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2020-06-29 | 🔗
Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers, Old School, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) is an American actress. Juliette chats with the Armchair Expert about wanting to be seen as her current self rather than her past self, she talks about her early struggle with fame and how acting course corrected her wayward path. Dax asks what’s it’s like to be a part of an evergreen holiday movie and Juliette talks about the distraction of beauty in acting. The two discuss the phenomena of Natural Born Killers, her pull towards music and her new show, I Know This Much Is True.
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Welcome. Welcome, welcome armchair expert M that Shepard and joined by the Emmy nominated monsoon. Monica oh hell are today we have you Louis and Juliet Louis, of course, is an actress in a singer. She's also an academy award nominee like you, in any award now many. Golden Globe Nominee. She was in natural, born killers. Kate fear, what's eating Gilbert great from till DAWN California, one of my favorite all time movies, my boyfriend, so sexy in that movie Christmas vacation. I watch it every single year to year die in the basket diaries she is currently on. I know this much is true on HBO and I have since seen it and she is legitimately phenomenal Harrison. I work going crazy, withheld brilliant. She is in this thing, rewinding her scenes eyes, tremendous in it. So please enjoy Juliet Louis, we are super
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And shipping, and if you're, selling and persons work and help accept contactless payments, all these tools work together in their all. In one place, you just need a square account to get started, see all the way square can help your business right now by visiting square dot com. Slash, go slash, Dax, I'm going to just say you and I are a little bit similar and fun ways. As I've learned. Do you fluctuate between all fuck? This is never going to end in oh fuck. This is going to end next week and I'm going well, for the first time I just have the ocean actually you're not gonna have offers free time. Again. You do everything you needed to do, of course, not But now the highs and lows of my soul had been examined.
Surveyed by this experience, I would imagine everybody, but some people might be more even killed. I'm not an even killed. Person said that's. Why I like you, though, thanks I always wondered doing this. Progress has been a fun experiment and who Members. What? But you remember hanging with me, you can say now by the way pressure, no pressure law. These things, as in the lunch we have learned, so you came over there. How did I yeah? I came over for dinner added the inner. I had a million questions for you mind you this was this was like. Probably there Jeanne years ago, no one has a yak, as I think either. I just done without a paddle and we Hanging out in India was England Ale in the hills, and I was like I played it cool for the first like this the minutes of the dinner and then I was like how good of a kiss his bread
God. You re all those. I was just obsessed with the notion that you had kissed my number one dream bow even Yale how care that Sl Funny, you're alive oh yeah he's a very kisser. You know about me, and people are just people and that new knows bigger Vietnam. I am I take down the objectification of a fellow human beings? That is my now my worrying it. Are we corny were recording. Are you regarding were all recording Save them tell. I just did Mark rough hello show that I'm doing press staff for the director. I never had this happened, but much like how we just started this interview where you just flowing, removed action and cut senior. Oh, it was in a radical experience. I didn't
the first when he said I dont say action incur don't know someone your like. Oh god. What is this pretentious Cher see in France by the way, his brilliant and a revelation to. But anyway you commented that my my can these your hair data data and then you just open the door and there you are in the scene, And you keep doing like that, and then it becomes a flow. I resigned this home awesome idea. I loved a couple times I moving on. I and I put my sister and it was her veil, shabby hold on what was your movie? You directed that's very cool. I directed a movie, hit and run, and then I directed chips and then I directed to set a movie call dumb. There's brothers justice. Thank you beg you, but I use my sister and she and a movie, so I had codes for the camera guy yeah, which was like let's get sat, but that
Philly was like action and then I would just kind of talked to her by the way nothing she didn't need it. She was brilliant in it and it was just something I thought would be helped her and then we just kind of would talk and bubble and then everything, ok that fuckin, awesome! If you like, but not yet we did it. We got it. That's great that's, but you knew to do that aim is cool. Have you ever seen a David all Russell Sir? I visited Bradley one time and again the silver lining play book, and he was just like in was wild to see it happening to Deniro right words dislike he's, going like none? I know you're uncomfortable, do your news nanda? Where are you? Why no one set for him to leave the room or walk down a holler stairs, but just everyone's gonna fuckin start doing it causes this crazy experiment and that's his way, some terms are so stuck in their academia out whatever their training. Is I'm not one of those, so I actually would appreciate
style, maybe I mean depends: I've had a person who is not experienced caught in the middle of the while I was findings something I was like. Oh no others were inside, or do you just interrupting? We couldn't stumbled into something of anything that might have been the best thing I did all day. Avow are you don't know, thing is like being a creative personality. We are, I think, naturally, obsessive can be solved. Defeating your The self aggrandize yea looking ours is the Israeli with all the many defyingly Soule, but because it's a business rejection, you're, not shade, or your this a year always time previous, so with age and experience. Some jobs. I learn I leg. Ok, it's just a job
yeah? Do you do that and then the other side is like no we trying to reach the Holy GRAIL witches. Grain ever. Why call it transcendence yeah? our basic sane- and I think I told you this at the dinner I dislike- you allow I've always liked how non can or miss you at least appeared to be to me things. I thought you the convention, all institutional choices for things. The other person I felt that way about when I was young was Nicholas cage. Russia's, like Oh yeah, I don't know what this motherfukers going to do. What's going to happen, I just loved the kind of Punk rock miss of it and it's hard for us to invade an institution like Hollywood, and I felt like you did thank you and if I could cut that
to put it to take us for a low motivational. Kick start to allow two days recorded so we'll get you hardly. I figured you good, always listen. Every S noncom form ass. This what I gravity too I remember when you came on the scene your life. Who is this fearless, sin could you what's the show enhance, and you yourself in all these scenarios, like that's a whole other radical thing, because you're not only or acting convincing, but your play with real life emotion, I haven't sense had a similar expire. Why do I was it was like? I was the first thing area hired to do. How old are you that's in daredevil shit in May, and that's where you like? You could get punch in the phase having these these mistakes. Thank you.
In that out because I do think like it throughout the audition process that it came, there came to be a point where there were many people. Everyone liked in the studio like certain people, unlike ashen, like certain people in one of the. The one reasons I I broke through is that Ashton was like. I don't think he cares. If he gets punched in the face, I he's totally open to that big. Even like it. Let's go with him but if I were you just born unique or there's some childhood stuff that lead you Finally, the nuts It's funny or with the time wherein but the one I'm about to say it's funny. That d, revelation in or the unearthing unpacking year, childhood those first, ten years of life? What are they say? Little kids, the first five years, really love yeah all that attachment neglect or if you don't get all this stuff
What I'm getting at is why I've been learning today. I'm almost gonna be forty. Seven of like survive Bible skills that have become my job in a disability off too You might call it dissociated, but I was in my imagination and also my own experience with the child try a mile made me. I think very sympathetic towards other people's pain suffering yeah, also made me want to fix it. He'll and how you're one of a right, I mean one in a million seven billion, but still both my knights were married several times. I grew up with a brother and sister, a mom and dad divorce. Since I was too, and I have half others and sisters that we all have different levels of connectivity
and I always say I'm from a family of individuals right The reason I am got to have dinner with whose brandy your sister, who I fucking, love. Even allow snatched her up. I think I will try to get her myself are alike, is so cool via ranked has already. I just some wonderful and people can mutually admire people of the opposite sex above over and we're not rigid and filled with fear about it. Why just be a? Why she's, whenever a bunch of people are more no evil it, I'm gonna go do anything just as our line of brandy. My sister is amazing into be with Ethan Ganz, when my favorite people I've ever met and to make that Motherfucker walk the lion. I can't imagine someone wrong do that in the best three yeah, so I can see yeah she's a very. Individualistic person and you are too at an interesting childhood, but that so
We ask that Ethan simply my brother in law is doing. Using things with his podcast I can go a tin, he has I cast guys getting you gonna, listen, but it's all things: health motivation, trade Format, young mind body, soul, connection, but it's really about eating habits, every gas has a relationship to their health Of course he has a journey of loose gaining way, one of the most miraculous yeah anyway. Do you not? My sister is one of my best friends, everything you're saying about her, like she just design got known for things in movies, I'm not there. Rate one. You don't need to just a remarkable person. Anyway, when I talk to survival, things that we all develop. I also in gratitude, because my two parents who gave me a lot of freedom,
My problem was: I had to artists very pro That's where you get this banana cake person the reality very late. I didn't, happily, the gender be pretty and all the weird stereotypes of limit your mom's, a graphic designer and your thousand actor. Yes, my dad was a character actor, and Can you answer with a world of backing late in life middle age like forty year? Thirty, five, that's brave! totally brave and had a look a bit of success as a character actor and my mom would full time mom and could have been an artist so went to. Cooper Union, were now my nieces going. Sir, that's kind of a beautiful thing. Are you also add on the independents, refugee, sorted acting really young and
you were a man supported at fourteen right, yeah emancipation of the big confusion for people away early on when I ever did interviews rise like nineteen, and I feel like people are condition now and they understood. I was not one of these people I was in my head. I was great to be creative, San it was great to be anonymous. I love people watching, I. Is not meant to be a famous cause it I imploded so my my point is that the journalists would be like you're, emancipated and trade. Dig in my parents. World What, though, didn't understand is when you are a young actor. My parents helped get emancipated. It was a legal thing to put on paper so that when you're hiring you hire the emancipated minor over the anonymous.
It's very and so, even though that's weird, you can work over eight hours, even work over eight hours, even though that's neared cause it's still, you like biology lamp a year fourteen working well, I was set to lead a criminal path. I'm very sad to live a wild, very scary, dysfunctional life, potentially and Acting actually gave me a sense of focus, work ethic I could creates stories and drama here? I had a place to Gaza when my dad, when I say Oh I'm interested in this line of work because he did it made it very plausible yeah. Then they helped me they're, both really good, helping if you had dreams or anything of artistic nature and then the fight sorry, I guess and then travel caught up with me later, less sure, Jacques.
By the way. I completely relate to you in that. Had I not done this, I would be in jail you. That was definitely where I was having You still got a handle. Whatever thou was the penchant for danger of being bananas from eloquent, where we gotta do the work. But yes, for a moment there like to this, day. I have a really strong work ethic and the plan- and I really thrive with a schedule so its laws- how to do live sure you ve had to do this many times as I've had to do it. Many times has been there. Periods, where my identity was Ex wires like oh I'm, I'm I'm a movie actor. That's my identity! Ok, I'm not getting high removing of Amity Viagra Madrid, you're now above about by the way. None of those things should be my identity when they go away. I shouldn't I collapse in what am I e those really like purpose right. It's like finding purpose. Yes,
What you're saying is so key because, is it also when you do feel purpose last that it becomes, how do I get motivated and ass? I get into aging. You know a lot of us are like how do I find that energy that we once higher when we're younger by its purpose and it's funny it's sick, local sometimes of like we igniting a purpose. She didn't know was dormant, nothing. They say beer than when I can help another achieve peace, happiness you, Romania, the oh yeah, yeah servant service, our genome. It's the counter intuitive thing that I feel better been someone else, because I'm not thinking about myself, I imagine, but so in general, the shell kind of go through your ride, which yours in particular. It is quite interesting because it happened very young when I
came into the world for people, it was nineteen. Ninety one for me was eighty nine Christmas vacation. She at there can be a movie at this point. Progress christian eyewash more than Christmas vacation. As we kick off Thanksgiving heads and we're like one. We watching Christmas Christmas vacation. Should we do it later in the day? Should we do tomorrow on Friday, but it's gonna happen and then it's gonna happen again mid December. We're gonna get itchy to watch it again. Cleaning rappers without Emory, I'm thinking so many things This is the way the pinball mind work. So as an artist, you get known for usually what you first came out into the world. So there's literally like for movies, people were list when they come up to say hello. Yeah and then already try to rebuild like now that it's my current, saying and in your almost competition with your pass. Yes, yes, I think I've looked prince going my God. I want to see Prince play little red corvette
jobs for once. I remember very. I went there. Whole thing is I first of all no. I'm Jehovah witness, I'm not Nigeria in sexual Second, I with your heads induce and jars rendition of this. Always you are here, I just think, aren't so funny and yes, we're always trying to be and do our current work but I am literally so touched that I I hadn't no part in it was a stroke of luck at fifteen. Chevy Chase. There's like three people. I can validate forever fur handing me a career and to be part of this holiday movie, like that all that is the sweetest thing. Yeah, like you brought upon them to go right and I loved it. But that's not always been the case. There was the first eight years I was doing press junkets
thousand movies and they want to bring up Pont and I always felt like they were saying. Like oh you're. The reality is not even a little guy get about a yes and I had a huge chip on my shoulder about it and then at some point I dont know what happened or why. But I was like. Oh I'm, proud punk. Why was I running from now and now I'm so proud to have been in there but boy for eight or ten years I wasn't and yet what a what a waste of my eight or ten years that have been enjoying a hundred per se all about owning the more of yourself. You can claim the more you can have grace and knock Hartman's Eliza cut off, who you were all this that believing not a word killers. The amended, so many things that I had, resentment, towards
theme or the machine or the very, that China box you in right. That stuff was hard for me to manage at twenty seven, nine thirty you were like seventeen eighteen ten, twenty twenty one, twenty two, I got no made it through that that's a lot of attention to get at that age right yeah that little person a thousand trip. I actually took a break Twenty two for Likes for years- and I thought I was done. I thought I will do something else. Now, what precipitated the break? and you didn't know, I was on a success pressure machine. I didn't know, that's what was happening around me. You know the agents riots in the manager and I tried to get out of a movie- was
doing well as a human being as a little person I needed a brain now, were cultivating humanity in some of our industries. I mean at least professionally, but yeah you can view like my needs. A break for two months. Maybe wait the schedule. I changed scuttle, but this Time was. A movie was a sequel to terms of endearment. I was on drugs and sadly lacking. Where's. My defence hold our that the way the rumours of people thought I was on drugs actually before I was on drugs because they can think of all these things different. This person, alleys, weird drugs, you now yeah
all my life lessons I like this. There were very short and very extreme. What was your drug choice? Mine was cocaine and jack and Diet. I was it down or person kind you would have to detoxify from for sure I tried this movie and was threatened the producer of female producer, not name her the law suit. For me, I, like I, followed He died in this time period. I will spare you the details and I look bad to save myself in that moment and didn't know how to fight for myself. The job itself is one matches riddled with here, it is so tenuous whether movie actually gets may I ask you what does that mean? What is what got bored and then what is it get green until your fail, meaning, even if your fail mean it could go sideways like until that fuckin thing is
at the movie dear on Friday, there just so many things that can prevent it from happening, so everyone is operating out of great fear. We are. None of us are making awesome decisions when we're scared, so I do have some compassion, even for like the most monstrous people of disliked in this big you another, a symptom of the disease, maybe not the disease kind, you're very sad, and that was the one thing that I would back against I shut up at work is fine. I just didn't. Have people skills, so I don't really know how to talk, but I did my job great, but I was eighteen yeah. Overly aware of it. For the actresses, which is like, while here is this five foot too young woman who has shown herself to be very good at acting and pretending cheese one else that is now asked to be basically a public sale. Yes, a politician of sales person there there's such rights, A clean, different skills
tell your goal that any actors can do both to begin with, but all of them are expected to be that politician that settles person at some point. Yes, that's it saying that you don't know- and I was terrible- the early part of my coming out. I was a great sabotage of all the pr stuff like even in closed? I went to the thrift shop. I was sort of sabotage photos, shoots water I don't understand this part of it, but now I stated my poses hey. I can't actually talk about myself for the whole day, because I want a nervous breakdown. We can do for hours or whatever. Well you slowly introduce bound reason yeah what you can do right now. I gotta think photo sheets are probably, if I d say the single most Hated part of the entire Yankees is a photos. I've
Similarly, when we're in the make up and hair thing some women men can fall based on how they look for a long time. I do. We want to think about it to me Finally, in has, unless your create a character, not, really want to think about that much, but do you think any of that part of me because you were unconventional, but the fact that your peers at that time? specific thing where you like, I'm not even play that game here Spain is this idea, even of beauty is she's, never been my objective find it limiting, because that's not what's gonna, be lasting. It's gotta, be your moxie. Your hoods buy stuff that system,
and you because a lot of women they get mired in being desirable and sexy and all this shit yeah and I like to actually disrupt that. Were you born with that confidence? Or did you go? This is even a healthy road for me, like. Are you just that lucky that you're looking to give a fuck? What I look about are you like? I know that roads going to leave me to two the environment. It is funny, is in it because I have crippling self doubt and all that stuff. It's just the looks During the I had this sort of rejection of getting to hung up on it. I think it's a testament my parents. I guess that is a labouring thing, but it's not that I don't have it. I had body does morbid where I thought I'd skinny I hated see. So you think this thing, go anywhere, I hated being as little as I was when I was younger. I always want to be the left shoe is when I was representing my artist self. I could be cocky there.
Hi be solved preserving in that arena and I dont know how or why that is but as they are as a woman and as a human being, I have all the again not to get somewhere She s on you, I guess for me. If I were you and I was young, I was dating Brad Pitt, love literally the hottest Hammond mean to ever live that might have helped me at least go. Why? Why even fucking worry about shit breath it likes me? Assigning mythology and sang re actually ended the brilliance of why I'm here that I know this much is true, because that characters looking back at there mythology or their history river tied to my first huge relationship who became one of the biggest movie stars of our time, we always say that people when we met he was an unknown actor from Missouri
will you is it a lifetime movie together right before California we're partners that time, when we both lost our anonymity lie. Insecurity together, as a couple just young kids stumbling along in LOS Angeles, but yes was no I'm gaining sellen, so they he was a human being the me yes, yes, yes, we're both really young. In fumbling arise. Oh my god getting famous says it all is well founded and now and then six months later, cape fear can now real Andrey owes money. You are were you ate and Kate fear? Yes, I think it is nineteen when it came out so I'd seen was when the kind of action- yeah yeah, you got nominated for an academy. Warn you gotta nominated her golden Globe in use,
earlier, when we first started like you're, not a big practitioner of some kind of homework approach to acting and what very obvious from cape fear, was like others, prisons of Venus. You know blowing Deniro offscreen not to make it competitive, adjust. That's it. That's a big undertaking to have those scenes with him and into two to become into to own the whole thing. Is it just hugely impressive and has no wonder people are super fascinated with you? Thank you. That's the juxtaposition of my personally many people perceive duality because I came off as fiercely confidence or Lou for don't give a shit, but I just didn't understand that time what it meant. When Marty. I remember him saying to me when we did that nine minutes scene in the auditorium Deniro and he said to me that I don't know, look at you. I don't know
we got to, and it wasn't so later. I put that in my pocket, like oh It's a hell of a compliment. Yeah, I'm italian engineers in the movie clear who you're gonna, Bognor, Yazzi Monday's debate. Let me I didn't know how to take it. That's the sad thing that so nice compliment they bury you. I was I going and surveying when you did, that scene was there? Oh, my item special happened there. Well, that's where I finally found the word for it, because I only know it from the. Feeling doing it and it is transcendence. That's what you do. You know where you're always lead stating, and you can feel that I've had it in lives, shows with a certain synergy with the audience or everything popped off and do something you can't describe, and it was funny because somebody said
after came here, though I worry, you're gonna be spoiled and I had no idea what they meant I thought, while this dispute right. Now also be like this all the time I didn't know. You know I didn't know: Marty Jessica, laying nosey didn't hear about Lisbon. Maybe you did it twice or three times and career if, at all, you know, seminars, israeli special stay to arm chair There we are supported by better help online counselling weren't. They stored, Neri time right now, and if your struggling with stress, anxiety or depression, I think I'm struggling with all three. You're not alone in better help offers
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The one thing I like, I hope this generation AL kids, why go walk watch now the Mercosur please Guy got banned. I believe in the UK a bunch of places why so natural born killers? yeah and what he Harrelson play. This couple that decide to just they become serious dollars and there the heroes of our movie- and it was really a very, very artful exploration of pop culture- and the effective media on people and them wanting to be stars and emitting give a fuck if they were stars because they were killing people that That would be worth that. I mean that was the message, but head of its time, Oliver stone was holding magnifying glass to mainstream media and how they said, say, should realise the lever ties and now they know don't put a killer on the frontier magazine phone print, that piece of shit
suicide no yeah there, oh yeah just started. Stop! saying these people's names, but I know some things you have to report, but time there, these huge stories, Oji Simpson and the Lorraine above it, which I know our tagged along. In the end, a clip of all these news pieces ass. I learned so much on that movie creatively like to be dangerous and Oliver was very encouraging of you, goin to your edge like giving aid, given it all its yellow yards of layers. Of like you can analyse Is it so tat Where some, why was a ban? People were Looking at one tiny layer, that's all I made my remembering incorrectly do that it was really like a paradigm shift for wood, Woody, Harold yeah, you ve not knowing what he held his like a phenomenon. Dramatic actor here, but he was just a dummy on cheer ass until natural born killer, you always of a a dream you're lucky I gotta go
dangerous he's all these things that all happened as a very brave casting choice for Ireland. That time it was. It was all over with I can't believe the words that I wasn't like he's. A people person not true. Wasn't he likes, it seemed chances with you. And you guys had a good meeting use daring in the senses. Go! Oh, you didn't do this in your prior work, so thus shoot and do it now. You know I was in her eyes. You knew I was a tiny in it you know that that work old, and so for me, it gave me a chance to flip that on its head and then after that, I did a comedy and Nora Efron, comedy buddy didn't hear soda would have been a great turn, but nothing hit as strong as not for employers after that. So for a good decade. I was the issue crazy girl, yeah
yeah wow. As my first several movies. I just played dumb ass, and I would meet people and they would be. Genuinely shocked that I wasn't really dumb and then I thought, oh I got to remember. Like people only know about you what they say, it is not really their fault. I mean I'm wanting them to recognize. You got to be smart to be able to play dumb, actually thinking that they may me as a dumb ass ten times, and then you start realizing like oh carry this thing with me. The thing I did for pretend is gonna gotten He used a little bit with my real life, so in that that's interesting and there we are at our mythology embracing so now, that's the thing you learn grace because I actually love people. So much by and large people our lovely, an interesting and funny, and
and now with our things on line and Instagram, and that it can, Trinity. That would have scared the Jesus out earlier, but I have say when I lost my dad three years ago. That's when I stand it. It takes a village. I literally would have the checkout person I lost my mom of four years ago, just having hugs with people, because I You did that really wild thing is urgent early fame, I couldn't handle energy and they attention and then somehow I should did- and I was one but somehow a lot of growth in work that and then you could embrace the power of the people. Will you and you put a ton of energy Thank you still do right into music. What was the appeal of it, The one thing this, the only son I think I know we don't live in our path,
as I wished. I would have picked up an instrument when I was teenager. I wish I would have been writing songs because it would have helped me terminal Lee and maybe not smokers we'd and then go off and the world I don't know music is. Soul expression you can connect to the frequency of whatever emotions are dormant, whether it sir we're here ourselves or in anger, anthem, song or a lost, woman longing song unanimity. You can sort of exercise this this energy, in a creative way that really beautiful and productive, gives him here. Only emotional right, music videos, like so many other mediums everybody's wire differently, but I know from me music. It goes back to earth, saying your heart be and that you're the flow of allied in here you can get in debts and trippy metaphysics staff.
With it. So when I finally got to collaborate says Am I play guitar baser drums and I would lyrics in reality, it was really interesting. I put a band agenda thing. When I turned thirty and as I holy shit, I'm thirty I didn't singing I must say I haven't done it in a few years now I do. I get asked to sing with friends for charity or friends, bans but for a while. That was my livelihood for six years. I had a ban. All the Lex. Juliet looks we were a ferocious, energetic rock band We played all over the world and at different festivals. Would you compare your lead singer persona to a character in movie like do you feel like you're the character, I d, at all to me on stage all my emotional eighty on ten. Right to me.
It's not persona, it's actually a side of you. I think so it's also a rejection of the formally or the institution of Hollywood. I always wanted to take pictures after show when you re in and fill your left in your sweaty, and so: it is certainly ass bonds a sharing of imagery a break. Of the motive of that conformity of that structure rides. Ok now I know this much it's true, I immediately. I heard the laws. And thou ballet song german Amazon much my dying yeah, I know they have I think that at that time I love them because they could not be more dissimilar whites have very serious.
Cinematic, what I think will be a tour de force fur rough again or rates goddamn. I love him is ridiculously talented, but it's from a book. It's a six point. That show and the director described it as a six hour movie, but it's really beautiful rich. Family this. Sharon. As someone searching further identity and then I'm this scholar and We differ. I love characters. I love people different from myself. But my character is very funny, as mark comes to me, his characters Dominic, and he wants me to translate I'm in where sticks crazy, a manuscript of his grandfather, whose learning is very toxic and he's trying to figure out. Or about his family. He comes to me. I'm sort of narcissistic skull.
A girl with a chip on her shoulder and reacting. Credible, really good scenes are mink gotten, meaning there are fine. Everything was mark is honest. There ve been people have worked with the earth bona fide amazing actors. They want towards and I've been she never got oh they're kind of an island there doing that thing, and I love watching that thing- I'm not critical of it at all right. Then. I beg the experience with some of them. Were it's like? Oh they drug, into their orbit, and I really enjoyed it like they sought to me and it wasn't just them performing. It was like they. They invite me in their bubble. Yes, very fun feeling and I love to believe Margaret flows, one of the invite you into his bubble type of people hundred per se, but he is such you're describing these such a giving person and as an actor makes it look, and I thought this they they Deniro, so effortless
they just our who they are so it makes it easier for you to assume roll yeah, almost as if they they believe their reality shows strong and that you can buy into their reality as well. I think you- and I are similar this way. I am actually dying for the moment where I'm confused in the sea. And I feel like I'm falling backwards, and I actually have to catch myself in figure on my way out like that's what I'm living for mortgage is thing and if it can be an analogy in lies dig into the discomfort and if we can get into that and find the revelation of freedom in the wall in it, that's creative joy. I remembered this. Follow, seen my character. It was a weird do it in the middle of it as a guy's. My bad acting, I feel like I and their bills
Organ Margaret, like no she's bad, acting hunches trying together, tension like she's being full of shit anyway, are its should make You feel uncomfortable or awkward humiliating, and I dig that it's funny how you do, and I almost think it has something to do with the fact that you in general and life, I'm a control freak, and so because so can join a real life. This is the one place in life where I love be completely out of control and not knowing what's gonna happen, Isn't that interesting that, duality. I'm very similar and abroad will collapse with for four years. We have discussed this because I want the schedule I wanna haven't review of the next months, also travel, and we have all this stuff and he was like yeah.
Do you like. It is played by ear and there's a guy by guides. You know you figure it out. You know is so weird as artists cause you're like more. Tenaya this schedule and the call she and this in your pretty em, and then you get off that and you get a little. Who am I so I try to implement sums uh sure now accounts for your life it's funny as like I crave it and then some most of my favorite moments are like total chaos. Don't our laws very. The ads like this is ironic. I love being lost in then that's miles fear, he ass a whole story about getting lost in the woods by little stir. I think I was like eleven, so she would have been nine or something and we're skiing and we,
go along the side, these little less carved out paths in the treaty. I ass. We went in we, lost and we're like stuck on the side where these issues huge pockets of snow. If you have one Miss step, we could here, the main path anymore. We couldn't hear people Edward, Little kids here are my gloves keep going and then Finally, you might know where you're made of kids. So don't we Your voice is unlikely salvation. We hear it, so we get our we get down to the bottom you're sweating and I hope we almost died as little goods Emily. Back up the hill, and I turned to my sister and I, like you, want to do it again.
Of course, scanning guy yeah. Ok! Well, I am I gotta say I've been seen some trailers an advertisement on HBO, for I know that much is true and I am very, very, very excited to see it. I can't believe you step this spanned out. Valet song in my head is now that's what I am hearing too I know it's a real throwback, yeah, we'll Julia just as valid the time I had dinner with you and I hope, to cross paths with you again soon I adore you ungrateful. You were willing to talk to us for so long. This was fantastic. And I'm gonna give ease in a big hug from you and vice versa. He says hello, wonderful, and I got a lesson: yes was the name of it again: american Glutton You're, my rocking glutton, now by got. Stay tuned for different there
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Didn't we round like ten different little choices? I she is so at another level that she was incredible. I mean she like in the middle lighting, had told you this in the middle of like talking and it seems, is eating, and then she spits some of her food out in her napkin. This really casually and it's all it is- is real. Like there's an isn't she not seen steely she's, not like overly busy she's, just like oh, my god, spying on somebody does? it's kind of next level, natural, real active so cool youse. Really my boy yeah glad she got that role after we recorded with her. I really want to watch natural born killer. Yeah yeah. Would you re watching? You know the movies like an acid trip, it's not so
the night. I necessarily desire to ever see again and have also, as she pointed out, it was such a trial of pop culture near that I do wonder how it aged, but you re very profound when it came out here on breaking. But now I wonder I address so. Nobody I would I will try it. You know, Tarantino wrote it. I did know that I think he got in a fight at a bar with somebody over this movie torrenting. Ok, because he has a roach romance. I dont think it a problem of that one here problems of one of these movies, and I think it was natural born killers. I want you gonna fight. Oh, you know for sure why he disowned himself from at our dear
the film is based on an original screenplay by tearing Tina that was heavily revised by stone Writer, David, the laws and associate producer. Richard were Taos. Ski turn. Tina received a story credit though he subsequently disown the film after ten Tino attempted to publish his original scream, played a natural born killers as a paper bag book ass. He had done with this gross for true romance and his own directory efforts, reservoir dogs and pulp fiction. The producers of natural born coast filed a lawsuit against Tarantino, claiming that when you sold the script to them, he had forfeited the publishing rights. Eventually, turn Tina was allowed to publish his original script. He disown the film saying I hate that fucking movie, if you like my staff, the watch them
oh I'll here, while I while deserve a list of producers on the movie, I wanna look ass. I look at us. Ok, ok were used somewhere yeah, dad Murphy AIR his that I think down Murphy's the one who originally option that which got the ball rolling and gave him control of that he famously discovered Mokanna hay in a bar. He was town doing the link later movie dazed and confused I met Mokanna here. The bars like this guy should play what movie any dead became star la my boyfriend's are in there Just a lot o now just been ass, any who I'm pretty sure that Terran Tee no got in a physical altercation once Don O Murphy Post natural born killer? Maybe in Sunday answer something something exciting. Some kind of drama happen well sounds like he has a lot of bad.
He gave out. I like how that was executed. Don Murphy, Quentin Turn Tino altercation, O hearing up the suit stems from an incident that occurred October, twenty second, when Tarantino confronted Murphy in the West Hollywood restaurant ago. According to reports, time turned Tino struck Murphy. Several. I hope my book, the scrap was broke up. Ok! I'm Murphy soon! Turn Tino after talk show sash awhile. So this didn't go well. This did not cover. Turning on five million dollar assault claim o fool. That's an expensive, so expensive, tantrum, it's an expensive yeah. When I worked with Bert Runnels, he told this very long, winded story, and it was great he was the best storyteller ever in an inn.
Solved him punching a director out who, according to him, was abusive to the castle and then that director pseudo many got five hundred thousand dollars or something that was very monumental in the seventies yeah, and he said it was worth every penny. About the numerous averted the boy cowboys oh boy, ok, yeah, so where was it banned? It was banned in Ireland when the films was handed to the Mp A do say: MP, AIR Mp, double I appear on this amply doorway they still, they would give it an end, see seventeen unless cut it as such. Stone toned down the violence by cutting approximately four minutes of footage and the MP double way rewrite the film as an r only form in the difference,
Ok, the film was banned completely upon release in Ireland, really quick review, her these strategies that some people have had, I think math stone and trade or that their name here I ask them, apparently, in that great puppet movie, they had like the sex orgy and I think the sex orgy like twenty minutes law, my knowing that they are going to have to have something to barter with and then there's been a couple. Cases of this were people put wait too long of it in anticipating that that's what they would cut out and then it made it Oh, why I wish, I could remember all the ones that happened to arrangement a couple famous ones, but I do think I want to say that that man, trade thing they still were seven and eight
five minutes, or that you know it's very good you. It is a long and apparently was twice as all my god. That's really funny. I think all that shit was created the Mp A historically as a red scare, stuff railway YE. I think basically the government was gonna start cracking down on all the commies in them. This was their solution, the self regulate, so that the government will start regulating motion pictures, I think,
thing. Ok, Christmas, vacation. Thirty years ago it was nineteen, eighty nine it came out- nineteen, eighty nine so how many years ago, or you're, two years old, thirty one years ago, newer, I'm thirty to the twenty thirty one, eighty nine to two thousand twenty in this time, but you were born in eighty seven year, but we're coming up on my fair yeah yeah we are were rock allows door. I feel that such a nothing birthday, thirty three-
free everything between thirty and thirty five, nothing. Nobody had thirty Vivier who yeah closer to forty nine m yeah yeah. That's gonna, get serious accounting, ok back to Julia. She said that the first five years you can select a fire attachment style. Oh, oh, I'm super interested and attachment styles and stuff because we talked about it a bit harmonica jas inside the wanting to read some books on it. I know nothing about them. There's this theory, this attachment fairy that you develop in your childhood, attachment to your primary kick to your caregiver.
And then that sort of replicates in lie all future to urge were yes like how you attach a nurse different Kai reliability. For me, let's find yours, oh get. Attachment theory is a psychological, evolutionary and eat the logical theory concerning relationships between humans. The most important tenant is that young children need to develop our relationship with at least one primary caregiver from normal social and emotional development. The theory was formulated by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Bobby within attachment theory. Infant behaviour associated with attachment is primarily the seeking a proximity to an attachment, figure and stressful situations. Parental responses led to the development of patterns of attachment. These, in turn lead to internal working models, which will guide the individual's feelings, thoughts and expectations in later relationship. Okay, so there's four kind,
He also let my picture pitcher was really good. I dont know how pictures gonna play into there's some kind of excited photograph or or like a grant, grant yeah graph, and if it was helpful from me, ok, ok, the first one is a secure or autonomous attachment. The second is avoidance or dismissing. Third is anxious: preoccupied
for as disorganized unresolved, somebody get a little deeper used now, I'm in my grasp, those to me worked great descriptors goes. I dont understand what enables category in just intuitively. I found the description. Please, I'm really sorry. Ok, secure contrast fairly easily is a tune to emotions, can communicate, upsets directly in their upset. I guess they communicate. That already does not augur well phrasing at but leads with cooperative, inflexible behaviour and relationships. Ok, anxious has a sensitive nervous system struggles. Communicating needs directly tends to act out when triggered. I e makes partner jealous of three
avoiding dismissive downplays importance of relationships is usually extremely self reliant can become more vulnerable when there is a big crisis. Oh why we do in the title of that one balance avoidance, dismissive avoidance, dismissive of it that felt the most like you. You can avoid it fearful as the last one more dependent in relationships, then avoidance dismissive, ok, strongly fears. Rejection has low self esteem, has high anxiety, relationship which one do you think you are. Can you be? A mix of these six months I'm sure I have the first one that sounds secure. Yeah my mom was a good mom. I know what she was busy as hell. I have been that third option in relationships for sure I'm super self reliant
and I think I am sending a subtle message that I'll be fine without you there I'm intending it or not you! I don't know what to say about that yeah, I know that oh man, my like, started an elementary school like I had a girl, an elementary school one. Liked me this girl, thick classes, and I were an item and we brought each just treat somehow. Call, I want to say, is lying. I am ever definitely avoided, but she you know we were both. We were not the pick of the letter. Shall we weren't Trevor and Amy, we and then said all of elementary very much desiring girlfriends, who had crush on a lot of girls chat, didn't get any of the girls. I liked junior high, like a lights, which all these really popular girls started. Like me, they graters one thousand six grade,
changed everything, and then I was reckless in kidney candy store in cheated cause. I wanted the attention from every one at all. Time here- and I will- I just- did that and then high school more that, but then developing into more responsible with other people's feelings yeah. What could have been better and then three very distinct, long term relationships that have ended up with me here, I know it's hard to weed out what I was predestined to be, however, evolve it's kind of like that of the engram test. It's like You were that you overcome try right earlier today. I think you can come in and of these animal think it's like a death sentence aura again, it's not like so irradiated, but it is what you neurons are used to when your little. What you're receiving from your parent is how you man
yeah? I want your more explanation of the childhood aspect. You know a deeper description of how the parent child interact, especially for the category that I I I think I might be involved. More. Ok, here's here's another graph! Ok, my kids! Worse! So open to baby centres and stuff yeah hi couple. They dislike that's true, but they ve been exposed to death from a very early age job. So maybe that has to do it Let us also remember, I do remember when they were really little essentially linked in when you guys would leave. We would say all the time to them. Parents always come back please come yeah. So those are like these big epic blow out the kids have about their parents, leaving now that I see other parents dealing with true, but again I think it's just cause. They have a lot of people
yeah now I hardly was their day one yeah, then you are there. The grandma just brought these videos and we watched them here and dumb ear. There's a video view, washing Lincoln in the sink. Oh, my guy, she GAD she's under two? Ah, do you remember Miriam she's like the bay whisper, rang and occasionally, like of Christian, was working are needed, a break or something she would do like a night nurse situation re. Maybe for a week we had a little she's lovely. She. We were like totally to her style of like and you'd pull the passive fire. When you do all these things, we were all in on her tech for us. It work we added swept through the night release, quick and yeah. She put us on a schedule. Balboa I've never told you this, but one time she pour me aside and she said, initiated very thick accident choosing Monica not wiping the babies but good.
Syria yeah, I don't even remember ever being in the same vicinity as her usual knows. I represent you and she doesn't want the babies but good enough, and I like her, that's a bummer is one of my favorite. Why I tell her. Do I profoundly better able to remember was way, never told you, but now, seventy years later and you're still here, I never even saw her I'm not the matter will be used. All remember does when she me you- were there babysitting she showed was added value overnight. It had to be Delta. Cosu Lincoln was out of Cyprus by the time you know she was, and why would I there. She was there so that you are there. I die, but really I only
for Lincoln. I really only came at night is mainly or just date night, but without a yes, but I don't ever remember Miriam there Delta. She might have done like a handful sleep over without any who were here her telling me that me he like, ok, well, I just be on high alert word. If you change the diaper like sounds like me cause I use like forty five wipes on those care. I didn't necessarily believe it. You know these. Some of these people are territorial and no one's good mad, where's your uses visit. It was nothing to me it could have been. My whole life is to be careful. I don't think that's shrill, it's probably not true. I mean True that that happened only told me that Liza Miriam could give up about Mary. I thank ego. Liberia be true. They do you think
my purse. Well, I know it's very inconsistent with your personality, but I'm sure I have wipe there, but before in not gotten at all and thought I did and native Miriam was the next person to look there I think I don't clean. The baby's bought good item, no headway here, there's so many questions are k wine should they told you know you up if she saw the baby's by after me what have been postponed. So unless you do looking at Lincoln's, but randomly then, of course, has not got clean because the baby adjust pooped or Sometimes the divers would fall off as she played vow to be so, I'm not gonna try to defend how Miriam New Sort,
discovered that I simply I'm just telling you that at some point she said Monica not wiping the babies but good enough. I don't like ok I'll make sure she does allow. I do something ass, it was, I just stop, or I really like you. I know for sure, there's no way I was so like you, I was, so scared. Losing that John there's just no way I hate her Why gathers? I should never saving I've done enough time, like statue limitations, because it was over five years ago. Still listen It is possible that I have left poop on their backs. Ok, couldn't happen. Ok solicit happen, one tat. They are, then that's not enough a priority. Run. It definitely wasn't something. I did
all the time. Don't you! I don't know that she was such additives. You'd ever been around you enough to make that assessment can address file. Who now I get a car hire? Ok, so so secure, ok, but are they jesting, that's the child's bonding style. Now right, the parents are it's what's here is the response to. However, the parents are correct. It sad and I totally understand it, but it is sad that there are many parents that may be didn't want the baby you know or or wanted it didn't underestimated what it entailed and were very young and were very stressful work, but yeah yeah. It's really sad tat. Well, this is another
up. It's come interesting. Ok, secure attachments, sixty five percent of the generalised? U S, population, have this secure attachment. According to this, the child's general state of being secure, explored of happy mothers, responsiveness to a child signals and needs a quick, sensitive, consistent fulfilment of the child's needs believes entrusted his her needs will be met. Ok, void and twenty percent of you of Americans, the child general state of being not very supportive, emotionally distant mothers, responsiveness to her child signals and needs distant disengaged fulfilment of the child's needs why the child acts away? Does subconsciously, if that his her needs probably won't be met, while the truth is not
neither you or I have a single memory before four years old, when all this happened So there is really no way for us to know what our parents did, but if you have some of these, is you can kind of reverse engineer kind of forensically figure out how your mom did you. I guess I'd also like I think they're parenting still goes on. I still remember how they parent and once I do have memories. I don't mean big shifted age. Five when I got memories, Ramrod, ok, the third one is ambivalent, attend to fifteen percent child general state of being anxious, insecure, angry mothers, responsiveness to children's needs, inconsistent, sometimes sensitive, sometimes neglect fall fulfilment of the.
Tiles needs, while the why the child acts the way it does cannot rely on his or her needs being met so interesting and crime glass when disorganized ten to fifteen percent childs general state of being depressed, angry, completely passive, non, responsive mothers response so to her child signals and needs extreme erratic, frightened or frightening passive or intrusive, and then fulfilment of the child's needs severely confused with no strategy to have his or her needs. Matt Centre sing, Happy birthday, it's good to know, I think people it is its. It is heartbreaking, but it's good to know, because, if we're replicating these patterns, its helpful to know why you're feeling the way or feeling in that it could have nothing to do with the other person could be just simply.
Your attachment, where I don't think it ever has anything to do with the other person mean On the contrary, they brought it you your what alone I don't know, I well having. When I was younger. I identify a little bit with that. Third category of being self reliant and dry. I guess kind of ambivalent, although I don't know, I'm just very love, attic thee that that I can yeah. I remember if any one I was with was getting full blown attention. I have friends who ignore their girlfriends. I hate it. I find it to be one of the most uncomfortable versions of like a path, algae, no relationship to be around when one person's nor in the other near that is funny. I mean I noticed, were in groups and staff. The the levels of closeness people have physical closeness that couples have over her and truck similar.
Yeah like half in their touching, were sitting on each other's lapse or whatever in you guys have the most still really dear. Oh, I don't know all our sitting together, you these are normally touching and most of the other friends are on that. On the scale somewhere, but I would say you guys majority the time, your touching and then I'd say like the next level, and they are in and out of touching and then there's couples who who don't sit next to each other. So I'm just really aware of what other people's physical proximity are, and it certainly scale, but I would say you're on the far end of the gauchos school
That makes sense. All of you see me with my mom I now guy virtually lay in her lap hunches around freely sweet, but you still do that. I just pray my daughter's do that, because at night I pet their ear, really gently, and I bet they're exactly how my mom pets my year, even though, as an adult and I think I don't know if they like it, because it is clear as a lot like whatever but I'd like, but I hope this will come to symbolise security and that all desire at when their old, Do you think you desire what you have or do you desire something you didn't have my mama's very touchy with me, and so is my dad. My dad was a big snuggler and a hug and a kiss her and
and hold her right. I think, are very much like my dad. My dad was very like again passionate to whoever was in front of him. Endless drop the ball on making sure the right people were in front of him throughout his life. Yet, oh my criticisms of my father. I would be so full of shit, to pretend he wasn't like incredibly loving super expressive he learned a lot of things about him. There were really spectacular. That's all Ah, that's everywhere, yeah, I find her intriguing azalea and I'm glad she did her show. I don't think she does much press. Yes is only right, lovey value,
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