeared very jerk,
very robust big for arms. So when I go to Germany, my everyone's, my grandpa that women in Germany- and I saw it ain't everyone's hand- hey, I think, we're related, mostly englishmen, Irish and all that, and that is to say the white, exactly fish, AIDS or social disappoint. I really was hoping to have some indian, as I will tell you tell him. I really want to connect for data YAP. Don't you think that may be part of the issue is that there is a fear that there is a finite amount of opportunity even said they think like yeah. We want entrepreneurship and not at the cost of my entrepreneurial shepherd people in my community, which is not true, but don't you think, that's what's happening with people. I do
Ironically, it's not happening in the places where the most immigration occurs, not to say that LOS Angeles store in people with that few. But it's funny in the places that have the most immigration. We have the most open attitudes to immigration, so I never dismissed people's fears and I think in a lot of communities where immigrants hadn't come to their going through will probably a late did go through in the 50s or 60s. You know I was looking at research that showed who flipped from voting four Obama to tramp in places like Michigan, and it was those counties that had the most asian and latino immigration the language thing like they have these interviews with, focusing like them even try to speaking listen, yeah, I'm sure we said about the Italians and it was said about you that the Greeks when they came- and I think that is it- duration of towns, then. Finally, like reading, rising that these are human beings who do want to become Americans are high.
Working? Well, you need to meet people they. They say one of the biggest leaps forward for black white relationships with Vietnam, because all the troops were comin golden. They actually had a bunk next to somebody in really get to know them and recognise others. Just just like me and a real person, tenacity yeah, I was gonna save in it. I didn't finish my thing about Latinos. We have them Michigan. My only experience with You know those when I was detailing corn in May. That was just starting to be the first waves of the yet the farm workers in so I saw that in so that's a very skewed perspective to get when you see thirty people get out of a pickup truck. You know it's us them was very clear, and then I was neighbours in Santa Monica. The family lived below me was like seven folks. In the same one, better apartment I was in, they invited me to birthday parties came love. Them came to really get to know them, and I remember my grandma. They started to get a pretty big influx of begins in Sturgis. This border town misuse get real nervous and I had to go on grandma. I live
All Luciano in L, a in their my favorite neighbours, I've ever had a man had really talk to her about it. That's human nature here, the other barbarian either barbarian the route of it as Barbara was studying. Powerlessness asked professor, what what does that mean in Greek and he's like that's the equivalent of blah blah the Greeks. Anybody who spoke a different language was like a blob lion even like Barbarian, which now we think is like this. These evil like savages, just came from IRAN. They understand what they're saying so they must be some threat to me and you can't dismiss people's fears, whether its the issue of people not wanting a homeless shelter in their community or they're, not sure what that group of people like. I never dismiss people's fears, but you do have to understand and confront them in order to transform it, and if you just tell people, oh you're, wrong, yeah yeah, that's what my big complaints about both sides,
basically as when summons, giving you a position and you can isolate what fear is driving that I think you're much better off addressing that fear than arguing the technicalities of their point of view. There is this hope experience that is. Human is like fifty percent to some How does he presented a logic s in on that point, at what I like about use it you ve, been criticised by both liberals and answer but have which is right up my ass. I am of the opinion that you have this constitution and in the constitution we declare two virtues: we're gonna pursue equality in liberty. In those things are often mutually exe. whose or ineffectual in so I approached this mentally as at best, so be a compromise that makes the most amount of people happy, because he had I'll, never be all liberty and will never be all the quality. And it's gonna be this little thing on a spectrum. sliding left and right and hoping the plea is the most amount of people. I have a deep respect for everyone on the right, because there job is to remind me of liberty I
make everyone happy, and I think the greater good is worth the individual's thing, but I don't agree, but I respect the challenge and I think that both sides need to be challenged. Endless, Lee, as happens in academia without debate and discourse in. So I don't agree with it and yet I respected in value the contribution the things I love about being mare, is it forces you to look at things first, before you kind of pull out the book of ideology right right like I came in The council, member thinking, raising taxes on businesses in a bad thing. You have to pay their fair share and we use that to redistributed and help people out. I saw how companies didn't locate in LOS Angeles right what we lost, because our cities, business tax, doesnt tax, your profits, the taxes are gross receipt start. But business first, four years, you're losing money, and on top of it you get ten million the business in your losing a million and we're gonna tax on the ten million. Yes, we'll in
again. This is apart, or I think the left sometimes doesn't want to live in reality, which is sometimes you have to play a quantity game, not equality. So that is all I have a thousand businesses that I'm only getting ten percent of that beat the shit out of point nine. The percentage of eighteen businesses- and so I can The point where I was prolonging the city's business tax, which I did as our council member and I ve done his mare- now. I also looked at research and realised that are mom wage hadn't, kept up with inflation in the restaurant and other things had been business in the seventies and sixtys. If we adjusted yes, would there be some displacement of people, no question but over or more people with more money in their pockets to spend on main street was a great multiplier to help our local economy. What people are that money they're gonna spend it will help us all and help their quality of life and sixty percent of them. Women who are earning the minimum wage and so is the minimum wage. Now those two things together, Washington out have to choose one or the other. That's right! If you're looking at lower taxes and keep the minimum wage down if you're democratic? You have to raise corporate taxes and raise the Middle
wage yeah. But here I am as a mayor like just trying to be honest of what I looked at and the proof of the pudding. Will your ideology is pragmatic, furnished almost yes, which I'd lie. I like that so much choice for measurement. Twenty twenty three. During this rare situation, where you're going over five and a half year term, be I've, got the against I term, as we are changing the election date, so they had to take waiting months which they can't you are at eighteen month right so that your voting wants for the state, the lighted up with their stay elections instead of waste to have in the spring the bodies which was good news and bad news, for these is fine from me. I'm not gonna, ever have to run on that schedule, but it was good news to get eaten extra months, because a great to me, I think, ten years about the sweet how long you can make an impact, and then you need to be able to pass it under somebody's. New, fresh ideas, youth, whatever it is right. But if you look at the time that I have left in on those three and a half years, so I'll tell you a quick story. I hosted bunch of mirrors in Boston at a marriage meeting
a big cities in the May, I think, of Cincinnati John grandly en masse, whereas of Miami sat next to each other. They talked all night next to me in their turn, immigration and environment at the end, the mayor from fani said at your Democrat right and the mayor of name is a name actually republican and that they have made but Europe public into and magnificent. I said, no more democratic and Americans are like tell me what you are first yet another side with. I can talk to you and they were to practical leaders tunnel. Of course in Miami were concerned about the climate change, because we're losing a coastline him you I'd, be underwater and in Cincinnati like a course, I wanna keep jobs here and business. Well, it can, I argue, what's happening, there is a one defining characteristic of their identity, ascended above their identity. As left or right, which is what they seen one another's like. Oh fuck, we ve been tasked with running city, that's paramount, that's number one and then the
First thing in, where I met politically or what party I mean really now becomes a secondary identity for somebody anybody letters, politics is like just punch back in a partisan way and get the most likes you can on social media here instead of who cares about the criticisms of today are the headlines of tomorrow ten years from now, which just how I try to govern, look back and say we try to do the right thing. And maybe even succeeded in doing the right thing. You know if you put your had other foxhole course people going to fire at you. Somebody's gotta leave the charge somebody has to yet defined fathers new tab provisions to keep up sentiment from Swain the course every five days, and now, with the availability of news and media, you could be just switch ring the ship in all over the place? And when you look at the new deal or something something like couldn't even happened today, because we will forget, the new deal was like try. Try try fail, fail. Fail then, though, that works
Yes try out of office before the first to failures want attack our toughest problems, populate addictions and high school, gradual. Asia and homelessness. It's like these are such complicated things that food out of the patients first to collectively figure out how to get there together and the patients of winning a war joke with my team on homelessness here, in LOS Angeles, which is a huge focused for me. People want D day. They were Mr Yogurt Europe and have the Marshall Plan in place, and they want it to Morrow. Yes, the only found, here is an action exists. Every attempt, be it whether pans out or not is at least one box on the trial and error that we can go. Ok, that didn't work, that's helpful! Now we can try to say it's rare that I would get the ear of the may mean it's really crazy, for that was just like interested in your story and everything I thought hold on a second. I can complain about some examples here for one star:
I only the fact that this is one of the times that I think I'm an old man. Ok, I recognise that these are probably cutting down on cars, they're, probably democratizing transportation, no fuckin scooters he's fucking scooters Eric what the fuck every their outlook. My house is a hundred scooters in my yard. Unlike a no no, no. What is help I'm driving people are writing to up on the scooter their crossing the road I saw dude writing Tuesday. It was at once I'm assuming he's returning the scooters and again I recognise it's probably a move in the right direction, environmentally and all these things, but then there is also the issue of people that are in wheelchairs. They can't get on the sidewalk, there's videos of guys, crushing the scooters with their little rascals. We If you add on scooter things, zombies school is right. Is very like with goober, unless people are trying to get me to stop that when I first got it, but I saw that most before either future phobic, unchecked,
like stop the future and work very well now or future passive. Like you know, just let him put the scooters wherever and like we got nothing do, but that people want this their voting with their feet, which is true. My philosophies dont be either be future guiding. Dont say no, but make it work better. Inevitably with European Bee, we have to regulate so that people on take apartments, that we need offline and just rent them out. The folks unviable housing crisis over left after by the rules and pay to go into. So we get some money that we can spend on improvements at the airport. Things like that yeah. So, with the scooters, its exciting because who were left doesn't take our right off the road that peace doesn't reduce the pollution or the carbon footprint is based on a carbon moved. It might be your car in the past, but yeah, but with the electric scooters. A genuinely is a lot of that. First, my last mile, which means how do you get to transit lines like the subway? It's a good way to get back and forth, and at least if there is not half of them are probably what would be car trip start taking those off the road run. That's it totally
yes, it is gay, so we have passed now, animals and migration. We have the ability to take em off our selves and crush them. So forget other laws. They dont abide by the rules we got in each of the companies to sign up. We ve told them to give us the data not in nation of people to anonymize data, but we need to know if there's ten thousand and two does it show up at staples. Does people can't walk in cars can't go so we are riding the computer language, They have to now share with us in real time so that we know where these are out. Ok, we know how to count them. So if there are over their quota were now telling them how many they can have each Let us just chaos, as you have asked over time. I do think we need to figure out if you're blocking the right of way- or maybe we put them in racks or something that's more, orderly or or something. There is something to be said for them being even just on residential streets. Assembly doesn't have to walk five blocks down to the main street, to get em cause, we're gonna work so now regulator much regard if it works the next few months and couple years, but the not gone away and the great so I'm kind of prosecutor
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Ok, so now here's another one. This is a real touchy hot button. Terek rang, control, here's my argument and not show no one would Think that someone has a right to live in Beverly Hills, but there's no right that you should have affordable, rent, Beverly Hills. We all kind of recognize all that's just as We crazy upscale thing, and now I don't assume I have a right to live there and affordably and I would argue LOS Angeles is a Beverly hills of the world. It is one of the top, six cities in the world and it's gonna be expensive to live here, and I feel like it son, realistic in pretending that there aren't market forces that everyone has a right to live in Tokyo. This is where I get a little more libertarian now granted I was a twenty year old who moved to Santa Monica, and I benefited greatly from having a rent controlled apartment, but for ten years are probably allowed me to stay here. So it's conflicting and now add on. Let's assume I was third generation in that apartment in so I read
people go up. The people that are now working in this city can't afford to live in a city. That's a great argument to which I would apply. Will they get so expensive veil move elsewhere? They'll do those jobs there we and our we'll have to finally pay what it should cost to have your house cleaned or any other thing. If we want the people to be working here, we have to pay them enough that they can afford to live here. So I feel like some of it could be ironed out. Downstream. Now. Tell me why I'm wrong or tell me if you agree at some of those points that look good points. I get always practical about it. I mean I had my ideology and I have some ideology that guides me but house. Look at the reality. We don't have rent control in the sense that if you move out of your apartment, I move into it I pay what you pay right. We can reset it with every render, so it goes up to Margaret when anybody leaves and the average apartment tummy leaves in two and a half years unless and there are cases, but in that small percentage. Maybe you have that nice grandma's? they're for forty years and she's lying only three percent up from what it was forty years ago, with the rare exception like that
once you have Margaret it just slow when somebody's in their how quickly you can raise the rents near its cauldron, stabilization, and I think we all pay a boat load of money when the ones that aren't undermine stabilization, anything built after nineteen. Seventy nine. If somebody can raise the rents, fifty per at any rate, that what the cost to us, but certainly no pollution. When somebody has to move further out, because I can't afford traffic when they commuting informed in the empire to go to a job here, the to the businesses who can't get employees who decides eight, I can't do it too and half hour commute and will raise a family myself. The system works well enough that people can make money as being apartment owners and keep something that's more Furthermore, I think that a good system, but where you're right also is at the end the day we need more apartments. That's one missing. It's not just you can't reg,
Let your way out of a crisis yet have to build more stock so that seven people are living in an apartment. I need you, but maybe they can afford to apartments and live a little bit more humanely. So I've been a big proponent against NIMBY Ism, just not my backyard syndrome of saying look If you dont, like the homelessness on our streets, you don't like the rents being too high theirs, the solution that is market based as well of just let us build more here we have an inventory issue exactly above all things like Hell, ferny in general, is a state is very anti building. Is that it's been aired, as I got me, that's an example on the left well intentioned environmental laws on for the environmental part of environmental laws like if it about commissioner, this that other yeah often used. As somebody can Eighty nine dollars out and challenge anything based on environmental law. Sometimes you have the property owner next door doing it because they won't keep the rents high. That has not do with the environment and the riot and these liberal the just slow down a people after then cook in two years of delay,
beers of delay on what it cost to build, something that doubles their price, and then we wonder why it cost five hundred thousand dollars to build a single apartment here. Yes, that stuff I'd love to see Sacramento, especially now that Democrats have a supermajority reform, and say: look we can be a place. It's a little bit more libertarian about that will protect the environment, but let's green light, the stuff and social justice and the marketplace together. Now that, then, leaves perfectly into almost Yes, so I've lived now and I for twenty five years. I guess so. Let me just also add my frustration. I haven't. We hotel room whenever I'm in a hotel room as a habit make myself watch Fox NEWS cuz. I want to know what you know it. I want to know what that perspective is, and I dedicate time to it. I can get through all of it. It's the one was like I wanted to call and say please let me go debate him as Tucker Karlsson, dishonest high horse about our homeless people. and how is a result of liberal policies these, like you, don't see it in the city
south- and am I e? No one's moving there Are you also talk him, a city that have a terrible winners? As you know, we have earthquakes. I dont think that has anything to do with this. Being a liberal radio, there's some issues. We have right. The weather's warm this if you're gonna be homelessness, is a damn. Nice place legally resident talk about it himself. A couple days ago, Gay said SARA Cisco, LOS Angeles. The streets are disgusting using it in Japan. Seeing how clean the streets were all right right, any might have to intervene in this problem started two years ago, and my response was I'm glad to tell him that two years ago, when he was elected president, that's not what I'm started out as low noise at mine, but we can together do something. If you serious about talking about. I dont want to score political points. I invited him to come out here, you're, good, the White House and helping republican mayors from
it states in places like Arizona dear. I work with closed because they have a huge problem, democratic areas where I want to call them and go like please let us know immobile Alabama what the policy is that resulted in no homeless as well and act your policy and tell me what it is. You know if the rights got a real handle on what is it? What's the magic saws people with homelessness, it is the most complicated issue that I've ever dealt with and probably ever will deal with, because people I was once able. What's the thing it causes homelessness is a drug addiction is a mental health issues. Is it PTSD in veterans. Is it foster care system in kids, emancipating without parents and a family? Is it sexual domestic violence against women? Is it people getting out of here Is it a lifestyles that low wages? Is it a choice? And you know I say yes, all those literally everybody's, a different combination of those, but it's kind of trauma together with high rents, yeah inspire to people being
and of errors in buildings in the environment to live outdoors LOS Angeles, so question a good place to do that and other cities there. Almost populations are bigger and place like New York, but their indoors parcel. they have a right to shelter, lie the state pays for their shelters, but also as you'll die in the winter time. If you can't stay in a tent in right, raising Now when I was in college, I had to do enough Naga fee on skid row in this is so anecdotal. This is me for two weeks as a college student, but I will say in Amr, covering attic was very I mean it was in the nineties percent of people. I interviewed that were clearly just attics here and it was color intuitive. What I learned by a lot of the peoples that they actually reside in a home until they get their disability checker, whatever their check, is and then they leave their moms. A further their brothers house, they come down skid row and spend that money doing drugs and when they run
out money, they go back to a home and was like well, this is the opposite of the pattern I would have thought existed. Might, while that's a tricky problem to solve your right, I mean it did self reported and we do but count of everybody's homeless in this city and county each year. Self support its thirty percent that have drug user, alcohol and or mental health. That's probably locus itself reporting so yeah, it's fifty, maybe even sixty there's a lot more people who don't fit that cliche than ever before, who are economically caused homelessness, living cars count surfing may be living in out of shape. working, but for that first piece in those of them most difficult cases, the problem as visible as well right, absolutely the most traumatized ones for us to see some people would literally dying on the street. He s arm and until this country recognizes that there's a mental health crisis and usually the drug use it out
all uses, obviously to sell, treat me out. I sure self medication we're not going to get out of this crisis, cities and I have the police and sanitation strike an arrest and clean up. Neither those solve homelessness, some will I get rid of the tents, so ok, that'll, be in the next neighbourhood and under the law, there's no longer penalties, there's no care and stick for drug use. We can say you're, either going to prison or a treat program right well intentioned criminal justice reforms. Let people out of savings response to go to treatment, another job, trade, I just never make it their I've seen it. So I think that the state has got have failed to do that. Effectively are needed to put that first before people got out because nobody should go to prison. twenty years, were gram of something too much by my should be immediately taken their savings and turned our lives around. In a week after the out. There might be on the street, now attend using again breaking into cars to feed that habit here. So I feel like a lone voice on this. the time most of the solutions rest with the county of US answers, which has the mental health as the hospitals
social services, the state which gives us affordable housing dollars and healthcare dollars or the feds. So we stepped up twice at the local level, with voters passing to measures to build up. haven't you housing and to provide services or theirs. It there's really compelling data now right that the actual cost of preventative costs way way lower than this. Airbus is that they use but could be a police or, as you say, emergency rooms. It's such a net win to invest in them as an even if your fiscal Republican yeah do it for your pocketbook, a you know yes like in in Finland, if you're even addiction problem the first thing to say put in apartment It is totally counter intuitive. Here, it's like now. You gotta earn your way to that. You stop using yeah. You know until we tell you more very punitive society forever reason when they just do practically, because the homeless the term we see on the streets existed, I believe five and ten years ago, but more of it existed, endorse it
Why now so many jobs coming in a booming economy, its counter intuitive, more homelessness, because all these jobs come and people who are the richest move at the top people used to live in those? How in its moved out, the middle class housing middle class people gets more down to the lower class. Lord faster on the brink and people who are on the brink economically now are on the streets or in cars and so, if it is your wife work with path tat, we ve done a lot with people the home of the other great organisation, might rife, has forced me to do many. I wouldn't I would do nothing good in the world if I got married her out of the feeling that I feel it is amazing, success that we thought, which is a tough message to sell, because people see what's on the street, but we ve gone from nine thousand people you're being housed in a way the twenty two thousand last year. Really,
only four years ago. We would more than double the like we're gonna be done with homelessness in two or three years, but the supply in the accelerated beyond it went up sixteen percent in the city, twelve percent, in the county and on average thirty five percent in the state. So the word doing when people say there was still went up my counter as the plans actually working. That's. Why wouldn't go up nearly as much? We went up a third to half of everybody else. There's a larger force. Here you know: cities run by Republicans inland Coastal throughout California and by the way way beyond Californian Yorks, been up. Ten percent each
The last time the nation took this on Reagan? Was President Tonia was a Speaker Centre Kennedy found national priority. These are veterans. These are friends nobody's ever ever gone through mental health addiction issues with family members know how tough this can be. These are people who have exhausted. Probably their network are cut cut off from their families. I go out a lot about reach work. I got a couple people to come in off the street just last week going from tend to ten, and when you hear the stories the heartbreak and they just have nobody left to talk to your left to go beyond sixty thousand right, I'm never bianti! That would be a big city. It would be. the men were in the city of outlay, this twenty seven thousand. We estimate on the street while he had such a daunting problem to tackle and again, I believe that
who were so reluctant to invest in prevention, bright and yet what percentage of the people on street were probably in the foster care system? At one point, a huge percentage I dont of the youth, its overwhelmingly, the young people- are either foster Andorra, algebra, Ciccu, youth in the country, and here who You know their families don't accept them, and so they come to places like Hollywood you'll or look at one other thing like for women. Ninety one percent of homeless women than either victims of sexual and our domestic violence the hour. So we know what causes these things. You can point to a mare and accept responsibility for the response. I wrote a letter to the city saying somebody's gotta I will, but if you think one person caused or can solve this, I need to engage. And of everybody, and I will not retreat from this. I feel like a firefighter like most politicians run away from this fire yeah automatic straight to it, just as I so deeply believe in it, and I am convinced what we're doing is right and will work in ten years from now people say, thank God, somebody was focusing on it, but I need,
the other levels, especially those drivers in and the prevention peace. Your right New York does something where they give folks or homeless. Hiv Aids forget how much it is, but like that eight hundred bucks a month each wherever you like, that's an American. It was a God help me with my red rang with adjusted the calculation and they take something from their disability check. Combined that eight hundred dollars and a roommate or two and then an apartment right and so either we're gonna pay tens of thousand dollars. For a week s visit to an emergency room or you can give em a three or four years to prevent any but from becoming homeless, and so we're starting a programme and allay now to eviction prevention and to help people with red. You are right on the brink I have to say here, is money, and if you need six months here, six months now may be enough for them to get not on the streets, because once the streets were paying hundreds of thousands who get him off right, Oh my god. Well I'm really glad that you're at the helm of that you know. I I get frustrated that people just don't want, except the real problems. We have him. Sorry we're gonna have to build some infrastructure at the boy.
This prompts I'm going away. So when are we just going to go like now? We got to step up and build a shit. We're gonna build a handle all these people, as is the fact, absolutely and look at the source code of Central America, and instead of, as our president, suggested withdrawing aid from those countries these past, give them the aid that will actually prevent people from leaving the other problem. He yes, it's like it's gonna require three steps. so far have why, and that seems to be one too many status for most people. To the last question I have for before you go with chocolate chip. Men, chocolate chip. All now I don't they ve already that the best rents and accordingly, I love down there, treat the tacos yoga. Oh yeah, I watch anything media astute pork. Yes, that's rather than my long term, favoured by that kind of higher and here's looking at you. I love on six street Rita only held beggars. Unfurling mix of like Martino allay it's like that kind of world cuisine such good stuff. I've never had it
single bad ass their here's. Looking at you, oh real, deny me forget: their luck has brought you by now and workers. Dockers, fingers crashing are always picking up sponsors. Ok, I just Lastly, I want to know is the subway: will it continue to expand our we city? A well guess the limit? compare Olympics are coming to America, we're bringing it back to LA for the third time by two thousand and twenty eight we're going to finish twenty eight projects- and we have fifteen- rail lines like rail lines or rapid bus ways that were building in allay the car capital of the country, its seven out of eighty seven thousand jobs for the next forty years that these are great middle class jobs, while the car capital of America will finally get a network that connects doesn't happen overnight, but I just went down into the subway extension on Wilshire Boulevard. It's like a cathedral underneath there, this huge underground room that will be the station. I went with NBC News because they say why can America build infrastructure that only big trepidation infrastructure project in the country for Trans?
this here in allay between two minutes from westward down. A car at three a dot m, you know what will connect with the airport and never had public transit to the airport. You don't feel it overnight, but what it's on homelessness, with its on infrastructure like we're, making those until for the next thirty to forty years. I see the world through the eyes of my daughter, and I kind of look back and say why didn't the generation before we do these things in a wider, we got our public transit system. Why don't we built enough housing and its frustrating People do want in this world instant answers an instant resolve where work hard wired now for me, like the best part of being made, is not being stressed out about the moment, but thinking about what's gonna be like when, on the ground Father here now, and I'm writing that subway, my grandkids, my daughter's children, when the city has the jobs, has the housing and people are an intense and its most beautiful thing too. I think you know be able to do
and to look back on while you're all some. I'm really glad that you came and talk to us and I don't regret getting dressed up for you. They do not either. This is a really really fun now my favorite part of the show the fact checked with my soulmate and Why? What an episode Monica Eric Gar, Seti yeah? What stud we like them. I like very much share the mouse. you know that me and you have a different opinion on giving people a superb motives. Like that's right. I have the warm fuzzy approach. The children's book with a warm fuzzy bag is an endless bag. There's limitless form fuzzy's to be given out. I had then a which comes to mind. Man convinces everyone that there's a finite amount of warm fuzzies in their bag and she convinces them to start hoarding their warm fuzzies and handing out cold pricklies. What she sells- and it turns the community upside down in this book- is my favorite book,
the child, a warm word, all the warm fuzzy's yeah, it's great red for the kids, a good message. It's very good message this There was brought to you by warm Fuzzy's only months. Actually the title of the book and is now a deal's a lot with warm fuzzy's got it so the beginning. He said that he was wearing his daughters saw. I they want people to be confused wearing his otters socks. His socks head the face of his daughter on them. Separate distinction that, like a weird thing, he does where he bar as his little daughter socks. Also, we would hate for people to jump to the conclusion, either his daughter had gigantic feel more. Our mayor had tiny feeds feminine step at try, petite feet, petite feet famine. Instead now know his feet or normal. There were good sized man, his socks said the face of his daughter and there are very clear I feel a little long jealous that I don't have pitcher
so my daughter's on my socks, where we could arrange that the others different print houses that could make that happen. I'm sure but I ll send it after you said you know my fear with getting socks printed with family members on them. Is that I'm afraid of bees and cheap socks that I wouldn't let you know not like bomblets or somethin- share clothing, them some bombers and then get imprinted on. I dont know I bet there has to be a very specific fabric, the impulse to print frantic Yes, I don't love. That's gonna buy regrets not asking them if they were comfortable, laughed email develop Mayor House gonna. Take five minutes, overstayed answer that it he turned so bout naps power of naps. Nothing is the best I enjoy it very much you already. Took one today ray, I tried I was not able to actually take one, but I applauded as you try to take a map it like nine thirty, that's great, it says you really prioritize naps,
yeah. Well, I felt like that was nineteen. I was going to be able to take one today and I needed to take one and I did not to take one. How many days a week you say you gonna happen now very often anymore, ah yeah, once a month once a month. Ah, I feel, like I observe you take a nap more than once a month when, ah, by the poor, submit your comment. You're just come into. That's happened a few times we maybe a few times in the last five years. Last week or somebody. I know I have not taken one in a long time I'm sorry louts. Fine, I do like them now. I never take them, but when I do it is a euphoric feeling. Fall asleep and mentally afternoon. It. I get no euphoria at night when I falsely asleep, but the times I've taken like an apple trailer at work? My whole body starts buzzing
like I'm on opiates or something yeah sure it is highly intoxicating when the other day took one last week, the guy from my motorcycle, the excursion that depleted all my power induces map there's different kinds. Dna is like a certain amount of time, you're supposed to be mapping, and you shouldn't do like too much or too I've read twenty minutes. Is the amount for power nap? That's the ideal dear what would be your pronounced? I don t I wanted go for forty minutes, I think, is when I have. That's what I want. I want you it's hard once you get past a certain point because then like sometimes then I'll just, if snoozing and add to our Zog had there to our nap is pulling the us not advisable, yeah, really groggy afterwards and then wide awake when you hit the pillow at night. Only one of the downfall with nap know now It is a powerful part of Spain functional as an alcoholic too. You know like allow,
People have to make that game day decision regularly on a Saturday right. You go out maybe of a bloody merrier. Whenever we have you get a little buzzing around noon ha and many are confronted with a big conundrum. We try to keep this buzz going for the next fourteen hours or go home and grab like a two hour now, wake up a little confused and then start drinking again share that you find that that's a conundrum drinkers find themselves in breach of the youngest of their planning on drinking. For that long yeah, Think about it all the time on a vacation. I was like ok, great wines. new, oh yeah Shenyang! Yes, that's gonna, be an interesting maintenance of it throughout the whole evening. You wanna get too drunk in time. Where you want to keep that sweet spot of that. But I'm just saying you gotta be real precise on the throttle that, in these situations, IRAN is you're looking. twelve hours of a buzz noon midnight factually
I think of observed for you. You cannot shouted off about two hours before you go to bed down vacation would shut it off rounds while time was very weird, so I don't know but hours before bad yeah. It was always three hours later than we thought it was yeah. So confusing Benghazi son was just about to set at ten p m. We're like waiting. What time is it? Is it seven yeah? It is bizarre that the phones repugnant of Illinois towers? The people's fuckin clocks were wrong. No one, no one knew the right time answer. I was gonna liberating. There was no case you can count on what time we're phone said. You like one or notice a matter as it even matter really. I know you don't get that very often in real life. Ok, what year did Ella become a minority majority them? one? Ninety? U S! Sensus and two thousand new S senses found that non hispanic wiser becoming a minority in LOS Angeles
I feel that way. I drive around I'll I'll, see a single white person. Why? Where are the end now anywhere hands? They ve been run out yeah yeah, that's how I feel to miss the white people. You're gonna get them back get some kind of policy that incentivize whites, We are very definitely the case that Keith Jarrett concert, oh and if he missed- and it is a nineteen, seventy five I've today is still the best selling piano album of all time, an enormous we're happens. As you said, chair it had arranged for a boss. Door. Fer to ninety imperial concert, grand piano gotta have a yes and I'm for Finally, the Opera House staff wheeled out the wrong piano a much smaller boss and door for Baby grand.
And to make it worse was a piano used for opera rehearsals and it was in bad condition and out of tune. So he was not going to do it. And he got convince to india- that became the biggest album. it's gonna, become a symbol of how much creativity can flow out of a bottle. Doing bad situation are less than ideal in that a lot of people to promote creativity, try to disrupt people's work environment that can lead to great productivity. I think another example. They gave him the podcast. I listen to us that the two bit shut down and there's all these people that road the tube to work and for three weeks, economy or whatever and that when it reopened, they found that thirty percent of the people did not return to the two because they discovered there was no reason for them to even be taking that They were walking at about the same or whatever it was, but it took something disrupted their pattern. Yeah
make them discover more truthful, true yeah. It's kind of found him at a far for life. I would say what do you think that our city, we We should expire mountain. Do an opposite of the show or you look straight into the bathroom, and I have my chair turned my stare at the dog. I can now in talk to the person Schiller laughing at really how we could try to see if it leads to incredible episode. Yeah I dont think ridden is really leads to good things, but maybe, if, like we were wearing Nixon masks a narrower, unlike the Jason Mask, the other- could be disruptor it great for audio to yell, We never cut out the mouse really wide desire. What we can do some crazy heart. Let us do it lie down. So there will be very fun. You might get into some nap
we may. We should ask a returning gas because you don't want it like some really deserves not really fair. It's not fair. They should have a real shot at the normal interview, yeah, but mainly with returning guess we could ask them to light pine with us on the floor and talk, and let's do it, don't it might bring that element like when you're lying in bed with your friend at night, when you never sleep over kind of commerce. hell yeah staring at the ceiling, snaring endlessly at all. The different things are discovering about the ceiling. There's a crack there that give me that tended to have plans you get out, said teletype You could do that in the during the interview for sure I know her play. We do heavily circle as idea You said: apartheid, Africa, obviously men, South Africa. I just don't want anyone to say that an act like I didn't catch it, Ok, the exact Eleanor Roosevelt quote that he paraphrased is
where, after all, do universal human rights began and small places close to home, so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Yet they are the world of the individual person, the neighbourhood. He lives in the school or college. She attends the factory farm or office where he works. Such are the places where every man, woman and child seeks equal justice equal opportunity, equal dignity, without discrimination. Unless these rights meaning there they have little meaning anywhere without concerted citizen action to uphold them close to home. We shall look in vain for progress in the larger world. It's nice and through noise. You agree with that. Are now in total truth, my mind went to run. You started listing the occupations I started thinking about. Was this an argument for the individual or the collective, and then I think it's for
a collective anyways, a distorted train up categorize it in one eye, other yeah. I think it say, instead of looking issues far away start with the things you oh yeah little by little, you get you couldn't easily. We're said in all goes back to the Mai Jackson, Song, I'm starting with the man in the moon. Isn't that what you say my elder with a man- and I are starting with you- I think she sang in your community- ok and also, I don't think he pie- wants to be referencing, Michael Jackson, right now, as a politician now need hardly a smart move, this dual our avoid. Oh, yes, the whole topic here I would say so, but I'm a rebel, so I ll sing man in the mere sure and then also helping the lines. I have nothing to lose and I really also condone his behaviour. He asked
I am also goods on. It- is a good sign in it. Gonna make up by a stick and looked and make sure tat my finger there still together without a little closer get closer. So we talk about the organizational psychologist to his on same hair, what a guy you said that you had power does uncorrupted exposes your true nature, but he told this really interesting story. I went back and, listened. He tells a story about power to sort of display what he is talking about, and he said you have people use power depends their preexisting values, and Our two lawyers who got into public office fires is interesting. Wine was threatened. he disbarred on the first Casey
are tried and the judge said. I doubt you have the ethical qualifications to practise law, and that was Richard Nixon, Duke Immunity, and the second was so ethical that he ended up refusing client because he said I know you're guilty and I can defend someone who I know is guilty and that was a brutal for handling get real and yes, so that was his point. That power reveals NEA sounds like were redo. I agree, and then also, I would say there can be a period of levelling. You now like again be, I think, in my very limited experience of, at least by giving more power in theory or attention or cultural capital. There's a bizarre period where you simply have zero experience with dealing with it you're kind of learning. As you go, I think over time.
level often do your character, but I do think that initial onset of it it can be a very confusing experience. That's too I'm share even than people at the most integrity, really struggle. Had the horse correct them times, yeah yeah, anyone just flawless said anything okay, so he said the biggest gap between white man and any other group is a minimum wage is latina, does and that sixty one sense to the dollar and what I found was two thousand eighteen. What team, as in the United States, are typically pages, fifty three cents for every dollar paid away non hispanic man border fifty besides fine. Now snack gray, don't what accounts for that? I wonder, will like what the biggest employers are for Latinos in the? U S, wooden wood sector and are not they lost twenty four. The sense,
Maybe they lost the misplaced yeah. That's never do now have about it's really hard to know how careful they are with them chained. Yes, yes, he had trail bigger, probably stereotyped that fair for Therefore the estimate white men are just really good at keeping the change that given to them that try, I am, I think, we're, of media. We did it he told the story of the indian girl being the head of the class at the police academy, and I was not surprised to hear that you are now, of course, because you stereotypes Indians being very in those areas that have their class right right, or at least in the top ten percent I'll be out. I find that to be true. I mean I wasn't I wasn't, but you want, but you gotta Forborne, o o in college not an ice now, but I soon to many areas, aerials and ship now and will generate really well. There are other areas like a few bees, also echoed through
maybe our three nine you get out of there, whether or not there in an hour, remember what it was meant. I wasn't in the top fifty students I'll think mine was abysmal. Mine, the night intends greater average at least two three four five there's one. Who knows, and then an eleventh great after reading on the road, Jan Guy Average, like a two way and then my senior year, I just barely got like a two point. I think I got there are likely to six or something well. Turn it around. I did I did. I thought, maybe some parents out there, his kids aren't too and that great my senior year was Broadway intentionally hate. You might not graduate as it would. What now I did or shocked by the increased We shall either you knew on doing anything boy underestimated. I had a AP history class It was taught via satellite with another high school waidelich Central. I went toward like Western and after two days, class? I realise that teacher never looks at the camera to see what we're doing in our class rail saws, Bang Bang
arts in There- and I just completely stopped going to the class entirely, so I got a big old fail and that class and impacted more than I thought I thought you could just fail couple classes to be fine, oh wow, that was best of that was my senior year. So I was not coming to schooltool second period, it cause, I just wasn't going in that first class in my voice sounded identical to my dad, so I called every morning those like high. It is Dave Shepherd. I just can't let you know Dax is inviolable today, our game. Every morning I told me this excuse and then some job- it's comparing and then I had early dismissal to go to work. So I was out after forth period. Suddenly there two three four ya like holiday, just long enough to check in with my social group ray ok when presenting, unless our friends and listeners that's other approach. I would I'd advise that's is we have
many guess in here who have dropped out of things that we did that have completed things. Academically I'm pretty get home, I'm good habit for the habit of blowing things off the applying things are for same thing seriously are not like seeing things through. Although I worked like a dog when I got up for Thou art, I went work my ass off. Yes, I I was driven to work, make behaviour it some that around how money here go to the teddy BAR make it rain, I'm totally teasing never ever ruined, asked Europe by just a paper and than paper made me think of make it range no, not that. How are we to know that you didn't did Adam? He seems totally above all, tell you exactly how you know, because I would say it: will you ve said it, I'm saying you making advance so yeah Alan would know that was a job. That Iranian seems like something you do. Borders seems plausible yeah
Did you get out of school early and go to work? No! No! I didn't work some it by fresh money. I work to planning get out arrangement of high school, were a domestic jim and attach a massacre right, training future athletes. Yes, any of your students go onto olympic glorying, start that I now like four- and I remember any other names will be hard to know, one would have one on your girls in an interview after winning gold accredited you ever since going over are aware. Pageant Her gymnastics, I hope in our parliamentary scandals. I come round my boy in a predator, who knows what you did there hidden. knows what you'd turned a blind eye to. Well, I'm pretty oblivious seller. Its could have.
but I live in the lab purpose. I've unmolested Wabi, while for a year and a half, and you seem not realize you- don't notice that every time you enter or her it he's buttoning his pants opening has a tear in his eye, given notice that ok, that's really! Oh, that's everything. Yeah ok, You know we were hesitant to have some a politician, acts which tries to a political- and we know this person is expressively, a Democrat and we do not yet, but I think we kept a pragmatic and we hear much yeah a lot. I also think it's fine, it's part of his identity and his in his life is very nice. Knowledgeable on all those things, and if we did venture into that Rome, I don't feel bad about that.
Guess what I'm saying to us. He landed more in the story he told, which is when he invited all these mayors around the mayor's. It was being a mayor first and then their politics was second degree that they didn't even know which each other. What right- and I think I was just hoping that that would be the war that take away those like an insight into the, business of run in a city more than a political platform, wrapping paper and integration, mission, accomplished, yeah right, I love you want to get some food yeah. I was born bay