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2021-05-06 | 🔗
Kwame Onwuachi is a James Beard award-winning chef and author. Kwame joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his experience as a contestant and judge on Top Chef, writing his first book, and cooking for Obama, Oprah, and Dave Chappelle. Kwame and Dax talk about their shared experience growing up in a single-mother household and how as a kid, Kwame was sent to Nigeria for two years to live with his Grandpa. Kwame explains that opening his own restaurants has taught him how to be a better leader and that he's not the best Spades partner if you want to win.
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Welcome welcome organ armchair expert experts on expert I'm Dac shepherd Oh miles is not with me today, but in spirit. She is today we have world renowned, chef, Kwame on watch he he is a James Beard, winner, food and wines, best new chef of two thousand nineteen winner esquires, two thousand nineteen north american chef of the year and made Forbes thirty under. Thirty. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed memoir notes from a young black chef about the intersection of race, fame and food. Kwame can currently be seen as a judge unseasoned. Eighteen of top chef Thursdays on Bravo you're gonna, love Kwame. I did please enjoy Kwame on Watch II. We are supported by our off these Raphia rallies Rockies, my favorite stylish sustainable shoes. They also make bags and other great them
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Dot com slashed acts today, he's I do Are you a spade master or space mass? What does that say? Take your pick. I think I'm both with this one specifically says: spades master. You notifies Bates, that's all I do. I bet I play fifteen hours spades away. Do you play? No doubt already, my black are about. I know how to play, but I see
stereotypes about a good partner, don't shoot me be a partner in spats. That's what I thought people I could play. I ha. If you want to win, we cannot be Barnes. I really recommend given another shot, so I'm wife, so I played euchre. Have you heard of euchre? No, I think it's a canadian game, it's kind of similar to spades, but again only like white Northerners player, but spades is almost identical, but would like three the layers of strategy. So I'm so hooked. Oh it's good year having got heavily, send white friends and know that gave them at the half way point so funny enough. It got introduced to our group because our good friend Jes works with almost only black folks and they taught him and he
and playing with them for, like I don't know ten years and brought it over. He was the messenger of it looker and it funny how deems can be like that, it's obvious, but it is still funny that there are black and white and kicking since Ghana. Gama go right. I think you know is blocking ok, I've! Never seen it went down with white people stop. I need some answers right now, but I think I would argue new knows. Finally, a kids game now so its black game. That is likewise I feel like I'm an hour, but my kids play. You know they love it, but I go mad because it just luck. I hate any game. Is ill luck, but most things relax Most things rely on that kind of aha. Were there, you need both right. You need to like a be prepared and be a hard worker and then fuck. You need a ton of luck to you do. Are you in DC, I'm in a labour now
oh, why aren't we together Y know? I we're not together, but we should be together. We couldn't be together in the same room with different screams. Know that fucking now that's true, that's true. I didn't come all right now, I'll be there in a salutary letter. He had to do. You live here out of place here to place near ok and no place and easy. That's where you ve been working for the less little stretch now, sixty years there ok suit, you had a place there and then you ve left for good. I want to say for good, nothing is certain. Besides death, that's no for good, but further pursued future of high ranking tomorrow. I'm today on you mean here at the very least some here, so I wanted learning about you a little bit and now do this to a fault, but I'm more starting with something I can relate with, which is I'm presuming single mom in the Bronx Sailorman S M,
ok, nobody! You had a sister, your morn, that we're just to you at the services area. Ok, My mom was a single mom. Raising three kids in she started a business out of our house in Detroit right. Yeah Well, I hillbilly enclave about twenty minutes outside the Detroit and full disclosure for the General Motors. Yes, she worked at general must look at this This is a flattering you did. The answer me were: becomes the movie? I've got my move stealing my mama, but so mom running a business are the house. It brought back so many memories and I love that you say you were fully gainfully employed by her five just along to the criminal but here's my question so
I have some baggage from man. Are you ready for it? How everybody shares their luggage, bad? My mother, my hero with that said she was really really busy and shows coming to terms with this, because I've got a real devil side right, I'm like a perfect sun and then I'm a fucking outlaw pray spreads, but I think more more now than an older and a married, and I try to punish my wife. Sometimes I think I was trying to punish my mom. I think I was sad that she was gone so much and I didn't have time and I think they secretly would maybe punishing her. That's not really the case. That's where our children at school there seeking attention is meeting intention for someone and, if they're not getting it from someone that they look out to data from the next best thing. So, whether that's a teacher, a friend a spell
whatever you going to crave that attention. It doesn't need to be good or needs to be sexually needs to be bad. It just needs to be attention. You just need to be looked at used to be talk to you to be the center of someone's world for a second, and sometimes that can have a negative connotation and sometimes the best fucking thing in the world. What's a double edged sword, wouldn't you agree, so didn't have attention and be I'm a bottomless pit, fascinating attention and approval? Are you similar? Absolutely one thing I know is that ok, this, Atta Street, how so gone. He also was catering any was in a rap outfit Kiev, whoever shine in the this way I'll jump in front of the year. I gotta find some stow simmering whatever parts as go. Let's go locate Africa about this. When I realized. Oh, let's do that's! How I am on time doing a lot, but I love it and it keeps me from smoking cigarettes
yeah and if I am not exaggerating, stood it s it so now. The really novel aspect to your childhood is that you went to Nigeria for two years under the false promise. It was like two weeks. As Mr Andersson, only Mama was agreement that is present you get away with murder. Is she got me? She got me now. I was the best thing that ever happened to me. Honestly. What ages were you in? There is mixed family, there are somehow yeah. I was sends its wealth, so my father was in my life. I D, Simon Weekends, and my mother in him were totally strange, never spoke to each other, I mean, I'm driving down the block. You better come get, I'm not seeing each other at all, but she was coming concept. My grandfather,
Olivia Nigeria, he always said like an apartment, is acting up and send it my way we'll get him straight once a mouse acting up too much. I was ten years old, my mother contact him. He comes to America every year. In the summer we go and see him. My mom is like when he leaves or going to go back within a couple weeks
Did you see that Africa right I'm like they case yeah? This is amazing how you are going to this day. I also carries really quick like what your fancy, what Nigeria was at that time I had been. Oh, you add. Ok, ok had been when I was really really young paradise. Five six, you those well remembered it in that time frame so and you are asking myself into another, so excited for that the smell the food, the vitamin c electricity, I didn't know signing up for the smell the food virus. You much needed for two years ago is the two weeks now tabled vibrant electric trip, but he turned into an electrocution. The Anna concise to EC package would have an answer here. How is it being
in revealed to you? Is it like every couple weeks, hey you're staying other companies. It is at somebody from those years name here until I think you're, no, oh shit anymore. It was I got hold of the zone african mother thought. Then we go to the costs incurred in sight a month or two and again it adds a stay. The summer got me Joseph. Require mean we drive to the call center awaited lines they back ten years more than that twenty years ago I guess twenty one and, as I call centres or the internet cafes and all that shit and we had to drive our two instead in line finally get on the phone, and like my when my from home, I swore by the Start zone September's you live here, Nancy where Respects- and I just remembered I'm never going to see the New Harry Potter movie- I've never
see America again, like all these things, and then it was crazy, a tv but like letter she became on whenever one or two it wasn't like. You can pay for electricity. We had a generator, but it was really slow to diesel guy. Expensive, so we only had around seven times and one time they electricity came on the sea bottom. There was a great sound, and it came on. There was a good, too good to be on the table every day wine, as I also that movie those mad real? Whenever a plane, The world trade center, unlike this movies praise all another. Fine it yeah, there's movies to preposterousness could never happen. That was, why is this a new scheme so long. What are they gonna get
so the guy saving the town and then I go to the count like this nine eleven September will hand over the counter, and I decide paints and, like all man because think about was a child and, like all american, under attack. Well in your mom still in the Bronx she's in the Bronx says you are, I don't know where anyone is I don't know it's all of America. This is happening to may I remain mere city- is all Americans Yonah place. I've lived ploy in advance and I saw you it is for the most part- is ITALY Offensive America, Those are the series of events and my polish I'm staying here and then out. The layer that I may never go back because America's under attack yeah, oh childish, the rapid head around yeah. I mean I've heard a lot of people's. Where were you on that day story in a number money when that was like in Nigeria against their will other home check, their backs, Andrea, less media?
our story, so a was there any language barriers, everyone, speaking English, where Europe most people spoke english year, most of the english Daily barrows Pigeon, which I picked up really quickly. Where kids like fascinated with you, because you from the states air, absolutely out of superstar celebrity and then ass quickly. Better. Was there was normalize everything. Oh shit he's staying. Staying, yeah
believe, like we believe also the deeds of like fought for the last eleven years to have alpha status like you're. Only charming for so long you'll never know the dome of their. What I can compared to like once every three years, some would move jar school from California in that made them a fuckin mega start right away. You rat start, then, when you came back your returning to what seventh grade, I guess I agree, but I don't have a paper. Is my family like pretty much convinced and that our smart enough to continue on one of the other kids? Think about your sojourn? I mean I was a new kid in schools has once again essentially all guy side. I didn't care like. I came back kind of worse than before, because I, when I went to school Nigeria backed up on them like homework What are you lie? What now? Twenty? This is why orderlies video games or fight our advice over carry this enough across the EU. Twenty seven times
why what's your America and they let you didn't, get your homer you'll get a gold star, unlike keeper for gold, star gear, you got came Motherfucker ride is so like. I was heartened even more and like very combatants. Oh man backfired honestly. I just know that at that age man everyone's, I literally just crafting their identity elementary school, very much where, whatever your parents got, U Junior you're, certainly really put it together. I'm gonna meet this dude and then into just kind of parachute. Back into that. The high point of that I feel like I would be feeling very without a country or without a grew, packed my loaded with enough food to get me there too. Here's a style of is thou. When I got back to those watching tv bt- and I was right back in their eyes
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I am nineteen years old, I'm in college and selling drugs, I'm also using drugs that I'm sorry about boy fallout strung out. Essentially, on ecstasy I hand axes are very popular back then, to I just wondered I recall yeah. I didn't mess with that. That will happen in the black media time. Ok she's telling us into the wider community and then I remembered flares they were sitting around the table, and I was I not rely too. She looks fine itself, If I say one, will everyone of this party take one and there like? If you say what will take one balmy as I took one another guy, does she doesn't work? Let me take another to those I daddy candidates hyper space in AWE a whole bag and it was skittles further next month old baby
and probably the most suicidal you'd ever been thirty. Three days later it looks exactly what is life? What is money Those conversations- and you I mean I saw burma- was one of the time than I was coming out of this fourth day party in people still sleeping, in my view, the. How are these people- and I look in Obama like one and I have voted, but as there is no way we can be a vice president, mean thirty years ago. We couldn't even sign of football tournament in certain places we couldn't even eat us in restaurants in the south, even though Jim Crow is abolished, like Fuk, you take our permit mayor who's in the Ku Klux Klan. You know what I mean Friday still was at the thing, and now we have this gentleman with the highest power of office in the world, and that represents something at the very least not what he does after that, it's not what he doesn't do after that, it's real
early, his dna is touching that share has assigned for the rest of us here. So at that point I will decide I don't know what I'm gonna do in life, but this ain't less the rest of my pills, unemployment and I got on a plane and went to the regime and started cooking and again you had had this history, both of working with your mom's catering company and also just your family or for several generations. Chef. So you don't always Vienna cooking and then you meet a cat who happens to be cooking on one of these either vessels or oil rigs with the clean up effort from the deepwater horizon, and then you end up running a kitchen on about Pomona. Both I'm twenty method was good. Was it then came a black or white. I mean the shaft care he was about the re sessile gas. We find I read He asked if you must be around
something which I was that besides the boy always body or somebody interact you. What are you a great deal wrapper? Yes, yes, but fuck you, Does anyone have a car? Is this? Do you want to buy mix it? Also about you? Well maybe I mean even my food out because he bore a liking. It like he was telling me like I'm subordinate, and we re area! Another! Listen! Do you got your food? He asked me if I knew how to read as how Lahti your people are come on here. I've heard about your people: are they do cook your food? I'm a muffled. Does it our breakfast such a flexible? Just ordinary man like I'm gonna, have to ever talk to again. He said so then I just did die in the food spoke for itself and then you begging for me that my first introduction about I'm like a best motherfuckers.
I can only imagine how that these people are right. Look out and their smiling and they got one tooth people like the scariest looking around us, is what a raises person looks like. I'm not gonna say that that's a thing. But if I had you imagine if you just picking between who you're taken arrived with the air, lock and issues spurs want all those roughneck kind of careers do attract a kind of specific person. You know at that time shrunk wasn't ready for office, but I would say that I voted for him sure or storm the capital poorest storm the capital. So obviously the experience and the boat was pretty. I found a light Bobby. There was a light bulb on many occasions. It made me not judge people by the way that they look surprisingly black, because of that one person that treat me that way. I was like everybody, here's racists and they were not. There actually reminded me of my friends background
at along extremely well, but also its show me that I knew what I was doing. Yap direct action do this. I had no internet. This is twelve years ago. And like there was a strong wifi like that, you know how was it computers on the ship wasn't cell phone service so, like I had just cook for the first time Yeah they, let me know, was scary at first, I never putting up that aid to pay for the first time for these back country Louisiana. They call them like that. Country Louisiana guys in they were licking the plates. Ask me how I made this thing, and I was a psycho show me where I can do this sooner yeah. Also, you don't really know if you're a leader unless you're gonna, given the opportunity to do some leading, so that can be a really profound thing that figure out about yourself as well
yeah exactly so. When you get down with that with the boat experience, you decide to go back to New York. Why did you want to go back? I want to get out of the south is raised to tell ok outside. I need a girl ready to get out of here, there's not much gross here and it's crazy. I've been haven't changed in so long you're, probably the fourth gas we ve had that has lived many places and then, when they said what is the hardest to be blackened in that's come up like five times, I think was a creature the story which happened today. Thirty minutes before this, my friend was in towns shot from the south, unlike you like, I wanna go pick up some Lacroix them Fatima Lenny owner many restart, my Lacroix collection girl, you're, always laborers it and I gotta get candles generation to carry out my different candles. Different.
He bears and shared, would stop the car stars Ratlin like a fuckin handed back, Sir, the cars fuckin rattling MAC handles mad Lacroix everywhere my friend as I'm hungry, every sound like you, I gotta get to this bucket outcast Manic August pocket no it, but I'm pleaser, I'm a pleaser and am also sprang. Suddenly, let's stop at this place right here with some of the place he's like I'm gonna get a hot dog out like you want hot dogs I'll, take you to pigs. Let's go organ, get to this part gas entire, I'm gonna. Take you to a long is line in this is hardly at all. We drive and we drive and condemn ok, now that this new Mercedes, the branding, Mercedes Press, a button, the mother fucker it parts for you like you? Let me say this new feature of ideas presses by it. We pull up and then so I put up a honey. I'm like the old man, please party here, uranium identical for one, but to go around a scar army.
Oh we're here, having a stand off for about ten minutes, and then a guy comes up to my side thing at this point like the lady, like I'm gonna, do at this late, just go away to back those long. So then the jackals deciding his eye- we're gonna turn your went down ass, a white guy and set the tone lady behind me as a black eighteen. She is clearly handicapped in some capacity as the actual handicapped sign that thinks I'm trying to work with her right, you're be impatient We have tasted he's. I get out of here, I'm like infernal where young enemy did. What are you climate change is that it is a good idea. You met the block, your old and everybody. You got the pace of the commons. Help leave me alone. Leave me alone. I know what I'm doing here and he was I. What do you, steal that car home all Wow- and I was like, do you know it, but this parking space posted the pinkies got out. My brain was like trying to hold me back. I was I do not touch me offered me right now and I walked up to him and I was I.
You'll be literally got out of a hat. Bob lie to come to a situation that had nothing to do with you. So then asked me: did I steal the Karmann? What was your reasoning for that? And he, because now am I you know, you know and you're sick and your bid on top of that, you didn't think I was gonna come over and talk to you so fuck, you you're the disgrace, and you are the reason why this country is going through this right now, and you are, though, past four hundred years. Crystallized a fucking piece of shit right here you're right now and thus coal mine can salvager racist and I walked away. And all the one world I am so sorry it's fine like now. Now I'm upset I'm like no, it's ok. I did you find a way to say you gonna be so it's crazy. I left this out, ever been all around the world and the shit does not stop machine.
Not stop. I guess it's just like your really deal in percentages at some point like ok, that's gonna happen new irony three percent: a dime olive oil and ally, but maybe down there its thirty year s true, but aiming at. How does because I spent fifteen minutes with this weirdo I now to come talk to you would you want to follow up question? All I gotta say is why people are still in my time left and right. Man well, two things one had he come under the false guise of that woman's gotta handicap lacquer near being a dick giver that spot now. That's one thing right that wasn't the thing was okay, so that's off the table and I can't even make that excuse. My only via question is: do we think you have the exact same reaction of you're still on darts smoking, or is it a twelve percent hotter? No cigarettes is in the max right. I think cigarettes would have happened.
After I screamed at him cuz I don't smoke while I'm in the car I'll tell you a quick story, so I tried to mug me and Santa Monica. I live there in a one bedroom apartment for ten years flat broke, there's a gang that lived in my alley. Santa Monica Trey said you tried to mug me. Leaving the gas station fight ensued, terrible the guy called me back to my apartment than the game we sent a blog through my window than at the door of the shot gun in the police arrived and we go downstairs. We take police photos, I'm gonna break now my hand still misshapen from it His nose broke. His chin, I lost all bang it was gnarly is really not telling us amazing, so cut to two years later I man Day one of quitting smoking online.
That was my girlfriend. I have literally I have pajamas on my mom got me for Valentine's day. They have hearts all over them and I'm laying in bed and all of the night here, blood curdling screaming and I jump up and I love the people that live below me. I walk outside one dude told his broken nose in the driver's seat of a car. I looked at the passenger side in It's getting pulled out of the window and it's the same due to try to make me- and I am on I've. Just barely gotten through sixteen hours are not smoking. I yelled hay and he looked at me I can tell you. I was, though, related to mix it with his mother. Chase down the street. Neither capsicum in this way up Broadway. They throw me on the ground as a whole. To do cops. Get me up. You got the wrong guy. He ran that way. What does he look like, and I go? Oh, my god. I have because of my apartment from these waters,
All the guys hand him the police Porthos days. There lies and then they take the photos and they leave for three hours ago. Magnesium, voters back and they never found em anyways. Had I smoke that day. I don't think my reaction would have been quite is volcanic. Is it was no my reaction, because I would never want to walk away without that way? Person. No one is that how yeah yeah yeah yeah I wouldn't have hit him. I wouldn't get him regardless right by their had to have been. Iowa to that situation. So, like my friends, are you good? I was, I I'm great ion better than This is amazing, not leave the stone unturned there was. Small applause like this. It worked out exactly. I wouldn't its wording. I kind of like a movie like it within a movie. Could you tell was a ashamed or do we see now? There was in denying the ads debate about
sixty five seventy year I was just like how could you afford this car you black bastard? that's good! That's what was going on in his ear. He was. What do you mean but you blame me laughing. He may have said that at one put its rights and that's the shame right there remember saying that National started walking where my god! Now, he's gonna go home and be like. If you can't, you do believe this car It costs me out of line for about two as it is, for these are in any dress you down in the pink line and then he's got reporting it must have been in the wrong. The only vigour as he didn't get a hot dog, and I know we wanted one I could tell you was hungry- oh my god, dude, I'm fuckin! Sorry the bed, Me too, man won a really nice little wrap up wagons. Aids. Fine him and I M going to have any number. There is an accident,
They worked up tat. I want a password because we had a good time tone stories. Now you have a catering business, that's doing really well and you're, getting some press, and then you decide to throw this event and, in the event, is a major success. In that way, too many people show up. If I was gone for a failure is, major success. This is what I realize you, because I got to say I don't know, I guess I mean people would seem to go well well well. Well, but I've just shit the bed like dozens of times and it's always turned out to put me on a different road- the ended up being a better road. So I just love your fuckin story, because I relate to so much it just the humility man I gotta imagine than that.
Eight of the botched coming out parties. You know along leniency in your bed that view no. Oh, my god. It's almost comical. It's never been in the middle of the fucking club when I emerged from the dungeon of kitchen and no one was in the club beside me. Friends and ass. I thought, but I guess I just everyone level. A narrow like it's all right. It was so low Oh boy, my car was stowed whenever it outside was stolen. The girl tat. I was talking to put it in her name. She took all the money he had left a man, man, man, the United, try to explain to people this feeling of like working for two years. Writing the script,
getting the money getting the studio to Green lighted, shooting at editing, fuckin four months testing, getting it to a number than travelling. Three begging people to see and then getting that call on Friday flakes so on. This is not working in the last two years in your life, so it didn't work out. It is the most unique. Why do you see it's Jews? It is when you live throughout its hysterical rises. Hurt you get so matters are laughing yeah embarrassing. Stay to share their, We are supported by Mcdonald's. Oh, my goodness do I have good news for you now you can buy your favorite items and get another for just a dollar whole boy. Did I just make good on this? I
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I spent two years and the last nine weeks. I looked like a maniacal genius when that shit blocked like allow laughing. Had you looked back, we need to get you committed. We have right yes to the rest of the year, this big beautiful restaurant. I never went in a book from the sounds of it. It was just fucking gorgeous right, nice, baroness and you start looking around and used building some expectations in you start envisioning. This life you're gonna have right here that this is about down it's about. You go down, yes, so as not just that that thing fails, I think people don't recognize as judges that that thing failed. It's like, or am I had to say, good bye
other than I like design the whole kitchen. So calm again, you build this life yourself. Here like this is the right. You may get ready for this life that I'm building and then aside back it up, but if you're smart legacy of smart is not the same as those smart person at the citizen, a very determined person and bishops person, and also I'm very picking up the people that I have around me at stake if you surrounders other people that are like the old man, you're still gonna do other stuff anyway, this is just another. What you re doing, you're still gonna continue to be great. This was called the sin work out now. Dear other thing, the iron aside. That reminder then, let's you know that those two years were actually wasted that was gained, and then the next thing you do is gonna be a quantum leap because you have the knowledge of the lasting yeah like as a guarantee building. Nothing was among the best moments of your whole life. I don't regret a second of it crash course in operating restaurant. The second was so easy and the third one.
The walk in the park in the four corners. I got to do some eyes closed and then I'm going to tell you how to do this shit while I stay over here. I love that whole process. Tell me what I wanted to tell me how to lead taught me how to follow. It taught me what to do and not to do it sucks when it all came the head for shore, a Temple satellite, pop it and then, after that, if those better right so like it was the same thing essentially and since then you on the James Beard Award. You were food and wines best chef in nineteen you're, esquires, best chef of North America. Nineteen, so like all this stuff on the other side of that which is in credit, and again everyone who listens to this, like you're gonna eat some shit, the best people a lot of shit. It's really just what happens and it's all about. Can you keep?
move in, and can you try to enjoy it while you're gonna eat that shit cause it's gonna get I mean besides men plans and got less yeah let's at the end of the day, and inside someone told me that the key to success is going into each potential vary with the same enthusiasm. Now this is gonna veil are not, is gonna be successful, but I'm fucking do it. Right, I'm about my all into it. I think that when you have that adds to the jury, that is the reward. Every single time is happy and process of yeah getting that genes veered award, it's not like when I'm on stage getting that I didn't steal. This left up to the angels happens. Experience around to relieve the pressure for sure. Like that was the most dress, whipping trying to get by a jury of that was the most rewarding thing than ever experience. Yet it's hard to learn something from receiving a reward. It doesn't really is not a lot to glean from now. Will you
the house now you're a host of top shelf. You know I'm in after a monkey and shit, I'm a big deal. That's I note your first. I just want to talk about job chef for one thing, and then I want to talk about lucky because I'm your greatest ok but Topshop. What's fun about this, is you were there as a contesting? And now you are there as a judge it so much better now having to run around any taboos and confident of enemy Is it easy for you to be critical of other people knowing how hard their working? I think it's easy for humans to be critical of anything. So, yes, that's not the right question or all critical fuck. Is it easy for you to be critical to their face to tell them the bad news? Ok round giving feedback? I'm not saying that use you suck Ryan go home if I'd be in a kitchen is a cook, so they put up a dish and light need a more thought here. This wasn't crispy. You said it was fried. You said you progesterone peppercorns in there have no numbing feeling in my mouth
What's going on a man, you need to get in a five on the palate, and for that reason You know it s not just like you said he. I can't believe you did it get out of this It is not that the dishes gray, your hair cut socks, hit the road, and I can smell your breath from here in what is going on now. That's a parental guidance. More than critical, I smoke extra and anything else. You feel like you learned a lot while you were a contestant, oh yeah, because of that, but think about that you getting critique from the top chefs in the in the world by getting feedback on your food if you're listening and if you're not defensive. It's I do assure you little discipline without an. I have addressed good enough for the best
he saw even when you get kicked off you. You say those words and then think about that with your own cooking, that's one of the Basle Committee in my restaurant, I'm like chef. How is a meal? It was great crawling. Thank you so much ground fatality, Arthur Iconic awry, dismiss this soft. When they talk to their friends right now, they're getting paid to actually give feedback. They are literally that's their job to judge so you're. Actually getting real life be back from some of the best in the world. If you don't take that knowledge and run with it, I don't know what you're doing, because when I am and you ve back to make, you feel bad were actually saying like this isn t good. This is why your excellency in and then you can take their knowledge and grosvenor. I did that I internalize and I came back and looked at my cooking, and I saw what could be better myself when I can improve on, and I think that gave me exponential growth more than the publicity. It was a real time. Information
because if you came back up what you do on our currency you're, not here- that's gonna catch on, but you still have to know how to cook the serpentine innovate and you don't know how to lead yeah off this as another new dining. But did you watch salt fatty acid? He you know I don't really want ladder. Television and I know some in, but I haven't watched it though ok, I love her and I'm not into cooking shows, but that one fuckin gaming is so beautiful. You ever going to check one out. That's my vote, for you forget tat. I started a media company producing my own shows. Ok, will then all the more reason you better figure out which ones work before you go one hour a damn right. I can't have only crab macaroni cheese and start a restaurant. That is not the same thing. Ok,
These are all thirty analogous now yours who booing it. Ok, so you wrote a book notes from a young black chef and it's been option to be a movie. Yes, ok, so I'm so obsessed with Keith. I imagine you do too, but I love and Lana like crazy as the best surer sobered so wrong, but he so special who nabbed him. How did he get involved? Were these two gentlemen producer rare for the movie came to me and they played a little bit of Baden Switch type thing. There are like they were lucky delay, armies interested in us keep had, I think, seem a galley when they came to me and my lesson lucky this already on board, you know, and they went to producing companies is a lucky then Kwame as on board. And they played a little better. But do you know they could you make of it. You gotta make it and they made their able to write a really don't scrap their animals like really father. They want to get a twenty four, the ode to get.
On Rome and see it s very much has happened, but I got a phone call from the chief on my way to the James Beer words now, and he was at your browser, like a registry like a really resonate with due, not to play you all day. An expert hoddan was yes on any. My people, Kyar people on a lot of you in LA revenge, is dead but yeah. What's up with you in that respect, I have received a lot of these calls, but I do like your work, so I know you in the upper I mean for me. If I were you, he'd have to be in the top three people via the whole industry. To pick from he would be. It was my topic. East array was someone that I wanted to do it as well. We spoke about it when he can.
What'd you do EVA was interested ass. If I had a really good by a group of people by the case was not my number one pack here. If I had to pick pick, was him to play me is my favorite, yeah. It was very surreal. It still feels too real. I don't think it really hit me until, like I see a preview for another movie or something right yeah, it's hard to let something like that settle in, which is probably a good thing that you're not
you're damn right there making a movie about me in the bus actor. Ally's play me of course, but you know it's funny, as it did make me think of one thing which is when you are explaining giving the criticism of the food and that their able to accept it, and I was just trying to think how in secure I would be to have. Let's say there is a similar show. I did a monologue and we had three great directors and they gave me some notes be rough, but I was distinguishing really in this racket. I'm the product right. You took a bite, a mean. You're like this is to salt pepper. Whatever the vote, it is worse with the food there's some level of distance, exactly yeah but you're connected to it. There were connected said that right up there, but on a business or putting ourselves in place, so it hurts, but they feel better coming from appear so like if an actor was a young man. I had to do as I believe, like the line that you seems, believers of living more alike. It wasn't me to several come into some like this strange about you, maybe I believe the council, even more
but when you how someone like that wouldn't get up, You wouldn't get strong, Broadway say what you like and then it sets are critically by fuck you man, very important after being alive. I say criticism also can be absorbed differently, depending on whose critiquing you and I think it came from a more emphatic point of view- trust you from someone like me, not even just like the senior judges, but I have been in I'll shoot. These other guys. I've. Never even so ask what you like how much time you have yet reality. I know that you could have done Ex wines in Rwanda teacher brought on first and then do this. Is that so the question tat I m, I think that United media different now that you're saying that, remembering the one time my studio insisted. I have people Gimme notes in the script, but I offer what if we get some screenwriters, I love, but don't know so that we know like favouritism and they said yeah so like for great screenwriters. They agree Doreen.
They gave me notes and I've just loved the notes, because there were other people who have been in the trenches and know what it's like to deal with this problem. That and yeah. I guess that's all the areas in the world, So you have a book, you have a movie being made about you with a great actor your house atop sheriff you ve got all these award the night name them. You start really successful restaurant. Given can you step away from that right? I sent away from everything's, ok during covert. I started a production company, I've been producing mankind
Ah, you tomorrow night commercial laws, and so she media things. Seven hours talks for like two television shows too and scripted shows, and then one scripted show that we wrote a whole screened by foreign everything, our collective of by forty three of us. There are one or two near tens. Bustling author named Kwame is, while one is an actor on a new Kragan he's on my own views on the next hidden law and order, and we retired people like pitching us up all the time. One insufficient staff, so yeah we started pair back San Jose had not the rooms are we knew in restarted, sounds like habit. Instantaneously was pretty phenomenon. That's awesome. Congratulations beg you. I have one last stupid question, which is you ve? for a bunch of people, rightly called for the Obama's where's, that secret there's a sitter, you ve cook for Chapelle, he's a guard on planet, earth and opera. Does the anxiety
the rise, or do you pick something? You know you knock out of the park like ninety nine percent of the time? What's the thought process might aid as Erasmus? yeah. I mean I've been in the middle of my hand, was a dining room. Full of people that have left them were upset, my crystal and then My amendment needs ache and special programmes for someone who have unlimited money is like the easiest thing in the world when an honest with it. Would you make sure path? Mushroom tee? I heard that's his favorite, our diet. Chief, neither confirm or deny that I mean I'm. So many things I made ass tells me the judge. Your browser, snapper again, you not generous based on, is bringing about a lot of different different stuff. What places ever fallen in love with an ally for some me just ask you cause you: do Afro Kara being cuisine?
or you dare not giving can. I know this is extending into Cuba, but I'm a real sucker for a beautiful cabana and don't know anywhere, and airline lived here, twenty five six years, let's go get once again or figured out. Ok, but you don't have a go to. No, no! I just got here like a month ago by ok. My goes, restaurants are re election Are they gonna shade Last year alone, schreyer I like canary sushi site, is towards she. She plays yeah there's a lot of replaces here has so many good places there. I think, or am I cited, Oh now, to be honest, Vienna to hate hunger, the website, but now I've been around as much the insides got readjust way more athletic. She had happening this kind of crazy or stuff happen and over here I think we're gonna, take it ass, a mere favorites. So now you gotta give me the knowledge, ok, you're radical start. We both failed so many times,
currently succeeding we're going to fail again, but currently today were succeeding, and I am glad to be joining you in that we're up today we gotta we celebrate man, we gotta celebrate what the cigarette now Oedipus, I'm an awesome. Any new in love with everything. Ok, tonight's, again
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