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Armchair Expert Live from Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. September 22nd, 2018.

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Where's the border with love and grace by Spotify Spotify is heavily into the pot cascade Monica I now they have a new one. That's gonna be exclusively available on Spotify here. you two aura on reach or before she became Rita aura on the real wind with guy arouse a new original podcast firms, I defy about artists in music and how they became the person. We all recognise today check it out only on Spotify when, in November, first, the rewind with guy roused the podcast about artist. You know before you knew them
Two thousand arms areas are ones bought. Some. assign already said I was Han ships. Thank you so much Of course it's a man, man which is confirms my suspicion. I really can express to you how humbling it is four monarch- and I do so in a little stuffy attic couple times a week in the now that this could happen.
really mine blowing, and I thank you so much for coming out tonight, eyebrow very, very cute. Miniature person with me I put her in the overhead? Was little killer, swallow bags get pad man. Ok, so I bet you guys are curious. You tonight gas is I'm about the blow your minds because there's who gas both of em are implemented as only presidents an anonymous.
Lay more famous and talented their adieu out of sorts Ethan and written deny. I may be so We have major events just started to Sunday. by way of a monologue, Iago Henrietta, This is my rifle. This is my rifle there.
they like it? But this is me and my wife was useless without my rifle. I M useless Jack Why wasn't my my wife bought me this cream, this I don't like where this is going on. I like her in his ear, whose zero very smart, wonderful woman, that way too good for you continue. Yes, I ve got you and I am sure I, Sir now now she gave me a cream for like muskie muscle paint.
Oh sure, like an icy high sea, has now like an icy, how it's like us special thank your bomb and its special anyway. So you got for me a couple days and she said that I should use it because I was complaining about my something: ok, I'm muscle paint and dumb- and I said jerry- I have courts course course course right then, to get this off. My chest is this: is this today, and if my bothering me ever since this is the place to do so, she goes she goes to me. did you use the cream, unlike yard? She goes you didn't I'm gonna yeah she goes. Did it didn't help? I'm like a little bit, not really you now, I'm gonna use more. It's probably really good right. Ok! So this morning, it's it's next to my bed, and so
I'm we're talking about so nervous. It's not gives it a personal lubricate out. She picked it up and she goes its not open. I knew tat. I said it's, it's not She has told me that you opened it and use it. So I said that to avoid cigars yeah. He said that and then she didn't say anything after that. So am I right in. This was like a public amends. Is it tat our now you're lying to you. Now it sets its I've. I felt really bad. I feel really bad about our agenda carrying around carried about it because it's revealing of how easily untruths far from your tongue from death. Exact, so the cream is representative of other things that might be her full is what you're talking about.
Exact any trying. So let your wife know that you understand you're, not always your best self. exactly so in a way. This is a story of healing, thank them. Also, pay meadow and also pay now. Is that still agonizing bigger? Now? What would I gonna get out of the air. in the room. I think it besides your relationship staff, times are on the way home is gonna, be it'll, be all ironed out from this That's all you had an armchair export interview. I did wrong It was an advance ass. I ve heard many people tell me your description of trying to find the little thread of positive news in somebody in just try to target and let it build into something was lotta. People got a lot out about myself, I'm trying to do right now, current
I'm just trying to find that little bit of goodness in you, though. Well in it's weird, so You you already had a nice fat arm chair in our view- and we learned a lot about you and in really too we're going to learn a lot about Ethan, but yeah I'm in here I will get reminiscing and take over and then I'll leave for about. Fifteen minutes start smoking again come back, and then that would be ideal Viana do the boughs and what not, but you guys are really really good friends, in fact, your friends to a degree that I often been jealous of your friendship as I fell quickly in love with Vincent's. Five years ago now I notice you guys text a lot the more than you and I do it seems ass. If I'd even say he reveres yours, your skill sat thinks you're in credit.
Laws and an are always act, yeah and in fact, the reason we we were blessed with your as it is really Vincent wrangled you into this, and so my assumption is you probably just learning who I am for the first time and I got my doing you're right, but did you like Scrubbs? Did you think that A good show you remember ever like seen in thinking. I was good, do you like the movie? I made my garden stay gardens the directory debut Gardens day. Did you like that? Like God is time being set a burning Danny resemblance to sack brass, that's when I was about to make you feel better. I have no idea
Maybe you better right where you are or as I want so I'm a three times. I call on the world champion. That's why I didn't miss their respective ringlets, but but the people who listen to shout now that I talk about boy. How I dont think I ever go more than twenty minutes without talking about boy who is this. the best.
so real, and I and I had a chance to interview my mother on the show is well in that was my favorite episode because she was unbelievably honest about are pretty wild roller coaster. Ride of my childhood and her early twenties and both of us when we saw that movie particularly scenes at the dinner table, were everyone's waiting to see what drunk step dad's gonna do. I'm getting chills is thinking about. It was so accurate and it was. It was my childhood and then, as I was reading about you a little bit in preparation for this, I saw some parallels and that your parents got divorced when you are three or something my mom seventeen. When share my brother, your Mama's, seventeen, and then I have to say my monkeys- is it's so strange? I often say she was seventeen issue. Goes she gets apoplectic.
I was eighteen, seventeen when I got pregnant, but when you were born, we think of it like mom feel some like It's her ass, the eighteen. Seventeen a thing is like her: it's a big I bought a lottery, dig it when she had you in arms. I understand, therefore, your mom, but but but so you they get divorced. When you are three and you then had a step, dad do have one or more Attica. a couple yeah I had several is well graduations, great, isn't it? What might be reported is: is it you have a whole way, everyone's doing everything in the family and then a new book shows up and goes now. We live in
there is now. You know my way that ok, I'm member for me, it was really strange. Is it's got a nice? My stepfather envisage knows you won't have to know that this is he was the first one to notice that I, my mother, had forgotten to teach me to brush my teeth. You know like so that, but Emily sounds kind of weird thing, but also new ten years old, not save them brush your tea every morning, tat this guy was so cruel and girls are not their people, don't do, but you, I know your own reality is kid in and when your mother falls in love, you know and as we all know this, when the person falls in love, their point of view shifts in a meeting with things that I love about. Boyhood. Is you get that right of, and you see it,
multiple points of view where for her she wants to be in love for the kids. They want attention, they miss their own father Wanna get to know, and then no sooner did they fall. Sometimes, for me losing my stepfather was harder than my parents divorce, because my own file, you only get one far. You only get one mother right man, but you these men tours in these other figures, come into your life and when they leave, you might not find them again and that had it for me as a kid that was more terrifying. I always knew my father there? Was there the Eba without seeing him every day or not? He was there and what's gonna happen when my mom's, what's up with this, isn't gonna disappeared and often they do ya know. Sounds like you- had a very favourable opinion of at least up their number one. We really going.
This is where I have my stepfather is named he's not married to my mother anymore, but he was named. Pataky is named batch of powers and he's an amazing figure in my life, but that was stepped. Add number two. Ok, fair. I fully will leaves their bedroom Rwanda. I have a step there that I don't say his name is I'm afraid people might Eggers House or somebody era, but with a low thing that for me as a kid was you when your mom single, you can often end up being her partner, not in the sick way, but you become her. Partner physically now, actually is now very natural, zags away
You know when I like you know it is not only about I'd like really by and then a guy will show up and then all of a sudden and psycho than they occupy that role, and then that then you can't get relegated. Then there's a divorce and you're gonna you're back up, then you lack Yater starting line up again exactly they trade merely by I wanna be Y know I mean it's and you dont know if this is the feeling of loss when your parent falls in love, but then, when that relationship dissolves there's this weight that falls back on you of of responsibility for their emotional yeah motion, which is really which is and if
the young man and you really love your mom. You know that's a sudden. You take really seriously and it's more of a burden and probably a fifteen sixteen seventeen zero boys relieve and ready for you. I found that very hard Zalm with you, a hundred pounds and down I'm curious. I don't really have an explanation why early on, I had a very huge fear of commitment, but I guess I think, because I was INS Syracuse relationship is dial with my mother's. Actually I would like to see her face right now see their cause she's the goal, as you be probably making a worse joke. but I think I had a little bit of hesitation about getting ensnared in anything for awhile. Once I left the house and housing Oh good? No more! No one else is game plan and I have to go along for anyone's rights, and I want to be a part of a bad plan. I have all the
rules and no one can, but now I'm in control, and I think of a little bit the women, unfortunately, my life early on where maybe a little bit you know I just didn't want. I wanted some freedom from maybe that responsibility until I got older, That's just a story about me thanks for coming down here, and rightly so. You you, you you're, born. Causing you coming to Brooklyn Ray, come to Brooklyn, add three four years old. I was never that simple man survival going born. Also, my parents, are it you'd, see you you're, bringing up a very weird conversation in my psyche, because I have so many
you might like this. My story was weird: my parents ended up move into Connecticut and then they broke up. My father move back to taxes. On my mother's day. We is, she ended up foreign lovers in ITALY. We move to Vermont in farewell area from my mom is that my mom was a waitress at Stratton Mountain Valley, large. You know, I am sure, this weapon I loved he's incredibly not in the same way, not in the same way access talk about none of it, but I remember this is is am I can my my skin is vibrating reared work. As I know what I am about to say, and I know how much my mother's going eight me for saying about it: I've decided on this same anymore, go get em. I was thinking about it. The whole last like, but a member. We were like at a move. You sit in my mom and I am in the fourth grade third grade and we put into the house in Vermont. In there we this little
cabin of a house in all my mother's lingerie was nailed up to the front door. and she's we're moving to Atlanta. Basically, and always you went in and I stay in the car, she got some stuff and we drove to eleven that's a dinosaur that only happens. A woman was a kid at eighteen. Reverend Zeros Evans has no longer been stable through the door. So, of course, is not that easy. if a story behind your bad something leads to help, is Mamma roused, she's, absolutely love and organ well and she's, obviously more than that she's. This has this amazing life and
she moved to Romania and has done so much there and and and works a gypsy kids. I'm getting stuck trying to stop child begging, trying to stop racism against gypsies. She grew up in New Abilene. Taxes with racism was really bad when she was a kid and she was traveling in Europe and recognise the same kind of racism happened there and she dedicated basically almost less twenty your life to trying to work towards stopping racism in Eastern Europe in Romania specifically and we're gonna getting even it is a big problem with child begging there and get those kids in schools gun thousands.
Is this course of as we job. I would really one of the things that I really like about what link litter achieved with boyhood? Is it you? Can? I don't ever really know what the parents you old kid see their parents through a particular limbs, and you don't really think about them- is whole people. You think about what the relationship to you. It's controversy and you know a member or what some people say. What is your mom do, living in London who cares for me, but now that I've kids, that's what they're like yeah. They don't what movie or enter everything they just want you to take here. There's stuff you d to where they need to be added. not going away on you and on the car, but you do end up in Brooklyn event,
I do in November. Yes, and then you end up in New Jersey were Garden State first movie, you. Our youth. Brooklyn have ninety nine was abundantly broken overthrow, I'm so regular bus and, in my view, guys in the world, while we really can always go back to us and so great, and then you come to Brooklyn, but then you gonna there too, and then you go to New Jersey and is your ear mere the main chunk, your childhood? Is it New Jersey, seventh grade through twelve grand, that's pretty substantial and all this moving. How did you do when you would land in these places? Well, here's the things we already from different story, he didn't do so hot when he moved around.
There are no. What a member em I was that a playground here in Brooklyn I had a really: we lived in a land for awhile and had a nice pride for southern action in a lost. It really fast got my ass handed to me several times in it, miserable I used to lay in my motto: we had this really nice apartment and land, and then, when we moved to broken, we had one room Livin with my mom is so I had a little loft bed above you know where she would sleep in a member. I would just sit there. This is gonna sound, so pathetic. I would just sit there and like clicking heels back, there's no place like home. I just wanted to go back south, so bad. You know, and I just kept him. Could this be a dream? Please let this be a dream
a dream ass. My life. I've been on Israel. Now that was a horrid transition going from the south to Brooklyn with super hard, as is the kid Jersey better. It was you. I am not a member like my first day coming from Brooklyn to there was there was girl, I hope, maybe she said in a shared cabal, area, thereby Harry was amazing, sherry like to my twelve year old self. She was smoking hot and I loved her, and I remember none the boys liked me in was the last one picked for the kid that I was the last one picked for the kick bottom, some just you talk about moving to stay and- and I was gonna bust- and they put me way out now field and that never in this somebody kick this thing and I caught the bar and accountable thanks,
sherry ran over to all the cool kids going see is not your keys. Can I was critical, oh and I knew I was lost as there's no one here then makes guys like another guy more than the high. Girl saying I like that guy Eddie, I'm sure that's how I didn't know what we like amount do. Yeah doesn't work like that. I guess what the reason curious about how you did it these new environments is, early on were brought before even acting. Maybe yeah you you had a desire to be a writer now little, are they are they are at the same time? You know I am we're just an hour Jochen earlier about crazy, Dennis Hopper, you know and then a supper as an amazing quote that I love, which is that he always saw himself, is basically a farm. Kid
and he never knew that there was a difference between writing and acting in directing in photography and music that all happen in that building called the arts and he wanted to get like away from his family into that building. You know, and that's really how I felt so if that was gonna, be acting in a play, that'd be cool if it was play music that be cool. If it was acting that be cool, I wanted to contribute in be part of whatever that mysterious thing yeah called the arts was yeah, so I dont think my kid mine was like. Oh, I want to be an actor. Oh, I want to be a writer. Doesn't look in my eyes, you since I I didn't, have an agenda like that. I would meet, but did you romantic notion of what a writer was. Ok, I want is Jack London. I want to begin, ok I was travelling, your guy was in jail and then, for sure run. My was bukovsky thanks. I asked well over thirteen
Thirdly, really slimy right when I decided and I'll tell you, why so I thought of this guy. Is he shoots spans once a week? related what I just thought this guy is easy. Failure on all accounts he's drunk all day long. Every woman is with aids as goods, but he fucking rewrite it down. In its view, before and then the whole thing seems justified and is a young guy. I just I found that very romantic that if you could contribute this, if you could tell it truthfully some Howard excused what is shit value or something and they made us, secretly what was going on in my mind, since your boy had vanity that I often like to say this that I think Richard Link Letter Charles Bukovsky, Jack Kerouac and it's gotta, be somebody others, this another person and there are responsible for more.
Bad art inspiring more bad, or maybe you can do anything. I fart right, a great poet care. What do you like all right? A novel about my friends, awesome United Limited card here you know, link letter makes a movie about grown up. I could grow, they make the simple thing though the timeline you're, like I get one don't twelve years, that's a manageable times. I dont know better if it's a doubt, but anyway, I do think those guys to put that in your brain yeah see you You start working very young, I mean, by my account very Vincent. You were pretty young too. not. Now I am
Why not talk to me public done talking but I do not imagine that at some point we're gonna hear mumbling we're gonna disco acquiring in here, but deeply on the cream. I didn't, I didn't the thing but upon the cream or you don't have to open thing to put on the key, speaking to you anyway, can we continue about where we were asked me something, but when visiting rights aren't working really young yeah in what did you did? But how do I say this
delicately where you call and I school or did you feel like an outcast? I definitely felt like an outcast, a member when I got cast in explores. I had done this little don't play at the community's mccartin. Theater I got castors I play done was page and Saint John look a kingfisher. I was my line That's really good! Thank you. I got scared. There is still no adequate measures and I saw a huge and black radio like a net. We are supported by Chrysler Pacifica, RO linoleum role in which I did a lot this weekend.
When all over town, my pacifica, I can't go back and forth the home depot because I'm decorating houses you ve seen share can't get enough lights on that house. You really can't not gone crazy. I've done it, you did it. You can stop now that if uniform, but I had a couple trips up there and I took the three year old with me: she has gotten very s. dude at operating the electric doors and what not she likes to do that. Now she even figured out some. I have realised that unionist bushes little button on the outside door and then the whole side door opens up wow, that's nice, yet my three year old can do it talk about a beam easy. I have to imagine anyone in their thirties or build a figure it out too, but we were dip in all around town and my pacific. Again, I look pretty cool and in fact we recorded a video that you're gonna, maybe post of just how sweet I looking after eight twenty and wheels black on black again of Darth Vader had a many. Then this would be the one got the builtin vacuum. Seeing for eight both rose stow. This thing could not be more packed with cool features, tribe
Panoramic son roof open than upon the way Chrysler is offering armchair expert listeners in exclusive one thousand dollar incentive on a Chrysler Pacifica to get your Thousand dollar offer visit Pacific up and down. dot com so anyway, I did this play. Thank you, yeah, yeah and, and I started, I went on a few big casting calls in New York with some people that I met from that play, and one of them was for this movie called the explorers which I and getting the main pardon and River Phoenix was in. That was never Phoenix. Was my gostar. My first seem partner and it was an interesting thing at high school because for second I seemed incredibly coup
well. Actually I mean I, I had to leave the football team to go to a movie over you're on the football team property. I didn't start to digress permitted on the eighth grade team. You know we did a little. You at the end of the season, the script no, no, the season it with a bank where you a bank which it we're doing we're doing a banquet, and you know I gave a got up and gave her speech about the team what a successful season it been our feeling good about next year and I come to back down and with mothers like. Why did they you talking you you, you don't even start. I was here. We would have wanted to emphasize that this, as the who I was, you got something an orator, get a member in You know in everybody's gettin barn bought myths. Would those things why get invited to a couple and apparently idea,
sounds like a lunatic and really I and I agree with and the point why I will well not. This is because ideas that these things in and then I got excommunicated from a whole group of friends. It was really this is vintage eighth grade stuff, where you're you're sitting around the table ripe and you need lunch every day, the same table and paused near Branson there and Davidson their shots at their right and you get fries and you ve come over in them in one day after this bar mitzvah that I'd apparently behave like an idiot. I I just was dancing you know, and I didn't pull hers. His name I launched into the stratosphere, says I mean only eight to table
but we hear about a year, but its aid today ha, I don't and everybody there. Also that I love you Paul. I look to their eyes like a to table. Do it so they clearly other all talked about it. You know. You're gonna get I'd work over the one tabled by myself to give united with high school in a nice I set by myself- and I say this ready for this one guy Brandon boy. There we go brave boy, he stood up, gave them a scowl. We witnessed said next man. He was my best yea. I always like it was like. I can't buy me, love the african and eager dance, but you didn't pull it off. Did you see That movie, I can
was the old amused? Aachen asshole? I was the lead you in our now. Stop for a wealth of illicit you well Amanda Petersen was in them in a man's Petersen was in the explores with me, and it was the very to get us back. the topic is somebody's the explores. I was kind of a loser. I did this movie and all of a sudden it was very interesting. People were injured didn't make sure in the movie was a giant bob. I took that really hardier, I really do think it really ard and I'm gonna call reason. That's that's a lot of pressure for a seventeen year old boy. To be honest, with the punch hindsight, twenty twenty, it's a punch in the face of anybody is going into the arts needs to get that. If you're looking for the world, the love you back, it feels really good when you guys laugh. It feels really good when you make people happy, but if you really gonna be out here doing
Something is trying to do some interesting. You ve got to fall in your ass you're gonna shit about good you're, not doing anything interesting in. So if that's gonna crush you, then you really should walk out. You know- and so I survived it- took me several years to put myself back together after that. To be totally honest with you, you know that's when I will that's what are really thinking about writing. Thinking right, my room at the tables gonna be, writing is actually. This is no joke. I was at the the movie premier zig field. this move is directed than grim wins, it was nineteen. Eighty five it's coming, espoused thirty million dollar movie. Ninety lady, fine, ok, was a big deal, Harry is already of agency goes ahead of the studio river and I walked down the escalator after the premier who went to go the bathroom in NAM any we overheard the executives from paramount talking. I glad
loser. Yes, it was now the public's rejected those kids. I'm in that that's no less than that. That's no! Our view is very small in Denmark. and women I river, and I would just it felt like a horse back and then you walk out of the John. Your mom goes. I know the public has reached, dead man and to be I mean it's a thirteen year old psyche like that in especially when you ve been you know. You're egos claims have been fair and, as you know, that's really were I'm having ok had their very, very friggin their team. You know that group of guys that was standing there talking like that, it's it's happened again and again and again, but can you imagine being the guy saying roofing? It's me you're kidding, salvager come on nobody will know those people in years
As you know, I had river done stand by me, yet we had it. So he was justice. Vote Oh, you are so he can even go ahead. You sometimes it the funny thing is it one of the most brutal moments of our friendship is soon here so, maybe eighteen months you when you're fourteen eighteen months feels like science have gone by right, and I got a call about another audition for this move because stand by me in I went in and it did the precursor, addition knows, my first audition after explores like because my mother all right, you know it. So when I guess I did a good job and did a good job and I finally got to audition for the director Rob Rheinart directing movie and I go in there and I M getting us may really good. I just gave
part two another kid with a funny name and I knew instantly who it was another key activities. name than you. Two birds Corky Pigeon wasn't. It relates to rid of lily Lake Eagle, they say we says, says rivers name, and you know that weird thing about friendships and UNICEF. When parties like a little happy in another? Huge party just died like ain't. Nobody, but my friend do you like and then, and then he calls me up- is a key source. sorry, that's a rough! Sorry! You need you now! That's ok! how can you get a little laugh of your own a couple years later with dead poets society? Now this is and I become aware of you
nineteen, your seven right he's only five years. Only four years old I was, I was eighteen when their ports- I came out, so you had been allowed now, fourteen Jesus Christ out I'm forty, that's a price time to see that a virgin you sleep with you, my my mom and I networks, then Childer know them we ve now that movie means a lot to me and when I saw that movie, I just it was such an emotional experience for someone who's fourteen years, so largely responsible for that experience- and I remember going like oh my god that guy is so special and just really
became a huge fan of you. What whatever movie sincerely now? What happens to your ego? ninety one that have to do is used. You guys that Goin garments was didn't you during this period. I have to imagine it is that talking about of eager, we well, that's our main. It's what we talk. what I would like to say. One One truth, Vincent might say otherwise, but one truth is. I had actually been so scarred from the experiences a kid It took me a long time to register that people liked at ports aside, because the whole experience on the explorers- everybody Tommy, the movies, brilliant writer, every close to make us
Oh, it's, brilliant, your brilliant, your brain and United Europe. So they pose this. That is coming out and music, all your brilliant, your brilliant in and I just didn't believe them. I just wanted not to be a casualty. You know not to be one of those key actors that turns their life into a disaster. I was, I dropped out of college in my parents really worried about me and I really wanted to work and put one foot them for the other and prove that I was right to drop at a college and so in a way
My ego might have clearly been effected in some way, but I was so sure that whatever success I was having was going to be so short lived that I just wanted to use it to get through doors. You knew I so that that was really how I felt you didn't. It didn't cure the fear that we all kind of carry particular in your case. Having had that experience- and I can see that keeping your humble but just the being nineteen in going place, in people saying hide you and girls. All of a sudden wanting to talk to you. That was good. That's that's allowed to juggle at ninety. I wrote a wheeling and thereby can I thought I was walking Elvis Presley it's gonna hard to keep that thing. You know in the saddle Did you ask someone in your life? That was the check in
the EU did you where you staying connected. Did you have a mentor like? How did you navigator because you didn't implode as many people did? I didn't implode. I stop it establishes that wins. It knows them share. I didn't tell you visit knows he wore or like a leather jacket for a month was way out of his leg, something gnaws way worse than that. Well, I guess you could say that what I I don't know how I survived a look back at Frank. I just don't know that there, but for the grace of God, go as what I want, and I don't know why I didn't get run over. I don't know you don't mean to Peterson. You know passed away a couple years ago. You know passed away a long time ago. This is these earth. We make jokes about how your ego can sustain, but you know egos are ferocious.
Creatures and they can destroy our wives. If we don't keep him in check in. I don't know part of it is a biochemistry. You know something that you're just born with. I I have you know. We talked about step fathers, a member I made my Broadway debut in them in this, in a check off play right from twenty one scupper years. After what you talk about- and this is this- is life we actually I'm a member has focused stage, looks a lot like this right now. I remember walking out onstage thinking in this we're on making my Broadway debut
clean constantly in the sea, just one greatest parts ever written and I'm not nervous system slain. As per that's a good, your background, the dance floor, developments and guess what the review reveals show that I wasn't taking it seriously. Do you know my point being is? Is it where I was going to go with that had had a confidence? and I loved what I was doing, but I did have great people in my life and number the opening night, like I went to light a cigarette in literally for riders, came out from agents managed and people like that, because you know when you twenty one, your future incomes, a you know, you know they'll their willing to take a bet in my stepfather saw this moment in and he took me aside in
He said you know something along the lines of you're. Acting like an entitled. Those shit. Do you know in that? These guys are kiss your ass and you think it's so great, but you know you should be home cause you weren't that good, you weren't as good as you can be in you You know he was always challenging me to not remember he used to say he would say really wise things to me like it's always hard to tell when people are full of shit when their complementing you not because you're a bad person, but because you want to believe that our right leader, so when the guy goes you're the next Marlon Brando. You think Like you dont, you don't think of you know it made so hard when you're in that seek to see clearly and so does that's the long into the short answer is I got spared somehow I made it through a gauntlet that I didn't deserved
Make it through. I don't know, I don't know how I ended up going to be forty. Seven sit here. Talking with you and get to have this kind of action think knowing him it's. Why one of the reasons why we bonded is that neither have we ve always had a we ve, always what is especially when we were younger, no matter how crazy things were getting in how many the opportunities we had put in front of us that we were always able to step out of ourselves a bit and see ourselves a little bit. You know, and I think that's because of people like you step that, like that and people to people like you and me, we could do that for each of them in Vincent came to one of the first book readings I ever did you know, and I never forget we have very funny experience reworking of the bookstore. There always lovely people there. One instance in this one guy really wanted to give me a manuscript, and we were being rush,
somewhere else remember this in and we got rushed in the back of a town car and we are sent back in their undisguised. Please we read this thing and the door shut and we both looked at each other in any sudden, Samuel Beckett. We just slammed the door and Samuel Beckett. You know in this. I mentioned only because that's the value of our French. We were always reminding each other well lucky it was to be in the seat were in and how we don't deserve to be here right and then the tail end of what I was going to say goes a little darker, which is facing my pants, late. Please don't ask me bye, later in life. Both of us had similar things too, that we, you could say, barely survived times. Well one China. What he's trying to say is that we're not like choir boys over you,
we're like such good planning. That goes with it has this means that we have I don't think I want higher things that your camera media have fallen. Thank you. You know he is yes on my ass many times I don't know sometimes have to u story. I'm scared to say this because it's really sad really strange, but I hope this is ok, I mean you're laughing, but I'm not a I ice. I was fourteen and River Phoenix and I still a pack of cigarettes together right with both we watch. You know some weird thing on James Dean or something we wanted smoke came on filters right and so
he went in back in those days. You could put him in a bar near unanimous. We got some quarters we had from the guy, we put him in and we went out. This all was a we weren't in ice. We were making a movie, but other people in high school. We went out to this back the size fulfilled. Next to this you know the goalposts em we smoke three cigarettes in error and a member river peut. He turned green repute in and I didn't and I thought of that the night he died. It's not it's not up to us how we don't know how strong our bodies are. We don't know and and some people can do, asinine things and they drive home drunk and they packed currently wake up in the morning and they go to our colleagues, none of us and they saved your life and they tell the story some people crash and burn and die in its. It's, not there's. No, like pithy
statement? Where will because I had friends, I laid you only you what you don't owe me is I'm fourteen years over and I've had bright, are you. A good bodies die in the fucking cocktail. Every time it comes out with the car dealers online, I've been on that exact, same domination, twenty five times and they had to You just don't know why that night, last elected the universe, it did truth is the universe, is moving in these ways that we don't really know. But one thing we know is we know when we're hurting ourselves. We know it. We know one we're out of alignment with some similar entry of it all. You feel it in your heart and you feel it when something is fun and when something is malevolent and when you get attached to malevolent forces inside yourself, bad
should have goes down and good friends say member. We talked about this member and you go no. We didn't that's, not what I mean and then you can The phone you like. That is what I meant any haunts you, but in hopefully you can pull yourself out of those negative tail spends in so Dorothy. I wonder I have on you- is what's kept you right size is you have an incredible work ethic for whatever reason again, maybe by chemically may be yours that that now don't you're an industrious. Mother fucker is suspicious leave written three books directed three movies. you mean somebody else has directed area lay wisest suspicious because three three three, three movies, three blaze, three book. That means when he does another, when you're old theory goes up I'll, never the argument of areas that are needed.
the fourth of anything to say all things. Tat are actually directive for movies written for now so you're you're off track tongue and is to be a, but you can go out. Three thing I ran away my Wikipedia Vader discover less weeks as my name's Dax, Amis That's true! Is that acts of late? You know that, don't you think I told you this. This is its twenty been tampered with. My mom goes on my Wikipedia bitch and tries to corrected and they will letter. You know like go. Have my son's name wrong right and should be like knew his grandmother. His son's name is this and they got no. It's not my note with involved magazine. Ninety ninety seven. It says if but that was wrong and honest grandmother like now. You know why
God. I only learned it is because someone tweeted me, I name my son after you, Dax amidst the dry and the birth certificate bags of is as a word, you get taxes and there was a screen grab Wikipedia so than I there, and I tried to correct that. Then I learned I've been made. This is true. I've been banned because we're biogas, I wrote something you do not allow it or something I never written anything new, Wikipedia and unplugging ban. That's nice Jackson! Piss is bind all is Dax was an actual name. Maybe in century wrong. I thoroughly not in Detroit Maxim is done. Activists
are they gonna guys and a strong man contests getting Magnus were Magnus, so you're an industrious dude and you he's nonstop he's just non. Stop it's really impressive, but I was impressed of allowed. It isn't the obvious that your hard work, I think that that's awesome and there's a lot of people that are our workers to me. What's really admiral, about. It is when you are known as an actor and people like you, and they like you in that lane and you come out new go, but I'm a pop go. Fuck, you are, you go. I play bays and I want it's weirdly. Instead every year when you have something you ve excel there and then you're going to start all over again and try something completely unproven, that you know the bars gonna be high and that the critics are going to be rough. So that is what I
Meyer about you is that you would go fuck and I'm gonna do this and you had to have recognised the stakes or the wrists yeah. I you just didn't. Stop you what other people think about, but I often think about a Jerry? I really. I really find myself thinking about it like a member. This filmmaker Michael Merida, offered me a film of hamlet in a member a couple. My people around me friends, interesting, don't play him. What
sound, pretentious people think you're so pretentious already. If you play high play him, just gonna make funny you so much. I remember it's just it's just my brain, my brain thought yeah, but I'll play hamlet. Now you know like big fucking deal. They make fun of me in. I felt like win if you can't take being made fun, if you can't take it, then their right. The funny thing is, I rose. This is your people would say. Oh he's running, nobody wants to be taken seriously in under my brain when I don't. If I want to be taken seriously, I keep acting like, I know how many it may forever. So why would you do that? But then I realized oh, do I want to be taken seriously, because if this hurts my feeling could feelings? Clearly I do everything you know it now. I dont want.
taking seriously. I remember this is written this setting this great down Ginsburg Interview and memories on Carson and he would chant our Krishna out of its true or not, but the stories like we imbros are correct. I want to go out with you know the whole countries making fun of you, but I'm a poet and that's my job. My job is to fuck up the Johnny Carson Show in making up everybody realise that weren't. Would this is our life? You know like wake up, wake up, wake up we're alive right now. You know that it's my job is not for everybody like me or say, good job. What a nice poet! That's a good yeah? That's not my job. I remember thinking that so cool. What caused it? If you're following your norstar in your able to kind of put everyone else's opinion dial it too, you know muted down enough, you can end up
exceeding whether or not anyone else thinks all right, which is a very liberating thing. So you ve made a few movies, and I would I wonder if you feel this way there if you make the movie you wanted to see you ve won, is that our EU approach making a moving you ve Kirsten, show right instruments like I caught the fuck you power, ok, right grand powers like Vincent, I did a play together once its is cut was called. Clive is based on bricks, ball, it's a modern, and if you do bricks, ball breaks ball is not trying to be light. Breaks balls trying to be incendiary in the same way that, like early punk rock bands and get on stage unjust,
it's kind of designed to make you go to wake you up you coming to the theatre. You want to kind of fall asleep and have a nice hazy dream that lets you cry at the right time and breakfast saying no people do you know me. Is China violently wake you up and Vincent? I worked on this point and we got to place. A member was really fun of sitting there. Looking at two sat looking at what we're doing in Goin, believing as I do it's a great feeling when you know you do in and when we didn't believe we kept working, and you know we kept work and we have not in we're. Ok, we got it. This is what will die on this hill in what I'm? Ok, don't you don't have to like it, I'm not saying that it is actually goodest and I'm no opinion about whether it's good or not good. It's what we were trying to do to your point and when you ve done,
you can say remember, like I knew say, another actor in the show. I knew we was good in the show. I didn't think he was going to show it and hope he was good in the show, I didn't, I wonder if she was gonna show I knew they were and that's got the fuck you powers of semi rights, combat about fuck. You you're wrong in you. You have to kind of hold that in your guest everybody's got an opinion in the art. Well I'll tell in their allowed it that's the job of it. They're allowed not too like they're, not bad guys. They don't like it there right in your also in a business. We all coffee is relating index. I'm really gosh right, yeah, creeper, coffee hit. You write it a thirty minute marker, but we're in a business where you you do movies and you try your hardest on all them. Presumably, and then there's is huge element of luck that no one really can factoring in and in you, you ve had movies that were huge hits
you ve had movies that were in new, probably there's no barometer while making them or ino. Occasionally you know, you're and submit a ship. That's taken on water but he's working with me. He no bad guys, the brain thrive Gabby. I start sharpened for property, but because it's it's, so no, not really what you have to hold on to, or the thing that you can own is just the experience itself right. You got to learn to kind of love and value the process, because that's the thing that really your your life's really the process. It's not about that weekend where there is a power outage on the EAST coast and no one to the movies are all these different variables. So you seem in from the outside. I don't know what you're internal dialogue has been, but you seem to some debate. has had a really healthy relationship with I'm
go to a play. No now I'm gonna stop and I'm gonna write a book. Now I'm gonna do this, like it doesn't appear that you ve taken the low hanging fruit too often, legislation training day, which is another fuckin. your movie. Oh my god, when you had those moments of a ton of capital, because you Lisbon in something really successful. How is it you ve been able to decide? Now, I'm still going to focus on this next thing that I really care about and not take that that low hanging fruit,
or have you taken at night. It didn't realize it because you have euro human being. You have bills and share my profound right, you're, not independent, we wealthy and the problem is, if you, if you you know, that's a funny thing. I was when I was visiting those the start of your memories, but it's so cliche. What am about to say we're so cliche, I'm turning forty and I can't believe it. I can't it comes out of nowhere to me all the Senate turned forty and I've been the youngest my whole life. I was thirteen every when I signed at my agency. I was the youngest client they add. My whole viewpoint was that of the youngest person, the room and when the sun was forty, I couldn't makes
sense out of that directors were younger than me. I just my brain just wrestled with it in I went online to try to figure out what actors I admire. You know like how how am I going to live all this energy we spend with young people, teach them how to be, like thirty, eight, how do before when you grow up and you're doing what you want and what must happen after that right. I know like does not this big energy teaching forty year olds, how to be eighty, eight like an error but you're on your own kids, like low budgetary like me, and I want to live, and I do share what's so. They tell me how to do this. I want to not screw up my life. I want to not like saw having these thoughts like am I gonna be an eighty year old? I like you, know most, and so I started thinking about it. Ok, I'll adjacent robarts right and it's our reading about Jesus I'm up
all night. I was shooting movie in a way for my family, and I decided that Christopher Plumber, Christopher Plumber Class ACT and this guy I do love is acting. So I start like going inside me as the insider in like going through. Even that got a little port. Malcolm X is always doing something. Interesting is playing. King Lear is is Canadian is perfect and they teach it up and then my and then my heart breaks independent. wealthy, Are you not? How do you make all these artists is families from the canadian railway or something- and I mean it doesn't take- is greatness away, but it does The one I know but one of the canadian oligarch. I love, the thing I was resting with this, and how am I supposed to keep Jason my dreams in do
things. I wanted you and I've run was pregnant with Indiana, and it was my fourth kid you know in so, and I was the economy was falling apart and ass. It was I'd made two forty before I was hit that moment. We you're scared, shitless about money. Sure I can all of a sudden. I just wish I'd. Never when did Pussy Sadie came out of it pay thirty grand literally a member sitting in this department in New York and thinking. I'm the richest personal anybody richer than me. your rather rigid nineteen year old member, I win win grocery shopping. You know about makin she's. Ever I want. I bought the large cheerios. I give a shit rave who planned monster as many. I thought, as I am in romance general, been
I didn't like a race track, and my mom and I've got three of them still make a really big, because I thought girls would like that they didn't they wouldn't bring, but anyway, so the point. What also Christopher Plumber? No second dammit. I can't because reply because he clearly got to do King Lear got to do- will make all these choices does he could make these This is, I don't even know the man right, but in my imagination, a thing and he could make these choices just based on. Aren't you and I was feeling these like dammit, I was gonna, let everybody you know. If I don't my heart and let myself down. If I, if I do, Let me let my family down near, and it was very- was the kind of crisis moment for me. and I realize how much I wished I wanna be independently wealthy. I actually moors for people when they are independently wellbeing and they are successful like Julia Louie Drivers, she's from the drivers, family, she's, amazing.
She's a billionaire her families billionaires- oh, my god- bless, there's gonna work ethic. I want it. I mean what are you saying a visa like pop in Magnum in January, that bigotry duress every really well isn't we're running out of time, and when I really want to talk about two things that you have currently in the market place, one of them is called first reformed, which I watch tv as you guys. seen as its on both leave avoid so fucking good, oh, my god, you're so riveting. So is that the guide the beginning who's that guy these Venza? What's that you see the movie now I could give you share the movies, like one of my favorite things you ve ever done in this team is amazing. The result is an amazing young actor levies on Place Michael and on the priests and I'm Kelson. These guys have a deep crisis
Does this wife? Is a young man they're expecting a baby in it doesn't bring a child into this world when he's really worried about the future climate, the climate change and what's happening in it, it's breaking his heart because he, and he really wants me as a religious leader to provide some leadership. So what are we doing? What is the church doing for the environment for gods earth now? What what? What are we doing? Where are the grown ups? And how can I pretend to be a grown up for this child when all the grown ups aren't taken care of earth we can. All these issues are totally irrelevant it they urged earth catches on fire. You know in the filmmaking, sobering is in the back he's the whole time and this conversation is gotta screen saver. Picture of the earth every decade in the last year and it is getting hotter and hotter in its very very well, movie Polish railroad taxi driver raging bow.
American jig lays great filmmaker, and it's it's a cool gonna throw back filmmaking sky there recently read that a different forming Tom, as it makes your I think, differently. Yeah, it's a throwback to breasts Honour Bergmann films in August in your brain goes way. Does this old movie, but this is one complementing and a force you to listen to because it really hit me and boyhood. I think you're a tremendous actor but you're not a flashy actor, and I say that as a compliment. But I'll tell you when the the power of your acting became crystal clear to me was in boyhood, because you would dealing with the lot of actors who are young in your fill me in a different stage. of their life in their real human beings? So when there's six and eight years old or whatever they probably are not very self aware and then when they get to be teenagers, the very self aware and their starting to define their identity and think of how they're coming across. So it was
dressing just watch them as humans. The kids go through that and what what I think is a testament to your acting is those kids were at their best every single time when they are and scenes with you, you bring out such great performances and people, something about what you do makes people feel so at ease. so comfortable, and it was just it's so glaring in boyhood. I think that such a tremendous marker of a greater actor and you could miss it. Go watch, boyhood and watch those kids and scenes with all different people and then just watch them with Ethan. They just lock in in the real as it gets and it's weird cuz. to evaluate evens acting, but that's really what's happening. There really impressive may say but you know the difference between doing something like this with facts and doing another thing is that facts actually means what it says.
yeah well mother vulgar in Brazzaville. When I worked with, then he makes me worse, but it does not cause he's got a great actor because I try and scientists you pretended becomes your little like these reactors is the great news eagerness to destroy me and everything we ve never been until now to make the directive dislike you. So first first reform: you guys should see it's fantastic, but then you also of a movie out that you directed me wrote any overriding partner and that one did you read, there was someone I wrote it was. The ball Rosen woman who's, she wrote, Look. I live in the woods in a tree, which is the movies called blaze, and it's about this singer summer. The place fully and she was his lover and partner, and I quote with her oh shit the alley. The Are you sure, TAT pleased her in the movie
They also really her story. We worked on it together because you know I didn't know the man and she did right, it's incredible and the performance by Ben Dickie, you gps Energy Blaze, you gotta, go see. Well, it means a material over about that, because the man sitting right to my right, one of the things I took a huge, gamble and I want to make a movie about music and I wanted to cast musicians. So I knew musician. I loved his name's Ben Dickie and I watched his band for years and had always wanted him to act because he is a powerful charisma when he's onstage playing in,
and if I thought about this idea of us making a movie about a blues musician, you know I should get a musician. I got Charlie Sexton, who is when the best Qatar US of of my generation, but when we were starting this journey together, Bennet never acted before, and I was gonna put him in he's. An ivory scene is not a little performance. It, sir. It's a big, a bravura performance, so I sent him to Vincent's house. You know how much you know Vincent is the only I should say only, but when I think of the people, when you are a team in front of the camera you learn, by fire. I've learned a mile pretty much, and I read books and I see other people's work, but I've pretty much cobbled together my own education, but the person who reached beside me and spoke to me about acting in a way that made sense was Vincent, where we met very young.
No, I, like a price, do not yet have remains of it. I thought by justice. into private car. Sorry about this. This is a joke I like to make you know like every year you watch the Oscars and you watch these big showy performances and, in always a lean over to my wife and is so funny about acting right, which is most of the people that win these processes of our working with a world class director with a world class cinematography with them, with a Pulitzer Prize winning Writer on numerous goring, yet they got the best musicians scoring if you weren't good in those movies, you saw You watch criminal intent,
Might I watch criminal telling this isn't a category one waiting performance lighting, there's no anguish to the work of grazing. I say I said been submitted and it was one of the most we
some charity function like an inn and been went over for his first workshop, meaning with Vincent and so nervous, because I was what was. I was deep in already and raise the money I listen. What am I gonna do with Vincent says is correct. Contact you known we visit was that it was a big game, but I'm really didn't know. You know my God, my God said disguise. Something intimates, tie it to get out and music is where its channeled right now. But if we could do if I could just change that dialogue and let him apply his artistry in this other medium and have it be in its subject matter about a musician who couldn't get it out to the subject matter and the performance could be an intersection. That was what Cinema loves right in a member, we were at dislike function and I saw that you called, and I was gonna.
pick up the phone, and with this I went to the bathroom, you know to listen to the message conveyed in and I in it said it said you are self fact and then ask like what am I doing? What am I doing, what am I doing when winter and then press they replace? You are so fuckin luck This is a whole girl. You know, and then you sent me some stuff that you guys we're working,
and you may go down like a jeweler in the diamond disregard you got your answer. Joy then it over to him. You it's a little bit like that. We actually give out here with your lot, and neither the funny thing is sometimes what been would say if he was here is it's it's kind of like you just put him on a path of what acting wasn't. He had this idea about what acting was like a lot of people do what's very hard to do, is get rid of those phony ideas and you gave him permission to channel the same guts the same heart, lungs guts in two that he used in his music, see none of them just take that put it on the line. Put it on the text. Put it put it here, put it in your guts and give it here and connect and connect in Kenya,
you know, your term is common. My friend, why This is our reminisce about events. It says about my acting, which is don't ever taken classed as the one little thing you do well, it might kill well. It was a wonderful thing I could be on since we ve been in. I could six, I know Vincent really well, and I guess I could say just little key words that had been would know exactly what I was talking about in in adjust unlocked and I'm really grit one. The reasons why I am so grateful to be here with you, and I know that you guys are great friends in all. Joking aside, I know you The time that I agreed to be here, you keep leave how many teepees people tell me how lucky I know. You're, not people really really really have a song. I really want to thank you, but I really also wanted to take an opportunity to publicly for ban and I to say thank you to Vincent eurobonds. Spinnin amazing experience put this performance
get a chance come see. It's called blazes unbelievable. Is he and Charlie an area jack their eyes on really proud of how good that I went on this? Guy is probably huge star. They gained much away now recognised as he does not only when they always. Mr Balfe, sadly, is waiting to see in the credit, but I want to tell you, but you know the best part about what might my favorite thing about giving to do this job? We're so lucky to do is is not all the things that I thought we're going to be great You know I've thought money would be more fun. The list is, I certainly no want to give it up, but I thought I
third, the now people carry machine around whatever. Just wasn't that the thing I didn't expect, that is the huge gift of all this is we get to meet each other and you get the hang with people of dedicated themselves to this kind of exploration, and you guys have managed other and isn't that's really the number one thing isn't it at the best part of this? Yes, it's really my son to the muslin. Sixteen in you is studying history and everything is he doesn't? He was thinking about the expression, the pursuit of happiness and
This is actually everything it's the pursuit of it. People think it's gonna be grabbing it holding it like. I can own it like. I can put it my bank account or I can build it or I can it's. Actually, the pursuit of happiness is happiness. It's it's relationship when you think back in the favourite moments of your wife, there like go into the party, yet you know it's it's walkin somewhere through the park when it snowed they're. All it's always so simple. Connecting with another person spoke of the best thing is arrogant. The struggle to to achieve one hundred percent, even though you know you can't as an actor that ends up to be your performance that struggle the pursuit where you, where you fall, is actually the most interesting part same way with the kids in your kids, always hate whatever is unique about them. You do whatever is like their weird eccentric
they got a horn. You better get one problem that but never know you no enemy without what's unique about us is what we feel. Shame about and often terms that shame creates tripping behaviour to this. That's what's beautiful and the same thing as actor. You shortcomings, if you let them be, are actually gonna be. What's most interest yeah yeah, yeah yeah sure I just need to know really quick. The first time he saw Vincent's character. Mag seven. Do you know what What was your reaction to that? I was the first person. see you, I have you guys these. We haven't Vinci's bathing in the movie and they hired him to be this big macho Paul Bunyan's. I've got in Vincent were in the cargo to stay where druther in in he says you know sometimes really tough guy sufficiently high reasons.
don't think it's funny that this tough guy has a sigh voice is going to do that and I was like. I know you, Don't do that, I'm glad you pointed out, and I cannot tell you I was their first them when Denzil Chris Brad ants one other producers, Some say: it's gonna see those arguments, is everything is going to be so module you now and then, but the funding cuts Vincenzo intimidating. I just want but he said anything and everything. Ok As long as they do you want to do to the taken is sick. If so, then I saw the producers or like scurry Mr Whisper Nantes ones ears and I just so excellent go you tell
my name is a bigger problem, lunatic every thirty speaking, Vincent's special abilities. He's promised me something today. If anyone listen to his episode, he revealed something so citing he's a gondola magic trick for an eye magicians assistance. So this is my dream. Come to be really super credits is gonna play so well. the podcast, that's it you get for coming to alight. Show you get something special, the thing magic ring about the result. I stop doing because I find it to be one of the most on sexy things. This
the one woman at say, okay, so grand you better watch your man right now. Monica is about to come on glues, carbon trading thing. We both right. Ok, I need to take one. Take on hold your hand, told it. Tighter thing is to hold tight put your hand every year, no boy, I'm so nervous. What before you do the trick? Can I just ask you really quick how many years since you ve done the story, Thirty, I don't I don't know if it's gonna work, but the magic word is so fuck it and tat my hand. Fucking know fuck it first and tat my fucking
so where the listeners at home, what just happened was Vincent Bisected, Monica ready money juggler towards, though in legs threw up in the ears gaddi want. Is the Wednesday landed use a perfect? No ma am metaphorically back. Will you guys you gotta go? I also want to mention Vinci Humane a movie called the kid that evens in any new EU directed that movie. I did. I did N n n n n hours that experience where you it was the first time in my life that I've been directed
by somebody who knows a tremendous: MT about acting, I mean was one of the things it was so much fun. We made a western called the kid it's retailing of the pact Billy, the kid story dandy hand. Please the kid I play Pat Garret Chris Pratt. What would happen? There's something this second magic trick. Z breaks. The microbes. We got it out in New Mexico, it was. I was a lot of work for you, but it was a lot of fun for me and Did you try and new accent like hi guys stick about motherfuckers. Organize agreement is whose home, now that this thing is when it comes to him. It's like he's, like the perfect packer, like you just here play pack your right now and the stage I mean it's like? He is pat like at the outset that thank you, but the amazing thing is about Vincent is his
Understanding of acting is actually really is doing in a long term is taught it for a long time he knows a lot about it and the nuance of it in one of the things. Here's an interesting thing: you training day, I'm going in for my screen test. Who do? I call and unlike I gotta do this. I gotta do this. I gotta do this and it's not what you think about a voice or a tagging at her something. This is the time for that and as a time because I was all worried about how I was gonna. Bring, has gonna do this with due care. there is going to this need- is secretly this in an Vincent. Basically, what if we play a game What, if you were enough, what if there was no secret? What if you went in and looked you just go in you're good. You know who this guy is be you in this situation, looked and still in their eyes and answer must just like the same thing.
They D been where we were doing blaze, be you breathe and respond, Andrea Oil in don't don't be fancy dont be important, don't don't be amazing disappear, disappear with him in his imagination go go far and it was very, liberating the idea of what, if I'm enough, what if I don't have to be better than I am to be good. You know it's one of the things that sir really hard about working with great people. You know like something like this I should be really excels at what they do. You have to believe in yourself or you completely. Let them down because you know being intimidated by them is not helpful to them. That is not. I keep my daughter's going into acting now this when the big things it says that they are not there teach you they're, not your dad. I am you come to me but when you show up on set, do your thing have an idea? I mean that's what it does make
magnificence seven, a richer more for movie that that guy's, not a cardboard cut out of another macho person Vincent, is putting a human being in the middle of this. You know. Swash Buckley, western in in the movies better for it, but nobody told him to do that. You waiting for permission. To do that, you gotta go claim that in an Vincent gave me permission it that on training day, and it was a huge sleep in my life. Well, we are both lucky to have in our corner, and I well I did ya know Now- is a sweet. It didn't wanna bury game air to help me talk to you and I love you so much for the sweetest horsemen I love you even thank you so much
we're coming so bright, tat, great images that yeah a budget gives the finest upon you blow my money back back a tactic used and blow my man hey Patchett budget. there was the hay Mickey. I now call you know, that's all I do actually do they make it yourself, fine. You blow my mind when you love to be making in that's on criminal Mickey's, a boy or girl on the scenario or a mouse as a very famous Myles, had bathed if it was about Mickey Mouse. I bet he didn't even care because he had so much tank anyway yeah. What already knows he's fine, the user?
before he knows that about himself he's sexiest mice, of everything in our top three. For sure the idea behind them mighty mouse and modest mouse. All very fine mice. That's true doesnt either three, the three landmines, and now I think there. What do you mean? They all thought: I'd kill, you're, killing the three blind mice. I don't think so. I think they're incredibly were so First, folder blind and they're still doing all kinds of staff. Three boys I see how they run, they run ok our eye one also they do in its impressive gone remember there s two, the rhyme there to be admired, they're persevering, even despite the blindness that doesn't put em on my heart lit list when you care about things that are different than what I care about
you care about running personality well, hold are known, said that these might have a good personality, fantastic personalities, because your personality gets better. When you have to deal with we need to overcome something here, nor I have never met a blind person at the bad personality. the blind people. We met and I want you to be honest- I don't think you have I'm out of one person. Another you ve met. One blind. Have I don't think so. dont know me? You are only a couple years ago. You don't know how many many line foreigners or go mad. Well, I've met you I'm thinking I knew so pointless buzz. One blindness must be really rare, because I was iraqi. My own brain, I I don't know. I mean I've seen someone on the street, of course, with the game,
What now again that it I'm always so impressed firm in New York City, which have seen that there are few times like I'm nervous. Now get email, sidewalks Arsenal, street and watch a blind person, it is incredible, sometimes think they're faking it never everything it do you. That's very now. I think you think they're. No! No! No! No! I mean it ass may be if I've seen a homeless person panhandling and they ve got the cane by them. That person I might be suspicious of ok, but not the person going about their business crossing a busy street in Manhattan with came now you think they like the attention. I don't even think there are aware of the attention are getting now. You can feel attention. Do things yeah. You know my eyes are on yeah. You can feel email and bar behind you, but there staring at you. You can feel it. Ah I do. Maybe you have more acute spidey senses. The me anyhow.
knowing that you and I both of seemingly never had a conversation with a blind person. It makes me think it must be. A very low percentage of our population that is struggling with the lion s boy, I agree, and I think that's gray me too, Well, you know what my very best friend in the whole world was legally blind. legally by now much different, I'm best friends with the blame her now your ear arrest, friends with someone that's legally blind and I address you was blind and I'm it was the one that was legally blonde, but that doesn't really say anything. What was Erna characters? Name. You know it. Greece, Witherspoon was legally blonde, which shares and now at clueless Lou Klute, let's Kalulu Airways. Who was her name care? A member
Oh yes, woods a should remember that cause the its popular. I know someone who has almost that exact name, Millwards Dad's drinking body catering for himself very sassy today, but I have a hunch it's because you were in a red jumper and it's got your confidence. I hate it. Do this again. This is not read: Walker, burgundy wine wine as nine wine Bordeaux. Ok, so you ve got this foundation, Bordeaux, jumper for an overall idea and I think you're feeling a little cocky today about time. I welcome it, yeah eaten, hark and Vincent De Yap. So he said that he did the movie. He didn't nineteen,
If I was a thirty million dollar movie and really quick whose key in this Vincent or leave, then these are eaten fact all clarify their specifically Benson. Ok, so if you using a general pronoun. He it means Ethan, correct and convinced that will mean Vincent actually Trevor woman vents it that way too confusing, so he's add that this movie, that he did nineteen eighty five was thirty million dollar movie, and you said today: that's a billion dollars, adjusted for inflation that seventy mailing in five hundred and six thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars big movie yeah, to be about two kids, which ultimately was what the film was about, rose him River, Phoenix, yeah, yeah. Yes, so that would be a big bunch big, but far too little kid leave. So you said your Wikipedia page says:
Name is Jackson, s end it that must have been changed. I believe you that that happened, but it's not on their any more or less good. You know I'd put out a call to arms on twitter because you know, I think I told you I am bored from within wage home. So, weird to me I don't know what I've done, but I'm on unable to edit anything on Wikipedia. So I put out a call to action on Twitter, saying if you know how to edit, if you know, what's my name's, not Dax nemesis though apparently some unfixed, it forms the bank you. This really explains ally that you did that, because year, Wikipedia page is so extensive. It is, oh, my God, there's so much information about you on their I've. Never awhile never read it. I read it about eight years ago and I decided I should never read this again because in the only reason I knew about the tax- and this thing is that a couple people on Twitter, like tweeted me
I didn't know your name- was Dax amiss with the link to the Wikipedia page gotta. I didn't then go on to read more, but I just have to imagine just completely chock full errors, and now it's all correct. It is an A lot has been far too much information. I mean I wouldn't say two marginal, but it was. I was like woe. Had this is a lot of info. You won't. may along temporary. Oh, it's a lot of y yeah and people just included tiny, tiny tidbits that most Wikipedia pages, Ok, I found an interesting dealing as a result of this podcast. Maybe ok it is in there that I, like shit, my answer: debar FUCK, some jello is tomorrow there that will be on your page for shore anyway, so you have a great Wikipedia good job. King
Oh, that's not what I from your tone in your delivery about Europe complaining about my Wikipedia I always thought it was a compliment. Hoping now hardly knew you again you're here you ve got a real short fuse today and year you're feel and ten feet tall and bulletproof as they say. That's how you feel today. It feels good right tonight yeah. Ok Ethan said that Christopher Plumbers family he's independently wealthy and that they own a canadian railway. I don't That's true. He is the only child of an artist who was the secretary to the Dean of Sciences that Mcgill University and a man whose sole stocks and secure ladys his great grandpa on his mom side was the canadian Prime Minister
John Abbot was the railroad baron, a man. May I dont think, but I could be wrong. Who knows, but it Then I wagons herbal. Well, all right. If you get a prime minister, Jerry, Rampart, yeah you're. Probably things probably worked out. We had some money yeah, but knowledgeable on a box emerald. Give that much money like think about president's. They don't make that much money and they know it all depends, though no they seemed all make. Like George W staff are allowed to somehow I Al Gore got stuck to apple at some preferred rate. He became, I think the Mirage family is very ready, barrette yeah.
again the dad senior. He was a CIA director, the all that wealth came postal service to the government. They weren't like rich in any became the director, the CIA, I think, like no other Ngos did on these boards for these crazy fees and the accumulated post government success and then yeah Cheney, he was the president, but he certainly loaded Kennedys their loaded way before the full. I am there, but I'm saying as There are loaded there alone. now the air because asked, but you can t wonder if yeah feel, if you open that door for sure, if there is anyone out there that wants me to speak at an event for a million dollars I'll, do it if you're out there also, you know people were critical of
Hilary speaking to the rolls reply now and I was thinking you're not condoning any. You beauty May I go talk to anybody. I said the same thing. My parents disagree and they learn military, but they did not like that region that are just the insinuation. You ve taken their money, so you're gonna owed them something laid or understand the suspicion Leah yeah, that's what people, but I ll taking the money from people. I don't more than I like taking money from people like yeah, but I think there's also, I think some people thought like that's just such stupid political move. There was now was a good one, the hours Bab so late. What is she doing if she's, like has plans to run and then is still doing this you are making is weird political moves, my pet data like it yeah, I guess, there's scenarios were your involvement appears that year
condone, Someone finger, but like a rock star I'd go play. I go play Adam and Kim Jong wounds Birthday party Where does that? I dont believe anything. Do me I'll take ten million hours out of his pocket. I blame you, think it's different when you're the President you're, not a rock star I mean you are rocks than you are about. Was nine now love him really do. I would love it. hang out with him yeah I'm nervous about that, okay! Well, I think we're going to have sex, though I would love it. If you guys had sex, I would be nervous for you that it wouldn't be stimulate in the same. What you're robbing it html? dared when I said that, do you think you would be rough with her love I think, you'd be a very gentle. Our
very small girl you'd, probably want to start. You would be so Jeanne DOW her back. This is the power of female mind. Is that light? Where do you like someone, integrity and stuff so much you actually assume. They're gonna be an amazing. Love may well be, which no guy would look at it. Grow me like, oh, my god, she's so good at math, she's gonna be great in bed. There just be. Would there be no connection to their virtues in what they'd be like in the rack, but you do think. Obama would really know because deliver a lot, and now I see that wow matter. Well, is this disrespectful? I don't I think that's why Rob got scared, but it's because girls think about the can action men happening during sex. Sure in you don't nor this thing about the connection of the general, the genital.
Then the physical connect, the inner Magdalena Latin agenda, yeah yeah, so it's different right why'd! You get scare when I said I wonder, hang out with them, because I think you probably have an expectation of house stimulating he'd, be in real life, but you you ve, we heard him talk when he's making a speech to the very misleading. I've heard him on energy, same shit now holding cell. Yes, ok, but you think interviews and speeches like American put together a good sense of how the person interact outside of those. If I'm using used an example yeah. I think so. I think you're a lot like The person on energy then stand on his nervous for you. That's all
you can be out. I mean I ever three guys in the rack having that'll be great for everyone, but so tall and he's really he how policy eight feet. Oh, my I'm a little nervous anatomically for you guys, but Kennedy and adventure. I guess Saint Bernard can have sex with two hours and have a fertile offspring. So looking tat, what am I looking into, but you wouldn't want to try his child work. Does you wouldn t? I know it was you Michel was leaving thousands or Michel's like please do this for him. He wants another kid. I don't want to do that. Monica please help us. You wouldn't want your child, the have of his London aliens on I'm saying I can't imagine you're running appropriate with anyone even more. I would like of the ever more than mountain ban. When you, rather look at your offspring and see half of Obama
in the mind and all I would love that you're right, but I wouldn't feel bad because he's so tired who is open, Will he was now his eyes on vacation in short and Stephanie dances? When he's places I now yeah, he dies, eating ice cream and dies live in his best life. There's no question about it alone or old, like cheesy and beyond. whatever else Juliet I'll Letterman, Gub Gub life? Ok, three serious is disrespectful to even the kitten first reforms you by the way. Not it can't be
Everyone is referring to him as a kid they just mean a young beyond his name is to Philip at Inter Philip injure me was tremendous. He was grey area. Last thing is not a fact bed the story. He tells a Bow River Phoenix envy. It as cigarettes. Tat was so powerful and I learned a lot of people that story young. I thought it was such a incredibly skilful way to be truthful, and still holding on to your own privacy level of privacy, Wangwana maintain it was like it was. It was you couldn't you can learn everything you need to learn lapse, as was done in a very neat way. Now now would you have his daughter? Four Phoenix EU funds are, you have to have everyone's daughter, I knew I, if the OIE
become handmade. When I become a hand made, I am gonna have to have everyone's daughters, yeah you're, I've been handmaid year. That's based how is the color, but I'm not wearing a shower cap? I you know this is my vanity, but if I booked handmaids tale, that would be a dream come true and then I get there and then I'm wearing a shower cap. The whole show. when you re a deal breaker. Your great features is your hair. I look terrible without hair, terrible face. So my hair is the only thing a beautiful inviting warm face. These big brown round eyes. He look like no! No! You shut the fuck up here I cannot tell you what you look like: you know that stupid cat, that was in the movies
Tony Blair, yes from shrank from Shreck earthy, put simplicity boots to remember pussy boots. Have you been? big big round eyes it had. Yes, that's what you have in a manner. Let's go south guy. Your lips are full your smiles off the charts in its widest fuck. That's has ninety I do not believe that you have good genetics, ok and then you have got this beautiful, caramels scanner, car, and what the fuck within the down? The? U k that was nice, string of compliments for when you remove here. Trust me. I wear a shower cap in the shower. Oh you do you will, squatty party in a shower cap, talk about nice beauty. That bathroom door closes in you just turn into the weirdest pursing idea tat. You have to put your legs over your head,
number to take a shower. You gotta put on this space and my bath and play more weird shit. Yeah. It's three tighten their anyway, I have to wear a shower cap, because I can't watch my hair. Every day my hair will get dried out. I have a fancy. One, not a plastic Don't you get at the hotel awry, it really look. like the handmaid had am furious. Thinks that mines black bade, that's what it looks like and then, when I look in the mirror- and I think if I had to be on camera like this, will you please boasts a pitcher of yourself in the shower cap with your glasses? Never The UK has all been thrown in your vanity Gatt debts on arable on vain, everyone's vain does everyone. Ass, raw wild or even some, whose now I've never met, I don't think Christians very vein
I mean she regular least posting pictures of herself looking at her worst intentionally his ears. The deference her worst is still oh good, when you are beautiful like that, and you can post pictures of results and a shower cap and you still look great gone. I can't do that. So I'm not going to go. I dont have her face. Aren't I I love you unhappy holidays. How happy holiday steel.