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Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show, Homecoming King, Patriot Act) is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host. Hasan sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss feeling overwhelmed by the balance of life and work and the effect of trends and forces in his life. Dax wonders if Hasan is attracted to people who resemble his mother and Hasan wants Monica to speak up. The two talk about Dax’s relationship insecurity, the current excitement around diverse cultures represented in art and Hasan gives the secret sauce to The Daily Show magic.

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I might have fucked it up the current year olds yell allowed in my ears suffer. Are you depart yes with gifts yeah? We were here yesterday. I have two little girls and we are fucking around looking at the what's new this week. What are the ages? Foreign six allows appear to have a baby daughter. She just turn one just turned. Why is awesome now? I did some fat math as I like to do, and I noticed you got married in January, yet that child was born in April, so I bought off at all, but I know what I don't really rare, but I've been waiting maid for years,
I thought you got married. My lawyer too, I mean I'll, give you another real detail in order that we can get the date of my daughter is off, which is great. I love that though you, the internet, doesn't need to know the birth certificate. I couldn't agree more. You know what I mean until until they run for office and have to prove the shutters, and you know how that is. When my wife give birth to our first daughter, we were at the hospital and you know you went through this. You at some point fill out the burst over you'd, like you declare with names gonna be here and down, like two hours after we did that we got an email from Christians publicist saying they just announced it. Oh God, you're. So how does it get exactly? I don't who they pay, but is that we are for you yeah hate, yeah, I'm down, I protective of my family and yeah. I had been in it and it's a great indicator of like what its get, what Europe against society of the baby's twelve hours old and somehow they ve already infiltrated and found out her name. I mean Dax you're a hashtag couples, calls its
stranger had its allow their couples goals. You guys are Instagram sure, father. Let me ask you with that stress you out, yes, huh numbers on the address I marry. I made my colleague sweetheart, so it's one of those things where you know Bina. My wife is v. Harry Polar opposite of what I'd I sort of You re all that stuff and in a negative Why are you so? Yes and no right, she's super smart. She has her doktor degree a Phd Phd. Ok, they did. He lets me ok, so she has a Phd student health management, health management and she is currently working on some capacity on homelessness, yeah right, so she previously worked at the veto over here before anyone relies would yesterday they started in this is just for the record. This is pre all this insane sort of way, so what was going on in this, but you weren't there
lucky for me. I have no idea what have about was their luggage. Sexual trafficking rings hanging on anything, but it is a sort of classic sort of like government, bureaucracy and beaten, and not enough patients are being seen in ass, a sort of stuff, my mom, all sorts of the vizier over a maker up in Sacramento. You know their dealing with the same sort of stuff. You married your mama. I marry mine, actually exactly I guess, on terms of occupation, are they similar in their personality it off their different, but they're they're they're, both indian women, for their beautiful brown women? Either leaders have they Grubbin vastly different cultures, so naturally there probably much different personality wise by us, but that those kind of core traits of a human do they do they share any of those lead. Yeah sure whom I want. My mom is a workaholic yeah. I adore you, my favorite human on the planet. Very loving, very generous. The capacity to to nurse like you, ve, never seen you and that's my wash
he's a workaholic in his very generous and has a capacity. You are our guy over that unwittingly. While it was happening, do you think it says binary? As I know this is this is a running take that you have on the bad cast. You think it's that binary, that uniformity and and all that sort of bombing is push
Monica. Thank you. I always that isn't my privilege year generally pushed back in the after me back into the podcast. I want you come in and in that way you know I'm looking to rise, and I now I'm so glad you're here, waiting three or four like elegies run out, and I would urge that the aim of the pot chasm, then all your Monica intricate Crystal Leah. How did I feel about it? I'm like fuck that come in for and tell him what it is like being rude. If I do they not one thousand percent, let him know what time it is. Why am I got it? I know he's coming in here to lead among a mutiny anger meal, the power, but about that. But let me look if we're gonna do a podcast esq entirely driven by take that has no data behind it. We're just go to the top of it. I, although I dont know so, look at it to answer your question. What I will say is that I don't think it's as minor. There are things that they have in common, but in those things that they have, that are completely not in comment at all, but what I, what I am attracted to and both of them
That's. Where would I lie down by its even hotter and my mom by Diana attracted their work, but I love most in above has been attracted to in her. Is that she genuinely is like an empath. She, wants to make other people's lives better. That's just like her biggest love language. If she see someone struggling, she will just go out of her way to help them right and one the things I my most about her and it's weird me being a performer people love my wife. Even at the office, people love her more. They love may well mean the same club where
that was really, but what ok really cool. So look I'm not, but I am in no way positioning it as binary. Even a bigger overarching theme of this progress is great. I dont believe in black and white, and I believe there are two left gotta run the rights gotta right. You know. I do think that the world is existing within the eighty percent between though shoulders, but right it is fun to think about. I think people sometimes mistake love for familiarity, which I did that it's pretty common, like people will meet someone in it just feels right feels like love, but what it really feels like as some kind of familiarity in some areas that wrong, if that's healthy, no not at all, it's unhealthy are totally understand if it's out of the air. No, I don't think it's wrong at all. I got it. I got like I now love listening to empire in the morning. Is it reminds me of my daddy to draw me off to school? He would listen to MP burnt down from its dinner Monday's optimal way. More has covered China's and it's just sort of this like white noise of yeah. I don't know
mine is a new age ass, my father, rail of new age as some dislike scan and through an island on the way ferment. Let's just hang here for a moment the if he'll say if you close your parents, the Echelon affair, Yes, I suppose I mean we had some budding of heads us out. As you know, Simba was trying to leave pride rock sure, but then, as I do, I gotta get you no idea of this apparent right. I mean I think my parents are that's cool or were then then a lot of their hair cool anti uncle. That's I remember that, for my mom grew up here: ok, oh yeah, yeah yeah! That's why she came over when she was sick. So so, when we watched, I love homecoming.
They saw my think, deserve everything in the world. Ass. Well, ass, my wife, my wife's head over heels in love with that's crazy, ass yeah! That's while I watched it and I immediately tax it her nose like you have to watch this media. You are investing your mom, no Kristen Wilkerson is my mom better! That's why hold on hold on the servers artisans, also her baby, so don't think there's any kind of power dynamics, prisons also her baby and her my yellow her there's. A lot of you share about all I've. You haven't been in Hollywood for five years have been gone for a long time since, when your message we its while what a time to be allowed to go ahead, is alive and may be, and my mom, you has really do live in the gray on this partnership anyway, so loved their data was so exactly spot on and beautifully down. It is really really good. And my mom grew up here, so I feel like the story. You were telling was a little bit more like
her story, as it has to mind like I'm, not a little guy, a bit more, your mom was like do improv, that's cool, usually be one or one good, for you is not sweep the screen, but there were others. Do just do what you do. What you want to do that are some with them text with it was still a nice healthy. They were worried about me being far away. I think that was the main thing and they wanted me to have like financial security, but they weren't, like you, got to be a doctor. You got to be there, so you got to get dressed just make some money so that your fine, you and I don't really care how you do that. But this looks like a hard. It had do it so that scares has run, but now there so really yeah, that's great and saw our lives show in Chicago Guys, Chicago Theatre. Thirty, five hundred people span when Monica comes out. The place goes fuckin bonkers. I mean it's three minutes before I can calm. Everyone down is to proceed with the chaise. This podcast, the most like enriching funding that you ve done, obey
by a landslide. Why? I do it because you are the I am deeply proud star meter Dax Shepherd. What makes what made you don't know that was that of earners that girl. Now maybe I mean that I mean that in a very long and a complimentary we're ok here, you and Christian our tent pull pieces of Hollywood. Ok! Well, what I'm saying: oh yeah, Georgia, you're a commodity that trades on the mark. I understand that there is a reception of that, of course, in my life I'll show you around you needed. I, like it's twelve year old from monsieur. I'm sure, that's what I feel like you. So I never look in the mirror. Man look at his Fuckin tent poles staring back at me, but that is that indicates what's on the wall.
Currently the listeners who can see this is cut out a manual cut out that our parents would do people magazine shitting me yesterday mean. Does you guys who can't see this, because this is a audio thing? Is Dac straight up just took off, I now endless starts massaging his foot. Let's go holding issue up for no reason at all. That means I got really sucked in by the Weggs and we know why I'm holding the shoe right, but let's go even deeper. I wore the shoe specifically to impress you to impress me, which I told you: it's a lie with its an air Jordan, the as AIR Jordan, and I noticed that view is again like shoes. I love snickers here yet sounds like I'm gonna try to connect the sun and moon everywhere you are connecting enable more color, keyed watch. You know I got a whole thing going anyway. It's back to this back to. Why have a pug, as I found the long form experience so liberating some so used to being on talk, shows where I've gotta be a secular and assets, and what are the three stories cut right? I'm fucking crushing seven minute funny man, yeah and then, and then the Youtube legal to say Dax Shepherd has,
nipple ring and you're looking way. Yes, zero can't exigencies euro context any who I really liked the response of people who had listened to those- and I thought oh, I would like to do this all the time. What was also beautiful about the medium is nuance I feel like such as been lost in this course. Oh yeah, and a lot of the things that we define ourselves by our very, very complicated, and he wants to know our own experiences and to our conversation will allow you to sort of sea, the canaries, yeah on one's experiences where this, where we ve we never had a guest on here. Were the feedback wasn't always I liked them. So much more now, oh that's great, and I think fundamentally, if you get to actually learn about a human being, yet we like each other encouraging that's been. The most interesting thing is after every one leaves no matter what you like came in with your preconceptions, you leaving your like every night,
like everyone's a real person and is nice, everyone scared and everyone's insecure and everyone's trying and everything you know like others gets. I don't know like it very much the phrase people in such a specific way would settle hard boundaries, and you come in here, like oh you're, just a regular person road. like you. I am curious about this because Monica I have had a few conversations about this. I'm a huge mini killing fan and why mending many come on want to come on the show on the show now I heard her and fresh air one time here and everything I am very growth was trying to kind of steer a question into specifically at being about her ethnicity or her. Role in show business, whereas that ethnicity chair, I perceived it, maybe not for her. For me, I was hearing someone who just want like I don't. I dont want the commerce
Can it be about that? I want to be just be. I'm a good show runner. Let's talk about that, I understand that desire. Let you get it there. Yes, brown and near Y yeah. I can see. That's been that's frustrating, but I also the listeners like now. That's a really relevant part of the door, one of the things that makes you very interesting. Sid shatter a ceiling and that's excitement. Yes, and yet I we stand that she's price fuckin sick, a talking about that aspect of her Yes, my wonder for you, because you're you're very defined as well. It mean Europe stand up special, which is brilliant, Monica said really drills. into the first generation experience. So is there any point we like cool? I like that that brought? The party now I'm sick of talking about it, and here we are talking about no. For me, look man. I think, what's great, I'm very lucky for all that I get which show that sort of shows a lot of different aspects inside
sides of my personality. I can cover a topic from Saudi Arabia to sort of watch it this morning supreme. You know what I mean in like sneaker reselling. It can run the game at Amazon and face a content moderation. So you see all these different things that I'm in into are passionate about our stories that I want to tell Russia but like for me, like I dont shy away from talking about it. I think we live in a time. I'm right now. Well, that's great! I can I kind of came the terms for the longest time I really did want to fit in at the party yeah and I really want it. Chad, Corey call Adam Brian, you know what I mean all of them to just like me, hey it's Hassan. I did. I do want to say I'm awesome menage. I don't talk about being muslim and in I really started to think about what that's right I may seem. I see myself as an artist and to be a great artist. Assimilation. Isn't the win authenticity is in so whatever is authentically you
do that yeah yeah yeah, I'm! That's all! I want yeah from artists, I'm not asking anyone to carry some baton that they should or should carry right before me. I am very proud to be. They see. I am very proud that, like wouldn't you say, Daisy daisies like pop a person from the South asian Sub continent, ok I'll India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, bundled that sort of brownish part of the World- Yes- and I'm very proud to be that I am very proud to hay, be this guy who for the most part through, Alimentary school middle school Junior High had a mustache sideburns classes was on the sidelines, conversation to now be in the main stream yeah and say you know what it is on how to manage. This is New Brown America to me, I'm not trying to give you diet, Pepsi version of Mean right, think about thing about Europe. Rick musician are artists. Right, like just deserves a perfect diet. Coke is a good.
It is a really good out it s calorie might one of my favorite others is anyone wants is a great thing. It's like it informed my choices in life. He goes. I don't buy off the cells, rack, don't wear reeboks, what he's trying to say in his purse, but fresh off the boat. I were Jordan's our Nike but where the brand that I really fuck him love right and, like you know, now that I have a little bit of bread. I'm gonna go into the store nominate by the jacket that I want like a first class citizens, but it's not that it's an uncompromising choice, we're in the air, Jordan, three white cement, I'm not gonna, get the color way. That's a little bit! I want this one buying it for a long time swamp. Getting in that's the same thing. That's the approached us a minute right. It is what yes and I don't care if you're, not an apology, yeah yeah area, and I don't care from the producer session. They go Hansen Managua, I'm just like. I don't give a fuck right, because the internet is real, there's more people who look like me than you right now
to get a little Farrakhan about a nose like now. I feel a certain way about yeah all than others. Not everyone looks like you, you're you're, a solid nine, so ashes all hold on now. Six. What why ledges vacuum, I'm six one, let's owning, relies on your privilege. Answering a zone, your pray! I ask that America to examine our Euro Bay, my wife in love with you so anxious intensity. Everyone looks like you on the plan or that more people with like minded. But what do you think I haven't you? As you know, you know what I mean by that is that you did you not grow patriotic? Don't you have a cousin in Verona kind of looks like me, puffy, hair, Linda Beard, do need for caution. You kindly lined up appeared. How amazing is a stacks, this one up impossible and twenty eleven ip? I hold sure us Monica. You know this sort of unbridled. I am we're we're playing off ass. Yet
I pass knowing fully agree, there's been so much progression, I'm I'm getting nervous. I didn't bring one of my guns with me. I mean that's how my shine the me shit now, but I actually think it's really exciting, for again the eyes and creatives because we're all mutants out free for all of us to authentically see everybody's superpowers. Yours I cloths and jubilee shoots things out of her hands and that's gambit and everyone is authentically showing yeah. I love me to look at and I think it's fuckin awesome next, my what does the most exciting human being about my life. I coming on love Monica more yeah. I know story inside now. I'm I'm I'm obsessed with her, but but there is really what I do want to go to elementary school. Oh sure, junior high school, but we have one way or are you? Let me finish and also two things one. I do think you're farmer handsome than most people. So now I dont have a cousin that
like you. I dont think to the reason you feel so strongly about not compromising because you compromised for so long compromise the tongue. Here we go yeah yeah! That's what I said and I too compromised growing up. I compromised my first ten twelve years in show business. So many things, undressed embarrassed of and I just days I was scared right, you're right up scare I did some real Russia to even as a white guy there's a lot of compromising brand new tab. I do a lot I'd. I'd united, I do that I played a hot dog like a harmonica pm commercial, songbirds yeah, but actually think that just I've just been public about just now and being like man. It was really familiar. Being an embarrassing, and I probably should have done it? I should have just been like I'm not poor. Where would you how do you feel about that master of Non episode where he goes into doing the accent or not? Did you see that episode of Master
Yea I totally is grey. Yeah wants a great sort of like philosophical choice in the one actor loses new Christians and been rubbed, radiator yeah, beautiful, nice guy Ruiz amazing. I love ready in emergencies like I don't care elder, like whatever enemy. I can't get that, like you know, I could see myself, don't let em when there is no skin of my Bulgaria and then also. Obviously, I see as easy point really well now. It's here's the thing again. These are personal choices, for everybody in this is dependent. What does it rock with your personal compass yet like I'll, give you like an example. I remember there is this up pilot that I I was auditioning for in this was unlike twenty twelve twenty thirteen it was the untitled sick com where it took place at like essentially like an office MAX Office Depot. There's a bunch of characters that work at the at the office deeper, and there was an indian character in the way the indian character is presented? Is there in the back room and then all of us I'm out of the loading doctors, shipping create comes in in the shipping
it opens up in o Bob hinder. It just go, ship from my enemies, who am I doing here in all my saying so we're we're in college for up to arrive, start run the prettiest recession we recorder tripod and I'm supposed to come out of the crate oboe pinders here later and the casting director goes hey get in the great cause. I started out of it ray sooner than talking. Normally, I gotta get get in the crate and then just come out, and you know- do the same thing here and then I could hear you know I'm hunting over and then I opened it of where I got I well. I guess it's far from Bangalore in order me out of the thing I just remember, being than what am I doing here, I knew this is something I'm proud of you and pushing aiding forward. We let the artistic disk, all that's, I'm not moving anything forward. There is a right. There's appeared a time
in my life years. Why out? I dont like coming to outlay too much where everything that I did was really just defined by a desire to fit in and try to get on and that I dont like yeah. That's rough even would like driving heroes, getting a ton of anxiety going down sort, a son. and you just see all the billboards of everything. Yes, I am reminding you of how low you are you're, just gonna like deceiver bust his mouth, I just everybody is trying to get on and in none of it has to do with the actual work. Let's start with, and in general the whole in ever is humiliating. Now you add Hunter again. It's it's. What people sing not understand about white privilege, it's a very triggering word. I git why it's triggering It sounds like what you are saying is that my struggle was not hard and that my accomplishments mean less on its surface when a very first her here, the definition
when its explain like no, no, your life's going to be very hard, you might have stepped adds a kick your ass. You might get molested sure but your skin color will never be one of the things that are interesting year, end and, if you say that, where my you're absolutely right, I can definitely see that so the young actor xx trains in Hollywood is just demoralizing in humiliating you're auditioning for fucking TGIF Friday, commercial dancing with a fucking zoo in your mouth. There's no music, it's as you get in your car. You feel like you, just got fucking gang rape, yes, now add on top of that. Yes, there is a race component in your just plain as archetype, that is fucking, embarrassing and backwards, and all that then its harder, the. So it's like I can relate a one level to just the humiliation and additives wherein we as like performers. We can all relate to the fucking. So I'm I'm prayn, my friends in Detroit, don't see me! Yes, m! P M, don't you know if you like your life? You know
if you still feel is way better because now you're, like writing, interacting all these things, but your life is just in the wind, oh of destiny, number direction, it blows you and you're just like. I hope it blows. Me in the right direction. Yes end this notion that your choosing at that stage you're not choose unit navigating many decisions. You're, like you go six months, you know anything then you're an empty de la more commercial you're. Still you can pay rent. That's what's on the table is not like you. You know you You're fielding offers and drank it, and you know, but that very prime all idea of both emotional validation and then financial validation. I need to pay, and then hopefully this helps my I m d B star meter, and this leads to the next thing. Both of those things are are or mired in desperate That is not an emotion I like operating from, nor is it attractive or appeal your does it make people want to work with. You were all these things, and so, if then, everyone on that sunset Boulevard, drive from you know, you're lift driver to you tat the person that you're getting a coffee with
everyone's trying to get on that Mary, shallow emotion, aha, verses, like even someone showing you something in there, no public or look at what I drew the Dat's intrinsically tied to like a real cream. If commodity yeah, like hey, look at my drawing it's really good. It's like hey. This is something that I did and Monica has a drawing or you have a joke and I have a joke. Don't I like that? That's what I love that why comedy is intrinsically more democratizing than anything else since, especially now with yes, the technology yeah being what it is tat you can be funny. In thirty seconds Jim you and put that out there. You have to wait for your foundering, go be funny. Ok, but I wanna go back to Davis Schedule parents moved to Davis, California in just the gates, immigrated that I'm sorry emigrated. Yeah! That's when you leave.
Learning so nervous, actually don't even know if they left. They went from India immigrated here yeah, but if they are in India they would emigrate the you oh interesting, ok, Russia. I would emigrate to Britain, I didn't know, but if I was in Britain, I'd be an immigrant got emigrated that got us ok, so I just want to start by saying a little bit hit the lottery just by going to Davis, California right, yes, I mean, if you ended up the other places, either way you know like when everyone talks about this triggering conversational privilege. I think the thing that people don't like about it is they go. Hey man you're telling me this. Is that I got my life I'd in earnest exact, but you d, good, exactly and in here is the thing that I I ve talked about: profound who's, the co creator and right of our show we eat. We talk about the seller and he's he's a deep, like very spiritual guy is advised me lot as a brother and a friend, and he goes how much of your life do. You think is your own volition and how much of your life is trends and forces, and I think,
bought at times we get it twisted. We think that a lot of it is our own volition, it not friends and fall, and if we could just take a moment to understand that there are things called enforces, forces acre luck, privilege, whatever you want to call trends and forces a little is a little less triggering that helped shape the way for you. I will be one hundred percent candid right here. I have a lot of cousins back home in India that live in Delhi. Delhi is incredibly populated, there's a lot of like traffic and smog. It have cousins that are better looking than me that are more charming than we have a cousin named saw hillside, one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life. My wife confirms that she's like five way funnier than you sure I know knows how funny Silas yet have a cousin side was like really tall buff, just super good. Looking like he could be an actor he could be abolished
there. He so good. Looking saw this in Delhi has to be an engineer. It has to do what he asked to do to survive and saw the feeling in this I love you. I looked out. Not me came here to the states. His older sister helped get his visa, so he come here, got a job working at the Collie Pierre in Sacramento, we move to Davis, Davis, has good schools. I looked out that is trends and forces reacting and has a monopoly over in California is more multicultural also. Additionally, yes, yes, you now, I'm not now architectural eyes it for the people that didn't have the immigrant expense I'll give you three trends enforces examples were I husband has locked up. As someone who looks out, I am I move to Hollywood in two thousand. Ninety thousand ten. I call this era in all. My fourth caught the dark ages
twenty two thousand nine to twenty fourteen that things were not really go into well for me here, in LOS Angeles, my dream was to always be on the daily show, but the daily show they only have five correspondence is a small group. Some one has to leave it just to give you perspectives. Your question That's written in stone or just you did observes that they seem to have a desire of the years. You go. Look. It's corral Helms Cordery that it about Sandy's, it's usually five or six I'll catch up. I can't write and was a dream to be there not as a now, not us. I always wanted to do like cause. You majored employees, I yeah they dislike. Man like I can do this. I rise you voices, but I can like be funny of quick but then also be pointed and have sort of biting commentary, but then also like right, savage jokes, like the Mai Lane right. I can do this and I I just need a chance, but you need an opening in the past.
Poor who are on the short stay on the show for quite a long time. Sam was therefore like ten plus years. Colbert was, if, like eight something you know, Oliver ate like people there for a long time, Michael J happens to leave. It goes back to ESA now to be do we can uptake now there's an opening. I looked out. I happened to be doing comedy for ten years, one nine days at the point where I got my screen test right, so I had enough. You know, cuts in wounds and chops to get in and screen test and be ready for. John man, that's a lucky thing, ah ha that they are on that day and twenty fourteen I would have ten years behind. That's electing CHE Leap, has nothing to do with my ability. I don't look stay to air.
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the country now ships host Obama? America goes! Oh, maybe this country is a lot more sexist in racist than we thought. First year of the presidency, Donald Trump decides to not shocked the White House. Correspondence dinner also in his first year he enacts the muslim ban. Who does the w h see look for a muslim comedian? That's me getting lucky man church all other things. The eye from the daily show who got that opportunity because of Trans enforces then die hard by John Stewart trends and forces within had an opening, because we are in a very racially charged Islamophobia America. In that time, people are like hey man. This is like really tat. The w h say, makes a move to then go hey. Maybe let's have him yeah, yeah verses, let's say goes in the opposite direction, let's say Hillary Clinton whence now you have the first year of the White House, correspondence dinner. Yes
queen you're gonna go with Samantha, be you'll, go in MILAN, Glaser you're gonna go with the choice that represents the trends in the cultural forces of the time she has nothing to do with my talent, right and I'll hold on it does is, doesn't have nothing to do with your talent. We cannot bozo out there, just because he is I'm not the fund, Iceland, I'm Tellin, you there's a lot of fun your comedians than me. Until I tell you right now, my class, the pick, the commissary funding, the Middle Milanese funnier Michael Chase. One year we shall office when it is known that I'm sayin and I'm seeing a muslim cleaning. As you point out. Yes, this situation calls for that, and and now we're gonna go to the pool of people who are funny and Europe that at that point now, your talent is everything here, I ain't got you in the poorer areas of the EU. The world's debating here the three of us were debating, is what's the percentage rate, the pressure to perhaps the debatable thing and by the way, I'm not holding an absolute on that bright air, you're humility. I think, as defined by how much you're willing to acknowledge
the amount that trends and forces, because there's a lot of people that are like mass transit forces is ten percent. Ninety percent is me, and I go yes, and no so I will say this two things there's two things that like really change my perspective on this right now, it's happening in the world. There is a lot of xenophobia, that's happening with brag, said and happening in Europe. There is this beautiful image that I saw that was posted. It was in regards to the migrant crisis of things that are happening where a lot of people refugees were going into Greece and parts of Europe to try to escape
there is a photo and really funny comedian friend of mine in armour, a man whose hilarious austrian comic he posted you can say whatever we want about these people knows these young kids getting off the raft running and you can call them whatever you want. You can call them filthy, vermin, a disease, but just now this, the only difference between them in you is luck. Tat made me look about blue passport in a whole new way. Men I lucked out having. Thus I dont disrespect this incredible privilege that was given to me right by whatever the universe. God. What have you want to call in look like with you living here and allay radio? Did this aunt Becky scanned for the love of God. Did it finally put the light? Could we not finally be fuckin honest about this idea of meritocracy? Finally, worlds been cast, especially as like they're trying to like disassemble affirmative action. All these things that include other types of people can mean finally acknowledge at every single juncture of your life. There are group,
oh yeah, that had mommy and daddy walk them to the front of the night club of opportunity might might tweet about it, which I think was misunderstood by quite a few people. My mom paid my rent and my tuition that you feel like you're. Also he got hit by a car. She paid my medical advances for that year. Those lines and amazing she's really quota, but but those three things wipeout someone else, I'm able to complete that due to that end, a lot of other people that takes out of the mix year? So what I said about the Saint Baggy thing was that it did not expose inequality in the system. It exposed the zenith of the inequality care. Yet that's all it expose. Oh wow goes that far. Yet to think that I am not somewhere on the ladder of opportunity and an inequality I was on, it shows. I know and failures in my head. I was on a to the fact that not be my dad was willing to pay for a Kaplan classes are fucked up cap.
And then he possessed like an essay. Diego Garcia goes there fucked around and I did shitting Kaplan in that might add re up on it. I mean what are my immigrant parents agree up and took my dumb ass, a prisoner of you? That's a pretty. You know who is shocked by the the Annie whatever it is back, let's have backdated, Annie Magda people that were shocked. My aunt Becky were white people. If I'm blind Oh yeah, I'm young, I'm not like wage systems rig nobody here. The systems that is usually rig is to what degree Lady reg it's what I love about. It is the brightness of the light that was cast upon it. Now it's on the front page of twitter, it's on the front page of the New York Times here it is its imprint I want to get into. Is what to me the headline the conversation the headline is verging on is more about that issue. I want
to look below that in acknowledge. That's just the alive. I learnt that you know what I'm saying like: let's go even deeper, let's really compare the experience of going to college from a super low income trailer or ghetto too many other peoples. I wanted to be more about, like oh yeah, it's drastically unfair. Many. Many way yes finished to me the issue behind the issues this is that like- and I are not now I'm starting to understand this is apparent cuz. I went through this as a kid and I talked about it and talk about Ray candidly on the show. Like one of my first episode of the friend nothin, yet it about like my lcd score and how are my parents were on me and all that stuff, but I like as a dad I'm like water. We teaching our kids that the ends justified means a hundred per cent and that's the problem that I have just like: hey, don't worry about it as long as you're, getting a good school it'll be fine and then that'll be the fast track to the next and the next thing, and then before you know it, that's how like this desire to get to that next time,
he came up with a joint without any sort of hate, morality, throw it out the wind or other process yeah. How about that? It's not about the result is about the presidential. Wonder at forty form still try my hardest to enjoy process for many years. It was all about the point of the movies we would open and then I could do a bigger movie make more money and then the point is that we will be. You know no one said to me hate this. The end goal go away for three months with these creative people enjoy the This on your deathbed you'll, think about the three month. Experience of making it not the Friday opening yea like no one really origin Albuquerque, shooting the bubble of the. I did Albuquerque, all knights in Kosovo, not really the process was little rough, but but yet no one's. I was that for employee of the VS exam lamb, timer, watching that had just being like back something like this assembly. What way, just please tell me just it: ain't could took comedy to this stadium level place,
the the the economy of it was booming and you were, you were hanging off the shelf. In part like the oh, my god, you're alone, roundabout you're hanging out like this, I got a big deal. Yeah explained big deal, marijuana really break it down. What I mean is that just I was dislike, because if I but your you're eleven years younger than me. Yes, if I that wouldn't turn seventy thousand eight right, because it came out no six or seven. Yes, a holder, you then of six or seven, eighty, five, twenty to twenty three summit. If item twenty two- and I see the poster that poster as a comedian like that, what a joke alma he's hang an alphabet grocery car- I would have been so cynical- now know the the glass of that movie. Poster really was like you can go from performing at the laughing three to being the main personnel, okay, so a kind of sand yeah, but to be a thousand percent real. That happened in two thousand for walking past the holiday Cinema, Davis, California, and seeing John shown
then on the cover of a car, do my ass. They were both the leaves of that movie and they were unapologetically themselves right and it was fucking awesome. Yes and I remember being like a freshman, and I was starting to do open MIKE's at that time and just the possibility what it represented, yeah, palpable energy. I felt it in the movie theater most recently with black Panther, and I felt it with crazier occasions, and it wasn't just representation matters. It's not that it's anything sure do. There's a cartoon book in Singapore and he super singaporean. Ronnie Chang is like he's chinese Malayan he's being authentically rubbing chinese mullet. I dont again, I dont have to assimilate. Yes, I can give you full calorie me and I can inform my art and that art can
be top shelf liquor. Yes, it's not like on Z, tv below, like our parents watch, you know businesslike sort of this back in its. It is prime placement into me. Dude, I'm like how can you man, it's like a double shouted espresso of inspiration when I'm sitting in that theatre living people underestimate the power of seeing people like you in public, meaning you mustn't felt that when you would watch Scrubbs you're like anything, I know you know who made me think I could be an actor Lear. I've said this before I was obsessed with Nicholas Cage like Billy Nicholas K, lawyer Valley girl, releasing these are likely eighties late. Eighty arm, please early nineties, you now, while the heart of these movies, because it I've looked at him and also what is a good looking or not, I dont know sure he's ta he's embracing that he's weird yeah at, I think that's a light like
lane exists in Hollywood that there was a cause every one else, a guy wasn't cute, like those other guys or in my head, and he would not that way. Even though you hate Hudson why he did her, so I could not feel that way really use. I really don't understand us yeah, you know Halligan Comedy, there's, there's up, there's a premise share out even falling on the premier right not to be idle, feel that were in a lot of the listeners listeners. Do you buy into this premise? I'm not, but we know that people hate it. Does it believe that he's good? Looking that promise you like, I had to date kit out Simba validate person. Oh yeah idea. Real again was, he knows very well yeah. Yeah knows no. I didn't insecure any girl that I thought would elevate my status so boy who had kids prove consciously little behind it all a hundred now can I pick out it's happening on a subconscious away. You're, noting that this person,
his eyes their eyes. Naturally here and everyone wants to be with a girl. I can get that girl, I would think O. Then I am worthy that guy men. I do that my whole life again looking anxiously. I do that all the time still day on a subconscious level like near that choice valid you sure sure everyone does there and in it and in it, took me taken into the zenith, we're like. Oh, my god, I'm dating a girl. I saw movies. I was obsessed, whereas created without waiting to look into the mirror and see some handsome dude staring back, and I look at me somewhat. I see the same crooked, no realistic aim this in the same manner I visited zero it now. I know it's an inside job, the things that give you the steamer esteem, illegal acts that you know or being someone else's status. It began if it work that way and having feel gonna go these really yes but thousands
so excited why that girl likes me, but I don't feel any different about Dac shepherd because I'm with her on pumpkin I'm with her, but I did I'm not feeling friend of feel different when I'm of service the people who need me, I'm a bum, you know when I worked out. I feel different when idea as evil things at Yale different yeah. I, like that esteem for things that security is a running theme on. Do you as the Italian, at what cost the other answer to you? Why have a pike? Has that I didn't say: did I go to AA meetings with dynamic in that room that the vulnerability and honesty I have seen anywhere else on the planet, and I thought I think everyone could benefit from that really owning the thing I design I'm trying to gear status from other people like the twelve steps, like the apologizing to people that you like done wrong the iron gray yeah yeah, so I feel this is the way I feel right now, I'm in this weird phase of my life, where this past year launching
show where, on the boss, you know on the limiting factor on what the show is its patriot act with handsome and houses like it's not an ensemble thing. I have to show up because it's just the whole thing and then also I became a father me we have a baby daughter. Now now, I'm you know the co creator in runner of that project. Yes, and a feeling that I have all the time is this feeling of there's a lot of loneliness that, on all my time, is being sucked up either in the show or in taking care of what
I got a hold of down at the house? Yes, and now my you know my mama, my parents are getting older. My mom recently had knee surgery might have to go back to Sacramento. I got to be at the surgery. I got to sign the paper. I got to be everywhere thing and this person is Husson from before that used to just be able to kick it for a long of time and then go to the diner and hang out with friends and then chop it up. That person is gone and now know what the fuck is going on about your brother is this feeling of like loneliness. Everything is great in islamic humbler. All praise is due to God, like I am like things are good. In my life, my babies, healthy, my wife is healthy, vs, forcing my mom and dad it helped to healthy. Her surgery were well everything
yeah. I know, but man like me, I gotta relating to this. So much, and I don't know what to do about that. As I see it as it is this the loneliness of adulthood. Well, I felt at first hand six years ago, when we had our daughter because I was, as you say, I was at a job. I was trying to be husband. My dad was dying. Some, I need something for me right right can't just been here for everyone else. I need to have my own thing right. You got ok. Why deserve that? I need that. So I need to talk to my wife, like I need a week in every two months, where I go with my eyebrows and I do whatever the fuck. I do for three days that ok to ask as a new need. You need to carve out time for awesome. I want to say it right for us Graham, you need time for option in need to learn how to state your needs in a way that sought threatening dear wire, but I'll ask you there have you found, though, that your self esteem has gone up despite
of this feeling long. We do you feel like after you spend them morning, getting baby ready and then feeding baby that that hour and a half of not thinking about what Hudson needs he's liberating the coolest thing was watching her. She walked for the first time. She took the first steps here and I hope in the door- and I said I just I just a joke in any means that come come come and she walked with me. She said in her mouth is openly guessed it. So I can personally I added and she's coming towards me and I felt like my heart was exploding. Ah, it was so cool I felt so lucky. I just have spiky tickets to her life at yeah. I couldn't be happier, yes cannot be happy. I just want to witness yes and if you have a lot of a beer about work getting in the way of that yeah me too. What is Europe? What is your schedule?
your shall rights its rude or I am so you know, like my daughter, I get up at six thirty and my wife. This is actually to her credit. She was like, if you don't take advantage of that time. You know waking her up taken the diaper off wiping her, but the new diaper on taking her breakfast just washing her play. Their hair and all that stuff. You don't do that it's gonna go get the vast and you're gonna lose that it's not you. You won't get,
Yeah, you know, get you a lot of other things. You're gonna lose that yeah, that's gonna be gone, so she was like you need to make that a priority, and I did- and I and I have but then I gotta at the obviously nine, every the officers- hey husband. What do we want to talk about on the show we talking about? You know the elections that are happening here retirement. Is that what you're you up? We, the limiting factor, is my passion and my drive to story tat. What story do I want to tell yes in that starts from the top down that came from John Stephen travelled everybody SAM everyone's dealing with this right and then she goes down. Do you want to see her before she goes down, but everybody at work is waiting for you. So there's this balance to run back and put it out. Sometimes, instead, the office too late, and then there's Bina and I gotta be a husband and again, you know get your moroccan Michel on like I used to love each other, both super driven,
but there's all that, and there is a little bit of sadness and it's not me. I wanted to be a man baby, but the days of me just kick in it and laughing with there's nothing assigned to it. We love to as humans. I think I saw it that's uncomfortable for us and then just projected of endlessly into the future that I will feel this way forever, that this is going to carry on forever. The you're never gonna have the time you want with your daughter or the time at work whenever that central today, you do today's rough it in his challenging, but that's not your life. It indeed just focus like If you keep it smaller, it helps, if you just say, I'm going through it and morning at a one tat. Yes, one thing, and I'm going to do it right now, because I signed on to do a single can show- and I forgot how fuckin long it takes to shoot a single can show in while I'm there, the first weeks, I'm so miserable to be rank as I'm evaluating this is my. Seven years, I'm now gonna miss from six years old, the thirteen years old I fucked up, I gotta get out of this. I can't miss the next seven years.
The weight of everything is seven years of the weight of them, laying Dolly track and are not doing it quickly, and I am thinking of that's it right There are seven years I'm not going to make. Is that now becomes unless it out of herbal? Yes and I finally into going- I got it, I got a separate this big fear I have from what's going on immediately in front of me to just take this. Yes, just chill perfect is like their certain feeling that I have one on with my family. The item like I want this to last forever sure I'll do it. I can't so be now this idea, my daughter's turn. One week we got hurt Gmail. It is a big deal. We were urged to get better jobs as the first ever. Let him achievement and she goes right. Her letter exist right, Bina letters right by hand because she's she's not No, what letters are required him to write rare this letter and then for the first time I wrote, love dad, and then I had this realization that what's really cool is I'm the only person in the world that she calls dad.
It really is one of one until she debt, as our colleague way I'd, kill the smoke. It was as it aims to earn my real fur airy on my right, my back where mother I really want where library was, I always loved rare air Jordans. This is the rarest of the raw you climb. It is rather like the only made a hundred pair, but for this for her coffee dad it's it. It is the one and one that, but this is to really valid things going on in your life right. Have you read this book? A centralism I've been recommended hasn't, but a bunch of people in it. Been really useful to read if you're someone in your situation, who has a lot on their shoulders and learning to really figure out. Why am I needed? When am I not media? Maybe what may be their nose and what may be there? Yes, as all these kind of things it it's good, yea, probably maybe order that way already. I don't hear its per I'm pretty bare bones like I wish. I had more time to be like, like I love you and Chris, I have not seen
the good place right. You ve, no idea what that is. Like my life for the past, as I've been trying to set up Patriot ACT for the past three to five years, has really been nonsense. Political comedy this this thing it's been on this track of this right and again it's me recognising my privilege to so many people and ultimately, the guys and girls, and I came up with better just fighting for a shot. I know that I got lucky and I gotta take advantage of that and do everything I can. That will provide more opportunities to people that I love and people that I know and all that sort of stuff, but at the same time like because of that like I have been able to do, you know, experiences things and I do sometimes want to. Unlike I would love to see us, I want to be sure I assure you here, oh yeah, mother movie icicles. He every single movie that came out that only six years ago, yeah but doomed you miss that fog is not Arclight. Is my favorite place on the planet, so hot? thereby myself to Jersey, arrive here that thing or like
I just think it maybe I should fuckin just gotta go to a movie alone and not using it as a priority, because here's the thing what we read that that book brain rules for babies when Christian was expecting yeah. The most important thing to me was like what to do to mom and dad well in, and we had this guy John Gottman on who runs the Gottman Institute. He's been studying marriage for fifty years, It makes marriage worse for, like seventy percent of people, kids, you kids, oh my god. Yes, so I I'd like to know that, unlike oh great, if we think this things just gonna be additive to our life in our relationship more wrong, I have the statistics so what things are causing it to diminish in there a bunch of things? One of them is like not sharing the workload evenly right and things that I at least pinpoint like, ok, good. I need to watch out for these because I don't want to be one of the seventy percent, but there's a bunch of things going on. One of them is that there is a little bit of an ex
dictation. Nowadays, fathers like us in this current culture who have young kids the expectations a little one, tenable it's a little unrealistic, become it assumes that like well who's, gonna work, somebody's gotta, work, pray, theirs is expectation that the parents gotta be there like sixteen hours a day and then look. I think that's untenable. I so I think there's something about robustly. It have lambs terrier model. We are like everybody's gotta, be every arriving. I always feel it. I dont have the answer. I am I doing enough and my good enough dad am I gonna husband. I always feel that I always feel I am chasing this thing. Of course I take it as day by day, like today is Sunday, I'm just gonna try to do the best. I can the Sunday face time at the right. I'm gonna be happy with the baby there back in the art, but, like you, I feel that guilt. Maybe she should it came out with us for a couple days. We'd have like a nice little, I don't know well, but it's always that feeling of light.
I asked you gonna, let yourself off the hook a little. You know what I'm saying, I'm saying sounds like: maybe we could be beneficial to. You is maybe right sizing expectations of yourselves hernia admit that they could apply to both work to home. You know you're a human, you know if you're lazy, if you have you been sitting around in a fuckin hammock for four hours, not with your daughter or your work, you need to do some self evaluation and get better, but if you're a fucking two hundred percent capacity all day long every day in your in you're unhappy with your performance, that does mean expectations are probably too high. Sure. Maybe you know which our so imposed by society and every day I suggest you internally, but it's up to you to be like ok, I have to take it easy. I myself a little bit theirs. Article has just made a bunch outlines and was about a study that just came out about how much time and money and resources people are dedicating two children now verses every other time in history, cookies, interwoven, even working mothers,
single mother working mothers are spending more time and energy resources on their kids. Then fifty stay at home, housewife moms did this just came out so they're doing more than unemployed housewife's did in the fifties, be single moms and their feeling like failures. So I do think we just need to get that money but realistic about what the expectation is in that come to the pressure, the kind of societal pressure of like I see we more moms and dad you gotta say when I go on a red carpet line and I'm not the Christian she's tooth to interviews up. I can hear every single question to her, but how do you do it? How do I have to kids and have this career? They don't ask dad that, but there's always a subversive yoke, Vietnam and order dad. What's your work, great do give yourself a thrill. I think I got the best in the world would eat Monica highway. Given the name is a plus problem, where I got you hear that really really get parent yeah, come in from Arab, really afraid of you know, I'm my wife really wants to move back. I am genuinely
really afraid. I tell me really. Holly is a very, very varied dicey. Dicey, it doesn't have to be their bullets got you refuse it you're afraid that they'll be image observes. Yes, That's absurd! Wait upsets, ok, yes, so, and I'm not saying that leg being in the suburbs of New Jersey or Upstate New Yorkers argues. Gonna save that I will say that the thing that I've loved by living in Europe for the past five years, his chest were all on top of each other for better or for worse, and I love the substance of what everyone is hustling to do. It is that the journals, a member empire, the world finance media all of those things, but everyone's really like even the dude who's trying to say, are you a bagel on the quarter of forty? Second, an eighth is like I'm trying to sell you the Pennsylvania Moussa Bangles. I love them soul of what that means. I dont look the grinders very toxic, we're on this garbage eight mile garbage
I'm trying to just like I'm over each other about that idea of you know the hollow guys. A fifty third and sixth competing with the other hello has across the street them saying ours is the best to lock up there. I loved the essence of that. I want to show that to my daughter and has also just to own this like to go back like it represents things to me so that they are. There thing I was going to say is my last week of drinking was in Hawaii yeah. I think so. Why is a fuckin toilet beer equipped he's not a toilet, yeah love? For me, I almost every idea, but for me that's the oil and I will never go back at a represents. I guess I was like my dark is weak. Ever having Christians like we gotta go to acquire, you know I'll, go really Bulgaria she's running the show you I had my way, the long enough got it but or saint.
I despise Santa Monica you're gonna have to acknowledge this because I was ten years unemployed in Santa Monica zone. I drive through their I represent. Has a really is my bag? The Ito feet like when I go dry by places I feel so good at I'm. Like only got, I remember what it felt like well, if there now, I'm here maybe refrain as look how five com our interest and I'm gonna be able to do this experience in the way I had always wanted to show. You now sure would like drive in the train. Instead of Verona, caboose proud, stay too diffuse there. We are supported and use squares space. We share data on our website and a world wide web in neither of us know how to design a website. Nobody dies
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it's like the axe, zip, greater dot, com, slice, decks, Zapruder, the smartest wait, a higher. Do you have do other fantasy. I have the Dave Chapelle fuck you Ali would I'll have the the farm and a higher fancy. I told me into this all the time. I'm like we're going to Montana yeah, but then I'll I'll, ask myself! Why why? Why is it appealing is it is it is it that plays or is it I just don't want to be accountable? If anyone could you not gonna represents you know, when you have, I found open, you do the swipe up to just get rid of the Safari window, a yelp window and the public. It represents the swipe up. Get this atta here in these Fuckin billboards Adam. I fuckin face nonsense out. Get this not just. Essential, isn't what's clear it up shop. You know it really is about our home, the yard the bubble.
Also, have you have you done any experimentation? Have you spend an extended period of time? Yeah you have my word. You got like. We went up stay in, I like loved it. For how long I mean those aren't I it is now, but I'm press releases and blood, like my dad, like my dad, is very simple like I could just sit in the living room totally my toes and any he is or was a chemist. He retired. He was chemist it. What kind of camp GO engineering, organic chemistry, organic chemistry, air Let me make a good living civil engineering right, your father
living. He knows his shit, yes, why we wanted to hear more of you in the front end the show not the back it ain't. You re saying that yeah, that's nice society and yeah comment is no one in our ran on and I'll get see, seat on the sea, male, don't pc or whether an interview what a lot of it boils down to. In all honesty, if you ve not listen to the show, you know me, you don't know Monica yard of the shows the extent of his apprise when you sit down. So you know right, whereas if you go to stern everyone knows turn, you know Robin you're gonna talk to rob and it's just a matter of life or state. Yes, I want to talk about your show that, because a Monday, I am a big fan of it- that we really really think we ve had other should we let him in one of our debates. We have without doubt his stand up. Ok, what's the debate, what is that as we see it. I have tons in. I have grown way more towards her than she's grown towards me, which is the right thing. Ok, because I am I'm old,
then you I'm forty four, I grew up watching a certain kind of comedy earn a part of a certain kind of comedy. I think it's funny to point out funny things about different groups of people. You I still have enjoyed that right and lagoon. We sought. We watched your special together was her ninth time watching it. My first time I was like that: Fucking Toyota, Corolla joke or camera Camry Camry joke is so great. Yes and it's something I've a thousand percent notice. Yes, and I de Monica? Why is it fine for him to point it out in that meet pointed out. Tell me why it's not still a good joke if I pointed out, and we ve had hours, debate, loving friendly debate, yeah sure about why it's it's funny. If you say it not funny, if I say right, yeah, it's an interest in its fertile ground for debate. Oh yeah me, this is like a like a comedy philosophy law
and as a comic like him in sometimes people look look to me they're, just like you side with this right. It's like look man. I respect all these differences of opinion. Only understand it you're right. I understand both sides of the argument. I understand the side of the argument. That's like hey! Let the authors of their own experience tell that story. That's what makes it really funny really biting in cutting and authentic, and I also understand that the perspective of just like hey we're comedians, where mining, every everyone and while it I'm sorry everyone's get a glass yeah. That's where I come from Billy, I'm making fun of every everyone's gettin splattered short, and I also recognise that I'm a part of the hedge, demonic, fucking groupings, country, on its different it also look. These boundaries are defined by the first, the first yard line the first down. You know that word that stick as that's changing and in that by the way to changes over time and it
continued the changeover than you are like just socially accepted rules that will change they're, gonna change and ten years when you're, fifty four it I'm forty three, it's gonna change money. It's just going to keep change. I think I think it's a case by case scenario in context. Does matter and that's the thing work to have you here, comedians that are like twenty or thirty years older than us, and you watch you go Rwanda adapts. What makes people use the east is broad. Do you not acknowledged context yes, I yes and so to me it's just like hey. This is gonna, keep evolving and changing. If I want to be a relevant artist, you gotta keep evolve. Also you're here now, yes, which is great yes, I dont have to make the job about the camera? May I write I ain't ready to be made as true in there was no voice to make her true, but you're here now sell out a lot of the thoughts I have or things. I think I would normally tried to tackling comedy. I go oh no chapels doing there that respect.
If that, like it's gettin out there, that never be me there's something comforting about knowing like it'll still get observed that loud. Yes, it is in, and I know I don't have to do with your fear that this is killing the art form its comforting and know that you're here you're making those observations. I dont need to its being said. Yeah. Somehow, that's comforting to me, that's great cause. Everyone needs to get balls. I had a little by little that fair. When I now hip up. This could be another fun thing. Was that tell me? Do you have a theory why any kids are really draw? I have allowed. You have a theory, so my theory is that the themes of it speak to what we went through growing up, so the feeling of like number one you're, an outsider number. Two like the immigrant story, is aspirational. Hypocrisy, aspiration, vs. We started from this we're making it to this year and then number three like just the straight up. Bravado of it yet
site. You say I'm not sure I am the shit. Animate approve you wrong, so that those three elements are so different, then country or other genre them. There is also an implicit their succeeding despite the system, yes, which really again aspiration yes, and so, like I tapped into that big time now, so I'm curious the bravado thing Do you think it's a results at all of feeling, emasculated by the head, germanic, jock culture in high school, like the white Head, germanic, jock culture? I don't I mean I don't know I just it just spoke to me so much more than blink one. Eighty two right right? Do you know what I mean is the emphasis who's your favorite at all times, yes to, like my all time, probably in terms of hip hop, I kind of pride to park for what you little rebels and ok in terms of pure wrapper and storyteller notorious Biagi. But my current, like you, know all time, umegae global witness summit. Jays event
ok Museum, recital K great, but what he had in terms of just body of work. He has big radio records. He has big mainstream records like you go into account. haven't you hear girls go new yeah like he has songs like that yeah and our state of mind. Many has like real sort of like hypocrisy that hip hop heads. Let he has the full gamut yes, but he also lived long enough to be great. Yes, that's true. Have you ever you sort of like the idea of like flow? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, there, hotter and mob. I'm really big on if you get into a creative flow, do not stop so do not interrupt it for anything. Ding Dong see monsieur fuck, seamless, yet like we are in the zone. I agree most elucidate in the park valuable and to me, like I am constantly chasing them whatever I can do to tap into that place. Yes, it's haven't. Given Hobbes that in flow anymore, either low play basketball, ok, I love my passport airplane. What small farms generally with regard dumpling shooting narco
I can honestly say our eye Zuma. Also, this point in my life, I'm trying to get insured for high minded butts lapse. Journey on the perimeter lab like like warriors for years to call us off now you call it championship basketball, that's your eye serves their gladly vindicate yeah. They really had me my buddies off. All back up its act will have them. I came, and we were doing this for a long, slow, its side like dude rooms and assign were lodged ass about that's what, but also there is something really amazing about getting a group of people together again, it's it's your sort of entrusted group of jet eyes that you really respect
I'm together and then getting the espresso to that right. Point in your brain and if your ripping in that moment, like I'll hit record on vote voice, notes where, if word were really found, something that we found some data. Unlike let's keep going and let's keep pushing on this. I realized the most important thing is it's: it's actually the take. If were going and mean you are ripping on something and that take his fuckin incredible I'll hit recorded, and then I got let's go. Let's start doing it's a joke to Kate joke to come, I was joking k- this right now an attack and tag it again, integrity and integrity intact, and then I'll hit and record tat moment. Let me know what you ve. I ask your magic me: that's like what Jazzy talks about unfair to block you leave the door open God walks in the room. I don't know what that is. We are I'm chasing that until now,
there really one drive home your shoulders. I really really genuinely like it. It does mean a lot. I know that people have like fucking. They got kids live boyfriends Grover they have stuff to do its job. How do I take esoteric topics in distiller, the comedy espresso? That was like a huge goal, the show and to make it visually beautiful, uninteresting like the design, our graphics team in our news team there, both top notch. We, our researchers, are very well produce yeah. Well, here's a compliment. I didn't give you that in our house we call last week tonight church why Monica Wulf confer adds a new item on Sundays. Is we watch church that, for us, is the best show on planet? Do you watch last week to, of course, it's incredible rise of credit. I'm gonna say your show is like knock on the back door of of that show it's that it's that well down in it. You can tell the writing. Is that air YAP? Thank you, sir. I it's in the realm of people like last weekend. I think they would really really live,
Shall I like it for that reason in debt now does tell me, because you guys both come from the I'm steward adopts a daily what we're doing what it wouldn't work paradigm, did they break or create that they taught you some marhaus? Yes, what is it take as more important than Joe? It's some sort of what I mean by that is, what's the thesis statement of your piece and generally, that may or may not even be funny Rights hoagie, give you the secret ass right now about a great connecting my pants off, for example, or Amazon antitrust episode. Amazon has become so big. I need the government to come in and save me from my side. That's the whole piece rights. It s very good. You don't do gom it. I ought. I say twenty six minutes here. It is it's a sentence. Take it for free right fear, Supreme. Take of the Supreme Peace is. What is the intrinsic value of hype? Envy intrinsic value of hype is absolutely determined based on supply and demand. That is it a high. Yet
Building the whole episode around that Ryan, whichever writer researcher news person whenever were in the room, I got yea. That's great, there's a joke here soon, so that this gas, this person has funny hair. What's the take what is the added summary of the whole thing? Our first upstart affirmative action, the Asian suing Harvard. What's the take this one's funny? Really, Asia, this is the hell we're gonna die. He s has clearly is that it was once Gerard is like yeah. That's it that's. The upset higher lies with our shared on you ever smaller current came to you all day. The moment we can't get into Harvard I'll see you in court, mother fucker. If you do that anymore, one is an aspiring writer or person wants to working comedy. You do that you go into any room. You will be one of the most successful people in this business period.
Ray person, whether it s an owl daily show any of these a writers from four, even like a sick commerce, repeat, show any person that brings that to the table and writers from fifteen people. Oh you're, going to the fuckin top, because ideas are really that the in the best ideas are the things that give the show runner and the creators of the show the most amount of ease, their dying, NEA their dying to YO. Give me that take that will save this right. Does what excites me is like the soccer ball of discourse usually gets pass back and forth. Laterally trot bad bad trump, bad trumped from bad tribe. Ok, ale, sequel, ass. He called it Elsie's, like you, just see it sort of being retweeted on Instagram and Twitter, just the same sort of talking points and gaps in jokes. Yes, I love. The thing that gets me excited is when you.
Push that Ball Ford and you go oh shit. What we're gonna! Do you re? No one is criticized the income Party in India Bucket Sky. I love that shit. Yeah move the discourse forward, you know last and Oliver shows it is at its best when it does that in our shy things that a specimen does, that is the two things is number one. Oh, my god! Thank you for saying that answers were an international show there, so many people from around the world that go. Oh, my god! Thank you for talking about the end of the elections in Thailand because there's hundreds millions of people are experiencing these things that in America our viewpoint is very. My opera shares later three things that we're talking about any wants and that's a generally one day, a dynamic. Yet, oh my god, thank you, but I'm not that or number two have I been just living my life not know! Yes, that's. How did I re? How did not know that I love giving that two people yet my greatest joy and- and I always want that emotional feeling and be in my-
yeah you're right, you, you have! U gratitude like Omaha, thanks for opening my eyes and yeah. Oliver. Does it Marine credibly. Well, whether you can tell me about Fucking Clerval yeah, why do we need a Jaguar claret? Oh my god? Oh my god he's had our longer. I therefore give my work it out on his part is when you put something in the world and it pushes you back. That was like when we did our Saudi Arabia episode. We put something and then the kingdom sorry it takes it, or Hungary words like all forms of right or you do something where, like hey watch, what happens when you control supplying demands? We did this thing on Supreme and we released these labelling premium, sweatshirts and hurries. They all got sold out and then the immediately at the recent market at a thousand percent. He says it's literally the thing that, unlike watch, what happens when you control supplied them in order to release this won't like you push something the world it pushes back. I love that on the show,
and that's a again another funding that happens on Oliver Young over. All the time is like over. So many of these countries responded to him. He always lay areas like why are they even dignifying mature their response, but then I have argued that Israel, it's really fun, absolutely, there has to be so reward thing that I'm gonna try to lean more into, as we continue to the show is: there's always been this dance between just like comedy and journalism like what? What what are we doing in an and sort of the position has always been like: hey we're, just a comedy show right, but there are these certain moments. Words like where breaking news man, we are news, yes and so were starting to do on the show and were leaning into this more as like breaking news through primary source reporting- and that's me is this new ocean, where I'm just excited to dive into it. Man, I don't know, what's gonna come from, it were the only gonna get sued more but sure, but I think it's really cool
yeah yeah and how many episodes ear. You tat, we are both. We almost drop like little podcast select with every cycle will do six or seven. Would then we'll take four to six weeks to write the next batch glad to go into the field I got yet one of them and so will do about twenty two twenty four per calendar year. That's a lot. It's allow its! it's the hardest yeah work in my life and nobly somehow figure out how to the hiding the hardest thing out enough. It is hard for you, but to entrust people yeah. It took me like monogram demonic is one of the first human beings where I'm like yes, go at at the show, I'm such a control freak, but I'm like, I believe that we have the same opinion on what the show should be. Really go do it, but I could I couldn't have done that six years ago. So it comes with aid. It took me to forty three to delegate something that is so important to me, but it can happen in its like. If I, if you
Oh, maybe let's say you spend sixty hours a week doing this thing here. If you spend thirty hours for two weeks, I'm being someone who you really could delegate certain things too? I think that's the kind of cry out where you could have a hard job, but not an all, consuming job here, yeah cause some of these folks dollar. Folks, they fear do it eventually, Tony now and it works. How do these moguls do it or are they just running on a whole? their conventional wisdom is that they must be overseen every single thing. That's why companies get great or are not great right. That's what kind of Apple Steve Jobs myth is that, like he's gotta be in every but then I I I have to mention that is not true that some people are the best book. I could ever recommend any Wonderin injury. If you read heighten the John D Rockefeller Biography of her best buy, we have ever read my lifetime. Tighten because I took naps every single day, there's never been more successful human being in him. Pray in he had duty trusted. He had a cow.
They had a conference table where they have their meetings, but he had a couch in need those in an hour. He take a nap seed. Wake up, he'd like have a high level thought, throw it on the table. Go back to sleep like he was not a control freak weirdly, oh yeah, and the things you thought of indeed are regrettable. I think you just have to find people that you feel like share your brain what is very hard to find what you guys know each other six years five to Serbia about who are. Our friendship was for. in fighting about. Add man. Did you like cereal? You have core here, oh you're, obsessed with. Then we got a big fights about it. What is it about murder documentaries that we really like topic into? Why do we like the so much cause, there's also those pills on party? This is, like others, real people
yeah here. Yes, the characters in the story really out of Paris is a game of thrones yeah right up the ladder esters die now. This is a person who is in prison for life. Like I go through this weird thing and I go what is it about us? While we love this? I read a book that I believe this theory books called on killing is written by. I am a professor at Annapolis, who was also in Vietnam, really interesting, guy psychologists. His theory is that we used to a hundred years ago, grandma Grandpa died in your house. You bury grandma Grandpa in the back yard. You also process chickens. You process cows, you have all this into men. Experience with death first hand, you watch We want in your family, die here and as we remove that experience from our lives, we have become obsessed with it, because we have no
personal understanding of it in big that has led to a perverse obsession with it. I think that I buy that that theory and then what's why? Why that an sacks? That's a big thing, so he started by saying the history of sex. You know we ve been a hundred. Fifty thousand years we ve only been living in separate bedrooms for the last ten thousand, so four hundred and forty thousand years you didn't one room with mom and dad you heard them fuck, you saw them fuck. You saw I aunt and uncle fuck you around fucking. All the time you had a very personal relationship was sex. That noise is that everything soon as people start live and multi room homes and children are separated from metal thing. You start seen a spike of all these weird proclivities. You see sex crimes. You see all these things documented where, in the absence of first hand, knowledge, we start filling in the blanks here. That's where the perversions come from. In the end I buy into that what you think Monica, I think all that holds water. I think the murder staff year also could be that we feel
a little bit better about our alive as when we hear horrible things it on other people's lives. How is upsetting one eyed ownership is totally here you, but how was it a soothing thing that people are coming home to whereas, like what people go? Hey? What you're shows pretty device some man you're talkin about? What's ex yeah, I go no one's gonna, fuckin murder right in front of you, buddy of mine, is IRAN. The policy has a show coming out on Hulu called Rami. I got to see rural it's, it's can be great. You guys anybody's listening. The shows amazing. He taught me something. Candle egos every show that really pops has either fucking or killing in every show. Any show that lower those stakes. It's very difficult for a breakthrough reads like a thing like a sign for such a unique and beautiful like anomaly. When I go, what is it about that? He goes. I it's just a visceral that, yes, we want to feel something like when you talk about stakes that acts murder are the too high a sort of physical stakes you can you can have
we just love the watch. Our fears get played out. Really, I think, are to get our mere neurons pop in you, gotta see someone fall in the Euro like Onawandah fallen front room like I just feel like it takes it again and I were pre. You know. I know that worries now. I know that works for company when yourself deprecating, you make fun of yourself: hey I'll, pants myself. Yes, we ve all been afraid of being pants, but all pants myself. It is a very I think, endearing thing, a hot and comfort. Yeah attainable. Yet we can all get past. I've seen that only my friend, what kind of my open mouths when I first started, but I noticed that like if I told a story that I manipulated what something that happened to my other friend, and I told that, like all this thing happened to me, but we will look and I owned it. It verses like my friend. This happened. Yes, The audience was like: hey man, we're with you, yeah lay hundred really get it. I've been pans before in front of our my high school crash. I guess you're, a big fallible humiliate I'm too, and I am with you yeah yeah. Well,
I want to congratulate you you're, the first guess that has succeeded in that. Let me talk about his childhood, so I just wanna Syria's all. I talk about his child ass. I did notice yeah she people's just watch the special bad. They really show how we already. You know what that's the reason I wanted to do that as I didn't. I didn't want to redo any other. Oh yeah, I'm fine! I just there what there was something from your charter that you wanted to talk of. Others want something from your childhood that I find so you can fascinating and not the emigrant immigrants. John Dene mom disappeared for eight years sure. I just feel like that to me. I just can't imagine that wouldn't a lot of downstream things shortage. So very unique. So my mom disappear goes like work. We need money, that's number one! Then we
Now we have this and I imagine that, under the same like mom needs to become a doctor. So yeah was that I was pitched. It was more of a very lucky because my mom was very much of my life. You know she did her residency in New York that she moved to Stockton, that from Stockton, then we need a wheat than what we're all together Davis. She was a great mom and I think I, my mom, is a good enough credit for being the leader of our house. She really was the leader in writing. I've had conversation might at about this time, like dad. You gotta, give mom props, and my sister's even told me this twoshoes. I do know what mom did to make this all sort of half and write her vision to see stuff ten fifteen twenty years later. Here is the reason why I dont have student loans that you don't have student look, there's all these things that she laid out and like the mobile and tighten that she was there that I fully understand until I was like fifteen sixteen seventeen, I'm like oh right, like mobs a gang stay, I kind of act to go back to maybe your theory. I do kind of respect that about my life. She,
like an accident, were better off please. I want to fuck and run the show that we are not to be able to get up wielded over yeah yeah. It's healthy, yeah, well, you're gorgeous been you're, just a lovely human being. I'm so glad this finally Happy Sandia there there so fondly combat thanks. I'm gonna go back now. My favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden monitor bad men. a tag. My house, down down road runner raw data, can no more that song is nothing new factories, but we're just. I just introduced that song to Monica Wabi why we ve been infected by it. Haven't we yeah it's a girdle, Now I get home, I don't think you listen to it today, three three times yeah. I would say three time. Ok and people haven't heard it. I think legally, I can't play a lot of it. Us that's the song.
You know what I like about the video Monica, tell me what they cut too Smith in that beautiful white cowboy outfit, and he is dance in his asshole yeah he's a dance. He looks really cool breeze, we'll do the loose mood is Agatha year. Whether he does in use then try to play to cool off because he still goofy Wilson and now we ve transition into well Psmith, not Billy, RE, Cyrus or little Mars level. I will not spare you just learning I saw you are correct and were very two vital l about wrappers came around eighty o k, we'll Psmith, groovy the latter part of it. That swagger requires a little better. I guess what I'm saying is, like Elvis Presley had swagger, but he was never like cut up. You know he added
maintain the image or James Dean right. James Dean now use very serious, Zenza Washington. You now so what I'm saying is will keeps it pretty corny in in the best way imaginable, yet still only now sexiness in coolness, we ve got that great frame s debts that it's his body. He s got a big bar exquisitely, beautiful body item that will smooth view listening. Please bring a big, beautiful body up to the act, to see it in person. I feel like he and I have the same frame o interesting. What do you think not that mine is big and beautiful, but with that said, I think r and D. Skeleton is what you would not be able to pick out the difference. If both of our skeletons were hanging on a hanger, you would have no idea which was wills in which Europe or bank I think they are similar yeah, but I think we can certainly do different. And now you know, what's the difference in color. Well, that's a difference
on a skeleton I wouldn't be able to tell that would strewn with some of it was left actually on a skeleton. I wouldn't really be able to help this either, but I do think that pay. If you started his shoulder, ok now he's bathing using a profile. Re. Ok, if you put your hands up on the opposite side of his shoulder one hand on each make any sense, not really the width of the shoulders like. If I was standing here, I put one hand here in one hand here Ozma this Al Qaeda. How do I describe that? The depth of the shoulder I saw it I'm just saying: if I put my hands on his shoulders, it go all the way down with my hands. Man he's up row file. I think he's the same. I feel like he's like a bar right. I mean I like a perfect rectangle. Exactly bunker then
form doubts. Yeah me. You think it would be what I think here here. You start a little higher top heavy gill skin. I have known her legs or ass yeah, but I don't know that our farmers are much different size or ilium regime. Baby, yeah, Roman, about c mon we're dead, you'll, be here now, beginning a day longer after wills mizzen ire. Here, maybe you can exuberant our skeleton. Maybe when it comes he'll kill you guys, can we get doktor told to do a scan? that's great into a treaty imaging over and those anyways. Well, Psmith boy were big. Love were really big Willie. I really liked him on the magic show. Document are all usually David. Blame was a young baby. Hence yea was he in jail and the kids riots and they were so sweet and they were also cute as all family. He seemed like the firm stand on the plane.
Our support of two of those killed yeah or he's great adjusts cure rating that image. For me, because its working yeah, I mean I'm sure you now he's EL person very surprised March, bipolar, no dna profiles by the way, two things one. There was an article in this women's study journal. I read yesterday there looking into fecal transplants for bipolar. Oh that's, amazing, yeah there finding that they have different microbes or not. They don't have the ring microbes. Wouldn't that be fascinating. If we who put had been the answer from day one I now that would justify my hope obsession. Yes me, an air weekly. Did I show you so many do a talk. Show you do a pre interview like a day before right now, when you get to the talk show in this case it was Conan, they ve printed out pretty much what you talk to the pre interviewer on the about, and so when they handed me the piece of paper. So I could glance at what stories we were gonna tell
in her not she wrote this. I was discussing the ball, set cowboy pain that you have in your house. Ok in this is a quote from me, my best friend Harry Wrinkly, and I drawing Harry Way yeah, so I sent that air weekly in these areas in illegally changes name tomorrow morning to Harry Wing. your best friend Harry Winkle wrinkly. It's like a telephone game. You now more p, oh here at the less it resembles the original thing, that's exactly them! Ok and then one other thing. You thought my She was so silly. No, I didn't, but also really quick. Erin probably deserves this because of Terence partners all coming back around beer, absolutely right and we, the column, sharing, Beak Lila likelihood who prefer them share, meekly all the time. Ok year, invention argument invention that you, I'm scarf tat, turns out or
the exact bearskin trawl more me. Anyone know through high frequency, chest wall, oscillation technology, the vest, airway clearance system, dislodge as mucus from though Brok eel walls, immobilizing secretions, mucus from the smaller to larger airways, where it can be cleared by coughing or sanctioning. How does it section will you'd probably have to pay the two down? There are fewer shares its neighbours, and there is already a vibration. Mucus dislodge her. That's a great song was onto something this is called the vast. Ok, I guess, like my main, you know you can't an invention and then expect certain invention and expect everyone to just say. Oh it's great, don't you want me to poke poles, I mean if I made an invention that you'd be just lie.
Andrey listings that that I could better depends if the invention was a great idea. I will first be excited for you for that breakthrough in thinking. Then, then and I have some follow up. You know research and design. Questions is to help. You cannot refine your invention, but I feel like if you invented something substantial like I did last week and it was already in the market place You know my boy was how many people are gonna, be using this invention, and I think I'm still on to something here, because this is a real invention that that we don't know about. So it's not prevalent enough that people are used you have this issue and you don't even know about it will now I do. Are you going yet one, but I just wanted you to be impressed that I have thought of a solution to this. That actually was a solution. I guess I am afraid I think,
in a bite is assuming its not like. Eighty thousand dollar medical devices TAT, although the fact that it said sanctioning makes me think this is from yeah, but what a better solution than a bunch of medicine yeah, I agree as use good old mother nature. Sound waves would be hard to sleep. I don't know the answer. I don't think you sleep out. Your invention was first sleeping. No, you said I will go back, weaken wing in his ears, but I promise you say you sleep on it. You sleep with there on your chest and then the morning, then you re to realign the tabs either men go back to the original tapes, because I know what I cut off. In fact chair, has in fact Jack yeah. He was fantastic. He was he really stood up for me. Oh he loved me up. I sense.
That's not a word number you can. You can always change tense tenses here. I'm a big fan of sir came: try Cicada yeah. What what is it dice, Deasey, dicey, dizzy where that is helping out Desi, mutilated, desi pride yeah, greatly so with you in Europe. Does he sister and he was looking out a lot, and I, like the idea meantime function not a couple times. I stick up for her now I'll pay. You live just wandered into the wrong territory. Out like that, that's ok! You like a big savannah cat sniffing around here and now. Look at this main, I'm forty four. You see the width of it LAO I didn't know that was out and enough happening right. Ok, I did not know it now. Plenty of people can protect at once. Well, I think those I wanna use protects the subjects was I wasn't doing a good job protection you so you come in here from another pride
this right now you were all raise rising here while you are off or offspring, so that you become fertile again violence with the males do oh yeah, the overthrow of alpha lion. They quickly kill all the jobs are female going disastrous again and he can have some of his own eyes in that my deadness. He didn't want peace, he just for your. He did not hear lady. He just wanted me to speak up beloved Darcy I'm so new. Do now. I think that's right, ok, desert, yeah, yeah yeah. I think in it to be It's a new word for me too, and I dont know if it's a new word. It feels like a new appeals new, because I'm just now hearing it image Halonen said Minnie has added a couple times. Speaking of that can be our first fact cause. You mentioned that men d on fresh air, her interview
you wanted a little bit more her talking about her indian culture, yeah or background and stuff like that, because he felt like she really broke barrier, and she should acknowledge that so maybe is doing so much currently for the indian community and is being really vocal about her connection to it, and you know she's, she has a chauffeur Netflix and she put out like a cat stay calm thousand people is unlimited idea is casting call to all the indian peeps. And I'm so devastated. But I'm not I'm ineligible for this well by choice, known oh no, you said you can't do the accent. Nicer will only teach you and you said not want. No horse power is four at a little a teenager, you could play team, that's what I thought.
You'd have to duct tape your fancies down. Now they existed back then, but what age teenager for sure, I'll Jesus? While you think these man- I don't know they come at puberty, older, very adults. Oh yeah, I assume they came in adult press. I how the female saying you were when you are fourteen. You have those. When I it puberty based, came a naughty warn of the mission and you would have had to leave school needs. Griggs you're pregnant: oh can. I ask some thirty rolled: may I wanna be hitting on smoking our brighter than the law be I'm you say in a couple different girls love made great. There is an achievable. They were pregnant, not by thirty or roles are no, but not by twelve year olds. Their word. You know why nine year old engines, now that you know you know, I say this with love. There was a good. There is a white trash contingency.
I was in an out of that contingency and it was not uncommon for an eighth greater too to become pride by an older boy, trash man, but still league, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, so and no one, but no one just care, and I guess we'll you know those things that are laws and then they're just on enforced depending on the code. sure that AIR France Gonna like the whole of the feuds in Kentucky those people would say trial and then completely get off. Your lawyer of someone kills. Your brother, you get like right has a long history of them. Discussion like organ interpret these office. Are we want? Do you think the dots stuck around? I do now They duke around half of them didn't even make it to the authorities, and then you know But what do I know? Maybe some of them are bent misery. Add story are also. We are talking about Indians and I will I started right into white trash. Anyway, so many is really doing a lot. You hand sets. Awesome was
clear, though, that, like a million per cent understand why she doesn't want that to be the top yeah. I was you save me personally. I was very interested in that aspect. The hour lorries- and I just we just don't know- is having an interview who knows it might not have been her actively trying to not ring it or whatever, but because oh yeah has also she's on Instagram, I'm she's like highlighting an indian woman kind of every week or every couple weeks or something Boca so far I have God didn t on their fingers crossed. They do think it's sort of new we're sure she's really lean old man, which I really really like, but I was looking at this and I think she probably try doesn't like me because I'm pretty vocal about how much I've been ok, you're that your. Why well land that I've been avoiding that my whole life?
Now she probably doesn't love that no hardly doing them at this service. I think you love her. You admire her in. You would want her very much to like you so year, their earth, yeah, you're. Thinking of reason she wanted to discuss the cause. You do like her so much. I thought she would be if any human being would be sympathetic to your journey would be hurt, that's trail, but there is a little bit of a mine fuck when you're a minority. This happens like this was the fascinating element of the OJ documentary. The six partner is that he remember he said I'm not black m o J, like he wanted his own identity marriages like very understandable, there's so many layers of mine, for it is yet it is because you are especially if you're doing something where there's talent or intelligence involved.
You know you want to be in the pool with every body like she's, the funniest, not she's, the funniest indian person, mobiles was called the farmers and then by default makes for the financing. All right, that's like no one else is getting. Those distinctions were almost feels like its lass, be also about your lab at it feels like that. Again, I don't even Normandy, so I would be totally speculating here, but I can at least imagine her story being exactly that. I dont want to be the funny indian draws wonder the funniest writer exactly and then feeling a little and secure free of for a while about that and then I'm coming to have real self esteem and confident recognising no, I did make it and now I don't feel that prettier knowing and open it up, which is all fine. Oh ok, so he said that this cut out on the wall. Here is from people magazine, but it's not right in all its forms, as we believe the other, the nicest fairly
ironic how holes like this, where you back Shepherd share a kind polder one language. You hate the edges, oil mixed you did I in arriving snafu. Also, do you hate me Y know: the style like. What would I d? Like aim is the same. I have the same yeah yeah, I mean. That's all me, and I know my getting a bit okay, so Hudson acted like he was not all rare and being a tall, indian and he's wrong yeah. He was seen all his cousins or hotter than whom yeah look. They might be. Maybe there genes clearly arduous attractive, so maybe there's a bunch of them that are, but I just don't know about that. So the average height of an indian woman is five feet: eurobonds
over and above average I wonder, half an above average, Jacques Average for a man. This is according to new research report from the Imperial College of London five feet, four point: nine inches, so Hudson is war, hey above average reason. The mind also asked my mom I was like is a common fur. Indian man debate over six feet and she said the ones raised here tend to be taller than I said. Why do you think that is may be food and she said yeah, calcium and then I said no because they are taking ally, calcium there without the yield or the milk mail them a mama's like. Well, it's not actually that much yogurt and then I stopped talking to her father and had gone, and then I was like I can't do
This conversation anymore, I'm gonna make an observation. I grew up in a suburb of Detroit Detroit for awhile was the black a city in the country and remove it still is. It was ninety percent black and one point two of the deeds in Detroit we're back. They do. They are bigger than white deeds on average for sure more muscular taller everything I went to Africa. I was bigger than everyone. Sure icon it. It was. I was having such a crazy, like, oh, my god, I'm bigger than everyone. I dont think I met someone in two and a half weeks that was my height or even wait, yeah in
became like glaringly obvious what the slave trade exit people exactly. It's so startled me yeah yeah, it's really crazy, yeah and I'm that might be part of this too, but I feel like way less because I do think a lot of Indians, Mary, other Indians, especially like a generation or two ago right. Maybe the new kids now that our babies double it's gonna, get all about more diluted, you're in additional indian culture. They just wanna keep everyone in Russia's party or they want to stay pure earlier. You I mean a pure hundred percent, pure one hundred percent pure ok, so you said, kids makes seventy percent of marriage
worse. For around thirty years, researchers have studied how having children affects a marriage, and the results are conclusive. The relationship between spouses suffers once kids come along, comparing couples with and without children. Researchers found that the rate of the decline in relationships at his faction is nearly twice a steep for couples who have children than for childless couples in the event that a pregnancy is unplanned, the parents experience even greater negative impact on the relationship. Also, according to the Washington Post, researchers follow two thousand and sixteen Germans who were childless at the time. The study began until at least two years after the birth of their first child respondents were asked to rate their happiness from zero, completely dissatisfied. Two hundred and ten completely satisfied in response to the question has that has?
Are you with your life? All things considered. They found that most couples in their studies, sorted out pretty happy when they set out to have their first child in the year prior to the bird. Their life satisfaction takes up even more, perhaps due to the pregnancy and anticipation of the baby. It was only after birth that the parents experiences dive urged about thirty percent remained at about the same state of happiness or better whence they had a baby. According to self reported measures of well being the rest said, their happiness decrease during the first and second year after the birth to put things in perspective. Previous studies have quantified the impact of other major life events on the same happiness scale in this way, divorce, the equivalent of a point, six happiness unit, drop unemployment, a one unit. up in the death of a partner. A one unit drop sooner was the child one unit rule thirty. Six Ten per cent of those people reported a one unit dry, nineteen percent, a two unit drawn in seventeen percent a three year,
so rob where you out and on your drop on the same year. The same good for you and on year draw its really complicated and it seems like guides to simple of a question because in some ways it's worse in some ways and squire you now, the the shared joy is unique in our it goes up. The the kind of pride in the team effort is up the time with each other goes down in. That part goes down near so be hard mean, or maybe it's up- net zero like up in some areas and down and others here I don't. This is necessarily specific about. The couple is just like general Raul happiness
level, which well apple thing is a big element of it, but also just like stress, if you ask me, you'd have to be specific, not as one of my overall joy level with kids. Now, if you ask that you get a high number of the kids have made my life happier, if you ask just specifically by my relationship, has gone up or down, there could see that being neutral or gone down in some areas and up and others I have been a right before we had Lincoln. We went to Africa for two weeks, then you're just talking the whole time and connecting and interacting and of course, should be- that's gonna resulting more happiness. He asked other, I think soon, as have your conversations are about to low assholes ray. It's gonna, take a here right, Esther, sad, even come and organization yeah. That's true, and you know the other parties when you're in a relationship, your your compromising
whatever shared task, you're gonna have whether its dinner or what vacation you're taking but such a big chunk. Your life is just yours and you don't need to compromise about it, but now that these kids are well you're gonna have his opposite views on those kids. You would about dinner or vacation or a movie anything. But now this things is taken up. Eighty percent your day as the kids that an end is of itself as a compromise yeah most times, yeah, ok to employ of the man, came out two thousand sex O oak, as he knew the poster Yang that it does sure he was meant. Use gonna be embarrassed for me, but he wasn't now. He felt like he wanted to be on their shopping, cart, yeah. He he likes the idea that a comedian Dane and you could be in comedy clubs and then beyond the poster over big movie here and then he said the thing about I'm Harold and Kumar, which was sweet.
But then I feel bad luck, because when I saw the trailer for Benda like back home, I was so embarrassed to were yes I was so mad at in so embarrassed sets a topic would be on the table, all the time, but want to talk to you about being indian. Maybe it's just more now. People are gonna, see that I am also in being so stew. Bear that's really stupid. a very normal. I don't, I don't think it's normal. I think what he's doing as normal, where he's seeing something- and he is like- that's me- that's! Ah, sir, I'm I'm happy about this. I'm bride born this. I dont think what I have is normal. I hope it's not normal. That's horrible Think it's all based on whether or not you are successful at assimilating or not like your pulling off this big ruse than yeah. You know anyone to blow your cover yeah,
if you're, not if your point of view think trying to label something good or bad as not productive or useful. In the it's no good or bad you're a kid and that's how you fell I now, but if it's, it is not helpful to be obsessed with avoiding a big part of view of most certainly yo YO yo Everyone is link like good bad. I don't know, that's that's a little bit of a judgment that I don't think necessary. Ok, you so there's a study about pants now, spending more time at their kids in the fifties, someone from the EU first day of California, Irvine found that modern mother is from eleven wealthy western country spent close to an hour more taking care of their kids in twenty twelve and mother's day. The nineteen sixty five dad's now spa. Almost an hour partaking in child care activities compared to fathers and nineteen sixty five, who just been sixteen. Let's out there, we go that sixty
on average Leslie, just getting your coffee in the morning and acknowledging that well yeah, that's and held true, not only for parents who are highly educated, but also for those who are not at all sir ring true for caregivers and Britain, Canada, Germany, Denmark, ITALY, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain and the? U s the only country that some slight dick declines in time spent parenting was France, where the eat those of natural motherhood meant french mothers were already steeped in demanding child rearing practices like lengthy breast eating in the management of cloth diapers. By the way, I need that vibrating rest can you here this morning I ever had a couple of rude throat clears on the programme and I oppose the giant, but I need that vast showed you go find me. Maybe somebody will by two thousand dollar mug and donate money to you and to merge vibrator. So you mention John D run following you said he wasn't a control free
and then I was reading up on him. I really don't know much about him. He's so interesting me for my money is most fascinating. American also so philanthropic out, he changed this world, perhaps more than any other American, because Lady teen hundreds when he became wealthy, there was no bar for medical education. There is no standard, so what he did does he. He said whose training the best doctors and it was John Hopkins and he took their curriculum and he went to Ray medical school and that I will give you an endowment. If you adopt this, he did things like it back. Then there was this pervasive stereotype about southerners that there were lazy and what he discovered was. There was something like thirty percent or even higher, of southerners suffered from
a hook worm as you get hookworm in your foot is alot of southerners, didn't where she share, they get hookworm, and if you get a form it does make you super lethargic and you can treat it really easy with like an eye lime cycle or somebody. Aha, so then he's been all this money having a group travel around the south and educate people, first he'd get rid of the hookworm and then he would educate people to wear shoes. So any problem that like be solved, he did he was also super and integrating black folks into colleges. He started a lotta colleges for black folks. He started University of Chicago. He didn't put his aim on anything on my errand edgy. He was putting his name on everything tat exciting. I think there is also some bad stuff about him. To not only bad stuff is the Anti trust us that he had a monopoly right. But if you read Titan,
there's one hears is monopoly, so a big begging cos was railroad transportation right so that the he started Standard started as a lamp fuel company. So they would refine crude oil in Cleveland and then who most of it would end up on railroad cars going to New York that and then that would get a ship across the EU. There were set prices for that, but he went to the railroads and said: listen. I have figured out the reason it caused. This much is because you have a train going out that Scott train cars from fifty different companies see you're gonna have to stop twenty six places along the way to New York. That's why it's cos so much so what I'm gonna do our bit my own railroad cars, you running up to build them and then the entire train or be fill with my records. I will promise you that I'm gonna put sixty cars on that next train, so you only have to make one stop New York and I'm gonna do that. But I want this rate.
The railroad company was like yes, I've we're gonna, make more money, you're gonna, make more money and that practice was frowned upon. But when I'm looking at that, I might yet That was a great idea. Both parties, one we're ok, so he had an unfair advantage over other oil refiner reason Cleveland, but that was through his own genius right and then, instead of competing companies, he bottom all because here's another big think back. Then there were these cyclical, booms and oil production right serves all getting drilled in Pennsylvania and there would be in one week lamp oil would be ten dollars a gallon. The next week could be zero dollars and fifty cents a gallon in somebody needed to stabilize that market. The government wasn't doing it and it was terrible for everyone involved, the consumer, the producers, everything. So he said, I'm going to own
let the refinery. So it doesn't really matter what happens at the boom and bust of the production line. I will, I will store some and then I'll have a consistent flow of output and that's going to stabilize the price which it did, but again he created a monopoly in order to do that. So yes, monopolies are bad, yes by law, but he was by no means an evil dude. He, like all of his kind aspirations, were for the good of everything, so the government ultimately broke up the standard oil empire in the way they did it was they just took his company and they made him create twelve other companies and when they did that, that's what made him a billionaire at the time he was only worth like to announce a million dollars in the punishment they gave. Him resulted in him overnight becoming a billionaire because all twelve with those companies now huge value, huge made him even richer, so it also it for them. Do you wish you were teacher now
Adele. Should I be one I feel like you'd like to do that, trying to decide if that was a compliment you're late you're. No it all you now now oh you're, not a know it all, but you like sharing knowledge. I do things I find fascinating. I play it out in my hand, and yes, if I had thirty students like you, I would we'll have to be a teacher yeah. No, I had ten students, like Dax. I would fucking shoot me. I don't know. I think you'd also like the challenge of bad blocking the horns of a young back over young buckling. They don T get it spread them our last apologies, that's it! I'm a dead man thought in the clean up, though I just think
in another life. Maybe you would like to do that new good profession, for you, maybe I'll do it warlord were returning the college you an idea of up we'll, stop wrapping up like masters degrees and stuff, and then maybe you just tee. I thought the idea that any that's all right. Well, that was great. I love seeing you guys bound up and take me down. I was waiting. Damn right, love, you oblivion,.