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Ira Glass is an American public radio personality and the host and producer of the radio and television show This American Life. The armchair experts travel to NYC to record in the esteemed This American Life studios. In this special remote episode, Ira discusses the psychology behind affairs and why he is drawn to monogamy, he talks about his journey as a radio personality, and he contemplates his sense of control in his work. Dax wonders about what it feels like to be the conduit for other show’s success and Ira reveals what he deems is the best podcast right now. Dax tells Ira that being a part of a This American Life story was a career highlight and Ira can’t decide if he likes Kristen or Dax more.

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You're that pitter patter of rain on the roof Monica it's a nice gloomy, rain, relaxing the twitter pattered close my eyes and safer sounds like rain Ahmed, falsely around your heart. You know this actually, it's bad for me later, I love you. I don't like it well welcome an arm chair, expert anyways for here very rainy me Ray Monday morning, so rainy, almost a storm, I'm your host very heavy raindrops falling on the ceiling, as you can hear, on the roof a real raindrops reality here today. I am your house Dan Shepherd
join vile Attica, lad members, the ever fall and account, then smart Black, a lad men and, of course, lobby wives. Here in this rainy rainy studio, eyes a number of ways, a way to really superstitious yes, but want the bad luck before until I we work you're, not gonna, be the recipient of that kind. that happens to rob that affects the whole show. I guess that's the point. I think this will hit him on the way home, like you might never know where a dab mergers never now gets rainy, outsides working life might flood was at once all calmed down You got a little harder for the collar over that Europe is a really good sound effect. While we love and an appropriate Now, anyway, today we have
This is a really appropriate situation with great champ and environment, because we have the great orators but one of the great story tellers onto it, and there's nothing better on a rainy Monday, the bundling out with a nice dutiful story, IRA, glass, ire glass is our guest. Today, you ve, probably, listen to him millions of times he's probably rig I'll do with stories for hours and hours on this american life? Arguably the best thing in this space, this american life. When you agree yes- also, I believe was raining when we were accorded this for real and when we are sitting here as we look at all this gear around New York City, and it was raining and I loved it. I'd unlike Now you have seasonal mood disorder with active, decide. Probably notice about you by self diagnosis, which is most great disorders, are yet so. Listen
we're huge fans IRA and we felt flattered that he made time for us. We went to his studio, which was fun. It was glorious day, and I don't really know what you included, but I just want to add one thinks it's point out a neck as it did so deeply into my interview with you boy irony, I'm a case for issues being interviewed, not ok, he was being interviewed Anita, a certain kind of engagement, but then in turn. The tables on Malta can start asking about our personal life, and then I saw the tiger leap out of the four. Got a blood and it was just a thrilling he there with him as he pulled the story from you. He got Missus Allen, and yet he did a good job use. We, what, as you, should keep doing the ash without further Ado IRA glass, boy. Am I grateful to be supported by stamps dot com? This is something we use, radio on the daily
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age and type in d, a acts that stamps dot com entered the tax he's IRA glass. First of all, this is this is rare for us we're on a field trip we ve one other interview outside of our attic, and that was first the esteemed Ellen Degenerous. So allow does want you to recognise the I feel honoured I heard earlier. Pack issues are a good very honest, yeah yeah. I like talked about her early career with her in a way that I didn't know any of that stuff, and then they sure there's just like the latter therein, so saying like. Oh you dont know this about me. Mind, you in rye, was really like. I finally go, but I do know that either yeah any now. I don't know if you have seen sheets so she just did a stand up. Special and we went and saw her kind o. I guess workshop in it as stand up stew before that you, there's another shall and above
that was in there. That, was all new to me. That's really interesting. I loved hearing that, on the show I'm dead, it's not surprising that should be doing in the special, because she's doing the special like taking a time her producer Ryan right when it is and take now like she goes for the pain pick. Take would be the first person to realise she kind of started. What here's to be a new paradigm, because that's also that not honour Hannah. Gatsby year ago I saw perform live in there. I saw her netflix special, but I think she was like. I think what she was doing was on her own. She was inventing the same thing or another cod. And that in July I wouldn't take credit away from her eyes like she was coming to similar conclusions. Goodbye aware area, but but a movement nonetheless, apparently income military. I you yeah you're, gonna, get some of the pathos withstood the jokes gear attention. It has caused I would make for bigger Yahoo. That's that's been, which devil watched him go from being a person who told little stories
to being a person who then tells like big stories with full feeling, an emotion and story, arcs and pathos, Rio and I've watched him go through that two during this last seven or eight years. I wonder what it is, culturally that that is now in demand or desirable. I wonder if because most of the, TAT were receiving, is so snappy, whether its Instagram and twitter, that we have whole now that you want to go some way than I just I just want to. I just want to stop you and your premise. I actually think like people say that, but actually think that it is more interesting. I think I think it isn't that most content is like. Should attention span, I think there's a lot of short attention: TAT, spanned comic, but then the big things in the culture are alike. Binge worthy series that we spend like forty hours watching and so like to say that people don't have an attention span like like people have a huge attention span bought nominate a counterpoint vat.
So yes, I've made the same observation, and that is in my opinion, because drama does not lend itself to snippets. So if you want what's happened with the been Jean of TV shows in the in the golden error of drop drama on tell him, which is now it is now our were right in the cradle of it. It replaced a horse. Brad of movies that Hollywood may there was all these thirty five to sixty million dollar drama that were made and they completely disappeared right now. There were also it broadcasts news terms of endearment like that whole generation of yeah this year and in fact, when I now go back and watch those like, I watch broadcast news not too long ago. I thought oh, this would be a show now, and it would be great if we could do it for twelve hours or whatever you so we know where those movies went. They went straight to Netflix. Now the mystery is: where did comedy, go because there's far far fewer comedies theatrical comedies, especially successful ones, and it didn't migrate to television, so
I've, seen a huge uptake in the viewer ship of like Kristen show any of these shows that our by today's standards, successful comedy because you're, referring to your This is my life and others are now. I just wanted to see what happens to shove as a Christian to crucifix, Kristen Bail, but it seems to have on away the audience, the be huge audience for comedy, and my personal armchair theory is that it is. You can pick up. Instagram You're gonna get hidden head with a wheelbarrow in year. Like you get filled up a little bit, you like, I got a good laugh, you know what I'm saying that it that name?
is being scratched but drama. You need to settle in and be patient and to get really emotionally invested. I think you need some time attention. Circus. I think now is being like a huge age of comedy, just like all the people came up with jet appetite after freaks and cakes at hole like the whole, I click of people and then in the committee side. It just seems like there's this army of comedians, who tell stories about them and tell stories about themselves Talk about themselves, including Mark Marin, including probably I who have worked with the quitting like set Vienna dignity, sorrow, including glue, Kay when he was working in the leg like comedian seem to be doing out there. It never occurred to me there aren't that many comedies, like as movies that you mean I'm saying eight years ago in any given year, there were probably nine comedies that crossed a hundred million dollars in this year there was in a single one. Last year there was, and, as you know, I'm probably leaving now honour to live work. Girls trip that that was a huge
by and by just generally other, does not doing what they used to do. But back to coming you're studio starting this podcast. I expect to build talk to other actors, but there are and full of people, and you are so among them that I feel cell flattered that somehow you ve, earned the right to sit and take up an hour and a half year time, I'm putting you in the category. The one that really blew my mind, Sir Darras. Ah I heard you think so there's I loved you and your stare ass. Yet you have such history was scenario. But yet have David said. There's, up to our little in the middle of its russian zone. I thought this under it there's no way this is happening, but I re you're that person you are also one of those people for myself. I am, I dont, feel worse
You have sitting in talking you how much I have not voted. Not building us Hall claim that I just gonna walk out now in order to do what I regard as from that's really funny, I feel like I wait. We got to the point where it happens in every episode of the pod gas. We start to admit your own in securities and am I a creeping when it is a part of it? I guess who you ask the questions about like, but isn't it you dream that, there's something better that you should be doing to you compare yourself to people who are more famous and more successful, and what do you do with those feelings I mean. Basically, are you a humanist I sent for you? I want to start at the beginning, you're from Baltimore, yes, yeah and dumb Baltimore. If I believe the wire rough rough town the seventies and eighties. If you see in the way you ve seen exactly where I grab that's right, I did work the project's selling drugs men got out yet I grew up in the suburbs
and so is not super well off suburban area where I grew up like we were near the big jewish, suburban Baltimore Pixel, but we did have the money to live in Pikesville and I got to let Jason yeah kind of MBA current, but nobody ever says locker and you just say like what's between Like Reisterstown Road Liberty, and you know like, went to lack of normal, decent, but not great public school and just really wounded gathered there like like it, but it was nothing like the wire. It was just like growing up in the suburbs when I'm in this Forbes anywhere it feels very familiar, yeah they're, all gonna cookie cut. Aren't they kind of here that this was a particularly jewish? Bob, and I didn't understand that that was unusual. But I share. at with you, because I'm from a community right next to the West,
field Michigan, which is a super dense population, jewish people. So I assume that the every supper was the maid Ex wife was from exactly there. I know exactly that area. Yeah yeah. We are told that it's the second highest concentration outside of Israel and of that's true, but that certainly what were told Monica fact of end of Jews. Aha was Bloomfield FUCK. You seem very sick concentration, you may percentage for your average per capita, not sheer numbers, that's gotta be New York right. You know it's gotta be near here. Yes, I have, I would have voted a fact checking of fate. We claims in my childhood. We also the blackest city in the country Detroit ninety two percent black. When I was growing up the highest, it does it. most arab city and the country yeah serb, something like that or Dearborn S actual our brand is the most.
Give me the most everything out. Is that your means that were very compartmentalized Detroit in its running, but you mother. So I think we I've never met your mother, nor of even really heard you talk about her much, but I think we also sharing common, very strong mothers. Is that accurate, yes, yeah and I was in middle school, she became a psychologist in in the sixties. Riders. Medical, salary, early, seventy Asia and then she was psychologists. She got a phd. She became a researcher. She wrote a book about extramarital affairs. What researched did survey research with people about affairs, but then also the would see, couples those especially in her practice and that a whole theory actually about That was changing. I'm interested in this paradoxical way of living. We ve chosen Managua Albania, but the thing my mom discovered there was there was new at the time was with those she found through survey data that she did, I'm in
seeing it in practice. Quick summarize, it is that people have affairs who were an unhappy in their marriage at which, if you think about it, of course, that's true for some people, which is finding it was said never can percentage of them and in a smaller percentage of the women, was going on in the seventies and choose during this research was that more and more women were in the workplace as equals to man, and so in practice people come in and people would say like I was happy in my marriage, but, like you spend ten a day with somebody at your office the closer and closer to them, and then you know it then happens and then we had them having men to when they began that process, and so that was produced She was saying and it had like clinical applications, because what would happen when you went into a therapist back then, if you went in, likewise cheated on my partner, but I want to stay with my partner, the thing that the therapists would talk about his what's wrong with you
courage in like a third camera with exact numbers, but it's like a third of the cases with the men nothing's wrong with America, rather with marriage or allowed by trying to talk about what you are doing. That's like annoying you you can. We find something and like it just sending people down the wrong path, where's the right pass. Your saying was the lying like the great unity wide your partner, it's completely traumatic for the person. You are aware the nights, the actual problem. The couple has been able to get better. There are. That should be frightened centre for for these couples, the other She said was that chief, she was very strong and that she said the point at which you cheated is not when you kiss for the first time This is a very specific moment in the cases she was saying, she's like that when you cross the line, and she could name it and it's so usable as a thing that have really carried it with me and it's the moment when you confide in the other person about out your partner higher as soon as you can find in one about the other that person your primary
her senses unit you're telling the person at work. I owe my wife's contrive me crazier whatever at that point you ve crossed the line and you ve had your broken your vote. I just then kissing is just like that she's gonna come sure. And and and and actually operational, is actually very concrete cause you can just be like if you feel yourself start to do that. You stop yourself. If you want to stay with your partner, and it's like you just a really good rule of thumb. So is it safe to say that She did value fidelity and she thought Monogamy was something that was worth and she did yesterday is also contributing to who wanted. She was treating people who wanted to stay together, so yeah yeah yeah, but what I but see where you and if you started really looking at all the mechanics of it and insert understanding the psychology of everything I could see it. what happens when you look at things scientifically, you get candid dispassionate about it. Org
cynical about it. Like anthropologist, you go to enough cultures and I convey their practicing polygamy or whatever Polly Andrea. All these things is kind of you owe it to choice in its cultural, and so it's not a God ordained in it's not. You know it starts to become a little more yeah. I don't know anything is to say Your ear against monogamy, I'm not against ask me what I am interested in is key. Will we be honest about the whole endeavour? Realized things. then say to yourself: oh yeah, the whole things Aren't you illogical? Yet it does work like I'm opened having a full converse? issue about the decision and then answer might be? Oh, no, it makes no sense for us was alive this way, but counter intuitively The result ends up being great or have a healthy for you. You know near there there's a many things:
like I've, come to recognise that a lot of things that are patently illogical still bear great. Through. Did you watch wild wild country? I watched a cup of episodes of it and and was so blown away by how much those ladys still loved that guru the bargain itself Oh, it's amazing legatee heads he had rhythm yeah and to look at all Crazy as part of that during his colleagues, you really don't know. What do you mean that up as an example of like a counter example knock me now now gummy me as much as if you break down what that guy's telling them in the things there doing, I can't really defend any one of those the premises. But if I look at the results, are there live there dance around they're happy in their joyous and all these things in a hurry. might say I could get bogged down in law
his explanation of why there feeling that way. Oregon dislocate like what was their physical. If it were their actions, what data dated they do make me now Amy their results. You know. Maybe the ends justify the means. I feel like I feel lucky when it comes to this question, because I feel it I understand that, for some people this is a question about like his manner. me the way to be, but like personally, I don't feel comfortable if it's not monogamy glittered, like I just got divorced a while ago and just started dating and the thought of like dating more than one person at the same time, just give me the Willie's I feel like I feel so, like I don't know like protective of person in this situation or just so scared of getting one of the mad at me for being with the other one, like any situation, whether he triangulation alike. I just can't into like I'd, even like the hunger I've, never It is still like. I know that many people have three ways and I just can't imagine, it seems like the most unpleasant
for somebody who's, I got people pleaser worry about what other people I can imagine like why anybody would even one that it just doesn't seem fine. Why on a very bad- and I had a couple of my day what I found. Wise when it's two ladys? What evidently happened for me as I dislike one more than the other, and then I feel bad to Europe because I'm a cop I'm like a pretty obvious. I like this one more right, I'm like Cassim, more, maybe with her within its egg, it stood a hurtful. Did the other one is so now there's just someone I basically want to leave this making me feel bad that I've picking on I enlist You were maybe with identical to where I don't know how you want to favour one of the two people these. In my experience, I have favoured one now. A couple times have been a friend in one lady and that works great I'll.
Cause I say and decisive pausing I dont have I don't know any man who had wandered like take off my clothes in front of an have leg. A take on Kosovo have sex with somebody else like I like I, don't have any friend whose good, maybe you just don't, have a childhood mushroom, didn't whom still friends without would take off my I'll have sex with some lady no interbank, I was perfectly ordinary, will take our cause. The most then now I know I know I would be very uncomfortable for you ye ass this, no day of my life when I felt a kind of body count me like, I feel like yeah. I know doesn't, is meant now now I was like a chubby kid and never really like totally get rid of that shabbiness and not an unit is being. I guess not what, if that is not my path, what of the fragile like? If I can convince somebody to really super like me, and rights are a little bit. Well, I'm ok, you know our family
You be a little bit afraid and that scenario that you would be the unfavourable person like is that part of their good clash? I would I would even get that far that's even more sophisticated and what good Frida IRA, what, if the fragile, feel bad from the start in industry and controversy, but IRA? What? If the friend was objective led by today's standards in much wars shape than you, that would mean get to feel a little bit right now. I would be able to better. So in this hypothetical scenario, I'm not one that you're the one is that the Ashton Culture, yeah, yeah, yeah you're, they actually literature and I'll. Tell you so so one of the elements is like I think I don't know if you're like me, by this egg healthy amount of power women's anxiety in any sexual encounter you're like really want to make sure your pleasing the person, so that is cuts
go out and have right back, I didn't know, I never thought about it. It's a little disappointed to hurry early shouldering the mouth like it always helps to fail. the partner legs rearing and they just seems more vulnerable because there's two witnesses to it. I dont know that the whole thing seems like us. It's too seems, like Ike awkward, think threatened. is it? Is it physically awkward, no, no it's beautiful figure ballet if it goes, but it was this week we- u we use, sober during these things
this one was in high school with how I don't care my very best childhood frontier Winkler, herself. No wonder you love and sell my Aouda very targeted at Berkeley, rigour we have had so now. We know- and I guess you I had a comfort level with all the other three gentlemen. In this these scenarios. I was I certainly had zero attraction to me. So it's not like I had my guard up like owes one gonna get handy with me read, you know I've hijacked, your segment. Listen, I don't know like but but the fidelity wise it something that you value. for drivers and evaluate like fidelity, I just find that, like I'm, not I find like I'm not really built for I'll go. We met those of the attic. I don't. I don't know why. I don't want anything complicated when things to be really simple. I feel like I'm sings out of principle. I don't think it's better. I just understand
There were no trainers like a moral imperative. No moral imperative is yes. I know I can handle logistic like agency rights not built for air and its good, because it takes a lot of questions The table make things simpler, always way. In fact, I my brother and I often talk about how excited we are for the penises completely stopped working. I feel like that. She's gonna, free so much for my mental space. My free time ha. That's interesting after I've interviewed people about that who, on the other side of that- and they did you say I get- does reabsorb time rider. Odoured o demand that those whenever interview I did the writer in particular, and never then in the middle of interviewed him about it. He got a little aroused
There is a lack of knowledge and we just made him anyway and out of the room and even a menagerie, surprise, boner and then just left the interview. I've gotta use this while I've gotta let this go to weigh up. But when you are, are you married. I mean we were together for like the years. We were married Ferber about lesson that, but over twenty years ago in you, you were at you, We have been confronted with the thing that happens to anyone that ends up in the public eye were all The sudden, you have options that you really not entitled to have like you're. You know you can afford here was simpler, like in a way like knowing I had a partner. It was nice to disappear like like they're trying to suffer this off the table. I don't know why they go when I didn't there was enough a school kid in you, that's going like weighed the cheerleader likes me. That's I mean my wife
good luck and yeah look about whom I dont know was? Unlike I didn't. I didn't, have any never feelings like that like before she and I got together like I went out with a lot of people into yelled out, if I like those five mouse good things that are part of the equation that yeah yeah like I didn't need to an end. The relief to not be at it in a way like there's like a kind of innocence and getting I was somebody when you know that nothing's ever gonna happen like it like it actually like opens you up to a kind of super safe talking to somebody who's leg, charming an attractive cause. You it when you ve decided like I'm just not interested the deadline arrives in a way it was. It was freeing or may the guy who can't get interaction. Basically, you can just kind of eight or nine and say that I ordered you to that site. You that data be out man, yeah, yeah yeah, just like an old man become friends with a girl, yeah yeah did you find it Austin I founded emotionally taxing today because,
vain to somebody. You know what I don't wanna go the whole way with you. I like you, but I don't love you. All those conversations you have to have all dating? Yes: are the raw fry yeah you? Yes, yes, I am not sure how much I can talk about this chasm so lake in the world of this, but yeah like it's. It's it's confusing to know because it turns out there's a lot of people who, who I think, it's possible. close enough to that unit asleep with and its fund hang around with, and then it's really hard to evaluate. So do you want to stay with them like it's just hide to know and out an odyssey went when when things were end my marriage- and I did start to imagine like if I were to be with somebody else, but what I would who would I be with like. I had such a clear picture in my head of what it would be nobody who, after having met anybody like that person like like I just figured it, would be like another reporter lake writer
you're, like my own age and again, and they have been with you my own age, but likely just like nobody like that. Everybody has been so different that have had kind of like push away. That picture in and just be like. I am now like I'm I'm truthfully feel very, like new to this did not wish for it arrived Lee was not unhappy with the idea of, being with somebody toward dead. Back to night and yet till the dad yeah? There is a parallel, though, because we should feel I dont think anyone should feel guilty about it. I think how many people are in your friendship circle, but you have a best for nor too so like in paradigm, like yeah, there's tons of people you'd like to see once a week or once a month term, twice I whatever. That number is near that there is only a handful you'd like love to see seven days a week in this aim is for us a partner near them. Yes, votes to be expected. I would imagine give now having audits
I have seen like dating dating people like I'm, fifty nine, like I'm really all for you, I'm yours. So you, before I dont say that to flatter you, when I looked you up today, I bet suppose my mine iris, fifty nine cause, I think of him, is like being forty braid, but that because it all airy immature her personal now, like I don't know ours is a part of me I think actually is, but at the end but I know what it is in itself. I wanna talk to you about is how on earth do you keep your enthusiasm and curiosity alive for such a long period of time. But I will tell you later question, but ok, I think one of your crowning accomplish as a human being. Is that you're steel on fire? To that I learned stories and you don't seem to have gotten like arm in a routine or a rod or on board, like you sustained your passion, which I think is very hard, it's hard for me personally,
it's hard. Can I say, though, it's more of a leg is a little bit of illusion in it because it like, like. I do, go through periods when I'm tired and it's hard to look like find a story or think about a story or get excited about a story fortunately like I'm working on a show with you. No ten other people, for all of us, like we all go through, like superiors, were on fire, more Renard ended a fortunate there's enough of us that, as long as somebody's excited about something that it creates the illusion that the whole show is excited about something or I, and so when of headway a few months where things were so great for me personally and you know just like, fortunately like I work with other people who are so super counted that I could just coast on their incomplete scale. Enthusiasm, and- and do you know the world would never now and then the fact is like. I really am interested in stuff, but I get excited when we're doing story. They get excited at figuring out how to make the stories really sparkle and sparkles into the downward
may I make a great description of what you guys are greater and then am nosey like does he person? You know, and I d, like you know, like these image of the format of show that we're in is a really does exist for our own, amusement as a staff and anything that we're interested in we just run add in any idea that we can think to do it like it really? We do. You know we. We have a very strong sense of mission but like, but really we also understand that, like we are out for our own fun and, like you know it's just it's not hard to get up energy for that, because it's actually What we need to do is to ensure that we get to talk to anybody who we weren't ever adopt. You know I mean it's a boy. You ve built this incredible thing where, when you guys call people generally, you know
That is so not sure. That's not true. Oh my god. No! No! No! No! No, especially with people like, especially when we're doing I kind of reporting when we're doing political staff or way like nobody knew no like nobody. You we just did a whole show on immigration policy and we couldn't get anybody in administration to talk to us reason. I talk to any reporters really where they see no upside to talking to the press and they view public radio is being hostile to them. Wrongly. I would think, but whatever- and I know it very hard to get people on the political stuff and then we spent eight months doing these shows about low town Alabama unlikely, but it now who we were like impudent would talk to us like their norm. America, as the rapporteur says I play. Why am I talking to you? What would what's in it for me when I talk to you, you know if a complex media like I can get, you get the call answered in like and like the advantage, of the showed doing so well and been around for so long as if there's a writer who we wanna try to talk into coming on the shower something like, though, no us in a calm yeah. I guess I'm trap to my own
experience with. Will the one time you reached out to me to potentially be a part of the story. I, like my eyes, got as big as saucers. I was like oh the notion that I could be a part of this american life, you like ready. Now I hold you know I I or ship and I'd Ally's certain things as american life is definitely one of the leg. If I got to be a here's here would be the pantheon for me. We never go back in time for one of em, but but decided that stupid round wooden table Charlie rose with that abyss, black background. I really have him talk to me. Really all I've done it. You John, yeah, I have to say, with the best conversation ever had with him was backstage it We were doing a ban at your regular, eventually clubhouse here you're, a cop has ended in two thousand to cut down and we're backstage like some saying that he was that he was doing interviewing people, and I just ass into describe his day to me back when
Who is fascinating because you know he would get up at like three or four in the morning. If I remember this right and then he would read, the newspapers and prep for his tv show it would be on television from like six aimed at ten a m right over the gag numbers, and then he would go in like a one hour nap and then he would crap for his second television show very PBS show. Why then do that? And then he would like go out yet scene. I saw only one time in real life at the spotted pig in New York. And it was Valentine's day- I was there with Kristen Bell- and then overruns, Rhine and Amy Whereon, basically or for way Valentine's day, but old shock rose next to me with a younger lady. Now again, this is pre any. Revelation about anything, and I just can't. I'm a couple bottles of wine, and I missed our entire. I admittedly there crescent use. I said: what should we go or not atomic honey? I haven't heard a word you're saying that European unfairly arose on is a desperate
does this mean nervous and marina mess up all the ADI another no get closer to the MIKE. I'm sorry, I've saved radio nerd, I'm just like we work to make a little could see. You know what this is like. A tiger woods has helped her with her swing matter, yeah, I'm not afraid of advice from the best person the beers can now Why not cause we're on this road, so my other thing would be sixty minutes. Have you been a part of a sixty minutes segment? Now? I maybe should limit this on tape, but I've seen sixty minutes. Maybe three times I tell you to get them. I got my attic, but I'm in your sounds like that. I haven't really seen my oh, my god. I love it yea, I'm sure I can just don't much much tv, you don't now, but team to listen to a lot of stuff, and I thank you
Listen our pockets, really absolutely blows my mind, even though we have a personal friendship were when you guys booked me. I thought I should like now what about my so it didn't you hadn't heard at prior to let it wasn't. It wasn't sleep with me. It was light around the same time that you guys, but more like a month or two ago lake. I need my agent reached out, Kristen their age and christian sure. Like others, we learn of aid. The idea wonder about that of Airport Kristen Anne, but it lacks you have my email. I've never asked her to do this. This is one of her want many benevolent trades Gilles drives. Almost I'm gonna ask I refer you as I was when she spoke in the whole show, which you know that I hate asking people to do any its high to do all that anyway. So she email me that you that are coming to New York for the pot guesses like wait this upon cast and then I started, listen and I we have enjoyed a gag did Where are they perfunctory number? I, like a giant started, get into at Dayton, armchair experts. there now it is the flip, the sun
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Americans drive an hour to work and in our home from work so Monday. It's like they get halfway through on the way there now and then their done maple nor driveways over them. But but I guess I hate it s in when we started it. We were advised. This is a lot more sensible as a one hour thing, and I stressed out about that man. I thought fuck that I gotta do the thing I like doing or the thing. I would concern minimal. You should try to do the thing you would consumer animal it that's the base level. It's like the golden rule do and others like. Of course, you have to make the thing at you wouldn't want to consume. Of course, that's the primary importance. In fact, unlike you, I'm furious that radio labs and at forty eight minutes, I'm pissed I hear good radio level MIKE I would I could I mean for three hours of that topic. Yeah I get frustrated. I love something online attic I want. I wanted to never stop. Are you listened to the daily no daily
podcast other, really what he added NEO Times, puts it at its twenty minutes a day and basically they take the days send the previous day, and they do it as narratives with stories and and its really it just incredibly weld on and off, and it's just really like the person who wrote the lead story for the New York Times. Maybe one of their interviewees about like sometimes it's like lyrically beautiful. They did one two weeks ago from the time tunnel recording this about when the hurricane hit North Carolina. They did this hurricane thing about when the hurricane head in Houston this you partner with the sky, whose wife had just had surgery and he brought her back home in that could integrate. She started to have medical problems. They couldn't get somebody to come in and get her out there, because the name when one was so overloaded with calls and is the most beautiful, sad Ike, totally fucked me up thing
but then justice. Last week, another gonna recording the snowy grip before the Supreme Court hearings, where the woman came forward about Judge Cavanaugh and they found they D. They didn't thing, It was a kind of an obvious thing to do. A woman wrote this article four, the Atlantic, which I hadn't seen how she had been attacked by a boy when she was in high school. And she found him off just like the woman who claims and she thought of, Judge Cavanaugh, and she just wrote about what it did to her and edges to hear but he say like none of this was thirty years ago, and here's how that was traumatized then, and its effects that lasted an didn't last in just here's. What to make of this any just made super Rio. The thing that we ve been talking about the abstract, I think, maybe not for for a lot of women, but I think for me as a man stood in an abstract way that some somebody like molesting you in high school could still have lasting effects it you would feel into adulthood but
really know it emotionally, like an away where it well. What would you like? I will write to happen to me. I feel exactly that. This hearing her way it out with so value. I just feel like. I'm so glad you did this and again would it be like twenty minutes. They'll be like let's explore, to you why this thing is happening in North Korea and will go back to like nineteen sixty Lucy. Ok, let's go back, you know just as much like walking through it really fast and entertaining lay and production is great and it just like it's just the very most useful thoughtfully made things out there. I want to say back to your your passion, because one thing I'm played out. I go back to the number one. I want to add something to turn right so long, real quick because besides happened since its accounts, precision and the goal is to get into some deep water well, don't just immediately become vulnerable, but then you can cut off.
But at any ethical, in my opinion, do not provide the contacts like we did just cut into a moment where I can't even think of one of them was hand. Something semi benign of talking about a divorce or something like if, if you cut out how you got there s just like immediately urine alone, it doesn't seem like its portraying the person correctly. Necessarily. I see that it just is so weird to say, like you can always into a thing for two It's like, I know, but yes from your point of view, it's so it's the very opposite because you're so you have all audio but say someone in Kentucky who experienced something and you've interviewed them for maybe six seven hours and then yes you're, going to take the eleven minute breakthrough they had and we're going to run to we're gonna walk through beat by beat in the way that we feel it is going to get to each feeling in order like we're, not gonna, do the thing: you're, scared of
I get a region which is gonna like walk you through it in a way that have the most feeling, but you have those of advance of narration. Yes, that's true, and also of like just the time tat I think, through the beats, the and here you go gales dad left when she was three in she Balboa and then you, basically you guys you give taxed yeah by which, how this huge conversion or emotional moment will make sense. But if I do that to someone Ellen Degenerous. Who is spent her whole life. No, no! No! No. I see that it is viewed like ideas just cut into her going then, and I I don't- I don't go kissing them. A number one question is will complain. I think what we know. It's not a complaint, no, isn't like an actual question. Could I haven't heard you talk about it on the pot cast is why did you want to do a pot cast at very simply simple idea.
You didn't you haven't, was an album, clearly cause we, he has taught you have out. Ok, yeah! I was the guest on many many paragraphs and I enjoyed being a guess so much and as someone who mostly has been interviewed in seven minute segments on talk shows me: have you yeah. I may I simply at the head, your pipe points and rush in seven minutes or failure, Pierre to go did these shows or alike just being axes enough, though I just loved it and then also the feedback I from say being on. Sam Jones is one hour long show or Mark Marin's podcast her nervous yeah that the response was people would go like? Oh, I really know you and I really like this thing about you and I really relate. I couldn't never got that on chemical ray, I just love to being a guest. I live. I liked being
as so much. Why am I doing this weekly? I like talking to people for two hours ago? It's my fate this is my hobby, is shooting the shit, as I think, is your hobby, That's why you and I like each other's that's true, that's true put us in a room, I dont want to meet you at a restaurant or at a fuckin event. I want you to come sit in our living room right and I want to talk to you right right that a roller coaster ride, yeah, it's just intoxicating other complaint, you're going to say, which is I got areas it is. I talk about myself a time even I like that. Well, I wouldn't like it but can I just say, there's a method to it, which is in its not cynically a method. But if I want you to I wonder about the your thing please, I know the strike and they had even attraction is sincere but- and I are known- and no like the person who taught me my mentor, NPR escapee Talbot here
said that interview as a party that that you're throwing and the gas to act, the way that you act and so a few talk. If you tell stories, though, tell stories, yeah. Then there's almost like a social responsibility, an agreed, I'm gonna meet you there, the agri, ok! So go back to your what I find a beer, your crowning accomplishment, that you ve kept your passion live. I do wonder, is part of it that there are chapters in this ride. So one is probably right. The gauges like, oh my god, I'm gonna, be in journalism. That's like that's a ton of you. On the tank. Isn't then it did. You have a romantic notion about like a journalist and money radio I didn't before I got into it like I really backed into it like an end. In fact, like the whole first, ten years old, I was doing radio. I was not that good and in fact the whole drama
20S was was getting from a plan of talked about this a lot in public. Like I give speeches you know, I could go rent it to a public radio station to give and give talks at. I just did them last night and like one of the things, that's always like a shore fire part of it is to way stuff from Wegg year from your seminar aid of when I was doing this cause because its term terror good for you, I'm terrible so glad you do an dumb as just like it. courage meant to people who are trying to like get and get their thing together. I get so bad. For so long and in a way where, like I have recordings had approve, it is not some weird, humble brag or something, and so, and so, and also like twenty only realise is like this last year. Is that when I was a kid I was in my heroes, weren't you no, I said. Ah, it was obviously I really there. comedians? I loved I liked play Josie as it you are, and dramas in trial as a drama nerd, and so when I started and PR allocated nor anything about journalism. Just looking for, like a summer internship, you know like
listening in the media, tv, radio or something advertising and, like I happen to be able to talk my way into empire in Washington which, at that point, I ve been on the earth like four years. Nobody was listen. Was trainee. And nineteen yeah like so, is one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight and they started one thousand nine hundred and seventy three and up tiny little operation there's no morning show this. They had only at a couple you got in at the ground like yeah and they do have. An internship programme has had to talk. Somebody inviting you stick around. I just liked. It then started on the staff of all things considered as a production system just as a kind of summer job in those with this guy who became kind of my mentor where there was a guy on staff to invent new ways to do radio documentary and basically worked for him for a couple of years and learned half of what I know and then, and then at some point I just went to work for the new shows trying to apply what I learned from him from the sky, key Talbot to the thing
you're doing on the news, shows and then just like lead me down a path or trying to invent a kind of radio. that should have combined what I learned from from Keith with what I was learning at the news shows and that fell right to me or internet just took four, like. I really I was bad for so long and then phenomena like twenty. authority- I was I competent. I was late, goes good and monitor the show NOS thirty five, thirty six and how did that come about? I mean ahead. idea. I get that point in Chicago at this. I was in Chicago. At that point I was getting assignments from a purely like sent would send me into a high school for a year. Oh, my god
file every week or two from this one high school, and it would be like a twenty part story. How are they idea of sites like theirs? Is one Highschool, those kind of trying every trendy thing you can do to fix their high school and everything they tried failed in this fascinating? Actually, why a failed, Yandah see that's no, the teachers and the principal and different kids over the course of the year. The zone thinks and said and then, after that, your matters like you have to find a school that improving MRS, too depressing So I found an elementary school which is doing like a killer job and we did a year there and so is doing these stories, which felt a lot like this american life except prison. Did in a more public radio. We way like the narration wasn't just like me talking, but what it had that was similar were characters. scenes and funny moments in emotional moment and building around story arc instead of around the news like us very much, but also driving at ideas, but building the way you build us, Greenpeace, where you're putting our story arc and how the characters changing in and what their feelings at each beat the story.
And then at the same time, I thought I'd want to do something else. Besides this and with two friends started a late night show on Friday night on the local public radio station to be easy and that show what I was doing was practicing proof coming differently on the air and basically warning to talk on the There are the way that I talk in real life. It was not fun exerts, virtually what you do as an actor and can take you fifteen years to find your voice, your real life voice, while a cameras, rolling in its true and it occurred to me right at any time, I'm working with Christian and on an audition or my sister, Monica whatever our were all helping each other I'll just go you're almost at your voice, its weirdly, just even an octave like you're, almost
but you're, not in your voice. We are using a good airily like your voice. You is pitched high, ass or lower slower, fast or whatever. It is. It's a studio check that we do with people and that sometimes have to do with myself has often like on Fridays. When we put up TAT will be running in the studio record, narration and I'll be reading badly and often find what's happening. I took her talking appear in kind of over selling and have to be like not taught we're ready. You taught you talk down here and I go to rely pitching your voice down to like making use of speaking more, allow yeah is actually a broadcast track. Two like actually make your performance back. Ah yeah, well there are many approaches acting, but one that I most believe in is that is like, let's at least start but your voice. I never heard that that would Kristen walk into this room and tell me this thing: generally more boring. Then your inclined to do Iraq, as you said, I feel like you, wanna, be theatrical, or you know
or whatever, but that's not life and in weirdly. That thing is way more interesting under sold right in a performance. I think that when you get to be a professional actor, you don't have to tell yourself that the bat like that's the thing that you actually leg turn online but I think a large percentage of working actors don't ever even get their cunning, how I M in real life- and I go- oh that's a really well. Your voice is different in realising senior cadences different in almost without exe exception. I more interested in the real person and I think why're you doing this, but I think that's interesting. I read a great interview Nicholas cage. One time it was saying it was now, until he did that movie face off which Revolted you remember that movie, if they did, they exchange faces, so basically each actor I haven't done impersonation of the other, for the fulfilling in Nicholas Cage said until then
I had no idea, I could even someone could do and impersonation me. I didn't think I was distant. Enough as a human being that you could impersonate me how and watching Walter do me made me for the first time in my life, I think, Oh I'm enough, I mean big enough. I'm enough. I can be that is so mimicking. Woods tells me I'm enough, like what a weird for how many movies hid away on until that point. In so great a visa can ask you like or to the actors, you don't do it the liquid or actors who who you know, do the thing for you who you admire, who are doing the thing it you're talking about as being the good thing, oh yeah, I can think of a bunch of him. make your rocks great at it. Yeah like the ressler, like oh good, for him. He let the info be the character, like he's huge and guard, and we know this about him in any issues raised voice. An he's great that I think, generally
actors on Jason gave show like Friday night lights. Most of that he asked I feel like they are really in that. But that's I think, that's that that's a trick that that you can do with improv there's a couple. Great things about improv that can trick can knock people out of bad habits. One is because you don't know coming you, you have to listen it's its essential that you listen to what I'm saying is it might change shape because Jason Cadences, Ossawippi parenthood apparent and so did so, and it will produce the same way with it was their improv inherent HANS, encourage, suits you went to the scene with scripta with pot points. Full script you had permission well and varied depending on people's rights. Aptitude for Improv I'm in my case, I was always really encourage to like me down yeah yeah, you know put it through the taxpayers. yeah, which again I applaud his confidence to just go like yet still mine. Even if you do
but but but through improving you have to listen. You're seem partner has to listen cause you're gonna get left the hawks out of nowhere and then Secondly, you can only in in your fake voice. So well, you have to go in your real brain to be creating content and in your real brains, creating your real content and it acts it can accidentally break you and you yourself, I make any sense yet, as the teams chicken Do that, and also to be that other guy who you're being in those scenes? Who is definitely not you that guy's, the guy who point and parenthood? It's not you it's not, but again, it's a part of you, like obviously logo, autumn more, which is there. Are they Louis God bless him, I'm so glad we have a Daniel they Louis, but I'm not day, and I can't do it. he does, and he certainly is a character right. He ease, I don't even know who Daniel Bay Louis's, but in general I think people underestimate the power of story in the power. the information so like. Yes, I'm not crosbie, but aisles
wasn't single with a kid. I never meant like all that stuff, you do the work. The viewer did the work ray. I just to talk and access voice and in all those little things or make you say, it's Crosbie. Yes, he then, but it is it's cool that you who were super interested in in the aid her. Yet I feel like. I think what happened is that without thinking about it, in retrospect I see that, like once I actually weren't with journalism was I had this feeling of like these stories are good, but but they don't have the feeling that a thing think I have and then basically just moved the journalist I was going to have the form of a drama you know like an old musical or something whereby start a funny, and then you know they're about a bigger something, and then they go to something sad at the end, and I feel like that's that, basically, the prototypical, this american life story
You know like pause, you empathy like a funny what or something and it turns out it's the stakes are bigger and about something and then and the whole thing is about a bigger idea and then and then goes to something more emotional at the end when it's working Are you so myopic in the process of making knows that were unaware that you were creating something entirely new, or did you have an awareness of that? I'm not sure entirely new, like your other people, radio doing things that are very much like it, but they just didn't. Turn out the sheer volume that I do like there's a guy named David. I say who did some stuff around the same time that I started this American live Were you aware of him yeah? Of course you are like and there's a guy named Joe rich men who does really beautiful work. We have on the show sometimes like they're a couple people could have working this M territory, but like the west like. I heard the welcome as imitating them like. I was often my own corner, making a thing that it sends to me I don't
I didn't think of it is I'm inventing since original I just really thought of it is unjust, inventing something that I like. I don't know I just like this works for me. This way of performing on the air. This way of structuring a story I get on it any other way to say I like that's all I thought about, and it was like I was doing the other thing so well, I was a perfectly good regular reporter, but it wasn't especial as this other stuff yeah and I have to like one of the most surprising things to me, is that this form of a story has turned out to be so. Oh, I m attainable end and I'm glad like I feel like. I feel like this. This way of structuring a story where you will you drive at scenes and anecdotes and then drive it ideas and you try to get making up a voice and that it's a little more intimate than the weight Grady I had been before you ever feel ripped off.
Like you know now I feel, like you know, like Radio Bab, radio lavender, I got self conscious icon. Should I be telling IRA love remembered? I love really live too. I think it's amazing I like, and I feel like no in a way is much more sophisticated and the production that we do in this. American I've missed ES emotional generally, but that's doubt, of choice and when they go for ocean. They do it so beautifully and thorough way. and in general, is that I'm so blame now that's a good like a whether they concern crying is even say really. What happens there The stories in the hour, one of them being a guy who adopted a young white couple older, adopt this young black girl and they raise her as their daughter. She becomes a social worker and as she's working with on a case, and she comes to know this man, this man breaks into her house. At some point, I am cracker martyrs. Her
and the dad develops not initially with this intention, but he develops this pen pale relationship with a guy in prison, in the story that unfolds in the way this man could be forgiving and loving. I dont not from the I was an example of someone living this way. I just heard this thing and I thought oh, oh my instincts are cancerous like I would want to the person who killed my daughter and if you want, Fuckin Warrior like a brave human being as someone who could be kind and forget, I just never seen an example of it like this ever so, before. I just wanted to go meet this man and go like how do you even become this way and then, through the I mean it's great you'll love it, but at a certain point they ve been pen pals for a long time and the guy's now sober imprison, and he says I need to know about that night. The dad ass.
Oh my god. He says I knew this was coming, and I owe it to you to tell you every single thing any does in its it's incredible I can. I can see this place on the road christen, our driving in Florida when we were listening to it like it's. It's it's time I mine and I know the feeling of Lake of Lake when something really hits you, like you told you remember where you were when you heard I totally get that to second the whole environment. So no, this guy, There are amazing when I he every time I hear radio outweigh dislike, you guys you during such a better job like outweigh the hostess sound and just everything is so much more sophisticated. What's borrowing for like a yellow like yeah, I'm not in your work so. I wouldn't have known that there are other people doing what you are doing, but just for me from the outside to me, this american life is is as unique as the tonight shall lie to me. It's a that I think only we very much became the one of many,
you're doing it and they weren't doing a very visibly and we became because we were there. Every week we became the single most visible, exemplary of like this kind of thing, nobody had ever done this much of it and you know we really pushed it as a staff and like no. We definitely we only have. I have to say like at this point. I do feel like we did inventor, by an how many up a sort of you done. Six hundred some six hundred eighty episode always been there for a wound in his when there's a ninety. Ninety five, while yeah yeah and ended. EL weirdly hired like a like. Last week, I worked eighty hours the week before I worked the eighty hours and work to both weekends and the weekends. Before and just like a night. It's weird. We still very hard jack for, say you think we keep trying to get more ambitious and do things stay to ensure
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If sold and donated over nine million pairs. Is that fantastic here saying go to bomb buzz dot com, slashed acts? That's Beale M, be a asked dot com and you'll get twenty percent off your first order bombers, dot com, Slash Jackson Code: Dax through. I would imagine a first chunk of first chapter of your long story doing this is the excitement of creating them. thing itself. Right then, has to sustain you for quite a while when the chest I yeah, the enthusiasm and also like the weird science experiment of it of like. Are we gonna even I said even though they succeed like us, and nobody ever made a show like this, and when we started the show it was just me and three other people, and we made forty eight episodes in the first oh, my God is to act. Now we make thirty. You know like in its Mouth Waymore Ba I ended. I can assist just really like honesty during those first two or three years like those of us here
and the show we were never not working like there was never a green in the day I got you know just like we were either working or asleep and then Also like we had to talk public radio stations in picking That's really like the withered pervaded. The marks is like there's not like a network boss, its radically decentralized who every single station decides whether gonna take. And when they're gonna run it until you have to talk them all into it. So salesmen as well yeah and had to market the showed the stations and, like I do invent things like we do these killer pledge Dr Modules and one of the reasons. Why is because it was the only way we can get stations to take us is that would they would make so much money after that. I, like you, see around the office here. There's some postcards of used to send out for a year or two would say like don't pick up, because well I tried to make public radio picks up. We making money? I number high programme director saying we play when their pledge. My does intimated. Thirty thousand dollars. You know tat in ten minutes on a Tuesday morning and, like you know just just yet,
like the nodded again in your finances, but what is even the model so you're making the show in Chicago and then obviously every said Adam MP our station that plays it, lay that have led the broiling. You know they down at the beginning. They don't because they are offered so much stuff for free on the public, radio satellite that you can't charge originally in the eye DS that you want to get on the air anyway, you can to give it to them for free for the first year or two and then at some point you have to start charging to to like make your money. Serbia and then traditionally used fifteen percent of your stations, and then we did just like we don't know how many stations we're gonna get like our business model was to go on sixty stations by the end of our first year. We just like with this toy muleteer, who ran the public participation in Chicago, and I who would like we ran the business side of this today. their use. Like I don't he's like I like this, you like this ban people like a cell I ride in a way. I was like exactly when we started Syria we're just like you may, like people, good governance, and so,
A business model was sixty stations by the end of the first year and then, basically, you get grants. We had good Foundation, Grath Alcove, to get us on the air and the like our regional budget. For the first. She was like to enter forty thousand dollars with which we pay the salaries for four people alive and also built to salute, and also within five and eight in a wild animal has a lot of like phone interviews and satellite our view is end, and you not also like in a did the marketing two stations and it was really bare bones and then, as things but you got a big enough audience. You can get underwriters he'll pay to get the name of the end of the show. With this little things, we do it in the show and then at some point a couple years and you can start a stations for money right and then that's business model and did so in podcast must have opened up. Like is at the greatest thing ever that
you all yours, all MAC Catalogue right, you can put it out now in your own, yet I absolutely in and then also like pod cast has more than doubled. Our audience like. We were at two point, two million on the radio and that stayed the same for over it yeah URI remedies, and I are not yet and we ve added two point: five million ipod cast of so gray. So so that's incredible so five million people in general or less began his answer then, and then the advertising money that came in through podcasting is really just change, were able to do and add reporters and reporting I am unable to really like the story ran this week about S. Thirteen, a long island in these cops who basically more or less ignored parents who came to them and said I pay my kids, my kids missing, might be murdered in the council, acknowledges runaway alarm the euro for interest, ignoring evidence of their bringing over and over again a story that takes for five months. We have you know like we could never of produce.
history like demonstrating for months to make one day out here, you're, ultimately gonna get an hour out over that they ran this week. I was in our eyes really admirable again. I feel terrible there who is exemplary in real time, but I want to know where their waves were you were losing enthusiasm, but then another element, ass, adjutant building right there has to be. Do you enjoy that that just the the lake the entrepreneurial. Yes, I do the I do you like corner think it was good that I like running the business like a really enjoy at like I like. I do is interesting to me the puzzle of having to talk and talk stations into taking us and just having to make the business work, and I like the budgets and spreadsheets and all I can drive it comes
Lay to me. It's feels like a game yeah how much easier than writing or your than creative work. You know just seems like a nice break from having to like figure out like wage. This part of the story go here like wait till we get the rate interview for this, like you, just like all that kind of creative decision maker and am now I really. I feel I feel proud of the business side of a cause like I feel I kind of like the weirder. The project is that you have the more cunning you have to be about the business side of it and I feel like, like a loser, a very aggressive about seeing at the business side, It was was competently, managed its unique for someone to have cannibal skill sets you you know as a writer said to be a good bit to be it's funny like. I was unaware of that when I was doing it, but now that I know so many more creative. Like I don't know many creative people who actually enjoy it affected all the creative people, I know sort of resent it yeah we're
as like I don't know, my dad- was an accountant, it's even true, with actors like that they, like acting in someone else's handling everything a man here using alike way. How are you broke? I'm confused. Why are you doing excellency yeah exactly so then a wondering so so so building the actual business which, which has become incredible like I jokingly so only walked in here, like let me see the empire but its that's, not really. He really have build something truly incredible as another bit of fuel in the tank ban. he's on the role of a mentor and giving people opportunity in supporting people a talent like is, that is that become something that is really fuelling for you, and I not say that in a sack and way like I don't know like I feel like I could be such a better like mentor. I feel like if anything, what what I've done is at the show just create an environment where everybody's on the same level, and we are just kind of work out what we're doing today
and then a lot of people just thrive in that kind of thing we added each other and like it's just people understand that they have an idea, can happen, but don't you and then a lot of people try, but I don't feel like I feel, like other people and staff are much better men towards than me and have more time for it. and why energy for the guidelines are probably wasn't the right word to do not take tremendous pride in something like cereal or you built. this thing that allowed for somebody with this scale, Sir TAT, I mean without irony, is, I don't know. I do now you'll like so happy that you gave those people end up. To me that turned out to be such a huge home run. I mean joy for so much pride if I feel it I feel so aware of how hard it is to make Syria and how incredibly special both Julie, who produces an added said and Sarah who writes and reports that I feel like they are both more skilled at what
we're doing than I am at what either of them still like. I could not do their stories, does at all, and I couldn't write them as well, and I couldn t go guide those that's a kind of reporting that just like she is so much better at than anybody. It like a quiet moment like I feel I guess proud that they had the space to do that I really like I don't feel like a large credit for I dont know yeah, I dont mean like yeah ownership over their accomplishment is much like. I feel it on a micro level when I direct a movie and I get to put people in it, I met at the growlings; it didn't get an opportunity now, I'm not like having myself on the back, I'm just so excited to be a part of some one. Getting to do this thing, they love and I had a role and allowing them to do a thing they love that feels to me. Then my own accomplishments. There are a lot of people who are talented and good, but who never, who never get to shine or get their thing out there in any of these
creative capacities and you need cheerleaders and you need people to see you in an usher you in and if you get to be one of those people Like you are you are, I should feel good in. It should feel special. I think that the thing it's holding me back I feel very aware of how, in a week, to week way I have so many things I'm just trying to manage and get through and just get through. The added for that week show in the stuff that I'm supposed to write that it's not like, I think I might holding people by the hand and like helping them make stuff like it. It's much more like a system of benign neglect where they know that like if they like our support them doing it and then sit around at its and give notes and stuff. I don't know I feel, like my, my role is in quite as active in their work. It's just that I'm gonna make a place where there is eventually enough money that we could make it happen.
but that's the surrounding area com was so long. As I know they, like my experience of my week, is so much more anxiety, filled and running from one deadline to the next and honestly, like that, that's my experience of my job much more right, but the glass and we went on a stage in Brooklyn and I come out and make them. For a very long time way longer than I deserve for them to clap in that feels really that there may be as a seven for me right yeah when my Monica walks out and they go bananas for three minutes. I am at its hand like I in weirdly experience it for her better than I can for myself. The amount of happiness, it gives me to see Monica Jefferson, I've known for four years that deserves that kind of thing, that just is overwhelming form, and I just wondered if you have that kind of feeling now that you in opposition position to build something that can amplify people that deserve amplification.
yes, you are totally let me I know you re that, yes, that is great yeah. It's exciting downs, of course. Now will I love Syria We do this as is to put an end, though you you and I have the same- add sales person in the pod care space David Raphia, whose great my very this conversation I had with him. He said one of the funniest sales pitch things ever. He said I just want you know the distinction of having under sold the worst ever has he saw he precarious pre sold the initial cereal with no one, knowing what it was and then two million to help loves her whatever. Now these seventeen or eighteen hours per episode, but right, but cumulatively, fifty million, maybe but whatever eight fifteen seventeen million times, Twelve episodes of a more a hundred and fifteen million, whatever the thought- and I can only imagine you model without it- we three hundred thousand people have said all right. So what a great thing,
as your sales pitch is an agent as I I'm I'm I'm more. I undersold something on a level has never been done, but bad man temporarily guy idea, they d get a good deal for about eight zero rated there. They were there when nobody assets, some guy had the lasting on, took him up. for we go is have to assume your identity is oh interwoven with your profession and what you do and who you are as a creator and how that, be nice you're, not now that eighteen that, like how much of your identity is. I glass, a guy who creates this show, or these many shows that too abstract of a question, nothing about? Maybe I can think about what is the answer to that? That gives elegy lay like, like you, VE, had the experience where you were married for years and years and years, and that can be of fracturing event for your identity to split p s right here?
and similarly, if you take away like tomorrow, IRA Glass, there's no, this american life didn't know any of that stuff. It's funny like if I picture that I just figure like while just go back to do whatever I was doing before in a way that simple dying, I would just like. I just may go stories again: whatever visa achieve my life now by a gun but a lot of yourself esteem has to be derived from how or do you work, I mean yeah, I don't know like lake. I a lot of my daddy sure, of course, is like I spend spend so many hours every week. He there's some weeks like the last few weeks we ve just been. Is production binge, and these hard shows where it's like, I'm almost doing nothing by making the shell yeah right, and so it like in periods like that, it's like come, not even thinking about what is my identity, just like making my way through the trenches, Israel. I go from this added
it decided to this year. You cannot see that forest in Algeria and like it, but it's like some much of my wife is like that, like so many I'll go for weeks at a stretch like that in a kind of come out of it and you had any pearl dawned periods of not working known in their sending I've. Never. Even though I have never been camping guidance I had been hiking until I got him until this summer's. In many ways I got to go on a high cost of totally as I go just walking around It rightly says: yeah yeah, yeah yeah. They took me awake New York City in their goods go upstate. I gave a friend who is a house. Upstate will stay at their house over the weekend as a great and so he went upstairs and then, like all these people who were upstate these places, are they have abstained as like I've never been away. Upstate, though a great. How long have you lived in the earth? Is it over a decade? The liquidity but I was uncomprehending been busy. I gotta know what I do know so heavily
Organize may my life many non work, things yeah like them, but that doesn't concern you at all. It does concern me. Ok, I think I'd be happier if there were more other things. Do you think, there's a certain amount due like it's, my I gotta got in over my head and then didn't didn't, organise it well to get out of that, and then I like making the show a guy like making stories like, I just don't think, there's a party which is like I actually it's interesting to me still and to get to the question you are asking of lake how much my adopted is caught up in it like I think over and I got fiercely and do you think in this bubble, where we're sitting now, but can I say I went away, I think I'd be totally find it will be a robot really yeah
just as an experiment, just I just want you to take even at nuts. I take it away, but let's send you and a three week vacation and I wanna come interview. You I'm day. Sixteen ok can I get you gotta get yeah. I guess We have more specific. Even better question is in this realm or sitting now you're very competent at it, you have the ten thousand hours minimally. Our privacy or you have ten thousand hours air and with competence and possessed and of leadership comes a lot of control this environment, you can control mouth coursers elements that you can control, but in general you have a large degree of control and when you leave here and you go a blind date or you go to the grocery store yeah. I know it's nice, it's nice. In fact, I had the experience of em a couple years ago toward in this dance,
where, where I told stories, needs dancers dance, and it was with this incredible dance company Monica Bill, Barnes, dance company and Monica was the director of the show, and it was such a relief you like to thank God. It was so great. It was so great. It was her show like and you don't have ideas, but you back now Like I said I really like getting somebody else's producing at somebody else's in charge. I was like an actor in her show. It was black, wonderful life don't have using. You have control Issues or are you control freak am Jack's controller enthusiast. I would like an answer in an egg control unicorn, but like it, but it is a very specific. How to control their certain things that I find it very hard for me to give up like right now. I'm trying to train people into taking over Gregson image sounds so small, but is sort of like big too, which is just obliterate. The mixes of the
oh like like where the meat comes. Emory goes out. The pauses between senses, I just the performance, is the people are giving. You know right now, like I give mixed notes on most shows on all of that, and it takes a day. It is a four day of my weak dare to do next notes and review the mixed notes and suchlike, it's not that interesting and I keep trying to pass it off, but I feel like that is an area where I feel like a sense of like I don't know why I got some prime away. I feel like a need to control it, but if I could just get somebody to the point, where got people in other parts of the show where they do it, just as well as I do well opium, happy to pass it often over the years have turned over more and more of the show to other people, and there are all kinds of things like me. The show now is something that we all decide together like like overwhelmingly like the story selection. The way things are edited like it very much as a group decision, and I don't need to control things like that, like we do so many stories that that
I think we shouldn't do like. I do stories that I am not in favour of, but, like everybody agnor, we should do this and then I go. Do him either of definite meantime, and the staff meanings who have said. Ok will some day when it going on radio show. I'm told I like how do you know the IRA glass, our yeah like suggest something here, but to defend the one thing, though I will say not being an expert on it. It appears to me, though, that mick- is actually in a film the job. The director really is to establish a town. And hopefully maintain that same tone through every scene of it. In that Duncan, come from as is really I point of view, as is my exact sensibility and I know seem to see missing whether even one seems community one seems dramatic least, my my personal sensibility will be the unifying thread bright and I have to imagine that that phase of this is word tone is the pauses. When
the music comes and as a common slowly does a common abruptly. Isn't that town, that's part of tone for sure yeah that part of it I mean they're, so many other things like in story selection at here talking to him what you say- and you know that, like all I every other, but the by when I hear you visit I can live it's it's like Mcdonald's. I get the same thing every time, even if the stories radically different. Yet I could. I would never drop five minutes into that shown not know it was that show an that's weird leave the accomplishment youth. That is your true accomplishment is, It is a single. You know it's a consistent product. Yes, yes, true true hourglass, I just want to tell you Luckily, I can remember not like the episode of blame, but up there with blame, I got an email forwarded to me from my wife that you wrote her about it seen hit run on an airplane yeah, and I was Mr fan of yours for fifteen
There is an olive son and I ve never met you and I get an email from you about hidden, rye loved hit her, and I have to tell you it's hard to know what you're real effect is on other people, but the high light of having made that move. The process was the highlight, but post it coming now the singular that the zenith of the experience was getting that email from you really. I promise to you from the bottom of my heart. That says we guy guys, email MIKE, I wrote fucking Glass wrote me a two page email about a movie I made this can't be. I really liked- Like a really healing. I think I really am a sucker for a story about like a guy who's who's trying to fix himself. I thought there was like is like a real surprise. It that's what it turned out to be other. Likewise, in this America's favoured date, movie suicide, those Ike pricing Lee was very unexpected but in truth, self Lovin fat
and I was like way it's an airplane. Everything goes up, forty percent on an aeroplane, it gets better required, giraffe and then second, I was like so many cocktails had and then I eventually ass, you like, we do, you think, maybe your drunk why you saw them, but anyways I was so flatter because I'm just a humongous fan and I've spent so many hours of my life enjoying the fruits of your labour and abso flattered you like Chris soon. I know I recognize you like her more as you should, but it does it it does. I was saving need. I remember now their spending more time together. Who knows? Who knows, I beg you to totally Peter. You could hardly add labourers either totally edging crowd like where's Christine now we're as Christian Bell now opens the door for us, and sometimes we get invited as today, because you never know how. But thank you so much for spending time in your Sunday night,
like Sir Darras, I feel very flattered that you would give us your time and be a part of our shelves. So thank you. Somebody s! Fun thanks! Fathom rely, listen and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica Batman X X it allowed the is that a common monitors dog do you com do to me. yeah. I do show yup. You really mean it. I dont needed, then do it again, because you said yet and then I kept going. Ok you can you like that I come affected in English singing. I was gonna comment on that yeah thing. You often do that you become them channel near Armada,
hi. What facts are checking today IRA, Kyra Flax. The rain nodded, and this happens, and at times with the sun comes thou, nice guy get happy again and then it passes in than those rain again of a will see the sun speaking through the clouds looks like this is gonna pay? Oh, it's going to be a quick shower. great. You know what I'd do enjoy, a lot of things you enjoy, but maybe not leave this. I don't like the rain, but I do in boy S, son, shower! Ok, but my grandma always used to say when sunshine in the rain, and it means the devil's beaten his wife, oh, you know she was from Kentucky and she had all these great great Sainz thing. When someone stunk she said that smells
the poor cap, a pole, Candia or now. What's Emmi, I don't think it's those long things at stick out a swamps had ever little falls of an air. I mean I think I don't know what does it do the high Heaven, if you believe, Yola Shepherd Yours, haunch holes, birth name. What does it do? Thou added the swamp, I've somebody you, you ve, really just opened up a door to a lot of quality, known you're, driving on the side, the highway you see a swamp and in the swamp, busies release straight up and down tat. Colored poles will there there there their plant there are other there. Laura Rabbi Swarm. Ok, There are only edge voyage in and make their straight up a number of these big proofs at the top dandelion noted all know that the proof is much more parallel with the stock? If it does, is not a severe call, it is tubular as a house out at the time I've known, tubular fashion. Totally to me, not a boar gap,
Wabi wives direct me. What what is forecast of african skunk is a pole cat scan I would my grandma know about an Africans, I'm in granite sheep had a double masters, are very smart monasteries in our family. I believe yeah, and that makes the most sense because scan stink. They sure do what's like all gap, and we don't know about a very as early as we all know how that smells good small lovely. I just filled in the blanks. I like it much more I felt my grandma was talking about that fuck, you are you. I guess that opening up the umbrella was bad luck, cat tails, hours, old cat tails you know the funny thing about my grandma yours, which you she was named after you know are now Ulysses S grant the interesting they decided. Viewless was the theme aversion. Interesting issues from the South and Ulysses S grant famously.
defeated Robert legal Northerner, but what's also interest. There is just think in this their names are. One of her brothers was named Lee. I don't I they might have on both of them while they just for a big fan of the civil war everyone in the cells pretty aware of the civil war. They seem to think about a way more than the people, nor I agree at all with, but those rebel flags and what many sea confederate converter flags. Yeah yeah yeah love there. Now now it's not a great symbols. I will say this about the can flag for salts. It was a rebellion against the United States a. Secondly, what people are in favour of of saying was about states rights. It was about states right, a singer the right which was labour? He s sure it was about states, rights, blood, to be honest, about the fact that but a singular right yeah. Anything else
an exaggerated numbering this Robert E Lee Book right now, and the Mexican American WAR was very, very instrumental in causing civil war, which I had no idea, because at last that we stole from Mexico. Tat was all blue land that was going to be incorporated in the United States, and the southerners, of course wanted that land to be slavery at tat. Welcome too sleepy now, because then it was, it was illegal and so really the this wars really really instigated by that war. Ha ha. I never know that either gangs very interesting, but now back to the Confederate flags centre. It's a terrible symbol, really represented peoples. desired, andirons lay jam you can't get around. I now feel greatly on two, but the truth is you just can't yes? Now, with that sad Kay, I have met many people, then have a seemingly no awareness of that like they really look at that flag as a
of being an outlaw and so you know it's a bad flag, we gotta get rid of. also you have to just, however, a little forgiveness in your art for some people really know what they're, what they're waiting around well The way through this is is not deem every This guy I want to raise is just the start with others. There's a lot of people have a misconceived notions about what that the history of the flag, We can be eyes to save the majority of people who are flying that flag know what it means, or just here's. My from my own anactorium exam, I have known a lot of people that have had that sticker on their truck or something that I can say with certainty aren't race. So that's where it gets a little compelling to me, or just you know, multi faceted. How about that sir, located
You think. You know a lot of people that have had that flag or a t, shirt or something and in their they're, not races. I mean, of course this was twenty five years ago. I feel like mounts that conversation really has been a mean had publicly yeah I'll, No, no people love for Georgia. The thing is when you say I know with certainty that people are racist. The problem I have with that is, if you know what you're doing- and you are fine- that flag Yes, and you say it stands for fishing I am being that's what people say: you're iterator transfer it to be a southerner self sufficient. Exactly I I hear you say that you are not raise.
That's, because you are choosing to flies a flag that is a symbol of hatred for a group of people. your choosing, like your saw them roots over Omer somebody humanity and to me that's it's not overtly racist, but it's not good album beam, incredibly clear that I dont think that, Why is good? I don't understand why you and celebrating a failed rebellion. I don't get it, but I also don't believe that you're necessarily races. If you have that flying a black, person, who sees that flag is not. Is never gonna feel safe. Never never you ever yes in new, and I know that some people are stupid and we were on education and it doesnt mean their hearts black. But if somebody tat,
of them, one choice of words there I now I've blue Parrot, I urge you to use a different. You say hold call hard whatever you want to say it. If they're just ignorant, which there are a lot of people that are dying in that, but then, if some but he says hey this represents- this and they really ranges really hurts its painful. Yes, on black Americans feeling I think that one of their neighbours has a symbol celebrating when they were owned. Here. I think of you. If you start, there. I think you're gonna get a lot of growth. I think, if you start with guns, hey. Do your races for have not fly. I think bringing allotted defensiveness ah earthy, we gonna confederate flag I agree with your fine. Ok, oh you said,
we ve only we'd only done one other interview outside of our attic. That was Alan, and that was technically true at the time we recorded in. But since we the least these out of order not true anymore, Amy and South were both also out of the attic. I m our words, as you could say as chair, but to go to somebody. I was unique at that moment No man, I was a racist because I win at that moment his studio autonomously, it I guess sake, it's ok. It's not me. It's not ok to be ignorant, but if your ignorance in somebody corrects you, you have to change or now you are that thing for sure and
when you watch the news about the Confederate Flagstaff, it's not all ignorance, a lot of people here it in their care, not a coincidence. That fly was on huge displayed during Charlotte. Well yeah white supremacist Marge. You can't really deny that I feel it. I had a conversation with my very very good friend from home, who is varies art- and he comes from a very very southern part of Georgia, his whole family and We are having a conversation about the flag because he is people and his family who fly, and I think he at one point had to reconcile like I think he was on the like. It represents this for a long time and at some point he does have to be like now, you're, just not it's just not located.
well again I'll use of far more innocuous example for us not of your jewish, but you know this one Sego, was used in an hindu religion, us very much part of their iconography, in fact dying. Yes hundred percent, in fact the it was that that's was stolen? Oh Rob is saying it was flipped now, there was a school built in our home town. It was deserted. We used to go into. It, may put a huge rug over, but on the floor, the skill the schools built, like nineteen o nine in Mosaic on tile on the floor. It had a swastika, the old high school in Milford. We appeal we would sink into dies, mood peel back the carpet nor the big swastika on the ground, and that was you know, thirty years before the Nazi Party, so they they took that symbol. They hijacked it now, of course, that symbols dead right as it should be. You could certainly be Hindu and have that symbol
Anyone If someone pointed out you hey by the way, there was a holocaust. Six million people by now is pretty much the mass god of the the atrocity. I got a wash pride, take it off my, but what we are saying is that person could could quite innocently be not really understanding. The gravity of the symbol I guess I do want to see that NGO go like that guy. That's african anti semite! Well, you might Now I mean I would also I've. Never I'm! I believe you, I totally believe you, but it's definitely clearly not like a ubiquitous and up thing within Hinduism now I've never seen it, but I think you could deaf. when you say that if, if the Hindu was they had their like for sure. At this point, you history, all I'm asking for is like a tiny bit of good, will and benefit of the doubt where you go the personal. I doubt you may not
I doubt you mean S really make a nice person. I doubt you meanness, just won't let you know the history of this thing. Yeah right now want to fly that at all. one, is talking about like step one said ago, like other persons of buck and racism and tell them his ideas in order that the result of that approach is all that great now, as I just don't think any I dont think most people are starting. That way. I u dont thing, and I understand- and I would understand where a lot of people would say someone with the confederate flying on their truck. Does it deserved the benefit of the doubt no I'm not saying that it all I, U. I think it's always good to start with edgy Hey then yeah, you know lose anything if you find out the person he raised his eyes. No, I I know that a lot of these people are educated in it. You are still doing it, of course, has definitely the approach, but the initial approach, then what
when you see what's left, then I'm going to say: okay, this is a central rate, azure waiting, yeah yeah. Of course ignorance is a different thing in a peep, because also our friend Jed, but something sure am recently. Are you still story about that where he had like he's from Tennessee I'm Tennessee, the most liberal mean unplanned progressive. Yes and he had a confederate flag ban Diana on only war too as well, however, ass church or something you into a black church yeah in a very kind warm elder pulled over. yeah and just said, like basely just said like hey, when, when you wear that makes us feel unsafe bit reminds us of the worst part of our history. yeah, and he too Not the Melian fell, terrible and learned. If everyone did that, that would be an incredible enemy.
That is not the way out. Everyone can find themselves in a loving black church in the south will, if everyone could see those words and say: oh, this really causes pain. I'm gonna stop doing this because it causes young Bobby Grey area. Awesome yeah, maybe all happened someday. Some tells me that the people who don't understand better flag represent slavery. Prior, listen, armchair, expert bad news in our silo Euro year, we get it no weena wordy on your page. If they do, then fur for people who do who are like minded to us to hear that, like the best approach, the initial approach is kind Mary and I dont know yeah. Ok, so you said aid, years ago, at any at any, given year, there were probably now I'm com, these. I crossed a hundred million dollars, and this year there was a single one. Last year there was not a single one, and then you said improbable leaving one out. Girls trip was a huge it
so. In two dozen seventeen girls trap did cross a hundred million and then Daddy's home to also did boom and then in two thousand eighteen this year. So far none have crossed were pretty late in the year yeah. I remember those undermine our countries generally known, come up for exactly that. Our primary gonna get there in the high. So far, the highest growth thing is night school at seventy one million Tiffany hellish, that's right or listening Tiffany were really want. You on the police came along in two thousand and eight to ten years ago. You reference it was kind of hard for me to differentiate. What was commie always ground because there's like Horton years, I, who am I cartoons on Monday night or whatever there still there was a lot. There was eight to ten. There was like a why there was a
ah but interesting than we might have figured TAT Mount on our conversation this week with Jason Man's Lucas. Another avenue I had even considered in this. You mailing colony business. I d say there weren't a paradigm shift, it hasn't been defined the next big leg, yet yeah. That was encouraging. I like thinking about it. That way. I think it's dad, I think, insert ram canyon he was killed it, but I don't. I'm delighted did now that now there is a new voice that this generation wall gobble up and run it. The theatres see well, the other in the other aspect is like what you qualifies dad I mean when you think about. Like I acquainted to commercials went before I was doing commercials away a long time ago. You can make like two hundred now
ten dollars on one commercial Belgrade's liaison, goes even did it fifteen years before you- and I was told that is well in that is not my experience. I did a Miller light commercial than they bought a trillion spots. Foreigner made seventeen thousand and I kept thinking seventeen thousand seventy thousand hours away, We are then we'll all I'm saying is. I knew all these old timers at these additions ever tell me. They are making to an a grand off a single came in commercial, and I yet I didn't know anyone in my circle- and I was very much emerges. it might be a little bit a lot around. Maybe I get that could be true, other my friends friend wording, but she did and Olympics Commercial a long term issue is really young and she and she, but I was told she made a hundred fifty thousand dollars as on it, and the thing is, I can see that being true based on some of the commercials I've done now, I'm not may nearly that amount, but knowing
its changed. A lot here, what's the most, another or made I shall live free. That doesn't seem right, mind you I mean, I don't see that word. Anyone noticing love. When you air, as happens once in uniting our visit references, gypsies, I never thought of you guys. You deal with a gypsy. Wow Soria, that's, not unlimited anymore. You just added a converter fly, oh my god. Www at all, but a real time incredible nagging to say that again, although it that's really interesting, as in my brain, spelled J yeah. I p p d. No really As Jean, why an idea when I knew you hikes embarrassing, So anyway, I think you got screwed
weekends anywhere references, the screw Marion's Mesopotamia yeah, to insist on having sex before they close any grain deal. Here's the best part about me making seven! in it was. It was one thousand more than I made on the entire season, appoint two maids Ten thousand dollars and point out of sheer twenty four bits that there was a year to film adverse yeah. That's a day there was a big year for you honestly. It was because I made like thirty three thousand box in prior that never may more an eight year yeah. I can't leave you I am aware of the I can't live like an angel, is drunk all the time and cost a good amount of money they denied by these thirty two answers: Miller high life save on their dollar. Ninety goes mainly beer. You drank known. I was doing
early times was the chief version and Jack Daniels. I bring back a bunch, a knock off Lakers one on friends who, at nice, liquor and drink there, liquors tailed steer. The more compelling thing is how I did drugs, those four pricey. yes, there is a will there is a worrying- has toe ok, so you said: West Bloomfield is the second highest concentration of Jews outside of Israel per capita if you run this formula is going to it's, because you are also saying is the highest black. relation is the high they give me the highs. Every single, not during the highest per year, will not total ninety two percent black at one point. Okay, so here we go according to the North American Jewish Data Bank, the hunter.
and four counties and independent cities? As of two thousand a lab in a few years with the largest jewish communities, as a percentage of population were number one Rockland County New York, twenty nine point, three number two kings County, New York. Twenty two point: four percent and birth: three NASA County New York, New York's, really holding down the fork. Seventeen point: two percent- Oakland county Michigan is forty one on the list, but fit five point. One percent of their population just to be clear, I didn't kill him open. Chromium VI is concentrated as the only Michigan one right, I said, was Bloomfield Jesus City within Conklin County, and let me tell you about organ county. None of those juice anywhere, but was will fulfil them Bloomfield ills so divided made forty one in accounting. That's really just wasp, I was I was bloom view, which is a city,
Look, it says it at one or force counties and independent cities as of two thousand and eleven the over your name and colonies. Those are probably, I didn't hear any cities. I now cause social cover, the ones with the highest population. I don't know I don't know, but I don't think you're right. We gotta earmarked as though we are due cities. ok, that was my claim. I know you hate me. You hate me You very my ears in no way there's more jewish people, then in one The cities in Rockland County then like there's just no way you're saying, but I don't know the dance true if there's one nine point three percent jewish people and now whole count you think, there's a city within it, but I'm telling you that I think I think that was Bloomfield over fifty percent jewish.
I'm always so many things I can't I've. I won't be able to find that this is the best statistics we're gonna. Have the reasonable conclusion is that's not as reasonable conclusion, because this number one county could have juice spread all throughout the cow me, but I'm telling you open coming, doesn't have juice, blips, read all rebels and counties primarily just in was Bloomfield and Bloomfield Hills. Tat will do more digging out are, we can't very well still be right, just think eating, literally. Forty one on the list compared to all the the other. Mainly all these New York counties still super possible. I'm telling you that just those two cities Tipp the whole county up into the top fifty so yeah. I think that still possible would love. If we could disagree about this not be mad
by you. I M, not mad, is just another round of I'm researching and I'm I'm typing in all the stuff that at some point, was Bloomfield would have come up in my research. Probably if that were true, I don't I don't know I dont know, if you search counties or cities, are that's fine, yeah yeah we can, we can keep ok, ok, IRA is right, though, that he said deer were Michigan is most arab city in the country. The city's population whose forty thousand arab Americans heard the two thousand senses: Arab Americans total, twenty nine thousand one hundred eighty one or twenty nine point: eighty five percent of deer bronze population. The city has the largest proportion of arab Americans in the United States, so he is right about that. I'm not shocked,
very smart. Yes, as a higher bar lackeys unimpaired, he really has to get it shit raise more like a journalist than us he ass. He is not now a little bit more like these opposition warmer O. One thing I wanted to clarify is we talk about why well country so much on here, and we often come to the conclusion that you know that Brenda called, but ultimately their happier as we know, are blue, who is really winning in whose losing here, but what we never really say. What I think it's time for us to say is that they were doing some really shady stuff, they were like poisoning a town there almost making there is some bad stuff happening, some harmful stop happening, so we have to say that it was just totally pure and everyone was
the people were happy, but I agree you know what I mean. I still like to think of a smaller percentage of the russian issues. Where lies elsewhere. Poisoning bangs lies, I think, but that the fact that these happy people are worshipping humans who are poisoning towns in doing this stuff, just cause your hat, doesn't mean that's ok, honour Brazil, and I think I say when we talk about, I like to say at least made an unseen enough that both sides came to escalation. I get to me the big Learning principle of that whole documentary is the difference between DE escalate. Emasculating, because both sides just cap escalating they shut down their town. The me got enough: resin
it's in there to overthrow the election that may change the county rule than they ain't gonna like that so great, so they shift in all these people. Listen to me just like mother bowl, size or tremendously guilty of like just escalating beyond belief. The am I guess they both felt like. I was the only way, get what they want it. I would have been one of those idiots. I know that's a shortcoming of mine who were You may push me: I'm gonna punch you and me I'm gonna stab you. You know, I'm that's my worst quality. I don't know that what a poisoned asylum bar that I don't think I've really nets. He started thinking ways is like a bomb ever gotten a meaning there like, let's go before the me, were poisoned Bob's, big boy. We I took action, yeah. So we talk about blame the episode unreal.
Your lab, you also talked about radioactive and then he felt guilty the idea, but I do want people to listen to that and listen to the other part of that blame episode to there's three parts. You did held one, the other one. For me- is the most powerful partner that whole episode will there's the born The action wanted a guy who's daughter got. My room was the third one valentine camp or that you're saying the third Nope addiction. Oh you like that when the mafia quantity thing well, as brief run down for our audience, the episode is about a guy who basically has a brain surgery. his epilepsy, and then there was great everything went well, more seizures, never ceases, and then a couple years later there be. I knock on the door. Homeland security opened your work and he had all the child pornography on his computer. In addition,
to be the reality rage at every single thing. Yeah and they basically concluded that it happened during the surgery that they, like fucked up his brain you up to forty year, brain metal whims, hell, you're, Patel, you're out of your pleasure centre or yeah. We want up that's ridiculous. Yet there was no communication, yet they had like like tat, dead or alive, took it out on accidents or something and yeah sadder par. I thought was completely treatable condition, one once the psychiatrist disk what happened they set out. This is what happened. This can happen in a procedure, but don't worry, we have this medicine will put em on internal dull that
pleasure centre in how we completely back to nor on their like yeah, well tough shit, he sells the arrows at times for me that that is the most compelling, because it's very enlightening about the human brain and like when people do bad shit. Can you like is not. Is there for years? Why was I not away their fall and like? How can we do to be so generous and benevolent to view things that your family member has been a victim of these thing. I now I've seen it. I've seen him in life like I've, seen people have brain staff, and where does it or so powerless to it, yeah Gary the whole, the whole city damn seems a little precarious. It seems a little. It seems very fragile and seeming to take much eyes. Rapto, you don't want me you're acting like a semi normal human being. I now
me on drugs. Quite often, when I look at some of my behavior, I can't compute the person that would do that stuff, yeah area. As a weird yeah, tavern should really check that out how many episodes of this America makes six hundred and fifty nine I'll be excited when they do the ten more things I sixty nine will be a hot episode ash striking way to get a six thousand. Nine hundred Can I abso sixty nine you'll love that reserve that guy hours, pleasure centres or lastly, oh now Ah, it's raining and gas a little better than they were really quick.
Me, ok, see! You said everything gets a forty percent better on an airplane because your trapped and that's not a real figure now, but we are more likely to cry on airplanes. Really. Aha, there's been a lot of research, nothing super definitive, but there's argon time magazine- and it said a mix of psychological factors related to the plains altitude and perceive loss of control can cause a person to break down emotionally once in the air. little control over our environmental? They are travelling by plane, although we may not be consciously aware of our most of all, our ability or emotional brain is working overtime. I crown plain: sometimes they do yeah not and not very much in line with much provocation. I cried last has on an airplane you do less to ex ago. Why were they create
You got off airplane. I tried both for the airplane. Ok, don't feel bad. I was editing and at the start of our podcast, and I got it Ah though, if I'm gonna be honest, I also did have one mimosa ok, great is a real recipe for Multi year session do enjoy it can cause? I do recall when I used to cry it mean very large. Just like you, like releases all the stress, it depends on Y, a crying, ok get with resolved, yeah, ok, but if it's not or if its cause you're angry, it's not doesn't yoga cry very much at all. No I've made you cry. What was for you Christians made me cried too,
U s. Yours are making us on a fair. That's not fair! I'm crying in reaction to you guys are real. Most women look, but you know who else makes me cry, my parents that so that all the air yeah May I make me cry or they do like you. so embarrassing, disappointed in your just when your man at the now's, the cry of anger, wags, interesting idea or embarrassment. Ah ha, did you cried the time bomb? Dora leaving that place it in writing. you might oh yeah. Ok, you got clear of all men. I loved it s the aid it So was I ran into a door, a glass door
and you know- really almost went through the glass from Baroness Ashton in all of our friends or their employer- I used to be received by play and is after and all our friends were, their Rhine and Amy were there and other people, and then I reported. Ace venture is so weird. It's like one of those very like cartoonish moments like they even have a big pop out here. Have you ever kind on an airplane, no Senor light? watch said movies on the airplane yeah I watch any movie on an airplane, only watch movies, crying, I can't remember, to play and then eleven Aurelia like I watch these. I think I'm gonna hate I wanna under certain their origin, We I hate better than to allow my farms have been watching crazy, stupid love on the plane over and over again the movie,
Our real gas will interest you get for my plane. Maybe I've cry at that too: It was. You were already in air, that's how I pretty much consumers things, but the Odessa yeah Granted banking. I love you.