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2021-04-12 | 🔗
Hank Azaria (The Simpsons, Brockmire, The Birdcage) is an Emmy-award winning actor and comedian. Hank joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his addiction and recovery, being mistaken as someone in the upholstery business, and the controversy around his Simpson’s character. Hank and Dax discuss getting in touch with your emotions to help with conflict resolution and how addiction is really just an obsession. Hank talks about his perspective on white privilege, how he’s learned to smile more when meeting people, and that he can’t believe more baseball announcers haven’t been canceled.
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Welcome. Welcome, welcome. I cant do his voice, but I would love to be able to do them around Meyer welcomed arm, chair expert, I'm dyin shepherd joined by Mr Mouse hello. away? For a while ago, I had the process yeah because at first I thought you said, Minister mouse what I've said yeah I like that, I like the idea that I have a clergy ya YA, Mr Minister Mouse. They also sounds like sinister mass. It does and then of course, Mr Minister Harkin's back to the eighties ban, Mr Mr Guy there's so much indian summer dangles we have a friend of mine on today, someone who I cherish the insight. Many many emotional issues and it's incredible conversation. Unbridled honesty on his in beautiful conversation about some
many different hard topics. I feel like yeah recover alive. It's really nice Hank Azeri hankers areas, a sixth time, Emmy Award, winning actor comedian in a producer he's been on the Simpsons four hundred and thirteen years start in a great show, Brok, Meyer and, of course, needed museum in my favorite, the bird cage. How many times over- and you know what I didn't bring up, which I fully regret. But we were just talking about so much other men saying non showbiz Easter along, but he's David, the scientists guy on France and that is he. I know this doesnt resonate with you, but it is a huge part of my life as well. Hank has a new podcast up called the gym brought Chaz dream broke, Meyer Hubley. I can't I'm so excited Friedhelm do Jim brought my, but the show features. Hank repressing is critically acclaimed role of fabled sports cancer, gene
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jack Mary? Is they were discussing Georgia shooting? I was just cinema good. I've only become some are for me was George, because you know like everybody else, you there's no way you can avoid shooting there at some point, but of all the places they send us. It's pretty good ones. It's better than say, Shreveport, already remembered that you could not escape going to New Mexico for half a year, yeah yeah yeah. It feels like forgotten somehow it's like even watching better call, Sahlin like even just seeing the location through my tv screen. I start to get like. I keep thinking of them on the shoe
Actually, I love bring bad and better go solar, amazing shouting and you get very engrossed, but I can't help but think like Manly, that location that just looks better This is one of the great advantages to be Mary to an actress right. So just like you, we watch tv in such a specific way. That would be so nauseating to everyone else. Self will be watching, Thrones right is most spectacular, set peace, everyone certainly engrossed in it and all progress, and I can think as men at Johns. Now, like four rose back in the wilds from visa for food, that is without any lines. That's all I can do about what was in a spectacular thing unfold yeah. You start thinking about the logistics of the shoe total here. That's that quickly. Disillusion. You get like, of course, your operating one tonnes of gratitude, and you recognize it's the most unique thing, and
that aside, your also just outside in its cold and is boring as fuck. It's not always form. I know it's really tedious how it just listening to full disclosure. Congratulations on your successor, on this point. Gaston I'd heard a lot about it for many people and headed, and I hadn't gotten around you and then I usually site to be doing it, because I heard it was great and my personal connection, you yeah thy caught up in Alaska, but as a listen to Amy, polar and a manual ato, and am particularly would really like his uncomfortable stations in a way he said a thing about how unglamorous the NFL is, and it's the same thing: here's another like unique experience. It has to be: u meets our business, which is you go to a small town of Massachusetts like this happen to me I'll shoot this movie. The judge resolve these amazing stars and end than me, and your town and there is a big hubbub like everyone in town Caesar's trucks and what not an end in equitably, summons dogs. You may say out what are they may gain
and you go you all movie whose in it like physically they don't know, I'm a man and then you're going to be well now I didn't hear anything there's no big star, and it is the most disappointing conversation view had those court. Cyber attack When about what they have not had a few more days had their accommodation in your, but by your own self, I get down What do I know you from What's your answer? I've got a couple. Go two's I used to get tight around that question. Would a larger. I know you guys talk about this kind of thing, but now I've settled into complete openness and I just ants like I said: well, people most probably for the early age could
long came out of the recently is George Regatta Manila Radon about China, but then you get into this awkward now now No, no! I'm a bench! I go with you. My name is Hank Azeri, I said, really easy. I google me, you see all my credit promise you'll find something here. There's a hell experience with that rises. I've been working on over seventeen or eighteen years in originally had just shut, a whole right in all my insecurities, like, oh my god, I'm so on memorable their problem. You think inexact grabbed me on us, which happened many times. They thought they were talking as aircraft, but of the many energy Can anyone I've been feeling very confident and not threatened by? The question then becomes, the tedium of were all boy, so I'm gonna probably list everything I've done for the last seventeen years. Now, like you say, while you shake your head now, the summons
I don't know? What I see when I got man, I don't know what you ve seen so list. The movies. You seem happy at an automobile seen in their well. My wife was critically Bang Bang went out now one more and they may well. I've got you know not just about movies or tv shows, but I think I've been ask some character actor. So people like D, you know my face and not sure from where I think I've been s gonna every college in the country with great. You want Ohio state like now, oh yeah, my favorite wanted these. I was in Hawaii. In an elevator and guy get signing. One of these are for those you'd MA. Nobody can see me, but the big smile and the point like right leg So my guy are high and he goes you're in the upholstery. Creating business
not as I had only two guys. I cleaned is couch rebel. Did a great job because you seemed so delighted to see me. I was big smile again. Did such a nice job on my love, that's ugly. I wish more people approached other random people instead of celebrities with the big smile and appoint you brought myself a battle I've done what that. So we have been talking about of romance in you erected, some performance of mine must have read. On him on him like that, like that guy's work makes me feel, like my couch, just gotta, clean and a great away so that as well, you know, You guys tend to get deepen. This actually was a recovery issue. For me, I'm a sober guys
No that's all we know is that I wasn't sure you're comfortable, say now. We know each other. Like anything you like, I am an ugly. Let me anything you like. I in fact I'm looking forward to it meet ill, but it became an issue for me because for a long time. I was really cranky, as we say in recovery, restless, irritable and discontent, but she living in New York where its constant people in your face, almost constant Lee and I had those exchange is a lot. You know, as you might imagine, I had learned a long time ago to not be rude to people for the most part very polite in kind, but inside I was really resenting being into did not being recognised in the way I'd like, but eventually I got to a point, I did some work around it like thinking about. What's triggering me with all this, and it showed up, did go back to my childhood cuz. The phrase that kept coming up was put upon. I just don't really put a pond
by a like. What is I remind me of an business Dunham was cliched, but remind me of growing up and feeling, like my parents, didn't really see me for who I was, and yet they wanted stuff from me that I don't even feel was really based on me, and I will put up and by those exchanges like I'm giving you when you're a famous person people, don't I know who you are they can I recognize you and they can. I want something from you and it's not even you. They want it from this. Their image of you, so, once this sort of unlike dad and then I just kind of behaviorally, said you know what I'm gonna put a smile on my face for every one of these exchanges does matter, what's going through my mind and I'm going to just answer whatever the question is like what do? I know you from what have I seen you Did you clean my couch running away and it took a little practice like I had to stay with it for like two three weeks,
but he not only was I much happier as a result, but I have to say I couldn't get over how much it meant people young people really seemed warmed. I had got us even just a smile back for me and I felt really retroactively bad that it hadn't been rolling like that for years in there's this great all Wilson Interview and play boys in only one of ever memorized and my life full in earlier Yacu memorize. It word for word: that's amazing. I've to favour parts of it while one of em adjusts he kept getting recognised during the interview Interviewers said: does that get annoyed and he said well, you know it Cool superpower dislike meal put people on a great mood when they see you, I was, I really wonder for any medium of that, like the others, exactly how you should look at my road with it now is. I had done it. You are so too and when I went, I think they give us a stack of maybe like two thousand head shouts assign or whatever, and then I posed
for God knows how many pictures and the whole thing was beautiful, pleasant and I loved it, and I never minded- and I was so happy to do it and I got home and I'm like. Why is that so different than when I'm at the airport? Right like what happening inside for me I realized it was a lot about expectations, so I went there going I'm gonna try, pictures with everyone. I me and I'm gonna be at their disposal, for me a little bit of it is the uncontrollable you have it or the lack of controlling. If I go to the grocery store, maybe nothing will happen or I'm proceeding as if nothing will happen, but then maybe there's five things that now happen, and I didn't. I anticipate that an that's. My discomfort, like oil no control over this I'll, never be overturned. And this is a loss of control. Feeling really yet is expectation in it. It's sort of needs to be much like programme needs to be committed to one day, time now? I have to remind myself every data refrain like gonna go out stuffs to happen.
May not like it. For me and I like the way I am approached or whatever it is or interrupted, and that smile thing needs to happen and it takes practice and then I became like Pavlov's dog. where, after not very long exchanges that I used it and dread is too strong a word, but not look forward to because I'm just always smiling automatically. Your body can tell the difference in a faint smile and actual smile, it releases leg. Pleasant, outward they can work backwards. They said yes and I began to enjoy the experience and look forward to therein lies like well for somebody who desires great control. I can either you're out of control by this. or I can come up with a little system where actual had take control back like armed and smiles actually changed. My mood, Famagusta, have kind of say over my emotion in reaction to this in its actually empowering. Ironically, yes- and I really to get over myself to do it.
I can give you a very good argument. I can make the very good legal case, or the point counterpoint case about why I have every right to be brave cranky about that. Yes, and I did for you, but another nice programme, phrase right. You wanna be right or do you want to be happy? That's a tough one! Vermont again, I in particular it is tat we just This guy Adam Grand on without him on a few times ISA organizational psychologists he's abroad. man, but we were avenues, commerce and then he said why people are basically three things are either a prosecutor, a preacher or a politician, and call Monica near like why I've never experienced politician do her freezer, but I am trying a court case every minute of the day when I'm not actively doing it, I'm doing it in my head all day, long and yeah. It's so vital to me that I'm right yeah that's a big deal. refer to my recovery a lot lately. My recovery work is as shit I'm right about that makes me
angry about another. At what I love my misfortune, I talk. lot about one of the most challenging bang and sobriety is when, who are genuinely wrong now, when you perceive being wrong or like your Canada, cranky and pissed but when actually yeah, no, you just got wrong. Somebody did you wrong. Somebody was rude somebody. Cheated or allied. Somebody done you wrong, but you're not allowed to drop your programme tools, and coming. Unpeaceful man, just cuz that happened and you look so don't want to punch your serenity and you sure don't want to drink or whatever might lead to. So what does one do Once you have men right that you're, the only one that suffers. That's the other shitty thing to admit to yourself like ok, can we manage that person and I will suffer. They will actually have probably think twice about getting the upper hand me other there maybe and celebrate or anyway I mean what I
and is in the actually, I heard in the conversation him with Amy. You guys we're talking about You admired the ability to sort of in the moment can have expressed the feelings and get him out working through as a poster gives Amy was saying: she's a process, you shall go away and kind of feeling and then come back with some color packaged response area. I am actually a fan of that. Not the suppressing the emotion not like I gotta stop this down, but I'm a big believer in go process it for real. Go, really feel the feelings I'll call. My sponsor I'll call. Whoever is God, damn it, I'm I'm so upset and years. Why, and then I'm a big believer in coming down, though, and seeing what that was all about, and then, if there is a conversation that needs to be had its best head lovingly calmly, and knowing what beer you brought into the thing is helpful. Yes, also look neuron part, sometimes your ass back, as do your triggered
Had nothing to do with what happened. It just remind Your dad from on your nine or you wrong and you didn't like being called on it or whatever. It is, and then you're really glad in pop off in the moment air. As long as you you is that time away tooth veal, as opposed to come up with a court case that is very key Do not control not like yeah me see how I can contrived this or that didn't feel, and I'm not wrong. No, that was at his that's just ass. The temptation yet should be. sharing and not a dictating, even if it's a benevolent dictating or women, the haitian wine and a lot of times these things come down. You, like my wife, had to point this out to me here to vote is my nine year anniversary, Oh Brad, wild thyme re mergers that you go away from a rough exchange, Zara, something like this railway
got to go where I've learned not to from angry. If I'm triggered, I really it's best. If I should push and go away, because I don't want to put gasoline on fires or say stuff, I don't mean, and its non productive. So I go away and I'm doing the right thing, like I'm feelin, Adam venting to my sponsor ongoing god- dammit this in that and Do you identify all you know? This is actually, as my part, I have a piece of this where I I went off the rails and also a kind of May. I went on TAT and that's mine too, but actually there is also this peace that I dont. Like that, my wife does. I don't like the tone with which she expressed it and I dont want to use that tone, and I don't want that tone use with me. So what You should do is go so here's. My part is triggered me about how, when I was ten- and I then this is the I think, and I did that wrong answer. Knowledge eyes and also you know the tone that used. Can you not use that she said to me
Is it ok? Can you separate these two things out? Can you either make me amends and then have it be a separate conversation? but what you don't take about what I did I now start with here's. My part. I apologize and then maybe dare to later, you know there was a tone thing that made. Ah ha, I wasn't loving that we condemn try to avoid This tricky business, your own in your shit and stating needs and all the same time you know. Sometimes I wonder if you wrestle does unlike is- is all a great gift to my spouse or its whole, exhausting well about what I did he's in programme is well. My wife is recovering his well. Ok that help that we're where buddies and if anything we need to like pull back off it with each other. Well, well well spent hours, you know protein, scripture to each other programs. Adventure I feel like. I would like that
It's great I mean it. It gets us out of a lot of pickles it's nice to know that we can fall back on it and believe me, we have to do. You know how it goes trigger and then the trigger triggers the trigger than the trigger trigger trigger chicken you're off to the races and then the ability to go off to your neutral corner and process it and then come back with accountability for your side is I think that must be helpful because at least do have a common rule book. You know most people don't in any sort of relationships, coming with the way they handle things, and then other person does sometimes those do not matter Job words like, oh, I don't actually care about that. Will I care about that time, but at least when you
have a commonality of how to find solutions. You're doing it in the exact same way, Yan. The phrase you mention rule book- I often think about programme and recovery as like this rule book that I always wish. I had my whole life that actually is a really pretty good set of guidelines and principles and parameters to work within, and yet the fact that we should have mutual agreements the same language. In that way, it is helpful yeah. I guess it's kind of yeah, just like a green on an ethic which is really cool. The thing we value they would value, but you know I know, Obviously everything about your current programme, but what as interest me a Monica, I dont know a lot about. We had one guest who is an expert on it, waiting Cummings Whitney Cummings IDA Whitney, yes, her Elena knowledge boom. Mind, and I was really fascinated by- and she told me this, which I had never heard, but I assumed to be true is that generally alcoholic start out as co dependence is like your codependent first,
and then you find alcohol that kind of deliberate you from your co dependency, but you were originally and Alan on person right, yeah, correct. If you came Meanwhile, it wasn't number one thing you got out at a I'd, probably say for me: it's the forced up learning how to figure out my role in things were, I'm afraid of, like that's the big breakthrough. For me, What would you say is that in our non for those of you scoring at home Al Anon is like for families and friends and relatives of alcoholics. The assumption is not the assumption. The assertion is that alcoholism is a family disease. If you got one drunk or addict in the family is going to affect the entire family with its mom, dad spouse child friend, whoever, and if you could come with a collar, Para alcoholic. What you take on the characteristics of the disease without ever pick me up the drink or the drug as they say, and alcoholism and drug addiction is an obsession. It's a compulsive desire to fix. What's wrong with you by taking in
design, it works for awhile feels better, and then it gets out of your control and your health and everybody else is around. You start suffering big time so for Al Anon's, it's the desire, usually to fix this person. Oh my son, my wife, my husband is killing themselves hurting themselves. I got to help I got to fix. I got to make it right, so you get so other fixated is an Al Anon. You get soaked somebody else's problem in and get your right you're, not wrong, you're right, they should stop killing them they real issues on fire that you live with day aid, really no one would argue with you that you have drunk in friend should stop killing themselves. You are technically correct, but again you're right. You want to be happy, unfortunately, it doesn't work. No one has the power to get somebody else sober to fix them to fix their lives, that's hard for people very, very different, airy, the air in and becomes an obsession, and so giving that up so basically, Alan on recovery is all about what you just said, which is finding the fourth step like. What's my part in this?
were mostly Alan on recovery, leads you to his my part in his. I need to come back to myself. I need to actually be more selfish and a good way to put myself first, you make this. Endless and the most Al Anon's yourself is at the top of that list. I need to take care of myself. I need to mind my own business. I need to find what I love to do besides obsess over this other person in their problems, yeah. That was me for seven years and was funny tax. You might have heard me share the meeting or two were back in the day, but so I ask myself what do I like to do? What do I want? I came out of a marriage and we were actually to Alan ONS. We were both raised in Attica, households and drunken households, and neither of us it turns out. I was pretty you're drunk but I wasn't onto it yet, there's always a worse drunk. You can look at if you want there was that, and there was also am. I was weird I would like mix it up. My
primary go to drug is obsessing on other people, so I would spend years in these codependent crazy relationships. Road obsess about other people on some of them were drunk since some of them warrant, and I wouldn't particularly user drink in those periods of time, because I can I had my drunk fix and then the second I was single. I would try to drink and snort the universe single person and then, as soon as I found someone to play with, I would put that down again and obsess on them and on and on and on that went for years. So we were gonna too on recovered Alan ONS dancing with each other, which can be really crazy. I almost crazier than the classic, drunk and codependent. Yet those two puzzle pieces, ITALY. fit nicely year. This gets a curling passiveaggressive complications, the start to happen or insane in recovering that I'd have what I called days days were literally stare, blank wall and go
ah out, because I had no idea what to do with myself of always not reacting to the other human being. Unlike what do I like they make a less like. What am I like to do like poker Right S, airplane poker game? I liked Frisbie golf. I guess I like documentaries lay and one of the things I discovered I really enjoy doing was drinking my brains out and running relic, an idiot which actually healthy for me, for while it was actually good to get out there and do that and then that that got away from me that got the item problem afterwhile and then I got sober and this may be a very a perspective of it, but I will say I think, as US drunks are under tremendous illusions in delusions. I think a lot of what then are caught up in the web of addiction and the co dependency side. What they needed to themselves. Is that person allows you to not focus on anything?
going on with you like, in the same way that alcohol, lousy did not focus on the pain that you're going through very similar in that everyone's is avoiding dealing with the big hole right. Big time. I gather that dynamic the contract and the messy room. I I thought it was a genius for coming up with this. Then I found out that every everybody in covering knows But I don't I don't I don't you well know. I didn't call it that, but you just basically said it. The contract and the measure is this. The measure room is like this big room of junk that you throw everything in your house ready and use closed the door. It's like all, my god. There is every piece of garbage and masses in there and you don't want to go through it and look in the yellow, clean which that'll become your forced step inventory eventually, when you open adorn looking there, but you like, I dont, want to face my pain, my obsessions, my crate, NL my herds. My all of this, my childhood, so you shut the door and you say you know what we're gonna do
I'm gonna focused totally on you, Yama focus on my sweetie and all their problems and all their craziness and I'm pretty much going defer to what they want to do and the contract is so we're gonna. Do that we're going to focus on? You is going to be your way, and follow you around, and I get to avoid my crap. My shit as you just mentioned, that's a terrible contract, even if it were spoken out loud, but it's usually this unspoken thing and it builds tremendous resentment, but then one day a month right, I want it returned like wait a minute. I actually need you want to focus on my stuff today, but that's not what we do in this release, there is no room for their know how things a movie or some big emotional problem, its leg. It's all about your thing, so
Then I would explode by greater minute one day a month. I wanted to be about me and it's not and you look like you're not like we're talking about Zella you're advertising, no roads, Anita users, which says about me all day. Long arms was a lie to you and guess what you- and this is the thing exactly hours only once every if it were, we would be a terrible contracting like this unspoken thing, the psychic connection that goes on this agreement, so it was undoing that when I got into a recovery, that's all about service and and actually doing for others, but I felt much more capable of doing it in a more balanced way, because I knew how to take care of myself at that point so that I could give from the excess and so did not give to you hoping you'll fix me, but just literally to be giving something away and that's deal
of healthy service of healthy giving. Even if it's a smile at people on the street who want to know where they know me from right, I know how you feel that the leg that feeling of healthy giving is the that's the high. I was always chasing us like the closest thing to what drugs alcohol felt to me the AIDS, the least sexy way in the world to arrive at self esteem region. Oh really all I'm craving is like to like me I was under the illusion that of a couple million Americans. Like me, I would like me that aim Argos under any illusion, if actresses liked me sleep with me. That would make me like me, and lo and behold talking to someone, I don't want to talk to you on the phone for me, like itself are not enjoying it per se, but
momoland hang up and I got home and yeah okay. I, like that person you're the type of person that would take time out of your day to talk about something boring with somebody to help him. I liked that guy exactly it service, so, like all the stuff, we want you right, cuz, we've all been through any of us in recovery by definition, means we had a bottom or series of them which were not fun and not good and really painful in lot of our lives have felt, are not good to us and the idea that that pain from those relationships are that suffering a benediction can actually be of service, and we can use for. My story can actually be helpful to somebody who, struggling with it, yeah. I have blazed trail for them a bit. It makes like all that feel like it had a point yeah prior day. A my failures were just failures, but now, when I share them, they some our helpful to somebody like they get something out of it and I might well, while that's a flip of how I see that now and I almost
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And then move it out and then move to a different road like just trying to sort, some control or take up the space that was going towards the obsession and indifferent it was just go easy on. I think, maybe a fear and obsessive person to begin with your, like, probably more likely to fall into these traps. Maybe no definitely yeah and I did know if there was like a good go to piece of literature for people. There's a big book. Alan I mean: there's tons of literature, you're interested in a meaning am unhappy debt to bring your yeah. Well, you know the newcomers. Packets have little airports, and then that are really concise breakdowns like one of the first things you want to learn the facts about Understanding, alcoholism figures pose a real crisp, clear, quit breakdown of what the alcoholics pretty much going through and then understanding ourselves and then there's a pretty Chris clear breakdown of how one reacts to that. Almost all the time.
yeah, and it's almost upsetting Leah, mundane and typical, the directive. I now it's cliche. It is not that mysterious pretty much goes one way for the alcoholic and for the economic who's, gonna for the ride and one of the things we get over both in a recovery in on recoveries. What the call terminal uniqueness! You know you walk, I think it. Oh my god. My story, I understand. No, you don't understand what he I had been through. Its lead, Oh, my god, not long in the recovery like cheese were all the same, and here s my foreign, around truck driver tells you sort of thing. Ok was unexpectedly man than some woman dangers. I am in the annual oh yeah. I won't tell you hanged in. I ended up an episode about a cold day. Seven about relapsing in sixteen
Years ago I didn't have a life that was so complete that I had to do a ton of lying. I didn't have those connections or my girlfriend. The time also drank a lot to again. She was gear for that. I didn't have to lie much, but my life. It becomes beautiful in this programme that I add the lie. You know had a look at Monica ads. You know you're off Bay, some not on any thing and then tell my wife and my tolerance to do that. I think that's the only gift I got out of the hole. Sixteen years is, I dont. Have the tolerance for anymore? it had a higher bottom for you. Yes, it was actually too painful, and I have to a tribute that to having got in and not be that way for so long. You know slips reporter recovery relay to support recovery. Will again, my terminal uniqueness is yes, slips are part of recovery for other people, but not for me.
This is almost a versatile Bree Lama, very intelligent breed of alcoholic. Well, it's funny. What can surprise us and trigger us and make us take a left, turn rewarded. And the big book I just took that left turn right into the there was he's the antiquated like right of the tavern good old, John Barleycorn was waiting for me. and it seems mundane in the moment- often like it's not sometimes it's a big, dramatic things, sometimes just like I'm doing this. This path and an lying is part of it right. It is it's big right in a member. I was complaining that my sponsor about dear friend of mine, who those in an out and out and not a sobriety and really upsets me. You know, and we are seeing like what real gets me. This make implanted in my sponsors of Willie gets me some sinner in a meeting with the guy and he's lying about day counties lying. I know he is. He knows I know and he's
being honest about. He doesn't have thirty four days nobody knows why? No, it does, and it can a list to me my spices, british. She went so. Let me get this straight. You're upset because the alcoholic is- eyeing basketball players dribbling like a well, I forget about it that way, ass all. Why? say: Hank I met you there and I want to say, was really in the beginning days. It was nine years ago and then you moved to New York, and I missed you greatly and I always of the many many many luxuries I've had my life. One is about sober some entertaining mother fucker. So, like I get to listen to you share, that's not too bad. You know. If you gotta, listen, someone tell their story, it's not terrible that you have the voice you have in the grizzly you have. So thank you. Why thank you, dogs I consider myself a TED Baxter of drugs.
why why? But you know that meeting your speaking of their some prettier entertaining There is magic folks in there and that does make it more interesting, but I'm now at a point where jeez I love listening to people in those rooms I mean lately, I'm unless couple years my focus has been a here- was that adult she'll dont children of alcoholic yeah? I should look into that,
I mean to me, I tell you it's a misleading title, because it's really any household that any dysfunction of any kind and you qualify, which is definitely every drunk every attic, grew up in some version of dysfunction. This is no question and I really feel like the second one, get sober in AA. You qualify for the Al Anon program. I believe that, because you may not inserted, pursue it or not be your cup of tea and recovery, but because Ellen on ISM is about people places and things now and the second, you stop you put down your drug or substance of choice on Sun the world to deal with and as you refer to earlier, I have an obsessive, crazy thing waiting to happen now, so it whether it's with cocaine or with booze or with food or with work or with sex, does not really matter I'll, find where to point it, and sometimes multiple ones. At one-
serve ideally well. Yeah can be worked out in aiding Zimbabwe's damage all getting a blow job I might add that I often trying I would say as well as close that add up and then my first sponsor in Alan ON was big on. What's the root of this, what's like the origin, comic book story of this feeling of this urgent, this obsession- and I didn't realize it at the time, but that's a very asia where work we're like windowless, go back, let's find where you first associate these feelings. You know like, as I mentioned earlier like that feeling. Why am I having such a hard time, people coming up to me and Streton and smiling, and ask me what movie they know me from and sure enough there was something very big trigger and their from when I was a kid digging that stuff up. I have found to be really really
next level. For me, can I keep sit? All sort of present in going Muslims are focusing on mostly lately ya man. I admire how much stuff you're doing. I really do, but, alas, we, Let's talk about you're beautiful career and we must talk of course about the Simpsons, which is now at thirty one years, is that where we're at yeah, I believe she's in thirty two is currently airing. I think that's right. we're about to do thirty per hour. I think I know that the world occurred other than like sixty minutes. It has to be writing or today show or would it, as is the longest scripted show so with nap? Thirty one years I'll have to imagine you ve felt the entire gamut about that expired.
Yeah. I mean the whole thing is unprecedented and enforce strange in a certain way. I mean I'm just a voice on our voice as on it. So for a long time are retained and a nimitti with Ed. I mean new first solid, ten fifteen years of it who knew the paces behind it. Really at once, you guys get start getting paid time, everyone, sorry payment and in particular yes, and then that guide the headline IE and then, and then, if you hang, long enough, people start making connections. Oh, that's the guy from the Simpsons, oh right, ok, yeah was being part of like a cultural phenomenon affair, Three of like other amazing talent that like came through a Conan, ok yeah, we know watching all those guys come through in a really was the writers as voice actors. We just we'd, be took a job, you know, but we weren't breaking any ground. His voice actors- really we were, doing, hopefully a good job.
The writers who kind of in their own little way a little bit reinvented comedy or a way to do said com or away to do an animated show or combine the two. They sort of broke some new ground there in a way that people really responded to, especially in the first ten years, so that was found to be part of all that yeah. Did you resent that you were anonymous like you're under the gun? Number one show makes a ton of money. You make a ton of money. Was there any point where you like Let me sum adulation attached to uh yeah I mean at like a good alcohol, like all resent anything that doesn't know my way around the earth, at least for a while in and out, but I was building on camera careers as we would say at that, I'm, and so there was for a parallel yeah going on, Yet less someone forget, I mean you're the most anyone on reading about you today. It's it's. You can't read an article about the bird cage that you aren't specifically highlighted is the greatest part of up an incredibly great movie within credit
great performances like if he had only done that you could lay down in the casket and be pretty fuckin, proud of that What made me as an on camera actor that was, like my biggest break There were a couple, a little breaks. It led to that break. But yes, but listen my on camera career, if you will have never quite caught up to my voice over career but that's fine! It's pretty high bar on the voice oversight and one of the nice thing. That's a bring everything back to sobriety recovery, but one of the nice things about all of it is making peace with all of that processing it staring at it? That does press my buttons in this or that way. What do I want to look at there and getting to gratefulness on, is it extraordinary that I've gotten to do any of this at all and not focusing on oh the things I haven't done or wish you could have gone bigger, better or whatever I mean this is one that you don't get a lot of sympathy for per se and also a tough time convincing young aspiring actors rabbit to be sober,
sponsoring, like I'm telling you you think that, honey in the fame is gonna fix us. I promise you, it isn't like all easy for you to say, and I ll make you have a point for me to say goodbye it doesn't make any less true. I promise you. I also have a couple of sponsors Do have all of that. in fact more than I do, and they can honestly report it did not fix it in fact made it worse. Good, it's a terrible moment. A lot of people have talked about this in all walks of life, to realised at that level of success and money and seeming control and power. Like all good drugs, it does work for a while. It will feel very nice, and I wish it on everyone that you should have this problem to discover that ultimately, a lot of money and fame and success in power is not can ultimately fix. You make you happy, but it's a good problem here
I always imagined causes come up many times and I always imagined like twenty two year old me listening to this, and I know what I would say we, like that's cool I'll, find out for myself Larry you might even be right, but will see I'll find out for myself by arming and made over everybody. Does you know like? doesn't make it any less true, and it's a terrible moment right when you realise, while I am May rich successful, famous miserable Fifthly, I oh yeah- oh excuse now, it's scary, I found it to be really scary Khazars. Nowhere else, the point anymore bad, I mean it's really. It's disturbing nothing by should, like pity, ass, her leg of the poor. guys it's not about that, but on to sing entirely weighty workers wages, a good lesson. Yes, we must say that I didn't come soon Enzo exam.
Your honor- you re a year- there are harder roads for years no question, but on saying, as I can report from my own path, it was very disturbing to have all that and will ask why I'm not happy what the fuck yeah, look somewhere else. I gotta figures are miles out. Ok One thing we have to talk about which I don't think you'll be afraid to talk about it all, but people who listen to the show obviously probably be aware of this, and obviously a Monica, also indian. So this is a great person to be involved in this conversation. What I know of your response. Based on the movie, there was a movie right, the problem with a blue, yes, which was a documentary film, calling out the character of Abu and my voicing of it yet an man you wanna talk about. If it were me, the temptation, I would have to defend myself, because I would feel like someone was calling me personally, a racist em.
identity would be on the line I will fight to the death approved you, I'm not erases. The fact that your response was such that the maker of the film publicly thank you for Are you responded to it again to bring in all better? I mean it has to be in the mix right like. Can you make that response without the work you have done nothing to applaud you for all this. I'm just saying I appreciate the response was a kind of go through what the response I thought about congratulate me for the response, because I had a big part in creating the problem to begin with, so nothing takes them, way, except maybe an immense overtime which I'm attempting to make, but I am interested to hear Monica left it. I don't put you on this. I'd, know, temperature notion of a person of color
having to like talk about any that either about easy I now want to. But all this goes perfect she'll be consulting us by the end of this, which is that the greatest suckled, unless our marginalized virtually the whole, bring all ring. I always think aside backdoor into white virginity and you you could cover both of agony as we grow know, but I'm glad you asked because Absolute Lee Look, that's are trauma. Ok, that's how it should have for me. I got called out publicly got cancel how we want to put it right. An early Willie intends it like a documentary film, in which I was put upon the White Whale Abed and leg blaming me, like mostly foreign, all this stuff. Ok, so I don't that's the way you of any crisis in my life programme adequately and, as I said, said earlier, so so lot of feelings, lotta defensive feelings. Louder heard, lighter anger, Lotto. I want to cry no fair. I wanna all kinds of things, so my training as
covering guy is one. As one month my my feelings read their peak. I need to shot up an angel process feelings and aid to listen and learn, and in the case of this topic, racism, my participation in racism, or at least in a racist practice or in structural racism, as it relates to show business or whatever you call it all the above that chicle. While I mean that that was not like a two week process, when it first all happen was happening, I think jeez. What is all this it became apparent me like. Do I keep voicing its character or not? I could make their decision very quickly. I didn't know how to make it, so I needed to educate myself a lot because, on the one hand, I don't want it. e jerk respond to like what could have been if this seventeen Upstairs and a microbrewery in Brooklyn just desiring me, ores,
like a real things like indicative, I know it's just a cartoon character, but as a representative of an example of a true example of structural racism, at least as it relates to show business in this country, and so I need to look at my part, so I went and when I read and I talked to people I talked to a lot of indian people. I talked to a lot of people who knew a lot about racism in this country. I took seminars, I read, I kind of went back and forth and back and forth, and I know from program to keep my mouth shut until I have some idea what the hell I'm talking about, maybe a while I'm still confused. and hurt and upset and defensive, and I want to say anything- and I saw it- I want to say anything in today's world of social media or whatever. So no one. I like swinging on a vine of like a tweet or a thing, one of the things that really occurred to me Alex what a halfway through that process. It was like two or three years between when it all kind of hit
documentary came out and when I actually went on whose action Stephen call bare and soda made a public statement about it and by then I had felt like. I know it. In my heart I know what I feel I know my part is. I know where I stand on this. I feel like I had something: thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate and responsible and owning my part to say what I really thought about tax was. I bet a date with destiny with this thing for like thirty one years or whatever was the time a guy called outfit, maybe maybe twenty seven years into the thing whatever and if I had not gotten sober and that time and I was still a drunk guy- I promise you. I promise you, wouldn't it taken much wine, maybe a half a glass for me to be in my feelings, one night and fire off some
a tweet that I felt justified in firing off yeah. You know some kind of defensive white fragile, just like men and their twitter, and Why am I glad I wasn't in my cups and also had a system in place where I could? Get this thing and what I realise just finished to me: racism participating in racism as it structural racism, this country's about blind spots. I really didn't know any better. I didn't think about it, and that was part of me. I don't love the term. Why,
privilege, I mean it applies, I prefer relative advantage. I was unaware of how much relative advantage I received in this country. Is a white kid from queens. I didn't think about this because I never had to be here, and there were very good intentions on all of our part, and we try to do a funny, thoughtful character, and just because there were good intentions, does it mean there weren't real negative consequences? The thing that I am accountable for
and left what about your between shame and guilt? Ok, shame which we all know from recovery. Shame is I'm terrible. I don't deserve to live a bad person, and this is what drives us to drink guilt is. I did wrong, I'm not wrong. I did wrong and I can be accountable for that. I can make amends. I can be responsible for that and try to make it right, and that applies to stuff I did when I was drunk. It applies to my blind spots around this character, and that was the journey I went on I'm still on. I continue to do this work. I'm really committed to part of my immense for all this thoroughly. I've continuing to educate myself and in fact I've looked up with a group called the sole focus Group, which is one of them. F, seminars that I took was with those guys and we are in the process of creating a nonprofit where we try to bring this work. The journey I went on I want to share with people of educating myself in this area, and I am working with them to the actual, become of so tat her train
of these seminars, I feel, like I have a unique story to offer with my journey with this up who stuff so we're working on that we're gonna really. Can I come out with it in the course of this year? We did so by all this. I actually get rather passionate about it block. I wonder your Monica say, but, like ok, that's my child right, so I have an affinity for the show. I have been made happy. so many times by that character, I've laughed so many times of enjoyed it. I've done an Indian. accident a million times I didn't know movie without a paddle I've online. I do it. I was friends of abuse like ok, we're we're kind of judging something by nineteen. Eighty eight standards today but It is the victim of being around for thirty one years and all these things I'm lucky enough to have come best friends with Monica. Yes, you say recognising like holy shit, is that that the annex and whatever the fuck I wanted, and I never thought once about it, and I never thought about what it is to be Monica growing up. Indian
Georgia and how that's already so fucking hard and I'm in very grateful that I met Monica enemy, everybody, I've so many blind spots in that way guide. Monica, let's hear you- and this is we're talking about you and your p my river, all now it's about money for me too. I actually I really really appreciate that it took you two or three years before you felt comparable, really speaking on it, because it means it wasn't just lip service we weren't like. Oh, I got a fix my image or I gotta. Do if you really committed to learning about it, and yet I mean I think it so complicated, because it is the system that were all products of, and we do have to individually take steps to change that
but to blame one person or one thing for this overall issue is, I dont think helpful. I think it's good too. you know as we're doing now, we're just shutting more light on the overall problem when dad snipers are doing this park, as we would get a lot of debates about grace and accidents in all. So I can only do why we buy new Irish. Do you always like you know, sir? I'm so offended that I don't have access to every human on the planet that, as my right yeah An emphasis- and I was here as part of the problem- is that there isn't enough representation in general like if there was an indian person on every show, then you can we do that, but the fact that there is like Ray representations and they all seem to be very stereotypical, and not just in this case of like a white person representing
indian person, a cow pen on and like the first movie, he did Characters, name was TAJ Mahal like those are the things that were seeing and and people are seeing end or an indian person when the representations are TAJ Mahal. It's like ok, the. Why people around me think that's what Indians are so they're gonna place that on me and then I have to oh myself, out of that, drawing about your crush the one that really like broke my heart and hit home for me. I may, I think, a lot of our listeners of heard it, but for your sake, so I was in six gray, no really liked this boy and we all had like mutual friends. Anyone was when a girlfriend and except me- and I really wanted him to be my boyfriend- you know when six right so take them for what it is. and he liked me and I liked him and we were all at the pool, and one of my friends went up to him. I wasn't why don't you ask Monica to be here-
and he said well, I word, but her parents work dairy queen and they don't, but and people don't understand is because in Georgia LAW the dairy queens are franchise by indian families says a lot of indian people working at the dairy queen and he was not. I dont think saying. I think her parents work at the. Dare he clean you saying I can't because she's, indian and were kids, and it was kind of the first time that I realized. Oh, this is gonna, be a big problem. I can't make people on see that or on know that, and so for me it's like when there are stereotypical portrayals that just fuels to this fire that I'm already trying to put so that's so hard to put out so does, with my personal story, but I gotta say I want to add Zune not saying. Is that truly amber?
dead or alive. From that point, I thought I meant so many guys who are in love with Monica and I'll go. Why don't you think I would know he's not like shut down a part of her that could ie! That guy's are in love with her or attracted to her. In, like a real of that undeniable, I have heard a story like that many more times for many, many indian people and other people of color and has a real impact. This kind of this perpetuating the stereotype and right so I'm sure, didn't. Better to Monica how well intentioned up it was in that moment I mean it's like I talk to you at once to never took her a speaking to it school hours tongue, the indian students there. I want you to get their input seventeen year old boy, maybe a year ago, two, maybe three years he's never seen the Simpsons doesn't know from it really but knows. What's up,
I mean it practically a slur at this point. All he knows is this is how his people I thought of it and represented to many people in this country still with tears in his eyes. He said to me: I was so sweet the way putty. So will you please tell the writers, in Hollywood that what they do and what they come up with really matters in people's lives like it has consequences and as like? Yes, my friend I will, tell them that I said to him and I'm going to say to you right now. I really do apologize. I know this and he weren't asking for that, but it's important you know I apologize for my part in creating that in participating in that you're. Part of me feels like I need to go
every single indian person, this country and personally apologize- and sometimes I do when by them all a dairy queen, you, oh every day I d rather well. You know I wanted I wanted. I want to talk about this. I mean what I want to bring together some worthwhile Am I the last ten minutes so there I am it's one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight right and somebody says to me: hey We would like one line. Can you dont need action, said yeah, I think so an opera comes
ok, ok, we all files funny, ok, good, so that keeps going from there and over the years it develops whatever. Now in my head was Peter Sellers performance in what we call the party birdie numbs, exactly which was about nineteen sixty six and pure cells in brown, face ok and doing this really silly character. Now. Here's a great example of white privilege relative advantage now to me as a fifteen year old, when I saw that movie at that time, it's what nineteen, seventy nine whatever to me. There is no difference between how funny Peter sellers is as a french guys clues, o or as a german guy and doktor strange love or as current Dv Bucky in
the party I just funny re on he's funny. It's funny right, so I'm a great and I'm a mimic, I'm an aspiring right voice sky. So I can do the accent I can do strange land who clues owing to this no difference to me there in that way. Oh my god on good right, some happily kind of emerging this joyous character of apple, I'm thinking of like as a joyful performance by sellers, albeit very marginalizing and racist at the time. Indeed, people were very upset with that. Put it back in nineteen sixty six. So now I'm really. How can I couldn't possibly passing along structural raises? more perfectly, at least in show business context by taking something that was already upsetting, and I know this is wonderful. What do I know a white kid from queens? I enjoyed it and I also grubber Don recalls in as a billion other examples you can make of how we were just told. I was told us a young aspiring comedian, now rate,
so humorous, fine, it's there's airplane food and there's gems in New York and allay and cats and dogs and racist stuff. What's all comedy yeah, now what I'm not realising of courses. I can feel that weighs. Why can't you see I'm not leaving with any of the consequences of those things nah right. As you just said, I dont have the boy not wanting to date me because my parents were the dairy queen people right, yeah, because her computer programming, mother and engineer Father working a dairy queen well or that are now how this really came home. To me, part of this journey I had was a speaking too in an indian reporter from Huffington Post Emily Corral. I was starting to get win that people are having problems with this character. She sickening have you about it, nice, it sure I'd be interesting. We had this nice conversation and as we are talking, I realized I work for the comedian years ago, very wasps, guy, very funny, Guy Owen,
numbered growing comedian and he would do a kind of hysteria typical, a jewish for slaughter. Bother me like an english word. You know amateurish guy and I think my actors that bought did that bother me Norman was my favorite portrayal, but didn't bother me like I didn't like it in annoy me too much, and I realized why, as you set up, who was pretty much the only representation of many people in american pop culture for about twenty years: proxy, yeah yeah and if that were the only representation of my people in american pop culture which the wizard Christian guy doggedly age, I don't think I would have been crazy about that and then what happened now. I hear a lot of the argument like an you refer to an earlier dice like well, where does descent and that those my first bit of defence is to buy? Should I stop doing cleanest now is a southern guy, and so I stopped doing Lou did you who's in Italian, a guy and do and why not to an irish tax into euros that out of bounds as well.
Where does it end right and here's? The thing is if it's a character of color in particular a as you mentioned earlier market does not the same level of opportunity. There first argument is, if it's an indian character or let next character or black character, please, let's, let's have that person voice the character it aids more authentic, be they might not living in an authentic voice to it, but the experience of of their cultural creation to it. Unless I take jobs away from people who don't have enough But on top of that you know, let's say I had to live with that characterisation, a jewish characterisation, like I'm still a white guy. So even though I am not loving that day shortly, big eyes, shone like my father sounds like of whatever. If I walk into the grocery store people, don't look at me immediate
unless they may be see my nose from the side maybe and make an assumption that go. Oh there's that jewish guy, he must shone like these, but as an indian person, a media right skin it in every year. Literally, where are you can't get away from here? That is the difference. That's why it's not the same as the italian guy. I mean I've been here the argument, or do you have to be a bar tender to play more the bartender you're, not a cop, you shouldn't play with them. I mean that's just ridiculous yeah. Stay to arm chair there. We are supported eyes squares space, I'm I'm just recommended square space to our friend law
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While I go to I had two little breakthroughs. One is I didn't like the term my privilege either, but it hit me from being sober, which is the amount of time. as I carried around all the time in the amount of time those publicly fucked up in the way. I spoke, the cops when I interacted with him If any of that doesn't happen- and I was like I know- for certain I'd be in prison- that was my big click. Like oh, I was raging drug attic for a decade in very out loud about it and I didn't suffer any fucking consequences. That is a huge privilege that I'm not imprisoned and then the other one. I had was kind of doing what you did. So I would listen ice cube as a kid I loved ice cube's vocally didn't like white people. I didn't mind, I would say well, why do people so offended if there's a hillbilly singing against black people, like I listen ice cube on a bed Finally, let me like: well, I'm not gonna get pole.
over by ice cube, then go to court in the judges ice cube and that you know not. Every single person holding power above me looks like ice cube, but every person of power, are generally speaking, is why that's Wade's radically different fur, me listening ice cube verses, a black, do listen David on cold! That's the different totally in this as we do. We define racism as legitimate access to power with jet legal access to power, plus prejudice, and that creates racism. Structural races went much of it is implicit. Much of it is not conscious. It's it's groundwater, as with it, aroused in it. It's like you that was my groundwater, Peter sellers, dumber than what I was kind of ours in the great tradition comedians I admired and by the way, I'm on board with what right privilege represents. I just think much like Deef on the police. Oh, it gets too easy to dismiss like like when I first
Why privilege? Unlike wait a minute, I grew up with no silver spoon in my mouth. I'm not reality doesn't apply out. You know, I am all for our colleagues that bad my privilege, violence, but can be molest what oh, what a privilege yeah! I got it if they really immediately much like white supremacist societies like women, Armada, plans, but where do you see there's no hold on my doesn't mean that, and so I just feel like we can make. Sometimes we were more intentional around the burbage. I agree, I think I love our side of the political spectrum is the worst branding world deep on the police. Nobody wants their neighbourhood to get more inter his like there's a better better. We invest in preventing Zeitung its issues that end up with policing required. That's a good message exactly I heard autos, day that you guys, I mean deepened. The police is a good hashtag hashtag, maybe We should reallocate funds for the police so that it goes to better places in everybody's, more effective and compassionate, not a great has not so great
I want to say one more thing about you know. You said one line, and that was that I think that's for me. The big takeaway sign about you. It's not about that! creators. It's about there wasn't even one person and in that room who could say actually I think that's a little bit offensive, so that, for me, is the reason we have to diversify, everything, because you need that person's opinion You need an indian person in the room in the right, there is room to say like that seems fine. or actually know, that's how we fix the structure of it is by putting more people in power to say this is okay. This is an ok Margaret.
Percent, you don't trust, hangin, eyed and figure out. What's events of where we live in a world. That is how we, how would you you don't have the experience? Is not your fault exactly, but you have to know what you do. No and you have to have respect for that and respect for the real consequences. no matter how well intentioned how even how funny it is, but we got a minute. Let's check ourselves. Yes, you, need some one in the room and if they're not in the room, I mean there's ways around. There's like let's say: ok, let's say that just as it happened to be in in person on staff. What you really want to end in character- and this thing an answer now bunch of White- guys wrote it will now at your responsibility to take this to Indian writers Union. I sincerely believe that this from me, I need you to look at this peace, material. Gimme, your input, which I've done a bunch, sends its easy enough to go and run this by people you you trust and have them way in an innocent.
Your way? I think maybe another thing you and I would agree on and again. I've said this too many times in here, but I wish there was ace in room to say Yemen. We open racing society, so guess what we're all a little racist. Yes, if you want to start being truly inclusive everyone and having intelligent conversations, we need to allow people to express where thereat we talk a lot of these seminars about giving your honest location now Eighty one, that if you give it about what you think and feel about a topic either in your ignorance or as a result of the groundwater you were raised in or what you don't know. If that's tweeted that certain Sadie your mouth you gonna get cancelled and that's the end you, but that's a witch doing the in these seminars is like one though everybody. Let's say what we all think and feel at start there
the hours that, by being honest, yes, let's fill it now with education like the real history, this country, let's give context to what's at play here, the start talking about what's been working on us for about four hundred years now in this country and swore to unpack. That was that starts to happen, and that goes for everybody. Racism is affected every body, this country, white people, people of color, no one's benefiting anyway. We will having privilege from at an advantage, but its comes at a tremendous com, wait: people's humanity inability to have compassion did mine in some little corner of your brain for the last twenty seven years is knowing their justice little not get back here that better Chile is going to blow out. That's all as a country have been living for foreign or years is like We all know we have this thing here. You know
just kind of lingering. I want to be clear about what I just said: white privilege is a real thing why people benefit from it in this country without realizing it, and so obviously it's it's. On the one hand, this relative advantages of were enjoying is a wonderful article. By the way it's a pretty standard one and when she started looking into the stuff is called unpacking the invisible knapsack thirty seven literally thirty, seven things at why people tend to take for granted or are unaware that actual privilege in their lives. Things like I as an actual, had to move literally fifty times in my life never once occurred to me.
I'm not going to get into a safe neighborhood? Will I be accepted there to have to worry about my neighbor's like it in will I be a notable people like me there, my son goes to a private school in Uark, didn't occur to me. If he can fit in there, people can accept animals. You can have a harder time. Socially is a result of the color of his skin. One of the people I talked to a lot is a guy named Prakash. Ambedkar is a great actor and is actually in my show. Brockmire has she played, ironically, whose nephew on the Simpsons, with a lot of conversations about this, and one of things are really hit me as I was, This was he said that is an indian actor and he's doing really really well now he's trying to blow out, but he said, he's a wonderful actor. He said every time I get a roll every time. I think about how am I representing my people,
What am I saying? What am I, what responsibility and carrying or not carrying? I dont think do you. that was that I always I always sympathise with black gas on for all of those reasons like that, it's already five times harder for them. And then they arrive, and now they have to be an activist to write Mom too lazy to be an activist that someone opposite already have we do. I know you also have to be an active is like the whole thing, is fuckin, unfair and, and it's hard enough to be an actor onto worry about. Oh I'm, playing a jewish villain. What is that saying about my? people in oh I've almost exclusively blade white trash, which I am so yeah I never once was like I'm I'm shooting on the lower income. Whites are like turning down parts, but as its like. Oh I, my crazy about that the representation here so I'm gonna have to sacrifice an opportunity they Only come almost,
ever since, and I am saying no that's something you have to contend with that a white person probably does not have to contend with exactly and as a white person, also by the way I might think about. If I feel up as a jewish person, if there's a roll of jewish villain, that I feel is particularly stereotypical or maybe this is in making the greatest statement, think about it, then, but I am also Frida pain by an italian guy in irish guy or whatever guy, not to mention Jews are pretty well represented in pop culture. At this point. So, even if I don't love how that guy's coming off, there's a lot of A lot of examples got word. He made off. You gotta, go through the less you, man, entertainment, there's, jewish people in the room. Yes, we are playing to the gallery I really appreciate you too,
but all that eating and in a very detailed and open and honest way. I do wonder about Brok Meyer now, because we value for an hour and a half idiot deserve to have super motion. I have seen Brok Mire, the tv show and I dont think Monica has so I I'm her make you be the parent who sings. But if you would please, Hitler was some broad Myers, so fucking girth, if Mama cabbages, Jim Brackman here this is the color he's a baseball. I can't say: oh my god, I'm generic baseball announce your voice, particularly of nineteen seventys. When you speak like this, you can do you describe a baseball game, you can pretty much say whatever you like. As long as you give the county, I have to say whatever outrageous thing you want like. Let me tell you something. Those german I spent most of us night with several hookers and a man I by about fifty minutes in my private parts, were swinging down. My Ngos is all about Bacon Boil SAM. What to do so.
That became a committed, grim, Harry sure, and I used to talk about two years ago. I can say whatever they want as long as they can afterwards and then started wondering about those guys like. Do they sound like that in their personal lives like do the dirty talk? Sex life the answer is all the above. Yes to brought me, I'm gonna die like dad about this guy walk in and on his wife and then in a black ouch Sort of talk about on the air water, but an insufferable horrible jerk of a whore. His wife was for cheating on em and for awareness. rap on and countless neighbour Bob Greenwell than folks. I do mean reddening ass, a page of is not allowed, and and so we went from there and then became four seasons of the show that when I hooked up with a writer named Joel Church Cooper, is it free?
at the time was young writer funnier die, who I saw it as a way to be funny like dad, Canada sophomore way out is Brok Mire become? I'd kiss like what happens on the podcast version abroad mile we just recorder first one. I was late to my check with you guys. Could we had our first guess? Troll partly on in Hawaii what apparent he is, not a short winded So between brought Myron trawls Barkley what was meant to be a forty ministrant into an hour half, but you know promoting brought Meyer. I would often go on sports structures, as Jim brought my the eyes. I saw you those and I fucking London is us yes in and then we started writing for that like an hour ago, and although I do sports takes like gig Whatever was going on in the world of sports that week, I would come on this brockmeyer and read, write jokes for that. So, if it came in that, I realize you don't listen to podcast waiting to happen. So instead of my going idea, Patrick show I had in mind. Ipod gas, and we talk about sports tat week.
and he gets his honest take on whatever it is, and I say my ridiculous brought Meyer things based. I in the coming year is to do so. That's that's all we're doing, though, with Dan Laboratory. I had most fun doing that on his show. Any espionage is now left. He s been to do his own thing and so on, and so the joining him in his new radio network and we're gonna do every other week brought Meyer. Talk, show it so great, because what is incredibly funny about brought my is the voice of the meal that is here it while you're driving stuff is fantastic when you are due. I was reminded of Welfare- did Harry Harry right yeah. One of his was up here in the house. Concepts down hails from Havana, Cuba, where the sun shines reactors, if more days a year, messes up up up in the sunshine they always extraneous and then all the gets misses a pop up.
We focused on what your baseball's ninety percent- a baseball. Nothing is happening. Not these are these men and women need to fill the time. We're stories about anything. I applaud them and they don't argue, cancel the weekly preserve billing doom. The hub did not put your foot and mouth, and that's happened this year, Brenda men right, vs, say red sky. What are you so heated Eliza was on a hot MIKE referred to the gig community with the F word. Ok and now is that the answer and then in the middle of his apology, guys, should google this he's apologizing and saying I'm a man, a fish, This is not a why Amazon and, of course, the same game and in them Well that apology guy had a home run Has his apology. I might add that I am a man of faith is not who I am, that has hit deep out to rest
On the other hand, the Hammer- When for broadband, why Oh I'd always smokes Why can't I adore you, I miss you and I'm excited to listen to the name of the podcast. Is simply Brok Meyer Podcast right. I believe it will comment the gym. Brac Meyer pay cash. hackers area. I believe, ok with German brought my repugnance to think as area. So looking forward to it. I adore you is really great to see you to mount a few years. I appreciate all your honesty and transparency and it was a pleasure they skies congrats on our success things are you going to see you again that I hope you'll be out now? I am moving, can all see each other in share our experience, strengthen hope with one another, exactly I they by someone and now my
favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men are excited to do Yes, you are gone because we haven't done that check in a minute. Yes, we are back from Hawaii always survived. I guess that's the most. Relevant thing to say when we had talked about potentially dine and the airplane on the way handsomer whole pod, vanishing and then than we Can you we had already made a home say we ve been out, we ve actually made of home safe. That is right and we at their we're waiting on our test results from Toby as ourselves or through our covered tests. And we were according it. I was stressed out about rights right who were waiting in waiting and waiting. P m rules around me and you still don't have our results were leaving in the morning at seven o clock you, I had to make a last minute: appointments at the airport for six, a M
in hopes that the five our results would come onto our phone by the time we landed or we would have to quarantine for two weeks or get sent back a media to LOS Angeles who said that real stressful but better results, hey more forty, three areas that right, because I woke up suspiciously yourself for forty five, I've had my phone. What I got those there two minutes earlier. They comment. Also, there is a big earthquake. The other day wishes up to four point now and those that are you, but for forty five in the morning. was a pretty good rumbling. like a really shaky earthquake, but it was very quick, very quick. The quickness of ever fell last, for I don't know eight seconds ten seconds
sometimes longer vicious found like someone picked up your house and just like jostled it for a second them and dropped it set it down gently and then left yeah. I was asleep when I woke up we're mixing stories ashore, clear, autonomous earthquake, known at the results or both happened. I welcome both times when you taxes, my results are an then I looked and- and that was up for forty five and might results were in and then I thought, oh, I should go ahead and try to about this, the Hawaii site- and I want to deal with that in the morning. Then I couldn't do that. That was like forty minutes and we try to do that for thirty in the morning, Guph even when you got to the house and it's still not been done and then on the ride to the airport. We figured it out, but I said ultimately, this whole thing culminated if you were successful in a blue wristband. And there was like four different websites involved. It was so complicated and complex that
by the end when they gave us the blue bracelets, which my new some of our party couldn't get them, and that became its own circus. I held up my wrist. I said I think this is my biggest account. Nonetheless year may now be, I think, is the hardest thing I accomplished was getting that blue bracelet, and when I saw it, was a little underwhelmed as I go. I think these could be easily counterfeited be hard. I so maybe I should sell these in front of airport. For ten year old, China make a proposal to hustle hustle, but you know why Tom it was worth it was so worth. By the time we were there, we had forgotten the whole say exactly anyways back to back to the earthquake. Shifting gears now thing in this a lot. This is a ding ding ding simulation satisfies, there's, probably why It happened is because recently thinking really know what to do. You suppose the pudding
Each played a glass or now see. This is why people make jokes. I never know what to do so for you. You would go in a door frame. Can't I've heard that yeah. You want to get away from windows because those can break and shower glass down here. So you approach to stand in your door frame. But what about top of the building, one for your under a door for him, because there's an extra layer of framing around you d, better go outside. I dont wouldn't advised that, because, if you ran outside now, you're on the ground for an extra building that may be glasses coming out of everywhere, you I think I would have to run into the street. Yeah and cars would be swerving and you get hit by vehicle. So ironic, you, like escaped her to be hit by us. ok. So this is again. Oh, I don't really know what is run on the street
under a door. Yet these are all things have her, but what do I do for real for real good enough storefront collapse? You would be drastically more protected by standing under the door. Tiny door frame is going to attack me from the will because that's await bearing also when the floor collapses. It's not going to collapse the weight bearing wall, it's gonna collapse, the latter. All beings that are above you dig it. yeah, but on it like if I'm lost them, standing right there with where and pointing out one yet that about one reappoint yet ya. No ceiling and come down on that. This is a sheer wall. All the way up to the second story. This whole middle part can come down here. No problem, but wanna hit my back and stole. Now. I'm not gonna think I'm skinny enough to just be the size of that in the door for sure you are coming. The edges of your boobs. Might get
they might get torn. Ah, no, no just somebody might brush against the distant land of your brass. What is it tops well what a horrible earthquake here you lose your swimsuit contract for sure anyways anything else from Hawaii worth mentioning all. Let's give a shoutout to monkey pod, we ate it. Straw called monkey pod that was downright delicious, alas, no other sombre shaggy iron, others sombre. You can tell me the sun's value but at one time, I am very proud of moments of Lincoln of her life, which was we were on the second floor of this.
Restaurant in we were hearing a musician play and she wanted to go, see the man singing and she S. So she got answers and look. I said yeah, of course she like disappeared, for, while she came back up- and I said oh, what did he look like and she said? Oh I'd rather not describe what he looked like he is seems like a nice person yeah. I thought that was so sweet. I really yeah, I loved it may my hunches that the person had something going on that she would have felt bad, describing and I thought that was so nice lad, rather not described them they'd though, but she went down specifically to see what they locked. I just want to see the singer playing right. You see the mere yeah, ok, yeah yeah yeah yeah, and then you wanted now like what? What what did the person look like right, we're gonna guy was run. An old man was a young chap right. That rightly why black?
Why do I am discuss Are you thinking a lot of Maxwell songs and I love Maxwell and he was crushing so I guess my assumption was he was black yeah? That's right. but I did assume that when my daughter did not want to tell me which could have been because he was black, which is also cool. The management of use by genuine and say he's? Oh, he was black yeah then that's an interesting conversation right leg, or does he look like he's? Black is not wrong! Torture is not at all. I can see where if she thought, the only thing she could tell me about him is that he was black. She just would rather not I dont have arisen. Resting right, we're not sure yet what's right around us, is an evolving people. Tar because we don't know if this person log back. It's so are. We can't make any conclusions, I have to assume its then she went on there and there was some gorgeous young guy singing
or maybe they're what it was and she was just like- I don't- I don't care to talk about love like those are an important part of this. That to me, is best case, I don't lose their car makers. She said he seemed like a nice person which made me think that she had some come ashen for him in some way or those she's saying like I don't really care at this person looks like they seem nice true. I think she would have been forced to use some negative additives to describe the person and she don't want. Do you Does he seemed like a nice again, ok, yeah Scots and dead negative adjectives. What if we go? the black part here, but I'm saying if he had cauliflower ear because he played rugby or if he had one eye or any of the many things I might have been going on, and she just didn't want to report on that right sure I get that I just Lucky we were by the sea. Could I have like a hawk.
And a peg leg. You could have been a pirate re by its only negative if you're saying he had a hawk, I was pew yeah yeah, one eye and patch right, but if you are like what they look like among ourselves, he has a patch hawk than that not negative. It really is that what you're associating with it but these things yeah if you and I were in a situation like and I went, their annual. The guy with a wooden leg, specifically a peg like lacquer cartoonish, but you already doing You already doing it right now, nor was it it. No I'll. Tell you why, because I dont I actually want to use the example of someone that has a prosthetic limb. I want to make an arch. I want to make it a pirate. Ok, ok, I'm trying to distinguish between till I go down there and its. With long crazy, hair and nothing but
mere have in an eyepatch in a hook. I would come back up. there is an hour ago. It's so asked me. What do you look like a he's, a pirate. He has a peg leg and hook Anna and eyepatch in a buccaneer have well there I guess this is a thought experiment, but I'm not sure where now I guess you wanted to be, but it's not ok. Would there be anything wrong with what I just said is the question was this literally describing what I saw, which is, there was a pirate playing well now, because unless he was a pirate, he might have been a pirate ship right,
in interviews. I gotta think I was a mess you saw gross. He had a peg like an hour now arrive by yeah, yeah yeah, but just here's. What we had a pirates down their singing Yoda Peg lay you hook. You got up eyepatch in a buccaneer half. What could you just say? He had a peg lag Oh, I don't know, I don't think worth no right to say that a more that's. Why I'm saying specifically, it is a peg, why the old fashion, pirate style prosthetic, ok, which issues of wooden pack, but maybe, if you described it without saying he's a pirate, maybe that's best case by, like literally just describing in and then. Secondly cases he looks like a pirate in a happy voice, yeah yeah. He looks like one of the pirates. the caribbean crews. Although look, this is a good limit. test. Would you say to him? Hey you look like a pirate wasn't more specifically, I would say
god you're a pirate. I actually would be definitive at. at point: if he had a wooden leg in our steel hawk and I patching a buccaneer hat and a tunic sure he's a pirate or polices dressing for the people. Why didn't you wants to be seen as a pirate? So so be a compliment that I said? Oh my god you're pirate! That's what he's goin for! he's in always going for cowboy. If that's, what he's wearing yeah depends on the restaurant, I guess that will deliver the pirate themed or ship the. Right, then maybe he's doing that. I think there is a ship them to one of the pirates so that now the what's the Vegas Hotel and has a pirate there's, a restaurant in their called buccaneers. and this is one the funnier jokes overheard, my brother's father in law, he was there with his father, eating in Missouri noise in the restaurant in the waiter said what would you like a drink any set up scotch or what a recent
I guess I can't hear you what was it and then he said it a second time and then he's, I can't hear you and he said Paul shit out of your buccaneers Oh, is twenty gauzy used buccaneers so quickly sounds like buccaneers, but its buccaneers treasure idle. That's the guy your island may way. So that was the thought. Experiment gone wrong but we were proud of Lincoln so we don't know why We also need her to know it's ok, to describe a person what I said to her. I assume She was afraid to say was black because I thought he was. Why does he singing Maxwell and it's all just like match, or so I said, We do not want to tell me cause he's black ass. I was going to have that conversation and she said on. I just don't wanna, where she didn't want to further this conversation, and I just respected. It happened again, in fact he's great. So this is Hank. What a fine conversation
Lord yes, so many interesting topic sobriety Alan, I and other appears starve him again. I know it's tricky till. I commend someone for apologizing correctly, but I just really really respected the way in which he responded to it like with real time real thoughtfulness, real exploit, asian and came to a conclusion that was didn't seem real. Scenario holds me, seemed action oriented and I I just found that really I aspire to that yeah. I agree. Ok, is season thirty, two, the simpsons airing now yes, Simpsons premiered on Fox on September, 27th, two thousand and twenty, and is scheduled to end on May 23rd, two thousand and twenty one will season thirty, two, which leads me to the next fact, which is it the longest running
repeated show it is while lawn order a second. How many years is that twenty two, while still growing Oh my gosh, I I guess I just every time I see law and order on I'm flicking. I think it's a re run a little gets a lot harder special victims, you that's the twenty two seasons that still present awhile. Third is Gunsmoke. Yes back in the sixties, I've indeed and in the seventies that was twenty seasons Van regular law and order. Vat is twenty seasons that ended in two thousand ten there last night. Oh sure, nineteen, what is it lousy? There's a gas leak in the old barn, oh my god, whose out there well
thanks for their reenact Athol every episode when he could communicate the most complicated thing he lets see. What's up girl oh my God uncle MIKE's, underneath the truck and reject, fell out any crushed between acts on the floor, why One of the windows really get emperor. I'm ok! Next, family guy no shit, family guy nineteen seasons still present. Oh, my gosh nineteen seasons for South green. Exactly I write things specifically how much he made when I was. I was gonna be rude to say how much Hank made, but there were the point that they had to take a reduction, but there is, there is several seasons where they made five hundred thousand an episode holy shit, yeah
for half the things worth billions of dollars and I'm so glad the voices get paid meet here, yeah, but the citizens, the Simpsons, takes the cake. Thirty two years, that's forks gripped it. Now. I also looked up non scripted, oconnor goons yeah, so I would have to either said the tonight show or sixty minutes well, this is confusing. Possesses guy says the same guiding light all. So yeah. Seventy two years coma urban number, two, the denied show ok, sixty six years old, hold on now go back to guiding light. Seventy two year no longer and production of it, ok, but it the fact I wish they would it got to us. entry yeah bring about just to get a centrally array, a shared, my promise to watch. It leaves one episode if they are. When I used to stay at my grandparents for the summer's, I would just watch
I saw backers of my grandma all day have a whole line up with those in the beautiful as the world turns guiding lie. There was one other works like for every day. it's writing, as I think of like this whole Benjy movement. We all live in this binging era as like a time where we watch so much tv, but now people used to five days a week three hours a day hopes. The way to get a new of your shirt is it worth hark, I'm jealous your grandma, for so many reasons, yeah we're and they gather that's what I would like her arm and staff and a hundred antagonize, oh yeah, yeah you're kind of a troublemaker. You get bored and then you turn on people. Then I would kill him would you describe just one- and I just wanted her attention
a bite or are healthier. She made me cry: we never horning good, so guy from this Cincinnati read the amount sir who used, and migratory right. I'm his name was Tom Brenda There we were gonna watch is right. Here knows MIKE was ok. I got it oh, my bombing of war or ugly, those alleged back you're crazy. He said that. Secondly, exactly what Hankow same like do these guys talk,
like that when they're not announcing the game then? Why did you say it like? He was just ass. Have resenting into the microphone so they talk far more more than bargain for for think I have to go to the bathroom and clean it. Yeah that's his whole. Privacy, but it so, I can't believe it could be that accurate, founded so Edra, so accurate, that's by yet your browser. Mornin there's a bit of a smell in the box and I dont think has come in for me and not as good as law. That is why we want run now anyway, said I was Hank. I really enjoyed it. I hope everyone else did me too, and we're gonna go watch guiding light all seventy seven years. That's right! and started for the weekend.
How many days of the week are there? In the year five seventh of three sixty five, I'm just gonna roughly I ask is the hard won, as you say, to him. Fifty let's say: there's two and fifty week days ago sets tuna. Fifty So the year there was due to highlight just make it easier for seventy seven. The owl sets a hundred and forty four and then zero point, fourteen thousand was in episode. Oh my fort, with so far ten thousand hours there's forty hours in a week of God, I'm like taking a minute so forward. This is down to one hundred and forty and then divide that by forty four times, three sobered thirty weeks of straight watching with thirty work weeks. If we watched eight hours a day every day. So yes will we be,
we'll be that's doable, we'll be back and thirty weeks for, and I would invite you to be much more than I do really fast, math tat. I could be out by a factor of vacant anvil, but never Nepal, Calculator now as I love to do some want to do, and so on, saying now? Is it there's two hundred episodes a year, not two thousand, and there are seventy seven years of production, so fifteen thousand four hundred I was close at hand as at fourteen thousand, must bring it ok, and we divide that by forty. Worse as how willing watch it three hundred eighty five year, so I was really clause was at three hundred weeks, but is actually can we three hundred eighty five we face a thirty.
Did I yeah now that this makes much more disasters is a six year? Ok, yeah, right media, so divided by fifty two is among us. Seven then, let's start at times Poland is that, with a wide range of eight hours a day through reminded by fifty two seven point, four years of us watching at forty hours a week That is the S seven, in two years every day. Why. you could just done. Seven did choose settled, he went forty hours a week, not you not twenty four times. which would be that's how we want to go straight through? Do you want to do that? Twenty four hours a day seven equals one hundred and sixty eight hours in a day three hundred and sixty five,
So in a year we can watch sixty one thousand three hundred and twenty that's how many hours or in a year this is a terrible, I just scratch for seven and a half years of us watching forty hours, yeah, I know exactly how we can do it forty hours a week, theirs Ray forty hour weeks in a week. So we just I made seven point four by three. We were there's three forty hour weeks in a week. Yes, because think about it. A forty eight hour week is, is eight hour shifts and there's three eight hour chunks and a twenty four hour down my car? So there are three forty or we ok. That means is a hundred twenty hours a week for we're not going to eat dinner and stuff right the lessons over you're gonna watch it seven point four years, forty hours a week or weight of use divide seven point four by three, which will be two point, four something so maybe two point four years. If we watched never stopped down well, we can now
Why don't we do this in retirement instead of you were here, seven eleven December Fun Waterway, say something easily to watch tv. As I see it all the time, no, no! No it all the time you have to do. I've there lived to talk to people, we're gonna, be invested, we're gonna want to know what's going on with Shannon and lying characters Deborah guerre girl, you lot gathered here I played a girl in a movie. in writing, RO my name myself, gale force when his eyes at the most people say that the new MIKE any room gal after Gal force, women most powerful force on earth differ eroding in shaping rock, but then some appoints a water is actually more powerful. I say I don't think that's right. Am I wrote that couplet early on I love you.
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