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Johnny Knoxville (Jackass, Jackass The Movie, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, The Ringer) is an American actor, producer, screenwriter and stunt performer. He sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his early relationship with hospitals, his love of hillbilly culture and the mindset he enters before attempting a stunt. Johnny details some of his notable injuries and Dax reveals why he thought Johnny didn't like him. The two talk about the power of children to save their parents, the importance of discretion when picking your heroes and Dax and Monica discuss why it's okay to put your feet on the couch.

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Hello, welcome, arm, chair expert, I'm grateful ho stature, Today we have an exciting guest on his name is joining well, but that's not really. His name is name is Pga are in fact those hours initials. That's not even his real name, but just suffice to say people call him Pga who are friends with them. So you'll hear me referring them as Pga he has a movie coming out on June. First called action point that looks hysterical the reason he made it is really funny. So We were very excited to have him in today and you know This dude is really gone through the ringer now we get into it, I mean he's, hurt his penis very severely more than once and down you know, we gotta plot him for that and celebrate them. That's all We're gonna, do oh before gone before you enjoy PJ's eyes, shining Knoxville! I why,
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because comparing life insurance does not have to be a pain in the neck he's lying. I do a radio show for serious and I I wear the bath, wear them half on half, because I am so allow. I need to be able to hear sure. Can I Tell you what I like about the headphones was that I know to super its. I was going to ask something about the headphones on and then us talking the microphones. I kind of is my other senses, and it began this kind of an alternate reality for me. It almost feels like doing drugs, there's something about like the walking into my ears. I've always notice. When I go do radio interviews and like I feel like I'm in a good mood when I'm doing that yeah- and I think it's like
cancelling out everything else. I rather just do drugs yeah, those are quicker now I know you mean better. I need my foot. I need one foot on the ground right. I would imagine that about you, yeah, ok, today, our guests on arms exports is, you know, Miss Johnny MAX but friends, call you Pga right, yeah Pga knocked whatever what you're, what your birth name, Philip, John Clap,. fantastic yeah? So you did go by PJ's, a kid yeah and who started that parents are You yeah, my appearance appear where they called me chip for like a few months, which I'm so glad that didn't play out. It was a wild tv show chips was popular now now. How proud I haven't, I think, maybe low before little over a large ship, but you know You and I both have returns and adapt.
Do you find it old, the least bit on bothersome when they refer to a private jet, Isn T J I've never heard that before what a lot of you answer, rich mine, listen, we have those many of the same friends. So now I know you actually I've gotta, that's really annoying! That's like referring to send but look at sandy. Yes, yes, yes, I pay J, makes it sound cutesy like Natalie loaded, but look acute decision. I gotta pee J order order, ego God now, each J on the pier as lots of the goal of a page area. If you're not get natures, you view ways, you spend your money in the wrong direction. He doing, but you you all your buddies shut up, I'm just a fixated on an aim for half a second. You sell your buddies quadriplegic order. They did incredible. Your last name swam from everyone called each other by their last names, my coaches would only by my last name, clap yeah. That could be a rough last name to be called in high school,
Well, like in middle school, I was leaving sure what it was. But soon, as I got my letters jacket and freshman year, they put clap on the back and they just I just got murdered. What's more, did you play that you get a jacket baseball, oh really, yeah, what listen. I know so little about base while running pitcher and first base. So you were the stud. Are those are the two, best positions and maybe short, sovereign shortstop, usually you're best athlete catcher as well catchers like the the quarterback. Ok of I mean the pitcher controls again, but the catch her country how's everything else. I'm basing this I think on. Don't the pictures get paid, the mouse depends allocated to pick out and get to yeah. I think Maybe they hitters probably get paid eyes my neck and neck. Ok, and how long did you play baseball? price six until I was eighteen- and I also highschool Yandah Night hurt my arm as you yourselves baseball's. Then I heard it
from pitching or heard it. Indeed it did. You have operations. You think you were going to play in college or yeah. I could have played college ball really yeah, but I don't think I would have done. I could have done much after college ball, but but I could have now it had all this happened to you in two thousand eighteen do. Could you have on a benefited from that, sir. three people get now, I'm have they get it like I to get it earlier this month. I get it maybe next month. Could I give it to you here on the yes, yes, I have a cadaver tenant in that little fridge next to the rebel. I love it where it where's. The anesthesiologists is the most important EU perfect. I assume became with enough staff. To put you re right, tabled we're gonna, go rosea more staff to await me. Are you hurt me our variety? That's part of the day or yeah yeah yeah. Both right pocket not left back as part of the day. climb right, yeah yeah. When do you pick out like four p m five here, I usually Peter out around six
by nine thirty right right. I went camping with you, we ass camping together and yet you put it down early. You circle the runway and you start your to sound man around nine right. Yet it's it's pathetic and you did them kind and manly thing for me: I see my car the great drivers rulers here and there and you just walk up with, like I didn't fixing suitcase ages. On, I didn't ask me: just walked up, are fixing the dense and my car kind I didn't know is your car. I just kept your otherwise you put more dance literary painted fuck, you fuck, you clap yeah, nobody kept you you you, Dr Suburban, not ETA blow your identity own case call me now lay looking for all yet, but you drive up a black suburban and it was we were in cabins next to one another, so I kept walking by your suburban every time I went in and out to get a diaper whatnot and I kept this pretty good grapefruit size
then in Europe in your fender, and I thought I just ass it was it drove me nuts. I thought I'd better. If I popped the hood, I could reach my hand in their kind of pop up. Man, and then you walked up announces under the hoodie, your vehicle- and I admit it inside the vehicle to pop the hood and what not and you caught me right hand just to go to that place. Like actors, I can't fix Anything I don't know like do even go up, went back Macgyver Without doubt, I can't even
so you you're really obviously very handy a mechanical yea, aunt em, but I think I see these well so just that lie in that, but I can't fix anything what a madness you must have you seen all this stuff, that's driving you nuts, but you can't do anything about all yeah. That's a purgatory yeah! No wonder you're medicated, who now nigh that can step. Doesn't I dont go see the on that kind of stuff? Ok, what kind of sub you just do things repetitively, yes, I'll k, Gray S need to yeah live largely stopped, but as a kid at fucking plagued me like I had these root. Teens that took ten minutes for me to take a shit. I had to be bear naked for said, Arthur, oh boy, I had to be there and I was in a phase. Where did you every single thing twice right? So when it came down to it? My boy, I also this weirdos anything I had to take the toilet paper. Rural walk out of the bathroom touch. The hallway wall then come back now. I've got what before after you,
I wish I could see I'm walking around is that we always clean no clean toilet paper our goal. Not everything is nice entitled? Ok, I just want you to imagine us back I'm going to go for it, so I also had to be in what is the position that people now get in with the Squatty party right, so I basically would be standing on the toilet crouched down bear naked. Then it came to me. I had to walk out the whole touch the hallway come back, but then to do that twice before or why you were still little messy back there. You would have to touch the wall or so years, residual large you're, making it so much worse for years now, but I'm but I'm a so riots cute. I hope you will give up it is now a real drag. I just saw them getting mad it in all the hairs. Well, then, there is no hair back right or was it was it was nice and clean and
It remains for my anxiety of walking into the hallway bernay gigs. Anyone want to see me, I don't want you and I had this ritual and then by the time I was done. I had at least thirty feet a time for that. I didn't me, are you and break it off why would I would? I would start you know, making it usable into useful size that when you walked across it was one piece? Yes, that was for TAT. I was running out like a garden hose in our touch the wall and then would come back again, and this was my. The tool and I don't want anyone to know, and I will We want this music part of a hearing about Europe's bargaining routine, so we go to this amusement park in Ohio, we stop at pizza. Away home. I must have a step there then that I dont like he's an angry man he's violent and I ain't go to the bathroom at pizza hut. I've been holding it all day at the music park, I'm in there bear fucking naked in a public bathroom. You know crouch. We ll see and I've been in there for a while and also your knocking at the door and in its my step dad
It is what are you doing in there and I was like I will felt Silvana books. I was naked in that we're position in public ready public credit, a dirty public rest. Oil is a fucking pizza hot. So he does. What are you doing in there and I go who's going to the bathroom and he goes but are not be doing. I think you're doing which why did he now in retrospect, I think he was accusing me of being often there in the pizza in if I may have around- and I are high and Sandusky Ohio, but I thought he meant. Oh, my god, would you do you better not be doing things. I knew you about your ritual whole routine and it was the most panicked I've ever been in my life, but I want to hear: did you have these weird things as a kid yummy? I would I'm not that creative perfect that a number of you have amazing mine, where I would just like my fingernails and toenails down to the quick, aha, just little things like super obsessive things
Has anyone ever told you what OECD comes from eyes? It isn't it fear and you try to catch you're trying to control things. The area of since talk to a psychiatrist said: that's, that's too simple. It's actually party brain could be bigger than the rest, but regardless, let's say its control. Do you? Do you remember what it was that was kind of chaotic there? Maybe when all the started, my childhood, you know, sometimes my parents would fight and what not a hot, so I'm like really sensitive in so that would really freed me and you have siblings, What order are you I'm the baby? Oh yeah, yeah I've ended they like take care of you, yeah. They like they ruined me You know that I can fix me think yeah. No, I literally had to do nothing between my baby. I was just there baby me or putting me out to do something terrible. So it was you did your dad.
the watch on just go other spoiling this kid he's. Gonna know he I was like other at a toy for them. Ah, you know I was programmed to attack people I was three and four my dad always finds it. Gonna go hidden in the car Oh boy you're all our goal would just So my notes of the heart is a good and I thought that's how you said: oh sure, something where you were there: a big gap between the two sisters in you, where you like yeah you a miracle baby hurry now and I had called it the imminent baby. What's that mean you came for demonstration and menopause the best part you and your Mama's cracker boy, that's a line from Buford E Justice Yasmine, like I deliberately like that when we get home go now upon, now my endowment. So what's what state did you up and oversee Tennessee Knoxville yeah,
and like in a rural area in the city? Well, was the city, but we had a pony and our backyard because it used to be the county n n, since we we got the pony, I am Father Dan because it used to be the county, a hoss others would surrounding my house right in you could go get lost in there and stuff yeah yeah. That was fun cause, like my like my sister's when eyes, six or seven eight. We know they are about to move about. Most of my childhood. I was kind of only child and the house right after a certain point, yeah and I've made all these assumptions about you, because a bit of known of you for twenty five years now, like twenty five, I think when we went to Jack S first come out even before that you guys had made a video that kind of circulated how
they were, and it was you guys doing some crazy stance, and I assume that video is used in in pitching the shell eventually right, but you you had a bowler professed on and you got shot right well, I was just posted. Get shot. Ok, but will we got out there? My friend refused to shoot me. Ok, go ahead shoot myself even work, which is even worse because, unlike all God is this going to back this gonna, backed by an like, I was broke. The other time and I bought the cheapest best. They had oh Jesus, Unlike hey these best, there good best right in their like these, the top of the line and other light gray, because I'm gonna shoot myself: woe wearable there like? Can we call you back? our economy, back, there's like don't do it as I do
I have already said I already promised Jackal. If I dont go through with this I'll, never hear the end of what now I just feel were. I can't go back on absolutely, especially if you go out there that far here. It's just the arable we get so. You have done that and I had seen now like, so now I'm a good friend of mine, who maybe you even nuclear email, Safie he's no sense that you knew the list. Since right, you knew yeah, no John aren't yeah so that that had ended up there in I promise an assistant Mps. Are you gonna, fuckin, see, I know Vittorio Cream was here in these. We guy sweetest guy ever died that guy's at European or you are on that's really nice, so I knew it you and so- and I was fascinated with you for sure, and I thought you dress cool and you look cool. I just was very into the whole package and I'm from out a package.
the package and I'm from an area that, on the outskirts of Detroit but again turns to rural farmland on the other side of us right, just west of where idea So I've made all these assumptions about you and one of them being as you must have yet been in the woods left your own devices as a kid lighting should on fire and crashing shed in those that accurate yeah. I I wasn't. I was relatively rowdy, but as is either in the woods watching like the wild buncher, safer and sun. With my father, we ate dinner around the television and we were constantly watching. Television are watching some films, aha, so that with such a big I was either daydream meaner watching at the results of other people's daydreams,
yeah. But I guess what I'm saying is. I can't imagine a kids that grew up in Manhattan has jumped over a bonfire or put a paint, can full of gas in a bonfire or fucking Litten, some onfi, my tongue, vile Ryan, Rio. Where would they do that yeah, so their sisters? certain skills that you can kind of home in the country right, yeah, yeah, ok, so thank you. You start doing the show and its immediately everyone. Observe right. It's how long have you been pursuing doing something and entertainment before the show started? What age where you and when Jack S started when it came on the air. I believe I was twenty nine in. I moved out here after cry School to act, but I do Annie. I just pretty much state loaded. Till I was like twenty four in my dead wife got pregnant ass wegatta I gotta go.
something quick ear had a daughter and that in horse me made? I got an age, I started doing commercials lensing. I took some things I was. Hiding incentive to an editor, and he got me jobs riding for magazines relay yeah, like what magazines re running bikini, ok, those kinds of iron, the famous bikini magazine, Magaziner, helpful others. They had an. I wrote for big brother and some of the love, never there's lies vice was vice vice, wasn't a thing that I knew of yet right. The party was in New York yeah, I don't know yeah, but I think they start in Canada. But I didn't know them and for a few years, but that would have been a really good fit for you all
yeah right. There is, I remember the first time I read, it was like a guy. Who's is a normal. Do not a attic like me, like I'm gonna, try crack and many small crack for a few days, and I read an article about it: a very dangerous yeah back then in the sex, drugs and rock and roll up that the book device book. Aha, is this: has pictures of different people on different drugs? I thought that was great stay tuned for more armchair expert. If you dare, this episode is brought to you by hymns. Monica Wulf the list, my my best qualities, but where would you No, you do often would you put my hair in there in the top five. I like your here. Let me tell you this did not come without a battle. You worked hard for. I worked hard for it started notice. It was getting a little thinner than I was comfortable with around age. Twenty eight as young and my father was. He was not thicken the Hare Department thick and other ways, but not in the Hare Department, and I did not
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I was taken for five pills a day, really yeah, when I would have a bad asthma attack in the inhaler wouldn't work, sometimes just that doesn't help ya, I have to go to the emergency room and they would shoot me up. They give you a shot of adrenalin. Yes, yes, it is it's quite a jolt. had ever beatings. Ah, I'm allergic yeah his vision. When your little it's an electrifying experience, yeah you're real shaky yesterday, but really it really. Then you get a breathing treatment and then I would start said laying down a heart, so I just so you ve got a relation where ship with your body is that you can't regulate your body basically and there's these outside things you put in your body in the new gets to where you want to be so that's kind of up a formative relationship with anything right, you don't look like we were like. I hate the hospital this or that, and I get it back with me. I would be so sir,
aired when I would get in the these attacks that I, when I go to the hospital they would feel better after apps firewall. That was my first so I did. If I, with that yeah you heard several hosted the dread of it are you? Are you have a great association with hospital I'm in them, alot genuine the saw horse like they make me feel better, the affix things. So how do you go from? auditioning for presumably, like you know, KFC ads to deciding I'm going to do this thing- I'm going to do crazy stunts that no one else will do and then I'm going to try to make that a show. How does that come about you know I love onerous Thomson and so lightly. Articles, I was doing words like my poor man's imitation of a participatory. Sure Gonzalo Journalism in an saw started down that route in and then I an idea for an article. I saw some
I getting pepper sprayed on the news, one other, and I say that I was so funny sure an assignment. I should do a nordic where a pepper sprayed, stun gun, taser gone and then I'll. Let you know test the bulletproof est on mice, of in everyone love the idea, but no one wanted the parties afford or participate and bring it to us after Well, I don't have any money to buy. You need that stuff right, and so the only magazine that would have anything to do with it was big. Brother Jeff remains magazine, wound direct Jack S and ok and I was just going right an article and they were doing skateboard videos. They work on their second when he goes will film to. Ah we ok, that's that's great yeah but then I show up to the camera guy the next morning. I pull up to get em and am I get in and he goes. Ok, Here's the camera at play here do not call me.
gun involve no one, one even Asia, and want to be involved with the others three layers a you, don't want a witness somewhat. Diodes is out of it It's when you wake up and down in your like. I hope I don't see any I had area and then secondly, the liability of it right ride. I want to be in a court room or be deposed over this yeah my are. What matter go to photos for me, Jeff Bender is he had we get out there, and he's trying to talk me out of here, I saw a friend of mine die once doing a stunt like that. That's not helping Jeff now, the time, but there is a year was it was pretty. Similarly, I once was in an off road race and dumb mean I had some nerves about it and, as I pulled up, the guy who started the race had a claw in his face was completely melted because
he had caught fire in an off road eyes and he was he's the last thing you see every razor sees, as you wish and I was like I had prepared for maybe a rotten stiff, back or a broken bomb, but nothing it might be melted here. Yes, it was, it was very disturbing. Does it feel confident knows maybe at the finish I knew bring that guy out. He should be given everyone the chequered flag, but not I have a good race yeah when you something anything. on those lines. You have to commit anything that so like that you see some ones. Tell you not to do it adjusts its. I can't even more, for instance, a day of someone's negative on the set. Aha we'll just I won't you pull the plug
a man would do it another time? Ok, and so can you compartmentalize the death like you can just remove that from your brain as an option Jai. I don't go there like a few days, you think about that new ago you gonna go over all the bad things. It can happen, but is it gets closer? I just try to calm down and in my magical thinking kicks and then, whatever fears left I just override, but is which is not the healthiest thing ever ever, but I think it's rare to be able to do that. Yeah. People, the closer you get the more hives round, rambling yeah yeah. What as I only have two yeah? What is going on
we're on before we move on his is, is as a kid were, you would dare devil, or is it something that you decided fuck it I have to? I have to be willing to do whatever the it takes two to be successful journalism or be successful in another area, or were you always that I wouldn't like rowdy a sky in the class, but I I was pretty rowdy Shari, my my father best explained it to rolling stone it asked, and why does it do what he does he thy? Well, you ll get dominican baseball player, hearing or get off that I when by button and probably a really grandma, I why I was at that point like I have daughter. Now in I had something in fast. and I just took all my interest at that moment- which were late.
Honduras Thomson on. Did you like Bukovsky, yes, yeah longer lab locality was John Infante, oh sure, ass, the dusk I had the British have my daughter, my she was born when I was twenty four I e I saw yeah. I was terrified, Yeah now look. I would have been an alcoholic, I think, no matter what happened, but I definitely think during that period I needed relief like I needed I needed some hours of the day where I wasn't obsessing about the fact that I was accomplishing nothing. I needed relief very badly right now. How long have you been solved? Thirteen years of congratulation on? Thank you, but yes, I was a very heavy drugs sir and in a full blown out, but for many years I was like yeah functioning, yeah, yeah yeah went to college and stuff, and I went through the groundlings and stuff, but I was, oh, I wanna be Bukovsky, Zalm, kill in it. Like
my heroes were honest Thompson because he all these other. You no country, outlaw musicians. So I didn't I didn't feel how you choose your heroes, Perea. I didn't have any shame really about like for, if I would, four days on a bender. I would think balls! I what my heroes, the F towns vans. It did it. Why can't I yeah If you I'm sure you have if you watch the young tales from the tour bustling that judge, I love it. So good, it's amazing in I had read wailings audible I graffiti, so I thought it was really up to speed on him, but there's an did. You watch the You part wailing one, I've seen seeing them all. Ok, well in Jennings, is my hands down favorite musician ever ammo asked the greatest test of him is when you put him in the highwayman, and now is what the best is the best and when he comes Insert Cienega on all right, that's the top of the mountain right. There
when I was a doom builder, grocer river, deepen why she had wailing way and his soul, I mean Just- was handsome guy, amazing boys in a wonderful guitar player, and he was really use outlaw country. Guy he's also up a punk. You have to know he always very. He was upon grog he'll billion weirdly liberal too, for that seem like he was here. I mean America, that Song America easily very inclusive of native Americans and all these things and but there's a part in that tour tales from the two of us, whether that he and abandon this old band aids or talking about like how many amphetamine pills they would be taken in the brig before the show they do and make sure they are all on the same level as him. His name draw yea and the guy goes. He goes a I'll taken, Dixon marks taken six hour, Hoss how many of you take in Wales, like thirty spite of whatever our souls I don't think I really realise that the appetite
had? I knew he was like full blown coke attic, but I didn't realize like that, the real appetite like a key low a week. He I mean Johnny Cash, we'll take a hundred. to dream of data on dread. In Wales, and I heard like that would like to go through an hour not like owes you blow a day. You know in a ball would be fine for all five six people in this room have for all great load. Anyhow I mean they took out the gun to our country, nice, partied, so much harder than any of the rock Eyes, all you guys, it's not even there, not even on the scoreboard, in its under this veil, of like wholesome music, like a middle of Amerika S, music, it's really funny an ironic yeah, but I would imagine Gozo. They got into the details of him like it regularly his schedules up up for five reasons, help for to the gas for five days ago. My goodness, what did he feel like towards the end? Yet I think o
Yeah. Probably all you know yes, but make all these decisions when you're young, your kind of proceeding through life is, if you never going to see forty right, isn't that kind of the no? No I didn't I wasn't in. I was in that mindset. I dont mean like you'll, be dead, but just like who gives a shit about twenty years now. I was in that I was in that mindset right, but I wasn't into I'm. you're gonna die before forty mole. No, no, no yeah yeah, but I just thought not just I'm not too worried by home. Gonna feel at forty YAP add if they get that's really special to you, and I think that's just how kids are yeah. I saw them. I think you're right, but I do think a lot of people are very afraid of drugs. The long term effects of drugs right- and I just wasn't that concerned about Well, if you're taking them you're, not gonna like the people, they were concerned, weren't taking them ass, we we didn't have those concerns, has obviously
you have this video. I see it it kind of all around Hollywood and then you magically yet somehow you get MTV to get on board and how did they deal with the liability of that they only had to do. whether for nine months in the night with the shell. Oh, you dear, why because we unfortunately had some copycat incidents all people got, hurt, yeah ran away, you did it was an election year. Joseph Liebermann picked our show an me personally come down on in making Washington came down on by a car. the only really and a guide impossible to do the show, only air for nine months, but they buy them in blocks of eight, and they call that eight. season, even though it may be. Last three minds by the time, the third season that you know we're entire six month. They all these lawyers were on it and we shall get jump up. Anything
or feeder hire a home. When what we, what do we do? how'd you know it. So I Sorry, I didn't. None of us wanted to do a wired version of the show, so I just quit empty views very upset, the contractually they certainly had you legally for five or six or seven years right, yeah, probably by read the contracting ass clear and but out of that came that's a good result is we did the movie and then there are the Then we could do whatever we want it cause. It was our rated in well it opened up. We could do the things we couldn't do until a vision always still were delusional. In my mind, there were many season, twenty four episodes that you shot on it once and then you never did it again here. Twenty four episodes over nine months, maybe their endeavours to specials. So twenty six in that's it, but they aired it for yeah I'm completely twelve years. If you would
ask me how many years that shows on how many seasons, I would definitely thought six or seven or eight, was on fire and yet they desire. He ran those Abkhazia here, women that kind of rooms. One of my questions, because the most exciting thing for me is I'm a long time fan of Brad Pitt. I'm so in love with him. I can't stand it. Yeah and fucking. Brad Pitt was on the show when he asks out right. You guys are abducted him yeah. We did two things with him, so hit clearly, it is aired enough for him to see it to them. I assume that call came- from him right. You guys want sit Rondonia. We should reach out to Brad Pitt, or did you now I was, I think, he was it spikes one day when we started talking spike, it already talk to him about it. Ok, I think spike may be said, hey Brad Pitt up for doing something. but it had never yet aided already. It already been on telling
I'll cover couple three months? Ok, so he had some sense of what he was saying: yeah in and he came on the set in. We first would you we did. The thing worry dug up. Duct, Emma should sing, it didn't run the hot dogs, the hot dog place, hangers picture and then we put him in a gorilla and we we're just by the hill on buying in yucca in shopping, cart. Right, not shopping cart. It was like little or no little, or wheelers or something, and we were all. I worried you to kill, Brad original treasure, yeah. You don't need to get hurt. May we need you to because we are all concerned such a good guy in Sharm amusing. He had an idea, but no he just
soft down the middle of the street of words. Anyone can get him to stop. He was down yes, yes, yes, so well, that's the thing even over delivers doesn't mean that son of a bitch yeah. You couldn't be any disease, a great guy he's from Oklahoma or some shit. Missouri Missouri area, so he's he's Lytton some shit on fire. I think out in the woods yeah he's were ease. Rowdy yea, he's ready, we loved everybody loves, did across your mind, like we got a wolf, we gotta get a minute We gotta get that top off a sap. No, we put him in a gorilla mosey earlier than the guy on the planet. It ain't covered him up in a gorilla suit you in the opposite direction. every idea. What have we been set in a swimming pool, yeah, but IRA heart beat reality. I don't blame you earlier minimally rain, emu, no yeah that sheer seeds rudely act that can be almost better than the shorter yeah. So what is your like? You know
it. Is your ego and your identity doing in that moment we start this little thing it's impossible and then all of a sudden you do you have the biggest focused on planet participating in your little show. What what are you? What's that experience like it was pretty overwhelming. You know tat it for a few for a few years it was did you feel like you're living someone else's life by Jes? You know like we're talking about earlier, be careful how you choose your heroes, aha, because sight while they were living it up here. so I should probably live it up that takes at all after awhile. Aha in we have a real it at some point. Yeah, Well, I got to say again having been a fan of yours and looking at you, the outside also having the relationship I've had with drinking in doing dry. your fascinating to me because you somehow like played around
the fire nonstop and then you just didn't go down. Yeah like right, you went is I will be as far as you can go without literally meeting to go to rehab or to be no ending up in jail or whatever the fuck, the things we do, and I remember watching you thinking like us in be the fuckin ride this unicycle. and then to my amazement, you're one of the handful of people that like got to do at hard and then somehow didn't go all the way People around you died right, yeah me too. I don't know. I guess I also had a kid. We saw that that kept me that kept me from going overboard. That's what you were yet ass! I did the dock with a little bit. She save save me yeah I'll. Do she now? Twenty two she's Redwing college? Have you ever told her that are set to work
conversation yet out be because you be admitting how much shit you did. I guess it would be too I don't know how I don't know how you deliver that that's a lot of energy coming at your child, held you know, that's a lot of pressure stuff till I oh! I recognize it actually be way more for you than for her think of my dad, who might I was a coke attic and then got sober and died sober. But if he had told me boy it wasn't for you, I would have gone although in died. I guess the other, maybe just maybe be weird yeah, but what I said at first that sounded really flattering like you would really warmer heart. Well, Yeah. You know I'd it will Let me let me let me coming from another angle. I think we'd all like to think we save someone's life before we die it's kind of a cool. Thank you. I, like you, we saw some whatever pulled somewhat of a car crash.
sue me. That's kind of up. You know like a really ubiquitous desire for us to save someone's life, but I'm really thinking the whole thing. Maybe she's an arm chair and shall find out there, but you said his name Spike Jones. He was involved right from the get go ye I what Jeff an outward trying to figure out what kind of show we wanted to do or trying to develop a tv show and then Jeff in Winter I saw a spike in Maryland. Siree IRAN's, I know, spike a little Evan him were really close at the time and he goes the shoe. We see a spike wanted to do this with this. The eye like yes, yeah at that point, what are you he had done the arm, the sabotage video yeah, I mean what are already highly video like so many huge videos. He was right. Any was just getting you may have been working on being John Mouth. But what would a what a lucky coincidence that speed,
Jones is in your circle at that time. Right all this as one of the most gifted human means alive do agree, yeah, no one hundred percent one hundred percent in he's not good at this or that, he's good at it. All. I've ever had died of the busy night. The business side irritate the creative. Ah, he he sees it. He said the whole field. Did you see her tat, brilliant? I felt physically love sick for like four days after I saw I don't think I've had that feeling from a moving any time. I remember, but I was like I just felt like someone someone I love broke up with me for like four days yeah, it's emotionally put you through the reader is is wonderful, is brilliant writing execution and yeah taught the bottom so the movies they? I don't know what your expectations were just me again on the outside thinking other doing a movie me now that'll be curbed. What were your expectations?
low. We never thought the show is gonna get on tv. right, and then we did a movie right. No one's gonna come see it right so that's everyone yeah, so we Evelyn, the reality movie- I don't even know if what were a reality, features films that work I can't remember. I have no clue yes you're like, Basically, this is a documentary. You guys, using a dock. Mary documentaries. Don't make a hundred million dollars one has you know how much of the first one may You don't if you can remember monocle, saying the fact check later over a hundred million right, yeah believe psyche. I remember you a new mean how many of them three three and they ve all been gigantic. They think each one is done better so that we ve been very lucky yeahs back yeah in bed. Grandpa did good it's not it's kind of from the sea. It is from the same, maybe not
everyone was able right. Are you comfortable talking about money? I guess yeah. I did it I mean, I'm not comfortable. Talking about your money. When I write yeah you care about money. Let's start, I is long dues to the point Why need to support my family right? You know, but I think again, if you, if you have a family, I can't not imagined feeling that way right cause. That's the centre of Europe, that's the sinner of your whole life! Yes, why they depend on you and you want to take care of them. Yet but where did you get a sense of relief when those movies did what they did? I I averages. I would be relieved that I'm still walking around Where was the relief at the end of every film of light? They thank God. I
you're, not in a wheelchair year, like I felt that way. The innovation point to the movie that you're yeah that's coming up June. First. What happened in that that you? Well, I do it's. It's was inspired by action Park, which was the most dangerous theme park. All time, don't use in sustain a forty minute, doc online that everyone should watch your nose like I'm, not gonna hassle, the kids with a bunch of rules, less leaf safety up to any did any of us a shit, what's day was this new Jersey and seventy days, our class action or jurisprudence yeah yeah in the documentary like what were people dying at this place, the other will there were some others, some of those instance all my goodness, TAT was all of us. Also Lahti injuries, the swimming pool. They had a couple of bad the way people they had a couple of instances you're an ape, ITALY painted the bottom of a black to make it easier to find?
by all my yeahs while I was there like a haunted house is this. It was is no documentary all the kids, it went there, just love it Like Lord of the flies, you know if he's arrived at a major hunker, yet whack, as I mean it, was you made you like it help Europe system like girls would go into. Why are you in fact reseller everything was so dirty her eye, so they really find out the herd. Probably a good idea so use are that documentary, and you said this has to be a movie e g, Derek Frida, sent me the documentary and he's like you have to see this. Aha, What inspired the movie and like I'm, I'm the owner of a dangerous theme park and that's a great world where I can do all my own stance and I ask the stunt guys I'm asking you to do like me, no cutting on the action, no pads re goin when I go into pads we're going to turn our concrete and we did.
yeah, was a nurseries ever on a movie for me, oh really, yeah. How old are you now? Forty seven issue, and down it's dead hurt more now. No, it doesn't know hurts same ok, but I never was in that Did you get? It wasn't never too involved with that side of it? I just wanted to footed. Yeah. I knew the hurt was come in, but I just want a footage, and I can I can deal with that the question I want to earlier. When you complete a stunt. What is the feeling? Is it relief or is it excitement or both or what is it because I'm so scared of everything. So I can. I could never do that and I dont know what that feeling would be its. It's overwhelming relief and enjoy our having done something
there, I'm I'm walking away from those. Sometimes I don't watch. Sometimes I got knocked out a few times. They does. The stunned coordinator, Charlie Gresham, yeah, he's has always know when you because, because you get so sweet afterwards knives out yet come so sweet talking to him. When are you lead? We just talk to each other. Do freak out when you see these documentaries about see tee disorder whatever that football thing rain diseased you like spin out about them. Ah I I don't spend now, but it is an area of concern and I have neurologists that I've gotten. You know that I see in there in the middle of doing some tests and baseline tests. Ah after we get finnish film inaction point in that way, I just had three
occasions and as in the middle doing the baseline testing we did reach. You got another concussions laughing, go back in time, those all over again, but at the time my brain completely reset it. So, oh really, and how could he german, that is, he looking and therewith like a pet scanners and the I had like all the others lot of home and on which there is a lot of things in it, you have to do little tests all lotta tests, you, you can't really testword, unless it's autopsy but I think right. I heard recently that there is some kind of something you can do, so you I'll be looking into that I didn't mean to bring it out, not I'm just look. I don't know because of that and be funny. Why? Because I haven't, had attended the many as you, but I had such a bad one, I will be watching that and I'm like. Oh my god, is my personnel
a radically change at fifty. You know like when you hear the stories. Yes, it's really scary I mean if the galleys anything literally your brains. The last thing you have to go back on your right. I'm single Morn Paul serve an angry yeah, there's a lot of those yeah, the wives will describe like officer now is living with a guy had never met a young with violent explosive and all these things, yeah yeah, but you're with a ball or she'll. Tell you right away. If you start acting different, oh yeah yeah knows karate So you got more heard on this than anything yeah did you were you did they are apt to shut down? While you your answer me? Yes, the ended. by the end of the film regularly thin film one side of my face with, but would it
yes boiler. If he told me what happened to the other side erase, we put all the most dangerous tends to the end in one was I go, I go flying off the alpine slide and we had been tested a bunch of with a stunt ah, he would go off and in pads and yeah yeah yeah, and we where I realize fly like Twitter, feet in the air, but six feet off the ground. Aha, but when he would land he would kinda role. When I first why I could. If I, try, but I deadly didn't, want alike. Look! Maybe Yeah yeah, I saw boy, did I take. The landing argued wonderful and pollute the air like twenty feet in and then the only thing I start my forward. Madame was my face hitting the ground. I get worse, concussion
remember where I was really in LOS Angeles and galloped on, could remember so made. My memory came back and got checked out the hospital. Back to my hotel room had blood in my nose. So I blew my nose and when I blew my nose, my I started coming out of its socket and I talk to back and went back to the Mercer and what happened was I didn't know, but I had they told me that on impact, my orbital laminate bone had just disappeared, wishes powder when I was born my nose boy air behind. Yes, you just not expecting it. Yeah really comes out of nowhere. Hey came out in no way hourly blindsided, just relax will be back to the hotel room. Take it easy, yeah high, born William running my goodness, and how on earth did they fix? That? Would you like
Cheetah mandible, in there now or something I well. I didn't they just had to watch it for a few weeks any kind blow your nose, obviously or sneeze for six weeks old boy and I'm really bow cheese is like. I don't know how this is. Gonna work awry, no pepper on your feet. they taught night up. Biologists was like out bid. If you do have to do it like es in just let it all go, don't try to hold anything back. Ah, you could really shoot your eye. all Claudia Room where YA camping Popular like five days later and walking around Capetown with Pontius niece s on the body I gotta eyepatch on and I'm tired, and for what? The reason I laughed and I grab my hell and throwing it comes out, o my god of double vision, and I put it back in But in the end we haven't, I suggest the total quality of all the injuries in the movie. At the end, you know it was you
a lot- and I lost my mother in November and we like- and I got another concussion and lost a few teeth after that. I I so did you have. These talks with yourself at all when you're, like you mean it like existential crisis or you're like what's the end of this, how many times do I need to do this? Do you mean those kind of moments I realise that I only can you can only so many chances year and I've been very, I mean I've been a lot, but I've been very lucky yeah, so I know it eventually has to stop. I'm pretty and not very body conscious. Thank God. I have to go to the doctors like I don't know what a couple hours once or twice a month. I go see some doctor for something haha. My back was pretty bad for a while, but it's kind of evened out, but did something happen to your penis. You were saying on stern right, yeah, Bro,
penis wants to an offence. I know I was trying to back lip a motorcycle and I dont know how to ride a motorcycle sure I saw a bunch of yours downstairs like you're. Very mainly, may I mixed dance ride motorcycles literally Travis Pastrana had allowed the clutch format. when I signed a bag. Flipper motorcycles Is that whatever you do when you come off the ramp, don't let go the motorcycle coastal Turco twenty feet up turned to Iraq, income! down, hit you who, but sometimes I'm doing stones. People talk to me, but I'm not. yeah you're in your like zone, I'm just somewhere else, and I guess I that was one of those moments cause about the fourth. I think maybe every time I got the motorcycle needed more time times yet in on the fourth time I let go go straight up in the air in I need are behind. I hit my down my back on my knees or behind my head and the motors
Echo comes down embraces handlebars, often my crotch, oh, my god yeah their blood it. Well, I didn't I felt, like I was being my pants sure. So I looked eyes unzip in every time my heart would be blood would shoot out. My penis how many people are watching your penis project. I only I only those are all than I dont Mount Hoffman or Travis may have been standing there, but I don't know, but I walked over to the d, a doctor on the said, the empty and like this bad Oh I know, but I didn't hear us all. We had to go to the hospital right now. Did you gamble? really quick right, there's gonna be yapped internally, did it it cut the base of your penis they're here and me, your urethra yeah, its sovereignty of your vows deference. No, no bad is doing fine. It is grass ok, so you can get erections and want yet why it's funny cause yeah. You go straight in surgery, my and the doktor came.
Talk to me. Naomi was their ha. My wife, therefore my kind, why? Yes, oh Sweden, risk adverse yeah level, yeah totally level, how solid yeah yeah right? May I urge Iraq, as your orbiting, her mind hovering around in, but she was the doktor came out. Look. Ok! You had wounded, surgery and he walked out and she was tell me is going to be ok, minister. getting an erection right then, when she was telling Give me a hogs, I'm like ok. Well, that's good news. Yeah yeah, yeah wow, just from a hug yeah oh, how ever greater met I think you're more rear I'll than members get hard room. A hug you're lying from your wife and while at that, no now she was she was knew. Well, I mean still have Oh from my arrival, that's really romance
warming in you met her. Why don't kill me for saying big compliment for saving the. How could say, but on your way, to the hospital, why your your dick is draining tons. blind. You must be thinking of the worst scenario right like well, that's a rap on that deck. It's gone, I mean they ve taken. There is a genuine load in the back of emerges. violence and I was posing a black sea There is no crisis in that mom. It's gonna be attendee. Happy I at the most popular yeah grandma! I owe you as I had to catheter twice a day for three and a half years after that. Oh my big, like cats. Sixteen in law
cat that are bigger than the number two pencil. Ok, which is weird cause, I'm sitting on two inches of catching up. To put it all the way and until it hit bladder and then you have to push a little when nature bladder yet to push a little harder in soon as it went in p, all the p would Russia I just starts Raina yeah just spray out, and you had a little bit. because it was you had to wear it and get get it all loomed up before you put it in, but after due when I first started doing it. I was very careful, but you do for a few months. It it's like a ball guy, but sometimes all those Lou. Would it be activated in issues likes where it's not Zadig This is my I gotta say I think. Maybe my worst nightmares have to put something my urethra olive oil. It's gotta be the most excruciating experience. A really didn't feel great. It
our spread like when I woke up one morning in my boxers were covered in blood boy, and I was I just gotta hope it's too, the front- I hope it's the front. I dont know why are so afraid orbit I can tell you about a terrible everywhere have on with you, be hammered Jean blood out of my, but I, but I had done it so fast that I repeat it open again, but not as bad as the first time and have a couple times. Pga gotta remarks. if you're, using those commercials at the old cowboy who says you he's he's been Catherine for twenty five years order. Molly knows, though, the cat commercial catheter cowboy I haven't. I don't have all seen the cather cowboy, but I've I've seen some gathered commercials, and will they got this one, in particular words its catheter copying? Ok, we got here. We need a spokesperson John Oliver, his now kind of taken charge. Of that it's a real. partial, but then he hired a guy. That does it just the same, but am what's so great about the car shopping
anyone's really thought of his is this. Guy goes. yeah I've been cowboy for twenty five years and I can't every day that's how it starts right here. yeah he as a verb endangered. The thing is: when you look at the sky, the guy has to be seventy five right, so I thought when he started cowboys fit that's a mega unless you right, no one fucking crunch. The numbers on this commercial disgracefully never been on a horse or anything but at least go. I've been cowboy from fifty right. I've I've! Well I mean you're. Writing it hath commercial. you know how lovely this is no assessment of his intelligence or not, but who knows if, even though the cowardly news. I'm it's good if you ve not cast yet you, even think, you're sweet, some other product. You know I didn't know. How did I not get that spot? You listen. I can't. Imagine a better celebrity endorse, Jaime you, the new Cath cowboy, because I hate being and pain when a cat, so I use
he's got some great product that makes catching a breeze. Why we? be in pain when he, I guess, if it, I guess, if they're the shaft was too big, could really yeah. I think it's implicit in just that. His cowboy and that that urethra very Garthie yeah yeah. I e just looks like he's: got a big old garden hose. Yes, I yes added like their size, our role, a dime went window Naomi what age you remember you around that and if you change your life, yes, she did did it. I known her a little before and at that time in my life, she like she wanted a can't beer. The facts show yeah and I didn't hear from refer long time in and then she came back into my life and I always said if he comes back into my life
gonna settle down yeah and then you are able to do that. Yeah yeah. Was it easier heart now it's just something I wanted to do right, so I wasn't your wasn't. already. I was ready. Ok, you liked women. No right! I like em alot yeah. Would you say that, It was at the number one drug yeah that was that was now was part of it. ah ha, and how do you honey Shut it ask as I and my own personal journey with that yeah I just didn't, want to lose her. Ok, that's great, so that's my thing was it had run the same courses? Drugs had, and I didn't want it for me-. right. You know I'm saying so. When we met she's, I Christians, like I'm, not sure I could ever trust you really giving
your history and, unlike that silajdzic concern, I said the only thing I can say to maybe help you would be that I'm not can do it for you, I'm doing it for you and I'm in China sometime, and I don't think anyone knows me. You know who knows what I do if I think I can get away with it I said, but if it's for me I can't get away with this. For me, again? I don't know your experience was, but mine was you know towards the end before I met Christian and it was just like drugs Ok, I need to regulate how I feel right now right. Just like you drag, you think it making. You feel better harmed adds to your self worth. eighty hours is weird validate we're I muslins you're doing it all mine was like a minds addicted to validation. I worked like a pinpoint someone, I'm sure would never like me. This first went like me and then I go to task. Try
to win them over by being funny or dancing or whatever goddamned getting they want, and then I and then, if I can get The like me, I think, I'm gonna feel better about myself. You grew up euro, your dad. What did alcoholic garage I love women? Yes? Are you who's your model in you, and he also like you, always wanted. Why was alike in my wanted? Everyone, unlike me, because its yet out of an attic, and also I didn't do well with girls for a long time and then all of a sudden I started skateboarding. My brother made me: do my hair a certain way and started dressy mean? Certainly in and all these girls like Minos, I get the fuck out of here and it was. I couldn't stop rang. Didn't they never stop until yeah no eleven years ago, yeah cause. I wanted it so bad, like Elementary school, my bodies had girlfriends and stuff, and none of them like me, and you know all kinds stuff. I also think I got molested. I think that somehow ones do somewhere rolling over sexual eyes and that's rather, we gonna bet out of them.
but then I think it's all in the soup. For me, and mostly just the what you're saying approval, I want everyone alike. I want every girl that want to date me. I just can't get enough yeah. I will you brought up such like when I was for five. A you know thereby me play boys and know how and sit there and look at the play, boys and name every part. You know but that are their amazement that, but that is like it seem harmless at the time by its like by was sent my affair beside you you're you, your youth was kind of sexual. Eyes yeah, that yeah and also, as so many things that I think are awesome in their great stories about me. As a kid I imagine putting my own Fritz Ribbon, and now I realize oh Jesus. No, that should have never yeah yeah right whales, yet different time. I've been,
You guys- and you guys are such a really beautiful couple and you seem very, very happy around her and sketch a cool things I want to tell you know my personal, and I brought it up to you one time and I think I made you uncomfortable, if I may, nicotine using me anything right, yeah yeah, where the fuck me. I knew it how drugs insects, but I gotta have my nicotine gotta have something right now. I gotta have eighty milligrams, nicotine, a data function. How many? How much did you start on like, I said it is really like it had or twenty two days consistent. I do a sheet of these a day, sometimes a sheet and half, depending on a firm stressed about something that I use a smoker pack, and I have a cigarette today. So this much better. What's I'd like my cousin to stop doing drugs and alcohol in history, his drinking like a twelve pack of monster energy during all day. So I know what you're doing the same thing, with the nickname like now the how many sheets of that today one she that these are bad for you. They raise your blood pressure.
That's the single sites are not re, but I have moderate too low blood, proud, Zhang, I'm sure you'll come out the other side. body on the nicotine out. How dare you sitting there ivory tower telling I couldn't have negative, but here I personally, so I was a fanny years been. Then I had all these personal kind of weaving back and forth with you and it really started with me doing idiosyncrasy down in Austin in you had just finished a movie like a month before yeah I followed by agreeing the Ringer yeah yeah and you become friends with might judge- maybe even long before that, but you guys we're friends yeah it MIKE, and I were friends- and I really liked him in this- was my first bout of getting sober right. I got sober for that movie. Relapse after that, but during that movie I was sober rights and make an I got along so well, and I liked him so much idolize em up and then casually he'd have to break
for me as he go hang out with you, because I was, I may have some cocktails and I just always balmy out through no fault of anyone's just me going like we shall get Fuckin Party with judge, and I can't take that point. You couldn't be around it. Well now, Only could I could have perhaps been around it, but I don't think he would have felt great about it. Like you didn't want someone, that's can remember every right, no one's the do. That's gonna, remember the lie with them in Europe. At that time. I was much more. It was much bigger thing to me now I could give a fuckin. We you could small crack in farming, be fine, I think. What's try, and so So then, I think this little seed for me is planted like alma deeds. Cooler than me might judge likes him more than me right. So this is the foundation rye right right there you and I are both mutual friends with Jimmy Camel yeah.
I start kind of seeing new somewhat regularly over at his house. I want to say I see you like seven or eight times and when those times happened you're the only person I don't talk to their in. So I then did was it like a choice like you know, I would very much like again. I was a family yours, I very much would have loved to have talked to you and then probably all again, we come to this end. All admit this, in those times in those couple years of seeing you, I can call this insane story in my head, which is you you hate me and now I'm like. Well, that's obvious, the guy hates me. now, what could be one of the reasons it hates me? Why did you think I wasn't talking to you and per yes? Yes, another sure you were not talking to me right and one other time back into judged thing. I somehow went somewhere with him and there was a pool table bob newer there, and I also felt like you want to talk to me at that time, and so I had concocted this whole thing right where you don't like me,
now. I don't really have a reason why you don't like me right and then Ike. I decided. I had this like. Oh well, punk came right after jackass, so he thinks that we were ripping off his show in then. He hates me in all this thing and create this whole story about. Why you don't like me right- and I don't even know if you remember me saying this to you, but eventually- last year, I see you and I go I'm gonna be honest with you. I think you don't like me, and I am I am. I concocted this crazy story and I just had to deal with it because it was bothering me or anything you go no on unjust shy. I would I've never decided not to talk to your publishers. There were talk to you. I know I know I actually I don't remember you bring that up to me. I'm in so in my own little world and I also egg like in a public place. I get very uncomfortable
ah here shillings idea that yeah yeah, especially in crowds, and it seems like what you like at the time. So you see you it was like in a crowded. So I kind of shut down a little in crowded situations. Aha saw you didn't. I never had any reason to dislike you in as far as punk goes like any shows that did anything, I'm ever you guys hydro. Thank you now where's. He did you guys hadron thing going, but any shows that kind of did anything in our area I knew about by couldn't I didn't want to watch them in then subconsciously pick up something yes and then do it, and then I'm fucked, because, yes, I couldn't so I just there's, never saw, couldn't watch anything. It was in our area, I dont want to redistribute. I'm writing a script, because I'm a
Fraid, somehow those unclosing again and then I'm going to look like a rip somebody I hear you think it's an idea. For months later you don't even realise its memory and that a new idea- that's like I'm a young, Lord obsessive on that. I just can't write in its, maybe not rational, think I can go watch. Low shows now I just I just everything out well and also it it's all in its all on my side of the street, because not only did I can concur The whole story review you hated me right, yeah cause. I was biting style and ripping you up. I didn't mean that nothing is compounded by the fact that I liked you and so I know things about you I know you're into country. I know we both have a kind of weird obsession with like lower income white trash culture. If I can call that there's like some kind of the honey
miss Thompson thing. There's all these things. I thought. Oh you guys you and I would really see eye to eye on all this stuff and then I'll, throw in India a dose of like me being jealous that you could still party like somehow you. Cap on the rails and I didn't write the eye over on this side of the room. Having this super complicate her face, you share with you use yeah you set out a little absolutely its. I presented my head. You you don't even know any of this is go. I didn't know you were upset by me. I didn't know you guys I would have. If I known you, you were ups. If that upset outcomes, gave Yahoo lecturers. I just don't know Oh I'm so you're a nice guy, I'm in my own little and I used to say to him one like what
what does your interaction with Pga, like what's the basis of this friendship like I'm very curious about it, because I think this guy hates me like, I was really trying. It was all eyes. Are that no it's ridiculous, but I just want to admit it to you to your fear, as I feel like it might help someone else whose a lunatic about something else, and I also tat we could maybe relate on this, which I thought would be binding, is have you had this? you know you you, you started doing these stones in reality, tv and then you want to act and then do you do of the same like one I started doing movies in they were always bring upon. It would like really. Trigger me and, unlike I'm, not up just a reality whatever I had this huge com complex it. No one thought I was a real act or that I had that's what I was always trying to do, and I thought you had to have gone through that in that was something that we could bond over eight. I never would. Twitter cringe when someone brought up Jack Ass, a whole
When will you? I know it's silly, but it's always something I've been very proud of. Will you should in by the way, had I created Pont if ITALY What was my show? I was an actor, I'm punk, so it's not mine and I bet ya. If I had like that was my brainchild and I executed it. I probably would have carried a lot more and by the way, now, fifteen years, I'm crazy, proud of punked. Like I asked you were happy, I e on and grateful, but there was a period of time were I so desperately wanted to be one of these many actors that I was trying to model myself after a wanting to be- and I just felt like this thing's getting in the way our people wanted me to just be that thing. Yeah, did you do that? do you. Have you see a therapist sir Laminae sides? a but note there now hurry right now. You think I should go with you to Yale. Do we go? do dolls covering other rare, eyes. I had no idea, you were so upset it like. I am
yeah. You be like you just key wines absolve up into these things in the oil on his head just he gets triggered a native of irony in their tears. I am then we're here that we think though there was we get a real buying out. even if we got nothing well make, is that we are already start trying to entertain and no longer find the dew therapy absolutely trying to induce. You must see a man. Do you see a man? No, are you? Don't you see a woman sitting for me? There be counterproductive because again, I'd be trying to lie. Compressor were win her over in some capacity right, you're you that no age, just try b is honesty. You can, because otherwise, you know I'm just sitting there hanging picture frames right. How long have you been going to therapy well his eyes? I right before action. Point aye, aye, Sir ok, because I knew I was gonna have to go to a certain place right.
Wasn't gonna beer Polly be healthy place and I'm not gonna per ten here in therapy that the everything's great with me what is the internal monologue is you're about to do something like that. You have to say your affair, They are, if you don't do this is their like. I know I don't oh that direction. I just know that what I have in mind for the ELM and what that means in what that's gonna take, and with my stance I once I leave the ramp or jump off, so I don't know, what's gonna happen so yeah, I slept a kind of let go in my mind a little while I think Thyssen would go off antidepressants, leading up to fight the other man thirty vocal about. So it seemed something like in that realm yeah and who directed this one item. Kirkby English, director where'd. You find him
directed flee bag in you had consumed. That show. No, I didn't see until afterwards I had so I seen a filmy. Dear short, foamy did on the clash this girl obsessed with going to the clash, and she may the clash thought it was really well done so indeed you in. So let me ask you this because there's a director of the movie. There has to be a director of the movie, but this is so your world and your thing: how does that? How does that? How do you navigate that are like cool? yeah, but it's gotta go like this. He was TIM's very collaborative, and so everything was discussion between us that some things I stayed out of you. No, I don't
Cameras lighting here I don't like it, you can invest my energy that, because it's not my area, aha, but you know the I help right. The movie we had a few writers day, bachelor and John Chris. Ski are rose on Kerensky, not presidency, nor Kinsky. our guys so he's just a syllable away, a half frozen risky, but it's John Kerensky by we I mean, might MIKE why help me out and might judge help us on the story, hurry Oriel on Roberts. Michael did a draft. An amazing people work on this, and do you like that part of the process? Writing? Yes, I get kind of obsessed with that area. Where it's all I can think about. I write better alone, because if I met a group of people I get excited,
my spray such points, and I can't think right clearly, because I just I don't it's your distracted yeah it it never it's like I mean it's like a small version of crowds around a crowd we have done vainly infer. Screenings in that kind of thing right. That's all very helpful to the process yeah to see what's work, especially with when you're doing a comedy, yeah its eyes, people laugh or they don't yeah. It's not like a drama worst, I don't know. What's why and also unlike a drama, you can't put the perfect song and therein like Bell yourself out the other fuckin works, or does it yeah? Usually I remember when we were screaming bad grandpa at like first couple were good, but not where all the other ones that they did, and I have told spike, I'm not going to the
in fact this. I don't wanna go horse. I wait it's very I'm very since I guess I'm very sensitive and because you know it's all What do you really know how to point the finger yeah yeah? So those it's I'm not I go to them, but it's tough is I'm about over travelling and being away from my kids yeah, it's harder to get harder every time, and I just the eye I can't do it to me. The first two days are heaven and then the recipe is terrible. Five to be away firstly days in my sleep, ten hours is awesome. I can I can Did you watch tv all day long do anything. I want them by day three M, like Hooker, supporting youth Zaire. I don't feel right. I feel like like a bird that broke its wings or something I'm not in strider. It ah ha alike.
Well, you know it's hard to say that you in a business that is attracted a trillion different people, that of all towns in all these different ways to have really I'm stamped out a completely original thing like you did is, is incredibly impressive. Well, I appreciate you appreciate it's really really almost impossible. Just when you even think about ward talking about the first jackass movie coming out going like. Will that known even did that, like this, you know that it's all very unique and an amazing, and it's a really he iron accomplishment- I don't Yankee gets get to think about all I did this and because I don't want to be that guy you're, not another guy. You know no you're. Incredibly humble. I think everyone knows you would say about you, Janius yeah, just like that's why you leave it to me.
I'm telling you you don't have to walk around like that. I'm just saying when I think of my short time on planet earth. There are some people who I think of a like Jim carry where I go Nobody came around in the bad. That was really something has that's really cool, yeah David Letterman. While that was some, do really. set eyes on you in your thing as it was just holy unique in weird and interesting and hysterical I'll think anyone's ever gone, do Jack s movie and not fucking laughed, no matter where you're coming from it's a really it's it will stand out for me as the things I witness its in that soup of, like twenty things, that I saw that air memorable and I'll never forget, and now it's cool and I'm really lead you don't hate me now that I've got it like them anymore. It's just a figure car from free, wherever there's no oblivious, I was so ably. I like you to stop, did oblivious, I saw me, but no I've
define that most people are convinced that hated me. They did not pay merrymen, you ve had our partly never even thought about me. Wait. You ve had that with other people. Oh absolutely, so you really internalize any kind of rejection. Like you John Reserve, as we have received as reject absolutely I've. Come to realize no one's, even thinking about me there thinking about themselves and not unlike me, I'm thinking about myself right, I adore you tell me when you move becomes out again June. First yeah, and if it's scary, you get super fucked up its deliver and all the ways that you ve always right summer movie. Yes, and don't don't try new things, you c p j do but go and down in support movies. They keep getting made, especially this one, because who the hell's making these besides be J thanks for common. Thank you and for the record I
I love you. I dont dislike you, however grey or great guy a wonderful talent and I've. the ball you today, thank you for having me now. You don't have to go to your there, but they do, and if you'd like to hear my good friend and producer Monica Pavement point out the many errors as dangerous welcome to my favorite part of this package, which is the fact check with my good friend Monica Patman, and I we for we ve started when two thousand are very cranky mood when you arrived here today at the because the powers out there's no water. I took a dump and a continent flush out panicking that you're gonna I'm here and rob but way more you and you did however, that I had made waste- and that was honest have to pull them united at getting a five Leon? Water is cause me four dollars a flush of talks. I filled the back of the toilet tank with some Sparklin. Sir Arrowhead, like
nice, Joe. You know what it was I going to do. I had to get rid of that before it suffices a tap water. What is no, it was gone, no water. Are we not just in the toilet, no water here and the club housing, and also I had it. crazy laser procedure on my face, because I'm only in vain, and I and I want to look good for my new, shall you know why what you're honest he has gone for math and day Falcon blasted my face would like a flame through our you, gotta admit. Over the last four days it looks like I went through the windshield of a car and then caught on fire. It look. Your face, looks different I will say that poor children, and so for these reasons I am just sick of it. Now I'm getting better, but I'm sick of it and then just just my go over all health. It felt like I was at a five. So cranky, and then you got here and I start opening up about
and then you are you're nice, charming south, and then here I am now I'm hovering around nine, as one that makes me happy known, Rob took me up another point by one day. I hope we get to the point where you left your poop. Then it gets having those that's the pie in the sky dream for us here, I'm just not area, ok, yeah, it's been three years can be. I can be face set. Ok. So let's talk about Jonathan accept as a funny thing happened that you guys don't know about that. We know about money. Did happen. We can start with that. Okay, so before Johnny even got here a pj, I said to Monica play hope he brings up the story about me fixing his car because that's the kind of thing I want you guys to know about me than a mechanical and capable, competent and then there he brought it up right out of the gate. He d so happy. I would really shaking my head because
I mean for you. I wanted him to say it, because I wanted you to feel bolster our guy, but I also dinner I know that you didn't I now it's complicated. I don't know, can we didn't know why I think will actually do because the thing it is making? You want everyone to know that power? Ah, I think that's a little warped like I'll show you at least are on the same page about this is like me thinking people like, because I'm a good driver exactly I dont want to reinforce those things. I think that's bad for you. I think it's unhealthy, for you I am also aware of the fact that Desgas, I admit these flaws isn't make them less Thank you now, I'm doin goes well, I didn't get. Does I do think it makes it less. I think acknowledging it is helpful algorithm
anyways. I tell myself in the actual conversation with PJ's, but then I didn't want to derail it with yeah. I was also waiting for that was the part two. There was waiting for you to be like. Oh, I wanted you to bring that up and I was his time and then you didn't do that. So you are I was not happy while you would have wanted me to do that. Never seemed. You thought out Jesus more hear more about you thank speech for driving over here to hear more about that its very vulnerable. To say what you're saying I now be wanted people to know that this is a triple I am, I proved in the toilet when flush I had a laser treatment, GSM, vain and then I want to people know I can fix a car. I can forty three years if I hope people learn from that. Ok, so
Pj's last name is clap and we were talking about how that might be a not so great, last name at that age and and casual, don't know, that's because the clap is gonorrhea yeah. I'm not. Everyone knows that the old time me it is. It is unanimously, and I think people might You brought grew up watching a lot of Vietnam movies and it was really common and Vietnam, because people are we're going to these prostitution. I don't wanna with her, I always nice way to say it, but they were gone on are in Bangkok. They go to pat pong. They do the low hanky panky until autumn got the clap or gonorrhea gonorrhea you know, I assume younger people employed people listening to show they grew up with,
movies, about Iraq and Afghanistan. They permeate our authority. Aha for hurt locker airplane movie than nine eleven. maybe now nine eleven AIR Flight Y yeah dumping fifty four year. Maybe it is, but you know so people we're up those that the soldiers were magazine in Iraq or Afghanistan. I went Afghanistan twice and I can tell you there is virtually no hanky panky going on or honour or brothel so. I assume that std right much lower for that set of wars you're the guys would go on are in those words. is they would go to Qatar, which I flew into the first. I went Afghanistan very cool city I had an idea of what that place would look like when we landed in look like Goddamn Miami. How these sky
papers on the water and they their all brightly lit and stuff, and I was like we are pleased to go on our more hope. You climb. Ok, there's a discussion of who gets paid the most in baseball. You said pictures and, according to a business insider article in two thousand fourteen, so I need it outdated. No positions make more money in major League baseball, then start in pictures and first baseman cards or had he gone the distance? He would probably be the exact same riches he is now happening. Three have movies. I guess I'm so! Oh you, you referred to a surgery that pitchers get like. It was a common uncertainty, but I didn't know what you're talking about what you're talking about Tommy John Surgery yeah, which is actually called the owner collateral agreement rican structuring, Tommy John Surgery, Tommy, jostled, Panny, barium, Tommy Johnson?
You know me Andy's asked or that in there, Pay extra yeah named after Tommy John, a pitcher nineteen? Seventy four was the procedure when it was invented on Tommy. Yeah he's a supercomputer about that here. The procedure was first performed a nineteen. Seventy four it bears his name. I have to imagine that it was on him a nineteen. Seventy four well, it's named after the first baseball player to undergo surgery, Tommy DAWN, but I don't know he was the first person to its. You know, while on the topic, these baseball players, the Bay State claim on diseases,
like louvieres that some at some carbon or logical disorders, something the early it existed before our friend Lou got it will guarantee, is, alas, yeah, alas yeah ok, so he just got to pay his guy like a fancy name with his. He had what I want to strongly discover a star they get to yeah, it's unfair really because they want to dissociate the p r for the diseases wants to but you know, and I'm sure, MAGIC Johnson super happy for they'd eating, rename AIDS Magic Johnson. I know well let me be clear here Red AIDS, HIV Hiv. They never. They never named HIV Magic Johnson. Now which, by the way, sounds like a great I know some of you get
Yeah you're right is only for the ok for the person, it's it's it's undesirable, but for the disease. I hate to say this, but I'm gonna they were I celebrity to get it so that they can associate the disease with a famous person. Then people will care more more compassion, yeah right. I'm sticking to that theory. You mentioned squad, he potty, because you were taken by your hoop Rachel. All your oecd, poop ritual, and you were saying that you good sat the toys lot it's in a way that was reminiscent of the squatty potty, so at our own people no, not everyone knows about us quite a penny, but they should you love the squatty per. I love it so much there not a sponsor yet. I hope they will come on, because why about your release, gorgeous one for you, indeed, as a house farming gift, a t squatty party
You almost feel like you're yachting when you're using yeah, but it is a fully back. Yeah right click, nice, clean fully back the idea and in its as the monkeys, poop right anyway, Johnny said vice started in Canada and busy right now, Israeli really embarrass when he pointed that out because indices cut it out. Like oh yeah, Montreal You may not happen now. Why is it like obvious? that was, as I was in New York. Anything away went their necks, as I say, one lesson: Leslie Orphan right cause. She wrote a column and she had the great book she. She wrote dear diary that was compiled from vice articles. She wrote by the way you guys by that book. It's so good and we love Leslie Orphan, anyways. I just felt like I was trying to be, as I was trying to show him. Meadows, cool and punk rock in the night, miss
key allies, humbly Madge, I anyone that's claiming to be calling on crops should know got it. I didn't know right now, I'm cool, but you weren't you're not going for like upon crock thing like I am not anymore now working! Ok, you guys mention tales from the tour bass and flung it a little more information. I think people want to watch it as it was unstinting MAX Mike Judge created it and
at some animated? It's a nice little mix. You do get actual archival footage of events and then a lot of its animated about different musicians and sat trade young, you loved that they are so good. Ok, so I watched the Brad Pitt Clip of Jackass and I was trying to figure out what they were riding down the street on our her, because you had shopping cart. There was a clip in that of shopping cart, but but Brad must not have been in those ok, but there they were little like They looked like what are those cars called that, like kids, so managed Urban S? Ok, yes! Ok, though they were kind of and so Buxter because they were, and so Baxter weaker saw. That's great yeah! That's exactly what I was also Brad. Pitt is from the very big was born in Oakland Homer through them.
Because both right now you know I didn't have either those are they do at either somehow but now committed to memory. I will the eleven so much up. Ok, you said documentaries don't make a hundred million dollars. Maybe One has an one, has irresolutely worth Michael Moors: right: Fahrenheit Man, eleven hi, my eleven that when made a hundred nineteen million nine hundred and ninety four thousand dollars the next biggest is March of penguins. Oh, I wouldn't guess that I would not have been another Michael, more document, marcher penguins, which made seventy seven such a cue movie, we're gonna. Give you remember that I didn't see it also q, as their life is so brutal. What they do they have a little baby penguin because that they have to take turns sitting on egg and then their partner as to walk all the way back to the
order which is miles and miles Micronesia stupid they walk failure. They don't worry me. Let the other locomotion is ridiculous. You will not a sliding, in fact, because they walk so shitty. They end up letting on their bellies, which is key asset, is really good. Didn't do you wanna, want to guess what the third highest grossing documentary about I miss. Ah, you know those two across off the list so my hunches, there's there's another Michael more document. There is really big. I feel like and then I also want to say inconvenient truth properly in the MAX fuck. What is it just a beaver? the same ever ah, which our friend made or friend directed and you loved,
it in him as a people remember if they are listening? Kristen episode: do we Ike murdered some pigeons on the way to say that we still left in a good mood? That's how good who has the power of that Bieber flick? Okay, so speaking of how much the jackass movies make jackass the movie made. Seventy nine point: four million jack s number two made eighty four point: six million jackass three d, a hundred and seventy one point: seven million girl and then fad, grandpa
associated. Not in that same that, you know, says even made a hundred. Fifty one point: eight o, my god, I'm glad you said that has ever since he was talking about grandpa when it when he left those I did, then we would do well. I personally and see em, so you go centric avoidance eat. I think known Zalm really glad to hear that that may money, but it's important, remember gang some fucking obsessed with money. Those things cost five cents to make so they're just pure profit for everyone, I'm so happy for everyone's. As all scenario like I like when people in the lottery air six people are known to have died at action park, lifting of cheese or sixty, but is actually because when I was started delving in there is a lot of stuff on that. But more like a whole Buzzfeed article, there is a lot it's more common than I than I thought, and I know people are gonna, be upset. There were laughing about it, but I just want everyone to be rude. To recognise will relate.
In about we are certainly not laughing at the fact that people died or entered now we're leaving it. How responsible is every bit as the people that they would keep up its open. What I mean is you have to imagine of six eggs in our area here had one death, big big issue They would continue on two des, while they're getting shut down for a while they're gonna retool sums up. I got imagined three dozen, this current era that adds lights out, yeah, you're gettin, you can't you six of evil and stay in business and sad picture waterside that one up I doubt gritted alone water slide. Oh boy, ok, I tried to find out how old the catholic cowboy really is. Problem is John Oliver's catheter cowboy has really taken over this yeah yeah. He has end he stole the thunder of the original Catherine
oh boy, I couldn't find barely any information on hand, but the driver capital catheter cowboys seventy two. I ve, I'm just by my observation. I'd say the original Catherine Cowboys even older than that gentleman. Maybe yeah we want, never know we wanted, but it still doesn't make sense. It has only been cowboy for twenty years One starts cowboy and fifty firing. That's all
As regards our boy, though, a commercial for finding your passions late in life, I guess yeah it's kind of life affirming, although the passion may lead you to calf. That was very mixed messages. Persons may have some downsides, but I know that a lot of surgeries yeah see tee is brought up and people can just reference. The jaw Mikhail fact check if they want to learn about see tee, but call talk about that. I have a theory. This is in fact this is a theory of mine. no science, so when he was with all met ass when he was a little used to go to the hospital a lot, the and ass. My bow right, then these to shoot him up with adrenaline. So that is very interesting to me during some formative years. He spent a lot of time in a hospital in a lot of getting jolted with adrenaline and that that adrenaline was a fair affair,
yeah. I was relieved yes, so we are now considering his choices later in life. I wonder if that subconsciously, sort of drove hindon, maybe not do it, but but why he keeps coming back to that cause. It does give obviously an incredible boost of adrenalin to perform these stunts career even may be incorrectly is still does you I wish I were to do a better job at Gideon PJ's. To help us understand about a childhood, because I think there is probably a lot of stuff in their the OECD, mixed with the gone with asthma. Think there's the other. I think, there's enough, there was ever a part two of this with him more curious about I don't think you accidentally end up doing the thing he does yeah agreed now. Do you think my theory holds water like it yeah one other thing I just want to bring up from last week last week's episode Mark Marin posted a picture
and the early worry about that? I got a lot of below. On because my shoes, brown, the cow my shoes are currently on the couch. being right. Our media and people did not like that, my shoes or on the couch, but I guess I do it all the time. So That's it? That's not apologise because the owners of the- here. Let me just say I own this fuckin couch. You have had this couch for twelve years and I don't give a shit. If you put your feet, yeah and Monica would not come into your home. If you invite her, because you like her on armchair expert, unite over some supper, what you should do, she's a great guess, chicken put her feet on your couch and worry that this is just the thing This is a sign of our closeness, yeah, I'm so come turbo. Yeah by the way. Listen so yap again. Tell you, though, though the line of thought they goes
shoes are dirty there on the ground there, picking up germs, you're, putting them on the couch, but then I'll go ok and then p. sit on it with their genes belonging polar genes often find lick the ass of their genes. So what are you. Afraid of unknown sleeps on this couch zoning attic, guys known. The wicked cushions of the couch, so everything's fine, things don't run like us with the health department. We don't even have water power right now and now, if you guys head away, are held certification also, we prepare food him here, sometimes yeah yeah. We can get shutter feet away from a toilet, yeah yeah Christian posted a picture on her instagram the very next day of her on a podcast fee. also on another person's cow. Aha and I'm just gonna call the world out I didn't see one comment about her shoes on that cow will she's more beloved. Then you nationally
yeah, that's upsetting, that's observing, but how do you think I feel I'm married to her in a well you're, much more beloved me: will you know story that I'm she would far now. Evader and people would get in and a hundred per cent. They were convinced that I had far they look at her and then they look at me and they go out that guy far right and she would this kind, often- and I said to her- listen. If you do this again, I am going to look at the people say my wife farther. That was not me an idea that one time in a New York elevator. She farther people got in when we got out. I got just one for the record. That was her that followed it, and then they looked at me. And let me tell you how it backfired, not only
did. They still think I had far. Did they go? Get this guy forded any just blamed his wife he's a fucking monster, yeah enough that you know Winnie, that's just the price we pay to be surrounded by such an jewel of goodness in light, and that's just how it's gonna be in. That's ok for both of us NEA! That's on anything else, nope thanks for cheering me up, and you guys think so much for listening. This show it makes me so so happy when I see your comments on Instagram and on Twitter, but I just love hearing from you guys and I'm so grateful for all of you and I love you and I love you Monica and I love you rob.