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Jim Gaffigan (Away We Go, 17 Again, Mr. Universe, Obsessed) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer. Jim joins the armchair expert to discusses his desire to revolt against expectations, his relationship to religion and his experience growing up in the midwest. Jim laments over being offered grandpa roles and Dax talks about the dangers of elitism. The two talk about challenging the audience, why certain people can avoid scandal and whether their children will have addictive personalities.

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Well welcome the Levant Armchair expert on Jim gaff again and with Monica Mouse and our guests, NASDAQ shepherd. Oh my ass, Hey assets on a blunder. No Jim gathered and I'll make. You laugh again that you're saying well, it's not my saying its stand: Ferguson sing from Conan Oberdoffer, including our Brian one, my favorite producer of all time, but Jim give will make you laugh again. He made us again and again and again, he so funny Visa Grammy Award nominated stand up. Comedian after writer and producer is that a lot of incredibly successful stand up, specials beyond the pale Mr Universe. Obsessed, sink, go and noble, ape he's, gonna news which is going to be Amazon. Primes first original comedy special called quality time now on Amazon, Prime and a new movie american Dreamer, so
he's alive again with Jim gave again, but before you commence all the laughing, I do want to announce that arm. Chair experts going on the road again we're gonna have a show from Nashville on Saturday November. Second, at Andrews That's how you know Andrew Jackson, Monica you ve met here, mine, our good friends. I think there's a more about him that he had a huge we the cheese installed at the White House so that more people came to tour. They can We can fact check that when I voted the way I loved cheese, yeah barely was an enormous, we'll achieves anyways, that's neither here nor there we will be in, Asheville on November, second tickets go on sale, Friday September. Twenty seven,
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the romance Yeah well, namely the romances fur right same friendship circle because, despite the twelve year, new matinee gap in age, whose younger therapy now then she wanted to pick up some more so she started baby sitting one of her children. Her then she came under work full time, baby sitting when we had a second child or nanny in then Kristen started asking her did help her scheduled. Then we discuss, she's, a brilliant writer than she started. Writing everything for Christen, then she and I started this part, us together year and a half ago right, but I like to claim credit for originally recognising the genius back in the friendship. Sir. That's nice, you should Jim gaff again is Daniel Ferguson. from the old Conan years used to say get Jim? F again and your laugh again that was his
I would like to say that was the same behind the scenes when you do talk, shows you like one of the most dependable, consistent, great talk shale gas. Oh my gosh. Well, you know what that about yourself. You must well I you know I try and be consistent. Are hiding it's important here. There's a strange pressure when you're on, though, shows its Ike irony we're going on Letterman and he would sometimes as a guest or doing stand as a gas right He would just look at me cause I I got to know. He would give me a look of life go run. Some of them would I you know, I got to know him a little bit a year. I want to show my entire life and I could see when he was in a way mode and when he was in a bad mood he bill. I just got you be funny. I shall first or you know cause it's like those talk show host
sometimes dealing with the audience the conversation and sometimes the conversation they're not enjoying it. The guest its fascinating to see the fair evaporation of power that position had you know when I started in stand up in the early eighteen hundred. There was no like appearing always you, John Wilkes blew his task, a great acting family, not a clean tarmac like you, but but a great desire. A dirty did stuff. That was slightly racists, but you know we will all around with pride. but but the power of that show and the impact You know that even when there wasn't so she made it, you could sell tickets being on a late, my job and then now pod CAS. What on earth?
and they say the power good. I was hoping that all roads would lead to an evaluation of my power, but I will say you. Actually you really at the end of one that could happen like where you could go on Letterman or or Johnny, Carson or Leno, and overnight become a name Europe. The last chapter of that do, you think, will I feel as though people coming to see me was the result of comedy central, like the peak of calmly central, when Chapelle and John Stewart were these, these anchor shows and when cable viewers ship was probably at its peak like every dorm room when beyond the pale. My first special aired was turned to calmly central, like when I went to college. They didn't have cable like you, you could have cable if you are rich or if there was cable in a dorm such
This would be on MTV Rhinos online videos, but like now, it's like college storm rooms. They don't have screens in sitting area they have their own screens. In their hand although yes will probably peak viewer, ship and everything for you and the biggest booze to you our touring was bra. Your first comedy specialists. recent Elsa absolutely, but don't you think been on Letterman played a bit Roman opening the door to combat central. Absolutely you were anointed live you got on letter men and you did well, and you know I did my appearance on Letterman and after that appearance, then there were like we wanna do have driven oh man deal with you and those just like wow and you had tried for years to get onto Letterman. Yes, I tried forever.
It was the last of my peers. Are my generation of comedy bodies to get on a late night show? Look. I literally had to come to the conclusion. I might never achieve any success instead up comedy, but I try we love doing it. So therefore, I'm just gonna do it and not have an expectation that I would have any success. You know you're one of the only people who talked to that at the exact same thought as I did, which was I'm, am not gonna make it I'm just preventing a bad regret like I will hate myself if I d pursue this thing, but at year nine, when Reno years of mine who went to the same college, remind spilled boats and like cabins and bigger, I have nothing and I'm like while private gonna happen, but I can't Imagine wanting to succeed at something else I had so much will I had a taste of it I know I want it, I was so lost in my early twenties, like I studied
finance and call it. Will you have a really interesting road en route to do you stand up in which it was? It was not one of those things where I grew up a year from the Midwest a to, in fact eagerly vows rail in the same house, we they didn't bump into each other and girl you're on your way out to go to court, but no you Europe in Northern Indiana, very close to Lake Michigan. Yes, we were just their monarch and I- and why be was an down my wife and kids and we learned a place real close to worry. Europe's leaving. You know Saint Joseph Marianna, yeah yeah, I'm going there, my nieces getting married, there's going to be going there. Oh yeah, it's so beautiful, yeah yeah it in you grew up just south of the the sand dunes and our long Leanna again, you will write in Indiana Dunes so whose like, where I grew up in Northwest Indiana. There was people from Chicago.
Drive through Indiana to get too beautiful Michigan. Nowhere well known would stay and India let's leave fire, they would throw a bag or two of Mcdonald's upper window rock. There was the road in Vienna was the road to Michigan, but now Indiana Dunes, very prestigious o is it like built up areas in a lot of prestige or getting those in your times, article o nodded. Therefore it makes it important place. It is weird that its identical in all ways all measurable to southern who s turn Michigan and eastern southern Eleanor. Had I think it's all fast. I mean this is where I'm a nerd on this stuff. But when I was head? Michigan was the star.
It was, while people you have to understand, the city of Troy has lost seventy percent of its population. You have to understand. It was the fifth largest city in the country, and I grew up in a rush belt area. Economic devas. patient, so are your parents from the south originally? Did they migrate? Not there. Never Iowa, Illinois, ok, but Michigan was a real like it had all the manufacturing drops. Yes, my grandparents love Kentucky to come up for those jobs. Oh, that's, interesting, yeah we're just talking about a long white trash together. Our hundred percent, in fact, allow even George I'm trash. Tell me why but you're a fancy, trash, you're, different type of trap,
and her her mom's a computer program on her dad is, in any case not be brought about. There's no, like I mean you're here, family did move north at one foot, but quite a bit nor they did, but let us our agents, like my father- was the first one to go to college and his family. So like it's that look when I said that I wanted to be a comedian, there was a little bit of like do. You know how long it took us to get to the middle class it took us a long time to get here. Let me recall my errors and we were, you know, really kind of far people. You know it's like it took So while we have here a body to the career in theirs, there's nothing left of the body at the end of the career. It's crazy here in your ear, the youngest of six I am, but when we look at the these models, you know that Oh pretty true, when you have friends in your like find out their birth order is demanded, seems to generally hold true.
I don't even know where you put numbers at six. It's like a baby on a baby on a baby, so we will look up mega babe I went through. I did some research on this when I was in my twenties and supposedly there's one theory that the family dynamic is only through for kids and then it repeats, I would by the interesting idea. So is so then it's the fifth born is like a first born somehow so yeah is solely for fifth born is more responsible, so essentially it's too kits than on the youngest right. Those tickets. Ok, so I dont know that was a book I and when I was twenty three in my white trash town, I say that love in my heart. I will only ever the term war a couple I with my. Formative years in Highland Milford Michigan, which has all generally be borne boy by the Big three in some. capacity are generally blue collar, thirty minutes out at its oh yeah, so Detroit area, but it is interesting,
Lee right, where the suburbs and in then like cornfield, study of the same where I was ok, so you got proper, proper hillbillies kids got on the bus was shit all over their boots, cause they ve been up since four thirty clean and a barn would there was a you know. Look IRA member, there were summers where I would go to a party. One party I would be in a trailer and the next party out be sitting on hey. Look, our members sitting on a bale of going. You guys were sitting on a veil ahead and we could see Chicago in the distance, and I will try and convince my friends. Let's drive district I go, and I know I still at that was gonna, be one of my questions did, but let me hold on to their just for once again because back to the birth order thing here in my town, when there was more than three boys in a family. The fourth was definitely going to jail or juvy I mean they were crazy cause to compete with those other older for boys. They just got progressively crazier.
Brazier others interest. What was the male female breakdown and of these it was. It was for boys and two girls, but the two oldest were the girls. Okay, so is really for boys. There were four boys buddy, You know I mean I thought a lot about this. It's it's interesting as in casino. I have this new special, but I'm always writing a new one saw my new material. I've been talking Talkin about. Like my upbringing, the craziness like I was the youngest, but I have three boys, two and they're, absolutely crazy, haha and I look at them and I'm like it was never that crazy, oh okay, so you guys were not that crazy. I was definitely highly impressionable, but my oldest brother, he was the black sheep of the family. Okay, he was the outlier so like my dad
first, when you go to college, then they were kind of this Irish Catholic family that wanted to be kind of Kennedy like Sharp, and so my brother was like the first courage I was up you how he went the other way you he totally, he rebelled by going. No. This is what I am I'm kind of yours, I'm country like day, the earlier you later he dipped I dipped we all. You know what gets Indiana, you'd, dipping yard, and so today. The very first time I chewed tobacco was detailing corn and white Pigeon Indiana, one of the other kids, all the fourteen year old, kids, all head of serious and chewing tobacco habit. Non parents cared it might, Then I started my awol yeah. Let's try that and that that's where I started in by the Indiana go an incredible high. I was started with the red men or the beech nuts, which is lot of tobacco in Austria in the cheek in no other of this is great. This is very manageable and then my crew leader, who is like a thirty eight girl dude, who love thirty eight special and was an odd. He gave me some Copenhagen.
I ended up on my back to staring up at the corner stone, When did I get here, however, have been laying here and yeah was very, very her. The first have I did dip was with my brothers and slick said I never thought I talk about. This is that I was with them, and my older brother MIKE said spit every time you take something where you will get sick awe, and so I kept so funny. Even you're from Georgia, as he has that look at her veil like ports, airports. Can we just you're doing right now? Yes, it is. you did a lot. Yes, I saw I had quit for seven years. I stupidly found my way back while trying to quit other negative. Now I've been I'm back and forth month on you and I said to the nicotine: go I'm dead Dick did to all forms of nicotine. So here lozenges I have the gum and I'm just trying to smoke, has to for fifteen, been for fifteen years. It's the, but is it it? The ritual, non or bomb
you gotta be one or the other. Here, it's it's! It's so interesting at bullets. Talk about that, so you ve turned a little bit about. You know where it worth talking about like a highly addictive personality, right yeah and I'm somebody who deals with it. My eating is, like you know it's one of the pieces of my comedy, but it really is addictive baby you're right so as apparent. Terrified terrify the well or do you think that, like oh now, it's not gonna happen. no, I mean my current estimation is that one of the two of them will definitely be in a treatment centre at some point in, I think it's just a part of its a whole suite of hey in I'd like a lot of that behaviour, and I guess I'm I'm cool, but the reality that didn't you get that yet you might have. That is well. It's interesting do
G, of course, without singling out one, you kids, you feel like wanted one eye and or more of them have your predilection for upset. I learn my wife. When we were debating it was a joke like a were both crazier. If we have kids, we get me our kids will be crazy, like it was running, drove me an art first, kid is she's like an angel than the rest of us. Just correct. It is one of those things where I mean I grew up in this Irish Catholic family where I was literally making pouring drinks for my add. When I was ten shout. We want a scotch agar, dad you're a man I was getting a pack. I was sent to the grocery store to buy cigarettes when I was eight vs, so it psych- and I dont say that, like I'm so wounded by that, I'm just saying that, like the experience that my children have you know just like also like you know, dealing with depression and
Anger and stuff like that, like when I was growing up that was like part of being a boy, is that you were angry shower is now you know the guy even joke, ran about my art is, like my dad, never went to a parent teacher conference, my dad, I didn't know. I went to school and there's a level of involvement which is so dramatically different, but how much of it is nature and how much of it is nurture? I dont know rights in the EU. No, almost every debate we end up having on here with the professors at come in seven like it's definitely some some rare. Joe in no one knows bright in one month its pointy more more too sure. Then one month, its nature, dino, depending on what study came out that month, but did you see, three identical version- I mean I look. I love that movie, but there is part of me: that's like documentaries. You know you constructed narrow.
Oh yeah, you know it's how Nazis use propaganda Oh dear, I mean it's how you know we motivated our troops in world war, two to believe that the Japanese were monster you're a meaning. It is so like. I do sit there and I look at documentaries and every now and then I'm a cop. How much are they crafting this? Oh yeah, german. Even feel that way, even in I'm somebody who consumes a lot of news and I always sit there and try and cut it in half when I go. If I cut it in half- and I still think that I'm like really bad. Do I mean like this day that we live in? That's like, if you cut all the bad news in half, you cut the school shootings in half its still horror. Yeah yeah, yeah, still rough, still very rough out, either the moment I had watching documentaries, which made me admit that was who killed the electric car
Now I happen to have the very unique experience of having worked for General motors for forty years, so I know what happens to all cars that are an oppressive heat they all in getting smashed. They all get put in the crusher, because it's cheaper to get that tax write off for full value. who sell a car with miles on a well, do you have any warrant? They do that with clothing to yet so have driven many cars to the crusher. My youth in the whole scene- King gun of that documentary who killed the electric cars, they catch like aerial photograph of them, putting the electric car into a crusher to destroy the evidence, and I was like wild. You didn't know a lot about this, I would be binding hook line in sinker illegal acts, red hair I'm watching and drive the thing into the crusher make it disappear. Yeah self Year, that was the towers Armenia, hear more critical, the familiar illusions exempt from these, but I don't fucking, I'm a junkie any
is predominantly our love. I'm leavin, ok back to Indiana, now just bring everyone up to speed. Do you remember the first time we met? I do and now to put you on the sky was that on their point, yes was on the airline and you know receded to each other on a longer flight from in New York there in my mind, I start with insecurity on my. Why recognize him? My doubt? He recognizes me and then I ll do my bit everyone's life everyone's doing less. Also, with the exception of some hopefully Brad Pitt like they know. This person knows who I am, but at any rate you I think you started right off with you, Sir hire some I said highs I like it, and then you quoted a tweet of mind back to me oh well, you said I am. I am owner of many guy
but I also wish they would all go away or something like that. Louis remember Nazism Gun tweet of mine yeah, and then we just shot the shit yeah, I think, effortlessly for five hours. I really enjoyed sitting down in a voice had kind of like a little great feeling about you ever since. What I was shocked to learn about you is like football. Was your life early on yeah? Here I mean well, it's it's interesting, khazar, so being apparent cause. I think I was raised to believe that sports is what kept me out of trouble. Sports is where I learned about community and the importance of teamwork, and then I turn in I've got my kids,
I also know that a you know. You can't force them to do anything so late critically by two older ones. How I we're gonna do soccer we're gonna. Do this we're gonna, do that and one of a kind of got into it. The other one just deeply resented every kind of athletic move. So it did made me think, like were athletics as important and and positive. The experience was. Was it just because my older brother loved football, the shower Harriman Psych cause? I do a lot of things that he did. I mean I know that I have my childhood, my mother dressed us the same year. He was essentially an irish twin. You know so
we're cause. I have this. You know like there's the answer I would give. If I was talking on US sports POD, Cassie headed there is all your light cause. I feel as though you know, I'm a create a person, but I feel like it was not encouraged and I'm sure it's a semi you'd know when I grew up with was anywhere close to the entertainment industry. Maybe you didn't know no, but like my town The closest thing was the marching band jar and or that Gary Indiana with semi close here, and that I was I was kind of, but it was you know I remember seeing John Melon Camp on So now, when I was little, I remember watching David Letterman and thinking oh, who did they know too?
look. I just didn't think it was because these Romania's, while Ray, I didn't, think it was a realistic pursued. It was kind of a pipe dream kind of like being and looked area where I live in lost Angeles I have two kids. Both their parents are in show business and I still think their chances are very Neil Oh it's you know, I'm sayin like and worse is connected, as you could be so coarse, vows apparent Michigan and be like that you you are funny but get let's get real, oh what you know, but I had this conversation with someone recently Likud dead poets society. How do you know? I know that the dad was a bad guy, but he was I know of being cautious. What was I heard that he AEGIS did want them to get swept up and all this tricky deriving the pursuit of being an actor. Then I only remember the mobile didn't back I'd kill himself or something
We're not gonna, be an anchor bright champion backdrop going myself right. First of all, that's horrible right, but it's like they did. You lose all the rules. You're not alive additions that that old. Actually, because I think there was also this belief that show people were kind of like drifters and and but they were, we grew up. It was just like now, you don't have a choice: right. You don't have a shot. Yes, you're gonna be penny. Let us hold want you to take a bus to allay and be a profit that's where everyone is gonna, know for sure or addicted to drugs. Jamaica's was the real, but will you you had to be good at football in high school, was unit playing in college which, to my understood, It is very hard, but I walked on. It I don't want to like you know I was football star had a scholarship. There is,
and then, when I went to George Sound, it was division. Three and you know when I quit I was starting, but it was. It was division. Three like there are really good high school teams that can beat some division or refer airlines yeah. Ok, The position where you I was centre demagogy snapped the ball. I know very little about phobia, seaward snapped the bar and new or taken the first hit basic, everyone's common through yeah, you ever freak out that you may have see tee or anything I mean. There's probably I mean gather there were plenty of heading that were Loring as we in, but there. So you know,
I'm manner if they're not getting that long had better receiver. That's! U! No one's going twenty miles an hour! There also like three four hundred pounds: plot yeah there big people here and that in what I quit I was just I didn't know. What I wanted to do. Just remember, like I remember, like my first job out of college, will really get a degree in the finance Ryan Finance, because I was a cent Believe you know raise like you, should do this economic iron or should I do that, and so I got this degree and finance and I got a job in Tampa as a legal consultant where I would calculate law claims. It sounds fastened at twenty she'll at twenty two, the urine Tampa and I was in tampa- and I remember this shows how old am I wrote, an episode of Miami vice? Oh wonderful, I wrote an episode of Miami Vice dear, very close to and at that point, and I was that you know what I'm gonna portrayal.
south as drug Lord Array maps? This hat because by the every one in the entertainment industry is delusional so like yet starts with Irish. Very much delusional at this point was still delusional, but I remember I had this mini cost. A quarter that I was talking to, and I would say I don't know what I'm gonna do, but because I essentially followed the rules that everyone was supposed to do. I studied hard. I went to a good college. I did the major you're supposed to. I was making decent money and I was miserable and I was I going to sign a single yeah, because a good woman gotta got your through that I gotta go. Woman could have been a real detriment to your beer overall future. At that moment, I I you know. I don't think that's true. Ok, that's not true. Maybe I'm not enough of a romantic, but I think that I'm so happy doing stand up and acting like like people that
Tire of our young not do any more. I'm like what are you talking about? It's not as if I'm doing it for the money like coming up with an idea as much as you might wake up and go. I gotta do is pod cast there's when you're done with it. You have created something and may be of help, someone but like more, it's the creative juice, the creative fulfilment and so like. That's when I twenty two. I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew that there was this creative outlet that was really empty right into so you're. Just kind of anxiety in on Come both the measurable in what are you drinking lot, then? Are you anything to alleviate that? I was working on a lot of you were ok, you must ahead like really power, five. I have chick I eggs, but an ally when I was in great shape- and I did have a girlfriend at the time who I think she was so as twenty two I think she was like.
Thirty three and she was- and it was one of those things where I never brought up how old I was ok and then she would talk about her brother who was like twenty four and thirty, so a mature and awe, and then she found out my age and she was very frustrated by sounds like a little bit on her. She could ass steel here, but you know I could have been more forthright, although in her these seen these college football players, they look even when I want cog, unlike these is still look older them, even though there are twenty five years younger than they just look for their beards and Shatner Hume I guess it's a little assume that she did. She means Where are you now are clarified a couple times? You knew better than to tell her which lives you know what I think we need. I know I know that she was it. Would you get on her home and yes, I'll catch you shoulda home with divorced no Who is the single successful person and I was but a mature
major apartment in blue. We when we met at the Jim and then it's a funny. I haven't even thought about this and then but we will go to this fancy restaurant drink wine you drink. Why am I what it was like the first time I was like this french foods good The Roma are going from college Rosalie, eating MAC and cheese as it is a skirt if I ever put, she was great, but was miserable when you're really young lowbrow question, was she very advanced sexually at that point, may I just imagine mean twenty two in settling over thirty three euro homeowner and I just feel like she be very confident yeah, I'm sure they provide this guy's pretty. Why? I wish you could put these dies in Jesus and I do shows in temper and energy, sure analyses dinner, sixties yeah.
As one more lowbrow question is. I'm does now putting myself in her she'd get I'm thirty three Emmi this twenty two year old book, I'm lined myself intentionally and twenty. I would say I've always looked older. I believe who is he like when I was you know like it? You know you get scripts, all the time like it's like you get a script in their like, like. I was gonna. Do this movie the summer, but it coincides with a family vacation, I would play a Grandpa g right, laid it in this group. Dislike he's a grab bunnies there with his grandma like an but like a character actor. You ve dealt with enough for this. You have dealt with enough of like his ugly friend,
Yet I am additional to be the ugly friend, oh yeah, it's a real demoralising, whereas you become very self aware. I remember when I was on that seventy show and my niece who is getting married again in Michigan in October. She was little girl. She was like why'd, you play a nerdy guy. Oh sure she was like. Why are you playing a nerdy guy and unlike what's wrong with that? That's the funniest character to play and she's like, but you should be cool through you, wanna be cool. I just wanna were visible. Yes, I would love the actual data now I want to make a living and play a complex, interesting character, ass stage, armchair there. We are bordered by rang rings mission is to make neighbourhood safer,
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got it or it was there like an inordinate amount or request that you like pick her up or anything o lifting yelling. If I'm are- and I see this, this strong Bach right out of college in the football programme I'm gonna be in the air the whole time for this. Do you see what I'm saying Monica little? There was a rush asian, ok, so she might appear to us. It was evil and by the way, when I was leaving for any or she's like you're, just gonna moved to New York and get fat, and she was right. What a kind thing for her to say to a twenty two and I wanted to do a New York. I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew that I would figure it out Ok, so you leave Tampa the after how many years cosy area just a year. Ok, after imagine two lonely other than because of very the arab road- you did say we drinking a lot- is that never use my uncle's eight eight, I dont like don't drink and drive. So how like
None of that boy. You missed out yeah, there's a whole era. You are allowed to do. Oh yeah, yeah at first half of every worship, was like guys, explain how I got home arose. That was a great story, but I know my from other. There would be like here he was, he drove drunk any any done at the car and it wasn't kind of like how embarrassing was like yeah. That's what happens yeah, my dad, he was in a tremendous car salesman and and Ford had this competition. Whoever sold the most Ford trucks in a year got a free l, tv and my father got three free Elsie, over the course of like four years in he rolled all three of these old cds within the first few months of owning them. We had totalled Elsie bees that were brand new like six hundred miles on him in our front yard, because he'd get shit face and put it in a ditch and above again. None of the neighbors were like why the hell did. You know
everyone is doing it so interesting that as a culture we essentially eliminated drunk driving, it is completely socially on it. tat about to do a thing, God, yeah and various other stuff, where I can't figure out you're me right and it was. That is why I am running for President glad. I'm gonna solve this eyes. Can't wait for you do take your time looks like kind of along I got you know multi up, so it arc here you do at Ike Dave, ten of being an office. Just Museum drama I'm gonna do it on a dirt around. You know real action, our guy.
in the latter, not blame on lake. I can get it. I people move up to New York, India, do you go there with a job opportunity? I find I had a friend from college who help me get a job and advertising Alright advert hand. I was an account guy swathes of suit guy and select. My progression to creativity was very slow. I was an account guy and then I worked in advertising and eventually I had this boss and she was like. I don't know. If I should fire you or make you a copy writer. She was an amazing woman and- and she goes on gonna- make you a copywriter and so like this incredible gift, I had already start stand up like I was trying to get fired and good. I'm gonna make your copyright so then being a copyright- or I learned a lot about- are about writing an efficiency of writing, and I mean advertising brutal
and then eventually got laid off their wake me up to lay me often advertising khazar. Would you were out at night doing both acting classes and stand up crass. I would leave work, go to an action and then I would go and hang out and do stand up, and I would have to go on much later at night, and then I would sometimes sleep in and around make it in, and then I would shut my door and I would sleep I would smoke smoke at work yeah There are. The noise is a subtle grand states. People like there's videos of me, smoking doing stand up and my wife discovered them, which is what you do He looks of raising our I it's just insane yeah I would be doing a ten minutes said and I'll be smoking. A cigarette thinker Dennis list you think of LA it'll, just one after another, Bang, Bang, Bang just didn't, say always one. Let now that if I have this right, your first
seven years doing stand out here, you're trying a bunch of different thank the ass in your roads have become a becoming you and finding. I get your voice. What acts did you try on? I would say that you trying on all these things, but the biggest hurdle was overwhelming stage fright. Dramatic stage fright like I was so jealous of my foot since that had a permit for cause. I knew that permits, for you gave a speech you gave killed. I won't kills at their Burma's faster. I was always jealous, but I was mostly dealing with states rights where I would try on different things or try angry. I would try and urge adding. I would like first time it
stand up, it's on the dvd, not everyone buys dvds anymore of beyond the pale. I put my first set on there and its essentially what I do right now, but I thought that I had to do something so I did political did they did impressions right. I did impression who did you ducas when I read that immediately, of course want to hear you do so many did Germany stored or talk like Russia LAB, you gotta understand: your marriage, not embarrass half hot, if not showing powers by. I would have and dry that when I get home I would other ones. Monica welcome to your new me. How lovers?
a word or way what you're doing us right your door. Now. No wonder you for knowledge. We not also most useless abrasion, because who knows maybe I do a better way. We catch all whole. While you talk like this and they talk like that. Oh that's, but I did a lot of my leg. Even when I was little kid. I didn't impression of my dad: so I guess similar voices now my dad. He smoked a lot more. Why, if much deeper, and is it what's your name dicks date, Shambley addicts trap had yet just headshot upper? Yes, Dick shutter yeah. What's your name again, I'm MIKE while MIKE Ancona, Michael MIKE, call me MIKE: ok I'll, do that, because if the tenor of your voices ILO scare but our wrong with a yard. What is your name Monica Challenge
So it's interesting. How did you get on with your dad it was complex, because I think that I- and I see it a my children kind of this house- will do your kids foreign six in their both girls. Ok, let's go but like they're there there's coming this developmental age. Were children get caught up? It's like the injustice like why I have to go about. Like I see my my eight year old. Getting into this he's a year. You're, not the boss of me, then you're right, the boss annoy the but you work for mom but like for my father, I was definitely always questioning authority and my siblings and my mom was like you're, not gonna change him and, unlike I, don't care. If I change this is wrong, and so it was very much that and it was it was I wouldn't it was combative, but it was
it's so strange because it was one of those things where he was of a different era. I'm in your dad was from a different era, where it was dad's home. I didn't episode of the gymnastic unsure man, my wife, actually wrote it and directed the upset, but it's all about my dad. I play that then my son played me. Oh no pity it was it's, it's called the might yet. I could almost be like our session in a therapy rewrite the alike. Were you add land by the way? My son, who is amazing, who also has a little bit of me like, don't tell me what to do and gives people? Don't think that I'm like that, but I am very much. I have a problem with authority. very much and Europe, people will go you the queen Comic, but it's like. I still resent authority sharp and so like. I even sometimes think like the fact. Even the normal sea. Of being a comedian,
I rebelled against me right as a comedian you're not supposed to do this. You you're supposed to do this in this and I in here What kind of go against that young? I resent! I'm kind of resistant to groups like I have friends but like it's like You're gonna go Lou, Yankees, go, I'm I'm not going during its sure sure said Lomas like you, you just have this punk rocks, strange, but with no real objective. Obviously, it's not punk rock, but you're. Not absolutely isn't I mean it's a little and I wonder latest so my. really when I really drill into it. It's it's remember time as others, but I feel like four very young age. I was like. Why do we all do this so church? The fact that you are gas, like I used to go to catholic service with my grandparents, and I would just like it for me- it felt like madness as everyone agrees, is no one likes it and if they say they like it their line, but why
everyone ignoring that no one wants to be here, but I will eat. I was consumed by those thoughts or why on earth is this new cept egg and to tell us how we go to bed now? This doesn't make sense gas yet a very hard time, given the robbery and let's get on my detriment. Let me let me break some of this down, because I actually think that I mean I'm a comedian which is kind of by nature, point of suspicious and cynical and questioning, and so, like I lived across from the church, I eventually got married and do you know what I was doing. My girlfriend who then became my wife and she was. She was kind of catholic, not as Catholic ass she became. I was very kind of like come on exactly what you're saying, but the individual path to all of this to your recovery to my beliefs,
system to her, you know exotic dancing. It is all very unique in a recovery in itself idea of a higher power is in that I mean. Obviously, everyone has their own I'd. A definition of a higher power, yeah that is like of the failings of the catholic Church, the bureaucracy that horrible horrible horrible things that have occurred because of that name are human failings. That is not the personal, a philosophy that I am here too, personal philosophy. That I hear too, which is the equivalent of a higher power, I would think, is something very personal european. In its way, and like I said earlier, I almost wonder if it's
My way of saying you know what the most rebellious thing to do is to like say, I believe in God, because it sounds anti intellectual awe and its characterizes anti intellectual, but it As you know, my personal journey to that which I never thought I would I lived across from the church for fifteen years. You never went and then I ended up getting married him right in his kid. It would have contrary to not accepted all, but now is it. Working comedian is probably quite contrary to big into it yeah and so by the way, it's also complex. It's not as if I don't doubt all of it.
Let's not as if I dont cringe at the news articles. It's not as if I don't see the hypocrisy of at all. You know for me, it's how I keep in touch with a certain level of humility in my right. If you talk to me in a week, my association with it would be different. My wife almost died and it's like of what of a brain tumor. Oh, my goodness. I think that humans, you know we kind of have these moments of where people are dying and we hey it's completely differently. You're, like friends that are devout, atheists are like I'm praying for Genie and I didn't set their anger. Had that you're an atheist, if I may call it, you know, I also understand that people choosing not to believe in something is something very valuable. They should be able to do that, but I do think that its everyone's.
Individual journey, as long as you don't push that shit on someone else, NEA or it's late an hour. I was the same kid no was in church going. This is the worst thing ever yet. This is like a meeting of people with bad breath. What are we doing here? Yes, so, but some of it is it is interesting. Now I can say link or so for me meetings what that's basically my in road to recognising the value of coming together as a community. I get a ton out of that fellowship right like, see the value of community. I think evolution airily. We ve got a lot of evidence that were a social animal that should be gathering on that fashion, so that a fine immense. Ion and I can see the value of it the higher power for me, as simply the sun makes a son come up and go down. It's not me
but that's as far as only then grandly this road to accept the things I cannot change and the Kurds. Who is that its nobody is all about me personally. I believe that I know when I'm in self? Well, I know what I can I know what I'm trying to bend the rest of the world around me to fit into my will. I dont actually need guy, Tell me when that is. Oh, you would you say your atheist or agnostic. Ah, I Sammy he has now. I would be delighted if I looked in my back yard. Jesus was love italian idea being that it doesn't have to be Jesus put like, but what you're describing? I think carefully this downward
let the promote may, in fact, but I think that there's you kindly royal shadowy jumping yeah these conversations that I love meeting that its while of comedians, because I have friends that are occupy Wall Street friends that I have a friend who works at Fox NEWS, and it's like even I say that no people like really but the thing is this, like I like different opinions, I am not seeking orthodoxy over or agreement no I'd, be born out of my mind right if you thought the exact same way. I did. I don't want to talk to you, but like I do think that there is something about the questioning it's like. I think that humans cause what were touching on the same thing, whether there is someone in that position
for it's about a powerlessness right. Yes, I believe in humility and powerless when, when I am frustrated and angry, I am angry because I believe I some have have control over the situation, and that's the that's where all the uncomfortable medallions front, that's where the set, but when I'm in touch with the fact that I should be focusing on gratitude. That's why I feel happier than me do and when I recognise I'm one of seven billion ants yet are literally trying to stay busy until we die bright. That's what's happening rose. I also helps to while one they ask us, because you asked if he was an atheist or agnostic, which atheists M is as definitive as a devout.
Believe her flight. I dont believe that I'm so so! Yes in some ways, I agree with you, but I think in other ways people some people that are a thing. It's a big spectrum. Let's say that ending there's a big sector of diagnostic Sarah, like I know, something's out there, but in what right. So I'm their ideas. I dont believe there's something out there by saying I have but it, but I'm not arrogant enough to think that I might not be proven wrong We don't know in its leaning to me via evaluate the proof that there's nothing there. I just here's what I wanted to say it's like. Can we all agree that human beings have this generation by generation, arrogance that is so baffling like they used to put a leeches on people to heal them? Those with
smartest people in society. You know what we're going to do we're going to believe this person. That was the smartest thing of that day, and so, when we have this belief that we have figured it out, no one wants to say I don't know right, I'm very comfortable, saying I don't know I think that's why we're running together as we ever caution. Was there moment. Was there a shift like an actual moment re or like I'm gonna walk into the church
I'm gonna. Will you know it's not. You know we're because it so loaded possessed of jokes about how the catholic church is like being a cubs fan. It's just not love a cup one, the world's or it. So it's like again how it doesn't matter, but some of it for me is I need the idea is not so much that someone or something can forgive me, but that is something's on my side here here. Let me draw this analogy. I think also talking about of faith or a belief system is just is ineffective as listing the topics of a comedy special
because if you list the topics of a comedy special, it sounds stupid. Rightly all Europeans Seinfeld owes about traffic and then in the high and is about I hadn't ex ye have European. It's like it sounds horrible. So my personal understanding, some of it, is four given us like. I had to get to the point where I live. on bad things. I've murder, people right now. I've done bad things and instead of like in this cycle of kind of like I'm a bad person, therefore I can do other bad things I had to be like. No, you know what I M going to embrace the fact that I can be forgiven for thing or right. So so we were very similar hope for people right which is used that I'd I've done bedding. I do bad things. I currently do bad things, I'm going to do bad things until I'm dead and I've done horrendous things in the past
when I was an attic, but I would argue that because everyone's lying they deal in shame and they can't wait to shame someone, whether its neighbour or someone in the community or social media or but that that, because there is no safe haven for being flawed, that we had to have this bigger being that was benevolent and could forgive us actually, I think, it's easy. It's a medication for treating the symptom unite. I feel like by creating this safe place in a church we go into the box, and you say I feel my sister in law and Bob LAW, which everyone needs. I think, and I think that's all a result of the fact that everyone's full of shit and afraid to live out loud about that. It's flawed and messy and fucked up. I don't think sequestering. It helps for eradicating it. You know I'm saying yeah yeah. We have a secret place to go to MIT.
But I think that's only because there's no say place to do it in real life. Would you authorities also something I think that being from a small town in the MID west at there is pardon me like, and I dont know as amid Westerner in her or a Georgian, that you were like they're not just fly over areas, there perfectly normal people that are not idiots and so like all I wanted to do when I was a kid was leaving yeah, that's all I wanted to do and I got to New York and I realized immediately how midwestern I was
for sure. I walked US data, be right, midwestern like what- and so there is part of made that also. I do think is we're talking a little bit about shaming and stuff, like that. I do think there is this arrogance and condescension to the middle class and I would almost say the working class you know and being a successful guy who has children, I'm like sitting there going. If I smell any condescension to someone who didn't go to college or lake,
maybe has a belief system that you think a silly don't ever go there, because I am thus people and I bring that up in this kind of age when you're describing kind of the shame thing that I think that we live in this age, where, indirectly, there is a shaming going on of working class people. There's a shaming, a people that, if you don't have the exact same belief system, which, because of fortune and the miracle of our lives we ve been exposed to that. I think that there is this shaming of like oh Nebraska, oh my God, Nebraska. Ah tat is like. If they were talking about an ethnic group, it would not be accepted short sharp, but there is like when I first moved to New York, throwing oh all the people from south or racist. Am I really have you gone ten minutes outside of New York City Cause did so that if
to write and by the way in the south I dont run into constant racism by the way in the south are going on New York everyone's route. So, unlike anything, any one's got a monopoly on generalizing stereotyping, xenophobia, one is coming from a more arrogant place reactor like a nose up, yeah thereon educated. If they just knew this think like I do the I totally agree that that exists in happens broadly Eighteen arms there we are, the border by square space. The cool is easy, is best placed to go, make away site, we got la arms. Export border com was made on square space there. Are a million reasons you might want a website. You might want to turn your cool idea into a new website showcase your work published some content, make a blog, sell products, promote your online business or
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I told you got offered to play Jeffrey Dahmer. You were pump for me. They all you gotta, be fuckin. Awesome play a serial killer and, unlike think how you ve l how important you ve made politics. Is there to be more soothing rate for me to play a serial killer? Then someone who's right of centre. That's it the little crazy, the Proba Koala. You know last year of the city and moved to the two new brain. nor was this man is not well bring us, on a show and Netflix called the ranch with SAM Elliott and culture, and that is definitely right, leaning. It is yes, let Hilary jugs there's. You know it's pro gone- it's very pro tread on me. You know it's interesting, I dont know then anyone's politics or that I think they all decided peep on the right deserves it come to, and I happened to agree with that of course. Yes, so I
happy to entertain anyone who finds my brand of entertain only Lizzie by the way here. Let me also bring something up when we put my Amazon special, be us. I can no doubt about this for hours, but like various something that occurred, stand up, comedy used to be the great big stars of stand up comedy were not forever one, but for most of us it was Chris Rock. No one had anything in common. They were in a black kid from Brooklyn that went to a white high school, but they were, like he's great jury, Seinfeld Jewish, get from long island. No one had that experience, but now it's getting too like people are like. I just want the Canadian that's exactly like me. Right, drat ran, I think it's insane
The thing that I think is really scary is that, as I have seen stand, a comedy become kind of much more of a college educated turn of white thing. Do you like when I started there? Was this big big social movement aspect to it now, and there was something about. I was the only college kit like armor. We were gonna com. page. You know you in your college, humor right right now, I'm from like you know a town of three hundred you know, but so the point is that, like, if you look at comedians like there, was the blue collar guys, but like who's, this the comedian that represents what the blue Collar guy's dead. Yes, they can't have access. I mean it's at some grand plan, it's just like monk, rosy and probably wouldn't be made today, because
robes and forget about the reason that the most recent integration that, like the whole notion of her being this working class hero, I think that you will wait a minute that might be fats. You know, would have there. Communicating christian values than you know. We don't want them to push that thing. That's masking the patriarchy do remain just think. There's an interesting time that maybe, in a couple years we're gonna look back and go get it nothing wrong with a different point. I see both sides, the argued. very clearly- and I agree, I think both sides ever really good points. One is you have this huge platform as entertainer and you should be trying to make the world a better place so that I totally agree with. I myself have been guilty of many times
I have used my voice and then at the other time there is also this deep arrogance that I'm a comedian, but I should also be a political pundit. It's like it's. Ok, if you're, just a comedian, there's some real talented people handling the police. upon the team. You norms, name, don't let bill MAR, do it bill MAR does or little irish younger. Yet there there's that there's a cadre of really smart political science type people commenting right now who is not as if, if I dont use my voice, it's not out there. In fact, it's probably being more well articulated, then I'm gonna be able to do that, but there is so that. So there is some arrogance. I have to be involved in every single thing: words why you just make people laugh and then, with your friends Tom everything you think so, I'm on both sides of it. I say this a lot of had twitter Bene thing before Philadelphia,
Emma with Tom Hanks in Tom Hanks, let's say had been crazy, vocal about some left, leaning stuff, any would have lost half of the audience and then so have the audience would have seen Philadelphia and change their entire opinion about HIV and AIDS. So it's like, I think, the value him having been inclusive to everyone, so that everyone can go see a movie that would be normally just labeled a lefty movie yeah. I mean that also feels like prehistoric times, but yeah. I do think I guess the point I'm going to. Is that I'm a nine these comedian? You should have people your audience that have different viewpoints. Germane like I used to like love the fact that there was the lesbian couples sitting next to Mormon, family and now there is, I feel, like there's kind of like I'm a gathers theirs, it winger guys that, like you stand up, I'm like it doesn't mean I'm doing
Roth Durum saying yes, yes, it's just. I think there is it got elevated beyond all on earth. Has everything so extreme right now the people think the right wing people are trying to take away other people's rights. It's not just like different viewpoints or it used to be just like others personally, something different me now. It's like this person wants my gave friend to not get married or this person like its become so personal and a manipulation of people's identities and rights. First, it's a fascinating time by the way, so we're dealing with this tough one president, whose the most tough line President Weber had because we know during Obama's presidency, he started off where he opposed gay marriage. Yes, and I just think it's it
sting how some people don't get and believe me I love Obama saw my point- is not that look. He was against it, but I'm saying he's allowed, whereas, like some people, like Joe Biden and ninety Sixty three said this man, you're, like I just feel like its fastening on, commenting, I'm not choosing aside, I'm just fascinated that some people get away with stuff. So, like here's an example, I love Colbert Colbert had he had spy, sir. do a bit add when he hosted the Grammy's or be oh. Yes, yes, yes, I know about. It was one of those things where I was like: oh wow, that's gonna backfire, nothing happens, I don't know if it was because he had built up so much good will, but it's like he got away with it.
Jimmy Foulon, tassels trumps hair as people you want him killed like. I just think that, and I did a whole episode of my tv show about how the Zeit guys or like there is this group mentality that justice died were going after an Hathaway for now reason at all, because you won't tell me what now I dont know in hathaway- maybe some of them maybe I'm not up on whatever Chaldaea her transgressions, you know her name. She got her hair cut and people got upset about that, but it is just passing how some people can get away with stuff and some people, like you, can't do anything right here. I feel like I feel, like that's gonna Paltrow, like no matter what she does. Have the countries
like that entitled stuck up a lead as big as a whole, and she said she wanted to eat organic, going right. All that it there's gotta be a worse thing. Someone could do that want to eat or if it's it's faster than cuz, there is also what makes that what makes someone by the way your wife is really famous. Really famous who's been on. Like numerous television shows that are the top of the I should she's escaped any blow back right. Oh yeah, well a bottom line. I think your physicality is almost everything it's like is somehow Christians, beautiful in pretty and yet not triggering and now threatening. Yes, it's like going, like maybe of Christian, was five town she's, a pretty white girl too. Yes, she's a pretty honky yeah, and but if she was fine, of I don't know. Maybe it goes another way,
That's a similar to the cold bear thing, though, with Christian, because she is constantly putting out goodness like she. a charitable Remercie bill for good. Well, she has, I think, that's a big element of it like with Colbert. No one thinks like: why has he tongued? Like everyone knows his stay with? You know my views both rider left there're. These purity tests HANS, only happen, but what did you find? So here's what I find I read stuff on Twitter. I read this stuff. from the right on Twitter, and I read the stuff on the left and twitter, and then I guess twice over, that's the position of the left and right, and then I get around my liberal friends that we talk about these issues. No one thinks on the left the way we are being portrayed. So I have to extend the same benevolence to the writing. Assume that the right getting together and they're gone, I don't think that our message reflects
We are right, but I really do think both sides have been hijacked by the fringe five percent, and it appears that that's everyone's message, but I just I'm nap regularly reading something I find completely incomprehensible and then I'm never talk kinda. Somebody where I can't understand where they're coming for, I feel as though that applies to the entire state of Florida, like, I think then, Vienna. Obviously floored is a wonderful place. It's a wonderful place with different vibrant cities, but whether they interview anyone it's almost kind of like they do it on purpose. We gotta find someone in Florida to deal with trade run Martens Deaf, yet fines of eleven were recently limit by an alligator thing. Don't go like this intelligent, diverse fabric which,
floored I've never seen a club owner of abandoned Miami guy interviewed or professor from the USA and Maya. May I walking down the street that has no teeth. Yeah. Ok, so I wanna quickly blow through a little bit of your career, which is impressive, and I want to ask you if you get triggered by one thing. I just thought about it, so As we said you went from you know, Bein in accounting of some type to being a copyright or advertiser working on your Kommeni courier, getting eventually on Letterman that really kind of sorts opening the door. I assume you you start to or in a more morphine isler, showing up, and then you eventually get a special. Beyond the pals number one, the most watched comedy official of the year right, the dear I. Maybe we had a big impact.
And now you start touring to what what are the size audiences after that? Are you like in the three to five thousand range, not right away? Ok, but it gets up there because here's what but if I took myself back to where we met on the airplane- and that was probably two thousand twelve or something out somewhere in There- and I think if I were you again on prime more insecure than you. I mean like these actors who these actors, and maybe they have a billboard somewhere in sunset, but I'm fucked complain two hundred dates a year in I'm crushing I'm making so much more money these guys and indeed that ever cross your mind. Well, I wouldn't say that that specifically, but what cross my mind and what is like every now and then the industry magazines will do with thing on comedy.
First, while everyone has written an article on comedy that there have been good articles, but thing was entertained, a weekly did a thing or how I would refer to the thing like comedy power, brokers, jar and obviously thought subjective will work in a very perception driven business. But what was so amazing? They left out Dave chapels, who literally could sell out like because I'm gonna do the staple centre at two. In the morning people build Lucy of AIR Dave, Hunner percent, they didn't have him, they didn't have to resign felt who, whose Canadians and cars is the most important show for comedy in the past eight years they didn't have Chris Rock, whose kind of like been an enormous star over decades. Who can you know, do stand up? Direct a movie is red, doing the saw, movies, he's gonna, be the lead and far
no mention of Chris Wrong and then no mention of Joe Rogan, who obviously is the biggest thing in podcast world. Oh yeah, yeah there's plenty of people that should be on it. Just when it was. Is our islands like what you're saying of his was very politically more weight, as it was just also kind of a just eight just felt very lazy How can you not have these people on it? Yeah? You would be kind of like saying great television stars of the seventies in that same Karel Burnett variety, absurd, yeah! Well, I got to say I did sketch comedy improv my whole time in LA so I was pretty ignorant onto the stand, a world. It was not until I did a movie with Dane Cook. And then I thought leading up to it. I should watches to argue: I'm showing HBO, and then why is this guy on a private play like none Britain's friends are flying to work on a private plain and then
have been read an article that he had made like twenty nine million dollars to during that year, something that was lit. That's late in the game like I realise that in two thousand sex was like. Oh ok. This is a different industry than I knew it was, but I guess I just mean I can imagine some supporting actor Come nominated Academy award actor on a plane next to blur the cable guy gain whose his loser and the guy's making fifty mb there's something about that. I think is this kind of funny in our business he had no, it is because here's. What I was also going to say is that I dont begrudge that actor. I I you know it's like one of the things that, like I've, gotten some films over the past couple years, but it's take long time been. Does it used to be like I used to describe it on an airplane everyone morning? Coach knew who I was, but no one in first,
producers satisfies and had no idea who are worth aha, but then their kids got old enough to tell them who I am ok. So let me just go through a couple things, so she doesn't How do you do Mr Universe, yeah and you get nominated for Grammy yeah? Now I mean it makes sense in that people. without Kommeni albums, because I can't imagine, could you ever imagined, like oil gonna, get a Grammy again, it is not what you associate with Kommeni. Is you go there in its usher and it would involve these lay all. I went there not last year, but the year before they had all the comedians come ok and we all oh sure, powerless, gonna win the body was by the way he shut the hell. It's like it is rather absurd because it is It is a sure- and you know the desperately needed
guy and ever one, around I'm proud of, like I talk about being lazy. it is kind of an odd mix, but it is the recording industry. Then you did obsessed rise in. That too, was the most watched that year and then you did a tour in that tour and did end at Madison Square Garden. It might of that. My motive, for that is a big to a right. It's huge! How many dates did you? Do I mean eighth fairies? I never stop. A pal tape, especially then I'll sign. You know like erode the special will come out later and during that time, I'll be coming up with new materials. Oh I'm always when I'm doing a shot the audience is always seeing an hour, or of new aid. Ok great, as we just had this, but we were wondering like now that so as soon as these just had hit special come out, which we watched and lawyer- and then we were like one, though, is that this huge
Chinese in those guys, Renate Betty could sell out every place right now conventionally, when he just go and do that routine. That was on Netflix. It depends so a lot, some comedians, I would say most normal comedians. Taber special, they might do a cup more weeks and then once the special lawyers, because there's an unspoken agreed, with the audience that you're gonna shop with new materials and if it's on Netflix every one has yet either yes, but you know there are different, but little three. They I saw a raw deal. I loved it. I saw all Icarus rocks if you the two are and do one of those I'd be there. I want to see him do that
thank you know why you just watch it on tv, your house and guy, but I also watch like ten times in a row. I used to work so specials over and over again you can kill with old material, but will they come back again? The second is some of the elements of stand up, I think, is the surprise of it, and so that's right to say that There aren't all bets that people want to hear that I might do in an encore, but there is an unspoken agreement, its new stuff. Is your hot pockets, routine, your most famous routine, probably probably probably, and once the premise that you thought it was? like us, an alchemist. I thought it was an essential sketch. I sincerely was like this is like a commercial was so bad. I was like this Gobi seems like a sketch, ah ha when her by its first came out. It was that bad, you know lake, you sometimes hearing aid
Because you will you use and that take all we have also one that they made fun of eventually on John Oliver allowed, as the Cathy Commercial seen in love with a cowboy cath. Here's I'm gonna jump to the. Europe is a guy. Talking about doesn't want to be in pain when he calf's enclosing had yet he gathered, but he's using it as a verb like when I calf, which aren't even of that's grammatically, allow it but here's the best part the guy is clearly in his light seventies, maybe even eighty right now in the commercial starts with him gone having careworn for twenty years, and I don't like it. in pain when a calf. That's how starts when did you get? oh by that writing about the eighty time we saw, I said: wait this guy started cowboy in his sixty like what he's been calling between these eighty funny. They did no one look at the actor in the copying of await. We gotta say he's beguile buoyant for fifty years. Will you know what is so interesting cause, I think, of a different catheter commercial?
now you ve got your ongoing read my catheter commercial is like the guy talking about, because I had no idea there were so many catheters any many. it's on a plane? Oh, do you guys know now give that's the calf or commercial. I know I've been overcome boy can he's over Alound with the amount of choice in the house, I had no idea and they sent him all these different types of catheters all. Meanwhile, I didn't know what a calf that are was until I had my appendix out and afterward there are like the let us know for certain european like. Why would it hurt and there like, because we inserted catheter and, as I hope, that's what it is a high its is too long to buy your penis by its goes into your bladder. Even the apparently people are doing this on their own and Raymond fear what you meant I'll do an earthquake
people are doing that there are many Marines on the other. There is no marshland yeah and very different calf commercials, one of which you don't know about of which I am ass. Amazing play it hot package where we saw his or her pocket. So, yes, I do recall the commercial and the general right was hard package. Yes Riah, The story is like I did it as a couple jokes and at Caroline's, and I was like no one's going to know what this is. This is before the hot pockets, the I am took off right and I was like no one in New York City. You are like yeah you're, a nice right, you can eat or you can get a piece of pizza. You dont need to microwave everyone's, even in their fucking apartment me are now. Is everyone's livin ran all you get out of it as like, so no one, and that a friend of mine was from Alabama he's like no that's really funny, and so then I started doing
on the road and then never just kept growing, and then they keep introducing new ones. They won't stop going away either. I had a spell where I did consume a lot of those you, dear oh yeah, when you are single right. What no added from what we're both about broken. We need anything we do. I did we give a shit Rita. I regularly think easy like twelve or those some Levin hot dogs are weak, oh and I felt a million dollars. Now it s almost perfect, and now you want via seven eleven eight. Absolutely no, I love the title did dad is fat is at that here, yeah, so Jim wrote a book called me that his fat, yes, even a few books, yet two books to Box was the other one of food, a love story, food love story, so in food is very common topic will clearly we do said hop markets, yeah, yeah, so you really just kind of owning an addiction right. I mean your owning like most a lot of my jokes about when I was followed up the stupid things. I did
I don't know what the numbers are, but I got imagine a lot of people wrestle with food issues, skill in general Riah. So just tell me about your approach did did going. You know I'm gonna talk about this thing that I do think about a lot I mean just at present a caveat whatever. That means is that, I would say, probably twenty five percent of the seven specials I've done is food Matera. Ok, but it is a consistent thing but which, in the last three specials, not so much, but it's a variant. In point that you bring up. Obviously it's it's you now. You can call obesity and epidemic in America. It is something that most of us are consumed with yeah and it is universal, so you don't have to take a lot of time at explaining. I can talk about it. I can have a lot of different points of view on it. I don't have to
plain it. Having that was what was really appealing about it, or what is interesting is besides, like vegetarians visions generally be borne attaching their identity of what they eat. No, whereas they are As you know, I don't? U their political position, their socio economic position so their easily. trigger like we, you making fun of something could be inadvertently making fun of their identity, but in this case, until recently people it really go. I'm a pizza eater, the imo, fried chicken eater whereby the, but let me also say that I do believe, though, that you wouldn't surprise me. If you tell me but your vision or that your vigour, that I was for one year of my life, because I do think that is the future I do think its undeniable just as I had the moral, the morals are clear: it's it's very obvious that, like I don't drink soda, but when I was a kid,
I mean by the way on my kids. All they want to do is doing so sure, but when you become a conscious adult you like this this is just all calories and sugar and it's making me fat, so I'm not going to drink it. So I do think that, like just as cigarettes than soda, I think it's inevitably moving towards meat and even fried food, like I think, fried food, Naturally, I say pretty in saying that were literally even things there just be proud, and you know it might even get to the point where it's like corn, like corn, is not great for you from the Medway Essen and I want to. Foreign manufacturers to the corn lobby, but I hear the thing I identify with food. Is that its universal and I think everyone struggles, Why do you know whether you're trying to lake not deal with arthritis?
as you are you, like, a guy with the elements of a grandmother like its everyone by the way when I did, that is fat, I was in fact it was my son but I was fat on who was six at the time that it was fat now, in fact, when I did food, a love story which is all about food. My obsession with food, I would write about different, foods that I will try when on the road and then I started doing research, and then I created this behaviour of eating. So it's almost kind of self fulfilling right right, right well, listen. This is one of the risks I always am aware of. When I talk to people and by the way said this right to his face on Do you meet that with Jay Leno? He has kind of a narrative as we all have, but his narrative is like I've. Never swim in my pool I'll, never take a vacation. Who am I to think? I should just be not working right, which I get it it's it's the label narrative and then
even said like at what point you become a victim of your own narrative like you should swimming your pulling should go on occasion when I get the whole thing, but at the same time now gone vacation is swimming pool. So well, you know it is interesting, as there are people who are to Jim viewers, thirty virgin direct new act every year and also its earlier, but There is this: you crap personae craft a persona and you will its point of view, and the reality is people change their point of view. I am not saying that you're gonna go back to drinking. I'm saying that you're gonna to evolve yeah you in ten years might have different opinions and which goes back to my point that this arrogance that humans think that we have it all figured out when our views evolve, hope, LEO chain as any themselves, it's not necessarily for better or worse, it's just different, but but
feel like what, whereas a normal person never has to contemplate whether or not there hence is going to join them on this evolution. You would be irresponsible not to wonder as this new direction, I'm going in Ghana alienate here's the thing. What makes your friendship or your relationship with your wife so dynamic. It's that your challenging each other there's there are still some mystery. There's some soup eyes, there's an they her approval of me is not a foregone conclusion and I value the head by the way: that's probably harder to acquire yeah, and so the thing about stand up the can, with the audience. Is you have to challenge them like? I have a friend tied glass who occasionally will open for me and he's like you're, always purifying your audience like you'll set out you'll have a joke in there, that will say
hey. This is who I am. I think that we live in this age of this exhibitionist voice arrested where you have to reveal something which, by the way, is why podcast or so popular, because people are revealing things and people are funny. You know authenticity is so cherished so, but by point with the stand up is that you have to challenge like the great friend you have. They will challenge you and then they d really believe that burden. You know: that's bullshit dax, you you don't really believe you might go fuck you, but then you, like you, know what yeah maybe you're right like having you know or my seven special or touring into a city like Atlantic's, for the thirteenth year in a row with new material. Is that that audience knows that I'm gonna be funny. There's also an expectation that I'm gonna surprise them a little
maybe I'm not gonna economical, do magic trick, but I'm going to talk about you wanna go yeah going to talk about something that maybe makes them uncomfortable, but maybe opens up a little bit. Yeah now it's look I'm over promising. Nothing like you have to evolve fighting them. The best example of it is stern. It's like you You compare the show today to twenty five years, either always about you can't even compare the two in. I think something to be blocked. Are you with about stern their arguing from when he was untrue? draw radio, the last time they heard em twenty years ago. We don't like that guy right through Bologna, a girl's asses and am I I can't defend that, but he is vital to get through baloney at someone who have the way it's in he's. Also so body that has a tough one ability, like a view lined up his crimes. Oh sure sure sure, but I tell you: all thing is his word. Just really, I think, drawn to hypocrisy. So he's never purported to
some pillar of morality, one tearing the robot of him. You norms, it's like he's owned is his shading is in a way that there's no story there. I think they're there might be true, but I think that there is an additional tax liability that if things don't stick to him Fischer things, don't stick to him and it's a very unique person and that complementing at her criticising it, I'm saying you're about our remote away with murder, oh sure and other people there like look at that. short their wore yeah yeah yeah we're never gonna fuckin, absolutely ok! So you have a bunch of stuff coming out. You ve been very busy Beaver.
Just give a movie on August. Second calls them that follow here. I was right to guess that it's a little bit dark. If stir it's a dark, it's about a religious call, its Pentecostal Snake Healing Church Zat in Appalachia ABBA later, I'm gonna miss pronounce it a high and a play. The husband of Olivia Colman common career seems to be going right. An Walton Goggins is done at playing the minister, and so it's a pretty it's it's an amazing cast their. So many amazing people, and then comes out and now on August second, national August knife and then August sixteenth, is Amazon. You have a comedy special is their first communist biodiverse calmly special. It's called quality time quality time. Ok, now now The big thing is american Dreamer. On September twentieth. Yes, it's the movie that I want directors and producer.
decision making up. Oh while he can act. Yes, yes, that is what I want to happen. Booty planet, I play right, share driver in Norfolk Virginia who is kind of down on his luck and who ends up driving around a drug dealer. You're. Some people are right, sure drivers, it's kind of way side, hustler whatever and then there's some right. Your driver's dad are crazy, so I'm more of the ladder. Ok, and this guy came so it is it's a it's a larger look at entitlement, leaden, weight, entitlement and stuff like that, and so there's a lot of heavy heavy stuff that happens in it. That's one of the topic
most fascinated by the it's, the white male entitlement. If it's really interesting, kids playing this guy, you know I mean acting in particular, where you're playing this character, that is so complex and use you go. I want people on board for the first twenty minutes and then I once plant the seed it's in the script, but you want to plant the seed await me. Maybe this should happen putting for this guy. I love our last act. You you're, like I can't believe I ever like this guy. You know the driving force of this character. Is he can't believe he has to deal with this stuff right, which is just that MRS Entitlement Year will have you grow up hearing your whole life? You could be president in IE. You now there's some kind of expectation yeah that when not met its bees skies candy, and understand it.
Comprehensible, yeah, I'm not supposed to be, and by the way it's in you know it's weird, also portraying someone like this. You have to not have any doubts about his decision making process, so it so fun to shoot it. And then you get done in someone's, like, I can't believe you're character. Did that in your mind, you're going that's all we could do a year starting a family were so like, I'm so crazy. I'm like what's wrong with that. Yes, he had you end up defending this insane behave well in order to play says: well, worn everyone knows be out to play a serial killer successfully. You can't be in judgment of the cereal Argos, it'll be on their two dimensional yeah. No serial killer thinks or a bad guy. They think they're, a great guy like when I I was like this is
It's an opportunity because no one's going to think that I'm going to go there right when it screamed at the LA film Festival, but they like see people kind of like just kind of like physically turning like Why would you do that right, yeah remain and then also horrendous things happening, and then he just kind of goes on, because by the way that happens in life is what happens in life is horrible things happen and the world continues to spin. Ah well, Jim we're gonna see all the things we're going to tell them that follow we're going to watch quality time on Amazon and then we're going to go to a movie. Theater need some popcorn on September 20th and watch american dreamer we're going to or you, your lovable kind person. Thank you. I write anyone who is planning a Trans american flight from L
New York you're, not you can't find a better of seed and partnership gaff again and our thanks and when we hold hands during most of them during the turbulent scary, yet very scarce, and then I ll say told Jim, that I would be capable of winning the plain and I'm sure you do. He did not feel any safer than you do and I offer or Jim for comment you for having me and here's where, like the the Pike S, music comes in, then our Sonia that that deserves on his data. That are that we play the bird dance we follow the birdsong was our demands are wanted, just rather Lovey Jim. Thank you. Now my favorite part of the show the back checked with my soul, mate.
You're gonna do a song near what happened Ask why I know there's only one here: no it just you looked your phone and looked like you were looking for a song when you started and then there is no sound look at you and we're like I'm, really surprised eyes. I was just on my phone makes it. no family emergency before we launch Damn dad I was thinking I like, so many songs would sign what are even certain too many sound too in his arms, a big So we should start by updating. People was my age nor block situation. Oh yes, what's due to the war has happened all four, oh boy, we are getting it suit. I can feel it. Let's do it We can't get sued, we care Obregon sued for that beef thing. Remember! Ok, but oh bread dinner had an experience with the beef
then talk about it. She just said like: oh, do be: Bothy livelihoods on Lou, mad cow, right doc. You those involved, mercury ass. Well, that's how they met the dilemma. Yeah. I know, but I'm just talking about a personal experience that was horrible and I'm gonna tell people because thing, because I love you, that's why I love with you no lasting. Are you laugh cause you think it's silly for me to talk about? That's no! I think I hear my green out now. I think you're determine little fucker evaded amusing when you are determined of ESA is what happened to tell so after last time couldn't get them online at this ed, you need to go to location. Have them printed out of John, like great sum,
I look on the website. I see a location close by DR bear its clothes like shut down out of booze. Yet look. What I assume happens is that pops back up during taxis and all that would make sense your glinda, the good, a ton of business in May in September, which it is now our there. As of hope, that's fine, I then I look up another location, also pretty close by DR. There also shut down this point, I'm frustrated. Of course you are really quick. Why don't you call after the footlights for me once shame on you agent or block format. Why shame? On those shame, I survive because, as I do on their website, ok, ok, ok, yoga! So after though two. I call ok, the third one and I can tell her the whole story about like a vulnerable. I was like. I need help
great way to do. I really need help. This is extremely time sensitive and I'm scared help me, and so she said. Okay, so there's one open on Wilshire, not close. Okay, so I said: ok, I drive there go up closed, not shut down, but closely. What remedy was is this was ten thirty or eleven a m as prime time something should be open, crack Dennis our crying. Ah then, I called again- and I am also like in weird- I feel so- we're like driving all over the city in law, your kind alike. Chronic Mars right now know rejoined his grasp row o k, yeah you're right, I was out of control, but you're like going all these places. Training of these documents that part of this a little gum shoe as traitors to
yeah I needed some. They I couldn't get it and it was my stuff yeah, so not idle about like they have my stuff, and I can't get a job so anyway. So then I was crying. Then I called again and then I said: ok there's all happened then I just called she just sent me here. Any was like. Oh that's right up until five and I was used- oh my god, I'm terrible five pm me. Yes, What what are we sheriff? Oh, my gosh. I need this now she's like ok, there's this wine and she gave some address and I was like care they open now and she was like why don't know what time it is there, but they open at twelve o clock against its ten thirty, so they dump so she's Ok, there's one here in Glenda which, by the way, Glenn day I'll join. You do
no, it should have been the one I went to first year, it's clean to where we are that's right, but then its thirty minutes from where I am currently you and I have made this phone call Sudan. I have two track: thirty minutes to Glenda. Who would get there? There's I'm walking up, and I am just like what what's gonna what's happening? What going being so, then I open up the door. There's two ladys in their new whole is kind of shut down, but there's two ladys in there and I was like Oh, I'm so happy to see a real person. I have had all this expend she's like out. Well, did you Did you try to log on to your account, and I was like yes, that's the first thing I tried to do and just like our well I'm supposed to charge you twenty five dollars boy for praying s, because they want people to use the website, and I was like a hop anyway. She prince this out for me. Thank goodness I like her. Oh though I like her
although it was like I'm here, I'm gonna read to everything I need, and I did and- and I was like what about this part, do you have this and she's like? No, that's something for you to do on your own, that is in the packet so no point? As I'm just saying I mean I don't know What's going on, as I started to think about businesses- and I was like this is fascinating like once you get so huge, there's one hour, kind of saying the other day. Rumours in I feel bad for people, but I don't feel bad because I know you feel bad for the creators of age and our block, because now there company there really were probably will they had to have been very meticulous hard workers to have built a business that was successful and made them was head of the course. I know I feel like when you get to beg. This is like seem a thick
cable providers may which one specific lamp linking up so we don't get sued but whence once you're talking to someone in Minnesota on the phone and then you hang up in you can never ever ever talk to that person. You're right, I hate, but you can't reach the per year. No one's accountable in. They have like one piece of information to retail the whole thing of its like inserts to get so mad name and they're not incentivize. To help you they're, not us. That's turkey, yet one person in a soda you if I had to hold back, seem inroads encoded their answer with my proscription provider. How it's like, I would talk to twelve from people dead. All tell me there and do some in literally. No would do it like myself. Brescia. Can I drive there in manually? Do it myself? I now the pardon me ain't, you got it fixed yeah. So that's right, you're right our general expectations, just two!
I would like more peaceful if we were like, or we should expect, shooting us now ally area. As I expect shabbiness, I think that's the then you just like really delighted when someone does something above and beyond as it does on the year before. I am very aware of my extreme privilege, because I'm on tv, when I go to Starbucks, they actually are helpful. Yes, and I realise how nice is world would be if every one was treated like they could potentially talk human ruin, your company. That is why it so exceptional when you deal regularly with a company that is exemplary liking hostile. Whatever model they have. Every company should be copy. Every experience is positive. They really do the thing. They're gonna say it's in an idiotic, its remarkable. It is at the same time. You gonna Mcdonald's, and you know the people are making seven box and I can't expect them to give a fuck. I don't give a fuck for seven box,
here. I mean my look, I get it and I don't know, but here you know your arm we're gonna me across the board. I think if, if I have some, the ship was something I'm a very hard worker like I am directing. Are writing or anything that I feel invested and, and I my alma, I think, I'm crazy good work ethic, but when I'm workin for the man, I have a hard time given a ship. So I I'm on things. I can relate yeah. I guess I'm sorry anyway, we're gonna move on from them. That's the end of that story, because I'm never ever ever enamoured man! No, but you got all your stuff yeah. I've been look yet a home and that's worth while all this is about also soon Deborah discuss its literally across the street from our new rules, which are so exciting. It's a very good. It's a very exciting prospect, I'm so excited for you, minister,
so for you, but from the outside, who is not nearly one, I'm so excited for Wabi. While his eyes saw exactly right, I'll, send the city people love, I'm getting the things they set out to get its wonderful ain't here. Yeah right, forget Jim, fly that I saw the release and damage about Jim Jim doesn't isn't sponsor by age. Nor block, can you imagine a debacle by the experts is this vote would have you could be the voice over Jimmy Jimmy jammer? It was fun Ba sweetheart yeah and you met him on an airplane implemented on an airplane in you enjoyed him and was one of those things so is is weird reindeer dance you trained for Europe. If you know one another or maybe it's all my head, we ve gone yeah, but it's always in my hand, enlighten me. I know them I'll start they, that's nice. You are generally to hear your balls and white home from New York a month,
night, so stressful settled yet left my far. Go on. Tell everyone happened. Yes, well, I would say one of the cornerstones of mice. of esteem. Is that I don't ever lose stuff you for me. Brag about him many times over, take pride in that and I'm hard on people who regularly used out on my back. I'm always like Here's the thing you pick for spots in the house. You set your phone that's it that's wrong. You're only allowed to put it down for places in then you'll never lose bubble. Why fucking left in the car, and I got through security and and I went on- I always put- I take my phone on my pocket. I put my backpack to put it through the belt. Would you do that? Where the folks my phone and I was TS a pre, so to me, one second go through security. I leave and I'm literally it's my brain doesn't work. What do I do? I don't know any phone numbers. What was the driver holy shit? How do I
I keep calling you I'm going to ask a stranger for their phone numbers only been put into the phone. I don't know anyone's number now it sounds like my eye packs. I have my eye packs in my backpack, took my ipax out start emailing frantically to Adam my publicist. You knew the driver information yeah he's not responding. I tried to facetime him, he doesn't know. I have an eyepatch with this weird phone number, so I'm thinking only got his pricing. Some weirdos got his number trying to facetime I just over and over and over again I burn up about ten minutes and I'm panicking cuz. I know the driver. Is moving away from my going to start experiments, I've left a train. patients will ease by whisper it? So I finally think, oh my god and I think, ok, I'm gonna email, Dobbin my agents assistant, K, Dobbin, doesn't know anything about this trip to me.
not involved at all. In my publicity about just as a pale Mary Pass email, Dobbin, I'm so fucked, I just lost my phone blah blah blah doc. I have no info to give Dobbin some Dobbin works. A miracle gets on the phone with the driver the driver has now it it's been eighteen minutes. Let me I brought me back up. I did set Myers and I wish we were already racing for me to get to my flight, so sorting dress, getting ok. So now that the drivers gone eighteen minutes, the wrong direction gets the driver to turn around now what a fuckin inconvenience he thought he was off work. He is a five year old kid he earned anyways Dobbins is the drive, will be there in eighteen minutes. So now I'm just staring at my watch. Ok like so eighteen minutes, puts me like I'll I'll, have virtually eight minutes before the plane. Dork shots, and in a certain point I'm like may, I might just have to wait
My phone in New York is I'm after work in the morning on buses. Mass, so anyways driver pulls up any my calculations unlike or I'll, get back through security in five minutes ts A pre, they get my phone. I go back into the air, they ve shut down ts a pre already meant that I've been out there on the curb I did in the normal line. There's twenty five people, I'm fuck, I'm just panicking. I hate this. It's awful here, Do I make a genuine like crossed my mind? I saw wanted to do it and then again is theirs. Waymore, sides of being on tv, but this was the one where, like they're, all gonna, just think cause I'm on tv, I'm alive the cut the line I got really years at that point, you're, probably right, but I got self conscious that people think I'm entitled so anyways I make it through. I get on the plane, my heart rate was pretty well. Seventy five, I sit down long long way to tell you that the guy, from dozens
Craig was on their genes, Vanderbilt ought not to be Ashura. Jack's Joshua Jackson was on and we locked eyes once or twice, and I tried to send a very clear message. Like hey man, I know your Joshua Jackson, and there was a long way to tell you. I saw another celebrity honor, you guys we did. I was I was not in a tearing me. Would you people are like the call for the the complain session by those gettin a fact check. The fact it is for this. For us there ain't yeah, more is for us to catch up, because I don't see you know that I'm shooting so my jean I miss you. I miss you and I really look for these facts, so we can check it out. What's goin on meat here, maybe the fact check is more about check like value their case, so
So he said growing up. Michigan was a starved, the mid west- and he said Detroit was a fifth largest city in the country now la seventy percent of its population. So Detroit been going through a considerable reduction in population. The city is lost over sixty percent of its population. Since nineteen fifty okay, we talked about eight theism, verses being agnostic, because I feel, like you gave a definition of agnostic that was still kind of spiritual. Like you, don't you're your agnostic, because you those I don't. I think people that are agnostic think there is something they don't know. What now? Ok, oh ironing, in his because of air coming to my religion, teacher who I love your heart for yet agnostic I'll, just read it! Please! Approach!
and who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena, a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief and God. So it's just saying I do not know right, but also the dont claimed disbelieve exactly near, but you're disbelieve. I do it. I believe meaning that they're saying I don't. I don't believe in God, and I dont know about even poorer, and I say I do not believe in God. I definitive Reseda. Ok, then I also say I beat thrilled to find out I'm wrong right here. I think that be the greatest I would there be the best I told you so would become an from grass mild re. Ok, here of, is a year using you are defended alone. yeah, I don't think, there's a supreme intelligence to the universe, which does not exclude me from Spirituelle the earlier. My
Phoenician of spirituality, because I think there is something there's some human thing here that is shared by all and yet I think there's transcendent experiences and I've had them I think, I'm more just agnostic here in really only because unprincipled kind of I feel lake arrogant yeah yeah. If customers arrogant to say there is, and then it's to me equal to me is the same you're making it definitive declaration on whether or not something we we just don't know how to split hairs. Butter else, I'm not declaring there isn't one don't believe there is one, but I'm not
declaring there isn't one. You know I'm saying I'm not going around going. There isn't a god. I don't tell anyone, there isn't a god. I I don't think there's a god- and this will be my analogy. Is there an invisible elephant in the room? I dont believe there is one its unknowable. Really, if there's an invisible elephant, this room yeah, I feel like for me from the high navies of the evidence has just there is not an invisible. Yet this room, I would say the same, I would say most likely not, but I don't know for sure I don't know for sure some, I more waited in the fact that I don't think there is right. Am I you little mental trick. I play well yeah yeah. I might. I might not want it driven not by the trying to figure it out Zalm dislike fuck it I'm to implant. Before gear here isn't and then I'm done thinking about it? That's fine because having a lot of egg gnostic people are also searchers,
funny thing they believe in, but there's still searching and I'm not searching that's true, but will recall those people they think there's something, but they don't know what it is jewish. I dont know Also there is like these definitions are, so there is a three options and that's not the case of the other things like you. We want there to be something definitive, yeah, some human being wrote that sentence yeah yeah decided that these are the buckets here, but I think you can be like I don't know, and that's fine, we're gonna, how I feel you mean I definitely IDA lean more towards. I don't think so, but I also feel very strongly that there's something going on. Ah too many just too many experiences and life were things have happened that I've
not bad, has too many other those too, but I just go again. I don't no wire? Why didn't cause there, and I know it will be a waste of time, so I figured out yeah I'd, feel that way tat, but I don't think it's I don't know that's fully, not believing now. You know, and also can I tell you another thing I don't believe in, although I do believe it's the best current theory is the big bang. Like I understand it, I understand the mechanics by hind. Why that's a theory in it that all holds the daddy universes, Spending so clearly had started from summer. Yet I don't believe in the big bang, because my mind can't compute what the void was before I've been buying my mind what that's the same as God me. I agree, and I also get I dont really
here. All that my I don't either. I dont really give a shit. There's no solution, people compared to me that actually alleviates my discomfort and thinking about it, meaning If you say there is a God, I'm just curious is where God came from, I'm so limited with my thought process being a paradigm everything is created and then dies yeah. It's not even it doesn't term call me to think there's a god forever cause where the fuck did. That thing come from chair a bit of a cycle bomb whole speaking of side glass. All you're, not on your I'm lonely sign on you, you seem shot. I always think even mother have the same cycle, but you don't we doll anyway, so something I definitely should have set in the moment, and I didn't I didn't, because I mostly agreed with his pen I ain't, so I didn't really want to derail. The conversation into this element
of it. He said that there is a shaming about, like two from parts of the country and that there's a leaders Amanda Coast, so he said, there's a shaming of parts of the country. People say oh all the people from the south are racist and then his I really have you gone ten meant outside of New York City. It's not that different and by the way in the south I dont run into constant racism. So I agree ultimately bright eyes: also on the other, could hear yourself right into the constant races area. Where would you running? Well, I will say this not to defend that, but I will say I have in areas I Winton saw need a movie on the by you in his doo doo, drove around. He had helped location
scale. What are you gonna, like our local businessman in fixer kind of guy? Yes, that I spent the afternoon with them. We each showed me some alligators and staff and the comfort by which, he started drop in the end bomb. Told me it was a little. It was a little bit of a clue that their something's, a systemic, because she's, not even nervous that I might have an issue with right. That's it's kind of like the real bit of race in writing. King beating wasn't the for officers striking him. It was the twelve officers that light in the report that just tells you that the whole system is, He s. So in that way, I can understand how you can you can as a fellow white person worse than those gonna, let you in on their racism. You can observe at for sure yes and lying there is now such a big difference. You're not gonna, feel not only the person that, when you walk into a restaurant, you can feel being treated
certain way. Iran looked at a certain way so anyway, I just wanted to make that clear. He is anyone heard it was like. Why didn't you say anything and that's widen, because I liked the general gist of what he was. Oh ok, so huge growth, the cat the the cowboy counter cowboy urban cowboy for twenty years yeah. We talk about them and he was like no. I dont know that, but I know one another. But our commercial member, as are you ok bound, is a great yeah. It's called the liberator cap at our commercial, which nothing can be less, liberating and having have if they called the liberator handcuffs the broader brain whom do you use catheters market using the catheter? That's really best for you and lawyer for years. I've been using one kind of counter and I never knew that there were
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What does that mean? Those do some really kickass acrobatic things an airplane afterwards in general, you're, not aspiring to be that gentleman now. You know my dad had a capital fellow. But we do yeah why he had like some issue prizes day till your promise then give was unlike enlarged or something No, you almost died. They were all war war where there were linked in or they were driving home. It's like eight hours, any wasn't. He couldn t was impeding we're like fire. While you order I now, but he recognized it, was a problem and then went to the hospital, and that was like He was a world, the MAC Leah. They were like. This is really dangerous ominous. Maybe your prostate is enlarged
you need a digital, rightful exam to see if its enlarges dumptruck enough water, but I wish you did me to hear all though we had a guest on recently. That told me that she just learned drinking water is bad for all come on come on. I don't know, I'm sure we'll have eyes were soon enough. It does I now. Maybe water is bad for you. Maybe not water, dont sue us, that's all the facts. Yeah will you come on? tonight. Yeah plan vulgar think about how easy it would be if passes. Oh my god, we gotta get Elan, must build a said tunnel. Yeah he's got that boring company bright, bang it out a weekend.