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Josh Duhamel (Transformers, NBC's Las Vegas, When In Rome, Love, Simon) is an American actor, model and director. Josh sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his dad's breed of tough love, his struggle to become less of a people pleaser and how Steven Spielberg changed his life. Josh recounts the time he beat Ashton Kutcher in a modeling contest and Dax commits to objectifying Josh's body. The two talk about soap opera acting, how men prove their friendship and Dax and Monica reveal the most epic white elephant gift in the fact check.

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ha ha ha Bruce Mousse. Rules, law. Merry Christmas, everybody wants an arm chair expert, I'm back shepherd. What did you think of my Elvis Presley impersonation Monica pretty good? there's another one. I like a lot too, though loom. Now you can hear any Christmas. I can easily. I wonder if he didn't router No, go were so rules, are those words are
It sounds like hers, Mozilla, Google, to do so, was normal. Your exasperated our little exaggerated, but, as you can see, I'm full of Christ. Miss cheer in approach is immoral. an act that its leaving so I want everyone to really really just be present for this day enjoy. I guess that's all. This is a public service announcement to saying enjoy the holidays, yeah yeah. What am I Boyfriends is here today: oh that's, right, yeah! I got a handful of boyfriends and this this guy's one on Josh do her male yeah. Now I'm using the greek pronunciation, how it spelled it is spell Duhamel. Look I don't really need to explained anyone who Josh do mail is only now he's again a handful.
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because I was when I first met do mass what she supposed to say. I know what that's on the spot and by the way, that's what you're gonna leave with. applause you got your way of this are like, farming. We welcome to this. I know I imagine its triggering for you triggering yeah So do you hate being who do you hate? Having your looks talked about now the older I get the more I now you're starting to reserve. If that's what I try to lead every conversations I've got in vain. I, but you know I am I. What do I want to say I here's what I want to be seen ass. I dont care of anyone tells me I'm funny. I don't care big, If you tell me I'm hot among cloud, you aren't you always want. You always want to be recognised in the yard. Such a little shitty Turkey, but it is just as Madeira
a bicycle or bicycle devices area, something with two wheels. I wanna brag minimally two wheels. Sometimes you always want to be something you think you're, not right, would you agree with that jobs? You do Georgia in general, be Harrowby here like like, like actors, all of a sudden make they gotta be a musician yeah. I did. I have lots of dreams of things that I wish I could be. Your heart thought I was gonna be a professional athletes are realised, I'm not nearly ethnic enough that fine that's hard for me to stomach, because we ve had some content. Of a bath lattices, we have you ve Domini, so that only points out how drastically out of the running I yeah well dressed. Try to rebuild an agency who wins out. One ok, yeah, I might take out there you're a little emasculated actually around acts because he's like you could do who can fix shit? I now so many people come on here and say they had six,
literally tear apart. It's not my old age. Track? Radio I could bang put about together, make it work. It's not even a comment on how good I am and anything it's gonna how bad actors hours since I think you're right a lot of guys come on here and they seemed like that about me, but again a thousand Michigan, a very low level mechanical scale or use. You know me a North Dakota yeah. Will you will you delivered, though? A North Dakota Eurostar quarterback in high school I bright, eyed plates, I wouldn't star, is a little strong. I play It won't be easy, but I wasn't a star. You have to be the star of the high school team. laying college my crazy about that you're, not like the third string, fuckin quarterback and in high school in a play. in college, I actually split time even in high school, with, with with this younger I'm not hungry. I had a battle. All the way through even college was always about others. Never I was never the guy,
ok and it always sort of fuel me a piss me off because I felt like I should have been the guy right like I hid, earn the spot, but for whatever reason the cautious didn't it. They did not bizarre to order the stats one another. I was more of a passer and these guys were more runners in I try to avoid contact as much as possible. You did which coaches in football don't necessarily love, but of all the positions in football the quarterbacks expect. And protect themselves right right when it was it. I didn't joy at it. I did like it knocked around, but I was not a running like option style court about right. In how long have you been this imposing high your six four six, three somethin yours? I don't think so. by six for your six three than I'm now Ex three anymore. Ok, this college, your six five for cash. With these boots on Daphne six five, I was always a tall skinny like ganglia kid,
early was out. So do you remember your stats from senior year of but your highness whale to find a fuck you. Let me let me start over my very easily are about this year. I am slowly getting into the size like what I always what I want. I weighed. I have no idea. I do remember this now, because I was very insecure but my weight when I was playing football special at mountain state. Do we have these weigh ins and I remember cuz I couldn't get to a two hundred pound. I really wanted to be two hundred pounds. That's the big marker and I literally stuffed his little two and a half pound weights in my other type of tight shorts as a spandex shorts. And I stuff too little five pound weights in my hips o Y gotta and still didn't hit two hundred hours. You don't you the only guy who cheated in no way and be more desperately trying to be bigger than that. I was because I was skinny house, brick cocky
Kay and you would have known, though you are still one many forces who was it forth a coach. Did you think I should like always hundred let's why on earth purely just to get in that in the end, in the program when they walk into the stadium sooner pounds he's a legit court about. That makes a lot of six for one. Eighty, so did you do we? things to gain weight? Did you have like the genes the weight, gainer and drink eggs in she attacked everything that I could took. These supplements the turn my pistol neon, yellow, not sure that my liver Can you have ever recovered and I did a lot of stuff. It was a big deal for me college football was a bigger, but here's the thing about. If there's anything to be learned from this particular conversation is I worked and worked and worked for something that I thought I was gonna get it didn't happen and it was not only did it not
up in it was a heartbreaking, a hot, and it wasn't even about me being a professional. I knew that wasn't gonna help it was the It went down the way the coat I just had the falling out with his couch, and it it was one of those moments where you gotta pick yourself back up, because I was devastating for me for a long time and part of the reason why I met with the following. I was: did you ate his daughter? Well, it know now here. I got fired for screwing the basketball culture. For years. I really like he is grew. The basketball was the best mortgage under age, and I don't know I don't know. I guess it just was They would promote a great and be like a funny story,
vodka made good, also like lay in bed and strategizing, compare tat to happen, not only good for the programme athletic direct. Your watch happening on the dole of hope right now, we're talking like mushrooms, that's exactly up something lawyer, the pointing hold on hold on or care. So I'm gonna blow path. Now, that's it is we don't blow passes. It sounds to me, like maybe the actual infringement was more fucking, my college campuses than like, if they were just in their car in the parking lot of Chile's, maybe they wouldn't have been relieved of their rowdy. I think it was something that happened on caches graven, those students, they're having on campus. All over the place are encouraged to college outdoing approaches are a cause of each and every citizen. They lay the adult. There's like it's like, I remember going with so all over. They have sex anymore. My mom had my youngest sister it for
five years are really. Has I got my god? What are you doing here? I am forty five now Borneo than ever. I want to get to your falling out cause. I don't you like, there's something there, but before we get there did it ever called reminded do steroids. You must therein attempted to do, but I mean you we were North Dakota wasn't like it was easy to get right Hollywood it. yeah good. I, like I'm glad you're admitting you know I would have been something was done. Was I needed to get shot? I tried to get his big strong, as I could. If I could have taken an injection that would have made me as funding is Chris Farley Oda Fuckin done at whose kitten who loved? I wonder- is the cocaine tacos before when I didn't even have the scheme of
we just a game. We just had Conan on yesterday and we got to relive the fact that my first appearance on the show I was woken up by security. My hotel room with a stranger and one of us has peed the bed and that's what happened when I did Coke I did it become Cresswell. I ended up with strangers and every one of us pay the bed. I came out of a blackout- in thirty minutes later on. When I was in the show, is there you tube? That's all. I got his easy that there is but a minor offence you, you wouldn't really be able to tell really I drink. three rebels on the way to the theatre, and a couple more lines, I didn't have course there was none, laugh they never had any lamb, so dark leaving available up North Dakota. Do people do math or anything? I think I think there Some of that not all, remember any that now when we were young, just a lot of beer b, we drink a lot happier about weed. I remember getting just obliterated,
a freshman year were literally wanted to die after taking shots of. It was the cinema oh yeah, fireballs, logger, balls or something it was just a took and literally could headache was so bad that I wanted to die in that about his about it got admonish state of Europe. We want our north yeah was that can such as wasn't is available. Why, if it were, I don't I didn't run across it. Why don't you have that fund accident? I had to have been, longer than I was there. Ok, I remembered you have all ye all you all right. the first some I realize I had an accident was when I called home to my to talk to my dad and Susie his long time. I think that they never got married but lovers. They ve been together for thirty five something years.
and I called home and as I can soon my dad there she has all know he's in what Dena. As I got that sound like Italian, I saw him like an So I think I made a conscious and she's the end. I love there. I love the axe and oh yeah he's really enduring about it, but May I remember people saying what is this that Irish million from Ireland. We that's a strange access, Attila from North Dakota, to save you from North Carolina has ignored North Dakota and farmers are like so you for coming. Second South Dakota, North Dakota. Nobody remembers it even me. I've been guilty yeah a couple times. You ve correct me as yet, north North Korea? Would a body or break your mama's schoolteacher in dad? Was it he sold advertisement? He used to sell ads in the elevator yellow pages back in the day then studies on company, where he now in its heads, had this company for trouble twenty five years and has done well.
You want to go to the grocery store or any store, and you get a receipt on. The back of that receipt is a coupon for ten percent off at the local dry, clean or whatever. It is rice. My dad makes those seats. Most there also receipts makes the ads go to town to town from Minnesota Montana and its little town has these things in any made a nice little living from. So that's all. It's the most obscure profession ever You talk about me, but he is, you know, he's he's happy. Is it safe to say he's the king of receipt, you part of the I think you may be the nor I think he married north. Ok. Now, let's go back to college. What was this fall out? You had with Europe, oh god, okay, so it wasn't. It was just so. I was a local kid. I was
I came from on high, went to school at minus state. This coach had this idea that he Recruit California Quartermaster Group, these guys from Canada. After all over, so he had it in his mind that these guys are obviously better. So is it was a constant sort of appeal battle to try to beat these guys out, and I felt like my junior and senior year, I had won the job and for whatever reason I had to split time with with guys, and I look Can it now? It was the best thing that could happen to me, but then, like what more can I do to prove you know? I just felt like I couldn't I couldn't no matter what I did. I wasn't gonna proof of this guy that I was his guy You might have been right. Maybe I wasn't good enough. I mean I had a part to play. So did you have an actual moment? Were you talk back to him or now it was after my senior season. I'm not proud of this put, it was
after the end of the year. Anybody here, these these big linemen recruits infancy, or something maybe he's walking down the hallway and it tries to introduce me to these guys that they flown in, which is a big deal from out of state yugos. Josh, I said fuck, you can walk in his eye what what what I was. I had a lot of anger at that time. I am not really proud of that, but I did it. I remember he came back after that in just gave it to me. I get back to my told him everything that I felt about him and he D, and he told me what he felt about me and it was just a cathartic in of ways, because I got a lotta rage had stood, and you know, and in it was it was a sort of a watershed moment for the both of us. Were you did you find it all again. I got a few scraps YA partner. Is I don't drink whisky anymore, but now? Ok, you and your fellow crane I did a little dark cloud. The forms over my head, the last night
then I got in was in Detroit Lakes Minnesota and their known for this amazing fourth of July celebrations in everybody goes. Therein is just like a it's. It's it's a zoo. I don't know what happened. We were all three or just me and my buddies. I think we're like sophomores in college or something- and something happens were of kittens kerfuffle with them dude in the barn and up when the the both at this restaurant Barnes punched him in the face ass hot ass. I can and I get yanked out of the place. Romeo and then all of sudden this guy comes out once more like for news and we're in the middle of the street in in Detroit Legs. Like this main dragged, it goes right along the beach. In a note, the broader bars of our to write the Middle street. I want some more so Oh god, I see the guy's guy see these other guys come in and in an I'm like I've got thirty and thirty two
beat the shit out of me. You them only tell you yeah, I'm there I'll, never forget it as hard, as I could of my left hand left. Swung and caught him straight on their forget. He got this dizzy. Look in his eye and I just ran, I ran and they all started chasing me, and I ran away back to my hotel, which is maybe half a mile away, went in there looking taken through the blinders to see if there come in, they didn't change shirts, and over the bar, hop defence went back and nobody's oh good. For a year, for me, that's gonna, like gum. What are they call avenues robin you? U rally yet you can re already well you're Goin Railway. That sounds that kind of a version of a few can rallies at or we're going way back. This is probably not have maybe ninety three. Now it's interesting. So that was the lass kerfuffle. Does you call? I was the last real fight? I think I've ever it because I would imagine, because you are so good looking and then your face
and you also go out and drink at bars or at least used to. Are there a bunch of blowhards trying to act like they're, pissed you're there cuz, the girls are excited and they've been working on some gal all night A minor painted robbers, lemon dry absent in you straw, through their LAS Vegas through T shirt I just wanted you. Don't we don't guys haven't guys Shit with you all the time, I'm not really really enjoying drinking some good it sort of avoiding those situations. That's what I'm wondering me, I'm not a fighter idle, looked fight, I've in! If something like that, I am able to diffuse it quickly. Will that's what I'm getting I feel like. You must have some good defusing and I just feel, like you know, guys we're getting a lot of fight and then I don't do anything like that. Generally, they did something. You know, as I can After all this happened last again to end the week before like realizing near the common denominator. In all your break up, writing every girl had probably away
as we are here to take me everywhere. Yeah yeah, yeah Maria, should work on that year. Yet at night you, he told me a fight story a couple weeks ago. One saturday. You tell me that you told me that you're gonna fight recently their eyes old, but he told his story, Scottie Little is a little crazy either sometimes yeah. I know of any more, not less guy, I know, but he was telling us go about getting in a fight in his like what was I supposed to do ass. He could just laugh. Oh, I know exactly the story. It was when the gang bangers deliberately picked the fight with, as at one a m in they loss, and I felt like justice had been sir, it's a great when bullies walk in Place, Nathan gave you know and they got you rode addresses all the main Scotty really handled, Israeli really and we were just Uncloud nine after that, because we didn't do anything. We're does it was me You see where I'm the nice time one on these two deeds walking in just
of me out of nowhere and then it's on an down and we prevailed, and I feel like that's just yeah. I was very proud of story. Monica was very disappointing, matador reeling, they not only get deserve when you get it. When I remember that have great, I felt when I was like my competing this guy up right now I was come, have winning this fight. I gotta get out here before I get points to the fact that its eyes, very tenuous grasp on victory. You're always do your best to get out of there is sentenced respecting its. I gotta go. I myself am mostly over it. Now, though, once there really is people like that are not yet from a small town, I'm from a small town, my bodies that something we really valued in one another that that we would be there for one another right in, and I ate took me a good fifteen years, direct maize, no one- and I always looking for that. For me- that's not what they like about me. but it was a realization like in Detroit like you,
the way you showed your friend you loved him is like I'll, absolutely square off with these two guys at defiling kicker, write his I'm, I'm in it with you. Ok, I'm going to show you, I love you and I maybe we'll use. I got your back and we all had proved that to one another overtime and my little group of friends that was very apprised virtue and it is a price should be there. The boys, but is the utmost here, it's completely unnecessary in really most in my current friends. It just makes them very anxious to Oh that I will get in something physically at any minute that make this a Mig mill, save it makes them feel very dangerously. They have your back indifferent way. They have your back and that they would be like we're. Leaving now see and I'm protecting you and your life by saying we're going now right does. I will say that it's a true test, to which friends truly have your butt,
it's a defining moment. Right can be, but I'm curious, what but what age your parents he divorce. Fourth grade you already rough. I was a fourth Korea was. It was still probably this date. The most dramatic thing I ever went through, because you know you think you think it's you think your world is one thing suddenly that world doesn't isn't gonna exist, yes as it did so that was that was on. That was a real hard one for me. Fourth grade you're used to having dad in the house every morning the I presume you stayed with your mom when will dad on the weekends or whatever yeah, that was, that was pretty much how it went and then dad's at least my experience, it's weird to see dad in like an apartment right or something like it's a rock, yeah. He and he struggled for a while. My dad it was it was not even apartment with a car for a little bit was like an apartment above the grog shop, which has a liquor store and wrong senator,
ok, it was. I would you go, spend the weekend there yet, but we do know. However, we just load had been with that and so you'd three little sisters are- and I had one sister at the time I might to us Sisters were born much later so yeah I mean it was. It was definitely an adjustment. I remember him very emotional was really emotional kid. I think that that that's really when it came out, because I was so traumatized by the thing I remember I would just cause- I Didn'T- have the tools to really do with anything, I would just cry yeah. I would you out lose a game and soccer, and I just fuckin cry- or I was you know something upset me and I just couldn't. I couldn't stop it and I met my TED taken. Music. Listen! It's ok, that your emotional, but but he likes a cry baby out like a cat and after that I sort of I realise that you know that was his It may not have been the most therapeutic way to do it, but.
I knew what he meant. I knew that it was coming from a good play again you Germany's Agro, navies dad's were tasked with a different thing. Then it probably but whatever your dad was thinkin fuck. I gotta protect my kid. If he's kind, old timing aiming at his aunts k, everyday they're, going to make fun of armies, lives can be miserable than keeps up. This pouting and then there was another one just spoke somewhere. Where am I gonna this lab school in mine? I was, I was a teaches college Months- Data Teachers College in extorted- that is this lab schools is really great. It's unconcern ways of teaching, and so when I went to see them went to seventh grade like like a formal, conventional school with desks and books and the whole thing I struggle the first half of the year and I met my dad come enemies like listen. Ah, nobody like Donnie? Forty really call they like
Nobody likes dummy now. Take what you need. you need that unity will not start Union hurt Neurotic Belgrade's. You need figure this out again. the cry and under control. Now, that's where maybe wasn't the most you know of all going to do it. But again I knew where it was coming from and it worked. I started getting better grace after that. Yeah it good little telling that is is each time the penalty would be not being light. Giving that's his issue. Are your why I acknowledge that you wanted approval? That's it that's a pattern that that I'm working through at the moment This is one of those things I talk to you about is like learning to care less about what people think about me and not not look for validation, your approval from people because of what their opinions might being just be.
me. While I have the experience we met in two thousand ten when in Rome, where maybe two, oh nine, whatever came out in two thousand webbed, your member, when I came up behind you on the street near city, you mugging You legitimately scared. I think that's the last time I had a good scare. You got another, you came behind me. I think you are in a doorway black doorway and I want to buy the doorway in fucking leaped out Gimme, all your money, stabbed shy, pull sixty reading, that I've been her hat on removing the driver on you, but we met there in your ear. Incredibly likeable usage, couple guy in your generous guy, and you know I
Oh I will. I will give a character testimony that you're not lying about working, really hard count. Your very hard worker, you don't complain, rats, I'm curious about that blow it because you get really frustrated with yours, often acting I've watched it another thing that I'm working on in you get that gives you tell me: do that onset, in fact. I would do a great do now and we get the Christian I'll get back to our most daring ever say. You'd know India doubly Otto myself, but again this is one of those things that I'm workin on. He would go like Hugo like nor Christians name in the movie is what he really gale. I came all the way across town to see you here
fucking thought: let's go get what we would like Bahrainis, I would be myself down, are really in it by the way that fairly recently to adjust. I want you do nobody aims. Eyes like this is where now, eight years later, seven years later still is take me it's one of the honour things too on his hair with sown in its it's one of those things that that I had a really bad temper when I was a kid and but would you self right, not myself. He has never really directed anyone, but me, and people like to you too hard on yourself I just have to do this. I have to do this, but I really don't have to There's, no reason to do that is just in it all. It all goes into this this this feeling of not being good enough. You not couldn't have you got, beat yourself up to get there and who do you
think it. She was the original person you're trying to work with a dad. It was mom and dad mom and dad I mom had a high x ray Asian, very area that my mom mom and dad always very. He was he was my biggest cheerleader here like I said I was moved to California. I go get em kid Mama's agreement What are you may not like? her certainly dies a gun and what I knew that the always knew what he was doing it because you really believe me and he was always my biggest cheerleader on the sidelines or whatever, and even now, yes in my was the same way but much more reserved and she didn't. She thought I should have been a dentist. What are you doing degree in biology should be going to dental school. What do you do with your act? White? You got a job on a soap. Gas is the best yeah. I was then she turned, but you know the way can be really good intention. My mother thought I was six years old going to become the present the United States
I really cherish how much she believed them. Yet it was a lie to fulfil, and I regularly would be in these trunk stupors and all I can imagine is like. Oh, my god of my mom saw me right now. What a fucking disappointment while I do have problems speaks some of the wire past yadda yadda yadda yadda projected facade for everyone in your way escaping was by numbing out because I would get hammer and I really did go fuck where I was re life. It's very liberating in that way. A yeah I've been there man yeah, so so yet what? when I met you my first year, I guess of knowing you it wasn't even that long as I can disguise is perfect. I think he's. My worldly thought I would say this Dickerson, like he's gorgeous Only he hasn't tried to fuck you yeah, that's weird! Let me now I hear they could are. You are right. There are set the whole time watching
We have found a way in my worst. My lowers the points I would have found on. Never forget because you ve just started dating oh yeah, you guess it just started dating. There are like in all immigrants, because it there was their just madly in love and I'm member, because I had mad respect for Dax even before this is gonna God Dax in this movie and I remember I remember part of the reason I got so in secures cause. I saw you over there watching, as I got him right now. All though I may labors, that's ever elizabetta thought through other forget it stay too. If you dare,
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These expectations there were these in I was I was there was that people expect a lot from me and that was a lot to bear, while also probably self imposed right, largely It probably bookshelf impose yeah was like. Let me ask you, I'm the one who put those expectations on myself. and I imagine you enjoy beating the shit out of yourself. I did I'm working on it. You work at an end. It's not an easy thing to do when you do something that your shameful about her, something that you regret to be able to go. You know what I've fucked up, but I'm not a bad guy. I deliver value. that's another I mean, did it all, goes to make self worth and value and an inn,
and looking externally to feel hall all these kinds of things that that I think, as I've got gotten older, I'm starting to have more self values more self worth. Therefore, I you no more able to forgive myself. Yeah yeah aren't so, let's walk through this, this fun right, because it doesn't work out with football, but you mean again Allie mean a wonderful woman, and you follow her to California in a bunch of weird jobs, but somehow you become a model Let's talk about those other jobs for how can grant I was working. I learned how to it's what I'm not completely inept. By the way, I know how to write forgot a backhoe and excavator a front end loader a bobcat. In fact, I have one my cabinet illegal, you love, so I worked in a life, my step, that was a construction worker wherever he owned a construction company like like pipeline stuff.
Never even wanted to do anything to do with that when I was cutting in North Dakota, when I moved to California Eye, for whatever reason now, I wanted to work construction, so I did all these crazy jobs. You know. I also worked at the gap and I worked in a while later houses and I did construction and during that time then I was if it goes in Sacramento when we're really can get into the modeling thing or oil we MOSS. here. The here's the ears, the misconception about that. I did it for about six months. Maybe now, for about a year, will the- no reason every little success will, but the reason we have bring a modeling is the only thing I really want to get to. You is that you beat Ashton, I'll shoot out, which I finally an amazing. I was a real letter sex. I was like real wives, zoo lander. If it truly was sea or in some kind of modelling contests yeah and you one yes in,
Ashton was runner up. Isn't that I have for you guys, were you guys? It's matters, this here's how he was by Christopher Use Chris Do you remember, meaning all yeah I'll? Never forget it! Oh because here's the thing I got I've never been in here, and there was this agency in Sacramento that offered to like pay my way to Gaza. Yeah I'll go not really knowing what I was getting into. It was called the cheating we'd be naked on a russian dude yard? At any point, there was already a point of order. You are likely to be is. Is it my call guy? Is that supposed to be, in my mind, this is what we advertising here. They got me. Also. I go to New York in this thing because we can cut out. So I totally
we will try to, but only the loop it. So I go to this thing and there's a thousand people, their thousand contestants male female actors models. Whatever I was pretty intimidated, I was pre fresh North Dakota Time Party near the town. Was twenty three as the week goes on, there's like certain things, there's like them. There's like, though, there's like fashion and swimwear, where there we're gonna walk in August, swimsuit down. What are they gonna run away back in its literally like, like Miss USA, and how would you like we're, laugh it and now, but the mentally like? Where were you when you were walking down the cat walk in the swimsuit? What we're like what thoughts were going through all in I was good, I want you all on competitive mode of good I'd. Also, zero regrets the
let us all you look at all the case on the field, so you you'd seizures is looked at all. as the weak went on. The word became like theirs is there's three guys there like sort of in the running, for there is some dude from forget where he was from and then this kid from Cedar Rapids Ye Iowa were absent from her and me. Oh, my guess. Why was I was a money to be one now the off no rang. Now nobody involved, you got it. You got like modeling contracts, locally, muddled dead, but that it wasn't even guarantee you missing itself because on this happens, the word the buzz. Is that it's me Ashton in? some other dude, and so now?
I'm really into now. What do I do? How can I lot better? ads. when I walk when we review magazine in your own romanized that literally have us up on stage at the left and all sort of presentation see who wins. like seven guys up their fifth for third runner up, secular up and then first runner up its it between mean fashion and they say his name o my god, literally you might as well through a t, are on my head ass across my chest. I was they lifted me as you must have been confused. You use confused, but we are also competitive. We're like rather like throwing like he's an athlete area, throwing like those competitive chair, sure term tearing each other. swimsuits bags, they ask that of putting a Stanley
wine is one suit, Rubbia Lowbrow, Margaret so soon after after I win this thing. I think I'm off to the races. This is like this, my ticket to fuck fakir, nothing happened for four. there's really hit that are even get that agency. On track and I gave it literally. Nothing happened here, kid Boston, became ashen got that Calvin Klein campaigning out that seventy got something Mary. I got out so jealous of him for so long as I am in it. I didn't down like what happened rights this Motherfuckers on her own house meal.
I would have been upset by that. So I had to go, beat the streets for many years and in an that's for sure, that's about it. I realize I wanted to to get into acting the harm because the modelling and was going nowhere. Ok, shocking to me, I could have seen you, unlike american Eagle lands in like very ask. You have our crombie, because what you out over ashen is you're kind of bigger frame. I love your frame I grant you know that members amazing about use your ass. Can I wonder if it's something that you just you built that foundation in your twenties and Mc College, and now you don't really have to work on a much it just, It dad is that, as is dead ass, are you doing like a lotta, lunges Ernie, you really of great but She got her.
my eyes off I'm up in Vancouver last year, really yellow pages we weren't randomize. No, he just be wearing like a random outfit, but is actually jets out to attach a lot of this is this is really great prize, and I didn't tell you then know that shocks now thinking at the whole time did you use, do specifically target here ass when you exercise. Now not generally. Now you knew it. I mean I want my answer for these pancakes. I'm focus Ivan Viking a little bit. Ok, other helps Jotapata helps yellow gonna problem. Ok, so you you somehow, after that for your hiatus from the spotlight. You end up, I think, is it starts with music videos right. That's the first acting working sooty. During angular is gaining in a bottle of bottle. It did it on a summer video
but we will have an on those sats relay. Ah, this is ass. Well, I was just basically an extra on on need. Christiana there were ok. I thought I had like a Rob. If you have any brain, is he going to literally have to like stop it? Stop it in find it, and then you ll see me like I'm half a frame I had. I was so intimidated by the whole thing. At that point, I was not ready to even Vienna sat because I would still like to so star short by it all goes like this, the almost. Why pay for this this food, unstable rise? service its free. While who do we settle up with, I have for care it somehow, as do many negative, as I was there. I was it took me a while just to get comfortable honest. Or can I ask you one question before we propose? We marched through this. Did you have up? Let me start with the famous Chris Rock choke. The viewer heard this, which one of his where he says men are only his faithful as their options. Ok, ok now I don't think
true, but but I also think it's true. So when you look like you, do you have a lot of options? that means and see- or now it was it hard for you to stay faithful to when you are younger I was younger. Were you like a true? kind of it was easy for less I've had enough. I've had there were moments for sure, but for the most part, I've been I've gone from three c three relationship five year relationship, another three relationship and then I met Fergie where, together for thirteen years, younger cereal, monogamist yeah say the for the most part I was I was I've been a guy who, through doesn't do that. You want me to say this. I didn't feel very good ok, so I was regularly trying to get some girl to prove that I was so. I do wonder if you're just good looking to you
don't have that chip on your shoulder, or are you still trying to get approval from girls at you, somehow assesses being out your range or something to really good question. That's a good question because because there are several dynamics, it play I'm not thirty years old anymore. Forty five right, I want to have more kids, ok, now, yeah, while in the next few years, years. So it's more about finding someone young enough to have kids. like your mother's age, happening, the care doubts about ass, but it does all, but at the same so it's there it's not as if I'm out there trying to just
Anything, I really really not, who I don't know what I'd, but more importantly, have you have you ever tried to find a girl and I can be, will be within a family with Russia. Because you forget, I haven't- got a great relationship. I love that girl. I always will Europe. Unfortunately, we didn't work, but I will always have her back and in she is the mother. My baby, and so You seem to have a very amicably. Do we really do she's she's awesome, so trying to find that you know somebody you kind of I'm looking for, but did you in the past? Did you ever try to get someone to elevate your own selfish Is it just a hearing of you? If you could answer this question, may I mean maybe that's maybe that's part of my problem is that I needed I like I like the action I like the chain,
I like London, while all that stuff, you know you were thinking. Generic hunting is primal for us to have that the others. There are certain people that you see and you just want. Yes and it's not always the most beautiful person it's there's did people have theirs, there's something that happens and oftentimes was people Javert. For I don't have it for you, it's hard for me, blue zone doesn't everybody. I will accept that this dead, how lonely he had so you you get all my children. This is gonna, be an enormous thing for you. Yes, it was huge right. It was. but yeah. It was an opportunity for me to I mean. First of all, my mom watch soap operas my whole life. She watch the young and the restless remember she wanted me to be a dentist yeah and so I was that was there was a big opportunity for me and mostly because I was pretty green. When I got it, I've been taking all the classes, I could add, moved out
it's a great place to learn that isn't it was like boot camp and I will never. I don't regret any of it because it was. It was just one of those moments, and I knew this because I've been watching for so long that I knew what I was expected to do, and I said The only way that I'm going gonna stand out is if I just bought a system, untried, different things, and I I got nominated for an m is three years in a row and one my doing one yeah yeah, which was and bull that there's. If there is it that is the biggest I feel like I, pulled off the biggest scam of all time. She has. I didn't know what the hell I was doin. I was just wing in it. Gas go, and I just went in had first and tried things and they started to like it. Then they start right for it. Will you have that quality? Even though you really self critical? You also are brave as an actor. You will try You will try anything like the director says: blank, don't act for office,
you have this moving car is very small man all covered with you try anything which has been really cool yeah. Again. It goes back to wanting to just I I have this feeling still to this day. I ve been doing this for twenty years. Now that I'm, going off a huge scam, yet he feel fraudulent all over yeah. I feel like I'm a fraud. I know I'm just I'm just make them making it up. As I go and obviously I have a lot of experience now and I'm trusting myself more, but he no home, I'm still them still try figured out yet if it can be cancers, do not think he belongs, I am sure that your ass, you can make amazingly be a self fulfilling prophecy right. You gonna, take yourself yeah.
I don't deserve the shrill, and that was part of my problem for long term. I think that's. What help me back is that it was a never true Believe that I deserved it never believe I would I'd like. I don't belong in this in this club in this club, and so so it's taken me along I feel like, I feel much more comfortable now than I ever have, but yeah man, so it takes, takes all too ready to not only you know, go go after it in this business, but then to Albert. I should believe that you that you belong the the amendment on the other side of that is back tonight, even giving a fuckin realize I, oh, what is any of it? May I, like I actually used to think of who was better or worse actor, and I had this fake conversation in my head last night, where someone said I was worse actor by train. I just imagine thinking how much I wouldn't care. If I was
discovered to be a worse or better act reality, one, unlike whatever pain, I built right. Am I now feel that way of outward Hungary is like what does any other matter? I gonna fuckin, some kids to call right now. The mechanics of making a soap opera are hysterical right. You don't, you make a whole show every yeah, you shoot you shoot, setting sixty sixty pages it ain't that can be done. If anyone who doesn't know about veil me, I free they got three cameras. They're all rolling was like theatre. a lot of ways in your learning some days: you're, learning, twenty pages, a dialogue or something yeah I mean, I would say at home, every night, just grinding learning my stuff, but it was a great. I still believe that it is a good place to learn. Frightened, somebody, green and in learning the hundred presented, get because ninety percent of it is getting comfortable on, sat it's getting comfortable learning. We, your light is learning how to learn. Lines is learning how to deal with
media much smaller scale. Because you see so many, these young kids now who come up and they shoot superstar him and they dont not a handle any of its rights. So, for me it was a good way to sort of slow my feet wet, get it get a lot of experience and I just told us but I was gonna. Do it for three years? No matter what could they offered me a nice contract at the end of it stay and as I understand I gotta go go go, go ahead, ideas of what I wanted to do, and I am glad I did you weren't, that tempted by money. It would be hard for me to turn down real money. It was hard for me to accept ever had money here and but I'd also knew that it. If I really wanted to go after it, I couldn't day. There forever right, and you got I imagine, a pretty instantly famous with a very specific group of demographic mostly women, the right people saying seriously now twenty years ago LEO.
Greenly greenly was my girl on the show, my sister in law during one in Rome, my sister in law, who has seen many many people, but our house never his cared my trainer, daring when in Rome had done like twelve episodes of a fuckin soap opera in she lost her yes, yet they are. Those are the best fans yeah really were yeah because I just did they believe they know? You did your sister, when you, when you got that show that they think maybe I should move out there. No, I don't think they have really had that my sister actually could have easily done it Sheridan much better. They look like you do they have nice bonds, like you, they have amazing ass, a hockey player. I haven't. We always like DAS arrogance, like every other view, about their sisters and has, in fact not a comfortable subjects, but I will say to us my youngest sister capacity: they used to color ass city,
real. I want you just call my sister in law, all their city of funding by the rain, so that's gonna balls. You leave all my children, and then how long between all my children in LAS Vegas you get nervous at any point, we all fuck, I should have stayed for, did pretty because you get LAS Vegas. It was about a year afterwards. I guess of auditioning going after stuff, but I got all I got LAS Vegas in Winter day with TAT, Hamilton kind of at the same time, all really are ever, which would happen. First, wow, because you're very good and charismatic and when a date with tat hamilton- and it felt like you- you it felt to me, like you- knew what it felt like to be that guy. yeah. I guess I I guess what I saw that I thought this is natural he's on LAS Vegas. This is, but you we weren't you're nine, nor the order was right.
I thought all yet. This is Ashton Those are my hat I was like others. Make sense is like this essential he's, pretend you think I'd be asked, and this is the guy he dashed PETE the Hell out of me still, so you see the store thorn in his eye. I can't wait to see you tomorrow, work somewhere god he so funny, because we have laughed about an hour return. My seems, I think it's great so LAS Vegas. Was that awesome? Did you did you love that I did? If there's any thing that I can say about my perspective on all of this is that I have appreciated every opportunity, because again, I felt like what I got that job on raw materials, like, oh, my god, I'm on tv on Tv- and I just I just work- I just saw appreciative of work. I've done a lot of shit. Job
for a long time, and so when I got Vegas, I hate it. When I hear people strike wanting to get out a shower a miserable here. It's like dude, you lucky you work at what does a lot of people out? There would love to be in position and for me it was five years. It was a lot of work that was probably the hard much right, not more work than that than the self, because the days were longer, even they too have miss. Dialogue is a lot more work. You weren't in Vegas, though you are here and now that we set the pilot in Vegas. Ok, so I loved it knows it was five years and it was done. good run, yeah in aiding crazy have been Jimmy. Conjuring I've right airs Everyday I've never met him, but I I know a few people that met them in them. In that one of the descriptions I heard that I love and, I repeat, even though I've never met him, is like a friend of mine who worked with them said like oh he's a greatest.
Historians with him punching out something like the punchline of everyone. Historians is, then I punch this caught her eye, so we're going guys like that, will ease the use that guy that operates best amidst chaos or yeah. He needs to like. If things are common in cop ascetic, born gets e gets uncomfortable, he's a create something I have always been but truly- and I think he'd be the first to tell you even eat these, like a purist in them in a sense that he just acts first, he doesn't think about, doesn't give a shit about when anybody thinks says in does things that without without any attention to what the consequences. I'll, be right and it's got them into a lot of trouble, but he's just a genuinely sweet guy you know. You're gonna, get your expectations right about a guy who famously resided at the Playboy mansion Jelly, a guy that you knows, lived there
What are you starting at that time? I've heard a couple great Montgomery UP, but what you said about him like it always ends with a with a with a punch. Yeah I remain don't be a scene where he, you know he was always a kind of a tough guy in the show too and heat in it. He would hear always turn it into a much bigger thing that need to be first. It was just like he talks closely to the guy and he says this is a subtle threat or by the end of the scene. He had a pencil, I was doing something tat. They do full Nels or the guy was like we're, so we, I guess, we're to bring a stunt double they must everyone in the guy out through the window Unita pointed to the window. They played against them by all that every soldier he was working like we got it Jimmy going to throw this guy off this gap, alchemy does it go. He's gonna throw that when we make sure that's that's that's stunt glass. I used to say
Things like. I want a punch you right in the nose to break is walking literally. What I have written a piece of paper were his was. be triggered by you because he was the alpha stud of the centre. He's lead of my favorite movie of all, but one day the fish he has his favorite movie. Toolbar, though, is it he's bad as mother fucker in that Europe is a bad man. He is also like You know lived the the precise so harry. He was just imagine if I'm him and All- older. Now, I'm not the sex symbol of the thing in this guy's taller than me and bigger, I got it. I just would imagine there be a little triggering well if it was like. I said before, I'm good sort of fusing them right. You electrons, ignored him respect and I showed him you know, and it was always funny because he
I always knew when he didn't something I was doing performance wise because it was like this is like come over here for a minute. I want to talk to you about something I know God, Any talk to me about like the sea, but but I'd never took offence to appease Jimmy COM was to get me. motherhood raising a godfather I'll take it sunny- and you know I learned a lot from whom I learned a lot Watch in Amman and you'll be the first to say you can learn from me both by what I do and what I shouldn't have done. Ah, is this part? True that Spielberg hand picked you off of seeing LAS Vegas to be in transformers I could direct we're partners kitten movie. Not only that this is that Steven Spielberg as Ben. I can guardian angel for me really year when it
dream works did when it ate with ten Appleton. Ok, he looked at the screen test, for that is that if I was doing this movie, I pick him real, which I think helped me get Vegas and then there was some scenes in a much more. He had anything to do with me getting the job on Vegas, but I know that that was also more show and he'd seen an episode I had come back from my rack and I had this post traumatic stress stuff going on and it was dark and it was really a lot of fun to play and he'd seen it and told bay. We should look at this kid in our member, a member getting the part and Leslie Feldman, whose very dear friend casting directors worked for him forever. I called us a lesson one. Why do I am, I think this guy he's done that he's like sort of tapped me a couple of times it is, which is completely changed,
trajectory my career is equal column, as I could even call him. I can just see or hear put you through, puts Miller phone calls me in sends me in these areas as where is he he's at home It is always office at home, picks up the phone and as I could when a conversation. Now I see kid you not, and he was just here. for memory about what he'd seen he said, what love to see me do in transformers, and you know that was that was it asked what the hell is going on. Now. Having said all, that he's never actually put me in one of his movies loud. so you like me, he's been is truly banner. That conversation were you like panic talking I would feel like a little, but I always see the steep myself you bird, I just your chair, so I wanna Daytime Amy you know this, but you now made a good choice.
yeah. I remember how I think I blacked out during the conversation. I think I just said something like I don't know, thank you and I dont know what I did to deserve it. But thank you and you know, he's justice. If you met him, never really really weirdly sweet man is a yes and I just a genuinely nice guy thy read like raging balls that book raging bulls, something it's all about the seventy cinema and in that book It talks about him having kind of up a party side, and then I got really excited about it first and is a building as perfect these unapproachable, but then he was very much mix in the south, and it is one that everybody in the seventies and eighties part of you know that was part of the production budget that made me like him weirdly. I don't ever more time liking people than I perceive as being flawless.
I can't relate at all I mean I'm ex scumbag. I don't think there's any body whose spotless out there they re are. You should be pre skeptical of yeah yeah. I think it's. You know it's hard to get through this whole journey without stepping in some shit yeah. Now how many transformers evident for five four of them, though there has been, for there was five you weren't before I didn't do the fourth one, the fourth on. Why not because Wahlberg came on didn't want me around, you know wanting I better looking guy the sun, but now they were just get a red tape. When he came, there were just consider. Retool gotcha and then and then it may the next one they wanted to bring the back. That's great, Hauser Yoga, second annuity. I mean incredible to get into the gift that keeps on giving real do you worry about Manito, not really. That's great
It's not like. I have in the supplies of money now, but you spend a crazy with money Oh, you ve had the same pickup truck since I met you nine years ago. It you just got your first new car. What twelve years under two that I did not hear about my first new car is five months ago, any nowhere, Armani or anything that I can now you generally sweats just four years. A thing about money, too, is that I would rather and I've been easily is sometimes you gonna take jobs for money. You do it's just part of it. A little more art. It is some for commerce, but what I have tried to do, or what, trying to do more is just be, is selective as I possibly can be. Just a half. Sustainability is, if I start doing crap you careered won't last long, so I've been very good with my money so that I can, you know, make smart decisions, hopefully yeah
make it through the lean years. Yes, the last show you did was Vince. Is it Gillian or Gila Gilligan its Gilligan yeah? I thought that's too pedestrian. When I read the spelling of it, I thought I can't really be Gilligan. Gilligan admitted it since Gilligan yeah, but the island. Yet my little buddy you were on battle creek, which was his first show after right. Breaking bad right. You must have had crazy expectations for that. David Shore was the shall runner. You know, there's all kinds of things about that. That's all the ingredients and you in all you can ever do is try to stack. The deck is best. You can and hope that people watching this the network is I find it. It had great reviews. The just the network has never got behind it and it was so frustrating says about we're. Making a good show I remember running into you cause I had I had come up with an idea. I want to do with you at showed,
I remember that in then I remember reading that you're doing match. Now ass. I was writing scenes and am I now see seven years, yeah! That's not really what I was saying where one year, where one and done, but you know again, sometimes how do you take things like that? I was ok with it. Oh god otherwise arise. Because I want to do enough in this. We have the support of the people that are putting it out there and we didn't write True enough, they didn't do anything to support the showers promoter shall yeah and if that's the way, Who's gonna be. I didn't want to be charged for you don't, take it still not fund to be part of something that doesnt work will write more I'd taken over a share of the responsibility. Even when I have nothing the fuck railway? Do I and that's why it's bad for me is important. Just try to use RAF. That's that's! That's you know, has credibility. So what made you wanted direct because Ears
One thing you and I are now in the cyclical. You do me a favor. I do you feel you do me a favor I like that goes on for decades, a year in year virtually cause, I did. Eighty are for your movie last we elect fuck, he can I gotta tell you, will all agree is anyway. What what did you do had time? How long I was an eighty aren't like I will give you are there for an hour fifteen's all my ear, what hair got up your ass? so you're, like I'm gonna direct. I'm gonna put energy into doing this. Why always felt like I could do it. I always felt like I had an eye for, I feel like I knew what a seen how a scene should play I didn't know where a lot of the technical things I didn't. I didn't pay enough attention to the cameras and stuff throughout my career, which I wish I would have been now, I'm taking a much more proactive approach about that. You know, and I was always worried about do. I know not doing no enough joy Am. I really will handle the questions that are coming out. Makers prop department, wardrobe,
Do you know whatever their just everybody's got questions? Would I be able to handle it yeah? That was what scared me the most about it. now the prepping over the house, but I had done a few- movies, where, with directors that I was like the fuck, is he too? I should be doing this. Back and it wasn't that they work good. I just felt like they didn't have I had I could I understood how is seen should be added better right. You know, I understood the nuances of the behaviour and things that make it seem more interesting and at least that's. Why fought as I can but I want to do this and I wanted to find the right project and it became this. The buddy games right. And because I thought I could see how I wanted it to play out and that was kind of when I just finally said you can do it. You can do this and I hired guys, like you and James or day who'd, also directed idyllic dude. I get thirty minutes
This is why we are not getting. It did help have you and road day there with me, and you did you help me a lot with that? You know just and some others so the day just to get stuff shot in its delicate scenes and like Dax, help me get this thing. She is beautiful. That's wonderful! I'm so happy to hear that But it is also did it under the the. I think. The best way to do it, to be honest, also Dona both ways, but to do it would not enough time and enough money. There I'd like that it too. I mean, obviously I wish I had a little more time, a little more money showered or she now they're trying to get the music while that that's where it kills using house yeah yeah by hate that music as every year, and we literally have five thousand dollars the budget
For me, that's not even a close to us on the do. You know that that hit and run we made for legit one million dollars. Did you really, but when we sold it we said we, we want a big, music budget. Basically, so I have a million dollars of music in a million dollar. Really, how did you pull that? I am I dont really now. I doubt it Do it again? If, but somehow we we we we got that yeah! I'm sure you know it! Two I mean every step along. The way has just been one hurdle after another after another, and its truly feels like that. My my biggest accomplishment in my life aha, believe that I'm at this point that this movies at work about to go to post in Vancouver next week, to finish it and I'll, be like it's done yeah and then we have to put it out there. You must minimally walk away Goin. Yet I made them We I would want to go, see right I'd I did
You feel like you did that I totally do and I feel in its. funny. Emmy will show it twice to audiences now and it's big reactions of party and I didn't of people going to get my footsteps. Humor sharp and they were laughin. They were Rochester in both of em, and I was like such a gratifying feeling Oh my god. They think it's funny, DNS, really what I was gone for. It is wanted it to be funny and so yeah. proud of it. I can't wait for people to see it forever for to you by the way for fur from donating a week in half your life for free fortunately we did have like everybody. The came to that came for you now No other reason than to just contribute, yeah Nobody was their other than they just want to help, and that's why you know. I am truly grateful to every single person I cast in bodies were there so really quick that in real life you and your college friends would get together and you'd. Have this weird obstacle course weekend the body game
and then so you made a movie about it in the real bodies. Were there they did come While we were there when I was there came, they were there. I was an odd cares. I remember: guys you can't be drinking on set. Not where they drink, you how they were drunk or they will be able to examine how I would have behaved with my friends, four million in some amino movie about, as it was a wonder at some point. So one of the bodies with certain I was playing a very specific and I was doing a real good job that tibetan people make conversation like. We don't Billina store, figuring. I shouldn't watch some video or some was I plain a real. Now you are playing my your character is based on me. If anybody ok, we'll walk, we now looks right. or the budget to have all of them, their yeah drunk and not only that, but what they didn't realize that
because I order you start drinking at seven o clock at night and we're going to eight in the morning he answered applause. It is time we get the camera around to them their sole. Don't you want to be there anymore, oh good, there's nothing better than inviting someone who loves whether the idea of a movie set does invite them. First two hours, ethics so little time and be disillusioning others. It will then be boring as things in the world is watching painter There are already like hung over and had to stand in the same spot for twelve hours, really spectacular there's one last question I have to ask you before you guns is gonna, be hard won I am in a very public marriage and when I think about you know we ve been together eleven years, but like we live in real life, we might not always be together? I sometimes think about what the fall out of that would be my hunches that America would definitely side with Tom
what, and I will listen to the podcast Bateman by the way said the dude probably take her a week before. Somebody better all the affair, If that is it, that is a reason to keep. What's this in your upward and onward, if we broke up, I be like ok, downward and backwards, but I do think of it like. I feel the pressure of like this is weird. They have. Everyone know you're, together into the embrace, that in life, and I always feel like half, we broke man I would it be ones I'd- feel bad about vat. I doesn't feel weirdly bad about breaking people's hearts that were rooting for us with that an element in getting divorced that was hard yeah, Yes, so again,.
I was never comfortable with the public sort of power couple me I got into more its. They had nothing to do how much I loved her right, but I wasn't ready for all of that, because I still get I got you do that you, like your Fergus husband Charter, as they are now axiom example: actors together in that area, and it took me a long time to get like past that for animals, my ego. Otherwise I am a person to an unjust Mr Fergie yeah, but I learned did you find it endearing after? You know we're together for a long time, and I just laughed at off after that young people its challenging. I think, as a guys, we're we're from from. I had a hard I've had a hard time in the past. Going like come, I'm wife makes more money than me. Stew, Thirdly, like a caveman like emasculated by that.
Well, I did you ever have that yeah. Of course I mean she met a lot more money than I did. But again, that's not really about that. At the end of the day, in our and I'm always going to have her back yeah. It was, it was tough. You know the public part of it was prop. Was it wasn't an easy thing to go through, especially the break up? I don't know if people are in force or not, but it is there something sad about that, because you want a route for people to stay together, yeah, you know, and once you get past that and not really give a shit what people think yeah and just focus on the child's. I guess what I'm saying is that as someone who, admittedly, is worth about what people think yeah end fucking up? You don't ever want to fail at anything. I've just imagine that heavy it is in, and I know I know that people are gonna, say things about me and brought them Mabel blame me for whatever nobody knows what what happened here,
it just didn't work and at the same time it's like. I dont think I really don't care anymore, because I'm just I'm it it doesn't it because I know we know the truth. I know the true of yeah and what really matters is that we are united in raising our sun yeah. That's all. I really give us one acutest. it's in the world cannot be regarded as you to hear what they do. We were trying to matchmaker, because when you did a day on ship, she brought acts all Lincoln? Was there s rights couple? blonde little. They are now lookers shovel find each other simply out of nervous manager and its other. What the best the best story, though about you Fergie Balin. I was that when we did it when in Rome I dipped you dipped in Christian Bell dipped she chewed tobacco, the are yet it's my fault so deferred. Well, that's get into. Is that when we remember we went to ITALY, we're going to in ITALY, for I think
There was broad enough dip. We are completely remember this year were completely out a different, more panicking, the in Fergie coming to visit bring the Epp and you had Fergie bring like duffel bag of data she did and shivering I fully duffel bag. So there was, it was so much dibs President stop right, customs and There was a moment where we were on this little piazza. We're fail, meaning he was visiting, sat and us three were working and we were all dipping and we all had spit I said I will stimulate gonna lie like this would be the most fantastic paparazzi photo, whether it be the only time. I never really want to being a paparazzi photo of all four of US dirt bags. Dipping in this beautiful p ads you it's a haunted. The cable do that we quit when that movie really such entirely dipping regularly. All all days
you ve got into the different flavors. She had a peach apple. You really like the divine flavors targeted tools, the weirdest things I tell you. This is about doing this to bring I would like my attention. You really I can she did for a while and then she quit as a kind of happy she quit of gourds. I felt so guilty that bells. Started because of me we're just drive in the car and look over and she's I it is putting it she's already putting it in my all honey. Don't stop start this very week where I quit for almost eight years and then I fuck and went off again in a few years thrust. Why is not black Tyrone? That's not that's not blocked on Ireland
anyways. I love you what's cool about you, two's people would now is that you are. You worked very hard on yourself. Mew, like you, you are engaged in the fight to be a better person and mentally to be healthier version of Usanga and adding that's really admirable. I think It's the most important thing, the you got it. You gotta put your own oxygen mass com before you can help anyone else right right right. So I'm a work in progress, but in some enjoy and I actually like learning about past patterns, psychology different ways to meditate all these different things that that somehow make everything else seem less important, yeah viewing it a grasp, at least on that. Like all these things we take for granted that we do a lot of them destructive a lot of them, for that We just kind of take for granted that that's who we are, but there's like there's something at the bottom of it all. Why we're doing any of the things we're doing the right yeah. It's good question to ask
we state that I adore you. I look forward to our many many favours. We do back and forth on this on this marathon. We're both in this column reach rounds, ok, Rachel and I'm gonna get. I will have your budgets before we die. I don't care if I have to go on steroids, vague they they make implants for that now. The real thing I wanna be our neighbourly thirty nine inch vertically, I love. You are right levy to run. And now my favorite part of the show the fact checked, my soul maiden Monica Badman Church, the fact we're balls of horror, Eve Allah la la la LA too, is disease. Then to jerk fags ease dialogue, other la la la la long ago with her computer going Applying out all airs great.
Merry Christmas anchor cannabis grew a happy new year, you think I'm a screw No, you didn't want to do a song. Some feel like that. It's getting laborious is what I was saying. I guess a listener. I feel like I gotta through another song empty by combat, ok, so Josh You're gonna be quick Grosch do her male. Why is it going to be quick mines? And there are many facts at all. In fact, there's no facts, so you
said that you guys met in two thousand and nine. When in Romania came out to those in TAT and that's right, oh boy came onto doesn't answer. I assume you shot in two thousand. I came on January two thousand ten weird time to release a comedy and we pay the price for it. Rarely do so hot people size sure these things end up on tv and then you catch him. You know you're flick him I've seen it works is checking with how you're feeling today re great, ok Saturday night was the handsome holiday Christmas. party, a word which is a real Bach Molly Abbess Party of the year. So fine they do a big, huge white elephant. The biggest there are recurring gifts that come back itself, find it really is fun, something that really are called everyone by surprise was we
Asked year brought a rethink, risen, anime drought; yes, we had, it may be so easy Baxter. I said there was a gift. That was recurring every year, a dick of drawers as a large, vertical penis and then in the bean, as there were three sliding drawers. Yes and if you ended up with that in no one stole it from you and you're, stuck with it or obligated to bring it back the following year, but redecorated exactly so the first year, Somebody brought it and then and then the neck steer who have the person who got it. I think it was Jackie, Org or brought it back and had like painted it.
a morose like well hours veins and there was hair, add that was jealous, diverse and then the second year came back. He came back was painted black, ok and then it's been. It's been through a lot came back as a NASA space Shuttle WAR, men had to get retired because John, to put it in a humongous, lucite tube, no blood now glow with little miniature train. That war I mean getting. It was beyond description. It was incredible increased in God at that year retired and retired it, and then the next year brought back a chest of drawers that that was custom made and it's too fat matches. Virtues yeah on honor
Dance yeah in the boobs are on the face of the drawer. Yes, and then there are some pronounce nipples as poles. Yes, you can get in and out of the door, in somebody converted the son of a bitch into it. I d make accurate or basically, as there. But I would mean believe this. If I was listening to you now, but there's a tap on the top of the knights. one there at all. One nipple works, the tap onboard the vote. Yes, you, like a toggle swear, pushed the nipple down. You don't tune in Tokyo. Now you just push the nipple down in beer comes out of a top yes and then the other nipple, now activates a built in land and bolted today, It was incredible. One ingenuity and engineering went into yes, I I talked to them after they said they were so relieved that the year was over because it took some
much effort has been working on at all year and he had to take it to Mexico or, oh, my god I mean we can. And then I wouldn't tell my story about my present, so I was number five. That's early in the game. It's not ideal. Ideally you want like twenty eight, because then you can, you can see. Things have been stolen a few times. You can walk something in right and I got I went early and I picked a cactus potted cat. Very cute was very q, but I wanted this blanket Ryan and Amy's face really badly and no one was stealing my cactus, even though it was so cute, but there were some hi ticket items are was like a hundred dollars. There is a lot of stuff, though, is getting picked up. A library of the day
yeah, which was stolen, like a sign of a great present, is how much it stolen, darling yeah. It was stolen a couple times right now, doktor just once again once and you got stuck with that cactus while no one wanted it wanted, and I look so there. I, when I wanted that blanket, really bad, and then you have the opportunity at the end of the night, to get me a new din and which was a little as I was in the worst. I was number one your number one year, but I to steal something for delta yeah. I had two. There is someone brought a unicorn night lamp in she loves unicorns. Having therefore re I'm sorry, I didn't have to steal, even though you even know what can I do You you could, you could have brought the unicorn lamp. I'm gonna need the blanket that we can't buy, but ok as vine.
and I guess it's just hard cause. I just bought Delta a lot of unicorn acute from offer. Thank you again on Wednesday anyway, who made the young Hansen, Brian and Amy other matter, and Then, later in the evening, Charlie Perfect, ten Charlie, came up to me and said I have a confession. I brought the cactus I myself will I love a cactuses just because the one that blanket and he said he I went to the store and he picked out and he parted it himself and oil, and now I'm so happy. I have they cactus this story is a happy any gas Sheena Guide, the blanket and before I knew as Charlie's cactus, I went up to shoot. I said: do you want
pray. Do I can have that blanket than she would think about it and then, before she left after I found out it was Charlie's cactus. She commitment, cheese, ok about you know we can train message. You know I don't want to trade anymore wow they are now tional journey. You fell betrayed by me. Yeah, you felt resentful, you felt like you got the short end of the stick. He tried to broker a deal than you rescinded. The offer I mean so much happened to you last night and seen I left her gift, so I do get the blank. Oh my god! so you got everything you want. It yes suppose I didn't get your loyalty, Well, I didn't get, but that's ok, look, I know now you know there's only like couple people. You could test your loyalty against my loyalty to you against. You can't pick delta. In fact, I would, if you picked me up
without a for anything? I would be disappointed in you. I wouldn't, but I would just by her that lamp, why don't know how to buy a lamp problems all right? Ok anyway, the fact check. So, oh you said you couldn't remember Christians name in the mood in that movie and her name is Beth Martin oh in when in wrong cat Beth Elisabeth, presumably Elizabeth Martin and everyone called her back. or Bettina. Is that one form of back thirty seven Bethany. That makes me think of on topic. The blessing from family Vacation Bath and he's the one that can't remember the blessing. So instead she does pledge allegiance, have haven't seen only this year
why why? Well, I am, I will watch it it's now Sunday, so guys, I'm already given panicky Christmas is almost here and I wanted to be a couple weeks away. If I wanted to be a couple weeks away for the next month and a half year, I now be I'm already, starting with the adjective he's starting the panic about going away. I now I understand that you have meaning those feeling they do, and I also had them about the way my house looks like I'm only gonna have I'm only gonna build experiences for another week. Then I go home when I come back to tear it all down it, so say no, we will get a fix this. I think that you know. There's a lot of things in this country that we gotta come out from another angle and see if we can do better ass. Something needs to be done.
How about Christmas. Eddies, alas, allow longer so I'd be yeah vote for that matter. I believe that, as a prop like, I know that the the Sultana Brunei when he has his birthday it's for the entire month, the whole country celebrates for the for the whole month. You know the matches, the Sultan, that's never be Jesus. We should be celebrating all year, yeah we ever stop celebrating. I guess what the Christians ABC always be Christmas. This. You know what now were wrong. We win enjoy it. If it was all year, we have done something to look forward to turn. Then your birthday comes at something. To look forward to a lesson was we're gonna. Do something fun for ok, ready, I hope January. Second, oh ok, to do remember your name in the movie in when in Rome. I only do because I gave myself the name o you dad.
Yeah gal. He. I guess I had it in my mind that girl was obsessed with wind wind and gale thought it was the most powerful force on earth. Oh yeah and well, in fact, I wrote a little scene rose explaining that Christians character and she said I think waters the most powerful, like you know, made the Grand Canyon stuff. They disagree with her. So at scale for gale force, wind he's named after a while. They really gave me a free rein. Wade's, whom much latitude create that character of gale US fun, be. I was fond, you get me some other ownership over the thing doing it met you get you down much more invested, I'm in the hotel room, writing scenes and staff about the power of wind, yeah, yeah, ok, ok, the book about Cinema in the seventies is called easy. Riders rage
ball had the sex, drugs and rock and roll generation saved Hollywood by Peter this skinned rate book. I would if your movies and naughtiness into balls I on both counts, yeah you said that I was disappointed in you in the Scotty BAR Fight story disappointed. I just want to be clear about disappointed in you. I just think you cut a left us really my take away about disappointed and things you done. Any of them know ogre the imam notice appointment over renewed on older. You ve done a really nearly right. Now I've made by many mistakes I can't think of any by well, that's it
that's it yeah, ok, war, guys they're! Here we gotta king. I think the roof of the attic might be like one of those butterfly trees in South America or the butterflies always returned the same treaty, even though they ve never been there like a hub year like yes, I think I will it would appear that arise here would have all of a sudden. We just heard tons of lumber breaking Ruth Collapse and we get smashed by reindeers. That would mean a guy right now ass. I like that, goes into a little more moons. Blue moon ones. You like us, this Christmas songs, I'm sure they crack me up. I am here because ISA,
he's got gyrate, gyrating getting very sexual for Christmas I love you, I rigorous miss happy new year and to all a good night.