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Jim Jefferies (Legit, The Jim Jefferies Show) is an Australian-American stand-up comedian, political commentator, actor, and writer. Jim visits the attic to discuss his early negative experience doing standup, his mothers end of life and his relationship to sobriety. Jim talks about the gun control bit that changed his career and Dax asks about Australian masculinity. The two talk about the desire to one up every conversation and the benefit of maintaining friendships with ex-girlfriends.

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Well, come on Homolka Monica bad meant arm. Chair expert, hijack Schapiro nice to have you nice to have you today we have a very, very funny and smart guest on Jim Jeffreys yeah he's from Lucifer's, tree. That's right most here and he's incredibly funny, but you know I'll be more. Funding is also incredibly smart. I came to know him by way of a gun control bit. He does. It is or a yes, which has been seen by animal Kabila in people yeah, it's so clever and wonderful. The unease, their side of the debate- and I was not here for this at the said- you were not you went to lie on the Georgian now I want you and I made it again. Georgia idea it s you into a wedding. I did so. I miss this, but I got to hear here it is tat you
who had his own show called Le Jitney currently has a show called the gym. Jeffrey show that is uncommonly central. Currently it's on Tuesdays, it's terrific! It's a little bit political! It's a lot a bit funny and I think you enjoy so please enjoy Jim Jeffreys. We are supported by quip my favorite toothbrush, Monica it so elegant and yet effective it is very sleek. The design is off the charts. Now what actually makes a better toothbrush? If you ask your Dennis, Monica they'll tell you it's less about the brain a more about how you use it? That's why quip was created by Dennis and product designers of focus on what actually matters for your oral health. Healthy habits. Now this is where I have an issue with you. The lie you have created about me, you're, just not in your mouth long enough whether toothbrush now you're you're recommended to be in there for two minutes with thirty seconds on each quadrant equips got a built in time.
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go right now to get q you ip dot com, Slash Dax he's possess a thing disbursed. Is there a theme to know so I'm sober I cared for fifteen year. This thing is when I love ay I've many times when a meeting in thought. What a shame you have to become a drunk to have this experience it
very comforting and in you, don't feel isolated and being a scumbag. Oh, I fear I didn't like. I wanna go whether or not you know I I I don't consider myself and I got like I go on offer six months, you six months there na ha done to get work anymore. Ok, anymore, madrigal work. It was a bad experience now. I just think you know I've got to limit this been accomplish eyes. Other great shows drank, I'm not gonna be one is pivotal, go but then sometimes people right. They go pay to see him drunk on statin. You, like you kind of, did yeah your favorite of his shit, I'm going to turn out right, but you might not have liked it. And I saw just thought. The great leveler is not doing it at all and when you went a what was that like either when accomplices? I don't believe in power got any. So that's where why should I fell down a little bit items on going to therapy to be very difficult because he's a thing is a comedian? I'm just. I don't need to talk about everything over them. Talking over time. Mother I dont need we'd, get my feelings.
I want to save it for the stage of raw material. Now I just feel like I'm not shy about talking about myself, so this isn't like a cathartic thing for me I'll get hooked up to anyone about myself. You know what we are saying, but do you have the kind of like conventional artists? Oh, if I wasn't in some kind of discomfort for periods of time. I wouldn't be reliable. I've had that where I think the tragedies going to fuel me up, but I dont know if I believe that any more in my twenties are definitely believe that I believe that that was important. I used almost look forward to hike gaze to think I'm getting dumped hero five minute. Russia now migrating, damn that's horrible victim, as the area are also did you have like heroes that were kind of fuck ups, yeah yeah, we let the classic
Richard Pryor, I was in the number one up and then George Colin, but you got these issues with substance inside, but then just out of the comedy realm, it wasn't a rock star that didn't take drugs at all you're gonna die John Lennon, like giving you the battles that pretty placid so the rock stars. They went them, but I would saying about Alice Day in Algeria. There do all I assume the inside. I'm admired good, smack attic yeah yeah you're right. I've always liked that, like care, although about writers, like I loved Bukovsky, Well, I'm fine! I would like to act highbrow right now, but I read much man account dyslexic and I mean to I just never enjoyed the process as a kid, and I watched a shit tunnel documentaries and try to read small things, the news and and supply that bit dynamite. Since the internet's we taken off having read
any books. I try. I was taken on how I got I'm gonna. Do this and I read a lot: a bog refused, an active fictions, down and go on going to read it Tom Clancy Novel our conflict. Can you not give it a go me there? It has to be at this point now. It has to be nonfiction cause of alike as they all Ellida Lolita such a every. loves Lolita. I should give that book a try ten years ago or whatever I serene like. I got about a third of the way through my this only exists in some guys here. I not really are interrelated. If the acting in your your imagination is no good, the Maya That's why I like movies people, would better imagined, genes that may make in shit fuck and happily I hold on very anti cd. I got angry at the dock crystal they're. Doing. puppets ends e g. I am like men, I bristle when in court cases are now see gee. I guess I that was my favorite thing as a kid and I'll watch like these fast and fears museum like our I love hearing that some guys in a wheelchair, because a mad max.
I like your dad's, this dont worry broke his neck, oh yeah, there's the best part of the map, the road warrior, Blu Ray, which has got commentary, and yet the guy did the semi accident right at them towards the very end of the movie roles of semi off a cliff, and they were saying that that guy they made him prep for surgery, but or the start, as fast did any and all these fluids in like he was ready to go straight to surgery between you end, not meaning. yet you have you ever seen the original mad MAX American release I assume the only one I've ever seen, black and white one. No, that's not what you think. I like the broad warrior now is mad to be as number to mask ice, a man MAX originally, when an aid in America they dubbed the voices, oh They thought that you wouldn't understand his accent. It would be too difficult and like this, this is Dobbin Miss Gibson,
this is like MEL Gibson's accent was too harsh for you. That would going to do for fun with MEL Gibson, but then nine hundred and eleven happen and I'm going to fill in a gallon of sand or something cuz. I could have put that on the halls and then melted what metal did sharer share and then they got. came and they brought in the guy that has to have a half the coverage. Fights for reacting really does Tom, and I am already I rang- buying replaced mad max or is that fought a pilot in young train, your right? He had it as acting with the advice here, he's the faceless guy yeah. What how cool, though, that you can still be a major movies, a thing where's that just a coincidence, that's happened three times in major film. I think it's the natural progression from like Brad Pitt, whose so fucking gorgeous I mean just my number one is my weathermen all get into, It's always the nicest gonna. Well any loved. Your show right on that Is that how it all you, like, my effect, showing you came and be more? Actually I want. You walked me money. whether man- ok, whether woman, if you can find it
our weak, I applaud or when it is fifty minutes. We we have we here, because we have Brad Pitt and we had set Rogan. I now we want to find out whether person yeah dashes top relished. Ok right did you that's a really good pick up, I'm back to him, so he you know four fight club. He like had a cap removed, guys it or that goal, We are trying to make themselves ugly in movies gotcha, so I have the eye UK so it dealing within our culture right now we have all agreed. No more black face jump right now. You can act outside your rice. That's right, and I think this is a good move. The guy's, a promotion for Only Guy ACT is deployed. Guy rose a bit up or down about that one. I'm not sure that one. But what I do navies I'm sick and tired of good looking people play Is this really people at this? If that Jared, Egerton or whatever his name is implied Elton John and and eighty the Eagle rights This is solid, plays a little child
there on thirty pounds we call a brave They do not arrive being ugly everyday the good looking they should stop taking the ugly roast it's funny cause. Obviously I think any anger should be allowed do anything in some sense, but I was an early person. I was like listen you're, not gonna. Let openly gay deeds place straight men in movies. They just don't listen as they come out the you never that there are there not plain straight men anymore, so like if that's the box that they ve been painted into you better give the fuckin gay roles of Asia Europe, so that does to me. I have some validity to it. Yeah with that British led in the Disney filaments coming at a mites with a jack model. Ok Jack Y all is playing the first guy Disney character. Oh you know maybe coming and then they were up said because he wasn't. He has heterosexual marriage like shouldn't. We applaud the. Three that there's a guy Disney character like a win look I have been on the.
side of this before is I've always been someone that's like. Yes, the world needs changing. Undoubtedly, we need to keep progressing. Also, it doesn't hurt to go like we ve never been more divided knew no. We literally fought each other and civil wars. Keep its you know, keep it learn how that question, because I do a somewhat, I sense, a social hawk shy, but they say political told, shocking. Every question is always the same. Is the world more divided than its ever being? we would do better than in the seventies, but I will say I did read that Martin Luther King quote I now three years ago, word said like, be wary of the liberal who will basically say that things are progressing. You don't need to be impatient or notice the change and in and I was like- oh, I guess I'm kind of guilty of that. Sometimes I'm like wolves so much better than the sixties and maybe sounds like, were we ve arrived or somewhere is my father? Is any lady is now as serve gotten more torrent of saying?
die Paypal night. When I was a kid, he grew up and out back astray. Wasn't now I've a time you voted for gay marriage and also and saw he feels like a little bit more work than he used to Bay and he's having a bit of a victory. Lap and he's got a guy friends me and then someone. He said something that transsexuals and then he was in the room. saw to that argument. Right people when it is broken almost eighty. Let him have victory lap on that one ready for that yet going to take this to take another idea. Use right, don't worry about the old people in their opinions, opinion be dead soon. Yeah every generation thinks there the most progressive generations the main and they are, but the generation coming after these general gave and be more progressive than them and they will become the old bigots and I would even say it happen and not just be like back an ill. My grandson
thinks he's an asian woman who wants to be married to a robot and I think it's ridiculous and rank. Do you find yourself like? I have opinions that often I'll just go like you know. I think this is just me get an old because I will say yes: every generation has progressed. I think, Some periods were more accelerated than others go, but certainly layers excelled it. Oh, my God in suits moving so quickly, and I at all question myself how many more software updates do. I have left in me right. This is a person like I was watching friends this morning dislike on that fixes. Something was gettin ready and has asked a fact and help make a joke would have been made to a lot. O share should have asked that everything that drivers there is lying to women to sleep with them not extras- and I thought is that as a like, our jolly IA incorrigible. While I was in episode upon to our like, you know, just scale but shopping in the store and she thinks it's been closed down for her to shop in and then I blow out of them
changing Roman I'm bear naked, I'm just gonna grab a pair of hands. And then the whole thing is I'm bare naked in real life in her friends there who was in on it everything, but I'm like you imagine if that came out this week, It will be a big hard pass from everybody. Goosey upset, though no no, she thought it was pretty amusing back good yea up, but I want to talk about you mean from us. Because it's just an ailing interesting to me for a lot of reasons. So every bain yeah yeah, then I went one When I was younger, maybe twenty with my mom on a cruise unending crews. I want to say it was three weeks long. It started in Bangkok and then ended in Sydney, so it like went to quantum Malaysia to Bali to a poor, then Adelaide Perth, Tasmania Sidney. I came up the crews with my son, my ex,
my girlfriend, we'll all. Why has very progressive a very progressive grave and how did the acts in my going? Can I go for the excellent bisbees either garment legged owing really well, I had that once and it was lovely area new. My weeks, what will we are placed? My exquisitely job, but I like yeah, and some people don't like that and then did they get along very well, neither seems to be kind of camps. I've always had a really hard time going. Ok! Well, I loved this person a lot now. You know a work out between US room, a myriad of reason, but I don't understand the turn thy love the person switch off. I just like the people I loved. I still love and I always love from his love and height live. Close to each year and differences in the opposite of love. Not the height
Lemme Curio relationships in general. What do you mean well liked to say love and hate? A really close on the spectrum? I have not had that like hating, a girlfriend be lays Bain Sim axes in my life, that of you, but for the most part, I think out of probably my eight long term go friends. I've had my life, that's a bull! pack figure sharing, I would say it is maybe two of them that I cannot do ever speak to again on the rest of them. If I saw her party would catch apple. Did anyone it'll be fine and maybe the time it was over and then there's probably three of them that two of them, then I'm still friends with them, Third, when they, if I saw I'd, be happy to see you know, that's a pretty good ratio yeah, I think so. I think I think most of my axes would sail a fairly good guy. I hope may well. I have a lot of friends who a hundred percent their axes would say their terrible yeah and I'm like you know you might be there, denominator with it. There's one
there is one that I think are traded badly, who still quite like me, it out loud that once they get over that they go awry. Well, you know yeah yeah did you do generally have Fidelity Brahms, as I have had in my life, but I've got an older. It's gotten better You is you cuz, if you're less horny for little bit less horny implies it's, you know you start assessing these all these persons good for me, and you know you ve gone burns. I ride relationships where I have had that problem than relationships were being good of you. I saw, I don't think it's a patent nets or conceal my life, but I think it's something you always have to work think it's like any drug or anything you have to wake up and our I'm not going to drink that I'm not gonna take drugs and I'm not gonna shoot you whatever. You know I'm so you have to have a game plan before you're in the situation is a view weight to the city, if I walk into a room and there's a fuckin kilos, cocaine, and I can't wait to that moment to decide whether or not I feel that the ships gonna sell. Quite
I find on the road comedy clubs of the devil. Oh, I back the case you ve been the gig and then you're all in the same as the people who went to the show Are you coming you do? You showed leave leave that door that do you my pride of thousands of people but you're gettin in a car than gone off to the back to the hotel and say that I found this to be a better system for me, yeah yeah also. This is what I found a size about, even in sobriety, unlike that, if I was still using, I would just tell people on this progress. I love see, feel free to bring some to the show. Is that your jam, like everything, my primary? If I could pick you I find out, I have terminal cancer at noon today.
I will get an eight Bala Coke Indiana analyzed. That's mine! Isn't that lovely car you weren't Ajax ideals of car would have maybe it fixes dislocated. I feel like it when you're on both the one. I start you like Mr Ivan tank I gained in a very long time, and the reason for that is. I just thought I was too old, for I thought you it'll kill ya, like you all, have a heart attack J, Ai Thoroughgood sweaty, and I'm a vague and out into the Argo I quit fluid. Take it up a little bit than I did you move in and out of Gaza different different jam for me, but I have gotten very into edible. Edibles sure sure a lot of people on here that yeah? That makes a ton of sense because the edible let me a break go from here to there and not hang all now hang over her and the only thing I visited remain edibles I gotta have my life. Plane is a whistle. I gotta be doing no wrongs in the world. Ok
obsess when yeah, because if I got you forgot something that Lou Shady gone only life right. I like the guy you're of adverse and so say year. If you say me not aiding edibles. That means, of course, that it is not easy and amends to move on animals than you like. These guys live in a good life yeah. You know I would do that on shrimps, not a lot, but my last few trips on shrews, I just spent the last two hours of that experience going through with a terrible boyfriend. I was what it terrible son. I have been what I'm all eyes I, starting at the ring up an apologize to people from our past, so yeah, I'm composing letters in my arm. Such a piece of shit- you never deserved me me in all I mean I guess I get dark. down there with my extreme what is worse, those this girl do this right and she's like Europe,
personally, I feel that she's the best years towards me now. I got good you're the best. You really need that social. If you, if you are prone to having the internal voice, be a one, that's attacking you regularly. I think is helpful to have someone. outside it kind of objectively going. All in all you haven't, killed anyone be able with the old the mushrooms. I had that rates that it's a fifteen minute spot in the middle of the four our trip awe and so on is buying. That's gonna happen. And then I will be over and I've gotten so good ass. If it was my first time would be terrifying guns
I'm good at it, now that my brain can guy this away. I've I've day minutes and I are gonna, be fine. I think that's what delineate between people enjoy drugs and don't like I've always been good at even when panicking I'm Eleazer Pass data like I can always going this blows. What fuck it'll be over yeah, I only a couple times what what did I buy in the light of this may never end up back in Sydney today was a cabinet maker or funds, Canada, Maggie I've. I've always wanted to call one of my company special, maybe not this one of them when you have a name for the one coming up, but the next time I like to call the son of a carpenter. Oh, I like that, and I do not get a list of economies is yea right. It's a bit of Jesus. They re just I'm just the son of a dynamic, Dobryna yeah in so again. Here's where I get fascinated by the day this is and or similarities between the? U S and in Australia. Here, cabinet makers, a pretty masculine job like you're in a
shot by yourself. Allow sign shit, you're lifting the diamond, destroy. Ok, so with your dad, you no kind of a blue collar masculinity with blue collar guy. Wasn't a big black is a small, a fellow he is still alive when he won't when he was young eastern DRC, like a nine sixty to eighty holding powder blue and everyone else had like a proper track for their thing. My dad would strap levies cabinets either route for the car, one of the big bag, eyes and stuff. How that it looked like something out of you. No miracle graffiti top of a car right is a tough guy. I grew up in a town called Reimer in rural ASTREA. He was basically illiterate when you finish school, and so you took up a key to rally. Had he had Dyslexia, any any brother was like almost like a road skull and my uncle is a very impressive, a run run. The electoral office of astray, like a very important men, will allow public Jerry May,
what are we gonna take my daddy age sort of left and my parents met on boat going. Oh really yea on. How would I know they were going over. There did every is drying guys over in this sort of elite. When is ok, to your visa from twenty two to seventeen get to you is it gives you Commonwealth. That's how I started my comedy green. I went up the England it is. an upper monies to evade the algae and ask you why you went to London verges way more comedy clubs, but my parents They met on this by the Ariana guy, the two wake crews to get there. Ah, no one flew fucking multimillionaires flew there, wasn't commercial airlines in the sixty and United Touchdown like eleven times After all, it is it's. The long is flawed in the world in London to Well, actually, London to Oakland is the longest bed Sidney's far enough of that? eighteen and twenty four in including the stop over the issues they have to stop further.
Fuel is an increasing more people, don't lose their mind up there. I e a greener, Lincoln Maritime LAW, like the captain's allowed to kill people cause people lose their mind at sea in their their empowered to kill someone of dried threat to the correct I get buzz and planes. Now, although I used to take his annex and along fly, aha now it's a couple of blueberries and others. Seton Giggle Mass offered a movie, that's wonderful, yea and have a lovely say my problem before I go through security are done how right before you got your motorcycle after they are, but my parents, men and this by they distort our hang out together, but to a strains in London. Ah, they came back and might my really quick that could be misleading were because you're, the only to people or you would feel like you're, the only two people in their their very foreign. So now you, you feel very similar like if you fell in love with a woman oversee how we're married for fifty is my mother passed away two months ago, but knows I'm sorry, that's ok, Mama, but they would, together for fifty years, arguing
at least forty per year- but I remember the happiest my dad was devastated. Remember diets. It was fifty relationship. It's amazing how cancer or mother was always sick I'll cry? She was just wanting always succeed in hospital Jed get polio. and I think there was a little bit in her, that she enjoyed being sick, o ye out totally believe that people have an identity, their even unaware of it. Yet as a source of identity. They, when she was thirteen fourteen shed pollio, everyone came, visitor when our Carol Exit Tell Bookkeeping, kids died, sure and she had to learn to walk again in all these people visiting a visiting, and so when I was a kid my mother had a bad back. I used to believe that my mother was this close to being wheelchair band she's. The lion traction ball
in all my back, my back right, she's to come in here you're over the belt, then you'd Pusher Y, all back anyway, then she got diabetes. We never fucking ahead of the back again That is why I guess she had a new things you she could prick itself with the needles and nails. This thanks. You got Pakistan's towards the end. Our study, about the diabetes cancer life from not hearing about the partisans yeah, but in the end she just a bit like issues, large woman and her muscles bouquet, when she kept on full and over and no ban to get up at the Golan able and syro its arm too. I am lens trips, and so I could deny going with it. You gotta go nosing home. I got dead cat left you up. We have two kilometers, you need full time, medical care. So I was, paying for the nursing homes. So there was an element of my mother arguing about our diet, border guards or whatever it is. You don't really have a choice. Was that huge eyeing she never wanted to go to one for the first month have to share room and the person until another room get Cyprus right and she guys, if I
to share room when someone I'll kill myself- and I'm like this- is why you have no friends you do you think I strike this. What is this is the best you ve never met you. I got a friend like life like it could be beautiful anyway. She said, you engage said she wouldn't go and then it came to the day she had to go right. She couldn't stand up anymore. I saw the aim and crime together the tiger off the nursing home. He goes before I go on any other bathroom, so they help to the bathroom gets on the toy. The two ambassador she's dead up in a fuckin shin snaps in half news buying, and if I can log prisoner of the leg, the barn sticking out who breaks the leg in front of Angolan, strive all men crazy, Yeah inside the Ambrose came in just shot full of morphine and then Jesus lying there passed out and thereby can't lift up just these dead white right from its
your ninety pans of dead. Why it is in the bathroom, is lying in the whole whales and fill out another toilet door, just a single toilet further, and so I call another ailments up. I don't like African lived and then they call in of the fire department scenario of two elements is a hot these six guys in the fine via track your poor, dear Emma Dad's, blot everywhere and he's like off. You learn how blurs really help, and then it has a little clearer. My mama's aluminum Horta, nothing like a tv show, but has been clouded in that they have to do through the hallway survey site. Just throwing furniture out in the fuckin straight like I get to make way might way by pull they dragged along getter into an ailments, Gaza Hospital. I get the Franco he gonna marry. Can I go your mom's foreign I've as broken a leg. The doctors don't think she'll get through the Anastasia she'll, probably doin surgery, into my arms preparing myself for this and I and the next day. This is this: if you months ago now she thinks day that
She came through with foreign colors. They ve put some pins in a leg, she's she's in right shape, whereas I grow good little bit longer. They go where I got is a small infection that ever antibiotics inside and outside the infections cleared up hasn't move now for a few weeks, while the leg feeling atley blood, clots, pneumonia, fluid on the lungs mine, your eye, and so they put on a bed that rocked from side to side to keep a body moving. like. I said we put her on more anybody else that we don't think she'll live through the pneumonia, and so I'm preparing to fly back to his dry and then I get to find cool these nine my legs all good factory in Zaire, which set down a couple edibles and would finish recording the show- and I said, let me go for us and I think, a term of final for a couple of guys, just as I waited seven Finally, they go the antibiotics. It killed a kidney. She had too much medication in by the Guineas file.
Forty eight hours blog on applying those buzz back there from the time of the fine called to the time, I got to the side of a bit out back there in sixteen ass a while it was impossible. aids a thirteen hour flight and I was like I was not a quick and not only eleven thirty four to Sidney. I did my point now. She never went into the nursing home. I'm good hers ass. I want that was a man in the end. She one never fucking way at all Man, that's big poetic, really see. Fuckin didn't want to go and shooting guys so yeah yeah he's a this is dark and more than a mile or so my father died a cancer and I was involved all then he is back in Michigan. I was flying back and forth and I got to say I have a very hard time with, like, I guess, managing expectation so getting the news it. He had. Cancer knows small seventies and dying three months that was pretty manageable. Like a was rough but
as manageable, and then it was when it seem like he was going down down down down down and I saw ok well, here's the end is in sight, and then you have these like miraculous recoveries for two weeks, where my oh, no he's have another seven months and then a week later was like oh no he'll be dead within forty. The up and down, One of those expectations I found to be so uncomfortable. I dont know why. I guess it is super selfish of me. I just I needed no like what am I preparing for his is a weak or, as is I was always going like. I dont want the magic cure. I can't go through this cycle again it being out the plan for the worst. Then you get some hoping for the best yeah plans.
who is the new hope for the best yeah, I was scared. What if I shared operating cry? You stupid things like that, and there is no reason for me to think I wouldn't cry, but what, if I didn't ya and then it became who was very natural and there I saw my father cry for the first time. You know I've never seen him crying and that was always tearing up now tat. It was almost cathartic to see, though everyone graving out, I don't know and then weirdly with her what she liked theirs thing: weirdly, Sweden, wonderful that that's what kind of she wanted right. Then we may my brothers, we don't hang out as a group how many others you I've two elder brothers and they get along better now than they used to. But I never used to get along and I got along with both them individually, our hard, but we never hang out as the three areas of bad bad dynamic. It's always two against one of the key
Can I have three people together yeah? I was always stuck in the middle of em. Tipping with each other are generally right. The youngest and all this will destroy the middle child yeah. That is my my mental rather probably had a heart is a yea. Probably did I. There is something to that. Being I'm happy debate a very strict about what we strict to do. We are doing their education. We had to make something themselves. We had to get a job and we had to businesses and my both my brothers had that really pushed into him and then, when they both turned reasonably well in their early twenties with may they are let him be eighty. night is let me go Zeit. They had a spare one to lose share to reimburse arrived, that there was a great eyes s a soda. Let me off, I witnessed studied musical theatre of a fucking things. You die
saw that my mother's mind is plenary in she yelled a lot. I was yelled at all its eyes, as is like, even if I slightly rise, my voice to my son. He just shuts down he's like go. We you mean, do me in my boy. You have no idea how the hell I pick it up, and I always tell my girls that Am I right to kick my ass when I did you think this is that I think you need to think about it. Why telling stories about the beatings and my son's killed ever love? We like people, given that has goes dollars door about we're, not a hit you with the belt buckle under my right. If that's the time, if you want my father when every spike, whether we go shot up Gary Shop, you know what you're talking about shut up like that. I started to rebuild a little bit: less ease in disguise, learning, fucking talk opinions. Let employees working opinion by that. Your shop areas like an idiot Emma was within Trudy and my mother dying, we're like she was a vital part of this ecosystem system
she was the only thing holding back. My father I was very unleashed and he has some fucking opinion. Why yea my dad's with Digital, that's quite a trump supporter, any very unhappy with some of my joints. You, Sir he's been wanting to tell me how disappointed in some of my humor is blamed for quite a while. That's interesting, stay to arm chair, diffused air. We are supported by rang. Monica rings mission is to make neighbourhood safer and what the season changing and school in session. It is more important than ever to keep an eye on your home and knows you love me little ones, but you do have an alley behind your house and you ve got your ring beam and straight out.
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ass when Hugh is here, you would always remember the fact this is it's fuckin here wade unseen that great the main enliven Ex wages will reign in the directive should also Eads issues like it turns out like he's like the greatest God. I've never had a bad press about the guy. There he's doing these Shari Sicily, nice, yes to nice, lying like other sera, there's gotta be some, Body in the basement in summer is going on. Did you have aspirations of actually doing musicals? I would have liked to been doing musicals. I think it was a thing that my parents could pallet with a lot more than things I'd, expressed interest in doing stamp out a very young age at thirteen or fourteen. I actually did three open MIKE spots when I was seventeen, no canning did three and the first one I went in, and you said I was eighteen and went into gain a strike me. I think, and I went into the by
and it went well. First one went well and then afterwards the guy said he really liked him at nine. You guys, like you, have to bring a parent next time I enjoy. Ok, you breathe, so I had to get. I wouldn't tell dead and I see data. I did these really good. It is probably not cry. My memory is being very good at her, and I went back with my dad. We're dead took me along and it was really rainy night in Sydney and the audience was just comedians who have a forming oh great, United Hazy, aligned it was a hall- was a whole lot of other and everyone else who is all too maybe they'll. Probably twenty four year I mean just these all men, Everyone here She's like was really trying hard to get into the Sydney comedy store. That's right was right and I had a good first since they let me strike back on the next week. I couldn't have tanked more What I think heckled stumbling along lines of go back to school and what material is still storytelling. It was literally like those who go current at school
like great level, which would offer guarantees girl like sixteen, and it went so bad in front of my file whence I barely an aim. We drive back and it was a good hour I'm here. We live in the outer suburbs, a city this is in the city and we driver, and it was raining as its main meant that hardly talk to my dad, solar wind. I your good Kaden, you Paypal, lock in staff in me as big issues in for you, my god. This is inferior, guys if you, if you wanna cave donors a hobby but dine, expect these two ever bathing for you. This isn't! Isn't in your we'll. Have my right and I would just was cross any minute because, if pot Father is trying to protect you against heartache, because I was that was a terrible experience and I just would have been held back tears and I remember just staring up at the river, not sleeping then I came back right. That was young. Thing, I've ever wanted to do. In my whole life yeah, I couldn't do it and then
I had one more go dislike, but if that baggy was a fluke, I went to a different crony club with my mate and as that six people, the earnings and, of course that went horrible Uzbek and six may hear, and then I went not not do and that again yea. I learned a lesson and and what happened was signed but then we put production every year. You know, and I made into the opera section of the course China My major, though you were singing opera, you are seeing because that was I wasn't good at the dancing and shit. My singing voice was a kind of murder and then they even in the operas- and I was like doing- shooting german and shit I was getting lie. And I'll bet be romantic laid. Never forget our, nor even a motive for his legs doing is in English. I'm get laughed so I thought that comedy long ago, again, I'd nodules M of Argo codes. I was gonna get daddy University. I wasn't continent right, he's gonna not make the cut the next year say there was
Khamenei kind of tackle Gary who are still needed is dying. Gary was like of the Taliban in a strike don t v spots in idea he was gonna. Do the mining towns of western Destrier he's, got cow coolly and always buy is that, unlike non maned, every one woman in everyone's got shit tons of money, but nothing to spend it on various high paid jobs they bringing committing the by in these terms, because all men, they shipping girls and they they could skimpy s and they bought in topless. So this is topless women on the back and is not Strip club. It's more there's, a guy I this isn't a guy by this directive. In a really get it ignore these tits over the horizon, a guy. Why would they be here? Why would the tits They they as right, but apart from that it's just men, cowboy outfits, so it really would look like go for. What I was wondering is gonna knowledge that this is all informed by robber, stamper, chopper, Madame
acts crocodile Dundee I'll even throw in there. I have a an idea of what Australia's it's really embroiled in masculinity for me, and I am imagine that might go both ways, because what you guys we're getting was likes sliced alone and swords Nigger, and all this stuff yeah. Did you ever higher, like very violent in an aggressive because I thought of Australians is like I thought the Americans is being a bit more jacked up another type of stuff, but I also know that women in America, because everything was like, like a hawk girl and I became a in the movies and stuff like that. I saw a strain. Women is being very sporty, ok for rain, but either I worry about a thing for american girls, because I this image of what I thought they might be and they are to a certain extent, but he also three hunter thirty million people, so you have the possibility of having a bit of every with everything going on here and they congregate in certain city. Exactly know that wins bow have certain topics. When his bow hesitant about what I felt when I first moved here, and I
nano additions and a wide and I've never going to get cost is an act or anything, but they sent me out on acting conditions. And it would always be like the typical astray in and I'd go along having the voice. I don't look like what an american things in a strange should look like Amerika Munsey play. I should have blonde hair and serve borne by tanned on pile with dark, hair and well we'll get male starts. The whole thing it s a masculine is it fucking gets at least weapons disease. Is it a thing about astray and say: Miss Gibson was born America. Maybe he moved over to his dry when he's five or six because he's fine they, didn't, want his two sons fighting in them.
It now more during the latter in the pies than he had an astray nationalities? Are he bought the boys Iver? Oh? So when I asked you about this masculinity a been afghan assent, whilst our brain, I own capital, is fun right. Why what you did for the troops, Romania? I went goin, I like military stuff. This is a weird opportunity to go see what this is all happening. Afghanistan and then I would that that place a bad guys come enough of a mountain that have been living up there for two and a half weeks. A cinderella, communication They literally been sleeping in the dirt and come into their fuckin bunk house in I walk in there there like. What are you doing here? Am I was gonna, let you know worth thinking about you in it. Was so emotional, and I was like I did not think this would be as heartwarming as it is and in it feels important as it did when I was there were eager to Argo answer is slightly summit, because I think I did it for british government. Ok, incidentally, the british government by the american government doesn't oh,
yeah you Americans, set out there with a per day I and entitled thank you for supporting our troops These are fine way that they do that to entertainers and you're askin bag if you got paid the money? But if you're, a plumber who goes out there to do the plumbing or for any other job gets paid in the military and the military budgets massive for some reason, entertainers have to do it for free. I don't understand you may get you make a good point, but here I still good to do it right, but so we sent out with tight, stray models I would have paid three models: their midway between porn and normal modeling. Ok, is on and on the third page of a british newspapers. Historically, I think some of them still do it, but the normal newspaper, thereby topless girl, although when you I've been out in the Bay of Biscay and some of these girls, get become modest, celebrity for the time I do it, jar and thousands of girls want to do this job.
Ok, bye, lining up yeah that I really do point out a bit. They do a bit, but not really right right and they all Dight Premier League footballers, its quantity, ravine job and The more famous ones get travel there and they like there for the boys, like. Our boy became an autopsy stuff right, so there's a quantified has paid survey model and may doing these things. You ve come out the wave and then come out and do a bit a stand up then we had to if go visit the hospitals as like you take that wing I'll, take wing You haven't seen more disappointed amputees. Then, when I shot, I wasn't the one they fuck you want when's. The girl come our she'll, be here in a minute. But if you wanna hear some joint Sargassum JIVE Soya billion, there was another somewhere in Camp bastion in Afghanistan things. If Gunnison compassion. When the campaign In the end, there was american and british troops, and I was there to entertain the british troops and eyes and attain there was.
Two thousand of them or whatever those I was doing a shy, but in the tent sort of a mile away and the same camp was Robin Williams Cell Boy like I was doing a good job. They are what a disappointment and I was to have AIDS twice the Americans alike, outdated, Robin Williams. Here we had some ass dry in blood and never will it's when he's when you go there in ease, I start to talk to the guys. All of them will be like you, gotta get invited to an australian barbecue, because the australian troops are there too young and the american policy is if they are in a country that doesn't have any drinking. Would there now to drink the Austrians like absolutely not ever gonna be there were young drinks, o thou Australians can drink. there. But the Americans can t beers per day, perhaps right as the austrian slogan, in certainly those awaiting it more than two years, I'm sure I'll yea that data is not drink. I used all get to drink tickets in what we do,
to drink tickets for the shows and they had used to drinks things, but the bartenders will also soldiers. ah ha, and so they would shoved the drink tickets back under the tent and people would run around and get these tickets kept on rotating around at as early as, at any rate, never went on. Australian barbecue just thought that there was a really interesting thing: they're like now we're gonna drank, wouldn't it behind a leg, you should be able to do. You're gonna be over there doing that fucking job were wait. We were once in a milliner because we would drinking with them on a journey, rosa whatever the gear, and so that guy was drinking with and they now we ran out of booze. My god is a supply. Taint plays a shop. The basic is like three in the morning we all drunk but is nigh roads get into these the idea and we drive in the desert. It felt like twenty miles we drive like a long way, just as no roads is across the desert and then we shall up and we hung the whole, unlike, why
We're gonna get booze. We're gonna, like generals, were the attention and this woman sleeps and in those shop these general store for the soldiers wherever Cecil in there and then jeep, seldom Canny mass whatever she has like a sacred stash with general of boozes, whatever is were honking lots and where an official jape, like an official generals, Jape the law to shine through the winter. We, Hong Kong, Congo, home and then these beckoned really Buff, Nike Guy just jumps out there. None runs across the lady was plowing. He was planned. The girl s shop is not allowed to hate it. Waiting give a fashion, we heard. Is there to get some Jack Daniels back would have thought of it. The woman who came out of that thing was not an attractive. Woman is a big. This guy was fuckin ripped see
cleaning up enough Ganis day. Isn't that great dipping left without any fellow member? I will get back to this Maskew, MRS. They also I'm Superman Motor sports. That country is batch. Crazy. Is our strive yeah eyes put these huge fuckin blowers on these weird cars and doing big smokey burns. The all that masculinity suffragist ask grammar School there in Australia. Is it like? I grew up in a suburb of Detroit Variable collar. Very, very bites. Nonstop you're, getting fucked with was it that way I went to the no public school. Does the normal state school system? I actually grow up in quite a nice neighborhood. My parents deny me my mother was a casual schoolteacher at my school aren't. We were the words it was a subsidy subjects, substitute right, we're wasting. you'd be having a good day, the girl my days, Gowan good, you check into a girl and you walk, and then she just appear MRS Kennedy sick, how
is this illness? How long do I have four? But I grew up in quite a nice neighborhood. My father bought a block of land. In nineteen. Seventy, why we sixty nine, maybe sixty nine, which was on a dirt road. It would look like fifteen thousand in today's money. Did I write and then it became fluid suburb all around us all that so wait. We wouldn't be lucky in yeah. It wasn't really hugely via my school. Is Sixty percent Asian in Ottawa there's a lot of asian immigrants in a strike that happened, sort of more in the Eightys and Ninetys when that so to happen. But these, when did you have a policy where Ukraine were first generation dialogue come from Asia with their parents, but work or business something like that, and so there was sparely segregated in that regard, because they would hang together. Wheedle hang out together year. They have about the australian that you could emigrate there if you had to learn fifty thousand dollars on dial, they also had a policy, and I am someone my correct me if I'm wrong, but brought up until the light nineteen fifty is called the waters. Try a policy
wow, tell me allow work was fritz. I mean it's gonna sell that there were about the air, we had immigrants, but they have they want. They say that bread, SAM rises administration, this boosts rises. It doesn't exist any more, but when was growing up the mice foreign people really before islands came in with Gregson Italians, I'll ring and the time for them was walks now. That word has very little power. It's like a very non sort of wood, name back in the seventies and stuff. That was a good real harsh lies. I fight more and so great an italian witten these. Why think that racism goes in? So I called because when I was a kid it was the Greeks and Italians a fuckin this country on the body you back and food and they flagrant shit via and now it's like my vote today, is a hard workers workers they got their graves today and then it was the Asians, come in the bloody Asians, where they ve food and that this or that right speak the language, etc and ass. The eye
You never see them on the unemployment line. They work on their kids are always good in school and then said I got the and then it's funny on stops ago, all first generation keyboard there s the matter where they now now it's the Arabs. The Arabs are coming in and now it's the Sudanese that come in, so it is not to spend long. a day before you in a sort of like the great the times like the body, the Arabs and it's like when you the persecuted and there we are he's not a misnomer, as IKEA White people tend to think that other minorities don't hate other minority Gaza as the kids. That answer is so it became like now. It's like it just goes and saw you just have to live long enough to outlive your racism. I think, and with the invention of the are applying. You know we're all gonna come and visit each other work, idiotic, Israel. So we come back to go back to where you came from its like that. I don't want my girlfriends of indian descent. british she's from England, indian descent? And then you know
My ex states, guy from the Ivory coast and She's, canadian and no other stuff in one of my agents will tell me that again they get that would make a great movie, but that world different colors we We need to have more of a storyline show great movie in seventy seven August. I wasn't crazy Zactly, you paid a huge price for being artistic or well known in this. Guy did musicals in school because I wasn't good at sports are desperately want to be good at sports you now I tried out very tame and never made it problems out tonight, Come now. I get into the rugby team and again the third string ragweed a little bit like Rudy may, but then the sacred. If these, so the young lads was a fourteen fifteen out there and you're not feeling accepted in school. When you don't know what the Fukken do, Ezel from the ghost night talk to you,
Do the musical you dickhead right right, boys audition to end its packed with women and then all of a sudden you sing in with them. Anyhow they have to look into your eyes, then, all of a sudden these that they get these guys or art, Jellia jamb about the kid girls or you may use, go out. This is fair tat you have after parties, then you do trust exists. Eyes where Europe is fantastic idea. families loophole. How to make goes like this is the odds his words from this is why I have a theory on why act as a short Ok, why all big eyelids not all of them, but these days,
in order to release l, but traditionally better, there is a lot of leading men who these five foot- five Tom cruise Types- maintenance, nuthin, Roman Tom Cruise- but I'm just love em, I'm just sign- is a lot of short act is right and the actors is animal short and it's got nothing to do with looking good on camera. My theory is that, if you're good at sport, you play sport night if you're not good at sport, and you want to make women better. Fuckin know a monologue right, good, there's, whole comedians, because we already have funny yeah yeah funny, it may be like we'll feral stores, FUCK funny conveys girls and boys of east winds phone. You can get goes with funny, but if you're not funny man, you're not good at sport knew better effect and be emotionally sound writer of your sins memory on exactly ass. I think that's. What is this design theory behind like formula?
on rice. Car drivers are all little tawny fellows and ate in people's sites for the white not for those causes causes pathless fact. I don't need you to be so in the cockpit is very tiny. The covers raise what, but it's been They all started on, go cots, yes need and when they were little that will arise in the big kids gave up because fact these accommodate these, where the white really matters. Besides, I keep on plan this most, I would jockeys I'm sure, there's some chopped chalky circumventing rule out of it. They went up to fuckin toll for the out, hide it out of it yeah. My advice is always learn to dance and make jokes. I might Jake's is like my Son kinds media day and he's Staten YE one and also as Daphne is, I believe, a fringe and he's got some might and stuff like that. Any spot is kids, do as it I'll just go up to go to kids in disguise, ain't gonna play with it and see what when it gets you now and then he comes home he goes. I did that. Thank you.
did it didn't work. I go woke me through you guys. I went up to a group of friends and I said: do you wanna, be my friend I got into a body I got into hiding, raise into this right, so I guess you know gale. She wants to get engaged, first, one of your girlfriend asked or on a diet might ask gonna die now. This word made is really interesting to me. I've been having problems it lightly because Eichel boys and girls might, I think, sometimes when I call women might in America, they get a feigned, oh yeah, I think, have have like a sexual connotation. I don't think so at all. What I more am always cognisant of is that it can be used as a extreme term of endearment. Would you often hear he same his body? Yet again, a very aggressive too? Might might Although my I love it, when you get no thought, yeah, listen, might you and then? So? I guess I'm not your. Might.
that the irony mate area may give a. Whenever someone calls me Meda, my fucking me or to for the most part, has meant a pretty nice fashion. Ok, I was in a mating. We somebody like, I think it NBC in those executives there and stuff like that, and I did go around and thank everyone. I was like hey nice to me and I just made it to me and then I shook the females What things might there was an awkward like wash like, but often think that I had the honour, I think. Maybe I worried about it more than she like. I went to a baseball game with fellow actor and to crew members in one of the crew. Members was transitioning and when I got there I said as there what's up guys and then for the next twenty five minutes I was like. I hope she realizes
I always call everyone guys anyone any group more than three bodies. I hope I guiding she would have, of course not, but in my mind I spiraled for twenty five minutes. Thinking of Fox, she thinks I'm not recognising that she's a woman now now this and then I later realized there was all it might. There's no way that this person, even she heard Is there a holiday listening right now and guy? I think you need it. stay to arm chair there. We are supported by sip recruiter, the easiest fast best way to hire and employ can be so stressful to try to find a moniker Wabi web, but zip recruiter makes it so much easier now come,
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Have you here and not just say for those people who Devin followed your career, you know every single step of the way you did go from Sydney to London and then you kind of broke through cuz. You got physically assaulted on stage your bicycle. Tell me that story, but I have coarse hair, then look at identifying the I looked it up. Its roster AIDS is a bit of a misnomer that that help my career, that my eye was already doing tours in theatres before them, but the ticket sales did pick up. Was. I was already like Don TV spots in Aceh. with us headline that club? Yes, yes, it didn't hurt our member. Looking at the foot is the guy came up whenever spite to him. He was never put down in the audience right iceberg a woman I ever saw the rain. There's a heckled put down that I still used to this day. It sounds like an old law, but this is my launderer is when you put him down a few times. I'm gonna leave your line now, like you, dad did a little button on the whole, this guide, some issues with ease
or something, and he he kept drinking in here right. I imagine he went when I finish. These triggering an approach that country I think it was on a diet and Dight wasn't going well right right. She was enjoying. He thought your brain either he's gonna be chivalry. Maybe she deviations yea hinder I'd like a bit like this is all going to sort this out, because if you watch when he first runs on the stage, actually got a hang on my like the extra has already in every other guys you hang on. Might the bathrooms that why are you know out upon the stuck age right right and then eat and people go one you fought back. Are you knows in five right right? My system fight start with a little bit of verbal stuff. There's a ramp up general able to show its punches you in straight. Your area autism, to stop putting back is like, whereas exploiting a laugh. Why? Yet? Yet you know, in fact this, singular element. I was impressed with with that old australian politician he's looking the other way he gets an
egg on his face, nor on his head. The drips under his face in his immediate reaction is a turn want any and punishes kid, and I hated what the guy was saying. I think it's great again an egg on his head. I also thought that's great you reckon I got. My head should be prepared to get yea really quickly, so I was like oh good reflexes he's. Quite old and his training took over. That's neither here nor there was an impressive response as much time as many of you know, because we all think what will do when we get hit, but there I always further developing, like american politicians and like the rest of the world, is our people are a little bit more attainable than yours like like no one gets to travel and walked up the treaty. I this footage of a guard bob whole could just recently passed away, who is prominent, serve for it in a strive for my
eleven or thirteen years. Oh, you don't have turned. I came down, oh god, as long as you get voted in cape gown while and you can also be voted out by a party during your writing out riding ruin his interviews. You know it's a rain of you being a thirteen years, but this guy worth supporting Bob HAWK scowling, a b at the cricket disease, Ex Prime minister is the equivalent of bill. Clinton is walking around and they like I refer in someone's gonna high hokey have a b first try it might. This guy is renowned for me of the skull bees and then thousands of people. He gets a pint from a random person can be spiked or anything he's a rain and panzer in the crowd and he vaccine shocks.
Marek in less than five sick, bang, Bang, Bang, Bang crying Tribes is all day the already it's going about ideas all the time I got you never get that in politics. Over now, I'm trying to think through the last guy who'd have maybe even again even think of someone here that would have our bomber drink disease. Does seem a you know. I know I Navy was a heavy small readmitted admitted coke, which I love, yeah yeah, but I Oh no, I just watch the movie good barrier Netflix, which is about his young, oh, was an interesting, is a right which is lotta, haven, code parties and try and spoken the whole time right. I watched it and they went so that's how I was and then you have to rattle your brain and go now either taken an interview. This is someone who started with the premise Maybe one article wary cities like the lot, and this is like they watch the movie the queen and then that would like she held a self in such the queen. Doesn't I give you my she doesn't back and taken as all that
after happened up on her fine wishes, fixing the car It is some screenwriter. This is not a fucking historical document. That is a good point. David, like Lincoln needed guys, is worth much frightened documentation and we got. We have this idea of what he's This is our high involves Gore and very well. We didn't have any recordings of he's going now, behind it is me like I'm gonna, free the slaves knowing it you could have became no idea. We have no idea, but we were adjusted because some animatronic we saw as a kid and then Daniel Day Louis doesn't go, that's the voice! That's what he's haven't looked like you arise. I would dinosaurs widow fucking no wait. I know they say it. I know by signing or are we don't know, color others saying there covered and feathers and the new thing, whereas we think they grain or their whatever. We thought that now we think all their. Therefore, we feathered like birds that something like bring back a dinosaur imo for that man. That's
There are more interested in the woolly mouth. Remember, reading like a decade ago that they had found in Siberia. A woolly mammoth in it have is completely frozen and had sperm and ballsack so they're like oh, we could get that into an asian elephant and quickly- and I was like do that- did I because I know that you're like for years and now breaking a covenant very always dolly the shape, I dolly and then nothing like barbarous resins dogs being inclined. I think she's got like ie eight or something I saw is isolated.
diminishing about like these horrors, horses, the politics and we idleness nine fuckin horse, yes, they're called like whatever the horses name was Charles and he's got Charles won through a year and what's, whereas they do well, even other all clumsy, do well at different points of the game it. Maybe you grew up in a different temperature. These little tiny things at a guy affect your life. You know you would luthers at this american life about this guy, who had a basically a pet bull. This ball lived in the front yard came in, and out of the house there is like. The kind is a huge.
Bull and the bull died, and he was very sad and in the university cloned that bowl and what was crazy is the bull always hung out under this one tree on the property. So, as this boy comes of age, he too hangs out an exact same place, other guys, like only he it's him. It's him at the time of this story. This ball had gourd this owner like seven times he just couldn't, except that it wasn't the same ball right, because the original never was violent at all. But this this current ball had gourd him almost deathlike seven times. Instead, still in his life, reduce what kind of person they will you know it's interesting is prior to having kids out to sit
certainly not, but then, if I lost one of my kids yeah all bets are off, I don't think I could exist. I couldn't continue living so whatever a second ass, the most terrifying was losing a charmer Terrell, terrifying and people you can explain it is, is terrifying thing where you and your wife took about who you gonna give the kids to roaming. Edward were going through a right now and it's so funny because, as you know, you picked the first person that so easy does my sister sisters, I take my brother, and his wife, because I had a nice, let them a brother gets divorced, and am I the new life is ready for this out and I would ask the Kaiser out have a bit longer yeah. Well, the best part is so, in a scenario were both of us have died so that the probability that were already at one million are really beginning cause, I'm separated. Now I'm really low odds. This happening, yes, each travel in the same car together. That's true, that's true, but I'd still put the number one million or something. The one in three hundred point is
now. Maria Missis That's easy. We both agree she's already around nonstop, jet aunt or or what, if she dies, need. We need a back up for her yeah and now the conversation that lasted from the lawyers office to the home for fifty minutes became one argument after another of who we thought would or wouldn't get divorced existing. You have all these options. I always go to them. My aunt knows it. Will they be divorced at that point, where my ex seeking for a very relate his family, and I put my foot down as she is Sid six siblings, as none of them going off some religious fuckin ass, yet not happening in them are brothers like yesterday I live in a stray, unlike is Banisters nice Ryan live in. Austria now. It's like we have the wire gauze we broke up. There was the nice thing we could have done without my rang out. You know you need the one backup cause each other's or the first stop yeah yeah. Ok, so I believe that I became aware of you from
your gun control, but which are a lot of people, did the clip Irene Watch today has eleven million views and I'm sure, there's multiple far away. They got to sixty or seventy million views, and then I got taken down the Netflix put up their clip of out loud ticket. Well because there's somebody just lifted it off the internet of the thing I don't put anything internet. I look at the social may do anything. I think it's a horrible thing. People say rubbish shit about me that speck in Cape off it yeah and what happens for me es. I started hearing odd these clips going well look. I was at forty million or something that statements in crime. Then it gets idea announced at eleven main again, but I would argue- and this is made values it is brag. I think it might be. The most viral bitter stand up of the last decade. I guess magic at you, I can't think of, and sadly it's because of mesh sittings. Well, you know it's not because the materials right it's because if that retain, gives people a nice little argument to have it parties with rage
it's done in very simple language and the arguments is sound, but then you Norman child, like at times that this sounds a little arguments, you know where you walk into a fight with Paypal. No, no! I was going to say what you do masterfully in it. You do as good as you could do Bein programme control and also not alienating people who, like guns, while his clothes and I'm sure, maybe at best that per cent it was. Maybe thirty percent of gun lovers did like it and I'll tell you how to retain was written, and it was one of those ones just landed in my lap and assuming that long, because you I never know with an expert and gonna come from oh yeah and that retain right itself in two days. What happened was I the tv show if fx, gold, legit always on Wednesday what happened, and there was another act today who, in Maybe that is I, our love, he's gotta bits right, but John rats in big likely craven of cheese.
he was there he's program right and he said to me just ass. It happened and he meant these in a nice way goes. None of this would have happened if ur those teaches guns, these young people causing all this trouble, and I went off a fact. Side. John and then I argued with Infinitude ice and everything he had. I came up with a pretty little fucking response I back and forth and then all of a sudden I was sixteen minutes retain yeah John. Actually, I think he's come inside their retain larvae doesn't well, isn't that the thing is like I have so many friends that are on opposite ends of all spectrum journey. It's totally fucking fine. It's win the exchanges through social media where it can even happened. You don't seem like. I have friends that of the run, the gamut of political use, I'm its toll. We can talk about friends, written Republicans, fires are public and I used to think I was a big lefty, probably because the gun
thing behind and also I am somewhat of a socialist, because Guy Urban astray, with healthcare run housing for all. I just thought this a different so. The sensibility than one Americans have yeah. Sorry. I was always a socialist and anti gun and probable Russian, and now I thought that makes me left wing and then work you're. My tv show now I've got some real fucking, lift their main, and I are more moderate than I thought, I'm a moderate. I I think I have discovered the I'm more centrists than I thought I was on my arm a moderate. I believe everyone should be taken care of. You should do whatever you are. We are embody, guns, stupid infection, that's where it ends in so. But what would interest me to talk about the gun control bit? Is I try to imagine myself like me,
I mean a stand up in Austria or England or anywhere. Theirs is weird line right, which is first of all. You have a great perspective on America. Could you not from here right, so you can see the force much better than we can yeah as any outside, or you have a great point of view. I think I can see a stray a better now that I've lived outside of its Poseidon right is the kind of nature of things at one time. You have this great perspective. That is of value in a big way. I think it's why chapels never want to live in L a while he was doing to show you nodded it smart. Yet I have had a feeling. Well, I can admit it's failing on my part, but I have turned on people that worn American that got two critical or I'll of a sudden. I flipped in all I gotta get well, why don't you fucking go home yeah, you know in F, I myself singing and I dont think of myself as that type of person, but there is a little bit of a like. I can make fun of my brother, but of an outsider makes one of my brother, its game. Time were fighting
What I want to say about that is I dont not like it. I can see faults, magazines, dries roads, bridges, vaults and in comedy, there's no comment in the things that I, like you know I tell you, you know what's right about this place out of this in the water, isn't a comedy! What's good living a great big house and draw a fuckin big must have caught up in Gaza, which of you fuckin fantastic. I love living in America. There's no company in the right answer. Also. I think one of the most patriotic things you can do is speak out against your government and say what more could be improved. Going along with the norm into saying. Yes, I agree. I agree that this being patriotic, that's a fixing things making things better,
Oh you you and I believe, from what little I know about you have the same cynicism. Three adjust its religion, mapped right under a country. So it's like you have this thing that over time gets shown to be less than accurate, and then the devotion in the loyalty forces everyone to perpetuate this thing and then the like its deeper and deeper and deeper out of this loyalty to something- and I just objective that in general yeah and you see Jingo, stick or patriotic colds patriotic people who think like no use, fuckin love this place blindly and that's it and I'm a lot, but I lay yeah love it. Early. not any kind of a marriage, had one opinion that something human. I am I'm trying to get better. Why and I want my age and if that was your spouse, Big did shitty things in they. Catchphrase was love at all alive.
by the way that I like, when I get a second login and stay yes. Yes, yes, so I might in this sad religious sabre, it's like look. If the constitution was written by God, it wouldn't have been designed to be amended wreck, like those people realise that the thing was gonna have to choose and to account for new information, a wise and there's a zero years of biblical reverie. For this thing that I think needs to be updated. Occasionally this is likely. This will get let a height mobile Ivan. Think. The first amendment needs a little bit of a change. Ok, I'm outlook freedom a spade completely, the internet. Now. Young Erika he's gettin bullied the fuckin death men here you know like I wouldn't want to be school kid now. I feel like the internet. They should be in. You put your name on a policy. You can't stop but I can't harassed someone the second death and then fuck yeah Dick away. There should be some again
labelling, missionaries account and I already were eight M Aspasia bread, not freedom of thought of me, like I just your right, because the freedom China at any event. He nodded Tommy at an image in an empty alcoholics anonymous I stood Jagger rather like I was alcohol, unknown, nonexistent wake me because I'm so obviously an echo Hardwicke path, I gotta Colleagues obvious. So when you win you obviously or triggered by the third step, as was I when I got there, which is theirs up, while second others Margaret and myself and eternal EL over this thing. I also think the seventh runway apologize everyone, or is that ninety nine three am I I do that every morning after bad thing, I have to apologise to run away. I get me These are the. Why well versed? Well, that's a great habit, but there are policies that I needed to make that I didn't think I needed
ok, you don't say when I learned to figure out why I was man at people in ultimately traced that too, what fear I have, which I found out through that force step. I only have like three fears in every one of ever hated. My life triggered one of those three fears right in its embarrassingly predictable. Now my awhile, I fix us three fears. I pray dont have problems with anybody. I take away the thing that can make me mad at you run. I find it very liberating You ve had let go to let go what why give someone? in your eyes, is wrong view. Do you find it hard to let go of that or do you remember I me, but I bet for the last eight years I haven't actually bought someone wrong mean about eight years right. If you have a party with your girlfriend Ronnie of about twenty people over it and sixteen of the people leave and for people stay behind in the kitchen someone ago, a number that Guy Derek did you like that guy Derek is always talking about
fuckin money has a get it. You fuckin money right, an ongoing. I didn't notice that a genie girls of Fucking Bitch, like everything, was a joke and she thought she was so funny and bubbled up of all right. other three b will not ignore that everyone. As someone that trigger them at the bare and won't you quickly realises that there is no objective definition of annoying. There are only people trigger your shit. Do you have a fear of something about your own personal worried that other people find annoying? I know it. I need all the attention in the room and if someone else has some strategy to get attention- and I can see through it, I somehow think they're guilty of something I figured out their ploy I have, and I'm doing right now. I have a thing where trotted top story really go telling stories see. I do really good at telling stories I'm I, like I made a living out of telling stories Mostar. Comedies, storytelling and then I heard someone tell a story and has been weak. I just now I got a better one.
and I really really trying to do. I started Mcgovern my pleased if I start doing a story, please stop me and then sometimes I tell a story every one of the parties laughing and I go from doing again and I'm gonna go for under the fuckin thing. Where atop the story engineers, everyone enjoyed it. I guess that's not the thing that person should have had their story. And I should know that I got a better story: I haven't, even if that, not that nefarious. Your story reminded me buzz story. I knows good yet so even I'm not actually even I dont think sometimes on a train at top. It is like. Oh, I had a similar thing in general. We went away, then. What is the crossover bit being someone who's really charming and someone who's just fuckin talking too much? Yes, that's it gives out. I'm done line, sometimes only parties, and I like a fuckin rock that place Van and then sometimes eleven away. I took too much talk too much. No one knows gonna fucking worrying those, the worse thousand percent,
as always the ride home from somewhere brightest start like cannot do and a quick image have what percentage I spoke during that that sent one of the promise when, when I'm not drink, I worry that my stories a boring but so I got in the morning. I who gives a fuck my stories boring yes, and then the problem you dragging getting my stories of Antarctic, I wake up in the morning going I bought it. Everyone I mean. I think the real thing is like. I have a good barometer of when I'm like desperately looking for approval and attention bright and when I'm just kind of like innately offering some fun were armed such a moron. I have a good barometer when I'm doing that, but I don't stop right right. It's almost a terrible equality that I dislike and other people are What you hate about yourself, yea! I hate when people do that yeah. So you know back to the programme.
No, how I would have come to have all that without those steps I dont know how would would have figured out a trace. My discomfort live where it comes from and how I can stop it, but maybe if I got a ton of therapy or something- but I just did it, isn't it odd that we would never have in common? asian, if they went microphone O Donnell. Is that say so, because this is a very free flowing conversation? This seems very easy, but if there is no microphones mean you in just sit up in this room and have this in depth chat, is that the hour that we need everyone to is. I think I would try to have this chat with mine would you ever vended or something or we would have voted I yet we thought of something more pressing yeah. No, I think I would have at some point decided Jim likes me or Jim doesn't like me either way,
mission accomplished. You even some say I have gotten good at that. I've stopped in the last five years, giving a fuck if people like me as much, and I use that used to really manage we are very like no one's gonna like you in there the you mad at me hate me on the internet or think that I'm of this or that it and then I walk out to Rayner like ten thousand people and, unlike the eyes, people like me, I think the formula to be successful in at a time when people think they want the world to like them. You just need a million people to like you to be hugely successful. You just need a million people like you and you need them all to spend he yeah yeah, affect me here from any Visa yogi set, so you ten. More episodes left to air time more, hopefully, will get picked up from orbit. But who knows you never know? Is such a fine little gap there
Wayne Success and your rubbish and cancelled out totally. I hope that my specials go up each year or they remained the same views but because Netflix, I have no idea if it's easy, I have no idea they keep buying them. By another one. So my girl, I went with one another one. every to be in the in the show you know, is if you like, getting commissioner write a new book each. I normally start asking. If anyone wants to do. once I have one ready to go out, so I've already got the material and then after it ends like all right. That might be the last one cuz I figure. Maybe in a couple years onto I because rotting, they should all right like an hour and a half a year is staying up and that takes a long time. and people used I've. Forty minutes with a whole career right and so era, half, and so now it's like
I know I can do a better show that I'm doing at the moment. If I did my greatest it's right right right, but I feel like people appreciate that you're bringing at these new things, but there will be a stage I think a few years when I'm running a bit dry, where I might come I'll, do a greatest seats to you, I'm totally into that. You know, I argue with Monica bothers Alzheimer's, like you didn't even occur to me that when you're special comes your basically retiring, your road and driver, it's over I don't know. I really can I can I I wanna go see Chapelle, do exactly what I just saw him do less weakened, as I would do. A grace had, sir, which would just be taking my friend with muscular dystrophy to a brothel gun, control and the more I carry story, and we all do him right here. I was on my last special is like a theme it I got book to do. A private party, Mariah carries ha ha ha, if a James pack our lives boyfriend at that time. Right rat pact productions were eight billion from Austria and it was after a retard the gang
RO thing the special rebate out, and he just requested the gun, control Routine Osborne. I'd like a fairly good amount of money, was used up the road, and I knew I would get a bit of material out of it and it was this a dinner party and I was performing well nigh shoes on in the grass just with no microphone, oh much too, to Leonardo Caprio Alpha chain, Warren Piety Fucking, Eddie Murphy. There were all my God, but I gotta go material out of it so Jim, Jeffrey Joe. I watch it. It's phenomenal. You have ten more episodes in it looks like you're probably get picked up. I hope you do and that's on company syndrome. People should check that out we're sure people go to get tickets year, show largest Jim Jeffreys COM, I'm about to answer right now is if you listen to this in Europe, where doing how what a big shies Germany in her, and Scandinavia Erin?
K in Ireland and Israel in Greece. The fighting is like the Swedes yeah there Linda Death Metal, a higher our guy, they once every two years or whatever and every time they go. I enjoy the show this evening, but I was more offended last time then had around me. I wanna be a faint like, oh I'm, sorry I came to make you laugh. I wasn't trying to find. You rejects a fancy. That's one thing by my: I should move, That's good! This is your! Let the it out our friends Wade's the date they do. You guys, jeez. Your people are hot years. We are very good, looking like it is strange when you walk into like Mcdonald's and there's like a young, Claudia, she first you and your like what the fuck like like you can't get serve fast. food by really hot person. You I don't. You know that you to like fire,
in a New Zealand and run the place. You know like what are you you wouldn't areas like the matrix is Bro gay that night. It's very very, very odd. I had the experience of walking through Stockholm, like twenty five years old in where I'm from I'm very tall, and I was blonde and blue eyed, noticeably so fair and I was walking around stock ominously, I'm fucking dead average, if apathy and here you are well above average correct, but I think I want to say I must thank, that's, really looks, but definitely higher yeah. That's a good I've! Man dear! I don't want it. Does work bride, the appearance of a short person you using painting evade was tall. People always take voters when we have to think- or are you much taller than I thought you'd be they say that to me too, I enter, but I notice Monica now that she's getting known
they want to her you're smarter, was there ever Monica? Yes, you keep pointing at this chair. There hasn't been a moniker in these parts. Where did he muttered soulmate? Monica is just levies go whose we Monica, who Monica my caused in she's, my wife and I best friend and she went to see, as last name shall last name Monica Badman. We met her ass. She was started a babysitter for us than she started. Writing things for Christian than she started running Christians whole life than we start. This progress together now It is true that on Veronica Mise A came Abdul Jabbar as a RADA. How did you find that I intervene? a cream Abdul Jabbar there's something I read on never actually done. I interviewed him about when Trump waited about There are no muslim athletes and obviously this him in his Mohammed. I lay MIKE Tyson and they should kill nowadays loads of them right, buddy, pretty rich history. I pretty
is our. I interviewed agreement just by de my little Wikipedia search. I didn't want to ask him in case that was a bit of bullshit. He thought he was being interview. Am I showed you spoke about his show homes. books that he writes Ogilvy right, I'm gonna get you a nice fella, oh yeah, absolute land, I'm really, Mary leader us. How much run I add wing christen brought home the next episode it was written by and then so I was every couple days. I was like undisguised a first draft from weighing Gretzky It says that I have happened and expertise. I couldn't. I was trying to find like the most ridiculous exports. It's like, I said so, Basque, any aid. You wanna talk about Bosnia, God something I did something it did. most points out of anyone in history has either the something you did. I saw cream Abdul Jabbar Houston's one time that makes me things somewhat: Houston, Houston's, restaurants, my favorite restaurant with users, one in Pasadena. They used to be all over the place but Soussio to print.
Allergies on a menu. When you had more than seven locations, they doubts chain thing, yet it is a chinese estate out. What is incredible, favour restaurant? Is it better than Ruth Chris? Yes, it's my favorite Ruth crisis they got up. Yes, they got a prime rib sandwich there that will just knock your dick in the dirt. Now the ribs are unreal. There's a couple really great items: anyways my friend's been a server there for twenty years at the tables. The positions are numbered right. So if it's like a sick, stop the seats go one, two three, four: five: six in a circle, so that when the waiter tells the food runner to drop the sea bass, they go see bass, table eight seat. Six, so Stevie Wonder was there with like four people and he's the waiter
as to the runner drop, this steak sandwich to Stevie wonder she goes oh yeah. What position is in Ngos position Stevie Fucking, wonder we don't need to use the positions right now. Stevie wonder this is his ways we save with cream now, but does I remember, seeing greame there, and then I went straight to my favorite Stevie. Wonder I resign every time a walk in the restaurant. I think position, Stevie Fuckin, wonder Jimmy full of really wanted to talk to you for years. Ever since I watched your gun control thing, I really urge people to go on Youtube and watch it it's about as perfect as you can do. I think I think you will thank you so much. I look forward to talking you again come at any time as everyone now. My favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men well come to the fact check of Jimmy JAM
Jefferson sets Riley Jammer, Jeffrey Jimmie, Dale Simmer Jane, but it has been on names. James, Jim James Jeffreys, O J, J, J, J Cubed, that's the singer. My morning, jacket condemns it is I love my morning jacket. Let me then Allah, you love jacking up in the morning No, not at all all my morning, jacket Jack, that's! Where means yeah can I wish we did some morning jails? Why Diana? Because I did not in the mood kids are their young exactly like he had mode. When I wake up, not Jimmy jammer Mode, to add two: she never wake up with banners anymore. Why do away with borders, but I've gotta go Pepe Nepeian and it's over sets. p with a boner too. We got in a debate about. Do we think it's possible anatomically I'll have to ask order if
you can he, while side someone or inside somebody, I would say. Certainly I said yes Oh certainly is extreme, could cause there's a lot of people on no for this guy now, why? Wouldn't you be when she sees no reason in my answer. To that would have been challenge accepted, pray with the permission and requested my partner Alaska, but yeah I'll take it. test. Does your ip with banners many mornings a week, but they're saying it's real. Har Rob just said to pee with a boner like you, gonna have to force yourself. It's not easy, but it is just a movie me. Falling Gorge, they think you're. I your urethra is restricted to some degree can, and I think it is hard, but it is doable. So I dont know why it being inside of a for me, and I know man would would alter that I didn't see a mental block if anything was tells a few peed inside a woman.
Ok, all men who and then I was like well, if you're a woman and so unpleasant side you could you tell I bet you could I bet you put because you're talking about wealth, when four ounces of fluid you're gonna be aware on the sudden, you're gonna get fall or just its enemies. sprang right now he hasn't got to fill up like a balloon inside. It's gonna be coming out the edge I probably is gonna stand until the penis leaves the job will you think, there's an air tight seal on their that, like as it depends on how big the finances and has allowed the vagina? Yes, those doesn't is, are all factors nanny? Why well? Well, that's the thing so either, but probably
fusing their female workers if you're sleeping about with a partner in you roll over you see of their fully erect, you think o their aroused, but I'm erect. I think it's erected pinch off from any leakage. I think that's the function of it. Well, you're, not horny like when you to peace. So bad! That's with all that's on your money! For me, that's all it's on my mind. It's not a signal of warning us. I think it's trying to prevent people from sliding. Now You think the erection is due to the p p. I do as a preventive measure. pizza. You p directions. God was gone so in our right, while everyone else correct yeah, that's over right. When you p d, you never wake up with interaction and your horny. No, never is not like the whole thing about like adolescent boys
that, though, wake up warning yeah that they have like my morning were in and they have a mug terminal in La Nocturnal emissions Yan. I can remember having a martyr you never had now. I feel so. We are adopting here, you're, my good buddy, laughs and all the time. We sell yeah, still unease like forty six Sylvia Earl yeah, the his best, were in this was I want to say in a late thirty's, he a woman and they made love any slept at her apartment and in the middle of the night he woke up as you sprain in her bed at posts Coit all I, like you, idiot all viewers. After a few hours of slumber, a yea at a nocturnal emission allow what I really really anyway, the Scots so grows so jam.
Jim Jeffreys yeah. He said that London to Auckland is the longest flight in the world and in two thousand nineteen the long is fighting the world. Is Singapore to Newark Sing appeared in New York, Newark New York neutrality, Newark New Jersey, yeah. I hate that view that he was wrong. Now I hate that new workplaces, almost in New York and it's not any or die New Jersey, New York, that is there so close link is embarrassing for new work. Unless they predate me yours, which a Cannibal and they do not run away now. No work, I mean look, we love Newark. The EU should be a may that the name is so close yeah,
measuring ray I, whereas they probably feel insecure, slang wars of Europe in the shadow of the greatest city in a man s own. Could you not have a chip on your shoulder? Ok, Singapore Airlines flight time. Can you guess at twenty one hours, no nineteen, eighteen hours, thirty minutes That's a long time too long, you, I hope he drank if you're on that flight or you can do drugs. That's a long time to sit in a sea seeking out my dad is going to India. He like right now. Let me see Shanghai Tom by white criminal. Really you living on the tenth birds. Yesterday, my ma around to say, bye,
anyway, so he's probably just now getting off their plane ones or water ass, a Myers reassure on that flight. I bet he didn't you know, and I wish I had more. I should have buy him a first class, get to do the year out of a nice but two things as a super expensive first class ticket ere he deserves. It said he does second thing: you're buying home. So that's true wasn't, as my home is in flattering complex, it's killing your. What effect is it having on you as it stretches less in love with? Ok, I'm getting more. I want it more more, not more lively, harangue champion. I am on the same, but you know I am sorry He stressed out about it in my stress
I've had like one or two moments where I this is a May. I love about you ochre. Your very positive with things for me here, for you Yeah like you're. Definitely gonna give you definitely getting young there's no chance their zero chances, not you're getting it right. You see, that's been of it with a few things in life and all of those things I haven't got. Also, you think I'm J C now I dont think you're jinx sing more. You believe in Jingsheng, though you and I we did I don't think your drinks me because it's only positive, so I dont ever feel like there's gonna, be something negative because you said it, but I do feel like. But that's not rule. We don't know what's going on with other people and so go when you have these DEC.
relations. I trust you so implicit at, and I feel so when you say those things and then sometimes there not reassure of course, and so then I gets sad. I think it's very complex because I dont generally think that way- and I dont really say that often the people, but I seen you the same issue I have, and I would love for you not suffer from it. The way have right, which is like things are getting a one way or another, and you just when the whole time leading up to going, I'm never getting this American there's. No really no joy in that region hope I want him getting as you lease of that window, believing you're getting something IVO. I've, I've rob myself with ever thinking, I'm giving me ha, you know and even gotten the things and I kind of wounded leading up to it. So I thought
I observe in you that same tenancy. I think I do a good job of managing the expectation I dont think I feel like Well, I'm never getting add, or I don't feel that way about anything. I bet I I feel like. Ok there's chance, I'll get it. There is a good chance. I won't right, and so I'm kind of just towing back the line. But then, when you tell me no chance, I'm not getting it than I start to feel. Like ok, he's right, aha and then I will resentful at me. I don't get resembling you. Could I dont get resentful? I think I'd like deeper than that. I think I feel like sad like ok, so I built, leave it there and that was why not and which is so that so extreme not lying right but yeah, yeah
The us all real it in, I guess I'll, be here: ok, yeah, yeah. I appreciate that that it's funny, because I don't I can't. I really believe it when I say what I say now. I really do which I don't ever get with myself, but I do have our confidence in you that exceeds my confidence in myself. Yeah, that's nice, anyway. Okay, so sing important org is the longest flight, then Auckland to Doha, Qatar ha always or flown in there are you,
ok, but the Qatar and great interests. You know, there's a great frontline right now on envy ass, the prince of Saudi Arabia, who I fell hook, line sinker for and his first publicity to our. He came to the? U S, for the very first time in this role in his own sixty minutes yap, and I thought first of all he so good. Looking his lips are really luscious. Keep omega, not around page, not decide track. You know who I was thinking. I want to bring up into the round features conversation z, z be she's hot, all my ass. She is reason then Joker. Oh, he saw the Joker yes and I'm looking interface and, unlike I honestly think I could just stare at her face for maybe three on on interrupted hours. Air and I would describe those features- is round as fuck. Ok,
listeners. So there was a conversation about what kind of features Dax likes. He says he likes round features and I said no Will you down nobody? You can know why it yeah, nor once a year they have round features. People like sharp defined features, toiling round. Ok, you kept saying what this raises round Peters and I look at their paper and they doll Ray. You said they down because they don't write so but anyway, says is another person was ass. He beats yeah, you think, has round all around just now and I'm so into not around you nothing. So when we look at our home- oh my god ass, she beautiful, but she is beautiful. It's crazy and I'm Ghana picture right now and I you're saying says he beats is not over. You think This round features Oh yeah, another thing: another another one eyes,
What do you mean ramp using you said big eyes of Piglet that around that's not round, and I don't want a long skimming over face. I want around face like a happy. She she does not. She has look at her face Look how long it is in round as it's a long way round that face any, who that's, who I does. This is more for you to know where I'm coming from. When I say someone has round free trials, I think she has round features in your same unequivocally. I know she does it correct right, so ok, yeah maritime law is the captain allowed to kill people who know do no news, there's a mutiny! the Belgians grandeur, that's just self defence as regular self defense. There's no law in maritime law then states that
I love you. People like you, get me outta, basically kidnap people through the captain of the ship in real life. You couldn't lock someone in a bedroom, but you can lock someone in a cabin if you're worried about their sanity on a ship we so dangerous. Every one else was again: that's that's a matter of self defence. You would claim self defense, not maritime law, nothing. They would write a great so the White Australia policy. He was talking about that yeah. That's not very good, Sun shining Australians are on soon history. So soon after January, one became a federation. In January, nineteen o one, the federal government of Admin Barton Pass. The immigration restriction ACT of nineteen o one drafted by the man who had become Australia. Second, Prime Minister, Alfred Deacon,
The passage of this bill mark the commencement of the White Australia Policy, the term White Australia policy was widely used to encapsulate a set of historical policies that aim to forbid people of non european ethnic origin, especially asian those letters from primarily chinese. It says men, Pacific Islanders, from emigrating, dost failure, governments progressively dismantled such policies between nineteen, forty, nine and nineteen. Three. You know the irony is so great because you now describe aboriginal Australians as white. So here you gotta communism is oaks and thence a white folks, arrive and say I know that the way it goes for every player hold. I just realized that I left last thing I said about envy ass. Is that I loved him
it's always circle, Maghreb, worrying and turning to you well yeah yeah. So I bought a hook line in singer, ended it profile and sixty men's, because he's gonna bring the right of driving to women. He dismantled the religious police that were given out tickets for not having your face covered a lot of progress of what what we would call progressive policy now now watch his front line in. I learned a lot lot more, oh and another thing. I really light in this again goes into. I love gangsters. As you know, it's a shortcoming of fire. Cleverly blue eye? He also, but he invited all these people people there were like minister of this Minister of Education, Minister of Defence, while of la all, royals invited them the Ritz Carlton and react they come to the Ritz Carlton and when they got there they were handed a binder with all of their finances and all the proof of all the money they.
embezzled from LA allow. He basically said you can leave at any time when you pay your bill back to say oh geez, and he got the money back. Some people run their forty four thousand five hundred and fifty days now they were in hotel rooms and they had access to room service, but they could not leave. They were in prison by him. Now I don't think that that's inadvisable strategy in the states, but I gotta say I kind of like the other one hundred lad gangster yeah, hey you guys been ripping us off, will take that back now right. So I liked the ok now in the front line, which is a two hour long exploration. We also learned that you know we had a journalist that was killed if the consulate for saudi arabian assemble now quite evident. The state had knowledge. That directive is that there was a big walking journalists. really mad, he denied that he gave that order, whatever its mounting Lee harder to believe that hair, but would also has pointed out with
We all saw that move at the Ritz as a way to get the money back stolen from the state, but many people now in insiders said that had nothing to do with money. That was a statement to the whole royal family IDA captain. Now that was a power move of Saint. I wore arrest any one of you at any moment. just now. I I'm the captain. Now re there was much more power. All power play he's. Also, like put a lot of these, put a lot of people in prison dissidents from twitter from all over the place, the woman who drove around nor com and filmed it so anyway, as it s bad. All this is to say you know, I wouldn't just plainly sad love, em bs. I still think he's gorgeous anyways. What a great arguments on frontline. I recommend everyone to see it yeah dinosaurs were mainly feathered, yeah yeah, but what new in our lifetime moved
Oh yeah yeah siberian Discovery in National geographic. Ok! What I really want to talk about a bar restaurants, cloned dogs? Oh great, so she had this dog Samantha. You said Charles her name Samantha Over and Samantha Past, and she was very sad about it and she was tired. Macaulay Each year by the Technical standards- yes, ok, she said it was easier to let Sammy go. If I knew I keep part of her alive, I mean sorry, but something that came from or dna a friend had cloned his beloved dog, and I was impressed that dog, so Sammy's tartar took some cells from inside her cheek and the skin honoured Tommy just before she died? and we sent those cells to via Jen Pets in Texas, you weren't, even tour of the cells, take a man
in the meantime she got to more dogs, ok and then she got a call from the lab that the cloning process works and they produced for puppy is one of them died. Lee and man. and she was like. Oh no, I can't have five dollars right, so she took why and gave the other two two friends should give away Samantha those two samantha- that's maybe the crazy, part of the ceilings cared so my german, who is able to just give our I now I go really like it- have three beltis Yes, I would want one Euro Europe, one that I could see or eight years ago move another other crazy part of the story there. So many elements there's something layers, but just that one of her friends had done it. really is kind of telling of the friendship circle exactly like their dinner party uneasily does confer clowns, Mandel or gloom ginger yeah would you tell the difference
soon, dog yeah. I here's the thing. What do you think about cloning for real autumn living who there's a may. Ultimately, I don't think there is a moral issue imperative on the table, but I do think it's a bad thing. Growth, wise for a human to try to re, create something.
Near that happened in its own way. I believe that is a little bit arrested or or prevents unhealthy. Yes, let's now I don't think there's like playing God, nor that should give a fuck they could climb whenever they gonna do want them desperately to bring back mastodons and woolly man near. You said that on this year, but I do think for a person they should just find out what new level exists with another SAM. I now hear, although I've never loved a dog like she clearly love SAM Re, if the unthinkable happen, one of my children past. Yet I would try to bring them back to re yeah I now, but I would think that would be prevented me from ever getting past or dealing with a menu. Then you have this thing. That's a copy see. I can imagine you really process the loss of the things you kind of
but but you don't have it it's not the same. You know, you're you're, like second, is confusing. Want him Christian and I had this conversation. She thought it was lake, so they moral. This shit now shouldn't think it was a moral is she thinks it's arrogant to feel like? Well, this dog is the most important dog in the whole world, so I hafta keep it may have to clone. It ended when she's like there, Other dogs, like you, could be saving water, saving a dog instead her position and from what I understand and of it is so clear cut which does make it a moral which is she's a huge rescuer and she's like there's all these dogs that are about to be killed and you're, not getting one of those dogs so that you can have the exact same dog you had so and that and that proposition. It is a little amoral. Yes, you know we broaden this too, like people and she was like yeah like people who get divorced and they think like well on
never find another person, and that was the only person on earth. Russia's, like that's stupid, too. Yeah and I think it so interesting, because I disagree with her right. I do feel I wish I could clone all the people and hat in my life and have multiples of them, and then I don't need any one else rattling right right right and I really need to meet anyone out here. But you know it's crazy. You have to say to yourself. You would have made that same statement seven years ago now you would have. Maybe if you remember my Christian, I'm you're, never men, Delta, you'd, never met lobby lab and you ve never met yeah. I now you're right. I mean I feel that way too, but I also recognise life constantly brings new people into it. Madame ultimately always grateful for a yeah. I understand that
this is short home, but I do feel like I, I probably put too much weight on the people. and in the eyes of the relation yes, I do, but I think that part of that just a fear thing like you not optimistic that you can meet a bunch of other people that all feel the same way about yeah. Well, and I will say I think it's because it's all your experience, right Lang. She has had all these dogs so she's like yeah, I've, loved dogs and they die than about other dogs that I've loved and then they have died. I compared to when I was a and my father looked good and I tried to make a deal with God, the eye. If my hair could look like this for the rest of my life. I accept that, because I got it right
ray, I'm so bundling I wouldn't be an actor I now only here. Could I gather that? Oh so certain was the best look for me ever in a kind of feel, like that's extendable, to all aspects of life, NEA but if you get a horrible car accident, you're no longer have round features. I just don't know: what's next year, gonna catch me now you re, oh, my god, in a car accident, and then I got sharp feature you I'd be so thrill will that's what happened to my father. He got butter better. Looking every year, Z kept smashing in their cars, and you have
getting past triangular. His nose died his teeth. They are hard for this all different yeah. I look at pictures of him like what he was in his twenties and he knows like mine, any had jagged fucked up teeth. One eventually got all nice straight and our orders at frontiers browser in any. At this cute little nose you you know they had reconstructed, totally different. I mean anyway, cream Abdul Jabbar has the highest number of points in NBA history, and I guess what I wanna get the Romans yeah. Is it somewhere around forty nine thousand points or forty four thousand thirty, eight thousand three hundred and eighty seven, that's pretty gags terrible, not non terrible. That's all! That's all And on Karim, stellar career, yeah, yeah I'll call, you know who I like so much ass. She key alone, Neil, oh yeah,
The best follow on Instagram Marilla. I combine guy he's alive and a third as much fun as he appears to be having what align lot ally agreed. A God bless. I agree with you when you come in here shows the sea terrorism. One video you semi review is like Miss pronounce saying all you say in but he kept calling same bowl yeah embolden, gives these it's so many times in your that's my favorite thing about him. He chose to post it's him. Looking. How do I loved one of the most attractive qualities when someone can laugh at themselves? I probably they. Other parties are more track low. Roundness rampaging love you, I