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Scott Harrison is the founder and current CEO of the non-profit charity, Charity: Water. Scott sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his unconventional childhood and his career as a club promoter turned philanthropist. He attempts to disarm Dax's skepticism and he explains why giving begets giving. Scott delves into his mothers' struggle with the world, he talks about his feelings of powerlessness and he explains the rare financial model behind Charity: Water.

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Welcome to experts on expert aimed at Shepard, who are you young person, Monica Potman? Oh, going by the same name, same name, Monica Patman thought, maybe in nineteen you might try out new moniker, Monaker ha ha way. They ve already thought of their cars. Are noted. People say that d on the playground shabby in the bag. I will be such an intelligent be worth getting learn air. Well, we have an intelligent guest on today, how Scott Harrison with At the end, yeah somebody's one is he's got Harris. I don't even know why? But it's got Harrison integrated and in Regrettably, effective charity called charity water. Yes, that my wife has been involved with four years and I have been very sceptical.
because I have all this scepticism for white people who go into Africa to change things. I've learned about a lot of those well intentioned things gone awry in anthropology, and so I was not willing to give Scott Harrison Affair shake. So he came into the attic got me he dad. He gets me yeah yeah got me. I've been got well, you'll see just how much I got here is that fuckin checkbook came out what a story incredible story my story grown up riveted on the edge of my lazy boy. Monica they'll get to hear it will monitor how manic moniker Patman. Oh, let me just also throw we do. Have some take us left in San Antonio. If you go into my instagram page installed the link in my bio, I think it'll take you to some ticket sales. We have a few left come see ass. Some ceased we're gonna, fucking rage down in San Antonio Data. Listen,
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I find that so hard to believe their very fashionable. There was, like a really high and store at the airport is called Johnston Murphy, but this is funny tough speaking in Phoenix. I was in Media Minneapolis on the way to Phoenix, and I have this terrible shock that oh all I have is the really crappy issues that I had me that I was flying with. So I am I'm going to let you know I'm talking to the hotel and the concierge has no way to get him decent shoes. So I'm kind of moving around Minneapolis Airport and I find the storm in. I find I get the shoes for then I come home, my wife's, like they're, really nice. So last night I bought another pair good for you sit in the box using as when you find good choose it's more now. You just blew past. The real thing is: if your wife likes anything you like triple down on right, my wife,
happens to say my hair looks good a certain way. I'll just be run in that Peristyles ass. She says otherwise invited over that product yeah. So just to give people like a really when you started and are the ceo of charity Water- and this is very- very successful- charity a wife has been very involved in, and I guess that's how I knew about it. She she came out to Ethiopia. Amazing trip with us to see some projects that were built in her thirtieth birthday. of her fans came. How much did she raised? You remember she was a hundred grand ok, you can do better today. That was about ten years ago. Right I mean, I think they go, might have been thirty grand Lazo. She blew by that by three hundred and thirty three percent achiever quick method you missed Monica. But yes, I do remember when she went there and this will be a very fun conversation for Unite, because She, as you know, is in lockstep with the way you see the world and I,
just innately, very cynical, so funny so this is merely a fun when it really well and what may we set up the organization mainly for cynical people? Oh really, an ogre trees. Donor is actually one of the greatest cynics about charity who's that Isaac ECHO Michael Birch. We might tell that sooner or later, ok, crazy story, so Russia, the gates, I because I'm a piece of shit, I can't relate all that much to people who have dedicated themselves to something selfless rights, I'm immediately suspicious of anyone. That's done that because I can only think I'm a piece of shit that wouldn't do that. So this person must have some secret or something right and proven wrong time and time again, I don't know if you know Ruggiero reasonably well,
have you ever read the book. It's John Crack. Our book call were men, wind glory in the Pat Tillman story, you embryos of professional football player in Arizona and then nine eleven happened and he, I believe It was plain in the very next football games to be played in New York in here point in the Giants Stadium and he could see where the twin towers used to be, and he quit the NFL in Join military in this was a very public thing, and I said to myself when I read this: what kind of weirdo would quit the NFL to join the military? This guy's either a killed. Somebody in his repenting for something or he's some crazy christian crusader who thinks that this is a holy war. He needs to embark on. I carried that opinion of him for maybe eight ten years, and then I read this book income to find it. He was just absolutely stellar human being with integrity that I can't ever comprehend and in fact, once he joined he was
they upset. We were going, I rakkeed and agree with that. They are trying to make him the poster child, the military he refused. He ended up being kind of punk rock. While he was there and then he was killed. While He was there a documentary on this yet made a film or a dark Hall Tillman and it's fantastic and they tried to cover up that he was killed through from friendly fire at any rate. So that's just one example of the times have been robbed. Care will see if I can, when you over there, but they would interested me was not your charity. Work is just your story leading up to the charity work. Now I can relate to hugely so too a little bit about your childhood in what happened when you were five with your mother yeah I was born into a very normal middle class family in Philadelphia. Dad worked in an electrical engineering company. They sold transformers power supplies for the Navy. In two municipalities, mom was a journalist, so she would right out the filled up. He inquired
local paper is kind of a special to you that she did or did not. Just any turn is a hot just love to love to write day. They met at your pen when I was, for they moved to this. This drab gray house in Moors, Tony Jersey, to take my dad's commute down from an hour to about twenty two minutes. and what we didn't know and we moved in the dead a winter. This energy efficient house on the end of a cold to sack the elementary school I would be able to walk to end my day be able to spend more time at home with me and hopefully are growing family we didn't know is that this house had a carbon dioxide gas leak, and this was almost forty years ago, so they had not yet invented the detector that we buy em blister backs. the Americas fathers obsessed with these and send them to her all the time- and I have inherited won through her second hand, so gently could have used one, yes, removing the houses. We all start to get a little sick, headaches, noise, my
dad- and I are only sleeping in the house- I'm going to school he's going to work mom in the dead of winter is fixing up the house, unpacking boxes, putting picture frames on the wall at work in the basement, so new year's day, one thousand nine hundred and eighty she walks across the bedroom and she collapses unconscious on the floor. After a long series of blood test, they find these massive amounts of Carboxyhemoglobin. Her I'm an exciting your bloodstream and thankful. She didn't die, but giants regulates having long hedge. You guys lived there before that happened couple months. Oh geez! Ok, it was it happen. Quickly was three months. I wonder what kind of damage your sustaining during So we bounce back my dad and I remember, having tons of allergies tons of issues as a kid and then just announced back United. I guess the exposure was limited to nights right, be nor that the nine hours or so and she
at the full twenty four. Maybe your body is even more susceptible to this. So what happens? Is her immune system shuts down in the most by very way, and so she is now unable to process anything chemical in the world. Perfume car fumes, soap aftershave already have an auto immune response were that her body distorts attacking itself. If she remembered the symptoms would be terrible, headaches, Migraines inertia, hypertension, she would get these huge rashes. Her face would swell up. So the of course at what you would do is might my dad is the sleuth he's he's trying to find the source of it? He eventually with a plumber friend, finds the crack himself awhile. He had invited the gas come he had a few times suspecting this. They checked all the lion said: hey everything's, fine and then my dear
and a plumber age back. I eventually rip out the furnace and find these little pinhole cracks allow the carbon dioxide to escape. So he he throws this mangled thing out. And you know mom now now is our visit, and I dont want to make light of this, but this is almost like the poltergeist movie like I would be out of a house. I feel like oh yeah, right like
if the house it injured, monitor this degree, I feel like I just feel like our guys. We get up, we gotta figure, so we did. We became nomadic for a little while I go to clinics, remember this clinic in Montrose Pennsylvania, where she lived effectively in isolation, ward and they were trying to figure out what made her sick did every they make her sick. So they took her diet down to English. Twenty four foods can only have one food premium, so breakfast would be walnuts, lunch would be broccoli, dinner would be caught in a Tuesday would have a completely different food and she is reacting to almost all these food, so my gunning they tested over a hundred food. She reacted to ninety four,
and of the foods you're drinking pure spring water, bad, no, no exposure tending chemicals. So then we start moving around with neighbours. When my dad is trying to figure out how to purify the house. So, instead of moving because actually didn't know that session of affair question me why they didn't, he was determined to purify the house. We rips out the gas puts in a different heating system. He ripped out every bit of wall to wall. Carpet, Is there a formality, hide used in the sealant sure, so he had his buddies sooner now ripping carpet. I've got pictures of all this stuff and he he turns the how safe she comes back in is still sick. Now, now everything makes mom sick, the the and will blow off the four lane highway the wrong way and her body symptoms will spike.
Everyone she goes into. One of these can almost sounds like an electric shock. You kind of history means what does she have to then do lie down, and in that does she taken every event like what what happens when she s a she would dealer oxygen. Ok, it was called hearing. She would walk briskly in the woods she would get enough in a car and go out to rank focus woods and then she retrain just a robot glee purify her body right. I remember mom, you know in these these these ski pants just kind of way Your house has its rate rule nineteen eighteen, eighty one. This is exactly the lawyer. So family planning stops I'm now before going on five thrust into a caregiver Rome. I start helping dad take care of cooking cleaning, weird food on me. I remember she couldn't you seasoning. She would give me a piece of cod and I would go Newgate nemesis slimy kind of congealed gusting fish.
I would take up to her room my my parents do. Do you socially you're probably embarrassed to bring kids around our they could come in the house? Ok there. He knew. I am out of all the doors. All my good saying, keep out while environmentally ill patient inside no perfume, no soap. We would change are closed to come in the house. It's like you and I believe that the entire lab at you to get air shower before he ass. You think that's crazy, as I would have sets of clothes that would be in the garage. That is what we would call it getting pure so I'd. Let's say I would pick up. I don't know perfumery hairspray or smoke out at a restaurant. I would come back. I couldn't come in with those close relay would have to be washed in baking soda multiple times, an especial hypo, our genetic
so called basic h, so this whole culture did it make you o c d about things. I can't We are you overly aware at all times of things smell, fragrances. All these things like. How does that leave your psyche. yeah forty years later to things so moms kryptonite was fabrics, oftener and nail polish. Remember, you could argue, neither does our only good for any of us right. I obviously immediately think of my father in law. He can't have bomb fabrics oftener either Hill Hill. That drives me crazy answer to this day. So we have kids and my wife- and I is getting him down from friends- and if I hear me down comes in you know sweatshirt for my son, I'm wash in that thing. My twenty times, I'm trying to get the smell out safely, one of the biggest fights I've had. My wife was around
using nail polish from over in the house, because I came in and I felt like. I immediately had a headache. I almost felt like I was getting my mom symptoms right or two years later, yeah! That's about it! Do you find that, throughout your adulthood, you were attracted to incredibly needy women shore in the beginning, in the eighteen to twenty five range. Yes, the echoes what a fundamental relationship mother and son is in. If your role was to fix her was to fix her and, of course I can only assume she had to be so grateful I mean you have a child now write your
do you have to, and I have to do in full notion of my little sweethearts taking care of me. I can only imagine I would I feel terrible about a b. I would dispute Showery men with with love and affection and gratitude, and it was that kind of the pattern in the early days. You know it was. It was really hard for because in and so much of this is now pieced together through photo books and an pre moms illness. They are photos of taking me to do to the Science Museum, to the Franklin Institute to Apple pecking, right all of these activities and mother son activities and then post illness. It's a story of masks right. My mom would wear these charcoal masks, Moxa, djinn tanks, everything just changes. G, it's hard to find a photo of her without a mask on and.
You know one of the dynamic that was happening for me this whole time as a child was. I didn't know that it was this real ready. I was going to say yes, I would be suspicious that my mother wanted attention. And one of the world to revolve around her, and I would probably be bouncing back all the back and forth all the time about that and a specific example that she would claim that electromagnetic radiation would make her sick, so tv radio, now I'm through king. She just doesn't want me to watch tv, her she's, trying to ruin my life.
You know my parade the apis so one night, and I think this is early teenagers. I remember I'm an approve this, I'm an approved that pits mobs head and she is manipulating her symptoms to get me to watch less tv, yeah Saigon, one nights at pitch black in the hallway she's gone to sleep, and I have a radio and I plug in the radio next to her door, and I turned the volume all the way and I M the radio right through the door after that. Ok all night passed, silently blasting sure radio waves, potentially her safe, murdering, let me say from right so in I am waking up in the morning? I met a declared this victory. You know, watch all the tv less now the radio I want, while she's incredibly ill in the morning, and again
and now he was in her safe room, so she was scared like what could have happened at this point we had built. She was. She was living in a bathroom. Upstairs was Afore bedroom house. The bathroom door was covered in aluminum, foil layers of tinfoil to keep any lingering smell of varnish in the army. Caught that she slept on had been washed and baking so twenty times everything had been scrub down so she's in safe from goes to bed wakes up. Second, she has no idea why I never told her ideal terribly guilty when that happens or room it's it's funny. I actually dont remember the the feeling of guilt as much I remember ok, it's real putting that doubts, yeah right
we aside and now, when you are going, are you even allowed to go out vague social life and spend the night at other friends? Houses are you required gave their ok, they did the best they could in. My friends would be able to play soccer in the backyard in whose couldn't come in the house and when you go to it a friends house was it just like Mcnally. Oh did you think? Like I went I was watching predator in their basement. Now, nine in your eating, shitty food and all their and our you yeah. I would be further sizing all my parents are also they have their Christians and they have a deep christian faith. They decide not to sue the gas company for negligence, shocks, everybody said a very conservative and they were very strict. You know. Not only am I kind of in this caregiver role, which just stunk has why couldn't my be like all the other moms yeah, I wasn't allowed to do some of the things in my other. swear. So when I just I remember watching our way-
movie, my friends in the basement were deciding to readers, yeah you're, like pork ease and fuck em revenge and the nurse ass yeah seemed Rambo First Black, like love first mouth about last night, saint, almost fire. I think we see Rob blows. bonds and about last night, as neither here nor there, but what your relationship with riddle gin during that period I, signed up please yeah now on Sundays, in the church we're not denominational, so they they moved from church. Do we moved twice so they were Nessus early towing, any denominational line. They were just good Bible, believing Christians, I am an added, actually brought out the best in both
of them. You know it's a gave, my mom, this unbelievable hope and optimism. She wouldn't complain. The bible said, don't complain you now have have give thanks in everything. I specifically remember as a kid that we would go to the grandparents every once in a while and mom had a safe room prepared there and grandpa would smoke his pipe in the basement, and the smell would waft up from the basement into her. She would have to go out and walk in the woods furiously two clear these Sinbad. Probably things were you think. Even worse general, everybody at my dad's work thought that he's your wife's Is it right, yeah yeah for sugar who knows chuck women? Have you know they?
didn't area like this area. He got every version of of that line. I remember when that happened. She would walk in the woods saying. Thank you got for the tobacco smoke. Thank you for the thing that made me sick, like those just this disarm, stoicism, yeah in her. My dad didn't leave her. You know so he's all business executive super good, looking Guy Ex Navy tennis player in ingrate shape, and now he has an invalid on his head yeah, I'm living in a room not not in his room, none the bedroom, but they must still live she just past. She did pancreatic cancer, couple months ago, I'm so sorry not of this illness. She fought for forty years got to meet the green kids. In today's day, married then hold I did so they had never had a girlfriend, never did
Never never did. He says he has a long, Maisie manhood and she just passed away just short of their fiftieth wedding interest rate. While did did the condition that the carbon monoxide caused that lesson overtime or to stay consistent for forty years, she's got gotta dealing with it. She did ya you just you learn how to avoid. The things that make you sick and with the house just got more pure. Ah there were there were moments where she would be a little stronger and then there would be a setback. I remember there was a time when she was actually doing well enough that people could come and stay at the house. A good family friends could come stay as if they if they got pure so again, their wearing our clothes right that have been properly washed and when you know one of these families comes over and dumps by accident, a bottle of cologne. Next,
the central element I mean this is the kind of you can begin only happen when you're tiptoeing around someone they need this. the words of the habit, of course, because I've never heard of someone Dewey Matt outside of gray, I don't you guys, got empty bottle. I spent a lot of things, but not the one thing he then gets in the Azores higher angel. Exactly did. Did she sleep in her safe from for forty years or did she ever did go and back into the bedroom back and forth? There was. There was a period of years where she had to sleep there. Then there were times when she could sleep with my dad, as that room was also pure. I mean the whole house is became. Pure waste are really good at that. So is back and forth. She would be towards the end. She was definitely sleeping in my dad's room, just just for more detail what she says out where this was so much to love to read and now the poor
and makes her sick. You know that, but new print, you go probably the adhesion in the binding or why so as a kid? Let's eight or nine. Now I learn how to bake her books in the oven alarm fumes, get all the fumes out or put them out in the sun on the back on to our gas so that there were these words? Clearing trying to get rid of symptoms out. Gassing is anything advising you guys is an expert on planet earth and then there are the anymore in a community of other people with conditions similar to mom, so is it it was called environmental illness, I'm just Eli. I remember that there was almost always and in the community of people there was almost always an incident where the immune system shut down. One of my was friends was living in a nice rural neighbourhood and one day can launch the pesticide company just comes in sprays, everybody's lawns and one,
person, their neighbourhood is never the same again allows Something in those pesticides reacted with the weakness in their body. Somebody described it a doctor described it once of the barrel theory that you know we all have the space in our barrel, where we can just fight up all these chemicals coming in. So you get stuck in. You know on the four hundred and five and you're sucking in this terrible fumes. Your barrels not full so process it mom's, where I was always full rises. Anything comes in just there's no room owed to to process that ok, doubt very unique: childhood. I have to like when I find out, then what happens as a result of it,
childhood, I'm not shocked in the slightest, so you you're in enemies, music right. You join a banned at some point. You go to college well before that. My parents put me in a in a christian school in the ninth grade, and so this is freshman year of high school and their nine students, and it's in the basement of a church and the school can't afford teachers for all the subjects, so are miserable enough at homes and they had to find a school. That would just be honest. This gets better were tab, ivy, Hs Oak, Remember those great when I learned these two wheel in with the gray rigged mats, big J, B C top later on yet at a monitor would make sure that we were watching science for fifty minutes which felt like a thousand hours after ninth grade, I tell my pet- that I am I'm leaving home on a runaway, if I go back to the school girl, so I sat looking at a semi to the public school and
don't worry, I'm not going to be corrupted, I'm not going to go back in now, I'm not going to get worldly, knocking to get worldly, it'll, be fine, mom and dad in this four thousand people at the school to MAGIC, from being denied, as in New Jersey or filters managers, accounting militarism so they send me over and over their worst fears like immediately just just Iphone when the wrong crown away that apple. A second I grow by her down on my shoulders. Immediately. I join Iraq Ban. I start drive and filled up in New York City Playing C b g bees and wetlands and link where we actually good we're we're getting what will never ran scald Sunday River after a ski resort. None of us had ever been to so when were the wrong crowds. I'm, I'm late on the vices okay, so I'm actually the good kid in the band and the driver game there. I'll do in drugs, they'll get laid.
There are numerous and I'm still in a holding onto the virtues right. It became my upbringing at this point to get through high school, but I'm so disinterested in studies. Banking. Just imagine the amount of freedom year experiencing being away from that heavy heavy childhood home of yours. It must be for two just get the fuck out of there for a period of time that just fourteen existence, probably was euphoria, inducing yeah and I and I did now. I change from that that kid who's taking care of mom who's caring about who who wanted to be a doctor when I grow up so that I can cure her and others. Now, I'm this rebellious angsty I'm coming home with the band and It would be helpful to me and I would signal, or I'm gonna House, so I really began to resent her rules, the Piazza curfews or whatever and of course,
she feels like she's losing control dad to to exert more authority the end. You know that just pushes me farther for away. He said I was high school years right, so you then go to New York City with the band yeah you re, move first, I'm going to end the bans manager. and I may get us a record you and we are to become rich and famous and we're gonna tour with all the other great bans that we listen to that. work behind immediately breaks up, we hate each other, so became my dad has saved up for college, I'm not going to college. So because who needs it go to college when you're bandits can be turning round the world right, so the bam breaks up and the last consultancy, no guy helping us get our an ordeal was an n y. You grab me said, will look kid, you know you're an idiot, if you don't take your dad's money and at least get a degree like you can still live in New York City, you
you can go to and why you part times go at night. Go. Do film, go to Tisch right. Do artsy stuff so I announced to my father and mother that I'm gonna be doing them a giant favour, and I will take that whatever hundred thousand hours and you know scholarship free, go pay, New York, university right and I are doing that. My wife went and why you- and am I, what do you see a lay? So I always baggage and why you as much as I can even ice, secretly thing it's a great school. I tell her all the time why didn't get anywhere you ain't, there really is applied the same principle of of study there, so that's happening and go into and why you and then one of the guys that had bought my band by IP was a pretty, was a club promoter and He had brought our banned in Vienna, we we would bring some people to the club. Many was running this music open music night. It was a showcase, was place called tattoo club tattooing.
He first street, and I remember the he would make the light share of the money collecting all that and then he would just throw us, may be a hundred bucks to split six ways right, not even for gas So when the ban breaks up, I approached him and say how work for you for free. Will you teach me this business because looked pretty cool other side of the velvet rope, the organiser of the party, the person who decided who came in new state out the guy with all the drink tickets share. So I partner with him, I'm I'm nineteen and we moved to a club, a legendary club called Nelson Fourteenth Street, and we start this open MIKE nights called voices at nelse and it's all all black arm be midnight night. and my my business partner was a singer. He was really talented. Singer he'd been on star surgeon just now. to his way around this. This group and I'd
learned? I had a talent for the business for making the flyers for putting together the lists later the email best early on that and we wind up building this extraordinarily successful open my night on Tuesdays that Shaka con comes to print comes to and performs no rhyme ignite, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, It was amazing, Stevie, wonder and at that point do now start approaching other Van used to say: hey, look what we may happen on Tuesday night at this place. We can make that happen over here on Wednesday. Again, no first, I screw my partner, ok, ok! So he decides to go on. The road was smoky Jos, CAFE and says You know why don't you look over the business while I'm gone for six months, he leaves and then I fired and take all the money I can grant partner with the club outer. Ok, the guy you own, the clock was there was kind of the GNP of the club, and you know that
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else my whole life. I am now looking out for me and I don't really give a shit like as it is my turn to guess: yeah yeah this is it it's my turn at its it's my turn to explore. Breaking the rolls down right of those rules of the church of the religion. Was there to oppress me? Where do you keep me from living my best life exploring the world? I needed to see what was out there. So so this happened slowly. So I start smoking star cigarette is ok, start drinking ass, dart, sleeping around archives, dart marijuana, you know, then it moves on to a cocaine and ecstasy and am dna and special case start. Gambling start with the porn, and this trip clubs, and it's just over ten years. It's really a you know, oh there's another thing I did that I said I would never do sugar. one more thing: Eileen vices on your shoulders right hand getting
he's been getting around. Well, let me back up Oh sit in this moment where I'm working at an club, a new club opens up two blocks away called Lotus and the owners the foreigners were on New York magazine, and this was going to be the hottest models and bottles. It was a supper club. Videos to levels is amazingly in. There was a vip room with a locked key code and someone dared me Oh you know you're this! You ve got a success arm! Benign! That's great! You could never do this thing so, like oh yeah, ok, so I start calling the owners cold, calling the owners leaving out fifteen twenty voice meals on the club, just by extension, railway. For a number one Jeffrey job for number. Two David re just list the did going into the telephone tree and Finally, one of them when the owners caused me back and says: hey, listen, you know just because your
voting. That thing doesn't even being good at doing this thing, but are giving Monday night I'll pay a hundred. Fifty bucks money was a slow night, so I'm still keeping the arm beetling going, and I start on Mondays and I fall in love with him- he's just totally different. It's Vashon its music You know we're throwing parties fur vote, the Enid, it was celebrities. Jim carries in the club. Didn't cells in the club poppies in the club, disease and the club. It's in it. It was something altogether ds, different, and so you are technically the promoter of that Monday night cry to bring some beautiful? They give you a percentage of the whole take for monopoly. That point later, I d graduate greedy little piggy and I like known about monies I wasn't exactly how works here. beginning it was just hey, bring a few people. A year later I was getting fifteen percent of the night. Ok,
and a better address those guys pal you're. Looking at the take, you know, you're you're, doing your best right, getting pronounced at the end of the nine you're going home. Now you can't, anyone. Diet, there's no way you're getting fifteen prohibited under various everybody, screwing everybody s so I come in on the worst nights, getting paid a hundred fifty bucks flat to see if I'm any good, I partner with the doorman who was just making an- I don't know, probably a hundred fifty just to stand out in the cold sure we say Legate, let go the do. Let's go do so. We start karaoke net. We started celebrity karaoke night. Ok, while he's working at load as warm still doing the Monday we start doing a Tuesday, a lounge called a halo, and this thing starts blowing up we're charging a cover, so we wanted the cash yeah. So we turned and into a really successful thing, and then we go back to Lotus with a Thursday night, which is kind of a Marquis night. So all at disaster, then I went to work it. Forty night clubs,
we're gonna. Let me tell you my personal experience with this, because this is a New York thing. We desert some. Which exist in our least not the level. So when I first was on TVS side or know how one of these guys found me, but they found me when I was in New York. In the meantime time I was in New York, the sky would be like call me, and then I would get taken around in when he picked me up there be drugs in there would be everything was taken care of I had an orgy with this guy I mean not with him but he and his girlfriend and someone else I mean it- was crazy. Bizarre experience a just kind of made everything perfect for you, because you being their somehow help their overall thing and even when I was with them Guy in New York. I kept thinking, there's a rough lifestyle for him. Like I'm gonna go home.
and I'm going to go to work on a movie set, but this guy is going to do this seven nights a week or, however many nights a week, and I just even as a drug addict. I was nervous for the sky. If that makes any sense, so like I have some understanding of what your life was like in your life exists between ten p m and sixteen m, pretty leader at ten o clock at twelve, the after hours at five right home at noon. Got a new. Do men were years five nights a week, six may too weak the night you not working you're, going out trying to increase, trying to go, find new people to bring into the fold right in your making a lot of money come on here we are living like millionaires. Shark is everywhere. Everybody else is only thing you do is free other people's planes, other people's dinner you're, the one walk around with a drink tickets. You now I'm a guy One of our guys right would sit at our table go by ten thousand hours a crystal.
That were then handing out or sprang yeah. So somebody, even more importantly, getting fifteen percent of that purchase them it is amazing at first we're only four for me, like the girls were issued, Part of that I am leaving the most beautiful girls right it, as did the scene revolves around guys who have a lot of money. They want to be close to models, yes, but there was the also this view very bizarre dynamic in it even happened within in this orgy, which was, I meant girl. She was friends at the deeds girlfriend it was hey. Let's go back to your hotel room, great p s. You can't hook up with my girlfriend. Ok, whatever so
war, in this scenario and I'm seeing that the girl definitely does want to hook up with me, like I'm getting some pretty obvious Sayer on tv or on the value of their edges. Other layer, where I kept thinking as I'm using neatly codependent person. I was thinking while this guy's almost got the thing this like this is bullshit fake, artifice of celebrity and all that entails, and he so clubs causing contact. You know what I'm that varies with others to people that are probably much more famous me, and now he has a girlfriend is attracted to him because he has access to that. But yet he is not that thing. So I have to amend, in just the juggling of all that is weird. It's like you're in that club, but at the same time you you're not the Marquis thing of that club you're, not even the owner. It is so there's so much status. On your mind. Twenty four seven yeah and the conversations did it make you resent the girl you were with like in any weird way like
even though you knew you were guilty of it. Every one in the whole scene is complacent. In this weird feeding frenzy for status in you, Wanna partaken, the fruits of that, but at this and I'm your ear. Maybe even judgmental someone is doing the same thing. You're doing it's all very complicated. Isn't it it is. It is and must have relationships are shallow. You know, look you. It gets really boring they are having the same banal conversations over and over again you shout over a dj rates. The most trivial She came here, you're, just there's, no substance, there's no depth any of it I had a moment once were being I've been up all night night and I was probably trying to take Ambien to come down off of ecstasy and I was on Houston Street crashing at my business partners. Pay it's on his couch and you know what we would do to block out the light we get really good at using comforters. When we are, we could be the hamptons we could be, but you gotta
gotta. Somehow you make the shades make your own darkness stay at noon. Yeah, Simon, and to do this, and we have somehow don't take up and, of course the companies are heavy. So there is actually not an easy back. Nadia duct tape doesn't really work. You're, not gonna, walk around with a hammer nails right. So often a frustrating floppy sloppy companies are falling in its half Simon Just looking out the window on house industry, street and people from their lunch break vaccinated, I'm trying to take any ambient to come down here from a disgusting night out in some horrible EAST Village act. hours rubs doing the cheapest coke possible yeah some bathroom like you're. What do you do? I want to be with an end and just looking in on it like I'm a surgeon on night. You re not an admirable and I share the gate and on a liar fighter that just thought all night
so. There is a lot of self loathing. I just remembered this wow. What have I done with my life? My thing was. I would. I often did cope with this gale that Lebanon same percentage here, an I and I will always be leaving her house and like ten in the morning. I just watch guys jogging in the in the median Saturday morning. I just would look at them like, oh, my god, they have the best day ahead of them in the sunshine. Is my enemy right now? This whole thing this all outside world is my enemy as something's wrong. Ok, so devices a further by resolve this ten year expire. And, as you feeling a little morally bankrupt at the end of this year, urges the m I'm in my body goes not half my body goes. Num o is physically Here's in I can feel the left side of my body. Real but you can move at all. Even the railways outside remember, specifically pudding my hand under boiling hot water Canfield.
Creating so as one might I'd go start visiting neurologists and I get the M arise, the city scans. They attach sensors to my arms nothing's wrong with me, They might my partners like an Emma, I may degenerate smoker. I'm doing sixty Marbre resident here like three in the morning I was so happy. I was awake that I can have a cigarette and the weight of an answer no I'm living rare. I get someone in here, that's been in the exact same branches me it's really spring of my step. and continue, though a case of a health problems, but but not diagnosed in your twenty nine. I am twenty, eight, twenty nine, so ok, my parents, let me just kind of catch up so for ten years, my your parents, like I've, lived out. If they were the prodigal son story, don't I've lived out this parable that they grew up with I mean I basically said after you
mom and dad s Future China, the CID Arthur trajectory as well. Ok after them, he's gone out the prostitutes all that I wind up in the pigsty, and I realize it parents have been praying, you know what have we done wrong liking to bring the prodigal home, bring the rebel home and rounds time that I go numb services. Let's call it September October, go home for Christmas and I'm a bad son through this ten years. I am I'm calling my dad from Paris during fashion weak I've been out for two days and unjust bragging about it. yeah sure I mean just delighting in, but I would still go home. I soda relationship. I'd go home six, seven times a year eight times a year. I would just rub it in United bring various. Friends how many I looked at how hot migrant you look out. There's one is always just hoping to impress them. I some of them were hard to get pure to get that house well,
a sign of all the perfume, ok, the hair, so He said go home for Christmas and my dad gives me this book of deep theology. Christian theology call the pursuit of God and only ok. Whatever he's he tried everything over the years and. You know it was. I just remember something was different. I have the health issues, I'm still partying, but I start reading this book with his deep theology and it was. It was basically a pursuit of God of virtue of morality. It was someone trying to. Live in the cleanest life possible, no God and serve others, and it it was really compelling to me. It felt like home. It felt like the opposite, my life. It felt like the thing that I had abandoned, and can I just also ask you you are at that
moment you are, you are in possession of everything that was promised to deliver happiness, so you beautiful girls find you attractive and you find yourself in a beautiful vacation home and you can be Vienna yeah you can drink expensive shit. Doesn't that those are all this signature, hallmarks of of of Venus right in is it? Is it helpful to have all those two to recognise how false they are yeah with Canada privileged position to get into where you gonna die. Now, oh, it's none of this stuff. I oreo miserable here and there were richer people right now. is always someone with more sure, and they didn't look here, It was really a moment. It was a cathartic, weak or ten days where in others, there's are ways of science like the veil was did, or I saw things for what they were. I was like that they gave me
gold chairs were the music stops and burst in my life, I have nowhere to sedately use a disruption and You know I wasn't in love with my girlfriend and never had been, and I just realized like there would never be enough Someone would always have more and this endless pursuit. and an end? I also realise that I had been. I had actually betrayed the virtue, the spirituality, the morality that have been brought up with so that I was living in opposite and- and I wanted to find my way back. I really did not know Here's where your story to me get suspicious as a cynic tech. did you ever see grisly man? The Timothy Tread well Documentary dead, so I made to huge predictions about that movie about ten minutes and I'm so proud of myself. Watch me pal
herself on the back one of the things I leaned over until my girlfriend was this guy. A hundred percent has some show business in his background that we come to find out. He had pursued stardom by other thing. Was this guy's an attic. Because I have so many times witnessed. People try to do. Crazy erratic things. Geographical cures- directional cures, something very extreme instead of dealing with their addiction, are dealing with the whole so they're gonna do something spectacular, but in another direction, but it still gonna be spectacular, so dimity trend was gonna, go fucking, communicate with Grizzly Bears code. Tax on an island. It's gotta be that extreme to replace the heightened you go maniacal, Russia being an attic, so I'm always a little suspicious when people have cures for things that our ultimate
they still on the outside there still gonna regulate, what's goin on the inside, with some on the outside, so wanted this party or story. When I know that now you join a charity that's abroad on a ship, helping kids who need, which obviously is a wonderful thing to commit yourself to, but the pardon, either the bullshit attic meter Amigos will. This was just another grandiose gesture and tell me why our moroccan workers, and so the middle It makes a little more sense for the next six months. Is me coming back with a heart change. yup actually trying to go to church again and not liking any of them in a knot, not finding that fits and trying to like. I could drugs for like four months until I slip up right and I got from three back sedate like one back and then there's a week radon smoke. But then I fall vices justice there's, some didn't it actually done everything I was inadequate. Ok, so I would
I would do something out of boredom and then never do it again like most of these things were world were. I was looking for something, but I would I would never call me like. I would do cope for four years and then just say: I'm done with cocoanut do ex instanter you, so you could my likely not have the genetic make up of an attic per se, but most certainly you have the behavioral pattern of someone who's trying to regulate the internal feeling, what the external shit yeah, and even, if you don't have the gene that can become a pattern that becomes, they hardly break because you no longer have any tools right like well Also you regulate, there's nothing you're really doing. That gives you legitimate self esteem, so you're kind of tools in search of some self esteem and some contentment
for John. It's got itself so its six months in during this period, and I remember specifically praying guide. You gotta show me a way out of this kind. I I don't know what else to do cause you. Don't it when eight years old become a doctor or a lawyer rice. What job could possibly Hey me, when I'm making nightlife that I just jump over and I am I'm a lifestyle had to pay my rent one night, please call Bungalow eight oh yeah sure, and I was so everyone's need famously jerked, often there. I think we ran the wailing, that's where it was disgusting. There was one of his wonder you can wish. I no kind of- painted my memories of bungalow eight tax. I know the exact bushes their referring to as you want to the bathroom nurses. Potted, ok, continue I've any one of the first one blow I was. I was at bungalow a veto.
from my memory I wish I was not on the wagon that night I was drinking, might have been doing something I come out of the bathroom and I see a bouncer kind of her. asking my friend and I get in the bouncers phases. I know him, he saw a girl and you have the wrong. I am defending the honor aunt em Going drunken weena stumbling outside and calling Amy the owner and leaving a voice and for its part three in the morning and tell you what happened in the telling on this guy sure you're, but one of nine voice, males that is highly attention, is rightly bombings. I'm gonna get to the next night. I don't think anything of this. I go I'm at promoting another party, it's a Saturday night and I leave normally left that club at three I leave at two hundred and fifty I get a text from my doorman saying: hey Tech guy
That's not just turned out with a gun. Logan boy, no lion, vile boy, so he's like email, you may just wanna like let this call them show we're going to my girlfriends house that night, I'm down little anyway and tell her what happened- and I call my business part sailor coming to get our town for a voice and to set this blower. Now I've? Had my life threatened forty times at this point, you work the door. You work. Any party young people in some, maybe I'll, bring you guys. You threaten to kill in front of their girl in front of their guy frenzy. I'm in a dry back, you're gonna get to know it in committee. In a car like you reliant on the poor blood next to your door, right to do so This is something the were familiar with, but this this felts little edgy so. I am now rent a crowbar blue for Mustang from New York Airport and I'm just gonna go North
I got this is gonna, be a little many vacation did she starts to dawn on me, the farther I get from New York City. That's what if I never went back would have been a ruin back and You start asking these questions a member in in mean I watched, Obama give the the famous kind of hope speech as a senator. The red Sox were plainly get dismemberment, this whole time and I was listening to the Bible and audiotape, I'm still drinking and smoking should. This is just there's, maybe this tension of in and out in an out and out- and I ask Myself- is pretty clear question which which might even volunteer you know your narrative. What's the opposite, with extreme opposite of my life look like. Why would a hundred eighty degree change? Look like not a pivot, not twenty or forty, five or nine degrees yeah? What's that of like what does it do over?
yeah I'm ends in the programme. They call this. Contrary action, the setting a prodigal son story right. He says I want to go home. I'd rather be a servant in my father's house and in that story He goes all the way from the prosecuting the pigs. Man comes home, his father. comes and back home puts the neural, bottom tourism, party rights. You have this kind of opposite picture, so My idea for opposite is to failure, was familiar with the concept of timing to give ten percent yeah yeah. I guess so. I get the idea that I'm in a tent amateur tie of ten percent of my decade, myself a decade, ok, one of the ten years, because basically a hundred percent of one year years, they go back to God and the poor the poor like end quote. I have no idea what you're talking about
so I'm I'm in Maine at this point, dial up Internet CAFE, Greenville mean Del computers and I start filling out applications to volunteer at all the female humanitarian organizations. I vaguely heard up over the years, never given to write Red Cross. Salvation Army world vision save the children. This will only work if it felt like it will be one of the poorest countries in the world. Yes, yes, a radical departure and the denial letters come in to no one, the I'm turned down by all these organizations and That means are screenings. Working these global business represent any these people right S, letters on resident one. How could a nightclub promoter be useful? Any credible organism doing in a humanitarian work in my door for right, like what am I
when I am writing my bike. My phone rings hollow Nokia, fun, and I pick it up and it's it's a group mercy ships and they're calling deserted. They ve got my application there. Looking at it, and- they'd be willing to meet me, and I convince the boss says that you, bosses of the communications apartment that I truly was qualified for the job. I was a story, however, I was a promoter that I had had a change of heart and that I wasn't gonna, throw while parties on the ship and corrupt any of the brain are nice christian, humanitarian yeah, day. eliminating one of the things in nightlife, I'm a host, so I hosted people I was included in. I would I would look for people there. the left out, and I would try to bring them into the fold so Vinos gotta getting people to like me right. NASA promoters, edessa hygiene. I win them over. That was your product
this, I said: warping, I'm I'm ready to start and miserable emission starts in three weeks, can turn up and report for duty in three weeks. Satan their armchairs. Good by twenty three an me Monica and eyes. Favorite dinner conversation starter last night cause in argument or her supper discussion. Disagreement Fine! You were very suspicious about Kristen, also having a leak muscle now, opposition you did not want her to be club. You want to be the only elite athlete in the circle. That's actually, What happened? What happened? Ok, I just didn't believe she said it said that she was in a lead athlete and I was like- I don't think- that's what it says- that's what it means- and she was right now. She's right sometimes is very frustrating. There's other really funds.
like for me. I ve always felt a little bit guilty that I drink so much caffeine or use nicotine stimulants. What you get a calf in consumption report and I felt a little s- guilt exam just predisposed to enjoy stimulants yap boy. My genetics, I well, you gotta, get your ear. Twenty three me kid in the mail we talk about it so much more than you would and I could possibly imagine Go now by your twenty three me health and ancestry kit. Today, at twenty three in me, dotcom, slash expert. That's the number twenty three an me dot com, slash expert! Again, that's twenty three me dotcom, slash expert.
This episode is brought to you by the new Showtime original comedy series. Black Monday, I loved this Monica is from executive producers, sat Rogan and having Gilbert who we'd love, so bad euralia, I'm just so jealous above their tail levels. The show is set nineteen, eighty six Wall Street bad fashion, big hair, bigger egos about listen. Let me tell you, there's cocaine wall, the wall, which I always love that All boys club has all the power until an unruly group of underdog traders decide its their turn to be on top and accidentally cause the biggest stuck market crash in history. he's got Don t eat all absolutely love, yeah, waxy, all time for your good. I'm glad you said it. Yeah are these activities talented, like again, very frustrating began? once you know you got Andrew Rattles, an Regina Hong I've always loved black Monday premier.
This Sunday at ten p m only on Showtime the show is so kick ass. You must watch it now that the beauty of this organisation was dead. I would have to pay them five dollars a month to volunteer in search for opposites. Ceiling into Liberia, Banana Liberia, West Africa, on a humanitarian hospital ship, full of doctors and surgeons and paying five hundred dollars a month. I mean this was it. This is perfect right. It was the dead opposite now. I'm done. Fast forward you because in the end, the name of time, because I want to get to your charity- but you do this for how long? How long are you going to sit two years? And you witnessing things and I'm imagining, your sense of self is improving Joanna. Quite evidently, a sense of cold. Her given the night before I get I am embark on the ship
walk up the game, winning surrender. My passport, I might go out with a bang. I smoke in a three packs of cigarettes, have a there's, a man I am. I am. I go call Turkey design never smoke again. I never touch coke any again. I never gamble again. I don't look at a pornographic image for fifteen years, like I I quit it all. I drink a little bit like wine and beer but I can also make my way get some porn like. Why don't? I walked away from an I just. Do it Moderately is that are eating, there's an ethical dilemma about pornography as for me, I mean reuse, living living kind of them, the virtuous life that I was trying to tap into it. Didn't you didn't feel better after watching you felt defiling,
but my community changed. So my community was now group doctors who are saving the world the who, instead of being in the maldiva the Caribbean, were operating. Well, the thing that's getting you status in that world is so much different than the thing it was getting. You status in the other world cited two years there on the ship, and I discover the people drinking dirty water and that's the reason why so many they were sick, that's the reason why half the people in the country are sick right. You gonna, take the answer: prevention Worth Bertha pound a cure approach, right, which is one of these replied clean drinking water. We wouldn't be seen them on the ship. Exactly yet, and so go from going. Ok, this is the cause I'm now interested in and how do I go about starting an ngo? Do you have a mentor d of someone that is advising you said that you also think oyster We do have this crazy rolodex, maybe that things can somehow come into play and help yes,
I hit the rolodex day. One tied built up a list of fifteen thousand people a day, worked in fashion finance, Goldman Sachs, Sir, you known in music entertainment, so they when from getting invited to you know, I don't know, Perry, Feral, dj something to pictures of leprosy what I was experiencing: facial tumors dirty water. So obviously somebody wants Yes, you handle, it gets a little smaller, but I was blown away. The people said this is amazing. How do I do what you're doing I'm sitting here. Chanel feeling, like my life, has no meaning any year. With this, group of amazing people. How do I give money to support this cause? How do I do something like this with my life? So I was. I was shocked that API cared end the same gift of promoting, because your assumption can't be that everyone's at the same bottom, you were out when you decided, you know I was there is as yet.
I was running around saying, look at these doctors and other giving blind people site by removing cataracts, and yet this this kid had of six pounds. Tumor is suffocating to death on his face in this doctor, took it out and now imminent surgery, mine. So I've got that a thing for two years: I'm blasting my less it. In the interim I do a year I come back. I throw an exhibition of my phone those in Chelsea New York, raise a hundred grand ninety six thousand dollars, given all the mercy ships and then follow the money so of all these things are developing one, I'm realizing that I'm once a promoter always a promoter, but I can promote something that actually mean something get people to give money in care to the photos really matter. Then people responded to the vision. Was, it was wondering, did to say it and it was another to show them on blowing up photos. Ten foot tall of of what we were saying, and am third I've got my issue. Water is the thing if I really cared about health by really
cared about sickness. Then I would go to the root cause of so much of this sickness and I would start with water and at the time, a billion people on the planet and no clean water, one out of every six people. I come back to New York City. I'm broke down. Thirty bro, done two years of mercy ships. My friends think I'm no fun cause, I'm not doing coke and I'm not partying and I'm actually dragging my laptop to night clubs show them photos from Africa case I'm getting thrown out a dj. That's the last thing I would like on. Do you are killing my boss? Ok, maybe I'll gives your charity, but not at three. In the morning, ok followed Lottchen, someone floss with affair. I gotta now look over your thing, get disarmed so in an earlier, but I was I was given fifteen presentation today I mean there was a risk. I was so passionate about tenacious. This is one of your defining characteristics. You very tenacious with the eye. There was a responsibility to do something about what I'd seen. So, as I talk to my friends, I have
Now I have the unique advantage of being from camp a being in incredible. That's the word like not a credible charity founder the on justice normal guy who's, thirty who's talking and normal people who work in it. tv and Additionality Goldman Sachs and I've had this life Engine experience for two years have actually lived in post war. Liberia, for over a year I mean it, put in the time. This wasn't a mission trip, for a week. I painted the orphanage, the six color you have that year. A guide and lived. I spent time in a lab. cigani I, by road around it. country? I flew an army helicopters. I'd really seen and put in the time I'd and fifty stories I'd taken fifty thousand photographs. So there was this eyewitness power of her done it and having seen it, and- and are you gonna? Do you write a bill had? Incredibly so am I? huge realisation. So my my old partner is still doing the clubs on his own. makes me and let me live on the closet floor at one on Itunes.
Bring street and so how springing Mercer and says: well, you can crash here. You know MIKE my walk in closet floor and you can use my count as your office for your charity. I find out he never dissolved our company nor paid our taxes, so thirty thousand hours in debt perfect and I'm about to apply a fiber one c three k without pay taxes tyrant account. Go and payment play with the IRS start. This paper work as I'm gonna, do my cheek but he is gonna. Give everybody in the world clean water. Like eight, I have a very clear. here I can see it. I talk to my friends. I realized they are cynics, then they are sceptical and people dont trust charities. Come across the USA today pulled that finds forty two percent of Americans actually say they don't trust, charities and sought a terrible ones, planetary ones, then everybody even lower fire cents on the dollar. Everyone has a tear as a horror story. They can pull out of their back pocket for the ceo making millions of dollars you covered, who
their cousins and nap, using nieces and Anderson Cooper used to do those shows They turn up in the MIC mansion right, Theo slam the door and he's left on the porch anymore, it, throws up their hand and says that crook, that's, why don't give add a layer to it to its weirdly triggering because I can be floating through life feeling for like- I was nice to everyone. I interacted with that day, and I mean you and I go: will fuck I'm going out of my way to help another person? So just now Joe View. I now feel shitty about myself. Once not, I mean just telling you, I think that's a humanist, that's why people are a little bit allergic to parity he'll give personal yeah like making its illegal was uncomfortable words even like when someone when someone here, someone on the on tv talking about their healthy diet, they don't hear that that person just enjoying their healthy night. They here,
you're unhealthy in your living terribly and now I now opposite. I feel judged in. I feel all these things I'm just a human. I mean there's no logic behind it, but ok like Californians, like lifestyle in diet is very triggering to the rest of the country, and I am sympathetic to it I was in the Midwest having that feeling by our great war, not all perfect, like you this is the weird knee jerk starting now out of a suffer from, and this is how most charities have peddled their wares using guilt in shame it started with the Sally Struthers commercials, maybe the eightys and nineties those kids ok I'll, be there flies landing on their face in slow motion. They lock sad eyes with the camera. The eight hundred, we're stripes across the stream yeah- and you you give me you feel disgusting. Hey, you feel deeply ashamed and Sonya so
I'm just realizing that this is how charities function. My friends are giving their cynical and I am like what would the perfect, charity look like so Maginot I'd run into you into Dax. What would make you wanna give ok! Well, why the things you might say, is wide want to know exactly what my money goes, I do not actually want to know like what did it do? Did it actually doing gave you a hundred bucks or in over a thousand hours. I did it effect. The change see where it goes and maybe and want to feel like. I was a part of something cool, our or or this wasn't Diana third layer, though this is this is the part of me now has an anthropology degree I said I must, however, make fun of me, but there I've been so many well intentioned projects in Africa that have backfired, so catastrophic
there's also part of me, so I can even deal with your specifically when Kristen first told me on going to do the same for my birthday and I going to go, build a well and Bubba blah. You know, if the you guys don't go Erin build a well. The people really move to the place that has water, so you may be potentially preventing what would have naturally happening now, you're, getting people just stuck at this permanent well? Well, maybe they should have migrated somewhere else now. Let me tell you how it came out on the other side of that, and this is only recently, I thought. Okay, what if that was? solution to there's no more water now lay, and I should just move to fuckin Santa Clarissa vetoed only and a clearer, simpler land. That's all! I know what I mean I about personalized uses. That's when you know that the limits of empathy or what Europe against the at all times, which is very people, have a limited and the capacity for him.
In the summer of some have more, some have less christian has in abundance of it, I seem to have less rota raising some terrible person, but at any rate, when personalized than the notion that anyone in this country would have to pick up an entire town and move it to go. Follow the water I would go now. We should solve how to get the water to everyone already live so when I, but, but that requires me to it all out in my head, I made my first thought is, which is more white people going to Africa deciding how they should do at our solve that problem and there's gonna, be all these unintended consequences that no one's even thought of downriver. So we try to fix all these things, so I actually tried to design a charity for you. Ok, grandeur, maritime traffic up his ears are, we did so. The first thing is said: we're gonna, give away under per cent of all donations, without exception directly to the projects. I'm an open up to separate bank accounts, different numbers audited separately. All the overhead
staff salaries obeys the cause vanity to raise money right, you don't get. The office costs be tuner for the absent copier. Ok, all we re separately, several know how we would do that they wouldn't be your money, ruse, skeptical, cynical, he's Jack's! Thank your money, Whether you gave one hour hundred hours would go directly to help you get clean water. That was number one number two was the we're any use TAT Knowledge available in this decision really exciting age of new technology, to prove where your hundred hours went case. I met the founder of Google Earth in the minute I started, and I realize Google Earth in Google maps they were giving us a free place where we can prove every water point via satellite image to the cynical Dax as the world, so everyone of Christians birthday wells. She was thirty services what six years ago,
eight years ago here, she's, always where you can see satellite images of every single one came on you. You could have for the last eight years, so you nickel, guy canoe to best buy, grab a gps device turn up in Ethiopia and go visit. Ten of these there, a picture of her on the wells from on the movie burlesque dares not you'll, be nearly discipline. The second is, is this proof pillar? So if I could tell Dax show him no tell show you that being that we built, but it's a well at it, sprang what's its rainwater harvesting system, where hundred percent year money when you might say I'll actually, but maybe a little less cynical. The third big idea was to build a completely different. And so I just want to use an example. If, if, if night Nike used guilt and shame to get people to work out. J imaginative Nike said America, you
that and lazy one to turn off the tv won't. You put that junk food away and go run your piece and where our clothes and our shoes see I clean they would probably go by. I go there. I'll, never wear lives, even never. Wear now you're right, you're right, your anger, you would never so that's not what they do. They tell stories of how you have the two governments. They tell you enable overcoming adversity against the odds Nike only I was one leg run in the New York City. Exactly you know, I'm an arm. You can win the shop for competitions. Nike, believes there's greatness within you. You have a higher city for greatness and achievement that inspires shot and then you like me, turn the tv off me I'll try and run half a mile yeah, maybe I'll, run a mile, and I wonder where the symbol of some The believes that about me, the believes, there's greatness guys so all of the groups brands dont market, like charities, rabble thing different campaign. give example after example, so the third pillar was he's gonna purely writing in a very
different way. I was going to make it was a party, don't leave a lot of room for my jokes. I just want to point that out. I know you're. I know you're you're you're, not your freight train has left the station and it's a really well run ferry freight train. But Uruguay, way right away. Now I got I gotta, get it in their ok you're, my gosh, I fucked you upset I don't know, brands no brand you're gonna just make it fun I've. I actually looked at this like We're throwing parties were throwing parties would be politically water. In this village then charity waters first outline the pry. The most important thing was. We wouldn't send why, people look like me over Africa. He actually drill the wealth, ass, good ideas, all the work had to be led by the locals, locals craved for it to be either culturally appropriate or sustainable. Its Ethiopians in Ethiopia doing all that work. Yes, so often, Christians wells were managed by a team of Threerd fifty locals Yahoo
and gives them the ownership over it, so that they will then be vest and they get the credit right. The NBA status in the prestige of pat on the back, and so I put those things together. Give one hundred percent proven build a cool brand that devalue design and and made it aspirational and fun like invite you to be something amazing, you not because you have to, but because you want to raising the party. If you don't, you must the party in you'll want to Mr Party. This is the party with a whole world getting clean drinking water in its proven hugely successful. This is a very, very successful charity right you Job numbers on how many hours lethal are now drinking freshwater, be. As a result of this, we raised about three and thirty million bucks visas, John from over a million people in a hundred countries, and that's allowed us to help twenty nine thousand villages quickly. water and a half million people, why half million and now
Is this a model that you feel like is franchise able I'm only would need your full dedication and path now sign that the hesitation comes there, because the hundred percent models incredibly challenging yeah how'd you raise the money for the administrative, so stand here, lots of stories of almost insolvency in and be a craziness along the way we ve never borrowed a single penny from the from people. Donations and the way we do it. A hundred thirty one families christened actually was one of those many years ago, so hundred thirty one families. It's been the founders of Twitter, Spotify, senior, executives, apple entrepreneurs, actors, day fund, the eighty staff, the office, the flu, it's the overhead, the salaries right hundred thirty one people pay the UN's sexy COS. A million donors. Cynics sceptics get the pure play
That's nice, my wife on those people. She was surprised me, so those and we treat them like investors and they come in. They get to know the staff they they love, giving to the absent donor. You actually cause they're, making it possible. They trust we. It requires a lot of trust given that way. Well, bizarrely, that investment, if you can sell it as such, is every dollar you give can raise ten orator. Would the ratios, but there is a perennial labour there sure where its and even better investment on your dollar sure yeah sure so adjust it. It worked in and at our first party lies in enfranchise about because of that that aspect and legal doing it, people are taking the charity water model and doing it in health, the doing it, and we shall you personally urge sticking with water you're not going to so we ve solved one Ok! So now there sixty and sixty three million people that water. So over the last twelve years, we ve gone from a billion without two six. Sixty three set
Progress is moving in the right direction, even as populations increased when the problem, is almost everyone. The gun, access to clean water got access in the cities and the rural people got left mind right so now. Eighty two percent of the people on earth- I don't have water, live in the remote rural areas, so the harder work is kind of steel start now. Yet so arse are eight point four out of that is one. Seventy eight that the problem solved bright. So how dare I something new. Now, at twelve years of expertise in and knowledge, you you're slowly eroding me in your cracky. My one percent, like that, like the green train out my group, my heart is grown one point five times, not three yet but yeah the fat. I am glad you're, not jumping ship and trying to now start up fifteen different things that users as less important yeah the levy tapes story of them. I think, what's been so said that at the moment
really been powered by a cynics, so bad at the day, one of charity what or twelve years ago actually to reporting nightclub Gilbert ideas, so I went to ten June. It was a place in the ME packing district before they open the owners donated the club and time. People came in bad donate. Twenty bucks and put in a big perplexing box and they walked past photos of people, drinking dirty water and then people, drink and clean water. At the end- and we re fifteen thousand hours at night- and I ll never forget that guy I knew from clubs who sold drugs is a weed. Your gave five bucks incentives, the first charitable gift he made in his life, studies. I knew we were onto something not that that was our demands I felt like I want owner, but well took one of the most cynical people. I knew who said well, if I know that all this money is going so we took the fifteen thousand hours at night,
we rushed to Northern Uganda found a local partner, did a few water projects, six rehab, where we took all broken wells and fixed him again, and then we sent the photos, the gps and video back the seventy people who came to the party. Close the loop, and I just remember the feedback. We were blown away that we told them where the money went. Yeah, they could see the impact. Twenty dollars coming together as a collective beer and we try to build that feedback loop into every new organization. Did you know and still does today? and one of the key things. Is we stumbled upon this idea of getting people to donate their birthdays to charity water, as very inventive and an that's what more we would would Lena. We basically said: look Kristen, probably as everything she needs right, I mean actually needs you tend to the world doesn't have clean water what if she could turn her birthday into a redemptive, giving moment that involves friends and family in something great we're going We see the result of where the money goes so
here the stories have been incredible. Six year old, kids, eighty nine year olds donating their birthdays. There was Nine, your girl in Seattle and I'm trying to open up your heart a little more now, one point: five yet the two before we have a nine year old girl. Here's me, speak about water in and talk about these kids and she cancel Sir Knight Birthday Party in says she is going to give up her gifts. Skipper party, and ass for nine, our donations and she wants to raise three hundred bucks Jack and she raises two twenty, so she fall short, tells her mom says: look I'm in charge of next year that you ve got lucky. You understand, kids are just they get this like the injustice kids get is because it's not fair wire, these kids, not drinking dirty, be away. They not drinking the outer. So right after her birthday, she killed
in a car crash, twenty pile up on the highway in Seattle, it attracted trailer, Jackknife sluices control, she's, the only fatality, so I'm in the central African Republic at the time. And I learned in New York and turn on my phone, my blackberry, the time and I get a message from the past of her church saying his little girl my church died. She just done a birthday campaign for you. The family wants to reopen this campaign in the morning of Rachel, Annie said Emily get everybody my church to donate nine bucks. So we do- and I remember sitting with my with my wife- Matt eighty dollars donation just to get her to three hundred and then in the hours following it just starts to explode start spreading through the Seattle Community through the country start spreading to Europe. The story, the little nine year old girl who gave her birthday, cancelled it and wanted kid. She'd never met across an ocean to get clean drinking water. Thirty one thousand people give over one point: three million dollars:
I like that, on the one year and over three of her death, I got to take her mom, her she's, a single mom and her grandparents too, if you up here, village, the village to village, to meet thousands of the kids who had clean water through that my lovely, even more amazing years, late, era. We looked at what those thirty one thousand strangers did in so many of them were compelled to follow this nine. Your girls lead and donate their birthdays. They raise another two million dollars, so she helped over a hundred thousand people get clean water realizing eleven while she was alive, so that's it. charity oarsmen, I mean I've story, a story after you know that little girl and this year sending a dollars in fifteen cents. You six allowance and she drew her of her standing next to what she thought. A well look like in Africa or note said: I'm sorry this money, so people stop die about water, so
million people. It's been this unbelievable community of people, rejecting the scepticism or maybe rejecting the apathy don't be so easy to embrace with global she like this and say I could do something. I give you my overwhelming. I could raise three hundred bucks an hour. You people, yours, I'm doing right now. I my backpack, how my counter a mind does have to check boxes, Tat one is my wife and I shared account the easy thing for me to do would be to write check out here, but I'm gonna write it on my own personal account, I'm gonna known, eight thousand dollars to you right now, Cosette story just doubled, my heart ear. It three Yom three: I'll pay. You check now warm rating, jack do already charity water. Yet
just charity water, of course the words charity and water I won't ever ran out of water- was very creative. Without what am I not dispense, charity after think too high? Oh here's a pen. Now you wrote a book, I did thirst does about thirst. Why right this check to you Well, it's a designer low story that we just heard it. It came out by the book. Now it's some of that known others, a lot more figures, a lot more gosh. I gotta talk to you for hours its young and, I think it's it's a little bit of a double and Tom drove of how I I I tried to find meaning in all the wrong places in real believe I I found it in service to others now by the way. It's it's It's an amazing thing like I like what I get to do the sixty nine countries. Now I get to travel around the world inviting people to the party of generosity of of giving
of giving in a pure way, Canfield Emotionalism right right. I've been to Ethiopia. Thirty times like I've, been in hundreds of villages that have gotten a narrow. Sometimes when I was there with Chris, when clean water shooting out of the ground, yeah thousand people holding there. You know women holding their children, and screaming, because a guy like you wrote a check the world people like it's, it's not like that I'd! That's! Actually real to me and yeah. It's it's unbelievable when you open yourself up to that, naturally promises it's. So it's so scary cuz it. If you acknowledge the problem, I can feel we can be overwhelming. It's like it. It's almost easier to just people walk around the whole thing, the what being what about another way to look at that? Well, you tell me what, if you were the Galeano I mean sounds like Christianity. Has distribution
but what? If you were the guy that started at at three and people doing good work out there in foster care with the homeless, Healthcare, HIV Aids, you pick the issue trafficking. They know that anybody the gets in front of Dax. He can read objec like he's that guy we can't we can't. Let people know that when we come to be known as the person that debt and any just your encouraging everyone, you meet, and maybe it's a five minute, our Czech, maybe two thousand project, you're too saying hey going. Do this good work? in this thing that I thought, maybe I don't uniquely care about it right, maybe clean water is not specifically your issue right, but that's incurs. Thank you so much. Thank you for the Czech. That's thirty! but with water. That's real along the! What have you the guy that just like the more is, I believe, the more give the more you give the more he gave the more you give. I believe I believe that yeah, because also
I mean if you're someone like me, I have my my core group of fears. There's like four of them that govern almost all my behavior, all my good behavior and all my terrible behavior and one of those is fear of financial insecurity. So it doesn't matter how much honey you give me. I have. The fear that I will be penniless so to give it away is scary, but into your point as I've been with Christian in she forces me to give money away. I find that it's not going down new, ironically or counter intuitively its going up the seemingly be more we give away, which has very bonkers but requires a leap of faith. I love that. I believe that's true. Let me let me just offer, on the eve heard the word giving back the having back. Let's it's in the lexicon of society. I hate the language I think it's everything that's wrong with giving and in the way we approach it is. It is language that is steeped in debt
And she argued yielding because you have to giving back, has if you Dac Shepherd, have pillaged in plundered to such extent. You should finally throw some scraps back, totally great like like I owe people signed last there's no join. I know you will never that will never bring a smile but giving because it's because you can cause you could write a thousand, our czech and thirty people, because it's an opportunity in its blessing and you ve been blessed with favouring your career with health, with talents to boot, with girls to beautiful girls, a beautiful wife, you're giving because you can and you can improve other people's lives. here at home now with this check, you know across an ocean. hold that you ve never matter. Maybe one day you will come and meet them like that's why I want to get people addicted to giving addicted to out. Their hearts reveals to me, like younger people, are more than my generation was. Is there any dead on manners it yeah? Fifty five percent of our
givers to charity, what our millennials, the eye, a typical your ear, Harrods your grandparents charities might be five percent right. Well, that's encouraging news. All these things I wanted dislike about millennials now that I think I've got it can figured out for real someone. As I know, you read a thing that they like, instead of like I'm buying something made rather have got its purpose, and that kind of thing like that, The third. Is the right move. Anyways. I have a question how d how're you doing there like? How are you turning dirty water and clean water like logistically or when it is that we should all take there's about their several different technologies is employing there's six of whom I can think of he's. Recapturing rainwater, which is in a lot areas, is the. Best thing to do he's drilling water. These drilling. Well, sometimes this can be done with a hand. They can be forty A thousand times are a thousand feet down. You bring in those big rigs, there's some purification
I can be employed using uv. You have this all right, gray, eyes. there a road korean filtration systems that can be employed. So, there's a combination of well drilling filtration reclamation, my leaving some miles and now it's great unease about six, fifty locals now across seventeen countries that are working on other solutions so we're solution, agnostic about ten technologies across the portfolio weave a team of eighty people in New York That is, raising the money that is project managing that's auditing. That's flying around to make sure that works been done with high quality being done on time and then we're buying Drilling Rick's for our partners, we're trying to increase their capacity, so they can hire more hydrolysis. They can do more in each of the countries that are working on. So it's China also do terrible job plugging the book.
Third, I mean what the ears why you don't need to plug. The book is you're an innate leaf, fascinating human being, took me very long to get to the part. I was most interview, which is a testament to how interesting So I can only imagine your book is that at your voice? Yes, he wrote this boy, I wrote and I gave up the advance away in the money, some really hoping that this will inspire people an opening the book itself. Will you're not like money. Do you want money I want to give up money where you do talking engagement and get paid for those right. You know four for ten years, I was by gave a hundred per cent of all my speaking to charity water, so they were years where I was making well well more than the sorry they were paying me in speaking now, I'm doing a couple a year through speaking girl do you have a family right? It's data, young, kids, now so that that was the cherished and has the same alike, I can remember about something like you. Don't need to starve to help or something like that. Like people were judgmental of the lot of these different charities,
you need a dynamic c o you need a dynamic this or that of fundraiser. You know that you get what you pay for. So quite often you'll see some expenses. I might try Are you but an actual the you couldn't run any successful business without paying for the talent medicine? We can't really get around me You haven't, I'm not driven my money, I mean I, I driver Kiev's surrender. I fly coach cherry waters, is three and thirty million dollars. We have never bought a business class ticket for myself
or anyone else we are, I business did you live shows because again as our I know, but it they know we take stewardship, like even of you. If this thousand hours was in the other bank account you don't want to go into a nine thousand our ticket Ethiopia. You want me in coach for twelve fifty fourteen hours idea, nine trips to Ethiopia. Org you gonna, walk the walk. It's incredible, so my my greatest ambition really personally round money is to be able to give a million dollars to one organization. Once can someone did it for me and that stories in the book someone basically saved us, on the brink of insolvency. There was a moment were in our to banks. count a year and a half in with eight hundred eighty one thousand hours of these checks be up money. I couldn't touch on the way We had a hundred eleven dollars the other one and observation we were missing payroll. We we weren't, hang ourselves. I was making forty grand granted the time shouting and the temptation, or- or I should say, the advice from others
go borrow from the eight hundred and eighty grand like you got to make payroll. You got to pay your people, that was nine months of burn, and at that moment I was going to shut the whole thing down. I felt If we took one penny, if we borrowed we wrote- and I owe you for one dollar: we would compromise our integrity that be a crack at the foundation. We should all resign and shame, and I was gonna cry. Business model. Failure hundred percent models, don't work of your boots, trapping it they might work for a rich billionaire. You know who could endow it or beyond it at that moment, a complete stranger, my friend, Michael who I started off, ducking atheist things that I pray, do a figment of my imagination and with him. But what are walks in sit with me at this moment words about vision, learns about the matter. he's a cynic to miss British he's, like I, don't trust charities uncle charities. So he actually light tat, clear this was right. Two million dollar checking the overhead account. Oh my god
you go from no charity water eleven years ago and a complete stranger put a years worth of gasoline in the tank that time allowed. To then go find a hundred and thirty one Michael's right. We needed the time. So that's what I I do I want to do that for some one else, natty at an early stage, and later you know what I've realise about that. It was his the money that we actually needed practically some believed in me someone said, keep going near, don't quit like this is too important right and that current, like that, gave me confidence, so I want to be able to do that. Not the house in the Hamptons or may I don't I want to join me in W Mercedes, like a gang. Where do you live where we live in a twelve minutes? four department in Battery port city. We lesson New York near city. Well, it's been a real pleasure. I really enjoyed it. I wish you a tunnel luck, thirst thirsty at its best,
many amazing stories of the community. You know if people are interested in water, it's not theory of water Eminem telling in this during the book about a thirteen year old girl who hung herself, she spilled or water in Asia, and you want to go back for water anymore and their stories in the book about women who get clean water for the first time in her life, and you're beautiful, having traveled around the world. I've have never seen men get water culturally the role of the women and girls, and if your teenage girl and you don't have clean water, your school or toilets your home one week a month. So you know what happens are you drop out you? You fall binding, you're sizes, already enormous pressure against the girls to be educated in so many of these countries, and These women are at risk of rape, Hyena attack their having their babies by the water holes right there often walking stick hours a day like I can exaggerate that and its seven days a week. So what to me is your you and I would call
an increasing problem, sixpence you'd, walk into a village with me, and you see the way our source, and you tell me My animal drink that water shit round its viscous is shocking let alone our children and then after the clean water. It's it's clean, it's one of you or I would drink shocked me over time is that when I ask women like power their lives different, I'm always expecting them to talk about dirty water becomes queen and they always talk about the time reclaimed what Doing with that right, we hear stories of entrepreneurship, starting small businesses, women say I'm I get to lead my family's. I spend more time with my kids yeah. Imagine reclaiming forty two hours a week, vs like just all this Can somebody wrote a check, and drilling rig rolled into your village and found clean drinking water to earn twenty feet twenty to store, building underground and now, like you, don't have to
box six hours, you walk six minutes now forming and sober. I'm like I had forty two hours of free time on my hands. Also right thinking it can. I have the fix it. is it right away, then they went the other the leave that the down downstream implications of having water quite incredible to it. It's a really great base thing to try to effect change in, so it's got airs and you're fantastic everybody have them lie thirst. And read it and contribute to charity. Why is there the good got him down eight on your website, lads charity. What our work and thank you forget that unilateral charity wandered on Org. Ok, thank you got it now My favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, mate Monica bad men Raoul unrolling ruling.
No room room, that's out of actual on for you, which is why we want says rolling. He died before we start air, and it makes me think about song. you know! That's all growing role in my own course. I never know you're gonna know you're not going. I know it's hard to now cause you're getting all your music off the radio, though Eighty and anyhow in movies TV, shawl driving by Bodega is not so much that you keep your windows, alcoholism, investing in the car and unhappy, but a year at than you ever. I fear level see keep those windows allay their case. People oars lot our hands and let it get ground. I get me, get a bit less matches yeah gotta protect. Can I blame on the hook? Well now we can blame on air and I we were by my way where what we decide. What are we condone or condemn? Keep your hands
of a running alone, monitors fancies. Those are hers guy for real, really eyes. Stop it enough. the enough anyway, Scott. No, what's really interesting, maybe not to you but to man, but the other, some parallels between Howard and Robin and new, and I'm gonna wanna. We I e. We will not make no mistake, I dont think were in their early get all, but there are some parallels, their friends, we're friends. Then you know Robin is very famous for her fancies. Oh, she is so incredibly famous. They do a lot of songs in tribute to her and they always talk about her pendulous breast there in an almost All this, I really didn't she's really embrace them. I think it's a show, some good nature on her part and will then I guess to get even he talks, often about his small being
oh ok yeah. So it seems all tit for tat is literally road. Nineteen yeah, ok, interesting, but that in the backyard corral here in your pipe in smoke, it would have preferred phrases to get us out of that. Look at the facts into our facts, Scott FACTS. I want one time for you to just start factual bygone. My conclusion is, he was foolish, twenty be horrible. Oh if I did on an expert, I sometimes have some fear of that were begun. A cool or does really gonna get an expert in here, eventually, whose completely full of shit, Oh, allow these silent exposure like inside edition. will expose that though inward Trump grabbed and by the policy I don't know, but again we ve come on the other side and that where we think that he might have to spend spotter on a cheer team, he really got a bum rap for that.
I was helping out the flier yea, God is. Sometimes aid are gonna catch. Your mind is gone. comfortable with EU sanctions are I'd hate, saying Andrew Weird, like that bit that we do met every time. I say it, like I I'm nervous or all I have like a visceral. Ah, can grow snares and free area I really have enjoyed a certain female comedians that I've by follow on Twitter, whatever use the word a lax. I feel like the claiming the work on the word. Ok, grey of this whole row catch him by the router or grab Mina, because, where
we're making lie in a vain as what we have to be guided? The idea is a good, and I like that. We do that, but I just sometimes get nervous about people might take. It is like work condone, yes grabbing posting and we doubt unless they're your partner and unless you want- to be grabbed. That's right or you ask for them to be gradual, move and want to be wrapped access, Hollywood had inside a dish and thank you- we wouldn't want yet no one way legal basis? Now now, by the way, you know what you know most of us superstitious and we both don't feel like. We deserve the success of this experience. We keep trying to figure how we're gonna go down, then it just occurred to me, maybe just like a litany of lawsuits, and so my dear said, Oliver earning less may be a net loss for us.
it will still be a net win because it so fine, that's right, mandates, variants but pay to do this. To literally we to pay twenty bucks a routine waking up to the attic to do this. When you I would yeah yeah I'll, go see a movie. That's when he bucks. I certainly given way more entertained out of this than I do go see movie yeah I'd paint attacked you yeah. What's may each other, then isn't that great great? Ok stop! So you mentioned the Pat Tillman documentary and that's called the Tillman story. Guy he's gonna wanna check it out its great you should you said that we see Rob blows but buns in about last night and I don't think you do. I did some research and I think I ruined my computer bow you'd. Think so. Yeah like you got some. I learn cookies royalties. I was on some bad sites. I thank them They bought cookies and whenever I, like you, there
are you of goodies? You take any kind of couldn t cookie anyway, but I think you may be meant the movie young blood. That's possible ice gaining movie. I don't know what it's about. What I think is hardly movie. Oh, I think his bonds appear there, but in about last night you do see a just at me. It highly Jaime bid a cloud of his penis. Oh you, D, hotel, a piece of payment is a tiny piece. Ass amounted to assign. You know you can't see it enough to make any conclusions. Do more side view inclusive time, but I would imagine that sliver you saw, I bet the skin looked saw. asked and even Smith is through soft in then discoloration, consistent pigment yeah. I
say so, but it was just so queer you have to imagine. He has a very beautiful penis ally. I believe that yeah yeah. I don't think that its overwhelming in its girth or length, but I do think visually. We don't know it is probably quite beautiful you never now you don't know, but I'm just making it an assumption based on his face. He knew make assumptions like. I dont think that about boobs like when I'm thinking about people's boobs, I can't really know what they look like. That's that's true, and I can't even really make any assumption I've seen a lot of penises in my day, friends of mines, penises and I got save for the most part they tend to match the person's face very well. Do you think that about there is no note. Boop seems to be a real,
crapshoot. You know what's come when that Brazil hits the floor. I agree chefs. Surprise us yeah yeah, but anyways the it's in by the waken. Until it's one of the best parts of bee, in a young man and and and becoming sexual is, is removing a Brazil and then, let's see what we got its there's, so much excitement a lot about the reveal yeah. It has only one a young girls. I have that all right now. Would you not watching the slacks come unlike in Rwanda, we got it so weird, isn't it the different boys
Furthermore, visual yeah, we don't want to perpetuate this notion that many women are so different. Now, as we ve come to learn the not that different it could still. This could all be society alleged. Europe could be cultural, but isn't that so interesting that the most girls say most cause. I know like our friends. I act will be the first to admit: choose on your Christmas. She is waiting to see what Presently, the inside that box, maybe yeah yeah. She was the only person who said she would want to walk in and see someone naked in her trailer of all the people pulled the very famous pole but we did about why wasn't asked. Yes, you were an you said: you'd, be scared that it be scary depends on the person. Ok has until was standing there. Ok, I thought you said you'd be air talking. Is he like up adult MA? Am ranger? Yes, but no! I guess in this situation with me now
That's the thing about Iraq and views. It is confusing some a safe presence rap. Why You know if you open a door and I'm their naked one jet, you yeah exactly right. Maybe I don't know all day you are, and at that time I was sober and those that were yeah soon. If with the idea that its EU makes a little different, could we do a hypothetical with you here? Let's say that you did a guest roll on Friday, night lights. Ok, you open your door and go through the cast, a dream: ok, ok, you open the door and they ve accidently puts Harrison in your trailer and he's naked eye be excited he loved yeah. How quickly would you look like in priority? What would you look
would you go straight to his penis? Oh you like check out his chest class eyes. Well luck as hamstring step! First, you would have to look at the penis because it's so unexpected K K arrive. But then immediately you divert your eyes. You would yeah. I think, because, like I'm not supposed to see that the responses like on us was to see this yes, but and imagine anything greater that could happen to a guy. Then the door flies open. Your naked, the girl. Looking at you, look at your penis can't look away. I think there will be like adding an experience. Tell you why I voted as is not ever gonna have a no in because a huge,
men. Reaction is just think. Oh, no earthly was Shire or no just. This is a situation that is unexpected and I'm not supposed to be in, and this is another to see. So this is what happens when I walk in nice see in another, and I look man, I do you register everything about, like do mental cause now, dear now for Serious- and I mean I want I wouldn't want to- but I wouldn't I would move away so quickly. You might miss, I miss it and then what happens then. He starts talking. Ok right, so that was. chapter two to this hypothetical is what if he immediately but you it is what you immediately surmises. Oh, he is so comfortable with its he so open the door. You maybe even letter I so I'm serious in your. U so come in a whole mind. Miss what a mix up in my in your trailer yeah
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry, I didn't even know I was normally. I have the trailer that's for. Where did you park? I'll, give you a minute yeah, it's not good, even if I like the person, it's not makes me so uncomfortable yeah. You know, what's what my dreams are was different less what the script, your mink Kelly I'm I'm guess starring. Ok during your trailer n, o o, my god, I'm so sorry do I come in yeah, that's the end of their yeah fuck. I would love to hear what is years if the woman, I just started a conversation with a hundred percent talk as long as she wants to talk about it
making no effort to get out of there. I now I don't know this is such a fun, hypothetical? Isn't it you just for a guy one? No, it's fine, but if it's someone you ve never met before, I refer not myself better. I feel alone now, because it's all it's. It's already sent my uncomfortable to talk to someone you ve never met before already so then there's this element of like Oh something is weird and try- and I'm not supposed to be our mass was a see any of this. It feels, see my ma am. I know the person. Then it gets complicated. Isn't it like? I hate like if I walked into the Hansen's house in Amy, was there and make it now. I would panic and no matter how casual in inviting cordial she was being. I would be in a panic to turn around and get out of here. Yeah look there.
You know I'm saying yes, but if we did it's one of their neighbours who have met two times their naked. Oh, my god. Oh yeah atomic among you want me to write a note like I would you know what I'm saying. Ok, they look. The poem is if your accidently running into someone naked in its strangers, like- oh, oh, so sorry, yes, Charlie as such. our aid and then and the normal reaction is for everyone to scramble ochre. So if one person is Ah scrambling rather sit down in a chair. Then there there's something, maybe my kind of weird pathological. Well, no pathology implies something destructive about it. Yeah there, is if you're, if your naked and a stranger comes in, and then yours just normally speaking to that in Erika, Jung's fear of flying a very heralded and celebrated book. That's called the simplest fuck. That's fine! There's no moral imperative there listening
single person is naked single one Argentina, which start up a conversation and then lovemaking ensues, there's nothing wrong with that right. Morally, every one single. It's a big waiting for everyone's really comfortable yeah, but it's my point is its incredibly rare met. Everyone in that situation is going to be very become terminology to unicorns bumping into each other under a rainbow yeah yeah yeah for them too got Harrison's and well good transition. Did Harvey wine steam jerk off again. Why I'm, in at bungalow. He did in a plant, but you said it was a bunk along bungalow. Eight gear are no that's. Where was now Oh, it was at socially stir cuban themed club and restaurant,
asking not bundle away, I mean he might have done at their tear, but yeah greatly. So oh, he said that the USA Paul said that forty two percent of people dont trust charities, and I saw I saw like a few different statistics, one in three distress charities, one in five, highly trust charities. So no consensus now but like one in three seems to be the General general apprehension one through the up, and then you mention too quickly something about millennial and of a cot, o toast, oh yeah, every time at the Washington Post, article, probably yeah that there's like he said one explanation for why millennials have been slow to buy alms and is of a cottage tat. There must be what I read yeah, I guess he's on any was on sixty minutes summit. You re more likely where I saw yeah, but it's funny does my knee jerk
old man reaction. Is that that's bad yeah? In reality, you know I've read a couple different books, unhappiness and one of them that they always saying about happiness. Is that traditionally people peoples they should money by an object and as objects, really don't give people any true memory her happiness, but that experiences do so. One could argue that the experience of eating avocado toasters, probably better than owning a make mansion. I would agree everywhere. You kind of that sort of how I'm living mile idea you're a little Maloney. Only in that way, I am technically a millennium yeah, I do believe that I believe that I'd rather enjoy my data A men have the things I want daily
step. Oh, I remember and ties that trying to have some big fancy item you our opposite alleged, star myself, to save up four things. Yeah, I'm generally unhappy! So now you know now I'm happy B, o Christians quote you couldn't really remember, but you said it was something about you no need to starve to help our ha. I spoke to her into the horses outside your dad and when she said- and she said quote is actually not is about giving the charity it's about working for charity and it's you shouldn't have to live in poverty, to work on poverty, which is great videos quote Elijah's, recognising that those people need money too, but they should get paid so that they in continue to help and you get what you pay for. So if you hire a very successful
organised executive area, the charities protagonists breach more people yeah you gotta for what you get you, but it does feel weird. someone at a charities making several hundred thousand dollars, but that's that's everything all right I'll! I love you. I love you,