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Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, Veep) is an American actress, comedian, producer and queen of the Armchair Expert’s heart. Julia sits down in the attic to discuss her childhood, her intense fear of horror films and her naivety surrounding Seinfeld’s popularity.  Julia talks about her attraction to cynical people and Dax hopes to become Julia’s stepdad and husband. The two chat about the trap of raising children in Los Angeles and Julia remarks on the ways having breast cancer rightsized all her priorities.

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Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to a very special episode of arm. Chair expert is a long time coming. So excited me to. Ah we been true. And I get this girl, but since we started Jackie yes and I want to put it, right here in the intro, because she brings it up later that I wrote her letter to explain to her that she's my number one queen love letter of comedy and on her right here. She heard that I similarly of welfare or courage. I replied yes, of course, but also we'll feral in the mail department. I want to state a clean, We clearly Julia Louis drivers. my queen, I don't think, there's a better comedian alive. What do I do to the ground she walks on humble now where it was ass. They rode away. I you're my queen
love you and every word. I wrote you a sincere. So yes, Julia Louie Dreyfus. I don't you needed breed this list, but I'm gonna Seinfeld V, the new adventures of old, Christine, curb your enthusiasm. It just simply doesn't get better than her. Now it s not what a dream! I was really proud. You cause? You were very deferential unkind, despite the fact that she is twenty four Emmy nominee. That I am one and I'm jealous yes, yes, I thought it was really big of you there to be other, enjoy her success, while I'm really bad on the inside. I wonder what age her first Amy nomination was because you're only thirty one. I have time you have time to get drunk and you twenty thousand hit now in his every single year, where I live. That's a good gall, yet A realistic gonna. Do that you do you want all those accolades will you deserve on like winning Ok, we'll Gang Julia, Lui Dreyfus! Please enjoy our favorite queen. We,
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The one nearest you at sleep numbered dot com slashed Dax he's. Now. I've only written a few love letters to get a guest. Oh yeah did my leveller get to you, yeah. Ok, I windows. really trying to straddle too much and just charming enough Yes, how did I do? You did really well, but then my drive over here today. I listened to your interview of welfare all or part of that year. You said the same, loving things to him or here's the thing he's out. I think you're Fulla bullshit. What? If I told you this, though he is my mail new and you're, my female yeah, that's bellied for
oh, no one hundred percent. I will listen. I have a lot of documentation to back me up if you do have consumed all hundred twenty episodes of the show. You would have heard me talk about how in love- I am with you many times complete the and motivated by giving you on the shell, really yes That's really nice! Thank you very much now, I'm starting to feel better again focus. But yes, you definitely listen to the worse episode possible in will fare if you are on highlight for me being sick event, because I do worship him, I really do lovely. Yes, yes, said a movie with them, I I dared yeah yeah. We want, we did a movie called down hill, which is a remake of a swedish film called force majeure, will- and I were practically living together for two months January and February. Oh and we are living in Austria, will we weren't really living together? What our rooms or next Dorothy, they wore yeah and we were working all day long and we are seeing in doing all this eminent with Korea
Did you know well before doing that? Moving now we had never ever met. Did you do play lovers in the are we as has meant, and why are you do if you call has not? In fact, I think it's Anna gotta get lovers re married, so you didn't know him in that, but you you must have loved MIKE. We all do, of course, need massive fan. We are you a producer on the movie. I am ok, so you produce the movie. Did you bring it too? Will? Yes, you dear yes, When did the idea come from you, or did you option something I made this movie and number years ago called enough said with Fox searchlight? And after that I was had a lunch meeting and I was talking A kind of story that I like, and that story is the notion of seeing what one way, and then a lenses is sort of taken off of what you're seeing on all the sudden reality is shifted, dramatic, I like that theme They said we just saw this movie it con or something it's incredible. You should watch it will blob what is called
This movie force may George critically hugely claimed swedish Valkyrie, and so I watch it and I lived in it and thus began the process of adapting it. Yet in now, because I've seen this done a few times red light, you let the right one in. Did you ever see that moving now, ok, the horror movies in general, but I can't write, but this is just a beautiful love story, called them. Let the right one in- and I want to say it scandinavian of some variety or to change. I think it's beautiful and then they re made it here. We may I it uses a horror movie. Maybe he is but it's, but it's now hires much. Listen! If you don't stop using trigger words ran up, I got it from it properly if it was being so, this will be. The last thing I want to hear is: vampires our horror millimetres. it's a little love story between Valentine, a little creature who doesn't fit into the young girl, yeah and a little boy who doesn't fit in at all. Either he's a young very little money.
Finally, I just another guy novel joy. Why can't I have made it to that. Yeah there's been exceptions, though right like get out, you must have seen get out. I saw only part of it. I had to gathering. Oh really yeah. I really get too scared at harm movie, I'm so envious. Sort. Monica Kristen also knows too, when there's a pop out, they out they jump off the couch and stuff. I'm just looking at it with deep jealousy. My son has a friend it named chase, and his friend chase with was that a movie with my boy, Charlie and some pop out happen and chase screamed and then fainter do move why you fainted he just oh, why way? I'm Superman,
to change. That will be the ultimate experience, any consciousness ass, a conscious as many came to it in seconds later, in jump right back into the movie. Always so I wasn't there witness it, but when the boys do and impersonation really lie what age where they at that point, the routine cheers. Ok is that can be an embarrassing thing. Tell he wasn't in there we was now. I know he didn't need to be embarrassed. He was with his body yeah yeah. No, I don't think he should have been embarrassed, but I now known a young boy. Sometimes I could be seen as some kind of like a lack of bravery or some the correct, but in this case he's very confidence and all one like CHE chases great wonder I Monica I went to the movies and I was carrying was I had added a very large, I ll be the biggest popcorn they sold at the biggest diet, Coke they sold, and then I had some kind of sweets and then I trips and you ve never seen a far more spam.
Tell you what I threw the bucket of popcorn in the air and drink when everywhere and everything was raining down on me and I m- I laughed so hard I've been nearly pitied my pants Gaza. this lane on my back completely covered and everything I just bought? It was most spectacular, embarrassing, ere it look like a cartoon fall. That's very to save your directed at you in up that was attacked and we need. Maybe I like a threat. dial it down tat bad weather by the way, some of the most humiliating directions. You can get our industry. That was curious, but here you know what we need to make it a smaller right. You need to dialogue. A little bit in there's always have feeling of so clothing and there he hasn't at least for me, it's true because going to small, not embarrassing, like hearing like hell, you gotta go bigger with that summaries and that's not embarrassing. You the fact that you ve gone to bed
something really here so Melodius, even when you just said that it makes me cut a dime inside it is it's humiliating because you ve risks to everything and you ve made a fool of your love right and you. stood all with good intention. Which is more humiliating. Yes, but also getting caught been too small. Has this implicit melody layer to it. Like this person So how is more right? There's no character flaw in being, small but being too big the kind of implicit character flaw. Is Getting too much attention to. He has a blow hard. You're Eagle mean here you're, which, by the way, is true It is not known adding anything there. All that wasn't drew. I can't believe you ever get that no cause you're so natural you, so
small! I think girl will you let me just the beginning of a lot of car you're gonna hate. This knows just pull your years for once again, I want to see the reason I'm so obsessed with you. Your unique ability is, you can go gigantic and I totally believe it's almost. Possible you're doing at Times something like a son now level out there and yet I completely by the whole time it's almost impossible to pull off. That is every night. I think that you're here singular thing, I'm so blown away with regularly you're the best ever I didn't hear my very very, very nice of you to say, though, be more of what I mean a compliment you know, I know all I wanted to hate that I got an exact cause. It's there in it the eyes, no objective, Lee Kind acute. It's a bell very nice can we talk about where you come from sure because I think is a very
resting story. You don't think it is I'm happy to talk about in bed where they come from my mom and are you prepared, as French? I find the fascinating your grandfather's of Frenchmen right? Yes, he's he's passed away now, but, yes, he was French is born in Paris when he was seven or eight. He moved to the states right. He went back and forth his whole life because he is a very fraught childhood arbitrary, I've heard parents, divorce law, world we'll get too, is in their world and there is that right is jewish. Have to have you. Yeah that's enough, I think that's plan here I think that plenty for the bad guy, that's right. makes me a quarter. I think also plenty for, I think you're right you're right, although wasn't I mean the war yes, but really was about their craziness in their family. There was very dysfunctional and his parents had ugly acrimonious divorce lots of fighting
at the centre of a right. There's, a family business, yeah which is always right for lots of conflict in France, yeah. So my father, he was educated, mainly The states then and then went to Duke that's where he met my mom, my dad went to Duke LAW School and he became a lawyer and was a lawyer for a while, but didn't go into the family business until later, probably when he was thirty or something I don't know He told the story and he was representing somebody who is being wrongfully accused of stealing it revision or something it's a terrible story and the guy got sent away to prison was just so awful anyway and my dad couldn't take. It was too crushing the. Agnes Social Injustice just Slade him well, who, in their life, find themselves in a position where someone's freedom is on their shoulders. I'm not ever in that position, now, nor am, I would be very hard. You know it's easy and our business. Could you can say that didn't work
Can I didn't get that job that didn't you know what well? Who cares? Just showbiz Reza opposed to fear. Representing the life of someone- oh my god, about this on the note cards at the UN, were your testing, your movie. They go so Julia there. You know that you got up very low score. Consequently, through, people here have been sent to prison and, incidentally, all three of them are innocent. Have you been a little bit more at, or maybe not? Quite so you re right, but in fact we basically that insisted that it was your bigness sent them away for alive. It's just. I went down now mom and dad that they get As you probably know, memories for you of them be married round. None. My earliest memories are just sort of being with my mom in so
she didn't remarried until you're a I think they got separated. When I was really little a baby and then your fault, totally. The idea is to just you know, needy away bad babies conveyed by the way I had a high school boyfriend, and I would say this house once and this is like the first boyfriend ever had and they are asking me about my family. He said: when did your peers get divorced, and I said I was really little goes out it? Was your fault says the Father and I burst into till you? Yes, I've obstacle that sort of tough and oh god, I noticed I didn't cry when, but I was a teenager as I was sixteen or seventeen, and so talk about humiliation, oh my god, and then they served artichokes. I didn't know how to eat our older very hard, but I have never actually really have them before. This is a very wasps family and all of a sudden, this thing that looks like that. It would kill you in the desert and we're supposed to eat it.
watching every one and then the heart and you ve got a cut it. Oh, my god, yeah yours agonizing, four per cent of it Fourthly, the inability of the I would urge that hard come on anyway, my mom and my dad now I mean my eye calm down to where he was my stepped out, but they got married when I was for ok and she married this wonderful man, very smart, gentlemen doctor. and they ve been married ever since fifty four years. That's incredible these incredible month, as is the actual, be married, fifty four years in July, can you know I tell ya twelve years in and
Does he have yet if it was soon as they record frozen three girl by but to this man? Oh, he was also that the dean of a gorgeous Washington University article school he was so he's real smart. This is not a real smart. He as head of the American Board of Medical examiner, see too for a long time, so he did a lot of really cool stuff. Now, having numbers a photograph of your mother, but knowing that she landed this kind of suave Frenchman and then a genius doktor she's a catch. I'm assuming TAT, my mother yeah. Thank you for saying that guy's look alike a little bit, I'm not it's pretty as my mom, but she's really a standard than I want a meter that I need to see. I gotta look daddy now. Yes, I work at what a wonderful story. If I became your step that would be high end of we're work on getting used to call you ok the tax
daddy because I called my dad's daddy will and Daddy Tom. Oh you did. I mean when I'm with them. I column daddy, but but what, if I'm referring to what a daddy will say, what a daytime so completely under I thought you were saying to their phase in which his, if my daughter's ever end up saying to me Dax, is the way that it goes right as not all of it. For me, from my daughters I or a little make me a very aware of, is that there is a definite Tom document and it is not me now and you you moved DC. We were a yes. This is plying diamond moves like you're. In second great, I guess, while we had
living in Sri Lanka, which was called sail on at the time. Oh really, yes, because my daddy Tom worked for an organization called project hope which was a medical ship that went to third world countries and taught medical techniques and so on to doctors within those area. Anyway, he was a part of that cause. He was a thrashing surgeon at the time, and so we lived there for a year and then afterwards we didn't move to New York. We move to Washington DC and that's where I spent the rest of my youth. I mean I came using windows, Cambodia, you and everywhere now go to Cambodia ovarian, no, Vietnam Fundamental.
We're gonna, get you the around here. Let me explain say that, like a pdf that it's just the other day and it is wrong- and how do you cause I'd like to make some changes on my Fuckin Wikipedia and Asia, but they're not gonna? Listen to me are then someone wrote them. My real name was Dax Amis shepherd. This is not true. It's just Dax. Ok in so I thought I should try to change that. They won't. Let me add that, even though its posts to be open to editing by all people, I'm excluded from editing, I am no explanation for that. Owns one idea I didn't actually does we need to look did. I have no idea it's owned by the People's Republic of China, I think we got a hit on that, but I did travelled to places because I lived in Tunisia and Colombia. What was it like as a kid going to these places? Did you feel up rooted every time? The s yeah? Yes, it's hard to be. Way from what I knew job and I wasn't actually near my dad at that time.
That was also very hard and you would have a best friend. Maybe at that time, that Euro, like ok I'll, see you in the year, will be completely different yeah and by the way, we're not wishing to act in Europe will go It is right, we'll pick up when I get these sea, which will never happen cracks. I find that harbouring yet is low heartbreak. It was pretty hard, definitely heart and by the way when I travel and I go to hotels and stuff I very often change hotel rooms, and I think that's because I like to feel like I'm in control. Ah, so, if this hotel room isn't exactly what I wanted and by the way it sounds as if it's like you- and here I am paying in every corner. No, no! I have another about that. Its of morbid vibe vibe thing. I have to see what other room in another area. not right, you know I like taking control yeah that kind of thing me too said a lot of step beds. We constantly moved at a new bedroom,
but time and then I got obsessive about my bedroom having to stay the same, no matter where we went outside TAT, yeah b came consistent, whether where my bed was worried that this little fuckin entertainment thing was and where the night scene was didn't want to feel like we were in a new place and to this day I've lived in L a twenty five years, ten of which no one bedroom apartment Santa Monica that I could have left years before. I had made enough money to leave their and I just couldn't get myself to leave their at the longest. I live lived somewhere and now I'm unlike fifteen years in the same house yeah. So I'm twenty four years in the same house oh you are oh yeah and I keep toying with leaving aha, but I'm not here, but the one thing I will say, though in defence of my parents school system when I was in Sri Lanka. Was there
array different? I was in a school and they were very, very a head with math and I was in may be first or second grade then, and the reading was in credit we behind. There is virtually no, we want. So what happened was after school, my parents were tutor me and I have very fond memories of Ok yeah, my mom, we did a lot of these readers. Digest was putting out a thing for kids, so we did a lot of reading and then might stepped out and taught me my medication tables he made of it dance and assign MA, am we would dance round the room, singing modification. Paypal. I rely lighters. Guy yeah he's cause. You got pretty lucky further step here: lottery yeah I get yeah now. Did you develop any weird oecd stuff around this period now I developed a ton of weird ticks and sodium ritual.
and I d do everything twice and I stay there until I started smoking cigarettes when I was like fifteen megabits. That'll do at do still smoke. No, no! No! It's been fourteen year was it very hard to quit incredibly hard to quit Rio a smoker. I was yeah, but not a heavy smoker, but I did smart enough enough so that it was bad for me personally I think any about idling one would be enough. I have that opinion of you and I'm trying to think of why I do that. She said I then she did smoke about only the french thing I don't know. Maybe I give off a cool vibe. We, although only cool people's matter right, that's why more than I wish Ok, what's good for you, because if an amazing proper corner grew more, I will tell you my grandmother was a smoker. didn't alcoholic and she also wore a perfume called youth. Do by s day, Lauder very strong, pungent fold ia and the combo likes scotch
and cigarette perfume sends me into a reverie. I love it. Some remember I adore. If I go by somebody smoking on the sidewalk, I will admit that I will in hell. I like this. We do know DC how's DC to grow up. In my experience was it was very concerned. Positive when I vow? Ok, ok, cause. I was a little girl there in the seventies and we're Talkin Nixon and it's very insular town. Much the way LOS Angeles is to show business DC is to politics company town, it's very company and and conservative its southern plays and I and to a very conservative school girls, our girls here, which, by the way I'm an advocate for I think, that's great idea: there's a lot of benefit to single sex education for girls in particular, but this particular school when I was there was very conservative in the benefit. As I understand it, correct me. If I'm wrong,
like you're allowed to be your true self, without any concern of whether you're getting approval or not from boys. There is no doubt that dynamic of why I dont know, if I'd say true self, but to day truer theirs and more of an opportunity to be assertive and a powerful Oracle girls downplay how smart they are in public schools, right they'll downplay how funny they are anything that could potentially humiliate yeah the white boy. avoid it right, I think so to a certain extent yeah. I think girls sort of our demure to the enemy. women. Do it, you know you see it all the time beer you now, I wonder because I have two little girls, how older they foreign sex. I know there's the movement fund allows member alive in saying this, though every age they ve been out, but this feels really good. Yeah, it's only going to get better at fly there, which is mine, blowing yeah, but it's true was somewhat pointed out that,
Many things that is a guy. You don't even consider because your trapped and locked in your own perspective, growing up in an elementary school. Others photos all over the top of the class ruminants, like George Washington, enabling Kuhn, and maybe it's Einstein in its Isaac Newton in AEGIS subconsciously absorbing like. Oh everyone. Important is a man while not just here, but there are white man they're a white man. so in all girls school, where their pictures of women up I mean, was it remember that I talent remember a lot of talk of female paramount. Aha, this was the seventies I'll. My question I have remaining about that is: how do you day if you got on all girls school every voice, score that our brothers school? How often you get commingled cross pollinate, not a lot. I would think, right now: the everything else is a year round their dances, and then there was school
play well that was a mutual school play ass ass? Were you boy crazy at all or no yes, you were yes me looking back on it, I would say yes, I mean I was kind of obsessive about yeah certain boys are hard to my detriment. I think all really yes in what way Do I have to pay you for this session news? I think I was a little too willing to go along with whatever They want to die God. She, and I wish I had been a little more in tune with my own desires, but make sense people aren't talking about anything like that when I was in school at least at this school they weren't me. We knew how baby
were made. There were some sort of second class. Don't ask me, I can't even remember but very limited, but there was no talk about your own body and how to man. You know none of that right, pillar that points not very old there's. All these things that are all about to happen are happening around on those been around that was in the sixties, one who came to power. Yes, I'm so embarrassed. I thought it was the seventies you can edit that have no one alone out her, where everything is that every time I'm wrong too, I will maybe I'm wrong, no, no, no you're, probably right do a segment at the end of this right check. All the facts, wild check- and I hope he is wrong I guess any was my point being, as you are kind of at the vanguard of this transition, where women are now actually going to have careers. It's gonna be less expected that you're, just gonna find a mate who's. Gonna provide for you like that. That's all kind of starting to happen. You, I think. Maybe so you got like one foot in both sides because, like my mother was raised, just get a husband
He hired a number one, even if you get a degree, that's just so that Europe, better conversation was for him right right. That deprives, I mean, that's all, percent of the union's arise rallied through that dammit. It unhappy maker then I think it shortly thereafter. It's like you're gonna need to support yourself. That became kind of more the mantra, eightys for kids, yeah planning cell so at any rate, you found your way to North Western. I dared yes, which of all these schools that are found. It's the one I seem to be most drawn to and for good reason. It's a great place. It's that made worse thing. Man, you can't beat it yeah, I think, yeah, I'm from that's my backyard as your people there there, my people and and I believe in it. I really do. I love that school. Our younger son goes there now and it's a much better school now than it was
when I was there, but even so I mean the people that I met there. Oh my god, it changed my completely there's a effervescence too that place in your students and the friends that I made. That really. It deserves completely changed. My life will, when you say earlier that you like stories were, someone has basically up an epiphany arrival. Or a lens chain area? Would you say for you that was one of those I would say so yeah? I did have this feeling when I got there, I felt like I can do anything. Ah, I dont know that I actually thought those words in my head, but looking back on it, o things are shifting. Aha things are shifting were their people that you are like a wild. This the sky is kind of the limit it like. Oh young, women are starting to be comedic forces and it's been embraced. For me, I
junior high school when S NL first started, and I definitely felt like those were my people right right. I stayed up late uncertainty knights to watch it am. I couldn't believe it I was seeing. It was in red, to watch this early shows they were pushing against the man yeah they were. It was very cool in revolt, e g Airy, revolted, yeah. They put out we're not revolting but royalty for yeah with his. Why man with a vague recover? Why, I think that's part of its sustain powers, just a bit anarchist was yet word it as it hasn't an anarchist. Anna,
protesting and occur in Attica, Anna, like an occur in those areas like isn't that are in our work of my favorite me till it so that it is right that the other was definitely like. A movement behind anyways is very, very cool, but you got into comedy. While you were northwestern right you when I went to North Western, I went to study acting, so I did it I'd have serious work, but then I got into this student run improv group on campus, which was he used, but prior to that improv troop. When you fantasize about life as an actor. Were you imagining more a dramatic that you would be more of us? I was just imagining all if it wasn't a category right, because some people discover their great at comedy right they're like, but Will Arnett was very much gonna, be a thespian nose like couldn't help but notice? Oh I'm fine,
a kind of comes easy to me and then just change in that direction, likely that happens to people for sure yeah. It does by the weights chess paean. Ok, what do I say being as in less before you would love being Monica, because I miss you pronounce that ten percent of words that I say I am here we can serve at Vienna. Unease is one that I just Vietnam, Latvia, enemies. I can't get it. I can't get USA Vietnamese I'm gonna make you feel better. I my whole life said Massachusetts. Oh ok, that's my words don't downright there does your masters and it wasn't until I was like in my priorities where my hasn't said. We may say that, sure sure said when we gonna Massachusetts asset. You know that how you say it says. Yes, it is. What are you doing make me feel bad about myself stay tuned for more expert. If you dare-
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were hardly don't know, nor my thinking well at this might have download that some community value Brad your husband, which, by the way celebrating your mom, is something but you're at thirty three years, something we will be thirty. Two years married, month young well, that you have outlined bonkers is crazy. It is the only thing I dont like about that. I can guess Go- is immense. It is that you're, older yeah yeah right. I said lady now appear to have been married for thirty three yearly, irritating your minimally thirty five rather say like I've been married. You no fourteen yeah yeah. Do you have this thing grown ass gentleman with a beard or stop me NGO brother, a fucking watch your movies, a thorough analysis six every day for my and I was acting while this man was six avenue, like only going a little arrival at the time,
I remember when, where were we was the golden gloves or something for her and Lena got up? She had one, oh sure, Lena Diane, yeah and she's. Wonderful lover love you and she thanked me and Tina for being. People that she watched, and I remember you would know a thing about congrats accuracy and ready to be got em. You shoulda gone, admit I'll pay, you see, working with SAM Somalia for last year and a half. I adore him and I just always find myself I owe you, but you gotta phrase this exactly right. You know like I want to tell him a macho. I thought he was in road house, but at some level too, I pray you want to watch roadhouse above thirty five, it's actually a movie for a twelve year old, aha, just two guys beaten up
one out. They me right hand man if, at the end of the day they win for doing that. Ok really appeals to a twelve year old share anyway, of your old twelve year old boy mark as I have not found Patrick, so you haven't seen the Patrick's Is he found Broadhouse NASA? Ok will now it works on a totally different level. I really recommend you see if there is a close up, he gets out of bed naked persuasion. He walked across the room to grab his genes, he's point up his genes and then we pop into a close up of his but cheeks any titans them. and the genes go up. What do you know version there? Is that sways decided guys? Are we going I know we got this in a wide, but are we going close on my butt cheeks and tell me why? the camera lands cause. I'm gonna clench them bright and where as the person who to come in and say pantry, Can you say, oh by the way we might be see dialed that I'm sure you're sick, the subtle
because you're going to lose and performance of the budget, s amazing, I'm watching them. Ok, thank you so much and then, when you're doing another fun thing to look for is the is my favorite day player of all time name is John DOE. We noticed the sky at one point in the movie. He Lena, shot gun in a monster truck coming at him and while we shooting the shock on his leg, is bouncing up all the way up and down you like the scene, passes NATO's holy Shit, go back. How do we, MRS this guy, is kicking his leg every time he shoots the gun, we watch it like four times right. This is the biggest choice have ever seen in a movie NATO's go back to that other, seeing he was in so we were going further, there's a scene he just kind of in the background, but he's gotta straw. These put this drawn is not anything. Winding around its mouth and he's in the background, just some of that we had never noticed and then it goes go back. So we go back to the next This guy's him he's got a wet bar rag. Me just throw It's way zis face on
innovative. We realise this guy's, making the biggest choices in the home movie who's. This guy. We gotta find out all of his work and watch all of his work he's also in poultry, You remember the film poltergeist idea and we were able to watch that cause. You don't like you're scaring I did, but that wasn't, that was before scary movies became insane pilots and there was a silence of the lambs and then there was it. I was out, you call it. I saw Samson Lance Analyse vomited. I could not bear it you're, so terrifying with that woman in the pit in the house and oh Dunes, rice put in motion. I dont even say that it's a bow, then my younger son is lucky All of these kids. They seem to love horror movies, so he saw this movie hereditary. He was nuts forts in mom. Is the best move. You ve got to see it. I said Charlie, there's no way, I'm goin net familiar
got to his masterpiece as out. Ok, look I'll, go cuts for two reasons. One is, I know, Tony Collapse, she's a friend of mine. We work together, so I know she's not. Billy, haunted or crazier murderer. Whatever it is. You I call or at the end of the film in case she dies and just confirmed. If she's me idea text or after because I wanted to make sure that it wasn't really real and then and then I said you Charlie, but every time something scary happen. I have to sit next to you and you just pope my leg right heads up and then I just close my eyes, and put my fingers in my ears on any. Were Pope me again miles over a hollow I missed about. Seventy four What did you think of the realm?
every sector of agriculture that do you think you hate this horror movies much because you just feeling it so intensely. Are you really emotional and general? Generally speaking, I guess I am I just don't. I dont like to be scared. yeah- that was not comfortable from its not a comfortable I'd, rather cry really hard. I can take yeah yeah there's something about being really frightened, yeah of torturers and murderers and things I can handle that Nero. Do you like comedies love? You do Of course. Will you see of course, though, but I know many comedians myself included pride, the least amount of stuff. I can sue really and dramas the cereal eyes tv that I guess what I mean is of course, for really good comedy. You love really go covers a glass. Yes, I love it, but I'm very Georgi to aha Herb Shelly,
say, educated, been doing it a while so well, the analogy I gave to my mother in law, whose a nurse She was getting really mad cows Chris and I were watching a reenactment on tv. It would be very critical of acting that was going and she is so he said you guys are so mean, and I said well, a man June, you're watching a programme about nurses and the scene is a woman taking blood with a carrot
Would you not laugh because you know how one takes blood? It's not with a carrot I got, you know, give extend that like. We know it's probably supposed to be having re or some realm of what should be hats and very, very good analogy, speaking which I think I had a nurse who took blood with carefully just really. I still have a Bruce. I'm ahead of us hurting me last night down there. I am already I'm here, I'm having a panic, because I gotta, because I could talking for six hours were unhappy to I don't have to knocking or do I have to go through some pictures in the afternoon, but that's it. Ok photo kills, Let me just explain really quick what it is, so when you're doing something on set as an actor there's a set photographer who's, taking upwards of twenty five thousand photographs, and then that lands in studios hands and then they want to really some of those four magazines and publicity. So you have a right as an actor to kill some percentage of those shots at San Diego position, right, you're, right,
and people don't even get to kill them, and then it's a sliding scale of how many you can kill. Well, they don't do any editing before this entity. They just send you twenty five thousand photographs in many of them. You look are, in my case, like a fucking gargoyle getting executed, yes well and for me now cause I've been doing this for so many years. Try watching yourself age over their press and right. That is in turn. It's like all of a sudden, oh shit. I got this job things starting. I know I can see where I'm headed fifteen years from now and vulgar that's brow. I can't believe that I mean it's so self, obsessive courts, but but you're watching this happened services a viewer, it's weird about its. You won't work, sure itself observed, but I don't think there's any one whose self obsessive about how they look. I think we all in general, all humans have a hard time, acknowledging really
old. We are like recognising I allow were here. Can I ask you how you are forty four? Forty four is my favorite number. It was my whole life when I was a kid I loved the number. Forty four for my favorite number- oh it is. It is because of the OECD stuff, it's the. Ultimately, even thing so so you must be so happily be forty four delighted that making a job I am. I am in that sense. Yes, no you, as you get older. you can't believe it's happening to you, which is so absurd, because if you're lucky it does, but you are astonished that it is happening. Astonished, largely the reason is, I feel like I'm twelve years old right. Well, I don't feel like I'm twelve, but I do feel like I'm probably in my mind, but in my twenties, slightly smarter version of myself in my twenties. Yes, that's how I feel
indeed, but I kept waiting for some seismic shift of feeling older and it's just not happening. Seemingly it's not. You know what I'm not waking up going like. I feel mentally older, and so this exterior matches what my Interior feel yeah. I don't feel that way is worrying. Congruity for me yeah. I think that's probably the case for most people is it's really hard to wrap your head around it is not yet here it is so basic, yes and then, of course, from my perspective, you're still a term a ten year, a ten! Oh, please, let's listen Julia, my wife I M Brad gets lost overseas yeah, I'm gonna immediately try to marry. You bear her dad.
Two. How are you gonna be her dad school, wig and Agnes related? Don't wait what usually happens in all boundaries? We do have one issue in its called that goddamn tattoo on your finger well the solution. You already have twenty fucking names. Yeah we just pop bell somewhere in their own genius, we're good to go yeah. You really do have what six names Juliet Juliet Darla Elizabeth. You know why not Elizabeth and E its Julia Scarlet east scarlet? That's the truth. Now really drivers Paul its main effect. Oh ok, I was really a hall. Now, let's exhausting it's very hard, you meet Brad, though, in this this improv group. He wasn't in the improved good.
yeah. I met people in the movie star, in our view, is yours and mine, but I mean it's minor doesn't mean I just said: yeah no correctors rang about corrections here. This is definitely the most error Laden one I've ever had. Would you agree air airline in error as opposed to air? That's it. I heard that it is evident that of being you say it is air laid knows. Well, when are you now there's plenty of air. It's all good. I regret that even in the picture you mean amend, orthe western though we can agree on that, we definitely dead, and then you did give us an owl from doing a show in Chicago with his theatre, company, bread and his buddy pallbearers started the theatre company an inch, cubicle, practical theatre company with us. really big success and we were doing a show and the producers Vanessa now came and saw the showing off we went. We were hired
that is why it is right bunkers. I was twenty one in no audition. Just from the show cracked, you love the shows. We talked so, you know the level of it. Not only is there a level, but then there is also in your own mind what you think. Those people are. Yes, were you at all, like, oh, no, I'm afraid. There's no way now, oh good! Now I didn't panic. I was just out of my mind. Yeah, I'm doing me like. I was like we're going all your owing yeah. Once I got there, and then I saw what this was about. That was a different deal. I wasn't a writer, I wasn't stand up. I didn't have a bag of characters that I could pull from. I was just a really happy, ensemble, improv player, right and an actor, and when I got Tat S an hour was a different set of producers producing. Stick ever saw adorned with noise they. So it was a different time. Although there were some great performances
You know, Eddie Murphy was there and later Billy Crystal Oh and Marty Short were there and stuff, but the culture. There was not female friendly. It was very druggie, but I was incredibly naive and I didn't realize that it was druggie. Ok, I just thought everybody was super jazz, our good laughing early hard at jokes and I wasn't getting arise, am I was very very naive. I did not come in sort of armed for the situation at all, but I learned As I went, I mean it was real trial by fire and and I kind of failed in a lot of ways, but there is a lot to be gained from that failure right. But when you went on the stage which you had stared at on tv Obsidian times, I've never perform its age, but I've gone to shows their interests. Looking at it, for me is really the most.
Khan, except for me and the more he s, his very iconic, now yeah yeah, and did you feel when you walked out there like a while with the first sketch I was in cherry, was in it it remotely playing their shark, and I just couldn't believe that it was just as it was Hetty it was otherworldly. I was sort of flow above all, as it was happening right, it was very hard to digest and it became hearted. digest when it became clear that this wasn't what I thought it was. So that was very tricky, but looking back on it, it's totally inform my life and a million ways, and I had the great pleasure of going back to host couple times, and that was amazing, because it's like getting to redo your high schoolers. Can I just knew I was it's the same sit I mean it. Is these aims I knew what to expect. I knew what I needed to do as a whole
to make sure that I was covered. I knew a lot going into at that. I have learned from being there for three years in red, wrote their right yeah, Brad Reserve for two years- and I was there for three breath- is doing the news. We ve updated, weaken update year in them he's a very Tal, gentlemen? Yes, yes and a handsome gentlemen, Very well, you immediately in love with him when you, madam, almost immediate I remember seeing him having an argument with his girlfriend and, as was walking by weakening knew each other through friends. He looked at me and he goes having a huge fight, guys interest and then shortly thereafter. Yeah definitely fell deep for that guy. What was his experience on us? Was it better than yours? Now it was the same, although he had our success there than I had, but it was very, very tough time.
Because it could have been really hard if he was having the time of his life in you were having a hard time finding your footing, mean it was hard. He was getting more air time and stuff like that, but that part of it was not hard. For me, I mean that wasn't like I didn't feel resentful or anything of that fact. It was just all so complicated and then Larry David was there was chosen as a rope for one year. There yes said the year that Brad was not their Larry. Was there that year and Larry was durable, and so we sort of bonded. Aha from that. That's how we met him yeah and you guys immediately got along with tax. He was a big com Cleaner, highlight that I, like there's a kind of planing, negative person that I really love, I guess complaining is to sort of broader a description miss. Sometimes I think people who are negative or very intelligent,
so it's just put it that way I mean, I think, where is really tell ya, like cynical cynical, thank you. There make out a miracle there's our word yeah, sarcastic and cynic that I really there is just yams me ass, witches unbridled bitching, all the time I've found his eyes ass unless, unless tolerant, completely euroclydon agree with you more, he dropped out of northwestern to go beyond us and all right, yeah that scare euro at all. Ok, great yeah, ok, one would very much like this. You know it's like. I got a job and showed me. I want the job in show business relay, or so we thought yeah yeah when I left us are now. I stayed New York four year, try to get work as an actor that wasn't working. Aha, I mean I just wasn't getting up
Then I came out here to LOS Angeles for a pilot season and I did a pilot. I got a job, it was a spin off of family ties and get picked up, but I made money, sat, was kind of cool right yeah. I like you. I got a little job so moved out here and then I was trying to get work out here and then I started to get jobs, but it was pounding pavement. Warner brothers wanted to make a deal with me an overall deal amazing. It felt so huge for me to develop a show for myself here well, and I was like twenty eight years old or twenty nine or something maybe twenty eight, and so yeah. Let's do it, and so we start working on a script and the script came in and I didn't really loved the script. Okay, it didn't feel right. I remember calling my agent, then
and this is in and I gotta get out of this deal doesn't feel good anymore and I had an legal out if they didn't like them, Tirana get out. So I did and then about four days later I was sent two out of the first four Seinfeld chronicle. Oh my thanks. Oh my gosh, so I read them in layers written them like yet sipped, really different fide from any else. It's on tv- and you know I didn't have much of a part. Will you weren't, even in the pilot Kara, was not in the pilots. Nbc picked it up for four episodes as a real vote of confidence, and so that yeah this looks interesting. Blah blah blah, so a meet with Larry me Jerry. You know, monks were short, make a deal annexing. I now I get a call for my attorney, who says Warner Brothers is threatening to sue you.
Oh wow, and I was like I'd why? It's because you, you know the other job, and you knew what you were going to say no, but I didn't this was all on the up and up. I didn't know that that come in my way here he said: well, they want their money back and it was a lot of money at seventy five thousand dollars, which was a lie. Right back in money is a holding the EU development, holding or whenever and and it still alive- money today, and so I would say, but if I give it back, that's gonna imply did something illegal and I didn't write and I was advised to give it back I said with that doesnt sit with me, though I called my boyfriend. Gary David Goldberg he's the genius in them writer, creator behind family ties and spin city and soon his subsequently past way. God bless him, but he was a mentor of mine
and I explained to him the situation and he said to me. You know I don't respond well to bullying, said Tom to fuck off and so I did and they went away. They never came back after me, but I was scared because it was a big stew. Although- and I was nothing so you get the show wanting Alonzo Monica above love, coughing cars will comedians or green I was getting coffee whatever it is. We particularly loved your besought because we were both like they have some kind of very special nice bond just upon the greeting. Unlike oh, he lights her up in a very funny way in she's in a zone, that's very fun! If no kind, maybe very how maybe yeah yeah, that's for sure I really cool to observe it. We ve only seen you guys asking these two characters and just just the grating on the porch, unlike other Hanover,
re special, nine year thing, which was probably so wonderful it was there were set, was did. It start immediately like that arose at some additive. It did yeah really yeah fascinate yeah, first time we met- and he was eating cereal and then we read as seen together on a couch like this, the her and it just felt natural right and also- It felt like the kids are in charge. Has it was just like Larry, my curmudgeon friend this kid and sneakers eating cereal I hear, and they think it's funny and doesn't feel like normal sit com. It isn't said, upset up joke, said, upset jokes had upset a joke. Like that. You yeah the stories tiny. You know. I think I want to say I heard Jerry on stern talking about that.
as this is almost every one story that I know is that he really wishes he would but have been able to enjoy the process a bit more like now. Of course, looking back on it, it's a very special part of his life, but at the time this is work, is well the Tiber its hard work. Were you able to enjoy? I mean yes, a high it webs able to enjoy the playing of tests. There was a lot of enjoyment. I mean Jerry may have been sort of in the moment, forgetting that there was tremendous enjoyment, because Otherwise we shall never would have worked me. You saw us having a good time, and that was on screen, and sometimes you even see him laughing at his own show. I mean yes Jerry, you see. The first is that he has not, and after at all right all right. You can see that guy howling
performances you see it xyz yeah yeah, but it was a lot of work to write and it was a lot of pressure. You know with a lot of pressure to ban a show, year after year after year, predict when it's your show, its Seinfeld was for him and but also speaking for myself, I had two kids during this time, so I was like one foot in the door fit in that door and I was straddling the whole time he sat with her. I mean your wife is doing that. Right now is in she was. She doesn't see kids ever matter. If I had my a wonderful mom and yes stridently suit, have to imagine being on. Seinfeld was had to be overwhelming in many ways been out in the real world, with two kids in wanting privacy and that aspect of it had to be pretty enormous. Well, it wasn't, it wasn't anything it first, I think Seinfeld became even more popular
after it was off the air. Really you mean it was popular, don't mean to take away from it, but I think that once it was gone, its revere in a way that always be wasn't at the time but it certainly was popular at him and sets out, but also it. This is gonna some boring, but I mean I would go to work and we would work and then I would take. I brought the kids to work with me and I would take the kids and we would go home and you know it was like dinner and bath and we got you weren't moving throughout the great I wasn't so there were certain I mean like tat. The final observe Seinfeld. I remember they put these barricades because your people on the street that we're trying to with cameras and without a lens- is trying to get pictures of who, it's gonna be on the show walking into the satin office, and I just remember thee:
who gives a shit we're going home again and again. I. It was very important to me, of course, and I understood that the devalue the final officer, but there was a feeling to it- that to a certain extent, I think I was a little bit unaware of makes me so like a really up, but I mean to certain extent, but I remember once I was in the market with Henry: he was a little boy he's probably for her, and I was on the cover of some magazine you know what it was and we're going up to the regulator. Popular mechanics, something like or scientific Amerika and going up to the register Henry sees it and at that time is watching a lot of text. Avery cartoons, of course- and he looks at me- goes Look you're, a star, mom, Eurostar, yell, didn't go everything and I couldn't get going
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I am, I think, I'm overly concerned having come from a rural sherry of Michigan were the richest person in town was rich Gazeta Swimming Pool I'm overly concerned about my kids growing up here. Will you should be yeah with two parents who people now? and they have a swimming pool. Did you have the same fear and what things did you do to prevent them for turning into pieces? A shit? Yes, I didn't have the same fear, and I I dont know that I thought it through like that. I mean, in other words, what can we do to prevent that? It is a question of
being present in their lives and they see how we live. We don't have the fanciest house. Believe me, I am a materialistic person would have not kid ourselves, but there's a kind of materialism that we don't embrace within our little family. We just cognisant of that. There are certain conversations that we have had about. I dont know values and giving back and all that kind of stuff that I think, has helped informed them. I don't know. Maybe both my children are awful people, but I dont think that they are. I doubt that they are there, not their good people. You could live spectacle their place suggested. The choice to live quotes modestly for away cooperates. Yeah. I think
Probably does say more than anything, you could be lecturing them, like our friends who you know they have twenty two bedroom houses in their like trying to impart. On the kid some wisdom puppet put. The action just way louder than louder words. My husband came from you know his dad was a minister. They did not have a lot of money grubbing up at all and in an I grew up with my mom, my step and we were very comfortable, very comfortable middle class right. So you take that with you rhino Biotic, that with you yeah. I know how to say that you do growing up. The rich people were assholes right because the worst, but by the way they usually They often are yeah. They often are in there.
Yes, I live in this weird zone of like trying to never lie to my kids. Yet I have this chip on my shoulder. This class warfare chip on my shoulder, I also could be defined by most people is rich so that yes, the very complicated thing for me yeah. I just think I find it to be a lot to navigate. It is a lot to navigate. It is it's hard yes difficult, but I mean parenting is hard enough. Give if you didn't have means, then it would be another kind of conversation Yeahs using why read once in a Malcolm Gladwell book. I found this fascinating that you know that we know the number of forgotten it, but people's lives do get better to a certain amount of money. Then it plateaus for a while and then he goes down and the numbers- slower than you would think our. I forget what was going on a seventy thousand a year and I think it was updated to one something but low ones, because I've, I know somebody who came into a shit tunnel money ogre. Like million
so noisy millions, and he said to me that all he did was worry about it, exactly oh yeah, keeping it safe how to keep it say. Yes, one of my biggest hang ups. Definitely is money, okay, so that means it you would like go to the opening of a mall. Is thing hey! You is that we are talking now, no one on the in part, as I am aware enough to recognise its a total allusion. Secondly, it didn't cure. All of my existential crisis that I thought it would. I dont look in the mirror and fuck and high I myself it make. It didn't come with any of the fantasy I had about having money. You don't go like. Ah, ah, money. Now I don't you don't, and I know I don't, and yet I'm still think I need, no one- be bad devil billion. Just so I can shut that part of my brain off.
And then also your heart, you a billion whatever their number is you tell me, you know no, no, no! No, but if I give you a billion dollars to that, come to that more, I sense your coming. I will. I will live in them, offering its new powers in the end that I hope that more than bears my name when I leave the dash Randal Shepherd Mall of Americans. So all that awareness, I still do have this illusion that I will feel safe with us. An amount of money and get. I know it. a fairytale on the. I will just have to decide at some point that I feel safe, which, by the way, have gotten much better in approaching map
do you have a weird journey with money may be, but then I got breast cancer right in what did that do. Well, everything falls off everything and talk about a lens changer young. So everything gets distill. Well, panic fear, true, fear, not hereditary fear, the movie, but truth here right and then everything that is precious b. clear and money is not in that category. Right remain, it's really not right, except to say that you need it. Maybe to fight that's my money lecture: did you have breast cancer in your family? Did you have any plans that this could happen? You now never been on your radar. Never in Europe
what a routine mammogram are now? I just noticed something in my breast a little serve slight. Did it Hauser? That's weird: aha brats! I slept on it funny yeah. I guess so and then you went not checked in the new and then they should hit the fan meant. It was really fast and furious yeah yeah to stop shooting obvious you're right, we haven't, started shooting at we had to delay this was of timber. We were meant to start shooting in October and the limb and in fact it was the weak so weak and of the Amazon and his Sunday night and Friday I went in and they buy up seed it in my doctor said. I think he should prepare for bad news and I like, and then we had the embassy of to go to all those parties. I don't remember any of it were about not now I was just on autopilot and then and then that night we won
The show one was all very exciting and I one and you know that was so excited and then the next morning I got the call that it was in fact cancer awe and I will admit you. I started howling laughing you do. I dig The juxtaposition around ninety four in the morning yeah very funny it now it is it. Hilarious. Is it like you get it on the one hand, and a good answer died, yeah, yeah of all or they carry like they dump blood on you all. You have already late. If I can, When my dad had cancer- and I would take him to chemo- I was expecting to see a bunch a nine year old man with blankets wrapped around their legs. He was the only man in there all women, and it was all young women, and I was like oh my
got. It was a real eye opener for me about how many women are dealing with breast cancer. It to your point, you, I think you you announced it on Twitter, saying one in eight women get breast cancer and I'm the one great it's a lot of people. It's a lot of women. Men get breast cancer. And cancer is a big business, man well founded a thing that I was so struck by when I walked into this building. I was well this cancer thing they ve got of. You know them. Braun do something here. Oh yeah, I mean this is a booming business city which sounds nasty the lamp saying it, but it really did like Jesus Christ. What's going on, It is true and then there is also a very disturbing sixty minutes segment. I watched about that on call just get a percentage of the drugs that they sell. Well, certain unconscious or non called, who sets seems a little trouble
yeah. That's a little one, Africa I'd say more than I now. How old is your dad was sixty two oh yeah So is this a long time ago, two dozen twelve wow Why? Why? Why am I stepped out last year of prostate cancer cheese? Is Christ that's crazy, to be with a parent dying. It's and I did that with my dad and that was he didn't die cancer, but he died of congestive heart failure ultimately and everything else her falls off from that, but it's real. Wild was your experience, positive or negative at both Beth. I read this great book which you might have read called being mortal by at Twa blondie. Just yesterday I was told to have him on. I hope you do have my idea. I hope you do. I want to meet him. The book is fascinating and it was a really good guide for
because I was my dad's healthcare proxy. So there was a lot of miss back and forth to New York a gazillion times in the end of his life, and there is a way of talking about death and the experience of dying in it that it's a book that explores those ideas and by the way, I'm not a self help book kind of person at all. But this is not really that it's really about talking about dying in the experience of dying in a way that were nobody in this culture really does, and so that was very helpful to me, and I I just remember being on the plane and making notes to myself and things that I was gonna talk to my death at that, and then I would try doing you would just kind of shut it down. You idea, but even that experience was useful to me for me yeah and to see ok, so this is who he is. This is clear and I'd love him regardless
isn't it like. For me, one of those elements was I've been trying to change him. His whole life and then, when it gets to the end I finally rose. I owe you didn't, do it, you never do it finally had to give up like oh no, it's not happen in your lifetime. He's on his way out, and he is still this exact person re exactly there's no point in pushing ahead, said anymore. No, that's the story, and this is now how it's gonna be. Yes, so that's the story. There will have to be sent for forgiveness because it's a good relief for you, it's for you, so it's nice to be able to get to a place where you can say. Ok, it's ok! I e your behavior, even though I don't agree with Ed. I don't subscribe to it, but that's who you are and
I've completely can get beyond that. Now, yes, I was caught in the same trap. Most people are with their parents witches. I never saw him as a human being. He was my dad and he fell short of my expectations of being a dad period. he was not a is independent person. He was only on this planet in the role of I doubt in the under delivered- and there were few moments where he was very vulnerable and very scared- or I was like I know- that's a twelve year old boy whose really scared viewed as happened to be in his life, but he is a real person who really scared, and that was bizarrely helpful for me shattering that paradigm. Oh yes, he's my daddy's posts to be this thing. For me, I guess it's! My own narcissistic self centered view of him. I kind of uncoupled a bit, yeah and I'm not growing up on the last thing about the resemblance.
Here? We have a saying in a way which is having resentments is like drinking poison, hoping your enemy dies. Without going away one carrying those things Harrison you're mad at the earliest thinking about him when they go to sleep, you Brad, it takes a very special person. I think it's a unique man who can have a wife who was so successful in so universally love. I speak from experience the I think it does. You thought I definitely has the right. Guy he's really stead fast, strong, confident, morally centred person busy born that way. Yeah he was near. He was born. That way you is raised. Well, I am not suggesting it. It's always easy, but we sort of together. We ve been bound to one another and we just carry on now and he's takes pride in my success.
He does oh yeah good, oh yeah, without him in my life and my children, you can forget about it in terms of the trajectory of my life for get it because I think, ultimately this is obvious very important to me my career and being an actor, but it hasn't been the most important to me and I think that's what's made it work via and is so. I've had a really solid place to be without it
that is just a freed me up. My wife will sometimes say that to mean give. It makes me very happy that she's like I know I can only go be on tethered indue that cause. I am tethered to the very foundation holder, oh yeah. If I didn't have this when I came home, I don't know that I could feel safe to do that there. There is no doubt about that yeah. Certainly my life now weep. Were you ever scared about how bold it was? Or did you have total conviction about it, because I watch the show regularly going. Oh, my god, they can do that. Oh my god. They did that, though they're doing it, it's so exciting from up comedy, writing perspective. How unbelievably fearless Joe, is yeah. There is some trepidation going in for sure and by the way, you're seeing a reduced version of it being raised shows her double the length, and so by the time you see him there. Yes,
You must most certainly said in an episode. Something like this makes us look at. This might be a rap on everything, I'm because you're going beyond the line here have to write a push the envelope to find our way. So it's been scary and after years. We change our runners and that was scary. There's been a lot of like jumping off of cliffs making this show, but I really enjoyed is it the thing your most out of were guys yeah? Yes, it did so and what s the right of all is so. Thank you. I love it. So much really isn't in really. You can't underestimate what percentage of that is you, in my opinion, just the again the fact that you can anchor.
A show is the lead whose story where, following we care about and yet be sociopath Iccat Times urges you know the carriage you your plane you by the way. I think this is a gift. My wife has, and I always tell her when I went to flatter the most- that I think you guys having a very similar thing which even she's the bad guy Christian you like one covering for cattle eiger. He added another. That's really you need to have in fact it's it's. A role generally only reserve for men were meant to be breaking in an arrow here in a weird way, in a comedic anti hero. Oh good, You're calling it off and women are supposed to be likeable unerring, not this, and I am not a fan of like ability. Yeah I mean I am now as a human being, but as if the viewer or as an actor, I think, like ability is highly overrated.
but I really think that a fundamentally what it is that you can identify with in terms of the character of Selina Meyer, with her desire or motivation, you know an and identify with her frustration. It's very valid, her frustration, she may be nuts and she is not, but her first duration and what she's up against is very understandable. In my view, people and pushing her back down woman who hasn't been given up in her mind of fair shake. Actually, she has been given a fair shake. She also has a lot of opportunity: she's, a woman of affluence, etc, etc. However, she still a woman and that
that sucks too in the world of politics, where you happy with the ending I'd, love the amber yeah. I thought it was a poignant calling for Gary yeah, I loved it. I was as proud of that episode of as all of them. Actually it might might be my favorite it really. Some did all up for me perfectly and I think it kind of habit in and weird way kind of a hopeful end in do drink some pride in the fact that, like it's by far the best cast over of comedians, I take great pride in that fact, the benches so absurdly deep on that show it's out reaches week. We have had great casting directors over the years and luckily great actors coming in and sort of delivering. Lots of actors. You ve never met before who just sort of killed dead, and I don't know we we locked out in that department and said, there's a focus for sure and doing good work. But there is a huge amount of joy that drives that focus.
I'll get you ve changed my life. Rarely does a movie change your behavior going forward for the rest of your life, and I want you to know that every time we ve ever received a massage at our residents. No, you don't worry that available for you and I generally to fight them to do so. For sometime They re walk away offended like I'm a chauvinist. I don't think they can carry their table, but I will say after seen another said I was like man. I've been I've watched someone one big table over. This is preposterous. Some six three should be carrying that table here and now I just do I insist- and I can say boy had you have those nice manner, enthusiasm of water therefore movie. I love that movie- someone to know tat, I was so great to make that movie and again of emu is just beautiful to be around out here. He really wise but support, icing led, not confident. Really, yes, that was shocking. Yeah you're fired
I'm sort of really endearing to someone who's so fantastically well, you know how he wasn't the movie that would suit of clothes to who he was as a person well yeah sort of a soft guy. Sweetheart it as a clear yeah bless him. Yeah bless him with with you know, There has to be an actor. No, I think he some men have that I've noticed presumably women overdue, but I certainly no men who feel It gives a weird like it's not on the masculine and exemplary exactly. I think there is an element of that can I can I tell you with fury I have what is the cumulative feedback ban about your finale people like it yeah? It's been very positive, which I'm really happy about that, even if it hadn't been. I support rap my arms around at that summit. I liked it right. It's been very positive. Ok, so I have a theory that I just launch couple weeks ago, cause of game. Thrones Fanelli, launch came a throne
I do not you do not augur well. A lot of people had some negative stopped to say about the finale, and I was thinking about it, and I want to ask them why? What did you want to happen? But you didn't like what happened? What did you want to happen and people want them now? I guess: that's all you quickly come to find those. There was nothing made specifically wanted to happen when I think happens, and people don't recognises, they're just morning the loss of this thing they loved for years in it's going away. It's a break up, there's no version of a break up that you're. Gonna love, in a very rarely you're like perfect break up in, I just think engender like it is very sad to have love something for eight years, and I know that you're not ever enjoy a new thing. Maybe said it's very hard to like the end of something you love may be sound it's his position to not work, but we loved ending a deep, so
about maybe wasn't I gotta show out of the bag is evolving, and I imagine that yeah, that's a big, take away folks! Well, Julia UPS I'm flattered that you came. Thank you. I adore you. Do you remember me me and Jackson all who are you do yeah we're in that restaurant that cute restaurant that has really good chop salads I don't remember that those me when my best interactions, because again the stakes were so high for me. I was so excited to tell you how much I love you Were you you didn't do anything wrong or ill timed? I just remember caused your wife Kristen. Miss why boys through young- but I just remember either Charlie or Henry New Christian rum, I also Mario Mauro problem here and there are like, one of the things I was one of those things of them meeting somebody famous and flipping out right. That's what I remember is like guys cool it calmly,
that's what he was doing to you about the third pillar: salary while, like I know, weirdness yeah, yeah yeah, we play Father step father. Yes, I don't cry, How do I call stepped add slash lover. That's right! Do you remember that movie that Jeremy Irons he was in that movie and it starts with a d, but I forgot the name of it and he box his sons. Why? It's extraordinary and his son. To tell the moment it's pretty good movie I lost my memory or maybe Didn t exist disk. It's ok sounding moment. Ok upon something happens you camp in believer, then don't tell me we're gonna to yeah in your watch, vampire, no unknown
they're the vampire like you'd like road house too, I'm gonna watch, roadhouse. Ah, monsieur le Maire really looking forward to bad, it's amazing. Ok, I definitely. don't worry I'll guys! Thank you. That was super fun and now my favorite part of the show that back check with my saw my Monica bad men before we commenced this fact check hollow. Once again. Oh please hold who did it changed my voice? Yeah? I think it. Why haven't you just you know? I swear, I swear, I didn't do anything, I'm gonna take it. I have to tell people what it is. Ok, my friend Dave Castillo invented. Well, I think, with he and his sister in their dad invented this thing called intake. Breathing.
and think of a previous at night. The people were those little strips even like another, against rabies, but they're not they could sponsor ass. It's not substantial, so what's happening here is. I have to no sticky, on either side of my nostrils and inside the sticky says a little piece of magnet, ok or maybe it's just metal and then the bridge, this plastic p. Say then stick over my nose. Listen, maybe can hurt, snapped up, isn't trigger me. Sophronia. did you come here at level, lack at any rate, here's what goes on your part, this on your nose spread your now socio big, my nostrils are and how their expand Eddie. I kind of like that photograph US honey. But when I parachuted fourteen people- and I looked like Porky, the pig was a big disaster. Will this is due? for me without having to take on the risk of skydiving, but what's happening. Monica keys it spreading my nostrils and then I can breathe way better through my nose in do not breathing through your nose is much healthier because you're no
is making nitric oxide in your blood needs that transport energy around and oxygen. So it's great for working out. I haven't on still because I worked out with it today. Ok independent keep it on well and then I sat down my thought. What's elevate, my oxygen levels here during chair? I have a few questions and he held his ways Why you did a bunch of bloggers follow when you have mercy on account of their saga has no wise. Both of you have a tremendous amount of bugger. They could shake some loose and those magnets pop and secondly, since their open, do you guys, like you, put your fingers up barriers seems like you, oh my goodness, and where he easier to put my finger on their as if it were hard anyways there so elastic my nostrils. He has been highly enough. You know they did as I don't need. It did the kickstarter Why is very rare from that's? I don't you ve ever done,
out of bounds. No, I think I gave a couple bucks further with IRAN Mars any whose I went for the max too. I went ahead and wow like I kick started. Is that what you say there? Well, you have put your finger in your nose, a quite a bit since its bid on. I think, that's something that comes with their well look. I dont think any among us don't clean out the nostril now you're supposed to be here. You don't just let it go. Packed it in there and then have a surgical procedure. Have I not? Let us proceed now and I'm gonna be a lot more alert during this one. But I try not to challenge are you luck or our like their absolute? You think it's cool. Look, I kind of think I'd. Look you know in football players. but the little bit a black under their eyes, dot looks like they're gone into battle. Do even though that is all those years before I knew isn't it for a glare, its for glad, that's kind of cool yeah. Anyone can provide
walking around with this my nose, people ex assume, I'm extreme ass, which I would love being perceived as an extreme athlete would be second only to be enhanced format. You keep saying it any whose HANS had really making a lot like the whose down and think it anyhow any monthly its anyway any who is already one step removed, are jumped the proverbial shark already. So I will just keep reverse dollars running. Well well. Julia Lui Drive, drivers, crazy, Julia, Louis Drivers, crazy with your talent. What do you take away observations of that interview? First, while you loved it, could you like me, worshiper lover, but did you have any take waste thoughts about me?
I just want to own some stuff. This isn't to clap me on its shoulders. We take Doesn't my own self critique is. I was very desperate for her to like me. Really will rely on in her to like me could did I feel needy at all during that little bit twelve percent. Now I don't think needy, but you were too much known. Oh no, I knew that you are trying to get her approval right, but I don't think he did necessarily your flirting per the hard by Nazi mailed you so quickly by very me, getting by listening to two minutes of welfare that you Give our aim compliments to everybody. Nor do they found a lot here because we started this debate a couple episodes ago and I keep cycling back to what I think there's like. Have you thought about it since wait, wait, wait what we talked about falling in love.
And I ranked myself on the scale between Love ACT in zero and I keep kind of cycling through that debate. I think there's that's a good juicy realm yeah didn't. Think there's in case there is, you know, as I do moving through life all recognise when people have that appetite or However, it is a been aware of it since we had that debate, mostly self reflection, Goin. Ah, what I felt like you are accusing me of the or insinuating was that I just love every one which I dont think is true. In fact, you are saying you said you could fall in love with any, but you said that out of yes, not to say that I have, though I guess what I maybe was the application was that it wasn't sincere and then I was like now. You know what I am very enthusiastic about a lot of people are really we enjoy like rob, Makko honey yeah.
I really enjoy rain hands. I enjoy era weekly, there's a lot of people. I really am wilder economic my phony, but I am not. I have true feelings. Yeah overwhelming feelings, I dont figure a phoney and I hope that's not how you took it. I guess it is. I'm sorry if you take it back No, it's my fault. I take things. You can tell me what you know her here. We go again, but I think when you say things like my favorite person on the plan and then you ve said that about like forty people. Aha, it doesn't feel phony, but it feels like a that phrase. To you just doesn't mean what it means to me. I say that about one person, if I'm saying my favorite person on the planet,
well, just by the structure of the sentence. Yes, it implies one person by you and I agree on the notion that mean detailing suggestion, which is its a t. S friend is a team. Is it here how much I love em for me favour person. What is it here? Ok I always say one of the faint and I dont now, ok, right in its final, You're also doing it for a fact in. So I get that as someone who you might say that, Finally, my third person in the world the surf reveals that special and it feels like that doesnt early me, in any event do well but hold on. Can I make a dent offence for myself worse. I believe that a phoney would be. Someone is like Rob Mccartney's. My favorite person in the world Then I go around saying that I tell him that when I see him, but then when he tells me I swear I took two days later. I respond to him or he asked me for a favor. I ignore it or I do feel proud of the fact that
anyone. I feel that way about. I am there I'm so available for everyone. I love, of course, I'm just saying, then my actions don't match that they do you're, not a phoney, no one in saying, ok, I know that although he people you're saying that about you love intensely, it's just a matter of its literally just a language is as syntax day and it is they who cares if just everyone's different, I just I don't use phrasing like I'm very exclusive, limited edition about you, superlatives superlatives right right. He understands it was supervise their very very, but what's funny it's like. I think you really like that about you as you should, unlike what about me, but you love. Some people? Can you feel that way about a lot of bee mob? Thank you like that about your you should kinds day? One thing for me:
The is singular reason to be alive. Yeah, like the only thing. That's giving me joy now that I don't do drugs or drink beer is interacting with the people for I have that too broad and I get a ton of joy from the people around me, but I dont think every one of those people is my favorite person on the earth. I still love them and I love spending time with them, but doing The part of our American? Isn't that there's, like everything were obsessed with round AIR Das. It's like, I think I think the thing to strive for would dispute. The universal kind of unbridled joy in love, one another. And yes, but again it's not like I'm like that person is not a very personal land, so I'm not gonna have to have fun with that. I'm not gonna love that, like it's written bang anyway. my point was you like that about you and that's great. I, like the thing
Yours lucidity I do I like that. I people are reserved in different areas of sort of special. Now it's all good, that's all valid. It's just there's a difference in their view, people I can give you an example that I think maybe all agree with TAT, which is both of my kids. I love the most yeah. I think children are an exception to this, but I know you they shouldn't be well now, that's a differ. Love, that's a different thing. Opening I do. I think there's no relationship like one with your children and their people you made yeah yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, there's yeah, there's area, of the relationship that are very unique to the relationship yeah, but there is the cellular feeling that I think is quite comparable to how I feel about some other people. Yeah for other people, I just two hands full of
many five other people, my mom, I just get like filled with their weekly. the main was over the other day. We are both talk in May and I was like on its right. I just like so lit up if mates around and talking yeah yeah any who back to Julie, so you said that the right when in is scandinavian, are those danish will be added. The swedish swedish two thousand AIDS swedish. The monk Scandinavia know is it Finland, Sweden, I think they're, ok, way in Denmark to make that happen sounds really the males good yeah. Ok, so you ve said this before I corrected it. You said it again, You said a boy. Your Wikipedia page says Dax amiss.
MR remove it did the hour. We talked about this before it. Definitely did probably, I believe you about that for sure. Ok, but it no longer says remember. Member I said to yours is really long too long low. Just like it's very detailed in the law, but they have the correct origin. The year corrected full name, o Randal Shepherd yeah, Who owns Wikipedia is a good mystery to base all right Wikipedia CO founders. Jimmy Wales has described Wikipedia as an effort to create and distribute a multilingual, free encyclopedia of the highest quality to every single person on the planet in his or her own language. Bones website, Wikipedia tech framework is supported by a nonprofit parent organization, the Wikimedia Foundation incorporated, which also supports Wikipedia Sister projects, including which Ameri Wiki books and others and owns all of
domain names previously the site was hosted on the servers abortionists incorporated accompany mostly owned by Jimmy whales. The creator, with the announcement of the Wiki Media Foundation on June twentieth, two thousand three, the ownership of all domain names, was transferred to the foundation. The site is run by the community of Wikipedia and guided by the principles articulated by Jimmy whales, including for example, and here and to an a neutral point of view. So Jimmy whales created at a now belongs to Wikimedia Foundation. Ochre were I think, Wiki should didn't. You know I feel very bad for the tv torch people be Those white nationalist. They chose that product and now there is a bad cantation. What those tv torches so maybe the weekend charges they could lay a man at in that rebranding who care what he deserved monster truck pool happening in the yard.
the future side of the bull cool cool bore. This just reminded me because the poor- this is an actual, my less, but we talked in this episode about keeping your kids humble We didn't really talk about, which I think is an important layer. This is in theory a kid should never fly first Class by its way too convenient and it's too much better for the adults ought to five first class. I think that thing that people don't consider is like the parent then has to suffer sometimes to make that decision like they have to say. I guess, will fly coach because I can fibres
asked, but these kids public shouldn't fly first class job and no one is making that decision like that is of very hard thing to sacrifice. My point is that it's impossible to ask people to do that. Anyone would make that but no one likes swine, its habitable. Yes, it's over the whole thing's inconvenient yeah parking at the airport, going through security, the line up at the gate, olive it blows yeah. It is definitely better. In first class, it's less in can be yeah, and so for me because I'm frugal, I just started fine first class when I was mine, the tickets, maybe three years ago, yams very hard for me to do that, but I travel so much. Then, I'm like you know what why have money, if not for making something? I have to do all the time less of a beating right, yeah. That's my point again, that's what happens when you have those means and to then say, but I could and my life would be so much easier and I feel
way happier flying first class, but I won't people, don't do that and that also oak hey all your though it does get tricky, because how do you then shark is then you can make the same argument about flying bright and then all was in your kids. Point on private yeah yeah. That's that's what they're used to in the world that's their experience on earth. Is it just the element of the conversation that that sometimes isn't it said, is when you're talking like, as you mentioned new of a friend who has a huge, huge house, and the talks about keep on care more. Like you know, your actions, dont really reflect yeah, and I think you got cut that personal little bit of slack because for them having that house is convenient, its first clad having a room for this is so much We had one- and I have argued about this in the party. I actually don't think you can make an argument that a house above six thousand square foot is convenient.
Run out of things to put in the way we know. Now he don't we don't know they have a huge family. That comes all that. We don't know that detail, but could we agree that some people build really ostentatious houses for their ego in the present you should not, of course. Yes, I'm just saying if, if you are displaying that your self esteem is who did in your display of wealth. That's a tricky thing to pass on your kid Jaffna. I can say with total conviction My self esteem is not linked to their. I now that so I'm not too worried about passing that part on yeah. It just gets so hard because all buncher traps along the one year and it is really important, I think- to grow up walking through force. and thinking like this, a year after year. How do you get it? Do their work on this topic. You know I went yesterday had like four hours of free time, so I took my
but master out and drove around downtown ally. Then I sat a Macarthur park and played with my new I patent plate, Catana and I actually at this thought my mom used to drive us down one word around long Lake to show us mansions when we were kids out she'd pull up two houses be like this is where the doctors limb is, where the lawyers LE right allow who is really thinking I've gotta, do the reverse of that I've gotta start taking Lincoln on these drives with me and go hey check out how the rest of the world, living near you know, people don't have their own anything near the vast majority of people and, as I go, that's weird, I'm gonna have to do the opposite. What my mama told tricky using other means making
the kid feel guilty that there are more in this house know my asking her to carry her own guilt. No, I don't think it's Kara Guild its opening up the reality of the world to hurt his world a small o renewable problems, hashtag rich people, problem boy. Ok, when did the birth control had come to pass ass? She sat in the sixties and you said it was new More than that, and I say that I was gonna fact tracker to sexual rebel ocean and the pill in the early nineties- fifties philanthropists capper, Mccormick, provided funding for biologists. Gregory Pink is to develop the birth control pill, which was approved by the FDA and nineteen. Sixty while on the dot yeah, our okay, so you tried to say he tried to see the adjective of anarchy and none of us could say it. they all tried exists, not anachronistic, writes a different world. Yet Ireland. That word is about like time of rights
belonging to a period other than that being portrayed So I give you saw a cell phone in a western that be anachronistic yeah. were. There was a word. Using other, my meaning from the book. Someone reads before we start was conviviality and I looked at them. Before everyone just blast and through their shares, as if everyone knew her conviviality. If it goes look guys, I am not smart enough to know conviviality and then aloud and other people's like you. I don't know the fact that word means just get it I just got a joyous and boisterous and enact gregarious theatrically at a party yeah now. However, we can remember that cause a kind of sounds like lively com, maybe I'll in my head. The reality part sounds life right. I think the root of the vital
yeah! Well, you know, I think, I'm particularly good at this because of being dyslexic where I so regularly did not know what the word was here. I couldn't sounded out or whatever, and I had to use the words around it kind of contacts and clear yes, and if you like, I'm kind of but the universe, Scientology tradition. Is you look up every word, you clear it. It's kind of a cool, practical yeah, but I've got to save. I feel like if I can figure out about seventy percent of words. I don't know just by this sentence. Yeah. I think I have that too. Maybe not as much as you say, wasn't dyslexic but yeah anyway. No, I think in Akron. Sidney. You're driving down a house of Lake modern home and then maybe there's like an Figel worry Jaime, victorian home. That would be an act of hope. So soon also makes me think of spiders surer all around me. I got an awful because also Aqua Phobia
I prefer saw and then Agro phobia a wide open place, I'll be ok. The actual way to pronounce it is a narcotic blew a narcotic yeah. I've never used that were neither to new work. Ok, so member she told the story about Lena thank Gang really and Tina Irene. I laughed so hard at that, but also aid. I feel that way too. Of course, it's not an evening when I was looking up this, which it was the golden gloves. Two thousand thirteen, as I was looking up, what the actual ceremony was when I googled it. There were like articles about our real age bash. Now. Can I that's on age bashing. Now, both things are true, I definitely see Lena being very deferential yeah, and I also see Julia going command me and you're gonna, say you're a child when you were little or no other she's she's at other times,
it is true. I grew up watching these people. She said, I was delivered in a room where Seinfeld was by Eliza my television now, but if I was a kid I agree with all the friends and I won not on what I hope that happen la of course. How could I not say this is so exciting to be put in a category with these people? I revered my whole way right, but then they get upset about Well, it's look him. It's it's happening to me more and more in its no one's fall. It's as it is a reminder of like oh geez Jaso get in and get out there now movie star problems. Take my advice to stupid browser. You said you thought you heard on stern that Seinfeld wish you'd been able to enjoy the price,
says I listen to some of its most recent stern. I couldn't find it and I couldn't find anything about that and I also feel like. Maybe I heard that two's, I wonder if it was on comedians and cars. Getting coffee might have also been their bows. Definitely Einstein right sure. Just how are you sure this is like earlier? When you told me you were infallible driving driving, you think so anything Umbria, that's two separate things you are grey here perfect. Now nobody is at any rate. That is my point. This is close to the flying the airplane debate. Why don't you see the connective tissue that count commentator. Is I'm very arrogantly my ability to operate machinery? I mean I just think you could put anything in front of me that moves, and I could figure that thing now in under half hour and then drive it pretty provisionally. our view, remember on the left exe
later here in the yard- and they left the keys in it? So I start some sort of explaining the yard- and I was doing a darn good job operate in all the different accoutrements on. I think you could do that and he probably the best rather surfer, exactly ok. I think I did a perfect learning who wrote my eyes when we get to defects his arrogance, but that the peak of the arrogance is with this on this topic, I really become a towel the guy kid just can truly now or away to feeling like I'm her fixed at anything yeah me their other, the man. That's my one thing I you know I always these fantasies of repulsive back labelling. Wife I'll, be the only one alive and I like how many years before I convince myself, I can fly just because I certainly would I would draw get up and on the runway a few times me like, I think I got
I know it probably says yeah you would die. I know I can fly a helicopter. I told you cuz when I was flying to work without app I watched the guy fly it everyday day. I got watched Did you know my god of you and I will do something like yeah? I could begin. Definitely do. I feel really call you than another strain it though to see me feel so confident amounts. I want you to be confident you'd theirs Layer, there you are the most competent and in that room than I've ever seen or Matt. Thank you, but I would not have it your perfected land you're. Not infallible would have to be specific about what we're labeling failure thing heating. Someone would be a failure and crashing of failure. They don't ever do that. Then the heaven I reach perfection yeah I haven't been infallible. Yes, but you were not. There you don't know
I hope, my death bed you'll, give that to me, as I'm dying. I want you to look into my face NGO. You were right, you were anything but women. I will drift under the next hour dimension with such a smile on my face, like the kids, will be going you, the great dahlia, whatever Monica think Monica some to say here. That sounds like I might have my interests, so Damn welcome Gladwell number for happiness is seventy five thousand ok, but that was a long time ago. Psychologists from per
do university and the University of Virginia analyzed Gallup Poll from one point: seven million people in a hundred and sixty four countries and cross reference, their earnings and life satisfaction. Although the costs and standard of living varies across these countries, researchers came up with the bold conclusion. The ideal income for individuals is ninety five thousand dollars a year for life, satisfaction and sixty thousand to seventy five thousand a year for emotional, well being families with children, of course, will need more. Your browsing. The study published in the Journal Nature Human behavior, found that once the threshold was reached, further increases in income are actually associate with what is happening, reduce happiness there. It's a miracle, you're happy Monica, I'm not your fits taken at all. Would you say your happier when you made less money? You know if I'm really be honest. I cannot think sounding so I mean I don't
Because you don't think, as I did do the money I like having things, I can't have any sort of have alike hard to get complex. in life in general, your party or identity. Why, yes limited edition yeah that sort of that wrapped up in about a little bit, but it is it's a very weird transition from like. Oh, my god, I really want that car really want the car. I could afford their car for me, for you know the whole families broke. If I can afford to do then go like I could buy that car should. I is that responsible, like it shifts from fantasy, which has fallen, alchemy, indulgent and then real life going like that practical start making real decision. I really want to pass right and it seems Billy impossible for a long time of players and volume alone like this is just not an options it is. I would want it so bad and now its becoming a little bit more of an option,
comes with stress. Rather, yes, then I live. There was one I saw a couple weeks ago that is incredibly gorgeous and cute and lovely it. I've been thinking about that lately and situation. What should I do? Should I get that house a ban on these, like practicality start coming in oh and then our front Eric was over He looked at two pictures and he said by it sure doesn't surprise man he's a buyer immediately that night I was thinking about it and I was like I think I might be low Lee there and that was really sags thing. I've been wanting of I'm just a small person in this house. a miniature miles and a maximum. I, I might ill lonely MIA anyway. So yet the reality kind of overshadowed the fantasy and then it's like he has reached
and anyway, you gave us.