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Josh Hutcherson (Zathura, The Kids are Alright, The Hunger Games) is an American actor, producer, director and prodigal son to the Armchair Expert. Josh sits down in the attic to discuss his brother's obsession with Ken Jennings, why it’s easy to fall in love in love with fellow actors and the joy of living in a foreign country. Josh reveals that he is, in fact, a colonel and Dax is intrigued by Josh’s sexual grandfather. The two talk about some of the negative experiences of fame and they reminisce on a moment when Dax drove a little too fast for Josh’s liking.

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Hello, everybody welcomed arm chair expert, I'm Dac shepherding, I'm joined by Monica plaid men happy new year. I just you know, I'm so excited to be back. Need are you going to do. Feel I went through a whole like me, amorphous ears are experiencing a journey, a crisis, and now wonder I want to know if its common- it's like. I look forward so much too. That break I saw romanticizing and I start setting expectations It is dangerous and amazing hey I'm looking forward to it as if I'm about to retire, like I'm gonna, be retired we did. This area, a man, the first five days, is really fun and then a kind of flattens out right the last five days I start questioning everything I think to be true ass long. I have that. Did
then the add on I normally don't like New year's, because I do a lot of that. I do a lot of existential. King and also evaluation, mere a lot of fear to your me fear yeah. I guess all of a sudden was like, I think on day. You know thirteen of this experience going delusional. I can't ever retire uncle bananas ray, I love this I love sitting here talking to you. I don't know why I would want fourteen days without doing yeah, but leading up to it. I am convinced that that's gonna be Nirvana or Heaven on earth is weird. I didn't know that I wasn't like a counterweight to stay away from axis. No, not even that wages. Responsibility a generalised responsibility. The freedom from it seem like it was gonna, be euphoric,
and for a minute it was nice to catch up. Catch up on sleep had chap bad food yeahs catch up on gaining few POW Rs her nice to have catcher you're, get that cholesterol levels. There and what is your me who worked out every day? Monica RAM These two miles a day, Elise first set Andy straight. Sixty straight. You rest, like the Lord, on the seven six days strata arrested like the Lord on this TAT had been. Then I did it again. I only I only didn't work out one day this whole break, I'm so proud of you and you I mean really really impressed and happy for you and did you feel that your mood was generally elevated from the well? So I tell you that's part of the reason. Why did it? Because I was home with my family and I have some apprehension. We will you ever a dicey history
over Christmas, rang like to say that a chequered past there's a little bit of a check or add ass, there's been some fighting. As by me some time and then my favorite part of all these as a quick retreat to your childhood bedroom, where you that eavesdrop through the door to stick with the same about your wages, that doesn't he hurried I've only, but enough of the ties. Seventy five percent criterion, the Good NEWS there weren't any fight. Not a single one of you. Your whole trip to Georgia without any altercation yeah my pants dead in a nice job, You didn't answer, but I have to say that that exercise as in the recipe it might be, it might be because you are, you are prone to a little season. All mood disorder cause a gap gloomy there. A few days is pretty. Allow me I was about to say, tat my eyes, start my cycle,
a grey you're, prima straw, yeah. Really everything was stacked against me. And yet you persevered here. Sir reared persevered peer, severe I e persevered This is just the info you now. I know I love it. So, let's talk about who is joining us today, he is, sweet sweet boy. I've known him since he was just a little tiny boy. We worked together on a phone calls a thorough. His name is Josh Hutcherson Cutie team, Hi is tremendously. Tat entities is cute as the day is long and he's very articulate and, while spoke in and he had us and stitches yeah. He was grey he's, also a friend of the client yeah he's a friend of our clan mood are you witness: yeah, ok, right, clamour of the sea and
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The prodigal son these root, and it's so nice to see you and likewise, when was the last I am doing now I mean that last time that I really remember seeing you was, has been a few years, but it was at. It was at a Halloween party. Were you play the sheriff everything was murder, mystery parties and then you came Boston and is like some detective or something Oh, I got out. We know yet and I bailed out pretty quickly of that whole thing. Yet you do what you can. I have asked that at the same time, but it is so interesting I think, maybe because we act at work, it's like to go to a party and then pretend like your character. I just I guess I was revised out like easy, really taxes doing this.
You're about to man says I would want only doing. I just want to chat with a normal and everyone was so into character. I was a number do it, but for real, what are you up to? Yes? Well, I just got back from Paris at all the case about a pitiful. The EU needs all, because at that point I think it was like. I was changing agents I talk to you about, like I was going to go over to see a what that was like in your like great lot of resources, but just make sure they on top of it because, like there's a lot of people there, and you want to make sure that you're you know in the making top everything in it worked out. Well, are you your advice, any write them like a run at whores, absolutely not been great. So thank you for that George Little Nugget of Gleaner. Everyone has different experiences purse for certain. In my experience, I have gotten almost nothing that I didn't kind of self generated. You know I just feel like you're waiting around hoping sums going to call. You may like we did it.
We went to their house in the middle of the night. We walk him up. We showed him you're real and may lovely love that. How do you lobbying in a superhero franchise epithets. It hasn't happened for me. I am I found like as like you I've I've been kind of working in towards being a director. That's kind of weapon not focusing most energy, but a fair bit of I did a couple music videos gonna feature coming you wanted to direct, even when Europe Well, when I met you, yeah yeah yeah, Member when we were shooting this great films, a thorough were actually spoiler alert played the Oder me It's the only was pretty crazy. I thought maybe you played his dad because of what you said into being- and I am sorry but yeah me up well. It should be clearly visible at the time I was such wanting nine in your twelve yes so I argued seven towards you probably did hear from Monsieur from Kentucky. That's my head and saw how the realm at that point I mean, even since I was
nine years old in Kentucky lay high, a camera whatever and I'll get my friends to come together, and I had this great idea for a film. They would spend about an hour I'm working on it and then they would all want to do something more fun, and angry, believe my creative possibilities So the work that you were wandering around sat quite often with a video camera. Yet will favour a jump. Arrogate ye said like hey go into behind the scenes. For me, you'll be, might be roll guy I'd never turned to any footage and I never live, but it gave me this feeling of like so my black billing, oh wow, I began at established. Adult director is giving its twelve year old like responsibility that it wasn't real? I don't think I was very encouraged. I was extremely encouraging between that and waxing his like nineteen thirty, four Ford coop, I admire you are his errand boy offices, errand boy. I want to launch into the third before we do, then I want to call you out immediately call call it so you're here, yes attic. Yes,
Oh now, oh yeah! Well, yes, we have, but I invited you hear mother fucker. When did you two months ago? I have two numbers for you if I find out today that your numbers saying you and I are gonna tangle assholes and let's lazily, because I sent you tax to both. Number saying you should come on armchair possibility, long term goals. Did me no response? Ok, all right! Ok, let's get into! I do not recall it, but I will tell you this much. I do have a very valid excuse. Tell me I've been living in Spain. You were like the last year so kind of often on I've Autobahn apartment over there. My girlfriend so I've been living kind of between the two ends. Should these when I'm there? I have little in our responded to. Most of my friends greatest or disappear into the spanish culture. All that I enjoy very thoroughly. However, I have some friends or
with me now. I'm learning that you are in this way the less yours and I'm gonna, make a note right now moved. I thought it over accidental what the ground like a good excuse and adds fine, I'm totally bacon earlier. However, he up. No, I accept that excuse and I think it's a great one. This is so I'm so jealous hearing this. So I didn't even know you had a girlfriend and then today, whose we're to read about some that you known for fourteen years, but I came across a photo of you in your gal alternates, Claudia good crime, any Monica, this gales and eleven point. Five is so beautiful, weighty meter, Al Qaeda. I hope you banger that Christmas. Aren't you she's in Spain, where no she's coming over after two years. Can we get her here by Saturday? working man. Well he's a worker. Could you get the flu I could we could? They have?
that's what they had. The spanish flu very came as a flute picked up Spanish through dating. I have yeah you're right now. Ok, make wisdom, Antarctica, Bio rupee. Do you like to write of fast horse got day? I'm here? That's that's! The only line of Spanish she's very happy he's from Madrid. He has been spent five years. Only five years he's he's the best two more years in Kentucky you guys would become in La Valliere. At least seven should be a grandma mine. I expect now we love entire downward. Not much is so easy to mind it's easy from there and I I gotta beside my earlier. Have the turkish state outline on the side of the tank? I wrap Rep Kentucky Kentucky Strong here they are There is a great thing Kentucky did during the winter a big movement in Kentucky legalised gay marriage and it was hashtag Kentucky pride.
No, I like the bucket with a rainbow colours in the only way to go, get some italian pride yeah. Do you know any new note here? three of Colonel Sanders. I got obsessed one day. I'll say what is? Was he a colonel? Do anything I'm a guy. I am technically Kentucky colonel my Larga honoured that honour, like all the same way, eighteen battle, I think he was like a more legit. No, no, no! No! No! No! We want on the same playing field, the human yes in, but of colonel of thousand percent like Colonel was in no way associated with military and ass, any one that neither am I here. That's that secret recipe, the special yeah originated at a gas station, so he had a gas station chicken stand and he'd enfranchise enormous. Some other guy saw this Kentucky. Fried chicken thawed Isms gold, Meyer cash cow
and he kept the colonel involved in a capacity mostly ceremonial. He had a good look. His name was the colonel, but what the colonel would do No, he didn't really have a big chunk of the company's he would be spent. The latter part of his life driving around his cattle like all over the country just pop in, and I can tell you fried chickens to make sure they were being run The standards under cover boss, they couldn't recover, but the least under cover guy in the world with White Sue weight, is fixed, sunlight and shaken budget monitoring. You have two facts at all that I didn't way cages felt like I gave you homework, I'm excited, but yeah got kind of obsessed with. I will can a fuckin. How are you colonel, but here I am, I just gave him that title southern, giving away Willy nilly on Willy nilly no other said well, you're, not a colonel. I think it's like I am I'm just not affiliated with the army. I have a plaque that says: Josh, Hutcherson, kinda,
the colonel looking young. Can you add letters to your name canoe? They do see. L I value I haven't looked into it, but maybe this American. Finally out as I am finding it there's some letters I can add in when you direct, please enter the dvd further budget that would be so grab a great that's a great directly name. You want to vote like even like anything. That's when o the colonel he has led to a year in the dvd and you get the little formed a vow rye and you haven't seen a lot of them. Movie is right, but if you ve got by God, if you say the crown all colonel hawkers any, I am going to give a disguise a cardinal. I'm no idea what the hell he failed, but this gate I warn you. Ve got the title for Colonel Hutcherson, No, my mom's maiden name is fighting master back. What yeah, shells maiden name is fight master by Mass, like literally the word fight master, no space? Why do you
take that what the truth is because they didn't think that would be successful. Ok at nine years of age- and I was like I'm being movies Josh Hutcherson, gradually no! No show that I go on almost any prevent Lake Nigel anything pronounces. My name right read. I fight master, come on. I got my ass kicked in school, but kind made other had like in a tea levies. That's all invitation. Might my grandfather, my mom's dad. He was a kick boxer in Thailand and make the EU aid is get out again. Also like a poet men saga is, I guess he's, like my person in my family, look up to the most is like a creative in These are the issues with certain things in life well above who hasn't, but but yeah just fight Master that's what we would call a cosmopolitan man, a man like walks on my ass than
you two weeks fighting about any of them already allows apologize through a poem solve some riddles him. What was done? What it would happen? Indeed? No he did. He had his his issues with drugs, o YE and alcohol back in the day in and things like that, he's young he's only in its midst sixties. Right now, Let me just tell you before he even said that maybe he dabbled in drugs. When you tell me you guys a poet kick boxer that for US citizens of romance and self a grand eyes man look at, I suffer from it, so I'm not call the kettle black. This is why I guess I am calm. The kettle black, which are also saying on the kettle yeah yeah yeah, but a guy who's like factors, poetry, mentoring and become a kick back champion, Hi Lamb, also you're in Thailand. I gotta imagine you have some access back and eightys. I would just wait! Stop terrorism! There is there was available. Then you have a big sexual appetite that you are aware of.
Yes, I'm getting a little. I want. I want to know how I give you two examples. One may T2 birthday any Origo birthday. I'm begging continued, my family, we got like me, family all around you know an songless, grandparents, the whole thing and the end he says you know there are given since dolphin, and he says he Josh miles have an unopened bondage bed. Had ized normative my mom's, his great grab, my great grandmother muddle whom he lived with at the time and he was right. I got that if you want it for my whole family and unlike Nano now, let's talk later, if you live at home mom it is each can ever bondage, I think that that should also be a new rules. Then again
it won't work. That's all I ever great thirty five! You live with your mom. You should have a bondage back, just because you're doing some crazy shit to be. In that scenario, it's a great way to look at it. You know- and I already shit the bed on this thing except or any of life and then go all the way. Why not just dive all the way? And so did you didn't except the bondage better? I did not. Did you go? Take a look at it though I Get out and had it wasn't, it was actually opened. Au Revoir, so the laboratory. That's why I kind of like you know. I'm good China and also want more quick story about y know. Grandfather voracious sexual appetite there was- I was at his house. East- is battling cancer, currently lair neck demean. So now he's got like the voice.
Box and cancel you gotTa Norma yeah, oh, I am so he's gonna, all sorry, he s cell. Secondly, disease Fight Mazur is picking s, but I went down there and it was actually staying in long beach right now, it's nice! I want to make our joke in the world right. Well, I mean go ahead new. I got my bondage bad I'm just trying to allow it sounds belief, where's different voice settings other. Are Israel swarthy home again after eight anxiety? I guess the technology has some very really. Are it? Has sorry, we're sorry, Mister fight me? It's ok, he's gotta get sense of humor. So I'm down down this house and we're talking- and this is like- I realised by the last time- potential talk with my grandfather- and there were there, my my grandma S house, actually all economies, they're, talking and stuff and an historic
about this with his woman that he found through Facebook that he used to be friends with my way back in the day and she connected him with some kind of person who was able to get him this. This treatment done for a cost. Nigger for because you have the money to take care of his health care and that all kinds of things, and so like super thankful- and I made it- in passing being my always at the couple you to swing with our kind egos. What did I tell you that our legal, all my hundreds, throwing darts in the dark night? Is it bulls? I use nailed it that my group was swinging with another couple hours is like while good, good for him, but he and grandma there's no way they stay married with his married seven times. Call my guys this young girl, Suddenly we could be anything. I don't know he's my own major, colonel yeah yeah.
He's isa is a help us romantic me like I love in any always. He gives himself over to everything a hundred per cent and believes in what he's doing now. Percent an and that's the thing that I saw from a young age he was, I might. Whole families, always very supportive, there's. No one. There was like you'll, never succeed, but there's like realistic. More anything, and he was someone that you know that he has it at a young age. He was teaching me like how to write like with them calligraphy ally with a queer with a quill, unlike just exploring all these kind of facets of the mind and oh, that world or young kid. That is naturally disposition towards being. Granted that in didn't have an outlet for that necessarily it was something that really did fuel. That creative unexplored of mind that I have come like developed over my life. Yeah me real quick. Do you know calligraphy, not not anymore,
Can I came really read cursive that this point out that only took an active life. I think I'm committees I got burned into the bondage bed diagonally I became you know like about- was deserted, introduce you to other things, I've only for calligraphy, exactly ok suit. You know you and I will leave we have we basically have the almost exact same span of a career, because you, started working at what may be ten years old, public nine, and I have been working for a couple years. And then we met on the thorough, and there are many things we could talk about. So many first obliges love you mean I really liked you, we hit it off there. Is there really. I was like big brother. We hit it. Let's do it Deanna fact I like, I think, as I've always wanted. Kids. I was like a man. If I had a little guy like this, I was just on our irish dummy
although your tester, yet s throne, and what would you like to have a twelve year old Son, that's Riah, but Josh's so cute and so John. Above all, your little kid I yeah, oh my god, what a cue he's a real rockin roller. Now he is a tale, motherfucker ivy having contact with him as well and occasionally, when I'm in New York or go see he and his family. They live like Roosevelt island, the added right, there's right, job hung with him and, ah you know interesting Lee. You guys did that movie and I totally empathize with this, which your parents were fine, like does what he wants to do, and I think his parents were a little nervous about him becoming a movie star. I guess you- eight years old. We was younger, ya. Think you're, like seven or eight, would so cute as his teeth kept far during the sitting, I am having to make different indifferent
Protein is with different tv loiterers delivers here and the need to have to be learning to talk with this thing. It was horrible. He visibly changes in that movie like if you as it was approved. It was long as movie. I've today bent on where I think was like of five months Nigeria was ninety something shooting days. Yeah So this little kid like he'd transform, but he saw is when that happened. I thought you was my fear of Jonah Bobo, not acting as like here's, this little environment where this kid is so celebrated for what he's great at, which is like he was a great little improv over his huge imagination, and my fear was like oh he's going to go to some school and get his ass because he's not like a jack. That's what I was thinking. War lombardy go visit of on Roosevelt Island. That day he had a grand slam. Unlike this fuckin city championship base.
All game go inside Laplace Qatar employ every lead, Zepplin Song like oh, he did just as I and II and III and even accident for ever, and I think he decided to like give it another span and then immediately got himself in that movie crazy, stupid love, that was a guest aroused audition bag area, any lands in this great movie online, US kids. It's got these charmed you're, like maybe Jack Odin, of my high horse and not worry about they're gonna, be just father, knew in Jest. Ok, but there's so many wonderful things that happened during that movie. One is a unit used to go. I would pick you up at the whole good apartment and people on you have heard us talk about the awkward apartments. Khazars is great documentary. The complex high with continuity will come to give. You watch that I heard the s you as some kind of feelings it to give you. You know it it's where, because oh good has such a double like memory in my mind, one of which is was the greatest years of my life, because
like a young kid from a small town in Kentucky, came out here and all of a sudden I fit in like there was a group of young kids between the ages of eight to sixteen that all were here because they were from Florida, Texas, Michigan. In Kentucky, and they were all coming out here because they didn't fit. And they had this other during the answer. A sudden I was, I found the girl, they try a tribe yeah, so to speak, and I wasn't thinking about competition. I wasn't thinking about like oh that guy or their he's, like Gonna beat now. The kid I was enjoying the experience and we are also vital, crushing lunches say that you are very good at their eyes the dark side of it, because what happened was even at all like when I started getting callbacks and when I started getting my actors, meetings for whatever was I felt the guitar a shift in how I was viewed a sudden, you became like Oakwood famous. Are you became like known, and an end to competition with the parents? Is the crazy thing? at a time when I was like, maybe ten years old I had just God
in the Polar Express was a movie that I just Donner or saw additional sum enters a call back. It was going off for in this group. Amanda three moms can me- I was alone and like the clubhouse area, and they came to me in there Today we heard you call back were so proud of you did it. I think it is in their like hey, would you mind, show How are you gonna? Do the scene gloomily help our sun, God he's going the same call back as you and we'd love to like you to help us and I was like Did she recognized like? Oh that's. I recognize this is weird shit. Ok, but at the same time I was like taught to respect people talk like help, and you can t tell you know if the people the way you want to be treated, and so I was like ok yeah sure and that ok, I don't know the lines, though, we do my younger boys lines that is really an effective and and and then and then ok we'll go grab besides we just wait here and as an ok. They left I bought.
Back to the house. I like this is oh feeling, I'm get not hear nothing ever came the, but there's that duality of the oak. With that I died. You remember you anyway, I d grass. You pick me up from the oakwood. No, no, I, that is exactly the opposite of what, because what was cute as your mama, shall, I remember saying, like desert living at the oak, would indeed been there for a bit yeah, oh yeah, you're, on your two or three there. Yes, I did seven in total, oh yeah, which, unlike a mirror, pull down bed I was like the one we had and I was like I did you like it Michel over there accordingly in your mouth like now, but leaving loves, almost eventually felt, primarily because there was above favour the little porker man. I was a real. Let us thank you, son of a bitch doughnuts I mean to this day still are, but every Sunday the oakwood they would give out like Danica Breakfast Beauvais them. They was just thirty times
so don't allow am. I concentrate like apple juice and orange juice quality and express that it's not like they cooked in the unknown oil or Express actually has like microwave summit. There is. This was not what I loved it. So that was a big draw for me. Tat is true. And you had to run around all the time. What exactly does like basketball courts? I played sport, so I get like an athletic thing and you know going from Turkey to whereas a kid sports is your life. You know I play baseball basketball saw growing. All of it coming out here, all of a sudden I was home school, I didn't the normal, like school environment, I found my leg. Try: Berlin, like my kind of commodity, he threw through the Oakland or any of the kids. You were friends with at the awkward now huge actors, huge Jacqueline's, It was you Jackman their view Jacqueline? Was there now he's a breakfast? I was there between like
two thousand and one to like two thousand seven, eight often online of me when I was there was like the day like Hilary Duff was kind of just passing through like early Hilary Dove and those kind of around who says Frankie Nunez was their back in the day in Greece are used to drive around the car from fastened a furious, yet he bought a guide on alive obsessed with it. You think, money on did you know he was still living at the oak woods and he drove a fasten. The furious car upwards is not cheap. Let's make this ok boys, it's it's our mean from being from Kentucky. It is not just like yeah right amenities, hi, I'm I shall just really named it. What is it called the bar him apartments or something it looks way, weighty, toity
as I have said, on the way to Warner Brothers, all tat like what that was this a fuckin. I mean retirement community entity, do one eighty another servicing the I highly doubt anything has changed inside of one of those apartments yeah, but you can still Nathan cover a turban diamonds, hostility, but I remember I remember back in that time. When you would come pick me up, we would do there's two things. We gotta Bob's, big boy, for the old car, no hiding from Friday night, which every now and then I still go to any into really fun. I like how big on random frighted Remo Motorcycle back. Oh my god, I gotta understand my Bosnia's through it. So fun is right. Then. I also remember you would take me you're, like a Porsche Baxter at the time not come on, wasn't a box,
They had a virus examples like nine eleven are you? Are you sure, but am I sure it was? It was growing. Colonel Hutcherson get the fuck I lit. Oh, my god. You think it was raining. It was again it was a forest green. It was black with a black convertible top, which I would have never gotten a convertible, but I bought this car off. Delivered. Ok NOS nine, eleven it was a nine eleven. I, however, the unlike Muniz. How can I add my falcons as we believe that car isomer error, like that was the fur first time that I have experienced some one who knew how to drive. Will that right, a car, and about shit. My pants and iron, browsers like like trying to be cool because dazzling is cool egg odor actors, like my big brother, trying to be. I was like I'm lucky to my moment out. This I'm pretty sure we almost died. Seven turns in a row of this is one of my shame filled moments that I still think about. I think about it. Every time I come up on the one seventy
One hundred and one split. There was a moment where we were driving down the one hundred and one and I go, you want to go fast and you go yes and then we we were flying and then we cut, the one seventy trajectory onto the one a one year, not too fast, realize all he's scared really scared him, and I felt a terrible then- and I still I think about that Every time I mean that's what a poor job she was probably like wanting to say why not for a long time before you said it, I was probably true, but I will have all of your sins, because the truth is I love going fast, and maybe it is because of that moment perhaps, but ever since and I've been you little, cars have always been like you into cars and racing everything, and anything since that time, I've I've been obsessed with it.
Stupid Lee, because your twelve and when I was twelve a couple different times I went for a ride in fast cars is still my favorite memory. I allow so's? I owe you a heel love this. I remember it. Oh yeah, going like one with my step dad and corvette going like all this is that did I want to live at this speech. I think I remember I remember that I have for me more. Even that speed and cutting across the world concerning one or one interchange number. One number six lie ass executive body, but I remember being more scared when we're a molehill, because I have never yet super windy and index is decent driver. Time, mother, Fucker, look behind the other islands, the ambraciots you're asking that certain Eu Minister holding in raising trophies Adele, but this really is the first time being in a car with someone basin
the other than my parent or relative. Now, the sudden we're in a hoarse nine eleven we're going more HOLLAND, and just like am I I don't think you can go this fast into this term. I don't think You should be pressing gown for more gab right now, just like sitting right now, but I love they too. If you dare, we are supported by the great courses Monica yeah. We watch boosting your emotional intelligence in the grate. This blot. We did it so cool. There were so many interesting facts and there were fact junkies. They love learning hit you with a couple of this issue: the nose shock to anyone. If you listen to the show, studies have shown that general men spend two thirds of social conversations talking about themselves. You now also another funding is, is that the impulse to smile when you're smiled at our wines with sympathy is? Is a phenomenon called mirror neurons? That's part of our
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the story Medea, it's the best story that could we ever happen. I don't know why I was a little eight year old brother was obsessed with. Can Jenny looking at you, never diagnosed oriented talk. Talk talk show. I had a really cute its third story. It's early great story, so he was obsessive. Can Jennings? If you know, remember, can Jennings in one like a hundred and eighty times in a row: jeopardy kinda, like the legend, your honor had a poster of him and his other over their other or rather to posters in his bedroom. One was: can Jennings one was young man from survivor. Oh, I dunno show survivor the item to show, but an area that is old old. Likewise, asian man, though my brother idolized, I really want or not, but like my brother, just like I love ya man. I love Kin Jennings, because this kind of organ Nasser anything I'm you graduate matured to take with industrial engineering degree, o Grannie moved out here, oh great and so now he's kind of
that's an around out here trying to find where he wants to do by think he's gonna try to get to the music industry as an engineer all working within some analytic. I mean if you may view wrote a movie in you had an eight year old and in you put those opposers on the wall and sat people go commanded, no one! No eight year old would love, can Jennings and YA man. Why was it our Mandy out? My young man? Ok seller, you! is obsessed with, can Jennings and it's his birthday We are shooting the movies etc a hundred feet from the jeopardy sound stage where they went. Zoning record the shell, Your mother brings Conor out to visit you and celebrate his birthday and is a big surprise. She got tickets for jeopardy in she takes young Conor there. He's so excited. We see him right before he goes and we wish him luck. Happy birthday, Connor have a black person, they come out an hour and a half later Connor is in tears. He is inconceivable
global, I might get someone that die on the show. That would have been better. It was the fucking episode can Jennings lost all have Howard or ignored then scripted. That's terrible, be kid you're, idle you're, one of two posters in your room and you literally go to see the show is one hundred and eighty somewhere around loose, no there's no way losing on your birthday the guilty. You must fill a young eight year old, lag genes. We like it is my fault, I think, maybe to this day that might be like a source of many of his You should always therapist about that. I wonder, is he in general? Have bad luck? No, he doesn't No, that was an isolated really doesn't. I think that that that amount of bad luck that he felt at that moment,
then, his time with me bad luck, department for many years. Ok, ok, coming just listen, know what we're talking about. It's such a surreal life to be young kid who ends up being a star the thorough, and then you add ons who, at the yet a little brother in that gifts to go see jeopardy at the whole thing is so whose eight girl a birthday was that its bonkers, isn't it I love it. I love that I love that original originate the uniqueness. Those gonna live experiences that, like that's gold for me, yeah I'll, be thinks about it. Often I'd like to get him in can together at some point, could be really healing you know anyone Scientology they. They have this thing, an grams in they think when you ve had trauma you kind of attach all these other things that happened during the trauma and those things could trigger you throughout life. And now and then you go back and you confront the trauma than you disconnect all these things. Are you ok,
a proponent of Scientology findings, kind of intriguing, a basic. Early illogical breaks the like a good therapy. I wouldn't be surprised if Connor's triggered by bright lights, applause getting old four men in suits like you might have attached all these things and I think we need to get in can gather in just work through this. I will if I will facilitate hoagie right little delivering finance young man to mediate. In the other thing that was interesting solely school? You know, anything not really I mean do you missing some big chunks, because that's a lot to task Michel with to blow a teacher of all subjects yeah in every grade, nor I think of myself ass, a pretty educated guy. I dont think could take a kid through K through twelve nano now night and I definitely could not pass K. I would
Billy Madison School, I would accompany, would go right away. I know so so yeah I started when I was I usually forth. Trade is kind. Why stop? I went to publish going to fourth grade in Kentucky, and then there was the acting in their own homes, Gordon various forms of homesick. Going, slash like away study and all these things that teacher teacher. I had had a studio teacher, the same guy for like seven years: oh yeah, he was once in their lives and it was Pat Jackson. Oh yeah, Pat nice guy is super nice guy, and he was absolutely formidable in my like development as a youth and how I see the work but how I problem solved, how I think about so many things I use on a daily basis. Oh wow. However, certain subjects that took a back seat to grow back then such as many of the major ones like in I example, or do you think you're math levels that right now No, but I'd like language analyzing that you anything like when someone's math levels should be twelve grave, all for surely probably seventh, ok, seventh, maybe eight grade
I mean I've always liked math. I enjoyed algebra like problem solving, but there's got to bogged down out just I was a thinker, I was a thinker dreamer and I'd living inside of textbooks or of learning about things I knew I noticed, me doing my life housing working this battles and be directing acting creating films. That's that's what I who I was gonna do right and there are certain things that I had deemed unnecessary came to learn exactly certain elements like that, but I mean the truth is like: after I would say I mean I didn't grandfather JD, I didn't graduate school converge. Thank you. California, highschool proficiency exam at the age of sixteen, in which it basically testing out of high school? Ok, that, where you can work as an adult. The test was so easy, six greater could pass dies. Coefficients exam of Caliph also give Europe. Actor out there that arise, advice do not finish school now you Adam. I know things like. I was good at school. If I wanted,
like I was like the king mark. I could figures. Shit out. I could die, knew how to beat tests. I knew it but the whole thing was I Couldn't give a rat's ass to be there. I had so many other things. I'd rather be doing my time, creating imagining playing sports anything else, except for locked in a room with someone trying to tell me things I think, are very important in the structure of it. I just never really clicked with who I was, and maybe it sounds like Bush Ex erika, like yeah, dog can be included, you'll never be an actor who care about ways of tackling, but nevertheless I thought that way and I didn't really disco. Were you aware of the fact when you are that age that you had a ton of money like we call some of that I mean yes. I know it was like in my mind. My family always wanted to provide. A great life from myself, my brother in our family as a whole. So when you downward did the EPA, my doubts still does well till they my reputation agency, my mom or for adults or even one left for him. The way
there- is nobody wants you just sit around and guard leg, recycle bins. Now pour out saying over its that's pretty much a moment for delta so like, but they always like my mom mentality was always very much like we You now have the money to do this. Borrowing to do this, and I also got such as I go. Take you finally vacations every year you know having a nice house Russ eleven years and I saw a picture of your house's yeah I was great and is a very middle class. Can upper middle class Kentucky Suburban living, but you know that also causes debt, inquirer debt and So as a kid like when I started working and making money my first objective and go was. I was aware of it for whatever reasons that my parents had this debt and I was like eyes one it might be even good. That's like pay all that off. Let's like some, in my mind, I was only where was because of in my face
supporting me as a nine year old kid. I recognise that will eat your mother. Dedicated Michel live and put too fine a point on it. I love your mom yeah This event is sweeter Sal, lady, there she is actually up, like you, remember, russian company with me now so, are very much like yeah she's, she's vanity She get Ahold Union Spain barely no, not a legal area, has been an issue out of gum. Crackly give better on, but now I think that everyone opened with First Mowbray. My first pay. What I got when I was a kid. I bought a dirt bike, but I always want a dirt bike. Never was like that was like an unrealistic thing for me to just get given by my family, so I was like screw it. I'm gay Fuckin, thereby into they d object to that where they live. No, we let him do this, he's gonna be spoiled. Will she now it was. I mean I think I am loading like not hate you all this money on them by their by no less than I think, like. I try to put myself in their shoes as apparent and offices, you have this ten year old kid, that's making likes significant money,
and not damage also the transponder automatically goes into it wasn't, namely that law, the sun now about the boy there's that rule that they have. To put twenty sites like twenty percent of what your meals into an account you around aim and the account as I gotta trust, one another. It is probably an hour later. The colonels Spiegel Account is named after a boy who got the fuckin raw, blinding whose parents yeah I'm. Thankfully I've never been concerned about that. But you, the Tristram, was there any ways? But yes, oh my I imagine being apparent and all of a sudden like at some Your son is making your child was making more money than you are. As a household, to me, and not just seems like such a mind folk, unlike the dynamic of parenting
that means, and yet how rounding them read winner, exactly go to your room, fuck, you would you? Would you go to your room? I own desire to my room. What words are all my router? You you go to my other run about your bedroom, know. Whats! What's interesting about that is even before that dynamic existed, my parents had approached parent with my brother myself and a very mutual respect kind of way, yeah they kind of red you like a little at all. They did and would you would you deserved by the way, knowing you as a little kid yeah, but it may be that could have been cultivated by them to be honest, but, but I do feel like that, then pave the way for once that power, it was weird. It wasn't because it was by. We all saw we saw each other as equals, and you know we talk to each other. We didn't there wasn't like up. If my parents said you can do this night say why the words- because I dead so because I'm your mom that didn't really exist
that's great. I said that I would be like. Ok, thanks to the lesson like you, didn't teach it. Why can't I do that, explain to me why and then I will actually learn and so because of that they made us think for ourselves. They made us like make just, cause. You have a moral compass in trivial. The way you want to be tree was another golden rule that I was raised with the workers. It gets tricky because- and I would think this often with you in Jonah onset it does you can't help but recognise. Oh all, these people kind of work to support the thing I'm doing it isn't the actual inescapable dynamic of a sat where the EP. All this stuff is happening. People are paying sets in their putting cameras imposition all ultimately, for you say some words in Vienna that camera living and so they're gonna try to make. It is easy for you to do that is possible and you can get aware of the fact like I'm above these people, that's dicey for a kid I think yeah. I guess,
never really look at it that way nigerian ACT. That way, I didn't feel that way and an end to this day. I still don't, but still at a young age. I was enamoured with the entire process of filmmaking from the Trips to the speedy and loved was the brought master. We love Bonnet Bobby. Yeah I was young. I lit whole thing, you're, like a potato, launching an especial thanks, guys, yeah and the camera Aragon, the camera chug a rapid, just be like you. Ok, so could you take the they buy out a global and taken out anymore. Very little guys, like you, re more picking, Colombian Bang Bang made of the same Bang Bang. I was obsessed with the entire process of film making so because of that There was never like my job is more in it, just never in Africa and now that wasn't my upbringing LEO triple the way one be treated, and that was it. Roger by with respect and dignity in
I remember there is a because you still had your cute Kentucky accent in fact, and I were buying a bed about six years ago. We went to this like mattress, warehouse, okay, the guy said about six words, and I can let me go. You're from northern Kentucky egos got the emerging economies are only just like you and I'm trying to remember the word you had to say there is. It was phone home was, What oh yes said like our own phone our own home. Ukraine was it. Is we almost like Adrian Midwestern? It was very pleasant straight up like forlorn Kentucky southern accident right, but it was. It was like some like home, but we had to do about fourteen tags. I couldn't say home to your twelve. What was Kristen Stewart fifteen eighteen. Fourteen Greece, ITALY, you in love with her a hundred percent. All you had arrived. She was the coolest person. I've ever met
Yeah sure your so called you hadn't member dog jack, nor is any port wine for this, and her mom was supercool should play the guitar a trailer like. Oh, my God I feel like I was like I'm a man. For twelve years old. You see this this As for you, for you, cushions where there was a girl of yours you must adjust, because if I was twelve- and I was working with that her fourteen or fifteen years, I would it has been Gaga over her eye feeling. I played a pretty cool I think so. I dont remember being too like anxious, but I definitely was like she's beautiful she's cool, shared she's, talented. It was a big time crush at the time Yeah. I remember on my talk birthday as Erika hence bowling alley. Yes, I'm yeah you're their christian king who during shooting a believe through the cake and all that stuff Kristen Kind walks up to me, is a hands behind your back. I'm like me, don't you kiss
many a case. I argued I'm sure I was I just freaking out Jake Social birthday. When I give you present the earlier. Ok, let's face it, you can see puts, brings our hands and she's gonna turtle. Living little turtle, Chilean Somethin turtle, and I'm like I got you a responsibility. Happy These are yet to be. Eighty five he's less than one What I got you some homework Worth Linux, eighty five years, whereas that it's been dead for wine has yeah. We went to town in Kentucky and that our neighbours was to take care of a turtle. It was wintertime input. Eating pad underneath Torah froze to death. Oh well, you know that that is they say, that's a very peaceful way to get are so I hear no really the people remember lunar yeah, like a with I'm sure, lead
up to it. Some people been revived as they were like falling out of it every year they say that ice cold with sixty aids is very, ice and gentle your energy would easily. So I like to think there's little guy, maybe past rob staring up at, can Jennings bad habit. I got that. Have it's bad like a record with put some pants Eugene outlets. I had at Amsterdam Coolio that died, hung himself, oh committed as I can answer. That is a note, his rough programmes because, unlike kindergartners little hamsters, a wire cage, and I came to use an asshole that little hands So are you couldn't immersion apparently at the time of one so sensitive back and like two thousand too stories that we weren't so woke guys are I we were we copy? Arnold hurt me little John Eggs, I always say that's always buddy but I came in and I will do my hamster cage his answer gauge and
and you just like stuck there in the side, he was moving as a coil and Ireland. And I want you to hear your little voices. However, and I pushed him any kind of like rocks, good for you. Ring Morrison said he I was, it was rough anyways. I digress. Now you win from Cythera, and you did budgetary Bethia, and that was a big hit guy and you said that New Zealand, we did, you fall over, that coast are sort of Just imagine when I imagine here I said well: what are you not going towards it areas of Europe? and you're, not in your not in glass you're not in a school, also like basically Erna? where did island at all times and we were in New Zealand on island rotten Ireland, North Island or zau. North ok, Riah rejected them.
We was tick took place in Virginia and they about New Zealand for Virginia, why does I am thinking for organ. I was like what you shot in New Zealand for Organ Yan without a battle that we set nor yeah yeah me now, I'm a wilderness, see, though I feel it using the mountains, the rivers. This oranges took place in a small forest and actually found a forest in New Zealand had planted trees from Virginia, oh good for them I was looking over the whole island. I was Walden media. So they really dont aren't around anymore, and maybe it's because there is shooting movies that we're supposed to be Virginia and New Zealand. I don't know I don't know, but so that girl- What would we go the same way, the same age ass? It did you got what you did. You become boyfriend girl from it was like what are those innocent like boyfriend A friend like we kissed- and I was like I'm in love with you Smile of course, was the first kiss. No, my first kiss was onset, though It was as move at a call in Manhattan yeah when I was a girl, ten or eleven years old. I guess is probably right
for the third time it was young and were all MIKE. I was so nervous, oh god Since I was a kid, I was a helpless romantic like as a child. I was like fun, loving kindergarten and I remember like a kiss was so important to me and my first kisses gonna happen on set in front of it. A crew of like forty above fifty year old do living like coffee, yeah, hag cigarette that exact and so is less than romantic. I was late honour body My dad flew in two like support me for that time, because, like you like a dad, the sun, like oh yeah, just kind of housing of a writer. Ass it right. A passage in my ears, like my bar mitzvah, basically is another part I think would be really hard as a child actor is because I get it as an adult. You go away to a movie on location. You become best friends with everybody. It's this camp, and then you go home yelling away. Where is everybody immense Hannah? The ant, and I would imagine that be even harder as a kid yeah I was you know it was kind.
This thing we're like mad. At that point, my my data, my brother, were still living in Kentucky. My mom and I were out here and we tried to go like for more than two weeks without having a family together right is always either two weeks my doubt- would take off along weekend my brother, my doubt fighter wherever I was working in. You together or you know, we try to find a way to keep the family unit somewhat intact, but the truth, is from a young age. I was really like the behaviour, Berlin modified to know how to adapt, to constantly being moved round So I didn't. I didn't really have like a strong base of friends in Kentucky the school until fourth grade Usanga had they been lifelong. My childhood friends that I was right. I, my friends, thereby wasn't now wasn't like my everything yeah, so it was. All I've always been. The guy, like my my home, is wherever I rest my head and so at a young, I can imagine that it will be more difficult. But for me I can't I've enjoyed it
I enjoy like a nomadic lifestyle and kind of Venus, picking up and moving around Then you are in the kids are all right, which my favorite movies and did did you think rough allows the coolest dude? I love my rough closer I mean what a guy that he's such a guy. He served every now and then a random a couple times are were like the last decade and lose a decade ago by the way- and we made- as I literally I was, I was sixteen. We made them twenty six now a while ago, but roughly just such a good dude and MIKE over the years. Have texts at him in and we kind of started traditionally political together here and there and he's always super active involved an and so we ve found such base years, but he's eases the greatest nylon so much ok, so after the kids are all right,
now. Your life completely changes, and I am assuming in two thousand eleven you get hunger games, you become Peter, and what are you at that time? Sixteen know you're born a ninety two as like seventeen eighteen. Right. I'm a nineteen by nineteen nineteen nineteen years old, there's a language mass, Oreo, puppy, love doing fast math, so you can throw any math Adam. He ask an ornament, my hobby, were you you must have recognised. This is a gigantic opportunity. Yes, and no icy, Ike, yes, and no. I we sort of its in I'd seen you know what, like a Twilight book series, does you'd seen what Harry Potter Book Series does, but when it comes to you actually doing it, you don't in the same category as that, in my mind, there, like this, has x amount of readers can Where did this not like art, yeah cool, The analogue Jennifer Lawrence was the shit and I was like with her, is now be fantastic in it
doing this insane cas now like what can I do you're nuts, yeah. I say I can avert dredged up a little insecurity for me like all. This is a big thing. Also your Europe against, like this thing, with fifty shades gray, where people like they could have cast anybody where they when a man like that's, not my christian sure, I, like stepping into a role that people have a magic millions in art here or imagined area you're, never we're gonna get like blow back, where there's? No because no version where you read reviews- and it's like all good- we Astro yeah but yeah me I think like for me I wasn't. I really wasn't nervous until I stepped on set and they said like role. Thing Olga MIKE. I genuinely that, like I've been like training for few months leading up to that cause, the ex post, big, dislike kind of stocky build guys yeah. You know that stuff and I would like looking forward to a guy that why? Don't you get across reminded easier rides now
and a very ill begging. All I want to do is get cast in a supermarket. So having nothing to do with the movie or the paycheck. Just an excuse to do. Royds yeah get like about thirty five of muscle. Salad has some temper tantrums and slammed minded Orange, something I'm on nine February, where all the goods over me where's letting grocer mind that didn't cause. My name was the age gap between you and Jennifer Lawrence. I think she's like to wish years older than me too, as you internet movie, where did you issued we share those the first we shall North Carolina, ok, the second one, and so on so bored we shall between Atlanta, Paris, Berlin in Hawaii o while yeah now the first one did you gonna go unlike I'm, gonna get this girl to fall in love with me. Because that's all I would have been thinking. Oh, I totally understand that in January that was not the dynamic at all. It was ships established
really quickly or you know it was I don't. I don't exactly know. How was I know that little, I met her one to America, Sag awards and thousands. She was like doing the circuit for winners bone. I was doing. The circuit for kids are all right. Ok and I met her and she was a girl from Kentucky I'm from Kentucky, the sand, museums like STAR Cross Lover and she came to me and and she was like hey, I'm Jennifer nice to meet you. I won't tell you was a kid I wanna start acting like you had done it and you, the newspaper in Kentucky my parents and I could be an actor, so I showed this news review succeeding, I told them. I could do it two of you did it's all yours. Everything gee I was like TAT is, but yes it like this There is always a very calm the report was a very brother sister dynamic from the beginning and eminent role there was in talking. I know how to do it, as do the other sister that should stop you big heads issued man come on, we got family total, not trees,
I saw you, it was. It was really like a super very friendly, comfortable, like brother sister dynamic from the get go. How can an end? I really didn't you never got confusing. Are blurred or weirder there anything like that, and- and I know that you proud- we would have wished for more juicy than that, but genuinely I don't have it for me. That was so much better then having had some kind of romantic thing, knowledge and I'll. Tell you no, no I'll. Tell you why, as you please memory I'll, tell you why I took as now now she's, a friend of mine and there is nothing is tainted that friendship, what I'm Enzo LAW, my ex girlfriend you could still but hurons with urgency and the devil's three way or whatever the hell. I think that during that was trying to tell you is taken by those triangle is no review. I mean maybe
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voting time is indeed with fucking time machine. Have you then maybe letters, one cedar out, do you jack, but but you guys we're love it trusts in the I'm getting any googly feelings wire doing that because you agree feel ok go around ninety percent of a human being delegated one of these starlets and I'm gonna embarrassed because I want to say is: I ran in new somewhere. I want to see you and I were at some kind of award show or somebody has risen again, but will you Whitley? Did you date like Vanessa Hygiene God bless you go there. You were ass, his fantastic as yours, very serious about this girl now five years, and I think it just nicer when you guys get married, you have kids that at least she had a couple of Vanessa Hudson's I say, just as it were necessary hunters, and yet no, we data for the committed a movie together, and this is gonna your move right. This is indeed the girls you, yes and no it's how I
many people of going. I don't go out places, I'm not like a guy. Don't I'm party I'd like to stay in my house and my little tribe, where many people is through shootings. It just so happens that many actresses are very interesting, dynamic, slightly crazy people, but I didn't know who has done a very strong way of coal, and so yes, we're Vanessa. I did date as after the Dwayne Johnson Movie together will long journey to the mysterious island, ok, gray, the sequel to reserve the earth. Did you have the feeling I had because for me I was in without a paddle, which I didn't think was like the movie. I thought we were making You know I'm now come to really love it, but at the time I was like all its in the movie about where media and he did really well and then I went to the screening the test screening of the thermal, this movies, a hundred percent- it's gonna, make two billion dollars yeah. I was very misled by my first experience. You things, a thorough can be huge. Yet again, you know- and I don't know if it's just like my personal risk,
There were certain naivete with it, but I I didn't think about it. One example of informal summit talking with there's about someone couple days ago, and they were you seem really be. That stressed out ever you really seem to be like, I hope is really does well. I hope that they, like me in this performance and the truth, is I really don't, but I dont think about that. Much, I think, is probably because I've been fortunate to be lucky me successful from a young age yeah. So knowing that kind of success has never been a determine a driving force. In me, it's been, I wanna make cool shit. I make cool movies that I like that. I think, are interesting and original, and I don't really ever thought about that, but was a thorough. I guess I would that don't even know how did I
aid money there's a flop, no no enemies. I didn't and indecent well shit. Yeah. I think I wanna saving that chicken little movie just crush us really took us either a year Europe about fine. Well, bear very you don't it does make sense, though, for you, because you are fifteen of your twenty six years on planet earth you ve been employed as an amateur so that all the signs are plain that you're just you're an actor near always gonna be for me. You know fifteen of the forty three years I've been employed. Now. It's getting the point where I'd I'd worry way last but for many years. Russia's, like oh, I'm, gonna, get this invited to this party. I can feel it one more. Thinker. An owl dog is back to c b c and even more man. We don't take reservations that I just around the corner. Here we go so you never really stress about, but I did talk to you once after Hung games. I saw you somewhere and I was like
towards the experience I can you were like it's a little overwhelming for me. I don't know yet I really thought this through. I there was, I didn't think about it. For a second, I mean you know, like when I let people sometimes like to say to you, if you're a successful actor- and you know you get recognized and people want pictures or paparazzi whatever it is that I can't look like you sign up for the other part of the whole thing I am a bitch, I fought them started. Aren't you when I was nine years old? I was, I know something about paparazzi, unlike my privacy, and will follow me. I was like a kid that want to make movies and that's what I so drove me and that's what like empowered needed to do whatever it is. I want to do and so that, ever crossed my mind and then all of a sudden you do. Hunger games? Anyone I signed on to it. I wasn't even thinking like my life is going to change this is good. I genuinely did not arrive. I was not yes. I was naive completely.
Alien. You isn't it change, and can you wait here because I bet I've only known the level of fame that you had prior to those movies, like I probably that's the level of fame that I've experience so yeah walk me through like after is it is. It is like a light switches after opening weaken is it is it six months later after that things done through inner milliners like when its kind are going like earlier. This is it. It's what you mean. I tell you. I got the first taste of it was after we had been cast before we even shot a second of the film they did. This, like Fanny event at like the West field, shopping center over centuries ok and they had me Liam in June there and we were babies. I was here the time MRS restart Jurassic maintain the eighteen years old General Twenty Liam was like re IRAN, where ITALY was forty five and Iceland, but a moment we were sitting up in the citizens legal, a waiting room up above they were all the people were, and there was glad you could see open
couldn't see in, and there were so many people there with signs of like Peter Captain is big like put abundant I live in life that long at airport is looking out at that and looking agenda Liam. Who are we genuinely had a great connections in the three of us, really strong friendship, loved them to death? We all Carlos each home alike, who what the hell are. We stepping into oh, I know before even started, shooting wow and so from then on. It was just it was a. It was a massive life changing experience and did it give me give me one of the worst stories of from that that you can think of
like invasion of my wheel. I've I've talked about design here and again. I want to privacy by going there's nothing to be less sympathetic than an actor complaining about being framed corridor. Eight. I recognise that in aid and that, yes, I did ask for this and I very much wanted it. So, let's start there, but my issue with it, isn't that I don't love the people or anything like that. It's just I wasn't prepared for. Oh I've lost control like I was entitled to see their doubts when it hit me was. I was sitting in a fund rockers and I started announced by myself in Austin Film in a movie and east, a notice that, like maybe five of the nine tables. The whole families were just staring at me myself and I just thought: oh I've lost control of the world they live in now. This is permanent in and I'll always be stared at a restaurant. I just really didn't think that through not at all, that's a great example of it, because that does the truth. Is that again it feels I hate talking about it.
To anyone here because I feel so ridiculous because I get to live amazing live. Do I love, take care of my friends and family and make movies does Gary's job owner again. I wouldn't try to know you mean to tell me all take that away you got so. I still want is for me, there's a there's, a disconnection from society that I feel an, and that is a disappointment because part why I think I love the make movies and play characters until stories into. Can I, like the connective nature of creating a film, we watch a movie or tv show in you ever watching that there's a connection there. Your understand you're having empathy for the people you're, seeing an historian and all these things, but when you become famous you sort of are no longer allowed to be a part of that public. You know, You are a sort of in a separate little isolated world and and and most times I don't wanna go places because the truth is like when I go. I've, I've never in my life gone to a bar without being aware of whose looking at me right, like that's crazy to me, but then again,
I think I was nine years old or travel the world and shot movies and take care of my family and friends and have a career solely for you know. I've never gotten wonder barn. I've gotten drunken my friends. Without being constantly cognizant of what is happening around Yahoo mail me. Ask me, who pictures who, like just recognized you and is turning and is looking Europe online and that you see their phone has yours is rather raising it. All I need is echoing I see that I so I'm gonna like this can p of Hungary's. I know it's not as none the less we are. You can that you can, and you become very aware of that and you're trying to talk to your friend eloquent in your eye, you see the whole thing happening in your anxiety is just building building building waiting for come over and allowed sums are cool or some kind of their dicks. You, like top, does want to stay here a little bit longer in my friend. Yet let's say that do the talking is great. Yes, it's the twelve, its advantages. Upation word there s some unseen up the courage to come, talk to you and you just become
where of it- and you have no longer be present in the conversation you're having because it had, I now is an urban environment at oh they're, gonna pay. Check, and then they can come. I have almost just Let me go to doing that. Actually, I used to be in the place where they, if I saw some, I recognize me. I beg- offer clockwork I hadn't hide enormous what, unlike our better, what has introduced myself and they all high in their care taken aback, and in that way are you sure, you're, ok right now have a good night boom and then your back to your world yeah, but it is weird, but I do there is this a few times. I remember things just being like Norman's too much. There was a time when I was I was in Kentucky for Christmas as it might my parents house this is, probably you after the second Hungarians comes out. So it's elegance height kind of your house and we're there it's it's the twenty third of December, and I guess that you go to Kroger disaster. It does not involve our design blogger. I have many stores evolving.
But but then the house, my on having dinner with my grandparents, is like our Christmas dinner with my grandparents and my parents, Door Bell rings and some more kindly sure, like it's like seven p m on the twenty third of December by wooes, wring our doorbell there's a good, suburban near running its ughi. Am I daggers the door and it's mom with two daughter, like twelve in ten years old, is driven down from Chicago from show no chance that I might be home? for their daughters. To me, oh wow,. And so my dad is kind of like rattled Cadiz, this music, we're so sorry, we know this is like, probably not okay, but like we really wanted that they and we thought makers the holidays. He might be home and we found your address online and and and my dazzling. This is our home in the Christmas I
Are you crazy he's in a terrible decision? Everyone similar intact? You yet lays also like miss the two young girls yeah, shame on the parents, but like that don't grow standing there, and he looks to me like a little, and am I getting ok, it's ok. Whenever the hey? Are you guys to big supervisor the girls and they like to color girls? Are the bondage bed? He Hocker callback that I like it the model of an arrangement air. It is all right come, but yes, I came up, I came away, you know at high and we took a forward together and they have like things they made me with like Peter hunger games in their phone cases, where my face with Peter thing and everything, but it's just like damn well. Why am I allowed to not be putting on this allows? That's exactly was going to say is that your family gets the importance of your family once you get famous actually goes up which is in becomes the place you can go in. Remember you're, not worth it
Anything come really a piece of shit like it allows any really mean that new and all those people to act normal around you and you so need that bedrock. We need that. When I go see my dad's, my dad didn't he did what he liked when people stop over and then I was. I just felt like no dad I'm coming here so that you and I You know you re like Father- saw yes and then I yes in so this. I want this to be a safe haven from that, and this would be terrible if I don't have this year as well. And I can imagine It sound like you was well, I don't know your family so much, but, like I've been very fortunate to have a great grounded family and then fan, but while their supportive and they really terrible. I do they also give a fuck. We don't make out the best, and there are, I am sure- and I know there are many families who, when there some of their family rises up to start on whenever it's not the same way and offices. Our family also is treating them very differently, and that is that thou be really
we had to then you really a man without a country complaining where, where can I go? Where am I? Where am I here, but you wouldn't. Let me ask you this: if, if you could take it back, would you or would you still do the Hunger games I was so do in our be ok. Go ahead of us, and now I'm in there is a time of you asked me that question. The truth is in that time rafter hit big. My a hundred percent want they go back. I did not enjoy the attention I didn't. I enjoy the fame. I did not. There was an ounce of me that light people looking at me reactors, are really knowing about that, because we're like look at me. Look at me. Look at me in newgate tissue, like all stop looking at me on. It was more than most annoying thing or the worst pieces issued on the things that actually was without absolutely so like. I felt that way, but I There was very cognizant of. I can see that, but you know I can actually believe that, like How lucky you are, what a decade you'd better, not be oppression of this, and the truth is looking I got it now. I am so grateful
and I genuinely enjoyed the entire process of and where their times where was overwhelming, hell yeah there were, but there's time and everything overwhelming. Did you ever gonna, like God, Japan or anything of some weird They ritual neck What do you mean originally show you? Can I Alaska trip in Peru now dear Adzuma saws, while I was now, I guess when I see that the times that I've seen wearing crazies like when they send the Avenger delight Tokyo those people. Lady Fanny, here like outside the hotel, there's like twenty thousand people are actually need, like a police motorcade nor that's, no anatomy seems like downright ten. Fine. We harmonise omby moving. We had In the end we did hunger games, a camera which one of those rare blood together they was after the second one. We did like a big international press tor. And we flew what we like seven european citizens seven day. Remember going to Rome where the premier in Rome and eminently we pulled up. Are the caravan cause did it? You got Kentucky for one second year Monica
and when I say we hold up reporter how I got the thought of our local support up. We pulled you, how do you say pulled. It is normal to me said pulled no! That's that that's a Michigan Old pulled me hissing and pooled like play all my money, all hell. I e the reporter circa, so anyhow pulled up over their Roma Matvey Rome with over their them tomatoes. Report up an hour, I think, is something we pulled up in. Our caravan, your land we arrived at and we got there and it was so full of Though many fans screaming cry I inside they had military police with like machine guns around their backs, holding back there. For years that we're like about a buzzing down girls. It was yet it was all saying it was. It was like seriously.
Me and generally ohguro, looking at each other, just like We didn't write Abbe Road. Why are we getting the eventually idea? Yes over there was not a man is crazy greatest on water, What a wild experts in ensuring that phase where you at all, because there was probably heightened scrutiny, I knew and people were following you for the first time in all that, were you thinking like I've kind, I gotta keep my life on the street narrow cause anything could be a scandal not or not at all. Good are not like drinking and smoke and winced. I work in a twenty year old I was in my life. I was like I'm a human being, I'm doing what I love, I'm making movies I'm aware of people, I'm respect for everyone, but I'm not gonna like worker. On eggshells, like I'm gonna, I'm gonna make mistakes. I'm gonna fuck up is there a chance of a scandal could have happened and appoint. Probably right- I don't remember, has drug is due as it was. It was yeah I want. Did you get it didn't, go either way, it wasn't a thing where arms
Does will nominate party like a rock star? Go crazy and it didn't go like on my guy need to live in a perfect, as I wasn't trying to do a good Disney kid like squeaky, clean type. Mutation, but also like I'm not going to go out there and party my ass off right. I want to do what I want to do. What about romantically? Are nervous like if you hook up with a girl during that period, she's gonna, some I'll, sell that or you suspicious of people who, like you doing that period or as everything their normal. You know A deafening do remember. I I've never really got any dates. I've never gone on dates with people, it has never been so I think that part of that has been because you know I was just like control. I don't trust a lot of for in a big way right. You know, and so for me too, like even go on, I just sat felt contrived and a fellow you wasn't lead anywhere allows need somebody threw friends and if I don't out, is below and the rest of my life, that's kind of the dating with not a question is be alone or meets
when some other way but not like dating people, and so is going back five Ujiji Vermin your girlfriend after five years, You must have met her shortly out or maybe even data for the murder of courses, yakking cash, as many like grand design, Cassavetes no yeah we did it. We did this public Escobar movie with Peninsula Toro. Why haven't I seen their great question, as a result of its view of the book killing pop, I haven't been out her out and ever really isn't that, then they make that in the same way as no no, they made them, these killing Pablo for the terrible crews and Javier Bardell is the name of the together
why haven't seen that either of you, you haven't, really outweigh any? Such a dialogue can die hard. Usually the idea now go and I read killing Pablo. I became obsessed with Canada Bush a couple documentaries about him, ok and then, of course, narco season. One was all about published. I watched the shit out of an earlier. It is moving its Cobb Paradise lost. Someone asked me, ask you something you worked with beneath sealed the ball, yes, who, if I, to pick a single favoured actor alive think he might be. My pick he's his face pandemic. Please us! A weird is a mother. Fucker right is the most interesting human alive. He is extremely interesting extremely interesting yeah. I don't know if I worked with, somebody has been quite as unique and a powerhouses him here he is the total where he is I got them all. He is really like the way approaches every scene,
his character and just as general energy is so strong. It's it's very intimidating, but also once you get like through that way. For in your in inside then you're like. Oh me, he's also these one of these guys of watches career and certainly has had ray opportunity in the world and I'm blown away. He doesn't seem to be motivated by money at all. Magee. Clearly, he's love so much money on the table by doing just collect once every two years and something that pay does interest. I it's amazing. I dont know what drives and yelling at that I'd really like eyes acting alone? I saw this interview with more time and they said like so we are that your dirty having as dirty like Miranda. As you say, rubbing his dirty like Britain. That sounds in order to give me a bad trash came a dirty. We target there. Where did you shoot there? We shall in Panama, oh you, dear and animal it was it was. It was.
We'll shoot? It was one of those gnarly shoots. I've done rearm, just and in terms of day to day work load. I wasn't every scene of the movie who you, while I was playing so basically it was this attempt of like a historical fiction, kind of thing: ok, I took a true story that have my Pablo in the inserted. You know fictional character that world and let him operate, and you were that I was a fictional character- fell in love with the niece of his got brought to his compound to work is like a pool boy and then kind of star to get asked to do more things. For deeper and deeper, and I think the reason why the movie didn't really connect is because you have been Toro playing bubble. Escobar. That's what people want a clumsy yeah. The movie was half that any other have? Was this developing love story oh boy and so exactly fear and anxiety about the boy. The nieces, Arturo Fuckin, slinging coca leaves ads on AIDS richest man in the world. Nineteen. Eighty five ogier about some.
Poor working hours as Alien Box buried around yes, I think a kind of land in that zone of like it didn't quite well filled up the prophecy. Did it kind of said it was gonna, be a beacon, Escobar movie right, that's a great film. I think really turned our well till. I do that it give you I get applaud. You if you want the scales heart while the ball was around here, you are doing, you are doing the medical time. You are the man, a dog cinema in that direction and chat with her. Now I want you to be a little in love with him. Now I don't. I was little moment of powers, I'm had overheard level yeah. I get it I don't know she was this. Was she didn't speak much English it was her, not really good The Spanish and I didn't know I regard this is our first I'm being on a gun american project and she was really nervous. I was nervous my first time being a lead in a the outside of hunger games and any no sight. We
kind of connected very quickly. Just over, and both was being a little nervous she's like she's, an age. He's an angel on Earth million. She was like a big spanish actors. Not really, I mean she's been consistently working in Spain's and she was like a young activists like a kid as well and eleven years old, my some big my guess chosen things and fuck em. It's really funny, as the very similar you'll, also family, on the one human being I can really I know, but but it yeah she's she's the best, but so we really just yeah. Let us now and the end this in this world, especially in this town. I had to love Hake feeling here and then the city. I love so much about it, and I love the people it I'm gonna, know and meet here. There's a lot of like cannon fodder. Around that had just like you fight through to find those great people, young and scientists. They look in that. I found actually euralia that yeah exactly one year in their twenties or you know it's all trying to get the answer
yeah yeah ended in ladder climate, but Baino in what what's I just want to throw out there just because its juicy gas it, but you on he's ledgers house? Yes, yes, indeed, what did you feel about taking possession of? That is that I would like that. Like I'm obsessed with Bukovsky. If I could lay out allegory house in San Pedro, would like it in the air was a new him, the the Swedish mean ever and then or fuckin beast of an actor and yeah gonna stoked into its really cool? It's I mean I've. You know its funding as I've been I'd been. I had been renting remains and out and houses out here for years before about that house and at the same time our was up in this house were renting in the Sherman Oaks area, and I was like a snake. Should I try to buy something on this point? the guy. I think I can make a down of the second hunger games, make dumping like an hour, my going towards owning something and not just like pissing into the wind and I been manually not a bad idea to have a look around looked at one house that
I don't really looked at one house, earlier. I saw a photo of it as a follow up. A Buddha on a wooden deck as like, there's something about that. Those eyes like I'd know I walked in the house, was like I dream the ESA ninety five like having a mansion by taking a huge challenge, but it is a tree while hundred square feet, but it's like it's in the trees. Ass, big outdoor deck and very very special energy and, and the fact that was heat ledgers house, like it really does, have a weight to this pretty special yeah. Very soon it feels it feels right. What is life in Spain like? Is it awesome, as it is romantic? As I imagine you guys, go out to dinner and sit on the sidewalk and drink I'm in the yard, literally nailing. In that all we do that's what we do. We have that we found A little apartment is so costly. Homey and amazing, and we made it. Ours is as great neighbourhood that has like right next, but the little square, then
evening, the rational hall. All the squares are not piazzas. That's called Plath S, blood plasma, Plaza Plaza getting bigger and flowers, the Fuckin Plaza so they're gonna, plazas and now it is it's the best. I voted labour by friends over there that I've cultivated through her friends and stuff and there's just like a different. They already and I really enjoyed the speed of which they live. What is the priority? enjoy already, is enjoying what we're doing right now. It's like warlike work we got zeros and friends in my mind and our towns reservation we're we're goin after the day like this, they feed us all. I should like we'll see I will go to dinner like twelve there night, yet overnight or one and its economic power that the disco open at four, a m o price. I think he knows it gets pray late night there, but this is a really great group of interesting creative people. You don't give a shit about what I like the care, what I do, but it's not like always like Venus, under guides, legislator musicians, artist, actors-
well. Directors are really great group, and so gentle and spanish, force, especially Madrid full. So many little special zones and neighbourhoods and and and things I love me in there girl, I agree I wanna see where I have a whole another life that happens in my retirement. Where I live somewhere like that, These are all around for fucking, aimlessly, an absent mindedly and stare at shit. It's it's. My always here would be getting used to it. What I like about going to Europe is still always feel so different and special to me. I would hurried forward to feel like will allay, does like put it dream. I mean right now. I do currently feel a bit more comfortable living in Madrid than I do here already my life, but I have like settled into their with like the coffee shop that I go to the restaurants that we, like they're kind of day to day. I feel the super comfortable there and more so I do here right now right, but I think he's
it was a different them in the GDR. You good England's. Can we do for you to London, Paris? There is a different feel. It's not just like Spain ruin Europe is now you know what I mean. I get a death. I still feel special travelling to other. Like I guess what I'm saying is when I'm in Paris I often fantasize about living there, and then I think I'd be so disappointing to myself. If I walked like fourteen blocks and I haven't looked at every window in every building, Cassio just was normal to me. I get that seem scary to me for some reason. Yeah, I understand it's, not illegal re right, feels great, I got no one's going to show. Will Europe also? I was so I'm tickled to see you in disaster artist while also fund. That's all I got connected as tv show by the way, a real their disaster artist year. How so well, disaster artist was with you know the Franco, his answer: Rogan haven't Goldberg and- and so I did, that small today, parliament has really fun super great crew, fun. Everything
In my cup weeks later, I got an email from seven Evan saying that, we're doing as Tunisia show. We want to do with you, you wanna, do it you kid like what what is it and they sent me the pilot- and I say this is fucking crazy. Here is an original and unique, and when we talk about gagged, where the first season go and stuff- and I was like you know what how we are going to come on board, and so I am, I dont know a lot about the show button Wabi. While we just tell me about it in its virtually the exact same movie that I loved in the eighties, called like last our finally last story area, which I convey my brother and I watched me every week, area years. Yes, like the general, just the show is foresee some one is a guy. It was like a kind of early He was the janitor at dislike to say, you're, trying to cure sexually transmitted diseases. Answering all this all except broken branded comedy, so you can email so you play you place a video game, its unbeatable finally beats it and all of a sudden. These two people are sentence.
His room from the future and tell him that it was the train tossing back in time to fine, like this warrior to save all of humanity. Yeah the aim is that the equally in any. Actually the areas like the way. This is the power from less than five years it was the last hour fighter. What's a movie before anyways, so the full foresees a kind of us going on this journey through the decades. The eighty two the sixties, fifties to try to. Like stop these certain events from happening that led to the destruction of all mankind awhile. So the various every episode has a big action sequence plus leg the common, easy known on point with a typical brand of south you know those guys, it's a really fun weird man like in this Can season it's coming on January, it's gonna, be it's even weirder than the first. I have like multiple full frontal nudity scenes like you. I have nine to ten inch placid prosthetic cork oaks
I want to me a while just its lay and when you had that thing on you knew look down, go miss this would be awesome. Knowing you like. This would be conditional being not good for anyone. No one would enjoy the rights, and I look forward to see faithfulness appeal. As a friend of mine like when the chauffeur came out they sent me, they delegate on of using the shipping did look at us right now. In other words, what is said to me in its like X, X, X, Josh, Hutcherson Nudes, we do not like what I opened it and it was literally screen grabs from the show out, and my friend had thought that it was a row I do not know what it is like a cocaine and a foot, Long Coney Cocaine had a baby, it's on Hulu, then in you. I guess, because it was those guys calling. You probably didn't, go through this mental gymnastics, but were you like to do? I want
oh, do tv. Did you have that debate in Europe? I thought about it coming at that time, like one great things the Hungarians allowed me to do was to kind of be selective and no kind of stuff I can really only one tried take on things that I really wanted to do so I was great but but This point hadn't really found it, and I really want to do and Tv Dana's huh Well, they're swing. We're like you heads like the best actors and directors in the business. What can I tell you who gives a fuck about movies? Leon, is regularly reigners. Last year we maybe I'd like to warm yea and idle I'd. There was a hundred amazing hours, how about zoomed absolutely yoke completely so's. I I saw that change. Obviously Could it happen, and I was like these guys, like everything they touched, turns as far as their comedy there always like on the cutting edge, there always pushing boundaries. People laugh
an answer. As I get one forgets, I signed a seven year contract in design. Woe shit! That's a lot, a year's work. You know your colleagues. Av contracts can only come on one side: executive, Jerry vehicles again debating really our man you're having a garden Dell has drafted a seven year, bedfellows I'll, take the Alzheimer around energy. We, where do I sounds great good night. He ran away, did observer return my arm. My text with, spare a monster we shot sees unwanted Sony. Sure you are literally shooting right. By does a third stage. No so many memories of this being on that lot. Going TIM Robins, son, John I think, whose name was driving like the golf cart around and he's like fifteen, and he foot the golf cart and like he like fucking, of course up and he was a bleeding and everything and l of any other like p
would have been kicked off the set on Serbia sent by God. I water out. He got to stick around. Will you know? Yes there he wrapped before I restarted I am rather do your homework assignment. I gotta sequence. We only ever get to do and how to destroy the house in sequence. That's right! Now! I only met him at the table. Reed! Ok, that's my soul, experience with them and then remember little Jonah Bobo through up at that table raw. Now you don't remember than I do remember that among others is accusing the romantic kazoo. He was, I think, he's even younger than me. I don't see how you use like seven. Your idea is to create the point: is he couldn't reed memorize the whole all right, you're right or those it? I do not remember that he was not reading. He was just ass. The homey memorize the whole thing in the middle of the table. Red he's, I feel so good in then you got up in there is a bathroom inside that
conference room, we re now in a little boy. Why now throughout for awhile and came back, I have no idea, maybe its image coffee and be exterminated argovie, but being a party gunners, Chateau, Marmara, involution already so sad it was. I didn't mean that you got this. Business is brutal from the point of a seven year old, lunatic Sony executive, like looking at him like overbearing he's, throwing up, The bathroom memorized, a hundred twenty paid up relay at seven Jesus, that's impresses hell! Josh. I love you, I'm so glad you came in here to end just see each other here. So nice prodigal son, redress yourself I have a little suspicious you're, so you're. So I really am you know you are a town in lottery or something I'd say you I'm really happy, I'm really. Because I've discovered directing all guy
is genuinely like. I was going crazy as just viewing myself as an actor only unlike change around a decent producing and things because, like you're, so limited in some? I love acting and locally in character. You're, so limited to only that little vain and gets editing its changed. They cut things, they move things and here is kind of like a like, as Hitchcock so ago, appear cattle. You know, and you feel that way. I start to feel that way and I was like screw that I we're things I want to do up into a music. Videos is about a feature common Exxon, like writing, I'll just like thriving off that in living in Spain in here Why would you return a lock, and I love you and I'd love to take you for another death defying ride up there? One hundred and seventy now, my favorite back checked with my soul maiden monitor Batman, cause she's fact check in good to see. If what direction
This is true forgeries karma money. Will you do more than back she's a fact check, in fact Jack you know what it means to make. You recognize its on hot blooded by foreigner. It predates your time on planet earth by a lot fire like yeah, brought about by twenty years- maybe no sixty now ten years. I guess so that European too thousand now and I was born in turn nineteen this year. I wish my whole life ahead of me, you do. I dont wish actually you're right in the sweet spot girl make an eleven you're on your own there's a ticking time bomb on my over Tik Tok to outline
now what about freeze in some Aggies, I my yeah yeah I'll pay for that now, and I offer that to you for the Christmas present area. Now you don't owe me anything egg free. Now that phrase in Bavaria and Z. Do you think they're gonna be as vital as vital farms, eggs? Nothing is as vital as well reforms egg? Nor will they be nearly as fresh is vital farm eggs, but even if you don't freeze them, they won't be because your eggs were made thirty one years ago, that's right! You that's true rusty, why steel, very dozens went on at all the rumour on the street or how we know dusty is actually better you're right, it could be a could be a very fertile. Maybe the more does the more the semen is sealed into that ovum. Maybe do you like?
the word over my do, sir. I thought much about it. You know the plural of Ovum over me is the plural, allowing always the plural over an ovum by the way, great, maybe a great abies new wave band over over and over again dancing in a swedish made. Coils Greek to me Oh dies. Omen aluminum been overcome oval oranges during the new year offered some songs grind. My can we said that Nineteen new year's resolution on interrupted, I can't I'll during all singing. Ok, I already have one that I've been working on. We already talked about it I think on here, but I'm gonna stop saying I'm so busy. As a result,
but I've done well or a few days in I've done well sheets, no good, now, good good! Well at first, at the first day when people say how are you I would say, But my nears resolution is so was qualifying a little, but now I've been good road beyond a couple times. I've section the mines to stop complaining. I have set a couple times are: well, I'm not gonna complain in two thousand nineteen, so it was fine. Michael, ask about. Is that right? That's don't count. What is that having it half way, aiming and think you're? Not, Many measures allowing people that things are a little ah little law and actually it's worse because people are alike. Aren't you say what it is. Half measures availed us, nothing, that's what they teach us. Well, you know these things start slow.
They do their member. We were gonna, do jars for each other, all right yeah! I haven't. I don't think I've warranted, in actual fact, our contribution, yeah jar and I haven't a mechanism which brand, but I have stopped consuming a certain beverage that may or may not cause cancer Monday for that in them. How do you for that and then no, I haven't any chewing tobacco either in four days. Rarely Patty! If a lot. Look, I'm going to stick with it, but it life's just not as fun when you don't put a little of that sweet, sweet nectar between the cheek and gum put a pinch, butt You can gum. I just death, said korean disgusting, the longing to push back from me on that, but I now make you happy. What would you think was grocer? You knew that once a day I
I liked lowers asshole or ten times a day. I put a little pinched between the cheek and gum which went evenings grocer. What are you saying pink well was ass. Hall has grown, probably not cancer, causing no licking laws. Asshole you have been registered grows factor Definitely, the dog is growing. Ok, great! I'm If I thought we were doing when you ve been doing it was that girls, I think he would know. I have a hard, and can ceilings are really bad example, because there's a lot of moral implications about it about love yeah so badly in a dog. Well, I know that there are going to mean that you don't just the physical, the Acta yeah yeah. It's foul is really there's one, that's more on the fence that I can come up with that's comparable to choose
tobacco out, there's nothing. I'm gonna say that is not going to say that, where you ve been doing is grows, incur or care, I you're feeling Thank you shall we begin now? Let us begin. Ok, Josh. I liked him so my It's you really did yeah and I also felt a little bad because we run in this that we both run in a semicircle with him. Sometimes we see him at parties and staff, and I just ignore then why do you suppose you ignore em cause? You know Wanna be someone that's bugging him because not anymore yeah. That's for me how it started. And then then that once times had gone by it was like will then know you just now. Turkey all now behind us, Normal
look at my little reindeer games, while he found me sure did, but I will say I always like, and this happens to both of us, where you have not even an opinion of somebody cause. It's not like. I don't think you had an opinion now, but when someone comes here in and then you can a far lower them real time, I was joy watching their yeah. It happens. To me, do I've alma would be one here: yeah yeah, he's great or united a fantasy. The other night came because rooted in this episode, which, as I thought to myself of clean. I bet very bad wander la we're gonna get to it, and I thought to myself: oh my gosh. I now have a destination in Spain like I need to go in the next couple weeks, so they just go see Josh and Spain, and let him be my my
liaison my fixer in Spain and then I will buy. I played the whole family out. I'm gonna go to these restaurants with heinous friends who are drinking wine and smoking cigarettes and that parts can be, a little bit less fun for mean in them yeah, but I already prepared myself of how I was going to find enjoyment from it. Even though I was particularly in the planning. Even in your fantasy, I have to be realistic about the big if I d show up and wait to get surprise by all the wine drinking and cigarette smoking I'll make a bad decision, so I gotta be altered clear about. What's partners why you go thereby yourself, why I thought it all through sowerberry my sponsor yeah, won't been many foreign countries and not drank now bear ear.
The far away- and none of us are their anonymous- can get too quick blogger. Also, I know I don't really care. Could we were a little, my vacancy or a little bit of said about some well I'm not upset. Why like to come with me, yeah great let's go to Spain leg when you're fantasy excludes a ball. You love love. She just did, oh yeah. Yeah gets kind of deep. It's like eyes at your fancy to leave the place with all the people that you love me fantasy used to get submerged in some other experience? I have no history with so them the the demanding fantasy, as I just parachute into Josh's, live in another country where they have like all these jokes and there's big.
Like these animals are right now, but another glass of evil deed, though you know yeah Buzz, is a great and then I get a witness, and maybe people are making googly eyes at each other, like as a whole romantic thing than on witnessing in the lightning. In my fantasy it couldn't be softer walls or read it so warm and though he spill out under the little cobblestone alleyway, where this little quaint bar, as they always hang out and then we're just walking down the cobblestone thing in their laughing in their their laps are. Going off the tall old buildings and I'm just kind of their and they're, not excluding me, and even though I didn't drink the wine or smoke cigarettes, I'm still invited to laugh all stumbling through the streets like three. I am as you nor obtain so part of the fantasy, as is now being like an anthropologist there
sir, I get them and if you bring like your whole family, whether from walking around like two kids and stuff, then it then they join my experience. I have enjoyed their assess. True. That is true. I understand you could join their experience with me. I don't think that too would be to disruptive yeah. I just like it so funny I just don't have that at all. Really I have I have that negative view of the opposite of yes, my friend and to see my fantasies are like. Who can I painted share? You fly all the way to Spain and in the hotel you're staying there. Is your childhood sailor Ben mapping out there is gone somewhere and it's I don't, and then you rent your exact
are now now you misunderstood nouns, like us Van Ryan, hands bit attending bar. Ok, that's a getting closer yeah! I'm my fantasy is to go to places I loved travelling, but not to then be wits. New people. I, like the people who I've cultivated. My fantasy suspend all my time with those people, their law other places, and we are sure we can all go to other places, but I am also happy yeah I'll, just live in one big house and never do anything out day and hang out and play
right here that this ban, a nice of you but yeah, don't have the thing of lake, but I want to come to a moose blind in Russia next to three guys drinking vodka. The bottle in arctic gear K, I just one alike open my eyes and be their yeah in in. I feel very out of place. I want to see, you'll be out of place, and then I want to learn to integrate myself in a dab. In a similar way. What I've got my whole I'm doing matter alone. I don't need tat, does not part of my fantasy. That's true! That is interesting. Maybe that's part of it ya. You want what you didn t make sense. Ok, we haven't even got no one matter reasons
we missed each other. Now you are gone for quite a while to long someone argue, and but you have, the superstition were. You must start the new year with your grandparents re, that's their sights higher superstition. What's nice of you to abide, my grandfather's superstition was, if you start the new year with these people your end, the new year with them, not nice, which is nice and then now we need to do. Right now feels or that ok, so there was almost to fight. Oh, ok, ok! I knew, if I scratch did, do we mean it didn't
go, it didn't go all the way, but the table, sir me ass, an right right as the new year was turning, because my grandfather is very old. Now very and hundreds were now, I'm sorry. He is actually not that all these, like eighty seven, are eighty eight which is old but but he's he is looking and is behaving very little else. Early yeah and you know, there's like all these suit. There's there's this obsession with superstition that is happening around me that it makes me anxious. I am pinpointed that it was making me anxious, so I was like
really budding up against it. A time ah ha and one of them is like everyone has two cheers occur at midnight, anger and every ones capacity clang, of the eye contact with the icon act in plank and in summit. It was like this thing or my grandfather didn't: have he didn't have accompanied didn't have anything, and Anna was like felt up here. Maybe boys have yes and I was like just it's fine, and I was saying that oh yeah saying just it's just leave him alone, it's fine and, and then they then I was getting some back, let nobody I asked some blow back and then my brother was leg enough of me. Your boss, I guess so anyway, so there's some superstition involved.
You and I, both ironically succumb to some supercilious Jove. Eric was complaining about this. I think I told you John one or the other yeah exogamy leave in the Lord or you gotta get rid of the superstition and now the idle. I dont like that about me. I don't like that. That I'm I get like tied to something and it feels like if I don't do that, there's repercussions are. If I do do that, there is real I agree, not healthy. I don't think so. When it's around me, I am like oh, this is
Is it just a mirror Hoy also volume in angry cause you're, like others, where I get as stupid, bullshit exactly thanks a lot more. Where I got mine, does my mom's not superstitious that I can think of yeah? I think it's also probably tangential to OECD. Yes- and I also bet it's a little given occupational hazard when you take on a job where there's so much luck involved, yeah, there's just boodles of luck in making it or not as easy to projects things onto at that aren't relate yes and yeah. If I give you get hired fix someone's carburetor and then it works when they would see the vehicle they will come to you again to have you fix something there now in any who who's this episode about you, Josh Hutcherson, XII, Josh, Hutcherson, okay, so he talks about the Spanish
oh and I looked into the spanish flu, and I have no idea why it's called the Spanish blew. It did not start in Spain. Was it because these spanish confused doors were carrying the flew from Europe and infected all the south american folks? Now it said at the beginning of the flu started in France at a hospital camp at a bad place ago, camping What do you think? You're gonna me and the kids were gone camp in its your sign. I also mean anyway, it was actually called the nineteen eighteen influenza pandemic in colloquial, we spanish flu and it was unusually deadly, ineffective. Five hundred men,
in people around the world- five hundred million in nineteen, what thirteen nineteen, eighteen, nineteen? Eighteen? I guess I got a margin. The results like two billion people on the planet: nineteen, eighteen, somebody like a quarter of the people, a lot of people yeah, it's that it was the most deadliest natural disaster in human history. How many people died o fifty two, a hundred million? Oh my good read to five percent of the world's population. Oh, my goodness, what a successful flew GAD did. A good job number one flew congratulation. Spanish! It's going to be number wider. Barbara Euro is looking over your shoulder. RO virus, swine flu Ebola, it is always happen on Europe day last, as that includes like. Doesn't that include like Paraguay LA side, clones,
now here we go again, those for thousand eighteen o silence. Leave then two thousand eighty we're not gonna what one of our other resolutions was. Never fight about. Cyclops again, ok he's been with his girlfriend, for five years, and you said in two more years in Kentucky that will be common law, but Kentucky does not recognise common law. Merit me. Now there are less. Mr feel progressive were not progressed, I don't know it should be the wreck, and I feel I did not progressive ok, because because, like they're so into marriage, that they don't recognize common our marriage? Those that's one way to look at it. I went there. I want another direction which is like some states have determined. If you know you ve been,
was someone for seven years. There is a certain level of implied dependence in that if a state had so many unwed people living together that almost they wanted to want it like that, it's maybe more common, so they're not enter now and with the other way, ok, barrister Ma Am, Ok, well, you know how he is occurring. All that Joshua GOSH is a colonel areas. Steamed we were wondering if he could add letters to his name her and now I dont think a can of love.
I looked into these post nominal letters. Oh that's value, that's what you call a post nominal and there they started in Britain like british royalty, though that makes sense so orders and decorations conferred by the crown you get them: Queens, council, justice of peace and deputy lieutenant. If you're those you get it university degree is religious orders: medical qualifications, fellowships of learn, societies, members of parliament and members, membership of one of the armed forces. Those are the latter's that's when you can do it and none of those I don't think we're colonel. I don't have any of those, Yes, you do. You have academic. You could put be better my really day now bragging about. For your degree,
Jeffrey I saw someone- did do the masters one. You can do that. I cannot agree with that. While I was embarrassed for the person I saw using already probably wouldn't have died of, is a phd right, I think give Europeans. Do you do to say that I dont think with a masters degree deserve to rub everyone's knows and masters degrees. I'm press me, I don't think so loud depends. My grandma Viewless was or masters- and yes, I out of my lad, haven't you I am very proud of it, but he doesn't put that after his name's, these low cozy girl, but he would never do it. Nor did my grandma Viewless fanny yeah. And nobody knew where only liaised babe Iraq is, though, Mister T, o o k, o glad in our you said they change. Their name is complete
using cause they now they have like all these ones all over the place, but the one from the highly complex is called Oakwood at two LUCA Hills: apartments. Avalon right am, I just drove by their in all its as Avalon there's, no, that baggage, no. They ve they ve. Although me maybe they're technic incorporation papers. It says all this, but just on the sign anything just as Avalon like her all that. Will you do the right thing. Yes, but I didn't get any because They were making me give information like they wouldn't give me any pricing unless I gave them very specific information- and I got quid pro quo for tat tit for tat and they being any of my tit card. They said no keep those yourself, my fat Matthews, some of those that match for tat yeah? Now I was like. Can you just tell
a general prize before I was ashamed. I mean I was lying to Hamas I'm just thinking about my options and I believe and use of the position. I myself and all that I was. I am trying to maintain the moral high ground, but adds that starts with that. I'm lying under that they were. I also felt like a detective like I felt like a Veronica Mars when I was on the phone with that it was kind of fun, but I wouldn't have been, Veronica Mars, because I was learning to panic, people those, but that was your first time no, but you did, I feel, like you, you ve had trial by far air in our lives, and I was very impressed with the thought on your feet. When we had our oriental unit that had been robbed, why sure and dry here in the fridge, a new and over the last two people when there is no appliances any more than you do, and the like,
come up with some crazy story of why there were no appliances in a week before and there are plans. I totally out of that that I was so impressed. That's one of the times where I thought oh yeah. She can be in the Rob a bank team with me. Yeah you got through it, though they they none the wiser. What a welcome to getting a rental house nearly all this is going to be great in there was in the first three weeks. The both places are completely, It was a horrible feeling if they had rang yeah, if they, if we had had ring, we would have photographs of these people. S ripe, ok anyway, so I dont know how much the awkward cost. Unfortunately, ok, but if you want to know you'll have to call on you have to give them a lot of information security, number medical history. How many how long can Jennings care Jennings one jeopardy. Seventy four games in a row-
I think that it was more. I did I. There was a hundred fifty years on the air. Seventy four the strict netted him winnings of more than two point: five million. Now the job come tat. He might have even ended up in a commercial or two, after that, as well, you resume ancillary earnings. I wonder if this is included. Thou, nothing really just the prize money, Thank you went on there, You do know general. I feel, like you averages around like eighteen, thirty grand though in it episode. Occasional you'll see em up there in the fifties, but it seems to be in that thirty, how kind yeah. I never really watched at all. I was a junkie for years. It was eyes a table, obviate Chaz, and then I did on the dvr and then one day I just stopped rearing in learn to match nothing new to a new too much
come here and there is on these rules. Your oh, you never play with me, but we would watch it. You know sometimes as a team, because I'm dyslexic- and I can't read the rules you had to listen to Alex, asked the queen. Ok, not Rita, had exists that fair it was it our Alex for back, like like, I was sure, was the darlings Alex Tibet get Alex her back in our ports, which confuse there's a similar they're. Just so damn similar pretty much the same yeah he's just the canadian version of Alex Baldwin. Are you could be right at home, our true back, I don't know myself now. I think it I think it's Alex somebody. You could be right. You also watched him much more than mere. Only Imagine how frustrating the show is to listen to your carcasses, certainly many people are screaming at our now sorry
having an expert in Canada. Sometimes you pronounce the ex just see. Ok, so you know soon, as the clue comes up, it's written across the whole screen of your television right and then Alex reads it, but a lot of people Kristen can read fast if she'd read the whole Action and then she answer before Alex had even finished ass, though it had to be a policy that you couldn't answer until Alex had finished. The question thanking uranium is this: is it whose faster yards gets suddenly the radiance of air, because she still seeing at first and figuring out the answer. First. Waiting for the end like an right, but at least at the point where we have a shot of time we have no short of time. If I hear innate, no, eighteen, six sixty seven ran, she says, What do you mean you're, no good and you can t
could start an syringes middle here at the goal. Did ya Man Windsor, river member ya. Man was one of the posters on his brothers wall. He Then, when you as fourth place. Ok, I had never even heard of young man until that visa. Survivor either cool. Nickname, though how things nickname, I think, that's his name. Oh yeah, moon, no nervous was like a foreign national. All pray Mama fuckin raise how many others, like you know, like we, man or the young man, whose way man from Jackass Are you a little person in his name is way man? Oh eight. Given that I know I don't really know culpability and this. I do hope, though, that it, when he called people he was like, please hold for the yeah really
It seemed like a surfing nickname said to me. What it sounded like is like a surf, nickname the owl man, oh interesting. What I think that makes you not is just because you heard it as a surfer right. Ok, the name of the trust fund that kid act. We have to have is Coogan LAW. I don't. I can't member of the guy. Now I've Kukumba name. We know right- and we already did this on meal, as fact check, we already talked about, and they will do it again. I'm sure we well doing on our learning of hard truth. I now ok, so you said freezing today, there's a peaceful way to go, and I did find some evidence of that sum. Sir, accounts of yeah almost freezing or they you like. Slowly fall into a coma, so it's ignore painful in that. Yes, on people reported like states of bliss and stuff, but I thought
I'd go through the the stages to freezing to death or good time. You're, then than if it's happening to you can at least know where you're out grad Ngos at one stage due more to go next ale. They have to be okay, so one is blood flow to your capillaries. Constricts is called temperatures. Your body prioritizes, keeping your internal organs warm, so blood flowing your capillaries, which is close to the surface of your skin, constricts and blood flow to the vital organs increases. So sometimes your extremities are even called her rage point all the blood from you're out outside. We call that Digital O distant ideology- all you destroy areas, is point all the blood from their renew inside.
You gotta know that there still are. Then you can't slide one thing vast make us. I don't break I contacts. I know exactly what annoyed and a year like said this die now raise that in biology, Well, when we met What am I to bearing really rank? This would have been worth you rolling your eyes. If I said in biology. We say this thine eyes went around like that. Like I didn't say, we say that would be. The agony sounded like to me. That's why I wrote my will and biology. We always say we also did or proximate proximate close to the body and distance. Here? You didn't say it, you said, did ok number to heart rate and respiratory rate accelerate. They get faster. Only a number two o courier spoiler goes down. The other three
you start to shiver. That's now draw or you lose your color. Five you have to pee aired because the body produces more urine because of the increased blood flow to your vital organs. You might start feeling, like you have to pee during the early stages of hypothermia by the late stage, as you may not be able to control your black people. I wonder if it prioritizes your body smart enough to ok. So far She goes all. We got to protect all these organs Raymond's on the blood in their keep them more. But then I wonder if your body search wreck, hazel shit, we can keep all these. Does, it starts shutting down the lease vital wants. I think the kidneys offline, let's take the now or offline. Let's like is the last
shut down your heart, maybe actual, maybe you're cool sister. Your organs don't start shutting down until they don't have many more steps, alter great workers through those ok to have to pee. That's five sixty of difficulty moving. Seven! You get confused eight years. Remedies, turned Blue nine, your heart rate and respiratory rate de Clarice. Ten, go hallucinate now we're talking lead. And you get amnesia because of the oxygen deprivation to your brain. Oh yes, if a figure rescued from the cold and survive. You Polly one now remember much of the incident. If your rescued by someone, you know you might not even recognize them when they find you, oh, depending on what stage her and I guess, twelve Judas all soldier. A peaceful to me, see now: oh yeah cause you're like you. Don't even ready now lives in embryo, your legal Lucy, Goosey one.
This is. How can we earn? I think that depended on the person stream Horning, as was legs dapple were it would be a horrible because you have difficulty moving through so unless you could reach climax just by being that horny? How? Why? Like the last thing, you experienced dad It would be a nice way to go. Really would ok things get weird here at after you get amnesia, you might strip off your clothes. Maybe that's the coat that's code for extreme morning this, maybe it is no says victims of a hypothermia, often display a strange phenomenon called paradoxical undressed scientists are not exactly sure why it happens. Worser but their best guess is that the blood vessels near the service of your skin
suddenly dilate, because the muscles that have been constricting them are exhausted? The sudden dilation of the vessels causes you to extremely hot all of a sudden which that's interesting. This sounds like such a wild right by now I can on experience. No don't say you were someone finds me who I don't recognize he began when you're like the end, I wanna get rescued right before the last stage. What's the last last stages, organ shut down before that you'll is conscious sail was that your USA organs? it is orgasm shut down, ok, after you're cool after Easter, back your clothes. Another weird when you might borough yeah, it's it's cool Terminal, burrowing the victim tries to get into a small, enclosed space just like animals that hibernate one explanation for this behaviour is added its triggered by the most primitive part of the brain, the brain stem as a survival instinct,
and then Ward Heelers airlines are living contradictory. Those Gazette United Meal, the move, but yet the union to get your clothes off and you're gonna take her out because it is hard to move so. Ok fourteen you lose consciousness, fifteen your organ shut down and then your dad was like step for your eyes. Stop working step. Fifteen! You watch a movie, I think those will know if he is, if you haven't, felt the irresistible compulsion and get up interior close enough. You ve got plenty of you're doing. Ok, yeah? If I were scientists, observing that, though I really might think I might label that latter stage s warning us like got big they're getting a new way led away like a wholesome. They have been lying there so peacefully forever them so there's there's tearing their close having any may get. I might go online this one, the last warning that would be as good as an ex wishes. What they said. There's made a tunnel sends about blood
vessels and starting a kind and that these are the very long hold those those cobblers are long clothes and now they open up at an hour. So do you explain when they get may getting his overcomes razor would suggest we just morning, there's some bad science out there, don't say that I did a lot of due diligence. Ok, Josh and Jennifer Lawrence are two years apart. I think he thought too, and he was right. He's older he's over nope. I'm sorry he's younger
Nope is younger. The third made we probably type, but this on a previous episode, but just in case a thorough made twenty nine million domestic sixty four worldwide I mean is that the Ngos, sixty million dollar movies. Moons look so I would be one yeah sure. It's my fault, I that's it. That's everything yeah. Well, that was a great time. Yeah I've been new year happy New year and I'm so glad we're back. Welcome back, I wouldn't mind getting aid already. Miss are reindeer make her.
Are we need to know is bigger. I wanna get may be some new noise makers for nineteen folly here and then the last thing I d say then I'm wrestling with, as you know, and we just talk to us who precision some very superstitious about odd numbers. I hate numbers yeah I want so last year mentally. I was very prepared and manifested one the best years in my whole life, because eight teen is a very even number yeah we're going in a nineteen which gets me a little scared. So I'm choosing to focus primarily on the fact that Forty four yeah enforce. It doesn't get more, even not a lot of stable number. Four four lay in a chair at them and then to yeah. So unites us where my head that case anyone's curious train of its also funny had these things like they're. So contain just like you. I know that about you and I don't have that
and I had it for a minute- yeah I'll. Have it a little bit, and I don't like that because I didn't have now. I do. I know I'm sorry for my stupid have on the bed I mean that when I see no one now I will live. My heart stops like among all forgetting that ahead of the baby for someone I love dies. I mean it so I gotta be a movie. I don't even think there's any historical basis for this. I think some board writer Road it up, put it in that drugstore cowboy movie and now my brother and I both have that oh yeah, yeah, it's back well, and I will I will say just we can end on this. That, MRS, since I was saying my family has a lot of superstition and and allowed the money years day, and one of them is that you can spend money. They should spend money on New year's day right about one point I just sided I'm spending money. Today. Ok, I'm gonna do it and I did it.
An everything's gray you so it's ok to these things are not real. They're, not real. I love you. I love you rob welcome back so happy to be back. Let me there
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