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Jason Mantzoukas (The League, The Dictator, Parks and Recreation, How Did This Get Made Podcast) is an American actor, comedian and improviser. Jason sits down in the attic to talk about Bostonian culture, his early goal of being on The Daily Show and his year abroad studying how cultures use music for medicinal purposes. Dax asks about his deathly food allergy and Jason thinks we are on the brink of a paradigm shift in comedy. Dax wonders if Jason ever feels resentful for his place in the industry, Jason talks about how he never expected to be single in his 40s and Monica feels like a fangirl.

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Hello, hello, welcomed, arm, chair expert, I'm Jack Shepherd in across her miasmatic, a bad men have no hello manager mouse today, we're gonna have a gentleman ah by the name of Jason Man's Lucas Funny finding case advancing he's when you're all timeframe. He's so good? I've seen him do improv, maybe six or seventeen billion times and blow me away every time he's in radical from day one of starting this podcast, you ve, been saying we have to get Manzi, I met him doing baby Mama some fourteen years ago when I was, and he was on, the league bees on Brooklyn nine nine he's on christian show, as JANET steered boyfriend. She created is unbelievable on that here, everything's out everything and he's one of the more interesting hysterical guess we ve had. So you guys are gonna love, Jason Man's who, as I know it so enjoy also
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That was our hard for her. Now, here's the I will say this. Ok, I do it was easy for me to imagine it because your engineers. Car was already parked that way. Aha- and I said to him, I said: should I pull up their next to you right as yes, ok, we'll don't take away from this time, I just don't. I dont one. Ninety later ok, I like it was are the very beg of you and then second guess I got here right after you and I was on with my mom. Normally I would have jumped right out of the car and greeted do and hugged doing things but I want my mom, I dear mom, in limiting she's fantastic. In fact, she just her cholesterol came back away lower than it had LAN rain, Anjou Haitian. What is she doing? I need to get mine down. You won't don't get bombed out by this, but sincerely her husband passed about five months ago and she's no longer eating? I came up here.
I think that was her big conclusion that she was on the verge of going on medicine. For I to do that in a moment I just did do not tarbaby baby yeah in in some people
experience their muscles hurt when their own. Luckily, for me, no problem, no, my muscles are just because I forget him so shredded yeah, yeah, arrogant so hard at the gym, yet rushing yet if they get that muslim milk doesnt pump in that in that like like that, that really vainly vast, hilarity yeah, I'm just like crush him, and they generally. When I bumping you at the June European, leaping up on the really tall boxes with weights on your shoulders ass, they have one of those guys that once again with those wait, vests you can put different weights in years, and then I just I mostly just jump up and down on boxing. That's the whole world out quite scream. Well, it's fuckin working in Europe have easily to the mad. Thank you. Thank you also for letting me like stripped down. While we do the out now. The second thing was because I was in my connoting greet you. You just walked right up the stairs to the annex iii ginning. Yes, he knew exactly where to go. Wow you're in a rare category, with only three people who could do that? That's what I static wandering around the grounds. Yet they they seemed a part. Two
I was away. I don't know why, like people are rife here in a deep, sweat like a big sheen and then they just kind of circle, the property, but but I am Airbus, and I thought you know what Jason competent Human being that before it and I didn't come here to do guys. Fuckers many are trailing. I came here to park, get up the steps it put the Cannes and start the guy punctual. You beat me here. He was ass. Fifteen minutes early would also that was my third Montague told to be. I was told to be here to Ford who hold their people like t. You know what I want disagree with. You say I am liars. Yeah well known. That you know
This tells me that you're habitually lay and made discovered they are highlighting. I think that's actually probably travel now when you make that connection. Indeed, the NGO. Also really I've got ten more minutes like no don't you have had an m. I will forget it get. I will forget next time they do it to me yeah that that they trick me at times. Here is because of that, if you ever been in a war with the eighties and a movie or tv show defined a war. Ok will, in my version it's very subtle, impassive aggressive, so they'll bring me in an hour and a half or illegal, and they do that three or four times in our own eye go cool, no problems I just know, I'm gonna come forty five minutes late, everyday steel. Forty five, thoroughly in the day a just and then just becomes an escalating war of like I go. different way with it? Ok, I do this if they do that to me a couple of times if it's like we call me in and I'm sitting there for hours right and it's like it seems to be like, like habitual there.
call in ASEAN Bob Bob. I will then start to text before I leave the house to say: are you sure you need me up right right, or are you sure this is still my time? Yes, you know I might be running a little late and if they're like no problem, ok, you time about ok, guy gonna, snoop New, arrived, your hearing this in your going, went what a bunch brats all add this they're, giving you a piece. paper the night before and it list all the scenes? They're gonna shoot before yours and you also know when they're bringing in new actors knows things so you go in there.
Greatest case scenario, there's no way their foaming, this four page, seen in twenty two minutes. Yes, yes, while we're all here at the same time, you now I'm just like children. Also are you leaving our very very valuable time? My time is very valuable. Yes, it is. You have a pot cast it, you could be pon casting and, I will add, to intimidate, unites question. I take like ten minutes in here and make up for the most part. They just look at me and I, like you, you look the version of crazy. We want you to loot little exactly a letter. Yes on the off chance that I do have some thing to do like in the past have had to have my hair straightened or something like that. Have you done that I have occasion that will then actually take longer and be more of a production yeah. but but for most part of my internet ten minutes, and what did you get your hair straighten for a couple of things, primarily a character than I played on crawls sketch show old, Eagle Wing, who was one of the G mail, gigolo, ok, and so they would,
drain and style my hair, like others again, my face really dramatically and our war all like women clothing. How can I grant like Dray be flow III? Is that was like that version of a gigolo that, as he has very funny and you and I would then forget- I would then be wrapped- I would forget- my hair was strengthened and I would go in like get coffee gotta garrisons yes and see people just do double takes at me and I built right. I looks programmes one to that point. Let's this publicly celebrate will Forte. What did I mean that he did, a whole season of last man on earth with half of a beer debt at everything, half added travels, you're out, wife, oh yeah, the rest of your days and nights were spent with half of with half of yes in and now also, I think it was. My shirt was telling us that he like just happened to sit down on a flight,
then he turned to his right and in will was next to him flying in New York and he yet decide that had a beard, he's gonna talking for a minute and then will eventually turned to look at him any of almost me. You know that's a maid had a heart attack. Other great military reveal yes, and I was thinking like you're going through tee. I say with half of a beard young, you look he's crazy human, could look and if you don't know, he's a comedian you're gettin pad about oh yeah yeah. I get padded down again with a whole, be if he's not getting padded down. There is a big problem. That's also good point they Monica there. Why should pat down a guy with her how I got a new ones when my beard was really big. I had a tac agent I got cause. I was getting the full pat down and his older. I came over and said to him like in these areas, You check his beard,
How do you like me? You all the way through all of the like from friends back side decided through my beard. Oh my goodness, severity in vain I have gained wilder. I came are still together. Well, yes, because I went straight to in elementary school, they would come check for lice moms during my most on ethical, moments in life, is the moms would volunteer they come in there be about five of the women who work in their way through the classroom, really long queue tips and are you buy them needs through your hair lookin for life and then the ex moment come to me and say: did ever been done and out, I would say no.
I have also moms Bulgaria. My hair get I loved. You owe all. I want the feeling that I find to be the most relaxing feeling like that that I would rather get instead of a massage or something like that is someone like scratching my hair airplane, my family called it an icing. Ah I see in your head. I lie to me. There are amazing your arm, but that to me is absent. ultimately like p. Of Lovin kind of our down. Worry calmness. Suddenly, near so Monica was on a trip with her girlfriends to Denver to weekends ago or something gray, so I was texting with Monica while she was in Denver up in. She goes gotta run about to do hair play a massage with what was the friends my friend Gina. Play a massage. I thought to myself, like I know, Monica really. Well, the sound
actual like that, doesn't mean that sends out the honest their thumbs like a porn category. Eight has you couldn't Felicia unimportant search engine if such a thing were to exist, which I can only assume that, if not invented yet have happy too, it is says so much airplane and massage now is there something that you and Gina like hey before we go out later? Should we do here play a massage now, so we ve been friends in sixth granted at our member how it started, but at some point we started during sleep, whereas give each other massages, ok and then playing with each other's hair and taking turns during this Bangalore gluten going on keep doing this aversion rushing through like slower like, there are some music is just an algorithm she'll musical, yes, and we would do that and then we just have continued to do that or the rest of our lives and
because it's a night it's before bad, yet meet again live in that lets, when most sexual activity have dragged before better. But yet, if the thing about it, too, is if you Don't start that in six grade, like you and I may become, Like I like you already, we just could develop into something there'll be no point in our future. I go you fuck you and you may reply what before either that or after resize you ve got to Paraguay and says before we go to bed day in this. By the way it was like a two hour or de either due for to tell you, how do you? Let me ask you I've DR requested gay at how do you stay a week so long now, think you would just like whoever goes first. I would think that the person we just all asleep in ten minute, they'll be so unethical for the other personal really ability reciprocity you have to. I would need to go first. Let me say that I would have to go first unnecessary. I know my second Eugene to be the last one to receive
we'll know right. Yeah I wanted, I would want to react, was, but it's not unlike oral sex with your partner its best for you, too. You forget it, overweight, no, not even to get it over with, while your warning here, you're really horny Enzo it over with, and it might turn me me me you are enjoying it as the giver because you're so horny? Yes, but if you get it and you have an orgasm, your kind of like you're thinking about what's on tv, yet right o absolute. I turn off all the light. Does as what is it April ain't we via taxes, so it's just divine. Like you know, if anyone is a Europe of so you were saying this in your thing, you would go first giving yes, I would want to do, but I guess yes, so I could stay hungry.
get out get it you need to do you need that engine? You need that momentum to drive you forward. You absolutely I going to get something after that. That's right! An like the better! I do right now, you're, probably the better mine will get. So if I were to get one that was so so guess what you're getting a so so one back- oh yeah, oh absolutely, keep genus and to answer your question, we talk, we talk, That's when you're that you just their catch. You have chitchat. Ah, that's sweet! Ok, I get that. Would you be opposed to like next time as do this, and I mean since he found he had just a little bit for Instagram or just for, like four, I said I gotta, we know how to deal with just started extreme. What's than without look like, are you guys wearing like? What's he pajamas, like you, I picture like gotTa June regions, areas like great element, vs, pigtails and legs they like the girls in Greece when there are like it ass, a being than wearing. Tell me more and more rational, you're missing belongs in our shared seraph and well. Ok,
Shall we imagine capital in the room her time, but we do back scratch under sure all models is getting our easy. I'm gonna stop talking about it, although I won't, but some see an because I will delineate between over the shirt scratching and under their ships as well and there's something about like first starting to scratch over the shirt and then going under feels like woe, it tells us got better intensity raises a really wakes up all those nerve in these now go back to your safe for you because a parallel, is the fact that you ve many times in your career, have of played Middle Eastern. I have noticed that you're a hundred or things your honor present Greek, though right that M Greek. Yes, both my parents are Greek, yes and are they are they from Greece, my dad my dad's from Greece, my dad, although we came here when he was a kid he was born in Greece heart, he was born
like northern central Greece, a village with like no electricity, a wise father like pushed a cart with vegetables, around fruits and vegetables, or I was like a very you know. It felt like like from back in time the flashback, godfather yes, very simple for Greece and then ask world war to Greece fell in a civil war that was communists versus the government and vat repudiated a lot of people leaving Garrison Mass exodus, and so my my dad's family left then an end mom is I can generate but Borneo, her families from like southern Greece still mainland, but like southern Greece, the Peloponnese down below. Like more aware, you consider or think of as like outgoing gregarious kind of Greeks. Yes, I want my money
as friends underpinning, is from Cyprus and they come Cypriots, Cypriot Cypriots, a Cypriot he's a cypriot yes and I am endlessly fascinate. Oh yeah, I his separateness, oh yeah, that's a deck, because that's a really interesting one because there is such is the gay conflicted plagues. Is it because there people. It's an island right threat, so I'm assuming they ve like a mix of different ethnicities. Maybe there is now I may. I almost want to look this up because I think part of Cyprus is like contested land, maybe with Turkey. Ok
and I'm gonna be wrong and the Greeks who know what monocle had agreed. I check yeah. You know Monica fetch a regular mine. Isn't it is so night is a liberating, I think about it, every but boy. If I've gotten it wrong, I'm gonna have to come out and apologize to like a lot agree. You'll hear about it. Did you have that really like, like Andrews families so tight? I I don't know that observed another group that has such a I very much believe that everything I was growing up. My family only really hung out with the rest of my family you mean, like my didn't make my parents I met, had certainly had friends, but the people. We really hung out with we're, like my aunts and uncles on my cousins and all that kind of stuff, and they all lived in and around you know. Within that say forty minutes of where we lived everybody did. Everybody still does for the most part in how was the greek Orthodox being observed at all in a barrel,
barely Billina, barely in my individual in my nuclear family, you know, like my parents, a couple of times we would go to church. You know I could tat like very periods of like when I was when we were young enough. I think there is just a big thing. I maybe they felt like. We should bring them The church in you know, but the thing was that everything was in Greek, We didn't know getting right, so it was just a lot of kind of theatre in it was just a lot of performance that I just wasn't. Kind of I didn't have much access, He orders, I didn't understand the words, and so we didn't go for. Even if you had you know, I've been through the version where you can understand what they're saying and doesn't help my luck, it's worse than Shakespeare, when you're a yet mean oh
what they're saying way worse than Shakespeare when you're in the ceding I dont understand. Mother wouldn t see it's crazy, it is what are we doing? I think everyone it's like. Let's get some, let's get some armchairs in their honestly. If you got a refusal, dogs at place would lazy boys, I mean lazy boy. Church Catholics are gonna, have to do something because I designation wide eyes of the people so well I I I have no opinion on the size of them. Not just saying that Catholics and General just say in the size of the people in our countries is getting larger. Pretty bank is pretty big, but just unsound. They again on sixty minutes. Yet another thing I think in Boston Dish area anyways. I just can't stop the new lessening incredible glanced up one's job. The thing on the only was like a hundred and sixty its bonkers I'm just like how are they gonna keep this?
you sit here is my other observation. If, if, if it had been revealed that there were a hundred and sixty scientologist that unmolested kids, oh yeah, we would, now we like talking about it constantly, and can you imagine we would we the end cover judges like systemically not just like Thousands of people, but like worked tirelessly to cover it up, hey I'll, have to like, like they ve, behaved in ways that make you
everything else that we find so insane about Scientology, not that I'm some sort of scientific, no known organised like again. Where is Shelly misgivings, have we don't know, but the point being we are focused on these things when it is Scientology or when it is anything as alma knew were yeah or is something that we don't know about a lot about the, but their like you know like I am a devout Howard, stern listener. Com and stern is like everybody's stories, are fake everybody's stories. Make no sense he's like me, but why are we saying, like? Oh scientologists, it's crazy, they believe in theirs aliens or whatever. Is it any crazier than the Christians who believe these magical things happened or is it any crazier than any of these kind of any of these matters stories that we all ascribed to glance? My exact point in even argue far more plausible,
that there are aliens, then a man who is his son and then this third entity the Holy go along. The beach is, if it is ability wise. It's actually absolutely me we'd, we somehow the situation that seems to be an was laid hold. The abyss end like eight is, it is ceaseless, live it's not like. We you, you just have a story. Just now get your leg on Sunday like a hundred and sixty more new like who that's what we're up to a wider. We think it so rampant in the Catholic, whilst verses like all these other, they don't. then they don't allow mare yeah like in in the orthodox church, priests can marry and have you know it's not in it? I have to be celebrate. Their becomes like a chicken in the egg debate which is either. Does the vow of celibacy then manifests itself in this pedophilia behavior or do
People who know what they're never gonna function as a married person, drawn there as a refuge. Either way it's not ideal. No, yes, so and systemic changes need to be made on a level that they don't seem to be willing to engage with yeah thing yeah there they seem to be low slaughter at any rate, so did grow up in the city or in one of the sound like seven miles north, like Suburban Boston in a town called in the hunt. That is the smallest town of Massachusetts. It's a one square mile island, a while the coast of a town called land that is connected by like a two and a half mile. As way a while. When are you like a kid of the seed money? Not you and I'm not didn't not asian, I mean I did a fish and we went boats and stuff, but like I am not a good swimmer, I have like really bad Asma. I have like genuine fear of Jesse because everybody would be like
swim out to egg Rock Rock was like to me seem to be a mile and a half away. As I know, I'm gonna die China's swim to that rock out. There's no way so I'm not strong in the water. Are you hypochondria only thought I had rather do all week long? What is rather do is you I want to know he am you do two muscle fatigue. It's what happens if you work out your muscles too hard golden, they turn to just something. I have something like really bad happens. If you go to the hospital swimming with kidney failure like muscles liquidity, they get into your bloodstream and then you get renal failure. Ok, why did you want? What were you doing this to do anything about their vital as we ass? I worked out one time, but really are I guess so hard. My legs had been so sore and I think this doesn't feel right. Something feels extra
bad again address or it should be over by now. I definitely have robbed out till then know about revenue, or did you, Google, those symptoms and rapto came a one of our friends just had it. So it's a do. I gotta rend dilemma as blue for four days is contagious tonight, it's not viral genuine question. Nosey bananas, coach! No more! You greek enough, looking as a kid that it was an issue. Guy. Was I want because I moved to we moved to that town and it was a very white town and I dont nodded tiptoe around this shore subjects. But I am why donors is gonna, say and I'll say where I'm from this seems to be put pretty racist or released. When I was a kid and I've I've found at times, pockets of Boston to be a little later, not to say that without offending anyone in Boston, but but you know I mean burst any is like burst into tears
tough town. Boston is I love Boston and I have like a real fondness for it, but there is an element which is it really has you almost always on the verge of getting into a fight you, apropos of nothing, absolutely always also observe that it doesn't matter where, when everybody thinks of fights about tat. like a boat to jump off yet, and there really is, like you, talk about like systemic racism and came class problems and all this kind of Boston really. Is Massachusetts Boston, the this. These are real liberal strongholds, yeah have like very serious. Like you know, you ve got the buzzing crisis,
of the seventies. You ve got all this stuff. That is a lot of race, stuff alot, of like really kind of sketchy history that is still around well and remain. Boston is one of the more segregated cities I'll go to the country where it's like you so you'll. Have these really strong pockets right you have some Charleston short right? it's mostly irish. Why guys and then again North will yet the north end in Northern Ireland, mostly italian, you have all these pockets. That seems still pretty segregate Armadale much very much king and also a lot of underprivileged white people. Right, so you have some socio economic staff and ITALY. I think any time you have very when it resources, indifferent groups that are identifiable you get kind of its very predictable? Oh yeah and there's a lot of it's it's a tough time. yeah, like a
lotta angry people a lot of tough people? It was a really interesting time to grow up in and it's a fascinating tend to go back to now, yeah as an adult, so I was doing this movie there. The judge and my driver. I fell in love with this dude. He just got out of prison like nine months before the pay me- and I was about best with him and we'd. Have these really long drives and it slowly found out what you've been in prison for an all the stuff, and then I found out he was from Charlestown and and he had been in a crew. There that rub armoured cars and also I became obsessed with Charlestown in I decided on a Sunday. I was gonna go there by a t. Shirt from this liquor store, I'm there and I'm looking at the shirts, and I want to buy Christian when she's back at the hotel. I'm on face time with her the islamic ok, honey. Here's some do you want this where this right? At that moment, this dude, you look like us. operable again. You know like two ten neck tat to save tat. He cruises by his eye.
For good. I know you I forget: can I get a pitcher and I go along with Chris? I owe you when you come out. Do let's get a pitcher in I don't even notice that he's offended walks in one minute. Later it comes eyes like you know, one man fuck, you fuck, you fucking can't. Why are you- and I was like my comp- why in prison still am I what mother fucker due to setting the teacher had seven gives between us. Worry me lie wives, screaming walk away is key. Is he thing, the dude I'm selling the user of Christine at home page like what it's all I'm gonna watch. My husband dynamic is always where I watch my husband died, turned into Blair Witch because I've never gotten she's, even of yard. You I'm sorry, you can't but go my way in the seven year, the best my favorite moment, and it was like ones like. If someone had written a script, you be so proud to get this specific as the seven year,
guy comes here between as it goes nobody's gettin fourteen stabbed using like that's what he thought it was an accident has dad. I bet that guy no other guy, whilst to stab and guy. That's part to his stories. I tell my driver Jimmy I'm so Jimmy yesterday went to your home town. Had this experiences egos be real interest. The normal, this guy and a magnet- and I don't want you know- he's not now I'm very, very curious about who this guy design and all that was Mikey, who runs that teaser angled none. I dont want and sure enough by the lunch he knew the guy was reared. I find that guy's gonna, fuck and halfway house down the street. That's what's goin out, discuss not the neighbourhood or whatever, but it really delivered in Asia. That is, that actual trim
action is a perfect Boston moment, which is he asked for something you said yes, but about I'm walking yes, but on my time- and he was like that is just like you know what fuck you You think, if I can better than me, what are you yeah? I know when I fucking said I fuck em like do, and then you, if I can hear me, I'm fucking you'd have you are you're. If I can t take a picture of me, he has. I will fuck you up. Do you have that instinct to like fight? Never, never, and even there are even being around no, I never knew that was never my. I know I don't hear move here. I had another year, my avatar you don't my gear is always do undercut of tension and to try and undue whatever is but back to your childhood, did you did you get any shit for being Greek? I got shit for being a
right. I mean Riah Curly, whether that was because we had just moved to town whether it was because we didn't go to either of the two churches in town or whatever it was that shit. The bullying I got was for being somehow other whatever? That is, you know, and all the kind of traditional name calling on all that comes yeah emasculation as harangue yes occurring. What was your response was to try to digest the funding, always jugs yeah, and how did you do when school, where you got out, I was flying at it, ok I tried harder. I would have been good at it, but I didn't knowing I Indra for academics, or any of that, so I did I got by young. I was like a bees student Rio. Where guppies, I did. Ok, I'm Bessie tease? I went to good college, but none of it like I write a thesis in college for to graduate with honors rank and I went My thesis defends where I have to kind of present.
To my advisers in my adviser, said Jason. His first line Jason, not a great scholar. Having reasons lie elsewhere, we give you credit for those denied any though yet they deny dear heart attack. The first thing he said to me was: let's put this aside for ten. Like this didn't happen, we we can't let you graduate with honors terrible, and I was like Larry you're, not wrong. I wrote it in the last ten days and I should have been writing it. The last three months is terrible stay to arms exports. If you dare, we are
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Tom Slice decks. That's me, undies doc, calm, slashed boots. We are supporting by so no sue. I played the ship out of my knows this last two days when I walked in here was the saying even listening to a song on Rp Hannah saw our friend Handedness sister. I cannot stop listening to that song and when I got home last night from work, I popped it on in the living room on the sonar mean the girls dance for forty five minutes. That's all! That's fine highlighted my weak for sure limitless. What I did this morning on sound bar, what right, when I woke up and like I'm already ready to hear that song popped it on. Also the girls came into the bedroom. following the source of the music and then they got I bet wiggled around the music. I mean accused beguiling about the sun ass. It sounds so incredibly good. I can't believe such amazing sound is coming out of that tiny little unit. I agree and you like how handsome it is ideal.
that's very slick, and I made a soup yesterday and I used my son has to have something laws at a mood: omby arts listen almost you'd saunas fan music in every room. What could be better check it out? that way discovered. drumming in high school is its eight zero. First love is really music more that late music get all through guy started playing drums. I started the interim lessons when I was like ten Eleven years old, probably in marching men style earth, I started playing like yeah, clad, eclat or classical like orchestral like snare drumming. Like yes pieces like reading music and, above all by the little little Leather PAN Euro Pact, then I was the first I gotta pad. Then I got a sneer durham and then once my parents were like, ok, you serious enough about it. I got a drum set and the new year. What what age did you get? The drone can probably ease twelve thirteen
did you just someone that that was like every who are you idolizing? I guess who your favorite was. Was it Stewart you're coming from the OECD is absolutely number one might like at. That era is absolutely the best drummer to me. Yesterday, Copeland. you're a Copeland high hat like I remain. her hearing, Pewter, Gabriel's, red rain, on all radio and being read, Stuart Copeland, plain that high hat and I bought that record. Looked Stuart companies only playing the hi? How are you it's such a distinct high hat sound, so he was the I loved I love to me and then, when I got older in, like school and was plain and bands I played in like cover ban then bans that we're like play. You know the drummers that I loved, warlike, Stephen Perkins from James Addiction, O Jimmy Chamberlain from smashing pumpkins, like they were great rock drummers. But then I got. Cooper. I guess, I got heavy into plain jazz from
like high school college, then stuff. So ginger see me as you, you get out of college, and then you go in you of a broad for a while that counter intuitive places, a heavy in its are based on a project that I'm doing in college, I signed up for what it's called a Watson fellowship like your college kind of has to nominate you blow up and its I give you money to go and do a research project that is like not your field of academic. research. That is just something you are obsessed with raw, that's great, and so I pitched them a project that was music based. But also I was a religion major, so also religion based so you'd really raised very religionists, but you are drawn to studying religion. I it was like a comparative religion programme service. Like I study
all other, really sure which I find very interesting. It wasn't theology right, you are more interested in maybe history and an end. The Y yeah like that was very interesting to me, like who you know, sir. Some of it was, of course, like the history and understanding like the weather was the old testament at new testament, whatever whenever Babar, but a lot of it was just like the. Why, like the sociology of why we are religious or why these things, whenever yeah ory even remember in some western save class, I had someone pointed out something amazing. I think I learn more about it again and subsequent answer class, but the firemen people are in and what an impact that has in the type of religion they create. so, for instance, the old testament in Judaism is from most the Daimio area there between the Tigris and the Euphrates. It would flood all the time so they lived. Constant threat of flood, whereas
at the exact same time. You have the Egyptians who are living on a fertile crescent. They live on the Nile, it's very predictable. They don't ever have these big calamities, so their god was very kind of bananas they didn't have to make a lot of sacrifices. Are personal zyobite like random catastrophe? Wasn't gonna befall them? Gas like a flood or some like, maybe in their God, reflects that gets not one that they're afraid of that. They have to constantly we unease and when you do for me, when I learned that was like, oh so human absolute All of this is so human. We re there's. These are just stories that continued to get passed down and then a couple people just started to be like. Oh, we should put a bunch of these in a book. Maybe I googled it was. I urge Hunt Helen. He didn't you know, hits nor even the winds up with this story. I heard from his other guy that that, as you know, and it gets to be like the Indian, then you ve just got stories that get kind of codified and
and then everybody's just starts to be they get? No that's what we're doing we're just to invest in it is so diverges Marvel at the notion that, like they happened the only time they could have liked. So the right it's brand new back, then you could write anything and it's gonna. Have some kind of sticking us, because it's the only option or ashore and also but also like it's a time when it's all oral. It's all its everything. Is you know until you know? years and years and years later, when people can learn to read and learn to print and all this kind of stuff. These are just like trip since then our like. Oh that, though, the that town has a book that church as one of the books Ryan that guy can read it he's gonna tell us the whole thing: yeah yeah, I know, and you just they did Zau entertainment yeah. You know, and it was also like important sure
This guy knows how to do this thing in its important now. Why don't you just think sometimes like the bull there's no way on or something like that could start now present day. Yeah, like you, couldn't it's true it's true until you like on a mass level, I think you're right, but then every once in a while, you will like and there's been a bunch of like documentaries like a wild while country or when Iraq, where you will falling, is the EU the like. I just listen to thirty four thirty. Just did one about the big room. Yoga guy. I watched the real sports on him and I know enough about good. You listen to the pond cast these like it's six episodes long and its straight rate, but you're watching, please, I'm gonna be in its modern. It's it's contemporary base, yeah, and you watching people fall into a fuckin like cult of personality a situation with a guy that you're like this is how we could,
Oh yeah, sometimes I wonder like the times we are in right now. Are we going to see another like resurgence of like in the people that is the mid tonight late sixties? There's a lot of gurus there's a lot of polio headstart. Amassing followers start having, like cult, start to become a big thing. I'm wonderingly are. We can have that start happening again. I think you'll have a ton of that Bob. What but, but I dont think it could ever be ubiquitous. The waves I simply in the same way that Johnny Carson, no one will ever have as many viewers is him, because he was the only option exactly so I just think. But while you This is just reminded me that I really want to recommend to people. Have you listen to uncover escaping naxian? No, you fucking, love, you liked, while one country road I loved, we its podcast her to duck it's a pod kazakh what you'll love about, especially having studied religion to see how you know? Ultimately, all these things play on these hard wired things were just sources.
the ball to in a lot of them just being status in are propensity to admire in worship an alpha whatever you want to call that alpha in and how they reinforce, all that status, stuff and people? I think in this business in this town? Are seekers who are looking for people that have answers sharper are looking for someone. He too, whether its give them a job tell them. They know how they're gonna get a job like whatever. That is that's. Why you're feeling in this business, like a law of these cults, end up in a late or like grabbing people from his visit, because I think it's a lot of kind of seeking behaviour. It's a lot of people who want there to be in I'll say that, yes, we us dirt bags in this business It is the worst seekers, maybe also were arrogant as hell. We feel like were entitled to something very special, and then
You get here, you're kind of open anything that would make you special right. Oh yeah, there's some level of like errors and so on control- and you get out here. You have no control over your life, everyone's making every decision for you. So but he is saying I can help you get what you want. That starts to feel like I'll, never get back, or I have or even better, which is what a lot of them are. As I have a path exactly are you to get what you just take my classes Duma? Whatever this thing, whatever my system is well in, that's very appealing, because any other job other than this there's a pretty well worn path you go get. It degrees mailroom whenever it is work. Your way out. This is of a very understandable hierarchy. This is like getting
dropped in the middle of the jungle for the machete untold success is out there there's a hack away, there's a chest of gold coin somewhere out here. You properly can find it ninety nine presented by war in a few months. You might find it in two years. You may never find it it's like either is no you call you a Dax did know us not the same thing. You haven't differently when he had. There is no path. Now add to your ability has very little to do with other has almost irrelevant think hard things. when like when you like, when I taught it use Ebay or whatever its students are. People who would ask me questions is stuff would be like part An enormous part of this business is not just talent is tenacity. All all is drive. It is ambition. It is all of these other things because you have to keep moving forward when everything is telling you you're not moving
What were they stop drying? Don't bother whatever, even if people link, even even though for years people like your very funny, they couldn't get hired Danone. I only you know like I concentrate just be like you're, really funny. Always call you in but you're not going to work for a long time. What I can tell you having been in the ground. is that of the hand love, is that work consistently with it? exceptional Molest Mccarthy. You really was the best of all of us should be note. no really correlation between the talent level and which, among us, have work devoted gap. Is it'll get because I can mean super talented people. I remember very vividly like a real moment of like like oh, I get it the early in on you see be like feminist you, like, maybe ninety nine, two thousand, we ve been doing it a up couple years at that point and we started to like cooks. Stuff is starting to happen.
There was a guy who's like really good one. like a really good, talented Guy- and he just failed, this was, I can't do it. I don't want to do this. I don't wanna I dont want like keeps. struggling kind of want a job, yeah yeah and I was like what the fuck do we really blew my mind, I was like. Oh you but it's not enough to have the talent to do than no, because there's look at all these people here who don't have anywhere near the talent, the back I had, and they We are so who tenacious they are going to drive this thing until they succeed, ran ass, is fascinating, yeah, even I'll just say to you can end up on a trajectory Melissa was by far the funniest person I've ever seen in my life or in she. got on a more growth, more girls not being funny This very weird thing: words like she was only one among us that was making a ton of money which was awesome and she had a house which was very theirs, army, as I guess this is. This feels weird
like that's not what she does and thinking for years will that I guess no she's, the funniest personal lives. That's not gonna happen even know she's at the party like she has the door and she's like she's done it. Yet, as she's like didn't seven six seven years on a show that it is in that regard in them without bridesmaids? Who knows where that? But then it makes it begs the question how many mullahs Mccarthy's we're like that, or they always ended up working, which is grey and let's eat. Let's take most Mccarthyism, as a continued example does Melissa Mccarthy turn into like. Is their inevitably a moment where Melissa Mccarthy gets to do the things she does the best or is there or does it not happen without Christian and Annie? Who knew,
or from groundlings yeah wrote that part for her so that she could do the exact thing. Yeah she's the best yeah I mean like like that's what I always come back to an that's. What I'm like really grateful about comedy now in the kind of seeing that I came up in is everybody not just like wants to work with each other, but wants to work with each other for what we do battle yeah. I ask once too, like let everybody come and be like the best version of what yeah and that, in that kind of that, It seems like an evolution by the way that I think so like, because I think I am right now that I think is based on the the he kind of ethos of improv and sketch, which is ensemble and support less so like mercy? re kind of yeah What I will say is more of a stand up. You know, stand up
individual versus the audience will share. If you look at when we were growing up the huge chargers, Steve Martin, who just hand up Eddie Murphy used and the comedy boom- was stand up. Comedies like the most important thing yeah. You know it was just so paramount rendered prior young and then the idea that you know it was also time an essential wasn't as relevant. It's like during those years, we're Lorn, isn't there and all that stuff is going on and then and the, but then I brought it about you guys, but for me, the men. The minute kids in the hall came on. I was like now This is very interesting. That is, this is cool right now something cool. This happened. I I loved. Obviously, servant live as a kid, but for me I was at that age that yet when, when kids in the hall came around now like oh this is me my friend I made a comedy show exactly is so weird indonesian and as
I want to do this year because I doubt you or I we're looking at you know Belushi going yeah. I could be Belushi no that, wasn't in the cards for me, but I was looking at some of the guys falling stuff on yet it's not like. I could. I think I could oh yeah a hundred percent at least know that, I'm that we yes exactly, and that was what I kind of new like in high school junior and senior year. There were score variety shoves, and so we wrote sketches for that. No member writing sketches and be like who I think my sketches. Are we, here. I do not like broad right. I think miner, the weird ones which I really liked- and I did that's, I think, part at the party that was because by then kids in the hall was on. There was I'd found other weird stuff that I really was like respond. into like british shows stuff like that was really need. A bizarre yeah like this is they are. This is cool is excited. I want to know about all these other stuff. You
so I'm gonna what we're gonna get into easy, be really going. But before that I wanted you, you two are on this mission. You have this grant and you go to I gotTa Morocco, Egypt, Israel and Turkey. Ok for two two year, let's just under two years or you long, we did you have a girlfriend. I was boy it was was catastrophically lonely when idly I landed in Morocco like fundamentally unprepared emotional to deal with the grant. Is we give you money? The only thing we requires that you cannot return to the United States for one year. Oh ah, I have to stay. I why that's their whole thing. Their whole thing is we're paying for you to go. Have this spears, a merger. We don't want you coming home for holidays. We don't want you coming home to see here, family or would only good rule. It is oh, my God
I landed in Morocco and I'm not even kidding, had a complete nervous breakdown. I lost my my ear designing like to the private twenty three. Maybe I had you know high school level, French. Spoke no Arabic and was immediately I only out of my element and overwhelmed there is also. This grant is not affiliated with anything. So, unlike a full right or anything else, I'm not I'm not university affiliated. I have no b to check in with I'm not supposed to nobody's looking after me, I'm just like I just get there with a backpack and unlike, all right here. I am an election it was by his parachuted until I go find the back jack except I'm like I have to go, find the musicians that are making music. That is meant to bring them into an ecstatic, trance and communicate with God. That's mad, and it was really like, I would say, a full three weeks of just a nightmare. Let me out
to get the younger listeners. The full breadth of research you could have done was like a father's trap We're going to write. You have got like there was little paper. There is no internet at the time. Although the that's not true, there was the internet, but was no nothing. There was nothing. I could email sure I just gotten my first email address because it's ninety ninety five, when, when I go, and so No, like you couldn't Google stuff, you couldn't do anything. There was nothing. I just was there and I could like call and I could go places and that was it an Iphone We found I ran into than the newly arrived class of the peace corps. Volunteers, ok, that year and I met a whole bunch of them and one there was this woman who is like. Oh, my station is Eric Cash, I'm moving the Marrakech. you don't want to live alone? Do
be my roommate right and I was like a hundred percent. Yes, that was like transformative, just the idea that every day I could having normal conversation with someone overcome coffee or at the end of the day. Just again and chat yeah made everything like fall into place and act like fully come down and then was able to like do everything I set out to do you. Can I just say too, which is really funny about just being human? Is that like, if you're at home- and you have all these options, you have other criteria of who you are? friends with her be relates with rights, and then we you find yourself. I've been lonely like that at other times over seas and man it all it takes. Is you speak English? I'll, be best friends. I sought for version as indeed that it really helps almost like. It's only we're any humans good.
When you need it, oh and when you are like hungering for that connection, just really just an ordinary conversation can say she ate that desire. You know what you need a really helps it's it's a good experience to realise how much we need each other. Oh yeah is otherwise. You could go you're alive with vigour in that, but you over there for two years ended, did reach sweet spot where you're like. Oh, I really like this yeah lobby did because I stayed longer legume as I was getting close to the end of my year. I they still have a lot of money, and I was like you know what fuck it. I'm gonna keep going I don't have to go home. They dare not requiring me to go back. I can keep why don't I just keep going so I did because because there is definitely a point in which I kind of figured out how to do it. Well, and I got good at being on my own. You go meet musicians! Young you! If you would say I have this interest, is what I'm doing. This is what I'm studying. This is what I am interested in. So, for example, in Morocco it was this kind of music. That's called. Can our music? The intention
which is tat, kind of exercise, demons from people. Ok, basically, people who are possessed by demons, which really means their sick right. There would these all night musical ceremonies where they would play Tran based music like incredibly repetitive, music, right and people with dance, but people had fallen to France's and do all it was like really interesting kind of, and so it, but it would take me a long time to earn peoples trust her share that. Let me watch this kind of stuff at first it like. I know you can come to my house and I'll play. You just so you can see it took me a very long time for them to be like ok tonight, at six o clock, we'll pick you up and just in will be gone for the whole night in any of those experiences. Did you experience anything trans idea? You didn't, I didn't know, do you think, because you're some,
maybe just not even susceptible to say, like limit, is. Are you those in closed off? That way, I am a little bit like like ie. I don't think that's I mean I suspect I'm not open to right yeah I'd. Also, like never had anything approaching periods where I would be like. Oh, I think, there's a ghost this right right. When I media yummy me, I'm super pragmatic science based, but this stuff is so interesting to me. I'm so like I'm so interested what's happening. I want to know what unopposed says level is happening both for the musicians but also for these dancers. Also for the sick. Personally, what's going on MRS Wild and fascinating yeah
and did you like drugs when you're younger? No, I didn't do any drugs or drink alcohol and times and merely thirties, no kidding leaving no alcohols zero based on what what wise done. Weird family history or I don't know, although personally might like my parents- didn't much drink. So I wasn't around it much and it was obviously a big thing like super like suburban high school parties, jar and stuff. If, where is too has Guess as to why I didn't drinker do any drugs, I would say it is probably because I have of a life threatening food, allergy, two eggs. Oh and eggs is in a lot of stuff, and so I grew up very beer based and very scared of things, and very much needed to be an desiring to be incomplete control and have to be hyper vigilant about em. The thing that I would like to put in my body, and so I think that
conceptually the idea of being out of control, drunk or stoned like not being able completely visualize. What that would mean exactly or maybe I would be like I don't know, I'm drunk. I want to eat the cooking. All right then I got it may be being out of control, maybe being stoned means I wouldn't big. I wouldn't be smart enough to read the ingredients on the packaging and then I'm dead yells disease. Did you have any crazy experience with eggs as a kid like real airlifted Ernie, though never airlifted, but I like plenty of emergency room. Did you haven't appy panned yeah you live and if you can not an ep, I did you kill someone. I did I guy in areas. Yet what have I when I went on ass? I went on a date with a women and an we. It was a great like first is a first date even and great. We had at Superfund first date and Chechnya to channel K, had a bunch drinks and then ok, we go to sake good night at the end of the night, and we we make out for
a couple minutes sure- and I am like so weird like, I feel like I'm having an alert Jack reaction to, but I all we didn't even eat any food, like all we did was drinking issues that go. What are you allergic to another emerging two eggs and she goes there's egg in the drink that I had theirs. again, the drink that I had I had some bringing egg drew angrily drive like froth at yeah ology. This has gotten me twice once this way, because her drink had eggs. We made out in their eyes like she was like. Oh my god, oh she's, like I'm so sorry, fishermen as oh, it's ok. I just have to go home to manage all due and happy Bennett I'll be fine, but indeed does it immediately affect your breathing it. It will affect breathing it it just is it's a matter of how much of a ingested and what like strength abbot like, for example, if there is a bit of egg
in the production of three does. Cookies and ate one bite of one cookie. I knew that it would take. It would be a little bit. Slow right but it would take a couple minutes for me to notice it right but like I was at a friends house who had grapes sugar grapes, on the table- and I, like my metz- he's pretty safe one two and, as I hang on what's up with these grapes and she like in order to get the sugar is to give the role of Gmos The time I was in her lobby, I was almost unconsciously home. I, like I, was like mine. It was in this This years ago, in New York, I got into a cap of my girlfriend at the time, and I said for the first I'm too her gay. We ve been together very like ten years of that link. If unconscious when we get to the hospital this. These are the three things you need Tell them while- and I wasn't in it was fine. But he was by the way
ass to my most impressed that you were even able to go abroad for two years, because I think this is his whole. Oh yeah, environment. I was a bunch of times that I got into really dicey situations. I stayed in like a cement room in general, MIKE and in a monastery in Greece. I almost died, really wonder your hypochondria you're, not a high, but have you actually very concerned at all that the memories like there is and that I had a therapist one say to me like you, you have every right to be vigilant and crazy about only food you are inappropriately applying that template other parts of your life, and it's just inappropriate. like you, that you shouldn't be as vigilant and as controlling in your relationships in your whatever end these other things you because you only actually need to do that for food. Yet I would
very hard to delineate when, when its appropriate, so you ve had a hundred episodes of being scared from this egg. Zizi goodness, it's everywhere, it's a lot of stuff. Can I make a suggestion? Go for it? Will you try a vital farms. Egg I'd love to there they are If you re range, bullshit is nonsense. Gatherings budgets is what I'm gonna say. They here's how much decks and committed to this body in order to bring up the eggs in order to support yours by what is called by the vital harm farms love, I would love who is in prison for you guys vital farms, Jason it is here saying I would literally die Lena Vital you go and it would be. The list is actually also many fine and, above all, they brought out. If I'm ready to check out, it's gonna be vital farms. That thing I hope, I'm lucky enough to serve you, that a state
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these dark, like Apple Ford or Sprint, to help you build your portfolio sign up at arm chair DOT, Robin hood dot com, ok? So you make your way home yeah and you you ve, not dedicated six years, your life to both music and the algae on some? Well sure, and you go ok, well. This is what am I gonna do with all. This is the role that at this point, I am only planning on moving to New York in doing comedy. Ok, I'm like without all time you were like, I know I'm gonna get into that. Yes, I had I not been heading gotten that grant. I it moved to New York, you comedy right. That was my plan, but I got
The grant and like all do this is this is cool. I was at the time that I did the that I got the grant and left I was five: or six callbacks deep for the blue man group, you any other makes its exact or draw Maria, and they were. It was the first to one of the first expansions and one of the most important things they needed was drummers d, and so there is. There was a moment where I was like. I might maybe two. Maybe it won't go travel. Maybe I'll see what this blue man thing happens and then, as I know, not wait about when we talk about my, should go and do this trip. This is amazing. When I'm gonna get this opportunity, somebody gimme a bunch of money to go to in places and studies, something I'm genuinely fascinated by, but so there was always a sum performance element like I done catching improv in college and in high school and so like that was always a like to me
Where I wanted to like. I wanted to be honest, NL I want that was my right. Those were my kind of goals, so you get back to New York and then quickly do you find new sea being priests almost immediately almost immediately. I am I go and see. I go in. Do a show and then, at the end, that show they say a word each classes this before these a theatre. They would render different venues to do shit right and so the one they were renting out. The first among them was the red room up above the KGB bar. I think I'm a venue that also to people would do stuff in yet and then then they head like a kind of not a residency. like they had like every Sunday. night they would do ass cat at a place called solo arts, and that became the first like. That's when I took classes is in that spirit of how old was it at that point? When you saw for the first time up we're not even that maybe a year they ve been there year may be ok ended. You fall head over heels in love with polar the second going on. I was
wanna die? It was like they do that maybe you like how you felt about seen Melissa like I really was like oh ok cause. I would go a show that was like the you see before you know, draft in a Faye, Adam Mackay, Brian Mccaffrey, Brian Stag, Miriam toll in Andy Richter, like all like the heaviest of heavy hitters from that Chicago generation from just the previous generation of Chicago the Chicago group that did like the legendary Chicago shows the second city. Any problem pictures watching them amazed right. The shows or amazing polar though just like screaming amazing talent from the stage unbelievable it'll captivating irony- when I saw even polarizing sizar do improv. I just kind of thought to myself: will this can't be you can't be somebody this beautiful, that's also so funny This one you unease person like just the fun
it's easy, like retire unicorn, younger destruction, this crazily unicorn early and then the next time. I really feel like I saw that was. I was here. I went to a Sunday company show someone is likely she goes in Sunday company, you ve, never see, I've never seen grovelling show and it was good show, but there were two sketches that we're like next level, aha and it with both of them, are christian wig sketches rye and I was like. I don't know who that is, but like that person is that's a thing. That's like well, yeah. I was just blown away. It was like exception, so you You get into you c b and then for longer in one of the first, team you're right we like them. I am on a team of mother that is like a big like one of the longest like bigger house teams, yeah the swore mother, others respect o a couple of their teams that we're like the kind of long running a house teams yeah indeed do, as this was happening. What year does Polar got up to ESA? Now too
thousand one. Two thousand want of timber, two thousand ones there. Her first show is right after September. Eleven congratulate inquired luck right, a moment's puzzle, That's it herself Myers that class began there first show, I think, was two weeks after September that something like that I might be, that might be a little bit wrong, but there's something like that year. In so. people that you are now friends with our argue, in those opportunities. what are you thinking of this can happen to me, are you like? It's not gonna happen to me from me, like a I'm, not a jealous person. I think If you- because I came out of the improved thing in everything there is, it seemed to me- there was room for everybody. I firmly believe that the more people from our seem that get successful the more p but from our seen, they're gonna use yeah. So when popular NL. It was great right but pull
was like polar was AB only part of our scene, but she started Arcy right. It was really when leg rig. oh god, s in our high, and I was like wait a minute now. My peers are getting now Vienna, where, when, like I audition for the daily show, when Helms and Coronary got it This is exciting. These are. These are my peers. These are the people that I was in classes with or whatever yeah like Polar was my teacher. It gives you that much more real it was acting. I really exciting. I really loved that those those years felt like because there was a bunch of years like but since ninety eight to like to a thousand one to that to where certainly like they used to be themselves and the people from that generation were working. Sketch out or doing other stuff, but the
all of us within the scene below we were still just scrapping Pino yeah and then the. How are you even? What were you doing for while I worked, I saw at first was a temp and then I was hired full time in a computer, graphics, department, J, P, Morgan on where I work for three years. So, who is super. We not what I like. I have full day job by new. Clearly shaved back, oh yes, yes, because I say when I met you. I don't know if you remember when we first met ASCAP and with you you're with will ah- and we went out, I feel like to the half king afterwards YAP, and then you almost immediately after that you were a baby mama, oh yeah. That's right, that's kind of where I remember, meaning you on the roof tapioca that scene. That's true to you, and I had seen you in a couple improv showed us prior to that that you're really funny and then I also had this moment where your movie as like all again, I can go on all day
polar how much I love her, but she is one of these people that really goes out of her way to pull people up with their. In my opinion, I mean I'm without a doubt. The idea that link like that movie. You know that scene where it's all the pregnant couples. It's like bright Stack is in there, I'm in there. They think of it, like they're they're, just using people that they know unless yeah I did that that they know will do well, but they also are supporting what what does it interesting, as you would think alike, were, of course that's what people would do, but at the same time now, because you're so stuck in your own obsession about getting to the destination that actually take someone. It's abnormal benevolence keep reminding you like. Oh, I also gotta think of everyone around me. Oh no, absolutely, which really was such a formative, part of that scene,
as like really support, and whenever people got success they would almost invariably turn around and pull a bunch of other people forward. Yeah, like I think, when Cordery had children's hospital, he turned around and grab so people are like come right can perform come. Do this thing with me? Yeah, do you ever worry? For instance, for me, if I Look at all? Those comedians are obsessed with in the eighties. There's only couple let us somehow, I dont know how they did it. They stayed sharp like bill. Married me, as I was crazy anomaly. Were I dont know how, but he is everything he's always been short. It can be Instead, the age roughly Jellia Jamb comes. It is a thing unlike drama Drama is drama, is drama, is dropped the air, like God, or guise of something he always ass. He had to have access to those emotions, no matter what time it is an amateur when you're finding that thing, whether to move from thirty years ago, or present day. Whenever you do you trading in that stuff, genre same thing comedy evolve like changes are too.
sing, comedy change, generationally every like twelve or so years. We decide like with a new path. Yeah. I like the idea that, like we went from the kind of singular bra I'd like a gym, carry ace venture a liar liar. You know that era of the mask the supernatural old, doesn't obey any naturalistic laws of of of anything crazy bob up up up up that. We then crazy, cancer yeah. I very high concept, magical realism, kind of stuff, the idea that we then go and shift completely into what the kind of Judd surf in ever more naturalistic bore improvised kind of these movies, clearly exist in the real world, the performance
does that are being given are ensemble in a big ensemble of people acting pretty much like normal people act Jane as funny as possible. Within that context, and that is, has in the kind of taste for the last whatever I feel like were suffering some transition right now that we don't really know what we don't. I think that's why comedies been doing pretty bad for the latter a couple years. Yeah, it's easy. the girl, if you're a studio present to go like ok, I mean I'm. The reason why I mean but be point out something really interesting. I have I thought it was that yeah, I think, we're probably in a paradigm shifts I'm going to come out with something that works. Here's one of my fears, Everyone wants to laugh, they need to laugh, you gone Instagram in you can get a joke and thirty second ass. It's very easy. I'm leavin all day long, looking two guys crash fork lives, you know. Whatever the thing I find is funny. You can't get drama that way. You can't get a thirty
Second dose of drum. I think you're right. I think a lot of our appetite for comedy is now been farmed out to social media. Or will you too, yeah. You know like I'm like when I would talk to me. Like my nieces and nephews about it, What do you think it's funny? Would you watch? How do you watch it? You know, and it's not who obviously right now cause it's closed, but for years, it was just fine right, vine was their preferred. Avenue defined. Funny stuff, then watch to upset I'm leaving they weren't watching tv shows, define they don't know who stand up. Canadians are right, I mean why did they do they really don't ride ain't? No vine star shower or you two people get those directed like with super efficient way, jumping rights or whatever the thing, but what it's doing in a kind of terrible, well, not on a terrible way because at a whereas I dont want to it in a way that is, that is disappointing, me personally
is that it is like the focus. EL for how we process comedy. A lot of times or how we process a lot of stuff. Isn't I point Michael at the world- and I show you the world as I see it, it is, I point the camera at myself, men tell you about the world. As I see it, it is all like we live in this like really weird period of like hey guys, guess what I'm here, the day that I decided. I'm gonna do the five things that I said I was gonna do when I was eleven years old. I found the list when I set my mom says last week. This is what we're doing today and that's a video that, like a year, I can- and I want to see it away- you just described it. I want to see the party the yes, but that hey guys terrifying, yet be here's my bigger fear, Sadness over the whole thing is that companies infinitely better when its shared experience. Yes, there's nothing. Like. When I saw a wedding crash
Santa Monica, I believe that what was happening right and it was this all getting amplified by one another and we're missing like two minutes sex. of dialogues, we're all as a result, all hard and we won fucking ride, but like nobody but you're talking about something that is in and of itself almost like a disappearing thing, which is going. to the movies, and I don't know I can't get can't get my nieces and, if used to be interested to go to the movies from right as something that to me was like the most special most fun thing yeah, I think for them there like. Who cares what didn't want something. I'm here now watch me. I'm watching irregularly makes me sad for my children, cadet output, unlike what say ALF, which they dig and it's a great Christmas moving super funny, and I just think oh, but I saw this ice, I know exactly. I was in New Zealand shooting without a paddle I went saw there. There is a lot. Oh kid behind me,
the anti matter see any goes. I like him. I like him so much dad like he was having this building about welfare yeah. You know publicly in stating that year- and I was like that's what made ensue mean something like that. J D, like words is like, I know we are also doing a bad job cuts. Eating comedies that are visually interesting, such that people would feel like they would want to go to the movies to see them. You know I, unfortunately we are now making comedies that have anything approaching: the visuals that make it compelling visual story time. It's truly just locked off cameras primarily point: people who are improvising and then that's just joked is just head jokes and not like thoughtful. Do you know
These are the comedy movies that we grew up on. You know you're caddy shacks year either mean yes, there bloated, yes, their slow, sometimes or whenever now in retrospect, but these are well made movie right. I was excited to see when I was reading about you today that you co wrote. Alike Didier yeah me of their were you. I was writer number three ok and I was rewritten more, the final movie. Ok, the version of the movie I wrote was specifically for or ice cube and Andy's Amber ok, it was the version I wrote in it like it made. Its way was like I'd written a pilot for NBC. That was all cops, was called off duty. It is like a cops who you never see doing police work. Ok, though, it's like the drive up to why
came into a grisly murder, seeing a motorway, and so I offer that they hired me to rewrite that they had written? That was very. That was very peachy. Who is very much like ice cube wants to gear. The guy that's gonna, marry his sister, so It creates a bunch of fake scare. For him right and to chase the guy off, and I was like I'll- do this, but the way I want to do it is I want to do the shield as a comedy la but and they were like, go ahead, but do let's try that yeah, you know, and so I wrote it and they were very into it. Looked at from a news can get made and then it all fell. Part yeah got put into turn around and then twenty one Jump street came out. Ice cube was funny in that movie. People were like ice cube is funny and to their credit keeps company was like. We have a comedy script, starring ice cube that will make a right, and so we universal bought it out of turn around. They put Kevin hard in it.
And then they hired Manfredi and hate to rewrite me It is right that wrapped is that happened. Heart struck right there's no. Now they are just another. Another writing team. Ok on the scene. At the time who were great- and I have a question- you see me monitoring. Yes, he be person. I was super super into it and, thirdly, to because I have a dinner reunion tonight with one of my first indy teams, which was fun. I guess my question is speaking of the Bible on my leg five years ago is really when I was super into it, which now it's like it in saying how big it is sure I feel like I was like the last class of it still being soared over small, but we did. Have what's hilarious, is like you think that too,
I think that two and I'm the class that started negotiating, namely that when I started you c b, there was maybe like a hundred of us yeah. Well, that's what I'm that's what I'm getting at this before them. School opened an auxiliary staff big. You guys, like the first group, were the bomb, I dont want to use the word hold cause I don't know indoctrinated. No people use the word cult around you c b in o because it is such a such a kind of what has taken before it's like here is our system. Here is the way take these clam. Then you get access to the stage. Then you can be a team. If you are good enough to be on this team, you might be able to get into this teaching me out in its life. It we got us every day in practice, groups here on ten teams. Every thing I got, I feel like my generation of using these incredibly lucky because we came in a time where there were not many of us, we had just gotten Peter and we had we could we could just
on stage almost always yeah like I was doing, shows off every night of the weak or I was teaching or I was directing it I was doing like I did Malcolm Gladwell ten thousand hours in those, First, you know probably six to eight years in New York, I Julia. I was constantly doing, or talking about or big exam. Mean Improvin Skype. Is it strange to be one of those people there were, you are like heralded. We you're walking into the theater and there's the line and there Looking at you like, oh my god, she's here. Yes, it is bad for you. It is like you're, not wrong. I know what you mean like you within you see beer within like there is perhaps no, please, I more famous yeah, then in an Improv theatre, yeah, you I mean like because those really are the people who are like you're like oh this
person is like one of the most senior people. That does this thing that I am aspiring to do or that I am obsessed with its not just like being in the supermarket and having somebody be like. Oh, I, like you, I'm buckling does this is like you're in a comic books in you, see, Stan exactly it's that really commoner, comedy nerds symptom to comedy nerds. I am guess somebody India, because I dont think of it all the time. But then, when I meet people who talk to younger comedy people like, of course, I have now been just doing this long enough and a lot of people have been like So you do a show. The day, twelve years ago. You see be in New York, I don't you remember, you were doing a scene with somebody and you did this and then you said that I was and am always like. I don't remember that I did last week nevermind twelve. Your letter arrived these people they go and they watch your show. These people- and I was at one point when they go in
Sharon's like Europe says to his Son of SAM, I'm telling you I can, I can tell you, is Jason, wants to do the show and those like that there be great at the level of which it was as if the residual Aden does. It was as if only in order to Caprio had call us. I will literally answer analysed all you see because Monica Hamley, but they go to you- show them they gotta birds after and then they spend an hour talking about, your show, that's great an you. I've never seen moment more starstruck. We ve had so many valuable. No, it's interwoven its money because you're breaking down. Basically, imagine. You are asking Ashton in here I mean you resurrect people watch your show and then they like to talk about it overdue like this is something that would never fascinate you, because it was my were, I think it's all I like it is its aid is in it. Has that fervent
kind of it is it is it's an art form that is so satisfying to do. But if you are so, if it does. It is also very satisfying to talk about my eye like like about. If you are not too, I always say my poor girlfriend, yet that I have for nine years the whole town was going to the Israelis. She D sit there. My fucking living human has us about our sketches. Oh yeah, oh Don't blow you now know will sit in the bar. You guys got a bird because that's where the young people, who we don't go to the old people bar but and break down. The show you know like just like a phone, a clinical. Do you just for fun to Billy? Ok, then, why did you do that like does it's fun or like I do so. That's just mean their person One scheme for an hour you know is: bullshit? It's just we walk out on stage genesis. as June and it just one real time, improvised seen, yeah
those hours? Those are and then afterwards there's a question and answer period because their oftentimes increase Emily crazy shows emotional super. Weird people cry it's really wild and the offer I would say ninety percent of the audience is improv students rights, all of whom have a lot of questions. We just did what we just did. You know a process level and that I love of process. Genuinely. I love to talk about improvising. I love to talk about how integral important. It is in my life. I've been in my career aid is such a it's something I talk about constantly in therapy and something that I think is applicable telling all Elam of life whenever people are like oh, you know the game in like an interview with something like it. Why do you still do? Improv shows? You know you're on tv you did it. You made it. Why do you still do a weekly show it you see me like? I wouldn't I wouldn't stop
working professionally. If you told me I could just improvise every enabling ray, I would prefer to step on that state and pay my mortgage do and that there is nothing that makes me feel like more solidly in my own body and head then being on stage without knowing what's getting one year also connecting to people in a way that is very heightened in can really be replicate. Without again drugs, which I advise you to do, yeah it's it's, it's a very fine, unique connected yeah experience, that's really go yet, but you that You already said something that's a little bit of a clue for me, which is- and I don't know how you are this way. My wife happened to me this way too, but use you're not jealous of other people that around you, which is incredible, did you production for life. I did not know it in I, the closest I ever got was one year. The first step is they ask you send a tape in one year I got ass to send to take up, and that was it at that point.
we were doing like Lorn would come and watch you c B. Showcases ok so like there would be a night where there would be like, me and like I was partners with Jessica, Saint Clair, for like ten years ago, we were like other comedy team, so we it would be like two of our sketches to sketches from this other group and they would the everybody would get like a shot and like it would be a full audience, but like Lorn in Marcy, unlike Higgins, would be their branching kind of thing vessel oh yeah, the first couple times very strongly. I forgot my nose was in the audience with very stressful, yeah, but then, once it was like abundantly clear, I was we're going to be honest and and and then, if morn was there, it didn't. That was fine, Mina right because I was like I dont this isn't going, but the dust show that I desperately wanted and could never. Yet an audition for every year or every year they had additions, was the daily show
that was more your land, where the hell is it just. It felt particularly vibrant, yet that I feel like you're, very natural yeah. I couldn't crack it. I could not crack their thing. Yeah exactly and I was heartbroken like that's the one that I did. I kept going back at Once this, and always like, I was, I never even tried again show that the daily show every time they were like me. I don't think so. I was like next year you Yeah yeah yeah, I feel like you, would have been very very great yet now I mean that seems again has its own little genre paradigm, to that, like the guy socially minded, those are the two scenes in New York at the time, The Us Nl group- and it was the because there is nothing else there, except for Letterman Aghast, but we know for performers. It really was those are the two gigs you know here's my hearted in question to be word this correctly, you
you're, very much like a comedians communion. I think all comedians. No, you! Ok! That's my per cent. I'll. Take that I mean. I love that description. Thank you. Ben recurring, on all of MIKE's shows you write your own parks urine. The good do you get resentful to have that cachet among us and did not leaning your own tv show, has that frustrated you over the years. it has not it as it has not. I have had a number of heart breaking fail. There is that I wish succeeded, but I we'll say I love being the vote. of where I am the role you hey I've, where I am. I love that debt MIKE once use me and all his shows love that, like the guy who It's an directs. The John Wick Movies called me as I will you come and be in this move.
I love that, like I'm, like a person that people want either love or think is their secret. Weapon think is like some introduce me to welcome you yeah, I'm, not somebody who is out there doing nothing. Just stop that everyone is another Zack. I again, media really is like I liked being able to pop upon things here and there I had a there are, but there are a couple things like a developed to show for myself historian at Showtime like two year three or to three years ago. That would have been like my show right and I was heartbroken that it didn't go now. That's fine, but- and I will continue to develop for myself in, but you know like every year I get offered pie It's an shows that I just don't think her. So I kind of don't do them right? Ok, so you view of rain available to great stuff exactly. There is a certain point where, during the ten years that I feel like, I would happily have signed up to been. Fourth banana,
on a sip come. Nobody wanted me to be right, couldn't get a job. I had a pretty successful writing career during those ten years. Yeah sold shows, sold, features, wrote a bunch of stuff had like. Maybe a good living Thea and then I got the league which was transformative for me, because I feel that the show that really is like the baseline for people Do you like, oh That's how you use that guy. I get it now ripe and right. People started to use me yeah and then that show a natural being improvise also play directly into my skill set. I very quickly was able to be very funny on that show with like no production just being like. I was never responsible for story. I could just come in and be as disruptive yes and when they allowed that they act. We had one of the things that I'm in then the good places, the same thing, which I'm very before or Brooklyn these are begun samples, and they still
Will I won't? Let me come in and like steel ok sure and do a bunch of non set, yeah trash them, and I really there I'm so that's when you ask like, does it I love that that's where I met a task that I get to go in and be funny on shows that I think are already phenomenal. You know like watched season one of the good places? Tat was amazing, yeah and end in Nigeria and then in season two, and when my called to say, do you want to come and do this character? I was, I guess I don't even need to know what it is. You just tell me window yes, and there have been times or have shown up like thinking that egg you need to know these like this is like like transparent, was a good example like I was like, I knew Jill but as like This is a desirable shot like I'm anyhow, I need to be like ready, I prepared did my stuff. We did the first take she has always nano sorry. I heard you to do your
yeah yeah, that'd placeholder. Yes, so you just do the thing you do yeah because it was. It was a scene with J duplex who have no yeah this when Amy Land Dagger and has to be sure and southern just started improvising the scene and within the sea within the improv. I just started flirt. with Amy Landleaguers Character and then by the end of the day, Jill was like. Well, I guess you to come back and season to see you guys can have said so that ended up Halsey. I think maybe this is one of the answers, because similarly, IVO enjoyed whatever I got to do because more often than that I had a huge sense of ownership over yet because I have been allowed to do the thing I do and I could be happier being fit on the call Sheikh I had owned the thing I said totally than if I had been the star: oh yeah, there's some about that. That's really lower than we are allowed a degree of freedom when you are occupying our position is in a business,
it is constantly kind of challenging your sense of power or control, or any of that we luckily are allowed degree of control. simply because our skill set is something that is valued so generally now I see my wife If she sees at your coming- and she knows that the but there's other times words like you kind of are all on the same level. I'd say you get hired and your somehow allowed to that, but then other gladiators ever to be gently. We held not that can be avoided every all we're a moment right well and there is also shows that I've gone on to where they don't improvising, but I am allowed to rush into exactly before. I'm like I went on to dirty grandpa, Virginia on Zack Efron and I knew is- and I knew the director- and he was like I need you to like improvise a lot I mean just like, like funny crazy stuff. I guess I got it, I see what's up and
Zack, I met a neighbours. I guess and then is but Deniro didn't know at all and its Deniro and I was like she's intimate Asia, and my first take my first day. The director explains to Zack and Robert Higgins. Ok, well, you know, do we're gonna, do this taken Jason's, just gonna kind of like Lugano, ceases to do whatever the fuck do you want to go in there and I was going ok, and am I here. We go because I, like I dont, want to waste disguise time. Yeah. The only thing you know like you, don't wanna be indulgent and waste any more time. These disrupt Geneva rescue weirdly, you weirdly of police yourself, When I, when we made the dictator, sergeant I would regularly do twenty five minutes give rise, or I regularly do twenty five minute, improvised that word not right, and I was like what continent use you with this sets. This is chaos, but I go and I just start ravine, doing stuff and Deniro just like staring at me.
I mean he's not, I carries. Does there is there and I'm just doing However, I am sure this guy's gonna he's gonna, be soap is an I finished. My spare ok cut a great many, he kind of stoic kind of dinner facing us. There was some funny Stephanie. but, like that, I got They weren't improvising. They didn't do a lot of improvising them right, but they wanted me to sometimes you don't know the actors are going to be. The other actors might be annoyed. you're being indulgent or that you're being allowed to kind of waste time, but then something gets. Sometimes people get really excited. This kind of thing improvising improvising in these contexts We ve been going on for a simple. I turn out like when I Brooklyn and start doing little improv bits.
Brower was like what are you doing. Your fish are genuinely like so furious again on a pro this level, he was like how doing this right. You coming up with these other lines, the night before her you, because he is such ferocious like process monster of preparedness yeah. He comes with choices, he comes with like options for his lines, he's gay such a consummate professional and is crushing and then the here I am just like fuckin stupid due on and around like being a maniac, and he was so tickled by a but was also like. How are you doing? my out is mechanically, what's have and how to get worker, and that's me like dancing, was the same on the good place he was like. This is cute like this While to show you tat my first day on the good place, they were like. Ok, I was like what's my
field of motion. Where am I in you can go from there to their instead was catholic? What's going on about that's wonderful, It's really fun when you're on the good place. Obviously I watch that very good show you, as it is incredibly talent. she's, incredibly talented. She can really do all the thing. All that ass yeah I mean I have almost nothing on earth. Yes, if you're us training, Are you single item You are saying I am single, yet do would you like to be married and I would very much like to be married. He I am, I am like that is the thing that I am most shocked by in my life is that I have gotten to be forty five and don't have a family. I was so on that point and was like on board for it right, you know: do you want a bad knew? I wanted it had a relationship that was like eleven years long that I was a great. Let's do this sum in YO
and then so, but then that didn't work couple of others didn't work and I'm like single end like shock? Do you have a pattern where you're aware of like ok next time around zeal learn a lot in the love it learn, meaning I feel like it is. I am trying to cumulatively learn like get. I want. Any get better at this right. I need to get better at figuring these things out, Yak, as I get into like. Oh, I get into a thing and then three years go by and then it ends and I'm like. Ok, That was that what am I meant to learn from this? How do I d better at this yo? Do you think maybe the you stay with people longer than you should very much so yeah do you think. That's because you have a hard time hurting summons lines or hey guys. I think I think there's that. I also think that, if I feel like I have chosen you you like this is the choice I've made. I'm I'm then followed through
better where I am going to follow. You gonna try I'll go to therapy I'll go to work on it, because I think we can figure this out. I write you and I we Smart enough. We can with what the problems are yeah, we're, certainly smarter and better capable of dealing with them. Let's do it yeah. I always feel like there is a future just ahead, we're We have figured out this bit of nonsense that were set a hundred, then everything will be better yeah, but that's not the case and then its doesn't have ever you ever been tempted. the prey on some of these students you see. We know now that every over real it would never not not one of your eye. sure students, but the group people that no, not the girls in Minor- and I mean like I certainly at times dated other people in the U C, B, c: ok, you're, Amy right like coming up like my like my.
years ago, all just above wealthy enemy that you're gonna lie, but No, not like the Attic Labour Montague described as like the girls at birds, or something like that would be very hard for me not to go in and I find it bull know who I am I will I am less interested in them. Ah, there's something that makes me it's lay. It is that it is just that thing of like. Oh, is this transactional for you, because I'm me to you yeah Susie Iverson in that mean something which in some cases is fine. I got. There is indeed very probably ordinance turn I forget who they are just talking about, but the exit Ronnie or something like. Aren't you worried that these girls are just with because you're using this. I hope that's. Why I'm here with music, all that's kind of a revolution way to look at a year ago. That is what you want, but now I think it's silly ethnic went him ass to you. This is it weird that I
oh things about you that you haven't told me my in relation to that must be so weird if you're a public per cent you date, someone who knows. A viewer has like watched a video of you and oh sure, like they know things about you that you haven't decided to tell them, should also strangle. You know a lot about me right yeah. You knew I was allergic to hold off about me. We ve never met before. I know you whatever you ve, listened to my podcast or a podcast, I was on her something else is partially, why I M not on social media or anything like that is like, There is enough information about me out there that I have put out their mostly on podcast. That is who can get to know part of Aaron element of media, and that is very strange. You are talking to a figure tat if you meet a woman and you talk inner and then see no,
Information about you and you don't know information about her, that's odd years. You can. I offer a theory inshore, I wonder It has anything to do with the fact that you really enjoy the winning someone over ass back the did the getting approval from somebody that maybe you initially assume wouldn't give you approval absolutely, and if you start to me it's why never honoured students drip clubs. I just never appealed to mix of what they want money. This is there's no. I can't buy into the fantasy gathers killing ahead about me as my money aggregate learned here, because they, Like me? Yes, so if, if someone is, you know, inordinately attracted do without ever having talk to you, it's like there's really know, there's nothing there too, over to win over audit shore to earn Think, though, that the thing that is very real is in success. I have to presume that in
in a way that is part of the job that I have chosen to pursue. People will know who I am sure, so I can't live in a world in which I would only date, someone who has whose litter I don't know you are ok. Having achieved or attain that kind of status where people would look up to you and in regard you in a way that you probably regarded other comedians yeah sure as if you were connected those does like. I am I in my own life, I, like I hold certain people on this level. I just think they they were something different than any of us are Chevy Chace or would have ruled over. These guys are then I looked up to and then occasionally seen in someone's eyes like holy shit. This person literally looks at me, like I'm Chevy Chace Oh wow, chubby, Jesus, just a normal to everyone, just Dumdum. This weird some states can create this relief fake. I
its isn't it like, isn't it. I also any like trembling, I'm doing with talk to me like a service and trembling. and like almost interior, because they are about to talk to me. You're gonna like this is, while Yes, this is this. Is wild raking kind of shatter the old thing for you personally, which I think is weirdly a healthy thing? Absolutely what this is like? What luck that the thing we are good at doing and love to do also, brings us in success a lot of it pension, that is in a law of validating and I'm sure makes us feel good. I would do it without tat I would do it without being able to be on tv if I could just do it in the theater, whatever buddy still, that is still the ip. I want those laughs. I want that audience like. I love that audience. Yeah that to me is like the diner.
like. I always want to be in the enemy onstage and with alive audience. That's exciting. You know whether its doing the podcast are doing you c b shows or whatever I love that that's exciting to me and and the fact that people take from that and excitement to then talk to me that's what it might make them nervous or whatever. I that's. That's, that's amazing, yet it pretty crazy and it does The kind of demerits, only elephant yeah for me, it's not even like help born Zadig I'm getting off on that aspect. I just its helpful for me the right size. Oh your way, I look at others. I guess we'll. also- and I don't have you found this- I also find meeting those people to be itself like a corrective More generally speaking in the area of people's being an absolute, although I will say, did you the funny. Things are seen in real life, even though yes, we all know that you have shown in the year. We were
France and we share the car back from like the venue back to the hotel going out. There's all these people there. cabbages, a piano poseurs and everything gets out Emilio charities because yes, it is very much better. Now, thank you for asking, and then he just through it, much better. Now, thank you for asking. No one asked with its evident failure, as I only really is still the guy. He filled with the Eastern got area, Well thanks so much for coming here and giving us so much of your time you'll. Have me on out of this get made. We would love to and did you have any other? oh reservation about going like. How can we really talk negative? about just knowing how hard it is drawing things out earnestly everyone sets out to totally. I think that the way we kind of come at it is our.
My view is, we are celebrating these movies. We are not really enjoying this right. We are not here to be like low Is she the actor? Look at this piece of shit? What a fuckin grinding slog! I hated this rabble that we are there to be like whether it the room or you know Miami connection or any of these kind of amatory movies that somehow get there we are or whether its greenly in turn or the fast in furious movies or those gonna things that we also really get into share? It is always from a point of view of, like I'm excited, to talk about this right now, yea and that's more often than not with the approach we take, so that we're not we're not gonna. Take anything down. We all have been in bad movies. We all know what it takes to make a move almost impossible to make a good it's fair and we get that, and so I think part of what is fun about our show, because there's a budget shows that dude some version of what we do. I think what is spent about ours is just the
The conversation amongst the three of us and our guest is usually a very compelling fun. Yet you're between friends right and almost anything. Rarely does it verge on, like anything like now getting real mean we're, not turn a trash anything or anyone ever we're gonna have you and you're gonna glass era, well thanks again for common is exciting for Monica and me Monica back check it all. I gave you a lot of data the fact tat. A lot of information. To fact, check is gonna, be a busy beaver akin to, Air play right up there with her voice, and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, mate Monica bad men. Do you think that traders people's me Sophronia aside, the has ever Stangerson unhappy crazy?
I'm so anyway, I'm giving these me sophronia people way too much attention. Apparently this as seventy percent of our audience hasn't LISA? We should re title this podcast to me, Sophronia Dac Shepherd. what does that tell you about the other day our friend Laura. She has a weird thing where she can't like have toothpicks or like would stuff makes her feel funny partners like oh, that sort of adjacent to me. Sophronia channels oh it back on me. Sinfonia is area, though Bob Eventual they probably as more and more like twenty three me data comes in all these different places that are mapping people's genome. There they'll be a genetic, for everything or you might not wanting would in your mouth now eyeing would in your mouth, he's sitting down if you're a guy not liking meanness, yeah predilection towards chocolate over vanilla right right right right
Jerusalem moves Zuni, thin man guess we finally got him on here: the mules peculiar about Jerusalem. Man's Lucas's of the many names I've had a hard time pronouncing Israel's off my tongue, and it's it's it's objectively harder to say that many of the people have struggled with, of course, Brett wines dying, YAP hell. You know the Breton wine Stein thing is just simply muscle memory of having said wine steam. For so many years and Cyprus started pursuing acting YAP, you'll learn about Einstein, Snow Weinstein's, you sure do in stages. Have debris goodbye, your shadow, that Moscow Mary gotta, take a sledge hammer too tired, not easy, also just no, what wines Dean Jesus now, I'm confused eternal wine steam dear, whose one that went Darby yeah fuck you
everyone steam for running that name. There has to be a million wines. Dear dear you ruin that nay, what a joy ass, the bad thing you dead, also bookie away of Hitler, review If someone gives you the name, aid off, you are not here, I gotta know name, there's a whole name that no one can be called anymore aid on shepherd. My name, my daughter, Adolf Shepherd now owe me you can't be done or pol pot fuck. You pull pod, I'm sure, there's someone in Cambodia that would love to name their child pol pot. Now they can't, I mean although it goes kind of both ways cause even if it's like a really good like an opera, if you name your kid, Oprah shopper Like that's also not allowed, were names also been taken off, I guarantee there some operas or on the contrary, there might be some offs. I dont things
they'd, always even trips me out when those those those cores commercials come on. We were seen those that there's there's a Coors beer which love course beer commercials, and there are generally merited by my co, star and friend, and Idle SAM Ellie up, which is great gray, but the use of this commercial that would tell you, the history of the cores family one of their names was Adolf Cores Minos before Adolf Hitler AIR, but he just even in the commercial. I didn't less well automobile and drink. This beer, Adolf Coral loudly, worry Hayley. I wish feeble yeah. Oh my it see so thoroughly solely bat name aid off it's gone meter, your mom's cholesterol being low. Do you know her blood pressure now request roll out
you said it areas that are cholesterol was low and it was had come back low because Barton, her husband had passed away and Sir she's been like beating better just by proxy. I guess to that event, and you said: are her cholesterol is low, lower somebody, you said law, something to be celebrated thousand mistake accept roaming as law. Ok! Well! I asked her short end. She doesn't know what do you know that in town, but unfortunately will the stories you told me that it was high shoes considering getting Staten yeah and then she changed her eating post, Barton, dime and came back within a suitable ray. I dont think, though, its low outlining its probably still on the upper edge of what is acceptable now, we know so fact was checked by you. That's good
You tell the story about well Forte on a plane and he's talking with his half beard, Vase Edmund turns its God, and you said that make sure of told you that story, so I e mail MIKE to get so. corroboration I'd, love to hear what that was. Now you don't get to hear that, while I MIKE what are you doing? Anyways babbling anyways? I was we already been calling them emailing, I'm so embarrassed. Anyways, ok, have you ever met Therefore it is, of course a map of our days are right for you, so down written for like everyone now that I think about it, Irene you're, not that far off ok, so he said I do have a story about seeing will on a plane unexpectedly, but it's a different story. Mine is,
I was loading. My back into the overhead been and heard a voice, a man. Can you please move is like an sit with my friends, and it was well with this crazy, false beard. Any sat next to me and play candy crush for six hours, oh ok and then he said I kind of remember. The other story, too, must be a mutual friend who told us, but I forget who Y yeah, I wonder if you're out there and you listen, which is a very low percentage, chance police reach out to us Someone did have that extra someone did who knows both MIKE Andy, you observe again well and well, it's probably someone on the good place. Could it be more inside their and our good about Bateman good manners, a boat circles party, but I beg you guys were together or when you heard that story. So I assume it was a good place of vat, and maybe so maybe I hope I hope we find out the army to advance a good mystery unless it's like. Do we have any enemies harmony? I don't have any
four enemies or for Hermes, where do you by really long queue taps you can get the men Amazon. You could get them out, Walmart cause. I know it. Going to say. Is there wasn't Amazon when you were a kid and they were doing lies with those on cute, so they polyglot about Walmart a you know, and even about me of course, though Wolden say I'm Walton started Walmart by the time. I was an elementary, but it was not nation wide. When I was in second gray earlier, there is now, Walmart in like a hundred mile radius of my town. I can say I imagine the school nurse at spring. Mills elementary ordered all them some. I know, but also lie like we rule out along, like a go out, had allowed and wrote a letter saying? Oh, my god, I can't believe anything got done now. It's a real question: how did people get long queue? Tips like Anything specialised: how does anyone get anything specialise? What stories did they haven't
Michigan. When you were a kid: hey, marts, ok, maybe K Mart see other private came arts, although came aren't, is so generic. I don't think they would have a specialty item. I plan love, came arts as a kid. My papa mob would take me there on a Saturday, and I got to pick out a hot a car soon, and then we will stop at our bees MIKE what day or we would go to ponder Rosa, which was and all you can eat bar or deaths Ok, what's that another all, you can eat fight, and that was the mecca that was that that was MT. Everest of of all you can eat, bars doves. This head two giant wheels that spawn emphasizes. I bet the diameter of these wheels. I'm not joking! You Monica was twenty feet wide. These two gigantic wheels sitting horizontal, no parallel in the ground and half of the wheels is exposed in its spun and spun because when it went to the
behind the war, that's where the chefs, wherein they re, fill all the fried chicken or the mackerel cheese and which is always in motion on land. I mean no one was fixed. It was stationary and it was only about ten feet in diameter and that's where the snacks were again, the bread pudding, the Jello vanilla, for a pie, banana cream pie. Brownies. Do they have soft serve? Yes, they had software
a gray in them is one last thing about doves and might have been Duffy's, but I think it was done. Was it duff, maybe doff him agreed the authority just die, but one tat. I love that place more than anything Papa would take me there. My brother now go apes. We need so much food one time we were there and there is another diner who had arable, cauliflower ear. The wars have everything. To this day he had the most pronounced cauliflower ear, I've ever seen in my life, and I just at in it as an eight year old, couldn't stop staring, and even those making me so sick and I couldn't look wait: a fucking room, my entire triptych, Duff copies or double Duff. Its doves o does both. Thank God. So did you continued e g why you were staring at Wanna? Do it
But now you are eating around my old thing and I like to look away long enough, for I get my appetite back and I go to take a bite in a right before it took her by force myself to look over those years, his fucking years, where the size of these headphone somewhere I like. I was nervous they work pop while you still with no not an option see I was eight and he was clearly a fifty five or Oh, but you know he probably was a rest. When she had a very glorious life, it was Mohammed Ali. It was now, the holiday Inn Mohammed Ali did that have colorful harrier. we all know you is at Duff. Saw their pounding a bunch of you know. I don't know what to say about that. I guess, if Let's just say I had called warrior that bad knows going on all you can eat restaurant. I put some over me. years, just after we have already established battle so horrible he has to let he did yet the EU has our him over the rest of us, so he can cover those up Howard.
Here again I have ruined his whole levy and if you two were earmuffs everywhere would have. I had my fucking unlike humongous Herbie on my lips, I wanna go to and all you can eat just wait until it's better something will I dont think that gets better is permanent condition. It seems so yeah. I was whether this way there's no way if, if he could have gotten rid of it, that he wouldn't because it was, it was some crazy. She remembers, he had like you, remember the gross. I also remember this. I saw horse poop in the woods one time. by my Papa Bob's house, and I saw it and was the grossest spook I've ever seen in my life and I walked away. I fucking. May myself walk back and look at it again gross me it so bad. I walked away and they did this three or four times until I threw up. I dont know what it is that it is, as we heard thing that do better thing. Maybe to that extent I don't know you're not like exclaimed style like I was like. What's the feed in your body when you're when that's happening. I guess I'm just compulsion, powerless!
Do you feel a sensation in your body Yama It's like, I was all a titter. I all my senses were on overload my stomach hurt. I I couldn't that there is, I mean I'm not going to do it, but I could I bet down this. I'm not gonna have to me, and I don't want to add on here. No no! No, I won't do that. I budgets: there is a specific popish that I of course had the zero in on it was so repulsive what we gotta get Brett wines dean. I came here, no wine style a clear basis. Wines die. We are you brought Weinstein's, I'm here and tell me evolution airily why I had to go back and yet so I threw up like good in my body needs, throw up in fear that I had eaten whatever this disgusting thing. That person at Eton isn't like that. Maybe getting that's while puking works, I think that's
The people want to puke when they see other people PETE, because, presumably you all ethnic group and you all shared the same foods of that person sick, you better get it out. Now too, I think I think that The reason yes, I like you, the quicker you get it out the better. So if you see someone in your group throwing up your body, why don't you just sit on a tv or something that stuff? Do you think it's? I don't have any other desire to throw up when I see people Europe on TV, you now Robin every movie. I may I not have thereby have a weak home, weird pathology, with blue with sick best of sickness. Yes, so that its own thing, but I think maybe there sensation, I feel, is similar in that moment to whatever you had in your Pooh, but isn't yours ornaments Ok, so so that
an element that happens, but there is a lie happening right. Well, I definitely did not feel harmony, but I was also eight years old. I don't think I felt so. Maybe you didn't you didn't know it perhaps talk about sidebar, so we talk a lot about hair plan massages and got really into man. I didn't ask my friend if it was ok, oh so sorry Gina, if you're, not ok with the fact that now everyone knows that we do here. Plan sergeant, it's not sexual are yet sexual, but I loved it. I'm an ad. In my dream scenario, you guys are like seventy seven year old, Ladys, you're gray, hair you're playing with each other's gray hair. And then one of lovely turns lock size We realise, lady and let's before drier, we ve been putting this offer sixty years
It's really funny because I do see from the outside how it plenary actual reads: sexual dies, and I can see that objectively, but it's just so interesting like one more. It's so not very put all its incredibly now on sexual still very nose measurable, exactly That's weird cause you yeah you're, getting pleasure in a way yeah sure, but do people look on people go to get a massage they're? Not it's not sexual. I generally climax six or seven times drawing down on the site now now now like you can, but I do have weird thoughts when I'm getting massaged for sure. That's why perverting massaged by a guy cause. I then I'm not thinking anywhere thoughts yet then I can just enjoy them aside. So, if it'll, if it's a female you
We are feeling like horny well mill, it's just you know, unlike you, furrow, a female. I have all this junk between my life it's right, ass, clean ass between my ass, you just letting you now well, nothing! nothing, no protuberance so I have all this dangling stuff down like when I flip over, like penises flopping around in them as they move, as your legs. They might graze your penis images, of course, of your penis gets grey. Aid than just someone. Your brain comes on. Why there's gun involuntary this happens like no one's grazing lyrical Torres? Are they? animals are not that. I can recall right now now or how about a nipple? Have you ever had that graze? Probably, and doesn't that then big night, some kind of weird it's an erogenous is, it doesn't make me feel horny though it makes me feel, like oh scared, yeah like
what's happening, sapping narrow regarding whether yeah I will when I'm getting a wax. Sometimes I'm kind of constantly thinking like don't get aroused, don't start thinking about something that might make me get aroused yeah we'll get like kind of panicky in that situation. Acts, my brains, gonna like go there. No, Madam Mina God every guy has an exact same fear when they're getting their penis in testicles examiners generally by a dude in the years you're. Just your pants ear. In your mind, oh my god, please don't get around
send the wrong signal yeah and becomes a preoccupation and then you're, then all that communication with your penis in testicles can then result in some unwanted stiffness. I have to imagine that a lot of guys are getting erecting during these examinations. I'm sure they are always tourism dad on that look into it. Ok is a portion of Cyprus contested land with Turkey. Yes, he was correct. The Cyprus dispute, also known as the Cyprus conflict, is the ongoing dispute between the two communities on the island and the turkish military invasion and occupation of the northern third of Cyprus. Since nineteen seventy four, although the Republic of Cyprus, is recognised as the sole legitimate state sovereign over all the island, the north is under the de facto administration of the self declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is guarded by Turkish.
Armed Forces only Turkey recognises the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. While there is a broad recognition that the ongoing military presence constitutes occupation of territories that belong to the Republic of Cyprus. So it's a whole. No, I never heard of the air while Landmines Lucas, yes, thank you. He was nervous. He was wrong and he was right. Ok, so he brings up Shelly Miss Cavity, interesting in case you don't know who she is. She is the wife of the Scientology leader, David. Miss cabbage right where some allegations of physical abuse against him when she heard her whereabouts are unknown. Yeah are they still
a moon yeah? They remain unknown. Oh really, that's when a long time, so Leah remedy the actress who was scientologist and now is like a pretty vocal critic of it. I guess she filed a missing person report with LAPD in two thousand thirteen, and then there was a story in the Alley Times, based on information from an anonymous LAPD source. They said they contact at her and then they closed the case law, but no one knows where she is so she knows where she she does well. This is a great opportunity for me to bring something up spend mom bother me a little, but now this very few of these comments on overreacting, but there were several comments about why I didn't quiz Michael Paine, about being a intelligence. I wanna be very definitive about this K. Ok, whatever transgressions, you believe in the church of Scientology, is guilty of whether it is being physically abusive.
Or heavy now indentured servants or any number of these allegations, I can promise you that Michael P Yeah has not committed any of these transgressions that they are alleged to have of committed. I know that for certain that he's not beating anyone operating there isn't any indentured servants at his house. So the reason I dont have to ask him or look compelled to ask him to defend. That is the same reason. I would not ask a catholic guest on this podcast, You spend their time being interviewed defending the priest who have molested boys. I not ask a jewish gas to defend the hasidic massaging against women that exists. I wouldn't asking. Muslim gas to defend jihadis. That's not how it works on the show right and just because he happens to be a member of a group that you like. Less than the Catholics doesn't mean that I'm going to make him defend people's actions that he himself hasn't committed so
before that always be the case on the show. So here you also not here to make people come from no I'm here to learn about Michael Paine you're, not about the church or Scientology. Now I wanted to do it with Erika, because she wanted to do that is a great opportunity for us to hear from someone who's inside what her experience was, and I we ve also heard what the legal remedies experience was. We ve heard what the folks, who made going clear believe about that. so your hearing, all of it, and if someone wants to talk about that, that's great, but it's not my position to make people defend actions that there are not bears right. Ok, ok, see you talk about Charles Town in Boston and you do it Charlestown yet so but that is just something that's another word: Lake Neander a tall and array a tan that I'm never going to say the way I believe
now then I say right. I just always like to imitate the people you're doing an hour from Charlestown right right, right, yeah. It is in the great movie, the town, you're boyfriends movie, the town is about Charlestown and Southern pronounce it Charles Town, ok, great yeah! Oh, This is an unfortunate moment where we're sorted out aid by sometimes releasing things out of order seven times time, has a lapse dino, because we talk about the big Romeo Gub had cast. He is telling us about the big Romeo campaign, so we had not listened yet and we have, since was an an talked about in so you know, look that's thirty! Four thirty's podcast Zachary exactly
sounds a little out of order, and now you know world the up. There's some witchcraft and hygiene going on behind the scenes here. That's right! Ok! He said he got. He had just gone his first email and ninety ninety five, when he was on his trip. The first major commercial internet service providers hit the scene in the early ninety nineties through ninety ninety five AOL prodigy in camp. You serve all showed up during then at that time, and still I s, peace would give users and email address automatically, but popular web mail services like Hotmail, started popping up and maintenance
sixteen twenty seven yeah camaro any that your first emo, oh yeah, that was your email address, key member. Oh, so annoying people hated it. It was a well yet it was Dax one, two, three, four five, six: seven, because I think you are entitled to ten characters and here's what happened. I typed in Dax taken typed index one taken typed index, one to take it and I got frustrated an impatient. So then I just went all the way to fuckin ten and then everyone had to pay the price for that for attorney and they hated ugly, those days or or for me, why that account also got hacked about thirty six times before I finally get I don't really know that's not good for a allow their non response
first email is copy cake. Chick at copy could check it out and, as my aim name- and I was my email I think I have said this before- there was still my email through high school. So when I applied a college that was my ear and my dad was so concern you, like they're, not gonna, let you and a college with this email or similar concerns. He was nervous. Why. Stick nineteen eighty, eight, and then you are applying delight harboured exam and he narrowly say it on Germany. I think it was clear and am sure people already know, but I just want to be really clear at how big a deal he is at. U C b, he is a big overbooked. he's a Oprah Emily in its earned its urgent he's. So oh good bye, he shows sell out,
Eighty at least their hot ticket shows an umbrella god. He really is, and I miss one in everyone's noakes he's of course not gonna say that an and if anyone gets a chance to see him, do it issued a green ridable, impressive, yeah, Amy Polar, went to ass, an owl in during the two thousand one two thousand to seize and her Davy episode being the first when produced after the nine eleven attacks. He was right. Yeah, ok and then also just to wrap up. I just fell like such a Pham girl. when I did it, why was it like a blanket field? It was, I was nervous, it was coming off like that
and I didn't like that. I'd love, angrily, lovely nor our says nothing more enduring than seeing someone love something and be a fan of something I find it to be the most enduring thing ever, not people, yes, people Hannah, I disagree who wouldn't enjoy. I can't imagine even Brad Pitt sat right there and it turned out. He was a mega fan of mine it. The whole thing would be so pleasurable cabinet, Brad Pitt. Sarah here and you were like anyhow and peep, and then I was pushing that you were in, and I expect you to if we ever since their hill. It and I don't think so. I think to an extent yes and then its uncomfortable I've been got your mapping onto it is the status differentiation and I think you think if someone if the higher status person is a huge fan of the law.
we're status person it's totally enduring and like a ball, but if a lower status person is a huge fan of a higher says person, it's annoying to the higher status person. I am arguing that it's not it's always lovely defined out. Someone really loves what you ve done since chew just like a nineteen year old girl comes in here and she just stares at you the whole time, and she keeps telling you all favorite things she's. You said, and she just likes you so much and looks up to you. What you wouldn't dislike. better. Now I mean I wouldn't do I can, but it might make me a little uncomfortable cousin, I'm a person's she's already decided stuff about and like puts on maybe a pedestal or something and middle aged and am not comfortable with that like this, a normal relationship, normal talking getting to know people thing. I think that gets hint
when someone is idle lies in New York. You think they are. I don't think you can have a real relationship with anyone like that or even like a real actual conversation right, but you are a super fan of students right, but yeah. I was not when I knew her, I mean I, why am I still am here you're like Verona, Mars, wonderful voting God, I love it once I met her, I hated her I was not like you know. I saw Veronica Mars and I I just love it was just as your self aware like I was Doing any of them, but you also around doing that here because of the interview, but again the complex as much different. So with Christian, you don't feel it
Oh my god, this is my only fifteen minutes. I'm ever going to be around this person. I have to tell them what I think about them. I'm going to be in this person's, like there's no pressure for me to express them, how I feel about them. Where is if someone came and sat here in on and so with you that they were dinner. My me like this is my only chance to tell Monica how much she's my we re here. I don't know I just, I think, I'm gonna do a contest. Anyone is believes that they are a legitimate superfine of Monica no we're not doing is organ. We're gonna know we're going to your charity. They're gonna win here already our memories, ten or twelve box in we're gonna we're gonna get so an inherent super fan. You and I can't wait to have you