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2020-01-13 | 🔗
January Jones (Mad Men, Last Man on Earth, Anger Management) is an American actress and model. January joins the Armchair Expert to discuss her obsession with reality TV, moving to Los Angeles with Ashton Kutcher in her early 20s and noting people don’t expect her to be smart. Dax is excited they are both named after fictional characters and January gives her opinion on why Mad Men was so successful. The two talk about social anxiety, January talks about her fear of fear and she discusses her experience as a single mother raising a young boy.
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Welcome. Welcome, welcome armchair expert, I'm Dac shepherd joined by the beautiful Emmy nominated Monica Padman. That's well go. Today we have a wonderful actress January Jones. Of course you know our for a madman, Jews, fantastic. She was nominated for two golden globes for best actor, son, in a prime time, Emmy Award for outstanding, led actress. She also is in one of our favour, copies of all time, the last and on earth? We love it and she's got a new. Show on Netflix called spinning out which, as you will come to hear a big undertaking. Ass, something I would be brave enough to try their sons really get. I applaud her. She so much fun. We had a great time talking with it. So please enjoy January Jones, We are supported by mine body. Monica did you know, there's a super convenient way to book fitness classes and wellness appointments that we got it
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the white, but it's not orally satiating enough for me more. The gown furthers Roy dead recently just to get like manic energy, and then I was chewing tween train constantly and I got like dry so I started in this. Habitual thing or that's the first time you had joy issues, I so our mouth cardiac land, tat night. I think women just hold still a lot of Penza anger. Although women in my family, we're mouth guards and has it done. Damage like are your mowers. Groundwater ready also says I even fasting, and I haven't all this is. If everything about- and so I have gone in NAM. Eight years an Christian was real getting on me like he caught it and also? I know I know. I know what I went eight years along its Alonso, I've been twice in the twenty five years of wooden ally.
Maybe three than this but anyways when I went finally deduct keen eye estimates in their written around and scrape and stuff. And I said, let me ask you doktor king, long. Do you think it's been since my last appointment, really studied at me goes well. I dont think you ve been within six months, but I dont gun look like it was more than a year pretty good. You know so January, you and I know each other per for early, yes, We ve been around each other yeah you're dating. Could your long before I knew culture right yeah we moved out here together. We were like me team that don't here together New York, where we met on Abercrombie and fetch campaign, and then I moved to Paris and I let him stay in my apartment, any work and then, when I came back as well,
you're here and then he she got to show seventy show and some other surfing cobbling from sure servers, he's really excited about one, and I just said I'd had rather not moves in Hawaii allays cool about fine phaeton sovereignty our well one for you saved his life. Sure yes, surfers cowboy that would have been nine eleven again later oil and woe. Maybe he could have saved you just don't, Maybe the messianic ingredient was on culture, yeah had by boat American oh no, clearly, remember I remember and making the decision is where my house in South Dakota- and I was just like wise grain all, but that's true for and then you would have had to have done nothing. What the fuck would you have done and why a yak they don T
yeah. I don't. I don't know you don't look like a couple weeks ago, yeah we're there ever thanksgiving those very heartbreaking that they didn't have mashed potatoes. All they did captain everyone knows it gets a buffeted- bash betaken! Listen, we don't have those in a way. I feel you read french rise there. At least it is ok. Have you noticed in Hawaii that their very big on spam? It's on many of the menus? If you go to like just local restaurant they love spammer. There I had spam growing up in South Dakota, maybe that's because you have to get so much process stuff shift in the islands and South Dakota South Dakota I've, only driven through one time, yeah yeah time of year, ah July your honor. Recycle it was have energy minister death. You're not going to turn his eyes. We stop short of sturdiest, but we went about Rushmore Club and love. O is very clear. In just the right into Mount Rushmore, you're beautiful, it's beautiful part, no,
happy. Why wouldn't go to Sturgis? It's dangerous. Well, that wasn't my louder than allowing a guy. I did this ride with my Israel from brain. We left Troy and I had my first Harley brand new, early and we drove a tally and we want the northern up in every gas station. We stopped at three or four men come up and talk to me like yours. Do those yeah seventy nine Ban head blow over and then you just ensnared in like a forty five minutes to Chechnya. Every single gas station sometimes attack on super friendly last night that ports really I set out on that trip to write a motorcycle through the beautiful countryside in summer, not to chat with strangers at the gas station. For forty five minutes. Stop so the I was a little sick of talking about motorcycle by the time we had to South Dakota like I've had a thirty five conversations about the motorcycle and I'm I'm I'm all right. Bree wisely said Anne you wanna become famous,
smile zeal. I get the foresight. The girl, like you, think you have the right personnel adapting to be famous because you're gonna be I to a lot of strangers. Yeah, that's a very the handwriting. I should have thought about that. At least they are part of my job, and I am happy to be here- and I agreed to be here but but united, difficult you're, not an extrovert by nature, no right haven't you get social anxiety, very much them so weirdly. I never had it and then I developed it in this career because there's lots of gene and I use a beta blockers for right, carpets and things like that. But then I got better out of you get used to it, and then I came back again like a few years ago during last man on earth press- and there are so many people swarming in somebody either on the cast for someone like just tat. You have like a button on your arm. That's like your favorite color and up like Turquoise Plexiglas thing comes up to shield you from energy. I'm. I was late. One in party like four
could she my arm like go out our it sounded? Like a toy you? What's the worst experience that you can remember when madmen first came out, maybe for the first season. I was in New York and I a corner by a lady walking on the street and she like back me up against the wall and start talking as if I was my character, and if it is, I don't know, I don't know, she's crazy or were. If I'm doesn't that good, like she's worried what may safety with and then like. I don't know why you did that to him as after the second seasoned cause she's like, and then you fuck that guy in the bar and chooses like very We agree with me and then I got defensive and I was like yeah the fur is like you get it. We a hundred to one I'm pregnant and I'm in a bar and it's the cuban missile crisis
Let me how do you know about it? As I had to backtrack myself and like do you wanna picture, can I go. That seems to be the thing: that's no income have been actually like yelled out, a ton was when I cheated on my fiance on parenthood. On Twitter. I just got lit up for months. People like really were angry at me. You don't write it now. It's like the weirdest thing pioneers, but about a toast Is that a very passionate- and I am glad the share some of the two things are like all. That's awesome that this thing is so engaging gray, that parts awesome and then for me, it's also like or that cheating thing that is number one for people. That is the thing that they it'll blur the lines between. That's enough replied the scarecrow they like the great things. I do not think there is nothing in them that they have yeah for anger. That, I suppose I probably have
but only to make reality stars and that's real yeah, I guess so often in my very easily and reality tv star. As our dismay just cause. I think that that that it's not scripted right I mean that maybe story boarded but yeah like they're doing those things yeah yeah, I feel like. I have licence to bitch at them about. I think the most excited I've ever been to meet a CAS was The Jersey Shore Cast was like coming into maybe like the today show, or something and I was leaving, and I got to just sit and talk to Snooki for like six minutes, and I was texting Chris tired, I'm talking to smoky, I mean we were on our way accumulate. We were, does Uncloud nine about the whole experience I loved. I love those people you yeah, unlike Van common rules, the housewives I mean: what's Vander, pump rules, it's a spin off of LISA who's on the housewives or was I'm housewives of Berlin?
yeah. Ok, and there are they all work at sir or dead. They don't know, they'll have houses more expensive than mine, we met me, but they are waiters and by Anders at Sir and they're just see my gun guides. Kind of young. I mean Jackson like older than me. I really love it I wouldn't I wasn't too. I really liked real house was a Beverly hills, but I didn't beforehand vanderpool they didn't need such a genius. Way, where you're watching the finale of raw hazards, Beverly Hills and all the sun. The characters go in the kitchen, Allison you're in the kitchen, otherwise John than you tied into this others, Orianas forsake wow. I just got roped into two hours. Without realising that is junior was, and then I was in your ever sent it what's. Rainbows like Monica was a phenomenal student, she's, really very intelligent, and yet
Our relationship with the bachelors is something I've never seen like. When we read the letter, I haven't washed recent seasons, which embarrassed to say as a fan, but the older seasons I was, I have some of the episodes downloaded on I computer, so I could rewire. We were in a at a hotel in a Turks and chaos in Monica, like turned white like she, just will area the dream come true at how would you like them, so my he's gonna always be with them per year. There was a bachelor, I don't even our yeah about all badgered Jason Mass neck. To remember him. He was a bachelor and he picked Melissa and then he during their the fine? Yes, why it? Yes, yes without his second choice. Molly, that's happened again recently about- and I heard yes always good, ever backup. Well, yes of any, he local its coasts,
say that again and Molly and Jason were the here. They're married now still and they have a care two kids, we, those like the first one it was early on it was at first, I want to say it was like for while allowing whereas their thirty some seasons of it by now. Furthermore, with idler ambrosch from Paradise, I want all of it. What was so adorable is that Monica not only lost her shit when she saw them. She then launch into like she was checking in with their social media to see like if they were eating this era shrines how they were. Certainly stockier allies like Veronica Marcy NET, like you, are really mapping out dream all their moves like outside of the bachelor one season that I was. I was instagram in things and then Interview Magazine Collins. As I read an article about the season finale,
Then I did a bet for came all where I was like. Reporting live from Vietnam, dining room area, Scott super into it, and it was one a next seasons you dead several there and I was just blasting that guy and then Court an end did the same thing, different story, but that's all I had to talk about that at that time. I don't know, maybe it is visibly boarded the shores. I'm I don't know what I was there to promote, but ended up talking about the bachelor and then Nick split into my dm any like I'm. So sorry that your perception of me is so negative above to take out to coffee and change your mind and out of Wales, I was lying away. I've did you go so I was like. I hate that guy, my sister's, like ITALY Magi, how you will forever regret it. Sire agreed, took on a day with them, as I met Archer drinks for an hour, As I met him. I was rounding a corner and I saw me as very distinct walk and I have this instance like run up to him and wrap my legs around his waist.
Oh wow than I thought Sadly, you stopped yourself by the way who pointed out at the date go It was good. All I did was grow about the shall we will have old aids among oh yeah lucky. He like well Har laid this and you I was about the I'm, so glad you you to start telling, but, but I was gonna say you Ben single. Why not date when those because like if I would let me love this show. Let me take some we of the show. What does it mean economy tv you are you? Are you the one you watch that now it's phenomenal and everything. Then I am attracted to at least two of the ten girls pretty profoundly, and certainly It was single. I would go out of my way to have gone on dates with some of those people, Lebanon others want to hook up with them near boy girl things a little thing that attracted me, the neck was that he seemed like a mean he was causes the quorum called villain. Yet who is actually he had a bit of a brain
was there was something else there right. That's all we were taught. You know I really got a lotta juicy inside stuff at why shouldn't ad aware free. We see it the like how they are for when they come out of the limo and they'll. Have these little sticks or whatever illegal losers are handing them to them, and then I just feel bad for the people get like the dolphin costume, wow, yeah and there's all kinds of other stuff, but they do like share allotted germs lots without repeated his eyes if he really felt like he was in love alma. I that's my main real question. Yes, the ok yeah rural time, while these only foresees yeah he is upon cast is very successful. I know he asked me to be on it yeah he should. But I was like when I took up. This is what we have on: I'm not gonna Diebold your source, but we had someone really
entrenched in the are you the one camp, ok and some other stuff. He told us that was happening sexually in that how highly I was like a one guy like this getting a graphic, so bloggers of your timid, key out your peni and there was some digital insertion and a shower, and he was a very muscular guy in the digital insertion then evolved into him. Lifting her up off the ground and liked He bore watching the miners. It was all that in everyone's. What's happening shower, right now and I think that was strongly red age very striking and she was an ecstasy. So dont worry about her because I'm a little concerned about the anatomy hearing, but everything Yes, why there's something online temptation? Ireland, there are some like three
Then one leg who, like the p, a recluse sitting behind the camera early, actually just watching mad, so weird you ever see them will be colors Sean PAN and Robert Devolve. Yes, there's a moment and jump, a young are police officer right and he's really tenacious and wants to go to everything and our rubber divorces you know the story about the old round. The young ran sit on the top of the hill. Looking out at the valley full of sheep in the young rams. Let's run down there and fuck one of those in the old one says: let's walk down and fuck em all like an old Joe right now in everyday watching or one I think or when I was I would, if I would screwed up so bad on that I would have got there and I was so, but whoever was opened. A sleeping with me immediately and I would have not played any long term game. I would have liked made a terrible name for myself the gates, because I would ran down other man is a goal to find love unnatural in theory, there's ten there
ten boys, ten girls, and they have a perfect match there and they don't know who it is and they have to go on all these dates and then they declare who they think they're matches at the end of every episode, and they have to get all ten right to win the money. Yet people have achieved the right man for them as thou. Clearly not what does beg the question, what the algorithms doing, because you know there's who would be a good match for you rash is generally not who people are attracted to right, yeah, I'm in Europe. How to pick a when you're older, like on a try, the opposite of what I like cuz. I know the pattern that would I like ends in Monica, and I have a similar thing and I can't imagine you suffer from it because you're very beautiful Monica nice Align. Yes, your raised earlier than we are and she was a model. I agree your gorgeous byline. She was about to go on. He had tried to dig yourself no stand by you know whatever
I can I will like somebody and then the second that person likes us back. We realise, oh, they weren't as good as we thought they worlds they wouldn't like us. I felt eight Like this weird yeah, it's like a form itself sabotage. I've done that before were acted just like an area on the first day and if they call me back and like puts all they fuck it, you're calling me back then. Clearly, I'm not going like you. Try, z, like that version of mere yeah. What what are you will first, while you're with Kutcher? So it's the only thing I really know and he's you know he's as gorgeous as they goddamn again and you just I love me alone. I love their kids and it all worked out great, but also I'm a little regretful. You guys in just pop one out just see what that faces structure with a man like, because I think it would have been really nice. We haven't dogs now know we're a Super Yang we met when there are nineteen, and then we broke up twenty two. You must have both felt like a safe
or in a storm him being from Ireland to be our families each other. We lived together, openness or I will be travelling for Christmas. We do my house and then his Hauser writers and but yeah same upbringing similar experience. Childhood and all that you're, both in New York, which is like moving at the speed of Light Rand at some time. You must be like what, I doing here and also very similar in both kind of get recommended to model in high school yeah. Yes, what happened to you? our great high school early and was getting in some trouble just cause. I was floundering around and waiting to go to college and my mom entered me into first. The Miss Teen sought the coda powder and then to a modeling scorn. Alma. That's where I got scout. Please tell me about the mystique page. I just my dad the veal Truscott shifted over to Us Dvd, which says that won't even I might just as well. You see box my legacy and I wash it in its very difficult.
To watch because I'm so shy and so awkward, mayors, so large and like a sailor, outfit and out it submitted very last minute. Sweden have years must have a certain number of community service and a talent which I should not have your dad's Lou tap legs. All these girls are dramatic controlling Matanzas Shit, and I wrote a story about America and recited that a story I wrote, it but your frictional whirling Europe or what I do, and it's really sweep of just heartbreaking, no out because under slight shaking on stage, Add wax me down in my evening, gown, which was borrowed and had sleeves. I was just it was hard. It was hard to watch. I didn't place. You did employs now the what was the via back state, that like cut throat or was it supportive? I don't remember it being cut throat. Like you see on tv or whenever
Now I remember my mom legs Harris sprang my hair curling it I just were being super nervous, some kind of bomb to be their cause. It would seem so intimidating and more accomplished and yeah whenever I wouldn't their first page. Oh no. He asked are your girl- the wind was Chasin Anderson and she was gorgeous them into different high school than me and she yet on. I wonder where she is I feel your name, your child shaston. You know she's gonna, be an team page. You you have I have plan you have asked for the, although I'm January drowns Lake, I could be one hears what you and I refer you and I share the in common, which is a U Bradley, Coopers birth. Now I know this because I'm three days before Cooper, I'm January Oh, you are the Essen. We,
both named after birthday for do the worst, but were also both named after characters in novels. Who is U S? Dax was the lead character of this book, called the adventurers by Harold Robins out that my mother red, while she was pregnant with me that I've never read. Why did we? once is not enough. It was by Jaclyn Suzanne, my murmured the book, and then they made a tv movie with Kirk Douglas and my mom load romance novels, so my dad would peak through just for this experts, Georgia, any thought in earnings January Wayne, Anita somehow it would sound good, would Jones, and then I happened to be born in January. They picked it up. A frozen can see. Yes, I was gonna as they were happy that emerged on. How do you know about? They were bombed? They are hoping Harrowby early Osborne Arme due date. Am very powerful yeah. You are very on time here I can't get around and I try to be late limestone. First, let me that's great. It's a good thing means you respect people's time. What kind of
were you in high school- is pretty shy and studious and also like or eleven and flat trust, the just was a boy had a bunch of friends and then something happened between freshmen sophomore year. I have why, when through purity lay and came back- and I were to dairy queen that summer, sir, maybe I don't know, but all son I had one or minus parents kind to you as an now, let me where people have made at long hair. Of a sudden. I had boobs in everyone's treating me differently in on my girlfriends this relic. We touch her boobs them. There are new to me like. I know right like the Irish, I guess Heaven
the different time, it was a different legal powers, ass. The thought that a good congratulations gaff right out of the oven they got him to while, while I well yeah anyway, yes, so I just sort of eye it was to try to do the iter it and I don't know I just- was a little bit cheese care to put myself out for judgment anyway. I quit tennis. Freshman year, which went out of super disappointed about so I mean I was good at school. I accept them in the curriculum not to knock sought the quota, but it was some par become sure at some I around of rural average schools where yeah so I was through school and graduated early in was like getting stone and drinking too much ensure get in trouble. I never went to jail,
we knock on when the boa getting pulled over in theirs. Beer in the car be borne traveler and now the one time I got pulled over, I was drinking after Squire skipped school and I was racing pastoralists, gonna, Capponi, everybody dynamic. That's where them off. What have I got you like here, grudges, ticket I've never heard no joy, he did we want to give you would take us here. Do you not know that confers tickets years hard for a while? No one time I stole cigarettes. From the grocery store my die like new, everywhere everyone there rambles. I went in to get like laundry detergent couple other things for my dad mom and while I'm here I'll just grab this pact cigarettes- and I
I paid for the staff walked out and then the security guy came running out and push me up against my car and he's like Gimme the cigarettes we saw you do it like you hurry, I'm fine he's. I am called the cops and I like you just it can here's the money to make whatever I forgot to pay them like three back he's like knowing is the kind of man me brought me back in a store call. My dad called the cops, my daughter's mortified you do for a living. He was the exercises. Ya'll adjust our notice, He is a trainer well known around town and super awesome. Guy desirable physique to kill for to care for steel. Sixty four. I wanted this even Instagram account either I want to look as ever and swam, wherein it lots of fluorescence Oh, I can't wait to get a peep at how I'd imagine like six muzzled ash wars, the crazy I come from everyone mom six.
She's like seventy six to Debs she's, like my high earnings for an hour ago. Ok, I'm the towers of the three daughters, how you five- seventy am, I guess it's crazy tat. There was an exaggeration, I think, because I know you're a model. I just assumed your five is too short in the mining or allows relish. Why are you are you anyway? I went in and the cops came and the guy was telling everyone how bad I was and what I did. And my dad sitting there and he told me later it was only time you ever wanted to hit me cuz. I was just like mouthing off to the cop and the guy, and I was like you know what dude I was like. I'm glad you got your kicks for the day like I hope it was nice. The seven year old girl did that turn. You are now about dad had about old boy, big trouble for that.
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as you know about me that second I had that I would like this is how I need to feel this feels right to me. Did it immediately EL, correct to you not immediately. Now I had a push myself to get there through you're, not a quitter, that's good, not the first time I had a beer, as I had, I think, forebears and three cigarettes and throw up and data. I really had to think about it for six months and then get back up, but I wondered because you just admitted to being shy. Was there relief from that. China's for that anxiety is for one hundred percent. I have to catch myself constantly from doing it in like after parties, things like,
there are so many people around like you just want to grab for that yeah that offensive to dole all the shell beyond all suggests, because it makes it makes me feel, like I'm more fun, are willing to chatter away and stuff you're. A good friend of ours, Gordon Keith, said everyone's born two beers, two layers short of happiness and Ireland is the best evaluation, though about is what the animals in this complex society and we're gonna need just like just to the kind of useful dial, I think it's a dial it down a bit. It's really overwhelming! You we're designed in your lifetime to at best reach thirteen miles an hour. If you are a fast Springer in your lifetime, you might reach thirty miles an hour and then you brighter. Eighty five miles an hour here on the way. So just right there you're, not an animal. You know,
cheetah that was designed to process information at sixty five miles an hour. So that's interesting. We are travelling faster than cheetahs, but we didn't evolved of mankind's biscuit speed into a clear or maybe we just all have kind of like a base level of anxiety, because it's all so rapid in the range of many people in that of you know, I think they have clearly demonstrated that depressions pandemic. It's not like unique, it's not one. In twenty, it's like my forty percent of people in America, currency at very high Monaco affect checkable, in that room. Yes, I'm sure you're not even know most people don't go to therapy. I know that's why they don't have a good good, accurate number, but even like soup, you don't even improve guess so I remember one time reading early these. I moved to allay. I've had sex with someone without a rubber right in, as I often did, I hate to admit, and I panicked and I went to like a free clinic and like I need it.
Its test in the lady goes. Ah, ok I'll give you on but if you had anal sex with a man or shot intervening as drugs and I go now- and she goes- I must also tell you this, but you don't need to take this task and then she goes read this article in the New York Times and it was the data that had been released and of that data. It was a really tiny percentage of people that really were just straight non drug users that were getting HIV in the mid nineties ever an island that data- and, I said, will aid that shocking. I thought everything but more so that's also people that weren't lying, like certainly some of those people have had to have intervened, drug use and also claim not do so. The number, in my mind, was even probably lower than that because whose ready to admit they shoot dope right. I can't imagine a lot of people
great dicey thing I just said, but it is all one lock: two years: don't you just go back on earth people our side and not admitting ones? Even if it, forty percent of America's admitting, may have depression, haunches vagrant right, yeah yeah, so I just think I don't think it's really all known with the cumulative effect of spit. Why scene? I think that having if, if it is big of a number than there is some sort of community and man. I think that's good that people can talk about it. Just played a character was bipolar depressive them. It was very hard just cause. I don't feel sad, a very marked which arrived I mean it's getting late day by day, but I have have that you now have the moods. When you have the anxiety, I mean since
hormonally, maybe occasionally, but he amounts is only the add on another. I'm sure it was raining extra hormonal, wasn't nice way to say but aphorism it helps to have I am asked to know this. Isn't my normal freight amid the day I get my paradigm like holy shit, yeah, I'm so sorry I have to go to make amends fill out. You could write. Does the most crippling aspect of those low points? Is the belief in those moments that it's gonna last forever. That's really the agony of it. It's the craving to not be met state into no, oh, it's that middle and it's got to be comforting, Milsom level. Three a couple of months ago at a really bad, I still remember that, like all guys we're getting like I greatly from the neighborhood- and I was like by way of fires- and I was feeling anxious and sad-
and tired, and I was like what is happening something's happening, but I dont know what it was. I just felt like like a needed get out of. My own skin I got my and I was like what that's what it was like. It was a huge relief that something wasn't actually wrong with me. I'm a mess, I'm going through menopause right now yeah you're shy and then I remembered so when I had my son. They took my placenta in and when you google, my name, it says General John, even levels. Did you have it over a penny or language smooth? Now that I know you would see my fucking prevent a sheep, they took it. My sister's boyfriend took any cooler and she made the vitamins and then she mean a tincture like with them, but oils are. Alas, I am an EU tax every day, if you're, tired or any could take it. Although Epsom pause and arms but I had that and I'm in taking that I haven't had any pms them and I never got sad after my son,
yeah. I want believe that Kristen ain't, the capsules guided the as you may get a tincture, though how she got trapped, It may be my mind my saying this now urinalysis Egypt anymore, you know, what's it mean gypsies etc Princeton Gypsy aside ass? It lay in fact a year. I'm gonna, listen to me more than I had. My old man asked me what fact means the other day. I was like its means for negation under consent of the king, and he was like the exciting Music has now not a school for what holds headlong either, or is that like just a funny thing or is it real? Someone told me that decades ago maybe my grandpa he's gone means, gentlemen, only Ladys forbidden like there's always
good, unless he's fucking every he's lying. Ninety two, I can double justice go wrangling who sought movies, made it a ninety two. They don't you ever wonder. Where fact came from, I do I do, but it is it's a real cure. All fuck oh, be hard for me to explain to my daughter's what fuck is because it means virtually everything for me. I know yet apply that I had to explain for education should rather than fine yeah you're, a boy or girl. I have a boy he's AIDS, he loved them an answer. Jamming out like Eminem on the way to school, on its allows, swear words, and I just tell em there's a creative licence when he sang fur and, don't ever say, bitch more good, stupid those mean to sound like a boy says our word and therefore he's is actually quite clean. If you listen to him compared to San oh yeah, well, we were we respect about. Eminem is just how fast he is and how he just as animal his here he's really great, yet
his music is in what also makes great tv or movies in that you have no clue what's coming next, like none at nothing is perfect, the bull about his right any new. I really what we say. Yeah earlier, even says that in the software listen to this morning, lucky you he makes a joke about wrappers now that these are I'm a rabbi can understand me whenever throat throws a little shade and then he says, I'm terrain shade: oh, how high they can't you can't men can get himself words word here. Do you mind I know I personally don't mind. Having those conversations with my girls. Do you mind now? I love him to ask questions. I love him to be able to talk to me about anything in I'd, try not to ever, I mean now be brief about my explanations. I want elaborate. If I don't feel like I need to
because he's a boy and I raised by myself. I want him to be a little feminist and but just yeah just have someone that's not going to pander to his emotions too much, but also let him let them out if he needs to hear that admit it's. It's harness hard balance. You're gonna, cut back up balancing is well on the product of a single mother and all worked out for me relative. Seventy five hundred Laura my register. If I really want is a temporary does, I can say, is named nineteen times what, if I'm like, Zander what a lot of stuff and then I doubt that its because men to now higher registers, I could part hydrogen trail man doesn't like you, rather than I am not arguing aerial. I made my beloved gas lighting happening. I guess the I'm comfortable like sex to no problem. I was gonna stood the way the world works, some and finally, the only ones that freaked me as I dont want to introduce stuff that say like when we were kids. The threat of nuclear Holocaust was quite real
wasn't I was when I was worried about being kidnapped. Yes, me too, I was very scheme. Are you guys could really my lady Miss Stevens or whatever the fuck member? That is about the little boy who got Stephen. I couldn't have said His name was even Monica would follow famous kidnappings in the news. I know it's my main. Like? I love my leg, the drama anything yet whistling. Brain in a way that, when that, when they did that documentary last year on the twentieth anniversary- and they got all the best friends scientists in the world to common, say what they felt so clear. What happened began one their brother brother killed an accident, and then the parents covered it up, because they now realise that he was only nine when it happened. So he once have been tried for murder. Anyway, is in Colorado. You can't be cleared And, oh while days under the wire is in its airlines ones already gone. We don't want to lose that, which is why I heartily
just learning laid his pineapple, a milk, so he bash over the head of the flashlights, the relay the pineapple oil. They found stolen or, like all in her eye guys, I'm so now allows they were watching fascinating way. But it's a documentary. Yes twice, it, twenty, maybe one of the main our extended and then the brother in the dad who are so alive. They went to Mama mom pathway of cancer. Soon after re should have this kind of yeah yeah, but I dont know if the sun, even though he is adamant that wasn't the case, but his memory, whatever he was nine. Yes, if they said you did this, then he's on incarcerate or anything. This isn't behaviour he is replicated. If, in fact, that is what happened, no I mean is sometimes kids. Just I can oh yeah yeah I've seen my friends yet. I been absolutely out of their yeah yeah yeah. The real money take that money, MR and dropped her on her head, nor driveway yeah,
Don't you get it the wrong way to actually do you know? I gotta say if that is the exact case, I would have zero interest in prosecuting those parents for covering up to save their kind. I guess is a huge empathy towards them and one, but it was so elaborate and the fact that they were going after other gap. Frankie right, because the show I just read recently this great book about the birth of forensics in detective work in France and, like one thousand hundreds, and every time there was a serial killer. That was just kind of wandering from villages, village and back then, no one communicated. There was no phones somewhat happen in this village. In them. I would be gone and they would have no idea did happen and both other roads, but every time he would leave. Basically the community's go like who do we all kind of hate and they'd convince himself said that person did it. So the real tragedy of it was the all these other people that and I'm getting caught, prosecuted or killed or vigilante
as this, and they were wrong. They were wrong. All the time of my own. I was happy even like Bundy in staff. He just change states that no state communicated with each other rights, but the John, but anything there were so many great red herrings in it that I started with. I can't relate to having a kid that you dress. Adult clothes and have brought us rightly focused on that. They had said that broad in sexual predators or something here others seem an important would seem in that they found in her underwear was so miniscule. They said that it came from the manufacturer in Like Asia, where the undergoes made of us so little There was a woman's here. Like me, I was just human dna not heard all about seamen, and things are going to be hers. I mean you have to watch ass need. I watch like three times So you ok, but when we were kids, I'm slightly older than you, but not much. There was a move,
be a tv movie called the last day fuck. I remember the name of it, but it was about you know, rush in the: U S, having a huge nuclear, prevent, and it's the only thing. My mother, I was, I did look at play boys at the dinner table at like eight years old. Cheating cares like yes, naked people are great, would would not let me watch that in. I was grateful to it, because what thing to be worried about eight years old, like these two superpowers have all this it's out of your hands. While she doesn't need to tell you exactly so. There are certain concepts that are very scary even to adults that I'm probably now excited to talk about you. I want you, don't have solutions, I guess when shootings are, I can talk about the school shootings. I don't. I don't try to just educate him on what to do like if we're on a plane or movie theater or the more I was like Norway or exits are run fide whatever. If something bad happens, without going into too much detail you dislike
a video game or something I just so I'm said not be prepared worse, I go the other way. I go yeah that happen its horrific. It's a really horrific sickness that we have in this country. Also, how often you worry about it and struck by lightning now very often right, you're lying all seeing or in a lot of these. Are you actually worry about it? I've never ever thinking about getting struck by lightning. Ever worried by getting attacked by a bear, a network in all these low percentage things right, that more people get hidden ahead with cocoanuts on vacation and diving it. By bears, but when you're walking in the Woods Europe consumed with the idea going to get attack by a bare think, sometimes odds are really helpful. In meeting I am I like, so he loves bears were now. He is concerned about that, and I just told him what to do if we somewhere, where a bedroom outline comes, you make yourself really big. Pour your gun,
shall is loud returning home aim for the lake Eyeball ahead. I saw my sharks for ocean. I do share conservation staff and I swim with them to do here. Say videos and seventy wants are doing that. But since we ve been talking about sharks, we watch shark weaken stuff in the ocean. He does like get worried about going out. You fires you're. So and the tools and stuff and then also give em a percentage like you are more likely to die for a vending machine than a shark attack, and then he goes your vending machines like will you do it ah ha backfired, while the big one is how to know you, driving school in the car, and that is the biggest odds number that you're gonna get killed in a car initial you're, not too worried about it? So let us keep an eye on you or any. We should not getting shies like a real, its becoming, Unfortunately, there is a real thing. It needs to be solved and you should have an appropriate level of fear over it
because there's no real agreement, but there is no reason for you to amplify the fear in your head. I don't think I'm amplifying within him. Where he's thinking about it right. Now I don't I don't know. I don't think that you know I mean. I hope that over a theater- and I'm like you know we're exits areas like the other Do you think you think about it? When you do I do I do I'm among others, like chronologically, worried some like a pianist, followed the window New York. I dont like it's a scary too much. Do you think you had that before you had kids about certain things? I have this fear of fear like I was afraid of shark sized started. Diving were sharks, I was afraid of height soil when skydiving with culture ones
I just need to do it. One face you dive into the sharks are built upon. A shared is the most dangerous shark you swam and proximity to and not in a cage. We don't do like great whites and staffing caters, Cosette, sort of defeats, the purpose of a visually having a cage, because the whole yeah saying is. We should be afraid for sharks of I have a mean, a cage. That's hardly from Adam available. I am very but their fascinating, and I would love to out if I did so, not gray rights. I think I would still do it even the mom, without a cage if, as comfortable with the shark in question, how would you know if the people that I was well knew the shark there were the same sharks? Allow you're not like this girl's. Three, and what's this thing you are obviously very this into sharks. You ve seen this thing where they can hypnotized the shore called tonic hypnosis. It's when you flip the shark, when in fact the slick, what work, as do they bumped batten, they flips it over when a sharks on its back. It goes in. This translates state they either sang gorgeous.
I've done it would tagging like those small sharks me flip them over and then they're just limp. Many can tagamet measurements are rarely, and I also saw going about use hitting them on the nose and a weird way that level is an ambulance learns any as these little gamble. Why alarms me alive? Learn vizzini, it's like their sixth sense. So of yours. The arm dicey calls, though, when you're in there or sharks is counter to your movement only want one time. It was human error, though so I was on a we are in Bimini in the Bahamas and we're trying to get some shots with just some real sharks. There's a nurse and lemon sharks injures reef sharks and but the people on the boat weather, The cameras were around me and they want to share with me like surrounded by sharks, or they are charming the water which not must do end like most, including me, so I was like birds is like I'm, I'm being safe as I can possibly be, and if your spokesperson loses limits problem
We have had three. I knew the head like offended off if they get to my head, but if I lose like a little land years, sure did you panic it all now, I'd taken a beta, blacker, ok cause allows your heart rate right. There keep that study, amazing for shark diving. Oh, I bet they sent your heart rate rising and that's when they think you're pray- oh my god, I'm so it has. However, welcoming censure heart rate might have something to do ambulance harm the attitude, their sixth sense. They consent fear. You know people while I won't speak for everyone. I have, of course had the fantasy of taking on a french lover. I've never got to do the army to write and I want them to speak French. The whole time now you're so sexy? I think if I went to date with you, and I learned that you could say that word, I would really want you to say it as often as possible in a romantic said. Montague, do you want a frenchman to speak to you in
No, I'm the only one of the only humans in America whose not taken by accents like I dont like acts, was the pendulum. Accident. Don't like any of them. I don't like the british Well, now I've got acts and comes out. Are you gonna, be our overriding like you are going to rack, did to address the accent yeah. You know, people like girls love the british acts. Penelope criticism, prettier incumbent Luigi talk all we go no lax. In spite of this, I grew up around a lot of accents that I didn't like I'm sure that's. Why the Hillbilly Axa, yes, nor not turn out to be able without extend. Well, that's not true, there's a few that are really Dinah name. One, ok like off its eye, hillbilly accent, but it's a southern accent, Harry Kind of Junior like, Oh, my god, I have made the syrup driven off a hundred yards. Also, as you can see here is the vulgar accords it lay here.
There are some really charming southern accents like they do. Billy though you know. I've hillbilly hi, guys stuff. That's what I'm goin tails! a little where they have the worst exits. Some people do other hillbilly accident like Venus of my french lover once and I had a long time. Understanding sea, like did you need to understand up. She could be seeing any big wash my clothes when we're done clean up the house, and I would just think it was so erotic if you've heard Bradley Cooper speak French as a second I'm talking about him cuz of a birthday its phenomenal. I was at a time that agreed. I went with him to like a talk, show in Paris, a comedic nighttime talk show, and now he was he just converge the scene with everyone at will. He was making jokes with the right time. You mean in everything and they were all dying laughing? Does that
I don't know no. I do like that. If someone has an american example than they just happened, to be able to speak a lot of work. That just shows like. Oh, you have a good work. Ethic aha like that are appalling managers were cultured and no worldly. Ok, learning French, weary he'll, be a Bradley Cooper Tie, fingers but Chrome, yeah. Ok, so you went in this teen pageant and then someone must have said. I think you should do modeling act, The pageant I went to a modeling school in Omaha, Nebraska, aha and the lady. Their hopes me up with an agent New York and then I could my parents, that I could go after her in eighteen sideways caused eighteen, so three days after attorney Tina flowed in your January eggs you're on your way and then you work, plenty as a model. Right enough I mean I did commercial staff, I couldn't you runway and things like that.
Haha cuz you weren't offer you can walk in that weird. Ok, but could you do that crazy, walk? They do it's a very specific Meanwhile, aid effort in the nineties and alone in the nineties. That was more of a strong mounts caravan I mean if you ve ever bender runway shall like a couture runway, show they look like insects psych lately, almost prance, like horses, like that we had a hitman there and their torsos behind yeah. If I like you, radio it looks like, and the probability of looking ridiculous is quite high, like I think the leap to make to do that. Work is on a par with someone trying to do like of the bio pick of someone AMOS of Ages lids. Well- and I say this that it takes, is much I'm just saying it talk about you get a fully commit or not. You can't do that walk halfway
you haven't. I've been on a lotta runway, shows as the spectator and seen like the awkward fifteen sixteen year old girl who just is just ganglion awkward, but it's like you look at her walk with no she's trying to walk in those shoes right You think that's what they're replicating early selling like a new by all fawn who can't find its leg. I see there are so many of them that the work that way that that's like the thing, ok, but I wonder if anyone's aware of what subconsciously happening today is that enormous aims, and then everyone smile you'll see one and there like needs while Buckle ha ha. Why are those on you too, I admire rabbit label all they have all done now, Campbells taken and ensure that scarier Andy
If I give you a bike, are rule out into the streets, were three of them died. The road eared, but just logistical, is their little lot and money and run way modeling for some of them for Sherry am what will make ten thousand and show Ok, that's a nice were more depending like near supermodel Ray was, I was only in one runway show and it was in paris- and I was like so excited to get caught Sir runway shall and another shoes that me five tiny fee for their like just central barefoot zone Only with I shorter than everyone else by foot I wasn't running shoes. I was just Blake paddling out there. Humiliating? stay to arm chair there, we are supported by stamps dot com. Now, if you listen to show- or even more specifically, if you ve ever been
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ends up making it all about her, which is actually kind of adorable, while Genevieve shows up dressed like a child whore widow, she said that not me and there half brother Nicholas ends up turning the funeral into a date very classy move. I know that dad dying thing sounds depressing, but the show is actually really fun to watch everything's going to be okay, premieres January 16th, at eight hundred and thirty, seven hundred and thirty central on freeform. Okay, you gonna boneyard. You meet coach doktor. When does it transition into acting even before here? I was trying to do delay commercial workers. I go back and forth and I make commercial agent. Levy here and she was on the same floor of the building as what was gold. Our Jimmy Meyer. Ah so she injuries Jimmy Miller and Paul Nelson and they took me on a project.
Jimmy made him laugh and he's like. Let's see, we can do with her and I started working like right away, no cure. You never had to take a level tree job all the lucky Unbreadlike Jimmy was my manager for a short period of time, and I adore him. We are hearing and their Simon users of these two So can I just ask when you read the pilot of madmen? Was it obvious to you that it was mad men or was it like? I don't know this is good, but the writing beyond anything had ever read before. It was so good that I didn't think anything what happened with it. I think only me. No one get made.
I didn't think you would go beyond the pilot. None of us said his also am sea had never done a tv show, so just a very big risk, so much so that I was willing to take it right to that. I didn't want to sign a seven year contract with a tv show. I was doing films and having fun, but as a gear. Let's do it and- and I initially audition for Peggy Loveth mosses raw and did a couple auditions for that. Found the two of us and then obviously she got Peggy and he was like yeah, but I want to use you for something so overnight. He wrote a roll for me for Betty and wrote like two scenes and had me read it and had me read it twice and then I signed the contract just with a promise, a verbal promise that there would be a role for her the show got picked up, Ray, that's risky; sometimes it does, it will manage it. Was this lake signing a seven year contract with just a promise, don't even know if I liked the shower the character, and it's this also amazing, though
she's a normal and once a dig it picked up, am lines. Gate were super resistant to showing dawns. Domestic interesting. If they don't want any one does not like him. I don't know the main point of the day. Humanizes, I'm a band yelling about that? Had we never seen that part of his life? I don't think he would have been a likeable or it could go on, Your way, you could make him either more sympathetic or you could meet Betty Farmer with better. The end start hating the lead of the shell. Likewise the sky, cheating on an immense ray. It's like back and forth. I mean people mostly, I feel excited with Don. Well, that's the nature of story. Right you, whoever are expressed. Hero is right. We don't give a fuck, I was watching. Did you watch loudest voice, unsure, time that it was the Roger S story. You know, personally, I think Roger Ales was vomited human being in obviously politically. I dont think like him yeah
I got sucked into that show and I like wanted him to get vindicated. I wanted Fox news to be number one, and I was sitting there. I said demonic, I'm like a fucking power story like I want this because he's my leave they gave that you didn't know you're following an elm running for rang it so powerful, but there is also super likeable things about him. He's like a super broken may well be Don Draper, yeah yeah, not ale, setting an I dont think you would see the deaths of how broken and complicated he is. If you don't see him at home, you need that juxtaposition outer to really know. Like oh he's, fucked up, for an occasion under the consent of the king, and I hope that we will find out the way these, as this is a really rapid. If you stop to think about why the show was magic outside of the obvious things that it was like.
But only well written incredibly well active beautifully shot. All these elements have you tried to isolate? What do you think it was about madman that was so captivating? Why think it's too following, and I think that people love than the star to aspects of a chair and going back to that time or things seemed slake, simpler and better more glamorous, but also the when it started airing, was in the middle though Obama Campaign- and I don't just felt very parallel to where the world was that, unlike having of hope in the country and
and just the ups and downs as the show when on fur, whatever it went like nine years or something it just seemed to parallel, where we were going like that time in the sixties was very similar to what was happening. I think for like a dry. This is terrible to say, but I shall do so. I think there is some fantasy, I think, is why I've been obsessed with artist growing up is like there's this fantasy, that I, if I provide this one thing like, if I'm a musician, I can write this amazing song. It'll excuse all of my id. I can fuck drank. Take pills. Do breathing, I won't be unaccountable, not show up, be a shitty dad, but have made this music and that a whitewash the whole thing. Something about going like all this guy's got use fucking everyone he's drunk The time Bolivar, but he's earning any providing
and there was a time when that was enough and there's something selfishly hedonistic about like oh I I wish I could just get away with all that yeah I mean. I definitely started to see people because I loved my fair restaurants Houston's when I got the one in centuries city. I go there every Monday, my favorite soups, the neurons Rabin and rice ago every Monday and getting Renato choking the super. Instead at the bar and as the show and then I started seeing people have a cocktail them and then they like not at me like a hollow. They go like gray, vague, whatever illegal, by brought back romantic idea that we should slow down a little bit the pace of the show to people by surprise at first slow. I was flung nigh loved that ten, when everything was speeding up and just starting to speed up the shows ignores. I'm back down and I think a lot of people like that about it too and timing drinks and when we got
The party at an award ceremony they'd, put the madman table outside just assume we're all gonna smoke grasses off. Well again, that was part of what I'm saying is like. Oh, I long the time when you just smoke, not worrying about Cancer yeah. I wonder I wonder what the female appeal to female appealed to the show called man man, but I think the strongest characters are older than emails for sure I mean with things overcome the thing all air super empowering for women's watch live god you're totally right, you're totally right in a really good man. Is it give you good sense of like what obstacles in there seeing things in the office with Peggy in Jonah. Whenever, like that, should doesn't that hasn't changed very much. Yeah, though I think it was reliable legs, everybody seamlessly, this is still happening right,
I a the light on it. I was in an elevator once and I and some guy said something about some girls skirt behind me, and I was just like you kidding like it was so madman. I was like, as you say this for me, like the right, I'm here, Riley didn ass. If you had to say something I was like. You can't say that and she's like thank you, oh good job for you yeah. Where did you shoot that we shall hear downtown Allay Centre studios is we have to build all sides and we use Pasadena for them ass, any in New York and then we use the built more alive downtown a lotta like Amazon. Frankly, we use a lot of old places here and then the Exterior New York stuff was GIS, computers, Ryan. When you drive downtown and you go past those places and you a very warm feeling or I'm glad it's all. What's a feeling you, I had a very warm feeling how good guy, just whence you
on Friday night there is radar tee. The designers had a problem. There were eighty primary here and they have it at the bill why? Oh father saw in it was pretty and pink their sheer assign. You know eighties pink outfit, and I got on this. The famous seen in when buddy comes down on Valentine's day. Down those that they live in Harry. I love it. I was amazing time, amazing time. So you your nominated twice, you gotta golden Globe to Golden Globe, nominations and Emmy nomination. I guess tell me what that experience is like as I've, obviously no the nominated for anything up, because I really want to park yes, but much desired by the way I mean it was unexpected. I just it when we first got her first gotta love nomination. It was the year of the writer strike. Aha, so there as no ceremony, although it got together of the chateau in and then them anywhere name to it. On the radio, Amanda and John One Beth actor in the show ambition,
also like, oh my god, you're getting another highly them right away away, there was he one. Would you believe in the bug exempted Oh my gosh, sir, but it was really find it was really fun party and then, after that we always had our parties there. Afterwards, it just snowballed into this big thing, a novel. People are watching after the first season Erin I gotta remember. I was on the four or five and I got a call and vice four or five and sunset I've such a vivid memory and this woman says high. Miss Johns. Am I've got Jack Nicholson for you and I was like We are now like. Ok, I didn't movie with them called anger management and he was resolved to November. I played a lesbian porn. Turning your man rent but Hugh
always just come Auburn. He noticed that I wasn't going to look at my takes he's a high sea or not watching yourself, and only now I can he's like. While I used to be that way too, and I can do the voice because I'm Eleanor's critic, which I think you are too and I was again He'S- I will just go and look into new- can change and listen to the director as a guy at and then he called- and he just said he why had watched the whole foresees a not realizing it was means. We bother to look at the credits and was like blown away any one in a con. Many dead. Many said if I ever wanted like amend, like five or wanted to have advice or a rash talked him. So right after that, I I did the cover of interview magazine and they always have a celebrity. Interview you, malaria and I also closely so cool of jack- would do it now. I give you wouldn't do that so called Emily. Like yes, I will do that on this whole thing at his house sort of like this, except you just had a little recorder and we was just as too
don't want anyone from the magazine there. He had a whole stack of questions sitting now and luncheon Often he had all these questions, lovely and he's just like he's like I just want. You know the reason I did this is because I just don't want you to talk people too many things but you because then they won't believe you in the raw and if you have to do press which you shouldn't re on, but I know your contract. We are delighted that you should just either lie or just be very brief and mysterious what invite her stay, and so I will. He would ask me a question. I would give a brief answer and then he would go on to tell me spawning story of his own that went on for like a half an hour. So you like sharks- and I tell you this story- I hate sharks. Then I went out so I had to go out and I swam from pointing all the way out to the buoy and back and get attacked.
I had all these stories in he cut at all hours on stories, of course, but it was really cool thing than he did wont. Let me ask you something: Is there any party, your brain, that's going, he wants to sleep with me now, Do you know that he never? He never again, never got that vibe from him only recently added a dinner party. It was only a couple years ago. Someone said something to him about me: cuz we're sitting next to each other and chatty chatty and he's like we're old friends or whatever, and one of his guy friends said something like a joke about dating. He looks at me really was the colleague and ever didn't do that? Did I am like now? We grow bank has any right now, you're you're, at an age where I could oh
now on the rails. I mean getting older, but sir, you. Obviously I guess you noted, as is so often when we hear the word mentoring and its offered by some older actor. It's it's a real red flag, but that, but this is a gray, had already those as I'm very naive to that's you. I've never had that feeling and ever far unsafe. I was in his home alone and I never had that boy, I am. I got to save of all the people that we've got to meet or be around he's the guy that I live many times when walking off the floor of the Lakers in the tunnel and you're with him, and I look at him and I'm just like I cannot begin to say hi to him. I am so intimidated by him. He really in some weird zone. In my mind of juice, other level yeah, like oddly on other worldly yeah yeah, he's a norm
The other thing is a regular he's, not a regular guy, but he is then he has been very helpful to me cause I act more after a man, ended- and I got the offer for last man on earth psychologist- they people when gonna. Remember me as buddy, and he said it is not the worst he's like we gotta, keep working. Some people- I know me from like the Joker, shining like you think I get scraps and am I guess I believe you how we see are all of them stories are so funny because I remember, I actually told this story when I interviewed cake, but when I was dating Kate got to hang out with Kurt Russell. He would tell me all the time is like a lot for I'd, never get fuckin recognised.
Married Goldie, but I'm always with gold- and everyone knows her and then they figure out at me like that. In your mind, that's the truth! Isn't it? I just see ourselves differently. I guess yeah! You know it's funny, as I actually thoughted view. I thought of you when you started less man on earth is now, as we have in our favour, comedy for like through you- and you said that I had so call em people, Saint genius level com and I made so far rocks and eyes outsmart full funding, we We loved it. We loved it with, but I thought of you knows like man, I'm envious of you being on Madman, and yet I would be so overwhelmed with the decision of what's next it so stressful, because you have all this cachet. People want you
also realize it's got a time stamp on it like Cato me. No after, however, many years that won't be relevant is stressful time to make a decision. Isn't it yeah me my age and push me into that about cause? I got the offer fair last man while we're so wrapping up madmen, and I was super scared to do it. For me, just as a person, was the right thing to do, for my soul to go. Do comedy. Do something fine rubbed his laughing all day ends here, just in a different atmosphere and then, when they set a shoots and Charles, where it was like twenty minutes for my house, only old, yes old is pretty lady aware it chooses every year Christian, I just option for us to be gone for eight months of the year, whatever you're the show. I just said Sean Tron from January to me and was so called and self foreign and bring my son take him out of school. It is this very hard all around you yeah. What was that that is not the politician you know about it,
illustration shot here. So I was your age, then I wasn't in very much of it. So that was Rees, but this one of spending out, which comes out January first opening afflux, ok, spinning out and what it is about figure, skating and bipolar depression wars that all of that. I have seen that have clearly has I am. I gonna want one more goddamned serious about my poor figure, senators and one of its juicy. If this gate in it I play sort of like a Tanya, Harding mom, here's an ax figure skater and I have two daughters. I don't know I just if I get a job I don't have to slap my kid: that's your career goal is to be in some. You know abuse child on your delete. Your the big, the big fish yeah
How do you like that? I don't yeah right. Let's talk about that, this is a lot of pressure. Yeah, yeah yeah, so not nearly scale as yours, but when parenthood ended I'm like I'm getting offered now to be, but the only person or one of two people gangs- and I was like I've done this before I've made these mistakes before, as like, I was in an unstable without a paddle, the gray and immediately need to be leaders up, and then you know I've never had that wish. Ever I mean I just I don't know that I have the motivation of the drive to want to be that person, I'm not married to the job enough to really wants to worry about. That is that something that is a product of having a child or of you always been this work. I've always been that way, It wasn't something that I ever aspired to be in a real way right if I failed or how about audition it rolled off my back over it didn't bother me that's help the like.
There is always a reason. Mother has told me my age and our manager or whatever they like you're, not right for this, because this and I was like sure, that's fine. I never went on crying after something, it's also the truth. I tried to tell those doktor Monaco ought not that you not listening, but the fact that you're up against Elizabeth MOSS for Peggy and imagine you being Peggy because young meaning that anyone other than Elizabeth mastering Peggy? I'd have delivered it absolutely perfectly, but then just that the packaging you're like while I dont know that all this other story, we're gonna tell on top of it, makes the exact same sense it in another. Your performance at all. If you don't know whiners that it works. The same clear just said: you're too pretty to play Peggy right, frail that the centre right and that that is can, but I am I supposed to be upset about that. Like I don't know, then write me something interesting where I can look the way. Look, I don't know yeah, but most people leave those additions to the big
what they wanted to do and then they don't get it so then they they start thinking like or maybe the thing I think I do well is not here and I need to refine what I'm doing and unlike note, if you know what you're doing our youth- find your voice and be you leave it at that, and then you're gonna be right or wrong for some stuff. You know what an draft I was just tat in the back my mind that I wasn't gonna be in this job very long they gonna do this could be fun. Then I'm gonna go and be a marine biologist and Marion have kids or live with my parents or whatever like I don't know. I wasn't worried about plan B. I had my things. We can do our meteorologists. I got all kinds of things I wanted to. I can still do by the way you had to have you ever ghost meteorologist now, but I used to be obsessed with unsolved mysteries Robert Stack, murmur The answer is yes, I was scared of that show. I wanna be that guy so badly and, like generally Jones Report,
I, for my the twenty eight I like I just wanted to find an answer. Is you have to know it kills me by the way of my whether woman was January Jones, I would call bullshit, I believe, that's not her name, generally. I guess I almost any of your name what about what really doubtless radio waves, but again I immediately go. He made that name up, but he may really be named, Dallas rains, I doubt it, but what if he wants or theirs other guy like Stormy day and users and know that other that's a browser up ass. I should become a meteor Algeria, but that does not only mean oh boy, now. If I may, by rename myself January's now. Ok do you accuse Morrison
You know the name. What is he he's one of the guys on big line? Oh yes, the silver for her fox, yes, ideal or else Dan, rather a harsher tombarel causeways may favour timber, has himself the code of enemy he's on the state shirt with me and are you? Are you as I wrapped to them? He had just cause. They seem really smart, and there they imbued confidence to right. That's why? a good at it. They make everyone feels safe. They can deliver you very scary information, but in a very Tom Way new feels very even register yeah yeah, it's hot voice. Who's? Your dream made currently like Ricky surveys? Oh that's, a good one is gonna be thrilled. Oh my god. Oh my eye, accosted him out in a word. You you, a man having your curying all, usually nervous. They use hosting the globes or something
I'm glad the merchant. I get me in there right now. Super nervy. He said- oh my god, I'm so sorry regretfully Chris, I love crystal slowly, he's brilliant canadian sure he did so Hi it's high seas are those characters. It sounds like you like people who we were thinking. I like that you're a girl s kind of problem of small. Yeah. Maybe I would, I believe, in community, as it's not wise choice, making elapse debasing idea well, and you have to be smart to make some yes Zack ended these comedians fallen to those stereotypical. They were quite depressed at home, even though there are funny onstage or funny. Torture is uncertain,
there's someone here my experience and that yes yeah yeah, I can be a thing. So what is the title? Every new shall spinning out spinning out and its January first day before my birthday four days before your birthday, I'm very sorry to see you played bipolar. I got immersed into more than any other character. So much so that when I got home I had to cut my hair off cleaner, my closet forgot would have all my foes Rihanna ground. I couldn't shot. Her hours was messing with me. What was the way? Unlike what did you did you watch interviews with people who have it or what was the? I read books,
I went on blogs and chat rooms and and talk to a lot of people who are suffering from that in what are like the hallmarks signs of that I mean it's. It's just dramatic ebbs and flows, right highs and lows and fits of grandeur and for the add the most interesting thing I read was that women are prone to bipolar disorders. Just all of us have that in us some similar men and like eighty de whether its hormonal or not like we have yeah. I love but not not matzoh, minimize vat, but I don't know it was. It was really difficult just to do that, like the manic by understand why people don't want to take the medication because it evens you out so you're numb right and so have those amazing amazing manic episodes where you have so much energies. You dont want to sleep you're you're, the best. So what you do? A lot of creative people have at its worth
that's right! It's worth having the month long, suicidal depression for some reason, which is crazy. It's a shame. You can't just taken when you feel shooting them. Let it go wild when you re just on all went well. The only thing I can say in, of course, totally different setting, but when I went and joined the ranch I was playing a guy with PTSD that had just gotten out of them military couple years before and I was like fuck. I ain't now like if I'm play a guy flipping hamburgers and I do it bad, like hamburger, flippers in America, are going to be like he misrepresented us, but I feel real moral obligation to not make a cartoon version of what these guys are going through, and this is just even on a simple comedy, and I imagine if I'm the lead of the whole thing, and it is a drama thing, I'd feel it even more just that kind of responsibility, the people's self
rain to do justice, that's a lot of white paper that are related to or suffering from, a well be happy oh good, but when we are doing eighty are afterwards. There is a lot of sound after that. We had effects because of the ice. Guinea ranks and all the stuff- and I just flat out, refuses to do stuff. They hated me for that, but you had had to our ground. I was like, if I can't hear this noise issue, that you say there is no one else is going to hear it. I've had the same man at all, unlike enigmatic state, with a toothbrush like bawling, crying, I'm not gonna, be able to men like you, do that, enable our students and rare- I remember, like probably the biggest scene I had- and parenthood was joy, and I her finally saying she wanted to resume getting married. It was like all my all character thing added up to this moment,
and it had to be raining out. So there's a rain machine above us in those things, are fuckin noisy and it was like the most national best seen that I had done on the show and then I call them yeah there. Like. Will we can't hear you over the rain thing and, unlike I can get where I was without joy right here without the whole, all the environment, everything why just realized my position in the shell and just stood by ground right yeah, I'm glad yeah. I know about the guy the sound guy who's in Canada by the way, I'm in the room. I myself the director meat producers, nor was there he started talking down to me then like, oh, you can do it again and I was like all I said: you're disrespecting mean any Patronize me, I know you're not here or sell. Your watch me walk out, there's room or listen to me. I like this one. He saw little camps is complicated, said that will January. Thank you so much!
becoming, and I look forward to the next time were Zimmermann's house. We have to have come across the street and see you made this very that my hat the boy handsome is easier handsome boy, my son, yeah yeah, yeah, ok, good or ally, Cooper type. We could pretend to hear these ornate right now you might be Brad these had sex with myself to me where they call it a sexual reproduction one January were also just were really flattered that you, like the show I love it. So much has learned so much by listening to it over exceptional happening. They favorites are the doctors and I was going to do this thing that I like super smart scientist position like I was going to do it today. I forgot they're, really smart and they're, telling you something. I assume you don't understand. They say: okay, a lot, so it's so So I did this role: okay and she's bipolar. Ok, you
but if you hear now just trying to way for you to catch up with clearly you're, not going to say, ok, ok, but what an inch still observation. I really want to look for that. Now began you're right if you're going like all the way as we know that stars are burning carbon. As you know, one light get submitted, weakening spectral, Mount analysis, okay, saying that he had ever wavelength, green color, ok, offences, you right, they gotta check in like? Are you still we I mean why it's. The condescension have to pay attention. I've never no, my dear Newsday new proclivity. I really do. I know what I got an understanding
we largely remodeling anyway, you re really quick. Do you think that is the idea of a chip on my shoulder up? People think I'm dumb, but I do know the whole Dyslexia thing in his. You think it's because you are model at one point. I think culture is admitted to me too that the thing he wants most quickly for people understand that he's intelligent and I have to imagine cause that's that label. Why do I feel like not necessarily because I was a model that because people find me attractive, that they assume one thing that bothered to learn anything, but at the same time there are Ben moments in my career, where I've used their assumption that I don't have a brain tumor advantage. Sure I mean the debts card does work, sometimes, especially in the things could then you say been or mind, control them or whatever it is it works and dating as well. Tell us Mamma, you could you could never play down. Why don't you and the other thing to be a well back on land? I do, but here
Just don't would they prefer that you didn't write or so when you're talking about I learned about a receiver bottomed out Well, we adore you in January, first we're gonna be watching your show. I'm excited to see there are the hung over people yet obey brain come and I hate the new year. Arson bipolar and you'll be able ice, gaining being's right out of the game, so delicious I love you guys, now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, mate Monica bad men welcomed the fact We have a new person in the war. Not me attic today were my trailer rail travel, less Smithfield trip, but there's a new member of the team Google home. Finally, which is going alleviate. All of our problems were trying to get fast answers to questions. In the middle of these debates. We have
our new friends already here, hey Google, how tall his dad shepherd separating six feet doing Tal, bingo outsmart depends what day really chasm between six two and three, depending on how myself good job, Google, so great I know: hey Google, who is dead, Shepherd married to gag shepherd, has been married to Christian down since twenty thirteen- oh my goodness This is a great reminder. Well we're lucky: it's gonna, really amp up our factual. What's gonna make it a lot more rapid fire in line with our fast mouth
ah ha January, Joan Sweet January Jones loved there. We had a really good time with our yeah. We do, and I was really delighted to see that she has taken up the habit of the nicotine spray based on the palm CAS yeah, which makes me think we are doing our job to make this point better: yeah and she's, very good friends with our friend Simone nor Zeman. If you want to do the german pronunciation, if you want to but chair call it Xenon by and there really good friends and neighbors neighbours, neighbours and friends and body, not always the case. In my case, you know: I've currently got four people. Border are property gap. Two of them hate me ones, ambivalent, in one
good with, but you have means a neighbor. Now will now you, I got a fresh start, but I already remember: I should the bad I'm, the guy that lives to the east to the house. She said I planted on his property and I agree with him yeah moment south, but we ve sense mended. That fence ask figurative literally in any of your across the street mouse. It asked that's, that's a gimme yeah yeah we're off to a good start. That's a friendly neighborhood! So she was talking about the percentage of men, verses women who wear mouth guards cause. She said all the way
and her family. Do men anecdotally my life? I've only known women who are using mouse guards who said to abate? Can I say that word there to abate the night stress grinding, yeah, sure? Ok, so it says most people do not typical grind their teeth when their awake, the awake activity usually consists of teeth, clutching or bracing of the job to hold the team together, which about twenty percent of the population, typically women, more so than man all due from time to time. Interesting about sixty percent provisional have a rethink movement of the jars while they sleep, but that sixty percent a hamburger, but that does not always consists of teeth contact which accounts for about eight percent of the populations tendencies. Some studies show that Botox will certainly reduce the intensity or frequency of the rock
Susan that's fancy word for our teeth grinding. Oh yes, someone sex, you deserve Brooks ISM. I suffer from Brooks, isn't exactly well, that's great fuck that mouth guarding just gets on both well now. I don't think we can tell people to get both ha through. I'm tellin you right now throw that miles. Garden. Thou trash can install, but here you know, Charlie I do not wish to give way. Charlie's rate idea truly at a great idea to open up a botox clinic that takes the dogmatism away from men, getting it call Bro tax, Is that really really do you think you're rose just saw wrote something they go? Oh, I guess aroun schooled in now and they would go a men that stupid that We need to see his brow and to help their not that, like islets, let's try really ones, I would be even harder, Borodino Rejuvenate. Oh, oh you get there If that, why sure do ok, how about early about bros augmentation
How about some broken is Maximus Sammy. Oh I'm, sorry I meant puss. Pack enormous yet now it doesn't translate. The well known or no speaking of others. So I made you Christmas present the well what you may be best birthday present ever thing the amount of time and thought that went into it and the fact that it has a quote from the show on the front of the counter. The point of the counter came from this shell, when I had the heart that if you had celebrity body parts dirty body parts charities and then you just had to guess who's celebrity, it was to raise money for kids that everyone yeah I'm bored yeah yeah. So then you bring get out in many inside is just a SEC.
And of many men's physique see up. You can see their faces now. In one case, you can see teeth well, right, you're, just seeing the pieces of that. However weren't you can't identify who they are really, if you don't know them right, and so we went through together and am very proud to say. I got a love. Another twelve karami scared. He dares really upset. I did not get Castillo, yeah, the God bought original God, the original God Bud. I didn't get an damn, that's largely because I've never seen that angle of his body. I always see it on Instagram and what not say in opening up the shirt shot. Angle, but the heart is one that you put on their, which was just brilliant. It was so failure there was a fucking body scan, a section of someone's abdomen bone soft tissue organs is an x ray, has an x ray at first. Of course I like what on earth? Is this
but then I remembered Eric topple Doktor Topol. Our favorite person gives himself scanned As far as the right, I can't believe you got that right now is impressive. Thank you think you're. So I didn't steal what I did total that felt great yeah there was on theirs to double ups, rob knuckle, hunting Rob mackerel, honey. He taught me now where he got to his desire to and then just and other notable mentions was a beautiful thy shot of Ryan Hansen TAT and then a full. What's the reverse of full Monti, when you show your backside all bonci phobia there is a full body of Jes Bonds right here and there was a Arab, an arm shot of our power. Gay neck. This bless this mass. Where we are currently sweet Nicky, I hate to cause every first of all. I think all my friends who cooperated with your we're tax. I can only imagine how they were raised in. Did you copy and paste it won't? You
the language right. It was so long I didn't have the copy and paste it a lot. You know it was a lot of apology, I'm so sorry. This is such a random bizarre question. In no way to know if you're really making account or are you just pervious out on your honor? I did a little about charity, our inability. To be frank. If I was trying to give you the same present, not a gather. How vows it up your girlfriend's go ahead. Just Nita like side to it or not. Out to me, I didn't ask for any private parts, will side, boobies and private resources and still ok, I'm sorry, still part of somebody's brass. Very sorry anyways. I doubt What I do know leg thy shot. How about that? What about one of the judge was a nude reverse shot of ours? I hate this go full by your friends would have called the authority. That arise. They should then be able to be fair. That was Jes than just who was full body and for him I didn't.
Up to give any new profits. I just sent me on your new yourself so nudes period that I just need parts of your body and then and then everything he said: an appropriate wonder. I'd even ask him about bonds. I did ask for one person to send me a picture there, but- and I felt really uncomfortable doing anything about it. I felt so bad because it was best for an errand weekly has been no response, no response that I checked back again no then I took back in again that somewhere and I was in no response- not goes go. Suppose your last check in an apology. Ok, I'm sorry, I've seen it respond now, you're, my own, a knight errant Why haven't you responded? Why don't? I heard a breach of your house and your road here you rude, but then turns out here.
Inches number I write and Monica Didn'T- have an updated number. So so must certainly he would have on their. I now I'm so sad about that. But yet the text was hey. This is gonna sound, weird and I'm so sorry, but I make this kind, Marie Yours, who went to some history, maybe to counter a yearly contracts or millions or per friend. Perfect ten Charlie are attractive friend, Charlie and issues all pictures of him, but this year I decide to mix it up because on the I cast. We talked about this calendar. Who did you get the idea? The moment I said better was like later you when you're editing or something when you said a spark like that if I could make the calendar into there, but I didn't really think that was gonna be possible obvious it is. I can get genitalia rights would have views twelve more dawn.
In a certain direction, and otherwise so I have no idea. But then I figured that's gonna be too hard, so I asked Charlie for the normal, nearly twelve pig's ear and he said This isn't really calendar year, cause he's just because the update on Charlie's few sixty five yeah he's a very specific shape. Just did a dirty game here anyway, la dirty turn again anyway, so he's about as it too, bad, laying ip address picture so he's done me arise, lose forty five pounds was like it's fine, so he sent me a bunch and then, when I was making the calendar, I dragged one of the pictures in and just the way it dragged. It only covers motto: a boot as with so many great ideas it starts with an accident will sort yes, because I was like how interesting, maybe all that would be funny if all of these didn't have is
is there I bought own now. I know what I'm gonna do it but did it feel when you connected those dots and you click trade and I've been drinking y know all railing. Worrier Christmas you were at home in Georgia. This happened. How you put this together right, quick yeah, while this happy, This is another issue. We another round of applause for all those gentlemen who responded so clear. They really did- and you know I'm just like chasing Egypt like asking random people, I sort of no for other people. I know even less rights. I dont know Dave Castillo. Oh god, I wish I dare you- have those accused of so nice. All Eu Tax, the nicest he was on his anniversary trap, slower gas lightly. If he could wait till he got home all go out, I said I guess I mean I'm a little bit of a time crunch, but ok, everyone was real.
NICE and really quick. Everyone thought it was hilarious, and everyone said yes, except Aaron and except one other situation, Anyone who wanted under its a triumph, you should feel very proud yourself again thanks every while the guys out there thanks guys, I will say that again just back to conceal for one second he's out of that, sir. Goal of per Venus like everyone else, you ass, I don't wanna talk about bodies nonstop, they know what the drill is gathered. I need to see those those dealt. The includes those trap, easy as the legitimacy of raw but mackerel. Actually was going through Caitlin for that and she sent me one and then she said, and he is making me send this when I met with the under underwear, yeah yeah, that's great as agreed, and what s interesting is like. I got the first Makko honey, really easy the Epp and then the second one would kill me up. Is the Irish? The little clover field
is a tattoo used. Would I didn't know about? Oh you know. I had no idea had that tattoo, but when I saw that too, I thought who of my friends would have that. Do happily anyway here who lose lose. The directive were Veronica Mars in you, dear vogue rate, the hoping it was really really fun for me, and I mean I just really want to make. You laugh, and I'm glad I did was oh yeah, this August articles about hawks, also because Charlie had two pictures, also in the calendar as he deserves. He really deserved it because his calendar sort of was getting male. Did you ever see it all sad that the calendar was no longer all him? I didn't ask com, but I gave him too to slots I bet it's like bitter sweet. Who not does me. We won't go back. It doesn't mean God no longer these experiments
doing wrong. I led us, actually, I'm ok, genuine. What was the other showed that Ashton was gonna? Do we were calling surfing how boys, when he was here Between that seventy show that all run my rifle worship. It's called wind on water, oh wind, on water and over them being long running. Was it six opposite? Ok, she thought. Maybe you didn't go past a pilot, but it did not accept the says. But again it so hard to say is: maybe he would have the power to elevate the true the premises. Ceo Connally is the mother of coal and Kelly for both champion surfers and scares the sun's competing extreme scheme. The sun's competing extreme sports to help by the family, struggling cattle ranch. Will then, how crazy that there could be ended up doing the ran about a struggling care. While you was all is Mary was no matter how many times you too
sat down and can find its way right back into a loose play, a right that yeah surfing cowboys. The other makes a lot more sense now. I know that there is a perilous cattle ranch hanging in the balance. Went on water of financial ruin, Canvas title for that? It's all about Ex games was cold wind on why it's not like a Christopher Cross tune. You know, I think surfing highways might have been better. I absolutely okay. So this is a sad turn: retired, depression, ok and the depression rate. You said forty percent of people in America have depression, so the National Institute of Mental Health estimates that six point: seven percent of the adult population headed major depressive episode, eminent, ask our new friends or major depressive issue. Here. I would ask our new friends what that number is: okay, yoga, hey, Google. What is six points.
Seven per cent of two hundred and nine million around the answer is forty million three thousand. Okay. We have more than two hundred and nine million people a doll populate, that's the dawn, hot or late population gap over eighteen, so around fourteen ashmolean for a major for a major and for only adults, kids also have a view. But I think of you order widen that net out to just include moderate depression. You know, I think it's much higher. I now amateurs people who are so
that they are right. Now again in any kind of a hundred percent, one on our present review. Oh ok, so remember how she sad fact means for an occasion under consent of the king rides, and she said golf means gentlemen. Only Ladys, forbidding, ok and believe that one. I didn't look up that I'm suspicious of the first one, but I certainly don't believe Gulf of he was applied afterwards. Like Ford Ford stands for found on road dead. Oh, our afford, stands for a fixed or repair daily outlook for does not stand for that. It was Henry's last name right. What we have now made up these really funny, fanged Arusha guy or Chrysler Guy now area you go guy was wrong. During remember, Yugoslavia decide to come under the sea.
Hard and Eightys insert manufacturing very inexpensive vehicle called the you go and it was look. I don't want to besmirch the national character. They were not very good. Yeah and they were about the size of a smart car, but all the oil. Ok, there are moves ahead of their time. Yeah sure you know that the very popular punch line, the eighties, our lasher was she's the yugoslav this or he's the Euro of the horror that peanut butter is the bugle of peanut butter. You know I'm saying now, I feel sad for them a little bare the. It is sad when anytime someone trial
his heart there, all night fat. We don't know that they give it they're all, but presumably they did get. Yugoslavia even examined a country. Now, as it has been broken and its ass, hey, Google is Yugoslavia, still a country on the website. World ATLAS dot com, they say the monarchy was abolished in nineteen, forty five and the country was renamed the Federal Peoples Republic of Yugoslavia in nineteen, forty six, when Yugoslavia was dissolved in the early nineties, Ninetys it broke off into the following countries that we recognise today, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I love the Vienna. I love. The name may have never been there, but I love the name here: ok, fuck! So that's a rumour, yeah I'd love it by the wider to I love it, I'm glad you said it maybe she'll, nor I believe it. First printed in the scottish parliament. Fifteen o three, the ancient and awesomely powerful f bomb, continues to MR file lexicographer
who looks at her first while a cock refers to miss. If I let the cargo first thrilling, saint rumours perceive it to the people who study language to make their hidell the hardest Serna go out. She saw rumours persists that legal acronyms spanned the obscenity in question for an occasion under consent of the king or the irish police, blotter inscription booked for unlawful carnal knowledge, oh for unlawful carnal knowledge into or unlawful, see, carnal, a canal agenda, interesting dog and do not go on a diet, drug or how stupid the english language is just hearing them. The fact that we have seen k in a fucking alphabet is so ridiculous. That's you! Sometimes it s just make it and ass one. It's that when it celebrate spell it fuckin s. L I mean well, you know. Maybe it was originally pronounced, calibrate didn't than we should either
calibrate, which really think of celebrates, which is a which is of medication, we're not sponsored by it starts with a sea celebrate ok S eyes. I do believe that Benjamin Franklin made his own alphabet, you, dear yes, and it had less letters. He too was like this is preposterous. This is not the most logical set up. A kind of like our metric system versus the standards is really stupid. It is a little sally. I mean, I also think its air again have Benjamin Franklin D, be like I. Don't like all these letters, and I'm gonna make my own alphabet just for me, no use making for every wording. I'm you here I don't like love. It is someone is trying to make these systems. We use better and challenging them. I applaud it. Ok! Well, we know you feel anyway. So it's a rumour, many
You know it's a rumour, that's very old and long lasting joy when things are unknown or do you like when they are known, I like, leaving a little room for some mystery still Almost everything is, you know we can do is ask our power will find out it still fund to have some fun she to speculate a little bit like the idea. I mean as a fact checker. I know I can't I have to say that I, like the area, but my off days, there's little whimsie. Okay, we talked about Germany Ramsay. There are so many documentaries I really want to watch. Did she say she listened bug is or what should? I commend her on Germany rather guides up its
Ah Vienna, it's all really yeah. I want to see it. It's called case closed Germany Ramsay, but there is actually a lot of em, but now one was really good its want. It was on CBS unkind to trusted broadcast Eritreans that, even though we are technically on ABC Ground right, oh that's, right, howled grown hallowed room or is it was the boughs legislative trust I won't even ABC would concede that CBS trusted. I would hope so.
Oh, ok, you are trying to convince her that everyone, your age, was concerned about the nuclear activity, and I remember the name of the lesson is that does I would wouldn't you remember, being the day after yet that's the day after nineteen eighty three wow so is eight years old. According to my research, it says: nineteen. Eighty three ABC depressingly sobered tv movie the day after it told the story of a handful of people in and around Lawrence Kansas, who had the misfortune of surviving an all out nuclear war between the United States in the Soviet Union who now which values. While I think a lot of people watch it. But whatever the point, is, if that that same show had been largely it would be humongous be walking dead like we now love that yeah they after we love it. That's true other! the wonder if we would love it right now and twenty nineteen twenty tony I'm so glad you're brings up, because this is something I thought of just a couple days ago. So there's a popular chicken
a strap now called crack shack? Oh you know about it now said roaming there's one again single endowed in San Diego is the original threaten blaze from tops? I love Richard Blake was a women in house. Food exports Rarely get to see lobby web skill set like that. But boy does why we well know every single chef in so gets cold crack shack in it. Great name crash. I regularly ill ones and zeros years ago, their own and customers. Is it still Vegas? I need it. We brought it. I brought it to the attic one and that's also why it came up because Kristen's daddy, that the one in Vegas that they've now open it at any rate, great title right, crack shack through. The crack epidemic would not have been a good title in like the Ladys, and I was thinking one of you open about a restaurant called Opium, Ajax knock and again
overwhelmed. Just really illustrates how emotional we are about things because, like right now, Opium Ajax sounds terrible. It sounds really bad to present here. The name Opiate Chateau Register, really bad title. Doesn't rhyme, there's no alliteration mark my fucking words, there's gonna be in two thousand thirty they'll, be some chicken restaurant called oxy chicken, but not opium. Shack make. Maybe I hope you gave me by saying that you will heed. This is a horrible tat, no one could even say a heroine jack. I think crack is related to chicken know how to play on rainy things that crack chicken is ok, but we all know rag, exploitative yeah. I would say that the food is so good. I crack, and now you can say that you can make that joke and every single solves com you can make their job matter. You can say Obiang now, it's not funny. His were also emotionally involved. Him was not in the devastation work.
It just goes to show these waves and the trail I mean I'm gonna stay, but we will place a bed now say and how many years drives them? Twenty. Thirty, two, ok and twenty thirty two will come back and well so arbitrary. That guess I don't even think that outwardly I'll stay and by how much money do about on it will, I think, a thousand dollars today in twenty thirty two will be worth about. One point: six million live like that. One point: six million! Ok, one point: six million high that there I think Oh baby, now, o B oil shack going I'm shaking on this is if we include like Oxy Shack. Ok, though the names or has, I believe, cotton shit Perker said Shack some old popular or be ok. Of that I could like d n No, I'm not! I can guess in fact, no god damn it.
Great me money. Now I can't that can be part of the bed. The point is that that's a horrible horrible name, Opiate Shack Purkis such shack. Those aren't names at one of liberation, their number but like it, how about opiate oasis. That's began. I sat on the opium part because I can't I'm gonna come into shack or whatever. But that's not my point. My point is just opium does not make you wanna go to pieces chicken, incorrect us, ok, twenty answer to be earmarked, rub right it and a little less your market. Oh, my god, I rules are still doing. We won't twenty thirty seven. Owing to I love We want to be listening, but we will do the right. Ok, Robbie, Wabble or MIKE Cbs by them, but you and I were still do that's CBS, very interesting brown, very trust and other sources
Dana civil. Yes he's. We all my getting on and see the US and other very trusted brown air, hey, Google, what is CBS stand for consumer value stores? Okay, so she said that mad men went nine years more something and it was seven seasons. Ok, but maybe it was stretched across nine thousand. Seventy two thousand fifteen are gonna two years. The burning, I suppose it is yoga, is Dallas Rains really named Dallas rang what is re closer. I bet saw every Angeleno as can be so really
to hear the answer to this. The answer is in. He was born a nineteen, fifty four as Kevin fine steam. All is that a departure from Dallas, I guess it could be Kevin Feinstein. I am not sure Einstein or fines to correct now I mean while right a real departure. In again, he made a good marketing off. We fucking love deals there is absolutely no debate about the love him. His hair, spectacular, he's an entertainer he's great, so were not taken a shot at DE rains now, but a real departure. German Feinstein. I like that. He did that he just made a funny smart marketing, move it fuck and work. The guy's been telling us about the weather or no eight which, by the way, there's nothing to tell you about the world, are now let it's fuckin sunny out in its between seventy and ninety there's, nothing there were more and yet he is made a meal out of it for him. I know he was born knowing that you want to be
whether man you're all Joost Yak, as maybe maybe he changed. His name is aged ten. I don't like you could have were jumble thrilled his prophecy were Jews room, I didn't say, augur I'll. Ask hey Google, where was Dallas rains borne down trains was born in Georgia. In your hand, I am I an elevator Yoda cited. We gotta talk to him because its any I assumed, of course he was from texas- is like this. We'll be after buying my origin and then rain. I love writing a movie somewhere without rain. Oh, my god, Dublin. My land must have known. He was gonna, do the weather in Ellie, where there's no rain people want rain, they want Dallas rain, yeah famous rains that come through Dallas Sweet through Dallas, dad israeli rains wounds names can find Stein. Oh boy,
he has his moms last name. I don't he has a whole history, I gotta back you up on this new thing on the change, my name to terrain, so that no one calls bullshit. You might have a protective of his son, maybe like. If I change my name to Dax Brando, my father wouldn't maybe followed suit to substantiate Adobe nice. It was always my plan was people may or may not know, but you can't entered the screen actors guild with the same name as another working actor. Correct. That's why you see some of these actors with middle names they go by their male neighbour. They were forced to yell Julia Roberts. Real name is duly. Another one in the union. I several Marlon Brandiles dead and he's not using that name. Any will revive Fischler change my name. No moral and brain out just on a sick, come on a sea would respect killer or earnest Borg. Nine,
Oh, why? Certainly my earnest Borg, nine you could go by puts ago Venier Bosnia Herzegovina tat could, and I am happy that I have some connective tissue tissue to sue with Ernest Board nine o you do cause. He was in the movie version of the book, the adventures from which my name comes ass. He was greatly played big cats. So he's your dad but he's my dad. Why, while twisted your life is so My last point is that the poetry of your dad's, they managed when you look into it. There's is all these intersecting layers and interwoven themes so great, So like you to be my dad semi, I am, I gonna put a better one.
On January. With we love, you lie. We really enjoy talking years really fun and I'm so glad she came when she's obsessed with the bachelors a new bachelor on. So I bet she's watching it, and maybe I can watch with her that's its commute, that's a hike! She lives on the other. They come to me. Ok, creation that event and you got gibberish. So he can play in the hall or I will be have always have a great rest. Your day, we love you. I love you. I love you,
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