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Katie Couric is an American journalist, author and general badass. Katie sits down with the Armchair Expert to talk about her new documentary series, the current societal emphasis on political correctness, the influx of confirmation bias and her personal experience losing a spouse. Dax debates the efficacy of empathy and Katie implores our listeners to rename her podcast. Dax and Katie discuss her watershed interview with Sarah Palin, the balance between work and motherhood and Monica and Dax, yet again, broach a fiery hot-button topic during the fact check.

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Welcome to the armed expert I'm your whole stack shepherd before it s about today's guess. I just want to share something that happened this morning, also driving my daughter to a gymnastics class or even tell you about this. Yet Monica unless feelers boulevard, I passed a couple guys and arrange for over an as I pass them. They hung the horn in through the bird s hope into, and I could hear them. We fuck you dear to me We were the only two people going easternmost realism, and we got to alight. They were next to us, Nanda Winslow, I rolled the window down and I say guys: what's what's the problem? in this guy was all f bombs you're driving too fast. What's this lemon, unload, feelers boulevard, screaming His body was occasionally popping in this or that he was upset about the they kept talking about the speed limit, and then it occurred to me while they were, I kept on guys guys
as you're, so hostile hold just calm down condemn, and I noticed as they were screaming at me about the speed limit. They were both sucking on gigantic dubious. There was so much pot smoking. I couldn't help, but think of the ones that they had really prioritize. The speed limit, lower figures, Oliver Burnham mind you. He was eight thirty in the morning ray and may are chugging Couple Adobe's with the windows down and ass one it occurred to me. These guys might still be up from last night, What why are they on the road at eight thirty in the morning, pounding do bitch, yeah I'll bet, we're up all night, and then they were on their way to get a greasy breakfast. And they were smoking. Those duties, but I will say I had this whole exchange with them and I never got angry. I just kept on guys guys do hold on a second, your very hostile. What is it I did
and you know I drove away and I have to say, was ensue, were excited. I even got involved in that with my daughter in the car, but yet I was him I was poor. but of the the what I want to say, the growth normally. I would ve been screaming and stuff right, an undoubted on that front of my child network have been cool, but anyways left they drove away. I thought, oh, you know what I chose the de escalation path Learn that from our favoured documentary wild wild country, which is a real study of escalation versus the escalation right yeah you? They should all watch that if you haven't seen in Annapolis, yet we are obsessed with it. It's almost all we talk about the bog warm in my new crush Ma Non
Sheila is so powerful. Speaking of super powerful short, ladies aha, our guest today is a real tree. We both hoped that this podcast would take off enough that we would not have to beg of my friends to come to the attic, but that hopefully people want to be on in. This was the first person who reached out to us one the beyond getting guys it's Kate Kirk. What are the odds are Katy Correct, reaches out, wants to be in your attic of your war zone. Construction projects to None Samina Alex where we jumping up and down almost back flip love like truly yeah, I am very, very attractive to short. Smart Ladys came right. My wife is a very short very smart, powerful lady. My mom is a short smart, powerful lady and you are a short small, powerful lady,
it's fantastic. So without further ado, please He's enjoy one of the smartest one of the most powerful one of the finest Katy Correct stay tuned, Monica. We once again find ourselves talking about a partner of ours that we used before they became a partner, buys a supporter of ours. We have? What would we have online? What are they called webs? A website? That's right at length. Caught yes, and I love our seat yeah. I think the three of us mainly rob did a darn good job. Creating this thing when I look at it. I would have thought out: they hired a team of people. A common and design. This thing in it functions very, very well right, like a well oiled website, very user friendly. How did we build that? Monica went to square they start com. That's right! We use where space for our own website and
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Thirdly, what you would want it to be it so so easy to use. I found it very intimidating to try to create a website. Miasmas super duper easy our listeners arm. Cherries are gonna, get a discount, you gotta square space that come forward slashed Dax you'll, get a free trial and, when you're ready to launch use the offer kodaks to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain go to square space dot com, for slash stacks and her code, the axe and build your own website. If history knucklehead can do it, you certainly can he's idea: TAT, anyways, rob erratic Katy curve work the armchair expert, it ain't you it's mine, blowing you're sitting on the couch I gotta say thank you doctor Dac when mom can Robin I started this. The goal was, oh, you know, hopefully
it'll get known enough that just when I'm begging people to do it, a reed less, you know in terrible one year on my hand in Europe publicists actually reached out to us in Jack. I don't think you can imagine the celebration that happen in our kitchen when my you're not gonna, believe who want who actually wants to be an arm. Chair, Katy Kirk lay ourselves, well. You know I am a big fan and I think it's so interesting in this day and age, how you get to people, you know honey, into their eyes and ears, and I think it's really cool that you ve been praised
this new media and that you're having fun with it. It's really easy to go like all this business is changing. I liked how it was, and I'm just gonna dig my heels in and be angry that it's not what it was, but that's a one way ticket out of the business right. Definitely, I mean listened their people, who are doing a great job at what I did for years and years in terms of television news and primarily focusing on that. There too, I think they're trying to expand and other arenas too, but that's their bread and butter, and that still a really important genre yacht television news, but I have always tried to predict- or at least have my finger on the pulse of how things are changing when I set CBS doing this CBS evening, news, which is really one of the most old school networks there is, I said when we are covering the Gulf
spell, I said: hey, let's take some twitter questions, because when you're covering stories day in and day out, sometimes you lose sight of some very basic questions. Yeah sure- and I thought viewers would have interesting questions that maybe we mess you, get very deep inside the horse right in here and there, I one of the I guess the vice president of the news division said to a colleague of mine. I think it's really beneath the anger of the CBS evening NEWS, beyond the twitter arrived and I was like clearly this is not a sort of looking ahead to the future organs. And I remember getting a question Dax and it was how much oil is dead there and I was lying. You see, yeah! That's really interesting as it now stands, as there is now a lotta. Well, I don't remember how much it was there if it was an infinite amount. Millions value lies in you know, so I have always tried to kill.
an eye on what's happening in the landscape and embrace it rather than shy away from it Joe. The new you ve, worked through a couple of big paradigm shifts, one of them being. when you started there were what three options for news generally or maybe you have you on your local and then twenty four hour new cycle started in CNN was born and Emerson BC. And all these things and What was your initial reaction to that? I actually started at ABC News as a desk assistant right out. I'll age, but then CNN was just starting, so I worked at CNN before it even for real Did you have encounters with TED Turner? I you know, I saw him from afar. I didn't really know him. I remember the first meeting he had with all these ride I CNN people who are very excited about this new way of delivering the news, and I remember he got up in front of all the employees and said
being the shit all over the place. really that's like really that's our fearless leader, of course, he's kind course he's kind of a larger than life eye, so I was kind of right there as that changed and have kindly tried to iterate, as they say, yeah, but I'm along it in my rights. A guess, though, that at the peak of the three network options when you had like TED Couple or Tom broke, are one of these guys we're getting. Tons of money right that that that they were there. Viewer ship was in the tens of millions right, and so when it became kind of vat, polluted by all these other positions that that bring the overall Sal renowned for everyone now not not in that early days are now. I think, for example, when I was able to be a co anchor in the today shows that show is such a cash cow yeah morning shows
bring in a ton of money, do network news divisions. So, as a result, you had a lot of leverage when it came to your salary of your were considered important part of that programme, yeah so friendly relation of my time at the today show you know, is very well compensated right and just so people understand the reason. Those are so profitable, not not just the viewer ship, but the cost of making them is very inexpensive right cause you're on one set, you have your cameras already sat and you can make out real time content right. an end. The ad revenues are high there now they're reaching you know, and I don't even want to live as way. I dont know as much as they used to buy that the key demographic serve younger, probably women who are making a lot of purchasing decisions. You I've never really kind of
sport. Totally the ad revenue models on those shows when you know they got good ratings, are consistent. I think they were brand friendly right. All those things yeah Yamanaka were just alive. Pod Asset Dolby Centre, and we learned actually now Mannheim SAM Harris said yeah. whereas I were obsessive same Harris. We talk about him. Every single package, Steven pinker on as again in the main they they did a live thing at Dolby, which was really fascinating, but eighty percent of the consumer market is driven by women winner making eighty percent of the Rhine. Sometimes I've heard his highs. Eighty five percent surreal new worshippers, skewing female as well right, ass, yeah, so aptly women I have to imagine an ideal spot to advertise if you're trying to sell something to the Ladys yeah yeah, exactly so you grew up in Virginia I dead at what is that an idyllic childhood? Is it was it rural
was it it wasn't. Rural is extremely suburban European Arlington Northern, which is really a at supper, Washington, D C, so most of the people in my neighborhood they work for the federal government. My dad did not that he was in journalism early in his career. He grew up in Dublin, Georgia. He went to Mercer in making Georgia wrote for the making telegraph when he graduated from high school. I mean from college rather and then went and worked for the Atlanta Constitution, United Press, We moved to Washington and he transferred into public relations, which always thought was a shame honestly that he has made I was so so smart and such a renaissance man could talk fluently about just about anything and I just don't think he was a big. I just don't think Pierre was a great fit for him
He did it right that I wish he was very wrong. I was rowed fight for financial reasons. Oh yeah. I think it was really hard to raise a family of four kids on a newspaper, man, salary, and so that's why he he went into that feel bad and where your daddy's girl, you know, I love those my parents so much you know. I think I was inspired by my dad, and he really encouraged me to pursue journalism, because I was always a pretty good right, I remember the head of the Navy was demanding than some was a loose key and what am I on my mom picked my dad and Mr Watts. Balloon was Lucy up at the airport and I was in the back of her station wagon and I kept asking him if you Did you hear a joke because I was sort of a joker like you were when you were little an eye. It was when Paul polish jokes. for all the rain. Oh sure, so my mom, if you do the set up, I bet I can do to fund yeah la knowing that
then some while it was Lucy, probably would not find polish Joam super amusing was about to blow a gas care and she was DR another carrying out an and Mr Watson. Lucy was like come on. Tell the Joe Joe men. Of course. I immediately, the via from my mom that I should not go there, but it was. It was if you did get it out, and now we are going to ask him how to get a one armed polish man out of a tree now what wave, I don't get it, because they are with data. That is why not yeah yeah I met use, I'm not going to use the vendettas order, bear those were all that there, the rage for but allow area for saying because today would be considered, obviously culturally and an appropriate as culturally incense
Evan highly in upper where we talk about this nonstop were kind of obsessed with this issue, because I would like to hear you talk about the whole hour for National Geographic. Now is our Tipp ass? Well, doing six hours and one of the episodes is about sort of this heightened cultural sensitivity, tell me not only on college campuses, but an literature in books, older sailors, academia, gas, ash and been really interesting in. So let me just because I was made the mistake of same after the fact, take this argument that I should go without saying. I think women and men to make the same amount, but I've just said a bunch of others that so I'm just going to start by saying: hey, I'm probably getting to the age where I should shut up
I think inevitably, as culture changes, you're gonna get left behind on some topics, and I can accept that and I'm not can recognize that there are gonna be things I just don't agree with as I get older and older. So this could be one of em. I could be wrong, but I do think we can definitely make polish jokes because Monica would say I'm white, so I'm entitled to make some polish jokes right. I'm probably that Ireland Polish, I can tell you I am here. How would you possibly know Papa? I think it's within our realm as comedians to be making all the way people jokes. We we want to make if we're white men right, probably not white female jokes spry, stay away from those and then we can leave it to the comedians that are say who's your favorite, inning communion, yellow our salmon eyes. Yes, so he's a week. This is something we debated about Hassan Menage points out that there is an official immigrant cargo. Does the toy Yoda hammering
he's a brilliant observation funny, and I said you know Monica. I could ain't. That same thing out. It's still a great observation, and I lament that that that I don't have that option. But that's just my entitlement, my you know wanting to be a part of every single thing and allow to be a part of every single thing. It's all. It's all very interesting thing has its change gene and I think people have very serve hardened opinions about this. One of the things I wanted to explore in this hour is: is this dividing us? Is it keeping us from being able to explore things that are what quote unquote quote? our lane and our cultural purview. Or is this you know it and it's much more nuanced. I think one of the problems in our culture today as people have these very specific opinions about things and they don't
here other points of view. They are kind of understand that it's not much more nuanced. I think media wise it so much easier to kind of its black or white, and this is so yes and we talk about this a lot in my opinion on that is like we have slowly weirdly embraced technology to the point where we work and by an area opposition. So we are black. what we are one or a zero. Your laws, men also not information, yes, and so this, his great causes is one thing that monarch- and I were just talking about a couple days ago, which is I reject the claim that I can't understand your experience. In specifically, I mean I read that, I can't relate to our human feeling you have now. I can't I don't have the black experience. I never will I like you. I don't claim to have that, but the example I gave was this: if you're a must kid growing up in the MID West and you ve gotta, leave your classroom twice a day to go pray. Ah that must feel
very excluding you must feel very other than and the US in them and in so I can't relate to being a muslim kid leaving deprived twice a day, but I can relate to being learning disabled in going to the special Ed room twice a day which was humiliating beyond belief and excluding, and I felt less than so. Yes, I'm not claiming. I know the experience but I am saying, as a human, I understand the feeling in the feeling of exclusion in feeling less than I can relate to so just because I'm white doesn't mean I can't relate to the night. That's me is the distinction. I agree, and I think you know we all want to have empathy for other people's situation and if you can't talk about it, if you can ask questions if you can't have an opinion or try to contribute to the conversation,
its incredibly deliberating and divisive- and you know I have a friend to someone said to her. You can't really talk about this because you're, not black one, I think that's a dangerous delineation for people. I understand. Yes, that's true men. There are certain things about particular experiences that are unique to individuals, On the other hand, if we silo each other off so much, how can we come together and inform some kind of mutual understanding? my point is that if you want a greater mass of people to join your movement,
but don't joint movements to be spectators? They join movements to be participants. So if the opening statement is you'll never understand my story, you should never speak. My story join my movement. I don't think you're getting a lot of people joining the movement because who wants to come just be in the audience of a movement you you want to have an opinion. You wanna be a want people to be invested and what you're doing and what you care about, and I think people want to which is living in these very polarizing time. And it's complicated and I've learned a lot about just in the course of this series about all these but an issues about sort of what cultural appropriate means I was talking to a lane, while Roth, who was the editor of Team Vogue and she laughed to pursue some other opportunities, and you know I I she talked about minstrel shows means would have one of the first cultural
appropriation, inappropriate, use, someone else and people are gonna, do what do those in black these latter they sat and an end there so deeply offensive, and I haven't really thought of it as a case of cultural appropriation, and I think if you're, you know it is hard. I think you have to acknowledge that it is in fact difficult to understand the experiences of a mark, lies community if you're, not part of the community as such or such a come at an accumulation of slight and attitudes that I think really do shape, how you see yourself and how you interface with the world. On the other hand, I think we have to have some kind of open dialogue while acknowledging that to figure out how we're gonna move forward Jam- to ensure their armchair expertise,
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atta friends house in some grandma Dick in front of my wife. I wouldn't care that just me personally could give a shit I would go. Now is a weird joke right. So I I I can't relates feeling like us, say sexually assaulted by that, but then I thought well in life in general, I'm a six foot to white guy, so I dont feel powerless. Very often I dont walk into rooms and feel powerless all the time, so it takes a lot to make me feel powerless, but if I was regularly mom analyze. I would feel powerless. Quite often in would probably take much to make me feel, angry and powerless. So, That's an example were like yeah, my own blinders. Could take me not understand what that person went through plus is probably hard for you to really understand the nature of their relationship. Right yeah you'd have a relationship with one and with both individual.
But in terms of how they in- and I don't really know yeah so who knows the baggage that might be part and parcel of that relationship. Right, yes in and also in India. Now I'm gonna jump into another hot lava topic, but another thing that needs to be considered all the time is, if the three of us in this room right now for sorry rob the four of us are asked tomorrow. What happened in this room? All four of us will have a completely different version of what happened in this room: I just human nature were not experiencing things the same way as one another. Witness accounts right, that's why they are so they're. All I amused right in that met has now been thoroughly proven and So what is scary and what is dangerous is that quite often both people are telling the truth. And we don't really have an answer for that. So often, both people are telling the truth, Eritrea their exact. Yes. Now there is a
third truth, if there were a camera in the room, we would have. You know an objective truth to it, but I I have a friend who is a nanny who feels allow no less than because of that title and has gone in to a store in been told that they can't they want tell it to her cuz she's, a nanny. That's for mothers. Are you a mother or you a nanny? This whole experience, which I found to be not possible, but I do believe that that she had that experience. I don't deny that she had that it. Zeb make any sense. Yet we hear things that confirm hunters, we already know what happened to her exactly. She went into a store with baby goods and she wanted to help with something According to her that the owner said, are you a nanny or a mother, which I can't I just can't come behind that that whatever happened, I dont know why the owner would say that. But if you're waiting for people to be Pointing out that you're a nanny, then you hear certain things that
The help me modify makes up here that they make sense, but I think it easily could have happened. I can totally see a scenario where I was buying, something in their alike. Are you? Are you What are you gonna cheerful away? Well, yeah. I did say: are you a nanny or are you a month? They probably get multiple times, and why would they say that, though I don't know, but I wouldn't even think twice about that like. I would never think about that after the fact but they were wondering if I was a lowly mammy or I, but if your mother here about that you're gonna slower it that's why we later when one day I yes it in, I have one I have insecure. My insecurities are people think I'm dumb. You know the list goes on and then You think someone saying to me, I'm thinking glaring at through that fell to us in so I will repeat the story, but images that that was my version of what had. I do want to say one thing before me: yeah, showing up on I'm it's a little dangerous. I think to say that everyone's
fruits are truths none. I listened. Many men are line that the vast majority of manner line in those situations yeah you know what I'm saying is. Sometimes both people are telling the truth. I've there too often everyone is telling their version of what happened, but I, but I it's- I think, it's dangerous to say everyone's telling the truth, because that gets into they knew situate since I could spend a lot of things. Are people say why was there? I saw this to me. It was this runny, the you know. An operation was full of people, and I'm sure you ve had this in your own experience, which is your? U go, you're much like my wife, your very powerful you're, very accomplished, I'm assuming you have pretty good self esteem.
Though you ve probably had interactions with men who have later been exposed as being predatory that weren't predatory with you, because you're not a good target. Yes right as another year, and so they put you in a weird position after the fact of going like yes, I recognise that yet I didn't experience that yeah yeah and I just want to go back to what Monica said. I think I think what we are saying is sometimes when people are talking about their feelings- and this is of course, a controversial areas wound and, as some people feel that this emphasis on feelings is too much, but that its their perception of how they felt or what do you know how something transpired and when, when we talk about their own truth, I think their own accounts of how they felt about something that happened. Yes, in a personal situation, that's what I've, sir talking about yeah yeah, but anyway, getting back.
he knows a so in an exact as one up come back to one thing. You're talking about the document we are about to make, I think, to what's dangerous. Now about the sensitivity is that the way academia has always worked and the reason we ve gotten such great breakthrough scientifically and whatnot, is that someone writes a paper. A good percentage of it is flawed in we have, peer review and they go. You know you might want to check this data. I think this doesn't really add up with what we ve got right and through this process of peer review. We come to find the truth, but but it requires There is that somebody has the latitude to say something wrong right or that the bulk of what they're saying is ripe and thence. Ten percent of it is wrong, and then that comes under scrutiny and then it gets corrected and that's that is a great process for finding the truth, and I think now that people's careers can and if they say the wrong sentence, they can be ostracised. That's it that's danger lies on social media. Yes, I think we have to have. We have to be able to.
Oh someone's going to say a lot of things. Some of them are gonna, beat insensitive wrong. They should have the boy, Murat Riah, but it's ok to be ignorant. I think you're right. I think that's when it does get dangerous when people can't with with genuineness and a true curious, city and with no intention to offend cannot ask questions, about an area that you know the very the very question Ring SAM ridicule, or you know ere. They are portrayed as something there. Not. I think you know that's a whole big, sticky, wicked about there's about. Does it stifle free speech? Is it I interviewed Adam Corolla for this hour? You know who has testified
capital felons actually daily reality. Memory testified on Capital Hill and what's his position, he thinks that the college kids are basically they need to have the forded to hear things that they dont, let our friends in the address bar that our offensive and yeah, but you know the other. The other side is, you know, maybe there's nothing wrong with people being more thoughtful about how they approached certain topics. I guess It's it's a really it's a fine line. Isn't it like everything? The giant of a little of both sides are right. Yes it becomes so intense that people feel like they can have a conversation. and that can't you, you got a float, some bad ideas to discover their bad. I guess that's what I'm saying
You learn, but you know what this whole issue of micro aggressions and you know making comments. I interviewed. Morty Shapiro is the president of Northwestern about this and he told a story about being or the trojans the USA Trojans re gas said, a football game- and there was a ban plain and wanted this is when you know a number of years ago, I think the present administrators wife turned to him and said: oh, you must really loved this band and he said yeah. I like that. I like this marching Van and he said because this woman said because your people really like music, What what an he is. Jewish, I didn't realize at the time that he was the only jewish person in this group of people. and I dont even know the stereotype, the Jews love music, and I now I now you know he gave an example of that like just a bone headed prejudiced, we're thing to say
and made him feel really uncomfortable. That's an example of something that he remembers to this even though it happened many years ago. So I think I'd of asking people to appreciate their preconceived notions and their own implicit, biases and prejudices sure is, is something that's appropriate, especially as these colleges and universities try to be more inclusive and try to make people feel welcome. You know it so I'm trying to present all these different side, so people can kind of year era. People talk about it and back to the first point you made, which which we're so inclined to black and white options. This, like so many things, it'll fallen the middle. So it's not that no! You should be able to go dressed in black face for Halloween on a college campuses. That's not either that option or
you saying that I only know some innocuous observation makes you a racist and Babo, but those are the two only two options right. I think that is like, hitting there's a little pendulum swings a little too far. This way, too far. That way, I also recognise that I'm probably buying into the hysteria about the college campuses. So there's been these evergreens a popular case of when they agreed pal. Again, yes, there's been a handful of them in the UN and of course I witnessed them because their on youtube- and so I start thinking that all college campuses are this way in. It might be a very rare thing that happens there I'm, probably over reacting to my think people again getting back to gathering your own set of facts right people cherry pick, things that support their point of view, and sometimes I do think it's just a lot more complicated. Man, then than an end at the. If people listen and kind of understand and hear other point
The view and why you know- spaces. Might it might be important to be comfortable before you engage and uncomfortable learning? If you in fact feel uncomfortable, you know me we. That is actually a good thing that IBM front go like hey. This is gonna, get dicey for the next hour and a half we're gonna talk about some stuff. That's gonna be offensive down. If I think, maybe, if you have the appropriate expectation, you're not caught off guard dry- and I think you knives talking to Morty Shapiro about that, and it's almost like warnings before a movie. He went to have found out the holocaust. Eight was interesting for him to give examples about himself personally to help me understand it more
and he said you know some of my family died in the Holocaust and it would have been nice if I just known, because you know everybody certain marks, this whole notion of retry ties in people, but it does happen and why not just kind of its really just kind of a courteous heads up, yeah you're right there, so you you ve done a bunch of amazing. views I've. I watched a few of them last night for fun. First and foremost, the fact that you your on sixty minutes, that's my autumn favour Chiasso, that's exciting to two of them jump out at me. One of them I, u famously asked Sarah Palin the question. What magazines or newspapers are you reading to start your day right to stay informed at Germany? Monica, now very famous quietly, twenty one of the top ten most famous questions right and then
our response obviously was like all I read all them and then you said will specifically which ones to Urim, and then it was pretty much exposed that she's not reading any of those. Ah When I watch the video that's now ten years ago, my eleven years ago, and I no longer have the ire towards her- that I used to have cuz. It was a threat to me at that time. I was so in support of Obama. In the end, I was so terrified of her and Mccain being. You know, President vice president, that you know I disliked her at that time. And now I don't. I don't dislike her now now, it's eleven years later in which it was Weir's, I'm watching them video and I loved when it happened when it happened, but now watching an eleven years later and oh my god, I just gonna, feel bad for this person. I think she just ended up in way over her head and was just under prepared, and probably any one of us, if you know plucked out of somewhere, would have had the same experience you when you back to breaks
lorries, which is your job, and we need you and we rely relied on you to expose things, and that was a very relevant thing to know about a candidate in those.
moments when you are in that moment, if you can remember exactly walking with her when you re starting about that- and you start recognising. Oh, I know where this is going, what part of your human bodies going all this is a little bit sad and what party here intellectual brain Assain this has to be exposed. What's what's walking that tightrope? How does it feel that situation? I think you well, I think you ve actually described her the way I I feel about her, but let me backtracked for a moment. I think you can hold us to fear feeling simultaneously. I think, as a person I mean I did too interviews long interviews with her the first at the United Nations and later in Ohio, and that was when we were just getting a payroll shot, and I was curious because I am fascinated by how someone become so extreme in their beliefs, and I mean she was quite extreme in her beliefs.
And I really the the crush nice I was curious about is what did you read like what shaped your worldview and what are you re disdain formed and because I feel I think I felt even back then certain material, certain people, certain echo traditional gas resources, a firm or help shape you. and I think early on in you mean I dunno with issues missing willingly Buckley. No they're certain people, who I really believe strongly in their point of view, or I didn't know, she'd say the Bible. You know a lot of my view. Views come from that and down you know, so that was kind of a just a bit Raoul question: it wasn't a throw away the lavishes to walk and talk you. So you don't even think that was you know it was merely your head and you prepared like us. You might say now no not nose out that now that was, I just didn't know how honestly intellectually robust she was right and but I had spent a lot of time with her
her meaning with world leaders at the U N in New York, and we many more questions that I think were much more relevant to her her accomplishments, her competence, her you know how she view the country and some of the big issues, Joe it inevitably face, and it just was clear honestly from the gecko that she just wasn't ready. Robbie thrust in this role and, of course, of course, you'd have ice water running through your veins. If you I feel sorry for her, because one of the pieces of advice I got is a let her talk and one of the things about interviewing people if you're in a situation like that not so much like this is you jump in because nobody likes the air yeah, but sometimes you jerry them down in this. I have to start look. Just have did not say anything,
and the less I said, the more she kind of was wrestling with trying to sound like she actually understood some of these issues. When, frankly, I think there were just some things that she didn't really a lot of understanding of when you weren't interviewing. Did you get a sense again? None of this I'm not trying to steer politically cause. There's plenty of political stuff. You could listen if, when the cameras aren't rolling, do just genuinely like her like with your personal datsun, is very personal GS person, a ball she very nice and down to earth unpretentious here, and you know that my job was to be her friend or to go out to lunch with. There is actually no she at the time, John Mccain,
he had a lot of some health issues right had melanoma conceivable that she would be called upon exactly run. I thought it was exceedingly important to be able to ensure the american people that she could take over. She would have been feet away from the presidency, and I was there to make sure she could lead this country while of course now you look at this situation here and you wonder: well probably I guess, given today standard she could have gotten. You know it was important back then that she had a real ability to be a critical thinker had accumulated knowledge and could understand important issues in a way that would give people confidence if she in fact were called upon to be President United,
states yeah, but there's a here. You are a primate, I'm a primate. We have on this human wiring right so there there I have to imagine you are fighting some instincts in your job. Does this is the part of journalism and are not people really ponder a lot, but I compared selfishly too. I was on the show punk and I deplore pranks and people in the times were hussy. This is this, evil. Maybe this is a little bit dicey. You know, but this is gonna be great tv and, like I'm aware of that, like I'm still looking at a human being in the eyes of being in the same shared space and there's there's two per So my brain going, you know this primitive xyz like no. I
I wanna be lockstep with a human being. I want to connect with them, and yet you might have a job to do that is that goes very much against all those instincts. Is that something you can practice? I think that this was such an important and a review yeah and any personal feelings I had had to be put aside for the good of educating the electorate. That doesn't mean that I didn't feel bad for her. Like my heart broke, a little bit ass, she was struggling down, wrote that it was like seventh greater trying to make their way through an oral exam, but that was an insult, the seventh graters and oral exam. You know I made so bad like any, did feel like you know, listen, I! It would be hard to answer a lot of the questions I am old wetlands, I'm guilty of that by the way, I'm I'm I'm watching the thing going. Like all my goodness, you doesn't mean its single newspaper, my! U, I dont really cool newspapers that there is definitely you're not running into
now, as then contacts like she needed an answer for that sure absolutely, but I do think sometimes we are holding people these dangers that we ourselves are not me well. I just want the president now to be smarter than the personnel are absolutely but the an element to your your job right. It's not unlike a defence attorney criminal defence attorney, which I am in support of that they have to rub that murders that they know murdered people, and that's that's how our system functions. They have to give them the best defence humanly possible, because that we have to protect the system. and I am in favour of that, but I would imagine, in journalism. You have this huge you're, the the fourth estate, as I will. We call you guys ray, I guess: yeah yeah yeah yeah, you're you're, the fourth wing of our democracy, which is you're gonna, help expose things that we need to know about. That could be hidden, that's a huge responsibility.
It's it's. An enormous responsibility was interesting. Now is: are we don't want to get to political, but you watch whatever that's going on and getting back Monica two year notion of Daniel Patrick Moynihan that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no one is entitled to their own set of that. But now it seems that people do feel entitled to their own set of facts, Yahoo and no matter, and I really give kudos to all my colleagues in journalism right now, they're doing an incredible job. The question is in the current environment: it it's there so much happening. It's almost hard to keep up with their and and it becomes white noise able to list some white noise, which is really upsetting you any one of these incidents.
What, if I would have been really is progenitors other presidencies, and this one is just, I think you know it's almost like we're all frogs and in honour. That is slowly boiling and it starts to. We don't realize, what's happening and I don't know it just a fair and I'm very I my mom domestic. I think a lot of these things in the long historical view will turn out to be great again whether he loved trumpery yarn. You don't love tromp. What could very likely happiness is this could result in our first female president. This could be the push. I very much think that the hatred towards George Bush from the left open up the door for our first black president, which is amazing. So historically, if you look at the what he served, you know ultimately a long term view its it helped. If Georgia be Bush had left office testing in the eighties. I don't think we would have a bomb.
so far so good. You don't really know how this all shake out in the end right now you down you down, but in real time six appreciate, and I also yeah, I think, one of the silver linings. It is really galvanised and motivated so many different groups who feel that they do not like the direction the country is going and they do not want a president who speaks this way, who conducts himself this way and who threatens various groups who doesn't seem to stand behind all Americans, and so they are becoming galvanise. Similarly, though, I think sometimes because of his behaviour in his his tweeting or whatever he's doing it, it is a distraction from talking about big policy, if oh sure, and maybe some of the things that he's
doing actually are worthwhile. You know, maybe there needed to be less regulation may be there needed to be. Oh, you know some of things these things happening, but everything he does obscure sorted these deeper issues and I don't think it's by design, but I think inevitably, That's what happens in there. So much kind of these nets flying around in the way you know them. Smaller investigation, art gnats, but these other things may be like. Oh look pretty tweeted about chuck tired. You know that becomes like a big news story and it it's such a distraction. from so many other important issues. So let's that's also taken potential a little inventory of where media may have gone wrong in this would just be from my having no knowledge to me when I grew up the anchors that we trusted right.
we're very neutral by my assessment. They ripped on Vietnam. Member Walter spoke out. I was like them every time, lily rain and F an l b j status. If we ll ask Cronkite, we ve lost the war I guess you're right in general in Miami stance. It stayed so neutral that when Cronkite did say that about Vietnam, people went well holy shit. This, this is really something because he wanted to do the carried a light carried a ton away to me, unless I'm watching my local news, I'm either, watching CNN or Emma's embassy or Fox NEWS or whatever, and now it is very, it's very biased is very evening. or era right you could beat. You can have this conversation that we're having and then still be an anchor tomorrow somewhere right that the requirement isn't neutrality so much anymore in is that an issue that is that? Why now you have two camps, you don't
who to trust there saying you can't trust. Cnn were saying you can't trust. Fox news is that a product of of of people being more outwardly political matters right it survive? Katy, I think, started the feeling among journalists who might have been ostensibly more objective. Is that some of this behaviour so beyond the pale is really hard to be on one hand and on the other hand, the drive, and I wouldn't even when George W Bush, though, was president or Obama that there was already happening that I've been having an. I was probably much more neutral when they have you boy, ass man, when Barack Obama was president, I think you know, I think it has become intensely partisan, you're right. You can watch Fox news and have failed
if you live in a different country, sure, and when you watch em assembly sulphur fun, when I'm at a hotel room, I did randomly. I go back and forth to watch them cover the same story. Ideally they bear no resemblance down the middle that someone could go like. Let me check, middle to see what what may be the you know the blow. of all these facts might widening. Probably the evening news, castor, the most down the line right, but I think certainly on cable. It has become just bitterly a partisan and I think there is a meanness, and I don't know whether that's because we have a president whose kind of routinely mean that there does seem to be, a kind of their nastiness that is imbued all the coverage. I think and infused all the coverage- and you know I was watching Lord Ingram on Fox when I was travelling and she was doing the whole Lebron James take down- and I was just like had
oh nasty, I don't even I missed the labelling that was, I am sad, treble and shut up, shut up and rebel. No one it was as if it were so. You know. I guess she didn't like something that he had sat in his aunt I tromp in, and she thought he shouldn't do that and if the whole thing felt so just vitriolic honestly and awful it's it's it's very hard to. I don't know it's hard to have that in your head all the time and that's why thing? Probably you know the ratings are really high on Foxen, CNN and MSNBC by it's all been great for television right now, but it but it yet But at the same time it does feel like can't. We all want to see a ride me king, like an embryo, get along,
get hard to find common ground, and I think one of the reasons- and there has been some recent science science to support this, which is, if you look at people's brains if, during a an MRI. What have you by the way Monica cracks us at the? and it is your duty to listen to a guy on every hand it. Yet if you look at people's brains, while they start talking about politics, do you see the sun, the area of the brain? That is your identity right. In any time, people are discussing things that potentially affect their identity. That's when you see the the most outsize reactions, the vitriolic. What you're talking about So even the fact that people listen to our language. You go. I made Democrat, I'm a conservative. I may live we'll know, you're, not those things Europe Other you're, a mother, you're a daughter. Those are identities. These
ideas, you have that you happiness, support or not support, but because its filed- and I am pro life- I am pro choice when you start talking about that topic, your identities being threatened, and you will fight very hard to protect your own identity to the death in, so that just the way we frame all these things, it is a little dangerous, but that that, if that is, I am a liberal, will know. I have some liberal thoughts and I have some conservative thoughts and I have whatever you know. I think that's where it gets really dangerous fear. Only getting us, I sat affirmation, not information are humans are almost incapable of receiving you, and shouldn't. You basically have opinions, and then you find other information to support that opinion, and then you throw out and reject information that threatens that opinion. So what's great, isn't that's what we,
talking my earliest systems can counteract that. So humans are very bad at this, but systems are good at it. Peer review is great. At science is great at it. The academia has been traditionally very good at this and left to your own vices. You really can escape confirmation by us any of us and I think it's uncomfortable right. It requires listening and require this processing requires thinking- and I think all those things that the world is working against Europe, those tendencies and so that's one of the things honestly I tried to do in the series- is to help people develop empathy for people who are different than they are so one of them I did on beat what is it like to be a Muslim in America right now with so much and Islamophobia when command Johnny posted personnel. He said Islamophobia is having a moment, and I wanted to understand what it's like to be:
a Muslim in this country. Right now, given the rhetoric giving that, given the talk of the travel ban- and you know, I'm hoping that people get fifty percent of american saving, Madame Muslim, they probably have they just don't realize like when you use ass, if they knew he had personal guys know yet, and so I wanted to give Muslim Americans a chance to talk about it. I wanted to also provide account. Meredith to what were hearing what were seen, how our biases are being formed. What people here on the news on television, Georgia state that a study and said when a muslim person commits a terrorist act. It gets four and a half times the newspaper coverage as when a white American commits a terrorist act in the way these acts are framed by the media by politicians are so different that no one
you're it feeds and two are confirmation by as your ADA Org or supply and were were born xenophobic or are we having group out group us them? That's all hard wired into there and if you think you can overcome that without a pretty sophisticated apparatus to help you overcome that you know it just it's. Your state of nature right is to do us in them. I might see. Minutes four year old daughter. I, like a certain motorcycle racer in so AEGIS. I watched the race with her music those other guys lose like she already fit. You noticed in her to know that he's, gonna win in those guys, gonna lose and I was watching like. Oh, this is just the circuitry. It's about prior awesome modeling for her right need help, but I wasn't saying I hope those other guys lose. I'm just saying I love Valentino Ross. I do Katy, so my air
Wasn't I want a milk lectures seen by the way? Isn't it it's a? You know it's interesting to talk about these things out. I have this very remarkable experience during the course of of making this documentary series, I went to Johns town Pennsylvania and spent some time with some M S. Workers and I wanted to hear their their reaction to serve hot button cultural issues, so I asked them what they thought of calling capper neck and take any movement and what what was being done at NFL games, and then I ask them. What do you think when you hear black lives matter and it s? A group of white men all gathered around a tape, or eating called pizza, and they sat all lives matter right and you know eyes. I started talking a little bit about systemic racism in the long tail of sort of. What's what this country has been about, young, how we ve never really acknowledged it, which is the subject of another hour doing
I'm confederate statues, but anyway I remain anonymous. Workers careless walked in and he's african American and he's he's said he started talking about what black lives matter me to him, and he said you know when I was younger. I would read articles about men being launched for looking at white women like in a pointed at me, and you know he talked about the civil rights movement and he talked about the hatred that existed towards african Americans, and he said yet he was much more eloquent than I am right now, but he just in a very measured way kind of talked about how he
personally doors, higher taxes and and and all the guys around the table just listened, and they said well just listening to Carlos talk about this really has changed my perspective. It yeah and I was like if people sat around a table, I think I said this in episode and talked and share their experience and a cold pizza and one of the guys even said we'd never talked about this because we didn't want to make you feel awkward. Well, maybe people need to feel awkward and a little more open the hearing, and because it is not black and white right, but even in that situation, what was helpful is that he was and us he could be, as they were empties together right they were coworkers yeah there was of all of us and I think of white people are watching a black person interviewed on the nightly news: that person is them. and you need some binding agent to have your ears open right. So lucky
in that scenario they came in, Oh this guy, and he was now us in that them. You know they didn't find him threatening here. they earn. You know they say that that the biggest leap forward in race relations ever was the Vietnam WAR weirdly, because that was the first time we had non segregated troops and was a first White people from the middle of the country are our living next to black folks in there talking to them in realising our work. Fucking the same thing and its hugely helpful write to me acting with one another in realising there isn't enough in them, which is hard
also, you know the kind of narratives there were fed that feed our implicit biases also need to be altered. You know when I M in the muslim episode in two thousand and eight I want to say I can remember the year. I was interviewing some actors from the showing Canada caught little mask on the prairie. It really just portrayed a muslim family, and I said you know I think in America we need a muslim version of the cosmos. This was before we knew about Bill Cosby, so yeah, you know, keep that in mind. I think that was a great aside. Arrow strikes, yeah, I got into disarray, did for making that suggestion, our The thing is that's what most muslim families are like in this country and I think, because we so see so little depicted of normal. You know muslim Americans who are you nope, share our values.
believe in what we, what sort of we collectively believe believers, Americans, we don't have a counter narrative and I think that's that's, really important, and I think we were in the current climate, worse don't get any kind of counter narrative and time, I believe, were getting about the most extreme info from the left, the most extreme ten percent of the left and the most extreme ten percent from the right. I think, they're making the headlines with very deceptive, actually went like one about the real world. I don't find it as by fear, as I am led to believe. If I go on to Listen, I'm very respectful of your time. So I just want to ask you a couple more personal things before you leave us. Science can be sad when you do that gave us you're a female yes of notices about you Last time I checked yeah and you raise daughters of Tudor. I do and did you all wrestle with the thing that my wife process within a lot of women, I know wrestle with witches
If you're not pursuing your career in your at home, you're feeling guilty when you're pursuing your career and you're, not at home, you're feeling guilty dislike this terrible thing that is put upon. I meant to just basically live in a state of gale, did that at all plague you ve not as much as it my other moms, because I was very lucky. I could go home at noon or one o clock and pick my daughter's that school. That's great. I traveled some in, of course, my situation when my husband died My daughters were just two and six, and so that was obviously an incredibly challenging thing, but I feel very strongly that women need to be financially independent and have their own thing. I respect people who stay at home and raise their families if they have that choice and that luxury
but I also feel that you never know what's around the corner and it's really important for you to develop your whole sense of self. As someone who is also contributing to the world, if possible and bad, you know those that's really what I wanted to teach my daughters, the imports of being independent and Ah, yes at times I felt guilty about not being there I witnessed when my daughter Ellie first walked. I think I was in Barcelona covering the Olympics, but they Turn have turned out really really well. You re young women, I think an extraordinary sense of themselves and about their potential and what they can do in the world, and I just think that kids really benefit from seeing that you and your husband was forty two when he died down. So in your were you,
forty one. You were forty one and now I live in abject terror of this scenario, because we have three and four year old, and I just think- oh my god. What if tomorrow I'm doing this? All by myself? Did you have a support system? grief counselling. How do you that's my estimation about the worst thing that can happen to somebody you know, yeah think well, how do I ll be ass? Secondly, wise yeah: let's have it losing their child, I think, is the I dont know how one goes on that I mean I, I don't think we have the re like how had one founded, add or any other tragedies are tragedies and tat. You know listen, I I was lucky in that. I had a job I loved. I had a very supportive community of people who watch me on the today show its horrific enough to have that experience privately, but to show up to work when matters, I'm sure of
national headline. Are you? How do you not whore you just not so self, conscious that everyone in this room is thinking about this? Did you about feeling when my husband was sick for nine months and for me is when he was diagnosed, he had met a static calling cancer and for me, the two hours at the time I did the today show were kind of a respite from ranking about him and find find a magic belt find a better treatment showing tons of research on the side because he didn't really want to know. A lot is unusual in interesting because he was exceedingly intelligent and I took it upon myself to carve pharmaceutical companies and Israel and to talk to universities and call
and I ain't because I had some access to summarize the interior and but but it was helpful for me to have those two hours where I could focus on something else, and it really an required my undivided attention yadda, but you know that I think back on that whole period of time, and it still so. A real for me, where you kind of going through the motions and in all we were on top of the World J was loving his work in New York. I this
I never imagined a million years. I would get this I'm just never during that period with children and just this bubble, love and Maria girls were so great. I we say to people enjoy that sweet spot. I know your dad passed away by of cancer and last up father is, is very much on his wife s legs with prostate cancer that that sweet spot in your life when year, kids, her little and your parents are healthy. Aha, it such a wonder. and you have to really say. I wish I could just freeze frame this moment in my life and you can't see you just have to did you have the awareness at the time and while I was have really go like all, this is the sweet spot. I mean, I think, maybe occasionally idea They are probably not an that's hard to keep reminding yourself
May I draw to say it out loud is off to install start Ignacio yeah, but you know you get through it because you have to get through it. You don't have a choice. You have children, I gotta imagine there's a deserted, humongous dose of sorrow on your end, because your partner in so many sworn to be with us. Your life has passed, but then you ve seen the love for their father. You ve seen your daughters, I assume they loved him like crazy new. Is that even more heartbreaking? Knowing that that's going with your kids cause, I certainly care more about what my kids are going through than what I'm going through. So, as does that combining everything. You know you just think about the fact that you know their dad is never going to be there for before more moments in their lives and to shape them and I'm sure he J would have had a lot to do with the people. They eventually became yeah.
Yeah? Of course, its heartbreaking them, it's heartbreaking for me and to think about them having to not have a dad at these moments. In our member there was a father, daughter, dance said Ellie School and you know I went to the school and I said there are three little girls who don't have doubts at the school. Do you think we can get rid of this tradition that, like a spell whole person. Yadda yadda dance, because you know kids don't like to be different now and you know so yeah! Those are a little thing all the time. You know that that made it really painful via you know, you just
it is what it is and did you have a tactic that you employed just keep moving forward? Would you gotta therapy, or did you have any like grief, support group? Anything like that? I mean I think I hear I I did go to the European and I had my daughter who was six go and talk to somebody, because I always feel like you never regret getting like a logical help. You regret not getting a job saloon and carry was only too so she was too little, and I think that you know I tried to support them and do everything I possibly could I talk to their school. I helped put together a handbook for private schools in New York because, as people have checked
ran, alter this happens more often now and I didn't feel the school was especially prepared are equipped to deal with it, Joe when, when apparent eyes, what were you? I would imagine self pity at that point is a very attractive option to ten. I can imagine having to really tried to steer myself out of going over the world the universes conspiring as we or I've had so much good fortune in my life. This makes and now there now it's getting even with me. Are you crazy, like me or no? I don't. I didn't thirty go through the evening, getting even thing, but I did have sort of day a very problem free life. Until I was forty and then the decade between forty and fifty was really will challenging. I lost my stir to pancreatic cancer. After my husband died. You got something really. Cool, though, is that you you got a corn ass could be on tv right and it led to all these people getting gone asked reason they called it. The cork effect.
you did your house. That is. That is what an amazing way to turn something that you're so powerless against in something positive yeah. I noticed that if I were I had, I was very fortunate because I had this bill timbale pulpit and I could actually educate PETE When I was you know, there are a lot of people have these terrible losses and you do feel so powerless during the course of a disease and huge there's, just nothing. You do it doesn't matter how successful you are on our way to have her. fame your way out and- and I think that you know, I felt a real obligation that I had an audience that might be receptive because they saw me going through this- that they might be educated about this and prevented and that that has been an incredibly gratifying part of my life
be able to do that. I just have Jimmy Camel to get a call and ask a bee. It's one of those things you have to keep reminding people anyone. I turn fifty and forty five. If you're african American you'll have to get your first call your screen, you know your baseline colonoscopy. I work with the young prostate Cancer Foundation in the African Americans are twice ass, likely to die of that disease. African american prostate cancer, yes, process I took Jimmy. He was such a good sport. You know, because you know I feel like still reach in Lahti and yeah he he. He really was great and he's taken a strong interest in issues regarding journals, health and so that'll be really fun and they did a funny skit with that and I was sort of his
his date for his colleague asking I went to lighten up by telling you Michael ask the experience, which is a communist I've had so many it would make her ears, because I had a grandfather who died a stomach cancer and I've had other members that I'll keep them private, but it so I say it's wrong, rampant in my family right so at about sixteen, my mother's, like you're, getting colonoscopy. Sixteen! Yes, because I have a very young members of my family have gotten a so it was warrant it. So I go and get my first colonoscopy at sixteen not what a sixteen year old boys Diana do yeah and then I was getting them every five years since then, and the last one I went to which weirdly enough I was prepping for when I was with Jimmy, came on a trip. You know, it's Miserables wearing were Memphis in everyone's eating q and I'm drinking that crazy, fluid, just terrible all accounts, and then so I go to get my class me in the doktor, which is a new money. He goes ok. So why
you getting these so awfully why'd, you starts oil in all kinds of familial palpable our eyes are also you have there that's a very hereditary four years, so I go because of the negroes. Ok, so you're, what your dad's dad died of Mega nano, my mom's dead though he goes. Oh, it doesnt travel on the male and female side. You do not need to be you did me begin any of those really, yes, that it it doesn't travel. Look I'm Primus informing people, but again, monocle. Tell me if I'm wrong. At least this doctor told me that that it would, I say what I had to my father's side and I'm not sure if that's right minded lively, neither factual sure, she'll dig into that sell you had a significant point. Is I Amelia pilot posters, which does affect joint, may have gotten liked him that I didn't need Yamlang? you'll enjoy them, you know, did you enjoy the Anastasia? Well, I'll, tell you! This does give you a nice nap. Does in what's nice, as they give you four said before they give you the Algarve? Yes,
ever said is it is. It is a benzel. It's like his annex or something and I'm sober for thirteen years. Oh yes, it's a nice freebie, there's about a minute where you're just feeling ever said before you go out and for me that's gonna worth it so your daughters are there they're doing while they ve gone to college, the deadlines that you would pray that they would do. My daughter is gradually my younger daughters graduating this spring and summer, in doing so. I guess before the start of summer, and my other daughter graduated in two thousand thirteen, the dream, as is apparent that your kids would think you're cool and in our experience we have going to kids, you don't care about froze ironically in civil. here come on, despite that, your daughter's mother is Katy Correct this just zenith of male empowerment in in should be something of a source of great great pride.
Where they embarrassed by you growing up. Can you be cool? Your kids? Were you the one person you now they are? They would get embarrassed about things that I do but in general I think they're really proud of me honestly. I think they feel not always proud of me, but I think they feel that I've really try to have a positive impact in the world when Ellie was in fourth grade, she said to me in the kitchen mom, I'm really proud of things you're doing about calling cancer, and that was so moving to me and you know, but she's also said to me once I remember when I was in a interviewed for a woman's magazine. She said you know. I prefer you dont tell stories about me. I feel like that's my year. Your personal information- and I know I feel, like you shouldn't- be sharing things like that. Aha, so that's cool. I think we ve had an incredibly opened extremely kind,
this relationship and my younger daughter who just got into Colombia Journalism School. I hope she goes said. You know when I come back to New York. I hope we can spend some time to come, because I want us to be closer, which had also a three year. He probably gonna get bad. Hopefully she won't hear this, but now so so I think we have a really wonderful, strong relationship and I have to say I am very proud of my girls because, most importantly, their kind nice young women. There also, I think, work super hard. You know they're not entitled at all, that's hard. and they're, not brandy, nothing and I think they have exceptionally high emotional intelligence yeah. Those are all lovely things: yeah Lessing own ass, you button and you can get up my attic, ok, what are you eating by the way we men and so addicted to make payments proposed?
really matter is academe throat, lozenges language, smoking twelve years ago, and so too do you eat those alive? Oh you better believe it. So round the clock is that there's no downside terrorism now nicotine in and of itself, is not bad for you erase your blood pressure little but I have moderate too low blood pressure is not an issue yeah and also delay the onset of Parkinson's and all sign or some serious at last, and I have a lot of us. You tell me what when is you're. When is your documentary airing, so it's a documentary series hours, you doc you Syrians and am Bernstein not not twenty hours or wherever Vietnam I admire, can so much What has he just amazing amazing work? Saving being you know tension in the same sentences. Him I'm it premiers. On April eleventh and that's the episode really examining
Confederate, iconography, memorial landscape and I was in Charlotte Phil during that horrific unite the right rally, as I thought there to explore how this whole controversy over the Robert E Lee Lee Statue began with it began with a sixteen year old, high school student, who we know, did a petition about it. That's how sort of the bar got rolling, but I was there for that rallying I travel all over country, including a conversation with Brian Stevenson, whose opening up a lynching museum in April this month? Because that's a part of our american history, we ve never really acknowledged or come to terms with and he's he's the most extra
Mary person. You can, I just say from my point of view in school I learned all we had slavery. That was deplorable, but Emancipation Proclamation Abe Lincoln were good. We abolished. If that was that, are now really mean policies, S Grant biography in it's. So good at detailing what that next eight years was like religious people setting up shop at point. Patients and just gunning down black folks that we're gonna vote, it did not end in innate, they really can a whitewash that it might leave my magic. should I wasn't aware of you know I thought like a lights, which we did the right thing, and that was that in oh no decades in decades of broadly no improvement whatsoever. Exactly in some of the things I learned in exploring this is when these statues were wrecked That was the message behind them. A lot were put up after brown, people of education
You know in the years following that kind of thing, but I just want people to understand the back story and that it is in black and white and to understand why these things are considered so offensive draft in America does in this country. It just is very Interesting greenway that's an episode and then we have five more yachts on the National Geographic Channel, incited Muslims in Amerika. I did this whole piece the nation, what's going on with cultural appropriations, save spaces micro, aggressions trigger, said examination of that I did gender inequality in Hollywood in Silicon Valley, but you know, he saw predated by the way the me to movement, dry and Andrew from these. What a year ago, I started in August of working on these seven shooting for about a month. I months I did an hour on waiting society to help people understand kind of. What's going on in some of these sites,
our cities and other rust bound and and rural. America, when the storm lake, I a wine Fremont Nebraska places. I would never. Is there a run for off all that slowly, TAT made me realize that we really people are in a bubble. her now talking to people about their problems, their cost and that their lives there triumphs and their tragedies and its it. You can see why there's a resentment on the part of people, who feel that the media and other institutions are out of touch. Because in many ways they really are sure yeah looking up at all my Hobbes are all red state can Hobbes in offloading in all these areas. Constantly submerged in opposing viewpoint of my own, as at the height of the idea that the election you know you're Goin November, an down, we went out to the sand dunes Christian and I, with our kids and we're out there is large.
Lee Trump flags on the back of doom buggies, and you know, we'd be sitting around talking with other families, and I will go guys, a dad. Oh, he went to a lot to get his family out here to do this recreational thing and look at the sky pushing his kids on the swing sat and all these things. oh, are you guys from worry? You run a motor hope you up all these cameras, were happening, and I was able to go like oh yeah, all that political stuff, it's it's it's like number nine of what I would judge someone's character on its like first, I was like this guy's a great dad to this guy loves. You need loves. His kids he's a good husband,
He now he's a hard her her all these things that are that that actions actions not not their actions. If I I judged man by his actions, very admirable human being, and it just just gonna write sized how much I care about a political difference enough. I just looking at the at what the human is. It just gonna write size. It always good good timing for us to go. There is obviously were it is much too chambers anyway, We have really really demonized all other, absolutely such a degree that I hope that the left for explanation of tromp is that you know thirty percent of the country's racist and dislike that's way too simple. It's too dismissive! It's too ear. I just I reject that. I don't think that's what it's also causing you said we are currently in a space, it so extreme, the actual things that are being set.
So extreme by the candidates. So when a muslim person is at the sand dunes, talking to that person, they can say, like. Oh he's, a good provider he's a good father, but he is voting for someone that is going to ban from living here, yes in alarm about Muslim in that situation, that is a hundred percent. How I would feel as well, but I can look at that I know you know what I bet his. I bet he has a single kind of a single issue, voter, etc enemies, yes, jobs, and I think it's it's so you might actually be sympathetic to that or he might go. I don't believe in this war, you don't but but this issue for me, the other when some unfortunate are going to fall below the priority. Many. I you can't generalise that I think this whole notion of bringing back jobs, whether he'll be able to do that or not is, of course, a big question mark, but even carrying about that even wanting even being responsive.
to that. Feeling of you know their deaths of despair among these communities from drug overdoses, alcoholism and huge spike in suicides, and I think to feel that your included that you're heard your cared about was really travelling time. Look this system, not working for those people, it's not working for them and someone actually going. While this systems broke with certainly takes the onus off view. You know it's. It's comforting and now on the victim of a flawed system in this person's gonna, hopefully fix the system I see the appeal of it. You know I might have recently don't feel excluded from this system. Lucky is how I'm, with anything benefiting from systems, are not as critical of it, but I know other people that feel very marginalized by the system. You know yeah yeah now is, as you know, a lack of
hearing both sides and sank. This person's also saying that there is the system is broken, and but that's not the solution. We here's a different solution at just the right that I think you're. You know when you're really worried about feeding your family are paying your mortgage exactly that's what is really begin to hear more than some of these other issues that maybe you'd be surprised about their point of view, but it you're not just what's propelling them here to vote a certain way, and you know that a couple of guys I talk to an eerie, I sat in a bar and just
you know shot the ship with the guys in her nose, an area I hadda I had it. I had a beer and beer drink. Your bet, you know they said hey. We voted for a bomb twice and we just I think they saw the life that they expect a kind of crumbling before their eyes, and they felt that somebody cared about them ludicrous this. This flint, Netflix Series. I just came out eight parts on flying, I'm from Michigan our idea of acting on lifetime about plant. Well, yeah dream. I t fight, which was a really good movie, a lifetime movie. What's a call its complaint, but yet you look at that you know the daughter industry is left in Uganda thousand people who are living below you know many, many of them in them below the poverty line that the police departments got a third of what response to have you look at all these things and if I live in Flint me
again I need someone to say like this thing's fucked up this is broken. I mean you know, so I can. I can totally sympathise with with that. One last point, which I think is so interesting- is this huge transformation we are witnessing in the world of work where automation, third, thirty, eight percent of jobs. I think you're going to be lost to automation, but there was an Ex fifty years. I think we have to help figure out what people we're gonna do frayed training has pottery living ring on us as Niver him yeah. You know what are they? What do they call it universal public income? What do they call it? It's.
amazing how how it, how transformative technology is in every arena, and I would love the presidential candidates or the president himself to start really examining what this means. If, in fact, thirty, eight percent of jobs may be lost automation in the next fifteen years. That is extraordinary and Stuart how're. We educating people, I'm not talking about retrain emptying about training. You know how it, how is our educational says? in point of respond to that. How are we to help people who mid career like a lot of these people? I spoke to my white anxiety. Our are going to adjust, so they'll have something pain job in the future. These are huge, huge issues. More people are talking about it now, but I feel, like our politicians, really aren't ya,
I think you know when it's ninety percent unemployment and there is a stipend from the government. Fine, that's going to be great to me. It's when you get to forty percent unemployment, that civil war you equal rights as the transition before everything's actually being provided by all this? robotic, not man, I'm, like you, know the role they're gonna play in in modern warfare earlier I'd, it's a very complicated and really scary in altering thing too, think about by monotonous, viable figured out? I think what you don't think the robots are going turn on us, not the ever missing some primitive hardware that makes us Eagle maniacs Yassin eating. I think it's fascinating, cloudy you navigate. I have to imagine your job as a little bit similar to and actors in that there is occasionally job insecurity or relevance, insecurity or, These things. So you ve navigated, a very long career, but I have to imagine a mean from my perspective. It's all been, as I said,
all peaks, but I'm sure there's many times were you felt like. Ok, though, it's over on Poland back into the station is that is plague you. Are you inordinately confident an optimistic? I mean, of course, that plagues me. I usually just try to focus on the work itself. What can I do that I'm really going to enjoy? What am I good at what skills do I have that? Are we know different and how can I employ them and what I do on a daily basis, I believe, in a very unfair world for women important. Mueller yeah, where I am that age out women way quicker than men, You know, I think well, not only that, but the whole idea of a glass cliff when one fails as regards future big Miguel, a bad man fail up. Then you know men blame other people, women plain themselves like there's this whole kind of,
a different way that that women and men are perceived and cope individually or personally, with success and failure. But Oh, I don't know I just sort of him having fun. I keep doing things that I think are important, that filling need that isn't being filled right, Where did you get to a point where you were able to finally go like I shut up brain? If I look at the facts, the history of my life, I've upstate, Lloyd, eminence worked out. When did you feel? Finally, like you know what I'm good I don't have to prove anything any more. Just at the facts would suggest I'm gonna land on my feet all the time and just stop worrying about keep moving forward. Now I wish I could more like the ok, good, I'll goods I aspire to that, and I would have been very jealous now now now I mean I always feel like. I have something else to do in something else to conquer, and maybe I'm egotistical enough to think that I have something else to offer a house.
Oh I like being in the max I like talking about important issues I like contributing anyway. Can I like adjusting to technology and the people are consuming and the way you deliver him from mission, so I've really embraced known things like podcasting, you're weekly podcast Mighty, Alzheimer S will be ready for it. Katy correct, now here I mean it's a better one. I need like an arm chair and now you're gonna get us there now know. Now. I really want to change the name. So if you guys have any ideas, tell your listeners Yahoo answers to come up with a better, but would you ever taken anchor job again? Probably not. I don't really think of it. That way, I think of what is the project and where can it get to people and how do you you're, because I've only people recognise that even the world's most exciting jobs becoming
teen after a while, whereas is is this dreadful as that is to admit publicly, but even for me, acting was much more fun fifteen years ago than it is today simply discuss I've done it a bunch of dams, and I would imagine any job spectacular as it is you you're ready for some change and I also like the idea of controlling my own destiny, not having to work for someone not to sum up the people to get good aside and then send not having to be at the way. Of some person, cassettes, oftentimes, very subjective when you're in on camera purse, and when you are an actor right I mean it serve like somebody like she's under them, but the thing is, you know. I also feel like, as somebody I'm sixty one and why should I be aged out of
Doing what I do, I feel a responsibility that you know. I have probably a lot more experience and a lot of people. Why should I step aside, if I feel like, I still have something to offer yeah just because I'm not thirty two anymore, and I think part of it is we become condition and animal. Pavlovian way, tests to see somebody who looks a certain way on camera and then you see somebody who looked older like what happened, and I think it's really important to see older bureau. You know Bob she fur fascination for years and years. Morally Schaefer runs young and yet- and I guess you'd do see some older women but very well, do you like nurslings now, whereas you never, I invite you now and so have a crush on those with their yeah she's, a beast
our house zau in. I think that's really important that people day they see it and it's not such a shop. Where I grew up, I can't I can't it's hard for me to unplug this fantasy. I have or your work really hard. Yet you have some success and then you retire. You got a lotta right you go about our final year in them Do you have that fantasy or do you go? No, I'm a guy enjoy working and I dont have a plan to not work yeah. I have a very hard time thinking about this idea of retiring her. You know I would like to have a little more time to travel with my husband. I have a great husband these really funny and smart and interesting, and he thinks I'm crazy because he thinks I'm like this work, a holly being of that, sometimes how I think of my wife but work on it,
She likes a work yeah, but my mother love to work so its eyes and ears. It doesn't take on a Friday and therapies to figure out how I ended up here. Let me ask the work is very dragged out email, you do you want to retire, Andy, I yeah. What would you do with your time? Motorcade ass, all EU wide yeah yeah yeah. I do and always hired of that, though well there's only the way to find out. I mean presumably works. I got tired of anything I grant, but am yet any anything that has an accelerator pedal aura on the handlebars seem too. I can spend endless time doing that, but at the same time, to your point I do you think it's really important to be Ever expanding your mind, if you're, not if you're not engaged in something, I don't know how you keep expanding it. You know and I feel like a dedication to continually expand the young in it. which I think keeps you vibrant and useful and alive yeah yeah.
As SAM Harris said recently when we saw him like being drug, sometimes kicking and screaming, to a new perspective once you get to that new perspective, its incredibly rewarding, and now I would hate to think that my days of being drug to a new perspective would end in oh yeah. I ran and just learning all the time. There's a constant. There is a constant, an opportunity to learn, and you know- and I have things I care deeply about stand up to Cancer- is something I cofounded and I wanna definitely stay involved in that, and you know it's it's it. It's a whole new landscape too. I think there might have been a time with limited outlets that you exhausted those and there's not much. You can do right now with disintermediation and being able to create things and build things out of nothing the opportunity to meet be much more entrepreneurial and not work. In answer-
if a corporate environment there has never been better just so you know, I think you can keep going as long as you want to keep going. Yet you can you can make it exactly what you'd want it to be ass, whom you have the leverage which I think you do and will continue to have an answer, flattered that you came the tires itself violent. Rarely saying thank you, armchair experts anyways, I am It is sincerely I have a very strong, wonderful mother. I've been blessed to have her rays me and I M so so, drawn to other successful prolific, ambitious engaged female, I'm so glad you're around, and I am glad that my daughter's have someone to look like you whether you are making a ladder there. Can it be a lot more of us in their generation
we would think so, and hopefully that'll lita all kinds of good thing. I can't I love you. Thank you for coming. If you'd like to hear my good friend and producer Monica Padman point out the many errors in the podcast, you just heard ok, let's do Katy Kirk, I'm the one thing I do want to say. I got a lot of push back from last week's fact check because I said whooping cough was tuberculata. Sis and it's not a guy, it's actually per toe since a lot of people told me that so I single tat, bright and good news. If you ve got whooping cough, you don't have to Berkeley only this produces put, but I didn't meant. I was just saying off the fly that wasn't
check the ads really hard, sometimes goes, were kind of making jokes on the fly and we're talking about serious stuff in look the Burma is it's fucking things never again be perfect, rather interrupt some do a little better but you're. His word is at some point right. I think we're sorry try to do better. Tuberculosis, Gratulation GEO Whooping cough. What is that? actor said I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is, you have whooping cough, the Good NEWS. Is you don't have to Berkeley us? overlying Katy talked about the Lebron James. Take down Laura in grooms. Take down. We didn't know what that was, as it were, someone's waded, I'm just treble the basketball or something she sees a Fox news anchor
any. He had said the number one job in America, the appointing person as someone who doesn't understand the people, so he had said some political comment on an interview and then he had said some of the president's comments are laughable and scary the houses, opinion nevertheless opinion exactly and then she resolution and have an opinion, could replace basketball right. She respond Our shows saying the comments were quote, barely intelligible, oh boy, that's why I'm mad her and she said it's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid a hundred million dollars a year in about a ball. Keep the political comest yourself shut up and durable I do love. This theory has, of course, a lot of people. Tell me on twitter that strict acting or whatever they think I do. that somehow I certain occupation would preclude you from having an opinion I know that in a democracy which our own courage to have in those people are sharing their exactly said, all right
God you stick Dermot algae or whatever it is, you do all just never have. I will never irony of this out and then we'll go vote privately they're not will die of sad lonely. Death, yes I been Lebron James, say whatever he wants me to also be keeps dribble now. Basketball is a hell of a play I'm going to do it, but we should do all things exactly you said: if you look in people's brains during an mri when they're talking about politics, you see the area of their brain light up, that's connected to their identity and that is correct. Oh thank goodness me. I was a lotta egg. Yeah they do steady. U s c, o raining creativity and the turnout, educators of Oj Simpson I'll go further yeah. Do you think he was taking their like psychology?
He classes- I don't know, maybe maybe maybe something of a maybe maybe knows or racial under current, that state rights now call him up by saying that have nothing to do with most of the football players my school were not taking those They were at that I did cereals real sports not too long ago. Asia I fell Lyman? Who is a mathematician? Imagine in the interview someone with your statistical awareness, given the brain injury issue and how much you value your brain. How do you continue to play any heed? I said you know more of it, but I, but then I retired, In any event, not because you didn't make a team, he took the address that question to heart interest, Alva, mathematician I'll, say this item I ran into the football players and classes was in my dance, wanna one class. Oh, there were four bottlers grand
were they gigantic? Oh yeah did you like ended. I signed the front row I conceal, but they are very occupied. A lot of space are very nice, and do you you were you try to develop our borders? That is now now. Yes, I generally your type to matter to macho toxic max masculinity, one person, shell track. I'd love watch him big big Goliath move around gracefully, though bigger out. Imagine a pretty good at. As you know, I am, but it was a lecture. It was not a movement class oh my girl, always in transcending, hence looking to cling islands. History, ears: I read about dancing. I want to learn how to foxtrot yeah. I think people on AIDS, Anais yeah, that was sort of my hope. That's all right! Ok,
so she couldn't remember the year. She interviewed actors from the show little mosque on the prairie ochre. She thought it was two thousand ain't, no two thousand and eleven, She didn't get in trouble she? Yes, she got trouble because she had said that there should be a muslim version of the cause, be shown the United States and then shall out a push back for that which seem This strange sure has two thousand eight. You two are two dozen Levin she did are currently as an eleventh cause. It was at who Cavalier Hollywood can't like solved this problem wholly weird. Hardly we can't this massive. His armor phobia ok, you sit african american men are twice ass, likely to die of prostate cancer, but then, according to Harvard prostate knowledge, dot org.
American men have the highest incidence of the disease. There roughly one point six times more likely to develop prostate cancer than white and two point six times more likely than asian Americans, to develop it. But the point I was making. I only know this because I'm on the prostate cancer Foundation around their spokesperson, I knew about press for them. I don't even know how my how, at what rate they contracted, but I know that their treatment, Isn t is good in that they once they have it, they die at twice the rate you now just make that distinction clear. But now I'm nervous Eve. Sang meddlesome. My mother had to socio economic criteria for sure. Ok, no, there are diseases that do disproportionately affect African Americans, one of them being hypertension. Away away higher rate of hyper tension. Will this? Does developmental aid hung ass? Yes, oh balls, probably in both hands there, both in their survival from it and diagnosis of it. Here familial get you.
Unchecked, pure african American yeah, that someone get in there and run around a little bit near worth it and partly for everyone, everyone how you guys Asian America. I guess. If you want sounds later years, that's pretty lot of an opening in your schedule. Shore forget them. The high posts can never say that word. Thank you. I posted, according to my wrist, Can I did a lot because I really parallel me yeah. I care about you and I love that story summer. Thus true, it's now it can. It can be inherited by either Para picking come through either. Lineage will finally be your back now more than a good sum, because it's been Once again, I remember I was I was on an airplane ride with James came also. It was on the outside, eleven years- and I think also cigar responsive every five years or something so you may they should go back, but that
Aren't you really did tell me that I now, I guess the stuff of all so quickly made me with the time he told me: that's what maybe it's a two thirds of all the cases are inheriting inherited from apparent with them, Even a pc gene and the remaining one third of cases just arises from spontaneous Jimmy. Just walk. Yeah rose the other three so we have only just got your lab results. Background appears you yeah yeah, bad luck, you guess what news, though, no tuberculosis only whooping cough deserve slight case of corn. Whooping cough cohesive Danube. You brought up because you were eating, you're nicotine loss and that you love love, ya, wanna, now, yeah, a small really meant a nice girl,
but you won't you better than my habit of chewing tobacco back in the Amazon. Make your mouse smell good. This is better than yeah he's in you had mentioned that there are some advantages to nicotine and two thousand six him Duke scientists did some research on this and there is a direct link between nicotine and an increase in the release of dope, mean and serotonin. Own separate study. Ok, who know switching jihadi searching studies and how does support my Parkinson's Alzheimer's claims throughout into the husband has Eddie performed at Stanford heard of it it's a very hours yet the very lowly call losers and number of people who can really get into any of the other college. Let a man, ok, feeder college fur losers, affirming that Gm They were revealed some surprising results about nicotine's effects on blood vessels, fur nude, diabetes,
treat people as well for Brimley would say diabetes a lot of the southerners say that diabetics yeah, it sir. good. You ve, gotta, urbanists, good, your blood sugar jerk, regularly Wilfer grimly he was on a campaign to help us aware of diabetes. Let's because diabetes, you poor, circulate Well, that's what I lose will make rack lay hands if they get they again green. If the amputate their feet, such a bummer. Other diseases do, I know better, is cute, as the name is divert us. It is very true I checked, but good news. Congratulations, and I say it weird tuberculosis near I got an I got. Some heat from last week- saw the way pronounce the Oh that was part of that. They now have MR white people on Twitter like fanatically,
pointed out didn't help me at all by the way, guys when you're fanatically spells about. For me, it's not a huge help. Tee said the he's now, guy still bad learnt, Well, look. Fearless get onto it. Alright, nouns spell it out, use numbers, you say it the enemies. I can't even here what you're doing here has meant that we have a Europe that is interesting, you're saying be it my knees, gray, Sandro themselves, here we have a man closing the end in an awe, easy mistake. Those laws you're so someday. I similar noises and yes, yes, but lower as a high incidence of Alzheimer's and smokers and in standing up Harkin's, ok, but Alzheimer's. Yes, she said they can bring into twenty our die. Mary, I'm really
MA, Bs Vietnam. I want when people say we it MA, am yeah I want some suspicious eager to me. The people who say, though, went there, then what I'll say MA am yeah endeavours. Nord stream videos its that's a ten part. Seventeen in a half hour memory series you watch the right. I watch like form and I loved it. It's such a bigger story than I I knew about you know you and a half hours were Yad. Did the history leading up to it? Hoochie men are all that stuff was but a lot more, I'm new ones, thinking complicated, an interesting and I was expecting I tend to watch it. Then I couldn't find her
fine? I think PBS may be, and I could be wrong, but yeah usually anger the PBS, app and watch stuff in that one. They seem to want you to buy it or do some crazy. So then I added it to the Vienna picked it all up and now I've no space for anything else. So I guess I have to watch it at this point is to get rid of their up some space we were talking about when autumn nation takes over and eventually we will have to have some sort of public stipend, oh right, and she couldn't remember without line wager. She thought I was universal public income, but there's a lotta names forbidden. The main one is a basic income, Olga so or basic income gap. t citizens, income, unconditional basic income, universal basic income, basic living, stipend or universal demo grant and do nothing good paper yep, a new kind of welfare regime which all citizens receive regular,
level. An unconditional some money from big might be unavoidable in our future. It might be more mossy off I now, if you oval, ascribed evolve It might be able Vietnamese. Yes, he does not have rarely tuberculosis now, yes to the Good NEWS, is ok how many people living under the poverty line and Flint Michigan. You said a hundred thousand between two thousand and nine and two thousand thirteen. Forty one point: five percent of flints residents level the poverty line and those rights ran a thousand florentines. I know now I realize that the living man is I'm reading it. I dont know I would have loved. You have crunch those number as you know how much I love my on mass skills when you give me like a percentage than I of the total
and then I can crunch that do you wanna do alive yak as if it was forty one percent. There were three hundred thousand people. That's a hundred and twenty thousand people you ever take like a thousand people came two thousand sixteen years number I have here. The population of Flint Michigan it's ninety seven thousand three hundred and eighty six or you don't think. There's a hundred thousand people below the poverty line as they now. Let's really you now so that we can just say forty thousand It was almost a hundred thousand people in its of forty one percent and so to say forty thousand candle and that's compared to sixteen point. Eight percent in the rest of the state, really:
super duper high. So you reference a SAM Harris LIVE show that we went to. You were talking about getting sort of dragged into a new perspective and that's good. Now Steven Pinker show esteem Tinker's talk, but I thought this was just entering this is not actually, but I thought it was interesting because the reason that came up it was during the q and a person at the end, those can be brutal. People really Isn't that platform for their fifteen minutes vain. But this guy had a really good question. He said one was the last time you change your mind about. Yeah and SAM did say: death penalty. I thought. Oh, that's interesting. Gazettes, also one of mine that I've changed. My opinion on re then tore reform, but most people probably can answer that. But it's a very good thing to keep in your brain circulating gives it a goal to have
You should be all the name, something that you are. We ve discovered. You were wrong about scarier, malleable enough to reminded him. Yeah stand. You have one while I was thinking old death penalty is one for me too, but also probably abortion ensure at some point row: life. Yes, like a young person, those of its harder is her. I've only been an adult for couple years. Let's talk! This is where you Chris and I had a juicy conversation the other night. This is real dangerous, but let's do it. The pro life pro choice, debate in the country to me is about the the least regional topic we have theirs. no compromise, which is really very sad. I knew the hardest button.
It is in ages. What what's really troubling about it is, you know neither side can be happy with the compromise. You know that, just again, I have a certain position on it, but it's not to say that I I don't feel for the people who are pro life or want them happy as well. I found myself saying near so I'd. I think it's unrealistic to imagine that young teenage people were tons of new chemicals in their brains and hormones are going to be thinking correctly and making greater choice as all the time. I just think that's a very unrealistic expectations but I have to say knowing that there's no solution right that there's no compromise that both sides are going to be happy with. I did think cod. Is there any movement on my side? Is there? Is there anything that I could concede on the pro choice? I did what I thought was
This morning after pill, what's a call plan b yet now I think it's too much to expect young people to be always making the right decisions while drunk at a party and fifteen. I dont know that I think it's too much to expect them to go. Get the plan be upheld the next day. I dont know that that's an expectation that we can't have of young people and of course it will require a huge evolution and in dispensing that medicine, it would have to be available at schools. Yet no questions asked that might be really hard parents my object to that, but I have to say just in looking for some solution that neither sides gonna be happy with it did occur to me I don't even know that I supported or don't, but it did occur to me. Oh my god that actually could be a movement in that direction,
ocean has been rendered obsolete a little bit because of that pill I mean that that is, though, that is that the more gruesome of the options at your disposal, if you become pregnant, you don't want it. Maybe two termites much easier and probably healthier to take that pill the next day yeah. I think the problem is, you do have to take it. I don't know enough about the plan- be upheld too, to speak now, the latter or maybe a sponsored, some sorts- be careful no, I'm nothing bad to say about other than you have to take it in a timeframe. Ok, but about again you're right. I don't know the side effects of the pills went and of its bad to take it all the time. But yes, kids won't realise their pregnant quite often till later Guiana game. But is it an unrealistic expectations just to go like hey man? You have
Jackson, high school. You got to take that thing, the next day. Yeah, I don't. I don't know. I don't know if there are lasting effects from taking it. I don't know how often you can take it if there no side effects are no problems, sure everyone should be taking it every morning. I guess with there Bravo mine ASEAN have sex the night before yeah, but kids, not not just kids, adults, young adults who aren't ready to have children and people in general had Saxon. It was attracted. They should take that pill. The next in it would have to be more than just schools and your doctors office. It would have to be view should you should be able to walk, into any doctors often allow any clinic anywhere yet and get it for Free Europe. That would be a lot cheaper before you say. Oh that's a welfare thing. It would be a lot cheaper
these love. No, I know you want it, but only if all say- or we don't have to pay for people's birth control right. The issue of people saying that you don't have to pay for people's birth control, all be it it's a fine statement in and of itself it does deny the reality of our medical system, which is we don't deny people care? That statement does make sense and would hold it. if we had a country that denied people medical care. So if you could go to emergency ruminate say get the fuck outta here you dont have insurance than yes. That statement makes SAM yeah acknowledging that, we don't deny care and that we will end up paying for it at some point down the line, then you have to get a little pragmatic about what the cost of treating things in an emergency room versus treating, tries, pre emptive war yeah. I think a lot of people who are pro life believe at the moment of conception, that is a human
and so the plan B pillars as they offer them would not be an option guide still is the same effect. Ok, so maybe this isn't a compromise I note what is I wish there was a compromise I I'll. Tell you why that the reason that it it's it's troubling to me that this divide exists is because, if I were pro life, that would be the most important topic for me. That would be the most simple, think about for then I was learning here and so I would then kind of Bee force to choose whatever candidate was pro life and have to prioritize that over all other issues, which would be very fair, and so I dont want, I don't like- is that it limits people
voting one issue, but I understand it and I am sympathetic to it. I don't I e where there was so. I would like to figure out a way where we can make that not a single issue. Voting thing here is my problem. Now I can, I can fully understand the mentality of being pro life. I am very much under but what I don't understand is in the same party in the same candidate. You are voting for their their pro life and there what social programming cut welfare cover. All of the things that are gonna help that baby the one sort, of course to be born to live a good, happy, successful, opportunistic life, it's very seems contradictory, very country
directory and will not feel this way. But I understand I do understand it. Doesn't it's not that I cant find the logic in the argument. I can I just disagree with it. They're not guarantee, knew anything
by being born in the U S, not guaranteed health care, you're not guaranteed food you're not guaranteed anything. I'm you are guaranteed a life, that's what they say. You have a right to your life. You don't have a right to any services f after that point again, I don't agree with that, but that that's a sound argument is that you are guaranteed to life your constitutionally guaranteed your life you're, not a constitutionally guaranteed food medicine. Anything beyond that point! Yes, so I it's not illogical. I just don't agree with it. It is a logical when you start thinking about what is the purpose of life to just have a body
in existence and that, if that's living, then I guess that's fine, but that wasn't forgot. That person might then say. Yes, they do deserve all that stuff, but they should be finally met through the church or through an organization. Is not the governments role, be providing that stuff, so maybe they might even go. I do agree with you. They should have an education, they should have food in and in medical, but that something that the church has to provide or some philanthropic organization. It's not the. U S, government role again, I don't agree with that, but that I can see I dont think it makes that person a psychopath well well, yeah, less sixteen year old girl who doesn't know she's pregnant and his drinking and is doing whatever sixteen year old girls do,
and this will let's go rely words an example, because it's easier to find that say that sixteen raped, which happens all the time right, but this does not really my point all campaign does it if this child is not taking care of the baby, in the womb, and the baby is how dangerous not entitled to a life of we know potentially fatal alcohol syndrome or disabilities, or these things. That babies now that person is now forced into that. The baby is now then medical issues and that party, generally speaking, is not for adding more money into the health care system. Any of these things, that's gonna help that person survive actual life right.
I bet that those people would say, while that sixteen year olds pregnant, they dont have the right to party that they may not know their. Sixteen signals are dumb right, but I think that the that the person that was pro life would say your ignoring the solution, which is yes. I am asking that person for nine months of their life to give up their rights because their growing another human being right. So once that's alerted that their pregnant. Yes, they have to be supervisor, they have to pay into a cup or they have to be monitored or they have to go someplace, that's funded by the government, so that they can. hopefully grow the baby in their valley. You know they would probably say yeah blows for Sixteen year old, it's
baby nine months of their life and that sucks, but that's just you're going to have to eat. You know you got pregnant now, you're, going to sorry nine months of your life you're going to have to grow this thing healthy and then you can do whatever you want. If you give birth, I imagine that they would say again. I don't agree. Has a lot of money do that properly and I bet they'd be fine with spending that money to get babies out healthy now is that they are not for adding more funding into the health care system. An insurance now, even for nine month, windows! Well, yeah, that's a whole Jimmy! That's Jimmy camels whole thing right now, with the with the children, the Healthcare act and all that stuff you knew I was to go oh shit so or about the fact check. Obviously there less than normal, because Katy is so knowledgeable, rogues years right. She didn't fuck up at all and he was smart enough on the fly. If she she was questionable, she would,
back before she saw me what's his real report. Thank you your healthy, respectful debate, Monica, I always appreciate and I love everyone.