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Todd Rose is the co-founder and president of the Populace, author of multiple books and a faculty member at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Todd sits down in the attic to discuss his research on dark horse achievers, he talks about his low point when he was employed giving enemas, and he stresses the importance of finding your motivation. Dax wonders if we live in a world that is able to support this kind of evolved attitude and Todd praises Dax's correct pronunciation of "attic". The two share a visceral memory of the smell of the great salt lake, they delineate the 4 steps to realizing your potential and Dax offers Monica a generous 2019 Christmas present in the fact check.

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Welcome to arm chair expert experts on expert. I am DEC shepherd join. My man, Burma. today we are going to speak with a gentleman named. Todd rose, Todd roses is a professor at Harvard very reputable school of learning, and he has written a book called dark horse achieving success through the pursuit of fulfilment. I think this. be a very liberating conversation for a lot of people, because what Todd his endeavoured to do is look at what Sir it, s really is, and he vows alot of people who would achieve fulfilment and thrown out the conventional past says and its quota system fighting conversation, he just a sweetheart too, with a really bizarre story. They got him to Harvard so please enjoy TAT rose we are supported by frame bridge framed bridge. Is the cool
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dinner's, we'll get fifteen percent of their first order. The prices started just thirty nine box or go to frame bridge dot com and use Miko Dax D, a ex get started a day with just a few taps on your phone, go to frame, bridge dot com and use from a goddamn save an additional fifteen percent of your first order. Just go to frame bridge dot com, promo code, Dax Frame Bridge Dhaka from Codecs he's Dogrose, welcome to arm chair expert ethics, rather me lied to me on the way and and said that you ve listened to this, and I appreciate that lie. I mean we fell out better as well as reclaim this out. I open up my phone here a show you my podcast list. this will be very telling about you. You got my guess. Is you ve got a lot of like gum,
making a murderer that my favorite martyr, cereal Bell, there is less until you can all my career. I am on this ass. The tat idea so tat your in town from as juices exactly are. We say: please for me, because I do known as well, I guess I'm from I recognise I'm saying it wrong that let me say how I say it: Massachusetts, forcing era Massachusetts issues. It was there by the way, I'm I'm a transplant from rural Utah. Also, however, I say it is probably not right anyway. What party you talk? Hooper, it's like you, You go north from salt Lake and then head toward the great SALT Lake and when there is no more land to be had that's like where I lived okay, so I made the mistake in high school on a road trip of swimming in the gray. Oh, it's terrible! It's it's disgusting isolated! I had read it,
in a science book in like eighth grade that the solidity gloat content. Yes, so high that you just flow- and I thought why must experiences once in my life and what they dont tell me in the science book is that there is about Trillion flies all along the shore in its this putrid stinky. It's a brain shrimps mount it's me out, and I lived with that, blowing toward my boy, my house gradually, and I mean this- is love in the dream. Really and there's a humongous. I don't know some kind of facility right by the lake and I'm up soon mean its processing Salter. Somebody is right. It is as though you got that two probably is nice noise and great smell, yeah wavering flow. Could you flow I'll? Tell you this you do, for it was like citizens, fuck and lazy boy, really it it's really incredible! You I dont know how one would drowned in the great salt Lake, it's it's yours so buoyant. I went out
I hold treading water record would be so not impress. Do you think that's where he tried it, ok, so tall and bring up to speed? Really quick. Believe me, we can talk about your book, but before with you, We were in Austin, doing alive, show, and I got it a hare up. My ass that I want to set like a personal record for treading water, which being an hour in one minute and they all observed you trailed, waterfront, ornament. Yup I am, and women in a beer lad that ok. So I was quite proud of myself and then Monica decided to hook up with them world record was where the longest someone's ever treading water, and it was a gentleman in India, Was it eighty seven hour you something? I think it was almost four day when you did it. Did you like? I do the lay backwards with you're? Absolutely not
well, that's not want proper straight up rob proper treading water and in conversing with the people in the dock. My kids are jumping into now, having a kind of so you're an athlete. That's what you're telling me I don't know. I've tried to become one in my adulthood, but I wasn't as a kid, but at any rate it can eighty seven hours! So maybe he did it in the great, but you in town in year, I presume you're, promoting yearbook dark horse re. Absolutely you wrote a book called dark horse achieving success through the pursuit of fulfilment. That's a big word fulfilment! Isn't it now? How do we quantify or qualify measure fulfilment? Will the Good NEWS about it as we dont quantify right? Ok, it's completely subjective Reagan's, dissatisfaction that comes from accomplishing things that matter to you. Ok, I like that is noble.
Can tell you know we can give it. You know I can tell you that what it is, but, but you know what you care about, and you know whether you actually been able to accomplish things yeah and are you here too. I really don't know who the engineer the the first person to come up with this concept. I learned it through you ve all Harare, so that this concept of your narrative self he's writing your life story and your experiential self, whose eating ice cream right. rarely do the has dues themselves really have the same pursue near. So when we talk about fulfilment, are we talking the narrative self or now Gabby us over the true. True you right, there's! No, if you, if you're the person, we're trying to tell everybody else that we are like that, that's what it's toxic to being able to act, they live are fulfilling life right because you're translators, who I am and then it meant to do things that actually reinforced this other view. My enemy look good, but its hollow right at the end of the hollow, and this is purely about the ability,
to be in touch with who you really are and what you care about. Even if nobody else cares about those things. There's plenty, those folks in the book. They just care about things that I think are really crazy, like I, like I'm not more way by them at all here and yet they turn that into productive contributions, and they re in having this really interesting bounds of being successful and happy making that that seem simple, but is something that we all like really have a hard time doing and beat it very elusive. In my experience, I met a lot of my heroes, who have accomplished the things that I thought would mood makes. One, be happy in general and in. Minimally, I can say that there is not an increased level of happiness across the spectrum, I would also argue there seems to be a bit of a less than happiness with great. I think Look, I think, that's it, especially when that success is coming based on what societies told us. Success is supposed to be right, and so we're all taught that its
status power. It's really about. Am I better than you the ice? Yes and you think that's right, and then we play that game, and you know the people who don't win. miserable, but then the people who do win are like hold on what the hell's. If this isn't, what does not what? What you told me it would be, yeah, you know, and it some so. I was fascinated by like what are their people who seem to like thread this needle who'd just seem to be able to more often than not being that sort of like happy an accompanying things, and if there are like, could we learn something? Calves are something we can learn from them. That would make our lives law better yeah. What you study primarily education rank. So I'm study individuality getting away from mackerel sort of treating everyone is the same in, and how do you do that that so that spends everything from personalized medicine, but I do care a lot about education and I'm housed in this global Ok and what was your school? You know what we're your degrees so I got a doctor in developing a science,
Harvard I gotta masters in my brain and education and then I am my underground. was from. We were state University in Ogden Outta in psychology. Why do you think you are attracted to those? So my intellectual interests You'Ll- probably relate to this, given what I know about you totally personal to begin with bright, my own curiosity, about for whatever like credentials. I have now most of my life. I was a complete screw up, philosophy you I mean. I feel that a high school with zero point, nine gpa I'll really you have to work really really hard. Did you have a learning disability or did you like draw? No? What fuck has I wasn't I'm alive in rural utilization? drugs, I wanted a drugs but like for you may see now the Rhine, water out of it. I was a little you could and take heroin over there, but that it was actually just I'm pretty curious person and I'm a little active that cannot go sit still for very long and in this rural place, where
Europe, which was a deeply religious, very conservative, patriarchal higher who it was about obedience right, that's, that was prized and it was never going to work. Basically, I'm this kind. person who like asking why about everything in their like stop asking? Why remember? I am so that it does. No balls right, like you just and I was because all knowing I gave the boy a lot like just as bad as a terrible experience, I hated school. And get you know, my senior here the principle that look you gotta leave right. You can't graduate ear united, paused and you're just going off you just gotta, go rail, so my parents came and pick me up. No, I'm gonna get you down with school and yeah, so then K worldwide as a Greek, I get job now and he's. Let's see what you can jogging get with a high school, the former right era. So can you handle amount, some, that's that's really end up working, but it doesn't minimum wage jobs shortly thereafter, my girlfriend Brenda she's pregnant. She still my life today,
oh yah, India? Why this great right, this is a good start, so that the two kids about twenty years old, They went upon welfare hard hit by an echo of all the rock bottom hits my wife's donating blood plasma in Canada like legal limit to help us pay the bills, and I have a job that I took me. Has it paid seven dollars an hour instead of five fifty, which was, I gave enemies to people? oh no, that was the worst job. Well, it's Yad says she's a shade, literally and figuratively gas. So you are like ETA caloric clinic herself. I wish. now I drive around the people's houses. Oh, my goodness, you we're like I'm. All you are like pose maids for animal pussy, exactly I just dont have the good branding like that. I was. I was a nurse assistant and although the only painting, seven dollars an hour to do right, that's a car is really it's pretty good. I think these are people who couldn't leave their home, but I don't want to
they don't really want me doing this to them and as this cannot be my life right? Well, let's also just think about the the mechanics of this you're getting an hourly wage, but unfortunately didn't take long to given it. You got your only logging want a few hours named and the worst thing possible further twenty one box. This is bad, though my face a you, presume find your way to a community college that would have so yeah. So what were I, like I remember, I remember seeing you like something- has to change that. Also having kids kind of clears your head a bit right, let these little kids are just innocent and you're like I got to do something different. I got to do right by them I remember it was my dad at like he was the first high school graduate our family human costs, but he decided
when we were little he was a mechanic and he said, came home and I look like I think, there's something more for me. There's there's something when this honest work but leg, and he said I etiquette to go to college, but we ain't nobody in our family go to college. That's not a thing right. So when I was in great school, he just decided he was gonna. Go to night school and he became a mechanical engineers now he's basically invents like airbags and so ass. We does for living Nokia, amazing, but I had watched. Did he leave the backwater? The literal backwater of the great, although he s a week, we moved on up. We moved her like middle class, you to enlighten you outta and am it was I can assume. Suddenly we had, we were poor, we and you can see the power of that. So I'm like I need to do something, and you know my dad told me something completely transformative. His people were calling me lazy
fair enough. I was quitting minimally jobs. I worked like Einstein's Bengals Commitment actor that and is a people to settle down he's gonna like work hard at this, and he said You're, not lazy. Do you just have to be motivated all the time and give you're not doing the thing that you care about dinner, then you're knock, but when you are you're spectacularly said, so you to figure out what it is that really matters to you. I'm stay close to that the rest of your life and I was like hot and he was like you know. Maybe I can be a good business man or maybe I can lego at negative thirteen dollars my bank, sounds like willing and start any company right come and suchlike. School which, as we have been terrible up to that point yeah. So I went up to the member state, which is a little like open, roman college. So I want to roll and was in a community college in that it was. It was a four year school boys, but anyone, but anyone could go all that's vandam, anyone to go right right. It was like when we together. My my in laws in a room full of all their main together, which was more like a hundred dollars terms.
somewhere down, and that was a lot of money for us and they said. Look we don't know if you're going to be other cut this, but like we can all pull together and give you a years worth of tuition, that's We have you got to figure out how to get the grades, so you can stay there. So for me it was. I gotta make this work because I can't go back. Right. I only know what forward look like exactly what I wanted, but I went in super curious about why. Why do things turn out so poorly form, so you were interested in your own psychology, any thought. Oh maybe I can pick up some answers about my only at all. Less is honest. Truth like I was like I solve me,
and so psychology super interesting. You know I did have a professor one time. That said, we have the greatest educational system in the world, not because our top universities are so much better, but that we have a system where anyone can enter, and I was the beneficiary of that like I did terrible, I scorn and found their way to community college and when you feel like that part, I'm very very grateful about our country. For oh, it's, it's the. our best its opportunity and second chances right hand. The second chances thing really matters, and you know I do think where we're going as a country in the future. It's going to be on the back of these schools, like we were state in the community, colleges and stuff that are going to continue to allow those arrested, didn't necessary, do well to begin with the sailor. Gustaf something I offer my hour weeks still contribute yet make sense. Given that that your background that you found your way to the things you have, because you also wrote a book end of average, so you're for it. Just really quick tell us about your first book
This is kind of part of what I discovered on a personal level, and then I realized there was a whole science behind at which is that for the last two hundred years or so we ve built of our society around thinking. There is like an average person. Might so everything from the design of things to my everyday in the mean time out over the mean height, is the main way. That's right, so its body size was like an average type, and then you said in your speech a medium, large or whatever, but we do that in like mental stuff, to write so like there's an iq test that we're gonna taken theirs, average and that's supposed to represent something in the dsl. Much to me, as a little troubling doesn't have a very much believe psychology and- and I believe, in Psycho, tropics and pneumatic, Haitian, but I also think it's a little dangerous to establish normal. Absolutely. And they everything's abnormal. That's not that beyond them. We end up really turning normal variation into pathology right. So what what you find, though, in the science which is, I think, it's
cause. They're literary is no such thing as an average person, it seems almost like a bumper sticker right, but it's it's actually true, so we spent all this time in science using leg. If all of us here, from Now- were part of a study. I do. I do like brain imaging stuff, new pull you and put your scanner, do some tasks and then too average of all of our brains and publish that result and mobility. We found out something that turns out since we have access to big data now turns out it s. Quite often since nobody had embarrassing, and so what's happened in the sciences. Is that now we want to do that so now I can actually just look at you and I can study your patterns and I can build up something and I can look at Monica though the per patterns and see where they relate and where they don't, and that approach which we call it. The science of individuality has led to like personalized medicine a lot of the cancer treatment deviations and I work with the prostate Cancer Foundation in all their breakthroughs of Ben yeah. That's exactly right! Mapping your genome them in going out this medicine would work
Nobody is going back to average based medicine like nobody rapid process. cancer there's no chance you're, like yours, gold standard average based treatment, Nope Map, my genome this targeted treatment, so that applies everywhere where human beings are involved right. You just turns out we're just we're just individuals and that's ok right and that in that range of normal expands pre dramatically, and we can do something about it and so that the places that are making good breakthroughs like medicine, that's awesome and then there's place like education or to take stock just an unwilling to budge off of treating every kid. The same you come into a classroom overlords. The same thing at the same rate is lying. Failure, move on Russia and they have so. I gotta say, though, having had children recently my compassion for what they're up against in the educational system, has quadrupled goes right, can barely managed the two that are in my house
and I imagine having to think about and and help thirty kids or twenty two or whatever than class sizes. it saw it seems insurmountable as much as theirs failings, I'm also absolutely is that everyone comes out their learning. How to re eight or do anything of phasing out their teachers are amazing. Honestly, they do unbelievable work. What we haven't done is build systems that actually support them, and now we can so we can build stuff makes a classroom really supportive of a wide range of kids and doesn't put the whole burden on teachers. Its toys doable doesn't cottonwood any. You give me an example of that. So here's a simple one: Ba symbols best symbols better like right. Now, education still further the last industry that encourages designing on average. So you you get a textbook. You get a piece of curriculum, it's all design of its fourth grade classroom, it's. What is the average fourth greater know how how
Can they read and then things pegged that right right, bull like so the kid that is a year behind in reading and it's a math class. He's gone in its math liquidity, no yours struggling reading reading, so you can build things. What called universalism for learning its literary and federal law. We not do it. It's done all over the place. That's like we can take the range that kids are coming into every classroom and say wait we now have a six level of reading range, its baked into the technology. Now, so the kid that struggling get support, the kid that can go faster goes faster, so there's multiple text books were one that one digital Xyz used the town, it's digital, that's that's the secret and then is does it? Is the digital platform actually assess where the student should make up? That's bunker oil in the idle think that public knows just how much we can do with respect to personalization. Now, gee, I don't know
that. I just remember watching the Michael more documentary who to invade next. You say that by Jan this fantastic and he goes to announce- I always say- Sweden, but Some some country north of of Germany and Denmark, Sweden, Finland or more Norway, but am they are now leading the world in math. In reading now bring agents. Finland will enable there. There's no homework! That's right! I'm like oh, my god! like how do that's my own well in hand of its known. What are we doing my kit? My kid is in kindergarten and she has homework every night. It's ridiculous! You, instead of instead of just focusing on building good environments, trusting your teachers building that they do is they focus on mastery instead of grades, so that there are some high standard, every kids going to get there? it's a little longer, that's fine, but what we do is we sent up everyone's on the clock when you're done work. when rank you rightly,
Compare you and it's just that you teaches you that that the point of life is to just be better than the person next to you. Yet, in fact, I just want to go backwards. Five minutes, because, what's funny about what you said about how most of our judgment of ourselves in our happiness and everything else is in relation to some one else and what's funny I've had it not friends who have gone high enough up this status, el- that I honestly had this fear for them. Unlike I'm an approval junkie, put of course, I want approval from people with more status them wherever it. So what happens when you're Mick Jagger, like I'm, actually nervous for someone who his is see, hit the ceiling of whose approval they could get or or or Obama like Yahoo. Gives Obama argument. You ok, as Michel, but who is it that he's like shit man, if so so thought I was cool. I'd feel ass. Now you know, but here's the secret right now say this only because of someone who had to go on this journey of being an approval junkie like crazy, too.
those folks they get there. That really know how to do this. There, not looking for approval here I mean for me. I love like Tom Brady Ripe. Let's talk about Tom Bright, like first landing, but it's like forty one and still plant top the game and in full bomb. We should all like MA am, but you watch the guys so dedicated football, it's not about being the best quarterback compared to someone else, he's watching game, film. All the time he's it it's the ground. It is getting better the thing he cares about right from the outside it on never. Why have meant a one time? I don't know anything really about him, but he appears to love the process in and then the results, our Sonny I haven't men. A fit of loving processes is getting better thing. You care about constantly really, that's our very own goal, oriented so its interests. When I read the description of the department you workin individuality, I went to a different places, a homer. What I thought
I thought some weird way, maybe you're just promoting individuality in the way that I think is unique in the United States of America, like an individual's Emma Year, like I think it's it's it's on its required ingredient in the recipe of cap. Elysium in democracy that we all must be individual so that now we need to consume all these different things that make us unique, and I didn't We have like terminal uniqueness in this country too, but this is. This has nothing to do now, not knock em. Now they glad that cannot really early to me too many of the problems right individualism. I think it is quite bad, rightly leads us to not care about anybody else. Not relent or dependent on a lot of other of the american dream is, is is bigger yourself by your bootstraps and then accomplish something epic right. It's not too raise the level of your community that that's on the american dream so that this isn't now you can edit this atavism, not that good button
So I am actually. I should care a lot about that concept of american dream, so James Russell atoms. It was written down in the depths the great depression, the first time anyone wrote it down like it actually begin to think it giggles clear, clear back up here and he was trying to figure out after robber, Baron Capitalism and all the stuff suffragists decimated everything like was or something worth preserving about the american experiment what he writes down. But the american dream is it you would love it real. It is not he lyricist, look it's not materials and is not Morton's. My car as its. I think it's the idea that you can rise and accomplish whatever your metro accomplish, unencumbered by things like your bloodlines or your gender, I can say that it is about just feeling like we can. We can reach our full potential, yet the mechanisms opportunity now yeah and then but it, but what its use toward right. I think it's
and corrupted into this ridiculous materialism and and sort of like a costly, compare ourselves to everybody else. Yet why I can immediately think of that horrendous commercial ages, eggs I love the company, but but that Cadillac Commercial or the guy was, did you ever see them oh, my goodness was repugnant, though, as it was a dude like in make mansion house where the swimming ponies walking through the house is like they say we work harder in America than anyone else that damn right, we do in its us all about helping basically saying I have no time on the ship, trade or multiple, my friends, but I have two thousand I like it was. It was really trouble, not that we want me That's right! It's it's! This! There there's a dignity to you, know how and rather than ignoring that, rather than trying to force you to be just like everybody else gets it's important to understand that it's funny in medicine. We don't think it's into. It was a man medicine. We think, of course, like treat me
me here. I am, I think, if we can throw that needle, we can appreciate the dignity of each person and then also appreciate the fact that work didn't we depend on each other and we need systems that actually do a good job. Nea, so dark horse is something that you label some people who have accomplished fulfilment, yeah yeah, don't tell me of the definition of a dark horse, so you, you know most people, think of dark forces as people who are successful, that nobody sees coming out of the book on which is technically true, but in this dark horse project that we did nor this comes from. We found pretty quickly that their there actually people who prioritize personal film in over more conventional notions of success, and that is what leads them on this kind of individual path and also, ultimately, what allows into people happy unsuccessful. Ratan
in doing that will verse you talk to some interesting people right and it is it awkward, for you is about something like a journalists would have a ton of experience with doing. Is it awkward as like a professor to act they'll be journalist. Well, so it was interesting, so I was trained in America. Numbers guy right, ok, in terms of the science like this was the first qualitative research would ever done, but I was just and the security about these people that seem to come out of nowhere Ray and I and I couldn't find These studies are anything about dark forces and I'm like wishes do right, and so I have no clue what to expect MIKE one. We just talk to them like us, a good starting point, listen you and it turns out. You can learn a lot by just listening to people and so Actually my my colleague was
much better this, and I am in Oki August guys I caught up Falcon, nay, what a name how he was only oh. Yes, I love a computational neuroscientist by training that so we should clearly cyclists just do as we wanted everyday people. Have connections or money or less learn, and that is as follows: a total passion, probable how'd, you even go about finding mad Curate z list. We did this area. That was, that was the big challenge to start you're, like a lasting, a reality, and so we D said we went to all these like professional societies as far whence it look find us people in our societies who are accomplished right, like that, you would say but at what they do but caught, but how these kind of interesting backgrounds nine and we thought what maybe we'll get some people only just come out of the woodwork negative. believe what we try to goes far when they all the disciplines. We could think of jobs that no one we think
Who would want to do that and like, and did you start talking to him so my apart so completely wrong. So I said that I think what can happen is that you're gonna find that people who can be dark forces are people who have a certain personality like a Steve jobs or her breath, like they don't really didn't care if they buck the system, where they label that that there's that there's a there's like five psychological traits and one of them is like disagree ability or something I imagine there really high on that right. Yeah! That's my assumption! That's what I thought too. I thought that's what would be like and and I was like ok, I want to learn how they get good at things right, but it just turned out just not to be true, no matter how much we want that to with the first couple dozen you realized their precise were all over the place and all they had in common they kept. We wanted to talk to them about. How do you get good things? Withered tips or tricks are things like that all they want to talk about health discover what they care about. More truly motivates them, and they would talk about
element in meaning and purpose, and I actually wasn't happy that's a squishy. I know my dear to me very I, and I was like none of this is not good, but then it just keeps coming up for an organ in the illegal cable. Look if this is what they want to talk about, let's listen, and so I thought so as we realize it was really about fulfilment and these Really diving intellect. Ok! Well, are you saying that is something that actionable right. Is it just like after the factual? Ok, I'm fulfilled no they're they're they're, aiming for that right there and if you the standards world, where we're off will go down this exact same path once you choose personal fulfilment, you're gonna go off that path, the least little bit So that's what worlds Emily built! It's! No! That now at Dover Fulfilment are that this country minimally I'll speak about that stay to share their, we are supported by hello, fresh hello, Monica you're here,
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I'm. So would you what are some of the will? First of all, is liberating. Is that is a thought which is? Oh, if you really just discover your passion and you file that to the ends of the earth, with a lot of flexibility in mind that you can re evaluate that sounds comforting, but yet, at the same time I think I know a lot of people who their biggest source of axed in life is that they don't know that. What passion has got the blessing I feel like I got, which is knowing what I wanted to do. Failing or succeeding it just was comforting, know exactly what I was aiming at. How do how do people you know what can they nurture shouting to come up with that so Northstar? So, if you think about it, like suffers from our society, actually frauds,
individualism, does very little to actually cultivate the person right very little people all the time you spent in education, how anybody ever really spend a tiny. But what matters to you right, what truly motivate you right? We spent a lot of time telling you what should matter so look I think, there's a couple things that the nice thing about passion and I think it's like both a blessing and a curse right. So we think about passion. I think we're talking about the right, feeling rain, but what we found with dark- or something is really helpful- is how you engineer that so rather than thinking about one white hot thing Diego's to me, it's like the true love you? I don't? I urge female denied, or on a wait for that that usually ends port area. What darker so good at they as we call them motives in the book because it turns out we're. By a wide range of things, and some of them are pretty general we could all have in common the sum
only with specific to me as a person, Riah Crazy, specific things, but they use those right and it's like. Then you go make choices based on am I checking more boxes on this or less and if you're doing things that are she engaging more of those motives. It's definitely far more rewarding right. So one of the things that we put on a lot is for parents cultivate habit even for young kids of good. Asking them what they enjoy and why they enjoy right, get them to start. Thinking about that. Why question has also here like sock, Why do you walk soccer right, yeah, like soccer interested given the young gauge and is it being outdoors? Is it because it's with a team? Is it the competition? Have you get that habit? It's pretty easy to figure out, there's a range of things that I care about yeah. Now, as the synagogue me can't help ago one layer below that which, to me is I've, come to realize everything I was motivated to do was weirdly, grounded in fear
so I didn't have a dad around. I need to prove our manly, so I write motorcycles. I fought a lot lotta. Do I consumed drugs? Scary level like I don't know that trust a single one of my interests as not being an attempt to heal something that was a little bit fractured and childhood, for which fine. I don't know that it's good or bad about here's. The thing about that. There's two pieces that one is those things are still motivating so in terms of engaging something that propels you Ford Lincoln, but you also thing is which is true of all. This is some of the things when you start looking inside something's into the most motivating you I actually like they re and you're going to go you deal if you treat that fear, you may find that you don't have this insurers anymore Don't have all the interesting thing? Ok, so I think that the trick is. Is it all? charts, no matter what, with truly getting into in touch with those things right, yeah, so that you're not causing surprised by your behavior.
I know. I know what motivates me: I'm not surprised that I am making the choices I making. Then, if you decide waiting I don't like the origin of these things. Then you do with them, but then you- and so I still think it then, the day you gotta know what they are yeah. I do think it's really fascinating, even just ass. Your kids like why you like soccer, because it seems to be just a given that you all you dislike soccer and you'll, be shocked but even toddlers will say back. If you really ask rail added, like we just don't teach kids to think this way and look think about right now, And this is, is I'm going to say this in a way that gets fact checked in the way? To make me look good. At least a majority of Americans are disengaged at their jobs. Gallup, okay and majority of kids are disengaged at school right, so we're doing so. Wrong. Yet we are not in touch with the things that actually matter, most was truly motivate us and random making decisions, for other reasons that put us into these places where relevant life's work, just not happy neon and
are doing a bunch other stuff right, treat that exact lack of happiness. Now at last challenged this I'll. Be a cynic I'll ask is what do you say about the notion, because I sometimes still cling to this in an unhealthy way that, like, for example, when I hear about your childhood, want your dad described you, as my knee jerk That is why today you'd be on Ritalin Fisher you'd, be on. After all, the tray on redolent and others. A part of me that says boy by medicating. All these kids they're, not gonna, really find some alternative route around this problem, and now maybe maybe I'm only seen the success stories like I'm seeing you and I'm thinking, we should allocate kids, I'm probably not meaning that nine that their lives were ruined by so am I probably no one I'm sailor of New York it so so, since I know the per capita mom, so I was actually medicate again and it's awful. I'm sorry like I get that there are some kids. They really do need
I would not dispute that at all, but we use that kind of Essen early on in, like the seventies and eighties, we thought only kids that have ADHD responded to Ritalin so we use it as how to diagnose. He give the kid. Over makes a better. They must have. This ensures that that's not true right and so here's the problem. make anyone more focus right, I'm on every cod like every cause, cameras in the country. Are you going to test it out, but I stopped because look I think that legacy There are kids that are going to need that were, but this is no replacement for developing sense of who you are and the skills you need to actually do. For me, it is true. If I am, motivated, I would be forcibly terrible employ. I've had to pick work. There flaming round the boss, because, like I'm, just not its comically bad, if I'm doing something? Somebody else wants me to deal with as long as I get to be, which is again
things are only of some ownership over the direction Europe growing some skin in the game there and then I'm not too bad I guess, I'm I here's something. Let's say that we have utopia, we design, these very flexible systems that can accommodate all individuals will there be any overcoming like it is part of the magic of this system. Is that like, if you can overcome at despite its terrible designs in this part of my brain, that things that that somehow an important ingredient like like Chris Rock has a joke about bullies like there were trained get rid of bullies using fuckin bill gates, wasn't believe everything you get a mark Zuckerberg without bullies. Yes, there is a there's, an old man and me that feels like is that relevant? So so I from ok I'll, buy things that don't kill you make stronger and you gotta is, except for not really have a heart attack
Your heart is not better off because you had a heart attack right leg. I think there's some something about productive challenge, never going away from life and it shouldn't. I think it's actually really meaningful. I do not think you have to design those things in by like making at heart for everyone and then you're getting we build a system that assumes half the country's gonna fail. It's crazy! right right and then when I came, but it can be better for you and I'm saying look. We can build systems that it doesn't mean so tailored to the point where it's just like your skating by no it's, it's gonna work with you to figure out who you are you shouldn't have tons of challenges, less is life law. Yet I can acknowledge. I'm probably succumbing to the myth that that you know this systems worth it does. Look you get a bill gates like it, ignore yeah this is done behind or whether we couldn't ninety percent of people that are failing, and we focus very intently on the people who have ex succeeded as as
proved that this is a great tells us a lot of things about the system that that are worth preserving, that that's that's definitely true, and I I never want to live in a system where it's not about hard work and not about, and I believe this is not a handout system, we're trying to create what I'm saying is. As someone who now arguably someone's top universities in the world, but still doesn't have a high school diploma, very curious, I'm I've seen! I do think we win you so much putting your one of thirty. There were thirty. There were twenty nine our guys that had your exact same scenario and they didn't find their way to that college into Harvard YE. I would I can step back and go now. I think utilitarian sensors no way that I would also say to me as one you're, successful by society standards. Then people like you, you're really resilient up, like Nobody was saying that when I was like giving animals to people for a living, nobody is like mad
just a resilient guy things are going to work out free Ohio now, given an aunt em over seven. Now I regret I love my family. That's like other things. I would be willing to do what they can say. Oh patty yourself, when you graduate from Harvard you know it's funny, I didn't. Even I didn't hear Harvard was king. I went there because there was a guy, Kurt Fischer, who has put the founder of this news I answer I have to. I want to be around this guy. I want to learn what he knows and if he would have been at which time state that's where I would have gone right, it was cool. I will say I dont care when I got in the Harvard. I was really the most proud, because so I was raised by the strongest woman you're ever gonna meet in your life annoying I mean Laurel above a UK. I I think I think they have conversations. Imagine a woman in rural Utah. In this inner Mormon Mormon, where women don't have aiding whose just like to Hell with all of you.
Is it get me the two of us and we're gonna fight it out right and she's gonna fight anybody, any anybody that wants to try and take me down here and she got just destroyed four reputation wise the number of times that people, told her. She was a bad mom and then what was so nice is arrogant. I note this is this is pretty stupid front page biggest newspaper in Utah. When I get in his picture me and my mom and family, I I was like that's good. I like that they are for me. I like that my mom. But what's funny is, is there the graduation Bert So we are we packed up Carl elevate, you hall and a minivan and just put everything we own in this thing- is our driving across the country right, and we ran out of money, but just enough to go by but I didn't know there, I think I'll tell roads or short
you're on eighty in the night group and Slovenia, everything all right now so so we're like wait a minute. We actually aren't gonna, make it all the way to Cambridge Massachusetts. So I pulled up and when I said you um, you take care. And it turns out they did that another automated he's. Ok, so I sent a written dollar checks only through I don't have any money, so they all bounds. Let's get him, I think a thirty five dollar overtures but like so we get there, and this is the long winded way of answering your question about. It was more a relief to graduate idea we'll do we get there. sixty days after we arrive like I'm? As we know, the country right, someone runs red light tools Van my youngest son breaks his femur and how my girl, a full body, cast an eye like what in the world, so we had to pay some a bunch of money for the hostile things, so I ended up just dirt poor as we were like just barely getting by Austria also and having to like pay off my
We called term bills like Reginald exports from my whole time through to the credit graduation lucky that late, let me walk, but instead of my diploma, and others is yours, like twenty thousand dollars homeless rogues, I'm done, but I gotta go. I gather that goes on and truthfully like it was this incredibly humbling experience could look I had a lot of holes in my education, I mean yeah. I did find that we were state, but you arrive at the first class I took was from this giant in the field who I really admired and the first paper he because backed me he'd letter, I wrote judging by your work here, I do not believe you to have the writing ability succeed in graduate school. Why at all like the moral? Why do they take all my I thought I read. I took my family out here just for pride right now. I'm gonna to quit. This is like what am I doing in the night part my on my mother's kind, like no you're, not like candidate yeah. Well, I'm not gonna go to like the grad school.
Comment on how to write. Those are my peers, so I went to the underground annex I snuck ends the library to have these riding workshops- and this is nineteen year old, young woman she's. Like can I help you get? I need some help running so I'm sorry you're out in an underground it's just for articles, I said no, please! I really! I can't go there. I need your help and she's. Ok, I'll say what I help you and of every one of these sessions, you just come and wait and she did and She taught me how to write and m. It was bent life's cannon let her do these little angels. Aren't there around like they are we all love to get up and like take take ownership of her accomplice? like this, ignore them at some out of the goodness of their hard time. Yet all right. Ok! So there are some some there's. Four four principles. or what do we want to save for qualities that these people had that help them find fulfilment? What what are they so
the first thing, which I think these are things that made fulfilment actual rather than like all your bliss off a cliff right leg ray and the quantities they had. We called the elements, but whenever the first was knowing your motives right. Knowing your my corners and again, it seems Obviously you should know what motivates you but look. It's most of us were we think about these things are. Identity is never even based motivation? It's usually like what we do for a living or what we're good at, which is not a good foundation for you. You are dark or They they focus really in on their motivations, em, so saying earlier they go beyond that sort of broad ones. Like I'm competitive, they dig into these details, which are just remarkable, like yellow. Tell me like a Jenny Mccormick. You talk to her and what were her motives so for Firefox and elements first, while she is like, I just admire the
out of her here? Someone who is a globally respected astronomer discovered a planet at an asteroid. Never ever went called high school dropout merrily. And she was dropped out of school. She was a single mom think by twenty working in a fast redrawing. While she happens to go too, to New Zealand and the Royal Party Zealand to a family members home for some event you can actually see up into the sky and they said hey. Look. You gotta check out this thing like check this out and give should binoculars issues like MRS World up there that didn't know, and I'm just like this ridiculous, a curious I want to know about this and it was so drove her, so she stretched friend of yours. they learn about. This issue can gotta they're going to college, and so she starts learning all these things she can. She goes to like talks at the unit the city and will sit there as if she's a student just like Maria she caught But it ain't lie. Hidden party want one goes like what we, what
what year you- and this is all I am not. I am sure this is a strong me. You can make lots of contributions without getting a phd, so she figures out that if she can convince people state, they are sending your parts for house she starts cobbling together. This observatory are sadly, and she turns out to be really good at its its gravitational lending. You can it's weird, it's a! U can use how gravity bends, light and stuff like that and she's awesome at it right, but she's been this endlessly curious about, like the unknown. the huge more river, but she also loves she wants to make a contribution. She wants something that she gives back to people, but she's. Not even so. That's it that's a standard one kind of rail link. We talk to people who were no kidding leg. were motivated by aligning physical objects with their hands. Like an oecd way will mean or in a locker
look what you can become as an engineer way rattling ripe? Ok, ok, just you can imagine a manifesto my mother, if have always gotta Mcdonald's, when I was a kid, she spent the whole meal rearranging my trade, like the tray had already. All the items had to be seen in parallel with some part of the trade or or or people who love livery, organizing people's closet, ill of organizing, like that yeah I read about Her- is that it was at current yes, so she was. She was successful by all and it is right to cooperate at women Sheet Kid worker- weigh up from local stay in how jobs the White House and she quit is like wait. A minute like this is not make me happy she loved organizing her own closet and she was like what what do you do with that and should wait a minute, there's a whole think I'll professional organizers, yeah. She Sars I wish you'd like him, really sought after Oliver New York in Florida, happy and like what's her motivator
I'll say, my wife had one once, and I thought this would be a perfect occupation for me as a nosey pursuit we have to go through every one to shit I mean you're you're open in every drawer and every every house yeah. No, I am. Is she a lawyer Nazi icy, like she'd, realise even in in part something she loved the most of the time she got organize like she liked to do. Legislation should like wrangles, it wasn't any wasn't the winning or beating someone. It was actually can you organize to make people's life's better right and ass. She rose in the ranks of politics, those jobs. Variable anymore? Those are what you do as the work right and she was like wait. A minute like this is the thing that I care the most about my blog to bring order on behalf of somebody and it is that it is the sole motivating to her and by the way that exactly the person. I want helping me out MIA what second, one, the nexus, knowing your choices that what dark horse, oh good at, is recognising that the small choices in for
all the time and knowing how to make choices. The decision between those choices that maximizes fulfilment right that given the best chance at an end- and sometimes there really be- like bold moves, one guy literary just like solve everything and moved her rural England has he to learn about plants and concerns. There's no one place that actually top people the old fashioned way. They went there myself and like lived in a shack and then in back a master at this thing in leg is now this phenomenal. You know so there We need to evaluate the choices to know they exist. What's of everything but like most of us in our lives. Like I'm a commercial side, we must have too much choice. That's like the capitalist kind of like if you go to the grocery store, but in the meaningful parts of it you think about. Most of what we tried to and starvation is take away. Those choices right, you might make. choose the major I'm in college forever, but but what was so fasting his dark forces they it's like. They know that
choices like the life blood of omits? How you're gonna create purpose for yourself and there after about it all the time and they'll making choices the make things available to them that I, I can't believe they they sniffed out right now. I guess we we think right if I understand you correctly, like you, enter primary school and be you're not make an eight year you're. Actually, I'm making single choice to your and my junior high, that you choose a handful of elected run and you go to high school in doing a lot of choosing their again may pick from these five collectives and then use inner college. You got a big your major in your making that pretty early on in the process and then now you just end up with his degree and in Asia. I gotta do something with this and then you're. Suddenly you go get one of them a handful of judging it with that degree, room how can you wake up in your eighty? That's right and most of them going back on what the hell happened. Did I How did I get here and I think, if discover earlier. It is like a mid life crisis while, but our
because we're not I'm certainly- and this is not the life I want to live and then use it- you some kind of crazy, like blood all up in your eye, glass, probably an overreaction right, but what's interesting is realising like it's one thing to do, oh, who you are and know what matters to you but putting into play in terms of making that thing. That's gonna drive mostly you're, just choices yeah and is in part of the problem. Is we have a check list of things that we are supposed to make us fulfilled, so its economic security, job security? All these things right and if you're, if you somehow have the the wherewithal to go all those are false prophets. Third, there not real the stakes of not choosing knows. I would imagine, get a little easier. That's for sure, and I would say, as an aside, we have.
We ve been doing a lot of research site where I started a think tank as well, isn't like trying to figure out like, whereas the public on all this with democracy and a market economy, whatever the public wants. They're gonna get right right, so we're alert, discovering about fulfilment with dark or something- maybe that's the so far things. How to things like most of us still love the kind of zero sum in comparative view of success. We build our society around after a bunch of national surveys and focus groups all the country, sixty percent of the public absolutely rejects this old view. Success. They don't wanna anymore. Younger people are all people, it's cool its across the board is, I thought it would be like a millennium commissioner. Every does it, skew that a little bit people are just that up like that. They and they want meaning and purpose in fulfilment. They just don't know quite how to get it. Yeah there's something string and one of things
fasting to me and why why we ve got to do something. Is that sixty percent, when you ask them what percentage of their fellow citizens also wants fulfilment as the view of success, It's five percent didn't Euro five percent minority. In terms of whether I think ninety five percent are fell, citizens love the way we ve done. Things right now Well, yeah, it's only, I believe, compounded by this recent invention social media, where you are now actually observing other people curated lives in our certain that their revealing wonderful net it there. The promotion of manager did result and happiness for that, but I believe that you ve got it. We we ve gotta, country right now, where much solid majority wants something different. They want to build a pursue fulfilment. They want systems the support that but they're not even willing to tell their best friends how they feel, because they think that they're, just this weird small little group yeah, that's fast
remaining. Ok, so knowing your motivation and then be mindful about the decisions that are running through, the third thing is about knowing your strategies and in here's the thing in our society right now, we spent a lot of time. Thinking about things were good at making our strength, we have lots of tests that will tell you what you're good and bad out and then we think in terms of how you get good something, there's like one right way. In fact, we don't what strategy sometimes cause. There's a thing that you do right with its learning, math or hell learning to do the Ruby scoop, hissing instruct on the back, and this is how you do it right turns out that that's not true that for anything that you We could go to anything at all. There's always multiple ways to do it, always always always that's it. It's like a guarantee, even from the science, my part of its called aquifer nowadays I fancy word, for it is always more than one way to do it and what dark horses are phenomena that is spinning alive, I'm thinking about ok, this is the
I care about that, I need to get good at now. What's the right strategy for me and they will sit there, try a strategy and it won't work, try another tragic, won't work and others keep cycling through until they hit the strategy that works and then they take off and they look really really inefficient, while they're doing right, but if you buy into this, I did it there's one right way to do something. Most of us do we plug along, and then we get ranked and there like you're, not very good at this. I guess I do have a talent for it made them done my so this idea of focusing on straps. She's and knowing that the trial in air and trial there it's it's, you know it's it. It is the way forward, and what so fascinating? Is that link for most of these folks that we studied like if they would say,
after the first time there not good at something with the wrong strategy. There done yeah right. Instead, it's like they re just keep. Looking like we started. Small is right that these these you her phenomenal at wine Riah, it's like the hardest test. There is there more people have gone to outer space, then our master smiles and exits you're kidding so hard it in all. This is one tat. I wanna be that amazing, but lots of course, there's no college of programme here. You just have to pass this test. I mean again I'm here, I'm having a hard time, acknowledging that's a real thing, but yes, by giving them money to earn money,
fetters negative MEL, a glass of wine and tell you stuff is is, and they can tell you everything and I thought it must be the biggest con job like if it does it, I'm dying, I drink, I'm like it burns railway in Africa glasses. Are they all taste good? That's my point is like the viewing it aren't. You schedule? We don't you know the passenger rights get drunk, that's what we will be in charge of like five dollars a bottle. You need the pageantry Roma. Nobody turns out there. The ridiculous you're good at this. I've been eight, two arms export their armchairs, supported by Okcupid. The Okcupid apps mission is to serve the fundamental human need to find happiness through meaningful relationships with deep human connections. This thing is way more fun than that. A fine and you really get to know people on the sap which I really like you you you get to answer all these really fun questions it just fund to create the account and to express yourself,
these wonderful question arises. Yeah, like do you care about Supreme Court nominees is die hard, a Christmas movie? Would you pay an extra five bucks for glock? Yes, I word you would in this. So let's go on a date and get to know one are not actually it's a really is one who doesn't like answering questions like that imposing questions it's a great way to connect with people who want to me you because you have stuff in common and it's a great place to start from. All you have to do is answer fun questions. You already know the answers to on the Okcupid app and let people see who you really are download the free ok. You put up today, oh my goodness, we studied so many people that others and each one of them has this weird unique strategy
getting to this one one. Guy literally just has this yes to fill the wine or with his finger, it's unbelievable and then you can in some people can like sense it to their whole body. It's crazy, except for there really good at it. They can actually spoke in these things. There half a dozen ways that that people are doing this to you wanted to be a small like there's a way forward, but you really better figure out the one that fits you yeah- and I will say a since when sort of like a full disclosure thing. I, like I had personally to pursue this. I realise that I was being smart at the time, but so when, whereas it we were state You know I'd get good grades and I would say I was gonna grad school. This was like really exciting and I too take the Europe, which is always I'm terrible, dared to this date, terrible it at tests, because awful my as if were like a very low under the belcour frightening, and I am I I paid to have this. I pray
to sing every Saturday and there were three sections: the verbal quantitative, never think of analytical reasoning. It was that kind of test. Like farmer, John, has four rows of things and there's corn. PS and beans and beans cabbie by corn and Crystal Indiana, like what cities are the only one airline allow that so I was them so I was practicing and all the time let's get better at the verbal and quantum ok, but I'm like. literally had never after ten weeks of practice had never gotten higher than thirteen percent on this issue will go reasoning right and they cause I'm gonna be done. This is it like? No school is taking me right yeah, so I am. I happened to be studying it. My parents house, because we lived a foreign square foot apartment with two kids and am? I just couldn't do it they got so mad. I literary tossed a pencil across the room, as my dad walked in. No, I'm he's not gonna put up with any that right. What's wrong with you, I'm the guy. I just I do understand how this works. We happen to walk
when his engineer rightly said that look, there's a degrees of freedom problem and is, like, I think, you're, doing wrong think what he means like they give tee. A working, thereby do I verbal stuff. I cannot keep my head like if you, if you told me, Then it's every member humming about hotel, forget it nor acting, but I'm decent visuals. why are you holdings in your head? That sounds like a good strategy. Michael, that's! That's how the professors telling us to do it right now, he's going to show you need it draws a grid. These like look just do this and am eel. Build saw this every time, a cap that easy saw the first problem, secular, probably from I go back to my professors. Mesdames show me this waste We ve got to find ways to do. What do you mean like? What are you tell me that to begin with right, yeah, but this guy's a genius in the verbal stuff and you can just hold it always had so password. It turns out. I scored the high, score. I got on any section on that. We can have later now can't, but what's what is it? If you could think do I have high like analytical reasoning, skills I mean, or did you
I know that you make tool egg always makes you wonder how many other things in our lives. We just look when a good abbot insists that the lack of the right strategy for What's wrong because in my profession, acting if you're on a certain the scene with like on parenthood? There be fourteen of us, sometimes there's literally fourteen different approach to acting going on and were on the same scene, volume reality, and I just assumed Oh yeah, this profession acting lends itself to these many different approaches, but maybe more universal nature. What every asked its its weight, their withers liberated net, not a profession. We found that doesn't have that and what we're not doing is we're not telling people about that. We're not making can realise like when you can't do something the first time. It's not necessarily about your lack of talent, spend the time figuring out different strategies. People have used and get the one that fits. You and you'll be shocked that what you're capable of yeah that's really fascinating,
Monica. You need to do this for why every summer, yeah yeah I do want to do, I will raise very illegal very strange- is going to be drinking wine every day, right? Yeah, that's pretty good you're gonna have to do that. I think at an incredible example of all this is Marconi. I don't know I read this book by the guy who wrote devil, noise city and its Marconi wasn't a scientist by any stretch in yet he did create the radio transmitted, Muharram, radio or whatever the hell you call it in. There were professors who had they knew the science that they knew the physics and they weren't is focused as he was or they were distracted by other things and he just child air. His way, I mean in a very inefficient way by comparatively what that that the people who understood that the physics but How could he be I'm your market yeah and you
the guy you like he was fascinated by that. He just was willing to try a trillion, way and what I love about this is have any of us ever half assed. Anything. We care about not really right when you really care your put the time in your put there Imagine a society where were actually trying. Our best tell people live. That kind of life right mind the thing the truly motivate them, and let's turn that into productive and contributions for the rest of us. What is the fourth so so this it is is which has ignored the destination. So, in our society. We spend unbelievable time telling people to flee where it is they're gonna end up right, and I mean we do these two kids orbit right when it can be when you grow up and they give you high school- and you don't have an answer that, like we started, get nervous share. So here's the problem is that, Can you start over the obsessing about what that destination is which is so far off and has continued on a bunch of other things being true? It takes the focus off of the things that you really need
spend time on which is like who am I what truly what about me and you start ignoring that the decision to have right in front of you write or worst case it actually corrupts them. So your kids are younger when they get to high school. You you'll start to know this and to consider pass high school. Now he has. Does he started gonna get out here, you're, so our name, that's right! I remember when MIKE my oldest son, he was taking says that matter to me, even even if he did was going to do well, I M using this distant kind of interesting, but I want to try the US right. I almost from chairman of the day. But it's not that specific. When suddenly, it became what looks best on a college application right right, yeah you're like, but what? What do you mean and then I go? I can't take this, like french lives for class.
because what if I would, what am I don't like it when I gave a great in it and like this one, big and suddenly you're you're, making choices against this thing that you ve decided? You have to be that isn't this initial toxic for fulfilment So what you see with dark forces, I think, is so fascinating. Is there really upset about goals that they set goals for themselves, but their actionable things right, but it's always org. Did you like this is who I am. This is what matters to me. This is the thing I'm doing next to get better at something right and so and upset. You say I want to be a lawyer, maybe right, but that that same combination might take you to a dozen other places that it can be every bit as fulfilling to you well yeah. In fact, we have had a lot of people in this attic who hey okay, so that finally wow you and as I was saying that I had a mini panic and you didn't good, reliable, even considered same podcast, set of adding to do it again
are you. Do you do in guideline? I vietnamese you're gonna need. I really this now. Here's what be you are critical of of these tests. I wonder wonder: allowed is so couplings. What's what's been spouted everywhere right now. Is that worse, we were spending more than we ever have we're getting less back from education. Does this true the centre s ears when I went up when I hear that I do wonder, is that actually is at a misleading statistic? Is that more representative of how the demography of the country's change in how many students are spanish speaking first language, English, like are those
that is skewed, whereas our education system really gone downhill. I dont because that so I actually think that partners is the misleading aspect of using averages behalf. So, even when we compare ourselves to other countries, another piece of tests which we really come out. There was wrong, but I all look we're we're so far behind everybody, I always Japan, it's like law, these villages, crushing it right and german. You know we ve been saying this for, like forty years written likely. How often is going to be an issue like this, day when it comes to innovation. It comes to these things. We do pretty well by what's interesting and those that international there is that if you disagree it based on poverty, the eye so free and reduce lunch, I saw some the top performing countries fertile
kids are showing of hungry. They actually think they don't have that yeah so like like a Finland Reinhard. So if you take in the United States, if you take just as the schools that have you no temper centre or less free, reduce lunch right, so kids are actually showing up an angry. Those schools are better than basically anybody else in the world. They were really good right and if you go to like the twenty fifth prevent percent template, we're like second or third, only like Finland's cobbler, it's just that we have schools were, could show up where you ve got seventy five I've? Ninety percent poverty, the heightened and those schools rightly are struggling right because we're not resourcing them. The way that you need to would always makes me think of this, as I often Elsie California, compared to some other states and I'm shocked, those states have testing higher on all these has and what I
because our but forty percent of our populations latino many of them are english. As a second language like we have a much different make up. That is clearly Matt in. So it's like or pretending the house is on fire, but that's not really. The cow look I think that that the trick is is we ve got amazing people in the system working really hard? I think the thing that changing as it's it's designed to produce an outcome that we actually dont want anymore, is designed to make people in Interchangeable widgets, the right, but we know now you're saying sixty percent or same my. I don't like this. I like this and an end, but wait if I'm good for our economy more. If the best you are trained to basically plugin play in a few jobs, a machine will be doing that job. The remainder are quite like you yet so so he gets more about our expectations have risen and we want something different and we all these tests that are telling us like how well we're short of preparing which its system yeah
I was apparent I can really relate to. This is another question I want to ask: you is art the markers we set for children as much about our own selfish, desired to make sure were doing a good job as it is to measure their power I guess, and some out for sure, Reich as Irish. Her I'm I've anxieties apparent like most people do in its like she's she's, you be ready. what great? I want to make sure I'm doing that, like it's really a test for me there, and so I buy into this thing. It's really Dolly we ain't my own anxiety, tat, believing as part of this problem overshort, so in the science. I'm a part of we study actually how kid the young kids develop. Both physically meant LISA, and what you guys- lobbies like, oh it by this age. They should do this those are all averages and it turns out they just they're, not
normal. It doesn't work that way, right wing right. We ve studied how can learn to walk and forever. We thought it was like you can assert screeching. You have to like. Be able to crawl like cars crawling since made up like lots, completely skip crawling you just gotta, walking or backtrack and, like the truth, is that it matter. When you learn you don't have a real relationship. Anything else you there's never been knew no monetary school or one of the kids will still refusing to walk right, rub never seen so I like that, I carry their six year. Old settlement of debt is like the home of the brain S like has apparently, but spend the time enjoying, like as someone who is now kids are based, are in college. and beyond the Guinness went by so fast. The like me, I wish I wouldn't spent even a moment think him anything other than let's enjoy this time. We have together yeah. Instead of our they hitting eyes Margaret looked there can be some dead, and there can be some problems, but guess what like those we flagged in and you'll figure those things out, yeah, you don't need to be panicked by all the time.
By now. The last cynical thing I'm gonna ask awesome. I read all your stuff, and I have heard you speak in. There is still part of my brain. It's going ok, gray, but our society will collapse of everyone feels entitled to make their own timeline cause your begun, bucking the timeline right levitate. We can have more flexible in the time that we do it now intact. I guess what I what the cynical side of MRS can our system accommodate everyone being filled? Is it antithetical to this thing? We ve created, urges capitalism and somewhat look the vast majority of jobs on this country. They I can suck like touches the bottom I'd. No one's gonna assess their passion in discover its toll booth operator or not again, never to be disparaging about told without it is, but there is. There is a lesson we, yes, there's a ton of jobs that are mindless.
their mind no mean their part on your body. There unhealthy that they need doing so. What We what oh, how does that all our? So, let's go back and say look it was not long ago that we thought that we will live hand to mouth anymore, and it was no longer that we thought feeding a society was knife right. There was is this something about the arise, that too many people you couldn't possibly feed everyone. We had written off India with written off Mexico. The glittering like I don't know They can develop their guide. I and tell our scientists may break through discoveries in things like wheat and other things, and suddenly it's like the? U S is an a net exporter of food right now, so I think it is entirely possible for us to see a day where most people live fulfilling lives in this country. If they take the right steps, one item of staff or fingers and suddenly everyone's fulfilled right, but the world has changed,
is changing enough, that we can at least ask some different questions, questions about like in a democracy and a market economy. What is it that we really want as a people right? Let's think about our view of success, less think about what we might expect from our public institutions. If we want a make fulfilment, the sort of life blood of who we are re up, and I actually, I also think this pragmatically the women. I have much more choice because if you look at what's coming with a sigh and automation, just truck driving alone or sounds like the number one employer- American, that's going, it's gonna like an end to this first year, when you graduate law school most we were getting paid to like do this basic case stuff. IBM figuring out how we can put a eye on this and save millions. Like that's gonna, go away. The truth is most. I feel like if you're not
whipped to know who you are no, what matters to be able to put that to work in some constructive way: you're really not prepared to thrive in a world where these jobs come and go so fast. If you to show up and play through, our machines can do that near worry? I think I read. You said that the average person changes jobs twelve times or something question is, are you gonna know how to make those choices raw using at our coming year? Whether coming your way before you make? Maybe I log into one job and I get a gold. My great grandfather worked. One place is whole life. Gotta go watch the end right. He happened to get something he liked right. Even if you land on the thing you love other, that's taken around or proclaimed a nun who's going to do for you and Ultimate comes down to. Are you going to be in charge of what a successful life is for you gotta be equipped to make those choices, or you gonna give that somebody else. I have to a man, Jane. Normous, apart of fulfilment, is your own physical health. I think it's would be very hard to be.
Four fulfilled when you're battling a lot of different issues now. So what role does I happen to have this perverse obsession like I've? I've set on here before? If, if a single thing I'd want my kids to leave my house with like there's one thing, I got to pick that I taught them. It would just be to exercise religiously. That's it like if they did nothing else, but exercising got those endorphins that we need to be happy the baking through a shitty job or laying it through this or that, but, like you, got to feel good physically yeah you're unhealthy. This is- and I also think what's interesting to me about this- is this push towards fulfilment has again by the way, if our right- and this is where the majority of Americans are. This is the site we're gonna have as soon as they figure out there and actual majority right, so we gotta figure how to make this work. This is what people want. I think it's gonna start to challenge some basic things could not just about a job right, rapid
now. If they get a great job and it turns out, that's like only forty percent of what was going to make you fulfilled. That's not gonna, do it regularly being healthy and well it can be really important. I think it's gonna start pushing on things that will cross political boundaries like crazy. Capitalism drives a lot of options. I think we're gonna want, but things like universal health care and stuff like that. We're like people have to have a right to be healthy cause. They came and get on a path of a film it right. I think it's gonna be interesting. The way this is going to shake a lot of stuff up and look as parents. Let's make this, let's make this next generation the ones that are carrying the burden that we ve been having to carry, We ve been taught to compare ourselves to everybody and taught that these things are gonna, bring us happiness that never do radio, you imposed on our kids now my mind same here, is the only person who should be comparing yourself to his previous versions. Write yourself, it's about so improvement. That's it yeah sustain your lane focusing yourself. You know you got
shot the throat well, professor rose Todd whatever you want to call. thank you. So much has been very fascinating and I appreciate- and I think this is an amazing book- that people should- I mean minimally. If you have children, you should be thinking about this stuff. You know, even if you're not going to be a radical and quit your job tomorrow and I thought I'd say, look just in clothing that I think that the stuff in the book like I think it matters as much or more for people who are stuck in jobs that don't have a big safety net right there trying to figure out. Look. I can't quit my job. I can't go. Do but there's a lot in your life that you can actually change. That will bring you a mint fulfillment and you just need to know a few things to get started and I think dark I spent ass dick you, everyone needs tools available. These self help things there there like lofty aspiration goals and people generally will their statistics that will say that people feel worse after reading self help books. I animal. I actually
that in my head, I was like I'm not gonna, I'm gonna put something out that would have been useful to me efforts, are not damage unanimous anymore for a living the egg have no money. I have noted, but I want a better life. What is it I need to know that I can actually start making better choices and get me on a path yeah, taking the first step up the hill, while you're awesome thanks for taking the time. I am so grateful, there's people in as she sits, and all over the world like actually committing brain power in brain imaging, to figure out how we can all be a little bit happier more fulfilled. There was great being your attic. Thank you and that's really well, Sir yeah pronounced a perfectly all right. Well, I wish you good. can you and thanks for coming and come back the next time you write about things reverie
now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men Monica. I welcomed the fact Chang welcome to the fact back. Are you gonna tell me about Todd rose? Yes, I am, Ta said he in one have any facts, but we demand to know he did it. I mean he didn't want to make any errors that would need correction, correct, yeah, that's a batch of hard target to hit other city succeed. You think he did pretty yeah? I think he did pretty good, there's some stuff here, but It is mostly on my side, pretty red, ok, good, yeah, that's great by the way we the new chair in the studio. I am I even Siemens, your mouse in it from time to time, because we are trying to fix the dynamic where people are forced to turn their heads. A hundred and eighty two,
Greece to interact with Monica inside a solution, is to do a triangle offence, much like the Chicago Bulls off Anson and later made famous by the Lakers. and maybe part monarch in this cute little chair. All I've been dying to get this off my chest for all the people who tweet and Instagram message by Monica MIKE stand or by Monica a footstool. These things have been offered to Monica many times and Monica she don't want no footstool or might stand well it just when really in this space it's more of a french waiting for you, oh yeah. I don't think a footstool would look now. Ace it pops are spaces small. It would take up a lot I don't think anyone wants that and then the
the MIKE stand I could go for, but it is not a priority one. In fact, we have one. We have an extra my stay in here. We could definitely ease but maybe we'll give it a shot with this new beautiful chair, which is from one of our sponsors, Joy, bird and its yellow for arm chair expert and it's really nice yeah, it's quite comfortable, the proverbial cat bird seed. Ok back Theodore rose, Todd rose, yeah I dislike to protect people's names. Are hunger, like Jason, wouldn't that be blocked all they will it is a lot of times. It doesn't make sense, because what would be the long version of Todd yeah? I don't think there is one Todd Afghani, that's feminine Lula, the air tired,
Everyone knows a Todd from their childhood, like a very specific Todd, couldn't hear the name, Todd Data there. I don't know that I knew tat. Would it makes me think of his arm? I want I'm had a sketch with that facts, and and and and pat divine- and it was it was a sketch about triplets in two of the members of the triple its patent, now to break off for me, they didn't. They no longer want to be triplets. They want do like twin commercials like W commercials and stuff Then their names were to me. Tommy TA, cod, your, I was tied it in work lyrically and we often woods eight Tammy Tommy TA I can't make it sound like their name, that's funny yeah, that's fine call story! Brow I like that anyway. Well, I I guess, may fear
Who is your Todd and hold there's? If there is a time for my high school that I then I immediately think of when they hear time was a big boy no, no! No! He was very fit. No, I don't mean excessive wait, I'm like a large gentlemen. He was tall. He'll have been not to who ta use very average oak work like that very on story because, as we know it, our role is destroying the fallacy of the average. That's right, he doesn't even believe in it. He doesn't believe in their daily, never met my friend Todd right, dad average. Well, because when you aid to be described as average now, but I dont mean average, like I meant average build like if you were drawing a picture of a man meme draw a picture of top like it is
proportion all not to talk not too short blonde hair rode up the middle built not whose skinny not mean our large yeah. I just write down the average of I bring this up in the in the interview attired that the one time in my life I felt completely average was when I walk in the streets of Stockholm. Sweden, you didn't know I walk in the streets of Stockholm, Sweden, it probably twenty three years old, twenty four years old and I was dead, average height dead, average eye color dead, average hair color, I was just right in the middle and it felt very weird Meeks, I'm used to being too color than everyone here, and I believe I'm minority. I color in this country and by the air out on a limb, but I tell you I I blend it right. The fucking. If I was ever going to commit a bank robbery and then wanted to jump out on the street and blend in
I'd, be Stockholm, so battened down the hatches. When I come back, boys cause I'm looking to knock off bank. Oh wow, you heard a here first united as one my long standing obsessions as I wanted, so bad a try to rob a bank. I thought about it. So much I've written three screenplays about bank robberies, yeah, I'm obsessed with trying to get away with it. This is the ultimate challenge. Can you get away? there. Are you smart now very fast enough? Do you think it through good enough, sure I wanna whom nobody goes. Gonna say: you're, not really thinking about all the pain, your causing a do not want to hurt anyone, but I wanna get a big duffel bag full of money. I want to get into the ball, and I want to get out there, and I want maybe even a little bit of a high speed pursuit now my departure and share outrun them mean you think you can do this without causing any trauma our pain, that's the girl! Now these things. Often go sideways I'll tell you that when I worked somewhere,
and care homeless maiden came in pretend to. pull a gun on ass, a guy for money. He was robbing US And it was incredibly dramatic. He was known, got her yeah. Ok, I will now you're making it sounds a little less fawn sorry M telling what, if one eye case the bank I do really deliver job making sure that all the people there feel physically, quite confident and brave. I guess why don't you just but after hours, Manila ones there. That does also appealed but not nearly as much as the high stakes of all the variables people scattering and running and trying to control this large crowd? out and in all light, basically he the scenes from he although they were pretty rough and tumble with their approach again that big firefly with LAPD there. Now
I lay. I never saw automatic weapon fire all was crazy. Is that, then, that almost exact bank robbery happened in Samara, no valley before you lived here. There was really yes in there's a couple documentaries about it. What was so fastening when I launched a documentary? These guys were in full body armor there I think was four of them. They in a huge stand over the LAPD. They had much more powerful guns. The LAPD had to go by. A different guns during the whole thing? Without that wasn't the fascinating part of housing borrows these deeds had the foresight they took beta, blockers worthy rob a bank, and I was like that's brilliant her and if you know a beta blockers, are they keep your heart rate low and they keep your thinking clay com? One up. There was the when you're watching. It is exactly like the scene and he you think, there's a way that could happen in real life and their did they had at one guy had hit. In a house you'd, gotten away. He had in a house they took,
that battering ram vehicle and drove through someone's house to get Adam thousand people. That heard in this scenario, will the guy's Didier most of the guy's, got shot. Ultimately, I believe, I'm an innocent people move any in his while police officers got shower just tragic and terrible terrible guests are driving through someone's house I guess that I hope you haven't just remodelled if they drag your house in you been wanting to remodel it's like a gift from the gods. Well, yeah, if you that she has remodelled and then the barrel through their and some insidious vehicle raw stink city, not God, who is my first fake farther on programme. Do you think that triggers anyone's me Sophronia?
my real do. I don't think farming to think farting triggers me Sophronia. It's kind of your butt chewing air. Why I'll never thought about now think about it, and I want to think about your butt chewing, as you remember that I'm sorry, I've sketch who have read arms and end. It was basically the brie these strips before your butt cheeks thanks for your butt cheeks and they are now diagrams and pulls your butt cheeks apart. So that doesn't make a noise. Is people like basically past gas like very peacefully, is making no, nor there is a whole happy about it had so funny for your blood cheeks. So tired is from beautiful. And in this great salt lake comes up, and you said you floated in it and the way you were wondering if anyone had drowned in it,
yeah people of people have died and net it's hard to say it's hard to know. If they like, fell in and then drowned. I think probably some what's happening in the ended up in the water and then died. That's my guess, but one of the first, if not the first recorded drownings in the great SALT Lake, happened on Sunday August fifth, one thousand eight hundred and eighty it too, and it was a guy named J D Farmer and he was a business man any drowned business. Did he have great salt lake when selling his wares was haberdasher. What was going on the EU is maybe just use luxuriating, I guess relaxing he was not a sudden instructor clearly now
but apparently he was a quote well known business man, but that doesn't a pillar of community me assure doesn't give us much. But anyway, it's happened. Ochre sorghum happen taken happens, be reckless and next time are swimming in the great salt like it is so gross getting out into the water mirror. I talked about the there's. Somebody flies we're little low, but though we heard from because I'd one experience that floating, but I would now unexperienced the flies, the moon. would be to parachute into the middle of the late, then get picked up by a jet ski that could then travel towards shore, so quickly that you could pass off of the bugs on shore and make it up under the beach. Ok, you're right, that's the answer. I guess or a hot air balloon neuter lifted out about hot air Billy
yeah. You really want to go to New Mexico during the airplane festival, which happens in October. You Tom anything, happens in October and I really I'd like to go, and I told you, my mom went this year, yeah yourself, it so cute! You road trip there yeah! She should have taken you. She said but she didn't know he did not fall tearful with swine fall. Clearly we die treading Water and we couldn't remembered the aid fact amount of ours that they died. Treading water from India E S end its eighty five hours. Just don't realize boss. I the hours three and a half days I mean he was nineteen solely nineteen, in Romania. Thank you didn't even intend to do. This will help
not having we. Ninety these issues hang around the lot of three and a half days arc and local bodies may parish just state in their confused no. No, he did it. Eighty five hours I was telling you I couldn't for real or two and fifty thousand dollars. I couldn't sit on a couch in the same position for our day. Say now mean nobody would sort. Eighteen also I'd have to move my balls. Well, you think o three and a half days without moving my bow. I think he would he. I think he did he must have their. He was in the water me was eating and drinking. Clearly you can't go. That's what I don't understand they get. Someone was throwing him assures or something like. How could you do this? hundred I dont know new views his hands to eat you use one
Please remember when I set my really impressive record yeah, I was often having the like grabbed the kids, as they were jumping off that little. So I was often not using my hands. I could throw them back up on that. Man is also in our work and I could probably taken little bite of Dag would share share in Well, you know more than me. I can't I had to do it for two minutes and once- and it was very hard for me to do- I'm really sorry that avenue. Thank you. It was a cheerleading camp, one of these hazing things was no. We just had to pass a swim task in two minutes of charity. Amazing. That was the time No. There was more like swim across into do some step at the end you at it, you had to tread water for two minutes and am maybe was ten minutes. I hope so. Humans It's not a timid is, doesn't sound long now them saying it out loud,
whatever was. It was hard for me to do, carry them cook a bag of popcorn in the microwave. In two minutes we have your cheer squat on here? Like a reunion show, I too have a reunion with that squad. You have a platform set this up its throat into the universe. Right now would you like to have it in Georgia? I would like to have it in Georgia at Christmas time. Let me tell you some right now Let me tell you what your when I'm offering you right now is your two thousand and nineteen Christmas present. I will and to house anywhere in the country that you can have this party? That's nice of you, that's my offer to you think he'll. Take it or leave hey, I'm, finally, that we all my plan. And was- and I think you are even maybe a part of it are mainly Carly. Was I really when I missed the window. I get too busy last year, but last year
would have been the twentieth anniversary now the cheese and sold the thirty that the thirtyth anniversary of seventh grade best year of my life, and I found out that my middle school Muir Junior High, you can rent it and I really wanted to throw a big mixer for everyone in that class yeah. I like eighty nine. I love the idea yeah. I did wonder if someone would try to kick my ass, I'm pretty sure someone would there's there's a little. You know in my city odd, bring Aaron, be great concerns very tough on the above, let's, as that, would not walking that scenario on arms an animated again, I just mean unprepared Why are these adults wanting to? Are you? I mean why you're all in all these people, I'll tell you. There is certainly someone from my junior I who feels like I was mean to them or that I made them
a certain way and they ve been lifting waits for the last thirty years and maybe they're piss too, that I ended up on tv and that would be their opportunity. You tell me you know what I always fucking hated you and then here's a knockout punch enjoy I bet. No one would do that and people are happy that you had some success. Someone's gotta be mad. Mad. If I there is a guy in my junior, I didn't like that on top of it in a bunch you ve, I would be mad. Will that be I mean that
Now, where's had done some work. I myself, but I certainly ten years ago, would have been frustrated if Sean Castle, the kid you punch me on my friends couch twenty times in the phase that dude then also grew up, and you know, married Scarlett Johansson was on tv now share. Are you like you'd be hidden? He had been rule Roy. boarded by the universe for his dastardly deeds. Well, that's that's true, but I think most people grow up and they have their own lives and their own issues and they're, probably not all that concerned about other people. Stuff Aaron thought it might be a good idea to hire like an off duty cop, whose arm just to be around in case some got really are
ok, you said there are five psychological traits and one of them disagree. Billowy? Yes, so the big five personality trades, also known as the five factor model and the ocean model, one openness to experience to conscientiousness three extra version, FF our agreeableness five neurotic system nor rotted, says yeah. It's so close to you. Rada system, which is positive, banal, Radice ISM sounds very negative. Does it deserves definition attached to neurotic system and the shore from tat? I did not girl get up. I mean I think neurotic Sitten being neurotic is like kind of in an all are over over Lee Fastidious here or maybe to leg knit piggy Gillis share.
I'm not very Nora and minor I wouldn't say so, no one other than say an ironic, although you things that you are neurotic about. Like the sponge stuff, like yeah yeah, I'm weirdly Taipei about some things should tell people about the sponge. You just really care about the sponge never being in this saying always having wrong being I always have the person ring it out before they put it back in his sponge holder is reviewed. It gets that renders smell it. Have you all fuckin touch it in its. Unlike the foreseen used, Benda sniffing deceive you, it's all right to pick up, you pick it up to smell it and then it's too late is mere hands. Things like that for two hour I get paid you it's funny, I think of myself. It's been easy going about. A lot of things smells is not one of them there and its other convention.
EL smells, you might think, like you were too near great over that sponge smell yeah. I don't like it either sharp how a doses well, I need some people seem to. care? Because I see them in married to people who have like real they rough, sharp politicians anything will that person clearly doesn't care because their around All day I couldn't be around it! Now me there I put a rag and my partners, mouth have high, makes it worse cousin. Maybe this now the natural smells of the cloth get mixed in with the. How and toes is coming, asian, thereby turning round my father, you know you ve been in Sony car accidents and he had his nose. Rebuilt could not smell wax and lucky. I used to have far around him like we'd, be watching tv together, and I would it was very comforting. I would just far with reckless a man in just going I'll. He'll never be bothered by that's nice and I I have to
engineers girlfriends over the years put two and two together, and they thought this a very safe place. For me too far as well, which probably was a very attractive quality of his His nice series right to have eight year brush your teeth. Really oh wow. You also could hear its ok- that's really ironic, as you said, your dad loved food, but how love food and have no sense of smell well connected, explain to me why he was dumping, a gallon tabasco on everything here and he was trying to turbo charge every meal with all these toppings and everything. Just a squeak out some taste I mean yeah yeah- is what a bomber quota. What about a sentence to perceive to be a food at a get? You can't take food trusting and also one of their love. My data guy noise hate that I was bring up these things.
This negative about on, puts negative about. Then I noticed we were just talking to Jeff Garland I so we are strained. Relations are boils, but also use a beautiful person. I really love them and he was a sweetheart too. So is one throw that other guy. That's garden cat here always imagined his friends like hearing this going went up ungrateful little shit. He is so critical, but also really critical, myself Saunders extending that to him. But at any rate I love a man. He was a real sweetheart and he was so crazy. Instead and probably saving hundreds of lives over his twenty nine years and sobriety. He was so generous ass time took so many people under his wing the programme and it showed when he died. You know the the his is a hospital room where he was after three months was just twenty four hours a day. There were people there. That's that's that's kind of a good thing that task of He lived July here are a majority of Americans disengaged at their jobs, see me
as news said, of the country's approximately a hundred million full time employees. Fifty one percent aren't engaged at work. That's a lot of people bomber man could hear spending so much in your life there thirty or life. There see em Fennis surprised, because even a jobs that I have not liked. I feel like if you find like, I don't know I just like- I have such a positive opinion of all the jobs I've had even when they weren't very good jobs me too, but for me that The reason was, as I like, found friendships ass. It has got to say, because you find you yeah, because there's always at least one body that you make it these jobs and being like a body for life. You ever think about
Jobs are kind of solitary nature, whether you're on an assembly line its noisy in there, and you talk like there's a ton of jobs, is really no socializing, which I could not do that's hard. I rely everyone could ever body or more I mean that's. Why I'm I'm I washed cars. Fourteen years now and I loved it, because I worked with six of my best friends now I will we could have been Chauvelin shit, I didn't care near haven't of last year. Oh, how much do Somalia's make on average the average salary for a master. Somalia is a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, Pierre DE seventy eight thousand for an advanced somalia? That's why I'm here pressed, I think I'm gonna get into that industry you now
you know how I feel about that time so put off by the notion of a semi yea I never even who like collect two thousand dollar bottles, and why I think the whole thing is so again: it's my class warfare thing but easy. It's like just fucking drink. drawing up fantasizing it it's bringing them and joy to care, about at into no stuff and be knowledgeable, and why do you care living its people that are attracted their origins in general? Like repugnant know it all? To begin with, I oh here's another thing I can be lofty about: how did you feel lonely tunes Rousseau? Oki? Oh my goodness, there must be another topic for you, just gotTA, beautiful ninety six news,
Furthermore, the province aerial falls the girl only one and thirty two hundred I was laughing because its valued at six thousand dollars the tenants were saw, saw Aki, yeah I think, it's great if you're into it and if you ve decided to vote some time and energy to something that new find interesting. I agree This is my issue. Not yours enjoy semi ays yeah my feel less than around classing us? It's my fault, not yours, say nay, sire fault. He do it is. It is your fault until you want. My biggest Pepys is like when the waiter acts like I'm, not fancy enough to be at the restaurant there working. It gets me going the air
even though there is no such thing, as that would mean what is he doing that your reading, as he doesn't think your fancy enough, ah, well like gum? What would he cut dress, codes right, the point out, your drew, your dress isn't up to their high standards and then you pronounce something on the menu enemy. They like correct your pronunciation, and this is the kind of area diet kind of condescending, wave, will explain the food to you. It's all my head dear, but those are the things I'm I'm being triggered by well. Your favorite restaurant has addressed code five, a restaurant in the whole world has addressed code. What restaurant users, I think it's horse pocket, and yet still When you make ribs that good girl, I'll fuck and put on a boat, I confess a girl who asked her good restaurant out the peace, a task
is the worldwide exam, that's administered every three years and measures fifteen year olds in seventy two countries and measures math reading in science into those in fifteen. About five hundred and forty thousand students took the exam and cause you dead that Japan and Germany, always when those things and Singapore was the highest and all three Naga math reining in science. Congratulations, you were in others. It is an awesome. Is a planet earth there's a really cool animal series and one of the episodes is called cities and they are Up in Singapore and I went to Singapore, nineteen nine DE six, dead. Aha, with my mom, in my step to my sister, we went to Bangkok, Hong Kong's. Poor, Quantum Malaysia, Bali, Adelaide Sidney per
Melbourne Tanzania on a twenty one day, crews was spectacular, as I send my mom's big indulgence. I like there yet was awesome in Singapore was cool, but in this documentary it's gotten significantly cooler. They had the dead gigantic tree. They ve bill it's a fig tree, but within the fake trees, all these different floral things. It's so beautiful. I've really I have a hankering to go back, aligning really wants to go to Singapore I'll, take her ear, you should she's been wanting to go there for a long time will dawn came. You're doing your cheery union grey take your euro gal over the Singapore on fire, some shoes I'll. Do it like a pretty woman. Although I was offered any house anywhere in the world, so maybe the reunion could be in Singapore boom, we can all be there dumb. What percentage of
Our foreign, whose population is latino, you said forty percent you're right. Thirty eight point: eight percent right about them. Thank you is truck driving the number one employer in America that you said it was in two thousand fifteen? It was all me, I'm true for true in state by state border looked at the map most of the states for truck driving as their primo common job so yeah. If you own your own rig, you can make a good deal of money in that occupational early on your own set up most drivers down, but the drivers have their own tractor trailer they're doing well, let's go for them there we worked with this company when I did cautious reliable. Why those guys on their tracks and made there really great life's other than the fact they are on the road all the time by a thousand really hard again to your point about come
pottery model. Not happen happened in the cab. Unless let you drive with a team, because the rules for TAT driving our you're only allowed to drive ten hours a day unless your team, and then you can drive twenty four seven. Could you just go back and for one guy sleeping in the in the sleeper menu bounced back and forth? so it's still not fund. Could someone so either you're sleeping with our partners at a means. No one's really sleep in their driving the shit out of their big rig, empties, I'm sure a lot of mar popping amphetamines, but neither here nor there, but the problem with this impending ay I and automated driving is, not just that gigantic group of drivers that are gonna be out of a job, the infrastructure to support those drivers
A huge chunk of our economies are the hotels along the highway restaurants, the gas stations all that stuff. It's like a really big chunk of the economy, that's in jeopardy yeah. I think we take for granted just how much of a domino effect. Everything is remove. One thing in their lot at it: collapses. That's the fun turn. That's happening on the good place where there are actually talking about the complexity of our society and by a tomato. It's got these like ten down river consequences and how on earth could anyone live near a moral life one year s so complicated? I like that question their posing me tell me, tell like it's impossible at this stage in time to be more effect, but What that means anyway, but do people feel worse after reading self help books there's been some studies that
well, there's nothing. Super conclusive, but it said results show that reading self how books did not correlate with qualities like self discipline, emotional stability and self esteem. So, even if reading those kinds of books isn't, Making things worse, it certainly doesn't seem to be making things better. The self a book generally outlines a way of life that you then fail lap executing. So it's like your war softened. You started you also failed at the thing here, but I think they were also saying that, like people who are prone to reading it, often ready have exile in depression and they already are the other on the road of looking for a yes a chicken or the egg situation yeah. Oh, that Turkey's back the Thanksgiving Turkey will that's the other thing to about parenting books that there's no conclusive evidence that any of the parent gene
books approach is good or better than any other one, but just the act of being a type of parent. They would make time to read a book to be. The best parent you could be chair is what makes you a good parent, yeah yeah yeah. That's not the book itself. I have not read. Might be doing wrong. I start reading apparent in Bergen. I meant even apparent which one brains for babies, now that one of the ones Kristen really like to the day in the danish approach or something something forget dear in his method, the danish something right yeah. I I mean I'm a bible, romantic thought about Denmark in General and all of Scandinavia like they do this. They let they let teens.
cohabitation Sturbed is what a communal living going. I really like that. The unmarried always scoring really high on these happiness tat when we talked about it on their site, Finland, theirs homework and you know fuck school fuck homework I mean it's so weird say I agree with so much of this, but I it the idea of not giving homework. I just feel like you have to do learn, how to be responsible, nothing to do with. Are you getting the math problem right, but to either you you have to go oh and you have something you have to accomplish for the next day. in tools to combat procrastination in like when you are to be? oh a hard working person, you have to have
self motivating skills, and I think you you learn those through homework and through the practice of going home. Do you mean you don't want to do and getting a good outcome like you have to see that whole thing through two then later in life applied. in your own, so I agree with you, but I do think you'd be way that one virtue it could bestow on to you against. What in my experience, was I didn't know a single student of the thousands. I knew that was on fire for learning and her people just had to do it. You gotta take every fucking subjects and you got your homework in all those things. So it's like your weighted against a system that is now producing people who love to learn as a hobby. and so I
wonder what ones more valuable like. I was in the unique position so grateful for it that it took time off a relay stay was super on educated. I was embarrassed by that. I wanted to become educated it. I did not have to pick a major that was going to result in a career. I was already trying to be a comedian, so there was no pressure too, to be responsible so I literally studied what interested me and I loved it, but I recognise what tsar, early, unique situation. I was in where my mom could afford to send me to college and pay my rent, and I could just go for the joy of learning. The am most people are trying to enter a trajectory for income. Of course, yeah we're late. Is necessary currently too, but I wonder I do wonder because most the people. I know who are making a living in jobs
Rarely are the people doing the thing they majored? I don't I know that other than lawyers, but Almost everyone knows gonna English wit degree. You know ones doing through free media I have. I have some examples. you're a media model. You didn't major in that. Well, I May I want my majors was PR public railway? yeah and you are relating to the public air? I guess you're right in thing was my other major in you act. Yet in c I you know, I felt like majoring enacting was threat, theatre or theatre lame. I felt ethical about that. I know it's very weird. How like how punk rock I am about some things and then how completely conventional and charitable
I am about other things, that's one of them. We shouldn't major enacting, that's a fucking joke resent mean like study, something you don't say I do, but there are things to study. Theater. I mean there's techniques as all kinds of stuff. Obviously I enjoyed it and blood I am glad I did it too. I had so much fun doing it. A much more funding, my pr major here did you ever think you were gonna. Work in peer No well I didn't know. I just needed a little back up there, all safety now here that we need more dad feel occur near me? Aren't you wasn't just for them the big one it you see. I was calm everyone's trying to get into com communications, yeah, that's a pr! Isn't it
communication school, the edges was shocked. Everyone like when you go around the room, I go where you and what do you mean that would be like a first class. It was a question the teacher would ask what out and in areas like fingers crossed com. I mean it. People who are usually getting under the basque vaulting. I do I could around my head around like well, I'm trying for com They offer so many different majors here. But if you want you Earl, lively the bees, something in her manner area than you need to get in the com, the Abbe, the common half at a hearing to get in there Many everyone should again in the company. Anyway. That's all you enjoy dog to me, I'm here more than in real life. No! No dear What I really trapped yourself, nor did it what I
get in here talking you is not unlike were Maya, addictive quality is triggered like one I'm enjoying something. I don't want him. I never have that. Panic in real life does. It doesn't have to end in real life, but- and here I want to go on forever- in that way. I like it more feels like I like it marks I'm trying to. I wanted to go on forever chair. I and I understand that, while I guess I just do it again tomorrow, yeah that sounds like a plan. Ok, I love you. I love you