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Pete Carroll is an American football coach who is the head coach and executive vice president of the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. He is a former head coach of the New York Jets, New England Patriots, and the USC Trojans of the University of Southern California. Pete joins the Armchair Expert to discuss overcoming his stature as a kid, the importance of being present and his three basic rules. Pete talks about learning from failure and Dax is enamored by Pete's skin. The two discuss the value of being a salesman, learning how to be competitive and the power of self-actualization.

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Well, come well de Moggums ARM, chair expert experts on Expern Lymonac, Badman, hi, Dack, shepherd to day Wese. and out of our lane a a little bit exciting way very to talk to head coach of the Tal Seahawks an executive vice President PETE Carroll, and you know why we believe P transcends the sports generic as you and I are necessarily die hard football fan, I wouldn't say sound. You certainly liked attending those GM game, those Gaga each new, GM. Sorry, sorry and I of course have some interest in the inner fell, but be careful is so much more than that. He is you know he's virtually one SA organizational psychois. We learned of all of his interesting strategies when we interviewed Michael Gervai's, which people really like n WH. It was a performance expert psychologist
dam. He just has some really really interesting, takes on getting organizations to be prolific and achieve their goals, and I think he has an incredible story of perseverance I love pursers eyour success, failures, Ecais failure, Liard fired hired fired, I mean I wa he Sid Age, a corners and ye who's, really inspiration ALS to please an joy coach, Peat Carrol. We are orderd by smile direct club Monica you of a beautiful smile, Ank, you, you is well you're, not afraid to laugh at jokes and tell as laugh n ta flashed those pearly whites. We you know, lot of people are really insecure about their smile ye and they are afraid to laugh, familerally. Sad yea, you know, listen, you don't have to any more with smile, direct club. You can a smile. You love in a lifetime of confidence and as little as six months, o that's quik, no joke brackets wires and monthly office visits. Are things of the past visits mile direct club dot come to book a free visit,
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he's. No chance o is not so Unbtorse Ello Pello. How Missus Cobe intimidating her? Is it a couple things right out of the gates? You're incredibly fit I say that, can we acknowledge that you can say every ore? Are you on as Besote as you expectif he and only start by? I think the most importanthing for me to say and admit, as I I know so little about footballs. It's ridiculous. The reason I was attracted to having you on is simply because I think of your many philosophies that again I learned mostly from Michael my interests. is more, is like an organizational psychologists than per save a game. Imself whut does not say it all like the game. I dis Mizuka had Teado of a ton Ldge on it. So would I watch is hard knocx by is Rioi
I asked you on networks and allow these coaches are passed, their prime, what you say that physically physically there a little heavier, they don't to be doing the drills, but you are an infriteble shape. That's all I want o but Ting my Handas, he horkind at it. Do you eat in a specific way of Omind boy year, I do em a life night, H, Gree influenced the GOA plant based TA will back come Eres ago, o no now so wee've done that and really recognize its made a difference in our distant feeling. Well, an get red of the eggs and pains and the darthritus type of, wings that you have. You know from informational that I'll have us any more. I used to have a lot of delicacy stuff that I've done my body that warrant that cover response. You know, but I feel ass if any more so are you off animal protein entirely or sometimes use large or no I've figured out a pattern of it. You know says: delete Asian and Al Qaeda by only meet rarely already there s own and you are you getting enough exercises being out on that field, walking back and forth all that stuff, or do you have to actuall
t aside tie, I did deny to Teve a little routine that I do before Guod every day and GWOT on Filcouple Times. I'l do something before it's enough to keep me T a running around that I do. I make a point trying to run places in Kinot. Moven, a natural ball time, an Deeped som, I'm active, I'm in a further embarrass. You oh ca. Would you agree? Your skin looks so healthy Z. It looks a hureon, a plint base dye. If Yourciian looks radiant and healthy did you know this mostly cosmetic show I he yor order, Hik ith it with Theiteoff, thankfully, yet so gigeous. You look like your really doing. Well, Tho etecks, you were born in Ineteen fifty one the same year my mother was, and so I'm just looking at how ye has a both run. Your thing in an it looks right uck now e you Robins Sanmranzisgo. I was born a Sarvacisco group Ren. What did Mammen Dan do my da was in the Hoselicar business for Hen forty years in San Francisco and had really a great gag Yere? That's a jo
that demands some charisma ow. He was wass sales manager for the most part in New became a ve later on. We have really interesting set up. They had to serve all of San Francisco, and in that he had sails people that had to call on all the different counts. So he had every background Duke could ever imagine represented throughout the whole culture of San Francisco and in Christmas used to take me in the office for one day you know It was such a mixed bag of people. You know ya an from Epi Epstein PETE Roraa. There was amazing a crowd that we mess with to was good upring you. T only in a huge appetite for liquor eatically because they, those rafts that go bar to aramola such a supporters. I support Suhoto ha ha ha. Oh that's grey! As I was reading about you with so many themes that are interesting about you. That interest me in particular any won a just to announce my thesis statement on. You is what a fine example of
ball, your success fail your success, failure success in fortitude and keep going and I'm far less interested in someone to parents winning a super. As I am someone who got over the gigantic set back, I think that's the kind of more relatable thing most of Us through. I doubt many of us will hoist that trophy of her hand, but most of us will experience pretty significant set backs and our fortitude metal be tested regularly and I think there's a lot of mental gymnastics that proally go along with that Theavthey ive bent through the Covelit lashes, and they really have never affected me negatively at all. They've always can have strengthened my perspective in the next that I take just help in ways that I hated MIT, because I, like the other people, a in the Hardway Hie IL in the harway, but truly it's just ated the mentality really in made. The other aspect of the good things that have happened
What's clearing your route, though, I think, is there a lot opportunities for your ego to have prevented you from taking the next best step and we'll get into it? I think, there's been many a nowin. I like you, look at Thet that Leea there's been many moments. I think were some wat with more Giniego Whald Asi. What I can't go backwards, I'm not can do that. I'm to sit sit here. Wait till I get the thing that I think I'm entitled to get and I often admire people with some flexibility in the road map and Mand appears at least at some place at Buill, there's been some humbling along a ye. I won't mean to o yanen in to Showbe his and Maggi Yorass kicked every few months, but as a kid you were just to Polly athlete. Yet you did basketball and baseball and thittlet ball, but a big guy right in your freshen Arge. Now a something happened to me and about eight great time when everybody started to grow and thing started to come.
Papaut n here and this Nobma. That did happen. However, I I'm Miss Puverty hi, a Han until a relly in the most off year a high school that even start moving, and I was just a dink when I got the freshman ear and up until that time. I be able to do everything. I could play everything and be one of the best guys that everything I was doing and of the sudden? I wasn't strong enough an I wasn't fast enough and I would just didn't have what a was necessary to be one of the best players in a just rock world you know. So I went all the way through high school, just pissed off. Friends would not know it, they wouldn't see it, but I was pissed the whole time because I wasn't the person that I knew in inside. That should be shocking up in all. Yes, it was ever that was latent and an hidden in all that Andnd ask to played everything in it'll Kate by Myster. Not anywhere near as good as it should have been. It just was really frustrating. I just developed the big, it shall eya. It has really come generated, this mentality about competition and being compated
and always can beatin hem me I'es, Bht Iyesd talked that way, because that's what I am Salya came out of that Expresse. I had such high expectations for myself and nobody knew we nobody could see it so was always of Yerosinly. I sume you had the co ordination and you have the hand eye stuff and you just didn't, have the sigh edges, not the pit bed Yeat, one ten in Ther, your fresh mis An Alise Thau was as Goon A say, yo that as a wained on in on something to push down in the scalion a Idicosee a doctor, doctor Nutting was the other adigosi so that he could get me stripped down like me, is mature enough to play a high school football. My freshman football picture, the team picture a like the Mascotst right, ha ha ha ha Iadev as it was the nightmare. You know so Anywhat was there any one in your life that you are open to about this? No, no, not at all night Lis ES sesected, all on Lheve Bai, just hed just way to out you know. Well, then, eventually grew Eleventh Ar Ne
nt when I left high school, and what did you Nicasa wants to gollup in our major school and go pay footballn and I couldn't know so. I went to Juni College and Grenan if it worked out fine, because that I finally became full sights when a freshman in college into my sophomore year in college, and I was finally measured at six p, two hundred and seventy five lb, whatever it in, and I was a regular sized kid. Finally, that's fine not a chance. Wasn't until might Junot cultures wasn't until the universe of civic coaches recognize me in a back in the day I got the piggy back on another players. Opportune go for a visit to for scholarship. I they can. Let me go with him Hahin in the day which wasn't legal. At the time we play basketball on Saturday of the weekend, visit visit and I' killed. ha ha thick crazy. At one of the great days I arrear the coache recognized to the Atromo Scholaship I was going nowhere and then things is worthout all of the frustration, a iset aside and I got over and thiy didn't poison, my mementalitagees it feeled
and so I was fortunate that I had a really fun time playing football there amid a couple nice years- and that was the start of the aid is rare- that one of the gas on here didn't have some say, nificant period of rustration, you know in Thost Hine jeers or some period where it's like. It certainly create your character, I suppose it can break you as well, but if it doesn't break you, yeah really forges your character and my mentality during those years. He always like the pretty girls while it, but I would never date anybody. I would you know I wouldn't call him. Fawn. Now a chicken shell, a window it in a rotter. I knew I wasn't what I needed to think at the time in us, ISIS waited in and a fortunately hano Lince, the in these igh standards will you think something just innately in you biochemically or was dad or mom non that he aver lilterally Competedt Ife? He was really ears tough and he was competitive guy, a love that at they were wonderful to me. They just you supported me, but I had done a lot of stuff when I was young enough to that AIDS had set my mentality
place and I knew what I wanted to become and I didn't care where it was. I just want to be special at something. That's why I put all the sports in you know: love playing three sports and hate that kids in high school don't get to do that anymore. It's in a marvelous experience to do that, but that all shaped you know just bad attitude How is it for some reason I was twelve or thirteen. I had it all figured out. What I was doing be in and then I went include is dark eye in THA wait. So the Hout Ebiology said I have a different gate, WI, exactly dis, you think in those moments like I will get there o, while right now. I I always knew I knew it. I just couldn't prove it Ra, Hara D'Eu, was it the experience of being on the Cors. Turn on the field, are all those things that drew you to it or were you a valley drawn to the camaraderie and fellowship of teams? I was on the really good teams with good coaches. When I was young witch at six p,
I had had a young h wasn't nakaede at all. Like some lily, kids have been terrible sitras, I an have them I'd, really good support in it. My hascl coach was a really well rounded guy THA taught virtue and character Adao, but I worked at a his high school football camp. The diamond be football camp. My first shooet high school freshmen yourself of Fears in college. I worked at his camp every summer and was kind of India Nated into this mentality of the diamond bee. My coach and his best friend were Marie, that's known right, so it was run very strictly and they had a sensitivity about in that was really special. That made it a really fun atmosphere. So I was kind of raised on that. You know on the fields of the diamond bear so in the season of future days and future fields of bearthe fruits of victory, Aaha, Dal ha, I waswas o music, a clearaze how hardy I may have greace they wakes up six rock morning, Whi'Ll run and the whole thing, so they really had to do within the subtle way was I to ease the summer, but it was it was impacting to me and in its it's always been part of my coaching. There is such a difference right when you elected
something verses when you're told you say I didn't like just by the fact that you chose to spend two weeks your summer. Doing that put you in a different mindset by doing the pop, what I would call the popular kids and I would urge the free pass to go to the camp, and so that sets can. I was saddened that was maybe the best job ahead in growing up every in Iraq, because I actually earn something that I really want it did. It made sense in the connected know that other jobs they head over the years written really didn't it that is a rewarding ye ye you and of graduating from Pacific, and you Afe. Gree and Business Administration right as at will you in DIA yah just really quick, because you have proven to be Antropenoria and was it all this orname thin or was it be? This is a smart back up plan. What was the thought behind business of Midad? My dad, my brother sat me down when I was on my way to college in the bedroom. I like Communs him. If you ever got to do anything like you get a sell on M, but ah, I give me the same Estosiye et sell something my Doub was Ta Inll life onsilden so I was like the worst thing that they could have told
That's not me, I what had none to do with that. So I went to business, ehim and did all that and just did what they told me and was very compliant butth. It made no sense of all right what I've done the rest of my life in coaching Titself in Omit mussel and the principles as approaching he as Ept in the south, it at all her and ideology. Absolutely so you did that for a brief period out of college, but then you found your way to assistant Cochin. When I was working for certainty products, I got a call from the Canadian for Bali. They were looking for new deviated dead, get can excited about the chess and then they just left me called cold and then the World Football League started up within the same kind of frame and connected some way and got chance in sign that contract to go to the hawins of the Roal Foot ball again. That was a x months through my certainty years and I short worka I aagenu and I got ready to do that, went to Camp got cut. It didn't know what Theyhad to do with my coaches from Pacific Calmean said: if you'd like to be a g, we knew
position for it. If that din happen, I ont know what would have had no direction. I was just dead. Stop that started everything they saw me as a before I saw music at I never thought of being a coach. It was never in my mindd to coach football us one replying as one place. Bry. This is one of those we took about on here, a lot with actors or whatever any creative ofe like there's talent and then there's hard work and then there's luck. Improbably at bestes are all like thirty three fors eaeca of the puzzle right so at some point in your life luck intervenes. They offer you to come to Pacific an see ar on this trajectory. Do you mee the like it. When I went to school all the way through until then I don't care about school. I was just going cuz. I was sports sports I'll. Let you know I made it in my business degree. You know I barely made it through that neon. But when I went the school and I went back to get my teaching credential and also in work towards my master's degree. There was just a couple courses in a couple instructors that I connected with it. Just let
fire turn just got excited about, learn and also every great great was those get nays and everything it was even a challenge to go school rye was easier because I liked it. I just flourished in that time and during that time, at Pacific meat would back in the seventies. They happened to be the guys that ran into in the master's programme. The instructors and their friends just got me in a whole different Worldas fee on end. It opened me up to Herformance and opene me up to meditation and Oment Te Eastern Philosophy, all kinds of things that in that a have justnot a meditator, Ono Natyoguga, but I Underst appreciate that, where the thinking came from in terms of performance IND controlling in managing your life, that figured into my Mentalitiy as a coach I didn't mean for that to happen. It just happened. Just became me Knowan, so some really cool things happened and I have not left some of the early teachings from then all the watll. Now he had it driwn nto that fer just a little bit. I have to imagine prior to that. You must have been a count of at the forefront of
We start thinking about the power of the mind. In this year. There were some really instrumental people is the tenders are getting Michael Murphy, whose founder vessel on Men- Michael, was friends with the now by who is my Ters teacher. They were friends with Billwalshan. They can Newth him, galaway and all hes that we met all of these people within about a two years span of time all talking about performance in the high realms and sports, an all of the talk about the zone and all those kind of things that would just that floor, all that stuff that was kind of unfamiliar at the time it was main stream for us and in what we were studying in oladdin. It just was a rare time and I just happen to be exactly at the right place of the right time. I ma a MAS teaching you about Sulf Accuzation was a big part of the mentality that I've. Never a LE to understand anything other. The hatch cutting in a Wrye Byt helping people find their way to become their best is what were into with a that we do now outside a football, so I was a very fortunate andtomenot luck. It was really lucky and fortune for TE of my Growthinal. Now the next faith,
of your life is one that I feel like would be particularly grueling to me. First, you, a student code, try and then eventually become an assistant coach in you get linked to a head coach or some defense of courting or something where you get linked to a coach. That's above you, and e're on that person's train a little bit right moving around. Do you ear right? That's exactly algos, eh Thou had a little hard for me and then be I nder how long into it before you start. Naturally, just having your own philosophy. then ultimately having to carry out someone else's philosophy when you might have a contradictory one, for me is someone with immense authority issues. I daon I could have done all that, like it's impressive to do that leg. Work. That gruntwork is is very interesting that I was just having fun and liking. What I was I'd like to those around the game. In the first three years of Pacific is graduate assistant, you or just know where that person you were talking about that was going to help you move along
happened to be a guy that was on my staff. Bob cope was passed way. That was a defensive coordinator that got me the opportunity to wind going to Arkansas three years. As the gradual assistant, I was dead, inthe water. I was going to moral high school in these bay to be at the Ig School trusa Diiginy, a physic's teaching you I didn't want to do it all. They offered me a job and they asked me ten thousand naes years to coach this. And I took a job that made a hundred and seven to dollars a month, Efter at Arkansas Helnow to chase the dream of her n IND. That was the wage we just discovered of the ninke. Ah ploys. Twelve years ago I and hat listening about the same Zariertill etherly, a bellar o the lever, Nathing Loverhada and my wife night glitter. We went it, we went to Arkansas and all a sudden saw bictem consable and it was such the wonderful experienced oholts was the head coach and he was his first year there he had a magical run in those first copies, which is there one ear, but it' just o
everything to Ussa, and we were now with people who were movers and shakers that would find their way to jobs. That could help us in in money was a gather eventually Wone, o piring me umly. When he was on that staff amidst SOF the relationship part of Thit F, the business really started to make sensefor. It meant nothing until then we jump bump Pompa. We are going for Onpeiata the jest to follow opportunity. It was just a wild ride. I had no intention about being a head coach. I wasn't thinking that way. I was just in the midst of the run and having fun doing it Anna is she's a patient human being thas your. Why all ocause his li, a I oughtno oless, I av Leid, an TE length of Bob's, train or whoevers trade, and I know she's fucking in the caboos of yours, every time she get settled. Probably yes, that's exactly what it was like. We wit the Arkansas. For nine months, we went to Ilas State for Nalas Wil Dor, how ate for another ten months and then
dance stayed for three years. For the first time we settled down for three years. You know h, I gafired ah oh' fin. I got somehing stable and we got fired so why we ad Aton some unblievale number of moves. In short, mouthed like we are like it, five different jobs in three years or OM. He he cat even do that in the hiliality that has de but anyway so she's been amazing and she has been such a rock for maches, an amazing person o top athlete when, in her d You live all issues: the first scholarship player, theatres, the Pacific for women in our own time, like him in all of that she's famous in my life easily. I have to imagine two in the uncertainty of all the moving around whats necks, where we going having that foundation at home. Probably os o go Dublacrew, crucial geve me go crazy. Any Hou was been a pretty crazy. Roll
the very well. You know and she's. Let it happen and supported it in every way them stood two. So anybody shows are telling me the truth. Like this last chance, you have you seen that show much. You know it's. Our networks is rarely GAD, it's incredible she'll turning it is er things and lohe her E. Oh, I sent you a yet. I wonder how, if you would enjoy being a coach, you could either GA double enjoyment out of it or you might hate it. I think theyu'gl does my guesses, though I doubt you began bill one about it, but it it nut. Shellits its people's gotin kicked out of DE one. They go to true of the communicalleges and thats Thertain chance or best chance to get back up to d1, and so it's just the most ragtag group you can imagine because they've all had finds or they got in trouble with the law that got kicked out of their good school and so the job that these coaches have. You know, they're, basically getting the rejected worst of the worst problem, athletes that are great and they have to figure out how to make them work. It's a really you no interest
psychological journey, but anyways the hours that they seem to work are very long as it was at your experience, yet at absolutely the world of competing. What competing is all about really hits your right between the eyes when you'and in the college will of coaching. We compete so hard to find the edge in everything that were doin. It's a mentality that you can sleep. You can't rest, you can stop you kit, if you're in in Ye'Re all the way IND, then that's what it is and I live in that to day and me every minute that I'm running around doing what I do, I'm trying to figure another way to do. Somethin, Lile bit better, that's a competier mentality and that's what comes out of the process of Meng through this coaching opportunity now. Maybe is not like that for everybody I think it's for the ones that do really well. They find their way to that EAST really hard to just count a roll through it and be successful. You got a really go Fhor, it's a extraordinary world to live in in that regard, and it's why you do all the crazy stuff you didn't take the job Ny Movin e Travellin. Is the families inth second
all f those decisions ye hated, that was the way was TI, look back and as my kids changing schools and changeing doctors and changein friends, and all this I did that one after another, after an pursuing. What out? Are you Te Troch, fom, lottle or Hier, a ler ye? No con throw fevrill cut out, Hangry Vawl HO it o. You know NIH Eus, but we we did it. Unfortunately, Glenit was one that went along with it and made it work. You known excited me where she madet work, crazy mentality. If you really have you read essential, isn't what I do know that I have been taught about stuffy aids, it I've read the book the fascinating book. One of the parts in particular is how many of these kind of very inspirational see owes me it bill gates or different people. They build into their schedule free time, but its schedule that soya bill has two weeks every six months or whatever or he's doing nothing. Beaker innate there's quite a bit of evidence to support that without those big boy
akes that's where new ideas come from. That's where breakthroughs come from us, where you get out of the the trees and see the entire woods right. So is it possible in that schedule to even step back and have some kind of global view of the whole thing where you can recharters that what happens in the their of vergrowth stages of your growth when the coaching jest can't see just can't see the treat for the o and head down going N Meo. I was privy to a mentality of fignding the S s between the spaces and learning. How to maximize that which you to me is like minutes. It can be a good out the window and you see something ye. Take that that moment, o just what you just saw those little teeny spaces, and then you can learn. I've learned it. surmised those spaces and in use that time for the of moments that antiveo fine clarity, he a fine vision of of things it near the Yor observe
Pattereid and and brightly wet absolutely inhatterans. Its people lets its motions, its energy, it's all kinds of stuff, and so that's a skill that it in some me ties. One o we were reading e about there's no balance. Then some others in there is not balanced. You like I'm in of the workers family. I you don't do that it isn't balanced. You may try to make yourself think you douna you'd, do the best you can with the times that choot they know have available, and it's not about the time but are you there? My ielegge are you connected? Are you present Anin the moment and in lovingly with where you need to be there's a real discipline to that, and I think it's really valuable e asked Iable so that like when you get with your children, Yeen Get there in Oy either an then to not be there, but to be with him is really a tros in. So it's almost orry do LER Ho'W do it. I think it's because you care so much that you learn how to get good at it. Yea Evol take about the competitive mentality, an we tike up, ink
of a competition a lot on years, I very competiti and I claimed in out veins Tina, O Fo Hehoty as Ofdess L ha ha ha. I have an know me for nine minutes. It isn't not in sport, but it Evhan. Do you think that innate? Do you think it's learned? Do you think you can learn Ar Lhe good question yer well for first Offen Beforeo goining for the competition competing his striving to me. That's the wet the way of is not winning and LOS. Icensere sum o desarlates striving and en striving for whatever striving for Aclan striving for in a new in itswhatever whatever, and that that's something when you think of it differently than an ing, losing and stand on Someody' throat until the El Collon names I gispeature in r IR. That's not it at all. If it was that, I would never have been able to pursue in this manner. But so it's part of the make up d you you can learn. Yet we teach people how to compete. One of the things I hoped to do and we're involved with with U Acy
of course of study and I'm really excited about it, that we have a chance to teach people in college how to compete. I toldly think you cant mentality in order in something that I'm really excited about, because I think you can help people not only not compete to get a better job but compete that a person all I wasic in is Tay fully connected to everything. Only Ther's as a whole thought here, that's really excite Mantsi to defend my one of it. I will acknowledge I'm in deep competition with myself, always I'm trying to be yesterday's decks regularly, I'm trying to be better than ten years, AF, as flow S. That's what You'R compelled Nigger RI like. I am any race to be better than I was last time and I am interested in that Ye Dex. I think that's one of the most. certain things that we can share with somebody that you have an opportunity to compete at being you and they. That is the ultimate pursuit. That's all the way back to Maslow. Give me it's it's. It's the ultimate
calling man hearsing Salle the best person that you can be for the people that you love, so that you can make the most of your time in your life and that foo of the people around you and Sir that's behind. All of this is all my but coaching. The meeting I had last night, the night before the game. I meat him talking about those principles so that we can live more fully and more completely and in with actualized, the potential that we have and that's really doing it needed something yeah I get daunted at whenever thinking of being the best thing when you just goi Ale, seven pillion people. So you know I could be a better version of myself, but this is most certain one's gin to be better at every single thing to me, so it seems like a fool's air, no ha haha. Just for example, when I Ghat fired at New England in owing thy I bithere for three years, a dead Detil Cape Bien, Plese coppletimes on the
and I felt to care about it and then all suddenthe, I eyes of the world. You fired. You kicked out you not good en of you, A'Nd, not worthy. You know. I didn't think that way. You know how I didn't it. It didn't hit me that way it knew they don't get it. You know Ledust, don't understand There the're the ones it are miss. Now I Le Makeim call that shot and that's a competitive mentality that we all hav, opportunity to drawn when the time comes. You know Oki They didn't quite work out, but I know I'm a weed better than this and I just got a work at and find my way and when you are working at it, as you talked about that's you, your Winnin, That's that's that's winning in life is. Is it your connecting your your efforts to being the best version of yourself so that you can love more, purely and sharing
Love with the people that you care about me, I'm trying to stand for that wherever we go and thin. Hopefully it makes OM sense to some people. Mame doesn't Amoke E. I will hair about a butamut. That's what it seems to be the exciting work you coach and college for a while. You go Tohe enefel as a defensive, back coach for the bills right than the Vikings and then the defense ive coordinator with the jet four forces. That is eighty four through ninety nine here, then we become the head coach of the jets and ninety four and then you got fired after year. I want to say that that your failures are incredibly public. Her eye is set up there's a unique sting to having everyone around. You know what you jest either e at his failed Kint of Popule is it? Is that not your thing was really something because in eyes to drive from from the island to the state him and back in those millions and millions and millions of people you'd pass along the way in T you know living there in following their teams and that I had this thought that
many people, in fact, in others this, if they care it, look at those high rises. Newsy, though I could remember doing it see the high rises white son in those apartments and there's thousands and thousands tdoun, they parht. We just whath a game that we DES won utter and gether. Ask Hictan o Yeh hack man. I was, I had a chasse to fire all up and the did that opportunity was of great one to really have been packed in to do some Colstuff in Dickeye bous me in an, Months after I got the job ils Hea, I was Dojet as and interlect all you makes a, but if you were coaching up in green bats like you could largely miss until gain a day that there are even people around. You know, though it was so. His air dressed was amazing. Opportunity stay to for more arm sawards? If you dare we, Yare supported by a legacy box? I think this is one of the coolest inventions. Of course legacy bucx. You can send all your old analogue stuff into them, and they will digitize it for you preserve.
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ackward step. I inconventional logic Raya unless you were born servanciscoing love, George Seyffert, the kniners in Beulwoshno Lats Na Fena RA, a quick story about that. I have a chance to get at cournear job as the Denverbroncos ochanem getting Ray to go the rport to get on a flight to go to Denver to go holfully at the job and the phone rings. I mean I'm waiting for the to get in the car. You don't have to go to the airport and it's George Seifert, the coach of the 49ers he said hey. Would you be interested in being a coordinator, and I said well, I'm going you know here to Denver and they said well can you come here afterwards and we'll talk about the lat, less wuncshere of cake grat in in Arigogian, on Adem, along the way and went to the Denverof interview and then whent to Senfance is going e offered me the job an I'm sitting at dinner, with the head coach- that I just admired to the kno the highest and I couldn't take it. I could take the job I can say Aske. I went back to the room. Sar I'll. Let know we nowied in it and I'm think of what an idiot would he think, had this Juvis is at gon back home it'll San France.
Do you love the nirajaial? Is it's just be a great place to land after the crap we've been through GA and I said what's up, but why can I tell George Ther wit this job she said? Are, you afraid, is it afraid? Oh sh, up a Cay back Pul well Hing up and I call georse within the next twenty second snowly try to find them an finding him at home, and I said he had love to take the job you know in a. Realized it. I held that that opportunity in such high regard, emotional, I didn't know what was overcoming me. It was a big deal, us, because you wanted to be perfect. There's that et I lons YE. I wanted to be everything for that place cause I love the nitters, the whole Botwashir had come by and loved. All of that, and then George Seifert now is doing it. I love George, since SAM Scola? I love the baperious of a you know. It was such a big deal to me. I couldn't grasp that at the time e nows,
as parliament and emotional component right evident does exist as early on as it is. So that's why you say taken a step back. It meant so much to me. It was more important than any other thing I could do ran so, fortunately that it happened to me at blasted all right and then, after being there rawhile you then in ninety seven, two years. I guess your with the forty, nine or ye really quick, because yeu're again this is stuff I learned to day, but you created this thing: Legion of Boom Ranhg a Defecse and though I didn't Creet in Kreta the players that the players create. You still right led the Inefowl in scoring Defens four years straight en that's accurate YE case. Maybe e din't create it with the forty Niners View, Adou of that same Stragy, there tis something that of all lane. We were really good for Nota. We bled the Leaging Decest my first Shur Ther, an I thik. We write through the second ear, Abea right up the rooman and we really good dame it will want with the divining characteristic of that style was that you are gon. No, let the big place happen to as Ac Artily. Well, there's a lot to, but that's stitting our says they are ganibly a hugger, yet the Sefere
othing was really a big deal to meet. I'm as a coach, because I went into a situation that I held in the highest of regard. They had been together, Fol like seventeen years of the same Kenoth thinking of formula in the notebook was the foot keeping on, and I had to figure out how to coach a bunch of guys that just won the world championship. That was the first time I realized coach. I I never ever thought of myself as Abys of really good successful I don't think any of that, but making it through that process to solve the mystery so that I could represent their San Francisco for the first time. I realized. I think I could do this in the end. I know that sounds crazy. Cuz I've been coaching a long time, but I really didn't hold fon that regard until that time. I proved it to myself, because I realized what I was up against change, AC knowledge, your skills, an you yet from then on it pend cane of a surge of Inodunco, pretty good things in Ann. We in Seattle in doing the stuff that we did there, that was just an outgrowth in the blossoming of personalities, is really what we,
the boom thing all that that us Kanna came together because we gave the guys the freedom to be themselves into be uniquely the way they were, but to always keep them bonded in the connection of doing something really really special, really great. They had space to create the leagion of Bour. ingrichard, an it be Lae than to be individual and known. Tho gas IL did that t will still be. the Iowa Knightley now know how powerful that is. I was doing that but I didn't know what I was doing d I've learned and them just the last ten years at Seattle, some stuff come to the surface lad. I didn't know what I was doing, but it was half wer I now I have much better feel for it, and so now we worek to recreate in this realylone. You get the headcoach job at the patriots in ninety seven for three years, and now, when your let go from there well lis you this goom, wasn't in there Bu. That was that'll happen in said, or it right EO. I was just wondering if the the defensive style that
Peter was Noah. Was I didn't? Do it right that I screwed it up and as a head coach, I should have been the defensive coordinator and I didn't do it there. I I miss that decision. When I went to a sea I Wen there is the defence of Cordnator to bring them all of the strength that I had so at least half of my team. I would be in control of as opposeed giving that to somebody else to cord and that is generally the head coach, doesn't also. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't most of the time they don't do defence, the office of guys more so in charge, and I just didn't do right. I just made a mistake, and that was one of them. clear decisions that I had made in the time betwe New Englandand A, and it's made all the difference right and so, after the Patriots job, here's a moment where I imagine at that time. Like an ant leavbing, an enafelhead coach and Gobea College you' write on it. That's exactly what happened in going back to college at I was in college football for Mona eleven years or something
then like sixteen or seventeen and then go back. When I went back, it seemed like it was kind of a minor league feeling to it. Known in scypholicus in such command that it just really freed me up even more to be more creative than moral. It bolster confident. Tat was just more powerful in the decision making and after the first year at USC, I made the best choices in my career and how to control the team and- and I've been at my best from that point forward. Nay, I again because of that and want's great, to which I like. Maybe you do or you don't you weren't their first peck righk know no. You were like their fourth or fifth pet Oh, no. I wasn't Heedin to make the story so much very ellout, Merfect Tand! I had gone into the interview I really di great. I was so Dyi was so prepared for it just worked out Gran. I knew that I had killed it but I knew that I also wasn't the right choice, so I stayed in LA for a days after the interview waiting for the decision to come out. Cuz the the athletic director has. Its kind of figure
how he woas not tell the world who was over the next coach, any news, the gitches hammer. He She know an so remember laying on the beach right between Manhand and Hirmosa Ih jest waitin for the Funcle. I findy call us a cvor. Let's go we get, cruise. We gat hen MER, get the singgar. I know you want to do and so is Xday, when he findi in OU souls really, I was coursing our way. Intoencouraging him Hild till its make the call an an atdory botters. What will work out? Grave whe can kill it Inyeh and it was here your dead Another handle in some sale, Sofmi, so Niknow it took awoff to be received. T. I didn't care cunedering monacup to speed if you know lines so they started at two and five Athey one to Tey lost five came, and then people were already critical when they hired Hem and nowt. This point really crescendo's rank the Iralli crescendos and guess what happens next. Monica tell me he goes on
Osixty, seven and seven record won had next seventy four day, thats ah, and he wins two national championships ah and he doubled cause, I'm a greedy little pig, the, U C Athletic Department, Rubben Are you loved him? I love money. Shit is that right I mean that's like out of a movie. Is that just like the mouse rewarding fulfilling it will in particular indicating lying back in their late yesterday? It really came conflicting back. This has happened a couple different eyes, but we had so much fun. There was such a cool there were so many Unbelievaly fun, exciting things that occur, the decisions that weare making making so so freewheeling at the time we're just going mad airaus. It is here we are just going for. We were questionably ceived in some areas, IND im when it came to the end and they go back and they start tammering. Some of the things with it then I cet we had so much fun. You Ot much from for so many people. It wasn't just the football players ith the coajingsta
we were sharing it with everybody, whi a people comein to practicing Peoplel round the prolio of a neuble rack to dal. He is right. We had terribly scrutinized for that en those people never were there. It was an event bet who as go show up and was the game oblast. Wastin Al Laschajer, it was Helle was a black. Was it such a great time and we were able t when so much in do so many A part of that I would imagine mentally part of the component is like most. We were practicing anonymously and then you get from ninety thousand evil. Their hair has to be some shift. So the fact that they may have been plain in front ice cube that stress walls which is good practice to be a plane in front of people. You want on brats right precisely was the thought behind the noise, the music, the people, the view that there was something because you never performed otherwise, so we needed to be in that so was just commonplace in it was that I still believe that to this day that we try to make practice, I would have people come every day if we could to make it
YO after sixty thousand or ninety thouyer after before. If you know that ther're some people zums There's somebody's there. You know we had a game in Boffle Mean Mille camp. You know and there's three thousand people there, but you're plain in the Calseu Munoan on that moment, the music and the cheer of the crowd. Less of that makes it real YE Maysee that Makesth e experience, Menglan Frang is hard more fruitful with it. Well that yes, but even there's environmentl shoes around you. You know you got a deal with them and you go figure how to cope with that. It's like no big deal to islands that scrutinised gonna tell me. Sometimes we look, look to hung over the top too much nose and wrong about that. The argazs were, up and down in the silence and cheering what was going on, you know there was a point when We were going to TE tow. Whits Rusbol was the third one o whatever one was and the for single widon't that trojans don't care Abyut going to the Rols balls, not a big deal to them. This is just an after thought: there's ie an I wanted to prove in, but that was going to watch that game
much we cared and out how much we we respected that opportunity. So I gott Ead ncrazy on the silence and their chant. An jumping and stuff like that, you know than when I look back I can see Whor could look like their being CATT kind of are always we and people that won't me be maybe like that about it. For us it was, it was just to live to the very fullest can. I say, though, I do believe that there is an under undercurrent of racism here, and this goes across all sports, really because this was in the Hoosier's movie. This goes by Y b modest, be fundamental, don't celebrate in those are really associated with black players. That's really why everyone was a Luper. I think it was a cultural difference that the white patriarchy had an issue with. I think there are racial undertones of that of how you're sposed to celebrate how you're sposed to support and
seem case very kind of late years too, however, yeah yeah yeah, it seems very Anna, Maria Old School old money. All these things I don't know so. I've never right, think, there's. I think there is a line to be drawn the right. I think you can go too far, and I think there are probably sometimes we did go to four hundred in our lack of humility, but it was not for the wrong reasons, it was just as fun nor oht to have enjoyed the hick out everything we were doing so we erred at times, but I don't think we ire for the wrong reasons. You, I think Ofril. So here's wore a couple now the coaching stranges I want to talk about one is, I don't know tell me I feel like. Perhaps there is a parallel here, I'm sober Ober fifteen years, there's a bunch of principles for me that AE really dig one of them. That's the most known, probably is one day at a time now I have sponsor guys that go.
You know I wantit. I want to get silver, but like what about, when my son turns twenty one and MI not can have a beer with my son, a Hir Ne'N like ye. That's a legit fear, but when'. Your son turned a twenty one, and fourteen years watch UST to day to day will be sober and tomorrow, if we will be so we'll cross that path. When we come to it, when your son's twenty one, we can evaluate it on that day. We don't need to think about that. They we need to think about today, and I do wonder: is there a parallel between one play at a time? I'm sure everyone wants to win that national championship. For that super? Are you at best when you're pursuing a goal that is Mount Everest is opposed to the step in front of you, your on me, you be more on point with the essence of what I think is the growth that you have available to is one step. It's the next step you take it's not. What you just did is what you going to do now, what you
did is long gone and it doesn't matter if it was a year or if it was a career whena it if it was just the catch that you just made it done, and what are you do do about the next step you take and the ability to discipline yourself to that kind of focus is what can allow you touch extraordinary. It's all it can allow you to reach into the realms of your highest potentials, its focus and discipline, its mindfulness, its presences. It's all of the Ings had come all the way back from eastern philosophy. Whon had learned years and years ago. It was that presence in that love of instant. The moment Michael Murphy was at the sof that stuff mister would mention his name earlier. He understood that because of his he Askedin Flush Betrain. That is my challenge to help people understand that, so that they can be great. What it's hard you so they say I've. A wide receiver and I miss some catch right wok. The truth is that plays know in a history book. This really matter what you spent on it. Is it doesn't matter if you think you didn't get this or that that you know of that
t. If you want to spin around that unfortunate thing that just heard who, as was just accepting it, it happen, it's gone and is gone for good, and now I have a new opportunity in front of me to do something different as really hard it'stempting AO. A ye, I always earned the create in your defense, rank. What's interesting about that, Tistha log people don't understand that no have that information yet and so that they go on what they think should happen and what they thinks you should Feelnd Fit should have been the response, so many people judge and in that manner they don't get it Youl Rite back to the moment when we'd lose the superble. You know that was my greatest test. Are you real or not right in an instance but before Senk Yo Gat, a walkhere till for I stood up Wis? I it from the reaction of that moment was I going to be real to whate. In talked of that, I cound take the next step. I did. I know I did it wasn't for anybody else, but I- dknow that I needed to show that, for others to maybe be benefit in their pain that I Cano go through,
We learn and operate. You have an opportunity to model behind and nineteen. Oh, I don't know that has ever came through and I knew that there was a moment in time there because at such a visible, the vat and all that that I would like to have been able to connect that for other people, so that they can understand that you can do it. You can go to the next thing and get moving and in word everybody wanted to drag you back in and keep you appreciate. Jenny brought it up, but but I dont a priest tbecause. It's it's important. It a portant, a challenge to learn that you can manage your life in a way that you can go to the very next instant and be mindful and present. But you think about how you can learn how to do that with you, the people that you love and the people that you take care of im- all. It's so valuable and its so necessary. I think, and That's why I'm in pursuit of helping people come to understand the F Yourn
Ain the shame of your last indiscretion into to Morrow than you MIS. Well, just Atd make your fogking up tomorrow, because you really get is the king that he came TA do Bou Fri Yeh. The other thing I feel I could be an interesting parallel is, now we famously say the surreundy prayer in there all the time, which is basically just give me the guidance of which things I should accept, in which things I should keep battling, and I think that is a human. I think it transcends all occupations, it's like God, figuring out what things to accept a chity calls a should. He call the quicker you can accept that and move forward. The better off you are. I would joy like there's so many elements that are to your control in and every second spent worrying about the things are your control is second swho could have put into the things you do, control right. It is exactly contoiling the things that you can controls. How you live your life? If you try to mess with the things you can control, you can to be a mess. He ain't going to be a mess. That's exactly how we coach an as as we teach is to develop the discipline that it takes to
not get attracted to the things that are outside of you and just stay with the things that are within you and then, when you do that, you can celebrate so much more easil a is ye. Don't Eno is in response O Schriin, which is Happong. I will with wordly thinking it all till it's an ordinarily, valuable discipline, ea and r hard is our and we all lay in bed get Anyothing NE the comes and go. If you don't ye get at you, we now you'v got any real, learn it all. Yes, you keep relaning that the opulet and in and over time and Sandly too that something that comes with the vantage point of age, which is you can look back on your life and go who all the things. I worried about. May temper Cont of those things were what ended up affected me and than ally things I didn't even consider became. Thus I make his obstacles instead, and there is some great correlation ond be worth it, but generally none of us are worring about the right things. Anyways you get an aneurism. You are trying to quit smoking you're to e know whatever the thing is. Atly were bad predictors in this, oh kase, so the other thing that I really you are in a unique position to speak on Is- and I asked Michael Oterey about this. A lot of
is you deal with had the same child it I had, which is no data round sporadic stepped adds that came in with a game plan, I'm not open to it. I don't want your fucking plan, I'll bad rather better myself. So I imagine there's different coaching styles with with guys who were fatherless or limited fathering, and then once a dad around all the time. Is there? Is there a distinct? I don't know if it's coaching styles it made, it would sound like you know you click into this mentality. This think you know, but there's great empathy, in being able to receive the people where they are and Whit Wen what they've been through. All of that and then way as to try Thit put them in a relationship based in current, so that we can learn who they are and what's going on with him and then learn how to connect with them in the most effective way, because what we're trying to help me to do is be the best I can be so to do that. You've got to figure out who you're dealing with regardless of what their background. The show an so we work to find common ground in common vision, and
and then that we just get to the real of of the you know it's not about you could have at in the meeting last night and hurt my players, give me a little group that was found out that the rest of the defensive guys tonight for the game and out came the unbelievable revelations of store their background. Just in minutes of their conversation. That would just move you in to every one of them has TA story. Every one h has got the hearts. Af Zigzact, Lik E Tak that made them the man that they are to day and make them the man that they may become. It's so valuable to know that everybody's got their story and to let them know that you care and give him an opturnt to share their story and then on. We go o Kate. Yet that's sir stuff, bon I can'! He coming back to it same thing. That's what was now what we goin to do now. You know: how can we develop this wonderful, fruitful environment that you can flourish and Indigraten Unobea after What are you something years of doing this? You know there's an open, hearted approach. That is, I donot just about
real as it gets. You know, anow the others, differences in our backgrounds and stuff, but what were commonly drawn together to do and in and embrace our guys extraordinary world, even aidalition still issues about it and then in legitimate issues about it. If you could see what it's like behind the walls of a building indise in these guys get to just flourish in their Unice special ways that they are and accepted for it and received well day in and day out, not hill to some other standards and not pressed her coerced or in any they get to free. The flowing in our environment is awesome just to be connected to it and to be able to be caught up in it. I it's such a lot of any go back to the extraordinary nature of what your occupation is. I don't know, there's another job in the world where your employes have just gone from Ake
zero dowlers two millions about that in itself, nor it is one of the most unique so thei'r going through this. Realization of that they are generating this thing and basically at their dream, destiny. Chin, which is wild to Emm in yer. Basically, a vuzen gold metals round people's necks on the ponium. I mean you you're, witnessing something that it jus incredibly unique ye. It's very heart. You manage yea that new attention their snoons glad as it's it's hard to and its not yet to feel sorry for them. For that they're getting the opternuale to it put. You should feel so far as Agas. It don't make it because we myself included. We came up to make this thing and to do something with it in Aur Tire life was to be a football dude. I know how that happened: animal Wut, that's what our life was drawn to and we get this shot to do it and then is over Yea DEN one. If you could put it in anybody's, walk and life. re doing everything you ever wanted to do it all Suddan Duk it to do any more Sover total E in Jer, twenty seven Urs, your raising di know, you may be thirty
you know, and then there's a couple guys that are in their three thousand four hundred and thirty three and all it's just an incredible shot in in how do you deal with it? Then you know they don't deal with it very well. Just like the people coming back fighting the war, they don't know how to Endma her Nat prepared for in Kowen. They train you how to do it. The Ave, an train yo how to get back in as an enormous UN. There's no question thereis. I don't know that. There's any places doing the right training. We need to respect the fact that people need the training they need to help in need. The love in support. There's Thisle orfer, a ship for them. The other thing I saw once in a documentary which I thought was unique Bobviously, is that the general tajectory of some one's income is you make more and more more up until you are like forties and fifties heh. So you've now had twenty years of managing Finan You've had a lot of practice. You've had some experience. You may be gotin to debt. You got out o det and now we're getting make you a the most responsible for this disblargest sum of money after you've cunner- and this is the up
Thisus Phlippe, as I yeare at your youngest YE, have the least of my experice or can give you the most amount of money that you have in your whole life and then is get to go down from America, so it seems like economic in would be helpful for the guise that EMS, the situation, YE and Everytyou can think of ever. Anybody within him is not footpoplar Pould. Anybody know hisry having ET his first year lawyer his oupsail re in and let it go down from the there. That's her faitha ayoand you're going to be done. V years in hour, secret years, not an NI start over beyond whole life. I had yet fortunatelyalot of our Guost get the financial help Thinny, but a lot o em don't and they don't all make so much money that they can leanow. They can live the rest of their life one. Fortunately, some of them doing and was Ot a great stories ia. I got family member through marriage who played like four years as a defence of Lyman and yeah back to the drawing board here and he is lying on his feet, which is impressive, but here it's crazy, Israel. It is really impressive in those should be, then, missing the lad shown as examples that you can make. It is there's not very many illustrations. Forgast had know how to do it
n on the others, get on this really visible plateau that they're, not the riof. Was there there they othe one. You know in so ya great challenge now and again, ISS. Some, I broughtu with Michael, is in your pursuit of crating relationships. I have to imagine there is a temptation to go. He got to get with this programme like you got a click into this mines. Tat. I imagine it's the most challenging Blyng to be navigating or to delineate when am I embracing who they are talking to them in a manner that's going to be most effective for them and help them realize their goal. A window. I have to go but you're on a facan team and give with the progress. I asked Michael what your rules ar he says: youbasically have three rules. What yus say you have this incredible run in at: u see and then you go to the sea hawks and you have another story book run there, but I want to know about your three rules always protect. The team is about conscience. That's rule number one. The program always protected him that that's
troduce them to a mentality, that's necessary, so that we can function an keep ourselves as strong as possible at all times. There's only three rolls because they're so asked Hahn what they cover in Anso. This is about their conscience. Wherever they go they do. Can they always remember that they represent the salece Oks, and this is their team Ath, the representing from slightest example. Ofd help the gate instead of a fight on the field to a in a bar, hen, somebody approaches hem an eil and keep them from getting trouble there to a pull im out of scuffle on the field to speaking to the Mediato how you run your life haw. You to every relationships that you enteract within in the people that we connect with when we travel. How do we treat the people who fly us o now to we treat them with that you're representing us, you're, always part of this team at Te Deville that co Ison is religious, like conscience, I know Ea Hu Ur Nuarus, but that's Wer, rule that, the general Life philosophy that's helpful, which is you're a part of this organism. We all are.
Humans, where we are obviously separated in our body, but where one big organism is helpful to the mentality. another yea ye. It's like ye geve a a strive to keep extending that ring out so eteral lever, one ye'r, yet I'll stay too from arm surrd, if you dare Thes episode, is Bre. You by square listen. Oh Misifoni alert Monicas, taking a big juicy bite, good, really Unfortunately, no, we can hear that your mouse and I think that gets us what we are looking for, a a tasty birthday Tthe Wobbywak gave me any used square. That's right, I doughnut friend, yet don't it friend while you abuse square now, you know square. They make that little white credit card reader that lets any one. Take payments, but running and growing a business to
much more than just payments, which is why Square has so many more tools that can help like Pointa sails off where for restaurants, an retail business is on line appointment, schedulling for salons and studios e commerce tools to help you sell on line in voices. He ges on right from your phone full service pay roll for all your employes and contracters I mean this: is one stop shop Monica to grow an empire in free sales analytics to make all your numbers make some sense? Their payments are still the best in the business. There's no long term contracts or weird fees, and you always get your money fast even instantly best part is all these tools are in one place and they're built to work together. Be heare all built by the same team, so whether your non line, retailer restaurant on or a hair style, as THA Skite, iving teacher, whatever square, has tools that can help. You know matter what size or stage of business your at see. All the way square can take your business from square Wone to whatevers necks at Square Dok. Calm, slash, go Slash, Dacks that square dock.
Slash goes lashed acts buccey, so number two and no WY. Now complaing no excuses, at's, one that I really swiped from coach wooden. That was one of his guylands. It meant a lot to me. It had to do with mental toughness in the sense. Can you Perate. Without tell somebody you sad story. Can you function but not saying disparaging things about? What's going on can you understand that your sestory may affect somebody else's? Can you be tough enough about not do net now, That's it also has to do with just making excuses. So if your rule number to violater on our programme, you could do it on a million different leffels and but making an excuse for somethin in it. Wer me whatever in so it that to me is really important about or self talk it wud. I get to talk about Self Tok Hure, because in explaining one Ofb two the words that you say are so powerful and er actions, basically
what you say, and so let's be mindful of what we're doing here. You know, let's control this variable that could take us down a negative road that we don't want o as a team as a in room whers we travel, but for yourself to ye. You know, let's get your words together and let's make sure that you understand how positive self talk in affirmations or in the way you converse and communicate no letse dear I'd, also like to sake asmonacand. I both this year's nears resolutions was less complaining. that is yours. Will yours was, as I found your because it is easier to similar to the same world yeah they want. I have found is that you know in the sense that you find what you're looking for. If I'm in a pattern of complaining or finding, something that was bad about an experience. I now look for it and in looking for it I find it. You know excuses and negativity. They begat that, because they are looking to confirm the storyor till I am behind all this tos his optimism. I don't
go the other way. I want everything about a programme to be built on what could be? What can be tnot what is happening? What may be been negative negative? The draws rom why we should be down, as opposed to all of the the hope in the positive thoughts that you can have that reigns in the program. You can't say: somethig off the cuff criterion in not be called on to do in this area in Micro, saying they have fun out in each other. For that he actually I get says that as part of which I get yourselves so governs itself, and I got to say I was so delighted your meeting went long today, because the one rule I knew already was be earlis. I got hered exactly on times a ockhose got I get here early to show, and that was quite Relievedou in Catch MEG not being early, but tell me the difference between being early and on time. Well, if you ever tried to be flu,
MIT's in Bosho. An Yis Ike got Simha Ha Hasil. That hurt is all that is Itoless ontime. So, let's him educate it. The early is really important about priories MIS, important about understanding where you fit in the world and and how you play a part in everybody's world around you, and so we talk about it in terms of prioratizing getting organized. Having a plan, a Knowin theydn't watch. What up against and being able to take the moments it takes to figure out how cant organize your worlds, o that you can approach what's coming up early in HUF, so that you can demonstrate the respect that whatever you're dealing with the It is a declaration right. Iis is truly declaration, at's a declaration of respect, so this is where I talk about respect unto Mars Verybody and everything arouse. We don't ever pick and choose one to respect as if you pickan Shoos sometime, you can be wrong. You get that you get a disrespect, and so, when I ask as about respect over the years, you know you try to talk about Respecc, go it and go DAK. What's respect not
others are fror, my sell, I don't know t you checkin, I alk both the word alcave Whall. I think respecting some one elseis recognizing that they too are going through something in that they're on their ride and that there you know. great Marhu d Rspha ye. I think it's appreciating that there are other people on earth other than you. He 'll get so there's a million ways and nobody can nail respect us. Varadi've asked tons of guise. They can't do it. So what we've done as we've taken the word regard and in use how you regard something is how you demonstrate respect and so if you see somebody that dadon Tik is important you, and so you don't give him the time a day. Your strating a level of regard. That really represents how you respect that
If you see somebody that El Aminum, I get the Me Dacks, you know ya Amna among my best game and I'm fired up an unterly and looking undressed, upright Aolay, you demonstrating how you regard how you feel about that. Well, once we stood star time on regard started to make sense to us o it's the actions that you take, they demonstrate how you feel about whatever youre dealing with, for instance. How do you regard the opportunity to play for the Salow Sea hocks? Do you do everything in your power to put yourself in the best position to be at your very best to demonstrate that this is the most important thing in world you right now and you'll take in everything that you can possibly take it to make sure that you get you and sure that Ethat, your actions are reflective of that yes, and so it is to the point of discussing respect in regard to self respect and self rigor. How do you feel about yourself? Do you regard yourself highly enough that you will put yourself in the best light o Are you willing to people shit? Are you willing to show up
are you willing to didn't, not put your best foot forward in jeopardizing your opportunity that demonstrates low level of self respect guys. I don't really care. We know now They tell us if you just watch and listen in up rouse that do really care and they want to give their best. they wanted, really give every opper NI him make it available to them. They hold themselves in high regard, and so they have a lot of self Yes, o anywa, that's the way we use at in Insecte. That's a really cool thing. For us. in and around the Littleo, the environment of? Why I love it cause it transcends. environment? That's dating that's relationships, that's people! I often say this like people date, other people with the same self esteem as themselves, because, whatever level they think they are They find some one who has a similar value of what they think they deserved me with in its kind of back and foreso, it's like if every
Udate date is a loser. Guess what you're the common denominator- and you know you think you only deserve that- and it's all kind of one big circle ya is simple, as it is thatD Scatte, El Kaby. Earlier. What I mean you know, but there's a ton to it in the way we see it. So when, let's be an, I dig him ogai. So at Seattle? Again, you come in there and you win the first Superbowl net that franchises history. Mew guys go what thirteen into or something seventeen thousand one. Thirteen three and you become one of only three coaches ever to the college: National Football, Eship and a a sipervayeas like a Ege Yeh in Hollywouod. If Youly wanted Emmy a Graam, a a
asholne and an I thats scull than e got there's very few. As I go alive, people who have at so year the equivalent of the ega um. You have an unlying platform right called compete to create whom that you and Michael do and how do people use it what's it for? Why did you think you discovered some that could be useful to organisation were just over the years. We recognise that people are drawn to this stuff that we do and what we do it in. I said TAT a while back and tried to figure out how to convey what we do to other people cause they were asking about. Itin all how we put in a format that they can share it. Wirh somebody, and so, but when I met Michael Michael, had such discipline to himself in such understanding by Perfor and we connected so on so many different levels that I thought. Maybe this would be a chance for us to find a way to blend what we think of a week? What we believe in in make an offering to other Litor curriculum
yeah and create a curriculum that would be available to people. So if they want to understand more fully, they could and in a we were reinforced by so many different people that would come to us in one spend time with us my favourite one of Steeve Curry and I came in he was just Gonto start up as a new coach near one of the I dont wipe picker but he came in and sure come my hang with us for a few days Knowang by the way, Tis a guy who worked forth the Buddha bright. He worked for a colout ship. jack'sreye were fulfilled an he had some great relationships with other coaches, all upon all the winning and all the other stuff to in his WOSM Fint Times, YO same for you, lid YE feather and your cab Yellg Iye well Aanas. He he had the wisdom to try to figure it. I need to get organized. They don't t give my ack to get e Asomn little Cook's, Worders Oonl, never coast, TA, Temr of any sort Intoharias on the top of the they a but that's his an illustration of a gahu who he kind o took what he took out of. It now he's an advocate kind of in certain ways, but he's totally than
thing which is great in awsom all of those kinds of examples for ust made us more power in wanting to find a way. So we have not my course that we offered Buot Wille doing some vely good things and we're helping people find their best is really what were trying T and there's so many more ways for us to continue to endeavor, to figure this out. That's why I let you know, I love that we were going to science to do that. She is part of the scene where we're having a chance to work through. To and share our ideas with people so that they can help themself iu know so tats? What we're doing Wor? Don't I work MIC After all, we got some nice companies. We ve had a number of big groups, it that work with us and so awfully it's it's a good thing. Yet one of the things I found ass. An eighty about is: is him saying that in a first you have to I so late? What you think is possible and I find that to be both daunting
as broaden as ye and also liberating in that it's not going to be a standard. Some one else necessarily sat it's not going to be against another persons. Can it be? What do you think your potential is, let's plan a flag in that and, let's aim towards. That is why we begin with self discovery. Reallyt self discoveries, where you got start Ane Youl, find it figured out. It was at the essence of what happened to me in my coaching that I've got beat done enough. For I just went back inside and lock myself in the room and dislike worsein and right here and just had figured out in a comin from one a mill about. I might get my askact again. You know if I don't get and get back to get on a git kik anyway, the Alis at Leastgoa flecting in Clonet air, a bestness. So we start with self discovery so valuable, an whether itself, discovery of the individual self discovery of your group or your corporation at your family or
it, connects in and make sense Thut Course Inself. Ic is really designed for an individual person. You know it in and then it's the teachings of all of it that can connect with big groups in all that so Isabel won. We like that itsavailable for everyone, and you have a book coming out. Theaudible experience Takin, this Forgulart worian to come out here. Pretty soon, we've oved done the work, and now w get a geot to get revealed in the pretty fuot. That brings up my time management question: how on earth do you juggle the things? You know what early well really well, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I kno I Mme Lolically, call your families day is a hero. Is is just important for me to be active in doing Stuffin, whatever MI no Kanno lihts me up, em chasing him, lose so much out there and I think it in riches whant I'm doing anyway, so that things all part of the process of Tryfer H'Ld be really good one. If doing yea. Well listen, it was so grateful that you took TI
todana at a superbility by a he is Er Eagers ROS, a Hemma ye ought never talked Tof a balcoan very exciting, find you very inspirational, you're! Well dressed you n, grat shakene agin is luminous Sivilen as D. We know if the other book doesn't take off YE needed do diskind of, like is personal style and night and held our Hoaulth book Yon, some iltle, more vain Folkit will gly, because if I and know tif, I look like you in twenty four years, I'm going to be, I can do him back lips. O is excited yesday. The number is this defrect Thaeever Kee RA, you hear the oldest coach in the League De Lefag with you at all a Only when Yhe people bring that thought ha ha ha ha ha haa. I think we not is the affair, but why? I would never thought it by looking at if I had read a vases realy Fron, the Topy get hee, as we saw. Will your ispiration all we Leve Yeu thinks love for comin in hards tuck you ill monsieure and I want TED. They could look for DE day, but not good luck, apening the charge of HI, P, Jarges, Menson and not good lookand, so get to ha ha ha fix
and now my favorite part the show the fact Ject, with my soul, Mam monarch of amen, who are we back jacking He care o p Carol, P no! I don't know about you, but, as I upsaid said, I have very little interest in football. otch you on its arm, but I'm not lad Uno the players and on his Anonym of many of rulles sure so unlike Elizabeth Gilbert Ows like I recognize this person's very accomplished. Let's talk to them, I'm not super in the football yea, but it really transcended football bonmos delicious way right? So many ways will one. I also don't. Like fu ball that much and run. I feel bad saying that, because I have so many wonderful memories, tied Tof FO. A Piana, those Euge games. Egia, you can't stop saying you g g t
Deo N, o Shee tea that George Atteck know that Ecras er Estrial, ah ha ha ha. Oh yo, but anyway. So I I like love Upal in my heart thereof, but I DOW ever really do watch it again. I love when I watch a game I get really sucked in. I think it's great entertainment, I jislike. If I miss, I won't know that I missed a game in Le Sios. You of the rams. Now do you like watching by yourself, like you'd, be fine watching of Fobug and buy your Snon in your house and Yere doing Fol a season generally on Sundays. When I work out, I led in down n the basement. I watch fu pall. You ded is her inspiration. Abcause, his men are so strong, fou, that's trail it Joseph e could either way could almost be. Defining. You like seeing me Rhuman men here. You are lifting these measly numb bells. O that's glass, half empty dea! I generally go glass halfful. Do you like um Arle, Schwartz, an e
Yero JAM, that's where that's pictures, many pictures of him and his prime and even one before his weird is one I have of sorts. A nigger, of course, is the one where he was nineteen and he was like two sixty. He was before he like really Caut his body and made a proportion all he went through a whole face. Were he really dialed in the proportions, but before that Husus gettn as big as possible, DSO that one they even you've seen it. He looks like his tan, an an on this enormous rhino body it looks crazy, odd, but then his last mister, Olympian being Universe. Whatever Wen Hy won eight times the proportions are gisbought on the ldenrole ye AR as as even as it gets sure you you know, we have different opinions. bodies. Here I yewe do we do. I tally male bodies, but you know: does your eagle work this way? I swing from abject in security to mega
Nia in two seconds said that about yourself so generally When I look in the mirror, I stare around my navel, I think it's just too much fatty tissue aroun. That area and I an early down on myself and then accase I'll, be lifting waits and I look at the pitcher's sword. Sanger and I go. I'm almost there ha or I think. Oh. I almost look like him if the Camerlans was correct, ha ha ha ha there's like no normal zone for my eager interesaying. I feel like I feel Itm. Will you just win through it? So, like you jest got pages for his for an audition. He afted me moning, start reading. Your like I'm a piece of shit, I'm never get get anything! I'm not good at this sure, and then you could leave the audition going like. I just gave one of best editions ever. Doyou swing that radically. I don't think my swings
that Wond er. Not now cried out Ther, not as by pole. I don't think I ever get to thee. I did b, I killed it a I did like I feel like. Oh, I did well or I do what I was supposed to do, but I don't feel like I'm Definitely getting I'm better than everyone else. Onem in here I killed. It blew everyone out of that their hairs gone right, but m. What about? Let me make it illr more specific what abou you, ve been reading your getting something and then you get to sat and then you're acting with everyone else, and then you, Sir, comparing years of their ruin us new, like oh, no they're, not better than me that happened. I dont need outwitted disgusting com, Erson game, yes, Bk ASA Gletapa. He amrelly holing back the curtain. Lo a Cay, that's whan! We do he somehow we do it. I
age. I have had that experience not actually not onset like in life them they had this experience or you some a little bit on a pedestalar there's like high expectations for a person and then you're round that person and I feel, like oh pep persons, you're more competent than that person sure at least as or it's just like. Oh what's the point of all this like er, all just the Sameer all the same ye. Would you say that your defining characteristic, yer, ear number one quality? Is your your competency, it's sot up there? I think I would be for me if I had the list Xsomema? Yes, someone called me Caus. You had behind my back applied for some other job Macoin YE men. You are also silly enough to amuse me as a reference I want you know you could because you're may so me o he dat.
a ha Ma Ba Serra ha ha, it's kind o tricky, but you would be wise to know that even if you double cross me, I would still speak. We are Goravin ad in his in o, nay, HU, yes, yet so I would say I would go like listen, er, you're, not Gan, to find a more competent person. You can pretty much task her with anything whether she's ever tried it before Nigt in Shelfergo how to get it done. That's because this is Aysa Monch more? I think the smarts a little bit at Naino time, a dozens They got the law is Tonas Smarte, YO a really knowt to me. What does it even me like smart cause? Sometimes people call me that tro and I don't really know how to respond. Am I feel like not really. Oh. I just think about things. T may be am thoughtful like when people say that I don't really know how to take that in Casome MIKE. I don't think. That's really true was it's definitely true. All the
ways we would measure you're, em noghty ye at ain't, go to Unifile Scoreany will wire you into a good scorn. Agreat Eronyeleff high school was a forboin or roughly was 't your very swart. I thought you going to go in different or Schio LI, which I could see like your smart as a compliment. Same hairs talks about the Sol times. Ick is sothing. You can take for you, it is born smart or you'r, not Ther. There's there is a variation and intelligence and your just born with is oghe. You earned it right. So it's a tricky thing ad, be like a SOE one said you're Tollys and thank you like. I had willed myself to be six toin chain. I should thank you're Welcomewy. It's Limme go straight to your El Conea H within the
think about it. There's really very few compliments! You can accept Ye'T, like when people tell you it wouldn't this isn't for me, but like for other people, if someone stells them they're, so pretty ahaw like that, must Ard, to take Tubinism Eve, you have to say they sure an compliment em, I wit oh ma'am. It's always what you don't have right, I'm dying for that to be the complement ever when he gives Meanin me too. I just want to hear your hot, could accept your dum in lazy and evera ship personality, but your heart is hell I now this is the dreams. Rial as some one goes like I ain't like I Dax he's fuckin Dum, but me and I'd like to fuck em. You know my theories any time. You end the sentence with I'd like to fok on it just negates. Whatever thing was said, be for sor you and I that will that for a artor for a hotty. If here she heardy they're dumb, but I want a fug may be very triggering for them. Wesh
Er mood is no all my only values, my looks, but you and I want our only valuet- be our lorye. Why I don't want it. No, no, no do nud a I git o Go Va, fir it or hat you. My only value ot. If you to pick a singular value I mean I start now, so it's like I've already my life with some other. If I was getting to pick now, then I'd switch until look. category all home has then I have already experienced some of the other kind rides, but when his feelin will make kit to hot or so interesting. Of course I want them to be so. Interes yes for them, but for us so selfish little piggies. How but look I'm different from you? I don't need Anale that person to say I want a fock, her sure ours,
different. Ours is definitely different in Atlea in a very conventionally male female way. Proly. I think I want them to say. I lived to stare at them at dinner, the hour I want to marry them here and urr on a hurry. You non dam, I mean there, they would be saying then ther'd be Verty. Many a a hofa, I gat Yo Mn What of a man's that I want to marry your boobs, what like that. I can'ot feel like that Wou BEA Cle again it could be a male female fet cause of a gale said. I wount o marry your penus. I find a very flatter shack, fuzzy like we can play at Lucy Gouozy with you, but jest. I want a marry or penis. Well listen! I think this is also a big mail, female differen. You associate your Penas with your identity, the Thrit TAN. I do
a Syzeliar Bu, a dubs with my identity at all other than something, if had to overcome and like it's hard to work. Good clothes all right, but I some women have have incorporated their breast sises into their identity for sure, so anything hed, a giant augmentation. It ocomes like a real and advertisement for them FIA. Yes, let's right but I don't have that? No, so if they want to marry my boots, I probably be like keep? U wankin an you. An anny PI, Cerol ha ha ha Captain P Carrol anyway, yet so that morning, before we the morning my birthday, Rilly Mun. Yes, I was on a run before I here hereto in a repeat and I was running and I was like Ah, a hey, that's a running. I hateit. I really wanted to stop early and then I's like no
ough just you can do, it was holler finger rail and as then I turned Thinkin nows that I am, I think, a lot of that discipline comes from cheer leading and I'm so greatful for that you're in general. That discipline, not even just with physical staff, but I think alot that to do it like always having to push and be accountable to other people As I said before, I have high expectations for other I think hi do a ye. Are Ye Rikus, it lust yo, do o somehind of sport like Ingim class you're, not gettn, actually be forced to your metal or go beyond your lime, but in bask, when I played basketball, YE doing killers and ship out of Nert an killers in my
Zuci gave you gone better for it yen, ah ET. I would have never had that experience. Why would I willingly make myself super and comfortable yea Yeh, though? I've, a friend who's, a um trainor to the stars, oh sure, Jaffie, CHE Andum, he told me, I won't say the actor's name whet he was who was training a certain actor and he set out. You know I don't that he's ever had any physical activities, so were starting really from zero. So he basically like is based, is junior high basque walkouts like you gotta be gotta, go you gotta put, I sure yeah yeah yeah. The point is to me uncomfortable yea so anyway, so I was so peed is like a. He is the person that gives that to other human, all day, Long Wright, it's cool. I really wish he had seen last
you I love last inchiu, this blast seat of current season is phenomenal in that coach who I like. I think that he's got this. These amazing qualities these witenees from south central Negro around all black folks wo. He really knows how to communicate with kids that have come from a really rough ary e, any lett. He yells Allah and ease as a lot of these technique said. Just you don't think, forget everything else it come to cut. It becomes that, like torture debate, you know yea, which you know I may feel differently about torture if, if it worked, but there's so much evidence that actually doesn't wr guess that you don't get the truth from it. Yeu, have I Tis Erial as they think you want to hear fair. Similarly, I don't. I don't think that that screaming at everyone in shit, the guields- I certainly want for me. Now I gess ch as a different personality types like Ibet, some people, Du Relyt.
Ive off of that Youo. It's kine of like Thu sick, almost like a mass akistic thing, a feeling if they had like a dad that, like yelled at him and pushed him, but then gave him him, is approvhal e had that there's some feels familiar and nice, but if he didn't for me it's so foreign to have a fuckin man just scream at you now note. For me, I mean I guess ye. I guess there is something sort of exciting about Somewos approval. That's hard to have m and Thene. That sort of what they're displaying like I hate you and then eventually they turn. I feels really go well, that's the did. You watch thee m. The lake placid olympic documentary about the hacky team
vit and then it was made in the moving miracle. Oh, I didn't see Beither and famously like at that time till we only let college athletes plain the olympic. There is no professionals now nowt all profession warm, but then it was still a collective of college athletes that beat Russia, which was impossible. Those where professional players in that coach was kind of celebrated for his whole plan was always to unite them against him, so he was well Be the asshole that everyone hated to unite them interesting, so I guess there's that version where it seems like it worked digging into Polly technical approach. Words like yours esteemed for everyone's personally, which sounds like what PETE does, and maybe he gives the guise? Who need that? You know Yeh, tough, Logship, that he a and supports others who thrive off that ye. I do think the best thing you can
who is engenders some sort of feeling that the team is one right Whawever. However, you do that YO, that's the real Lthat's is rule number one always protect the TE. Ah, yes, but's right, that's an important factor cause. It is only madder what the coach is pushing. You do. Do you'll push yourself if you feel like these other people need me to do Te Eapend on you Yere. I am, I miss it ye. You should find your way back into some kind of competitive, some Vam Gunn. I were have to think on that this week, tix what options are there for you, crosswers Amagino be good enough at that, though. No I need to be good at. It rides too late in the game that ye are become comparative a cross.
I I d, I want to start learning piano um. I don't think et she get competitive cause. I am just bout to start learning be ye we below early an oniran ot, the HANS we started at the same time, oh and then we'll get competitor a shall Therean Thas Soundse get's, a good plan for a ha ha, oh gate, so some facts. There are action of that. Many facts. Oh well. This just reminded me because he said that he worked at his football coaches, he'd coach, those pop worn, our kids es up and inded that we were forced for to do that. In high school we had to coach the Recklyg kid Foll in Jearning AIR over as signed a grade. There is a horrible incident that happened. Injury now me and he Sa is halding im home now, but I mean pretty much worse. This girl,
It's so Ladha one really tha stor the kit in Hup, I not de on Ye Ar really bad ye. Hnow such these are like eight yearoles, Proubly E. Let it out Ssh. She ha feels like OM girl. Meadstale when you're in the centr Chaira hit ha ha ha aa e YE sin, the sir? So this girl was a adish and me and my friend, my other a chillitor friend er there, a coach and she was in RAC League and I think her manm drove the school Bos and and um and she had a HU, huge
huge mole, o Kay on her leg. Maybe I ot number where it was, but it was exposed sulki. washuget Strigle and a lot of hair a while even an a e E. Am it was a real sight. Ah, ah Ther was an eye sore. Yes, and she was obviously not like cool and these were noble young chelier. So ever a lot of people Ver coal, popular e, er, Chaks I have a mix, I think of supporting you and tell him to start and then and then just been feeling really bad already. Just at the moms the school bus that's Seng! That's a tough road o hoe. I wonder,
may that part up. I I did. I really hope I did I'd non't think I did a thing on her. Mab was the bust driver of her and she had a not cute mole and I'm Bornacle. You know she just didn't sit in and run and ninioflyke dance as if they cann't. I think people had like touch her mole o. No one wanted to anyway me and my friend were talking about at Bokin in a knot. Favorable way here and she her all? What we didn't know. O Kad came up lake. Our coach, told I boy, hey then Sthis. This situation we were Intn like it was kind of. It was extra back as we weren't getting in trouble oh ride was just like be more prive
about like this happened and what happened and we were, did you do getferas. We are like an ow sur R. Did' know there was an ass, oh, a ha or if we were like no, we were saying its view of care and use it as a knob that it's a great opportunity to really get a hold on her her when she's flying what you were is a tisby muscle memory. You feel that knob to grab in your never eyes. Er go hid, man es it as anyway, and then we had. We talked with her mam on the busri RO. You had to talk to M it was it was, ever told anyone that Whor as awful. It really was Horia. I think I can't imagine any of us. Don't have those mem
because I was inclined to go like oh, I was big and I was fighting allots mages me me that I heard some someone and I feel terrible about it, but I think everyone, one gotten goutnance earn some shitty. to some one else if Thigam was impossible to make it trough your life without, and I should helpfulle an it, isn't it that's. I learn ye. He really felt terrible night, yet se. My also I felt so many things I felt terrible and I also felt So scared. I was like all my god. I did something really bad. I feel guilty and also, I feel like all my life is ruin and pubiganny. It kicked off this cheer, leating Squana, their whole life was in him, er.
Mawas nice to own. I are both prone to feel like her whole life is any. I wonder, agin a atelection, Rodley Universal or not one of people. Think like these little indiscretions or can take the whole thing down. Yeah! That's a really good question. I don't I don't think every one does feel that, may I guess it in Prisone that, like you, have something you want to keep to begin with, which maybe Vean Nehigh unique. Now yea did you gaze apologize to the girl? I thinks Mary. I know me we poder to the mom. Oh I Carrol, I don't know. I think did I'm sure we had to. This is one of those. You know real murky kind of topics which are you don't want to perpetuate something, and yet at York it. So you know I was bring up the fighting thing like I would have you give us getting picked on wood, say, punch them in a it's clearly wrong, but what's wronger yen, you don't mar me onces agoi. I wish she could just got the more
move because you're asking a lot of eight year olds to not care about mall. I know it's it's. Yes, we will e gideal if, Eight year olds didn't care, but then you Elsewhet to be realistic about the world we live in ins was like Did you get this more removed? You know. I certainly would I know, but I don't know that's the out of all moving in the right direction. I gotta just their cross to bear and little build character. I don't know it's complicated. I just know my heartwood snap and FIC Lincoln came home and Arymone tuck him on a mole anly. I may I it would hurt me so much more. I now even Le Ar these stitches. You know you seem me injuries. I could give a fuck. I don't care if a yo
Slang or in get an opberaitor. I don't care at all stitches her stitches in her finger when she touches up. My stomach turns amike M, I'm so nervous about her hurting herself ye. I sikeed an much about someone. No, I feel really bad about that girl. No But'S'Ll Paiyn it it's ol it as he is dead now, or something no she's, probably the governor of Georgia, bouquet Bagain. It could be like Dislexias Prilike to find her. She if she found her confidence, was like Euna thought this world. The smooth this morth, Uper Power yea. I hope she just got it remove TE in a tube. It was really a mole. I mean it was, but it was my rowth more humor Whoas kind of like a tumor that had a pigmant Farka and Hze Hipe Hyperplasyor Whete some malignant too folly.
Fo Ma'An, I' wink you it's funny, as you got a just conlict for a yuverse YU, you feel guilty. If you'ay yourself that you're so shallow right. That's how I feel when I'm like judgment of got like gum. Tons of makes all over there. I browser so may become aware of it and then a mad at myself right. But I do imagine there has to be some evolutionary thing. Words like we're. We we have a biological response to be afraid of summits, deems to be carrying a disease or has something infectious. I really think that's Sams Rashrael, that's white thrope smells sommat aeroser than anything else to people and cause there's poison in the throb and that's why they threw up. So if you want to be repelled by it Yeh, so you know unto me but or even like lameness right I mean not that's the word you can use E. more, but like the kids born with a una, um leg or arm, you No'T think I ae Lutionarily you're like oh, that's, a liability dall of our safety interesting here, Nothing need to beat yourself up to have as fiends yet to overcome them capitals on thin. You
de shame yourself me so mad and disappointed with yourself that you just that your nee jerk reaction of these things, I think it's kind of hard wired in us. He ads like bats, but you can be judgmental of your action after the thought for sure a you know, really s me said about the story is like. I think we were just talking about it, because it was like fun. Talk about somebody else. Oh he knowed the same way. The same thing. Everyone does all the time ore they want to talk about other people to make them s, I gess feel better sure chant. It was that we were on the cool tea and Rightwe
have a huge mole. Yes, you know I probably fellike ol think I don't have that to be. Can why of all these other things, I don't like ye now, your whole skin collar ya. Well, nay, this is the thing that's recommended in the broken ladder which is down comparingmins Vasicaly. What you're doing oh, but that idon't, I wouldn't recommend that I don't think it's good to do that. It also is like so like dear just interesting now, but well. they well hold, not down, compare not in a mean way, but it is good like I'm always, in hear that I must six or I don't look like how I lookand, So when I think about oh yeah, I could like how I looked less and I should
grateful he, and so it could lead me to having gratitude lultimately ye. That's because it's a shame. Our brains work that Whay. You need to find something e ot, a worse plight than yours to enjoy your station Amm o K, so how many people have e gots? I sa like five people, Haven' fifteen people have em all fifteen yes, but more than forty performers or one away. Oh YEM, including Richard Rogers, Reada, Moraino, Audrey, Hepburn, twelve wils, Can I get up I'll be able to get it but MEL Brooks. Share, came winds, let by ad Davis Common Helen Marin, Lynn, man, Miranda, Dick Vandyke Julie, Andrews, Lily, Tomlin MIP. These are some of the peo
anyhow. So there might be a big in flux of Egots Guia, send big, get even less exclusive, ah fifteen Ed's higher than I would have thought ever so very much. but I jes out of people when I drant me when we're an actor. Sometimes you can win them in Khannole. Icy way, o Ee Le Heaven zag Brath, one one I think for oh, he didn't guess for that. The sound tract of oh of gardenstay or enzeler. A great sound track is a great sound track. Ith is when I think of Grammy Winters Ane thing of people wholl write, o amazing, music. Now shipo Cura yeah. No, sometimes you can win them for, like a audio, looks
or like audio, although we might win. Why me and I'd like to while view we won't, you could be engine towards me. You got at least nomination. I could maybe I could be the eager nominations so not winner, but have an eminent nation. I know so then. Maybe I Maybe her Ji Ye Grive for their omination out tha outer me would enter his sews. Like Monica Padman E got nominated at we all say that in trailers Academy a word nominated yet that still I that states with Eutegious denomination I like that happy when that lake was really upset with me that I om that I didn't submit for the Emmies Yeh. I am upset with you e, like Y. Try to sort that out for five ten minutes in an altern lages landed onlike. I don't enter pageants whatl you? Think of that, but Yos as simples as I don't enter a race cot don't enter pageans, it would arase. It has an objective winner,
some one crosses the fanish line. Furze, it's real estr. The miss is like Mannrily people like you, but I guess might Lhe Questios IC. What's the ob, I understand the mentality like coo- cares. It's all subjective anyway, a me realy, Matner, all that's Truen, but it doesn't hurt you to do it. So why make that year becauses. I am so critical of it. I would feel hypocritical if I was both so critical of it and then also participating way. You know I come so regularly like that's horseship was such and such nod in Ther, that's and there. How is it that the best supporting actor always goes to whoever the most famous person was? Who dd small roll on something there jus all these ths hings that I never agree with yer, Ben in YE arms self critical enough to recognize a
That might be my way of going Wolf course never got an id for when I did say Tey in Care'N up yer a like as it de MYR building in an excuse than tit have never been ominy, but I don't think it's that look on like I really explored that ye and I can just say with fol honesty. If there was an Emy sitting on the of Pucking Cerdens over her, I wouldn't care ye. I don't think I would actually care me. It's really fun o win and in the moment it's fine, an it my ea, but then who cares, but I do think a nomination Ells actually good, nor had become a rather to cusic recognition, whom somebody noticed. I did something well ors. Mi knows I worked hard, somebody
noticed is her a feeling that I like yes, but I havelit Ight. I totally agree with that, but I get that from. I just told you the other day it hit me for the first time in the table. Reading from the network, like oh, people entrusted me to be one of the leads of the jao it. Whether I think I a serving of it or not. These people all voted in there in charge, and they said I was so that to me was that moment: yeah, that's a great mountain that I've felt like oh, this is not Tom an accident or anything out. The Acces Orly happen like this Wright yea into so that part he has nice to recognize. The only reason I would want to when one is this to make the speech as I'd loved it talk in public. I An'T Y Lovest E's art about all the peoplo loved as the Prae would not these. die, isn't a interesting ye, and I like time my people, I love, but
non being a Foremad inn where your artely HT uncle so its I iain't motional. I can also I get aim point, a single experience was like. Why are we participating in this? He was at the golden globes last year, where Christan was nominated, we are seated at a table right and the tables for the people nominated for television are in the back teer. People nominated for movies, are in the centre on the ground floor, which is fine, who gives a farkin an but then there's actually a whole bit about it. Where Jim carried does a sit in the back tv row. Even though he's now on a tv show, and then they kick him to the nosebleeds frank and then it just so happens that they picked our table to sit him at for the bit Rustle Jim carries. I o shadow cail. Goes it with the losers and instants at our table, and only why are we participathe
in this rer were feelings a little bit. Well, no, I was just like. Oh, this is so high school for this day, even be a bit that makes sense in works and is funny. It has to be true It is true. So why are the evil goingas rest up and spent hundreds of dollars getting their make up done and thousands on outfits to go be delineated as a second glass in this hole, high school contests, but I don't think it's true ac ti digit could be remotely funny if it wasn't true, yes, because I think it that's like the idea that ERI. These separate tears is so ridiculous than in funny. I think thabited im and was physically happening. All the people in the bottom were in Murai. I that's so stuped his Ownnat is' is not like a um, a hypothetical. It really is Hobit's what's happening, but it's, but I think, what's being called out as that
absurd not like? This is the way it is and that person is not allowed to sit there ha ha ha. It's not bade like how dumb is it that there are these separations, we'll right and yet there are, it is dumb and it is true to have it nowe. We also now what all those people are: Oun Tivi. ye? It is weird to like Ferdive, Gote Nominae, which is so sweet and wonderful o happy for and then to arrive at a place and go o, but I'm not that like there's still another thing yet that whole circus of go an Shatus and ranking I disobject to through that's dof, be I an yes, I agree an u, too, and also is how every person takes it, because I don't know I don't know, but I don't think I would care about that at all. I don't think I don't think you would the
sfive years. He went ye ah, but I think I knewr fifteen you'd be like our all being Duke they're, giving away th oaward. So ever one agreed to come and put I and give these people a really really expensive night of television for Fhrey, because our egoes want us to pert bay in Whin and be recognized and B. Am officially knighted as being in this group Tuing and any smarter people are just getting this cri It even show out of it where they could never get all these actors in one place for under a billion dollars. Yes, there like a little given this fucking piece of metal. More come here that that that the Seneca me yeah feels that way a little bit about right This is not to take what any one is Wone on Emmy a morrow out o them. I Nowa Olot if he Cill Dreserve those things yea, Anni genuinely on top of all this old me to say, Idnt really think it every yet now, Needi anyway, I da so just like a fifteen dollars. I don't neen to spend
He knows fifteen Boks or some Nus, O men, Meanon, Mores, ha ha yeah I'd like to see you get Reccogn est to UN. U youn't! Thank you, but I yet recognized non here. Ye di that's true, yen, Missus, waymorth, rewarding and gitting and part of it for me a just like ye. If you you know all this is so stupid, no sure yen, it that these yore goin way to die some roll through life. I think I don't know, I'm eye also don't go to these things somemaybe. I would feel very very differently. If I I mean I did-
ones with Christen, and I did hate right Arra as I will minipi your chair and a weird spot for you in her Rosy Minin Alivu eh, how Sather Gallow Hof Aho my Shary of im off or that's goin to Makeact point. It is with the bendopthit by the pure premise of the thing there has to be people sitting in a chair that NAK dont get food it just like it's Dinih Ther, because it it's it's a sword, there's two edges to it to beat to be like hoisting all these people up to this elevated level. It just has to Demot every one. sat's, not those people and then there's these limited resources, whether it's space at a table or food that Argoin tog assigned to the more important people, it all seems to me a little unhealthy ye. I DEA. I hate the idea of more importance, Paul is in the reward. Is Egit paid a lot of money to Fuk and play around on a sat? That's your reward! Nan. You know Weid Wut, nor need another. Ye no needs in a war is as roofers,
Now they need a banquet and war. You know I was thinking this onset. We were set this week and yeah struggle. So much with all of that place in the hierarchy. Yes, and then I was looking at the an in Thon hours like only gash saod the standin, but that people don't know is the person that, while there lie Ing may stand there, so the actor does not have to stand there while they fix all the litle Ona lined on the Camery, yes, which can be like an hour of just standing and their wearing the same clothes that the actor wears so that they can match the lighting of the normal of the same color hair that tried like match up as much as possible. The purpose of them is too stand and be overlooked and do something that is not worth someone else's time.
and I was looking at this person- and I was like that is the most egoiss job I've ever ever come across, see ya. What's add to it was just thinking this. This week we had a lake and I had a bunch. Ed scenes where were like she's laying on me looking at a computer and the Standands had to like lay on each other They don't have the benefit of AL lines and in her action. So it's like if ling and I were jus lying on each other. It would be so fucking, awkward or and is seen and were talking an and we're doin. I say ye but Ot just be lain on a stranger for an hour, Mi have you later all along we like but could be a man I can like. Maybe in my opinion, should be a man again like. Why are we maintain? I guess it's like another job for somebody, but that's right. You I'd those people want those job. It's also. They got they'd theirs, locking writes so they got ta move Niet off his vein, so they would need rollbots. Well, I I'd like robe
you Wonr e? Just, don't think it's a Ocean only. How can that be good for that person wants, but Jervis was genius for creating that show extra discuss. It really just went into how much awkwardness is in a stand in world any hath near those people deserve an award. They really deal. They do and thay also la probably take a lot of pride in and they shan't learn the union and they gether. I make a good way: yes, YE yea Bantly Problim. Rmaking more doing that than they would be driving a Neber, a Yeh, no you're right, that's that was all the fact n. Oh
I really o man owe really deep dove in to Whu I ze deep dived. As I hanged, an HUN dearlhisis Occate. We reallyathieve dived into a ward culture unexpectably, but not unexpectedly, because he is a winning a winning man, Terable winning and the National College. Foo Bola et one of three people I dislike one peoplet of kinder approach succeed shall I often think I'm not a big enough dick to be a good director, Whyt Scays, idle, yellow people either you've been unset where I was directing yeah very energized and excited in never yelling at anyone. I forbid yelling a people as a director as a director one, an tem. I often think whill prowling never directing in Greggs. I think those be
have to be Dick. I do not to hear these stories about Whith there. Just it is, as that doesn't ho who feels emotionally comfortable in that environment. This isn'tlike, the sport like sports, at least you can use the screaming till I Physically angry, as in in an acting situation, must be Vulnerablen and and som, no ye! You mngly treated like a um like a military operation. Some of these people yea- I don't like I don't- need to work with any of those people ever all right. Well, that' am that's our show, ha ha ha ha. I love you. Let's gone be KO o ca. Lev, you beg, prober, o wo.