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Armchair Expert Live from Los Angeles at Largo at the Coronet. June 30th, 2018.

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they were well. Ok! Well, I M not holding my o microphone. I am holding the most special member teams microphone. You know
boys whose grinders introduced in her mind apartment. Please come well. We have one of my very varied performers ever to be on parenthood here tonight, Tsar frustratingly charismatic more so than myself.
It was Mr Sayer. I'm parenthood. Please put your hands together for Jason, redder mobile Jason redder. Thank you Do you guys remember how cute an irresistible? Mr zero? As I heard yeah, baby dollar. Thirty one fact learn today about Jason, who have now known, for, I guess six seven years, maybe a sunlight. For years, and he was
in the year, in the credit sequence for three company, I was there as a baby, little boy right as a baby, little baby girl there boy, then I was a little shortlist blonde child and overalls and there's a part where I guess Joyce do at his feet. A goat, and I He broke out of my mom's arms waddled in to get closer to the or I was pretty excited about to go right. We were the zoo. It was fun. How did that come about? I think it was a mistake, but Georgie's see laughed and they liked it today, but were you They're like visiting the day that there was a kind of a rent like plan. I think I don't really remember, but I think I, like my mama just take me around. We would like road, it is. She won't I Reed taping of three companies alone be ass, seven years, yeah yeah, I can't get it. I don't think prisons,
She has been very supportive, was leg needles level that the difference between a real celebrity in writing every moment of trying to be grateful to be resentful about finding a divorce. The journey that anyone who is a pretty divorce security, the mouse anyways well one day, maybe Jason Bourne better back there. I didn't even knows where I saw those videos in other people who are like they're like passing out or are we just laws where people can seek? As the house knows, within her, be removed and stretches so be worse? our broad oxygen with them, that it is the painting. But your mom really went to every single why she didn't? Yes, you can actually see eye to eye,
can hear her laugh. Sometimes you're ash is like a very distinctive laugh and I can pick all EU citizens. I got donkey getting children. Yes, I get her out of here, I'm coming everyone how but Europe a long arm you're, actually, if Wikipedia is right, was half the time of the year third generation after yeah yeah yeah my weird. It is with that growth. Are you serious? is bizarre. Yeah, my grandfather was a singing. A boy in their text, Ridder text read or yet. If this money
bugger. Wasn't a singing cowboy with the name text Ridder what always met here. Did you call em grandpa attacks? I actually never met him. He passed away before I was Jesus Great Wikipedia. Leaving as they did meet tax. But text was, I don't do anything the country, western Music hall of Fame? Yes, yes, he is, in India or their entitle him to he knows, was there just you get a plaque and you give I dont Ivan, I'm not in its side- are now learn when you get back out recital. U turn our back on the factual, explain everything that happens to have someone indicted. I get you.
You can come? I trying to very exciting about Europe needs a very thin. I dont know. I bore too many layers. I forgot. There's gonna be indoors divergences in the parking lot of learning and thing. You know why you know where my fair is something like matters warehouse super close out there, but about grandly attacks. God bless the story. Past before you were in the mix, but but grandma it's my granted. That is well yet. What does it make it? Ok, guys any speak ill of granddad know how I disagree: visa like a young, a prosecutor me to get over it
you have the earlier and I do whatever I next thing but Dorothy Bay. That's me, grandmother yeah yeah, she married tax is maybe she was with us for a little longer. She was with us for a lot longer. She was also an actor back in the day right. Yes, it did a couple movies together and stuff like that, and that's that was your dad's folks, my dad's folks, young. Beware of your mom's dad's name was ex rigour that would be. Where are your parents were related? What does something? But so I'm gonna do this. Ok, maybe I'd better predicting about six months that better it's getting to bring back some sort of change your mind here, but but so what will be hard for all of us here to understand and will I think, we're opera?
we curious about is my goodness Friday we under this, but I'm trying to you. I wonder if it better here if the status bar- none of this is great. I'm just figure rigour is so pissed at you right now, he's watching guys, like God, dammit soon just sit, the book and chair chair sitting, you gonna, give me kicked out with a whole country, music hall of Fame blasphemously. Now I'd never know I think we're probably that none of us can relate to and then in our fantasy, it's much different experience, albeit its probably not your pulling focused J. And this is something you do an apparent. I could be shocked that you're inherited your father's great physical comedy expert
gas. Usually what I'm doing with this? My readers on one hand, and he's holding the might with his budgets, which is hard to do not only three actors and in the country that can do it. Thank you. So I guess for me when I think of your life his grandson Grandpa are be no successful actors and in your parents are successful actors. I just I guess I have in a sea of what that's like, but but now that I'm raising kids and their parents or actors. I guess I don't think their child, it seems so dear the mind. Did I mean that given a much larger house and stuff, but Were you aware of the uniqueness of that childhood? Were you? I you just zoom, like every kids Grandad's in the hall of
No, I I think you know, I think you if it takes a while for any child to realise that people have different sort of flake lives than than you You start to get to the become aware of things at different times, but four initially I didn't know anything was strong. You know I we would be walking around somewhere in someone would come up and tell my dad. Like loved him or something I feel I get me do we all do just. As I hear the only thing that I guess I I really did think that's how he was Ike the combination of of not fully understanding how the technology worked and also seeing like honey, I shrink the kids. I thought he was shrinking down and walking into Cosette coms are usually does now. There's not a lot of lay close. It's like looks they kind of legal,
shoebox dire arrived. I did think you shrinking down no shifting the beer, and I do remember the first time that he was like there on the screen and in the room when I was a boy but then it very soon started, to realise these theres many midnight at other kids houses right yeah. They eyes, like a bank, Whenever the help was yeah yeah. I did I do start do I started I started to realize you started took take slumbers at strangers, homes yeah. I did take little zone unique experience as a kid. Isn't it the air: is people's houses smell different than yours yeah? they bomber. They can get it re, scared or grey, All right, I just this thing on my head are like I walk in there. I think I'm gonna be to get through the sleep over like it smells like Jim Sags and Bacon big beans. I alone.
There is one night where I was staying at my friends house and I had a lot of asthma as a kid growing- and I forgot my inhaler. This nine are usually had it in my family pack. I had it with me at all times, but I went to his house and we fell asleep and I woke up and I had a asthma attack and I You know. Usually I wake up my parents, but I don't know what a protocol was at his house, so I will under a half whisper like three hours like a creepy. Little goes like waiting for someone in the house to wake up and just kind of forgetting rear, and you saw me they would have been terrifying, decided they going around in his possession finally there like his mom, Countries like
collect scale. Yes, resilience illegal. I know she had like a robot. You must have heard like Julie rather simple, the right or the icebergs better. She called me looking in the fridge, do say after three hours as I am getting hungry, this is inappropriate and then, as soon as I have opened the manifestation of, like my secret, shame that I was hungry issues like. Why are you doing now? She didn't she was with you, but you know how you did walk into your kitchen and you decide the back of a boy with the fragile and you heard he was masturbating into the Rhine, and that is what I was doing, but I wasn't I was
tour of Europe has rendered. Thank you for fourteen. Thank you. So how did that resolve itself? Did you did you die No, I I survived. She took me home. I got my inhaler save ass. I know at another time, but I did remember my inhaler from that point. Now. There isn't anything. Did you ever orthodontic? Did you braces and I did embraces- I had retainer yet in digital? lose that retainer a bit. Now I had to say retainer until it just fitting in me anymore, and I would just Jean like Vienna down a bit like ours. I lived there.
Well. We had a modest budget at our house and I left it on a tray at a restaurant in Phoenix Arizona on a family vacation, flaky Jake's across Romania's you and and I are I throw that away and then I realized in the car only I forgot my retainer and then my my mom, my step that the one with our name nameless was not the kind of most patient gentlemen. They dug through, like twelve trash bags and back and made a fine just in the movie parenthood. The kid loses is Steve. Martin dig through that. You guys I am now Yeah I mean just in they were added for like an hour. They find it. No, no, no, no completely free. This endeavour, but I was in the car like how bad is this
like the longer they're digging in trash that I'm assuming the worst the penalty is going to be and they were just had it for a long long time and then they gave and they now and then Iran is that they want the punishment about a four hour lecture from by the way. This was actually a turning point. My life. I thank him, for it is one of the nicer things he sent me down for about four hours and send as you proceed through life, you should be thinking about what's come. Next, when I watch you and you're making a sandwich, you seem to be like what. Why should I should open This drawer, all you grab. That item like you need to think about everything, that's coming your way, so that You can just move through life efficiently, and so, when you take this thing now, you should think why should put it on the item? That's gone in the trash, can ride, put it somewhere, that's not gonna, be end up, and you know I'm saying I should start doing,
the way I have described, making went on ideas were wrong. Pound note, your browser, is you get the peanut butter out you loaded up with peanut butter on the knife in Manila? Bread We know that the Berlin Agreements- Jack, where your teeth they were well. I remember now. Let me just start. There is a day they were actually was a. I had one when I got my teeth fix, or even just a brace design. I had to kind of readjust my whole thing because I used to be able to make people laugh just biased smiling because I had a war of he does like this like spaces in between this and this
and and so I would do thing when I go to the water found an I go one straight out and do at exact forty five and it was a waterfall and it was a part of my personality. I felt like lake suggests smile, unladylike doping amounted to shave. Reality too. Oh I'd be lower below those walking around like this and drinking from the found privately. Now you put a watershed. I really enjoyed my air, my weird. Similarly, it look like God, just took all my teeth in shock. I met my face, amazing and landed, and then just pop, We in the lower in the manner of all your backs away, gigantic over by the edges teeth everywhere. It was discussed.
I didn't feel like you did about the now. I remember when people weren't looking that you'd have that big science book you know like this thick Viagra knows looking over our shove. It and I could get a science book in that gap, It was a good two and a half an inch over by land, and so I looked over, I told my science out of my c but I was in northern knowledge of her. Like thirteen. Do you like that? I call it or the non should. I do nevertheless unscientific We have I about thirteen years and achieve yes from, like second greatest senior year, wow fuckin brutal. Obviously I have dreams that of medieval nearly every night. I believe there, it is getting just ratcheted at all times, cartels.
Growing up with your father's very successful and your mother's. Also an actress in she was actually in grand theft. Auto was wrong, Howard, another paranoid callback, yes, the ETA they'll be nine. I count on the shore by the videogame she did I did. But you know it was way before that video The EU is wrong directory old lady, you yeah, that's right, I'm! So what age do you start thinking? I think I want to go into the family business. I was I was pretty young initially when I wanted to ask as I became like a teenager and I started to get a little bit more self aware, I was very suspicious of my childhood selflessly. You just wanted attention than already likes self analyzing meant much oh yeah, yeah. Why died over the course of my life? I've done a lot
and I will do my dive and was suspicious that like? Oh, I don't want to do this for the reason I just want attention yeah, I kind of thought that and then it was only towards the end of high school. I started to get a little bit less shy that I given that I went out and I I travel yours even greater than we have made, and I wanted to get me let's true, they looked better than they did before and what was their reaction where they supportive of it right now, the gates they were well, they were supportive of it in a way of like this is
they were like. You can do anything and everything is fine. There are like you really want to do it right. Here's the book you have to read here's the performance. Is you have to watch our form? You know like learn about it? Not only for those will be easy. Nevermind and better water are not an yes, oh I they they sort of they. They took me seriously and also also made me want to like look at myself. And I mean I think they want to make sure that I really wanted. Only an amateur and like I just wanna like before interviews with something like the area, yeah exactly that's logic, because because I find I think of dog what this before, but I've, if I do find it very weird that a lot of our actor friends who have children are like, I do not want them to do this job, you am, I don't want them to go somewhere in, like crack people opening a huge paycheck at the end of it.
Why what I think is now the best job you could have there's. No. They lived a theme that you like something occasionally z, but you know it's back in now try to do it now. Latterly, I do think there. I think, that's what they're scared of is that their your child is saying, especially if they are actors themselves, your child, Potentially I want to open myself up to a lifetime of rejection and also where you're it's it's a strain. Art form unlike painting or for argovie or music. Anything the that the final product is so close to your self one. You know it's not like here's, my painting and sometimes I get sucks and you can go the paintings. Its harder it when you don't get stuff over and over
over again to not be like something is wrong with me and the way that I interact with one eighty. I think all those people are right. No one should go into this terrible, prevent people should do it. If they do, they really do have a passion for, but I d, I think, that's the key that you want a sort of differentiated like we're out of it. I don't I, how did you do you took it seriously and you went and why you for acting right? Yes, I did his school. I did in my brain
Was there the sheath lock my white piece of shit? That's right! Motherfucker! I had you you're just because once you put my wife, I believe we have raised fifty years after that. What the part I certainly did not do it be so thrilled to find out they did. I wish I'd. Have you in love? It would just be em over me to tease her is all I'm really after this boy. I will say that I remember her I've. Yes, I do remember her. Every one had it rush on your life, those mother, did you know these dudes names, you other hammer. I got him on it. I want to date with Jake Gilan Hall. You're hurting year, her mother
I'm talking about us go. I think she's admitted that before, but I think they went on a day. Ok, I dont use a piece ass. Even then re girls like how did you know Jake Juvenile? I yes, I do you think the wrong thing. Ok, ok, you look about men willing to bear as they asked analogous is becoming like Indeed, I know that a higher food- you know that's payments, and I did I did know him. I didn't know that they went on a date eggs. You told me yeah. I know major, I just won't tell you what twenty nine years ago, I wouldn't call. Your wife it's you and on some days, but you are aware of her We were not in the same class, but she was usually musical theatre, yeah we're doing like stay. I was doing. I can't answer thing. They landed here
so we didn't have a lot of cross over, but I did we did have the mutual friend and yet I she's was amazing and sweet. Then, as much as she is now she just by she's, an incredible purse yeah? I agree with that. But Why do you ask your out sincerely ensues shining Eyes deters evaluating for state June for more lives? Show after this exciting commercial break arm, chair expert is boarded by Amazon Prime Video channels now On a gun. I am Kristen. We watch a lotta tv together, we daily love TV. We do at her main activity,
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Figured out how to like start, conversely, CARP Ibm yeah nope, not not me. I owe you want that blows my mind because I witnessed I've been in your presence, many times around females and they really like you like baby, you so much job madmen we're together, because your magic and sparkly like Kristen, Bow like Monaco. His parenthood arena every night to go to sleep there even still, Why would you rank here? Mr Sayer Cross shouted ten
There is, in fact, I feel like I had a really good thing going on parenthood until you arrive at fighting, I knocked down even those that I was lying on. The kind of left US dinner, fun misfits great look at this guy, your charming and is really infectious, so but I have to imagine sincerely that girls, like you all through school and stuff right where you just unaware of it, I have been told did. I was unaware of some. But I also yeah. I do I mean I just I was just bad. I couldn't using is because your general self awareness is is, is lower. Your self esteem was low
I think a little bit about it or I think, a little bit about rhinos cock well above the night. My nightmare of all time would be too, like misread clue, so I would always err on the side of Lake TAT was friendly remark: right, and I could never really. I was too scared her shirt myself, I think, fell off probably makes the most sense in this situation overcomes razor. Bela! Well, yes, I I couldn't figure out how to start again. Precision or I would be like. Let me- put in a full year of very subtle. I mean sets three seats away because my
friend told me that this science class were being put it. The groups of the three projects Maybe they laugh once or twice hey where's thirty nine, through exotic on board a senior prom with her on the perfect time why they raise your problem. There was basically like that. So, as they do say than that relationship, you ended up in these girls made the first move. We ask you out yes Yes, where they really do. I guess not phenomenon in the nineties doesn't know it did that, but I buy it. Yes, there were certainly most of my four sort of thing liaison took me by surprise. Did you not like a bad way personalized when you sorry, when you guys actually active what age you can say yes to person I'll tell you
nothing to personal for you, well. What do you know that may or you could do it, a man or a woman who could be to rage if you don't have to? I can tell you that I lost my virginity sophomore year of college. Ok, all the guy. That makes me like you a lot more really. You didn't make a first move now most acute and funny a likeable. Sure you d like to what songs off warrior and cut. It was weird because, like you, I remember my roommate and I who had similar sort of success We were in high school or like com
Where are we both of us made it all the way through freshmen report? These are panicky like time line. Is yes I did and I in fact, at a certain point actually at a certain point. I had like this big kind of realisation because I had I had really been feeling an incomplete or to use part for eight years, three people using a pressure like pressure like willing and in areas like their wisdom, stiffness, and it was all, can sue me. I know going around me like. I need someone else to I you know like. I was putting
so much focused attention on early driving me crazy right and it was really frustrating and because start to become a bet you didn't. I I really like eat away at me. Yet, and then in sophomore year I was like. Actually you know what I don't care. I'm gonna be? I didn't I made myself happy and I'm just I don't like I've been doing. No, I I was like I'm gonna, there's no sounding like.
Why does my still evident on I've I've heard about it you're waiting for your hand on you. I don't want to mislead deep staring at your handling you're any further tests, cumbersome it's moving. Oh my gosh. I actually did so after all that, like kind of obsessing about it, then did it just all of a sudden come out of nowhere in it just happened, yes, kind of yeah yeah as yes, Did you buy sex over the rest of my life, and I would have liked your third story out of you by the end of our life? Yes,
you were you: were you nervous about telling the gale, because at this point you're twenty years old, right, yeah? Yes, are you nervous, Nikola, nineteen people, twenty twenty one did that becomes somebody here like oh my gosh. Now you are going to have to tell this person like I've. Never done it where's your game plan to go like act like you, ve done it abandoned and later posed. Coil go. So anyway that was fun in my first time, sure she knew her side, but at a time. I think they did. Ok, that's great was in time ago now, but I am yes, I am so many partners to between then and now as I. How do you even hours have
person you are is a wonderful person. Now I they would have seen acts Ridder, just smile disaster use matter, barriers in the college, but now he's really proud. They do they just reunited I'm into the western all the time you I now suspended. Even hotter than I was now. The one thing I did wonder is: did you have any hang ups or issues are just like kind of internal mental racket about becoming an actor in trying to stake. It, stick out your own identity and being in your father, shadow like is that something you thought about a lot or you were there wasn't an issue for you. It would do it coming. Go. There was I I have a part of my personality, that's very like stubborn and unjust war, sort of put my foot
especially when it comes to my own behave. And things like that, and I I I was determined when I decided I wanted to be an actor. I was sort of determined to either succeed or they all on on my own right, I would, I would have been. I saw people kind of lake. Just can I get stuck then go, and I I saw all the other actors be like well. We know how that guy got that part and they all hated that person as I was just so. I started audition for things and yeah initially was it was what was it? Was nice anti at the same time our dry yak. As my people,
they may I now they people, love, love, love, love, love! You guys were so. I want you now. I thank you very much. I did you really weird is prior to doing this interview with you. You and I have been friends for a long time and we ve got a brazilian conversations and I've never spoken. You about your ex I've always been Lester. I dont know like when people are children of really famous, inevitably alot of people. Their lives are interested in that. And I really want to ever be that person. But then because we never spoke about your dad for eight years, then I was like. Will. I wonder if he doesn't enjoy talking about his dad and then I was curious to find out about then I will it was not the thing. I guess the thing it was difficult. Initially was you know I would go to camp or I would go to apply. Where people didn't know me and I'll be trying to make friends and having a certain amount of success and some not successful,
Germany and then there would be this moment where people were kind of find out here and then I would like there to be people come up to me. I mean like myself as Europe, whose you're gonna come. Let us go into the oven, Bugsy and people do not approve of people get better at hiding that stuff, as you get older loud, but when you're a child like their excitement was so true, and I could read it and then I could see the end, but it felt like they liked me not that any thing to do with me, a hundred percent, so I would get you I would like accept their friends been away, but I would also kind of remember that they weren't very nice to me before I could just tell and my metre for detecting kind of that sort of energy you got Pretty high run
So weird, though, is that even if I can only imagine confusing it could be because that certainly could be initially why someone was on to you, because you too shy to go, introduce yourself, are you all right, but then five seconds after meeting you Jason Ridder, who I know like is genuinely be lower the EU and in and then the whole thing confusing in your head, like it could. Actually like in a movie where the undercover cops, gonna fall in love with the dude, and then he says you really would. Then he doesn't know right exactly that's going to your life. That was your life you're like the mob, exactly like, I know, but it is certainly probably a great majority. The time did turn into something is very genuine but that it started on that foot and just very confusing there I mean there are definitely be times also were like. I would have to look at my react. To them and my sort of judgments about, like their aid
We like, you are either excited, and I how's that dear, shall I star Fucker eight year old, starved pucker, but it was. It was confusing because you sort of want to have an idea that. People I mean some people are fine with you. I know I know people who there's also celebrities that our final that totally yeah it's gone, can really enjoy that an embrace that they're, not questioning. Why for sure for yeah- I just for some reason. I always always like- maybe go my back for a little bit but sure, but There are other betimes we're out I'll go in for an audition in someone they would be like you were so funny and everything These said we were rolling on the ground. Just was like comedy go and then I would do by additional dragging and I get to the first,
Can I look up and no one's rolling on the ground or out of there there. It's Tuesday in here, it's Friday tv, I affrighted Friday Friday. The real I did when I would love a joke out there and get a laugh. I would feel like a wave of like generational share, my body like my business, that's in there it is about a long time ago. Do you think that experience made you sort of generally less trusting or like guarded? I think I think you're just well. Was interesting because I a lot of the jobs that I got her Originally were more dramatic roles being as we anytime. I had to do something funny. It would be like. Let's have all my insecurity is just pylon right of Oregon Neuro.
So yeah only like recently, I feel, like you know, started, join you in common and yeah exile yeah? I guess it bill give you Michael Jordan, sign in Euro like your damn good basketball player, but you're, not fuck, my Jordan maybe switch the baseball yeah kind of. Why did you use focused on drama right, yeah yeah? I I mean it was all logic in your in yourselves. Are you more drawn to comedy or or drama? You know? I really love this dromedary parent. No, I mean like that thing where it's it's it's that to me is the most like life. Were your leg, What's funny, I'm crying my head and it's all kind of mixed together that that to me reminds me of the experience that I yeah recognise its Why Bill Murray is my favorite comedian doing drum
dick work began? Never pretends is not funny and unique and charmingly enemies in a very heavy movie. He doesn't pretends not that thing. Yeah people like him, our in real life, terrible situations and aged you know, yeah. I went through one in my role in my family is the court just like I I'm cracky jokes, a terrible times out a real real life yeah. You know The recent I'm rank that tension, so you went from n y. You then the Royal Academy of dramatic acting in what is it? mounting arts. I dreamt dramatic, that doesn't really Ria for one's semester. I went there to study abroad thing here to study abroad thing, and I you know I I was, I'm scared of aid and I tried to thy head like a little rule in my brain, since grade where, if something scared me I would try to look at what it what I was
even if it wasn't like physical harm, there was more like emotional or like I could be embarrassed, especially if it was I'm just scare to being embarrassed. I would force myself to do it to try to get out of my shy very of all about my. Why started it? well. Actually, this is what I wasn't even I started to get really oppressed by the word like by people being cool, That was like a thing in the nineties. I don't love anybody, but being a cool and like be like seem to me to mean, like nothing, is quite good enough. My reading rat gray you're over it, your kind of lake and for me. I was, I always is kind of like. Did you see this thing? I am busy ass day, like I told you take a lot of children. And stuff and worse than you could hear in the nineties to dig a cheerful.
What do I do? What I say there were four parliament may, but was London a party I was, a drink. You right, you can go into, but you're going into pubs and yes, we're going into pubs. Yeah, there's there's a lot of drinking over there and society though the roles are reversed over their, notably, this remarkable fact jacket, but I learned this in anthropology class during world, or to an inordinate amount of english females got pregnant from American Gee. I soldiers, but the american women did not get pregnant from the EU. Soldiers, and so they did a study on why that was they found out that culturally anymore. The woman's role is to put the brakes on like we should wait, but its reversed in England, and it's that man is supposed to say traditionally. Let's wait much
the brakes on. So when you got an english woman and American do no one had a break pedal. I was just like that one now not my experience, but does because I always intelligent and part of the story of mountains, but I read Sexual encounter in an eleventh grade, snowboard trip to Vermont a cool within the breast, what was happening was. I met this gale snowboarding. She was Janni. She was for among Jester England and then you mean she came over to our like little condo. We were all staying in and we we had some cocktails and then the next thing you know or not, walking closet cuz, my buddy's dad was staying in the bedroom and then
Heavy Pat inserted into this now and the next thing I'm your thinking why the we're about to do is. Why is she's saying anything we did it and poor I've been years that was confusing to me I mean for seven years. I think that was so. That was such a lay up. Why did it go that way in and I had this anther Klaus, then I found that I was like all my goodness. Finally, it makes When did you give her your curated mix tape, then I'm curious idea, sender mix, came pen pals with her They are whole name, Jenny, Hazel, ten, come on. That was in the winter, and then we were gonna meet in the summer in Florida in than we did that. But then she brought her boyfriend.
He warned me about a week before the trap that I, as scheduled my Frank and Kennedy to be asked. On bringing my boyfriend still common, I like road for observers. Don't wanna meet this his name was p in he play for the Manchester Rugby team. Were we both seventeen and we were the same size and build medium, build and, One point I belong in a rustle. This guy might. I did on the beach I took place. The last thing, the ethical and ivory. I think myself a really good ressler too. You should now I'll get so am I mind: I'm gonna have this guy this turkey and a headlong within thirty seconds situated. In a regret, bringing him I've
felt that you mean stronger my life. These rugby players are so strive, heard that yeah he may and handled me. I never felt more power. This amendment was older squads, powerful and ages. Bb, the Germany on the beach a gentleman wag, the anguish, I'm so sorry that I really like this guy PETE Ibm love with him more by the end of the trip. Surprise, surprise sleep in all. This following the Erika making used our work in the first thing I ever saw you in was happy endings earlier it is downright movie. Yeah yeah there's been a bunch of Heaven, these unless there's a shell share their maybe- Can you show me, under the tv show, now gave very negative check out the lovely the movie
fantastic in and then downright wrote, interacted it and we are utterly adore him. Raising area cannot say he has eases, might saw my favorite sainz I've stolen from him. He said one time he said, ah, people are always trying to work on their fear like not be as fearful easy, but you know to do the work. There's is a scary place. We did host the Holocaust here, after all, my I would point out that was it has voted. As it was to me briar that I was like what what would it take on that now, he is, he is amazing and he does have lots of sage advice and programme was the more Yes, yes, and he wrote Marley in me, therefore I am for the dog lovers here and then what's the first like paranoid you'd already done that. The event is that right: yes, yes, that's right, ok,
so funny story of actually now I didn't event during the second season of parenthood. Yet we come along. Yeah yeah Not only were you more charismatic me on the set of parenthood, which is hard for me, a swallow thats, not you were also the only one who was they got nominated for an Emmy, that's a cry Think thank you that by now we would like to say that that is a in absolute terms. This is the way I got everyone on that show should apply on and I dont happened, the perfect person. It really did. We all collectively agreed at lunch, we're like if it had to be anyone the latter was right. I don't think we're gonna handle that if there was one another right or the motto, yeah body but ally out there, it was early that it was you. I appreciate that at one point it must have been during the event
because I already knew you done season one and then they make you do this thing when you on television show they make you got this thing called up fronts in New York. Yes, and you go there and you sit on a stage in its super awkward. Everyone, that's on an embassies, shows its honest age and there's like admires, there's something but but anyway, so I say they fly everyone out. In generally, when you gotta get to Alex you're leaving on that trip that flight to New York and there's a bunch of other actors in the first class lounge, yes and you were there yet any like a ten, a m flight I looked over at you, then you are just crushing a big golden glass of beer in it looks so delay. Yeah and you just haven't such a great time. It was nine in the morning and will our net was their young Mew, and will it and I ended up in the bathroom together. At the same time, in some guy
or is it in a manner that I can only imagine? I actually think about those innovation, because I put myself in this guy's Tuesday and he's at an airport. Also in the in the like the lounge like a fancy or bad extracting avalanche, I used to go to the bathroom and about which is never fund now and that he does in there. And you know it by trying to be quiet and then Heaven was among those who is well does get laughed like an idiot. I was right. I want to be like we're, not letting it you were more laughing at the back. Like you keep doing you you're doing great news. Undersold wills gets. Like was
You know, I imagine how that guy. I know this is the first category, but I remember I remember being jealous of drinking those morning beers because what a way to start the afternoon and then that great get some moment happen I saw the amicable couple more beers on the fly. Ok, and I was really jealous and I was like we're really wish. I could be like Jason and does have some pops on the way to New York, but then, then Sunday rolled around that was like Thursday here super jails, You are weak and I was thinking about casually or having those beers, but then Sunday it was time to check out of this whole now an fly back home, so I like I'm checking
I'm in the lobby trying to figure hung in the airport, and I see Jason and I'm like what's going on and he launches into this story about like trying to get my baggage. To be held by the Bell. Have oil straighten out my lodging? I'm gonna go to some place at two or whatever in this, He's making lesson lessons and then always that occurs to me that Jason didn't just wake up and come down a lobby like guide. Are you still up by way of ideas? Relax! You go! Oh yeah. Huh Oh I'm not jealous yeah. I know you you're like me, you really enjoy drinking. I really did actually Don Ruth. Like one of the first guys you like, I would tell my career. These story outburst
ten thousand times. I drank a little, like one of the first people, it was like crazy here, There is a very technical problem and I get it I will. I will put myself in the back: I never saving you, I never gilded. You know he didn't even get me. I know you know, but eventually I realise that drinking was not serving me. Usually was like it. I mean like for a lot of people. Four meals, I it helped. I thought that it helped me be more, social shy, you no further, but it do it, but not in the ways that. I does for the first three or four hours yeah, but it's it's like in the law.
We of the hotel at night trying to figure out some lodging scheme you had where they're going to somehow hold your luggage was still. I dont remember as I do that, but I do I don't I don't you remember that ended that whole exchange you. I do remember that guy I wasn't my drinking until like five and the dry and then I would do this thing in New York, where I would give very nostalgic in your exists where I went to school grindstone. I would like I just would walk on. I believe that night I walked to wear my school was. I would always I go to the building where I really they re learning from the hotel. We re was crazy far, but we party was even further uptown. I walked like seventy blocks and- and I got so where my school was in the building had been- demise yeah? Really just as there are like four in the morning light parking lot was only this now it's this.
The building it took me. I did you keep thinking. Why must have through to business? the buildings. Not I don't think I screwed up for a little while, but then then I went home and I need to figure out some lodging and ragged just six to sort out exactly income enough that the debate seen bloodier. Why object up a Snapple at the area but yes, You get a Snapple and it's me glass, and so once you finish it you you like whip it up plastic behind the game. It can be a weapon if you not home, grown New York. Vagrant guys wanna have like some of the issues that you family vacation this summer. I see the statue of liberty, picking grab some snapple bottles, Heavy Walker
I'm so late, so yeah I I can relate very much too that feeling of of you, you drink this thing and then all of a sudden, you think the version of view is, is very tolerable, unpalatable right, like you start, if you like me, their liking, yours of a bit more in some great relief in that yeah, I think yeah. I also think there was like the thing that I figured out like as a teenager- was one of the ways that I sort of made friends. Was. I would do something that other people wouldn't do. I was like that crazy one. That was how I figure, slam I hadn t anything where, but that's how I felt like so there was an extension of that, in other words, something about like just me, somehow isn't like enough. I have to like Johnny
later half a year, and I I I would I mean the I'd climb, somethin or I jump in water body or idea, go to a clear first down just dangerous things and measure Garner telephone bill. I never I never did. Did you end up getting pretty good injuries? yeah yeah. I regard myself up and I you know I like I would you know I always like climbing stuff- and things like that is get is I would I would try to get you know like us. Eyes and quicker, which is not such a bright thank registry, the herds. I want everything and I wish I'd foreign scrape myself and I myself did not ever severely I definitely have some scars from those those times broken bones now my broken bones. Worse sober broke out here but I yeah, but then I I address
in point. I realise that it was not making me happier. And I took that crutch away from myself and how did you find that, like first year was maybe a little like yours. My thing when I that there were little things I could have never predicted about quitting drinking, which one was the first you're a good drinking. I went on vacation with my ex girlfriend and I got their eyes like what on earth do you do on a vacation? like what we would do as we go. Bar in get drunk and indeed meet. Somebody made invite you somewhere in ITALY. Did this like like address it once you put a few drinks down, everything took care of itself right the answer. This is theirs. So now we gonna play on every all adventures just started with you jack, and I had so you're ahead. Is that a whole host of memories from that? But there would like just tons of
devotees. I had not known how to do sober and so that, like first year too, I guess what I'm asking is as a gotten easier words, You cannot re programme, your muscle memory and it's got easier. I mean yeah, you like especially for me, was I going to These are being somewhere where there are people that I don't really know where I didn't and night. I just what I felt like I really I needed one or two, and so it was interesting to to those than just be like I'm not giving myself that and then just have few conversations just like most, I felt like the most boring. I just I, put on a time there lived here. Did you know I bar exactly? Where did you borrow so that that was that was definitely like you, but it was also,
you're saying, because then I was forced to kind of see what happened without As you know, in terms of like my own, like I always wanted to like now, We stuck in a writer. I was wanting to explore like the next thing or look next thing and those they was interesting in that way it just as a sort of my dear madam and TAT. I have that similar thought. I've said several times that, even if I wasn't forced to quick through an addiction I do feel like I would would have got to. The point was like ok. Well, that was it two decades, I'm ready for another adventure urges the another thing yeah in the something I remember craving a ton and it became like a goal of mine that I've been reached at like maybe year, eight or something was like. I just wanted to remember what it was like being fourteen, where I was fucking unfired to walk out my door and get into some
light soon, to have a hobby to go. Do some stuff, like you, I remember like a good chunk of my live just being on fire for being alive. Yeah? I do I remember like my friends and I got really into stealth? Unlike speed, I got really into running just like my widely. Quietly and just like, like a jaguar- and I would just like- and I remember like running like This point was running so fast that it felt like my legs were just like a naughty like just attaching the ground like wind would go like my ears and I couldn't hear anything and I go to the side, and then I can hear
fluid- and it was your already replies in the wind- was nice and fully to it and and yet- and I and I love that I love like you- know, beings that weird sort of like theirs period of time where I was like. I was a little bit of a weirdo kid and I, when I was like I need you, maximized all probability allow, and so there was a thing where I figured out how I could walk as fast as possible, and I just like, like without running like just under a job by their maximum wagons there, and I that no so excited, and then I realized like in about seventh grade there like
being being so fast and be like I was in class first ignore this, so I actually then had to restrain myself to walk slower. I must have an alert, but there were no raised Garren rush hour drive Dr Zira, and I had to be like last Monday in class on time. So I believe that through new slew, why are you I don't know where I'm even going. I am you preparing for something retraining for specific event. Do they did you want to be in a fast? And I I didn't I didn't want to be like injure you. I wanted to be an NGO. Why didn't you oughta? Be a ninja yeah nine years older than you we'd have ninja turtles. I'd like Chuck Norris ensure oh yeah, yeah, breaker, breaker, earthly, those guys
we are we had Michelangelo and Leonardo and fine about John John Claude Vandam did it did? Did you know I got into those movies later I like you, are never working splits, India rubber to know now I never did I never guides are finally didn't identify. That is a weakness in your your overall training. Well now I do I do. I worked on the splits, so I guess I want, as you couple career things yet, because I have you tell me that the pressure or The experience that are not because you have now been, though the face of a couple different series were yet like most reason, We can't cabin, probably saves a world yet, but the event- we're pretty much on every single billboard and go into those things: do you feel the pressure of that? Yes, yes, I do
more so on this last on governed probably knows the world. I feel like the event. There were enough different story lines and everything that are really did feel like ensemble and that's where I feel the most comfortable anyway, every shows and ensemble, but it is bizarre yeah. I know you're Billina, I dont care, I'm presuming you were here. Yes, yes, so that then I did feel a lot of pressure and sort of yeah it. That is a little bit. Scary and I feel like you, take it a little bit more. No way, one up! Yeah people don't watch your heart, it's not your fault, just cancel all that's why I came only say this about many people, but one that probably the last person I would ever be concerned about something getting cancelled, like you're, just a hyper, talented and so like a ball and charming, and you really walked into parenthood. With this crazy establish cast and then just like shyness.
Or brighter than anyone that was, I ever may women which, by the way, both have a mutual love may of males addresses one of the most amazing in the world. She really is, did you think she was twelve when you matter, I didn't you twelve, but I sure right. This is on this week's by cancelling. When I matters he was twenty one, but I thought she was fourteen. I merely with a super purview. First lie how you got me. This I didn't want to like Paul according fucking maize. They have no idea how to handle that twelve year old girl saying something perverse yet her first line of music. What's up Oh, by the way, is you guys relative? You heard that this is the best This is the base.
So, why would dearly I tried to imagine what that guy? Wasn't? I didn't you never saw you details really, like you see correctly, the edges. Was very disturbed. Browser. Was immunities, we're partners, spot thing away to say, like I just crushed ass, they re as always so easy. I apparently I was doing that unbeknownst to me and then I just I'll look over. I see her and she goes up she's a strange suitor. You re like it is right to the juggler yeah she's awesome, yes, You guys had a great friendship and wonderful little triangle, but I was competing for her. I would I often ask her if she liked you more than me
really yeah euthanize enough to lie, but did the Zulu. I guess Mccoy, when you are offered that did you did you go like a man? I don't know if I want to do that. Like enough, I want to take that big of a swing. I read in that specific show. I just love the whole script so the whole idea that I only thought about all that stuff, like eight hyena yeah, does so excited to be part of the show that I thought it was funny and weird and kind of was like a plea for kindness and empathy. Tor people, and I was like this. I need this just for me. It was only when I saw the billboards it ass. I got what are they doing, that? What makes me nervous endeavour? Do you ever like try to remind yourself to extend to yourself the same thought process you extend to everyone else, your for with like that still hard hard right, because you'll have friends
I have a show that doesn't work in you. Never ever think o didn't workers of that person. You go like, oh, for whatever reason that wasn't in design geyser that didn't have. Some sticking is that these shows need is so clearly just the poor for whatever reason, but when you're in it yeah, a good example as I think that I've tanked alot of movies, like I actually all I, although like I brought that movie down right I got really close to the last one brother movie was. It was wet with Ale House Caesar. Yet, like I went to read for the Kazi narrator thing. I called the red for them, which is so exciting, and then they brought me back and I ended up reading for them, like I think three times. Rather so there was a momentary, alma, gonna wanna being to combat those movie. This is so and then I wasn't and then it came didn't do well financially and I'm like I'm so great. I wasn't in the movie, because I know I would
oh yeah was entirely my blog levelling out. I even crush the column brothers move I wouldn't be. I would wear them for the rest of your life. Yeah yeah, I mean aside from parenthood. Almost every other show I've involved. Has gotten gets it so well. You you that, that's how you think of it, but they knew in reality almost there. Shoguns categories tells us that Europe, that is sure, that's true you, like the odds, are you people selling? they buy, like I don't know what they buy a couple thousand pages a year and then they end of green lighting, fifteen pilots and in the end, for those series- and there may be one of those makes it so, a thousand, it makes you know too, to the wanted, sustaining credibly. The diet, low. Exactly back to your point about having child actor right, hideous! Aren't in your favour, it's tough, I mean a lot of everyone takes things personally that they don't need to or they shouldn't
you know, but I feel like we're all trying to figure out how to kind of do this alive and interactive people, and so when something goes wrong. Natural thing to be like what did I do? What you now and it's weird contradictory thought process, which is one you're overestimating how much people think about you? Yes, I just don't think about yesterday when they run into you. When you run into someone like Ireland, someone after chips didn't do online or they feel so bad. This is so awkward, them. All they want to say is, like all sorry, you're moving what you know unthinking that which is like a heightened sense of oh right after evaluating about you, yeah yeah? Yet also my ego. Save you a big piece of shit. Everyone feels ban for ran right right, neither does make sense, yeah exactly there's a couples aims, and I love which is like one is. Our colleagues are egomaniac, with inferiority complex is the up or the centre.
The piece of shit that the universe revolves around. Let's I'm going to say I M not much, but I'm all, I think about Elsa me up pretty well yeah, but that that that this is one last going to presenting alliance use. I've had a couple of friends who had really public marriages and when they ve got, divorced. That already really painful experience is compounded by the fact that, wherever they now go. Everyone around them is also aware of what they are going through right and it's just like pretty brutal. Yet you know so I wondered in this. Is you don't have to answer this, but I just wondered when your father died,
Do you feel like this thing that should have been a private family moment was open to the world, and did you resent that in did you not like that were everywhere you, when you probably could sense people, because I guess, when my dad died, I enjoyed that. I could leave that little boy, I was in hopes of sadness, and I could go to home depot in no one in their new, my dad died, so they weren't going. Oh my god, I'm so sorry, oh my god, I'm so sorry. I could leave that were not comfortable in that situation. When people are consulted consoling me and I like for those breaks from that you now and wonder like where you were you trapped in that at that I am more like you just felt, like god I can everywhere. I go someone's gonna hit me with that yeah I mean it's into
I say is interesting. When I'm stalling interested laboratory was there and I, like my s, there's going to be an might not be by my answer. Is that it? You know, I think grief is such a specific thing for one and it say like it's: a life long journey. I mean it's, they did their like waves and and you know I did. I allowed you to not really ask just like their here's a new hole in your hearts. Be I very go and then you know so you have better days in and you know and tough Is an oblong peer? I've done long periods of time where I go like. Oh I'm over that, yet my dad dine and then I have a dream about him and he's like so you are healthy in the dream in because also again
weird when you deal with apparent dying for me, not for you, I guess in your case, but for me you spend so much time at the end were its they, the devolved, physically and all these things that that ends up being a country or memory and then I'll have these dreams and are all going. Oh, that's right. He was this robust guy. I used to think of his like powerful and it just is where the whole thing's kind of a mine that way. Yeah I mean mine, mine was just like. I saw him We are that we can. Then it was just like hey. We got him into the hospital, but he's fine. He had a thing and then I got to the hospital narrow. Like its did vine. I do believe that's the worst version of its the hardest. I think for the well. Who knows it's all sacks. Its are really is tough and about it Wait, there's no kickass way to lose a loved one. Now I mean I hear about my uncle Randy die. I'm pretty good way.
Everyone's, I pretty ok, we love the bar. Rarely in the balkan region. You know I like I you look. Silver linings and things, and I am glad that he and in a lot of pain and yeah. You know there are things like that, but I also did never get a chance to see our worries about that. But, but you did, the tough thing was initially there would be times where I would be. Having kind of an ok moment, yeah and somewhat within Europe, and gladly harm and have this face like yeah and I feel like? I know it's abandoned son because they need to have this moment with me. I all of a sudden have to die in view of my grief and then and there
One time when I was I was with my my fiance It was like when the first night and there we were at a bar. I was not during images that are binding managers. Someone like someone. Samians, basically, is a woman
that's something to me and that you are only conscience. I loved your dead so much and then she made a party fails and then she went our ip anyway. I like the way, did I say I figured he might use are ip anyway. I just want to talk about her brain the camera Mary Beth. She had to be abandoned. I gave her my back or do that they are happy without hurrying. Melody was like shocks and like a great deal of partner in those rights issue, turned away now tat. She was that that our appeal distorted rather my love, I just to her the back of her head quietly our bone. Thank you so much
Like you, I I mean some of my greatest friends. I don't even talk to you about. This might have got a laugh about it, but it was, but you know that you get more used to, but for the most part, what's happened with the fact that it was like it is The public is now that I've also kind of. Rapporteur, EL women and all that kind of stuff. Now it people come up to me, Nay, maybe have a nice story about him or something like that. I love the cloud and it's nice to hear. You know like those little moments ass. You know I wasn't with him at all times rolling up, and so your mother story around the world, so your mother was it sounds like every job geezer we I can so early
too wet when when it was when was with my father, the same thing like the people would come up to me and then just like you're saying like all these weird face, and then our fine, like I'm, not the sewing down like Ok, though, we had a thing, and I'm trying to like put a positive sabena, as is my nature yeah, but how did that this turn that there's something broken about the whole social construct of this? but you can only these people were their ostensibly against all you want, We like, as everyone just feels awkwardest Spock, and you don't know what to say. Where are we? figured out because also it's so special like that. There's no way someone can. Up to you and say the exact right thing, like that's exactly what I yeah and I'm healed either it's impossible. So even though we ve
All of this way, our humanity and our art and science, and all these things we still are like dead. Sorry, it's gone now. I don't know how to abide yeah, but the It is bizarre. It's a little strange that guides weird, like I, you think you're over something. Hell yeah and then there was an episode of the in the first season of queer. I, which is a lovely show about China and the guy had to come out to stepmom and his father died recently, and I, like I, cried in all of those apples nationally or normal. Like look over like how beautiful and inadequacies and maybe is actually exactly what happened to me when I read where the red fern grow. My friend was, I do have you finished book, you can grow,
you're gonna crying? I have actually never cried and not from about one idea about lobbying from breaking a world record. Jumping visa dialogue on a hardly an IRA. I got to the end of the book and, as I owe something is wrong My body, I went up to my mom and I saw him on the first reading, a book, the dogs The dogs and those who have made this happens over all was done. I bent over this water. It was so we are not like this is. This is still here This pain is like over fifteen. Years old, and it's just like you. You deal with a new you go through it and then
the sun is just like our nobody. I've been here, though I would you gotta, queer really could be better known as the union is like, I M having an alert. The wise words of allergic light have been human hardy What is literally the last thing I asked you before you go because I am I'm going to I'm going to use you right now for for guidance, because, because you grew up in a situation that my kids are not growing up and it's very important to me to try to do as good of a job as I can. What things did they do right and what did they do wrong?
big question, but, like your out so you're out with your dad, people recognize him. They're, taking up your time, I haven't thing like I think, I'm generally nice in public when I meet people want- and I myself, but when I'm with my kids, I'm not very nice cause, I'm like it's her time her only shot at this time. That's actually similar? You know one of the we're things about having third generate. My dad o grew up seeing his there and his father was like very loving, like you know he was like these are the people who are during my movies and all these things that he would sign. Autographs assign autographs designer until there was no one left and my dad what kind of feel like what meal and you would feel picked over, and so there were lots of times a growing up. Where might always was very nice, never was Ike means anybody, but sometimes it say hey. You know what I'm just I'm just trying to like. Have I'm just
dad my dad's right now and and people will be like you know, some people they were. I would be like just do what they want people please or about, but it was also in hindsight it was really nice. Eli prioritized us away where you know, even if people were like wow or what are you now, I knew you know that. Yeah that a couple of those and then I go. I'm gonna have to live with that person. Thinking I'm a dick, but my daughter, you being out my death joys say I mean I think that was a day, and I also think my my we had a very the relationship to like the attention like he was like. This is a by product. Of this that I love so much and that I am lucky enough to get to do he always, about how lucky he was and you now there isn't it
profession, where people who are insanely, talented, all you don't get. It Just go the other way and then other just rolling should be like a franchise movie. Star annoys me: yeah, just there's no Evelyn. Thirty people like that yeah, and then he asked another thirty people you're like tat. Have you to name? One of them would make Monica storm out of here don't even now exactly but this is our be anyone's guy, MR tease character. I don't think he's an amazing actor. I said Mister tease, not an amazing actor. That story a bit. I log in our unanimity
soon. I think that was yet here my mom, we're really kind of like you know, you're, not though they were like. You know it. It doesn't matter. Basically this is there was a there is always and a reminder of the things that in life that are real and that's relationships we make in the way we treat other people. You know things like that. The own role was basically the whole thing. Just. How would that fail to you? If that, if someone dignity yeah and all that kind of stuff, because it's really weird is, I think, are five year old, fully comprehends going on. They know their that their mother is Prince John S voice. They beg they understand that they ve seen record the voice. They ve seen Don T, be they know that they ve seen has taken a bunch of it.
With strangers. They know all that, so my assumption is like will they they get it but the other day I was too came to Lincoln. Didn't she That is where, rotation about. You know she was as immediate people hegemonic more than you because we re now by now We were in the attic of where record it like China, which is up their plane, and then she goes to people like Monica more than you and I go yams some people like Come with me and she goes will do some people, like you more than Monica Guy, think some people like me, more like it Why did they listen? The Jonah go wide think initially they listen to show more for me because I'm more famous than Monica and she goes your yeah I go? Why do you think people take pictures?
of me and mom- and she goes right- I do I don't like the word. Has this meaning already somehow, five years old, that's a different thing than being in movies. We need only knows we are rang like Justin Bieber, some hours, something I don't even really nobody just gonna. Are you Louis, Loser
you're better than that Jason. Rather I thank you so much I give you haven't, got right. We stay too for the fact check after this beautiful musical interlude by Barbara back. That was part of the life experience What about on the role of the Detroit Michigan technically be around the room. Doesnt work, I got really feels like home. In a westerly direction, This is much London.
What it is. Like a road map holding out. Another had aroused of my screen, never was good weather. What happens in other headed Clearing away the British ask them. You little brother or into window issue?
cry, or should I let you see a broken herself stumbled through the back door? don't come around here and we never was there with the citizens These that's what happens? Jus Maxie again, because one day my magic ruled measure, real income will be no more. Maybe you movie
These economies No, not rational, back, see from Burger king tackled there lovely and I do mean None of them had to be someone out there, who thinks that asked I got his picture in my back problem. Lonely. These rocks are found in Arizona that I want to show him. I know I'm gonna turn to an awkward silence.
As is so much more than ever. I know that I can make them in this is traveling man's days open breathe, come down and help me. Monday became a magic word rest, right, the zoo Yes,.
It may be called the visitor, You will love you relevant. You can check out the back garden down. I was only some of the words to MAC Miller. Did you ever even recognize those the song so sir?
were. We need a gotta therapy. Oh, oh, oh just gifted those song. I know I've been mean. I don't think that's the one that I'm not listening to. Ok, MAC Miller! the EU was the you that someone check the fact I like that, but I'm I'm I'm more or listening to all men and ladders. Ladders is phenomenal. Two thousand nine spectacular to have if you're not aware of MAC Miller, he passed recently of a drug overdose. That's how it learned of em. I heard about a sad story. First notice, I check out music numb a god damn did you, I regard Damned acted yeah and he has one song, which is just girls. I heard this song going through all the different songs and I'm
listening to it now MIKE. Are they sampling goodwill hunting and not aware they sampling goodwill hunting, but the fuckin songs called soul, mate yeah, so I immediately shot it already you bad idea ass. He said this. Gentlemen Road, a song for you, I wouldn't allow enough song, be more tailor made for you couldn't be not possible. No unless there is a little pardon it where they talked about cheerleading but other than that in my sure if it was like saw me, goodwill, honey, cheerleading and make sure it would just Bene but ass blows. It was an explosion, storm exposure, ok some red hair
a guy waters. So here in Cuba, Starker seer, he wasn't a doctor, Mr Seer Way he could have easily been a dark there sure yeah. He was smart and yeah yeah he's cute and have to be a doctor for sure face. Doktor yeah I like you gonna be mad about something. What took a little hiatus users from parent heard. What the fuck are you talking about here now for you? What are you going was right. In my view, the high water before Badger, Ambien yeah I've been on high avis, oh geez, what have you been gettin, India? Well, I got a little nervous that I was missing out on a lot of stuff on Netflix sure less my only time to watch tv. We all get Netflix anxiety, exactly dish also because you were talking so much,
comedians and cars, doing coffee getting coffee and you start ploughing through that. I was trot. Then I was like a. Why need to watch this so then I've been watching vapid. I only make few minutes and because I think it's keep me away to stimulating yeah, I should go back to parent. I think of shared this on here before, but yet I got the young Keith Richards Audible coffee for my night time. Listening a laudable and I thought of this- we gray no way now they have all night long yeah about drugs in Europe. RO in blues cords and tuning tar, weird yeah getting arrested in the south have even faster. Nevertheless, I I'm sorry about the other day, and I was like that is so shocking. It is because I have so many friends have been arrested
as do I, there good boys, good boys, yeah babble, yeah, I've Many conversations with law enforcement were like I'm thinking. Oh yeah, this jigs finally I'm goin to the clinic incredible story, do you remember? I told you my errand weakly and I'm a best friend we should talk about their users visit. I get to see an action that I really like my those sweet biznis sweeteners, what we did mushrooms on a camping trip in what the hell, if you for Michigan YA, know we went to Silverlake to the sand dunes and we're at this campground we did mushrooms, we were laughing too loud and that are friends made us leave cuz. They were afraid we were going to get kicked out of the campgrounds were like fine, we'll go, take a walk to calm down this like little two lane role in the middle of nowhere, and we see all these kids
mean is probably won in the morning, these kids are running down. The dark road at us in first were scared. There's like five guys, sprinting ours as furs, offers its panic and then they just run passes and we're like. Oh that's, really weird and then about five minutes later cars coming down the road in a car hits a huge rock did those clearly put in the road car goes off the idea that people are fine in the car, but Aaron and I are standing there are mushrooms, so ill clearly looks like we ve done is trying in so the cops arrive and they start asking questions and at first airliners theme in together and the cap goes or what happen. What we go look beat the Orange Revolution,
exclaimed these kids, it wasn't us and the cat was air. What did you see egos? Listen that Chrome Ferrari. HOLLAND Ass India's blasted right into that port he's dead. Chrome, roaring and smashed into a porter by aspect, Oh my god. What does he just said? He's just completely blown opposition, so we start- having uncontrollably they separated now he's on the other side. There are one cubs interviewing him another interviewing me and we can't stop laughing even across the street from one another. They didn't. Arrested in later the next day. My conclusion was they just that we're how idiots like that we so stupid, you're lucky. You simply have you done think very taken the blue pearl. You so taken the blue pellets. Easy ways I mean again, but it means that I had a matrix that you're living in good made our good matrix, yeah yeah, big time you ok, so I used to build a Talbot.
We better up. We have been talking about chrome, four hours before the whole incident, how sweet it would be to have a chrome Ferrari arrive everywhere. So then it was at that time, but then a porter buddy me said. The Porter party had some minute like Some kind of blue know me, as I can work only with stuff with me, yeah I'm lying on his journey times derive some. Some drivers are bad because you're like I was there and is getting very self candles. Muttering. Ok, I really like seeing you Have you did so, but first of all it was. There has always been your son or is He has always whom I saw. It sounds like a seventh eighth grade. He started call me Ok, then, now if he became her son as an adult, no we do. We had man,
he had been calling me dad for so long that there was a period where I was eighteen. While he was still seventeen, there is six months and we let it brings hop very sincerely about me adopting official him legally. There's a fantasy we had here, but we never. We were too lazy to go through with all that paperwork. I've never happening, but asking a lot and red tape. Also he had parents, which was probably They would have been proud of him from being adopted by me, sir. Well, that's another. That's an issue! but it would have been extra, were the other problem and exhort you'd better get divorced from his pants first and then get a man's here, but you are really cute and yourself, faction, I with her ears Swedish saw me my son. I love you so much ok, so the country Music Hall of Fame we didn't know what that entail like. What do you get?
saw? No way you get? They think you only know if you, if you have it very rare sure, it's a is to honour a country. Music professional can receive oh yeah I now extended to performers, songwriters broadcasters, musicians and executives, yeah and oh well one thing that you do get as I guess: there's some bronze or threats honouring each. A faint member, Olga Bronze, bossed correct. I don't know if it's a bust origin, The face or just the admin rounds, admin yeah, oh my god, As you know, I I have bet that's where he is and asked he's got married. I went didn't wanna, see state.
The motor of the nine hundred use Magala another I'm thinking about it, I rolled by some of those bronze, but you did yet all coming over their back to me now has a very elegant wedding of fund was had by all yeah apparent. There was a very tasty cake that I'll never have an incredible cake, even though they sent us the cake because they knew that we know you guys like did and that the rest of us wanted a bypass. The problem, is they dont send the right time, if it's in the mail Jamesina topping they put care mindset of marshmallow right, there was a bang up cake. I really want it well, this, I ask you to get married again. Invite me yeah. Well, ok, so you said you at all the dawn sure from second grade to senior year. I was very sceptical,
That's a long time. It sure is. I saw ass, your mom, she said, and I quote born. She says I believe so because he had to spend so many years than that contraptions That is why Georgia out myth This does not like a lot about quotas fed those payments per job and many had to have teeth or move in any doubt braces I mean it was very long process now do I think it was seventh grade to senior year. I can't tell you, but it sure sounds close, Second grade the scenery, I know that I said then she said yeah, but she was there was a typo. Ok, founded right watch. I headed like virtually a decade of just retainers, before they even were able to corrected all the crooked say. Did you have braces yes, had braces were first they had to like? As she said,
compared with a longer my mandible that over by and then they did, they pop some tee thou, seventh grade rye and put some packing and there to try to make them grow incorrectly yeah. I don't even know that that help, but whatever share it, was forever the second greatest so young, your tea, your mouth, hasn't even fully form. Will that's when you need to get at that mandible when it still ply still well, it was the worst fully dried yeah. I guess that's true, but I I got braces and six great, which was heard for most people you, but it was early from lot already written for four years ago and there is a lot of talk, it might. I think my dentists thought it was a terrible idea all real yeah you're you they're gonna shift so much anyways yeah, you, like you, don't know, we don't know, what's going to happen with her tea right, but they did it anyway, and I worked you ve got
sire, I don't know what would it look like boy, you were they all Genji before he got those now they wore her They were arrangement and getting her. No, no. They were straight. It was about my by a cross. By do that's what gotta arrogantly lessons up there with an under by it looks normal it just the they were Cross inverted crisscross. Applesauce, ok, you said you had. You have dreams that your teeth fall out. A lot of cases. That means insecurity, a dream about teeth, falling out can represent feeling insecure but some part of yourself or your life. The anxiety you feel in the dream about having missing teeth can therefore symbolise your concerns over self worth self image or how your treated by others
That's really interesting, but when you're talking about errand weekly a second ago my best friend, I I wanted to tell you that I had about a two and a half hour dream last night that Aaron and I were living together. And we were in my all departments, Santa Barbara, not Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, ok, and I was divorced and sky was sent back to live in that and it had been forever since I have been in that department like ten years, but it occurred to me ice, I just kept pay. The rent is to have it as a backup lamb in my dream so they're Yeoman Aaron's there, and Fuckin guy son. I realise there is a second room of that apartment in this scary. Guy comes out now yeah. This every guy has been living mare, squatting if he be broken, and he's been living there and at first we were kind of you now thinking I get rid this guy. He had a pistol,
oh my, but then we started talking civilly to one another and then the guy turns out he wasn't about guy. We, it was agreed that we were going to let him just live in that room and then the very end of the dream he said? Do you MA am you know I don't have much, but I have we do. You want some weed- and I said I I don't. I don't do that on smoke, weed and he said what I also have some cocaine than I put him. I am in my beverages, which I thought was interesting and I many in my he had my attention and then I thought this is gonna, be rough cause. I don't know if I can live, in this. Do better of armour. The guy would, I know, there's cocaine in the other room. One of you can unpack that one on the neck
but that was last night's. One makes me scare. Yeah, really webs dreams are very common among sober people moderns. I know that our sober have relapse dreams Alla time now, but did he ever Porter Party me through an hour now strain Chris, did go on a day with Jake Gillian Hall did do there. I asked her and she did oh great Genji. Oh cams razor its principal from philosophy. You can tell me if this rings true to you coming,
sure. If you read it now you can you. You said it, so you can tell us that this, the simple was explanation is most often the right explanation, YAP the clout it yeah yeah. I suppose there exists to explanations for an occurrence in this case the one that requires the least speculate. And his usually better. I think it's true inciting they say in science, often as well Oh really, now that doesn't seem right to me in science, I think, you're trying to figure out some scientific phenomena in you create a theory that requires like six or seven stabs verses. Someone has an extra Should that only requires one step. One occurrence is far more likely that something that requires one occurrence than Malta. Like for water boiling, their observing water boiling one person could say woman. Maybe he underneath the water caused the boil Someone else could go well. Maybe
We're at elevation were at forty five thousand feet worth eighteen, zero and so the water but united of multiple explanations of how the waters boiling to starts getting more preposterous than than the easiest. Sometimes it is the allies, nation and staff. One I often talk about that. That's enough! That's in the tipping point that air wine accidents Generally the rarely one thing it right generally accumulation of like four we're goin. Does it inside airline crashes or not or cannot push some people say opens razor to you said Hale Caesar didn't do well. Financially and it made sixty three million did the world why domestic thirty million near a budget was twenty two million, so
great as a profitable film and I don't mean to be disparaging weren't, you weren't at all. You bet anxious specific this box office, things become a heart, but between you, where the threads of carefully, why it is that we have no guide about about Beverly Hills, car right now I gotta get touchy. We know it You seem to avoid things that our touchy- nobody, funny like in any given relationship like people would be like what we we just no not to talk about religion or politics, and our things we do We know better than to talk about by two thousand and four one thing: feel like you know, he taught you ask him about his virginity failure, your voice, this concern after the idea recorded area, I think annoying as they go ahead. I don't even remember that, but I
no, you asked me about as virginity and then he told us when it was an Think the reaction was, it was really sweet, usually sweet that he like Wade Ed and are that he was twenty twenty but- and I think I said this afternoon I don't think I thought it was a different thing, but when I was listening I was like I don't. That we need to act like it's good, bad sure whatever age yeah but kind of ties into one critique you had which, as you know, I agree with cause. I I have a hard time relating with when, when a guy like him, is so cute and as such a great personality- it's hard for me to imagine he didn't like. I have a lot of girlfriends, and so I kind of thought. Maybe
he was just plain innocent. Not only not to how much she chase skirt, as they would say in the fifties. But then, when it was revealed that he didn't have sex of twenty I been acknowledged. Oh no, he's legitimately was really shy and didn't opera women's over me. The acuteness came from the fact that oh he wasn't just be. He really was shy. Then I guess there. I thought I was the shyness that was cute Why that's true, but also just because you aren't having sex doesn't nest. Sairly mean because your shot, William Pocket Porn STAR, he could be a total perverse out even now, that is the what I'm saying. I am saying that it would be It's fine yeah, yes, absolutely out of the lies in our own raw. I can admit I'm wrong
I can only remember what me and my friends were a year in other ruins that way right. Well, oh, you told me to fact checked, as we ve talked about another episode, I think about the role reversal between English. Girls than that. The whole thing, and I I didn't then an ice. Can't find anything to corroborate that sweat. I'm gonna have to I now you are, I am going to because even when I had that lunch with their Eric wines, he's like no way. He said nothing. There's no way it it it because too, Willie, against your point about biology and ever Shin and men needing to spread their seed and women being its which you you act on that a law or should do, but I never would underestimate the power culture. We do so many things that are like completely bonkers to our biology. If that's true
That argument should override all of these other arguments like then we can try. In a culture to not have any of that and transcend all of our stuff. I'm very proud, transcending are animal instincts. I you I just generally argue, in my opinion, I'm in trouble didn't causality or explanation not excuse That's where you and I seem to cross wires, is you think I'm making excuse, I'm just interested. Next one age are well and I did then transcend now, but I think its relevant to know what you're up against first well end and then what I need is you to say. Why are we on an move beyond we and we cannon and into a solution but the tasty thing we could debate is how
again of all like there is amazing ritual between animals and the current me. In ritual, seems to be increasingly gaining outmoded their set in its not it needs to change. But it's in a require equal evolution on the female side, as there is in the mail sides, the males, gotta fuckin, pump the brakes and get respectful and then women are going to have to be more assertive or people. They are gonna. Fuck agreed. Yes, I agree. So I don't know some fully game for the conversation for young boys. But I'm not hearing any conversation about water. Young girls me while I think right now, there's a focus on wolves clean up this. First, our guy thing, that's more harmful shower and then but I totally agree with you that it does require full societal shift across yeah genders yeah, ok, great, wonderful, fixed it.
I love you. I love you
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