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2019-07-15 | 🔗

Fred Savage (The Wonder Years, The Princess Bride, The Grinder) is an American actor, director and producer. Fred sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss being a child in the public eye and his singular goal of finding the emotional underpinning in all projects. Dax wonders about Fred’s decision to go to college amidst a burgeoning career and Fred talks about emulating Ron Howard. The two discuss being in the dead dad club, Fred gives his trick to auditioning and Monica and Dax coin a new word in the fact check.

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Welcome. Welcome! Welcome to arm chair expert Dac Shepherd joined by an empty nominated men will emerge from I'll leave, and I mean I'm a guest today as well to time Emmy nominee, not to rub your nose in something. I wanna be two time going love nominee, maybe more that all just happened just from one show when he was preteen, though there could be more likely, are more there's more is probably more if you're already taking stabs at who the guest is, and you didn't. We it when you hit play its Fred, Savage, a just, a delightful son of a gun who I've bumped into socially over the years and always found him to be just an extraordinary conversationalist, yeah, great sense of humour, humble and likeable and cute
all those things I would concur. You know from the wanderer years princess bride, the grinder he has a new show on Fox right now Sundays. I believe what just happened is the name of it on Fox what just happened, one of funnier concepts, I've heard for a show in a long long time talk a lot about this on the episodes Havana, prime people, I would imagine that most people in the country dont really take stock, of whose directing television bright key is probably directed a hundred episodes television. At this point he directs non. Stop yes, he's a favourite of actors who worked with him yeah. His name is Fred Savage, but he's not savage. You now know is kind of nice. So please enjoy MR said
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That's easy thing I realise, with Ed funds, is that I don't need a project nearly as much as I do in real life, yet I'm screaming most I'm just a general allowed person, you're projector. I am a heart to the background. Diaphragm away down deep in the cargo is always been super super LAO. This makes me feel like nothing, can hear. Fine, yes and size sound, much more relaxed composed and thoughtful. Yes, rather just like this foghorn yeah, I completely agree to communicate the exact same way as you, and this is where we both when in directing,
I believe we can communicate with like a hundred twenty people at once, so that without a megaphone right have you found on your game, show your very good on your very relax. I'll call will we did choose seasons, but when I did one year and with regard to raise, you didn't yes and we shot the whole season in four days. So I get a chance to review your work. I know qualifications for the job same all of a sudden there I am, and I'm not so arrogant, lemme go. I got this right, but I'm not down to be like no thanks like sure why not what fun get I'm into it, and so I no skills who I watch the show like, oh they have like sound capturing equipment
ride a yell of over fifty laws. I have a afore story, we'll spinning behind me. That sounds like it's one bolt away from falling right off and landing on the enemy of the talk over. Yes in the thing is making very scary noises your whole time. You know I'm supposed to be re, capping what money they have everything I always have one. I just like us, have fucker about to break loose, wasn't even to show Emma. The show was child support, childs, not a great name, for it had indifferent title originally, five something. Yes, you will like five five for fighting as a ban. There was that it was, although it was explained to me by to stay alive or five to survive or something and they change of transport, which no one has a positive association with that for no I'm not like. Oh yeah, let's get into some child is one. I had more of my idea, childs financed either I remind you that you couldn't be divorced in pain, child support or your already divorce
Your pain trials were remind you Sunday, a painful that happened or a fear that you might have. Otherwise you ve never even had children. That's right did Ricky predate. You Ricky predated me because I'm just going to say for me personally, if they say hey, we like you to be in this diary. Communication commercial, unlike never not over my dead body, had negative record your reason I'm like I can't get there soon and who doesn't several dire, bring us I'm right here. I have a weak lima, helping people out. Yes, eggs, we from the heart, what no rikiu as part of its self. The obviously and I her matter. Oh you didn't ever. Madam. I talk on the phone a couple times and right before we started through the first episode knows nervous, and he gave me this in the middle. Omg! Oh I'm, getting a pep talk right from Ricky Joe right right, which was also make all this stuff you'd want to hear. I shouldn't sip this into the microphone right now. What is it appears have
Audience has me Sophronia, so they don't like the sloping than hound labels. That could be very ass amari. That could be a very exactly I'm writing. Ten percent will love it and get aroused. Fifty percent will throw up and smash their cargo tree so really hard for us to decide that's it hardly that ten percent will really loving. Well. Imagine I think more about diehard base probably bears little more rapid bay as they get outside. I think I am U Sophronia either pep talk yet, and it was all the stuff that you know about performing or comedy year. Improvisation, anything anything you say is the right thing. No, don't worry about it rises, Eddie. The worst thing you can do is check yourself so few, there's some that you want to say, and it comes at just go with me just give it is freedom another. I gotta be good and had to be right it's all those things about performing a comedy and the loser you can be the better like the worst thing you can do is try to manhandled in yeah. Well,
I remember Homer being interviewed on Letterman man alone to eighteen ten years ago or something Letterman said you know, you recognise that you created entirely new comedy parent. I'm starting. Ladies, that's just been replicated ever since and feels like. I don't know that I want to accept responsibility for that and he said what he said. If I can do a single thing, if I can call myself down and Is everything all happen yeah and I'm like? Oh, isn't that the truth and isn't that so hard to accomplish just even thinking about a thing as a harder cholera is like that, but by talking about it, you make it a say: yeah even really do that people always talk about bill, Murray, comedy or you can talk about how Daniel Day Lewis is acting. These really craft center people and Meryl Streep famous
never talks about a process for forty years. Fifty years people want to know yeah. What do you do char step, one wake up in the mirror and if you see Merrill Street in your reflection, your good but like just by talking about it yeah, maybe this thing, and you were talking about directing- and I don't know how you are about this, but I feel like it's totally different muscle, then what we're talking about like for me as a director I'm super prepared, I walked in every shot under the sets inside and out. I walk through all the blocking gonna make sure my asking after to make a cross party made every eye dotted. Every t crossed special behind a camel actors are people who are certainly more talented but like an without work and the Rhine Rapporteur in that the effort here and then, when you come on set knowing you ve done all this preparation, you can get loose in just row of things and The preparation, allow then just thought all out
I need to be like super I'm just kind of taller than acting as the exact opposite you want to feel a little bit chaotic or that you're finding your way or just free nets is the total opposite and so like their those actors who direct themselves- and I don't know how to do it. For me there to totally opposite and oftentimes in conflict protest to the work will. It is interesting that when you're directing you're supposed to have a global perspective of the whole story, your time and in the actors, job is to be telling a very real moment, yeah and often those don't that their there in opposition. Sometimes you gonna make the sausage. I guess that's what I'm saying.
Yeah, but I also think as an actor and also the directors of the tent, like your job, is to kind of fine some art in the sausage. Oh yeah raft in a jar, but it s a fine line like doing the work and then letting go on that note. I give actors sometimes and its received with varying amounts of positivity, but it also act like your levying you're just squeeze The rabbit so tightly La Hilda, Lenny item of going mice and me: will you gotta hope that they have read of mice and mags acquainted
I thought you know how they may they are now I get the impulse is so good you sculpted, but you just kill the rabbit, can't squeeze so tight. I think it was Bradley Cooper, I'm named dropping by its relevant disease fuckin bees. Yet it is so has some weight to it when he said that I did some seen and I fucking didn't think I hit where I was supposed to get to lobbying us dude. How many times have you thought you crushed to seeing you go see the moving its fine and then the senior thought you sought. That is your best seen totally and, unlike at once, took stock of it out like oh, that is absolutely the truth. We're not that great of assessors of our people any ways now what would rather Cooper key really change the way I direct I've directed an episode of kitchen, confident, oh, you do a million years, yeah yeah. I was a fool one episode and between him and frankly, Angela, like I learned so much about directing, I would go to Bradley
and start talking now use lots of words, because you don't have it yet. Nothing that the note he's all you don't have the note o interesting- and I was like, oh my god, you're right, like I came away with this. If you can't convey a note in a sentence yeah, you yourself arsenals, drug, you don't have the know yet Hungarians and you can't give it to you actors one started, making this speech about what whatever you know, how to come into the kitchen he's like that's not any other thing he corrected beyond, which was great. I started directing and Dizzy Channel Nickelodeon doing a lot of kids stuff, and I know
want to give wine readings. I hate that I didn't like an actress. I want to do that to other actors, but I would find I would like indicate a performance in the way. I would give the note, of course, and he called viagra. Ah animals like you're, absolutely right. He wasn't a dick, like I've run unknown since then, and I've told them how we just totally changed my approach to directing he was killed neatly right, he's a craftsman, yoga now always Housman, and always he really change way approach that will just really quick, align Rainy news. When the line says like hey, can I help you in an actor goes hey? Can I help you and then the director comes and goes. You know it's more like hey. Can I help you but you're actually reading the lines, and we want to get the idea, but there is also this famous thought right. That's the only for directions that should ever be given our louder, quieter slower, asked earlier. We have heard that I mean they all boil down. I want to be surprised worse thing I could get as a director is exactly what I asked
yeah. I don't want that. Right has your. Delivered like we better than I could apart like I can give you a general idea of feeling or direction. That's what I love about being a directors, the being surprised you know at people's town, I don't be surprised like oh shit, four o clock on the site, you gonna rudely, that's not a great surprise, Morocco, but just a surprise that people's talent can bring to use. I also want to say that I do believe of all the different directing jobs out there. You you have been in the lane is the hardest of owning directed to episodes tv when I've directed shows that are already established in tone already established in all these things in the script is an out of my hands entirely right, you're now executing someone else's vision. I find that to me more challenging in particularly
on gene in television, because you're entering a clubhouse where people have been friends for four years and in Europe and outside or so what you ve chosen to do, I do think is the hardest. Clubhouse thing you mention is death is something I had to get over. I found its me in my own head of whether its true or not with that super productive, because you do you walk into a club house, and I don't know how many times you ve done it. There's carve like lets the policy with us all about when you're on a tv show you get into different director, almost every episode, so you have a different boss every week, which is just by design a very weird dynamic. Yet so others, who is this guy and then there's also I'm not gonna. Let them screw this up for us. You know right and everyone feels that way from the actor to the show one or two gripper electrician. Like I love this job, and I love this guy screwed up, you have to come in there and put everyone at ease, but the thing I like is the sandboxes defined in all right, but what you do in that sandbox it it's up to you,
beside directors get a bad rat because a very easy way through that most candidate was come before you wait until he hears a sandbox? Let me try and do some a little different. I like that challenge and also as an actor. It's a good exercise of. I think your job is to fight I and some emotion, all toehold in the script, so you can take. You're out of indicators and that's what it's about right. I remember when I first started out asking us to Dizzy Channel Nickelodeon for a minute from brief, dad minute thought I was kind of better than the material lobby our centre like I would hold it at arm's length as they know what this is not, who I am I'm doing this right now, Robert? I'm really that guy and I realized that not only was at just jerky move, but the work was not good cause. They held it at arm's length and I wasn't invested in it.
And then I felt even shittier, because I might not only am I here if I'm doing bad work when ride Rite rope just so, I can feel better about myself, yeah and say: oh, I bet like it was terrible. So then I had to just really change of heart journal like I'm going to die. If I remember sitting down and writing down how I was feeling I never do, and I was like but it is episode of Hannah Montana, has directing and ass it can want this shows about identity and who you really are in fear of being accepted and using the best Fuckin episode Hannah Montana, and I still see
behind their performances later now that I'm yeah, but it felt great as a good at the sort of that show that I said that your jobs, a directorate and as an actor to find some foothold. The attitude taken hold some emotional connection, and sometimes it's really easy and other times it's really difficult. But that's your job! Well, you know- and I have to do for myself. Very first thing I have to tell myself is: this: is for the audience that loves this show a mayor entitled to this show. In the same way, I am entitled to master of none like this. There is no high water mark of
What do you just what people why right here is for the fans? The show, as also for you like you, need to feel good about your work and our target seven about reviews and did the show for Netflix called friends from college that I really liked when the first season came out, like the reviews were not good at all, not ideal, not idea, and next don't look good loaded and directed and created it with his wife Francesca. He was super bound about. Like we like to show you, that's all you can control. I feel like a broken enough to not If anything, good anyone says or writes about me sure, but I'm not so broken that I'll only believe the bad. Right or Demille absolute. Oh, it's all just noise, the good and the bad yup, and at the end of the day, it's. How do you feel about the work under way? Even beyond that, and not my place now is how did I feel making fuck the result rivah how it turned out it's over
I have an awesome five days onset and that thing that's my life, I'm not gonna, be eighty years old, watching fucking shit idea, I'm gonna be thinking back on my time on, sat right, a number auditioning and it was unconscious and only later that I realize why did it not? I didn't consciously walk out of the room and the nearest trash can. I would throw out the script, not tat. I was angry your passport just like it's over now all your fretting that I get it did they like me. Am I gonna get a call back when I need you going to say the only thing you can troll as you prepare for the work and did you do a good job and once you walk out over Yang leave it behind. You indeed think that just come with having been in this business now for thirty one.
Yours is. Is it something that just over time, you can write size? The stakes? No, I still feel like my current job as my last one year, but as far as the perspective of the reviews on the Netflix yeah yeah is that just time served or yeah, I'm effort you put into that point of view. I think it's get work that you gonna do to stay saying. I think that at the end of the day, when we go to sleep at night, you in your bed in your with your head- and you know your your- your spouse, your siblings, your parents, your best friend, whatever that circle is, but you don't let the circle of approval, be too wide, bs, not healthy, but yeah. I think, if you don't you why I feel like. I listened to the show, I'm so in a show, and I'm getting now self conscious you, its EU noted, is it's a bad lay out. It's not your fault. Maybe I just have you like. I will listen to this, show a fan and I enjoy your interjection ain't and I don't know if I'm
the other parties like. Oh I'm killin it. I don't know how I looked like me and actually five in order to get in your just planning your day are horrified. I'm here I'll, tell you the truth. I want to know because I I I boy, the show I'm a fan I enjoy when you take part. Thank you I'll. Tell you the truth about this specific interview. We have an hour of yours restaurant time. So I will. I know it's has at the new through being you're gonna shit. Has I married getting their cultural, a matter you? You have no, no, I just don't want to take up any space causes spaces of very valid A bold today- and I am also thinking ahead of what we're going to keep em, what we're not going, He might not everything like now and I am a little stressed out that he hasn't talked at all. All about the young man, gap now behind me right now. I was getting nervous outright rather happened. You know, I'm not going to do with time is valuable, but I would argue that your edition,
you know is part of that value. Thank you write a hundred percent, your editing it now in your head, and you have an hour unless I really need to say something: I'm not gonna. I wasn't very late today. It's a really apology. I appointment is important and it, but I was thinking of you guys you're like going to put that stuff that dilate your pupils, you know, is no had hard passage. I want to have my wits about. I wish you came in with manhole cover eyes. I'd make inclusion. We, like our friend, does cup but really covered on the rail. Ok, the things that I do. I know you and I both want to talk about the theme of our show in general. Yes, we're endlessly fascinated by identity in really it's a self imposed thing you give yourself and then in rare situations you become a public figure and also that imposed on you by the outside and of course, you have this incredibly unique.
Literally there's a dozen people. We could then you're in this club, yeah yeah in my lifetime, yak, where you were ten years old and you get on a show, offers you gettin princess bride was an incredible and then you get on the show in you become a famous ten year old and I imagine like Bateman who was in here. He said you know at one time my name was a great asset and then for many many years my name was something I had overcome and it's such a peculiar, fascinating, interesting dynamic to have lived through its it's true and only then to provide real quick when you think about the noise and reviews knots of that was one. It was people an end really ugly and anonymous single person who, what that might come. No now it's like this iconic thing. I think I can talk about it, I'm just a small part of it, but like it's a huge iconic thing, people
share with their here. That's green. I went to his wedding and we watched it immediately. After the ceremony we went straight into a movie theater Eliza Princes right, but so people's opinions are even now. They're still need Europe to seal faster, so instant and time just kind of So all in all kinds of the treaty who's out arises to evil Tommy's rocks in the water, whether its great or bad. Here and then just the ripples just gonna settle and then doesn't really mad you're from Chicago from Chicago in you somehow convince your parents, I guess to move around here. Why was started acting commercials and I was a kid no cargo auditioning the local community centre, a hot dog commercial went there with my friends in our moms took us, did not to break in show business, but just some different like and sell the park. You know that day we went to go to school, one, that a Hollywood, not small town yeah. I didn't get the job, which is fine, wasn't even aware of it than that. Six months later, the same director call me for another addition, and this time it was downtown. Oh, it was like a big deal and it was a bit of a drive, and so I went down and nothing came,
but in that the centre to call me about six months later, and so do we want free to come for one more addition and we didn't want him showbiz, my mom's, I plug it into two of these things. I should like for agriculture with unclear, let's not enough for us to ask Fred and it happened to be four pack, man, vitamins like nineteen, eighty, two Jesus and only the biggest thing, and I think I may remember that its on you to realign you like every job ever, do you can find it and it's amazing. I watch out my cabinet that launch tests who saw her pachmann vitamins or like of course I gotta, go let's go he. I got that job and I really enjoyed at Chicago now. As you know like allay or New York, but then he was very small and there are a lot of ad agencies. Yoyo Burnett, DVD, we're all in right, Chicago, and so there was a lot of. Mercer work being done, but not a ton of people synonimas on a diet. Use was making a movie, and so just big became one of these kids. It worked a lot and were you aware of the fact that you are making good money?
was that on your radar at that age I can for combining big wheel. I want now now now Never I remember I got a job and I think it's like a Sears catalog three hundred dollars and remember. I went to toys, r us and I got defender. I got an Atari, my parents ice. I told him like I made three hundred dollars and the like. Never again, ah I never knew abounding in money. I'd be primate, eighty grand off that pachmann commercial and you don't even know me, I'm just swimming so now I never was aware of money. I was never wear anything. I just. I really enjoyed really didn't write and my parents saw that so they encouraged it. You had nine years of anonymity empty so said that I, for I was six. I was six when I did at pachmann by his cordial ok, but I'm talking now wonder years. Also, yes, so wonder years I was eleven Lolcats. We had ten years of output and quotes a real life sure.
And so we say that like normal child, unlike what does that be out as Armenia did you, like? I m no such thing I will not have violence and stuff I am not exactly that and it was definitely public grant everyone that, via it was my childhood, but when you went places as eleven year old in twelve year old, you go to the mall Beverly center wherever the fog right guy, your shit, Galleria gallery. I get that guy, I assure Noakes gallery. When you went there, you know adult human beings moistened hide you instead of innovating. That's the part where all probably focusing on in our minds is I just imagine me when I was eleven. All I wanted was a Honda spree environment to echo hardware and half the people in their said hiding because they like to my show. I did it's very hard to comprehend. We're say it. I never felt overwhelmed
oh yeah, I felt like- and I still feel this way now I'll tell my wife and I went to the store they wouldn't not nice. My I care they would greater. Yet What is this like yeah? You know everybody levels that high I'm going to help me and she's a jerk. A more Asia is completely right, and I think that I really mean it like you always so positive everywhere I go even like. I was working as a kid and I didn't work as much on work more now, even unlike the bitter dipping, I went to college and I was pretty Fiona one to do. There was still keyboard see me there be like in immediate excitement or, like I went to high school with hand, yes vote. I know I'm and I feel that a positive association, I can't put a finger on it, but you are shocking.
Jeff table at eight thirty. You know the money that is the YAP, so a growing up. We never took advantage of it. I never the man Valley, six inventor Boulevard, Tarzan, we always would go, see movies, our movie theater and there was a line and we're staying in the line of manager, chemo open we do and conquer inside, and my dad was a guy. I was buying I'll just deal because now we're ok, we will get the idea that there was never a celebrity like like it was like people knew who I was and had his positive feel. Your dad was successful, though right my dad was in real estate, Robert DE a bird is. Are we probably made good money why I was not in a situation? Sometimes what things will sideways young actors? They are the earner for the family and the debt
pressure is put on their shoulders around, for I am, but I can have that pressure, I'm forty three years, all the pressure like support. My family is like you see up and yet so to put that on someone who's, eight or nine or ten or fifteen right. I couldn't imagined so I didn't have that pressure. I walls. Would you say if you're dead heads some amount of money and he could do nice things and it wasn't like you. Pulled out of a trailer park in the whole family. Blake, wait. We go to the front of the genome, saying there's a right there's, something probably in the fact that your father had accomplished some stuff and had some means that the experience wasn't like going to Disneyland gap. My dad was a really strong work. Ethic wasn't like a fancy green as he debt yeah. He passed away like three,
Is it out for you all? I'm in the dead dead club to welcoming the not so funny I remember calling a friend and asking about like hospice care, said exact same things, welcome its true attacks, but he was really hard worker you'll, not super fancied, now extravagant, and so that's kind of how we grew up and how I approach work. But as far as like the theme or celebrity, or if you want to call it, it was deaf around but never like penetrated. I never thought I was that special Yamanaka, our or tongue. I think universe with will go around the country and do live chosen like we're going to Starbucks or whatever in the persons. Like only add what Or do you want right right and I have said: can you imagine if every one was just treated like I'm treated, the world would be so happy can also. Oh, this is what hot girls of experience there.
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To become was always run yeah. There is one that is definitely the path. You took accurate, a really young age transition to young adult actor. You know from Ghana, Griffith have happy days, and I like a Threed, Twentyman, craze, yeah and then started a direct and really quick as it was it because you were laying it up as we would say or plain it safer. You knew the best just move for long jeopardy would be to diversify your skills. It was a genuine interest in directing, but I think the longevity of the career I really admire. I knew at a young age I loved being in show business. He, and I also was aware enough to know how tenuous tat is job, especially as a kid like. There's a shelf life to how old you aren't jihadism calendar, you turned out to be exactly is cute, as you were on that show. How do I know you do in some actors? The transition is in his rattle. I thought a lot about that, because it depends on what your commodity as soldiers
for power grasped. What do you sell it? You're selling acuteness just because time passes like you're, not gonna, that attitude else. Why? What work you know I was never an orange new or of hardy everywhere, but I wasn't but that as a shelf life- and I really lucked out you know just ending up on this- show that was a really quality show and took like a broad view of life. I was able to kind of live in this space in play this character, that it had a much wider scope. It will you just about as one being cute or being right that gap in your teeth. Adorable! That's why you're gonna be in that Will you had the very rare opportunity to be solely driving the narrative of a show at a young age, generally, kids on the show and we're going to him? Thirty percent of the time to be cute and funny? You are actually are
protagonists in any was being pulled also share from an adult stale jack. Looking back perspective, which gave you these other layers. That probably wouldn't been that without that construct yeah- and I think I mean look- there's deftly young actors, Waymore talented me there were in stuff for on shows that work as well witness the wonder years. I just looked into that yeah. But now these actors have to carry the mantle of like maybe not a great show like it was their fault or something, but their counted. Actor severs Bert Runnels, always complaining. It was like listen, I'm not get nominated for anything, I'm goin away in shooting thirty page scripts, her smoking, the man right and turned it into the biggest Cuvier year. Yet it's gotta be a prize for that. I laid it down the Bub Laurens Casting script and yeah this director, how it? How do I don't go Evans downright what? Why do you make the decision to go to stand perverse volume?
most of you went to Stanford. While I didn't know that I can. I above me very impressed by that good work were edge. Edgy edgy file, yeah. We were kind of obsessed with Nancy, suitable adventure status. Of that we are a. What made you decide to do that be? How do you get industry and for were you on that? Ross team faintly light was here our roads, no colleges always heroes. Gonna do always. There was never a question that was asked for my family like that's it. You did also in high school the sort of thing my college. It was that run Howard. Like view of a career of more than one person was a gear and eighty it, but why are you doing here look alike as clear a ten year, Gianduja forty, your career, like China, rewinding there com, I fear You know, and also on that, some hot body there was a golden as bugger way worthy of inequality. We really would embrace fluid open arms, but as they should be to take a few years off in the scheme of whole career, that's gonna be a blip.
The answer was never an issue whether thousand ago, even powerful formula at that age I mean like money in drugs and that's the conduit to those I like that you're here saying this, because sometimes Dax lumps every human into his own Riah insults good too p. I really much more Lindsey low wage. If you would give me a million dollar right, I would have jumped a ferrari off of Mulholland high on Coke engaged in a three way while driving right, I didn't they have access to any of those or, as I bribed then is that that's it. That's very attempt
you majored in English, I major in English. I wanted to be a director at least wanted to try, and I just felt like I didn't want to go to film school, because I feel like I've been on stats for so long, but I wanted to know storytelling that was important to me. So I feel like studying English, you know you're reading and studying and parsing like all these great stories, and so I did. I can't wait from there. I feel like knowing how to approach a text sure, and so I still use those skills when you look at the script about story and structure character. Now having been on tv, did that make the college experience easier or harder, or both certainly you're, getting more attention from girls than you would otherwise no college was a lot like. I was in that a high school working. What college was what out bachelor high school or all the girls, like the jocks, all go even though you had been on tv, that's I would do so just like me, you guys, but he's a what you please water polo shoulder so bright.
I get it. There are a lot of guys, but anyhow I ended up at Stanford was now move to the tv thing plaited in our little sure brows, a good student, and I feel, like I worked really hard and school you I feel like that school got their animals extraordinary in ozone Marie. I think that that was my thing sure, but then my freshman year, let the guy next door spent the summer cloning, the tuberculosis Jean defined And what are you guys on the other side to me? Was the world with a ball champ. Tiger woods was in my freshman class in Chelsea clear. What are their line of these Witherspoon was in my class and when I had no idea here, we hold them less back up the tiger woods. Did you actually see him at last? We have readily years. You were very awesome using a year, but then he laughed after like sophomore year. I think to go. Make a hundred million a year. Unlike your profession, he would have been right to be playing call
yeah you when you hear that you want the masters woman, your freshmen, all my colleague, nor was he Poland down a ton of attention from the miles personal, only waterhole. I think he was really real straight now. Didn't go out, didn't drink and obviously there was a pause. To release valve was go at some point eyes. He was very super focus guy. I see him as someone who is probably robbed of their childhood through the pursuit of that sport and then needed to go out and do all staff then early that earlier I smoke pot didn't drink of civil liquor right like he was and look at it coming. He builds a drill greatest of altogether yeah. I didn't know these people want to stand for a new. Maybe we owe their Oscar. We were just talking about
Dan for being the college. We both thought was like the one time get it was. I love him. Yeah yeah, that's great than the one we analyze the my ass. It was a free thinking. Harbour did you go to college, usually give us he had Georgia, so I mean do you feel like that mattered at all like where you went to school were not visit. Your life today would be different if you'd gone somewhere. Maybe my life would be different, I have felt more tremendous pride for having gone there and graduated than any other probably accomplishment. My life is that you went to enraptured colleges death from that specific school. We I had also held up Dana higher Syria, as is he dislikes kid who did learn to read the fifth grade, it held a real significance to me to have gone there and gotten honours and all that stuff. That's amazing, like I gave the commencement
speech a couple of years last year they allow for the anthrax department, wow and my tried to say out loud that I was proud to have gone there, and then I completely couldn't talk for about twelve seconds or I would have completely try, yeah. I was like totally caught in my voice. I felt I spoke as prestigious this vote, my high school graduation W cover go very meaningful to me very meaningful. To me. Like cries, the rice, Beacon public ragged, very emotional uri. Has yeah. What is exonerating surges high? Yet it's like when you're in the airplane lives in danger new cry of movies. You know message of this Monica for me here, made an airy they face. I science, yet, let's also to say publicly, we love Rob buckle any of the best. The bats rang a great battle that we met their wedding. That's right! That's what I
smart, you for you guys, can cut a rug. Thank you. I tore my suit at that wedding. You earned everywhere. I read across right out in the my dick in balls are hanging out in my underwear. I know, but I'm just a full fucking swung hang in Ireland that your penis, which now I feel Georgia, but better moves on the dance floor is a thank you so much. I brag Alla time on here, but being a good answer, but people are probably wondering from exaggerating by exaggerate about most Michael.
I can vouch for whom I now know what you are working against. I can only have you worried by the weapons. I have you a properly hammered, rotted hammer drop, Roddy Ulster Chemical Boy, the heights. You couldn't hurt you, but when I met you, I went through when I assume most people go through, which is all God, that's Fred, savage from wonder years in he's an adult. Now any directs Rob show, so we must be goods robs perfection is for me, there's a forty five second processing of airlines, clock O group to be a nice purse. You know. I want to walk away with some conclude guy. You can add, it was always positive. It was all pairing bother you get in at an we just bumped into each other. Going to up fronts in New York is we're both promoting shows in you have a new show. I was so excited to sit next
you buy me till in you told me about your show then, and I immediately thought it was a brilliant idea. Tell everyone. The consequence is really really good concept called what has happened and the concept is it's an after show like talking dad or watch what happens? It's an after chauffeur show that doesn't exist. Isn't that Monica the whole premise yeah There's a whole industry of shows that talk about the popular shows on so walking dead as a huge show, and then talking dead became a huge mass of. Shall yes in a thrones had a followup shown. There's all these fine Joe had others yeah it's a gene. Now it's a genre of after show, and so we are, show first showed it doesn't exist. What's the name of the fake she caught the flare who mainly interested in leaguers, is the star of the flare. Yours is the star the flare he play Zack, Yardsman, Chester, Hastings and the flare leaves and on a series of books by T J Whitford. It was written the fifties and like so many things written, then it was kind of now gory for
the red scare, the tunnel based on a series of books, and we came up this whole mythology, and so the first like the two minutes of each episode, is the last seen that we accept, the flat, and it always ends in the sum of money in your great suspense looking area and that it minimizes nagorno screen cuts us unstayed gorgeous happen. Credible is such a good idea so and because you can only talk about sunny, doesn't exist for so long that become just a basically This is a more interesting way or a different way to get into like a traditional late night. Talk, talk, show right, zeal, moving and co host and even gas company of rests rob low is on and Tiffany Haddock. Can John John Mikhail Eric Stone Street, then scale again came all using with terrific guest. So here's the tricky balance, I would imagine it's not unlike co- bears original show, which, where is
you're playing aversion, airline right wing, yet we know he's left wing and then the guesser largely left wing, but then the guests are forced to treat them as if he really is a right wing person. Yes, which is interesting. I feel what I'm doing it and giving interviews, because I like a suit per family gamma so into the books at eight I have. Is that each other, how I read the books of the kid now super lonely, because I moved away from Chicago says: work wonder years I'll get a lot of friends. These books, canine so models so methods in Algeria me and they made. The Show- and I had torn because I'm to deviate from the books- and we have these guess on and those times where the interviewer just be like a straight. Other times, people really wanna play into it. We borrow a lot from early Letterman Conan. We do like remote pieces and comedy bits out the field all right, it's will come come come.
This new way to do a shout were figuring it out there to couple episodes on Sunday night. We wanted just try and establishing a baseline that are. Firstly, episodes are here's the baseline. Now they can grow it in the army grown audience. Can we get people because it's a different kind of show? Yes, if you want to anticipate what you think to show is gonna, be we're not gonna reach the bar that you created in your heads, the show you think we are right, but if you get along for the ride, jive embrace it, I think over the most of them. The first season people can get or doing and get into it cause. It's really find Watson's very positive as like, sincerely energetic and excited out like embracing, fanned yeah. There's a few different shows that our favorite shows modernize what're. You shows but rickshaws well how we bag with it I'll get worse as swiftly, but the one I want to give the example of is the patriot. Do you asked the patriarchal
is the best Fucking Giles Relic Anders two seasons of it. In its on Amazon, Prime, I have to tell everyone I recommend to watch it, give it three episodes yak as it takes three for your body to accept the town he asked at. First, like I is, is a comedy. Yours is like an espionage, show and you're, not sure when you was a laugh from windows. Was we scare knowledge but obviously wants you settle into their? What is a completely original town? You're like this is the most original thing. I've watched in years and then you're after the races and you can't stop watch. I think three episodes is a good you tried to flee back, I'm watching the first episode of flee bag and she looked in the camera. Macao she's doing serious Bueller out about like a watch, a couple episodes and then, of course it's the most amazing. We give money a large fellow, honest thing in the lane just a whole tree, and I think if you recognize it right away, you might still like it, but it's second, a push you
It's not good at all. Just filled familiar episodes feels right clearly shows that the other shows what people say like watch. It does good took halfway to the seconds in the end we gotta watch online you'll, be you're gonna! Be glad that he did. I can't know my knife heard that somebody out the first are agony. Well, like I have I can but three sounds fair and it allows you to try and get used to water, you know, let me die Van, like you, gotta just get used to the water. Yes, I am, but I think we're doing some really different. You know, there's jobs that you have and you do and throw equip they saw. It gives you the reins of something incessant, go, make a show of do something: I want to just try and do something different jar yeah. I want to do something that excites me and its scares me and that
challenges me and not to try my nose up at anything, because I love all the job and we talked about it like. I want to try to mostly find some connection at every job, but windows, right opportunities when they like here you go here, are the keys. I want to try and do something silly with your writing in your films and even just doing this like you're, making something it's uniquely yours and taking the people, which is the guiding the most greater for the first time. I think that it is most gratifying things like this incredibly personal. It's all yours. It sprung from you like that. We, the greatest our young. Now there's this thing is like the greatest thing. Never had me, it's the ass, the most filling most pleasurable, its most effort was it's the most roaring. It's a credible ill. I'm sure it was someone else's thing that they plugged you into it feel great too, but there's something knowing that this is on your terms that you made it hat like that's how I feel about this. Well, if people respond with that's amazing and if they don't lose, you like what we say did something that I can feel proud of has cleared the show with two other guys you
I'd, run the show, I'm hosting the show and executive proofs of the show. So I'm editing it and it's a lot of me out. We allowed me it's hard to watch yourself just a lot of like psychological gymnastics. I have to do to sit there when I used to just act and things and watch it. I would have this really bizarre critique of the whole thing, but when I was just editing myself, I saw myself right size, which I'm just a cog in this machine in the machine has to function RO, my ego for the first time ever, probably while editing my own performance got right size with, I think that's have where I've gotten to as like you're, just a colleague in the wheel. Yes,
anything about me like on a good look good, my org self aggrandizement miles great and you have I've gotta go ashore Viking allotted, I read David scenarios and we had him on. He said that when he goes back and reads there, if anything stands out that he thinks is really great. He cut should have that yeah yeah crises like it's too precious, then I feel like yeah. If you could step back and just see it as just a cog in the we Orson. Yes, it's much better for your awesome. I really hope you'll come back just stay for two or three hours. This was honestly, I think is that I'm a fan of the show. I love what you guys you doing. I was thrilled to be seated next to a good weirdo somewhere on the plane, but this is a good one. Now, just quick question before you got had the flight attendant come on, the loudspeaker said: yeah. Both pilots are our incapacitated. One of the passengers is gonna have to fly. Are there any pilots and then no one's hands goes up now, just selecting from them
the fox, and would you felt confident with me trying the land, the plane you learning the plane? Yes, father random people on the planet would answer well, there's a longstanding debate between Monica, I gotta say something. May not jets by my pile. I can fly law. Why will you do to put your hand up? I would have had a boy, but I will say as a pilot either the pilot. I would have no, the how to operate. Those kinds of planes are very automated. I feel like yes a gear head in Saxony, money that is good and I think you communicate well, which is very important over the radios, and I think that you have enough air, gets to think you ve, always a hundred percent enough humility to know you need a little help, nails bills tipped a bit in the
against, like what you have your point, you need to be a little cocky. You drive. Hacking has whose at a grab that states that you are right, but you also have the humility that, like you know, even and eats and help, either. You learn that players are different, its actual pilot and you're, saying I'm an actual pilot, and I don't think I could do that. That's having some knowledge of yourself in the world and he's saying he wants it. Stu without even me, being like what kind of skills your people have on the planet is angry. I couldn't do it, I'm saying that even as a pilot, I don't it I'm anymore, qualify. Ok, then Dax to land all cow that we bring similar skill set, but I believe that yes, just by virtue- his hand. Go every hand, went up. You can learn that plant. Could you think you can have the person has the thing they can offer it? Thank you. So much for arguing in my favor, for others will be ongoing, will tell it up at the emir for its energy, which you so much luck
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your son, worshiper you to great in Egypt what was wrong on god- is raw. The sun, God Walter, DA, the sun God today I was setting out- and I did get a little too sweaty for comfort to the moon had all like doing them. It is a nice stagnant. Ninety seven degrees. Right now we got the icing on the boy. It's hard big ship to turn around. If you don't owe me yeah, do you feel like I do that you're temperature has a huge impact on their mood? Oh sure, it's to call it. I just can be happy or nice to people at too high a kind of the same thing. But what would you pick because I know what I'd pay I go back and forth when I'm in sweltering heat. I think I would rather have a be freezing and vice versa, but I would prefer heat. I'd prefer cold cause. I can always lawyer up certain point when it's hot theirs
listen. You didn't get sounder wordly suit, your still sweat, and what the fuck's now that's true, but if you're layered up but your face in your hands and suffer still expose, you can still be freezing variants, their newman freezing with all bundled up on them in our day, harsh Georgia, winner- I've been in other places. I know used to ski fancy, resume with your friend exactly you're unquotable casual in a huge headed, soon all down way or lower its it. It's really conducive to get drunk, as you really run. No risk taken a flight of stairs the wrong way. Us chair, that's a glass half at all, it sure is Fred Savage. I would have loved
more time with them. To be honest man, I was stressed out. He notice, which was so nice that he note as news that in were to ignoring purely noticed, I was being very quiet and I was being very quakes. I was thinking or not getting to the meat of red I was afraid, savage me to arrive in more than IRA, just taking your only unlike the right the bread I was just making in taking only an hour, and I was Panama, your little product yeah. So one of the combat we're gonna have their part to them, so we can get. Although or I'll do it. He was very fond of doktor. He was lovely just that he had a crush on him. Oh really, I was, but, as you disabling, I thought you'd love when I do the why Devereux Leather, when you ask in front of them here. That's not the ideal time or place to do that. Thank you for learning ass. Slowly yeah, he has some read them.
Oh yeah yeah he's gotta very disarming humility to right yeah which is more impressive, because he's been doing this for so long is owed, excuse some level of arrogance from somebody like that, because I would just like to know what they really can't help it. They ve been living in the real world or thirty yeah they don't know anything else, but he is not like that. Not at all down earth, lovely reminded me of Josh just send it that way, absolutely another child actor. That shows the right line. You know every horror story there, as you know several that navigated at just one, oh yeah, exactly always wade title about his brother Ben Savage. I was a huge fan of because of blaming its work That was prime Disney Programme, while air, but not even with the Disney, and I think it was a thinking I would want
yeah. I think for a directed those I mean I shouldn't be introducing new facts, but I think I saw his credit that he directed above. I can't wait to talk about that in part to you how it's warm in here, I'm very close to having to take my top off, just do it. You have a few pennies in the jar he complained about the heat a few times but that was not my mother- was That's not what I was thinking about when I thought about it, causing you more of the good things in my life that I complain about that. The heat in this aspect is not one of the good things in my life is it or is it you eat? This is your job of a great job in mining, about the he I'm not going about the job and complain about the temperature. Ok, interesting that you have that like caviar copy,
yes, well, when I made my news resolution is specifically the thing I wanted to stop doing. That weighs undercutting my good luck. As I was embarrassed that I have good fortune, the YAP generally good to cut all the complaint, I get it. Play in Conakry. More. If I had to sort the people in my life and rank who's, the most negative, who complains the mousie you wouldn't be at the top so don't worry all good. I was nervous before that Sunday I concluded I was like. Where did she go with my mother when my number one sure kennicott neither right now, not even close, but we were all just on a beach for two weeks topless I feel like this is fine workplace, because we really did it. That's true ok, let's check Paragon Ban basically nude. Far too we have. We been scantily cloud. We have made our friendship. That predated are
work relation Shelly. I wonder like when companies take these retreats and these coworkers, you ve known for five years now, send your cinnamon swimwear, oh wow, I didn't realize Dan, had a exile ants and while they are of great dealt yeah or would I just went straight to the most problematic observation. Of course, she knows that he has a penis. Nobody said an egg plant, that's a robust, keen eyes, I think could be more,
surprised by the body shoulder yeah sure, because, as under all your button ups, that's true, but I wonder if it's just in general Mount its ill advised for those retreats take place somewhere, where swimwear will be quite bets, as we absolutely evolve includes evolve. I think it's great to get the employs out at the beach hinges: Aroun bounce around splash in the water a play, little volleyball, maybe not back some cronies or some Chinese. None of this is a permanent of it's a good idea for a long devotee, no fortune. Five hundred now ok to retire, but will we watch this week there suddenly with Fred Savage yeah? They talk about a couple of things, have nothing new preserved. So let's say what we want. Ok, we watched diseases special, oh my gosh, as a group called right now. It is so good he has found another gear here. I've watched if the time a futile.
I'm a while ago. I had the one feeling, but I love it. I was talking about today with the other thing on talk about that has nothing to do with Red K till employees, progress which I did this y yeah. I love talking to him tat I loved talking to him. He is a great host fray. Any does great, interesting research areas, the very amazing conversations, but I brought up to him. Hey, have you seen it yet, because is one area in particular? I am so glad he tackled, which of course only he could tackle or- or I could tell you could tackle it- can't be tackled by a white purse, say in that is kind of the patronising placating way in which white folks find no way to brag about how old they are. I thought that whole run was just delicious yeah really on the mass at work, because let
say I were a minority and all the majority said to me as like: hey I've really like Billy Jewel, he's a great piano player because he's why you're telling me there's all the stuff would get on minors. I would rather have someone just being abjectly hostile to me, then condescending and placating. That's my way, moreover, trigger for me right then, just in your face hostility for me, yeah yeah. I disagree definitely agree that its site. Ok, ok, I know what you're doing many pegana per ten. I got up and what the hell is that you're, not gonna, see the intention is denying exactly said. That's why I prefer that cause. At least the intention is nice and they are right. An iron she ate for effort too easily swerves and a pity. In my book,
then. Why are you talking about this in this bizarre way? Yeah tar around now, I'm just I was the way he broke it all down. Here I really enjoyed, among other things, he really killed a bunch of top yeah. I was
back to Fred back to Mr Savage. So he had that game show remember than original name a bit five to survive, which he did actually throw out. There is one of the options he just couldn't remember right and then it became child support. Young child support questionable title. We decided here. Ok, so I pulled up the Pachmann vitamins, commercial, all right in the children's by two days later that we want to change the rules to no sugar additives. This is a better choice. Multivitamin for no sugar, better Flintstones is over. Seventy percent sugar. For now additives we really
argued on completing a trailing stem cell research alone OSIRIS without sugar or added that live at the old eyes? Oh, my god, you gotta watch that party were again you repay without sugar or additives connive bad hello. Goodbye. I ran her little bag man is a key, undeniably adorable. I think we should make a hollow shell vitamins, commercial war or like Pachmann. Vitamins are terrible. The way they did with the loud fairly, the flood zones where leading the women, the vitamin world, they might still be boats like doktor falsehood, who do you tackle on the football field, a guy with ball? Yes, rather threatened Flintstones head boy, yes dear, he did state Q, that's lucky, yes,
there really is fortunate for him in, and I would argue rare to again saying I'm thinking man, but I know you think anyway he's so Q, unlike some other, not so a privileged cases right and I'm going, because he's so nice beamingly deserved he deserved. It really did what I really like cause. He said that he had a little credible moment where he started directing Kid show then he felt like a little bit to elaborate, and then he found a way to sort of rights eyes out, which I thought was awesome and, of course, You ve thought there like why? What do you think that you're, a big
star. Any one would think that in the mandate he have the wherewithal to have some acknowledgement that this is a good thing. The thank yes so admirable work. Why we're talking to him is cause when you don't have that to you die you good for everything when you get humbled as we all do, some set backs the new design right now you gotta see it. There's been some actors, you're like incredible, where the fuck is that person in are still waiting to be an inception along a new England but inception that just means not gonna work re cause they at one time had some cloud right and they just can't read does tat, true, mommy ourselves. Gardening equipment for true value hardware, whatever daylight as the is the tide rises in in falls I'll just ride along with share and, secondly, to look at it.
Come on down the birds use gars soaring. I think his perspective was perfect because it wasn't like well I'm in but so I'll do it. This is worthy. And I will find the truth and as its Buddhism. You take pride in your work. Whatever your work, and here I am Hanks release, its positive saw them wrong. As I go darn, I accuse you guys. That's a good affirmation. Yeah yeah. Ok, so he said run Howard, one from Andy gave it to happen, is that was from each spacey from three to twenty that spans. So here a map of hay, and so he was born in nineteen fifty six and then me did Andy Griffith in nineteen. Sixty four, the upsurge Darwinian was for that ran a ears incurs or eastward
when he got off and then he got happy days a nineteen, seventy four others always eighteen and then ran ten years. Twenty eight, while eighty twenty eight so really four to twenty eight, roughly with a four year break. Yet when the two shows, what deprived did other she was doing stuff in there or maybe was launching Flintstones vitamins. He was darn cute on the integral C mere I can give. You can wait with the depth and well I'll. Tell him I can't was what are we either with your lips or your teeth? I want you want that. I can you called us and you find
because you made up that word edifying. We educate you said it anyway. No such were there's no such worden. The really isn't a word that I could find that people who are obsessed with at the universities are both report is called snobs, but is it if we didn't go there? That's true. I don't think it is your home. Like reverence? It's not. I went to Harvard regime was like enjoys yeah, but a,
lover of learning and studying is a very low math wait all this is so interesting. You bring this up your mouth here, so we were watching the Roger Ales Showtime Show, which we want Russell Crow, the loudest voice. So what emailed me buddy David Nevins it show time is the president of the chairman or somethin. I do said: hey love the Shell miss you hope your well. He wrote back loving the podcast, something something you're real Polly, math Polly Math FUCK. Is that looked it up to that someone who is warranted in many subjects, and then I wrote back. I can't possibly be appalling. Ask as I had the look up the word partly so I feel a math yeah really quick doesn't have we not love, we do love learning. We are also feel a mass, but
doesn't described this thing now that I'm here that's a separate thing that doesn't exist, but we can make it up the union, something. I think it should be only union law, while you're unified sounds great gray, were unified. Creaking of that. So he asked me to really get to talk about it much, but he asked his visa. We were obsessed with Stanford houses and things, and he said what do you think your life would have been better if he went there were a few went to school like that, he was diplomatically. Very diplomatically. Sank. Do think your life then that if you went to an Ivy league school like that that we are putting up on this pedestal- and I said no immediately- and I do stand by that cuz- I will even when I have all these fantasies when were like knee deep in
unifying unifying yeah. I then think about my actual college experience and I would never trade bad and it was so perfect. I think it's fair to say if you loved going to college brutal of going to any cause, I don't think so Do not think that I would have been just as happy at any Khalid. Why? Because the experience, at Georgia, anyway, is so you need to me. It feels so quintessential college, like animal house, sort of like the experience the football games arriv every one like rallying for one thing. So I am grateful to have gone there and had a bad experience like the downtown experience was like this. So far, I am gum very
grateful I had that. You know. I don't know I loved you see legs. I love the education. I do not have any fun on the campus only may like to college friends, because I was submerged in the colony world now. My friends workmen It sounds like four years older than everyone yeah. So in one writing a motorcycle there live way off campus so that the whole campus aspect, I dont, really have any nostalgia for a re. That's my main level. Upness now, right so me thou. Well yeah. I got to go anywhere. I guess worthy instruction was good. I want unless the three friends I made there. Ok Alex him Cox, Jason Deleon, who were going to interview who is now a God, darn professor at you see, ally, gradual residing and then Christie who gay does it. Those are my three friends I made in the two years are: ok, you have about two dozen friends right. You mean college. Ah, my law, more yeah yeah. You really did it ended it. Aren't you glad you are pursuing acting professionally. At the same time, it has been so distracting. Yes, ironically, yes,
because I still was. I was a theatre major I wanted to be put. There is no auditions for you to go on now. There wasn't a, but I was desperate to do that. And it was all I could sort of think about. I of course wish I was little more present in that time and could have been like I'll. Do that bs I got all the time why? Yes, that is a problem. We all have yeah Lebanon tomorrow. It was so far. We have one foot me yesterday in one foot and mouth you ve all over today who one other saying in future from the twelve step problem lies forgot one. I guess that's all that everything about Fred yeah, ok, recital watches shone out. I'm in check it out loud sounds really good. Ok, I love you. I love you
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