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Armchair Expert Live from Nashville at Andrew Jackson Hall. November 1st, 2019.
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soon and with this No We go we know, similarly smash his satisfaction, land he's, not Joe
I'm that crazy the increase is crime and I'm crazy.
Well, thank you guys guys thank you. You geysers a future armed Jerry on board in the audience. Congratulations! This is wonderful. Thank you guys! We're coming to the late show
A truly do I love love, love the city, it so great. I know a lot of you who live here are a little upset that everyone's figured. You allow. I've heard a lot of complaining here today about your excited, there's a great barrel, but is also traffic, so. Now I imported the tiniest little miniature person with the personality and Mars ways: look I'm gonna go get! Anyone get in fact is what it is like. Lastly, and earlier neuro anything as now, Try, I'm not all of them are now guys
we only want to come to Nashville if we could bring someone out that would really get everyone's penises at attention. Wait before that can't not David. He forgets this every time we like to think that find the grateful tat, whereas Maisie boy who have donated this everywhere. We go our seats thrones a girl. Yes, these arrive then we donate them. So thank us yet to habitats habitat for humanity, so ass. Thank you leave. That all on matters that we can move on. Ok, so we didn't want to come down here, plus we could bring someone out on the stage that you guys go ape shit for, and I am certain that we have secured that human beings. Yes, he's the only person with a name stupid as mine, TAT, nominee,
for I know no, twenty, three Grammy's or something or see, amaze me hundreds of awards he's a bad I'm after his name's dark badly is really please join his lazy boy couch. It's a nice quality gives support. Nea back feels good yeah. Does yourself. A cooler hidden themselves, Georgie boy, never go. Did you ever see, giddy accuracy? No, Oh my god, it's a judge movie about that
future? Everyone's turn stupid in my character as a lazy, but with a toilet in Hell. It's amazing, economically Wally's, more, like kid origin. I want my tv stop working for adults about eleven years ago. It didn't play this channels, anymore, challenges it mostly further the kids to miss the lot of recent culture. I'm told that Netflix has an awesome algorithm whereby, if you like piggy blinders during these shows ill suggest other ones that you'll also enjoy when I turn it on its suggests, fucking pop draw Dorothy war, Guys Pga man, I don't know nothin. Actually, on the stage I've been out there a lot of things, my when the few stages national never been on, but this amazing place to watch out suck so until here, if you time, no guys what about particular
As you know, you'll do not their life all right. Look! Look. You agree. I was gonna get dressed up, then you came in a dress room. You can look like shit loud, Can I have your eye and address like this so you're, not that the greater the thank here but my wife- and I did this press to or not too long ago, and we went to like probably a outlets we went to like good Morning, America, the view above all right, and so she brought nine outfits for all the different of core talk shows and I brought a blue sure. Someone has wherever enough to realise that on the internet and they posted Kirsten, looks great Dax taxes. Like now with this blue sure, photo on tide of Amity Times or us out, general radio to back the very beginning, to thousand to trying to give my first single played on radio revisit like ninety radio stations. Of course,
the three months you go into one for breakfast, one for lunch from for dinner and you're in another serious plantier one song, and that's spent on my money that really nice, man well short men, most guys, design, other great porter, Wagner, clothing and moral haggard stuff, the flowers that this really great black sure does like a foreigner dollar shirt, cheese, and so I know- and I saw the bus a pull up, not take my shirt off the hook. Put an ongoing side. Do my thing: why don't realize their get a whole montage of all the radio visit so looks like I visited like a hundred stations on one day. I want to say, sir: one hundred dollars apart. I know you you, that's that's about thirty six thousand dollars. It would have been around for a network that but four dollars a clear EU amortize that cost of that sure very affordably, I'm so thrilled to have you you're a stud. We love time This is a big get for us. I think everyone here is equally excited now, as
got to learn about you. I think we ve bumped into each other at the C m tease. Is that the one that's here, the the others couple, see man you're getting as bad as Hollywood, which is like there's, the fuckin block has still us to come and go gas station a war, you name it there's an award piquet, let's be mother K, we don't be improper as this in the Edward Norton Podcast my Sunday in the car and ever the my son six years in the back seat tat, he D say king. There is frightened a habit of fuel I'm so raving about the poor baby. I'm bored rabies crying. I learned about some sexual proclivity idea of moving items and is did on the table tonight. Now, when I read about you because I meet you as country star in you live in national and you have four, I don't know- probably twenty seven years, there's twenty six years but of course We shall rhetoric is terrible, but you gotta great merit
We have a green barrel, but I was shocked to learn that year from Phoenix Arizona. I am your dad was a banker and where their siblings, I get a brothers ten years younger than assessors about three or four years: older, okay, so your middle child, but not in the traditional sense to my dad was fifty one when I was born. My parents, at twenty years apart, so you sixty one of my brother, is born, and this I feel like a he's, my younger brother of obviously really closer. I had a cover, definite older brother, dad almost relationship with them in some ways. Yeah I was gonna love a pancake breakfast. She knows a whole answer, school them and service. I did ass. I did he go. I heard that he went to Georgia, my brother did asshole. I saw go to Athens Yeah I saw out when I got to nashville- was a totally different city was not a very fun caused. Yes, you need to go somewhere really fun. Nationals like why people are gambling.
Here I mean silly fans and erode theirs and remove the national like why we have nothing downtowns, terrible, some credit crime down there and there's no Creighton barrel, and you need to go there's an area so he went. There are now, of course, nationals like the city, but back then used to come here a lot. I work for General motors and they build the corvettes and bowling Green Kentucky, and this is the closest the bulgarian that you can fly into? So I was here all the time as a kid, and I gotta tell you: it was the first time I was alluded to the fact that I was a yankee we'd go drinking and inevitably at that point the night, a year long way from harming Vulcan Yankee in Atlanta. I mean why don't you know them, and now it's like what I mean it's for me. It's like tied with arson is an awesome place yeah, but in Phoenix I as a kid when there I love you, I thought that's what California was. I got my
skateboard there there were palm trees. The weather was, I walked surfer. Yes, I did. I think, where I got eight, I am I first of all I saw him kiss for two minutes will be right back. I saw hammerhead I'm the worst skateboard of all time, but you I got my our way into that that culture and I still world beckoned clothing, but I guess the overall question is I dont associate Phoenix country in Western me sure what my day it was a huge fan. Retirement whale and wailing really get a star in Phoenix and Scottsdale Plan bars like wild Mills in jail is, and so he went on Jennings YAP before you got signed by chat and sixty four he was playing. All these bars in Scottsdale is actually not, whereas wife lizards, where's buried, so that was come like spots. My dad's calcium play wailings, always with a huge influence in Arizona country, music, Burgo into the your station. My robins, is from there I thought grown up. Country music was like Arizona when I
really into those. Seventeen in the other, big acts came through town and people were in Kabul has for reason, is the western. Then I get here and those like how did you get an accompaniment from Arizona like an ivory, less the southern, the roots of the roots of the music and our biggest here, but I grew up. Thinking was gonna our thing so dad likes country. When do you start singing and when do you decide that countries the path you're gonna be on the eye group. Listening is my dad and the car will as this new countries driving and so is coming his music now is. Like debate really speak to me, as I don't think it should, when you're like thirteen years old, I realize now, there's more countries are geared that way, but the time or any Travis sing about the ring on his hand, doesn't really connect with the thirteen year old. So but I wasn't appreciated by start a friend of mine and introduce New Electric Qatar US thirteen that lead to like this.
A lot of inhaling and power towards Iraq, music and going down the road of black Sabbath and is how far down the road can you go. And then I was seventeen and a friend of mine play to me. I ain't junior song and just the right time restarted drink beer in your singing about naked women in Europe yeah maze of this country. We hundred I'd on its uncle. And a man? And this is really let your guitar heavy cannot drip testosterone fuel wow, this is country music and then I listened the right after that hurt can you play me. A Marty Stuart Song called that's country, and then you play me an Alan Jackson, Song called midnight Montgomery and I was like hooks like. I knew exactly that moment a few times my life run like a coin, going down your soul and hitting all the right yellow checkpoints is just like wow. This is the jackpot. I know exactly what I want to do the exact moment at seventeen. Those like the most clear moment for have you thought about
give. That is only I often meet people. I guess you know you have three kids I've to kid. Three writing bills like a thousand, but technically sometimes it can feel like an army. All I want for them. Onawandah do any specific thing. I just want them to be on fire for something wrong. It's all. I hope I hope they catch fire, Lenny, damn thing and I think a lot of people wander through life in their their weight and like what is my thing once a thing on passion about and forget all the other stuff. Just no one. What you want to do is so wonderful. Doesn't it like that's the end, and it was like a ridiculous. Thank the time even dream about you. Nobody is ours refer more like obsession almost like a disease in a way we're just gonna get away from it. No, it is always thinking about it. I even got two NASH way. I went to school Vermont four year, then I've got down here, transfer went to school down here and when I got here is like how you begin to make this thing at this thing happened. I just pulled to be here until you and I have kind of a similar
to where we were in that it took a while right, I mean, will get there We know that you are working and what you do, that you got sent a military school in a military camp eleven, twelve and thirteen for six weeks. At a time you know you're mom had a good sense to the kind of gimme away, maybe from ruby run within our two Harding, pretty hard like an eighth grade in oak and she so my sister can a blaze a trail good and bad. For me, she went there first and Silver Malta, as in the great shanks, actually liked it, but I guess whether it's a good place for you to go home and you gonna like make the bed like had the sheet has to pull back this this distance here in Basle. Went on at the whole gang. I closed. It followed your site since we are laying off my clothes, the three way they make you do. My cousin went to how military school, I think, also in Indiana NEA and their mother, Fucker still folds his clothes. Like he's a gene
yeah. Maybe someone always uniforms you, like eleven years old, your dress, the mullahs, wool and think Indiana summer. You're parade restful like an hour and there's just like kids lunch falling over just passing out. It is the middle ages hair soon it's a toy. Yet I am strategy and it was only a little action. Your mom. She had lot of good ideas, but not for, but looking back on, you can know she's do yeah, ok, made it through that spell and then originally went to you into Vermont ended you snowboarder anything. I mean literally. What why we're gonna go to. I want to go to the earth. Colourable rosella outdoor, loving outdoors always have they get in. So I had to verbal hot. So I guess I'm home there is the right area I ask out. There is like modest fifty five, unlike October person s life allow. This is really help me push myself to get the national. I know, I'd like it focused in were you when you went to school because of Andrew Bill. Did you go to Vanderbilt is like this
get me to that yeah and I know I want to be in that city yeah. I am. It has really focused on what I want to do. In the first day I got here got an internship at the CMA and I just kind of books downtown this metal bands play and was writing songs and just kind of attacking it from every level in like seriously focused. What do you major in their english english the innumerable is a unified school, it's one of our yo yeah, very lucid now when you were there, did you find your tribe Do you like, hang out with other musicians? You may already yeah I mean I just try to figure. The town out knows a lot smaller town back then I was working for the country, Music association saws. At access to these the fanfare. All the fans come in and hang other artists knows: weren't a walkie, talkie walking Schneider. After stage back to her bus and award shows, and then I got a job
working letter that the national networks, as well as working the tape, libraries that access like thirteen thousand vs tapes and someone say hey any George Joan singing. He stopped today from nineteen. Eighty two: can you find it see others old computer? You know your green screen like George and lobbied undertake. You put it and you find a you use and edit down to the people and stairs and Jackson worked the Athenian as well so solves like ok. Some sort a path and that we show works out. But I think this is a good thing that job of so great because it enables us to focus full time on music. I think I'm working on my thing, even when I was at work, is neither jobs that had world like like eight hours and not get a chance to have a for movement. You know we're Monica just pointed this out and our last shrugs we're talking Martina and saying you know with endeavours like yours or mine, because our them a lot of people, there's talent! You got you gotta work on
talent right up? You got to be hard worker. I've never met anyone who they knocked on their door and said hey you want to be on. You want to be on stage and then there's luck, luck, Luxe edition by you Know- and I guess it's just being prepared and being ready for when that opportunity happens, that you can leap at it. But mine made a great point which was Martina found her way into to sell and merchandise forgotten, so she got as close to the fire. She couldn't. You got yourself as close to the fire she could. It sounds like it helps to be obsessed, you're doing to. I cannot be down at the bar with friends, and I would start feeling mad at myself almost like I'm just letting myself down by, like being here, not being home working on something so I'd like to walk home from like Second Ave. Back up like towards Vanderbilt, but we know your work on the sand running for costly and that by yourself, and you spend months right into their people working on aircraft in them downtown listening like be our five four nine playing at Robertson's when you get in
what that music and then I'm doing writers nights on my own learn cover song signal to your own gigs or so Mendel, but different buckets to fill yeah, never ending and is still to this day. There's I would normally wait longer, does ask this. What now going to have sunset how's it going to come so debris good chunk at times. You gradual, in one ninety seven, you graduate ninety and you dont release and out the two thousand three, yes or those that six years in your twenties that ends up being like a thirty year life. It feels like an eternity now here s our playing the political spring water, lounge and supper club, which its em they're out over the call that has no lounge or supper. There's a lot of its still dinky place. You get paid free natural light beer to play, ok anywhere so I think a diary on top of an exile, decide.
Times for me and I'll look back on what I would think of the low points of struggles, so maybe on the road, and he was playing at casino parking lot at two in the afternoon. Look back of that now, the sun's blaring at you, and its there's, no mistake at all hours had fun. I look back and some moments like I was struggling was it I mean ice down here and play on Second avenue at a carry my Pierre system, so I'd part that struck out front seem truck. I still have my dad's struck, and I'd run the Pierre and somebody come back at you. Gotta parking ticket like twenty bucks and like a minor, make them less money than I already. I think it then you drink just enough, where you get buzz. Garbage stood a pact that should happen going home when it's over society cannot just guess now and then go get the truck again pack blasphemous fund. For me, I never was like work even timezone, great moral haggard song, theirs,
No one is a form of the banned in times or even the bartender left, and just me- and this is still great- I've ass will tend to say. I was like happy that the weight of that you no kind of track up Everest for me booze was so appealing in droves. We're so appealing as I could check out from that that which was put out myself, where I think only on some. The reason I love gettin hammered was of like I could forget for Minute: let myself off the hook that I wasn't supposed to be written on the treadmill right. I just wondering if you could relate at all to that I mean those have appealed of having a gig downtown the drinks and young meeting people girls or come it's different nobly downtown. I think. If I had a gig now down tat, I would never leave and great Britain
they are about, embodies culminated in France and I will be the ones who South Carolina like the world has come to you as a reason to go on. The road is a sovereign. Do we're going to get a bus and go play where skull deal, and I leave my gig. Unlike the coolest sitting, American go go now, I'm good here. But this guy's plenum a broader run, our so tat any one day and that more so, when we are there, I mean the competitions Ligon like better down there, so so in that period, where you're fine, in your voice. Who were you aim and who did you want to be? I just want to be on a bus play he's a sound wise. You know I was. I love bluegrass music. That's always been like my my favorite music. To listen to this thing is most authentic foreign country music. So I loved allow bluegrass music, but also loved loud, like us, are the bureau five four nine stuff and source
great countries, singers Keith, Whitley Umbrella, elder grates, up all over your haggard and what about a love towards Jones so stunted these sounds. My first bands were more like acoustic driven was like a still guitar. I had my first gig here. I was the first country sooner play by your call, the stage bright base privation petals steel fiddle acoustic. Attire wishes me, which never again, I don't have a guitar player. So is more like a stream ban thing playing country songs with doing more in a blue grass kind of way. Now I love that law, countries Yours is we started a little bit about backstage whale and Jennings evenly. Ani cast the fact that those two a roommate, they are both in their drug addicts from each other, is Sid era call here most had. There's only alerted us issue that somethin about that. I hear that you got down there, yes, that lifestyle appeal to you, like
I mean not at all, I think we'll and now, if I were to have conversations Whaley, Blake Hoss, the whole reason we pay, those rose and joy cash is out there than ever highway buses. The others resorted to drugs is cause prior to show to their like. To get this car over their rights as to drive at bus driver rail freeways system. Of course you can do drugs, I should they be like we'd paved the road. You guys like. Don't don't do the way we did it. We did all this work. A nice leathern, is eating? You didn't have all those raise a kid, amazing now MIKE Well, here's what I thought. I guess what it was for me as a young man. It was like well, here's what I want to do. I want to be fucked up all the time I want everyone to love me. That's just Z, MIKE what you get together, away with murder, everything, bad and somehow you, if you're good enough, you can see those songs just get out of jail free card, so I think weirdly when I was young that appealed to me yeah, because those guys paving the way
I have it's like really NASCAR you and ask her at all these great characters. No dick things are those most synchrony Andrew and these they can fish fights after the show and race rather like these great care is fun like having characterised like they bring us a lot of shit right, but being one of those guys energy management is not feeling good all the time. You knows our Deb Lester, both like actually feel great yeah would also get a chance. Well, my realisation was even if everyone around use cool with it, which is my dream, Lastly, the part I hadn't factored in is like you still feel horrendous, whether you're getting away with it or not. You can't really I want like, I feel, like a captured, lightning, the bottle of my career in the and just the road, not all that bad then like to have that your family as well. That's me it's just. It's not just music career. I got a great career, has awesome. He was the best kind of sucked a little bit like you have a lot of wives and the kids and not a good dad. It's just one
or at the end, so wife will have another like even those great career. But you know I like a great family photographers. We not great your dad and its decision Skype diminishes the edges. You am, I gonna, agree more. So ok, so you're working for six years, roughly in your plane and bars, and then your first album that you come out with yourself titled album years song becomes number one. Two thousand three yeah forestalls number one. I was in the barn douse when I fell for it ever forget, then this always really great combination of that bluegrass, on a sound others, Dillsborough driven like I was, I think, entry and solo and yet was a start at all. I was living in a place back in Nashville that I had some friends pack up and move into a storage facility in other stuff is in there wasn't cream. Barrels morbid fancy stuff impure,
actually, that's very nice double futon yeah that early on chair and a table that my dog of the time it did not, of course offer but whose all mood in those stores lot I never can solve. Like twelve years and easily twelve years later, that women like like a month or two off finally nose like ok, I've got a deal to some like eighty dollars in Monterrey here than fourteen grand to keep open the already dollars we also drafted. Are the big flood came through national mean the whole thing was destroyed, but yes, it twelve years later was like when the kind of funny got to place like a go. Take a breath like deal my previous life yeah. So you wrote this album and you performed it. You must have blighted obviously and put it up, but your expectations couldn't have been that. Could they like in your best case scenario, what did you think was going to What was your album, or did you think? No shit? Everybody buckle up. My first album get me a mix and then you can be honours and no wasn't our sleep out. I've never do to be like a star still not absolutely
much wiser, buzz and being honest. I was just what are you hate, swimming pools and big? What's your allergy, I saw those being good at. It is one that is those very authentic album and I thought what we're doing the robots like up above a chip on our shoulders were: no, we did lay like we do like forty one shows and forty five days my what Debian me, whose book he mused like we're. The banjo go, try things the Fort Wilson, Turks in the guys and let them think there's clubs like worth ever come back to you and have a day off. I call J Williams say: why do we have a day off Monday out here and Jackson, hole like guinea book us we're out here to play. Music anyone else, don't let me is a moose, the the most another most knuckles, and if I have a son called New snugly ever deeper ban. Called the high country nights, which is the nineties country than theirs.
Air out on your naughtiness, if you follow ban on integration fall, the Hut country Nights with ok bill satisfy all you're debauchery. Thrusting rates multiple, yet analysed, satisfied it as EL scraps at age. For so you gotta go though your plane here in town and now you know, get a number one song. I imagine the venues it is getting bigger and bigger and bigger as your on this tours that happening to you. Yet we startling clubs and the great progression that a law people gone. We sort splendid clubs and those they sell out. There's a big lion of people coming to get in and is our to believe that that's great you, then you get them sort plan, the theatres arenas, as is the norm in your boss. Not Yegg bus and behaviour. Firstly, crew person, which is great, you know yeah, and then they get mould
crew and its negative trailer behind the bus. And then you get a motorcycle, you carry on the trail and they got so much gear. The motorcycle asked ago our decision and trailers like up like three axles and it's like really dangerous, like we need to get a truck and adjust it keeps growing. That's all so? Finally, new celebrate all those you now I feel very lucky, then it was always to step forward step back and so all those little minor accomplishments of having ever playing Keynes ballroom and tolls. And we had all we just mentioned states the rest. The time he had great applause, a horse now you're functional window, the bus and our crew, we're having a discussion. We had a front, a house guy and are too Andrew we're having like a conversation in front of us, we're all at once. Again we have crew their time.
Give us better like their figuring stuff out about the show right now, like us, amaze, we logistics. Is it moving so fast because I'm sure you're like is not it wasn't moving that fast. For me, at the first one was a huge. The second song wasn't that their songs next time you went lurching for number thirty son was number four. Third song, yeah, yeah man, that's very good, the good what you there. You don't play for afterwhile forgets gather sellers pretty like that. They remembered stay tuned for more lives, show after this exciting commercial break
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Did fix dot com, slashed acts, youve accumulated all these hits over the years, and I think we're all curious. When you go see a show. I wanna hear those fuckin songs like I go see David brother Allah? Do you like them? Ass play these last night in town or they do their homework? Will we there's. Your number By the way, then sickly, Moses, I've had to experience in your lifestyles. I've got to like hang on their bus and, unlike us, crazy, I'm gonna. Do I find his ride with you guys here, MRS Gaza's, why always want to ride on that? As some still enamoured with the whole thing, I could be the road like three months, hard, to come back in town. I see turbo somewhere like where they gone they need somebody cool like a similar, but I was wondering if you play those songs
are there ones real like play that song or do you feed off the audience? Do you like to tap into their Vienna, Vienna yeah? I I mean figuring Gimme, that so importing here, give it actually like sing. All my songs, that's good. I mean, I think, there's some advice or, like you, I'm actually pick a hit. You can live with just don't gotTa Sancho hit mixtures when you actually like, as you can live with the rest of your life, but the absolute saucer that kind of fun solves. I one, five o and then sideways. I dont single songs, but about myself get home, it's like Riah, glass or was he could use some ice like they need Lydons the crowd participation, it needs a few drinks, never buddy. The songs can be great just like the acoustic, maybe not so good, but they all serve certain point? I mean the brothers punk bands, rock love songs. I feel a bit more songs or in a certain temple range where they can intertwine better, like from fighters, can place discussion. Mix things happening in those most in case we have like, if you kind of, have to build a very specific rollercoaster, because you have you up temples
songs. You ever mid learns very scientific ride, right, yes towards the inhabitants saucer, like huge energy songs, its awesome there, then the bag Pollyanna Refuge and give you I'm sure you ve had the experience. Words like you, ve got the flu or something even Monica we or do? We did a live show in Dallas? She was both ends. As an ok through I looked at her before we walk on stage sounds like show it to you to the house right now. I went into seven eleven and got you like a bunch of ammonia me at three musketeers, which was ass. We re now I'll bet, but walk out on stage and then all of a sudden you're just like that. You now I'm an atheist, but something's happen and some airlines happen, and I can't explain: there's some interconnection there's two years in its so fuckin beautiful and I watch Monica whose on death's door walk out. And I was like Monica
fires right now. They are road energy grounds that something it's amazing just taken. First vintage over here and you almost like a mere years. I've em take that person in a machine that person you're the guy on his Iphone skip over yet, and I think, a combination of fear in this. The kid you like you, walk on the stage and dislike Do you get anxiety even before your show are not at this point I can anxious. I don't get nervous early on, I learn that like to take the nervous energy must make like anxious, because energy is good. Yeah I, like em, all was now the morbid yeah, and so just like a this is good. I'm feeling services and is an anxious thanks, not like a nervous thing right had ever forgotten the words.
The time scale, although my bank, as are out there, they can tell you I'm writing every right in my songs. All the time I refused to go, I can't do that. You can embeds, makes a fun. I think even people appreciate some breaking character from time to time, but are we playing their night ridden played like ten days, which for us is a long time and you walk out their psyche start thinking I just tell us a lot of words are very good member to begin with, I think gayer by still have my memory over the course of time. I would what to walk out there, like that. You can't think about that It's all muscle memory and there's times like. I can't think about you just start pressing the air and something happens about right here where you get the word out. As soon as I got a physical memory thing, a relic. It's better Yemen, a demented takes over a year. Now I would imagine that eating git next show a million don't forget the words mark. I now I'll be in your head. What is your creative process? Do you get
this thing. I listen to a lot of stern interviews, a lot of musicians. A lot of them will talk about like they're in the shower and they like boom, get ahold download like it came from space, or rather I would then like workshop with their group. How do you come up with songs deserve a pattern? Is I've tried to really make out the bumper theme you know, and I try to teach my kids it's just like. I don't know how important is it to say. I don't know, instead of going into probably be like I'm going to do this this this just saying I have no eyes and you're, not scared of not being scared. That goes people try to print something on you, but I have until I can tell if cast do that, but I don't know figure, it out, you know just being really opened. I think it's kind of dumb thing I mentioned, but it's the most important part of the whole process for me, is just being a blank slate and there's taking a tiny, save an idea and is gonna holding onto very closely into its chance to Germany, ITALY before I share it, because it just gets stopped on yeah, no gas, a terrible idea. Why had thought that? If you share,
you soon yeah and then just let it go. But so at last and now my dad passed away. My son was born. I thought that was an interesting was and was sure what that could be, and then the song riser came to me that did not write as like wow that's the case could be something now. I think everyone gets a little closer to being like a whole piece, yeah something slow. Bicycles, call the mountain and from Arizona the mounds mean lots me. This whole business is a mountain of climb like that mammal lack come back now you are a clown for what is interesting about country music in about nationals. I you gotta come here not unlike you, have to go to Hollywood to be an actor, but when you get to Holly but you're free to be a hillbilly or urban or any darn thing they need them. They need to plug in every kind of person. So I can never. You know feel like oh shit. I don't know if I'm the right guy to be here. Did you have any like imposter syndrome, totally connected that all that
beyond media. That way, I think some mansplain, like smaller venues to this, can bring their out. We put a club there now four hundred twenty people's like and had done, if a little while you get you Charles Barkley, was airlines promptly showed up now? Really quick. Did you Oh, he was coming, but no is coming to an end. We usually distracting November later on, will Chamberlain, staminate, Xyz elsewhere Chamberlain. Do I feel like doing Barclays Year, denying their currency borrowing ivy Follow me around boat. Is it? Is it distract? I think the whole thing looks great begin about, like you just have to like fight that he on stage you have legs could steal those voices like in real time and that's what let's get weird So our growth comes values you dislike. You know it's like I M up here, maybe sober and lying, and I cant use that to get over this now to get back to night knows we're flying back in nobody has done good work it out and at the conference back and disquiet, those voices, diet, sure people pay to see you come out and so you're goin out there with me,
in the added. Unlike me, like a thing like three or four you light, and yet we have to work it out in your head for sure. You brought me a book which is really sweet of you. You brought me book in its about Basically, as I understand it in a diary inner engineering here and it's about that, the answers are on the inside brutally right now. The fact that you have that book- and you gave it to me- leads me to believe that perhaps and project a lot on the show, it's one of my shortcomings, but what we have fantasies of what it's all going to feel like I had fantasy. I thought, if I was ever on tv and I had money. I thought I was gonna feel a certain way. I was certain. I was gonna, look in the mirror and go you handsome. So
you are so talented and benevolent and wonder and just it didn't happen, and I feel blessed by that because it had. I not got that shit I wanted. I think of it, have always been told myself. I feel this way because I don't have that serve, but then I got that stuff and I still felt that way and that's a big. If to be given to have all the sheet you want and feel miserable, because yeah really kind of start on. What is it about a year you're like I, should be feeling a certain way. I think you know I think I ve never been in a worse or one something in new artists. The year should be like the best none your life and its look round me like. I have like no one to share this with that's fine, but for me of his who sits on them and myself were that's really important in. I wasn't about an issue that the hard work that sharing all that not just the war to this the whole journey. The whole ride. You know
so. Important myself me so so. Yeah definitely does this feelings in, and I think even now haven't probably been really lucky in great career, but its Evans more meaningful and looked back nor the shows a plane, the road this year alone, some of our member, the ones were there all out there in the road may mess around and might have found when a corporate, all my kids into the show my mother, my kids singer in the bluegrass set, and we do it. Six fifteen will make its dresses up. Like a version of hot country nights, and she comes up on stage with a little bit where I'm the middle of song and this girl works on her crew breaks into the show, and she was memory. Unlike know who are issues you remember my Applebee's eight years ago, now that yeah he's yours now and as it were, to get a bit and then my eldest daughter will sing during the during the main shows there are out there. That's makes it so much more in its than the rule.
Like sly away, where you wouldn't believe, and no, if you weren't, liking, apparent tension but yeah has led a meaning. Might kids have become like life rafts for me, where they remind me we're gonna, much more important job that I gotta do good ass. Any in Vila me was so much esteem like all this shit, that I wanted the other stuff to fill me with these little fuckers baronet, how everyone Kane, prime last night, hotels, Brian Fire, right that those little shits boy. They give me all that stuff that what we say in a the God shaped whole. My case was like that man yeah. I made it worse about parents like fella bomblets luxury, there's because whether at work, but they do, we have we You're two daughters and I won't be able to did hours and eleven order, a Europe of Sexual, but you really fucked up as one of their birth
these is Christmas, their land, their time that wrong one. Does your minds a solid times they on Christmas Day guys, but they leather its work as issues on manual time you get in a country. Music is greater me, the boss and gone all the time that you get married. You like lousy, I'm gonna be a lot. Of kids like wagons, so make a Monday Tuesday feel like a weakened and they started. It is in the week and my son's playing Hockey Emma system coach and then its weakens are important right. So you're like gas, so help me to slow down your woman, a kind of like think that retiring, my eldest daughter is like you can retire and twenty eight eight hundred, for we need breakthrough when you say you liked to know they love them in. They love the road. I wants a video today boys in one of videos. Is it yeah The video for Sancho living far has other differences be alive and actually living there. I would like to stress three video. This guy's Lebanese, like man, is
He knows his wife ass again and I got to get out of excellence. London should, in my life, is like it for two days or so do everything we would do day off button like on steroids. Those like bumper course go cards. Laser tag, water, slides Moody's did like everything today period, which gummy law troubled, mother, kids like yeah. They held out liquids, our thing yeah, so much still scrambling actually make up for that video. No, you two daughters. First, where you would you have bon go into you, gotta boy! Would you now, via the media, were you in search of a deadly one? The boy I think I can substantially by one of the boy versus feel like. I probably knew that better, but I may have any of my friends have better had a daughter first of my cats, like the best thing that ever happened to a guy for sure it's like this totally changes your whole
softens? Your heart beats it up. If one girl you, I come and have a second once they have sisters in them, are don't ask me, hoping we got a little boys and you'd be here now when you, so you move. In these different worlds? Your Nashville, you have this this community in this whole industry, based on music, when you go to Hell What is your taking on that Hollywood? Yeah now, I'm yes, selfish ever tv offer I get. Is this. I've had chances audition for some stuff and tv things stuff and assist like it's tough to get out there. DR, like five miles an hour from the airport hours, will you run a motorcycle right? I used to Europe might be a place for you, go to like get away from cars
You know like in between Kai. Cannot, my daughter's like you can't ride motorcycles. Madonna Jordan's, like I use candidates, they talk to shape cigarettes hail from because I used to ride. I dislike six five hundred above, like five hundred bucks to drive it from Nashville Nashville to Opryland. Where worked like a look back and that now like Raising crazy in the towns got so busy. Readers can't find a place that there's a magistrate sparkle, which is a privileged arrived, which is hard to get to rise lanes. What here in California, can lanes what you dry between the car is, thank God, God bless California, ass alone, round and that those drone. Well that's an kind. Is asking. I wouldn t I done what we did it charity motorcycle as a motorcycle in concert with so formulated for ten years, and we re much money for the van will. Children's hospital we'd ride motorcycles, all throughout the countryside, but the police or phasing in concert, honor did for ten years. Nobody got hurts the ETA.
Like tens, a good number of us, our still ahead, now you're a pilot. I am here for real pilot. You can fly a twin engine occasion you're like certified yeah. Ok, I'm gonna get into your childhood you're. Gonna tell some bad whether you like it. What is it about casino several pilots into me? They all seem to share some and common witches. They desire control. I desire to control control thing. I it's a control thing. I only labs in the back complainants source bouncing around like this going on back here, like what the scrapping of front it's a total control thing but is driving a car Hartman. You been in passenger, see my why so their displayed in Nottingham, like crazy stiffly,
the plane thing to do so, even though you not uncontrollable, if anything since, however, roles and like I'm uncontrolled is jet that all the kind of goes back to that, and I'm not sure that means about me, but then probable over the does competitive like I want to be like able actually to fly it myself, but it's more practice control but also writers, I've I've run believe we talked a lot of writers, and I myself have this so my childhood was very much out of my control. There is a whole lot of things that I didn't know I have control over. I had also d for awhile ride takes. I did all this bizarre shit. I've talked about on here. They love to me their naked approve- and I got a toilet paper across the hallway and touched the wall twice and I would say yes and I added I think I had to sit on the toilet z. Like I had this squat. I was out of my time, Squatty Party. That is why their amazing yarbs unity to abuse. It invented that creating my own, but you know
I later learn. These were all bizarre ways for me to control these little things in my life and then writers. So often when we talked to them, they have that two words like you have total control world your creating and everyone does exactly what you want them to do, and obviously you write music in you, you know even the people that sit nerve, fuckin room in learn, guitar like that is so tedious. It requires much alone time concentration obsession, I think, from the Avis thing. It was a big deal because without it I probably do not build into music anymore. I just this to having three kids and is at home. Life is so important to me and active in building to do both things is like a kind of a requirement for me listening fly yourself to show yeah uh, that's bonkers. In the end, the guys the ban come to have like never never never Lazo Monica fly or raw.
You'd be the one being like. I can fly it even though I have never taken a lesson. I die. They shared out of an airplane with his long standing in a big debate about this year about, if I have this fantasy on a commercial airlines that both pilots, for what are we really guy, I think every guy has a plan. Is that, like Mary, I'm railways Riddick at the I'll see, but now we can govern downs, we can go up and down at times like this place, show and I'll be like shock gunning, a beer at the fan and stage diving and then, like you know, by before midnight, em back in my bed. So you can, you can be two places at once. Just as I said before, I ll be shocking, appeared like seven hours later, my final than
like, in the totally baton, likened the mommy me class, unlike the banks, have only knew what I was doing like seven hours ago, but you're able to bounce back and forth, which is really helpful. Kids are the great equalizer right. I mean that the actual voting Keith Urban Tommy story, one time where he was going to go on stage and we walked on the bus noise. Guitar is like art, girls, Eureka was TAT Rock out there watching tv show there like doing I have to go to my mother thing and find a guy's later. Maybe we wait for me here. Thank you know earlier. They lovey doing that, but we do we'd be downplayed a lot and I don't have any plaques hang on my walls, wreathing fanatics knots charter. Others, Qatar lying around stuff, but like these, where the gold records are they again the shutters and they were on another fanatic there and that it is those very healthy of you. I won't make them them. Help is possible
So when they move on, I can actually enjoy like my sixtys and Seventys yeah yeah. You want get him out and ahead of them doing. It goes on. My wife is princess, honour and fro. Yes, and I don't want to do it's not my arm. Complement what our hour so she's, the never goes sing together, Hearn Edina, the princess Elsa, and so there was this that now lay they're going to raise money for some thing in life. It's the hottest ticket in town. Yet it's right, there's you know it's like the Beatles Cares and engineer. So I bring my daughter who at the time was like four or five lincoln, and we get in there there's a million kids. They are so excited and the second they get on stage was it. There is don't it's in the year you on it Don't it now has a yell. We got it. Let's go get the doughnuts on my gave a mom's about two things. I let's get some
the fact that where the only do people, Mr Rosati Doughnuts- and I might that's poetic justice for you- they may they they cannot easily straightened out. So you you did. I heard you were saint, tell me backstage, because you were taken the boy to the farm. You gonna farm the elegance, unlike land, outside attempt, it's good from Arizona age limit for twenty six years. It's great city, but our friend serves to where I live forever: POGO back out West, when some women's rights all over, I dismiss like big sunsets and skies and mountains and indescribable outdoor living, but this place has been a great like escaped us to get the kids. I was raised that nowhere in the desert, so we just begone for Outlook desert for hours. You know and the yes in the dish living in cities Addison like it's seen them around snakes and fishing and they get their hands dirty in my girls, you know riding four wheelers and stuff. It's just me and the guys in the band alter airplane blank Syracuse next to dislike contaminated lake.
Lydia assign saying, don't even look at let alone a catch fish out of here this evening on the road like wish to journalists, China's things in the road it. This is, takes much energy to do it and do it right the way you want it is we scientists quitting meet for a year. We have do not like almost a year and a half, no not really for a year and a half year end. I decided when I was getting when I started meet again. I was like I want to have more of a connection with the actual process. You know why my dad sold early take me hunting back then. He died experience in his life, wasn't really do anymore, so it's been found me he's got lovin into as well, but just on Youtube, like ok, like What we do and we are now do you were ok- see how we can get that thing up so under the whole thing on my own, alongside you like field dressed, do I did feel just and I went hunting with Luke Brian this year and you got an elk in this. Actually in my freezer owed, fallen lack snow in June
the universe, but yet I was crazy, experienced nooks and enchanted before so yet in three hours, nothing nothing. I mean that process of everyone had to do that is by bill bill than others believe mobility. A lot less life is a lot of work. I mean is the time to get prudence, learning how to do it and shut it should have a bow and all your junior, your ball on yeah yeah nutrients, dial have now on anxiety, no flames on into the bar. You were gonna fuckin, lawing, land rights, League Z, altos work into researching repellor time into than yet happens, you gotta be a pack. It out, you gonna, take a sort of due process. Now get your house and you just cooking, I'm not much of a cook. This. The intention is to goes in the cooking, meet you think like a day ahead like ok, they should act like thought out. Kids, you never know you schemes could change in a dime as they are now this great method of animal you killed and you're trying to honour by doing it right to make those bad
wherever you know it's it's, but its middle rigour, learning process and just to come around it. We actually doing of mobile phone Temple ways, but my son is all about killing the dear so sure he he wants to see it take his last. Z, like Slayer and starting up a potentially demonic. We listen to them is ice hockey an immensely here, but I had to give up when he started playing more. We, this new law Metallica its having kids with music because they like country music. They look like my girls of the pop radio Knox I get too, like China educate him. Baby be Jack. Basically, the car is like, amazingly you in Iraq. It out. Alright, I show you Metallica. Inner Sandman and why I get to be like the cool guy knows all about music, but we listen to a lot of I probably listen to enter Sandman six times a week up to and from Rocky it's like a pop up song sounds pretty fun. I wish you were my dad so bad
that's terrible had only like a limousine you're, pretty fuckin belt and it out in its ounds, perfect, my kids. I vineyards them to HOLLAND out some says with hollow. And they get to hear me sing zero smile. I am so bad at it. I can't get any the notes. They begged me to stop singing but they must as love you now Today I am like human SIRI, basically dad yeah. When awesome the river good one success I dislike does take orders. Was we try to keep my five phones, mobile pads, and so by doing that, I become like the technique. They used to get whatever they want. Yell at me, and I have to go. Do it, but I'm kind of appreciative, because I'm on on its one? All the time was serious and because my girls, of why- and I am saying, I'm love in a Jonas brothers boy. They get a saw. I would never found this, whereas it stumbling boughs and back again and now it's
I am myself like saying, and I got it I got plans. Of how you that's all I get is longstanding joke. This was the highlight of my day today, so I've been too my daughter, Lincoln, unlike you, think the Jonas brothers are so fucking cool. They want to be me So what are you talking about? I'm like they want to arrive, motorcycles and punch guy out, like the Jonas brothers, want to be like dad in shipping mom. Do that honest voters want to be like yours, but doesn't even know your dad. Dad is embarrassing. So today we are my friend, Hugh S, house in town and push it my fault. Hold on the swing set and out of nowhere. She just fuck in Dover off the thing. See, landed, got all wound up and I go was that about in she goes, Jonas brothers are going away,
be like me: no away. Yes, they are like you. Have you guys Adam, like a broken arm, soothingly dirtier, stitches, red stygian, oh yeah, Lincoln Shudder fingering the door in a door in Jersey blow it up. I mean it exploded. We pick their daughter from school and she did then cast Phronsie readers froze we're like we ve got it. We ve got to where they live rose. They want me to go round and round outside around the door like opened the door while in there
looking at you like bucks. Now like we don't really. I don't know about so let us lazy, javert situation going on our belgian this together. You have any ideas here in a hurt, so much more right like I'll, get crash motorcycles and she and I don't care, everything's, fine ideologies in my lab right now. I don't care that she would surfing. I stop stop touching your finger. It's just don't touch it like Ebay. Me way, while the ironing happens me level star three them, maybe loosely the years of my life, where our sun broke his arm Java laughed and my mother, like call my wife, Colorado issues. I think Knox money heard his arm his egg. I got to the hospital like it. S like you are on the run like a giant ran over, a small town in the stable to be another doctrine to nurses as they try to put it like pull it.
They went back the doctors, look the x rays, he closed his eyes and start like because they get like a blue angel airplane flower. Imagine with the what're you gonna do is like a camera. Pull back here, pushed for our kids go. Do we get out of here a plan for ITALY, reenact break to try to get it back and placing authority is pulling so high a thousand pulled a hand off. Is we're bad news. We gonna fix the break. Every every touch, the hand, because its drenched in sweat, like one of them, is where he got it though he totally nailed it. You want to hear a dark, see. No is so bad of me, but Kristen filling me in on the trip to the hospital cuz? We literally just sat down with Avery Brothers, where they know if we talked about them twice down tonight and I got the call I was like she hurt her finger. What should we do and I'm like
Do you need me? I don't know my bad dad like you. Did you tell me you do. I need to be there not cuz. I know I got under control, get back what it was like getting their I'm asking her everything and then mom goes yeah. They gave her a spray of fentanyl in her nose and I was like what door juice is greater than the nose like. I went on a little vacation for two minutes. Thinking and land and myself. Duration extremely is ketamine. Expression I myself am a situation. Luxembourg is Ketamine. Sick special can locate wholly ass. Anyone with a stranger, the nurses like looking like his eyes are fluttering he's, like he's reinstall, it attaches body and like Orange, but you're in Colorado might die soon, maybe one day Colored like Drugs are some that I wasn't. Nothing is berries three o in our ass,
are all about it, I'm like so they put that sprain your nose. What do you what kind of their life did she goes. I didn't know I was, and am I. I know that the greatness annually of know how you is dark. You lay a relief vicariously living through early through your daddy's, like that. That is dark proxy hit those the moment is the result of a moment ago when we knew what it was like yourselves, you think agent or knows, and I didn t strategy. Our durst bantling you're such a bad fucker, I'm so glad that you join this night and you guys please give Mr Dirk
play a huge round of applause, we're so grateful that you guys all came and we would love to come back every year and see everyone again. So thank you guys so much for coming. It means the world to us and I'm so excited The future Armed Jerry We are supported by Grove Collaborative now. Monica those all purpose cleansers your mom used to use are full of harmful chemicals that have been linked. Everything respiratory problems, the cancer. You don't need toxins that have a clean home, not with Grove Clare
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When neither now, I think, give a misconception about me. I don't like you when you're doing something there is no, I know you don't or do clothes. That's it that's why you can't look at me what to do exactly where there was enough that you feel like you're, making that face? Yes, not home. For me, when you're, embarrassing yourself he is so huge dirt. I gather that even a have yeah and to have two babes has got a swing index via renown, warhead cool booed, as our that means at All- and I do not know what that means of asking when we work well well, I mean, unfortunately, we really regular Romans like given of Dick, that it can swing so does that mean Euro afar YO, not o o
You generally go like he came in like a swinging dig does mean like confidence, summons God. That's probably does mean that their dicks, so big can swing. It would be described as like, not bouncing around, but swinging rest Swain. This way and it came in new yeah yeah, I'm gonna Miss Oliver things as we evolve earlier disk that was swinging dick. What a great expression knowledge swinging dick bounds through the doors all kinds of energy share knowledge is heads, is colorful, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, I guess, but yeah he's really care, and I I was a fan, I have a few signs on my ipod. What shows where they are those idle hands as well, The scars of free born out of today and generally get all your music from tv show ideal. But in this case I don't think I Harrison? I love called draw me a map of love. Since I was a baby,
ones years. Ninety baby, it's really really good. I want some our little close, so I'm gonna put an end to it, because that I can't hold back suggests large over and its dangled. Well know you don't know that you well, you told me, it stinks to those thing. It does no good, I'm hoping you don't, I hope or foreign of apart at all, not kind of celebrating but our earlier, you had a far to lie. We had a guess- and I couldn't I was holding my for its for two hours yeah and I looked like. I could feel that the look on my face was discomfort at once, and I thought I don't want her to inter this is I'm dying, offer with her story or there's like you know making. You're, always basin, something she said. When really was this house's forty one off, I wish you'd just fine. Dad and stare New Brunswick argue we ve done it before, and I say it was regrettable, highly regrettable and I apologize. I don't wanna make a habit of a yes, my goodness we're going to show their blood
Where will be like I want to do the show, but then I heard that you he's just can afford fart at will yeah I'll, do that is through a tiny little rooms with a guy who's to them for two hours, like that, MRS Moreau, let me I d, never smelt one are fired. I know you won't. Let me, but also if Jes was, there are probably but on job yeah, yeah that make sense that makes the other. Was a lot of smell. While we are watching tv, I definitely blamed an unjust Boca. Maybe was you new projects even over run out of proven? Far stories. I just got nervous that us, but to repeat a proven fact story. Oh you'll, make more. There was a man of poop and far story for you don't worry jewelry! Oh I got last night we had the handsome we all got pilgrim, sign stories like forty five minutes, but I really like the one were some female had clogged toilet and then pulled it out through it. That now with the a right of ok. Actually, yes,
I'd like that too. I want if the shit it's the fan like engenders and a robbery. I want her. There left this shithead and as hearted cleaner, Valentino, listen, listen, listen to me! Listen! We were talking about clog, toilet situation, young public does Ozma and her and said no. If you're in that situation, you do what ever it takes yes, and I agree without no, you agree. I do. You would not have stuck your hand, undertook scooped out the poop and shit did out the window before coming on sinks plundering. You would have Sars. I would try to solve it myself, but it got to the point where many these stories got to where they said to the person will handle it. No, now said the person I would rather have it in my pocket may now there was a window we gotta Clerval about the person comes out of the toilet. They just clogged up and then
They have to say: ok, do longer and then in a few times in these scenarios, the person who answer says, don't worry about. It will deal with that will come maintenance or something I mean and you both agree. That's the worst response you could ever say to somebody who comes out of the toilet says I need a plunder. You do not play I'll, take care of it. They don't want you to take care of a wreck, you find them a plunger and you stupid. You go look I'll, be back in ten minutes. I got to run up to the grocery store and buy a plunger. That's still prefer You sit here, make sure no Ngos in is that all we were how I would want it, but pigs, but a basis, no will handle it. Now I go back into the bathroom. I pick the poop out, I throw it out the window or I throw it in my pocket. I do something I can put it in my shoe in my shoe back on. I will not let a stranger or even worse than what I know deal with mass. I now I you, I feel the same way, but there my
not be a window, ok or what? If there's? No us seeing so. I think you have a bigger and bigger than you can't watch you set your hand. Your hands are covered in your purse. Okay, there, better regulation, bad, that's it anyway. So if we want in the scenario in someone's comes summonses, oh god, I'm so embarrassed. Do do you have a plunder. You say: yes, the plunderers acts don't get it. Let them go at the plunder themselves. Them handle all of it. If you dont have a ponder use, you go and you get a hunter immediately. We might have an idea for a great app here, because a guy comes you hit. Your app is like a uber driver. He shows up, or she shows up, goes in there and handles the situation This is a complete stranger. You don't even have to see them at least the people you knew in the office, don't see any of it now
No, no, ok! Look! I, like your Anja, knew what he had a beautiful yeah. We ingenuity by it. I think that ideas bad, because if somebody comes Would you rather have Charlie plundered now it or a complete stranger? I already said: that's not an option but having a stranger com, and then and there are still looking like, whose a stranger walk into it or they're going to the bath wisely. Don't worry, I used the fix it up, the toilet or it's the same thing is asking for a plunder. Then you ve still told people like again. There was a situation and I handle that is the same thing with the plunder. But then the stranger, I still don't want that stranger Goober app die to have to look at my poop, either preferred, but prefer preferred Charlie. I guess been preferred now
I want a plunge. It myself would have. The app was called in a flash. The like that, Canada and Russia, like you, don't have time to deal with any share in a fly. Have other Ober driver just brings Europe, wonder that's better world sure that again, but what if it requires like some snaking or something snaking of the pipes you now I don't know I've never had that scenario. Thank goodness sets an. A story. It is then meringue very ok dark So you said that the city to bowling Green Kentucky they can fly into. You said Nashville, that's right! Oh hey, he said awakens from Arizona wailing Jennings. He was born and raised then little Texas in Lay nineteen sixty. He moved the phoenix, but he was older. You know he was born and thirty Seven zero man you're, so he was twenty three
yeah I was twenty three, but he is buried. Then there is how lucky those Arizona owns it to have him. Yes, he's my friend of all time. Now, that's a song, you're gonna, say original gc. Why? That's that's quite this, Hey in Asia are sharing the pedestal. I got in a fight with my brother of Christmas that J C. What was the fine cut? My brother doesn't think daisies like cooler, good he's, trying to show that
so I hope that he can take that controversial of a state that no one thinks that I now but then we have broken Tippin tyrannies acknowledges the God they're. All they all say is the God come up. I now hear that may be, because the new kids, I don't know, what's happening with the new, can't see now the Yengeese year were, I you know, get me on here. I'm gonna tell you now: it's crazy Ohio, Camille, please it was just as birth that led the grown ups talk happy birthday, but let's not talk about Jesse in any way other than that he's a guy. I really I was trying to say that, but I also didn't have like quite enough knowledge, so I bow sure sure that's what you are aiming for. I know it worked the greatest lyricist. Well, timed is whatever the Skiff movement hand. Wailing guy calling card is how a military school in Indiana. It's called how military academy, but it is
in Indiana, O Private co, education, all in college preparatory boarding school located on a hundred acre campus in North EAST India, while my cousin Joseph Lobo and their living. This ox very specifically still alive. Now I wanted to know what it's like a paddling square ya, its soil its ha ha. Even the Sox are perfect square. Other proteome, when you are poor bananas drawbridges all these perfect square. There and then the shirts are to a perfect is every bit as pans shirts. I have no memory of what happened with the shirts and dangerous under panties. I just know the socks were very specific. You know what I wish to tell me. I wish everything was folded to perfect squared the same size, so so the shirts or folded into a perfect where the size of the soft that's folder and to pursue
and just like stack every single IDA. The Roma gonna go into the volume of dangerous that, but that's part of the folded There is a special way that makes some tiny her report into a shrinking device, but it would be cool yeah, there's a set size that everything was folded german you're on your luggage was just a seer, rather very wet dream of travel. Ok, so I said Vanderbilt is a unified school. I don't think so. Well, it's an incredibly gets, no sure sure, but it is not Ivy League known as exactly what I was decidedly, but it is called, is often referred to as Ivy League of the South They also call shake check the french laundry of hamburger joint you now in and made that up just right now. Can you imagine,
great hamburger joy, but we now need to call for less, and this is a well known thing about Vanderbilt. It's not like I just about right now, like you said a rash h, it's real people say that and I am saying it out loud- I am worried that it to do that. But do not the south Right editors North Carolina Yoga, but it out again the north partner. The North Carolina uranium is now nor I use the word nor no. As in the North Carolina now, Vanderbilt people say that people say all the time we will go to Vanderbilt Pricey, it's no ivy league, up in the south. I heard this rather right. It's a great school harvesting it into one that there should be so proud, but its views on Ivy League schools is unfortunately a tricky about. I usually is better than a lot of Ivy League schools, but it is not my village school ok now,
you see what I'm better than I early schools not abroad Glasgow, lighted, ITALY. I disagree, but listen the eye. These only exist in its regional, so it is a problem which is why you have to say Ivy League of the South cause they don't exist in the south. Elsinore exist on the West Coast, but I think even I could be wrong actually I'll ask around area, but I think it's northeast that the Ivy League technically have to be her. I dont think Stanford is technically ivy but everyone workhouse, hey, Google. What are all the Ivy League schools according to Wikipedia the Ivy League. Is an american collegiate athletic conference comprising sports teams from a private universities in the northeastern United States northeast the term ivy. Is typically used to refer to those eight schools. As a group of elite colleges, beyond the sports context, hey Google is Stanford.
University, an Ivy league school on the website, Blog Doc, prep scholar, dot com, they say stand Duke MIT and many other well known. Universities are often mistaken for Ivy League schools due to their superior academic, reputations and high selectivity, and usually away all things Google, no junior say allowed now. So yes, I stand for. It is technically the Ivy League of the West Coast, guessing Vanderpools, the Ivy League of the South, I dont think differed, needs that you know that my let her NEA just like we don't you throw them about. They should we hope to be called the stamp the EAST coast in San Jose Marilla. You need a fuckin call me. I really we good time we got a guy Yes, your lays Danver. My can
anyway. That's all that was other went by many facts in this one and for more lives than solely laughs. He was so good looking. He really was is because wife's beautiful to what a gorgeous couple had an air yeah. I did get invited in their bedroom. Why just talk just cap What just sat actualises board other? Why you're bored talking to me? I m very excited talking. You want what situation and we may more exciting was sags what if the cheer state championship whatever was knew now I know I hate in other male male John Flop and around what you wouldn't like that. We like it in the Olympics. No, I wouldn't like that ensure leading way too much route reverie for you. Can't people are catching you inside.
Flake can be won a challenge to see the genitalia flop around what people are doing like double, flips and stuff. That seems like maybe the funny thing I could it because we do. Why is it you do like in the Olympics? Swollen can see those dogs break during this re stuck there still wearing clothes uber? What's so funny to see this ridiculous appendage, the penis become unhinged and just recklessly bounce about. This man acts, there's something so silly and funny about it and not a control. It looks out of control. I think, let's fun about it and funny about it, is it feels like an accident, but they're just nude, and nothing about that- is an accident and does it feel like oh, that's funny or any changes like obeyed, there's everybody's body. Can I refrain them trip so were watching the big National tournaments Daytona rips, wherein Daytona thirty days
and someone spanned, rips right up the sea, and now all of a sudden, there's testicles and dawn on the scene. How hot Are we laughing a lovely Zena? I would we highlighted the year of like or if that happens, in twenty twenty like the years made for me? I think about when that guy, the guy, who does that final day, music holding her up, he's concentrating he's like shaky knees like barely holding. It really got a hold this for five things, but the whole time there's just this protrude warrants so goof.
Body part every Sunday Wayne in shivering and shaking with every allow me very flattered. But if everyone areas without close it's not as funny doing there could be another part of the calendar is some wardrobe malfunction. Oh wow for charity forgets. I guess the problem is most people, art and let me like it. I like Google and get random people, but most people that we know where the wardrobe malfunction- art snapping pack you're right, but can I tell you want to my favorites one is which you ve seen. Anything we want should together is a gale on the Bob Sled team and she's doing that thing right before the law I want to get in the Bob's lead where she's like pushing back and forth back and forth and also the fuckin span next gives away in an explodes. It's as I saw, I thought she heard lots out in one sign. The now sinner, Bob's, lad
it's a normal that the quickness with which it disappears is on parallel. I have not seen the other one, which is just a horrendous one. Is a guy power lifting and he's got the unit tarred on an he pro lapsed himself and a blue blows. At the back of a single it in its it's real. Her way way way way here It's a real explosion in back and ass. Yet anus was pro that big, the at its way way way saw her it towards this these programmes, are only like that. They just come out a tiny, better understand how that explosive, full exertion yeah, my way the aim is to make it and then it became ass terminal. I need you like it or not. The products tore the the single it or the just the overall tore an prologue Simon Obviously, to expose the thing he passed out. It's still frame
I don't know what was still for the whole world, but for that person I mean, or tat were worried about, like Heaven is that, while there will indeed be a stage in front everyone with your uncle bows, make an app for somebody, is in the middle of the stream competent Sancho airlift vacant. Hell that something feeling a little fun key in their bottom area as tight as they like a burglar, correct and then they go under there and it causes some sort of distress. Like a fire alarm to go off or some things who then within the building correct, so that he can have an escape and not have this horrible and bear man. If I were aims, because it was his bags facing away from audience yeah soon, as I felt that happen-
I would echo active shooter seen as everyone would turn around and look and then I would run on that day like on Africa, not really unethical, yeah, yeah yeah, all right! Well, I love you love you,
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