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2021-04-05 | 🔗
Lamorne Morris (New Girl, Woke, Unwanted) is an actor, comedian and podcaster. Lamorne joins the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up on the southside of Chicago, how he knew he wanted to get into comedy at a young age and his relationship with his father. Lamorne and Dax discuss systemic racism, the time he got handcuffed after trying to stop a fight, and the conflicting nature of playing a police officer on tv while also confronting what’s going on in real life. Lamorne talks about auditioning for New Girl 15 times before he finally got the role, his new scripted podcast Unwanted, and Dax opens up about a deep insecurity.
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Welcome welcome one arm, chair expert, I'm Dash Shepard and I'm Joe by Monica Plasma, harsh Potman, hashish pad today we have a very, very likeable funny, gentlemen, that we had a blast. Two Lamborn Morris the more and more as an actor comedian. Pod castor. You probably found one with him on the new girl as Monica did, and he is a really cool show on Hulu called woke, and then of course, he's gonna new scripted, podcast called unwanted about two slackers attempting to catch and escaped convicted murderers. Who is allegedly hiding in their town? This was a better man. Have frequent violations. Ding Ding satisfies us, because as soon as we interviewed him about puckers popped up on my part, Casper dear yes freaky, I know, but I'm really excited to listen to us.
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Come to find the store near. You he's my favorite part of every interview. Here, the debtor! Technically, if like a hundred years ago. This will be considered rocket science so get off my back, its inconceivable. What we do now here, I know tat. There is some expectation that we all know how to deal with is also comical. What's worse, get into the fact that model- It is in joy and what appeared to slip away an EIA pantry. I thought this might come up yet I'm in the most padded room I could find, and it happens to be a storage closet with lots of, look where the only dotted remain away
thing is ball is awesome, show that all over this is from college. This was purchased by me call, and so I am really hate that complement a lot woe. Someone doesn't appreciating sitting in storage costs arising I gotta bring those back home. One of us. I just want you to know more that we ve had great luck with describing different cups and plates. On this we might be more really enjoy paint, a mental image for themselves or one hundred percent. There should be a clear: it is a black bull. If we look at us and not the other way round, yes, they were collars, the inside of the bomb. I don't know it's armchair, yellow. Aren't you gave it that's a lie to me That's fine omit! You all have a much different view of this. I would have said that was blue with why I'm Surely the listener pay me my own pitcher, apparently, because I saw
Jerry, yellow in the inside blue on the outside and white dots. Oh, my god, just imagine the bull has video. I go and I think that's all. That's alright places great grass get that money I mean so very black centric knowledge to have been alive. Oh, but you just in general the collect like medical condition to I don't know what it is. I let them an mri them and I can now look really smart. So do you like them, like my quizzed union, on a human feeling? Is that kind of the earlier? Absolutely how I know of yards with the adoption of all really I happen to know been alive. When I was a kid I how little white spot right here, my chin and then on my arm having a line that goes down, So it's not video, I go, but then having reached what the hell's Goin on me I ve had to learn about. Food like I was fourteen. Was fourteen zero.
So obviously I was still trying to see some babies and that I like about this would like ruin it for me. You ve stopped authorities in Amerika for fourteen years and I'm still trying to see them. Boobies I'd take up peak whenever I can that's my view of our unity that every them play the game like what superpower do you won't be? We like you can have on. When it money you can create gold, you can fly, am invisible. Was that our that's all I want is theirs, amount of money that will be as as one is beyond just hang. In a public shot world XL creepy problem is that you also see things you don't want to see real, that's part of the thrill. I think I really do it you know you need a little salt data swayed it's like yeah. I just think It's a part of the whole beautiful spectrum, see now
What am I gonna cruising at a public Bassa women are thinking, you're, invisible lashing. Did you watch the boys, yeah I'll betcha there I thought about the euro. Monica was the caribbean moment in a whole series of it, but you and me Maybe it like men's locker logarithms, you can check out the male physique, sir, I'm so interest my happiness? You just gotta, compare yourself to see where you stack up. I think that's right. Walmart Monaco among the best route loads due to one is consensus on this call. I guess you from Chicago suburb. How far out of Chicago could imagine you, and I run into this thing all the time which is like? Where are you from Milford? Forget that that's a half our conversation where you from Detroit Gray and then someone from Detroit? What the
you're not from the dream what year, but I dont have an hour to explain what is twenty minutes west of Detroit exactly, but I want to set the record straight here, and this is a very great platform to do that on. I am from Chicago Chicago, however, Google Wikipedia whoever the hell decided that I'm not oh, I wouldn't high school in Galicia. In Illinois, which is like forty five minutes outside the city. That's the problem. I was a high school, the prior to being fifteen. I lived side of Chicago, Ok, so then you and I do not have the same problem other than people believe erroneously- that you will suffer ok, I'm to blame for that. So thank you for correcting me, but you fixing it and for that I thank you what and now I lived in downtown to try after I graduated, but for an insignificant time.
Period, but I will leave heavily on that aspect. When challenged about my Detroit status. Will you have to do that I got. It was like an army brat that they want to say that from Germany, dammit you're from Germany also we were dead broke. About three years when my mom left my dad, but when I tell the story it's more like ninety licit living in advance, hours, borrowing food from neighbour is so what it moment dad do in this house at Chicago. My mom worked at the Post office, for I want to say maybe forty years, something like that wow, so she retired a little bit ago. My father, that's a whole other story. All sounds like my favorite kind of story. Yet being go when I was a kid, Remember him being an electrician. Probably was he's also
Let it right now he lives in police and he is a soccer culture. The please national soccer team in attracting oh shit, but when I was growing up, nor that there was a whole callow drug middle ground there. Okay, now gettin somewhere there was that those the jug linen the whole thing, and that was goin over a few years. When I was a kid, did he get sober Gas olbers clean now lives in Belize, unpredictable when he would show up for his quote began or did they remain married? They are divorce, but even as a kid, unpredictable needed just kind of Rome into the house. I didn't know what was happening. Sometimes be cool, sometimes would not be so cool chosen.
Loser. Nations may be were occurring. Oh my god will absolutely. We lived in a kind of a sketchy situation at some parts. My mom was bus in her, but to get us advice she was, but when you have your partner, that is on the same page, it kind of keeps bringing the family back down a little bit. So she got out of there give siblings yeah. I got forty brothers. I got like their fathers Dennis Hartman's their rights. I have two brothers and sisters and I will have sister. My father has other kid of half sister. But like in our family. It was interesting because my cousin then became my sister, my mom kind of adopted her. So she is like my sister is well what a mom she was dealing with, all that and took on another child as well. I'm sorry, I'm just gonna milk from ok,
Sorry, Mr Solana, and that's what I thought that was a bit, but I did- and I couldn't wait to see where this was going we'll get in there Wait did your voice, there's. Lawyers is content to talk about your dad's November, was bright metal, I'm super here, so she Juliet, I think, about all the things that the things that struck me on a daily basis, and I know what she he raised for kids in five times over in their work and their heads, it still be funny individual, months, hilarious though she still found the humor and everything are you metal, I'm the youngest you didn't marry boy. You don't strike me as the youngest can I just general lie very mature. You're very clearly like a peacemaker, which is generally like the middle child. That's true, however, what you don't see it! I always start the things too.
Ok, I'm an instigator and then a peacemaker full service, you're offering Superman Ass. That's like us, hero, complex like I want to save the days all caused. The problem. First is it you and I'm gonna get either they were saying my family creed is, we do not start fights, but we do finnish fights Monaco. How did you feel about that? I'm not crazy about then. I think give your finishing the fight. You probably had something to do with starting at here to discuss it with my brother, the other day about the I come home. My brother and a couple bodies are drinking in my kitchen and my brother doesn't drink that much and he does. He thought, No really not he's. Only really quite a guy super diverted just like a chill about do very well, but when he drinks hills they thought a moment my buddy carelessly so the more. Although stories you told about your brother people up you failed to mention was that you were starting those fight. What had happened?
a list of all the times. The ads like beat him up, you have been Highsmith worried. I, like always tracks back to how I started. That sounds like a kind of may I add my brother taught me: the heart is less than ever in, like first grow that's up his kid. My elementary school, you like degrades ahead of me or I came home. We have the same like walk home route and I can see. Others in the front yard of the house. So I start instigating a fight with this. But here it you're. A Bali bureau now saw people hate you enough in it does crescendo right moving into my house, but my brother hears me saying all this shit to him and only. He turns to kick my ass and I look at my brother like time too. The work of your taken. This I just got my asking for my brother and I learned a good lesson there. They bank, of never taught you do a gun in Craig.
Whose father has lied about his aids, so that he can play professional while which ended up happened here. The men like these The EU is as wide as they get cop dad, but it was. Confusing how this guy was so huge. You know he was drastically bigger than us and then it was like. Reveal the bailiff about here that these very guinea garden like seven, isn't it Craig This is a massive damage. Hair began your proclivity than men's plainest. Silence mom, please wait, I'm afraid I'm a hare. Zoo is ok from Chicago, so it makes a ton adsense but I didn't have my formative years. England Ellen is well, and is that largely a wise suburb, I'm guessing oh yeah? Oh
there were few black kids in our school class of the two thousand and one I said, but there may be like six or seven black, it's all, while very outnumbered very much so I've seen this go both ways. One way it's gone is like there's a unicorn there in every girls in love with this guy. I've seen that and then I've seen it goes back as you can imagine, and it's just torture for the human being yeah? I was kind of middle, ok, so, yes, kind of like a unicorn. However, we weren't the first it be different if we were like the first kids to show up, then it be like? Oh, let's play with their hair all the same I do not hold it up, but that was the case. We would like the newer black kids, they shoulda, so that black hits or but he there they had taken over yeah. I need novelty had worn off rights, although not very racist, made at some remarks here and there from some people, but it wasn't like the alarming hence our way.
Friends or indian lumber. Friends are span egg, my best friends, indian layer I know a couple indian people to upstairs sounds like A well rounded group or folksy just happen to be predominantly why different religion, It wasn't like being in the deep south or something like that the predominantly why neighbourhood yet and I think, eight years older than you is. That you're born and eighty three Israel. Ok again, I went suburb cried the really hillbilly like not good and people, my brother's age, that things they did on Halloween. That was acceptable and stuff that had already changed by the time. I was around in ninety three going on high school graduate ninety three and then yeah. I would hope it got better but like an acceptable to be gay in nineteen. Ninety two in high school, just absolutely unimaginable. For anyone that wanted to be openly gay land, I sure hope that's evolve. Yeah we
our school, and I remember the first time ever heard of anything like that or he was a trans, lesbian, ok and his name was cat? born a boy and then identified as a girl but was attracted to women Binga. I would have thought that I would have been shocked by this. But just remember a lot of kids were- and I was always just like I didn't understand what the big deal was, and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we were only a few black kids, We have to deal with certain things in this environment as well, so it was almost like we're teammates and away where you live. I see that shit we gotta do women are fully outcome three under the one now so yeah, but again it was one of those places where was outwardly frowned on or anything like that until his day. I guess that most of my friends don't come from the place. I loved him visit again little incidents here and there, but, like I said I was kind of right.
There in the middle. I would gas that what you mean We dealt with more. Is this thing that I think it's the thing I couldn't deal with? If I were black I feel like, I could deal ideologists straighten your face racism. They couldn't deal at the like Soup Perkins. Liberal, who I would have to consult that's the thing happened, I don't know how to imagine. You ran into some of that in that progressive, liberal school, Those are you mean like little micro aggressions here. Were people dont know they're being racist, but their overly concerned about your well being yet they express like this? Oh, my god, I saw what happened to George Floyd, not just devastated. I can't believe this is happening to you and when is it Can I change and then all the sudden you're in the position knowing like I know? I know I'm sorry, you know we're going tomorrow. If we're going to, let you start trying to build them up and it's like he saw the man that shit happens. All the time is passing this past year. Do I my dams
just like hey, I'm just check in with you up for a while It was a well intentioned, but it so brutal, because now you got a fucking after put daddy Also the fire out added start that fire idling, but you get that type of stuff is something that has been going on my whole life, but I didn't identified until this past year I was gonna say like Monica the Rodman documentary which is fascinating your brother, I don't know your nickname, but it's so sad he goes away. I guess it's too Arkansas somewhere to play Basque all over how my thing: ok, I'll go home any he lives this white family and he's describe it, It's not really races. You know, I'm! U. People said the end were both as a unveils at all. Recognize in its heartbreaking that it's so fucking races that he didn't see it like peacemaking, eggs.
Uses for the white mom, who drop the and bomb several times and end. Then that becomes even sadder for some reason that You will be aware of that, but you're protecting innately the person whose victimizing that's called the magical negro syndrome dislike the magical negro. Bag romance, is Michael Clark Duncan from movie on figuring Tom Hanks. A prison movie here when you walk Do this all the time I had no idea, I was doing it. You walk down the street. The stereotype is that white woman's walking and you're a black man. You got to kind of show that you're safe. This happens to me all the time today. Will they grab their purses? They walk across the street when they see me, come
so you smile yes, now really bright from a distance, so they know you're, safe, I'm unarmed, that's to put yourself in a positive mood, show that you're ok for them to feel better about themselves, that's view being the magical negro to help them. I dont Monica gonna, say yeah. I say it all the time I hear I bring about time. Whistling. Vivaldi is a book about vat about this college. Kid at like Colombia, or something, and he realized that if he started whistling Vivaldi on his walk Then people would not start moving across the street or looking scare like that, put Middle EAST, but it He just was walking like normal tat. People would like crews wizard plan.
Happily move that would go sideways. We will do this. Now a very unapologetic. Now I don't, that any more, but I identify there are times feels like I have to do it and I just don't do it yeah you do it sometimes, when you get pulled over when you're like what do you mean? What do you need for me today? I just want to go home when I get pulled over, I quit while the poster for ships. Out of my back see what are you this whole moodily about? You don't want to. Let me go. I got handcuffed, maybe like last year, a year ago, something later after you shot woke before
oh my god, a really quick can I tell Monica. I watch woke last night, really fucking great pilot. I cannot wait to watch the rest of that in the pilot the morning he's playing it is based on a real guy he's not dead his toes in anything controversial issues cruising through life and yeah, I don't know where he gets tackled and he's fits the description of a suspect in its, Early incredibly dramatizing then he's trying to shake it off, but ok, so I had already set the pilot them on new girl. I play a police officer because I wanted to be a player out by storylines and I just asked by a police officer, I've even written episode about it. Like I love her cops, I just remember shot to stop a fight between a friend in like this security at it. Are you something you like? It was late night were drinking, but I've never seen like different comes up any goes aim as everybody. They beat up like what you mean. I look like five security guards on my body.
Let's just get him out of here, so I can get him a call, an uber and we're walking we're walking. Maybe like two blocks away from this place, and then I see you know the manager and security following us. Did you do back? Why they are? We are two blocks away from this establishment bears had on our trail behind. Recall these light was this guy. I want to go back friends are still in the. I have paid my tab yet so called overcomes up this new police pulls up in front of the chamber, And then he just looks articles which one is it and the manager of this place. I remember I am looking at both of us. A girl get these things. At an hour like one of Basque last, I get pissed nationalist idler hollow and then it turned into them. Cuffing, my friend and now I got my phone out boy. What's going on over here to be fair, the police officer was fine. He wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary The ordinary was him and I have covered
but the sign we're talking about, he knew that I played a police officer, tv Ebay. Job! Like you already know many anti missile space we think you're being funny about it was like I call, but then another officer comes up in just keeps me. I look at the gotta go hey map. We lose also tv. There was one of them. It is, above all a valid. It didn't last very long and I wasn't even shook afterwards about it. It was just a funny situation to be to go. If I would smiled more and didn't whole song and dance more and just been I'll. Show me it wouldn't have gone down away, but having a normal vessel reaction to something that's happening around. You can get your craft while they do a great deal. Of Edna pilot awoke worthy. You know your white friend arrives on the scene and he's Vulcan posing ass, a visitor. You now and it's not
like a magnifying glass on edge, is going to happen in the background yearly, that's what he can do. He can put people in the dream, and I had this thought after I watched it. I was like the Police are taken all of the kind of collective frustration on this issue right now, they're kind of the emblem of it for the last and a half it did occur to me after I watch it. I was like you know. The thing is they're also scapegoat, so the people at Starbucks have the same level of bias that the people at the grocery store the manager of the thing. The only thing is, their business doesn't have gun. So if we want to think of the police had been like uniquely biased or you need only races, but what you're really just seen as that? Now that's the occupation that has guns in handcuffs if they had em at Starbucks. We see it there too, of fame added at the grocery store. We see, I dont think its unique to them. What I think white people think it seemed to come
I dont think black people do, I think they valuing everywhere, but I think it's like within the wider community or you know anyone is not black as like all the cops or the problem, but I don't think that's an issue that black people wrote the boys are the rifles. What we say is that is not the individual people's CASA, obviously those individual bad folks. But it's a system that allows them to flourish. Is that just the justice system? It is every system allows for that to be the case in your right. That is the scary, about it all is that they have guns the horse. They can happen at Starbucks vacant like give me the wrong coffee, goddamn? I wanted to shots expressive. Will they seemed a love to call the police on customers from what I see as a good as I already is ever button there I'd better rags did. There's no way he's in hereby coffee with blood,
I don't even like going to celebrate sort of sir. I want so badly to know the name of the restaurant, so that no one goes there ever again, but we should probably not through the avenue ores what city was it was here in away. There was avenue. I haven't heard of it. One hears my issue with that, so I am happy to do that, but at the same time I then go do like. Let's say it's your mom's biz Listen, they hired this Yahoo and this fuckin yeah. I was a deep shit in he fucks up your whole business and now you're paying the price for the. I think it's all complicated if he's the owner, let's put it on blast, but do we know is donor right. I think it an effort with certain companies don't get too heavy handed with their individuals. Are you could set a standard like if you are the owner? There has to be this zero tolerance that people know I can't behind
In this way there is no two times three times not three strike rule. There is a one I've done for certain types of behaviour and not just racial behaviour, those all kinds of behaviour that shouldn't be tolerated in the workplace, yet it has at the same. Relevance is if you caught your manager following a little girl to the bathroom. We built. Ok! Well, you don't get a second chance, I'm pedophilia scion outright! Yes I don't know, I think if you use Wilson Racism, mind. If I give it a bit on the things we are brought it up, here before and that the risk of being a broken record. I think the one example I always like to give about what you're saying about the system is: if you take Rodney King initially on the surface, you think oh fuck, for those ten kobza raises their beaten, the hell out of the sky. There treat them like he's, not a human being. Oh my god, that's terrible forty percent of the that's what I first and then, when you discovered that now all twelve went back in road and the same
report and then you go ok wow, so even the people that weren't beating him up or maybe would never chose to do that they still not operate in a system which is protect those guys and then it goes up It goes further and further readers rise, ok and then that report. So yet you see the system at work. As the individual's racism one hundred percent. That's the system did, I say, like with me, and my brothers were out doing just dumb shit, ass, kids and then we came home and there, like our dad, like added, swept into the road for us I'm not gonna be man at their because that's my brother were simply my father's thy. Why? I do it I'll do to protect them, but to the neighbors there, like these kids man in it, but the as always get them out of trouble. It's that household. It's that dad. It's that overseer. Who needs to figure out? Ok, you did something factor like eventually.
Pay for that. So I'm not those who wrote now, if you're an officer- and you did something fucked up- you have to pay for that. It rather simple. So for the officers personal. Dont do fucked up shit, but even for the ones who are just kind of standing. Only by maybe not hitting the person, but their help. Bring out by rang the exact same report. They are just as guilty, but at the same time I could see the pressure for them, to have their brothers backs. It's like this weird fraternity, it's kind of scary, right, yeah. What that's that plug city norm really wants to address, which is this is the ultimate Ingram. These are guys who storm into unknown situations that quite often on the other side of the door there violence, and so they have a bond. I think it's really complex. Be easy if we could go on out these people are this way and this percentage is races in the system. Seventy two re like unfortunate,
just so much more complicated, as is people who rely on each other to stay alive and go see their kid. So there is a bond there, that's a real Bonn, and that does not excuse it, but it does help you can easily get some explanations out of it is not lost anybody that it would happen. We go here. See why it happened. But let's talk about the dude, who did this that let's talk about this individual, but all these boys in the hood. If you watch boys and heard they did a great job of showing there's a braces, this Fog Lanka, because that in group of mean cops its sometimes more powerful than whenever in group being born. Since I guess admitted it's that brotherhood, it's that fraternity no matter what we stick together. Which is why didn't join of eternity, I didn't either. I have to admit- and I think, there's a character defect and out of virtue and generally predisposed like people that were from the fact that no your best friend was enough fraternity, not me in your address.
May, what he's the one who thought my icy shell about fraternities I was like now. That's good ol boy share that money shit. The legacy sheer that's in grew fucking ages. Hey, triggering to me an ideology and do the exact same thing on an individual, also yo. But a very high rate in all these things. That's it that's a good reason did not rise. You are most likely you are very likely, but the latter fraternity brother has put all railway fraternity. I'm sorry fraternities! Don't you yeah, but I do think that rates a little high station arm chair, if you dare we, are supported by stamps dot com, there's nothing better than saving time and money. Those are the two things any time you just can't get back and stamps outcome has mastered, giving you both of those things taken trips to the post office. Probably not
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how early did you know you want to get into comedy? I was probably nine or ten, I just remember, being at church and marking the preacher. Time region where his shoes would matches suit, match the jewellery at his teeth. Grace mock him all the time, yes to a church play once, and he asked me to be a part of it and I had fun do like out of one where I was like mad. This is a thing I mean You watch movies, you watch tv shows a you know. It exists, but need another, the beginning of how that will start living in Chicago you just like it's on tv? That's, it will never happen from it. So I just remember, having done that, having people at church constantly say you should try out to be an movies instead, and whenever everyone Chicago here about these casting calls in fun story at the old sailor. Sixteen, maybe fifteen or sixteen, and the first barbershop came out
and saw awaited in this line to be an extra they were like signing. People have to be an extra, and I remember the castle director like interviewed me, my mom, We were just having a conversation. Wasn't like reading relies or anything. It was just like talking ass. She was Lastly, and then she goes I'll, see you in the movie. I went and who will be in the movie. I'm gonna be an extra. This movie should not put me in a movie and then his me off so much you years later, I'm on new girl. I get a chance to audition for the third barber shop arms out the next come and see that this is a cast, Oh and I am her there movie right. There are, as many of you I got a great follow. Question for you, you go see fuck you or did you go
they have more sleazy z. That's a lot of ways: the girl, ass indirectly, areas beyond Warwick, she's, very psychic. We are now. I was very disappointed that I was in the next room, this movie, because my first opportunity He looked me in my soul. Enlighten me: well, Welcome to this business This is how it is tilliard there until there until that check clears in movie. It makes me think of a story that none of the three of us are involved in, but I want to tell you cuz, it's just so funny it's. My Favre was working at second city, Jon Favreau, and he was same thing he's trying to get like extra work in a moving and got some extra work in the movie. Hoffa, and all I had to do is like driver some box van through. The background right. All the scenes going up and he's a smart guy It occurred to him. It was an icy knows, I'll see you in years. I've ever let me so heater
the interior. Goodbye, The light and the actual these needs through a couple of tags before someone realises like. Why is that and this is how to throw out- oh my god, Why are you deliver your model up what directly guy back so that I was in high school in Asia, could gonna class a lot from Silly in telling jokes- and I remember going to detention in woman in detention. For some reason I can remember her name, but she was very be instrumental in my career because she gave me a pamphlet for second city no share in Sweden, you need a waiter like channel all of this energy. I think you should take a look at it. The pamphlet never looked at it. I can go to the school and why
wasn't theatre school a friend would go into these little comedy bits out like the way devoutly verbs, joint added, comedy group that we can. Play rounded tragedy shows here, and there was a colleague group. What is that, if this is like a second sitting, it's like that I've heard of second city is that with this was about, and so I though there and I made a bunch of poor people and then next thing I know second city was trying to get black audience members, because the crowds our way there are like black and brown folks wanted to perform. But there is no one who could oppression their material is much so what they do is they started. We had different tour companies, redtail drink all those things, but to make the excited Bronco, whereas for like black and brown performers, I was performing with a Danny Pooty in
He can Michael key started. Bronco, oh and other doing right were so then he started that this woman, Indiana Griffin, then came to watch one of my place because doing theatre You can watch one of the place and then invited me to second city to try out and the now recent history, that great classmates I'm a little bitch was one of my classmates still June was what am I like. I was a really cool experience for me. And it was necessarily about the teachings withdrawal. Great, it was more so about the people that you stay friends with and you build those folks and you watch how they work and then for you not having second city on your resume in Chicago, is great, because the writer of that commercial, with the second city and before you know it they put you in there commercial and that's kind of how you et cetera eternity.
I don't want to the growlings out and I have a high rate of rape in these four. We know that now that we have to be a front line with your at some point. You know it's funny. When you're telling the story of the creation of brown coal, I'm nervous, I'm like Is this a white guys idea like everyone? making real my oh, yes, we a lot of fun man, it turned into my life. I was there even if I wasn't performing, has watching a show and I have three different floors and stages. So you'd go watch, do they Miller the show every year and then you go and watch the main stage over here I was the most exciting club per se Monica had it at you see me it's such a. Nor volley, Arians get. We represent three different
many fraternity year, especially the one hundred percent. I tried to dabble in both groundlings and you see me When I was in New York, I took writing classes it. U c b, I would do some shows, are performing like guest parts and make ass cat and stuff like that, and then groundlings. I tried out four grounds when I first was put in a little too oh fat, track, but I was broke. I couldn't afford it yet young gondola layaway plan. And you know the big of a swing. Growlings second city is so second city when you're on the stage there you actually get paid. You get like a equity thing, an groundlings you're, still bang perfect interpret the data the way they did. It the all. By into that again I drank the Kool aid. I believe, like Y, all my characters, so when you write for second, secondly than they on the material, so it's like I don't know how you do. I want the three bugs Euro and all my stolen, my material back forsaken city
They are not very little hands you for that. I remember when I was in a democracy, I'm just doing this character Fredo, I know best the characters name. I can't you remember the groundlings characters near by Everything like yes right. I can take this thing right over my thing and no one can say: where is everyone? live. You can't just do a character. You created there in someone's movie. It will finally be very like sad Maybe I'm wrong, is my group, the last like personnel care to that turned into a movie, because I just remember like watching us Emily going all that characters. Be a movie, and then it would- and I look forward. To those movies now show new girl is so your kind of big breakthrough you're on a show for eight years. You touch on some that was really fascinating. Does the conflicting nature of plain a police officer You mean just monthly. Something else is coming out and habits, a complicated situation to be, and if you're
black and then I love the outcome of it. As you approach Liz and said, like had like the right on this I'd like to address this, and I guess I commend her for being supportive of that new girl fucking, Some show and I have to imagine that's kind of a life altering job one hundred percent. It was under the weirdest jobs in the beginning, but it turned out to be the biggest part of my career it was like being thrown into the fire. You knows ready for it. I was unprepared for how it started so that whole process was me auditioning fifteen times picture that show- and I just remember, Jake calling me once when I had a hike. The role was coach originally for Damon Juniors part, and they offered me that part, but it wasn't until I had accepted another job.
The leading up to that yea, leading up to now be kept, saying, hey, make more and offer made women. Often they kept going. Nobody knows with five years ago that some celebrities, while be given off from a job but CBS, was like a little do it, so they gave me. Opportunity for pilot with today Miller and have a lock Lear and Sir David Henry decent jobs, it was, it was a great show, funny sharply didn't you picked up so Damon end up doing that Jamie then leaves for his second season. His show and then I come back in a maybe audition eleven more times oh, my god, what you're not prepared for its like? You know, life is weird and that you have these dreams. You get the dream. You're very excited you're, very grateful and then that dissipates goes novelty,
hey it's all these things dissipate and then you get into the making the sausage which is eight years on a sick, come do in twenty two or four episodes a year. An economy shifts to like homework like oh, oh great, we got picked up. I can buy then I can paced up and they all we gotta get twenty four, the it's kind of a mental olympics. One hundred percent I never got used to. Early riser on that one, those people that's like. I love gives up its exerting a worrying given after it. Well, why is your nickname la more up anathema to the morning after pill is management of morning out their rightful for the opportunity, but I hate waking up still darker I'm a browser. I recently read and to make us feel good work What did I read it? Its data? Oh, oh, why we sling is a great book in there and said you know people are
genetically morning people or evening people- and the percentage of people that are not morning, people's hi, it's like forty percent and then just talked about the entire world has been engineered to serve up there. We risers image is really not geared for us in yeah. I've never been my best at five I'm like I'm depressed most creative at night. That's probably one of the reasons why I have issues sleeping at night. It's like now it's time to lay down and go to sleep. And I go now, there's somebody things only to watch. I might the danger. Got good and I'm gonna shut it now I like suffered through the first eight hours, and now I'm like into it, also should be noted. Its waking up a five, but it's not wrapping till like eight seven, it's not like you start at five in the you're done it three right or wrong day. Is you know for people who don't know shooting its long term our day, you like, yes, oh, Yeah you drive on Burma, ten our Dania was at six and then you do
have their own over those ten still review restores because we showed a lot with modern family, so stories Alla time like you'd see he has arriving at lunch, the driving off of the law. They had an insane schedule. Yeah my friend worked on fuck it becomes law when you're. In this light, we would have your actors on parenthood that would come sometimes Romano family, like all we wrapped at lunch for of the six days. What makes me so mad that we never got to that as well We started averaging around like ten or twelve hours, be like all these amazing, I already brought it up, but I do want to just say that woke is fucking awesome and I'm really really excited to watch the rest of it. I don't check out much sure you're the same way. It's like you make them your kind of not that interested in them, but this one is like it's got a little of the disease flare in that it's like shot like a movie, looks beautiful at stylist. So who is your fucking costumer like who put you in a dead, Kennedys T shirt?
to start with that. One is based offers the real guy play chief night, and so there was his favorite ok interact eyes though he had at once. He has that shirt. He had his hand all over my wardrobe for sure you look so cool and ever saying. Oh my god, I want that, whoever the consumer, when everything from the wardrobe to the music, I'm listening to that you can't even here. Thank you help me get into this. Is heads based these creating art. He's drawing mistaking walk. I listen to you. I sometimes in this moment here I'd be listening to the bill withers. I've laid down when away
a ban, the moon and low. So in the pilot he goes. Ok, you walking re passing outliers. They gave me a phone headphones and it was an act of phone Spotify on it. So I thought playing something and I started playing delivers lovely day and he goes over the one I'm really quick. Maybe you should listen to lovely data delivers. I think that's the sound we're gonna play in. This moment and that something I'd be listened to and a time like this, I would like to look I'm already listening to slight girl. We became say that it was easy, like his music choices were a lot of my we had certain similarities in music like if you look at my place right now, you will find everything from death camp for duty to low way they can about his all over the place, Harry style. Why,
some connective tissue death can yet, although obviously your co star was Mary, I mean what's so funny and even though that until our cast photos you were you in the gallery issue in all my first, I really hate out. Everyone had just been cast like today's prior and how well send us each other and when the time comes, I'm just garlic singing the words to it. She goes. I was pretty cool My husband, music, like buddy light, would be, That is my wife. As you know, my husband I was like a little girls I hear about modest miles. That in my modest mouse is in, there met it's all over the place. I like got me to my golden for alone. Please make funding before. Why was coal? Black holes are, while symmetrical I love you I'll. Tell you
they are. You know why they are because people are often animal about Radiohead may fear called plays ribbon of radio. I think that's what I've discovered. I think that there is, I think they just got to popular and people don't want it. Like was on the radio. That's true to its probably me in these what suits Monica men wearing these close. What suits meantime and then everyone was wearing them in r pod and I was like I can't jump on that now everyone's gone and then nine months later I get a surgery. Am I need something comfortable, I put them on his eye This is why they are year, lame and look at it in a hurry and swept pants Ok, so let's talk about your progress because I actually have a interest in this, because I have noodles with this idea of doing scripted podcast,
unwanted is the name of your scripted it? I guess I guess what got in my way is laziness as like that's kind of a lot of work, a yellow, reddest grip. So should I make it for tv maybe our money in it, but then you're like oh, but I could quote shoot Whatever I write, I can record now: that's a big carrot to do it, but it like your idea of doing it to actually doing it. Would you learn the so it'll be getting it started with a company called Kyoto they reached out there doing. One was city arrive call the carrier and then asked me to play her husband want to stay in that, and so that went to the stage and we recorded- and I just remember how cool the setup was that done animation for that done, voice overs for an atr and stuff like that, but this one was very unique: it had these weird types of very immersive microphones that really really ate it
the quality and really would put you in that space like a some are more like a bit like when you listening to. It is truly a truly is like surround where, if someone drop something over here and if you listen to adjust on the phone, it sounds Ok, when you put headphones in you, like all someone's behind me, someone's in front of me a mile away feels that way. Pretty cool and the layers Do you have any other ideas so me and my riding partner, Kyle Shevrin? We went through our like list of things that we had made, and this was a movie script original. Oh that's yours. We put him a couple of things. They really like this one and another one that will be kept. Another one is that we know is Botswana. Make us into movie this one. We can definitely break up into into a parts, oh yeah, and so that's what we did. That's what we did in the experience. Again, I got into a thinking. I could have the space these weird headphones and micro.
Bones, but the pandemic happened, and so we recorded everything here my house with, resolve resume their colleagues in unwanted is Billy Magnuson and Billy, with a moving together. Before is one of my best friends. We lived together so Billy just came by the house, and this and all the microphone equipment other stuff put it in my house. I will describe the room that very added room. You know the sound qualities like me. Because Basin undiscovered closet area might logo, right. There was. Right. You learn so much about simplicity in how not to complicate things too much oh, I had one of the most interesting of hurdles you have is general rule and screen writing is never say something you could show like. Does a very old tried and true thing I dont tell me, tell me up and show me what happened.
Show me the emotion or show me the action, but this gets flipped on its head, a bit yeah but too cold in their sound. Seeing the sound design team is so good that sometimes you don't have to. Sometimes you can really here. You can hear water splash. You could hear breathing. You could hear birds chirping. You can hear egg a window clothes in the sound change in the room, it's that specific and that detailed- and that was a cool thing to see you be sitting on zoom with some of the sound folks and why you you're, the one fixing the levels you're, the one doing off stuff. I dont doesn't really matter and well. There's, a reason why we are, we are because very specific about the sound quality we got lucky on this one, this with no discipline. Oh me with an oh yeah. I'm so excited great tensions. The head of the Music Department sky, drawn Johnson sit around like its fancy Daryl.
As I was ever devised. Bag of the game because they rank is its name here on earth around. So he was talking with my report. Kyle directed all these episodes and he kept saying got something you want to say what I have just yet to happens. Did he dropped his honestly last minute? you're, a ghastly, oh yeah, never gonna do not learn to do, though nobody own exactly recklessly did our theme song. Get the fuck out of this August. So do that so cause. I don't know I thought about that. Mention that when I listen to the train there's no episodes out yet, but I listened to the trailer and yet psych incredibly well produced like theirs So much going on, I mean
Billy had anxiety like where would we find a team of like sound designers to make something sound like that. It is really well done. We are now airing. Oh, you are the first week we dropped and then last week, one today having today before the absurd, yet only think is comes up, is the trailer for me. First You, no more episodes. I'm wrong is only business if you hit more rapid boy. You do get to a page that has for you're the best the idea in the body s business, which is embarrassing whenever one infection for a while I dont know if we stop I'm a have happier denies really quick. Just I didn't do any job whatsoever of just explaining what is the premise of until degenerates. Try to capture the most dangerous woman on planet earth escapes a maximum security, prison and she's trying to recover some stolen merchandise. That's rightfully hers,
and these two guys like how hearted basis a girl, That's right. So there is a million dollar reward. Minister change Oliver Box, like we both have issues problems, things that we need the money for an capture her and then we're good. She happens to be in art, tiny little town of Livingston New Jersey to be really easy and they are in over their heads. They realize she is a true psychopath play by Jamie Legal, Donal Irish actress alphabet ex officio, while you're just by comparison. Didn't novel evaluing. I wouldn't ask you for a moment had. I first had to say lucky charmed and then I go home saying so, DR she does this. Us really makes it, but the only way she can started by saying Jennifer Lopez is yes. I generally is Jerry and an that's how he gets done. Absolutely that exists at the scene was on.
Now for a while she paid my wife on new girl for awhile. We did a movie caught desperadoes for Netflix last year and then now she has no children anti desk on Chad Chad over. If you want to tell of the chair, I'd, be shot. She and I'm about jinx anything happen at that do but, like I just see her cleaning up an award season. Why is a fourteen year old boy? I'm trying to get well made and it is a soccer. For reasons of an alleged cheat levies that check out clips and stop answered your visited websites like it's really funny. What I just brings up totally interesting thing, which is there's these genres that works so well, and then you realize what they can't be done today, it's kind of like well. How could you do because something neatly and will never not be funny. Is forging euro boys preoccupation with getting late? It's
important though it is, is rife with common aims, and yet there is obviously all these massaging is undertones too, but you have to figure out a way to skin that cat or its now me want to be invisible and hang out showers. I think he gathered some factors were a second. Do you really want to be invisible, hang on showers with restraint as I'm, so interested in the nude male body. I really am endlessly has every right to be nude on camera. Yadda, yadda, Africa, well idea I did vote Rundle in the first movie, I remain and then I started dating Christian shortly. After all, I was editing and she countersign he's like. That's. Not that's not you're gonna taken that's of out and out like this guy, I I guess that's right,
the funniest thing really Gwig. Is that I'm not afraid to be fully nude, but I have a great great insecurity about my bundle. I don't want anyone to ever see my bundle, I'm so nervous about it. This is the start here wants to see but how a man- that's not far, the baby boy, like man trying like see that wrecked a great I'm dying as the other peoples, but all that does not want anyone to see my bundle. I was, then this movie. This is where I leave you and I found out. I had a love making scene and I was like okay, I got to prep for that. I got to watch what I eat for a few weeks. I think I even got rating, and then I arrive and I'm I'm ready to do this, and then I find out I'm on top in orders. Make it on a bed? There's no sheets everything, I'm not panic gap, and then I see they put the camera
the foot of the bed on the fucking floor. Looking up and now I start thinking- that's going to be my ass hole, that's what that shots can be. So I can say the director, but I think, you're going to get some bud oil, and I know that the contract I signed you can't show so you know what I've been around over legacy from their legacy from the Jew would take it. The sea It's a long, seen and then cut director comes in grabs issue. Aid is given as other nods and then he just tux? Is she in the mile. Buckram and I realize at that moment one thousand percent. Everyone at video villages staring at my asshole for many the Emirates. I dont have right, but I'm surprised I have had an angel vision scar. When you look at like stone, and you can see all the years like that different ravens like
I can see your buttonhole ambroise adventures I just over years. You know, I recall my best friend your weekly, like errand of five years, is a girl and I ask for a night whom she reference. Susan fraternity. I call them up randomly. Unlike is your. So completely deteriorate. Two years. I've got my own, those totally mine- and now I don't know, what's going to happen when I anyways. While we ve covered such a wide range of topics, my main years older than you and, you know I'm just giving you a glimpse of your future. You're not gonna get better. I do I do check the legs up, your mirror. Ok, I take follow I sent them outside my very early on top yeah what man it was great gettin to talk
You and me you and I love all your stuff and I hope he will listen to unwanted. I imagine it's available everywhere park ass, our job as only it's all over the place, downloaded or else. Ok, This will be good man, great yeah, I'll. Take it easy, ok stay to arm chair. If you dare, we are supported by better help if you're feeling depressed or struggling with relationships or in difficulty. Sleeping our meeting your goals better help offers online professional councillors who can listen and help. I am in therapy Monica and therapy had yesterday we would have
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my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden Monica bad men. Goodness we shall Delicious watch television about it. Ok! Well! This is great because we were just railing on this. I am the fact check about our readiness now? Get really upset when the bully salads not offered world yet when it was offered today, so we could truly sailor. Add chicken at first. I again, that's why we needed protein and then my new obsession or everyone in the parts of new obsession, cottage jeez, that's right! Everyone in our part, not the podcast world, very confusing, I suppose, pod pod, but there's a cottage she's ruminating in its four percent fat that's a big difference for me that makes a big difference. What is it normally to or not?
two percent two percent coming out of this- is for two: they made four percent milk know they re homo two percent, one percent not so how are they may is a lie, but their time well, remember I this whole thing worth everyone's eating. This yogurt, this figure yogurt from the farmers mark yet had area was obsessed with this guy was delicious and a claim to be like a hundred forty calories or something, and I got a multiple fighter. For this, as I dont know what to tell you guys, that is not a hundred forty calories now only the label and unlike the ok but Ivy now for forty two years, I know it submits honoured, carries tastes like computers, one on forever. Then there is a damsel. We await. The pay have lied. Rarely yes, underneath national level and in turn but they were like three hundred hours So I was not all the way there with this one, but this one is the label suspiciously promise
hurry because it has. Let me tell you what it has for serving an protein fourteen, Graham so forty sixteen fifty six grams of protein in this thing, and only four hundred forty calories, I believe that its so tasty and if we're getting fifty six grams of protein and only foreigners, many calories, taste that good. That's that's really suspicious my line. I want to start one ear crusade, I'm not gonna here. I'd like I said, I'm not like definitive like I was about the yogurt, but the same. This feels a little too good to be true. Ok, I know one things are due to be true and your whole life is too good to be true. I thinking about this site. We owe you know when people say like you yourself and the eminent wake up from their sir you now it's very cliche. Cliche words about happy moments and a happy life, but recently I've been having.
Like some real real real thoughts about what, if I'm set in a hospital Ok and let all is a very real, a dream like that is seeming plausible. I don't think you're in a hospital. I don't know it sounds. Silly for me to say that it sounds I go. I am just saying the same thing that everyone says, but I really started to think. Oh there's a good chance, I'm now this is all made up in my head and I'm having a psychological breakdown or something and I'm in a hospital, and that really could be. I mean I think, the people, the extreme of delusions and hallucinations
come in and out of them like you'd, have some memories of being in a hospital bed like hazy coming out of a man rejoining this fantasy yeah envisages that, like you, can be sitting in the hospital bed patient in for four years or whatever. But maybe it's not. Maybe it's ten minutes. Oh well. That's a great way to stretch out time, then the zoom in ten minutes here likes him. So long. That means you're going to have five more these within an hour. This kind of against the David Farrier point which is like if its simulate, who cares? If you like, I always at by a manager here, but unless I do wake up that still left to give force in the mouth may were all living in my seizure, Oh ok, seizure, dream driver aim, crap, you know the expression, don't look a gift horse in the mouth mean you think you have told us before about talent
because I forget ok, apparently, in the old days when you buy a horse, one of the main things you would inspectors its teeth to see if it was healthy, easy, like becomes flabby lips and take a gay under a gun, shit, so it's like some gives your horse don't examined the falcon teeth. Drivers healthy, just take the gift horse and keep moving I was there- we're going to Hawaii yeah showed how people you don't want in we'll be back, was totally boy you're back that we went to Hawaii. Ok. Why? Because What is this come up? It is also our bromar back. Ok right, usually dissolving, I would have said no, sir. No one tries to murder Kristen, What about that as well? So if you planning are murdering person. You're gonna have to go through meet at this point we are home, Amber, were recording this before we laughed so that we can have a vacation. Yes, unfortunately, christen can't join us cause she's working
but the pot is going to Hawaii and we're having some stress. We were talking about our different story. Ah, how we respond a different idea because which I'm really happy about? but why has a lot of hurdles to camp before you can enter? You have to have a covert tests within seventy two hours was only specific locations you can go to, these tests, the water examining eyes and a few people, have travelled all way to Hawaii got there. This test is We have to go back or you have to stay here for ten days in quarantine, soldier to terrible options ray. I dont understand why they, when you just? Why would they give you a test, then? Have you quarantine the aid and what the difference between if they feel safe with you, not having had it within seventy two hours, a fine. I don't know anyone feel safe with you not having had at seventy two hours after like you, I mentally, and you just have to quarantine for three days,
Let me go to those who suffer. Everyone in the pot has received their resolves, the negative covert test of wild except me, and you too little, I'm nervous. You're, not here, and we discussed it's not that I don't get nervous over things. I get nervous overturn the things in our society and I I ruminate my I let my yeah buddy, I was telling you I actually I get zero stress over things like came out in any way steer the outcome up something new and I took that tests yesterday, yeah it's either going to shore birds, not and there's nothing. I can do to make that happen or not happen yeah. So it teaches
I'll find out. So I don't. I cannot think about it. Yeah and I think, will there's nothing. That's totally out of my control, like I can try to like. I was saying, like last minute, get a test at the airport, but then I have to stay. Will there for an hour before our fly. But why? What point do I jumped ship and decide that what I have to Do so that's my hair. That's worry true, but that's what time that is. So what's pick the time were you you say: ok, time. The body do that. That's gonna be like a lemon. Oh really! Well, don't you think, but what if I can't get a test worked at eleven, I feel like. Perhaps I should book, a test earlier, pre emptive war yeah, I see I have a similar like people get nervous when an airplane starts experiencing turbulence or something bad weather us another thing I dont get nervous at all
because, unlike what am I gonna, do got there and fly the plane better than I learned that are better than the passengers by certainly want to fly it better than that I'm really glad you said that all right, thinking at all, I'm as good as the parties have already spoken, I allowed might my claim- is always if you're picking from the bozos and back I'm a good pepper. You said that you can do a route canal, Paul. I've said as long as there is a Youtube video. I can do anything that a Youtube video exists. Only if it can. You also transfer that, just for the respective, like oral surgeons, that you can do it as well as them out of one Youtube video just like you can't fly the plan as well as the I let you see. This is where we ve got and many of these debates boy. He I think you guys hold medicine and health care in this country
fairytale way drilling out a tooth is a drill with a drill bear. It is a very mechanical operate, it has nothing to do with how much they know about cell division. Imagine what I'll do I'll division agro biologists drilling in your mouth is different than drilling it really. My point is not if, if you're taking a dreadful to drill out a little piece of work in a very specific spot, you ve put a dot on it. You're gonna go down a quarter inch, you watch the bit, drilling drilling the repercussions are much worse. You make a mistake, so you have to practice that many times in its environment to know
oh, that maybe the saliva has die. It's not the same. If you have no, if you ve, no practice I guarantee is mine. I feel the exact same way as you when you're used to drilling, but what I'm saying is, or the rubber meets the road with procedures are ye surgeries or dental work. It does seem a chemical endeavour at that point. It has nothing to do with your knowledge microbiology! That's what we're doing you have like a physical problem, but it does not follow that are now. I gotta now allow! No it like circled the tooth. I gotta I don't need to know the names of the twenty six teeth. I don't need to know by customer. Don't know where the nerves are either have done the names, but you need to know exactly What's a rounded, what happened did may repetition Monica they take players in the fucking, pull the tooth out. There's really nothing more magical going on the map. It's very business and I dont know if there is some cause
z, complication, yeah. I don't know how to address like a broken blood vessel in there, but pulling something out with players I can do. I just need a watch, a Youtube video where there and you know you don't like it now. I think I could there's a few surgeries. I think I could probably by watch the video like twenty times. If you like to do, I watched a niece ordinary once and, unlike I watch the whole thing right. It was on tv in Amsterdam and I was on a hash hashish and it was mesmerizing and while the way they treat your body when you're out cold, I mean they treated like lumber. There's no,
I'm fancy going on so there's sawing off the rotted combo at the end of your the distal end of your femur and they're, putting this little or Gus it over it and it's just a piece of metal and they just take an impact on and they just screwed into your bone and then they do to the baby air tabular, whatever one they do it too, and then they stick together. I mean. Is that really what happens now? My sutures would be terrible when I had done so. The person back up, but that saw the bone and putting on the cap I could do analogue is just about the task to really fight. That's right, canter, this battle with you book would argue at the height of my arrogance. I don't love it's the high, but it's up air, I think rebuild
in an engine is as complicated or more than many of the procedures, their body. You can only say that if you ve done both will have watched both know dawn unless you ve done both that person. I will trust to say this is actually just as well. Harder, I'm fine I'll, take that, but I it can't be from you who's, never done it. Try me one is never stand surgery. If you like personal data Bonanno. My ok now surgical extracts why I pulled a freckles out and I'm out of hell, I myself assert your dormitory I had a fragile. I may add that I did not lie. Watches bog it appeared out and nowhere else
terrorism must be something wrong with because it shouldn't be appearing out of nowhere and my thirty's, so I removed it. Are you knew freckles all the time he removed mine? I don't know why I didn't like it freckles worker they re not on you, I'm not crazy about them on me, because because I don't have many at Ah so, when one appears it's like well, I noticed said that you were you afraid it was spread and I mean there's always a chance to be overtaken by my freckles, specifically- are white. I am I like your freckles. I, like everyone's freckles. I just don't like when one appears on my hand. Out of nowhere- and I don't have any others still make a cool pattern- constellation so Lamborn really was wild. So a fine. I enjoy that conversation so much what a cool guy called Dude Mary.
Hurrah whistling. Vivaldi, cod, steel. I've talked about so much. Ok is my group, the last essential character, to be turned into a movie. All le Monde thought it was. According to my research, it was ok worth a thousand two thousand ten or their ladies man Oh right, tomorrow's superstar, ok asked Molly shall now, though, what you called should be in there era is Well Austin powers within Donna. Now it's not on here may not be. He might not of people intentionally not done that character there, because I think he was upset that they owned gardens. I think I don't wanna put words in his mouth MIKE Mike.
Superstar Unaided, the Roxbury Blues brothers, two thousand steward saves as family. It's pat wanes world to con heads wanes world Blues brothers, MRS those who shared as bananas through there have been some sketches since and that would be funny you're. The comedy genre evolved a lot from the nine these two tools that once both old school and winning I first came a paradigm shift. As like handset tubby things were gone, you re did shift, you think it's shifted since then return. I think There has been another shift more, I don't know, I don't think one has been successful sense, but then, like I feel like there's an era of like appetite common, right, but I would argue those were with him a camp here who can ok, who is the costume designer on woke I've two pieces of media going,
some time my laptop am, I found you devices set customer is shan't hall. Richard but then there's others. We need the costume designer I now, but he also said that the Greater of the show is heavily involved. Yes, I can't find it. Remains a mystery. Some things are better as it should be easy to find there, and I don't like that. It's not that's my grievance surveillance Lamborn. I hope we ve made it to Hawaiian back by now. All this would be so exciting of this came up posthumously and they were so naive. They thought they returned from Hawaii Catholic, spooky Gostar were speaking from the other side. All my guys, I got there Indeed, we think we're having a family my one hour in Heaven. He made it, despite our rejection of the conventional religions, made it to have, or I wake up from my seizure,
during this trap and turns out. None of this is real. What you're on the Tribune nursery real? Why? because what are you gonna be here in Hawaii on a vacation if your life's not great? No, no like we're on vacation and then that's part of my dream. A dream and then the by weight raw. No, I wake up in my wife, my real self wakes up out of out in a hospital you're like a main bureau. Grammy, that's been in a coma, maybe and what, if you open your eyes- and I mean I'm a hundred years- going on. I wasn't true, but then I'm there and that's a chilling ending to movie. Oh, I like the way to a grandiose grumpy I mean I'm even I shouldn't save s, cause people like. Don't like when I say this,
We have the. If something happens, Georgia is an evil They hate talk yeah, they dig it has some power over the future yeah. I dont believe that it does so. I like jokes, like that. If we were on a spectrum, what would you say on billing like jinx thing is a thing: I'm, a seven o clock but the plane thing Zimbabwe for some reason. This time around I'm not worried about it, but we were just kind of pointing. That is the only one not on this trip worked virtually every single friend she has. Therefore I am I here. There's a there's: precious cargo yeah yeah, that's a bad! apparently not recover from another. You come back here
she'd have just like she gets tomorrow all over? Well, that's what I want I want. We were saying this job and zombie Borg, any man some people liked it. I was saying if something that tragic has to happen, I dont want anyone. That knows me left to see what I become. So it's almost a letter from me that nobody well I around. So I call me and see if I'm ok, because I'm not me: ok and I'm going to deal with it in a very specific, and it's just best that no one else around to witness anywhere, but it's fine Fine, we're back, and I remember him. Yeah motorway trip really Vondra, all my passivity, only that Charlie go, they voted hottest guy on the Americans, oil believer, but you're not expecting Mckenna ceremony. They really presented him with the whole peg and area whole big, our eye love you! I love you bye baby
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