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Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Silver Spoons, Juno, Ozark) is an American actor, director, producer and longtime friend of the Armchair Expert. Jason sits down with Dax to discuss tales of sobriety, parenthood and the formula for a deadpan delivery. Jason reveals his many idiosyncrasies and Dax credits Jason for proposing to Kristen. The two of them chat about their mutual ex-scumbaggery, they reminisce on Dax's nude scene in This is Where I Leave You and Dax defends his unique style of wiping his butt.

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Well, I'm gonna hear expert, I'm back shepherd. I just took a very deep medicinal cleansing breath very guttural sounding it was. I got down to my cockles and am I toxic and I got an eye and I just cleansed and go ahead if you're in Europe, Car you're on a treadmill take nice the wrath, because this is gonna, be an enjoyable ride. Daisy producer, but before we tell you about, I guess I just wanna for a second just say how much fun we had in taxes Oh, my goodness, it was so special that was really special asked them. now ass? They were so fond. The crowds were so so fine. It was so high
now humbling to see all the arm cherries gathered in there all nice people ever not one of them is mean no one through a tomato at me or anything like that. Nope they win bonkers. Monica came up was so exciting and and well, whatever they had to do that, and then a guy had a sign that was in love with my life and he was a baby is like a six foot for bay. He was a baby user base. an he. May he took a job at me, which was a very alpha. Moves, are really appreciate. The earlier respected him for their idea is the sign said. I of Monaco. The way Dax loves bragging about having a anthropology degree. I added the were bragging, but that was the most of what he said was I love might occur as much as
acts like talking about his anthropology, so smooth move x Y was good. I see in the army was really cute member. We talk to my show, you got even cuter for me yeah. He was really queues of very little young for use a little bit of a hurdle felt his evil. A few years, my junior junior, but you know one of your man. You wouldn't think twice the shrew there, so I know that good or bad otherwise. Why anyways Oh, we have we sold out our September. Twenty second show in Brooklyn, but we ve added a show in there are some seats left. So if you want a rally in party with other arm cherries, good or website, armchair expert pod dot com- and there is a link- there go get tickets. We would love see you and if you loved Monica, bring up fucking sign and let her know you don't have to you guys are me not for her. I enjoy seen those signs, so it our guest today
is so down that he's one of my I mean definitely top five comedians ever he's so unique So unique is a rare comedic spat ascents, yes, sensibility sensibility, would label that shitty nurse Jane we're gonna talk about that with him, and he gave a really profound explanation of how it gets pulled off. It was fascinating. Yeah he's also good pale, he also directs, I want my fairy. Favorite shows ozarks, which comes out season. Two August, thirty. First, on Netflix Jason Fucking Beethoven enjoy a is brought to you by Rang Monica tax. We were violated, I know was so it was upset. It was of setting these these crux these criminals, I gotta near their running around in our couch. They turned over cushions yeah, the drawers were open and probably use the bathroom with no door while I actually hoping
That way, I don't know, I don't want them all. You want them to be. What I want to believe in front of my house has clarified as listen. I felt very violated and I hated it and this because we didn't have ring here at the attic glum house. We have it at home. So great, what's really great about. Is my sister's linked to the system, so my sister I'll see that I've gone out to throw the trash away like ten o clock. I shall say I'm glad you made it out in back, but yeah. We, however, we have cameras and we have motion activated floodlights and it really is cool and you go on the up and you can just toggle through these different camera. Ngos and check things out, go and also of your travelling in someone rings your video door bell. Can I interact with the person wall in China, its family?
ass to listen to me as a listener. You have a special offer on a ring starter kit available right now with video doorbell, an motion activated floodlight came the starter kit. Has everything you need to start building a ring of security around your home go to ring dot com, Slash Dax, that's right, dot com slash day Ex he's are literally armchair. That's right! Well, I just made my welcome armchair expert, but we wrote. We are both an axe and I can do You can't do improbable merit, as I could do a few different accents that are from disenfranchised non white members of our committee.
Monica has been kind enough to point out that I just I'm not allowed to do that anymore, which I now don't, but it just blows were makers. I cant do most of the whites accents like this. English language are not allowed to do stuff would be insensitive south korean hair cartoon character, although those english ones also some cartoon character, that's kind of red, but not quite as race, this racist and determine looking for where it SAM, overly caricatured anyway, to me, you have, you really do have incredible decays dick, the word re caught your very well spoken. I was watching an interview, the with you the other day you and some panel or a bunch, a hot shit. It's under your being celebrated for something that you at home,
your kind of like do you mean asked any clarions ethical, you know come back if we're going to need a lot, editing slide and everything you say back three hundred frames not young anymore, listen! I was watching this thing and it's useless to even bring it up. So I can't remember, but it was a legit was some hot shots like I don't know. If you remember me on a panel recently works like other hot shots and they were getting a lot of questions and I kept thinking because we're friends like boys, Ebay, thou mentally, like you see now, thank you MIKE. I'm on my way home. I gotta pick up because I wasn't talking you weren't talking and then how to know where it just they racked to you and you just exploded out of the gates. With this very eloquent statement- and I just was blown away cuz in my mind, I was like always got to be completely checked out right now,
He had been a relaxing here, but no you had. The afterburners were just one in our times I back into something that makes half since I take it. It comes from having watched a lot of MSNBC. Ah there's some people from mark folks on there, but you have also been getting interviewed at this point for thirty years. There's more you're well you're back on a one exposure age we already thrifty and January. Your knock and writer it'll be I'm coming upon forty years forty years of being interviewed, so that's helpful You can't pick up here. Accused of an interview in forty years. You chosen the wrong. We are not the main thing. I think not that anyone's asking for any tips, but really we usually end woodchips would please
a de facto. So there's somebody actually did ask me for one this actor. I was. I was doing some interviews weapon. She thinks is doing very well and I set myself. I said I still greatly time. I don't I basically just don't ever think it First thing that comes to your mind, as far as an answer goes go with them Let it out will because you're going to need all the all the other time kind of around it to make that thought. Even as you can go on your instinct and then try to try to call it had tired of that other palace at heard or walked back right. Have you remain a joke that was wildly misconstrued in an interview cause? I have a very specific one I have on online interviews cause there's no there's no new wants, there's no sarcasm, there's no more like written. You filled out some questions. Own yeah, like I'll get it. I get a question and then type and
sir, or ask somebody to take us. I don't not or not a type sure sort of pack a little bit but yeah that all those sort of sarcastic or more snark ear or Sly responses just sound like a dick. What it s like they alone. Now that's what your brand your brand is, shooting us as a night it I didn't, create that Arnett Bryce Oh accurately pointed that out. ever there, whether we learn from our natures for sure, but you you'd have all keep riots There is any doubt you should, even by the way Dax Doktor she, as is why you always hanging out with attics worse than yourself, but you can always like that shit. You look around Bateman lightly, but
but that's my point right. You could say something shitty, but if you ve got some kind of shit eating eating, grin on your eyes there you can kind of earn it back. Are you kind of innately have a go, went to your eye like there's a spark off those or contact are not just about. No, there must be diamond based, but you If ever there was a sense of humour that probably doesn't translate to print it's yours, because mine doesn't quite often it doesn't and I think yours is even more sarcastic by the way very favorite sense of humour in movies, you have enough of your thank you I mean it's mine too, and my mother is british. And so that was always sort of my favorite sense of humour, and then I didn't really have a chance to do it. As specifically Until I was given numb arrested development,
when there was. There was some in the in the shows that I did before and the sitcoms and stuff, but that that and of humour that rests. Development is very small and its soft and it's quiet eyes in its shitty even when you drop down there just now. I put my arm because somebody, let's hear the cable okay. So now what you're gonna need to do in Europe that fat, ass up and whatever I need anything you're going to say you go down and active here, but I guess the guy. The only way you get away with it is, if you seem like a guy who is twice as torture as the person that they're talking tat supply rate haunt you may have a big fan asked, but are not nearly ass miserable there's like and I don't know what that, what the half of all that is right. But somehow you have to look dumb and torture of empathy. That is really eyes as you're saying it, and to your point
a long winded waked come back around to it is that you can't see those dumb eyes or that or that earnest or broken face imprint now nor online or or- Orient animation a me. You have you very raver reliant on the on the artists in an animation. You are you're good at that. I don't think so, because All I'm do I didn't want. You would have a couple cartoons word meaningless, maplike, where you are acts professionally, Do you have a couple cartoons and I'm missing? Well, The zoo utopia was, it was only a dinner, but I dont think I'm in love another whack at that I did not know you want. I wagon move. I mean to thank God. It was our such a great company and a leg. China has me covered down strategy so stupid because I loved it and yet you you're not leader, but it all mean that it there's it's not like Jason Bateman ends. Utopia like we got it.
you know now not abused as a Disney film and well Disney is the star generally right, always yeah. I mean. Look at you know I mean my locally exactly gown cables, she's, not above title, and you would you you know once you kind of dig in a bit like, oh well, she's like in fact watching it with with the girls like. Second, that sounds like now and then she started singing like now. That can't be I don't know how long we ve been granted. I didn't know she could surprise you never sang he's good guy, I know, but I'm, but yet, but there your first one. Now I guess, like you know, most comedian, let me start by saying I'm terrible at, which is why I dont have any of them. Things I'm I'm not allowed at. I sound like I'm just leaving message for someone answering machine fears that I don't play at Bagdad. It's like it and never do not even need a note. Let us go again, so
look at us about a couple. A couple a dad what I am hearing That is because you started so young, so many things I'm already. I'm immediately met with the fact that I know all these tremendous stories about you that, of course I will not bring up. I mean you ve. Had real wild right. Why don't you try and I got out my hand on the buddy. It's my hope that will leave your having heard just a bit of you and leave garrets I can see traveled some of its land. First of all, the banks years ago he was here, he'd correct. You are not in a shitty way, but I guess, if you ve got a name. I mean there's a difference between leaf and life yeah. But do you think I'm in the minority? Not not most people, think it's leaf error, but it's not it's like you. Probably right, ok, bowed
Ellie. I have known about there's Andrea and Andrea, like how would you know the difference rights right, yes, our time with all those names in they'll excel, often get dank say all the time. I am. I order a pizza or anything Eau de Shepherd racist, anything of it. I'm allowed our stereotype. No, that was australian. I think I'm allowed to do that. Weirdly. I think new Austrian, but I cannot do English really. you see, I said I think I want you to say: Aluminium hell yeah many now you put in another vow their vessels, because he can't say that weren't you met their front were about Gaza, lame our gas about this. Thank you for calling I suppose bites we now, of two locations for all my aroused press I want, or or he'll hers pressed.
Where that other methods that, with a southerner that spent too much time, Auburn Point Eve flying you for calling. I could just watch your face turn as I was getting into it as I was me. Switching to another pod gamble harp more, but I am curious because you started very young. You started the first time I say of courses and silver spoons. I loved silver spoons. We talked about this before we had a party that I wrote it. Our very heartfelt essay in seventh grade about silver spoons and why it taught such good family family values You what you wrote in his eye out here, you're dissertation and also already felt essay like I thought this was the best show families could be watching. America and I wrote a very long us back what year of of the run, were you referring to could easily there for? The first two I think was the first to and then Alphonse barbaric,
Well, I wrote this in eighty seven. So what year was? I wrote dates now I couldn't, I think, as I was gone by then cause, I think all nineteen only I started its sheer. I did it's your move and then went and then of home and family exerted an eighty six. So I think I was gone like eighty five in very well may have written. His wallet was in Reruns non, not even pay Is it if I was catching it first airing rice vices, I loved it and then also people would tell me I looked like Ricky Schroeder as a kid which was a huge compliment. I love you too. Good? Looking kid, he was good, looking also wore white swat. She sure dead yet, and I will leave the idea believing pop out the face on that bad boy. You could you could swap assurances regress per vessel. What can a night you're gonna have What kind of signal you throw? But when you start, We're gonna options were on the table. Was he going to like teen, night clubs and stuff? I think you did pretty well
He had a white nine hundred and forty four. I believe this memory serves white, nine hundred and forty four and like sixteen turbo ninety eight! That was the hot model when we were young, denies any a risky business here that they do. DR and one of those? Never those were those were muscular very heavy car fronts, engineers Ba merges only be eight at the time I look at, sometimes unlined, debating I all of sound myself for a full afternoon than I need one. Oh, you should get one. And then I imagine wondering if it worked on we got album engine they only made for seven years- there's no parts for don't like they isn't like there. You know, thereby sir motor in every single cars by a trillion unjust. I just for some, myself on the phone with somebody in Austria? You know he was here that one, that's ok thank thinking there were two negative like that was going to say it can only do so, go ahead, I'll qualify!
I then looking minute now and they cannot agree on looking in the catalogue idea or are they see that you have the of the full legal, the eight rival good and bad news. The bad news is: does eight individual carburetors will worsen a mess that that's the good news. The English only have six I immediately went to that conversation. I was like get another car, but I do want when just from risky business it there really great state and harm the sheriff dare arm. Chair expert has also brought to you for him down on the moon. Man. Are you saying where a drought or resolve, or his words,
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oh really, an endeavour, you say: fridge joining our. You can walk away from that southern button. These fridge story at an industrial raw, a heavy door, and it's got one of those little fronts that are built. you know. So what kind of like looks like the rest of the walls in the kitchen is so it's. It's created a lot of weight and a bit of an edge okay yeah. You could cut a lot of paper and I'll. Let you know that paper cutting machine door, buddy the whole tip Most of all a merry did it didn't. I didn't caught me Mikey what, but I dont know how she didn't lose the whole Tipp of her thumb. Ah, my sounds remain. I dont remember. I remember me me yelling baby, let you know you never really pathetic. Well, shouting and a helpless. Why are you are like warning? We? Let me just ask you the mechanical laws
Did you fly I met from like well, we I was angry outer about, because now I gotta give it so. Yes, she was. I was leaving the fridge if she was going into and then I closed it as I was walking away and as I was walking away, half her face, and away from the fridge as she was putting our march to get something was just like a perfect. Towards the candidate Zena. Moving, though that can happen. How did she? What did she turned her face? The second whose rights earning it in exactly here: It was just got any rights or the children pro they were there in the other room and and that this is part of the miracle of Amanda. She was able to two hysterically cry. Island lay all over the sank with cold water, rushing over at an attack of frozen blueberries? Honor? an end to it. Graham five minutes for the kids to come in and see how something is wrong. What have you no blood.
There is a little little that was weeping from under the nail bad, ah ha ha now, she's she's gonna lose the thumb enemies, the fun now sure I'll boy, while they let sir, it's a really press. You made it today. Right given about have me. I should be it in that we are under that was Sunday morning. This was Sunday afternoon Sunday afternoon. Everything I've been going smooth, and yet she had her sister and new baby over and she was you. Weren't attention probably had said yeah what about me? I can cry I made her cry, then you could come rescue yeah. Yes, maybe one is, You went when you started on so, first of all, your very furs acting job if Wikipedia is correct. That happens to be my single favorites here of all time rallied more the cereal and any other cereal old grams golden grandma got that right. Dotterine Fortuna dollars on the board golden Grounds is up there. The life cereal, yes, a real sneaky pleasure. It's a staple
we want our oh great nuts is sneaky pleasure. Ok, You tell me why you like great knots and I'm gonna, tell you they're gonna get out of here. Why it's a Box of Bibles Box a sand? as you see, the commercial is like a very wrote, like a hearty man and overalls without, like Flannel shirt on. He would chop a tree down and then just turned to his left and eat a huge fuckin bowl of great nuts. I wouldn't shadows chopped down either eastern issued, it turned to his left to dress camera go. This is what's going on in your call in, but you, even if all of great it'll be like this forty forty three running right through the Lord's guy, but it looked so good in the crunching in the commercial fully work was off the charts. I don't know what they were popping in the studio, but it sounded so good and I would give it a try like every six months, because the commercial would get me you weren't, letting it saturated overdue and overnight brew base
No, you need demeanor and EVA Allen for like making jam is poured in right before bed. and then, when you wake up and it's just then it is very likely normal they might be at a business. Now I haven't seen her out about right, not right. I will certainly not advertising the way they were portable. They certainly lost that guy who was chopping down the trees to age out, blue is entering out. to quote Islam? Arnold too many back? What movie true lies in the stores. Come full circle, Yes, Mr Shepherd, I'm just looking right now to the catalog and I'm seeing that the mini spark plug options. I cannot recommend one particular spark plug. I would recommend that you ordered all of the spark plugs to eight spark plugs x. Seven: options: Fpcc Sparkle S, amazing: what happens the peoples?
This is the right who face changed by resuming mine looked ugly is ever your did. Not only do that animation minefield you have to watch out for right all the big faces. I don't want to do when you're acting, but you need to get there but they have also added visa video component to most of these things to promote it and then your car, what a lotta aguilar face. Rikers. Can I see the face you would make for that fox? Was there one in particular learn a lot higher rollo. My browser gotta go upon money. Have you like the boss when you do, then get down into like Arnett land. Oh really, bunny, yeah, yeah Arnett will ya a silver spoons, then our net, ah ha. So ok, you D golden grams? That's awesome and they need you silver spoons. Your stand out you're on that for two years in and they give you your own show
I want to know at that time. Are you two young, the even be Amy, I'm gonna, be a comedian or a dramatic actor, or neither did you remember thinking yeah. I feel like you're the revelation that your hysterical to me felt like a revelation like an arrest development. I think I was. like? I know him he's in good actor and I've known him since I was a kid, but I No he's a comedian, in fact it is the first time I saw you in a company was dodgeball that all over lapping with their, whereas a development that was, I going to launch a lunch hour from arrested or half a day. Yes it when you first part on screen. As I wait this, as it makes sense to me, it's all straight committee. Kids in this movie and then there's Jason Bateman and then about four sentences. Later I was laughing really hard on my way home. I got a super funny, but that I imagined took some convincing the what dodgeball
yeah, my ear. The talk about the dashboard smoking on Thou, no idea what kind of tone there were gone for without one and- and I heard the Ized I had to say in out what is too much she sure this isn't too much like no no was put a neck tat on you like. Ok, Now I know you givin me signals now in that was some raw since first movie, I think saga, so you do another great. Was it Reebok commercials with the the linebacker that was not Tate? Yes, I know what you're talking about banal. Never remember! Yes, he had had some success. The commercial world, but the ideal you must be, have you never seen anything of the persons you're you're? Also, probably thinking oh boy, I'm really going for Britain is really no way to know whether or not I about, but there was a man you got Vince volume, Ben Stiller and that a new you'd like I'm lucky to be there their miata. Yes, that's true, but I do remember reading that that you know that apparently, the Kohen
others, the only after they never got along with well was Nick caged. You know this hope is hurry, yet they infamously did not that's why never return to another real invite. You know everyone returns to those movies that they work with, but they infamously hated each other. Really. and I love that movie, it's my very favorite of theirs, its number one comedy of all time. I wonder what that would welcome was what this wealth, when I can tell you both people's problems, because I've since read aloud interviews about that topic in in Mick Mick Cages argument, which is very legit, is that He said everyone after me had the benefit of raising Arizona. All you was blood, simple round, which was a great movie, but it was not this crazy, high world right at somehow works. Believable, so he's like I didn't know if I could trust these guys and it was so crazy in his outfit was crazy in his hair, was crazy and is tat the road or enough. So many again red flags right.
And so that was his complaint, so he was there ask him to go along with their plan and he was nervous, which I get to be to be big. or or loving all living world. I mean imagine doubting that fight scene, the traveller in like weight so you're, putting the camera there and spin around and ran someone's going through the wall under the toilet in the euro and watching Jack Goodman. Like I'd read, it was all right and you ve never seen it. They. They created a paradigm that at movie. Didn't exist until that movie, Do you remember what am I going? Oh wow, yes, a sequel, when he steals the Huskies arouse the very first time is a young person like something's happening different with the mechanics of this film making, like I've, never seen anything like this when he goes to the window of the truck and all that and the dogs point of view running through the house, yeah very son, it felt right yeah in then now from their point of view. Apparently,
Nick his character was obsessed with time. I guess me, he had been in prison, a bunch of re. Who knows why any of us think these things are important, but he his character, is obsessed with time any insisted on having this watch, and I guess he checked the watch like throughout. every seem every take. All the dialogue he's just constantly checking is why I totally understand why he was nervous because he had never seen anything. They never diving right, and then, from their point of view, he was obsessed with time and he kept check his watch the whole movie right. They couldn't get him to stop check. his watch- and I guess it was hard at it- is you There are one or two. You know that you give it a re watch in Do you see him looking way more than you noticed in the past? He is all over that watch to watch a movie again. Yes, so that was it but did you think
Will you aiming at? Were you aiming at any one you have that kind of. When I was a little kid I was, I was dumb and arrogant enough. To think that I was aware I wanted to go and be a character act or wanted to be Dustin. Hoffman Robert Nero Alpha, Chino, oh, come and then and then frankly, ice start again in like kicked out of schools for being a wiseass, and I was like well maybe I'm kind of funny you know and the end and then audition started coming for you, no guest spots on tv shows and then ultimately, the pilots and- and you know, like silver, spoons and nice reaction from that and saw that one million on all just gonna be a smart ass. I'm film, yeah and, and then thank God
I kind of had a bit of a well. Maybe I'm young enough all sort of try to build up. Some sort of notoriety are success or capital or access or whatever. It is relevance in this lane and then diversify that into you, know, I'll be Deniro later kind of thing, but here the side door in all right. All right, then I'll be able to ask for a dramatic role or something ironically, is what happened, but it certainly didn't happen on the timeline you were now thinking of going to read, and were it not for arrested, development would have never happened at all and factors the gap there in the nineties were I was I was, king and I was making a you know a decent living, but nothing as high profile hours lucrative is as the eighties and was pretty close to come out of the business world
and then and then along, came, arrested and and unite. I had a great appreciation for fur new moment in our own and didn't didn't want. disrespected Yet- and I remember mum early in the meeting, your maybe tomianus and bore which will get to cause you and I had a good honeymoon there we feel we have something most. We will never get to share in their life, which is like a four straight weeks. I want to get the rest is really great ridiculous. An idea We have to go to work. If you had to go to work, I never thought of you call it that but you said at one point and I wanna get the wording rikers I always think about it is. Is that was a period words like You need a name to get roles right in that you at some point were at weirdly. You had a name, but then that was the problem thou with that was a hindrance yeah. And I had never even considered that cause me
thing was so opposite of yours. That, like all I wanted, was that, like only eighty I've known Jake that name Jason Bateman for thirty years and then you just pointed out, there was a good ten year period with That was a veal break our barrier, the matter. If you win in crushing audition as the conversation like. Oh do. We want Jason Bateman for this yak, as with That comes a certain amount of history or perception that might be counter to the product were trying to sell right. I'd like single camera, comedy was was was coming into into vogue in the in the nineties and I known for multi camera coming right, sitcoms right, so that was
problem and plus just the whole sort of thing of not being fresh meat other something early attractive about having somebody you you would not seen before and again, while we seen him, we know, him is certainly that the people in the community, in other pariah, running the networks and the heads of casting and thank you, Now we get it, but yeah, you really feel like you're unheard team or this brandy norms. in your train along an entirely new right by them. Hiring you eat with that comes something that is almost inherently tired right, as opposed to it. The professions like a woman- that's that's cool, controlled and that's experienced, it's actually a nega detriment. Ye I in in this business at times not to sound pissed off about it at all, because I am happy with you know: I'm not
Grants, but it was frustrating at that time it. Why can't working hard times I, but I guess I have to apologise for four or five for that It's it's in my way, then so, fortunately I I got a chance to do it again. Use now, do you think, like added if it was just a tv shows, probably would adjusts Continued rolling is teen, Wolf, his view that, like firstly, stink on you at the time Am, I think I was. I was not as. savvy our my head was not up out of the sand enough to know that that was a bad. thing only later did I see that in the long list of things that just art great about the stuff that I've done at and it might be at the top of the list and then fortunately, now it's sort of. instead of a separate category of of catch,
yeah. Fortunately, there is theirs. It there's a stinker in my past that I was able to if, through and now it's it's funded, talk about well and also, I say this about you all the time at both to your agent, I'm friends with anyone who will listen, I've never want someone navigate an opportunity as well as you navigated, arrested development, and I think a little that came from having learned the hard way Yeah yeah, because when you are on arrested development, Oleson everyone there had some opportunities right yeah. Who were goin now make me the fourth lead of many things, which I did that take because you were certainly giving offered the Leeds and things right was a hard. to turn down and to stay the course of like you know what I'm gonna do it differently, this go around, it wasn't it wasn't difficult because the that this sort of the pain button
it was still very fresh in my mind that, what my name means to my ability to get employed is not helpful man, I need to do something to help kind of reconstruct rehabilitate. what what that name means right. So I need to have that name a source. Aided and be adjacent to better, more credible names and Let me work in things if I'm invited with people who are you not to put it to over simplified, cooler than me that they have more credibility that are more artistic, viable bubble bubble Barcelona, If I'm invited to be an end in a prestigious project, great, I mean I'll I'll pull Kay. There? We are
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leave these movies, in fact, when I think of smoking aces which, by the way, if he went scenes seen, if you answer my eyes, he met not just cause. It's a great movie, but you you you, you have this reoccurring wrote, nodules thing or something what now aids or something that's what it is it but we are human papilloma via they are Marianna turn answer. I don't smell good, no matter how much you brush your d, cimeter them there is the yeah. I had had some nodules on my vocal cords during that weak and
I had to get those removed after shooting, but it end up working out. Well all my degenerate lawyer, I was playing, I dont, think of Xenia funnier, it's almost like a year, but people pulling their teeth for roles and she doesn't get the metal local modular was because you couldn't have done what you did in that movie without a real impairment to your throat, Your current was: he had a great idea to put what what looked to be a happy on my laptop is like a hamburger. Half of that played a nicely with it with the vocal quality really did I mean in real ivy. I was as nodules or whatever you said, but but the your character definitely at HPV in earth on their voice box yeah. we are trying to communicate that my guy have been up for a few. Ah, a boxer shorts, another Ashura, hamburger and vocal half Ilona over now. Pamplona vocal local purpose opposes
oh my god that maybe less so hard, though, but wit when you when you have a second chance, you're you're, definitely saying no to some money. They'll right! Are you getting offer? Unlike some leads, and you didn't you really. You took your fucking time. It's really admirable. I am so greedy patient. I dont remember any like, oh good, God were walking away from a huge Jackie here I don't ever remember seeing a difficult decision right, but I Do you remember trying to add some The equation of respect will equal longevity as opposed to fame more fortune right at that all week, we gonna build a sound foundation here yeah we got a poor. The cement before we start has put snobbery board an area and I m elbow
bad news- the unlucky had a lot right. Anything anything amendment is only ever made with Reba finally bring them back one or the other. you then revolving door. But you d get lucky, though, at one point, because one of these smaller roles which differ, no money happened to be Juno, Dhaka, point that worked out well right, yeah, that at dumb that I was not super key, nor eager or aggressive to grab ahold of until it was clear that my first born was colloquy. Ah, I did. I went ahead and finish the script and ass. I asked my manager where it shoots. He confirmed it was out country.
Very well said. Let's go, let's go ahead with this. What do you do Dodge Marine Ecology, baby. do you know, they're, not a company that way, as you think, you would be penalised for making that decision. But in fact you are rewarded for it. Well You know it and adopt put it on and account for. Her ok now made sure that anything I made on that movie would go towards my beloved angel rye who work through the abdomen. Kinks he's come out the other side. I she can be more beautiful and upon tee. Where does on a camping trip together and I like ok, she got you're sarcasm, she's funding, love her. Yes, she was really crack me actually giving you a tonic to certain moments but all within the zone of it was funny enough as look get her yesterday and, as is thy grasp of well a second of parental happiness, but I started the well up just looking at her. Doesn't that happen with you like? I just
I didn't, think I'd ever be that soft, but I'm heads now, like I cry and commercials yeah They really do mouth all that I'm not gonna be good when they go to college. I seriously- will be that pathetic. I you know, I'm not gonna yeah, ok with being an empty nestor. It's gonna be deep, deep sorrow. Maybe we could start like a an emptiness, dad's color or just adopting children. Guy yeah, that's an option I ass, the eyes, what keep the assembly line going? Ah, but am she so fucking Q right from day one and she's really Jenkins she's holding the line, because my It's a really you right now, but I am very scared that it's gonna turn. I think you're stuck with a couple of real value. you think so yeah, don't they can get away from that, but weirdly I don't even know if I've told this to you, but you really instrumental in my own life, because a musket rights aboard you? You did a movie, my wife and you did a movie in or a bore, no couples retreat and
I was just there exercising in writing and stuff in Balin. I guess together for maybe a year at that point, you in Amanda and Balin, I kind of potted off in played a lot of scrabble yeah you're, this house, rabble player in the world, as I do not want to make any mistakes now you did it you didn't make whenever you want either but there is no be listeners. There's no beating your host in words with friends or scrabble. Is that how it is dear fantastic, oh dear! No, how high the house, I bet you're saying when you invite someone a player obligated to sandbag, and I had invited you and I should have said you. Ve got real real word skills so, but at any rate a certain point you, you pulled me sign your life. You, you ve, got a merry. This girl I told you that. Do you remember that I dont nobly, not I mean I don't know. I don't route that I said it look as our she's, a real catch that one she is a sarcasm prerequisite now give a good.
Add memory prevail, terrible, ok, but you can give me a page, a dialogue and turn it around in a few minutes that back yeah I did I have in my real I've, given you are paid to dialogue and You and I get a close, none usable MCA right out of a useful, take without Kristen. Relaxing me no memory for anything in life, but she condensing scale viable one. the other. I think you guys would may make a great couple in general. I think You mean Kristen, yes, I'd, say of all the peoples. She's ever worked with our friends with she's she's in love with you, and I say that in a positive way and I've thought yeah think they'd make a good couple. That's again, I am. I know why that is it. That is a huge compliment. I like nationalist gas if they want to fuck my wife at some point. Well, I think these are two different question. I am happy to say that later, but listen, I think the reason, the reason that I
Christian. I would do quite well in hand and something we'd love to talk to you about. She, like my wife, is a great friend I feel, like you, know a you break up with girlfriends, but you just need a break up with a buddy and that's what I thought about before. I married Amanda, nose like wool, and you guys had been friends four year- derive MIA China. invention. I rarely Do I think that works, but in your case it work. Do you prefer the arranged stuff? I like it up if I- if our ranking them it would go arranged and see. I be swipe. Laugh now gets like knocked up style of shot him to write NATO, a red shot and then maybe They keep some unquiet there's been a murder, not can't you can't testified answer as blackmail. Away down the list less gonna here these stories, I'll have female friends there. Like I don't. I just woke up one day and night, I'm in love with brain
we ve been friends for fifteen years and idle, and am I I don't trust that I feel right year. Options ran out right there it well there's deafening part that with Amanda, but I I knew when she and I started becoming friends that she was definitely not. Somebody I could mess with, like I gotta make sure I get things tightened up and get the whole sort of quote girlfriend stuff. Out of my? U no laws! and then, if I, if I can get it all together, to match her yet a winner basic well to become a guy that was worthy of she was she would be, it would be if it would be marrying a coequal and having the balls to do that. I think a lot. A lot of fellows will sort of take in a word, I hear some is not going to give me a lot of bullshit right now.
that's a mistake in you and I have chosen another path which this woman's gonna ride. My ass up and down the flagpole ya gotta, keep it all together. Otherwise, a mother gonna get run over or kicked out right, and we need that. We know we need a realistic threat. Dont want yeah, keep our shit together, well, I think otherwise, it's tough to respect anybody, male or female. You know it so it I put the burden on you to keep your keep your room clean yeah. Like knowing that she has a lot of options yeah like if I, if I've fuck up and I'm out of their like. Maybe a week's go by before she prior some better on the hawk right. She didn't need you that's right. That keeps me honest right, but yes, you guys, we're friends for ever and then, but then. This is what I really want Tugela, because you- and I are both Ex scumbags right. Well, I guess you're much better at it than I am. I think I think you other your list. Oh, you mean sexually speaking yeah
I'm not. I thought I was doing. Ok, ok and then, and then there's guys, like you you, just a world class swordsmen in Canada not me, like words, we're real ear, real guy you're, real these noble area free time on my I dont think anyone's ever called me. A stud now definitely no way. Yes, Bell, I'm telling you how things you're his heart is all real. A hundred percent. I'm lives like in Cairo. Oh he's, fine, now, on Europe, your mental about looking back on you get a first say: let's items incidents. I didn't get a guiding get a tattoo until a couple years ago, under my kids name, that's a brandy, dropper names on I know, but. Sex eyesight, let's also just admit, were both in the same category, presumably word there, because we have
as you know, have a mutual friend with the women do just want the sexual encounter. Anyone whose hooked up with me was expecting a couple hours, entertainment posts, coil like they. It was this sense of humour that gap law that led the charge. I think it can be a great tonic. Yes, but you and I are both friends are broadly Cooper and there is just a legion of women that would be totally satisfied if he seconds after the coitus, they heard the door slammed. They be like that's fine! I gotta monies working out exactly what I want, but what they want they will might have been surprised with. Is that the guy can make you left him? That's true is a great carries, a great guy. This news, if you're wondering what a national priority, rather than on the answer that I highly recommend you're like forty nine percent there. What are you gonna do with sexy man alive? Go for it Tippit over to fifty one business. Not you want not wasting your time. I guess what I'm I'm, I'm by bigger point on the scumbag areas that you really
you really liked a snort that white, for there is a period right where you like to get it. Why all of Europe anything like a view of listen when I was not busy in the nineties working had to fill my time. I even think, there's no reason really to get up early in the morning and get to work right so yeah I and that's an outer delight. You had an appetite right. I was good added. I enjoyed it. Yeah, It was a lot of fun in there was there was there were some? There were some funds I had accrued in the eightys, the high I had. I had that guy's lit I'll, take a trip here. You know. So there was one that brings us to leave. why why Elias Gayer lie of your gas, so late in life dated your Slater data Justine for a few years,
and he and I had a lot of fun. I think we have more fun together with definite more fun together after that, but we got to know each other while he was dating her just like any little brother. You know you can look up to cylinders ran. Certainly your sisters, boyfriend online he's a stud. What's the age gap, just you and I are three years and I think leaf might be in another year older than that may be. Ok, I think the solid form raids ahead of you had Eagle, yeah, yeah yeah,
So so he and I started, hang a little bit after they stop dating, and we just you know you could say we just got after it and life noses way around a Paris keys to so we went on a nice key trip. That's what I like that you took it on the road to go down the road of life. When I went ahead and ran out of forty foot bounder, we weren't out a motor arm for your guy. Well, in other, had the thirty five, but we figured out a couple of men means yeah. Will we want the queen's eyes bedroom in the back, and we through our mountain bike on the roof we had to you now You can handle on the inside as far as a fresh medicine
he had a couple, a case logic of boxes, cds handouts and we we went down to our. What would you say is that the true how much our drugs are travelling with like enough to go to prison? Do you think Are you hurt his domestic and you thought you ask you'll get things when you arrive at these different play. I think was more that a memory is not fantastic on this said largely via the ski trip, probably probably in the altitude obedient, your ailing brain cells is you're driving which allow old were you on this trip. Oh I wanna say early twenties, ah fuck perfection rider so that time ago, so you isolated. Did there oh yeah yeah And we went from a later mammoth mammoth to Tahoe.
Taught how to Sun Valley, Son Valley to Jackson, Hall Jackson hold two aspen aspen too no bird and then, and then from new tab back home. That is a whereas skiers, Paradise, etc. We did real well. That was a lot of fun couple weeks and did you over his eye, I would often plan these ski trips and then first night out in that little village, yet so bombed media that I was physically incapable of snowboard in the next day I just fly all the way to Fucking Colorado, never even make it on this I did that a european version of that I was gonna do like like a train, carnival raw loop or w right through Europe and started in Amsterdam. I figured we'd stock up. Their ride had a couple days doing some shopping, it was Queens Day is the is the birthday of the queen who's been dead three hundred four hundred years now
and it is about a three or four day festival. I think it's in April and the streets her as pact as Times Square on New Year's eve while but it's like four square miles of that kind of shoulder to shoulder thing for four days day, nine day night day night. and am, and so I I spent all my fun tickets, they're like forty eight hours and just told the fellows on both the home, as there They went on without me and I flew home. That's another unique thing I was hoping to bring up on this. This thing is your ability to pull the cord, its unique I've got some sharp scissors yeah no codependent see from you right you're. In a few words, think, because I was so co depend on when I was young like. I got married to a lot of things and I will not the least of which was what I what I thought I was
Surely that that was the big one. I was a very painful, serve correction in what were you? well. I just thought I was just the best thing ever like there's just the superiority, complex you'd. Just it had you been able to venture into my hair like boy, seventy, two and breezy all the wall high and then the reality of the storm started. Come it in right around the early ninetys and it was like ok well, I guess I have spent some time kind of rebuilding a more justified in some Stan, created, go arm which meant kind of starting over but you can answer the question because quite often also like had you givin me, I'm amazed when these actors succeed with success at that age, because if you would have given,
the things you had at your age, I would have done exactly what you did in probably even worse and who would have my ego there's no way I would a bit. I was popular and seventh and eighth grade. That's that was it. Those were my two big ear. and I was insufferable in those two years. Those are tough years. You were, you were that you were the guy people hate and seventh and eighth right cuz. It's like people that whether junior high well, and they make it hell for everyone else. Will. I got laid pianos getting late and junior high. I was, I was a good skate border. You know, maybe the asked among my friends. That was a big feather. My cap, that was working for me and then I switched schools. Ninth grade six, three hundred forty nine pounds big knows acme terrible hair cut in its basically your nineties, I went whoa hold on a second, no single grown the school likes me, but do you think I'm
white trash. While you little off balance, I was quite off balance for good, solid, two years Jack infused. How do we get back into that party right? Well, it's it's similar in the sense that you were riding and uneven ego that was on. That was based on things that would that word and no longer in your control there. They were guys. Oh my case, it was employment and oh in that that's done. You're, no good flow of money right and yours was see your your your looks or yours, you're seniority and junior junior high and all of a sudden, you're now freshmen in a new in a new group, yeah? Then you had to build up a self esteem month, stuff that you could control yeah being volume MIA somewhere else. I knew interior stuff. We really quick the url trip hot. How long have they been scheduled for you
made of four days? But how long were you supposed to be there a couple weeks, a couple we're in the bodies, the Dave Your did they were they dislike all that daddy isolating care. There were three or four others than they had a blast: anyways, yeah, very similarly, I met my buddies from Detroit in Europe. For a trip thousand college in Erin Weekly, my best friend, he was a part of this trip in they were, since they were flying from Detroit there. lay over in Amsterdam and that made me this right out the gates so was, I hope you don't go in to Amsterdam and we are also a meeting Venice ITALY. Will they went in Amsterdam on the way over? They did on some space, cakes and mushrooms and got drunk. All the same time- yes, I just all of it rather gains and on their lay all they were hungry enters they were hungry and thirsty, and it was it was a lay over and then they all got on the train to go back to the to the airport and die my body DE nudged Erin weeklies at this hour, stop another off completely fucked up
there was asleep, shut, they are and always will be in, looks aiming as is our spot. He jumped up and he grabbed his big backpack, and then he stepped out of the train, and then He turns around to see faring behind him indices. The door shut, errands, still sleep on a train of thought. None of that made its way deep countryside of HOLLAND, Aaron, windmills errand to be nudged awake via of a train attendant, and he said just windmills everywhere. He doesn't know where he was at the end of a train line in rural hull, in the coming down pretty fast, yet met brick wall skate over your how to get back to their. He wasn't paying any attention. Dean was in charge of the logistics scenario gotta bring himself up to speed uneven. What airport is on an idea, so he must have full day. We were in Venice without him for a full day before he made a back. Also, priests
cell phones there's no way to now. We just kept going to the airport every you know a few hours when the next flight from Amsterdam and finally, he rolled out of air came often weren't. You right that no self on how long he had no chance of getting hold of this guy. I'm calling my ex girlfriend who knows his current girlfriend thinking? Oh maybe they can help he's gonna Koran, Erika someone's gonna call American. I did but another Funny story that I love about yours is you you and Amanda went down down down to Kabul, one time right, embedded, Durham. Trip with their. We ve been down their couple times or you have none of the imagine the first time you guys went there and you were there about four hours Oh that was act. That's an ex girlfriend! already is the ILO that wasn't Amanda. This is the one where we went down there. I went down there with an ex girlfriend and- and the accommodation that were were less than man plastic. Well, here's the thing. I've got a theory about travel.
if you're going. We all worked very hard. Everybody anywhere. working hard to make their accommodations the. Where is your home right away from home? none other their home home as nice as comfortable like your nest. Stride its interest, its animal instinct right, the bird makes a nest is fluffy as possible. Right you bunch a twig, you gonna get em are there some other feathers and leaves of even better Riah? He get em you put em they're caught not of a pillow right now would that bird by choice go fly over an hang out in a in a thorny nest, something that's kind of it that you might fall through or distance a shitty or place right, yell right. So, unless you're going to go to a place, it significant a significant upgrade right from you. or home: aha travel. Why is why leave now?
the total inconvenience very dry Annabelle theory I like now. I understand the theory of well. There is some people like to travel to expose themselves to culture award to kind of profit and things. I I get it, I'm not that guy right I bet I make no, I'm not goin on pretend that I'm some do that lasted you know, get stolen money began in Cambodia in and see were alike. I mean I get it. I admire those people I wish I was that right, a truly do it's not you! It's may be being designed. It might be me in ten fifteen years, as I was different ten fifteen years ago at right now, I'm in a stage of thread count and you know I got stuff. I, like absolutely announced Oliver some soft, This was this was at the beginning of that stage. In now that you made the disclaimer, I'm not Tom, completely out to launch here yeah, it's good
yeah right, blogger. You recognize right, I'm your net! If too I mean I'm a candy, add an ongoing model of already driven by you know the three legged skinny dogs, all the way down there feeling bad about the money. I am spanning right, this I'd. Just the you know, it's too it's tough. like you just drive and by poverty on your way. Jes. It's very I just disconcerting. I just feel tear it like. I want to get out and say: will he it'll? I dont need to spend this on this hotel. You guys take. I get him so right, so we go into this hotel inexpensive place and we go in there and it just is just crap on, and I recall the smell really bump It is a long list of things were not too far or expectation. And I did not. I don't think I put my bag I think I kept my bag. In my hand, did a title.
Round the room, all the way to the bathroom lie. Looked in the shower came back out Here's a bell man, there there's a veil man there and he said anything else. I said no, well. You can just show up, show us where we just came from, and so he walked us back up to the front. We got back in the car back to the air listen directly on a flame back to the house changed a little bit in the bag with back to the airport and madmen same day. the to Hawaii I didn't even know you back home- I thought you just went straight to the airport. I feel like there was for some reason we hit back home for something
ok well or some just to get a new imagine at Monica. Did the gale believes there going on behind the Kabul in then he is their knees there for a total of three minutes in the room in hot, better that about you that I'd probably lost the fight with her about who should we go to Hawaii or Mexico and she probably whilst spacers askew, play Santa Carbo on and you now probably the website or whatever at the time. Probably a brochure look great and we can't smell like you, want to find a better place where you were It was dead this this, though their native exposed, my petulant young drivers lie as ever probably hissed, something from that back from the bathroom right. When I look back in all this
great some choice. Babying said it was an inordinately moisten right use. You smell the latter that mouldy who was in high season. I can assure you that we probably had some sort of a deal on a per the calendar. this device and say you lost a fortune, probably on them, and this is this was in the nineties. Jane and great decisions in your wife is told me thy she's in charge of the finances for good reason: yeah yeah, I'm good, with all that stuff you're. Not I I dont idle. My extent of banking is going to the ATM Reilly. Jim. You basically just tell Amanda look here's the things I want to do. I want have a nice car cause I drive back and forth the work Why, then you handle breathing housewives at you in and I wanna go the baseball game, write, another country or to things like. I have a couple of things that I like.
the deal? I don't I don't feel like. I'm extravagant you're, not ostentatious now. But yeah. I know, but she probably differ with you, but she know she says it isn't she always complains around. You know my birthday and holidays and I'm tough to buy gifts for because all I ever liked her big ticket items, but that's also to say that I don't like you, don't have to buy me anything I don't have. No, I don't need anything I, but when there is something that you know the car is is old or the mice I feel, like my seats are too far away from home plate. Did it may be that didn't five or so seasons I want to move forward share the hell is the area. Yes, I am a messing around with you know. People carcass stuff in out need new sunglasses every we now we now you have one watch since I've known you they are you have a new like you, don't have twenty watches It does remind me one time, though, you write a baseball, we're both at a baseball game, and, ah I general
the girl, I'm gonna huge baseball fan. I just coax I'd like to sit outside for a while and eat some hot dogs and talk with my friends, so I dont do the whole nine anything's, and I had gotten seeds from the agencies. Are they really nice arab fraught? And then I was blocking out night, my phone vibrates and I looked down in your like- could make the whole aim by a new are like whatever. If you rose behind, seen me get up and leave, and you are disgusted with that weren't you like to throw bombs when he can t ads. You don't give me a lot opportunity adversary. Now, the boy you pulled me aside, and you said you gonna marry this girl and how would you know where you on the fence at the time represent real ay. I didn't believe marriage period like I just didn't get it. I was like an honest man, I'm not religious. I go proved say to California I love someone. I really couldn't rat my head around the conceit of it. What about you parents who come from my divorce at what age we'll three you were.
I was four years old. Your idea of the whole sort of marriage just like chat, and then many divorces after that. You know three more diverse horses from your mom and your dad yeah, oh really here through during the current yeah three polemic sense so I just like I'm it doesnt really moving depart anytime. You want Burma, but but big thing, and I remember telling you this was that I felt like she and I couldn't have a relationship that didn't have. And this shows my lack of growth at that time, but I didn't think we could have a functioning relationship that didn't have a healthy threat of me, leaving like, I don't feel like she was ever willing to meet me half way anywhere. Unless she really thought I might be done got at. That was your that was sort of your your lead. Only to my laboratory up was that there was a
as soon as you say, we're locked, I can't go, won't go anywhere. She's now, gonna run roughshod only yes. Yes, how will I have any say over and by the way I don't think they were Chris, the ass? They were, like. You know that Well, maybe self improvement stuff for both of us to do, but I felt like it required in the beginning meeting- and I were very admittedly we ve talked about a million times- are two very stubborn him beings trying to make it work, and I just felt like without that threat, probably from either that and then what do you think changed, because you got married pretty shortly after that annuity Y got engaged and then everything change when we got engaged but pop part of it. I was swayed by that weirdly. That's what I'm here to tell you. I is by me saying. Yes, did I give you any reason behind that? Yes, you do It's me, you talked about a lot you about your life being married to a man of verse. Is your life not being a mere married to Amanda?
And I did, I had any point say: you're, never gonna do better than this girl Dax. Yes, I believe that it's over free, oh yes, yes, but I have crushed ass in the past, but pal yeah twenty anymore, but again, yes now, but I didn't I will say in my defence. I never really thought about doing better or worse. It was just like us. This proves my do. Are we happy together? Not I don't you know she might you go on. Some level would be like us, embarrassing we broke up, I'm quite certain. Everyone will think she dumped me as would seem logical, Those things earns do I'm sure, but all in all know I wasn't really thinking of it that way, but you you did a very persuasive argument in then ultimately was a leap of faith, because I still dinner want to do it, but I thought fuck man, I'm gonna, do This you was really eyes, but I wanted to be a father yeah. I won't have kids and then crazy enough from the I asked her to marry me until now completely different human being cheer. You she
yeah. What about you want? You change the timescales baton absolutely, but she for mapping. Like prior to that very jealous hated, my past, all those things and then from that aunt give a shitless It all just changed. She felt safe, finally, young and then all that stuff. In the background it matter anymore and then what about your sense of whether she you ve lost leverage and she could leave Annetta? I bet you became more secure too and just like now, actually that stuff, that America's were hooked and that's what I want yes in of course, you have to do even more importantly, insight or threatening to leave someone's, never great way to get them to change anyways. That's not the healthy way to do it right rugby. honest in vulnerable ones. They are. My needs, are being met. Rain have faith in this person. You linked yourself up too, has a desire to meet your knees. That's the kind of the leap a mere is like in that is it's amazing how that takes constant, nurturing and work right? All may not always the gravity is, is super.
Drug for things to not work in this world and, I repeat: yeah yeah, yeah, ah same with diet exercise your body, your until healthier, but for some reason we do all have this silly notion that you'll meet the right person and we'll just work yeah, that's it! about picking somebody who is ended this? I don't want to sound disrespectful to Amanda, but picking somebody who, through all through your best ways of educating your guess check off, all of the necessary boxes that feed the part of you Oh, you are most proud of right. That Martin, you know, is sort of evergreen and like this is a person who is my best self I I deserve were unworthy of and vice versa, and then, as you say, you just make that leap and you work on it every single day, yeah. because my heart is just live by yourself, I'm thinking
how much work. I know how much work you do and and and- and I do just to keep this, whether state in the seventies. You know or even eighties, in your own head and then you put in another person and that you know male female whatever it is. It's it's it's it's a real tough. Combination and it takes a lot, a diligent work, and you know I admire anybody, the sticks at it and then you have kids to the max you and others a couple other folks that need your best self all the time. But it is, I think, I've its I guess it's. The heartbreak of the human condition is that you're not gonna. Do that perfect, set of bench press and then just is built. you're good, to go right or the one anything. The one good therapy session, our right fix it just it's a daily reprieve with work right, be
that's a bummer well but its, but if you can figure out a way to get a high off of just the effort itself in all that, you just feel good about the fat. Well, I did go to the gym today and I did do that bench. Press I'm not, interested in results. I am proud of myself are going through the process. If you tat can become the fuel for happiness, and can I give you that surplus of patients in compromise that that you need to kind of get through an effect? If today, you know in relationships work and whenever then then I think you're onto something that that's a part that I kind of had to develop one. When I was kind of you, someone broke in her. Wheels were wobbling in on them in the 90s trying to transition into something. Livermore saw it kind of had to try to find the the the fuel in Well at least I'm just I'm making the proper efforts yeah enough, I can get. If I could get off on that, then
That was something I can maintain and what the one point where you're like ok, I'm putting a lot of effort into this. I have a new opportunity, a second chance at what point did you go like you know what I dont think drinking can part of this was it was motivated by bad your parts and all it was part of the whole process for short term in there was some sort of all happened love to go back actually and I don't think I'd be able to see it on a calendar. I, like literally being a time machine, but what the what the sequencing was between When the drinking stopped, when Amanda came into my life and when arrested development started to sort of take off or Ino did just even just getting that chocolate, the very act from the very beginning of it before it, the public. So what was what was a chicken? What was yegg? You know, so it's it's It's not amazing that off three things were sort of around
the same time, but I wonder if one led to one led to the other rights, but they did all land at a time when I knew that I am basically caught up. I had spent the ninety sort of catching up with the sort of I'll do it. I didn't really have in the eighties and all that sort of garbage yeah and I thirty thirty one, thirty, two and being the guy who is loaded at a bar war or driving when he shouldn't or whatever like that is acute you in your early thirties and its. I am to have a wife rear, like what we're time earlier. Stop me, like a six or seven your senior and have the balls to become a freshman, the next stage of education, yeah, and so I had to sort of self graduated to force that that move their Anne Frank, Lee having a man in my life and certainly arrested. element really helped out because,
if I didn't have a job I d get up four in the morning. If I didn't have a personal really respected to to the sea, the efforts that I was making eye our stance on my friends that took a lot law you're, not gonna, pull out, they didn't have a job they needed it like. Why not stay out all night. They could sleep all day. Yeah no reason does tonnage, set the alarm clock yeah, so those those were definitely helpful. drinking for me- was never to kind of fill a whole or two to to sort of smooth any and it was about. It was more hedonism. It was just about having fun, it was like you know what I mean mood I mean I have to go out tonight. I mean I'm a man about an eight right now just happy, but why it go out with my bodies and we can go up to eleven or twelve right like. Why not do that night? I d, you know these are our years, let's go, but you were, you would be at any. You would be at an eight sober
and they are here. I was always pretty happy and I will I was gonna beat up a bit about work that was, that was frustrating. Why it yet a Monday. None were you pessimistic by nature, then indeed drinking make you optimistic. I was dealt well deafening, confident when I was drinking for sure, and would it would help the thoughts about the prospects and what not you know, but I was doing a lot of grinding on thinking about my career stuff at at no we're goin on havin fun. I was right just havin fun, but then of course you know that day would come around or the Monday or whatever it was time to re script or go on an addition or something in their work. then it was frustrating to me that I couldn't find the same level of confidence sober bring the day going too. In addition that I have at last Saturday, we're out of clubs yeah like that that that that felt, not beneath me but I was frustrated that I couldn't. I couldn't call
on that same level of assuredness. Are all these thoughts and feelings that I had on Saturday? Why can I just pull them up as I'm driving to this as it Attard you're probably excited to go to that one. Am I don't wanna yeah? I got a problem and then D, all this sort of anxiety and self doubt would come because I cared and I finding ways to kind of negate the the legitimate coffin. I could and should have yet, but I was kind of imploding that for some sort of self destructive instinct, I dunno what that was, be exacerbated by the fact that I was being of drinking doing drugs. You alright alright paranoia and share all that's Dalzell. Your waken up in the morning in you're, probably not thrilled all the time with We are when you write in your narrative cell feeling: well yeah, maybe yeah, but
now and then hypocritically it was it was. It was a job that ended up sort of giving me that that big fat, dough, swell evidence and- and thankfully, when I was up, I then try. The two will place that with something that was more long, lasting and substantial here. Yet because I am, I think I didn't I definitely at a genetic predisposition for it, and then I also had traumas kids, then that helps but also yeah. I was out here for ten years trying to get a job and couldn't get one in just was I This is never gonna happen and I definitely needed rose leaf and then, as I was working yes, it was easier to live sober. I could let you know so in that way, Yes, yes, you were getting cited as well. Here you are getting an up during the day yeah. You could then enjoy kind of landing. The plain at night, whereas if
I'm just sit and on the tarmac all day like. Let's fly this thing at some point today, and so let's make that at a bar yeah. You know I get that. I understand that it's a tough thing for people to be ok. with you out and not not fly on that plane, J, yeah, yeah and injustice, I think that's what they mean when they say keep your day. Job mean truly its eyes. You know you you'd like everybody needs and environment to excel in. Even if we product happen gas I mean there is that there is a group of employees that you have a family with that there's a there's that there's a power dynamic, humor, dynamic, a sexual attraction, dynamic, there's, there's a whole. It's like school yeah now and when we leave school now we're on our own there's no sort of pack that I am sort of I might leader of rum second or third wow. All these things won't even know were aware of growing up that we need to find replacements for ass. We get older,
not having an environment. You know like people just for work, if not passion about yet a purpose is our full. It might not be the sole purpose your after, but zero purpose certainly is not not ideal. More zero environment, yeah just sitting at home, watch and judge Floaty owned, rang looking at your sides, so. I've been really, as I said, really blown away the way I just I think are not needed nearly the same thing and we we we got to go before. I even say that I will say I have. I have the unique perspective as I own. I met you one time before you were sober. Why was at one time it like a fourth of July Party on the beach? Often you walked in others, cheese, Jason, Bateman, DEC then, you just gonna like circling the kitchen, a little impatiently, and then he went upstairs for about twenty five minutes and you came back. Robot nine minutes statement kitchen. They went back upstairs purposelike.
It is a kind of a dark or around you you they there was Bobby someone go on. I think there is some upstairs that I was an apartment, Yeah they're dead. Imagine there is like a painting up there. You love, like you, just couldn't keep your eyes off some painting, and this is something I will put it genuine Zoe bridge up there either. So it's like you're gettin a cocktail up that twenty five minutes session that their her I order. You are out there for a while. Yet- and I was I was all over it of course, because I was like two months sober at the time, so my fucking, my radar sharp as hell. Also there wasn't a tap tap, hey man woody. Go in there, no no, no, I was out of albinos. All I was thinking about us is happen up those stairs and CMOS, and this is that when you were you clock and me was looking kind of the jetty yeah yeah you're gonna ask an essay. I looked out to look back This is,
fishermen, oases and other fishermen? Suddenly I felt like I knew exactly what kind of like I could be wrong man, but I meant you that, but then the other thing so you're we're weirdly influential me like proposing the bell and then again and weirdly inspirational in you- and I did this- is where I leave you with. So we did that together and your fuckin killer in that you are great thoroughly much I had the most exposed have ever been in a movie or if you recall, but I had a lovemaking scene, oh yeah. I was, and it was determined by the director, not my choice that I would be on top. You remember that where's. He loves you walk in yeah. I basically I bring the camera to your bonds. That is right. You brought the camera months, but they were shooting low angle on the ground. I am on top and by the way if memory serves it, was a hundred and seventy five degrees in that apartment, yeah, but the
camera, was positioned in a way now. I can tell you, I would show anyone any part of my body a million times before I'd. Let you just glance at my age. As the last thing. I want you out of it. I am not proud of it You got a bad one. I have a terrible anus wrong with it. Well, I've noticed that it's yours, Tasted allow you know it s in autumn, Sanderson, redness, sure, It's just you not use disposable, wipes idea. Why name and have the toilets heap at sprays? Fresh water, at my in us as opposed to recycled, wasn't, if we are using gray. Water is at european level of a closed loop system on the toilet, easy love, no carbon footprint and then there's so happy yes, so I was on top and legs were a little bits played out in the camels. So fucking, low and I'll just like that. They have to be seen my anus on the Manders right.
They are pretty good Clint gone well now to what happened after takes one in two. Is that our direct came in and moved a piece of awe of sheep a piece of sheet directly in front of my anus, which can only mean to me that in fact they worth us that there is some. Where there is you sweat, even more is somewhere in some stockpile Warner brothers. Yeah anyway. That was really I felt very vulnerable with my potentially my anus expose like that. but but you didn't let it cost the moment, because there was like a real moment there, where I think you're, you're goin away. Your dear, have an added with my wife. That's right, and you know now, I'm in a room. Men then- and I say somethin like happy birthday for some- think pathetic! Yes, and and then the moment is you, who guys realizing I'm there and you got a jump off her yeah and indeed you
add the liner did? I am the line where I said this. This is the first time I got. Promises is the first time if you look back there I don't remember whose that's a great liner. I said that lines that, within this group- but I said, are on our side very I didn't want alive, but I do remember that moment being you know like the good good timing in timing that hadn't been screwed up by an actual being exerted about in his anus damage. yeah but anyways I watched you, I got to see you do a lot apparently non there. I think what we are and Bora Rennie was too young, he's gonna like a baby mode of eleven years and years old man that was ten ten years ago,
Oh! Yes, we only you're old yeah coming up and use allure Navy, and you Norman in another pantings, does not apparent in going on weirdly. But on that movie, this is where I leave you I I'll, just what a great parent you are sincerely. I was like I love how you talk to your daughter, maple, didn't really me much talking to yet uses a blob still there. yeah. She doesn't she's gonna handle the I start Tycho. She has put a finger up and clauses her eyes yet, but you you have like then I don't know how its of all those who want to do much parenting sense, but you add a very call mean you're boundaries. There did you have a programme for your kids, which we we know a lot of folks? Were there doesn't to be a programme, I am assuming that the nannies also be providing inner something when you are in charge. And there were rules and there was a way to move through life, but the way, you were
reminding her of that was so even tempered and com because Ivan found early on and parenting you're almost resent, let them that their forcing you to be the dick, You know, like you just one of a good time with them in Europe to become and all at LA thing, of almost said that exact line to real I may have even said Dick at some point harsher out. I mean I'm not perfect, but I do resent when they know better. I'm sure you deal with this with your kids are five like yeah, like guys, weren't you're, not three in one anymore. You know like you get it cuz, I I know cuz covered this not just once but a few times and active, you're, being lazy with Europe. Tell agents more. Your discipline is forcing me to now
a bad guy and not have fun with you, and I like having fun with you and you ve, taken away my fun by being lazy, lots of that sort of like insane type of conversation and logic. I would disagree with you Bixby of Fuckin ridiculous, hit. The tribe thing they're gonna, to sit there another I go she really make sense. I feel I feel bad now how selfish of us, so all I make the mistake of talking to my kid sometimes too, like I would talk to you run like Dax. Here's here's what I'm feeling about what just happened. Yes, you know when you do that as I see it all right. They worked, they just It's gonna be more effective if he just take away the Ipad for twenty minutes, yes, and also like they're, just supposed to be assholes and get in trouble of african child. At none of my memories, I don't have a single memory of a day. I was behaving right, my my all the whole book, a memories is times I was busted, but you know
I do remember. A lot is getting encouragement affirmation, acknowledgement for behaving well the times they did behave well, aha, so I've. I try to remember that with with the kids like when they do something good, I make sure they get a little bit it in almost halls junk food. For that, because For me, I mean, I think you know there were actors I worked with when I was a kid at were not well behaved and the opposite attend, Can I got by being well behave, provocateurs afraid my dad was gonna yell at me for doing the same garbage yeah basic. I became somewhat addicted to like. Oh, they think I'm a good kid. And- and so I did more of that, more probably against what my instinct was, which was to be a jerk yeah but I did it enough where it actually, I actually morphed into probably a nicer kid earlier than I otherwise would have been YAP so well, like.
then the motivations probably wrong. It's people pleasing reject NEA. Yet it also proves that thing would like your actions, can change you so if it is their behaving away, you can slowly living in the edges up to your actions. I do believe that yeah there's no way we tell the addressing story right, that's his tomb! Oh yeah, I would write Gregg lessons in masturbation will be on another episode. You they're probably deserves its own holpen. human aside, the launch one that should be your first I do have reminds me, though I do have a friend who masturbates missionary style, no, he like homes his hand yield just put it on the bed at their and his hand and he's also affront wiper. If I ever met one of those I am too you'll be disappointed. Truly, yes, and in what I want to talk about it. Yet let's argue about it, so you
your worldview, you like a dumb, yes and then you when you're done. You go back to front with those round upon. well sure man you got, are you eunuch, but no man? What do you do with our guard? This is what I want to push back against. you're telling me you don't have the physical dexterity to wipe your asshole and not touch your balls afterwards. What will your hand paralyze easier for me to go around where the balls aren't? I would argue it is not at all, because you gotta now lift yourself off you either get it do stand up now So you have one side, your leaning over right to get your I offer you can offer a sine qua non no you're, leaning on the toilet sea, which is already lower preposterous to me, my dear leaned over half way, and then you ve got your hand behind So your shoulder, rotate or cuff potential does that hurt. You write a rotating cuff issue.
Like yours? I guess ok, so anyways it very awkward position for your show and you'd, leaning on your side on the toilets, you're, putting a ton of pressure on one side of the sea I guarantee by one in your house today, your seat, I broke it got loose. Yes, it is right or you're ruining hardware, whereas already oil, as all communist, see a basically a back rest them. Do you use the lid as a back rest o likely masher? No, you kind of got too. When you go, I underlined the fact that will do nothing for the listener, but this exactly how I do it spread a little bit sure take my boy, you, you have to get their hands Lavoisier. I've got a second hand. It's not like a my hands. is he doing something so am I, my penis surmise, grow them and ages lifted out of the way, and then I white like this and I stay seated comfortably and again I'm picking up the toilet paper right after the clear of the anus, I'm not dragging it, up five inches through my parent him and then on to my testicles
I would argue that that the drag is part of the cleaning. Why are you happier with having some shit smeared up the top your buck crack verses, your parents? Well, what I'm doing as I'm as I'm dragging I'm also rolling the paper into constantly clean piece of paper, yeah, there's a role and dried and have to be done, your parent, you absolutely can you just putting in another step of clearing out the garbage. here's what I would argue we have stupidly, mapped out. a very smart wiping strategy for women. Onto man when he went they don't want to drag any excrement into their vagina. They're gonna have a terrible in fact sure, but you aid, no risk of ice, acting your parenting em, so they need happy. I your balls were as you and I were up against the back about see that actually Don't do that. I don't do that because
I've lived with a few deeds, and I and all out, like the the, what would you call sort of like the M there? that some sweaty deeds will leave on the back of a toilet with their sweaty ash sheikh there, too far back on the ring and they leave and an M print. on the back and are buttocks yeah. So I, mindful of that I read the front of the sea, I'm not reading a book, I'm not using the back rests like you are, for I mean there forever sure Iceman forty minutes in there in the morning the fact that only piles raising. Do you lose a circulation your leg, sometimes absolutely here, and I just hang out. Then sometimes I get a second wave which I love. I think I think I hung in there for that. Long really. Twins, you didn't even know you didn't know. There is right, but we're talking about this. I am remember. I'm I'm now reminded them that you're very fastidious is that the word shits tight back there. If that's it
mean which you would be happy to exposure anus unfound, it's it's always camera ready heads powder dry, mad! You remember you my remit of it now you're, not a germ of a banal, but I am. I am aware that there could be something. you gave me on that person yet item. out either shake hands with or just there's you'll like it, the guy who, with two things and I will not name any names one is we had a friend who had some dandler, they had some dandruff on their show and you are very aware of it. It was for you to not be aware of it going I'll all avoid a hug with that fella right right, so you are you're pretty hyper focused on the on the day under I was able to just go like yeah you're. Definitely right there are. There is some dandruff on the shoulders, but it wouldn't it Tom consume me ray other things. Do will? Will you walk around in a hotel room without choose your socks on? Yes, absolutely! That's disgusting,
but I'm not going to lick my fee or put my feet in my but is that there's nothing? My aggregate pillar is gonna. Go in to your bed at them. Returned the ended, the bare ok, but You move around a bit in your bed right a mean, never so much that that bacteria could make their way six feet. North. Put it there, though, that you could so easily and keep your bed pristine. and probably then have a bit more of a cozier restful, I d or like just like just like review, though you're about to eat food. Ok right finger, food, let's say yeah for me: it's going. Tastes better, if I know that I'm eating those french rise or that apple or something with a clean pair of hands. Yes- the envisaged where we differ now, I don't even think about it, right, media and somehow made
this far but the other telling me, I don't think I'm going to get an injured. I don't think I'm going to get a cold. I just feel like I'm I'm eliminating anything that could distract from my employment, the taste by get a For that dude Cologne hand, I just shook, is at a height of an out. Ah I'm win or lose it. Ok right right! Yes, that's that's fair! I dont have done that level within the I think that happen with you and united. We airplane poker friends house and you had discovered there was a shit streak in the toilet. and you had a. They were there is. I think you dog Thirty minutes after the discovery him- and there was some talk of while the housekeeper coming tomorrow, and that was your like. What are you? What are you a fucking Panama wait for someone you gotta get up here. We have an obligation to wait to see what kind of damage you ve done and then hang
and may be put more toilet paper and do another flush. Hopefully it it'll catch and drag right right. Yes, look. I was on your side of that argument. I thought you clean up after yourself. You'll leave the come out the way you found it right, yeah! Really! I stranded, though, for the rest of the evening when I p away from the house standing up? Ok, and and I will do a courtesy, wipe all round the toilet ridge me too for any sort of this bladder raw. Now Blow back oftentimes, that's not just mine, but is from the second third fourth use before me as well on almost guarantee not so that goes counter to somebody would be like no way am I getting in rearing those germs that'll I know I'm a basket case. I don't know where it all where it starts. Work
darts where it ends. But what's interesting as I use a similar technique, which is I wiped the seat after I peed in it, and then I think why don't I dislike the seed up? Why we lifted up, I don't want it has the underside of the sea has met your shoes for even in like I'll catch the edge with the shoe and even enough friends home, oh yeah, oh So when you ve been at my house right you why I appreciate remembering a lot of peculiarities about you that some people have those those toilet seats with the look like the old Amy Gold handle on the side of your recent rosy ass, which I appreciate, but their far too uncommon bs, but that you use your shoe for that yeah I just that little gold handle you talking about. Kicking the toilet seat in people's houses brought me back to the new year's Eve we spent together we're at about one thousand, one hundred and fifteen. You said, let's get the fuck
It was our. I was celebrating Uganda Denver New Year's eve. You came over and I think I would really I would say most of it was that you just eight too many swedes is that where was I probably over over served in the candy awe and then at eleven fifty years, like no fuckin way we're making it to them? All drop were while so you know that girl, if there's one thing, the booze will do it'll add another hour to on your night in our and a great way yen and so on, usually two hours short of anybody else's kind of exit time. Yet even on New year's Eve yard, I couldn't care less yeah. That's right now we're onto what you'd wrecking really I've. I've always been truly. I wish I'd reload though you're gonna go now.
A truly I've been them. I've been, I I couldn't really. I can emulate what you dig. It was too late for me. I went it signed up to be the leader for movies, nail tanks or it's not like. I could have emulated you, but I see I studied you and I we talked about how and pressed I was by your decision making ability in checking your ego and in plain it smartly and then also you started directing, I think, with some sense of longevity is well both because you want to do it, you're, the youngest director ever to be in the dj, is a true. That's a record. You Eddie at that time. I don't know if it's so their yeah yeah was an episode of the of the human family. When I was eighteen years, and when you did that at eighteen do did you have a vision, or a repainting by the numbers, it just something egos you want to do or do you have a notion of what
that time I wasn't. I wasn't positive That's what I wanted to do later. I wanted to then become. Ah you know like Jimmy Burrows in and be like Multi cam director that yet was a billion area. He's incredible! but then you know acting kept kind of game, you know we're getting in the way and I'd get like a pilot. I knew you know so I you know I don't keep doing this at an end, but but as I got As I got as I got older and more, courageous right to channel. Myself to do but it is, I think I can do I hope. I can do. I hope I've absorbed. Let's see if I can push myself to like me, absolute limits of what I could take on right, which I did. I did not have the courage to do that any earlier.
Then I started to say to colleagues May in the end. We also need a certain amount of capital in the bank right right to get something basically finance. but welcome our capital in the in the industry to have put your hand up and sad like to direct a film later on for a long time will say that. That's that's great kid, but in I will let you know what you were out of people that unite. We actually want to direct the media so so that that started happening for me. You know just after arrested development when there were opportunities coming in, and I put my hand up and we we found us script term for bad words, spelling bee movie and took a little while to get the financing for that and and and Did that an you? Did you love it immediately? Yeah yeah yeah. and down you ever you, you you're, very well,
do you have a great knowledge of GPS. You see a lot of movies, you know what you want. You have an aesthetic. I could say this about your house. Your house is very beautiful and decorated. Well, like one that's Amanda, ok, but I'm ok well. Shit. We always good taste in cars. You dress generally well, like you have an aesthetic. You have a cool watch, you you're not, guy. Without an aesthetic, there are a lot of guys with them still alive you like. At the same time to you my mind, was full of people. now I'll bet. There's that that that's that's taste, you know, you know what you write. You know and I see you're films in the main eat you there. There are things that whether your generating them or not, you can get in the way of. If you had bad taste, I know you're you're your creating and or approving stuff. That is good. Now. What did you learn? Because if I was just objective Lee watching this thing, I saw bad words, which I thought you did a great job on
Then I saw I haven't seen family thing, but I saw Ozark. And I'll give you like the ultimate compliment. I can give someone as an egomaniac. It made me mad Montana. May me question whether I deserved adduced That is, as I very nice of you, I don't know, I gotta get em alert, yeah yeah, I'm I'll fuck. I think I'm guessing logos perfect and acting on Why were you know as well as I do that there's you can play and for a lot of really good things, but probably half of the thing. that you saw that you really like that, may have gotten you mad you not like allow? That's it just happens. and and- and you don't know whether she I wonder if he planned that, or was that just now kid darling made it to its mark, the I believe you know so well in general, I don't think there's any directing book or acting book or book about the film industry that accurately accounts for
The amount of luck has involved in every aspect of it means a good forty. So why, including including perception- which I think is a big one right through the way something is marketed, the you're getting back to two two perception and and baggage that your name carries at the project itself might might have in the it like. You know the because partner but our takes so much benefit of the doubt. You know me if you don't That band is cool, it don't matter What songs are going to play going down? That crap yeah, you know, there's a lot of stuff that there's very few things again. Sorry in the art world that are undeniably fantastic. You know like there's just There is not one song that a hundred percent of the people would but tat their total, maybe Michael Jackson, but yeah yeah, but
but then, like you get some do the psyche to poppy poppy me like I'm, not gonna get. Everybody knows so allow out of, as you know, directing and certainly editing, is cutting out the crap it doesnt work right As our friend John Fabric said, as equally recorded, dumb, Howard Hawks of a great, a good film is like five or six great scenes and no bad once said like that, and that, ultimately, is what I'm sort of a. But I have my mind on is just me: sure nothing socks. Ah, so this angle on you this angle on me, the dialogue were saying all this stuff just make sure none of it is terrible right
and you're gonna back into those moments of the dolly hitting its mark, just ride in the said like Asher, so every once in a while things are going to spike. But if your rest face space place is, is is not sucking and nothing is bad. Then everything that's gonna be different, is gonna, be above is gonna, be great, Sophie always dealing with level or good? Then that's Doing a lot of good things. Great, I mean it is very hard to make something that has no bad moments in it. That I'm trying to make onset and then in the editing Roman, if it means chopping out an entire scene or actor or anything that that that's it's gonna have you're gone yeah, but but you did Ozark, so fucking good. Oh, my god is it good. I mean, I know it's so fantastic because desirable elections without ever gotten away from Emmy Orilla Turco internally
Are you gonna nominated a new idea that was a very fun surprising mourning for sure was at oh yeah, yeah, the the girls were abandoned on the door, wanted to go to camp and- Daddy was in a narcissism on his an on his laptop sure, ass in the life of the sea. If there is any chance are gonna call my name and and they and they did, and I shut the laptop and tried to do a poker face just put the girls in the car and LA let's go right, that's yeah make it You re and there now and what are your old man gotta, Anybody and I know what it is, but even I made for acting and the indirect Andrew I didn't know- and you know, but the directing till after a drop, the kids off and got back in the car and called the purple system. And now she told me about the directive on and I got a little emotional Cassandra
yeah, that's a much bigger highrise debt mean that was the original draft for me was did was to direct all episodes of the first season yeah. I couldn't end up creating enough. They have enough time to prepare. Also, I couldn't do that, but it was it was these scripts were like. Oh, I want to direct something is gonna moody and dangerous. yeah. I like it, cannot create some kind of environment like that is pretty big swing: yeah in any now that yeah the the sense of accomplishment you get right. We need it maids something you got on my guard from beginning to end that for a right of veto for better worse, that was my project. Is it isn't there like a great sense of accomplishment? From that I mean you know,
It makes me uncomfortable to say yes, but I would have to you now. If, I'm being honest, there is fruitful for the reasons we were just saying like there is so much thought that you can put into that job, and so much collaboration that you can have with all these different departments and these incredibly experienced p. Oh that's the letter on about leaders and their due in seven movies, a year while you're doing one every two or three of your working all the time as a director yeah right these eyes and women are doing it. All year long and to have in the comments Hence at least took two to turn to them and say: hey can, can you can you help me make this evil at our. What's your version of what I just you know, but modern they're out of my mouth.
and to have all that stuff coalesce into something that can you know again shape one experience for an audience like it's a really complicated. Cooking process, there's so many different things that you go to the market to buy, and then you got to chop them just right. You got to cook them all just right now and you got a percentage just right and and the the name on the restaurants got to be just right to the expectations are in line with what you're actually putting on the table. I mean things and if it works for somebody and then for a lot of people and then even for for people whose job it is to find holes in it. If it works for all those folks, it is of its the big relief now so when you do in your answer for fourteen hours a day new literally, are working all fourteen you, you get a much bigger little bump from it. I I do at least a year and our writing I'm
he's been way more proud of finishing a script and any other thing I like she does it's worse. Writing I think is, is with perhaps even more difficult in trying to fill a blank page in upset story, Millbrook, soothed and Bancroft in Melbourne come from shooting one day and then Bankrupt is on the on the couch and she's. Just like we're exhausted. Nice is always a tough day at work, honey. She was off male acting so hard and he holds up a blank piece of paper. Money goes to his writings, hard. You know it's really true, like the amount of options that are available to you as a writer are literally endless and have to drive to reduce those down into the best version. Of what idea you have take so much discipline and work. You do that. Well, on the young press junk for the judge, robber Downy had the best saying I've ever heard was one he got from his dad. He would regularly get ass like what did your dad teacher He sat down or maybe the most valuable thing. My dad ever taught me having been in this business. Was everybody can act? Some people can direct and nobody can write
like a pretty much sums up. When I read Europe'S- and I am saying I'm one of the people I can write, but just that that is a pretty yet some the whole industry to three sentences. That's pretty good warm super, four season to. Thank you. I guess I'm not in it is my son. Is, it seems like a well we already soon. Well, no, you don't remember didn, did you, your army me one zero using again by Morocco That's where we all my gun at our guy on earth. Jason Bateman. I love you so much really grateful that you came down and talk to me watch the new episode Ozarks like it's right around the corner right, one August, thirty, first August. Thirty first, however, could by your idiosyncrasies. So you probably not a fan of shoes on the couch. MA am great question
oh, but it depends on what harder the couch, if my, if it live, it's a part of the couch where I could possibly where my head could end up. Like where you're sitting right now on the couch. If the she was up there On the arm yeah, I would don't come you wouldn't like that. Has theirs a chance that I could be given all cosy. Over to watch tv on my side and my nose could get right next to resolute residue of dog shit and it would just destroy my month, can you can use no other job, your head with the worst thing for you to be on that armrests is: do you have a number one number one. Would it be dog shit? I'm inhuman ship obviously be much worse right. Meantime canine Vigo would be preferred, want it, no, I dont like his arm, while captain
in other words, whether the new for right here right has turned this waste now? What am I? I can't work, the guy had cats and repeat on the previous. Why dont one of my top top smells! It really turned me, is stuff it's been left in the dry, hard earned the wash halls only here that mill doing like haughty gear of those, the quabos smell in the hotel jam It was this now young. You know some sort under active growing something more fungi hockey, I'd never be ever be able to play hockey when those guys get into those crumbs and live a life. Eight or ten of only get all hug ie and they're all sweaty, and then in the cops were there the rest, the arms they come in and they are the cops there's like twenty seconds air where there are still locked of so called John each other in the gloves Europe, each other spaces, they're kind of smile, any kind of shitty. I just the game in there that hot huddle
lot of soils where work is at the knocked out teeth that scares you it's getting a big with the gullies glove yeah, I just I don't. I would I'd go ahead and put myself on the bench figures about had Facon injured, I love you watch ozarks, I certainly will be the second it comes out. Isn't even thank you, love him now. My favorite part of the show a fact check with my soul, mate Monica mad men go you max no checking, know your bags
I really want writers on the storm work with some either our products with a fact I can just not mapping, I'm conveniently for me. Ok, that's our here I'll be winners. Now they can always prefer. This was a winner thou there all winners. Actually, they can all be winners, they can all be winners, and none of them are losers. About that that's a glass quarter for Korea. I wish your glass was. I'm sending you mixed signals because I'm as about to tell you that I wish your glass would be
all the way for all that it be top all the time if over. But I also would you like lies not distract so also use a great pleasure and watch me lose a game. Scrabble then Jonah radiation now! Well, he as it is, is weird that my body was rooted against me. I understand why I understand why Molly or friend Molly one I'm actually happy she wants to. She deserves the wind she's, a much better person, the main lovely girl, voting on woman. I want you, gonna walk waving in a child, be means gravel does either fully functioning woman, adult and you too, for an smart, very beautiful, very beautiful. My buddy ex wife can't tell Eric your wife so hot she is. She is incredibly stunning piano built,
a brick shit house to that still accomplishment. Now I don't. I don't know what that means, and I don't like any of the words a good. Then I strike that I strike oconnor till one could think as it you kind of came up lemme we we're just asked and as we are ragging about in the intro and I one time do we now the Waterloo Bay River. Fifteen years ago there in austin- and I was on the banks of the river with my then girlfriend bring an ado- came up to her and he was in the middle of light and cigarette need just looked at her up and down and goes and anger You got all right shit discover movement. He wasn't it manner and she loved it. I thought it was great I mean normally about would trigger me like what you move in, and I, my god, my God, but I had to respect the compliment, is
It was is of his answer. Accomplish it was pure complement and on the surface very offensive, but really I would love to be told I had all the right shit. I don't think it's a pencil. I wouldn't have founded offensive. Ok, you know what I would have found offensive. Someone Walkman said earlier. built like a brick shit house, be like you rise. Even Roma, remembered what I said. A very good memory. Remember brag, numbering line of hair of a I never was led me into these traps. The pond, and perhaps I build ready to fall into a million laugh Sterical with honour, go back to scramble a pang, ok cause, because now I see like a terrible heard, no arriving big. Yet I feel like line. I felt like one after that, because Europe's at with me was a little her and I don't like her. You feelings, Miasmas feels it makes
I expect you to be excited when I lose again, but just maybe not vocally but see. That's the that to me. That's the opposite! If I was like internally like so be. It lost. That's dismal US burial lad. If I'm just if I'm just like rooting, ANA Gal POW, the of its people a brick shit. I don't say that, but if I'm just rooting her arm because look no one can be you at this as was said in this episode, Wild shambled uprising camel payments at it. Bateman did say but camel did destroy me. When my own birthday party then forget. my coffee maker, there was a real one, two three, but generally speaking here, you're incredibly good at that game and you're the one to be
always I was also assisting during that game. If you recall, I was trying to point out to people my strategy. What did you do not approach that game is a word game, your approach, it is a man Ah there, but Molly was being generous. It's not like. I was being smog about now you were you, weren't beings might have on. She won and she's experience. She said: she's been playing her whole life here and I just start the game six months ago now,
now you did it, but when she did where I feel I am on the last move, it was very dramatic issue, one by like a pointer tail, and it was because they play where you subtract your tiles for a mere total. I play that way to advise high play that you subtract him. I don't think I ever played that you add everyone's up, so he's subtracted. Look I'm trying to minimize her victory was well. It was hard fought. It was because I came out of the goddamn gates with the seven ladder bingo, which is hard to recover from so all the more credit to her house that is built of bricks. She did it were able I don't understand what could possibly be what it will, because I think that first of all, she had house, I think, is an out house. Okay. So, back in the day before people at indoor plumbing my grandparents and now house and lonely Michigan. made generally of wood is just like flimsy made. People can pick it up and move it behind the whole, which is what my grandpa would do with his brother to their third world.
In the present falls in a pit of shit on their way in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. So a brick shit house is very well constructed. It goes it Harkin's back to the three little pigs, it's that its hand well built. I see. In what I'm saying is my Molly as well built yeah like a brick shit house, your breath. Shit house, we lack blackmail but come our way. I think Molly listened to this ends.
If she's, anything like me showed social so blow right by the words used in just focusing on where we can assume that she's anything like you, we can't, but we can in this case this also came a boyfriend taxes which is- and I think I differ- I differ from some of you in the group we are talking about. Is that you could say anything about me and if you end it with an, I loved the fact that I am good if you're like a deck shepherd such a blow, hard loved, a fuck that guy I'm in or that Dax Water, Disgusting knows loved a fuck him. I got all that discussing noses turner and iron yeah, like it just negates anything you could say about me. Yeah, down. You don't know that. I don't feel that way at all. There goes the priorities and watch how harangue on a b c yeah, I wanna be hot yeah. Exactly you know. Men high up there, don't wanna, be seen his heart and sexy not. I don't think
I use the word. I want to be attractive, but none tomato tomorrow. It's not it's not the same thing. Ok, I don't thing like. There are plenty of people who I think are so hot and I have no attracts you're not attracted to them in a growing old capacity in any, but especially in your serbian tugging, my or drawing in my brain and my heart, him a mountaineer anyway, so different, and I don't. I don't want to be someone that people just wanna, fuck, yeah yeah, I'm sorry hurt your feelings That's that's we'll! That's I brought it. I brought it up to you as vulnerable and admitted it apologize, and I appreciate it and was so funny is now I don't you think I mind if he did it desgas I we went through. I we went through it.
Do that again, oh, how less ok, let's start once began over. There are very many witches they're, getting less and less facts law which is then concerning our. Is that maybe a sign in the right direction? I mean Sierra evolving by it's, not it's fun for me. Ok, so I'll try to throw more out as we go again. The Lucifer's pizza, the Vienna Axis, you dad didn't do a good job knows I'm a good job. His face had that look. embarrassment and after we had that conversation, I've sent seen a couple of people also do accents that import. There's something uniquely embarrassing about going for unacceptable and you don't now. I never do I've. Never I not one on ever heard. Young men were hear me do one ever any time: It's so real reason is really really.
Uniquely humiliating yeah, but the loose of you were doing a Lucifer's pizza, add which is a pizza place here in my family, I have a few location. Male role, yellow impress worn roar, Helios rotation Press to visit occasion in Manila, Avenue occasional. Do the Hollywood man, we're all sunset location, price, three yeah and they speak in Austria, or so I've. I've did is surmised, yeah wonky, recalling Lucifer's biter. Why me? I have three locations where all male rose, location, embrace, want or or he'll helps rotation. I can't even get through hell
because I bought among peoples bases are so distorted. So when so it's hard to look at someone when they're doing it is anyway. I wrote down here too. yet your silver spoons essay and I didn't shift Wall stricken region on a future up our eye. Before I forget the in the in the intro, you referred to Jason, show as Ozark a Pluralist Europe and its Ozark two things very Michigan think. Well, we also had this earlier. You are guilty of this. Tax is not hand. He's really wants to talk about band camp. I now, but we wanted a crystal burger, really bad. We thought there would. We would see a crystal Berger and in fact we went to a sonic and I thought we were going,
crystal and then we ought to drive through. I said repeatedly, I wish we thought this was crystal, but you thought it was crystals. Yes, I caught crystals cause, I'm from Georgia and whether the home of the crest, all Berger and I've always caught it crystals my whole life even though we gone to the topic of what do you? Plural lies and is a regional when. It seems to me that a Michigan we moralize everything you say, came arts my day, someone came arts. I work for Ford's right. That's how strange yeah my bed, for an air weekly thought. It was all Riley's, auto power. I still stand by that. That is no easy, Riley O O. Oh really, not now it's definitely our as I had approved the errand he was held them on the fact that it was all Riley's and looked up a commercial ones, and then we, oh by one, and nowhere is double confirmation that the point as I mean after
o Reilly he now anyway, okay, so the dodgeball director. He did do some Reebok commercials with Terry Tate and they were office, linebacker commercial, so they were like willing not below where he was the office line. Occur, wrote you would sort and tackle the annoying guy in the office for the other hysterical- and I remember that he would tackle somebody underlying the male car two thousand to any Romania Washington. I would have all Riley's commercials effect, learning o Reilly, violent means by our quietly all right, I'll eat. It's also scratch you and you do it as their summit. O reilly-
O Reilly them deeper, your clear throughout the higher the uranium all right, no voice Queens Day in Amsterdam in now kings day
I know they did the opposite of what they were. You is tat. They ve got less progressive and no kings day as a national holiday and in the Netherlands celebrated on April, twenty, seven or April twenty six, if the twenty seventh Sunday, which are commemorating the date marks the birth of king, William Alexander, until the abdication of Queen Beatrix in two thousand and thirteen, the holiday was known as Queens Day and celebrated on April thirty it. So I guess she got her on our throned, oh and then it became kings day. This is very weird. Having the broader point was its where you go to you forgot. Yes, it's a full party like our Marty, growth. It is here
yeah. It's the dutch monograph lunches talk really quick about HOLLAND, Netherlands, Dutch, Amsterdam, it silk his eyes. If I can just going a little bit of geography, tear right now, do it the Netherlands I guess that just means the lowlands think that's the general area, HOLLAND is were Amsterdam is and if you're from HOLLAND you're not all wish, your Dutch, but it doesn't seem resemble the route word of HOLLAND. It's over arrogant, museum, someone on break down for me. I wetter they show out, but yeah. It's there's a lot there because I don't know, let people on they realise when I gonna Amsterdam there go into how on in there The Netherlands and they're gonna hang with dutch people, but is HOLLAND,
Where the windmills Oriana tulips agenda Van Gogh, but is that there is a wider space or a smaller, base in another long here again, maybe the Netherlands and include Belgium or something you know, in this? I don't know they seem like they. My there's a bunch. Tiny little countries are but that does remind me of the song that I use sing to link and room work ass. She was the duchess of how our yeah there was. Dingiest volume praying is the duchess to lips, Van Gogh, them bridges in higher she's windmills in, and it was just listing anything you could think about how on did you make it a well with the assistance of joy, Brian, the Airways hissing and on the set of parenthood? Also,
The Englishman bring is the duchess of him. Seven is never once the country ya think when people talk about the Netherlands are talking about Harlan, but again they might be talking about Belgium. Is it even while they talking of Belgium's a weird one too, because its Belgium is the country right belt. we are Bruges in Belgium in the people are Belgium. So there's now gin their belgian yeah, which is, I am twenty five percent belgian, and now you think I would know that my grandma midges a hundred percent belgian yeah. It's that Belgium help more work. we're gonna circle back on this Netherlands thing? After all, it is probably the new word for Nederlands. Ok, then that holds now and then now I'd like to remain Belgium or at it to work.
Belgium me or why Bell Janian, something that sound it already the name of the people that live there. Belgium Bell, because you know like and so close Belgian and Belgium, yeah or Indian in India, but they valid, and am they didn't change an m for an and that's bonkers. european and am or are they gonna do collar, or rather got rob, got thereof, employers pee on our party. What is it Holland is not a country. Netherlands. Is the country HOLLAND's a province with in Netherlands in Amsterdam, is a city within HOLLAND. This is like, those damn russian dolls, you just keep pulling off the top and there's another area inside. You know frustrating this whole conversation to listen to. If you are either a geography, major or just bit. Maybe
a fifth graders understand, geography or even worse, sitting in Amsterdam, some out of hashish, hostile listening. This get guys. It's so simple, get it Yeah you get it you living California right, that's different from United States of America, as is LOS Angeles, whenever we thought HOLLAND was another. I then I was synonymous. We add ons. Even now, learning now everything. So I just want to remind people that the reason I asked Jason, if it made him disgusted to have shoes on the couch, is because I get in trouble for having issues on the couch here. You're naughty with issues on the couch and now
We currently have a shoe on the car idea, exactly where he was sitting in vain. He would hate to see issue place there. One day, you'll get the last loudly keep doing it. That's all! That's it! Oh one more thing in this is where I leave you. He said that he walked in on you in and hit. He thought his line was happy birthday, but I rented the movie. No, you didn't. I had two because I couldn't find this part on Youtube occurrence. I had a rent, it. and he actually comes in and says. Hey would now be a good time to go over those numbers. Referencing me earlier in the day wanting to go over some number rat. You know you can expense report that rental, I'm not gonna. I will absorb the cost that I'm gonna see to it your reimburse rental atheling? I did you go
through the whole movie now Cosette was only the first one minute into the move me right, for me and you don't it did you see my anus course you will you believe you I didn't see care. I've got my aim is not alone now up whereby no, no, no, no, no! That's my horse worst nightmare. Were you thinking, though, and that scene started like? Were you looking for anus? Let me now right, I I was. I had rented it this morning guy and I started it and as you as your, but was appearing wife, why spy behind me like I was just. I can always watching your boy in the middle of the work day would she probably didn't even notice it as my, but did she ass? She did. She did
She knew it, and then you go on long explanation. You feel like she bought it loads of Ghana. A talking to Amelia, and that is a bonkers scenario to happen. I really I did. I was like I'm not just watching a movie now I don't care if he doesn't care she. Let me run amok but but more specifically, I'm not just watching a movie. I your husband's bear, but I actually think I said I'm not just watching a movie and then and then your butt appeared oh you're, watching on the television now on my computer, my small computer, like I, was hoarding it moves on her. She was really in your personal space. I was in her house, I'll say whether those trumpet all her Berkshire House.
well, my guide, I just love you and I thank you for those is scant as they may have been. I found them enjoyable to hear. We really did learn something today about HOLLAND and the Netherlands. That's true unexpected.