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2019-09-09 | 🔗

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock From the Sun, 500 Days of Summer, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) is an American actor, filmmaker, singer, and entrepreneur. Joseph visits the attic to discuss the differences between enjoying science vs. art, his commitment to creativity and the future of privacy in social media. He talks about why he did a Pop Tart commercial as a kid and Dax admits to a social blunder upon first meeting Joseph. The two discuss career fear, Jospeh talks about his grandfather who was blacklisted from the industry and they dissect the perceived idea that Joseph is extra confident.

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Welcome all the while dogged you armchair experts. Dan. Rather I'm joined by much another famous, modern nobody. On the other, the singer, Monica no last name, I mean no there that's. What thinking of Macao there always think her name Monica in the nineties. In two thousand and she didn't have a last name. She showed her may regard, alas, because I think that we still remember Mary. She wasn't if someone says like, if you heard Monica New song, I just think someone's talking about their friend I mean specifically with think about the there talking my year like that, but he lets say you her Jenny's Neuf Song, you'd, many legal that someone's for a name, Jan ok, but not if someone says you have you heard beyond says new song you'd know great point. Counterpoint points set match, listen fable are major. Babe alert for I cast about how me about Joseph Gordon Love, it
J g g g out jail all day all night, these an actor is a filmmaker in an entrepreneur. Worry as a media company called hit record, which is a very neat platform for people to generate in a communal way. Are you ve seen him in inception fibre this summer, the dark night he directed Donjon one of my favorite movies. He was in brick and is a little we base. Using angels in the field. Of course, third rock from the sun and unfairness popped out its commercial. We will learn all about that. He has a new podcast called creative processing with Joseph Gordon love it. He was a baby on the inside now he rarely I always on air hope. You too will enjoy gmail, We are supported by square. You know square Monica. They make that little white, yes Square reader, that helps lots of business around your neighborhood take payments and we just had a little ice cream and two metal wowie
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a wad allowed a helpful features, see all the way square can take your business from square one to whatever's. Next, at square dot, com, slash, go slash stacks, that square dot com, slash, goes lashed, acts Now you do drink coffee right now, then I'll just now, and then well then it works when I needed to yeah, that's the strategy, how responsible of you? What are you starting your day with, I assume like me, you're awoken to screaming? yeah they enjoy chronically under slept, is really it's like in a very lucky comfortable life at the final frontier is not being tyre. Slept yeah need effect that out. I never had the wherewithal to take for granted that you,
Wake up when you are in the mood and that you would wake up quite fire. Now it's always I wake up cause. I have to intercept some fight. That's happened there room yeah, the pretty general, but they wake up early and I'm in Lima night. I will I like to be up late. If left to my own devices are pretty much stay up till the sun comes up, ah ha I've, a symbol. I guess akkadian Rhythm- is that what it is, but do it this mine is. I actually figured out I needed twenty six hour day, because what happens basically is like. Let's say I stayed up to midnight on Monday general. I want to stay up till wandered to the next night and then two to four, like I think my body If there are twenty six hours a golden give it, then you would need twenty eight hours and then a year later, you'd need
three things out here that our works, what did occur to me, I could move to a planet where the cycle was like thirty six hours. Yet you could also build yourself different watch and give yourself how many hours you Aren't they be shorter yeah. Why would have to have basically a bio dome at that point that further sunlike I would want to get seasonal affected by order of it, I'm saying could measure what we call twelve hours of sunlight. You could say this is thirty blowers, ok, but we would still be dealing with the same much Sunday. I sure that that numbers would be higher so would feel different. My early, my weight are we record yeah we're always Ebby are always to be recording. I hadn't heard, though I like to think remain in when they need it. I will give you the credit: will everything from Glengarry Glenn Wrong, abc- or I always be clearly seen, no matter what anyone says, I just will go straight like let's eat yes, baby you're always reading. For it's a good thing that Mehmet wrote the script were about to prefer
a monument in you imagine I guess what role or might can I have they Alec, Baldwin, Rodya and I'll, be I was gonna say between over there wouldn't be whose use older in I know, but you ve been compared to Jack lemons. It's weird man. You were just right into the jack loud setting out the JAG lemon Roquat any great, and similarly I never mind you're gonna be out. Stacy. I guess all hats yeah- that contacts now that size. I happy that airline and bring a new car Second, ok, great yeah, I mean a boy or lead to say their names, the our level of knowledge that they existed on planet earth when I go into thinking about Glengarry Glenn Ross in my mind, goes back in time to when I was just a fan of him as an area and its thing about. You know, of course, now and well in now, so we ve had this debate on here. Numerous times
Someone for better or worse than others makes me a moral or not, but I can click my brain right back into that era, like we watch the documentary where the lead was dead. What was that the lead with stiff show where we knew that the actor or the lead was actually dead, and you were thinking about it the whole time, but I wasn't. I was just like those guys alive when they ordain oh yeah. I guess we're watching some episode, no reservation. I don't know, I haven't lived more exciting totally had now, while we are watching some at the important shall yet I was thinking about that the whole time mostly and then he would have an idea was did since the fact that he is past. Ok, ok, in a sad fashion. Yes, do not only aware that he's no longer with us, but then also probably contemplating how much joy is he really experiencing on this, because I know he was depressed now like it for her, it may be tore away all the veneer of Rome. I'm all in I'm, like oh he's, having a blast. The dark days are far from now.
I can go there. I guess I can and too when I listen to music watch a movie or something I'd do ten to set ray? The actual person from the art like, for example, on my feet, red musicians is Harry, Nelson or another. One is Nina Simone and both of those musicians actually have documentaries. I believe both on ethics that tell you about The dark personal lives of ass human beings and I haven't watched them because I listened to their songs, there's a lot of meaning. I have a lot of my own associations with those songs and necessarily want to conflate that very dear precious thing to me. We are paying with whatever was gone over them. Like I kind of feeling it's none of my business, this kind of what was going on with Harry Nelson. Simone. They might have been in pain, they might mean- and I get the moral question like well what if they were doing bad things and now you being a fan, is sort of enabling those bad
things, and that is really complicated. It is gambling, but I think it's gonna move when the person's dead right. So I watched the Michael Jackson Documentary I love did I'm open about having been molested? I think those deeds bravery in the details they till I can't imagine mean that brave. I totally believe them when I hear off the wall. It still sounds great me if I'm in the car, I'm fuckin still dance into there's just a big hard wall for me between those two things, that's really interesting, but again, I'm not putting money in his pocket and helping perpetuate the machine. Maybe that exists to do all that stuff. Yeah went to your boy. I, like your examples, more knock. You us, because how far down the road do we go? Do we go up? Well, I know the prisons junkie and I know they're gonna kill themselves if I support them and I give them money so they can do drugs. You know what is the infraction by which we can. I tend to at least in my mind. Just yell, like you said, make a big separation between someone's work and their personal life, because if you
used to enjoy the benefits of the work of anybody. Whoever did a really bad thing word, as you may know, where our own a basically there's gonna, be one song year, radio activity that we all need, your home, all of our not just art, like probably a lot of science and advances in any other field. A lot of the work that has been done that allowed us to live comfortable, live or have a civilization or you know, speak languages are red book Serbia or in the precede electronic. Anything there's been really in just tragedies there. You know perpetuated by the people who made huge contributions. As I I just don't know. I mean I completely agree that people should be happening. Global for their actions, of course, yeah, especially by the law. Yes, even
also if they have victims that want to sue them civilly, bringing out the law. But I made a similar argument that you're making, which is, I think what we really done is just said that we prioritize science over our, because if we were to find out Isaac Newton had molested, a bunch of people were not thrown up, laws of gravity. We're not gonna. Do that or getting on a guy was a busybody gave us a brilliant, really worked it and use it does so by saying we're going through art out we're cottages. Saint ought not as important as newtonian physics. This is something I about a lot to resist when someone's a priest, eating a work of art. A lot of it has to do with just appreciating that person when you appreciate the work of art you feel connected to that person, and you like that person. Maybe you identify with that person or you aspire to be like that person yeah whatever it is you that human connection, whereas when I'm understanding the laws of physics, I don't feel a human connection to Isaac.
Right when his finger print is an on it as much as are yet. The work itself has value. Or utility or something new rind of that human connection, I feel a different people have different rules. Ships to art in that way like I know some people who is really all about that human connection, whatever music, they happen to be listened to its because their feeling, a real human connection with the human whose making that music have other friends who- and I think I'm probably more than this- although a fluctuate, but who, when they like a piece of music, remove your whatever you really don't have that much to do with. The right person has do with the song itself for the movie it so yeah yeah, my exit, would be like. I think we would max written some, the most beautiful love songs of all time. If you actually evaluate their love, life is very time. They're all can each other the ban blows up. They all have twenty six husbands and wives. Each unit
Will you be taking any love advice from them? I god they somehow found some truth rises despite their own failure. Yeah amans! Because are you? personal memories wet and you don't necessarily associate personal memories with sigh and soon, but I am in love. Carry while learning about theory of relativity egg tat was in the backdrop at all times we tried to Anders an as yet? No one has that big with music and staff, it very hard to separate and say like white as all remove that memory, because it's bad now like tat, you can't dissociate those things. You prefer gel right, Cosu, just be nice, and I want you surf is another good one. I guess that name is in virtually all languages is in and it's a pretty not the east asian but yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we'll get their work on it right. But do you recall any time we ve met desired? Call the one time
no it's ok. I don't mean to put you on the spot is more for me to own one of my more embarrassing moment. So, look I think, by your reaction. I know you don't remember christen. I went to a kings game, a hockey came in a new and chat or sitting directly behind them by enabling I met either of you, but as we introduce ourselves to you here, both had movies coming out in three weeks you had premium Russian. I had hidden run, which I have written indirectly took it, and I, of course, was just aware of that, because that's all I'm thinking about at that time, as a movie communist, can a tank Babo and then here I'm sitting right in front of you. My quote: competition that weak sit. All that's really, I think I just don't know what else to say to you and I kind of girl like oh yeah. Our movies are corner on the same week annual again and then I say, and I think about this probably wants a reform. This will. My has gathered, embarrassing girl will may the movie with I don't
Why is it that I didn't know what else to say about it? I've read that eight. That is a sensitive argument. Shit lightly. Benighted, though, is like from that moment on. I thought well, if he does remember meeting me. He certainly like ISA, the weirdest life with let the movie. I died. I don't remember that guy. I have thought of it. No by explaining what I think about a lot actually without reminds me of his how we do turn what we do into a competition. Yeah yeah yeah, there's gonna be a winner in a loser right, but should there be but again you and I may not personally air, but we are aware of the fact that if it does well we'll get to do more of what we like to do or say so, it's like intrinsically beg them. That is the other side of the coin and I think a lot about how it should matter what's box office or
boards or critic Cirque scores herb number of like serve followers. I raw data may our I like it should be about my creative processing of doing it and that's what makes me happy- and that is really true and I have found in my life that when I just focus on actually what I really love is making stuff, then that leads me to happiness. Whereas when I focus those other candidates, external validation, church drives crazy and makes me unhappy, but it's a hundred a century the but you just made, I have to acknowledge that when those metrics, when those external validated errors are positive. You do get more professional opportunities. Right, and so those professional opportunities then led to the opportunities
do that thing that I really like doing so. I can't ignore that those things matter. Nigeria wish that I could hear the mental trick I try to play with myself is like I'm in the shop and work business. I'm not the results business. I just don't have anything do the result. Is you know you ve written, directed a movie the process of making is like what you'll think of on your deathbed. It's like the most fun fulfilling engaging in then, ultimately, the whole thing's decided on a Friday, not even Friday night. You get that call. Like seven on their website. How's it may so here's the thing is anyone at all. Why can't there may americano US girls? They haven't even zero going to now there's an economic miracle. There never has been one day. This actually, and then you accidentally start evaluating valuing that two year process by that fucking phone call on a Friday, so unfair to the experience yeah it's true and funny. You say that it's what you remember on your death bed. I think about that. Alot too, that's part of how I often measure- or
make decisions like do you wanna, take this job spend my time doing this. I think about when I'm old and I'm like gonna die pretty soon. I'm gonna go back and look at a whole bunch of different things that I did throughout my life, and I remember them isn't. Gonna look spreadsheet, of your box off network. No, no, I'm not going to go back through. My twitter feed indeed migrate to easy that those or disposal- and so I think about that- I- what am I gonna remember what's gonna be meaningful to me, maybe that's wrong, headed because you're, putting too much emphasis on the future in it's important to be present, but sure you find that compelling like relating to the old man but that's always the push in poor right is we're part animal were moved by is animal, urges yeah like to do basic things like
we I know that you quit drinking drinking in Twitter is actually pretty similar they're, both addictive. You know like Rogliano Centre, is really like. They figured out how to make software into a drug in that's, oh yeah, and they ve studied there's science behind how they build these sort of addictive software products to take advantage of your brain can, three, and I mean there's the other sorts of science behind, look the one I heard that was most nefarious issues like over one of these guys. He defected from Google and went around ended a bunch interview, yeah right down, Hereford, not just on yeah yeah can you. On twitter when He reload, like you, pull down sort reload, yet that the reload is completely arbitrary. It could be always loaded. But it is determining at that moment. Do you need to wait point five seconds or one point two seconds to keep your interest and those little fuck we're defenceless? How on earth could you outsmart something that has figured out.
Whether I need to wait thirty seconds I want the other thing. The Tristan says is that exact technique is taken directly from slot machine yeah right eight to write gambling? Is everyone recognizes the gambling addiction? Yes, you can go to like gamble not sure you twelve that programmes, you think I'm not addicted to shockingly hey, some argue in a real chance of avoiding it again. I have learnt a glad of it again when I play poker for a couple years seriously regularly I'm serious you think they're, probably not too much time, they'll be twelve step programmes for what does it mean in South Korea, they treat kids videogame addiction answer. Yes, I feel, like that's gotta, get its overhear, eventually right those two sides of being a human there's. Those things that we have heard is to do and I don't think they necessarily have to be unhealthy, like I think there, is such a thing is twitter in moderation, and there is such a thing is drinking.
Moderation is different for everybody and everybody has to kind of know their own. Yes hold fur. Ok, this particular thing. I can do this much of it before it sucks me in I know this about myself with social media is like. I know that if I start reading of mentions on Twitter, It all suck me in, and I know I just need in pretty much not do that yeah, because it never really leads to anything. Positive here was another quarter. Lot in here is in Malcolm Gladwell, was book blink and it talks about the power of the chemicals that give either a reward verses. You ve eaten a poisonous fruit yeah. You know those two chemicals, one is ten times powerful, the other. So if you read nine awesome mentions in you read one european shit. Unfortunately, your powerless over that, yet the arrogant to get a chemical that's ten times stronger than the dopamine. You got from the compliment, saunter resigned and were net really that way. Also as when our answer
those are living in the wild. If someone comes like running up saying, danger, danger, danger, we're gonna pay attention to them. Whereas if someone comes up inside whatever a nuanced conversation about you know the way of the world I would not solve this problem, you're, like eminent, probably not paid as new, I might might pay attention you later right right, right and that's kind of happens on social media. Is you get someone like, I think Trump wines and election because he's on an obscene danger, danger, danger, yeah, that's everyone's charging yeah then, and social media really amplifies fears, avi a much better motivator generally. Yet then mild, pleasure stream. Pleasure is pretty big motivator yet like. If you watch what people will go through to get cracker harrowing, you're likeness, pretty motivating right, although, as it were still coming down, that's interesting. I have always watch you from the,
side not knowing you and I ve, always been very intrigued by you as a person professionally? Oh, thank you. The truly you founded one of these categories of people, the unicorns again by my estimation of my projection. Unlike this guy, has a different relationship with this job than I do it. What appears to be kind of a healthy way, I'm flattered sofa and also just a very interesting career in that I was aware of you from third rock from the sun, and then I was like. Where is this gonna go and it went to the very top of the mountain, and then there were. Different periods, rear like I'm cool, I'm gonna sit out for a while. I dont know where one would get that confidence among a holy shit. They, let me in this party I'll, never fucking leave. I don't care what job I have to do to stay at the party by the end, but there seems to be some compass or competence or something that his kind of guided you, and I am very curious as to how that originated in. If some of
Is that you ve kind of always had employment when you wanted it gives you started so young. Give a relationship with it that it's like there when you want it and it's not gonna, go away do you have all the fears I haven't and other people have. I generally have other spheres is sure I've had a really. You know fortunate run the upper a few years there and then I d decide to take a few years off relic. I just want to have kids right, and so that's what motivated there wasn't because, like oh it'll, be fine, I was scared and remain scared. Ok God, you're him. I just couldn't pass up the experience of like these babies are here. I'm I'm not gonna go to work D. Ass, an end. I had the privilege
I could do that. Look not everybody has this privilege. If I do have the ability like I can afford to take time off work. A lot of people can't afford to, but I can so I'm gonna and how much of that is motivated in the experience real sense bright like oh, if I can stay home and interact these kids, I choose I don't want to do that verses. I feel like a two year like when I'm seventeen I recognise I didn't really have to work on my going to feel like a piece of shit, that I chose that and regret that. That's a great question. I would say this, probably both going into. It was bedding that experience leave. I'm gonna get a lot out of this, and even just in a present thence, there's gonna be a lot of rewarding moments. If I really take the time and just hang out with this kid the eye and then this second kid yeah and that's true- and I don't like to talk too much personally about
Your child now my kids, just because I want them to adopt a hundred percent respect. Anybody who does I started like you dear now, I do, and now I'm more readily with like. Oh what age amounting to shut this off, where they might actually minded there could be less interested in Christian, knows full body work here This is fascinating. Tell me so ok. This is been my approach in feeling like the way my imagination goes because you're, obviously right now they wouldn't be aware of it or care, but when there, x years old, there they're gonna, look back and I dont want them to feel exposed earlier.
People know things about them that they might not want people to himself. I have now yeah about that to be their choice, and I agree, but again some people do and I respect that to the hotel. I have really good friends who I think are wonderful parents who are very open publicly about their family life, and I think there is actually something really virtuous about that. Could maybe they're setting good examples. One thing I feel like I've learned about parenting. If there's one thing it's, I can't think less of or judge anybody's choices that are different than mine. Every he's got their own thing, nor approaching it their own way, but one thing to say so I have this internal thought, which is like the same as you they're, not public figures. There. Life doesn't need to be out loud right. They haven't consented to that re, but then others
myself to imagine the opposite argument, which in this case I sometimes think, but when there are twenty and they might, I don't know why they would go back and listen to all this wanna be flattering that I can't go fifty minutes without talking about their on my mind, all the time I love everything they do. I talk about what they do like. Is there another side of it? he would go like y hear this I'll show you talk for three thousand hours and you never brought me at once. I guess I didn't mean that much to you. Oh, that's really interesting, whereas like they can actually here how much I think about them in real life, the other is record of how often, when I'm away from them, actually thinking about them and talking about them? So I don't know which is better. I feel like this medium of podcasting in this platform you ve created for yourself with this show, which I really admire- thou thanking awesome. What you ve built this I feel like talking about them in this context, does feel different, because
hey. You have total control over. It then, like speaking in an interview or on a talk, show wherever, where someone else Gonna added edit that together and they're gonna throw whatever context they want to like turn it into whatever they want it to be the out and they might cheapen aid or they might totally twisted them completely, make it sound like yours, something: a hundred percent cent factually and accurately- and so this happens when you're giving interviews, whereas if you're talking about your kids here, in this context? Words long form? I guess someone could theoretically taken out of context if they wanted to like rip the audio and chop it up here like that's, not
it doesn't seem to be how its working now than we might also my shock. Let me there's too many fuckin pancakes for them. Now I can't fire all the sheer like it. I think probably the practical reason is that that wouldn't get clicks brightly ass. If some, if you chopped up thing from a part, cast and tried to posted on the book or twitter, How many people would take the time to like no one actually listened to the sound like eighty percent of videos on Twitter and Facebook, or watched without sound at all. Really, as you said, this is the thing that I think so great about podcast. I really think that podcasting as a medium is a positive, So what do I do to turn to the fragmented short attention span? Frenetic nests of social media is, you can take the time to have a whole conversation and dive deep and acknowledge the new wants India, also your kind of protected. So often what happens? Is they ports we do have an interview right. You go through someone's filter, which I cannot man, but
you are now left to defend in public but say oh, but that whole conversation that he didn't print really. I said this this in this in any only put so the dad is here for everyone to examine. So if they were, cherry pick something they know. Ultimately, one stand up because someone just check out the whole context in it exists years in the media and of Europe overturning over their fuckin. That's right, recorder, insane right, that's dust on the cutting room floor and that's a good point beyond its your shall so, whatever you're putting out you know, you're putting it out, so there's nothing to defend its like. This is what I showed to say. So, there's no gotcha moment senior riotous is just time choosing to say you're right, there's, no implication that I caught and variety reign in other ways. It's like loops. They slipped right, yeah, yeah, that's kind of the fuel for last distinction. I'll make too is like when I'm on a cobra. So did tell a story about my daughter and compare the last time. I was on its feels a little sticker to me, because couple
one I'm there to sell something regularly. I was there in that case a seller, gameshow and then, secondly, the whole audience it's not per se. My audience is watching no one turned down to see deck Shepherd Uncle where they dislike Co. Baron than I have I'll, be there. So I dont know if they know my intentions or anything about me so rife, and now I'm telling a story, but my daughter might seem exploitive eider. Now you know right now I mean it other problem the most moving deserve me as a social media- is a problem for every that's exactly this picture, putting up and kids and on because I followed this one person and who put a lot of pictures up, her child and then we were at a restaurant, and I saw her kid and I didn't see her. She wasn't around her. Kid was clearly with other friends or something I saw her and I was like. Oh. I know that this person's kid you're, because a social media yea like I don't think I should
no, that you now pictures on social media is you're right. It's not limited to. People in Latin America, Asia and the other thing to consider with pictures of kids on social media and again this is it to judge anybody who puts picture their kids and social media, everybody does do it, but one thing I think people aren't yet aware of enough is that in the future is already happening, but in the future it's gonna get away. More advanced algorithms are going to erect as the faces of kids and those out things are gonna match patterns with data they have on billions of other kids and those algorithms are going to pass down judgments on your kids like whether they should be able to get an insurance policy or when he should get a certain job or whether they like the colleague of every picture of them. As a kid was at Mcdonald's, the insurers,
the comparison began with an early that stuff. That makes sense like that, and then it's mostly though it stuff that no human could, I even makes sense of their these black box algorithms, that just you put billions of peoples of data into them, and then the computers fine patterns right and humans can't even understand the meaning of those patterns right. But then the Black Box sort of spits out ok, can predict with eighty percent blah blah blah. This person is going to blow a black guy, because they match who the fuck knows. Why yeah but don't seem relevant at all, but just probably mystically. It tends to work out, and this is how Facebook makes their money. This is how Cambridge gentle a work, but it's not just Cambridge analogue. At this hour, Facebook is so effective. It serving adds to people doing this kind of pattern matching, and so that is one thing that I think is what sort of spreading that, like your feeding them,
the sheen, the Anna get smarter and smart. Yes, yes, so that of course, is like the glass half empty version of it, and I'm with you, that's where my mangoes too, but there is some other imagine this. The computer notices that kid's that, where night shoes and Edith Sizzler and get this great and school blah blah blah eighty five percent of them. Oh dear twenty six, I on their data like oh, why, thanks for figuring out my kids in some pattern, I would have never seen yeah, there are other eighty nine percent likely to commit suicide. While thanks for the heads up I'll get on this, I totally agree with you and I am so glad you said that as its I dont want to come off as if I'm demonizing this technology. The question is what the Tec Gonna be used for yes, how is have what's the business model state? I'm sure you dare. We are supported by honey, honey, honey, nay.
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I wanted a monopoly on the routes right, so they would raise each other in numerous times they quieted and killed like a hundred and thirty people, because there's no one's watching over them, and it is that the market completely at its own dear in so that's kind right right now. It's slightly more smashing big paddle, both together right. It's it's exactly right where you were in that kind of age where this is revolutionary technology and we're just at the beginning of it, and it's not well. Understood a regulated, yeah yeah in it moves so fast and legislation moves so slow to keep up with it at all right. Well, it wasn't until what the nineteen, whatever it was, that we go like hey our environment, air in the water they ve been running. You know, steam engine, stuff, since the eighteen, whatever it is, you are. My history is not accurate enough. Anything with authorities is a hundred or so years or something that we ve been really damaging. The
Burma witnessed acknowledging it took us that long too silly, oh, wait a minute. We didn't even think of this year. You know I thought so. Some issue is generally a political cause. I want everyone to be listen. I got yeah, that's great, but one issue. I did think I thought of analogy doing things for the sake of improving them, I dont think should be left or right issues. So might the example, I thought of the other day is five jeez coming right. Five jeez coming it's gonna be trillions of dollars of business for many companies. Imagine if there was a wing of the government that was trying to protect for g No, we must protect for g. We don't want fight Gee. I mean that in essence is like the notion we're gonna get like that reserves, doesn't call he, as is like there, there's there's a better cooler, cleaner, faster everything about it will be better wire.
We like look at it like five g. The government should be looking out for all these people who have worked in the coal industry for all this time, while we should be looking up of those people in the best way to look out for it would seem to me- and I say this coming from up there- I don't know that much detail about how the coal industry, by the way, none of it such a political body more going on. But it's a technology that older there there are better technologies. That's what the government ought to be doing rather than saying: let's make sure that we can keep going with this old technology is. Let's make sure that all the people that have earned their livings for generations working with this technology have a good path
Accordingly, I try something new and we ve lived through this cycle now, thirty times that we didn't try to protect wagon, we'll makers, job ravages, embraced the automobile and that a great way more jobs in the wagon rail companies were created, so it just in inevitable. I'll get back to you tat near one of the few p well, I think you're, a minority of actors that work that grew up in LOS Angeles right. A lot of actors are not Ellie natives, yeah, yeah and you're actually kind of third generation right. Your grandfather, Eliza Director, that's right so he wasn't born here? That's my mom's dad, Michael Gordon, yet he was a filmmaker he directed where was born in Baltimore. Ok, ok and then his parents of my great grandparents are born in Eastern Europe, and that was a generation that they were all like: Slavic Eastern Europe, russian polish, lithuanian juice.
Moved to the states, so our former during World WAR two or they were the lucky ones that left in time. Ah, yes, and the extended families of my grandparents do not warrant so lucky right, so all for my grandparents were born here I mean in the United States and then two of my grandparents actually grow up here and allay on my dad side. They grew up in Boil heights. Oh yeah, yeah in south central Ella, which at the time were jewish ghettos. At that time, Actually, there was a sort of like red lining, but produce could not run. Let redlined red lining is it's about ownership of housing. Red lining was the rules about only wiping or were allowed to own houses outside of these red lines, and so people
color we're only allowed on houses. Within these red lines. Ryan's Jews were included in that few generations ago, a hot depending on where you luck and allay there were certain places? Were Jews could have houses and boil heights in south central though they were a couple of them? So that's. Where am I dad's parents grow, but so yeah away. I do feel like a third generation Angelina, my Grandpa grub taken the red the act when there was public transportation, I mean there is some now by like it was a more common thing back when western Was actually the western right now western is a street here and allay that's actually quite far to the east yeah. What we now consider Ella Beer, You know he remembers when the dodgers arrived. Ah, then he was big directorate. He directed absurd. You're, not a and pillar talk is maybe he'll talk. Yes, I was actually just talking about my dad's that my mom.
That is who your time about Michael Jordan has posed a Milton, let it and He was ass, a successful director and they was blacklisted. Actually, yes, I read that that's fascinating, so he was our think. O commies got exactly view, Larry three right. If it really heap, he had been to the meetings of right right, any body in the film industry. You had been to some meetings about, you know like hey: what can we do about poverty? What's your dear that was put on this list that the government in force there d be worn, allowed to work and its a dark moment in american history, is it really subtle? Lou weirdness is of that whole Mccarthy thing is leave folks generally that were blacklisted. They are fucking capital, as they are benefiting big time and capital
Zambia, and so this notion that they wanted to live on a commune, maybe just a little bit extreme. It might have been a streamer painting of their position. Yeah I mean so my grandpa died when was tense. I never really got to have a conversation with him about this right would have loved to be curious to see what exactly he was proponent of Ryanair. I think he would have been in favour of you that's our style communism right. It's the debate. There were still. Probably had some socialist viewpoints they got there get framed as communism that the government could be doing more to help. The less fortunate, perhaps there's that there's a valid debate on both sides. I guess the government, the one that will be effective at doing that, I only a dance like I've. I grew up a left. He and I consider myself pretty strongly left leaning, but I do think it's worth
having those discussions? Oh yeah left and right, and I do think there is valid points on both sides and I'm not talking about. The sort of called your wars or Charlottesville good people on both sides ramp, I dont, think either side has a monopoly on all good idea, and especially one what you're talking about is: how are we actually implementing policy for the government? So much of the red tribe in the blue? Try nowadays isn't really have anything to do with policy doesn't have yet doesn't really have to do with socialism or capitalism now do with like. Do I like Nor do I not like its identity. Oh and I dont know how much of it back. Then, when my grandma was black listed, how much of it was identities. It versus how much of it was. You know this
did they policies is probably was some are both. I guess I don't know yeah so did mom grow up with means, or did he become broke as a result of that blacklisting? Yet they had to move out of allay our realer. They went back east to wear. My grandpas brother was working any worked with my great uncle budget a yet they didn't have that much but what a shift? Oh, my goodness, having gotten to do the thing that you love more than anything and also you and I both knowing what a special job that is the up to then return. Do you know something you're, not passion about just cutting their government said you're not allowed to work. Is yes, the IRA Unlike lawyer, what I would assume about you is just the fact that you have a high the maiden name on your birth certificate, mom's a bawler it right, an ominous mom's, a tough seven, these progressive, yet a bad motherfucker, yeah, that's fair to say, geography, You were born eighty one that is done. A very common thing for people to high.
Our last name and eighty one idea one may I guess that's true. Did she ran Congress at one point in the second, is the area in which you learn a lesson from her dad, because we really would like a freedom. The peace in peace and freedom party. Getting very Lee was lingering back our back at its Julia. Might my mom and dad mad as political activists. They actually are both working at Cape E F K which is a radio station, is still exists here and allay it's like public radio, It was a new director, yet she was in charge of the newsletter, a cape you k, which at that time the newsletter of a radio station was a bigger than its become. You know. Nowadays yes, she ran the news that ever gave me of gay and he was the new director a copy of K and that's where they met and they found love now and then they had to boys.
Now. Here's were again will be a lot of projecting cuz. I have a brother who's five years older than me, my brother, six and one slash two years old right and so did you grow up with the mild chip on your shoulder of I'm not a baby, Oh interesting, I feel like the chip on my shoulder was not a loser actually cause. My brother would beat me it everything so maybe that similar to I'm not a bit now did you guys have the kind of relationship where sometimes yours best friend other times you just wait, you young yet under per se, it was still a rivalry until then he moved out right. I was like twelve and he was eighteen and from that point on, I was always so happy to see him right, and I think he was pretty happy to see me too. You were close throughout living together and we were growing up too, but definitely once he moved out here, just and then out. That was also right. As I was entering puberty, our twelve nineteen,
get a girlfriend sure a guy like you have a girlfriend. What's it going to be like to have a girlfriend? You know these guys of that when I started to have that relationship within he he embraced and enjoyed the role of bein a mentor do yeah, I think so there you are my room, show me how to shave and where harder than he was the one you liked it who of mom and dad was there. Or artsy Mamma Mamma. She efforts should be dad like if I had to be reductionist about it and it is reductionist, I would say I owe whatever taste I have probably to my mom and whatever like work ethic. I have to my dad right right That makes sense. You in your brother, the most eerily similar looking her brothers, I've ever seen, separated by six years like to the point where you could they have done IVF back then, the egg split and you guys are identical enough saved it for a few years, yeah cuz. When I saw a picture of him yesterday, I was like. I literally thought you know you had a phase where you had dreadlocks
which I had in high school arms like this is a rare thing is really buddy. We didn't look so much. Like when we were young, that's for all really yeah, and it wasn't until we got older- that I think we started really looking alike, and I remember actually the moment when people started asking me who was older which was such, as you have said, A fundamental part of my understanding, of whom my brother was, is that he is older than may rise the ITA bid or sickness half years older. As the first thing you think of problem arose the big brother right. When people started satellites away what who's the older one, a Blake. Why heads other awry relief and them you grew up in the valley right. Were there any sports you're into because you have kind of sweets physique. If I give you my martens lamenting the exit visa Roma as very gymnastic in- and I did a lotta gymnastic you did. You learn that I didn't learn that I said it's
Harry Gymnastic without yeah real aid? Yes, I didn't know, I didn't have any of you yeah, I'm proven you're all why world? I will tell you how you use your yet. I d gymnastics in quite a few team sports. You know the baseball and flagpole Bogdan Play, tackle football Oh god, it's probably not even reduce yeah. I want it to end my parents, wouldn't let me they were so. Had other driver, hibernating and a new somehow about cd or anyone. Are they fuckin war logs? Are they clairvoyance? You started in musical theatre like four years old, little club riot any during the wizard of OZ. So obviously you pray dont have any memories where you weren't acting and stuff pray and then the retelling of wizard of OZ led to use turning into commercials right. That's right boy did you wind up with some of them, the brains of aid like when I read the list. Oh headache, a peanut butter campaign, but no name penal
the peanut butter sunny jam. You never heard of annex need some like local branda, penal Hogan, cocoa, puffs, that's a good path! Tar canny Kenny shoes, I don't know yeah. That was a very yeah. So a couple of things, I immediately lurked Africa since it is a very easily I fucking loves his last. No doubt I will eat more chicken wings from that by faith in you than on human genes. There's the shrimp, though, that I shrink good for you you're a thief. I won't forget the super, preserving the reason that I eventually grew to be able to eat, since it was because of civil rights, sure you're, all right. Oh yeah, I rose picturing, you mean like raw sharing with promises. Were I got scared. How old were you when you got like Patterson Stuff, a path towards commercial I came out of ten or eleven or something like that. It's perfect age do popped. Her commercial popped arts was a misery,
Experience was tell me why well so, I never liked acting in commercial seed in it now I from a young age it. Maybe this is of what you're getting out with. How I relate to the job, and I want to get back to an curious to hear from your perspective, what that's like, but from a young, age. I was pretty pray chess about acting and, like really believe, denied and was caught a serious about it even at age nine. What? What did you want to be in like e t or something like? Did you have one onion rain man you to in RE man. Ok, ok, you want them to add a child. Just in Ireland, but he is not just a kid and bring him out. So I didn't like acting in commercials because in commercials it's not what I would have called real acting with court surrounded by very heightened yet heightened is now
I've come to understand that there are a wide variety of different kinds of acting. In fact, if you look at Lord, and so Libya, for example, he's not being realistic either. But now, when I was younger up to me, realism was real acting and then, if you are being in a way that wasn't like real people behave then that was kind of funny and fell back to me an commercials was all about hey. You got time for Kellogg's pack tarts anyone that they have a big thick smile on your face, and I didn't like it when did mom or dad did they have a love for film or acting mom did ok, so you think maybe in some way you're like you want to make mom happy or I don't know. If it was I I would. Think of it, as I wanted to make mom happy by me, I'm sure there is some of that. I think she illuminated for me the pleasures of being. I guess you could say
artists were expressing year some some kind of true emotion. There is all the same it and a really employ person that I would probably think of. First when it comes to my early views of what acting is that's die still have in his name's Kevin Mcdermott. He was acting teacher never studied acting other than I did so. Years of classes with cabin Mcdermott. I don't think he's teaching anymore, but he was a brilliant, brilliant guy and he taught kids, but he didn't treat us like kids right, didn't use words like the Stanislav key method or anything, it say that sewed like when I speak to educated actors, the I've I never went to any kind of Emma Faye Programme yeah, I didn't do that. But when I speak to educated actors, They'll say things, but I dont- that term in the no explain what it is- and I owe you a cabin taught us that right like memory or some yeah. You got oh yeah. I guess you. I do know that I just don't do
idle exile, yeah, yeah yeah, but it's a cabin was so good at like teaching us about having a character that indifferent than yourself and what it means to imagine what, if you felt differently than you feel what, if you're, not just your name is something different. But what if you know this thing that you really like what, if you didn't like it yeah? You know that such a great plasticity did to put into a kid that period just forcing yourself to yeah. Imagine a different set of Mozart and all that that's a road empathy, basically exactly what that's, what acting really kind of comes down to bribe the put yourself in someone else's she's being able to take your perspective and twisted into a different perspective, yeah yeah, or does it paws on it for a second yeah? So Monica put your seatbelt out an exciting dinner that want to join
First movies was a river runs through it. Really he played the young Norman I'm here the character of origin at last. Getting wasn't. This is where I discover Brad Pitt, and I see this fucking angel, you and I go he's obsess all while here now I know exactly who I want to be a couple questions about that. Did you have so who robber Redford was ten years old. Like do you understand who you were working with, it have any kind of wait. Let me my mom told me I mean I didn't grow up with those movies. I think I watched the natural, oh sure sure, and in fact it is a fight think, as that was his wrath gift to me and to the kid who played young bread pick as I played young Craig Schaeffer on this kid named Van Van Gravity, Hooja, who he hadn't acted before. He was a local kid from Montana and he was out
A young Brad Pitt, and Mr Redford gave us these two bats. That word the bats fry lightning Boeing I was like is wrapped gift to us. Have you bet he's gonna stay of you. If you manage to hang onto that, I'm that hang out of things up sure I haven't somebody. I actually just found a whole bunch of old stuff that I hadn't seen in life twenty years I have a very pack radish habit, nature, I have a lot of trajectory like collect things are now things like things that aren't even collectible they, this receipt will remain. I had this sandwich whether troubled throwing it away before I deserved. Every one question I forgot to ask about the commercials. I already know you hate them, but I just imagine myself being like seven in like you're in a pop tarts commercial, that's great! We everyone, those parts bullet, Kinney Shoes that was like a more of a like at the mall, it wasn't foot locker, so I just wondered with within the commercial world we like fuckin legos commercial,
I dont want leg. Was there a hierarchy of commercials at that age is because of the products you thought were cool s really funny now cause. I was just going on tons and tons about his shouting. I was yet they are authorised to get a part, all a boar, and also that the other thing, if we're going to talk about commercials again the other story to tell is that the reason that I did that popped arts, commercial and that coca commercial, those two in particular, was begun as at that time in my life, like I said, I hated doing commercials, but you could make a lot of money. Yeah commercially, back yeah, Erbakan's commercial by ran for two three years. Probably yes, nothing like that. It could be a lot of money and, while you know my dad made a good living- and we were like you know- a comfortable middle class life The king, that kind of money was still like a really impact full thing like hey, you can pay for your whole college. If you do a couple, these commercials, I'm so glad to hear you say, is because I've interviewed several people now that we're child actors, and I'm always like?
are you aware of the fact that you're making you know like a hunter two thousand two thousand hours a year as a child? I feel like. I would even so aware of that, unlike stoked yeah feeling safe because of it well, a lot of kids end up having to be no support their family. Yes, and I think, that's really hard and I wouldn't say it's wrong because that's the right thing for certain families, but I'm grateful that that wasn't it fishing, that I was in right. That's a big burden, yeah. It was never put to me as I hear you're helping support this family. It was always. If you like doing this, then will support you doing enjoy doing your father needs a common ass could be and we then he might have polyps and die of horse bought us also wasn't that, but at the same time there are like a baby. It's worth appreciating the value of this man.
Me, and so we understand the you don't want to do these, but you could like pay for your college of you do them. So if you do to national commercials, you can buy anything you want. They like break out, a percentage of which you were allowed to be in charge of it will I did get like a very small? no amount of money into like my own personal bank account. Ah, it was like basically said of an allowance, whereas, like other kids, get allow inciting get an allowance, but I got your own yonder to actually was. It was something like no, it was some. Really small, though, is something like five dollars a day or something like that offer every day that I worked right just so. That like you had a sense of like you do this work can make some money and then you can buy a genesis game with you know you go to the bank and you can draw out your dollars that you may also fun, n and yeah. So for the case of these two commercials there, like you, could buy anything, you want a hot and what did you? I bought street fight or two
the European Union, not all oh yeah, not the, and I'm glad you went off anything you want. I literally was on the verge ago, another so funny, because my first job to Tesla corn, I bought some Nintendo game. In my mind, those like our there's, the inner that all those fucking arcade It was a little bit oh yeah, I remember, being all pissed They came out on superintendent, really snobby about it too, as I it's not Mr Blair, you she's, not responsive, which is just being better. I would lose tat when I was blame them on Superman dead. He was there a line of kids out your front door. Trying to play the stand. A video I feel like that. I made you out of your guy and tat was pretty of some sort of secretive about. I do remember one like the community with a kid that I probably wouldn't have known We had a plate with lack of popular gaiters girl. Like lots, hang our nose it. You want
come over to my house. Ok, and then we played street refer those I was. I wait a minute. I was just admitting to this. The other day that I had this is shameless. Whatever our seven and eight years old, I hung out with so many different kids because they I'd like a four wheeler or any kind of road vehicles. I didn't have any of them I'd fuck and put up with anybody to be around some snowmobile Missouri S like him, an odyssey you get angels in the outfield. I just can't help but be obsessed with what is it like to be in grade school in some of the kids? Have seen your pop tart commercial, or certainly now, when we get into angels in the outfield, a ton of your classmates? That's yeah, I can see going either way a like. We all want approval in attention, and that could be great and then also were very self conscious at that age. To be dared at might be really uncomfortable. I don't know which way in probably for different people in different ways, but for you to have got them
what was it like? I mean I'd, love doing the movie as far as how the other kids or other people in general would relate to me. It actually gave me a lot of anxiety for people to think me as special in that way, oh you're famous Europe STAR Europe and I totally understand how its counter intuitive to hear what I'm saying like, why? Wouldn't you want people to say, you're, famous, hey, Eurostar, wouldn't that be great. I don't know that I could break down exactly why It gave me anxiety, but it really did Weird Lee. I totally desired the adoration of strangers. I wanted to walk into places and people be excited. I'm there I ve much desired, that what I had underestimated, as I am also a control freak in an inherently takes away. A lot of my control. You can choose to glide through the hallway and get into your home,
class in a manner which that you could have control over now, there's as other variable. That is much too big to control right in our midst who's. This kind of that loss of control, which I desire so deeply yeah, that's interesting. I think that probably does have to do that, and I also have a desire for that kind of control about my life and about what people Think of me probably share ends. Maybe it is one when you meet someone and their perception of you is sort of predefined. Now I don't get too really to find myself for myself. You know assume things about me. Because you ve seen me in a movie ends again. Some of those assumptions might be flattering. I don't know it's. It would give me a lot of discomfort and I would go so far as to like just fully lie about it. When people would say Hague, Europe, the blah blah blah, I wouldn't even say. No, not. I would be much more convincing a liar about it. Unripe played damn big,
We were forty times not now, as I like it. I got really go way out of my way to try to not be that person. I imagine I can explain some of your moves, then going forward as your desire to reclaim your identity or her. You define your identity and not any one else right right. It is, if you imagine, going to college a point may be ultimately is in the recipe I resent yeah and then- and I quit acting right is I was on, brought from the sun. They. Let me out of your early. I was already a year older than most first years. Ok cause, I was nineteen, oh you actually quit. Showed ago they did their six season. While I did my first year of College, all my gun is: ok, so really good speed through catching up to their. So you do angels now field. That's a big movie clearly now you're dealing with
only thing in the now you get on the show, that's in everyone's house. In your view, what fifteen to twenty one year on that show? Three thousand and nineteen no one's ever going to take me serious. If I don't go, get this actual accolade or if I don't accomplish this thing, no one will ever take me serious part of motivation or just pure desire to be normal, quote normal, allowing more that visa just be a normal. Do that? Where are we going to college in this point? Doing what all my peers were doing at that time and doing a thing that I have been looking forward to for as long as I can remember, going to college yet moving at the house in going to college. I may add those just such a glorified thing. I really wanted to experience that, yes, that age of your love, you like really train on your your identity as an adult
all these and I'm just thinking what is their layer like of you, arrive in your already self conscious, as we all are at nineteen and then certainly some significant percentage of that campus knows who you are right, I did that play out was in an asset. Was it a liability or was above people were pretty good about? Not paying me too that I gotta say they probably knew that I didn't want that and just I guess, politely respecting it. Might I got to hand it to the kids in my class, and I also just was not going to let myself be to find that way right. I wasn't going to give up answer like here. I am I'm in New York Cuz. I went to Columbia, move to New York City, which is I'd always wanted to live in New York City. Ever since the first time I ever visited that town was twelve and I'm here in New York
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the finnish colleagues, you admiral water of ten feet from the vendor. That's why they get those erected. I went in the fall of two thousand and I dropped out in like two thousand and two I think those early two and half years, and is that because you were like ok, I got the experience. I got the thing I wanted year. There was that, and in particular, I got my first copy of final cut pro o video editing software. I remember my girlfriend honour for me for Christmas, the obnoxious Lee expensive yeah. It was my twenty first birthday present to myself. Ah, and I got my first MAC, I had never had an apple computer before yeah, but I got it because it had finally approach in the eye. I've been making little videos with the family, video, camera and stuff wherever I'd always love doing that with my friends, but you couldn't edit, and that was the huge huge impediment yeah to me.
The king, a video with your friends, your ten years old and trying to like make a chase seen yeah you can edit your like doing your best. It hit the road. We're button at just the right time to use editing in probably not amateur camera hey there was a whole art to it. I mean there was something actually fallen about it when I look back on it, but I did it's a fun. Creative box to be stuck in kind that that's exactly right near by so desired to be able to edit what we shot into finally became sort of available to a more consumer level. The eye- and I got myself that copy of final approach- and I was kind of the end of college for me because I didn't want to take any classes in
I just learned it July it up all night cutting things and just shooting things and cunning things in making things I've. I went through the same thing you did, which is. I was at the growlings at that time in two thousand and we're doing sketches, and then this fucking software came out to me and movies in general were such a mystery until I got that editing software, oh that's! What makes a movie is, is this shit you can put it together so I started making short ones before you to reading to play on the screen inside the growlings for Interstitial Leah, and I just wanna me like old. That's what I'm really passion, but I love how much you can fuck with it ah, yes, after the fact that exactly the ultimate puzzle, yeah so fond that, then it is where you made the movie and an especially because I've been not only making these. You know videos with the family, video camera. And acting in stuff, you Brian, when you're acting in stuff, you put all of yourself into this performance
and then you totally relinquish control of it in hand over to someone else to assemble, and the editor really has just about as much do with either the performance the audience sees. Does the actor does deal told? and so to finally have all of that power of the control. I can make the thing that I want to make. Yes, I can't you like I. This is what I want to do cause I'm gonna call thinking like. Maybe I don't want to be an actor if the omega being showbiz. Maybe I want to be something totally else, and I want to give myself that opportunity to discover that. Actually, I'm going something else, because I don't want the decision I made when I was six years old to be an actor to necessarily be the defining point of my entire life yeah. Now that I'm nineteen, let's like let's reexamined Let's see those yellow reason. I want to go to college, but once I got that final cut prices, I know
this is it I knows what I want to do and I'm just going to get back into it right now. I say this as someone: that's the exact same, so there is zero judgment in this, but I was at first I wasn't going to college. I was live in a care work book, credit that it be care work in. So that's what I was gonna be in then, all of a sudden I was gonna, be a writer and I fucking submitted Chippewa. When I hear you say that I think to myself. Who am I talk? the eurozone like Yahoo, my showing that I'm leaving an automatic my question and I try to put my finger like who was trying to impress. I feel it would be helpful if I knew like out my brother, I'm trying to show my brother ass or my mom or my dear, but I don't think it's those three marriage is a generalised like I don't know, this is interesting for me. It's all those people, but it's all those people adding up back to me, be out yes
Who do I want to be? Who do I want us think of when I think of myself leg yeah the idea that they relate to discos? I'm curious: what was your major about right before having the declared, I would have been french by that time. I was studying all in French. Do he's a francophile, being framed, try a little bit here. Have you had the pleasure of like going to Paris into sight talking to people for India and oftentimes I'll be back to you in English in Paris Ass ever I gotta go to Light Geneva order. You know the south of France it like if people are less impatient and and also easier to understand and speak really, quick yeah. This is very name dropper eight, but I just got to say: is it's the closest I've ever seen to a friend take flight, which is I one time was with Bradley Cooper in Paris and he's like he got to do this talk show tonight you want to but yeah I'll go and buy got. It was a fucking detox,
and he's either whether to make people are why he's lavender and I'm like he is two or Bower layer is one thing to just: go beyond Charlie rose and speak another language, and it s a but he's crack and jokes, and he knows the cadences in everything, and I was like this my boy? Maybe the most important thing I've seen him did fuck Decker the Gordons piece of shit are that this isn't a conversation just how things really funding two thousand seven you're in a movie called look out in your characterise names, crisp That is what is really happening out, because that would now be like replaying Harrison forty, eight hours and or just wouldn't have witnessed judges to fund fact another fun fact along you're right, I had
I make no claims that I was offered this or that they wanted me. I don't even remember the details. It is remember at one point I was given the script for five days a summer, India. I personally just didn't understand it. I was like. I don't think I understand that and then a drug to abide by a girlfriend, and I was like my god did- I mean The boat on this is really fun. Sometimes, when you see like the power of direction power of writing, sometimes it's the power of writing. Carry soon. No one can drive to poorly other time like that thing was in that person's head and it was executed in a that was like a while. I didn't see that you had the two rudders wrote that were great in writing from an got somewhat out, o biographical place, so that has that sincerity but yeah mark web. The director of the movie is a fantastic director and he really, as they say, directed the shit out of that. Yes and now this will be one of the two times where I was poor
to not like you cuz. I don't know if it's going to turn on and then I watch you be great in it and then you actually make me fall in love with this thing I didn't like, but thanks yeah, so it just kind of an extra compliments. You because you had something to overcome for me and my only you got here. Can I ask you ve said a few times very. You ve been very flattering towards me in my work so appreciative it there's also, you said, o this guy has a different relationship to this job than Do I want to just understand better cause it's a funny thing amongst actors are very much in my experience. I know that the less I think of things competitively and the more I think of things collaboratively the happier I am Conor percent
are not to be competitive with other. Yes, I was bad at it. I'm now where I live, I like to think myself quite good at it. Now you are now I generally I'm running for everyone to when they realise that. That's not, it doesn't make me lose because everyone's when india- and in fact I subscribe to the idea that a rising tide lives all ships, so I'm there now, but I was not there Ten years and allay auditioning never made one dollar, then I got my foot in the door and then I did things right, so I'm inherently jealous at that time of someone who was on a sick I'm in their teens, show Right- and I am alike format that that person would go to college, not that even knew that then bright. I didn't know that to be totally honest, but even thinking about it I would have been like witty this guy's gonna go to college now like. I would give anything to be so. There is a right that that, like yeah, that's there's some, that's it.
Yet I hadn't quite thought of it. That way. That makes plenty of sense paid by the way, just like that's healthy. What is his, I view the way he's going through the world and Jolly oh yeah right. A gang of yours is on the more unhealthy outside of this guy. Corns agree more. I just want to make that clear. Oh yes, it seems like. Are you Gary? It's different and you ve made your way towards that at present. I am just an hour. Forty forgot to wear Joe. Was it mainly in another visit? This is because the positioning, the guy's got alike. I do I dont see myself in that kind of. Oh I'm doing it right away, and but I get the feeling sometimes that maybe I give that off a hot what there is what appears to be uttered confidence in your compass,
I see where you can see where someone would think that, right by the time you find me like you could have done third rock for another year, how many years gone directly to another sick illegal, certainly could have done all those thing yeah in so that just is it a very competent decision interesting out. The last thing I want to do is give off the impression like, oh, I know, what's right more than other people like, I could actually sincerely. Don't think. That's true. I believe you and this is all my literally sitting on the sidelines. I dont think alone in this there, like. That's, maybe why I'm asking you like this, like sort of feeling that you're articulating is something
but I have sensed while the other people, let us state another obvious thing in the early two. Thousands people didn't leave sitcoms and then become movie stars. That really was in a trajectory that was known to most people. It had happened a couple of times Jennifer Amnesty and did you not whatever? There has been a few so right, there you're going like a while. This guy did something that's almost impossible to do so then you fill in the blanks. How could that happen? What good for him? He believed that that was possibly had to have believed that was possible because he went pursued its like there's some kind of please sit like oh, he must have been confident or believed himself and I could be totally wrong. I definitely had plenty of moments rose like fuck out so badly want this thing and I'm never gonna get it right and most recently the if, with the thing you wanted, was Dustin Hoffman, that's almost impossible for anyone do yeah, yeah,
that's like the high water mark was impossible and no one, no one will ever be invested in normal ever be anybody else. You compare yourself to other people, you write or gonna get there. I think that thing they ear touching on is that you feel that people assume that there was some Kalkhi. It? Moves around thing in your like I didn't make any calking all your master ended up. This way, that's true and it seems to people that I planned and I took a year after year. I do this and it was all for reason. Really. You were just following what was in front of you, you that's very true. Is it you look at it as like? I'm looking did this and you did this and you like, but I do understand, I'm just living I am looking at it and I'm looking at it from the vantage point of a twenty five year career that now seems to have a pattern emerge like your algorithm. Other, probably wasn't a pattern. Waller was
my name, but now the time I can point to these cycles there that's interesting. I hope I I actually have thought of that. Right now is a where I took a couple years ought to have kids, and you know when I decided to take that. You could say I guess, like the amount of jobs I was being offered for different, Then they are now having taken a few years off right, which is nerve racking, to say the least sure to be like if we're being forthcoming- and I admire how forthcoming you are about your own things. So I have thought of that in the past as well. It worked once like I quit will mean. I was honestly common and being offered other sitcoms, and I quit undecided you other shit and for all I'll there it seem like. I wasn't gonna get to do the shit
I really want to do, but then it did work out here and so now I feel like I'm definitely sometimes felt like. Ok, I'm in that place again hold tight and, like it's gonna happen again right in now when you are in your lowest moment in your values in Europe prospects. Do you take it personally? Are you able to see that the entire industry change in the last six years like do you recognize they dont make? Is many movies that only movies that work art may be the ones you would even want, like the whole thing is dramatically shifted towards television, but ultimately a very true. I think both in more practical moments, unable to zoom out and be like. Ok. What does this mean? What should I do? What are the like? You said: how's, the landscape shifted in less practical moments. I think like Fatah, I got off the train, a guy, you see industry, do you like? I got. I gotta have a copy. I'd should not turn that like why, like the kids would have been
I invite you ok. So after five entities of summer, you do go on this incredible ride from two thousand to two thousand thirteen review gee, I Joe you do inception. Fifty fifty premium rush, a link in the dark night rises. This is bankers in that time. The one thing I was eight were actually became. A fan of you as an actor was brick. Just that's where our Like I know this guy is but now I've seen em in something, and I love- and I just think you're terrific- that matinee awesome in lieu burn. Obviously you and Ryan Johnson have some kind of awesome. Is it not the most flattering thing to have a talented director Wanna use you as his guard. It really like the time out. Just that kind of arguably unhealthy pleasure of validate, Your validation, as you put it yeah, that's a strong one, yeah! Ok, now so do doesn't thirteen I go see. Donjon I go in. I could not have
your movie mortal eyes. I thought he loved it from the fuckin title card to the end of the movie. The music was awesome. So stylized, I love the casting of pudding tony dance in there. I thought you were incredible. The script was gray, I fucking loved. It thinks it was the other time other than five entity somewhere I walked out was, like God, damn it. He did it, I'm so glad he's good at hand. I liked it so much that I remember like wishing. I knew how to reach out to you cause. I was so passion bomb which I liked it, and I was just so impressed by everything you didn't man thanks. Why don't you roll right into another one yeah I've been wanting to direct it. Another thing since, and I took a couple of really big swings on very ambitious projects. Fell apart for different reasons, very hard to be online control. I'm actually currently
working on that you're not ready to talk about ongoing riding and directing the marble movie Monica Marble, a crank call it, and at the same time, though, the other place where I get there satisfaction. I have that outlet of making stuff is with my company. Hit record was really different, then directing a traditional feature film. Yes, so record, is this online collaborative artists workspace right? We're gap can start stories. Other people Contribute then start songs. People can contribute. So I went on the website. I was looking at it, I'm pretty prehistoric in my understanding of Lahti, embarrassingly so the where are the finished products of all This is a really good question and that's not you being prehistoric leg was so hit. Recall was always ever since twenty ten will. We ve called ourselves up production,
company a high, and it was about me and the people in my office sort of starting projects and leading them and then letting anybody who wants you to come contribute to them. We are in finished things wouldn't really exist on our site, like we would publish a book or we would put out record. We made a tv show. We would make a brandy campaign in the website was like the kid in writing room. Wasn't there? Ok? Ok! Lately, though, we realized, you know this is actually a really wonderful thing. That's going on with this community because it unlocks creativity for people when they do it together with other people,
in the ways that I think is different than a lot of the kind of creativity or the kind of creative culture you find elsewhere on the internet? It's wonderful that Youtube exists in anybody, can make a video and put it out on Youtube and share it with the world. But if you don't have the wherewithal to make the video all by yourself or with your friends, because you ve managed to move to allay, and you the groundlings and you can like all make a video together right or if you like. I know I want to make something, but I dont- and I don't even know what her having a commute The people that are like in the middle of doing stuff is really encouraging for peace. Yet and then I would imagine, people can be utility players within that like why migrate editor, but I don't really want to exact year or, like I feel like drawing today, although its draw, what is someone need drawn? Aha napkin like provide that in
duration, and we saw that working out a certain scale within the production company context, but we realise that there is a limit to how many people can really be included when we're always the ones leading the project. We meaning me in the folks him the rate of direction team yeah. So we said what, if we take what we ve been doing as production company sort of a larger ecosystem around that asylum. Let so that we are not always the ones leading the project's. Let's build the tools to take what we ve learned, leading these projects and letter. People like the project and then when people finnish projects have a place where those finnish projects goes to your question where the finished product as I've got super intrigue and I'm like now. I want to hear some of these collaboration. Yes away. Some of them. Are it so go you ask us it's it's funny like I it's as if I asked you to ask that question because that's a fact that building right now I'll go so they just last year we went up to like Silicon Valley
here is our idea here. So we ve been doing is production company for all these years we ve been successful, they had our show one in Emmy blah blah blah, but we think a lot more people could do this and get allowed out of it, and so We raised money, and now we are able to we never putting the emphasis on technology. Before now were able to like hire a proper engineering team in Prague. Design team were like building our website in our are app was like heroically worked on by a A very small number of people run ache. It like good enough to allow us to make the things we wanted to make yeah now or making a proper user experience. That's serving more than just us that so that any biking come and get involved rang in. I also think you would lead to growth, because if you could see the problem, didn't you might go like a while? I could have added that thing does exactly a year. That's what ultimately, I would love to have media ecosystem. If you will wear when you watch something.
You're, not just then taken down a rabbit hole of addictive watching the next thing in the next thing and the next thing, but rather, if you want something in its inspiring to you, your served up, hey here's something you could get involved a yeah. You liked that, maybe you wanna we're making the next steps right now or here's another thing that sort of similar that you might want not just watch but the you might want to contribute something to be. I would love to see them a media platform that works that way and that's what we're trying to go, there's really cool. Now you have a new path cast. That's right! That's right! Now, let's talk about the year with the name of the patent, he's, got creative processing, creative process here, and so it's a it's funny cause your part cast came up when I was starting to think about doing a pot all real, and yet, when I would like start floating that idea way more than any body, Spirilla, Outwood Dac Shepherd S really good pockets involves at his fire. And I listened yours and just even the very concept of armchair expert I was like this is such a smart way to frame these. Conversely
in the end to frame like the position of you, both in speaking about a very eighty of things. Is it so telling fur like what our time is all kind of turn in arms round, world genial, eggs. Now we are these platforms. Have you like here is what I would like you so good at in the pod cast did I'm doing is pretty differ. I think. Actually, I would give you credit like partially, because my own, not gonna, do that is killing it like. Why would never try to do porn, a dead guy, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah sort of an unfair. Often I tear it does so the idea of creative processing.
To actually narrow the focus and really just talk about creative process yeah at which is something that probably the only thing I feel like. I have some amount of expertise at shark speaking of armchair expert yeah are their favorite blueprints of being created that you adhere to one of my favorite books, which is called letters to a young poet, it's written like a hundred years ago. It's by that the authors name real K, who was a poet, and he had this correspondence with fan. Really this. Kid started writing letters. Real gave felt a personal residence with the kid, and the book is just a series of another ten letters that real K wrote this kid and the kid is Ike
you know in the middle of military school wants to be a poet and it's all right writing letters to his favour. Poet saying like what should I do and will you read my poetry and what's life about? Unlike is: am I going down the right path? Basically, aha, an end to his fuckin Rayner Maria Real K. It takes it upon himself to write these beautiful law in depth very forthcoming and honest in, and not necessarily like sugar coated, some of its kind of brutally honest. He sure letters to a stranger to this young, Here too, we happens too, for whatever reason take a liking to a religion. But I'm gonna meant he must be spent whereas I mean many many hours, writing letters to this kid that he didn't know about his poetry and about writing in general and about life and about getting older and about just how to find meaning
being a creative person. He talks a lot about just not caring. What other people think how you go deep within yourself and find your own voice, and maybe that's part of what you're kind of alluding to that I've always liked struggled with I dont think. Unperfected all add it, because I do care a lot. What people think, but I strive to live in that place where I Georgia intrinsically motivated, as opposed exactly? I learned that those terms intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation when touch- and I were learning about parent I'll ride and ass, I This applies so much to being an artist Thea I think the simple explanation is: is you play guitar cause? You enjoy playing guitar verses, you're, playing it hard to get good to play for some one else yet because it out they'll validate, yes, M P, I strive for intrinsic motivation is well. I in my experience, that's where I fine
Joy me out is when I'm like, say blanket like: I do, play guitar actual. I like playing music. I've, never really done anything with it very professionally. Aha still do it all the time. Cause I really really love it now. Do I also struggle with like? Maybe I should have put out an oblong over there may be like the world would tell me I was great if I would just in the end. I still thing I still like stand by being happy just to an end in my room yak as the unfortunate thing, as is as we get other people's approvals, which definitely feels nice in the moment. This doesn't have any staying power. It is only really your own approval that can can have any kind of longevity. It's a very good way. To put it We did get that external delegation and its actual its addictive. There is the slot machine. It is that's la machine. You wait. It's a high
for a moment and then it goes away and then you want more, we and you don't even want to end even amount of it. You want more and then more more and more more and more and it's never enough and yeah did this. The the MT evaluation you were getting previously is no longer enough to give you that same feeling that you, God and so you need more. Yes, I know from experience now that just of scene, it time and time again when I'm able to get my head out of that space and just focus on how it feels here for myself to be in it. It's that's when I get really happy to see the name of it again: warrant emperor, the binding or the parking yeah. It's called creative processing, creative processing in our you on a network or something. How do we find your show? Katy? Thirteen is the company there are known for pod, save America, Ah, the things by Allah we find podcast on, don't sod costs are hands about a fine, etc, etc, and one does it come on August twentieth is the first episode
with Ryan Johnson, who you ma Gray, Gawain de listen to that, you is really fun. We talked about originality. Each episode starts with a question Ok, then, the conversation goes from there and it goes here and there, but we kind of get back to the question of whatever that question is for that episode and we take quest. It's just from the internet. I try to find like all. This would be a good question to ask Ryan Rye and though the question we s reign was about being a ridge. Because Ryan is such a mixture of a totally original voice, but also someone who draws heavily from other influences, like you mentioned brick break, is like basically a dashing Hammett novel dash amateurs like bit lino kind of the filmed wire, detective, Humphrey Bogart thing be. I got an issue, but he put this weird twist on setting in high school, and so
he's always playing with how to build originality out of pre existing parts yeah. He had so many great thoughts about what it means to have an original voice creatively. So we talked about that for an ok will listen. I, like you, your towns, it nice thing. I can't wait to listen to podcast, Monica you as well. You like Joe well! Well! Well! Well, I like that's. Alright, let's you do their neighbours the thing yeah yeah Now my favorite part of the show the back checked with my saw me safe cord Joey Gordy Levy, yeah Joey, gaudy levy like them. I liked him a lot to do these guys that I had an opinion of Yea told him. I told em.
Much many issues. Much more on approachable through EU noted was. Is he just triggered mayan securities bride? Is the only this prisons of a better actor? The mirror Morse claimed actor the main they think I'm low rent from the wrong side, the tracks? It was my insecurity. You think that about a lot of people doing so, oh yeah, you say it to a lot of people come near driving their like higher status, the moon. You say to a lot of people like. I could see the you think, I'm this this as you seven, I would say of all. There is a real number one image seventy percent of all news now, I don't think that is and
I know you believe that I know that is real to you sure sure that you feel that way about them, but nobody thus far up well, there's a few things happening virtual. Nobody thinks that at all. Secondly, almost like a grocer come to. No one is doing that and, secondly Emmy I'm just not to crush you but they're. Not thinking about that is true. ITALY true like evaluating whether year, whatever that you're afraid that they think of the yes so they're, not thinking about you, but then they have to put tat kind of these moments, all they do well, not pretend they think they they feel like. They have to be like that. Entertain the hypothesis No! No! I just just imagine somebody said that to you right,
obviously are gonna, say no one bright. Well, I've had this with friends of mine in the programme for actors, ring hooligans, press some kind of embarrassment about how their careers to me right, mother and I regularly say never once in this- is true. Never once has there. Been a part of how I'm evaluating my opinion about them. Never when there on a hot streak done, I dont think anything about them like that. The thing they're doing for money is the thing and police interested in about them. Shall I conclude We see it and others in I'm saying I am see, and I tried to tell them like I: don't I've never considered your job but, whether you working lot or non yeah it in an obviously go about ain't, no one's doing that towards me either yeah. But I can relate to feeling that way. Like, oh boy, am I didn't these feeling em up
earlier yeah. I get that and then also, though, it's a little different with those who, because you know those people there in your life, so even extra like broad horse. You don't care about their Jha being here, but there is a person but with strangers. It's easier to do it you're like oh, they just know this about me and this about me, and they probably have this opinion here. But really they don't and they're, not thinking about it and then, when you bring it up, they have to be like. Oh, I love you also enforce, remember and I think there they do. Of course they do, or maybe not maybe just like get out of the hole conversation know they do, but there's like there never gonna say to you. He actually, I did cannot think that saw employ them. Others, one wise, What's wrong with you, I'm just saying to you that you know this occurs: and comes up lot and it goes the exact same way every time and also because
There's no way it could go any other when you write when you're right, you're right of us I have to stop, I'm going to I'm to stop that, what I want. I try to get better at something, that's possible. Then you, above all things a waste of time, to see your point. What also they gonna say like now, man, of course, I don't think that about you We have made, and they don't know nobody does now by anybody. Be all: were opinions is mired in our own fears? It's ridiculous! Well, how not just spheres experience on earth there too go to G Jake, Gillian Hall, Levine! who So he was talking about harried Nelson meanness amount to musicians he loves and that he kind of stays away from
hearing about their story so that we can just- and he said that he thinks they both had documentaries netflix about them, harried Nelson One is called, who is Harry Nelson to not on that flax, alcohol, but it is a document or in the other. One is what happened, Miss amount and it is on that flight. All we should watch, we should I I would love to watch it or if you want to take his path and remove yourself, I did something one that's gonna, anger, both the and N Kristen, which is, I watch that documentary was Gaga well, I want to share something with Gaga put documentary. The one that was suggested yes, I do Let me just one by the what happened? Yes, all guy came third listeners know why we can all be upset blogger, so I threw the double crossing for a cheese Louise
I am in the car with you, and you know what you do it's nice and nothing and then use it. Oh there's some documentaries like this one, Recommended to us by Josh and I said: oh ok, we'll Chris christen, I'm gonna be home tonight, so we shouldn't watch that you're gonna want something else, and you said now: I'm gonna go to bed early, that's right, and then I watched it with Gaga. I watched it with Laurie. She wanted to watch something- and I am I didn't know what to say So, in a panic I just say when it had watched it and down. It was really good. I'm sorry to say thank you,
wrapped up around nine thirty nine anyways. I apologise that I did that. I got I don't know. I got scared. One part you left out, though, which is totally fine. It's just, I did then said do an hour after I said I'm gonna go to bed early. I said you know what I've changed my mind: o Connor Wanna watch a movie. If you want to, and then you see all now have made plans with Jason said totally understand it, yeah yeah. So there was I did. I did it wasn't a total and wasn't great it wasn't right, but they didn't invite you after I said I didn't want to get it right. All things are true. Do you feel good about yourself, I'm just getting you. Do you really do have that question like this so silly, which is why we can talk about it. Has over time watching show
then stop here just so so many people feel that nine, but everyone is dealing with this girl now or it feels like a real betrayal. Ah yeah. Like we were watching a show. The loudest voice loudest voice- and I left you you do- without telling me I now ass well, because part of me was thinking. I would just watch than relaunch it with you in Britain. I didn't. But within a period of time in pays Warhol them now, here's that can I just run you through the thought and houses in my head yeah. So last night. I think I can put that thing on and I'm like no social watch that with Monica and Kristen. But then I think we have so much stuff to watch
sure like? Where were behind them and handmaids we gotta catch up on that peace is coming in two seconds. We now have succession which were supposed to be watching and we now have righteous gemstones. So I think, are we gonna watch this document before any of the three things and I go no so now I'm choosing did not watches thing right now, so that I can watch it in three months and then it starts getting a little more like fuck it everyone will forget or will of watch other things. And four is it's not really at the top of the burner NEA and then I prioritize Gaga Gaga Michigan Lorry Christians mom is I want to make her happy and I think of the many different options. That's the one she'd like the most, kind of a horrific tail total she likes them a cab. I get that so users or other things that go through my head, but definitely go like. I am source awash with them, but I dont think that'll happen for months here. I get it, but what was the documentary
I wish I could remember the name it's about the did deep diver who his umbilical cord got severed working on AOL. It's called a manifold where the oil comes on the surface of the ocean floor in the North sea. There JP s system on the boat that keeps it one position its failed to the boat, sorted drifting off in a storm and it was wholly on the umbrella boards and then he got snagged on this thing underwater. It's it's crazy! It's it's nice and breath. What is it asked the outlets last Breton, its phenomenal, and it's so identical to something that would happen in space. Like the those two environments are virtually the same e yank is crazy, is incredible documentary, but something new lorry would flat glad you liked. It sounds like you're, not gonna ethical crossroads of. I should
play. It so doesn't feel like you got left out of something gray, light an obligation to the film makers who did a great job by with Roger Ales one, that's different, there's no gaga involved with that. You can't painted on somebody else's happy. But that again how that happened. I'm wrong is I'm back to work. I know whirling three weeks in a row then one week off and so we're just not watching tv at night really cuz. I have to wake up at six every morning, and so I'm like, I would not expect her to not watch this show for three and one slash. Two weeks gonna tell her just go on without me, and then knowing I'm going to do that, then I just are watching and by my large meet a guy I did now. Yes, I that's how it happened. I said to you: I I I text say: do you know how much his assistant now now now now now you watched and then mean
you were having a talk and I'll be forthcoming. We were coming out of a fire and we were talking to remedy that and you said you should finish the right, louder voice and, as I like, did you remember that reaction, rain, yeah, that's where I knows in and then use he had gone to so many you want, but I said you should you should finish it. That was my way saying that my way of bringing up that you should peel off infant after you had finished, it because I knew I was gonna. Save our share that wasn't gonna. Wait till I told you that we're in a fight we were talking a bunch, it was all gone,
look if you're willing to fight when I did we exactly. I knows her a lot more. They did just felt like ok, so were in a fight, and then he has just decided to move on with his life of ragged. Seaward felt that way, because I was being much more practical about it, which is ok, we're in a fight sore point watching tv You together this week, I'm also work every single day. What for twelve hours? I know we need to talk before arrogantly watching tv again, so I know best case scenario. Gonna have this talk and Saturday or something it's all so far away and I'm bored at lunch. But what do I do here? They are not an excuse ice. It was an act of betrayal. This is what we are dealing with and twenty nine. I know all things said like I hope that's the apex of my betrayal of you is that I want to show at work. I hope said yeah we can overcome dvd
tea ready. Ok, so you said that fleet would MAC, makes great love songs, but if you evaluate their actual romantic lives them ass, they all have twenty six husband and wives was a low. Ok, understand what you meant pipe and tat is what they ve all been married in a long time. Yet they have will do you want to hear a little synopsis of them Hemingway Stevie mix the do well who's, Mick, Mick, Mick, Fleetwood! Ok, you don't hear much about MIC mixed the drummer, so MIC Fleetwood is the fleet would inflict MAC. I want to say the guitar players. Something was the the MAC part, and they were a ban with Al Av or alive, and then they brought in Stevie next broke their original Fleetwood. Mac stuff is almost punk rock there's, some really cool orally Fleetwood MCA.
Zennor its way less without Stevie next year, oh interesting, and then I think many of the members fell over each other different time yeah. I guess this is what I have here, but this valley way more the do who joined the group in nineteen. Seventy four, and dating in the late nineteenth sixties. Their tumultuous, often on relationship officially ended during the making a rumours and nineteen seventy six, the vocalists and the drummer begin in a fair and nineteen seventy seven per winter when MIC was still married to first wife, Janni Boyd whoops, pair mutually agreed to end it soon after, but the damage to mix merit had already been done. Fleetwood MAX Co, founder the model, the model I don't know who that is in nineteen. Seventy and the pair had two daughters and nineteen. Seventy three make discovered his wife was having an affair with this good friend and fellow band member of Bob Weston. Oh, why make forest Bob out of the group and ended up
forcing Jenny in eighteen. Seventy five, the two remarried only to divorce a ghetto handler. Nineteen, seventy seven after mix affair was Stevie. Ah I was This is a man I love it soon after make began dating Stevie is best friend of fairer. This fellow cofounder John Mayer, it Christine in nineteen sixty eight and she officially joined the group and nineteen seventy and Orange Christine Macgregor. Some may be it on the last name. During the making of Rome where's. The pair was having marital problems and Christine engages in a fair with the bans, lighting door. All do ended up divorcing and eight seventy six, but Christine remained in the band into line. Ninety eight I mean what a reality show that would make my just bed swap and I've been every time they got to a fuckin, a city on their two or the hotel room doors were
This will be our forests cross in the hallway, sir. I would apart. I now and I loved you whatever you over the lighting director, he must have watching from the outside or a couple years gone like. How do I get myself in this circus? I wanna be bad happened at the hotel here he had to like to go to the hotel and Earl where what floor? Yes- and can I please get on that? Nobody just uses stare out his people at the hotel. She who was crisscrossing in what direction and it was so jealous of all the activity. Now, man and Maria we got in that media yeah, big leagues, You said in south Korea. They treat kids for video game addicts ok! So roughly one in ten south grandchildren between the ages of ten, a nineteen are addicted to the internet. According to the most recent government data in a new report, vice estimates that number could be as high as fifty
percent addicted gamers suffer sleep. Deprivation mood swings in seizures as a result of their dedication and make for less engaged citizens. In two thousand and eleven, the government passed the Cinderella ACT commonly known as the shut down law, which prevents children under the age of sixteen from accessing gaming website. Between midnight and six a m. While that's the only programme Yeah like crazy. Under this, some. Anyone in South Korea wishing to log into those sites must enter the age and coded national Idee, but I guess people like sure got around Lastly, doktor lead J, WAN and narrow psychiatry list at a hostile and saw told share. That online gaming accounts for roughly ninety percent of addiction. Cases in South Korea, of course, leg overnight. Gaming ban has its flaws. Some kids will use our parents ideas to hop online, a pretty amateur half
when the system fails to save kids from themselves. Some parents and plan alternate defensive mechanism: internet rehab, one quarter of teens diagnosed with internet additional, be hospitalized and a government sponsored centre like doktor lease practice. Shave visited this hospital and tried out some of the unusual therapies so that one jerking now that I now is your introduce them to the pleasure of jerking off? Oh instead, yeah, that's not a horrible idea. The first stage of treatment is a brain scan to test addiction. Shea watched game play while electrodes were strapped to his head. Next, he received some sort of Neuro Feedback or by a feedback therapy. The locations of which were unclear. He sat in a chair, ass Doktor Lee delivered a single electric shock via a brain pulse instruments in the seconds but the zapped, his whole body, shuddered and voluntarily, to a letter, yes in the final stage of their be shape.
Manager and watch footage of violent video games. Doctors measured how long he could observe without feeling a dire need to pick up a controller for internet addiction. Treatment is done about it. Waiting using the internet as a whole as more about a patient being able to control their use of the internet like a normal person. I've pessimistic views of everyone's you're. U proven addicted to things The road, the moderation to me seems rather than road abstinence, yeah some cases you can't like food right. You got a and internet really likes addiction. You gotta flax addiction. You could do it transfer where I am now you're gonna end up in a relationship in your partners can expect sacks year, but by then you may have figure as some tools but like when you are in the midst of it? You could stop having sex. Yes, yes, I mean
be wrong. I, my all things. Are you in the opposite? You flats you off for anyway, I'm not loving the sound. This electro shock therapy. Ok, he's kind of a jerk yeah who knows. I don't really know anything about electro shock therapy. I think it's bad I do, though, I'm leaning more and more and more is brought this up. I don't think I wanna screens in her house ever fuk it, we get it dirt, dirt, they're, smarter than us. If I can't compete with my phone and my phone is smarter than me and has me addicted to it and I'm forty four, what fucking shot does a twelve year old have with a underdeveloped Love I now is powerless. May minimize will give them working lines of cocaine, teach them how to handle it responsibly. I mean it's really hard. I get up and you I don't think we're moving. You can't they're gonna go to their friend
houses get so great so that they do it there, but just now I dont think that way to get kid I just I don't know, I don't think I think they have their whole life to be addicted to the stupid phone in their hand, why not give them a ten years not addicted to first, it's not gonna happen that Vigo, eighteen years out of phone is like I'm. Basically and abstinence are being aware of the utter Alyssa, The second is the connection and it's positive. Now Wolf things Debbie down in the case of what, like they get more used on the time you get moving molesting in between two people who wanna, be there that's as I always about connection some all know, nobody Betty you minimally. It's about you. No pleasure should be pleasurable.
Whatever yeah shit yeah, they wondering, is good, and one thing is, I know, yeah, I think sex is good. I think staring into your hands is not good right. That's their opinion Yes, it is hand because our people think sex is not good for young people, that is. Why ignoring hundred fifty thousand years of history ok yeah and I do think when you about frontal lobes, an emotional kids do or do not have emotional stability, so the sex can not be good for them in that, way where they can get taken advantage. They can use sex to going. They don't want of eight years sex or you're, doing it to get approval. Yeah, that's terrible sex before you re to have sex terrible if your kid is. Horny and wants to engage in saxony in some kind of respect for our union
somebody yeah. I think its positive, I did hear teachers been fucking since we men homo sapiens. That's why you start your period at thirteen and not ninety, so Dasso lived much border lie so the kind of had to start earlier. Also, I'm totally pro also except, I do think kids get a problem. Of our own, even nope. It's a hard time, it's hard for adults to manage emotions and sex ride, but true phones, any outside of the former like a caning pain, a scenario where my lifespan made better by a phone while for work has kiss yeah, containment, access me jack you, my tax, though every ten minutes is deplorable. I know, but I also like air Emmi. Do I like a mean again if
if that's your only level of connection you're getting in life link of your only on your phone, that's a problem, but if it's an additive connection right the order maintain real life connection does, but I mean it's another way to connect with people you already love in the end, people who are far away. The you don't get to see. I think it's lovely I'd rather write you a letter on Monday and morality. That says hey. Would you like to watch tv on Wednesday and then you mail me a response and it gets there on Friday all right, I just India I'm making real I'm making a binary, and I hate minor, I'm trying to say, is good or bad. There are good things and really bad things are still doing, though, that the world is so big around you into focus, your attention near hand is intrinsically bad Armenia. I agree here, maybe they're wrong.
Those that can be put in place, Lakewood Tall Bench, a hard said which is like the rule is your phone stays in the kitchen at night, so you can pick it up first, and the more like China, like minimize. Some of that, could you were you really just need to get used to it like? Oh, I really want that thing. I can't have it. Oh in life went on the more times you can experience that gap that the less fearful you'll be about losing the thing yeah. So as many times as you could practice that, like oh yeah, I'm agitated for fifteen minutes and then life went on and I was fine beer, good now? Ok, so eighty per cent of videos on Facebook Twitter wash without sound? Yes, eighty five. As the number I found some crazy to long for their type, the turnout, everything now
when it was your video diverted close captioning do a basic, oh ok! So he did this popular commercial. Her to play moment. You play these commercial media, Mr Russia, at the door you having at your breakfast, you die all. I know to check what time for can't types: that's why why it doesn't care real good. Real fact was speaking to his father. Yeah, don't forget your luck. Oh he's, holding a brief
is up and running at your homework. It was a role reversal. Have fantasy fulfilment, yeah you're in charge? Your dad Azra, no wonder, was successful. Doesn't view crazy when you go to watch an old out on you too and then, but you have to watch an ad first year, see the old adage in an anomaly watching and I had had the right or they could the worse as one arm the they Montes trailers? Are you going to see a trailer and illegal fucking, you a commercial before a trail. The trailer is a commercial speaking that there's a new, really interesting teaser. The movie bombshell. Who was here? Did you see her arm? Oh god, you both have to watch it. I am a little hazy that teaser is three women Charlie's thereon, bulkhead men and Mark Nicky Nicky Kitty and Margo be more you I'll be Margie Marge you army, and they are
An elevator throughout this whole teaser in their kind at like, looks really anxious its and building anticipation, anticipation, anticipation and then the doors open and one of the Ladys walks out. And its Fox news there at all, and so some of these characters I think, are real, but I think may be one is like fictional. So I'm curious how this is all gonna happen. It looks so interesting and good, but this was an interesting thought expire, because Kelly works a nap likes. My friend count. She sent me the teaser and then for movie. No, it's it's not like yeah, and then she owes its introduced a really interesting conversation at my office, because most of the men feel like its anticlimactic It's not that interesting needs more needs like when you plot. We need step and the women feel like it
Darwin Notional Powerful there, which I fully agree with some curious. What you guys be makes sense, though, yeah, I'm gonna funny like boys, are so visual. I mean not to do gender things, but will also are there's some kind of like theirs Can a mirror neuron experience that many women have had in the elevator waiting to go into the lions den that guy's just haven't? Had we don't know what it's gonna open up to ill? That's right! Now, it's not really lake. Believing in general has been very generous women, more afraid of elevators than men, just in general. Well, because it was it was. It was wisely painted on at Samara interviewed like imagine getting into an elevator. You I'm saying this: the men now yeah imagined getting into an elevator with with a silver back guerrilla cause you're out Wade by twice
general. If your woman and you get an elevator you're getting into a steel box with another animal, that's twice or saw yeah, that's isn't it! Currently a little die. I think you're, probably right, I'm sure, there's the fear level is little bit heightened for women and elevators. Then when I think an elevator, but my anxiety, peaks, discuss Abdo and awkward exchange with a stranger, that's my anxiety, not then I'm gonna get out, attacked and raped in there. Also not an issue Emmy not to this diminish your fear, but you don't need a fear that cause you could use. Quiet, not tat. I can. I can, I feel, like everyone feels so uncomfortable. I have to break the ice and put everyone at ease. Super codependent, an elevator Gobi. Some guy would like a headset uneven, but he's fine. I think
Even you think, that's co dependency, but really the near putting that prison. The position that then have to engage with you, its total projection yeah. I talked about this with armed with Ricky Glasses on his body. Gas ease like you're, just projecting that those people feels awkward as you do and I'll make you dead right, I'm just assuming that they feel is awkward as I do cause you're standing like a foot from a stranger. Sometimes your touching a stranger you're all looking forward to this protocol that you don't turn and look at one. The whole thing is very awkward. A thing is my most awkward experiences in life. Elevator everyone's been dead, quiet, oh, it's so awkward. You don't feel how I doubt why don't I know what you mean, but I do not feel the need to communicate with the other people. Unless something like funny happens, like you can press the button wing and then ass, the colonel out not far, would never comment on a farm. Nobody told myself, I always far too big
tension to relieve everybody. As so. I never feel that and sing. Lord Codependent is so interesting here because I feel like I don't want that person to feel uncomfortable. That's co, dependence right, the same thing and I think o your average person doesn't The skill set to break this situation with a fun joke cooking, so it's like falling under my shoulders. So I have to be the one to relieve everyone suffering cause. I should be able to do that. Brain and you know some outgoing assure you are out. I need your great making jokes baby. Kitty Beryl Sounder than that's a little bit of the self involved perspective if that, like I'm, the only one or you could possibly
Why and why intention? That's not there that I've, Meda, aha and with attention is very waits. People. Don't care they're, wait there, thinking about their thing, going what they're about to do and then someone's like crack in some jokes: next to right, some guy could just be like the. He can't get a floor. Eight fast enough costs. On the verge of shooting diarrhoea he's right. Even thinking of me he's like singularly focused around quickly and from the elevator to the the employ bathroom That's an option then year making him Tom, you look awful here now you can you can just let it go your heart, you can do it. I believe in you. That is all. That's all tat would lawyer play my voice message. Oh sure, I could be found ends. We one minute ways, memo first I'll say this: I played a voice member the other day of Houston Estes,
You said that you had a form voice, mammal yeah, and here it is- was caused some dp. Unless this mass speech Japanese and he was explained how they put vowels. After all, the continents- and I said all like macro down- reduce Mcdonald's in japan- is MAC. Gonna do that. These idea. How do you know that all my ex girlfriend spoke a bit japanese and then he said on fact she could sing rude off the Red nose, reindeer and Japanese in its thick Who does song and japanese IA and then so that cause me to texture and ask her. She still knew how to sing it. She said yes, she did. I say, would you please record it for me and then she has, and I want to share cause it's it's a real uplifting solvency, not gonna burn the guy tat. No one had our law, none came off and those who do you not know he unbound, okay fan guy, had a buddy ARCA dying on Cuba, got a gun
I know how I got Jago need that soon over them all when she saw the guide on long Oh my I, like the middle part, the mild. I love that love back and also at one point I feel, like I heard her say to ourselves- Their main areas under Brazil now willing to find out. I played it. Dear million people were, but I had something like that. I know well, it's gonna, like you know it is just like justice. Pit typically belongs, Strunk, JANET Swedish YA, either something so take away about hearing a familiar song and a different language. So that that was probably maybe the number one party trick out a beggar to do, I'm love like did she spent time in Japan? No, she took it
was he's from Washington and there is a large japanese population there. They taught Japanese in her high schools, Anti Champneys my eyes. I wasn't offered to me either yet I also think around so I'm one year older than her two years two years older, When I was like eighteen team, you had the micro credit book the rising sun and then they made them the Wesley Snipes movie about it. We had all this huge Japan phobia they the basically they were the China today were Japan was to be the number one economy in the world and so at the same time be warlike. We gotta learn, Japanese, they're gonna be the number one economy in the world waiting. There is push for everyone to learn, Japanese, so that we can do business with them yet ever the now that the fear is transferred to China and the examples like its funding to be old enough to have lived through these cycles of fearing different people because I remember during the chinese Olympics, which unite
that opening liar monies was so spectacular, the Beijing Olympics, but on the cover of some magazines, I've seen like chinese coaches push athletes to perform through injuries like they were uniquely savage and this right animals like we do the exact same thing we have on these fuckin backgrounds were so excited. People did back flip some broken, but now we have AIDS yeah yeah. What is different about this word is like an hour in this phase of China. Phobia saw so what they're doing is unique and then not to make excuse as for the Russians, but then when it was in Sochi, resolve these articles that they rounded up dogs and killed him and sounds horrific right wing. That is a river yeah, but we killed some million dogs in this country. We also round of talks, we put them in, you, know, get handle and then, if they don't get adopted, we kill them. So it is just a little pop up kettle. Black guess, you're right here and it's all just
perpetuating like. Oh now, we gotta be afraid of their own. I am rehashing unless I'm like me, don't do that, verify it app or You know, I think a lot of countries stands right now. I'm gay issues is deplorable. It's absolutely deplorable and at the same time, and only when you get Stana of Fuckin, you know ivory tower moral high ground, judging those people, because just five years ago. It was illegal to get married, so knows on things we also push for private use. We can push, were progress without a position of superiority and arrogant, sell it really what I'm striving for. I great media thanks for letting me preach. Well, the current leader, so you get a new armchairs, not at all pleased my ones that states that plainly I love you love you and happy birthday thanks
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