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Holiday Spectacular 2020

2020-12-21 | 🔗
Join us for our annual holiday party featuring remote guests Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., Emmy Raver-Lampman, Bob Mervak and Kristen Bell.
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third joined, of course, by the maximum mouse Monica pad Man and Of course it wouldn't be a Christmas special without her Chris, The nanny bow welcome to the programme. Thank you for having me always prison. We haven't had you on this year, yeah. Will you guys have been booked solid? What I have seen on the family calendar year, you have another Bayliss out. You have this year, which lucky for us. It has been one of the major joys of my ear to watch you to come home, so excited about the people that you weren't even reaching out to any more Monica that we're just reaching out to you guys some heavy Hatteras big time. You guys had some amazing people on this year and to see the two most important people in my life seen not lay their dreams realized, especially for both of you, I know, are like hard worker is part of it,
core values to see you manifested it. It was a part of this year, that I will look back upon fondly amidst a year where it was kind of a garbage fire But what are you too have accomplished and put out into the world, as a Mamma has made me so very proud that it was certainly a thing is refer both was exceeded any wish. I had this you for you, I think as a good lesson, because before this year we were pretty adamant about never doing a remote interview. The people had asked. If we would, we said no but we learned that we should just be flexible, because we done remote interviews all year and they ve been some of our favorites yeah. It was learning curve. I think we kind of got their working out like when people can talk. When You can talk the hall it all, but its aid us we were so lucky to Be- Oh, do our job in quarantine, what a huge gift we
We are going to celebrate our first Christmas in our new house. We think per We hope it seems possible. You know what I've learned this year. Construction takes up, sometime like cement when you put cement somewhere over, you got to bring it from somewhere, okay got to make it wet go, and then you got to make it dry and those things take a long time. So if the driveway is ever finished, you sure I think we'll live here, You learn that this year you learn that last year, the year before that and perhaps the year before, that it's been a long curve for me to learn that, but for yeah for yeah. Well, we ve been recorded in the guest attic above the garage of the. so we ve never lived in for three years almost three years now, but we do. Christmas trees in there. Would you like we share the twenty twenty Christmas tree grab story. Why? oh sure, yeah. What have what a disaster dying? If pepper in some detail-
Keep me on us a keep me on it: yeah yeah. So, generally speaking, going to get that Christmas tree is a well worn tradition. We always have fun. We love it when the best knights in here absolutely and then in keeping with this year, we got in the truck went over to home depot. They had rooted all the trafficking a one lane situation as there was a semi truck parked in the other lane, and I let you out to go, purchased the trees so that we would be at the front line by the time they were perches and a bit of a context. We were getting an post, a discussion needed to happen about prioritizing each other, mainly from you to me. where we were. There was like a tiny bit of ten chin. What are you left? That's the judges of only one, no meaning you gotta get your priorities straight and I was like understood. There was a tiny bit of tension there. We will come back, we were coming back and that's fine. We do that all the time. It's an ebb and flow into marriage and we get in the car
end. The home Debo Parking was what it was. Not one lane like sort elegant, a pickup line and I didn't bring my purse cause pump depots very close to us and we had our mouse or that's what I didn't bring my wallet or anything in my purse. So use a go pick out the two Christmas trees. You want in the parking lot I'll get in the drive through line, and I said oh shoot, Edinburgh or purse. Can I use your mass great, so I take the one mask put it on go pick up the Christmas trees. Then I give you my credit card and I take access credit card, yeah. Now I'm in the Christmas tree line. Looking at these gorgeous Christmas trees- and I hear what you before we appoint going, tells them baby steps before what yeah. So someone tried to go down wrong way of the one lain. There was not room in this woman draw over an enormous curb where there's planted.
item. So I should not be there. A car should not be there now and now the cars precariously on top of this curb and she's beeping yelling at all of us that are in this line to everyone go in reverse, which is simply not possible home depot, and I'm telling her very nicely at first you, you got a bag up there's. No. This is one way now She did not want to do that. Then. She starts didn't help that we were driving. The biggest track that you have like he was alone or yeah yeah, our Oda drug policy, nor you borrowed this truck and we were like. Oh that's perfect before we give it back and was up into experts before we go back. Let's you use it for the Christmas tree, but it was like raised What's it amounts to a huge amount of all power wagon. It is but other power wagon random people have had come to conclusions. I mean I have about someone who's driving a monster track down ministry like oh, that might be a certainty
a person and again that's a reminder not to do that. So I was very, very nice a bunch of times and then she kept moving your car fortitude again precariously on the median. So my fear is that she's gonna get one we'll over and then just blast right inside the truck so in against not my truck. If it was my own troika feel you be a little less worried about it, but then I got out and very kindly said: you're gonna have to go backwards. She rather hurt yelling at me ball, so I back in the truck, and I say: ok, I'm me a variable an equation. That's got to change tat. She is not under, I start backing Someone else starts backing up another person and then I try to get So maybe she'll come off the thing and, as I am doing this, she starts clapping out the window and a very and taken his wife here, you're you're missing the bulk of our aim in so, let's cut back that set the scene back in the Christmas tree, I'll gorgeous smells like pine you'd love dog little, my only started at the clapping I have brought you write to the yelling. Ok got it so I start hearing screaming
and I hear funny enough my husband's voice and another voice, and I'm like. Oh ok. And then my immediate thought was. I can control myself. He can to every once. I need him in a mask, I'm shooting right now. I need him in a mask if he is going to be speaking to another human being that is outside of our pod. I need him to be a mask, so I dropped Chris you have got my hands. I run The home depot parking lot, I'm like he's trying to handle the mask, but I get there right as the scene was dwindling and the fighting had subsided and both members were getting in their car and yes to be honest and I'm a person that usually will accept, the other person side and go well honey. She just was trying to x Y see
It was asking to go down the wrong way in a one way lane and make a bunch of other cars that we're sure able line, that's crazy and then, as I was trying to accommodate right, she then put your hands at the window starts clapping. Oh, you could do it she's yelling at me, Bala and then she starts to go forward. She still not ready, go for it, so she starts coming for. Eighteen does they're coming up the thing in she just barely this is hitting the truck That's when I was like you got a fucking start moving your car and let me died when the work done at Vienna respect. There is a dumb ass, a man you, let's cut to the bee. Sillery line of this Christmas horror, films, happening simultaneously to this bold children have removed their seats There are in a wrestling match on the front seat of the truck, while all this other stuff is how they're so into wrestling right and one of em kicks the real mere. Unlike trying to look out the window, this woman is about to hit me in the kids, are kicking items inside the truck and it's all
the other just too much for me at that point. So when I find, we get around this gale. I say to the kids: and I asked them ten times. Please stay in the back seat. Please stop fighting the truck. Please please, please, please, please, and then I tell them. I'm gonna sit outside the truck because you would ever you want the truck, but it's too much for me. I'm gonna sit up from the palace Fair try to remove myself from stressful situation, get out from the tree now. The windows are down Now they're, both hang out the window there screaming at now, deltas hurt now dealt screaming and crying now Lincoln, so you gotta get anywhere. The chaise hard and I'm saying too bad to allergies are one of the opens the door into another car coming up. Just stand a car, I come back. hey to take. If we get to Christmas tree, your own mind super excited about it. I'm walking back to the car. I see my husband hot faced trying to calm down, which is what you should have done outside the car. I was
for every one inside the jack. If I stay, girls are banging on the windows foggy, nor now aren't screaming crying when they get mad at me in they scream. I hear you mom. They run their bedroom right, but they dont and understand that adults need to do that to that privacy is really important when you're feeling heated so, unlike, oh, ok, we go. So I get in the truck first hear them out, they have a lot to say, lad, ravens, lotta grievances about dad how we handle there and then all but they were spoke to me in a violent manner. She knew too Rowan. Violence is over. I am rising frightened vocabulary, but they didn't leave out the attitude of the other driver. You came in to deal with the crisis that has unfolded, be due to the three of us than they were smart, you immediately with my miss behaviour towards the woman. That was the first order of business, but they told truthfully they were like and she was leaning outside her window lapping at daddy and sarcastically smiling, and that was rude and I said: ok, let's start there. That was rude, so daddy was put.
This situation, or was in a situation that made his temper flat, and he was in a situation where he needed some privacy just like when you need to run dear room so calm down and I'm like theirs, to be scared of everybody gets mad, and then we talked a little bit about how you dont need to absorb anyone else's energy if someone around you is mad, you can choose to react to that. Would like oh, this person needs a moment, so we lesson out of the way we go to the house, and I och inside the house. I carried this little planter in from the old house and I set it down and were doing. Tree unload. The girls are currently watching. This show undesigning Channel called Casey under Cover, which is an old and data show, and it's got a lotta mummy, ok Mix in Lincoln, just watch two of Jackie genes can oh yes, there is also an area to consumer confidence is off the charter, so they ve got wrapping paper roles and their weapon each other with it, and it's very vital.
and unlike listen to me, just go in the other room, we're trying to get a hundred and fifty pound Christmas tree in the house there getting on both of our nerves. So much everybody is that attack. Overwhelmed or try to water. The tree the tap stops work going on in the house. Then we are figure that out finally get in the car and you know we drive. The one block back to our house and tax looks at Munich. Goes what a night my credit card back up and I won't- let me just makes me unless you My jackass missing jacket jacket pocket. Maybe I don't have a credit card icing on the cake, and now this is where the content stuff. We had just come off of a discussion about. I need to. Priorities the right things. So the fact that I did not make
contain knowledge of the location of this credit card was comical. Was very call you when I don't care at all know. It was me- and you said: ok, I'm gonna go check at the other house. I said I must have it down in the mayhem of trying to get the girls calmed down. He goes checks the other house, I'm putting the girls too bad. He says I can't find it anywhere and I text him back I am so fucking embarrassed and he said worry about it? It's only a credit card. I said no. This is an indication of my mind, lawlessness and I need to find it. So then I you and I say: can you come over and sit with the girls for ten minutes, because at this point it is eight thirty I work in the morning at six, a m. I am ready to have a coffee and take my a slight out and retrace every step in my heart- and I was gonna- was like a gruesome coffee. I can do this. I will find this card tonight. This I ll not be. Scar on my record again repeatedly, I'm telling you it's totally! Fine! Don't worry is that it is going to hang at the house for a minute and chill
it's about me and then you didn't respond within was watching the crown another room that happen, so I texted Laura was also in our pod. I said I just need you for twenty minutes. Can you come over and sit with the girls as they fall asleep? She came over. I go, I am in all the raw dirt on our new House property where that cement again, which takes a long time, is yet to be laid aim in the garbage can looking through like the tree holder that we got a walk inside and I'm like. I am so sorry we hug, we laugh about it. I'm Terry! I a little bit as blocking out. I look at the planter that I brought on the original trip and sitting right the planter, so I had found it. I said in retrospect what a perfect twenty twenty Christmas tree grab young app very on brand. Very, very I'm brand twenty twenty deliver right away. While it was a very stressful evening. I talked with the girls I was like, even though tonight
felt scary and stressful and we were all crying at one point. We were all sort of yelling at one point we still, I have to maintain how grateful we are because, like you know, Ella has a big homeless population. I said you think if you went to any of those homeless people that live right near our house and said, hey, Who can have this house in these opportunities for work in this loving family? You just gotta deal with one stressful Christmas tree night, of course, they'd say ass, a let still maintain how grateful we are, and now we look at it and we can smile. But well that's yeah. Certainly some of the previous Christmas troops have been forgotten, but I think this one will be lodged in there for a while it'll go down in the books, tat it can, The movie yeah, maybe a well being maybe you're right, a movie about all about her trip, DOM Depot Christmas Humpty about now model. This is a very sad thing for you. This will be your first, I'm not going home for Christmas However, what sad his sad. I was really
nervous at home, my parents, but I decided, I dont, think its appropriate to fly right now. I called them and I was just chatting and then in the middle there mom said you're not coming on for Christmas right and I said no, I don't think so. She kind of let me off the hook, but they also feel the same way. I do they don't why risk. Anything so I'll be here, and that was scary. Just think about waking up by myself in my apartment also arise ruby by yourself. We finally you mean it's sad for your parents, but happy for this set of your California. Now I know I know, but it's your first prison the new House and why nice ever. You guys have now been resolved. Any hill, we'll talk about this off air? No we're gonna know right now, when you're going to commit nothing to solve in front of a million people their lives
an increase was either the house. Ok! Well, that's another table is it was sad and scary, but then I thought well, since I'm gonna be here I'll, get a real Christmas tree there because norm. do artificial cause, I'm normally gone for so long, so I also went to home depot before you guys you planted the seed, you done it the Sunday before we were like we gotta get on yeah I went with Chasse. Just came with me. He helped me torn strong, yes very tall. wrong and brave he'd like to add some eggs so powerfully yes, and our experience was lovely unlike yours. Thus what happens when you don't have children? It can be peaceful. I did have to park nine the parking I was so crowded and I was feeling a little panicky about the amount of people that were at home, deep sure, sure but just an I picked Wanna out he's the Father of my Christmas tree, Father Christmas and
my view. I q boy helped put the tree on top of my car, and we are both very excited about, and it is something that he helped me. He put it on the lights on and it was special. It was something I wouldn't have normally been able to experience, but It was again indicative of this year and hopefully will start or experience has hopefully next Christmas you'll be at your house. I really hope that I'm gonna get two trees get three. I wanna get sixty one for every rail link. Wait well again because of zoom in that kind of how we ve shift gears here. We're gonna get to check in on this holiday episode with some incredible Oh yeah christen help set up all the knees, delicious people- I didn't mean it for it to be a central park reunion, but it sort of ended.
being a central priority, while my knowledge, it even think about again because we're all close as friends the reason that just started the showy tucked all of our friends and was like, can we get together so yeah? I got no idea. No promissory goes in and we all exactly Awayward. Well, I've got a job. Ass GAD, Emmi, Raver landmine, both Leslie Odom Junior, show Leslie made time and are in the House musical genius, the Minister of Soul, Bob Merv, my gosh, I'm so excited to hear bar. And then the resident female singer on arms exports, Christine Bell, try we got lucky. I have some surprises, who love surprises capacity, especially Christmas, surprise. Neither the best kind, Well, I think we should get started and hop on the zoom with all job GAD whenever favour guess
Josh GAD? First of all, thank you so much for being a part of our Christmas special horse. I've told you many times in one of my very top guess we ve ever had what a blast we had. Would you agree? I would agree that I was one of your basket again, but I would say that, no matter what side on no sample size, the small for me, then I think its unanimous Yeah, it was unanimous in the Gatt Household that this was the best one that you ve ever done, that we listen now. Can I just ask you for some color commentary, your orange forms red? Why you're jewish? To my understanding? Yes to the best of both of our understanding. I was born at you, but I married a cat flick. I wanted to introduce a little space in my life and celebrate Santa Claus which felt spicy as a child. in Florida. Did you guys celebrated? You beg your pay
It's like you know what I get it. I don't wanna be disrespectful. Let's get a fuckin tree up in here, yeah! Well, you know at a certain point, you just get tired of chinese food. You just gets that really only form of celebration and Christmas the other kids in the neighborhood, with Christmas trees and you're having a general sounds in your like. This doesn't feel like a Christmas meal. This feels very soon terrific. But let's watch this memory. As I recall when you had your dream, a yak general sounds was on. I was thinking MAC while very good memory. Also great show notes, can we have a list of the transcript in front of us yeah and I do love General TSO's, but Christmas doesn't feel like a general TSO's night feels like a night of like brisket and like you
Christmassy Foods. I also really just missed not having a Christmas tree. I love this spirit of Christmas. I'm a very christmassy guy, like my general disposition, is one of like I could be Chris Gringo. If I was slight, every and had a wider beard. If I had to recast a remake of else, I would absolutely castle you'd, be my earth. Stop If I was really director- and I had a dream cast choice for a reboot of ALF you'd, be what you guys think about that hundred percent. That's very sweet! I feeling will farewells not gonna like this episode, but it's ok I don't feel like he only light as it. Maybe he only listens to is actually of armchair while there is that and then of course, do you watch on that six, the young movies that made us those little doubt all my god. I love that SIRI so much there's one. I was watching wiles lifting weights in beautifying my body this morning about ALF. They ve done one on elf. Have they?
haven't seen it? Ok, What you realize is like, oh wow, that was seventeen years ago. Those two thousand and three it was in the movie, holds up so well. You know what else I just showed. My kids, with which I forgot is slightly enough, three it, but I showed them Christmas vacation. Ah, it's the very best Christmas movie of eight rang, or how can we do that, and I heard the best Christmas movies of all time. Well, there's inappropriate parts like just language in the part where he's daydreaming about her getting naked and jumping swimming pool, raised a lot of questions from my daughter's either you're, going to say uncle eddies very pronounced package in the grocery store when thereby also another he's got a foot of long in those type pan. Oh yeah, Oh good, all Randy Wage long. We want you with our kids, without any ethical issues for better or worse, but I am always waiting for one of them to balls. I that enormous long like it's an eye catcher it is, it is factually keep ass,
We need to show them now vacation in european vacation. I feel like that. I shouldn't. Do you re like that, would be an know what age where you and you saw vacation you have to be very. I was younger than that, but might heads were assholes whoa go! Look at you a family man you're good human being your wealthy. Heaven forbid they follow in your footsteps. Well, that's true that sure there generational disconnect and I have- and I think it's because we didn't have these things readily available to us in the same way that our kids now so there's a lot more. Like decision maker, that goes in because we know that every things at their disposal, but when we were growing up do, They feel like our parents, weren't very these you they will take you to blockbuster. Nay, would basically wait for you to pick whenever you pig and it was a much in the way of like vetting what you were. At least my parents didn't they're. Just like you
oh, take whatever you want to watch what is a godfather trilogy, great o, alien gray. This is great for six years what value to say, and I know for a context. I know Dax is actually going to use this as a pro for his argument, but his arguments coming from a man who was taken to see scarface in the movie theatres at five years old, yes that change of scene is so a memorable when five you know it would be. I would be my brother and I got to go to blockbuster. We rented sclusively eighties gang films, and I mean like street gangs, like spite with chains and shovels, yea dead, guys dragging guys behind motorcycles in the am. I did not seem to care at all about that. I had to older brothers so They really introduced me to like accidently or not. They introduced me to a lot of we'll be set, I probably I remember seeing nightmare on ELM three. When I was six years old, I walked into our guy
and in my brothers, in their high school friends, we're all gathered around the tv and is that crazy bus sequence sets the movie- and I remember vividly and I also remember, sleeping in my parents room for the next year. Vividly ah ha did they ever such poor knows and you'd come in the room and they are about errant, no known. I assume they did you're older per other all the time. You're older brothers, yes ice. A pornography at a very early early age, actually shouldn't say, discusses gonna, Areas might folks, but I remember finding a copy of the joys of sex I'll catch reveals very christmassy Ojo yeah well cause of the word joy than ever. Were that reminds me of the Christmas season. It was traumatic. I didn't know what I was watching: alchemists just oh yeah, I just looked it looked like a lot of people were heard. each other with parts of didn't know word for this right right, let's appendage of actions. What should we do?
and singing some Christmas. Some! Yes, I a thing I feel very intimidate. Why aren't you national singer, say or, unlike your wife, unlike a fake singer, she's like allege a great sin. Unless the items again are you. There was yet fair, Johnny, the great legit singer. I'm terror Can I counteract you're, your insecurities rockwork yeah course dealing Bob was stellar singer you think meal young was stellar singer. I think interesting as Bob Dealings Bob Dylan Abstract were in Europe from alternating George, that's my point. Merry Christmas does have to vote. living things and doesn't help support my statement. Health. It makes me more scared. Now, listen to me. There are people who have a character and who have a town and who have a fingerprint, is obvious. Is yours and its intoxicating? Ok, here we over here we go, then I'm a senior Christmas sound. Oh my god,
The answer my friend is blowing. The wind blew answer is blowing in the wind. Oh, my God has B. I could hear the Peter patter of reindeer, as I could hear the bitter patter of Bob Dylan lawsuit my front door. Ok, I think to have your listeners listen to something someone sound, so dissonant, is a good reminder that Christmas isn't always perfect, that's a great message to go into. It lowers expectations and you sure to be delighted on the big day yeah we can. I make a special Christmas request, Do you remember any of what are your Christmas traditions from Olaf's tv movie want me to do the Olaf Christmas I mean I want, because I've been thinking about that for so long. Yes I'll. Do that and let me just look at the lyrics: ok ready one too
three happy Mary, highly Jolly seasons greetings here. I'm wondering what Your family does at that time of year. Loving joy, some very thin tidings of good cheer. Do you have tradition things for that time of year? When we, anger, a of evergreen on every single doorway Baker, giant cookie in the shape wavy shape of Norway go from door to door to door while singing and acquire hang up all your giants. above an open fire here, yeah so safe? so happy Mary you'll, take care of faithful friends, our dear thing for hearing what you do at that time of year to get a move on, forgetting it every as in the kingdom, I give you more than I guess you're at once from you, while looking at your cousin, I like nothing more when I see all lovers voice coming out of your face, you legume having more than hearing just a broken:
this by the way, my voices for shit right now, because last night Kristen, I didn't Goonies table reed we're I was playing Slav and screaming almost extra, nothing left to give you VE, seen since the movie, you put the mask and he turned his chair out anyway, when there was large ankles were what's his catchphrase, you laugh tat, I love them. stay too? If you dare we are supported by Numa. Think that everything you ve, I learned about getting healthy there's a lot of trajectory information out there in things like that old fashioned food pyramid aren't much up. I remember in eighteen, eighty five I went on a fat free die.
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five: six, seven hundred o Hanukkah, let's light the menorah, let's have applied. We'll all dancer gather around. The team will give you a tree. Trade want to play with them, LAD, Kirsty, IE and well. We are playing. Candles are burning low one for each. they share a sweet, lied to remind us of days long ago, one for each night they shared is sweet, lie to remind us of days longer, go yeah oh a let's! That's like menorah! Let's have a party will dance the Hora.
Around the day we are trying to play with their land. While we play the candles are being Lou one for each night. We lied to remind us all day long ago, one for each night. They share a sweet lie to remind us of days. Lou allow it's a sinister song. Would you agree? I mean there's the shit out of me, those candles or get low. My interpretation of it certainly would give you that impression.
I just imagine a really sweet jewish family with three or four children on the ground, just kind of shivering and scared, yea, usually sung by children, which makes it I think less volatile, and when I sing it I think it sounded much more hostile than it was and why I imagine like PAN Tara play Map or something Yes, Chris was mad. It feels racket that feels re end like You mean to give you the younger listeners casino, you have many children who listen to your a contract with a national daycare. Centers Sunday me stung him. I had all day, but not with the largest hun that at if you put some like just base behind that, we can actually have a really cool. I agree
Does your show get to make money off of it if it works, yeah well on all the rights, and that was agreed to just now and then had now a tape of it? It's a real boner. Now let me ask you're really question everything Dax so grateful you joined us What are your holiday plants? Well, we're thinking about spending some time in the house. I haven't had an opportunity to Billy I'll just sit in the house and think about life, and you know be together other round the couch witches, as happened with only done for the last hundred twenty two days. the job but were actually thinking about taking a safe trip to you, tar and staying at a friends house out there in our pod and may be letting the kids playing some snow. It has been a bit of a cyclical year and we, I just give them a little bit of a change, we're thinking about that. I will have to leave for London Sing song
Wanna do like one less hurrah! Well, if you don't have cabin fever at this point, then I think that would be a signal that Europe Goro Phobic made. yeah. No. I think it would, of course, and just made of scared, look cause. I guess we're learning. Now she doesn't have cabin fever. I mean are obviously the worlds in May Heaven there's a lot of things that are bad, but I would be lying if I said I hated staying here all the time I be lying, I just kind like love the calm, five and my tribes always close. You know what what I relate to and what you just said. I do enjoy the fact that we as a society have had a chance to just pause for a second. There is a lot of going. non stop. I didn't even realize it until this and it's not easy right now for a lot of people right. It's really hard loss of work. Loss of income meetings are not light.
Are not to be taken lightly. The one silver lining, though it may be, only come out of this on the other end It's a reminder that there is a beauty to the stillness. There isn't a joy in just being right in just sitting in just embracing family and just like having that sort of nineteen. Fifty nuclear kind of family closeness, where you can watch a movie together where you can just sit in bed together and play games and other it's something that I've taken for granted. Maybe it was just me, but that's been, one silver lining I've gotten out of this, I concur. I concur, I think very much. We will look back on this year. That's challenging right now as like this amazing gift for the family, yeah yeah yeah or they complete destruction of the family. it. One above both ways. Yeah Nora, there's also a possibility that my kids kill me in my sleep because they found my vulnerabilities and weakness of because we ve spent.
How much time together we'll Georgi. We love you marry merry Christmas hot air. Happy aren't gonna get happy Kwanzaa. Love you guys so much, and I am so grateful that you asked me to share this celebration with you. I can't wait to see the residuals on the or Hanukkah Hanukkah. Take that I did tonight. I think it's gonna go platinum, And really break the internet were long and say as start shop and for jets yeah guy. It feels like something that come out of it. I think it can be a lot bigger than any of the frozen stuff. I do to be I do too and if the frozen stuff didn't get me a jet I'm gonna go Hanukkah arm. Chair covers this is certain to yeah. It's just math Josh, it's just Christmas, math, TAT, simple arithmetic, well. We love you two pieces of you have a wonderful holiday with your family and a happy new year
apply new year, love you special. Now we are very lucky we like to recognize it often. I hope it doesn't get annoying our sunlike, false humility, but we ve been really lucky in this whole ear of quarantine because we have jobs that were able to do and still get fulfilled. Mama even launched your own seventy line. I did did we I've been working on it for two years and then right when the pain indicate we were like. Can we still do it and we did all the happy dance? Nobody needs it more That is why, as I said, I was like we can't stop now. Doesn't matters we launched did a couple months ago and it is very high quality, full spectrum cd and we have three products about body. Ocean oil, which is cocoanut whale and C B, which I used to take my make up. I really am women loving in you. Take your make up off with oil like your
and make I don't I should. I remember when I was little my mommy's to take it off with like John soon January by oil, and it occurred to me that I have just been using things that were labelled. I make up remover, which theirs bad about that. But happy dance was about. You know doing something really. Good was c b d, which I now depend on it love it and was I why care is taken up with this? How can I own? I love my egg and I've been using to get some stains off my penis, their oil, the stains you re a rubber stains off. My arguments used the cocoanut. Knowing where did the saints come? Yeah you're you're chinese there I was making a euphemism for masturbating with your cocoanut here for say no. I made it up just now, yeah degree. I rather a lot of things. I must say fair enough fair enough. Well, yeah their wonderful inhabitants has been so much fun and I really enjoyed it. We also the bath bomb, which I think is very apropos for twenty twenty. If you need a deed, oxygen battles have also happy that gives a purse
Don T, oh yeah, to Susan, Bert Susan Brownlee, shall you guys had on and she runs an organization called a new way of life, which is amazing. I hosted their gala this year and I'm so impressed with her. I read your book and she lives in downtown and she was in another prison and at one point she was like a guy get gets soberer. She did. She said: why aren't these resources available for the people in my community and she's a start picking up woman that we're getting led out of prison. Yes and saying you want live at me when I get your life back on track cut to it works she's got ten houses full of women. I think now she's got about two hundred women under her wing and its helping with job training and all the things that are askew When you are formerly incarcerated and Chubbs him get their kids back, so every endeavour, I feel it needs to have a purpose more than just something fun, so we giving one per cent of all our profits to her and that's kind of why I really want happy chance to succeed and be big so that she can be a sort of funded forever
that was one of our most powerful episodes this year. I think for me, I've. Never like more of a piece of shit, which is always like my highest praise. I can give us, I M doing nothing in life, how generous woman is and how effective she is. I don't want to solve this beautiful moment, but if you guys were to come out with a masturbation green, do you think you could call it happy pants? on a bad idea: Amazon, Ryan, yeah, happy pants, ok, finance in your pants with cream three or someone who makes me do a very happy to answer my pants Leslie Autumn, as they are your baby out of specimen yeah, I'm a big time most sugar with this babe ah little expense
Ah, my and our again use bomber. Excuse me so happy to hear his songwriter. Your pipes, as per big. We have a new heritage sense. We spoke with you last yes, got so long that I had to start doing things with it flew Lyle Irene. I like what you ve done with their thank you. So much. I'm having a little fun. I have not had here this long in brow, like twenty five years and guess what else. I remember your long hair because you used to top not used to have a spray at the top and I was therefore those years all about that. Up to him. I said that you said he made that look. Unbelievable, so cute, because it was
big mess of Europe and then it was top nodded and it came out just like this blooming flower and you pull it was so sexy urge you grew, tells the general vibe and gossip that went on around him like when he would leave was just like a cloud of like to tell you. I will marry bent down to get that thing. There definitely wife there definitely worth, because you have a presence and you always have back then that whole group of Map Morrison and Laravel and Kooky Katy and all those people yeah you were the one who had a crush on. You were the sex panther I wasn't going to. You could not be more wrong. I detailed this on the last show. You were the first person. Then I knew that like became fame, and it wasn't so rising in anyway. It's just like you know when you're the personages plucked from the heat you just Oh, my god, it's her. I just You went from now to us too. cooper, stardom in the blink of an eye. Never never
Whenever I would see you always so gracious still, whenever I would find my way into one of those Hollywood parties that you were in the centre You always so sweet and you know it didn't change you, but it changed us you gonna meet. It was so cool to watch. You rise to the timing. Is remember, feeling so scorned when they finally put out that hairspray casting listen. Unlike wait, a minute their Leslie or I are gonna, be in this- show but then you found your way onto house of lies. I was lay TED cadavers like finally, is your basic. playing dawns. Protege like you were like the next on the show for that season. could not believe that I got that job. It's an honor just to audition, for something like this and other material, so great in them, but there is no fucking way. They're gonna, give me this job when they caught Joe. Is why those you have we
I just thought there were so many people ahead of me. In that light, the end you had of love cheat or I mean he's such a dream farce in the work with the notion like. Oh, my god, I'm gonna work with Fucking Chino. She does, is the living and and coming to work with you guys for that. You weeks that I did it change It may be a better actor. I'd. Never seen said that was that free, you guys loose. We were very to loosen someone already exists, but the producers aim, like all we only cast the guy who's dawns up income earners. This newer guy, lesbian Juno. Like guys, please, mapping girls since two thousand- and we have been listening to your album, my girls and I on repeat it's like we- you know if you've ever went to six flags and they play that Riddler revenge song in line and buy like ninety minutes into that thing, you're like to those people here that when they go home from work well, yours
Christmas. Elam is the rivers revenge of our house and it's a fucking awesome, it's so good in its on all day every day I did not at all intend to record a Christmas out on this year some preparing to make my new use resolutions right. I'm just still reeling from the trauma of this year, and I remembering all the things we thought that this year, what this year was gonna, be in you, don't how none of that really came. True The wonderful things happen, but it this whole year has been a pivot, for all of us has been a pivot in learning how to once it with ourselves and honour the grief and the truth of this moment, but also try to make something of it and try to carry on in some way, and my favorite thing as an artist is, if ever I can feel use because so much of what we do. I know you guys feel it so much of what we do feel silly and trivial. and it's an embarrassing job. It's an embarrassing bears stay
a comedian is way better because you guys are philosophers and you know it's like a secular pulpit. Acting. Somebody gives me the words to say: I'm gonna say them kind of you knows truthful but whenever I can offer something that makes me feel useful. I felt like this Christmas up my notes in the marketplace, but I hoped that it would feel like a gift in some way. You know I keep up with a lot of Christmas music. Is that it's? My favor but rarely do you hear an. We think something new is being discovered, but, like you have just this ability to pluck out these notes and the sort of like undertones of the song that it's my favorite they. Let me The he's a singers on and I've seen him live a couple times in all of his songs. He really ever singing from the same way twice hill harm as with himself the second time and find a totally different song? You kind of do that. You just have the ability to take a song. We all know- and you know, as they say on american idol. maybe your own yeah,
I have a little anxiety value, because so many people may Christmas elms, so many legends of made them and you gotta take these on that everyone knows and use somehow gotta put it through the Leslie Filter and make some new. I would imagine you don't just enter it going like I'm in a fucking crush this We have high regard now, also know, and actually the first one is I've put out to Christmas albums now the very different different vibes but the first one got such a wonderful responses called simply Christmas. Quite frankly, because Christmas was all we could afford. You know: it is very sparse and its arrangements and its approach, because we didn't know anybody in music. All I could offer up was like some sincerity, a sentiment. it was your garage ban, album exam Actually, no response to that. Album was right. I gotta tell you right. After like Hamilton and Maya
sort of arms export like today. That simply Christmas is the thing that I hear about the most in career, and so anyway, I knew this is something that people like to hear from me so We at least knew that going in, but that album was extraordinarily difficult to make a you know, because I was, loss, discovering who I wanted to be on vinyl, and it was Miss music and stuff. So I recorded that album, probably like three whole. I would have accorded go back at least like note, we gotta do it all again that shit you're doing this. one came out a lot more easily design. I know myself moonlight some confidence from the last year. I wrote a couple songs on this one snow was a song. I wrote Heaven and earth is a song when I wrote the response. That means a lot, because it's it's a Christmas tune, but it's personal. I was thinking about Joseph in that manger. Right Were you in the delivery room for your kids decks o? Unfortunately,
is Andy's Zeus, these actions and I was not prepared to seek my wife- have full surgery in front of me and see her organs, but, alas, those babies did come out and my autopsy on a MAC poor, liberal, wet where's. That maybe that's the low different, yet Joseph Joseph witnesses C section as he's h whenever, but I was imagining that dad's in the delivery room. You know if you happen to believe that story about the main during the birth of the euro at Christmas anyway, is about yeah. The high wholly day of the Christian, if you happen to believe that all dad's feel like Joseph a little helpless. We witness seeing a miracle, but this really nothing. We can do or not do its share in their like almost dine in front of you of one hundred they have to face their death face their fucking death, what did bring life into the world. It is extraordinary and humbling, and was I wrote a song about it? That's awesome!
yes, like watching people carry a couch upper stairwell and you're, just like at the bottom, like okay, I'm going to sit in this couch when it gets up there. If I'm going to do nothing to get it after. It is exactly like that, but is exactly like. it changed my life and gave me a deeper respect for my wife, but also womankind it's crazy. We don't have an equivalent men, do not have and there's nothing. We have to base our death to do I keep jumping off motorcycles, be in an attempt right sorry, I'm drinking olive oil straight because abruptly for a goal and ask me hope: you're getting them. So again, today, some drinking raw olive oil and I lost my voice. He has a mouthful of olive oil in front of him. Right now need to put a big swayed and that's. Why he's a two slippery even speak to you here, loomed up the inside of what a camera down there. No problem,
they do that with Chad. Rightly we lowered the age of that. I'm not forty, but I'm in Chad was barely older than I yeah like. If you are in a position to get it, then I think why not other than its miserable bribing, but other I offered to give it to him. I said I got a very small go pro. I had bought a ton of olive oil in anticipation for his request. He said no, I'm gonna go to something called a licence. physician- I guess I mean- did the I why approach does appeal to me, but probably in more of a sexual setting, sharing they are medical setting. I get that yeah shut up? I don't and look I'm down for anything while, but I do not allow cameras in the bedroom so we're at an impasse I got an answer you you said I will use the go pro, but it's not gonna be in the bedroom cannot be night has to be public yesterday in the living room children watch out? so Leslie. What song are you gonna sing for us? I to be more excited to hear you sing? I'm saying. Let me makes her this my band in the new world
We just make sure these guys are ready to go gauzy ready, a wow one. Second, I'm gonna find my holiday backing tracks. Do they go? Ok, I'm really go when you are. Ah, we're ready riding. While let me offer my bands, let me about maybe we're ready. I know you're all loomed up and I was so excited to do this one on item that I hope that one feel like while the first one is like sentimental in it. honest and all that stuff is a little moody. You know this album. I hope that people can hear the joy yeah. I wanted this album to feel joyful from the top of it. This song It's me so happy. I hope it makes you guys happy its arbours. Last Christmas,
let's go to bed had been friends, you back.
No Lord, we just gotta, platinum package, This privilege, one of you where he was looking right. I think in my eyes, either of yours or that's. The beauty of the glasses are now who is like an anchor feeling. It was a whose eyes were looking into all three oh my god you're so tat. This is a George Michael, special and George Michael loved everybody. We all know that towards my clear there near my favorite Christmas songs, so good and then you just got all these places are God I was on fire. The Ladys require where, taking it out of the room recover. It was an intimate experience. Ass big intention is so important. Intention is important, like I wanted album to bring people joy, and I wanted it to feel like a gift, and I can tell you how any time that comes back to me, I'm like fucking
That's all I wanted. You got me bigtime yap Delicious. What do you do this? Christmas? You got big plans. You stay in the sunshine you gonna go somewhere else now what he can do stay right here then after the new year. We have, you know even coming in becoming a March Lodi ask me wasn't remove my parents out here from the east coast? Ok, it's time to bring them closer. He has worked too crazy man, you known we s times not promised that's like a dream come true in both of those second baby in my parents come out, so we got lots, adjust, process and appreciate this bit. Of course, it is worse than we have one baby already. It's gonna like lack in this version of quiet before gets crazier next year. It is true what they say where one is. One too is ten and then the three as five a merry Christmas and that's that a thats all by them ass much ass because of it
The oldest takes care of the younger ones. It there's three. While I throw in the towel childcare get everybody has a lad. Had they stay in the crib oldtime non pairs. We voted on this pretty good to other targets. You're on your own, a win, a metal is still trying to put in a fair amount of man is split, you'd. Lowering of the second. Like all my are we given this baby, the same exact for as we heard of the virus wont to do now. There's a lot of time in the day, damn sums gotta, give fuck you. but you time to write as you will be able to leave your house. The Mets paramount, come Larga you may go like home depot and feel like you're on spring break in you. Take your right. Yes, and add up in the tough as part of this whole thing is like it's not just that you got all this time home with your kid. It's that no New York, his home and you can't leave that you can't take him to run errands economically.
striving your bank, ok, we're gonna go do but just after stuff, I'm going go visit, people and tough yeah in your model will listen lots of luck March V, great site, your Arab himself, great, was the name of it. The Christmas album the Christmas album simply crazy person at Christmas out by but I would say, give off give off you won't regret it anywhere outcomes are. Thank you guys. I Leslie thanks. So much for being a part of our Christmas show and we hope to talk to you again. It's always often levy guys thanks, be good, stay to use their ears. Pod care, is powered by energize or maker of energizes ultimate lithium, the number one longest lasting doubly battery the last
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seen her other than talking on Marco Polo over this whole quarantine, but she's in in Australia or she's actually getting up very early for us setting its like eight, a M in Australia, but she's her because she soon really cool movie, which is sort of like her first big movie, which makes me very excited cause. I just think she so unbelievably talented and I'm excited for everyone to know her name. Yea Emmy there Oh learning? What time is it there? It is eight sixteen Where is there on Christmas morning? I am in the future. I am in Melbourne, Australia now our like in Melbourne. I love it first of others, zero covered.
We're on day thirty, eight of not a single case law. If rolled back all the mask restrictions and everything is open and that everything I think like bowling, alleys and night clubs and stuff are still closed, but movie theater is open. Restaurants. Did you don't want at all and movie that we can't see? gone yeah. I just now I'm coming up on some free time. Do you still have to wear masks, onset, yeah, we're so getting tested weekly, but only weekly? I d like to seek out the covered lady. The other day I was like it's been eight days since I've been tested using sorry, we seem to have missed you. I mean I saw a lack of my path at saying the opposite of what is happening in those states that just so tether grand like a foot in America, I'm watching. You know my family, my love one's going to what's happening in the state I'm in a country where it like doesn't exist at such a juxtaposition of those two things yeah. We accord with a guy named David Verrier,
the journalists in new zealand- and we see him once a week and yeah he's out on dates. They're going to do movies that exists there. Now you start to wear masks inside like if you go into the grocery store or when you first walk into a restaurant and then once you sit down, you can take it off, but apparently maybe today this Monday, there that's even going away it's like every week. There is less and less restrictions, it so wild? Oh wow, Emmy took over as Molly on Central Park and is made. and she's, also on umbrella Academy, which is also shooting a very cool Liam Neeson Movie right now in Australia. But do you find that, like there's a lot more production move there because it safer? I think so, there's a lot of stuff up in the Gulf Coast. Shooting and there's a lot of stuff in Sydney, and my flight over here was almost full of actors in the business flying flying over it. Does shooting stuff, coincidentally and ass, a friend of mine? I just
thing in my soul, Tommy to text or when I was in quarantine and Sidney. I Texan was a K. I miss you. How are you Oh you know fine, just surviving quarantine and Sydney as what we are in the same hotel, and I had no idea but, of course, couldn't see each other by like every night. We would face time and have like a happy hour like ten floors above me about it. Just was so bizarre and of another friend of mine. Just happened to be on the same flight, so a lot of people are come in this direction and stuff. So it's just been wild. Ok, so I know you're not single, but with that sad. Are you feeling Liam reasons rhythm because christian work with them and she claims he has extraordinary rhythm rhythm? Far, singing now now, like others, a visceral primal rhythm happening here oh yeah, yeah yeah. I do believe
though I genuinely em in working with him so much and the majority of my scenes and seven this move. You are with him in and he's such a pro and he has been doing it for so long in its effort less but he's also, so warm and knowing that I'm still such a newbie in this is kind of my first big studio. Movie of done a movie at this scale before and he's just so swim with these such a guph wish, I had just love and we just laughed aloud and such a great acne partner. Nobody definitely has a presence undeniable. You know when he like walk some set yeah when you're with him. Do you also, in the back your mind? You're, like you, have a saber tooth tiger comes out of the woods:
Williams, I'm guy! I'm good! I'm not concerned! Oh, that's! What we're going to bomb is what kind of childhood Christmas experienced did you have? Were you a big christmassy household? I do love this time a year. I am, as you can see, just the three of you, but there is a baby Christmas tree. I was literally the first thing I buy. I got here. I went to the grocery store and I walked directly under the Christmas action has like I will. I may be away from home, but I will not be without a very small Christmas. And they do it as a melbourne- is like decorations everywhere, yeah. What you not, though, is being from the Northern the sphere, I've only ever celebrate Christmas in some sort of cold weather summer. It's turning in the summer, you so, though, bizarre being in the grief like people out in shorts, and then you go into the garden store, and my Christmas music is playing up just like what
the first first of all its December winded that happen in second valets Christmas. I feel, like I decided oh, I forgot to ask them to say: Easter, having layers and stuff and hearing Christmas music, specially cause. I've lived in New York for eleven years, so called Christmas is what it means. But my mom is a very, very, very big Christmas Christmas Wayne persons be accessed Queen miscreant, with anxiety that rubbed off on me. the second. The hollowing handy was all distributed out, came the Christmas boxes and so forth. Given has already ready and yea Christmas is one day. That's not enough to celebrate for two months. I think so will you be singing magical, leaky hi? How are whatever how we say the mark thing. You say about Melbourne Christmas Day, every Christmas
We used to go to church on Christmas Eve and I used to sing silent, made almost my whole childhood. I would go in turn out the lights, ass out, like the candle lit part of the Christmas service, like such a fond memory. I have or using it in their official capacity or everyone in the church was singing or you are part of the choir. I just would First of that fire, I would say two verses and, unlike the congregation, would then join. It was kind of like, while the flame, It's getting passed through the hall church. Now, when you're the person that emanating all that does that it preclude you from getting goosebumps or while your singing in witnessing that in the course comes in. Are you not with us or are you with us in that our total ah good for a while,
I have my life performing. I do go until I got full black out and I dont remember yeah. I think that's kind of my bodies way of like fighter flayed. I just kind of him in the moment, and then I stepped off stage, and I did I did not happen at our share when I left my ass. I was in college and would just come home to visit for Christmas. I was in the reverse, see where I was watching from the other side of it, but I really you really strongly remember always standing up on stage and watching the flame of these candles make its way through the whole hungry Asian. Anyone ever catch on fire occurs when we did that at my church I I was so nervous. There are so many shaky Apparently we train- and I was like some people can't you just know, given my thing, people would get paper tray at the bottom yeah like that's going to do and what then sometimes it doesnt catch the waxlike people. Would you like to laugh? You should always declared for science, but the paper trail use an incendiary device.
One or two percent yeah yeah, none of its a good idea. They gonna canna gasoline and the coroner in case they get extinguisher fire. churches old, abuser, Anti Sufficeth, almost on a bridge to the single market to Christmas Tinder box. Now What are you gonna sing for US silent night? ah good. He began. Sir oh yes, dude. De on mobile phones, who should soon turned so
yeah, p s. Sir who are Shhh Guph. She drew from her Only then It is good to see you
dude who, saw a dispute and from you Who do we use I do Is this a to act
very somethin. I would be happy to be involved in the lane, here that live I will. I will be smiling as I turned dash ash. The goose, biased returns of jar doubtless radical, my car users so kind. I gotta bring you guys to every audition and, working session, my. How will we hear a high will be? Oh yeah flatterers your high, because if we could just follow party round and then like once in awhile turn around and like look at us and sing satisfied or something and then dislike about our payment here, our payment just that. We could stand behind whoever's in charge of hiring you so you'll be seeing our face, which would be elated and then Chris has a musical genius as well. So she could see that you were about to not hitting that you use plug the ears of the person.
pneumatic Kristen in an unplug when you get back in the sweet spot. So that's all he out of service. We provide just some Hamilton, was ones in an all, were asking for a guy, a gaily animals and carry Oki once in a while. You got it, you got it. Well, Thank you so much for guiding up early. Oh my gosh of court you're as he does. I love Christmas. So much and I M gonna be alone this Christmas. So this is very nice to just talk about it and see Christmas honestly. If and when are you home I'm on the first week of January Otho, you're you're doing Christmas, there yeah yeah, yeah yeah new and Christmas in Australia. You can have some shrimp on the big everybody loves progress here. Other problems, not tramp. He had put that on that irish eyesight everybody loves upon. If one may, you have
the joint Normous prawn on the beach and where I like, a green and red bathing suit. Maybe that's a good idea. I gotta get Chapman I gotta get on my sanity me. I will thank you guys. So much for asking me to join you. That was a wonderful I am so grateful and absolutely anytime again central park or guide us. fourteen in the busy lesson about us, an umbrella academy. Also one of the best in the world and what's the name of the Liam needs a movie, it's called black like black right, that's what they used to expose Zeman blood, I'm an old fool areas. Indeed, they deal is a metaphor. You guys will be exposing things I assume and all were indeed indeed there. Ah, I will merry Christmas, thank you, so much business Happy holidays,
I love you, I mean by love you she's, such a beautiful thing is very popular. Oh my god, what a beautiful voice, my god it does not hurt that is coming on her face I hate those. I know her faces. Just that's just her face maleagans, just how its shape will the combo pleasing This is like losing Alton I have also you can be the best driver of all time and also be the hottest driver of all time that doesn't make sense. somehow he is not as we like Danny Better Programme is harder, but yeah yeah, hotter you're. So hardly any we love you do came to see you and ask them with Mama get Diana dinner just so much, but it'll be hard I do want to say just a touch on it because since a bigger for everyone, but it is a big year for us further. A big thing that happen.
yeah, yeah yeah, there's a relay that we all over came as a family. I just wanted to say I'm grateful that we got through it. You got through getting through. It will say it again. I can't imagine having to it meant that two other people and feeling as safe as I did that you guys wouldn't hate me. I hated me at that point and so to be able to tell you guys and feel unconditionally loved and that I would be accepted was really special. It saved my life
Well, I feel really grateful and honoured that you felt you could trust me. I speak from an oh. You aren't, you feel like you, can trust Kristen, but I feel grateful that I was allowed in to the inner circle. I would like to thank all parties involved, because I am so appreciative of being able to go through every flavour of emotion with Monica and also to have you, the father of my children, be so able to honest even at your most shameful moments is what saves you? Nobody saved you, but you and your courage and boldness to say I feel like I'm supping are. I did slip and I need to be honest before it gets worse and I'm just grateful to all parties involved. I think we did a really good job team
they too broad things were. Let me detox at your house that ordinary left rubs- oh yeah, yeah I'll, never forget that drive away from almshouse, very oh, my God, Christmas tree shopping. Twenty twenty gorged into my eyes were mine. I remember I've never had a patient who should in the hospital de taxing in my bedroom. I've never experience that before and the sheets. oh Brook, linens were coming out. I have asked the breath men in their letters. You know what they were. They were wet linens, seeking a better than they ever cashmere set that I really want Only in a minute s right, I got my mom them for you did wait a cashmere sheet that yeah still covered
Yeah I want that can imagine up his should be. If I had soiled some cashmere snivelling, that's true, don't use cashmere. If we're going to do now. Is it just the sweats are, to my mind there they are extreme. I just stop sleeping in a body suit if you notice, I just went back to boxers like two three weeks ago, yeah, because I think I had to put on a body suit to protect the sheets of bringing up so cold because it was obvious doused in water, in your body, was sweating it out now merry Christmas Look, that's just you know you can overcome stuff. Things can be thrown out. You curve balls, crazy things and you can open come them and you can still that love is just around the corner and he'll given by this group, but I still loved this year. The immensely I loved this year, I think, a great year very lucky Geraghty that, because we're not out of work and were not looking at eviction and were not struggling to put food on the table and I think staying
yes, I think we are, though, even we'd like to surgeries and a real area and shared by all and all this stuff yeah still a great year for make lots of things to learn from it. That's for sure, yeah I've learned pool our community is cause. You guys know I love to get on next door. I mean I'm all over next or it's really my Estella housewives, because people get caddy. they fight, but there also like really cute and cool and a woman. The other day, just posted I just want to share my Christmas lights with you. I was so proud of our community. to rally like? I know where all the free food fridges are. I know where the pantries are, and they are our a who have put bookshelves outside their doors and are just pudding, ride, pasta all things that people need and then there's community fridges and then guess what you guys. Speaking of community Is that no one? Was you they're everywhere I just donated from our ass.
This mutual account. Now I find this some leeway to there's a Chicago community fraud. unblinking on the name of it, but you can look them up and they actually have people that maintain these big fridges and they put fresh fruit, fresh prejudice. All milk in there and people can come and take them in a sort of the our system? If you need it, you take it and they start at once a week and it s clean a time like this. That's what we should be doing for each other. You know- and when I say when you don't need with my credit card without asking me that that's part of the honour system well Here's! What I know is that we split it. Fifty fifty and if I know I'll, always tell you and if you ever were like, I don't want to communicate. I don't want to control. To that, then I would simply refund your money. I offer a full refund the only thing. refunding are these kids, because I can't did you lose the credit card after No, I dont needed my credit card, but it gets paid out of our mutual
count, will also you have hit the limit on certain donations at places in them. My credit card comes into the mix line, two, when there is a limit, my credit card, when I hid it or even legal political donation globally, like a political donation limit as they like, I wanted to support M J Hagar, I know, are well. She was running for a Senate and she's awesome should form a fighter pilot that there are limits I get it and that I wanted to donate. You know more than I think it's twenty eight hundred dollars- and I said, honey guy where your credit card, you know this, I would happen what happens is all either get a. Thank you let her like a thank you. Ye mail for my donation and I got a wide and realize I d or on the ranch I bumped into something so grateful for you and your wife for donating blank point blank and those like. Yes, we were happy to do so, If the biggest problem you ve guy is that I'm as I'm leaving so much money moiety, it's like I'm, not complain its comical yeah. It's comical to bump into people go thanks for your contribution. I just think if you have a lot of money, if you're, overpaid and you're not pretending to be
Anna clause all year round. What the fuck are you doing to miss? It is a missed opportunity. I love playing Santa Claus. It's fun! It's so fine! Do get a boost. I m sorry I get such a high from it is like somebody need something you got cash in the bay you're over paper, so there's got you. People nowadays are more like me, which is- I don't get a high from it, but I do it anyways, but you can also do the air it's kind of similar to when you ran out of money you had your limit on your vat on might have in my car right. So we helped you out, you sure, did you guys were there in a pigeon need? What Adam is Turkey? Three grand a pop right, got gotta, have it in by six p m and litter the response from us was this is for a car career as a day is after a real. Am rang referenda hit this guy up an eagle rock fifteen. Six grand don't worry about it and fishing, but it was. It was a grand all in for just a beautiful nineteen, eighty fox, but
his station wagon immaculate condition that now, in your welcome Monica it adorning your garage, like Veronica boy over on a day- and you took him down there, he we like girl, you ve, got a fucking thanks body? What are you charging him for that parking spot? I think it's coming the world, while the other stuff that was on the porch were like four months, so we storing her treadmill throughout for maize, but fair to me. You knew her lovely that present and then did not deliver it. To my It's really good way to look at it. Latins complex, solid, solid gold watch. a two hour- residence all expert bomber back and have him take us out as he, is the one who should be and how long till Bob three minutes. Two minutes. Ok. Well, listen! I would like to sing a song, scan annoy Monica, but I'm gonna put out was before ok
I generally icing a little bit of a song, but I'd like to try to sing the whole song this year. Is everyone up for that? Yeah? Let's see here, I got mine lyrics, okay, go, bluefin bulls over you're. Still, your brain Don't worry,
whoa whoa whoa all right. I got it: They will move No, So what whoa whoa hello, there. They are getting.
Davis. So here's something I underestimated. My apartment, mere sightedness has gotten so shitty. I couldn't read the lyrics with the full costs, the microphone, those who have them. Bobby. Did you hear some of that made yeah did you hear my song? I did a guy, What is the prize? Oh my god, so nice to be joined by you. I had just sung Elvis is here comes Santa Claus? Are you going to sing it, and I just pounding, we go through it again by allowing anyone could handle second round about whether all of it I want to remind you, have just the most important part of it as it goes, that seems like some you would like to. Do you like those Elvis Christmas songs. I adore always there another one, oh yeah! No, I guess this blue Christmas right. You always get
oh I'll watch a movie, he's always about to throw up in the beginning right right on the edge gagging. Bobby. Are you in the holiday Spirit over there and now I sure, am yet spoken cold. I should put a sweatshirt on ya know. Please. Your dress for the frigid damp model. You MP, Jays yeah, I mean the unease I'd rather you go beyond me: again she on these very calm to about three times softer than time micro, mortal No! No! I love it. No Michigan great! We just got a Christmas tree yesterday and put it on the whole. The whole deal played goods, ah like being Crosbie Viola. Oh my gosh can imagine.
Up in the house of a musical genius like his children, are getting this education that you could only dream of where's. Our two now raised. Oh no, I was looking at you in agreement, has no, I dont know nearly as much as Bob does and the media education from for sure. My daughter revealed yesterday that music isn't her purpose. You said that drawing is your purpose. A tough guy yeah. So I guess I'm out there are none of my kid seem to want to be race, car drivers. So I feel you what's Bob. What is your personal attachment to christmases when your favorite holidays. What was your tradition in your family wholesome and in being Crosbie ask it was you my dad grew up with kind of a jobs duration, and I think he really wanted to make it like a Norman Rockwell sort of thing and so is very idyllic. It was our directed the and I grew up with a lot of religions, so that was the centre
but my head on learn a lot of of that stuff. But I do like Christmas. Christmas to me is like guiltily indulging in all things nostalgic. It's like a total nostalgia: Boner all over the place and I just go for it yeah and you had a really big household growing up. Yes, six kids, so there was eight in the house. Yeah and then the ferrets member, the ferrets he had to say it's in your raised at which we loved they smell. So good and they make the room smell, so good yeah. I think Kristen named once stink, just straight up investing. thus the other one we couldn't find so bright, sober What kind of songs are you going to sing to us? Well, cable,
and I did like some Marco Polo rehearsing yesterday and we put some together. Let's do our son now boy now just remind everyone and link is anyone's forgot when we interviewed by we went through this, but that the shared history of Christian above of courses that they were best friends in high school in these to perform together, they would do weddings. They would not rule out a funeral, they were a team, they were a creative singing, Duet YAP. It was always pretty It was with us, like even my wife, I love singing with and she's got impeccable pitch, but when I harmonised with Christian, it's weird, it's like blood harmony and it's always been super easier. Like, even as we were doing it yesterday, it was just kind of bizarre that's what When you go through puberty alongside someone else, you go through all that weird stuff. We would always think up sink up, there's a rethink of a funny story. I think you'll, like Bob. It's a two second story has nothing new Christmas, but you know the other person that claims that they ve never want to have sex with Christian is Ryan Hansen and so on.
other day. I said a Ryan Hansen is a guy. You could never have sexual christen I'll guy, I said for a million dollars would do any goes yeah, and then I go for a hundred yeah like it, doesn't it doesnt peak his interest, but it doesn't repulsed him ready. Do I think it is very carefully another about only took a hundred dollars to want to have sex with her. I just think it was a little bit telling right the balance cuz, I'm picturing somebody in the room, kind of scared of your wrath and talking about how desperately they don't want to sleep with Kristen. But then Chris and kind of like tearing up in the corner at how many people sleep with her. Oh, this I see this is why you, my best friend thoughtful, goes on the add guy in the story by You believe that all males and females would want to have sex know each other living on males are rounding off, have sex with everyone Bob how much to have sex with you?
the holidays are here. Your guy to a lot of president I don't know I mean, but your bottom in April, a world I'm not married. or is it like? You know you know, for the money. It's ok honor by ETA, yeah, a hundred bucks, was heard Oh my god. I like this. You can do all the things on Amazon with a hundred bucks, a lot of yeah there's a lot you can do. To meals. Out of you guys, get yeah there's a lot. You can do that hundred bucks is right with you a pale me. The honor box ended friends and family. Don't fuckin! Do the thing we're x out nine box out of a hunter box or whatever it is. Ok, I gotTa Bulgaria, so no it'll, be I actually put one hundred dollars in your head. Yet I want fees taken out. No, no There is no transactional visa, so I'm what
we're going to sing and want to choose its one. That is a do. I really wanted to sing with Bob. You don't get to do that very often swell jump at the opportunity and its one that I dont here very often sucks. You know a man, popular one, but little drummer boy with peace on earth, which is what being Crosbie did with day. but we are ok. What party ready They told me. A new born king to see.
Yes, Please be yes Yes, please
ray. Where and
and live in peace. Yes, me You follow all beauty a guy guys, what fun what I want you guys is somehow be sunny and share in. Like do some. Some small cocktail, lounges mobility, that now harpy lithium bubble,
we plan this. Can we do a tour now that we have a buzz? Oh yeah, yeah yeah? Are we could just like open for arm chair and you like a lounge year, armchair expert to her, but like a bar gig in every town that we visited arm, chair, expert bar darn accept global expert. Yes, oh my I would love to see you guys do that for real outdo. That can we begin to southern ears resolutions list. the parent or expert around a big brown eyes, ass upon a boy load into big brown and just hit the fuckin road. What's big boy? big brown? Is the motor home I'm fine to pick up this week? Oh wow, is that like, like a fecal reference no it's an enormous motor on that is painted brown, and so originally it was gonna, be the whale unexpressed. But now it's been much more affectionately named big brown hand, if now be sitting in our front yard, is in its proper to or bus
bring my feet long right outside the front window. I look recently that you can't just speaking a big brown. You are not allowed to put on the tour bus and if you do you get fine, like literally it's kind of a standard like a contractual thing. Every tour yeah, you p, and then number two happens at road stops and stuff, so you can pay. in the two or bus, because that's it, you know I mean that can't be held, but but now you get fired, Are you trying to tell me that you think Bob Seeger didn't shit is too or bus? by the Bob Shap in his jack. That's what happened, but the ban kind arguably, where I can see that further, like the band not to be like a caste system, but I definitely could see where the Over bowling can't crap in their Bob Bob? Can what you get to put in the toilet depends on your seniority and yes, yes, citizens, ok
What's the next song you guys are going to sing or bobby you gonna sing when sallow? That will just be other listen. Do you sure you don't do that? The idea of listening to you sing meteor, my favorite part of our lives shows is when Bob plays before this It always best part. We always have anxiety and nerves, and I sit. I sit next to each other. We listen Bob saying and then somewhere in the middle of it at all roads and we're just so happy to be a part of the whole thing that it for me, click my mind into all this is all about this yeah. That's a special responsibility that I have I should have told you you probably nervous next time I get nervous before this to that kind of psych myself up, then there was that one we're doing that Monica Potter show. Where generally I can talk myself out of it, but Rob said that she was sitting backstage and she came up and whispered in Rob's year was playing she's like I can't really fucking sucks,
now. You would you would you joking on Monica bother now right, but Rob was so excited to tell me sure sure, What are you gonna hit us with next Bobby? one of my favorites lyrically at reading lyrics, as I am perform, realise and integrity thing, but I did right myself, some notes years or so many words, but I love this. It's about a challenging person kind of a dispute. Person, kind, strengthening- and I know that everything I know about the armchair creed is that there is a lot going on emotionally and developmentally. There are really bad people, but this is debatable here I love you wise, and would you touch him with a thirty nine and a half with ruin? formal circles it.
You're a mean, MR You really, I hear Thirdly, as a cat is charming as an eel, Mr Grant, you banana with a greasy black pale. you're a monster, Mr Grinch your hearts and empty whole. Your brain is full of spiders. You ve got garlic in your soul.
I wouldn't I wouldn't touch you. with a third and I have but Paul while one mister you ve got termites, in your smile. You have other tenders, sweetness of a sea, sick, Gaga, Dial, Mr Grant given the choice between the two of you, I take the sea sick, Crocodile Europe to you, a nasty west skunk.
Your heart is full of Anwar. Sacks, you soul as follows: gunk MR grant three words the best described you are as follows, and I quote stink stank stuck you're, a writer, Mister, Grimshaw, you're, the king sinful sats
Your heart said dead made splashed with multi purpose, invites Mr Grant. Your soul is an appalling dump, peep overflowing with the most disturbing, peaceful assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable. mangled up in tangled up You nauseated, minister, grants with analysis super nurse your crooked dirty jackie in your driver, crooked harass cigarettes, your three decker sauerkraut in toadstools sandwich,
with us, an x y? What it did lies vagrant I was Craig a black, because I was looking at your faces like you could see, you were doing a physical action to get yourself their emotional good actor trick. Three way, I have described it's really hate for the way I mean like the narrator is like really trying to hurt the Grinch. I mean he's really trying to break through the tough love their right. Real, tough love Bob what a fun sought. I would. I never expected someone to sing that that's fantastic. Ok, I just wanted to do. One thing I would like to give you one of your Christmas presents early. What when my dad amateur athletes we're out of her hand it to you
there's a little story behind. It is well boy, ok, check it out and delicately take off the wrapping paper so can be self. Ok, thank you, which is an armchair experts. Sweatshirt, ok, side bulk. Oh my god! It's something you put the apple tv remote until you put, though your ram out into this, and it has them together, and this was invented by two mega arm. Cherries and I now yes, what Jan and Brat Epstein Ochre, nay, wrote us a letter and said they are huge arm cherries get out of here and they love the podcast, they said ass, an understatement. They are so in love with you and so in love with Monica and
They saw that I had posted on Instagram your frustration with the remote situation and they said hey. We invented something and they sent us one and they obviously they sell them for Monica to. But I chose to take it out and give it to you as a Christmas present, even though it's really from Jen and Brett No, this is yours. Ok, Monica one, there's everybody's got a separate one. Let me tell you what this thing goes: it consolidates remote sidekicks naps onto your existing streaming remote, allowing you to control the basic functions of your tv, sandbar, Blu Ray AMP in streaming devices. All in one simple set up your existing device for amounts to program sidekick, no codes, or computers needed side click. Yeah. If I say you said sidekick well, I'm going back to my t: Mobile do yeah yeah, I met we both had societies, we did say cookies boy. We both barrels
gruesome, there's nothing like typing on that rubber man. Could we take fast, but I thought it is clear that is the law as because my great frustration is when you use your apple tv, remote. You ve gotta use another remote to operate on the other bs going on, and that's going to solve this right, quick what Excellent present an arm chair is then your arm in arm chair is not shocked. The darn cherries invent things at all. We have a very, very educated smart listener base and I just want to add want to get the side click it uses the second and third Jen Roma or the fourth and fifth Jen. So all the remote work what ray. I was so sweet. I feel embarrassed, I'm taking too much credit for it because it did come in the mail from your arm. Chair you delivered a you did deliver thought it would be appropriate to give it to you on this Christmas show. It was extremely appropriate and I'm gonna actually use it this afternoon. When I resumed formula one race, I can't wait
and there's one more thing that I want to give you, and this is for both of you. This might be a little bit more for Monica because there's a little bit more of a cynic in Monica, but I thought there are really any Christmas songs for this year. Or pretending that all of the other ones apply, but there has been a real tough here, and so I said, ok, what can I do? I commissioned a Christmas song O written by Mr Robber, Brady Moreau Back bottom ready Brady, we ve been puttin Bob did the task is rare above Merv can I just say: he's written, probably nine theme songs for us by different shows we tinkering with everyone. Great, you know your nails, it well and here's the thing we were. I really wanted to use existing songs. I wanted just to fall into the familiar yeah so you'd know it when you heard it, but I said Bob here's what I want to do can You take a stab at this and then he's like I can try.
I dont know, and then truly ten minutes later sent me the virus. So we'd like to do this for you now, I'm gonna take one step of water, for example, you wanna super olive oil. I got a little did my pie, I'm sure what that would do to me. It's gonna be ok, I'm ready merry Christmas, yeah. Have you, sir? merry christmas- next year,
his yes, sir let Good. Tat the thing said, sir. it most.
you, the ship we ve seen, but one dozen eggs who is he B, socially distant we'll get through Slash Mass yes.
yeah. What are you gonna? Well MA am all of ten minutes. You put some stick on their pig. What a great ideal you too, I have to say I should It asked me to write that I'm worried. It sounds a little bit too much like have yourself a merry little Christmas Eve about hearing in great territory, wow. What is even so that together in fifteen minutes, I can't believe it I can't believe it because I know you too, but while article question about you do so, honey. You and I have a great risk
reading, when one person is going to talk in the other person's going to talk, which is hard and most of the things we do together is like Improv interviews or whatever I have a hunch. You and Bob are so connected that when you hear him play, you! You must be able to predict like what the length of the pause will be. Where he's gonna go because have that yeah I live. It aims already natural yeah. I'd, look, don't talk with him. That was a perfect example of a symbiotic like I said before, it's always been effortless and it always seems really natural like not something we better practice, whereas I have to practice that very specific thing you're talking about, especially when there's not a groove to adhere to like wind, it's more intuition. It has always seemed to just meet, and I think that has to do it just being Fourteen years old, at a piano in the back room of my house on Lincoln and just messing around and you being like. Hey have you heard of Harry Connick, Junior and me being like? No, you play so and then just like
the hours we spent musically, connecting for me one of the most euphoric feelings in the world and money, and I have it with the fact check and will do all we can to sit there and we can talk was kind of weird symbiotic symmetry in its A wonderful- and I have it with you and I act in you guys- have their image what fucking give to experience unplanned war there. My luck yeah well Bobby thanks some for being a part of this happy happy Christmas year. What a year Merry Christmas and tickled to be. It has been one of the greatest days of my entire life. Nor do I know that you hold the title of Minister of Soul Armchair actually but you're, the man. Let us also armchair expert, pastor, resident, pastor rubbish,
No thank you guys so much for having me. I was delighted to do this and I don't get to play Christmas songs out and holiday music out and or do much of anything out. So it was really. It was really delightful and I was going to tear up listening to Christian. Do that bring such joy to that arrange, but why lovey guys grateful for all you banks, Our back, we love. You love you merry Christmas, you guys merry Christmas you're, not a Grinch, I fucking love bomber vanity. I know he's your saw me. I know he's your musical saw my arm. He belongs to you. First simple! So I am happy to share their so much above to go around and he's just such an effervescing human being. He always has been that's. Why gravitated towards him immediately in high school, I was like oh yeah you're, my guy, Well, he and I have a special thing a musician, but the way we talk to come up with these theme songs. like nuggets I'll give him that he then does
actually how I imagined there is some kind of spiritual connection. I will love the arm chair and dangerous near these days. I have ever compare with. Monica I don't like Manna garden like ball. How is this your? Not? down like Joe the stone yet I tell him like I want you to take the song- I don't like reggae no! I love it. That was one clue number one and in the next one was Joe Jackson said a man. that song and Joe Jackson and also think of can eighties wonderful, succumb, theme song, and then he shit that right again, us he's always been like that. Thou he's always been able to
come up with stuff on the fly and improv on those keys really tackle those ivories. and we have a lot of new stuff comes up next year. So Bob is writing a lot of stuff for us. Also one of residue with Mommy: oh you're, here yeah. Maybe there I M very excited miniature amounts. Invited me into the fold too may be beyond one of these microphones. We'll see, well, we'll see, but it also as is happening. So to get a guy anymore, goes happening out and a contest first ever caught. I that's right with veterinary gleaned early Curtis prevent Charles and then the same Monday Thursday. You always enjoyed thus far unchanged. The arm cherries have been craving more for a while, because what you really guys, you do have a called it's a wonderful wine. I can't wait until you guys start. I dont know whenever they
and while country bet it's at the point in the documentary right now, where everything safe and you're watching the first episode you're going, I would totally iron right. Has the relevant has not gone off the rails? What you guys? What will so much for that? You know how many times I met one shooting this movie right now, just wrapped called Queen pens with Kirby how about t swerved with four and our main producer, Brianna Scroll, runs read our films. Menstealers compete. She'd came up issues like I just have to tell you so nice. She saw habit. It have you on the phone, but listen. I am a huge armchairs everybody. A word that I me is like a sober taboo, but listen, listen, listen, taxi! Monica right, like guinea! Variable insights group, you guys are so loved. Well, darn Jerry's, have given us of the greatest job. That's ever existed, I'm so grateful some number one of my gratitude lists going into the new year that all of you guys stayed with us through the pandemic. I was worried about people a commuting, and all these other things like the obsession worry about an HE s. Just there. We appreciate it
and as many people want, more content were also running some people's lives because we do get messages are like. I can't keep up and distressing me out and I'm twelve does behind and take your foot off the get. That's how I would feel those people we oppose. There's endless time. You guys don't feel rushed move. Your cat, John LIVE voyage will marry. Christmas everyone, airy, happy holidays, happy new year. Hope you had a happy, Hanukkah. How happy Hanukkah or else you celebrate with your friends and your family, we be tremendously, and here twenty twenty one bitches our already is on
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