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Lennon Parham (Playing House, Veep, Bless This Mess) is an American actress, comedian and improviser. Lennon sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up in the deep south, feeling like she couldn't find "her people", and the balance of holding on to your personal dream while in a relationship. Dax praises Lennon on her work on Bless this Mess and Lennon talks about the experience of creating her own show. The two talk about questionable 80's songs, new ideas for the yearly hot bodies calendar and Dax and Monica do a long distance fact check.
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Welcome. Welcome welcome norm general expert, I'm Dax predators and am joining Monica monsoon, I didn't know what was going to come out. What were you some? Your thought? I didn't know that maybe you're gonna do like us sound a fat foley. We haven't unfolding in a long time. You may my beard is long enough to get a shorter. Sheer right now, if you watch, bless this mess, which I hope you do more my favorite characters on the programme Kay yeah is played by the wonderful when in parliament is here today an aside from all the things you know or from which I'm sure you ve seen her own parks and rack and veal. In curbing enthusiasm, she had her own show called best friends forever and her other own show plain house, but I our mostly from bless his messenger she's. Just my favorite person. I spend the day with iron out forever, because she's superstar at you,
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calm, slash tax he's he's in the calendar I designed to design the cow. Oh yeah outweigh its a man and you use them, and that is just by looking Erica's years that these are just a swell different everybody have allowed by the front body part. I haven't listen to the absent when we talked about this. I was seeing a great thing for charity for kids would be celebrities, private parts, just their private hearts and again- You don't know who's who, on the on the front of the calendar, you have all these famous faces in an inside as their genitalia, but we don't know you
What is it narrowed down a bull thing right? If you know that it's out of these twelve people, I think I'm gonna be able to pick out whose detainees are photograph. I think it's still guess, though, because if it was a it's twelve men, then insiders just twelve closeups of penis in testicle. I dont know enough one who's gonna buy that cause women. They know women, don't wanna closely poverty. I agree. Forget. Males, an error that ended in raw tobacco. That is true and to support and further the thriving, children, it is already work. I swear now that seem problematic. Exactly I mean yeah. Maybe it would raise a bunch of money, but there is no way you have the right to the kid Sumida remotest handed out.
don't I'm wearing a now, and so the men would buy wonders. Twelve famous female faces on the Friday YAP and an inside is menorah majority the parts Libya everything comes in Ireland last week, diagrams? Just like I don't know like an Annie liebowitz like from the front like an artistic version or is it like? You know it's full spread and over Doggie Anus Orlando Iphone photos of my young. Threat road. Of correct. No, the calendar is called Diana. Stay for dinner Now the much bigger but wait energy there, so it's so narrowly focused on the genitalia that there's everyone safe. That's on the cover no face. It is a high probability of deny I believe there is a level of anonymity. It's only a wanted out, it's gotta be all white women you know what I mean like you're, going
We'll era went down a view of people of color, all boy could do a shroud and how it would be best now, that's an even better layer is that we have different ethnicity, so were also dividing up ethnicities and now we have the right. That's way worse, oh my god There is now asking why black and white well. I know how you gonna steal your tone. You'd still be able to have safe here. What? If it's to me, it's like, if it's a page day counters three sixty file prejudice, then just so much so many more people to choose from then I really am not sure at any day whose what that says right, we don't have to include the faces on the fry. It can just be like the counter I made based of this there is no face. Is on the front. It's just body parts, so you don't know only, but Aggies did guess all of em. He did. One of them. Let me show you on an old man: wars, I'm not a pervert disgrace:
I want to show you one than I am so proud of guessing just a specific one. Man area up. This was one of them. Oh, isn't that great loggers, so clever, an x ray you well to self body scheme from an Iphone. We had this doctorate, Eric Topol, who is promoting people getting involved with their health with their own Iphone, there's always different apps, and you can try to answer it he's given himself. Many body scanners and diagnosed himself was dealt with and I don't think the normal life and can right now, but he is like take that's where technology is going and he has that access and use this is from his Iphone. It has inside of his body, wow, YAP and dumb, and I got it and it felt great highways. That's what best rub: Makko Honey, ok, gotta weirdly enough a boldly going nowhere yeah same Baldwin. We know where yeah that Rob Macaroni wrote yeah. That was like my first.
ever. Let me really. It was like a big deal. Yes, ok! So I think that's the funniest screenplays of ever read my lot. It was so fucking funny an the pilot. Was I mean that produce? pilot was malaria. It was great yeah. Tony Hale was in it. What the news I had heard was that they did the pilot and Fox wanted them to redo it. Ok and then they were leg. No, no thank you, but thank you. So yeah. I just gotta you to do your own show your own way for so long and then somebody comes in and says like hey redo this for another three million dollars, you're like no. We just did it that's what we wanted to do and we ve done it. If you don't want that. move on dot. Org. Yes, yes, a move under, but it's also like the chemistry of a bright light. When Jason, I did all of our shit like that.
cooked in you know I am here and when we would go out, people were length where this is electric. You know in the room, it's electric, because this is We really are yeah, I'm cutting her off, I'm correcting her she's punching up my story, haha. You know- and we know each other super well so it's like baked in and that's how we write as well, and I think that you get that that's part of the package. Where is if you're casting a comedy and you're like, I hope these people feel like they're married and that they love each other. There is a connection we can hang a whole show on you. There s an end, tangible, the magic thing about chemistry that I couldn't define for anyone yeah at like commissioner, and I were so different right. We have the same though comedy vocabulary. So when we start playing, I mean part of it is just were having such a good time together, yeah and he's always trying to make me break because he knows, if I laugh
it was really funny man, I'm not gonna, give him like a courtesy lap and vice versa, like I'm always trying to make him breaker Minos, say something that you didn't expect. So that feels good, I think, to watch and then be witness to Wales. I think that when people are having fun, it's palpable yeah, how do you mean Jessica? We both did the upper citizens Brigade in New York when she was already on a team. When I started taking classes there, aha Jerry the Saint Clair wishes. You use your soldiers My last point she was on a team already and then I started when I moved to New York. I did second city. First, there were Likud sort of like satellite programme, and so I did that first and then everybody was like you gotta get on a team. You see because that's where it sat layer that affairs yeah that's a fast track. That's where there's a home theatre where you're gonna be performing every week, us we're all the good people are going, and I was like sign me up, so I went and saw. I saw her. Do mother
which was her like improv team, her legendary enrage and airy boots, legendary at it. Ok, Scott Armstrong Land Suitcase like like all the angry. I speak, dogs yadda the billions and she was also did two persons dove with Jason. Like they had a couple written scripted chosen, then they had a pilot for each be. Oh, is well oh yeah. Oh, I think the first time I like spoke to her. She was getting a hair cut in the bad feels very by one of our teachers There are lacking madrigal thought our right. This is a very dark back here like ours, and then its government, remove the right to get your hair style facts like our feels very vulnerable of queen of the roof, a man like genuine,
in view of the new studio, or maybe one of them still present in use getting his hair traveller, she was getting her hair term after in the leading you haven't I'll, be right with you tell me that you brought it looks good. Let's order on it in, and you said there was a secondary here. A reminds me of my judge, one time, Tommy Language as the longest list of complaints in there all wonderful their law, things that, like he's putting a voice to you, know, yeah, and one of them, is like never took a meeting with them like a dog lover and then the dogs all on you and then they make you feel bad for not being
into dogs, and I was having a an awful arctic shock. The woman I said. Oh, are you not a dog person and I do think it is comical to just have a fuckin hundred pound dog in your small office, and I thought what if you had a chimpanzee is a pat like. If, if dogs are on the table, what why not anything anything tat? The snake squirrels IBM between your net, your leg, what tat man Jason I did have a meaning we were pitching our show at the italian economy, two Ladys Anna baby changed names to playing house, but we pitched it to this. Guy who sat like open crotch to us like legs account
oh man, sprightly, are freed up on the coffee table an there was directed his crotch, a worn down, Pat shriek, and see right through oil yeah. This is the big time guy to a big time, producer name on a lad, a show soda to think and then he was like after we did our whole pitch, which evolved like scenes and stuff like that. Though, we act out in front of me, which I don't know, maybe five minutes- and I was like I don't want to do this any like there's a guy for sure is not gonna, be a partner that I want to continue it, but afterwards he was. I sounds like a multi came to me and I was like, but it like, it is hidden pitch that were not pigeon like what, but it would be a great multi. Can now my dude get your dick out my hand. I assume problem. Is it your theory that he scratched so much?
that he and warn the fabric down is that why the fabric was so thin, I dont know was a light wash Jean ok, I'm guessing his fave pair shared. There were patches all through our ocean, so is thrust bear in there and when we are so, I think it was both. I think. Maybe it was like a fashion choice to have it kind of on the inner thigh. Ok, then, maybe he'd warn them so much and like the friction of it, made the whole move up. My right now, you could see through to assign slash Undine ok, why a lot is pieces in a museum. Put that on a counter. Ok, ok, good enough for next immediately makes me think, and I'm gonna not say he is a friend of mine did a movie with Matthew, Mokanna, ay and math invited my friend and my friends cousin to come over to his trailer up on the pc ages to hang for the afternoon gap,
they got their Mccartney was wearing like a very short cut off Denham shorts, YAP gap and tracks. My friend in his buddy get in the car to leave in the bodies is, did you seem o Connor haze knots? Any goes, oh, my god. It's all I could see and he goes word they keep beautiful, so beautiful like they were. and they both just couldn't believe our beautiful his testicles were there's. Always I tell a story is ultimately they were fucking thunder struggle with a yeah. Does us grounds. I wanna see of powder that, because I'm like I I believe I am entirely in richer, my head of it, I'm picturing very little wrinkles just taught balls yeah in very tannin smother exercises youth and due to tighten up squirrels back like I'd. Have there are you know Mokanna? He knows them, that's true. I made them.
Nor does like a lotta squabs gives imagine them like balls, just real big toe. My name, is never hanging down below the shore because he was like reuse knob like this and in the like that. Maybe you gave him and corrupt Jean short to know no Panny Ray and just testicles droop and enough that they were hanging below the or early cause. You know those shores, they pick aside, yup, that's right there, the lamb was being very generous up. This is a man shore to the vital work shorts running. These are short, very Montana: hey short Sort textbook Mugabe's Wowie. That makes me understand his carpet a little bit more. Does he have kids yeah yeah Scott? You link many beautiful y yeah. I dont think many think like three. Oh really, that's why I know now. I hope. Can we
to hear the follow up on the air that we now find now will find. So just somebody land hair cut in the dark La Russa. We knew each other like we in the world together, but she was sort of of a legendary status right and then she you can check her black and white headshot on the streets of Soho for this, but she went for pilots season like ready to get plucked out cause. She was a singular beauty and also funny as hell, and I stayed in New York still do in my thing right and then, when I came out for pilots ease and boldly going nowhere, etc. We went out to lunch. I did my one woman show she saw it. We did a yoga class together. That was insane like an advanced teacher and we were upside down like our head on a black like looking at each
their let we'd? Never neither one of us ever done yoga and somehow ended up in this level. Three and we just locked eyes, and we were like this- is it this is forever started just improvising. While we were eating Turkey, Chile and then came up with an idea, we really should we do this. Do want to do this yeah. We pitched an idea for a script and we sold it to HBO and we wrote that for like a year and then we were both on sitcoms at the time she was on. A show called in the mother. which was mega Malalai and Shiro Hindsight in her behalf about my that's all a fire power, YAP Yap Gap, and I was on a show, cod accidentally on purpose. Workplace Jenna elements, weird sister, but it was a multi, cam, ok and so for me, it was like a perfect subway into show business because I've just been doing lives those like bore times a week, teaching improv- and here I am like getting to do like full monologues in front of a studio audience. Can I
Like someone, you met just ass. She was already on a team YAP, I'm kind of ignorant on how you see be works euro. how long would it take from the day you walk in the door there, could be on a team or in and then your case and then teaching. I think this is different now, but at the time you had to complete at least three levels before you could even audition for a team and they they had auditions, maybe once or twice a year. So I was in the fourth level, basically, which was three be at the time when I auditioned for a team and got on a team and Helen overtake him to go through those three and a half level. I started taking classes in two thousand to, and maybe I got on a team in two thousand and three at some point Olga and do women move faster through the programme than men? There are fewer of us in general, but I
I think so I mean are like eight weeks. I thing yeah the classes or eight weeks you they have intensive. Now ass, you could like do a class into we yeah allow like. If I went through the programme now, I'm not sure I would have got on a team so quickly. Ok, now I would say the chances of getting on a team never are very high. but an guidelines. Here it was so lopsided with people entering the ground. Gee. I don't know what it was but pray. Three two one men, women yeah so like my sister, went through three times: faster than I oh yeah. I like I, was always waiting around for next levels and oh, I see
now I know they didn't segregate they're just were less women doing at Rio, and I mean, but they didn't like cold men back. You had to prioritize I'd like you to wait on the sidewalk to sign up for classes near to be one of the first, like whatever twenty people in line to get in the class aha further. Whatever you wanted, and you d have cash interim yeah and your form filling out and all our task and that while and then I was on a team for a couple years, I was on it a person team called Dillinger which was a Herald team, Zack Woods Anthony King, another laggard area pain. She can I have and we had. I think we had three women to start with. I think it was one of the first team that had more than one woman on it, and so that was fun to do yeah, but people might not know, but I know which is so exciting is tat. You and Monica our Georgia sister Ya Marietta. Now it's wrong our Wikipedia year Delay
right here, we're both going at county. I beautiful I grew up in a little bird was born at North Side Hospital in eighteen, oh proper, my mom works for North south. There you go and then we moved when I was for took when at county to Lilburn. it is an adjacent to stone, mountain o shores layer shall, like Saturday merging of the coup Klux Clam combat. That's right. That's right, proud, history, fish You go, hang there ever like in your teen years with Stone Mountain to. Kinda go like have some cocktails and make out and stuff that I wasn't part of that. good hang crew as it were. It would be more like we're like making best friends with the duty
the queen or yeah me when I was at a youth group, I was going to the United Method is used fellowship ok, like a Christian used, yeah thing multiple times a week. Ok, and so I had a totally separate frank- grew from my church to my school that you would mean, yeah. I guess we did go to good at long last play small ass thou, my ma, oh uh, that's your unanswered! Also, the stranger things. Mall We didn't know the ice cream sharpen the ice cream shop in the yard spoiler. we, greens are destroys yeah, I did. How the hell did you not recognise that has changed yet, and it went attending familiar to me. It looked similar to when I was growing cause they aided and abetted yeah. They made it like an angel, long yeah, but some of the pillars,
I would like oh yeah. I remember that Seneca I get a feeling just from watching the stranger thing. Yeah I get up a warmth when I see a mall like that, I spent so much time at them all ass self. Walking around my like these people in oil in contempt. Casual o definitely was boy crazy, but it wasn't reciprocated. Ok, no Patty care so. I was there was a lot alike leering, unlike what like every time, dances would happen. I would be like Scott: will you go to home coming with me and knew he would be like? No, I got three. From three different guys over my senior prom new values- We are all watch list system, ass and fucking cut themselves in autumn. Real, it's you know it's surprisal
Surprise is quite surprised that there is a rise of early when seven the crane driver. No, I look like I was twelve until I was twenty four and then I look like I was dating back. You know needs do a good team. Thank you. Now you congrats what lane, where you and where you funny in like Junior high in high school, I was always a real weirdo. Ok, I always like freak flag fly. I was like Halloween, My time too shy all railway to do. Like seventh grade I made my own. I was inspired by putting on the hits. Do member that shows a lip saint competence and no, oh, my God, Google. It was at a plan put on the Ritz for both hands like that show, has stuck with me in so many ways, but people would do a lip sink performance like one guy, did endless, love and painted half of his body. Diana and his body Lionel Richie,
and he would just turn to sing each part. I have a visual, so there was a costume on putting on the hits that I was inspired by and so in seventh grade. I came as Carmen Miranda The leg chickweed a banana way. We know all about her whose union, yes, you know that charge that several in writing on the back of a man. So I built a cardboard box a ride with the head and torso of a man, and then my legs were his legs and then I built fake cheetah banana lady. Let The hang hung over his shoulder. Oh my I well was sounds over it. Ll exceed your parents. That. All look at an angle like, oh, my god, sweetie, it's so great in their minds, are like what the fuck is this. What is no, they let me go for they did a lean did, though, here the weird as ever it I was like. I know that this
is unusual yeah. I was this costume ahead. I gotta motorway, or about what I don't. I don't think anybody else was as proud of me as I why you didn't like pass a group of people that were in the middle of talking about what a great outfit. It was definitely not if anything there snickering about how to get a superb it is in. you know. I was really gunning for the funniest yeah through mass clown and I don't get it who got it added? No, I don't I'm ok she's watch him bad on here I don't know without bitch You probably got when I was Scott. Is my hunch? Gas got owns a wine shop. Only Lana only does yeah he's doing great you're, pretty dialed, and what's up all the movies, Megan yeah yeah. Ok, he's very nice. Don't grey
always wonder, TAT still get virgin and none of them could be in sunny California. I named character after one guy it asked out Mark Reggie guess as his real name. That's the name you created for the character, that's Ok, go further, so many Mark Rodriguez's I eat that was Higgins Character, name on play. Very well yes, he said he was diminished in my hands and his dominican, and so we thought these passes domestic He sure ain't. You know what a momentary adieu my mom was a social worker, so she works in private practice and out of churches and stuff,
in marriage and family therapy. Oh then got a more corporate job like managing mental health care for bigger companies like home depot, etc. Whenever there was a crisis at home depot like a employ a seasonal employment bananas, while she would sweep banded, deploy her yeah and not to give in to any kind of despair in situations home depot, but how frequently legislative alone I was guide our remember, I think, because Home Debo employees so many I want to get a slander against me or whatever illiteracy, since his letter from HD but yeah. I think because they employ so many seasonal employees rights. I don't know, there's not allow either loyalty or like overarching care rampage. Thank Asian are blocked. This is it's a disposable
you got it the opposite of Costco employees, which of the happiest employees in the world. They pay them very well, never quit the managers. I remember we are shooting in one in New Mexico, and this guy was pulling down for fifty a year. Is the manager of cost? like this phenomenon for everyone. I hate asked my idea can't with a law unto Margie overwhelming well, you ve ever gone off hours when it's not does not. Young people is that products or to that too much stuff. Oh ok boy. We were at the ceiling and then like the idea that I'm gonna have to consume three bread loaves quickly. Like I just goin identical, recommend for perishable anxiety to shrink about but shame who mayonnaise are ziploc bags buying that big fucking thing go. Oh my god, I won't be out of these for a year and a half like I don't have enough space in my house to have a second place.
I did in either I shut their costs go and I lived in a one betterment apartment, there's stuff, stacked up under tables. Now. Thank you. Ok has now for you, both and what did your man do? He did a couple things when I was born. He worked in the cab County Department of Recreation when he would like help manage the pool rules and the softball programme obeys LA programme, and then he worked for air conditioning Company, a trio see ya, and then he worked for Goodman, painting and decorating. They did like IBM Tower downtown like ours. They did they Atlanta Airport, when it got remodelled. Korea were yeah and he was like an estimate so he would go in and do the bid on the project. Ok, ok in all this movement, yes, a jerk driven by an opportunity at present
self, or was he just restless both, I think. Ok, I could be wrong, but I feel like he was taking jobs that would pay him more money. That would give me more opportunity right right. So everything was like an upgrade yes for his salary, not necessarily like was it satisfying, did give him joy me ass. He started to get really into bluegrass music. He dodged venom. Position. You played the drums, that's how you paid his way through college plan in a group called the sweet young uns that link ourselves like late sixties, songs, bizarre title work today: Sweet Young, Uns, yeah yeah via an offence, maybe we're gonna do. A calendar governs, has little Harold living yeah yeah yeah, but it would have due to heavy ban called Sweet young uns it. I think I don't know. I just think today I see I you know insane yeah, maybe, but I mean they were in matching like sergeant pepper, like additives, do not ensure worked at that
yeah! I wasn't overtly sexual aggressive. Ok, I mean this is also the of lag young? get out of my laugh. You know which about a dude having an obsession with a teen girl. There were so many songs about. most songs were about that yeah she Euro latch. She will lose Fifteen years older I don't know the songs about, but I have to imagine matter. What are you thinking about a fifteen year old girl? Just don't say that Why? I know why aid and then that police, song references yeah. Yeah yeah. I love that's. That's I it's an older in Ireland. I remember it being rumoured growing, not because thing had been a teacher by stating that this was some kind of personal situation, does student You are she's, like he's basically saying he's been seduce you I saw allowing those words,
b and we love waiting time both stop. rose you looking like a up leaving a car dry, my yet problematic also like the stuff that all my romantic dream Monica too, I'm never was attracted to any one less than today, Hurry ass. Well, even still, I had up my age on Riah so that Brad Pitt could fit nicely in range she saw, I keep a man. She saw Hollywood yeah yeah. Why don't I always on time and she immediately got home and ride to include his age. Just so story to think how are you you, wanna have a family, maybe Ok, yeah, how early years learning to Julia. I have some time
You have our say for sure diversionary you have time. Yet you have time I've ever to freeze or eggs and pay for it by the way armchair expert, as up as a company operative paper, He begged us because Netflix days my friend got it down because, as a rule the you don't want you to think the employer should be involved with her eggs. Is that where I mean gap was nice that its cover, if the person wants there, but that route of underlying less Then there is like you think you were that had all that and I only know somebody presided Netflix. No, I don't think that's all right, my right right but like to do this. We now have to stop working sixty just let it go and do not be lying, just I'm ok, better than being sixty and coming from the hospitals, your brain, yellow, baby, gonna, interrupter, careering Centigrade re claiming the shit out of this latter
use with my mercy. You're almost ass, your almost reign over goes. I classically yeah, I'm not certain about the children, but I want a partner. I'm just saying someone in your age range is gonna, be bettered. parent with he lay someone would then go. Let's start by saying: dude probably are like half is involved when there or age yeah? Now you add in some near retiree, it just gets a little scarier. Now. Can I be of a full parent partner, like squat down on the floor and what I do and tell me time. The an automaton sixty one of I'm gonna be doing tat Taiwan is all the more reason you gotta give even younger yeah is your. Is your husband older than you or your eleven months older than me? is all her husband, Javier yeah.
I was. I asked him not to pronounce it like that. I have cited Ass Madame S morning. Hobby is there b I now because I like I like that benefit whaler like a letter or other letters, ass along, is made up of B. I feel like it could be holier, Buddy buddy you're we have and ass. She was, had offended for annual, be on your behalf, but here was on an episode of blesses Mass and he's a fucking babe he's a smoke not surprisingly not rise of all and they actually chemistry. I could feel it. I was impressed that he was so confident because he is not actor is never out now now any be. Throw him right into the fire. Boy was very eyes. True, introvert, ok, he's educate.
There is an educator works for a company called big picture learning, so he helped schools change models it right now, working with a lotta continuation schools, vocational skills are alternative education and their sort of re routing like what school looks like we re shaping at reforming, yeah SALT Lake was like your can have to kill somebody in this scene. Would your husband I do, and I was like thanks. ask him all asking, but I really didn't think he was gonna. Do it. Many said yeah sounds good at think about it. Legal right leg. You think my morning, like a big questioning to get to take a whole day off from working, and then he was like. No, I want to do it. I was like I was so nervous. I was nervous for him to have a good experience. I was nervous for lake and for this to get what they want in yeah hold her and I never thought in a million years he was ever gonna say yes would have. You know, rocketed past your career, oh my god
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I and ii and dot com, promo code, armchair and hey New Yorkers. If your listening, you get the internet's favorite cheats and more in real life visit Brook Linens, first store in Brooklyn at one twenty, seven can't Avenue and Williamsburg Brook linen everything you need deliver your most comfortable life, being from Georgia yeah, maybe cowboy boots as it can you get into that gas like. I think I rebelled against Because it was so prevalent everywhere and I felt like it was who I was, and so I like actively did not listen to country music. I hated it was vocal about not liking and not liking. That sort of like red neck call, reversion all I'll yeah, but meaning all of my fear from whirl
our bam, our rural Georgia, like its southern. As you get its deep south, and so when I went when I did teach for America after college and I lived in lake in the deep deep south in Mississippi, it was only country, radio stations and I fell in love with country music. Did you assess that, like ok, here's the Golan thing in George yeah, big blonde hair fat, natural's yeah yeah, all this stuff, like my uncle guess, add yes, I'm not gonna be able to play that game. So I'm gonna pick em Other game do yeah, you remember what was motivating you took a reject that did you think just you are going to be included in that I mean I think I was trying to be that, but like it felt so weird anytime, I would do Any of that like try on sexuality, no, like veer, foreign and good,
but I knew I was funny like, maybe because my parents, in my like growing up education, there was not like a separation between adults and children. Like my mom was very like. I want you to feel like you're, on the equal playing level and in the south in the eighties. That was, necessarily like your kids, are soon MA am he has so like if I were to have like an adult conversation with an adult as a seven year old. That would make the adult very uncomfortable right right, yeah yeah yeah, but I had that sort of like weird confidence in my weirdness like very early on right and it made everyone uncomfortable.
I just feel like I had found my people like, I felt like I needed to go, seek those pills were yeah yeah and the only thing I could see that it was was theatre because that's where I kind of felt like a fit in my high school, even though it wasn't exactly and then senior year, we did comedy sports competition and we won my school one. Oh wow, and I have liked the blow of the whole thing- tat big black outlier yeah. It was one of these improv Games, where you like, say free and then you add on, and so you have to like make whatever physicality the people who are already in the scene doing make sense with your initiation- and I was the very last person. So it was like a lot of fries and then it would be three people freeze and it'll be for people, and then I was at eight person and I said, freeze and everybody was like watching
and I think I came out and leaped and started singing fame Amato and it was like bananas, What a moment, that's kind of like Monica championship. You yeah well asked a couple: Yet you went to college in you majored in theatre, yeah. Don't ever this goal has me wrong and on Wikipedia you don't have a b s yeah ideal. Why fill our school had like be ass would be like the performance major like if you did scenic design or something very specific, but I was accepted into the programme as what's called a generalists, and that was someone who could kind of
all of the thing and had like good grades in high school jammed with all true yeah. What school is this university of Evans Veil, Southern Indiana, and so they have like a very good liberal Arts Theatre Programme and it was like eat sleep and breathed the iter, but I did costume design I did directing I did acting. I you know I was really pushing the acting like. I know you said the rather, why don't you see the I'm actually say ass, not about general? That is why I mean it was a good overall education, be I felt like, and I think that's why I gotta be as but that also enabled me to do things minor infraction yes, so when you got out of college, you wouldn't talk french yeah yeah or two year yeah. I audition for like a bunch of grass
schools for theater, I, like I, wanted to get a masters and theatre like Yale Wrapper something right, but they didn't care for that idea as much though God you are more of a general jihad and I hadn't honed in on the comedy piece you know right like I had always thought about doing something like a peace corps, but that thought real scary to me and a Mirror Corinth teacher Amerika was like a new programme at that time. It wholly beneke around a couple years and I had been teaching on and off indifferent various ways, all my life, and I thought maybe this will give me a couple years, a growing up that I felt like I would need fortitude before I like hit mean Street to New York and try to sell my where's you now and then so after two years of teaching, which was that any sting situations now you know it was interesting cause. It is the language of love. I was at the time may be three years older than some of them You know if you have two years old and I've got seniors, who are old foreseen
hers Reich nineteen year old young man who were alike on the football The mailbox there was a gentleman named Theodoric Scott, two more. They also caught him naughty rock before he added He was a delight, but also a challenge in the classroom, and so, if I did where, like they notice everything, so I was very generic. I tried to not like instigate anything again, your three years older than them. I not so long ago, dieting they were like Miss, be. How old are you? How old are you and as I am, I'm gonna tell you that, but I may three would be like all she's. Thirty, eight flip the script now be like that's great. Let them go Lee, where they went. I believe I'm not available to them pass rife naughty rock
he blurred the line. He then do some like second, his teeth and lying about mostly a slight didn t know I kicked him out one time cause a student was giving a presentation and he was like oh Ling Lincoln? Luckily look in her up and down, and I would like I was like none hung out your out and then he he's a luxury out. Iraq do yet very goes outside and I was teaching like mine. I had half of a double wide trailer tee, all western high School and Greenville Mississippi, and so he goes out the door and fought like five minutes later. I just see the top half of him jumping up above, Window and he's like Miss. Be? U prejudice against man? Ah, like now it. Why does like, when I got to New York after teaching Highschool for two years, I was like.
it back and there is nothing harder. You know who work then teaching and teaching highs. and you were, living in rural Mississippi. I lay ourselves when I moved there. I had a really roommate other people, other teachers, so we got like a little tiny house which was like the nicest place had ever live yank. It was like the cost of living. There is now yeah. I did start dating while I was there one of the other teachers, no I met him doing. Community theatre yea and therefore the like, after the first semester when I was like drowning and depression, I was like. I do something that's for me, because I can't just like chain smoke on my patio to get over the shit cause. It was hard. It was very kind to the teachers party hard luck in this I'll see you guys get home from that day of school. My my roommate was not nod of that ill She would more like worker,
As I also relates, stuffed peppers or whenever sure, but I mean we would go out- there was like a place called the how joy chinese restaurant that had a lounge attack. Oh when this yeah now and there is curio key every Friday and Saturday night, you could find me they're very for This is a weird mix of like it sounds are present in sounds like Heaven to me. Until I found it, out lid, and then I was doing the community fewer productions of Narnia that smoke on the mountain. in India, a lover yeah? Have you had some good strong during Gatt chinese restaurant, then I have like my go to carry out saw Journey, fancy by River Mcintyre yeah, I was doing a lot of pat Benatar our wages, the boy friend your first real boyfriend, no in college call College yeah. My first love was in college. Where did you go onto he's working?
actor. Yes very successful. These very successful he word were guy works. If you ever bumped in yes, work, an audition added support, lay in Union Square Yogurt that's a little bit. I was imagining you get to work in these fine out. Your seem partner is your own in an amicable, sweat or a heartbreaking, sweat broke up and then back together and but he was with my friend. It was that it was not my legs nasty, I hope, he's watching glasses Mass and is also absurd. I'm sure he's given at the time we once So when I watching buses, because so people here when they watch was so really quick, the big choice to move to York we're. Was there like a moment where you're, like I'm fuckin, do in this Laverne? Surely dial I knew it was gonna, be either New Yorker Ally for a long time. I gotta you hop
mom and I actually drove the: U haul up the coast and like drove across like the Verizon on bridge. It was so nerve racking. Was she scared for you? She was terrifying, but she never lead on all. That's that's one thing that I hope to be able to do cause. I think about It must have felt like for her to. Let me go the terrain country girl over all my guide. Thinking about letting my children go. Do something like that. I mean I'm so like before. She goes out the door to an ice skating lesson, unlike ok Let's talk about this cover some bases. If this happened, floods do you know an old? Where was just none of that fear? I didn't feel that fear from them. There was something in me that was just lay
Let's do this! So how long and Toto was that stretch? I was in New York from two thousand to two thousand and ten, but in two thousand eight I started coming to allay ok and then I got a job here. So I would be here for like three weeks and then go back to broken for a week and where did you meet heavier Linkum month after I move there no way beyond what we do and what teaching. So I got a job as an adviser to a group of incoming teachers for the New York equivalent of the teach for America programme. Ok,
and it was a bunch of tea, Faye alumni that were running it, and so they knew me and they knew that. I knew what I was doing, and so they hired me- and I would like for a month in the summer in July and August, we would go to grad school level classes and I would do like two hours of less in planning and great books and classroom management stuff, and we would do role playing in practice, lessons in all the stuff, and he was one of the twenty five teachers. Most of them were alike in their twenties and Thirtys, and they were like leaving whatever job they had to go: teach public school or in his case he'd been teaching private middle school, and now he was gonna, be teaching public school and the programme paid for you to get your masters. So all these people were going to broken college at the same time in getting a masters degree in he got it and poetry, retook enough education credits to make it count on Amazon. So when you guys decided to move to allay permanently
was a hard for him. He moved to New York when he was five from the Dominican Republic and he'd, been in Brooklyn twenty five years that point awhile yeah yeah, so we got married. I think we were like thirty thirty one. When we got married and we met, we were twenty five and I mean that was where all his family was got four brothers and mother early, I have two Marianne along very light family yeah and I felt like I was allowed to ask really but I knew my career was like bringing me out here and at the same time that I got my first like acceding on purpose series picked up two series and jests, and I were writing this script. He became a principle of a brand new high school that he had created
in Brooklyn. This has divorce written all over it yeah, and so both like having these big my moments tat. Our relationship was never bill on really being. Together, all the time like, even when we were living together, I was waiting table three nights. A week. Doing shows one night a week teaching one IDA we there was maybe like a Tuesday night. Maybe then, like the four hours that we overlapped in the bad guys I would get home at too. I am from waiting tables and he would have to leave for school at six. Thirty and you know Sonia, we never said to each other, like you, gotta change. What you're doing for me me any time that that happened or that leaned in too. I think we both were like hey. This is who I am. This is what makes me happy. This is what I have to do right, don't make me feel guilty for needed
yeah. Now I couldn't do that. I'm too needy. It was really really hard for both of us and we're not good on the phone for me with Skype, and it we would just be like was just so much to catch up on to like so much. It happened in my day and to catch him up, and it seems so minuscule my problems and like which agent should I pick and he's like dealing. Like these kids every day you know like real shit end, but I would go home. I would be home for like a couple months at a time. Sometimes you know, but it looked like everything was leaning towards. This is where my work is gonna need to be. But if he had said to me, I can't move to allay leg. I have to be here. I would have like. Ok, we'll make it work. Ok, I'll get a job here, I'll just say, notice to allay stuff visit. We interviewed this go to whose
negotiating expert, yeah FBI hostage in ocean, like just giving someone immediately the opportunity to say no yeah can somehow money. Like every the intake of critical sums, we're going to Atlanta performance. Am I I'm not, but if she comes home as they offer me to go to it later for months, we don't have to do that. Yeah. Then. I'm like ok. Well, then, I start trying to find my way into how we could not make sound the other sent there's some kind of magic power like so maybe just affected. He knew you wouldn't have picked it over him yeah, he said late. Maybe we should go like. Maybe we should move. This seems like it's gonna keep happening and I want to be near you and, as I can, I wanna be near you like we love each other and then after he may that decision and he had given his notice. I could not stop sobbing hackers, like I'm, forcing him to do this, and I call my mom and my Mama's lake. Have you ever known him to do something? He doesn't want to do ling, good mom? He has his own
choice here. He wants to go he's trying this thing. Maybe he once Dilly Brooklyn, who knows why, but he wants to go so stop carrying back as that's not yours, airy and I was like ok, ok and and I I thought his family was gonna, be really upset and his mom kind of sets the tone for all of that. His mom has passed away sense, but she was amazing. The matriarch yeah when we told her that we were leaving was like good. You should be together. You're married, and I was like good moms, and so we came out here and I was so nervous. Who's gonna hate it. Why would be nervous it to them one one he's gonna hate it be. Oh, my god. Now I have to succeed at this. Russia right you're. As I moved us all. The way out here now I dont get yeah well
you're saying work enough literally he'd, given his notice two weeks and they passed on my age, Bio pilot and might tv show that cancer, which allows I fucking kidding me, and so just and I were like. Ok, what's the next thing? What's next thing, and then we just were moving forward with it, and then he worked for big picture at the time this the high school that he started in Brooklyn was a big picture. Learning model high school, and so when they found out, he was moving to allay. They were like. We have a high school and allay. Oh, you come and visit, and so he went in visited. It was it's this all girls, tartar school, that was at the time about forty percent pregnant or parenting baccarat. Somehow it's in Filipino town, it's like a phenomenal high school, and so he flew out and fell in love with that, and so that help to lie. And then
we came out to look for apartments and jests, and I took our new idea around a production companies and that was what became best friends forever yeah and so a pretty crazy thing for you guys get your own show at that point: yeah no yeah on NBC, Jani aura. Yes, that's birdie bonkers yeah! It was for ourselves to stop ran, and that was after a couple pilot seasons of us both going out for. Like me, the weird one in her the leg bitchy girlfriend and we were like, doesn't feel right, like women are just these to say. things were all of those your appetite. They want yeah all of those things at any given time. So we turned it in and they really liked it, but it was like the last thing to get picked up all the pilots and they were like. We only have five hundred thousand dollars left. So will you make like a seven minutes? Sizzle real and
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I was just going to say: that's a huge learning, her I didn't have kids yeah. I think I had a husband that I just moved across the country and was ignoring to write. A television show about S. Friendship yeah, it was hard, are studio, was actually next door to his school was Occidental studios, all literally next door to his high school. That's how yeah. So there were times. I would like walk out and go like I need to see. You know. Let me go on you? It was hard like I don't know what I'm good at just wrote it pilot for the first time like for that. I only had written like essays. I got one woman show yeah some sketches so, like I dont know what makes a compelling story: justice, husband, Dan, is a playwright and studied playwrights. A key would be like guy. this isn't a scene. This doesn't have a within it. You know what I mean like, but its body
cuz. You know and he's like yeah but nobody's going to care if it doesn't drive forward two character moment you know, and so he was super duper helpful to us and patient. We were there insane hours. We were there every weekend. Both of us ended up in the er at one point, four poisoning- or, in my case, all over body high, which I think we dislike adrenal fits. I don't I mean at the time I was like a had gotten a massage knife. Blamed on the expired, Victoria's secret body lotion, I think it was just as we were two times and they are for that. You laugh said. Doktor came, I started to get
I'm all over my back in my arms, and he gave me three days of bread, his own, which took me through. We got to Brooklyn to shoot for a week and the present his own were off and they came back worse. Three all over my entire body fever chills spent the afternoon in the urgent care. Slash ii are an Upper EAST Side Hospital because that's where just cause brother, who was an ice surgeon, told us to go, worked the next day and then the next day they came back even worse. All over my face a yo yo I in my mouth and that's when we back to the ear, and I was like in the e r overnight year on on ivy etc. Is how do you do for the weeds when her how to mouth hives feel horrendous? It's like it just feel swore it feels like everything is swelling up and that's what that's? The fear is that you,
is gonna swell shouting, your knock em, yellow brie- and this is clearly just stress right. I think so yeah I have found like I hate acknowledge it, but when I have bouts of arthritis I am always so focused on my diet, which certainly does he acted air, but really, I think it's more related distress, yeah your presbyterian. No, I dont, honestly no good to ban a bright side examined. They had something already for your Caesar, you like them I I love. The slicing lies a pizza. I was good bag or is this hope, works at the idle, go to. I don't have it also. I was really right ear. It was in the army, Croatia, I was gonna caught in the middle like by the nursing state. Yet that's you reside all the people that, like were dying, were like in a court and off like yeah and rooms, and I was
just like in the hallway with benadryl surging. Through my we're in the hallway to others. They didn't think you were gonna die, they decided, I wasn't gonna die, but you don't feel That way, it is you feel, like I'm for sure, gonna die you. I just died and got bra to live, and your lawyer, I again by yourself. No, I wound prison was with me, think yeah. I remember reading a bill Marie Interview I twelve years ago, and you know generally doesn't mean famous hit his quotas always like. If you think about becoming rich and famous, I just recommend the rich. But he said the one really nice thing about bringing famous as you do get treated really nice at the hospital in time. When you go with your kids, they conduct and a really good and yeah. Now is us. I remembered that- and I found this to be true a couple of times yeah, when the neurologist
like this show O roon alone me so where I had a bad and many viewing other really gonna care. Now they now they care about my well being likes. This shows you wanted to go on and then another one Cubans who I heard of a peaceful solution to your part can Yes, leave the room, go, listen to you and they never Maggie. Tell me what's going on, because no one when it got cancel, then, were you relieved because it had been so stressful, so much work or were you heartbroken? I was devastated. Your devastate haughtily devastated cause. I think I believed so much in it and you know is the first time I was getting fan response when our fans, like our stuff down into their deepest themselves later, they recognise themselves in it. They ve never seen this on screen portrayed in such a way. So like we were getting these
love letters and I was like will. If this is the case- and you know it must be widespread or whatever yeah we were placed after off, their rockers, which was the elderly prank, show hosted by Betty. Why that was when we aired course showed, did not do well after that, a nuanced best friend common right, god you well. I was really proud of the show we did end up putting out. I think what like the best version of that at the time that it could have been and what you set out to do: yeah yeah. The first thought honestly that crossed my mind was: I gotta have something else in my life. Besides this, oh yes, my happiness cannot depend on someone else, making a choice for me. Yes- and I was like I'm gonna get pregnant. Also. That was a response to that yeah in that works, though right it totally work. They does yeah. I mean it's still. There
those things that your anxieties- they are all there, but they kind of get check like the first audition I went on after having sir I felt so good when those the I already was like I'm going to go in. I would have liked spiraled after that. I would have liked. Second guess all of the choices that I made in that audition before I had her right. But this way it was for go. I remember I went him somewhere off sunset, casting office, weird place, and then I I went in the first season of Argo. Yeah foresees Emel. I did the audition it went well. I left I gotta my car. I check my phone to see. If I got many alert to my daughter, I drove straight home. I wanted to see her. I couldn't wait to see her. I didn't think about Fargo again yeah.
So I went to home depot yeah when Lincoln was about eight weeks old and I have been sitting in a bed staring at her for eight weeks and when I went on depots like I felt like I was at monograph like I was fuckin out of this house. It was a party just crews. Guy are lacking at shit. I am are being laid bare. Gallia just left this yeah responsibility, yes, also the even going you an audition when you emanate were girls are a little bit of a like a little break here, yeah he's kind of better mood, then it just about you got to go and do the YAP twenty minutes of your day, which is that's its own reward, as opposed to before it's. The only point of it is to get the job and everything, but right right, right, yeah. No, I think there was some of that and also like, I was nervous that. I wasn't gonna be funny any more or that I was going to care about it or that I was only wanna be a mom now, and that told I mean things got Chris,
clear, like I remember when I had a two or three day old before I gave birth, I had audition for ease battened down, which is one of my all time, favorite shows I feel like you're made to be with Danny Mcbride in some capacity I'm going to find him and and attack him. I did I'm going to digress or second, but Owen Burke works for the welfare of Adam Ikey Company, New there's Andrew, he was a u c, b old school, you c, B Guy- and I had been here for a couple weeks. I think just going back and forth and he called mean he was a cake and you come to this table reed, the address is tomorrow morning at nine thirty, I role in thinking is like a play table read like we're. Just gonna hear it out loud for the actors right, not even like full. Here I make up just like an already dirt
t shirt, I walk into the room and it's the table read for east battened, down episodes two and three o my good will Pharaoh. Was there what president of HBO Chris Rock at one point walked in, but I had not even seen the scripts ahead of time. Oh, he was like. I do. You read it like some of the auxiliary roles. Well, the auxiliary role that he made a mere ter play was the super white trash girl friend the one. That's like topless on a jet skis, and I have the very first seen of the episode and it's me screamin. It Kenny powers there you fuck you later you two basic tat. You ass all the end, then I, like, I start looking at its just like a poor page. Seeing with just he and Danny Mcbride, and I like what am I going Do you like? I have to do it anyway. It was. It went well and I was like at home and felt like amazing, so they offer be apart. I like a three day old and I was gonna- have to go.
oh for five weeks- oh and I was like no like immediately just like without hesitation- I can do that, and that was the first time ever. I had an easy, no an honest something that I was like. You love zest where the lakes actively seeking out, but I was like I just know this is more important right now. This is where I have to be, but by the way Isn't it interesting legged? It takes caring about some little thing so much that you treat yourself in a way that maybe you could have tree ass off your it's like yeah. It gives you this weird confidence. Do that there's something a more important than me ye, I am charged with making sure that this person is ok and the world yet, and I can't do that if I'm like laugh from our. Ex off and Wilmington North your ladder whereby in Jessica also have
kid of the animal or age she got so mad at me when I was, but when I got up because I think sheep. tied to me all right and that this was going to make me essentially unavailable to her. She also had the fear that I was going to just drop off the face of the earth and only want to because I was super into being pregnant, the aisles lies they would wiping it up. Obsess TIA like totally like. Oh my god, you guys, you knew that your body temperature changes like if the baby gets cold. You like bodies ever Joel, raised to help them maybe the temperature like? I was just into all than a mere allow that, oh, my god, amazing organism We do you do twenty six episodes of plain house yeah and do you get? to a rhythm and learn how to work and learn how to manage all that stuff yeah. I think we got better and better. Every year we got better at like hiring people to support us like, better, a delegating leg, trusting people to do their job- and you know like you, just have this feeling like you- want them to know exactly what's in
brain. You know what I mean, but then, if you don't leave them room to do what they're great at there's something missing and you're like. Why do I have this amazing person who is great at their job so that takes a while to learn yeah Agraea. It is hard to trust people yeah. No, I want to talk about the fact that I'm jealous of you and a cup of waste, What does Urien all the fun Kommeni clubs, like your own, curb dad just happened now. I dont care I'm not on her, and then I ve been Inv, which is the greatest cast ever Assembly, God he's in a comedy yeah, the first I'm audition for that just got the part, ok yet playing Tony Hales
girlfriend and then I addition Again- and that was like the first time ever had an audition where I was like. If I don't get this I'll, be ok, because this audition was better than anything it was, it was Julia. Louie Dreyfus was there. She was there. I knew the script right, but then they were like. Can we just play around and I was like yeah, but it was in character as this woman whose, like Super wishy, washy and so, is like hard to improvise yeah that because like a lot of times. Improv is funny for me, and the specifics and like her game is that she never gives you want her misery, and so I left there like on such a high and ask if I don't get this job. I will have had that moment. Yes, yes, you like, where I was like playing with the big dogs, unlike able to hold my on, and it felt like so electric but ego wise,
How is it to be the creator and runner of your show and then come in and play k is at the heart ego wise initially or you don't care it's not hard for me, Eagle eye. I don't think I think we had just rap like season two or something and I dead horrible bosses to I play like the sex therapists. That's leading the lake sex obsess group therapy and they were setting up the chairs or something- and I was there and the eighty ass. So many questions as I There's there should be nine chairs in here. There's nine people missing, and he looked at me like what the fuck are you like? Well, you know what I mean. I I thought oh right right. This isn't my show like it was it's hot to turn that. Ah yes, but it had been long enough when I started blesses mess and been like telling every what to do for a while now got a wasn't super hard yeah but like when I directed
Why, yes, the first one I was a little nervous about like after the table, Reed and they're all sitting around doing notes. Unlike most of the directors, I think they leave and then certainly like, I'm not sure if they're asking the people about the story, the riot guess direct yeah and they were asking me either, but I just started: hawk Ojeda, because we are talking about yours, the MIKE storyline and like tracking it, and how it so colonel and I was like I'd really love to see that physical lies or can tell that story to the audience cause you're, not gonna, be in his head and, as I was talking housing is this my play, like a right of my out. Am I out of like minded you re, my director role, here, yeah afterwards after I spun out for a little, but I would like to know leg. That's my superpower. I think I Did this idea in this role of e p story? Creator
actor leg and director. So I think that you would want that and if they don't want it, they can always say like you were good, no thanks. You know for sure, but you like it you like dredging or shall I love it, you loved. I love it. I love our core who like they're my family, and I love all you guys and everybody so good and they come prepared. Will you in Cagney stuff is by far my favorite stuff? It's always the thing that will make me laugh out loud. Is you encounter? So are you gonna do a bunch next season direct yeah? If they ask me you're done as many as they. Let me
you well yeah. I also like my weeks off I'm just an actor there. We go yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah right now, just in our thinking about what is the next project we're gonna. Do we just come off playing house? I was so tired. Nea I mean when we started season three I had a two month old, ok and it was this whole season was about Jesse's, real struggled with cancer, which we enjoy long drew in real life and when we wrote it, I was eight months pregnant. So like I was tired. Now
when you think of your identity, markers the things that you are proud of. Is you see being a? U c b person right at the top yeah, you see me for life, you see we ve your life yeah. I think I was saying this to you the other week, if any of those guys that I was like a van across country like doing chosen middle and our Ohio were to call me and say, I wrote something for you. I would not read it. I would not look at the contract out agency like where and when yes, like, we just, we went through it like some of those people make me laugh harder than anybody in the whole world within and so when we write to. Were writing those people like Zack Woods I write for him like he was on very first improv team. I feel like he is my brother. He so fucking funny genius at him. A memory has led everything. He was gonna, be a jazz trumpet IST yeah. That was like his thing and then he found you see be any as our own all do this instead and he was eighteen
where I got on Dillinger like coming after high school. To take you c b class is getting on the transit from written university or wherever he was your own and he's a real one, can't of underage yeah or temporarily, yeah, so, like writing for those people and for playing house. It was just like wriggle make Breyer. You know just all of them. Mamsie Lucas yeah reassured roaming with. Yes, we did a whole scene where we like had a conversation ensnare drum the Lange and we're u falling in love in the sea. He was like my high school crash, which is also based on a real person in my high school. That was on the drama that I was like obsessed with him.
Was his own trench coated man. He was a more men, and so my dream was cause every Friday night. Their use group would get together and do like swing dancing and Alice hike. If you asked me to go you I could show him. I know how to swing d, have and then have the perfect girlfriend that never how man he went on to do whatever I guess get of family, as you said two christian youth and all that yeah. Then you went to New York in. Did you be any mismatch of kind of hard, partying, Lucy Goosey Lifestyle, did you ever feel like? I don't know if I can join this club, it's a little too fast or you are ready to put it in fourth gear and stand on it as well. I wasn't like my group was really like. We were nerds about improv
Our parties were like rafting down rivers. Together, you nodded. He thought I waited tables like one night that I went out like hard hard was, which is doing and I went out after work with the crew of the bartender and we went to China. Club to remember that is like a club was terrible. We were in the vip section. I was like this amazing. I like, I think it was just like. Lotta cranberry vodka food- I mean I was always too terrified to those gonna lose control. That is all I wanted, was a little bit lubricant get this body on that day, I was always worried. I was gonna, do something that I would regret, but we did that night we went out. We closed it. There were four of us for women and our manager to sell
like an ideal things on and when we went to the China Club and then we went back to our bar here he opened up and then we just drank they're. All four ended up by shots offer each other? All my mind s, I don't think I did the body shot, but there were body shadow happening in front of me cause. I was then commit a relationship with my husband So I got in a cab, but dont really remember it sure. When I got home, the sun was coming up, and I was like that like stumbling up to steer zigzag style like like rolling into the wall in the staircase and then open the door, and he was getting ready for were. It did not go well. I did not go well because I gotta get. I give up. to Javier for just having the confidence
date. You marry you because you're I'm viziers there could be anything more threatening than summoning engulfing comedy world. Why? Because how are you going to compete with that? Like it's, such a insular inside jokes, doing bits make each other laugh heathen didn't but he's not of that. I know, but it takes a lot of confidence In time we hang out it's it's like we just it's like. We keep that separate like we dont all, hang out together it's Romeo and media to spare him the yeah yeah partially. Yeah and me, and also everybody I mean we do go out now in groups more so but like at that point, it would have been annoying, I think, of Harare. My girlfriend yeah before fuckin improvers in the kitchen pose showed talking about every lyonnaise. What could be more nauseating? Gub lesser God bless Javier,
but I think we are doing with the person I loved was in love with some other thing that I had no in road into yeah thanks confidence, but he is also quite funny. Yes, yes, he's not just like a serious kind, foxy educator. He is also super weird and funny, and I think I help him unlock that so to our kids, a lot of times his family and friends will see and be like who is this kind of like this is who we always wise Rovaniemi area and it's funny because my kid say he's the funny one of them like Mogi amuse, getting paid the dude Alyosha woman. Love you. I think you've been the most exciting new person. I've met in like three years and yeah yeah could getting to know you on that show I love it. I would much rather when I first year I don't believe you any data are noble. Yeah yeah, I would have
ever been friends with you in high school, like you know, like you're beholden, though we probably would have him I'll. Tell you why no way I'll tell you why, if you were weird, I was kept and weird. So, if we were in a science class together. This is what I had a lot of friends that were in the marching band world. I didn't go out on Saturday nights with them, but I had a lot of friends in class. It cuz. If you are weird and funny than I was with you. This is what happened in the ninth grade. There was a you at my lab table he came over to study. Should I tell you the story. Only that's correct is very answer me and we were giggling and like sort of studying, whenever an I think like something was about to happen and we sort of like toppled over onto the love seat, and then I would
like my God, look like a mummy nearly made it so weird. Unlike what was that? What are we doing here? I see I like amid never like. Now not ever had I we're watching blossoms Mass and he's also upset We know that one of the many I have this ability for you, because you remind me so much of my two girl cousins Manning Kelly, who are sisters. this meant every summer with yeah and they were fucking, weird so like I was, and we were all weird is how, when I met you, I was like only guide. This she's weren't mcgoldrick sisters, she's, like my airy, annually funny and weird and amazing voice so you and I really we have quite a good time on that said, diamond
we I do I'm great I'm with you, and I really had former Jessica visited Yeahs like yes dynamic here, that we had this, that fuckin dinner table syn. kitchen dinner table, seeing tat we just went on and on and on the outer takes for twenty minutes. Long in my life I felt like I was back at the groundlings over like a play, together laughing, so it was electric. It was so fine and really bring me back to like oh, the joy of being funny, together with people yeah with did any of the other thoughts as wonderful yeah, that's a good feeling. Well, I love you and I'm very excited, I'm going to show with you and looks most certain that we will come back and do more together and you'll direct a bunch we re came. I love you and now my favorite part of the show the fact checked, with my soul maiden Monica bad man. Ok,
recording- and you can hear me- I near you. Oh my god, is so exciting, our first intergalactic factual wow. It's really true. Twenty there were eight. It is as though this is gonna be virtually how we do everything going forward flags couple months, probably the next couple years yeah, you think well I'll just be an pods. I will say that the response is bigger than I was expecting I I didn't think this country would like cancel the March madness. I now use big, though, are taken seriously, which seems good. I saw a graph today that was sort of showing that we are at like be exact, inflection point for what weakens sort of flat. Now this corona virus or it's gonna, buy So now is the time to be act in order
part Aaron and I we ve gone to a public, a meaning, and then we went to a public, Jim and only with salt Lake but worthwhile. More careful, listen, listen, listen, first of all shut up for it. Secondly, we are spraying our hands. Every five SEC, its preposterous were laughing so hardware washingtonians everywhere were not touching anything and were sprain or hands you're. Not touching anything at the public jam. well we're touching all the equipment, write them, we're we're, scrubbing our hands of pure out before we touch our mouth and eyes and noses and anus is Do you think you can get it ain't really? Are you guys doing some anal player the hoard, Toto and Billina work for our sobriety? Can I You think this Jazeera finding me will first of all on and off we were clear and we can be our doing, a remote fact I'm in the attic and axes and Austin my favorites
the oral city and word try and this out. This is the first time we have ever done it, and I miss seeing you across from me by two but this is also very fond. I agree there I've illegal in the future, but when we were just talking about anal play. It reminded me of something that I wanted to talk about So I did something bad today in not involving in a flash. I now I got so excited. I went on to our part has page not on our website on the Apple Party, ass page. because I was trying to screen shot some things to post and when I did there, I saw there were comments. Oh, no! No! No! It was a bad They all got dont ever look at
What's that, our non instagram, when the only safe place with wage big shout to Adam from last week for that, because I guess I didn't realize that, because I'm not on Twitter, so I only see Instagram comments. All those very misleading most comments cancer, which is what I received yeah so there, specifically and Monica just love now now it'll. Just yet and with your very armchair yeah did you sort by like no, you I didn't need to soar there were. There were so many mean comments very specifically about me. What I mean a lot, a lot yeah. Well, people hate smart, independent, outspoken women, ashes global massage any thank you. First
by that I mean I what we are christian and I and Jes are watching the Hilary Doc and whether you agree with her politics or not. That is really fascinating. Documentary to watch to just see the level of patriarchy, a massage need that she's been up against her whole life. It so and a heartbreaking and fantastic. I would recommend it, but why love the woman that brought her out on stage at one point in she basically just broke down, which is, if you speak up your urban she and opinionated. If you dont speak enough, you're a pushover like she's going to every single thing, you could be and there's no real right way for women to do it. Yes, so I was Tryin screenshot Nigh sought. So the first comment was something a bow
our fact check from men's bodies and it was saying like it was criticising me for one like shaming doctors, and two way way way way way. When did you shame doctors, because I was hanging out my experience with my doctor, which was Bore and I'm allowed us to say that your anyway by the word, here's my frustration with some negative comments. If I can just air migrants, which is What I pointed that out, so you know like People were mad and that episode that I I'm I was saying, the pressures on men are real. Now people interpreters me saying there: hours, which I never said. I don't think they're, even nearly as bad as they are and women. But I was trying to make the point that I think women
DR women's insecurities men DR mentioned securities, and you cannot agree with that. But luckily you disagreed with me. So did rob suited to male rational. It's not like that voice has been stifled on our podcast in ass. Yes, so it when people go on, Instagram to make the same argument that someone already made in the room. I think did you not? you're that side of it yeah that's the whole point of this. Has us having a discussion and a dialogue and tossing ideas out into the world, and you know they're not, can be perfect every time. That's that's life. I also a double. People came to our defence, or I guess my defence, not yours, fence and I appreciate it would someone said like we keep asking men to be more vulnerable and be more outspoken about their fears and insecurity and then the second it happens. It becomes some kind of gender war. I now I now and again feels like a lose lose. So I guess we just have to not pay attention and just keep moving forward in the way that we know
when is racial. Ninety nine percent of the comments, at least on Instagram are positive yeah. But yes, he said he. I was shaming doctors and that there was like poop talk or something for me and wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait the mists the level of sergeant in that one sentence is like I M getting shame for poop talk when I mean- and this is why I love you, but that's ninety percent of what you talk about its objective. The fact that my main topic of thought well, Sexton poop assure its yeah, in the end that honours getting one hour. Doo doo. Now all your faves yeah, but the fact that I'm getting caught out for that felt so absurd
to me and I rather that was the top comment, and I was like oh man that is rough, and then I kept going in, and that was so bad is so many people just they don't like the sound of my voice, they hate my laugh, many people both I love you laugh! Thank you. Some people think that they're like standing, for you, like I'm, always arguing with you? Yes, that's the point. Why, like those well, ok, let's his of those are the good garments and emerge go back to the bad ones anyway. Age is really hurt. My feelings, I know it's hard to acknowledge is, but you haven't gone through the experience of being found.
listen. This is your going through it and it is a learning curve and no one can you can't practice for it in you can't be above it. People say mean things about you and hurt your feelings into I could tell you right now, logically, this anyone in your real life, who knows you think that about you know not one person, I'm friends with all your friends, that's not arise opinion that exists with people who know you, but I can easily see that, but I think it it does take time to get there? I do not think any human could just jump to the point where you're on affected by that right yeah. another. Another way to look at it is their writing about you and you're, not writing about them. So that's everything I mean hate, even really even I like it. I think its vulnerable to admit year, human and that stuff, others you and even that you read it. I think a lot of people lie about it. Oh yeah, I've been, I couldn't stop
oh yeah, once you get that tasty testes God, it's such a specific feeling of sinking in just continuing to sink and think and think it so true. I know every like everyone whose come in here and has said it and exactly what you're just saying is you don't know it until you feel it? but there are, of course, were beautiful comments like oh yeah, wonderful comments, also specifically about me and those camps be it they just don't in a lot young people coming to my defence, which is so lovely and wonderful, but yeah. I can read that with this like filter up of just like ok, ok, they're saying this are saying this, but as soon as somebody says something negative, it just
like a vase, I own, I dont well, no, I can get. The perfect example is that of gorgeous six foot, five army guy, who came to two shows to express his love for you. You are unable to accept that that could be real that persons in love with you. Yet you can accept that someone hate you No, I just, I think, a human near I'll tell you the one. I is funny ism. This was Ike seven eight years ago on twitter, someone wrote this. Dude is just sucking off of Christian Bell. And he's you know. She's supports him. In my mind s eye. Ok! Well, that's objectively, not true! I make plenty of money and always split everything, but then like four hours later, I was driving down the one o one, and I found myself mounting my argument to that. Guy again, I'm like this is objective. We not
and yet I really feel like. I need to defend it now for hours later it really eat at you, and does it get easier yeah yeah yeah. It really does. It really does will. First and foremost, I do think you get really better at like. I would never look at comments on Youtube yeah. I don't look at comments on Twitter. I dont have Facebook, but I would know better Instagram, so only play I'll, read feedback and by the way some of the feedback is critical, but it's not mean- and I accept it but, like you hate my lab, Well, ok, let me change my love for you, you, I don't want to change and myself, but I am a minimum of course. I then have an editing five. That's after that, unlike trying to asked. Don't you dare because guarantee. Ninety nine point: nine percent of people love your laugh and that's the problem. You start reacting to people that dont represent anything close to consensus,
Yeah. Also you have to remember you like you eat a good meal. You don't call the manager over to tell them ever right. You eat a bad meal that was cold and you call them over. It's just people aren't you're, not even hearing from the masses of people who enjoy you cuz, they don't feel compelled you ve angered them. Then there's a lotta motivation and be vocal in a lot of people are gonna hate us dining room. Well, though, is that ok, gray, good piece of work housekeeping Edson housekeeping. We should recommend them same Harris's episode on. on a virus really good. It was so good newest episode, I think, or maybe to two ago with Nicholas Christophe s about, on a virus. It's really interesting and insightful and they break down sort of point by point
out of the points they were refuting where my pocket and that's that you're not just your points. There obviously a lot of people's points and they wouldn't even be talking about it. You know what I thought was generous of them. Is that at no point where they like? No that's wrong and stupid, it's just like no, that is correct, but we do have more control over the rate at which it happens than you might think. So yes, everyone's probably gonna get, but if we can control the speed well well. Well, while he did say very specifically, dont say, everyone's gonna, get it has not everyone's gonna get it. So if you go into the world being like I'm going to get it I'm going to get it eventually. I might as well get it now, like that's a very silly thing to think so he did say that specifically have to point in, even though I just confirmed that that person was right that all I do is argue with you Give me a big laugh now. You live like a witch.
I guess I would have ended. Tell you I pray you would have had to tell you like: hey Buddy, you're, so good at everything you laugh. Well. Let me ask you this. Janata witches laugh sounds like gal one. Oh somebody said that the laugh was so fake, which I would like if it was fake than I would have picked like. I guess, I'd better sounding one. If I were deciding what the laugh was, which I don't understand what that means. But I think I would be interested again because it wasn't me that was attacked in certain situations. I immediately go to ha. what would be going out with somebody yeah bat vat would trigger them in it, and I am genuinely curious. I think it's a fun like riddle like ok, what kind of insecurity would you have where people's? Let's say you have a fake laugh rang? Why would a fake laugh
bother. You is it that you think people are fake laughing at you. Do you think you're? Not as funny is you? you wanna be, do you feel like you're, not good at being encouraging the people in conversations, and you just wish you could have the social lubricant of a gentle gracious laugh like what what would be going on that? That would be a big cause, I'm in the gym today. Oh my god. Let me just unpack a little bit this gal. I was listening to the gym. She was with her boyfriend and they were taking turns filming each other exercise and, as I wonder, if there like an instagram work out account or whatever, and then she just went on this tirade about. Are you what I hate these fuckin people are added Jim and there lived a way too much weight in their there after their postures, terrible their form is horrendous inside just do it right or don't do it these other geyser at the jimfred
hours there doing set like every twenty minutes and my head, I'm like how could all of this angry like a waves of flying fuck about how other people work out and I was like. Oh, she must work out with low way so that our form is perfect in she soap is that it looks like other people are stronger, but they're not stronger, because their form sucks I'm like is that it? What is going on with this person? Can you can't be there mad that other people you dont know are doing something that has no impact on you or society. I do I mean I just think it's part of this general, Few men fault that we all all have, which is that we feel like negativity, breeds community or something which it doesn't, but in some cases sally. I guess that's part of it. When I saw on the comments, I think that's part of what
me about. It is like these people, in some ways are winning, but I also after my myself, there also not winning in life. If that is how they operate. Like I care, I definitely don't want to trade with them. We have to remember that you will look now on something too, because this could be another explanation for her. So I realized tat. I would do this at work right. I would say, like oh here. Yet talking about another actor, basically point out that their laid all the time and then I thought well. Why did I do that and I was like? Oh, I did it to point out that I am on time me I mean if you are really get down to it, so I think maybe that girl was in a way pointing out that she has perfect form in it. She goes straight from exercise to exercise with no rest like it was just a reverse way to brag, maybe yeah. I think everyone wants to feel
like an expert in some way you know like, but they have the key. Is they have control its just, maybe a way to get that? Yes, no mummy counteract them again. This should have been the first you said so before the June we ran a meaning and a gal came up to me and said: oh, my god. I am at this meeting because of your podcast six months. go from listening to the podcast. I decided to come to a and I was so happy here- that's incredible, but that is the whole point of this, so that others- should be able to just get roll off our mark a little low ducks. Women improve
are we fact checking the linen Lenin poem mean elaborately edge, what a catch cheers clause in her episode. She talks about many guys who she encountered in her young wife who she felt rejected by an answer. Those guys just missed out on this beautiful, wonderful soul, while they did, but what I heard is a little bit but I hear in your story, which is, I don't know that these guys didn't want to plough her what she said she asked: three people promenades well be about that's rough, but remember she also had the story about having the guy over to study oh yeah, yeah and either she just like it was her of confidence. I'm sure that guy would have loved to have found in her yeah we're all gonna sell sabotaging a little bit, but
It also makes us who we are all of it. Are you employed circuit this job? If you been banging item, I probably have a much better laugh now, but you you knew and never talk about who never never ok or we will take my Mackey Mokanna. Hey his balls- oh yeah, yeah yeah. We retain my how many kids he has- and I said I think three and he does have three o grown so Lenin, Lenin loved the show put non. The hits, which was an american syndicated music variety. Competition show hosted in written by Alan Fawcett there, Joe featured amateur acts lip sinking to popular songs? The show aired on weekends from nineteen eighty four nineteen. Eighty eight. I watched a couple clips on Youtube. It's worth doing a little google on that. Oh really, oh yeah yeah, it's pretty isabel seem like some
no one should be competing like doesn't it seem like everybody can lip sank? That's my knee jerk reaction. I wouldn't be so arrogant. It be like having a contests people dribbling, a basketball standing still
ok, ok, but some people in everyone knew that better than others at that all. But if you put them in a box were all they could do not know them between the legs. You can't move your legs just dribbling. I still think there's gonna be some variety. Ok, you! Maybe we should put this the big dribble says she said you know she really want to be on east pounding down, but then she had a may be says she couldn't, but she said she thought it formed and welcoming ten. But what I saw on the internet was that it was found in mortal Beach South Carolina. Ok, but maybe it was back and forth. We can't really trust the internet completely now now, but that is what it says. I went I wind a day or two to spring break and murmured beach, and did you enjoy it now? I dont think I felt cut out for that seem I did it
perfect spring Break, which was in Cancun. When I was an eleventh grade, I mean that's one of the best weeks in my life, but some of the others ring break experiences. I just don't feel jacked enough and I didn't drink. I did drinking can Coon, but then I didn't drinkin twelve great cause. I was already exhibiting some issues here, speaking speaking of that, so you know I'm on this new medication and my doctor said it was ok to drink. I think I probably should have been more clear when I asked him. He meant it's not. Gonna interfere with the medication widgets, not by also had a conversation with faint another neurologist. I brought up drinking again and he said he would advise me too. Pretty much cut it out completely. Why does a d hydrate?
generous em. It can be a factor in seizures one. He said it's excites the brain to interrupt and the crowd Cerulia eggs provides the whole bod really, I feel, a full body tingle and he said that it also which this is for sure disrupt sleep and sleet as a huge element of this and yours in particular, the fact that you had both seizures while asleep shore exactly but apparently that's like big. Frank areas, the sleeping staff, so how drunk where you the night before the seizure in New York, that's what I was trying to think I mean definitely not to wrong at all, but we weren't drinking threw out the day there. We go but not a lot like I have a most in the morning at breakfast, gone worsening of it
monsieur de now. As the first I had a sigh and then I had a most up. Who would have your legitimacy, I kind of already, of course, had that thought like I wish I could go back in time to the first one. What if I had a massage the day before? What would you well you'd, rather quit massage than drinking right? Yeah both be really hard? I love massages them. Emotions am, I love. Mamma, says this horrible anyway, I started off, I had a then I had wine at lunch and then I had whining Yan MID Day, grow well between location to church, I have a cocktail, but I didn't finish it at dinner, warning on Y, a wine and then a cocktail didn't know only a cocktail, and I didn't even finish it. So I had allowed five drinks for five years.
Frank's, threw out the whole day, but were you not drinking water? Were you meeting all of your thirst needs with alcohol? I mean, if I know myself I'd, say proud ugly, I doubt it was drinking enough water and we were like moving around the city. A bunch shows also probably exerting energy, so I probably was dehydrated that makes sense the North Sea and yeah, but he he said I could maybe have like three ounces of wine and then maybe another glass of three ounces of wine, but that's like kind and that is no amount of alcohol. No, that's that's a sip, so I'm kind of China grapple with that. A lot of things are feeling pretty attic control. I will say it now, if it were me I'll, just be like, while I'm just still gonna drink. Is that how you feel? Are you ear really considering drink. Now, I'm really considering it means not the end of the war
the five to cut it out. It's ok, you did I'd hate to see. You quit well paid to see some of the great relationship with it. Not do it. Well, I address you, don't have a re relationship, because this news was a little bit. shattering sure sure. Anyway, that's all four Lenin. Sorry, if I was a bit of a downer in there's. No, I like it. I like it. I, like your honesty, yeah. The problem is people pretending that everything is perfect and then, other people or hearing that they're like. I don't feel that way. My broken. I would, though, a sock I don't know. I know I dont think being honest, is ever backfired really long term Sheridan, that's trim, think at waiter live. I merely want to uphold
joke in my head, but I couldn't frame it in time or I ll on that now or may. This was so fine by