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Kathryn Hahn (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Step Brothers, Bad Moms, Transparent) is an American actress, comedian and special soul. Kathryn sits down with the Armchair Expert to talk about her early experience with facades and vulnerability, she discusses the different facets of monogamy and she enlightens us on her young obsession with the Amish. Dax and Kathryn fall in love with each other over their shared taste in music, they discuss defensiveness in the current political climate and they find closure and healing on a previous awkward interaction. Monica battles some demons while Dax battles some gas in the fact check.

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Hello, low everybody welcomed armchair, expert, armed Shepard and I'm here with manic appeared men. And today we have a very naughty mommy on a bad mom. throwing out some grows. It giant of twenty may get sex because that's and training take everyone's p, I q you oh great way. To spell it, hey spell it ain't, gonna, get people, Peking is what I think we may, even though, in doing this episode, who knows the alarm, a pig use, Our evaluation, Alenia Catherine Secret, Canada. Now it's mine out everyone telling him. What are we gonna do We have invited everyone into our home and that's how it is Catherine you seen a million things, she's been brilliant and every single one of those things of yet see or be anything but great and just a very unique wonderful perspective on parenting, in a navigating our professional life on marriage, so many fun things, Catherine Hon
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because this is what happened not an below it. My below I wide on the pre interview I feel like I have to charm the brie interviewer me to know me too, but you still have life You still have spontaneity now and you still bring it as if it were first time story with the actual interviewer, and I feel like what I what happens. I feel like mad, like I feel like it. done it and then am I know in China repeated so beautiful. He wanted to know when you see someone on chemical or are Conan urge any any talk show you day after he was a Conan. You ve talked to a segment producer beforehand and they said, as others tweet union tell me about that story. Right and then you tell the stored in saying one producer. I agree I generally feel, like I tell that segment producer, a much better story than I tell the talk show host and then you get out there and now, as opposed to join a funny story, you're trying to remember all the beasts of the story, you ve once told right, but can I can I give you
Does the unsolicited piece of advice? Fine, Please watch some other p, one talk shows So. Let me tell you something that media is on. My wife suffers from the same illness you do, which is a total lack of objectivity about your own performance on torture. So my wife will go. Oh my god a terrible money. Listening, I'm just up their steam rolling Bob same basically list you just gave, but the problem is: she doesn't ouch, nighttime, talk shows the you never, of course, not, the only time you ever watch em is yourself so you're. Judging again something that would do you even compared to please he's just one made this week, tune it in watch another actress on a talk show and you will then hear my words to be true. You're, fantastic, on talk shows, you know your story, you have a ton of personality and energy and it's fantastic. You need to check in with some other interviews: ok, ok, it's hot!
first of all, it is in your doing a great job, but I feel like it is. This is the thing I am a pretty private human. I have little cute stories. Try that I tell you what like a dinner parties oranges until behind those tvs hooker? So I I feel like a little. It's like a little surface. Acute story, anecdote that feels a little there's a little part of it. That feels a little punched up, gaff flourished and gross fraud or Ireland Yes, you feel or fraudulent. It just feels a little grows Ok I do Know- and I know it's a part of the thing I'm grateful and it's fun. They always You like I leave those places feeling like I ve eaten like a twinkie. Ok, you know they re like. I was kind of a get back in the car afterwards and I go home feeling like I've, eaten legged, and maybe I just like feel like ivy them all like
Allow me just feels a little like I'll know that wasn't really authentic and that that's ok, I always feel like I've sold a family member on child. I dont know what What's challenging? Is very few stories involve just you in Ryan is, I guess you know, you're driving on the road. You didn't see a road close signing any jumped up. Fifty four gap, just general you're with somebody here your life involves other peoples is worth repeating, so he invariably your view dragging someone who's, maybe anonymous in real life into your publius thing I can be a little dicey right, I mean have you watched that show. That network special Nanette yeah hasta together man, right, but we watched it without. You is, as has already been about. Why don't know what you're
Buildings are not yet, but I have not stopped thinking about it about that part of it where she she discusses the them the moment after the punchline. right and about I've keeps maybe that I've met and maybe I'm having that feeling about the will really quickly aids. For those of you have not seen it and I'm sheep, she outlines the structure of a joke and then a structure of a joke. Generally involves building tension, building tension them breaking the tension with a great punchline in there in telling her real life stories in the format of a joke, she's, actually leaving out the part where the tension actually wasn't broken, in fact, maybe a crescendo to violence in real life, and they felt fraudulent in that she's not really telling her story she's telling a joke version of historic. Achieving! compelled to tell the truth on this special that fair, yes, and that I feel that
I took it is, as so often a you know. So much of my life and so many of us lead that are such that the true, like our true story, is somewhere on the other side and so much of how we curator curate. Our life, like is on the other side of that coin. Duration, like how, however, we decided to tell our story there's something always the other side of that I'm alive is similar interests, but mine is more like. So you have your story, but to me, what's even more interesting is is How did you end up in that story? Is what I'm most interests it is. Is what actually happens before the story like why? Even if I've got a motorcycle story of some, I got hit my motorcycle. I'm really curious. Why do I even write a motorcycle? What what? What? What what help me to take this up as a hobby. That's me like that's what I'm sayin We're interested in people is like.
questioning. Why we do anything we do. Is we do all these things at field is very natural and organic to us, but there is explanation for merely everything we're doing if you're curious, yeah You don't really just find yourself anywhere. There's all these events that led up to it, and I guess always interested in trying to maybe break patterns? I men so for maverick pattern. I first needed no like what am I confirming identity wise or what is my thesis? Why, as a person that I'm doing this to prove something other people on this thing in a like I, firstly, why I'm even what's the causality of all my behavior you know yes very curious, a map ya, We had Dino SAM errors. the irish inasmuch ass. It went you what you were on SAM Harris, I think so There's a couple SAM hair reminds you might get it. We might be in those either black and white.
That's it. I'm Joe, you are greatly. I mean doing a lot of fact checking from here on away, as I have vague memory her ever greater lack not been slaked lately she's been feeling like there's not enough action, Does it egg? Is it's a memory play well go on all Israel cloudy But yes, you are on that and you are right in his fantastic, but at any rate he was on SAM Harris who's this nor neurobiology neurosciences and I want to know why he was in the brazilian jujitsu cause. It was just a little out of what I let us get here I was we'll just fond might well sure its funding is all one why you write motorcycles and NGO while I I item because their fun, but I also didn't, have data around to get approval from an. I was trying to get like approval from men all around me. So did anything that was dear doubly that I thought men would approve of and
I actually love it, but it is worthwhile knowing why even did it to begin with here, you know light risk. Yet stay proving myself I do like has willing. I do that yeah, you like the feeling of lake of like the abbess falling yeah in general, I have arts I'm having fun in letters of there's a legitimate threat here of the danger involved than unlike many of my attention in my focus now I can have a lot of fun. Do we were just talking I got a road bike this weekend linking impulse bought a road bike getting attire for my boring like, and I wrote it
others so much better and jogging jogging. You can pretty much closer eyes, there's no danger, but the biogas. I get a fuckin pay attention, as we all know that our own bike is, does it have a motor at no, it's a bicycle max not to be a makes bike. Like you see these clowns in the spanish text right around town helmets on and everything their own road bikes, whether they're gonna drive up eighty miles on that by its awesome. So I got one of those and I wrote down turn away as like. Oh Jesus, there's a lot going on. People are opening doors, people are getting over. There seem parking, Swazi, be aware the eye, and then I was on fire a good activity. I need to pay attention. You like that feeling I grew up in Cleveland and there's a bunch of downtown climatic is imperative. You know that the river they are higher river, there's a bunch of bridges down there like and there's a bunch of jackknife bridges and when I was in high school. There was a lot which is like, I think about it.
Now, and this is apparent, unlike Jesus Christ, but in the winter they would be up, let the boats goes through and there is a lot of so there is like jackknife bridges that we're like iced. and we would climb them, then the time with our boons what about Miss Randolph Boiler, arms, Boone, yeah yeah yeah, the archetype. Why, like there would be it was like some there is. There is a flight recalled golden militias Apple then said Sir very cold, like there are very, was basically underline. The days will break down above harassing Jerry, so vile and then we would be so high and we would climb the top of an icy jackknife bridge and just hang out and look at the light terminal tower on a row after going to see like Fugazi,
She Haiku Gaza, Mackay loved love, you guys and back when the chimera they would. You could not answer and hold on. I really just loud. Can we idea I did what I did. I liked your loud and music, waiting waiting room. Did you just put waiting around? Listen, hop, shoe cop. Ok, I mean I did. Pixies. I all I really love fucking loved her heart pokes about pose church, shot ashamed Mcgowan. I was nine in snails, o Trent Rosner. Oh, what about when I M a k, entrant reasoner did they had a project called pale head Did you know pale hair, I did know pale. I need to stop right now. Look into my eyes. you know how rare this would be. That too there is in Hollywood and a boy and a girl I know, would have this shared past. I listen my first
money that I made as an actor. I went right down to a store on, Coventry Road in Cleveland, which was like kind of the punctual street raw and I went to a store called sunshine to occur, this old drug, paraphernalia and leather jackets, and I bought myself a motorcycle jack. and it was zero growth, but I work with my Catholic school uniform and I was not cool, but I really but there was no, if you were a hundred percent, but I thought I really loved by also liked lake every second refers signal has now decided I ever loved, but I also love like I loved you. I learned icy. Are you you're a fucking love, you would it Then he was alone. I won't allow homeowners GINO exotic, seven homo Jana is gonna. I fell in love with a guy when she is.
Are things my single payments of all time. I always rightly five use my god. What is its own mean? Is it? Is she getting molested. I don't think there's never been. Estonia, listen do on repeat more than birthday by your hold on a second if possible, we would married. If we met when we were twenty three things First of all, I feel like it's more than what we like likely, but I mean listen. I was it was not in too well. You know what, though, can. I tell you something. I also did data teams Zackie Motorcycle Razor Git Am I going you remember? His name was not the brightest, meat meal. They did carry a very torn and he had a people that doesn't work.
Reading. The chronicles nanos like just tried to be like why did he pay attention to it? And he picked me up with this fact bullshit to share it on. I do remember that was not thou didn't lover. I have noted your dad do for a living order. What does he my father? under me. Reeling from this for Gaza thing for a lie. Large. The a couple questions before I go into Father, that's that's gonna get that's gonna hear things are gonna start smiling out of gas and when you are climbing the bread, yeah d do, you like that or re like this is what we have. This is what we're doing measured now you liked it. yeah. That was. I was a little bit of the young. Instigator. while the little maverick this is
surprising revelation, I'm glad I found this out after we were both married. Because again, I really think if I had met a fellow actor female. Who is this deeply in the birthday? I would have at least I'd ask you to a movie or something it did. There isn't a better song, are you sure? We pause this whole thing, but it's over me. I know how long you guys can go. Oh I didn't you. I did you remember when the Bunny man loved echoing the bogeyman, what for also associated with using the ban, cheese and says he has got loves, is either badges readers. I also left Fuckin Hall. Part, my friend, my only your local area as a whole, the union as a whole. I don't think you can pay hall. We do you like area, you need you like the Movie Valley girl,
a punch, you write a punch, your right through the wall. If you are not now, you do ok around and had an inheritance combined. My two favorite things: new wave, music and Nicholas cage those ideas like wild at heart, my favorite movie, about all absolutely light. While was a game changer for me that while there are already don't you see on the under the giant documentary, we also we lost loved it,
when on the little announcer guy there are describing his flageolets, which I'm so glad they did for its all ten minute there. May they dedicated ten minutes it at my way in my heart- and he goes where, when Andre would take a far, he would quit, he said: take a fog afar, implying that the forest so big you, you have two parallel with taking a dump yeah. Oh my god. I love honour the giant, allow monetary documentaries using the ban she's. Now they ask us we're back. Ok gather! Let me tell you something: if now I love this: does the world have all there were a couple entry points into new wave music when we were kids ass couple movies that we're entry points like, I think, for
by the time we're getting out of high school singles became a movie that was entrance to the grand seen her ass. He had exposure to all these great bans. Yes, the prior that you had valley girl, you how the John Muse movies again, yes, they, they had sums up what what what song main I'll stop the Roma for you, my English, faster. I wasn't that Johnny. I think it was actually yeah. I know it's one but there was a Malaga. So for me, Valley, girls, like my my delegation on all the new wave Youse, like I mean I remember seeing blue velvet, and that was like I remember I made in this- is like maybe contrary to family life, but I remembered the opening of blue well that way. I believe it was blue velvet worthy. It starts on the sub. The family, like the perfect, suburban house, and it goes the camera goes down onto the floor.
turn the front yard on to this rock and then the rock lift, and you see like them, maggots and you like it, and I just remember thinking like it was like the perfect. Like you know we I grew up on this like. Really sweet, suburban Street Catholic school. My fat, my parents, went to couples club where what's a couples, club eggs, that exact allow me now everywhere you wanted to be getting one going on. There was like you know they have like. It was the social thing that all the families with Bob Zoellick a country- Club now announcing that it was like that, like a block party nose like all the other Pham other parents, then the of the kids that went to this catholic School like it was like there. No self crap delay. Would it be like dinners and start the ESA, and it was just like a basically an opportunity for them to get like wasting sharp and you think there is any am bed
that's right now, but I just think it was like a lot of covering up of like a lot of crazy Sure. Absolutely madness, yeah. It was like. Happily, school was basically the cheapest private education. We grew up in Cleveland Heights, which was like men not as nice. Suburb sick, like there was a lot of kids were in shaker heights or there is a really fancy suburbs and we were on the knots, a nice suburb, my dad to answer a question we move week. I was born outside of Chicago women too. Soda and then set clear and hides when I was like four while hold on a second there's a clue here. So you start in Illinois winter Minnesota in any one to two to Ohio yeah, so what on earth industry could you ve been in advertising advertisement. Men anyways was couldn't hold the job
shocking because he was mercurial or he hated authority or he had a dream problem, our idle. It was not a drinking problem, but he couldn't. He was mercury. Ok, great an he wears an could not handle authority. What's his name tax and his name is Bill bill He is a beautiful. Egg personality in he. we moved to claim on when I was yet when I was for I remember, I have identical earlier memories is look into a mirror at my uncle's house in thinking and for today, I have. I remember that just as I remember looking out myself in thinking that I remember a book mobile like
We will have done so in the middle of nowhere that didn't have libraries. We would have a there is a move there is that something other book mobile that was like a bus would come and you would check out books, Oh, why were like once ever give me for as and when my mom like could she was so bored and she went way way to check out books. Books became like such an enormous part of our like mine. my life, like I've, loved books will act like when I was growing up books were my everything like escape. Books Laura Little hasn't on the prairie was like my everything like I will. to just be, like to be amish so badly cause. I was worshipped that life what do you think about that appeal to you?
This was an answer now ever since it was the simplicity like, and I think that it was because I think also now looking back. It was because my home life was I saw her and also because and I know a little all over the place because I think my siblings and I a little bit were little bits surrogates houses, if only Mosher. Aha, we re really quick. Did your parents they married. They seem to live like thirty, thirty, ok and then what siblings issue on the end of this year, the level they only girl? always our little Matthew, little brother, ok, so you're you're you're, your dad's. Why in your brothers, your man, my MA am amounts husband and your mom's, ok and man. You know my brothers
Pierre take? Everybody aha lot responsibility and I think there was something in that life that was so simple that I was like that like a relation. Could just milk, the guile yeah and then yes, that that was your job. You woke up model? the barn and milk cow and then when the lights went down, it was time at any rate, by a candle. I would do my more by candlelight. Really I will do my whole line. We, u fantasize, that that. I would ask your time I, with my pencil. I would be so literally light a candle and do my harbouring- and I I was such a good student acts. Well, you got in a north western, so my assumption is, you must have to how I very high. Well I'd microbes like if you can get in and get a scholarship do it. So I like I got myself then to that end, to grasp why, like mine bizarre,
makes it an army and we live you and I both grubber on amish people, many one in my back yard, but I guess you could go damage country. I digiorgio migrants on this motel at the border of Indiana Michigan. It was all an honest country, so people are driving horse and buggy down the road all the time. My first like sexual crushes. Would anyone like reverse windows numbers? I was like peeking through the barn like a you, hard work and mother. I was like this apparent than for love. of all while loved because they had the biggest crashes on these amish boys. Ok again, really quick eye is love done armchairs. I go on our God, get analyze you and it's. So
Let's just say it was not easy bag welfare. Some basics would be yeah advertising the very creative medium. It does a track, as my mom ivory gambling errors as trying to just harness. This will know my lot going on my mom also. She had worked for general motors for years yet, and she worked at an agency for two years in which you about. It is the people there were so different from all the GM people. They were live wires. They were mercurial, they were passionate, they were creative, they did drug. but you know there is a whole culture that, when all along with yeah advertising in, if there or a feel they couldn't be. are polar opposite than advertising would be like turning butter and in erecting a barn with your neighbours like was theirs. Was it something about? It mean the antithesis of your father? That was appealing if it, unlike steady and yawning in calm in the areas I mean really like. I wanted a paw.
I mean like I won Ed, that Iraq yeah I wanted some one to be like yes, half pint, Whilst I'm too, I know what I mean you and you just hit something, I think maybe we probably both can bond on that. I quite often, as a kid was I'm in charge of and adults. Emotional stability, like I was my dad was while still on alcoholic breaking. Find crying. I need to quit drinking and then the crying on my brother and I shoulder, and it's like, I would be eight and he was thirteen or like comforting an adult, about his huge emotional issue, which were not prepared do. and now and it's it's scary, because you got other people theirs- was being charge their hanging on by a thread. That's a little scary! Terrifying
It then mom who I fucking door, Cunt lover, human, be more and I got every few years. There's a divorce and there's a move out now and then so you can't go like o k wool she have this all figured out either like we're gonna like me at the whim of some variables here in the EU, is caring for people's kids. It's the one thing I ve that against with my own kids, I don't care if they hear someone about a kind of politics. I don't agree with any this step, but one of the few times adults have forced my kids to comfort them because they don't have control their own emotions. I go fuck this now you're out of my house. If, if you're an adult new can care for your shit, that's not my five year olds. You know how yeah really sets me off and you have a huge sugar for me. Yeah yeah. Maybe it's fine, maybe it's cool the kids come for. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but did that sends me too, like the moon and back one time, my damn well, but what there is one time she didn't mean at this I mean she mounted
as we women. I remember my daughter's that I'm your band aid and she meant it like I'm gonNa Clinton. Today, but other another. Now we're going to really likes you met like I'm, just gonna be your buddy. Today. My eye was oh, my god. No, you are not no you're, not you're, not you're. Now oh honey, like let's find it like an eye. I had such a reaction to it. An but but Jesus, that's the only way. I know that I said that there are also my crushes, but I it is that's a complicated part, but it now the Paul, but that that there, the amish boys for autonomy, First crises that did when you bought the boys you dated in high school or their total like rebels right holder, lady, like I looked after because that's the irony right all love with real, because also that's high school, and I think that that's like your first like you know that makes total.
I mean that makes holes and semi me is. I got because I also was so. Such a stray student like I was always getting in trouble with the nuns like. I was such a pain in the ass at school, but there is nothing they could really do because I was such a good student. I was because I was like I was so committed to getting out and I also really love learning like I loved school, and I really I didn't want to come Anna had some really great educators like I, I did love at school. I love the single that sex education, I had some great friends there. It was a really great and First squall the girls I met. There were fantastic like some of the like it was it
It was no using liberal school like I love that it was the single sex. Schools can sometimes help people be friendly to each other and not come native asthma and you're not competing over the affection A new right is exactly what we were afraid to raise your hand, and it was not. It was now it was not on old, to be smart right. You didn't have to hide your brain. Where I feel like especially it. Maybe I think it's different now, but I guess like twenty years ago, it was, I feel, like a lot of girls kind of hid, their brain in schools and whose all was was redundant So then we will they be smart. Yet I mean I'm sure there.
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but what was what was mom doing, who she employed to see worked as it did ass? She was at home, and so we were a little. Older and that a you know like in elementary school and men, and she was right. if I believe like she walked as this every day. She would bring us like hot one. She likes, you would make us launch and bring it to school like. I mean- I remember her being were really involve like I had a really rich emotional way like I loved, getting deepen to pretend I'm gonna like whenever a fine. If I wanted to know if my dolls were like she made it, I remember Fritz Wispy quit smoking for land and she was so and her project was to make like to decorate adults. Miles for me, and I'm telling you I my daughter has install has now- and it is like incredibly deet like detail like
I mean the detail when she was quitting smoking. Has you put all the energy, my God now? The little haunted dont know if you ve seen hereditary, but it feels like that. There's like a doll housing that horror movie in a kind of has that vibe anyway, there's a doll house. The tour operators, sharper objects are out, there is show sharp on others. Something about a doll house guys needs creepy. Here is inherently creepy resume, raise her attitude area but anyway, but then You got a job as an administrator at a monastery school. Interestingly, and we never went home Montessori School, but she worked in administration there and Continued, I'm just retired last year, and It was her emotional ups and downs, just be has tied dear Father being a little yeah predictability, and so it is a little bit like camps,
so. I urge you any enemy, like we always whereon kind of my my mom's side yeah, and he was like them, the bad guy. It was. I felt like back to that that blue velvet metaphor it was like it definitely did- feel like we I had to put on a like an hour, of normal, see to the world's like we all did lead. We became all kind of her national wires. Aha. So we we're. Had this, I kind of like couples, you love or near total, beautiful catholic school vignette, like which I'm sure o, a lot of confirmed by the way, probably the majority memorial younger. Unlike had this, had the sake We would also concern where they were going servers, unlike underneath it like the maggots share, my or whatever the lie that her mind just eating the foundation. Exactly and like we just you know we had like
you know we really isolated ourselves a little bit and we all have liked. kind of public annoying kind of anxiety, because there was a lot going on that. No one talks about like no one had therapy no and talked about. No one really talked feelings like. No one could really say. Like I love you, really now even mom Sheikh knows we could actually she could yet she could, but there was all a little like there was no one really could really be volume did dad think. If he said I love you. You're gonna have a power over him or something there was just like. It was just everybody was really afraid to be vulnerable because everyone's own Michigan yeah that I was I've been doing this like work lately. Research on inherited trauma, ok, which does like shit. That has come from that, not yours that is our generation's past right. That is
while the black community, you don't have to do to be glad to see that even personal fan, We inherited ya like your father's shit that he got from his father from his from his father from his father that you're holding you don't even know what, if it's about like your relationship to money, relationship to end, in her power, like shit that you dont know you're holding that could be generations basher. That is delivering the blocking it causes a lot of people go like while we haven't had slavery since eighteen sixty year, but those people the horror live three generations ago out ass, a fucking Lula, I mean as they are you get real were like that's real. No one ever woke up out of that contact exactly like day. That's real! Really, don't talk about jewish people, nobody must continue and we don't. This vision or you can, but then that's for real, and so it's been in awesome process of just being like
realizing that I was dead there. That ship was tat. I was tied to shit that not mine, I don't need them We were even wasn't there that even wasn't there's everyone's kind of a victim minute. Yes, it's like a It's like when someone you get a call, knowing what asked it brought a cold over to my house, but will someone gave that asshole? The call now one week shopping for a collar, knowing shopping for trauma, yes or early this tat. Actually, it doesn't even matter that it's this right and a half year like it really is so interesting to talk about it even like. So what what I've, I think, Where I was going with. That is. As I see it is no, and I was hung about how we kind of became proof. We were all kind, professional Myers, because we are highlighting these secrets, as I think we all do,
in my case, in a general way, there was like a lot of in a general way, not telling anybody story, but there is like a lot of some profound addiction. And men. Mental illness like there's a lot going on, but from me and my story. I became the safe is performing. I can tell the truth when I was acting, I'm. The weirdest way like I felt like when I in kindergarten took an acting class. That became the holiest place for me, the place you are allowed to tell the truth that and reading like became the place. I could tell the truth like those on. I started at the clear playhouse like this little like Theatre became like that was literally my like became like oh, I feel the safest with these weirdos like they don't know any
I don't know anything about them. I just feel like, trust them. I trust these weird as well. I did say probably may be. Why is you had the same goal as those weirdos but you so rare to have a family yeah. That's dysfunctional, you! never have the same goals are dead. Wants to do this, they are most unusual arose only that thing behind these strangers and, like you, weirdly your goals, to tell the story together. Yeah, it's a! U me an aim and how that experience reckon seawards a unique single equate ass. We have the same selfish interests. Yeah it's gonna work in concert that's exciting ass. And so I've? My my like German, The intimacy wise I get real clause and then can like because I've I I love a cast. I get ray. I love love
that feeling but little family law that I'm camp three and then I can like you cut off if you can, but I and I love like I mean I caught. You know from the MID west. Like forgive you don't pick up your clothes like if you I'm still like that, I'm, like I M, join me crazy factors dump. hang their leisure entitlement, yeah like I'd like I'm still from like an unstoppable feeling of like now. You pick your close up. You take harrier props, like you know, I'm I'm. So I am still on that feeling of like we're making this together, like the boom person, is as important as you are as as important like it's it's all about eating that, like that feeling like that church feeling of like the maid. no wonder you hate talk shows because you yeah are thoroughly to lie again presented an image of yourselves funny like we just start this conversation about talk shows, but there isn't it.
story with you and I can tell that weirdly can't find its way back to childhood is frustrating is it is. It seems so cliche, but something still at forty five, you gonna talk, show what you're really bumping up against. Yes, that you have to a little bit embellish or put a presentable five minute version of yourself on display that America will love and applaud and you got no. I did it for eighteen years. I don't ever want to do that again. I'm gonna come on the couch, fuckin shit, my pants swear and then blow it and get the fuck out of me. So I want to do that right, but it's But once again it is your shit, because now talk shows a place to go into detail on the fact that everyone provide man's and then go about your Mary way. You can shoot your pants on the right number do whatever is. Catherine, but but I so I have similar things that they're they're. So waited in my hat thing would like my. already thing? It's like? No, I went away. I went along with three different step, dad's plans, and I was we're still further
to my life I will not be a party to a shitty plan in I'm insufferable at times because of it you know. I do have to be a part of some people's bad plans. Occasion. Yes, but that's goes along job, but I wanna get your lovers. because I'm curious, you could be applied Who's to your others personality at times in and yet find yourself dating your father like ten times in a row because mistake familiarity for love, can't you like when you meet somebody in it feels familiar. You can mistake, familiar for butterfly eyes or Khazars First in familiar, yes, you can mistaken for security. New money think like what's a love at first, and then only upon reflection, he like you, can go like. Oh, you notice Is it just felt familiar butterflies were familiarity. Did you updating any crazy, geyser, yeah yeah
You don't have the name, but if their famous please now I mean I listened viper like them, and I have a four basically twenty five years, the heavy really twenty five I mean we ve been sent. You twenty there I meant we had and we had a I mean we got married didn't we eloped on our fifty on our ten year anniversary we had like our first. You know me. I we were like in an hour. The first ten years. Ok, Ethan is, namely a year, and we look to big. Sir. Ok, that's a very like AL. Spiritual place, they get a more tax era. we're going back up again and a couple weeks ago you also so the necessarily works even had us had a senior. I worked it out. Ok, aforehand! What's he like?
are you here. You know we met like we met freshman year of College at Northwestern. I was dating someone it in, back in Cleveland is he's from Seattle. He was wearing a sea horse necklace the guy from cleave now even more kind. He said it was because seahorses, where one of the only animals in the following the more the male carry the young. As I yeah, so annoyed red flag. For me, I was so, and I was annoyed by add or your, that good you're gonna carry the row. I was annoyed and then later across that he did he carrier children, and he carried me from falling on this aspect, which was so amazing
just updated anything yeah. I now I heard it takes longer and a man of twelve member states in this area is he'll, get our for Europe and for three and like it you know it took a second and we criticise what was he majoring and radio tv radio tv and how he just like how deep and it really fast asked Australia, which could also be like too fast, ten sure, yeah and then we both for coming down because it was like We need pretty young to find your soya and It was fiery. How did you navigate going all through your twenties with the same resolve? It was like awful, but awesome we of two New York together, we like we in a week
Superman live with a murmur we went to arm. I was like crazy. We like the thing was Saddam, like we have so more mantis like we went like I remember, we got her for a moment. We. We waited at daylight. What who is back when they have a one hour photo- and we had like it- are pictures develop? Of our programme, like centre parents like it was so crazy. Are we waiting to get em developed and we didn't realize the one hour for, though, is the base of the empire state building a we had never seen before, and so we like, we like we were there. We likes God. We took the elevator to the tavern Meda, like crazy, like the whole thing was lying. There's you ve got me all this. The story you got more easily about mountain you, this directive would have. We can find out all of you to want it back I consider
father she's describing his room boyhood in use when you're everything's gonna, like waiting for Gar, throws out. We were waiting for gardener waiting for God running on world. According to guard season, doesn't socio via a man like we. I mean it's, it merit this, it's a jury. Yeah I'm book. I do some pretty intense stuff on camera. Absolute and he's like we are deeply price Humans are high and and so we work or ass his off then, crazy, proud of us yeah. Now I fell over twenty one yeah an hour. that girl for nine years, railway manners. I listen I was cheating know my girlfriend and your genome. Your boyfriend yeah
We ask you, oh good, it's a good way to start things. I know it's terrible, but I do said I'm gonna be a realist here, I'm in love with you I want to do this. We are making into thirty yet without ever achieve on each other is his eye and I go either. I'm not gonna bet expectation from you, because I want to stay with you and I don't think we'll make it. We don't think we lead We also stress that now we are, we really do not think we were enemy just kept like we just go renewing a really can we describe Is he a great communicator aware figuring it out like we are definitely not the same people we were when we got married and then we just keep asking jobs? If we, if we still be in it. Are we only has ever done couples there being all the time, oh great, yeah as to all the time and waste. no respect and love each other like deeply, and I ll
of watching him become. I just love watching them grow mob like I like it's crazy Lodge LAW old man and I d say it's really hard data from that money to twenty five. Any two people going from twenty to twenty five they're gonna grow, but the odds of them growing at the same pace or nearly now we have a right. it is to be patient while somebody's not joining. You there's been years where it's been like that yeah yeah, an Where are you from a high and we also but we're malay you're like two months I as organ, but we also have like. Yes, yes, We also have like, we have jobs where we can. Lake, I feel create I feel like myself. I have sole fulfil, in ways that I think is helpful to like, I feel like I'm creatively like.
Turn on horny, your job, gas always call it totally horny from a jot yeah yeah exactly said the end. That is no small thing because of late I really do feel like that. That is a huge thing yeah and so we'll get me good or the right, it's a double edged sword. So, in one way you can be getting your really filled up at your job, upon location is awesome. Yeah, but at the same time now you could be inadvertently comparing that feeling an experienced to real life. So it's also dicey. Right, like it's a great out. In answer to a great failure up now, listen here, you're, starting to compare your normal real life being married, which is like anyone else's. It's an unfair comparison. Well, I wouldn't know I wouldn't say it's like anyone else's, I would say it's like ours. I guess any do people that are married, it's only so exciting. Yes,
I don't like you. Wake up in your partner is got like a button NOS one day and then looks like our mould, and then it is what it is. We haven't had a bathroom door in twenty five years ago, not there these all. You know why now it is Hammer law might her last night fears and he just let found the diarrhea, and I was like what are you talking about you just. Let me now like a person I am saying just letting you know, because it sounded so passiveaggressive like tell me what the fuck are you talking about diarrhea and dogs, but it is only now uses pass that he found diarrhea and he was cleaning up stairs. That's it. You could just say like why did you say, found the door
area, just letting you know like White, been more specific. That's what I mean by that every married couple, yet reality only right and then you go away someplace in you now my another person. They got families this double edged because, yes, thank you That's great, I don't know you be outlawed. I now come to you and I would be the gotta nobody knew, but do you know he knew we both? Have we both understand and are committed to day who just like? No that's what we're in for life, He knows and gets what he's gotten himself into, and I know- and I get what I've got myself ensue and I'm like. I am so grateful. I am so grateful to know somebody that
well like I want acquires embarrassing about a year. It's no small thing. Is it at all? amazing to consumers. The thing that I had the heart is time about when brain I broke up, which was only the person I lived in this one bedroom apartment with for ten years is the Only person who really knows me an end I am now for the rest of my life, gonna be with someone who already met me having like succeeded at some level. no that ten years drug own ups and downs in having fun with no money, and is that was her breaking and me that I had lost the personnel shared that period of my life with, and I imagine I feel so cool to have gone and gotten a shitty apartment, New York and now to be living road. For me, in going out, we did all this together. The army witten. each other. Do this whole thing is in that kind of beautiful yeah. And then you know like that
those thou real. You he's not a camel five minute: no yeah he and we ve lived in some said. Yeah yeah well, with the hardest thing for me is like the mirror of it is like when you know somebody that well sometimes it feels like Looking in a mirror like it's hard to see him it's like and you see him as a part of your mind. Whole yeah, yeah that is managing like an, and I think here, would say the same thing and I came over the author, and this is like in your shell. Silverstone shall sourcing
among these to meet missing my love and put the the think. It's called God, it's about a shit, the mating, but it's about how monogamy and desire are incompatible in its root shirt like It's like how to you that, while, but that by Allah the biologically it's like monogamy, you need to feel safe. You need to feel secure. You need to feel trot These things that, like design There is a danger, its feeling threat, its. We hope feeling like unsafe, its feeling, all the things that are the exact opposite, and so how do you? How do you find that bridge? monogamy like anyway, it's like its that's. Why
prison. I only have sex motorcycle there's going over, aren't gonna. We had to feel like a real threat, weaving where to install a jackknife, bring back yard, though it is, turkey- and I think I was hung up on that- a lot in my early life- that I am Adrian Anthropology, during this tell you was certainly we did not live monogamy, Jordan, Anthropology, that's so so my, why I think the most ninety and all them our surgery, you know, but but I can tell you with certainty that of the hundred and fifty thousand years we ve lived here, opt for all. Four hundred forty thousand, we were not monogamous yet is that's. That's just a fact. We work we ve now whether it was Paulie Andrey Oros guy with twelve wives such as how whack
and I would get hung up on their way out- is not unlike the social contract theory which is like you, give up some rights to join this society and there's a bunch of benefits of the society as a guy who's specializes in shoe fixing, so great issues fix and that's gonna call should be no. The walk round make it dick a shit where everyone you know. Yes, it's all. You know that it's all right. It keeps going about it just like taking a shit. Ireland, you always are you love all road, as alone who provided the foundation of my best friend era weakly and I was just built on poop, When I was twelve years old is still the funniest thing to me. Yeah poop, this is really funny. It's scary. You don't want to touch anyone's booby. Normally you know there's some threats to airy eggs or high or through your ear. Has been found, diarrhea and is like. It immediately gave him an emotional response, yeah a heightened response. They get a heightened response in real life anymore? You throw some diary on the rug. see some awake up. Why do you love
Worse, don't you think also, ultimately, just maturity, wise and big being. Married person and I'm a merry personally job- I mean doing things like, maturity wise at a certain point, as I will allow a takes it taken of giants, which I like TAT look at a certain point: sick, but again bon guys. I think it starts with being really honest about what appeals to you about sex. So what really appeals to me about sex is improve. Our brain is different than here. It's the approval, we want approval. I want to make someone happy and for them to tell me I made them happy in so if I've done it to that person already the approval. High is missing, that's for me there but I have to give relating to people like some guys like prostitutes. I can relate to that. Because paying someone to act like they like me would would defeat what I'm after and has sex relationship. So I think it's it's per person, and so I'm better off trying to-
my approval junkie, less than I am my horning us, because the morning Missus really coming from the approval drunkenness. May then I can't greed it downstream. I've got a kind of tragic treated at the mouth of the river. You know, so I don't what sexes for you or for Ethan or any one else, but I do think a lot of the getting through it, starts with understanding what it is that you like about it, because it's inevitably I'm gonna be filled by a long term partner after a year for that that same charge, whatever the thing is for you probably dissipated, senior different thing now, your point meeting in captivity. I think that's. Not only does it have to that a maiden and carrying yeah yeah yeah. That's great high grade not in the wild MILAN renamed kept him, but to your point, The analogy I often make two guys about their wives. Is at my hand, is not attractive. look at my hands: now, it's not hot and I've been fucked. This hand, since I was twelve and I'm gonna fuck this hand till the day I die soon.
fractions really not the the requisite ingredients are me wait analogy. Enamoured way is that you can over thinking like all rats poseur this or that, unlike her towser, this autonomy is not linked to legal argument. Fucking your hand, that's a great analogy yeah anyway, but I've never looked at my hand in thought this, and doesn't raise my status, this hand isn't flattering when I'm out in public these are things guys put on their partners is like is this extension of me good from I presenting image and ego and status that's where you daisy, but you don't have value what you use go. I wanna fuck this hands. I need to get this over with a move on to the next thing and just your layering on all this stuff, there's a sun related sex, not a relationship. Nobody!
you guys are or women are falling out of love with their partner physically. I think a lot they be stupid. Just think that evaluating what the person looking like in the bedroom, it's really about them being out to dinner and thereby others, but their body has like a ten trophy wife, and then they, like all my wife, not it's all egos dad it's like it. Just very layered is not are aired and I feel like I've. I think a lot of people throw out the baby with the bathwater too fast, and I think there is theirs There's moments that happen that I think in any long term, relationship that you can that I think people that I think people jumped ship way too fast. I feel like it's hard to be up Miss Davies down very hard, but I've, I'm really I'm, Out of us in this particular relationship, my asthma, fur on because it so much so much on the other side
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I addition and I got a scholarship and I got myself end and I got a shit tunnel loans. Ok, it was an acting rolling Yassin, heavier and I'm ok, yeah, ok, how'd you come make him crying TIM? That's a rough name for me, say it again I say this with easy. In writing. K are eyeing and g ring green credit risk. Single TIM crinkle, distinct Chris Klingle, ok, territorial ring. He well. No, I was at its height. Was ideas got a couple of things happening? It was, I was, did it first, I do so as a child of hickory hide out lover, and I was that was in Cleveland and close, the hickory on the prairie, or they had the shoot, the little our little house and unfair. Doubts in the World Hickory Hollow Hickory
there are two talking squirrels. I've got lots, Alan surely squarely. I played a girl I am generally swirling, also ensures that I had, as will our questions, whose name was no, what owl insider dealing and doing it. I don't want to get braces and know what our talk me through. It wait. I know your teeth and better your chances of gaining employment. It's the first thing. People see when they look at fuse. Your big bright smile dont be afraid of races, or the danger also juggled dogs or the donjon mainstream. There is high, sometimes right like like that in any way, an exact. I guess. I'm episode of yours now talk about an emperor who love people smiles. There is also an ad in Cleveland further something of the sun pressed that was like this does
oh come on Thursdays and look at any rate there. Ok! So anyway, then I did something Other Williamstown Theatre, Festival, summers and then that was a landing will know. I'm I was putting upsets for awhile, we'll don't brag like, but I really do it. I think if they gave us like, we would be get life. wildly stone, and then they gave us nothing. No food except, like you know it it would just they would give us like MECCA. Furthermore, and as mobility crummy rectangles, peanut butter and cracker yeah yeah, eighty package, like mosquitos and then just like put together, sets and then everyone. Inevitably, someone would just like trash kneecap again, you got through all that monogamous you're away at this can register, for we must really getting yes, but we would just be doing at all like we were just like constantly figuring out different ways to do.
those are our doors indoor, Andorra mad at each other? Doing at pissed, off, I was always jealous, is always mad you're, always while mad watching someone doing a play me stop feeling are gonna hand. Job resemble MR dig it out on gas this exciting. I think you should write a book but take me, tinkering, isn't that the first chapter in working professionally as it was called Crossing Jordan yeah gap. It was a medical procedural. I played the grief councillor in the morgue. Aha,
William was Lily about cancelling debt hours in the morgue others. How coherence in the more nope about I played it out. I was, I would counsel anyone that came in to mourn. Anyone then had died of AIDS, which I was I got it. I got identify the by an animated grab me and I would just be like so as me opposite aghast actor who had just sob those me with a lot of fake tattoos counselling here. Don't you feel bad for those data there's you gotta come in. I have never may have no ramp up and they don't know all I act. I may see as seen in one of those shows, I feel so bad for those people, but they were all like I mean I would just like a lesson in just sending them love and also to make a start with. This is the way I feel like that show to me was just
a lesson in just denying what was happening because it was like I just had even just didn't, I sure, as hell. The reality has denying just like corpses, breathing and fluttering eyelids coughing, and just like a lot, like a sweet aerial coddled, just like looking at me serious with his stomach grumbling seriously and in his stomach, would just be grumbling at Billy eat, something I love him. So much always taking assured often every see yet he is, is funded. I love him disease, alas, alas, so and when you started up show up and you're working in you're, making a paycheck, that's great yeah paid off like that all they have he yelled at nothing else Do you have in your mind who you want to be like as an actor you're like uh? That's the career. I want. I mean it
a point. I was like the Arthur be Arthur. I want to say that, because she so physically unique. I can ever be so weird to hear an actress. The didn't look anything like her said the powers in this area and I was like the guy from the family large all his past, their eyes sheathing. Ass. She was, she is she with us, a fact anyways. I can't move robust horses with us. I loved her up with money. had cancer drugs. I interrupted you who was it that you was a dramatic comedic, your your aspirations out no mercy to. I think it was most dramatic, but I was finding myself all of a sudden kind of getting more committed parts of it. When I was at Yale, I was oh aunt, even in north Western, it was like. I was always the
I was always like the always kind of life fucking around off care off stage, but when we were doing it I was more I was. I was cast, never as the hunting because that is like grandma, but I gotta be our zero of the total. They're gonna nail, the butler a really or you know like most, but I am I never really. I don't know I didn't I didn't know what was happening. I was obsessed with Kate blends. at that moment just rhyme upon for power, my favorite, when she, when I saw that Elizabeth Eliza, who are you she's, a piece of bees I mean I remember seeing a movie called one of my favorite performances of all time is Jean Rawlins in a woman under the implants- and I think that's my favorite performance- that some of you as a movie by junk has a very to turn Peter Falk
her husband and wife and they ve shouted in their home. So ended so on raw. And just its performance is like it's me favorite to watch that its heart breaking, and he Peter is, but a man is good. It's a woman! whose like losing it and he's too to pretend that she's not, and he fell in love with her and she comes from a mental hospital in his ease, tries he has a welcome home party for her for and their friends and she's. Clearly Ok, I'm not ready to be home, but he's trying to pretend that It's ok, oh my god, so anyway, that that's a tinge of it. Then they might make a prediction. Yeah, I'm gonna name, three movies. I think you love royalty animals, Squid Doyle,
Let us stop there. What's so, what I think about those movies and the one you just described it weirdly becomes a litmus test of the persons childhood whether they enjoyed it or not. So the fact that you were attracted, that type, a movie love that type a movie says to me that you can relate to that chaos and it's not terrifying area, so, like boyhood, I absolutely love. Even it was my childhood like it was. That was my childhood. Can I watch it and I loved it cuz. I only got it right, or I remember feeling that exact way for other, The squid in Wales, like it, was to off putting what the kids jerking off and is putting his come on the books and like this just my eye, but if your childhood somewhat resembled that yeah, it feels the there's some about it. Yeah, like I have on our the rails. Anemones talk about someone. They were trying to have a perfect facade. She was what psychiatry is now to be forever all fuckin lads, Lily and you'll. Be Jaso loves, I mean is one
am. I feel- and I know it's pop. I know that out that my name on it, but I also love Eighty- is one of my favorite. Ah, it's like an operative malay. Every moment I bet is like it, it is like I could be. Anywhere, and I see that Red hoodie. here that sound, and I believe that movie kills me drew Barrymore and that will be I really should go down in the annals, is one of the best performances of all time acting reacting. Still very documentary. No, I couldn't upon Iraq, Emmy was just like we can celebrate this guy anymore, use, a genius view. I say yes, but I know what you mean: Vanessa, close upshot of him, where I am wary of his face relic goddammit. I wish them they would like just so Librate a woman space that close up at that age
like a hidell. Now here it seems like black heads that close up of those lines in your little. Why wouldn't care about organs? Vade Mecum know why I draw I really like why not? I know anyway says what what we are thinking, but that we get more distinguish in wide yeah. Why? Why can't you just put in all areas of the last phase like that I've even keeps being like let your gray hair out like I were. Never work again but Y know I want to get back to because ultimately- and you are so interesting that I wasted all this time- because I ate there's a couple they know what I'd do about acting. You wanted a drama, but but you did have this pen four comedy, and then you find yourself in the in the autumn a cable welfare worlder, rags Europe anger, man, instead brothers and so are you going. If I'm you at least, I have to say like one
the best of the best and I'm doing fine, like I guess I can do. This was their moments where you were like, I can do this, or did you think you could give any anxiety about going All comedy now because I'm not sketch a not an emperor of. I would I I mean I love of improvising, but I'm not, I wouldn't say, like an improvised. Like I didn't study it. I dont I wouldn't put myself in the category of of the embryo There is, I know and worship because, like when you see that shit you're like, but I didn't and the Mackay World. I would say the reason I loved like step brothers was like when I got that moving got on that site. It felt there was an answer key to it, then I really like you was turned on by that. Didn't feel strictly comedy to me that that open ground
because it didn't anaemic case can upon his soul, is poor. Soul is so it didn't feel like when it didn't feel like a comedy life that I was that I thought that I had to like stand on em, it didn't feel the comedy world that it especially at that point, which was dude comedy I was. I had some pussy. He asked neighbours like through a land of like put the chicken caught with fan, The spray tat on it was like a male lands. It was like you are there to serve ass. A certain like I felt I felt like I was tribute acting in a way that was not about like that. It was it I've. Felt utilised Europe moving their stories now. Are you weren't there to service them now? Were there to be your own character? Yeah yeah Anna There are still a mark. And dutifully do like. I was there to shake up shit
as much as anybody else, and so that was it opened up and I really do feel like? I was able to take what I learned from there and put that into something like with the work that I had to have done with Jill Solly manure immunity, because I want to say this: fucking loved captain plastic, Wada movies and their basic. I now I loved running, I know not very similar, but I remember I remember seeing running on empty, which is one of my favorites similar vibe of like letting it having a lot of child go like letting your kids grow. I loved it, vigour fuckin more distant, that fucking face. Ok again, so here we go. I just want to dive into this. God bless you twenty five years, as if I'm you and all the sun I'm looking at Vigo all day long he's a little this year I don't give a fuck you played as Maude.
As a unique situation for someone who find themselves there could be staring at Vigo, Mortensen there's nay, Morgan's and more resources and more reason to be therein of Vigo who gets to do that you're way, you're somewhere, it's two months in yours, I'm sorry but my imagination just to be a little bit like my god. I would not mind just taught tussling with It is even light light wrestling with very Vigo. He is what a fucking bombshell, as I'm sure he is an absolute alien. That was the movie, though, that when my son went and we sat a moving, we shall proceed in an actual church and I realise that Leonard had not seen ever seen my Jews on cross. Ok and I agree but that image of like really graphic design. oh yeah, sometimes even put like blood or there wasn't yet the gas and key came to work, and I'm props factors like all the kids made in all the
he's in the bus ad process. Our aim in, like played you know with the kids and linked which was really fine, during the church. For a are one of my mom, a matter of music native American nailed to their like there's a progressive love of God. We have you didn't even say. Indians are so much talking to deal anyway hesitated. I love that moving on there appears to be a hobby union on that class lies ahead of american that growth. We have something to do so. No, no, no! You know we're in a movie together, This is where I met you basically. This is why I have very profound, not profound. I have this very specific memory of connecting with you in Toronto. I doubt you will remember that I, but I do you know the beautiful movie where either
gee I- and this is where I live. Here- was a double Toronto. We are, but we we found ourselves backstage. We didn't see each other on the movie This is where I leave you and adapt. I I had now seen you in enough things were like. I was very aware of you and I You may probably feel this way for you even more than it did from the outside, but like it felt. You like you're, on the precipice of like being your own star? Did you get that feeling of God like everyone else? You are the right people loved you, you're fucking great in everything he did like. Things in a row. You were just great and it was like. Oh, this is Definitely the next person who's gonna be thereon Movie star, oh gosh tax,
What is very excited when I met you cuz. I felt that way about you and then I connected with you backstage and you are very warm and very very kind, and we had like a nice fifteen minute conversation, and I was like I really like that person cut to. to do bad moms with my wife near her. And I go down too. I guess Atlanta was the first place or Norland was the first place, neurons Norland Go down there very excited to see you on sat I go to set, and I want to pick right up with whatever report we had in, you were definitely in the zone. Yeah a beam in that character. Yeah and now I'm gonna ask you of my hunch- was right or not initially? I was like ours that super sweet warm person? I was so excited to shoot the shit with. and then he was my conclusion I want you tell me if I'm wrong. Days later, when I got over my own selfish thing, I thought
I bet Katharine's a little afraid play this role. This is a big swing she is plain. Like her tits her up, she slutty it's a huge character. Is she a little nervous in? Was I just what I was reading as your lack of interest in connecting with me as, like I bet about this, big swing for her that make sense, is that offensive or is that, like I walked away goin I think. Maybe I was so glad you brought this up. And so we were added bigger nervous. May I be over and nervous and excited. I remember Dat shepherd from that. Is it You came up to me and said Catherine. When I first You are playing this part. I was like why, Catherine, I can't picture
playing this saga of Jesus, why? Why do I say that? Because you probably were thinking like ours, You gotta know what I'm more accurately was thinking. How is anybody gonna play this because I read that script, my wife to be another role and I had a really talk her into plane, Kiki and telling her all the reason she be greater kiki? So I can't I was now what else I would also like even amazing, and that part, by the way to it It's funny, as we know, is what we think, We don't always know what we do best weirdly. I don't know what I'd do best. Quite often, my wife would be like go be nice insincere, that's what people like about you stop doing, but in an old trust that and then always be the thing that I saw rather, we typewriters dash. Ever I thought I got a call life for me. I got no, no, no, no! No! here's the years. Let me just so early were so I declare my sight. So I had read that,
the budget times. I was making a case for my wife of why she should be in that exact. Rocky and she was gonna- be great at it if she made that thing real, which was going to be hard to do, and I think them why she so great in that movie is, I believe, her a hundred, which is almost impossible, your role on paper it was one minor one minor one minor one, a dirty dirty dirty dirty, and I thought how was it actor. Gonna make this three dimensional like where what's that way in that you're not is there to do a punch line of everything. Goes you that just not a steam, even if there really written punch lines. If you don't find that third and fourth gear its I get old in the air in a half hour, so it's Amanda from section city, unlike my crap you How do you find the like, not Rotch YO, in so first of I knew from the other thing and in other things, and then, when I saw you what I was really saying is like: oh, my god, you have the look like you ve all,
like I was always. How are you What are you going to do? Physically, that's going to allow you to do all that believe a bully, and when I saw you for the first time, what I was really trying to say is like, oh, my god, you picked up her look. This is amazing, and obviously I chose much different words this since you get that point, it rises notice, issue too, and I would like to make sure I know that I thought I felt a shift to us. Is that we're yeah? ugly, how ok so just sounded to you like? I was saying why, basically, why did they pick you for this role? Is that what you heard? Yes, ok, that you in my humble opinion. I think the heart is wrong. The movie is three Lee. You have two may above everyone else, but you don't have to exceed the limits of the work hard and then you feel like sometimes you know like. I can now
sometimes see you know when you're watching something you're like oh, that person arm, I? U can tell when someone or yourself is- was playing the room and not the story, which is the easiest trap to fill fallen on films totally. I should start by saying you absolutely did it perfect? You know that's my opinion of it, so I am, I think, you're had we all did really here and that we should have started this goddamn beginning to clear this goddamn air widen. This started like this because I'll tell you why I want a ball. right now. So you go you why we didn't are here because ninety percent of time premier, is what we like yeah yeah, because that's how I felt about you the first time I interactive and I thought then we like yeah I saw your son I'm something some.
Year makes her feel was what I don't know. I don't because so you guys were in this very issue a world that is helpful. Yes, it's very help help find then so someone from outside that world would step in which was often Meeks. I was there watching the children and I'd come to set new there's a bubble, and then I probably like this, await near reminding me. There's another world that exists in there's all kinds of no? No, no, no, no. No, there was life, I've not like. No, no, no, no, no, my god! I we should have anyway, I'm so whether it do you know, I just did my axe vexations were too high to see you. I was so excited to see you because I have had such a great experience chatting rescuer. and then I got so excited. Then I just the old I'm bothering her. That's I walked away thinking, but again I didn't mean
in the meantime, the way God damn but art and win that my ultimate takeaway was not o caverns, not nice. It was Oh I got in her business while she was concentrating meant something that was very hard. That's how I laugh I have. I read. I all felt like oh she's, play bitchin. I thought she was nice. It was never that it was like. Oh, she had her hands full and I wonder like come to me, I was a tricky. It was definitely a tricky, when were you like he's an this whole Ok, you got that if we want like oh, he doesn't think of up to it. Oh my god, now I did. I did think that no I had total I was, thrilled it was you that was going to do that It was also nervous for you, as I did for me, because I often That role a similar role
oil and baby Mama like houses, annually, users, shit and I got a moment or you actually believe hours Ard part. They, that was like that. I mean you know. Those are one of the things you were those those the three of us like I mean that that chemistry, like I mean we're when we were all innocent together, like you, could never have like predicted or had like pre plan or anything, but it really did like. Really work like that, some of those scenes when were really really crazy, special, especially on that first one, no thee the way that all three of you're playing different levels and then it's just perfect conflict they're like a Lego is, is as you say, they are hinting at it just magic. You either get that recipe or you don't run my favorite still and it took like it was didn't. Even take that long to
it just happened so organically like it was those are the scenes. Reelect, don't ever think. If you dont like not everyone's like behind the minor, it's happened like Not overly not over it was the young force can scene with the hurry, our heart or anything like it. Just happened like it's. Us was like perfectly like this, perfect Anna LAD, a high probability of failure for that same yeah cause optimally, you're gonna make a force, can joke with a hoodie. That's where you're going in there. You gotta get there, but it's like exactly you read it you're like its money, if you like, but like it was it just, everybody was like just totally just like got there. It was natural, it would didn't feel plush did didn't, feel like there's a them, those others like magic ones. Are you just like yeah and then I just wanna before we move out of bed. Moms, the I mean thing. Let it I've hopefully,
At least I have always been within a rower two of you always screen these things I know always behind, and you have always I'm here now am like. You have my number in those movies, but particularly that fucking waxing soon Kanner. I can't remember erupting vocally as my god what justice, while he I became an overnight Super fanny, was just both of you and I was like you know that I talk like men with fuck all this story. I don't give a shit about the monk. Give a love story like I need those due to be together. I have not seen to characters, come together me fall. Love em, all in informants. I can't remember when I really have to go back to the eightys to a movie where I was like Albania get married in an hour. All my got. His reactors is completely opposite, no. What you were expecting was making you even hotter, which was so all.
It was so counter intuitively, whose literally those like the way we met. Like I mean itself, we are used to fish ass. He was he is. It was so fast again like the one of the first Dixie Overthrown, exact Katharine like now like you is that We know so little about, like you, ve got that I was Karla one day like I was so here he was awesome And then he was just such a gamer Gina. who plays your side were now? He is just like a girl called me. Ma am off camera. The hold my love em, so am, I wouldn't know, he's the best, but again in the undue circle, back to a testament to what an amazing job you did in the first one. Is that the second instalment, the store I meant to me- has the emotion the most emotional residence is what's going on between you and your mom. I beg to mean that was,
here, you are the arches character in the movie in the franchise and I most caught up in your. Our personal story, which do me says you did magic trick in there was some our you are a real person. that still sat all those crazy things, because that is our breaking. You trying to make your mom like you and then finally, without gaining disappeared? I was it to me the emotional driver that I can always your stuff. It was an immense printed. That's amazed jarred, ok, you wrote a book. Did this start with? You wrote a a piece. For the latter, Lenny yeah. What my daughter's taught me, I asked the title. I see it's cool, it's called I oh how I learned to be women, but from my sexual daughter, which is like again it it's three years ago as a funny, because I think I would have you know at such a thing.
a shot of where I was just three. Three years ago, and scholastic head, just about it? You do all those little drawing now and the end. How someone in Brooklyn determined but yeah that was not for children, but then scholastic asked about it turned into a kid spoken. It was not for kids when an damn message, shore, and then it was such an awesome, simple, sweet process. So I turn it into a little book for kids and I couldn't be proud, so sweet. Unexpected. Like nothing, I would have an ever thought was gonna be happening, netherward tonnage things you listed bet, you learn from your six year old, but then that's three years later, which ones are you still like tat? was really poignant like are. There are a couple that you can think of us. Have your head that still you're like yeah? That's that was good. I mean I think, like I love on.
Embrace your shyness, my life be fair lesson and I love you. take your time to say what you at take your time to save it. You need to say if you can't find the words does scream until you find them said love that maybe there's something about like how we, ah how, It is so hard to say what we need still what we need here? Yeah yeah yeah? Well, I say this endless land here. The line between meaning neediness invulnerability is the hardest won an alligator? I asked why were all very afraid of me MIDI beam he is not attractive the bean vulnerable and stating your needs is very attractive, but boy that's hard to and distant. See her having like no fear about, like being who she is completely and not try.
like squeeze intellect different pockets like in on just think about them. The girl. I was trying to like shit shift, because I was hiding Who I was just wanting to her to stay just it is to be able to still stay true. I knew I M an employee say it out. This is, I have nothing figured out. I don't know this is not any sort of like a you know, vice or expert book, but it's that in any way, but it's a SEC the sweet musing. I thank you some I sometimes look at my kids and I go. our kind of life, them work were alike. Were weirdly preparing them for a world knock inhabit. Here's my example like in our house, farthings hysterical. Your incurs apart as loud as possible and then comment on it. Yes, I'm not even warning them that they're going to do that at some point and second grade in everyone's gonna. Look at them like they're, a monster gonna throw up and I gotta go only had a of misleading
Four kids have led them right into the lions den because in our house I do to have them unconditionally, and in that that their world and then slowly find out of the rest of the world vision lobbying conditionally, it's a little bit of a track yeah. So yet, when you six, you can be very you. Can express your needs. You ve not I've been told, your stupid and ugly and all the items in and then just slowly. The real world seems in here and then the part I dont think. We really understand that when the mother said that thing which was so awesome was like, but yet like they need the fourth grade teacher that inspired am I gonna tell them that their special and then they need the friends the books the slut is ran like. That was that so that's also important Marianna results with them from those things that advice and they're gonna join the real world and regularly isles forever, totally defusing the Chris breaks. My stories, like I tried to tell
I kids, when you leave this house, no one's gonna care at all about where your government's her would have right through to a breakthrough is virtually all this. so you're telling me about I'm listening and scrape what you need to know. There's no one in the rest of the world will care it all that you're in a bad mood, like a little bit mislead yeah. It corrects me about I get kind of aware of it. Sometimes when parents others, like my patience, is so endless compared to what they're going to deal with other guy, or else like I there is about where, as Hungary with friends I will relay they it. This is somewhat early like young parents- and I remember the main like. I don't think that my son has had his eyes open with out looking at him for iraqi, dense, he's been fuckin born, like you crazy, like I it's
oh crazy. Oh my god, now that you're saying that the other through I had is. I was thinking Oh that's what we're looking for relationships. We want freedom to fuck, who ever way that entire relating to child it. I was thinking in as I'd like again, I have done So, like my affection for them and I just want to smuggle them in Vegas. Murder with me like. I would like them, no matter what they're doing you now and I was thinking oh here there there, gonna look for this for the rest of their life. This is what we can do is like. We want to be loved by somebody and looked at and tolerated the way you close to be looked at and loved and tolerated by your parents. Yeah
this is where it all starts. The adding you end up searching for the rest, your lawyer is just that, like I fucking would set myself on fire for you right now. In its little miss link is no one's gonna, give us their and we're not entitled to. That was very tricky. There's that you can't get a parents love from a partner, that's bad expectation. But wouldn't. I would argue, though, that the secure already that they will that you're dead Others will have from that love that they're getting I don't think I'm doing wrong. Yeah, not arguing to not do it. That way, I'm only No, no, no, no I'm only pointing The journey we then go on as a doll we need to be aware of that, like oh we're, looking for something that were not,
entitled to from someone automatic MIKE. You don't have to earn that for me. They just habit there. My heads and I'm gonna give that to them. If they murder someone I'm gonna get em, but in a relationship you're not entitled to that, you got a walk. The walk you You know I'm saying, but I do We are a little bit obviously looking for that or or we think were entitled to, that we did Shaq ourselves like now that exactly I am your parents again, that's cool ass in a relationship you're not gonna, have a daddy who just fuckin doesn't give you what you do in your army who just talk. I see that you're a fucking hogging Annesley pieces share in love. You know this is now our relationship. There are fifty fifty symbiotic ass, the but my daughter really they don't have to be fifty fifty I'll, be ninety ten anyways. I just I thought. of that with my own little like when I get brandy like Kristen, to care about everything you know I realize I
It is an honour to be my mommy. I can't walk my eyes to be my mom now design. is that what I'm entitled to know now exacted little bring my mom's doorbell covered in full. blood where'd. You d come from. I just killed five people at Mcdonald's. She go come on. Let's make it like. You know she wouldn't give up our right but my Warner shouldn't do that don't you think I mean she. Could she could? I would I be like onwards the bodies. We need a deafening dispose of those that's Klute, that's the best piece of evidence. They how'd. We need a better, deep annex XI. She had yeah yeah, both need raise these kids together I'll do area from on the side of the bar itself. I got up I'm so but the name. Your book is my wish for you, and did you write it? with. May your daughter. I mean she ass. You gonna, like she inspired, but she's not getting caught
we have, we both have The same honour of helping sell the Chrysler Pacific, not That should say God you can't. They are a proud sponsor of arms and we drive a pacifica. You have one. I have actually have to give it back today. This is the day I'll call up the ass right. It's great! It's pretty good. we have a hybrid aha. Does it have the tv disaster? Trade is a gag right. How about this person? I would take these road trips, listen upon guess from gas. Kids are back, watching guy, don't care. Now. Why should you ass scarface in Basque, say we're losing an american Gladwell spot gas oil families and why is actually no country for all men back there? this chainsaw massacre exactly wait? That's me,
their red car. They are and there they are responds errors, and I thought that other guy with as much as you do yeah we went to actually to wages, Airbus and beat it last weekend was the das we needed it was the kids went to bed at Eu Mushrooms nourishment yeah injustices every other still remember. I've a lot of out there and Joshua jury. It's really find so fine, a kind of made for rooms for shrimps because the right you see the rock formations? Now, even so don't answer unless we can. But I do love moment- Yes, yes, yes, eighty recommended people who can handle their drugs I was other Sherman pretty hard with my buddy Scotty and got dark on us we were very lost Monday we were appealing to intervene from our campsite, could not find it and we haven't on bended, this guy who's got a telescope. I promise you is the size of a hot water heater. It's the biggest, tells him I've ever seen in my life anymore.
stool and like we bump into him and were loss and we're like at all, what's what's. This is like one or two fourteen inch mirror tells community goes anything so very rare. our time right now. You can see some some celestial body right. Is so you need this happens once every fifteen years he's just dying in dilated and were watching anticipate we watch him dial it in four thirty, forty minutes things? Would you guys like to take a look you have to imagine what was in her are mentioned. patients. At this point, what I was gonna see, I thought, he's gonna see like the whole milky way gas. He lit up with different colours and stuff I climbed the latter. I looked through this whole. An interest pin drop of light. That's what he's dial this thing into, and I am now I've just confronted how of my imagination was, and yet now I know that Scotty's at the bottom of the ladder with these exact same. If what he's about to see
I just don't think I've ever been more precarious situation. I did not want to laugh at this guy. What are you just gone through to aim this thing and lug it out to the desert and millions got he's about to get up there on the thing, and so I'm trying to kind of stifle mile after I come off this lighter. I want climate any looks through any close. Did Dax move it because I dont, see he gets up there. He likes, you know, that's it. reclaim the latter. It was The die, is a fucking star like I could see when my bare I then we voted is crazy fantasy of what it was going to look like to do things around shrooms and it was nothing there and then we just can't understand how this guy put all this effort into seeing just the same stars, all the other stars. Oh, my god, your friend also did you guys want,
That's his hearing on. I must have bombed, there's no way. This is what this guy he's been. All this effort in your friends on the exact same pay, you, the big guy, that's also, we tried to. I remember, going out there for way preach elder with my hobby and we like plot. We, like we had this whole. If I win this whole like set up like a high, we were gonna like but we have like snags. We had like our baggage toilet paper like we were like, whereas Zat relying on log high and then we started walking realise like all fought like we didn't, have a compass or farm with us and where we can you know what we got this and then we got real paranoia that we were gonna, be totally lost. I peed twice is Kate, like all the food like it was like, it was like the dumbest and then we were all paranoid. I was like convinced that we weren't going to look at everything with we were gone for
Five like it was a vision quite like we were. We thought we had been gone, but it's for real, without that horrible story just a couple years ago, but that couple that then we may as them, we lost him. Ok, their struggles over his eye. I got lost, stick out laws and never does like found like to basically to scallops were found. Is a car that holding a gun I don't think they just shot each because or me shot, or did they generally very high amounts in those the shooting, the stereotype? Why may in my eyes, are animals no, but I think he did it to grow. I think he realized there was like its philanthropic yeah yeah. I think they had gotten so lost and it was so bad job. Well, three guys we went on a morning. I got on showrooms, could add for jobs, wages, see this girl anyway, We took like a little morning hike one time out there can
we're sober and just alcinous girls. I was walking in the desert sobbing and she's been out, are all night. She got separated Truman. I think it must have been a couple times a week and yeah. Well, I'm really glad that we cleared out my are still villa. Maybe I owe you an apology now you're already dead, it's died, so wild semi ass. I could have given that off to you, because I will I didn't notice has shifted I was like out, but that's why I'm glad this happened yet the site is loved you from the second I met. You owe me as well and when I saw you can also, although we go now, It was a gentleman to make. As I was like a god, I just felt like us. I sat down and I was like. again to be full circle. Please watch episodes of late night, TAT God. I feel, like their saves money more important things to do in my time. No just do it, so you recognize what the bar is rife. You have in your mind that you should be
when Sarah sermons best five minutes over stand up. When you get on that count and ass, I have to settle a better cause. I was kind of feel like I come out like that, even with the link that when men do that, like me a man's way, man spreading ready plans, it is, as you have seen like on the internet. They do these tags words like guys on sub, poisons guys. Do they sit whether through for emu four feet apart everyone's guys. I know I just always feel like I'm like doing a passiveaggressive like pleasure. Yes, I'm sleeping, I am so caught between recognising that yeah. Knowing that reality here and then also not being able to enjoy that Hannah thing. The way you guys did You didn't enjoy ere. I comment there was. Why were when she said that the wine stages of it are yeah? That's a lie. the scenes of the world that I knew he dinner? Are the rule not the exception? That was one of this.
Sentences in math This is what I want to say to you, this ok, and this is something that my friend Jill had said Ah solemnly there, That is something that I is in. My view, that is in my crime, that is just something interesting till I think about early like put on it. it just stick, it is an interesting thing to remember, or just like too is that, like we grew like a man like growing up and sitting in Europe's classroom and looking up and seeing like all the presidents of the United States like around and each one of them being a woman like, and that is just power ya like or in every single person, you're going to read about in the history and everything like. If that
is the lands of just how you that's just it yeah? it's like an interesting tat like it's. It's just what it is you and it's not like? No this trend like but its is it an interesting time to just think like that it is a land. That is an interesting thing too, Sitter yeah. Well, the thing that is, ray. I tried it yeah yeah, I understand feeling. Then serve. If you are not one of those people and you don't wanna be needed. That is clearly not well. That's the thing as is I'm trying to separate myself it's where, because I don't believe in identity politics. I dont think the thing that defines me as whatever group I fall into unemployment. individual and I'm should be. Evaluated on mine individuality
who actually I'm as a person, but it is it? Is it I'm rightly so that the white male? Is the common enemy for black lives matter, so the common denominator for them to movement is the common enemy for you name. It knew where it rightly so. I acknowledge it. The white male has had his time in he happens to be the common. common complaint, the common antagonist in that any any given group struggle right now in America, and to be a member of that group egg. Has an effect on me sure just like at times. Unlike ok, I get it were piece of Shit Balboa, what we're bug fuck us, but then I have to go
Why are you owning the identity of this whole group? There not talking about you, it is a requirement lot of thought on life and an year clearly be Europe like everyone else, your clearly a beautiful rain that is processing it. It's just. I think it is. It is an interest. in time. That is just requiring. I feel like the listening what money is nice real? That way requires a listening, yes, and once when I can recognize it is. I feel that way. That is how I feel like it or not. When I, when I watch that space, unlike o, every It's me because I'm a part of this group but then I ll hear another man say that out loud on tv, like wanna know what we're supposed to say any more and I'll be like. Oh Jesus do get over yourselves, Argonaut you. So it's funny. I can see another people, half that sounds so stupid when men are getting defensive about it, but active if I'm just mean truthful I am taking that on. But it's ok,
I feel that now it's totally okay, but as long as you have A next step. Would you do have. Zyobites days. My good though yeah, that's what I always say about racism, it's the feeling of whatever or whenever is happening. The feeling you get is not the right Is this part it's? What with the next step is? Are you going to let that fear of text you or you going to let that fear affect what you do. How you talk to that person. I feel about that person or you going to recognize. Oh, that's something! An eight! That's an innate fear! It's! I have to push that aside because we can't live like that. we have that feeling and not be a racist person. If you act accordingly same with this, you can feel defensive and you can have other things. If you then say, oh, but that's me
doing this and I I need to put those walls down, because this is a real problem happening yeah and its also tricky for me, because I, I recognise the move for me as a just shut up, like I didn't say fingering when we all watch that I was, I made a varies, civic decision like I'm not gonna vocalize my opinion it while we re ones you at all lots of it did not me swerve into this. love. This are you kidding me. I really. ah moved by and because I think the tension that she's talking about like discomfort that she was like it's not perfect, but I d like that like when she's like I'm giving you the tension like it's. Yours is like exactly this. Like I don't know. I just like that. I also want to say I thought it was us so
well done the honor Santa Monica. The one thing I did say about it while watching was I've, never had the experience, whereas watching comedy, and they were gone close up on her and I totally frank, I would feel like. I was watching a narrative. It was like so powerful. I thought I was watching something scripted in a well done movie yeah, and then they would pop out these widened Emily coming out this woman's on state gas naked doing this is an incredible. So I totally I told you. I have a lot of admiration for everything about it. It's just there were moments where I was like, did, you feel attacked a little there yet nervous because have to imagine I'm doing higher on the spectrum of dealing with it have to assume that someone who's been in recovery and love self analysis and taking responsibility for your own fault, all that, if you feeling this way. What is
the dude whose dad's laughed in he's on welfare in Fuckin rural Michigan. How does that dude feel? And its aim was I outcome, logic mad, but I dont know if that these rights are watching it, but I also think why. I know the result of it. We have a certain president. That's the result will that's the thing is I can t the ultimate I mean, I fear, is that this Yet that is going down right now in terms of just respects and empathy and how we're talking to each other and just like what It's such a shit show right now. I just really think it goes back. I think I think I think I'm going back to just listening and that it is just psych empathy is like is the bottom line that, like defence, is gonna, be about it like whatever this like
moment is like that people are gonna, have defensiveness to break through there's like so many caps like part as an gender like their saw like rate like their salt, raise their Sunday Capitalism, verses, like I mean I think I'll go back to my biggest so much going on the haves and have nots like there's so many camps happening that I just feel like it. Just some it has to be said. This is not a lot of like lessening and just like well and then again, the other problem is, from my point of view, is not the white Straight males time to talk now not right now. I recognise that is a fact. It's not a man doesn't mean like that. It's a wash but but if you're not invited to the conversation year. Inclination, but I'm not a part of the conversation so
ivy. Whatever verdict you want is I'm not gonna have a voice in this. I'm not invited to this again rightly so, but wait. I say I wanna say actually that that is not true that you are up that you have to be a part of the economy that it is imperative that you're, a part of the conversation like well, that's my my belief modality visit. I have to be a part of the conversations or I dont think that that's true at all, but I think that there has to be a wider boot. Like humanist, to it like that. There has to be a little bit. My fear is that we have. This is identity politics we have found our camp whatever the camp is in. that group identity is defined in opposition to some other identity, and I do as much as the lack experience is unique in the female, but experience is unique and algae. Bt experience is unique. It is ignoring the human experience has lain under all that is
It's a little dangerous that be identities. Are that we're making such clear boundaries in the groups were finding ourselves in and I just don't that is the way out, because there has been so much like. We can a man we, I even I can imagine There has been so much pain, and so much hurt so many of these groups I have so much to be angry about and theirs how much anger I completely under Stan and hold their their righteous ability. to ask for what is theirs, yes, completely and at a hundred percent they deserve, and I believe it was a hundred percent necessity. For civil rights movement for Black p.
both to assemble into a collective identity and enact change. So I think it was an it's not all absolutely imperative it's not over. So. When I look at utopia when I have a fantasy of what utopia is in my fantasy of utopia. It's not forty different. Groups we have them all figured out how to justly asked human blindness is the stats higher guest. I act like even Jen. That's what I'm saying like even gender MIKE. I really don't think. Hopefully we will batter the idea like it won't matter. Yeah like I that's my like. Hopefully why I would like to believe we're that's where the Mars, wherever rain. I sat opposite. as we know it is, does anyone like it doesnt, maybe now manner from Venus but like one like. Hopefully one of you knows better than men. Men from Venus grew
I love you, I'm so glad you love. This right is well. Do it again and I think we just graduated serve on my guys. I'm very scratch the surface, I think there's more deep, dived, really, my friends before we get into the fact checks. I want to spread the word about my good friend, Ellen Degenerous. She has a new podcast, it's called Ellen on the go in its very cool cause. It condenses a bunch of highlights from that weeks. Ellen show. What gives you gonna behind the scenes? How the shows made put together you get to hear from the actual people who make the show happen its incredibly fond and insightful. It's fantastic.
As you would expect from our good friend, Alan and because you're a arm chair listener and she likes the kind of people that listen. This show she's, given us an exclusive preview of the first episode and if you want to subscribe to the show, go to Eleanor go and apple podcast or wherever you're listening right now, and there is also a link in our notes. If you want to subscribe, it's now to be met. So please enjoy an excerpt from her new powers. He has no one on the Golan Heights We Dame Judy damage, I'm kidding it's Ellen. weird how much we sounded like, though anyway welcome to my podcast listen to some of the best moments from the, show and it's gonna be hosted by for executive producers that I love they had been with me from every everything.
We'll show pollute very beginning, so they know a lot and if they say anything that I wouldn't like, please tweet me happy listening. Welcome to our podcast. Us is very exciting thing. Sullen. For that nice production. A merry kindly I Mandy last night, I maglev Covenant luminous. So yeah we're really excited about this. Podcast Ellen asked as if we were willing to do it and we said shorn asked her how much we'd get paid for it and she said nothing, and so here we are. I thought that was a joke when creating a penny for their scattered anyway, we're very excited about it and hopefully will be listening to us every Tuesday and Thursday, where we're gonna. Give you some of the cliffs that we really loved from the past weeks, show and also give you some behind the scenes of how our show gets made every day. Now. Eighty did you did you enjoy when Mark Wolberg told his story about how he likes to go and a cry of chamber once a day
I'm gonna be honest with you when he was telling the story. I did find it fascinating and interesting that someone would take their body temperature that low so another mark wylder on, and I who works out a lot in its bid to evidence. They just look at you and you can see that, but I know you something that is in a cry out what it is we call on the Cairo Chamber, crayon chamber, you have to try you'll, want to note. First of all, you didn't have once you got in he's in cold water when you were on vacation Riah. So this how freezing as Atwater it's like fifty something degree or watch. If I go a little for us here, real uncomfortable era, that level, if I fifty five degrees but the cry of chambers like a hundred fifty below zero, you going for three minutes. When you can move around, you can listen to a song it in Iraq we can help with the recovery, takes all black with ass, an undesirable day the temperature again two hundred fifty below in the crowd framework that I shall be that's not true. You cannot mean a hundred fifty below temperature
that's it! That's what you're selling me you can go for three minutes you go when you know you have a mask on gloves socks hat we're here for three So that's all you have no underwear, no other things. You just have to serve under their those required here, but that's a roof aright and you go in. How do you not get frostbite one? we went in the water there's one where those wanting in Columbus Ohio, which we can get to later. We actually have to cover your nipples as well, because it will start to really freeze and whatever else could happen, but it actually not your stuff, it's a scrambled up a little bit. It's okay and then comes back to normal, but
tell you, it is great for recovery and it it just takes all the information on your body. Helps you sleep good, it's how you should try to tell you that one of my favorite moments of the week has to be Andy, being surprised by Ellen and being forced against his will into a cry of chamber for three minutes. So Colbert tells a story that night, cabin and Ellen have a conversation and cabinet. Ellen, decide that the next day they gonna surprise Andy and put him in a and a cry of chamber caviar. tell us a little bit about how I that's why it still so for sixteen years and like Ellen, loves, torturing, Andy and when we heard that your body goes to minus one, fifty she's like can we get one here, so he drove one from San, Diego, all behind Andy back normally we're all involved with all the decisionmaking this I'll have behind his back. We a whole fake monologue that she rehearse though he had no clue the camera autumn
Finally, the show starts. She comes out. Big smile starts among the Andes, never heard you see him get instantly worried when we show the club of Mark Wahlberg. Talking about that. Cry of Chamber, and the next thing you know he's talking about his Pepe on TV and since you can't, you know, see it on the pot cast. You should probably No, he was naked. I feel the same way about you thanks a lot of things. I love about this job is that I get to learn new things every single day, for instance, Mark Wahlberg was here yesterday. He is a great actor he's got an amazing body in my right, ladies, you told me about one of the secrets how he keeps fitted, something called cry or therapy. It's crazy would celebrities due to stay in shape, but I was curious, so I bought one I wanted to know it cry or therapy, feels like There's only one way to find out so Andy,
Ameer sign something first arrived. I really do because the Euro system was going to sign, but that's not fair. Ok, just you're not pregnant right. Now. Ok, you don't have any of these things: severe anemia real machine. It is its he's so good for you going to. Thank me all right, because a hundred and eighty five for work well, that's too cold just signed there. You're gonna go behind their change because you have to cover your stuff minus eight hundred and sixty three
can't wait to hear how this is I was. I was so curious and I was like this is gonna, be so funny once I got in there. I was like oh, this is in so bad, but then I realized the timer hadn't started yet and then once the guy flicked, whatever switching did, I felt the cold and suddenly my body is getting colder and colder, and I am also aware that there is an audience watching, and so it's just a lot of panic and it's funny because people always say to me come on, you had to know that was coming and it is unbelievable. Considering the amount of time we all spend together and the amount of work we put into each show that I am completely
left in the dark and have no idea that this stuff is coming, and I find it very upsetting that the four of us are supposedly in a trust tree and you shall marry does care about you. We ve found out. I was a three page release years, both assigned for your health and a heart or whatever, and she made sure that we had you sign that honour. I was a little worried about you. I know I love you. I love you and I was a little worried about you. I am a well her frail and I did not want it to all go badly and people are like did. Did you feel good like did help you with your work? I dont work out so there's no recovery that I knew it. Here's the thing twitch talked about how he does it all the time, but he does it after work out like he. Works out and then, when he sore and has tired muscles, he does it at an inn. He has recovery. It is so much easier and what I realized, what we needed to do. What we should have done is we should have gotten you sore. First, we should have major work out O.
Did you work out gotten you tired and then see how the recovery. You know that we were originally trying to get Mark Albert wake up at four o clock go work out with them. Yet I was a pitch where mark what we're going to come to your door and wake you up at three forty five, a m and take you to afford them work out, yeah, I'm that they aren't we remember why we didn't do it. It was much, I think I think he is a guy doesn't edge or you can subscribe to the apple podcast wherever you listen to us right now and don't forget to watch Ellen Weekdays for even more fun. Now. My favorite part of the show the back check with my soul, made Monica bad men when you're a jet Europe, but mere first cigarette to you dying day check impacts on the way you rich you, the cool captain, town you're, the best dull around check in those facts. Wow, that's Rome amused
yeah yeah was I'd, store, yeah and I'm shocked Michael. That you know a song from West Side story. I am too, they showed it to us like as some holiday approached in junior high. They put it in in the in the gym, they played it and it was it held. and because it by gangs with them in the gangs fought their does dancing really close to each other. You there stall around, and you remembered the song, though, like I've, I've watched of aid thousand musicals in my life and I dont remember any songs from any one of those but just songs from musicals I've. Never even seen like that. I think The other day fell on the roof like if I were a rich man and I'm a room yeah, but that's a little more in the Zeit going on about this pop song, yeah Bernie spheres. When you check facts you the coup, captain town you're, the best dollar round. It just is in sight,
weird nearing man. I don't even know you anymore, The euro is way for our friendship to end. Well, I get nervous how come you think that a complement or is it a burn? You think I'm wishy washy A lot of noise. You, my best friend, here weekly, that's gone back. Forty yeah. I know what it is, but I dont know why don't I dont know if I know for sure by no one ass back. What's one Ellsworth, one aspect is that you in a beautiful way, make every person feel very special. and you also elevate everyone you like to like the highest status possible.
So some times I, U villages, inflated, my love for you or something I feel like now. I feel, like you, can't be true. After all the same, ok, Bellamy, ass, it is legit fear in the movie ever seen. Dissipate though you never seen a dissipate area, Like I felt that way about Ryan Handsome for eleven years now it is picking up steam, but given, I would understand if you thought I had a borderline personality disorder or it's like. I fell in love with people really quick and then I fell out with them, and then they were my enemy, but I don't have any history that the people I like follow with ideas. I stay in lower them forever
and never goes away, but it feels like even when they saw me, I've had friends soon me I love them share yeah. It just feels like. If sometimes it s like you, farmer with everyone, will see. That's the so yeah, let's dig into tax. I think that's a human hiccup because I see it sometimes on twitter, I've had people on Twitter say like. Oh, I felt special. You responded to me, but then I saw that you responded to ever one and now it means nothing. Then I go well. That's so shitty. I took the time to respond to you and connect with you and it felt good and then you went out of your way to figure out a way to make it not feel good. What goes? Oh other people get it too. So now it's not special, like you shouldn't, have value eight things on whether or not they are in rare supply. Simply you should evaluate them on the feeling. So If you get a good feeling when you and I talk- and I compliment your whatever I dont know why you would then try to find.
reason find or recently just happens, yeah I do not feel like that. What do they look? I'm guilty of a to do. Things is a good thing for us, the police ourselves on like there's something field, good, let it stop there. Don't now do some research to find to try to discount this good feeling. You had, I think, that's Yeah they did. The twitter thing really upsets me when I like I go out of my way to have a conversation with somebody and then all of a sudden they decide that that was fraudulent cause. I did it for other people to share. I understand that and I I understand that being frustrating. I get a also. I also think it soak hey
wanna Theo, I dont think you agree with that. If you finish that sentence, I don't do you actually intellectually agree with her. I think maybe emotionally agree with descended you about it. Just say to feel special funding is ok to want to feel that. I think it is very tempting feel special. But again I think that's a hiccup. You should only be evaluating how it makes you feel not in relation to everyone else at either makes you feel good or doesn't make good, and I have a ton of character defects. I talk about them regularly, I've a bunch of shady parts of my personality. I have a temper, I'm a control freak. I talked you might do all these things about about me, one of the good things about me
I have a gigantic capacity to love a lot of people. I agree, and that is one of the few good things about me in it and to suggest may because if that somehow, because I feel that way about a lot of on that, it is in any way less authentically realer substantial. If I had fewer, I just think, isn't true. Ok, I don't know I think you're right. I would want you to feel that I unconditionally loving well till I die and I will even if I come to like a few more people along the way. I need you shouldn't they deserve that. Tell everyone your love is very powerful and and tax again. and people want it and news they should give it to them. I let's start level we check and emotionally publicly stay there. Better stay and you'll be all good before we
get into this. I want. I just want cuz it cuz. This there's a few comments that come across regularly when we both stuff- and I just want to instead of responding all the time. I want there's a couple things. I want to clear. On his people are asking for more women and more diversity, understandable. We want the same. I want you to add. We have asked a lot of yes, women and women of color. We have been very active in trying to get those people in there. Just not saying yes, so just quickly know that were trying that his tenants they're not saying yes, secondly, Interview Monica everyone wants that as they should- and I did I interviewed you a while ago- and it's just when monica- is ready to release that sir Oh it's happened and stuff and we're gonna do something special that'll be probably more than one part, so that has happened as well and it is coming yeah. Was there another thing? Either we get a lot
those are the carry. You get upset that people and ask you to buy stuff? Oh, I see as a rule, the tweet like get her a footstool gear might stand personal offered you MIKE Stanley. many times and then return by another boy I wanna go. I pay. Monica is a fully independent woman of means. If she wants a footstool, she combined, but still you have. I think they mean, like the company to get her walk with you have a company credit card do I really. I know that I do. She hasn't arms energy in her wallet right now. She is an armchair export American Express, I was uncomfortable. I will be fixing. I am I'm very comfortable. Okay, there was our housekeeping, ok to start big, huge fact that need
correcting she was not terrible and camel nodded. I went back and I watched just to see ogier and It was great. She coyly rice is totally gray and and Bulgaria's and charming and she was ass. Good, ass, a nun stand up, comedian can be on a talk, show so she's, never out of act is checked. Cheer Ok, the movie that had I'll stop the world amount with you is. valley girl, oh yeah, you're, right I'll, get it then I think maybe Then couplings both agonizing, while my way was also in that in that movie uneasy. Do you recall anything about let my way we did our life shown Austin. We learn something about love. My way I lost my virginity to love me. That's the silo psychedelic for you
a lot of songs and song her like white noise to me, if I dont know them like it's. Sounds you're, making near an eye dull bag. I remember any of your besides. Yeah in Austin I told the story that I had made a mix tape in preparation of losing my virginity, and that was my favorite song in the mix tape in it just timed out perfectly where the actual Why does started right when love my way? I started and then ended almost immediately after that had the cores. At the beginning, that I made it through the courts. yeah, I mean extra excited. You didn't really need to be. No. I should have been playing like some mom global music. You here when you aren t you wanna as goods like based, and now I don't. You know this about the mexican music tradition, but because the So my german settlers, it's actually comes from poker,
so now and you are driving around Alain? You hear mexican dudes listen to their museum and I got a kind of a pork Zack lump of Bob Bob. What gets let that be color? I should put that on board when I'm watching movies set in the Middle EAST and they have the popular music words like to me again and my own little bubble, it sounds like someone's are in her. We share about had bad outgoing going as someone help this guy and I would ask and others raises a happy medium though, like I don't think you need to feel like there's pain and I dont think you need to be super excited, like maybe just stay on some countries in western measure, yeah Yeah the owner on J G gates harder than aruji gucci. We lay rubber on the georgian asphalt and got a little girls about we're. Never gonna call
down mother River on or fraud and peer made a game. In the Bio Moonlight dogma. hours and dream by women, never had a plan, just limbo. Men, yeah good, alas, It may be forty seconds to that. Yeah, When did I lose you and that's all I headed the beginning, and it looked over us- Oscar Polemic, though maybe the pyramid can The power moonlight was gonna, get you back as also you from fuck enjoy. Now the song about the song missing, no, I love your seeing, but it's a little sometimes it's hard to look at someone there singing you ever harder. In general I've never been a very insecure person about like doing voices singing, but you you're icon.
I regularly look over you and your disgusting and it's maybe a little self catch. My legs are doing, boys are either they want bay was here. I kept glancing at your face in your like on the verge of throwing up when I would do like my Australia and, like I decide, saw when you look at me, like oh boy ones. Over has nothing to do with you. I'm really. Sorry, if that is making use of conscious is hard issues for me too, but you're not making me self conscious. I'm self conscious that now, but I'm doing something to activate that. That's ok for you to say and for me to fix, but I it's not about we your doing it's about like it's just something inter it's not in his eye, you anyone, if even even like, if Kristen was sitting there and she was seeing and she was staring at me. She's was beauty voice of any one in the whole world and it would make money I oughta match exact. And it would make me uncomfortable, though,
then jealous, because you just can make the most repulsive face. they are love. You stay right at it like right in the hot white light, your appeal to your right down the barrel on justice stuff and I go God. She would throwing up renown are now now it's because you say it's because just ass I mean this is just a cloud. Is a cloud near an emphatic harry, is also age. I've just sitting there any he was singing for a minute long at me. I would probably still feel Lou on conquer only untrue, but I have video graphic evidence because we filmed you all. He sang and I was promptly shrunk. laughing and you don't have the pain. Look on your face like when I say also Will it be every idea for papist if it's not even if I started gone, you'll come pick, be Rome, stroke, you'd start getting nervous right now,
all we need to be here as honest. We don't have it's not I don't I just. I don't think it's! U edges. I know exactly what is, as you very admittedly have a big fear of doing characters. Oh yeah, and probably what your fate looks like when you say how God yeah he's gonna like project shoes, in total there, but it's working, I'm gonna like I can feel it too. hurry. We lay a rumour on the dude as fountain got a little grace. Berwin, never gonna call me a month now, I'd argument: what did did you ever get me again amending and maybe live a little scheme ask I ve been here for one. I do my character work I make you nervous when I do I'm Frida now it doesn't mean anything. You do any of them. Things I maybe eight is feel like you, you, maybe or maybe I feel like your expect
some sort of reaction from me, and then I'm don't know what that is an I'm uncomfortable. I just gone comfortable and I M very much relate to that because quite often summoned come over and there are very good Qatar player and singer and it is standard procedure that they stare at you all their performance and unlike work I need a layer between us, you rose or lights, I can only give you what you need in that moment: oil would. It is over. We even need a methinks. I am zone of phone. Remember the wearing of the song and keep my voice in some kind of you know range that it doesn't fall apart, yeah, so I'm kind of checked out just accident, we're looking at you, which is. Why would the people who are performing my living room of the guitar also checked out here in this house in housing, ales mom, it's into marine kitchen answer, really get impression. I do you know sometimes wrong I'll go through my thoughts and listening Whitelaw hollowed own think about this is normally like very unconventional way reply.
This procedure is right now. What is a good? That's what it's nothing It has anything to do with your impression impressions. Fantastic. Do you just goes on a little long for yeah. Probably am I making it too much, I'm going back to the well as they would say here because in an out from now on, but we like three words: ok, let's go. I also nails one mentally other stuff. This is our midst, then re the moment you think you know what I'm doing share We need to do it. Everyone, Adele Kay concerning the removal of you, but drowsily on a daily basis. In those lunch, I really four out today Rob that's Michael Rosenbergs impersonation I just wanna get grim. He'll do vague. If you ve spent more in twenty minutes with Rosenbaum, you ve hurt him, do it, I haven't, we didn't get you in relative.
Oh you're done well all right. So I also looked up the opening scene of blue velvet that she referenced with the maggots there wasn't a rock that gets overturned by head that via words me no quintessential pleasant its suburban town, and now in IRAN has halted. The person lives a person, who is watering the grass and I believe there is a kink in it, and then he has a heart attack. What it looks like to me and then you go into the grass and limits like disgusting maggie tree. He asked
but it may be one arson movie. I never seen it, and I was. I was really intrigued by bad opening- seem Cosette in others, the blue velvet song happening David, Lynch movies. They require a mindset for me personally. I have to unplug from the desire to see a narrative that is like beginning middle in three parts. Poetical Aristotle in just go like just take every, for the moment- and that is not your brain- stop trying to figure out like were supposed to be calling your that's. How I have learned to enjoy those movies yeah, very. What's it what's when you like, wild at heart is because it combines in a cage. He was my favorite all Rowena. You said okay Elam, pointing toward TAT
to her about her husband and her relationship, and you said any time people go from twenty to twenty five there's gonna be growth, but you can't guarantee it can happen at the same time, but I think you meant twenty to forty five cassettes, their age, that's their age. I think I really met twenty to thirty, because I was thinking about bringing are giving us right what I probably man, oh see because I was gonna referencing that because I think it was me saying like when we matters like there's no way we're making it a thirty without cheating only did that later baby out of those still in my craw God at his. I seem to have we ve, we ve changed at up somewhat symbiotic pace.
But if you re read younger Ronnie yeah about that gap is there's a lot more than a mere dramatic path, choosing ray of a lot of friends back home and high school, who are made their high school sweethearts and yeah. It's just interesting to see that the people, when they start and the relationship and where they are now where they were in the middle and like the others. Just very generally speaking, my most twenty two year old, haven't figured out there. on sixteen and fourteen and fifteen that yeah, it's rare to be able to stay with the person from that long. Zero don't know anything about yourself at that point, when you're picking, and is finding your lane and life Greer, wise yea and on our armies. Have you you know, have you do you have a good diet now,
These weird things you end up having to confront towards the end of your twenties, like oh uncertainty, gain weight. Pretty quick, I guess a candidate Mcdonald's three days rally times a day. You know those those Those decisions are presenting themselves very quickly. At the India Twenties yeah, I'm gonna stick with his Maya smoke. Cigarettes were making a drink forever, Mckenna yeah the shitty food forever. All these things are themselves shitty, we'd love to have them as sponsors. Every now and then I'll go over there not get a big MAC, and you ve heard me order But what would I get exercise extra cheese, stags tracks extra read all about it. Yeah we like the fries specialists. Food poisoning or the flu, it's the best food back yeah I had it, they won back What are they Norma when I was ill
turn em of actually now I didn't happen after that. Israeli though I think I dare you told me, you'd crave yeah cause, then we went to a different food institution, not crystals, and not Mcdonald's not apply that we ended up being very happy app and they didn't have fries like I wanted so yet the book as commenting in captivity, maybe in captivity unlocking erotic intelligence by s Esther Parallel, I'm gonna do that fact, because Catherine text me, I think, last night to tell me that the people who wrote about also have
podcast called. Where should we begin, which is supposed to be phenomenal? Re MIA by the authors of of that book? Take our offer singular, get out using spot check it out. I have some bad news. I love bad news, and now the Arthur is not with us as you now those now she died in two thousand and nine cancer. You yeah. That was bad news near. I wish you could have said she got hit by a bus or something that's the bad news that she only had cancer hidden. You shouldn't have a pretty outrageous death. She didn't try like getting launch out of the canyon earnestly canyon, a cannon at estate, fair, like raise awareness for hope, emails
and then went sideways. She glided with another cannon person being shot out of a cannibal. It again schedule it properly to opposing cannons, went up. You know, that's area, nice dream to get shot. Can we we ve had a thirty year plan than if we were lucky enough to die on the same day, r r r will states clearly that our funeral should be. as stressed in Super. Your arm fits in opposing cannons and they fired at the same time and then heard blimp bodies is collide in air and then by all graceless ground two birds at heart attacks. Oh, my god, I'm excited for that day and then we have individual. We have an obligation to one another based on who died. First I like mine is, should he still be around that I will be dressed in a superhero further and then tied to a chair on railroad tracks, and then the train quickly approaches in your waiting for the super here together
of course I'm dead. So I can't so then you just watch my buddy play. A freight train he's really funny to isn't it and then Aaron's is very peculiar, so we will all be gathered in a field like a big I see Greenfield uniform, you don't even know where errands corpse is ok and then I will find the three most snag tooth ragged hillbillies, you can find tat. They ll pull up in our old F one fifty pickup truck they'll get out and though, the tailgate. The pull Aaron's corpse out and then they all have shovels and picks and stop and then they'll just start abusing the body in front of us la take the corpse to task, and everyone has to watch that they do yeah, ok, That is why, like three guys from Deliverance just gonna take the body to task. The other you guys just sat around.
Damn members amount of mushrooms together, one is Probably why I dont have a death fantasy like that. Maybe one of the many benefits he ass. You know Gazeta, sustained the integrity of the benefits you have said, and I have been there, and that is a crime a way to have a funeral. That is a trail I was gonna. Do it today, an added a fancy is then After that the train smashes my body. I have a two bit player that that place I going to get out. I am you were watching castle rock Currently in theirs there was in it a scene The other day and image of a school bus getting hit by TRAIN
and I've been thinking about that image ever sense or you, My brain, I am not good way. Oh yeah, I'm not very, I dont think healthy way. I envy the way you get sucked into these shows an christen cause you guys like commodities. Skin during the pop out- oh my god. Oh there so scary yeah and I'm right. Lee jealous that I can't have that heightened experience, that you haven't hygiene I made my living out of danger. I made my living room. I read it doesnt pop out into my living room and pops out under this little rectangle on my wall. I know, but it's still, your ex one thing and then something else happened. It's jarring you, but I don't mean to physically move my body. The things in my living room AIDS. It's on the little rectangle in two dimensions. It just. I came to the point. Europe were you, you need to move your body yeah
I mean it's all involuntary obvious which just let me know your experiencing a much deeper level than me. Did you ever three hundred houses? Yeah? Did you like them? No, I mean I like them, but ever knew, never good boy older job. What's because I enter the thing knowing legally, they can't assault yeah. That's what I also say as I'm I'm going through it, but it, but it's just it has nothing to do with the the consequence. It's just the act of expectation getting ripped out from under you again. My beg taken entering the thing. Is that a bunch, a novel heads are gonna jump out bloody sheets were chainsaws, will be no change. That's true. I dont know when I guess I'm impressed and nervous that you don't have any
reaction to pop out about them in real lively, want, I'm just email. I wish you'd in new. He hidden like in a doorway walking back from the craft service at night using a doorway he jumped out at me, and I had a very physical you guys either. Ok about that yeah. Maybe it's just when you watch things you you don't. I just don't buy him his money which, again is why I'm envious it be funded by in that much right. I wish I had more of years. Could I get scared? I get scared a lot for my car. To my door, Commissioner Santer near about me and I'm scared, I'm a bad man. I'm scared thinking about, thereby preventing some ok. Oh you said of the hundred a thousand years we ve lived here. We ve lived here for over a hundred forty thousand. We were not monogamous.
The modern monogamous quarter has only been around for just a thousand years. The matter modern Monogamous says says an evolutionary anthropologist from the University College of London Material College. Would still can't vibrate out, let us call it there is a thousand year gap which is interesting is interesting because we have royalty that predates a thousand years and oh yeah you're right. They probably had concubines and shit. You know, but point remains very unnatural way for us to live and new. I agree and only I'm gonna. Do it don't do it, you can reject it, that's it sucks, in about being a human being on planet earth is occasionally you can decide to reject something IRAN's everywhere. What's weird, though, is that you are admittedly kind of a jealous person
so, like we're, gonna be high. I think you don't believe in it for you, but you probably even it, for your partner no known, I wouldn't why I would not be like I. I would offer him the same thing that I was. It would be very hard. It will be hard, but I I I. Intellectually, I do not agree with it and it will be hard for me- probably cause I'm jealous, but. You know why would be hot the reasonable be hard the this is the thing that we talked about at the beginning.
The only reason it would be hard. I do not think I would have any problem with like the physical. The physical acts are any like. I don't care about that and I do care I would like to work on it. I work on it and therapy, but obviously my doing the job I have a. I have a complex about needing to be everyone's number. One. That's recurring thing in my life, so That would be hard, but if it was my husband and I knew tat, I was I am I I don't know, That's very much how I fell with Bree yeah. I had no question in my mind that number one year was really bothered by yeah that sort of. If, if I have that security, I think I'm number one in prisons mine, I'm sorry,
I'm very nervous about her doing something yeah. I I think that's the more important thing to feel secure in that way. I never had that item. think I care about the other stuff as either wasn't gonna. You would have you believe. I don't want any Stds and my idea we got doc
I want that. In my I mean wear a condom. If they're going to do that, the thing you have to get comfortable with his people will occupy a portion of your partner in a way that you can and they will value aspects of that person weigh above you, but you have to it were my experience. You have to look at the the sum of all that goes like oh yeah. I get it that that person's way more interested in that category for her that's very stimulating, but I do think over a long enough timeline. The things he doesn't have that I have will
show its head soon enough and then show this recognise. Oh that's not enough that one thing yeah, I'm tooting a lot over here and I'm nervous and letting a little too tout over here in hopes that they don't end up, smelling and making their way to you. I don't smell or hear them, ok when the various minuscule there, like tremors for earthquake, I dont think any one of them is rendered registered more than likely to point out. I don't think so. Could I haven't felt any rumbling archive Ernie, nothing offensive! Now, America, more facts. I bet that's pretty. Without tax a tasty details, nice, I now it's pretty much a thousand years of current monogamy. My favorite part three talk about in a net a little bit: aha, my favorite
saying that she says is not really about the man who did it. It is a little bit but but she says I built a career out of self deprecation. I wanna do that anymore, because you understand what solved application mean from somebody who already exists in the margins. It's not humility! Its humiliation, though I like that too, and I really liked that, and I think it was- dad on. I don't think anyone or make it this far in the pod. Caskets were like it before our marker, but one follow a thought. I I've had a couple times after we ve had these conversations that I want to get out there to think is relevant. Is I wouldn't
action. If I'm you are, I'm the gnat or I'm anyone in one of these marginalized groups, who is the victim of a systematic patriarchal white male world, a better, be easy for you to miss that we too are terrible victims of it. So I would bet even on a higher percentage, the people that were the victims of white males where I grew up or other white Mouselike. There were a whole strata of kids who beat the fuck out of other kids. Like the vast majority of the kids in my junior high were victims, they warrant the in a mouse, they too were victims. I was molested by a white male like it. If it were not excluded from saying that this is the thing that we pump up against all the time you I feel like every when someone says something about monkeys,
how about a marginalized groups. You assume that that means that they were exe, colluding were ignoring white people. That's not what it is. It's that white people get seen all the time, and this is just saying these are. These are some other groups that are having issue is- and this is why and that these are the things we can change the reacts. I guess again, I get your right. The thing that I'm fearful of is that you think I can't relates, but I can say that I've gotten beat up by cops in my hometown. I've like I, can relate to being scared of the Whitehead, germanic deeds who have the power I ve the victim of that, so I can relate in their fields like I'm DIS, invited to lay a mega. Maybe all this is my all my own egocentric desired desire to be bonding with people when them being invited to Bondman them ages.
its conflicting them because I can relate. I know what like five of the meat to movement, I do have a fucking voice in the meeting because I got molested by a dude, a white dude who had the power, So it's like. I agree it's weird for me to hear that debate go on publicly and think that I dont have a voice in it when a very much have been the victim of its own. I don't I don't. I have not heard the EU can be in the conversation I like you have decided that an you say that a lot and I don't necessarily think that's romping anyone's trying to silence anyone. That's the hope that is literally the whole point of this. Let me recognise- I sound like someone sane white lives matter to which is so stupid because I agree with everyone. Always known whitewash matter that that it's on the front page of every newspaper, so does it require a movement to remind people that white lives matter exactly it? Does
require a movement pathetically so that we say black lives matter. So I recognise a sound like that. It's on check when I recognize what is good and I don't need any one to feel bad for me. I guess it's just. I guarantee its my endless desire to be a part of every group. You know yeah. I think it's just choosing the way you say it like if you say it like that, like I
on a human level. I relate because of this I recognize is not the exact same thing, but I've experienced up like that to an end it sucks. There also has to be that whole thing. Yeah I mean I guess yeah. I guess I'm wrong. I guess you do know that that is the power tripping white male pics on everybody, not just picking on certain groups, it just pretty pervasively, I'm an authority on gonna fuck with you right in its terrible, I buy yeah the white male. That's getting picked on, might also be the white male. That, then, does it again and has in his doing whatever and admitted that I'm here resort I've. I've
My whole memory of childhood is a list of people. I think bullied me and then I guess easily lob off the fact that a good amount of people price he'll bullied by me and which is a risk for me to acknowledge air, but certainly there's a group of a dozen kids that would be happy to stand up and go no mother fucker. You did, this to me. You I'm sure I passed it on a part of the conversation that it feels a little bit. It just feels like defensiveness, when I don't think it is defensiveness, but its kite comes. That way, if you dont say yeah their terror, everyone I experienced this. That has to change as bad. That's this there has to be the qualifiers EC. It can't feel like well ever either
everyone, so oh well, it which is sort of how it comes off. If you don't finish the sentence, which is that in its terrible and it has to stop for everyone I think the answer lies somehow, though, not in adversity, gender color, sexual orientation, but lies within systems It's like the systems we design going forward in the future have to not be hierarchical in the way they ve always and so they started as feudal lords and we ve inched forward and with me now more people have got more agency and autonomy along the way, but that is a main against my own endlessly talk about how Really me a structure. Is that no one's in charge like like it? I think our systems, because
do you believe in you can see this all around the world and every different country with every color person anywhere. There's a power structure. People are abusing. It exists the nature of Us Primates yeah agenda. I sometimes feel like were hanging a little too much of it on identity or group identity in its its Morey human power, dynamic issue and in the end the solution lies in the district. The systems. I love you, you hey for the last person who hung in there with us thanks for. they can around. Yet we love you, we know is a long one year of LEO driving from you tartar Saskatoon Florida. Oh, Hopefully we were only option love. You.