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Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick, Silicon Valley, Adventure Time) is a Pakistani-American stand-up comedian, actor, podcast host, and writer. Kumail sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his path to overcoming undiagnosed anger, he talks about the moment he realized his childhood cuteness had disappeared and he gives the backstory to why he stumbled in his SNL monologue. Dax wonders what it’s like to be married to a relationship therapist and Kumail talks about his journey to gain 20 lbs of muscle in 5 months. The two debate whether feeling excluded is universal, Kumail talks about his complicated relationship with Pakistan and he teaches Dax the difference between Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic hamburgers.

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Well Go Malcolm welcomed, armchair expert, I'm Dan Shepherd Fortunately, I'm not with Emmy nominated Miniature mouse right now, because some unfortunate news brought me to Detroit in a hurry or I'm at were separated. I apologize more bad news. It's also going to affect the fact check, but we are record the fact check for this episode when I return and then we will slap it on their. So, if you miss As I know I will you can kind of revisit it and but we had to say, ah posthumously. So today we have you, we ve had a few that. I have fallen head over heels and with that I didn't know before interviewing them. My guest today command Johnny, oh, my goodness, what a love can I gotta say if, if we were on that show, we would have gone on a second date. He, here to talk about many many things but among them he has a new movie called stupor. It's our July. Twelve eight or near you. Please check that out.
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other than those two folks. We ve not talk to somebody with more podcast time under their belt than you. Having had a few podcast right, yeah I've had to two points. gas! So not a few! A couple I guess early though I want to commend how early you earlier right when I moved to allay unguarded apart guest, of course, and then I started the next files. Pike has got x files files a couple years a few years later, but the new season started right right and so I've I've done a lot a picture. now, when you have done x files files and then a new season was coming out, did you feel like? Perhaps you had been a part of that Greece in Greenland. I'd have to say that, but other people were thing in and I gotta stop them from setting. I actually because my part guess some of those writers would listen to it short. I got in touch with them and they were come
the show or the show the new season was even approved or whatever picked up and then I'm in an hour, sort of the seas. You all see willed this whole thing yeah I have to assume you are very sincere and genuine in your love for x files. The item, if Erica, right. So why isn't that wonderful to get too like other writers and then being on it? Oh yeah, I talk to people who are like when they re love, something they like Riviera and they don't want to be part of that. Do not like all right I'll bet, ya, wanna be at all. If I could time travel where there is a list of things first thing is: I have sex with Monica grandma yeah, that's number ones. How does woman I've ever seen in my life? When did you see her there's a! Why do you need a time travel machine to have sex with her? I think more. I'm worried about her safety at her age right. Will you
you're leaving, I could be the ideal him king in view of the different speeds, don't you know I'd say by MRS Brenner: not a mirror the maxim over access effort, the when you call them answers. You have a rabbit, not a turtle, there's a dial that turn turtle they live, but it is the variant birthday you won't enjoy, but the Good NEWS is that will be over very queer equate Lydia there's like getting a shot bouquets sewing and as it has done time machine there's a picture is on her wedding. Yeah turns out: that's just lore: it's not really her wedding day, which now saying that we achieve a doll beautiful yeah, there's no arguing we actually Monica like thought. I was getting carried away, but then we positive picture of her in Brazil, India, we ever was like oil most beautiful woman ever live. It was conclusive. I I want to see this because you were here: ok, so the right after I finish there
I screwed over to Oregon and nineteen eighty and I have sex with more, not Sheila. Ok, please and acts I get it grants he's still around, and I have a rule that out again I married, but in the time travel I won't be somehow right new hope, because I won't even be borne yeah right. Let me see you think we got here. She is beautiful. Yeah Camille zoom in on that she is, she is, did you just say, and on that I heard the known the border. Is that gets a lot of how didn't respect here with this year's adoration and luxury is very like gum, her eyes, a very I don't know the war ox, locating didn't. Why wasn't mysterious allow these are all editorializing was trying to find a more neutral word while still being positive. I didn't want right way being very dearly about picking the right adjective Eliza.
how to say your weight, I can't wait for it. I was about to see, isn't that the pressures more than ever, you gotta, get that The two general rapporteur, you gotta, get perfect. I first one of the first order came to my hat. Ok gonna sound negative, but it is not negative comments here. First and it's not you it's just a few but it was heavy and I dont mean heavy and about the eyes. I just met heavy like their full of stuff. The deep here, yes, I agree, there is a god does occur stuff going on in her eyes, Mary weighty, its interest. The seems very interesting when I treat she had married. I worked, I agree anyway, so that's us, then stop number two right and then number is minor. Sheila days about sort of like Brown, women sure both are indian monarchy. I mean I oh yeah, she's Yardley is the bog. One was there in India sure. So that's a little bit of a pattern is emerge, but the third to have
a vital part of the third stop would be. The UN's Morgana Valet Smoking Ban has like to your point. If you I review that movie, but I'd I'd been two seconds a vital time machine, I would chase them in a cop car, buffoon or whatever, whatever is necessary, but I want to be in the things I don't wanna be. The guy would just locks across grade and I wanna like do something you want to make a little mark in that I don't want to be like. Oh, he want to contest. I used to be like. Oh, he actually contributed the thing right now with that, said. You know this long list of people that have been storm troopers in star wars like a prince Andrew. I really am William S, I'll kick your name. Is there a Henry Prairie Airy? I guess the princes were in or storm troopers. You know what the helmets on rice, it's in esteem group of folks who have been storm troopers. Would you do that? Well, ok! So I was in London last year and I'm friends with Judge Abrams Emma
then he was like. Are you in town right now for Monday? At those like the one week I was away. I wasn't in it I would have done it ah mars. It would almost happy new year and he still is like that. Didn't sound, like a name drop I mean, maybe I guess it did a little, but what is relevant to this If I ever have the best thing I learned about named, dropping Tom Hanks told me you just have to do. Is you just can't do Tom Hanks told her? I just can't that's how my John John Hays, that's just what I did. I always love it. Somehow but like, for instance, game of thrones couple weeks ago, rob the colony and Martin STAR are people who get like murdered, we millennia got murdered a very quick we must do so he's a good friend of ours. Yes, and I knew he had been over there. A couple different times to visit sets. I didn't know he was murdered right. He was murdered. He gets like it
I shot out, and does it still of it then Martin STAR Aha got murdered. Hence so I was thinking what I want to do, that I love game of thrones sure, but it seems to me a whole day of make up an older like something that anybody could do. Also, if your plane in the deep b e g in the deep bow ground before they get before they get to your like murder scene, you could be there for a week, yeah you now, notably, and they want to get it exact. I mean this look like it was a long coupled there. No, do you think they were frustrated that the one episode they were in it's it's not visible, like it's the one before that acts already, there were three episodes: it's not the big fight where you can see a fucking Now, how did you get frustrated at all? With the I love that episode? Oh, I love the episode, but we frustrated with her dark. It was I side at a movie theater.
You did ok yeah. We dated April, I sighed the Chinese that screening, therefore, that you were invited by Mr Chinese yeah. Ah how at an initiative, we ask me if you just hinted at this thing: that's a pet peep of my more people go and I see them twitter, all the time and uninstall em they get like the people are always asking me in general I just don't think anyone's ass? No, no! No, I think we're really in a time where everyone sort of dealing with their own ship and only getting very angry at other stuff, I think I had started the era when yeah yeah the epoch, the outrages park. I think so I mean the fact. For me, the height was a change sonic bit better What sonic looks like they did it really in response to some outrage? Yes, they did a trailer for sign language, about low grade and bench words, love I'll, carry. You know we back
I'm thinking of Sonic Hamburg, me she'll. I also thought the Hamburg, so there's a movie called Sonic Amber there's something there biting Kumar and whenever go to another trying to go to the deck some Monica go to. Brazil came rectangles. Languages argues that there's a movie sonic sided a hedgehog, their headshot. Do you know that is just vaguely its? Is it not the same? Mask added, sonic hamburgers now very definite society. The hedgehog is a little blue hedgehog, but he was like a response to Mario, so they did a movie and obviously it's a video games are. There are crazy fans, yeah. The trailer came out and bench words. Do you know bench war? I do Yazzi hours here. He is the voice of signing and I thought the trailer was great. The bad guys Jim carrying, looks amazing in it, but people didn't like a sonnet blocked and there was such an outrage.
The studio as an ogre will change how we know so they ve gone back in and reanimated Sana, the other gonna redo the whole thing. Ah God would, if they put like, on surfer hair on women and men will have to go back into a whole different character that Hake I bad sonic is now but lack. We go on different, contractually weak. And get rid of any one and a half like about the work that it just wasn't. Representative of the original thing awry adjust, was sort of like half everything like sonic cartoonists, tonic and like too much of a real sonic. So while people thought here he looked like human teeth. Anyone crappy without it was off, but I like to try to take Sonic, which is such a cartoon character, make it look more like an animal that might exist in the room and hence another darling back toward the cartoon diversion. Ok, they're, really. Listen to that friend. I hope that's a warning to anyone who would think to bring pack mantle
Thank you. I don't change because it so simple. I mean it's a circle with a high rate of pi with weapons lies out. Ok, you have a very interesting story and I M very excited to talk about it you were born in Pakistan. Eighteen, seventy eight three years younger than me, I'm frustrated do announce and you were born in Karachi, which beyond Oughta, have no, no, you don't like being older than people. That's without was I see Do you like mean older than people? You know this is an interesting question I, for ever, I always wanted to be younger than I was like when I was in the seventh grade. I look at the sixth graders and I was like how they have it so easy like alcohol
Is all every kid wanted to be a grown up? I want to stay a kid and I felt like for a long time like I always felt too old for how the how old over here- and so I always like when they hit thirty. That was pretty tough for me and says I'm forty one. Now I just two and forty one cause I was getting closer to forty hours. It was. it's gonna happen all through my thirties. I was like a shamed of my age and that when they had forty, I was weirdly fine. What was it that you had expect nations of yourself that by thirty two years, was to be there and by thirty four years was to be that that's exactly right! Ye I felt like for my age. I had not accomplished enough. Yes I have a similar issue, and do you like monitor what age everyone else's that Scott, like something wonderful out in the marketplace daily casually I'll watch like even we We interviewed this wonderful airily, car, yeah documentary and yes,
today you ve seen her documentaries. You made the M dearest Mamma had in their she made that movie when she was twenty five and I got in secure and fellow failure would mean, because I still unemployed at twenty five lobbying twenty five I was in freefall region have liquor drugs. I you know I, when I first moved to New York from Chicago to like pursue comedy, I was I was gonna. Do this my friend Peter oh yeah yeah yeah, very nice guy. He had moved in Europe a couple years ago we ve been like friends forever. He was my first comedy friend. He was like. The one thing he cannot do is compare your success to other people success. He said you cannot do that. I've seen it kill people from the inside so ice or made. That decision do not do it. Could you
can control that stuff and I've been really really good about it. I've never ever really as upset about somebody else's success until weird late last, like couple years where I've been been doing better than I've ever been doing more South Sudan have ever been, but now I feel like that starts creeping back in some time Frazier, like maybe it woke up just an evaluation- side of your brain to begin with. Like oh well, I'm! Actually wrong that I'm happy to be here and now. I'm thinking about my wrong near colleague, lady. Could you could that possibly be here? I don't know I haven't been able to figure it out usually takes me a couple years later to be like. Oh that's what that was right, we'll wild to figure out why I thought I was too yeah while the black, oh, I felt like I hadn't accomplished in last year. So and I don't even
They did it in a way that I was jealous or envious arena wanted people success to go away for them. It wasn't. That is much. Is your item, unlike actuary like an insurance actuary right, so I go oh SAM Jackson, didn't get frames told forty two or whatever right then I go like oh. I guess I still could turn out to be single Jackson or people. Famously, though, go o re, cracked, it and invent Mcdonald's till he was fifty do not so inspiring for a long long time until you turn fifty three he and then we're kind of out of power. The poor who, out of late blue Ray, you read out a little. I had a thing: he had I'll play video games alone and doesn't even be a game and beer to Kay that I've been playing since the first one. Another on took a nineteenth I've been playing this game, for twenty years right and in each year you can like create yourself and make yourself rookie in the. and a couple years ago, was the first ever happen where I couldn't make the call
after my age anymore. I'd make me younger, like ignobly sworn in nineteen. Seventy eight anymore. Yes, I thought that was a real like us. Oh, my god, I'm deafening never going to be in the NBA. Oh yes, yes, I always was was monetary, my age against NBA players. I dont know why. Now the newest transition is I'm the same age as May. The coaches ordeal dry really nothing beyond nights. Also, some of the coaches looks so all ports. I think it's a very stressful does have to be like writing your nails fertility rate, though in your eyes thing you're doing great. You ve gotta hit shell in the jar sure life is fantastic, but that those things tended not be related now you're feeling and what the act
The facts are, I mean, that's, definitely been true for me. It's the first time in my career the last year and a half hours talking to Emily my wife about there's a couple of years ago. I was like you know, for the first time, I'm starting to feel like a little bed, comparing myself to other people, and I want to control that. I don't want to do that because you can't troll it, but it's still keeps yes happen up. Will you know my motto? Is you should never compare yourself to someone else? You should only be comparing yourself to previous versions of yourself. Ah, but then singular comparison of heavy metal you that no Tom Cruise, why? Yes, he I had to go above Tom Hanks. Also, we think cruises above Hanks like modern day market place, probably a little. I think. As you know, I think the last dumb sure ghosts protocol or whatever go yeah. I think you did well well yeah, but but
thanks man, Hankses hard debate, no hangs is the number one on national trash number one. Overall I mean, I would say, the breadth of stuff is done for his long. He's done it and truly now named Rob Heavy, Madame and realized he delivers in real life like no one else. I have met him in real life and met him a couple times: ok area, very nice, Emily and our backstage at this thing, like a conference or something and Tom Hanks walk there and they were like other famous people in the room, but everybody my fucking companies vs. Yes, we madame there and then later ran into a met another place and he was like talking to us, which is very exciting. Yes, and I asked him something I was like. I don't have my. I haven't figured out my picture Fazio. You young me to other red carpet. I don't know what face to make what to do. I totally agree, so I asked right after
a carpenter? I asked him. I was like Tom Tom TAT. He could not working is, if you might have he's really very nor yes, I'm shockingly sir. He likes to be funny goofy into bed since the year. What do you do? What you do on the red carpet and he gave me a device that I have been following since, Oh I need it so bad. What is he says? What he does is its very specific hand in one pocket, the other foot out and then just a neutral expression neutral. That's what he got. neutral, hard to do and I'll Mackenzie acumen like that, you think about you need enabling something to be thinking about that your name. What's a clever strategy honour and consider that, like I should imagine like jumping in Durban, I have not thought of that either. I've recently started experimenting with really smiling on the red carpet. I've done that must do not the will. I would do nothing with tee
I got my career going for you, so I do Ducas here's my thing, I don't love. How I look. I most people, don't love how they look. I suppose, but I have decided I look best when amid laugh is laudable. Duke real joy yeah, so I've tried to actually channel amid laugh expression and that's how very high risk I'll take pictures on the recovered Emily and that's hook, strategies I'll just here they died out of here. That's great to your point, I'm always really jealous cause. I've had a great privilege of having posed in photographs with boxers before They may always go like this. The either go like this I'm holding my fist, Serbia or they put a fist out yeah well, but we have. Why guess my mid. Laugh is kind of most accurate right right or what is the person telling the joke? What does it look like physically? I just
Mouth open and then pointing made up of what could be holding a all refund in funny work, stays and aggravates that what you're doing I should have a hundred reasons are gonna bring the Cannes with you. the red carpet. It would feel so much more comfortable then give their consent. I would think that the viewers I would be drawn to the Cannes they wouldn't evaluating whether my nose lays a mantra, the law or mark as soon as we have the feeling that he has his sensitivity to extraneous noises. I guess it's ok. Can I woke me up a potential reason why you're feeling comparison this, because now that your career is expanding and you are really successful, so many people around you that have an expectation. In and who are also bringing and voices of. Will you we probably need Do this now? Are you need so
not really changes that there's all these people around you that are added into the mix at have allowed in my ears. I got more self conscious, yeah here, but I do want to shit. I have checked for sure I've wanted to change. What can we do? It might be that people have more expectations. Will now there's this pressure for you to manage and opportunity correctly cry, I'm very very aware of the fact that I have a little window right now when I have these opportunities right- and I am very aware of the fact that it can close very quickly closes for most people. Most people have like a year or year and a half or their in opposition. generally goes away. Some very very aware of that That is a lot of pressure on trying to decide what to do what do, what? What? What to patent and all that stuff, so
I mean you know I want to be sent about it and say I can't really control the window, but it's exit. Seven! You can a little bit. I was lucky in that. My first lead role was We that Emily and I wrote together was really our story and it was well received in after the next thing that came up. I had to be really really thoughtful about cause. I was like it's gonna get compared this thing. Yes in in the movie you and Emily did the big sick that that was a zero risk proposition, because you're telling your a story, and you can't lose telling your story. It's not like there was some kind of huge, economical expectation of you telling your story it's a very low budget movie, I mean the pressure that was there was pressure that we put on ourselves. Will reward like we want, is to be really good cause. We're never gonna, be able to tell the story again and if we don't do a good job telling the story nobody's gonna tell the story. The story just won't get told well yeah to the pressure we had was pressure. We put on ourselves but you're right. There was no pressure from the industry or really the producers or anything it was a very
low budget move, he ate acceded, I would imagine all expectations yeah outside of the jug appetites of it all right. He was a producer right right. I guess they the building some expectation yeah, but it was just you know by far the lowest budget movie he's ever done and because of him he protected us. So much do you mean the only notes we got were from job like the studio, never interfered is the. Is the budget public knowledge that five million five million air yeah? That's you have to be nimble in an efficient and less strategic when, but then I've been in movies that I have much bigger budget than it seems justice tricky Thea. Yes, it has different things, yeah, ok, so I want to hear from your perspective, because I have a very I'll have to man
ill informed, wrong idea of what it would be like to grow up in Pakistan. My only experience of Pakistan as I was in Afghanistan at a base staring at the border in a mountain. That's it that's kind of growing up. Pakistan, oh great, unless x Y know. You know, I mean it's hard to know because that's what my world was hard to be like. Oh, it's different, because this is just what my life will look. Here's something that was really shocking to me that you went to a catholic school, greater the gate. Some like that's not! My guess is that you go to a place called Saint Michael's, Sir Michael's convents go. I mean there were a lot of those schools there because you know, I think you know the British were sort of controlling us until nineteen forty seven. So there were a lot of those schools. They did not teach Christianity at all. They were just the public's cooling system in Pakistan, as is tough, ok and so a lot of private schools are run by convents and stuff right by nuns, and I know it's tough in what respects I did see or
frontline about the curriculum at public schools. In it it was showing, of course, some this. Some disturbing things about their Chisholm up well funded they're not well founded right now, so I think that the biggest problem Pakistan has his education mom and dad our muslim right. Yeah was there any kind of like it was weird to be muslim in your kids to a catholic school. Not at all I mean there were so many those saint Patrick Saint Paul said my cause. There were Saint Joseph something there were so many of these schools and they were like further the good schools and was there like an Ex Pat Cox, you'd see within their or was there like foreign kids. There are really really they had an american school in Karachi, which was sort of the experts call to those were all like. The rich gets a diplomatic immunity and stuff like that right. They threw great parties and study. I did not get it when I heard about that
what did mom and dad do there, because, because it's the it's the industrial centre of pakistan- it's the most relevant city in Pakistan, guides to over twenty million people at huge. Now that I'm in here, six largest in the world, is that right, yeah, it's twice the size of New York. I mean it's nothing, to shake a serious population. Yet that's that's! Like Mexico City level, there are twenty five million, still my dad's doktor. He is psychiatrist here now. O ye is interesting because you, your wife Is there a peddler layer of ITALY that no lines and solve progress is just there'll be be I'm excited to know what it's like to be married to a therapist particularly or relationship family therapists arrived. She probably has a good sense of what a healthy relationship ought to look like you're
That's a little bit of pressure when you meet someone. I would imagine it's been great for me, because I know her more than anybody else in the world, and she knows me more than she knows anyone, also in the world. I can't live her. Now we just it, we just know each other really well and she's honestly really help me, even though its not her job to she's, really help me deal with a lot of stuff that I didn't know that I was dealing with sure I didn't for the longest time. My story about myself was like I'm really late back, and she was like. You are an incredibly anxious person. I was ignored. Naughty children could very well. I just met their Rebecca whatever you do, that order out of that year is a bit like you have this story about yourself that you're, like this laid back person you're. Not you you for your very anxious, yeah and just me understanding that, although it sounds like you
Gonna gas lighting me, but one that I a similar thing when I was newly. Dating Chris, I'm out in the world than presenting myself as a very laid back chill guy as well, and then I had a black countertop and she was like talking and put me in your hands on the countertop, and then she turned to go. Do something so when she wasn't looking, I wiped the thing. The black Canada. In a moment I was like, oh I'm, a false advertiser right eye, this house fucking clean as hell, but I think that's, ok. I think it in our persona that you projected the world right along. As you know what you really are and for me the sort of figure out the things that I had to deal with took so long stay too if you dare armchair action.
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a pretty please So the story you're telling yourself, I think of it as your identity. Basically like you in this identity. This is who I am right am. I was listening to Europe Podcast cast with Rob meddling yeah. You guys we're talking about bore, like you guys, Lee like justice. One like let go Why, unlike the other, I have that thing again being an anxious, I think high stress person per sort of his my baseline. If I'm driving in someone cut me off, that can get me really angry razor and I have to choose to be like you know what I'm not gonna, let that person ruin my day and not always successful, and I dont always even try to do it, but it has. Really help me personally to be like. You know why someone through a motion on my car, whatever that incident was the ice, I'm just gonna, let it go, I'm just gonna choose. So this happened to me like three weeks ago,
I think my Jim is in Beverly. Hills have to do a long drive. I'm coming back, there's a four way intersection. I'm going and this woman disorder White Lady just blow through the sobs and an almost hates me, and I like hungrily heart slips me up and she says, go back to your country. Really healthcare. Three weeks agree weeks ago. Just happened right and then I got really really. anger, of course, and I was like what are forced to follow that? What like Don't you like yeah? Oh you like double down, and so then I tried to pull out my phone to take a picture of a licence, but she was gone whatever I was like. I could turn around and try and get the scar, but that'll be dangerous. And I have to choose to not let this affect me now- it did affect me yeah, but I had to decide to be like you know why you just have to lead that girl, like the court, is all damp like the would it
as to your body to have adrenaline in court as all in that state of mind where you're, agitated and angry and aggressive for, because when I mean those it, patients and I'm fucking mother Fucker stay in my country, but fuck you either that or a deck, I'm aware of your rage. I don't think it has anything to do with this situation. For me, The next thirty minutes, I'm like I'm, I'm coming back from that experience in these things really costly. So even if the persons like you were near tougher than Are you and I'm scared of you, and I learned the lesson and I'll never make this infraction again? I am I gonna for a half hour, I'm fucked up over and I was just like. Oh I'm losing every one of these things I win yeah. I think that's right. I think anger begets anger. You know, I think I you know there is like a way of like blowing off steam so gay, but I think the more angry you get the more angry your guy and I learned that some sort of playing video
games online which had to stop doing, because I would find myself getting angry and it was not an outlet. There was a kind of angry. That was leading to more anger right over and over and over inside, to stop doing that and you just sort of sea it online too, gains momentum. Somehow I think there's a good we're going off steam, like I said, but that kind of exorcism is its trick. For me. I've gotta learn the tricks to prevent it from happening so eyes. Our monitoring, someone driving like I'm the police. Basically, as guy switch lanes twice the news blanker he's an asshole right now. I need to start monitoring Henry and now I have to go right now. We'll get someone else's car read their license. Plate make up some kind of acronym. I get real busy, unshaven IVO kiss that Smart yeah in its again it's hard for me to
who surrendered to doing that, but when I do it, I'm so much happier and I feel the same exact think just have to let it go I just have to. I am not looking for justice, I'm looking to just be common. Yeah well. The other thought I had was. I was getting irate about the traffic and I just had this thought or I was like who's gonna change, Dax or the traffic, the tragic accident in this way for sixty years. It's likely to be this way for another hundred long after I'm gone, which one of us it's gonna change is one of the variables is a constant. It's not move and right, that's exactly right! Yeah, you know you just have to cause. Anger is irrational, but you have to try and think about those things to train the escalate yourself. I had an issue with anger from many many years since I was a little kid. Eight year old, nine year old ten year old, like I was angry forever, Do you have a theory on why just biochemical, or do you think you are frustrated with some situate
I don't know why I was angry then, but I do know why I was angry. My twenties and thirties, okay- and I think I was angry- my twenties and thirties because I genuinely wasn't really in touch with my own feelings and emotions and Emily was the one who taught me she's, like you know this, for basic emotions such as anger, sadness, happiness and fear, and everything is a combination of all of those sadness, happiness and fear can all be turned into anger. You see, like obviously sadness, can turn into anger, like I remember those a guy who went and killed a couple like indian people in a bar two years ago, and they found out that isn't dad had died nine months earlier and he just was like really upset about it. Even like joy, like you watch likes sports fans, getting wet, really a hoodie anything. That's a great example. Anything obvious, if we fear can be turned into anger, were seeing that all across our great nation and so
For me, I was getting angry because I was feeling all these things, not processing them not being in touch with them, and it was all coming out his anger. Eventually, unlike Boris Yeltsin, do you think it's because you just felt more comfortable with that emotion, so the other ones made you feel a little on more. For some reason. I think you know, I think anger is a manly emotion, rain. Most men, that's the one. They feel comfortable. Expressing men can't be sad. Men can't be afraid. Mankind, even a happy you're gay. If your, how guess
RO, knowing its after I mean that was so he'll give you see like in the eighties researchers of photo, maybe in Time magazine like four guys walking down the street, smiling ear to ear. You gonna go at all that this is an issue about gay man here that you really would think that the right, then I have teeth smiles now, while yeah that's the measure, but I am happy to say that most, but that's why? So I think I mean- and I think most of the world's probable by the way, the fact that the word gay also means happy learn something totally intrinsic in Armenia. A little more, you know I think, if you're at, if you have to like, if your daddy came out at some point, you have to do something action to be like? Oh, I am different from some of the people around me. Yes, I think That's what my anger was, because I wasn't feeling all these things. I think most of the world's problems are because of men who can't feel their fields,
yeah it being angry significant percentage of, I wouldn't say almost too it's it's so many problems a come from that. So I really think that that's If you know we're, obviously in the era where we're talking about masculinity is and the staff- and I think I hope we start- we defining it as people who are in touch with their feelings and can feel all these things in the eye crying. almost every moving, I'm so jealous, and that only habits are happening like three years ago. When I realized like oh, I have to start knowing how I'm feeling all yes and then also the other thing right being okay with just having a feeling in going out temporary right don't have to quickly tried it to change the feeling, just accept it for a minute
De Gaulle, similar yeah? I think you hear that all the time, but you can really think about it, Gazeta, their natures. My nature is just to be like I'm uncomfortable, and I want a solution to this immediately. Yeah dad exactly right, yeah and he's gonna. Kick it down the road. I think I think also because at least me my religion or basically was the sole as God and the body is bad. That's how Islam, what was talk to me at least to the body is: is the vessel of all temptation and stuff? Ok, that everything the body like This bad off the sacks valuable arose. All that stuff in the soul is basically the intellect. I was very, very religious has occurred, and so I think for me it might have been trying to deny all these feelings and emotion Is that what I thought were weak it? So this is my issue. Is all religions across the board? I feel like the few
engine of religion, so often is just shame. Yeah? I mean you know. I was very very guilt based at least the where I was raised with Islam and to this day That is still the math and my head, and now I approach every single aspect of my life, like my neurons got formed with the matter of you do good! You deserve good. If you don't, you feel horrible about yourself, yes, and so that still my motivation in an even pulling back up above that it becomes obvious. Will that is a common denominator of nearly all the religions. So what you must quickly recognizes that we, as the animal through our evolution, are super prone to this shame, Gill like it's your its inner. Some are you obviously served us well am I right areas we lived in groups with no police, so shame was a great tool to keep people's behaviour in law.
I'm, so it is its inner genetics took to be prone to shame, bride and some sort of aware of it and be used that in a positive way, at least and I've had set up all these rules. For myself from my life right many many years ago and I'm usually re evaluating them, but I realized that to be used up. I guess the flaws in my thinking in a positive way required sort of constant care are the apple just an eight year old should feel guilty that they want each on clad in a thirteen year old should feel guilty their horny like the one I was horrible or you might like our masturbated. I would feel awful about myself. That was so so so bad. Yes, I felt such awful shame. I remember showering and being like. Oh my god, God hates me has now and even religious. I was animal
brought up religious and I was was mortified with my behavior, whereas was masturbating tried to quit all the time? All the time time was the last time. Yes, I was less than I had. These crazy rules rose like I guess it's fine, just masturbate in that an orgasm. So then I would try to do that and I may be succeed once or twice now and it is a comparable. My guy went that far I made this rule were. If I found a porn, they had to be kissing during TAT. I could be like all I think, the relevant bargaining we read rule heavy romantic love sound like I had to guess at the boy they don't care at all. Would would you ever dissemble us one and be like please let him
because there are so attractive. I was scared right, ok, yeah, that was little. Ok, I'm gonna go back to the insertion of the non romantic like. So when you were in Karachi, did you have dream? of coming here. Always never did that seem impossible. That seem what you had an uncle that went to England regeneration before you re yeah. I think that was always the plan was to come to America past one! That's why they sent us do so. We have this call. Those schools were called English Medium schools, ok, which means most that teaching is done in englishmen, even if you're learning demonstrates in english word: robotics gold if you'll burn chemistry, it's another. So so
parents always wanted me to come to the? U S or go to the UK. Ok, so that it was always. There was sort of always the plan, but it so hard to move Europe. I would imagine, as especially from Pakistan it so hard beer. You got a really be the best of the best properly to get it, but that's it
does the sense that people think, like all emigrants, ay and other gates are open, saw so hard moved America. It didn't really feel obtainable. I mean really felt like it was never going to happen. Loan backups dead, dead, the psychiatrist Leah and he was in Pakistan. He went back and became a psychiatrist. Much later can actually wasn't really huge in Pakistan. That was gonna be my question that my dad became one of the forest like big psychiatrists in Karachi ass. It was coming up and becoming a field for he would speak of conferences and staff, need I've articles written about him ass, this news branch of medicine that is becoming more popular there because obviously does a stigma here, but the stigma there was very, very intense. I assume it still is here and then you don't move to America. He had to start over, so he was like in his fifties and super established, and then he had to basically there like a residency against here's. The thing again I dont want to represent Pakistan.
Way, that's negative, but it's you know it's very corruption. Does a lot of violence from me going up. I loved it and I still love it, but people do get murdered real time. You did you do you feel, like you had just a general insecurity about your safety as a kid, but day was just what life what, Charles New, like you know, after a certain our you don't go to these places and we would skip school a lot because those like we call it hung armor. They just means, like general unrest is happening right now. Ok, and so she s knee violence, which are the two main sacks of Islam was very, very prevalent here. So we they wanted to always get out, because life was hard. Therefore, us it's so interesting, probably to grow up where there isn't a generation that wasn't mired in
or it is isn't it it's not even really potential existence. It's like you're, you're, great grandfather. Did your grandfather, your dad. You know you're in the middle of it. So it's like an end anthropology. We call naive realism, words like you, you have a hot time imagining the mindset of someone else because of where you're from basically in so we like will dont you desire peace near, but if there are not even a concept really, how could you desire to be here? I mean I think I've ever had some books about it and stuff. I don't know if this is accurate, isn't my sense of it again. I dont want people to get upset me about this, but nineteen forty seven is when, in the British laughed in Pakistan and India became different countries and from what I understand the inception of Pakistan was very
very optimistic those a real feeling of hope that not only can we're gonna make a country on our own, it sort of the forest country that was born on a religious basis. I was like a country for Islam because you know it has been hard living under the bridge nation. With this it was that we're gonna make our own country and then does the tremendous sense of optimism and then over the next few decades, things: just got harder and harder and harder in Pakistan's had a difficult history, and so I think for my grandfather that things for that generation that was a big heartbeat. I was here that there are many not realised, promise, not realised and actually go really really. I mean you know of Pakistan's a very poor country in that, and then the disparity of wealth is really huge do and it really corrupt. You know we were never on the top ten most corrupt.
dates less because, worse or corrupt weaken bribe our way out of her, I mean you know, cops, can stop ii have to give the money, otherwise they could. Just like people get disappeared in in prison. I mean this stuff happens sure yeah in general. Do you not like talking about Pakistan while just to be honest, it's that I have a complicated relationship with, because I love so much about it, but I also see the stuff about it. That's difficult in him and asked someone who's pakistani in their art that may the pakistani people when they might not founder, and so I do feel, a responsibility to portray Pakistan in just a completely positive light by the way I have this. With Michigan. Wait! I'm here now, and I really do you like I'm always, unlike I love worm from I love Michigan. I also am glad to be away from
where, if you look at a guy in Dennys and he doesn't look away, you guys walk outside of fine. I guess you're right, I you know, I think it's complicated to love where you're from and also like, recognise once you ve left that oh this part of California, I kind of digger this parliament, I mean the other thing I find again. I'm generalizing right is. I've talked to a lot of people who are second generation pakistani, who sort of Borneo grown up here and by and large, their relationship to Pakistan is so different good day. Their relationship to Pakistan is because they have got into curate what they consider part of the pakistani identity, but they can be like we love the food. We love the closure of the language of the religion. You can take all the stuff, that's positive them and have that be part of your identity, not take the stuff, that's not despite the charm, so for them being Pakistanis a tremendous sense of pride in its and it's not really again, generalizing, not
the complicated as it is for someone like me who saw guy, get shot in the head on the street and write what age I was. Seventeen o the high school, friends and I are after school. We would walk around just like a lot of great street food, so we would like walk around gets paid for dinner. I remember we were just getting street food and it's packed and I'm in there like people on the street to the very busy part we hear like a loud bang and it didn't sound like a gunshot. It sounded like something. It just sounded like a really loud sound like what and then suddenly people part, and we see the bus and there's a guy in front of it. Dad would like just blood pouring on and then apparently someone got off the bus and something just came up ran away and raised have nightmares for like years where it would always end with that image like never happening. Somebody would get hurt my and then what
and what that guy lying on the ground blood coming out of it? What was your reaction in the moment? I will actually. I was sad that the first thing I thought was sadness that I have the feeling that this guy was alive thirty seconds ago, and now he certainly wasn't never seen some wine. Just will expire fully dead. I mean I I went to my great grandmother, funeral and obviously, but that's different here with this. It was like seeing someone in the middle of the street young guy being like. Oh, that person is now dead, right. I wasn't scared. Really I didn't feel scared. I therefore excited, I just feel very sad and I always am getting like a mortal argue about. It probably came out his anger, a weekly yeah, that's what I was going to say I mean: do you think the anger has something to do with the way you grew up, there's always a sense of potential danger. I mean
that would make people get angry. Maybe I don't know I'm in the other thing was. I was she on: that's definitely the minority, so we were like. Don't tell people your share in the school. You know they called us cut model which means cockroaches, that's like the term for for DMV, that's, not positive results, and now we have another review. We don't you not act over. There were not like break with the cock, and scenarios are either. I don't know I mean it might just also been frustration, it somehow being a kid and not having power. I don't know, I don't know what it was. I just knew that I would have like anger issues and I would get so angry type of anger where you really want to hurt someone. You love like get really me, you want to say that thing that you can't take back to your mom.
We are your brother there's, a certain euphoria that accompanies that doesn't isn't. There are followed by massive guilt and share totally, but the moment I can feel right now, even thinking about the moment or I'm like don't say that gonna say we're in this wave of pocket. I don't give a shit about the consequences. There is a just a brief sliver of like you, for the about a joint love. What Emily's taught me till we ve been together two thousand six thirteen years long time and I would not proud of it, but I would do that with her. I would say to her very hard: Things are only really angry. You know we have to learn how to fight in a constructive way, and I think we're gonna that now she was the one she was like. You know when you get angry, you get to the point where you say something you can't take back and then, when you say that didn't you use that to come back
down from your anger de escalate yourself and the new spiral from anger, straight guilt and shame, and she they get. That's that's the system that you ve devised. That's like the failsafe. That's and she's like you have to figure out how do not get to that place. How to de escalate without hitting that, like yeah, and I didn't realize that's what I was doing out always get really angry. Get to that switch back. Oh my god. What have I done whatever Dunham? Sorry, I'm! So sorry, I'm so sorry ass! Yes, we do that here. People were closed. His tail I mean it's there, the hour of all my equated to read this article, the kids on the playground, There are super nice all day long. They obey the rules. They do this member the night soon as they see their mom command. Oh yeah, they lose it to bathe, can have no control over anything. I had that too, with my family cause. I was I wanted to be. Why eats, and I wasn't an eye blamed them further.
At subconsciously, email saying so then that's were all my anger was directed to and also because they couldn't like leave me. so I could do it ever I wanted to. I couldn't do it. I won't we myself and I am trying to impress my friend right. They have the love you no matter what exactly so that where did you grow up? Georgia? That's so interesting and when did you realize that you wanted to be white and that that was the source of your anger toward well? I don't think I like had the actual realisation until I was much older, I knew I wanted to distance myself from that right from I mean like for the early to make an remember. I was one to sleep over the my friends house in every one of them to come over, and my pants are really like. Super problem learn whether they in their Nanda grandma culture am exactly what am I grab some your is by the way where shock when I have the time machine, because I'll be it'll be before I was sober,
go back to like ninety seven ending bang, some beers babby like yeah. That's my love em. They asked later in life. In writing, although I realise what I was doing it the whole time ensure- and I was pretty much aware that, like I dont- want people to come over, if there's cooking, I don't want you know all when Harold and whom our came out. She hated it. No bandit like backup, o sorcerers her same similar yoga like oh. I don't like that. There's, like an indian girl. Now people are gonna like somehow, no I'm India, because definitely haven't noticed an offer of males in over that make so much sense to me like thought. I'd I'd want to get too specific, but I have someone in my family who married a white person and they have to guess, and one on the kids looks fully white and one that gives looks fully brown and the one who is really white was
is really into their pakistani nurse and loved the food and the one who was fully brown fully rejected that, of course we want it to be the opposite of that, and now there you know that their older than being notion that I'm the one who rejected undressed. and what was going on, but I thought that was signed for the costs for one person it was like the exotic thing in the other. One was again put in theirs to two things are true at the same time, so one thing is yes, there is There is some racism happening. There is some exclusion happening right and so that's a fact show so you're. Brownness is part of that, and yet there is or what is also true, that all human beings feel excluded in there. All. Looking for the reason to hang that exclusion ons, I really feel like I've been, is obviously
true for us and we are in the entertainment industry. I dont know if every kid felt excluded. I think there were some kids who felt like really cool and part of it and fully accepted, and maybe that makes less interesting wow bill, I don't know, I just don't know that anyone goes through adolescence without insight. Here. It is still something that's wrong with them. I think its human nature, but I dont know I mean when I went to school. I can imagine all these kids have the. her self esteem that I do. I dont think world would function agency. Do I think, that's why sneakers cell and I think that's why why I think we are on the way we do when we get all the soothing of this. At least we have because we're just ask Crazy, social animal that is obsessed at all times was where our position in the social hierarchy. Is it just hard wired into our brain? So even the dude that you, I'm looking up to whose number three his full time obsession is that
that number two or want maybe you're right, but you know I just felt like some kids were so confident and now by the way, the Silicon Valley that does like young kids, like that sure, but like seventh graters and I'll, be walking on the street and some groups, a selfish First of all, like. First of all it, sir we're yes, I'd love to be yourself. So you you came at eighteen, in the end you went to college in Iowa, which again is theirs there's a little comedic value in the right. You went all the way from Pakistan and you ended up and I'll work, but I didn't realize have talked about this before, but I didn't realize that America, first of all Europeans please wait to beg air will look of world map. It's a third biggest. Why I ass? I think it's so much, and so are you now the love movie. They call you
who is growing up menu, only uneasy allay New York's. I thought that was America. So when I landed in Iowa, I truly was like. Oh, my god America, as you had to go that way. I it really was true. I really thought it would all be New York or offender did. Did you have found there that that, for I did, I feel like that's where I became a person I feel like. I was a person until then. That's when I realized, like you know, oh I'm funny and- and people actually like me like- I really until then I thought nobody wants to hang out with me. Nobody wants to see me by people who were actually friends with me who are still in touch with I other. Just hang out with me for some this reason, or this reason other feel bad for me feel bad for me. Whatever it college that I was like. Oh I I have value people like me, I'm funny, like I'm smart
last year in so prior to that, did you you had no community aspirations, not at all people. Now who I grew up with our shocked, but I do this because I was so shy like I couldn't go to the store and buy something and walk out like I was by far the shyest scared. I think it was. I thought I was a very ugly are well. This is my backstory until I was like the age of sex? I was the cutest fuckin kid, the war. I can see you see a picture of me, I'm the only like objectively, just like just a little angel, I'm gonna burn that baby, in my time right, I people all the time like I would go to a sharp and be will be like convent keep like, I remember, being scared of shots. I want to keep you here. I remember I once went with my aunt to Thailand and I going into a store and this woman was like yeah, I'm not going to. Let you go back to Pakistan, I mean being like super terror
how can I turn like seven or eight it went south- might not really long. My head God here shoulders did not grow. I got it. Adams apple away too early much tat. I went from being like adorable, though, that truly truly like a child. Bulgaria is that the legal basis, thirty nine year old, deserve in your old English back away, and there are like we want to keep it, but to do our accounting really words we enable remember I didn't like just go like or now that we are about to be like what I haven't heard in a couple months
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If you had a name me like the top ten best bodies in Hollywood. I could do that I'll list right away, and I could maybe less like three themes recent worthy all God what a physique Pierre my guide at but all marvel line up really. I was demonstrated out. Maybe we do that because we subconsciously feel like if they allow us to be near them, then we must be on some level sword
attractive, tick absorbing their status, and what about here are like there's so beautiful. They wouldn't be hanging out with someone Super outright university, a hedgehog into Cheetah. Having lunch degrade, although pretty well, I can just hang out. Ok, I think that that's true, and maybe it's the fact that I was such a pariah in high school and all the handsome beautiful kid hook. You wanna talk to me at all, but now maybe it's that I don't know, but I also because I think, because I thought of myself ass ugly I'd always put too much emphasis. How are the people look and also how I look? The lights were always unhealthy for me and it's probably still something I I deal with like. If I see a guy who doesn't like take care of himself, I like judge I'm a little bad I understand is not cool and it's very unfair, but no, I think it's fine do two guys. I think we do feel
keep doing right, as I also little, but I will say this: I heard this in a meaning sky said that you know he he's so driven to get approval from women cause. He didn't get laid in high school and I, and that makes perfect sense a lot of different guys were sharing. Like oh yeah. I think that's my thing to and then it gets me and I was like bad news. I got laid in high school. It didn't help at all. I still want every single woman's approval like it didn't, fill up anything right. It's just that. Nature of the beast. I think so I think you know, I think. Sometimes you want to try and find narrative than our life and his son. There is no reason why we have that gets its when I'm out, I'm always rounding back towards is like these are human, conditional issues there. No, not like even specific to any one of us there just kind of general human experience, but I do think people had different.
oh yeah and different levels of like my high school experience was so fucking awful and, I think, a big part of poor. What I am now is because of this I wouldn't change it, but if I had a kid We not want them to go through that, and I know there were kids who it was worse for, but it wasn't that many give them, and, and most most people were were in a much better situation than right or ashore MIA, yes, objectively. Alot of people's experiences are much much worse, but you discover you're funny in college and then do wind decide that you're going to pursue it because you you graduate in two thousand one and then your first credit. design s analysis into doesn't eight, so I may I've been doing the halter you're. Ok, that's how long it took one with you will. I was ten years unemployed here now I, while you
it's a yeah. So, for me you know it was never really demoralising because I I believe that I was funny at an ever believed that I was gonna make it, but I knew I was doing well on stage rival. Basically, in two thousand and one at first it stand up senior, of college a her- and it was sorted this thing where he and I were in our aware- I sort of falling in love- would stand a comedy to the point where I was so obsessed with it. That, even though I was so shy, I just was not an option to not try. I dont know how else could describe it. I just had to do it. If I had any choice, I would have not done it, but I truly had no choice right. I had to try. I became so obsessed with stand up. I watched every like I thought, a covered forty years stand up in a year. You know it's all. I would warn you have a favor. I would say you know at that point. I was obsessed with Canada
Brian Thou shall share out obsessed with Seinfeld stand up and the show I was obsessed with this committee inject your hands and who I think it's he's still really funny. If you can see imports go see, him is amazing, Zack Africa's, so those what sort of my people that when I first started and I moved to chicago- so I did at once for a semester senior year, one second semester senior year and you know, the crowd was full of my friends. Are people supported me, went amazing, yeah misleading, maybe a little off then I moved to Chicago and I started doing open my eggs, and I was very lucky in that. I didn't have a bad said until I was three or four months in ok, so I sort of like been because I was so obsessed with that I've been writing for like a year before ever. Did it when I got to Chicago going up for like four minutes at a time. Each time I would go up, I would have new material
try and I honestly I'm I'm really not bragging, or I really started off doing really well right and Chicago ceilings pretty low and saw that's what I met. You know a lot of people who are doing very well not like Hannibal and PETE Homes and always yeah. Then we would you meet Thomas Mental Ditch Couple years later, yeah I've known him from Chicago to write. So it's weird than me and Thomas and DJ all started in Chicago and ended up on the same to me, did you know dj back them yet oh you did the hour was he doing like doing everything is improv and sketch and stand up here? He was sort of the bridge between those two worlds are met. Thomas through T J is that the world pretty separated. That's who you are only doing Stana beaten do sketch her. Now, while I was there, I was there from two thousand one, two thousand seven and towards the end of it, the same sort of started mix.
a little bad now when you were crafting and work shopping in deciding what you're comedic persona was where you tempted to like. One can acknowledge that. I have an action that I like it because it to me can imagine myself just kind of going with the four Lack of a better word, the easiest way yet. Well, if you do the math you'll figure out tat, I started doing stand up in two thousand one like Augustine. September. Eleventh have really was doing stand upright one September eleventh happen and what happened right after that was there? Were people don't remember this, but there a lot like middle eastern muslim Brown commedia that came up right after that would really talking about that stuff lot and there were large stood news stories and stuff being done about the MC. There were really a bunch of people
and the annual war is always that Muslim was funny. Why that crazy right, and so my reaction to that was to go the opposite way. Our guy not talk about it at all. Right I was sort of my fuck. You did the audience where was like I'm. You want me to do this. Will then I think that the thing that's Bray, that's not the low hanging fruit, that's the much harder path, but it was also just at the people I loved her comedy. I love were not like that's not where I could do that, even if I wanted to do so. What I wanted to do- and it's not what I really could do so I sort of I made this thing, that wouldn't talk about on stage, and it wasn't until years later, where I was at college, has a big part of me or who I am well. I watch this morning your SNL monologue yeah. When you hosted in seventeen and it's so fucking great, I mean it's really really really really funny, Thank you thank you. I decided later liking. You know two thousand and six. I should talk about this stuff. Anyway, that's like really unique to me or
my actual yeah. So again it's back to what we are seeing right at the beginning. We, is like we have a narrative, we haven't identity, we have ways. We want to be seen ways we don't want to be seen and then sometimes were actually denied. in parts of who we are but then other time you know it's just I it's very complicated decision. Yeah. And you know this is something that I sort of came to somewhat recently. So I've been doing comedy long time and you sort of your goals develop. You know so I was like. I just want to do stand up and then I was like. I want to write for tv,
Then I got to act on a tv show that those ago now I wonder like we know we got to write a movies, and now I want to add some point directive. Gold change right here and I would feel bad about myself because I wrote for essential for a week like I think he was right around. Maybe two thousand ten or something ok and I wasn't good added, I felt an eye. I sort of would always feel bad cause. I couldn't do care like I have friends were so good. I like tars Middle age or necrology, another so good at that stuff, and I was like oh man. I am not funny in that way and like a year ago, I was a kid. I want. That's. Ok, that's a whole area of comedy. That's not my thing, I'm not good. At sketch, I'm not gonna characters. That's fine! I'm good at other kinds of stuff- and I sort of have to be ok with that. I sort of four Wildfell inadequate Comedic Lee
because I was surrounded by people who could do that kind of comedy and do all this other staff sure I will try to do, but I was like I'd want it's not my strength and that's. Ok, we'll and there's this hiccup in reasoning is, it almost seems like you would require some really heightened level of air. and to assume will now this. This thing I do will be a thing while you just sort of have to do the thing you dare even here. Oh yeah are added an expanded and deepen and all that, but for me it was that I was like. I know how I can be funny and I would read this crap and they would be like. Can you do this? I'm like yeah, I was like. I would have to change the lines a little bit because these lines of funny but they're, not
They coming from me right now. What I would need to do to make it funny coming from me, but it's not this year, and I had to be ok what that had to be like. If I can let control a little better, the situation be at work into mad vantage. That's not I have a very similar taken is well. It's like. I know what things are a kind of weird about me in a weird in a good way. Oh I'll go like. Will this speech of it? Just even had these three words right, Would your tanker me and who I am, I could actually make the other parts make sense if I can just grounded in these three little Dax Isms for lack of the tired, I'm in anything that's great to recognize that and to be able to, if you're, in a position to like work. Those in amazing like right now I'm telling you this. I wanna get like both Albania, yeah yeah and I've never been like that. our been bag. I've always appreciated men's bodies, and I am like forty one now and I'm like. If it doesn't happen now, it's not gonna happen and part of it is
a bit of a math thing. You know I've. I've had people makes night comments like you know. What do you know where superhero, what you gonna be an action movie here and I'm like yeah the fucker figure. I can be a boss if I can be above Brown guy, whose funding in the way that funny nobody else. Like that's research. However, at Helsinki, throw on some real muscle. Mass yeah he's got them or he's got a really means that frame, but he Betty capacity is either social, that ain't got that you should do that. These amazing atta, yes in the own, try and broaden you're just do what you do. It's amazing I'll do this you do that will take over the world. Love has any so bright and tell me your approach to putting on muscle, because this is obviously a big preoccupation of my own dear
now I started doing this six weeks ago. I have sorted this summer off. I gave myself five months. I came up with the somewhat arbitrary number twenty pounds of muscle local saw given like bodies Ganz everything, Oh you are yeah, I'm really going you're going medium. The russian and Rocky We are right. You know what this data sets off. Your mention that I have a trainer and I do still training. So you looked me up here the machine and he puts pads on me electric paths and they electrocute me. How can you put it on my bicep contracts, really hard, ok and then he makes me do like curls through that? Oh real I'll be getting Shaw, while I'm working that muscle with way all I want to do, this sits. Did it That's it
work, the male female divide, justly, I might add, Emily stillborn so happy here. People are like those that were sounds like browsing. I hate works, because I know when I do it without it and when I do it within the different, your swore. I feel swell very, very sore the next day I did like quads two days ago and I am still very sore firmer. All I wanna do there and I'm six weeks in not a bride but have gained five pound them so some more rapid city, we, the yeah, but it's like new gains in a little down. That's all right I'll talk to one another like a message board in. Are you taking creating doing creating a hot trying to do? This? Is a law on twenty two two hundred grams of protein and dead? Yes, yes, does so hard right, it's so much food. I do for protein shakes every.
In the beginning, my trainer was that you, the hardest part of this process is going to be eating the food, and I would like to know why did I got it for three weeks, maize and then I hit a wall and I just could not eat at all. Yes, I would go to fancy restaurants with friends, and I would like it not a thing Dewey me, I do yeah, but then what happened was. I was eating a lotta red meat shot up my cholesterol, ok! Well, it is no pain, no gain! I'm sorry, I'm so. I waited gotta. Cardiac Zalm like I'm working out so hard Sundays. I work out so much. I can catch my breath for twenty I've got a cardiologist. A sort of monopoly be doing regular check ups, make sure I'm ok, I mean the Gaza get rag life
the Gaza get Rapto. What does he know? Rapto monseigneur ain't, my rammed down, if it's, what people who do cross with sometimes get like a small percentage of, because their overworking one muscle so much like eyes and enters your bloodstream and then your kidneys fail also that goal, but rather that I feel that I had at one worker I think cross for this task, as there is a high risk of injury with the way that their training them very high. Recital like I know I never once talk disparaging about because my friend Charlie owns across it Jim, perfect ten and I'm obsessed with a lot aching of great. Is that the name of his Jim or is that how you describe islamic or weekly, call imperfect Santa Monica? Maybe this calendar of him and it's all shortly photos of Charlie, and I just I just I love it. It's great do I love it. I follow so many bugs with your show Silicon Valley,
and I fell in love with cuz. We were going to interview Thomas and we're like we should watch the show and then we got fucking hook talk to yes, but I think I didn't like cuz. I love MIKE Judge I worked for him. I have your great and is moving all thank you for your clear, yes out over. Thank you and I I have an emotional like this no weight with anything. He does that. I'm not in short, I didn't want to see that the show our you do it if I audition for a movie I don't get it. I cannot see that movie and I'll rooting for it to fail. spare fair, very normal, but but but but we were and then we were like? Oh, my god, we were sleeping on this, show it so good. I think we watch like ten episodes in the first day or assembly alleyway late. We love your brilliant on and loud. Thank you, there's more seasons of that. Are there no more I'm on that list.
More or less one. Moreover, deftly we ve been picked up for one more, so we go should that, starting next month, ok, I don't mean season via tax see season, sex, Odessa, basic skills, and do you enjoy. I love it. I mean it's the best job, it's it's great to be on a show that I will watch. Even if it wasn't I in and I love everybody involved makes the best guy in Alec Burg is the sort of the showrunner guy he's amazing. Berry. Now to LA gray. I have not seen the season does. Is it you know it's like are like dad left to go. yet another family rights that are most of you know. What I'm very happy for success is a true genius and the lovely lovely lovely yeah, it's still little complicate its always occurred. First, I just go you were named. Two thousand eighteen time aimed you won the most hundred most influential people in the world. when that, when that happens, what are you? What do you think
I mean you know. I was obviously very flattered, but any of these things you just kind of get escape by yeah you're best, not even think about it. Probably right right, I mean you know of all the things we we got normal for an academy award yes, was amazing desires, but Dream play for yeah other big sick. I love the Oscars I've been watching. Since I was a kid I would record of an watch on over and over, and that meant a lot, but even with that kind of have to be like give yourself time to appreciate it and then put it away. You know and sobered the time thing I was like. I can't process this great, no Emily she was like you know. You have to enjoy your accomplishments a little because the first time I did Letterman was so like important to me as soon as I did it. I want one- and I was, I guess all heart wonder: do it again and she's like enjoy this moment, enjoy that it's done. You did a good job at so try to do it, but
I the exact same thing I did Letterman, he seemed like me yeah. I was so excited and I thought all beyond the show. All the time now be one of the guys who likes and ages I yeah it was all results, oriented yeah yeah like I was staring at him a few feet from my face and I was like this is really the only thing I dreamt. I was present enough, which is rare for me to actually go holy fuck em, looking at him. Well, so for me, doing, Conan was like that, because with Letterman I just did stand up. I wasn't on the couch, our human rights, a gay and are moving like or he's wearing make up like. That was the only thought I had that. Then he just walk away and he's gone from your life forever Conan. It's always like that cause. I'm such a fan of any such a big part of the reason that I do what I you know, and when I hosted ESA Now-
In my monologue I was like I have do when I go out all have to do as I have to take a moment to like, enjoy and appreciate that I am here. Young survive the hardest. do of the Rhine right. Yes, it really is gonna goes by so fast, and you really sounds like that's. My only all for the monologue, I wanna like take a moment to be like I'm fucking doing those yeah. If you watch it, you could see me. I actually have a moment where I like really feel it be. The other thing that happens, and that is, I stumbled on a word and this is what happened? I was doing my monologue and I'm doing it doing it, and I look over the right policy Steven Spielberg now Boeing Mcdonnell Light and it's definitely Steven Spielberg in our like hell. That's definitely with silver. and I stumble on a word and if you watch it, you will know exactly. Moment. I noticed Steven Spielberg like other road. You daddy, I gotta to go back at all now, like shooting,
Campbell and you'll. See me sort of look away from Steven Spielberg take a bit you Brad like propose myself and does my only regret is that monologue than I like a boat, but it's a good reason to stumble yeah yeah, it's a great great monologue. Ok, so to each year for when the most influential people no world. I dont dispute that two thousand nineteen this year. This is good. I had an biscuit. Does this give it? This is a big year, cause you're in men and black international, which comes out June. Fourteenth did one of my very favour. Movies makes my top. for sure is the original men and black, oh god, what a fucking movie again. I love them movie. So much and I'm like I want to be part of that. Yes, we are now, and I think I haven't seen the new one yet, but it's so exciting to be a part of it. I was just in yesterday's like finish up my performance at play like a little alien, Sagey character.
So I was there and you know you're doing eighty. Aren't you seeing scenes to be like holy share this matter yeah. I had the brig leagues. Yeah looks great, I'm so excited fear, that's awesome, and then you also have stupor what they ve about. T stir yeah. Oh, you must have just been all over his body with your eyes. Do you heard him? It feels like hugging up concrete pillar a five hour, his busier hugger do on our. He really he's a guy. You will have a great on here and I'll have my you would love em, and here I mean, if he's not a ten who, what maybe that'll be our first, because it could widen. Rob laugh, mackerel, honey. I said to him. You know across my mind that we should have done it shortly. So maybe I'll extend that today. What I will say being with, short list of very intimidating, robs an amazing shape, but day is another.
like others I mean I think Rob would not be of different species are really I mean he is his shoulder. As far as big as watermelon. Ah yes, but I asked day for a lot of work are recommendations and stuff, but it's different. It's like asking Michael Jordan about best, Abolish just just don't get lucky help. I maybe this is the we avenue to go the guy. You know the all right world. Ah, here I wasn't, I used to be and read it aloud when that sort of thing was rising in a sort of sight happening right, another kind of nationalism, and then I checked out and then like the in cells. You know what that is. So all these it's these dudes, who are basically virgins, can't get laid and have called themselves in.
as the way involuntary cell. Oh yes, I do know about this and they feel like it's their right to have sex and ride, but this sort of identified as the blame women, whatever so there's a guy, his name's zoos. The wise Zizi is what he goes by. He said now you dated like twenty two using a big work out back because as a big in the all right world does a big intersection of that would like rebuilding. How do you think about, like men being managed control does overlap theirs? I got sort of obsessed with that world and there's this guy, this guy kind like is, was like super Jack like gorgeous man, everywhere and he died at the age of twenty dont like Bangkok or something I would assume he was on something show.
Sure like what I really got obsessed with that, and now he saw the become this weird like patron Saint, characterises all these paintings of this guy, really like putting their armor on like up like over wait, nerd or something. Yes, it's like it's become this whole mythology. Disguised does witty that you say he's like their Jesus is up. profit allies. Ten. I need investigate that without getting red flag, my homeland security, isn't it christening. While I thought- and I got a little bit obsessed with it, why do you think implicit in some of these White National, because I watch allowed those documentaries. I think Can I dont want to speak for all white nationalists, but I see I think that there is an underpinning of actual a sense of physical inferiority like I feel like it underpins a little of it. I think there is a lack of power certainly part of it, and it is inferiority as they feel like emasculated by the blackmail were
in case. You are, I think, so I think that's true, because it, our ultimate fear, is that they, like the blackmail, would have sex with their white women. That is a big part of foreign right now, black males with female white female. Like the Cox thing it will be like a black eye having sex with the woman, why your husband is like watching and crying that's like a big worthy in there's. These strata of masculine, that of kind of been attached to certain groups, which is very fascinating. What it's also interesting, if you see someone like, I feel, like I want to be a man, and I want to walk a certain way and you know president is being intimate take some kind, a hilarious, but but someone like Dave does not have that cause He has all the power already for he's the kind of gentlest swede guy super polite
do you know net. Never use is that because he he just always has it is another movie. I just want to mention that you have coming now. I guess in twenty twenty is love. Birds is re answer. I am a huge fan hers. I love her show the greatest lover lover. Your lover, she's, gonna, cheese, the future and the present. We had the best time doing that on that movie, just like working with someone who so smart and so good at tears and so fine and so cool and united I've. I haven't really had this specific experience other than with Emily, where we're like making something in warlike, totally creatively, in lockstep the entire time like we had disagreements and a wee wee wee would have arguments and stuff, but it was always like it always felt like we see it the
That's him when he ass might wanna get their slightly differently, but but I love working with her and I hope the movies good I haven't seen it yet thence. Your second time will show alter that yeah Microsoft and I adore him, though he has followed a little bit answer now. I'm too, you talk with the big sick of MIKE and I had. I would imagine, because that is a tricky I've only directed things I wrote right. never had something I wrote be directed by someone else. That would be very difficult for me. We had a couple, a huge fights. We had three huge fights to his father. Then what was my ok good? So I think you would agree with that assessment years world sincerely. I do hope you you'll come back to promote something in our those scratch the surface- I'm gonna get here about those seven years in Chicago yeah. Those funds to the Israeli, not a lotta, wasted time
I'll, be well good luck with all these movies, and we know you. Thank you