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Joy Bryant (For Life, Parenthood, Get Rich or Die Tryin') is an American actress. Joy returns to Armchair Expert and sits down with her ex-TV husband to discuss her new obsession with duck, living bi-coastal and the parameters of when she wears a headscarf. Dax tries to induct two new people to the soul spectrum and Joy revisits the conversation of house note vs. house payment. The two talk about whether traumatic backgrounds give you a pass for problematic behavior, they discuss the extremities of the societal pendulum swing and Dax updates Joy on a recent change of opinion.
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Welcome. Welcome, welcome, arm, chair expert, I'm Dan Shepherd joined by Monica monsoon. You know it's so cue. The other day your daughter, she's playing a guessing game with me on punishment on. I ought to tell me she said: do you quit and I said yeah and she said shepherd I didn't know that shepherds, don't quit ward Monica monsoon shepherd your face, Romania asked me well today, of your other favorite meteorologist, joy, Bryant returning, my television wife, my good good friend someone. I like that lots of debates with her. I should say someone I like to lose lots of debates, you know, of from parenthood. Get richer died, try and Anton Fisher about last night and she has a new show where network siblings.
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G t Q, you IP dotcom slice, dna acts, quip the good habits company he's come. I can't get real time clear. It is pouring out my socks, ok, good. The nails are done to the Tony oh yeah. I said I have to stop my shut up living in New York where you live, In New York I mean sort O Connor, issued in their own thing. He's fine, oh Monica about the house across the street. She lived twelve feet away. Is not just why people money, I reverend, Sir, I bring you resent diversity to than river on. Mr will join reflected the house, and she said why people money
I am by the way to can waiting him. Tell you, though I work with the lady from two to seven, the utmost she was the oldest member of two too and then now we have now he told me that Go Delta, that's who is here the deferred add up to you to be the granddad. Did she sent him a video same? I love you can, and I want you to be my going out of that. Is that the way you gonna be a grand, I'm gonna be cans dad, which is exciting. Monica joy lives in New York, it all very welcome back joy. I mean like some kind of privately Michael's Doin gown. You know, I'm not only your. How much time are you running their versus here Hauser, since, like late August me out, I came out a couple of times: I've gotta place yet
yeah right, was us comes out she already you now. Do you hear? Listen, listen was now, no doubt whether the money I got three acts and housing to withstand here's. What I'm wondering, because I thought you had gone there to work, what what is it what's becoming apparent to me? Is that you're just there, because I'm working in my husband, gave the word earlier to. Ah so he finds out. So I'm really got a job. I call on there in the weather, you're fine, you're lemon, or why there would be there. I am working. Ok, I saw you want. Some shows bunch alarm in talking about drama in one of the Dutch shows the real in Europe. My drumming did you play for them now you did it. So even terms at downstairs by the way did so we should avoid jam before you know, but I was thinking if you put me on tv and said, go oh I would panic now Amy I played on Colbert,
in an email with high stress because they threw me n, as I thought was like if anything like I'd like array ominous. A groove, unlike cherisher down in all joining as their professional museum, and we should like that. But bait to me and as the ban with play and dislike like a movement, MID saw that was was stressful, you you, but I did it. I did great. Why did it gives mighty just like during the trip like you, can play any sauna pops up and like I can you can do anything I away, but you must. We are play on electric kit right now? I have a real cat. I know you got a real kit, what percentage of the time are you playing the real kit, verse, the electric well now than your your very trying to figure out where you live in. How often you play your electric, I had like travel electronic right. I have a real drums said it. In a way of seeing their Paris drums is rarely do by custom shit,
New York. Yes, exactly I am brand for you in New York. I a role and not the portable one, but not the full on massive electronics, economic at the one in the mid offer got which one of us, but I put it together myself and it was leaning, ok and so I was leaning when I play until Dave came in fixed it and then it just meal. He does turn one thing. I like that. I can. I ask how frequently your point he's a couple times a week. Do you like doing at every small dope yeah? Are you better worse if you're stone, just different, just different yeah, like I'm, not smoking, that much we'd in New York all really right? I'm blackened ranting, yeah red flag! That's a regretful! I got. I do well satisfied with joy, but I don't wanna go out you know like yeah, but I want the truth. So when you go to rent something is black in issue, I think it could be. I think my coat on coats celebrity status sharks in many Y yeah, but I'm a black person, ranting
this kind of book, so point is one I'm home now lay are do for I want so. Yes, I do smoke. here, you'd like to play, but I have to also learn how to play not stem cell lines. Uncle Baron they just popular, exactly right away, read my red wine and a little turkey dog is always a good combination for everyone to punch for a lot of thing. What other things that your love, Megan cocktail? Oh wait! A minute yeah, actually kind of an elixir of the gods, because I can write to her, but I can't write to stoned but you're drunk, but like a little bit. It is that you're just write their sweet spot bam in an at night in a day time is coffee right, right, you're, very moderate person. I would say I would describe you as moderate cuz. Let me just say: two beers makes you a better pool player and then it's kind of neutral to about four or five beers. Then, beyond five years the pool playing
the goes down like guinea, it's great to get a loose in our thinking, oh yeah, and you get sloppy yeah, there's a sweet spot and in whatever observed with you, is that you can live in the sweet spot. Racism older in writing the most of ever seen you. We went to a movie one time in your hanging on by thread. I went to sleep, I don't like being stoned with too many people were not to say that one of your own crowds, you know I like to be in a space. That's like a controlled environment. Chill zombie Roma people makes me thy paranoid. While Imelda brings me to the last time we saw each other real life, which was at that enormous event for a b c. Both from in our shows your shell for life yell. My show bless this mass. I asked at one point, but there is like a thousand people. There are some some some astronomical amount of people and then we found each other and what a fuckin life raft right I mean ok, so I wrote down fun things and I want to talk to you about the first thing I wrote so you re
for joy got here, I ordered a couple: bison meat, loaf, sandwiches Fermi onto like one of the greatest same argovie shadow to stamp proper foods. Hers. Thank you now, beautiful beautiful but maybe the moist. Yes, I know it's a triggering word for a lot of people, but a damp damp. I might love SAM, don't they d, you damn worse, Julie, Jew Did you see my friends here so I introduce you to it? Then you hit me up about. I don't know too much. Later and you said hey just by the way. I've even at that place like twenty times now, every saddled- and I might not moderate see I like I get something and then I o d on it and then I get an arm over. I have to go like full cracks, but you don't eat four of them. You one you see what I mean. Yes, I'm saying you do eat it frequently, but railway link, but not you, don't need two of them right. You just have one. In fact, you just had half a wonder. Save me one for later tonight, You probably have a little wine and some of so I found out through our mutual and can winning here that you
Real hot for Doc over the last year and they are eating at all, but Doug, like said Durham Times now, I'm eating a duck six or seven times, although the first I had deck was last year, it was at the Beatrice in in New York, and I'd never had before I was vegetarians is ninety four and before that I'd never had done, and so there is beef on the table and duck, and I think I could do the beef and then my friend was as it should I have read that before she tried again and Amy is peace and I put in my mouth it was a mouth orgasm. It was fatty, but it tastes like war, Bacon, one being used rather mean, maybe then tastes like, but it was one of the greatest things. I've ever remember was so fucking good. I'm still chase nets duck high sure when he went out to eat with you to get duck which you had requested. Yes, one on a double right. Yes, he noticed that you had
real real affinity for the dock in a way he had not observed. While he's never seen, Are you working your fingers and I ve never seen you dead, so fuckin good? We went to a french restaurant. I get think that's kind of new in New York on French, hats or friend, like I have a duck there to always opposed to be so good. If you really guy, ok right only. We said that we are not what I want at the guarantee there on the spot that serves darker joy. We got you, I know, but also Blake around the corner from our place in New York. You know actor Josh Lucas right. He owned part of this restaurant long fund, a boy am calling for a possible and to the nights are when my favorite nice, the weak state Fritz night,
and they fry this prize in duck fast. So I go there get old dress up it's my date, my that I take myself out from Dacres, amusement myself and I put on some flies boots or somethin. I look around the corner and I don't have to cross Rico a right and right and then I order that faced with the duck, fries extra duck fat o depending on the chef one chef de hates given me extra duck fat and the other one really live. We were assured that men have you had any cholesterol panel done since not starting nobody's gonna get a doctor. Ashura gun now. Monica just had an experience where she got to basically test what you're talking about. Will we had this out of body experience in Brooklyn at a place called Emily's invent Emily Burger yeah has ever had a year, and we ve been thinking about it. Talking by allowing every other day for a year. She went back this. She just got companies it out and she had had it twice and held up
maybe even better off when I remembered it to be ass? Soon, ass, we went from being a vegetarian, so I weaving Maybe it's ok for I became vegetarian. I did eat me, but I don't really like it. I was really picky. I wasn't like a full on carnivore. I ADA because, like that's what it was given to me, but I always preferred vegetables right again vegetarians because really easy to not eat meat, so under doctors or are you just are eating me, but once I started Nab, I become Moreover, carnivore than I was before you could never given me doc, but my cholesterol interview watch my closet was that must take a peak, no its, not just not tear. but it's not the ideal time I even as vague, and it's not ideal,
I had to go on a Stanton yeah. I was vegetarian. My was not great yeah, that's largely genetic. I believe really. Young people are discovered predestined for high cholesterol, but then there's all this king flitting evidence that may be clear rules on issue. It all depends on the elderly. Are the aged yeah yeah, but even now it's a little misleading okay. So for people who don't know- I don't remember from the previous sooner. you joy and I created a thing that makes her nervous to talk about about the sole Spectra, went TAT. I got a pretty low floor and I were allowed. We did not get a low score get a moderate allows more. How? How did you quantify that? Thank you, committees, whiter than me. She was the cheerleader in Georgia, she'll she'll, tell you she was a cheerleader she what else stilted, I'm on my soul. on a map
yeah. We we need so like what we're, although Gabrielle hoping you enter the honest, is always a skill or lose your number. Did you give me like a fire? Now argue six, ok, six, but he gave himself like an aid Can I ask what would you here? Why would you gimme joy? I'll. Be there be brutally honest? I can give we're a bus. You cannot be a library. Overs was notified, she's, ok, I'm gonna knock you down to seven make her. Well, they re list there. You have the Thai breaking boat at all times you're more authority. I've I've never been happy to refresh people's memories, the sole spectrum. It's not exactly what you would immediately think. First and foremost, Samuel Jackson. Is the high water mark he's a ten wait. When did we decide that we decided that they, SAM Jackson with fire and there were that conversation about seemed checks at the end of May?
How does he s order? Ok, ok, we also with their bill. Murray is a ten. We do my god. Why don't you remember that is with you. This is what happens when you don't smoke a lie. We remember Henry is like you going to have to jog my memory year, so I was trying to really articulate it to Monica as we fought about it, and it was this deep, deep comfort in one's own skin. That to me is what embodies the soul spectrum someone who's got rhythm, who is so confident their own skin? comfortable, relaxed, chill and has rhythm and the rhythm could mean any number of things right. So I've got a couple of induct east under the sole spectrum. I just want to get your opinion. First in this person might be an eleven Anderson Pack. My new obsession, Anderson Pack, amazing you seem comfort in his skin. Yes, if I was that an eleven I don't know who is, but this thing doesn't go to eleven
yes, yeah say ten. Ok, I'm gonna nominate Danny Mcbride as ten as well say now here, but a single mother fucker him Strutton in righteous gems the comfort, the rhythm, the flow. What do you think about this? What if there was no numerical ranking, but it's like this person is high on the stone spectrum this person's low on this aspect- Spectrum Balkan area. can't be a ten. I, like I'm only bringing I'm alone annihilating tens today. Why I can only I who else? That's it I brought to every day you see someone who's like a ten on the source spectrum. I we have talked about it in a decade in and I've got to people that I want to add as tens. So for me it's been Murray, Samuel Jackson, Anderson Pack and any Mcbride. I think they would to all test, MRS Spitz
yeah exert relating well, I thought about, obviously your your return on the sole spectrum. What females can you think of? I mean just washer perform with her Eric of ideologies measures, in other words, how to monitor birthday cover, not remember the show at how the blues that was Herbert they, but she didn't arrived at an early age, are numbered amazing, Montague, Jos Gonna, try to gently remind me, like we don't need a rush, and I was there I'm, not a head out there. It shows starts at nine in like a lavish like we don't need to get over. We went over their eleven hours, panicked, we're missing it. When we will be another hour day, homage came on at one Eric about do yeah, scattered, that's a slammed on a wreath of properly eleven is the original comfort ease rhythm, the whole thing: ok, a sucking up for life, all my show, my doing better life
and signed by four like fifty centres producer. Yes, he is the answer. You did get rich or die. Try and I did in your his girlfriend. I was a baby mama. That was my first like Hollywood, kid. Basically that was the first time or that you played some over the child yeah, and I just started me on this glorious path. You have installed in your new show Only do I have a child, she, seventeen and she them They have a job. All I'm sick, issued to the next level, Europe Great online or as many leagues was, they laugh Mama, as, I would say, COD Nana, whilst you can be a great mother s all this is so Somehow I miss that part in the pilot, our daughter who seventeen is pregnant and I made the anew when I read em when Coquet us pray a right. It was until after I done the pilot Mouselike. Let me be a couple examples like wait, a minute, my grandmother.
was only a couple years older than I am right now when I was born here, wasn't younger them. No, my grandmother was like forty six when I was born, your mom was what sixteen fifteen Marilla had six kids total. So my mother was a second youngest ok there There are some shit like that. Ok, so yes, clearly the math holds you could be a grandma in real life, but isn't it like? I would have already spun out about having a seventeen year old kid like just re net, going like whom yeah she's really mean what, if I play more mom roles and I've not in only one of her majesty gets so fits the dearest. I try was the first time I wore baby bump and that of my spur things even the first of many, and you did one on parenthood. Erin, I did it
for these. He had for a life as I like, a flash back to when I gave her a really when you did get richer diatribe. That was the apex of fifties. Yeah me was, it was the bullet professed era what was that experience like we're gonna die? Is he I ve? Never, madam. He warble professes jacked he's in a meeting even shot Ivan Times. Lastly, like as a co star, he was wonderful as coastal area, but my experience with him was amazing is the first time is acting. I mean you know too sometimes like. When is your first time at the gate? Use go on instinct because you are really no. You know. Well, where a lot of things can happen, you can, you can be terrified and thereby make you act like a fuckin asshole right. I want terrified enacted, not nice yeah. Then I've been terrified and been humble enough to ask for guidance, fair enough
there's outlines a version, but all these like air, while also like I mean everything any is not. He ever setting think but, like I think, is really really hard to not just act for the first time, but to basic a version of yourself yeah, that's harder than even being First, I'm actor. I think I think, because he's a wrapper and already and entertaining away there's something that he was able to look into and relate to and then give their performance which may again like to play yourself be averted. Resolve is voting really hard for anybody to them to work with him as a producer of he's on the show too. He, oh, even always, gotta dope, partly adult recurring part on the show I didn't have any scenes with him cause. The show is that basically three dramas family drama, prison, drama and courtroom drum all wrapped up. one drama, brimmer, rare and so so many carriages do never intersect
am I right in that it is the story of a guy who got sent to prison and then became a lawyer in prison in Nassau and got his way out. As you know, our show is inspired by Isaac, Right Junior, who was convicted like under, like the drug King pin law whatever in Jersey, and it was dirty accuracy, and so he was wrongly accused unconvicted to life, plus seventy or so for drug charge, right and he's innocent yeah plenty of people, like you know, sadly, is not uncommon for people to be wrongfully convicted, even centres the death. We know right yeah. So while he was in prison, he studied law and started to help other prisoners in their appeals and he held a bunch of prisoners. I forgot the number
but get get acquittals, no shit, so he's incarcerated, but it becomes these people's lawyers so that I assume he's joining them at their appeal, trial or whatever that show how that were. Ok, bye, he studying the law not to give the information that they need to than right. You know so all long building his case and he was able to represent himself in court peel this case and knocked down each sentence like it wasn't like. I once rupees, firstly to go in knocked down a life sentence then go back and knocked Emma seventy and got out and became a practising attorney good on our show. You mean Aaron, whose inspired by isaac- you mean him nine years in time and he's trying his first case. So, yes, those inspired by whom, MS pretty incredible it actually really happens like what is, in truth, is stranger than fiction yeah. I d sooner view to do that. I had gone a college with whose now
professor of archaeology. At you see like some cool out. My friend, Jason Deleon eat reminded me of the story where we ran from the cops I motorcycle and then he thought new, where we were at. He was telling me where to turn you that we are a long beach, what we're Marine Adele Ray, and then we crashed into a bush and there we hid behind a bush and then came and they shine a light on the bush. In that way, we can see you guys at that and in so then the council like what the fucking us like three in the morning it was the night. The Lakers had won the championship in two thousand and we're like you know what celebrating the Lakers and we got a little carried away by a drive for a living, but my life will be over told the story. I saw him Graham does it air it was like. I can't believe you got out of that and I was like yak some white like I got out cause on white and also the amount of drugs I did in bought in carried in AIR
thing? I'm a thousand percent would be imprisoned if our blot I'm like, I would have been stopped so many times and asked what I was doing, but even Viewing have nothing or don't know Joe right, but then, if what I was always doing, something exactly and then another thing you with all those who share, then the combine, oh god, it was cute that I was celebrating the Lakers like TAT. There would have been no good will towards me and I would have on the job of men one million times and you invading oh you're, you're, holding around what outer than all that shit. Yeah really celebrating Lakers, ok in my mind, unlike oh yeah, this is, though, how the world works. I have no reason to think that it doesn't work that way like of sometimes they let you off on homes you get for re. Unless your experiencing experience the world differently till you, like our shit yeah. Why here story of other guys who have gone to prison. You know serially like keep going and quite often the things that they were sent over.
over again for or especially parole violation that might yeah? I did all those thing you definitely because you and I had a fun text exchange either day, yes tee, I so we interviewed tee I and then after we interviewed tee. I he said stuff that I just flat out disagree with the car. He said he goes with his eighty neural. The ecologists make sure she's a verge, but he set used to down you're. Not am I shall we have because I would have been like hold on. So I didn't like what he said was not great. I don't have that opinion, but on the Ivory tower condemnation of him? I started going awesome Other layers happening here and the thing that ended up irritating me. A lot was if you're born into a household with to college educated, parents who are already liberal and raise
that way in use. You left the house at an eight out of ten on the walk scale, and then you got yourself to ten. You know. Ok, you you. You went up twenty percent from how you were raised and tea. I, as he said on the show, supported his mom from time you, like ten years old, he watches mother, get abducted in an apartment in duct tape in held at gunpoint for four hours previously lived through, endured a tremendous amount of trauma that most people will never experience and then the culture he how to be uber masculine to survive the titan masculinity. So the fact that he is out and raised as a family and generates money in his a good dude that his level of growth is tenfold. What someone who went from an eight to attend! He far exceeded what he was brought up in and there seems to be no
appreciation for that they're just uni by their high? Let on a shame that connection to what he said about taken his daughter, he get tester Heinen. Will the people that were furious at him were so righteous about how wrong he was and were so judgmental of his that error? He maiden on that topic, and I just felt like it was a lot of people who were already grew up in a house that was AIDS and now they ve reached ten status. I think it's fair game for people to be like Yo Homey. What the fuck are you talking about testing like, I think, that's legit yeah. I think I can be critical of that, while understanding the struggles and strides
he made in his life. That's yeah! Ok, but where you were him saying that about his daughter is very handmaidens tail era and he can be called out for that, but that doesn't a gate, his struggle. It isn't a gate. The things that he's dying by agony pestered you for then I am at present say like one can be present for saying that, but also we like you and you also does what he does any school cool whatever year ago. I just think there's like a wilful, ignoring of all contacts like that Treating it is like all things are what I mean. I do think that where we, all right now, people definitely call your ass out for share in here, like ok, really young cobby law for that region. Now calling out didn't you know like yeah. Either. I just feel like an opinion,
it's a little hypocritical do have grown up with every single opportunity in your holding this. Unless, assuming that everyone who is critical of him came from that difficult critical of him, who also group the way, you did sure sure the August d like it just gets annoying everyone's ones like. But when you say shit like you know, listen everyone as a fucking opinion, because of soul, which is great because a social media, everyone has a voice, never has opinion. The flip side is that everyone has voice and every opinion, and you can be on the receiving a this shit, a a great way and quickly turn ass, ass the next day and then forget forget about it a week later. Good again, I don't know what I do. I I just don't see the connection of like people him him out for that. How that relates to how up grew up or like that, make ok? Well, damn he grew rule fucked up. So we should give a pass for saying that mean joking about his daughters body is is just problematic just regardless of whether joy
that's the problem, the problem, but I'm not going to call you back cuz, I don't care you're, you're, probably right, you're, always right when we argue but but but I also think if you grew up in a way where you watched women, get used a certain way and yes that then sex, the rest of your view on life- and you think I got a fucking protect this person, I think the way he's protecting her is absolutely backwards and wrong. I don't agree with it, but I also recognize that he probably sees a much greater threat than someone else might see. I think it's okay to challenge people, even if we like them and then like the things that they do the are they create we're all like trying to do better here and we're all learning how to DE program ourselves from racism. Sexism and all these things is sometimes there's an intersection of the.
with three or four and all of us- are learning how to use the right language, not an overly pc, Conaway or whatever, but all of us to try to figure out like how to use correct language and also how sometimes some thoughts in some ideas we have our fuckin problematic. Even as a woman, I can have views that are internalized sexism items. They were all learning about how to evolve. So you don't get a pass because at a fact of life to you'll get up ass for that Well, do better fiscal, we're gonna one! Eighty men! I like that stay to arm chair there we are supported, I rang rings. Vision is to make neighbourhood safer, might already know about their smart video doorbells in cameras that protect millions of people everywhere ring helps you stay connected to your home,
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Now that I have the shock me because I dont think I'm a massage illness, but I think there's all kinds of just things. I think our objective. that are not objective Lang Chris and I were we're watching some movie with some older actors. And I was normally conscious of how old the female actress looked. I was just like It was really on my mind like in seeing someone. I know she's really aged right here, and I set a Christian, unlike I feel like an asshole, but I'm like I'm sorry. We are aware of how that this woman is aims in not that the men have like. I see that they have age, but I'm not, I see, in the women we more than I see in the men. Yeah doesn't making a massage earnest yours realising how much
examined the patriot might hold. After that I find the software I'm running rise, massage monistic re, because we live in this aside, yeah baby, I'm having the same. We also to us like white people, recognising that, like ok, acknowledging certain privileges or certain injustices that make you races, we just want to be acknowledged that, like
we're we're again we're all been conditioned. All of us. Oh you marginalized people, people about all of us and we are all trying to figure out how to fucking break that programme, and I think that's the problem with people like coming out. People are, you know, like the pendulum was here for so long and now just swung out another side where people like being free to express themselves and call shit out because she wasn't getting called out the problem. Is it to a ship might begin called out we ass a week. I haven't gotten back to the middle yet, but this is like a major consciousness. I mean like everything that we thought we were. You mean challenged the with sexuality, race, everything and it's alive. Oh it's! So it's gonna be messy, but part of it is all of us acknowledging that, like ok, you know, I thought I knew shit, I don't or like you say, that's why I didn't realize you your things and that
mean that moving forward for all of us, but all of us are conditioned ass. She did it the same way to work. I was watching so I don't even know what it was when I was an hour. She looked so fucked up why my high on her neck right now rain, their workforce triggers your own fear like we all have fear of losing our powers right potency, like you know what the signature tells are of like I'm, a gene when you re in other people, you like, oh, but it's always been different for women and men. Always my dollar brutal. It's no is Niven is not brutal. For men lose with, there's illogical component right? There's a natural evolution component, which is guys, can get girls pregnant at ninety years old?
In that way, they literally lose their potency, and I think we ve built this whole thing on top of that, one fact that they are still have problems patriarchy too, yes, like that's dismantles, go is gonna skew towards me, but for women in general and then also on screen shot. life is always been yet a ceiling at forty now know, there's more women who are not twenty, something or whatever, but to save me, like you, know, you'd have like Harrison for as likely wise love interests. Thirty years younger and more, like you know, and so judging sexiness inflexibility in men, verses women as the age has always been completely lopsided yeah. is changing issue realizing, how, like you, don't realize you're looking through a layer of culture like none of us,
Ray we're, not aware at all times it we're looking through a layer of culture, and so the example. I would give us as we watch these eighties movies. Like will short our kids movies, we loved we're we're younger. They certainly haven't fix the age gap on tv between men and women, but it has gotten dramatically different to the point that be watching these eighties movies increases like the if two year old man's wife is twenty three, it's it's an egg free movie. Now, when we were growing up, you weren't aware of that, I was not aware of that. In any way whatsoever, I mean I was kind of Woody Allen that I just watched Manhattan the other day. What's the idea can remember how they one? The pot is like he's forty two and she's seventeen, my goodness, laying really on brand for any totally. But like did anyone
Lincoln. I buy american beauty, which I love. It's a fantastic movie at one ram ass. It is the premise Elise, its begged in it's not like. This is normal it showing that this is warped. Yes, but it is plain on Miss stirred up to his wife, is older in these shrill and this is young and finally end again, though, validate role and a reality, because a male ego self fuck him fragile and in that betting, whose perfect in it she so brilliant that movie but she's so controlling and she can let go of the fucking couch in there. This is a lot of like generic archetypes about were older women and then there's the younger women watch that again rightly, I guarantee lit land TAT S. Now The one, though, that I even knew at the time as like this, because he was so man,
I tried it. I'm not running my younger people that I work with that. There was a movie when you and I were adults. We would this with their movement was in every word, fucking that right now to Thomas see how wants to get a new college and you can only get in through affirmative action, so he discovers these pills standing pills, fucked up that will make in black, so he is, actually in black, face the whole moving and we were adults and, although I know like nobody, I think we were like delisting, seventy now adult ok, you don't meet me when I was sixteen is only Thank you whereas holding shit now around you're out of your own as ground? I could tell I was like this feels daisy, but not to the level where I was like this is insane, whereas now of course over like that's insane, it's insane wasn't! Last Sunday you make hey, can yeah
they look. We are constantly evolving in consciousness and understanding and awareness and that's what's happening. This is great case, so our next year and party so man beauty, but would it I don't know which ones first, it maybe Manhattan to really where are they like? The shots are beautiful, Reims Amelia like the tea. I think there can be nay, nay about that guy that you can take away were also learning you know things are non Viner like listen there's laxity in everyone is so many shades of gray. You can all opposing thoughts and views in your mind, you, I think thing that aware. I've come out on the other side. Mostly thermometers help is, I can can see angels ansal scouts. you haven't seen her dance. You that's parliament without even seem bill, Murray Dan, exactly
I haven't been ourselves so basically, I'm like it's cool this aid about your own group, I'm free to talk about the white trash that I grew up around and then there's tons of funny stuff about that, and I can make fun of that and I'm kind of I'm getting a piece with that. Then I'm happy with that in part of it is because now there are so many voices that have been empowered, like hustle Menage house, a voice, yeah there's a lot of people that are voices now the din, and it was all this funny stuff that, like anyone could have observed that these are funny thing right raw but in others the right people to observe those guys right right right, but now chapels going he's observing some shit. That's his own style rye. Also, love that, because I mean he's, got a joke in the special worries like he talk about the opium crisis and he's like why people are going down he's like a kind of know how fell about the crack of epidemic. Now I dont really give too much like my god. What a volume things like yeah otherwise
or dying opiate none. I don't care too much like this. Is brilliant Chinese calling the other thing and Fleming and think as a personal color, you can comment on white people because, like we ve had to know so much, out why people and they never have no about us. So if anyone, the buggy ex we're talking about shit like that, we can talk about it. We actually can then, is not about why people it's a bow why people's reaction rye acting arriving. It's a joke about in group, our group personally, yeah now that matter, though, I think talk about like oh yeah, you're, worried about your people. People are worried about their group. Their population and people are not worried about other populations and groups that have human nature. I see that leg and is also where she sat ashes, both I think it was my member not,
and everything liner raises many many options: yeah yeah overthrow. Actually what else? Well I mean our debate about car notes house. No, I still ongoing, because I sent you that screenshot of one of the comments on Instagram the out what it was one, why guy said we called it a corner to iron out. We was white or black with them, works in financial shit. That's not really the debate, a debate It is black folks say: Now, both car payment methods of vat certainly there are some white we lose a car. Now in there are certainly black. We aren't payment, I'm talking about I'm talking about majorities here, I'm not I'm saying that seventy percent of white People's Torbay model survey all the widely who say it's a car. They say Coronel House no, Ok, what's the other day, they all say: hey man,
payments. I'm going to my car bay myself, you know, I can't even remember the wave of Al Qaeda out better than what fucking payment anyway. So you know what your cap, why leave? All you can have the payment will not think car Nokia that's more creative and funky was the main soulful all may I or else no car, no is a fucking. Ten and you're a fucking lame as a year is a tale. I completely ruined the hard, no desire in the Salzburg Selvas hiring. You know, there's no right and wrong, though this observation, like you guys, are saying it wrong. I don't know the goddamn origin or payment currently know that my black friends were laid on their cargo in they weren't late in arriving at my weapons were laid on their car payment, it's so much higher and the seller. Let me ask you a real question: you get the sides for the day you get the script you seen in its you going to the bank. I can't make this
this house a payment. Do you say that the writers, she wouldn't say house, payment, she'd, say house? No, hypothetically speaking and now I would like to say how now I'll just say it right leader, we try curios possible me, you know one thing, and this is amongst the all the lobby, but on a show, mainly the black women, black woman character area, where we're going to sleep, we're not wearing our headscarves. Black women do where their headscarves to protect our hair, keeping nice and soften, and also let you know, the silk scar, opera, satin, scarface, just good keeps the noise or for sexy nose like lots of boundaries. Conversely, Tell me your boundaries in your own. I don't give a shit, don't touch my hair and then, as I all good didn't know, that's not running your fingers through my ass. So then I've learned don't fuck with a black alms hair down
Well, and you know why people don't we walking up just putting your fingers in people's here either? That's that's the other. Yeah! Oh you here! So pretty white touching me you're, not that new, but I say about keeping it real right: rural, accurate we're like we're not wearing headscarves in these scenes, because everything on the unit on tv, but in real life, all of us are wearing, are freakin headscarves. You you can do it on tv by we didn't, but we recognise that like if we're going to bed, I wear my headscarf. I mean unless I'm you know going about sure. Puffs dubious in that bag. Waiters time does Dave the Pope, ever laying in bed. He like he's like Feelin frisky and he looks or give your hallowed end chataldja then his light. You got. This looks at you a little longer than normally were you. Then you just grab that headscarf designer, like
not happen, or, conversely, is legal, bad, did you like light, but then he looks ovaries. I never headscarf. become a big signal for one it's parting. I now could help What you're headscarf on right? I don't know you never bug with your ads. Nobody knows what I've done. If I'm in bed with the scarf and things go a certain direction, Heinisch is going down, I'm taking them. Could scar off, because let me give you a whole lot of by catch a glimpse in the mirror. Bugging me. What I headscarf for me, either as you can be either allowing I'm trying to get turned on turn. You only urge China, but can I ask ok? Then we have. There is a real good indicator for him when it's time to look at you, I mean I wish Chris
because it would save us. So much of me, like you, know a couple, gentle like touches on the shoulder and I got to read, cuz she's white. I got to figure out like that she's liking this should I can't move my hand off the shoulder under the breast. but I see our headscarves army like don't even come, knocking at the door you should may be. Bringing up to listen. I filled headscarf is great for everyone's hair and also a silk pill case for your face. While she does uses hell yeah. She does without that, a green light for coitus. Just let you know that's true and then tat. They had an headscarf adieu. My y yeah maybe try to do that when we get or give them. That's all. I'm not gonna get with a fucking head star wars. Don't you have certainly headscarves, though I want my belgian down or anyone else. I just know that I can speak for other black when we say that we sleep and has gone to protect our here. That's about bars and vulgar for me, yeah, I'm, not China, fuck
suck, would I fucking? Does it just doesn't laces wider, there's, there's a maying? Yes, now the only indicator I have from Christian, is, if that by guards in nah. I might go to another room. There is always room for you know, listen just don't have yet to see flexible, I don't think that way you gotta get should done closeted in five minutes over here. Air like yeah, in secret in silence. So that's my last topic actually for you. So I brought this up last time and I had many times and set when I had a kid. I was so excited about it and I was very encouraging a view to advocate, and then you wrote a maid, Seen essay on stop asking me if I'm healthcare there's somebody was war or something it was.
As a working Artic this stuff and until I read it and ass, I only got the apartment That problem is you and you knew which wine till you're like there's so much fun, there's so much and I was well. I also said you guys, a beautiful kid I wish I was. I was specifically ta you heart is you're the only one only version we said, there's so much Yeah yeah yeah I've changed my two nine ass. I tell you I didn't hear like a liar like thank you fucking Liar Dax. It is interesting, but it is interesting because, ultimately it still a big win like it's still a huge wind lay with kids. For you for me it sadly we do, but I mean they really really throw ranch. I wanna be a money, the Abbe YAP they fuck up here. Just lately, I've been like stress levels. I bet the strongest desire to just go sit somewhere for like six days,
nobody ask him or anything like that's my dream, vacation right now, there's nobody has any written a hotel room by myself. That's like seems ideal sooner have come a little bit more towards your side over. This is almost seven years and you ve not Favorite at all- oh, I am so In my decision, I reaffirm every single: I think, even more though it was much deeper than just like. Oh, you should have kids. I also found it to be very cathartic, for my own child, it yeah weirdly. So there was like a therapeutic aspect that I really wanted for you, let's, assuming that what he has a similar
but what does that mean? I love it also. You know a lot about you, I'm a place where I think that I would be a good enough. Parent biocidal thing like I'd, be a terrible parent. Could that was something that I brought like in the past, like might be like now her whatever, but I know that I would be a good enough parent storm anyone if I can do it, you, I'm not urging you I'm over that. I learned my lesson. Oh yeah see evolution you of all of them, but I do wonder, I'm still curious about it. cause we're different ages. Now, like is shocking as it is you and I were like thirty, two and thirty three. Not ah so, do you.
They then first aired- and we each other pilot, like nine months before that so eleven years ago, in your forty five and I'm forty five, so we were thirty four, I noticed disturbing right. It's all a blur. I prefer to be older. You do do you think about mortality yeah. I feel like I think about it more so now being at the age I'm at than ever and my twenties authorities, and how could we not I'm going to add to this it had died at sixty two in your mom died at what fifty a month and fifty some yeah. So you and I in particular, would be wise to just consider. Ok well worst case scenario: we fallen or barents. What's tat, while I mean transaction I'm in therapy about that. But I have my grandmother. Data sixty five or mother died a fifth, not even fifty five right. So I had this thing about diet. Forty five actually aha and will be forty. two years I've made it Georgia where stood out like come anymore, myself toper. I find it to be a little discomforting that yeah my dad died. So young
I'm definitely thinking about mortality my own and then dealing with others mortality then reminds me of my own, which income feels like fuck we're at that age. Now, because I you know, while our parents died relatively young, yes right, yes and my grandmother died when she was sixty five. I was nineteen dealt with that dynamic for a long time, but you know friends love once parents are getting older, even if they're, ok, there's took an older euralia. Some have health issues, people thinking about how many care for my parent rate and it's a trip to then see you, you now you're stepping into this role- re, oh yeah, of possible caretaker or having to
like. It is blows my fucking mind and then its I oh yeah cause I'm not I'm colonel. Who knows how long you gonna live, but, like you like, oh Alec, death seems very real is clearly better than the beginning was not always o o data without war twice or what or maybe the grandparents greatly about. No but like is only going to go into a separate from here, is never going to slow down. No more people die, get older, including us, like is just so. I'll think about how much ok I when I think about it all the time will because he was this is my question- is the only bandaid I have four. It is my kids right, because there is something weird about the notion. I think it was someone I set it in a movie and us
oh my god, that that is my main desires, like the only wish I have now on planet earth is that when I die I'll be able to look at my kids while I'm dying cuz, I I find great peace in that, but I never had that in so I just genuinely curious that were the same age in I know we're thinking about it. We have pair The day on was wondering around more to died and we were there like we were there. We are yet again. We it ass, you haven't, we had such complicated, yes yeah. I have that little bit of cushion that helps me deal with that thought so for me, young children. How do I guess you're more spiritual than I am, I think everyone we does, we gotta all fine, our reasons to live. I think that for me, if I can create things that matter, that I leave behind her and I have such great relationships in my life, the up we know if I can accomplish the things that are,
most of the things I want to accomplish in my life and have a quality of life that I have and continue to have in that's enough, yeah, joy, Brian. I love you so much to do. I don't that you live in New York, I know you're having a lot of you. Ve lived there, I'm just there. You been there since August ones for life on its unable right now it it's Tuesday nights at ten o clock on ABC, but you could all watch it on that, and also on Hulu YA. The timing is right, for the show is the right show at the right time. It was five years ago or two years ago now, donor yeah. So all of those things, I think, are good indicators that we could have another season. Yes for another year, New York, because I told you I can only imagine if I was making a show in michigan- and I was back where I came from where I was poor,
and I was a ball or I would love it. I've spent enough time there I just, but is the first time that I have stayed there whenever longer than a month the male man like I'm a regular at this rest, their elected usual the Euro, MIKE Norman, I mean like, but was a I have this beautiful station wagon downstairs. You just saw beautiful. hot wheels. How do I run a line whatever, but I was driving that way again through Milford. What I don't where I'm from my town, I feel like Wolf, damn rain, but first of all, you drive a national around Hollywood, Ankara, nobody say you're fucking killing of Israel's or some dough. Will you recognize what you recognize world is other, be were alike.
RO. I am people, would all like a book and eleven knowest high there of the land on the souls meter, because I fear that you'll never know what an eight or ten is beyond. On occasion ass, the two you can see what you can see some for those people or seven enough there, like you, know how that, since the mean but I'm XIX. Now you d modem now now we're we're doing away with the numerical radio Yang. Ok, can I think it's just cause. It's gonna be heart like whose really eight she not unite us men, like my Suharto, high enough form what that yeah that's more flights and it's gonna solve joy. I love you and I'll. See you in New York. I guess that's where you live, and why
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had been a while since they lost an argument to her. What are you sign that like doings. I seen someone who almost every argument I've gotten in with her I lose and I acknowledge, I've watched you acknowledge, which that's the most interesting concept done, that might be around TAT. I rarely see you can see it in the way you do at her. Ah, I may I think, she's so smart and interesting, and I love that you guys debate and I love that she's- gonna. Let you get away with anything. I think I also serve that purpose, but I I don't know that I get the same, we're here, well, she unattended argue by something so specific, which is black white stuff here. so she's pointing out a blind spot. I have lobbying Y yeah is seen as an authority for sure
in this the and I usually argue about neither return authority like I had to concede that your parents didn't want to hug you and look in your eyes and say I love you. they do because ultimately, is much as I can No, all humans want their kids. To do that. I don't know what the indian experience here. I am and then, when I you and husbands say the same thing. I am clearly wrong. I don't I don't know what happens there right? magazine, and I argue about what tastes better on the burger King Menu. I will never reliant well sure. I also think I sometimes put her in a position where she lets me in on some stuff. I've only, but then I'm putting our own blast in pub there, but I could see if our her being cognisant of the fact of like black means
me like what are you talking as White Devil about that or you can? Let him help define the sole spectrum. Yangtse might personally feel fine with it between her, and I know that our public, you might be like what the fuck are. You latin, why cracker asked Craig yeah we're part of assault. She said I was higher than you on the sole spectrum, so I'm gonna, take at the heart of Europe. This is one have creator in honour of the fulfils backroom does where there is a lot away. Ok, see you talk about cholesterol and you said mainly genetic- if you have a close relative, such as apparent sibling or grandparent, who has high level of cholesterol. You are more likely to have it yourself. This is largely due to the passing on of genes from Paris to children than increase levels of cluster on the blood, such as a gene that codes for it,
active receptor, this is known as familiar Lester Alenia Familial Hyper cluster Alenia as a form of inherited high cholesterol. People with this condition generally have a higher cholesterol levels and people without this condition. Obviously despite lifestyle choices. That's because people with this condition are unable to regulate cholesterol levels as efficiently as other people. People with familial hyper call a thoroughly MIA, can't control their cluster author die and exercise alone. In May, Stead need to all seas, medication, stare shore we're on. Well, I don't want you know, just stop taking like a year and a half ago. I don't think so. That is why we will do it. I dont know why why museums it was like. I don't want to be on a medicine. If I don't have to be around people. Do that that's a lot of people. Look I get that because it's chemicals you're, adding chemicals to your body. You don't know what they're doing they're affecting you somehow.
I have some faith that my body knows how to get into homeostasis. I'm like a defective body, although I do in some way allowing air, but I guess the truth is. If you're someone who needs medication, you need medication is invited to take it. I need to take it start today. You are on a resume taken just check in with your dark before you get on and on. then on, and I will remain the dog wants me on it, so that he already told me his position ok, we have retired. Since I got the prescription he's been replace and I saw I saw the person wants. Imagine field, I am fine. I one bill pick amount of a line up, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah I'll get there with him. Now you won't cause you're, not gonna, really have to go to the doktor right. I should come more. Analytical ass could be You can't do that any time soon we can't be gone into. Hospitals are radical that, unless I not ever Anna Body, which would be awesome, would be helpful. If you want to do it,
I bet about whether or not I have antibody is you don't think I d write you do I'll go yet a guess. He knew all only get it. You would only have antibody if you would have found per cent. Is your body makes a specific, unique and a body to attack that specific virus? You can only have immunity if you ve had that's right but went out in contagion, Matt Damon yeah, he had immunity Sure was some percentage of the population will have immunity to every single virus right. So that's what I mean So you can be an anomaly, but he didn't have the answer body just for whatever reason: the chemical makeup of his body
not allow that virus to grow in that area, which is different from having an anti killing right. But I think of the test that they're coming up with right now is an immunity test ban on overturned antibody. Each is that's what it's declaration thousand percent just wrote it this morning I mean you're, ok, ok, another funding, I read the New York Times. There was an article about risk storing yourselves to their useful state, which there is a little bit of a story on this and sixty minutes that we ve talked to little bit about reversing aging eyes. They ve done. So it's really interesting and understand this about aging until reading it. But what happens is your body is born with dna right, and then RNA is made off of that right, but then also you're up a genome which sits on top of that. It is in charge of turning off certain cells that dont need some that information gap there are errors along the way of reproduction when the cells divide and make more cells mitosis. So the
Apple genome over time? Has all these flaws, its telling the body not to read certain genes that it should read how and what this thing does actually is. It just gets rid of that up a genome so can reset- to. Basically, when you are young and there's no areas and in your body can read all the code on your dna stays the same, it just house being read deteriorates over time. So stand, but what's interesting as they can take it too far, back if they take it too far back and you have no a genome or no rna already on their can cause your organs to grow explosively. He at once year you're happy genome to have the memory that it's already grown. The heart for the first time so doesn't have to have this like New born explosive. All right, so they don't want explosive organ growth. Will they do want it to read
all your your dna LAO and they ve figured out ways at least surmise how to give the right amount of clearing of the at the genome is now a fascinating, more prove for the simulations out according to the this article, unlike ten years out from being fuckin returned a twenty three, ten years was the time I know just what I was projecting. That's amazing. Isn't it also amazing that, like we heard on sixty minutes in three, they had a vaccine. They they had a vision for the next year. They have the genome mapped, but it just takes so lot the problem says is that I want to say they had the vaccine in a tube in forty two days ready to put into a person now they gotta do the trial
That's! What's going to yeah, yeah and speed up that part, you gotta tested on people or some huge doesn't happen, but they had a fucking vaccine in their hand within a day there now- and she had us, it is humans- are amazing, we are, but this old genome thing in the upper genome. The kind of answers. My weird question about: why has an animal evolved to just not die since it can replace each cell with a perfect copy. Why do we have to die and is because this epoch genome is filled with flaws? over time and accumulate more more flaws? So it makes me think that trees must not fuck up there at the genome as much. What causes the at the genome to deteriorate there or tat get flaws or, as its replicating itself, its prone to having flaws in it, and then there is rare, but over the course of your lifetime ends and my toes happening billions and billions of times yeah those flow
start adding up. So maybe the tree also has a much simpler genome and simpler up a genome so that there is not that much room in there all that error. It just seems like if this was only there s a play there would have to be. At least one person to have with whose epoch genome was not allowed, and then it sounds like it's just a numbers game like they're, just a probability to air. That's gonna happen one in every million copies in just over time. There's somebody billions of copies mean made. It will s employment perfectly, representing the article sure if they heard this they will get sixty five percent, but whatever you can look it up now? Look it up. Ok, so Isaac right, the
man who join show is based off all right and I was curious. How long is it on imprison yeah, seven years he was in prison for seven years. So after his nine t, ninety one conviction right was sent to a maximum security. New Jersey State President Trenton, where he began working ass, a pair illegal on other prisoners cases. I got over twenty people out of prison, somewhat life sentences and others based on getting their sentences reduced while yeah govern them. I would be selfishly trying to get myself out why I think he was building as own case as well. Bat like why not help others you'd help. If you had the tools and you could see in other people's cases, landlord ways of gun, twenty, so good risen from the voters. Ok, you said you guys we're
adults when soul man came out and then she said, oh at an you said yeah we were like sixteen seventy and then choose I've all that sign at all, but mountain nineteen, eighty six Euro eleven, you weren't even closed. At the hour. I not six grade video doll. I had a mole bad. I was mobile staying out after dark, my goodness, I still pretty recent to have that movie in the marketplace. Nineteen, eighty six Before I was born here when you well, you are in your mama's belly yeah. I don't know what definitely summer release. Morally than I wasn't valley entered in December, yeah Garden then run on Christmas time. A show. Why is tat? Well, I don't wanna. We need to go down that
I'm sorry, but of normal, Israel and risky isn't hawk about them. Like their sexual creature. You you'd only talking about your mom sex sexual I don't mind. Is them I've? Ireton out I had my mother talks to me a tonic on her sexuality. Oh yes, us says thirty, two years old, o thirty. Three and thirty. Do you have any two thirty to carry out a few months? Do you think will still be in quarantine by the time? It's my birthday, maybe three that, through his only three months away now nor three five months away, so thou would be not great if we were not gonna, be I'm gonna have a party where everyone stands on foot away from each other. That's how will celebrate only when the scrub? What's this a skirmish rugby, I had around all neural touching each other in earnest they grow. My way, oh, my god, that was thirty. Three birthday scrap
all right. That's all. There were many facts. Just allotted debate chatting and fire really lost at to be pretty bad I blame half as I didn't roll out my case nearly as eloquently as I was hoping to the next day. I thought of a way I should have phrased it like. I was really smart and from that defeat I didn't roll it out very well, because black masculinity was taken from them autonomy because of that there is a hyper masculinity in the black community that I think you have to be understanding of it. You don't have to accept and you don't have to like fishes I carry on, but generally acknowledge, there's different stakes in the black community and there is some hyper masculine it's pretty toxic and my only point is you. People should only be so commensurately proud of themselves with how much they actually evolved, gotta, where they came from
and if you could quantify and see your average white person evolve like twenty percent out of above what they were raised to be, and then here's a guy he's probably of all forty percent above, is actually covered more ground than a white person. Yet the white persons is very much on a white pedestal, saying like you're trash, yeah. I'm here I am, I think there can be both there can be understanding why this person believes what they believe right a initially. You can give it a pass. You you have to say That's gonna how I felt I was acting like. I totally disagree with everything he saying and doing right but I'm not going what a fuckin massaging is pieces. She has so many people were doing. I guess I mean I think and in general
maybe that wasn't the reaction now, maybe it was right in fall that that closely, but if you're gonna have like an opinion like that on some one that you don't know just doll, you don't have an opinion like that on somebody, you dont know lake. You can have an opinion on what's morally and ethically right and wrong without saying this persons a piece of shit. In fact, this person yeah anyhow so- and I will see you lost. I think you sort of quantified these conversations lot as winning and losing and- and I dont know that that's appropriate, like it sort of her doktor vicious talkin things out. There was no winners or losers snow, but if I can get someone to acknowledge that the way I'm
framing. It is more logical, affiliates, a victory and then Cumberers lay when they do that. To me, I feel like other victory, I'm gonna adopt actually the way there are thinking about a share but you're right there. It's it's stupid way to try to evaluate either. I love you. I love you,