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Armchair Expert Live from Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. September 22nd, 2018.

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He's you guys, I just want to say you're the real fucking arm, cherries, ten o clock really found you guys. One of the armchairs is drunk everybody. Keep your eyes on your six. someone's rowdy by their
I wasn't when I'm doing this, but it does remind me of a story my father and I were one time in Florida on vacation. I was fourteen and we went in size. Even Seagal Movie like yeah Stephen, under seizures something it was this device. A lot of karate. Instead we love them, We that goes about its aim and I were walking out as a pretty pact movie, I'm walking Ex. Might animals states Taylor Kind of movie a girl. Kicking the fuckin back walking out of what is going to move, chronic kicking back ass, much My dad's world views sometimes you're, leaving a movie in a strange. Her karate kicks you in the back in years that never made sense to me
and then one time I was leaving the movies with my wife- we're leaving a parking garage and there's like a long line to pay at the toll booth and we're in the truck and I got I wonder if anyone's is ever just driven over that little parking carbon out the sidewalk their left, and I said that I love because was considering driving over the parking thing and just leaving and then I realized I was an opaque at my dad was thinking about kicking somebody in the back and he thought I can't be the only ones in working in stone in the back watch your sex, ok from the bottom of my heart, Monica nice in stuffy attic couple times a week, and it's so hard for us to imagine that there are all of you real human beings, that, like us, so much that you would leave your Yet a babysitter spends I'm
strange, uber driver all those things. You were coming in. Supporters like this is really blows, are mine. We can't even believe it. It makes me so happy, it's so fun to be able to share this experience with all of you guys, okay, so a little woodland creature snuck into carry on bag, and when I open it up the hotel. No one and only man I get paid hi family beings for coming we're, so we this brings us. So joy! U S have no idea doing these lives and, seeing all of you in the flesh, you guys
good friend of mine. Is joining us tonight? He is the sweetest guy we're on a similar trajectory through life which will learn about here. is the one and only the lovable, he's in bags easier than I thought there might be the ones I might get started. Gm it didn't work, were bigs bigs, bigs, pigs, they before we launch into this this. This may blow your mind is a blue. My earlier do we think is came for this. You family, going you goin loose-
my arose location embraced one occasion grace to I am ready, Damn bar Australia. Do I like pineapple? I am your buying Alida dead Rad. I don't care it'll come of the genes in the tsar. Still right, welcome most failure our eye without further ado? Let me get my cheek. She prepared a ton of questions for you, six p m, so curious. What you'd dug up what I was Shocked to learn is about you, you're Emmy nominee. Don't say that I was, you were nominated for something
no word was recognized. Would you like to explain why the only db joy associate you with is oranges? You black right But I do know, however, that you are nominated early years. This eastern, I wasn't it yeah. It's there isn't ass Rick, I think now, while because what it was, it was a daytime Emmy. All due respect, ACT is James. I mean all of yours at any time in the companies in the audience Now it was boardings. I'm Emmy winners got fifty percent of tickets. Well, maybe grades offered deals that you knew no one could like Superbowl champions. Ninety percent, totally, if Europe of seven feet considering the outlawing wings result. Matters. Ninety percent! Yes,
it was when was that it was ninety four and it was for as the world turns, and I played thank you. I played I played PETE Wendell, a troubled teenager time and eight hundred troubles. Well, let's he, u no kind of regular teenage mischief in including, finding eight hundred thousand dollars stolen, ransom, honey and then and then deciding to spend it on things like ice gates. literally. There is an ever so where I had the like. Your check, these new ice skater and they rebuilt like build on the sheet, is set on fifty seventh street. They built like this fake, I think that you can scale on kind of their real skates, but it was like plastic surgery.
Clean and why it was horrible and I fell every take the GSM bull shit. So I didn't I didn't show for about a year and I see I was you. I was fifteen and I was called into one day. I was called in to the executive producers office and he essentially fired me. Oh right, I was like wow. This is heavy on fifteen different, just cut my first like oh that's of this ship goes Do you remember how the was storyline reasons which I have to believe? I do believe. First work for my ego, but also I just really dont think there was I didn't do anything wrong that I remember right. I probably was a pretty boring storyline like I don't really I mean I just bought ice skates with ran
money for well in Emmi was that so so I get fired and I'm like an end. It like crushed me, you have to be devastate. I was devastated, yeah and right before so right before it gotten that part I been acting since I was a little kid, but I hadn't worked in a while right, and like a year or two was really slow, but which was one tenth of your life at the exact point longer than it is even more than that it was a pretty crucial. year. It was or two years it was the beginning of high school. For me, like eighth grade going into high school and that transition you may care, you would care the whole thing and I nocturnal emissions, you dont, have to admit
coming nighttime coming Lena line with Asia me. Yes, yes, a totally humping declared she like what the fuck is, that you're gonna watch and I sold like weird, I was like acting, and so I couldn't be no play sports in This is why the violin playing portion of the story- and I guess I didn't have friends- basically like a really weird awkward time in my life, and I remember driving into that audition at fourteen years old and telling my mom I gotta stop. This acting thing like this is I have no friends and not hanging out just in case I get an audition like I'm, not playing sportsmen doing anything, and so she was like ok like what we want to do this as a guy. I think this this is it I'm done and I were This end and I got the part of the Gatt A year later there like you're, not back you're,
buyer. Now another you it has gone by we're like I don't have any friends, and I remember I was crushed and then Two weeks later, the Emmy nominations come out and I was the only fucking Guy nominated from the show, and then I don't win, and I wanted to kill myself again now. We words words arguing about as the world turns, but I would have played the ice gates on that show like I would be thrilled to ban on that shows visually at fourteen years old I was still no is great, yeah end but use virtual you're from from around. Here you ve Jersey, right burden, county, New Jersey, gardens date. I directed a movie after you saw,
you guys like that movie I made about your state gardens your mother was a nurse or is Yes, she's really still is ok. This is a weird side. Now you know these be with one thousand by proxy. No, while its, where you make your kids sick, so you can get attention is dark. That's almost all of them are nurses This is the work is well well. Well, almost all anything over fifty one percent. Almost all I stand by almost all of our fact check this for real. Did you ever get? mom like boys, and they knew anything, no
or I will never didn't catcher, but nothing is not normal for a guy who never at twelve, is out Now your dad it. When I read this, I was so that your dad was issued, being company manager YAP. That sounds so mafiosi does in ITALY it definitely Irene, zounds exotic innovation management, wait! Wait here. I tell you that this area in Jersey, mothers, shipping, company manager.
Its common enlarges them some fall off. Your data were gone, like thirty do viziers again: no, what is it? What it? What did your dad? You? It's a debt so funny, because it's true there did. He definitely encountered that where he was so he it's to this day, pretty nebulous what he did and they only supports, isn't exactly all been company maize, rampart of being the always just war. Leather jack drove announcing delay was that the strip most of his eye He basically handled for this one shipping company at the port of New York in New Jersey was a it's a huge shipping port and he would just sort of keep track of inventory that was coming in uncertain
trains and stuff, so that even sounds mafia. More I explained in my dad was in the morale of its kind of cool I will not name is job. Maybe he had the cool glass, half full disturb poking around your backyard I'm on my way out is growing. rib, it's funny. It's funny. There were always patches, Miss Ingram. Ass behind like six feet by it when you go see down at work yeah. I would in fact so set yet was very cool for a kid is yet and actually got to take Sid, my oldest son there just this past year, so he it was four and it sounds like you know. I think he's like right at the age my dad's gonna take them and us
let's do it and we went down there and he had the best fucking time it was illegal. I've been crying, he did not get to go up and when I got to go when I was a kid, but I think be, the different rules have changed a little bit her a little bit more liability concern, so he did not, but he still had a great time and then my dad actually just lost his job recently, your kids. I swear to God. I had some. He was shot and killed buried in my back yard, yea somewhere in the Meadowlands underneath giant stadium. No, he somebody did he lost his job and it was like it was it a term he was. due to retire anyway with David, like downsizing, and he was like eating it out. Eking out he didn't want to, but he knew is going to, but anyway kind of a four his hand was kind of annoying women and is it just happened more version our yeah right butler. What's his name
dad dad dad dad dad had big death daddy. I mean I sought after the changes they daddy but dad eighteen, but I thought that was Gary CARE, but was it was? It was terrible. but was it because? nation has improved or or business. That is another, that's exactly it! It was all he. Literally you know there is a whole office supporting this sort of Troy. king of the inventory which a eyes and then at by the end. It was just an idea. Literally reality my dad in this office for like the last two years. So I'm in the writing was on the wall, but Mister Palmer. You know yet anyway, but the reason I thought that was, I am glad to see it got to go down before usually get. Computer kids can go right. Exactly
you'd do also ring of computers, have very little tiny, toaster ovens Rowan around. They married right now they did it gathers and there stood there. There's still married is very matriarchal house, my mom, ran the should get a girl's mother. Any users ha hashtag meet that you would grow. Did major Argos, yes MA, sometimes the zeal we in yeah her again, I'm just not only Dario tied yet family sicilian, top tough, tough brought yeah she's. No joke still go more. Gomorrah, yeah you're hurting me. Ok, so we have to be ready, is like that. Irish English is a big represent, are pretty much harder, although it is apparently was, was full on yeah, which is interesting as then growing up my
parents were very like Anti Sue pursue Brandt. I also deploy we're like one drink equalled well, you're gonna die and you know you're gonna, that's it. You're gonna leave You can have one beer and you can read myself a tree goodbye, like all. My young shares our Lou gent Danny yeah, but in there the roman catholic Roman Catholic Group Catholics these. They is if they ve had some huge turn around, but there the Roman Catholic yeah yeah floats interesting. They they yeah. the ebbs flows of religion in my house. It was always you know we were like Christmas, Catholics basically but summers. Some years it was more extreme than others Meares. It was more than just Christmas right. We went to Sunday. School. That's glucose, yeah. We, like God firm. Do we did all that stuff? I hated it. Man
its hey did not a blast for a kiss that human, I feel ill believe that's great, makes just yeah just was never funnel and also because I didn't see them they sort of picketing in oh, is when they were going to. U know be it Our horizons me. I had this early impression that it was just sort of you know either believe it or not don't believe me, you know domain, but the sort of wiggly watching their gone dad's collar all of a sudden we're at church once a week exactly right right. So I guess, if dad is a, been logistics, genius, Amazon nurse or how it five do develop an interest and acting so my older, even older sister.
who who is here in two different zis yeah- she threw her boy. He's always did with impression in throwing her voice you so when she was a kid, she was This is like dance group in New Jersey, just the sort of as a hobby, and Lee, but she was quite good and then she got into this sort of touring group and I don't they did quite well the kind of torture on these coasts and stuff, and then she because of our proximity to New York. A lot of the other girls in the group started getting agents and managers. Doing the acting in Broadway thing and Heather my sister one. dude is well my. My parents are like ok, I mean you know it is a good way to save money for knowledge, if you worked in so she got agents gotten over and she started working here. She worked pretty consistently for a few
years as a kid, and when I was five I guess her manager asked if I would want to go in and audition or something and where the age gap between she seven near. my senior some kind of a big gap and then I've a younger sister is two and a half years, younger, ok up and at one point all three of us we're doing it and then I just sort of they both stopped, but when they got like middle school high school and I just I loved it and I worked at on the web What kind of stuff you doing my commercials commercials, modeling stuff, obvious they both yeah like hits cleaner. Like the Tracy Penny Catalogue. Critter knows tat, so and you aware the fact that you are making money- is aware of certain points Surely I mean when I had a really good question to me:
Obviously it that Asia? What does you wasn't right? You wanted a nintendo and all the games you on that. That's why I'm thinking that it is at a certain point. I remember being aware of it because I would sort of say like will I didn't. I you know I would advocate opening hours would have bank thousands poncho that actually ninety thousand dollars. I want a fucking stamp Why you one fugitive I'll, buy you a fucking car, but I do remember that sort of those conversations happening like what I just work. Can I get a thick and their whole thing they and they stayed consistent through all of my childhood to their credit, which was you're doing this to put away money for college. If, if you, turn eighteen and you choose not to go to college, which I would advise against, but if that's what you choose do whatever the fuck you out with your money, so
school. You alluded to the fact that you or crushing for lack of a better term yap so They all know is the unanimous by me but seventh grade. For me I was Brad Pitt. I believe that if I get live a single year, my life over and over again seventh grade never got better than you beak and ate. It was pretty good. I retained about ninety percent coolness and then I switch and went to another high school king four inches laws. Twenty pounds, terrible mollet acne. Wake up call them, oh my god, so I had New year's of Jeff S eye look at a girl and I could see, as is dead invisible. I try to see past the mullah or whenever she would literally walk into you. What sorry I my brother, convinced mansion ever permanently
but keep it straight back, so sweet permanent, upstairs and then she'd of hair and back like a huge acme waiver? Think what a look? That's amazing now at a certain point, you go through that. I and everyone should go to that cause at a certain point. I said to myself going into eleventh grade. No in turn her head. Look at you that just that, so that ship sailed. You use your currencies. Gonna be your personality. You ve got up game. You gonna, learn to dance. You gotta tell some jokes, be funny sure Item motorcycle they set. That did you have that moment where you're like? Ok, I'm not the quarterback of the football team, just as there don't worry that siblings. thing
she knows that I, as he remembers thirdly, when I came home and was like fuck, I'm not the quarterback, if a body the I always felt different, because because of the acting thing really was always a little weird and no one I was doing what I was doing and so was very strange. back at the normal, like you know, you picked on and stuff, you know for fur, for it I was never and never the hot that I would that I would it up and I definitely realised that it was gonna, be person, Sure I knew that which I also had already at that point. I sort of I had also got in these sort of was the word I'm looking for the encouragement from doing the acting right, so I had already been. I would get parks that called for
The funny whatever so like I had that sort of going for me and I felt confident in that world already. Yes, but then I would come back to my town and would feel there then and be like go fuck, I'm a loser, but I know that I can. I know that I can do this right, so so, as I got a little bit older in high school girls and the whole thing, it was definitely my and you had the advantage of being raised basically by a sister right. That's a pretty big advantages. She nodded talked gales, it totally yeah. yeah. I know it's weird. It was a weird age gap. I definitely learned a lot from her but like she was out of the house and in college, but, like you know, I think before I hit middle school like you know, I think I was seventh grade and she was, college rights. It was sort of a weird EDA I can remember those sort of awkward years kind of being on my own. Now
crazy to me- is that you were on Broadway twelve years old yeah you get. Your first was that your first play Ambracia. That was my first play. It was in Ninety ninety one, I think I saw was twelve. We did it actually in Seattle, the Seattle RAP and then back and did on Broadway the following year I turned thirteen, and then I turned fourteen days the Broadway run. We did it for about a year when the pubic can- and I was plain ten year old. At that point, as I owe you were there girls in it. Your age. you were the only child was one other kids. You know Dave Crumb halts, yeah yeah, I love so day that was his first job. He was literally plucked from forest hills. Middle school like a production of bye, bye, birdie suit, like open casting call. They were trying to find this kid and they found criminals who has no Dave, he's like one of the funniest people in the world he's like that was Dave. Thousands.
David and your sister. But yes, so the two of us you are in an adult world for two years in what is that experience like super, weird. I one when I was so literally like in I'd, go to school, the day and then I'd come home and I do a little bit of homework. My mother would drive me in to the city. And I do the show and then you do like a chose a week. Are you chose a regular schedule only on this and was out. There was not a short pause I was only in the first act and my character was older in the second night, but had to stay for curtain call so use the second act to do more homework and then curtain calls like one thousand and forty five do that get in the car. My dad would pick me up drive back to Z. Hopefully, no traffic get home. Eleven thirty twelve go to sleep and then get up at six in Finnish, whatever, work ahead and then go to school again Jesus and it was-
because we're just like fucking ground hard day crazy, except for wednesdays. I would leave school early to go down nay and then weekend when all these kids, all my friends well- and we have many for your very my my friend now when friend, what could be reclaimed, Gay Weekend and, unlike for show and I would go in and do you know of crazy, we gotta shows and then all by all of the theatre. People were like Yea Monday day off and I've. U, like hey back to school, fuck you. It was a really crazy. Do you like it or did you quickly get disillusioned? I liked it, but I reckon it was definitely
hey what I like about it. I like that, when I came in to new york- and I was at the theater- and especially when I was performing there was nothing up to that point, my life that I enjoyed more right. It was we're doing that play for me that it was the best thing ever I was incredibly lucky and I would love to do it for the rest of my life like that was so so that was Is there an amazing part of the experience, but, but I was exhausted, I mean I was definitely tire I am an you would have been six to. I would anyone six for two years, yeah exactly you know how that period. So weird and I like them, had pneumonia. Almost they gave you with that.
Your mother undergoes budget? Do you think that you legs the control aspect of it? theatres of every form of performing. I ll go and eyes schools scenario and there's all these variables and you have zero. Roll over any Lambert. You gone stage in the you know that persons can say that I can control wrong and it is like that's yet absolutely yes for sure. I felt safe indefinite votes I presume that age. You don't really have too much autonomy, over anything arrive and then Allison you're, the boss of that ten minutes or whatever the hell. It is right yet and your entrusted do it's a huge huge responsibility as that you're. Having a little kid totally, I when I knew it felt it and appreciated it, and also, like you, know,
either at home I mean I've. I've had my parents and I have a very good relationship at the moment. We do at the moment but those there were some years and there was really hard. I mean I'm sure, a lot of it just sort of normal teenage stuff, but it was also very I grew up in a very operatic household right. very loud Lothar, emotions at super supercharged, for better or for worse, mostly for worse, said that age. It was not the healthiest place at times. Writer and my parents are very strict, incredibly strangle, really yeah, and so I felt ino at times very out of control. There and very we know the opposite of autonomous. I mean just really victim of the yeah, we're whatever Whimsie the whimsies acting in so so for sure it was a wonderful escape and and great autonomy, yeah
and that responsibility I really connected with. Like oh shit. Ok, I'm trusted with this. I would imagine you learn to have a compartment lies the existence in you learn to have a secret existence or it's like get jokes. I mother voters, I'm a whole different bursts into the city, and it was weird because they ate that's it David dodgy skill set the developments will learn in a minute: hacking, yeah yeah. I mean it definitely and they were they saw that you end up having to lie to parents like that right. You have to act like you're, not doing anything or yea for sure it was. It was weird I mean I definitely worth. What would I want to say was with the because my parents were a part of that. What like, when the play, was in it sort of when it was really running INA. They would. Drop me off and then come and pick me up, so I actually did have that sort of actually here's what it was. There were three there there was Dave and eye, and then there was
under study who understood both of us, so we three minors that had to be there every night, and so there had to be a guardian with us, an athlete priest and shaking the exact he was very gentle. We still keeping thank God there still are not all gentle and Sardinia catholic priests. and the audience, but next show ninety percent up to organic Greece. so we had to have what so are. Basically our parents would take turn When we get would be my parents weeks of one of my parents would have to be there during the show and we would tradeoff, but for for you know, you know two out of three weeks. I was dropped off and was allowed to sort of
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ray job. Jab looted fifteen little man, you said it was for college. Fuckin went right now, so you go to college for three weeks, the immense eighteen and between eight in twenty one before we get to the big, a big chapter in your life or are you working or are you supporting yourself re living off that sweet, sweet Sue where's the whirlwind urging money. So what has so yeah? So I, I left I was it anyway. You are left anyway you after a couple weeks, and I took a semester off I just didn't like and what you and, by the way, I'm part of part of it. I'm sure was that I knew I was paying for it with. my money anyway, you is not cheap and I was miserable
commuting from from home from Jersey, which was the worst. It was the worst I did not get the experience it was just here they just in? It was just not fund from unfair and she gave a three weeks, but I did give three yeah yeah I gave you the aim it did. I await a hold on wheat that are we when we wait. That's wrong. Ok hold on. That was a different It is the devil that yes, the oh, so I went in I gave it a fall semester. I gave in what you fall semester hated it I remember taking. I took economic. What am I to econ and like through one one was required- creative writing course, and then too, of course, as I don't even remember, but I took economics which was like I love you say: Economics was the economic side
they economics. I could be wrong. My I will find you re if it's the subject, the subject- economic as opposed to the verb. when I'm when you economic, like you, can like these people do economics, but I'm setting economics, that's the deaf dude. I just economics the shit out of fixing serve it settled. They all believe me, I'm just. How are you crazy on fact check that factor yeah and I remember getting up in the middle of my econ final thing at answered. Like one question wrong I'm sure it was like a three hour final and I had decided before even went in that I was not coming back and somehow I I answered like one question or
right, but the old college aim at the old knowledge- and I got up you know like pencil down- got up like walked with such confidence to the tea ay handed him ever we want in the class was like why how like done- and I did it will things die yeah. Thank you can still working on this and so failed. It course nailed the class, and I took a semester off and I worked at was still auditioning but was working that much and so were at all, and so I was well king gap, kids, actually gap, kids, baby gap, combo store, Reinstall your infant needs lawyer, LAN one stop shops, but is interesting because I can fold the shoe out of a toddler ones in. I bet now you're happy now: oil yeah yeah. It is their journeys, rolling board. Nothing just imagine
brilliantly So I have as one burning question again. It won't be the last you're getting a kid job gales are common in new moms and stuff. You seem fine and everything you know. or they were they ask in yonder. Anything just seems like you know, not where I thought we're going with that. Lay there. Anyone here thought where you're going, but am grateful that that's where you were well, we are like I had a body or in the produce department at a grocery store, sounds exactly that yes he's gone It is an ideal job for a young man ever I'm sorry. I got as I've got a baby gap fan. Is there definitely lotta yeah yeah, whatever ooh does doesn't cigars
anyways. I were idea. You just now to your vote the shit out of the way these are. I started full. I started folding I started reading I folded the shit, I don't even know. I started in all of the other cashiers herve, that was high rage at makes normal levels and others What I would ensure about the children's clothes where I hoped that Permian that's good technical, we herbal eugenics, alien, the little socks now he did it. That's where I gotta get back here alone. Around the one thing you could do worse than ever
kids who took that wonderful semester off and then decided. I like what am I doing still not where I was like obviously auditioning for things in thinking. I'm gonna get something it's can solve all could because up because at when I was at and where you that I think the biggest thing for me wasn't the money. It wasn't the commute, although those were certainly factors it was. I wanted to be acting right leg in hindsight. What I probably should have done was applied to take and actually gone to the drama school and because I was passionate about in loved it and was decent added, rightly married, a gruesome well now, maybe would be married to you blew it. Here so I grab a job over
Maybe gap I'd be doing just fine, but if we literally we're alive and I'm sitting here interviewing the aim at your side, gig from baby Gap Lang anyway, my wife Kristen Bell Super OS, boring. I am against the goals and accumulate barrels then think they're going to bed but got the software is great. amazing! Brinzas Anna from frozen we icicles imposes ox, at the managerial may. This weird lives. We parallel Jeez sit home. So yes, it so so took a semester off and then decided. I D needed to go back to come.
and apply the end to a smaller little liberal article in Jersey, Montclair State University, and then I was there for three weeks. When I went up, you know it when I play when I do. When I applied to Montclair State, I went to transfer my credits, aid spent you know a couple hundred thousand, I mean at least twenty five or something or thirty thousand dollars for the cement. And why you- and I was like ok well, I want to transfer my credit and Montclair state along with most colleges apparently have a minimum requirement of sixteen credits that you need to transfer and because I failed econ or at wound, I had twelve and so the anyway you Stint was completely you. Last year there was a complete wash anyway when smugglers data was there for three weeks, audition for a tv show got the PA
the part and went out delay and then did that show left college obviously and then went out tell I did the show it was cancelled after thirteen episodes, but I decided to trust No, I need an ally yeah. So that was ninety seven Ok you're twenty one years old. I think I'm nineteen Nineteen, twenty one carry the one I mean whatever its close. a canadian nineteen married in the major networks. That's right so it team, you you're, not nation and its for american pie, yet yeah. You go in the inner ear. The dean comedy right Yoda, that's your expectations are probably average right yeah, so that year was their worst.
so many team. That was like the timeline movie. Like my timing was kind of perfect in terms of costs, outsail end and getting it eight now getting an Ellie agent and sort of doing the whole Ella thing because it was every teen movie. I felt there were so many great traditions and most of them were not great, but I would have been thrilled obviously to be cast in in any any of them- and I remember this reading the script for american Pie thingy, oh shit, this is actually did you think, like I can't we're gonna make this We believe that it was at a studio, yeah, yeah yeah, and yet it was like. I wonder how much of this gonna be cut phase. I remember reading in thinking that the policy merely add. I think that's gone. That's gonna Y yeah when they made letters
it wants very military added monogamy the ought in somehow, but I think this is this really funny. This is really good. I would really love to get this one, but again I'm you know any of those who I think it was like that year was she's, all bad, and there was a tunnel I mean it was a ton having made about you with that and things. Backed endings ahead about. I now give up which I audition, for I mean there were it. It was so many of them and, but I remember with american pine- wasn't called american pie at the time, but I remember thinking little blue pussy. There was no loopholes,
yeah, but again they had a lad distribution in german little, some completely different environmental loot policy that you put the flu. Let us discuss because they do the verse or some weird now so or dear pussy flu. There's a good flute, That is what is meant the parts catalogue right now. I know this is gonna shock. You put your engine actually has a flute was the so sorry Monica, I promise you I wouldn't do that here I am, can't nomes stood got to you three weeks What you do you go shoot this movie in your meet. These guys do get us
right away like when you me, John Williams, gotta you like of this dates, the perfect Ria. Yet everyone was like it's. Gradually well Casimir. It's really and that's what makes move like if I can ourselves on the back for second like without it tons of people turn that movie down, and it was this whatever scripts, about who knows, but some weird education between the mat. Nine. In that, just as you get lucky in then we have the time or life, and then it was kind of tangible on screen and people like to ensure that thing you kind of hit the jackpot right. Autos, all those guys in those gales were fuckin awesome. It was great and it what any experience was great. I mean yeah, we were sit. We were so young a mean we at that point. I turned twenty so end the etiquette Thomas. He was the youngest he we in he's remained my closest friend through all of it
Oh please, Finch shipwrecked shifts images that exactly he was set. He got his dry. I remember he here like a week off during filming and he went in from New York and he came home to New York and I guess he got his driver's license. Could then it came back? Does that mean that you guys got my driver's license whirling? That was the biggest deal, but yet that whole than that that those two months were pretty surreal one because we were all just thrilled to working. They went at an ego yet right or zero. Zero ego, it was just very, was really fun was well. Can we all got along, but there is also this
of energy underneath at all, like the fact is, this is maybe gonna be good. Like we kind of could see. No, I mean you shoot some of these scenes and you ve got. You know you ve got the crew and pay and people going. I've never seen anything like that before right fucking nights in Europe and of course you know what this is, that that's good rightly gets a good thing sure, and so there was just that. kind of energy that we were widely known and seen anything like the human centipede at either right That is an argument also newborns out we're like we ve, never seen anything like this and they are like, We then so The movie comes out: is it's an immediate hit right? It wasn't like only slow building things. I just got a giant hit yeah open number one, it was the red ban, trailers we're still kind of an
a novelty because they did the mere AOL dial up. Wait, wait for it minutes on AOL Dial up to download this trail, or that was the thing it was like. It was mostly The movie theater, I mean yes, you there was mine, was starting to become a thing, but now I mean every every already comedy. Has the red band trailer it's out online before you and they're great and they go, but like the red band trailer as a as a thing, it was still like whoa sure like when you were in the movie theater, and you saw the trailers in the beginning- was a green following preview has been, and yours the trees here and then, when the Red one popped up, it was John. It was like what the fuck is. Theirs, yes, and then you see the trail and there is a dude with his dick and apply. People were like talking about and when you shot that seeing
I just wanna blinking aid, happy ways to bring that up. As I'm sure you heard throughout the whole process, but yeah your love scene. I was one that came up at any during that we're like this This is even truer propelled me to derive more it's over there's a high as a swinging. Further fences Vulcan, an apple pie, million percent yeah. you like confer with any like. I call them you're that born ok, we actually went in so we We got to say what we demanded. This was at the time brine met, avoid ok, song, Brian yeah. What's our big see what's goin on paper, I just got said so we just rehearsed that that scene, you know. That is not regret. My younger one where Jim he, he fucks the pie,
oh sure, yeah, oh yeah, that's a great see anybody. I rise to great yeah here's the thing. I was disappointed, though, in little right now and actually thought the pie So I'm just wondering in terms of my career and sort of you know. Things seem right now. I think- and I guess I don't know who I am you're gonna know ye after this year. Re you out with those so should I won't be a river in the shorter when you want to their pie, shot yeah, that's what I'm worried about Brian. We will hold a quick Brodie yeah. You know monsieur organ Angela, LISA Monet. They actually made love any an angel heart. Ok, can I care not the undeniable Saunders? Ain't go for it. Well go for Mickey Roar. Did it? Ok ranks Brian and
and then I fire Brian, the next half hour, but I call them- and I literally so we first whenever rehearsal and we were like blocking it now, and it was just what I was just like you, because I see your butt some that don't I yeah yeah and we shot at two different ways. So we shot it with me standing up ok, and then we shot it of me of the the counter yeah, the island, the Aegean islands. We will- It is those big dogging about there's like eight years ago, but now I, like you, I worried when I like, and I we I hated arguing about Bobby stand and now that I love it buddy, you know a true it. So too
Please you're nuts deepen this apple ha, that's what I said, but I call then I call them by so doing we rehearse and and back to the trailer- and I call- and I was getting ready- and I and I call my manager- and I was like due to me on some kind of freaking out- we're about to do the pie seen and I don't like Am I like him. I really doing and I will never forget this as long as I live- he's like big see you fuck the pie. You fuck that shit out of that you, don't you look back man? Ok, so early like I was bored gently given very much minus the mic. You roar
but he literally you fuck the shit out of that kind, o K fold the shit out of all the shit out of me that thing, and then we were and I did it and again: the crew was such a big part of life because it again- Looking for content, you know you really like try and change the second a sea like is here in their going. You know going in only that's how you know right like because the director ever, your kind of they drink cool it yeah and and and then also becomes very technical- and humor is always inevitably kind of sucked out of these situations. At some point right right. It got to a point where you know my pants needed to be adjusted. I was showing too much crack. Others must grow them. Let's raise that that's an early like a whole thing. They know this. You don't know this, but I had a director come raise a bit of Sheikh, as you can see my anus
my biggest sphere in life, no there's like nine people buying the miners godlike, who am I saying, does that aim is also wants to go just the she sees this man employment, geographic, monitored. There's the lily sheets over the mountain, they relied we're, not gonna fix it, and no one was the I added a without. Asshole good grades yeah, and so did it and then you know, but then it was a year right a year of like what is going to happen with this thing that we shot and big old touchdown. It was a big old touch them so awesome, so you're, twenty one. How quickly after comes
Today's start saying that you're, twenty, ok, ok, I want. I want you to be twenty one. That's ok! I can't wait breed of italian onto deal right there right now. So I shouted I was twenty and then it came out in July of ninety nine I turned twenty one in May ripe, perfect timing. time to be twenty one number one movie in America and how quickly are they talking about a sequel from when it comes out from a man imagining you made five dollars and the first one eyed yeah and ugly. That's a good question. Will you can lie sure Months actually demonstrate I guess I'm wondering at what point you go lies. Oh I'm gonna get paid yeah and then you started.
Steam you're like. Oh, maybe I can move into that apartment, or maybe I can buy this thing yeah it was. It was. I think it was even before they started talking the sequel. It was because I got off of that more work on a guy. I got their movie. I guess you probably thinking about that as much as like I'm gonna get a star now after gap, but at first it was just like. Oh my god, I'm getting. I can get other jobs because they year was really weird sort of time for me, but again, credit to my manager, told me to get at it because he he, but he was like this- is lightning in a bottle that was is another court. I gotta keep remembering
like because I would not. I was still auditioning and I remember auditioning for the iranian optimism that he probably was like exam do this yet, which is the hardest thing in the world to do right. I'd never turned down a job now and acting job. I spent the you know: I'd spent it at that sixteen years trying to get in Frank with twenty one, minus five areas. Sixteen and the idea of like passing on something was the Australia, like how your also you're, telling yourself, like I'm gonna boarding, unto, if I do this, I'm I'm done too big for my bridges is all gonna be taken away from me right? I exactly. How can I so? It was a real struggle remember getting. It would, in fact, specifically it was that pilot seasons the pilot schemes on that happened in the middle there. You know, I would like I'm gonna. Do a pilot right, like my view, pilot, let's get a pilot and an audition for seventy was ok, let's put you out there but see, but- and I got offered one
like I don't know that you should do this. I don't invite friends, I dont you shouldn't yeah, I know, but he was a you're gonna pass on it. You're gonna pass. I think so it is in your answering my next question, which is dear Twenty one. Does your ego go berserk at all when that first movie, comes out, unjust slaves are you like, oh fuck, ok I mean I, my shit doesn't think it a good question. I mean. Sure there is either I mean. I recognise now after years of doing this, that I definitely have the healthy ego right not enjoy yeah but eight. But at that point I had also, I was very cautious with the whole thing I was very. I just always- was waiting for the other shoe to fall. I think right and an item. Seeing the ups and downs like my prior to that. All of my
new sort of came with by this. like your nominated for an enemy, but your fire and you never do in their own right. I get was always kind of like a reality of the business I'd seen since I was yeah, yeah yeah. I know I've done years without working day. The time when I was a kid, it's fine right, I could just go to school and be a kid I wasn't you know, so I always had a. Sense of like ok. This could definitely all go away. That being said, I definitely fun. I mean definitely didn't let myself. You know, I wasn't leg. Well, I didn't allow myself. I didn't not allow myself to enjoy rights January. You into line is an amazing like this is unbelievable. I mean, but every young person in America within a week knows who you are right. It did happen that weekend I mean it literally remember walking with my roommate to go. You know breakfast in Santa Monica
crossing the street, a car doesn't Saturday morning, so the movie came out the night before and a car stopped and screamed at me. Through the window, there were like do the dance? Do the dance like my buddy knighted, like looked at each other, we're like holy shit like that's crazy, overnight right. I mean views. When do you start loving booze size, loving booze, probably both right. I mean before a New Jersey hours late to it, but by wasted no time catching didn't really but out, but again, because my parents were so strict. I was definitely I was. I was afraid ride like I definitely like thought it. How do I didn't? I didn't allow myself to go banana even though I wanted to, could you don't feel like when you got drunk for this first times
Did you add that feeling that I had where I was like. Oh I I was born, new field alien percent the hours I like this jack, we learn totally giants the futures, positive yeah and and did when I first came to it. It was sort of that. I just the acting stuff wasn't really happening, it was slow was you know, is it was like my last year, high school beginning of, and why you essentially, but at that point I had five Lee like caught up socially and had some good friends and that, of course, who I was partaking weight, so I just for the first time really started to feel comfortable and and then that the booze just sort of like this is it. I'm. Finally, finally
I ran Gordon Keys- says we're all born to beers, away from feeling happy hopping two years away from happiness or board is born to beers away, which, for me, is kind of profound yeah. I was when I went to lay so now when I'm when I moved to away that was mean. That was my first taste of independence. Right I had gotten. It in small doses, when I will go in and do it the play at night, but I would always come back to the reality. You know I am I'm really not that guy. I have to be this guy in now moving to allay for me, was like going to college. Please everyone- like going to college and then American pie literally that set those friends that subject matter. I mean it was my college experience and then the the years that follow that what I was college age we now give or take. You know
I was always twenty one for you. I ran from ninety six to two thousand and three twenty one and twenty. What exactly and and yeah, then that's where it took all right. That's where drugs came in for the first We are with you, Sir Powder, in your nose. Yes, so why didn't ecstasy? First in in New Jersey. I think I'd done ii was the first hard drug I had done, but only like ones twice and then I went out to allay and of course sound the drug friends, and we until we did lots of e, we would do eat nightly and there is great for your mental, how great and then and there at some point coke happen, and that was probably it was. I know one it was. It was the year between shooting
hi in coming out, oh really out, which was that perfect time. Yet it was I going to examine the exact yes great yeah. At that point it was still just kind of like I mean I loved sweet, but you can run with the sweet spot for quite a while the sweet spot for awhile that's a great way to put it yeah yeah I mean I was an error When I was an everyday drinker. I was an everyday something right, whether I was sitting around getting stoned drinking or another way, diseases you're a good time that was great fun, yeah, but I will always friends of the good Would you work? Would you ever work? Fucked up? I want it. So I was also you know I felt like I was handed under control and I will never work fucked up, and I think I remember you know entertaining the thought, but I would always come back to
feeling like I had where I lived at home, which was, oh god if mom and dad catch me so far, and so at point it was like I cannot. I ve had enough of a sort of sense to not want to do we're dies any that, like I knew how sort of law gee. I was an eye and I want it, but that being said, I would still the especially in hindsight I mean I would I was very careless in so many other regard shot. You know where I could have you no jeopardized all of my job, sure sure, just because I wasn't drinking apart and set lucky for me. The only thing I was more data do was working in movies rice, those like this other addiction. Thank God terms the other media that the best for you
in the world. The best high- and I realized the high that I'm always chasing more than any, is- is of approval work through right, like that is for me like the the high of being on a set cracking Joe, even met just getting. that lead baggy army. Is you know, but it? But the problem is this: doesn't always then write like either not coming home with you tonight some of them that their summer ready holding cell anticipate, so they don't pull to quickly. One should have exactly right sure you right. I was able to keep the sort of work there was like work. Is the ultimate for me and then I just loved it so much, but the rest of my life was a fucking quickly became a shitshow you ride
good for you yeah. I would be mad if you didn't capitalize on that juicy opportunity. So with this seek was comes money and that then, can also facilities. the other stuff right nicely and at at any point you start getting scared like oh now, I'm gonna be defined by this movie. Only or are you like her the volume of freight train, and I am happy to have it yet. I didn't because at this point we would both be able to recognise the d get in something like happens, the one trillion working actors, and yet we think we need to get another one, not even thinking like. Oh you already got the thing. That's one in a trillion of Turann ties: successful yeah I I didn't I mean I. I was aware that be a thing, but I also was like
I knew that the reason I was doing the other jobs I was getting was because I played Jim in american pie. Right and you're in the rolling stones and they entertained your side project in the Hague, Zaire. So that's exactly right, and so I wasn't I mean I've always wanted to do other things. I always felt confident abilities to do other things. I done more drama once when I was younger, but I also was like carpet dm. I mean you want to cast me as this sort. awkward teenager unlucky in love. Guy next store great the zoo, airy cool about you and I had met you. You know we met and years ago, for the first time mace known at ten years ago, eight years ago, no ten zero. Three, eleven eleven years quick, my forty minus three eleven you are.
Anyone else, but you you and zero chip on your shoulder. You're, not a chip on your shoulder type of person would lose thanks to you. I mean I say that with envy I'm a kind of chip on my elder type. I mean, I think, I'll be honest. I think I've gotten more of one you feel like while I mean the Hague. Thank you. It's low. I know I know ye will prove. Am I wrong no. I really, I also kind of in others, also something to Beings the young and down my think I was like ok whatever I do. These movies that are always have my upward to do that and later indebted I'll, be honest. It's it's it's only in the last couple of years and my finding that its become a thing or least I've. I more aware of it being a thing right and
and by the way I still wouldn't trade for the fucking world here. I don't even know that I need to say that, but I mean it is the kind of thing that I feel like. I do need to qualify it because I it's it was the best thing that ever happened to me for sure career was in so and all the work that I've got and since then has had some connection to that film and its success. But in more in recent years I found that the american pie, thing kind of which is crazy, because you would, you would think it so long ago, and I've done other things, and you know I like to think that oranges, the new black in particular, was something that is certainly a different sort. They, but its Bateman arrested development right, but still, I still can't hear it a little bit and I and I wonder, if that's you know, I think I met like this weird age as well. Twenty one
where, where I'm I'm forty right in, like I'm a day and I am I you know the kinds of all that I want to be playing in think I should be playing our starting to catch up with me. I think It was a was a few years there, where I was kind of people still kind of saw me as that, and so was hard to know. I don't know why you and I we have a mutual friend on ruse who said the most liberating thing to me, which is he said. I stop thinking of my job is a career in just started. Thinking of as a job, because a career is your ego,
in a job. Is your job and work in you're, not the results, business! That's what someone with humility just! Does it so true and ill. I feel like I'm sure you and I are both like this, where we ve always thought that, but you know you kind of get I kind of got caught up a little bit in like you know, so you have people Round, you that you know advising you certain ways and immigration speak for you, but for me I definitely had a period where you know I was reluctant to do certain things that the biggest example is tv right. So tv right, you know those first couple years after America, hi. I was very lucky, had a lot of movie opportunities, but the early that's right around their mid. Two thousand you ve Vinos, some tv opportunities were coming. My way in my instinct was tells like a good job
in great job. Here, let's do tv. It's been a few years. I would love to do tat and but their windsor like over their receiving I'll, never be a movies. Again. Are you now and it's not their fault? I mean I believe I was like yeah. I know I shouldn't I should wait. I should do it and then. now and then I was always behind playing catch up. You know I mean I was instead of being the guy. That's like fuck, Yale dude. de I needed to wait until everyone else said that it was ok that you know, although their arrow you're gonna deviate. Actually, then, by the times are then, unlike ok I'll do tv in their like, we don't want, you does everyone. We all share. Design at these guys aviator commands, anyway, I mean that will now especially the whole. The whole thing is changed. We like we were talking about. I mean
There is no day it's. The word almost sounds like so it's such a funny, Werner, but content right all about content and how and people consume it in in different ways is and and there's no right or wrong way and people don't judge- and you know I I mean social Media- is the best example of this- a sort of people why you are particularly brilliant social media. I find like, I don't watch the bachelor, but I can read, in writing about the bachelor all day long. I appreciate or this we go on is Instagram this last week his wife was out and he was in charge of making the kids lunch in every day the lunch, shit here in shooting at one point, the lunch was just fucking met
There is like this all these matters as oil avocado, and this is the most brilliant work being done on your instagram. We know it's so and I ran into the kitchen, is your cursor seem bigs is welcome lunch. Story my story. I get more and the less movie on Wednesday, but it's not like. I look at the numbers of the like people who watch this. You know you could go to the analytical and entire Graham and I'm like there's a way more people have that than the last for movies I've done with Jenny. I would like to propose that it will Jenny. My wife makes these crazy lunches first said and posts them every night with her own brand of humor. But lunches themselves are very earnest and really she puts a lot of effort and so She was out of town this whole week and I was like fire
What am I like? There's really only one way to go with this, and that is the Gump made on their over thought. No compete at what point do you go like ok, I asked that powdery, my no right of appeal. You tell me a story about being on the golf course or some just get real gasped out of your mind. Oh the dash you're playing today afternoon, laying it affords them, unlike a Tuesday afternoon. The other guys. maybe a beer, the cart girl comes around the beer. Like all. And when you go to the bathroom Roquat I'll be right back and I would go into blown the bathroom, and I remember thinking that point like This is a thing. This is a thing, but I think even before that I mean that's one story, but, like my life,
started to have a lot of those story: consequent yeah. I was just like what am I, what am I doing you know and and then, when I really started to sort of take inventory of my past two, like I, I think about you know the first time after America hide a first movie that I did right got paid. A little bit went up to Vancouver it's my first actual. What's my first locations shoot because american Pie was in Elaine, I was living there. This is my first time on location and I have this apartment and I had a roommate in LA so that I have my own place and it's just all of these things, and the first thing I did when I got up to Vancouver and I wasn't twenty one yet no, I was I was toilet in your exact. Now is exactly twenty one. Thank you thanks remaining was, but I'd forcing it did was, went to the liquor store, and I remember having a cart just six,
and in a bottle I mean I had a court as I'm stocking my apartment. We imagined- and I remember that was the first time I was aware of drinking alone. Now version first time drinking low, but I, but I didn't think of it as it wasn't a red flag. It was like fucking cop academic, I'm home from work from said, take off the shoes get eyeball glass in it over the but but but very quickly was like poor the glass and wanted therefore daddy put it away it everywhere? So it is really funny when you blow by these markers. That, in your mind, were all that's what an alcoholic does inland? How, when you do them you all this and yours situation is unique. right. Leg mining was like. If you drink in the morning, you got a real problem, but have you Sunday morning after a rough Saturday night, not a problem, if that turns into like an all day thing and you need to have a little drink on Monday, just so you're, not sick
You got it you, don't you gig, curb at all by Thursday and then start therefore go right back up. I am I did every year and one browsing. Oh you really link in the morning area raise a week that that's real, but you can it's crazy, the power of it's crazy yet, and- and so when I first say s, life first I would say when what so I mean it had been having further for about a year or two. I was in therapy and I would like that was so afraid to talk, but I remember wanting to bring it up for the longest time jeered therapists to my therapist that I was concerned, about my drinking and drugging, but I knew that once I brought it up, you get a solution that you didn't want exactly than it was. Then it was accountable right, then, the next session.
Go in should be like so how's your you know. Did you have known psych fuck? So I knew that once I did it, that was beginning of the end for media, or at least I thought it would be, and so I kept not doing it, I mean I would go there hung where I would have this therapy session and that would literally there is There- is a liquor store around the corner. Have like a tough therapy session. We live. During would go to the liquor store worthy by bottle about during the year I will tell you the names are that there be scared she's great. There is a year in ASEAN, urgent now my wife and then I shall answer during and after the appointments. So but then Then I did bring inopportune I'm trying to think. If I remember sorted,
The big moment for me was was Jenny, saying that she was pregnant, right that was sort of the Vienna. The libel went off, it was like wait, a minute. We're went on that was that was for me the moment where I was like. I have this what it was moment where I thought I had to say something to Jenny, because in annex ii, what I did I took, as I told my therapist for swine probably in the months preceding Jenny getting pregnant that I was talking to my therapist about it and warning you know it. So I told my therapist and like. I thing I don't know I might I'd like to talk about it. I mean and she was like. You know. I am not sure whether sheriff I was going to tell you this or not, but I'm going to I've been sober. Thirty, five years, oh my god, I was like oh I got some of course, immediately go back home like thinking
all these earlier. I realized tat insomnia. yeah. Random nosebleed on Tuesday afternoon, after playing at all three strangers, the random nosebleed story about their last night were the worst cast table, read for an outcast able, Rita, cast dinner for idiotic the hers mid meal, I always get nose, bleed No, I don't I had and this was actually just. This was one of the times where I remember thinking: oh shit, it's it's coming into the work was actually a table read for a play and started bleeding I had a like us and it was just like it wouldn't stop and I was like Armageddon they kept coming in check and I mean J sinner. You do. We need to risk dwelling just fuck with the heat Ottawa
marginalized, nay, Hubert Dry than old Santa FE last night, very dry up there, an elevation. but anyway, I feel great. I'm just give me another three hours I'll be right out. You'll be out of blood zoom an infinite amount of me sooner or later, the cell but the gear the key amendment. I someone in the opposite direction by the way was so where they go bananas with you they're telling themselves as a kid there's a kid. I got to get it together and then what people don't understand about when you're having a kid left you've not had one. Is it actually to me? Was nine years sober when we had our first and I actually fell to compulsion to have my own secret life. Again, it's like! Oh no, now, I'm
fully accountable per early. Now I want to have my own little private life. I know what my private life is totally. Well, that's why for me, so I got so that was so, whose Sergei she'd we found out. She was pregnant on a Sunday, I went on a two day: Bender celebrate your father, you now and by the way, that was also cocaine and exits mushroom. All right, so anyways came in that was like. Ok, I gotta do something inside toll. Jenny was shocked or issues like yeah. I think she was like. Ok, I mean you hid it kind of well, I hit it very well. I was I I snuck sneaky drinker and so party, or even mean I wake you see what she would like and also she was Jenny was kind, not naive, just kind of these normal
can normally, I see you out of here. It's really atoms, like my wife, annoying sofa, We now have a glass of wine and restaurant is most infuriating thing. Ever it's like there's a third laughed I'm thinking about it up and leave your kid give. Today. I hear any more embarrassing our family. She's, not normal she's better than normal extra normal jenny. The same, doesn't have now. Bernie Sciences are so kind of them, but also gets buzz so easily same about. So it's like sticks to Serbs in his like I am well. I can you drive and I'm a fucking door well yeah.
in fact, in their gender differences. My wife goes like we. We got you bring to people there's. We lobbying started having like hell, yeah, she's, third avenue. I was on the rocks like a millimetre, you like girls, it Tom Jellies and Z He gets a little buzzing. She goes this feels great and then the next that isn't like for panic, I must maintain this feeling over alive or dead. That's you know, that's that's anywhere we would go. Overseer is actually does if dissipates or whatever became a huge massacres. Right I mean it was in the end. It was just like I can drink this and then did it. But I'll have this first by myself, because I need to act I don't wanna be seen like China Wanna chug, a scotch at the event, but I will at home by myself so that I dont need to chug. Discussions have already chug the Scots,
and then it's like, then it's like than yeah Coke, into its negative idea. Now, I'm too drunk you Bob Arbiter for due to many bombs, and I can't talk and fucking. There is a lot algebra. Really that's too my bags. We know we know you can do where did like on a road trip when I'm really long Roger. Unlike going eighty two, if I go eighty two for the next ten hours at eight aren't twenty miles, we go. Eighty seven, that's eastern seventy miles will be the end literally. That's my whole hold your forty hours is. Don't get up half a mile in our yet knows that that was the point that was sort of my you know come to Jesus moment and I and I you know I got in the programme and then but then I did it because I think what you just said about it being apparent and sort of warning that thing you know I you know there was that part of my brain that keeps saying you don't really
You could do it and then it would go a year and be like Hobbes. They could do you want to fuck and year. Obviously, I'm good yeah, you know and I will fall off and it would quickly so I've unfortunately had a lot of ups and downs, but not unfortunately, it's my story is what it is and I've yeah, you know, and now I've been very much a part of it. For a while, so I'm feeling good, but but it's an amazing thing. I love sharing with you. If we we have we ve speaking at these. Presiding meetings and I always enjoy your point of view and before you go one here about just does want your twitter fiasco, you can pick the one cause? It's well it's newsworthy. Apparently I what I read your twitter. Tell me if I'm crazy, it seems I'm so jealous you'll write anything
people must say terrible things back and you must not care I, like I, admire your my high water mark like renal. The use that thing to go. Fuck, you does my presence here, take it or leave it. You can involve mere whatever its seems very liberating well, it was a walk I and I'm not that anymore or you're, not for a long time, I was for a long time I was you know, could say whatever the fuck. I want it's a you know when it when I first kind of found twitter like. I have a dark side to my humor. I would say, and do whatever and I found that it always sort of surprised people that the people those perception of me did not match. Maybe because of it
actors. I play you I'm in that category exact. I read your tweets announced like oh, he well, and so I enjoyed now right like I enjoyed surprising people and obviously I enjoyed getting a reaction and being a provocative, provoke provocative exactly so, but then I get in trouble alive and- and I took the stands for a long time whatever fuck it. I'm not doing anything wrong and mind you a lot of this sort of coincided with my last. Years of drink all right and for so long I was like my drinking. My drugging has nothing to do with this right, because I would point to a tweet that I got in trouble for where I was drunk at all or on drugs, see but looking back of course, it was a time in my life where I was very Heath you
a wash in sure a roller coaster. My brain was pickled for sure and I'm not putting it on that, but I definitely had a sort of like you know, combative side to me that I'd that I think the booze and drugs obviously helped. But. But I yeah I've seen I really haven't tweeted MA I mean Instagram has become sort of youth. The newer thing and- and I have to be honest like there was the want- so I I was let go from from a job or you were yeah, that's for real for real and it wasn't. It was like you know something that whatever I'm I'm fine with it now, but I think really fucked me up, and for a while initially I was like I did nothing wrong, just combative
Only Minos yeah. What did I do wrong, but by and by the way, if I get into it now and I'd rather not, but if I were to get into the details of the now, though I would still come back to. I would end up saying things like, but I meant that there's this there's. That sort of the instinct is to do that. But the truth of the matter is, I fucking. Did it right and there was some one else that didn't like what they say they heard it had to do with? I could talk about the tweet if you like, it was the you don't have to. I don't want to bring about the fact that I realize you had been canned over yeah yeah. you're really shit the bad. I must yet can wait united tweet when I get home and I not, but it fuck me up the definite fuck me up with that was those we are willing to go. If truth be told it might then a blessing because that was what two years ago, three years
it was more more now yet maybe four years ago, if we could say what, was doing. I was doing the because you're bodies with south right, green, yes, yeah, observed Sarkozy came in replacement. doing the voice of Leonardo on, I don't feel so bad. I love. Sadly, I get a job. That's my way out of the bag is gonna, get a happy ending. We loves it was for that it was the. I was doing voice of Leonardo and the teenage meet an internal sea area, but what I had done ass. It was basically a series of tweets right whether there was one about the pope that I made it Joe there, one about middle Malaysia. Airline I hear people What I think are committed to commemorate airlines conduce anyway, was a fucking funny too but it was enough. It was enough to get people calling Nickelodeon share a my kid watch, whatever again
get into like you're. You don't you know beyond my twitter feed and he's not, but whatever anyway, I made the tweets right. I knew that they weren't thrilled with them. That's all I needed to no doubt that should have been enough. It was in Yeah, I tweeted more boy what I thought were not down tax bowing to level down, double down and they were like. We can't do this anymore, like we're getting our food is literally ringing off the hook. What had happened was like sort of super right wing grew sort of just made it their mission to come after me and boycott the sponsors of this. Ok and any it sort of went from their end, and I think it really it really traumatize me in a way that I see now is like a really good thing. I mean you know my name his eye. I struggled to examine. Now I have a comedic persona and I have a community point of view and I am entitled to make these observations and I'm supposed that's me, role inside. I can get real lofty about it, but then I have to admit
yeah. You can do that, but then you also can't sell Samsung refrigerator light. Yet exacting I want to sell Samsung Reverie eyes, you have to go. We know that someone else's lame another comedian who will do that or I'll get like. I think I need to making SAM hairs this point- and I think I need to get in on some top. It cannot go on that's his lane, their use those goddamn refrigerators are not going to sell the guy, but it and there are great by the way. I know in line measures all the dryers all of those Koreans and I didn't think they were- now that you said it from Dac shepherds. Zeiner, my wife say you'll be run into a best. Buy
I would you guys? Thank you so much for coming to the demagogues, Joe, you really show your true colours bags gave you gonna get bad men, my partner, the greatest lady, my life, you girls. Thank you guys. Who can it be knocked in that my Monica come to check my back some more. I want to see if it got my facts right. If I was wrong, I won't boot up
All I wished for is to town I smoke wrong from. Anja thrown Jack for me now, Jack for me now that's good those room Grendel. Javasan render now's grain. Well, thanks for saying that song, it was nice words, to talk about big see what a sweetheart yeah Wazirs sweetheart, really nice person are really like him. Yeah enjoyed meaning Hermia Benes Cute niece funny. You know full backing he's really got at all No wonder he landed that baby. Jenny is also super funny and witty their attractive either. The pair infertile shared about two kids yeah at all, but we don't want people to think you're in the fact that they don't have it all is nothing bad in the world.
we only want to feel bad, of course not, but we can't say infertile good chairman So whenever we want yes, Jason Oak or I will you said that almost all of people who suffer one thousandth by proxy, our nurses. So much else by proxy Users are usually very knowledgeable about medical treatment options through experience as a patient through training as a child care provider or health care provider. or three librarian internet researched. Similarly bamiyan. Definitely it was reported that in eighty five percent of their forty one video documented cases of non challenged by proxy one or both parents had training in a field related to health care or in day care our I understand what that means. Do they mean day care alike and child care,
day care. I believe so leave cast a wide ned definition yeah. That was really the only number I could find. One from stuff. You should know which is a fun. Podcast now have an episode on moon housing. that you should listen to, and then it gives you the history wise, even called Moon, Charles and which is a pretty fascinating story. You know it's called Moon Johnson. Now there was a brute, I want to say there was a german General Moon Housing who had gone on some type of crusade in when he came back. He out all these tall tales like he encountered monsters and staff and the ages banish the hell out of what had happened. Islands is crusade, yeah, so just by think is synonymous with wire. Yeah while or exaggerate yeah someone drawing your attention. I dont think lying though they are very numbers online
now they're giving themselves often the issue, so they are expressed in seeing the issue does not like lying in saying their foot is broken their breaking their foot. Well they're doing things, but in the whole thing is a car. It's a lie. They noting I have cancer, so they're, giving their shaving the little girls hair and rang Y yeah yeah and even People who have just moon chosen by proxy. They are, figuring out ways to fake symptoms and they're, trying to get a false diagnosis, That's a lie yet, but yes, and no leg with with them munch others by proxy, often like yeah them, the mother, which is common, that it's the female like ploys, then that, child and stuff, and so those children are sick. Oh yeah children aren't even who were assessing whether or not there are liars. It's the person
how chewing on the moon thousand, whether its by proxy or not right, yeah benefits will not by proxy it. It's the same thing, more like there. The poison element is still real. they are lying about way just happening to them or them getting them like going there. The hospital I gather lying. I guess you're saying this just happened: families smart enough to know that if they use a certain kind of poison and all kinds of trick, indifferent diagnosis that they're going for you now white blood cell count up or some yeah, I was really scared of it because in the movie, the sixth sense Musha Barton, it has it. She has much by proxy she's a ghost all. Sorry, if this is a
words that the big spoiler, the movie so long as you keep the big that's traffic so yeah she that comes out from under the bed and she help you key because she had manhattans by proxy. Killed her wada, weird psychological situation there. I was very scared that afterwards, for still, I would say, that's bad right, I think sound manner. is our knowing. I always say that, as of everyone's under attack must get all in saying that we still see their near like that taken away everything Rummy near anyway. So that's a scary disease. I hope none of arm cherries have it too we can even call it a disease. It's the cycle, but I guess of work for allowing people
hey algorithms, a disease, and I guess we gotta include moon channels in the air. I don't think they want to be the type of person that wants to do that. Now probably not known aspires. I doubt to be that yeah I warn and alcoholic I could imagine going my son a buck and disease but they're wrong. They beat me wrong they're wrong, but I can see it I'd be sympathetic to someone who's bs on it being a disease? She going. I catch a disease, catch all alcoholism, all you, you gonna catch it from your parents, the hatch candles, catch your genes from how we don't catch cancer. That's where I don't catch allotted diseases. That's true! I just have had lobby point and I hope I don't catch cancer. I hope you don't. Can't be right. I don't want to catch Munchausen either. I don't want you to because I feel like you're, going to bite your going to do it to me
you got me. You could get moonshine sends out from a sail a bar. You know a lot of things. transferred at a sale of our love sailor bars of my favorite. I like them to bother the greatest. I never really thought you know it's weird I have, I think, I'm kind of But I don't ever think about that when I met like a salad bar or words, the great jobs, if he loves me that care even give a shit. I guess what have you got a common list of the dirt worried about us. Dvds win them over. They don't give a shit array trail welcoming salad. Do you make it a sour bar, heavier iceberg, always some graded cheese, meta, mushrooms, chickpeas, ok, I always makes dressings. I was rapidly through dressings on their oh if they were to Turkey, and I'll, throw that on their oh wow. I'd, say the bulk of my celebre experiences from from
big boys in Michigan those wise, but there's big boys me out here. It's Bob's What was in Georgia? I don't know, I don't think we have it well doing there turned into Shoney's were shawnees, yes near most of the big boys in the south, converted Shoney's, but we say that beautiful Bob's, big boys, blue cheese. Which is the star the shell? So I like to try to item. I won't overload assail at a big boys, because I know one thing: the steel, the blue cheese. Thunder. I see no, you don't like blue cheese, crumble, blue cheese, but but a lot of people who don't my good she's dressing do like Bob's, big boy Oh wait! No I've had it. You have at your house. Of course I do like a really good there's. Nobody, she's tasted, all it transcends blue cheese even though there are eight chunks of blue cheese in their oh yeah. Now it is great great great dressing. I make
I don't know what let us, I don't think I've normally at those things I've, let us options must write like whole foods or something right once we're not talking about that kind. A salad bar, although sizzler, does have spinach around Us when it is the one thing that I'm sort of a little? The weary of in an environment like that all night long told me to be scared than I am de? I have no doubt it back this up, but I feel like when I hear about some kind of slavery are lack its generally on a darker Le Diana remember a time when they said don't eat, iceberg can't remember why didn't it just happened? no government, romaine, mother, dark Dance, Romania's, not that dark debts. it's dark. The nice Barodia icebergs white, who are on the topic of sales. My very favorite sound as you probably already know, is a blue cheese wedge. I now, I think everyone knows thank you
we have talked about love, aware, jia, ok, so I just wonderful In fact, as you say that or heat is talking about his dad's work and how we gotta take his son. There was insured. In writing. I was a door there on the cranes in the shipping. Yes and now that's moving towards automation, and so he said he and his dab ass his job, and you said he was felt really lucky that he got Take his kid before that happened in you said yeah until it's only the computer kids, who get to do it in a kind of like you were saying, like drain of people who work in computers, but you met little progeny be computers, dryness computers, walking around with tiny computer legs. That's right, win win, I hid, sits peeing. I can all I assume that the one appropriations are and then, of course,
little tiny, well, computers alike, vows. You sure does mailing about the die? yeah yeah, but these little computers will be so smart that they won't like hurt themselves like kids. Babies. Do that's true for nice. The kids can do whatever they want, the going to jump off or fall into the water consumers their balance, because unpaid train very cute, like lobe, means with little tiny legs, but their smart enough. There there's some sense that will go off before they get too close to the end. Because they're made of computer only make great point, but these drones do crash They made a deal with our programming that I guess you're right, you're, gonna, restart everything. I don't care how good it gets, in our even the best now phone and computer in the world, you gotta reboot those things all the time. So maybe,
lose one computer baby every ten years, but for the most part, those baby there doing good the other gonna, be they only with us, Fitzhugh tar, Oh ok, when he was on Broadway as a kid he said he did a play with Dave Crumb Hole Cs- and we just saw- promotes- and some yes, but I didn't know- that's who it was I dont know I didn't know him by name me. A new recently watched a little bit of the ballot of Buster Scruggs. yes on network which criminals or he's an, but I didn't know that we didn't set up a heap popped on the screen. Name said: is that the guy from ten things I, about you and you said I dont know and then and then day when my fact check- and I was like who's- the Stave Cromwell to pull them up in it was that guy and then I looked it up and it was the guy
ten things I hate. Yeah, that's great. I was introduced to him through slums, Beverly Hills, which was a fun movie. How, when Natasha Leone, Alcoa yeah? I also thought it was interesting because I guess you know they started together. In this play and then they were working. At the same time, cause Jason did American Pie and hold stared tending the hit about you and that's all right around the same time they care about- and there are both in these popular teen movie- was cool criminals as a very distinct voice. Yes, I hope, if you don't know who he is, you should google him right now seek your immediately know who he is. Didn't you see him move him yeah, do it
K. We talk about the pronunciation of economics, verses economics and I gave a reasoning that I'm Our desire to help people that I made that up. So that's not real. Ok that won't work. During the interview very manner view. I made up an explanation, the dozen. Hold water, and I made it up complete leave, but everyone believed me. All right. I remember that Malta me. I got Norman nervous about your powers. Yeah they need to be the only rain man, some kind of a mechanism that checks year, superpowers yeah across the line a little back. It's ok welcome back thanks and I looked it up and on the EU to pronunciation its economics. No is economics. Economics can still be like if you wish it was
Mama clear cause. You don't like that. Hard e long ye hear a Shorty, you do economics, I bet it's because you think economic sounds pointed toward the EP: hair blue blood, these coasts, Connecticut Trust fund old money. Does anyone knew what the economics of this situation are economics? If that's what it is, some other often right, those rich people. They are yes for. I want to get so rich and we should have been able to guess that, because you, u shortening as e con you do- would never shorten it as a con. Now that would be strain account all away the power of now a cartel, funds, familiar Erin, a car Erin, a cart
Elkhart Leg, Indiana, ebony and ivory ebb and flow, all right, so I looked into woke. The first movie was that had a red ban, trailer and I could not find, in the one that it was crazy. I mean I've found a lot on like red ban trailers, but not the first movie and then my was suspicious per se, but, like I should come up quick but he made the claim that it was the first want. No, he didn't die. There was knew. The whole thing was. It was new and that made me curious like what was the first wine. I couldn't find that if anyone knows and wants to tell us, you depreciated had really appreciate it. Yeah all right. So you said that make you I can LISA Bernay made real love. An angel heart said there the room,
to have. I was yet ere. I did it. It was in like a joke. Guy that is the rumour. I've heard many times all that there was some rumours and then I saw a lot of people saying. No, though, that rumor is not true, Orilla yeah, you watch the scene and angel. I didn't watch him when I want to be someone. I was reading a cause. The controversy is like it was, even an ex rating because of that year, and then they had to cut a lot of that out to give it our rating. I I I don't think you could find, a prettier human being ever to be on screen than her in them That is that that is the top of avarice to my opinion.
Yeah. She doesn't even look like a human being yeah. She looks like she's from the avatar films or somethin re different. Like movie. I guess you good for us. You now yeah near peaceable, nay, what a beauty she is here and then she got with a beauty, real big beauty, Lenny cravats. And made another beauty and then Disney thought she got top that she marries Jason Mama wait Zoe crab only suborn May is married to know Jason. We saw a gravity LISA his daughter No, I didn't know that may denounced right. There does here. such programmes are now it s really holds. I've told this story publicly stone tell him here. I don't think I'm breakin anyone's competence, but you know subordinate all time number one. I know I say that about. There's a couple people say that about I gotta be more careful because, of course, Nev Campbell ozone,
with from party if I'm budgets aesthetically for me, LISA Bonus, number one matter at a party and they were together, XO we and from Russia. Yes, which earning now is little coy. Moon change course. I know because I am a bit superfine what ways. Christian said: oh my gosh, there is less money. You gotta go danced with her and I spent the evening dancing with her. There was so wonderful, oh wow yeah. Then down the trail, you now and then the me the part of the story That then turns is that was bad happened. I danced with her. I think I made a good impression. Then we re to her at the game, Thrones Premier, when we went in Tang Topside said stark in the streets wildly in the sheep We put tattoos all over ourselves, but I got separated from Christian and it was
of a premiere everyone's dressed up, moonlight, suits and dress. Beautiful dresses, and I can went up to LISA. I was so excited to see her again. I start to talk you are now all of a sudden felt very insecure about my out two's. I had all over myself. So then I quickly said Chris did it too, and then I had to find Kristen back up the fact that we both look stupid Money, not discharging battle was Q. I hope so. I looked pretty awkward by mice although I was the only one mare like that. It's one thing to go as a team of Christian by its another thing, just show up by yourself and attain top at a red carpet of animal tattoos all over that's trail, Isabel, nay. Well, I know now, but she was, Cosby Show, and that's where I hear governor beauty costs shall Yemen also some famous riffraff about Bill cosmic.
She did that movie and she was naked and he was very disapproving any shamed her about it, in that I already earlier, while my others, many things to be offended about his story- bits the one thing to me, that really really gets me angry is the hypocrisy the moral high ground. He was always on why people telling prior and in the end Eddie Murphy swear in the road there routines. You know about that, trying to shamefully subordinate for me, nude LAO, I'm here piece of shit is dragging people now, It's time, someone stand in their ivory tower. Tellin you yeah about all your moran and big red flag for me, yeah. When someone yeah on someone here I changed the name to it. That's a cause be flag share, weakens dissected. He live Hamilton
yeah. When someone appears to have all the answers, they normally don't have any interesting. Well, that is all that there was not very many backs, eleven, also love you, I love you. What color would you say, you're wearing does, I would say red and then you would disagree. Cafe rat you read a little orange and there too orange red thrilling, again that brown skin PA those my shit scan Oh no, don't say that, but we should recommend those two documents or, as we watch here, we watch to document. There is one called white right. I think so yup about it, a british female, Danny Descent, her experience with raises Michigan, sits down with a bunch of white nationals, that's fastening and then hit me with a name
accidental courtesy, accidental courtesy so amazing about Darrell Davis as musician who, similarly befriended not a clan members and convince many believe tat. We watched him and very close proximity to each other there was a lot of feel bad and feel good ness. I grew feel bad in the sand, feel goodness dynamic. And I am- I was able to see my own hypocrisy a little bit more. Why well, if you call. I was able to sympathize with some of these white Nationalists, because I could just see that were really lonely rejected human beings that were willing. to accept any ideology to have some friends like I could. I was able to see it through those stories yeah, and I realise that I would not be- is keen to
observe that in an ISIS member ray, I realized it was just a failing of my own empathy because they don't look like me. Ma Am and I mean there remember that yeah. That's that's great and you are having a little more a little bit hard over time than I was being sympathetic to them, No, I wasn't I was. I was sympathetic bait. I guess sometimes get worried that the sympathy, for them will, shadow. This. The sympathy for the victim that's what I get worried about an in those conversations, but I was varies very warm. thank you I will I wouldn't Junior fears that through sympathy, you there's somehow it be tolerance for their behavior, so I've z. tolerance for their behaviour yeah, but I have a ton of sympathy for what would lead you to that.
Tsar play yeah yeah. I didn't want other people in this documentaries were alike crushing at their whole, life and decided to you now start March Generality, Georgia's yeah, and in their resolve these moments, where like when they were face to face with her in the White Nationalist One they like fell so uncomfortable. It should ask them straight up like she'd red tweets and that would cease older ships guarantee ass. We started this conversation yeah exactly may Astor like STAR Gps, the same you call yourself a so we're yeah and then for me I was just like all my god. Just the answer to all of this is just diversity just having exposing young people to all the kinds of people. I always say that, but I really like this was such a good indication of where it can go. If you don't do that with some of the people
this documentary are talking to her and she is the first. Muslim. They ve ever spoken to in any Darrell Davis. His case allow to the people that he's the first black person they ve ever talk to, but regardless did recognize my own failings, my own empathy, failings interest. It is hard for me to find that sympathy in forgiveness when the people don't look like me now can imagine I'm alone. I can either it that's why we have proof, yeah yeah good anyway clarity.