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2021-05-17 | 🔗
Jonathan Tucker (Parenthood, Kingdom, Debris) is an actor. Jonathan joins the Armchair Expert from his 1989 Cadillac DeVille to discuss his plan to live in his van before the pandemic happened, growing up in tough Charlestown Boston, and how the neighborhood has changed over the years. Jonathan explains how codeswitching led to acting, getting into ballet at a young age, and how he wants his children to be inspired by their multi-cultural background. Jonathan and Dax discuss getting in shape mentally and physically for roles, how Parenthood changed his life, and the power of authenticity.
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World more modern arm. Chair expert on Dax Randal Shepherd Monica the bad men are pride and joy, pirate armed juries whereby gas, oh, my god, before we talk about Jonathan Tucker, who I just love and whose our guest today I just Let everyone know that in light of our Spotify announcement, which were so excited about. I just want to make it very, very clear: ass. It is free there is very little girl, it's free, it's the same price, It has always been, and it's gonna be the same shell in its free and the interfaces. Awesome. There's no downside yeah! is no change like can still just us three in this attic doing literally the exam strengthening the ads that you're here are the same as we always do in our show they'll be in our show, though we us you'll analysing the extra adds it'll be our show. So it's all gravy matter of clicking one eye
Khan or another. That's the different or really excited were really excited. They were really said about Jonathan Tucker. Jonathan Tucker is one Ambrose, I love him. I adore him. He was up He was a friend of Christians and that's how I knew him and then I liked him as a brow. But then I saw a kingdom and he is cheap. revolutionary in that role. He so good. It's crazy. He plays politician on parent had just so. If people want to make back action, he also in West World City on a hill, Charlie's angels, Texas, Chainsaw massacre in currently he's the NBC. Suffice series debris spelt depress famously I was, breast. But it's actually debate to check out Jonathan Talker Micro, economic Hasbro. We are supported by us
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Dax. He's. Ok, there's so much going. Are you shirt list under that vest I guess I'm getting blown out a little bit. This is a bit of a mystery for you, and I've got to show you it's just that. I'm irish and jewish a very, very little melanin in my skin, particularly compared to my wife and thankfully, compared to my children. Now you know there's a little bit more color lineage, because Europe action to whether or not and wearing a white teacher. I'm sure this is frankly The grave problems of my life, the fat one of the bigger problems and that's it, play. The headline is not whether or not you're wearing a shirt. The headline, as you appear to be in when I'm going to guess- and you know, I'm a car buff based on what little I can see the steering wheel-
and the headliner I mean to say you are in a seventy nine Cadillac, Fleetwood you're good good night you're off by a little baby, you're right on the morrow, tell me what are you and what are you in Armenia, nineteen, eighty nineteen, eighty nine Cadillac Deville was see it's a beautiful, rich burgundy plush, inferior with the nice council, where my fair things about this for an Irish Catholic is that it's got the flip for drink right in the Middle Council coming out, not in, if comes out for it, and then the back, of course as God, double ashtrays and just the double ashtrays that I find extraordinary really sexy is it. Each ashtray has its own punching later. Did you say as an eighty, nine correct the burgundy interior. You know I have a white exterior, of course. Of course, I know that and also what I knows. It's got a four point: nine leader v in it front wheel drive am I right, you are correct and the other thing
that is important to note. Is that It is all about balance you if you're gonna drive a gas guzzling American made chariot of success. You also have to have solar panels on your house, which I knew, Diana Limited rebate from the good say to California, from my friends in Washington, but I did it. it's the right thing. I know soon read me: and I do put the environment over my wallet frequently, but I also think like hey why go out and buy a new car? What are you doing beautiful, used one throw a little money into it, make people's lives aesthetically more dynamic and not contribute to creating new vehicles well again of the amount you would reduce in carbon footprint by driving
electric car would be far outweighed by the manufacturing of said cars or the fact that you're just staying in a car that was built. Ninety nine, your way out of the game. So I applaud this effort. Thanks are you and I know em up in Vancouver, O N, you have that vehicle up there. Well I'll. Give you the full circle of how I got into this car to have this specifically residual with you. Or the pandemic. I shot this pilot like right when things were for starting to go haywire again back to allay. These are picking up the show and I entered debated. Well, a bilingual, these sprinter Rand's I've always wanted to live in a van ram is like Emma may acting, and spread your answer. Like conversion vats Van live here, Tag Van life. I am all about and I am pleased interceptors, I'm awfully owner operator. I three of them. I have three a piece police, interceptors and I've slot in them, and it's great
so am. I gonna get this Springer man and when it comes to Vancouver. I am aren't you shoot this show I'm in a park it wherever our joint, like a fancy Jim liking, Equinox, which I don't belong to work out, a beautiful showers and stuff, and I met a shower they're gonna live in my then it's gonna be like the ultimate bachelor life and then We again I'll drop it often the venue, her NASH, or you know, international airport, Gura backed Ella, issued the kids and my wife. Will the pandemic like through many things, into having including the Van market, one just the narrow margin in the market. For me personally, because I can't go home, so what was going to be it just me as a bachelor living on the side of a river the tv show. Then it became me my mother law, my wife and children. My dog nannies, like you, know, children, education, equipment, w W strollers double name
bottles, and I just everything that comes with all the one her full, wonderful things. The committee are failing, it's my life here now versus the Springer Van of course I had to get a car appear out. The least deals not great goin on Craigslist Org, want to drive a Cadillac wanted out of it. I like in another country example you ve earned it and the kids are the apartment and, dream anyone around and Dac Shepherd money. Invite. Jonas podcasting cannot have young, shorter and screening and yelling. So I then the old girl, oh my god, so there's so much going on. Let me just brief: everyone was we ve done verdure you're sitting in a car in Canada. It's an incredible cards and eighty nine cooped avail and clearly you're. Just simple like right now serves them over to walk by. They would just see you chatting in your car right yeah and you already look crazy. You look like a crazy person. This party or disarm yeah. You look like you're planning, some kind,
vital thing. I just you're an old city, car where's, spectacular, looks a spectacular, and I was I was nurse cradled interfered in his code, two thousand one hundred and twenty nine, the People's Republic of Charlestown right there in the city of Boston, it's one square mile by one square mile. I grew up going to the red store on the corner of my street there on monument square. Where Tell them late. Nine is that it gives a petty take a penny for the Irish Freedom Fund and when you made it in Charlestown you draw the Cadillac Deville fleeing war, whatever Yan this is the apex? for my neighborhood, and it's taken me many many decades to get to where I've I've always wanted to be. I didn't it separated would feel this good tax write or happened. Quickly, literally Emmy. Look at this stage in this than now even greater some hair out incredible blogs.
he's been in a nosedive since the late eighties. Now, as I'm getting so excited just to see her Ace then hear your charm, I'm also sad and at the same time, because as I see you in this car realize it's a crime, not better friends. It's not even that we're not better for is that we don't hang out, because what a pair we would be with our fleet vehicle, there are wise, would be none too thrilled or thrilled. They don't have to hear about this that we had an outlet in each other. I first met your wife many many years ago. I think it was this horror movie that we shot in Romania and she Such an absolute bear, that's what you see is what you get. She is definitely the nicest person I have one of the nicest people I ve ever ever encountered and she has, this incredible way wish to balance confidence and humility that I actually I don't know I've seen and other actors and actresses like her. She is so cool
put in who she is and also where she's going at the same time she's. So I genuinely grateful and also wants to be able to communicate her gratitude through professionalism, and you see it over and over she's, not the kind of person who treats people who Luther people might look what you've other people might look them over. Okay, I'm not going I'm not going to be baited by you treat them well because, like she hope somebody will find out about it. Because he's a very kind things in private moments. The people however, now and yet she still like a movie star yes you're so rare to see that and I've always respected her and always really lighter, and then I got him to you when you were doing all of your punks duffer allow all that hold on hold on hold on. I want to reject here. Ok, so Yes, you knew my wife and because you know my wife, you and I met each other for the first time in New York. We
we're doing when in Rome Kristen and I she said my buddy Jonathan Tucker's gonna swing by your answer yes and I'm like ok, you got a guy come into your trailers. I recall and then we met and I'll tell you why. I remember this so profoundly is that I think about this common, any common feeling low. I bet I tell myself this once a month. You and I met outside and I was taken off and then then went and hung out with Christian in her trailer, and she told me after the fact that you said I didn't realize Dax with such a fucking beast dude you're, a fucking beast. What do you want me to say? I call like I said. I mean look at the size of you asking barreling, that's really kind of funny, because you guys weren't dating then that I knew we were and for the kill? No, no, no! No! Look one of their like he's, too. I feel like,
personal and maybe minimal professional success has simply been like deeper, with the women you work with these people, who end up hooking up their coastguards. First of all, not to your wife would have ever hooked up with me will be clear cache you out. She were not insinuating that, but what I say that, like you, jeopardizing your production, the bed, it's never gonna, how way the potential negative of the production. Also you wanna be friends what these people usually their successful for a reason, cause their dynamic and exciting and interesting and authentic and risk taking and it's kind of hard to be friends with people long term. Really, if you ve had some sort of relationship with them, and it can be so easy to have that happen. Our production, not the production. I with your wife again well now, after all I mean I rubbed, you would actually would have been incredibly easy, because
you're all in Romania, you're all fish out of water, everyone's longingly, the production is into high dollar. One people are uncomfortable it to be a great way to comfort yourself too. Some validation from a co star purchase. I guess I've been doing this for a long time, you're allegiance priority has to be to the production and it's a long term. Game a lot of people relying on the success of your work beyond you, and you should take that into account so funny that You bring that we're, not because I remember being in New York. I think you but the mat or the Google, the Guggenheim at the Google I am- and I remember coming in- and she said something about that production. That we have done together. She said to her hair makeup teams. You, like you know I was so grateful to, I came offers Disney or funding of ethical Le Weinstein's at that time are Merrimac something, and you say so grateful
They gave me that opportunity, and so on. why it's like honour the work as much as I possibly could, because it was a horror film and it was not gonna win an Oscar Moreover, she said to them like privately she's, just like they, me this shot at, I wanted to honour. Well, we met there. but you mentioned earlier that you're from Charleston Charlestown Charlestown and I had a really unique experience in Charlestown. I driver. When I was working in Boston, I became really friendly with him. He just got out of prison for an armored car robbery. He'd been there for a while. I went down there I a t shirt, I'm on the phone with Christendom faced, I mean what shirt do you want a guy walks up with a super thick nag tattoos, We worries, like I fuckin know you, unlike haze, like let's get a pitcher and I go yeah when you come out on the phone my, but when you come on, let's get a pitcher, he walked in
one second later he walks out fuck you and your fucking can't wife. Now it's on now, I'm fucked you motherfucker. You talked about the dude operating the teachers shop Johnny Kelly was it was it was Johnny. Was it sides on the sidewalk again from the liquor store that, by the way it's Johnny Kelly respect go on. So Johnny gives them between us immediately. In the first thing he start saying, is nobody stab nobody? Nobody stabbing! Nobody like that's Windsor Railway than there you go quickly, go perfectly correct. That was fairly moment, that he was screaming. No one stabbing anyone the point of that is that was Sunday Eleven in the morning that happens. I get picked up Monday by my driver. Tell him. I went to your own down. I had this experience in he's like wait a minute. What time was is what does
do. I look like, and I gonna. Let me be very clear, everything's golden the dude I made up life's Gub Gub, but what we're doing master they trust down. Teamster buddy keep coming in here me of that work. all right, you think I'd be very interested to know who this guy was right and I keep repeating one needs to know who this guy was. So He then goes a pig's Christian in baby up at the hotel, like four hours later, and he still say I'd, be really curious to know this guy I talked to Johnny the guy, who sells a teacher, he's already thought James, the greatest by the time I of work. I get no vanegas. Ok, this fuckin knuckle heads at the halfway health. Two blocks up, there's not from Fuckin Charles of course. The first thing we do is building this guy's, not from the fuck enabled you shouldn't be here in a focused anything reminders. Fucking business over there were not a dude. I can't believe I quickly I got to experience,
whole Charlestown experiences by going to buy a teacher in the fact that even my dude, like looked out for me, follow the guy was now the guys we watch the whole thing. So when I know you're from their end, born in the eighties what childhood like. there is such a unique little world tat. No, really I mean really is like it so I burn masculine in your like this artists who did ballet. I'm just dying, know where you were at a map. I wasn't different worlds. My parents moved into trust in the least seventeen, seventy seven, seventy eight they moved into a neighbour that they could afford. My father got the job, you Mass Boston, the only public university in the city, and he is an expert on the money I'm no nay on french impression is on and most the chest This is very highbrow. Well, it was working class community that at that point they were the first like Tunisia, the first yuppies the first liberals to move
ah ha liberals is unworthy. I bring up because I was. Would people sometimes would derogatory refer to me, as I was saying s experience Charlestown ensures. That is one of the most important parts of like who I am and how I see the world and there's nobody prouder of the neighborhood nobody prior to be from the neighborhood than I am I can acknowledge that a mud third generation drafted so they moved there in the seventies because they could afford it and The five story: Town House, there was a roominghouse. Father did all the electrical work, a ton of the plumbing with Charlie, a city, a logo, Charlestown Character and rest in peace and people run room they bought the house with people living in them. oh, my gosh away was a common area from growing up and hold on pause pause pause. That's incredible! What is scenario for you to meet characters. oh yeah and people rent room in general. There not like dinner, have roots down necessarily know
in some of them. Do some of them had lived in the house for decades before my parents, ok, There was a woman who lived in what became my parents bedroom where a bell by her door that later went down to like at some point somebody to like help him get food or whatever up to her apartment. She never got out of bed. She died in that bed. My mother discovered him dead in the bed cuz she hadn't paid her rent. Oh my god, People would be infer a year. Six months or whatever they lost tenants and then accumulated space when people came out literalist their sexuality there, like I'm gay now I'm out here, but I'm getting married, I'm out of here, I'm dead matter here, we're getting divorced and we're here or modify the humiliated more more of that house in Charlestown So literally, like my bedroom was there was a woman who was working like I think, she's like a nurse and mash general for a period of time, and then I went to school out in the suburbs. In a very beautiful, very car, posh area, Colebrook line,
is there were bucolic, I'm always die. Use that we're colic nice tony area at its where the country club is literally the country club, the oldest country club and in America, to hold that tc showed that the country club of Hydrogen powered vehicles were proud of ourselves, as in Bosnia, Tyner up and cut straight to the chase? do you know? Ben and Matt? I'm not right that the data about some of we're in trouble. Now, I have to ask everyone from boss, but here's the reason why? Because their from Cambridge Emma tell us what that means were very tribal, soldier from is the first thing that they said to Dax he's like disguised now from Charlestown. right here from Charlestown FUCK? This guy will come Now in the hierarchy of toughness, I always and what I knew from movies was like south. You guys were the fuckin rough customers, but then what they spent some good amount.
Time. Nirvana. None of the Charleston boys are above even the southie boys that accurate. We don't need your ranks, cells, but also very likely, we're really uranium yourselves come on I'll invite gas to start something here. They are change man? They both share all market. If you send me a script and you wanted to show in the script in the town, is Europe you would change. Johnny's food mastered the local supermarket, where they had no fresh per There is another in no other word. Organic was when I was growing up two whole foods, which is what happened in Georgia, Ah it's all GM food, but that's what happened yeah? Why parents bought her house sixty. Eight thousand hours will year. This was mostly it makes it because of the role houses right. That's what we call them row, houses sure, they're, all big houses, their narrow their multi floored and you can see there is a great valley-
You sitting there in a very compatible city, so it is only a matter of time. I suppose the problem in California. I know it's a bit of a problem. Miss you, but if you by your House and California you're gonna pay is essentially the same tax on it for the rest of your life, It seems very unfair for a lot of people, but it is also very fair because, as the A pretty value increases are moving people out in Charlestown as more more people I hope there they were there. Go and reassess the property and people who had family homes. You grew up in their homes in Bergen, live in them for the rest of their lives can no longer afford living trust, and yet there is no argument against the californian law, because I was a kid when this happened and on sixty minutes every other week. You have all these older people who had retired they own their home, free and clear, and there early losing their homes to tax liability. So you can't have a tax system that way that punishes retirees well yeah That's a retiree issue, but this was happening to people who were any agents in oh yeah. I guess your property yeah
so, then, one of those people who have grown up and made the naval wife flooded the neighbourhood cooler. the blame for that. While they can blame the government, but they also blame them. But were coming in and invading the nearby in increasing the value of the property. So that's where started getting this tool in town any kind of by fabrication? I wasn't fully accepted into my school and Brookline. I mean I was, but I wasn't fully as always the guy from Charlestown then in Charlestown I was the guy, was gettin out and go into the school in Brooklyn there, but I play literally. and the team I played for they were the Teamsters, because the local Dorothy. I drove you their members, but their union is right there at the bottom, the street and Charlestown right across from the fire, I remember one of my first days out they're playing this kid came up to me by the
A super accepted had a great baseball experience there, but one of the findings of the guy and my team runs up to me stops play second base lift up. His leg is pant leg and showed me the knife in his sack and I'm tenor, years old he's, like your fuckin liberal, what is going on with my old man going away the liberal mighty, but it goes back to the matter, because, essentially I was the liberals who were in forcing this bussing issue on Charlestown and all the Charlestown people knew were. This is a working class. Irish community, that loves and care for each other, and we want to send our kids to our schools where they can walk to school and now I've been told me one sign ass. They get on a bus ngo, eight miles away to another, Tori doesn't know anybody can get beat up, and my other son is going to go to another school home of the side of the city and our driveway and have the same thing happen, and
definitely racism involved, as there was all over those no really gwig? This is interesting because, when I think of buzzing, I think of the opportunity for inner city, kids, they get on buses and go to a school that may be better performing, but you're saying in this case they were also saying you had to leave. If you didn't want to your school district and go elsewhere yourself, bussing in Bonn, Then they moved every kid. Basically, it was like you put your number into a tumbling. Machine, ah my heart out and you go school and the city was forced integration. In many ways. It was totally and utterly necessary under a lot of good. In many ways, it was completely miss hand old and did a lot of an engendered, a terrible amount of resentment and violence, but one thing to look at is where you start to understand. There is a very conservative, then, in Massachusetts there were alive people voted for Donald Trump in Massachusetts. Now for scar, Brown, first Senate
resentment? Some of that political sentiment was has been there since the seventies just had so allied themselves of certain parties in those parties took them for granted and in realised that there was this under current there. But the Lib came from the fact that there was the fuckin liberals, that worse from this down our throats na? Oh wow, fascinating history big time he added I'll call common ground by J Anthony Lucas that I think it won. The Pulitzer eighteen, eighty, nine. Ninety ninety nine, you wanted the ear of your Cadillac the year. My Cadillac did you hear that, Boston is a microcosm for other urban areas and in America in the seventies, the turbulent decade it one of the best books while never read of red, two or three times its meaning for weighty, but I think it's. Why gives one
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up on working class. Community is it's all about authenticity, they just can't be anything then, that what they don't like and what people smell right away is bullshit. I grew up in Boston, but we had a little summer house in abstained in New York in it and tackle, here too, the Springs New York there there a waterfall there there's a racetrack finnish region, and as the oldest race track in the country really fun actually great, your family would love it. Definitely you actually start to get dressed up. It's all school, oh, oh, oh! This is where Rockefeller and everyone vacation, my right they would have is there because they have horses and guard the track. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, there's a scene in oceans, eleven that takes place there. Oh I'll faction, Are you were no Rockefellers? We did. I have an expensive house is little very, very, very modest spot because my mother this Skidmore College, which is their my grandmother lived out there because of it. There's a local,
bakery called fry as the MID cookies and bread things like that and they pay for anybody under the age of like twelve and any senior citizens. They paid their admit. Jim to sit on the lawn at the performing arts Centre in Saratoga, which is home to the New York City ballet. and the Philadelphia Philharmonic side certain, along with my grandmother, I fell in love with ballet. I went back to bed sounds like you know, I want to do ballet and I want to do real ballet. I don't want it to be like gymnastics, my parents got me into Boston Valet Company, which turned out to be like the professional track for the company, so I dare say every performance they did for about five years and changed my life. Oh my god. How ok so really quick story so my mom could tell right out of the gate that I was going to be enormous. really tall for my abused, the Mps Mouth and so,
someone told her, like I think a doctor said you know, he's gonna, be so big a great way to get him in very good control. This body would be to get him in the ballet so my mom enrolled me a ballet when I was like six or seven, and I did it night. I liked it and then She invited my dad to the first recital so might what's a recital and then it was over. He turned to my mother is like that was his last recital outward. I want this up Well, I mean I hate this story. I am do you o my son to do battle? You at least have the movie Billy whatever to show yourself earlier Billy earlier but I don't need them broader need them. hell. Why morning, through a bit of a gauntlet like I did my dad supported me for sure, I'm so to my mother and Charlestown, it like funny enough the fancy, kids,
no less so in my class for sure about, but the class above did not. I don't know I really do think it makes you stronger. I'm not taught like I'm up proponent of bullying than by any means, but you gotta stand up. what you're doing away you believe in and if you can do that at a young age again it goes back to the sense of authenticity. The only thing have different from one another's. Our creative sources are, God, instinct is who we are ass. Individuals is the only thing so home that and b that its it makes you attractive in a room and are trying to get a job. I agree and ultimately everybody has a story to tell everybody's a lot more interesting than they might think they are. Everybody has something to offer and the more authentic you are. The more were attracted to that because it did there's no fear there, but it is appealing right like what you
when you're you're hungry you wanna be somewhere. You have a fantasy, and then you hear these things. It's like all you gotta do this in its it's quite tempting. It's like the low hanging fruit for sure. People will just constantly tell you what the path prescribe path looks like a yet the things that we all want to see. The interviews you all. I watched the actors who are going to bring flights to theatres. are the people. You do things you don't expect. You know to push back against what the orthodoxy is and meaning younger people, like I dont, know enough about allow these people may be to be talking about them, but I've some of these interviews. Miley Cyrus, I know she's gone all over the complex, but like she's, very up, and they do she is. It seems in these interviews them. I want to watch the interview. Oh I love her. I love her. Absolutely I think she's. I guess this is me, but even like jig Paul, I dont know, this guy. He seems like com, a jerk from all the Youtube stuff like deduce clue
really is getting it like he's busting his ass with this boxing any knows the marketing and he's pudding out there. I don't know this guy from Adam. You have never met anyone, you know them you I commend the fact that he is a sub standard. Boxer, who's gonna get paid millions to box, that's very brilliant, but he knows any working is ass off to her oh drew. Turkey really is working hard. I'm here, I'm throwing. Do. I really don't know all these people, but I'm looking for these examples of like people who are truly authentic and what they're doing and sometimes you're going to face these periods where it doesn't feel like it's working. But that's just like this short term period If you stick with it, man it'll end up working on lots of different ways and like a lot of friends of mine, gone through sobriety issues. They found the power Olaf Intercity from their job- and I have seen so much of their personal and professional lives change because of that yeah.
I need a fan out for a bit. So did you get enough answers about ballet? I can he's your. I love the ballet did so Imbros yeah is would soon you were in a professional, ballet company. Yeah I was with the Boston ballet. Tell your old man manner that look you're old Mammy leg in their six, Thus, in the company as boys, for whom probably gay sure not out and four hundred and fifty. beautiful young women, unlike what where do you want me to go to a football locker room brow? What are you talking about you, whether you live in it? I've said the same thing about all of Christians, classmates in musical theatre, unlike what I miss the end, cheerleading cheerleading, yes, Monica estate champion cheerleader, twice two times decorated, but coeds squad, and yet people would like kind of make. Phenomena like did-
among the worrying facts in girls were dry. Your on the road. With these ladys like out it turn a man. Some people are sneaking drinks. This is the dream. Ok Do you wanna, like any specific like kitty? Do, is removed? That's really hard. I dont know enough about what's the hardest move you can do. I know you The real whiling, I'm very adamant I saw your valet installs, sends a discipline. You really got a slowdown, you gotta, listen and take direction. You have to show up on time the ballet whirl I don't know how much is really change, but the sense of self discipline and then just the strictness of it is fabulous for a young man. Well, You had already been kind of pre condition, as a Catholic, maybe my god, what an award for me, my father recovering Catholic, ok, but you
like relatives that were like famous Catholics, you're gonna, be I sit around dollar some share, some grandparent, oh yeah. I would ask it yeah yeah my great grandfather there was. The ambassador to Spain is like the first academic to be an ambassador for the. U S: government in some, your family members brought religion to Yale as discipline, some exploration of of religion, no yeah, I've never fact value these sorts of things. My an uncle started a world religion, then ecology, carve conference at Harvard many many years ago and de I became really their life work, ecology and world religions and uncle is an american indigenous scholar and my aunt pretty pro and understanding of east asian studies, an hundred any good Thus, as immigration is pretty profound, as well as his miracles,
but they were trial. Look at how these different faiths viewed, ecology, cause them all their tax and all their traditions. I'm speak to that, and yet we don't really talk about it. Whether it's in the temples are the churches or the ceremonies, but also Is it not a meaningful way and not a not bring out to the forefront of the connection between the two, so they really brought that conversation to two years within this school forestry and have their own school there on world religions and ecology around here. That's amazing! It will you. We gotta take care the world dude. I know, and if you have if, in your life, your faith is gonna, tell you. they how they believe we should look after the planet, so you can't just take some of them. Do not take the other. You know you're a cop Johnny believe that Jesus died and then came back as part of the thing it's the buying it's by
and an you gotta by into how to treat the planet. That is true. I haven't even considered that, but if you believe, there's a god- and God created this beautiful place for all of us and a real, fuck, you too, God destroyer, but do they think it can't be destroyed? Cause got good counter. well, the moon, my uncle definitely dough, and they would suggested the text as to say that in any way shape or form. My pushed back with them, is you gotta hit people. their wallet and Well, I've gotta be insane advised. I agree you gotta, make it easy, you gonna make it easy for be totally ok. I got a fan out for you. I ve been talking for an hour. I need a fan out for a minute. I met you on the sidewalk. In New York, I, like you, you're so goddamn personable. I then bumped India, several times so fucking likeable. Then you join parenthood. Sadly, we never had anything together, you around other times, Amira bumblebees sometimes come in and now the trailer not
for my liking, and then I discover kingdom this year late to the party and right when parenthood wrap your going to start. That Annie starting with another member of the parenthood cast, not luria. So you boys were going to do this, and then I watch this show this year and you are our re, joyously fog in good faith, crazy. How good you are that shall I was like simultaneously just enjoying this performance and then elated for you as a person who has pursued this in done it on the level. You did your game Annabelle on their job you're, acting out the charts you're, so patient you're. So company. You know it's gonna come to you, your relaxed as a mother, fucker you're doing things are happening that you didn't know we're gonna happen. It's all obvious on acting front. then the body it is man
your by man a and that show is absolutely infuriating. How did you transform yourself. There's this IRA glass quotation worry he's, I'm a writing or storytelling, but its applicable to any of the things like we're doing or talking about which is he's like you know you got into whatever the discipline is because you are a certain level of expectation of quality, of the work and you're getting so frustrated because the work, your producing, isn't meeting those original the goals that the God she and the expectations that sent you on this path, and sometimes it's a combination of your own skill set and sometimes in the material. Sometimes it's both his suggestion. Is you just keep on doing it?
at a certain point, we got you into your expectations, the quality of the work and where you are, as a creative person, will end up meeting each other. The most people quit awe and I've been working as a factor for eleven. It is also eleven years old and I actually was just talking about parenthood, because I got this coffin, Jason cannons and he called me when I was in this period, where I was testing for tv shows like once a week and getting them. I think I tested for thirty odd TV shows a while. I dont really necessary to go into the depths of the challenge self doubt it seems our lives, are how you look one day. Then it's how you act one day than say: forget: cancer, nuclear unemployed cargoes ties. That's like my political philosophy, which is nobody wants, to be given anything they want expectations put on them. They want a job.
want. Their skill set their self value to be determined by like what they do and while they contribute. I need you to show up tomorrow morning, at eight a dot m and be here and do this work. It creates self value and when you can't work and when you're employed separate things, you don't feel good about yourself. Yeah, it's brutal, it's brutal and lots of different things. You're one can establish to minimize handrails ten steps to get it out of that to deal with it. But when Asian called about their show. I was in such a profoundly hard place. I got certain Dylan Mass in the producers greatest fuckin guy ever what a produce yeah yeah yeah, he walks out to me an imperfect, lay up for their city up like what comes up and he's I hate just while Shinola really be fanciers can't we are all so exciting, you're doing this and I We hear on the shall we give the responsibility the character to the actors and we,
You have a lot of fun. We should three cameras and their dialogues, a guide for you. Try new things, take risks as an islander rooms like ours. Like on the inside I'm fucking crying because I haven't gotten a job for a long time, naturally hurting in my representation I thought I was gonna be there for me, my agents weren't there for me and the friends you thought your friends are not really a friend. You know success. Our friends know us in adversity. We know our friends in people. Don't call you back in so I was so great, because I really gave me a really liberated me that show that shows a real common. builder net. Again, like I just said about kingdom learning, to relax and let things happen I feel like that show was like the greatest place to learn that our practice, that, for me, we'll see
well previous to that, I'm like ok, I got these lines. I need to get the barely understand why they would you have me say this in the unknown and try to convince the other person. Seen that this is a good thing is that we have here are set to happen. Yeah yeah! You can't do that life isn't like that man near my friend got this pilot recently this he sent the tape and the cash and retrofit we're not going to pass them on to producers, and he calls up please. This case is just passing along. They can pass by give it to them to say now any said to their credit they did and when they call him said the producers. can I come in, they think you're gonna die. He said, that's right, that's right That's right. He has worked for years, have been employed for years and has a greater as it I've been there because you're not saying oh. Thank you. Thank you or thank God. You say that
right. Man, I've been doing the work on ready the expectations of my work when I got into this big I am ready to go. My skills are ready to man. Than to meet that. That's right. They want. On the best person for their own use were often a tangent. How did you fucking get in shape like that? four kingdom when this airs. I'm gonna definitely posed a picture of you from kingdom on the release, because I made Monica look right before we doctor, you he's gonna, make it reviewing and do a calendar of you, the ivy I think almost everybody you can get into commensurate shave for their body type if they are a self disciplined, as we were and a friend of mine. She, Russia Dietician fishes in Israel, Macao, Shiro, Barlow Short a book and when she set out oh that's conflict kingdom she said you know, I never have problems with brides to be followed
yeah, the fuck. They can see a goal. They see themselves at a certain point in time. actors can do that really well too, because they're like I'll, be in that scene, and I know I need to get to do these things to get there. There are systems you can put into place like mental conditioning thing used to help make those sorts of goals happen and the goal is in the body. The goal is tomorrow, I'm going to work on this part of this monster group at this time with these numbers, are moving ahead. That's the goal, and so their simple things like you, gotta know where you're weaknesses. So if you're not gonna the coffee to go to the gym, then you need to have the car. You know where you're gonna go buy. It need to walk through at mentally, They say tomorrow morning at this time it is to get up, I'm not gonna fuck. I want to
are you the music, prepare the music cynical in the car that one song that gets me going and the cat gaming to fill the gas tank tonight like if I stopped at the gas station I'll get distracted if things go your way than small things, get Norway. Ah, what did you way during You must have been lie a hundred and Seventys something for one, the show. A hundred and thirty seven or something for another publisher, one thirty, a window. Once here, well arranged on area. Oh my gosh, but here you can't think that actually I can say being of autumn again. I can't think being I'm fighter rights yo. You so look the par induce. Your attitude was so fuckin refreshing, like the thing that would draw me nuts is. If you went in there and tried to play tough, although them in such a disaster, you pull. I'd like a smart ass. We
I knew many tough guys in my town that had the exact attitude that you had in that show it was just so authentic cuz when you're tough, you can be a fucking smart ass because, what's going to Either the fight world its be humble or get humble anymore, you do it the more you realize that Monica might be won t like being higher belt in than I am enjoy jitsu, not my! Certainly, let me again at times they champion elite muscle mail from the twenty three and meet us at this scale, globally, Here's learns are not like make assumptions, and you learn that some days like some days just on your knees and All those lessons that I learned on that showed through Mme, which are still, which is still an important part of my life, your play, the two, your daily experience and don't know you don't know, and anybody be better on certain given day and the only thing that I can really
trot. A separate EU is the hard work that you put in the conditioning put him before you you get in there now we're both friends with seegars right cabins years. One of my favorite people he also gone through a similar experience where his back got up against the wall he was carve out on. One speak for him, but the employment was not come in the way that he had hoped the jobs that he had wandered well deserved here, and he just kept getting deeper and deeper into being a better actor, and we did one tape. Man where I started crying. I was reading on this other side of the camera and I was like yeah. This is really good. Work like this is shockingly go to work. That's a cool thing for two dudes to be sharing. I just want to say but anyway, he was telling me that you're still like your diet, is like you drink half, gown, coffee and oil, and the more than two years you kept on it yeah I like systems, at all banned in immediately. If I can find a better one,
discipline I like being in touch with my body Are you up to be married to you because your wife's, like you're so fuckin busy with all your do this at this time, and this at this time there is no flexibility, is an annoying for her very actually inflexible. I do this. Like someone bullet sort of drink in the morning and that's about it and then I just don't eat all out later and adaptability whatever we want. Ok, so ass. He does and find your by the way, I'm a control freak, and I am also a creature of habit- anything fucking cumbersome to me around me. Sometimes yeah, but you and I we have done a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. But I think that you- and I can agree on this- is that we married the right people yeah it's for having the kids has been made using man. That's all there is an actor and as a human being, obviously, but the outer. The clarity is just overwhelming.
Yeah they ve killed a lot of my existential crises for sure they ve been the most profound good thing. That's happened to me as well. Debris, you are on a show. Currently you that's, why up there right now. So I got this script and others like I work with a mental conditioning coach like a sports coach. He does you athletes, but I'm also read: like TIM Grover has a book called Brill? unless I think, he's came out the new on the internet, tell us another mental condition book I'm interested in performing. on demand an hour this is what was analytics of success. I e first, sports, like the ball, goes in the basket or a dozen. So I can glean from sports or combat what is working for those athlete your soldiers, like I'm gonna, be able to apply that to my life and very often the gym. By the way we are looking to live with theirs very simple mental things. You can do that Jack,
can we change the way you can left always pump together. When you get home in my basement, I've been waiting here. You tell me that for decades listening to me, so there is work they'll bed. They were by I had a goal. I really wanted to set a toll on a sat and be responsible for a production. A crew, and I thank think it was be on a network. Primetime cipher show but, as I looked at it I was like well. Why not like I, like the script? A lot I like to show runner up ton. I love network tv like it gets an audit. It reaches a naughty They know how to do it. Man, I was gonna bring that up like you're doing the best work of your entire life on kingdom, and then ninety people are seen it on Directv. That's you gotta, be heartbreaking. A little bit I mean what you were gone through to do that show and injustice where that deadline.
Point like I was where I am now: it's like you just gotta key move forward. You know so yeah and people have found it. It's that girl that it's broken out of there. I found it and that's to me like the most important fart because, like I hope I die on set, I'm not like. I get my saga you're a pension plan every year, they tell me how much money I'll get when I'm like sixty five a month ago. My that's all Many is awesome like it does. Make me feel some like. I'm not gonna be homeless, but I am also thinking. I am never gonna be collecting this. come on I'm beyond surf harassment. I love the process more now than ever lived oh, my god, I'm so impressed. Do you know like we see shampoo nine others button topic as well. There should be a sham who norka should be in captivity, but one thing I did learn on one of my trips to see each of them. If they want to years ago was that you never see same sham routine, more than once or twice because Shamrock it's fucking bored so like they can teach dolphins, the routine and others. Do it for years
GMO Norka. It need some new everyday foods, not enough for it, and I just a little bit like an org. I need to do something different, I'm impressed with what you're I feel like I get a lot of. often during the day. then my blue is one I'm shooting I believe, as the action to cut a guy. That's where yeah. Do you like? I love like the routine of like walking. side and there's the teamster, and I pick up my newspaper and dying a little thing. The trailer routine here make I've been radio beds and read the business action and am all works. Fine. Cool. It's like what I thought or when I didn't think like and have you no. I asked Prof guy from five special things and there they all are cool. Try this and I love it: I love it.
I don't think of us as good as you. I would probably still think of it that way like about that. There be in Jordan, yeah, probably more fun, but I'm out there like is given on what they need you now I live really. Do I really don't have the Euro as other people, think that you will think that too? So I think what I learned quickly very quickly and processes. They kill this project to give you everything you want it and the people are great So what is debris about? It's really fun TK there has been a really fun shoe. I think a lot. When avenging it and when you, so the final arbiter. I think you, William Blake, wait, wait a SEC All I had to go back and whole season again because the first It is really an origin story. It's about space. free from our alien racing erected piece of old spaceship that is somehow
broken up and his coming towards earth and parts of that spaceship started following into the western hemisphere There is a joint operation between the. U S and the UK called orbital, and this team thus the gates where that space wreckage has land. and the people were encountered it and what happens, those folks and five year old, NBC family man, I'm going stream and on Hulu or Peacock Zurich answer I'm gonna stream, it I'm pink. Set Hulu cuz they're not a sponsor, but I need Monica to see what mine is a big parenthood fan. So she's seeing you act, but that's you didn't have enough, like you did a great on that, we need to see some like you need. The always be replaying someone's, oh I'm, a little terrified, they're gonna fuck him die. or kill someone women, the next- that all was really interesting because it was such a kind character, but
there was some I'm you now I guess it's I don't have to worry about spoiling zone. I would not like treacherous stop her the naming lecherous lecturers staff other crushers on shown. Sarah Watson, writers producers, should take gander at the at the crafty table and she's like she said something that I said something and she's like. Oh well, Bob littles been very divisive he's a bit of a scumbag Gallagher, you shouldn't be taking advantage of Amber, Taking advantage of error airline nearly twenty some odd years, all linked, we always charter. I said, You see it differently, because you were playing him. That's a good act. Your doubts right now I would try to
men's them to make me not grass I've read: go to Billy weighed the driest today, someone older it was such a good storyline. Now that showed off people were on it. I mean my god. I had worked there laboratory up the big boom operator. Dangles I became all the time RON, big rock background they run. So I did a movie with big run in Chicago in two thousand. Always remember. joy- and I were obsessed with his outside the show life- he would go on vacation down to Mexico and he's a beautiful piano player and he wears a speedo and he's a fucking beast and I'm like imagine walking on the sand pianos on the sea and where he stayed and see him big round tickled the ivory in a speedo who's not knocked out cold by that he's such a great character, and I have no comment on that image. It's just it's exactly is exotic, as you say,
love wrong. Oh my god why the big dangles daring like sees like six six african american dream. rob. Lounges must solve the atmosphere and he used to have- is monitor. I got a M harmonica devote like a holding device. We could watch the monitor in front and hold the boom, but he would he told me they talk. The talk of the same check every week every week to be dollar for six years from the shore. Because the hours you're like it I like it- I am out of three when I gave you guys have for the time I'll, never get as good as Y ever wanted accents of my way. Wait too long, stay too diffuse there. We are supported by big member, Bobo, committed in growing building underlying linden do recognise the two mandates.
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a dot com kodaks I think a lot of good things are happening in your life. You get a grey. Why see. I felt very lucky: Ailer Podcast YAP, Monica yeah, Monica I got you indian. What's your yeah, yes York and my wife is MIKE I'm jewish in Irish Catholic. My wife, her mother is for is punjabi but in Hindu and her father is good rocky Muslim. I've got my kids have got off or religions pulsating through their bodies. Now, that's all we just wrote a letter to a friend of ours to help us apply or two pre school and one of the biggest ports about that we talk to? I was wanting to have our children be proud of their culture. and to be in an environment where they were inspired to talk about their culture and to be curious.
Cited to learn about other people's culture, and I want them to be proud of being, In the end, I want them to not be made fun, for my wife was a kind of made fun of like a little machine, did a lot of her education, the UK and are my kids only half They only have half of the right to claim some of the victim com, frustration that we're having yet marginalize par Are they half marginal? I daresay you mean, do my kids have the same right to kind of speak up against marginalization and they do it's when you start getting into this, like I more of a victim than this person or I've, looked like that's a problem and thus also just not helping anything. Or any words, really, the very truth. Your children are India in a vague get to speak. On that experience, and also, I wonder
like. When did you guys get married, or when did you meet her? We got me in twenty twelve- and we dating for like two years before that. So have I, if your ideas changed since me- in her like about race or in general, because taxes have sits meeting me. I think I've changed. you major things after becoming really good friends of Monica really yeah. I used again argument that comedic Lee you can't section out. Allowed to make make of who that just comedic we humans get to make fun of humans, and if I can do an irish accent, I'm and I'm gonna do that, and if I can do a german acts and I'm gonna do that, and I give you an Indian accidently under that that used to be my position. I have in the light and that I do not hold that position any more for the real. nation that when I do the german accent there isn't a german kid in a suburban Georgia being pointed out in made fun of and alienated yeah there's, not enough representation
of these, the the card was, I offer you, I probably could regularly could When you know better. You knew better, that's right, so now you have done that have also got to see really first hand. You probably have been to be married to an indian gal. Is that how often people of color are put in? This How can annoying situation where someone else says some stupid than they realise that they said some stupid? Then they apologized, then they feel really bad than the person of color has to start fucking comforting this person and telling it's, not a big deal and making you know trying to sacrifice their feelings that poor I've seen Belgium and I would blow my head off if I had to do that, the country have done a lot better in the past decade about these sorts of conversations, I think we, I hope we ve while the lot more. I also know that really good people can make certain what we now know what those mistakes- oh yeah and should now beheld like
somebody. I ve been working with then using Jus now guy as like a common thing- and Can you give me an example? Well, hate mom, like you we sell the chairs you, what kind of a Jew are you ok, Ok, that's very specifically playing eyes stereotyped the jewish people are cheap, yeah, I'm like you! That is I Ikea and the person knows. I'm jewish like how kill. Leave you couldn't say s yeah, but there are anti some. They just don't know any better, and can I say that I would never conversation about it, help somebody get into it, but I just we ve gotten very can't solely culture about the data off. I really You are on the same page with that. I agree that some people have never grown up around anybody else now. I know- and I know very better yes, it's about how you respond to it, but also just one point. One other thing and this is where I've been delusional too, is sure you, Jonathan Tucker.
here, the guy say Jew and you have some response to that you don't like it, but whatever you're also not a disempowered, person hearing that moment. So if you hear that The guy's, a cop in your fuckin, has see there's all these dynamic. So I have often been wrong because I forget that yeah, I'm fuckin six too, and if the shit it's a phantom rate, a girl like, of course, I'm not is threatened by this thing. That should be offended me, so that's also relevant. So tell you I can give you my wife's storm in Boston it when she met friends of arson Charlestown some town is they said so why? What's your last name Yes, it's all mad. all right. So what are the homage do? Well, my other is he's a writer and my mother's, a journalist using non alike, the Patel Cartel runs the corner stores. The things run, the taxicabs we're on the arm. Ass, though
no racism by the way, your game, like total, You crazy to be saying out allowed in a community that definitely does not have a history of history with people of color, but their basically asking What's your hustle? right leg. Was a family hustle exactly right, You think it's all a little bit more complicated, my big, fear in the world is like being misinterpreted as my bag. Lastly, my achilles zealously, I'd if I say something in an offended you I didn't mean to offend you like hails me, but there it gets pointed out and you go on my god. Okay, I didn't even realize that and then everyone's good, I don't think anyone's asking for something beyond well. Some people are some people want to destroy other humans. That's for sure, but I want to be sensitive. If you said I don't see color, I don't see skin. That's all the sudden. like a racist shown to say, because that's what we're trying to teach everybody three years ago now and
and I dont know many of the right answers. I just know that we have gone wrong far in one direction. Oh by the way. The people were the microphone right now, it's critical that they do yeah yeah, absolutely one last thing The idea that, like three years ago, we said don't see collar, and now it's like you can't be colorblind, it's so true there. So many ups and downs of pendulum swings back for it is like. Where are we? What do we do, but I will I would say to that: yeah frustrating but like maybe just under and then you gotta, be a little bit flexible, because these minority groups have always had to be flexible. Always always only from the Gatt go. So we now does just ride the wave of a bat, my point is like, if you're not going to do an indian accent Dax now yeah good day when there's an indian person in the room. Don't do wonders in anybody out following I were on saying a year ago what your moral certitude is. Stick to.
Regardless of whose around yes, in fact The only way I could possibly do it would be in front of Monaco. Actually I would the war. I ran idea era, egoism, Eureka it will be, ours is the ones like I'm re telling the story, and this is how it that really worth it in whatever dilemma. These are conversations are really important to be having agree, I agree, Jonathan Ear, so radical, I'm so glad you're in this battle, Agnes. Really when you get back, let's make a real effort to palm philosophy. I gotta say that, like it's such a thrill to beyond here with you and when I don't know, if you know, is just how much like your personal journey has been spying to so many people a lot of times, you know what I'm wearing these positions, where our journeys are a little bit more public and you ve been so honest about it. You
never gonna know the impact and influence you have on people. I mean you see their bid on an Instagram ideas were people. What idea now chow. Have they been and what you ve done for them positively, but the extent of what you're doing having is transparent com, stations and sharing your story you're, just never gonna, never gonna fully appreciate what good it is doing in the world and from somebody who's heard it alive from a lot of different people about you. I just wanted to share my gratitude. Thank you. Talker we love each other. I think we both have major crushes on each other. Is that fair to say Monica? I think it's fair to say guys, I d rather vague you Brandon. I favour a part of the show. The black jack with my soul, maiden mama got bad men Johnny out to Sea Tucker at the seed movie called John.
Then Tucker must die yeah. Yes, every time I think I'm saying is name rank as I keep thinking I'm getting confused with the movie, but I'm not his name's Jonathan Tucker, but I don't want him to thy. Also I'm having a lot of confusion around that topic. Jonathan talker must die because I want to say is based on a book written by a guy who might maybe turned out to be kind of crappy. John tanker must die Oh John Talker Master, yet you're thinking to John took her mother fucker, which is also a great movie. Now I'm thinking of Jonathan Tucker must die, but it's called John. On Tucker must die without still shore for Jonathan saw is still still confusing. Are you thinking, as I hope they serve
beer in Hell, yes, who's. That is a John Tucker that is Tucker Maxineff pal. Ok, that was my confusion or it's just forget all about about Jonathan Tucker and other MAX and pucker pucker up. Well, that was confusing and we solved nothing. I have a thought today. Oh I loaned you have thought I had a breakthrough revelation. Oh my god, a pity. I would call it an impatient. He would have I think most marks are left handed marks. I really do well and I'm upset by it, but I think it's true because you know I am. I haven't mug obsession I love your mug obsession. You just got a beautiful one from certain hotel and allowed to say, suppression,
then, what I told you you taught me ass. I did after I already by them. as to where we shall return it. I can't drink, When I love it all good, I guess there's a hotel him ass, Andrews that wanted to earning lobby still owns it. That's a good question. I can tell the history of a thorough. Please look up. If you sounds it can, then I can go their guilt free here. It lit the pointers as there was a moment where the dont member nigh gap. In addition, the opening, the door she sure in London he bought the Beverly Hills Hotel a landmark. What was celebrated hotel in town, very iconic incredibly airing I've on proprietary. Yes, in them, It wasn't a problem in knob itself, but at some point I want to say maybe in two thousand ten or something he decreed, Sharia law in Brunei. and then it became a very protested hotel yeah understand
we don't know if it's own still by the sole teeming Duval says it is ok as the Dorchester collection on that, which is his company Dell, oh and by the Brunei investment agency. Ok, so they have begun reassuring law because maybe they got rid of Sharia law in that clears up. The whole thing is Brunei still under Sharia law. That would be my search in May two thousand nineteen. It says Bernay backs away from death penalty, o Bernard. Ok or an eye is no longer under Sharia law. Worthy backed away from the death penalty was bad there. The Sultan Bernay Homeboy, ok, listen Will you had this winter Beverly Hills Hotel? I do not know. This is a highly protested hotel. I bought a mug there because it was so cute, pink beautiful. It says the Beverly Hills on it and white letters.
carved carved in diagonal incurs that's right, looks very much like Beverly Hills cops foreign debt, which we started. Thinking too. They use the phone from earlier so tax than we thought we have to protest. That movie right I've, never seen it so the ogre. Okay already does us. So I have about mug and I've been realising that anywhere I got look when we went to the foresee seasons and why, about a month air to an I got that Starbucks my I just love you love mug. Some they make me feel safe here, I'm realizing that so many of them, if they only riding on one side, it is left handed mug and I dont loyal, even though this is where you and I we need to talk about the survey. So is it your opinion that the writing on the mug should be facing the drinker out to the world? We discuss and weakened revisit near to the world right
to the whirl irey. Ok, then, unless you live with by yourself and you don't by myself and other neurons agonies mugs out to the world either that we wanted to Faced me then, now at one read the Beverly Hills every time. Don't you want to, Read that Beverly Hills thing? Why waving kit? What who cares what it says that, if you're not gonna, look at any rate it when you take out of the cabin annual its cue begin, this ok and then it's for the world to see that's really funny is, as you are talking about how much you love mugs immediately. My head was like I gotta by her. The most expensive markets in the world which is in n out I was imagining myself googling most expensive mud to get you one, and I was thinking our task to be the most expensive mug in the world. Unless there's like regime, more eggs. I dont angles
anyway, so this is heartbreaking, I I tried it. With the other hand, yeah like I was like: oh, is there a world in which that actually you're supposed to do that, like right handed, should have it in your left hand, because you're right, and can be free till I ride sword. Raw or the open, a door in gradually so Ok, maybe they ve thought this through. So I held it in my left hand and I was driving. Oh, I'm scared for the didn't go well at all over your nice car. Now, ok, no matter how Ebay, Sir Green marches slime Allah Rear. Now your tan interior. Now and then I was like this. Is it easy? still so then I moved into my right hand were belongs and that's where the law is easy here, no more spills
the look at it wasn't facing the world, and I was sad I want to look at it. But we don't agree. I have different opinion with you. I right handed people, maybe so sweet using their left hand to drink a mug there writing, that's exactly what he just raw worrying. Our air accidents like a guy that any who are right, I was my revelation this morning, impressive, impressive revelation, thank you, It came to me while I was organizing lotta my revelations come on organizing yet those little menial tasks. Those repetitive menial tasks can be very fertile ground for creativity, mine was riding the writing, lawnmower requires just enough your attention. Somehow, what's your mind, wandering over a very special way, what work of attention doesn't require conceived in turn? start you have to stay on the line perfectly easily Unitas, randomly cunning minnow, a path,
timely, turns on you. Gotta. Keep that front. We on the previous we'll mark many little wine turned yes, there's stuff happening. Your listening up. You know what I'm going to drive over golf ball for someone sandals enough, or is this just enough stuff one arm. I think that's what people like have great ideas. You hear a lot of songwriter say their big great ideas. Either drive a card on the road in the shop. Or very commonplace, because again you're doing this repetitive, you don't really need to think about it, but you need to think about it. Enough share tat chair, you dont cause. You don't take showers, much people about that. I mean slob. Them Also important involve. I want something I went on. I know that's what's so, what have you have very impressive, although I was going to say violated out at all sound like harsher? Ok, so you take a shower like every couple days, right, yeah
men, you wash your hair like once, every two, No, no now everyone shower shower ones every three day: ok, how's, ok, oh my god. I can't believe I'm emitting vessel, but I'm telling you it's the impressive because you never smell an you work out. Thank you. So what I want to say was like I don't have to shark. Is I don't smell, I'm not a sweater I don't swear in and I don't smell hair is dry, it'll, never get oily. It would take me like ten days I watched my hair before the oily, so it's coming. The ceremonial, if I get in there and do it I dont really years gives you guys can I do, I think, stopped rise out your skin, and so I only wash my armpits in my dick balls and anus I don't wash my hands in my arms and legs just for the sake of this, I'm clean in all the areas that could be expelled. You're gonna have to do this or extreme sweat and
For me, that's only my armpits in my penis, my testicles, my parents. I am my anus in my book. Cracking ok so what's funny, is on the armpits. I saw TAT. I started there, No one remember that guy will hold I was just on the road and I bring with me my shampoo I like to use, and every time I had the same experience, so I shower twice on this tat, I was just got, which is kind of normal from normal. I want to just showered in the middle of it and K echoes. You only got a couple days, you're forties. it ended up showering twice in both times, like I thought why do? I think this is such a pain in the neck. Not, but in my head I short night Selina bad, I'm always about to do something like I finally get What's that show, it's always like it's always impede
Might I caught my time when I get a turn on my packs, my baby boy in watch some good program? Yes and I dont want to sacrifice that for some other think, but every time I do it, it's so much quicker I think it's gonna be in both times was gonna showers. Why don't? I just do this more walk. I also have eaten. a morning shower, that's how I always showered in the past, but what broke me of that is acting having pro my air and make up on now know if I'm feel mean I generally shower every night like on buses mass showered every night I had to get the the bike Harris Ranch. I couldn't sleep in hairspray, so this I just one prevalent. I say that like when I have here a product and ensure a shower, but if I'm just living, you know just take it easy Today's every three days was squirrels. Now it's not because
don't smell in its fine. You right, maybe it'll dry out your skin, maybe shouldn't, but I just mean do the am. I dont think you should shower, but the days you do shower, maybe you should shower in the morning. You don't feel like its impeding on anything, but the more is always rush to a is nice causing you get your day. You feel fresh I like it, I'm not against it. My thing is when I wake up and praying to wake up a half hour before I have to get involved the kid so that I can journal a thing number one then, by the timing of the fucking kids on the computer and all that crap. Now, I'm always like. Oh, I gotta researching this person a right now, it's all about it, whatever it doesnt one I just now on the days we don't record long since you only at the shower once or twice a week.
I'm not I'm not excited for the response to this. I would only have set it if it wasn't problem. It's not a problem. Ok, I promise. I will tell you if you like, yeah you use might be. We won't mind saying that to each other. Like your pit smell, I can failure pets or going to add something to this I do think is relevant because before I at this. I did shower way more because I'm pretty neurotic about my bottle, so I have a toilet that has a petition. So I spray my asshole with water every morning after a crap and it gets a thorough clean. If I do Have that I would have to show more there's. No way I can go without washing my bought with water fabrics, yeah, the toilet paper. Hello, Duello wipes builders to their wonderful up, hullabaloo of great great. Why it really
They are the best there than purely about and I do use and there, like forty percent cheaper than me competing brand. You know I do a lot about hullabaloo. Similar isn't an ad, but a kind of is goes on here, but it's not a hollow shell awaits you when you pull it out, it's not attached law that normally pull out a wiped in. There is like a hundred that come out new, like what the job in back in so annoying yeah beheld labelling would come out. Ma Am bone. Individual is we're white Boy, Pittsburgh yeah, I guess that would be another option I would employ. I didn't have water access to my bottom here, any hell. I just thought people my noble, you're a teen Alden. You shower! I shower every day. Unless I randomly skip a day, it's not like. I have a routine of every other day. It's there, I shall everyday, but sometimes I skip right. I definitely feel like
at least one day a week you scare bright, I would say most weeks I don't scare, ok, but somebody, but I only wash my hair once every three days or more are more lingering one say five days, probably Ogre Cosette is about stripping oils out yeah. I believe this year skins is saying personally, I do have dry dry sky. No, that's what I'm telling you. I was also you like dry skin on your legs valid, because you was sure why, of course, I don't fucking wash your legs, you wash your legs Oh, my god, you guys what what's getting on your legs. You were path, for your new shores, sometimes, but in general its Tiggle winner month, you were pants. Nothing getting on your skin that water and then, when you tell off, won't handle this amount. Like I wanted to smell
I don't know. Maybe we ought to be commensurate with its very open and so on bioethics and a decade and may smelling. I get the odds of compliments on my smell. Yeah hair will know it because I have a very gorgeous soap. Ok, but does one smelled your legs and said you smell gorgeous right. I just as experiment. What have you tried? Not washing your legs? It just gimme thirty days as all I'm asking Thirty forty a way way way way, thirty days of not watching your legs, that's all I'm asking now sea or the moisture level, is at the end of that thirty days. What are you pass? A resolution that has only just relax, I also to shave my legs you down, so that is a different- I'm not gonna shave and then not use soap
have to use a lathered to shave. So either you soap or a shaving cream put air conditioner. Will that's gonna cleaner? So so, commissioner, it's all right how moisturising, commissioner, if you put- you still other cleansing, it's so cleansing anyway, you won't do it do I care about cleaning. My legs in my arms any of it might be narrowed, and yet you deal with dry skin as a result of it, we don't know if it's as a result, there will never know, because you won't go thirty days without Europe. Now you're, like I'm doing something wrong. Somehow you all by cleaning my body of yours, I'm what I'm telling you that humans, as an animal species, were not designed to have soap applied to their epidermis once a day, and the result of that is dry chalky skin.
And they also probably had rashes and gross stuff everywhere one time when I was little or nothing. The trauma that caused this? Ok, not free I'm a cause, taking a shower with soap. Ok, that's normal we'll find. I want you to tell act like people are doing something wrong, just cause you shower once everything days I you're doing normal staff. I all all I'm saying is that people could try is an experiment, risk free money free to try, not soaping their bodies, for a month in evaluating if a smelt differently and be of their skin. was it much softer and less dry? That's not a crazy requests to. It is a crazy request, clasp and don't think people need to feel like they need to do that for you not for me it's for them. I'm not gonna deals with their dry sneer. That's like letter corridors.
I returned the tables of the sun anyway, I was younger and my mom is like what's on your neck and it was in my neck crease, which I still have, and I hate I had a back then to and should like its black, and she thought it was a bruise or something and turns out it was dirt Ok, so that were so we have to wash your neck with me. What are you can watch you? Wouldn't water in the dirt would have been gone now. He has I why I at least wash water, apparently not what you had a big clump of dirt in you, kid spray your neck with water and have a clump of birds. In other words, if you haven't Creese, if they get in their sorry nor ever crease
You might have mine removed when I was a child. I wish I could get my remove so bad. Anyway, so is covered endure, and now I'm very about my life, but also you have to take really good moisturising care of that area too. Just keeping your skin moist is really about. It is tat it s. Okay, Jonathan Treaty Treaty, Thomas
Jonathan Taylor Time, as was Jonathan Tucker Tommy Jonathan took autonomous side? What, if his millions, Thomas Jonathan, Thomas Tucker? Oh my God simulation. Okay, the horror movie that the increased and shot Romania was called pulse pulse and who produce that? Maybe he thought maybe was the wine scenes. The wines in company was a producer and on that with other ones, too, is the t c c. The orders country, Carbon America know the country Club TC located on Brookline. Massachusetts is one of the oldest country clubs in the United States. It holds an important place in golf history, as it is one of the five charter clubs that founded the United States Golf Association,
and as hosted numerous USDA tournaments, including the nineteen thirteen? U S open. Although the club has thirteen hundred members, it is known for its exclusivity. Ah I wanna go there. That's one place, that's limited a dish that I could care less about blood, good girl. I got a job on my shoulder. Of course. Can anyone is only good time, their Gub leisure, for I think I have a trauma about it, because maybe that's not a country. Club in Marine Adele RE, there's some sort of country club. My baby sat for these kids lived there one time I had to take them there and they had tennis lessons and then my car was toad Omar and I had to get to the top place. With no car seats. We had a walk there. It was an I'm stressful, the very
we're gonna stressed, would you prefer, like you, VE, had entry level jobs, trust in you, ve had like high level job stress, because I think color. People cannot tell themselves guide on Twitter we're all day long, but the amount of stress I'm under and maybe the right I don't know but well. What would you say that, like all the other babysitting jobs have its own level of stress, because your caring for somebody else's children, so it has to me a very high weight of stress more then something I'm doing on my own. Yet I think it's more. I don't think this is answering a properly, but I am deftly more stressed in jobs. Were I'm serving somebody else if it's me, I'm definitely stress because it up on me now, but I, Don't have an emotional layer of like that.
Fairly somebody, you would just be failing yourself yeah. Well, I do all day never tellers dirt minor failure. I once I told delta, of course, M Lincoln about my dirt neck, okay, and so I think I installed another big. I wash your neck alot, Oh yeah, I passed out on their now trauma listening to you because they are they don't wash, even on bad. They do, I think, Can you brought it up again to me? Will you two bade them every single night. Yet as part of the bed time routine yeah and at some point that TAT Emma now, there's quite often commerce is to increase, and I was like shit. What view bade the kids, oil rigs I'll just be gone. In my head like I've and sat down on a bath in retail and sugar, I thought you, I guess and spend it goes to show the power of habit yeah
When it was part of bedtime routine, it was unmixed, it was signalling. Eureka, yeah, when they are in the bath- I guarantee you the neck is addressed using. So, yes, ok is the oldest race track and Saratoga spur things you relate oldest claims are yeah. I'm not true. Aka came on three things happen. Saratoga raise course opened in eighteen, sixty three. It is often considered to be the oldest major sporting venue of any kind in the country, but it is actually the fourth oldest race track in the United States, all after third oldest pleasant town, fairground racetracks,
We can all this fair rounds. Racecourse and oldest Freehold raced way around, so he's getting really close to hear you should use even say top five. So easy to add. Just one of many are in the clear here and I thought maybe it was where they shot oceans, eleven, the scene and oceans eleven, that's a dog trap. Building yeah, I saw all is the dog track, but then later in the movie in there in the highest part at this point and he's walking in the hotel in some one recognizes. and I saw all saw by your name is something else, and these saw its barber, from Saratoga. Ah, Sir Gawaine, whenever it as the oldest dog racing track in the world series
I mean I don't know a dog raising his partner other than Florida. I've never been the one I have you happen. Is it fun is it is, I think, one ends up more dogs, love chasing. She had so that the race itself, I don't think, is abuse, but I do think there might be some questionable. this is to get the dogs ready to raise prices, rumour that they felt gunpowder. There was another Cuba gotta be urban Legend but anyways. They probably aren't you now treated real nice right now. I don't know man, I don't I don't either were not saying, is we don't know we don't have? A position does were ignorant on the whole sport. We are being called a sport piano I might be taking a position are our? I love you. I love you
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