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Holiday Spectacular 2019

2019-12-23 | 🔗

In our final episode of 2019, we send out the year by inviting friends and family to sing, laugh and be merry. Please enjoy our 2019 holiday spectacular with Kristen Bell, Sean Hayes and Scotty Icenogle. Music performed by  David Schuler and routine shenanigans brought to you by Dax Shepard, Monica Padman and Rob Holysz. 

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or are you gonna be worked out in star wars here that we will really all things Disney? I think another there's a plus, to go around. There is so much you actually Mandl Orient no the girl you're, not a mixed on what I now I feel very human missed out on me now. Yes, yes, it is lady. I know I like it, but she's gonna get it often Bobby directly people think you love. It did you. Where are you still because I used to be, I didn't movie about our wise it with an good wild fan boy, how great a movie? It's pretty we're live you in that movie and we love that moving produced by her ex boyfriend come cannon. Greater my man and really nice guy or together deserve six years of international regulations to him. What do you think about this to prison? years ago, we were in Oregon gives us an MBA, our gonna get snacks and there's a story but that mice they said
through the maze and the other brain of them to electrodes, and they were recording the impulses. Then put another rat in the maze with the helmet on in played back. The impulses in the rat knew the mace first time in the maze, so they had really done is recorded the the mice memory of learning the maize? How like through way like through the election. Likewise. Duration, yeah recorded the electrical activity and in it played it back to the new mice who had never been in the maze, and they could do it like in half the time. Ok, so I have something that's very similar to share with you at sixty minutes. Like a year ago, they had this guy who created This mine reading thing, though so, like the guy from sixty minutes, asked the question are favoured
from sixty minutes. Not hang out I'll. Tell ya got that he was loved the Basle beer yeah norm. Thirty five pounds of maltese various acts, it yeah he's just focused, so he asked the guy it discovers like wearing some device on his head right. The guy goes asked me. A question is ok, how what's the population of Indonesia? I do know some crazy question and the guy part of the answer and printed out on the screen. Now yeah now raise a yes member that I remember look at that level, so When I was hearing the mice thing, I thought- or we nearing an era where we can record our memories, and then I went straight to monitor because I'm a greedy little pig jane- and you know what I thought I could sell, such
who experiences with Christian Bell? I don't want you guys, would marry guy all memory of salary. I knew I again. The whole thing images come right out of my head in years and you would have this memory of having slept with Christen. Do you think I could make several hundred dollars yet so you to his memory, having had the experience of it is. That enough. Sometimes you stood like think back of some joyous experience, its oil. That's what everything is anyway, just brain waves. Moving with, This new technology, though, where remember it, was sort of controversial when it came out where you can manufacture someone's voice, and now you can manufacture someone's face, and I heard last night at our White Elephant Party, the context we saw it in was like you, they were having a presidential speech and they made him say a bunch of mumbo jumbo skinny pops, and it was like You could really put anything in anyone's mouth. On that topic they're using it in the porn industry where their pudding celebrities faces. Heads on girl,
nl seems a hundred percent real you're one of uploading, anything in anyone's mouth, and you know it I mean, do you know you're one of those I do it. You are asking this while we were shooting he goes. You know Christians, banana aided in some porn, and I had no idea and adjust occurred. Men didn't tell you and I is now realizing. I never share that you'll be hit. Me have a sound like that. Desire was a good. I didn't see. Let's bullet, everyone was the broad. I also googling that lady I needed so on topic. Christmas presents foreign, so I just to bring everyone up to speed, Scotty is your husband. Yet we were lucky enough to ruin the wedding. Yes, your ever, that's what you mean.
Didn't we brought little daughter, daddy was that didn't ruinously ran up and down the aisle? I love during this rare during the vows I had to take her in moved here, Dr. What, if you recall note, was lovely, and there is what a total of like eleven people there. You have a really really, intimate that was very smooth lottery tickets times less like seven minutes. Maybe we should have perfect. Well is largely Ireland along those that two thousand and fourteen, by coming up on. Sixty asked why wild yes, next year, using real itchy, allow an area where I had actually scratch low at these clothes. I'm gonna feel it are wearing. Well, there's always that's. It looks like These two me, I like its fleet, the man is a bad guys. It's a boy s answer. Yes, it is wall and look at their own eyes. Fixed, I'm gonna get cut, so you just keep doing about myself,
So, as you know, organist well, I, when I say we're gonna sing you guys we undermine the brunt you're getting everybody should signal now we're gonna do the watching and you re doing the thing. Ok, but christen. Would you please? introduce, are in house musician yeah. Well, we have a very special guess because David or runs the music. Supervision on a new show that I am working on called doorway me, which is in pre school children's music education programme on Amazon that won't be out he'll December, twenty twenty, but we ve got a lot of fun and David. In all the music and every single song, this children show is like a sick, Justin Bieber hook. Eliza, it's a lot about how many songs of your written. Fifty four well, yeah, Jackie John and I lost is going to say last year's Christmas gas. Jackie tone is also involving the show yeah rated by her. Some and make a high sheriff.
We ve had a really fun time as we sit in the booth and ongoing their day on for far more money than I can repeat everything something that I spoke to you, they gave were very happy to have in that area. Grateful eyes a miserable bunch of people really bad here ass. I go down in the basement and joining on the drums, but from downstairs now I'm in a pair of passing snow. We ask you this. This street is very, very, very, very, very, very, very busy This is the third time you ve mentioned at you hate the funeral. I know I love this street. I just figured with the brilliance of square footage available and the city of LOS Angeles. You pick this spot, that's near alive,
of traffic doesn't bother. We got a good deal on. This house causes a bus, stop in front of it and no whereby about us and we were going up when you take the bus, we can grow right. They are lower charges on your car batteries. Don't you go fuck, it alone, hortatives at the bus and always a good thing, and it wasn't yeah wasn't selling. Is that in a variety of other reason? You love is ideal. You have high standards. Can, though, I know you do because your house is the nice a modern idle as I'd be I've been to it. I can save what am I looking as we voted out just like you live out of country by rowers all calm down, because it wasn't when we bought it, whatever Well we're getting a proof or speed bumps. That is true in Austria. I would just like to point out christian values playing lip shiner for a podcast
for her singing it's it's imperatives also cause my lips were dry. It reduces turbulence as though the Whim Yasser Arafat and cause it's gorgeous. It feels nice on my left eye looks nice. I like a deadlock, really pretty accurate. If you might have eyebrows, I would resolve how to say- and I think the Christmas episode is really appropriate- cuz, it's like giving thanks and thinking about it. You three and I'm talking to Wally about Monica and Dax, have all worked incredibly hard on this podcast to make it something that is worth listening to. Do propose new ideas, new ways of thinking keep an open mind have on exports, have uninteresting people, and I know I see the work that you guys doing. It's been so much and because of the commission, DE that has wanted to listen to you and your ability demonetized this work. We were able to buy a new house which were very grateful for
and then Monica bought her first thousand robot is first housing and I really ugly earlier that's what I'm said. That's what I'm saying it's because of the armed cherries that that you guys, this wonderful job and that beautiful Monica just rob but houses their family or something to be so grateful for armed argue earnings are so they can send your Razumihin arm Jerry's. I do my best The battle planet, yes M, who isn't having won? But yes, I am starting one the next year or your name. That's too come ok grating. Get in the works. I'm part of a company called Sonic Cloud, ok, which I dont know if you know, but the armchair expert is on the sign, a cloud feet and sonic cloud is a revolution
technology for a person icing sound on your phone or laptop or music streaming. Videos. Podcast phone calls all that to make the audio crystal fucking clear, like you, ve, never heard, and even if you have severe to profound hearing loss, without the need of hearing AIDS or caption? I'm legal and the arms export is on the line. You know who can listen to it because of that our friend, Nicole, is also my style is in a very good friend of ours. Her dad just got cochlear implant and it was a big deal me. She told me all about the surgery he hasn't been able to hear in years and got one and you have to re, learn how to hear things we still deaf in the other ear and that's like a perfect. This is, lay her him underlines, shouted check it out. Has anyone heard the podcast Invisibilium episode how to become Batman, No, this is about a boy who was blind, he had cancer and he was for something like ocular cancer and he learned how to lick his way
through the world. He makes like clicking noises with his mouth and he can tell sonar. Look like he exactly. He can tell how far they are echolocation, that's exactly what's gonna and he's doing when he was five years old and he writes a bike. Only does he climbs treat like he? goes through the world like anybody else. I saw that we just as I saw really that's new technology to well, it slick with you know. No there's a new technology for blind people is like a zone, are a kind of yeah, but probably sorry because of some of these people cause he's been teaching. Little kids he's like on this crusade to teach blind kids how do go through life, but the whole episode is about expectation and how the rest of us have expectations of blind people that they can't see. Obviously, so everyone does everything for them. It's just about how expectations can really limit you in a big way. It's so interesting about just remind me
It goes over. That is a very provocative thought. It's a dangerous conversation, but do you ever think I'll read these stories about people who, later in life, discover their artistic, but they didn't know it too, like forty, five or fifty, because their kids now our artistic and now see the test and they'll take themselves in an occurs Oh my god, I'm autistic, but they were never labelled that in they just somehow found a path. Now I want to say we should lay will be well, but it does not always makes me think like what is the cost of labeling anybody anything? Does it limit your expectations? throughout its evaluating line of thought. It was part of the big short that moving and there was a book, a red and the only guy who bet against the sub prime mortgage backed securities any made billions of dollars. He had a glass eye, his entire life. He doesn't like talking to people because he has a glass eye and conscious of it. Ok, your mom also has- ass. I gotta get outta here is a theme deny ocular around, so he is a savant
He is a brain surgeon, but then he starts trading stocks for fun in any sense, publishing this blog and then his year to year. Earnings is off the charts and he gets approach. While you manage a fond, he manages is funny, says I'll. Do it, but I do not want to communicate with the clients are only email them because I've. This glass eye- and I hate talking to be right right, gazelle alike, It is self conscious people stared about so his son is having problems at school. They send a special especial says, your kids artistic. He says. No he's not. I know what autism is. I was a brain surgeon. He does look, here's the criteria, here's the questions. You tell me if you think he's yes or no to these. He reads it and goes coming out of a hundred percent. Yes on every one of these, it never was the fucking glass eye I was autistic. That's why, like talking to be, was nothing to do with the glass and you just wonder if that guy had been labelled artistic and taken out of whatever mean any, we heard. What are you, sir? I am ready, ran all this derived ed wood. He would Parents had limited x ray, I don't talking you're you thereby bs cause you.
By being generous to Vietnam saying or is it the idea that out I'm ok, so what sing a song sing a song and then I'm going to have some fun Christmas. He questions for you, guys, love it Santa's coming for us. I don't know this. Whilst reiterating the core of this maybe we'll come in. This is a c s obvious when we did have music video of this, and I have not been able to get it out of my head for when do we do that last year or two years ago years ago? But when we did this music video, we played mom and dad and there were three kids and they were all like fifteen himself on watch. It was we're fine watching them, and we at one point said Howard You think we are how just out of here ass. We lot, I the kids and they looked at us and they were like fifty we were well worth thirty. Seven at the paradigm, sharers grow myself image,
emeralds swing this cause. I've also never saying this out loud before. Ok, needs getting, saw a shovel This Christmas to those two the material Christmas trees, the joy it is Christmas brings a mark. Maybe that's one. Can these hard shows seers talent, maybe maybe after nine, because you need all the layers of naming his?
Oh oh, oh singing in the sky zillion, as seen in the moon, free urea angel on the table, my tree sing and it has been seeing you Santa's common answer. Go then. As far as this government has gone in men, s, son has come in for a great guy. A lawyer guy is itself while girls, but you know I tried everything you some that that work as standards as we have done before. Should we do they're very short one day we who do this one with Alyosha, here's the thing: what
I kind of want Dave to do this one because he proposed singing this song and then he sent me a little demo of it and I immediately was like oh no one should sing this song, but Dave just sound so great on it. So I kind of want him to do this over Sure ah Joe Hart.
George wielding views, no really so soon every little crews
The Edinburgh Island Tiger has really love it. This is what went through my head when Christian bows seeing that song, if its days- and it will its astonishing to me that this girl is dropped at gorgeous goin, crazy, talented actress, incredible human being, and then she opened her mouth the saying- and this unbelievably gorgeous found you innovations. Fucking fairies comes yeah yeah, it's! I will leave of all that. I say I'm right, you know she's a yacht out. I know I didn't know what I've done. You gonna go next week by the north korean vacillating, giving me a little bit much credit. Why? Oh, no! No! No can do all the things that any performer could ever do is demanding. It is crazy, but here's here's a great great topic, because it's about our own,
image right. So you can clearly look at her and you can see that when I just said is objectives true, and you have no idea that you are a world class comedian when the funniest seem a means to ever be anti, be fun yourself, you're gonna! Listen to this, and then you long Roger, I have you, got now we are going out with her arrived is wearing jeans MIKE, while so you're, one of the funniest guys to ever be anti beat. You have Fuckin Mps in shit you're. Opera. You there's no denying this and they and you go on Broadway. I hate, gonna Broadway shows you know this. May I go see you sing in this fuckin. What was it this problem is a promise is probably do as it is, and I may say this last time one of the finest things very said to me. I want my mom came to see the show and she had always hammers and Dax comes back safely goes. Thank It's called private health, for I think I'd like it. That is a sign of our partners representing that area in anything
as I was saying we this close and then when you are laughing at my oh good, where this, but yes, you can sing like a mother, fucker you're, unbelievably talented, on the piano. It's crazy. I've seen you do all this in yeah. I'm a button he's very attractive. He's going. Your megawatt Annie, ass, magnetic exotic girth dialogue in Europe, not area, you guys resumes everyone intimidated by my tan. But what are you wearing khakis under log genus line, but is it not? I mean I hate to say that all roads led back to frozen too, but they do and mine. Whereas aware ANA says oh Elsa, when are you gonna see yourself the way I see you and that's really, lesson here, because you gave me all those wonderful compliment.
But I mean they're literally the same that same Kimberly would give us a year occur. Don't ask a Christmas question. I do I do I do I do shown in Scotty. Yes, yes, first of all, I know that you Sean grew up pretty modestly. That's and understand. That's an understatement. As we learned on this on your wonderful episode, this pod cadets dad wasn't ultra present. There is some brothers, they assist everybody's industry. That's right! You were broke your poor yeah, ok, yeah, no hidden, we covered that Bulgaria, but in an Scotty your dad was in the military yeah he eventually retired, as a colonel in the U S army by right, I'm an army Brad moved seventeen times and went to three high schools. You now, as it was an interesting life, but I am I when change thing it. It actually was great lived all over the world.
Scotty's dad worked for Colin Powell and Scotty when on a date with compounds daughter, no way so exciting. Yes, I did. I will. I went on a date and dives high school or college. I came, I think, was high school yeah. Senior in high school, and you know in my combat vision, imagine the approval process, but I was living life single only child army kid in ourselves, alot of we isn't in DC area, yeah yeah. At the time my dad was working for Colin Powell and outside of DC, or he was there God, but we were living outside this. Is your dad and calling got together and said you know what let's put these two lovers together is that I have an exile, so they they were plain match me. I think they worry inward. You take her shake Shag, no fine, it was lovely and it was very present.
Haitian. All that was your hang. You guys did because I think there might have been expected to rise up. Will you just as shared on here? You guess he looked up with girls in high school and he he could like go out of it and then once it got down to that triangle he was his pocket. So you you dead was coming We are accountable, yeah, yeah, very, very middle class. You know upbringing and it was wonderful and white picket fence and all that yeah. Ok, now do you have a favorite present. You remember from childhood. Yes, oh being he got it right without warning it can. I guess yeah yeah, began it star wars. They absolutely all wait. He always gases I get mad that he's gonna get him and he's always right. You hey, ok. What was it well? Ok, so for those who are real fans and grew up could see the movie back. In the day there were no toys available for Christmas. After star wars came
they didn't anticipate. If how bringing a movie I was going to be, and so you got these sort of makeshift box, you know here come soon type of things, but anyway it was the following Christmas right after empire came out that it was just an slide of star wars, choice and all I wanted was the big millennium Falcon sure it. So we got through Christmas, got a couple. Things get some figure academic year is gonna remote control this and that whatever little foreplay little foreplay again, my men now is that I know debris in trash everywhere and sadness on my face So who add my parents, you know cheeky as they were, they said hey, why? Don't you go grab some of the trash bags out of the is it over there and I went in there and I literally fighting the tears and then I opened the thing, and there was an eye screen is such that was a few years ago. Sean favour Christmas present. When I was wrong
play really really really little. I went upstairs and my mom's closet to find a note to look at the guests before she rapped them. Nen. I saw Smurf dollars oh and it was for you year, a stuffed animals, Murphy Eye to grow pre broke, but my mom pulled out all the stops for Christmas I was the one day yeah you live like aims and, like I, don't understand the concept of digging yourself so far in the debt burden. Love of your children, are exposed to love you anyway without gifts. I am so grateful for. I think it's. Why have such an affinity? Chris me. I'd have to one day of the year we were like were loaded yeah. I my I mean here are some I mean we can't. We do have a phone phone was turned off and our car is repossessed. We got, you know, Match box car and I love it. Parents will do when he won't do and also Lamb, but I wanna hear shine. Scotty sing as you will be raising their? Let's do we think that? Does anyone want to
does. Anyone know a layer, oh yeah, I dont know them very well thought out, as you browse when reforming the song here. This re read the description sounds like a bad Zeb. You can read that description in the in the mail melody of its anyone in the world that could do it. It would be you. With the son, a cloud you can hear really. Well, even if you are correct, the most technologically advanced who the hell knows caused by an advance dowser animals, what that's my eldest, nice, amazing, ok, along too too
The EU is now worth meets, whether by ban a buyer know that do eyes may out of raw
about three days made us now about the children. No, we aim to live. One must have been some magic and sell camp. They found one place did on dance around man alive ass, he got beat me and the children say lad and wage rises aim. As you and me, you didn't let them down the streets of town right to travel by car by anyway, because absence had its way way way way. It's goodbye sand to cry out again Sunday
yeah, you know Rudolf, it's pretty much the same. It is real, Trade and rode off is Michael Mcdonald. Ok, why did this last year Didn't you dad alive, show vacant again, I dont have many drugs. I mean that run out how they give you MIKE what does a man I'm an organ? Is so there's a duet MIKE Mcdonald who everywhere you know dash certain dancer and transfer vixen comment and Cuba dawn and lives. Do you a mass reindeer rude off
the Red Nose rain D had a very shining like all live. You ever saw, you would even say a glow ring, loving him poor all join in any reindeer again. Once he Christmas see sense came to say, love with your nose so bride, you, God Mass, lay denied, then how the reindeer love to mass they shouted out with glee, one or two thirds of the Red nose ring you go down and his joy of luxury of honor, always the toothpaste part
legally or illegally was. Do they never backward thing? All legal means that we, those They write a backward like one of a commercial for talk about, was Lobo, cared or taco cat, which would be tackled The really did you're, my warm known, but this is a really difficult. What race car backwards, Ray oh, my god, you know all available twenty twenty getting calendar They too are you there. What did by joy, bird Monica you gonna litter your new house with joy, Bernd Lange, ass. I can't wait. Yeah yeah, I'm gone their design, a bunch of different furniture. The one you're occupying as we speak is a beautiful piece from joy bird. It gets a little alive. It does every time we post pictures of
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are supported by audible, its football season in you, got a new favorite player route for is John Scene an audible original comedy sixty fourth man after a promising college football, this clear, eyed underdog tries to go big, but instead egos Coastline Anna and from HBO weep and of Saturday Night live performers like Will Forte and Leslie Jones. Sixty. Fourth man is like tv for your ears here. What, since when you're forth in inches from your dream, but the game clock is running out: listen free with the thirty day trial, just go to audible, dot com, slash sixty! Fourth, that's audible, dot, com, slash six! Forty h, ok mama! Can you think of it? very awkward, family Christmas situation that happen. Yeah, I've always been in to re gifting, because my
arms family, my dad's family and always split it, and it was very different at my mom's. It was very quiet and it was just us in my dad's, I told her sisters who were as elder sister should be pretty brutal to me and we would stay up all night Christmas Eve. Would make me. I was the lightest ones, Was the smallest they'd make me go down the stairs so that didn't creek and half open all the presence and report back to them at length? Four in the morning when I was six years old, what everybody got and enough to sort of re wrap them in and squeeze back of, this year's. But the point is, I had two different christmases and sometimes I would re gift christmases, one to the other shore, for you, know like twelve and couldn't shop, and I remember that I had gotten a picture frame with light. Numerous pictures inside it. You know like when a circle one and erecting a one, and it was like a little before Yes, sir? I would allow highways yet exist before gallery before gallery. Walls was legal, encased gallery wall and my grandma. My step grandma had gotten it. For me,
I was like oh my gosh. Thank you so much and then at night I wrapped it back up, and I took it to my mom's house and gave it to her and when my yeah, my stepmom drop me off, I was humiliated because she took it out of the car like helping me with my bags. Go back to my mom's house, and I could see that knew exactly what it was and she sort of ass. One like mild question of like oh what you get her and I was like nothing and then deciding ran in the house on water so yeah browsed oils. It is right now at our house yeah, it's tourism mom, imprisons mom visits, often which is wonderful, great grandma, we love it visiting. I now she's issues area. Then she brings every time she brings to large suitcases, one of a measure, clothing and another one Christians belongings, that what are you relating one of them's christian analysing its up, but she slowly but
bringing all the Associated over Christians, wife and its now in our that so nice, but great thing is now that I see it all. I do keep the things that were important like she just brought this like baby crib, that's pretty we about a foot and a half long and an eight inches wide that my grandfather made for me and I intend any three teeth: Christians, third, birth and now my girls are using it in their put in the dogs staff and its really q, and so that's it's kind of another. We lay heads I can see doing because you just we are already missed, so bad them being even littler and that's gone and again continue to disappear, and all we will have as these little objects to sit by us and in, and I find that in terms of keeping stuff for them. I try to pick and choose. I save a lot of their artwork and then the things they want to save is all too
ass. They want to save the like styrofoam colored cup that they markert at school. No, like that's my keepsake, they learn the word keepsakes enough. You touch man wherever there's stuff, they weapon eyes. The word gives it keeps like riding with each other in the area, whatever meal that she touched. My french fries. Those are my keep saying it s no longer in Lana, the pad men? So, first of all, I can't imagine your parents. Will your mother growing up price celebrate Christmas, yeah yeah, but you're dead in it in India? I dont thinks MAX. I don't know I've. Never about! I write all you p quota will leave. They may be. There was banned their credit zone around Christmas has like here. Do you guys do Christmas Eve on Christmas morning morning? You do more yeah and where would you gotta grandma grandpas. Until now I always at our house, and then everyone would we do Christmas morning and then everyone would come two hours later and then we do Christmas, Prob
dinner, yeah our lunch branch. We remember. If ever present, I always get really get prizes. You're, my family oil rich do grandma nurse sixty thousand dollars when she gradual ale. And just said right here to high school here, sixty gray as your family really wildly what no they're, not in my aren't, theatres. They were comfortable, they weren't Well, then, air, lock or middle class. My grandparents saved a lot of money, they came from India and they were very like scared. They lived unlike wrote, a scarcity and how to my grandfather was professor, and so he would get pension. So he they saved a ton of money and then, when I graduated high school wasn't sixty thousand with well, I think it was thirty. My mom thinks it was fifty the fact that its questionable is a problem. They gave me an my brother wasn't like criminals
and put on his right of graduate Highschool. Yet there was that it was just like now's the time we're we're gonna, be giving you money, like people put money in trust or whatever. It was just like. Ok now's the time, but it wasn't, do spend on college. It was just for you to save or whatever you now and you ran through it in her first years and in Hollywood, Growl of admitting it helps me big time, yeah yeah, but present during arise significant present its, whereas I, like things, I might say, knowing I would have a very specific memory and I I don T like vaguely have this memory. Oh ok, so spoiler spoiler, alert. Have kids in your car one as the believed in Santa of these, like flat dino like flat Stanley is actually even the flat Stanley is bizarre. Flash theory is something that you make it at school liking kindergarten and then they give it they they give it to the parents or the kids. When you travel to take pictures,
with monument is I've made out of paper, arrived desirest children story. It was you, I don't know any of this really really. The new read that of Mars and I've taken A hundred pictures, whatever flat Stanley eagerly. Oh all this was just a little cardboard flat characters and then you there was like a little house and you played with that, but I remember Santa bringing back and it was a very big box and I was really excited about that. That's my only one that I remember getting the Michael Jackson. Thriller album It adds excited exciting out of you ass, a documentary I've remain more amazed with two peoples: fuckin bread. Free, Madame hat story- I like wanted to somehow reach out and just go like. Oh my god, I'm enamored by your bravery, yeah. Incredible too, Go on. He ended explicitly now. That's like our men on here all the time. I nonetheless it. I will not give someone a play by play of what happened right of nine illegal, ever tunneling until Christmas. I think
but I think it's a way they did it to heal themselves. Yeah the outer you have two yards crazy and then also that's somehow how it got completely beyond a shadow of doubt to me that these two would have the exact same story like all of his rare things. Them right analogy or, like all exact, his aunt dispute. It right it's crazy. Maybe he's gonna say Mercosur: neighbourhood as Lucy there's one year, where is my mom was a single mom for many years, and she worked really hard on Christmas and I think was the year that I had gotten a bike for the first time and I was probably five or six and she wrapped everything up and up all night doing it as a single moment in them. Morning? When I open my presence, I noticed there wasn't any thing for her and I said you must have been real. Not
this year. I am wearing her damn thing. She said after that time she made sure that she put out gifts from Santa to herself as well. Ass. My other have kids, you think about your single mother. Do all right it's hard to fathom. I think single moms. Our superheroes are really I mean moms indent, like I'm. A working mom and wiping working moms work really really hard. It's like I'm, stressed all the time. I can't even imagine people who don't have any but then I think about oh, what a few not only don't have help, and by that I mean like babysitters, a nanny state care anything to not also have a partner to do it with to be doing everything by yourself, which means you are not to only the breadwinner, but you are the doer of a hundred percent about saying my mother, that is, those are superheroes via goods, as you well know
In the house is relatively clean right, there was food narrow time, but yeah. That's going back to the Christmas thing where she would just like fill the house with presents I'm like how is this possible you're, never home, cuz, you're working all the time and not working you're cooking, not cooking and cleaning a collinear, barely sleeping- and I don't know she was like In fact, in Santa Claus, like was miracle now, when you bought her this house, you butter really beautiful. How, yes, did you coordinate that with a either birthday or a Christmas or any thing? Are you dislike nettle evolve? we are here s. How totally I mean we discussed it. You know and I bought the house. We grew up in the one on the left of it in one of the right of it.
All three down main GEO economic know, it so and honestly, already Iraqi regretted Army daily early again and please share once again the reaction, your mom, I moved her into a kind or an apart little apartment, while is being built right for like a year and a half or whatever was, and this disguised my mother to tee. I had a whole move that bus moment. You know, like a big, reveal all brand new furniture like hopped bottom turnkey pots pans. Everything like a tv show, yeah yeah, I didn't do anything at brain or has it branded furnished branded, but everything it was amazing and she walks in eighteen. Oh, she had won. I write that because she had autism, yeah, yeah area has to ever so. She walks into the house and cheese season. She overwhelm she's crying her eye,
can she walked and she walked in and she put her hand on the couch and that making this up Virginia negotiate about four years nobody's than anything like this. For me and my entire life, if you put your hand because she goes I don't know that I want to pick up a cat s genius what nice comedic timing she has. I wonder if you got your sense of humor from ass, she was Hunner Sattler really ashes, whereas I had the pleasure of knowing her for a wee bit of time here she took a turn but yeah sure
a great woman, soup or funny, and then your job of course was making her laugh. Is our life working sock, raising you five key giant to lighten the load, all the time yeah? I remember this. Scottish just made me realize this delay in my dad left one of the five years older six resource that and some a mom would sit in the dark in the living room. Every single night pitch dark, that's very dramatic to do that and cry cried criteria and so five six result. I would walk into the room every single night and say Mama UK, when you need to know that colleagues may be made aware of this like two months ago, where I am constantly asking people especially scouting, what's wrong. So IRAN are you? Ok, you there is that wild yeah armchair expert. Well it a lucid. You get primed Now I ll go even deeper. Do you think you subconsciously sought out a partner that you thought needed your assistance or your help
yes, you know, I mean I think I sought out other relationships in my life, whether its friends family, coworker, whatever that fulfil that whether its healthier not right. You more lawyer, not that's, not healthy. What I've discovered. In Scotty. What do you do too? Sean that you realise is like reliving your childhood drafting our life members are finally Scotty, so amazing musically does he writes music to just like you day out of hand and composed in prison music, and I'm not. Making this up you put in any movie wow were watching at another.
Hum the moon, the background of the scene, where most people are watching the scene yeah. He will hum note for note at the entire movie is a little rain manage, unlike analyze, cool, it's really. It's kind of free of freaks myself out sometimes and I'll, be sitting there watching and render the danger, why that is gone. That's an order, but is because shown you originally wanted to compose scores from the S s Scotty. Were you pursuing like right out of high school or you'd pursuing music no. I I kind of was out back up in this is no surprise. The first record album that I ever got because I asked for it was seven years old after I sell star wars, the double a
by John Williams, STAR wars. That was my friend and I listened to it and just over and over and what happened was. I fell in love with this composer, his music and every time I see a movie that he did a score, for it was sort of that thing. Where the second time I watched it. Suddenly I'm humming the scene or I'm listening to the score, and I am quoting die log from the movie that have only seen once I was, I mean it. Pretty sad. I mean I've gone out on dates with girls right, you know, sober into the movies that are better, I'm not playing cool pop music on the radio I'm actually playing. Scores day. While I remember I looked back on that now going I was so like a died of a date. I would share girls of the old wait till this part is here the strain
here? They got their dinner. Like will hear the door there. I create an example. These weapons are going to come in like a freight trains. Are you bottled up? They get nine brass instrument that Iraq, those majority. Yes, so I did study music in high school junior high play trumpet play baritone you phone Yemen did all those things, but I went in to college with a real sort of mine for, like I want to make films. I wanna do tv and I wonder music, so I had to pick one and stick with it and I might well maybe the one there safest one out of the three was maybe two goad into television at least there's a lot of things to do in television and that's what I did, but I always wanted
You really dive hard into music theory and all that sort of stuff. So everything I've dine. I've done just through basic studies and whatnot, but I'm such a fan of music that I think there's a part of my brain that is triggered working on music, that it just flows. It comes out and prone tens of purposes. It works. You get into a state young yeah. What's interesting about that is. If I was drawn to something in it was one of those composers like somebody, people start bans because they see a shitty punk rock band and they got all. I could think I could do that and then they try and then they get better and better. But the first thing you want to do is John Goldwyn dozing Whaley, Outsider Lamont, Jim William D, J, J, J Williams. If that's the first thing, that's what you're set out to do bars briefing. I know it is high, but but I do know, J J J Goldsmith, Pay, J, J, Zimmer, gonna go back to one bite yeah. I know
It's true and I'm not gonna lie. I pull a lot of inspiration from him and I I've had few moments here and there to really kind of wholesome inspiration, because up until now I haven't had large opportunities to do some big orchestral things, but once in a while there's something big and You did the history of comedy on CNN the theme for the history of guy that's kind of a big orchestral thing, and I immediately pulled from John Williams theme for amazing stories. I just was one of those themes that has always lingered in my head, even though the series was sort of short lived, and so I had thirty seconds to work with and my partner, and I we just kind of said, you know what that's really a great little capsule of music that he did so it definitely are inspired beacon. You know when we did that we just did unwilling grace at apparent and twenty twenty. We did an. I love Lucy Episode, where which play the characters in this flashback kind of thing and
The date we couldn't licence the actual music, so we are recorded over, went capital records and there was a full twenty peace with thing the hound acting around her I found yeah me: we have We had no sheet music to work with, so we had to actually transposed everything and just kind of listen to it. Ok, with its focus on the horns and right now with these crazy, crazy famous, like the ones I airs and warm players pay four Stevie, Wonderful Collins earth. When in fire I mean you name it, they say they were Michael Jackson's thriller I mean really really crazy. Guy certain somethin gotta be also Scotty. Composed something for baby director. Now forgetting what is worse yet this God is done me so many favours. That's why you're nickname in town as do muso, it's gone, yeah I saw be afraid of the class this one I prepared for that.
Because she said earlier, she was afraid I suggest to you that you give the people what they want and what I was thinking of you of one that you would like all. Thank you. How about you have this appointed a Christian? You have this New York's Mosaics disposal to choose anytime. You want allowed to sing in the house. That is, are you serious, you're so encouraged to sing? That was one of my main complaints about you, the first six years we were together, I'm like why don't you sing all the time? I'm and jokes for free. That's true! I'm not talking about you. You will very much encouraged me to saying you know. I'm one of the cutest things you ever did was early on in our relationship. When I was like nervous to sing around you, you and I was really just built in and out in the shower, and you were saying sing around me, but I was genuinely nervous. You said you know what I want you to do, for my birthday is: learn like an old irish blessing song,
sing it for me, and I never did. I and my many discussions were loose growin up here. You are all learn, one really, Lange my old lover at the grocery store. Snow was falling Christmas stole behind in the frozen I touched. She didn't recognize this maize then arise, flew open. You winter had me and she said we laughed and we could be to occur. Groceries to check out was totalled up and we,
There are lost in our embarrassment as this shouldn't we went to ourselves and drank couldn't find open. We bought a sense back at the Lakers. We drank drank the Tuesday swayed to try to aunt Jane S. Knee then she married her an architect.
How do I save you wouldn't like said she loved, but she did said the years in a friend that her eyes were still is blue, but in those eyes I wasn't sure. If I saw a doubt said, she saw me in the records and Madame must be doing
said the audience was mother trap was when drank a toaster, since we must try to Jane S, drank the tools tat. We used Lange's beer empty tongues. What time? running out of things to gain. Yes to me, as I got out and I want to
for a moment. I was bags. Well that all familiar enough, turn to make my way back, snow, labour law everyone's eyes were young children trying their. I attach honoured that I hope that setting a right next to me I urge ruse bombs go lore. I was unblock all pretty pretty song and under utilised Christmas, it only or I'll
I feel like it's also under utilised all year round songs it could it's really the yacht Rock Christmas themes with some sort of John yeah right is that's. Did I interpret their correctly that they were lovers and then something went wrong. They bumped and Why was this time they were dating in school and secured the saw and its end, and he rode it did Volga work, any road it and he it's a true story. It actually happened to him and he did it comes about old lover, any there things online like he wrote, people wrote him letters asking him if it was true- and you know like either, A kid wrote him a letter. Saying what's the metaphor, the end is the snow turn into rain, because after she's left, everything feels a little. Warmer, because he saw her again and his. He wrote a letter back to the kid saying: yes that actually works
the metaphor and also a reality when she laughed it started terrain, oh what a cards like all sad now prevails. I hope, that a cold of the Athens or I go out to get groceries year like HUN pick up. Some butter are making macaroni and cheese and NGO great I'll, be back in ten minutes and then come back in about four and a half hours increase those where Rihanna go crazy. It's fuckin thing, I'm gettin, groceries or put him in the bags. I see Randy Hammond from eighth grade, so we go out. We grab a couple drinks, then we got a six pack and we pound six beers in the car. That's where I have two factors, but I dont know that he had a lover at the time. Only she didn't wear and lay all he was single and that's. Why don't you noticing her? Maybe ok and I don't know, there's a lot. I like it. I was interpreted. Ok, the let's: what's reverse it, I'm the architect, you ve gone out from butter Han yours was to be ten minutes. You bring offers six and a half hours,
what happened? What look she would like to say she loved the man, but she didn't like to lie she do you know what I mean is often has a lover husband, that's right. You go on. I just bumped into somebody had nine drinks in the car with them and you were great. I don't go to bed, that's what the architect says, today to arm chair ex diffused air we are supported by the number one naming gangster minivans curricular pacifica. As you know, Monica hard this year up to Oregon in the Chrysler, Pacifica can't wake, I'm gonna put those kids and back the throng some movies, with the you connect, the eight or system got the dual tenants. Hd touch greens, builtin games, an apps Blu Ray player: dual html and puts it is a veritable entertainment, lounge back their yeah yeah. What this is just our laws
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as in the high bred model visit Pacifica index dot com to receive a thousand dollar incentive offer on a Pacifica high bred model. That's p, a c I ef. I see a and de ex dot com I often think about how much I dont want to get divorce, but if I got divorced, I'm like I could be so happy in the studio. I could just live in this box. Stir it be so simple and manage Abuja, nothing to worry about what can break there's nothing in everything's ory broke. It's too late. Now accept your soul. Ok Monica favorite Christmas movie, girl alone. I'm learning reason a particular just love at its grand just I love it. Scotty I mean it's star wars.
Dad I say it's nice Christmas is plain strains on Obiang having yeah holiday, that Movie John Candy Water, fuckin, sweetie pie. John Hays favour Christmas, Bob, it's not Christmas at all, but we watch it every year, Christmas as amended. Oh yeah, you love thou earlier, but you know at Moravian. My went back stage after it's only a play, which was that play that start. Nathan, Lane and Megan Mullally and Matthew, Broderick and then Marty Short took over for Nathan's and that's when I saw it and after Abraham was in it right. So I went backstage to say: hi to Matthew is a friend, Matthew, Broderick and Martin Short. As a good friend, and I said
Oh my god. Can you introduce me to F to F Wherewithal, Boring Murray Abraham, so you know I've. I'm like like freaking out as one that asks for blinks alley. Armenia was amazing and it like he was such a huge part of my childhood right and that movie- and so I went up to him and I was like Marty Justice and as I can I just want to say you know, I'm a Amadeus, any start makers. Dont tell me it made you wanna, be an. Actor. Oh, my goodness, no desire like you in the movie bird, he was now busy with still or do we he still workin lie. I got the idea he was the guy that read all the sides during the autumn,
yeah, oh real, and they they gave the part only Harrison forward as HANS Solo. He read all the sides, while everybody else audition right and he was so good at the has been a wide, then happened Harrison for years and more result, no a carpenter on the right right at the store. Yeah yeah. You watch a lot of the auditions four star wars and such. Happened. Tim Simons Unviable, Many areas was the assistant in the casting and he was the reader realities. Stories that all actors like are desperately hoping for never happened, but I guess it's happened three times in a big way: Genoa, manager, river, grocers movie, I'm ok come on Christmas day, although I believe we should watch that on eleven March. That's it we're gonna three Griswold Bend over I'll show. You say you got out and taught you got a lot of nerve. Talking to me like that, I was talking to you. Ass.
Okay, that's great, I'm going to go with bad Santa, although it is Christmas vacation, but you already picked that so I'm going to go bad Santa, really funny David favorite Christmas movie. Nice said I would home alone John Williams, Sore makes them Romania die hard for sure another counter. Intuitive one is gremlins. I love also, it has arc light around Christmas. Sometimes Maybe we can show the girls gremlins absolutely not. It is a very vicious yeah. That's W Don't wait. You're probably say fatal attraction they have raised against. You showed raiders were the last arc. We had the weirdest experience so one weekend where interface now we're there six and about to be five and we're like an old enough for eighties movies and inward hitter miss you know it's the role that I so we show them. Indiana Jones
wow Delta loves. It wait the first, a writer and, like everyone else here, as I will say, we did fast forward through the face melting part, the vase multi bar in Guy getting hit with the propeller by the airplane. The bald guy yeah, but here is it Wheezy Blug spent. I know you don't see the thing, that's so wait. I can't believe they want, will Delta loved it Lincoln hated it and was terrified than following weaken. We showed them e t yeah. Delta was terrified of GDP. That is all too easy, we're not allowed to say GDP that even a rattle say genes. He thinks he's hiding in this stuff Dan malls and stop don't talk about g g or she watched the hormone residues in an hour issues in an hour and share the covers over her face ass. She does did not like his face. She did not feel his viable. You know that's one of the reasons we talk about having this at nausea. Cars is run. Having kids the main reasons why we wanted to have them still have an excuse to watch movies over again
believe me were there and its worth some of em up and some of them don't like we watched honey. I shrunk the kids, it was great home alone. A home alone are all hold out. All the back. The futures are back in, the future is held up. The uncle Bob did not hold it was really sad- it was no, it was kind of a little bit of snow. The there were moments that were great, but it didn't hold up like I thought, because when I thought of uncle boxes We gotta shown them and so great, but also the new showed them Pyrenees, all that when they were used, Misfire I thought play Alarmin would be an amazing for that. No, why does I love it around a or something in it Now, if it all eyes, it's a little scary, it's like a funhouse and now my as an adult. I understand that they give you what he easy as an adult these are key. I also I haven't seen it Roger. I really can view very confused
We have just had an aids by bad, yet right now now it appears that he might have a mental ok like he's mentally chain. Are, you all know, is the Lee and then I must or laugh are you are you? No one knows now homage to gigantic John, whose fan lights. While you go ass, all of it all shot around where I lived in up near where we grab a so, we were unlike lifts to John, whose marathon, whenever, of course, various pillars like it will hold up until the end of the but pretty pink that you haven't got me all your watch. You going I'm like woke him. Waiting for some story beat that I can hook into a lot happens
but I still love it because I went out and yeah just from a story point in all that, but you know it would. It has occurred to me now. Is that so many those movies where the introduction of a music genre? So, that had psychedelic furs yet ready and painting I am was in and so. Do you like separate, like part of the fun, was discovering that song planchet nano bills? He used book of love ah in various Bueller, used an instrumental of Morrissey or the Smiths song. You usually wow, that's so cool played a play by all laid Barium Academy dry, macadamized Hale, my mama they did. They did a cover of the end of this beautiful instrument and they had their oboe Wabi while favour Christmas movie Christmas vacation. But since-
can a Christmas story I'll grab classic it's a standard. Yes, the Christmas story of Christmas store. I'm gonna say this thing: recreations tyrant movies did a move. The bucket last Ray shirts outline of the great sir, and so on that waiting on the wireless scene was getting letters me, Jack Nicholson and Morgan, Freeman and Craig Satan is a good friend and Robert we're just kind of all sitting around waiting for them to light a scene, waiting for them to put the greens. Rina, YAP totally share the same right first, via called jangling assent and more frequent. My two captains, Morgan CAP Jack worthy in that light, did you do what you finding any purchase with your comments that the very for my very first day I shot and badly? They took the windshield out and was just me in the front seat. My very first I mean the front seat and jack and more in the back Morgan's kind of running his lines and checks listening to his earpiece, the other guy tongue tomb, and they were so both lovely, wonderful kind,
some men to me, but it's my first day. You know you have a joke in your hand, you like, should I do it's not as if we were like, I could bond with them, so Professor Santa Oil, we're gonna get out of here, I'm gonna get fired, so I turned around and I go hey. Maybe one day when you're successful, you can see the fraud they them. Let me now I got them. Bali, neither of them even heard you but but now I am sure you are like distract then like it was a week or two or three weeks later, I'm a guy more rapidly, so ice. We while their lining the scene and I go hey. Let's sit around and play a game, let's say our first. You have, name, a movie, your embarrassed to say you ve met her saying. Oh ok, regulatory area. First, I've never seen the godfather, and that was
the game, because for the next half an hour, every crew guy everything a present we're going to do with the vote. You know what he would do you get off work in say. What's so, I never heard any of its. But I've never seen a Christmas story is my point. My we promise me tonight when you get home. Maybe why tat is yeah for now, and that is definitely holds its fernando your garage now, just really quick about being who you and I are. What is. I must get these peoples tension and approval or the same percy I went away. I think people are either drawn to me because I am that guy was just constantly running on anxiety, twenty four hours a day or I'm the deck guy that people dont like because emollient anxieties when rising so such a turn off to people, but
but Heaven help the waiter that you and I have when we go out to lunch that get more weight and step up and we're like than ten at the top and pain like went on and on and on land lobby. But Jones, getting back story he's fighting. So how long have you been here? Yeah while there was with the everyday service, but I, like you, I am I'm as interesting people as you are except this crap. You have one more the oven and other following our memories. We will listening to the radio in the car and there was a Elvis song. I and I, you, which is rare. I download more alone. I like your face, consorts and are really keen where aids
I'm sitting unless it is hard for me to stare at what did you want to know what you need? Have no israeli professionals with oil like the way he has three, When is diaphragm on something happening, medically couldn't talk it's more his face than is diaphragm Morocco has the greatest man s body Mozilla, again see apologised to stop Greece is the greatest risk areas. I am sincerely Sonia you're tryin really hard noon, I'm not mad, and I may one far noise. I thought my analyst editing gonna. I apologise in our resolution that ok, ready
right around the great mystery. The Christmas party. Have we been messed around again see dries disarmed. Ragged around the great dream degrees spare ring and they came and immune to him you mean you why's that around a grace Why
what I would like finally noises our problem. You know what I know it's wrong about daddy ongoing when it is used, oh sorry, What is showing? How should we learned this plain? Monica gonna ruin skirts things, while holding I was not a good steward of this group. We ever Barcelona Christmas. Anyone, what about Thanksgiving, have ever been alone Thanksgiving plant on another day with a gale, the These are the key. I want to do a full progress of your dating history Y know, and it is it's a what when you are on these dates. What's the mental racket going on, I mean it.
Hold the line by line, keep playing the role you all that stuff. You know my gaia, that is a very, very specific version of compartmentalization yeah? I mean it's it's hard for any me. No KEDO gape person, you know who's not out in and tried to play the role and also deep down, not disappointing people right as they now that people pleaser kind of resent, but also as an only child. You know I had that perfect child complex thing that I had do can work through, even in my not life in every single day. Like two, I we add. As about all the time I got. The thing that I still have to get used to even at this age is not worrying about taking care of other people's feelings of comfortable ness about right right as I will, you know, we don't hold and we don't do things and you know like it at the stoplight. If some keep summit can see in our car window with to keep holding hands ever stop holding hands because it makes
Them feel rag, weird or internet. So I have two still learn how to stop taking care of other people's feelings. For that yet also just conditioning the Wayback grew up in the eightys and Ninetys and all that sort of stuff, and it was so you know, the thing you didn't do was show your sexuality, If you were gay but yeah, we try to fight that. In what I've met your father and he is good- probably smiling the biggest at your way so clearly very accepting and everything but both that of that I am a Terry world. Your living, the I feel like its compounded the act as a child. It totally is totally as in everybody's, got those little poles in the ground that they have to hit when you're kind of living. Life and mine was going to go to the Naval Academy and therefore the Naval Academy, I'm going to do this and that the other end and when you're not hitting those flag markers, then you know you're, like a turd
supporting people and then, when you are on these dates, I'm wondering were you thinking, I'm just gonna. Do this like obligatory date, so it appears that I'm on the scene and in pursuit of it or were you actually like now gonna- have to walk the whole walk in like be with a girl. I think it was chiefly just kick through the date, you know what I mean yeah getting through it, you know. Did I walk her to the house that I want you to open the door for her. You know all those kinds of gentlemanly things and it wasn't about anything. Above and beyond that I was just trying to be. You know a nice I guess what I wonder is it was your long term game plan. Oh at some point, I'm gonna have to get married and fake it right, or was it I'm just going to act like I'm trying to find someone and I'll just never find someone? I think that's probably the the course right back when yeah it was just
that didn't work out that I didn't find. The right girl right is always that it was always that in Sean did you have a who did you day, girls ever won in college for two seconds two seconds yeah just to be like I was just scanner dating yeah. They write your own house, but no one in camp at music camp. When I was like fifteen years old I went with member quotes, went with Mary Beth Rizzo. Oh we cast in that was like edges.
And yet it turn your badge upside down, which meant you were taken, my family, but I felt uncomfortable. The whole thing is about filling the lie, but I went through all of that to kissing girls and it's just also just the right, a passage you gotta figure out. What makes you take an army was made out with tons and tons of girls in and then also when on lotta dates, and you have, but it all of it was never. It never lived sort of in my skin that this was the right thing for me, be I tried you know, but I couldn't just tax about something that where feeling like the world is off limits, because when he came out it was later and he can't go two people and slide is phone number or like Hitler when he would want to hit on someone or if he would be attracted to summon the way you could when you were straight, and I never even considered that that, like all this thing that society has about it, that it still like be careful about.
Who you are, which doesn't make any sense, but he talks about feeling like the world is off limits because he has to make sure it's a safe spot that he knows for a fact that person is also gay, and I thought only our set such a heavy load to carry around, and I didn't even consider it. My first, your college. There was one guys apartment that when he would throw party every like Thursday, Friday or something- and it was the same, eight or ten- gay guys, oh really, Australia, and it was like that. Was it you into that party? I ok but but it was like that's you, the head on only since we are all in one room, all eighty, you all the eligible yeah. Right mean right and ending up in the new start. Isn't it is not just like your experience being gay? It's just. Doesn't it ever mad new demands myself that, like so much of my current life, is still predicted by six years of my life, like five years old, to allow
in yours old, I'm still all my programming, even within a wireless of it. I know that we're all that, like the notion he has, that you guys would be in the car and would even cross your mind like our holy hands. A guy can see now like that. It's been decade since you really needed to think that I, Still think it I know you do and I'm just saying, isn't it an incredibly how how profound those early experiences are you act like you, can't shake them the rest of your life, all right right right right right, I mean that's the work, that's in the work that you're doing right, I will do all that negative yeah. Yesterday we just walk down large mind right large out here, you land. We help hence the verse now is the gravest Hannah go in earnest you never seen in earth has I feel like I'm going to plough through it. Turning to get through it. We have to be ok with it. On the outside to me, yet it seems like how could you guys be nervous about that? But, of course you because people get beat up and killing we're still even an enlightening pleasant bollywood,
you know how to get my so gay bashing, not every week but yeah. In a man's out my beautiful sister and then not again, all roads led back to frozen to, but the Euro fully Christmas album right now, that's out and she row it's fantastic railways on the broader joy yet and she wrote a song specifically about this, about people who either the holidays alone or don't feel welcome when coming here? to a holiday experience in its called at this table, and it's like at this table. Every one is wealth I just heard, but on an early really beautiful any ass, she CO wrote it in its awesome, its grey or love. That's on ogre mama, I'm just praying. You have one more renewed, ok, maybe it's much too early and they gave
But I ask you justice, what're, you do New Z. Wonder whose swill wholly couldn t exactly Coming in maybe I'm crazy supply though one huge
and in a burning stand a little here comes the jackpot question in Do you choose during these last stand, one little chap now comes the jackpot. Clash what're. You do z.
I love my cup of hot, I mean I, I rarely here you in party or voice where it's kind of smoking insult It's a damn, nice. I dont think I feel very comfortable down there, so I dont do it often aids stain the Disney Princess Register, now, it sounded on me at the deep here. If you are minors God bless you honey, you really deliver. Tonight's. We enough rise, your very on top of all the things you listed about the good looks in the communication on the dramatic jobs. The singing also number one consistent take one of directed this: Take one half imperfect tell on one Kristen apparent. What was it for Scotty, honest, take nine phemius, allergy ideology, gotta, we'll guys merry Christmas, every
merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and all of that I feel very, very, very lucky of other many gifts. We have in life, I'm not being saccharine or cheesy. When I say friendship, friendship, friendship, the people you're with who gives a fuck if you're, not with people. You love in your friends with, and you love and you respect in. You feel that they challenge you and make you rise to be a better person. All these people in my life, I'm so so grateful for and you guys are cool a pillar of that's likewise, we love you guys and thank you for including a thing in your garage, EVA. Thank you. So much dangling lobby was thank you Monica. I love you so much. Yeah. Well, everyone was living houses and monitor. Our
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