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Lake Bell (Wet Hot American Summer, No Strings Attached, It’s Complicated, Bless This Mess) is an American actress, director, screenwriter and TV wife to the Armchair Expert. Lake visits the attic to discuss her creative process, her evolution toward marriage and the harrowing story that eventually led to her two tattoos. Lake wrestles with taking on certain roles now that she is married and Dax wonders if many of Lake’s previous roles are now obsolete in the industry. The two debate the varying ways to run a set, Lake discusses growing into her body vs. growing into her sexuality and Monica and Dax re-create the Estonian method in the fact check.

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Hello, hello, welcomed, armchair expert, Monica Shepard and joined by tax, Badman, of which one is which class doing on your first name, your last name, I'd like to get rid of my last name: okay, so you're Monica Shepherd I'm backs Patmos. I like that tax pad menu. I gave you a just very strong, yeah, look and experiment, for my only like the man is an idea like Dax man tat their memory, undeserved, today, my wife's on the show what's wrong, but not the original down the real wife, the television Y yeah, like Bell, I should say for parity: I'm like bells husband, does deserve feel more. That love migrates, I'm like bills, husband unsure, bless his mask, but you know for her from many different projects, she's an actress, a director screenwriter. She made them. In a world I do until I don't shoes in no strings attached, it's complicated anyways. I adore her. We have allowed for working together
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one of our mosques are heavy breathing go to court. Female mosque bars at all mosque. Any kind Well, that's. What do you call it? I mean more like gum, he had a mosque to him. You know, like my skyrocketing, yellow strong, pheromone feminist. She had a sting you mean, like the guy, had the mosque and you know what she had to stay and, ah you that could be heard in the right context. If you said it will we ve had many conversations like this. I think both of our sensibility, towards the perverse in some ways. Ass absolutely have to imagine. There has been a moment in your life, for you were like, let's say in a crowded dance floor in you said to one who your friends like that motherfuckers got musk like, but it was positive or some version of that I don't doubt said: the sentinel ignores no one probably arrives in real and to be honest, if I'm affair, I will know that I would be somebody his leg. I fucking love it when he said
I'll lay call cranky. I wouldn't necessarily say that my perverse brain is more in situation? All like I wanna like talk about situations shirt where I'm like tell me more when it gets more. In the room if he well anyway, ready. Yet when it's looking when its forty, for three years, but also forty, which is sensory, olfactory all of factory you and I are pheromone issue. It is a very emotive issue, and again can go good or bad it wouldn't be. Fair can be unfair amounts, but just so people, a clear on what perversion word talking about. Similarly, I have a very similar relationship with joy, which you Some overlap. We also played wives. Also
went to Westminster, crazy, it's a lotta craziness in so you're nice create so so join eyes was a particularly sound man and that we had a sound guy who was very large and handsome and had a lot of mojo. He had let us in on this fact that he plays piano under Twenty goes on vacation. I anywhere is carried out with a sweet for six years, we're after the races about what this guy's doing when he gets home or olive as moves, and I know you and similarly South have well southward and that Monica yeah you drawn this pie gorgeous well. We ve talked about how I'm glad he's living on he get. He gave Monica double handshake ever. Let me tell you it's a fucking, Just so I got a hand hug on you firmly and then deep deep in due to the pupils, but you know what he is one of those people who like is unafraid of holding your eyeballs. Now
That's nice, Thea, scary, our city. I merely messages you like that do you, like the Arab League, pushing Paul now set. This was the he's in its his own category. I'm talking more about, and what am I gonna name any means. Could we not make anyone self conscious Gazeta? Yes, more, we ve weave isolated other members and then just took a gander what their private life is like. We like to just kind of detail, you know: where would this gentleman take a lady to dinner? What would the moves be? What would he order? What is his you know? What's he pudding up there on this date. What is what comes after the date? Does he work alone are not, which I think is a really big thing and we talked about, Ask earlier version: do they need to put on an artificial mosque to entice? That's a very specific person. Also, my husband and I talk about this. What are you a half an arm back
packer or you a double are now and you think that's a big litmus test for pupils character, kinda Georgia in broad strokes terms at the gate, your leg in lysine blame you get blank, caught whole glory, which is like a really interesting. It's a little play on glory home, but basically a whole glory. Is this sort of art installation that is this large wall? That's like an art peace in there's a hole in the middle of it and a black chair, and he does a raft fall for people and people like line up for this thing in all countries. Cities everywhere, and he is sitting behind the wall and whoever wins the raffle, sits in the chair and puts their arm through the whole boy. Don't know if you're gonna be there for five minutes where you gonna, be there five hours open, get tattooed by Scott and he will wrap it in black fabric and then you pull it back out and
when gathers round and then on veils, and then they see what they have for. That why, as some people who put their their own through the whole, sometimes myriad of tattoos and sometimes have not be why see. You know that it's almost like palm reading, we're because he's very intuitive gone, and you put that arm through and there's like stories on the hand and arm like ok will, first of all the first thing would be: do they have other tattoos raid? Hurrah you see like a peak of one up at the top of the armor. You know you. Can I get a sense of what age maybe what gender may not enough, but all of these cues do they wear watch. Do they not? You know their wedding banned. You know it's like all of little That is also the Azores backup. Your husband Campbell is very accomplished tat to artists and an artist at large and many many ways bunch of interesting stuff. He does yes, he is very unique,
born, raise Louisiana and Texas. So he's like a southern boy. You now- and he is very simple ways are like some very early on the surface. You guys are opposites, judge you on the surface. Oh yeah, yeah. First, tourism is echoes, hat and right. You know, as the debutante different socio economic background, that my dad was wealthy man. A jewish MA am a jewish man. My mom was very loss, be Scott. You know grew up in the Bible, the Louisiana, and that sounds like such, like a falsehood, but actually he quite literally it was like the swamps of losing Let's just say we had there been a Leonard Skinner album there. He was just on the cover of the seventies. You'd go perfect fit oh yeah yeah going blind data, my life. What was with your husband? he has done you and my wife fix us on a They do not, as my devil, Bell, double blinded. Yes, I think Christian said hey. I was talking to
can you and Scott or going to hang out you're gonna, bring Nova doubts about the house and you guys are going to go swimming. You think I remember I am dying. I was maybe floating at that time was like alright. Let's do this. You know there is enough cues on the table. It was also cause like Nova and Delta they're, just like they're, both sparkly magic people. You know that not opposites attract, they are the same. There lay bonkers where errors leg just for the banks. It was a day, went to preschool together and then whom anywhere Nova so different school. But that's me where you and I were came to have trapped yeah gloomy. Just like the date went spectacular. We ended up extending it. We ordered Craig, shall we adapt our conversation that parents in a way that like what? What are your kids ie is a heavy sigh Kitty S ass dear cousin, and what do we do when we know what we do in polyantha? These is a french family here, but we are like fuckin shake check, bring it on protein carbs. Let's get these kids ribbon in bulky. It was really gone
We had a great great time. Ok, this art installation, yeah, I'm! So that's incredible and you know when they they audition was symphony musicians. They put a sheet in front of them right, so that the people that their audition in front of Kant Make any assertion: I'd, wait! I'm there s! So there's no bias going out, you're, just hearing the music Scottish Similarly doing that because there could be a granting on the other muscular form, the very built grannie. No, I think that's what's interesting about it. Traditionally tattooing is very intimate. You sit with this person that either You know very well. Are you don't and either way it's complicated, because so you have to sit down and are you going to converse with them the whole time human. He has like therapy sessions with people leg people come to get a tattoo for this very extraordinary reason of eat. They want to mark their body for the rest, their life, and so in that, its emotional. That's her snow you're than consulting with this person. You
representing my children, or will the level of trust your extending this stranger can only be surpassed by like a surgeon I mean it is very precise. It is urgent like and I'm rather have a botched heart valve. Then some visual art tat here. Just because I'm vain you now, I could just walk slower, my bad voucher with like a major valve pro lapses like yeah. No, I think about it and its leg. People who have lost a loved one come to Skype if they're in recovery on something they need a stamp to remind them of their resolve. Or their commitment to something. It's a profound thing: you don't just a girl. You know it at forum, tattooing, someone I'm like. I note that is like the whole thing. Do you have tattoos you do? I do. I didn't have them forever and I liked being like I'm a blank canvas
You know when he is I'll cover now is like a fine unity. We're like that. I think I was kind of lake. I've made it this far without having a tattoo like what am I gonna get a tattoo him authorities, and then I had no Remember I was so tired when we're just like couldn't believe what parenthood at this, and there is like on a random Tuesday night. He gave me this little heart that he has in his hand, to was more just born from a conversation like I'm cheer like what does it feel like the like? What is that and he was like beyond measure music, okay, tat air. Doesn't it gives it's gonna cry again and it being my kid I just if you want to feel that I might have gone with your he'll or something
he's very leg? All am yes, captain all Tom about the Turk to behave I'm so he asked his whole thing is a thing like? Oh, it's so fuckin cool to be left for you and you know like Fuckin Dayton, fuck. A lot of women of his thing was leg. It is so much more bold to just be like I love you, I love you so hard em all in and he would take that chance. We are you meeting me their rights and that's terrified that I really jumping the play like so when I met him. We both had obviously there's that chemical thing and he was like. When are you and what I d ask as I was like intoxicated with just all of it, and it was just right, but then nine days and she came to visit me we're living in their friends and yes, he's covered. And, yes, he describes himself as the bathroom malls,
he be GB in terms of the volume of because it's just from neck Tito Tattoos. However, he arrived and we I will say we we had said x you made law, we re learning in the eyes of intercourse. When I saw him of course, make inner great authorised actual so caused quite ass, he you know we're obviously naked. Oh you guys making make it has different than a lotta honourable through, so he is almost like wearing clothes when these make it even as he's got so many tattoos that it is kind of like a sheet of something anyway so we're there, and I knew had gotten a tattoo cause. I call them at some point. It was like still on the table that God you're really getting tattooed over a long time in coming and other or would you got you know any turns and on the side of his whole body,
from Like Le Tourism, yet exactly little miss I never like, amid saw all generally. That d is the word lake with a huge rose in old English and I was like I just looked at him and is the findings in Dubai. Ass now, and I literally had no words then I allowed interface and it was like oh yeah. I forgot to show you Oh God bless. You yeah where's MA you made the right choice, he's a wonderful human beings, but also nailed it good for you, because I would have been so loosely terrified right would have been so terrified. I mean if he was no tat is
a letter, writer, his anger sure, because his whole thing is is like look. I got it. You know I think, Kido. What are the girls at the tattoo shop who works there, Michel Tyrant Tele? She was like oh shit, she was like. Does she know you That is like Norway and intolerance. You, like oh shit, you stupid. I think I'm fuckin stupid it. Obviously whenever well, I was like wow and he Stop me, and it was like look, don't worry at all thought about it if it doesn't work out I'll just put like an hour and then Can I get into Toby out, I add a little purple laggard had little yet It's a noun. So in a way you know them in your good liquid or your commitment folk. I just never understood relationships. I didn't have a great respect for marriage or the concept of deep and meaningful commitment, because I came from a family where I have my dad has occurred to me since then, because
It's just. I come from a myriad of divorces right, but my dad said will wait a second. I had one divorce with your mom and then I've stayed with the same woman fer. You know over thirty years or whatever it is. That is great. That successful I feel, like you know my mom, who has had to divorce there's a lot of divorce in general and I dont fault my mom. I'm actually really impressed with what it looks like to have different chapters in your life, given the strength for like two people to be like hey, you know what we had a successful marriage. We did ten plus years and we created children together had homes together, we forged a beautiful life together like there's something wrong
the successful about that. I agree. A lot of people like they'll have twelve years, though relapse than they'll come get another year in there, just so crestfallen about having relapse, and, unlike none, are now for the last thirteen of your library. Twelve of the years, you're sobered offer an attic, that's fucking in enormous accommodate Matthew. We measures stuff weird as people. I think you have to have faith that it's ok to have tat There is unanimity on actually part of our evolution. I think, as humans is like our privilege, beer and that there is equality, verses, quantity he meant to be made in all situations on all topics, basically because I've known people that we're married for forty years in I wouldn't see five days in that marriages and accomplishment, and that's what I'm trying to figure do it just as I am married and didn't have an understanding of what the fuck we were all doing. It felt archaic of it didn't. We start marriage when, like that land ownership and we had to like combined land and like it was just such like antiquated sis.
Down an economic model. Absolutely- and I understand it through that lends then also we also died at forty, it was like either for life was like not that bad debts that shot in alerting, not that big a deal very commitment in a while when I was with breed. We watch a sixty minutes where this I was saying they're going to isolate the gene that turns on aging, and I said you know I'm going to get that procedure for myself when it becomes available. I don't know if I'll be able to afford it for you, but I promise I will stay with you until you die, but I will then be with any other people should I thought that was very romantic on me, as I would have been stuck. I might ants, are willing. On thirty with a hundred year old lady will end, there's something you I probably would have more my way into the yard. You like this, it's not insert it sorted, help helping her out of her wheelchair and we're just keep the wheelchair we had escaped. Why then shifted for you in your brain that made these things like? Ok, I will
get me a wall. I think someone like me whose, like I don't know if I'm gettin on board this. Yes, I think you have to meet someone who's lake. Oh this is bravery, ear. Thinking like its cooler to be like the bail when the going gets rough and he's sort of late. No, if you feel it, you feel it and by the way, you also need to be deeply you how you feel something different right right gets your attention to get you on board, with the concept of command and now I think that we're I'm on board with Is that when we're in a relationship- and we can a bail out of the relationship when she gets raw for if the person calls you out on stuff that in a way is not evolving, you cannot continue to Greeley grow. This is just
my personal opinion. Everyone can make. That's not true, but leg. I feel in a marriage is where you have to look at your shit in the mirror and have to deal with it, because the other person is very comfortable with you sees all of your shit and will call you out on things that you weren't, even aware of, and so that is, I think, a human privilege to be able to grow, to evolve, to go to the next level to take on new chapters you can do that with one person the off, but you have to be comfortable with criticism area and alter your wife. You, like your kind of entering the dynamic of a pilot, co pilot of the co pilots. Singular job is to be looking for mistakes in the now how, without even there in so your partner, has a view of the force that you don't have your in the trees. In your dealing with you,
stuff. Is it comes up here, but as something someone on the outside the targeting emotional about all these things and you can just kind of sea. The whole pattern like I certainly can see, patterns with bell that she can't see- and vice versa, then- and I want to say, is a sign of maturity. But definitely when I was younger, I was looking for a partner who fit. Perfectly in this city. Exalt puzzle yet is in cause the least amount of conflict possible in that would let me run my show the way I want you in someone that was, you know worked well with that area in with Bell and not even intent, but maybe some house on maturity. I was like. Oh no, this person has things I want in character, some approach that I wish. I knew how to take, and I want to learn from this person and hopefully
fact, by the things I admire about them yeah I mean, I don't think we realise when we choose our forever part. Now think we realise that I am going to evolve because of them. But then, when kids get involved, you know like that's where the marriage in the relationship is tested and indifferent lay a really puts a fire on your feet, because when it's just the two of you working it out or compromising, let's just say, for example, when we first met, we were just talking. We were in Hawaii, never forget it. Where immigration, I can point to the place on the road where I said this summer came up and I said, owes you will even Jesus like that. Jesus is the Son of God and he came down and he died for everyone since then. She goes yet definitely believe that nose like. Oh that's, a big problem for me personally, because I dont think that way but then I just would like, or is it a problem for me a big deal? We see things that I dont think this and for the first time ever, was in no hurry to try to win her over my side of anything
whatever, yet she can exist in her own identity and think what she thinks and I can think what I think it's easier to take that laid back view of it when it just that www much, who knows where this island unos out, maybe I'll, become a Christian. Maybe she will not be aggression. Who knows what is going to happen when you have kids? It feels the media that the compromise to be figured out. Tonight is you're about to enact some kind of policy ass, an that's what I think puts the screws on the relationship. Again, I mean its second to second minute, two minutes at all times. This sort of interesting and coming back to the tattoo thing, but talks to parenting, which is like you go through such fuckin big and little things with parenting and
you know there was something about when we were single, that the identity of being like no tattooed and like you're, going to play the persona of like the tattooed one, and then you get married and you have kids and when you have kids all of a sudden, it's like how do we keep them alive and make sure that they're good people basic things. It has nothing to do with leg vanity for a second right. Wherever that you didn't, he can come back in just for the sake of like yourself and for your sexuality attraction, but like there's, something so holistically base in simple and basic right and when we had to humberts the bright. So my first with Novo is in Brooklyn and I felt very empowered I'd like Scott and I had gone through a schism in our relationship for the first time right before we got pregnant. That was cataclysmic egg for two people who are just like would just two tone.
Of love and sexuality and less than and then it was like. Well, first major schism work man. You know right, it was like, oh god, no, we gonna fix the pieces. Whilst you know me being like what's happening to him about it, and so the home birth was like this amazing kind of bonding crime, all ito use holding me and I'm lying on the ground. The blood on the website like birth, for you now a human explosion, the ass, when my daughter came out. She had the cord wrapped around her knack though billikin cord- and it was very scary movies on my chest and she was in breathing or of the midwife, gave her three lifesaving breaths on my chest. To my husband was there and she came to language and we were like we are here and of course we need, does birth, you're, not crying, and that that's all surface area. This is like you,
She is good and I asked what it s like: a welder bees, yeah you. Why is it ok right? It is ok with a shell or coffee leg is black and more especially, did have no drugs through you, you're, just like I am in us, expiring, like an animal. I felt very empowered by that experience here right. So if you go through that and then you go through me urge shit and parenting? And, oh, my god, this is insane with jobs and accessible. Then I got pregnant again. And this time we're and allay and things river, and I said I wanna homework again and we had ass yet home, I was huge It was eleven pounds all does get big outlay. Let's get to it is, but the same thing happened. That home and he had the cord wraparound ease and he was all my chest and he
he was not coming too, and that is seen you're, with your husband now you're and fuck in real life, and that ok, your child? Is there and you know the entire room is trying to resuscitate him and, and the paramedics are on their way. Still there this person, you don't know it was like the apex of powerlessness and and my husband, fuckin capable and he's paramedic now, but he literally certifying you know he. We couldn't get him to come to so there's this little man, but I dont even know and the pair max command he cores Oh, I am so he has oxygen through my blood and then they cut the cord and Scott ran out. Half naked eye was naked. After my, u no seven hours of laboring Scott Rana ran out with easy
and got in an ambulance guiding the ambulance. And then the midwife says to me shaking you need to break the placenta, and I was like usually the way was, moreover, you have your baby on your chest and your body instinct truly knows what do you know cause also there's all dislike. Oxytocin surging area that the milk comes. If that's, how your bodies built an amazing, beautiful machine, you know system, I couldn't It was a tolerant leaving out Yanza data to give a petition, and then I came out and about them, and the proposal may give people do induce labour to the doing. Do shit, who is at the centre and midwives have that already outlay traditionally do that they give you a hit a petition right at the end to birth, the placenta at home. Ok, so that you don't need a busybody. Ok, so then enemy to that. And then of course I was eleven pounds. I need to be set up they take you to the bad, and I just was like looking at my phone,
and they were like sewing me up as I'm looking my phone and they get a little video from Scott, seeing will, as you just barely taking brats with the oxygen mass going all and I just passed out those- and I just passed out here and then and where I'm going with it, is that this is the kind of shit you deal with when you are married, when you have children and that life and death is eminently a part of your existence in your daily commute in life, and he was in the Nick you for eleven days. He was hypoxia. He was without oxygen for longer than the four minutes that is associated with being ok, man, LA Children's hospital LOS Angeles saved his life. He was on a cold. For seventy two hours. Why are they gonna cold but because it slow any brain trauma. Basically, they found children
who had fallen in ice lakes or something we re all right, undergone drama yeah that they actually their results had been better than say people ready. I hadn't and so as they had a monocle bed. So here's your little person, you know these intubated and he has a new methods of of wires and and tubes all over him, and at this point you must have fear that, oh no, he might not ever be cognitive, alert and already happening right all and I'm in a wheelchair, because I'm bleeding I came and walk after birth in eleven pound baby at home and my Tal state is not well. My husband and I both Scott slept there. Every night we were told that he could be suitable policy or never walk or talk, and It was our reality and I never have shared the story, but I share it because I think you know it's all
the really important to know that when you step through life with someone and also, I think it's as historian- I'm proud of him- and I am proud of walking out of the hospital. You know with a clean bill of health and an you know, you don't know, the brain is deeply complex and are neurology I was saying that you can look at an mri of E, a medical student and a person with throuble pulse and they can have a similar mri. It's it's very confusing that things aren't clear: cut, set, story. Very material strange and mysterious, and so we did walk out with a clean mri after just the most agree just up and down. My entire life amino medicated after in order to walk yeah. I remember driving to the hospital everyday casinos again Nova to in her I had to be mine. He was wont to choose to have by remember: they were driving to that
but are not knowing how to look down at people on the street, because there would be all these like little flashes of life. Were you t a mother trying to get her son into the God, Damn car seat or whatever we get in there. Please. I said now, I'm not gonna, say it twice in and you see it in and then, like I dont know, if I'll get. To yell at my suddenly she doesn't know how lucky she is not more vary in the weeds obsessed with every. Of course, and so I would just like crane I line up and I would just look at the sky and the clouds, and I would like oh that's constant. Ok, it's just the sky do in its thing up. Their Reich helped flick when you're in very dramatic situations. I think you have to like lock onto something in nature, or that is unmoving unchanging, unwavering forever in stages. If you dare
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So, my wiring is such that I would have gone to gild. Shame I didn't protect. Somehow this is my fault. I would take on all that terrible hold, as it only took that I took it. I'm because I was necessary to have a home. Earth and I've dealt with that. Since you know, obviously you can blame the midwife. You can blame yourself, but also led the result, is the only thing that matters right. I've gone to therapy and I was medicated for like a year and a half, and I did we myself off, but I was on anti depressants to help me. Of regularly. I may even have barely take advice, but I was like. Oh, this is absolutely imperative in order for me to function, and I think that pregnancy and birth and particular labour and birds experiencing it twice now and being in your house- is very strange. Pinocchio there was blood on our sheets and I wouldn't let Scott clean them. This was for a nervous birth, which was very positive, willing right even without you,
that we literally left that house, you know yeah yeah with nervous birthday was like I fuckin on the ship. Out of that, like Joe, that you were right, there are either, which is maybe because girls with a really it was like war, but what I find about labour and birth, as that is the most extraordinary ordinary thing, because every mother fucker goes there at most High stakes suggest is what it is, and I remember being like me, a labour and look into my midwife owned or race or religion in there's, no gettin out of it that it hurts, or at its extraordinary or that its life and death and high stakes it just is, It is- and I remember being like me for labour and looking to buy midwife in seeing people tale this God after I was weak weaning off of my meds, and I had this incredible little boy who are you rolled over it?
ok and all his insanity, and all this amazing magical mayhem. I yourself off the hook, the cheer? What I'm working might have had a lot of these milestones early, so you can show the fuck out, and but over at two minds, and then he started walking at nine months as if to say mom I then I am like the one without doesn't taller than all the fake story, all these layer entity, Maria we give us I was late. I need to be stamped with my children on either side of me, like boring I want my children's names because it doesn't matter any more than I am like the one without two different told that all fake, worry all these layered entity, Maria we give us. I was late. I need to be stamped with my children on either side of me like Greer pain. I didn't ask and look I'm a deeply vanilla person. I have a lot of opinions, but I litter. They came to him and I was like you do whatever you want. You know me
dear earlier point: U S probably die holding hands, let's hope, but regardless, whatever your future beholds your point about it being a successful relationship. The fact that you, to wit through that expired, its together in you, were therefore each other in a myriad of ways. That's a huge success, its among those without success. As far as just me, another human on planet, earth, engineering, something went them helping each other, that's like about as good as it gets totally. You don't know. You really don't know where Europe relations it was not because I think that's what I learned the most. We know when you get me I didn't you really: can you you usually go through seismic shit like a miserable you're like I'm gonna get married deal, and that means I gotta like you enough and love you enough not to lake walk through the world. Together, you know it's like you have to be able to shovel shit together and still like each other after getting little teacher patient.
Because it's gonna blow at times it's going to be great at times and if you can hold on to a cardinal of hope at all times that oh, we ve been through a lot a share in likely we will get through this shit and I can be patient and I can hold on to the colonel how they also, I think, they met outlying. Could I am a child of divorce. I used to say to my mom I dont like mad, which is leg. She was rings it up with me, and I just said, I don't like mad, and that was when people arguing or someone's angry at me. I still don't like mad and I don't like I don't I dont, like like people being mad at me, Enzo that's an interesting thing that when you're in a committed relationship as an adult, you have to be comfortable when people are a matter dad I'm gonna die exactly Europe. Are you the oldest you're, the first born, I'm the mid Let us through the middle is. I have two younger sisters, all who are half, and then I have
older brother, one of one, I'm in love with her in line with generally Josie, think the song firework perhaps was written out her she's one of the great that even more attractive than her was heard. Then I don't know whether at now her then boyfriend, who was a Navy seal whose body could rival Charlie. I like it is really like it what age area yet, and I could not stop looking at these pictures right when I met her, she was talking on ways to do. Any shirt was photos. Yes, yes, and then we just sat here and now that you are he S. Deck currently see what's happening under the directive, with great arrows, yeah- really great error, my God Monica did you want to see some political because I could get my spidey senses were saying, you're only emails, and I must say that I love your shoes. Lake has awesome
Oh he's got all longer it's time I hear he do and where a shoe person here not mind, don't look at mine and I am looking at. I am so sorry. I can't now that you ve told me not to I just can't. Even that's the only thing I can look at ok, so we're talking a lot about woman. Heard in a lot of ways. I think there's an interesting trajectory that you ve been on professionally, that I think overlaps really well with that topic in your lifetime having acted so the young age, you went to college in england- you are in power, is in London. You came out in view started working really quickly here that my first thing with family life, I need to urgently that. Did you ever see when George cloning now
Is it a big cats dearly like on a different thread? I was the sling aghast are on the side and I had to vomit. That was my for my burden. Role in a movie was raw material. Already, yes, actually says about I'm bb vomit Lama to Europe Party hard to do it is how could you have to hold p soup and your mouth yeah yeah for a long time, because it was one of those really long, steady, cam shots? Oh, where was like a girl? Comes it several of you know like in the cold. Open Geigy follows through and there's like a hundred things happening and then lands on me and they go like that. It's that knowing you can run in a minute shot is lotteries- and I stress the word: Fania had a story about that, like your best shot, nine minutes later lands on him. If forgotten
what could be worth really bad. That was like Lakey, better fucken nail, this okay, you went to drama school and in Glen her for years you study the classic of Elizabethan drama. You better. Nobody's has never this is it and we ve talked to a couple different actors that were in this position were you that roles that likely won't exist in the future? so true I've thought about it recently to whereas Lake oh, I will never probably have to wear a push opera like that ever again for work and all just the architecture of the old man and the young hot. Why the as we had Evan Rachel, EVA Evan Rachel would who is when you know, maybe inform movies, marry someone twenty years older than and she's a very empowered woman, now you're, very empowered woman, and that's what was on the table fifteen years ago. I don't really know that any movies are getting greenland right now we're like those of fifty five year old gang onto a mid life.
Crisis- and I remember ambassador link hall- I was so jazz- to be there, and I I was basically hired to be this twenty four year old, fresh law school lawyer who wanted to what lake I'm still powerful, but I'm in a dress like a poker, like out later labour illegal literally part of my leg of Sarajevo, shone brains for days ass for days Twitter got all of their character. Descriptions of women really areas we get into in their own terms, and so I really I was one of those did the push up. I remember coming to my dressing room. It was just like only sort of lake push up broad, like big old put in by the way at each boobs anymore, dude kids, but like it was just like outrage out ages, fat, Natural's, that's going on about the actual, so that all we com
Charles Natural's or fat, Charles, Benign, H, ok, battles doesn't have one of the few things I know, but you personally, I think it's probably a lot more reliable than I would have ever given it credit for which is you told me at dinner, once you just Kano, woke up in this crazy body that men could not ignore the eye and that you are very interested in people's intelligence and their world view in you loved getting into it and talking in furious debate, an impassioned debate and having to remember, like all these fucking guys they can't get past this thing, a yak as I was like really under developed in me, sexuality more. I, like you very physically, developed your body. Really outpace yea ass. It was like typical things like. I was really Scania kit rain late, I really was those rights are aiming for. The fat in the treaties is the voluntary air was very, scrawny- and you know it was like Lake With- has no one
evening of having your name being lay rancher. So you know I mean I jump and will be able to move it up. I know that you are not their low hanging, fruit lever, the lentils Lake Superior and, like that's my backing to the cow caught up your back with me. So anyway, it was unsettling but cool because I definitely was like every Swanny and then came into there's like body that was like very voluptuous or whatever, and I remember I've gone to France as a kid relics, clear abroad, whenever I ate so much food there remember when I came back from France like I gained a lot of weight, fun and Vienna
sixteen in your area near like I'm, so fat urban, a right it is you're, not total more on, and then you realize unknown and you just have boobs up and a bright and veto right. And so then it was like. Oh how on earth like? Oh, this is like some cool accessory that I can like utilise. The paradox reaches its next. To get out. And then, of course, you don't want the attention to be about that as a high up promptly. Your colleague o you'd like look at magazines and stuff and be like. Oh, if I wear this kind of I can look like that magazine in that kind of cool causing more than I am thinking are cool, like oh, that looks hot and sex, here whatever and I'm exploring sexuality in my body. But I would like not ready yet right actually do Winnie thing just was like interested in expressing sexual, my you know, physicality You know, I learned really quickly to utilise it and then decentralized situation. Oh, if I wanted the
mention of someone. I didn't understand what I was doing. I thing Riah, seventeen, eighteen or you're like oh, I can get the attention of this person other paying attention to me as well, at them in here and now we can actually talk to them and leg. Funny like they can be funny back and eventually got me in the door of the house. Time to talk about metaphysics here and then you'll be like we were lucky. So I guess I'm just curious how that played in two then initially, Having rolls were its very on display that you're hot, in a similar way, that when Europe intimate in roles and I like that? It's not real you're playing at leisure and it felt good enough aid to be like sex. The right means an incredibly powerful yeah, fell powerful and I think specially as I started to direct. I remember that the same year I directed in a world- and it went to Sundance
is the same year. I was on the cover of Esquire naked and also, I think, New York magazine naked along. I, Amber getting confusion from LA definitely. My dad was like a noise. Let's roll back, a little that I felt this was my ma am was like wool, why does my sexuality and my femininity have to be curbed, because I wrote and directed a movie right, you're right? I was trying to figure that out as I like, it feels really hot to deal in a visual. That's like a beautiful image that makes me feel like fuckin, like you now, you're uncomfortable, mother fucker, I'm standing near naked. You know years they do you, though, and having a problem with that. Rather than with the thing jar then in hindsight, and now, as I said here, I don't know if it's an age thing it especially nowadays, like I dont, think anyone really
We need to be on the cover of a magazine fully naked. As a woman, I don't know I'm like struggling with a little that I'm gonna like. Why are we doing that? I think the whole thing is like individually. How do you feel about it right now? You love me and I could go for it if you like to be covered. Either or you should be respected, I'd away, I used to like it. Maybe I like it as much now in the same breath. You know when I do a photo shoot and I M dress sexy or whatever it is. I still can access, what's beautiful about that and powerful Just like the conversation. In my mind, is still there and I don't have to have a definitive answer of now. I feel about it, but it's it's evolving right now, where I'm like interesting, and I speak to other friends of mine who are like big movie stars and they're gonna like yeah. What were we?
why? Why are we on the cover of a magazine, a third underwear on my underwear like what are we doing, lady eyes a little bit of that going? I'm sure? But then again I would also argue, although probably not the majority, we're not talking with majority, there are women that are very literally stimulated they like nudity. I love already. I wanna see everyone, they sure and I am sure there are women that feel like me. I don't think it's a majority, but certainly some women are like they love nudity. That's what did it later? That's why I'm not even that yours now, I feel, like I agree with yields its compelling. I just don't like when someone parks their own insecure. Thirty's on someone else in Iraq or to make something out of it, like you might not feel comfortable doing it. That's fine, but you shouldn't because they think it's like, because historically in this business, o ye, if occasion, CEO Insane law, which areas yeah yeah, so Underne, Irene, you're, saying if, as society you're saying women can be in their skin these and should be in their skins ease, even though really
intellectually interesting or compelling, are bad ass, Motherfucker actors, our creators or whatever, but there their underwear like doubted normal. That's where I started get confused where I go, we why yeah. Why is that the thing we're showcasing about purty? Forgive Einstein was almonds over with his democratic earlier. We, like is underwear and revealing bathing suit, Einstein or event every interview he had to talk about his dick size at some point and yes, we just when so you know I do want to cover it. Would you wanting love to be one of my first of all that I find it has VD men hairstyle their sight. He has some competence, so you do a bunch of things. You did a bunch of movies. I just gotta see I just I read it today and I just want to applaud the fact that Eu Day Conference
second after years working very got that earlier. I argued that the thank God you didn't he just at that time. For me, he was, as we was only one rivalling Brad Pitt. I just I could stare at hand is we did pride and glory together like when my first really kind of fancy movie dine, and I remain restrictive, seeing him from afar and being like will back, I you know seems, did not know how to not curse on camera. What's up with that leg he's an incredible person and in view three magnetic, and I think that there is leg like poetic, very romantic and be leg, it unexpected, I think, is right,
The most make messages harmonic maverick ragged. Has we love mixed messages, but here and many of us it's cool, I was like Jesus Christ. I felt so cool to be in that movie. Theatre has like John Voyage and, like add Norton yeah autumn, and we discovered Bree was governs assistant on that movie, which has such wines are crazy. So once you have the opportunity, directed short was the first thing you did. I directed worst, the main worst enemy and was there's someone you were like. Oh that's, the career that I want. I didn't have necessarily anyone that I was so I want to be like that person. If anything, it was late in our different time but I was obsessed with Woody Allen movies on. I grew up with that of king. A comedy was my favorite movie at that time, even though its night woody and is of course easy- and I was like I'm so just like turned on by beautiful visuals and you my moms. Interior, decorator and very visual. I grew up looking at you know, just architecture and tat
Stir and color, and literally she would think about like have a light comes in a room and how white looks different on the wall over there. And it does the wall near here. You know it's like I was very, very sensitive to visuals, but explains college girl, concurrently, Enzo VAT, mixed with my being attracted to great comedic films. I was like yeah. I wanna make something when I wrote in a world actually the feature of it almost closeted like I did it while I was shooting how to make it in Amerika. I wrote it before I made worst enemy, but I took it to my agent and he said well, you know we were shocked for directors on aunt, aha and as we were shopping, like he is like. I feel, you're, never gonna find that a directive is why don't you do it and was a king me? I would never do something at five redirected. Anything before you can write a short film and fucking direct and so on rate idea, so I wrote worsen me and like three days or something
Can I just was like let's do this and and when you're the long story short, I love Miranda July. I thought she was incredible. You know she just with somebody who is like a beautiful spirit. Animal too can have guide me a little bit. So at the same time, like two thousand issues is children's hospital. You get on that suit deduce seek out like a comedic expression, or did they find you? how did you start steering and that driving so took, as I was doing, all drama and literally couldn't get hired on comedies eating? At the time I was going out for, like Cockerill stuff, kill again the big naturalist, if you will end up- and I like that- you guys got big natural- see out. No, I doubt but I'd like to know. I mean her care my hour in the fat natural camp she's in the big big is just such a clumsy were nine. I like ok, Maya, problems of general was fat portion of it, though I like him, I might converge.
Why am I will allow? These are bigger than a schism anyway said. The plane, as I think I did mismatch, was the first slightly can like comedic grey areas like the how I was like that the brunette A friend of the LISA Silverstone on a dare and star, show right so that that was like. Oh and I actually like those I like being misled. Lack electors whacking as makes merely happy, I leave work laughing and it felt really natural whose like Oh I've been doing this offline. A lot with my family. No one there was scary shed like me, my brother were like doing Betsy Ryan and I would make a loud intention. Yes cut intentional left and right the way my main mechanism for decentralizing situations, with guys when the big Natural's came in I was like I gotta- get funny you know me and I think that it reflects the situation. So that was like my main to your judo, your deal. That was the first thing and then I got what happens Vegas. Yes, yes, you that with your shoes,
good deal, first like to catch him. Yes, yes, Cordery name Rob cordially and I became really fast friends and we work. If each other's counterparts on that movie like he was like the wacky best friend of Ashton, and I was like the wacky best friend of Cameron I spit in his mouth at one point on the take me like had to make out furiously and be ridiculous and improvise and he was kind of like high. We re so you're fellow the sailor at sea. Exactly and I was like thank you for the urging me thank you for seeing me and then he asked me to come and do children's hospital, which is a little web series. The first season was this me: earn Haze, Henry no Cordery and rob people Megan Malalai was part of an offer. Men came on and and then Marlon, and they were fifty minutes. Episodes is so low commitment. No, logic, totally irreverent, fuckin, crazy, I still find it was just comedy camp and I've never had a troop like that ever I got inducted into a group that
then became family and then NEO. Obviously, seven years later it was like we are family now either they supported me as I started, directing my door children's hospitals as well well and then, in all honesty, I was aware of you for the last thirteen years. I knew who like Bell was, but I had not the new act until I saw wet hot. Oh, she really has Christian and I watch wet hot and we were like. Oh, my goodness Lake is brilliant. Envious show is, at this point were already preschool together. I believe TAT, which was all the way back really quick. The first time we chatted at the school was I have a very big truck. I talked about this one time on here on the pike. Yes, I have shame when I drive that truck to that school cause, it's very personally and progressive, and oh my god, they're mad, that I have a good legal terms
can anyone thinks I'm announced at all. Remember that has undergone a lot, and I remember even thinking I saw your car gives you at a really cool old, toiled, a limb, creating ain't link risen so aware of your vehicle I know everyone's vehicles are somehow she lakes here at a time. So when I give it my truck, she doesn't see me. This is gonna check against me and then you saw me and then I just was, like I told a really heavy trailer. That's why have to have the knife wrong. What is this year? I, given that the reason I was like I saw a very heavy trailer. I'd have to have this truck. To tell this trailer, that's very heavy, then you are like none of my dad races cars. My dear raided the eye are innocent. What what is it Todd cars for like fifteen minutes. I like that ITALY was leg nano. And I'm part of the clearing the guy get it out of the club. Yes, whatever the big Natural's term, for you
Our heads is that you were saying you have many many toes in that water. I actually think I was like. I wonder as I was aware of you too, I had seen the freebie for me. I just knew you mostly from the freely to which again is really funny, because I saw you in something that was not your main laying iron, and you saw me in something that was not my main line up. Look at us look at this internal on a division. Here we are in a lame Sharon Alain, but the car thing was like. I was aware of your motor headedness I was actually an armful, thank God. He sing the nineteen. Eighty land crews get mad, perhaps further guardian out now, and so then I was like over t driving, o interesting. Ok, that adds up the unknown. I mean he's an off road get. I do know that so I Yes, your dad is always Wanderers Baja, one thousand, as I have one or two, and then he has this lake incredible machine that he wants to get out of my dad. Just for backstory,
at his heart was gone. He is like in the race car you build new jobs the New Jersey Motor Car Park and the eye. Are you really importantly, the ire, because he really like develop that from the ground? Up It was then at all I'm all right. I've felt in the seventies and famous in the seventies and then a kind of like the was left to nothing. These are elected than my dad came in with love and seriously That's his real, like so felt it was. I act, studies of race track your Emma that chain studies. It was all along. These phronsie bore no nice heavenly five sort of nasty. What is that, while it is mostly like a truck, stop type arrest or like cracker barrel, and it s a very early date come and go as Gordon Jerk slap inside, but they would have remained goes in actual, oh, I know at all for the wise up for the first time like a month ago in our house Where were we were invented? The Arkansas senator
Not only is it quietly to see you know it's a while I do it's kitty. Kate We came up with some really funny were remember. We re name that, while we were there forever what they were like sprains day come and go or sprains days up the street. I spent more time. Just like straight up, unacceptable annex absolutes are primarily in the Bible about two. Ironically, no man- the case because it's the south. Well, both I wanted
a conversation monitored. I'm here they put me hey and from every year they like it over there and you can see, could be replaced by cave. You bet it's gonna buy now take unease ass and replacing it with a z here now, but without with a historic cuckolds clam connotation parameters internet, but I kind of I blew write to me. It is known sporting men are ever every places like one case. Shy of crispy cream is cake, a we're almost there anyway. Love creating I or even that together when you go down south me, it is all coloured by any who we love the South Korea stages If you dare we You are supported by noon. The idea of getting in shape is evolving, as it should not just about losing way. It's about healthier habits. It's about getting in tune with your bodies, needs and practising more so care and new is an app that simplifies everything is no more
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Do you know you're acting as a little bit ellipses? Have you thought of that way? Why you have a style of act where I do a lot of ellipses right you it's a theme see I start something in the net ellipses and then I come back again. Yeah yeah right at that time will see its twenty eleven that wasn't the norm for actors to be writing directing clean up women female actresses, to write direct right right. In twenty eleven. That was like this is what you doing you know about this magic trick, so I think that Sundance I got like a lot. Heat on their home in a vehicle and then that short founded great and got like little work. Same within a world J made it, and I thought, oh, my god, directing, really say, shades a lot of my creed of bone
end of from all directions, and I was like I'm home while I think it's just like struck it storytelling from every direction and I get bored easily with one thing. So the idea is thy love the sort of creative journey that directing something takes you also, and especially as somebody who is like a filmmaker, if you will, inquired where you're writing it so you're, like lonely, writing it, and we are in your brain. You can t, know leg dork out to the sea, rural nature of that existence and then, as you start to prepare, you know it's like more people come on board and then we're on our collaborating and I loved him Swarth. This is great and we're comfy issues and then in them here
her ear, actually Le Loup issue and that your leg making it. That is like athletic right. So you got your comfy shoes. You go you're Fanny Pack here like ready to go drink a lot of water, stay hundred. Let's do this and then back to the kind of like quiet of post production, which is also like didactic, and they could Edith details and it's a different party or bring completely. There was just so many parts of it that satisfies so many. And creative itches because obviously it's like you learned directing from being in the trenches as an actor right like you're from the inside of the machine looking at all of it, sopping it as being a sponge being respectful sponge observing and then oh, I feel like I could access that and I could do a good job, signals muscles you dont know. Yet until you do it it's more theoretical. You like, I think I could do that, and then you do if you like. I could fail at this very moment
you know, and then you do in fact, and I love that Nigeria has now have to be absolutely have to wonder. I love that you said that you had to pay because I've had to pay for over an hour, but I just like that is unwilling to me, and I was wondering if you did in the world our sitting, though you spread your legs and got your feet of that. I wouldn't be able to do that so that we started to lay in Cotonou. Yet if I could have the armor of DM one eleven on your own say yeah, he know what we were talking about. Directing we skipped over. One thing that I imagine is a crucial element to your story is when you did no strings attached. You me lose Meriwether, yes, no, these attacks, which was originally called fuck, buddies, right, genius, scrap and love that movie. I know who it was, ok, I met Lose Meriwether there and she was leg hilarious. You so self deprecating still is an we dislike hit it off and
became friends. She was like a wonder: can Lake Newark play seed in Michigan? Stop good mission? yeah way. Ostensibly, I was playing her in the movie cause my characters like self deprecating, awkward, tv, executive or like junior executive or something like super here and in her head in rural and now knowing lives like even more so. It really is that once a very farm max, because it's the self conscious thing you're talking about, but also a total willingness to share what she's going through at all, I got slept very wonderful funny. Disarming love Laguna Fur blessed this mess. We would be like pitching on it. It would be like a board room of executives and we have like our on books. Grip did pitch yeah we're doing, and this is lake lives. Like shoe, we
We are talking about the show and marriage analysed and then she would just be like. I was one stating a guy and, unlike our guy like you, bagged is all about the room is kind of like, but the crickets. My wife, ladies and gentlemen, I like what we have the opposite days. I'm like how can I make yeah everyone feels. Comfortable money. You have found two of us because what did immediately when I start making their lives I was like, but we need a third person here to make sure we dont gets like someone. Would it on one needs to be pulling out of me by the slave going? Are you said one he about yeah you're, your penis? It is very disarming likely both even less have the thing there's nothing. Felicia is not like that totally, but of course in,
the timing and rain he had an accord at Graham, is granted by personal use, not come through a note I mean literally in the writers night, and in every day She says you can use to me for that. You think we would. All of that is that illegal, like always calling to see if the if it's illegal on trips, I had to make a speech sk everyone very landmark friends, writers, room case which they determine? Do you know that guy sudden arises is ensued? The friends writers room for sexual harassment and the dead. The verdict in the court case was no that's a creative space and in a creative space, you're gonna throw things up on the wall that are too far in that's how you note and welcome back in fine the line in so basically a creative space was given some precedent. So when I start ships, I was like hey guys. I'm
the writer and director in and if you're within five feet of me, that's the bubble, I'm going to say stuff, that's too much and that's how we'll find out that it is so don't come sincerely. Don't come within the five foot bubble of meat if you're sensitive, it's not a good place. Baby, I'm gonna try a lot of stuff yeah sums, gonna work and end up and movie, but I need the latitude to explore that with other people around rate. I definitely operator there are different views in the army, but it's interesting to hear you say that, because I know with lives like I now we have become me. You know the meeting and where meaner show like they something really uncouth hazing someone in a playful way in a very lives, Meriwether Funny smart, sharp way like a fucking love, her you know I it's way enjoy. Working with. You know I get to be the kind of ma a little bit ensure I'm dislike. Okay. Well, let's move a move.
On from that keep backing aside. I would love her much. You know it's like, I think, with work well together. In that way, I think it's my mom's, whilst bananas or something, even though, like I have jewish belied, I feel I tread Reda between the wasp in the Jew. And the wasps part of me wants to make sure that every one in the room is comfortable and urgent and am directing, and just in general like. Why make anyone feeling culture dinner, like oh into lake, if you're feeling good, I'm feeling a little devoured, everyone can can feel for both safe and a space, but then you know, did you and me loves? You know to later in the day once I know a little bit, never at the expense of someone else. The unknown rise delicate about ban right, but anyway, you know. I think we make a good team. For that reason she doesn't like two necessarily at all eight comedy that is at the
spend no means. Doesnt never mean bone in Irma, yeah, she's, very, very tired, illegally yeah yeah, yeah yeah and its interests, and we did you watch fully back. You dont want anything. I don't want anything by it. Didn't movie with her eyes, but, like I did man up, which was begun they were Simon, Peg eat. I went storms warning that these have like a whole secret life of lake existing as this british ports The person that went to Drama Scotty do try on a new personality while you over there. Oh I mean I, within the axe and it went way too far like I am thoroughly ever ever left the axe. Scott was Ah here he was like pop out o ye all they had to improvise within the accent sure. So in order to new talk a little bit to me- and you want me to view like actually now they are all. Why do I always horrid? We la bag?
Let's go, she seems british when you hold bodies, do no law matter, but I'm not even threatened because you with the inner world and something I am very obsessed with accents and now looks like I'm very exposing rain, because I'm not in my muscle of that accent, but I can like play a little bit, but within it, for instance, my favorite british action is a hundred percent like the southeast. This? I am not talking. I did I not yeah rotten. We would remove flee bag. She was just in it. She was like a smaller part and then I remembered them talking machines like and then come to me. I know her being one of the great and all I was going to say, and this is the point of offending people. There are a lot of people that will not likely back well because its vote.
Or in many ways sheets her point of view. It is talking about get in fact in the ass. It is now really is a big ass and maybe that's the guy says he's never got it ended, but it's so authentic unreal. You know it's the truth, you know it's real yeah, it's it's it's intoxicating! Certainly many people should watch. That's not for them in so I do get nervous about someone like her. Who has a real point of view. Any real truth about her life that she sharing that someone could put the brakes on her because that's not their comfort zone if the goals to make ever comfortable on a sat again. I know I'm running the risk. I do not want to in any way say that I'm supporting any kind of sexual harassment and asset or any kind of disempowering the people, but I think there's got to be room for people to have a comedic point of view. That's not for everyone in that they are able to ex. Yeah as long as it's not abusive, I heard that the difference made way, even if her point of view is wrong. She,
kinky a if youve. We want to write a comedy that super ranching kinky. We are putting that out there and being up front about it, but it's not abusive or racist or offensive, not just because its offensive to some but offensive because globally. It is, it is generally a genuinely degrading lotta people you're talking about that is destructive, Jerusha shooting I think that there is a vast difference between having you and I would draw the line and that's our definition of it, but I don't think there's probably someone who shops at come and go that would be on that certain going. This is sacrilege. Genome is deeply offensive in its demoralize since all mankind. I think I hope, where we're going socially, if you feel uncomfortable, you have the right. Walk away or not pay a penalty, yeah glare, wiser yeah, I mean, I think, that if something Then the narrative is being expressed. Lake- hey I like it.
Fucked up the ass and warm whatever re like. If that's the kind of narrative in the story, roaming, were rolling were mercenary. That's the words on the page right everyone's read the screen on a surprise. It's not a surprise Numb again, though, if she wants to then build on something. That's working within that seen that wasn't in the pre agreed scrip were shooting What about or potentially hammers are rolling rehearsal is on your new stage, mere on the stage of the narrative or any within the stage in the privacy. In the sanctity of that creative space in front of the cameras, then I think that's a creative vortex, but out of you know, by craft, by buying the dressing room and in the hall ways of that sound stage, people are fuckin around and making people feel uncomfortable, because it's a bit of a body
narrative, that's where I feel like we have our responsibility to outside of the the sanctity of that great yeah, but even in this scene, if it's like sex scene and there's gonna, be some improv. There's gonna be some fish The goal in programme should probably say: hey can, of course, eat. That needs to be some conversations right. I mean I've in both instances where it's like. I had one scene where there was an assault bribery and There was some improvisational as we? U dont really do it until the cameras are running. Has it not causing you on a really racked area, so my character gets, I dont get raped, but it's like the precursor. Like it's gonna happen ago, laid up. Yes, they have no hold me. And these are all tie actors who don't beginning loud lads idea. It was not very often that said, we had a tie. Steady and an American precisely so that we can exert a familiar.
Alligator Allah and it was explained. What was gonna happen had could look in their eyes, but I still can't speak to them. So it s kind of like array leap yet so there's improvisation within their where I still felt safe like I could do my job, but I feel like they actors didn't go beyond the realm of appropriateness year in terms of my physicality, but it looked brutal, is shit and didn't feel great and was easy to cry yeah, but also the whirl individual I again now gene that I am ultimately empowered, almost six to white do so I like being fucked within a scene like I like feeling a little scared, but again I'm coming much different play, yes, someone who has power all day long, so you know individually. For me, I would I've had fight scenes online.
On four conduce, a little more than this. You know yet again. That is why I am coming from. I mean I think, like you were saying, I think, with sexiness of like that. I feel like it's important, like the communication thing makes you feel so safe and therefore more successful on the scene. I like to talk about it, which I as a director and I'm like. Ok, so what we're gonna do, as you know, and I like to be leg, pretty clinical about it and then, when the cameras earlier, they can get into it as much as they want ride. We have a plan, that's very of clinical and day sexual. Yes, we had a seem really just in a script is one line like they practise the bulgarian. Why Carry one woman, estonian macedonian method, wife carry in so we just have to basically improv us trying to it they can meet. It could be of them trying to figure out how to do this, estonian wife carry, which is ostensibly me, turned upside down like a backpack,
on your back these in my mom you're lying mail there, my shoulders, which is a real thing of other way when we did it, it was pretty effortless. That is a great method. If I were carrying you like a newborn iconic ran, although that weighs about yeah and ensuring a backpack wouldn't have been as easy. Either is agreed in better. If I let my head was because the political order had and then you with the running the bouncing around jumping, I jumped over Haber, yeah really crazy to address its ivory. The one that I am birds, Bob, you're right. All the glory goes with the guy amounts, and I realize I think you're right that has injured, but but we had do she that scene and then it turned into some light wrestling which was
fine knows and again whose to know if you enjoy rustling until we get to the end- and you don't know- and that was a full revise moment- that's a good points. We also know each we, as we origin, were coming from yeah. Again, that's what I most interested in both acting indirect you. I would put that at that my top favorite scene, we filmed media, was wasn't written awaiting organ do and it's like when you walk away with something funny, that no one knew that that the reward of issues so much higher for some reason, because the writing our show is so fucking goody. I gotta say of any comedic scripts. I've read, I laugh out loud, like three or four times, which is very rare. Having uncommonly Brazil along there are some unbelievable one liners. So you you walk into all these scenes with pretty high expectations yeah, so it's like the best you can do is hopefully do as good as the written word was, which is phenomenal in this case and then so dear. To get to do something that noted with zero expectations is just so much more
which is like I find with you. I feel like I love playing with you and I really play you know where it's like. We get to really like ping pong or whatever and like that's part of my favorite in in doing comedy, is having your sort of comedy comrades and being able to kind of like refund something in both no, that were playing the same game, yes zoom, Listen then you guys wrote, bless us Mass together and then you directed the pilot and then you'll direct, the next episode or first up sooner back there and you're gonna direct when the seas where we all came back and then probably most exciting for everyone. Listen audience. Is that manage your mouse? Was yeah. It was this man in a role. She was borne away, really loved you on their own. They, like me yelling at Hamley,
Satisfying, I think, look I mean I think we have a great comedy team on the show that we have a lotta like good guess, story, the ed Pam story line is just like come endlessly nearing sterical my slaves. My every line of the whole season last year was. She makes me feel like I'm dead, something you can never do why millions that sounded like he was in the room you know most of it. You were talking about like one liners that sleigh. You know on the show, I'm like it's usually at Beggarly Junior year, he just his one. Minors are remarkable, Norma I married what is Scott feel about when you have love scenes in Alma Conniston? You know, I think, since I got married what jobs I say yes to what I feel a comes to has shifted. I think it's me.
Of me and him being sensitive to it, he's not in the industry ito you dare not an actor. Your Mary to inaccuracy both can like a understand what it is both do it and kind of. Understand, you can walk away from it. You know. So it's like you have a space in the frame of reference. Well, you know you're married to someone who doesn't have that experience. I think it's harder to take it on. If I put myself in Scots position and he had a leg, you know go to work and we go. I feel like I be. If we were both actors, we both understand what it is. It's almost like safer. That way, while I gotta tell you I m, numerous occasions been rooting for Christian kissed. The I you like. I love it like her and their story line is so cute. I might be together, kiss home at all it's. But what, if you didn't do that year be like, I would feel like I deserve to do.
Right. Yes, so I will have a strong central. Just I don't know it lit I'm trying to figure out, because I think when I was you know single and taking on jobs and things. I don't give a shit. I was like yeah like I'll, be naked, all like make out at it's fun, it's whatever. I don't give a shit I'll use my tongue, like other make it look real. It's different than being on stage like in a play. You can you do it a hunter in times reduced its much more presentation, knowledge, verses like in movies and tv. The it's real Lee happening right, like it's supposed to feel like you're in love with someone in the camera is right there amid a so there's no excuse to be like actually, I'm actually married and generally contributed, given our job. It's indifferent job you're like an. I never want to look like. I'm not kicking ass. Emily jobs are part of that is making it look like. We are
in Latvia and elsewhere, and so I think it within the relationship like I'm not excited to take on a job where and I would feel like. I have to talk to him figure out something if I have, as I design saw, on long falling in love with someone like you licking, thereby torso, like body Shaw lying around and exactly that would be wrong. Really hard, but then I'm like, oh my god does that mean, and we talk about the soda, because you were pretty open about talking about that. We're on what I feel conflicted Sundays he's gonna like I don't know what your problem is: leg fuck him, please go and leg make a movie with Joe Twinkle Bud and like do that, nurture and I'm like. I don't know if I believe, Well, that's very! Unlike really, you know Peter there's an intimacy, as I said in the beginning, that with tattooing, it's a completely different thing, but you know he's tattooed, some of the most beautiful models and actor.
And in enigmatic amazing beauty, incredible creatures and women. In this as a very young women experience in its intimated on their second tat. I know it's sexy hot shit, yeah like when I first met him. He like drew a tattoo on me by my pelvis. Things go on and it was like the hardest thing ever now. That's also to people who were like clearly leg humph, each other underneath the surface. It was very good in the way ahead is his leg. You know so I know how intimate that is is so there is an intimate experience that he's doing. I have no understanding of right, but it's not the same obvious they as lake being made? with someone and simulating not only just sacks but like love, Ryan, I am like you know I really unfortunate
Lee. I guess it's almost like scary. I think to him sometimes that I can compartmentalize that somewhere what I think everyone compartmentalize. I think they can yes, but I think that it's almost like unnerving to think that I can very successfully be honest, sat unlike gaze into someone's eyes and really feel like in that moment within the world that we ve created in this fake vortex in that vortex, I'm kickin ass at acting right now and making it all look like I'm in love with them. For the moment it feels like Tingley, like love ya, like sense memory. Yes, yes and then cut you know, and it may take me a second come out, but then it's fuckin gone so so I think that may be is fucked up
up to think of it. Like I don't know, I'm Colonel Donald again, I'm on my wife. Does it your eye on you have an online when what is new and totally voice saying bit, because he doesn't bother eight eyes at practice. Yes, that ITALY, but how can you do that and if you can do that, and can you do like maybe up, air of all interesting brochure. I'm wondering to articulate how, by the simple dynamic that I do the same thing that it takes away you don't think. I'm a sociopath, because I airing codes, which the way that you and Christian cannot talk about. Oh you know Honey Gulf WAR at leg. I hope you make out with that I he's hot and finally donkeys hot later, go for it like that's interesting, and I think you need. I just think you have a security in your play with it use month. My topped him things I want from her fidelity low on the list. There's a lot of things. I want before
our fidelity. That's really my would weigh rather her be kind and joy, nurse and listen to me and meet my needs. A more like a pragmatic, immediate desires from her and what's happening right now, she's answer is I'm not too concerned about, so I think that to really compelling leg, I think it's interesting and unique because I think in relation jobs we get so and I'm I'm interested in the end. The subject of fidelity became. You know it I do until I dont like I'd really like delved and end with my sister Josie you, whose polymers I feel like it's really interest thing to sort of unpack what the all that is lacking ego of that and the kind of obsession of of Europe, especially being somebody who, out of the gate, said I don't know, I believe in this whole marriage thing right, I'm very be pleased with the conclusion being monogamous. The way
but I am not one that can hear that from my grandparents and assume that I'm not entitled to raise my hand. Eighty five times on the topic. You know it's like others. This is a very bizarre. I agree that Leah for me yeah manner. I now understand it, and I respect it, As a modern woman, now hind leg, I don't feel archaic and not judging myself, I'm sort of this leg dinosaur that I still believe in like monogamy ride law. I'm like, I really see the merit and I think, like scanner kicking awesome like really taking on life and by the way the terms can always change You know I mean, I think it's naive for people to think you meet the WAN and then there will be a valuable shut off in your head and that's why I'm here to think about it, and I think it's it's not real honest to say that you will have desires,
why on earth I have a friend whose, whose married for over twenty years he's one way, thus friends in the world- and she said to me recently interested in her own life. She was like it's really important in my marriage to have very attractive peep, attractive to me, people that I that's mark a little something a home when I Lahti that always yeah yeah to wake you up and that are not my husband right and she's like, and I want to literally fuck them. I just like having the around in my space and to flirt with my husband to flirt with me. I left. Seeing at only feeling it's just a little texture in all areas like twenty years merit together. It is an additive to remind my body, still has little sparks then I can take that to my husband right to get straight to the missionary position.
Well in my marital bird, whatever ever, you need to do in or you can jerk off together with everyone like. The point is that I always see the terms, ways change and I always say that, like with relationship with my family members, brothers, Sis his mom died and my husband, it's like you can never be fully rigid, and I think the big problem, like you are saying, is like you find the one and then your together and that's all good enough not all good you here, like a failure and shame written and all the studies that you have to be like movable laying within the relationship with it. Parenting, withered sexuality. You know- and I am Not an expert on dislike learning in this is like my eye on. I am saying this is how I'm trying to figure it out, yoyo its form, its endless animal, become things and you never Gaston Yolanda places, you're, gratefully rang again ten years. In the same way, we must watch me to continue. So what do you know? The data? the top guys that when do we ve learned the earth September, twenty
fourth and were now on at eight thirty were an eight thirty unready wits interesting about that it is like Neighbourly on ABC yeah. It's like a really. They said it's very covered, its The law of the underlying Ex thirty spa under it. We ve got some Larry coming, I'm looking forward to getting back there in doing all as a reverse, very fun. Job elements will be working against us, but we will persevere with them. We have to think of lakes and creative solutions on yeah. Can you be so we're gonna be one twenty for three months and we should almost exclusively outdoors and down the pilot was forged in us. We had one day where we were on the roof. Most of the day was honoured five and then we had a rain seem like ten o clock at night in it somehow magically dropped her thirty, nine, very wise you weren't physically you couldn't talk like we did to your legs, mainly like, like a guy like I saw,
at the moment about writing, but I would like for medical reasons, I need to call she would like to go up and I don't think she can form a word right now I produced anything so much. Well. What a pleasure to have you in here and someone to talk to you as always, and we'll get to do that for the next three months that will paint vivid pictures of different crew members and whether, during their extracurricular activities, love you and I didn't you see in the workplace now my favorite part of the show the fact checked, with my soul, mate I've been stumbling, not a and crashing Norma cars and trying to get the facts with you check. The facts with you do it do deeply that mines in my head as well, because we just heard it on the right always that why here in the middle of you? Well, how do we say verbal. Halting me the whole ride
I go on Youtube. Why? Apparently, I'm a real bulls? I on my back as you're vocally unimpressed with me pumping up the brakes as we exited the driver in China make Pew evident when I would say You said you know, I don't like that. We do not very nice, and I was doing you know a routine break check before you know for safety. Safety hazard Talbot about twenty times with my foot high right put my more powerful for no, my left foot. That's the clutch for I'm sorry, you said I don't care about my safety snow and I said. Ok then tell me what you said. I said only that's exactly what I said. That is another and then I started is jerky literally an metaphorically. While I was warning you before we even started, they accidently put too much performance in this van. It's some kind,
anomaly off the production line there, it's been packed with too much power. That's a nice analogy for you, then what is it for you? How would you describe it? Why? Oh you're saying that the too much power is a metaphor for me yeah, two months? That is, if I may add TAT, is Germany like someone who's being jerky like you, are and you are being jerk. Is that what it comes from like someone is like Jerkin you around four million, I want to say, Jerky anymore issue. I know you think again see Jerky it's because the people from Jericho were infamously aggressive in their dealings with visitin traders, and so is there it's very problematic and it is a pejorative two people from Jericho. Not you cannot say jerk or jerky anymore.
Even if I gonna have the Uk Human One say because I love you and untrained Jerk me around in a giggle, maybe fart, well, that that person is that right is being a jerk. Visit stem from began jerked physically jerk I dont know, I wonder what it really does have do with slavery, for well homer for all yell old on. I was joking and I are very well. You took it there. It's maybe ray what did that does remain up? We ve now heard three and or for compelling origin stories further suppression break leg, oh yeah, we have we designed a brand new on from just do. Your has now is a silly because it doesn't make any sense for show night so
He was same break a leg means break a leg so that you end up in a cast for not dish rights rights that you and ass many makes a logical sense, but it makes no sense because the majority of people say break a leg, is on show night you're already in the cast, that's chair. So what are the other ones? Over two I had known, as that was my favorite, that when John monks Boot shot a Lincoln even jumped off the mezzanine level or whatever that second tier was called me landed on the stage for non history. Both John works Booth was like the bread pit of estate use the most famous actor in America, any new that theatre inside now we left off in when he hit the stage. He broke his leg out, they say it's the best exit in theatre, Yes, I like that what we have, as you know, it's got assassination is history,
a man, sexual or popular movie stars, but there weren't movies, yeah, ok by me, other one I heard was that the ropes- neither side at this stage that raise and lower the curtain. That's called a leg. Yep and so you would be doing so many boughs and standing ovation that they have to keep raising and lowering let a curtain and it would break the legs direct, I had told us now so captain and it is with a fourth ma, which was in shakespearian time. People were like in and out of the play unities rabble rousing would stop. Buying of play was no good. They fucking check out lottery. Account spray groundlings, groundlings yeah the riffraff the losers this
nowadays, I are both the Jericho cans of carrots. Jerk see if the play was so good that it would hold everyone's attention till you got to the moment where you could buy in them, but the way they bowed back then, was you bent the back leg the leg. So may you break a leg? Make may this audience stayed tuned long enough for you to take that bout right. They also make sense yeah. All of these are three of the four of laws of all. I just sits clever, but it's certainly not. Origin, we can rule that wow adds highchair extraneous tokay doesn't have to be the first one. No, no! No! No- and I bet we will hear a fifth and sixth and it's interesting how many things perhaps or unknowable, because when I type in once the porridge and bring a leg, I get all those story yet Non Oda truss, not a dollar. If it were not gov, I would trust the amateur
not gone wrong anymore, you're on the fence, about that fence now I trust out of our current tat. God I have to be on the phone. I dont think he's doing much internet oversight. I can't now about that. I dont know I doubt now anyway, maybe someone can tell us about jerk. I think I'm right that its from jerking around don't be a jerk I feel like. Then he would say, don't be a jerk her. They shoring debt dealing. Anyone that's given the hand job could be referred to clinically technically as a jerk. Yes, I think so. Also every man in America is a jerk disease. Definitely given himself a hand, oh he's, given it a Europe all a tag and many women giving you're, not jerking, polling and tugging. So much is manipulating massaging well fiddling unflagging. Ok, ok,
is what the girl is doing different than what the guys do is you're physically jerking, your penis, but that's happening with the girls doing that till she's Jerkin her Latvia, no dirty all you see if she is. I would also add that all women who masturbated and I wouldn't described that activity is jerky known, oh, no, no! That's the game back to maneuver allowed on this ITALY age today or not, but it could be found for the audience or horrify, and I got a hunch. We're gonna land on the same page came out. I'm talking about a woman, giving a hand right given a jerk. You know at the thing is I have ultimate optimism. Our friendship you do. I do, I absolutely think, work the cats of friends and that we will land on our feet. The cat so fanned the castor friend air does you'll end up in the castle. Oh, my god, speaking of their doing a line at peace,
hurry barn, a friend's line to commemorate the one he bade, the anniversary of the day view yeah ochre. There was a big episode of friends, aware of Rachel, buys a apothecary table from pottery barn, but she lives with Phoebe and Ross comes over. And he says she is going to hate that she only likes things that are one of a kind. You can have that so then she comes in and Rachel just a lie to her. You got a lot of flea market all use, buying things from pottery barn, but then saying that their from fleet as a good. It's already money enabled law very barn on the map. Prowling the yeah primary baron was just a little known backwater or try, and now it's burgeoning its huge said, Sir said the top of the hill further they're sending their thanks and they're gonna do a line of friends since I have to buy off
those things and one of them all the furniture is an apothecary, oh wow, universe, brother, I dont worry moves something now I'll have to move to another house. I don't know what an apothecary Paypal is, it was a coffee table. Bow was an apothecary. Is a pharmacist were all in the episode you. I knew the forms of support, because the seal Bigelow in New York still called an apothecary and they have all kinds of one products in there as I can tell you like that store view. Weird little one. That's not my kind of store was I let you had it what it was very retro before retro. You know, I look at you feel like you're, stepping back into the teens in fifteen them. The visuals yeah yeah yeah, unlike the marble tables and chairs. Yes, those are apothecary tables, love, but supper achievement. Truth all women.
See a big allow. You're into that story, I mean you yeah sure I, like their lips us in their design rights. A need that designers, kid the looks medicinal from the turn of the century like something that Johnny Rockefeller would put on his lips. While he was rightness horse share the two New Johnny Rockefeller really into racing his horses in Manhattan, o the Annie got, hurt a couple times real bad, getting old, carried away and got it to into the race in his elbows later stages of his life. Do you think that's gonna, be you, I hope so yeah yeah thanks not on horseback, but you know.
The Modern Holler horse power in the back is more power, makes me think of my celebrity cologne, oh yeah. What's your celebrity com or power feel the power o J S care? So here the lake Iron Lay Co Star Lake. Like Bell my tv wife, you had to Bell lives. I do it's very weird, isn't an air. I wish we had a statistician on the staff that good. Figure out what the probability that was offered it so complicated for, as you have to like figure, the odds of getting on tv show. I don't know what those are there Reed was than one in a hundred unimagined, very low and that you admit ray someone with the last name Bell. That's gonna, be also very allows in two thousand and eager multiply those two. Now together and then you're gonna Malta. Why, then, what are the odds of your posts are? Being I mean this is a point:
zero zero in the earlier, though yarns arouse very exciting to lose their exclusive wounds, I always say this is so rare in life that you could possibly do anything that someone else hasn't done almost impasse. We can't say so. The original in maybe I'm the first person to be married to a bell and then marry do a bell o my lady. Maybe it's possible air, but then am I headstone. Here lies a guy who's married to a bell and fake life in real life yeah I will okay, so lake, so at the beginning, or talking about smells mosques, as I have already said on this point as I can smell everyone like all the gas yeah, every one in the room, all the guests, Otto couch. Ok, I can smell them all in his general
a pleasant yeah. We know one smells bad ok they're ago, no one spouse bad gray, but it is interesting. Different pheromones and some people smell intoxicate, yeah yeah from me. The goal is like the really have that much the smell ball guy. You know what lake did not have a smell to me: no smell now, and I was like oh I like that. Oh that's! Ok! So I don't know, what's a year ago like what the desired there's a lot of positive, no smell, good smell year point only negative thing would be a bad smell which there hasn't been, but again that that is really subjective because totally subjective you're really attracted to somebody any smell like a hint of their bio, come again oh ok, nothing I mean clears when I'm talking about smells. I dont mean like there being. No one has had Veo, unfortunately, but people have a smell to them.
Yeah yeah yeah. Now man is fair amount, so I don't think you can be attracted to someone and dislike. There's general smell, you rhubarb, bravery, hard, probably a yeah yeah. You know the law, both my mom's family. They all have the exact same smell in I can smell the most in the morning, so it when I walk into my mom's bedroom in the morning is same as when I walk into my uncle. Robs bedroom and more names now exact same family smell yeah die that you have. I dont think I have it now interesting and that in Carlisle doesn't have it yet. She does not have a smell. No, no. She smiles great in the absence of any smell, even a bit of a freshness idle
funny thing coming off your mom signal. None of you never walk in your bedroom. It in the morning. Algerians, I'm gonna. Next, you sure you'll. Definitely so it's not bad! It's justice, specifically Hersman yeah. I did think my mom has a smile. I think my dad necessarily I couldn't like pinpoint the smack now here- is in it pressing question. I wonder if I can smell my mom really well and you wouldn't be able. I now have Aleutian airily I now you need the imprint that smells. You can find my I now. I wonder at last tat a smell you, your mom's gonna wake up one morning in Georgia, and I know we read it over going. No, no, no! No! No! No! It's nothing and she's going to be what is going on here. The Is that fair in the morning after people have been kind of lakes, room waiting in the camps
regarding the mouth stinks sure well, yeah yeah. It is never a bad breath smile. I found him smile, I know, but you know what I mean. I do like Canada dad fur hours yeah, yeah yeah in drinking water and that eight hours yeah, so my must be a fair time to be testing. People smells, but I think that we in the eyes of the pig year you before they were altered, their smells with contaminated, hear tee, who science, fair ones, are fascinating. They sure are to their own people that I think, are attractive, but I'm not crazy about their smell. Out there odor, but again, not because I have be it's worse. A famous had be oh I'd, be like gray, something we can do about this morning. We ve dogs, It is one of the leading theories on the reason. Brothers and sisters are attracted to
each other is that you imprint they're all factories now and then any one you round a ton in your childhood and then that yours you're your brain on forever, not like that pheromone sexually yeah, which his fascinating and that's? Why some of these weird couples where that re United, they never imprinted each other's smiles rather track. Do each other? Well, so, hearings, interesting, yeah, ok, normal at sites, I'm just not under this has meant In my view, this is about Monica about like that. No, no! No! No! No not go by everyone about everything. Everything's, total toy, fine. Anyway. Ok, so you talked about putting the sheet in front of the musicians who, over the past, several decades orchestras started changing the way they hire musicians. One of these changes was designed to eliminate bias against women. It would be hard to deny that there was such a
ice in the composition of orchestras as late as one thousand nine hundred and seventy, the top five orchestras in the US had fewer than five percent women wasn't until one thousand nine hundred and eighty that any of these top workers just had ten percent female musicians by one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven. There were up to twenty five in today's summer, well into the 30s in the 70s and 80s orchestras begin using blind auditions candidates are situated at a stage behind a screen to play for a jury that cannot see them in some markets is blind. Auditions are used just for the pool Mary selection, while others use it all the way to the end until a hiring decision is made? Even a screen doesn't always yielded gender blind events screens can keep juries from seeing the candidates movement position, but the tell tale sounds of a woman. Shoes allegedly influence some jury member, such that aspiring musicians were instructed to remove their footwear, but for come
onto the stage. You know how long that makes me think of immediately. Why? Oh? This put it sounded like when this dude was thinking Ding Ding, Ding, petite feet. Famine instep, that's a timid, even Eric sketches ones, Bass, so funny, guy comes into a cowboy Barneys were no use for whatever reason man, ok, even when the screen is only As for the preliminary around it has a powerful impact. Researchers have determined that this step alone makes it fifty percent more likely that a woman will advance to the final. I'm impressed that vague. A stout yeah me too, a feminine step perceive feed ban and the ok. So we talk a lot about. Tat too, is of course, to got yeah
I was fascinated by all that I wanna go to his glory. Whole thing. Glory. Excuse me thing, get it too. Well, I guess I would half do if I was doing there. I M so on the fence about how to sell me. I mean I want wine badly, not badly, but I want one go back and forth. I've had ideas in the past and that I'm glad I didn't get that were so then I feel like alleged, publish it stay away from that. Do you know why a very odd moulded by guess: massaging mystic view of two two's here, which is either women are beautiful. Indeed, no adornment or decoration manner, piece of shit. They might well scribble on them, so he acts of the delicacy. Lebanon's bodies do savagely. There doesn't hold that that that's a tutor like Charlie, perfect ten. I definitely think those are additive I think ups as sex appeal in
the overall appeal of his body. I agree I mean it would still be continued avowed, yeah yeah the interesting as a used to not like tat to tightening and think that was sexy right, like the message was sent aims. I want one unlike ass master, had only I gotta be bad. How can I get it but I do now, maybe because I don't souci ate it with being bat may, because I know a lot of Ebola Tattoos and I dont think that that's what they're trying to do with them wields for me. Miscarry comparison growing up in hot water over, but what's funny as it's very easy to have compassion for strippers, you go all that stripper probably is dealing with some trauma. You know we have the statistics yeah eighties around these are whenever the rough. So you immediately look at that choice and you have compassion for you not like judgment or by all whether these hoary slot setter shaken there ass for money either
you don't do that, while some New Hampshire, but in general, you don't you don't put out yeah but often the tools. Are you now? These attempts guys to reclaim mascot Kennedy that was often stolen from them. That's, I think, a real high percentage of people that are getting tattoos are trying to send an outward signal, don't so with me, you're right now. So in that you like, when you view in under that lends you like you, can have some compassion Shiva when their do. She is hell you now I try to remind myself. You know that guy was either fuckin bully I apparent or less did, or whatever you want to tell the world. I'm a dangerous snake stand back here. I also think you can have that mentality without the trauma. Oh sure, you know like this is alarming. That elicits this reaction. So I'm gonna do that hinders different versions. Weathers doesn't have a kind of very
artful tat do yeah. I hear your kind of guys with the glasses in the cool beard and sleeves it's a different look than like the Jersey Shore aversion near here, you're right but with in both of those scenarios, thou stripper and with the guy who gets it had two so that he can come off an extra tat. I can have compassion, and I wish that wasn't a choice that they may be right: sad that that is the choice right, the cause. It's not gonna, get you the thing you know, but anyway, I just don't feel that any more about touches not ever knew ass. It had to try to be bad. Will there's also been a big of illusion and the type of people who got to me out in the already. Yes. Well, when he might tadeusz like you're in the Navy or you are Hell's angel was really an anti social message. Yeah
an interesting more more. They become normal thing. You know, like I always say I probably the least among tattoos of the dad's at this preschool. Yes, go do well not to leave, but you know that most of the doubts are thirty covered ya in none of them are in biker, gangs are now or start in the movie. Outhouse no road house always the way and brothers would make us who wrote that all our house, but now you do, you think you might well, he heard really pretty lakes in their neatly symmetrical law. Here he did a very great job at making them in oil of things that are symmetrical sheriff yet for forty four yeah yeah, I'm just thinking so I have four tattoos- and I didn't like it when I had three. I was uneasy about that. So if you ought to get to more, if you get more the up, if I wasn't an actor, I would be covered here. There's a bunch. I want I've wanted some for fifteen years that I haven't gotten
when I want a connecting rotten, piston, really bad, I'm I'm assuming in an engine. Nothing, that's actually producing the power which is universal to all, and internal combustion engines is the piston in the connecting that's cool. Now they set it out loud boyfriend bump into someone has said: Omby Amby, dad, but I'm sure people already have ok well over a year where everyone can it be. I really want that at its core. They also have wanted a bird really mad, but I really wanted an owl about twelve years ago. Why did you want an hour? I just think their faces. You can just stare at him forever. The incredible Heine jewels eyes in Tunisia, like those alot, so you're that was purely aesthetic you're willing to sell it. For me,
I now know hung over no meaning that the Junta meaning phone, while, I guess you're right, urea, the original car tattoo, that I always loved a ton was Travis the Drummer from blink one. Eighty two had the big, a Cadillac symbol in his chats, and I remember loving you don't like it, I am crazy child about it and after him, but I like the mostly I will say one thing about tattoos before we move on people always worry about like oh, they want it for life. In that doesn't happen. If you could trick yourself into this thought process, it's kind of why drinking it's easier to quit when you're not quitting for the month of January. Does your counting down the days till in an hour and then made a four weeks mimulus for weeks and not the whole month? Is now it's on Saturday, whatever, when you really go like or never drinking again for the rest of my life, me doing a lot other work. I dont think about it ever get. There's no point at which I'm
a drink again so run. Never on my mind, the tattoo wants its own needs like that. There that's good done thinking about it, it's a permanent there's, something could remove it. So there is this element for cover it. I covered one. If you, if you decide like oh my god, I will- really wish I didn't have attached to. I don't want a tad to any more. You could remove it. You can really are you all right, move and also columns of looking. I we sometimes weird ruse yet look, let's just say that if I were to start over today, I probably wouldn't get my four stars. Unemployment and get my flags really does aesthetically. That's not where I met in my life anymore. I would get pretty things like this Jerry Blossom tree that I light here and I think it I'd go all pretty mixed messages. They smell the ash. So I like the bow- and I like the cherry blossom crop in my current status around a bit. I don't even think about those stars or the back causes of their there near
think about it, the air they really quickly become a party or body that you contemplate whether you want to remove your ring fringe, Irma right, right, yeah, it's true, even with people who are Miranda have tat. Is I dont like when you talk about trolleys? Tattoos like oh yeah yeah? tat is, I don't even think about that. As I see it really saw something every time you see it. Oh yeah tattoos brought the office a part of it. Interesting domino, Ok, so transiting through a sadder top, ok ass. She was telling us the above our lad. S story: you yeah her little baby and she was talking about the cold bad. So a two thousand nine study of more than three hundred newborn showed cooling treatment known as there appeared. A type of thermal could help reduce brain damage. Researchers think that they are be works by slowing the production of harmful substances in the brain and the rate of brain cells, death led by the national paranoid.
All of this must be UK, led by the national perinatal epidemiology unit at the unanimity lacks, doesn't parodist mean after birth instead of before prenatal perinatal, oh, maybe being oh yeah. Probably that makes sense, led by the national perinatal epidemiology unit. At the University of Oxford and Imperial College London, a team of scientists revisited these children at six or seven years of age, they examined the children's iq, scores memory, power, attention, spans signs of disability, children who had been called as babies were less likely than those who had received standard treatment to have neurological abnormalities and perform better and test of manual ability about forty five percent of cooled. Children had no brain abnormalities compared with twenty eight percent of those who had standard treatment, so good Guph, yeah, yeah, that's a very scary story. I will say this: I was Thinkin Mozilla wall. He was talking about
knowledge is you're making that story about you, but what I now want to share after the fact is hundreds of different ok, genes, I've come to know somebody who's gone through an experience that I previously was judgment. Olive bore me doing the indian accent I did it in a movie, for Christ's sake, never occurred to me. You won't care even know you realize how her full that could be. No, I dont do anymore when I made a lotta jokes about people that did humberts. I would say, like opening the hospital they arrive on horseback like what's all this fetish sizing? Eighteen, hundreds or something medium, and I think I even may He had made a similar joke to her before knowing the whole experience and glad I ve come to no one respect, somebody who's mad yeah that experience and it's not for me it, but also. I can see the exact same intention I have, which is just trying to make this beginning for this.
You care about is perfect as possible. Yeah, you know yeah, that's nice. I do think. Ultimately, if you had been friends with every type of person, in the world. I would really be no, it thing ok. I know I agree, but that's good, that's a good learning really. I think I had apologise that I had made some kind of joke around her, not really thinking about up sensitive. That is here yeah. Ok howled was lake. Ani are, I still lovey are by the way where you been alarming loved. That makes you loved popular television is what you like yeah, despite you're perversion, for exclusive stuff. You like, broadly opinion, I like them. I want all kinds are regularly that's shoes into episodes in two thousand to that was season. Nine
and Don Cheetah was in one of those episode. All my good man, that's cool, reads, used for purposes. I want an overlap with lakes e around fifteen seasons. And generate, and like I guess, I, over a billion dollars for that John, while sky thou around town and grace and now me still going right. Yes, it's about to be in the sixteenth seas and while well these medical dramas ya, they last. We should start one of those. Ok, yeah look. Can you say all the technical jargon, I'll be more of like the Doktor house like irreverent again? Ok, Do you guys or talking about her dad and the v? I are track, but people- oh, no junior international race Y yeah, located inward. All in Virginia
I was looking in New Mexico. There it's funny on Wikipedia is often Virginian near Danville like reasonable nowhere, Danville eggs, I mean no disrespect now we right let someplace place to live in America, but still people don't know. Oh, where that in no less than a half mile from the North Carolina Virginia border just outside Milton North Carolina on the banks of the Dan River, for that is a bit beautiful neck of the woods nor North Carolina Virginia Meta, very green bs, so Green Stuckey S, I learned a lot about ducky, oh good funeral. We did a lot of family road dribs, and so we saw stuck he's ever in. I've never eat none of studies, but it was the punchline to all of our road Joe
my mom and my brother, and I would be the worst place you can eat Morocco going want me to pull off here at Stuckey. Laugh only get it rhymes with Bucky, ok, Buckler Stuck uses a roadside can be in stored chain down on highways throughout the United States stores are concentrated in the South EAST, South West and MID West. Although operations have existed as far Eastern Connecticut and as far West as Oregon stuck Use corporation, but company operating the chains has its headquarters Eastman Shore Stuckey originated in the early nineteen. Thirty LA and Eastman Georgia. When foundered, W S Stuckey senior cowboy, nobody was stuck. You seen had a successful peace, can harvest decide, began, our pecan become piquant harbours,
from his family's orchard. He decided to offer a portion of the crop for sale in a lean to roadside, shed many Florida bound tourists travelling. U S rule twenty three stop to purchase the pecans as the roadside business continue to expand studies. Wife, Ethel, created a variety of home made p can candies to sell the stand, including p Camelot, whirls and p can divinity of precarious work, or my here in nineteen thirty, seven Stuckey constructed his first store building much like the former roadside lean to the new business focus on selling these southern candies to highway trial.
What is the first Jackie shop added a restaurant than a novelty section and then gas pumps? The final edition was teal. Blue roof, which would later become the company's trademark until the onset of world war. Two stuck his continued opens doors and Georgian Florida. The number of stores decline somewhat during world war. Two due to the effects of war time sugar rationing after World war, two ended, the stuck his business once again began to grow and sold a number of new franchises. The company constructed a candy factory to supply and eventual three hundred and fifty plus Stuckey stores moonlighted throughout the continent. A u S as the postwar baby boom flourished and film is undertook more
on distance Otto Travel stuck his can continue to grow. They were frequently paired with Texaco gas stations, as was restaurants and clean restaurants looming over so like wondered, where governing at its peak, had over three hundred fifty locations which dwindled to have fewer than seventy five. After a decline in the nineteen seventies, it was repurchase by former congressmen W as steadied junior in nineteen? Eighty five, as of made two thousand fifteen Stuckey, has over a hundred and fifteen franchise stores, and seventeen state well. Now I feel bad about, say I thought it was long gone in, so I don't wanna talk disparagingly about anyone, who's running a business, franchise of studies, while we dog and cat I take it back. We take it back, help me by failing to never even eat marriages was a punch line, tasty wearily with that long run of success. It must be delicious handsome ups and downs while you're talking about the clean bathrooms and reminded me of two my fate
peace is a graffiti. I ever saw a bath raw one was there was a condom machine in Colorado at a gas station. You know you put like zero dollars and fifty cents in and out of rubber comes out, and someone wrote on their dont by this garment tastes like run another one. When, when those who see the sea covers, where's came out into the little tissue pay our younger covers. You can put over that commode here, someone wrote not one on free cowboy had never these things you read and you have on the wall. I have no member ray of anything I've ever read in a bathroom. Inequality has not been there and the female bathroom. Maybe I have do man is anyone studied this level graffiti male bathrooms. Has we weigh higher than in female bathrooms? Anything he added value added, guess that right, ok,
estonian wife carry wife carrying is a contest in which male competitors race, while each carrying a female teammate. The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. The sport was first introduced in Finland. Several types of carry may be practised. Piggy back, fireman's carry that's over the shoulder or estonian style. The wife hangs upside down with her legs or on the husband shoulders. Holding onto his way says which you against it, the wife carrying world championships have been held annually in Finland since one thousand nine hundred and ninety two for the prize is the wife's weight in beer. You know the wife carrying world championships. Sometimes we talked about this just the way humans have decided. Fill the time the monkeys, the monkeys, in a way that I have decided to fill the gap the are looking at as always want your nose and they see the wife carrying world a salad
I only on one's water. They do the monkey. What a show the male monkey carries the female monkey over his back. And everyone cheers than there were ordered with diesel cylindrical alone became a candidate to disperse air and their drink it in their acting a little. Using another requiring their female monopolies again this time for now, try the monkeys are fighting each anyway. That's all ok. Now why we went out on the estonian method. Yeah. You haven't seen that episode area. Now everything looks up of that their programme. I guess I don't really fully understand why her faces in your butt as if her legs or do run around on an m pick you up in Estonia, mother Dragon robbed. You heard him, ok, we're
from our experiment in you concluded that Europe faces in my, but it is definitely in the by other you're. So short, was it above my are you in my eye was still in their during daylight. Goes pretty much in their familiar documented, determine the direction the cool glaucoma. Oh, maybe lives. You will run out on stage in the eurozone and maybe someone alarm rewarded with your weight and beer oh yeah, yeah one. A mere forty of beer are, and I love you. I love you
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